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The Nanaimo Semi-Weekly Mail Aug 26, 1896

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By the test of public opinion
and found "all right."
Second Year
And Increased success of the
people's paper, tbe
Nanaimo Mail.25S;.V,m"J,'
< Printing      — »
' •**" i
is our business, and.tbe su- J
pi'iiorilv of our work com-'j
mends itself, while as to prices i
It Is Profitable j
l To deal with us.   All classes i
:        of work foi all classes of custo- )
>        mers is our specialty. ,'j
VOL. 12.-XO. 18.
ow is
exercise the judicial faculty, would Urns
retain genera] confidence, mul 1 fear it
NO. 8586
Labor troubles in Entflantl.—Political Prisoner Released.
Is the  Lucky  Number.—Mr. Merri-
liclil wins tin Blie.
Infesting Trees, Shrubs,)
Plowors nnd Vegetables.i
(1     0     0     0     0
You ivinl something thai will do the business
oft'eotually, yot will nol injure the most
delicate flower or plant.
>i M?1 "& r* '-si li a 'x *» f mi.'!a Ka !'■<*■ H •■:■ '-i
3 Ijfj i- % ki m b a* ri is a a 13-i i\ &.-•? -ii^Ul
Illy  'vJabuJ  U^^J'iL   LitJa   Wsswsa
Docs the trick.    Try n tin.
We also have in slock Whale Oil Soap, used
bv all Fruit Growers.
Wo hnve ii small stock of Fruil Jars
Half Gallons,
-Pints, Quarts aud
Delta nud Duncan's Creamery Butter and choice Manitoba
Creamery and selected Dairy Butter in 5, 10, 20 and
30 lb. lulis.    Prices away down.
Sterilized Cream from die Delia Creamery, very choice, in
Pint Jars.
We have a full line of the best Groceries at the Bottom
Prices.    Quality Guaranteed.
'   -.'" n > ' oul u htrirp coiisiii-iinient of Boots and
might gradually assume Intolerable pr,
Chief  Justice of England   delivers  tensions,    There  ii danger,  too,  to  be
an Address before the Ameri-        if",''1''' ngl?ln8t (aw ""''i"1"1' ;""""'','
ho lniii; as war remains the sole courl
call Bur A   i ion. wherein  to try International    quam-u,     London,    Aug.     22.—Albert    Ueorge
                             the  risk of tnilui ro so tremendous   Whitehead,  un   Irish  political  prisoner, Stevenson & Co., who have the faculty
uml the mere rumor of war so paralyzes was rel-mscd from I'ortland prison tin-' of keepiue their business prominently
Saratoga, N. Y„ Aug. 22.—Over 4,500  commercial nnd industrial life, that pre-  morning.   Whitehead    is    an American before the public, and are always Intro-
people  ussembled  to  listen  to  tho  ltd-  tensions wholly uiifuuuded would rareiy citizen.   Before cummg to this country   ducing s ething new, Monday;evening
of Lord    ttussell, of    KiUowon,   bo advanced^ by   any nation    ami    tne; ho resided in    Nety   Jerrey.   He    will weighed the coal that has beeir in.their
lIl-l-SS     nl.     I.OIM IvUSSCU,     Ul J*.llJO\,Cll, - - ... „     ,. , ...     -,       " IMI-jl    LIIVli'llI   lOlll   Oil-.   UOBJI     111. L,ICO
lnr.1 Ohio*  fnstlco of Emrhmd   on "In- fIL'm"m ,''"'"'ts ol  *;,:l"l',"»' "■ wletJ\er  probably  sail  for the  I mted  States on window  ,-,„.  the  past two months and
Lord Ohio   Justic.  oi   .,, l.,i„l, on    in immediately coiieorned or , will be di-  J] lay   next.   Whitehead,  whose real ,..,,,,„,  „„ little Interest among those
ternatioiial Arbitration,   before tne Am- rectcd to proven! war.    Bul 11 thero 1 nine is Murphy, \v.is   convicted    with „;,,, were of a speculative nature.
erlean Bar Association.    It was one of a standing court of nations to which any  Dr.  Thomas  CSnlluglior,    ,[ohn    Curtis The coal weighed 1196lbB.  Mr. Merri-
the   most  distinguished   audiences   ever power may resort, with  little cosl  and   Kent and  Henry Huinomiid  Wilson  in field within Ooz. i. 0., 1190lbs. Gos.   The
gathered here.   Lord Uussell was greet-
no risk, the temptation mny be strong to  I oudon thirteen years ago. and sentenc-   following were the next nearest the right
pul  forward unfounded claims and pre- ed t" penal servitude for life.   Lute re* nuniDer.
oil with hearty applause,   Ueslde    i.o'.M   ,    , ■       ■    support oi' which thore may  ports   from  confidential  sources  on  the We nnt In one nnrnoranh all those who
Uussel there wore grouped on the plat.   l.i.;n||lv ,u, (on^ in BOme (.,iuHtri(,s „.. „  othor Bllle ,„ „„,, wol.k|ng ,„, „„, nm. «e put in ono paragraph all those who
form United States buprenie JuiIgeUU-         ox     .  ivl,n  ,;,.,,.,,   i;,.;.;liM and the  noHty   nsiodnliou   in   this   country   say "*  iiufi'—Poter Black  E   W   Freur   A
fus W. .Beckham,  United States Attc-r-   United States?) busybody    lingoes   only  Whitehead  is niontnllj   unbalanced    in Wadilinaton N od6»            '
uey-General Uiiriiion,   Judge   Bartlett,   tog ^    (() Mi,, thc,r     m.i()lus .,„,, in.  ,,,,,,, ,„„,„,. 0| the severe U*eatmont lie iins'-RVter Black'
ofthe   New\oi;lc   court   of   appeals;  ,kmmat ory patriotism.                              r Ived in prison. lflflk'-Florence Docoulll
CouitlaudT Pinto*, of the New Jersey      ...,.|llTL, ,s u„„ lnflucnce wlli,.,,, ,,v ,hc '    Patrick .1.  O'Brien had a  long  inter- |2tXWas   Brad'lev  C,   Mayne   S   II
1 '■■■ '      ;•■! ■!. •    -I" "■;:    .i,,..._ ■   ,             ,    ,   t-M           ,   i .!,.;.-„,.,   v      .               •          retnry of the liiiitcl g, pe(,|,   Edith Wright Wm. Paterson
Hose  Hilbert.  D.  A. Galbraith, A. E.
, , . law of the nations, may be legitimately   '*'''-'   '-'i'11  th,
i oxe, .1. Randolph   tucker, ol   Virginia;   „x(,rclBL>(i by .;„. powers In the intereais  States embassy, James ft.   Rooseveltto-
i.eace-I mean  mediation.    I began | Joy,__nndlit is belioved thai it had so    Buxton, Jas. Kickson, Mrs. Bucklev, TC.
Henry Hitchcock, of St. Louis; William
Butler Allen, of New i'ork; Edward J.   j''. speaking oTtlii* iwo'^eneral liivisio.Vs I''01'''"'''*'"'1 wilh the iieps i  taken to   Frawm.e    Mr     p   Bn|-lh    |.    r,„,k   .x
'        American  and  British-of that  Eng-1 trniisport the released WsU prisoners to |Mat.,.0U^niT# HiJainMijn0iBMta'aib
Phelps, of  ViTimint; .liii.i.-s (.'.  Cart,,-,   _AmerlcIul   im;,   British-of  that   Eng-1 trniisport rnc re'easoii ir.sn prise    >'« '» j Mavilougiill, T. H. James, .Ino. E;
,[ New lork; Nathan L. Shipmiin, ol   llsh.sl)oaklng worW whieh you and I re- America.   The greatcsl secrecy prevails   M      v sc  ;vi)       Q       |llrs,
j_0  regarding tin- departure of Dr.   lliomns ' '
Onllaglier.   Ii  is probable that he will
Crickenthorpe. flilcnce" tiiey possess"for" iasuring"' tb"<--l stnrt early nox! week,
President   Moorefiold   Stony,  of  Bos-
healthy progress and the lu'iic-.- of man-
rue pii.it week lias been the quietos
the year, politically, socially nnd i
Conncctictit; Bishop John P. Newman,  ,,,iv,,;lt, nnd wlth on- more reference tc
Sir hruncis   Lockwood and    Montague   them I end.    Wo cannot doubt the In- P " : Cpim Hie Shining Wheel.
At 7:110 o'clock Monday morning Rev.
Canon (looil united   In  marriage Mr.
Clins. Charlton  and .Miss R.   G.  King.
,   ■    • .  i have "been the sliver ntiestion" iii the   Mr. Charlton was supported byjilr Gus.
l1^1.1!.00f1,;JLitl.0::? ^'..l:  West ,„„l SS Cretan iusm*rectZ in the   Bate and ibe bride was given away   by
Mr A. ci. King, Jr.   After the ceremony
ton, in presenting Lord Russell, sui.l: "1   k,nd  jlllt ,f tWg lnfluence la t„ ,„. full.
have now the very greal pleasure ol not   ,,,„ 1h,.y lmlst W111.k tng<,tbet in cordial  ''''''''' ',;lv-    n'e """" features of inl
Introducing,  for lie needs no lutrodtic-
tion  to any    English-speaking    -/-wyer,   ,,r  '.„.,;,,„'    Ir  thoy  have  groat  pow-r
Call nun Bee our Slock and (let our Figures.    It  will  pay
i  P&Mnlp-Q ^tlOPP    Victoria
.- ^  I yll|SlW y Ullla Ug       Crescent.
but of presenting to you. Lord Russell, I",' [^ .,, ( ',..., ^dI w ity    No  Enst;   The ,1"" t!'MS,n 1"18 ,"'""'-'1" tbt U',r'i( W'   After the ceremony
of Klllowen, Lord Chief Justice of Eng- „ ., ,,,!..    !,,;,,..,,,,      'i,„„,i,   •■•"-••- disturbances among the laborers -11"1 breakfast the newly married couple
land,  who  will deliver tho annual ad- .','   ,   r,   ,; „ i"}    '.,  ,,,''       '.,       „ L 'and  artisans,  nud  lho long  threatened started  out   lor Victoria  on  bicycles.
dress on the subject of    'International T   .'.'"  .,; m7klnB of 1, it rv in li < (I"----™' strike scorns coming to a head'. Apropos to this wedding we reprint the
Arbitration.' " ,  ''^ \V<  „„ to eome    The greatest '■'''" '""" !" BCVI''', "r the 1"-"vnl ,'"l'"i" ' fo,lo'v"nS ll»«a 1,-v ■**"-■••• E' r- Dowe:
Lord Russell prefaced his words by a onlnmitv tbnl  could befiill thom would   Jvorkf  '"'''  •*lr*r,1<--v "ut  ","1  troul le is We wheeled away the morning,
modest  hut handsome acknowledgment ,' ''.,ir'„ 0i,'.,„i i it .'ivi.i,', n,.,,,,    r.rn- „« hruwing  among  the  Nottingham    lace And we walteed away the night)
of the hearty  welcome with  whicli  he ' ,       .;.          n Ve      .,1    ,      ^t ^^oi-kers; the East End tailors'strike has Sweet Nellie was my darling,
was honored.    Speaking of the    move* .' .      '.      ' ;.vn,, ,' ,s,'"'..,' ,', „„,;."! 'wn ngninst the large tailoring linns. She was my heart's delight;
ment for arbitration, Lord Russell said ''iK-.,   ' "„. ' ','',,.      ,'',,'''",,.   n".    1 .-""''  ll'"  ""'"  'vi"  '"' withdrawn   from We flirted! oh, so freely,  and   neither
in part: speoting, each in   hono   upholtllng   its, „ ther concerns shortly.   The strike thought it Wrong,
"In 1800 llie senate and house of re* "rri^f'^ml SrtlnJ +1*^1*1?   of ls I"'""1"-'"1 b*v ""' middlemen, who gel For life is but n little spin,  nor flirting
presentntlvos of the United  States ad* ±  :'\^..''," t ^"i,'v  m   T'1':^ h?" the big houses and then __    timelslong:
oucurrout resolution r< questing
He rs.   that  each  in   its  own  way   fill
Ming Its national destiny, they shall yet
fi * ITSS
- -   «   •-   •   ■
io como and inspect our stock of
the  president  to  niako  use  of  any   lit work in' liiiru.oi.v  for the progress and
occasion to enter into negotiations with ,.   f, ,,.- .,.(1 wor\A »
other governments, to the end that any ';'t   „,'.,  ;.1(]V(.' ,,f' ,„,.,,   Rnweii'a   ad-
diffcronces or disputes which could uol (ll.f9g ,,,,. .,;11*,..,.-,. ,•„..,,., applauded  and
be adjusted by diplomatic agency might pllecrcd him to the echo.   The demon-
be referred to arbitration and poaccfullj „,,..,,;,„, ,,.„,,,, r,,i|v Hfleen minutes. A
adjusted by su.li means.    The British anm\,ov  „;'  persons  shook  hands  wm
house of commons responded In    IMI.". ,,u„  ],PartUv cnngrntuhiting liim nn the
by passing unanimously a resolution ex* ,,i"st'ilv    address*.   On  motion  of  I'ld-
presslve of the satisfaction it  f lt with v,:,,..i j,  n'„';,',.'. B'ei-oiidcd hy .lames 0.
the aclion of congress and of the hope rjnrtor, the thunks of- the   association
that the government of thc Queen would „-,.,,0 extended  to  Lord  Russell  for his
lend Its ready co-oporation to give effect lumluoii-i and  elonnont    nddress,, Gcu.
