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The Nanaimo Semi-Weekly Mail Nov 13, 1896

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 v   F
Patent Excellent
If you see tin t uu your .suck of
Pastry Flour
You can in* sure that you havo tho boat,
for there can h\> no bettor.
w. t, heddleTco., grocers.
JLIE"    |
OomertlK) Ijeat T-ea Qllorcfi to illHt-ri-aU
nutit.g buyers in Mrii kii Colunibiu,
Garden Manager,    i
FoubTicu llLJ)hi.i:.i Solo Agents B.C.
VOL. II.-N0. 157.
We do not Pretend
To be giving goods nwny for nothing,
but we do chum to sell goods at the
Lowest Possible Prices
We carry a very large stock in
Groceries, Flour, Feed, Provisions
Boots and Shoes, Rubbers, Etc.
We are offering S-lS^-A.-PS '" •*•*•••■•}' ■>" '*"'os*
Here are a  few :
Good English Breakfasl Tea, 7 lbs for $1.00
Granulated Sugar, I.s lbs for $1.00
Extra Choice Rolled Dais, 30 lbs for $1.00
Very Choice BetlllS, -In lbs for $1.(10
Tomatoes, warranted good, L2 tins for $1.(10
Peas,   do   do   12 tins for $1.00
Corn,    do    do    12 tins for $1.00
Leans,    do    do    12 tins for $1.00
Pumpkins,    do    do    12 tins for $1.(10
Electric Soap, 20  bars, 65 cents per box
Mining Loots, nailed, $1.50 per pair
Children's Lace Loots, sizes 7 to 10, 00c. per pail'
Children's Laco lioots, sizes 11 to 13, 75c. per pair
Boys' Heavy Lace Loots, from 90c. per pair
Boys' Heavy Lace Bonis, from $1.05 per pair
Women's Lace Boots, from $1.00 per pair
Women's, Button Boots, from $1.25 per pair
Misses' Button   Louis, from 75c. per pair
We have a lot oi' Bargains in our Store.
See the new Price ' ist	
Wet Weather Footwear
Meil's, Ladies', Misses'
apd Ghildrer-j's-w
Dr. Lucas' .Meeliii'-s.
Highway Robbery in Victoria.
„.,.,,,        . ~— „ One ot llie bolik-at liii-riu-ay rohheriesl    Rev T W Hall presided over a large
liritisli Lap tain Larries On Ai-meii-  that lias been committed in Una city for audience nn Tuesilav everiinjr in the Y
ian Refugees ill Spite of years  occurred  on  Johnson streel   MCAhall, the subject  being "Those
Turkish Soldier
Monday night, and  that the incident Grasshoppers."   In handlinghiBsubjeot
did not prove a murder was no  fault of. Dr Lucas drew some very excellent les-
the  robber.     Captain   U.   Delnuehy, sons from the histoi-v of the children ot
riie  World to-  who   is   mate  on  the sealing schooner  Israel in their journey from  tin- land of
'The Forlnna, happened tn lie the  unfortun-   Egypt to Caiman,    tie gave some hard
.11,(1 It!
New York, Nov,  11.-
day  publishes   the  following ....... ,	
Bteamsliip   Boyne,  of   the   Mercantile ate   who  suffered at the hands of the I knoitks on those professedly temperanue
Steamship Company, of London,arrived desperado.    He was ivulking down the  people who were always cry!na "you
in port on  Friday lasl  from  Gibraltar sheet tu liis room in the Osborne house can't do it"  forgetting  that  < lod was
and Mediterranean ports.    Today Cap- at the corner of Pandora and Blanuhard  alwavs  on' tne  side of right and that
tain 1'isher told a   remarkable Btory t<> streets at midnight,    Not dreaming of right would ultimately prevail,
'""••Hector Killirt-ih, Law  Otticer Phelps highwaymen   in   Victoria, Captain Do-      He thought the great reason whv the
d Special Duty Naval Officei   Gin-ley, h hy   was   walking   along    leisurely  temperance  cause  did  hot make'roore
f the uustoms department as to why he close   to  the   fence when  he suddenly   progress was because of the lack of back-
ail entered port   without  a   manliest, received a knock-down blow on the head  bone on the part uf the men.   Buthewas
he liritisli   steamship   Boyne   lay  at from a sand bag in the hands of a man, triad   to  see the women of the country
iichor off Smyrna, Turkey in Asia, on who tripped and pushed bis victim at  waking up to the fact that if tliere is to
Octoher lOlh.     There had been several the same time. Dazed am! almost sense-  hu anv advance on   these lines, it must
riots in Smyrna thn 'lour days   be- less   il aptain   fell   heavily   to  lhe  be done by the women.   He though*, tin
m Ppnnlp9Q Stfli
1   Victoria
lj Crescent.
Gasl7 Boot aijd Sftoe Store
17 ai*d 19 {*on(ipci*cial Street
E. E. G. Joiinsoij, Mgt
(T -er y -.    r        -*4   f   >>.        ,.„..   ' »•'«•    lhe din ol' uiiuther conflict reach-  ground, when his assailant  systematic- answer of a little kIH to a question  pn
H        \/\ !"">-./l    \i   I'O 'Vs-L   ei1 »'>e ea'-s of the lioyno'B captain about ally went throuttb his pockets, relieving  to her "What was w 1 adeof," hei
I < > iVfl          fi      Us.   F\   I    B    1   1   seven iM-l.al; in ihe  evening,   ami  the  him of between twenty and  twenty-live answer being "Und put man to sleep am
•^           a v «.       .j*.—jr v ^   \j-   ax.   A\. J   cries oi the   victims assassinated came  dollars, together with his watch  and a took out his backbone."   A good orie.
over the water, An hour afterwards a valuable seal-tooth charm. Though Stiw The meeting »n Wednesday evening
small boat came alongside the British pelied and unable to help himself Capt. was In the Baptist church, and, consid"
steamship and an aged man I-egged per- Delouchey realized all the time what ering the very stornivevening, there was
mission 1.0 go on board. With him weir was happening him, anil struggling to a good turn out, tbe 'church being corn-
six uthers, three of them women, all bis knees as tlie highwayman was de- fortablv filled. Kev VV A Gunton pre-
Armenian refugees. Captain Fisher parting, cried, "I know you." This sided and Dr Lucas gave an excellent
assented, fed them, cared for them and Seemed to infuriate his assailant, who talk ou "Fox and (loose." Mr \V Luem
cave Ihem the protection of the British exclaimed, "If you do I'll kill you." also contributed selections during the
nag.   Captain Fisher said he was hound   Witli this he dashed at thecaplain knife evening.
for America aud in order to   be  on   the   in hand, and made 11  deliberate  thrust Although   it   rained  very heavily Dr
. sale side lhe refugees registered   as pas-   at his heart.    The captain hy sheer good Lucas had a full house lasl, night to listen
sengers.                                                        luck warded oil'the blow with his hand, tu his  popular lecture   on "Shots from
"jSotlong  afterwards  a boat  load of receiving a great gash in the palm.   The the muzzle of a gun."     ill  were enter-
Turks under an officer  rowed   iu along-, highwayman thinking be had  killed his tained, and learned, as well, many  uie-
I side and the forces came aboard,   Capt.   man,   made off with lightning rapidity ful lessons.
Fisher admitted he had the refugees on  and ('apt. Delouchey managed to reach Dr   Lucas  gives his li mil lecture tolas ship, but refused   to  deliver ihem  his lodging quarters, where llis wounds night in the Y M C A hall at 8 o'clock.
over,    lie drew up bis crew   of  brawny   were dressed and attended to.    He does
men, and the Turkish officer  said tiiey  not kuow the man who held him up and .              01
would give the Britisher until  morning cannot  see   how ii  was known he had Anniversary Services,
to turn over the Armenians.     Alter the  money on him,  for he does not make a on   Sunday    next    anniversary
Turks left   the   vessel   Captain   Fisher  practice of carrying it. '     • ,',*    ,   ,', •    ',     ,.-  ,'.'   *
manned tt boat   and   moved   stealthily      Capt.  Delouehev's robbery is not the services Will be held in the Wallace
from the ship to secure assistance.     He 1 only one of recent nights, which give Street .Methodist Church.    Services
visited an Italian  man-of-war, and the  evidence uf plenty of work in store for will be preached bv    Kev.   W.   W.
commander denied his  right to  inter-  the police. On Hillside avenue 011 Mon- Baer. of Vancouver.    On Monday,
lere.    \\ hen nawn came the   Mliineapo-' dav  evening   a  pedestrian was held np »i       ...   ,,     ,     ,-        ,,,      -,,     •
lis appeared.   Captain   Fisher told   ids und relieved of *1.50.    lie philosophic- Nov. 16, the Ladies  Aid   will  give
story and Admiral Tims. ().    Selfrldge, j ally explains that it was all he had and , their annual supper   nnil   concert.
Nx -»t -*r t*i  1     -.   i***'8"'1*'   "We'll give you all the assist-  therefore he did not consider it worth Slipper will be served from (i:ci0  to
-a\J\       \I()  ance you want.   You'll take  the   refu- his whileao offer resistance to the party g,    After which llie  following pro-
V"\ 1 \ Y-\ I  l\ I \ /   geea safely out uf th s port if I've got to   seeking it. ... ,                             b '
A*AV^   I iburd the town.'"                             1                   _      ■.,» . gramme will ne given:
"The admiral ordered a barge wiih a i            The Railway Meeting. Part 1. Chorus, Wake  the Song,
detail of marines and blue jackets over       .   1.,,,,,. .,,„,  , .„.„„..„.„„ „,„...„„ Choir; address, Kev.  W.   W.  Hair;
to the British ships, wiih orders to bold | Js ^AC&ttU solo, selected,   Mrs.   Pine,,:
ii) aid of life
ilu„ ,. ,      ,',,'  ,      .,.,      .       V        was neiu   in   tne  uouncll   cluinitiers on   nwi sum,   seiei icu,    jus.    imcii-
"msur;,,":;:;:, ,TL 1! was;;::;::; '^<y^^••<-;■<-^sru driBh; VOcai duett, Mrs. w. E.
n":ill.1*,,'.,:,H,y;,,,1i tw '"-.."V ^^r*«M.&ted^      {'t) a,Kl,,Mi:s rr?;s°:ga"
 er escort  ol   the  .Minneapolis,    i'he , ..*   K     ,   ,,, ,,„„,.,.,.,.,.,,.,.,,,,,„, , ,     solo, ll'cm Dr. bpark,   l'l'of.   Spear,
Armenians Imve just landed on Ellis is-   « ■ ^ .-*»1-"-«"'   secretary ot the meet-  ^ ^  >       '    ^  jVRt
J. 8
bind.—Victoria 'limes
'art 11. Quartettp,   Prof. Spear,
We arc showinga Very Choice Selection of
each ofthe above ofthe Very Latest Styles.
1 Ladies' aid C
Are the "lost Fashionable of the Season.
edrjesday, Nov. 18, ism,
The I-ea<Iii*i> Vocal Talent of the (;ity
v.'ill participate
4 few' Reserved Seats, 7~> ets.
■Adipissiop to rest of HoOse, 50 els.
.Mr. Andrew Haslam said that he had
- a deep interest in the matter, for he felt
ML was of the j-reatest   importance  that! m ,           ,                       i    i,       ,
l„                                                        ,,     •     -lens should Iih l-il-.-n lo s, ,.i,n. ih,. iaisi Mot t isliaiv, Job iisoii and    Breiitoii;
An adi ned mectnit! o   the Man-  8lcps siiouui ue niKen to secuie tneousi* '
cipal Council was held on Tuesday even-1 !,uss,,,ftl,e minea  '""'   Nanaimo.     Mr. vocal solo, Miss A. (.laholm: piano
intr,    .Mavor    Uavis \td.   Bindley    "obins hud had u route surveyed which solo, Oft in the stilly Night, Freddie
'Vestw I,   I'hoita,   .Morton' and   xij'   was suitable for u narrow gaiiiie railway Fisher; vocal solo," Miss   Doheson;
Donald were present. In*in jNanainu he  .Nanaimo Lakes;      ,      ,     .,       ,,.   ,,.   (; ,-    i
The   Bv-laws   passed    at    Monday's  J? Nntimit; to liranite creek; thence to vocal 8010 Mre. H . 1,. trreen,   Ood
meeting 'were   ..-considered,   and  ,„, China creek.   This proposed road would save the Queen.
millions were liuuliv passed and ordered ,'"" •'"'ougb the centre ol the section   ol Admission    to    the    Slipper   and
io i e puhlisheil.    ' country  where some  prospecting lias concert 50 cents,
Tie- Council I hen adjourned to Mon- ' '".'''" c'"lu'' 1U1<I where vast i*tittutitiea of 	
dav ..cxi, -high grade mineral exist.     Mr, llaslam "    "
^y.*+.      _ expressed himself in  favor of a narrow  The Approaching*   Band Concert and
Miss Roberts  iefl on Wednesday Igua-e*, which was preferable in amount- Ball
hn- T-H-, on '    ttlnuus country, and it would also enable
Iiram-h lines   to   he   run  ut a moderate      {■•" I...
*ram as arranged bv the No
Mr. .1. 11. Eurle, of Victoria, is up cost, to the mines, saving transhipment
on a business visit.
naimo Silver Cornel hand for next Wed-
lieuveeir'the "mines' 'and "the" proposed IK':*'1'1-''   ,li'-'111  sU""1'} n0}, fttil "' allrT't
smelling   works   to   he  located   in this ■' Im,>'1' audience.     1 he lost part of  the
.Mi's,   lil I more    came    over   from   Hlv. evening will he devoted   to music  and
Vancouver las; evening. for. McKechnie.  Mr. Thos. Kitchen, a more attractive and  varied  prog-aiu
/;s*Si r—ti
'a   tu a t ^.li'iii
Nanainio, 1>. (].
ity Auction Rooms
Mr. W. McGregor, Mr. U. I-'.fane,  ami   h'.i? rarely if ever been proniised to  the
I* .,, ,   .       .,       several others were favorable to the pro-   music loving puJilic of ^anai    In
VF;it"R,TAPT "P Cl   I I   111011   ntiPaillfi Mill  I ft    Position.    A motion was made thut the ,"8 connection we would druw tttteri-
_ZL\\\\\\zLZZZtzZ.   ' L11IUJ*   '.HtdinMlI|-  \j\J, ^hsoribersmakeappilcHtiontothePro*  "."" to the name a Mr. K. W. Dyke of
Al   plii-i'i. (Ill«  week Uml
ilcly I'liiiiit-laioii.
Mnile imiii Soloci l-'niii mul Ciiiii- Siimir.    Tho iociiH'SI run- |g oxerelseil in   holr nrciaira-
llun nn I uxijinslte eleiinll a nb-orvuil.   Wi ly iiinki e .| mlity   tlm bust-
|_WHY BUY CHgNW _BjmrjKEll& MQRRIS*. They are thePurest and Bestl
Famous Perfections and
Empire Jewel Stoves
Itemomtior all nur Stavcn are | cr-
siillillly tiuni'illlli'i-il nnil ]-i-|iliu-i-il
il imi uuilruly sutibfftetory.
ulo ngoiil tor iin* Oront
Perry Air-Tight Heating Stoves 5
For Wholosonie
Vegotiiblotj of nil
kiiul- ili.it uro in
season get tliein al
.... 1)1 (iGAVN....
who will rail on you
mul' every week.
Listen tor liis Ml.
Goot] Potatoes,
'I.**!', per hundred.
Of British Columbia, Limited *""hl1 Parliament for incorporation and   Vancouver who has kindly consented
  a charter to build a line of railway from   to conie over and assist,    ins pent le-
llenil  (lll;cc and  Wharf—Vancouver  Nanaimo to Alberni via Nanaimo'Lakes  "l;l" has l""'- occupied, and deservedly,
1 to il   inst   place in the   musical   history
KM) His
11    I OS., _.!(•.
for #1.05.
