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The Nanaimo Semi-Weekly Mail Sep 11, 1896

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Patent Excellent'
If you soe thut on your suck of
Pastry Flour
Vou can be sure that yon have the best,
for there eun bo no better.
) Comos lliu host Ton offered lo iliM-i-iini-
r uullllg buyers in British Coliiiiibin.
i       ( (i. r.li-n Manngor,   I
"7*     ( FoaBTHH Hbddi.r. | Solo Agents B.C.
VOL. II.—NO. 22.
low is the Tiire
Flowers and Vegetables.
o    o    o:-
You wont something tlmt will do the business
effectually, yet will not injure tbo most
delicate flower or plant-
Does tho trick.    Try a tin.
-Wc also huve in .slock Wlinlo Oil Soap, used
by all Fruit Growers.
AVe have a small stock of Fruit Jars—Pints, Quarts and
Half Gallons.
Delta and Duncan's Creamery Butter mid choice Manitoba
Creamery and selected Dairy Butter in 5, 10, 20 and
30 lb. tubs.    Prices away down.
Sterilized Cream from the Delta Crearmry, vory choice, in
Pint Jars.
We have a full line of the best Groceries at the Bo torn
Prices.    Quality Guaranteed.
Wo have just opened out a largo consignment of Hoots and
Shoes.    Prices are right.
Call and Seo our Stock and Got our Figures. It will pay
!$p     Victoria
l-** j •      Crescent.
fop Ppnnlp'
|80 ii uUgJlu
On this
Nanaimo, B. C.
Broken Bicycles
—Bllol'l.l)    UK —
Repaired in Gcod Shape
to nvoid Hunger of accidents.
repairing Bikes a Specialty
See the KYSLOP.
City Market
maximum sl.oulil  not be forgotten, cn-     Montreal, Sept. 9.—Sir Wlillum Rose,   when tho wall tumbled, sweeping every-
pooh, lly wbi'ii they heard of Canada ns  so" °* *'"-' '"te Sir .lolin Hose, who was   thing bofore it.   Ono could seo portions
ii first nl 'llisli-y, high up In tin- artillery
Li Iliintr Chang on His Canadian Trip.
Jloi'l'ia ii Pressing B. C.
once finance minister of Canada, is vis- of  human  bodies  through    the    fallen
..                                   . iting lii'i'i-.     Ue Bays his    mission    to bricks.   I'lirtiis going in to save the men
competition  at  Shooburyiioss,    first    in British Columbia is for Investment pur-   were ovirco   by  ln-.it.   The    injur<*.l
yachting race, first in Cricket match al p(1,,.s .,,„) Baya UK,n. (s „ gl.ow|ng \ac], ,llu* jead were taken from the ruins us
llilladelpMa, uml first    In    racing    on „.  confldenc*! in American securities in fust ns possible aud at 5 o'clock the last
' !',:l,""'s-   ,                 .,          •     ,,    , London owing to the uustabillty of their man had been removed.   The;dead were
lho Globe snys on the coming Quebec politicnl Institutions; thai  Investors nro  roiuoved to (I Ity hull to be identified,
election that a series of articles In the |00itiug to Canada, in which they huvo Many were tlic pitiful scenes ns wives.
IMontreal Herald. Booms to forshadow a greater confidence. imrents  and  children  suu 1  the dis-
•Libera   campaign Di improvement Inthe      ,.,.,.  ,,.  ,,   Sl,., „  of rt.-.-li ji. Ont., has lorted  nnd  mutilated  remains of those
educational system of the province. Ihu |KM.n  ppnotated professor in  the  Mont- lying cold in death unpn the lloor.   The
new premier, Hon.  Mr.  hlynn, appears        -    -
to be aware that sue,, agitation is-,,,.- 'i^JuU^S^^ai C°"ega by "'" L'hf8'"f "V* ."'*'"■ f*" "Tf, "T'*1'' "»
fpending.   It   is 'evident   that  n   contro- B!f.     „      ¥ ''" lL ,,  .       ,.,,,„ ""*  ""'  "'"  '''-'"'■;"•■  '""'     '-'  ""^'t"1
I ,„.... £ i,,.„;„„i,,„ ...ji,.,, ...-,1, ,„, ,i,...„i,.       t-oroiito,  sept, il.—It  is Bald thnt tbe doctors responded to the call.
                            !","."•'   ". ''.gnu* ng '""'' ■•"■be .lei'Pl> condition  of  the  health   of  Hon.   Mr, The killed. Frank Watson.-St. JosepH.
intercsling to the  friends  ol   progress, ,,„,.„._ comuitogloner „,- mlUi,    H,„.|is; Mirl,.. ,,.,„,.„ „ wi,,„„. .,„,,„  Un{tnmn\
Ottawa, Sept. 0.—At a meeting of the    "z.    ™T "I...... I"!!!'..".'„' is *.'*•*••. *•*■ "' Prevent him Hiking up his Benton    Horbor,    crushed into an un-
agrlculturc (-011111111100    to-dny    Thomas
Quebec, Sept. P.—'I'll,, provincial elue-  [iutjes**)
11 office again.
rccogn'snlilo muss, leu ves n widow anil
I'ur'wn'imKunUM'ehidrmuu; m'sui^   K™CX%vnn T'PlZ luTll   "W,'e'ou ™lsTont.', Sept. O.-The snw   fiVe'dilL-rcn ;   Ttamni" KMd," Benton
erland,   Liberal  whip,    was    appointed   gj '^\,'^archaml"the Liberal oppc   ,""1-slli"'tl1' mUU <"** ■ l->' ■'• A- Howey   Harbor.ju married, Killed by live wires;
chairman  of tte  railways  and •canuU   ^'n Teaderrt''sT''ci7ireT'""i'lieU1for-
& Son. Saginaw, Mich., were destroyed   Frank  Woodley,  lleuton  Harbor,  killed
■ ■■miiiiliee. niitl James  Lister  wns    no-                               .,      ;,           .... v       . ny nre mis morning.     Fire is supposed by live wires, leaves n widow nnd three
, ,,111111 in,   mu .limn -  '"-"'   "'"    "I'    in,,,- nunoiiiieiil  Uml  the equilibrium, in ,,,  ■.„,.„ ■„,„„  „..,..,„ 1  ,„.  „    , , ,   , ,.i,;i,i,.,,„.   i.*,i    11    Ti„n„„   «t      inor.,,1,
iKiiiuei   10 pros • e ova- the bunking nud   ,1 „,„.,„;„,.;„i u „.„„ i,.,,i i„„.„ ,.„«i,„,„i        "-n     "'" Btnrted  bj   u  spark  from children;   hd.   11.   liunire,   St.    .losepn,
commaree                                                   the provincial finaaces had been restoied the boiler.     Loss   $40,000;    insurance, drayman, head crushed; Scott Bice, bell*
,„■*., .       .        .          ,  r 1    •      and Unit the lux mi  transfers of  real e .,1,,                                                   • ,„,.. ... ,.,,„,,,„ 1,,,.,,,  _t„ii r,..,,.t„Pn,i nn,i
The minster of marine nnd fisheries   „_,.+„ ,..,,,,,1 1 i...';^t,..,i- „i u„. „,.vt •r---""''-   „ ' '»'> ut Benton notoi, skim iractureu ann
has declined lo permit   -olioe fishing to      .''   ," " L lJ  i,'e,. i,,   „     ,   ,         I,;'*'l,-V' *<**■ 0*-"?cter    D.    W Ier Internal injuries, lived but a few min-
commence 0,1 the  loth in,,. Instead of  —    '    ' J* "„ "   j  V, "sl I    ,     '„'" »«■ hanged here at 2;30 o'elock yester- utes; Will Miller, Benton Harbor leaves
lie found  fij   tne niuuinisnatlon to am ,!nv for tIl(, m„,.,u,,. ,)f Annie k,,,,,.,,,,,, „ widow an seven children; Louis HofT-
111 larger -measure than heretofore edn- ■ „  1r).y,.,,r-old girl.     The execution was man. Benton Harbor,    bend    smashed,
...;ii„„i, eo.onizulion and, nei-.eiillure | oi-icinn]lv set  fo  tnke place l.elween  7 leaves two small Children;    Arthur    0.
Toronto,  Sept. 8.-L,I  Hung    (hung, and 8 a.m., hut when Sheriff A'an Blari* W-  St.  Joseph,  foreman  St.    Joseph
with ins suite, nrrived   n    his    pi-ivut- ,,nm •-,„■ ni.,llt hnm] n w,l(1 ramot (]||i( |„„,(, ,,„„„,.,„,.. ip(r8 i„.0k-,.„. badly burn-
ti-niu from Niagara Tails,    in front of „  i„rge nunli,(,r „f aesperttte „„.,, „.,,,.,, ,.,i,   lived  nn  hour;  Frank    Sever.    St.
Hie grand stand nt the industrial fair lie ,„, ,■„, wny t(, Dlghv {mm ]w.u. rWer .in.,,,„i,. \ef, broken, badly cut nnd burn-
jvas Introduced fo Sr Cunrlos  rupper, rtptermined  to  witness the hanging   if ed. lived three hours: Robert Itofe. St.
Sn-  Mackenzie Bowell,  Hon.  Mr,  Boss, thev  had  to  tern- down  the  Jail  to do "fnsenh,   burned  and   Internally  injured,
Lieut-Governor Ivirkpatrick and others. „„_ ,,„ ,looil,,,j thilt th(, BentPnce nf death li""1 ono hem*.
the 1'oth.
Mr, Morrison waited on Hon. Mr.
Tarte with Hon. Col. linker end dis-
eussetl Fraser River matters. A meeting of British Columbia members wus
held und u programme adopted for presentation n the goveruor-in-councll, em*
bodying British Columbia's overtures.
Mr. Oliver Introduced in the house
yesterdny 11 lull to Incorporate the Hudson Bay mul Pacific Railway Company,
whieh wns rend u lirst lime.
In the house yesterdny Sir Chni'hs
Tupper asked if uny progress hr,d
been made lu regard to the appointment
■ ■f :i minister of the interior.
Hun.  Mr.  Laurier.—I  will  be able to
At   the  electric  power  house  of  lhe Lliould be curried out before daylight Tlie Injured;   John A. Crawford. Ben-
.Viagara  Falls Power company,the dis-:    Winnipeg,  Sept. 9.—The  superintend- u" Harbor, ex-ehief of the fire depart-
tlnguished  visitor    hnd  on    experience  „llt „r Presbvterlnn missions bus made mont, overcome hy  heni    nnd    smoke,
with American electricity, the result he-  appointments to British Columbia pres- "■''''> recover;  Will  Fecund, St. Joseph.
lug ns  startling nt it  wns unexpected.   |,yti;rles  ns    fellows:      Cnlgnry—James l'"-      brnl°ed:    Frank    Woodley    und
With his esiuil curiosity nnd desire fo   ■s„i,.n:  Knmloop,  I!.  M.  Dickey; Wet- Thomas JCidd  were on the top of ad-
mnke a personal investigation of the mn    mlnter, A. 15 Camp: Vietorin  G  Perrv Inlning buildings with hose when they
given -in answer to the hon  ircntleman I •f^nery.i !"e  |,"!!',''1  tt»*''itchboard  Willi   Edmonton, W. L. Atkinson.'    '        " r-n ngulnsl live electric wives on which
!...."*."?.."„_'                           -.inttini.i.i   )l|s „,„!,.,„„ s(•„.,._    T1„,    „„,1]1|    {,,„,]„,                     ^^  they were hnnclng wben found,   l'o'iee-
elosed  the  circuit  Instantly    nnd    I.l's man Charles Johnson narrowly escaped,
Bttok   wns   violently  thrown     from    his j             HORRIBLE H0L0CAST. ns  falling bricks tore M" eo't   hii* "1'
grnsp.    He wns nutiirnlly  much oston-                                 Auntlier iiinn wns saved by a telephone
Ishe.I nt the effect of lie sticks contact   ,., ,.,.„v. ,.,,.,.,  nolo
-.i .,    .. , ,   ,   ,    . r    .        .11   ELEVEN FIREMEN MKKT DEATH AT HEN- ('"*
with the switchboard, but fortunately he t .„	
suffered uo damage hevond a- good scare. ton iiauiuui .miciiuiax.
However, he decided thai he hnd seen                                                         ' Seattle, Sept. 8-H«rry Meserve, the
onougl id went to hU rooms  where  He     Detroit,  Sept. 8.-A special    to    thc m's"^" Z^1o"a -itnZin.   of
'Titen   rGeote'wBovd  nssLstani   ^ "nT l""? i^0," i^™' ^ '    £ all\nTlTm^n\gnTe\Z eat
i.i s* nt for ueorge \\. Hoyti, npsistnnl   auys:   Ihe most borrible holocaust witb
on Thursdoy ^^^^^^^^
Tho first division of the session tonk
place nt M o'clock Inst night on Mr,
Foster's motion censuring the" government Tor its nbune of the power to issue
governor-general's ivnrrnuts. Tlie division wns witnessed by crowded gnll*
erics. When Sir Charles Tupper rope to
vote be \et\a loudly ehepivd by the opposition. The Llberols paid n similnr
cptnpliment to their tender. The- governmenl mnjorlty on tbo vote wns 34.
