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The Nanaimo Semi-Weekly Mail Sep 1, 1896

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By the test of public opinion 5
and found "all right."
Second Year
And .increased success of the
people's paper, the
Nanaimo Mail.25rftmo,u"
,f*»/\*s ,*•»»■• -„-\
' » .-V\,V*A/ *S s**e y*
Is our business, und tiie superiority of our work coin-
mends itself, while as toprieeB
It Is Profitable
To deal with us. All classes
of work fur all classes uf eustu-
mers is our specialty.
VOL. II.-NO. 20.
Sow is the Time
Infesting Trees, Sb.r.ubs,
Flowers nntl Vegetables.
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assorted stock of Ladies' Sailors and
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Nanaimo, B. C.
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City Market
. Hoar Lose jwt 0fS>t>V"niT!i\
jioinls iii British Columbia. Eton. Mr. senate, lie Intimated tbut he hoped to
Duvics snid tbut the. Iiriiisb Columbia secure the co-operation of the present
Liberal members had been pressing these  senate in trying to make tlic* house nc-
If ynu haven't hud  unfortunate experiences  u-it'i shoes you are to ba oon-
ui'iiiiilnii'il.    I'crhaps  you  cannot  tell
the right side ol leather from the wrong
side,   but   Unit's  no  reason   why vou
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^_^^^_      loiibln'l not what you pay for to the lust
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Wholesale and Retail Butchers ,tahoe* immJmfAknow\mrtat
uuvivuuiv   uu<*   itv.u.1   ■'•■■'•■»   tu expucl from them and ynu  won't be
disappointed, for we tell you the exact
liiilli and nothing but the truth.
P, O.Uox 32? Telephone 7-8
(Montreal Witness Deport.)
Ottawa, Aug, 25.—The real business
of parliament begun yesterday, 'lhere
was unusual public Interest In tbe de
bate on the address. Tbe galleries were
crowded. Tbe 'Hoor of the bouse wus
well tilled and the new faces were so
many tbut a Btranger wandered on ibe
floor among tbe members und around
the mace with the speaker sitting in awful grandeur in the chair, without the
sergcant-iit-ui-nis diking notice of the
Mr. Mclnnes, the member for Vancouver district, one of the youngest, if
yot the youngest member in the house.
W8S entrusted with the task of milking
the motion, The mover of su.-h a motion is generally regarded us the spokes
man of the bouse, but iu this case the
speech from tho throne contained so
very little nud the programme of the
session being confined to the supplies,
tii.* utterances of the mover were devoid of that importance which usually j
attaches to them. His speech did not j
meet with universal approval even from |
bis own side, lie mude llie mistake of
confining bis remarks to tbe province I
from which be hailed. Nevertheless, he
made a vigorous speech, fairly well de- j
livcred, mil made some nil her good
points, nml nsiile from one rather unfortunate i xpresslon, might claim ta
have fairly well discharged Ids duty. '
tie took his selection us mover us a
compliment to Hritish Columbia and as
an earnest of wbut ibe governmenl Intended to do for that western cuiiul ry. u
country thnt hnd endured hardships under the Conservative policy, which had
ut one time been in the interests of tlic I
great west, but Which of lute yenrs hnd
fallen awuy from ils high Ideals. He
praised the resources of British Columbia, mineral, forest ami fisheries nml
urged the government to estnbllsh a
mint there where the precious metals
were found ia abundance. He alluded to
tbo suggestion ibui a department of
mines should be established nnd found
in it a clianucl for t! ul ranee Into the
cabinet of a representative from thai
province. He went on to urge the
rights of the province to cabinet representation in uny event, which was 1
rather peculiar line for Hie mover .if
tbe address lu tnke. lie expressed the
hope that lie house would frown on the
Importation of the hordes "f Chinese
coolies, but did not dwell on Hint subject. He pronounced the opportunities
nnd advantages nf this country in be
enormous, He went on to look nl the
matter philosophically mul look the deluge of applications received by every
member from men of culture un I education and ability for miserable positions
in tbo public service ns nu index of tbe
position tbe Conservative policy bn,!
brought the country into. This was
greeted with laughter from the Opposition. The evil of monopoly was u theme
upon which be grew eloquent nn.l
charged Ibe lute government with having aggravated it by giving nwny our
heritage of land in the West, nnd snid
that they hnd been taught tlmt even if
they bud the right in rule, they bud in.
rigid to ruin, lie olio.I the reluctance
of the Governmenl to resign after defeat as nn exhibition "f lust of power.
Whether it waa constitutional or net
it appeared to him to be must indecent,
lie defined Liberalism us meaning licit
every man w.is entitled to equal treatment nt the hands of ibe state. This
was true democracy. 'We wear,' he
said, "neither red shirts nor daggers,
but we see a condition of tioriety Hint
was becoming slniincil. nml if those
who were suffering from enforced poverty to-dny were mil relieved, that relief will be exacted iu llie streets."
This was pretty radical talk for llie
house of commons, nnl wns greeted
with "Oh, ob," from the opposition. The
people were entitled tn receive riu'hts
which were founded in justice quite ns
much ns others to receive rights purchased by dollurs. Tonehlng en tbe
Heboid question l*e exprcsed gratification
that Hie ndininislrution wns hound In
settle the matter, nnd conciliation wns
Ibe only method, He wool nn: "Thai
settlement when Bnaly reached will te
ia accordance with Hie Liberal prlnclp.
les of provincial rights, in harmony with
progressive modern thought, und will
not iu nny wuy violate tin- principle of
self-govei-Mi-e'iit in this country,' This
was tbe only really significant litter,
mice of the mover, being evidently inspired by the government and gives Ibe
keynote to the bnsis nf settlement recently negotiated at ottnwn. He made
a political attack upon tbe late government for their conduct In regard to (his
question and diluted upon lhe iniquity
of tbe Conservatives in willing lo disrupt the country for the sake of retaining olliee nud milking political capital
out of the school question. He pointed
to the campaign in North Qrey ns con- j
ducted by the Conservatives nt the present moment, nml characterized it in -in
epigram to be the ungodly use nf godly
Influences. He evoked cheers by alluding to the tendency of tbe Conservatives
In malign a great province which they '
could nnt. deceive nnd lind failed to conquer, Their cry now wns French doni j
bullion. He declared that the Liberals ;
had lieen successful because they 1-nd |
the support of llie younir element nf lhe j
country, and dosed with u peroration
expressing confidence in the new ndminl- .
Mr. Lomletlx delivered nu eloquent!
nml charming speech in seconding t},c
motion. ' '"''
Ottawa, Ann. .11.—In th> bouse to-day j
Mr.  Trior  asked  the government   if  it
was  the Intention to erect    lighthouses j
and fog alarms nt six or seven different
works on the attention uf the government, nml there wus also a memorial
I from Mr. Teuiplemun nnd Dr. Milne on
these matters; when tbe supplementary
estimates are brought down the heart
of Mr. Prior would, be thought, be gladdened in regard to some of these works.
Ill answer to other questions of Col.
Prior, Hon. Mr, Davics said the government wus looking for sites on Hie
Fraser and Skeena fur lighthouses.
French Canadians resident in Worcester, United' States, have sent a committee to Ottawa lo ask Hon. Mr.
Laurier to attend a banquet to lie given amend the railway
iu bis behalf there. He 1ms accepted,
but the dttto is not yet lixed.
In the bouse to-dny Hon. Mr
snid il was the intention of Hi
meal to tnke a plebesclte us ti
The premier states that nothing definite bus been settled with regard to his
visit to Kngland.
Mr. Maxwell interviewed the premier
nnd Mr. Tarte nnd secured a definite
promise of $10,000 for u drill bull in
Vancouver. Mr. Davles also promised ier explained Hint u
to give immediate orders for the erection of u lighthouse nt the entrance to
the Van.-Oliver Narrows.
One hundred nnd thirty-six acres of
land, originally held hy Andrew Glider
donk under timber lease, hnve been added ti, tlte clieliulis Indian reserve.
Aiilny Morrison's maiden speech has
attracted considerable attention. II
was :i most creditable effort.
Lord   ltussell   of   Kl
nrrived ut S o'clock o
end were met nt Hie station by
one of Lord Aberdeen's aides wilh enr-
ringes v.ud driven lo Government House.
There is n lrtrge influx    of   riflemen
from nil parts this afternoon,
 -♦*-,*- - —
Ottawa, Aug. 28.—The late government wns paying $0 per hour I'M'
dredges, being slmrt of the number required. Notwithstanding lids they gave
a dredge to the Montreal Cotton Co.. for
to work nt Valloyfleld, for nothing, This
wns how the monopolists stood iu villi
Tupper nml company, lt bus now been
'llie   figures   fnr  llie   Manitoba   .'•elHll.v
taken recently, hnve nil reached the Dominion statistician here. They shew the
population tn lie 103,425, un Increase i-f
8-1,785 in ten years. The result of Hie
census will be Hint the provinci v ill
get over $32,000 more of a subsidy.
Premier Laurier is being strongly
infill in visit England during Hie parliamentary receas, und will probably do
sn with Sir Itichard Cnrtwright when
Ihe latter tues over to attend Hie Pacific cable conference,
ll is asserted Hint during (be Noith
',rcy nnd Qupcu's-Sluibury ontnpi.itcns
llu- Conservatives were guilty nf the
most open corrttpllon, botli in promises
en,! actual hoodie, end that Hie Nuttll
Orey campaign wns nf inch a charucrjr
that Mr. McLaughlin might fairly be
expeeti'd to decline to take the sent if
elected. Hero u perfect orgy wns entered upou. 'llie riding wus over-run
witli heelers, chief among them being
recently discharged ofllclnls, Never before has tin.re been nu election in Canada in which tho electors hnve been so
sorely beset bv llu- peculiar Tupper influences whicli
their IndopendcJ
ceplulile to tbe whole country. The inference drawn from this remark is Hint
before long u measure will be introduced
to reform the senate.
Lord ltussell of Killowen will be entertained ut dinner by Hie government
nn Monday night. All the privy councillors and iegoJ gentlemen of the bouse
Will be invited.
The Toronto Trades and Lnlnu council petition fur uu Increase ul' tbe cupi-
tntiuii tax on Chinese lo $500, bus been
Mr.   (Jibsun  gives  notice  of  a  bill  to
t by providing Dint
lue and materials supplied iu
Hit construction o( u railway in Canada,
whether it be steam or electric, shall be
tt first lieu on the company.
About 80 memlieis uf parliament were
present iu tlte railway room when Mr.
Potter of London, unfolded his abattoir
scheme to Hon. Messrs. Laurier, Fisher,
Dobell and oilier members of tbe government, Mr. Cluiqin tie rend loners
from English members uf parliament
testifying in  Porter's bona fides.     Por-
llbsiil.v nf $125,000
wns usked, for tins sum $1,000,000
would be spent iii buildings, willi a capacity of -.mm tons of perishable goods
pel week, u special line of 14-knut
steamers to be put un tn carry the goods
to market, the sum of $250,000 to be
deposited with Hie government ns n
guarantee. Messrs. McMillan, Lister.
Oliver. Oarglll, Morrison, Soniervilie,
Talbot and others strongly opp sod ihe
wen nnd pnrty project, Lister showing tbut the coin-
Sntiirdn.v after-   puny  could  put  up  buildings  for about
• govern-
pro hlbl-
$4000 a year, tbe balance going into the
company's pocket. Premier Laurier
said Hie grent problem uf to-duy wns
how to best develop tbe meal market
in Kngland. The government bud that
under consideration. With regard tn
Porter's scheme tin* government would
be careful. He offered no opinion as to
its merits to-day.
Mnclenn, of York, and Larlviere, of
Provencher, bud n passage-of-arms oier
the Manitoba seiiuol questien in 'ihe
Conservative caucus, Maclean remarked tlmt tbe putty bad nothing more to
do with Hie question, il wns in the hands
of the Liberal party. Larivlere objected. He wanted it understood Hun remedial legislation would become a plank
in Hie platform later on. if necessary.
Tbe subject wus abandoned after a few
minutes' discussion.
Mr. Morrison bad an interview with
Hon. Mr. Tarte nnd went thorougbls
Into Ibe question of the Fraser river
conservation wilh liim.
Mr. Maxwell bud nn interview with
Laurier mi Hip subject uf Chinese tax,
nnd will put ii question on Ibe order paper respecting the government's Intentions in this mailer.
Tlic correspondence which took pln.e
between Lord Aberdeen and Ids late
ministers a few days before the Tupper
ministry resigned bus been presented to
The Governor-General contended Hint
ns the Tupper ministry wns formed
when nn parliament existed, its acts
vvre iii an unusual degree provisional.
