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The Nanaimo Semi-Weekly Mail Sep 25, 1896

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"Patent Excellent"
If you see tlmt on your sack of
Pastry Flour
You can bo sure tlmt you have the best,
for there ean bb no better.
Comes the best Ten ottered to dlserlinl-*
natiug buyers in British Columbia.
Qnrdcn Manager,   \
•if"      (     Fouster iii'.L.j.i.K.i BoloAgents B.C.
VOL. II.-NO. 20.
Boots: Shoes: Boots
We Have Just Received Several Large Consignments
.From tlie Best Makers, and Conseptiently are in
a Position to Otter Exceptional Value.
Boots, Shoes, Slippers, Etc.
Wo huve n large stock, coustantly being ail.lo.l to, Wo
guarantee stuck and workmanship equal to the host in
tho market, while prices ure us low, at lettst,us the lowest.
No, We Are Not Neglecting Our
Grocery Stock.
That Is Up to Date in Every Particular.
We carry Duncans and Delta Creamery Butter, a very
choice stock of Selected Dairy and Eastern Creamery in
Tubs, and regular supplies of choice Ranch Butter.
Our Coffee Stock
Has been supplemented by a supply of SCHILLING'S
BEST, put up in lib packets, which we griud for you
while you wait. Our Empress Brand is still, as always.,
equal to anything iu the market for the money.
Our "Special" Tea
Is still the Prime Favorite and easily retains its place as
the BEST TEA in the country for the price. 25c. '(■* 11..
We carry a very large stock, including the best brauds uf
all sorts, and we are sole agents for the famous Saluda Tea.
Our Automatic Oil Can
Is giving unbounded satisfaction, and as wo are supplying them EKEE, yuu should get une. There is no waste,
no oil spilling over anything, and llie oil is supplied 25c.
tin lower thnn the regular cans.
Give Us a Trial Order.   You Will Find Us All Right.
TflPP   Victoria
i-tla !3y Crescent.
The Cash Boot and Shoe Store
Nos. 17 and 19 Commercial Street.
All Goods From the Leading Houses of Canada
Men's, Women's, Misses', Children's and Infants' Footwear,
Ladies' Over-Gaiters,
Ladies', Misses', Children's and Infants' Leggings
Ladies' Kid Slippers in All Styles.
E. E. C. JOHNSON, Manager.
''pie Nevv" Vancouver
lew Mill'iiery
New Dres
We are showing a Very Choice Selection of
each of the above of the Very Latest Styles.
lies' id (IM Bats
Are the Most Fashionable of the Season.
Nanaimo, B. C.
1 ^A*w
J imited.
The New Vancouveb Coal
Company mine at their , s__-__.
Collieries nt and nettr-
Nanainio the following
The above are supplied in
the following Grades, viz.- Double Screened, Screened,
Run of the Mine,
—j«is-*  Washed Nuts and
Washed Screenings.
Prompt Delivery at the Company's
Wharves m Nuimimo and Protection Inland,
General Steamship Agency
Made from select Fruit nml Pane sugar.   The (ircatest care is exorcised In their preparation anil exquisite cleanliness obsorvod.   We only make one tjmillty—the best—
the same as supplied to the order o( Ills ISxcoUenoy Lord Abordoon.
WHY BUY CHEAP JIMS ?  BUY OKELL & MORRIS'. They ara tin Pirns! an J Best
Broken Bicycles
Repaired in Good Shape
to avoid danger of accidents.
Repairing Bikes a Specialty
See the HYSLOP.
City Market
 __ _(
Parties going to the Old Country
or sending for friends will
By purchasing Tickets from
General Agent.
{/you haven't Iiml unfortunate experiences with shoes yuu are to he coif*
gratulaied. Perhaps yon cannot tell
the right side of leather from the wrong
Hide, lint Hint's nu reason why yuu
Shouldn't get what you pay for to'tfm last
mi. i      1 ■   m i •*' n  i. *.        cent's worth.    When yqu ran buy a pair
Wnoesae and Retail Butchers <',,'lH*'n™f,;m' •w™ «Juknow|hB'i**ir^ia'
u      """'     """"*   «VM"«   -»w--'-   fo expert from them and you  won't he
disappointed, for «e tell you tho exact
Trespass Notice.
WHEREAS, Certain evil-disposed persons have lieen killing stork on Vuldcz
Island, Nanaimo Dtstriut, it is
RESOLVED III future that nil persons
found trespassing on the Wake Estate
of 7(1(1 ill-res and Indian Reserve of 1700
adjoining will be prosecuted to the full
extent of the law.
(Signed)     BALDWIN H. WAKE.
Sept. 15,1808.   JOHN BASIL.
"P. 0. Box 227
Telephone 7-8
truth ami nothing hut Hie truth.
Bo You Want to Borrow ?
$50i*, repayable monthly in 8 yeans at $7.60
ftl.QOO repayable monthly in H years, at $15.00
JliJOOO, repayable monthly ln 8 years, at $80,00
Other amounts in proportion. Loaun made
onlv on First Mortgage on Improved Town or
city Property. Kuu'itahi.ic Savinuh, Loan and
Bi'im-inu AMOCJATION, 21 Toronto St., Toronto.
GEO. L. 8CHKTKY, Agent,
Hoom No. 14, Johnston Ulock.
Coroiiicrcliil Stroot.
J. A. CALOWEL. the Tailor
Has changed his quarters,
und can now he found up
stairs in the
Williams Block,
Where he will  be [iloased to
receive his patrons.
H£5^* Anyone requiring a Pall Suit should
leave tlic onlt-r early.
The Manufacturing Jeweler
Is again open for buslnoosnt tho Old stain! on
Opposite the Doon  Hotol.     Jewelry  mado to
order ami repaired.   All work giianinteed.
ST. 'IiBAN'B church.
Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity — 8
a. m. Holy Communion, lin. in. mating, Litany and sermon. 2,30 p. in.
Sunday school. 7 p. in. Evensong and
sermon.   Kev. Mr. Bosanquet, preacher.
Sunday XVII.   after  Trinity—11  n.
m., matins, Litany ami sermon; 2 p.m.,
Sunday School; 7 p.m., Evensong and
Rem T. \V. Hall, pastor. Services nt
11 a. ni. and 7 p.m. Sunday snhool and
Bi hie class at 2:110 p. m. All are welcome.
baptist church.
Rev. \V. A. Gttnton, pastor.   Services
11 a.m. and 7 p.m.    Sunday  school and
Bible class 2:30 p.m.
Spiritualists meet in the Oddfellow's
Hall, new block, on Sunday evening
next at 7 :30 p.m. Subject; sociable and
facta.   All are welcome.
Kev. Mr. Clyde, a former pastor,
will preach at 11 a, tn. and 7 p. in.
Sabbath school and Bible class at 2:110
and they wanted to nbiain this needed
measure of reform without appealing to
any question of petty politics. It. wus
one of those questions so liiiiiianitariiiu
and cosmopolitan ihnt they should stand
by it in opposition tn any party or Gov*
  I eminent.   He thought the Government
at Ottawa would do them   justice, and
Vi e give below a report of the speech j he mentioned that Mr. Laurier bad pro-
made by Hi'. Ralph   Smith   before the mised If he came into power that tbo
Dominion Trades and Labor Council at views of the Liberal members on tho
,, ,, ,       D„_, ,,.,i question would prevai with bun. Many
Quebec on Sept. loth , -,.,, ,    „■%,,     ,, ...      -  ,. , *
* e of the members of the House  ol  I urn-
Mr. Smith said that ns the mutter in | n,ons warB entirely ignorant of the dls-
one form or other had previously come I abilities under whieh they Buffered, and
beiore the congress, lie tell he was right there was much room 'for discussion
in assuming that most of the delegates among them on this question. His
hud some acquaintance with the ques-1 presence at the Congress was an earnest
tion, He would speak first of the peti
tiun of the people of British Columbia
which was to be presented to parliament. That petition hud received its
origin iu the trades unions of that province; but the spirit and meaning it
breathed did not commend itself alone
lo unionists. The evil which the petition sought to correct wus one which affected and afflicted till classes of the
community, and the petition, therefore,
received the approval und attention of
almost the entire population in the
cities und rural districts. There was,
indeed, a small portion of the population, but no more than two per cent,
who were opposed to it, and their opposition would be readily understood
when it was known that their pecuniary
interests were involved with uml depended on the continuance of the evil ii
opposed. These people were willing to
sucriliee for the monetary gain accruing
to them the interests and happiness of a
whole country. The people of Eastern
Canada were io understand that it was
not to tbe importation of the Intelligent
and moral classes of the Chinese that
the people of British Columbia were objecting; it, was to the importation ofthe
owes*., most ignorant and most depraved of the population of China; the debused scum of the larger cities. They
pposed the bringing into Canada of
great crowds of Coolies, who were under
contract, the conditions of which meant
absolute and direct slavery, out of which
the contractors reaped a rich harvest.
The strongest presentation be conld
make of his case was from the economic
aspect of lhe question. Anyone who
had lived in British Columbia or knew
the conditions which existed there
would understand that it was impossible for a man to live and maintain u
family under an income of i'.i per day.
lint llie Chinese coolie was willing to
perform all kinds of manual labor foY
irom 80 cents tn $1 a day. This being
so, if capital continued, for its own advantage, to bring in this labor, une of
two things had Inevitably "to result:
either the Government must puss a re*
8t.ricti.vo. law which would meet the re-
piiremcnts of the-v,ise,,.''"r labor must
■onipieiely abandon the field. Then,
again, tfie Chinese coolie was able "to
■ ive on less than 20 eenls a day, and the
ilifi'erencu between what he received am!
what be spent was proportionately
greater, if it wus not actually greater,
ihuu the savings of the white man.
This difference the Chinaman had no
intention whatsoever of leaving in this
country or of investing in any wav. It
was saved with miserly closeness and
lahen back to China. Not only did
these people expend nothing in the
country beyond what was absolutely
necessary for their bare maintenance,
out Ihey would not deal with white
tradesmen or patronize any industry if I
they could in any manner obtain what
they needed Irom their own countrymen. Everything they did was with
the object of Chinese advancement and
■idvantage. This in itself waa sufficient
to make them the most undesirable kind
of residents, for citizens they would
never become, and, while it might be
important to bring population to that
vast territory, what was more iniport-
ilill wus the class of people thut wns
brought. From the economic aspect of
the question alone there was every reason why the iullux of this people should
be checked, and why the white people
hould protect themselves against the
imposition ■ f such a class upon them.
"'hen, as regarded the increase of the
tax, some contended, that it would noi
lie constitutional. It seemed to him,
however, that if it were constitutional
to put on a }50 tax it was equally constitutional to put on a $500 tax. lie
lid not think that a tax of .1500 would
by any means fully meet the necessities
of the cases; nothing hut absolute ex-
lusion would do tiiat. It was necessary, however, to proceed slowly, as it
was not what they wanted but what
ihey could get that they should strive
after. It was uot to bo forgotten that
llieir ideals were ahead of their possibilities, The people of British Columbia were not disputed to go to extremes
and prejudice lukewarm members
I'ailiameut against them. There were
in British Columbia about 11,000 Chinese laborers and 24,000 white laborers.
