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The Nanaimo Semi-Weekly Mail Nov 27, 1896

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 If you seo that on your sack of
Pastry Flour
Vou can ue sure tlmt .v-mi "-hit-ve tlie best
for ilioro cau he no better.
i     >DH:K A JULIET'
Coiiii-h tiio-'jost Toa offared lo ilinm-inrf.
nullum buyers In JSril„,„ tlulutiMu.
uvnlen Manager,   t
toiurttut lletotu.,. | a-,i» Agents n. C.
■W. T. MIME 4 CO.
VOL. II.-NO. 41.
WHOLE NO, 100.
We do not Pretend
To be giving goods nwny for nothing,
but we do claim to sell goods at the
.Lowest Possible Prices
We carry a very large stock in
Groceries, Flour, Feed, Provisions
Boots and Shoes, Rubbers, Etc.
We are offering gj^^pg in nearly all lines.
Here nre a fow;
Good English Breakfast Ten, 7 llis for $1.00
Granuhited Sugiir, IS llis for $1.00
Extra Choice Rolled Oats, 30 Mis for $1.00
Very Choice Bonus, 40 lbs for $1.00
Tomatoes, wn nan ted goud, 12 tins for $1.00
Peas,   do   do   12 tins for'$1.00
Corn,    do   do    12 tins for $1.00
Beans,   do    do    12 tins for $1.00
Pumpkins,    do    tlo    S tins for $1.00
Electric Sonj"), 20 burs, 65 cents per box
Mining Boots, nailed, $1.50 per puir
(..'hililii'ii'i-i Luce Boots, sizes 7 lo 10, Gllc. per pair
■ -    Cliilih'cn'.i Laco Boots, sizes 11 lo 13, 75c. per pair
Boys' Heavy Lace Boots, from 90c. per pair
Men's Heavy Lace Boots, from $1 15 per pair
Women'.-) Lace lioots, from $1.00 per pair
Women's Button Boots, from $1.25 per .pair
Misses'  Bntlon  Bools, from  75c. per pair
We hnve a lot of Bai-gaiils in our Store.
Seo the new Price    ist	
y Crescent.
Wet WeatlKr Footwear*.
Meirj's, ha dies', Misses'
apd G'ri'dr'eo's-*
.. *, gumTBoots
City and District.
HeSRi-a Jas MrGreuor, F McB Yonng,
ariiI some other sports hada ralher remarkable iixperience yesterday afternoon whilst duck shooting in Ihe buy.
Aluittl. 3 p in, as they were retumill'*
with two in* three pour little ducks ivii.li
hardly any feathers on, they were suddenly, uml, we  presume
Fall  Assiv-i'i--.
At the assii-PB on Wednesday morning
V.. Uodgsou wus I'lirinnily discharged
from I'liBnuiv.    Mister Lewis mul Doctor
The Coal Tadc.
.1. IV. ITni-i
GasI? Boot and SJK)e St0I>e
17 aijd 10 ygorpi*QerdaI Street
E. E. G. Johnson, Mi*
ii' ■" ■'.*:-, ■ ■     . • ■ -5-,i
■  ♦sSy
f 8 7.-,
.  II 26
11 uu
. 14 i"i
. Ill (lu
. 2:1 till
We are showing a Ver}* Choice Selection.of
each ofthe above ofthe Very Latest Styles.
1 Ladies* and (lira's Hals
Are the Most Fashionable of the Season.
\\H .n,BOKELL & MORRIS' imKRVPHs'S    .
