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The Nanaimo Semi-Weekly Mail Nov 10, 1896

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 r* ■-*"••"
fei.f-   -'    tat*
VOL. II.-NO. 37.
'ConiC-s tlie besl T'*n offered to di*-crlmi-   ,
Dating buyers in tin tlsh Columbia.
Ci.ilrrUrj Manager,    (
I-ViRfiTEtt lly.now..) Holo Ascr.ts R.C.
Boots: Shoes: Boots
We ffave Jnst Recetyed Several Large Consignments
From the Best Makers, aud Consequently are in
a Position to Offer Exceptional Value.
Boots, Shoes, Slippers, Etc.
We have a large stock, constantly being added to. Wo
guarantee stock and workmanship equal to the best in
the market, while prices are as low,at least, as the lowest.
No, We Are Not Neglecting Our
Grocery Stock.
That Is Up to Date in Every Particular.
We carry Duncans nnd Delta Creamery Butter, a very
choice stock of Selected Dairy and Eastern Creamery in
Tubs, and regular supplies of choice Ranch Butter.
Our Coffee Stock
Has been supplemented by a supply of SCHILLING'S
BEST, put up in 1 lb packets, which we grind for you
while you wait. Our Empress Brand is still, as always,
equal to anything in tho market for the money. .
Our "Special" Tea
Is still the Prime Favorite and easily retains its placo as
the BEST TEA in the country for the price. 2 c. "# lb.
We carry a very large stock, including the best brands of
all sorts, and we are sole agents for the famous Saluda Tea.
Our Automatic Oil Can
Is git ing unbounded satisfaction, and as we aro supplying them FREE, you should get one. Thore i.s no waste,
no oil spilling over anything, and thc oil is supplied 2c.
tin lower than the regular cans.
Give Us a Trial Order.   You Will Find Us All Right.
i oii|iiO o
f Crescent.
pass floor] s
g » *   -3 -jj 1 VI
I Lo,5
We are showing a Very Choice Selection of
each of the above of the Very Latest Styles.
flm kfes' pi Ufa's Ms
Are thc Most Fashionable of the Season.
Nanainio, B. C.
Thoy ate
Made from Select 1-Ytttl nn<\ Pane Sugar    The greatest c»rc* is exercised in llielr preparation antl exquisite tjldanllne&a observed.   We only mnke one quality—the beat—
Die samo as supplied to the order of IIJh Excellency Lord Aberdeen.
Dry Footings
Is Ihe only voyage tlmt is gooil
for the lienlth. Warmth is
worse, than nothing without
dryness. Wet feet may bring
on any number of ailments.
Wearing nur Rubbers in bail
weather guarantees ilry footing.
Our Rubbers are high, well
made, durable, and impervious
to dampnesB. Try the Granby
Rubbers at
Broken Bicycles
Repaired in Good Shape
to avoid danger of accidents.
Repairing Bikes a Specially
See the IIYSLOP.
Sewing Machine Supply House
In British Columbia is at
29 Victoria Crescent
IVhflfO Needles, Oil, and Attachments can be
innl lor nil makes of machines.
Machines of  all kinds repaired on  short
notice, und work guaranteed by
Pecond-tlnnd Much lues for sale at a lew
figure.   Give us ucall
Merc's, Toadies', Miss<->s'
apd ChHdi-ei-i's-.
T^UBBERS * • •
,'r mi whatever standpoint they desired.
whether it would he advisable to extend
Al the romiln. „,,.„n.,„ nf ti,n r ,„.,..ii   the li me for the rebate or not,.     On  the
ai trie regular meeting oi the oouncll    .i     u    , *,             *,.       ,,      - st- Pool's ,.i,,,r,.i, u-ia :u p,i not tint,,,-
*-                   *>                          . other hand, there was the mutter of ex- oi'aui s ennren was nueii las* i-atu.i-
on Monday evening tliere were present:' pease and trouble, as it would be neces- any afternoon to witness tlie marriage of
Mayor Davison,   Aid.   Sim-lair, West- sary to have a special meeting to get tho I Mr. Grahumm,  of  the colonial   audit
wood,  Plant,.,   Wilson,   Martell, Mor-  matter through.   He would like the ex- °ffic8»  Lo,J,d°fn' ,B"f* £} MiSsSiropson
'preesion of opinion of the Council before daughter of Mr. J. II.  Simpson,  Polico
City and District.
ton, McDonald and Bradley,
The minutes of lint meeting were read
and on motion adopted.
From ,Tns. McGregor, M.P.P., acknowledging receipt of communication from
citv clerk re railwav matters,
From W. ,J. Dowler, O.M.C., Victoria,
enclosing copy of a resolution passed by
the Victoria City Council.
Resolution adopted Nov. 2nd 1890,
I proceeding.
Aid Planta asked how long was the
j OXtens'On of .i;ne desired?
Aid Wilson replied lo the end of the
month, the only cost he was aware of
| would be tlie advertisement in the GUI'net te.
Aid Planta was in favor of giving
j plenty of time, although it might be un-
| fair to some who bad lo  borrow  money
; 11 pay the taxes and;
^».      iimn._ ivesoiution aoopteo wov. ana iotfli,        *'i-*v i»"».otouh8»,ouw
«i*-*J *"« Kesolved: "Tlmt a memorial   be  pre-' rebate, and they might objei
/"T X T 1 If      T—<C  /^Af~\^TZCy sented by the Council to the Provincial   "av;in? *n extension of time
-     -     -     .   I—**■•.        VI i   ^B   IS    IIN Government, urging the Immediate un-  ue in favor of the by-law,
•      *      •      *     VJIV_>A.»JL        JU*- V/ V/   X   Jt^J deitaking, as a public work by the Gov-      On motion of Aid Morton;
;et advantageof the
let to others
Me would
17 a*qd 19 -Gon^i-Qercial Street
E. E. G. Johpsor^, \\6v
and Sinclair
the by-law was ordered to be rend. The
by-law was read the lirst and second
time, and the Council resolved into
the whole, The by-law
was read clause by clause, and Aid
Wilson moved it be reported complete.
Tbe committee rose and on the motion
of Aid Wilson and Sinclair, the by-law-
was  read, on the pica of urgency, the
Hello !    Hello !!
Coal - Heating - Stove
Which are now being entirely need, on account
of their great saving of Fuel
and Labor.
In purchasing see that Perry's
name is on
J. H. GOOD, Auctioneer
A meeting of those who
have subscribed towards the
funds for the purpose of obtaining a Railway Charter
will be held in the Council
Chamber on Tuesday Evening, the 10th Instant, at 8
o'clock. A full attendance
is requested.
Sold and Silversmith...
Plamonds "anil all Precious Stones
mounted. Wedding Kings made to
ordor nnd engraved on short notice.
Repairing finished good as new, at
low prices.
If You Are
In Need
Choice Groceries
Seasonable Dry Goods
Fashion-able and
Durable Footwear
ami all the popular
Patent Medicines
nt present on tho market, at
Prices That Will Defy
Excelsior Market
Goods delivered free to any pnrt of the city.
Do You Want to Borrow ?
$500i repayable monthly In 8 yenrs, nt"$7.50
it.4H.-0 reimynhle monthly in H years, at $15.00
$2,000 rcpavahle monthly in 8 years, at 180,00
Other amounts ln proportion.   Loans made
only on First MortKage on Improved Town or
city Property*  Equita.ii,k bavinoh, Loan and
Ht'ii-i'iNo Association, 24 Toronto St., Toronto.
UHO. I.. 8UIIKTKY, Agent,
Room No. 14* Johnston Ulock.
Clothes Cleaned...
Repaired and Altered
B&- Xext door to Weatwooda' Blftoksmlth
Shop. P. O. Box 801
Old Clothes made equal to new.
eriiment, of a railway from tlie coast to
the mining district of Slocan ami Kootenay.   I'he road when completed to re-,
main publio property, and to be operated 0"mmitu f
by the Government or by a company
leasing from the Government, on sncii
conditions as shall fully protect the public interest.
From   Wm. Skene, secretary to the
Vancouver Board of Trade, enclosing the j thiA™ "J",*" ''••<- passed
following resolution passed by that body:       '      " '' '
"That the cities of Victoria, Vancouver, Westminster and Nanaimo be asked
to endorse by way of resolution, any
properly guaranteed scheme for an independent line of railway from the I'acilic
coast to Kootenay.
From 8. Gough, secretary of School
Trustees, asking for $1061.27 salaries and |
incidentals, and 1174.1)0 for construction
purposes. Ou motion received und
fyled, Aid Wilson mentioned that
these amounts would appear in lhe warrants to be presented.
Magistrate. Mr. J5. MeCK Van riouteu
supported the groom, but there was no
bridesmaid. The ceremony was performed by Ven Archdeacon Scriven,
assisted liy Canon Good of Bt Paul's,
Mrs Kiichin presided at the organ.  Tl"!
I church was beautifully decorated lor tho
i    I'anily Lakaris, a Greek, hns been due 1
1 $10 and costs at Victoria, for using foul
and indecent language on the streets.
When   is the law in respectto foul lan-
] gunge   to be enforced   by the police   in
lour city?
-At the police court   yesterditVj
j Peter McLean wa? fined $5, with $ t
costs, for being drunk on .Saturday
A meeting of the Hoard of School
Trustees was held lust night, but
only ordinary routine husines was
transacted, nothing of importance
For Wholesome
Vegefaides of all
kinds that are in
seiij-on get them at
.. DUGGAFS....
who will cull on you
oneo every week.
Union for Ills holl.
Oood Potatoes,
95c. per hundred.
Onions, 11 lbs.,-25c.
100 lbs. for $1.05.
Reserve your order until he
Store—Day's Old
Butcher Shop,
Nicol Street.
Clerk rend  the following re-
■|    TbcCit.
i port of the Finance Committee
! Public works	
J Police and jails...
: City clerk's olliee.
.if 1241,42
121' i. 17
A meeting of the Liberal Association will bo held in Mr. W.
B. Mclnnes' Olliee, on Thursday
Evening, 12th lust., at 7:30.
All Liberals kindly invited.
Secretary pro tern.
I    i    1    I ANY QUANTITY OF
Union Steamship Co.;p«P*
l '  had  sn
Of lirittsh ('olmnhlti, Limited
Head Office ami Wharf—Vancouver
('. P. r. Wharf daily (Sunday*, excepted) nt
1:16 pm. Cargo at Union BS. Company's wharf
until II ;i in.
nanaimo TO Vancouver—Steamer leaves
dally (Sundays excepted) at ~ w m.
leaves u. SS. Co.'s wharf every i uesdav for I'orl
Neville ttt !i a m, and every Friday Mr Shoal
Hay. Bute Inlet every six woeks, calling hi
nil way ports, Will proceed to any part of the
coast when Induooments otter.