Thirty-two members were pnired, an
nnusunlly Inrge number, and sis mom-
bers were absent, three Conservative!]
nnd three Liliernls.
Mr. Bostock bos Introduced n bill to
Incorporate tho Columbia Telephone &
Telegraph Go.   It waa road n first tune.
A dispatch has ben sent to the colonial offica pointing out thai while assenting to an Investigation into seal lip
this year, Canada does not admit the necessity of a revision of the reunlt'ticns
governing sealing as contended for by
the unt'etl Spates, *
An erder in council has been passed
cancelling tin- commissions issued by
the outgoing council months ]>:'.st for
the revision and consoUdath " of the
Dominion statutes. * The ground token
is that parliament has not yet Appropriated the funds to pay for the (omiui;
■                             .     - ...    n         I. ,          , "...    i,-------- tier of .Madison and  Filth  avenue.
general passenger ngent of the Pennsyl- the greatest loss ol  life that has ever M€tem eameout second best accord-
vania compnny, and spent    -about    two occurred in  this  part of the  state oe- ing tl) the stltn. timl  wn8 trying to bp
hours questioning  huu  about, railroads, eurred  at midnight who,,   1'oros'  opera snfothered Up h\. tho puli(,s !lI1(i dld uot
lie hnd a map of th" 1 nlted States be- house took fire, and In the fight to save even UflVp ., n£cue\ i,!ft
fore him, and once he branched off to the  buildings and  other  blocks  adjoin- Thl.  bold highwayman  was  i„    wait
the war "f 'lie rei elliou,    asking    llie Ing, eleven nremen, one a volunteer, met
■ ■I   fi- tn   their fute at one time, death being inthe union     r.i usked particularly about   stnntnneous with five of them.   Six liv-
for Mr. MesTve, nnd the moment he
snw him nppenr on the corner stepped
out and ordered   liiin  to  throw  up his
the ba'lte. in which Grant •ini'ticipnted,   ed only n few In.urs in awful ugony nud iin',', i'^ "  -|"!i" m'|.   jTeser've"nrocei'ded to
nnd all of tiun   were indicated on the   live others met with severe injuries. ^0  ,,,.',.,„.,ii,l..(„ ,,.,, S|,„.v, .,,„i Wns soo»
imp for his benefit.    He dwelt long on ,    Diiriiig the evening the pluy "A l-'iu fl*y(,s(:e(]  nf nil  his  cash  nnd   his  cold
flils subject and marvelled that although ; lory Girl" wns being given, nnd half an „.■,•,.],     -pj,,," hlchwnymnn    the»    di*.
the southern  lone   Buceeeded    In    ap*   hour nfter the performance wns closed appeared nnd Mr Meserve prbeeeded to
pronuhlng   unite   close   to     Washington, . the lire was discovered.   At that lime a ,.,,,„„.,   „„,  ,,.,,„ to  t,)p      ,,,.,,     Th
Uior Were nBTCi*;nWc to capture that Im-"!stlTfoentillg smoke  li led     the    building „c s;li,  ,.,.„  n„,li;,,u, mmmn] ,,n,, ,„„,.
pOrtaiU point.    The story ..I the assns-   from the basemen   to the fourth siory d  ,,,,-,„ „,„ f.]ot „,nt „„, vi(.(inl
siuntlon of Lincoln also interested him   and almost instantaneously a  sheet ot w,|s iu |H.„,,,,„.,,.,,.,... ,lt tne V(,rv timo
grent ly.    He  iuipiircd  what  lieeiime of   tlame hurst through the entire audience
ly.    ue  liiti.i       ^_^^^^_^_^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^
ltooth nud where Lincoln Is hurled, and   loom.
then Queried: "Do not    the   American     -■'■l| this happened before the lire dn
people   regard   l.lncol'i  as  u   very  good   pnrtment    could  respond  with  u  singh
s.   '*'';»■•'" .        .   I"renrn of water.   There was some con-  Prlor asked if the government had any
I   The deep Interest he shows  in  rail-   fusion at the outset owing to the luck  lnfoim„tion nbout „„. s(,izm.ps in B,.,,.
■ roud mutters couvlnies those who pnid  "f nook and ladder facilities, although  ril..r ,,..,     [jc „|v|, ng]ied ,vnen ., ,,,„„.
attention to tho subject that his prind*   ''"" I?™1 Br*- >""<}': J1",1'?,-* closed a two m\&io„ wns t0 ,„, appointed to consid r
pal clijeci iii visiting this oountry is to   dnys   tonrnnmcut, exhibiting grent skill
.study  Amerieau ciudtriiction  und  inun-,'" Quick work,
ngeniini witli the view to the adoption      st- Joseph wns culled upon for assls-
of some of ihe  features  In n proposed   'once.   At  tht
rtension of the Chinese ruilwiiy   Proached tin
system.    In fact, the viceroy intimated   uu-'''i'di"g    "■"'-.'■*   •".   *"*   ;*•■'  ■" ••"■   nothing  more.    The  Imperial    govern-
that he is negotiating for the service of   ll"*;;"'';- ; "'" ivhllevhoistmg them np the ,  hn(1 , fl    d '    , t   J     fh
wells  fell over w-iliiout vvnrniii.'r. "■"-—-
On Sir Oliver Mow.il's reeeuuneiuln
tion un order-iii-eouneil hns been puss
ed rescinding the creation of IT:
Queen's Counsel by the Tupper minis
try.    Sir 0,iv- r Mowut characterizes llu
ii'-tiiui of the Into government us Btnrt- ,      .      •        ?.,,.,-,..      ,n.   ,.
Ho points out tlmt  Here aro 48J    ^^ ^u'11^'; ^.t!le,U!111^.!;uhvi,y
When tho house met to-day Hon. Mr.
the scalers' claims and if the Dominion
government had appointed counsel to
watch  the case.    Hon.  Mr.  Dnvies rc-
Q.O.'s in Cnnnda i's against -17 iu Eng
land. JIo says thai tho question of the
jurisdiction of tlm Dominion nnd the
ptovlucos to confer tho silk- will bo Immediately pressed in the courts, as would
have boon done in 18D8 had tho Dominion government nptfbinted counsel to argue tbo ease in conjunction with the representatives of Ontario. .    . ,    , ,   ..
The majority  secured   by  the govern-   j"1'"* £™  ruu   cnch  dny   m"1   thel'
ment on the division  last  night,   whieh
Ui unii'ii    iin-   i';in ',       ni'ii,    .ni',    i-ii vies   role   outset   the   firemen   ap- ,.   . .,   ,  .,                       . ,    , .,
hc-Jniildlng through an nlli-*. !'''J"1 !l,,'.t th" Sovernment hnd the sume
Inddei-s   i„   the   rear of the L"^*™*'.""!..?8 ^.'"tJ^LJT'I.S!!
no tn llie ul  night, Ihe
that"seve7a"l m'orc'bodieB'wer'e under'the  'n™*':]  would  ,,. doubt net  in  unison
ystein    ficin^ ".','" '? ','."', "'""   '" ,"'* *" "- """ with the ffovornment ciinsid,
 r.         ,       , ,,    ,   i-,-,   .        -i   . I'le of brick, nnd search wns continued ,,   ""■■»■">>■•«"■«". l'.""■ '■
WUS    the    fil-.-l    nt    llu.    uasalnn     ,11,1     ,,.,1     CrUdU llllll   tile  lill llllty  to  llclllClt  ll  COII- '     .., ,      ,. , ' ' ■" "      ~
m.is   no   iirst   or   ine   session,  um   nol * iinti   every doubt  wns  passed.
bring uny comfort to lhe opposition, In s,:"!* menace
fact   lhere  was  deep  chagrin   when   the L]     «'"'      t'*«-      lf     £•"    I""1   ,*'omc
flgures  were  rend  out.     All  the  Imlc- ,'e"d-'    ""m<7,    *,e    *vl',"1'i  Jnvfl.    "!
pendents and  Pntrons voted with    the American railway Btoeks.   He declared
Hon. Mr. Laurier snid that he wus
The cause of tl.e lire is a mystery, not in n liosldon to-day to sny v-dio was
Ouv Prescott is under arrest ns being t0 '"' min'8t™ of.' '" nte„r,or',,,but ih''
one who knows of the origin, but when fverninenl intended to offer the port-
iskcdnslo the cause, he remarked thai   l"1":  '■' a  Western  man.     lhere were
government.     Mr   Molnnes wns awuy, «   *       was to poor nnd conld not rn.se h(,           „   ,     ,      •       ,              ,oi|v good reasons, in the public interest, to
ns w,,s several  other government  sup- W,i on     IMs statement   from  n  man            .. nsgtlml*   ,,llt he %as ,„   *; necessitate some further delay in mnk-
porters, wilh  Saskatchewan and  Bran- Popularly rogarder as the richest man In ",„"'',- ,"£,:lat Mnrad his detention Ing+he nppolntment.
don iinrepi-esented, nnd If the full vote -"'V**''*'''• «J"««I ".smile. ■ .,.,,„ ,,„„,,,. ;     '<,;,„ „„,,liv,.lv „,w; These translators who took an active
H^zrvia^ in BRITISH COLUMBIA iAre ""T,
l-resurvus miulo- ' -*-*'    -"Jtl-lll-'l--   VWXi «J JJXX»Xd Jpreparad by
led    the   govern'nient'   majority     *'' Hung Chung is noi n    tcetotnller.   havtng "beoii "erected VeveiT'vears'ago at  '"':l In poUtlcs were again be'fore the de
nve been  forty.     It  is not  im-   "e drinks n single uluss of claret with   ., (,nsf 0f S40,0d0, bates committee to-day, wheu additional
was polled   tho   	
would  hnve been  forty.     Il  is not  im- >le minks u single uluss of cinrot with a cost"of S4066(3 bnt6s committee to-dny, tvten oddltlonal
prohnble thai  the next division will be *"'is dinner and at bed  time    hikes    ti \  two-story brick block    owned    by evidence wns put In by Monet, making
nn the anticipated motion of Sir Ohnrles small qnuntity of Chinese liquor, fntnid j,,.-,.,,!,   l<<rtck   which  stood    adjoining, good his charge.   One of them, McTx>od.
Tupper on the action of the Governor- f"*' ils u.edleinal qualities.    His se. ret- mn ,i,.,„n|ished by the    falling   walls, wrote to the press that Bruncnn, M. P.
General, nrics declare that he cannot nnderatand „.*.■<.*, crashed through to the basemonl ''"' l»cl"'llen, »»< b blockhead who dm
The Hritish Columbia members to-dny Huglish nt all,    He bus    learned    the without npparenl  resls'tnnco. ""■ kll"'v "vll,lt '"' WB* talking upon. To
discussed  the question  of Inducing the words  "How do you do?" and  he al- rhe opera house block  wns occupied '["" ruylor, the To*y whip, snid: "Quite
governinent to improve the Fraser river wnys greets visitors with this sentence. |lv ,i„. Evening News. S.  M.  Austin's right'    "If you were iu the corridor*,
nnd preveni n recurrence of the disns One of the purty snid to-day, explain- bakery,  J,  Bernstein,    clothing;    John retorted  Brnhenu hotly, "You wouldn't
trims   jlomls.   The   deputation will    I"' log tho monetary cqinlition of 'he Chin- Holmes, barber Shop, and fruit packing ?1J' thut" No definit,e action was taken.
here Friday, when the government will ''•-«-' empire, that iu order to raise funds in the basement,   The Frlck block was                     •-»*	
be  interviewed  on  the matter. '" P"y the Indemnity of nearly J200,- „.,d  for retnll boot and slice business k,.v  West,   Fin.,  Sept.  10.—Dr. .Ton-
■    In the house to-dny Mr. Davln Intro- 000, to Japan, Ll Hung Chung hnd hy- :,,„* duelling.   The building and stocks quln Cttstillo nud n puny of live arrived
diiecil  a   bill   to  amend  the  Dominion potheented  the customs revenue nt the destroyed  with losses    will    aggregnti i„.,v \n ,, small boat last evening. Thcy
1 i'iuln Act.   It wns read for n first time, ports on the const where Import duties about $66,000. were detained hy the henlth officer, but,
Toronto,  Rent.  0.—Lord  Aberdeen  nt ure collected, nnd  that an  in.reuse of ,\ liluh wind prevailed, nnd il caused unon ,|u, affidavit ..( Dr. Castillo, were
the fair yesterday said he recently pick- the customs    would    probably    follow, the walls to full outward, and adjoining released. Dr. Castillo made the affidavit
ed up u  book, the tlt'e of which  w-k This was the only way to raise money buildings were   saved   only    with   the before  tho collector of customs.     The
"flnnndo    Fir-t"    and    expressed    tho ns it would not he politic to obtain it greatest efforts.   A Inrgo    quantity   of p:;l.,v l.:,,lu. |-,.„„, ('.,,„,    Sable,    having
thought    that    the Importance of this by Increasing the taxes,   only a Binnll stage sccnerv belonging to Hnfry Km- |„,{,„' ,u n,.,, pi,,,.,. |-,„. s,.vcrnl days, iry-
poi'linn of the ponlaiion is nwnre of the erv. of the Katie Putnam compnny, .1. ,„,.  t0  ,|,,  pomctblng   for    the    Cuban
NISW ADVE11TISRMENTS. fact that  lhere wus n  war will-, Japan, A.  Simon and  \V.  C   Hocks,   were il
r nnil   that   the  Chinese   forces   were  de- stroyed.   'riiere wns no insurnnee.