There were also about 1,000 Japanese
laborers, and these were were almost as
..real, an evil as the Chinese. Thore was
however, this difference between those
from Japan and those from China, that
the Chinese had no idea whatever of appropriating any higher civilization than
their own and had their faces continually towards their own country, They
cherished all their national customs,
prejudicesuud superstitions, an I refused
to assimilate with the whiles. It was
different with the Japanese. Thoy were
eager to pick up all the civilized ideas,
customs and manners they could. Il
was, however, desirable that the term
of their residence in the country should
have continued for live years before they
could lie naturalized,
What he was present as a delegate to
ask was that tho Executive Committee
of this Congress should meet with the
deputation from tlie Province of British
Columbia, and in conjunction with it
Walt upon the Government nt the next
session of Parliament to press for the
measure they sought. The Executive
of the Congress would go as Ibe repre-
sontatives of Dominion labor, thus
showing that Dominion labor
sympathy with the viows of the
or the Pacific Province. The object ol
this measure meant bread and butler b
every poor man  in   British  Columbia
f the intense feeling o' the people of
British Columbia in regard to tiiis question.
Coronado Shaft House and a Number
of Dwellings Destroyed
by Fire.
Desperate Miners Attack the Firemen
and a Number of Men
are Killed.
Leadville, Col., Sept. 21.—The bloody
phase of the great miners' strike had
come. Threo men ure known to be
dead and two others are dying. The
Coronado shaft bouse was destroyed and
four innocent householders rendered
homeless, ns a result of an attack by
parties unknown upon the Coronado iu
the dark hours of the early morning.
This was the first attack mude upon the
Coronado, which in in the city, being
only half a dozen blocks from the post-
oflice and surrounded by residences. The
Curuniula shaft house was built upon a
large embankment enclosed by logs and
machinery 50 feet above the street level.
A heavy plank barracade was built
around The machinery and shaft house
when the mine resumed operations last
month, and the bouse was well stocked
with provisions, Winchesters and ammunition. Beyond assaults on working-
men seen coming from the mine on different occasions, no overt act of violence
was attempted against the mine untill 1
o'clock this morning, when a few bullets
striich the barracade and the men on
guard prepared for action. It was a
night attoct upon the property. Judging from the sounds the firing came
from the east. Suddenly, after 25 minutes' firing, a sheet of name burst out
followed by a terrible detonation, theN
attacking using dynamite. The fire.i.
then seemed to slack op slightly.
Occasionally ti bullet went through tiio
air and then a sheet of flame was seen
irom Eight or Ninth streets, and it was
evident an attempt was being made to
lire the property at the east engine
house, and several tanks uf fuel oil, and
the attack was concentrated at this
point. There was a sheet of flame and
a sputtering as though of powder, and
the engine room was in flames. A few
moments later and the clang of fire engines was beard coming up the street,
but it wus not for them to save the Coronado, whicli was marked for destruction, and armed men held them at bay.
When the hose cart reached the corner,
the hose being unreeled and tlie marshal
and men getting ready for action, three
men appeared from uround a corner and
compelled the firemen with levelled
cities, to stop work. Meanwhile tho
flames grew fiercer and fiercer at the
shaft house and they were finally driven
from the fort, but fought to the last.
They then run over a high trestle work.
A dozen shots were fired, but the men
reached the dump in infety and escaped.
By this time a large crowd bad gathered. ' Hundreds were ready to assist, but
they were held at buy by the rioters
and lireliungs who were concealed near
the building. But, presently, us the
sheets of flume rolled over the building
it was apparent that unless timely action was taken buildings in the vicinity
were doomed. Tbe firemen rallied, for
by this time hundreds of citizens armed
with rifles appeared and guarded the
lire department and volunteers, and all
attention was devoted to saving the
houses In the vicinity. But in spite of
every effort four dwellings on East
Eighth street were destroyed. But
mure terrible oven than the liolocust of
flames was the loss of lives. Jerry
O'Keefe, the foreman, was turning on
water when a bullet entered his side,
lie was mortally wounded, dying in tho
hospital. An unknown man was taken
to 012 East "Eighth street dead, having
been blown to pieces by dynamite. Anil other unknown man was mortally
1 wounded hv dynamite. John Mnhoney,
who was near the Emmet washout, died
iu the arms of bis companion.
 ***- •
V. M. C. A.
The Y. M. C. A.   1st Saturday night
popular entertainment Sept. 20th.   The
following is the programme:
part t.
1. Piano Solo Jlrs. Taylor
2. I'ecitation Miss E. Smith
8. Duett. .Mrs Davison and Miss Hartt
4. Beading  jlrs. R. Smith
6, Piano Duett.. ..Mrs. Taylor and Miss
1. Piano Solo Miss Pollock
2. Beading Mrs. R. Smith
3. Solo. Miss Bulman
4. Duett Miss Hall and Elford
fi. Trio Mesdunies Davison, Taylor
und Miss Hartt
Accompanist Mrs. Taylor
Admission 10 cts.   Proceeds to go towards Free Beading Room and Library.
 •»»«• •
Spiritualists Hull, 1, O. O. F., (new
block. Sunday evening next ut 7:30
p.m.,subject, Trance and inspirational
is   Ih I speaking,
The rumor that .los. Martini was to bo
appointed toll ti. C. judgeship lias uot
yr.t been confirmed.
Korean Protectorate.
us, retrograde,  because they  have not
been secured by blind experiment or abstract theory.    They huve fought their l     T      ,     a    .   n_,   „,.    „,.
This column is open to the public and im .way through progressive stuges, each of      London.isept. 22.-1 he limes   ex
heartily  invite  the citizens to  make which presentedan issue acutely practi- presses the belief that  Russia   and
use  of. it for discussing public gites-' cal, therefore affording a tested leverage ' Japan have agreed to a   joint   pro-
tio""- ! 'or further advancement.     We do not   teotol.ale in Korea. and Kllssia vir-
,,        ,    ,, „.,   ,  •    ,, an ic pate     in    extreme op n uns   w ,,       , , '. .        , .,    .
-Editor Ma ,.:-\\ hat Is th"matter:ru|0^the councils of 1 abor   Inning tlie tuallytakes the position there that
with the editor ol the l-ree I .-ess, be ■        twentv.flva w.|rs tl,e instances of China  held  before the war.   The
seems a I at once to win,t a statement ol   J    , ;, ,        ■ ■,    „,,„,„.,..   Kill" of Kore-i will   unit   tho   Rus-
the eitvs Iinances anil at. tlie same lime ,       ,    ,-■   ,      ' ,.    ■'     ivuisui mnui nui   I'liii   un   ivub
wishes" to make the public believe thut  *,n,i'tB,(   °i» I Koi'it,,Z»,M,?   sian legation, where  l.e  has  been
he knows all about it.   About twelve  , „,      ,  8olf.lllte'.est ,,,„s,ll.i;l, tu tiu,' since the i.ssnssiniitioii of the  pro-
months ago be did nut want tl.e public  | ,!„,,,.„,„„,,,, „, _N v n„.iA I Japanese ministers,  and   will   return in   triumph   to   the   palace.
This arrangement, the Times asserts, will be carried out Bimultane-
ago hedldnotwaiitthepuoiic|ji-0---ol- u""1B"r,k"i;ui;~*s,Y."ou"tiMk;
.to know anything about the civic man-1    *
Ugemeiit   and  tried  his best to throw a !
wet blanket ou the inquiry that was
going ou.   But now it Is Mayor Davison   ,_^^^^^^^^^^^^^__
that he is after.     I think the readers of I - | „„„]'    wjtll (.•,„ Japanese evacuation
ns paper »ouid like to get some news Hon. Edward Blake a Rttesl at Gov- llf ,-........     ■■•■.,, 'p*mes oditoriallv
instead of abuse ou every one that does 0I JvlUa'     -n(    times  eaiionau)
not believe as he does.    But 1 have; verimieiil House—The E. &          regards the arrangement as iv great
heard it said several titties that he can- diplomatics    victory    for    Russia-,
not let upon any one that does net work j                  «■ Billlwuy Mll'Slily. ;,    ^ „ ()|(, •••■„.,„ l'(|ierehy Ob-
lor bis   lainmaiiv   ring;   und again his   ,   ■       •  ,'   i . ■■'
policy has always* beenfand still is, that;   tain virtual ascendency ...   Korean
the  municipal  machinery cannot   run j    Ottawa,    Sept.    22.—Hon,    K heard   affairs, leaving Japan    only   nom*
.without him.    [ do not wonder at that' Blake isa guest  at  the  government innl share iu the control   with   Ihe
t,..w.,w..v ,JU   „„,,.,^.   hv ,»«,    1.IHKC    IS    11     gllCHl     Ul     IMC
us bis ring has been bleeding the euy I house.     He refuses to bei
treasury for many years, and now that I hut looks well     Heueeupic'
thev have to halt, it does not come nat-  the fioor of the house yesterday. f, ., .     ,,'   ,,   "       . ,
urul.    But I for one would like to know      lfrcderlek   W    Hebiiueh   secretarv of  "••" '•■•ll1   ••""   '*lllu'1'-    Japan   bus
...I  1  ,.:.. ,:  .■  -,,     . ,      !    .       ... * ■-.'.'.''.".. ..   :  1       .  r  .1 :.. i .:..„,..     ...
,=    - , -   .........    .... ,v...  be interviewed, hare satisfaction of saving appear
treasury lor maiiv years, and now that hut looks wall     He, nnlod -i  r-.ui  nn it     •   ■        ■       t a
they have to halt, it dues nut oome  nut-1 the floorpi'the limise yestm-day. ;""'''S ;'"    '    Baln,n8 •■"•»<• f"-' •»   •'-
urui.    nui i mr one woiiui iiue to kuow i    I'rederick  W.   Heimlich, secretary of  "", "" '    .........^    ....,....,   .,,..-
where he gets ids figures from,    Has he ! the Western Canadian ImmigrationAs-  missed one of the  main   objects  of
got a special jiormii tuexumiiio thecity's ! M,„iatiiin, is in the citv.     He is hire on   her ambition hy impatience and by
,rHu.Uei','vS, lei,•"'!'! "n'l.vVn"1',.'"  „"I! {"7 ' huSUleSS wil I,  I be gllVelUlliellt. .,„   j |l(,ipfici 1 V   tO ik'al    with   llie    sit-
■ol the city that is carrying the news to      Hun.  Mr.   Havies  in  answer  to Mr. .      ,',
him?    Things work strange in this city [ Mclnnes said that application was made Uut'01*'
and should be imp.bed into, or else  we j 0n the24th of February, isnii, for a suli-  -»«-•—;—
had better elect the editor of the Free sidy to the EsqiiinialtiS Nanainio Kail-      it is said that cerium coul mines
Press Mayor, cily clerk,treasurer,police j nui-, but no provision was made in the at Knob llun would  lie  opened   if
.commissioner, chief of police, dog-catch- mutter •■ , r     ,i    ,-        n ,,..,.