The fmt that the government failed to
secure support at the polls in ids judgment Increased the limitations of the
situation. lie lays it down ns a prin-
nght lo undermine ctple tlmt a government Bhould avoid nil
To crown this out-   nets  which  mny embarrass a   succeed-
rngcotts work thrents were   added    to ,„.,, government. Cm- this und other rea-
npi-ii mid flagrant bribes. sons |,e withholds ids consent to the np*
Ilm debate on the undress  wns con- polntmonts uf senators, judges nml pub-
elnded Inst uiglit, nnd Hie nd Ires adopt. ,;,. offiolnls generally.     With regard Io
ed wilho.it division.   Sir Charles Tupper senators, be points nut that in a bouse
mule n very good speech, from bi
standpoint. ._ 'I'he government, being
anxious to g.i ou with business, nn
speakers were pm up iu reply.
of 78 members there nre only five Liberals, mul that if the Tupper government bud appointed mure of their
friends it might have led to friction be
lli.' selection of Sir Charles Tupper iwoon the two branches nf parliament.
ns lender nl Hie opposition was the enly ,\s to the judicial appointments His Ex-
possible one under the circumstan cs. cellency contends Hint the current .loin nppolnt anyone else would have hurt duction tluit the judges would be in sym-
the pnrty badly.   It is nol thought tbut p.,tliv politically witli   the   government
Sir Charles Tupper will  remain h
very long, as it is believed it is bis Intention to iv.urn to England ami spend
the remainder of bis yenrs.
Clnrko Wallace uml Ross Robertson
declined in attend tbe Conservative caucus. Invitations wire sent to ev ry
Patron and Independent, bul none went.
Hon, Mr. HI,ilr mid 1). C. Fraser havi
id'-v appointing them is not unnatural,
Sir Cbiiiles Tupper. in a lengthy memorandum replies in Lord Aberdeen's communication, lie cites Mn.v, Tn.ld and
other constitutional authorities tn show
that the defeated govern ment continued
in full possession of its official authorities end functions ns lung us it retained
ibe seals uf olliee. He defends tile
id, nn.l wire accorded n warm re- juijBes from the charge uf partisanship,
In   the house to-dny  Hie  speaker
nounced Hint be bud issued bis will
for the writ    fur   Saskatchewan.
Davin  introduced a  bill in nine,id
X.W.T. rcprescntntioii act.    lb
wns tbe
: limit
l In*
suid it
I Inst
poiuts the san.e
< bill, which was
und   read  .1  Bi'o-
md snys tbe governor's information on
Ibis point is exceedingly untrustworthy.
In ('nun.In, ns iu Hiiglmul, Ibe judges
nre neither Liberals nor Conservatives.
He reproves Lord Aberdeen fnr seeking
information directly through Hie clerk
of lhe privy council Instead of through
Hie premier or minister in charge nf
Hint department. In conclusion be
snys: "Under the ltritisli constitutional
system, which Canada has ibe hnppinoss
tn enjoy, the Queen's representative,
like Her Mnjesty, is llie accepted held
nf the country, removed from ihe arena
i.i political controversy, however fierce
Hie conflict nf pnrlies may be. and iu my
judgment no more fatal mistake could
be made than any Interposition in the
management nf pul lie affairs, which
would cause the Governor-Genera) to be
Identified wilh either ono pnrty or tbe
other." Holding those views. Sir
Ohnrics Tupper snid no recourse was left
to him Hum to lender tbe resignations
of himself and bis colleagues.
At the annual meeting of the press
gallery to-dny, W. Mackenzie, president,
in the chair, Hie following ollicers were
elected: President, .1. A. Phillips, Mon-
jtrenl Gazette! vice-president, Ceo. Simp
Montreal,  Aug. 28.—The members nf
Hie   Monti I   bar  nt  a  meeting    this
morning approved uf lhe proposed forri.-
uli.n of n Canadian Hni- Association
un'- empowered Hie council to net as a
con.mittee to mnke arrangements with
ibe other provinces mid sections lor a
geueral meeting of Canadian barristers.
According in pueent arrangements it
will be impossible fur I.i Hung I.Minug
tu visit Montreal. He is due to sail
from Vancouver by the Empress if
China mi the 1 lib prox., jnst giving him
lime for a st.qi over of a few hours iu
Mr. Grondln, of the Northwest, wn-.
bus been in the hospital lure for scire
time, is worse and his condition is critical.
Winnipeg, &.ng. us.—.Mr. .!. 15. Ferguson, one of the city's most widel* ka-.-wn
citizens bus Ii ft for Russia nd in ".he
Kootenay mining district, .nnd lu- Intends tu mnke tbut district ins future .
Ac Edmonton despatch says: "Alex. t
Harper died m ibe hospital this moriling/
from injuries received on Saturday
while returning to town with a youug
lady. Tbe horse bulled going dowi the
bill tu Mill Creek nnd Harper um' the
lady were thrown nut. The lady iicnv-
r-red mid fuund Harper unconscious. Me
wns tnken to tbe hospial but never recovered consciousness.
P.iukcmmi Mcl.end. of Reglnn, fell
from a r.I'.R. freight train und was
f*. rii usly injured.
Toronto, Aug. 31.—A Rosland, B.C.,
special Iu the World snys: The dif-
ficiilly of Hie coul supply for mining
pm-puses in this district bus been solved by the discovery nf immense deposits
nf coal midway between Rosslnnd and
llie coast. The location bus been kept
secret by the discoverers pending Hie
result of their application fur a grant
Taeoma capitalists have just bought out
the Lord Rosebery group on Bed Mountain. For the three claims they hnve
paid $18,000. P.ig strikes are reported
from the Young America and Rniny
Duy claims, In tbe Le Roi thev havo
struck quartz which assays $700 in gold
to the tun.
sessinu nnd wus on nil
ns Huu. Joseph Martin'
illtl'odll 1 Inst session
und lime.
> «•-
Ottawa, Aug. 20, Tbe estimates for
the current fiscal year have lieen brought
down, lt bud been officially announced
Hint the government would accept the
estimates prepared by Hon. Mr. Poster, nnd Hie Fielding series sliows this
iu lie the case approximately, A comparison uf the two sets Bhow llie incenses in pensions to be $4500; superannuation, $5000; subsidies lu provinces
!*::.",(M-. redemption of debt, $500,000, for
debentures fulling due on December 1.
There ure dcereuses under the ben,lings
of public works tn tile amount of $S0.-
000. Tb" Fraser river vole was Increased from $10,000 to $25,000. The
Victoria postofllco appropriation, $100,-
000, stands. ... .    ,_^^^__
The following changes are announced [son, Toronto Globe: secretary, A. Oil-j
iii connection with Hie 5th ltritisli Co- ver, L.i Mlnerve, The executive com-
lumbin regiment. Provisional Second mitte is ns follows: Atkinson, Ulobo;
Lieutenant John A. Forin re- Mncleod, Citizen! Mackenzie, Herald;
tires. Tu be second lieutenant provi- and Wnllls, Mai] nnd Empire.
■tonally Kenneth Bitrnel vice Godden, A. n. Provnml, MP., of Glasgow,
retired. who is  advocating Hie  Oblgnecto  rail-
Mr.  Mclnnes is to inquire if tbe guv-  way scheme, met the cabinet to-dny nud i
eminent  nre ewure that  Chief Justlce presented bis case to the ministers, He
Davie was engaged In canvassing during |also laid before llie council a pamphlet
hsltory of ibe whole ;
tbe last election! if su, dues tbo government intend lo Inquire into the matter.
Sir Oliver Mowat mndo mi important speech in the semile. He referred
nt some length to lhe constitution of
the upper bouse, nnd stated Hull at lhe
Quebec conference Hon. Win. McDou-
gnll und himself were the only two re-1    *-* ,,■„.;,„.. i-...
presentalives who favored   an   elective made a Q. C
containing    lb.
scheme.       ^[
Messrs. Macdonald nnd Tupper. of
Winnipeg, hnve applied fur incorporation fur tbe Columbia Mining ('".. o:
Canada, with (be bond olliee nt Winnipeg,
Filzpntriek bus been
London, Aug. 20.—Politically, the past
week hns been tbe liveliest in a long
time. 'I be bombardment ot tbe palace m
the suits n of Zanzibar, the rioting in
and about Constantinople, the settlement of the trouble in Rhodesia, the
beginning of the Czar's tour of Jilurope
and the advance of the Hritish expedition to the Nile, huve provided columns
of interesting news daily. The Zanzibar incident ami the Constantinople
miusnercs came up like a couple of
tornadoes. The Britain press is unanimous in expressing the opinion that the
attack upon the Ottoman bunk has
done Immeasurable hurm to the Armenian cause, and news ol fresh massacres
nf Armenians in the provinces us reprisals is hourly expected. Tbo Liberal
newspapers, however, express the gravest il,milts al be genuineness of tbo
bank affair. Tiiey believe it was gut up
by agents.
The Spectator snys to-day; "The official account ascribing Hie affair lu Hie
Armenian agitators is stamped in every
Way   :is  u   fnlseli 1.   nud   lhere   is   ter.
tnin proof Hint il is a tissue uf lies ill
Hint Hie assailants uf Hie bunk, after
their capture, were removed ou board
Sir Kilwurd Vincent's yacht. This is
nol the way the siillun deals with rebels
caught redhnnded. If these prisoners
really revolted against Hu- sultan they
would nut have lived ten minutes after
tholr surrender, uml tlic irresistible con-
cluslon is iluit the men were secretly
acting under palace orders, nnd Hint the
riot was prompted in order in afford an
excuse for another massacre."
The Westminster Gazette publishes a
letter appealing to the English mocy
lenders to treat Hie American farmers
in Hie smne spirit us the English biiid-
loids treat their tenants in lime of -igri-
cullurr.1 depression, nnd declares for
substantial reductions nf Hie pr.sent
rates of interest both in their own interest mul in Hie interests of internu-
tiut nl harmony.
('nnstniiiinni.ie. Aug. 28.—The riots
which yesterday cm sod so much excitement through Constantinople are apparently at nn end. The leaders
mob which attacked the officer
Ottoman bunk nu.l the lobaci
enle surrendered to Governor Vim en*-,
of the Ottoman bank, nnd will be ex-
polled from Turkey, The official account nf the troubles attributes Hie
riots in un organized effort nn the part
of the e .iiirnl committee nf Armenian
revolutionists to stir up a revolution.
Berlin, Aug. 28.—A dispatch in the
snys there wns u general fusiii.le :in<]
massacre, At Hie conclusion of the
riots many bondred dead bodies
were lying nt Psamathia, nt
Ibe bend uf the Sleinbuul bridge. A
Turkish mob, armed with knives rail
sticks, luvnded the quarters of the Armenians, attacked Armenian houses and
tossed Hi.* butchered victims oni of the
windows. The police and mililin Stood
idly hy when wagon binds uf human
bodies were lying scattered in nil dire.'.
Phillpopolls, Aug. 28.—Travelers who
have arrive-! here from Constantinople
say tbut the stale of anarchy continues
at. the Turkish capital mid Hint the
number nf persons maasucred in the
streets readies inio the thousands.
Constantinople, Aug. 28.—The inini-
sler of police hns appointed n commission consisting of eight Christians mid
Mussulmans tu enquire Into tbe revolutionary  rioting  which  occurred  here.
London. Aug. ft!.—A dispatch to the
Standard from Berlin snvs: it is announced from Vienna Hint Hie Czar and
Hmperor Francis .Tosenb nnd the statesmen who attended the recent political
conference held there hnve nrrived at an
agreement which will probably settle the
iVrmenlan (rouble without a disturbance
uf the existing Turkish frentier. Prince
Lobnnof is reported lo have snid "Wc
have enough to do with oor own Armenians and dei.'I want to have their number Increased."
of the
of the
-..-J?       fJ-Tfi-i
e* em
The Single Tax Idea.
We publish the following extract
from a letter appearing in the Snn
Francisco Call, of Aug. 21st, by Geo.
\Y. Loehr on the Single Tax question:—
To the ordinary thinker it niusl
stand to reason that the more a
filing be taxed the more tendency
there is to jjjspourage it. The natural tendency of everything, animal
and vegetable, is to grow in perfect
freedom. Tin's is a divine law of
the Creator and an unanswerable
argument. By nulling an iron
pand around a young tree you retard its progress. It is a woll-
Juiown fact that the Chinese women
retard the development of their feet
by pompressjon, Even the human
pi ind, that grand faculty that distinguishes us from tht* animal and
makes the nearest approach to our
JJJ ulcer, develops in a ratio to the
amount of education it receives.