Store—Day's Old
Butcher Shop,
Nicol Street,
S. Comox sails from Go's wharf even
and Nittiliat,
The  loll,
if Va neoiiver, and Me are sate in savintr
Dry Footing
Is the only voyaj-e Ihat  is g I
for Ihe health. Warmth is
worse than mllhin-i wltlinul
dryness. Wei fei I may brinn
on any number of ailments
Wear!nil our Rubbers in had
weather guarantees dry footlnn.
Our Rubbers are high, well
made, durable, and Impervious
to dampness. Try the Oriinhy
Rubbers at
Central Hotel Restaurant   I vegetables j
A Nil
_ .^r^M.tltSirs FLSII MARKET
Do You Want to Borrow ?
5SOP,     rcpnvnlilo monthly In 8-yoitrs, ni*$; nil
1,000 roiiiiyjibomoiitlily Insyenra,nt $JB,nn      M-nhl-ica of  nil  kin,is ronnlroil
2,000 rt'imMiulo nioiitlilv In 8 yean, in f.'ln.nn   nollco, nml ivork giinranlcctl liy
Sewing Machine Supply House
in British Columbia la nl
20 Victoria Crescent
V'horo NcetllO",
im.I for nil ninko!
HI. ami AttnohmelHa cnn In*
111'   III,trlll!,r>.
(iiln-r „-ii,.nuts in proportion. Lonna innile
only on Kl rst Mnrtgtl-nj nil liiiprnvi.il Town III
I Ity PrepiM.v.   KwriiAiti.i: SAViNoa, Loan an'H
ill'll.l.lMI  .\      -l-IATIeN, L'l  I'lil-nlitii St., Torolltll
Olio, I.. SCllK'l KY, Agent,
i'liuin -No. 11, Johli8luU JJluek.
Sei-niiil HumI Min-lih
lunre.   line an n tnJJ
oi far wilt ni ii low
Sunday, Nov. 15, 1896
.Mid-day Dinner from IJ to 3 o'clock,
sol rs :
Cream of Tomato
Ten Icrloin of Sole, Spanish
noil. ED!
Ox Tongue, with Puree of Beans
Ox Tail Saute and Green Peas
I'l Mr! oi Heel and Mushrooms
French Liver I'm Roast
Sirloin of Beef and Brown Potatoes
Leg of Mutton and Dressing
Leg nl Pork and  Apple Same
Slnll'ed Mallard Duck and Jelly
Boiled and Mashed Potatoes
Strim* Beans Stewed Tomatoes
Any person s«>IIiiijr oi* otherwise disposing of KEGS, BOTTLES, or TAGS belonging to
the Union Brewing Company
will be prosecuted.
W. K. NORMS, See.
Nov. 18, 1800.
The luljoui'iii'il meeting of tho
Liberul Association will be hold
in Room No. 22 in llie Johnston
Block on Tuesduy Evening, the
1 Tth Jusl., nl S o'clock,
„ : pointed a provisional directorate to take lll:lt his s"1,,? "" *I,B tvn" *■'•" '''"•" "rh
i *,    all neecs-iiv ,,,,.! i,,.,,,.,, ,• ^ s loseeio,.  treat  to  all who have the good  lorlune
Mi-Si av    a          a    In     ol      oil eo     Is -in,       ao ot i t ss.il \   (ill iniini.. I \  su-ps lo sn nu- -
i         •          i           ,'   ,                   isiann,   .             i-iii,„, .,„il ehiia,.,.. to he iireseu .    lie «ill also  accompany
Wk r. I?«nd"i u, dr^er, ando I    >'-" 'i l^h.nl^v' Mclr,,,,,, J „ on thl Cello Mrs W. K. Greene In her
Is   u I Corira    i-       lie    Isl, , i  v,     D»via I"1'" Mi,lll<'1'   ""* Kitchen, vocal solo.   In this number we   may
dezlslin     Shoal  Ll      hlinn   I        A -- l1'"""', T \\ Glaholm, W K Leigh- "ls*' ^P6"' Bometbing exec lent  from
I-   l-t     i,T   ,,      'll       '   ,i ion and Dr McKechnie. *       «   mnai«l   stand     The   other
1       .\ i III ,    I 1111 I JilU     I HIM 11(1,     IjllUini- ,.,. . . , . iiiiitM-ta     fin     tin     in*, nr i-i in       ■, i -t -i«      nil i*
boroiiirh   Inlet   Salmon River  P,iri   \„ :    llie meeting then adjourned   to   the names on  tin   program  comprise  out
on u*.n   nm   , . aonoii i,n, i, i   ni   >,.-       ..    .   ,      ,:.■.,              ' host    oca    amateur   talent    who   lend
Mile,   and sails everv 1-ri.lav at 11 a. in.   ''"'''"". "1,M'"'-       ..       ,   ,. .,,,.:, ...il,,,,!,!,.. a i ■•, .......... In nr, m  li lu
fnr wav -is and  Shn.il   llu- e-illi,,.,.,,      A meeting of the provisional directors t ieirvainauiei.8 l"a itnnieinpri m n ig
I! ne    ,  -  eve'      i,     --I     *            "       «*as held immi itely alter llie general "'*-* •*•- "'terwi pi  an   institution, the
• *        l"'"                      meeting, when thefollowingoHlcers were members of which have spared  neither
MOODYVILLE   AND NORTH   VAN- elected:   President,   Andrew   Haslam; money, time, nor trouble, to raiae their
Viiv-l'rcsiilenl, Win   Mct-iri ••   Seen- organization  to    lis   present   high and
tarv-Tieasnrer, W K Leighton;  So.ieii- enviable position,    I he Hand  will  ren-
ors Yarn t ,v Young derchoiceselectionsatintervalBthrougn-
Ii waa decided   to   adopt  the  narrow ont the program.    U the conclusion  of
•1:-",   guago svstem, and ihat notice ol applic- ll"' Concert a Ball will be given asan-
Htlon be sent in at once so as to appear uounued,  for which  excellent music is
in tiiis week's Gazette. provided   by tlie committee in   charge.
The secretary was also instructed  to _ .      ,   , * • *    ,,—
write     the     Provincial    Governmenl Catarrh Menus Danger.
'.'   through the city member, asking them to Because If unchecked it -wav  lead di-
t-iu acconiiuonation on Oos wliarf,  name a date wlien it would be conveni- rectly    to  consumption,    Catarrh   la
//. //. DARLING, Manager.     cut  for them   to   receive a deputation caused by Impure Mood.   This fact   in
Telephone (H                             l'.o.Box771   from the promoters to discuss the ques- fully established.   Therefore, It Is use-
tluu of a railway to tlie mining districts less to try to cure catarrh by outward
CORPORATION             In this vicinity. applications  or  inhalants.   The    true
__„ _..„         '                                           -»•«-  way  to cure catarrh  is to purify   tlie
                                              i-il-iiiiiiii-m V-«** blood.    Hood's  Sarsaparilla,   the great
rni'    i in »   i \' i 11 i m    m   n '            Olllppillg IicVVb. hlood purifier, cures catarrh hyltspower
I   \\\\   ill        '   T  i                          .  to drive outall Impurities from the blood.
1   .Vl.V-ll.liU,   I). I,     TagKlldonanwaslnportonWednea- V sands of people testify  that they
(|HV                                      ' have   heen   perfectly  and   permanently
.                      :.'  ,,   ,,          .       .    ,       ...   , cured of catarrh bv Hood's Sarsaparilla.
4    J$Y»1   V \\                      Ss. R. nnnsmnir arrived nn  Wednesday evening wilh a large consignment of * * *
TO AMEN'D THE  "REAL ESTATE  freight. The Victoria train was two hours
TAX  BY-LAW, 18DU.                      Ship Ell well has sailed to load coal at late tmlay, on acioiinl   of  a   wash*
the x V CCo's. wharf. ou( near the tunnel,   It is reported
WHEREAS it la deemed advisable to      Ss. Aztec arrived  early on Thursday tluit   one   of   the   long bridges i*
extend the  lime   al  whieh   lhe  rebate   from San Fracisco, and is  now   loading ,„-_•,-,• „„..,,.
.,                      .                            ,.,,... I «a s i it 11  a >\ .i \ .
i eases on the payment oi taxes  on Iieal j coal,
Estate in the Ciiy of Nanainio,                   The Quadra leaves for Queen Charlotte The   corporation   workmen   nre
Be it, therefore, enacted by the Jlunl- Islands   lo  look after illegal fishing by now engaged making some   needed
t'orpoiatii : the  American vessels.
I.--a\-es M lyville—8, 9:16,   10:15, 12
i 2:4 and .",:-)."] p, in.
Li lives   Vancouver—8:35,
1:15, p.m, 8:15, 5:16, and H:2 I,
Calling at    North    Vancouver    each
way, exceplinu the noon trip.
Tugs  and   scows always available for
towing und freighting business,    Li
November, ism
for all purposes as the "Real Estate Tax
■   I , Amendment By-law, l'-il)5."     Passed bv
bpecilll   nnd   liupoi'ttiut   bust*  the Municipal Council on the 0th duy ol
uess will come bofore tho meeting November, isou,
All Liberals killdly invited. '        ^considered,    adopted   and   finally
passed by the Municipal Council oil the
RALPH   SMITH 10th duy of jSTovember, 18B0.
i n ,it vnu i      i  '.: ,> , impovements on Victoria Crescent,
,. ^'■•••i:;!' 'V Th"U 11 , , "R°al  •'•-> »"" -'>" tfipstVaiit-ouvereve'ry ; "•« tl» Scotch Bakery.
Estate   ;-\ liv-law*. loHu    8 hereby tiui-  c„„,in-, *•       *   r -     •    •       ,• i  i   ,1
,  ,,    •    ■ ,;     ;    ,i     j!,,!   if       r »i**)(*ay.- A   fjiir-sizt'i   aui ence  attenueil   the
I'lH th 1 I iv     list'r II1LF 111    thU   III        lit'   OI ,i ti i     . ,„.i   .
the saidseetion lhe words "on „r before i  »~  pl'e,r» S°"8„e, ?f j-"fiin* l«'.*.Vlu^    ''"
the Is, dav of December, IS9U"   instead :    Mr G A Forest, the nurseryman  from I'/"'!":' "" of  labio Roumni   byAjden
"' ""*  ^ "°» «■ '--' "» Ll -1«y ot   V, over, informed a M.„.   represent- J-^ ^"1^ a^wlSged
alive thai he had shipped over ltillll fruit
ices to Bella Coola, the first, ship
(trees to that thriving settlement.
this I'v-law- mav I, cited   trees to Bella Coola,,ihe first shipment  £««»■«.o^»^pj»^^M
Chni'oliile Cream Pmldlni
Boston Cream l'n.-
J lot Mince Tie   Henry Ucurgli,
Secretary pro tem.
Whatever may he objeuted to Socialism in its exliemesi, t'orms, it has at
le.ist the meril ol lessening mitiuiiat prejudices and aiming al the dlsbandment
ol ai a lies nnd the suppression oi war.—
.1. II. DA VISI IN, Mayo
1    s
~'~    Ao.vM Thompson-, '
Hood'8 Pills are the best family
oalhartio and liver medicine.
(Jenlie, reliable, sure.
i rendered purls whicli  elicited  applause
Mr. .1. R.   I'aslon   of  Toronto,   repre- and   did   much   to make it interesting.
senting the Barber & Ellis Co.,  was  in Willi the  exception   of the serpentine
town on Tuesday. skirt,   dance,   no  specialities of interest
,,- ,      ,, , i   ,,    , ,    ,,. ,,-  were Introduced,    Taking  the play all
, s iop IVrr     wen   to   \\ ej     e ou on .,          ,                , . ,         ,,          ,  '   ,*      i
Wediiusilav through it waa fairly well rendered and
, seemed to meet with appreciation. May's
Mrs.  Green   has  reluiued   home to orcheatra furnished the music.
Khuine   after a brie   visit to he, mother T,           ,„ ,                  ,       ,    ,      w Q
Mrs bilbert, Selby street. .,,,. 0„ Sunday aflernooiuwxt.
Rev,    Dr.,   I.m-as,   and   Mr,   Wilfred
Lucas, arestuvlng with Mrs.  Barrett of Mis Millar and family of twelve child-
the Franklin 'House,   Dr.   Lucas   will I ron arrived over by the Joan  lust even-
preach in Wellington on   Sunday,   and Ing, en route to Union to join her hu*
will be in Wes.tniii.8ler next week. band, who has been there some tinje. a a i mm?tarn .■■■" ~ ■    , i. ■e.i-1
Mary's Lamb.
Mary had a little I b,
Its fleece was wniie as pnow ;
And every year she solo the  wool,
For ready cash, you know.
Then she would count tlie dollars o'er
As children often do;
Then pm them in the su rings hank,
Where interest would accrue,
Then Marv raised up oilier lambs,
II o,*|.i send io sel I;
For do n.e ,,\ ii iu your head
That Mary was a fool.
She'd heard the politicians talk
i If Bvndieate and pool.
Till aviiricu seized her very soul
And changed il i, lo wool.
Then Mary tlinughl lhe matter o'er.
And loruied 11 plan s i nice;
If others had no liuuhs to shear
She'd get a better price.
Her uncle hud « blooded dog,
Protection was hi- natne:
And be wouhl rather worry lambs
Than any other name.
So Marv teased her [Jncle Sam
To-jive the dog to her,
Till li mill v he did consent
To lei her have the cur.
iv li soever ih-' Lord loveth he determination    revealed    in   this name of Baruch Memlinger. There I The Most Complete Stock
ehastenelh,   failed   to soothe or patient and gentle matron. came a burst of applause  from the!
console him "Am I not right, doctor? Do you students.    Rachel   loaned   eagerly  of	
Vet in tho midst- of their   toil  not u«ree with meV"  she  repeated, forward, with eyes aflame  and  a
nnd tribulHlion tliere tv,ia,ieleamlai,.x,-"u!,1-v.   deep.glowm her cheeks. _ Where j n„„J__.J
Whon    1);'.   Vollliliilin
"No," answered the doctor, in llis was he?    What   became of   him?
'"   -l"-v-      '* '"'"   '"'•   ■t!"",,mn!deep bass; "I agree with David." Slowly   Baruch disentangled  him
cnini; in the evening; to  m-iriirt The next morning, when   Itachel self from   lhe  crowd of  his class-
Diivid, i'iichel would cease from (l.v.,|*P|  .|„. culled  David,  but re- males and inounled the stage,    lie      j-i                 -     -    -
her   luhor, and  with it face Uml ceived no reply.     She culled again was (all and straight, and even tlie      U 1*1 1*111 Cj ll 1 I'l (VO
seemed glorified   with   ilinterniil und with n dawning lerrordrew the most   prejudiced   could   not   deny      L   111 J I liol I 1 I I wio
pride   and   happiness   lislen   In ctirluin  aside.     David's  bed   wa- Ihat he'was handsome.   There was                                                O
the poetic leo-ends of Greece, or empty, and Darnell's peddler's pack some! hi ng open and candid in   his
hour h,-r David   repeal   (thoiijrli "■■•■< also iK'.'.o.    In n fever of naita- face which was very attractive, and
iund ts) the sonor-  ,|"" ,slle "["itetHiir him in the even-  in his eye- ,, noble  resolution  and
,.  ,,  ■ I        , ...    .,   ni'', but she wtiuci in vain,    lhree courage winch Jews rtirelv acuuire
oils   verso   ,,1   Ovid   nnd Virgil.    , r   , ,        ,   , ,,      :.f",  . ,-      ,-..:,...,   ^.. ..
Jas. McGregor's
lavs "passed, and she gave notice to outside  of   tno   Uniled   States   of
'• the police.    But whether the police America.      "The very image of his
°* ''"' lilsk ■■'Inch I loctor had „,.,.,. hnilted   in   their  inijiiirics, or mother," Ihouglil Dr. Vollmann.as
iissiiined; nnd lie, when   he   hnd ihey thought thul Jewish   peri* ho gassed   with   n   glow   of pride at
luken llie soundings   of David's dlei" more or less mude little differ- hi- pupil.
