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The Nanaimo Semi-Weekly Mail Dec 1, 1896

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 ."•■-■ ■
It JO* see tt!v.t on your sack of
^^ify Ftoar
You Can lie stlre'ttvat you have the beat,
lortrnre con be nb better.
«. t. wwii~t ca.. mMBtt.
, -*.shX':vi.
Comes ttis bem Tee otlerixt to uiscruul-
nating buyer, in B-ltish Uolurabia.
O-irdeh Maimiror,   i
Fosstkb IttuDi.E.'l Sole Agents R. r.
W. T. UEbDLE & CO.
VOL. II.-NO. 42,
$5 000
Boots, Shoes, Rubber Goods, Etc.
We have decided to go out of the Shoe Business, and to effect a speedy clearance
will offer the whole stock at
Ridiculously Low Prices,
w:»ole NO.
We have always soltl the cheapest shoes in the city—not
the lowest-priced,"but the BEST GOODS CHEAP; so thut
for the NEXT THIRTY DAYS you will secure BARGAINS
in Footwear. Our slock is all in good order—bright, clean
and new.    We have just passed into stock nearly
And within the next few days nearly $000 worth more will
urrive, blocked on the C. P. It. These goods were all brought
direct from the factory for cash at very low prices. Everything will be included in the sale and will go at a sacrifice.
It is almost impossible to quote prices. Rest assured that
everything will be sold at a sacrifice. Be sure you. give us a
call early.    First comers will have the pick of the stock.
Sale Will Commence Monday, Bee. 7th,
To Continue for 30 Days Only. Terms, Spot Cash.
The People's Store,
New Millinery
New Jackets
New Dress Goods
We are showing a Very Choice Selection of
each of the above of the Very Latest Styles.
Are the Most Fashionable of the Season.
Nanaimo, B. C.
I UllUf,
MhiIi' from Select Fruit ami raneSiurar.   The greatest rare la exeri'iseil Id ihel: prepare.
tlonanl e-<i|iiiattei)li.'a'itrieiai)'>.er\'eil.   We only make onequalitv—Dm beet—
the aaine aa aupptleil to the ortler ol Ills Excellency Lord Aberdeun.
WHY BUY CHEAP JWS ? BUY OKELL & MORRIS'. They in tha Purest and Best
Dry Footing-^*
In llu- only voyage tlmt ia good
lur tlie lii'iiltli. Win mill is
worsi* than nothing without
dryness. Wet li'i t nmy bring
oii any number of ailments
W.uiing our Kithhers In Iiml
weather guarantees <lry footing.
Our Ituhl-ers ure high, well
in tile, ilurulili', uml impervious
tn dampness. Try the Uranhy
Huhliers at
Wet Weatljei* FootWeaf-
Mep's, Ljadies', M-sses'
aqd (^ildreit's--«»<»->■»«■*■«•*■•«■
. •. * GUM-BOOTS
Gash Boot arjd Shoe Store
17 aijd 19 Gonii-Qereial Street
E. E. C. Johnson, Mgr
The City
Spot Cash for Same.
Write or Call on
P. 0. Box 105.
For Wholesome
Vegetables of all
kinds that are in
season, get'them at
who will call on you
once every week.
Lleten Ior hia Ml.
Good Potatoes,
at moderate prices.
Onions, 11 lbs., 25c.
100 lbs. for $1.65.
Reaerve -roar order until he
Store—Day's Old
Butcher Shop,
Nicol Street.
3Sx^^^ -■"■•
Do You Want to Borrow ?
1800, repayable monthly In 8 yearn, at $7.(11
•LINK) wia-alk' minillily in h -vara, at I15.WI
IH.OOO repayable inuullilv in 8ycare, at Mtl.00
other amount* In proportion. Loan* made
only an Pint Mortgage on Improved Townoi
■Cily Property. gQ.uiTAtn.it Havinoh, Loam and
•tlluilHo AaaooiATion,'It roronto bt., Toronto.
*—i No. It, Johiiaton Block.
Fish and
Game Market
O. HARSH, Prop.
Sewing Machine Snpp y House
In Britiah Ceiambla la at
29 Victoria Crescent
c'here Needlea, Oil, and Attachment! can be
had lor all makea ol macnlnet.
Machine* of,all kli-iibi repaired on  abort
notn-Je, aa*t work guaranteed by
nenndHand Maehmea for aale at a k>w
flgore.   (live as« call
Diamonda, Ruble', Pearl*, nr any
kind ol stone ean he replaced, aud
all Jewelry made or repaired at low
price*, by calling on
L-rt-    OTTTO Handfactnnnf
•  •**■«•«  O.AL1L1O      Jeweler
COALED TENDERS, addressed to the
O* PostmaBter-General, will lw rei'elveil
at Ottawa until noun on Friday, the5th
February next, for the conveyance of
Her Majesty's Mails, on a proposed con-
trai-t for four years, twice per week em-h
way, hetween COMOX and NANAIMO,
from the lst April next.
The i-onveyani-e to lie maile in a good
anil sufficient steamer, suhject at all
times to the approval nf the Pnstmastcr-
Qeneral, ami to include the service of
the intermediate Post Offices nf Hornliy
Island, Denman Island, Union Bay, anil
Printed notices containing further information as to conditions of proposed
contract may lie seen and blank forms of
tender may he obtained at the above
Post Offices, and at this Office.
Post Office Inspector.
Post Office Inspector's Office,
Victoria, 2.1th November, 1896.
Shipping News.
Ship Wi'na arrived in port with a
large consignment of merchandise, and
ia now at the coaling whar .
Bark Big Bonanza has finished load*
Ship Elwell is loading.
Ss Peter Jebsen sailed on Sunday for
— «■•>»•»	
Co-operative gold and silver mining
would be a good thing for some of our
miners to turn their attention to. Theirs
is an extremely hard life, and they
should get the full benefit of their product. ',:,
You can lie well when yonr blood il
rich, pure and nourishing. Hood's Sarsaparilla makes the blood rich and pure
aud cures all blood diseases, restoring
health and vigor.
Hood's Pills ar* easy, to take, easy to
operate.   Cure  indigestion,   headache.
City and District.
A small 'fire at the back of the Mail
office caused a little alarm on Monday
morning. An overheated stove was the
cause. No damage was done to the building.
James Peacock died at 2 a m on Monday morning after a lingering illness.
Me will lie buried on Wednesday by the
Tailors' Union. Rev Mr Bosanquet will
officiate, and Hilbert & Son will have
charge of the funeral arrangements.
A meeting of the Liberal Association
will be held in room tl, Johnston's
block, next Thursday evening to make
arrangements for tlie reception of Hon
Mr Davies, Minister of Marine and Fisheries.   A full attendance is requested.
The Athletic Club will give the entertainment in the Y M C A hall next
Saturday evening, An excellent programme of vocal and instrumental
music, wrestling, elc, is being arranged,
Rev E Robson is expected to lecture
at tbe Epworth League of Wallace street
church tonight at 8 o'clock. Subject:
"Reminiscences of early life in British
Columbia." Everybody welcome, whether members of the League or not.
The case of Thompson vs. Sharp was
before the county court this morning,
and was again laid over. Judge Harrison
suggesting that some discretion should
he used by both parties and a settlement
come lo
Hon Messrs Davies and Blair are expected to arrive in Vancouver today and
in all likelihood wiil be in Nanaimo next
The Government dredge is now in
Vancouver where it will do some work,
after which woik will lie commenced in
the harbor here, commencing near the
Company's coal wharfs.
About thirty couple occupied the floor
of tlie Opera house last night, the oituas-
sinn being the annual dunce of the Caledonian Society. There were also a
number of spectators.
Boatding house keepers should beon
tie look, ut these days against what is
commonly termed "bilks." Several
complaints have reached us of the presence of these undesirarle gentlemen.
It is a pity that the law is such that
there is a difficulty in getting redress.
At thn Provincial Police Court on
Monday, Johnnv KalaUumen.aLaqiiilto
Indian, wus charged with being drunk,
and was lined ;5 and costs. This morning Michael Barry, a white man, was
charged before Messrs M Bate and J
Hilhert, with supplying the liquor and
wis lined 1(60 and *5costs, in default two
months and fourteen days imprisonment.
A plan is on foot and likely to be consummated, to inaugurate a frep reading
room in the south en I of the city. The
need of such an a ritiu-cment has lieen ap
parent for some time to those who have
lived . in that neighborhood, and we
think with a certain latitude and discrimination in the management, success
will be assured.
Strenuous efforts are being made
against the granting of a license to the
Colonial Hotel on Haliburton street, not
only by the residents in that neighborhood, who think there are enough licensed houses tn the vicinity for the public good; but also by the Indian depart*
ment, We understand that the Indiana
aregetting up a requisition by tn Superintendent at Victoria to protect them
against further facilities for obtaining
William Robb, for some time • member of the Provincial Police, who lost
his reason through a blow on the head
received ih the discharge of duty, died
last week at the New Westminster aty*
lum, of which he had been an inmate
for a year or more.
A grin of surprise came over
some of the faces in a certain
church on Snnday evening on the
appearance of a well-known politician minus certain hir.-tute appendages. We knew the cold snap was
severe, but had no idea it was so
City Police Conrt.
Drunk  2
Assault  2
Fighting  2
Selling after hours  1
Theft  *
The cradle  »
The altar  ■
The tomb  "
Dutiable  goods $11,313
Free goods     11,004
Total $ 22,317
Import  duty  $ 3,213 70
Total  $ 3,401.10
Provincial Police Returns.
Indians drunk	
rlupplyiiig intoxicant to Indians	
Unlawfully having  weapons in possession	
The Nanaimo Hornets.
This season is not only bound to capture tlie championship, but will present
a splended appearance 011 the field in
their new colors, yellow and black. The
.lersevs were procured from Stevenson &
Co, and were manufactured in the Old
Oountry, specially for tlie "Hornets,"
and are certainly a credit to the manufacturers.
Stevenson & Co can procure these
goods in any combination of colors.
Trade in Canada..
The following is Bradstreet's report
for Nov. 28.—General trade is quiet at
Toronto, owing to the unfavorable
weather,cotton and woollen fabrics being
relatively firm. The volume of business
at.M unreal tins beeu aliout an average,
the orders being light. Navigation is
closed and exporters report the shipping
trade at that port to have been the most
profitable for Beveral seasons. Trade at
Halifax has fallen off owing to the holiday and unfavorable weather. A similar report is re-wived from St. John, N
B. Weathercoml ti nl hroughiut t e
maritime provinces are generally unfavorable to business.