Mootlvvillft A North Vnticniivcr Kcrrv I.cavi'
Moodyvlllo—1 fSundays excepted), s:-2.\ 0,00,
11:20 a in; 2,8:96and 0pm.
i.i'hvo Vancouver—fl [Snuda^ys excepted)! o,
10:40am: l:)fi,2:*W,4:Wand MQtim.
Late frlpsloavo XroodyviHe »t T:ifl, ami Van-
oouvor8 p ni,Haiiiiiiavk ami Sundays,
Btfiamera uml scows always avaflahloforex-
ourslons.   Towing and freighting business,
Storage accomtnodatloi. on Company's wharf,
//. //. DARlilNQj Manager.
Telephone W P. 0, Box 79
Makrer's Opera House
NOV. 12tii, 1896
Mr. Aiden Benedict
Miss Olive West
Supported by a Company Of Superior
Excellence- in
A Romnntti- Mplodl-nma of 8urpii.BiiiB;
Kxcelli'iice, in the »ili YonrMlt* con*
tiiiiiln-* Buc*ei8fu1 rorliii uiiinco.
(Jroatost of Stiitre and Scenic Effects
l-'irc, Btoreopttooti and
R, In  lipr (irciit
Hpnnl*)i Danoei,
Rtmorvoil Boat, el Pliiiljiiry'*.
Tluket8-|l, Vk «nri Mo.  i.hlMrcn, S5c.-
■ Totjil $ 8286.26
| AW I'lanta moved and Aid Sinclair
; seconded thatj tlie amounts be paid.
j -Carried,
Tlie ruiid foreman presented liis re-
; pnrt wliiuli wus reoeived and on motion
Report of special committee re Beaumont  property.    Aid Wilson said the
I committee  liad not lieen utile to  meet,
! and lie ihoui'lit it would be best for the
clerk to read the   correspondence.    He
| moved that the correspondence be now
i read.   Aid Morton seconded and motion
|    Two letters dated April 10, 18!)3,  and
j .May 9, 1808, were read by tlie clerk.
Aid. Wilson  said these letters were
borne out by tlie minutes of the Council,
Aid McDonald asked if there was any
reason (or ihe Council to  change its
The Mayor had not heard ofanything.
Die deeds were all ready, but Mr. Beaumont wants a rebaic ol nis luxe* for all
Ibe time.
Aid .Morton said, according to the correspondence the mat ter hud been settled ;
the present Council cannot override the
action of previous Councils, He would
move thai Mr. Beaumont be called upon
to pay the taxes from 1SU3. Aid. Wilson secjnded and it was carried,
Ue communication from W. J. Dowler:
Aid Wilson s. i i our local representative hud the matter already iu hand,
ami lie would move that we endorse the
resolution of thelCity Conncil of Victoria.   Aid Bradley seconded,
Aid .Morton thought the Council
should embrace the opportunity, now
that this railway question was eoniinc
up, of representing the interests of Nanaimo. Something Bhould be added to
lhe resolution respecting a railway from
Nanaimo to Allierni. and bring it before
I the Government.
Aid I'lanta said at tlie meeting tomor-
j row night some action would tie taken,
I hut the matter before the Council was a
i Provincial matter, whilst the project of
I a railway to Alberni was purely local.
Aid McDonald thought it would be
II to ask the Provincial Government
t themselves, but, as Aid Morton
said, we might add a rider to the
Aid Bradley said a meeting hold in
the city had nothing to do with the resolution from Victoria, ft was not of
tbe same nature. Perhaps we might
have to ask Victoria to help us.
Aid Morton saiil in view of tlie meeting toinororw night, it might be well to
lay this over until next Monday evening. They would then [be iu a better
position to judge, and lie would move as
an amendment that the subject lay over
until next .Monday.
Aid Wilson agreed to the amendment
and withdrew liis motion. Aid Sinclair
seconded, aud it was carried.
Re communication from Vi. Skene:
Aid Bradley asked if it was the same
scheme advocated liy the gentlemen
from Vancouver, {who wero here last
The Mayor said this communication
waa all the information we had on the
subject, one came from the Board of
Trade und llie otlier from the city council of Victoria.
On motion of Aid .Sinclair and Morton
the communication was received und
Aid McDonald drew atttention to the
electric lamp opposite the Post Office
stating that the crossing was shaded,
in I thought the lamp should be turned,
lie moved, seconded by Aid Sinclair, that
the attention of tlie lighting committee
be culled to the matter.
Aid Wilson thought some attention
should also be given to the pole. It was
in u dangerous position. Supposing n
horse took fright and run tiwuv, it was
in the way. Speaking about electric
light and telephone poles generally, he
thought H was time some action was
taken, many of these poles were a pub-
lie nuisance, lie wonld like the lighting
committee to make some reuommenda*
| tion.   Tlie motion was curried.
Aid Wilson asked permission to bring
in a bv-law re real estate tax, Hes ated
Ihat he had lieen asked hy Several parties
who liad already paid their taxes, about
i this   matter.    'There   were some  who
I would I ike to receive the rebate a i d asked
I that extra time be given.    He  would
like llie Council to consider tho matter
II VI     l I I I I ,      llllll     1 Til .-.-m   ■ i, I 111' *
Aid Wilson said it would he necessary Ito the general public comin
to have a special  meeting to complete ' the Board.
"'ittton moved, and Aid MeDon- f. A <<ral?d «>n«rt and ball unite
aid seconded, that a special meeting be jthe auspices ot theNanaimo Sllvec
held on Tuesday evening ut 9:30. Car- Cornet Band will be eiven in thrl
•''-'■• Opera House on Wednesday.   No**.
Aid Sinclair asked  permission  to in-   iu      as   thit   is   th°  first " nnnrprt
traduce a bv-law re qualili-.-ations  of.    . i      ll     ,       ,  1        cmce-'
voters. Granted. The by-law was read g-ven by the hand for over ttrd
and passed its first and second readings,! years, and as they hnve contribnt-
and the Council resolved into com mlttee en to the eninvment of tlie citizp--s
of tlie whole.
After being read a first and second
time the coinmittee rose. This by-law
was reported complete and passed its
tnird reading, and on motion, it was
ordered to come up at the special meeting.
Aid Planta mentioned a matter respecting the providing of a stove, etc.,
lor tlie use of the grave digger at the
cemetery, and also some needed repairs
to the shed, and moved that a stove and
littings be procured and that tlie repairs
be effected.   Seconded and carried.
The Mayor drew the attention of the
Council to tlie proposed visit to this Province of tlie Hon. I. Tarte, Minister of
Public Works, and Hon. Mr. Davies,
.Minister of .Murine and Fisheries. Other
cities had taken the matter up, anil lie
thought the city of Nanaimo should also
take action in conjunction with the-Board
of Trade and arrange a suitable reception
for these Federal ministers.
Aid Planta suggested that an invitation bo sent to these gentlemen, and
that a committee be appointed.
Aid Morton moved, seconded by Aid
Sinclair, that an invitation be sent asking these gentlemen to visit .Nanainio.
On motion ol Aid Wilson and Morton,
it. was decided to appoint a committee
of three to act in conjunction with the
Mayor; tlie Board of Trade or any other
body, to arrange an official reception.
The Mayor appointed—Aid Wilson,
.Morton and Bradley as this committee,
The .Mayor reported that he had given
some temporary assistance to Mr. Peacock, whom lie had found in circumstances needing help. On motion, the
action of the Mayor was endorsed.
The Mayor said he would attend to
John Peace us soon as he could lind him.
Mr. Crowtlier wus given permission to
remove some logs ut the upper end of
Fitzwillium street.
The Council then adjourned until
Tuesday ut 9:80 p. ni.
 * »,	
Westminster Assizes.
Before Mr. Justice Bole.
In the caseof Duncan vs. Cartier, criminal  libel,   as    the    defendant    hud
stated the statements complained of had
been made on the   information   of an
other, a nolle prosequi   was entered, and
tiie case withdrawn.
Kegina vs. All Ohne et al. This case,
known us the May Wright robbery,
occasioned some amusement when the
eight prisoners stood up, each one being
labelled with a large number. This
proved a most convenient mode of
identifying the prisoners, and throughout the'evidence they were referred to
us number soand so, their number appearing in tlie court records opposite
tlieir respective names. ......
Mav Wright gave evidence describing j March,
tbe circumstances under which the rob- j April,
bery took place, her relations with  No. j M8y
3, and the subsequent search und re-1 June
covery of the property, whicli she iden- July,
tided. | August,
Alfred Ilardman deposed to seeing the . *Si;j/t
prisoner No. 3 on the duy  May  Wright j
und the cook had words, and  heard the j Total,
Chinaman threaten to "lix ber."    Next
day he was told of the robbery, and  assisted the constable In   the  search for
the articles.
The learned judge gave a charge to the
jury lasting over lwo hours. Tlie jury
found Ah I'liue, Wing I.ee and Chong
Dai guilty. Ah Fook and Jim You were
found not guilty and acquitted. All
Chile ivas sentenced to live years;  Wing
Lee to three years, and Chung Dai to
two years in the Penitentiary,
Tom Yuen charged with assault,
euiltv, sentenced reserved until Dec.
1st. '
Peterson and Nelson, were found
guilty on the charge of theft. Peterson
two "years in Penitentiary, Nelson
eighteen months in prison.
Perdue and Pratt, guilty, Perdue wns
sentenced to two years in tlie Penitentiary, Pratt to twenty two months imprisonment.
News of the Day.
Robert McFiirlane, passenger manager
of the Dominion Line, says that the new
Steamer Canada will run to Boston during the winter, the company having
icen unable to make arrangements with
the Governmenl for the currying of the
mails It is understood that the usual
subsidy of $25,000 was offered the company, but that they declined the offer
us tiiey thought the amount too Bmnll
for a vessel of the Canudu's  capacity.
The Karl of Elgin, Viceroy ot India,
cables that there has been no ruin anywhere in the famine districts during
Ihe past week, and that test relief work
huve   begun   in mosl of   the   districts.
by giving open air concerts during
tbe summer, it is Imped that tho.
citizens will turn out in strong
force on this occasion. The management are desirous of procuring a
supply of the latest compositions
and appeal to the generosity of the
people generally to support them.
Tbe E. & N. K. Co. have generously promised to donate to tl.e
Nanaimo Hospital the amount of
$75 charged for the special train
which is to carry the Nanaimo)
Amatuer Operatic Society who aro
to play "Pirates of Penzance" at
Duncans on the 201 b inst.
Bryan's Brave Words.
Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 0.—Mr. Bryan today gave out the following: "To the
bimetallists of the country:—Conscious
that millions of hearts are" suddened by
my temporary defeat, I beg to offer u
word of hope and encouragement. No
cause ever had supporters more brave,
earliest and devoted than those who'
huve espoused the cause of bimetallism.-
They have foualit from conviction, and
have fought with the zeal whioh conviction inspires. Events will prove
whether they are right or wrong. Having done their duty as they saw it, they
have nothing to regret.