„_ i .,.„.„.,„„„. ,i„.„ i,„ ,.,„,i,i.?.,,., ii,    Viu     o ti i , ,, it we re not for the free silver scare,
vr anil scaveiigei (lien lie coulil can-li all I     Dr, Milne, Senator Mclnnes  and   Mr. ... , ,,    ,
the surplus cash, and I really think he Mclnnes, M.l'., have been invited   to "e   venture   the  suggestion   that
has an idea thai lie could run it very dine with Hon, Mr. Laurier to-night. they would be  opened   anyhow,  if
.well. 1 do not know what would become     The Citizen (opposition) this morning ' (he land monopolizers,   who  urliit-
of the city li* he were to peg out.   1 sup-, has a leading article un  ihe  "Constitu- ......tl., ...... ,],„,, Bllull ,,,,, beonened
[pose everything would stop, oven the Uionul question," iii which it opposes the -     /      ,~ ii(.opun n,
mines could not run without him, I am  action of Sir Cliurles Tupper and B11p. were so taxed on the   value  id   the
told.   So it would bo a serious miuter ii | cuts  Lord   Aberdeen.     It  concludes us Unopened    mines,    and    exempted
be woro not hero to help tilings along,  follows: "In the light of these consider- from Inxeson mining, that it would
"rl""k0"t: ! v,„„.s,„. ,rnn„       *ui»"f it ^-i-n.-- rn ,.su„,l:„,l,u,l tlit.i Iliis!       T l.ett.n- tn w.nU Ibeniines   thnn
lours respectfully,      Excellency was within his plain e.onsii-  ;   -,        ,, ,       ,     ,,.,       ,      ,,
Mossback.  ttltionul  r'i;h:s  in   refming  to sign the   to keeP -•■em clos!ed'     " ''>' Bhould
. ...  disputed orders-in-i u-il. power be vested by law in  any m-
SAS   FRANCISCO COAL MARKET.!, Th,! Winnipeg delegation which was dividual or corporation to lock  up
  ; here seeing Hon. Mr. l.uurior al.ui.i Mr.   ,he ihcheg „,llich thecreator hasde-
Hnrrlenrt'e .-;.-.-■,]-,■• onua.    "Tt,., ,.,,  'Miirlin  entering the cal'tnci has  e t  or' ,   , .    ,, .,   ,       ,,      .   „    r
Harrison s ciiuuta   says.—  tne en-  , ...      ,.    , „„,.■„„.,,,,, ,,,,,„,,,,.,. ; posted in the earth for   lie  use of
aged list of eoal carried Hum   Australia   home.   lion. Ah. Lamiei told   belli that . k>,„.,„.,l„,
45 vessels 111 all) now afloat and „, | nothing had yet beeri done inthe matter | all?—Cleveland Recorder.
(45 vessels iu all) now afloat and to loud
shows a carrying unpadtv of over Il'O.iioo
tons. This is quite a formidable list,
and latterly it Is being added to very
fast, Bhowing conclusively that Colonial
coal will be a leadeng factor in tlie com
imi   it  would take smne time lief ^^^^^^^^
was settle,).   The delegation left greatly  Tm.; pUBLiC SHOULD REMEMBER
pleased with   Hon. Mr, Umnor ununia I
coai «,it no „ teaueng mctor in the , -1 '''n'^j''-'^!^"^''1"''111"1 "'!' .0«""    AUCTIONEER   GOOD
Ing season as a fuel for steam  purposes.  ela "   "'?  V ,   "' -'l,i'",-;l"i ami -Miet, far the Ettnieat   Heaviest and
There are 10 vessels (one in ba lust) now ' vessels seized by the Russians, had been ; Ke. ps In la the Largos    Heaviest
en  route  from  Newcastle and six fro.   Hed that there hud been delay in the Cheapest stuck ol
Sydney,  with about 67,000 tons of coal,  settlement,..l the claims due o the law I       STOVES AND RANGES
ail of ("his should ie here within the i offl/.*ers of the orowi. making the invcsli- j ln tMg ch
next lit) days.    Tlie market  is entirelv  B'*1'"!"*. Her Majesty sgover en  hop- L^-.       0.BT1KGB   Kkpt   os   Hand.
bare of the letter grades, such as Wall-!1",1 .t,l"lt   "°   further delay  would take I aW^-*"-"-  ^■"'"''G-*   '*-'■"    "s    *1-'M>-
send, etc., still tlie asking price for car-   '"5*  '   ,,    „   ,. , ..        ,
goes  nearly  due  indieutu  that  other I,  Hon. Mr. Costlgan returned from Ire-
i*r.idosof fuel aro being substituted,  or i  '".'    K\ ,''    ,-' '    , .     „•,-,   ,. ,
tetter quotations woufd  rule.    Second i    r.ord Aberdeen leaves for British Col-.
grades of Newcastle and Svdnev are lind-,,"!'l,uin,,l<ll.'t,71!1-  ,,,     ,,, , I I  BEG TO   CONTRADICT THE MA-
lng  favor  with   large   consumers,   and    . ,|ol'.ul!1,0' b.e''r ,~?~*<]?. I e says: M   n01ousstory that has beon citoiilatecl tljat
contracts are now being froelv made  lur -1. V'i:ht*n..ndod   I amidians   w.l   sy.n-1	
ilejivcrv inn. next year al prices hereto- P"ll,is° ",'      ",,° '"'"'ls " ""' V", '■'
• ■   ■ ■■' 'Liberals inward  a separation ol  ihen
To the rcoiilt! of Nanaimo,
it whs 1 who waB Inlliiencing ttev. Mr. Mcllae
and tolling him stories thut lias boon the cansd
UWlwrv linn nr.M  • r;u ;n   nrii'i'.*-   ni'ii-Lu- ! '. .. , . .*    ;    .    i una luiiiiiu mm siunuH inut iiuh uvvu hio uuudu
fore unknown here. Tbe quotations ^^T8, toward u separiitioii ol their oU„ tllo*oommot,011 thttt i,B8 boon going on In
.named must leave a very monger mar- ,'****''*!n r'-"'" their political nliairs. Dhe t„ ,ti i w„ liever aeqnaliitod with Ui. nv.
gin for the coal and for the carriers, yot! *'''. I'll>:l"'sl :1"' "*-48'rou*l thai tno j gontlonmn „„r „.„„,,,, know hi„, if , was to
imiiorters are eagerly seeking orders. ',ctivf participation in political contests 600 ,,,„_ ,„„„„, „eroUlrn, lla i nm tuforuied
.Next year Swiinsea sbipnienls will be "i, '''el,W "' me" '' "!lvl1 ,,hIi:i1 .'",' n'~ ! Ihmv.II. I nm willing lo two bin. witli lummo.
.materially diminished bv our mo-cased s 'icled or prevented by the highest ! ,,,„„„, ,„.,„„„ „, h|s „•„,„,, Blia , ,,„i „„■
imports of Australian, as al quoted   val.  ehumh authorities.     I., thai   end thev   know thoro WRB audi u noutlcinnii until the lua
vies the hitler is much  i*e ecoiiouiiutll,   na\e secureit  tlie   assistance,   ol   AliUe  ,ewclttv8i rho utorv Is grossh'untrue and with
there being at presenl over (1 per ton in   t'oulx,  who luis  left for  Uoinu to uy  outfound„„om   , „,„ v,„„s'r,s,,,.ii„n,.,
its favor."                                                         t,e   mm**   V''","*'-   the   head    of   the MBS. JOUS GREEK.
„_ :l:... .. ,• ii .. |cliureli.   No doubt  many  trench  Con-	
Prevailing prices aro us follows: Iservalives hope Abbe I'roulx will Beciin
'"tVoii  " decision that will prevent n repel.itic"
New Wellington
s uu
nl   lh
e experience ol the pust election,
iw Wellington     .sou  ,   . .r ""' "      '7- ', '"■ ''.','." ■■■■.-- ■■	
j,     ,, ,.   I,    " -  -,,   bill lhe ninvellielll IS due 111 the in.I'll   tin
59?  S1"'1'1 *r ,„'.,/ r    'ho  Liberals.    The opinion  is general    \  SITUATION  BY  MIDDLE-AGED
Bea--10   ,.) oi i« .i .rn  lha(  „.|,en thB rei,i aituution iB exphii,,.  ii   udy aa  isokoopor,    For particulars
j apply nt tiiis office.
,, ...... - ,,,,   nun   wueii mu rem suiiiitu'ii is ex]	
oSgBftV    *60 "''• wl,e5 Ul1* ""••-'siustioal   authorities
wXt'Z     7 nn  '"•,'  modo  '"">'  anaru "'' *he tem"jer '"', _^___
suotoh..::::::::::      :::::: rso ^,««Wliru0rtu^ wll° Appreeiate
,.', -., ; inn, thev u ill see w isdom in rest raining i
bi SO   .,....' r.i ,...: i ;,.. - .i_2|
Cu'inberland—In hulk
sacks    16 ill)
those under their authority from taking
y.        ,          .   .,      ,-,'  ',,  ,, ,„. a prominent part iu the periodical con-
I'ennsylviinia Anthracite Egg ... 1   in  , !,,    ,■,,       ',;,;    ,     .,,'                           ,,      .,  ,                      ,.          ,  .
Wi-IhIi   Anthracite 1) nil i u'Hls "' ''"'  'ohiieal parties,                     ; navotliolrpreaorlpllonsdliiponscaat
\\etsl.  Ai.ii.iai.tL  uuo      s0U1ething of a  mild Sensation   has I
SBn,nB,Q •-. ,,-,,-  ',.', -,   ' 0U  been  created  by the editorial  in this
Bock Springs, Castle  bate  and .    .      ,..,■■ ,       ,       d. I
.,,' ,,",':. _  ,(|  mornings     Citizen    condemning    Sir
ivi..'," {„  i„',ii.1                      4ii,,i.', nn  Charles Tupper for criticising the action  Tholr PrlceB ate Right.             Tolephone 8.
Loke-Jn  milk iliiMi-Oii 0[Lon|Aherleenincnnnecti7inwiththe   	
crisis which preceded the resignation of     ImTlITT      i ATTi   (\ ( 11*17"
Sir Charles'iupper     The Citizen  says.    ^ISH    AND    (jAME,
Lord  Aberdeen  acted  with undoubted1
right, in taking the action he did.
Members of the house who are inter-
18 nu
Arhili'.itiuii and Workiiiginan
The question of a pel
The,question ol a permanent tribunal  esied iii pressing upon the governmenl
of arbitration between tho I nitod Suites, the necessity of I ting after the inter-
and Great  Brltlan has a deep practical  ests of the farmers met this riling to
interest to   tlie   wnrkingnien   ol   both   heur tho report of the siib-c mitleeup-
oountrios.   There Is a general morse-  pointed to prepare a memorial for the
ment of arbitration   by the English und government on the question.    Dalton
Market, Bastion Street.
sU'inncrs and Shipping supplied on short notic
nl Wholesnlo Prices.
