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The Nanaimo Semi-Weekly Mail Aug 22, 1896

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 By the test of public opinion
and found "all right."
Second Year
And increased success of the
people's paper, the
mends itself, while, a j to prices ■
It Is Profitable
»       t To deal with us,    All classes
•      J ol work for nl I classes of custo-
5 mers is our specialty.
NOL. 12.-N0. 17.
WHOM NO. 70.
Now is the liire
Infesting Trees, Shrubs,"
■tat i t      ,  i i        o    o    o    o    o    o:—
,I'lowers and Vegetables.)
You want something that will do the business
eU'eetually, yet will not injure the most
delicate flower or plant.
■  -*     •*•'' Does the trick.   Try a tin.
We .uso have in stock Whale Oil Soap, used
Ly all Fruit Growers.
We have a small 'stock of Fruit Jars—Pints, Quarts and
Half Gallons..
Delta and Duncan's Creamery Butter and choice Manitoba
Creamery and^selected Dairy Butter in 5, 10, 20 and
30 lb. tubs.    Pi-ices away down.
Sterilized ('ream from die'Delta Creamery, verv choice, in
Pint Jars.        ..;.,...,
We have a full line of the best Groceries at the Bottom
Prices.    Quality Guaranteed;  ;:
We have just opened out a large consignment of Boots and
Shoes.    Prices are right. '....-   .
Call and See our Stock and Got our Figures. It will pay
y       Crescent-
As the New Spring Season   i\      -vr   j    ti   m
is now upon us -><>   M    hill
to come and inspect our stock of
iron s minery
Our stock this season we assure you is
complete in every respect and hound
to please. It comprises all the latest
novelties, etc. A very fine aud well
assorted stock of Ladies' Sailors and
Children's Galatea, Silk and Lace Hats.
Crescent Store,
Nanaimo, B. C.
Broken Bicycles^
—SIIOl'M)   BB—
Repaired in Good Shape
to avoid danger of accidents.
Repairing Bikes a Specialty
City Market
Brief Despatches From
Various Parts of the
Ottawa,    Aug.    14.—Attorney-Ucneral
Sifton is still ut tlic capital, and tiie object *..£ hia visit remains pretty much n
mailer of secrecy.     Your correspondent
was told /this .iiorning that he wns uot
pressing his claims for the Interior portfolio,  in  fact that  ho hns no desire nt
present  to  enter  the  arena   of  official
polities uud is willing that the position
should go to some other man.
The cabinet council  meets    daily    to
i ileal with the estimates to be presented
to  parliament.     The estimates for the
; marine  and   fisheries  department   eome
up this afternoon.
Ottawa, Aug. 15.—J. II. Ross, member of the executive of the Xortlnvs:
Assembly, nrrived here hist evening. He
had a long Interview with Laurier tills
forenoon. Ross is here in regard to
some matter nffecting the territories. He
hns arranged for ail interview with Mr.
Laurier. Fielding and Scott on Monday,
when these matters will be discussed at
I, ngtb. Mr. Itnss says that lhe crops
in the territories nre excellent, more es-
peclally nt Moospjnw.
1 Dominion Statistician Johnson has
scut out circulars to nil the Canadian
is to ascertain the number of
md the financial condition of each
Kingston. Aug. Iii.—The four-year-old
son of George Hindi, of Camden East,
j fell Into the river nml  was drowned.
Windsor, Aug. Iii.—The eight-year-old
son of James Ilyhunl, who lives three
miles east of Essex on the Michigan
Central railway, was cut to pieces by
an express train.
Windsor, Aug 14.—Word has been re
ceived from Canton, .\.Y., that li'ranl*
Conroy, an old Windsor boy, has been
found guilty of murdering Ins wile nl
Ogdoiisl'tirg Inst May and has been sen-
tenceii to be electrocuted iii the Donne*
marn penitentiary during lhe week oi
September 28. The convict is thirty
years old, and his family have lived at
Aiiilierslbnrg for half a centuhy. lie
slabbed his wife in a fit uf anger.
Siiniuil  Long,  a   carpenter,
The Preliminary Trial Of
E. Hodgson In The Pro-
vincialPolice Court.
jrelimiliary heaw-ng of the
against Ephraim Hodgson
dowr the steeple of tbe Methodist fclpis
copal church, fell a hundred feet and
was killed Instantly. His wife
daughter were watching and saw
fur thetnurder of Louis Stark took
place bofore Mr. M. Bate, .1. P., in
ilie provincial police court, Thursday morning. .Mr. F. McB. Young
tuning ! for the prosecution, and .Mr. E. P,
man hud been standing on the edge
looking at tiie sheep. He said he
was fjQl'ry it had happened and
would give $1,000 if it had not.' He
said it looked very black for neighbors at variance with him. Hodgson then offered him a ride out if he
was not arrested on suspicion
Hodgson had said when he put' his
hand on the body it was v'ery cold.
Hodgson said that Stark'i'ad promised to come to his mkee the next
His announced that the well-known I to town and took him
commission  linn of Major* Eldridge, U, E. Hilbert and 1). i
Davis, Q, ('., for the defendant.
Owing lo lack of space we are
only able as to give a condensed report.
Neil McLean, Provincial constable, was the lirst witness and said
in effect; That on the
Feb. '27th, 189."*, Mr. Hodgson came
along with
day but he would g"6 to Mr. Mo-
Lean's'bef-ire as one of thedog shot
looked like McLean's dog. Hodgson
said he gotf uneasy and went to
Stark's house and could see that
something was wrong. He could
not find any sign uf Stark so he
went inside the house and could see
that Stark had never got home that
night, as the bed and pants hang-
ni'hl of 'nS ovel'the chimney were jsst the
' same as they had been before. Those
were the only conversations he had
bad with Hodgson,
who were reported to be i'n financial iiil'-l "',",' 11"UL'' '"'u ''•'""' -"'-"'uuiiii,       rn     ^.     nav;8_'T<llere   llac.   r,een
licultics wil llie ul.le   readilv   to  over-' out lo 'vl*ere -he body was found.;       .,)".,, . i    ,
come tlH'ir t'ltiiltle and i-es.il Imslness. i He described the surroundings and ; "° {''-feeling be ween witness and
The trouble was caused by a falling pork ! condition of things in genera), be- j Hodg*-01-' Hodgson had had him
tmJ!i~ai, rides making  an  examination  of j convicted   or stealing salmon but
llie labor unions will take part in the ! the effectB of the deceased.    He took ' he Ald. no  k,l0'v !f ]t was nt HodS-
grand procession on the tii-st day of the . ..    , son s instigation he was arrested,
carnival regatta,   Nanainio. and  West-| l.'-'l" > ,    ■' ■■ "oni  a  big  box, and |    Jerry   ^^  ^  ^^
that be worke
minster, itls reported will also be repre-  found a purse with H") in  it.    In
sen ted; 'answer to the coroner he
The I'.eaver and Maple Leaf  lacrosse | bluff over which Mr. Star
tennis play at Brockton  l'oinl on Saturday.   Should the Westminster team win
they will have the championship honor
this season.
libra cl
-■iid  lhe  ll"u "e ""'"-'u ln   No. 5 shaft for
,,.,     {eii .„.. LtneN. V. C. Co.    He had gone  to
about SO feet high and was sheer worfi xm the 26th. of February, 1895,
I for about 50 feet •'       worked until about hve o'cloc'c
I). S. McDonald, sworn, depos- the,next^otwng. and^ommejicing
led.—On lhe night of Feh.27, lS95„lworl£ aSa,n the same afternoon j he
library. The replies will be embodied
in a comprehensive reporl on this sub-
Ottawa, Aug. 15.—-The minister ol
nnlltln hns lieen authorized to give free
ammunition' tc competitors nt the rifle
meeting which opens lure nn lhe 111 si
instn nt.
A spppinl course of instruction and
competitive gun practice for Bold butteries in Ontario nnd Quebec will be
carried on nt I.aprairie from August 111
to September 8. During that period detachments fiom twelve Held battelici
will r.eie.ve two days' training.
Toi-jmito, Aug. 11.—.lnstiii' Fergus-ui
has given judgment ou the preliuilntii-y
pbjcellons tit the clot tion prut sts n
West" Toronto nnd London.' ITc foun,I
Ihat ilclnislead was the rcgislrnr at llie
ciinnccr.v idrlslon. nidi who-.,i ill • petitions were filed, and he Jlon'l'ore dis
missed both motions to hnve tiie po
titions set a>i'lc    Bristol, the ntto.ru v
for are respondents, in his yotltijous I herself by a rope, used for lii'lii'ig water
lave notl« thai he would appeal lo'the ] from the well, to the rafter of her hns-
Supremo Court of Canada againsl  tin
Westminster is about, to bold
nival of sports for fisneriiien
Kiaser river. Prizes amounting
will be distributed.
There is no let-up to Ih" sail un,
and there appears to be inure   llsh   thnn
enns to cnn them,  while the stock of lin
to mako new cans is about, run   out, all
the lin in Westminster and Vancouver
having   been   bought    up.      due    Jap
caught 100 salmon  in   16   minutes ami
sold them nl 2d  cents  c
price.    Many-boats came
SUU, 700, md, and 601) lisl
ueries who were lucky em
larg ■ supply of
could, bul  ther
enough to go iu
lil'.Nl AN.
All Inquest  was  held  al
Tuesday, 18th inst., hy ('
' Inirii, at (be Coiiilnketi Indian ranch, mi
the body uf a   youug   married  Indian
i woman .named Josepliine,   who  banged
Toronto, Aug. 15.—A
■ Ontario .Um.ng lustitufi
nt lint I'uriiue, coiuiueuc
intere.-ling progriiinmo is
nl. Among otlu r speaki
A. 1'. Coleman and Prof
have been exploring tin
district   this summer.
A petition in favor of
. I bund, (.'iu
inecting  of tile
,.   wid   lie   hem
ng Sept. 1. An
being piepiir-
rs will be Llr.
Wllmot,  who
Rainy   Uiver
lite Lenin's, hon,
A verdict oi fol
UKKWIl.l.!•'. I'. K1.KISKI
Will Appear ul tile V. M. (
Mr. Hodgson came to his place between 9 and 11 o'clock and informed him that Mr. Stark had been
found dead at the foot of a bluff,
lie went out with Hodgson, McLean
nnd llilhert to get the body. The
rest of his evidence was pretty much
the same as that of McLean's.
A. E, llilhert gave evidence next,
corroborating Ihat of those who ac-
ich, contractIeompanied him on that particular
n   wilh   BOO,  night.     i:t,  said   Hodgson,   upon
isli liWuive'a  ***e-*'arrival at the house, seemed
to know  what   things  were  before
jihey were opened,
ln the afternoon John McGregor
deposed that he was acquainted
with Stark. He had been told of
his  death   by Mrs. Scannei whom
i he niei the day, after the finding of
the body. Mr. Hodgson told him that
Stark   had   been   to  his  house the
i morning beiore he was found, and
that he had   left   Hodgson's  about
j 7:1 o in thc evening, and was to cail
hack next morning.    Mr. Hodgson
i had wailed all day and became
anxious, so he went out and searched for huu.   11
tins   linndli
d   all
wero   fur
stopped at ten o'clock, and was
going home when he met a man with
a bat down over his eyes and a big
overcoat on. He turned round to
see who it w.as and saw it was Mr.
Hodgson, who stopped and told him
Mr. Stark was dead and to keep1 it
to himself. Witness then w-ent on
home, and when he got to the place
where Hodgson's trail touches the
main road he heard a dog barking,
but he did noi appear to approach
him.    lie went on home.
To the Court--Hodgson continued to go on toward Xo. 5 shaft after
he passed witness.
Further evidence will be given in
our next issue.
Mission Conference.
on Tuesday
• se was re-
A. 'lull
The opening meeting of the United Worgers of the   Methodist  and
Presbyterian Churches was held in
ihe    First    Presbyterian  efturch,
Victoria, at 7.30 o'clock last'' evening, Kev. Dr.Campbell presiding."
Rev. Dr. Mnclaren of Toronto was
could not lind him 'the first speaker, and gave  a  com-
ull passing along the road, he heard ' prehensive survey of mission work.