"The Republican candidate has been
heralded as the advance agent of prosperity. Ifhis policies bring real prosperity to the American people, thoso
who opposed liim will share in his prosperity. If, on the other hand, his policies prove an injury to the people generally, those of his supporters who do not
belong to the office-holding class, or to
the privileged classes, will suffer in common with those who opposed him. Tho
friends of bimetallism have not been
vanquished, they have simply been
overcome. They believe that tiio gold
standard is a conspiracy of the money
changers against the welfare of tne
human race and until convinced of their
error they will continue the welfare
against it.
Heavy Coal Shipments.
Though the coal trade in Cumberland
and I'ictou Counties, Xova Scotia, is not
nearly so brisk as its friends could wish)
the trade in Cape Breton County shows
wonderful expansion. The following
table Shows the shipments of the Dominion Coal Co'y for the nine months of
this year as compared with last:—
803,7"iS     673,876        280,883
Tbe total shipments of the company
for 'lib were 790,679. From Ihis it is
seen that Ihe shipments F r 'he nine
months exceed by 18,000 the ship-i.-nts
for the twelve months of '96, It is pi •■
liable that 260,000 tons at least will be
shipped by tlie.'llsi of December, which
will all go to swell the increase lu shipments for '96.
sriu.vo iiii.i, coi.i.iiiuiiss.
Shipments for September from
collieries were as follows:
September,   1898, 2/>,4Pn
September,   1895, 28,63iJ
No, 1 slope worked 183^
days in Sept.
No. 8 slopo worked \2l_
days in Sept.
Total shipmts. to Sept.
Total       "            Sept.
3D, '9li,     270,692
30, '95,    231,594
Catarrh Means Danger.
Because if unchecked it may lead directly to consumption, Catarrh is
caused by impure blood. This fact is
fully established. Therefore, it is useless to try to cure catarrh by outward
applications or inhalants, The true
wuy to cure catarrh is to purify the
blood. Hood's Sarsaparilla, the great
blood purifier, cures catarrh hy its power
to drive oula.ll impurities from the blood.
Thousands of people testify that they
have been perfectly and permanently
cnred of catarrh by Hood's Sarsaparilla-
The Mail nnd Weekly Globe fof
Prices arc raising slowly.   About 67.0001one year for $8.00 if paid   in   admen are already engaged on  the  relief
,'■■- .... -.-. »$?.-;•■-'# 'J'JB'aE
... -  m -■   > -—       ..*.—     •- •■-1 ■•<•■- •■    ■    '   •-    -,*'- •■•*.-.   ..--'.        i  ..(.-■    "-•    .--'■'•'-B-'i:.: ,-*■ -V-SK3- ■=rr*-#   ■»■   i.^*>..*jJ-«iwi*w*<f -j— ■*,«.—- - ..-;,-..-jj, j^   .j. #*»--■-   •*,  '•*$<•■   ii
Seein' Things.
J ain't nfcard nv snakes or toads, or bujs  so numb
or worms oV'itili-e,
An' things'at girls are akeered uvl think
are aw inl nice!
I'm pretty brave, 1 guess; and yet 1 hate
logo to lied,
Fur, when I'm lucked up warm and snug,
an' when mv prayers arc, i-aid,
Mother tells inc'"iiappy dreams!" tunl
takes away the light,
An' leaves inc'lyin' all alone an' seein'
things at night!
,Once when 1 licked a fellow 'at hud just
moved on our street.
An' lather sent me ott'lo bed without a
bite to cat,
1   woke  up  in   tlie dark an'saw tilings
Btiindiu1 in a row
A-lookin' at me cross-eyed an' pintin' at
,<>h, my!    1   was so skeered tluit lime I
never Blep' a mile—
It's  almost alluz   when I'm  bad 1 see
things at night'.
Jjiicky   tbing   I ain't   a  girl, or I'd be
BKeered to death!
Hein'   I'm a boy,  1 duck my bead un'
hold my breath ;
An' I'm oh, so surry I'm u naughty boy,
au' then
1 promise to be better an' say my  prayers again!
(Gran'tnti lells me that's the only way to
make it right
"When a fellow has been wicked an' sees
things at night.
—Eugene Field.
white face, and her limbs were
that she could not feel
the touch of the lloor. For in
Russia n visit ofthe police culls
up visions of Siberia, the gallons
and blood-curdling torture. Baruch seized hold of n ehtiir to
steady himself. A cold whirlwind seemed to sweep about him
and a dark abyss to lie yawning
nt his feet. "David fell down
from   (lie  stool   upon which '■
ilio i'l
while   he  spoke,   and her eyes
looked vacant, puzzled, vaguely
questioning.   But an of a sudden
.there flared up a wild  glow m
them, of wrath, of passion, of outraged dignity.    Without a word
she sprung toward the block by
the stove, and seizing the axe,
swung   it above her head, and
brought it down with a tremendous   blow upon the piano   lid,
■uiil",   and   as  he picked which split iuto fragments.. Once
If up, stared with a dawn-, moro the axe Hashed in tho air,
ii- at the intruders. I and the key-hoard gave a discord-
< Permit me to ask,' began Ra-'unt shriek, while the ivory keys
i-ln-1, tremulously, as she anxious-! rattled on tbo floor. A third blow,
Iv •yutehedtbe in.ovemeu.ts of the; which -rang with a wailing reso-
iueu, 'what errand brings you' nance through the cracked
here at this hour? Is it not I sounding-board—and the whole
possible thnt you have mude al precious instrument was a shape-
mistake in tbe'uddresssV j less wreck.
'No mistake, 1 assure you,; With trembling hands she
madam/ answered the officer raised tho axe once more; but
who seemed to be in command, she lacked the strength to guide
as he unfolded a formidable-lit, and it fell on the floor at her
looking document with red seals.' feet. Then she sunk down upon
'This is Mrs. Memlinger, 1 be- a chair, and sat staring with a
lieve, relict of tlie late Judah I dim, unseeing gu-se at the ruin
Memlinger, journeyman fur- \ she had -wrought. Baruch, who
Her?' comprehended      her      motive,
'Ves, lain the widow of Judah stooped over her and strove to
Memlinger.' j console  her;  but  to all he said
'Your late   husband,' c-ontin-j she only shook her head with a
I tied the officer, in a harsh, busi-| weary smile, and now and then
tressed   jsttu-e upon   the   officer shoulders, and were   only anxious  with a flighty, haram-scarum   way
to  get out of the  way.    Russian  of flitting from one subject to  an-
ilto-  other, without ever arriving at any
Monthly Magazine.)
On the evening of the day
.after the funeral, Rachel was sitting with her two sons in the
scantily furnished parlor (which
in the night also served for the
Ill-others' bedroom
upon the piano. J-Sarucli, who
always loved to hear bis mother
play, sat with his hand under his
ohin,# gazing tit her with affectionate solicitude, while David,
liko the spoiled child lie was, was i
pulling his feet up under him '
and grumbling at the lateness of
the supper. The great iron stove I
in the corner kept up its steady :
roar, and shot a.tongue of flame
,out of its draught-hole whenever
the door was opened. A dozen
logs of beech-wood were piled up
under it, perspiring moisture,;
.and spreading a not unpleasant
fidor of singed bark through the j
room. An axe, with which Bu- i
pitch had been splitting kindling,
lay across the block; for outside
it was so cold that an ungloved
hand stuck to the door-knob if it
unwarily seized it, and an unprotected nose would be in dan- i
ger of freezing. Two tallow-
candles, in brightly polished
pewter candlesticks, diffused a
dim light about the piano, leaving the rest ofthe room in grateful dusk. As the same vague
illumination fell upon Rachel's
face it softened the lines of sorrow and cure which the years
had furrowed, and only the noble
courage, strength, and devotion
■which dwelt in her soul shone
put, with a gentle radiance.
'Mother,' said Baruch, drawing her head backward and kissing her, 'how beautiful you arc'.'
'Beautiful, my boy?' she repeated, sadly, 'Well, I am glad
if I look beautiful to you.'
She ran   her fingers over the
oittcer, in a
nesslike lone, 'hud, as a mechanic, the right of residence in the
city of Odessa. But, now that
he is dead, his right of residence
naturally terminates, and I give
you hereby notice that, in accordance with the imperial
ukase of February 2, 188-, you
and your sons are commanded
to leave this citv within forty-
improvising eight hourSi-
Rachel stood as one  stunned,
gazing   helplessly    beforo   her,
j while   tho   officer   began   in a
monotonous   voice   to mumble
rapidly the contents ofthe docu
ment.      She   heard   dimly the
mention of certain awful penalities in   case   of disobedience,
and   ber   blood   ran cold.    But
forty-eight hours! How was it
[possible  for   her  to tear up in
forty-eight hours lhe very  roots
of u life whicli bad sprung from
this soil, and for forty years had
j grown in it und drawn its  nurture from it?
'Pardon me, sir,' she suid,
(conquering her tremnlousness,
i'but where shall we go,and how?
We have no money,; and iu
| forty-eight hours 1 cannot sell
I my furniture und get anything 1 Baxter street, where human beings
for it,    We are poor people and I were stowed together like  herrings
I have laid up nothing.   It is raid- in a barrel.    To Rachel and her
"all   down   sons was assigned a  single  room,
wrung her hands until the joints
The officers, thinking she had
gone mud with grief, withdrew
in silence.
During the next day Baruch
culled upon the Rabbi and tlie lenders ofthe synagogue, nml they made
up u purse, sufficient to pay the expenses of Rachel Memlinger und
her sons as far ns Hamburg, It
wasexpected that thence they would
be forwarded to the United Slates
by the agents of the llirsch fund.
This expectation was, in fact, fulfilled. There is no need of dwelling
upon the incidents of the journey,
whicli were such ns fall to the lot of
every poor immigrant who,' with
empty hands and a courageous
heart, claims the hospitality of the
great republic.
They were not cordially received
at Castle Garden, which was then
the great immigrant depot of the
Western World. The question was
even raised as to whether, as assisted emigrants, they would not have
to be returned to Hamburg Hut a
Hebrew benevolent society took up
their cause, and procured them tlie
right of residence. It was not
very envialbe right, perhaps, for
the residence which they procured
was in a sky-scraping tenement  in
1 deeply di-
liberty  -t-
: hi'll-ekee*
! uv-- large
appointed, did not [eel at
Mifu e,   a d   Miisentbnl
introduced   her to  ner
er, who intrusted  lo  her
lugs .if -oiled linen.
(to be continued.)