Ilect,   lind   nol  Ihe  limit lo ence, ihey failed   lo   furnish a clew      As Baruch   mounted   ihe  stage, Victoria  CrCSCCHt.
iii. n her.     He saw how she io  his   whereabouts,     lie waste* arrayed in cap and gown,   another    '    ' L	
,     I and l.i-enthcd and lind  lier P"-'led  in   the  newspapers among hurst of applause gneted him; and " CRITERION"
|l(,i      i„ ihis one hope, nnd   he "mysterious disappearances,"   bul after having saluted lhe  president,
II    Her   i.ll'ord   lo   pour his "..ihing came of it except some an- he began to rccilo his   lain,   vale-   Daofimnonf    a Pg-j-r* Unjinn
..  . onymous  oilers, des gned lu extract diolory poem.     I o Kachi 1,  hough  '.•lultlUI all I alia UIIUU ilUUOu
•ixnvledge nil.i tl.e sieve ol     he u> -1., * . i i. 1 ml understand n   word,  it '
Tnii«i!lted m^nval'v'       '*''        ,)iV,,il"1('S   |lm".lu  ■•".'■"*■   'hi*       |{;i.*t'.ci. recovered fr  his indis* wa-1 uliful,  ravishing,   glorious.
Till all ihe lamhs, eicept iier own, noble end h   line   inother ol her  iiimi ju^t in lime   l irso  his 11 sounded   in   her   ears   like lhe
Were driven (ur awuy. I'lllsiiin.     ll iioclllTi'd mother liii'nii-ih a lony  and serious sweclesl    niiisic.      Her   eye.-    were
.,„,,,,,.,., ci, i,.„„ „f ,i„  I" him, imi once, luit n hundred iilm—s.      If il had not been for lhe belli upon the slime, and her   hah'-
. I ic ,  u o w   , u c cn ,,.,, c I, "I  I , 'c I"" ' I Iiihtdiiq in   nun«ii  cm,1
\ I lend no Sundav School 11,,..-  ,-.,,...,..... I  ,',...,,,     V,,,,,,,,   \I.w.       ■  :  .       . :   ■    :   .    : ■  i. -, 1..    * '^ • I'  i      , . i   i   i ,  , \      I     I
Co.iiMunci.il. Stiibut,
i ii     Ill   I   l.ani  li,  as   ho    sal   aid
received  ll-'-Ill
Anion Mo-    npen lips Seemed eagerly to   inhale
Because they cun't'iillord l -lollies        u-it|,   |,js   |,.m,|   undel'  hi-   chin,  cnihal and lhe  Hebrew  beiievolenl   every  syllable,     II   w    his   strong,   Meuls, •_'.„•. 1 upwards ttt    *i
b,:::;::,:;:.:;:;;::',,    rs , irr.Ka:!--. rLr'ys.K.N^i^x^^^^^^ «*■    akeuptoth8 fact that if you
invest  NOW   in   Shares  of
good reliable
■   .,,.,,',.'■'.  inaiiii be-iirred himself in ihcir he-  il.ou.iht, lhe look of lhe genilenian, Spring Chicken always ou hand,
nllii.siiui    was   a   far   h,If, and mude llieir wunls known,   lhe   man   m    culture    lho    free.
Will, diamonds in her hair
And i nui ir says she soon will wed
V  "lone'' lui 11 ion:, i ,-e
-J.A..M.. in The Coming Nation.    ,,,,  ,-   ..,  |.„- and nunc  nciierou-ly "i have deprived your niolher ,.l strong, w.dn-v.sioned man  who hn,
iu his   lazy,   upulhotic be*'dearest hope,   he saul one even- in him Ihe ixrowlh Unit will enable
lie Wasn't In It.                    ,      ,er. ing to iJuruch.     "I did it  i ■•lili.-r I    lo   reach   in   li    the    uli  T,..    Philpott's Toilinto  CatSlll
They bulb a  line church   ul   his verv       Dr. V„ an-,   sir. lo   relate, ulely, hecause I wus right.   I could stnllira   of   man! d.      God   has       '
door:                                                 „.   .!,.-,.„,-„.., i„,?i.  vi, „i! not dn otherwise.      It   would have hearkened to her prayer,    she had
IP- wns'nl in il
25c. and 5Uc. per Bottle,
i    ( bv profession a.•lcrkinnNi.il h nm u" o,„erw,se.      u   w.uii.i ..,.v..- ,..-,.,,,.■„,■.. „...,-,,„.,., e,.    .-,„.„„„
Vvein'ii.   eroeerv    -'ore     ivlwro   |,„ ended 111 .1   blllerer   disilp tmeill    not  lived in vain. 	
Th^''1 -'I">                                      ,',,■,.,;:           „   ,   .'   ,';,    ..'"',.,;;' lh„n thc present   one.      lim   v,-„, All was blurred to It.nchel's vis*
10 I'ie'w'i.sn'i in it. prof,,,,    l, ier, whose inint- l'"n"!h    -v"" r,,!,M   make  „m.-iids  ion, nnd a luminous midst   -.-,-, 1   We Never Sleep.      Open Day and Night.
Let them worn lor themselves ns he bud   ,,,■ , is ,„, "The Keimhlie ,,f'  1>I„- 'o her for her disappointment. 	
«Ha9,,,,rk^^ri,,,,en   l.'ea'riv' i;:.:;';!i'!,,,.Wi';       V.  S;   t "''''Vou'V,ayt:,h;:scii;d;,rly,empc,,; turned about as,,„ „ dremn, There           [g ^    (]JJJ)APEST  Y0U  S^T^    tO    Hiake    Big    PrOfitS,
prevude the air ahout her,     Shi
>" cried' ilaruch, his eyes  Felt faint and strangely   tremulous   ' I1 LI V    UL\T
bliiz" will; eiithusiiism. She heard a voice in her ears,   and    * l''J    UJjkjJ
nearly    iieipiiied
weiiihi ng oul  su rnr   and   nml issei,
Acarrinseswcpt   down  (he  -tree',  one   and keeping w.ilcli over the turnips
Ih- iviisn I in it.
.1    cab
ages   '-ii    tl.c    slilcwalk,
ment, which David had not.   I will  s I two men before her.    I! ruiich
nnderlake lo teach you moro in one  in his academic gown, pressing and
year than I could have taught him   kissing her hand,  nnu  al  his  side
..   eon-:.u,1  Maimer m
the iuncru  ir.inoiui'S. made a   dispav;   ,   • ,    ,-. , , ,
He was in it. '    '      l»''"'**"''' mnl ott by firm leal band-
St Peter received him with n   ho..I. and   of sl reel boys.     lie was livum in a
bell. stale - I pei'pelti.il   wai fare   w ith   ti
"My friend you have purchased a lickci   ,,, „:.,■.,■',- ,',,- .,.,;..,. ,, ,   |;!1, ,.,v:i   .,.   a heaul.iful   resonance in your soul   pan of slnewil, alert   eves,   \\ 111. 1
stood „ -mail   ll.i-hly dressed   mm,     TllC  M&M  Mm  lid
"lint I am loo old,     Baruch   oh-   with lin^t* seals on Ins watch-chain. -
:led. I Ic was holding his   band   on   one
"No, you arc not,    There is such   side, and smiling at   her  oul   of  a  o
a .Willi i.\ ML
it-,'*' who spared   „,',   fo>'all that is grenl  1 good. That sceme.l singularly familinr.
[iroves that you arc yotlim. .Molher,   she bear,I   Inn,   say
Ami   sii,   after   long nnd earnest "molher, I really believe you don't
discussion, it was resolved thai Ha- known,,',     I'm   „   broker   now    in
1 he Popular linkers.
And !—>*£*
Chicpo,      l.ois ,,i   chinkl      Yo.
shall    have   an   easy    timo n
nml ber."
"I lav id! my   I lavid!''  she cried
and st retched out ber band-.      llu
to — well
Your elevator goes down in a miuu..
11,. „-,,-, i„ j,, eliorl to i, UK* as nnseraiili
■- 11"''i. M. We'll..       as coin 1 lined iligenui y ami   in a lieu
could make it.      If   lie had spoken
■ er    lOmilish,   i;    i-   ,,.«.,ii,|,. lie rucli nhould uiko  David s place,
mi   ::   have imnn ,ve,l his   loi;   and v-
if he had been miytliing   bul   what llaruch   entered   Columbia   Collie wa-    n   Polish   .Jew    he   might lege nhen he was twenty-two years
„. ,,,,,,,,,, iino.-i-ii  iinvrci'v       have found soiuewliere a more con- old,   and    lie   was    gradu.ilcd    al   ,
...   II.1AI.MAU II.Mil,III   I10\ I'jSh.N. iii       Ihe hand- loll ll'iinal  her -lues.    ;\
tal niche, whicli would n  t have Iwentv-six.     It   was   coiieedod   hv    ,    ,,,        ,,                      , ,
,                                                     ,, i   ,,-,                ,,              ,    ,   -,'■    ',   ile.'ilblv pallor nversfreai   her  face.   Agent for tlie t nllcil Hro limiiriineo Coninani
IllVi Ivcil  daily   enlll.-lon   Willi    lie all Ihit he was Ihe   inns'    brilliant    ,,      , •   '    ,     ,             , .    ,               .,                                ■■'« '■■■■ ■'•-' '
...                      ',...,        i    .- i                                    Her heart had cea-ed lo beat.    Hie
(Harper's Monthly Magazine.)           \\ harf-Kats.      Ilul,   lh„ugh  few ol scholar   in   In-   class,   and  he was   |mj  •,•„*, of .-,„,
iy                               ns  know  it,   there is in this ci'y of uppointcd   lo  deliver   the   valedic*                          ■ '<
.                 ,ii               •                New Vork a large foreign prnli-iar< lory.    iir. Vollninnn,   who  in   ibe          \\'.,-'l-i   p j ,»,-», >.. t,',-,,r
A very vnluiiblo acquaintance  ial of eultui-c, and it isby nomeaus  mean wl bad   bee   instuclor " 0] iA   KCPUUl"Sl
which Harucli liiudo in the Hux-   .,, , ,,    ,-;,,,,   .,   ,,,,,-t of u- fancy in  llreck   in   an   uptown   school      "Discovery upon  discovery  and                  ,
ter Street tenement was a Polish   to lit  I  . doctor of philosophy  -"ii-   (where   no   Wharf-II ils   in yed  invention    ii|     invention    have Ml?. ,1, A. THOMPSON
Jew named ICplirniiii Vnlliuniiii,  i   ; red 1, i-rriiiii and cabbage," or-an him), was cslreinely proud of  his   neither lessoned the  toil   of  those  ll,lvl"-''"mi'te uioei-i-ctiniinr the Arlington
u doctor of philosophy from   the  ex-pud       r m" Helu-ew wiehlinutl      pupil's nccomplisli nls, and   pro-   who most need re-pile, nor hroughl   ,.,!,'!,',,,,"1',,,,,^ i,',!!,'.'!''',.",^; ,',r,!i',,|l,'",'i'''n"',l"i.,"','',!
University   of Warsaw.      Thev   ' ■ ■ ■ ■ jaiiiun   ul a downtown   p ied for him a great career. plenty to the poor,"    I lenry I le urge, nml runnbiy vntenntn imveicni nml utiivn.
met-repeutcdly on the stairs, nnil   ";' N'evertheless,   K.iehel,  who   ycl      "Wo hung l'utle ihieves," but   we                  Til 1: crisixi:
linnlly    fell   into    conversation.       Aboin the middle oT April an in -ricved over lhe  ili.-appearance  ol   p.,   |,j,;   ,,,,,..   ,,.,.•■    ij,,rmiln    p,-,,.   i> pro*i.le,l over by Mm.Tliimni.m „i „„.
-,.,     ,'■   n                      "*   ,                                          1 ■ccillTod     llich  a 1- noi u 1; ii- David, found il hard   lo   -nb-lituc   ..„»!,<                                                                 Talileil'llnlo roun lly provlilcil wiih nil tii
J J['.       \   I tl I III !l 11 11    U'lK   .'I
.   Ir
c. c. Mckenzie,
o'w! Land Agent and Conveyancer,
Town I.,,is mul l'*,irm*fnrSiilo.   Mnnoy to Loiui
mi Miiriuimi* nl low rutcH. '
lloil I'lro tii-iiouii-e Com
ol Mum iii-n-i-. 1-.11U1111.1.
Will sell to you on terms no other
Eroker in British Columbia
Iiiitiuu was u i nil. ascot ie
,11    eons,  inenees
' 1     was   I he old, r for lhe ynuii^e
■ .lieiliie.   "1  ill.-   -i-HMiii.    I'liiiiliiiieil   Willi   111,-
vera I  Unli-h  courts   have   de*   ■•li'isiuit fiinil«lmil iipiir nts, 1I10 vlnlior lliiiln
l£ou have to Fay
coking man, whose lean   slm.p-     , , „,,, , ,,,,,,.,;,,, iwr , r„,1L
llio I "lire w.i-  close V    hulloliei                                1      . 1,1.1 elded that exlllblllonsof hvpnotism HieHurrotuiillni-n uf tho inimt pluiumiitilcwrlit-
in_ 11.111    w .1    LiiiBcii    until mi. 11  )o ,rv ||    hand  at   iiednliu^  tin'ii    I he slur of hope had j*oni '.and -,,      ,                           ■ ' 	
niton tlireiullmre, single-hreust-   ;,,. ,;,,,; ,„.,-  recovered.     Dr.   Voll- she found it diriieull to  kindle  it '    :-                                                                                                                                   _    _.     .  _        .                  .
ed coal   Of a   markedly    foreign   matin persuaded Hu.-hel to j-ive he. aj-.iin.    She looked    long  wilh   in- >»t every 1,01)0 person" wlindie 111 Kim Ace, ation. l'm-pn-ofbnililln-i                                IClIV^Cle    lb   UD  lntO
I,    ihoind,   she  was  on   the crcdulilv and doubt ui  Harueli's ''-"--land over ill)!) die will-nut leav-       -              -
[•Ut.     llis keen beardless face wus •nduliiv and dotibi m  Harueli's '•"  ""T "" ' IV'       t„p,,,,. cj nn npp n,„ „„„ lln-uonrle
full of rclineine.it und sad auslec | withdruwnm ii •• eih,rts, lielicviua llu  and   Dr. mu any property.    About8,000,000       IWI. W.00 PB" Mj M« Opwai*.
ity,    He was  tin-   modern   eipli- she saw David siat  in^ou   ,i th bis \ nllmann had entered into .1 nene
valent of such iiproiiliet as Jere-      '    ■  '    ;-  '••l* ;"n   admirable com- voleul  eonspiruey lo   deceive   her. (I,4S|
exist    always   on    the    landers   nl
litutioii.    Ali nu   20,0 10,00!) ar
iiiiuli,   who must   have   heen  11
gaunt nse 1*1 ic with   a   decii hn
r; C Doon  notel     5moil P-a^wr^-' En^Qlmfli
,,;,. biswhol      lot thnt she loved llaruch less than  ! '•   More than hall the natt un I   x JU      ■*""--      IXUbUl, ■■■|IIBlf   S     M Mj {M   »     hi i ; J (& BlBlR
nti.nw.ilKiMjsndveriis  nt.   David, but thc hubil oi yearsto pin   "ff<»;   !-«•»«*.   to   about   10,000 jas. bbxsctt. Proprirtar. WBuBWIH     bUU ilB tiittjj     ti»^ uLJU ■ fllil
itiichi'l Lad never seen him displnv   nil b r expectations   lo   the   latter   I I'1'*' , Cominerciiil SI S'unnlnin  11 ('
hud 1 Iticed a certain   rijiiditvol      Onlinnry prostitutes are   hunted .'_.:._!_ -. - .,
notice. So that everyone can have an in-
I, lieu 1 n'e; -■ ■'   .11    IlllVtlllllL',    llol    ,1,1(1
Voice     .ii,
, . -oil    i <  . i   i o   ' -, i ■ -     , 11     , i   i ■■ i 11 i   , . ,     no,     i.. 11.   j o ■ " i u' , ■ 11   , i '     i i  11 ' i     i i ^ i. 11 i ,     ...