■ill's  IS
tituri s
( hi ing lo n slim
day cveuliiif, Mr,
who was hilled fo
lhe Y. M. 0, A.,
ment for that evening, but Mr. Klciser
h ill appear in lhe same ball oi> Saturday
evening, when il is lo he hoped he uiil
be favored wilh a representative audience. Mr [Cleiser is an able entertainer
and those who go lo hear him uiil n.-i
I e disappointed.
For tins evening Ur. Klciser « ill give
his own dramatization of Dickon's
masterpiece, "David Coppeifleld," iu
which he Impersonates twelve or more
Mr Klciser has kindly consented to
.live a few after Selections, including
"Lord Dundreary'.- Utter," "1'iilber's
Way," by lingerie Field, and olhei'8.
Mr. Klciser appeared before a large
audience at Wellington last evening.
A cricket match between the Nanaimo Cricket Club and Victoria
is in progress ibis afternoon.
Mr.   Robert Duggan has rented
one of the stores on Victoria Crescent, lately occupied by W. M. Langton,  for lhe purpose of a green-gn -
icry.    He expects toget a goodsup-
i port from those who dislike patn -
p Ks-Cm
ll you haven't   had   unfortunate ox-
| perieiiees   with shoes von are lo be roil-
~*> I gratnlaicd.    Perhaps  you   cannot   ie I
' tbe rigid side ol leal her from the wrong
HEMANS &  WAMSLEY     H''-'., ■'»•   that's   no  reason   why you
shouldn't gel ulial you pay forlo the lasl
Wholesale and Retail Butchers :;iHS,S
ilisnppoinii d, lor we tell vou the exact
COMMERCIAL STREET ; truth and nothing bill the truth.
P.O. Ilux227 Telephone 7-8    I ORR & RliNDl'XL.
said   lo   have  receive.1   NKin
The Ontario Bureau of Industries has
issued a crop report, which oil the whole
is satisfactory. Hay is better than lusi
year: oats an average crop; corn is coming on satisfactorily; fruit is abundant,
and fall wheat will yield an average of
11! bushels to the acre.
Montreal. Aug. 14.—Uny alter day
the people of Canada are Awakening to
lhe fuel that when Sir Charles Tupper
was given his walking ticket by the people of Canada on ,I line *J.'trd, ns bold a
buccaneer and as unscrupulous a
trickster as ever misused and abused a
posiliou of trust Btepped down and out.
Since Minister Tarte has begun his
investigations into the workings of Ins
department lhe public have had ilicn-
nostrils regaled with certain very un
savory odors as the door of the Augean
stable has been opened and the Clean
ing process commenced.
Speaking at a Liberal picnic al Ste.
Scbolastlque, county of Two Mountains,
to celebrate the election of Mr. blthler
lion. J. Is'-nol Tarte charged Sir Chas.
Tupper with having, during the campaign, approached certain of the superior olliccrs of his department, saying.
"Take these men on and 1 will be responsible." At the time. Mr. Tarte said,
there was no work to be done and tiie : llizillg Cbillilllien.
; men were not required,    Mr. 'Parte lur-'
i tinr declared that not a Bingle man had!
, been discharged by him lor political
j    Montreal. Aug. Iii.—The Bole des Clin*
I leurs railway company has entered notions for 5107,800 and $21,000 ngninst
the Ontario Rank. These amounts represent the alleged value of certnin
bonds, the proprietorship of which is
Geo. P. Brown, liquor denier, has ns
signed with $30,000 liabilities, Tin
Hank of Commerce is Interested lo the
cxtenl of $18,500.
Port Colhoriie. Aug. 15.—Roy Stone
ridge, ih,. 10-yenr-old son of ex-Reeve
Sloneridge. was drowned in the Ink,
yesterday morning. It is supposed he
look  cramps.
_(ls'awa. Amt. 115. -.T. \\ . l'owkc aged
711, one of lhe largest shippers in the
province of hurley and cereals, is dead
Winnipeg, Aug. 15. -Andrew Mnther,
nged 50, was killed on ihe Northern
Pacific (rack near Portage la Prairie
The deceased wns a laborer mil wns ad
dieted lo drink. The 12-year-old sen of
William Kllioil, ('arhcrry, is dead from
injuries   received   from   falling   from   a
Kingston, Aug. in.—McLeod's tannery
was destroyed by (ire (his morning. Los-
S10.000, insured for half., liicendini-
ism was the cause.
'  au cnl
■ !'. Klciser,
rlniiiuicul in
bis   cngane-
I a dog barking, and found Stark's
body at thnfootofabluff. Hodgson
showed him afterwards where the
place was. That wits' nil that
passed between us. Stark was very
temperate in his mode of living.
Peter Scrannel wns next culled.
His home was in Cranberry district.    He  had had a conversation
He said Unit although the Danes
and Dutch in the 17th century made
attempts at Evangelizing the world,
it had remained for British protectants to inaugurate the real work of
foreign missions.
In 17112 Wm. Carey was sent to
India. Then followed the London
Missionary  Society  in'17!1.5   and
with Mr. Hodgson on the lliih of Church Missionary Society in 17'JG.
February, 1895, about Stark's death. To'day every branch of Anglo-Sax-
Ai that ."time he rode into town with on Protestantism has its mission-
Hodgson in Stark's rig.     Hodgson   ar.V society.
was   figuring    the   weigh'   of   thc       He   then noted the change of the
buggy  and counting his own and
witness's weight at 15(1 pounds each
and 'he whole at 500 pounds.
Hodgson said look out fur nils, because if lhe rig broke Stark would
be suing them. Hodgsen said Stark
would not not trouble them long
as he was going fast. ' He had
noticed his walk.     Witness said he
ittitudeof nations towards mission-
try enterprise and statetl that while
ie had to seek  prb-
in Carey's day
teclion from the Danish Hag instead
of lhe Onion .lack, and Robt. Morrison,'in'China, was not allowed to
preach; but had to content himself
a's an interpreter and translator of
lhe ltible, now  India  and China
People often wonder why their nervea ure
bo weak; why they yet tired BO easily J
why they Blurt nt every Blight hut
sudden Bound; why they do not sJeep
naturully; why they huve frequent
hi'iuiiu'hi's, Indigestion and  nervous
The cxplunntlon ia Bimple. It is found in
that impure blood whieh is continually feeding the nerves upon refuse
instead of the elements of strciiylh and
vigor. In sueh condition opiato nnd
nerve compounds simply deaden find
do not cure. Hood's Sarsaparilla feeds
the nerves pure, rich, red bloodj give.'
natural sleep, perfect digestion, is the
true remedy for nil nervous troubles.
thought Stark was good for another from' end  to end' are open to lhe
len years.     Further on   Hodgson missionary   The speaker also noted
wanted to sell a prize bird to wit- that  lhe 'strategic   points   of   the
ness for five dollars.    Hodgson'said world  are c'ont rolled'by X'hristiai'i-
he wanted  to sell  some' chickens. Ity.
Rev. R. P. McKay, secretary of
missionary committee of Presbyterian church, spoke next, dealing
wilh some of the difficulties encountered in work among the liea-
tlrens: He saitl:-*- "
h ! "Theroo'.of the trouble,Ucs inthe
him. Witness asked what was the j natural enniily of the heart"tb God.
matter with Stark if he gave up This"hatural enmity Satan has in-
in disgust. Hodgson said it looked : tehsified' by 'us'ing' the light that
d—suspicious. He said thai he and gliniirmrs frdm reason 'and cori-
his wife and child went up to Shirk's science as if rendering unnecessary
He said it was nione'y he wauled
and money he would have. He
had another conversation wilh
Hodgson below Mr. Stewart's pi ee.
lie had met Hodgson and he had
asked him if he was going lo town.
I Witness said he would go in  with
to see how he was gelling along.
They Ftayed eome timo and were
going home when he saw some dogs
at Stark's sheep. He said he killed
two with his ride, and went buck
and luhl Stark about the dogs being
at his sheep. Then ihey all went
out together, and Stark would not
let huu help liiin   wilh   the   sheep,
bul told linn to go home, Then
Sink came to his place for supper,
lie ah-a hearty supper, and seemed
in  the best  of spirhs.    He snic
the fuller light (tfrarelatiojl. The
commercial Jntet'e'sw' nf .ihe liquor
and opium traffic* and the paralysis
of the church at hoii-'c were additional harriers- Yet in spite of
difficulties the work is advancing.
In 1S-10 only five treaty ports of
China were open, Now there are
30,000 Christians there. Tw'enty-
tWO years ago the first church was
organized in Japan, To-day there
are 80, 00 Chrislians there; while
the  indirect   results,  such  as  the
Is tho One Trim Blood Purifier,
Prepared only byC. I. Hood & Co.
Sl; six for $5,
, l.nwell, Muss.
u        ,,    i-».ii    ('lm' ,''''1''' HI"! easy to
rlOOu S l'ills tako, easy to operate, ao.
when he went with the pit lamp for abolition of the murder of children',
Siiirk logo home," Come on, Stark, Buicide, human sacrifices and  the
or we'll iii ver get out oi this,"  uud education  of thc young, cannot be
nudging witness wilh his elbow   lie estimated."
s; i.i " Didn't I tell you he wouldn't I   ,„      .  ,    , „••*
.■      ,       ,.     ii       .j  •, , •  ,   Torpedo liuat No.  dn
live long.       lie said it was  his |,nrbor yeatoriiny ami
opinion and Mr. Bray's that lhe old | afiypuxm,
came   into  the
will leave this .... ..,.,..'■, :\jn
runi.imiEii bvkiiv
Ed. v. Chambers, Editor ami Managor.
BaBtlon siruct. N'ttiianno, u. c.
Hy mall—One year  2.00
"        six im,nilis l.&n
Three months 7B
Delivered bv earner ;jf><-. per mouth
SATURDAY,   .   -
Simpson vs.  Nanaimo.
UbelRanaiiuo fIDail ?rosecut;°" an<*.lhe p«blic 1'e:ii«
in complete readiness the meeting
was held, but after much opposition
by Mayor Davison, the other two
gentlemen carried a motion to exclude the public, and, after an ALL*
day conference, Mr. Simpson;
managed to induce Mr. Johnston to
vote against his own resolution
made the night previous, nnd thus
AuousT is, 1S8B  upset the whole arrangement.
Now what is the meaning of this
action? Surely all sensible people
The greatest evidence of the will say that there ought to be a
truthfulness of the oft repealed V(1|.y good ,.,,,„„„ -,„. „,„.,, ., ll(,nii.
statement, namely, that Nanaimo', neering piece of business, and yet,
civic affairs have been in llie hands w||(1|1 examined, there is not a sound
of, and entirely managed by, a few ,,,.,,011 in the whole affair. Bul
old-time dogmatist", has been given ,|im, are hvo gnund conclusions
by the late meeting of the Police thnt the people „f Nanaimo will
Commissioners inquiry into the |iaVe settled in their minds of the
charges made by the Rev. D. A. wliole affair:
McRae, against two of the City's Kil.,, .,-.,.,. |||(, Btrongest ,,vi.
policemen. For two years at least dence „,- ,,„, truthfulness of the
changes have been made, incnp- cjlarges ],.1S been given.
ables have been removed and ex- Seconc, That "these two composures of various kinds have been missioners can and always will
dug up Ihat manifests a wonderful make reasons for having their own
change in the workingof our affairs way and  ignoring  the representa-
that has been encouraging to every llvos "1|,he PeoPle' aml if  ■*"*■■ the
,                                  °  ,;        ,.   • prosecution   can   manage   to   get
lover of improvement.    But all at its witnesses together by  the  nine
once  we  are startled  by the fact of investigation, which Is very im-
thabin spile of the  evidence of  a probable,  nnd considered   by   the
gentleman whose character is un- Simpson crowd  as  an   impossible
impeachable, backed hv thc severn! tiling to do, we may  depend   upon
.'                  ,    .           * it thn! thev can and   will   contrive
witnesses, und given   an opportun- f.,,.,,,,,,.  st|***   ,„  Upset the rights of
ity to present such charges by the the people, and even if they do not,
Mayor calling a special meeting of they  are Mil!   the police commis-
the   Commissioners   for   to    hear sinners  nnd   uny    appointment  or
.,              ,    .              ... officers to tiiis position will   he  de-
theni, such   nvestigation  is prac- ,            ,      . ',    ,,  .   ,.      . .