The total bank clearings at Winnipeg,
Hamilton, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax aggregate $17,837,000 this week
against .-(22,729,000 last week, as compared with $23,372,000 in the same week
one year ago. Iu the preceding week
one year ago in which tlie Thanksgiving
holiday occurred, the total was $19,713,-
Provincial News.
The death of Mr. J. S. Cluto Sr. of
Westminster is announced as having
taken place in that city en Saturday
morning last, at the resilience of his son.
hi. J. S. Clute, Inspector of Customs
The deceased had attained a ripe old
aie. *n a few more we. k * he would have
celebrated his95th birthday. He wis
burn in Montgomery county, N. Y., and
came of United Empire Loyalist stock,
his father having been in the British
service, and served under Lord Howe at
Ticonderago. Mr. Clute has three surviving sons the eldest nearly 70 years of
age, and one daughter, Tliere are twenty-
eight grand-children, and several greatgrandchildren.
The electors of Victoria tjok but little
interest in the by-law to raise $126,000
for lhe construction of a stone and steel
bridge across the Victoria Arm at Point
Ellice. The result of the poll was: for,
59; against, 498; majority against, 437;
,        »,»	
Montreal Shipping.
Montreal, Nov. 26.—During the shipping season just closed the total sea
tonnage of this port was 1,231,826, an
increase of 25*1,129, tons over last year.
The export of live stock trade has been
the worst for many years. The total
number shipped was in excess of last
year but the prices were lower and on
May shipments heavy losses wire incurred.
Trades and Labor Congress.
When it was decided to hold tlie Dominion Trades and Labor Congress this
year at Quebec, tliere were many who
prophesied that the attendance, especially from Ontario, would lie so slim that
the gathering would practically !>e a
failure. These predictions were not
fulfilled and the twelth Congress was
not only the most successful in point of
attendance and representation, but is
likely to be the most important In its
influence on labor interests which has
yet been held in Canada.
About sixty accredited delegates were
present from all parts of the Dominion,
and half of this number Were marie up
of representatives from the centres nf
population in Ontario. The great west
too, hail it's representa'ives, Mr. Ralph
Smith ol Nanainio, having been sent
liy tho coal mining industry of thn
Pacific Province, and Mr. John Apple-
ton efficiently represented the organised
labor community of Manitoba. Among
the prominent delegates from Ontario
were Messrs I>. J. O'Donoghue, D. A
Carey, nnd Cieorgo Dower of Toronto
and John Flett ol Hamilton.
T iu p 0 e.'dings of the Congress were
aWy guided by the President, Mr. P J
Jobin, one of the most thoughtful ami
capable labor leaders nn this continent.
Many questions of vital importance to
the cause of labor came up for discussion
and among these one that is re.iogniseil
as of vital importance to British Columbia—the admission of Chinese coolies
Into Canada. It was for the puroose of
placing before the working riien of the
East the necessity of settling this qii's-
tion at once, if the win e man is not to
lie crowded out of all lines of unskilled
labor in British Columbia liy this cheap
class from the overcrowded centres of
population iu Asia, that Mr. Ralph
•Smith was sent bv the unions of the
Pacific Coast.
In this issue we. give our readers a
photogravure of tbe delegates, a glance
at which should make every working-
man proud of their representation, as a
more intelligent looking group of men
would be indeed difficult to find. The
general union of labor, as represented at
the Congress, is destined to become an
important factor in the D.minion, and
if British Col u in Ma is true to its best
interests in the election ol such representatives as will bring matters of importance to the notice of the National
Council, benefits will acme not oniy td
the working man, but to the people at
A number of men applied to the court
for naturalization papers.
Rev W BCu'mming8 will be inducted
to the pastorate of the Presbyteriart
church to-night,
... ... narem.
Wellington $ 8 00
New Wellington      8 00
Southfleld Wellington    7 60
Seattle  $6 50(36 65
Bryant  5 00(35 50
Rock Springs, Castle  Gate  and
Pleasant Valley    7 60
Scotch     7 60
Coos Bay     5 00
Brymbo     7 60
Cumberland—In bulk  13 60
sacks 14 00
Pennsylvania    Anthracite     Egg
 $11 00@12 Oft
Welsh  Anthracite $8 00@10 01)
Cannel  $ll@12 00
VVallsend      6 Ot)
Cuke—In bulk $8 00@8 60
sacks  IS 00
■ ~»s«	
Any present subscriber td tRe
Mail can have the Weekly Globe
from now to the end of 1897 for
65 cents.
The Mail and Weekly Globe for
one year for $2.65 if paid in advance.
If You .Are
In Need
Choice Groceries
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Durable Footwear
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i •-   ')
.I-. T-mfn- f  i   'i
3 the especial retreat of all tbe vir- ed ovet to her husband and lifted
r __ ....i'i:._.        ...     . I...      Ll-      U.....3        ^       1       1 - TIL-
"I will not," he suid. "Your ex*
fftctions hnve nearly ruined me nl-
Teady, nnd unii-l you "ive nie the
pledge I ii-!;-, I'll not give you an-
•other shilling, If scandal must
•come, let it."
Fur ii moment lhere was silence,
then llie woman tittered with a hiss,
lli-w* words-: "My curses upon you.
You have ruined—ruined me. My
God, what shall I do?" A-moment
later-, the front door closed with a
bani.*, and tho Vicar returned to the
study. Mr. Whymper noticed that
he wits ghastly pale. He made no
reference to what had happened,
but simply told tlie Curate that he
felt unwell, and would do no more
work that night.
Mr. Whymper lost no lime in
ciirryiii!* the news of this incident
ti> all the smart peoplein Bourgoistown. They were horrified and
outrage! by it. None of them
doubted who in- what the woman
was- s'-he could be nothing but a
discarded mistress; and, being noi
only smart but virtuous, they were
appalled at the discovery. They
immediately resolved to hold a kind
tues of respectability—that h.
should be a man of damaged character with a discarded mistress constantly wailing about hi- gates; the
ihing was monstrous, intolerable!
The whole smart population, male
and female, lose in rebellion ut the
his head upon her knee. The
other's stood round appalled a.id
motionless. Mr. Capelcouft at last
advanced to the woman, and put
his hand upon her chest.
"Head,   she's   dead,"   he    said.
"The   Vicar   will  be troubled no
! The Most Complete Stock
thought.   The matter could not be more.    Who oan she bet''
allowed   to   remain  us it was, and j     "I   will   tell   you,"   cried    Mrs.
yet  nobody   could   suggest   what Sledfast, as she glanced  up  from
should he clone. Some talked about | her husband's pale face.    "I  pro
demanding his resignation, but .Mr.
Caplecourt's observations on  that
point before  remained   in   people's
memories, aud made them cautious.
Others proposed to request the
, Bishop to intervene, a suggestion
; which met with   more   acceptance
tnised him never to tell while she
lived, hut now my tdmi.ue is un-
She is his mother!'
British Campaign Speech.
The following manifesto copi-
  , .ed verbatim from  the  brigiiial
But the bulk of the   congregation poster, is a capital  specimen of
| took  refuge  in that favorite device Giect,ion eloquence ns applied to
of British moralists, and screamed. | ,*,     conte8tiH     "Fallow
workingmen, genUoraeln, and
ladies, [honorably ptil myself
forward und   under   vour  very
of   coiincr!   nf war to decide what   I
steps should be taken.
At this council the general feeling was in favor of a requisition to
tlie Vicar to resign the living immediately, under threat of exposure. Mr. Caplecourt however, was
a cautious man, and he would not
■consent-to this course. As yet, he
pointed "cat. though there was every
reason H believe the woman was
the Vicar s discarded mistress, there
was no proof of it. Such being the
■case, it Would he very rash to act
on the assumption that the point
Wits established beyond doubt. But,
though there was no proof, there
was strong ground of suspicion,
which Ihe Vicar might very reasonably lie asked to explain. Mr.
Caplecourt., therefore, moved that a]
deputation be appointed to wait on
the Vicar, to state the story which
was being discussed all over lhe'
prrisli, and to ask him to reassure
them by stating who the woman
was, or otherwise satisfactorily disposing of the scandal. After some
•opposition from the more eager
spirits, this motion was carried,'
and a deputation duly appointed
Mr. Steudfi'M received the deputation in hi? library. He listen
ed patiently, fin.' with a sad face,
to all tliey had to tell him. Never
once during the recital did lie break
silence. When they had finished
he rose to his feet'
"Gentlemen," he said, *j cannot
tell yuu who the woman was. "I
•can give yon no explanation of the
matter. It is a dreadful and heartbreaking affair to me. All I can
do is to assure ynu, in the must
-earnest manner, that the public
suspicions, to which ynu refer, are
absolutely groundless, and to appeal to the evidence of iny life:
•among you in support of this
assurance. I can say no more.
Gentlemen, good night."
Before the deputation could realize it, the Vicar had lefljthe room.
They had no difficulty in guessing
the reason of his hasty departure.
While he was speating his voice
had once or twice trembled so
violently that they were surprised
it did not break down altogether,
•and when he ceased his eyes were
full of tears.
The Vicar's agony moved tl.e
pity even nf the indignant smart,
people of Bourgoistown; The howl
nf virtuous rage which ihey were
just setting up, died away in a few
paltry grumbles. Even the stalwarts who were not moved themselves, hud, in deference to public
opinion, to confine themselves tu
Much -curiosity was Felt as to
what Miss Hose, the Vicar's betrothed, would do. Of course, as
Mrs. Earthenware and Mrs. Caple-
-court, and all the other ladies
pointed out, if she was a self-respecting woman, only one course
was open to hor; but then, thediffl-
•culty was, whether she was a self-
respecting -woman. You see, as
Mrs. Earlhrnware said, she was
•only a governess, and so yuu could
not expect much of ber. If she had
been a M.ss Guplecourt or n Miss
Earthenware it would have been
•different.. But lhere, a governess
•can't afford to be particular when
she gets a liiaiiee. Ami it was such
-a match, loo, for lhe like uf her.
No; none -uf the smart ladies would
he a bit surprised if she married
him aft?r all.
And she did. Not a month after
the incident which caused the
scandal, she became his wife. The
smart ladies, in spite of I heir anti-
'eipations, were shocked at her callousness, as they called it. And
tlieir disgust was not diminished
when, before the wedding was over,
it became known that on the* previous night tlie woman had again
•come to the vicarage, had demand
*ed money, and, worst of all, had
Treated such a scone that the Vicar
liad to give way to her desires.