Therefore it follows that in freedom,
and iu freedom only, can anything
develop and attain its highest perfection. The prosperity of any
people is measured by llieir inlelli-
gence and their means and facilities
pi production. Therefore, to tax or
fine that which tends to prosperity
is to discourage production, and to
discourage production is lo lower
wages and to increase the price of
Commodities and the necessaries of
This is the policy the world hns
been following since time immemorial, and the only reason to-day
that political economy is being
given the attention that it is is he-
cause we have gone tp thn end of
our rope, and if wc don't retrace our
steps, we will bang ourselves.
<\'e stand on the brink of .uncivilized world; the next step westward takes us to the pagan world
that wc ran away from thousands
of yeare ago. Surely no one can be
so foolish as lo think that this world
could not support a larger population than it at present has.
T"ip cry of' pyerproduction js
sometimes raised, and yet we see
hundreds, aye, thousands, of people
Vthose hunger and wants are not
appeased, 'there must be some inconsistency here. Surely lhere can
lie no overproduction when people
have not enough food to eat and
enough clothes lo wear. 1 should
rather call it underconsumption.
We have now come to that point
in our investigation where we must
seek llie reason why, in a country
of such large area, with a nominal
population, and ground able to produce nearly everything the world
desires, men are to-day sicking for
something to do in order to earn
their daily bread, and not finding
it; and when they do, rcceivingsuch
wages us wil! hardly support themselves, to say nothing of theiryvives
nnd families.
A great fault of the human family today, lA-hep starting out on reform measures, is to battle with effects anil nee-
led the priuiury causes of the evil.
What mini, be lie ibe most uneducated
tiller of the soil, would start out to eradicate weeds by culling llieni oil' at the
surface uf the ground, would be not dig
down and remove the ru,ils; mid yel ;Ol
the great reformer parties, temperance
people and labor organizations, are all
lighting effects, all claiming to be right,
while the "ignis I'aluus" is luring tlieni
on to their own destruction,
What then is tbe primary cause of the
evil that is today filling jails and our in
sane asylums, making prostitutes of women and placing u premium bn drunkenness and suicide, while the products ol
industry are taxed lu their utmost lo
keep up this damnable retrograde movement of our civilization? Are these tbe
results of man's development in freedom, or are they the results "t present
conditions over which be has, or thinks
he has no control? Cannot this entire
brood oi evils be laid at ibe door of poverty uud want, the result of bad laws?
Anything, therefore, that nil! better man6 condition will cortainly
lessen crime, Bui-hastate of affaire is
what the single tux "ill bring about,
lt bus already been bIiowii that
taxing a thing bus u tendency lu
discourago it, hence we are going to stop
laxitig Industry and production, because
these are the mainstays "i existence,
and to discourage them Is to sny ilm uc
have no right to thai which nature decreed should be ours, but our entiie
revenue, for all community rurposes, we
propose to take from land values created
by reason of  the  presence of the com-
Tills will la* a direct tux on hind values ns u location, The reason we claim
this io in' no tux is Huu the sum required by the community must be equal to
the value Which they give lu bind by
reason ol llieir preecence and industry,
lly thus letting the laud values furnish
the entire revenue iis before shown, ive
naturally tend to dlscouragu laud speculation, whicli bus been llie curs.■ ol mankind in all ages, the worst of nil gambles, It "ill also have the effect of
throwing thousands of acres of good bind
ut present held mil of use for speculative
purposes on lhe market at the annual
rental value, according to iis location,
for "lien by taxation yuu destroy speculative Value in l-iiid no one will bold bind
except for iis besl use, in doing which
he must employ labor nun use materials)
botli of which "ill assist in solving the
labor problem.
; Regarding the wages of labor I would
say this, ihat llie natural' tendency of
pian is tu work for himself in preference
to working lor some one else. Willi ibe
lun.I open to production, nml every man
able und Killing to apply his lahpr to
natural opportunities, labor would, as a
consequence, become scarce, Capital,
unable to corner land, would bu compelled to employ labor in the production
of those IIllngS which supply man's
wants, al. "in c becoming a benclit tu Im-
tiiniiil. instead of u curse, anil labor be-
".Tiling scarce on account of natural op.
portunitlos being open lo all, labor
would at once lix the price of wages, instead of capital, us under present conditions. Here then you have the solution ul the labor problem by the true and
only science of political economy.
It is very gratifying that so much
public attention is now being directed togambling. It wasonce nn
almost exclusively arisfopratio vice,
but within the last quarter of a
century it lias pervaded the entire
If wc are to judge an evil from its
fruits th.ere can be no question that
gambling is full of the gravest peril.
It is supremely dangerous because
il is so easy to form the habit of
gambling. The opportunities are
so numerous and it can begin on so
sinali a scale as to be scarcely perceptible, Moreover, even our religious teachers are so ignorant and
infatuated upon the subject Ihat
some of thom are disposed to regirt'd
gambling as not nn evil in iiself,
but that it becomes one when the
gambler risks more than he can
conveniently afford to lose.
Until we clearly understand the
essential wickedness of gambling
wc can never take a firm stand
against it. li is a singular fact
that the only moral teacher who
has as yet given us anything like a
scientific description of theessential
evil of gambling is Mr. Herbert
Spencer, who points out that all
gambling is to be condemned as
anti-social, on the twofold ground
that it invariably means gain without merit and gain through another's loss. The secret charm of
gambling indeed consists in the
prospect of getting money without
deserving it, The coarsest spirit of
manimouisni underlies every form
of gambling, The love of money is
the root of all evil, and the main
peril of gambling arises from the
fact that t mt dreaded passion for
money is found in nearly every
human heart and there is no apparent way of getting it so easily as
by indulging in some form of
Every possible temptation and
facility is provided by a certain
class of brokers, antl young fools
are tempted to believe that by run-
ninga little risk ihey iu.;v suddenly
become possessed of great wealth,
Undoubtedly this turns out to be
correct sometimes. They purchase
stock or shares, and through some
accident the value of the property
rise-: in the market, and they are
able to sell out to great advantage,
But ill-gained wealth has a great
habit of taking wings to itself ami
Hying away. Easily won is easily
lost, and once money has been obtained in Ihis dishonest fashion the
temptation to try again is almost
irresistible, and as a general rule
ihe ultimate issue is degeneracy
and ruin. Xo vicious habit c:,u-es
such rapid mora) degeneration as
gnu,I.line. \n ihe serious concerns
of life quickly lose their interest.
The gambler lives in a condition of
unnatural and morbid excitability,
real happiness becomes impossible,
and the disease soon assumes tho
form of moral mania. Temptations
to gamble are .presented in almost
every column nf the public press
ami ut every corner of the street.
The riiniilicaliiins of this vile system
extend lo the humblest scenes of
We shall never succeed in eradicating this vice until we prove how
dishonest and how contemptible il
is. There is no really honorable
way of obtaining money except by
ihe sweat of our brow; by honest,
hard, intellectual or physical work.
The man who gels monev without
merit ami without effort [a a thief,
living upon the toil of others, n disgrace to himself and a pest tn society whoever lis is. The Apostle
Paul said that be who will nol work
shall not eat; and Carlisle waB quite
right in declaring thai the human
race consisted of only two classes,
workers and thieves.
— ♦•♦	
Vancouver Carnival.
We pul lisli below u brief programme
nf ibe carnival which is being held in
Vancouver Ibis week. (Irent crowds unexpected from far und near, ami everything points to a successful issue:
Monday—0:80 a, m., yacht races; 10,
grand trades proeuBBlon; 11, cricket,
Oregon vs. Vancouver: .", p.m., lacrosse,
Vuiieiiiivcr vs   Westminster,
Tuesday— .Ninth pacific Association
Ainuleiirl lursinen regatta ; 2 p. in., Vail-
couvor Jockey Club race meeting; ll u.
in., cricket, Oregon vs. Vancouver,
Wednesday- II a. in., military and
naval ri-vi.-u ; N. I'. A. A. regalia concluded; I p. m,, crluket, Fifth Regiment
vs. Vancouver; '_' p.m., second duy of
jockey club nn el.
Thursduy—Caledonian spoils nil duy.
II n. in., log-chopping contest; 11:80
rod.-drilling contest; 13, cricket. Vancouver vs. Nuvy.
Friday—Fishermen's Railing and rowing races. .'! n, in., lacrosse, Yieturin vs.
"inner of Monday's game; evening,
Hoys' Brigade concert In Market Hull.
Saturday—Excursion of M. & M. !..
I'.  \. I'loni Nniiuiiiio.    I'rnvinciiii cbnni-
liliilidlilp wheelmen's meet;. Illuminations and fireworks in the evening.
A meeting of delegates of the Reading
Room committee of the V. M. 0, A. will
be  held  nn   Thursday evening ut K ;8(l.
All are urgently requested to be present-
The following criticism from a Conservative standpoint wu reprint from
the Montreal Daily Star, of Aug. 25th.
Our "buy" member, us he bus been
termed, has already gained a reputation
us un aggressive and fearless exponent
of the principles whicli he pledged himself to support, anil his constituents may
expect great things in the future fruiji
the "fresh" young mail whose utterances Sir Chas. Tupperdesuribes aseratiu;
Routine proceedings and questions being ills-
posedof, ihoSpoakei cut lei l tfio orders ot the day,
ilie consideration of the speech from tho throne
uml Uu- address In reply tlieroio.
Th.. order Huuil in the inline ul tin, louder or
ihe House, and Mr. Laurlor turned in his sent
nml nodded in Mr. .Meluness, who oooupled h
'cm iu the centre uf Ille ClOVornillOM slilcuf the
House. The young inoniber lur Vauoouvor ruse
und proceeded to move the address Lu reply tu
llio speech ol His Excellency.
Mr. Mel lines may he called the boy member,
lie eeriuiuiv Iookb young, nnil ilie Conservative
side ul me ihniio li flu Iiiiii rather " fresh."
Iii criticising lho spooeli sir Charles Tupper
called it en-title, it certainly wasuggresiiiv.q
iiiiU unlike tin. maiden efforts ol now nml youug
members, li sinu-k sinilnhi mu m his opponents. Mr. Mi-limes oortlllllly duos unt luck
ootirago; ho mny luck tasle nml parliamentary
discretion! that eomes of exporleuce. Pressed
in n black f ii io k cunt uml wiin beardless laco ho
i-t.u..l behind his dosk,sooinluly quite at homo
Thore was no trace nf nervousness, nnd he.
spnke lliionlly nml in ringing tones. Al tho out.
sol ho referred tho honor done die Puclflo province by the selection of iis youugOBl member
to move lho address, Then he tola of the grievances of llrlltsli Columbia, sho hnd nut. iven
properly treated by lho bile Government. Mor
contribution ui luxes wus heavy, the return in
tho form of public exjienuitiire was small, if
ihe prot im e innl made progress ii was because
uf the enterprise nf her people miliar llinn nny |
assistance rocolvod from lho Federal authorities.
During the last livo .vara lhe province lind
contributed to llie Federal treasury two millions of dollursa yonr, whilo all loiu'thov innl received from the stltflti treasury (1 ,'JOU.OOO. 'flic
poople uf Hritish Columbia pnid in tuxes throe
times in muoh per head as the poople uf uny
other province
Thon Mr. Mclnnes waxed eloquent nvcr the
resoarcosof llrlilsh Columbia, hor boundless
forests, lie. rivers looming with llsh. her feriilo
lands, her rich deposits ofooal, uml her hills
uml mountains nohoyi bod with silver mul
gold,   uut with nil this the Conservative nnrlv
lui.l tiogloclod ihe u iry, uud one thing ho
Insisted upon, and thul wus ihe restriction of
Chinese Immigration, of oourse thero wm
nothing In the speech from tho throne about
the Chinese, but Mollltlos brought lho mailer
upas his own policy, respoolTiig which the
linuso will hour more iii ii funne day,
The youthful member did mn think lho Cnn-
mliuii .Vest Innl o ahead fust enough, and he
referred lo lho prophecies ol Tupper; and called
liim lho "Ureal siren her."  Thespeakei wwxatl
vein nt in bis denunciations ef monopolies
mul ihe Iniquities uf ihe protective system,.
I.nml. undo nml transportation wore nil In thu
hands or monopolies, hut tl... peoplo were determined upon redross, lie wns nn Sueiulist:
muiliil he weiirn red sliiil; hut Ilo believed il
wrongs were uol redressed In the halls ot the
legislature relipi weulil ho enactsd i.i llie
I'he Opposition laughed but this did nm dis-
concert tbe youug  member frmu   Vaacouvor.
lie kepi rii'ii'-un uml llnallv i died the speech
from tiie throne,   lie wn- pleased m learn thai
ihe set I question wns to bo settled,     It   hnd
beon brought Into polities lo the Conservatives
in innl fnitii lur Hie purpose ol diverting attention from tholr corruption mul from the fatluje
ul lho protoetlvo system,
In. elusion 1 ssurod the House thnt lho
Uovernmeiil hud liiscnnltdeneoi ho approved
of tho speech of his pxrolloaov, und then ho
mined thut un address he passed by the House.