'                      °               ■ termined again bv their dispositions
ticully   sat   upon   hy   tlic   Police nml   vvii]   leave "us even then, with
Magistrate and Mr. A. R. Johnston the smne tiling witli which we be-
in a most concocted and-irregular pan viz. Simpson vs. the people of
way. Mr. Davison, lhe Mayor of Nanaimo but the people not in it.
our Citv, who, we presume, has had ~    ,.~**"~        .    .
some reason for a long time for he- 1",'•,,■,I ,,f Pohce Commissioners,
lieving that the duties of the above We doubt if ever the people of
policemen have not been performed N'-naimo were treated with such
ii anything like a satisfactory arrogance by apaid public servant
maiuier, gave indication of his j as that displayed by Police Magis-
anxiety to benefit and shield one of trate Simpson at the late sittings of
these officers hy selecting him as the Board of Police Commissioners,
the one to fall oul ul lhe expressed M>* Simpson treated his colleagues
disposition of llie Council, nnd has '" •'noli a contemptuous way as lo
had his opinion confirmed hy the •*'•"• "' -••<■ thought that he con-
charges laid against thesame police- sidered them in some way inferior
man at the present lime. What- to himself. To the people who were
ever might be said for or against present Ids dictatorial tone and
the selection of thi- man by the manner was decidedly offensive,
Mayor nt thnt time, it must be and to Mr. ?' the chief cause
said thai everything about the present action of the Mayor has been
strictly legal und reasonable, as he
has acted   all   through  a?  the lav,
ie Mayor against these Lwopolice- ■""'• -''-'":l' snouiu receive, at least,
en, by a private and thoroughly gentlemanly and courteous treat-
iliable gentleman,  for  investiga- ment*    lill( Ml'- Simpson   for rea-
10ns best known to himself   saw lit
of his ire,    he was more than offensive, he was positively insulting.
The duties of the Board of Pojice
Commissioners on the occasion referred to were purely judicial, and
Serious charges were reported to common decency demanded that
the Mayor against these Lwo police- Ml'- McRaa .-hould receive, at least,
tion, By virtue of bis position'on
tho Commission he (the Mayor) to discard the judicial position and
called a meeting, at which these Assume the role of a braggart, to
officers were summoned. In spite insult his colleagues and brow-beat
of this Mr, Crossan (the chief) left the witnesses; in fact, to every ap-
the City two days after receiving pearance the paid advocate of the
such notice, nnd that, too, without defendants,
the consent of any ollicial grunt Mr. Simpson's retort at the pri-
from the Commissioners. How- '':l1-' meeling, "that he was not
ever, the meeting was held on Aug. there to please the public," was in
17th inst. The charges were there perfect keeping wilh his conduct
in writing and Mr Simpson object- throughout the case.
ed to them on the ground of their No doubt Mr. Simpson feels quite
not being sufficiently specific The independent of the citizens of Nana-
meeting wus adjourned to allow Mr imo as they haw no say in his ap-
McRae to present the chargos dif- pointment to office, but they arean
ferenlly. Al the adjourned meet- important factor in the payment of
ing the charges were presented in his salary, and we donl think they
such a way that even Mi:.   Sl.MPSON   have  nrrived at that staS0 of ilnbe-
could not find fault. Bul be found cility to permit Mr. Simpson to be-
out another reason for their rejec- come their dictator.
tion. Thnt was: Mr. Crossan was In marked contrast to the im-
absent for six or eight weeks (with perious braggadocio of Mr. Simpson
Mr. Simpson's permission) and ii the weakness of tin third member
would not be reasonable to hear of the Commisioners becomes very
them on this account. At this apparent, Mr. Johnson is in every
juncture Mr. McRae wished to ex- respect an estimable and worthy
plain the unreasonableness of com- citizen, but us u member of the
pelting him to remain over such a Board of Police Commisioners he is
length of time, when Mr,  Simpson n failure.    He appears to be c -
objected, not through the chairman pletely under the domineering in-
of ibe Board, but in lhe old-fash- fluence of Mr. Simpson, as on one
ioned one-man way, to Ihis gentle- occasion when Mr. Simpson strutted
man speaking at all. When Lhe out of the meeting he pulled himself
chairman, after much endurance together and agreed to go on with
and manly patience, informed him the investigation, bill on lhe follow-
that, he (Mr. McRae)   had the pel- ing day with Mr, Simpsnn present
•   ■        :  ,1       1   • 1 he relapsed into a former syncope,
mission   of   the  chairman    to  say ,,...,     '       . ,   ,,      , •   .    '   ,
.        ' With regard to the charges preferred
what he wished, then Mr. Simpson ngainst Chief Crossan and Constable
left lhe ball   with   the   kindly   as- Thompson we do not   purpose dis-
sistance of the very loud  acclama- cussing at this stage of the proceed
tion ofthe audience.    Thequeslion,
however, of investigation   wns   de-
'    (!'■•   I   ll1,       ill      I  I I I P    Pllll.l       *■ ' I    IHL    J "     'UUVU
ing ns the matter is how sub justice
but we arc fullv convinced that Con-
stable   Thompson,   who   is   here,
oidedupon  to take place  on the shoulcl demand an immediate in-
■ 18lli inst,, tho following evening, at | vestigation or else retire from the
7i80.    Having lieen so  decided the  police force.
prosecution   set lo work  to   gather       No man can  expeel   to  retain  a
.... ,111        1 , public   position  of trust and  the
its witnesses, and a so brought over      ,, ,., •,,       i   1
1 e public confidence with such charges
uu efficient counsel in the person of remaining   unanswered,    without
Mr Campbell, of  Vancouver.   The even the formal plea of not guilty.   Johnston's Block, Nanaimo.
mmo broke
100 Each Only
$25 "Down
25 in 1 Month
25 in 2 Months
25 in 3 Months
I would do my best to
make this a big success.
Call and see me.
Cabinet Factory
Cabinet Maker.
Having hail many yt'ii.s' experience
Iii the East I am prepared to execute till
classes of work.
Furniture of All Kinds Repaired.
Chapel Street, Nanaimo.
The Most Complete~~i
Jas. McGregc
Victoria Crescen
When you want a dell
clone 'lish of lee Cream
call at McKRNZIE'S,
Always on hand.
^•—: Carbonatsny and Bo'J
WORKS.       1J
MlTl'lIKI.I. ,t IlI'MMIXII, Proprlo
Manufacturers of Lemonade, Ginger . V|
siipnrillii. Cillers, Etc.
Ice. Ice,
All Orders Promptly Attend
Telephone 20. P. 0. Bo
The Union Brewing Co, Notice to Lads
Limited Llahility, I AM AGENT for  Nanaimo nni*U
triels for the New und  Perfect ('./I
Delivers IOE at  residences.    Or-  Tiillurs'System.   This system <*'m
tier   before   twelve o'clock.    Terms  •••■•*-' " perfect ladies' syslein;  is 5
C;ys\\ out 11 rival and  easy to learu; is'.]
iminu nrru-iin m    o -, j ,■ or, lor its iiiaeeOil lines ami elegant 1
likillH BP.EWIhfl CO.. LlmltBd Llallllly. •„ is ,„;, ttll ex.)0,.inie„t hut a ,k-,J
\V. E. Nonius, See'ly. ment. I can also lei.eli how lo 11.nl
system, and also all kinds of I ires if
hilt executed in lirst-elass style,    ll
*~l*    t "1 i ill Uil  to suit the times.   Address,
Margaret M. MacdonalJ
No. UU Ilalilairmn ir
0. S. Maedonald'8 Store.
MRS, .IAS. HAWKING, (late ol the
Temperance House) desires to express her thanks to the public for
former patronage, and now begs I
iT Z:!^tZ:iZ t Restaurant ^ Ghap Hoi
accommodation of boarders, steady
or transient. Single or double rooms
with dot or cold water  baths, and
electric light iu e u-ii room.    Every- 	
thing strictly llrst-elass and cbarges
iiioderale, Itenienibcr the bouse, a
half-inlnute's walk from tho old Oysters in every stylo.
H,i""1 '"'• Meals, 25c. iiml upwards,     f
RE-OPENING   c:"0<1 Bt"'.' -,vi,mi ",,w,m;;
  Spring Chicken always on hi
The Globe Hotel
Try Philpotfc's Tomato Cai]
-J-'ic. anil fi I.-, per 1.utile.
Has been  renovated and re-furnished,
and   is  now  eonduuted  as a  lirsl-cltiss  .
Mn. Ai,111:111  Rauoh can be found as   We Never Sleep.      Open Day and ,\l
lllixologlst, —    	
fori1;;;,,:: ,:ili""is vMd the best -=-
Arlii^gtor^ Hotel,    is the CHEAPEj
The Nanaimo Bakery Exd|
The Popular Baku
uvlsllor Ilmla   fi    1 /<• -e-t       ,      J
'- "»'■■■ (Jubaii UgarJi acton
Having completed lho orpctlim of lho Arlington
ll"it-l nl NANOOSE BAY, tills I Ifoino and
commoilloiis hotul 1- now |n*eptiruil to receive
 ' ''"T,;~;'ix,r or-iSmajhw tiioiixk.]
Is presided over Uf Mrs. Tliompsnn, and Llie
Table d'Uoto coiiBtniltly provldod with all the
delicacies ol the season.   Combined with the
olegAhl furnished upartments, the visitor linds   fi
the surroundings of the most pie" r'
People who Appreciate	
Havi! tlioirproso'rtptlons disponsed at
Our Cigars are mado of thu Choicest Ha]
Tobaccos,   our fumous
Cuban Blossom >xn
dimpiidv'o riPM" pT'mr Black Diamond      _
rlMDUKl   0    DRUG    STORE.    A f„.ev,.r!»l,,r,..„i,a.,r,»„perli'fl
Their Prices Ille Right. Tolopl e 8,       ""' '"'I'"1 loc* r'il;"r    'l'"1'' ''-v ""'Oil l.llliiirsl
M, .1. BOOTH, Wharf Streof
FISH AND GAME.     rT-5. Mckenzie, j
"■""*■ ']^f S'""!"T'    Imi Agent and Conwyanc
Sleiimi'i-s iiiel sliippiii). Blip plh',1 mi Hhorl uollco All "I MANT.
nl WIioIobhIo I'rloos.
l-'irsicIiisk Accommodation. Firo proof biilldln
Terms: $1.00 Per Day and Upwards.
Town Lots and Farms for Sale.   Monoy to l^
ou Mortgage at low rates.
Agent for tho tUiitod Fin- [nsursneo CnmiA-l
uf ManeheBtor, England.
Tiie Dooii Hotel ,!0S'M< BR0WN'WatcllIlia^
XJ ' ^VttB Demagnetized shortNoi
JAS. HKNNETT, Proprlolor,
Commercial St.,      Nanainio, B, 0.
HHS'l'    VAI.I'M    IN
By sI'lliIAI. SIAOIIINEttV on the Prcmiso
I'iiio nud C'ompllcntotl Watoboi and Clooii
Carefully Cleaned and Bepaira
Fine cyri.OM I'TKKS. for HIcyolM, In SturkiJ
l.'ollNIUI  ClIUKCU   .1X1)   ClIAPUI,   S'I'HKlC-ll
brooks',50^oiTc^ ^'or a Cool DrinI
Lodge Notices.
Inkrrinun Lodge, No. SIB, Sons of Sl,
George,—Regular weekly mooting is'liclii
iu ll'illiiirt'sjlull, Wharf street, on Sat-
urdav evening nt h o'ulonk. Visiting
brethren cordially Invited to attend,
l'"ltlSl). W.MIB'l'.U'K, ,Sl!C.
Auk few   .:      i ChampagneOiriO
asiv un     .       v g0DA WA,n..1{
Lawrences G^^
Manufacturer of Tomporanoo Drinks, Byrun8,(fcl
Doltverod trco to nil parts nf rlty and vlclnll-l
/iijr- 1'iompi attention pnid toBlili*pliigord**t|
Telopliono 2-4, P, 0, Box 79,  Nanaimo. amxavtwam
Head and Ponder Well.
Harrison's circular snvs:
lie-id .-nui roiiiior ho:i. To our Readers.