fentnd.   The levying nf a tax wnhld be Thousnnds witnessed    tin
tlie means of spreading the Information,  tion nnd with difflculty the crowds wer-
cause, in which Ihey wire unsuccessful.
dust before the party landed a tug wns
contlngra-  „,,,„ ,,, appear from the Gulf nnd again
return.     Tlie tug is supposed to have
and dissatisfaction wilh the government kept ont of danger's way.   The work of i",','I','''i1,, oteniner'Tlirec Sfeiids   ns sev-
rPIIOSR   DESIRING  TO  ASSIST   wonld arise. .,„■) possibly rebellion. clearing  tip   the   streets   was   continued ^? "I|S whIch     'Vriu-d    to-da"   are
*■   inthe                                                 ;;"' ■»'! B«y. Out.   Sept. 8 -A special throughout the day. known to hav* been on her on former 811-
Wltn   Ills   l-.xeellene.v   I.i   Hung   OllOUg, Soon   nfter the   discovery   of  the  lire buatprinit  cruises       It   is   believed   here
Emuncipaficn of Kennial Slavery      ™ZZ,,''.;? v^n..^.*.?^ Uli": thm she Bncceed'ed in landing a large
arrived otNorth Bay at 8:06 a.m. and   inmtnated the sky  mul  Rtrects with  a
: Inriil   glare  that  served   to   make  vivid
ixpedltion In Oubt
A train cnrrylng troops from Havana
v DonfiosTnlr Qppontunity^
If you haven't Iiml unfortunate experiences with shoes yiui are to lie cni.-
gratulaieil. Perhaps you cannot toll
the right side ol leather froth the wrong
side, but that's no reason why you
slioiililn'i get what yon pay I'orto tlie'lnst
cent's worth.    When ymi enn buy u puiri
Sin uM hand in their mimes at once and  'eft at ":-.'0 a.m.
become memhera of the Ohaplcau, Ont, Sept.    8.-1,1    Hung  the scene ,.r confusion and excitement.   „.,,„ , ,„,,.„,.,;,.,„,  f,.„„,    <„„■„,   „,,
1.1          Jl             1  i   T -l                      onnnga Bpecin]  mrnoil  nt    11:1,     tins   As won ns tho   nines broko through tho .„ ,„. „.„,.   ,r n««««-tfi-»   «■■•«=„ ft,, «iT«.i
Rethought Library, rftif^ttir Z": rTn"" T2"""';"ln {hi"ra\u - •,"",, -„ "«»« *Zct.
■          i     i      '"'U^'in is (.11  miles from Mon-   the  burning block  wns  known    to    he Dfwrt„_,1   mi'   ift0fl   ,r ,u,. ■j„i,„;,,-.,k w„-
                               tronl  -nui    « 11  iiifiuinti  ,,,.!„»    -„    #1..   1         1   ti          1                f       ii sti'o\(*M.   I'm* loss ni  tne Rsnnmflrus wns
Jijihi .mu  is it uivision point,   on   im* floomen. Tt soon became n nery furnncp. ,    ■„.,,,.„, witnj i..- n.. uin**a nt thn
T          1113   A T*'!^                          Tiflkn  Slirior-inp aAhftnn  „f il, , 11 n P    fliL-    mi        e   111                11                  1   a      i                        . ••■■■'    " ' '  -'^   KUlPP   o\   tht-   DUUCtS  OI   tno
1         I'lv All                      i'Hivi- r-iiptMior stH'UOM o   tno l .1 MI.   I M-* . Tlm  fnM'tiir wnU  nrovoil  (0 'ho not  on V ,    , .                        mk •
Ln               il    nu    lr,;,."',;' ,mvn ,",'m'1 '"" "" '*•"'-' «» his"  ''"'"" «™p tot   he Are fighters, bi fI*5°S*iiJS.l2li    SstaT ™3t  Z
v o nn,i(M      U Corumerolal St.. City. ( His Excellency, but he did ,...1 leave his; dangerotta to everyone who wns tryng to "lv, ';f li-v":"1""' st"'ks  n»  •,™a5' for
P.O. Pox.tfffl.                                         S-ll-lm    ! cur or make 1i!k „i,i„,.,,.„,,..n In n,„. .„ i 1...1.. „.„..  ,1  „,. „r 11,., ii.,,;,.,„ nv exploding.
V. O. Box 227
Telephone 7-8
  s-ll-lm    i cur or make his appearance in any wny, j help stay tile progress of the flame., ... , _      ♦#-►.
===   but nearly all  his attendants were mil   assist in saving goods.   The first to go,
THE PUBLIC SHOULD, KEMEM HER   ,l',<i"1-  "  'v,,,k  "'"  ,lml  ''""'" i]w Plat-  down wns the top part of the alley wall,      Toronto,    Sept.  S-Intiillo     I'il'<'r->1-
nil, luuijio, iiut-iji. iUj.mIj.hi.i.k   f(l,.m   wW,e fhp mg^m    Km    being  which bur'ed the fifteen men.   This ter   was elected for North Oxford by7I» o(
"~T"At— i ch.-imred.   Your correMpnmlont  made en-   rlble  Bight   was  witnessed   bv  hundreds   >.   inajoritv  over Or.   Adams.   Imlepend-
AUCTIONEER   GOOD     "inlflcs and learned that L) Hung Chang of    horror    stricken  people'who stood  cut. io sneceed Sir Oliver Mowat In the
Is enjoying the trip very much.   So far helplessly looking nt  tho    heartrending Ontario legislature,
■*■'■■■     ' mmmmmmmm^^        - |>(^ jn r(, ;    T.nlior Dny  wns celebrated here In a
help lhe  manner  surpassing any   previous  year.
WfinlnCfllfl   flue!   Ppfp.l   PlltrlinrC   •>i'slineK frmii ugyou wiU'Viinw just wii'iit1 Keeps bv fnr the I.ar.iest   Heaviest and '*? onioying tlm trip very mticli.   So far j helplessly  looking  nl  the    hear
nllUltibdltj  (IHU  Itelall  liultiil'IS  toexpeul fn I'ein ami von won't. Imi      P 'V, .of     BpRV,e8t'ftna the iolirney bus been exceerftngty pleas- Ucwie, uud ninny of whom rush,-
dlsabpolllted, lor ttb tell vou tile exact „.,„. ,1'"""' l.Z. '.'-."'   o'"'   "1,'V,''""",''   i'1,l'''<";,!"-*   »«   "is   ennlless of fire and  smoke to 1
COMMERCIAL STREET l truth nnd nothing but the truth. STOVES AND RANGES Hxcelhmey.  H(- 0lsn stated thnt he is struggling, shrieking men,
^.-.>-.        »  ^j,,,,,        i In this citv In tbe best of health and that everythlni     Jnt/t before the wall fell the
Twenty-five  thousand   people  witnessed
  Hrcmcn   H nnrnde on the streets, nnd over 1(K>,-
KeVltt   e,,,,™.   k*,.„~   „„    ii,..„    ,'l"i'li,,','   Is   being  done   for   his  coven-   were  trying  to  raise  the  ladders  nnd  000 people attended  the Industrial  ex-
ISS*-ai,i.  castings   Kept   on   Hand.   ,ce,. and comfort. | had   them   plnced   againsl   the   building hlbltlon, •
tf£   *■£.
At the regular meeting of the Council  read nv sin. ai.. da vis at tiie firemen's
on Monday evening there were present: banquet Wednesday niqiit.
Mayor Dnvison, Aid. Sinclair Morton, | 	
Planta, Westwood, Martell, Bradley, Mo-
Donald  and Foreman.    The li.ill.lles ''f'.Vi'l'l,'lsy,,,.!sUv   in   ■ ■;■■ :     n-i-l     i-'lil
the previous meeting were read nml, on       ^ - ,,„
piotlon, adopted,
A ooniinunicatioii from Tullv Boyce,
'er ils silent walls
lo  soil and silen
leep o'er the world slow waves ils li.uuls
of lend,
An I ready torpors wrap each sinking
■ 'ad.
License Commissioners.
A meeting of the Board of License
Commissioners took place in the Cm::-
eil cliniiilier Wednesday forenoon, .Sept..
9th. Present—His Worship Mayor Davison uml .1. 11. Simpson, P. M.
The application of Mr. (justnveSferen
for a transfer of the retail liquor license
held by him at tlie Provincial Hotel to
William Hopple wus read.
The required, notices having Ijeen given
ami published, the request forthe trans-
auditor, was submitted, reporting that S(.|u,(1 ,g ,he Hth. 0- labor ,„„, ()f *.•„.       fer        ,,„ moti6n granted.
he hail oxammed the bo-iks, a  nts HU8h'u ia lho hum.and tranqiiili-.ed the     The application of Messrs. Jos. Tun
and vouchers, anil found thom correct        ^.^ stall, John Thompson and Peter Weigh
and inikood order, and enclosiugasta e- Mttnisiv,  ,est, wltti all his hopes and fora trancfe*of the retail liquor license
mem ol receipts and expenditures, also f , |r,m b   lhem 0, t||l. riite-matlmial Hotel
the uinoiiiit of bills passed and unpaid, Th(. ymlng forgt>(. [WU. Bport8. tJie ok| ; ,„ Mr. George Dunbar wns read.
Received andfiled, theii'cares; i    The required notices having been given
A communication was read   roni beo. The grave or careless, those who joy or and published, the request forth,* u-aiiB-
Cavalsky notifying the Council that, a * *        tel. tt.as, on motl grunted.
a meet in-,,i the t'lre Department held ^H rest contented on the arm ol sleep.-    The communication ol  Mr. Thomas
on the 8th in t. it was deeiUnl to .lis- Svu,l.| i8 t}ie pillowud rustof beauty now, Bryant waB on motion, again laid nu tht
band the Buck Dh nd Lug  1 •un- AnU sluniber smiles upon her tranquil   table.
puny,  No. 1, commonly  known us the , The meeting thc lj -nd.
Kanaimo Volunteer hire- Department, Bright aro hor dreams-yes, bright as ,,r        -
requesting the Councrl  in meet Ibein in i,„„,.,.,,■=„„.„ 1,1  „,*•».,,.,.      77„,.,..,.,.
tl,   Fiie [fall on Thursday, Sept  10, a, p, ,   '       '£ -       ».•,.,. M ,„ ,,..,. SI NDAl   SKR* 1. 1,V
8 o'ulock ]>. in., when they would be pre- ' * ° —
pared to hand over all  apparalus, etc., They lea I her  forth along the moonlit s-r. ai.mas's nu-i.i-ii. ,  |
at nresent in their possession   Keceive.1 tiilt*. . [*|t ,tli Sunday   after  Trinity-8
and referred to prober order ol business Her heart's own partner wandering by  „. ,„, Holy Coiiiniu'nion.   llu, ru. ma-
tor dlscuisi ui. her side. tins, Litany and sor n.    2180 p. m,
A communication wus also read from 'Tissuniiner'seye; thesoftgnles scarcely  gu dlvy „,.,,-„„,,   7 livensmgl .„,,!
Geo. CavHlsky enclosing a bill for wr-        ,-„„se. sei-inoi. Kev. Mr fiosnnquet, preacher. I
vices of firemen at bush iiie-i on Hecate, The low-voiced  rtpplo ami the rustling
Ken..oily and Milton streets Sept. Till— boughs'
ST.  i* a in, s lill 111011".
77 hours at O per hour.   Thecouii i-  And, faint and tar sonic melting niin-     fifteenth Sunday after Trinity-—11 a.
'cation wus received uml tlic bill ordered strel's tone ni., matins, Litanyand sermon; 2 a.m,,
Kev. T, \v. Hull, pastor.    Services at
'Itinday Bchool uml
'paid. Breathes to her heart a music like its Sunday Bchool; 7 p.m., Evensong and
A commiinicntion wus read from E. \ .         own  sermon.
Chanibeis, miinugcr of the Mail, asking when,  Imi!;!     oh,  horrorl     What a Wallace  street   muthodist   chuboh
permission to make alterations  uud re- crash is there!
pairs to frame building adjoining the Iu- \\-|,:it. shriek is thut which tills the mid- n'**  .„  .,,„]     ,, ,
ternational Hotel,   Permission g,-..,.tc,l          night air? Bible class at 2:80 p. m.   All  are wel-
work to be done under the supervision 'Tis lire! 'tis fire!    She wakes to dream ,.,„,,,,                       '
of the Fire Wardens. ,„, more.
From the secretary of the Union Brew- The hot blast rushes through the blitz- baptist church.
ing Compnny, asking permissinn to use         ing door: Rev. W. A. Gunton, pastor,   Services
a portion of Dunsmuir street for the nnr- The room is dimtn'il with  smoke—uml 11 a.m. nml 7 p.m.   Sunday school und
pose df removing a small building,  t'er-         hark! thnt cry 1 Bible class 2:30 p.m.
mission granted, "Help! help!   Will no one aid?   Idie! seiinn-.u.is.M.
reports. Idie!" '    Spiritualists meet in the Oddfellow's
The Road Foreman's report wns sub- She seeks the ensement, shutlil ring at iiMt ,„.w  block,   ,„,  suiulny evening
mitted uml. mi motion, it was received ,,   its height; next at 7:80 p.m.  Subject; sociable ana
antl filed. She turns iij-ain—the fierce flames mock -_„.,„_   A[1 ara weleome.