Lodge Notices.
Canadian   trailc-qnlons,  t  a  strong  McCarthv, whu wrote the report, pre
sentiment 111 its fuvor among American  Beni0d It*to the me ers and it was ap-
labor organizations also, particularly in proved. It was exhaustive. The lirst
the Eastern States. Shortly alter the position taken was that cheap imple-
iSBiienf the Prcsideiil s \ ene/ula  Mess-   mentB „,.,.,. necesaarviilld the dutyniust
age, the Central '             .•^■^■^■^■^■^■^■■•^■^■^■■s  -    .    .
formally protest
arbitration, and   . . ., 	
to act concurrently with the I'urll n-  i',',. reverseil.    Farmers, who form tht
tnry Conin.itlee of   Labor   Unions in   major portion ot the population, must  171^^, „   ft.-^l  T\^.4^1»
Great Britain.   Other American  la •;1,„tJ he asked  to bear more than their Jj OF a UOOl DVIILK
unions also took similar action, aid the  proportion of taxatl 	
Hritish    Parliamentary   Coi     '        -'
lukenuan Lodge,  No. BBS, Sons of St.
George.— Regular weekly meeting is hold
        ^                           ......... ,,.-.-.,,, „„„„„ ot  in Hlibert'B Hall, Wharf street, on SAT-
age, the Central Labor I'nh f  llusluu   he removed.     Hitherto the farmers liad   UROAV  evening ut 8 o'clock.    Visiting
formally protested againsl war, indorsed ; |„.,.n  Imposed upon by the policy of the  brethren cordially Invited to attend,
arbitratiun, and appobitod a eoinmittee  laie government and this  policy must Faun. Waqbtaitk, Sec.
""'  '     ' who  form the
pulutinn, must '
nore than their ,,
"■*.—■•-•-•■::•:. ■• ' ;    im.■!...,,e.i,   ■■,   iu.mh,.j,i,    •Their   report
JSritisb    Parliamentary   Committee of condemned tl.e protective tariff vigor-   Ask f'm'   -•-      ( Champagne Cider
Labor Unions has   repeatedly   done so. ously, and said  it had caused ten fold '        ) Soda Water
On July 20 ast the t ungress of Trades. ' „„„.,, 0f an Injury than a benefit to the   r.aWl-OtlPf-'G  ) Cinoer Ale
Unions ol the world olH'iully endoi-sed country.    The report then sets out the -l-CliVYlCULiC/iS  ( sa,isai'aiiii.i.a
international arbitra .,  and entered  remedy that should, l.e applied, and un- FTTRiriCA ROT)A works
.its protest against   war.      The  struggle ' |,.HS it   |B  applied   Ihe  outlook   is   most EUREKA SODA WORKS,    .
for higher wages  is  the Strongest pos- g| „v   f,„.   agrluulturullsls.      Firstly,   Mamtfnctur»roiTomi,emncoDrlnk*i,Svriipa,*o.
Bible bond ol   union.     Nulioiial diner- Uhe  British   market   should bosecured    Uollvered Ireo to all parts of city nml vicinity,
ences are largely obliterated by it, nnd  if possible, and the best   way would he , ^B^DhoKoa1*"1"™^™■'"•I'Vnumo'-'""
the resulting solidarity is  a great  i-1 by establishing a system .if ,*„l,l siura-e ' -           -"■'-'•   '    . "•".•UN*.!"A."^1_
nomic feature ol the time. As tl..- labor ail over ihe Dominion, as well as rapid
movement has passed from   local and  transit in refrigerator cars and steame-
iiational to international porporllous, ,.|-s.   Sei lly, the government must de-
y/e may justly expect n to beeomo a vise some means to reduce freight rates,
inueh stronger preventive of war than it Bt present sn exorbitant as to absorb
has been in the recent past. Its aims, „n ,i,l* prollls. The reports Btiggests
its methods, tui.l the product for a larger , the appoiiiinioiit of a conimlsslon simi-
shareoi which it is snuggling so ear- httr|n power to ibe inter-state commerce
neatly are all more or less  divested of commission.      Mr.   McCarthy   thinks
purely local or restricted   inline s by personally    that u  new  arranitement. I
the in.erlueings   uf   the   world's   cum-   ,,,,„,,,, ,,,: made whl, the t'.l'.li.  wbeie- | WljOleSdlfi   M   MliW   MUlim
ure,,,,,   »■■■,,, „■   ,.,,,.   „,„„,:.  ,,,„,- ri10uhi lie niiulo wl th tlie U.P. It, whore-' YY I' IIIHSH! il  (IHU  fltJL0.ll  DU
merce.   rhaworkingmen, or rather their ky the government should have control "
leaders, have not been nninstrticted ob-; ,„• t|,u mtes,   The report advocates the VICTOHIA CRESCENT.
jerversoflhe Initial successes ofarbitra- eatablls cut, of more creameries for Telephone 7-9               Kavai*
tion, and they naturally foreust the In-  Western ASBlnlhola and also si ests lolepno"e ' "'                ■*'■"•'
fluence of still further successes up,,,,  the Improvement of quarantine regulu-             7~        ,    ,
their own lot and prospects,    Ihey look   •/*„,„   whereby stock can-be lin ported Meals delivered  free of charg
■ *"* -  ,.....,.-     (,,,,ns,   wiicieiiv  sioi'K   can - no iinpnrtetl
.upon warns the delay ur deslruel nm  of j wlttl t dolav* and  upon  furnishing a
their hopes, see clearly that those who  eertlHcutu of health.
gain by it are the few lavored capitalists, j
j.hd fear its disorganizing effect upon i ■ •■•    ■
those laws of product inn and exchange      Another    dead    Chinamen    has
whose operation  must be both general  been found ill an old shack On   Du*
•and regular if labor is to reap enduring     ,    ,   ,      , , ,      ,,      Celestials
benellls     War breaks in upon the tenor   ',,. ' ■ ,        .        , .  .
'.and consistency of these laws.  liven the "f x uiioiuivef ns a place in winch to
.'wildiiess of Aii'urcbisiic labor unions  is  abandon   lho   dyi.i(-'.     A ]>usl mor
.IMO, C. C.
trge to all
parts of the city.
An Industrious Official.
The  Pound Keeper, besides putting in a good portion of his time on
street wor c nnd oilier odd jobs, 1ms
wiiunesH oi .iiiuienisiie iiionr  unions  is   iiouiitioi,   um   uyi.ig.     n pusi mor-1   .        ,, .    •„,,   „,,, ,      '   „ 'oo»J
.mo.ler«ted by tho perception of this. Tl.e tem will be held.   Three Sead Chi- fincebisappo intrne. it to noon 28rd
.Socialist who wishes to see government  „.,,,,„„;,,,t ,,„,... ,,f  nhnnl   fm.r  l"iJ'-'     ""l1"111111"*1     1(jJ   animals.
the exclusive regulator of  isirv is namen in the space ol about fin  aj      d     which are included in
;.l^ply  .'imcerned  in  securing interna-   month* haVO   been    found   in   this    ■      'J „ h|ivp   .„,,,,    deB.
tional arbitration, for war hv or against  BIIIIOK.  .Nn eviiloiuoiaii lie liiiind as   , ,    ,     „. ,   i„,i„,,,„.   ,,c   uo
.government thus constituted would l.e  ,„ who placed them there.  The last   tl,.-*0,lj   lt" V" g   "„.,'"'"h  v    Jn
most disastrous lo his hopes.   The posi- .,,...,,.' i,,.,...,,},. ,-..,„,   v.L,,.,:,,,,, ;„ ! aiiiniiils  whose  owners  havo con-
♦l6D»nd rhnuonce gained bv labor „,-,""' "•'"" '"'" r'.'1 "ul" Wanaimo *n tributod to tho City Treasury.
•^'Matluit thus far .cannot, it seems tu ll uvmg condition. |
20 MEN
Mining Deal
$100 Each Only
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25 in 1 Month
25 in 2 Months
25 in 3 Months
I would do my best to
make this a big success.
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The Most Complete Stock
Jas. McGregor'!
Victoria Crescent.
Garbonating and Bottling]
MITCHELL ct ItUM.MINll, rro]irfclors..
Manufacturers of Lemonade, Ginger .Vie, Sarj
sit'Hirillii. Cillers, Etc.
All Orders Promptly Attended To„|
Telephone 20. P. O. Ilox no.
Notice to Ladies;!
I AM AGENT for Nuiiaimo ami Ois-*i
triets for the New and Perfeet Curler's 1
Tailors'System.    This system  is up  to<
date; a perfeet ladies' system; is with-1
out a rival ami easy to learn; is noted
for its grueeful lines ami elegant forms;.!
it is not an experiment hut a development,    lean also teiu-li how to use this
system, and also all kinds of DreBSmi.lt- <
in*; exeeuteil in li.st-elass style.   Price!
to suit the limes.   Address,
Margaret M. flfaedonald,
. No. (ill Haliburton Streetj
I). S.  MuedonuM's Store.
Restaurant ami Chop House1
Oysters in overy style.
Meals, 25c. and upwards,
tiood Beds, 25c. and upwards.
Spring Chicken always on liand'.
Johnston's Block., Nanaimo.
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L'fle. and 5Je. per llottle.
We Never Sleep.       Open Day and Sight.
is the CHEAPEST,
The Nanaimo Bakery Excels
The Popular Bakers.
c. c. Mckenzie,
Land Agent and Conveyancer, -
Town Lots and Farm* for Bale.   Monoy lo Loan
on Mortgngaiil low rates.
Agent for tho Unitod Firo Insurance Company
of Mamiliestor, KiiKland, '
Having oom plo tod the oreotion of the Arlington
Hotel nt NANOORK MAY, thli Imndsorao an
ootnmodlouri hotel i** now iiropurod t<» reoelve
nml oomtort&bly outertnlii irnvoiora nnd others.
in prcsMt'ii ovor •*>' Mrs. Thompson! mut tlm
Table d'Uote ooustftntly provided with all tha
del|oactes of thi- soason. Combined with tho
uta^Hiit (urnii-du'd apArtmoiits, the visitor IIikIh
the surroundings nf thu most pleasant desorlp*
FirHt*chi8H Accommodation. Plro*proof luiihiing
Terms: $1.00 Per Day and Upwards.
The Doon Hotel,
JAS. BENNKTT, Proiirletor.
Commereial St.,      Nanainio, ]!. C.
-•*■    in tho
Emancipation of Mental Slavery
Should hand in their names at once and
liei-oine iiieii.liei'H of the
Freethought Library.
24 Commercial 8t., citv.
P.O. Box 8». UU lui Ebeflanaimoflfcatl
El>. V. CilAMiiKi:s. Editor and Manager.
Bastion Street. Nanaimo, B. c.