lhere  wns   something   extruor-  ,,,,, .,„, ,.v,.,. ,., ;.,„ . ,,| *.„,,,   .,1,-,-t-   utiiiude tr  which she could* nol   down without mercy   by   the  au
dinnrily impressive ithoul   Vol N,,t tti*ti 1 Uaruch  tn»rilies and tho 'unco.pud.    Hui
iii-inii Mo,-tin.' him
si root, ynu would mil iii
nud buik after liim, for I
i    in   the ■  i  lozei, pairol   ii.peiul- bad actually entered the university   I'ohtical prostitutes are li ,red by m-oii-tvi'  'rn   ibgtqh fpvpcsf  171    IWirtinrv  Q-nr.    c*o/-»nv*/a *t-\ o •**+■ '
■illv stop e,   i.vi-1                     rs,  nml  decor, did she be;.,,, to have faith in  Iii im, 'I'l1 ludmg multitudes, though they fU OhB  DhMIJM,   IO ASSIS1 TtGi. GSXa lil   l/iUllilg' aiLQ   S6CUre parL
ii,,,',.,, ...... ,-,,i   I,,.   I,.,,   wt b   collar-buiions nnl to lind   a  certain  consolation are minutely morn depraved   than '"■ ""
hi'hisKlauJeu'l^otoncv that was and   I i n-.l ' jewelry,      Dul' „ mill in watching his development.    Ilul ' ■" n,„",'unate and   ain,,,-,   help- EmancipiHon Ol filial   SISVCPV Of tll6  PrOlitS that HlOSt aSSUredlV '
- hi      i.,'..'.  ! I'":u".**' s, ,,, ,,...,., ' , °
WILL be made,
thought Library.
startling      Harucli fell stroii<-h
ttttracted   to   liim   from lho ni-:
incut hu first saw
kev into the lock of a baru  and
".,",., '   ibausiniiiii"."   Compared with the Slu-uM huail la ihclruiiaics nt once nail
,     .     . - I" ine men,hers ot llu
,."'ie""K almost brea will,   iovous ,-x-   conlidencc    that slie lif»-t:tti lin'iidlv  J""""alisti*C tin-I pliltforni   Hoppers,
'',"" 11"""-   'I  citeuieni.      II"   had  actually »..l.l   lo nurse this new,   faint,   and   uu    'Ji''i'/"nm,,.ii pio-t.tute is a stunt. |( ,•,.,.
i,curly   half of  In- -n.e!:, and bail  certain   hope,   lor   sbe could   mil
T.ii.i   huu 'red   industrious  in,"
miserable hull bedi in.      Ihey   struck various   |in ri'.able  bargains  afford a   second  disappointment.
mado    rapid    [irogrcss   in   each   with fell iw-pcddlers, who had lake,.   Another blow like the   lirsl   would   \""[n "j;i'l|1r,l|B"wir ihey will ,-ucl,   luive u
other's ni-ipiniiit.ii ,  iind   soon   him    to   be   a   aivenhorn, but who   make an end of her.                            I, uuu m live iu.   fuku   ih : s.inie one )',o.Hot311(1.     '•■•' Comiiieri-liil tat.. City.
became friends.   Vollmunn, who   presuuiiibly     by     ihis   nine   b nl       Pale,   tremulous,  and   strangely    lied  iiihm, an I   pal   the.,,  ,,,  tne
was   ;,   "iv-,t   scholar   and nro- chunked il'e-ir n'pini Miim.   Da-  wroii(jht up, she sat in a box in tii' "'"   ivilizcd .-onuiry in lho worl I ami , AV \ Ns , - sri „ ,u
,      ~ '•"■"""■   - " •  i                                          I,                            i                                                             ,                      .ll    .1 i lu-in «ill have a   hoiue   in  on.- __,_, _ ^,..__ __ _
bundly versed iii classical  lor                            t .he terns run d,,wn isee,i„il   tier    n   tin    Academy of y„,„, m„sl ,'„■ thl.ln „„ , uv0lly GROCERIES,         Ta    n rtw   in   nnor-J fi rsn         \i\TVta-n     y*
elated h-.w  ut-: Music on the fommei ment  day, Ve.irs, an,; niunv of  tl    ulll miv<, mtat-ttio, r.»-n--    J--3    IlOv/    111   UUGl difjlOll.        WHeil     TO"
,is  iniveiih     Vi'liy Is this?—Salt h.ika -•   MlJNJJiXtO    OAirb,
The  Stamp   [Vaiii at Alberni
. * *
1,1-  eb
Vnlill.teoioil tn ijive l),ivid crrtll i-
-,,,.,,,,; ,. „   ,,., -   ,,    u ,„,,„, wilted ilm   "no   ami   cheated   thai   ivlien Hamuli was lu pronounce ll
lll-ll llel   nil,     I'll      Wlllell       l,.e||i-| Inli.i-. Mmiiii       ll   Vilvncill
.   .       . one:    and    he   ha i     ibolll  us nuich    Viiledielol V.     Dr.    \ "lluiaiili,   who   '"    '   l| .nu,.,,,,  iu-ih.iii
was deeply jrrutetllJ.     It was tiie niM i    lL ,   lV!l Mliv  tlii, .„,,,„.,.,,,, i„„.      A nun. with X2D(I, i year eats th.
one ray of hol.i in tl,e niidsl  ol
m iliotil hi,.*   i luilibul   was occupyin)'Ibe seal next to Iii
:,     ii, swiillowiim a berri
'.  whole nun oi tlllil men's h.lior thro..uh ,,
-•■-- '-1"""1 ,ll:l1 ' i's'-eiiiiitf wi'i'ir'; n* i\uetTriu'inpii.11"11 i"wm h-s'n'o'ies' \Z;!z^oZlCI'u'oo',bZ>n" TAXIDESMIST DEPARTMENT
underwear, suits are known, up go the Shares!
LAMPS, Etc. etc. J
of all Alberni Companies.
to    ei.^ull   her.      II    was  al 111                           i„.,y   (,,   the recital ol   liuiii Harueh, wlio was  today  cele-   nf l"lti,     I'lun   ho   have prlvHti Inili-      Hi.„>h Axn Animals sot up in a thor* ^
HUSIKestion, too, tluit Ihirucll took   hi- an  -    uivs/and     ,•   r liled   bn a a ureal hislory.      A vminn   yl'lu.dH wl.ow wi,Ue« nre wimil   to die        uimh workinaiislilp niaiiiiur,
' , i .. i   ii , -i i '   >   i ii ua.'•■- ol  HCV. II   "i  I*IIff11  thoii-uii'     olhel ,,,,   I,,,,,n ,.- •    ,l,,n     l.,.,.i-^'    ,I,..u,m
up the trade of n peddler !„.ui,.; Imtei y ol her wa! :,-- in yielding  colle-.ii capand kowii camo on t ,,.| • vt<ln.-In.    What  .lo   these   highly     0,',I !,"^ ^J' °, iril-^of «<ttliiu
been introduced   bv   his   friend >'■ --•■• d -,r. -. nol     n .rise   I   i(te, bowed   lo   lhe   president hc.clh-cl   Imilviiluuls do loaocletv  [o'r        them up     Vlso u lino ense of Birds
to a Jewish merchant, who nave •"-'* "    u lie found it imp    ibln in|and    trustee*-,   and   proceeded   lo their u-uuesV   Klllpartrhlaeg.   lianilili! '
hi,., hi   ,'.,. ,     i.  „.'   o,.,.!-',.,. ei.n-e,, -,-,',. :,;. a"--, , .„ , ,,   Dr,  suiuto thom ill   Greek   hex: ters. l"\    No, hy the h,uI uf nun, t emu  8EWIK6 MACHINE KECDIE8 OF ALL KIND8.
J I I I I I     I 1 1 *     I     I   - I      - H ■ I    i", ' ' '    '     "• ~' I '        « ; 111 ■      U I i       I, i i!       ■ I 11 ■      v) i ■ I * i, 11    ■      (    . t i     v    I ■ **-v        «-*•        -air        •*->, s~.   <*. —    s,   -w*    •»■*
„..  „,.    ,„ ,,„.. I ,.., ,,. ii, Imi Kin- ha If dis-   nm,   there was music from   an "" ! *' ''ml',""''.m, ' ,,  , D. S. McDONALD.
i-ii- ic,,■ 11-1 s,  eii.h-ii -mn in,,-,   cic, , . , . livery   .nan   shouhl   rcineinber  lhai
,„,.,-,. dii      |;o,   unluiDiiilv   I!,- "■"'"''   ;'  Is,  ami an-   orchestra of horns and htriii)jud m*  BU /,„, illv „,„,„. , r,!i llali •inn Street, Nanaiino.
'   ,     ,    ,     "!l, l""la|:l">, ' s,v,i    .   at raii.lom.      But she wns, struuionts,   whereupon   ihey  were „ i„ m*i work, huvo to be  fed antl ^r^..^.,^   -.y^rrt-rn,-^
meh   lacked       uenins of Ins „,.,,.,i,„, „.i„„   „,,, i„ ,,,.,,..,,,.. Y .i,,.. ;,,,,„,   ,  „n„.\H.\ i,v those w inwnrk    in m REMOVAL NOTICE.
race    loi'
po. nn in/.
sim I, i ivheii   iidtleulv.be br kenfl   more   pecehes, in prose and  verse, ciotl
in lho n nl-i of ii i Iree .  declension,   '■'. ichel -al us iu a   blissful   lrn
f lai',1,-   were   less il   those   who   ilo
loom. ,,;,!,, ..t'l.e  i.iil.t    u-iil,   .i i.i work wouhl not. iiioro rest front toil,, uul
Liomo night aftci   nigbl   with   i ,,,.-:,■„,,„,, *mg   and   bean.,.:   bul   vaguely |ml      wh„  ,„.„  ||mv  ,,„„ „„„,,,' ,    .   .   pftl rjlAjri I   AU-Tnllnn
heavy    heart,   nnd   Ins stock ul-      '-What   is  the  pood  ol  all this what was going on about  her,  bul Bnn.cthini: to tin, niul wouhl   uilllii-cly  J. ll. UnLU WLLL, lllB I fillO"
must undiminished.   Ifc burned (ireek stuff, any« ■    '" redlining  at   last,  with a hurt,ing help theinselvcH.   The inutcrhil  lii-nuli,
with u iienerous ardor to liirhton      His   inoili.-r,   with    exemplary  I throbbing i nsitv,  that   the ','.' ndsiiiove ntcanhereu,lily reuli-uil,      Has changed his  quarter,"
, . ...,,, .- i       i   •   ' ,t     ill titer.'  i-   a   «i lui,',. ness   In  i
Ills mother's burden   hy   taking patience, explained for      bund great .dream of her hie was on   the einiri.—I'..|iti|*i»iplil.*iil .1 nl
" ,l"'1"' ""'      un,I can  now he found up
upon hi inseif the support of Un- ''ejth time ibe oiinolniiig and liber- eve of fullilnient.    [i  was  for this " "i'nVn wnnU,"hni'i amohi'o! gh  n, utaira in the
Till while he was fitting  himself ab---"!'-'mHuonccs of cu lure, draw- she bad lived; it was her w.l  alone i ,, , ,„.,  ,i„. laws ,,, , ,,,- WilliamS Block,
,.    ...                             ft.              i ni'-' u   vivid  contrast   between   the -her indomitable purpose,  in   ihe winer iluin thu  l.iws of imiii,   I am old nuu»u««-«*tti
tor ins learned career.  U grioye.l Ull(,(|,u,.lle,j   nill|.     wi|1|   his    |„w  ,-,, f disctiuriigenient, persecution r'1','1'!'1'"i0 hllvu ll,1ttrn?1'i'''1,1 !tl',H'h,° '" Whoro bo will  be pleased to
him deeply to see her stand be.nl ,,,,,,.;,,,...   (,,,„,p,.,|   vision,    and and siil't'erinu   wl,,ei, bad kindled :i,,,1',l"rl,ll,.,l''j,1'. ZZ-'"Ja..- !!,':.,,,,K',,,,,,i", IZ'i receive his patrons.
over   tlie   wash-tub   until    her earth-bound
'•,    and    the   this ideal in her soil's soul,  though   w-ltl t uivlnu'lltoiu lho is,if satis-
And make money while you have
beautiful hands   were   wrinkled onlJure'ii man wiThTiia miliiep'plaii-1 ii'wa's'miVshe who'hmi'helpe'.ihim iVinr)'t!!'"wi,e;r"lUi',gm7\°.U,niaa')i i„,e^,onX™7iT'rl''g ' "'"1 S"U "" ' a   ChaUCe   BEFORE the ^Se takOS
nn I cracked, and lb •   led,   innl- suros, wider vis , nod fur* reaching   toi lize it.    She re me in lie red with '"■'"--;'* I, lie covcrou tho enrth - - —
nil ,r, ,-       , ,;       ,,        i ■ , wilh llis b dies  there has a ways I.OUtlC  /SOllCCS. *i i
odorous   steam    inflamed    her power and usefulness. profound emol    Biiruchs words ||(,ul| u  ,( |ci sllisl-v  ,,„, , „.,.,,, '  "«*■  ■■*■'«■■**-■=-* ,DlaC6
Never   did   ho  I.ear   her       ^\'hun she hnd exhausted her ar-   in I.e.- nm nt of de-pair, when ibe  ,,,.,,,.   ,\u,i ivbi-n hu niiitlu wiitor iieces.
lukt'rman   Lodge,  Na, ■...'■<, Suns of Sl.
conpl.in;   never   did  a word of Rirnent she appealed to   Dr.   Veil- God of her fathers seen   I vo  ■urvft.M.u , exlstenou  Ilo  pal  the o^.^H^iu^weeklymeothm Isield
impatione or   of  bitternesses- m-m, who had  s,i,   silent during wit awn   Hi.   hand  f,    her: ;"   ;•   .«-;»«*™ *,    ■■   he    ; ,„,.(, .,,         ■          ■        r.
1   ,      ,- ,,   ,     ., the discussion, saying;   ".in    im "He will make  us  glad  accural ng ....,„' ,|,, ,,i' '.i   ,.„„,.!,,.««  , ,  unnAV ovonliig at 8 o'clock,   \tslting
capo Ker lips.     But Baruch, be* |i;;||1) (|,„|(irJ    >() •   u ||(i| ^|v(, „, ,||(. days fflierei„,Hehn»afflioteU *v«Vi.«Tl,"'^fii«m?«i«T to rem^ ,'»'u""1 '>"""!> I,,vl'0v!, ,:'.",,:'!"b
cause of his veneration and lovt
l-'iooi. Waosiai-.-, Se
The Mail and Weekly Globe for
With meY" us,and i be years,   wherein we   haveUtroiiutli,    And   when   lie gavo mull II
Ifor her, revolted nguinfet late on     ■•••,,, doctor did not.immedialely -een evil."                                      inlnticuimbiu nf .loveloping,  He iiiiei
Iter account, and nil   the  assur* answer,    He looked nt llachol, und The venerable president of lhe X'woli'i'vimy the tUS                                                 Ptti(1   >'i  ad
ttUcus of tl.e Old Tosttiil.er.t thai  geonied   amazed  at  the fervor and university arose and called out lho |Wai,J, Bryan,                                 Ivance.