The tttost Complete StoeU
Jews in search of work   were
geilier too plentiful,, and every result,. It took fully half an .hour
Hebrew who bad a dollar to his before she could be pinned down to
name and his benevolence strained a definate proposition,, and then it
to the utmost. At the offices of ihe ; was only an offer—to do the family
the various charitable associations j washing. She had recently dis-
to whicli they appealed they were \ missed her laundress, and would
treated with obvious suspicion, as I now try to have the washing done
if they were sharpers, and subject- 'out of the house. She would pay a
ed to" a cross-examination which dollar a dozen, and there were
was a sore trial to their self esteem, i usually twelve or   fifteen dozens  a
Wherever they went they found | week. Rachel, though she was
some one who could speak German,
ind the linguistic didicuhy proved
less than they had anticipated,  Up
Broadway they   trudged,   aunt   in
hand, feeling iuleiisfclv con eioU'S   i
their fureignhess, and  taking    ie-
fuge, as it were, ia tlie  crowi  Irom
the crowd's  mocking  oh eryation.
With  anxious- strained  attention
they read the  signs  displayed   • n
the huge b.uildiiigs,  and   ivii   e t-i
they   discovered   a   J*e   ish     aiiie
they   entered   anil   "     ed
interview with the head ■ i the linn.
But the bond iif race   kinship evidently did riot count  for so inuchj
in wealthy America as in the  poor
and persecuted Russian Ghetto. In
many instances  they were denied
admittance by the janitor, who took
them  to  he  beggars  or   peddlers;
sometimes the elevator-niaii refused
them    conveyance;    and   if   they
reached   tne   outer   olliee   oi   the
merchant, the clerks  babe  then i
harsh language to be gone.
Never in   their lives had  they
passed a day  more crowded  with
insults, humilation, and  suffering.
A desperate kind of pariah   feeling
took possession of  Baruch,  and  a
deep hostility to the world, with all  n     , l       flL       II
its guilded sfiams    began   to  glow  HeSTEM! and btlOD HOUSB
and smoulder in   his  heart.     Up- '
right and industrious as he was, he
could   not   comprehend   why    he
should be singled out for contumely
and hate; and when be  thought of
his  mother,  sto  noble,   wise,   and
beautiful, the hot indignation flushed bis   cheek.    For   Baruch   wor-
&Wake up!
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Victoria Crescent.
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Qysters in every style.
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hipped his   mother:   She   repre- Good Beds, 25c aud upwards.
sented the only sweet  and elevat- „.«,., , ,       ,
ing influence with which his harsh bpnng Chicken always on hand.
life had come in contact, and   with
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sixteen feet by eight, for the rent of
which, for one month, the benevolent society made itself  responsible.
winter, and we shal
and perish by the wayside.'
'Madam,' the officer replied, in
atone of angry dismissal, that is ; Th d.vided u in ,h(. roidd,e with
not my affair. All 1 have to do ( a sheet> which di(* servj(.e as a cur.
is to notify you, in the name of tain| and disposed therein their
the imperial government, that matttresses and tbe scanty articles
you are commanded to leave the of furniture which they had been
Russian Empire, you and your able to carry with them from
sons,  within  forty-eight hours.  Russia.
The   decree  is not mine, and 1      The next problem was to devise
cannot alter it.      These   ollicers i means ^™W\^ existence,
are   mv   witnesses that  I have
The Nanaimo Bakery Excels
The Popular Bakers.
properly fulfilled my duty.'
He folded up the paper, and
was about to bestow it in an inner pocket of his capacious military cloak, when suddenly he
paused, and hy the dim light
took a survey of the contents of
worn, yellow keys (two of which ii*.. ,.,,,,,,,
were mute), and they responded j ,- wiH give you tcn rubleB for
to her touch with a faint shiver-: Umt • , h(J said> carelessiy;
jng sound. Por twenty years j ,*t ig u decrepit 0ir] tn-,,gi but it,
this instrument had been her i3 probabU- worth that for kind-
dearest friend and confidant, and I y.
given voice to all her voiceless
aspiration and sorrow.    For ten
held a solemn family council; and
after much discussion it was re
solved that Rachel and Baruch
were to scour the town in search of
employment. As they knew no
English beyond a few indispensable
phrases, this seemed a hopeless
undertaking. To Rachel this husie
monster of a foreign city, with its
deafening noises overhead and below, was terrifying, appalling.
She stood on the  front  steps  of
the tenement on the morning  after
her   landing,   clutching   Baruch's
arm, while her   heart was  beating
g WOOd.' lin ber throat.     Baruch, feigning a
Ten—ten—rubles?' cried Ra-  courage which he was far from feel-
the divination of love he began to
read, in broken glimpses, tbe tragic
story of her marriage.
For three days Baruch and his
mother continued their search for
work, and oh the evening of tbe
third day :e.ey were both so weary
and dislie-.irtened that they could
scarcely drag themselves along.
After having encountered the usual
reception in an otlice, they had
seated themselves on the marble
-.fairs outside, and Baruch was
nently stroking his mother's hand,
and she was smiling sadly at him
with tear-tilled eyes. Out of her
pale, patient face there shone a
spiritual beauty, like that of St.
Augustine's mother, Monica, when
sbe declared that a child of so
many prayers could never he lost.
And there was at that moment
some one beside her son who was
slruck with the nobility of that
face, and whose heart was touched
by its pathos of suffering. The
merchant—bis name was Aaron
[Rosenthal—was just leaving his
otiice; and as he reached the door
his attention was arrested by the
strange group on the stairs.
"What do you   want,  my  good	
woman?" he'iii-kcd in German. _      ... . Tv .
"We want work, sir," Rachel re    -ArUDfitOD  MOtCL
plied, rising hastily. ** v vi=> v   XA
"What kind of work?" ■     ,   ~~ ,.„,, ,„
"We would do anv kind of work MK- J- A- THOMPSON
that  would enable   us  to  support  Having oompleted the ereetion ot the Arlington
...   „ Hotel at NANOOSK BAY, UUh handsome and
me. ^ commodious hotel ih now prepared to receive
"You are Russian Jews? 'a„ii comfortably entertain travelers and otheta.
"Then I think perhaps I Jan help   I, presided over by Mrs. Thompson, and lhe
you.    I am interested in  a  colony Tabled'Hote constantly provided with all the
c. c. Mckenzie,
Land Agent and Conveyancer,
Town l,iif> nnd FHrms for Stile.   Money to Loan
on Mortgage nt low rates.
Agent for the United Firo Insurance Company
of Manchester, Kn-tlaud.
Will sell to you on terms no other.
Broker in British Columbia
day, twenty-five years ago, when I hand, gazed with a resolute cheer-
her father bad presented her ; fulness at the Italian banana and
with this-niost precious of all her ! <>**»n'?e *le'llers pushing their cartes
possessions,   having   paid   llV0' before them, and the  hundreds  of
hundred   rubles for it in l'aris. i J'"lders 'h™-£"8   ^J^*?';
haw ;mg their wares at the  tops of
their voices.    Half a dozen wailing
her eve.-
hud feasted on the
inlaid mosaic figures in the lid, j hand-organi and the hoarse shriek!
of   ivory   and   mother-of-pearl! j,,{   the   ferry-boats   on  the North
Sho did not know that it was old*
fashioned now, and its  decrepitude had overtaken it so  gradually that she hud   scarcely   per
ceived it. To her it was yet, in
thu midst of its humble surroundings, a migniiieent chef-
id'oeuvre—a masterpiece of artistic craftsmanship.    Had  it not
years at least it had endured thc i
merciless hammering of David,1
when he indignantly practised
to earn the promised bribe. Nu
wonder it was a trifle decrepit.
But, in spite of all, there was a
strange pathos in its quavering
tunes, anil when Kuehel's lingers
touched it she coaxed from it
certain cadences and intonations
which were strangely sweet ami
moving. She needed now, as
ever, the consolation which expression afforded to the overburdened heart, nnd, after an
exquisitely tender prelude, she
began, in a clear, hushed voice,
to intone the 88tn psalm:
'0 Lord, rebuke me not in !hy
wrath; neither chasten me in
f,hy hot displeasure.'
Baruch, feeling the signifi-
pance of the prayer, joined with
his strong, ringing bass, and the
souls of mother and son seemed
X\o rise together in sweet unison
toward the Throne of Eternal
"Forgiveness. They liad
reached the verse, 'My
pantetl), ray strength faileth me,'
whei)   they   were  startled by a
noise in (he hall,aud before they the lid of the piano, struck a
could turn about, the door was pcouple of chords, inspected the
thrust open with a thump and interior, and withdrew, with a
throe uniformed   police  ollicers contemptuous smile.    '\yell,'hoj
1.    She well remembered the ing, returned the pressure of her
ili'liciii-ics of the KcaKiin. Combined with the
i-H-nniit ftirnltilititl ii'tut-tliie-it*, the visitor find.
the Kiirruiiiidiiig* of the muni plet-Biu U-MK-rt'*'
KlrtU-L-lRs* Accommodation. Fire-proof building
Terms: $1.00 Per Day and Upwards.
The Doon Hotel.
Iii ver added to the uproar, and a
blockade of street ears, trucks, and
drays at the corner, calling forth
volleys of oaths from the drivers,
gave the finishing touches ton scene
the like of which could probably
not lie found outside of New York
or the Inferno,
For an instant tbe forced  cheerfulness died out of Baruch's  face,
of your countrymen which was
planted last year near Vineland,
New Jersey. The terms are very u„n
favorable. If you will come here
with y.mr son tomorrow at ten
o'clock, I will give you all the information you may desire."
"I have two sons sir."
"Well, then, so much the  better,
bring them both."
It was a hard battel Rachel hud
to fight with Haron Mosenthal
when i-hc returned witli Baruch
and David the next morning. She
made him very angry when she
told him that she would go no- rpHOSE DESIHINU TO ASSIST
where where she could not procure J. •„ the
a university education for her
youngest son. It was of no use
that he informed her that beggars
You have to Pay
I divide it up into
-Small Monthly Instalments-
So that everyone can have an ixr-J
terest in Mining and secure part
ofthe Profits that most assuredly
WILL be made.
wept with her grief and Blghpd, and mother and son stood guzing
with her sadness and laughed at each other with baffled hearts,
with her joys for a quarter of ajand a mute dismay which was
century,   as if it had ahuman pitiful.
heart in its resonant breast-r*,a     "what sh -u w« do- B'l*-u<-*-? ?•"«
tender,    sympathetic soul,   that! ^d at last, with quivering   lips.
11   i •"        i    i:„.,„   .,,„., ,-•,„     We seein like wreckage adrift upon
trembled m melodious sympathy oo(j        g    ^ f     ()^n
ier unspoken emotion.' And
jas. kennktt, Proprietor.
Commercial St.,      Nanaimo, 8. C.
could not :be choosers; but he repented in the next moment, and
seemed anxious to make amends.
And the end of it was that he gave
her a note of introduction and begged her to call upon his wif», who
perhaps might be of use to her.
Rachel lost no time in  availing
herself of this permission.    She was
admitted by a servant  to  a  large
regtangular mansion ih Sixty-fifth
street; and when she produced  her
note of introduction she was shown
into a  dim  and  gorgeously  decorated  parlor,   filled  with  gilt and
parved furniture and costly brica-
"Nay," replied the son,devoutly; J brae.   Tliere was something in her
"He wi)l make  us  glad  according j face whieh proclaimed the lady, in
to the days wherein He has afflict-S spite   of  bur poor  attire, anil the
paralyzed while the Offioer raised edus,and   the years wherein we'servant obeyed a correct impulse in
'■''•'■'■ •       have seen evil." j not directing her   to the   kitchen.