^,   to il.   The parliaments of Denmark ard p, p. Kullard, of Now York, offered the
5  Swltnerland and the French chujmher of following, which wns adopted;
>   Jepntles In:-,, [ollowcd suit.    It BCim.d -\:.  olved,    Thai    the American   Bar
5   eminently desirable that there should be Afnociiitien   concur  with   the  principles
-   an  agency   by   whicli   members   of  the enunciated   In   the  eloquent   ndilrcss  of
great representative aud  executive  bod- T.- ■ --1 Rusce'l; and, be il further
ii s of tho world interested in this fur '-l'sl.,,I. That il bo rcfeiicd to tho
reaching question  should meet on  nun cointnittoc  on  international  law,  tb  re-
iii ui ground  aud discuss tho basis for c  nmend  such  further nctlou as simli
common action.    With this object there be deemed  proper to forward the cre.u
has recently been founded 'The Perman* ennee of Intoruatlounl arbitration.'1
cut Parliamentary Committee in Favor  «~*^-*.	
of Arbitration nnd  Peace,' or, as ii is Ottawa,  Aug.  21.—To-day  being Ot
sometimes    called,    'The    luter-Parlia- (tawa's oiiie holiday there was an bn-
mentary Union.'   This union Iiub a per- mouse crowd who turned out to witness
rguulzatiun.     Its  ollicers   mid
i al
a ■ 1 I Q  Al   li   B n        B JB«B11
L I huw < mhlul ml w Mmmm
Our slock this season we assure you is
;oniplete in every respect and bound
to please. It comprises all the latest
novelties, etc. A very iine and well
assorted stock of Ladies' Sailors and
Children's Galatea, Silk and Lace Hals.
Crescent Store,
the forma] opening of the'now  Liberal
mcinbei-s   are   not   v.an   idealists;   they
uro nun of the world.    Thoy    do    net Parliament,  yesterday  being devoted  'o
claim   to  bo  r.geuerutors  ol   mankind, the constitutional preliminaries   of   the
nor do they promise tho mill, i.iiuu, th.'y swenrhig-in of members and the iiislal-
ure  iioins   honest   and   useful   work   in ling of speakers of  both  houses.   At .'t
making sti-ulghter nud  loss diilieult the o'clock  Ihe jam  wi.s  s„ great   that   a
path of intelligent  progress.    Speaking very large number failed lo gel adinis-
iu this place I-need only refer lu passing gion  to the precincts ol  the Ionise to
to  thc  remarkable   L'uu-Aniericnn  cup- hear Lord Aberdeen deliver thc speecn
gross held iu your stutcs in 1.V.KI at the fruin the throue, which was as follows:
Instance of the late .\ir. Blaine, directed "Honorable Gentlemen of the Senate
to tin1 same peaceful object. and  Gentlemen  of the House of Com
"Ii is obvious, therefore, that the son- mons:
?  timent for ponce and in favor of arbltra- "Tiie  necessity  of  making  provision
S  us tho mu rii.iiive for war is growing for pu:>iii- service has compelled mo to
)  apace,   llow lias that scutlment told on summon you together al this somewhui
}   tne direct action of  uutious'l How  f.ir Inconvenient season.
S   huve tuey shaped their policy aecordb.g "ll  Is impossible to lay before you al
f   io its methods'/    Xho answers to th se thla rcssion the public nccounts for the
e   que->lloiis are peaceful and encouraging, pnst yonr. or indeed any of the reports
J   cixperieuce has shown that ovor a Urge usually sulimitted lo parliament.  Under
>   i.ro.i     iiitiriiational     ditfercuces     may these circumstances and in view of the
)   honorably, practicably  und  usefully  be fact that you will be required to reas
Xtm i-i'iii-i-i/i   "£■*   if      ?  '"'"''  w"" ''-v I'oo'oiul urbitrum ut, Tu soniblo .early In tbe ensuing    yonr,    it
AillUlll.U), Ji. i>.     S   thirty-two  o,   tUese   thu   United   Sluiis does nol    appear   expedient    to    Invite
^J   has horn a party, ami Great Britain to your attention lo any measures beyond
some twenty of Uioni. the passage of the supplies.   Tho opern-
"There are many instances, also.of the l'"n i f the tnriff will be mude n subjccl
i*>trilmte  them    to    journeymen.   The I But my heart was all mv own, nor love
middlemen claim that they have 35,000 I        ili.'l ever feel,
lourney n behind    them.   A    Londou  Until X saw my  saucy  Xell   upon her
Cabbies' strike againsl    the    privileged |       ebiniii" wheel.
iilis  ii!   the  railway  stations   is   being
N'ows of the great success of tho University of Pnuesylvanla exiieditlou to
Uabyloniu lias lieen received here. The
most notable result of the excavations
is that the history of the Babylonian
people as recorded In cuneiform wrting
on tablets is carried back at least H,H50
years further tban yel known. There
Is now abundant written evidence that
(he Rahy.onlmi people existed nnd win'
civilized . nongh to I, able to write at
li isl   7000   years  1 oforo  Christ.   Pr-of.
Htlprccht  Is at  pr it nl     Constant!-  T1)e summer fl.,eth fast,
p.e arranging for the clnssl-ication of  T|K. winter winds will wean
scnptlons on ob-ects nf priceless value.   Bu, |0Ve will ever lust!"
We boated on the summer sea,
We bowled a giddy game,
We laughed away the happy hours,
We flirted Cupia's flame:
We kissed each other kindly, and neither
thought it wrong.
For life is but a little spill  nor   kissing
time is long:
Bnt my heart was all my own, nor love
did ever [eel,
Until 1 saw my saucy  Nell   upon her
sliiniii!,' wheel,
I said, "Sweet Nell, O marry me!
The scci nd  report of lhe selecl  i ■ m-
seenna report or tne Beiect com- Uud Nell and I were married .andnjither
mlttee ol  !' ■   hou o ol I irds on Sunday ,|. u,rilt ,, w ,„,„
'"".""•   '" insl been p.ihllshed.  1!   For life ii but a litlieapln, nor wedding
lime is long:
And we wheeled awuy together, nor nev-
 tnbci-s of  the (lrainntie and  musical
-■  fcs»inn, expressing the hope thai the i       er fear did feel
law  pr diluting ihe opening of places For n*p Ig „„ a honeymoon  upon the
■ f ami lenient  for pay on  Sunday  wid Bhininir wheal
be uph, ! I i-i order to protect a half mil- Binning wneel,   ^
Hou poi-.-uns ngniust Sunday labor. The .    ,,,,          i        . i    i  , j   »
experience of  Western  cities    of    the An Ottawa despatch dated Aug.
United States is quoted as evidence in 24 says that  \\ .   \\ .   U.   Mclnnes
sin porl of upholding the law. moved the address in reply to the
The  recent  reports of William Wal- speech   f,,„u   tlie  throne. ' It says:
ilnrl   Asi.o's  desire  to  marry   Princess ,,',,      ,,  ,                   ,                     ,,J .
Vlc-otln of Wales are declared by nu Mr' Melnnes  made  an   excellent
miniate friend of Mr.  Astor to be en
rifely    without foundation.    .Mr,   Astor
speech,   lie spoke at length on the
great capabilities  of the country,
shi, .lii"„i,rr;vTi" '"Vi "":''":,';,"",t especially British Columbia, at the
since ili'uley week, and he will not   re-       '        •  *        ... ,,     ,',.,,
'.on. to England until tho Inter part of |*,ame.l.lme pointing to the fact that
Siptember,  when ho wiil at  once proceed to Cliveden.
The  French  newspapers  aro  making
ihle.gi very unpleasant    for    President
..^.-v ...^^.n^^^-^-^s-^v      /■     ~^~**~-^~^.- ^-~v-w^.     *.   .r,   |nt-.ouuct|0„ ,,, nruitrutlun inlo lieatios. "' careful enquiry during    thc    recess
!    VVlVJjij    Ai.\J'    lL\t U IO IJIV YaI'a I JCiliO     Vl Ai\ 1 CiJJ  '   in the  van, but aro we thence lo cou-  ■'' measure as may. without doing Injus
V^zrvVriii ix BIUTISH COLUMBIAlAro ,",
Preserves niiid,.  S -L-■,   A'ADAXXUXX   \J\JX,\J JIi.X»XTl Jproparod by
elude that the milleniuiu of peuce has tlee lo any Interest, main-.ally    lighten
arrived-ihat the dove has  returned  lo v--v burdens of the    people,   [miuediate
the ark, a sure sign that the water- of rtt>""B ■*'••' '"' ,:,,"'n '" ''"''''' :1 sottlomcnl
inioniaiioii.,1 strife    hare    permanently "'  ""' "Junitohn school question, and  1
subsided?   I am uot sauguiuu enough to lmvp every   fltlonoo thai   whon  par-
LW, only a,like the boat.   Try them,
i iiiin-k Curranti Btrawberry, Roil Currant
1   nnd QooBobo
lay this flattering unction to my    soul,
Unbridled ambitiliu, thirst lor wide
liament next
embles t:
Impoi tant
notwithstanding all tlic^e capibili-
ties, richness of the soil and the
grent mineral wealth of the west
F'nure, whom they""n'ccuse"of Voerciou! prosperity did not exist there now
They say the people aro seriously dis. I nor in the Dominion, and this was
pus ina a consulate or n directory. Dur- largelv due to the policy of the late
t the Ii,::,'-r^vlre^'s^tiugTp: government, which fosteredmonop-
on triumphal arches and salutes, and "lh's i:1"' prevented thnt aistribu-
tlml tho garrisons be tinned out to re- lion of wealth which would other-
eeivo him. Xow. tor the czar's recep- wise have followed a tariff for reve-
tlon, the pn si,lent has doeiiled to a,Innl ,■ i r i . .     «
the  Knpnleonl tnme after the por-   "I8   1"'1r''V'     J'   a   ■ll'!,:lrtnlent  of
trail of Greu**e, a black velvcl coat era    mines was created in the Dominion
' government thai portfolio, he was
satisfied, wouldgo lo British Columbia, nnil then that province would
get what it was entitled to and
Owen Sound, Aug. HI.-What will which the late government had prue-
pi-ohaldy he remembered as one of the licallv recognized, He gave a ter-
lioiiist political eauipolgns ever held hi Ljble denunciation Of Sir Charles
t iinndii  is now proceeding in the const-    .• to. ■ tt
money oi   North Grey,    The  riding is   '"I'l'01' f°r first pursuing a policy
fairly deluged  with Tory  ward  heelers  '■■■ the school question with the view
brnidorod with gold thread, a wniatcoal
with wide lapels, high boots, and n
belt carrying n gold-hi ted Bword,
"liim Willi the N'osc.