His Worship the Mayor reported ver
her (light.
bully tlmt the coin mittee appointed  to  A'oiir the crackling stairs they wildly
Rev. II. li. ("illuming of Sun In Clara,
r,I..Cabinet Factory
Cabinet Maker.
"    , , i ■ ..    . , i -     * .•. II111V *■*■■» •   ■ - •    ' -•  *   U llllll III"    Ul   Ott Ml il    \   Ml I "I,
snfnCon.ti.v,Tearlh^ Ami',,,.,,-. cMiltin,  us  they  s,-h-c  their  Cal.,  will Di-cael, at llVm.an.l 7 p. m.
BhiiiUonipaiyiegaKllngtliebj lay, i on • 6 Sabhut h schoo and B bUi class at 2:80
under consideration bv the Council had ..,,',-,■   ,   ,  „..,, .,,,  u,
conferred  wilh  those gentlemen ;  thnt "Help! help I  fl ill no one come?     she  p.m, <t)
chanl^and we^^i^t'ln But ^.."".uThVlple.. sinks upon the     A deputation from the City Conned,
.."     ,, i   i     ,, floor "ie,    lie   ireiiien  at  the lire  Hull last.
motion,  hi- agreement wus read b    he '• ,        , d       , .     ,       ,     ,        t|   t
clerk and the verbal re toltheMayoi VVill no one Save thee?   Yes, there yd   „   motion   had  passed the  Council   a
was icicneii. ig une : .,,,„,, h „„„ tiuit they were to receive pay
DiiKHHitcii msiNKss. 'Rcinuiiis   to  siivc   wht ii   hope  itself   is   f,,r i heir services ut' all Iii es.    Ef this had
.Considerniion of the eoiiniiunicafion gone: | been undei'Btood by the firemen, no'sueh
from the secretary of the Fire Depart- When all  hnve fled, when all  but hei action as a notice of disbandnient would
ment was taken up, and it was moved by would fly, have been given and ns the matter now
Aid. Morton, seed ded  by All. West- The fireman comee to rescue or to die.    [stands, the department will still con-
wootl,  that the Council   n.eel  this lire He niounts the stair; It wavers with his ftiiiue to act #8 heretofore,
bompany'a's requested,   Carried. tread; -
Aid. Mint mi, mi helm If of the commit- He seeks the room, flames flashing round
tee appointed on the application for re-        his head; ,     ,..    , I    il 5 illlAt      KftPtfiYV
;duction of the liquor license, usked for 11-  hursts the door, he lilts he
further time, and wus granted one week trate frame,
more to report. And  turns again  to brave tl.e raging
The Council then resolved itself inton flume,
committee of the whole to consider the The fire blast smites him with its stifling
Union Steamship Subsidy By-law, 189H. breath;
,The by-law was repurled complete with The falling timbers  menace him with
amendments. death,   .
■ Aid. Martell retired from the hoard.    ! Ami sinking floors his hurried stepa be-
The Council then went into coinmittee        truy, Having had ii-any years' experience
,to consider theagVUeinent with the Union And ruin crushes round  his desperate  |n the East I am prepared to execute all
K-s-(V|-  . , ,. ,:,,    Wttyi     , ., ,   •      classes of work.
On  motion. Messrs.  (une,  Varwood Hots ke obscures, ten thousand cin-
and Legg were invited to take seats at"        tiers rise, Kuril il ure of All Kinds Repaired.
the board. Vet  Btill  he staggers forward with  his
After  consideration,   lhe  committee prize! 	
rose,   reported   progress  aud obtained He leaps from burning Stair to stair— j
leave to sit again. mi,on! nT_   .ii-,r„„Ai,„.m mnmotT
Amotion  prevailed  thai   the agree- Courage! one effort more, and all is won !  OLD   MMllODISI   (JliUKUli,
ment as amended by theCounc.il be pul The stair is pasBed, the blazing hall is'
in proper form to be presented  to the braved;
next meeting of the Council. j Still mi—yet on—once  inure!     Thank
l,y.j,AWS, Heaven, she's saved !
Aid. McDonald  introduced the Fire The hardv seaman pants the storm to
Alarm   liy-luw,   1898,  which passed ils brave', r» *•,, -—* M     ,,., , ,.
•first reading, ami, nniler the plea of ur- For beek'ning fortune woos   from   1/1170     !       T" J-f
geney, was rend u second time. the wave; ||    R, %w    clous dish of Ice Cream,
■ The Council then adjourned till Mon- The soldier battles  'neath the smoky   II 1 g^i l. fl   call at MoKENZIE'S,
day next at 7:30 p. m. ,do„,l \L\JjLiKJ  on V otobia Cbksob.nt.
 <g »  I I-, ii- glory s bow is painted on the sh nun I
  i But   not for f
wreath, VNl, \* v x 11 1 V
Mr. Thos.Kitihin, the milling broker, .\,, selfish  throbs within their breasts ' \iw.lV9„n huiid"
has generously con tri lui ted  i:!i  lo the ure known;
funds of the Nanalma Hospital, Nu hope of praise or profit cheers them
A reception will be given this  Friday .„,   "Il;, , , ,
evening at 8 o'clock by the ladies of St. rhey usk  no meed, no taine, uml only
Alhan's church  to the new rectoi, the L,    ;"1. , , ,,        „.   . ,       ,    , ,,
Rev. Mr. Bosunquet.in St. Alhan's Hall. ^ shield the Buffering and protect tho
The invitation is general and all will be "[''',,     ,      ,- -,  • ,,    ,
Welcome,   Refreshuieiitsandmuticiiarl F°r   lllH the howling midnight storm
bf the programme, ,,      ,?•'  ^""' Having completed tho erectl rtheArlington
cor this the raging Uames rush fearless  ,, , , ,, .,. vnnD. „,„  ,,,   ,     ,   ,     . ,
Mr. Walter Thompson, of the I. X. I.. through; '"""' " . •**' ^''-;'-'■'*-• '"«" '»'" ""»•' "l"<
... - ■      i ;'     i     i   ,   , .   .• .   ,, ,, .i     .*    •!      ti       i      i.i i      c'miiiiim-Ih'iis hotel is now nrepnrori to receive
stables, wusynuod In t e ho   Is of mat- Mount he frail rafter bend tl.e smoky  „,„,,.„„„„,„„,„.„„„.,,„,„ ,,„'.„.,, „, llR.r,
rimony at Seattle on Sept. ami. to Annie        hall,
E, Crawford.Of Nashville,Tenn., 1' S.A. Or toil, unshrinking, 'neath thu totter- Till-'. ('CISIN]■',
The Mail wishes Mr, and Mis. Thump- ;-,,, wall;— 11« presided nvor by Mrs.Thompson, nml lho
Bon a happy und  prosperous voyage on Nobler than  those who with fraternal  Tuhlud'Hoto constantly provided with all the
the matrimonial sea, wilh no sloniiB  ol blond delicacies nf the sooson.   Combtnod with lhe
breakers ahead to mur the tiiji through Dye the dread  field or tinge the shud-t elegant furnlslied^opiirtmonu, the visitor Hnd«
life. tiering ITood,' tho surroundings of tho mosl pleasant desorip-
Chapel Sti'ct't, Nanaimo.
dure Bach   shupe of  8TRAAVBEERY,
,      ,   j     l.l'.MilN,
ortune s gold or glory s I'INEAPPLE
^iJlii|i|toi7 f-Jotel
Owing foil..-fuel thai   Mr.  Mclnnes'  O'er their linn ranks no crimson banners Uion,
leeili has already been published "ver-  ..,,   wave;
itiii," in the local press, wc c insider it. ■ ll",-v li;'"'' ,l,('-v suffer-not lo slay, but   People  wild   Appreciate
cessary to crowil out hica+iiews by I       ■—■'■ lil* lill       I v Is IT/U'I
republishing He -nine     "Wo luivo on  Ah, such a sightl   Hope smiles more I  IlllK      IJllLlTlS
hand several  copies ol  the speech  in heavenly bright' I'lll   wn
pamphlet form and any of mir readers   ,-lUe   ,,enBl'YB  pity trembles «
wishing a copy will  be supplied on up- light'
I*™1 "»"■»"'";      ' And ,soft-eyed   Men,-,  stooping from]        PIMBDRY'S  DRUG  STORE.
A griinil concert will  I ' given al the |       nnove,
i ith  de-   li'iiv, tin Irproscrlplloiii (llsppnssd »t
Haliburton Btreet Motliouist church on
Wednesday evening, lttth inst, which,
from the army u'i talent, secured, promises to In- tin1 entertainment of the
Benson.   A copy ui ihe programme  will
Drolis II Ini^lil lour of joy nnd love. Tholr Prices ale Itlslit
And should the firemen, generous, true I
und brave,
Fall as he toils tlie  the weak   to shield
he published "in Tuesriav's issue of the Shall  no  kind   frieml,  no miuist'ring
Mail, which, the promoters aie conii-        hand be found,
dent, will satis.'.v the most critical. Mrs. To poir the bulin of  comfort on  bis
Davison, M.s.  (iunton,   Miss  lllnmleli, wound?
Mr. (ins. Bate, Miss Hint, Mr. 0. Bren- Or shall he perish?   Shall Ins orphans
ton, Miss UulHisun, Mr..!. P. Jones, Mrs. say:
Taylor and other local  talent will par- "He died for them—but what for bis
ticiiiate.    Accompanist, Pfof, J. Spear. I       '!" theyV" ,,,...,        .   „
^^_      _ Say, is it thus wo should his toil requite7
Forbid it, justice, gratitude anil right I
Fr.nn tiik M.-iivi-.s iipnn pure, rich Id !   Forbid It, ve whose slumbers hesecuros!
andyiJo will not be nervous. Pure blood j JTorbitl it, ye whose hoardB he toils to
comes  ly   taking   flood's   Sarsaparilla sire!*
whicli is thus tlicpjc itest und lr>i nerve   Forbh
tonic, In
And, a'ove all, bo you his friend, ye
Hood's  en.is  cure  nniisen, sick head- fair,
ache, indigestion, bilious ness. All dug  For you were ev t his especial Pit re,
g:sts.   25 co.its. (live to his .-uiiso your smiles, your gen-
f Ileiiid-
*"" j The fireman's wounds nre honied,
London.  Sept. 10.—The Daily    Newi The orphan's tears are stiiyerl,   o.i,. v.-.
Says tbut (iiiud-iiii- deserves tlie greatest.  *o«-
jiossilde credit for his victory nnd the Misn M. A. nickjnr -ii left on Friday
J'ost says the same thing, but the bit-; morning for Liverpool, Kngland on h
jer thinks that the easy victory of the | visit toTierpareiitniieeoiiipaiiied by Mrs,
I'oinpurntive veteran shows that the art, 8. G. Bussell and family, Mhs Olcklr.-
of rowing bus fallen upon evil duys. sou expects to return III .May.
all  ye generous, just and
Tolophono S,
Market, Bastion Stkekt.
Steamers nml Shipping supplied on short nnttcv
hi Wholesale Prices.
Kirst-cln^ tVccommoctatlon. L1ro*proof building
Ter:i:s: S1.S0 h\ Day and Upwards.
The Boon Motel,
JA8, HKNNKTT, Proprietor,
Commercial St.,      Nanaimo, 11. C.
Lodge Notices.
Fnkerman Lodge, No, S8S, Sons of St.
iiVro'-'i'.— lii- dar weekly meeting is held
in Hubert's iii1. Wharf street, on 8*1';
uitPAV evening al H o'clock, \isiiing
lirethren conllullv Invited to attend.
Fitiii). Waustakf, See.
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I would do my best to
make this a big success.
Call and see me.
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Victoria descent.
Carbonating and Bottling
MITCHELL & RDMMINQ, Proprietors.
Manufacturers of Lemonade, (linger Ale, Sar-
saimrillu, Cillers, Ktc.
All Orders Promptly Attended To.
Telephone 20. P. Q, Box no.
Notice to Ladies.
I AM AGENT for Nanaimo anil Districts for the New and Perfect Carter's
Tailors' System. This system is up to
date; a perfect laities' system; is without a rival noil easy to'learn ; is noted
for its graceful lines and elegant forms;
it is not an experiment but a development, I cnn also tench how to use this
system, and also all kinds of Dressmaking executed in first-class style. Prices
to suit tho times.    Address,
Margaret M. Macdonald,
No. liti Haliburton Street,
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Johnston's Block, Nanaimo.
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Areonlledforeverywhere*and ure superior to
any Imported olgar.   Mndo by Union Labor.
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c. c. Mckenzie,
Land Agent and Conveyancer,
Town Lots ami Fiirms for 8alo.   Money to Loan
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Delivorod frooto nil i«um at city mul vicinity,
,AeV~ I'loniiii attention iii.la toBlilppliigorden',
Tewphono 2-4. V. 0, Box 70,  Nakaimii, '•• Gbe ftanatmo flDatl
Kd. v.' Cn-uiHi'.r.f*, Editor and Manager,
|Bu8tiou Btreet. Nanaimo, I). C.