"Amen!'' murmured Rachel;,»nd > Mrs.   Mosenthal,   who    presently
clutching again her son's arm,  she; made her appearance, proved to be
plunged into the human torrent,     ia large,   handsome   woman,  with
They encountered many   core- .brilliant black eyes, who came sail
Emancipation of Mental Slavery
Should hand in their names at unee and
beuome mem here of the
Freethooght Library.
J. l. Ipratt,
24 Commercial St., City.
P. 0. Boi 896. 8-ll-lm
' now to part with it-
rubles—to   a
just police who wished to take
heart vantage of her misfortqne.
She stood for a  moment as if
to   be gracious?" she added in an
and tor ten j anguisned whisper; has Ue in anger
cruel   officer    of I s-hut up his tender mercies?"
LAMPS, Etc. etc.
Hums and Animai.b Bel up in u thorough woi-kniiinslii|i manner.
On Hand—•Four line Deere' Ileade,
whiili will lie sold tor price of sotting
them up.   Also a Hue ease of Ilirdn.
d. s. Mcdonald,
ft!) Haliburton Street, Nanaimo,
Rachel broke off abruptly and pity   you cash, though it   isn t
rose witli quiet dignity from the worth half of what I offered.'
piano,    But,lerror.was'upnn her!    Baohel   fixed a strange   djs-
lid, 'I'll stand by my bid, audi |jg[onfgtB g0:ne ol whom they stop- ing into the room like a friget with
     „..,.!.       , i...... r 1.    if       iuti'l. ,   .        _   l.l -      I....     .U..    ..Aj,Hil.-.«    .1     1    __,      11...'...-        UL-      .......
,..,„.. .,-■-,-   ...„,..,   ...„ -      Any present   subscriber   to the
ped to address, but the reception jail her colors flying. She was a Mail can have the Weekly Globe
they met with was not encourag- j merry and rather thoughtless wo- from now to the end of 185)7 .of
ing.   Most of theui shrugged their man, condescendingly benovelenU $1.00.
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suits are known, up go the Shar<
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And make money while you havj
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Thos. KitchinJ
*•«*   ,-<    tei-j
Provincial News.
*Mr. Justice Bole is presiding at
the falj assi-zes" at Vancouver,
opened yesterday. The docket is
an interesting one.
The argument of the preliminary
objections in the Dominion election
protests in   Victoria   district  have
This column is open to the public and we
heartily invite the citizens (p make
use of it for discussing public questions.
We are nol responsible for the opinions of
our correspondents.
Dear Sir.   In your issue of the
been  adjourned   to   a  date  to   be 3rd inst., I noticed a letter by "Ver-
fixed bv consent. 'tas referring to certain statements
.,..",,   |,       ...    _    .  v made by the Rev. Mr. Tate, on the
A well   known   citizen  of  Van- ,-,, • - .-,-   r> . .: xi
„„„ , _ , ,,     , t m ii-        i* Chinese of this Province.    Now sir,
couver named J ami s   Mc.Fee,  slip- T , ,   •      . ,, ',
.„■„,,       •,      ,, /-.' j  * II have no  desire  to   overrate  the
pea on    the  sidewalk   on   Cordova . ...      ,,,. . , , T ,   '
...   ,        ■   , ,   ,.   , „ immorality of these people, and I do
street, and   fractured   his les.    He      . .'      .,     .**.•        • 2i
,.,,   J 1 .   .1    ,,-.     it      ■, , not even intend in   this epistle  to
was removed to the Citv   Hospital.      ... .    ..„.. .   .  .... .       e,.     .,
v refer to that fact, bul to  notice the
Joseph   Keene    who   shot    and present  attitude  of some  of these
killed Mathew Roderick near Camp gentlemen on this question.   So far
McKinney, last week, as related in ag Mn Tate •„ concerned we do notj
these columns at the tune, as   heen j wonder   at his    conclusions   as it
exonerated  by   the  coroner's  jury •„ hJ8 lial)i, ,,, i()ok „|lly  one   waVj
from all hiunu-,   the    enln-i   hetiig but any one may notice the stronu
jusiinatile 11      ciile. P in e:ci-e thnt was in the Onward
A fashionable **< ciei'   iveddiiiK is lwo weeks ago condemningsttongly
1.0 take pluci -rn K ijuiiinilt  on  the the present agitation on this ques-l
25th ins .    Ill-   bridegroom  beinjj tion, and reciting quotations from a
Lieui. ii.-ii.    h- ,,r 8 nidi y,   tt. Ni} sermon   delivered  by   Mr.   Starr
second son oi toe Earl  and Coun This gentleman noticed theprincip'e
ess of Derby, and   the  bride  Mis arguments given  by the friends of
Annie Pooley, second  daughter of this cause, and said there was noth-
Medicinal value tn a bottle of Rood's Sarsa-
parillathan In any otlier preparation-
More °kSl Is required, more care taken, more
expense Incurred in its manufactur*.
It costs the proprietor and the dealer
More hut lt costs the consumer leu, as he
gets more doses for his money.
More curative power is secured by its peculiar
combination, proportion and process,
which make it peculiar to itself.
More people are employed and more space,ot-
cupled In Its Laboratory than any other.
More wonderful cures effected and more testimonials received than by any other.
More sales and more increase year by year
are reported by dm:
i people are taking I ..........
today than any other, and more are
ood's Sarsaparilla
Hon. C. E. I'ooley of Victoria.
A. M. Bullock, a local insurance
agent, was charged in the police
court at Vancouver, with doing
business when bis company, tbe
Citizens Company of Columbia, 8.
C, had failed to pay a license to the
Dominion Minister of Finance.
The case is creating interest
amongst local insurance men.
Provincial Police Court.
Before Messrs. Bale and Hilbert,
J. i'V.
Emily Muckbawk and Lucy
I.uxiclap, were charged with being
drunk, and fined $5 and costs, and
Frank Martin, a while man, was
lined $5U or two months for supplying tbe liquor.
— - ■»«»	
Poor Milk.
The milk vendors of Vancouver
are to lie looked after more closely
by tbe inspector. The Health
ofl cer has called ibe attention of
the Board lo the fact that milk
below the standard of 8.5 per cent
of butter fat, is being sold, and aa
milk showing so small a per cent-
nge is practically unheard of unless adulterated, be recommends
that dealers be compelled to keep
up to that mark. From lhe last
notice of the Milk Inspector in
Nanaimo, four samples are below
ihat standard.
• ■»«-»	
Visit of Dr. Lucas.
Rev. D. V. Lucas of Ontario commenced his  work  in   the city  by I
preaching   in     the    Presbyterian
Church last Sunday morning.     Ini
the   afternoon   he   adaressed   the
Sunday schools,  and  gave  a  stir- [
ring address to  a   fair audience in
the   Y.   SI.  C.   A.   Hall   at -I p.m.!
Rev. T. \V. Hall occupied the chair, i
ln his address Dr. Lucas said that
some people thought it was no use,'
we had better give up our efforts,
we should never be able to do any-!
thing to abolish   tin* drink  traffic,!
hot he   would   say   we   must   keep
doing wilh all our might, and some
•day it w. old ci me.    lie  hoped   to
ste   Ca nulla   pass   such   a   law,  it
would be the best advertisement for
her, and many   .1  man  in tbe old
countries  would  come  here if he
was  sure   his   boy   would  be safe
from this curse.
He drew an excellent lesson for
the pessimist and skeptical temperance man, by liis reference (o
tbe great Roman Cod Jupiter, and
to the destruction of the walls of
Jericho by Joshua.
In the evening Dr. Lucas preached to a crowded audience in tbe
Wallace   Street    Church.       Mrs.
ing In them, he never gave a
single reason for such a conclusion,
but calmly said that this was a
providential arrangement. God
sending Ihe Chinamen here to be
Christianized by our ministers.
Mr. Editor, I do not think this
gentleman has considered the conclusion of his own statement. For
as a matter of fact the Christianizing of the Chinese in this Province
is an absolute failure. Then the
conclusion that even God's plan is
frustrated by the heathenish obstinacy of the Chinese. With all
their years of effort, they stand just
about where they started, furthermore, the harvest is so abundantly
plenteous amongst tbe natives, and
the success even with this diss is
so insignificant that I am suprised
at these good men thinking that
the Almighty would really give
them fresh supplies before they had
touched the fringe of their own
people. I venture to think, sir,
that even with these ministers their
feelings run as strongly against the
members of other churches as ever
it was in the minds of the anti-
Chinese advocates against the
Chinamen. Sir, I get sick at the
sanctimonious earnestness of these
people, with all their, professed intelligence, not being able to discriminate between an agitation
against a principle that so seriously effects our social state, and yet
having a due consideration for the
individuals themselves, but, forsooth, I forgot this aspect of tie
question never enters into the heads
of these gentlemen. The only
cure for thin ignorance that I know
of was that unconsciously expressed by the Rev. Pedley on
Labor Day of '95, that when John
Pin Tail gets into the pulpit they
will sec this question in another
light, bujot course they know that
this is so very far away that by
that time they will have lived their
little narrow live", • n I will be
basiling in tho sunshine of that
other life, a good taste of which
th 'v have already, but may be not
such a good time as they expect
Yours, etc.,
Scorched to Death
Montreal, Nov. 4— During a tire at the
East   Kiel   Abattoir  a   little  after   IU
o'clock lust night, three uhlhiren of the
bookkeeper of the Abattoir were burned
to death.    They were nged 13, 11, und 0.
What was left of lhe youngest was dis
, tij»ured beyond  recognition.     Tlie skull
j was bare,  and  to a casual observer, it
■ looked as if iihad been  struck severely
liy some portion of tlie building,     The
body  wus aa black   its n cinder.   The
otlier two were  less disfigured,   but
tlie case of all three, the evidence  went
Green   anil   Mr.    Wilfred    Lucas
rendered a -olo   each.    The   choir 11t.". sl",'*v that W'e poor children hud been
j literally scorched to death. Tbe most
! puthi-tii-   part  of it all  was that both
also were in strong force.
A mass meeting was held at 8:30! father an'i mother vainly attempted to
in the Presbyterian Church  under save them at the risk of their lives, the
the auspices of the VV. C. T. U. the  mother picking up a.bundle of clothing
,        ,   1   •       ,,,i   , .    .1      , winch she fondly  believed  were two of
church being filled to tbe doors.       ! h(,r ohi|dren tilfshe fainte I in the arms
A quartette was rendered by of the fireman who caught her outside.
Mesdames Gunton and Pollard and The damage to the buildings amounted
Misses Hart and Edwards. Mrs, T. lo liuU'
Hall occupied   the  chair
W. Hall occupied the chair, and
after the usual devotional exercises
called upon Dr.   Lucas,  who   gave
The Steamboat "Canada."