Broken Bicycles
—SHOULD    11K—
Repaired in Good Shape
tu avoid Miur.i r p{ ;n'i [dents
"„',■.;„, ":i "■  '■ Spd     ::
                     , ntroversy will have been adjusted eat- and  pushers  Imported  from    far    nnd of capturing Quebec and after hav-
, Strawberry, Kod Curranl  .   minion, pri.ie oi power Mill holds sway,] '"U'ciocily. near.    The  Conservatives are spending inn lot the election was now Orvil B
"**m*m vr, ,.       „|l|ml|f,i,  wiUl lw„u„[1  f     ,,    ,u     "Gem n ol   louse  ol   Uomraons: u,„el,  money  a, are  brought   down J? .„,.,*.       ,„, ■.*..„...,.    ... C0L*
—^s.^^ ^j..,.^^}  aome son under tho restrntul    of   thu   !i tlmafca ''"' ''"' ""':''"1 5'cal 'vil1 "l,ilM »'••* the nose," Hugh John  Mc- ,ut a8-i"*sl   lit. I rench.  Jn conclu-
 liealilder o|.ii.i„n ol the world.                 , he bid before you forthwith.                   ! Donald,   in   ihe  hop,,  thai   the  electors sum he  Paul  a   compliment  to  the
1    "But further, friend as 1 am of pome.     "Hoiiorabl*> Gentleiiien nf tho Sonito may be overwhelmed by the striking re- rtrong government  whicli  Premier
'     -aft.'di .                 I would yet aiiirm thai there may ho "'"' ';''!"!'Iai" ,nl ','',' """•'' "','"'"' *':m'']:v-"' of thai   muoh-exhiblted   In* Laurier had formed.    Mr. Lemieux
even   grctttei   cahuuitic
:    n   war—(ho '"""":   '  '"!'; ,h;" "''" '"" ,vi" l,!V''   dividual  to his Illustrious  fnthor,    Mr
given the necessary attention to the con-   James  McLauchliu  has at  Irla hack
followed in French.
mjfW    «*W( Jt»      ''i-"1" fol'., nation, ibe iiii.inpl. of „,, -.l;"1'.""1"',:' iimi to wo c(   • l James McLauchliu has at Ms back n "    ^J"
'   t?dl   otfi   ■f.-fs &       nun, is cause,  ,|„. perpetuation m '"'"',;!l"" ,'" the.»*e rs -"'ludlcs, ] nny   ,„,.,.,. „,,,„,„,. „f Conservative speakers; ....     .„. ,'*,., ' ,.nav
^K&eWgm h"!"-""8-" •'"'l -leasing tyranny.    U  be* !'  ", !"''''':, " |" 'l ' ,,,:;   :';''   ,:.   ««■•"« thnra  are  Hon. Clarke  Wallace E ithusiwn, Oyci'ho tcna5.
 v-ea,   then   all   win,  are   trleuds  of ",rt •'", "!il:lmv    nt this session ol   ,„„•   Messrs.  Sproule and  McNeill  nnd     Winnipeg,  Aug.    21.-Thomns    Kelly
Sue the      I'bLOP,
City Market
lli,i:.\..    &
Wholesale ond Retail
peace and advocates of arbitration to
recognise the diulcultles mil to dlscrlni-
imiie betweu the causes in which friendly  arbitration is and in  which it   in,
ParHnuie I." | \v.  p.  McL an, M.I'.'s.
Al the request nf Sir Chnrles   I upper   |,,IV,. nrrnnged n  "mass
Tories  and W, .1. Christie, two prominent Win-
mectlng"    for    Ipcgcrs,    returned    to-dny    from   the
nsld ration of the address in i*eply to ■ pr|,i,lv  , ,,.,,;,.■ n0xt, ,,,,  which  occasion Kootenay mining district.   Like all otli-
thc speech fi  tho throne was uefer-   *-j0„, nngn .i.,i;H |« billed  to Bb w his rl's v/h" vis,il ll,il' teglon (hey are most
red uutil Monday next.                              «..n ,,, ,i,,. .,., ■/.,,,,,,, -■ •      lie nvoi   it-    briebl    nrosnects.
'   "' l"'" ■'       ::      Arbltrutiuu     A„ „,0 -.„ ., ,,,„,„,,.. ,,.,„„ „,,,;.;,   >■"-   '«"•»  •'<■ i.-um.          , [r. Kelly I lonvlnccd that the his
will not cover lhe while Held of intirn.i-
j30JlfX*0Sf Jlif Q\>liollti,njr3 ^
!>■      I  l.u.-l-:   THE  OPPOUTUNITY
If y.m hnven'l   hud   iiiifortiinntu e>
tion.il  contro
■ 'olti tibia ii   I Northwest Territories and
powers of tile world hind themselves in
ienguo to coerce ii rccnlcllraiit mvmbor
of the family of nations, we have still
to faco the moro ii  possible disregard
by  powerful  slales  or Ille obligations   .'I
good faith nud of jusiie... The scheme
of sueh a combination has bocii advocated,  but  the signs of  its i rrapllsh-
lllelll, nre absent. 1 doubt wheill i- ill
any  ease a     permanent     tribunal,    the
wl.'li slim s yon nr ■ Lo In ii-   members of whieh  shall  be priority .b •
r-Vrhapn  vnu   cannot   tell   signaled,  is    practicable    or    desirable.
■ I ; ,,,, Lhe wrong   '" '■!'" ll,"il  I'1'"'" the character of tho
■:    ),i   ■ H80II   uhv vou   '"'sl   tribunal   must   largely   depend   . u
nldn     et whut you i v-1"1' '' '" ,l" nHiltrnted,   The I iti rests
worth.    \i lu i an buy ii pair   '''"' ''   ' :,:      mimonlj  i ormou   -o.e,
from i .i ' i '"' until mil  sj np II y   pri ie
to expect from tlium and \  wop'l be   "l"1    prcjiullco   arc so   searching,    so
disappointed, for we loll you thu exact  cre.it and so Biibtle, thai 1 doubt wheth-
truth and nothing bill (be truth, or a tribunal, tl o membership . r which
t> ,.  ..    .,.„ „■ ,   ,       nol svn-n.  <,  nrnnmr f        I """ " character of pcrmnuencc, even if
P. O. Uox227 Telephone 7-8    I ORR & RENDI'LL      | solely composed  of men aecitsleincd In
' "' Bii'H M„.,o.li,a. along wilh Senator Melon 's,
ivalted on lion. Mr, Laurier to-dny in
regard to the vacant per; folio of the in-
lerlor. The Manitohn members and tin
VorthwesI memhi rs of course in kod thai
ii hIiouIi! iro i i them, u hlle eohic of tho
Hritish Columbia members snid thin u
ntiKlit   tn  ae  i"   thai   province.     There
were othei s i lio cod thai the Interior
-. -is .a di partnn ni w '", ll rl lill belmi
nl to Manitoba nnd tbo Territories, Imi
■il lhe e.i ■• tin ,, ihey urged that o ibini i
t'epre icul itlon be given to British ('ol-
ni '■'■ • a m tis il wns pi >.- ble i lo
*-o.   Mr.  Mnrrl on, while ely ndvo-
tii     t'ovtnee havi     cn i repriv
nlii Hon nn  ns poi sll le, said I    I
lie did im h i li to cmbarosa the lender
of the "om rninenl in Hie or..seal nniu.
II in. Mr, l Hurler rci lined Hie noccs*
ity of 'he province netting cnhmi i ri |i
rescntatlon umi snid thai the mutter
would have his enroful attention,
Becoming   Suspicions   of American - '.'  rl ■»1lnln« iM ,!l,'' westeru states la
irolng to be repeated m Kootenay Hint
i e has decided to tnke up bis residence
lhere for the next Few months, lie hns
become liniiiieinlly Interested in some
valuable properties,
Toronto, Out.. Auk. 22. -The banks oi
Toronto are dally becoming more suspicious of Aiinii.-aii money. Nol one
ni' them will accept any form of iVtneri-
i nn  n i  nl pur to anv great extent,
Yesterdny   thc   Bank  nl   Montreal,    in > oies V roiu I'cdernl Cnpi'al.
Montreal, refused to take United Stales Ottawa,  Aug.  22.—A    petition    from
hills or silver from nny one.   The mor- Ohhieso merchants    of    Victoria for a
chants' bnnli is the only bank In Ham- consul al that port has reached the de-
llton thai receives bills at par from cus- nartment, and   Mr.  Parmalee will pro-
tomers in Binnll ni ds, sonl it lo I.i Hiing Chang,
-*-*-**- The government Intend opening a min-
Vii:f" ■■!'.   ' "'   21.,   Mr.  rtitfus l'n] big bureau iii Montreal shortly. A skilled
M.P.,  bus  i         tl  a   cnhlegrnm    p mining expert   from  ltritisli    Columbia
London miyin-i  ''mi n block of 120,01K) ,,ii| i„, placed In charge.
11 re   ,.,' Big 'i liree mine wen. solrl yi ponr offtoinls of the secretary's branch
lerdnj   and  lh.il  other largo  sales  will and   four of the nrehlteofs branch »f
no dotibl   foil ••. ti,,.  public works department  were dis-
Londnii, An.   21.   There was a sllghl charged  yesterday,
flurry of snow here on Wednesday nnd a i    Mr, Slfton left for Winnipeg yoste/.-
hciivy frost. .day nftornooii.                                          ,
Sonic Pertinent Questions Propound
cd to lhe Sanitary Committee
und .Medical Health Officer.
j soon take the place of gold among the
the precious metals. It is largely a matter of legislation. Our silver dollars are
at par, although only worth nbout 5.r)
cents as bullion (owing to adverse silver
legislation), and yet they are not and
nevor woro redeemable in gold. If the
"silver of the world" were ''dumped on
the United Stales'* in consequence of
igftinst I free silver legislation, it would only re-
' suit iii giving as prosperous times, as it
uhl give us oniy about ^(ill per capita;
EDITOR   Mill.: —(Inc   nl   llie  charges
made by the Kev. I). A. McRm
Chief of   Police   Crossan   rem
''That on several occasions during the
past six months ho has failed lo carry I whereas the most flourishing and'proi
out the instructions of ibe judicial gresslve time wo ever bail was when
health officer, and in this wuy lias en- there was .-jim per capita of monev in
ilangcied the health and lives of Ibe circulation—moslly paper. But other
citizens." [don't know what particular countries need all ibe silver thev have,
instructions of tho Medical Health officer and nre constantly buying from this.
hu has refused to obey, but one thing is They buy it now at 31 to 1, and coin it
very certain, that somo clauses of lin- „i ('.'.. tii 1—a palpable robbery of our
Health By-law lias nol been unforced miners.
Whether the fault lay witli tin- Chief or
H part falls mi the Sanitary Committee
ami the Medical Health officer lean open
question. Possibly a little discussion
in your valuable columns would throw u
little lielil mi the subject, The clu i i -
In lhe II ulili By-law to whicli I refer is
the probibl Ion of the use of privy pits
within the limits of tl o Municipality,
Now what I want to know ■ did the
Sanatory Coinmittee of the City Council .
go around or muko uny enquiry if Btich
pits ucrc in uso in the City? If so ivhnl
did they do about it, or what report did
thev make to tho council, if am '.'
Does the Medical Health Officer know
that sueh pits are in use within the City
liiuils and if bo what did ho do nboul il ?
Hoes the Sanatury Committee nnd
Medical Health officer know thai hogs in
large numbers lias been kept penned up
at Chinatown, and if bo what did they
do about it?
An answer to tbe above questions by j
the Chairman of the Sanitary Committee and the Medical Health officer would j
he in order.—JSxQcniKit. "  (7 a
cople's Choice.