Cabinet Factory
Cabinet Maker.
Havinc had many years' experience
I In the bust ; am prupa.ri.il to execute all
' classes of \vork,
F ii ru it ure of All Kinds Repaired.
Clinpul Street, Nanaimo.
When ynu want n delicious disli of IceOreum,
call at NoKENZIE'S,
ami VAMI.I.A
Always on hand.
Ai'lin^toi) fjQt^l
Saving completed lhe ereotlon nf the Arlington
Hotel nt NANQOSB HAV, this hundsomo and.
, oommodlous hotol is now prepared to receive
nml ouiufnrtnl.ly eutorluln Iruvelois i.uil olhors.
Is presided ovoi by Mrs. Thompson, nnd lho
Tallind'Uoto constantly provided with nil ibe
dollcarlos ol lho season. Comhlpod wilh lho
ologanl furuishcii apartments, the visitor finds,
Lhe surroundings ol tbo must ploasant dosorlp-
People who Appreciate-    —>
tfavo Uiolrprosoriplloni dtsponied «t
Tholr t'rtcoi mi- Right.
Tolophono :i.
Market, Bastion Street.
sli'iinicrfiiiiiil Shipping lllppllod on short notice
nt Wholenalo Prices.
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Lodge Notices.
Inkrrmitn  Lodge,  No,K^,S;nt,iofSt,
Gorge.—li.-j'iilur weekly meeting In held
iii lliliiert's lliill, Wharf street, on Sat-
iiiiiAV overling ut 8 o'ulouk.    Visiting
lirothrou cordially Invited to attend,
Fred, Wagstaff, Sec.
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Mining Deal
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Carbonating and Bottling
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All Orders Promptly Attended To,
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Notice to Ladies,
I AM Adl'.NT fur Nunaimo and Dis-
trlnta fur tlm New mul Perfect Carter's
minis System. This system is up to
clato; a i.erfeiit ladles' system ; is \vitli-
puta rival nml easy to learn; is noted
tot'its graceful lines and elegant forms!
u is not an experiment hut a development, I nan also tench how to use this
system, and also all kinds of Dressmaking executed in first-class style. Prices
tusuit the times.   Address,
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Cuban Cigar Factory,
our Olgnnaro n-adoof [ho Choicest Havana
Tobaccos,  Our famous
Cuban B}ossom •■•*•-
Black Diamond
Aro called for ovorywlioro, ami aro suporlor to,
uny liii|intii'il oigar.   Mado by Uiilqu Labor,
M. .1. BOOTH, Wharf Street.
c. c Mckenzie,
Land Agent and Conveyancer,
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Agent for the United fire tnsiiranoo Company
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Lawrence's !&!£
ManuIactuwrofTompotfttice DrInki,ByniDi-Ao,
DpUyorecl freo to oil parti .»r city aha vicinity,'
SitT' I'toiii*'! iiih'iiti.m I'tiid t<iinlpplttgoraorf,
TelopllODo2-1, P.O.Box70, Nanaimo. tht? 1Ka3119ftll.0 /HN3li !t'*ree aldermen each, as at present,
I'U lll.lslll.il  KVKItY
En. V. Chambers, Editor and Manager.
Jion Street. Nanainio, II. 0.
■mall—One year  E.oo
Six months  l.ES
Three inontlie -7S
Ivered bv earner y5e. per inoniii
Al'lUIST 29, IS'.IO
fiat Commission of One.
We alto wish to inform our pat-
is, in our opinion, a step inthe rons in general that, commencing
wrong direction. If the experience , gept lst, Ml'. E. B. Irving will act
of the people of Victoria is anything | ,,s ngent for the Mail Job Printing
like what we have in Nanainio they and Publishing Co., to whom all
must know that any addition" to i accounts may be paid. We trust
the number of wards would increase that our efforts to publish a live
the unwholesome feeling of section-j newspaper and turn out all kinds
alism so very noticeable in our ; 0f first-class jobwork will be reward-
council proceedings. We are strong- ed ])y a continued share of public
ly in favor of the abolition of the , patronage,
ward system for election  purposes
his worthy colleagues in the   pres- ston, whom I believe lias the city's best: Arrival  anrl Pi an art urn At'
ent city council. interests, both morally and otherwise.  nlllliU dllu I/OjldllillC Ul
Uso informs the pub
i,     ,, i     •   ,. ,, ,,.   I at. heart, did not adhere to his original
Pro Bono also informs the public .,, ..;,,,...„,„..,.; Mliydl Davison!.,
that experience makes fools wise'' j his etlbrl to have the accused suspended
and that he feels himselfca changed , ]JI|til they ivere prepared to prove their
and believe tho Council should be
elected by the city as a whole. This
would be a nearer approach to the
only just method of electing representatives, ''proportional representation."
We cordially endorse lhe senti-
fents contained in a well-written
Ijloj-ial of the Wellington" Knter-
lise" of the 28th ult.,entitled "The
[vision of the Statutes." The
■tide refers to the appointment of
lief Justice Davie as the sole and
fiy commissioner to revise   the
iiules of the Province at a salary
.•f>7,500 a year, tho work to be! wa noticed a communication over
|mpleted according to estimate in  the  signature  of
out three years—that is to say
I'out five years. Nothing probably
Explanation Extraordinary-
In Saturday evening's Free Press
the Rev
Gunton purporting to be
plfinnti.>n of his stand  on
an exilic re-
luld show the contemptibly weak cent police scandal in this city, but
Id time-serving nature of the in reality, a plea on behalf of Con-
lirner-Eberts   combination   than stable Thompson.     We  have   no
fe fact that they countenanced  or
haps  had  not the manhood to
Fsjst this unprecedented grasping
desire to be harsh in our criticism,
but we must say that the communication referred to, coining from the
power by one man to alter, con- pen of a clergyman is indeed extra-
nse, vary and in some cases  en- ordinary.
rge the existing law of the Pro- He says, "that he is satisfied that
nee. We have heard of the In-, Constable Thompson can clear liim-
lutes of Justinian and the code self when the trial comes off," and
ipoleon, but both these codes j adds, "Will'they'not wait until he
•re the combined work of the best is condemned by his proper judges
,vyers of the period and country | before passing judgment?   Will the
public not wait until they at  least
hear the evidence?"
We are not aware that "thoy" or
i which they respectively belonged.
lur own Canadian Criminal Code
las bused on the work of Imperial
bmmissioners and submitted to
lery judge and leading counsel in
umdii for suggestion and approval.
lit the I nst it u les of Davie apparent-
are to be Hie so)e and undivided
jirk of pavie without consultation
Ith or assistance or ad vice from any
Bier legal light of the Province.
lint Mr. Davie under proper re-
raint and in conjunction with
1'ier lawyers Could render valuable
distance in the consolidation of
Ie statutes no one will deny.   But
the pul
have passed  judgment
on Mr. Thompson, but it they did
they would be guilty only of the
same indiscretion which the reverend gentleman admits to, with tiiis
slight difference, that Mr. Gunton
accuses "they" and the public of
bringing in a verdict of guilty,
while his own is .me of acquital.
We hold that il is equally wrong
for the public or the Kev. W. .',
Gunton to pass judgment in the ab
sence of evidence,    lint why is the
l.it it is not safe to trust him evidence that would establish  the1
Jjne  with such   work   was  well innocence   or   guilt   of Constable
lo'.vn by the insolent   though in- Thompson not before the publio?
t-cct iniei'fercnce  which   lie   at-     We believe Constable Thompson
Jnpted wilh the divorce law of the wholly responsible for ihis,   there-
n-ini'e, ami which came lo  light   fore on himself lays the blame for
en the first part of his work was   the very unenviable position which
ng reviewed at the   last  BS3sion   bo Qnds himself in before tlm public,
[tiie   Legislature.    Now,   as  (he! Ho has  -through   his   apparently
jwllington  Enterprise says,   Pre- pnid advocate, Commissioner Simpler Turner promised at   lhe last  son—taken advantnge of every po*-
1'ro Mono Publico Taken to Task.
Editor   Mail:—Although  it   is
frequently slated   that   the   unexpected habitually happens, let  me
assure  you that  "Pro   Bono Pub-
lico's" letter in last Tuesday's issue
of ihe Free Press only serves to confirm the correctness of my expectations, which were to the effect that
1 no sooner would the   train  bearing
I the Rev. I). A. McRae from Nanai-
I mo be well under way   than  some
cowardly, tagless and  mangy  cur
would be heard yelping   after his
heels.    Those who have resided   in
this city for a number of years will
j not have failed to observe that when
i lhe editor of the   Free   Press  lacks
the  courage  (and  such  occasions
are not rare) to express an honest
opinion on a publio question—such
■ as the recent police inquiry—he in-
I variably presses into his service the
scurrilous pen of his trusty henchmen "Qualioum Tom'' or "Pro Bono
Publico."   lt will   be  remembered
that in the early part of  the year,
when an effort was being  made  to
j remove (.'unstable Thompson  irom
j the police force, "Qualicum  Tom."
assisted the frail and foot-sore  old
man to the foot-lights, and lent him
his support at ihe commencement
of   his   (the   editor's)   crafty and
spiteful   crusade    against   Mayor
Davison, through   the  medium   of
his paper, meantime holding up to
the public gaze as a paragon of virtue and integrity, Ihat same   Con-
stablu Thompson, who, at the present juncture, rests   under  the  disgraceful charge of being an habitue
of  Fraser street   brothels   and of
drinking intoxicating liquors therein, for which money was paid in his
presence contrary to law.
It would be qiiito in order now,
Mr. Editor, for the Free Press to follow your laudable example, and
publicly point out to the mild-
mannercd Constable Thompson,
that if he is innocent nf the charges
preferred against him, his first duly
lo lhe public, himself, find the religious body of which he is said to
be a prominent member, is to call
I for an immediate and thorough investigation; but if guilty of the
•barges, he should lose no time in
livesting himself of the blue cloth
ind brass billions   generously pro-
man, and no longer llie fool he was
in the early part of the present year.
I doubt it. The transmutation is
altogether too sudden to be genuine,
as the following quotation from his
letter will preve: "The majority of
the Council have proved themselves
utterly incapacle of governing the
city, and have made such a disgraceful mess of things generally
that we will be only too glad to
profit by this year's experience."
The public did not   fail   to  notice
j that he did not instance a solitary
ease wherein lhe city had been misgoverned, nor could  he  truthfully
i do so, even were he as wise as he
would have us believe. So
above unsubstantiated allegation
will only serve lo convince the ever
wary public (hat tbe fool of January was slill a fool in June, and
that he has at the present time
added knavery to his folly.
"Pro Bono" took  Mr. McRae
task for blaming Mr. Quenne
j Wellington, Northfield
East Wellington
iriie'inv.   Such charges are ultogethei
too serious to admit of any un:       •  in
delay, but if Air. Johnston's  word cnu
he reliod upon, I am glad that lie freely i    ■
expressed his entire willingness to pro-1 Victoria,Southern Stutesuni
eeed with the case in eifihl weeks' time, j    places along line of E. & X
mul also that he had  not  the slightest I    Hallway	
desire to shield nu unworthy member of
the police force.
Free Lance.
 "♦*-•—     -
Dally ox. Sun,
A.M.   A.M.
11.25  8.60
Commenting   on   the   Anti - Chinese
meeting held In Vlutroiaon Friday evening last, the Evening Times says:
l.iist evening's meeting undoubtedly
pronounced the opinion ol the majority
in Vietorin when it approved the pt-li-
tiuns to Parliament asking for further
restrictions on Asiatic, immigration. It
llie '9 reasonable to expect that these peti-
tions will be largely signed here, und
that the sentiment of the publio will
thus be emphatically made known to
the legislators at Ottawa. The latter can
hardly refuse the request for restriction
if it is joined In by the large majority of
the people of this province, who have
every right to ask for so reasonable a
to measure of self-protection. The people
. I | the other provinces have no practical
 to tell them the ex tout of the
I Was Mayor in 1895, for the Un-1 evil which threatens-, therefore the
limited license which was given to greater is the need for an earnest and
immorality whilst he was chairman emphatic expression of opinion from
I of the Board ef Police Commission-1 Brlti8h. Columbia.   The steps necessary
ers. Now I should like to know
where the blame should lie if not
on the broad shoulders of the burly
butcher for the disgraceful state of
affairs in the city at that time?