Delivered bv carrier	
. ..fJoi*. perm
[ tIDAY 8
51'TEMBER 11,
"    Mongolian
None of our exchanges receive it
I more cordial welcome than our
[bright contemporary, the "Pro-
k*nnce."     lis   terse,   well   written
articles; iis fearless and indepencl-
(ent stand on all public questions is
[positively refreshing,
Hut we must confess to a sense of
Idissappointment with the article—
re Mongolian labor immigration
rin the last number,    it appears as
In the event of the Nanaimo mine
owners being forced, through competition with Mongolian labor, to
employ that class of labor, or close
their mines the result lo the vested
and commercial interests of the
city would be appalling. We trust
that the people of Nanaimo will
arouse themselves to a realization
of their danger and put forth every
effort to apply a remedy before the
consummation of such direful results. The removal of five or six
hundred of our white miners to
make place for an equal number of
Mongolians would leave Nanaimo
a modern counterpart of Goldsmith's "Deserted Village:"
III  (ares the land, lo hastening ills a
Where   wealth  accumulates  and men
A Smelter for Nanaimo.
may see their way clear to take the  them to grant.   And in our humble   flrrjv"]   mfl HPIUT'tlll1? flf Mflik
initiative   in   this  matter.     Very  opinion the firemen's action in this    l   ' "u  '"'       ' '' "" l*
possibly the New . Vancouver Coul j last move hns been hasly and ill-
Company might consider it to their
advantage lo co-operate with such
a movement and in that case there
is no reason why sufficient advantages could not be offered to induce
the Taeoma Company to establish
their works in this citv.
(if our favorite contemporary  <le-'    The citizens  of Nanaimo in the
'parted from  its usual  course  11111!'past have shown  little disposition
I handled the subject with   a  velvet! to  grant  bonuses to individuals or
glove.    With  some  things  in  the  companies in order to establish  or
' article we fully concur.     We en-j foster local industries.    But we be-! result was that the ratepayers voted
the money and built  them   a   hall
Our Fire Department.
We notice that last week's "Province" has seen fit to criticise somewhat severely our citizens generally for their attitude towards our
volunteer fire Department. We
propose to review as briefly as possible some of the most important
actions of our city council—their
representatives—in dealing with
matters as they have been brought to
their atiention in connection with
our fire department.
Let us go back six or seven years
and see how matters stand. About
seven years ago our firemen began
to agitate for a new fire hall.    The
advised, and it is to be sincerely
hoped that the outcome of the conference between the Company and
Council will result in the
duetion of lhe arrangement embodied in the proposition that was
considered by them some months
ago and for some unexplained reason
not carried out.
Free Lance vs. Pro Bono.
Editor Mail :—Tho attitude assumed
liy Pro J'.unu Publico, in his reply to my
letter of the lst inst., fully   justifies my
previous statement, viz.,,   that  he pos-
Wellington, Northfield  aud
intro- j    East Wellington   	
Victoria,Southern SI utes ami
places along line of K.& X.
ptlilyex. Sun.
A.M.    A.M.
11.25  8.5U
lailj ex.Sun.
8.20 11.50
VANl-ULVlill     ROUTE,
British and foreign, Eastern
Provinces, Eastern States, Daily ex.Sun,
Vancouver and other places p.m.   p.m.
on Mainland of B. 0   1i.au5.uu
Comox   ROUTS.
Co.nox, Union, Union Bay,
tliani, Qualicum,  Hornby p m .
Island and Hen.nan Island  8.20
Suit Sprlnu tsl'.ind, Burg.
Salt Springlsland and (
rlola Islam!   	
at a cost of $ 10,000.    They asked for
hook     and    ladder      apparatus.
I-dorse the se.niimenl that the ques-: lieve that they are beginning to return of excluding or restricting the  aline  the  fact  that  a well applied
'immigration of   Mongolian   labor bonus may in some cases be of the
[should  be discussed  wholly  from greatest importance in developing I Through the tirelessengrgy of many
I an economic standpoint.     E.-pcci-   a town.   There is little use in deny-|0f our good people lho wherewithal
I ally should the question of morals ' ing   the  fact  that  Nanaimo is at j was provided und   the  outfit   pur-
be avoided   when  dealing with the  present,  and  for  months past has chased   as   recommended   by   the
[subject.    The white people of Can-  been,   in   the  lowest financial and I company.    Not only thai, but they
ada, or any other country are  too business   condition.       All classes also provided a  new  bell  for   the
; far removed from the saTntly stand- 'suffer alike.   The town is no longer tower   of   the    new    hall.      The
>&rd themselves to point their finger self-sustaining.      We believe, how- article    procured,     as     in     the
at   Mongolian   immorality.      But over,   that certain   things could be former instance, was recommended
from an economic basis we  believe done to set it once more on the high by the company.    Was   it a good
Besses many of the char cteristics whieh
belong to iiml portion of the canine
species, the diminutive members of
which always hark loudesl when their
enemy is at a distance and whine the
must plaintively when they are kicked
for their clamor, Uiliil not startle me
In the least to hear that 111: read my
article with surprise and disgust. Iri-
decil it, is gratifying to know that my
letter had the desired effect, llis "surprise"  evidently consisted  chiefly   in I Nanoose Bay
finding out Unit he uould nol   with' im- >'■ •"■'•   *•■■
punily attack and attempt to sully the Departure Bay, daily ex. Sun 12 -l.'i 10.30
honored name and irreproachable char- j Cedar (South), Saturday .. 2.00 11 Sl)
actcr of the absent Kev.  I).   A.   MuRae. I	
8 20
BY   STACK. -j;---
Alberni, Parksville, French p si.
Creek and Errington  12 80
12 80
P. M .
Tii 11 r.
P   M .
and doubtless his "extreme disgust," is!    1        11        ni    p- f\ /""\ IT
attributable to tho numerous npplica-  J.      M .      rLtAUL  TUESDAY aild
tions   of   the   "Lance,"   which,   when | ' ;
properly manipulated, never fails to [
bring corruption to lhe surface, and thc I
result proves that Pro Bono's system
was literally saturated with it. That
I'm Bono keenly felt the thrusts he re- j
ceived for his tin pillule is fully evi- j
denced by the wheedling appeals for
public sympathy which his last letter
contained. Pro Bono may as well rise
from his iTi.iu.inu position and cease his
supplications. 1 have too high a conception of the spirit of honor and justice
which dominates the majority of nur
citizens to believe for a moment that
they will lend a willing ear to tht earplugs nl" a knave or countenance the per-
nieioiis practices of a ba-.k-biicr. The
qualifying adjectives which appear to
huve touched a yery lender spot in Pro
Bono's anatomy,   were   not   applied   1
A Full Assortment nt tlic Lowest Miuket link's
Promptly Attended to.
, . ■ 1 1 1 ,■ ,1 -      • 1 ,    ,, him because (as he said) "our opinions
there is no  argument against llie road to prosperity ana one or these investment in either case?   lf not, | differed," but because, as I stated plain-
statement,  that  the presence of a things  would  be tho erection of a who is to blame?
horde of cheap Mongolian labor— smelter here. We quote from an
Bunder present conditions—is a seri- editorial in the New Westminster
lou, ma.vins to the prosperity of a,-Columbian of the 5th inst. under
In times past the company used
to pay all their incidental expenses from the provincial  grant and
ly enough iu   my   previous   letter,   I.
awaited in a cowardly  style the departure of lhe Rev. II. A, McRae   before referring to his recent ae ions re police in-
qtilry in such a dastardly in inner,
Pro Bono crows too loi.dl.- and much
Tin and Sheet-Iron Work.
Victoria Crescent, Nanaimo
OHIceTel.80.   P.O. flex IS.   Residence Tel. 101.
■ry large class of our citizens, and the  heading of "We  may have a other sources of revenue,  but nowUposoon when he stutestiiat.[.belong-to k, T    ,,„,,,,,.„ „ ,-,,,
'.     i           i                                   i                 li      i             i -i                                   l.i           i   .1     /*•*.      r.         -i   .               tllB   "Annaniiis   Club."      The   public Mil H I JiHHiRT iV i i)
at  class  the  worst prepared or smelter here yet:                                  they ask the City   Council   to pay well know that Pro Bono never  proves       ' 1J-LX1UJJ1XX lAi Kj\J.
i    .       , ., _      ...„_>'_.       «ci i  i.ii !_!...j   ~:.: ' .,    ■ , -,i i -. •    i   . .     i I ......ii.;.,..< i...t ;......,•, I.;,,,.   ,.. i.i	
20c, per MONTH
equipped   to   bear    ihe    cru
[weight—the manual laborer.
he unequal competition  which
I wen kuow mat, ito uono  never   pi
And anything, that is, anything   to his own
, . .i i ■   , , ,, - I credit, but if lhe   leaders of   the   Mail
have been interesting themselves in   right here it would be interesting to  „■•
'Several public spirited citizens  tbeir gas bills, and il is done
ill refer to the Free Press of Sept. -Ith,
trying to induce the Taeoma Smelt--know what that  one account hasl-'"*)* wi" therelind that he has neatly
the small  farmer,  the  fisherman, ing Company to erect in this city a cost the city this last three years. I {\ma corroborating the truth of "mv I FlUlfiTill T),rP("fflr Mill FmballllPr
the coal miner and the. day laborer-     ''     ->-»•.>-->-'■-.--'- ,.-.,. .  ..     , ,.;.. ,i ..„,..-..■   .i...^! ui.uui 1...1 Lu.iuu.1,1
borer smelter.     On  Wednesday last the They asked for telephones and  the I statement, made in the previous letter,
,    ,    ,, 11     in ■    ,  ", . ,     ,     where I said thnt it was not   until  the
must   secretary  ot .the Company .Mr. \\.  telephones  were  put  in   and   the rev. gentleman had lot the city tlmt Pro
Rust  met   Messrs.  1).  Robson,  rent is being paid by the cily. They
m   Bonnet,   T.   J*.   Trapp and have asked for hose and   other fi.x-
Shiles and had a long dis- tures, arid they have   always been
in  which   the  various ad-  forthcoming.    The time was  when
Bono's slanderous lines were published.
Among the personals of that date notice is given of Mi'McRue'silepurtiiiehy
the morning train fur Victoria, en route
for California, and, note, that in the
preceding column of the same evening's
issue, Pro Bono's vile and offensive criticism of the action of the rev. gentleman in the recent police inquiry is published, and .Mr. Muliiie has not beon in
the city since, So who in lhe liar now?
Whv Pro Bono of course,  alongside of
lis subjected to if not checkei
[inevitably  submarge them  to the H
1 level  now occupied by llu Chinese J.
[»'»1 Japanese laborer. Mayor
It is impossible  to  fully discuss cussion
It 'hcsulijeol in all its bearings in a vantages of this city were duly set the company used to clean all their
[newspaper article.    We will for lhe forth.   Compared with the require- apparatus and dry their hose, and
present  confine ourselves   to   ono merits of  the smelter as stated by it was looked upon  as  a good way
locality and one industry.     C. al Mr. Itust' apparently the trouble is for new recruits to familiarize theni-
raining is conceded to be one of tire to  secure  a  site which will fill all selves with their  duties as firemen.
I most important industries in  Brit- the conditions.     Besides requiring They got tired of this and asked for
-h   Columbia,   but   the   trend   of thirty acres of land this must be of a man to do it for them.     A  man
'events clearly indicate that in the such a nature as to admit of being was sent to do the work under their
. near future—-if a remedy is not ap- terraced.     Then in addition to the supervision, and he is   still  there,
plied—ihe greater part of the work necessary   railway  facilities,   deep  and the city pay his wages,
will be done by  cheap   Mongolian water is necessary for receiving car-:    Not many months ago, the Corn-
labor.     The Union Coal Company goes of ore from   mines   up  coast,  pany  laid   before   the   Council  a
l-are at present employing about si.x Had the bridge been built, the diffi-.comprehensive   scheme   to install
'hundred   Chinese    and    Japanese cully   could have been overcome at  horses and hose waggon,  four paid
1 laborers in and around the mines, once, as there are several   locations  men, including the  chief,   and   to
The   average  wage  paid   them   is on the otlier side of the river which  pay all members of the company,
about  one  dollar  per day, a sum only   lack   direct   communication  when at practice or fires, at the rate
clearly impossible for a white man, with the C.P.R.     If the Company of $1 per hour.    Did   the Council
even without   family or  social  ob- can  secure  a satisfactory site they  turn a tleaf ear to this proposition?  whai a crying shame 11 is for anyone to
J _ , - ' 1  ...       : attempt   to uphold the  action   ol   an
Grntlunte ef tlie Oriental, the Eureka,
the New Vork nnd Clark'*
Schools of Embalming.
.'"! and 5 Bastion St., Naniiimo
VIOTORU iiu:si-i:.\t.
whom Annaniiis of old seems but a mere   13 """©S O.
pigmy, and Baron Munchausen a miser-1 •2-r— "-'•■■*•-•-•
able lias'
Next, 1
graph in
■ Bono occupies another para-
suppnstng" in various ways
that Cotstuble Thompson having little
to say as to how, where or when bis trial
Slltlll take place.'' This is really enough
to make a skull jiiin, or a crockery hen
cackle. Why, his attitude Iron, the very
beginning is that of a guilty man, otherwise he would have demanded immediate Investigation. Por instance, one of
the charges brought against bin. was for
repeatedly drinking intoxicating liquors
in au unlicensed bouse on Fraser Street.