. i
Geo. id. JfcAuley  Held up  and Ptc-
lieved of $11,000 in Gold Bullion.
Geo. B. McCimley, secretary n5 the
Cariboo Mining Company, was returning
from Camp McKinney, B. ('., toSpokano
on Tuesiluy, Aug. IS."with nearly (11,000
worth of gold bullion, when he was bold
np and robbed by a masked man. Mc-
Cnuley tells bis story as follows:
"Tiles.lav morning, I stalled alone
from the Cariboo mine nt ( amp McKinney, in a buggy, with three gold
bricks weighing 056}^ ounces. About
two and a naif miles from the mine, on
a little bill in the woods, 1 heard u voice
Saying:'Give ub your money,' I looked
up to the left, and on Ihe hank of the
road, about thirty feet distant, 1 saw a
masked man. He was pointing a short-
barreled carbine at me. lie them told
mo to bold up my hands, I told him I bad
no arms with me, but bo insisted on my
holding up my hands, He said to me:
'Throw out the money.' I got oul of the
buggy, went to the back part, and took
nut the saddlebags which contained the
bricks. He ordered me to throw them
on the bank, which I did. lie then
asked me if I had anv money. 1 replied
that 1 Inula few dollars, and said : 'Surely
you don't want that.' He again savagely said: 'Throw it out.' In my right
pants pocket I bad a i,b bill, If] In silver,
smd a little small change, and a knife. 1
turned the pockel inside out, and threw
the contents on the bank. Then 1 returned to the buggy, and ho ordered mo
to drive in front of liim. 1 turned my
head around to see whal he was doing.
He immediately dropped the saddlebags,
took up his rifle, and pointed il at me.
He told me to drive on, and nol turn
buck. That was the last I saw of him.
I bad sonic money in another pocket,
which he could have had lorthoasking."
Bryan's Definition of Free Silver.
In a speech al Pittsburg, recently,
Wm..I. Bryan, Democratic nominee for
for presidency, gave a lucid definition of
"free coinage of silver at a ratio of 16 to
1." lb-said: "Sixteen lo one simply
means that according to law the debt-
paying power of om- ounce of gold, w hen
coined, shall be equal to the debt-paying
power of III ounces of silver, when
coined. Ii simply means that thesilver
dollar is sixteen times as heavy as the
gold dollar. When we say that we are
in favor of the present ratio of 1(1 to I,
we simply mean thai we arc in favor of
having the silver dollar remain the size
it is row, and in favor of having the
gold dollar remain the Bize it is now.
That is what we mean, Thai, bus been
the ratio since the dais of Andrew
Jackson, nnd thai Bhall be the ratio at
whioh lhe mints Bhall bo opened to the
free and unlimited coinage of silver,
"It means this: Thai if you haven
debt yon can go into the market and
buy silver and have it coiled, and use
that silver ly pay yonr del,is. Already
you can go out into the murket and buy
gold and have it coined to pay your
debts; and when you have the right to
use either one of them, if they attempt
to corner one metal, you can use the
other, But, if yon have but one metal
which you can convert into money, and
iiml metal Is cornered, yon arc at the
mercy of those who arc managing tho
".Now, jusl one wi,nl more. I have
heard people talk about going out and
buying Bllver for 50 cents, having it
coined lilts 100 cents, and profiting to
the extoi t   of   the  dlffereni".    1 nave
know n spend time in  bi ■ 'ulating
upon how much could be mi e under
mul u -ys|, in. t cannol for tiie life of
mo Bee where tho profit is goiiu! to be.
I cannot see who is going to sell silver
for less than ii would be worth coined.
But there nre people speculating as to
the amount that cnn he mn le nl buying
ii al half pri •-."
A Voice—" Wouldn't the sil,*er mine
owners have a monopoly?"
"The silver. « lien produced, is of no
use to the man who prod ices it until be
either exchanges it ho- money or converts It into money fnr his own use.
And the moment lie brings that silver
from the mine and converts it, into
money, that money is in use to buy
commodities produced by ihu toilers of
this country.   And until that money is
brought into existence, there is JIO
money to buy the things whieh people
produce, 'I berefore, when wo legislate
to pr. vi ni in,in y i lining into existence,
we legislate againsl those who lune
muscle tn sell, or products to sell, and
cannot sell them until there is money to
buy them,
"This is conclusive enough lo say one
who is nol wilfully blind or naturally an
Idiot, A tiling is valuable according to
i a demand in use. Demonetize gold
and forbid its use in i.i e an- and manufactures by law, and it won!..'.it col -
ina.nl a dollar a pound, Make silver tbe
only money of redemption, an I  it  will
The electors of Vancouver District, by a
plurality of nearly
Have indorsed the principles and policy of
TK   Mail
As against all other pa
pers and influences of
the District, and the
justness of its verdict is
ratified hy the Province
and Nation at large.
The Best Results
$100 Each Only
$25 Down
25 in 1 Month
25 in 2 Months
25 in 3 Months
I would do my best to
make this a big success.
Call and see me.
Cabinet Factory
Cabinet Maker.
Having bail many years' experience
in the Bast I am prepared to execute all
classes of work.
Furniture of All Kinds Repaired.
Cliupel Street, Nanainio.
When you waul, a delicious diflli of lee Cream,
call at MoKENZIE'S,
on V i'tokia Orescent.
The Most Complete Stock
Jas. McGregor's
Victoria Crescent.
Always on bund.
Carbonating and Bottling
MITCHELL* RUMMING, i'ro|irielor».
Manufacturer or Lomoimilo, Ginger Ale, Sur-
SHIinrillii, Cillers, Etc.
Ice. Ice.
The Union Brewing Co.,
Limited Liability,
Delivers ICE at residences. Order before twelve o'clock. Terms
UNION BREWIKB CO., Limited Liability.
W. E. Nonius, Sec'ty.
All Orders Promptly Attended To.
Telephone '20. p. o. Ilox no.
Revier House
MRS. JAR. HAWKING, (late of the
Temperance House) desires to express bee I haul.s to tbe public for
former patronage, and now liens to
state tbut tbe Kevier House bus
been comfortably arranged for the
accommodation of boarders, steady
or transient. Single or double rooms
with hot or cold water hatha, and
electric li^'bl in each room. Everything strictly first-class and charges
moderate. Remember tbe house, a
half-minute's wall; from tbe old
stand north.
'The Globe Hotel
lias been renovated und re-furnished,
and is now conducted as a first-class
Mb, Ai.iikut ItAUon ean be found us
Superior accommodation is provided
for the public.
Notice to Ladies.
1 AM AGENT for Nanaimo and Districts for the New and  Perfect Carter's
Tailors'System,   This system is up to
I date j a perfect ladies' syBtemj is without a rival and easy to learn; is noted
for its graceful lines and elegant forms;
j it is not un experiment but a develop-
; ment.    lean also teach bow to use tbis
i system, and also all kinds of Dressmaking executed In first-class style.   Prices
to suit the times.    Address,
Margaret 31. Macdonald,
No. (i!) lliilibiirton Street,
I). S. Macdonald's Store.
Restaurant and Chop House
Co.MMi.nciAi. Street.
Oysters in every style.
Menls, 25c. and upwards.
Good Hods, 25c. and upwards.
Spring Chicken always on hand.
Johnston's Block, Nanaimo.
&rliijgtoit Hotel
Saving completed the erection of the Arlington
Hotel at NANOOSB HAY, this handsome and
commodious hotel is now prepared to receive
and comfortably ontertain travelers nnd others.
is presided over by Mrs. Thompson, and the
Table d'llote constantly provided with till ilie
delicacies oi the season. Combined with the
elegant furnished apartments, the vi.^iinr Hilda
the .surroundings <>f the most pleasant deBorIp-
People who Appreciate *
Have thelrpresoripUonB dispensed nt
Their I'rhes aie Right,
Telephone :t.
Majucet, Bastion Street,
Jtoamors and Shipping supplied on i horl notioo
ui Wholesale Prices,
I'irst-ehiss Accommodation, Fire proof building
Terms: $1.00 Per Day and Upwards.
The Boon Hotel,
JAS. BENNETT, Prpprlotor,
Commercial St.,      Naniiimo, B. C.
BIOS'!'    VAljllH!    IN
At l>.Vi\(\K<"   "-.n VICTORIA ('lll'.SI'KNT
... IvhUlMvn ,DU        Nanaimo,B.C.
Lodge Notices.
Merman Lodge, No, SIS, Sons of St.
George.— H.'irnliir weekly meeting is hclil
iii Hubert's lliill, Wharf street, nn Sat-
ijiiimy ovenlng at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethren cordially invited to attend.
Fuiii). Waostait, Hoc.
Try Philpott's Tomato Catsup
-oc. and 50c. per Bottle.
We Never Sleep.        Open Day and Night.
The Nanaimo Bakery Excels
The Popular Bakers.
Cuban Cigar Factory.
Our Cigars nro made of tlic Choicest Havana
Tobaccos.  Our Famous
Cuban Blossom *•*•>
Black Diamond
Are oalled for everywhere, nud ure superior to
nny imported olgar.  Made by Union Labor.
M.J. BOOTH, Wharf Street.
c. c. Mckenzie,
Land Agent and Conveyancer,
Town Lots and Farms for Sate.   Money to LoHn
on Mortgage at low rates.
Agent fnr ihe United Fire insurance Company
of Manchester, Kngland.
JOS. I. BROWN, Watchmaker.
lly BPKOIAL M.U'II INURY on the 1'roiulses.
Fine and Cdmpltoatod Watohos and clock.
Carefully Cleaned and Repaired
Kino CYOLOM l-'.TK.lts. for BloyoleS, In Stock.
CoENBn Cmrucn and Ciiapei. STREETS.
For a Cool Drink
Ciiampagne Cider
Soda Water
jawrences (&&L
Jl huh fiir-liirorof Tom ihtiiii.'.'Drliik»,Hvnip*i,4o.
Delivered Ireo to nil part, ol oily nu.l vicinity.
—»- I'lniiipt attention paid to«nlnptngordor».
Telephone 2-4. 1'. O. lion 71).  Nanaiko.
Ask for
I rfw.T^eimmm^j^.r^etne
-—T«.-v^-f*TMnrw-*i"» rr-r
11Y  TIM'
Ed. V. chambers, Editor and Manager,
lion street. Nanaimo, U. c.
nnll~Ono year	
six months..
Three months
Ivereil bv earner —
.:2C>o. per iiiiniui
AI (II ST 15, 18M
We say if necessary. On this point Toryism—in its analysis, the
we are positive, that for the en- s ruggle to sustain unfair advan-
forcement of law and order and the tige—which, perforce, is almost
preservation of the peace, a subs - universal to-day would vanish with
tute for Chief Crossan was about as I dishonesty.     Single-taxers do not
propose to change  human   nature.
They admit  that is  beyond their
good men who would enforce them.
We are driven to the far-reaching
and mighty importance of the ballot box, that is looked upon so
lightly   by   many,    as   the   only
remedy for the evils that afflict us, I necessary as the fifth  wheel   for a
but until the people who complain  wagon.    Uut how was Ml'. Pearson
make these demands from their of- appointed?   Accordingto the Muni- i power, but they do propose to make
fleers, even the ollicers  themselves cipal Act, all appointments to the conditions such  that  the best in
police force must be made by the j human nature will come lothesur-
Doard of Police Commissioners, face instead of the worst character-
In thiB case,* if we arc rightly in- j istics, as at present. Cn addition to
formed, Mr, Pearson was appoint- this stimulation to morality, the
^^^^^^^^^^ ed and sworn into olliee by Police singlo-tax  being  the only lax, the
n our article of last issue on the nctm. iam, by tj,,lt we (lo no( nie,m  Magistrate Simpson.    It  is now in | eyes of all would be upon it.
rd of Police Commissioners in that superstitious, supercilious  ex- order for Mayor Davison  and  Mr.      Included in the reform would le
lakingof  the  charges  preferred presBion   0f   men   that   blows   ils1 Johnston to resign from thc Hoard   the publication  of  the   assessment
■.inBt Chief Crossan and Constable trumpet of relij-inusity) but the in- of   Police   Commissioners  as (heir   rolls.       Every   tax   payer   would
pmpson we said that the matter j telligent, solid, clean   and strong presence on the Board is perfectly  know how his neighbor was asues-
"now sub judice," but by some moral manhood that shudders at superfluous.   Dictator Simpson is
Icoountable freak of the composi-1 the exiBtenoe of t]ae8e damning in- awhole Boardin himself.