By mail—One year l.so
"       six months tb
" Three months so
Delivered bv earner '~!cto. per mouth
FRIDAY - - - SEPTEMBER 25, 1896,
The Nigger in the Wood
Diligent research in the different branches of learning has unfolded to our knowledge many
things that were formerly considered mysterious, medical science
especially, has been very progressive in this respect. Many of our
wayward brethren who in the past
were punished as criminals would
at present, with the world's added
knowledge, be treated as patients.
Only on a hypothesis of this kind
can we reconcile ourselves to the
wild and exaggerated editorial on
the Municipal finances which appeared in the Free I'ress last Monday evening. The usual newspaper method of contradicting such
utterances would be bydeclaringita
a deliberate fabrication, but veiwed
from the standpoint of our last;
diagnosis of the case under con-!
sideration, we are impelled to pro- i
nounce it the periodical overflow
from the surcharged reservoir of a
diseased imagination. Unfortunately, acts perpetrated, whether
prompted by pure cussedness ori
c institutional frailty, have the
same results, otherwise we would
not feci obliged to disprove the'
extraordinary assertions contained
in the editorial referred to. The
supposed "Nigger in tl.e Woodpile," which our contemporary
eives the public a peep at is contained in the following extract
whieh we quote.
"It is an open secret that tlie
Council is to-day several months
in arrears in nearly every branch
of the Municipal service.'' By
turning on an X ray il will l.e
found that this statement is not
borne out by facts. On Sept. Ilih
the Council received the Auditors
report for the previous month,
which, after giving lhe usual statement of receipts and expenditures,
lias the following fool note. "Hills
passed and unpaid, $1,4-29.39; cash
in hand ahd haul;, $796.21." This
would leave on Sept. 1st unpaid
liabilities of $1133.IN, without avail
able cash to meet .hem. When it
is home in mind that the fixed
charges of the City, exclusive of
schools* amounts to about $1,200
per month it will be seen Unit our
contemporary's Several months
arrears vanishes into thin air. To
make assurance doubly sure that
the report we quote from was a
correct record of the financial standing ofthe city we interviewed City
Clerk Thompson and had his positive assurance that the Auditors
report was correct in every respect.
Our query of, were there many
people clamoring for payments of
their accounts, dieted the emphatic
in a worse' condition—if such is
possible—it is in exceedingly bad
taste for the Free Press to be the
first to criticise. It is well within
the memory of the citizens the
hopeless hunt the members of the
Council had at the beginning of
last year to locate the whereabouts
of the "Coon." Neither is it forgotten that they finally had to
spend about $500 of City funds for
the services of an expert to find out
"where they were at" in matters financial. Perhaps our contemporary
considers the services of the expert
a valuable asset in justification of
the expenditure, lie that us it may
tliere is a deep-rooted conviction in
the mind of a number of our
people that the "Gentleman of
color," so earnestly sought for both
by Council and expert is still in
concealment, not in the traditional
wood-pile but in the aohives of the
Municipality. Whether there is
gooil grounds for such an impression or not, we are unable to say.
Fire Alarm.
The little "kick" that the firemen made a short time ago, has,
no doubt, worked just in the way
it was intended—in spurring the
Council up to a sense of their duty
in reference to better fire protection
that is so evidently needed in this
We congratulate the "boys"  on
their success, but   would   strongly
advise them not to repeat   the  experiment, should they   have   occasion to require any  further assistance from the Council.     Not  that
we imagine they   would lose anything materially.    But  that  such
action   might  work   disasterously
among those  of our  citizens  who
have to depend  lo  a  large  extent
upon the status of  the  fire department of our city  for  their  com-
[ mercial  existence.      What   would
j have happened if the  rupture   be-
j tween   the  firemen   and   Council,
| had nut been settled as promptly,
I as it fortunately was settled, is not
I difficult to conceive.    We  venture
i the opinion that within forty-eight
hours after it had become definitely known that the fire company had
, become a thing of the past,   that at
least  $50,000  worth   of  insurance
would have  been  cancelled.    This
would  have  meant financial  ruin
to   those unfortunate   enough   to
, be  caught  in   such a  position  in
case of lire.
And this is why we saw fit to
condemn the move "as unwise, and
ill advised," but let that pass.
We notice that the ratepayers will
be called upon on Saturday the
.'!rd day of October, to vote upon
the "Fire Alarm By-law," we sin-
cerally hope that our citizens will
look with-favor upon this forward
movement, and give it the support
which is necessary, to carry it
through. An alarm system consisting of fifteen boxes, which we
are infomed is proposed to be
placed in different parts of the City,
would be most advantageous incase
of a fire. The horses and hose waggon will be a decided improvement
upon the present style of  dragging
^^^^__ ^mem a '1()i<e Clllt ')V 'lanl*i w'1'1 n0 defin-
retortof, "Not a single one."  'Per- ate knowledge as to  destination,
haps," we tdded, "the Free Press has To   g,n.c Ume is  ,,,„  watc|iw,ml)
been unfortunate in  collecting its
bills."    A    few    lightning  passes
in matters pertaining to fire depart-
_^^_^^^^^__ ments,  and  anyone who  has  the
through a ponderous ledger and t,lisfol.tutle t(, (ind hi8 property on
Mr. Thompson pointed to the fol- ..^ wi„ mi,jze my olear*V) while
lowing item in the August accounts:  wMng for a hoso (,.irt  to  ue pro.
polled along by half a dozen exhausted firemen,lhe truthfulness of
the old adage, that "time is money."
We do not think it necessary to
produce argument, that one class
of our citizens will be as muoh
benefited as another. We believe
there can be  no  two opinions on
"To Free Press for printing, $72.-
19." An old account we suggested?
"Up to date," was the laconic reply. We have a strong suspicion
that the article under review was
written twelve months ago and that
the editor took a "Kip Van Winkle" siesta and woke up last  Mon
day and published it, as it accural-, (hftt question. And wilh the ad.
ly describes the financial condition ,ition ()t th(j apparatuS) that the
of the city at that time. The passage of thia By.,aw will give)
citizens last year'had the humi* Llong with thepresent arrangement
entered into between the Council
and the firemen, will answer all
the requirements of Nanaimo for
some time to come.
liation of knowing that they appeared, in thoir corporate body, a deli-
quent in the small debts
court. The present Mayor and
Council may not be ideal financiers,
but 6o far their efforts will compare
very favorably with the past years,
when the financial as well as other
branches of Municipal service were
conducted  under Norrisonian in- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
spiration, (we are indebted to our I-Pp****1-"! hymns will lie sung.
contemporary for the phrase)   and      *■■?,• <-''hnore, who lias been visltii
,.,    '   „   * . ,;     „,.' Mrs. Patterson,VictoriaOresent, retur
until the finances of the Oily are cd to Vancouver on Thursday's boat.
On Thursday next, the Wallace Street
Methodist Sunday echool will hold their
Quarterly Review service in the ehiireh
at 2 :lll) ji". in. Kev. T. W, Hall assisted
by .1. \\ . Galloway, will eonduet the re-
yufv service, to wl.iih the parents and
friends   of   tl.e   children   are   invited.
Despite the almost universal belief that the Sultan is personally
responsible for the recent massacres
in Constantinople, and the equally
universal admission that something
radical must be done to prevent
further outrages, nothing actually
has been done, and it is more than
doubtful whether anything effective will he done. Rumors that the
Powers had agreed to remove the
Sultan have been enrrent, but have,
it is now thought, nothing substantial behind them. The almost official statement that Great Britian
would pursue an independent course
hits had as its outcome only the
presentation of a separate remonstrance to the Porte by Sir Philip
Currie. Of mere remonstrance Mr.
Gladstone says:
"Remonstrance wilh him whom
I always wish to call the Great
Assassin would not be of the smallest value unless it were known to
include a firm intention to resort
to measures of coercion in case of
need. The remonstrances of the
Six Powers during the last twelve
months have not been mere failures
or simple mockery, but a great instrument of mischief, for they ail
along implied that such a matter
can be disposed of  by   discussion.''
So long as any revolutionary outbreak or pretense of outbreak can
be found to serve as excuse, the
organized massacre of innocent
Armenians continues. Tlie actual
perpetrators of the Ottoman Bank
seizure were let go unharmed, while
hundreds of Armenians who had
nothing to do with it were murdered
in the streets und in their houses
without any attempt being made lo
arrest or try them. Two met caught
red handed near the Embassies in
the murder of Armenians were discharged in lhe face of direct evidence. Thc deportation of Armenians from Constantinople continues
without regard to the objections
made liy the foreign Ambassadors.
In short, the Sultan seems to feel
himself master of the situation, and
is doing as he pleases. A British
fleet lies off tiie coast of Salonica,
but no one believes that Great
Britain will use force without the
consent of Russia, France and Germany, and a concert of the Powers
for anything but inertia i« as far off
as ever. Public sentiment in England has been expressed energetically by almost all the papers
—the "Times" is lukewarm, however—by Mr. Gladstone, Lord Kuse-
bery, Mr. Asquith, and others; even
in Germany the press has lieen
aroused to denounce Abdul Humid.
Vet nothing is dune, and no practical plan is proposed to deal with
what Lord Rosebury rightly calls a
question of common Christianity,
humanity, and civilization. The
world has before it the wretched
fact that a homicidal maniac is
defying repeatedly and with impunity all Europe.
Spain's difficulties increase in
number and in gravity. Her financial situation is wretched; the
political trouble arising out of the
unpopular Railway Subvention Bill
may precipitate a Cabinet-crises at
any time; the attempts to put down
the Cuban insurrection are making
no headway; and now, finally, she I
has to deal with another insurrection in her only otlier important
colony, that of the Philippine Islands. These islands comprise)
several groups, and in all number
over four hundred. They lie in a
northerly direction- from Formosa
to Borneo. The natives are mainly
Malays. The trade of the islands
is chiefly in tobacco and sugar, and
tho total revenue of the islands is
estimated at about $11,000,000.
The Spanish Government keeps an
army of about twenty thousand
men at different posts throughout
the islands, the most important of
which is Luzon. The revolt in the
Philippine Islands is, doubtless, of
much the same character as tha
which exists in Cuba. It is sail
that it is being conducted through
a vast secret society which hopes in
bring independence to the islands.
Thc movement is said lo bespreading rapidly. The Spanish Government holds a monopoly of the
tobacco product, taxes the islanders
very heavily, and in all possible
ways uses this colony simply as a
source of wealth, and with no regard for the comfort and civilization of the people. Meanwhile
tliere is littlo news from Cuba. All
accounts agree, however, that the
insurgents are holding their own.
Havana correspondent of the London "Times" has recently written
to that paper that even Havana itself is honeycombed with intrigues
of the revolutionists, and that it is
too late now to compromise by
granting reforms. There have been
no military operations of consequence, as far as we can learn, for
some time. Some 40,000 new troops
are to be sent from Spain before
EmperorWilliam's relations with
his Cabinet ministers have for some
E, * X. RAILWAY.      CI.osk.DUK.
Dally ex. Bun,
Wellington, Northfield anil a.m.  a.m.