Should an iniioi-eut man require eight
weeks to disprove such a charge as that?
How very anxious indeed he must be lo
disprove it. "Bono's" next paragraph
is devoted to trying to show the pu' '
All Materials used in connection with the above
guaranteed to be lirst-
One year, $1.50.
Six months, 75c.
Three months, 50c.
ligations, to   live   upon.     To  say  are prepared   to  commence  opera- j    No, they did not, but  went   into honest editor who fearlessly points out
that the Union Coal.Company must tions at once and in a month's time the question thoroughly, and  after
emyloy such cheap labor lo enable would be able to commence to treat spending hours of their time at the
them   to  develop   and  work   their
mines would be utterly silly  11011- would mean the expenditure here made this slight modification:
sense,   as   their   competitors,   the of between $750,000 and  $100,000 1. They agreed to furnish horses,
Wellington Coal Oo. and the N. V. and the steady employment of about hose waggon, paid men, including
C. Co. wilh as great—if not greater two  hundred  hands.     Vancouver chief.
natural obstacles to contend wilh, has azready been negotiating with 2. To pay $1 per hour to all fire-
arc employing white labor cxclus- the Company, but the citizens above men who attend at a fire, and 25
ively in their mines, and are pay- referred to are not without hope cents per hour for all practices at-
jng wages sufficient to at least per- that their efforts to secure a suitable tended.
mil their employees to live in a site here may yet be successful." | 3. The chief to be selected by the
stylo approaching the modern Now New Westminster can offer Council and lo be under the super-
standard of civilizatiou. From the nothing ton smelting company that vision of the lire wardens,
facts set forth we must come to Ihe cannot be offered by Nanaimo, and
upjiort they deserve
n   Niinair.io and 1 am
receive tbe wan
ore. The establishment of ii smelter  Council board and  elsewhere, thev    ,  ,\'.   ',', „] ,i   ■    ,    ,
'       - [glad to see that their efforts are meeting
with the approbation of the people who
realize  that  the   .Mill. Is fiflllli* a long- I
fell wain in ihe citv.    Our citizens are I I  LAMPS, EtC. etC.
^w^^t^irfr-ir'fniilflid^rllu^ds TAXIDERMIST DEPARTMENT —,
have for many years Berve-1 np to them i    Jln.i.s and Animals bgI np in a thor
iguousanu Durjh mutilated accounts I
interest and whose
to be about on a par
of items of publi
moral lone semis
with thai nf Pro Hi,no Publi
In bis second Inst paragraph it is my
painful pleasure to ami in expose another
(alsehoud of Pro Uono Publico, lie says
thai "on thc question of exclusion of flie
pilbllo Ihe Police Hoard were a unit."
I   have  already denied  Ihis, but—Iii lie
ugh workmanship manner
Ou Hand—Four line IVers' Heads,
whieh will lie sold lor price of-set line
them up.    .Also a tine ease of DirdB. J
d. s. Mcdonald.
(!!l Haliburton Street, Nanainio.
Job Printing
This modification was sent to tjie ^''J^;'^ ''""   *'""' "  "" "
conclusion that the only ones bene-  Nanaimo has several   natural  ad- Company for consideration and up proof  that
fitted by the cheap labor employed  vantages over both Vancouver and . to hour of writing nothing more has Jjonfiruiud theJIayor's^qril and'proved
at the Union mines are the owners,  New   Westminster  as  a   Held   for  been heard of the proposition. Some from   the  minute  book   that   Messrs.
smelting operations.     In the first 'of the firemen have fought bush (ires' *'"!'--'"" •"■'■ -I"''"*""' omy voted for
11 Interviewed Mavor liavi- ■ /"T,,,..,....-,.„•   1    II  ,i ,1
■ erred  ,„,   to the clerk  for  I - 011111101VUII    HOll'l,
he   had   uol.  voted  for lhe   V!^
largely composed of absentee
holders whose only interest in  Bri- place  it  is  the  centre of the most, I this  summer aud when sending in
! the motion.
Iii conclusion, Mr,  Editor, letmeas-
tish Columbia and its .future pros- important colliery in the Province j their lime did not state what rate of neither Thompson's job nor his"un-
perity is their desire to get as much I and  coal  could  he supplied to the pay'they  expected.       When   the savory refutation,    His every  autlon
...           .,           i,i                    -ii     r                    ,                 i                                  -/-,,.  e              i     i     i    . .1                 ,i since the eharcis were  laid .-icainsl him
of its natural wealth  as possible furnaces at a much more reason- Chief was asked what tneywanted convinces nie of his guilt   and I believe
for the least return  on  their  part,  able rate than could be at Vancou-; replied that they would leave it to that when the day  of Investigation ar-
ht       ...   ,    •    ,          T    .i    ' .i      i-i        •!   .                  i   .    .i rives, the honest and upright reputation
ver or New  Westminster.     In the } the   Council  to   pay   what   they |U(.cre',liu,,i „, ,,im ,,v ,',,.„*■ ,.,„„',„„, „
second place Nanaimo is thc near- thought right, and they  were paid few others who  are  trying  to  bolster
est  port  to   both  tbe Texada and on the basis of  their own proposi
To the people of Nanaimo the employment of cheap Mongolian labor
by the Union Coal Company has
more than ordinary significance, us
the product of the Union mines
comes into direct competition with
the product of the Nanaimo mines,
and it would be but sheer folly to
close our eyes to the fact, that without a counter-balancing advantage
in favor of Nanainio, it is but a
question of time when lhe Nanaimo
mine owners must also employ
cheap labor, or else retire, bullied
and beaten in the unequal struggle.
Alberni mines both of which fields
there ean be little doubt will prove
extremely rich. Nanaimo, moreover, is the only city in the Province that does not impose any tax
ri improvements, an item of importance where large undertakings
are  concerned.     The extra cost of
tion, $1 per hour.
Now we don't pretend to say that
the lire company have no grievance;
we don't pretend to say that lhe
citizens, or Council bus done all
they ought to have done, neither ilo
we pretend to say that the lire company   have  done   all    that   could
transhipping  lhe  up-country ores , reasonably be expected of them, but
from Vancouver to this port would   we do sincerely  believe the cili/.eus
be slight.
We   trust  the  Board   of Trade
are willing to grant every   reasonable request that it is possible for
him up, shall vanish into thin air, and
then the 1,'ev. (iiinloii, who has championed Thompson's cause (roin the beginning, will speedily make his way lo
theOornor Grocery, ami his lirst falter?
Ipg words will be ""Bridget, where arc
we at?
Kiiuk  Lanci*.
An Investigation was held on Tuesday, Sept, 8fH, by collector of customs
Smith,   touching  the death   of Samuel
Gopher, who was lost overboard from th
schooner Moss on ihe homeward
from   Cook's   Inlet.     Tl
Capt, Mel.eoil and crew was taken under
oath und  thc conclusion arrived al was
ihat  the   deceased   was   accidentally
drowned und that every  possible effort
was made to save liim.
Corner Commercial nail itnsiinn sts.
This Ipnu-o'tabllsliei] Hotel In comfortably
fitted ap 'villi superior necommodB-
Uons fur travelers mul others.
T. O'GONNBjXi, Prtop.
2 Tuinlci's' Blocks uml  Tackle,
nearly new, for swing stage,
I  Tair 10 foot Trestles.
1 pair Extension Trestles, with
Legs, complete,
1 Eight-fool Step-Ladder,
reward voyage 1 Six-foot Stop-Ladder,
'.!l,t'.,vii'.!!:'!:'.,,'.,.'.'.fi 1  Eight-foot    Folding   Paper
Board and Trestles, complete.
V. O. Drawer 44.
Telephone 7-1, GAL-DAUK-STAMH-KV. ! Ii, Vt uril 1yvt     Tjl T D Viltr nvr |    "The Host and Haiti ss" were du'y
  LT CiO IXVPi     P llllLlJlLjlM .honore!;   a rising vote or  thanlis was
I lenilereu tbe worthy and able chub man,
A GiiA.'Hic Di-scnii'-i-iox   ui'   tiie  HACK.; coupled  with  the refrain " Kor  he's u
Putney, Bag., Sept. S.~ It would lie no
easy task tu iuiagir.e a mere uusttlisfae-
lory   race   than   the   Gtiudaur-Stanbury
yesterday,    or more    disagreeable
l.'ii,-i,-.f,.*i   'Phoii'   lTi-iAUils -it   n  j)Hy good fellow," and three uheers and
blUt'ltitll   UM.'Ii    1MK11U.-, dt   a|ttti^rfor t,,e -4,m*m0 Volunteer Fire
BaJiqnet at the Doon.
i Il'partmen; brought a merry meeting to
a ruusing termination.
race  yi
,1'....     'i\ ,-  biimiilitv   «as  so   le ise      „,    , . i     .1      v      •       '    In contradiction ol the Item which ap-
,'L'*,  -    *   I ,,   ,,,tW     rata would fall i     ""' bl,nc>net glVen   hy  "'e  Nftna,m0   poured in our lasl issue, Chief Scales BS-
. v mo.ne,'i • there wa" scarce!}- a ! Fire Department at the Doon Hotel on I ferts there were seven „ embers nf the
reatli of "vlud ' but tbe sveithor vanes Wednesday night partook of the nature department in attendance at, lho lire on
Jointed uui'theast ami the tide was run- . „,- a ,.,.anion, and many were there  who  Muuhleury street lasl week.
Ann*ii.*r   D&linniifsntl'
UHYUU.   ■*■"*   •."■.--. ,. Mil-....   I ■>■    ■ iii,'..■.-iii..1,,,ii, li,,   -hi. I1I11I.I..I I'^.ll.    jtlfc.ll
boats marUing the starting line.     Ibe}
Sing "sluggishly,    Both men  were  vf^ I esperienceit the triula   and  vicissitudes
nervous am. fidgety  wliilo nt  the Btnke |     '....., ..  .......   .....
;ing tbe Btartl
broke away  repeatedly, and ou oue or
two oceations, when both left their^ stu
nt orgiiiilisation and operation during the
early days of lhe department, In view
of the prospective disbandment ofthe
tions und a start  might have bun >-'- ;        ,nl organization, tlie ollicers  and  Nonstable IN ei
feeo',1, some bitch oeeaned. ""<; ^ L.emhers.-with Instinctive goodwill und   vlll|,|;l1 P*"*"-*".'
[riwgo? uwaTaud took the wut, r well , hos, l.allty, , < occasion to entertain ! «*° .-"umman
e'-t'li.-i-    Tbis de'ny l'i'v"'v'1 **'""li*m'-   l iu pioneers of the department, nnd their provincial aul
it "is claimed, e* tlie tide was running Liven, who still remain to give their aid  conduct   tirilii
!s ii.-.-,-.
nnil w
tain, n
It has  recently  transpired (hat
Constable Neil .McLean of llie pro-
was a  few days1
lily   suspended by the
inl authorities in ihis city for ;
IO l\
coming  an  officer of!
the law.      Il seems thill lie loo bus
edy lj hi buildi.-r; np bj i-i'.i.i;
ncrvo tonic, blood i ui'ifloi- a I v
like Hood's Sarsana -III i. I'orihol
Pemittai' lo H'oitie / at oiui • 'o ol
cli;u ito ■■" i; e. '' ■ i. al , :'
work, n- ,'vo i -ei--- -, >-. .■■ ' ■: .
thousands have fouud relief and
been paying frequent nightly visits1
to lho Krnser slreel dives whilst t ol
II     [„    l-liliiiirni    •-      .     .      ,,    | >     ii
slower  wlieii   they  got  nwny  i""i  uo.u ■ ,,„|  uncouragenieut,  us  well  as  many
scullers beui down to their work.  _ : younger  friends,  especially  ol   the luir
(Jiuidiuir was certainly slower iu li-s|n(.X| whose eneoiiriigemenl also is no
ftrst few strokes than iiis rival, ami nicuf! factor In the enthusiasm and ef- .
Stiinlmr.v'*. higher rale of striking en- nVieuey ul u volunteer lire department, in Ibe discharge of Ills Unties as a
,',l,leil hi'n. io show the Toronto man Hie ji "none but the bravo desorvu lho luir,'' lp ilieeinan; and tlmt his Hagl'tint
way during the early part of tbe race. U P predominance of ladles present on famili urit-y with lhe gay resiilenls
A,  the end  of  lhe  first    ipim'tor  nine ttills uecusion a huu k leaoe no doubt   in     . ,,    ,      ",    ■        ,,     '    ' ,r ,
SHnburv led  bv  »   foot,  hut  Unuduur  t c minds ot our gnllunt vol,.,i.ee,*s of  "• ••"■' notorious tho ghfare   bio
put more sveaiu "into his wrist and beiian  th-jip deservedness on   ihis  s,-,,i-e.    to   ntlractedagre.it deal  ol   attentioi
to cut down lie- Aiis'r.iUaus lead  with   f.,c , lie |„.Vs seemed  pverwheliueil by   for months.past, and has been   the
suhjncl of miieli adverse criticism.