Thu job printing office of   R.  J.
.                   .,                         ,                  ,,                                                              II       r, 1   1     ll   I   lO.JU     □,   I ,....,..      V.,., .1  .             ..... ...£     U..W    I                                          r   ,, u    J   ,t3Utll   llllt'll I,       .*. 1111111 HIO.                                                                      J                    '
Nogales loi' the Purpose   Ol  be-; week there have been nine arrivals from My MAH (.,||1,1„| ! Lulcey and semi-weekly Mail pub-
nnrinfi'Arms to Overthrow thu UuaBtuilnes witli t5,Cu0toiiBofCoal,     [ forward bv to-day's mail a catalogue Mshed bv E ('   Beard have uassed
tilling Alius uu uvcj. isiun from Austrtillu 701)7 tons, nom England 0f Gamevoll Fire  Alarm      Since  1800                -'             ueaiu iinve paused
till! Mexican Governmeut. -{,m ,onl< •■'"•». t-'l-*l,u U4<~ '!""'•   Al; the system has been in use in this city,  into the hands of E.  V. Chambers,
though the receipts recently nave not .,,,,,   ',,..   :._ ,,,.,,,,,,,, .,.,,,.•.   h„a  ■«,„,,      ,        -,,        ,. ., , ,.
. ■ I ,,..-,.,..«!,.,.  gill] there nnnears am tile ,    '     *,  *-f ,P omP''   ■•' '•- ,llllh   -*11'*'1   who  will  continue  the  publication
ueen e\iessive, st ii tnereappeaisample thoiiBttiul8 of dollars worth of property.    ,„      ,,. ,    .
Nogales, Arizona,  Auk.  U.—About -1  qua y in the tliiTorenl yards, which u is .,  11|1W,  llei.eg,ary portIoii if llie of     ',ll! Mail."      \\ e regret the ir-
o'elock on Wednesday morning dU.au »jo»ld indicute a ah-JJ^" •}', J'^« ^P'"""' *?£■?"y^l^^^^^TL^r regularity oonneoted with ihe pub-
,.f    V. iriil*.*j   mi   hnth   dldps   nt    I ie   inter- i            .     ■•,,.      t.      •           m     ••              .m nil Ullt'Ill.      IMC Iicnl til ;   If U killu SV8-    ...                      , ,
of Nogales on hot!   sides or tuemior     .  |(J ,, i«cl,lty In eolleetlojiB, stil &     in  your citv should be apparent to  -ic-vl-on   of  Ihis   paper of late, but
iiationiil boundary  line    were    iiuiuwi. this appears to he tbe general status ol „..„..., ,.■„;,,, thinklm, ,„.,<,„,      wi, ,                                  i       ,i   .      -  .
,      ,       ,   ■,  „,.„,.  .>,.„•,. all coiiinipi'i'ial branches for the monient fvoiy ugnt tniiiKing peison.    n lien a we assure our readers that in future
from sleep by a fusilnde ol snots., uusii- .in loninn u i.u noun ms nn nu monii in. flr0 occurs seconds are valuable,     Ituii-
ini; to ascertain the cause, they  fouud bonieof our steam colliers are bung ie- n|ng iou lire hall and pulling on a rope every effort will be made to put the
',b   .....     .      i >,. ...     ,   r,„ ii im, i tired, awaiting the revlva of business or ...i.,,. ,;,,,.,      u-iii. .,i  i,,.....^ ,.., ,i...                   , ■ ,       •    •       ,
that Jo S'auuliuid iemochio Indians li.ul 'stocks on hand      iustra-                                              boxes oil the paper and |oli printing department
attacked Nogales, Souoru, for tho pur-   '.""lu" bkk.ks on iianri.    austia U.orner8 It is onlv necessary to pull down       ' ,,
hobo of Becuriug arms aud uioue*  to aid -j*"1 , Bhipmenls  uro being made  very a ||0ok „,„, 1)k. HreniGii receive notice ut 01> a sound business basis.
u tbo overthrow of tbo Mexican govern- *'"'• >' B*»*'** *■■•,*" adjustment  of  labor „„,.„,     when  flreg ilre notilxd „ ,„•■„
' .    ,,     .  ,        ,    P «.,„*„ t „„ ,i„ I con lies there    Ins is  mum v  nil riliul-. „,,.„,,   •_„„,   ,„,,.  ■,_,.„,-    „,„i   „   |„,V   ;c
mejit iu the interest of bantu  teiesa do allk. ,„ th(, ,„,:,, ,|(,„IU„, whi;.h ,llls lh(, ■*■'■•■'.•   >" "   >""-■■•  ■"■''  ■'  '"-
' As"!!' result of the attack  seven  la- [Irst call on the colhrles, and steamers
„                 ,         ,. ,  ,,   „.,,„„ i „„ liave the priority over sa ers.   Ihureti-e ,,„, ,-.,.,. ..
dlaiis arc dead, one latiilli wouii-iou, one .     .     i                 , ine nie, uniiuines ine noi-.es uno
a m-isouer     Two   cctadoros,   Mexican "nly three cargoes oi Coal mil. en luiite *,he tower bell hy thecnlhinen.  In  menoing September  lst. the paper
1         ,                     ,     ,. ,-,,,.,  Iloin .Neuensl, 0, ns three o    lie  vessels ..    , .„- „« ,,,„ ,,„,ai,|„ ,„
oustoni bouse guards, Francisco £ email-       , .,    ,   ,,   .   ,,....;.,„ lhe Houses oi the outside m
.11                i    l .    n                         ..      . 1    ..   1 •   ..i. -' ' *      - '  lil 11 IU     11 Uro     Willi      11! 11   tlS   ,     lltlVlllR ,,,...
•li-/. nml Mauuel Delhauty, are ueau; an-   ,   , ,lf..:.'n...,i ,.i      nn it K0!1
ople's Choice.
Arrival and Departure of Mails
The Mail will he published on
"pulled," we nre on the uiove Tn thirty Wednesday and Saturday for the
 »'ls-   ■! notifies us of the locality; o'f  balance of ihis   month,   but   com-
,             ,             .uuhouses of tbe outside men are Binall i,.||| |„, >n.1,1 i^I,,-,I on Ttmoilnv   .,,,,1
inilnir   here   wil I     ,;i J :l-J|      llivill"                   o                .    i        .,              ,■ 'lli     L I'lim Iblieu  on    luesll.iv     .111(1
■lez 111111 diuuuui lA-muui,, „..         " ' - . ' \ . ,.,.',,, , ,.     .  I-""1*-1* a|l connected on the one hue. ,        «
othor, .lose  rein,.,  mortally    wounded,  '-H'eeleil their Coal charters.     Lhere is      I will attempt to Illustrate by the last I'nday.
and broccnclo  Urblno, keeper ol a  Uf  ' "<* "'°.-,K1* ''"', '•'»* ■ '"'   r'ni.'-'-V ns    Bl'u   wc'   ''«'   "'"  »v,"« cttUMl1  ^ :l Wfl   also  purpose enlarging lhe
, i.i i     :» .      iii.M i*.t i   bi fill i ( 111 Li   iiiiiiiii    i.i\'>i, iin      iitir>-    ..[,,,,,.,  . ,i'   it,,.,,
^nfpi'oyX'onttli sides'Tilietne;   '"'" •''"".  W«Wngton.     The presenl   pr(fhi!l«mWMirh6n» was fired hy „„ 1-1-'from i.s present size to a Four
mid  business Is almost nt a  standstill,   jisltlng price for sleuin  uel lor rede-  lm.entllary, on the night ol the 6th lust, page seven  column   issue,   thereby
The dead iruards were blglily respected,   ' ''■''■''  »re very enticing,  bong lowei   A   ( lgh  ui,„;  w      hlowing towards a '    , ,                              ,                    ',
a,      v  ','?,'i    ,   , ml    el.eiiut    ollicers   than ever before known, and  prudent  pul„tBst01.e  ;l.(j,,j,,i,,^.      I   plisae,-by maklnf5   ">">'"   roo n   for  news und
The seven dead bandits nro lying lu the   SS!?.*-^ o1^ fuct01 i6S urB """   noticed the flre/ran to a  box and sent advertisements.
iu un alarm.    \\ iiliin one minute we ■,,            .   ,,   ,   ,             . ,
werenn  the  way  to the lire;  In four Ue   tnlst   tlial   ''.V   carefulness,
"j: minutes we had water on the fire.    A promptness,   and  good  workman-
  i° „,, delay of live niinuteB would have meant , •    ,                 .              . ,     ,
    8 00 tneiogg ,„• ,|„. pilint M,„,..    see is ship to secure for our job depart-
jg'flPlgg gjj j oonnteU therei—suconds count at every ment a share of patronage and by
    6 00 j "'(• Bre  ,,.,.,.,1  rel,enliy  |n t|,t I- the publication of  the   very   latest
    i "'   skirls.    A mini in a hunk passed three and  most  interesting news ofthe
     ! J    boxes and came to Ibe fire hall,  driving ,      ,           ,,                 ,  ,,            ,.
     ' SO  nearly two miles.    The house burned t5 day from all   purls  of  the  world,
■   "0  thegroundj    Another lire occurred and province and city,  together with a
E, & N. RAILWAY,      ci.ose.DUE.
Dally ex. Suu.
Wellington, Northfield  and a.m.  a.m.
East Wellington 11.25  8.51)
Victoria,Southern Suites and
places along line of E.& N. Daily ex.8un.
Railway .        8.20 11.50
British iiiiil foreign, Eastern
Provinces, Eastern States, Dally ex.Sun,
Vancouvernnd other places i' m.  p.m.
on Mainland of B.C    ti.DO 5.00
Comox, Union, Union Bay,
Snndwoek,Courtenay,Graii-Tui**'. Kri.
thani, Qimlieum, -Hornby  e M. p.m.
Island and Uenman Island   H.20 3.00
prlng Island, Burgoyne
New Wellington
jail yard.    A posse has been own-feed   "'^Uig contracts.
to follow the escaped revolutionists. Prevailing prices are as follows:
A courier ha.- returned hastily from
lho mountains, bringing word of au encounter in the hills with the tudians.
1-oneiuiio Sanchez, chief of po.ice of No-
olhers,   Mexican    guards,     nre    killed,   \ya||sen;i
nii-kiii'* seven cifizeiis and eight i'aquis   g       ,
so far dead. rJrvmho
At; 5 o'clock ni.nsse return, il bringing   ^ erl'a'.id—it'lUulk'.'..'.'.'.'.:'.
lu the dead   homes ol   I.   bttiichez  nnd sacks
Juan EernniHle,   both killed by the ia-   Pennsylvania Anthracite Egg
Burrectlonists. The special tra     retur,.■   W(,|sh* AMhru,he	
unhs, Souora; Juan  Ceruandcz,  whose   jjrvnn.  	
brother was killed this nioruing, and two   .', ■    ,..,„'''
.,       .,,..: ,        1,111,„1       I "OS   l,.t\     	
Salt Spring Island, Burgoyne i''ri-
SalbSprlnglalandandGab- p.m. p.m.
riola Island     8 20  3.30
nv   -ii- \ i ■ i: Tuns. .Mon.
1,1   oiauji, ...ri    Thur<
Alberni, Parksville, French  p.m. p.m.
Creek and Errington  12 30  li.dO
Kri.   Thur,
Nnnoose Bay 12.30   (i 00
P. H.     A. M.
Departure Bay, daily ex. Sun 12 45 10.30
Cedar (South), Saturday   ..   2.00 1100
13 50
15 (Id
11 00
ll (ill
a liox was  pulled   ill
city travels quickly,     lu any one year
lime tC
ll   III
\Ve saved the
irive lwo mi
l„l    nl   It   o'cllti-l;    I 1', till    Mil 1111,'     lll'tlluiltll   lid     , , . .   :     .    i i .1 . .      -     :   . m   .. ; \  . i    i     .j :,,..,:■..
gen \. ri."   The ton  a     nv    on    the 1?™^*  "• r- ' „   ',-','       )    ' U"  since our sys'tcu, was installed  it saved   toremoHt   position  among our con
o;;.n:"ss;iu,.lir,s,,resee,i.,,,rnii,K,,i,   ^LSfn^l^ 7 00   7"'" 'I'""   "  '""''     «'e have 81 boxes,   temporaries.
lho hills miles away,  proving thnt   the*      »• h-aeaut \ alio*   ........         , UU  lhree large gongs, a tower  bell  striker, ^..^
Insurrectloulsts are  meditaling  another        *~^~        and small gongs In   the houses of the I        T|lp /',.< ,k  ■»:iiKs.;,] .
men.    I enclose a fire alarm curd. "    '-     ■-<-*■■-  ■"l-1"-'.'