ri,.,ARK ALL RIGHT. 3s&,
M«do fr tin telot-t 1'rnii hii 1 ('nm* jit gar.    The ffn-ntesl cure In exerel od in   hoi: nreparu*   t
Uo u an 1 e*4q u.Hito nl "i ill i« ;.s >i nerved    rt'e only liitiku oneq ml ity—I ie best- i
the %RmotiH supplied to the order of lilt Kxoellmcy Lord Aberdeen. /
W JjfCHE/jPAW I BUY OKELL fi KMUS'. Th*jy m h PjrasJjtnJ^BestJ
Period for only	
Kttrly Bird for only	
.-a vou Boy, So. s, fur only	
Perfeet Urn, No. 8, for onlv	
"it,     "      	
" "  ii. und s'licif-for onlv    36 00
" *■  it,und rv.si'ivoir.onlv      -   Ht-i ui
" "  !', dhdf nnd Koserwiir.oHly .-in 1*1
" "   U, Itl'llKO, onlv  tfK Ml
" " 9(lurm), Haitfie«niily .... tW Uo
" "  ii, Itiiiigi* mil aholf  :!^ flO
Empive Jewel, No, U, only  IM 111
 it, Bitlige, only   Htt'OU
"        "       " 8, Uniige, aliwf imd Re-
SOrvoir, only   4ft 00
Also (i No 91*15 New Rtiiige, only Uo ou
■*  ' " ■•"    'Si ou
(The Above two ■ ■■■tii hnve Ke orvoir?)
£&■- What no one ui.-e enn do—WJ3 WILI
ggarantke kvkky stove on kangk
we .-end out r.t ourlloomc. The Hbove list are
the Heaviest and Host I .ken" in the elty. Your
pernio ul Inspeeilou of Ihem invited.
(;itv Auction Rooms
JK.U.KO TENDERS, ailtlrt-saeil Im Hie
till Im rei-plv
For Wholesome
Vegetaliles of till
kinds tlmt tire in
season, get them at
In tin* uiily viyiij-e tti nt is -hhiiI
im- (lit* 11 en I III. W it in 11 li in
win-... iliiin ntiiliiii-- Hitliniil
tlrynesa. Wet let t nmy luin^
mi uny iimiilit-i' nl' 41II111 cuts
Wi ut iiij.' iiiir KuMfi'3 in Im
tti'ii'lu-r i-iiiii-iinii'i'H tli'y I'litilllm,
Our Kllllllt'l'B lilt! Ili|*||, tin
in lilt*., 1 111111 ill-, anil iii.|n-ri ioii.-
tn iliini|iiii'i'S.    1'ry llii> liiitii' >
lillllllfIS at
fo You Want to Borrow ?
5*500,     rcpHyiihlc mnDtlily in s yeti*)-, at 1*7,51
11,0(10 ri'lliililll'lni l.ll.li inMriils.nl If li'i.I I
12.000 ti'i'iinil.lii ii.i.iiilih Iii 8 j-iifrs, 111 t.'li.<*■
' .Other nitmiiiils 111 prnptirtl'iti. Lnnns iiinili'
I.011I.V on First MnrtBnui* nn Ihiprnveil Tnwii 01
^Clty Prnperty. Kgfitr ,1 i.k S.11 iNns. I.n.i> a-11
Lbfii.i.iM, .1--111 i.itu'K.L'I tumuli, nt , run.nin
'■ ,-t.E 1 ',  -.C'lHTKY, Igi'iit,
ltootu No. It Jiiliiistnii Him k
Ish And
fame Market
I. MARSH, Prop.
Sewing Macbine Supp y House
In British Columbia in til
29 VlOTOKIA Ckescent
••'here Neeillen, OH, nnd Attachments can be
Imd for all makes .of mucin nes.
Machines  of   all  klndn repaired  on   short
notiee, ami uork gtiar.tuteed try
si'cmnl■ Iliiinl .Mhi'IiIiii'h lor wlc at a low
ilKitru. mm iisiitHll
who will c-all 611 you
OII08 every week.
Listen fnr his lull.
G001I Potatoes,
at moderate jn-ieesT
Onions, 11 llis., 25c.
100 llis. for $1.65.
Reserve yotirorder until he
Slore—Dav's Old
Butcher Shop,
Nicol Street.
ItiiiiiMiiids, Kuliies, I'l'.irlr-, nt' till)
kind of Slmieetiti le rupltieud, mid
alt Jewelry made or reptUreii at low
prices, hy celling oil
r     xx    dtt ra Mannftwtnr'nir
\j.   13.   MIL'uo     Jeweler
If You Are
In Need
Seasonable Duy Goods
Fashion.*,!)!.!', and
nml nil tlie |"i|inlnr
Patknt Medicines
at presenl on tlie initittt't, ut
Phices That Will Defi*
CAll. ON	
Excelsior Market
floods deliver*] (roe lo any pert of the city.