Editorial Notes.
"One and sixpence for a walking I Arriya] afl{j \)m{m Of MllllS
stick- phew? \\ hy you are no bei- r
ter than an imposter to ask  eight-1
teenpence for what cost you  two-
^"Twopence your grandmother,"       E* &N.RAILWAY.     «^™
replied Mrs. Biddy.   "Do you mane | Wellington, Northfield and a.m   a.m.
are not to blame, the moral claims
of the coninimtinity must be presented before we can legitimately
complain of the want of its operation, However, we claim that character (and by that we do not mean
that superstilious, supercilious expression   of   men   that   blows   ils
!•, we were made to say " now sub
dice."     Equally  strange is the
ft that the error escaped the vig-
nt eyes of the proof-reader.
fhat is the Remedy?
tin our last issue we pointed  out
iour readers what was  regarded |we •■v"*    This it
*us as a very high-handed piece
Line-man rule, as exemplified by
fe late Police Commissioners'  ae-
, The majority is every large that
Udorses our opinion, for on every
{de the cry is going forth, "Can't
\e people do something to put an
(Rd to this state of thing?" and
his demand reasonably makes us
fk the question: What is the
bmedy? By a strange law the
pople of this city are compelled to
ay the police officers and yet their
Stitutions, and whoso life is a rebuke to the existence of all such
influences. The remedy, then, is
thai tbe nature, of what wc seek lo
exist around us must be contained
in every individual that makes and
administers the laws under which
no more than a
reasonable demand and must appear to all as being a needed
Bed, Being a tax exclusively on
privilege, and in proportion tn ihe
privologe enjoyed  instead of upon
Lu say ils cbating the j
Imposter, indeed!"
"Aye, imposter, and that's what
1 call you in your teeth," rejoined
"Come, cul your slick, you cantankerous jackanapes."
" Keep a civil tongue in your \
head, you old diagonal," cried'
O'Connell, calmly.
"Stop your jaw, you pug-nosed D
badger, or by ihis and that," cried
.Mrs.   Moriarty, "I'll  make you go
quicker than you came,"
" Don't  he in a passion, ray old  g
radius — anger will only  wrinkle
" By lhe hokey, if ynu say another  word of impudence I'll tan
East Wellington    11.26  8.bt)
Viol oria,Son thorn States un.I
|ili s along line of K.oi N. Dallyex.Sun,
Railway    S.L'O 11.61)
Hritish am! foreign, Eastern
Provinces, Eastern States, Dally ex.8uH.
Vaucouverand other places P m.  p.m,
on Mulnlandol B.C    0.30 5 00
comox  Horn:.
imox, Union, Union Bay,
SaniHvook,('oiirloiiay,(ln'ui-Tiies.    Tri.
tliain, Quivlleiuii,  Hornby  e ni    p.m.
l.-lan.l nn.l licniiiiin Island   H.UO   11.00
The Masses and the
We understand that Mr, Robert
Duggan is about to "carry the war
into China" in oilier words he is
going into competition with "John
in the vegetable business. The
spasmodic and utterly unsystematic trial of those, who in (he past
went into this business, in ilself
presignified failure. Wo trust Mr.
Duggan will profit by the mistakes
of his predecessors and adopt some
system in his business whereby his
customers can rely on him for a
supply of their needs at regular and
If so, we have no
doubt .bat what he will not only
build up a large and remunerative
business  but  also  prove  that lho
good people of Nanaimo would pre-1 "*™       ... ,   r   ,     , ,
?     . .      . .  ,,   . i—lexas State Labor Journal,
fer  to  patronize  one of  their own :
_,_ I your  hide,  your  bastely common
production, exchange, distribution, BOrub; and sorry t'd be to soil  my
consumption,    or   possession,   no fists with your carcase."
honest   man could object to paying j     " Whew, boys, what a passion old
his share, particularly as its bene- Biddy  is in!   I  protest as I am a
,., ii      , ,    i •' i u     gen I Ionian	
fits would return to him m  public o „ ..  ,, .     T. ,, ,   ,,
1 t    "Jintlemanl    Jintleman I—the
likes ul you a  jintleman!      Wis!
ill Spring Island, Burgoyne 'ri-
Bay, Kulford Haruor.North
Sail Springlalandaiidl lab- c m.
riolu Island     8 20
Til on,
Turn.. Moll.
Frl. Tluir.
Uberni, Parksville, French  e u. p.m,
Creek and Errlngton 11! 80 0.00
Sanoose Bay.
111.    Tlmr.
12 80  6.00
. others would have to satisfy  themselves on the slaked plains.     Present conditions come loo near to that
': kind of liberty to suit single-taxers.
race than the moon-eyed  Mongi
Police  Constable   Thompson   is
still  on   dutv   and  the charges r -
A Vis.
Never in lhe history of the
I United States has political feeling
reached such absorbing intensity stated periods
as that felt in the present presidential campaign in that country.
Not even in the dark days when
slavery was the  burning  question,
t. _ i when North and Hoittb were array-
ppointment to such office is made ed aga'ngt e(,on other in deadly
y a majority of the Commissioners, hostility was there such a disturb-
'ipointed by the Government. ing) uneasy uncertainty of what the
Jhis, in our judgment, is a very .future will bring tooth. For once
frong proceeding,  for  the people, seot*|onai an(i party  linos are prac-,       , ,    _.
tio are daily observers of its men ,icill],r eliminated, and  lhe issue is: """f ™de 1,galnst 1,mi' and fonn*
' office, ought to be most  capable j nmy „ lrJa, fo]. supremacy Bquarely ; "Jly hud before the Hoard of Police ,     A correspondent wi,,,cs to ro;ul
making appointments to sdit the Laged between the classes and the ,r01?mlss,onel's by 'llle Rev> D'A' the story of O'Connell's victory over
pcessities of their case.     We  are masges;    0|1 tue one side we find \Uo™m rein*l;n unanswered and un- Biddy Moriarty.   The  story is as
■.inilod of   ihp   wisdom   of this i     i iii ii    denied.     Will   the   moral   loving follows:
unileii oi   tne   wisuom   or mis bankers and brokers .money  lend- ..... .        ,     °      One of lhe drollc-t-=epncs of vitn-
r«ii*Rfi in the nresent  difiieultv  as              i           i  ,             *i      j i •         people of .Nanaimo tamely  submit '. ',      '    ",, , ,
imrse in tne present mn'1-""),-ls ; ers and speculators,  railroad kings ; |    ',  :.,.,:. ,,:, ..,    ,„   !t._|poration that O'Connell ever figured
and coal barons, land grabbers and
monopolists, trusts  alic
,..,.,       ,       „ ...      ,,    i   j'lv  mat  i muui'Mii. is  yunv.       uu*   uumi
iar la
improvements. Single-taxers would
confine government lo ils proper by gor, that bangs Banagherl Why,
function—that of preserving equal!.you potato-faced pippin sneezer,
freedom.     They   would   issue   no "•""•■ en  did  n   .Madagascar monkey
,      i     ,   ,      '       ,i   , mi, like vou pick  enough of common
bonds whatever, as* that  would   be L-,,   .*"..    •   , 6.     ,.,
, , ' ,    .,     , Christian  dacency   to   hide   youi
absolutely unnecessary, besides oe" Kerry broaue?"   "
ing a perversion of the law of equal      "Easy  now—easy  now,"   cried
freedom.     Without equal rights to O'Connell, with imperturable good
nature's bounties  there can be no humor: "don't choke yourself with
i-i       i   ,     ■,     ,. u your fine language, vouold whiskev-
eqiiahtv or fraternity.   Some would :*, .   ,. m",'*   "-""""■•-■"=j
1       • ■       .          '                , .,   drinking parallelogram"
pre-empt claims on Broadway, wh*        	
DepartureBay.dailyex.Sun 12 46 10.80
Cedar (South), Saturday   ..   2. no 11 00
.V Full Assortment nt tiio Lowest Market Rates
(irons I'sc of Euclid's  Terms
Silences a Lond-Moutlied
"'What's that you call me, you
niurderin' villain?'' roared Mrs.
Moriarty, stung into fury.
"I call you," answered O'Connell,
"a parallelogram, and a Dublin
judge and jury will say that it's no
libel to call you so."
"Oh, tare an' 'ounsl holy Biddy!
that an honest woman like me
should he called a parrybellygrum j
tn her face. I'm none of your parry belly grums, you rascally gallows-
bird, you cowardly, sneaking, plate-
licking bliggardl"
"t)h! not you, indeed!" retorted
O'Connell. Why, I suppose you'll
deny that you keep hypothenusein
your house?"
"It's a lie for you, you dirty robber; 1 never had such a thing in
my house, you swindling thafel"
""*"'" '"f""-"     ' Biintook place in the early part of     ""Why, sure,  all  the  neighbors
the above we don't necessarily im- his life.    Not  long after  he was know very well that you  keep  net
„_.   ,   ,. ,     .    , , . • ,     ,       .': plv Ihat Thompson is guil v.     Un- called to the bar his character ond onh- a hypothenuse, but that you
it Board, this year, has lent him-1 and all that horde of pans.les tha   derthe kW) and ino0mmon justice, peculiar talents received rapid rc-|iiavo  two diameters locked up in
If   to    an   influence   sumcicnt- uave crown  ri0h  ilu-ouch   special; ,     ,,   , .,      , cognition  from  all  who were even
um ...u.n caguai]y aCqUmnted with him. His
°d talents for vituperative language
no  were by some, even in   those  days,
Promptly Attended to.
All kinds of
Tin and Sheet-Iron Work.
Victoria Crescent, Nanaimo.
lie appointment matte by the Gov-
rnnicnt of one of lhe  members of
strong to change his de-j privileges granted by corrupt legis-
sion in less than 24 hours, and ,atorg Thej>) natura]ly enough,
ills postpone without a reason the ,*,.,,„• .un. ohange ,,,.,( wmll|| hftve
vesligatiou that ought, in fairness ., t(.ll(icncy to upset their regime of
the gentleman who made the ..p,,-,,],!..,
jarges, to have been made in the , Opposed to this formidable array
St instance, and would have been ; ()f weallh) pmm ^ organiied of.
lade, we believe, if the petitioners' fort, wo find the toiling,   sweating
mass of  humanity,  known  as the
It did not require
every   man   should   he
innocent  until  proven guilty, :
Constable Thompson's case is
exception to Ihe rule, but the ques-1considered great, and he was matchless as a scold.     There  was,  how
it that time in Dublin a cor-
woman, Biddy Moriarty, who
lemand in the tilling of such olliee
lad been granted.
This matter, however,   if   traced
pack to its original source, must, in
lie most of cases, be the  blame of
people themselves,   for,   as a
common people
a very keen observer lo sec that the
climax now before the people of the
United Stales was but a question of
We doubt if ever  there was
tion naturally arises, would a man
-any man wilh a knowledge of ■
innocence on his pari and ability had a huckster's stall on one of the
through such knowledge to success- quays nearly opposite the Four
fully refute lhe charges made Courts. She was a virago of the
against him-be prepared to drift firsJ w.iler. very able with her flat,
with the tide and burke investiga
tion  for a
without a formal—or informal de-1 other she   was  notorious  for her
niiil of guilt.    We think not.   Such|pone»'S  of  abuse,  and even in the
and still more formidable with her
period  of eight weeks,      From one end of Dublin to the
your garret, and thai you go out to
walk with them every Sunday, you
heartless old heptagon I"
"(Hi! hear that, ye saints in glory!