East Wellington    11.25  8.50
Victoria,Southern States and
places along line of E.& X. Datlyex.Snn. |
Railway    8,2811.50
British anil foreign, Eastern
Provinees, Eastern States, Dally ex.Sun,
Vaiu'oiiveranil other places p.m.  p.m.
on Mainland of B.C   (i.30 6.00
Comox, Union, Union liny,
Sandw6ek,Courtenay,Gran-'r'--»* Frl-
lliiini, Qualicum, Hornby p.m. p.m.
Island and Den man Island  8.20 3.00
Salt Spring Island, Burgoyne ttl.   Tues
Bay, Fuifonl Harbor,N'orth
Salt Sbringlsland and Gab- p.m.
riola Island     8 20
time been arbitrary and capricious. | rule the English commercial world.
A short time ago tlie Minister of | Much stress has been laid upon
Commerce resigned, and he has German superiority in industrial
been followed by the Minister of j education; numerous instances are
War. It is also reported that the given to factories where trained
Chancellor uf the Empire, Prince chemists are employed in securing
Hohenlohe, has resigned, but the the best industrial procesees. The
report as yet lacks confirmation, one immediately practical lesson of
The result is a ministerial crisis, in [ the situation seems to lie the need
the discussion of which the German of the British manufacturer and
press is vigorously enraged. The ; trader to adopt improved methods,
cause of the crisis is a conflict be-1 so as to place himself on the same
tween responsible and irresponsible plane of competition as his more
advisers, and thc immediate accommodating and better informed
occasion of it is a dispute as to the rival.
publicity of proceedings in military' —~- •==
courts. The Minister of War is AlTOl M DepUta Of MlUlS
said to have  resigned   because  he f
anticipated the opposition of the
Emperor to a measure establishing
the public character of such courts.
The Minister, as the responsible
official of the people, was successfully opposed by the Military Cabinet, which deems itself responsible
to the Emperor. The question is
thus broadly suggested as to which
set of advisers are to be listened to
in the future. If the Empeaor intends to have advisers who simply
eche his own notions und prejudices, there is sure to be prolonged
friction until one principle displaces the other. The German
people, and especially the party of
constitutional development, will
not rest content without knowing
in which Ministers the real power
inheres. Most of the difficulties
thus far have arisen in regard to
matters of army adrainisrrtttion,
and the Emperor is said to l.e quite
determined to retain an exclusive
control over such matters of army
administration, and the Emperor
is said to be quite determined to
retain an exclusive control over
such matters, deeming the army of
paramount importance. The Military Cabinet is the embodiment of
his views on this point.
....    Thnr.
Alberni, Parksville, French p.m. p.m.
Creek and Errlngton  12.80  6.00
Fri.    Tii ii r.
Nanoose Bay 12 30  0.00
.'. M.     A.M.
Departure Bay,dailvex,Sun 12.46 10.30
Cedar (South), Saturday    ..   2.00 1100
20c. per MONTH
The Congress of tl.e British Trade
Unions held in Edinburgh lasl
week adopted an* exceptionally
conservative programme. It practically rescinded its Norwich resolution in favor of the nationalization of land, and at one time seemed inclined to declare against further participation in the international Congress, where the revolutionary element has made itself
so prominent. Upon this point,
however, the Congress finally adopted a resolution to the effect that
all future international Congresses
should be composed only of. representatives of bona-lide labor
organizations. In a Congress thus
constituted it is believed that comparatively few irresponsible vision-
itries could be elected. The most
important resolutions adopted re-j
lative to the condition of waee- j
earners were a declaration in favor,
of an eight-hour day, on the ground |
that it would increase "the health,
strength, and intelligence of the
workers," and a declaration in favor
of an employers' liability act which
would make.employers responsible
for all injuries to working people
not caused by the bitters neligence,
This last resolution particularly
declared that nn employee's prior
knowledge of adefectin the machinery or any other exceptional peril
in his position should not lesson
his right to damages, but that the
responsibility fur such defects and
dangers should rest upon those
having the power to remove  them.
A Full Assortment nt llie Lowest Market Rules
:l1:CI Lil
Promptly Attended to.
All klnils ot
Tin and Sheet-Iron Work,
Victoria Crescent, Nanainio.
Olliee Tel. HO.   P. O. llox 111.   Heslilenee Tel. 101.
Funeral Directors
i-H Embalmers.
Qraduntes of the Oriental, the Eureka,
the New   York uud (.'lurk's
Schools of Embalming.
1, 3 and 5 Bastion St., Nanaimo
The question of German competition with Ihe trade and manufacturing interests of Great Britain
has aroused much exciting controversy in the latter country. Ever
since the publication of a book entitled "Made in Germany" a certain
class of Knglish manufactures have
been anticipating ruin to Iheir interests, and initnv statistical returns
have been published for the pur-1
pose of showing the inroads made
on British trade by the cheeper
goods of Germany, It is pointed
out that there is a brisk demand in
Kngland for certain lines of goods
, in which the home manufacturer
,! was supposed to have an undisput-
superiorily; while lien.inn exports
to Switzerland, Russia, South America, and even to some of the
Hritish colonies have very largely
increased during the pasl few years.
These facts have caused n vigorour
restatement of the \iews of English
free traders and fair traders, The
party with protectionist sympathies
have adopted the latter name, and
urge some concession to the Knglish
manufacturer in his single-handed
All Materials used in connection with the above
guaranteed to be first-
One year, $1.50.
Six months, 75c.
Three months, 50c.
LAMPS, Etc. etc.
limns ash Animals set up iu a thorough workmanship manner,
On Hand—l-'our fine Deers1 Heads,
which will hesiilil for price of Betting
then. up.   Also a line case of Birds.
d. s. Mcdonald.
lil) Haliburton Street, Nanaimo.
Job Printing
struggle against the world.    On the  /^ATilTII ATftlfll   lTflfol
other hand, the free-trade diaciuleBJl ^UmiiiOl-UldJ. HOWL,
f Cobden profess to find cause of
congratulation in the increased sale
of German products in England,
alleging the expensive nature of the
export bounty system to the German people, and the resulting
cheapness of many lines of imported products. Some of these have
been used in building up new Knglish industries of great profit, giving
employment to a large number of
workmen, nnd creating a valuable
export trade. Some free-traders are
inclined to be alarmed at the prospect; but, generally speaking, there
does not seem tube anv weakening
Corner Commercial anil Unstloii Stu.
This long-oitabllshocl Hotel is comfortably
lltteil up Willi superior Horominoda-
tlons for travelers nnil othem.
T. O'OON MCI., Prop.
of the free-trade principles which I wharf.
The ship Wilnii, arrived here Weil nesday night to load BOttl for San l-'riiiu-iseo.
The ship Cnn.hi.siioo.i has completed
discharging ballast and is at the loading
P. O. Drawer 44.
Telephone 7-1.
2 Painters' Blocks and  Tackle,
nearly new, for swing stage,
Pair 10-foot Trestles.
Pair Extension Trestles, with
Legs, complete.
Eight-foot Step-Ladder.
Six-foot Step-Ladder.
1 Eight - foot   Folding   Paper
Board and Trestles, complete.
wer the argument in its favor. The telegrams from all parts of the world,
employment of Chinamen   may in*  this being the day her reign becomes
1    •",, . .        ,   .    i   *,  .      tiie longest on English history,
crease   the   varietv   ut   industries      ■ .       ,.     .      ,,,      .\     ,  ,,
... , ,*.   , i A delegation from Coronto, headed hv
which may be profitably curried on ■ -*•.,,.,„. -i-Terning, waited on  tho Govern
•j>    i
in the oou,dry; it may increase the ment Tuesday and usked lor ^5J,000for
I sura of production; but   are   these the Dominion Exhibition which takes
• For the benefit of those who were ll ain ends of our civilization? I'1'"*1' "Toronto nest-year.
moti present at the  openimgof the China has had the socalled benefits "n .*»■ H.,,.j,e ai \V'.u,i"0,,11"" TI.*"T
' ..            .           i,.,i            '     r>      i               ii            r             ,                   i          c Oil\     Ulli-li    ..oil..     ill :H",loll.'ll. I   HbOi.t: III
agricultural and  horticultural ex- of cheap   labor   lor   thousands  o> fuvor of Joseph Murtlu being given the
hibition in this city last   week  we years.    Is its civilization asuccess? Interior  portfolio.     He  said   Laurier
give   below    a    report   of   Mayor Is it a desirable oountry to live in? owed his position on the Treasury  ben-
Davison's utterances on that occa- Would il be a field for immigration S^mffi'the school qSe^ion! Sl"
sion as we think it will be of inter-  und   settlement   even   if   it   wen- tini-j uione ought to Induee  Laurier to
est to our readers   because   of its sparsely instead   of thickly   popu- make the appointment,
bearing on the Chinese question:      luted?    We estimate tho condition The city of Kobe, Japan, was wiped
Mavor Davison said   it  afforded  of a county   not   sololy,   nol   even out by a disastrous  conflagration  «..
him much pleasure to  be present  mainly, by its capacity to produce ^J^,™1, ^t^^ltl^nd
and to assist at the  opening of the si iny tons of coal, so many bales  the destruetli f   miiii.ms of dollars
^Society's third  annual exhibition,  of cotton, but by   the condition   of worth of property in northern Japan.
He was pleased to see so many citi- the masses of its  people,  by  their The Grand Old Man of England <lc
F        . . .    . - , . .    . '..*...      ll I  i :    i     ...    -iv.
% M% io man's
w W  QTK
Is novai' done, and it i.'j especially wearing
and weariiotha to tliose whose blood is
Impure and unfit properly to tons, bus-
tain, and ren'sw the wasting of nerve,
emsclea id Li-..*ur*. It is more because or
this condition vt the blood that women
are run down,
Tired, IVe-':,  NorvotIS,
Than bacausa of tho work itrself.   Every
pliysifinn saya ao, nnd tlmt lho only remedy h i.i building up by talcing n good
nerve tonic blood purifier and vilnli^r
like Rood's Sa'-saparilla.   For the troubles
Peculiar to Women at nbange of aeaBOn, I
climate or life, or resulting  from  hard :
work, nervousness,  and   impure   blood,
thutuands havo found relief and cure in
zens and residents of the surround-' possession of those things for which  ,1ivt'l't',i u »iit-orli at. Uvi-r|..j..i m, Tu.-s-    \%Ja\  ^crx s$:
ing districts present on   the occa-  the bread-winner gives  his  labor. ^Zol'o ilZ'^Z '^in,^.'  MO(
sion and also to note  the   ever-in-   How are theysheltorod,clothed and   His speech was a strong plea for ICinr-   «»    EJ   xa*'  xSi!
speeeli was a strong |
creasing desire on   the part   ofthe fed?    To what condition of  health laud to do son.'ething.for this oppressed
Association   and   the   citizens   to und intelligence and   moral   worth people.    He said:    "We have a jusl
make each annual exhibition more have ihey attained?    tf the impor ^'.Tthl.^'.wt In'Tiw-Tf m«m ^riml
successful than thc lust. tatiun of Chinese labor   injures   us i think the lirst step should  lie the re-
It was also encouraging  to   ob- iu any of these respects  it   attucks call of'onrambas.-'aiiur.   (Cheers.)  And
serve that amongst the many   ex- us at a vital point,  und  naturally should he followed l>y the dismissal oi
hibits within thebuilding there was no class of people feel  the dan,,:.- ^,J ^tet'i^u-nt anTwilludZ
' -hot an article that was nut the pro- moro than those who have to   Iiglil --ive the right of complaint to anybody,
duct of white labor. hardest to maintain   the  standard When dipluhmtic relations are snspenri-
The movement to restrict the im- of living.    It is easy tosay that the •»' Kngland should inform ihe suit.ui
migration of Chinese into Canada man who is giving bis labor for far '.„." ,.**■'' T !   ,''""Vi'V,' !!!! ,""'l"ls,":
.f           •     ■   ,         r       i •  i i                     •     ■                   •      ,  • en.or.-111■_*: her jusl and liiiiiiiinedeintiiids.