White thc Vicar and liis bride
vero a<vay on their honeymoon,
this second appearance, of the mysterious woman was the one subject
■of discussion in the parish. The
more it was discussed the warmer
-grew the public indignation. That
tbe Vienr of Bourgoistown—-that
ejsoi -"-elected from th*))  whole earth
The screaming was at its height
when the Vicar and his bride returned.     The   poor  parson looked
little   like  a   bridegroom   coming.- -   .•
home. He was pale and worn, and | kind notice for It seat on the
his face seemed that of a broken Swanscorabe Parish Council. Let
ami hopeless man. His appear- me tell you as a man that I was
ance was so pitifiil thai it might the first to give cheap meal nn
have melted hearts of stone; but it (}n\]0y Hj]| 11U-| Swanscniube
had n„ softening effect on those oi (UU* ul] ,.(iun,| • 1](.v,.|. .**.* .,„.■
the smart people of Bourgoistown.
their blood was now up, and it
would nol coul till   ihey   had   had
never will hurt a  workingtnan.
When times  Is good, I wanl to
jo-el paid for   toy   very  superior
The first Sunday after liis return : food thai 1 always supply, and
there was a crowded congregation, when limes is hard then you
I'he moment he rose to read the can take it at any price you like
tirst lesson half the poople present to feed your wives and children
got up and left the church. The and your families, from George
Vicar stood silently watching them u,inch,'The People's onlv But-
go out, his eyes dry and straining, (.,K,r' j„ tMs .ish j s]ia]] „,,.„.].
and his mouth twitching with ,mm* ,„ ||aUi| wilh l|a, ,...v
agony.    V. nen they had gone with j Q rj , ,      .   ,     d    d   t
an etiort he proceeded  to read  ihej,,      7        , ,       .  ,,
lesson in a voice which trembled the °west price and put the
with suppressed emotion. j I'001' l'0'1."-' fleeP ••• mother earth
Thin--' had now come to a crisis, where they ought to lie, and I
The Bishop. Ur. Waldiwize, heard promise that 1 shall sell my
of the matter, and intervened, tie meat at the same price. ! shall
heard the Vicar's statement, and, nlsn help Mr, Dunbar (for lie is
being a gentleman, he expressed his au nld Toll') to reduce the salar-
beliefinit. ios Of clergymen,  us   it do cost
"But, he said, though I believe loo ,mu.h for prayei.s iUlll we
all you say—that this secret is one .      1 t   1
nm in the lea.t di.oreditablo'to you ? ll! "° UP t0. S1"'?1 a lea-? P"c0'
-still, my dear sir, you must see\\*]*° Promise to do more tliyn
that you cannot expect tho world tlie last council, for they done
to be quite so charitable.    Men  of nothing, and as Mickey  Finn is
a'pie often wonder why their nerves are
so woflk; why they get tired soeasily;
v   ■■■>• start   at   every Blight   but
■. .-.!  11 Bound; why they do not n.eep
"   ;   why  they   have  frequent
- 1, indigeetion and nervous
tkin is simple.   It ia found ii»
1.1-0  I Icod which Is contin-
\. r» lhe nerves upou refuse
■  le nems of strength and
- .1 -ii condition opiate land
■ •   ■ *,*■ •■ nds p'uiply deaden nnd
rod'n Sit'-'nparilla feeds
u    , rVh, ->u mood; Rives
-: diaresl ion, is -he
fi ,- c ! nervous .roubles.
Victoria Crescent.
■      ;:>   tll,-S5.
; It .Mass.
"l: PIISJ  tl)
ipuriiUi, jjtic.
THK BEST   -*-
Provincial News.
daily Aberdeen arrived ftt Yie-
11 tri a "ii l'luii-1I.1 v ovenihii fm- llie
purpose of meeliii); the local Woman's Council,
The City Council, of Vancouver,!
intend havina all vacant lots clear* I
eil if brush and underwood, tit the 1
Iotvhers expense, as they claim that .
at present il affords cover to foot* :
Tlie Nanaimo Bakery Excels
The Popular Bakers. Wake UP to the faCt that if yOU
invest  NOW   in   Shares  of
Rev. If. B. Turner cf Lytton,
j who recently met with 11 serious
accident, is not prn-jVessing as favorable as deired, owing to complications over a badly dislocated
shoulder. He is in lhe .St. Luke's
rhe d'cision of the Vancouver
Police Committee to appoint some
detectives from the present force, is
not meetini! with approval there.
1 The force lias not, by results shown,
exhibited any very remarkable
detective capacity.
c. c. Mckenzie,
Land Agent and Conveyancer,
Town Lots and Farms for Sale.   Money to Loan
on Mortgage at low rates.
Agent for tho United Firo Insurance Coinpanj
(jf Manchester, England.
Arliqgtoij Hotel.
Having oompletcil the erection ot lhe itHln-*ton      _ _   ._
lliilol nt NANOOSE HAY, thru hniidsorao and    /V Tl H   T~
fi iii 11111111 i. 111..    Iiiili-l     lu    noil-   nrm tn 1-1.,1    tn   mnntt.n     aaafciaBta *•!_<■.      aaaai
good reliable
You stand to make Big Profits,
the world will put reliance, not on
your declarations, hut upon the
facts; and-the facts, however capable of explanation they may lie,
are, unexplained,sujuestive of very
not standing, but sitting down
low, wc can do no good business
und have no Donnybrook fair til
our meetings—in fact, gentlemen und ladies, I shall do every
1 •        ^ -     men .inn  itiuica, 1 -*ii.iii nv -i
grave reflections.    I wan.   then   ,,. | inorta| th,      fu|. t,u,        • (),
..p|ieal to you, for the credit of the
Church, either to explain satisfactorily or to resign."
"1 cannot explain," said Mr.
"Then, my dear sir," answered
tlie Bishop, "for   the   sake   of  the
body, and the parson will take
cure of your departed souls. 1
shall reduce the rates nnd get
rent for tho workhlgitteU cheaper. I shall light up your roads
so that you can see Ihem upon a
-"■** *- ei    -        •  .-* -  1  	
Church and of religion, resign.      1   dark moonlight night.    The lust
ppeal to you not to he  the cause |worj 1 sav unto you is, tlo your
to yourselves and never
mind about me, but put mo on
the council for your own sake
and the interest of the men who
o'0t bread by lhe sweat of their
brow.''—Household Words.
of bringing scandal upon our   holy  jjuti
Tlie Vicar did not  answer for   a
"My lord,'' he said then,   "I   see
• •*.- * 1   - - - - •■■-■-,     -   -- -
the ju*<lice of your word-, and   will   8"
abide hy then),    (iive   me   a   week
cominodtona liitu-l is now prepared to roceive
und euniluriiti'lv entertain travelora and oUiers.'
In preatded over liy Mrs. Thompson, innl the
Talde d'ltnte constantly provided with all the
delicacies 11! the season. Comhlned wiih the
elegant furnished apartmentB, the visitor llmls
the surroundings of the most pleasant description.
Klrst-clasB Aecoimhodation. Fire-proof building
Terms: $1.00 Per Day and Upwards.
TliP Doon Hofp] \^^ se^toy°uont8rmsnoother
JAS. BENNETT, Proprietor.
Cotiiineri'ial St.,      Nanainio, It. C.
Broker in British Columbia
for reflection.   By the end  of it  1
wili be ready   with   either   an ex
planation or my resignation."
Ob,   th.;   huony   of that  week!
Favor an in.i. p. in. tu linatl.
Al a meeting ofthe Lothbridgo
ward of trade   held   lust   week
   weather con-
At   Barkerville it was 20
below,   and  at   ''      ' '   ""   '   '
zero.      Rossland.   Revelstoko
.      "I      '"-      "n .'         ...........   ...    ....... ~        	
whtt*   hesitation,  whal  struggles, the Crow's Nest   Pass   road   was
whal suffering of spirit   the  p • discussed und a resolution pussod
Vicar went through, pen cannot atti.jng the government to stife-
lell On Saturday night he made \ d the i|ltoregllJ of lha coun.
up his mind    He would rw.gn.      » Canadian Pacific rail-
Che next day he conducted ser-     - . , .....
Vice. As before, the moment he Way monopoly Ac.ipyol his
rose   half  the congregation went resolution was forwarded to Hon.
5     .. . I \ i -     i       :        l.l •...:. I-
l\l'l »■ I l It-    ll   nil-    i.,1
:mu in. Donald 'Jo be'ow
.-., .. Kosslantl, Revelstoko and
Asherofl have also very low temperatures.
nan   me  congrnguiion   weiu,-*	
nit. - lie persevered, however; and,  VV. Laurier and the minister  of
when he came to preach,  ho  told  railways; That in the opinion o**
the people who remained of his resolves.    It   was   the   last sermon
they should   hear  from  him.    He
did not blame thom for   harshness
nu I ways,
t.!iis   board   it  would lie for the
best interests,  uot only of the
territories and British Columbia,
but the Dominion at large, that
to him: they could not to,, sternly the projeut.ed  railway   through
guard the holy sanctuary iron, con-    ,    g      ,   N      p     -  ,     )(, be
tact  wiih   evil    aud  appearances .      .   .   .   , .   , ,    ,,
were against  him.   But when the constructed und operated by the
true facts came lo their knowledge, government ol Canada, onn the
us come tiny  might-,   they would alternative, if the Former course
then see that tlieir judgment  upon  should be deemed impracticable
him, though not unjust under  the or impolitic, und the   cotistruc-
circunistances, was altogether  mis-   tion of the railway   be   left   ton
taken. private company, that the right
Th.'service was ended,   and   the   ,„ |,.ivt,    ru,.Dj„g   powers    over
\ tear, with  trembling steps   had thut     0,li(m   „f   lhe    ,,lihv.(V
retired to the   ves ry.    Mr   Cape ,        K at  either Outlet C-f
court—one of the few smart people .,      ,,      ,    .,   ,   ,,        in.
who had   ,e„K-ined-!.ad   followed lll(;   Crow ■   Nt,sl   1 ass shall bo
him in order to lake Ibuvo of him. preserved   for  uny   ruilw.ty   or
Suddenly   a   woman,    mad   witn railways licri'tifter desiring il, to
drink, rushed into   the room,   At be exercised upon such tonus aa
the siL'ht of her the Vicar raised his lhe    railway    coliiiuilteii  of the
hand- in ipicchless horror. privy council niuv deem proper.
"Vou won't give mo nvuey lill I
give up pi iy and drink and Ulriei,
won't you? ' she screamed, with
ihe voice   ami   mien   of a demon.