*'e?   w
«» V
Living in tiio Transvaal
Canadian News.                "▼"•*"' ""' 'rwuvwi p^ —^
                                  It is impossible, unless possessed ||  *$ -J^
At the Dominion  W.  C, T.   U. of considerable means, to live with pwpio often wonder why their .nerves are
Convention in .session  at Toronto, comfortin a private house in Julian- bo weak; why they gel tired so easily j
the following officers were   elected: nesburg; rents are, in proportion to why they Btari  at every slight but
President      .Mrs.   A.     Rutherford nil other prices   asked,   enormous. Budden sound; why they do not steep
Toronto- Vice-President    Mrs.   Dr 'l '■■* difficult   for   while   workmen naturally;   why  they  have  frequent
Yeoman's,     Winnipeg;'   Rec-Sec.] engaged in the mines   to  obtain   a headaches, indigestion and nervous
.Mrs. McLaughlin, Toronto; Treas., single room in a tin shanty   under (T*.,,,        _        •
Mrs. Ti Iden. The Manitoba branch a rental of £1 a month al the very "Wjr"9|JC[J"!»lCl
ehoweda marked increase. Eighteen least, while   a   small   villa   of   live The explanation is simple.   It is found in
unions were engaged in purity work rooms,   huill   of  corrugated iron, that impure blood which is contin*
in the N.   W.  T.  and   the   British Mil  easily    let    a   £12   to  .CM  a unify feeding the nerves upon refuse
Columbia unions were   also   vigor- month, and -toll, £(,0, and   £1011 a '-■;*<•'"' j'1*"'™"' l" ,n'"n*' ^
ouslv    eneaeed    in    the    miritv mnnt** is cheerful v paid for a fur- vigor, in such coi dit on opiate and
nusi^      (jiigagcu     ,,i     un.     -'uiii*       • ,    , i                   i*   '                        I, nerve compounds simply deaden mid
crusade, lushed house, such as   one   would do not cure.   IIto-I'm Kflr-mprilta feeds
.. u,j         ,        .,       ,,-    „„   ,.,   ,, obtain in ISllirlnild for three guineas tho nerves pimS r'i'li. red blood; gives
At Edmonton, Mrs. Pierre   Gray             ,     , ,,              -.          u„.     ,,- natural sleep, j   rfect digestion, is the
was sentenced to three months   im- a fleek at tlle   sei"slde:   .   *>&}lints true remedy for all nervous troubles.
WeWmWBMBUkWe^mWmiWtt   meXMfBk\WmjtimM\mk\mmm*M&tolmMm^
-priwnment for perjury   in   connec-  W'gcs are also very   hiuh.    A   raw   _     ,-
■ ■ Kaffir girl wiil receive £<1 a month,   $8_ja
lion willi the Island hake  murder.
I^eNevVVancoUVcp     jj^ jmm{ for ^ p^
Who was also charged with being an   ltn,»vl.»S  absoluely  notlung,  and gp-|   ® y n   •* grjA
accessory to the  murder after the Bj».a ."■>.- !'"1*   K?""'. ,A ,  U    U V %J WJ
,   .       * thai is half-colored  -girl  who can
,,'    n      ,,,,.,.   .,      .,        .Iconic a little will easily command ©elirS&lDanl Ll
Mr. Donald.Me lavish   wife  and X(i ,„-.C7 a inontb:   while   .,   white ,  „   „ T     ,,.   ,.7 .7      '    ,  ,   -
family of twelve children arrived in    ir, [nUh ftnd  , „,   ,,,,, ; X 1,;'.",;:'."". ^ t,'^ w«
Winnipeg, en route to Nanaimo, B.  U ..hnolt any  price   if   she will "         ' '; 	
C,last I  uesday      Haying some ,.„„ „ „   „„;. ,  ■.„,.„  „,„,., Hood'B Pills .X.JLST.h"**,™:^
time to wait, Mr. Mc lavish forme, am| ,vill gladly he  tmighl   all  her
his family into a processi ranged, dl|tie„     j„hl.linB,|,ur(,   is   ,,,   ,)„.
according to age-;, and   headed   by .„,.,,.„. lime un   "El    Dorado"   for
the father with   bagpipes, marched  Jinmostic servants;   lhe  wonder  is Oscar nf Swed lit* Fifrli nr Final
up and down the city attracting a(|hll|   „„„.,,   ,,,. ,   Bnter.irisin„ Arbitrator in the Settlement.
good deal of attenl  enough to emigrate, and,  In - 	
The staff ofthe Winnipeg general trust with the wages paid al  home,     Washing-ton,  N'oy,   m
offices of the G. K II. have present- step   al   once    into   comparative N»''den mid X-inniy, One,
ed P. \V. Peters with a cosily  gold ;lnim.ni.t..   Templo liar,
watch.    Mr. Peters is now   the dis- -»♦*.
trict freight agent of ihe ('. I'. I!, at ••We're All lligbt."
Nelson, If. C .                      ti
.            •   ,                        ,            e   it ' ■" Very   et,| ivahle   nieetii,'',    was    ,   :                            i        ,           .lushe,. ot
A spec,,,    enrrespo, dent   of  the  he|d Monday evening in the  Good   Kn-slaml ,1 two hv the Uiicf  lu^i™
Montreal Herald has been  making Templars Hall by the Royal  Ten.-  »f the Unlte.1 smtei.   This,,,!,,. i.i„„l
an investigation into the conditio,.
of the schools through the province
of Quebec, and his reports   show   a
lamentable condition of things, the "YfierThe""re"uliir  bu-ini--  bad   Washiiiirioii l,isMi"i*jht'' In' 'theTi-i'iiah
conditions being  similar  to   those
which existed   among the   French
schools  of eastern   Ontario  a few
Tut: Sew Vancoivki: CoAt,
Company mine at their        _. m ,   	
Cdli,..-io, i,| and ,„,„• $ TW\ XTT 1f^ iff    £     T   \T
Niimiiiiinihfl'ullowimx 5       fi        ■    «      UJT filffi      BVt       fi      0
c°'lls: NANAIMO COAL. t    I    fl   jPi        I¥|   A   I   Ji
v   :        SOUTHFIELD COAL, j ataaaxj^
VJtXKZUtiliAX IllSPli i'l',
I'he   Kins n
II, has I ,
s,.,, hv lhe treaty hcwcen llie Unit
eil Slates and , Irenl 111 iiniu as Ihu lil'tl
and liii.-.l nrbilrator of the Yenei.uc'u-
boiindiiry n,ucstion. The other urbitrii
to,-.-, ion,- iu nnniher, are   lo   hi,   ilesiu
The nliovo   lire   supplied   il,
,*     the following Grades, viz: Double Screened, Screened,
t* liim of the .Mine,
f) •:-••;•*•:• \\iislicd Nuts and
A\'iishi'(l Screenings.
Su]H>n utenilenl    ^
I',-",ni', liellverv ul Uu- Coihiiiuiv'h
Wiuini-j rn  Niiinii, uul Cruier-
UUII   Isl I.
an nivestigal  into the condition ,,,,.,,,-  a- '     ...,,:„i :l1111    sl   ''" 1" >ii     Icature   nl   the
. ,       iii        , .        da s ot   lemnerunce ■ t   which   i   , .. ,i i .
of the schoos through the province       ,,„       '„„. ,   ,       , ' ' '*'■•   he ciaiii-lete an iiRimentoi
,.,     , ,1- ,    '  , very    large    lii.inbcr   ui    mem hers lie    onti-nen. liiiir   \ cuezucho tro-
of Quebec, and his reports   show   a ,..  ,      ,  ,.      ..       ,,  ?,, ,   ,   ,   .
,     * ' ,..',, , were present. versy.     I ne   treaty   was   hi led   in
lamentable condition of things, the      \n(.,-,],,,  re„uliir hu«.ine**s  had WuRhin-ritui lust n^hi  at  the Hriiish
conditions being  similar  to   those |iee„ disposed of the following pro- ^.Ini, sy.Sir J.ili.ii.  I', ;ef„ie   ,,-,„,.-
Wlll:l! exisled  :l ': the  l'ri"H'h gramme wns carried out to the en
Trespass Notice.
Arrival and Departure of Mails
News ofthe Dav.
eiiling   Her   liri,an,iie    Majesty
ei-'cai-y Olncv ihe Unite I Stales.
lire   siilisfuction   nf   nil    present: Hon, John Mm-lev, chief Rccrcurvfnr
years ago. Ui'o. Stanley Oraig, recitation; Hro, -reltunl, in  the   late   I.ihe,-,,!  (Juhincl,
Recent heavy rains have caused Seaborn,   reading;   Sis.   Hodgson, j *H,'""',.tl. Q',"",!'"w.''-   '"'--'"■'>•, saul
great Hoods bn ween.lacpies Car. ier recitation; Bro. B.   C 0 f,   reading; ment usa in.'.Rl   excellent 7r'Zl.\\,,eii'l
,-md  (Jiieb.'c.    Bridges   havd   been Bro. S. Craig, recitation; Bro. U.H. und trusie 1 that thc netiotiniions for nu
swept    away,    and   the   roads   arc [i>0M.,,       reaililK',        Instrumentals "rhilralinn Irculy would huve uu equally
underwater. were also played during   the even- s'"'''crriuI issue. ^
Major Kit-on is si, ike. of as lb,- ing hv Bro. Allison who   nroved  a      n	
J                                   -..,,                                                                         ,      ' l.ecausc V",l  I'llt an „'. in a liaiielolii-e
new coniliianclenl   ol   thc   iMilitary great success in thai role. n-mii u liuicuini it illilu'i  nav, don't he
College, Kingston.    He is only  m      The ladies then served coffee and eiernully roic   lliiv'm •  'uidn'i  use
years of age, but   has sen   pienlv ca ;e which was more than enjoved  ""' ''i*"1'1 .aii"iiiun, m- mny he y lidn'i
i         ■                                  .,',,, snvthe I'luhl IhiiiL-, "i n.avhe vou   ,,i ,'-
of service, hav   g served  lor some by al , ,,,■  ...,, .",,,     ,    ,            ,.
'             •-                                          - ut Rill il in llu'  11 _■ r 11    wav.     ion   ean t
years in India.                                                         -        +++ . pluiti a piimpkiii seetl and   rinse a ros*-
T. P. Oivens of the Hansard staff,              Her brain Unhinged. hush.
left Otlawa for Victoria   on   Toe-      [n September   lasl   Miss   Lilian
<luy.    He   lias     been     appointed Field, a former reside fCalgary,
•i.'licial sleiingrapher to the lichrmg nrrived in Victoria fiom VancouverI
Sea Commission.                                 ^ and taking up   ber  quarter- at the yl'^\™||^''/Jj0'"J^  n^wT'l^thl
A vandal has   stolen a   pice  of Wi son  h del, advcr.lstid her.-elf a- iiuiiiuriiius   irom    U'orniwoo.i    Scruhs
one of the curtains it boil I the throne "a scientific pa In, isl, ' giving verbal prison, iu iihi.-u she ivas routined.   The
in the Senate Clin niher  al   Olt.iwa. tleliuealiuns of characler  from   the  c'(,|uu,issi t ui Prisons, inter receiving
The curtains are of some hisiorical readinu of the  band."      Uler on  '"'' "'ll"",'| !" ,'!"' '".,"il,'*;"J""1'''' '"'
.     ,                                    ,                       . -one o. .(,,.-. ( ,,i-,ie s in-.ilth,   colli,nun,-
interesl, having been u.-eil hi   title lhe   holy   moved   lo  the   Queens cnied witn the   ll -.-  Secretnrv,   who
lice years ago. hotel, wueie sbe has  since  carrieJ promptly  ordered    her    relensu   from
Recently petitions   were  sent   I     Hie   business  of   palmist   with   i",s ••'"' c|1"   "u\   '"'   placed in her
i      ,,.•■'.  ,       •             i            .                       ,.   ,          ,.                   ii-   it „ i inisiiiiiiil R cure,   and   he   nnl   take her
the .Minister ol Justice   asking  fur '■' ■"' "'   less siiccesss.     Welle,in- ,,a-,,,,, n,,-r,,i,,-,i-,,,,,-s »,,,, i,,,-ica-i
(he   remission   of   lhe  scu.eucc  ol emed und of  rcliued manner   .Mi--   |iu-hiitie ,,el„y.    ine t' icle, in coni-
l'all'ick  hvoii   of   Toronto,   who   i- ."'nnl I, id ipiilo a   clientele,  especi- iin.-ii.iujf <«i me case,   noes   no,  ipntrrel
loiuga   eriiiin the Kiug-tdi peni ally among tne fair sex.     She wa-   »'" ' rdctsc, h,,,. «-i,,,es tin.t tiriiiai,
1                 ,                        ,      ,      .   ,               i U'i were uinic ei-e iv  .uml ed, um  thul
tcuiian          ll.e.-e   pciltlous   have 'l'n e   in  enruesl   al t   her   work t„e same consioer.onius nee exleuucd
hci ii considered uud   it   is   under* ami bring of a highly nervous   and    ,ii,,,-| ,,s in  kicpiunianitirs.     i,,,-
stood the senieucc will   nol   be   in l.ii.i*-iiialive   leuiperaiiienl,  wa- :.t imi.i Ncvissity-i win,  rcc-cuce to ihu
terforcd with iraeled towards the beliefs   of both *onu sunjccl, mm u was mrcsecn,  and,
OuSaturday   lasl   „   suspicious M'iri.ualis.H and th, pliis.s.   „„,- ;;--■ ""---^ i*.
•J .(.King lot of J77 boxes   of  chcc.-c *'",VIV l-"":'ls '"  •--'■'I'!''"   «'lth lhe Vsalren.lv nan  un.-e.l,   thc Uishop o[
was   found   ill    Montreal   ell route u,v-:,-r ,-sot i ne „,,;;,,"„„ „,i,-,,l were   |',-.,, ,,.,-      •„ appuinte succeed
f ,(',.,.    ,-,.        i,.,,. 1"''   iiiucii   for   her sensllive brain, tne present Aicni'isnoii m Utoucrhiuv,
1 | I II 1 J    \  ' . I I '    , I  —' I        I l I        "   I I i I  "   ,. I I M  ■                 I   ll I    \                                                                                   ,                                          ,               , . ..    ■ l  l
..,„..   , .   | ,,,,   ,,   .,,, ,,,.,,,•„ ami   now  she  is violently   insane.  '" '"',' l"*",'"l'"'! '"  '-"  ""' ■*•"'.
weie   nol    Ina'e.hd    l.i    in i, I da in e                                                       - tint, Kev, Iv.tiitr.l   '.in   lilvit,   year  oi
with   the   regulations   of    United -Wiida.v she was  uppurenily m her  Kt.110ll|- ,,,,„. ,,-eo, i'eic- ■„.
Suites luw dealing nub the man,.- I"'"!"'1'   Inl1"1'   lm'   lh"   aflemoiin .-, u,.,k .,.,,, :,  V,„,ML. ulrl  „n.iv  , .„
i'aetiirc ainlevi'iinatinii of   "idled" when she roiuriieil tu her hotel  she ,^n,„-,-,   .,,.,   ,,-.,.„    i,,,,,.,,,, .1,union,
cheese,    l-ariicuiars cere sent   hv ^l duwn on the Hour af the foot of ...........,  .....m-u i n..-.. .i sun,,   sue
tne     CanatPan     dairy    , i.nis'- "'" main stmrcaseand removed her ;;V»- -'-;;■ -y.;-  . ll-;>. '•    ■;'-
|imel.    t|f    ,,,„    chie-   ;,,-   |he(lllh.v boots, saying in answer (..questions |m),B,.S lor,, wile, and tvprcsentcl' him.
division a:   WashitiL'lon,   i 'de'r lH" '; ber that she would uot walk ,,-,, .,- ,,.n„ ,.,„„,,•,-„•., « ,- Xen
tiatsucl. actii igul ne taken as "|w"iirs with  ddy-   boots      She V'orit I.ne insurance Co    .MissJohnson
will,,--vet    ih.     ti-TiuiiiMif   nih-I wis Heard   talking   lo   herself next *"•*■- mvomnly luipresscd w, m lhe letters
Will pleveiU tlie Mllptll Jilt ul   ulle.l                   . receivcl irom liim, uud she mil   huu at
or  inferior   cheese  through   Can- day, and limilly her cndinon  lie-   ,,,,,„,„„,,, ,„,. „,„.,,. ,„. ,„M ,„.,.
adian port- to the British Isles  UU- '"'""' """' '' '"'" '    ' ■'""'.'"'' I '.'■- "ere „ t ■ it ft t Im-K Rtor, nliu.ll Iwiug   rolibed "I
less pronclv branded a- such. informetl.   .,,,1    Dr.   b'raser,   ,-iiy m,o,i ,„,-.,. .i,,,,-,,,,,   }|„,   He i„,„,ee,,
,,,,' .     , ,,        ,    , medical health officer,   pr unced  "erioaivoi  wn.d  „ ey  she   iuto.