The steamship Canada, the latest addition to the   Dominion   line,  launched
an excellent address, dealing with from the yurds of Ilarland and W'ollT.
the question of Christ making wine Belfast, recently made tlie quickest pasa-
atthe  marriage feast  in  Cana of, age ever made between the British Isles
,,   , , ,,        • ,   , iii        : and Canada.
Galilee.    He said   he  would  deny.    The Canada is a twin
wine Jesus
and he  de-
point blank   that  the
made was intoxicating
crew ship,  propelled by two engines of tho latest des-
ription. und has a  carrying capacity uf
fied any one to prove "that   it Wa8.1 °'0D9 ton8-. The accommodation for the
tr- *u-i  \   ..1    1 1 I comfort   of   passengers
He thon went to show bow tliere
may have been two or more kinds
of wine in use, one made from the
formula of Jesus Christ, and non-
intoxicating, the other containing
an element which would cause intoxication. He also gave a chemical analysis of non-intoxicating
and intoxicating wine, and demonstrated beyond disputation that
the wine made by Jesus Christ
would not contain an element
detrimental to man's w -lfare.
Mr. Wilfred Lucas sang as a solo
•'Lead kindly Light." He has a
pleasing tenor voice which was
beard to advantage last night, and
he promises to bo a drawing card
for the meetings during  lhe   week.
Tlic Castle Case.
Is unexcelled.
j whilst on the' saloon deck there is a
promenade five hundred feet long, I'he
iiani'iieting hall is capable of seating
200 people, spanned by a beautifully
decorated dome. The state rooms are
most ingeniously fitted np with wardrobes, lockers, etc, and the toilet and
ventilation arrangements are perfect,
Thc second cabin of tbe Canada is equal
in every respect to the first cabin in
ships of ten or twelve years ago. The
dining hall has a capacity for one hundred people, nud there are also ladies
rooms, library and smoking rooms,
everything in the shape of luxuries
being provided. The arrangements 'or
steerage passengers are in advance of
former years, the rooms all being closed
in, Sbe bus been specially fitted up for
the conveyance of dead.meat and perishable goods, and there need lw no hesitation 111 flnying that hy thus providing
the facilities, the Dominion lino are
ipeuinu the way to an Immense ami
which   tbe  North
pi-ofltiilile   trade   in
. ,,. 1 West are more than Interested,   If th
lhe trial of Mr. and Mrs Walter | Canada realizes the expectations of her
M. Castle, of San Francisco, charged with shoplifting took place at
tbe Clertenwell Sessions on Friday.
Mr. Castle was found not guilty,
and Mrs. Castle was sentedced to
three months imprisonment without jiard labor,
iters, the  passage   lit
and llie Old  Oountry  should
within tbe six days.
ict ween  Quebec
be   uncle
The Mail and Weekly Globe for
one year for $3.00 if paid in advance,
taking it today than ever before.
More and stili, mokk reasons might ba
given why you should take
The One True Blood Purifier.   $1; six for I*.
u      j»     i-mii    ean all Liver Ills ana
rlOOd S HlllS Sick Headache. 20 Man.
Ill Funeral Garb.
Neatly dressed for her funeral a
a young woman lay on her bed at
the Carleton Hotel, Jacksonville,
Forida, last ThuJsday night. For
after carefully arranging the bed
clothing she had placed a revolver
to her head and shot herself. Her
name was Miss Fannie Finnegan,
of Spencer, Mass. The self murder
had been premeditated for some
time, as several weeks ago she
bought a lot in the cemetery, and
made arrangements with an undertaker to bury an imaginary friend.
The Veronica Home.
The MjtiL does not wish to enter
into any controversy on the points
at variance between Mrs. Finnes-
Clinton (Sister Gertrude) and a
gentleman signing himself "Churchman," but as the apology recently
published by the latter, is not considered satisfactory by Sister Gertrude, we desire to place before the
public the facts of tbe case as they
have been presented to us by the
parties mentioned above.
Tlie principal question at issue
is: Did Sister Gertrude receive
money from private and public
sources to conduct the Home on
charity lines? Was it understood
that part of the money so collected
was for the purpose of enabling
Sister Gertrude to nurse deserving
patients free of charge?
Churchman, in his first letter,
distinctly stated that such was the
case, and in his apology made no
In an interview with Mrs. Clinton,
The Mail was informed that the
money collected to aid the Veronica
Home was entirely for the building
fund, and no part of it was intend-
id fo.-charity patients. She also
informed us that notwithstanding
this, she has never to her k now led e
refused admittance to anyone, several patients having been nursed free
of charge, and a number of others
at greatly reduced rates, and that
tbe particular case referred to in
"Churchman's" apology, as being
undeserving of charily, never, to
her knowledge, applied for entrance
to the Home at all.
This is Sister Gertrude's side of
fie question and we think it only fair
to her to give it as much publicity
as possible, in order that she may
not suffer because some who contributed to the Home have misunderstood the objects for which
the money was to be applied.
ew     s**/
lyt NeW Vancouver
The New Vancouver Coal
Company mine at their
Collieries at and near
Nanaimo the following
Coals :
The above are supplied in
the following Grades, viz: Double Screened, Screened,
Run of the Mine,
—•ssfgj  AVashed Nuts and
Washed Screenings.
Prompt Delivery st the Company's
Wharves at Nanaimo and l'rutec-
llon Island.
Trespass Notice.
WHEREAS, Certain evil-riispoBe-1 persona have heen killin-* stork on Valdez
Inlanil, Nanaimo District, it is
RESOLVED in future that all persons
found trespasein-! on the Wake Estate
of 760 aereB and Indian Reserve of 1700
adjoining will be prosecuted to the full
extent of the law.
(Signed)     BALDWIN H. WAKE.
Sept. 15,1896.   JOHN BASIL.
People who Appreciate a
Have their prescription* dispensed at
Their Prices are Rliilit. Telephone S.
Fish and
Game Market
shipping bupplied
G. MARSH, Prop.
Lodge Notices.
Inkerman Lodge, No, SIB, Sons of St.
George.—Regular weekly meeting is held
in Hilhert's Hall, Wharf street, on Saturday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethren cordially invited to attend.
Fukii. Wagstaff, See.
For a Cool Drink
Aulrfnv   _•.       i ChampagneCider
ASK IOI    -.-       V SoDA Watkr
JLiclWr6IlC6*S ( Sarsapabilua
Manufact urer of Temperance Drinks, Synips.Ac.
Delivered tree to all pans ol city and vicinity.
rm- 1'iompt attention paid to shipping orders.
Telephone 2.4. P. O. Box 78. Nsnaimo.
Verdict in favor of Rev ft. II. Tove*-,
The following note was received from
Rev. ' i. 11. Tovey, by a friend of his in ;
this province, arid which we believe a
number of our readers will be interei-
ted in. The extract refers to the trial
before the courts of England of a case
between Rev Mr. Tovey and his wife,)
the full text of which was published by
our local contemporary some time ago
with a few sarcastic comments, ''Tne
verdict of Westminster lEng.) jury to-
day (Oct, 19, 'SMI.) for nie, giving me
costs of this and the previous trials.
This is the fourth judge who has deci-
ded entirely in my favor. The l/ird
Chief Justice and another judge in the
appeal court said the verdict of the
Bournemouth jury waB a 'monstrous
one.' To-day the judge was entirely in
my favor again.
Catarrh Means Danger.
Because if unchecked it may lead directly to consumption, Catarrh is
caused by impure blood. This fact ia
fully established. Therefore, it is useless to try to cure catarrh by outwaid
applications or inhalants. The true
way to cure catarrh is to purify the
blood. Mood's Sarsaparilla, the great
blood purifier, cures catarrh by Ils power
to drive out all impurities from the blood.
Thousands of people testify that they
have been perfectly and permanently
cured of catarrh bv Hood's Sarsaparilla.
. +•+	
From information  received   the
(Ihilliwitck     people     have     been
toucliod with the mining fever.   A
few strikes of precious metals have
been made and  the  Little  mountain is  almost completely  staked
mil.    A man  named   Vance, who
for some time nllc(jed ho hud found
mineral, has been working quietly
in prosecution of his find, but has I
been regarded as laboring under a
delusion,   Tliere are now reports of
wonderfully    rich   assays   having
been received, and some of the Chi- j
liwuckians wish they had not been!
too incredulous.     Further   details
will he awaited with interest, as  if!
thin information be correct it will j
aflord'a means of living to many of •
those   in  the  valley who are complaining bitterly of hard timet.
Wholesale and Retail Batchers
Telephone 7-9. Nanaimo, C. C.
Meats delivered free of charge to all
parts of the city.
Office Tel. DO.   P. O. Box 16.   Residence Tel. 101.
Funeral Directors
kIl Embalmers.
Graduates nl the Oriental, the Eureka,
tho New York and Clark's
Schools ol Embalming.
Arrival and Departure of Hails
E. A N. RAILWAY.       CM8E.DUE.
Dally ex. Bun.
Wellington, Northfleld  and a.m.   a.m.
East Wellington 11.26  8.60
Victoria,Southern States and
places along line of E. A N. Dalljr ex.Sun.
Railway    8.26 11.60
British and foreign, Eastern
Provinces, Eastern States, Dally ex.Sun.
Vancouver and other places p.m.  p.m.
on Mainland of B.C   0.30 6.00
Comox, Union, Union Bay,
Sandwock,Courtenay,Gran-Tues. Frl.
thani, Qualicum, Hornby p.m. p.m.
Island and Denman Island  8.20 3.00
Salt Spring Island, Burgoyne   FA Tues
Bay, Fulford Harbor.North
Salt Springlsland and Gab- p.m. p.m.
riola Island       8.20 3.30
RY   STAfiF Tues. Mon.
BI    BLAUJS. Frl     Thur
Alberni, Parksville, French p.m. p m.
Creek and Errington    12 30  6.00
Frl.    Thur.
Nanoose Bay 12.30  6.00
r. H. A. M.
Departure Ray,dailvex.Sun 12.45 10.30
Cedar (South), Saturday.  ..   2 00 1100
A Pull Assortment nt th« Lowest Market Rates
JOB   wrtlJg
Promptly Attended to.
All kinds ot
Tin and Sheet-Iron fort
Victoria Crescent, Nanaimo.
1, 3 and 5 Bastion St., Nanaimo
Commercial Hotel.
Corner I'onutu*rrltl and Bastion HU.
This long-esulilished Hotel Is comfortably
tilted up with superior accommodation- for travelers aud others.
T. O'CONNKL, Prop.
Has changed his quarters,
and can  now be found up
stairs in lhe
Williams Block,
Where he will bo ploased to
receive bis patrons.
n* Anyone roqulrinf a Fall Holt skould
loave th* order a*-!/.