'Til show you    I'll    I'll "
W'lia', she was going to say was
lost in the report of a revolver.
She had lired   at   Ihe   Vicar   and
'ilie (oul Snap.
Kevi'lstoke,   Nov.   27,—Eight  below
IViiiulil, Nov. 27.—Thirty   below zero
uml ileur.
Kaslo. Nov. 27.—it is snowing, liidit
uml llolll.
Kiuiiliiiips, Nov. '.'7.—Weather cleat
'Mtlllltllljl**,      *.">.     -I. »l
struck him.    lie staggareil and fell   anilIvory uold, 22 below stei
fainting, wounded in the
Tbe sound of the pistol seemed
to half sober the woman. She
ceased screaming for a moment,
and stood silently staring at the
bleeding man
Rosslllllil, Nov. 27.— Weather clour
mul eelil.
The exceptionally severe winter
weather with its acroiruinnylng* heavy
snowfalls will oaiiss auinti Iohh of cuttle
in the Nii-iilii ami Llllonet ranges, Tlie
'atmtiers have lieen utisble to roniiil tt|>
supply I ti i* in   with   id
"My God," she murmured, "what  their, henls or supply llioin  with   ailc
j.  ,'.,.. i tjiuttB t'ei'.l or shelter.   Old timers assert
if   „     ,       i       i .i    that the severity of this early arrival o
.Mr. Capelcouft, who was stum
ing paralysed with horror, now recovered himself, and advanced to
seize the mad womnp. She saw
him, and raised her pistol. For a
second she hesitated, then   turning
winter is unprecedented within living
memory. Some hope, however, Hull thu
winter having begun early, win brum-
Up curlier than iiuial. Tho Increased
demand, owing to thu wants ot many
inhibit* eumiiS, together with the severe
weather,  will  augment the  valtiu of
Mr. (iolilwiii Smith on Hie Manitoba
School Question.
Mr. Goldwin Smith was engaged in reading the published
statement of the Government
when called upon. After going
carefully through all its sections,
Dr. Smith remarked that tho
agreement was evidently dictated by ti spirit of fairness and
toleration. As a termination of
so bitter a dispute it seemed in
this respect very remark able.
Tbe only roul difficulty that
seemed to him likely to arise
would be from the fact that tho
plans Bet out wonld not be found
acceptable to the Roman Catholic ecclesiastical authorities, who
desire not alone thnt the child
shall receive the dogmatic and
religious instruction -of -the
church, but that the whole
moulding of the child's character and disposition sbnll be in
consonance with a well-defined
cust of character found within
the church nnd which differs
essentially from the non-Catho.
lie. If it should prove thut the
distribution of Cuth'olio population in Manitoba were such ns
lo obviate ibis difficulty he saw
no other drawback to the practical working out of the plan outlined. Certainly, in Dr. Smith's
opinion, the people of Ontario
huvo no reason whatever for
displeasure, but quite thc contrary.
Any present   subscriber   to  the
I Mail can have the Weekly Globe
from now to the end   of   18i)7  for
(io cents.
The Mail and Weekly Glnhfl for
one year for iflJ.OO if paid in advance.
Trespass Notice.
WHEREAS, Certain"evil-disposed persons have heen killing -tockon Valdez
Island, Niinainio District, it is
liKstil.VKI) in  future that all persona
(omul trespass!ni: on the Wake Est.ittuj
of 700 acres and Indian Reserve nf 1700
adjoining will in- prosecuted tu the mil
extent ol' the law. Vfill      Vl S» 'WO      \~.C\     "Pfl '<"■"
CSlirneil)     BALDWIN H. WAKK.     *■*- iJ *-*■    JUCliVO     OU    ... (.;•■"
Sept. 16.1,110.   .loll.. HASH, |
notice:        !them all the gash down
Any person selling or otherwise-disposing of KEGS, BOTTLES, or TATS belonging to'   -
the Union Brewing Comnany
will be prosecuted.
Nov.  18,  ISilli. I
notice. So that everyone can have an m-
I divide it up into
•Small Monthly Instilments-
rpHosE desiring to assist terest in Mining" and secure part
■*-    in the i
Emancipation ol Mental Slavery      of the Profits that most assuredly
Should hiinil ill their miii.es ul once und
heionieinendierHo. the WILL   bO   UiadO.
FreethoUjO'ht Library.
J.  L.  PRATT,
84 Commercial *t.. Citv,
P.O. Box BOO, snim
The  Stamp  Mill at Alberni
A. Ill 111 111 11111 *s now *n operato011- When results are known, up go the Shares
of all Alberni Companies.
Mnke* tin'
Must Permanent
,..1,1 Artistic
Simi Letter
In exlutrni'i'
it towards her boson) she pulled I potatoes ami pmptry, which should
the trigger, and a moment after-11?^™**'Iflrg* ,1,1-mK*,Us ,l,wtlie l,ro'
wards lay dead, shot through the
Several other   persons  had   now
. Rev Alexander Sutherland,  General
Secretary of  Methoiltl.   mission!   waa
... ,   '      .(.ii     ,1    ' iiitchuil out. of u biiL-iivut Chiton S|>rhi|*s,
entered the vestry, attracted by the   L    £  m)(, mu »M lin,t,„llH,i„';,:
sound   of   the   hrearm*,    Amnnif  Latesti auaounw state tie Is pravn-nlntf
them was Mrs. Stedfast., who  rush-' favorably.
Clothes Cleaned...
Repaired and Altered
And make money while you have
tiX,Ti4^X^^;SX a chance BEFORE the rise takes
in Hubert'!, Hull, Whiiii street, on sat- j
uiidav oven Inn at t. o'clock.   Vlsltliin -nln/ia
(ire tb run uordlally invited to attend,       \)A<X\j^e
i'lllill. WAliHT'KK. See. ' *	
Solo AEi'iit lur ltritisli Ciilunililii
ij,„.a.Ag,»t..JAS. HIRST
Lodge Notices.
tUff 11" IIASTIiiN STIttiRT
tsr- Ni'xi 'iinir lo \vc"t\v'Kiii"' Rlnek*mltli
HI.op. 1'. 0. I'.os M
Olil CloihuB inmli! cqiinl lo new,
1     Empty Battles of any Ihssriplion,
I     Old Copper, Brass, Zinc or Lead,
Cttll iUHpom.' ill mini! liy nililrt-MiliiK » postal to
li. AARON SON, liter 17.1, Nanaimo,
Who will call promptly «l •nymliln-w In (Jll* I
or .-uliurlit '
WSf^   ,r-r,      '
iv,Tb,imsi'^saitn \mmmmk
This column is oprn to the public and tire
heurlili, iio*" the citizens to ihnkr
use   of   il j./e'itiscusx'iiy public ques-
, .  'tions,
We are not responsible foe the opinions of
our correspondents,
. Editor Mail.—Dear Sir.—-
Would ynu or some of your correspondent" kindly enlighten the
"undersigned—for while strongly in
'sympathy with the Siii|*le Tax
system in theory, there is much in
its practice, which seem-; to me
difficult of equable adjustment.
Take for example a certain party
whom we shall call A, becomes the
legal possessor of a tract of land;
six yearn ago A sells five acres to B
for a certain consideration, which
has not yet heen paid, meanwhile
B partially clears the lot, und
builds a house, lets house and lot
to C. Now whal I want to know is,
'who will become owner, and to
whom will C pay rent? If G pays
direct to the government, what
'compensation will A and B. receive? both having given a valuable
i Respectfully vours,
" X-l-Y-Z.
[Under the Single Tax houses
'and improvements to land would
"not be taxed, consequently C would
'pay to H rent or interest on the
valueof house and improvements to
/News of the Dav.
Sir Donald Smith.
London, Nov. 20.—Sir Donald
Smith, Canadian High Commissioner in   London, delivered ur
A Chinaman was run oVer on lhe address    before   the    Newcastle
C. P. R. al North Bend last Wednesday and instantly killed.
■A Constinople despatch states
that a fresh massacre, with 500
victims had aeeurred at Draibekir
It is announced that tion. \V.
Laurier will leave for Europe about
December, 15. The report lacks confirmation.
The Dominion Government have
commenced an action against Mr.
Geographical Society to-night
upon "The Resources of the Dominion of Canada." The address
embodied a comprehensive view
of the progress of Canada since
the landing Of John Cabot on
the coast of Newfoundland in
1-197, and described the growth
of her internal and-international water and railway communications, her industries, agricultural, manufacturing and   niin-
St. Louis for $144,000 on the Cttrran injj, and her fisheries.
hridye contract.
There were 80 htisinese failures
reported in the Dominto-ttla-d week
as aitainst 47 last week, arid 52 in
the same week a year ago and 35
two'years ago.
There is a great blizzard raging
in the Dakotas and northern part
of Minnesota. The storm lias been
raging for days, and is the worst
for many years.
Rev. W.B ugh Allen, of Chilli-
wack is expected to succeed the Rev.
H. H.Gnwan as rector of St. Barnabas; Episcopal Church at New
Hon. Clifford Sifton has been
land. B as the registered owner of! elected by acclamation as member
the five acres would pay to the gov-]of the House of Commons for the
ernment the tax on the unimproved] district of Brandon. The minister
value of the land. The transaction of lhe Interior is expected to short-
between A and B being a privateone I lv remove his family to Ottawa.
the government would have nothing! •■•„„. Mlinn ,llt we|* known |llb()r
to do wiih it.—En.] leadur and prime mover in the pro-
—- p ge(*   (|ot.|;(,rs    su-jke,   has   been
arrested   in   Germany.     He   was
In conclusion, Sir . Donah
said:—"More advantages can be
obtained by emigrants of the
first class in Canada than in any
other quarter ofthe world. Canada docs not want anybody unless he has a capacity for hard
work, energy and enterprise.
Given these, nowhere can one
realize so rapidly such great results. The Canadians arc proud
of their country and believe in
it. They are also proud of connection with tlic mother country
and constantly try to mnke tlieir
beldved Dominion not the least
important in the family of nations, all under one Hag, which
seems to he the ultimate destiny
of the empire."