Any  iiiioruiuiion  1 can give your de
e lams';:, "'u discussion  of  nil  public affairs by  TU[  ||'5TR|j!T
•s,    Electri- able  writers to win for ourselves a | "ll" U,W 'illU ''
nttack. tttiiuuiuii-Husirttiiaii -snipping.      | men.    i enclose a nre inarm earn. ~ *--"-~*-  *•-	
' A  in r  United  sums cavalry  is      without doubt it will soon  be mires-      -■"•''  information I can give your de-       A  ■     •        is about to be submit-
on route I', i Fort Hiiacl.ucn, and two  aUry to put more sleiimei's on the Aus-   partment will be submitted witli pleas-1 - .
companies of Infantry from the same trafiun-Ltana Man route. At present the u,'e' v , , ted to the people to grant a subsidy
place will arrive at ten o'clock. Citi- Un-imiera now engagud are unable to "i-i , ™ i*! ru • 11- n , ' *° tlle Union S. S. Co., to enable
siens on both sides of the lino are guard-   ha„,||ealll the niatertal for shipment to      „, .    | hmnas l easy Chief tire I lept      	
iug the town. The insurrectionists seem   Australia   nnd   every   trip   sopi ir-
to be crazy on account of the fanatical  ,.|i:m.:iM. must be left behind'.    As an
worship of Santa Teresa de Cabi ra. On   iihtatiuliun of the rapid growth ot trade '
the body of the louder wns fouud a i>'e- , [t] t|,ia direction we quote the following
tiiro of the saint and half a donen copies ; dispatch from Montreal:
of El Independent, puuKsto-tl in El Paso      •■ 1)u. Lake of the Woods  Milling Co,
by  Uurc Aguiire, who undottbieilly is  nrB unuble to find  sulticleiil  room for
Victoria, Aug. 11, 180(1.
ihat company lo continue running
the Cutoh on the Vancouver-Nana-
imo route.    We arc in hearty sym-
pnthp  with the principal object of J
tween policemen from  ll"-  subsidy,  which,   as   everyone)     The electors  Of Van-
the  ciius '   the   rebellion,   as;   s. vend ; j|it*ii- shipn.i-nls direct   tii Austiaiia as   Victoria and Vancouver will be a feature   knows,   is   for   the   purpose  of  eil- ' nrenrrart     TH-if™'/.!-     ^-.r    o
letters were fouud i tnm.ug p'.nns for  ,),„ B|)111.4 ls an Bp0kci> for in tbe Van-  of Carnival week, .,•,,,,• .COUVer     JJlStriCt,    DV    SL
tbo attack on the night of Aug. 11, can-  rouverand Sydney line up lo the (lelo-j    The Hoy's Brigade ure to hold ti mill-  abling   the t uleh to run in spile "I
tiouiug all  sympathizers  not  to   be  in Uer sailing.  "The above firm is sending a  tary concert during Carnival week. ihe  competition   threatened by the  plurality Of nearly
Nannies nn tl,at  dm.'. ^        thousand tons of wheat to Sydney by the     A pn e >vill be given lo the first- lish-  „„    T
The Insurgents started yesterday from   Mjowera, leaving Vainouver September I ermiin iTiio urrives from Steveston in Ids  ' 8'   ■'
A Full Assortment at the Lowest .Market Hnteg
Promptly Attended to.
All kinds of
Tin and Sheet-Iron Work.
Victoria Crescent, Nanaimo.
A In:
ol Wl
Bakery and
nng on the same mute.
Tubacu, twenty-two miles north of No-  8, but unutlier shipment of 6.0U0 hurrels  boat under Bail.   All competitors toslarl   There   is  one point    however that
gales, In the direction of  fiicscu. They   oi flour will go to Hongkong in tiie Em-  ut oiu-u, ou a day to be arranged during        ...    ■ •,      , .
.-.one to Hiievuvnl, eight miles from No-   |llv8a ,,,• Japan and  be transhipped lu  nral week in Septum her. j ought to be considered in   connect-
u couBtiltatlou    was    In hi
iio-l.     Tlie.v arrived al Nogales   lit   II   o'clock.       Winn   111 re   tl e.i
found about tl Irty others awaiting them
the attack was made, f'i.i*. is the      jfllrv Kliznbeth, wife of  M
of one of those who surrendered   Craig iif the firm uf Craig Bros., al  lhe
hell a prisoner, family residence, Wallace St, at the age
tin I plni
l'ils.s:'d Away.
At the presenl writing the total mini-  0j
ber of deaths Is fourteen, eighl   Indians   u.^
and six ofllclals,     The unthor.t.os have   |,„,,
n list of 30 uames taken from lhree of  ,,-,.|(
the bandits who were In the attacking
party.     The  leaders  nre   Raphael   Ar
vlzii and Laredo BibnB, who wus Ithkd.
1'lie licensed came from I.on.I  n
caves one child,   The funeral
iiok   [dace  from  her 1 ite residence ut 4
'i-loi-K   nunsdiiy  alier loon, Kev. L). A.
ii line officiating.
I'r, sin leriuii Session.
The above session passed I.hu following
Resolution nt its lasl meeting.
Key   West,   Flu.,  Aug    li.-Cnptaiu-  TooiirhelovedPustur, liev.D. A.McRae:
Cuban Tronlilcs.
(leneial  Weyler and  Utiicral  Ueuandc      .\.,,.,.;,,. lecilon 6f nearly bIx vears,
w.-re the principals in a seusationnl al- n.f, tiio Session uf St. Andreiv'B I'resby-
fnir which occurred shortly before the u.,.|.| , (jnurch, Nam.imo, British Co-
latter sailed for Spain. The death ol |ull,],lu> rUiinot pari witli vou without
(loueral Oclmnde's nephew, who was a ent.'riuu oilSiur minutes a record ol the
lieutenant In the Spanish army, wus the high esteem in which von have always
cause  of   the  trouble.      Ugly     rumois |,euu liehl by vuur Session, by your coil
The Carniynl cuiiiniitteebeing unolilo ion with   this   grant:   nnd   that   is
to assist the Jockey Club in  their pro- ,
posed  meet, the Jo.-key Club have de- speed.    If the people  of  Nanaimo
jcided to Ijave theruces anyway Jiuid will are   („   |ie]p   ,;„,   rnimi  SS.Co.it
Japanese intcrpret'ere here charge ■',-.'.- ought l'i he will) '.in* distinct llllder-
BOaday for their aervlees, whijc in Jap- standing  that  better time must I e
an ihe lee is lu cents.   Some nl tbe .',1 I- ,     , ,
erincn are objecting to tne British Co- made  between  here and the  it -
luinhiii I'hnrge. |    | | minal Cily.     Business men in this
lhe leuipersuce organization are petitioning to llie council not, toiillow liquor city have experienced no  little   into he Bold at Brockton Point during the convenience owing to the lillle lime
Carnival,     lhere is a liv-luw in foive to .
the ofleel that any responsible pcisun lefl   ul Iheir disposal iu Vancouver
ci.il sell liquor at Brockton Point by pay- between  the arrival and departure
ing 1,61)0 iinv. '
WEKTMINSTKR, "'  l"'"       ''l "''"''  '''0 'al1*-'1' City.
Westniiiisler, Aug. is.—A slill  bigger      If '■' boat was put on which could
run of sockeyes has taken pla.-e in the llla!;(, ,|H,  *rjp jn two or two nnd a j
toBttJdih.    '   1""",r'!ril ;"'  "'' half hours (leaving here at8 o'clock As against all other pa
Invites Inspection and Comparison
as to Quality and Price.
Awarded   First  Prize at. the Agricultural Show.
Have indorsed the principles and policy of       ; best two-bit meal m the city
Bastion Street, opp. Telegraph Office
I: is rumored thai llie fan,mis   l.'mrn   :,
"old well lias  been  sold  lo  an  outside
id returning by 6 p. ni.) pers  and influences of
oillee Tel. .10.   P.O.Box 10.   Residence Tel. 101.
cause  oi   tne  trouuie.      ugij     maims   |,eeu held by vour Session, bv vour con-  £ ,,", ' "r.   '.,,,'," ' ',"' ,1.,,.,   .,   1.., .:,,,,..   „,.,..  ..,,.,1,1 1,,..,,  * """"•*■-   «*
„.,., -,.,.,,1.0.. 1  ,.,ai ...ii,,,- ..,,  1 hi.  vniiii"              ■         ■ i* 1                      .,           .,-i    . SVldli-ato   lor  !,o.!,uuu,        he v   nor has lueu   ,i   nu.-i ne...-   111.in   would liu\e                                                                              n            i¥\'       l             it.ii
r:;;i:,^;:!:;";:«,;,,f:,:i:::e k ;;«.;::, o- S™^ttn:^-i-i^!'itoTiii,l,,,i'bhw' ?er, *™° <*>*»<* of returning the same the District, and the Funeral Director and Embalmer
not a  treasonable  correspondence  with   .,.,rei|    is ,,„.|.lv  ttftnessed bv lho In- ls  ''" q1"591''''! ubuut a quantily of gold °                                                                                                               	
Aaxinm  Come,,  the    Insurgent    chief.       ! ^l' ',        Li!        ill   '.v!,l!  ,   I- av,nf oeen o,,,,i,m,l.|e ,,, :, ,e  vicinity day   and   no.   hu   compelled  to re- jUstneSS Of its Verdict iS          fl    ,    ,    f„T~~,„   ,-     „
When Weyler heard of thc rumors he  ,|el„.e8 on everv side of a Chnsliun bro- hut whether the claima cm he worked at main over night as at present.                                                                                    Graduate of the Oriental, the Eureka,
r.lZeSu„tedyhln?TevhJrthwas1an'  tl'^.^''/Hherto unknown, and by the *K or ,,ut hM  "'"   baeM   del " [f  lhfl   Union Co. will guarantee  ratified by the PrOVh                      "    '	
mil questioned liim.     Weyloi   «.is up*  eimaiou of uchurch under your direction ,.,. ,    !,:,„....    ., ,..,.; ,             :,, ,
parently  Batisfieil  ,.( the young  mans 0f ample cupacitv, and fur cunveiiience ,  ...', '         , ' ,'"      ,'     , '    . i, speed at least we will give our hearty   onH "WntiriTi at- Iqt-o-q
sLfM? iSiu^ytifbo^ ;i:\hd::LT -"" ">• ■ °" ''f v'»» ■■ ■«t;P'^* ^ •to the ™™d ]^ i",;'                  g
ho would he ,■ 't-iuartialled and sl., 1.      Iu your removul we are not only losing ■, ".'   *!'."'" ,   J."" ,''"'    ,e °£m,\~ hope the citizens will sec their w.-iv
ff^W.ta£tW,l».'SU -;:r-' '- " ^ ^^.7- N"ther ta ol,th c • u. ,,,,nt ^^^ I
""etTaS w^lLher't^and^he i  ^ ?'" ,"";' <T^ 5 ,■"' ^ "" n^rWnn'iln Co     Zi'^sTeZ! """" '" ''U' ""' Cutch ln QrSt"cl,,fS
man had died of yellow fever.     Shortly      Mliv  v,,tl  |H. ,,„. r,,.ipient  of every f,'\ "","', f,.\ ,'ll",''! '''*;!"   ,!'iT der superior servici
afterwards General Ocliande arrived  in   blessing your heart can desire until the '•""' b'0t " "IK :""' "a""""1 l" U,e  k1"- -^
h!MVnen(,,'.w!l deX' "iVZt^Zxit 'l", ""U" ( Uv iTot^il TL",^!l "dhor, is n proposition ..„ foot to es- Uwleropeuimr
Ins   ne iliew s  iieatn.      lie   was  1.11.in;   done  coo.    am     111 lilu    sei van , e u er ,   , ...,,  , ,■    '     !,  ...   , v        ... _„  , ...      ,  ,   ,     ,,
enraged and hnineillntcly went to   the  thuu into the juv uf Ihv Lord." tabllBh a linseed mill at New  Westmin- A dispatch to the
ce lo her rival.
iij Negotiations,
palace to call Weyli t t icoiint.     Tii
lueotlng of the generals wns most sei.sa-
tlonal. Ocliande denounced Weyler In
the bitterest terms, alleging ll e lieuten
nnt was guiltless nnd had been driven ;
to his death. Ochnnde termed Weyler
11 murderer and a butcher, and challeng- j
ed him to n duel. The men drew their
BWOrds   and   would   have   fotlglll   ill   tile
palace, but they were interfered with by
the othor olllcials.