Oh! there's bad language for a fellow that wants to pass for a jintleman. May the divil Hy away wid
you, tnitcher from Minister, and
make celery sauce of your limbs,
you mealy-mouthed tub of pomposity."
"Ahl you can't deny lhe charge,
you miserable submultiple of a
duplicate ratio'"
"Go, rinse your mouth in the
l.ifi'ey,  you   nasty   tickle   pitcher,
afler all the bad words you spake.
Bakery and
Invites Inspection and Comparison
as to Quality and Price.
Awarded   First Prize at the Agricultural Show.
Bastion Street, opp. Telegraph Office
oiiicoTel. ;io.   P. o. Box Hi.   Residence Tol. 101.
Funeral Director and Embalmer
Graduate of tho Orteutal, the EurekA,
the NVw York and Clark'a
BohOOlfl of Km!-aiming.
I 111 it reduces itself back to the bal- fts ,„ ,h(, ,„, (U,(,a(ll? •„ (]ip rjnite(
ot box, for just as surely as the S(a(,s At thfl ]1|.C.,(,|U .*me (]u,
-tovernment appoints our civic of- i:,liu,(1 S|,U(,S js ab8olutely ,uui ir.
icers so the members of the oivio redeemoblv steeped in clebt-na-
eommunity appoint the Govern- tionnl debt, stale debt, county debt,
oent.   Of course it is just as easy [oity de|)t> township d(.,lt and 8chooi
(for the Government to make mis-
Itakes in appointment as it is for individual voters to do in making the
government, the nearest approach
to correctness in these matters is to
determine   appointments    of   any
[kind on the ground  of  individual
character.    This is one of the faults
from the police force. i "eu s ™™™> nowever, inougni iiuu  intersection of a superficies."
  I he could beat her at the use of her     « You saucy tinker's apprentice,
"The Kev   I)    \   Mediae    until ',*vl1 •vu:1.l,"";'i* if you don't cease your jaw I'll "
nit itev. u.  a     icK.te,   until      0{ ^      however,   he   had some  Bul horo sho    ,     a fol. bre;l(1   „, .
recently   pastor   of   St.   Andrew 8 doubt himself when he had listened  able to think of any  more word.-,
Presbyteriam  Church,   and   well- once or twice to some minor speci- for the \aB\, volley of O'Connell had
known throughout the city by   his  mens of her Billingsgate. ncarlv knocked t'he wind out of her.
ei:. i-i.iak stand on   municipal poli-      Jl   m* mootfd °Pce ivhetl!e.r fl,c
, ,       . young  Kerry  barrister  could en
tices,    leaves   Ihe   city    tomorrow  <.„„„„.,.   ,1(,.;  am,  son|(, ,„,„„[,],,
morning cn route to his new field of company, in O'Connell's presence,
large portion of the chattel property iahor i„ |,„s Angeles."   The above rather too freely ridiculed the idea
i.s mortgaged or pledged for promis- we ta|;(, frora (UU. evening  content- "' n'a ''ein-g able to meet ihe famous
sory  notes,   book   accounts,   judg-1porary 0f tne 21st inst.    Thesinall
ments and other forms   of unsatis- oaps ^re ours, and wc call   atten-
1, 3 ami 6 Bastion St., Nanaimo
sum it
district debt
oountry aro
than their
The railroads of the
mortgaged   for more
actual  value.     A   verv
"While 1
I'll   abuse ! MITICK is hereby given that Edwin
lied obligations.    With such tin ob-1
[of party politics that it seldom takes jeot 1(,Ui,()n before the people il is not
lion to the word t(
Madame Moriarty. O'Connell never
liked lhe idea of being put down,
and he profesed  liis  readme
that any  encounter   her,  and   even   backed
you, you most inimitable periphery.
Look at her, boys! There she stands
- a convicted perpendicular in petticoats. There's contamination in
her circumference, and Bhe trembles
with guil', down to the extremities
of her corollaries, Ah! you're found
out, you rectilineal antecedent and
kthc men into  consideration, am
"until wc judge of fitness from  this
oasis we ought not to blame the
[Government but  ourselves.    These
Walters of social and moral value
Lought to be the demand of every
[respectable community  and   after-
vards a choice of party political
[principle. When the individual
j members of Governments, muni-
; cipal councils and boards of police
, commissioners are appointed  from
lo be wondered at that part affiliations should he cast aside and a
united effort of the common people
lo uproot the upas tree of corruption and special privileges which
brought forth such deadly fiuit.
We sincerely hope that the people
to the south of us will be true to
their own best interest and follow
lhe good example set by lhe people
of this country—in sweeping  Tup-
of our citizens having the tenuity
to hold or express opinions not in
consonance with the editor of that
paper are qualified  as   "peculiar."
liinsclf for the match
equiangular old bag
'Tis with vou
Matthews haB beon admitted a partner
in the above business. In future the
business will be carried on by the un-
derslgnod under tha style and name of
Wii.siin & M vrniKws, who will assume
all liabilities and .'..licet all debts due
llie said business, and we trust that by
careful attention to the needs of our
customers, to merll a continuance ofthe
patronage so liberally bestowed in the
Jkiiomb Wilson,
Edwin Matthews,
Nanaimo, B, ('., April 7, 1806.
A I.W .\ Yr
I N   sm< !K-
'v''n' the devil will fly away, you porter-
offered and taken, and it was de- gwiping similitude of the bisection
cided the matter should conic oil ai ■ ;| irnrtexl"
"l"'1'- Overwhelmed with the torrenl of
Tiie party adjourned tothohuck- ianguage) yrSi Moriartv wassilenc*
store stall, and there was the owner ,,,,      Catching up a saucepan, sh,
"j was aiming al   O'Connell's  head
__^em...            -h-^h                               i        .   -       " w lieu be ] ii'udcii 11 v made  a   tiniclv
cier present conditions mens ragged idlers were hanging round retreat.   "You have won the wager
first great object is to secure them- her stall, for Biddy was a' charact- o'Connel, here's your bet," oriecf
Ives and those dependent on them, ''.'',' "Il('.> j" 1*,l.'va.v> 'vas ""'' °' llu' the gentleman who proposed t'le! TAXIDERMIST DEPARTMENT
Singic Tax Ticks.
hersolf enperintending
small ware-.      A  few
ibe  sale
LAMPS, Etc. etc.
and all thai word implies, to the
shades of eternal oblivion on tho
3rd of next November.
pcrisin out of exsstenoe—that they
this basis, it will be easy to get the ^ likewise relegate McKinleylsm,
Idirect ollicers of the law to do their
Fduty. Let theso men know once
for all that the men above them are
a terror to ovil doers and no investigation will bo necessary,  or if
inecessary in any single case, will
be prosecuted with such vigilance
as to reduce the possibility of them
down I" a niinniiiium. Wc would
reduce    this    principle    down   to
Ithe affairs of British Columbia, for
it is the only sound method of certifying ourselves of the possibility
of getting good  laws and  getting
.    ,        .       ,,    .        .        ,   sights of Dublin. *■*■*■*§■   	
against vvant, or the fear of want, ,,-,,       ,,                    ,-,   ,       uuuesi.
J       .,,.,'   ,„,   ....       ,-,, 0 Connell was very confident of     o'Conne    knew well the use of
No matter hOW much Of tlUSWOrld 8 biicopss      lie b-n     -i d no   noen i ik i            (•                      .-               ii
sucteus, in nan i.ii.i .iu lnguuius s,,umi m vituperation, and having
goods ihey may accumulate, they plan for overcoming her, and, with t0 ,jeal with an ignorant scold, de-
are not secure against want. We all the anxiety of an ardent experi- termined to overcome her in volu-
frequently read in the daily press mentalist, wailed to put it Into biltty hy using all thesosquipedalis
of former millionaires dvlno in , I1™-1"-*'* , , , , i verba which occur in Euclid. With
111,11 " "('.'1,,s ">(ln«. ", He resolved to open the attack.! th(V, and „ few significant epithets,
poverty,    Bul  with opportunities At this time O'Connell's own party and a scoffing, impudent demeanor!
 ■>-*-                lopen  to all on equal terms—With and the loungers about  the place he had for once imposed silence on
Chief Crosslin's StlbititUte conditions so thai if a man spent formed an audience., mile jufTicient I Biddy Moriart.v
                       all he earned to-day he would
Hums ami Animals set up In a thor-
..inrli workmanship manner.
tin Hand—Four line Doers' Heads,
which will be sold for price of setting
them up.   Also a line ense of Birds.
d. s. Mcdonald.
60 Haliburton Street, Nanaimo.
We understond that to Mr. Charl- certain of employment at natural
ton 11. Pearson has been assigned wages, i. e,, all he produced, to-
the onerous duty of drawing Chief' morrow, thai fear would vanish.
Crossau's salary during that gentle- Then man's next great desire—to
mini's absence from the city, if a appear well in llie eyes of his I'd-
substitute was necessary we have lows would predominate. I>is-
hnve no doubt but what Mr. Pear- honesty would be the exception in-
soii would fill thc bill to a  nicety.' stead of the rule.
to rouse Mrs. Moriarty, mi public
provocation, to a due exhibition of
nor powers. O'Connell commenced
the attacki
"Winn's lho price of Ihis walking
stick, Mrs. What's-your-name?"
"Moriarty, r-ir, is my name, and
a good one it is; and what have you
to say ageil it? and one and six-
) eiiccisthe priceof Ihesliek. Troth,
its chape as dirt   so it is.''
Job  Printing
Mail Office-
Bastion Street.   Tel. 7-1,
Commercial Hotel,
i "i'i'it 'Vnmii'-Tiitl nml Itnstioii Sts.
Ib long-established Hotel is comfortably
iiiu'ii up with superior aocomrnoda*
tioiiH for traVOlOM nml others.
T. 0'CON>' BXi, Prop. -    . .
I    I   .I1. ,::   S;   lit
—xr ■ ■  -    .■- ,.   .,—  ■ •->     ll ill, mimnm i.hi.whiii.i.hi
A full board was present at the regular
meeting of  the   Municipal  Cuuucil en
'Monday evening.    The  minutes of the   Blood means sound health.   WitH pure,
previous inc. ting were adopted and the   r*oll| healthy blood, the stomach and dl-
following business transacted: geBtive organs will be vigorous, nud thero
petitions  txn communications, will i,c no dyspepsia.   Rheumatism and
from l'hilip l-'ewster, sei e:ary of the Neuralgia wiU be unknown. Scrofula and
Vancouver Horticultural Association, Bait Bhemn will disappear. With pure
stating ihul it was the intention, if possible, to l.oldu horticultural allow in tl at
city on Sepl. Si-d, nnd 4th, nnd asking th.
eu-onerulton of Nanainio distrlcl und in
the event of sending an exhibit, what
space would be required: Also staling
that the steamship company would only   Your nerves will   be strong, and your
—or tiii;—
charge freight one way.
Aid   Planta thoughl i: was a  matti
sleep    sound,   Bwcet    nnd    retreshing
Hood's  Sarsaparilla  makes  pure blood.
lllttl  should  be looked into lo ascertain That is why it cures so ninny diseases.
what exhibits could lie sent, and moved That is why so many thousands take it
that the Mayor appoint a cn iitec ol to cure disease, rel a mi-ooa gealth,pre.
Hirer to nn wilh hiniHclf to investigate
uud repors upon the n a ter
Aid. \\ i1- .ii ol je 'te i lo taklnc. up the
matter at thi    In nr  with   thu  1'
funds at the ill |>o  d ol tin ('■ am il   He
though! ii bei i : i refer the i iiiiuid .i
lion ;,i .M.l. Morton, the ae, retiiry u lho
local Agi [cultural and i lurl i' ultnral
Hociety, and ma le an anion Intent t"
Ilia' , lied.
Aid. Morton in '.   '■ esl« ! cnn 'I.loi
Willi III" viettS ol Aid, I I oil.I ..   ti -.
course oi take under the i ir. ur alanci s.
The motion being put, wns carried,
Aid, Wlls in voting no,.. id I in to I >win
connnltteo    appointed:    Alii,    I'... ....