Vj I'lirsltnasiw-lit-in-nil, nil
HI Oiliinii iinl.i1 lm.iii i,n I'ntn.tv, thi.Tmi
i-'mii.-i'Aitv sisxr, fur the i-imveyniii-tt u
Her MujVsty'n Malls, on a (il-nptiBeil i'on-
irai-t. mr linn- vitn-.o, twine pet- need eanli
nay, liein-een CO.MOX antl NANAIMO,
'ruin the Ist A|nil next.
The I'tiiiveyarti-e in he nnuie In a -jntnl
nnl snllirienl Fteniner, sillijei't at nil
tiint a in the ti'i|iruvtil nl ilie Poj>iuiiiiium-
ii'iieral, .e.,l in iticlmle iin- sen i ■,• .;,
lie inleiiiie'liiite i'.i.-; Ulfiit-s til 11 irnln
'rIiiiiiI, Hi-iiiiiaii loluml, L'liiiin Uny, uml
1'inn.i-il nntii't'S t'nntaini.ii-i further in-
nl'llltllioil US tO   I'llllliiliilllS   nl    |i|..i|iiisri
niiliaitt may lie seen ami blank i'iii-uirhI
■ i-ii'inr mny lie olilillneil at tin- uluivt
I'iiPI OHlt't'P, nn.I .-it liiin !>l!i ...
I'usl till) e insj/f i.^-
I'list Offi e [nsiieetiif's Otli f,
Vii'tnria, 2l..h Niieemliui, lfiafl.
-Is-iiln^! Rflti-I Rpsfanpfln'i
i.--iii.i ui t.t)i.ui ituolu.ut uiil
Sunday, Nov. 29, I«!)(J
Ui.l-iluy Dinner from 12 tn 3 u'ulo.-l;.
TWKNTV i'.Vl. CliXi.s.
rison writes ns follows i-on-
|t'ei-iiiiij- the eniiilitiiiii of lhe San Frair-
isro i-onl market: "Dnrii v the week
lieorne, two In.liana from Rivers fillet Uiere have lieen 10 arrivals from the
pleatleil-hiIIIjV to tailing part.-in an nn* eollierles with lii.SD!) inns eoal frei-.
lawllll <litii-i- mil were senleneetl Intiwi: Australia 2 arrivals with 2*,2j tons All
months imprisonment, the Jtirlue re- |th.. wharf i-ouin is taken up ami all the
murkinic- tliHl ii was the niiniimin Bent-1 eoalleams are Inisily en-faxed takinifde*
, dinauri-ceuljtv'l oni-e. Ue wonl.l have liketl to have; nvery of -eeent KrHvals, ami it ill he go'
snrpriseil tu Iiml theniRelves In elose | merely hoitml them over hiul he Innl the I for several weeks lo i-ome. '/"ortunalelv
proximity toa minis er of the deep. Mi* power. His Lordship In disn'n'r'iiio" tliB principal wholesale dealers have the
MeOrejfnr says it was a l.iur fellow, ami ■■'« petit jurors made a few pleasing re- neeesflarv aeeessofies for tHtHdltiu coal
they p:ini|ied almiit 40 Imi-rels of shot niarks and thanked them ior their <al- expeditiiiuslv, otherwise-sWp's elaims
liuo it.   Had they had a rlBewith thvm ! lendam-e. for deniurraije   would   he occassional Iv
ne would have hail a supply of Iduliher      Al 8:80 p.m. the Grand Jury present-; handed in.   Business this  week in thi*
-■ifli lent lu perfume the whole locality I6-' ,!'e followln** preRentinenti \hne has heen verv lively hnth forstenn?