Two days later General Ocliande sailed for Spain, lie was greatly enraged
nud says he will make (lie affair |
■">"■'  ■'   sier.
Alex in id cr Shaw, Juiir'S   Leask,      _\|,
Toronto Mail-Empire irnln Ottnwn says:—" The Govern-
:iry  has uiven notice lliut lie  meiil is now disphi)ing feverish anxiety
the New  Vork and ('lark's
Softools uf Embalming,
1, 3 and 5 Bastion St., Nanaimo
Partnership Notice
NOTICE is hereby given that Edwin
lieu. Hay, Geo. Leask.Ueo. Uart-  will introduce u  by-law  to enable tlic  to make a liegiuninK with  neitotiations  mi I)       1    1) i±      Vi  ,,    ''   s hf0l,y ?v?" ''at  E'h'',:
ley, Neil McCnlsh, W. H.  Mclen- L.itv to dispose of tiie electric  lij-1,1  and  for the settlenient of tbescliooTquestion 10    I'WSJ     KPSll   t,S   •   ' ,\      , "'''•"     ""tted.a partn,e
nan, Jolin O'Dell. water works now owned by the citv.        before facing parliauient.   Frequent ills-    il!l    AJ<-/Ol   Jll^llll«>   n  the above business.   In future th
rhe city clerk reports  thut tuxes for pitches are passiii-* to Mr. Ureenway.
ll..   V. hi ...,..' s li'v.vlni.nfirmc! ,,u' em leu I year ale bclnit paid ilia verv Imt the prairie I'rein ier is suid to be op-
Ul*. fSansen S "Explorations. s;,lis;a;.,i,,v |lmnlleP) :uil|i;ite,tl,an for posed to the idoaol coinn.lttlng himself
Vurdo, Norway, Auk. 14.—Dr. Nauseu some year? past, in advance to the lindine; of any coni-
says ihnt the Frnni drifted with the Ice Dr,   Walkem   is   rppniisihlo   fnr ilie iiiissiuu,    It looks ns If .Mr. Laurier will
iu a   westerly direction  to si  degreee, statenienf thai  the  Llunsiiiulrs  Intend have to give in un this point and let the
a nd expects the vessel will eventually ar- erecting three sniellersun their property commission gel to work wil hunt the as-
I'lve at   Spltzbergen      Ho    adds    thai at Oyster Bay,    ll is claimed the Huns- usruuee of its Uiiding being rejected."
n'ih'ie  wherever they ponctriiteil Ihey found the iniiiis nun n lurae iron claim mar Chi
when iu* reaches Spain    and    demand "'*' ' k""      targe patches    of   water niainus and that they have every Inten-      Thirteen   members   md    versterday
Weyler's recall       ' were also found, 3800 meters deep. Be- tiun of working it. afternoon at St. Alhan's Hull, I rtbeW,
low n depili of 1110 meters the water wns Kev, A. 1.. I ireen was in town on Mon- (■ -p   (j,   Owing to the latuess "I ihe
Havana, Aug,  17.   Several Ameri. mis appreciably  warmer, probably owing lo day and the guhl pros|a*cts on Lulu Is- ||,'mr wlien the (I fi eunlil be opened
have surrendered to the Spanish nuthorl- th,. cinlf Stream. Itocliy sem-^, ,,r land in be very rich nml a shall uiil Hie devotional oxercises were onillteil!
ties nt Puerto Prlnclpo, and one Ameri- which explorers have n, previous knew- shortly be sunk, and iinmedlatelv after singinn a hymn'
can has surrendered nt Gulues, this pro- lodge, prevented the entrance Into Olonk Henry O'Connellfliid Hnssell Simpson t],,. Imsiness was begun, When' the
vince. They hnve nnuie sinieineiiis I,, llv,,. |'01. ,\ays, |„ cotisequenco ni' the left by bicycle im Victoria ni B o'clock minutes bad been renduiid received, ih •
the Spanish ollicers tha't the other Am- Bcnrcity nl' dogs with tiie expedition, Wednesday morning, expecting to reach Iluspital Superiiitendeiil rose and gave
erieiins with (lie Insurgents nre disgust- nr. Nnnsen was compelled In tiun back Victoria about 0 o'clock same evening, an account til her last fortnight's work
e,l nt the rebellion nnt being wl.ni liny |„ intitude SU degrees IB minutes. He] iimnng tiie sick Mrs I'riestlv was ap-
Imaglned it to he. and ihey added (lial .„i,|. that il' lie In -nvideil wilh ii Foreign News. pointed to attend to the'supply nf liter-
all Americans nre willing In surrender, sufficient number nf dues nud canoes ! T, ,,..., .....i,,,.!.,,.,.,,, .,- i , 0nn Irnnns nMiru for the boxes at lhe una, ves ami
but are not doing so owing lo tbe slrlcl the pole would have I in lied.    Tie* ■   ' ■   '      ..." '                    " a	
iiisiness will lie curried on by the undersigned under tiie style ami name of
WtLsoN A: Matthews, who will assume
all liabilities and collect all debts due
the said business, and we trust tlmt by
careful attention to the needs of our
customers, in merit a continuance ofthe
patronage sn liberally bestowed in the
Jerome Wilson,
Edwin Mattiikws,
Nanainio, B. ('., April 7,1808.
A 1 .WAV-
LAMPS, Etc. etc.
watch being kei't  ever tliein hy the in-   |nilr] yovngo wns arduous hut exlreinelv
surgents.    Captain-General Weyler wiil   valuable   in   BelontlBc   resells  obtnlnud
0  for Cuba will coinmeneeatSaiitaiideron  depot, during the absence of the Super-
Augusl 28 ami terminating An
ofu,e ei;yv!;i!!!:aiuiss-;;'l^.!;:;;,:;;ri::r taxidermist department-
""'-""■    * ,,,,„,,,-... ,.,.,■  ,,,„,„„ vniiianio   in   seieiuuie   results  iii,in,ii(ii.   T|     ,.,,    |    iM ,.,,.,    ,       •         ^ s| retury was itistrncted to give the dele- met with fair success.    It is to be hoped
!"!■■"•„ ivii ;'nl'''i'"r h   o,lh.r i7,'7tl..''v !i"  ^T',^  '"'i *V'*T T' !  80 till September 0, after which the fav- ^tes n, .he convention ul  New West- there will be no lack of support in tills
( niis.ii-i.inei.ii  I.u. in   .nioi  111..1 iikj the const ol  Franz   Josef    Land    nnd  :l|,v will einlmrk.    By Sentomber 11 the ni lister  a  cirtiflcate  ol  appointment, matter,    The one thing most needed at
may he returned to the 1 luted Mutes. ■,„■■■ ., ston0 I|„„S(1 in whlen ,„, nT(,a tl„. i k];iW  expe(11t|on ,,,- .„, [„„, n.iM   ],,lu. The meeting elnsed with the benediction : this juncture is toconvince the powers
Phllndolphin, Aug. 17.   li is staled in w-holo whiter. The Tnckson Farnsworth ; |ef| n„, p0nInsiilti. al r' !'■ '■•• that he thai tbe people nf this jirovlnce
this city that the Spanish cruiser Relnn expedition nrrived nt Fransi Josef Land      -,].,,lv   Kcpuliliitnn   ex-minsters   and                     •-•-►-  are very much in earnest, and  nothing
Mercedes hns started  northward  along ""' following Bpring.                                  members nf ihe Spanish  t'hainbcrs nf      .\ special meeting of the nnti-Chinese "'" '"'s" "kely tl"'i,ll'.v conviction ns a
the Atlautlc coast In quest of the I/aur-                      e-»—                     deputies hnve been arrested in Barcelona ,..,;.,.,;,,,'. |K ,,, ,, ,  |„  ti,n r,,,,,,,'ii gnpd response to solicited subscriptions.
s, 20,   Intendent. of that line of work.   The Sec-  the anti-Mongolian fund.    So far he has      Bihds and AsistAtB set up in a thor-
v was Instructed tn give the dele-1 met with fair success,    lt is tn he hoped 0ugh workinanshlp manner,
On I lain!—Four tine Dears' Heads,
which will be snid for price uf setting
them up.   Also a line ease of Birds.
.Mercedes  hns  stinted   northward  along  ""' following spi-in
the Alliiiilh nst iu quest of Hie I.nur-
adn.     The lililiusler sailed a week ago , Sd'ioilS r(llll!il»'l'Hl idll.
bearing a  portion  cf  ono  ol   tne  lust.
willI be'so likely to carry conviction ns a J), g. McDONALD.
good response to solicited subscriptions.     ,.„ ,, ,.,     ,     c,     ,  x-
■ ,, ,..,.,,,.,,..,   ,.- ... m.t,  in  I...   ,,.,.,,,.,  Tvi,,,,,„,,,„„,.,, „iiii„., I., ..i,          OB Haliburton Street, Nanainio.
in   lhe charge ol conducting u revolu-   ,.|,.,„,i,ers..n Siiiunliiv.L'L' insl. l„ liuullv   " '"" "l" "" "''!)"";'" ".'V   "I1  ll,.*'lr
 "■>' BKlttubn, mid an nt.templ   to eonsider lhe peiiii,,,,  to he circulated  !?.°l,e.*tISr*,!? ?®U.8°es without saying
that they are sincere.
equipped expeditions Hint have gone to Ostend, Belgium, Aug. 1-1.—A Rerinus   prevent the departure of reinforcements  ami presented to the  Dominion  House
the insurgents' aid.     The remainder nf  eonflngrntlon is raging here.     Ii  broke   Im-  Caba,    An   nttempl   wns   recently  The  cni itlce   in   Nanainio   is mix- Tbe Bible class nnd teachers nf I Inthe arms are to he transferred tn her ni   oui at noon iu tl hurch of Sl. Peter i made by anarchists In explode Chateau   j,llls t|,.tt nothing should bestnted lhere- Sunday School nf the Haliburton  Streel
a  distance of n  hundred  miles off the and Si. Paul and sprond rapidly to the  Granjn where   lhe   Infanta  Isabella  is ' •„   ro  obstruct  its progress   and   the MethoilistChurch, aeeoinpanled bytheir
Florida Const, from a swift tug which ndjolalng buildings.                                  now residing,   li is  claimed that ibis 8ttma ,..ll0 hRS been exercised  hv the friends, plenlu at Chase river ou 'Satur-
sllppod out of Tampa on Tuesday night,                           ...»*«-.                            attempt  upon the life nf the Infanta committee inlVa niver and accordlnit day afternoon,
e Com mercial Hotel.
•t  V .. . 	
New York, Auk. 17.—Among the pass !            Rumnvnil VI tir-kcd was ■.asily fiustrated,  hut   no  official to tbe printed copies of the petition now The Colonist Says:—The name of one
engers arriving per Ward line strainer              luiiiiiu ((i a i i.u ivi u. confirmation of the entire story can  bo |n the hands ol tho secretary to be pre- of the men who was in the boat with
Orizaba from Havana to-day were threoj   Cape Coast Castle, Gold Coast Colony, obtalnotl,              sonted, wecertalnly think that they be- Hatcher un Sunday wns Ben Thomas,
deserters from ihe Cuban army,    who  Hritish West Africa, Aug. II—It is ru-                   —      »♦*- | sneak aa refill and rllsoreel  judgment in notHutchcson. Mr.Thomasisasstrony-
wero given tholr pnssports hy Oenernl  mored that Chief Samory hns attacked     The Loyal Temperance   Legion will the drafting that will make it easy for ly of opinion as is Hatcher that theflesh
■Wavier.    Their names nre Samuel Me-  the Tnknrnnm country,  north of*Com- take up work again on Friday. Aug, 21st. llie very largo majority of the people Of and hair brought up bv the   trolling
jVnlly. James T. Qulnn and Mux Joint-   tnusste, capital of Ashanti,     A detach- nl Wallace street Church  Senool-room. the province to sign and an easy accept- books nen.i Point Ellice bridge were part
schn'.     TJiey  went  in  Cuba   with  the  ""'"'   ol  llnnssis  has  left  here under All Ihe members are requested to come, nine uf its claims by the gentlemen ut. of a bunuin body.   The provincial police
I.aiiriida  expedilion.
scaled orders,
I and any new ones arc Welcome lo join.      Ottawa.