Morton and Westwood,
From Sahiston and   Wilcox,   nskini
permission to re-shingle th. Commercial
Un rl.
Aid. Wilson moved permlpsion bo
granted under the usual conditions.
Aid,   Bra 'I iy   u i ted   what in ro the
"usual i lltioni," and thouglil that, if
old buildings were nlloirod to bo re-
shingled, new oars should bo ill.-".
Aid. Wilson replied thai the First
Limit By law allowed repairs uol exceeding 25 por cent of valuation, and
that contractors were required to deposit
520 as.a guarantee uf compliance with the
The report of the road foreman, slating
that one man had been employed in
placing gravel on Comox road, was received and liled.
Aid. Wilson, as chairman nt the Finance Cum mittee, suited that since the
previous reporl, which allowed a balance
of Jl,390, the bill for drain pipes had
been receive.I, amniiuting to f,b'db, which
would leave a balance of only f 801 for
the remainder of the year for streel purposes, and out of this the road fireman's
wages nf ifli.n would have to be paid.
In answer to Aid, I'lanta, the clerk
mated that the only other billsoutstand-
ing were the wages of two men working
on the Btreet:.
WHEREAS il   is deemed  expedient
thill the use of bicycles in the city shall
be regulated:
Be it therefore enacted by the Municipal
Council   of  the  City   uf  Nanaimo as
foil   *•■:
1. '1 hni no person ahull ride or drive a
bicycle al ti pace exceeding eight inlleB
nu iiotn uu tin streets or laneB, ami ut
in uu-r, tions ol streets al a pai e uxceed-
K ii.;:.: an hour,
2, Thai any pn* nn riding or driving
l.leyi ir Bin. I, i cfoic lho SOlli   day ol
;- pietnhor, i ■ (j, ii ive til tm lied to such '
■ : ij  li . ... bon   o rii don ordi Iven, n bell |
or v hitille thai   «hen   Bounded   ran   be
.'. -:;,,., . beard ii  u ilU ance of at least |
■ 1 ii     i->;ii_ ""'' *-IVBI' ills; easy to     j , v ,,.,.  ,;  ..,, |, |,|eyelo when In luo-
rlOOU S t'l'AS take, easy to oporuto. Mo.   ,, Mi ., ,., ..,„,, ,., .,..„, s„ ,,,,;,.,, wll |, i„.
evclc -;'-': II   '    II ■'     boll   oi   whistle
'■■     ■   ifytlienan   , occupation and resi-   when pussing or meeting any otlier per-
'!" '-..,. s in whother walking or driving, when
lent sickness and suffering.   Remember
ill ^^d <&
IstUe Ono True Blood Purlflor. Si; six for $r..
Hriiti o'l.yiiii had no bnotB to wear,
i so he .'.nir t.i Nunniino to buy him a pair;
j ••I'll havu i tiu' pair of thick and ono pair of thin,
Ii I can Und \\ hitllold's," says Brian O'Lynn.
i llf hunted the stores all along tho main routo,
, Sayahe: ''Thoxlghtone t'venot vet fuund out.
i I waut Whitflehf—I'll buy only from him,
For Nu Bella the cheapest," uaya Brian O'Lynn.
He Btopped a littlo west of Albert struut;
lie BaW WIlitileld'B Sign—Sliro 'twas a treat;
Heoponod the door and Qeorge stood within—
'• l'\u found it nt last," r*ayn Brian O'Lynn.
Wo showed In in our calf boots, kid aud cowhide,
Tin' u!:'"- wo praise most—no Boaina nt llu- side.
Wo've bouts ot all kinds from Quebec uud Berlin.
*• Buro you've bom;, for I in. million," pays Brian
U'Lynn. [notraslu
He bought liiin Ms bouts, whicli uf course woro
Ik' nuid down his money, for wc sell only (or
To tne public Iiobhvb: "lie nut tnken in, [cash.
Buy only from w liitticlii," says Brian O'Lynn
"Ifthero'aa leak in the toooraldaof yourshop.
.iii,i tnkult b> Whitfield, that's nil you need do;
Hi* will pug it or patuh just white you arc in,
An.! ilie chargo seems iikc uothlhg," Bays Brian
WHITFIELD, tho Shoe Man.
Yn HiitiA Ciu-sck.nt, Nanaimo.
L'his belli i lie- it hole of the business
i lie meel Inu uiljoui m i i" await tho call
ol' the Chain un.
!.., I1  ■  nml   Children's   Sowing   doi
neall)',   ['rices roasonahle,   Address
102 Nicol Btreet,
lie arrives at a illBluiicu ol  80 yards  ol
.-.il- li .,i in*.- pel'BOIl   ho   lliill   the  hell   or
whistle can bo distinctly heard.
:;   No person Bhall ride or nse a   bi-
I HE ( ilY  AM- Vh()\ i\\ Ci.  cycle on any sidowalkB in the city.
■ I. Any person rliling a bicycle  shall
Judge Harris-on -roes to Winnipeg move out of ihe uny of uny foot passen-
,     r     , ,■   '       • '      ■.•'!•, lill. I III Klll'll ll illsllltllT    SOlllUIBII.il
to attend a meeting in connection  ,■,„„',,.,,„,.„,,,. B,1Hn not u.  im,,„vcn-
with     the    Canadian     episcopal  i,m,ud by such bicycle.
Church. fi. All riders of Viicycles shall pass any
is advertising "ther bicycle or vehicle, wheu meeting,
., Uml Biieh oi her lucyeleor vehicle shall
i.r on hi ■ oi- her right hand, and, when
nussiiiL', on hia or her left hand; und nil \
,   ■ .-      i:i.    i     ii  ..o i.:  .
Iir.   Wm.  Mason
re luced prices in nil   branches of
Denial work'    ll  "ill  pay yuu  to
consult Ins prices.
K.-iv. Ih ,\. Meliae,returned from
Vancouver Monday evening, und
went down io \ ictorla Tuesday
morning, cn route to Los Angeles.
We publish this week lhe By-law
i.> n mi!.iie the use of bicycles in
this city, lt would he well for
bicyclists to read ihis by-law, ;i- iji-
norance of its coiiieuts will he uu
excuse for violation.
Mr. li. Marsh has just received a
revisebcopy of theQanie Protection
Act "f Ih v ., from tiie Provincial
Police   Department,    Victoria.
Mrs. A. Baldwin.
Oilers her services to thc Ladles of Nanaimo as an EXPERIENCED NURSE,
who has had large experience in uml
through the Northwest Territories. Address
SO Nicol Street.
is got up in a neat tabulated form, on bicycles.
S. Any person or persons guilty of an
infraction of uny ol ihe provislonBof this
On motion of Aid. Moi ton, the Bicycle and gives mil information on   the
By-law was affirmed and ordered pub-  Game Law.*
On motion of Aid. Wilson, the Council
went into coinmittee on the Real Ivinn
Tax Sale By-law, which was agreed to
without amendment, and the commiltee
roBO and reported the liy-luw complete,
iin u plea of urgency, the by-law was
then read a third time and pafse.l
Rev. C. E. Cooper, and bride, who
rece tl ly returned from England,
we're tt ndered a reception mi I- rida)
last, in the Masonic tiall, W.llin.u-
ion. Every dem initiation wi - re
resented in paying this tribute to
Aid. Planta presented the by-law to the worthy par-tor .: S. Matthew's
aid the Union Steamship Company  l.\      .,,,,..■,
way of a bonus of iJSO.ilOO, and usked thai :
it be read twice at that.meeting nnd re- Chief Scales is in receipt of a
ferred to n committee to report at the communication from thetSealtlu fire
iiexl meeting.     Upon  motion, tl        -   |)epttrlU)e„, BtlUjng :...■,. u ( henii 111
engine for which that city paid •',-•■-
000, aud which had only been usi d
Irivursof void ilea Bhall puss nil bicycles,
when meeting, so in.a such bioycleshall
have ample room to paBS on his or her
right hand, and, when passing, on his
or her left huu,I.
0, No person Bhall throw or placo on
anv siieei, avenue, lane, or puhliu place
any tacks, broken glass, or other sharp
or'obstructive material liable to injure
or delay any bicycle propelled thereon,
or knowingly penult uny such material
lo remain on uny street, lune, or cycle
path in front of any premises owned or
occupied by him or her.
7. All riders of biojieles shall have u
lighted lantern attached to sueh bicycle,
when within the city limits, iron, sun-
M'i io.- unriso, und Bueh lantern must bo
if   die  kind   that  is  commonly used
Nanaimo Business Directory
cuiiiiiieivitil Btruet.
|).\HKI.lt .v POTTS, I'liiTihicrs nnaSolicitors.
.   P. CANE, UnrrlstcrnutlSolloltor, RooniU,
II    V. CAMS, lliini'lr
U.   JoliuMiiu 111.nil.
M.lNNKs.v MiiNM.s,  Darrlaton,  l(.«'iii .'•,
lUiui Block, Coinmorclal Btroet,
nn &  vnfNii. llurrlBtorB,
Connnorotal mid Unslioa BtreotB,
yAKWOOD & YOUSO, llurrlrtora, corner ol
m   ii.miiiY. Botanic nniKslsl, WlulleW CroB-
J.,  cent.  Try llardy's PileOiutuioiit.
law was then rend, and passed its flrsl
uml second renilii.es, and referred to a
commiltee consistijig  of   Aid.   Plants
hv-law shall, upon conviction before the
ilnyor, Police MagiBtrale, or uny Justice or Justices of the Pence having juriB-
dictl, n ii. lho City uf Nanaimo, on the
oath or affirmation of any credible witness, forii n and pay, at the iliscretlon ol
llie suid Mayor, Polico Magistrate,
Jn |.( or Juslii i a convicting, a | en-
ally not exceeding twenty-five dul-
...,'■ ,:,..; . for r.: ii   riH'oneo,   und  i.i
lei mil ol i aj uionl   thereof  ii  shall be
. iwful (oi thi Maj  r, Poll, i Magistrate,
i  Ju I ices of ihe Pea ie conviet-
■ is I to i sue n warrant under
his band and seal, or In ease the Bald
.Mnvor, I'.,;ire Magistrate, Justice or
Justices uf lhe Peace, or any two or
more of thom, acting together therein,
Westwood and Foreman, who will inter    - ,-,.w times was for di uosal for$l- more of thom, acting together therein,
view the officers of the  Union Steam*   ',„,     «„„•'„„„,  ,|      ,-.,.   i   i  then under tho hand and seal ol   one of
ship Company and subuili  a reporl al   b00'    ' "e" an e"  '   6 !VI u   '  bB '" ll.ein, to  levy   the  said penalty with
. '     -.       .  . .. . ,    ..,..,.. 11...  .ii^i,.....^ i...,., i..-., i i..   i......»
the ne-1 meeting of tho Council
Xli<:'hv-law  provides  for a  bonus ol
$80,000 ii' bo given lhe Unl -Steaii
Company forlheequlpmontof the!
us u  lirst-clnsB  paseenger  and   frei   u
Bteamer to run  between Nanaimo am)   ' scutes  und
real service to the businesspurtion costs, or penalty or coBta  only, by ills
f .Nanaimo, ana such bargains arc   tress and Bulo ol the offender's or oil'cnd
not  met  with t very day.    Jn ihi.-
eonnection it might bo stated thai
Vancouver, the Company agreeing nm   were present at thoCotiucil Meeting
to raise the present rates and to furnish   Jlondav evening in anticipation ol
a speed ol 18 miles ;l,, hour.   The honni
Ib to be provided for by  the issuance
thi   b
l'-law for the equi] nn nl of th
ers' goods and chattels; uud in case of
a . - ;.; lioni distr. as to Biitlsfy thu said
penalty und costs, or penalty or costs,
li : hall and mny bu lawful fur the
Mayor, Police ' Magistrate, Justice
,,i- ' Justices convii ting as aforesaid, or uny of Iheni, to commil the of-
i ur oirentlera to the common gaol
DK. mason, Dentist    KxtriiottngttBpooliUty,
Uiihiiinl IStlicr A'lmttitslorotl.