To the HomiralileMr. Justice Walkem  ,„., fw thwiestle uses,   parfictil-^yThe
Presiding Judgo. i lailer, as the recent storms have forced
.p,^~;   t        i ,ii .   ;-""rl'"usckeepeia to innrease  their fuel
Ihe (iiaiiil  Jury  have  the   honor to  ennsuinprioii tn warm their   residences
present for etinslderalion the following: Quhtatituis remain alioat the same ex-
LargequantiiieBof explosives are cor.-|,.ej)i. for steam  grades, which  show a
veyed through the city-, and are l em por-  heller feeling,  as the  writer has heen
anly stored on  and   afferwards  loailed  prerfieHing for two month, past Ihat the
Irom the wharves, on   which we arc in-   pri.-.-n then ruling would not he rewe-ited
formed   as many  us  twenty   ions are  for a longtime to eome and that  values
nailing al one time to he shipped.    A e( had assiii-ediy to  a.ivance,  which  thev
whereth,,.p„,,,,,Sespenoinga,,,,,, six ^^.i-^l,;T^';i:i;"^t,;or,i:;i,*'",n,^;;;t;;;7::;^^';::;^il^i-no?^
proper authorities, with your strong duplicated in 1897. Swansea Anthracite
i-eciininienilalinn that the practice he has heen ma-fluid rip fully *i per ton.
put a stop to' Without delay, as the lie ami Australian is moving up slowly'
oi every citizen and Hie very existence Coke has heen'advanced 12 per ton ul'-
o! the city is m jeopard v, tlle Muni ipal | though stocks ou hand are ample for all
t.iuncil, recogniziim theilaiiiri-i-, passed immediate requirements; holders wid
a h.v-law smne lime ago, prnhiliitiug llie force consumers to siihstitute oilier fuel
trans ernr storage ol explosives in the if they quote it any Mgher. The present
city, hut we are informed that it rami..I   depression in outward "rain freights will
he enforced, as the mailer is hey I the   force coal carriers t.,-seek more profitable
province ol the corporat ou,   hence our  ImsineSB elsewhere.    Wheat is the dict-
.,,,    ,   ,   .„. anxiety that you should  give   it  your atorof the situation, liat-UisiniDrndent
uy council?   Noi   They have no officer immediate  atiention,   We understand  sometimes to assert itsijm»"tWW«„«!
that explosives can   lie  shipped  limn   sent; it , nay make ton Rage very scare*
other wharves outside  the  city  limits here in 1SJ7,"
uithout disadvtiiitage.
We would  respectfully direct  Your Wellington  J800
Lordship's attention   lo 'ihis  practice, j ljew Wellington    8 00
iViltl cal tie f'otu the Upper Country and j Southfield Wellillgton     7 Kn
•Isen here are driven throngli the streets | .Seattle       "f'fl 'dimo oo
5 00@8 60
lor some time
Tlie Presliylery of Victoria will meet
in Si Andrew's Presbyterian church in
this city, mi Tues lay, December, 1st, et
7 :i!U p in, for the purpose of inducting
Rev W I) Cuilillilllg to the pastoral
charge oi the congregation
Mr W II Ciihui'ii returned lasl evening
after accompanying Miss "Inuiiti ami
his children as far as Agassi:*, Thev have
gone to the nl.I home in New Brunswick
We wish In cull the attention of tlie
(upper authorities to the disgraceful und
.langenius conilition of the sl.lewnlks at
llie present lime. We iindeisland that
a by-law was passed hy the city council
smne time atm, whereby it is Imperative
Upon the citizens to clear away the snow
in front of  their   respective   properlie>
imiiieiiiateiy upou  tl essalinn of the
snoiistoriii.     This by-law has not been
eiifor, ed.   Then who is t)  blame,   the
> I au Iii
Beef, Spanish
a it melius.