—the   principles   of   which    were less  than   lt is   worth   is doing n   , ,i t believe that Europe will make
unanimously endorsed at a ntlmer- service to the community at  large; war to ensure that eo.iti.nie.iee of massa-
ously attended meeting held in Na- but the happiness of the community teres more terrible than has ever lieen
naimo a few weeks ago has enuour- depends notonlv upon the  sum id m'T'   ",', llu' ,li!"1.""1  ami deplorable
,           ,          ...  ° i     ,       ,.      •     •     '                  ,, history of human crime.  [Loud uheers.)
aged one of our citizens to enter in- the benefits it  run  command   bul
have been prospering un the liberal freedom prevailed   in   every   other yesterday' und ''l-iiii"-i  ch-tree "of
patronage extended to them by the respect, but we are  very  far  from criinnal libel against \V   A Green*
people of Nanaimo.   It   was gritti- having attained to that point,  and Cer, proprietor and publisher of the
fying to'learn that  the  commend- consequently lhe workingtnan feels ntJW   Weeklv    I ibre   Parole    The
able enterprise of the anti-Chinese that his only safety is  in  com bin- article  comulained    of    descrihes
dealer was being   rewarded   by   a atinn which restricts,  in   his  cum', ||I1U   •,*,. 'Parte us a  "vulaar Doli-
generous support and be   sincerely the free working of the laws of sup- tjca] ncroba'l " "traitor and   vamt-
hoped that bis business would con- ply and demand. bond" "a   man   whose   name   is
tinue to increase until   ibe arrival      The indictment againsl the  C"hi- irii-cecl ur» witli slittineftil xictM of n.11
of the timewhen Mongolian market naman is that he will lake no part I i-e-'imes."    lion  Mr Tarte is also
gardeners would lind their occupa- in the battle for the maintenance of ohTirtied   with     having   extracted
tion gone in this   city   and  they the standard of living, of  jivilizn- thousands of dollars from tiie Mon
3 competition  with  the   Chinese upon their distribution.     Freedom      .Montreal   Scut    23 Hon   Mr
larket gardeners   who   for years in labor might be a good  thing if ■■l-.u.'u, appeared iii the police court
disappeared forever from the streets tion, of intelligence, in fact that his u.ea]   Liberals for his paper   Cin-
of. Nanaimo. influence is virtually thrown on the iulien, ancl with having taken $1,-
The produce   supplied   by   Mr. othor side.   One of the members ol 000 subscribed bv  the president uf
Duggan was entirely the product of the Congress,   Mr, Ralph Smith of Ule Canadien company  lur  L'Islel
white labor and ho   had no hesita- Nanaimo, said that while the  p*3'-* I election  to  buv  the  title  for tl.e
tion In saying that the quality was tiun  For an increase inthe tax hnd rjultivateur  paper  for    bis   sons
superior to  that supplied   by lhe received  ils origin   in   the   trades vvhich enabled   him   to live at the
Celestials and that it could be pur- unions of British Columbia, yet Ihe expense of his  victims of  to-dav's
.chased at prices whieh   should not spirit and meaning it breathed did ,.,.',',   tJf beiodline  which   hns  com-
lie looked upon us unreasonable by not  commend   llu niselves alone to menced in the public worksdepart-
those who were at   all   partial   tu unionists.    The evil which the poti
the products of white lador.
Tlie Onn True Blooil I'lirlfliir.    $1; six for $5.
Proiiarod only by 0.1. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.
..     »-»...    are tlie only pills to tako
HOCK] S FlllS witli Hood's Sarsiumrllla,
llriin u'i.vim iiml no boots to wear,
so ho I'liin'i' lo Niiiiiiiino lo buy liim ii pnir:
••I'll bare ono niiirof thick and ono pnir of Hiln,
II I can Iiml tt liltltold'B," says llrlun O'Lynn.
in, limited the stores nil along tho main route,
Snvs In-:   "Tbo rlulll "lie I've not vet found out.
I Winn tt'liitllold -I'll buv only from hint.
Tor he sells llie i lienpesl," snys Itliiin O'Lynn.
Ilesie.ipe.l n lint,, west of Albert street;
lie snw Whitfield's sign—sure 'twas n treat;
He opened tho door and Uoorge stood within—
" I've found it a. last,*' snys lirlan O'l.yiiii.
We showed hiln our calf boots^kld and cowhide*,
Tin- ones we praise most—no senilis ill llie side.
We've boms oi nil kinds from Quoin id lierliii.
"Sure you've lioots lor lin- million," snys Brian
O'Lynn. [notrauli.
lie biniglil liim Ids lioots, which of course were
He paid down Ins money, for ive sell oniy for
To tin- public li-.-snvs: "lie noi taken in. [cash.
liny only from Whitlielil," snys Brian 0*Lynn
"If there's 11 leak ill Hie toe or side of yonr shoe.
.Insl lako it Iii Wllltllcld, [tint's nilToll need do;
Hi- will peg it or patch jus. while you nre in.
Ami the charge seems like nothing," snys iirinn
WHITFIELD, the Shoe Man.
Vic'ronrA Chrbcrnt, Nanaimo,
Nanainio Business Director)
IAKKKR ,v putts. Iliivrislurs andSollclto
l>   rolillnereiill streel
t.    I". CAKE, Barrister and Solicitor, Room 11.
U.   Johnston Block.
McINNKS * McINXES,   Barristers,  lloom 0,
.lolinsU.il Block, I'oiiiinereinl streel,
y.uiwuoii ,v  VODNU, Uarrlsters, corner ol
1   Commercial nnd liasltou streets.
lion sought to correct wns one which
He suid it was a well-known fact   affected  and afflicted all classes ol
Jlldee   DUKBS   at   OUCO Cranted a   HI   HARPY, Botanic nrugglsl, Wlntleld Cres-
,   .     , . . . X.   cent.   Try Hardy's file Oh.tn.el.t.
warrant for Ureencbr s arrest.
that the white fanners   nnd  lmrii- the community, und   the  petition, ||(1|| y\v '|'.lries-.i'l- ''iie (lirecn
culturists in lhe vicinity uf Nanai- therefore, received the approvit I and ,,,,.) ca*Ued'upon me at Ottawa with 1 -.. M .ms r^2t'7xir,Mma,m,!ulitv
mo   all   purchased   their require- atlenti. f almost Ihe entire popu* ;il,/ ,;,M   nulmt,er „,- hi„ ,,„.,„ .,,..,   D^.^^S^nlto.1^1!"^^ ,   **
ments for the household    nnl  the Inlion  in  the cities and rural dis- (,ffered  to  make it mv m- .nr and
farm from the while merchants and I tricts,     it,  was not, he said, to the |,(),;,, „ffei.(,ci (,, undertake (lie 'cain-
the while mechanics.    He therefore importation  ui  lho intelligent and uaio-n auain*<t Mr  Benusoleil   M  I'
believed it lo be  the   duly   uf lhe moral  classes  of  the Chinese thai Ue 'added   that   the   irovernment
white miner, the   white  merchant the jieopleof British Columbia were mj.-iit   nut  like  to have an official
Olliee, Odd-1'eUow's Block, Nanaimo
W.I.  rl'HUV,   li. IL s.. llreeu Blin-k.     I'irsI
•   class work gunraniced.
C. I'liAui.ToN. Manager.
<•    MA USll. Whole.-nle   Healer  iii   l-'isli  ami
tJ.    Uinne. Bastion street, N'niialmo.
In Nanainio and Surrounding Country
Is cordially invited to attend our
•^Millinery Opening
This will be one of thc events of the season.   A Magnificent Display of
x arts Pattern fj^ts
and the Latest Novelties. MISS ARMSTRONG will be pleased to see our
many patrons and friends.
Great Cash Cry Beads & Men's Furnishings Store
Commercial St., Nunniino, B. C,
,            11RESUENT  I'HAll.M.M'Y.   Il.u.l. .V STEAIlMAW,
tind the white meohtinio to recipni- cibjecling; it was to the importation 01.  in  ,JU1 i( u,,s useful -,„. „u.Ul „, ^11(1'j3i;l;^,,,^1j;:;;!.;i^''1-'11- -»-i«»-"'«
cateand patronize the white farmer of  the  lowest,  mosl  ignorant ami |..ivt, .',,, ..(Vn-i-.ti  organ    He asheJ                          fi-ocmxt-,.	
and purchase his   produotj exolu- most depraved of the p.rpiilati.in of fol. $m Ma a"r8l instalment, and McScaiHa™o^^
sively. Ohina;  the  delmsed  scum  of the then pressed very'hard for iflOO.   1! """ *ml*- 'Jele*'"°"° ■l-3-'i'
If that oourse were persistently argo cities.     They   opposed   the told him thnt I would have nothing •=
pursued for a time he i.ad nu tlnui,; bringing   into   Canada   of   great t0 {\0 .v*th him.     He subsequently
but it  would  give  an impetus to crowds of coolies  who were under i,.j,...,-,,,i„.,i ,,1P f....... \i,,i,i,.„.1| u, ,|,,I V'N *'-V" ■?"•'**• woRKs.-D.voing, cleaning
,.               v i              .- •            r     . ■  . miegi .ipni'ii meiroui luoiiiieni in uu ■ x>   and Hopatriiig   11 jSicol-sireot.