Olliee, Odd.Kellow'fl Block, Niiimiinn.
W.l. GUItltY, Ir li. s..iav,.|i Block.    First-
.   class ivorll ^iiul.nil,nl.
pltESI'ISNT lll.MI.M.M'Y. II a i.i. .V Stbaii.ma.n,
V proprietors. Victoria Cresceat. Uisponslug
mul i.iinily n clpea ii BpeclHlty.
Mi l.nwill.l., ATKISS, WATSON i" , I.tniltetl.
M, iH"iii Hull, comer. onimerelal .-nui Uus-
tiun BtreelB.  Telct.liono l II ■..
VANMM"   11VK   WOUKS.   Dysing. Cleaning
ii   and ltopulrlng    M JNfcol Btroet.
c. rn ua.ius. UanAger.
1'ISII    MA11KET.
, Whnlo ale   I in-  i
Utiine, UuBtion Sin et, S'uiiiiiino,
JiVely Ti
We ure having lively times preparing to  move
:        and arc cutting lines
It means we lost money for a fow days, but we   ,
arc going to havo tho
- -1
■ kiie ai of i m
To show for Kull ever seen in  Ibis i-itv.
If vou   |''j]
:       want anything in Dry Goods, conic tu tho
Th.' NEXT TWO DAYS.     Look out for Friday
:       und Saturday Nights.
Greet Cash Dry 3oods & Men's Furnishings Store
Commercial St., Nanaimo, B. 0.
Torn N^W Qi\
-<C^sm-^To the End of August
Must be the Order of the Day.
^Trails MEANS.
1 Exception?! 1 Opportunities in Many Lines
i.    MARSH, Wholot-ole   I Ier in   l-'isl. mul
4   Proprielor.   Vtotorta i.-rcBccnt.
*ii   WOI.lpK, Plnnneinl mul IiiBuranoo Agent,!
111.   Johntloa Block.
Lawns, Prints, Flannelettes, Muslins,
Chanibray3, Ginghams, and all Summer Goods at a 10 per cent, reduction
to clear.
Will be Reduced to Very Low Prices.
O^CulI nnd save money here by getting our cash discount, instead of a chance for u bike, etc.—money saved is
money made—at the
debentures to be pal.l by a upoi-ial ratt lire department being brought up, l)r nny look-up htmae in tho City of Na
l'n the r.-nhsi Hied against VV, \V. !;.
The following i   iin- nummary nf llie
proliu i ;.   i       tiun    .:.. I for .Mr, 'u
\V. li. M  turn -, M. i'. ' i.'.-i i''i \ um i u-
v.'i- ui-iri -i, iivninsi. i  o prolcat made by     )       i
ii in. Avous :;.:.::i.: I   hia  olecliou.     I...      ,!"' • i"
levied on assessable property, which, al   but were disappointed,
the valuation ut 1890, would  require an
assessment of one and 311 5 ith  mill
the dollar for 20 veins, which would in-
clude i,-.', 100 for interesl at 0 percent,
Aid, Planta asked what had been done
with the petition for fire pruluetioii in
Chinatown, if Chinamen were *_;..,.r 1
enough for the olty to receive tax. s fn m
their properly were bIbo entitled ; [iro-
Aid, McDonald, as chairman of the
Fire Wardens, stated that he had been
unable, su far i" i et tho i on mil tee together hi iUbcum the matter; Aid Pli
replying thai he hoped the counnitteo
would get together and report al uexl
Aid. Planta also drew attention to the
Iwil condition of Beverul drains especially ono on Kicol Btreet—th uild
not be Hushed through  the absence  of
Aid, Foreman saitl ihedmin referred
to hnd n"i been n pi rted, and Al I.
ri'|ili.'.l thai hi- would now report It.
The Couiicil then adjourned.
naiiiHi I'm iiiiv period nol exceeding twt
n-.oiiths, iin!,-. ■ ih.-  Buid   penalty  ami
eosts, ur   penalty  or  coals,  bt- sooner
ii. This  By-Law in.iv he cited for all
ui; s as the "Bicycle Uegulution By-
i iv,. I: 10."
Passed  by the Municipal Council on
the 17th day ot August, 1896.
-,.:■■ eil by I ie 'l inicipal Council un
i he 241 h nay of August, IK96.
,1. II. DAVISON, Mayor.
ooumeul  was llletl  by   Mesi is. tl,  r
Uano i.i this i ity, and l iooi'i c li. Powell,
,.i Victoi i.i.
"That ihe election petition Bled herein
ltd be dibmi aed and  in.., n  oil' the
tiles and thut the service thereol  should
I i
*■    Am-.i Thompson, C. M.C
Anti-Chinese Meeting'.
Anti-Chinese  meeting   was   held   in ilme for service of a copy ol the deposit
the Council chambers on Saturil.-iy nlghl receipt as required by section II of the
with Mayor Davison in tho chair,  Thero said art.
'niTon Mail.
Will you "kindly  Btate,  for the
also             aside n\   the  foUowfiig beiiefil  of bicycle riders, which i.s
■rouiii the side of the ruad they are expeot-
L, That the election petition was nol nd to keen
served upon thi respunuent Within  the        ,     ' '',-' ,t    , t,   rn. i,
time lin.lted-bv seelluu 10 of "Tne Do- Al18'     'M'''l' to the left,   llicrile
minion Controverted Uie.aions Act" as of the road is the same ae observed by
amended by Chap. 2J, lolll, Statutes ol all other vehicles in lliis city.    In
(-';''ll,;'.i1'   ..                .  ,    ,, passing another  rider puBS  them
L'. That if any orderol the Courl ex- '    ,,   •     •  , ,   • ,
tending  the tune for Bervlce has been "" melr u8n' BU*U-'
1 granted bui b or Ier does not extend th
A Social taki 8 place in llie
list Church this eve.li III,'.
The 8( a mi fur fill' liin^ So
were present,   Mayor  Davison,   Kalph 8. That a copy of the deposit receipt
Smith, A.  WII o.i, James llra-il y, VV. haB not been Berved upon the respou- on the Fraser River has been extend-
Jones, M, Woodburn,  Dr,  McICHchnle, ..,,,!.                                                       ed to Senl   1st
C. Wilson, T. Boyce, James Ulccircgor, 4. That the petition Buys that the elee-      .,   ',','   '  ',,.,.       ,,.,,
M.P.F., H. Carrol. t,k.n waa hold oh the 23.u day ol J i,     Mr. John and Lillian Hilbert re-
The ininntes of the previous meeting 1800, whereas it waa held on the 10th and  turned from California by yester-
wee read and adopted, asm uf June, IsDil, iu which tho buI.I pe-1 dus's train from Vicloria- *
A communication was read from one titi.mcr is in error.                                                            ^».» 	
of the members of the Finance commit- 6. Tnat the petilioner was guilty of                       Awnrded
tee forwarding his resignatln    ac- corrupt practices before, during, ut und                         Awarucu
eOlintof not having time at his di«i*osal alter uu said ele.ilion, whereby the poti-   Highest Honors—World's Fair,
tu put l" thu iv. rk. tioner wus Unqualified fro.ii voting ut any
The Chainnaii sell nti d M. W Ibnrn Doiulniuii .-I' ni in in I was nui qua i led
to lill the vacancy on thai commiltee. tu present ilie p lltitin herein.
The Secretary then rend the petition i„  ; ,a(, the saitl peiliiuiier's name was
nn ih,. Chinese question  when  it was not upon the list oi voters for Vancouver
moved and seconded that it budlBcussed  district, unit that if n;   said  list  the
clause by clause.   After Borne amount of petitioner had not the necessary nuali*
discussi -ii i: waHsanctlono I au I adopted a.-a-i as entitling him t, In- a voter)
with one very small imenduiont, ,.  ,:..,   the copv of the said  petition
The Secretary then read the Japanese purported lu be Bin-veil  ii nui  a copy
petition  I  it wis presented  lordls- thereof within the meaning of tho act.
tiussion chiupoby .'Itiusi-.   Thlsuls Ier :.  i'lmt the saitl  petition is defective
a lengthv tlls-uission was adopted with nnd in ■,,;; leni  l.i form iu that It does
one amen.iin.'iii nuuiely, extending ilm  n nuii y specilio uliurjje a^uin*,!
naturaiisiitiun eliiuso from 6 years resi- there*]    i unt.
dentie* in ll iintry usBpeciliod by tho n. -,       ,            petition has not been
petition to 10;roars. published I   II ■  aid electoral district as
A KfiiiUnitloe to attend to the cirnula- required b\ .:...
tion ui im pel   i           ■• appointed   by 11>
the Chninniin with powertnadtl to their
number.     Members uppoinU'd were:-      '"' - ::. HI.-A    cross    petition
Dr. McKechnie, f\ Boyce and if.Carrol. (.:    ;'" '■ '>"' "" behalf of the member
It was moved and seconded Unit the fm' ••"l"1 Slmcoe, Mr. Bennett, for at-
Secretary request the Vancouver coin, '''f'",1   corruption   nt-nuut   ..ir. H, ll.
'mlttee In getting the petitions printed oolt, the defodteu Liberal.
liiOHKM \N ,.- llMinv. Real Estate Urokors
^    llilslluli Btreot.
IWI.V.'INIi,   1'Al'Klt-IIANtilNli.
4   N'ASII,  Houso  nml  sl«a   I'wlnter,   P.ipor-
.'V.||;iii;.|.r. ,.|,..   (iiriu.r ul Albert and Mllnn
BtreotB.   I'. O. box SIS.
DTAYI.iHI. I'iiiI.i'im nil lilnils nl  NOW innl
• si-■ninllliiail riiiniiiiie. mul Fancy  Arli-
(Ics .ii every iloBPruitlou.
Noxl to Qiionnou'fl Commorolal Btroet.
Test im! by thc Curtis-Biibcoclc IS
milkjspectigs" | Bicycles. Bicycles.
Milk Supplied by
Putter Fat.
F, Todd	
Geo. Ramsay	
.1. Aitken 	
E. B. Michael	
James Lensk 	
To Bicycles done on our premises nt the shortest possible notice.
[Ollls Duvis     8,0
W. Haines       8.8
Robt, 1-:. MoKkchnir, M.D.,
Health Officer
Nanaimo, B.C., Aug. 20, 1800.
A pure Grape Crcnm of Tartar I'owdcr.   Frei
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
40 Years the Standard,
I'll iVINCIAl, SEOitETARv'S OfTlee,
15l.li Aiiinmt, 1800.
HIS HONOUR the Administrator of the
Government uf British Columbia bus
In en plcnsed In appoinl :—
Marshal Bray, uf Nanaimo, Raqiilre, <
Governmenl Agent, tn he Gold Commit shim r fur Hint, portion nf Vancouver
Island described as follows:—
Commencing nt tho nnrth-east corner
ofOhemalnus District; tlienccdue west
tu the Alberni Mining Recording District; thence north-westerly on aright
line tu Cape Scull.; Ihence following the
nic'indit-incs uf the Knsi t'ninjt of Vancouver Island tu lhe place uf cuiniuenee-,
ment, excluding all that portion of the
Alberni Mining Recording District embraced therein. Ami nlsn fur all (lie1
islands lying between the mini portion uf
the Ivi'i Cnaplof Vancouver Island and
tin' Mainland uf lhe Province. Including
Texada   Island,  lint  not  Including lhe
Islands In the New Westminster Mining
Recording District,
Next to Sloan & Scott's Old Stand.
P. S—A lnrije consignment of bicycle sundries just nrriv-
frtitn llie east.
»W WtV%A*<!i V^%«r%^V^«^%^%-V%^%%%'%^%'%%«^%%%1
Iris, Collars and Cuffs
.a- DONE  BY  THE      —^
jPioneer Steam Laundry
lly so titling you will PATRONIZE WHITE LABOR
Dye Works in connection
P. O. Hint 05.
V. M. STEWART, Proprietor.


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