I lie 'render has    e inllrineil   the .                           ..             .}. Ii.ev   Here  .naiin..   in   Puimyrii,   Ah.,
report thai Hon. I). Mills and   Mr, '"'""^ ,    Tl"     ' *     d       ,    "* "er ,l"s,wl"1  ""-"""" '""'   '"""
Geo, Cox, president of I he Canadian TT'r       f «'« so violent  ,,..., ,„ „,„,-, ,,.,,„, a. „,„,„,- „„.
,,   ',.','           •   ,    i that   for safe keeping she had to I e uu uupul.i iioin ndi.
bank ,,i i onnneree, had   been   up- p|ac,d j,, l))t. police station with a li.litor Scott, of   the Heginu  bcuiler,
pointed to the biMlil 0   lo.'   the pio- |,.n,,,|(. „„,.„,„ Mn..„d |,,.,,     Tue<.   lui, ,,ad Mc ,. Kooti lUvit, arm.gne,,
vince of O.ilano, lilling the viican* d ,        , ..« .,i.,...mi i.,..-i.   i„ ■*.„„■,, ,„,. ,,-,1
Cies created by  tin deaths o    l»r.        -   ,  , .,-       ,    ,  ,, libuihiiisuociuneut w„s ,.,„,, ■ ,,,
Kerin,-,,-,    ,,f*  Well,,,,I     and     S'ir •'    '"''l     •'    ll"  ",,ln''' 1""1'  ""' """   ""'   luiiidwriinn.  ul   IV,  C.   Man.Ill	
rergiso,   o    Helium     and    Mi Ill|.tuiullfl   , iU*y    ,,,    rt'estminsler, who is IMvins solic -.   lb, ton uu'
Uavid Macpherson.     Ilieapp.iint. wJ]BM   gha  ffj||  |ir    ,.tl  jn |h .„,„.,,,,, ,  ,,,„„ „ ,„.„,, „„,
ment ul Messrs. Mills and ( ox was       ,      f    treatment   Miss Field's ';""'-'i1'"-' ;;"'» uiineum -n.pof
made at    the   last   meeting   o     he '.,,„               ,,,, , „,,  the oruit, lie icluseil  to   gi\e   evulunce
i-             i              i      •              i relatives arc  unde stouc   to resile n,,,,   ,,,,,.,,,   i.,,,,,, ,,,. i,,, ...,,.,..    u„
u» '   ■•""',"."'  •"•clers-ui-cuuncil in Ualgarv, anda telegram wassenl Z,le,.SlLpriS'i'iIlleof a ».iiJlb.rV Tile
are now on their way to Lord Aber- ,„ ,|,„ ,,M,     N„ m,Swer has been  "'"'  "«    " J »en  until .the
lieeil 111 British   UolUUlhia   fur    lis ...   ,     ,,, ,,„■, Court reaches a ilcci-io ni- i'l.-.,.
received.     I olulllsl. '
(Sieneiil      ItAbllWIX 11. WAKE.
Sept. 15, ISIIil.    JOH.-i  HASH.
People who Appreciate	
WIII-.h'KAS, Certain evil-disposed per-        NANAIMO  POSTOFFICE.
sons huve heen kiliine °tock on Valilez 	
Islun,I, Xunnimo District, it is ,..   ,-. v   diti'vav        rtosi-nre
HKSOLVKI) in  future tluit all persons '" * V RA"'" U '       'J',,' ,; ',,f,''
 mi trespussinu'ou the Wake Estate   Wellintrton, North Held  and a...i "a m.
of 7(11) acres and Iiulian Reserve of 1700      |,*IIS| WellinjrtnM II 2b  8.5(1
adjoiniim will he prosecuted to the full   Victoriu,Southern Stan-sand
exte  the law. plucea along line of i'..\ \. Dailyex.Sun.
Railway    S.2(i 11.61)
vaxcouvuu   Horn:.
British and foreign, [Eastern
Provinces, Kiisten, States, nallyex.81111.
Vancouveriuid other places cm.   imi,
on .Mainland of l',.C    ,1 .JO 6.00
It.ivetliolrprcBt'rtpii.     tllspensednt co5,o.\   ItoCTE,
PIMBURY'S DRUG STORE, ^^^IitJ.gS;.-n«. «.
than,, ('ualieinn,  Hornby  ,' m .   cm.
leleplione 8. Island and Penman Island   8.20  3.00
VICT",ill   liol'IT.
Salt Sprinulsluml, Burgoyne Fri. Tues
Buy, Full'ordHiirhor.N'orth
Salt Springlslantl and Gab- p it. p.m.]
riola Island     ,s •),) 8.30
I'.V   ST \.; R "* '"'■"■ -*lon-
. ''*     '  '-■',|-- 1-ci.    Thar.
Allierni, I'urksville, French  c \i. c .m.
Creek and Urrington  12 SO   11 (ill
Kit.   Thnr.
Nations,' Pay ^  12.H0   (i.Otl
I'.   M       A. M.
Departure Buy, tlailyex.Sun 12 45 19 80
Cetlar (South), Saturday   ..   2.00 1100
20c. per Month
^\r   Tlir 1 TT      One Year, $1.50
Jil MAIL: !ixMThs;J5Kcftts;
Three Months, 50 cts-
Their Prices mu Itlt'ltt.
Fish and
Game Market
silll'l'IN.; sfl'l'l. 11:11
Or. MARSH, Prop.
Merchants and Business Men
will find THE MAIL a
Tclepl ■ 7-1).
N.ixAiiio, C. C.
A Full Assortmelll „l die l.miiv I Mni-k.-i link-
Meats ilellveretl  free of eharge to all
pai's nt tie ■ in-.
,,„„,. ,vl.:„,.   !■ p. Hex Id.   IKi.ldoiiceTel.10l. I',-,,,„,,! ly  Attended   to.
Tid and Sheet-Iron Work.
Funeral Directors
Good Advertising Medium
It lias 11 large and steadily increasing
circulation—GOING 1\T<> THE HOMES
of the citv and immediate district.
'Sl Embalmers.
iiiii'iiiiiii'j. of tho Oriental, lho tlnrcka,
llu- Ni-.i   Vork '.,1,1 ,'liu-li's
Set Is of Kinl-nliiiiii'f.
I, :', and 5 Bastion St., Nanainio
Victoria Crescent, Nanainio.
In all its
Various Branches
VICTOItl.*, ein:sei:\r.
We Print
alglialtire.    As soon as llis lv\c,-l
I'licy   approve*!  of   ihem   he   will Ciixej' vain.
advise   ihe   guvernmenl   hy   tele- -jleveliiiid, ()., .Nov. lu  ',]   S   Coxev
graph. o. ('o.n.uoiii,,..,, „,,,„-, Is ,„, in,-  Kruiln.l   "(" "  '«■-'■'"■"> m elm^u uiitl tl,.-
,,.,       ,, . lliHir ullli il iliu-trltli -I'lll       lis   i,l,i.       I"1' Is,,,",,ei- ol   ll.i'l l.ll.vll    ol    l-.n^laiel
I he Premier   l*   salieiline   afl  In   iwiuuiiiiii llie uir ni .in.    n- |,,ai     '.,
A ( liuicli Un'...
l.-l-t S'U.l'll.y   t'Vl'llillK    II   llhipiItO    he-
the ntitcotne of the  neiioiiatiniis re-
lollu de  hues lor  tlle   i leln >.iel i/.l. toll u.
.1  Ka-I" i-.inie   to   a   lead.     I luring   tin
eoln a- n-ull uu silver, stulu utviiei-miliuil I"181 lr" ' "Il*1 " "'' "   "'V1'"11
Jjardillg   the   school    compromise. „ll rullruiuls, hl-diwiiva, waturwuvi., tele- ''.'"'".'":'''   l""ieMin«   i,-ii,n,sl   ceriuii,
On being asked  iglll   ill   regard Biaph and  iele|,l,oiiu   lines,  muni I pal rlluallBlie pn, M '- mi  ilie purl  nl the
lo the reottrts from   U'ioiii,  of   u ■•wiieiHlilp uf nil hireul   car   lines, «,.'e, Uilssnuiury,      Kesuliuluiia    have   I „
It*   lill     It'IMll l>    IMMII        11   I NUI IJtUi   Ul      il ' ,i..«iii      ■   i i      l , ,     f , ,.  -.-     i .  .    .; n 1 -     -I I,   i    -i
, -,  ,       -'     ,, ,.  ,| ■   '     ,,      tvurlts, iittii'kcL I ses, electric Mul,,, uus I '   ' "• ' "' '    .'"        leHiliiliotis  ami a
llltoll     in    the    liegotlill t>,    Mr,   plum*,, ompinyiMo ' surplus luiiu  pelill,,,,, theiuisH ury and his bislmp
I.iilirier ehiil'iielei'l/.eil Ihem   as "all nuhlie   irurks,    imnian   suit',.,-•,   san- nave lurnud „ deni ear,
(Commercial Hotel.        Cakes,
,'i.,-,„-r ,i.,aii,i',-.-i„l „n,l Bastion s,s. X^aS Ul V,
T',i;,';::n;,:';;;;'::;;,n::;li:'::!::e:h!''''iy ah Materials used incon-
""■""*" ""'"■"• nection with the above
t. o'oonnkl, prop,    guaranteed to be. first-
Clothes Cleaned... 	
Repaired and Altered WILSON & MATTHEWS,
R, -v, p. KESYON Proprietors, GOOD WORKMEN
Etc., Etc.
(C7~ n I llASTloX HTRKKT
/«**- \e\, a....,- i.. \\i--i\oiMit- R1ndo.mil
Sinn'. I' o. Hex mil
The Columbia and lie.I Mountain
..enrol c lienor  iralllc, electi,..,  ..I .   I"u   peuple,   tlierelnre,   have   I
- the presiilunl  hy ll ret vol '  the lepil H'lvlee iiinl iieimn   In   llie   matter,
'" | tie.   Cxevitus called 11 , ere,,,.  «'"! |h 'clttive steps  the.v   tool,    „»,
llailivav    is   nmv  complete to near U| ail iriemlsu'l tlie uliiivu principles ul ■*»"'"«y i'Vi'Iiiiil' hIhmv theileli'i'iitiiiiitliia
Kusslaml,   ami   ill a few days it ia •juvurnmeut. ".'   J1"'   I""'1*' '",|S   " u  uv«"-
uxpeuled that trains will be running "       ••*"
into Rossland, ' |l"'1' Advances
lhe hall In  w I,ich   Ihe  services,  and
the land ",, m tii. it il stiimls,  heltilig.*!  to
The Rossland Miner in an edi* Chicago, Nov. 15. I'he Tribune ihO tjeiiple. laivia« lu-ea paid fur h.v the
toriul note, says: Complailll --ays: The lumbermen's association PUj'P^uf Kaslo ivithuut u.,y inissiuiiury
reaches ns from iiondon thai the of this city met will, a full attend- ' Ufa -Sunday evening tho minister
Agent-General's olliee has done, ance last night and advanced price." presented himself at ihu door ami ileum!   is   doing   nothing to attract  at from 50 cents to $1  a  ihou-and  an""'*-1 atr -e, whieh was refused
either capital or pop, ion to the feel.    They say I, may go higher, ^i'^^^
province, If the Hon. Foi lies George  I.umber has heen  on it steady  tie- private pnip-ny. hinhns (ilven hia word
Vernon    mii-l    be   retail,ed   lhere,  cliliu since 181)8.     The dealers who m hnm.r tnui he wmild Ictive thu  huild-
would  it   nol bei I scheme in boosted  lhe  pice.-,  say  Ihey have  '»-••> a any lunher tn.nhl,, und he
fend   mm ■ to wake hi.,, up a -nly taken as.e ward the price ^^Z^S^'i^^"I'o^iv:
bit?                                                          Ihey Will ask beforo nexl   spring tl he n.adea preli-naeoi rel,ickin«the pad-
■*»»                           ihe   tide   of prosperity continues, locks, hni « ilmui iluiti*!  so.  ii.is was
Nearly all the rives of Central nml gome   dealers  believe lumber will uhserve.l hyonu or two pioseat,   lie
Kitrlher'i, Italy have overfliiwed, and  it   .,, ,   -,.   „',,      i,-.:  „„.    ,..,. , lhe,, asked'if the lientleineu wore Rtttis-
q.ui hetown ul Clltadl Castello ?U!,tlli"   nM   ncltliltnliul  advanco ol ||0,|, t„ which they niiswered'perfectly,'
hnH  lecn II      ed,   hrl gen   have   i    from fl to f 2 11 thousailil feet, whereupon tint reverend niissionury tore
swept ti  ii                      ni.iiiM   li'owued,                              *■*» down the liar friini  the  unlocked   pail*
uml ho;. ' uied, \uy nresent   subscriber   to  the  :" '<8 d en.ieui ed iu force his en*
The house oi asset,,,.ly iii S hAus-   HAH. can have the   Weeklv   Globe iran.-e Iniii tlm liullillug.   One  geiille-
India has passed, he second  i'e.„lln«nf  f    ,*,.,,,,     ,   L,-      ,.   »'«" f"1'1 "V-v '    nni1 '"' '"""•
the government's bill rostriuilng ln.iiil* I ]'om now to llie end   ol   18U,   foi   riils Is not likely o  thoendofthe
grains of colored race.                           05 cents, matter.—KomIuikI Miner.
, iii nc tr.
old and Silversmith...
s^s^n General Steamship Agency
imiI iml ui,,ri">iKil  mi   kiti.ii'l  ii.itii ■■ * " "    .
l'n iiics going In the Old Country
or sending for friends will
By purchasing Tickets from
nrilerawl engraved on short notice.
ItenulrtiiK finished tri»»il ns new. at
low prices.
E!,![i,y Boiliiis of any Description,
Old Copper, Brass, Zlno or Lead,
t'llll ih-l'.i-i'  "I miii.i'   I'l il'lill-i'ssjili! II  pOlll 1,1   ,u
Miin'uiii . ..ii |.i-.„,,|.iiv ui.tny H.i.it-oss ,„,■',,>■ General Agent.      THE     jVLxxILj     P TJ jBLiISHIN CjT     UO»
When 1,11111  strive   for   „   1 ui 1.-   living
ivnae tlimuscli nrttanluatlon, they „,c
called inuirehisls ; hni when „ ,„,',„ has
su,-cee.led In lii.theriiitt together a mil-
I llnll dollars ill the cx|iense of the Buffer-
Ing of ihoiisaiiils of his Iclhiwn.en, he is
set np as an example for young America
commercial Eltfcobti ln emulate!— Pueblo Courier,
E. V. CHAMRERS, Manager
-j* »•"•• fypAp '■ j7s'j^y''-,^"''"*r*S' '** '.*t*'-^8'' " --**•■•' '!^*^^^^-^77j-*t*'
TCh^ IWaiiailltO rtjNa{llinte''ohnnSetheir ••*1"ioUi- products pnid for by the people, built inthe
PL'111,1 Ml I-.-'   KVKI'.V
with both"cheapness and rapidity; jnie'-ests o'l the people, operated on  TUg    RlflCO   tO    G6t
.., .    ,, , ,-    I   b, hull uf the iicople, will be wnriii-     "   " -v     "    i«**ww     fcw     -*M\* *.
whilst   the   production    o     largo  .        ,        ,  ' .  ' . ' .. ,   ,
1 '     lv and  enthusiastically  supported
quantities of smelting ore will call   t,y Die great masses nf the  people
for an immense   demand   of conk generally, and   will   he   put   into
vi  v civMiiRim' Editor ana Manager, and coal from   ihe ca!   fields   of practical shape by the introduction
ir, .OH,',-',.!..,, v',„',u,'i," ti c Nanaimo, Wellington  nnd   Union,  of iv measure by   tho Turner  Uov-
Vle.orl,.(.u-™.,.N.„m„i,".l'.,. n .'eminent      at      the        forthcoming
"Wheal, Corn, Chop, Oats, Bran, S«oonds, Potatoes,
Onions, Clour, Rolled Oats, Oatmeal,  Farina,
Buckwheut Flour, Rice  Flour,  Hominy, also a
Full Line of Choice Groceries, is at
|lv mull—out- your   	
'    " SIX  IllllMlllS	
Three month*....