AU Materials used in connection with the above
guaranteed to be first-
General Steamship Agency
Parties going to the Old Country
or sending for friends will
By purchasing Tickets from
General Agent.
Vommmn&ml Sin*
A Journal for the People
-.   »ia.-s^
20c. per Month
One Year, $1.60  '
BY MAIL*six M°nths- 7°cts-
xj j. ui.ix±aj . Three Months 50 ct8
Merchants and Business Men
will find THE MAIL a
Good Advertising Medium
It has a large and steadily increasing
of the city aud immediate district.
In all its
Various Branches
We Print.
Etc., Etc.
■ ■
E. V. CHAMBERS, Manager
Ed. V. Chamber*,
Ml-or and Malinger,
Victoria Crescent. Nan.huh
. B. I.'.
Uy mail—Om- year	
Delivered Ijv currier	
. PIT lllOltlll
sons   actuated  by   tho  same   old
principles continue to rule.
The only way to effect ihis desir-
ulile und necessary end is lo define
party lines ut once—ascertain where
our public men stand—who are
witli us and who against—draw up
the faithful for the campaign, and
then to battle and victory.
A Shallow Critic.
"Unmasked" is tlie (hie of an
article in last Saturday's Colonist,
which, as specimen of journalistic
senility surpasses even the usual
rubbish to be found in the editorial
columns of that paper. A speech
delivered by Henry George at a
Bryan meeting in New York cily a
few days before the eleclion furnishes the Colonist with a text for its
li a ve fostered the idea that there illogical homily. The extract from
are no "politics" in local matters, Mr. Ceorgo's speech quoted by the
aud that, in  fact,  tbe struggle  islColonist reads as follows:
TUESDAY- - - NOVEMBER 10, 1806.
The  Political  Situation.
The time is opportune for a
readjustment of party lines in Provincial politics.
Thepresent Government following
in the steps of their predecessors
merely one between "the in's and
the out's." This plausible deception has served their purpose many
a time but fortunately it is becoming out of date. The people
are   beginning   to   see    that    lhe
"1 believe that Tuesday next we
will elect William J. Bryan as
President of the United Stales.
Furthermore, I think that in the
vote of the Electoral College New-
York will be found to have uone
for Bryan. This is nol a politicians'
Government of this Province—in-1 movement; it is the people's movfl-
volving the development of its I nu'."t> and [ l"'ii"v" in ""' rl'rli""
fabulous resources—must  be  con-
| of Bryan and Sewall because I have
faith in the people. 1 am not a
dueled along clear cut and well gold man nor a silver man. I
founded principles, and that as ! place my faith in the money issued
soon as principles are at issue, ■*}' -I"- Government."
party lines become inevitable. Commenting on   this  the  editor
Society wherever you find it is ■"*■}'•" that if Henry George believed
' divided inlo two great classes, the whathesaiil.be must be ranked
privileged and unprivileged, the as one of the shallowest and most
protected and unprotected, those ignorant of demagogues, or if he
who seek to monopolize the wealth ; did not believe what he said, then
and advantages of the country, and j he descended to the level of the bar-
those who believe in tearing down room politician who is destitute of
all barriers to the honest acquire-(knowledge and principle, and who
ment of this world's comforts, has no reputation to lose. It is
those who in their exclusive halls hardly probable that the Colonist
begrudge the outside world the | will attempt to set up a code of
smallest opportunities of free citi-' et,li''s to judge political speakersin
zenship, and those who take a broad,!-he United States, and another for
generous view of humanity, and those in Canada who may find
recognize the rights of all men, themselves in the same position
Conservatives and Liberals. aiter ***e results of the elections are
These classes we have in British i known. If the Colonist will admit
Columbia as well as in Ontario, the justice of this, then it would be
Great Britain, or any other place ; in order for the editor to go care-
where party politics prevail—and fullv over the fyles of bis papers
it is high time that the publio be- immediately preceding lhe -23rd of
gan to realize what the contest is last June, or better still, take a
in this province. glance at the  frothy   declamations
A clique of monopolist.-, land «-• Sir Charles Tupper during the
grabbers and corrupt self-seekers ,a*o campaign, and then seriously
have controlled our local affairs <••••- himself the question: .Must we
too long.    They have practiced the  (the editor of the Colonist and  Sir
inclined to look lightly on it, this I
new teacher, with his vast experience and most original argument
against the existence of this curse,
might and will, we believe, be the
means of doing a great deal of
good. Tliere is no doubt but the
progress of this cause is slower than
ils friends would desire. For
nearly a century Ihe most vigorous
influences have been abroad educating the world in favor of temperance, yet even today it is hard to
manage and seems to be as far from
the goal as it was twenty-live years
ago. Saloons are asprouiinent and
nearly as popular; legislation is
almost as difficult to get against it
is it wasin lho former period. The
saturation of the human system
wilh the poison is not eliminated
rapidly. The depth to which it can
penetrate bespeaks the moral exertion needed to conquer its effects,
and the true motive to such exertion ii thc best work being done by
temperance worker
The Place to Get
Wheat, Corn, Chop, Oats, Bran, Seconds, Potatoes,
Onions, Flour, Rolled Oat.s, Oatmeal; Farina,
Buckwheat Flour, Rice Flour, Hominy, also a
Full Line of Choice Groceries, is at
ROBINSON'S, the Wallace-street Groser
Our Tea, Coffee, anil Butter are tiio best In the market.
Remember, our motto is—.Square Dealing anil Close Prices.
Provincial News.
Henry Ward Base, custodian of
the public reading room, Vernon,
died suddenly of heart disease,
whilst talking lo a friend.
Fourteen car-loads of vegetables
and fruit have already been shipped this fall from Kelowna to San-
don and other mining towns iu the
Customs returns at Rossland for
the month of October amounted to
$11,217.15, the highest of any
month yet. As this is an average
namely, the! of over $-100 per day, and as in-
moral susceptibility of conscience'voices have been checked with cus-
that becomes .more and more evi- jtoms entries, some idea of the
dent every dav. Bo, while the evil I amount of work done at the Ross-
still exists to an enormous extent,lhxnd °mce can beRot-
people do not
The Crescent Boot and Shoe Store
most   shameful    and    bare-faced
partiality on public business. They
Charle ) be ranked amongst the shallowest and most ignorant of dcraa-
have squandered the peoples money j g'*gu**?i or in the category of bar-
t> gratify their luxurious taste, and room politicians who are destitute
given away thc choicest public °* knowledge and principle and
landfUo friendly speculators. The who haye no reputation to lose?
present Government have ignored T'*e proverb that "those who live
the interests of the general  publio |*n glass houses should  not throw
and proved themselves not only
unscrupulous, but also incompetent
in all but serving themselves.
They are, in short, Tories of the
good old school. Messrs. Turner,
Pooley, Davie, Eberts and such ilk
profit b\
might   be   studied
the Colonist.
iok upon it with
anything like the same vision as
they did twenty-live years ago.
No true member of the evangelical church can do as was done at
the above period—go to the saloon,
take his glass with Ine rough crowd,
and find himself comfortable. We
have a clearer knowledge and acquaintance with the demon. He is
our enemy in every sense. We not
only know this, but our inner sense
of the enormity of the evil is very
acute today. This improved moral
insight is the consequence of Christian temperance teaching, and this
we believe to be far-reaching. If
the advanced intellect!! -1 condition
of the people was expended on a
philosophical enquiry into this
stupid, wasteful, man-destroying
poison, this would be a grand advantage gained by such intelligence. Dr. Lucas will do a great
deal to bring this about, and every
Christian man and woman and
everyone interested at .ill in the
good of humanity ought to render
him every possible assitance. My
only wish is that the people of Nanaimo will show their gooilsense by
bearing the Doctor, and showing its
effects by trying to continue the
-'odd Work.
(Before Jndgi Harrison.)
On Monday \i,e. -vase of Mace vs.
Davison et al came up. This is the
action taken against Mayor Davison, Aldermen Wilson, Bradley-,
.Martell and McDonald at the suit
of Alfred Mace, a ratepayer of this
cily, suing for himself and all other
ratepayers except tbe defendants,
for (he sum of $182.70, money
wrongfully and illegally paid out
from the treasury of the city of Nanaimo, at the request of and by the
votes of Ihe defendants while members of the Municipal Council of
the City of Nanaimo.
Mr. G. F. Cane appeared for the
plaintiff and Mr. 0. H. Barker for
ibe defendants. The action was
set aside on account of being a
specially endorsed writ, and a new
one has been issued.
To be or not to be. all tongues repent,
Can Will TFIELD'*, famiius boots mill chocs lie
j Loud echo erloB, " Be beat thoy nover will
while leather's loatlior, nn.l while skill is skill."
Would I had lived to see ilk lent
l-'riH! heel i e. frae solo to unit,
Wed covered wl'n WHITFIELD boot,
Suu iinel and brow:
0' lienlth nnd happlncs.i Ibe mot
Are Ihey to a'.
Had limy bin lived lo let mc ken
1      w Imi good liimis were, three score and ten
Had seen nie liHldlhi'but nnd beu
At in;,- eiilu-erns,
And i-biu-iiiiir mankind ui' mv pen.
Signed, Uuiihik UuitNS,
o Caledonia, storn and wild,
How bleal si bo enoli man and child,
Ami motlior, wife ami maiden bur
Win. tt Hll'l-lKl.ll'S boots and shoes mav wear
I.nnil nl brown heath ami shnggy wood,'
! Ynu know how cheap they aro and good,
i I'he Murk that leaves their skillul hand
Has liime superior in lhe laud.
My country's iiirifi is overthrown
II it this truth bus never known.
School Shoes a
1       30 Victoria Crescent.
Marquis  of   Salisbury at  the Lord
Mayor's Banquet.
Editorial Notes.
:   place,
d Lon-
Empty Bellies oi any Description,
Old Copper, Brass, Zinc or Lead,
Cnn d.Bpof-e or Bflme by nddrossing a postal to
Ii. AARONSON. Box 173, Nanaimo,
Who will call promptly al any address In city
or Suburbs.
Bid MM
We have a very complete line
of Large Sizes in MEN'S
UNDERWEAR    A full range
of prices.   You can have the
Canadian make or the best
Scotch, which comes in pink
and natural colors.
Sizes, 42, 44, 46.
Commercial St., Nanaimo, B. C.
Some timo ago Aid. Planta asked
water works system   fnr  this  city.
After waiting a  reasonable  length
are not the kind to  appreciate  the permission to introduce a by-law to
present opportunities of our  Pro- acquire, equip,   and maintain     a
vince, or to pursue a policy of progress.      They   Bhould   have   been
relegated to the cold   shades  years of time for the by-law to be  Inlro-
ago, and   such   would   have been duced   Aid.   Bradley   wanted    to
their fate had  not   the opposition know when sueh  would be placed
harboured within   its   ranks  such before   the   Council.    The  answer
old fashioned conservative croakers, was   that at  the next meeting of
as Beaven, Cotton, Williams, etc.