Was he not lhe man who was
mainly instrumental in appointing
Crossan to the position of Chief of
Police? Certainly he was, and such
.being the case it was his duty as
the people's representative to ini-
I press upon (he mind of his colleague Mr. Simpson the urgent necessity of compelling the police to
rigidly enforce lhe by-laws of the
city, but contrary to this the public well remember that during his
term of office a very numerously
signed petition having for its object
the betterment of the city's moral
status, was submitted to the Council
by the Kev. I). A. McRae and other
paomiiient citizens.
The petition was read and Mr.
McRae in rising to make a few explanatory remarks was insultingly
ordered lo '• sit down " " sit down "
by the chairman, Mr. Quennell,
and had not the present mayor,
toon an alderman, demanded for
Mr. MoRae or any other person
presenting a petition, a citizen's
right of Free Speech, Ilie Reverend
gentleman would not have been
allowed to speak. However the
pot: i ui was referred to the I'ulice
Comniistsoners   (the  Board   thei
toward this are not simple; lill that is
needed is to give every facility for the
attachment of signatures to the petitions
und doubtlesB the citizens will give their
attention to the mutter.
Alberni Notes.
George Smith has finished the survey
for the tramway and road to Alberni
from the mouth of .Mineral Creek. Mr.
doing has just finished the survey of the
l.iist Chance, part of the Quadra company's properly. Mr. Brown sent down
some fine quartz from Mr. Kithet's
On the Yellowstone rich quartz has
been struck hi the Alberni tunnel. The
Ace of .Spades still continues to improve
and shows up a line ledge.
George Brown and George A. Kirk are
applying for a crown grant on the Mission I.ink and Champion claims. Over
Hill men are working iu the vicinity of
Mineral Creek.
The new hotel at Mineral Creek is
The Quadra arrived here Saturday.
Texada Island.
Saturday Mr. William Blewitt, superintendent ot the Van Anda mine, and F,
Mi-Crady returned from Texada island
hy the Joan. Mr, Blewitt brought down
some of the ore thut has been taken from
the drift which is being run from the
bottom of the Van Anda shaft, and inag-
iiili.-cnt ore it is. It is peacock copper
ore very rich in gold, the precious metal
showing in patches that ure distinctly
visible Io the nuked eye and need no
class to discover, The ore is exactly
similar to the samples thut have assayed
high up in llie thousands and prove beyond the shadow of doubt the immense
Daily ex.Sun.
8.20 11.50
British and foreign, EttBtern
Provinces, Eastern States, i*«il-,*ex.8uti.
Vancouveruiul other places p.m.   p.m.
oo Mainland of B.C.   G.3U 6.03
Comox, Union, Union Bay,
Sandwock,Gourtenay,Gran-Tue>.   Frl
tham, Qualicum,  Hornby cm.  p.m.
Island and Den man Island   8.20  3.00
Salt Spring Island, Burgoyne  ""ty   Tue»
liny, Kill for. I Uarbor.North
SaltSpriiiglslaiidundGttb- p.m. p.m.
riolu Island       8 20  3.30
HY   STAUK Tuas. Mon.
131    SIAIjU prj     Thur
Alberni, Parksville, French  p.m. p.m.
Creek and Errington 12 30  6.00
Kit   Thur.
ISanoose Bay 12.30  0.00
P. M      A. M.
Departure Buy, daily ex. Sun 12.45 10.30
Cedar (South), Saturday    ..   2.00 1100
A Full Assortment at the Lowest Market Ratea
Promptly Attended to.
I ini'iiiieil   -mil ' '''''''"ess of Ibe gOlddeposits in lhe mine.
vutnnui  anu|T)ie (h.ia is now in 80me t,VPIlty_,*ve
feel with tin
consisted of Me
Simpson) weth a strong recom-1 f00t with the rich pay streak eighteen
mendation from the Council that Inuhes wide and the vein averaging over
the prayer oi" the petitioners be j twofeot In whlth. Besides this ini ex-
granted, but line lo their usual ens
ner promised
•imi to hand over the work  to
Iroe commissioners,   lie has not
I ne so.   Is he still so much under
thumb  of   his   former  master
ill he dare not divide thai $7,500?
rid must the people  of  this  pro-
fnee submit as meekly :i:id tamely
'the Ttiriier-JOherts combination
the man   who   practically   ap-
J.iuied  himself and appropriated
Is own salary for the work.     Our
aders perhaps do not known that
'was iiki'oiii: Mr. Davie was sworn
as Chief Justice of the Province
I id while his Influence   was   still
ramount in the Government of [Won would he, similarly situated,
Ihioh he was the head that act as Constable Thompson did?
was appointed sole and only j-H*"- would he expect "they" and the
rmmissioner at *T,500 a year—as publio generally to look upon him
Iross uiul outrageous an abuse of ■ as an immaculate martyrofprivate
^o power entrusted to him by  tho persecution?
[iple us could well be imagined. J We may be included in Mr. Gtm-
ipne knew better (ban Mr. Davie ton."* indefinite "they", who have
flint the ethics of ihe profession already passed judgment on Mr.
'd the Invariable prudice require Thompson,    If so, we m iy be par-
sible technical objection as a means
to burke investigation and suppress
the evidence against him. He
knew that bis accuser, the Rev. D.
A. MoRae, was ou the eve of departure fur his home in California,
yet he denied Mr McRae the opportunity of proving his charges before lea vini,'. Charles Head, lhe
English novelist, selected as a title
for one of his works, "Put yourself
in his place," a motto we would recommend lhe Kev. W. A. Gunton
to adopt in the Thompson case, and
then seriously ask himself the ques-
j ceedingly rich streak of ore conies in on
,, ..        , I one side of the drift, and  it is intended
torn Messrs. Quennelland Simpson t0 erosscut this drift to exploit this
nun im the members of the police | uttei.)v ig|lored (he wigheg of the Urealc.   Flft9en lm,„ ,„.e „„„■ e.nploved
lorce by the citizens, who naturally , ueop|e aud .|1(ji|. representatives. on the Van And,., and several more "rre
expect that SUCll Uniform   shall   bei    .• •.,.„  Bono" states that the Pu.leo t0 '"' l'"t Ul »'ork ut once.   Arrainre-
woi-ii on our streets  only   by  men j Magistrate did quite right not to count-lm'nts wil1 also be made to erect hoisting
whose character entitles them to the enanea any illugality on the Mayor's m ,    n£  to  facilitate development.
part while sitting on [the Hoard,     I was j «'*>■'■-•, ll,e shaft which is now seventy
present  tlmt evening and am r.mly to | !''ot, deep   will  be   sunk   twenty   feet
lurthiT and another drift run to the right
All kinds of
Tin and Sheet-Iron Work.
Victoria Crescent, Nanaimo.
Bakery and
Invites Inspection and Comparison
as to Quality and Price.
Awarded  First Prize at the Agricultural Show.
Bastion Street, opp. Telegraph Office
tallest confidence of ihe people,
One can easily understand the
"old man's" clam-like silence on all
mailers pertaining to the "police
inquiry" when one considers the
bond of sympathy existing between
himself, lhe accused, and the little
tyrant of Nnnaimo's little court.
1 can also readily imagine tbe editor of the Kree I'ress, perched on
his accustomed seat- astride of tbe
topmost rail of the fence—waiting,
us of old, lo see which way the
will jump
prove ihat nothing illegal was attempted by .Mayor llavison, Mr. Simpson and
.Mr. Johnson however carried lhe motion
to pottpone the investigation in an il-
lejiiil manner as the resolution passed at
u prelims meeting of the Board topio-
eee.l wiih the investigation immediately
bad never been res,-iii.lt.I,
" I'm Bono " exhibits  his ignorance
because lie knows  how-   when   lie  avers
Mr. bimpsoii would be held responsible
lor un Irregularity of the Board owing to
llie fact ol him being a lawyer.
. .       I'm Bonn taxes you with handling thy
i.i,-, , [truth   verv carelessly,   Mr,  Editor, but
, but 1 fail to see how any j „ |,en )lt. sulU.a Umt ,-|R. Board Wlls ,,„.
of I he vein.
On the Lome lale claim, a mile and a
hull' away, Mr. Johnson is doing development work, tlte ore being free milling
and highly promising. Mr. Haper is
down 2o feet on the Victoria, another
promising free milling claim, and the
ore looks very well there nlsn.
Mr. Mel'rady baought down some fine
samples of ore with him, and altogether
the outlook at Texada is highly satisfactory.—Colonist.
man possessing one  lingering,   la- la liinous in their decision to exclude th
lent   spark   of   lhe   principles bv  public Irom thu meeting and that Mayor I
whioh a genuine journalist   is gen"- ' 1)',vU"1.1 lli'1 "",' ""'*-•',' 'st'""S opposition ,
..  ll.... V,  „ l ii       i i* i i      il"   Bu*'h   decision,   let   me ullirm thai
erally gauged, could publish such a Mayor Davison before ascending the
letter us that, written in oondemmi- I stairs lending to the Council chambers,
tion of Mr. McRae und the methods ! remarked to me that it was his intention
ie adopted in brinuina   about  the  llPM-wtWe'to i.ftve the uquelins In the Y.
senile to i
,,    ,,,,    •   ,    ,,        . .  ,, .\i..'.A. Hull, uu l|iu ground floor of the
inquiry into the uclion of Crossan building, that the public might be a,-
and  Ihompson.    ll was penned by Icunimodnte.l and  in  conversation wilh
"Pro Bono   Publico" immediately	
on the latter   knowing for   a   cer-
An entertainment will begiven by Mrs
Worthlngton at the Methodist Church
Wallace St., on Friday evening, 4th
inst. at 8 o'clock. "The Story of Reuben Heath" exemplified by steroptiean
views is the subject to be presented.
The well known ability of Mrs. Worthlngton as an elocutionist should druw* a
Offloe Tel. 80.   P.O. Box 16.   Residence Tel. 101.
Funeral Director and Embalmer
Graduate of the Oriental, the Eureka,
the New Vork and Clark's
Schools of Embalming.
1, 3 and 5 Bastion St., Nanaimo
like ihu Kev. Mr, Gunton wo
our judgment in reserve  until
any   important   alteration   or
lilicalion of existing  laiv.    Such
irk   is   never entrusted  to  one
Inn.    And for this reason even if
i could assume that he  were
Irivy tu his own   appointment his
i-nduct is open to severeoondemna-1 Constable Thompson should at once
nn. The work is certainly badly ■•em**11** an Investigation ofthe
.'eded, but lot ithe done according oharges made against  him, or else
precedent and practice.   A com- j retire from the police force.
Issioncomposed of two judges and
I'.ree leading counsel should be able
li coinplote the work easily in two
i'jars and their work would be revived with moro   conlidence   and
Special to Our Readers.
For the balance of this year we
will send any subscriber, in or out
of the city, the Sk.mi-W'kkki.y Mah
lltisfaction by the people generally and Toronto W'ee'ily Globe for 85o.
Inau that of the Chief Justice, even i'he (.lobe may be hud along with
Tiiough he were to labor ten yeursltlio Mail from now till the end ol
f,t $7,500 ayear, 18 7 for Hfd).    The Mail will bi
increased to seven-column paper in
two weeks, and the(ilobe is increasing in size, commencing Sept. 1st,
II The proposal before tbo Victoria  t-> 16 pages per iseue, so subscriber!
ity council to re-divide (he oi y will get the worth of their ttionty.
^lto four wards with two aldermen Commencing this week, we publish
l.'och instead of three wards   with _ the Mail on Tuesday and Friday,
The Ward System.
|ll|" lo llielr  iiiiallerinile ilclcriniiiiitii 11
lo have ii closed incutlug he was unable
ro lloiio Publico,"  in   the beginning of his   laments   over the
error he claims to have committed lout a license. In ibis connection 1 am
last January in assisting to eleot [ reliably Informed that Mr Simpson, win
new blood into the City Council
liiin after the meeting lie referred me to| ''"V*' audience.
theinlnutus which prove that the motion The Nanainio delegates to the W. C.
to ux.-Iu.Il* the public was curried by T. U. convention, to be held In West*
Simpson nn.l Johnson only, (lu the minster commencing Tuesday morning
free I'ress report the names of those at 10 o'clock In the Presbyterian church,
voting    for   the motion  were   with- were M-esdauies Hall, Lister, Priestly
to   convey   the   idea that the and Bryant.  Theyieft by the Louise on
was   iiiiauinioiis)    and  that ov*! Monday morning,
' held
■ vote
lainty that the Kev, I).  A.  MoRae
had left   Nanainio  for   his   future
home in California,   The letter in
, , question was intended to discredil
(loiud  for taking this opportunity Alr, McRaound that the writer and
to deny ihe mild insinuation.. Un- publisher are contemptible cravens,
hold  is evidenced by the fact that   thev ! l,J "arry out his Intention of hulding the
we metaphorically stabbed their would- IT,'!!.'.8 L" }*l° '','""'.j,i',";,   rT' '"sl
•■'    ,       .... •     ,      I       ,       , | m in li nm 11 "I Pro llonos  letter uharues
not Ihear the evidence.    But   we hav.    *-■*■■■""•  ■■••.»■ ■■■■;■-■ "hen l-ayim,' .,„..,, K.„. Ulli ,  lmuu,, „„.,.„„
., , ,       the city wherein he has labored so government ot tim city m heart because
said,   and    again     repeat,    thai   faithfully during the past sU.yeara.  '•*• p  nut huve the suioon keupers
Bono Publico."   in   the be-  "Polled1'for selling liquor during  pro-1 question, said he had nothing tn say.