Peltverod bv uurrior	
[ow, then, shall this much needed railway be built?   Shall  a  few
lterpi'ise,  know-
srns,-menus RATES,
 i.so I men of possible  eiitci,
"..'.'.'.'..'. 'eo ledge nnil little monev form   them*
oo. I"-,-,,,,.,, „ Be,vea *nt0 a con],mnv lint| hacked      The action of the people  of our
The Spectator.
action nf the people
| . NoVi'Mr.l-'U i:i tsno,  by a Dominion   Uovernment   sub- city in the Alberni railway scheme
1 L—1  "- '" sidy as well as the Provincial Gov- is an action in the rigid   direction,
The Railway to Albenii. erurnent's   guarantee   of   interest, and if the spirit with which ii   Ims
' . construct the road?   Or  shall   the begun is cniitiuued to the end  the
The large attendance and en.hu- CnmSSd!^ IhTbttlst ub*«« **' " Se6ks  ""'  l!" *»**
Masm exhibited at the meeting hekl the   [-evince,   Urns   finding    the b[- "1,tl*1 '•     Thero   ',ri'   cerUun
in the Council Chambers on Tues- money and build the railway? feelings existing in lhe cily spring-
day evening to discuss the question There are apparently lwo rival ing from political matters that are
of "the   proposed   railwav   between   -''hemes    in    the    Held      The   one apparent and are   niuking   againsl
N.nunno   and    Alberni; lake,   in   ^'Vhich'propyl   !,',' connct, """ "":" '>' "f  -""I'ln'ising in-
<-onnection with   lhe  unanimity of  Vancouver     with      Westminster, l''lx""1   "ccessary   to   success.     In
opinion expressed, thai   the enter- crossing the river   hy  bridge,  and things political we differ, I suppose,
prise was not only feasible but  an  running through the   fertile  lands as  they   do   in every cily in   the
actual necessity tofuliv develop the "f the Friwer Tiver   district,   pro* worldi    ft is the lirsl   evidence uf
,   •   ,    ,       ,.     ceetl Ihtoiit;!,  the   Hope   Alonnlain ,  ,,. -,     ,,   ,   -,
known mineral wealth of  the dis-  pass jnl0 £„*-, okanaaan  lake  dis- •"•"••'-•"Sent coininumly  that   it
trict, goes far to indicate  that   the  trict and  thence   into   the   Trail can and will assert its own opinion
movement will prove more  lhan a  Creek district.     This proposal has on public mailers.    The next   evi
mere flash in the pan. 'he 'it of a charter  already  ob- deuce is given hy  the  several   fac-
m .i ,   ,f  ii,    tained, as  far  as   Huntingdon   or ,,,,,,< i,,,;,,,, ., i, i,. ,,, .,. i,,,, ■  , hM;,. ,„-..
Moreover, the   iiersonncl   ol   tlie    . . imn.- neing aoie to  allow   nun np-
' ' ,   aunias, u.d a   certain   amonnt   ,u ,    ,. , , ,   ,
urovi-ioi,-,     ihrectt irate     eoniliitseil   ., .- , i pot,cuts to live  peaeealilv,    i.ntl   lo
jirin.situi.ii  ttiittio.au,      .io|. the right of way has been   cleared; ' • -'
its il is of some of our mosl shrewd  bul   |ms  t|,L.   demerit   of,   as yet, be united on such public matters as
and level-headed business  men,  is  making   no  provision   for  speedy can only come to us by the agree*
a further evidence that nothing will connection with the  other cities ment of all.    in  matters  essential
,     i i.        i ... ii     Victoria and Nanaimo,    The other ,,.„ mll„i i,,,,,,, ,„,;,,,   i.,,r   .ui„   .....
be   left   undone   to  carry oul the      .... , we must i..i\c ui.i.*., out   mis  tan
scheme, in which   it   is understi oil       ,    , , , -   ,
scheme to a successful  issue.     We lhu,   Me3Sl.s.   McLean   I'ims.   and only bo got as other good principles
haveno doubt hut what the director- other well-known   contractors   are precedes this.    It, matters doubtful
a e will use evi ry eff irtin mapping interested, practically propo-es the liberty, and in  all  things charity.
out the  most   feasible   route   the same rouie, bul suggest connection Whenwe reach this standard things
iii .- i- ,    by steam f rry with thn Victoria and ,..;,, ,,,,,,,, ,-.,,,,„. ,h„„  ,h,.v  .i..  ni
irobable     cost    ,,t    construction,   .-,       ,,     - .   ... . win go on i.isiei   ,ti.,u  u,c\   no  ,n
J . bidney Railway, thence to Victoria ., ,, •   ,-
nnil   inf-iet   -ill the nr-ecss-irv nil.ir- i , r .    v . present. owever, anv small 11,til-
ano, iii uiii, an int. nu t-ss.u \ niioi    una by steam ferrv to Nanaimo.   A ' .   *.
niation, nnd have ii in  ship-shape  third "proposition is  to  utilize  the cation ihat these principles are be-
ready for presentation to the  Pro- C. P. It. route from   Vancouver  to ing developed is to be encouraged,
vineial Government   at   the  next  Sicamous, thence to   Ver ,,  and Certain facts have been made plain
.  ,    ,     ,,   • , . -ci     extending the Shuswap  is  Okan-  ..,;„„ ,, „ ,. • .,„, 1U ,., _,.,.| ;,,„„ ,,,-
sitting of the local legislature,    rhe I ^      [a{o  ^  ,. en concerning the claims it wot  oi
nextquestion    aud a very import- dii,,i(,t   [t is also suggested  thai the community, and wheuthedi,-
ant one- -is how should the road he  a steam ferry could   connect   Van- position is shown to recognize them,
constructed?    Shall it be built   bv  couver with Chemainus and thenee even though it may be after the less
a private company    with theinevi"-  i;u" Victoria by the K. iv. .s.   Rail- fortunate parties assert tlieir claims
, , . ! wav.        he     alter   is   open   t"   the ,,.:, ,. ., ., ,.,.,,,,,1. ,;,.,. ;.. ,. .., ,
table   Government    assistance    or   .^ t m ^   j(   ^   ^ will a st.e.gth that ., not expect
In* ihp (hivci-oioi.iit ilireel   lie theui        t . i • i , ''t , we are gl-.ul ot 1    lor lhe Sake ol
ii) tin. uovei nineni niiiti, o\ uuiii  reduce cost or time of travel to any .,' ..  ,,       , >■
ROBINSON'S, tlie Wallace-street Grocer
Our Tea, Coffee, and Butter are the best in the market,
Kerne...her, our mutto is—Square Dealing and  Clnsu Prices,
Tlie Crescent Boot and Shoe Store
weaklings will not desert their  old
friends in   times   of   distress,  bin
stand by ihem and not  get   mixed
up in the new elements.    I hope the
new parly will beon   tl.e   look-OUt   ou!VlimVl^
for tramps   and   keep  themselvesl „,*•»„ „Ue
creditable by starling out anew, not   WlilluluHther'bluntliur.au.l wblluitkUlwhJctll."
with proselytes, but tried and  true
; Inn,
Would I Uml llvctl i
l-'i-.ie hevl tome, frii„„,.,   	
Wut-l iiivt'.-i-i. wl' ii WIIITI-'IUIjI) boot,
Sttu nui', „,ul liritw:
o' livalili nml liii|i|i|iic>*.< Um root
Aru Uny 1" ll',
lliul tllQV I.Ill livuil lu ll'l mi' Iti-ll
Wlit.t :■ I i is woro, three aruro and ten
Ihidaui't, in.. ...ililliu' lui. nml boil
.11 my i-i-i-as,
Ami t'lmniiiii' niiuilui.'l wi' my pen.
Slgnotl, Ki'iuin: llc.tNs.
lliiii. Hv. 'Iitiie Arrives.
lion. .1. Tarte and party arrived
nl Westminster on Wednesday in
the Dominion Government car,
''Cumberland.',' Quite a large
crowd had assembled at the depol,
bul   nothing   of   ,,  demonstration  0 CnMnnia,.,„„, n„"u"'i,
took place.     An informal reception Ituir IiIim niu-t ho-.-iu.-l in anil (thlld,
iii      ,    ,i        ,.,,/--, Antl in,illior, wifo nnil tntiidou Itttr
was belli   111    lhe    liolel   (nilehon, Who Wlll'I'lhEl.li'S boota innl shoos niav woar
Mr     \uluv Morrison   M   P     Intro- '•"' I hruu-n lioatlt antl slni'-g.v wood.'
nil,   .it.i.i \   ..i.ut i. in i, .ii. i .,   iniio Vim know how olionp thev tiro anil Bond,
dllcillg many  pn nillient citizens to Tho work nun leaven their skilful lumd
the Minister.     At the Courl House, UyVoiuary'nhrtflSam-orlhrown
which   hail    been    decorated    wili, "'li Uil» iruili hits nfter known.
Ih,-.-, Mr, Tarte received an ovation. School. Shoes al WH IT FIELD'S
.Mayor Mules presented au  address      Specialty.   ,      30 Viotnriiv Oresoont.
iron,    the   corporation   of    West- -
Mr.   David Rnbson from
ister,    Mr.   David Rnbson from i
Hoard   of  Trade;  Mr, Justice \   1
e, from   the   Kra-cr   river   I,,,- j-*\   I
wment   Connnittee;   and   Mr. ■ » -i-
the prosp, riiy of  the  place.     Nulling, however, is added to lhe   iu-
linding the means and owning the appreciable  degree, and   more,  it
1 .|,    ,. , , llllllU,   lil'lll-ltl,    IS   ilUUCtl    t"   I'll-      111
road when completed,    Apart from  would still further  strengthen   lhe (|u(, ^ th|l|  .,',„.,  ,,x]..   „,  Mn
the principle involved -of Govern-  '.*vo   raonopoiies   from which   the ,       this desirable siatesof thing's
, .     ,   ,,     ., Ir ivince is sulleriiiL',   the  C. 1. 1 . , .     i
ment ownership of all railways    we anj the E. iS N   liailwavs. liy assuming, as  some  people do,
new metal
Makes tlie
Most Permanent
,.nd Artistic
Si<>*ii Letter
In existence
it a man lias u
nie limine,'
are strongly in favor of  the  latter      A,IW j, a ^iiwav tothe Kootenay
1      ■ 1      1 , •    and nails antl a piece   1,1  earil.   on
is    neeileo,   wliv    should    not    tlie ' . -, ,,.    . ,
,   ,      ,     ■ , winch these materials slanct that he
people l.uiltl 11, own it, and operate! .
it?    Surely the people of   a   whole
course. It is hardly probable thai
a company cm be organized that
ctitild Hunt the scheme without substantial Government aid, which
practically means that the Government must guarantee interest on
the capital invested. A proposal
of this kind is so flagrantly onesided, in  whicli  the   people   as  a
ie interested in the cily, bul
is constantly waiting in put m,  l,i.-
province are stronger   than  a   lew . ,      ;,     ..   , "    ..'  ,   ,
1        , , hat anil w.ilk oil nl the lir-l shallow
people in that    province,   antl   the     - ,,., ,
1    '     ,     ,       •     . .   .,' oi adversity.     Ims   is   ine  spirit
monev lenders outside the province    , ,     •    ,  • ,       ,
1 shown liy certain  panics  who   do
in the mother country  or other • '
.,,    ■    ,       ,      , not even recognize man -worth ,111-
money   centre- -will     onlv    lend .      ,
,, ■ less lie possesses a piece of property
monev upon  the  security   practic-L, ' ., - '      ■,,,,•;
i,    .     '• 1   1 1      -        '  1    .1 buppose this party   winioiii hnck
al v lunusbed bv   ne pei.pf them-       ' * 1 • 11   ..
I leopo-   1 iit-oi- 1
.iv, . and   mortal'   were   ilo,,,-..   „l|   11.. * \*
tulves.    \\ Im lnult  the  Nnknsp &        ,,.,.,
,..l.,,l^ .,,,1  lV,o ,,.,.■.  t   ,.f ll.„ l,.,i..r-iio       -i .1        .-I ,,i could I" In.,!;,' tne tu,  li'es-l'iil    llial
wiiole gel tne worst oi tne uargain, sjlocan, the  Shuswai) & Okaiiagan,
., , ,.,, 1 ..'  ... ,'   .. 1 ,7   ,' these property owners only uu whal
tint we cannot  endorse   it.      lie   um   tne \ ie Una   tV   Mthicv   Kail- .       ',     ,     ' ,    ,,   '
.,    ,>      , ',     -■ ihev tl"  license ot   the  personal
past experience of this province in   ways     1 rivate  enterprise.     i\u; „m)j it i„.ings to themselves. Would
assisting railway development, has P>'»|'ably not one dollar of   private *. desirable  feeling   to en
" ^ L 1111    III.    11   1 L       '
been such a dismal failure   that we
doubt very much if the  people will
.ender, or wouhl it foster llie motive
enterprises,    11 IS true   hat private .                      ...           ..,
1                                      ', power to  Further  tho ctv s  good.
companies  set   in   1,1 ,li"ii   the   ar- ',.                 ,                       .  •
. ,                          .                                           .,,-,., lliese words may sou nu as  a  par-
wish   to   repeat   the   exper nt.  rangements by which   those enter*  M& ,Q a       .,;.,,     |,UI   ,„ ull)8e
There is another reason   and to our  [>"■»'   -»e»   commenced,  bul   the a||,,.t, wh„ ,^VB' lnri,.   ,..,.,        ,
ii                  1                 -i          ■ nont s and tlelieiilut'es   Wert.'   issued -,, ,           .    ,,      ,              ,
mill,I a good one—whv   a   railwav                 , ,        ,           .    ,                 , tnev will be perleeilv . lear and verv
° ..        .           '    ,        ,,            ami    s ,1,1    onlv   and    because   lhe 1        tr                ,'                           1
between    Nanaimo   and    Alberni  Government endorsed them.     The lu,e4*.   "-vever, 1 a,11 convinced
sliouldbe under Government owner- interest.,., those bond-  is  practic tlult H"ngs a,e   n.proMi.g  in  l is
,.         ,,,            ,.     ,            •      . i   ,,        ■ 1 1    ,,                 ,-,,'■   11 respect and we II  help   then,  wiih
slop.      We   are   hrmly  convince,,   ally paid by the people of   Ins [ro- ^ „„„,,,,.„,„.., „,.„ M  „■  W(.
that if the road be buill  by   a  pri-  vi nee .11 some shape or o her,   but ue,., all ,„,,,,,,, v ,,„.,„.,.,.