Tout i
KxriiKES :
Kidney Saute nn Toast
Miiliiin C nips a I'liiilientie
Ye I nun Ham Pal lies
Cream i-'iitters
Sirloin of Reel' and 11 use Radish
Leg nf .Mutl.nn imn Jelly
Leg ul i'oru ami Apple Sauce
Mai la n I Hu.-k ami Cranberry Bailee
Boi I'll iiiiii Mushed Potatoes
Slcneil Tomatoes Red Cabbage
Apple Gobbler
Lemon Cream Pie Hit Mim-fl Pie
Assorte   Frulis
im of (Mm, ii. a
under llieir control u iih"suiti, ieui power
o compel nbe.iieii. e to Die liylaw. Then
is it the duty of the police? ' We think
it  is, ami   the   Police   Commissioners
sl hi see that the p.iii.e do tlieir ilutv
iu this *nmtter, and tlo it atonce. We
Know a liny who sustained painful and
serious injuries by a fall on Victoria
Crescent lasl Tuesday evening, un ac*
■■"•nt of the Bllppeiy condition oi the
sidewalk, whicli may involve the city iu
a suit. Il i.s iioiiseu.se to hlumu the "ell v
oiiiitl'l fifl- the negligence of men ovei
tvhom they hnve no control, bill lor wnoni
ihey III list provide I he salaries.
We un 'erstantl Ihat the trustees of
Wallace Street Methodist church an
securing new heating apparatus for the
church, i.nt in tlie meantime every precaution n iii he taken to make the church
com furtu hie for la ith iiiorniug ami even-
ing, lire being kejil up during Salunim
Wit Mam Hepide was cbarL-ed before.)
II Simpson I' Jl, at the city pnli c cotiil
Los ii.tiridiig ior selling iiitoxicatinc
liiptor alter hours last Saturday night,
ami was lined i,lb ami :,,, i*osis. Tiiis
cine is in connection with the one hemic
nc . ..un last I'tiesdtiy.
.Mr Dean Sjieneer lias arrived  to  lake
charge ol Spencer's store during ihe iii
ncsso MrUraut.
li. Fi.-'-) river is low fror.ei over
ioiii he m ii.t.i ujmi.fds, sl navi^aiion'
is now closed.
Tliere will be special preachers nt R|
Aliiau'8 Ciiurch iiuring Advent uom-
loen i.;g   next Sun lay.
A serious accident occurred on Sunday
iil.teruoilii whereby oue boy nearly lost
.is life. It appears that threehoys,
.1 i in an I Marl* AI irgiin and Kenneth
■I Doiullil wenl out nink shooting on
meadows, aui ou tiisem bark ing fron
i I .- b .a:, voting VI I) m.d I's gun was a -
i ten tally ilischurued, the 'oututits fintl-
Ing a io laiiig plife in .1 .'in Morgan's
thigh.   II 1  a ri inc ih  lay wascarrietl
ii   a   In.ii-e,    i   Sui.seip.eiiily   taken
KMiie, n in re Dr. MeKe.-liuie fuund tlie
thigh nnil' to be a ly shuttered, lie
removed a large number of pieces nf
.'■nie. We iinlerstind that tliere is a
|irobai ilitv that the limb cnn be saved,
inn ibe Imy is in a weak conditiou
liirongn loss of blood,
Mr. Ceo. If. Maxwell, M.P., was iu
the .-ity on Tuesday en route to Union,
where he will deliver a lecture iu connection witli the Presbyterian church
I here.
Some Indian boys had a line nnl on
I he streets on Thursday which they had
■a, lured near Chase river.
structed to introiiu -esuch legislation &*\ Scotch
would make it unlawful to drive cattle Coos Bay
through any municipal thoroughfare he-; Brvinbo.
tween the hours of 8 a.in. and 10 p.m.     j Cumberland—In bulk	
VVe regret to inform  Vour Lordship sacks	
that insane persons have been  cjnliued   Pennsylvania    Anthracite
iu the Provincial Jail uniil sueh lime as "
it all hours nf the .lav, endangering the  Bryant
lives "l ihe citisens, and ne_ would sng- j Ruck  Springs,' Caslle  Gate  and"
■est that the proper  autlwTities he   in-  Pleasant Valley    7 69
".'.'.'.   7 ba
....   5 09
....    7 #»
.... 13 5»
... 1*1 08
avoiiimodation could be I nl for them   Welsh   Anthracite''.  18 OOtSilO (8
in the Asylum   and   would   respectfully   ("annul      *llai2 ffl
ask Your Loniship to direct the   alien-! W'allscnd     ,*     a no
tion of the proper authorities to pruvld- (joke—la bulk".'.. '.' .'. " "'.xs'ooos C«
nig proper ai-eoiiiiiiijilatinii for such per- saeits 13 no
sons, and we would  at.  the  same lime | ,'j",	
request Your  Lordship   to  tulvise   lhe |       The Explosion at Illilillewaet.