A LlBBRAL opposition is needed—
the Council the information sought
would   be   forthcoming.     Several
an opposition actuated by principle weeks have passed, but no such in-
and not malice or selfish ambition.; formation has eome to hand. We
Let such afl opposition   he  formed, have   beard  it  said   that lhere  is
1 and, in six 'some difficulty   ii
n the wa.
again, others say it was only a
"little move" upon the part of the
worthy alderman lo sidetrack any
mal- scheme that might be contemplated
by other aldermen. We lake the
liberty io ask the junior member
in   I blow our
and properly organize!
months   the   Turner   aggregation
would be overturned,   it  i.-> but, a
tottering thing at best, and requires
but a push to fall.    If Ibe an
ies of the so-called  parties
local legislature will not  a
Trtfmtiers to move  in   the  matter, j for the North Ward,  on  behalf  of
then let a   publio   convention  be  the citizens,  three pertinent ques-
called in some of ibe cities to con- tione, to which an answer given at
rider the provincial situation, and the nest meeting of tno Council
let a platform of progressive prln- will    be    in   order    and    very
ciples bo formulated   and propor acceptable:     Do yon intend to in-
lueii selected to general the   cam-j troduce a by-law lo acquire, equip
paifcii. ; and maintain a  waterworks sys-
The  interests   of Nanaimo city tem for this city?   If so, when?   If
* i * >
peculiarly require that this step be not, why not?
taken al an early date.    The pres
is controlled by
are adverse to our
monopolists,   on
The Spectator.
Tlie presence of Dr. Lucas in our
ent Government
influences which
w&lfaro.     The
whom they rely for support, have jcfty *ttt the present time, lecturing
no sympathy with our progress, on the all-important subject of tem*
W> are constantly beset with their \ pernnce, is very opportune. This is
endeavors to defeat the result of .one of those questions which need
our energy. If the future of our the infusion of new influences, and
citjvs to brighten, and' its indue- *° •'*" Pul •*"■ •"-•" ne'v '■ -■r'ht as P0-'*-
tries to be preserved, a change mlist i sll»le to keep up the interest, especial-
come.. We do not doubt that it will j ly "■ ^ cily, in tbe mailer. Just nt
w-me. hui we need iv change that this moment when, through tho in-
will l»e a change indeed, and not fluence of this traflie, our munici-
merely a shuffle in the personnel of' pal peace is dislurbed, and some of
the Government, while other  per* j our professed Intelligent leaders are
London, Nov. !'.—In
weather the time-honore.
Mayor's banquet took tool
and the new Lord .Mayor ... ,..,,..,,
don, Mr. A. P. Phillips, formally
installed in office. A large number
of members of the Government,
judges and foreign ambassadors
were present at  the   banquet,   lhe
: cost of which was about $25,000,
provided by the Lord   .Mayor and
! Sheriffs.
Responding to lhe toast of "The
| Ministers," proposed by the Lord
Mayor, the Marquis of Salisbury
said he thought tbe Knglish people
| were against isolated action in  tho
! matter of the  Armenian  question.
; If it was merely a wish to worry
or   punish Turkey,  Great Britain
I had abundant means of doing so,
but if they had a higher wish—to
rescue Christian people from atrocious misgovernment—they must
seek to draw into co-operation as
many nations in the world as pos.
siblc If it was desired to use force
in Turkey, the fleet would not suffice. Military and naval operations would alone be effective, and
it would be a large undertaking,
He saw no reason why Great Britain should depart from her course.
Our first duty is towards the interests of our own country; our second
duty to all humanity—to bring redress to thousands without threatening millions with ruin.
Miiki's Die
Most Permanent
a..,i Artistic
Sign Letter
III existence
Solo Agent for British Columbia
local Agent, JAS.  HIRST
a nn
REV. nil. LUCAS.
Rev. Dr. Lucas is a Canadian by
birth and education. In Montreal,
where he was a pastor for several
years, he saw among the people of
(bat large and growing city, the
evils of the liquor traffic, and took
an active part in endeavouring to
diminish those evils.
Dr. Lucas i.s in the Province under the auspices of the various
temperance societies, with a view
of rousing public sentiment on this
question. At the Y. M. £ A. hall
last night, he gave the first of his
series of loctures in Nanaimo. The
ball was crowded to its utmost
capacity; many being obliged to
stand. The lecturer urged thc
teachers in the public schools to
avail themselves of the helps afforded by the scientific books now
published, to teach the youth the
nature ami effects of alcohol on the
haman system, and to warn them
of the bitter consequence in alcoholic beverages.
Thc Doctor warned Ihe yotinir
ladies against marrving young men
who  indulge  in   intoxicants,   and     OaptainrMarrlot.-of tha Norfolk Real
,.    i      , •        ,        ment. while out snooting In the viuin*
gave some practical   advice   along ,t  „[,,Snivnill| „,ls ,,,,,,.„ r,,i by brigands
this line. |,u"ii| belli (or (60,000 ransom.   Uu has
The singing and recitations   of been released,
Mr. Wilfred Lucas wero greatly en-      Any present   subscriber   to  the
joyed   by  the   large   audience,  as I MAIL oan have tbe   Weekly  Globe
evinced   by   frequent   and  hearty   from now to the end   of   1807  for
Bleeiiiiiir thc Country.
Those people who   refuse to be-
I lieve thai Ibe Chinese are bleeding
the province should  have  been   in
i the Bank ol British Columbia Monday morning. The public oilice of
the bank was crowded with China-
i men, most of them of the laboring
class, who were sending money to
China. This was Ibe China mail
day, and besides the rate was lower
than usual.-Victoria Times.
Owing to the advance in
Flour, the Lakers of Nanainio and Wellington have
decided to raise the price
of Bread.
On and after the lst of
November, 189G, the price
will bo
For One Dollar
Smart & Thorne
Wilson & Matthews
F. Rowbottom
A. J. Smith
L. Schmidtz
J. Black
C. Docile
Are now ready for your inspection, the 2
designs, quality and styles being the choic- |
est from  the  looms  in Great Britain. 5
Have also a job line of 100 suits of 5
Which I will sell for $27, the best value i
ever shown in Nanainio. Soliciting your J>
esteemed orders, and thanking you for j>
past patronage, respectfully yours, |
Commercial Street.     %
Dr. Lucas will speak tonight in
the Y. M. C. A. hall on "Those
Grasshoppers." Wednesday in the
Baptist Church on "Fox and
Goose,'' and on Thursday evening
lhere will be a mass meeting in the
Presbyterian Church, subject of
discussion, "Shots from the muzzle
of a Gun." At all of these meetings
Mr. Wilfred Lucas will assist. A
collection Will be taken to defray
currant expenses.
RriKfMATisM is j\ For whieh
gives no quarter. It, torments its
victims day and night. Hood's
Sarsaparilla purifies the blood and
fires the aches and pains of rheumatism.
Hood's Pn.ns are the best family
cathartic and liver medicine.
Gentle, reliable, sure.
Highest Honors—World's Fair.
A pure Grape Crc.-im nf Tarf-ir Powder.    Ft,,
fiom Ammonia, Alum or any otlier -cfulteran
40 Years the Standard
Garbonating and Bottling
MlTciuci.i. & BUMMING, Proprietors,
Maiinriietiirers uf Leniimnilc, Oiuiri-r Ale, Siir-
Miiiiii'Uiii. Olden, Kir.
TKY 01*11 OIN0KB IlKKIt.
All Orders Promptly Attended To.
Tolophono 'J0. p, o, Hox no.
J. A. CALDWELL, the Tailor
Has changed his quarters,
nnd can now he found up
stairs in the
Williams Block,
Whoro he will bo pleased to
receive his patrons.
fJtF' Anyniii- requiring1 r Fell Suit hIioiiM
leave the order early.
Lodge Notices.
Inkerman Lodge, No. SfS, Sons nf St.
George.—Regular weekly meeting is held
in Hubert's Hull, Wharf street, on Sat-
I'liuAY evening at 8 o'clock,    Vinitinji
brethren cordially Invited to attend.
i'lilSO. W'ABSTAFK, Sei!,
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs
rioneer Steam Laundry
-^- j By so doing you will PATRONIZE WHITE LABOR
mjm   \ And help to GET KID OF THE CHINESE!
Bye Works in connection
P. O. Box 95. I). M
-tor.       >
Gity Market
WD01CS3I8   3DU   A6ulll   DlllCDGrS    DAKKBR * Pons.  n„msi,-rs nn.l Som-Uins.
Ciiiiimori-ini street.
P. O. Hox 227 Telephone 7-8
R CANE, nan-Inter nnd Solicitor, Room U,
Johnston Ulock.
CiU B.I. Westwood
Are now prepared to Cut Down om
AxlrH,   hy   USO Of nil   Iinprmi-cl Mft-
I'hinc, iinikin,: ilu-iiL hh muni as new.
Hone In lho iiiiiNi approved manner.
Their priced ore rlnht.   Cull innl hoc
McINXKS A McINNES,   llnrrlslore,  Room
Johneton Block, Oniiiniort-lnl streel,
YARWOOB .t  VOI'Nli, Hnn-lstem, corner ol
Coiiiiiiorcial nod IIuhiIoh street*.
rp   HARDY, llotiinic iiriiitKlm, Wlnfleld Ores-
A.   cent.   Try Hardy's rile Ointment.
IJit. MASON, Dentist     Kxlraptln-r
Ms   Unstiiid Kthei-iidinlnlstcroii.
ALL FREIGHTS left on the
Nunniino Wharf Co.'s Wharf
will bo at owners' risk.
A. R. JOHNSTON & CO., Wharfingers.
Shamrock Livery Stables
An Express Van meet! nil
Trains iiml Steamer* Daily, and
On Hand to Orrler al nny Injur
OIHcOi'Odd'KelloWs lllnck, N'annlnio.
W.I. CURRY, D. D. 8„ Oreon Block.
.  class work guaranteed.
v proprietors,
Victoria Orescent.   DispensliiK
and iainlly recipes a specialty.
Medical Hall, corner iomnierelul and Ilas-
tlon streets.   Telephone 1.8-8.
Telephone 8-
NANAIMO   DYK   WOUKM.-DyolIlK, Cleaning
and l'e|,nmii-;    14 Nicol street.
C. (JHARLTON, Manager.
MARSH, Wholesale Dealer in  Fish and
Oamti, !!hj Hon street, Nanaimo.
WOLFE, Flnaliotal and Insurance Agent,
Johnston Block.
FOREMAN &  HARDY, Real Estate Brokers-
Bastion street.
D   TAYLOR, Dealer In all kinds of New end
• Soi d-IIanil Fiirniiore, and Fancy Articles of every doscr|ption.
Mn-onii- linililinj..
10S. M. BROWN, Wat-limaker. W-tchoe.
« and clocks earefnllr cleaned and repaired.
Corner Church and Chapel itreet*.


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