I will Investigate the matter.
Corner Commnrolal mid Bastion Sts.
This long-established Hotel is oonilortalily
litteil up with Bliporlof nrroiimiodfl-
tlons fer iravotors mul nthem.
T. (I'COXSKL, Prop. ===========
"*• -i-isi-r'.'-V-.'
Investigations into the charges
made by Rev. D. A. Mcltac.
to secure the following witnesses in addition .to himself: A. A. .Myliue, A.
Matheson, Mr. Taylor of Nanaimo river
and Hugh Bates. There were others that
4be.would-be responsible lor.
Tins, was agreed to and the board adjourned.
TnesoTay Evening Session.
We give below a condensed report of
tbo proceedings of the Police Commissioners at the session held on Tuesday
The meeting opened at 8 o'clock, the
full board being present. Mr. John
Campbell of Vancouver, appeared on
behalf   of   the prosecution, (I. 1-'. Cane
Mayor Davison, Magistrate Simpson
and A. R. Johnston met us the Board of
Police Commissioners at the Council
chamber Mond iy afternoon to bear complaints lodged ly the Rev. I). A. McRae
against,"James Crojean, Chief of Police,
and CcerguThompson, Constable,cbarg-1 fop'the defemTaift's?
ing then,  with entering certain houses j    The board  decided to allow press re- j lin
.oh Eraser-street at divors times and being I porters to be present but excluded the I ho
present while intoxicating liqucr3 were
..Bold'contrar*' to law*.   •
Upon tho charges'*being read, Mr.
Simpson moved that' they "JB*rlUinissed
as not being Siirt'eiently specific.
Tl* Mayor asked that nu I'djniiiii'iacnl.
lie taken to allow Mr. 'MePac tb formulate his charges, which the latter said
be could do iu about five minutes.
Mr. Simpson then made the revelation
that he had a pressing engagement to
till within that time, which revealed the
__ 1"
The absence of Chief Crossan was explained by Mr. Cane, but it appears that
neither Mayor Davison nor A. K. Johnston were aware that Chief CroSBan was
to have leave of absence for six weeks
The Clerk then read the resolution
directing the secretary to notify Chief
Crossan nnd Constable Thompson to appear at the next, meeting uf the Board to
receive charges made against them.
.Mr. Johnston moved thut the investigation of charges bu laid over till Cr
A Bonus of $30,000 As^ed fyr
ito Aid tli'tfCiitch.'-
At tbe regular meeting of the Council
Monday all members were present except
Aid. Wilson.    The  minutes of the previous  meeting were  approved .and the
following business transacted :        r
Pktition*' ajjd Communications.
From pro'ierty-owners, representing
the required one-tenth of assessed valuation- requesting the Council to grant
permission for the introduction of a bylaw,- to- borrow Ji3000 to procure a 15 box
lire alarm systeni,heart wagon, harness,
rses and incidentals, for the use of the
bt present to j san's return.    Mr. Simpson seconded.
Fire Department
Aid. McDonald moved that the request
be granted.
In   reply  to  Aid. Bradley, the Mayor
stated (he amount of loan did not pro-
' vide   for   the   necessary   running    ex-
! penses.
The motion then carried.
A  petition  from  property-owners representing tlic required  valuation   requested that tho Council consent to the
introduction of a by-law to borrow (80,-
, 000 as a subsidy to the 1'iiion Steamship
i Company to enable that Company to re-
lirian O'l.ynn had no boots to wear. -
So lie inline to Niinuiino to buy liiin ti pnlr;..
"I'll have one patrol thick and one pulr of thin,
II 1 cnn (ind VVliltneld'8," says lti-iun O'Lynn.
.Ho hunted the stores all along the main route,
Says lie: 'The right one I've not vet found ont.
1 ivant Wliittlold—I'll buy only from him,
For lie sells the cheapest," snys Uriini O'Lynn.
He stepped h little west of Albert slroet:
-He aa'V Whttftelo'a Blgn-rsure 'twas a treat:
.Hn opened the door and George Blood within—
"'V.*!'- found tt'ttt last," says Brian O'Lynn.
Wc's-howcl lein oni-enlf Hoots, kill jiiul cowhide,
TliQ.omii'ji-e praise most —no Beitins at the Bide.
We've hbrttiol all kinds from Quebec and Berlin.
" Sure voir .'■.■■boots for the million," snvs Uritill
,0'fjyna.   ■'- [noimsh:
Heboughl liim Wshoofs v.li'ii of eoarse were
iIe.*inH<|"!owii liifl nuiiuiv, loi' we -:t'll only for
TotiieYillillele'says: "lleHiilta-kVn in,   (cash.
Buy only from .Vliiulflii," Miys liriini O'Lynn j
"If there's tl leak in the too or side of vour shoe.
.Inst lake il to Wliltllotu, that's all yon need do;
lit- will peg it or imli'li jnst while von are in,
Ami ihe charge seems like nothing," snvs Brian
WHITFIELD, the Shoo Man.
Vie'TouiA CRESOKNT, Nanaimo.
of   tbe  board. |    The question us to tbe possibility of j lit tiie steamer Outeh and kecp'her on
ng part of the evidence now uud part; the Nanaimo-Vancouver Route for live
been aiioweii uy rar, Simpson to sp
now stated lie would be   prepared   with j not be possible to lake bis'evidence.
ui. _i ,.. —..  ... i   ,.   ,.,_i    Mr. bimp8on objected Btrongly to such
and pressed Mr, Johnston's motion.
The Mayor said he would not put  the
motion unless the others consented lo
suspend ollicers Crossan und Thompson.
He said it was not right that men whom
bis charges in proper fol-in, and also his
witnesses,   that   evening;'  and  it  wus
finally decided to adjourn until 8 p. in.
The board met pursuant to adjournment, when the clerk read the following I charges of such a serious  nature were
charges against the Chief from Kev. Mr. ' brought should   be  allowed lo continue
McRae: I'11 public service.
This waB objected toby the others, Mr.
Cane explaining that  if  the case were
,  T ,    ,_,„. , . ,  being bruught up in the Police Court the
of  July,   Mil., was engaged  in games ol :,.,,.,        wo*,d £ |aid ,„ a furultttl0I1
chance UliI about 2 O clock f 11 the iiioru-   .„„, g „, butaalhese were not sworn
ing in the Crescent hotel for intoxicating   ,„ th     wm, M yetofflc|n|iy untrue mnd
dn"k' 'thev hud been proven.
Mr. Campbell said that if the matter
" 1.   That  Mr. James Crossan, Chief
Constable, on or about the 27lb and 28th
further fact that be was
attend  to the  business ^^^
After  putting   his   motion   again,  and I taking-part ,
again asking for a seconder' Mi-Johnston when the Chief returned was discussed years, charging not more Hum present
filially ciune to his rescue and supported \ at length by Mr. Cane and Mr. Camp- talcs of fare and freight, as without this
the motion, enabling him to make his bell, but it. was thought impracticable bonus the Union Steamship Company
osacpe—to lill his pressing engagement,   that such conld be done. | could  not continue the service against
Mr. McRae, who bad hot  previously]    Mr. Campbell asked if Mr. McRae was , thei  proposed  opposition 01 the E. & N.
lefcn allowed bv Mr. Simpson to speak,] about to leave the country, if it would j Hallway Company.
^ma—~—m Aid. Foreman moved that, the petition
be laid on the table and that a committee
be appointed to investigate the mailer
and report at the next meeting. Aid.
Bradley seconded.
Aid. Planta amended that the prayer
of the petitioner lie granted. '
The motion of Aid. Foreman not being
in parliamentary form, he was allowed
to withdraw it; and Aid. Planta'samendment becoming the motion, it was put
and curried.
A communication from J. W. Stir tan
staled .that several hydrants were iu a
leaking and dilapidated condition and
needed immediate repairs.
Aid. Planta moved the Clerk be
authorized to have the needed repairs
At tbe suggestion of Aid. McDonald,
tbe motion was amended so as to provi le
for the purchase of extra hydrants to be
used during repair, and was carried as
From J. Bell, manager Nanainio Flee
Ladies   and   Children's    Sewing   done
neatly.    Prices reasonable,    Address
162 Nicol Street.
"*.'. That on Or about Thursday, Aug.
13,- KSllli, about the hour of 11:40. he
-,.stood and sought entrance at the door of
yo. (il Fraser street, uud (ailing, made
his way to the house ou the corner of
Comox road and Fraser street, and having entered by the back door, remained
in the house till the hour of 12:60 a. m.,
and during that time was present when
intoxicating liquor and cigars were
bought and paid for contrary to the law
in such eases. - i to nut i
"3.   That on several accaslons within  t,Xl.(..)t   un(|er
the past six months lie has failed to carry
nut   the   instructions  of   the   Medical
.Health Officer, and in this way has eii-
danged the hei Ith and lives of citizens.'1
Mr. ti. F. Cane, who appeared lor the
defendants, objected tluit Chief Crossan
had not received notice nf the Bpecilic
cbarges, having left the city previous
to their being made upon leave nl absence
being granted him, arid therefore asked
thnt they he laid over lor (Sight weeks,
until bis return.
Mr. Simpson contended Umt the chief
had properly obtained leave of absence,
but Mayor Davison denied this, us the
matter hail never come regularly before
the bonril, there was 'iio.re.-ord of il, on
the minutes, and be nan never consented to his leaving. The chief bud received notice of the charges before bis
departure, and be considered ills action
an insult to thc board
Mr. Johnston said the chief liad received a verbal con-sent to leave, which
tiie Mayor objected tons illegal.
Mr. Simpson moved that the charges
against Chief Crossan be laid over for
two months, as/requested. Mr. Johnston
Mr. McRae attempted to speak, but
Mr. Simpson objected,and, in ignorance
or defiance of parliamentary law, made
a second motion tli'at no one but members of  the board   be allowed to speak.
The Mayor ruled the motion out of
order, as there was another motion before the board.
Mr. Simpson insisted that Mr. McRae
should not he allowed to speak,   but  Ih
were laid over withoutgiving Mr. McRae
an opportunity of giving evidence, while
knowing that be was leaving the country,
the public would say thai the Hoard was
trying to get rid of it certain piece of evidence.
.Mr. Simpson said tiiey were not there
Mrs. A. Baldwin.
Offers her services to the Ladies of Nanaimo as an EXPERIENCED NURSE,
who has had large experience in and
through the Northwest Territories. Address
8(1 Nicol Street.
DARKER i&TOTTS, Barristers and Solicitors.
(.'oninieroial street.
p   F. CAKE. Barrister and solicitor, Room 11,
U".   Jnlinsti    ■■■    '
to phase tiie public,   lie then reminded I trie Light Works, asking permission to
lhe Hoard that there was a motion be- raise and grade the lower end of Camp
fore the meeting, and asked the Mayor | bell street with the ashes from tbe works
The   Mayor   refused to do so
the  conditions   lie bad
MuINNES ,v MeiN\i-:s, Barrister*; IP
Johnston Hh ok, Commercial street,
.wool) * YOl'Sli, Barristers
lommercla) innl Bastion streets
VARVVOOD A  YOUNG, Barristers; corner of
1   I        ^^^^	
nanied. nnd Mr. Simpson accordingly
put tin* motion himself, the mover uud
seconder voting for it, and thecliairnian
raising bis band againsl it.