.....iniiiiies to furnish sueh appliances     »       c   .1 , ...
i.tlierlhanhundcilirs ami leg irons as1 F''"» "riiier particulars which have
would efiectually overpower persons who ™"B.'" .I"'1/,? ^'"J* ?* "'?"*•■ <■>">
mav lie 1 ioleutly insane. |   -xa,'t '*a"'"-' "' [ "! **l'>°3[0"   Vn  "ev«r
We regret to iiml that the drainage in I $ , I'!1°,w'" i)lr A \ Mc'C*^lll,"1 '** '"
.■.anaimo is in a verv bad slate ami that , ,j" V?, ,'!1 Keyelsloke, and has fur-
the health ofthe citiuens is likely to a''e;1 ,e fuUowiM:* Pttdi«>* taking
suHer thereby in lhe event of anv epi- ' ^p|i^, ['"''' '^'cillewaet hye milea
deiiiic We respectfully nsk vour Loid-1 ?*Wj ,'"ul'1 .*■'"*, ■"*. **<* of the mine
snip lo particularly press'nnon lhe I -"-•**■»•-"-—"■■l.v unbroken snow over two
.uihoriiies the absolute necessiiv of in,- i ef 'j** }}» -"-gunied deeply mvstified
meirlate improvement in this direction. I^'Lt A.,° ™ V""- the  ''o-u.anager,
The UruiiTl Jurv have visited ami care-' f"eSi"R }.   "'""'' ,Ve.".t "I'at ot.ee Willi
fully inspected ihe Provincial Jail, Cen
oral School, Hospital and City Lock-lip,
( omiiiuuly .ailed the Bastion), ami are
pleased to report thai tiie Provincial
Jail, School an.l Hospital are kept in
lii'St-elass condition, and they are unable to lind any point upon which to
direct ymir Lordship's atiention.
With reference  to tlie Cily  Lock-up
( .1 Lite ionj weurein'orined that prisoners a re tietiiteu lly confined over night and
S'.iiieiimes irom  Sa lur. I ay lill  .Monday:
111 this place,   It   is   cold   and   tlrufiy,
ivililout  lire orally   sanitary   conveni-j
eiiees, and we consider it a  disgrace to,
19th century civilization that a human
being should be ielt there ior mure than
au hmr
The City Council recently leased from
ihe Provincial trovernment the old Pro-;
< incial Jail, which we have visited, and '
lind that a small expenditure by the:
City Council would place this in proper
conilition for the detention of prisoners
1 parly of ten men. After troublesome
search they found poor Miller's head
and some fragments nf Uesh, which were
given decent burial; no trace of Berger's
reinai .s were discoverable. The supposition is that the two men hatl taken
the explosive from the tunnel, where it
was usually kept, 10 the house for the
pniposeof thawing it out, the tragedy
resulting in some myslerious way. The
eon. nny have uniil now kept a paid
force of men employed in a search Ior
the remains, but owing to the deep
snow without result.
Provincial News.
Hon Mr Tarlc and party did not visit
Kootenay as ihey intended. Owing to
pressing departmental duties Mr '.Tarte
hurried back tn the capital.
II0.1 Victor Stanley, K N, second son
of the Earl of Derby, late (iovernor-
(jeneral   nf   Canada,   and  Miss Annie
Ami "we respectfully reqnesl vourLord-   I,'""'1'-''' s'"'""'1 •***'Kh-«.°. the Hon CE
:   i.........oo .i.Lo„  ,,,*, ...ionley,   were  married on  Wednesday
afternoon at Estjulmalt.    The wedding
was a very stylish ali'air.
ship  to   impress these facts upon  the
authorities with a view to the exclusive
use 01 llie ol.I Provincial jail as llie  city I
lockup.     We consider it advisable that
Ur. M'Ke.-liiiie ilelivered a lecture on I the   police office should also htflu this ed AArchbishop of Canterbury,
ihe treatment of fevers before ihe   Ep-  building,  as   the Police Magistrate ai-1    The post office authorities do not pro-
worth  League  of   ihe   Wallace  streut Ireaily holds hia court there. pose to reduce the internal  postal rate
Jli'iho dsi church.                                           We.   re.-iutilize   witli   nnicli   pleasure   to two cents, as it would  involve a fur.