•    iiblted   „„„>, ,„„f for permitting the;    T||(, Danub  a,.flved    t Vii.toHn g
l.rasei' street houses .to sell I r with- ;,,„,. morn|ng ,„•„,,.., Bomewhat protrftot.
ed trio down. She reports that the upper
■eiiaoiy iniorn.e,, inai ur Dimpsou, win,, .   , „.      , . exceptionally
ici-nis to haven decided aversion   to  is-1 ,i,„, ,.„*.,, i,.„. , i,;„ „„„,,„ ... „„,,,! i..,\,
uiug summonses iu certain cases, true.
In lhe provincial police court yesterdny morning, Mr. M. Bate, presiding
Justice, gavo his decision in the Hodgson case, nnd committed the prisoner to
stand Ills trial at the next assizes. Mr.
Bate snid this course was rendered necessary oh inj; lo ihe nature of some of the
Hodgson, iii reply to lhe usual
question the truth of that statement. The man who can publicly
defend the unwarrantable action of
J. II. Simpson, who tried to burke
inquiry into the actions of the police, the man who is eager and willing to [lose as a champion of tyranny, a .nil seeks to conceal from the
public the fact that the liquor law
and the Sunday observance by-law
nave been frequently and flagrantly
violated] the man who endeavors
to make martyrs out of publio officials, who have as yet offered no
defence to the charges which have
brought ignominy upon their names
could NHVKR have been in the most
infaiilismal degree instrumental in
electing Mayor Davison or one of.
lo Ins usual custom, would not grant a
warrant for the last named ott'euce,
Pro llono's pen in this his last paragraph once more advertises the empty-
nuss of hlshead, Hoes he not know thai
Lhe only effectual way lo remedy an existing evil Is to carefully diagnose the
.use, Iiml out where the fault lies, uud
strike there, sir, Instead of bungling in
the manner suggested by Pro Hone. Mr
McRae being fully convinced that the
police were very largely responsible for
the license given to Immorality and violation of the law in the city,' laid his
charge iigaiiiBt Crossan and Thompson
and ciune before the Hoard fully urmed
with proofs, witnesses and all necessary
evidence lo substantiate every charge,
and ulso lo prove that Crossan und
Thompson uol only connived ul the in-
frnetion of the law, but were numbered
iiinoiii!: its habitual transgressors.
It is most unlortuiile that Mr.   John-
11y weather this sunim >r,anda number
of bnsih ilresare raging, Sawmills which
are driven by water-power have come to
a complete standstill, and nre finis unable to complete orders for boxes for the
canneries, The Danube brought down
Kill bales of furs, valued at $50,000. The
following is a list of shipping from the
different canneries: Inverness, 860 cases;
North Pacific, L'OOO; H. A. Pilcco, 11000;
Carlisle Co., 8000; Balmoral, 111 cases;
all from Skecnu river. From Rivers Inlet,—Aberdeen, 680cases; Nam 11 Harbor,
1350; (loud Hope, 1100; R. T. O. Co.,
5400; also -J000 empty tins for thc Fraser
Hy a recent decision of the Supreme
Ootirt of the Creek Nation at
Perry, O.T„ 1700 negroes have been
Stricken from the roll of citizenship of
the Nation on the ground that, the ae-
lion of the Indian Council in admitting
the negroes to tribal relations wns un-
AU Materials used in connection with the above
guaranteed to be first-
LAMPS, Etc. etc.
Itiiins and Animals set up in a thorough workmanship manner.
On Hand—Four fine Peers' Heads,
which will be sold for price of setting
them up,   Also a fine ease of Birds.
6)1 Haliburton Street, Nanaimo.
Commercial Hotel,
Oarncr Commercial nnd Bastion Stt,
Thin long'Mtftblllhed Hotel In eomfnrtfthly
fitted up witli Riiperior accommodations for travelers and others.
,,.. ....
V  l(,>
5          1.
At the regular meeting of tiie Council
on Monday evening there were present
birth I"  four children, three girls and
_____ 11     boy.   The    largest    weighs    seven
,   ,,.. ,    ,            „„          ,      . nouuils,  llie smallest,   five.   The    total
jRenejfal.pf Disturbances Throughout 's.eight ,,_ tlie qutt_tette is 24 pounds,
Asia Minor. bll nre healthy and will probably live.
Mrs   Stickles  bus given  bii-lh   io  live ,, ,, .,,   .,..,        \,
  I       .        i- ...i             ,„.i,.s Mayor Davison, Aid. Wilson. Mor	
nller elul,li'cn, two ut iviiuni are twins, i      - '
London,  Aug. 111.-A ibsimteli to the Toronto, Aug. UU.—lt  Is expected  In Planta, Westwood, JJartell Bradley, and
rust from Constantinople snvs:    .Mem- „„,,.;.,,  quarter that  Premier  Laurier Foreman.   The minutes of the previous
burs of'the Anne,,...,, revolutionary sp- w„,  visil  ,„„„,„.,   lnt,  hl  lk.Ut[KV,  tr          ,                  ,   Objection was taken
pieties throw a bomb on thepremises ol (,„,ly in Noyemberi wllon Hou. j0sepb by AldfMorton to tho Hording of motion
the Credit Lyonnnis and tobacco sj mil- chnu,bc_inlll ,viu ,„. back from bis pri- reVinting of Bioyole By-law, claiming.
Me 92  Saturday night.     The amount ,..,,,, visil to llis wl_a .,;„, relatives at U)& tlle motion was   put mul carried
pf damage is not feported. m.,1, ■„, Mess. u.iii the sume should he printed in li. 0.
A dispatch to the  Daily News from . Gazette and Daily Free 1-f-css whicli bad
Constantinople -lives   „    personal inter- iJ01!don, Aug. 20.-The    Birmingham not been (,ttrried out, and suid  By-lu*.
view with Frauk Barker, w'ho was lc.ft ^   M,,  oiiamlioi-lalu-a    organ,    aj1" (,ad been published in the Mull.    Gin
in i.li.ee »f Sir Edgar \ lucent i.s liostuge ,„„,,,„,, that UoUi    j__.    Chiiinberlaiii <,,   k ■_•„„',„,,,„„ explain-.il that he ha
during the negotiations between Arrue ■ bfls s|l,,iillly arranged to return in time „|1,k,|.st„„ll  )mt u,,.1,,,,,,!,,,, w,ls,|,ai tin
|an toders in the Ottoman tank rani, ,„ „„.,,   ihm.  *,*,,,,,,,,  Laurier at  the             ,     |(| |n.   ui,|i,l„.,| ;„  ,,,,  _,. C.
and Turkish officials, lhe dispatch.says ,,„.;„, 0£ the empire. Gazette and a newspaper circulated   ii
•Mr Frank Barker stated the  innders ... thecity.   After considerable disi-irsslon,
fold tiun. they Intended  to    se ze   the Torol,t0) Aug. 21). -Au Ottawa special , ,„,.,.„ •   ,., ,„ hv AM,  vvi|gun    *,,,„,,,.
Crtdlt Llonnais   clBccis and eMode n to the Star says:   Tbe suitomi-nt which Westwood and 'Braillev   It   was finally
bomb there.   It was part ol  thoi   plan *_ou, *,,,.. Scott, secretary of state, made decided to amend the "minutes lo re, .1
In  raid   tho   Volvoldn   police  sinli.ni   nf •„ lhr aemte yesterday, in Bpeaking  in ut*.,., mai1 ■■
the snme ti   Bombs were to be ex- ,     jxnnitoba  Bchool  question   lets  the     Tlia'niiniites wero   then   udoolod  as
Pi 'I at  the police sfitlot.    sliu.ilt.iii. ri,   ou)   o|.  „„.  b      ,„.,,„.   thoroughl;.' .,„ ,! ,,    "'"l                               '
eolisly   wilh    lho   attack    upon   Gredit M   „„_,.„,.t tn ■.. _•,,,__,.■,._ nnd settle-
In never done, nnd it b especinlly wearing
and wear! lonie to tlioso whose blood'Is
inipura nnd unfit properly to tone, sus-
tnin, nnd renew tho wasting ot nerve,
muscle tind Uiitue. It is moi'ii becnuse of
this conditiou of the blood that women
aro run down,
Tired, Weak,  Nej-vous,
Than because of the work itself. Every
physician snys so, nnd 1 bnt tho only remedy is in building up by tuklng* h good
nerve tonic, blood purifier aud vitallzer
like Hood's Sarsaparilla. For t hoi roubles
Pecitliar lo Woman nt change of season,
climate or life, or resulting from linrd
work, nervousness, and impure blood,
thousands have found relief nnd euro In
,   '''.',, wilh respect to iis charuclir mil setll
Lyiiiiiinise.   However, the me im.Ien t     A,   , ,.1M   u   b1ioh1i1 sll,|sfy   il
for the attack on lho Credit   Lyonna s   of MllIlitobll  ,,,.„  coercion  is ns
nl  Ooustiiiil plu Innl  nothing    to    do rln)Wl .„ „ Amw mM „,,,, ,,,.,, ,,„, ii,,,s
with   the  killing  nl   Armenians.      i
Com in ii n icii ion   from   the   l.ieenicd
..I llie City asking  thai  ihe
iieu'd as ii floor n.-iil mul thai the lines Vlutimllt..
, of neltleiuenl ivll aluioBl entirely sat-  license be reduced from J to ifAW i er
jimlis consisted entirely ol    the   lowest .,,.,,.hP,.v ,„ ,;„. majority, annum, was submitted anil  referred  r
classes  In  C'onstiintlncplu and  siibiirlm,      When so stalwart n chainplou of tin'   l'» pro'ier or order of business   i
Lazziironl,    the    Kiireti  nnd  men  who        . ......   ,;.'., ' ..hurch and  state in hibsioii.
work along the wharves nf the city.  It t)l["rJanndliin Biintisl  npproves the pro-     Aid. \Veslu I, on behalf ofthn fiirsl
is now  estimated  thai  over   l.i  per-              setllemenl   lt is safe  lo  predict estate, applied for permission to erect a
"'">" ■■'""  killed.   Mam tl   lias    been J,        w|1| h_ |it|||i objPt,lloII  mis(,d  by scaffold on Vb-toriu Crescent forthepur-
jcovered   with    cvoliiiuiii ny    plnonitls,                   ;., 1{< i„ n„. nose of repairing tho front of the Orlcn-
f repairing thu front of the Orlcii
tal Hotel. I'erinission granted inidei
the usual conditions.
Ci il lei- mi  subsidy  to Union  SS.
l'n.   reported   rucoiiiinendlng  thai  llu
... .   ,      .     . i   ,    ,. any quarter, savu the extremists in li
evidently posted by   he \oung    tirkey ^  l
party.   Serious    .rouble la expected on Mr  g ,)0 ,g „„, IHg)| U(,
Monday, tho anniversary of the sultan s ^    ,,,,,,„,.,.,.    ,,.,„,. ,,;Uliv,.  ln  .|„.
oi-nssnm. cabinet, frankly admitted thai  remedial
A  dispatch  m Hie Standard    from ,,....,..  ...„' unworknble and  linpos-  amouiit bo reduced to if25,l)0U,. instead ol
«***" ^» the   S, Isl,   governmenl '       •" '■     ;'  ,   '»   , |"J: ,„;'»,', 7^.  ,S0,OU0, au I that the time   for re-pay-
bus a ov  the conduct ..I I aptnin-   .    ..    di.tricts w|,or,,: inanl be made 80 vein-,  instead ol   2
General Weyler ami Lis Issuance of the *    '■ ' ,,'';''•.,,,,,,   !|, . I veins,    lnic.es  on the itebinitunB to b.