Whilst we have oo desire in make
unnecssary comment  on  lhe  mis-
nM /eF$\ <■?-> /?■$. "r^-
The Ono True Blood Purifier.    ?': sis: fnr J5.
Prepared only liy 0,1, tloo.l & Co.. Lowell, Me.sj.
are tlie only irlN to.tako
the result Unit a1, the Idjird of a mile the 11 ,,.,,. presence and Inliuence,  ami   only
two boats were level and so continued  t> oi r liremen's proverbial bashl'iilm
for a  lev-
had   plenty   "I   l'<
own to ren
Gauduui', however,
force,   and* set-
1 business   he drove hi
e .n we attribute any luck ot their usual
exuberance on this oucusion.   Thh fact.
,  wever, commendable   though   it be,   fortune of the offending official, we
boat   veil  in  ihe  from  of  bis  rivals  ,*|,j not appear to have anyi perceptible cannot refrain from expressing our
tieiin.  lhe  h-ilf  mile post  vvns  reaclieu   allect on tho appetites ot till concerned:   ,       , ,    ,.,, ;        ■
and passed that point Ju two mimites,   |):1, t*ll8 mUy lie'explained by the tempt!  hearty approval of the prompt and
il seconds, lending by aboul a tjuartw | ing and  toothsome menu  provided by | business-Iikemnnner m which Chief
'donstahle Stuarl collecled his evi-
dence and brought the delinquent
lo justice.
This expeditious dispensation of
jusl ice reflects grent credit on Chief
Stuart uml had it some nf :i period
anterior I" lhe date on which Chief
f  Police  Crossan  ,-niil   Constable
of a length    Stanbury. it w-s noticed nt, "-nine host" .Bennett, who proved hi it.-
this smie of tiie race appeared t, be in   self equal to the occasion,and thiisfiileil
    ,t vacancy which, physictilly considered,
cm I i noi probably be supplied more
satisl'actoiily and with greater benent
to those concerned,
-nn-: toasts.
Chief  Scabs  prc-slded  at  Ihe festive
d  also
>d  as
and   all   went me.iv as  a   wedding  bell;..., , i       -,,       ,.
,,-„„, the lime be bul the company "fail! j ' •'«■"?*-••  «*■&  charged   with   ot
to" and enjoy themselves. I fences of a similar nature, it raighl
trouble, Mid ihe oarsman from Toronto
simply walked awuy from him. drawing clear nt lhe three-r,unrior mile post.
When lhe mile mark wus passed, the
Canadian was a length nml a half abend
of (he Australian. Stanbury thereupon snarled desperately, as if attempt
im,' to Innl ibin Inur. The latter was
strnighl ahead of th- Australian, and
several times he drove the Toronto man
ncros.i the river.    When the    oarsmen      »xhe Quoin," tlm llrft   o st.-was re-1 have FCrved as an ohiecl lesson   I'm
Itc n'r'lh,.  Cir^urs sh'di *«» ,.i-  ^nalAiu'hem U0""Jll"y8i"«ln« lh>* our two tardy Police Oommissiou
most touching thc stem of    Gaudnnr's j - „ r,|t) 1,regl,|ent'0, ,,„. .-„i;,,| states"
boat, and about two furlongs above tne i     a  IVS    ,1(l,.,|   ,,,  |,„ u-    n_ philpoti;
bridge ther- wns a alight  touch, Mini-  b|U ug 1)0 g    ke enl\f%\y lrom n g0|,|bug
bnrj  pi iptly bold un bis    li.-imf    -*•-"   Btnmlpoiiit, the beat thiim in ouinit-i-timi
claimed a  runl, hut as both boats were I  , th ^ remarkg„,„s liu.il. ll|ivity.   n
In the centi E the river the reteree re-1   ,Hg  better appreciated  when   a   little
fused  to admit  the    claim.    Stiinluiry,   |a(er   hl.   ,|01,{uU,j   Othello's   renioi-Be
who  had  stopped  rowlug In  order to   f()|, t|u) B|Ur(lB|. o( Desdemomi at the In-
chiini u  foul,  was  new  ll  badly  beaten |dt|KBti011 0f t|,at "i-arBeH slttve," Iajrn.
man and Gaudaur went nwny anfl won ,    ..,,„,. Cl,.,| «[|m*„tf tndusiry" wus reus he pleased. Tbe betting wast 0 to i on   ,pom|e(|  ,,, bv Chas. Jolly.   Altbough
ers in lhe discharge of their duties.
■ p.
he eonies-e I fo  knowing  more about
miles than mining, he was clad to si,
.lie local company more than held its
own againsl the lotnpeting companies ol
tho 11isi.il t, and hoped il would eou-
; liim- to do so in tiie lut ure.
"Our Invited Guests- May  they live
long and  prosper."   John Cocking ic-
I oTiled,  and  spoke  in  highly eoinpli
Stanbury ot the start; and :'■ to 1 on
liaiiduur after a third of a mile had
been   rowed.
After tho rncc Gaudaur left bis shell
at Mortlake nnd climbed inlo the As-
nicnted I'r ss bout uud snid; "Tell tbo
Canadians I beat Stanbury easily by
about forty lengths und feel belly. If
was anybody's  ince al     Hnmmorsinitb,
but after that li aid not stay with ne j ,,;„ .,ly-,, nna 0'( theworkacciubp isiied
at nil. I gol nwny uf tbo start cooler bv tbe ilepartn.eut in the past, in whicli
than Stanbury. and better, tno, than 0 bellevul he expressed the send ineni ,
predicted. 1 have won the clwmptou-1, n)1 pregent, ll,. hoped and believed the most of himsolf. \\ luilever his cap-
ship back to. Car.ido and Ennlnn can t*,e p,.eBent trouble would bu overcome •"«"'<* may be, he is sure lo lind some
pul thai In his pipe und smoke it." |M,| tfl0 ,:L.pariniei;ti o;..iimu in its good ! '"M''1' ,'''l"e,'° ",u ''"" ll1' llSef"1 '" I'in.swl
nOCt! S .illS wiiii IIoo-l'sSarsaparilla,
Hrh a n'l.vini Innl nn iiou.s lo ..ear,
,-,, ti uiie to Nunniino In buy film h t nir;
••I'll liuvuiiiie pali nf tnick innl ono palroi thin.
If I enn iiml IvliUlleld's," snys Brian O'Lynn.
lie hunted tho stores all along the inniii route,
-ays lie: "flie i-iclii one I'vouotyot found out.
! ivinit Wliittield—I'll buy only rrmn boa,
Kor lie soils the i henpest," snys Brian O'Lynn.
He stepped a littlo west of Albeit street;
He snw wtiiiiietd'.- sign—sure 'twos ii treat;
Ilo opened the door and George stood within—
- I've found it nt lust," snys Brian O'Lynn.
We sleeved llllll nur cuff beets, kid nnd cowhide,
file nues wc [indue innsl - nn senilis at llie side.
We've benisui nil klii/ls'from Quebec and Berlin.
■•Sun- you've boots tor tne million," snys Brian
O'Lynn. [notraBli:
He bn'.idit lltlll Ids bonis, wlllcll Of enurse were
lie pnid down his monev, for we soil only for
l'o the public hOhoysi "Be not taken in, [cash.
Buy only from Whitfield," snys Brum O'Lynn
"If there's u leukln tho Ine nr side nf your shoe,
.lust Is l.e it to Siln I held. Hint's nil ynu need iin;
lie will peg il or patch lusi while ynu are in.
And tho charge scorns like nothing," snys lirlan
WHITFIELD, the Shoe Man,
Victoria Ci.i-.scknt, Nanaimo.
Wholesale and Retail Butchers I
Telephone 7-!'. Nanaimo, C, C.
Meals delivered free of charge to ali
parts of iin- city,
MAKE '■■111'.   MOril' UE  YOURSELF.
It is the dutv of everv man lo mak
Uidies  und   Children's   Sewing   done
ieat.lv.    l'ri-es reasonable,   Address
lii-i Nicol Street.
Coming This Week. |^-
Wo expect-
Miss Armstrong, Our New Milliner,
Cn Thursday Next.^^--^^ -
And as she conies direct from Toronto and comes very
highly recommended to us us a Milliner, and has been
buyer for one of tho largest millinery Houses in Canada, and the pasl four years has been visiting the New
York, Boston, Montreal and Toronto Millinery Openings twice a year, and comes now from the Fall Millinery Openings in Toronto, coming via Chicago,
We Will Show the Very Latest Ideas in Millinery,
And can guarantee that our Millinery Department will
be strictly up to date.
Wait for Millinery Opening!
Great Cash Dry Goods & Men's Furnishings Store
Commercial St., Nanaimo, B. C.
Stanbury in mi Interview with ml As
sociated Press representative admitted
thnt he was fairly beaten, though, he
.id.le.l. he tlio'iislit OlnWmlr fouled liim
lil his, the Australian's water. Ho added:    "However,  th iph-e disallowed
it. io it's all right. The race wns n
hard one aud aft- r 1 hnd claimed it foul
I did nol i vrt myself."
"Wag" Harding, recently defeated hy
Stanbury tor tl htimpiotislilp, wns aa
"jNsnalmo ExemptFirenvon—tho plo.
neers who led the wuy i.. |.ro-.n bs." Kx-
Mnyor John Hilbert, who responded, referred to thu "up-hill work" of the department iti former days, and confesrol
, \ a- im ro in his due now to respond
lo n (cast thnn a lire, nn I hoped he
■vould not be overlooked til future o.--
usi ins of ibis kind, lie paid a passing
i-cspcei to tho memory of Captain Jack
of flie professionals at the raeo and , rawford, recently defeased, who was
was also Interviewed. Harding remark* the first member to pay monev into the
od: "There was no foul, I wntclied the Nanaimo lire Deparmont, He uumpli'
race as closely ns possible ainl^ I    say  uieuted tho presenl organlziuion for ils
they did not t h.  Besides    Slanbury  efficiency under exisliim clreumstnnces,
camo out to Gundaur and did the same  ant| hoped some nrrungouienl would be
as I did in my race with Sullivan.  Any-   mH(|fl whereby it would be perpotuated.
nil others. Bin he cannot reach hi
highest usefulness without good health,
■md he cfln'no! have good heali.li withoiU
pure blood, The blood circulates to every
orci'.n and tissue, and when it is pine,
rich and healthy, il carries health to
the entire system; hut if it is iin pure,
it ser.ttei-s disease wherever il llius.
liooifsSarsaparilla is tlie one true hioud
puriiieri If cures s:i!i rheum, scrofula,
catarrh, dyspepsia and rheumatism, he-
cause these diseases have their origin in
the blood.
Mrs. A. Baldwin.
Offers her servii i>8 to the Ladies of Naniiimo ns an EXPERIENCED NURSE,
who has bud large experience in and
through thu Xnrlhwe.il Territories. Address
•SO Nicol Street.
how Stanhnry wont to piei s nfter passing the Hnmtnersmltli bridge."
Tom Sulllvnn, who was ilefentcd by
"Win;" Hurdlng bed year for the ehani-
plonshlp sail: "Stanbury hnd Oandmir
bentin at    llninni'i'smith    bridge    nnd
uitawa. bept. lo.—'1 he militia department gave OUI a nimbi, r ol eiuifl'acis
for niiiiiia elotlilng iliu-.ng tiie past cioti-
pillgu iu an liiegular wuy. **>o:ne ul
taciu were for oue sear and otlurs tor
tliree years. line ol tlie cuntracis was
to commence from July, 1N07.    'the ile-
1 lev as glad a lire alarm system was
iicinc, agitated, as it was a necessity,and
would  be a good business investment. ■
lie tlioughl also there should be appar- Partmcut reierred the matter to the min-
atus located al that end of town for the ,"'*"•' »t. jn^tu-i-, and Sir Oliver Mowal
protection of biisinefs property, lor the l"ls declued. that tucse contracts are d-
owners iiould io. alfoni to rebuild in the i lt;*-il1' "**•' * mt l1"' department hnd no
i vent ol less bv fire I l'igul   to  make  tlnui   will.out   the  BttliC-
"Tbe Ladies" was responded to by 14°" "' nnrllnmeut. The contracts aro
Mr. A. Uaper, who was surprised thai ifherufore tq be annulled. One oi them
he sboiibt be selected for tlie purpose. Is •**'' ""' Ssn-ord Company, Hnmll.ouj
in view ol the many younger men pres- another for Shorey, Montreal; Bouras-
"fVhlle nn ling d"wn the river in the Unt. Iletl gbt If tbe laities would take *"*"■   l"""<"!l1'-  and  the Auburn  Mills,
umpire's ntonraer, Oniidour wns nceord  | more interest lu the growth of the town, | Peterboro,  of  whicli  Kcndrick,  M.  I:,
eil n heiM-ti   ree -plinn by the crowds on
tho river banks, pnrlictilnrly nt Putney,
the hendiiunrters of the towing frfitor-
r.tfy.    Tlm  general    opinion    express,. |
about  the  wnti'i'siilo is  Ihnt the    tare
was n i-".itest between a finished sculler
and mere b**u*e force.
Oan bmr was rowing nil ov< r tl"' course.