Ur Temple has been formally appoint**
ther deficit of 1 h ree-qnarters of a million.
Further interruption to railway traffic
mav soon be expected. Messages from
all p.iiuls in the mountains report heavy
snnivstoinis. The wagon roads between
Nicola and Siiencc's Bridge are impassable, and the cattle on tlie neighboring
ranches arc suffering from the cold.
st. jiuux's curicTi.
A'. Investigation Into the affairs of the | V""' Lwdsliips reference to he niiui-r-
X irthlield post office was hcl.l al. Xnilh- ; ^ H*'illlh '" l*"3 «<-•«' ■-*» "ml hope 111 the
Held last Saini-.l-nv, before Mr. E. ||. m-ar lut.irc tosce a smeller erected mor
l-livelier, p .si olliee Inspector. The evi-: nmr ",e ',n¥ !"l' t,"'] treatment ol the
deuce will be  forwarded   to  ibe post. ores now being fountl in large quantities
Master-Ueneral, ami his decision will he : ",sl","'1 •Jlstan.-e Iron. Nanaimo, 1  are
anaiicl  with   interest   bv   the panics i ",!-". '"pel'd that we shall very smut see
coHecrtu'iU " a railway built It'iuii Nanaimo to Alberni
....    .„   "   . .       . ,    .,   ,  ,     .   , . i for the conveviinee of the ore, and   wilh
I he r.vncsiders have divided to  hold  „ vi(,vv u> „.)t.llj„;, ,,., .u„| ,|evBlop|n« the
their .10nun   cnteriainmeiil on   Ice.  28.   nriiUh wUwU um|oubtedly exists in the
Ralph Mniih was chosen president ami Itlist.i-i<*t
Adam   Thompson    secretary-treasurer. ,    VVe would   also respectfully   surest
in Ad-
passeuger   v t. 11 a. in., mauns, in any anil sermon.
Tin- funeral of James Thomas, son of steamers, ibe hue fatality bringing this ' -..'0 p. m.Sumlavschonl. 7 p. 111. Even-
Mr. John Thomas, of fe.lar District, prominently to'our notice. ; song and sermon. Rev. Mr. Bosanquet,
whu died nt the hospital on Weilneaday lii;n. Williams, oreacrier. Rev Canon Paddon will
morning, tunk place 011 Thursday after-                                               Foreman,  preach   iu   the   evening.    Subject:—
 nun  Hilbcri's undertaking par-     Nanalnu*, Nov 2S, 1896, "'Heath."
loi*.   There  was  a   large  ttirn-uni  of      n,s |„,r,iship said he was  pleased  lo
■daiives ami i.-ienosn..,,1 ine  citv  an. able n. say that everviliiiig Innl  mine
on  smoothly   in Ihe Court and a'l the
odiccrs were up to llieir work.
. ,   ■ 1.; 11  c      niiuiu      ninir     ivduci  M11111        r*u"-"^ir*i.
A committee was appointed to make all , (ll.lt lla, „Sl. ,,f .,|H)per ;a,WWHyg B)lol,|,|      St Andrew's Hay, 1st Sunday in
necessary iirrangeinents for the concert.  |1(j  „nf,m.e,-   ,„  til(. ease of passenger  vent, 11 a.m., matins, litany and sen
disliicl.     Rev
a very impie.'
st. I'AiUj's ciiuncn.
SI. Andrew's Day, 1st Sundayin Advent.     II   11. m.,   matins, Litany aud
sermon,   2 ... in,, Sunday school; 7 p.