' A large audience was  present
and listened closely to Sir  Donald's very interesting description
of the Dominion und   the   work
Those Chinese Again, j a\rested"ln' Germa.w.'   "lie "was ••■•*- •*'*s l-<-*e" <*<-"«-■  there.     He
.» Editou Mail.—It is not strange taken into custody at Fimsbulta, | was-frequently applauded. Prin-
thut public speakers, when their charged wilt) inciting to create a dis- cipal Gurney., who presided at
public utterancescau.-e unfavorable I turbanco and was placed on a the meeting",lauded Sir Donald's
•diriment, always put the Man. e steamer bound for Grimsby, Eng., j generosity, and a vote of thanks
upon the reporters! Such being after being cautioned not to return, to the High Commissioner
i'he case I am not   at all  surprised I    ,,,,      , ,    .....        ,     .    ....     i„,i„„(„,
>      ,.   ...       c,   .r   re,,      ' , . I he s urni hist Ihursihi v i n \\ in-  adopter
lo linn  Kev. C.   Al.   late seekina    •       , , ,      , -,,,-•
, „     „ , i.e tnpe. has Seldom been   euiuiNeil in l
under   such   a  subterfuge,  ,i i       n ..    i- i   •       .•   J
„., i Manitoba, all tne lines   being  lied1
gentleman   been so  very;      ,     ,        ,,    ,,   ,,   ,,       ..   ,
.    ;        ...      i i .    . ,, * i Up badly.     I he Ij. P. It. pll   ed tne
anxious, to guard his utterances un • .■ , ()ii<-r    tmnn    n   time   n   Poor
; .. • r        , ,,   , , we.-icrn exiiiess   r .in  it.a   for luxe       "-"'«     upuu    n   unit   ,i   i mn
this quest Ot*. IIS he WOUd   havens!    .,,   . '     . ,,,. "     Purler in   I'liliicili   u-orL-iiur
,   ,.   '       ,    ',• I , ,        ,  .    ,,     will four engines.     I he express on   lontiin rnuucan, WOI King
believe, why did he not explain the;,,    ,.   ..   ,.        ,  v    ,,        " ,,    .,.     *■..,  i>,,n,-,■,..,,   p.,l.,,.o P..,.   I
, . , i    ■    .,     ,*i    . ..       the G. -S. R  and Nor hem   1'acihu  llu-  * unman  rillace Lur   I.
statement made in the Unristian ,,,.,,, i •      i     i i
Guardian ,1 the time.      As a „,i„    "'e   cancelleU.        he   mercury   is  pany, becoming bard up,   made
.ster uf the   Methodist  church,   |1(>-'**'ng very rapidly. |a  counterfeit   dollar   of silver,
surely reads the otlici.-il organ, and A despatch from Tohermorray,
' must have sei n the paragraph, thnn ' at ihe head of the Bruce Peninsula
ifivhy did not   he contradict it?    1  states 'hat a timber surveyor from
M e liutin,   iiaiie d    Rankin,   was
! f.niiid dead in his shantv on   Pitst*
i ivilliam Island last Thursday, with
bruises nu llis lace and Ir dy.      On
1 dead i3.i,i.- 11 east "Va.** a note to
I the effect that   his   conipauiun-, a
{man named Austin of Detfoii, anil
Geo. P. Belrose  of Tobermory, had
l^e NeW Va-QC0*-*Ver
A Journal for the People
Had this
Kable of Hie ('ntintericit  Dollar.
venture to say that hnd no notice
been taken of  it,   he   would   have;
'"been as dumb ns the  sphinx.    Fori
'my own pnrt, (and 1 am not al me
in this opinion)   I   h I eve   tie- re* ;
porter, Mr, Tate's explanation nut-
Mr. Tate would have  w   belie
(-he is very anxious that the authorities should-repress thn lawl ■•---
ness and drunkeness  aniongst   the
ind   impl
f   much
:e Indium
I Indian
reus n
if his nd
; venture ■
| i-liee liu,VC iul a .,
orities—ho   has
.- ll v
hi • Mr
nation o
that   the
the   crime
"i   ncci-ll  :l
i.     I
aie tlever
ihe nut h-
left for the latter
day.    Search   is
for tin-in.
place last
now   being
I ues-
•whereby  any  Chinaman Iris   lieen
fiirosecuted for supplying   liquor to,     ,       ,    ,,   ,
Indians,   lie has,  however, miMh|*l:,Ia Vrtlua,,.le •••••*,<--<-•
■'himself nnpo|
' people by hi
Where lo Draw Hie bine.
Kleptomania may he as real a
I disease as other mania; hut where
can the line be et-uitahly drawn?
I Mrs. Walter M. Castle, wjfc of h
(•prominent resident of this city,
in London
u'.-i his
iv tis
■hopping and
■CillCIICCil      to
three   ni
Hilar an
readini .-
a white man in   favor   of  IndiansI iuiprisoiiinent,  but the Home Second Chine-e.    Had Mr. Tate   been  retary   ordered   her  release, after
l^so very anxious for the protection |"a**tonishing pressure."   This may
'of Indians   againsl    I'hiue-e,   why i be right; hut suppose some wife  of
filui ho build a house on his proper Ian ordinary mechanic, not  worth
ty at Sard is,   close   Id  the Indian   his   hundreds  of   thousands,  had
reserve, and rent ii to a Chinaman  done "shoplifting" to the extent of
who  was  living   wiih   an   Indian slipping a pair of gloves under  her
Woman—a  member  of   Mr. Tate's sleeve, would  "kleptomania"  have
pmisbinii, and who were nnt married,  been entertained as a valid plea for
This went   on   until il   became   a i an instant?     Lawyers would have
laughed at the absurdity,  and  an. W'olcot
attorney nniking such a plea might Seuutor
active   measures   to   remove   this he regarded as insulting the dignity the Roud
'--articular    Chinaman   and    his,of the court.   But who is to draw
ndian concubine from  lhe  neigh- the line?    How  much   must   the
I kleptomaniac or her husband be
worth, and how much must she
steal? Must the line he drawn at
$100,000 fortune and if 100 worlh of
properly, or whereelse?    If the law
■menace to  ihe   Indians  ou the re
•serve, and the Indian   Agent   look
It is not al all likely that I shall
^.get cooled off before Mr. Tine re-
•Uirns, and I hope to have the opportunity of bringing those
''absurd" statements to the notice
.of the public throuuh the medium
.of your valuable paper.
Vours etc.,
£ The chief issue which the people
if West Kootenay should f 'ice during thc next provincial election is
1 (he necessity for an  equitable
?    If the
is to be adiiii-teied one way for llie
rich and another for the  poor   las
it is), what sense  is   there in  denouncing "anarchists" because they
favor   abolishing  statutes?     It   is   .„;,.   i     ,      ,,  i       i ■■•■, i
i   ui    ., "   i i .. i    ceived ns much va mc us it it hu<
not improbable that   kleptomania •
originates   in    heredity.    Por   in-
copper and lead. With this he
purchased a new.hat. The Hatter paid it to a Hotel Clerk for u
|dinuer. The Hotel Clerk, in
nuking change, paid it to Secretary John G. Carlisle. For
several days the Secretary cfir-
ried it about, exhil iting it during his speech esasa genuine 50-
ccnt dollar; then he paid it to u
I Hack Driver who went to Chicago and speiftit. It continued
to change hands until one duy
Prof. J. Lawrence McLaugh received it as part payment of his
saliin*-. The Professor went to
New Vork and p ii.1 it for a ticket
on the New York Central ]**,
The treasurer of the road paid
it to 0huuncoy Depew as a part
of his salary. Chauiiccy Depew
loaned il to President Grover
Cleveland, who, on one o'" his
lisbing trips, spent it for "bait."
The Bait Seller paid it to a farmer
for eggs, and the farmer used
it to pay interest on a mortgage
held by one of Senator John
Sherman's hanks. Senator Steve
Elkins then got it as part of his
dividends on bank stock. On his
trip out west he threw it into a
jackpot on which Senator Ed.
it-l<l the winning hand.
Ed. Wolcott went over
on which tlic Poor
Porter was employed and paid
him lho dollar as a part of the
salary that Pullman failed to pay.
The Poor Porter recognized his
handiwork, knew that it was
worthless; but as ho had tho hut
was sure that he could lose nothing by accepting it.
When the history of its travels
was learned, everyone bad   re-
Tiie New Vancouver Coal
Company mine at their
Collieries at antl near
Nanaimo the following
The above are supplied in
the following Crudes, viz: Double Screened, Screened,
Run of the Mine,
 MM  Washed Nuts and
Washed Screenings.
i-rnini-t Delivery ni the Company's
WliitrvL'n ftt tfftmtiilOO und 1'rotuc-
til'll   li-llLIHl.
People who Appreciate a
Huve their prescriptions dispensed at
THelr Prices me Hit-lit. Telephone ".
'Arrival and Departure of Mails
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
Telephone '7-9. Nanaimo, C. C.
Meats ileliverecl free of charge to all
pur's nf the e.itiV.
nllcoTel. 30.   P. o. tins 10.   I'esidencc Tel. 101.
Funeral Directors
"IH Embalmers.
anultiato* of tho.Orlent&l, the Dnrekn,
the New York Mid t'liirk's
Sehimls nt Embalming.
1, 3 and 5 Bastion St., Nanaimo
ta»-1 Commercial Hotel,
Comer Ciimmerelal mill Ihwtlon Sts.
Tills inni-ctiiMlsV'it Hotel is comfortably
Htteit up with superior accommodation* for travelera nml others.
T.O'CONNKL,  Prop.
Union Steamship Co.
Of ltritisli I'olniiiliiii, Limited
Head Office und Wharf—Vancouver
stance, some persons net enormously Huh (lik; Rockefeller, Qoulu,
Iiudtlngtiin, and olljers); it is nut
Inipi'iillllllle tlmt their offupriti)-
limy siinii'times inherit the tend*
enoy to Meal without the caution
ol llie prii^cniliir-; und in the en-e.
nf wi'tnen, us thev oould not well
gratify it hy stealing bonds, mil-
rniids, utOi, kleptomnniii wmilil Im
liulile to result, Hud tlm Ciuttle
Incident nueurred hei'e, it ivnuld
never hnve cropped up in conn,
unless  ''snnieliudy   blundered."—
.iistribution hill. If -nrh n bill is
J«ecured one-lmlf   of   the Injustice
'..Inch West Kootenav suffers from
t/-**t." '"' r,,niovnd. When this dis-
>TrTct b is live representative* instead of two it will be able to force
tjustice from Ihe discredited pollti*
J.uns nt Victnria, if under a fair
[.•edistriliiitinn   bill   anv   of   iherft
eould be  returned in  the  legixlu-
Uire.   The interests of   Kniiteiniy
•trainandthe  defeat  of the presein 8an Pranolsoo Sm
^government,    nince    the general
policy of the government has been
fcne of discrimination ngninst the
[chief industry of the di.-trict. ]i
I-matters little who inaugurated
i,the system, the present government
[his perpetuated it.   Nnthimi short
nf n ciunpleic reversal ol its presenl
{policy (MillI'd nl all r run ile tin-
Bfeeiipleiif Koi'it'iiay t. the present
t'govcrntnent, and tliere is not much
nlkelihoud iiml any such reversal
['will be mude.