_      _ i ■ i •. ■ 11        .        .i r       /i,,i. , IMI      1H M111 l.l I I1 PI I     i!">     iuiaiu     ii 11' i     .ii       tiin
nrl.-.-s  prohibit ng Hie  people ol    t uim '       '   ' ,,,,,,...,,    ,,,.   ,,j ,,„    *••••■
in.l   foreigners  resKle.,1   In  Cuba   from *»'<"'  eaunol s,,ei k  1   ,,sli      e  l.i-    ■
having any  Intercourse with  foreigners >*":>■».•*"•> be per.    " •    '■' ''
, .,    ,,     , ,     ,    ,.  ,.,,,.,    „,_,.  ti,_ <he teacher must iimier-i.iiiil  in in  ian-
outs.le  the   Is ami   ol   Ob,     ta      , t  ,    knowl,dFl! t0
niiu-li   discussed   decree   luulnlulnii   tb"
gathering of sugnr and coffee crops.
the  children,     This   may  be   regretted
^^^Ai-ss r",,"0?.bllged"'""""""" '"""""
of eight Christians and     Mussulmans, tion altogether.
Resitting.   Four hundred Mussnln s,      It  Is  quite    evident    f   the  wa;
n„ „„...i     r »vi,n«n> hi,,.  .,i,.,.i,lv  been things nre running in the house the ses-
aeenseil of excesses have n lj ,,, ,   t   d
'U'\T\t   t   i   ",    Th.  ,,„.,,    snbleet All conceivable questions can be brougli.   ?f .2S,«» on ash.pvaluetlat .IW.UOUaiii
Berlin.  Aug.  M   -1 be  main    s bject ^ ^  „„ hnsured in fnvor ol tbe im rt0'agec, woul
ItUSBinU .'       ■ ...        , i. ..inn   sr,'in II v in siii-n a   ease,    even
per cent instead ol (J per cent, line
making u levy 1 2-1-ltlO ol n mill on tin
dollar, ll ie com milieu uIbo submiltedii
il raft of the ugreemeiit with the company.
Aid. Bradley asked ll the City would
have any claim un the hoiil by virtue ol
ihe mortgage after the expiration of the
live years, as she might be sent to Chili,
Peru or Hong Kong, or smne other pari
of thc world.
Aid. Planta replied thai the mortgage
if!, 25,000 "ii a ship valuetlat lj 00,000 mul
for . iseiissinn    between    the    Rusainu ,                                 ,
. . ,        .   .     .       ,„■„;,..    i,,.: ,  i „ ( onservat ves have many rags to chew
minister of foreign affairs,   I'rince  no- ■             .,„.,,,. „i
,       ,.,.,,    ,      ,        ,,    i>,.:,,.      ii,,i  it        mn.v    be     taken      for     grnnreii
twen  the  oiar  ,,,„,.•:,,,,,,,,,'  William ^aue     th    enth-e ^ot^bejo^
,l,e correspoudent of    tbe    Associated •                                  ^                      „„
I'ress is  Informed, will  be  the east ,,
CrfeXrAetugT^'nte^  « lections.    It   was made    P f^!,;
. '            i,     •         i   c ,.,„    ;.  clenr by tho govern in enl  thnt no nur,"
between   Kussi.i   hikI  Ucrmaiiy  is  pro- , «           . .      ,           . ■ ,
...         i  ..   ■     ....  i  «i,,,   i',.;,.,,. wnnld be biiowii ontoinifl who nnnitMpr-
bab\e,  ana it Is esueeteu tnat i nno ,  .    ,,      ,   ,,       .         ,               _* ,
t  i      mn   ,     i    ,,.iii   i„   11( j-1,,.,. od   n  theelectotia  beyond  voting  nnl
ijobunon Uostovskv will nrrive   t iin-T- ....        ,.                      r t    i.
"| ;"" ft -f — * ^C^5S7S? J3-S "»
>u&".:,";;';';:,;• ™« , ..«* ««•*»•« ^."- "t„8°tf'r-v!"^
,             r      ,      i   ,„.    ,,   i- ..ii,,    ^i government  omceils. bul ns lwo wrongs
^ Xg°annd0t   enni '„   , ou Tbu^ ■ -,_ -«* • «**■ ^SST
day.   when   .1 Inrmlng   news   of   lhe;"*'" P« »" h ' '" »"'h "'■•"";'"11'-
uprising in Constnntlnople was received, .i"*"*""?   ,•     , ,   .    ,,, .
Price   Hohenlohe    wns    comniunlcate.l London, Aug. 20.-A dispatch to the
wifli on his estate.   The opinion prevails < hroulele from Koine says a private le ■
in diplomatic circles here thai lhe East- ter  jus.   received   from   Constau iiiople
iw-js if=t,vH;:f ^fS'So^
Constantinople, Aug.   Lin.   Brent    nn-   •■«•"•? » "~ h  l".AH""s '"       '
easines prevails    among    British    rt si. effed   that severe  fsbting    has    been
'   ,    . '    .,,                ,11           ,r ii, going on ngn list Seliuos nnd near In-t-
dents ui villages on  the shores of   le «    «■     Th«        ,      , thl ,,,„,;:,.,, tic.
Th" line True Blood Purifier.    Ill six for tb.
Prepareilnnly l.yd. I. Uooil&Co,, Lowell, Mass.
,     i^.|<    are the only pills In take
nOOCI S PUIS withIIooU'bBursttiiarllla,
jought   r-fuv
It   is   feared   Hint   tl>.
t'.vein tho Cretans and  the Turks
unknown,  but   it  is  known  thai   ninny
ilii rs  have     In ell     brought
houses will be attacked.    Michael H. r
ben   British charge d'alTaires, has ord- .„  ,, „
ercd the British guiirdshlp Dryid to re- A  ,t_.^|l:l,_■,  ,„ the Telegraph    froi
move  iiiini hes  des r ns  urotrctlon,   I ... ... . '....  . ....    .. ., , ,• ,.,
back to Ileraklion,
iu good security in such a ease,   even ii
the bout should he lost,
Il was finally decided that the matter
he referred back to the  i imitt.ee, to
have power to add to their number, and
report next council meeting, Alls.
Morton, Martell and Bradley so appointed,
Hon.I Foreman's report for the past
week was read ami on motion recefvou
uml Hied.
Aid Planta, on behalf of tho committee appointed to arrange to semi exhibits, if possible, to the Agricultural
and Horticultural bIioh- al Vancouver,
reported verbally thai owing in ihe latent-SB and uncertainty of Lho show the |
, oniuiittcu had decided to drop the mutter.
Aid. Morion reported verbally on behalf of the lire ui.ulcus, recoil,mending
iiml two an,'.'linn n.s be madu iu iiic
mail, at C-iimituwn. Uecc nmuiidntioii
.Moved by Aid. Wilson, seconded by
Aid. Morto'n, tluit the Tax Sale By-law
be now itttiruietl, corpornle seal attached
nnl thai the same bu published ill lhe
I',. ('. Bundle ami lhe free I'ress. Carried.
Aid. McDonald asked permission to
introduce a by-luw to boi
flriitii O'ljViin Innl no limits to wear,
So lie eiiin',- to Niiiiiiliiui in buy liliii ii piilri
"I'll linve one pulrof thick and one pnlrof Hun,
if 1 run Iiml Whttllold's," says Iirinn n'l.yiiii.
lie li.mleil llie stores nil along tiio niillli rnale,
Snys he: 'The right ono I've not vol found out.
I unlit W liillielii -I'll buy inil}- from liim,
I'm- lie sells the i lienpest," snys Brian III.vim.
lie stepped n littlo west of Allien street:
He snw wiliHielil's sign—sure 'twas a (rent;
Ito opened tho door ami Uoorgo Blood within—
■• I've found It nl lasl," snys Drian o'l.yiiii.
'.Ve showed In in our cull l.niils. kill ami cowhide,
llie ones we priltse mosl-  no senilis nl lhe shle.
We've iiiinisef nil kinds li i Quebec aud Morlln,
"Sure you'vo boots fnr the million," snys Iirinn
O'L'yim. [na truli;
Ilo 1 .-In liiin Ills boots, Which "f  ..'se were
He i.ni.l ilnwn llis money, for wo sell only for
'l'n (lie pul.lie le-siivs: "lie not tnken in, [cash,
buy only from Wliitlielil." says Brian O'Lynn
"If there's n leak in tho too or si.leaf ynnr shoe.
JH8l in|<.- ii io Whitfield, Hint's all yon need do:
He will pea It or patch jnst while yon nre ill,
A lei .in argo seems like nothing," snys Iirinn
VVHITIIELD, the Shoe Man,
YicToiiiA CilKSOKNT, Nanaimo.
4Ton,e Again-
We are back to the old stand, agaij
but are
As we either sold at auction
packed and shipped these old-time1
so you will see nothing but
See our.
S Millinery Departmen
It's up to date..
Great Cash Dry Goods & Men's Furnishings SW
Commercial St., Nanaimo, B •'
Ladies  ami   Children's   Sewing   done
neatly.   Trices reasonable,   Address
102 Nicol Street.
Mrs. A. Baldwin.
OlTers her services to the Ladles of Nanaimo ns an EXPERIENCED NUH8E,
•.iin, has had large experience In and
th rough the Northwest Territories. Address
80 Nicol Street.
move  families  desiring  |irol ction.   I   . ;\„''!S^'!     ,'i', !'''!„ ,,','. .'■"'!';", '■' ,,i ■ i'er introdnue a by-luw to borrow ifa.OllO  to   DARKER & POTO llnmstors ana Solicitors
^   British  vessel In  port   mny he re- fe^SS*' Dr   iilrsJli   U,o iVar- establish n tire ularn,   syste.,,   und   Im-   » -' y«M ■-"*-*	
QUisltlon I ease of lleee-sil.v. There   U   ,             £  *-,    pnc ontBi   „ iM  ,.,..„,„  Ill   nine I""*'1'   *!lt    *■'"'«    depttrtlllBlll, l.eques.             .,   ,. ^ ,,   Ti „,. „,„, s_l|_|,„r, R00ra 11
also much anxiety In tbe suburbs, where t0 st   pet(,,.sbm.gi  w,,i|„ the Cr.nr will Brallt' _  ''' *""" M'"'k'
many  Europeans   have  Ar ulnn    ser*        ,.    .  ,.is  ionmpv  .,;,,,„..   '|'|„.  i-/. ir,                         NKW hosi.N'KSS. ii, inniis ,v McINXES,  llarrlsters,  llooin 0
- .rope	
vaiits.    The Allien,in eolliire at   ITie-ar ^'^'siatelirwili'aei'oinp'iny'ilie'l Varo.a I     The potilion reine hotel   license   was
ami  the  Bible  house at   Stnmhnul nr» on |h(, ,.,.,„,..,  |nnrnCy as  far as Kelt,   then taken up.   Un  uioti be mutter
guarded by tn s.   United States Mini- Tllry 1(,MV1, un gnturday in..rain-'. was referred to it coinmittee lor report
ster Terrell visited ll.ssar to ascertain     A   dlftpnfc|]  ,,.,.,.iv|lll   ,>,„„  Unnstnnti-  und Aid. Morton, Wilson, and Bradley
If the Aii.ericans were sale.    I lie elu i |lop]e BOyB tho BHlt(ln |ms ^aneiioncl the ! „,.|e appointed as a committed
of  police  oi   llissar  told    lemll   that srll, ,,, ■ ,,,,. ll0Wrn, for „ settleincii!      AM. Morton asked permission for the
measures Innl In en tnken to preserve or ,lf ,,„, ,•,.,,,.,„ uuestioll
der.   Tin- Gnlnta ipinrter is rjiueter. A"
1      The   W'esliiii.istei-   Gazette  tins   alter
!  . .ion says the Bank of England is be
are.  seen   in   the  streets.     'Hare   was   n   B*nu*ng   ,,,   r,,,.|   ,],,,   _,,|,i     withdrawals
fresh panic yesterday, owing to n lonili!,.
being tin-own while soldiers    wero
ml has therefore redui ed  the  prl E
use ni the public park .... Sept. 18 and
III for tin- purpose of the Nanaimo A^i i-
cullure iiml Horticultural Society to
In.l.l their exhibit ion, and further asking
for a nian to be sen.   to   lix the   l'nik.
McINNKS & McINXES,  llarrlsters,  Boom u,
Johnston I'.loek, Coimiiereiill street,
Y'ARWOOD 4   ViiI'Ml. llnrrlslers rner of
t'ollllliorctttl nml lliislion streets.