Mr. Simpson then moved that the
meeting adjourn, this being seconded by
Mr. .lolinsinti, and on the Mayor's refusal to put the motion, Mr. Simpson
again did so.
Tiie meeting then adjourned.
Permission granted
Street Committee   reported  that  to
place an  eight-foot sidewalk  on  Newcastle Townsite and remove the present
I one, would cost about .11,58.
On motion of Aid. Planta, the work
; was ordered curried out us soon as pos-
The road  foreman  reported one man !
11   IIAIIDV.  Ilolanic   llrnualsl, Wlnlield Ires-
■   cent.   Try Hardy's Hie Ointment.
Very Dollar Goliijts
From Now Till
All Tickets in our Bicycle Contest must be in befo:I
7:30 Monday evening, Aug. 24, as tbe coal will be weigh*
at that hour nhd the ticket bo.ves opened by
Messrs. JOHN SHAW,
H. H. SMITH and >j|
And as these gentlemen havo kindly consented to overs A
the entire mutter, all can depend on fair treatment. 1
The weighing will be done at our store at above hou. j]
Great Gash Dry Goods & Men's Furnishings Stop-
Commercial St., Nanaimo, B. C.   •**  ■
Rev. I). A. Mel'nc left for California
tiiis morning via Vancouver.
The Roman Catholic Sunday School
Scholars bold their annual picnic to-duy,
Cnpl. Smith, of the tin/ Etta While, of I pleteand passed its third readlii
"       Md. Bradley, on behalf of Aid. Wilson,
hud b'.Msti jt work hauliniigravel to Comox road, cutting thistles, fixing audi
flushing '■drains and Impounding dogs.
Received and fyled.
The Bicycle''Regulation By-Law was,
again considered in committee, and a
clause added  thut the regular bicycle
lamp should bo used between i,iiii?ct and
Bun rise.   The by-law was rt*]'iprted com-!
DU. mason. Dentist    Extracting a specialty.
Otis am! Ether administered.
Olliee, Odd-Fellow's lilock, Niimiiinn.
\y  .1. CURRY, D. 1). 8., Green Block.   First-
it •   class work guaranteed.
/-(RESCENT PHARMACY, il.u.i. A si k.uim.vn,
' proprietors. Victoria Crescent. Dispensing
and family ret Ipes a sj eeiidiy.
Mooiivvillc, won.Ibe 1,2,000 appropriation of the Nanaimo Building Society
last evening.
Mr Marshall Bray bus been appointed
to net, as Hold Commissioner in the district''escribed in our advertising columns.
The steamer Thistle has lieen chartered to go on the halibut fishing route
from the bunks to Vancouver with the
Coquitlam and Capilano. Her place will
probably be filled by the Maude.
introduced the Real Estate Sale hy law,
providing for the sale of properly tn
satisfy taxes due and unpaid for two
years or more. The by-law passed its
first and second readings.
Aid. Planta was granted permission to
introduce a by-law providing lor a subsidy of l(80,000 to the Onion Steamship
Company, to secure the continuance of
the steamer Cutch on the Nanainio-Vancouver route for tiie next live years.
Medical Hall, corner ,.i erclal and lias-
tinn streets.  Tulepliono l-3-li.
KANilMo DYE WORKS.—Dyeing, Cleaning
anil 110111110111,'    ll Nicol street.
c. t'UAin.Tos. Manager,
.  Wholesale   lleiile.
oiinii-. nasiioii street, Nanaimo.
fi    MARSH, Wholesale  Healer In   Fish  und
A   Proprietor.   Vietorin Crescent.
MWol.FK. Financial and Insurance Agent,
•  Johnston Block.
The Union Weekly News has the   following:—"The Chief of Police of Naiini-i    AM. Westwood was granted permission
nm lias received a purse which was found to re-shingle   a  building on  the  Hirst
by a young lady.    Itcoiitaineil three one estate and make repairs to sills and cor-
eent stainps   and   the   following   note: nice within the 2") por cent, limit of  val-
-          —.  —r ,   'Thed  fool that owned this pocket nation.    Aid. Bradley, who claimed the
Mayor reminded him that a majority of  book had two vears aiw i70,000 and lust re-shlngllng was not allowed under the
LUIKKMAN ,v  HARDY, Real Estate Uroko
llasllon strict.
the board ruled.    (Applau!
This  wns evidently  nm
iiiipeon   could   Slnnil,
Hastily rising,
with a Peuksnifiian wave of the hand,he
waved everybody and everything into
obscurity, and left the room.
But  the  hoard   had   the  temerity to
continue to do business
night hail not even enough   to  buy   bis
re   than   Mr.   supper or hire a bed.    This  may   be  a
warning to some poor  devil   who likes
the ladies too well.' ''
Fire Limit By-law, voted no.
The Mayor reported that Mr. S. M.
Itohins bail not given anyone permission
to hlast the rock on the cemetery site;
Unit now it was ol no use to the coin-
puny, and lie would leave lhe matter for
the Council lo deal with. Un motion
of Aid. I'lanta, Mr. llnzelifrnlz was then
i unite.
VNASII,   House   and   Stgll   I'ltin.ei.   Paper-
'Hanger, oto.   Corner of Albert; ftiltl Milon
slreels.   I', o. ho\ lilis.
Jvtoit, Now Oa,
<-^^»-.To the End of Augus;
(^Iosir^oUt Irises
Must be the Order of the Day
Exceptional (
Exceptional Opportunities in Many Line
Lawns, Prints, Flannelettes, Muslim
Chambrays, Girghams, and all Sum
mer Goods at a 10 per cent, reductiorj
to clear.
Will be Reduced to Very Low Prices']
'— ■ •;**'.f'*-"*— —
J^Call aiid save money hero by getting our cash dis
cotint,->instead of a ehunce for a bike, ete.—money saved i:
money made—at the
. Store]
A (iood Country to Keep Away From.
A Victoria despatch dated Au-:.  15.
   snvs:—The  steamer Queen,  whicli   ar-,
.Mr. Meliae be'ng nowallmved tospeak   rived this inorniuj* on its last Alaska trip ! '*","w<-(',1" re!P0.v8 ""'.'-'
without Inttrruption, protested against of the season, had as passengers a mini-1    lhe touncil then adje
the proposition   to detain  him here tor   ber of disappointed Cooks Inlet miners
two months as being unreasonable,
The Mayor staled the Chief liad received notice iu time to have been present at the meeting, as tbe minutes would
The following charges against Constable Thompson were then read: . .,
"As u citizen of Nanaimo, I would
draw your attention to the following
charges made by me against Constable
Geo. Thompson of the City of Nanaimo:
1. That the snid Qeorge ThompsondW
enter No. (il on I'raser sireet about 12:16
on or about Aug. 4, aud remained there
until I2:.|.r>a.ni., and was present when
intoxicating liquor was drunk and paid
for in Ids presence, and   did   also drink
himself, and remained (here lill   \2:4i.        _ _ ,--,-»-
Having left, hejcrosseil Fraser Btreet to a where she has been scraped and painted, I trict; thence north-westerly oil a right,
house Sometimes known us the Star. and was drawn up on the marine rail- line to ('ape Scott; thence follow ing the
entered about I2:5l)a. m. and remained way to receive the new propeller made ineandcrings of the East Coast of Van-
fur her by Ibe Albion Iron Works Co.
A meeting of ilie Nanaimo Hornet foot liull lentil will he held in
tiie Athletic Club rooms this even-
TV TAYI.nl:. Under in nil kinilK nl New lind
U. Second-Hand Flirnllliro, nnd Patio*,- .Vi'tl-
1'ien nt ovory dt*aer*ntion,
Next in Quonnell's Commerolaj street.
one of whom siiunii nriles Hip situation ',        NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.
"I never saw a belter country to keep
away from. Everything seems to go
wrung, and there are men there who are
actually Buffering from want. 1 doii.t
know what the poor fellows aie going to,        ,. ., ,   __
do, for they have i loney.anti without;       ] " vinoiai, Skobbiaby s Offlce,
money they ca itget out oithe country J ■'   ' All^'»st, 1806.
It was reported at Sitka that the I'nited HIS HONQUR the Administrator of the
States revenue cutter Pinta was going to Government of British Columbia has
the llllel to take away those who desired beeu pleased to appoint I—
lo leave. I think the (iovernnient Bbquld Mahsii/i. Bbay, of Nanaimo, Esquire,
do something, for there is no way by tlovernmftnt .Agent, to be liold Com-
whieb the poor I'ellowH can c'lcupe with'- missioner for that portion of Vancouver
out assistance." island described as follows:—
 «•••        — I    Commencing at Hie north east corner
Steamer    Progre88.lt   on    Wednesday  ol Cbemaiiius District; thence due west
anieoutof the Naval dock at Esquimalt, I to the Alberni   Mining  Keeording  His
Reader and Impersonator.
Highest Honors—World's Pair.
there till about 1:60 a.m.. liquors and
"cigars  were bought and paid lor in hit
presence, ami did make use of them.
2nd. Thai on or about Saturday, Aug-
'list Hlh, lH'.iii, he did filter the bouse on
lhe corner ol Coinox i.unl and Eraser
Btreet nt the lack door, was present
when Intoxicating liquor was bo igh t and
'palS for, and dii also drink himself.
Having left there between 11 and 12,,t
night, he made his way to No. (11, enteral ihereand wus pn :: nit when intoxicating liquors were bought and paid lor, i
ami di I also drink himself,
".'I. That ou or about Wi'ilnes.lav,
'August,'12th, ISM*, Bbout 10:30 o'clock
p. m. lie did enteriil on Eraser street, wns
also present when intoxicating liquor
WBS bought and paid I'm-, and did also
drink himself."
All i.f which J mn prepared tosubstan*
Most iespc-lfiillv.
II. A. Milt,K. ;
Mr. Canii :'ud he understood Unit two
'months'leniency had been giantel inl
the ci e of ibe i I i n, ami he would now
ask an enlargciii u until tbe following!
evening to prepare an answer to lhe
clinrges iivuin."! C n'table Thompson.
Upon thesmrgustio lof the Mayor, 7:80' .    eeam^   - ,*. .    r,    j      a..
'",„•-! lay evening »i.s leclded ns the lime  * Pnre Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.   FW
for continuing the case. I »»om Ammonia, Alum or sny other adulterant
Mr. .iieititi. usked that steps be token | 40 Years the Standard,
eouver Island to tbe place oi commencement, excluding all that portion of the
AI hern! Mining Recording District em-
brueeil therein. And also for all Ihc
isliinils lying between Ibe suid portion ol
lhe East Coast of Vancouver Island und
the Mainland ol ibe Province, Including
[Texada Island, but, not including the
islands in tin- New Westminster Mining
Recording District.
Tested by the Curtis-Balicock
Percentage of
Milk Supplied hy Butter Pot.
V. Todd    B.2
tieo, liiimsuy   ...   4.8
,7. Altko'n    4.1
B. H. Michael.     t.l
James Lensh     4,0
Bills Davis     8.0
W. Ituiiies    8.0
Kobt, K. MoKxeiixm, M.D.,
Heallh Olllccr.
Nanaimo, B.C., Aug. 20, ih: o.
m\ m, 20 ami 22.
- IX Till: —
V. Al. C.A.HALL.
Reserved Seats, 50c,
General Admission, 25c.
Children half price.
Bicycle:'. Bicycles.
To BtoyuIeB done on uui pr^fhjcea at the shortest possible notice.
Next to Sloan ^-Scott's Old Stand.
P. S—A lurce consignment of bicycle Btindrles just arriv-
friun tiio cast.
eV% -■.■%,*%-% *V% V%%*%^«-%%^*%.'%%%%%%^%%%-%^«^%«1
Uev. 0, E. Cooper lnw returned
from Kngland with his !:riile nnd
passed through tn Wellington yesi-
Mr. W. Mnrchont oomo up from
Victoria on Thursday.
Mr. Convcll, who lifts been connected with the bunk of II. V. here,
has been removed to the Westminster branch.
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs
--->•_ DONE RY THE—^
r ioneer Steam Laundry
• «~ \ By "O doing vou will PATIIONIZK WHITE LABOR
*m   ( Ami help to GET RID OF TIIE CHINESE!
Dye Works iu connection nr
P. O. llox 95. ll. M. STEWART, Proprietor.


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