SS. (!i)iii')X nulla from Oo'a wharf every
Tuesday at 0 a, in. for Bowen lslmui,
Howe Bound, Sei-helt. Jervia Inlet,
Fiiicik/IVxiiiiu Island. I.ini.l, Hernando
Island, Cuitez Island, Read Island Valdez Island. Shnal Bay, Phillip Ann,
Frederic Arm, Thnrlp'w Ishiinl, LoiigH-
bnrough Inlet, Saliupn River, Port Neville, and suits every Friday al 11 a. in.
fnr way ports und Shnal Bay calling at
Bute Inlet every six weeks.
1,1'iivi'i* Muulvville—8,11:15, 10:45, 12
noon '2:4 and 6i48 p, m.
Linves Vancouver— 8:86, 10, 11:20,
1:15, p.m, 8:15,6:16, und 11:2.1.
Culling tit   North   Vuncouver   each |
wuy, exi-epttnit the noiiii trip,
Thus and Brows always available for
lowing und frelnhilng hgainesa. Lurtte
stni'u.f  iii-fiinniHiiluti'in on Co's wharf,!
If. II. DARLING, Manager.
Telephone til 1". 0, BOX 771
Dally ex. Sun
Wellington, Northfleld and a.m.  a.m.
East. \Vi'lliii!*tiin    11.25  8.6U
Vif.toriu,Southern States and
plaees along line of E. & N, Daily ex.Sun.
Railway    8.20 11.5U
British und foreign, Eastern
Prnvlm-eB, Ea'Btern States, Dally ex.Sun.
Vaneouveraiid other places p.m.  i'.m.
on Mainland uf B.C.   0.30 5.00
Comox, Union, Union Bay,
Sandwoek.Courtenay.ijran-Tue*. Pr'-
tliani, Qiialiiuin,  Hornhv V M. e.M.
Island and Denman Island  8.20 3.00
SaltSprinu Islutid, Burgoyne fri-   Tues
Buy, Fulford-Harlior,North
Salt Spiinglslund and Gab- p m. p.m.
riolu Island     8 20  3.30
1>Y   STAIil-* Tues. Mon.
JJY    SlAl.ili. Fri     Tlinr
Allierni, Parksville, French  p.m. p m.
Creek and ErriiiL'ton   ....1230 6.00
Fri. Thur.
12 30 (i.lin
I'. M      A. SI.
Naniiose Bay,
Departure Buv.duilvex.Sun 12 45 10.30
Cedar (South), Saturday    ..   2.00 1100
20c. per Month
One Year, $1.60
BY MAIL: «■- Mo3th"v?\«*
Three Months, 60 cts.
A Fiiil AdRortincnt at the Lowest Market Rates
Promptly At,tende<l to.
All kinds or
Tin and Sheet-Iron Work.
Victoria Crescent, Nanaimo.
Ottoa-a, Ni
hie! just i, !■
I'l'ti ii| point
n tho Jililli i.il i iiinuiitiei
''IHU' il.      Ill' will  II,,I     IV
2(1. - Sir   Henry  Sin)ni>,
Hoi ii n I-  iiinrl  huu
I I U4III.llllll ii'|.ii'
ute I'rlvj
i iin  GhU'l
iin.li .-hi,ii. i.ui u| I ,ik.i li.njiuua ilur
lag the long vacation.
"Jui-tice" in New Yurie City
fined n (till f)h for i-elliu*; 10 cents
worth nf dry Roods on Smidnv, and
she would have lieen imprisoned
indefinitely hut for the uenernslty
nf the reporter**, whu paid her fine.
A -tiliihii penalty was nielnl mil tn
au lea iiuui lieonuse lie sold 10cents
worth nf that riniiuiiidily to n man
wh i had a fever. But Kev. Clayton Healiip, Kpisiopali.in, wllo
pleaded ituiliy uf stent lim money
it-Hin hi^ Binplnyers, the New VnrK
|.|<ta In-iit'iiiti'i' iJiinipunv, «.i- lei
|uo>e liy "-u-peii.»inn   uf  »ei)tenoe"
ani'tlicr variety oi "kleptn-
1 a genuine clollur, with one
exception. That waa Chuuncey
Depew; Grover OlevoliinrJ still
owed him n dollar. Wlieti the
President learned that Mr. Depew Imd Loaned him a counter*
li'it dollar, he wns enraged, nml
snt'l: "Is it nui imo of your car-
diual principles Unit every dollii*.
fhu 11 he its good as every other
dollar? The people will accept
iiiilhiiiH hut 'siiutid money.'
Why di 1 you debiuse the cur- Williams Block,
rencyV" And Chailiicey, winking the other eye, Biiid: "Sire,
wait until the next Republican
(Jonvention; we'll lix it all right
in the platform."
All Materials used in connection with the above
guaranteed to be first*
J. A. GALDWElX the Tailor
Merchants and Business Men
will find THE MAIL a
Good Advertising Medium
It has a large and steadily increasing
of the city and immediate district.
In all its
Various Branches
We Print.
Etc., Etc.
changed liis quarters,
can  now ho found up
in llie
Where he will be pleased to
receive his patrons.
t&- Anyi)ni> requiring « I'm' Suit nIhiiiM
. leiive tlie ofittT sarly,
AIjiWAVS IN btook-
Kx|ilnsi()ii at Rossi anil.
Russia nd,   Niiv.  'i.-i.—An  ex plo*
simi iidiiuri'i'd in tlic Alto inimh this
ni,'i*nin-i.    T.vn men, A. MeDilliielsl
and   I).   Pattet'fon  were   thitwini*
puwder 'ilniot live feel in  front of
tin' Mouth ut' the tunnel,Imih being
knocked     insensilile.       Patterson i
cmiie tn Iir-1  and  crawled  out of
the tunnel, |iiiiti'.' the nliil'ni. Both
Men are liuiv in the Imspitilh     Me-
Daniel* may recover with the lnss
of une eye.    Patterson is almost
sure to recover-
LAMPS, EtC. etc.
Drabs and Animals set up iu a thorough workmanship manner.
On Hanil—Four line Doers' Heads,
whieh will lie snlil for pries of Betting
thom up.    Also a line ease of Birils.
d. s. Mcdonald.
i   Hi Haliburton Street) Ntnainio.
General Steamship Agency
Parties going to the Old Country
or sending for friends will
By purchasing Tickets from
General Agent.
t'o*t«.tn«r-r*i*iV 9trli«-t(
E. V. CHAMBERS, Manage*
P. 0. DRAWER 44 TELEPHONE tk "^■Sr^^s.7*
pdiii.iijHiii) BVBftY
ED. V. UHAltBE'**, Editor and Manager.
Victoria Crescent, Nanartno, it <:
subsoriptios hates.
sion." This is vague—gloriously
vague. The word "progression" is
a broad one and susceptible of
many definitions. We would like
to know whether Mr. Morton solicits our votes on the basis of geometrical progression, arithmetical
progression, intellectual progression, musical progression or mathematical progression. Either will
answer the purpose and the result,
j we feel confident, will lie the same.
TUESDAY   - - DECEMBER l, 1898. But if Mr, Morton's opening para-
*=-*=  " ■  ■■,  graph  is  vague, he finishes with a
' detiniteness truly courageous.     He
savs:    "I   shall   endeavor to discharge  the duties assigned me in a
' business-like wav." This is another
Six weeks "have  come  and  gone : departure   from  tbe  time-trodden
since   the   silting of the Board of path of politicians, who invariably
*By ui nil— Out; yeiir.  .  .
Six uiiiiilliJi .
(Thrue months
IDrtllvered tiv osr rur ...
lion, per lnoiitii
disposition for such consideration
come from those who created the
elun, and don't let us sheath our
swords until we see the enemy al
least stop sharpening theirs. But
as soon as they show signs of appreciation of the ability of others
that they consider non-business
men, you may be sure that your
expressed desirability of such unanimity in nur city will lie taken by
! them to mean a consciousness of
our own defeat.
The Police
Police.--Commissioii.ers  to  hear the
evidence in the charges laid
Rev. I). A. McRae
qualify such statements with the
ylhe'simple phrase of "if elected."
against Chief of DonWleM Mr. Morton will remedy
Police Crossan and Constable tbegem]9 digcrepuncies later on
Thompson, and there has been no j ,)e{ore ^ ^^ ge(s W[mn ln
decision rendered  yet.     That   tlie
board should require more than
six minutes to arrive at a conclusion after the evidence was all
heard, was, to ordinary mortals, a
mystery, Yet the members of the
board in their wisdom, decided that
they must have a copy of the stenographer's notes to assist them in
their deliberations. The transcript
of the stenographer's notes has now
been in their possession for six
whole weeks—ample time, we should
think, to* .read, mark and inwardly
dige-H—-and what is the result?
Echo patiently pauses for a reply
the meantime he is a candidate for
the mayoralty, -and as such we
greet him, not as the future mayor
of the city, for we have not the
faintest suspicion that he will be
elected, but because as a private
citizen we rather like him. Our
opposition to Mr. Morion's election
will be fair and honorable. Scurrility and personal abuse we leave
to those who prefer such  methods
in political warfare.
By the Spectator.
Alberni Notes,
Robert Hudband has lately found
something that looks very line on
Douglas Mountain, below the Re-
gina group.
Alberni is shortly to have a
hall with club rooms on the upper
storv. It will bo opened with a
ball'on Dec. 21.
William Campbell, who has the
contract on the Mountain Rose, reports that he will have his work
finished in the coorse of a few days.
Messrs MoGillivray and Armstrong, of Vancouver, paid Allierni
a visit a few days ago. .They went
up to Mineral Hill and district and
were very favorably impressed with
the work and improvements done
in that neighliorhuud.
Work on the Regina is going
ahead in goud shape. No. 2 tunnel is now in over 30 feet, and No.
3 is in over 45 feet. On this property they have the advantage of
driving the tunnels in the solid
quartz as the lead runs up the hill.