vate company it would be   but a the future enrichment o  the people
1      -                   .            , ,   .    ,   through   the   added   value    1)1    111- *
question of tune when it would lind  ,.,,, ,.r|| j,,,,,,! ,,jull \s carefully pn - Another feature of good  omen is
its way int'i the ciipaci,,11s maw  oi   vided a-'iiinst.    If the.-o enterprises the probable downfall of  lhe  gov-
tne E, & N. Railway Company, and   imw d 1 noi pav interest, the people eminent elements at Victoria.   1 he
I 3 benefits, as far as this city is ,-  put up lhe m n y; if Uiey  should people seem to have  awakened  lo
...    ,       1     ,',        1    ever pav, the companies  will   I'-ap the tact that they are the great ob-
i-.erned, would be large y destroyed.    ,    ,    ■ .      ,,,   ,    •    , .,.,,.,, ,,,, , ,1,, .,, ,    , ,- ,'., u.„
'                     n  -                     the beuelit,   bhall similar arrangi- sl ruction to the -iUccc's ot tlie t ro-
AVe fail to see   where  any    reason-   l|U.llls   |,B   mft(j(,   \n   ,|,,.   fulure? viuce.    Of course  the   same   thing
uble argument   can   be  advanced Ordinary   business   acumen    and was said two years ago, and yet in
against the proposal of the Govern-  common" sense suggests thai   if the lhe most practical w.ty  lhe  people
people   pay   for   lhe   railway,    tl Ildol'sed their  action-,   bill     I   am
people should own the railway; and convinced ihat  lhe  (Jovernmenl is
the experience of the   Intercolonial now in a loitering condition.   Cer-
notwithstanding, 1 honestly believe tain persons are tiding in  such a
that the people  should   operate   n peculiar wav  Unit   indicate  gome-
a so. ining unusual.   A  certain  gentle-
Governmenl    railways    are    nol 111111 wh,, wa-so very   much    Gov-
now  in   tbe   experimental   stage, en 111 as to exneel   a ministerial
Germany, Australia and New Zea- position,   is    now    llieir   great,-1
by iv. maii.'iiant.                 land have had considerable expori- enemy.    Whether the Governmenl
Considerable attention has bee.  ence of the  benefits  arising   From has so far misbehaved as to  nece*-
drawn  during  the last   few weeks the   railwavs   being   owned    and sitate  this consistent   member  to
toward   the  railway  develop,,,,",1   operated   by   the   governments   of make friends with the mammon of
, .,    ,,                ..,,.'  ..      those   co,,nines.    Ciean   pitHsaae unnghteousnass or that the member
of the 1 rov 1 nee, princinal y in tha ,      ,   • , . '      . ,     t ;,.,,,,.. n.,.i 1   ,.,-, ,..,...,• t	
if 'I     •               rates, lnw freight rales, equality of is coiupelleu to create ne« lorces to
U!l    s charges, reiiclinesstn redress wrongs help bun   to continue   a  political
or losses, absence of litigation, and existence is  the ,| lion,     How*
nmongst the ureal   I is obiained ever, something is wrong,   bul   the
ment building the road between
this city and Alberni, and a more
opportune time could not be found
for our citizens to press their claim.
The People's Railway.
reoiinn of the  I-rovinc,
the  Kootenay cnn.,try.     Ear neat
Hiicfi'e  and  enthusiastic  men   of
I ''•
Ah x. Henderson iron, the  Liberal
Association   of   New   Westminster I
electoral district.
M r. Tarte replied briefly,express-'
ing his pleasure at being 111   Westminster, be had conic not su   much
to,-pleasure as  it,  receive   suggestions regarding   the  requirements.
lief d'ence had been made to the
change of Government, lie said:
they had not been in power quite
as long as llieir predecessors, but
one thing was sure, that they would 1
be in power at least live years.
1 hey would try and remain in
powa-raslou,  as   possible.      (Ap*   ^   ,,_   ^j,,^
No ch.ubt, he would be  followed naxoose
p. this l-rovince, later on by   oilier        Slll(. Ai;(,,lt ,•„,. Brltisl, Coluniuln
members ol   the  Government,   as , , .,    ini>>'i'
they wero determined   la  see   for toenl Agent, d A&.  I1I1.M
themselves lhe land, and  what   it Sasaiv.,,
required.     He   had   promised   to   ■«*»/\ mv/r\v«
visil ibis Province, and he had kept   MI \ivJ j' Tr
his promise, as he always did, and   [« IB I P |l|j
was    here.     Tomorrow,    he   would   A t \J JA a\\JJLi-
start will, ins  chief  engineer,   Mr.
Coste, to make a thorough examination of the T'raser river.    'This was
., great country,   and  the hopes of
I'.na,la were nOw centred ill British
Columbia.    He   thought   that   her
mine-- alone would  prove lhe   most
ellicacious immigralion agent.
I he present Govi run oni he
though) a very good one, Smne of
the nu-,libels wire very able men,
some a little less so, in w i,icl, bitter
category, he said, some of the Tory
new-panels Innl plat'-tl lim. (1','ies
of ".No, no.") However, even if
this were mi, he must be some good
to be associated with such men iis
Wilfrid Laurier.
His Conservative friends bad not
left ihe treasury very fuil (laughter,) bul    the    Liberals    wouhl    do
llieir best, by the exercise ef economy, lu not only carry un the Government and luce! necessary expenditures, but to ilo so without
the imposition of any fresh taxation.
lie had travelled a great deal in
T'.un pc al .I oilier places, but never
saw a more beautiful country than
Hritish Columbia.
In conclusion, .Mr. Tarte than'-ed
the various    billies   who    had   ntl-
tlie.-.-ctl him, for lhe kind  mention
of his wife and daughter, and  was T+'   "V*'Qri     Ay*G
again loudly cheered 011   resuming)
"(in'leaving Ibe Court House,  Ibe I31    -^-CeCl
Ministerial party were taken   for a OK
drive up lo tha Provincial penitentiary, and from lhere to the various
points of interest in the city. Ai
Queon's l'nrk, Aid. Ovens, on be
half of the Council, presented
beautiful bouquets, from the park
gardens, lo Mine, nnd Mile. 'I arte,
ami Mme. liol,,Hard, which were
warmly appreciated by the recip-
We have a very complete line
of Large Sizes in MEN'S
UNDERWEAR.    A full range
of prices.    You can have the
Canadian mnke or the best
Scotch, which comes in pink
and natural colors.
Sizes, 42, 44, 4(1.
Commercial St., Nanaimo, B. 0,
11 i 11 lili  |
Arc novi rc::dy for your inspection, the i
designs, quality and styles hein;; the clioic- |
est from the looms in Great Britain. J
Have also a job line of 100 suits of (1
Which I will sell for $27, the best value t
ever shown in Nanaimo.  Soliciting your <>
esteemed orders, and thanking you for %
past patronage, respectfully yours, $
Owing tn tin* advance in
Flour, (he Bakers of Na-
iiainio and Wellington hnve
decided lo raise lho price
of Broad.
On and after llie 1st of
November, 1 s;Mi, the price
will be
For One Dollar
Smart & Thorne
Wilson & Matthews
F. Rowbottom
A. J. Smith
L. Schmidtz
J. Black
C. Docile
Commercial Street.     ^
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs
.: ..    DONE   BY   THE «=.
rioneer Steam Laundry
I By so doing you will PATRONIZE WHITE LABOR
Dye Works in connection.    —.*•,-***-.-■-■
P.O.Box 95. D. M. STEWART, Proprlotor.
City Market
'priotor.      >
Nanaimo Business Directory
-.11  nhnilu   of   opinhm   recognise hy Government railway*   Aiminsl explanation to tl.e mailer Ui not to
,      , ,, ihe:,, is  ur.el   tint    tin*   Province in-ininnl in llns arti>.ii nf ihis  Imn.
tn,it    tne     In lint     til     the      Ire- ,, ,,, ,     ,,    ,   ,1 ....... i ., ....   ,-  „ ,, .,, ,-....,  ,,   ,, ,,,
cuulil ict stnii'i llie c,i-.t, licit the gentleman, mi wc ,irtt iree in convince lies mainly in nbulniny credit of the Province would he fes that if the new party owes iis
i'creased facilities for transpnr- ruined, etc., and thai a railway existeneetohisenlhuitiiwni, then tlie
t.ition. The gold mints of the would be u*-ed and run for political greatest credential is handed over
Trail Creek district, the silver mines purposes. The firm argument is m the present G-ivernnicnt. tn
, ., u. -, , easily disposed of hv lhe remark fact, they are lo.ne conipliuientod
n the   Slocan,   together  with the |li||M|il, ,',,,,,;,„,. „•„ pi.()videH ,,„, „„- i„,vi„g independei ough to
Choice QnocEuiKa
Si:.\st in a r.i.i-:  Dnv   (itmiis
lH It.M'.l.l-:   FOOTWEAR
antl nil ilu- poptiltir
Patent Medicines
,,, prttBonl on thi iilti'i. nt
Prices That Wiu. Defy
III,,'     IC'luis     Will    he  |'le„se,l  1,1 lelll,, COMPETITION
III,i, Mis 11  II  W.-l-l, is sl.ntly    IllipruV-
l,,^   tr    ,t  Buveru  attack of typlioiil '      	
levc.   MrTh a-,a.vuuai{maiirofeni- TUTPa   TJT   A    ROWE
ly Minployctl iii Mr Wulfli'ssturula now BAEsB, !«.. JX. IVUVYJI
in tin- hiis|-!l<il satl'urliiK fr  ilia iiunu attiik
ii,-,.„s,..   uml   frm,,   e„,|iii,ies Into ihis TTvnolo-inT- IVrnvkpt.
„,,,.,„,,.„. u,.„i,-ii„..n„eii ii,ui ,s„ hi,,! ^-xcsisior ma.TK.eij
,„,,-.   Ih-,s ven low l„,iee,l.  COR. HALIBURTON and kEEBIIAM STREETS
tiniuls ili'llvt'rc'l Iree in tiny pttrl of lit*- city,
IIKMANS-V WAMSLEY ,,„;„.•„,,..
Wholesale and Retail Butchers rarkkr * po™, !>>»»•«■ unM-eita.
iililtiH-1-riill slici't
it   I", cam:, iiitrrisicrnndSollaltor, Kooinll,
Tclc|.l,.,l.e 7-8        U-   ' »'.'» I'lot'lt.
-ll, INNI-'.S & MclNNHS,   liiirilsii-rs.  Ktiiitn 0,
■'1   JullliBltil, llliii-k, t ui i-riltil slri't'l.
\-AI!M,in|i ,v  VtH'Nll,  llnrriMcrs, fiirniT nf
1     , iilllllli-ri-iill mul I,,ts,nm Btmut*.
P.O.   I'.eX
C.C.& B.I. Westwood
An- now prepnrotl m CI Unit,, nl.l
Ax lin, i'i use i>l ,,„ Imprnvi'il Mn
olilitti, iiiiiklnu tliom ,ia guild »h iitiw,   rr   iiaiiuv. Ilnlnnlc Dniiwlm, Wlnflolil Cre**
• •   COIlt.   Tr) lliiiihs I'ilt- unit,,,I',,,.
CARRIAGE WORK l)^,^c:^■l'M'n!a',ll,l^n™;il'',I',''l',*''l''','''
Dono In lho i trovefl manner.  ""•"'ll1 '""""'^ l"""k- N""'-i-""
Tholr prlctw uro,  ;l nnil IV    '   '' l:;"''   '' '       union Ulock.    l-'ir«i
,,,,.|,,. Ml     ,,|„,     ivorl   . n|i|,i:n,.|i,
NOTICE. i.iitni.i-Ts.
III-;.-, KM   I'HAII.MAI   ,.    IUI.L.    -I, IIIM.I
*'  pniprlolnrtt,  v,
\i i    i.'l > i.-l i' I l'V<  I,,I'l   ,,,,   ilw,  "    pntprlotor".  vtoitirit,crottoont.  Iii-tpon-ttnu
AIjL I' 1,1'jlttll I S  It'll  tm  lltc  "iidWillyrmli-c-a* laity,
Xiiiiaiinii   Wharf  Co.'s   Wharf
UcllOWKM,. ATKINS, U ATS.ix CO., I.lmttod,
will be nl owners risk. 'j* f.,™,1g-1!/*{i'?■■■"-?jj*"m """ "'""
K. R. JOHNSTON & CO., Wharfingers.
Highest Honors—World's ',-^ic
old-time experience of Carihoo
luiiilly demand easier and better
methods of freight and passenger
money for all railways built   with- slmke themselves  limse from  this
in the Province, and'  bus granted weathercock,    1 have no use for the
lands besides;   tlie common  sense present Government, and,   I  con-
suggestion   is   thai   the   Province fess, very little use lor some mem*
.... , |   . , .,  should own whal it pavs fur.   The hers of the opposition, who, I hope,
With wonderful  unaniroily all S(,(.liml .„._„,„„.,„   is'  /,nr!W(,,-,.a  by will he transferred to their  proper
seotions of the community urge the the ohvious   statement   that sue1, place by the reconstruction of  pro*
.-••is--;- .
Vt- -■• ■ >   i"';      'it     '■   - ' '• -,-' s
\,;'\ .■■::.'■  'i '       VA
imniediate construction of a rail-
Way from the Const to Kootenay,
The manufacturers and merchants
snterpriso* are usod   now   in  that vineial parlies, but when this party
wny; riilway corporations support* appears wiih this propimedorigina*
in^" or opposiim any  government tor nt iis I, I, I will  think twice
,               .                th"v choose.    Further   it   is  both before I decide to join   It.     But   I
ol the cmei of the ( oast, the miners ■ katme ,m , wi_(, ,„ ,„,.,. awtvy fl,,m believe the cutistltuunt elements of
aim pn speetors  that are flocking ft|| employees   of   the Crown   the the new party will be such   ns  to
into the mining centres, the farmers right ol voting bo   that   incentives exclude him, and leave him  to ask
ami   ranchers of tlie  Fras.rrivir for supporting any political   party uia forgiveness of his old friends, to
district and the Okanagan eqiw|iy I should not be made a  condition of j And  I maybe make, a hule-and-
1    ."peace. comer constituency  just suited to
r«o (jn.e the mtrvellom valueof a,     h  h  t0  he.hnpnd that  "The hiswanderingpropeiisilies,   I hope
.'iiil'vuy that will   enable  them  to people's   Railway"   to   Kootenay, lur the sake of decency  that these
A pure Grape Crc.im of Tartar Powtler,    Fret
fioni Ammonia, Alum or any otlier ailuUerant
40 Years the Standard
Acciileiit Mr. Richard Spears.
Just before leaving work last
night in Protection shaft, Mr.
Richard Spear, Milton street, was
seriously Injured. Mr. Spear was
rilling on the boxes, coming up the
slope, and thinking that they hail
nrrived nl the end jumped off,
catching his foot in tbe rope, which
tilted the box upon him. He was
nt once tnken home and Dr. Drys-
dale cnllcl in. lt wns feared that
the injuries were serious, and on
examination il was found thnt lhree
ribs were broken. On inquiry this
afternoon we were informed that
Mr. Spear is resting easily, and
strong hopes are entertained fur his
speedy lecovery.
Shamrock Livery Stables n^m
,K  WO It KB,- Oyoliig, Cleaning]
inn    ii Nti'iii streot.
r. rii.wtuiiN, Manager.
AND- i
it   MAiisii, iviinit'siiii. Doitlor iii i-'lsit and |
; w>    iliiino, iiiisiinii stroot, Kannlino,
Mwoi,i-'i-:, i-'i,,,t,M-iiii mul tiianrancQ Agtjnt.'l
• jolinmon mm tc. i
An Express Van meets ,,ll
Trains uml Steamers Dally, and
On linn,I In llrilcr nt anv hunr
POKKMAN .t;  IIAIIUV, Html Kstnlu llrt,lii-rn-
i    Uaatioi, itroot,
li   TAYI.0U, Ht'iilcr In nil kliiilf <il Now nml_
I'l si'iiiini ie.M.i I'ltrnlinro, ana ranry   in, I
clou nl ovory tlo*or)pt1tin,
Miisontc linil',',,,'.'.
«"**»* «»«-« I n^cinijauWte&a mi
Xelcp-iotic 8—— tintf Church and chitpel BtroeU, |


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