Anyhow it wis a pplendid r.-o-e and the
best m.ui woe. Onudniir is a grent
ro. Ill' i*. f.ef.-r In the dny Hnudnnr wenl
lo Stanl-nry's bnnt und offi red him his
hand.   The Australian shook it warmly.
London, Sept. 8.—Secretory Sir Matthew White Ridley, for the homo deportment, has written a letter with n-  i,, |,y Mr, tleorgo Xonis, 'who,' iih lie
thero Mould be more Improvements. *0 Tor/ member for one of tho Pettr-
Steps Bhould be taken to establish man- '"""s' [■ manager.
iin'toiies, for if Ntinaimo continued to h:r (,i,v*'1' -""wai has also given nn-
ilepend on one indiistiy il would uot \otnct Important decision in regard to
grow as it should. Willi more activity -"uperuuiiuatlon. In 18W the govctn-
and development of natural resources,  """' sl!,ll's '" "'" ,-,l,i'' Sl- *'"1"1 ''"n-
.hi u n try would beuoine more attrac-  ":'-v wore abo lulled, bnt the slide mnstcr
tivet i visitors both from tlie east and  V"8 '"'''" drawing his salary ever sine,..
from England. I        salary is now stopped ami the ques-
"The Press'"' was liiti.-edv n spomled  ''"" "'* superannuation arose.    Sir Oil
ijAKKF.lt A I'liTTH, llumstcrs nnd Solicitors.
1*   i taamurclHl >,r,-et.
ii   I-'. CANK, linrrintor und Solicitor, Room 11,
*l.   Johnston Ulock.
\fcINNKB .V  MclSNIW,   I'.iirri.-teis,   ItOOlll   i'i,
Al   .lnhnsleii tiloek, I'liiiniiereiiil slreel,
Y'AHWOOll .v  YOUNG, llin-risters, cornor ol
i niiiiiier.'inl and I'.antion slreels.
:\.   tlARDY,   tleliinie  Pi-iieelsl, Wlnlie'.il Crcs-
I.  eeei.  Try Hardy's Pile Ointment.
Du. MA.s'iN. Dentin!    Extracting a specialty.
i.,,.-and Ktlieradministered.
IIHiee, Odd-Follow*! Ulock, Nilllllflnn.
W.i. nt:!:',, D. n. B„ lii-een Block.   First
.  clims ivtirk guaranteed.
/il:t:si UNT HHAltMAOY.   il.u.i. .V stiiaiouk,
<    pM]irlctnn.  Victoria Croaoeut.  Iiispoimliig
innl iioiiilv reiipes a specialty.
M, inill i-:i.l„ ATKINS, WATS, in ra. I.iiiiilr.l.
ilcdical ifnll, corner • ommercial and I'm-
tiun stuets.   Tqlepliono 1*8-6.
gnrd t" the criticisms on the govern- said.'liaTibeeii a member of the dopnrt-
-•"■'■ tot ibe release of the Irion dynn* [ mem since ii first saw the light. He
miters,  in   which  he says:   "-fli,. home  ,mrrtttei  reminisce! e 8 of the early days
ver Mowat has decided Ilm! when an
office is abolished the superannuation lies
ah-,, been abolished along wilh it. 'lids
is en  important decision, as a  number
olliee  .mi',   followed   He  usunl   prnctle? I ,','f t ,. ,■„ pn-uoonl. when ,u iieinli'ii'' with   "'   "llin's  '■"''' "'"""   '"  llr abolished  in
iu liberating the dynnm'ters on the re   '-olil auaroiiable" nppuratus, hut Provl*   "'0 near future.
poi-i  Uml  nny  further detention  wonld | deuce was always kind  io them under'      '''• M^cMullcn wns mnde ehnlrmnn of
endanger their health."
The Times wiys in nn editorial  thm
|!'e   public   is    I Olinil    lo   lleeent    So'    >!■■!
tin w White Ridley's pxplnnntion, hu
demands ihe publlcntlon of the fnedle*i
testimony neon which the decision i*
bused    "li   Is  rntlier  ri'ntiirkiitde,  sny«
the  'I'iio, *--.   "thi!   such  1,-iin \   od
afTeefs   dynamiters,   end   only   sO"*e   tfie
van sisin DYK WORKS.—Dyeing, Cleaning
isl   and llciiftlntig   14 Nicol streot,
r. CUAUI.T0N, Manager.
d-lll uliiis.   On  th-  prineip!,. nf "ibe | pnl'Hc  ni unts  to-dny,  Serlver    chair-
l.in^ i.- .nan, long live ibe king," he  '"•''" of private bill-, Lnngcller ehnirmnii
hoped  Ibis une,ing was no!, ilie sicnal   ',lf Privileges  I elections, and  Benuso-
lu- ringing out flu- old depai-init-iit. and , "'• chairman of expiring laws.
ringing in a new, und that those who     ''"'■' ""'*■•■ »-'"• Taylor's nllen labor bill
hid um, in.mn iu the service would le   ''"" "'"]',r discussion,     A doaen mem*
lionoreil when suu mnliiiueiit was at- hpr"'   ••>,"'*'lll«  and  Onnservalives,  sup-
Unhed thereto,   Willi reorganisation he  P"1,1™  the principle of    ihe    mensure.
, Imped the aoilve fliemen would receive   """•  Mr'  I'll,"'i"1' announced I lint  the
pres,,,!  government  went   iu  offlce,  n°  recognition to the utmost ability of tbe  ''"''"n" '' wanV   ascertain   ir   there
Mr. A'-ouiih. tee former    secretory   nl   (.j,,Vi' were nny prospecf of sceurlug the with-
stnle  for Hie le,me department,  found .,,,,.. i .„,._ drawn I of the American    law    ngnliisl
nothing in Heir stnte of lienlth to  ins-      Tl      ,      . ',■,.',,■       .,    I nnnndinns       If  tlds  is  not done tbrre
G.    MARHH, Wholesale  I Ier  In   Fish and
'.     i. |,, Buvflun Struct, Nimni	
rN'l'ERXATttlNAIj Ibi'lf-.b- PKT'ER WKIOLIS,
1   :'i,i|inei, r.  VictoriaCrcieent.
111     Will.I-l-],   l-'imitiehl! innl  llisnrillicc AffOlIt,
nl.   John-don lilock.
tlfv giving them  liberty.   It  is not the
intiii.iiteil   during   llu
' -will he nn reiwr ■■■ left  but  for Rnnndn
* ■ ' .'       P- *•       I"'   HI       • ■■ "   I  I .■  .          II       I -i       Mil       l -il- ,             | 'I   III     III"     MID     | Ifll'-I ".'li     ll'l         I              KM'     t     II III''11
host of government I ,-d wi", dvnn "™lni. <>"'<-'"   TZn^'lt ,l1"1"   i".  '" '"'""l " "'"^  "-,■ much as re-
(niters ns If thoy were patients nt aUer- huvollat ''""•innnd   suffice it. to say n i,r„|,m, irt ,n ,„, ,,,„,,„.,„,
man lienlth , or!    We don'l    hesitate '--''"""'' e,ll","|: <3'1 ,","- I'1''"1'"."' "'  tne ii,.„n...„„,..,!v,,    „r    ,,,„     rtomH.OB
to -a,- ,'■■(  if they really nre lunatics "."'"  °' ; n I w-as dnly nnpie. luted.   01   ,. , „r ,(.,:,,.,,, ,,„,„,„,,„  ,    ,   ,.
they mlghl  be nl-. 1  under proper re- '■'»  P****'"   - "■• }.■ «■ «'"*■« ease a v   ,,„,.„;,  „r    (;|,,M,       *dBw,*g,ni
strnint nnd nnl he loosed upon the conn* naster ul an,: efectiye. rendltio.. o »'he  ,....„ ,        „, ^ ,;    "    ,. . ■'   s;
L10RH.MAN A   HARDY,  lleill fislille   llnikerri-
1     llii.-llnii struct.
|\   TAYLOR, Dealer |ii nil kinds ol Nuw and
I'. Bounnil Hand Furniture, and fancy Aril-
ele.- nf ovory «i,'sei-||,lloii.
Ne\l te iplelinell's I inillilen-liil street.
Highest Honors—World's Fair.
srrnirt  'MM not  h.. Innuoi   tip.,ii tlx- co-i'i- 1 i »,i       ,.,',.,.      ,"    >*■- '■       on    tit"   • ni-,o,ient   !n-biv   nnd
try bs an net of eliimencv on ehnrltr." 8'n-'n/'and Miss Lilian Hilbert In her „.,<„,   r,„.  p...,.,,,,,,,,,   hl '       „   „r"
y. s.dcctioii oi-phiu'd an   e-ceeulion wliieb   ,,,„,.
flj, b ith  sui
dynamiter, who will he sent in Amei-le.i P",^"
In  chs  of hi-  brother.   The  enmoid- ,,. *s*''a
t.*e opened n  fund to raise    IIW)    with
which to nici t expellees,
Tn  enmnllnnee  with   the  wish  of  Ah  ° ,', ;i"V-"","" .*"' ",""" """" •■""'  ■■■ -~„c'!iu-   lnhnr    such    f   >'
hort  v--idte!e;d.  the r itlv    released   b ,lh ""P"™' ami I'lmrmud the com- .,,■„„  ,,,,„. ,    „..„.lr,-„„ nf pi,,., '
pain.    II e vocal Solos were iih fo uws: >.,„.   „   ■-_  ..;„,•■,.. ,    ,,, ,   ,    r, .
"t:rAi .Be"B.«-"-ar.A..»rt  Lv„[ lr,Z^'„r«™ XTl
I Ixtill. *■••*■ •■■ r  tt      tii i i
I^S-meone'. Mltle Girl"—Air. frank ,.,,' "*V .." ,,',.." uZn^iriluVZe
'•'i^Awny o„ the Banks of the Nile" Tii.^-.^Xul «!2fi'^ i"'?   "I"
fonder. Pet. lO.-Tho London pnpern   —Mr, A   ,o    llixon. \"\     ,,„„.'        "'    "'"m'"' < "'I'"'  "" '"
mnke mnci of the "M,,cd disi -*rv ,.f I    .fdnuah Soldier's QrftVe»-Mr, Wm. t «V. i" TlhSS   -loom*   ,'" r'"',  til
Kild--' -•!:„.  the  "U.row oleetrielnn.  E Imi.n s ■ , » •      .   ' ,   """•nv"   'u,
•rho rtnlms to be nble to mnke prnctb      '.'The Sailor's tirnve"-M    S  Wllks ,"""""' , '"Z      ^ !       ."" l1   .' ,"'T'
enble Jelcnboiilo eommnnlcstion between      ,.0n y „  I'ieluie   ,   Her   J^»-mJ Z,e?Z?\,% '1a™?1  "o   "n" ,'",
London   'nl  New v.--k.   The  Inventor  Burt Home," ,,      „ ' "    '''""•"' i
snys he hns been srlced td tesi  the in-      ('You'll   [favflr Know"-- Mr    Prank      '"' T.'.„rb.** s-ibt (ho-  l« *ho ~n**.
mni'M-r-s of -11 the ,-> -l- lines di ny vnv      Mr. Jn8, Vuwtcr iiind, red two ,,i „i d T.. ^"""n \Znvt\ ^hTvZ "n™"
1-nov'-■'»-.* „M'■■ nus-lne !„-,  rend   |.;ng |.|,  |,„|i, s, n , ■ ,\l, >s s. K d   s ,.,      ,, '    "'  r"* "" '     " '   ."nr-
-'''-Ih-.. off.      -. ,dl -,,-v     Mr.   .ndl.ixoii res,,,-',-of ,„.,,,-   alls luT -,   "..V,.  ^   ^Z^n^'W
TWe     '■■   chief     govo, ,--,     ,',;  r,        Mr. Al. i.nvi .in  „-,,.„,.   !-,  „   ,,,-, , ,,   ., t  '     '^ ,','.,   ,    ,
nlno. .1 -' res the Whole story is wildly   ,„„| .. Tl ,. |. ,,,.„ .,,,-,  .,.,,..,,.     •- ,viii,, "'  '•'       ■ '  '' '
Improbable. ^mt   i,1,,.,ii,l„n,..l,e,-eoh„i,„. , j,     ;, -   ^m.^^UT I
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Ptei
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
40 Years the Standard,
---C^-^To the End of August * 'i
(^losiijg-oiit I^iqes—=^
Must be the Order of the Day.
\     I Exceptional Opportunities in Many Lines
Lawns, Prints, Flannelettes, Muslins,
Chambrays, Girghams, and all Summer Goods at a 10 per cent, reduction
to clear.
Will be Seduced to Very Low Prices.
—. -»*.(>•—
SSI"""'Cal] and save money here liy gelling our cash discount, itistead of n chance for a bike, etc.—money saved is
money made—al the
KiioB       frr"***-^     ^**5>"-".>        ^ta^'iYY
Bicycle:. Bicycles,
To Bicycles done on our premises ni the shortest possible notice.
Next to Sloan & Scott's Old Stand.
P, S—A large* consignment of bicycle sundries just nrriv
from tlie east.
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs
ioneer Steam Laundry
Hy so doii-u you will PATRONIZE WHITE LABOR
Dye Works in connection.
I'. 0, llox 95
V. M. STEWART, Proprietor.


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