Messrs Jones and Bledsoe returned from  the  canal   last  niuht
The Place to Get
Wheat, Corn, Chop, Oats, Bran, Seconds, Potatoes-,
Onions, Flour, Rolled Oats, Oatmeal. Farina,
Buckwheat Flour, Rice Flour, liotniny, also a
Full Line of Choice Groceries, is at
ROBINSON'S, the Wallace-street Grocer
Our Ten,  Coffee, and Batter are tlie liest in the market.
Kumeiiil ir, our motto is—Square Dealing anil Close PriieB.
land report  having  made   a  good
We are looking every day for the strike about one mile north  of the
On the street comers and   other I decision of the Commissioners on the Uchuchleset  harbor   and ahout a
places of public'resort, it is becom-; Policemen   vs.   Fraser   street.      I
ing positively monotonous to  hear | understand Mr. Johnston  is   hack
the often repeated query of What
has been done in the police investigation? Has the case been sidetracked? Was it smothered? Were
the police officers white-washed?
Were  they exonerated?     To   all
:such   questions   there is but one course it   is  easy   to see how by I Mining Company's new road  from
reply—"don't know."    People of a j hanging a question like this  up to | the month of Mineral  creek to the
again, and whilst I think he ought,
as a public man, to have dune his
duty as a commissioner before leaving the city, there ought to be no
time lost in giving the decision on
the  trial- of   the   policemen.     Of
quarter of a mile
The find is  solid
looks very fine. One would almost
think it was pure copper. They
have not dune any work on the
property as yet. The width of the
lead cannot be determined, but
thev judge it to be about 12 or 15
The Consolidated   Alberni   Gold
■credulous turn of mind may attri-1 dry the persons interested and
liute the delay to the absenee from those who brought in tho charges
the city of one member of the board, are placed at a very great disad-
Mr. A. R. Johnston, but if that; vantage, as a prolonging ot the
•was any obstacle to a termination j judgment creates a sense of failure
of thc case it is now removed, as that works to the disadvantage of
Mr. Johnston is here; Police Magis- the defendants. Thus we hear the
trate Simpson is here: so is Mayor | oft-repeated cry. This investiga-
Davison, and we cannot believe tion, that was going to prove so
their time is so very valuable or so ' much, has come out a fizzle; there
fully occupied but what tl.ey could ; i. nothing in it. If any one will
find an opportunity to come to- ■ jurt remember tho anxiety of the
gether and finish their labors on; Free Press ant} its friends
this case. The issue is a plain one. j passing sentence against the
■Chief Crossan and Constable ' prosecution before it was through,
Thompson have either transgressed ■ for the purpose of giving the peo-
beyond the bounds of prudence, or ' pie chaff to chew (as it knew there
u vile conspiracy was concocted to would he plenty of time to digest
deprive them of their positions aud the empty skin), it is easy to see
ruin their character. The charges | the whole plan. But even this
laid against them and sworn to are' tactic is based on the assumption
' either true or false.     If the hitter, that   there   are  a    large  number
Alberni mine is now completed, as
is also the ore chute from the tunnel, and it is expected that ill a
very short lime the stamp mill will
be in full swing. The newj find on
the Victoria, one of the Consolidated Alberni Go
group, has turned out good. It
carries free gold like the Alberni,
and the quartz in both is so much
alike thilt one can hardly tell them
ap ift; there are also two other
ledges cut by the new mad which
promises to prove valuable.
Advertisements Ch»uged.
We direct the attention of our
readers to lhe following changes
in our advertising columns;
This column is open to the. i ublic and we
heartily invite lhe citizens to make
use of ii for discussing public questions.
We ure not n sponsible for tlie opinions of
our currttpui,dents.
Progrt-siic Christianity.
Editor Mail.—Aa a read *r of your
paper met one inteiebte., iu BUVial and
moral reform. I uuin-ratulate you upon
ihe outcome of yiuir rena ariielo on
ihe duly of Christian Ministers ul our
i-iiy to deal with Hie numerous soeial
innl ili'ins wRieli eitiTi us bin peeuliar
manner, from the fact that the kev, T.
IV. Hull last Sunday evening- prearhed
an excellent sermon on tint subject*.
Whilst I do uol wish io he critical, X
'unless thai 1 was sunieuhat disappointed that the uisi-uurae din not lane the
course expected hy iiiiiny. Mr. Hall
dealt with his subject fo iii a theological
standpoint, which was to he expected
from liis position a- a ti iuisier, bill tlie
ureal suriui questions were uut handled
as one.would have liked to see. I gi.e
Mr. Hall credit for sincerity, and leel
sure that as sunn as he inin'out-tny
understands the question, he will nui
he afraid nor backward iu speaking out.
1 deduce tne two following propositions
I nun his remarks as calling fur passing notice,
1. That society first needs regeneration, nut reconstruction." This is just
wlial X believe, llie reformation uf man
must be the lira I tiling. X admit thut, a
man may have guud serial enviromcuis
ami remain a bad liiau; X admit also
that there is a greater tendency lor a
goud man to make his environments
belter, than for good environments to
make a mail goud; but the preacher
said nothing of.the beuelicial influences
oi good environments and circumstances j
in helping a man toward goodnes uud!
regeneration. As an intelligent observer I
of humanity in all its Burial conditions,
1 cannot help seeing the barriers placed
iu the way of human regen ration by
thu existence of injustice and inequality reurred to by Mr. Hall. There is
coastal t and persistent agitation going
un tu i hange these epnditions, yet my
cuinphiilil—if complaint there tie—Is
that ministers rarely refer to the wrongs
alleiting society. When they do sn,
men wiil be ready tu come in and assist,
and regain tlieir voice us ol great im-
pui'iuin-e affecting the tile   here and tlie
Pi-imiuinv'^ ! I"" beyond,
■       • 2   "Thai Christianity contains all the
We have just the sort of Shoe* tt will pleaae
parent* to sen ttiein wear
Shoes (or school, for play, for skating or snowballing,
Now the Biiow antl Ice have eome.
Fit the little fellow* here, where the sheen sold
are reliuhle imd ecuitnniit-Hl.
Little Shoes—Little Prices.
Whitfleld'3 Crescent Shoe Store
from   the canal.
copper  ore aud
Mr. Thos. Morgan is calling for
mure orders for his $27 suits of
clothes. Every thin.* is Al at
Morgan '8.
Mr. Whitfield, the hoot an 1 -hoe
man of the Crescent, is nlinou icin;;
line bargains in children's footwear.     Drop   in   and   inspect  his
no time in dispelling the cloud  of  and ready waiting to beguiled into istock some tune wlien you are pas-
susuicion which rests on them.    If believing what the Free Press  and'sing.
true    *    *    *    So far we have re-  its friends are wishful for  them to I    Auctioneer Good  is   calling  for
frained from   commenting  on  the  believe.    Every   kind   of   strategy ! ■*""■"*-   second-hand   furniture,   for
If the hitter, that   there   are  a
then the Commissioners should lose of people in the city  interested  in
elements necessary for the reconstruction ul society." X may say atuiiee Cti-.it
X annul this also. My dispute has
neve been with Christianity, (ami t, e
same may be Said u, yuur article) but
with the lepiesentaiion oi it iu i •
world. Lliies the liev. gentleman con-
si,ier ihat the past teaching of the
chur •!>—or tiie preSt nt tor thai matter—
bus ever contained the elements necessary for the re-vonstruotiou of society?
The past history of.the church goes to
prove ils uppusiliun to every scheme ol
reform both o a ,illi tleet a , ml nihil
tilii*. Every one ol wm. n cniains tne
elements necessary lor this reconstruction. This leaching was forcibly liruugnt
out last winter  during   a   course ill nil
Owing to the advance iu
Flour, the Bakers of Nanaimo and Wellington have
decided to raise the price
of Bread.
On and after the lst of
November, 1896, the price
will be
16 Loaves
For One Dollar
Smart & Thorne
Wilson & Matthews
F. Rowbottom
A. J. Smith
L. Schmitz
J, Black
C. Docile
Tliclioveriimeiit Pnilge "Mudlark"
in Rough Weather.
All the small craft caught nut iu Wed-
nes ay night's gale reporl r.mgli experiences. Probably the most excuingui
the-e hinged upon llie narrow escape
f in ilest nn -tiun of the dredge Mudl irk.
while proceeding to Vancouvi r in tow
of the tii-'s Pri ill-ess anil Hope, the lorn -
dresses at tlie Y.M.C.A. by   Mr.   Hal,ih Ier being her regular lender anil the  lilt
Sin ith, a Methodist  in. ai preacher.   X ter the Sayward mill boat.   Off Uisenv-
aduiire Jesus Christ ami   His  leaching   ery island the cumbersome crult be. nine
pros and cons of the case, leaving j has heen used to blind US to the
to the proper authorities, the Board , facts of the case, and I am pleased
of Police Commissioners, to adjudi- i to see that so few are being blinded
■cate on the evidence produced, and, [ by tiie cunning process. Now a
as nature kindly conferred on us! few words on the upshot of this
more than the average amount of j cunning (if the people do not stop
patience allotted to frail humanity,'and think) is opportune
i\e experienced no difficulty in liv- all I wish to make reference to a
ing up to our  resolution   to  await ( leader   which   appeared   in    The
thi decision of the   board.      But I Mail on the 24th inst., which deals
i '
lhere are times when patience ; with the question of a non-partisan
ceases to be a virtue, and we believe Council, suggesting, as it does, the
in the case *oT the late police investi- conduct of the "solid four," as an
gation, that time is now. We example of strict partyism. The
candiily admit that our supply of good sense of your article is un-
the Livii\e attribute is nearly ex- questionable; the importance of
hauftid, and in saying so we but the fact it seeks to bring into ex-
voice the '-sentiments of a large ! istence is undeniable, but the pos-
wajority of the people of this city. I nihility of its achievement is away
We have no desire to refer person- in the distance, and can only be
ally to any particular member of: hoped for when lost laurels are
the board and trust that immedi-, handed hack to the good old party,
nte action on their partwillobviate'True, as you say, reason should
tho necessity of again referring to come to the rescue for once and
this unpleasant question. adopt the give and take policy   for
; the general good. But how much
will you have to "give"   and   what
i proportion of the "takes" will you
Alderman W. H. Morton has get, Your theory is sublime, and
published his card announcing his j f hope you will continue to  teach
which he is prepared lo pay spot
cash. If you have articles of furniture to sell drop Mr. Good a  caro.
Mr. Jas. Young is announcing to
the public that he is going to cleat-
out bis boot and shoe department.
Those who are acquainted with Mr
First of Young's method of business will
realize that this is an opportunity
for bargains not had every day.