Agriculture ami encourage   many contract,  the conditions ol which sorm-thini but 1 would not answer
more peopls tu engage in ngricultu- meant absolute and direel  slavery, him"     r'
ral pursuits.    It would also enable out- of 'which the contractors reajied                      .    ^,«-
the  people of Nanaimo to build up a rich harvest. THE CITV  !vND PROVINCE.
an exhibition that would be a credit It is evident that hitherto the ira-	
to any city, and one which would migration  of Chinamen most have     ,.T,    ,,           ,,,„„,      ,       ,         : inticiinathinai. iiotki. pkitci; mich.i.i:,
,   .     *J        *'                  ..... r                         .ii,                            llu- Bowery   du-l     porformnnce at i.   Proprietor,   Victoria oreicent.
bring large numbers "f exhibitors gone on to a considerable extent, as theOueru fcto'isn Iubc evening drew u =
and   visitors  from   all parts of the there are now 11,000 Chinese labor- good  audience,  ami wns \vortl.y_of it.  insOHANCK AND FINANCIAL.U+1CKT
oountry to Nanaimo on such occas- ers in British Columbia as anainsl riieactors went thiomth their  varlmis        .,„*.„ ,„•—   . ,     -.—  —;——
* , , ,,  ,    . ,,,-*, i,iii-u vi-llh ourp Miirl Bi.lill nnil irnvuVvHi-v   "I    WOLFK, Kill dal aid Insurance Agent,
ions. 24,000 whites.    It is probable 1 nil !    •'   ,■      ,     ',,     '              ,   !     -,  -'*• John-ton mock.
Tt              . ,       ,     , ,'                     .,,             '           . iiniii-iiiiiiii tlmt lln-v were Inli'iUcI  ..nl                                                                   	
He considered  ihey   wire  must the matter will soon engage the at- nt fur the work.   As fur the pluy Itself    ~ ,.,.• \ f kst\tf—ixsmt wcf "
fortunate in having such a beauti- tention of Parliament.     Thede*-ire ii was of an ordinary charurter with a  _  '      	
ful day on which to open tho Fair, to  make  this country   free  to all (ew striking situations, and  one  that  ijiokijman & iiahdy, ileal E-tnto Brokers-
He said  it appeared  to him that sorts and conditions of men springs ll^^l^ltl^rteW^'howe^rHt «-is "= ~  *
nature   iniist   have entered    into from  an  excellent  motive      But, in gnoil hands ami afl the guod tliere was             second-hand 8TOKB.
league with the officers of the As- looking at the matter even from the*] in it wns  brcfught  to the fore.  The J). J^Pi0!}' '"I",".01''V,*•"■ W,",S "J K.<"'v ■""{'
sociation    in    providing    holiday poinl   of  view  of  a   cosmopolitan s|.et'ial features lntrodueerl  dnl-iiia  the;,,,,,",i"|'"v"l.V(iMernition."™' "'"    ""'!
weather fur the opening, and he fed benevolence it is doubtful  whether 'niegVS^ft^^                                      Mwsonlu bulldinif.
sure  that it would also appear to we  benefit* the masses of China by nveorsix sunmiers wasgoorl, espeeiallv
them, when they entered the build- allowing  them  to come  here and the sin-ring m the seuoniraei.Every body
ing ami viewed the magnificenl dis- gather a portion of the fruits of our seemed to enjoy the perfnrinuui-u and it ""™"1Mr,":~"Z_r,"_T       T7T,
play,  that nature had indeed been oiviiiiotlon without  assuming any i)9.8af« -J' ^"icl '""'   '"" W''"1 "w"y *'0«.KU:ioTe«il:f,.i^ftde.i;,d r^,tt
most bountiful in hef gifts to those of the responsibilities of citizenship.    *w                       .        .,,,,.   Vo™"c ' "'"i"1""''-
who had  tilled  the  soil after the To the extent  that we allow them biirtoi\TreetMeiTiodS                            *"  the  vacant shacks  ....   Diipont
most approved methods. to lower our standards we diminish in-id on Sunday, Oct. l-iti.   There will street,  Vain-nuver,   (Chinatown)   aro
The  officers had gone to no end our own power of doing good in the bo nn entertainment   on   Monday, Out.  being pulled down,
of trouble in making  preuuralions world:      The    missionary   spirit, IBth, under the auspices o{  the Ladies     The British tramp steamer Slnlith-
f,, the present eeem, u,„i he iei. whether in religion „r i-iviii.uio,,, ^.\Vvin v.v;.^I;;\T;:',i:;;;ilv";l",^ ^;:,;:,i.!i:; ^:",\1T,";^' l^:.,.1^i;l/„,^«;;hV.;.;*.? «.Vwi^:
sure  that  the citizens would fully is a noble ond,   bul   tho success ol     Mr, pi,ihp Ki|B hag discovered a vein  ,le,lr the e,"UHtnml cnm'nt'   '"'"kl'  lu'n
appreciate  their commendable ef- our efforts  to spread the light de* oflead silver and'Kalena somewhere In shaft on Aug, 11th.   &he is now drifting
forts io.make the present exhibition petida  upon  our keeping the light I the vicinity of Departure Bay.                helplessly in mid ocean.. A number of
,   ,.   _               .i.iii ■.,           , u   i         ■            -.1            ...   I            ,„,     ...   '   ■ x-       ■              ,     lieerew It'll tn a Ille limit   tn  go   assist-
eehiise  any Ihat had lull.erlo been Itself burning   with   undiminished      rho city of Nl*n'**lno'on *-ueB*)a.v la8t;iuneo and sailed a distance of  960 miles
held in Nanaimo. brightness and stendiness.   [t would wl.ileeon.lng throng!, the N«7pws in L  A      ,       So far no vessel has bee'
    - ta- -nistaken generosity to pan iv:;i;-;,!'i;,l';;;l;:;::,r'X,Vi',:,,;!;;.d1^
CHINESE LABOR. '""•'• '"' *lll°w to  be impaired the v'uneuiiver,   Un  Wednesdav, however,
  very  sources  of  nur Btrength as a sin. marie lhe trip safely, although  tho
nation fog on the gulf was still very heavy.
THE TORONTO    iil.out-    COMMENTS ON _         «,,                                       The ship Klwell   niiivetl   in   purl mi
iiAi.i'H smith's prfsfntatiu.n TELEGRAPHIC   NEWS. T'"".-';'ii'.v'   sl"-'   is   having a new mast
sjr.ip..& m
:       WE HAVE -JUST RECEIVED the Most Complete
:       nml Best Values in
Fall Hosiery
: Of any house in  British Columbia.    See our All
: Wool Socks, black, ut 4()c.   They are fine value.
: Ladies' All-Wool Hose, 25c. and 35c; good value
• The Gelobruted
> Health Brand of Underwear       j
We curry in large assortment for Womeu, Misses -,
:       ami Children.   Large ussyrtincut in
Men's Underwear
:       At the best value for lho money to be got.
Our Oomforters
:        Ali* the best.    See  the Eider Down Comforter at
:        $5.(1(1 and $5,50.
Dress Goods
:        In the Newest and Latest Styles. Our Tweed Effects
:        at 25c. nnd .'ille. nro great value.    Our stock of
Beady-made Clothing",
:        Waterproof Hats and Caps, Tics, Shirts, Umbrellas,
:       etc.'; is now complete.
Call and See Them Before Buyirig Elsewhere.
(."s^-a^^fc.-^ <&^.*a^^sv-*.%^^*«y%''8. **w^%^«.-*^%-^%%%'%%
I fill
put. l.l,
Boiled Down for Busy Readers. Awarded
  Hirf-icst Honors--World's Fair.
The Toronto Globe has  the   fol- P. J. I', Tynan, the alleged dynamite
lowing to say on the Chinese ones- •'"n«l**'''-t*.r now jn jail  at B6nl.*i-ne.
tion ba^On the utterances o? Mr, &•£?. V^hYent Mngof^polill^! \
Kalph Smith liefnre the labor con- nature, may save him from beingextra-
gress in Quebec:**- dited,
•   The Dominion Trades and Lahor Oeo, P. Onrlis, assistant lihrarlan nf
Congress have passed a resolution ('""-'-w' lli  Wi.shlimton, a 0..   was
favorimj the increase of the tax on %™C l^^^fe^rft
Chinese immigrants  from   .$50   to arrest huh the result of' poliee stnpliilty,
$500  per   heftd,     There   may  be Curtis bein,* mistaken  for  a  urimlniil
Varying tipinions as to   the   nreciso 'Vll1ll*eil1''Ythe Swiss poliee,   Ourtishas
degree of restriction  to   he 'esiab- |83.1^7^!^!,t^SSSl.^
l.shea  but no one ei.,,1,1   expect an      A  terrilia enlr  swept over  I Ion,
assembly of woi-kini-iiien   n>  COme Bngliin I. on tiio 2Rnl  Inst.   The storm
.  to any other conclusion  than   that [asteil nearly  lM 1.huh, mueh ilauiage|
the restriction   must   be effective. '--•■"« "lu"e to shipping
If'   ^»» ^^F
'QW 27. ir.U*je*xA IA
_ The test which the jvcrkingrnan ap*' ^rfcal Castl"^ Wet,""^ ! A pure Crap Cream of Tsttnr Powder. Pre,
plies tothe question; iB-tho standard (-,„.,.„ Vietorla lias beon reeelvingan from Ammenla, Alum or any other adulterant
ofliving; and it is difiicult to and* jennr us   numhor of congratulatory I 40 Years th-J Standard
sent to the rescue.
The proposition to ere-t a cannery nl
English   Bay,   Vancouver,  is meeting
with agooti deal of opposition   ns   it is I
deemed to keep it as u Lathing placo.
Ci'v Solicitor lliiiiiiiieisley has ad-
vireiJ the City Cnnnull pf Vancouver
tlmt It would lie a Lad precedent for
then, in Blgu the Anli-Mouyolian
The fog nn tlie river wns worse to-day
llu.ii anv day this season, The steamer
jl-lmir did nut arrive froiii S evestun
li.,lil 2 p.m. she reported the str.
*i ,:.-.i n.iic, whieh left l.ist evening fcr
Vii"o ia, had uot left the river at no. n.
The sir. Uladys hnd uot arrived from
t'liiiliivack ut n late hour Ihis nfter..onn,
anil the fng wns coming nu thick again.
It was i-i-j..nti-ii lhe str. Cliiiiuier hud
nnt, arrived nt Vancouver from Victoria
al 8.o'clock this afternoon, tl"1 fog on
tho gull heingiustas iiei.se as that uu
tlie river.—Columbian
Tin- last stone of tho Provincial l'n -
Iii..in-ill. hiilhlings, ni. Victoria, wns laid
mi Sainr.;.iv Ly Premier, Hun. J. II.
Turner, in the prefehoa of the Chief
Justice, local men.hers ofthe Provincial Legislature, and others. Coligni-
tulnled spieclies were made, and the
Premier annouued that thu Government tt'olild give a ilinuer during iftc
present week to the Workmen einplme I
Oil tho huildingf,*
Are now ready for 3'our inspection, the
designs, quality and styles being the choicest from the looms in Great Britain.
Have also a job line of 100 suits of
Which I will sell for $27, the best value t
ever shown in Nanainio.  Soliciting your
esteemed orders, and thanking you for
past patronage, respectfully yours,
Commercial Street.
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs
-DONE  BY  THE — ,--->■
1 ioneer Steam Laundry
m»- i IJy so doin8 vn"' wi" PATRONIZE WHITE LABOR
-*1*   j And help to GET RID OP THE CHINESE!
Dye Works in connection ■■■mmr
T. O. Box 95. D. M. STKWART, Proprietor.


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