'Ii   HARDY, liotnnlc Drumrisl, Wlnllold Cros-
1.    COIlt.    '1'iy llniily's I'ile llilltlne.it.
being thrown while soldiers    wor,   re-  , nB]cs .Ul,| rnised the price of bar goM, Keqnusts gruulod.
turning from Sola mill;.      Nobody    was  njt*, ,] |,j,.,., ,,,- |„dueiug shippers to \\,\,  Bradley drew altenlion  to tho
hurt.   The Immli thrower was arrested.   _,*_,, eagles,   The papi r meiilioned a Ids i need of u railing near the ll. ( . Cannery
Although  several    Arineiii.in    districts  **,„*   it  |_ probable,  however,  Hint   the Co.'s building, and  thu matter was ru-
were the scene on Thursdny evening olii.ank will be forced to further raise tho f0.red to tbe Street com mittee for action.
nv'sacres .... I plllnge. the city Is one tor  ,.,■;,.,. 0f |mr ,■,,:,i |n order to mnintniii Aid. Westwood .new attention to tin
nnl   tlo>   ait| t".riti's   now   Onnenr   ilet< :•■ \u    \,„,   tl,,,   ,,,,,,- ..,.:,,„ ,.   fnrlfier   stales   tt     i,.1   ul.l..,...ilba   '..I.,, I.,.],i  I,,   ,-,.,. nir
I ivl;, mason', fii'iitist    Extracting a>speeinlty
1'   (insnail lllliii'iiilliiinistereil.
Olliee, llilil-I'ello.v's Block, Nnlliiiinn.
| - I   " -   "          i*«         .'...        ,.-'.' -■ ......-.-- .\|ll#       11    I   Ol   II  llllll       lill,, II      linvill-l'ill     U'I       u».--
the  nuthoritlns  now  appear deter-   :..  |m|   the newspaper further slates  II „eu(| ;,|  uhlewuiks   being kepi In   repair
mined to maintain ordtr.                        | is not  likely that enough aold  wil!  he in vurious portioni of the city.
Scores of ilea,I have lieen thrown Into   withdrawn  by   the   United     States    to 'I'he Council t1'  ,i adjourned until l.o.tt
the sea  in order to save the trouble of  cause a  rise In the hank's rale of ills- Monday evening nt 7:B0 p. ni,
burying the bodies.                                    count,  with gold nl  tile present  ligtirc. I                             . n .
The British charge d'affaires has re.   n  is further stated that ii  la prohnni
('. E, Stevenson o. l'n. have just va-
tne  i.i-nisii   ennrge  nairnires  nus  ve-.n   is  iininei' Btnreil   in-n  n   in proinioi- ;     _'   !•.. Slevensoii ei Co. Huvo jnst. vn-
fused the request of tbe sultan tn with-  the  bank   will  permit   n   further  with-   entud il Id stttnil of Sloan ,v Scott,
Baying he ennnot do so  eitil  the  .lis- drawn! of seven or even ten millions be- ; luiviiijf disposed of the old stock by nuc.
orders arc thorouihly quelled. fere Inltlng protective inensnros.              tion; and having hud  their heatii|Uui'.
Of tin' Armenians who seized the <>■■ -»♦*•                                quarters   enhirged   und   Improved,  un
toniini  bank,  five  were killed   I  five Montreal, Aug  211.—Joseph Bandronn,   now displaying uolliing but tresli, np-to-
wounded.    They    had nil    i ■■    from about no years old. is seriously ill hero.   lUlU, kuu,|b   the  millinery  department
■oiin..eil.     I hey     pa,I  ell     ( .'    Iron snout on years om. is seriously in iicrc. _tut0  unoils,   the   millinery   Heparin.e
hrnnil.    Fifteen  Biirvlvnrs  hnve    been He retnrned lately from British Uolum* heiiig especially attruutive,
ent to Marseilles, British  ami French hia   where ho  Innl   made a   fortune  in _   '   -».<_
The riuliiare was guarded  all    uiglit the    mines,  ami   Intended   to   visil   Lis ge),[uu8 Accidilil  to Ml'. E. QlIOllllC'.
Ion,; hy the British giinrdslilp Imogena relntlvefl  If lie could   iiml  them.    I'hcy K Uuunnell wits tho victim of a   r.NTKKNATIoNAI, HOTKI^PETER WEIOLE
end two Turkish giinhoatn. are suppored to live In the neighborhood ^ ,       h hall-pas, t uml   l   l'''"."'"'""'-   Victoriailresoont.
It is rtlll Imnosslhle to nive the ,•,„,, nf St.  Hynclntho.    I'l c old ma stln* .,,,.,,., „...,„„■.,„ u,,,.rnu0„ '   Mu was   	
\i*   .1. CURRY, n. I.. s.,(lrucn
• I .    class a elk t:llillnlUee,l.
Block,   lirst
IIARMACV.   il.i
.  . i.   Viet,, in . resi:
ill family re. Ipos n Bpociulty.
i iRESCEXT I'HARMACV.   IIai.i. A Sikiiiman,
t    pri.prielors,  VlctorluCrcsuont.  Dispeaslng
I*. ImVi III.I., ATKINS, WATSON CO., I.liniieil.
-ll Modioli] Hull, corner . oiniiierehtl innl 11ns-
tioii sireets.   Telephouo l-Q-0.
VAN llllll   liYK   WIllfKS. - llyelnn, Cleniilii'!
.1    mul Ituplltl'lllg     II Xlool street.
I'. I'll vlil.roN. Mnnilirer.
('    MARSH, Wholesale  Dealer in  risli and
i*.    .anile, iin.-iioiistroot, Naniiimo.
  ,                                     .; o'clock vesterduv uliertioou,     lie u
number of victims of the rioting. Tn the atey   refusej   medical  assistance,             driving a*horso uUuched  lo a buy rak.
street between Do mhugooho    nnd    To I'orontn    Aim.   211.   I'   Is   understood   .,,„.., .V. .,„.„,.., i,..,...,,,,.  i,-,..ii,.us ami
panzo  it  resembled  „   field  of    |,„ttle. <" he likely thai  between K00 and -mo      "   .', '''      ;l \  lS'1 \. ,'. ,   |  ".,     ,
Ki„y noli,, w-c-e counted there.   Tbe '-"iie,, Stales scientists will attend .he       «> Wu^fon, hi, ...i.MiiaiiJn,.,,,,,,
I'otlS f Armenians in  varlou, n„nr. meeting of   ho British Assoelnt on fo              ,,,,^,1,     ,„„„, fmuUlro 0f
tern have-on nlllaeed  and Galntn and   he Ailvnnt mt of Hciit ee, to he held |eg and broken collar bone; also
I'era are rTeeimlerl by the mllltnir. <',,-   Here In   Aitg-ist    next.    I He    ga rn «J , , ,      ,       ,
airy patrols are  to be seen  hi  nil lhe I'roililsrs to be the grentesl ..I tne kind   .'     XUl ,;'„ •„,,.,.. u. „ „M sin,m. ,v,„.
strne-s:   th-  slums  , 1„j..i    I   few ceer |.. 11 |,   All erica                                                                                          d ,       /, ,8
people venture ont.    In addition  lhere A   nrgo  nnmljer of dulegntcs In  '-    ,.,„-,....,., ,.,„',..,,,,,.                 '
e-" rtunnrs of disturli.inces ,-n Koninl.o '.ngellcau Synod are en ruiitc to \Mn-              ■       •       J^_
^f  Ar fans  -cfle    ,, -L»^&W;a{^^
m-u-nem,  lint   "-  nnthnrltl'*s  are een- tn" ve-'tci-dny.                                                                 Awarded
o.im-i r,,i.   ,.,,r,„iin„„ i',„    M„.„ i„ „.... Tho (Jliihp aiinoitncoB the nppoinlirent                         ««••»•■•«.
"ottntr-r*I an,rattaek  Innocent  ner- "r «»"   'T' ''"' D°vl*' member of North    Highest Honors-World's Fair,
sons, end the police   nnd    twer, (1 v,,.-. ;s ,',,iOT, .,, ,i,,, i,.,, it,,,, w                         .•«».
hismH fnrTielng passive oMnoker.  To- J';.,.':'1.'.""'   '" "'" ""'"'' "f Provin*-lll«
di.v   i..,,...ve..   several croups of Turks **''''"     '^'
were dlBprmert, -         "* * *
_.  , ., Yeknhtnnn. Aug, 21'.—The entire cub*
V,'..„i    «„.   OS -Ti„. Pnarii'i ml**'- -..,., , ... , \, ,.   <*■ „   Knmi„    |„,s
Ster   ...    (',. ,„l    nil.. „.,]„    ,.„,,„..,„   ,|„. ii))])rr]    notltt|_       p,.,,,,,],.,. ,|'|„.
Mnwillrning   l'!l'..|    host's   n'   A r„,e.,l..,s t.,.\fi.,   „,.„,.,,   „„   .iccollnt   of    I    11 i D'f!*t"l ■-«•
''""! ' '"'•— t'"'    drugged  their of enlrloii r
1,^-lte;  Hr..i."ti   t'...   .''i.,,..i<i.
/:-i"-:,",v. An-   '•-;    'i-'.., ,.,.|.-u i
T«'',.','!,'i"'"i',1   A'-o'.,',,,,'1'!,' iv"\.,Z"'"-s ,r"o''-''oel,-.   Ave.   '.".I,   I'rof.   .McCrim
,   ,   ,     . ,.    '",,''            ' "'   .. "nn lifts been npnolnted principal of tin
t .,, , ,'* „„„    j".( ".',."',"'„," ,,.,"" , "'ond-feek   I'-ni'st   College,   vice   l'"of
fi,.,t  /j,    1-..IX-I..    ,.        "";""'-•"- [..,,,.   ,!,.,. an.,,,1
Mi-ding Ilie vncinil  foreign
-*i.i|..o,  ,'r-s  pot  Intend   t
!•*■'',•" "a.-  e! -.  In  Ho, ,■••' •'■...  f,.r-
,f ,r^.■„,......... f.      I,   ;,.  ,,,-.,, ,.,,„|   ,,..,,   s.'.,;
T.**I,,.IM   ...-.|   l.„   l,,,„,l, .1   , ,,   lh,
!„t.   ,,«•(,:..,„   ,.n, „   .,,.   ,|.,,   ,;,,„„,..„   ,,„,...
fnmilres the nee. ssary Instructions I'm
IV-llln. """•■
t»..i !,.„».' rt.   o.,|      a,,.,    on     At,...    it noon's   e i.i.s   cure   nausea, sic'.-   Ken
»t, c-tict-'cM. wife „r a fertnor nn <"'m- "ehe, lii'Mgestlon, biliousness, All dm
•word  hill,  outside  of Stratford,  gave '-'iKls.   28 cents.
• ■     ,    ''''I'O	
i.,.n     an ' yo'' will not he nervous. Pure blood
'    cones   ly    tllkini*    Ilnoil's    Si'l ipi )>,i r!''*!
It'll is llnifi theirr-'iitc-.-! and best nerve
nre Grape Cream of Tartar I'ovvder.   I
n Ammonia, Alum or any other aduitei
40 Years the Standard.
Wnl.l'i:. I'lnnnelnl nml liisiirnnee Agont,
'    .Inllllnloll llloeli.
|j'..III:m.\N A  IIAItllY, Ileal Ksliilu llrnkers.
I      llni.1 lon sl reel.
1   NASII.   House   nn.l  Blgn   1'niiiler,   Piiner-'
■ I'llntilier. etc.    I-orner of Alherl innl   Mil.n.
slreels.    P. II. hox 'Jlls.
0   TAYLOR, I Ier in nil kinds nf Xew nnd
• Secnnl linn,I Furniture, innl  I'miey  Arll-
i'!i.^' 11 every rtosorinlioli.
Next to Qitannoll'8 Commercial Streot.
Tested by the Curtis-Babcock
Wm Supplied by
.IniiicH Ma shall   ,
1\'n-|in I.nnl.
^^. Cal ci lev     .
J   .   etiindlo	
il. ll Cnlverloy .
A . Haines ...'...
.1. Oalverl
Percentage of
Butter Fat.
Stokesei NTalpass     8.8
l.'oiir. E. .McKkciinii:, Md).,
Naniiimo, B.C., Aug. 20,181*6.
roil] NoW O^
■<^=s—.To the End of \v%u\
Must be the Order of the Dal
V      1 Exceptional Opportunities in Many Liiw
Lawns, Prints, Flannelettes, Muslin]
Chambrays, Girghams, and all SunJ
mer Goods at a 10 per cent, reductic
to clear.
Will be Reduced to Very Low Price\
. •'-;»$•?'•	
'J^Gnll und save money here by getting our cash dij
count, instead of n chance for a bike, etc.—money saved
money made—at the
i.P.S. Sf<or<
To BloyolOS done on our premises at tbe shortest possible  notice.
Next to Sloan & Scott's Old Stand.
P. S—A lui'Ke consignment of bicycle sundries just nrriv-
froin llie east.
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs
.c= UONU   BY  THE    .   ^
r ion oor Steam Lau n d ry^
-^. ( By so doing you will PATRONIZE WHITE LABOR
»^r ( And help to GET RID OF THE CHINESE! j
Dye Works in connection ■■■-■
P. O. Box »5. D. M. STEWART, Proprietor.


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