 » a »—•—
The Mayoralty.
intention to become a candidate for
the Chief Magistracy of Nanaimo
for the year of our Lord 1897. Mr.
Morton in his announcement,
makes several departures from the
usual stereotype   phrases on  such
the importance of municipal matters being free from partyism, but
I confess when 1 remember'how
this strong party feeling came into
existence, and the present practice
of the old party  to reduce every
oecanions. It is customary for | thing to their own good, lam afraid
♦andidates Feeljing the suffrage of jyour g00(] advice is of no avail. We
the people to either publish a plat-1 have conquered the few who have
J-rm setting forth their views and i shown-themselves believers in the
j-rinciples-iorelse state that they old freebooteirflfLw:
vi.t, nef<,r# tbe t.»y of election, hold |Th, ,.00(j nMraux
Ottawa News.
Ottawa, Nov. 28.—The Premier
is yet undecided about his trip to
England,saying that he might have
to co, but he does not want to do so
this winter. -    ■
The Postmaster-General is about
to rejoppose a postage rate on newspapers having free transmission in
the country of publication; say of
one eent per pound. The object is
to shut out advertising fakes and
help the business of legitimate
newspapers. Hun. Mr. Mulock
asks for suggestions on lhe subject.
The government have received ad
vices of the modification nf the
Guatemalan tariff from February
to June next during the period of
the Central American exposition;
Many articles, including fish nnd
canned goods of all kinds,1ruit, etc.,
will be admitted duty free.
This is the time of commissions;
Mr. Greerar, of Hamilton, has heen
appointed to inquire into the election of the member for Algoma
being held on June 30 instead of
June 28. Mr. Seager, of Gnderieb,
is to investigate the charges in connection with the Coburg custom
house. Mr. Lazier, of Belleville,
has been appointed to investigate
the charges of partizanship preferred against Postmaster Farrow
of Brussels.
a-e.\plllleil in lue par.uile ol tlie g'.O
S .niaiiian, but I think ttie chiuvh n 8
cane far snort ol continuing llis phn
However, I was more than pleased lo
perceive all indication iu Mr. Ha.l's in-
teuliuu to look at these (jucSliuuS as
lhe affect us to-day, and can assure him
of the aiteinlaiice ul men, who have
iiiiiieiLo lieid aiuoi, to near him wlien
Christianity ii presented iu such a way.
as tu make them realize that it is fur
this world us well as the next.
Yours etc.,
liAUNBBT X'liixKua.
Foreign   coal  shipments  for November were as follows:
by thu nbw vancouver. company,
Name and Destination.        Toss.
Str Holyoke, Pt Townsend..      26
lik Carrollon,'Frisco   2,318
Ss Wanderer, I'l X'ow iiseud.. 38
Ss Signal, Juneau, Alaska... UUO
Ss Peter Jebsen, San Deigo...   4710
Ss Edith, Taciimii  W
Ss W illapa, Pt Townsend        00
Ss Aztec,  Ai-apuli-o     4UU3
. od
' 50
21) I
Ss Willapa, Juneau
Ss Edith, Taeoma	
Ss Wanderer, lJt. Townsend
Ss Sea Lion, Pt Townsend ..
Ss Willapa, Pt Townsend...
Ss Angeles, Pt Townsend.,.
Peter Jebsen, Los Angeles..
Ss Willapa, Juneau  . ..'	
Ilk liig Bonanza. 'Frisco . .
Str Pioneer, Pi Townsend ..
Str I'acoiini, I'l Townsend...
unmanageable, ami had it no been fur
the assistanre of the (J. P. N. steamer
Maude, which was going to Nanaimo
for coal at llie time, might al least have
suffered serious injury. Che following
d iy, however, she was pas.-e I by the lug
■SkViguie proceeding slowly in rough
water without the Maude. She expected to reach Beaver Point safely, ami
mere tind shelter unlit inline, weat er
allowed her to continue her voyage,
When the Skidgate reached Vhtoria
she was three days out Iron) Nanainio,
having beelV obliged through bad weather in make the hip by stretches, as she
I,a I a big Scow load of rock in tow. Tlie
steambarge Fiinrul suffered most, however, from the effects of the storm, having blown ashore near the East Saaiiieh
Indian reservation... She was light at
ihe time and when the' lugs Sadie and
Suidegiite went to. her assistance Friday
morning she .ll.mi.eil. i».tf fcoinp.iratlvely
little damaged. Her stern post was
carried awav and she is lacking a shoe,
but otherwise her injuries are trifling,
Alter being rloaied she was tuwed iu lee
ol James' island, ai d the Ski,legale will
take tier up to-the Terminal Cily lor repairs. At the time of her accident she
was bound to Vancouver from  Victoria,
We have a verv -complete line
of Large Sizes in MEN'S
UNDEKWEA&   A full range
ef prices.   You can have the
Canadian make or the best
Scotch, which conies in pink
arid natural colors.
Sizes, 42, 44, 46.
Commercial St., Nanaimo, B. C.
You will need it for the Xmas Holidays.
MORGAN the Tailor has just what you      a
i want for a Good Warm Suit in .... .       J
^   EnglisX Irish and Scotcli Tweeds j
^^   and Heavy Serges. t
2 i   IS TTI I] PRICK. |
In Mike anl Fit I gurantaa to pleasa you. $
Commercial Street.
k%**r-%/%**»'%'%-%*-%%« *•%%>%%-%••
.HAVE     YOllR ee*.
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs
—■ DONE   BY   THE «-=
"rioneer Steam Laundry
_,_» < By so doing you will PATRONIZE WHITE LABOR
■^ j And help to GET RID OF THE CHINESE!
Dye Works in connection. ».Mgm>>-
P. O. Box 95.
D. M. STEWART, Proprietor.
-DP«tints *o disou'S th« issues in
whii-h the people*-«re"roosHnte'r-
tsti d. Mr. Morton does n«ither;
tie nm r»J.y sny;-, "I beg to solicit
jw vote-ilon the lim-is-of prngres-
Tlie simple pUn,
Tliat t|,ey alioultl keep  who have the
power,   '	
And they nhonl'1 get who cn.
Yet we welcome a compromise
for the sake of the city,   but let the
St. Alban's Chnrch.
•The choir, soeial of Sl. Alhan's
church will be held in the Free
Press hall tomorrow evening. Tbe
members of the congregation are
also invited to attend.
8   City of Topeka. Sitka...
8 Kxrali-ior, Karliik  :..'.'.;
6   11 P Cheney, Honolulu  ■ 2051)
(1   J C Poller,'Frisi-o  1D5J
9 CoBtaKit-M,  'Frisco  24(10
11   Wellington.'Frisco  ... 250D
18   Al-ki, Mary Islam!  UUO
13   City ol Topeka,  Vietoria ... 860
18   Astoria, Pi Angeles,...,;..... V
18   City ol Kverett, 'Frisco .'..v. '3600
10    Williiiinette,Juneau  2200
24   Cosla Kii-a,  'Frisco  2450
28   Al-ki, Pi XowiiBend  876
27 Wellington,'Frisco   2000
28 (iatherer, 'Frisco  22U0
28   Tylme, Pt lowuse'nd -. 6
Total  24.898
Tyee, Tacorna  800
The proposed   expedition   next
year n-zainst  Khartoum   will, it is
said, number 2,5,000 men, nf whom
18,000 will be Egyptian troops and
7,000   British    troops,    including
batteries of  the  Royal Horse ai-
tillcry and   probably   a   Highland
22J2 I regiment,  an Indian brigade  ttith
881 cavalry, amounting io 20,1*00 men,
271 all to be  available  ior  an   attack
upon Oindurinan, the furtilietl dervish camp near Khaiiouni,  where
.fierce   righting   is   expected.   The
'*"*'' i dervishes there  are  reported to be
170i at least 60,000  lighting   men   and
2(i0 the foris are defended by 70 Krupp
City Market
Wholesale' and Retail Butchers
P. O. Box 227 Telephone 7-8
Sanaimo Business Directory
ARKKR & IM-TT8, U urns tern and Solicitors.
Commercial btreet.
G.G.&B. I. Westwood
Are now prepare-! tn Cut nnwn OM
Axle*, bv use ul hii Improved Machine, milking lliem as gnud as new.
Done In the most approved manner.
Their prli-esare right,   (all anil see
F. CANE, Barrister and Solicitor, Room II,
J uli ii film i Ulovk.
cINNKS .Ii McINNES, Barristers,  Room «,
Johnston Block, Commercial street,
Y'ABWOOt) & YOUNII, Barristers, corner ol
Cummeri-lal anil Bastion streets.   .
It   II.UUiY, Botanic Druggist, WlnlleM Cres-
..   cent.   Try Hardy's Hie Ointment.
It  MASON, Dentist    Kxlracting • Specialty,
Oas and Kther administered. .*
Oltlce, Odd.Fellow's Block, Nanaimo,   ■
J. CURRY, D. D. S„ Oreen Block.
•  class work guaranteed.
Municipal Council
There   was.no  quorum last  night at
the council, only  Aid.   Morton   and
,„   u    ,. r.       , Planta being on   hand when  eltjj ulerk
W. R. Dunn, Secretary. Thom,«on 2\tM time.
Highest Hcno-s
K pure Crape Cre»m of Tartar Powder.   Fr*
•tarn Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterar.:
40 Yun the Stan-fart*
ALL FREIGHTS left on tlie,
Ninmimo Wharf Co.'s Whurf!
will be at owners' risk.
«.R. JOHNSTON & CO., Wharfingers,
Shamrock Livery Stables
An Exprecs Van meets all
TraiiiH and Steamers Dally, and
On Hand to Order at any hour
at Ki-oKAin* urn
tJ |iro|irletors. Victoria Crescent. Dispensing
and family recipes a specialty.
Medical Hall, corner ..ommercial and Bastion streets.   Telephone 1*6,
VANUWO  DYE  WpRJCH.-lij-sIng, Cleaning
and Repairing    14 Nleol street.
0. Ciuhi.tiin, Manager.
MARSH, Wholesale  Dealer In   Fish  and
Uaine, ilasliini -itreet, Niiiiniiim.
■U   WOLFE, Financial and Insurance Agent,
I.  Johnston Block.
L-iOKEMAN & HARDY, Real Estate Brokers-
Button street.
ANTED-AII kinds of Old Cook Stoves.   Articles of nver- description bought and
sold.   D. TAYuiK.'.'iimmcrclal street.
Masonic: liulidin-*.
ronivt Chun!* M<


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