Williams  said   a   few words of I m., Evensong and sermon.    Tins even-
to His L'Uilship on Iwhalf of the , inir,   (Friday),   Boys'  Brigade at 7.30;
WHEREAS It is deemed advisable m
exleinl the lime at which the rebate
1 e.ises on the payment of tuxes on Real
Estate in llie Citv 01 Nanainio.
'"'.'!.' li H J'"'.v hn-Ms coiisiiiernliouof and courlesy I Choir practice at 8.80.
•arei's: W. las- ln t'licni, and His Loniship implied com'-: wallaci; STnitKT WW
tr. urieve, John  n||,neniln« them on their work, „.„. v ,v  ,,..n .....
city and
W. A. Clinton conducted
ive service at the rooms,
Isu at the grave.    The  casket,   tins
covered with beautiful   wreaths, showing the sympathy of friends,   Tl
lowin.. «e,',.;ll,cpi,ll-l     ...    ...     . ,....,...,.ism,
,.„, John U ill,ins„„. \\ . t.ricvc   John   .,„„„,,, j,,,, ,,„. „ lU,.\r'w
Dm „„,   John   MeCiine   and   Richard .     Tll(. ,.„„„| J|lpv H,19   u,ell
*-"""'• and thc assizes closed.
Mr. V Grant,   of   Spencer's Arcade,,  -♦#♦	
Be It, theiefoie' aeicl'l.y the Muni-1 W'1"1 !|as l"'1'" »>•* f'"r "Vl'1' » week,   was '
cipal Council of lhe Corporation of theH»ken "lown to-Victor a by the City ol       uib bh.iui «"«»-"->"*»""»B as-"I Evening suhjedt: -The dtitv of 5fanal-
City of Nanainio as follows! Nanaii .11   lbnrs.h,y.      Mr.  David  ,|,B fate  „f   VVm.   Thompson,   the, , ,'"ohrisian .. ii.isters"    A  *S
Sect on I    Seeiioii  4  of  the  "Rwil  Spencer came up on Tuesday, am a ier  ,,.        , *.*• .    • 1      ,' t! j . i. *i .""JIra-*™'  ,   *  "peiia*
11mi 11 1.   ,** ' mm * ot tne    iteui 1,.,,:,,„.. 1.'1, ,1, ii,.,, „,,„,,,i   view street grocer,   Vietorin   who. invitation is given to non-uhttruh goers.
I'.siale lux Bv-law, IKIltr is hereby mn. ■ connilliili'iii nun   ine   ineillciil   alleml- 1 j 1
fifth line of apt, ll was thought best to take Mr. was   drowned   a   week or so ago,.
Rev. T. W. Hall
ETiwnrsT   cHi-ncii
,       .... .. pastor.    Services at
iisnusse.i , n a m_ rtn,| 7 ]Mlli   h11iu|hv school und
1 Bible class at 2:80 p. nt.    Morning subject:   "Thanksgiving," from a national.
The snail doubt remaining as t" 11'.'*"**1."'1"1' .»■».  ■8li-?10'-.*'  «"«*««■*»
ended by.inserting in the
the saiil section the words
ui or befor,
.I(Irani lo   Victoria.
Mrs.  Grant   and  while   attempting   to   ford  Snnke!    Rev. v*'. A. Gunton, pastor.   Service*
ine imi itav 01 Heceuioer, i.sytr-   iiisteiul   <"«' '»'."nil"".■>"■ «'•''•    We   sincerely   rjver  was ended on  Wednesday 1)V i •■ "■'-'■ •""■ " I'*111*    Sunday school and
of the worilt* •;.,,. or before the Istilay „f ^Xi«t Mr'UrantT-tlTI. „n,'"l JTSL  lhe discovery by Messrs. T. I). Kins-1 ?ible vlu**S*° >>m'
November, 1808. and that Mr. Grant will soon  be back LLlnlik.   b,„l,.  «.     st. a-vdbkw's i-RKsnYTRnrAKonuBOii.
Section 2.   This By-law mttVrlie niterl 1 Uinou-jrst us ill his UflllUl health. | ley and U. ttmoert Ot llie   hotly  ol
for all purposes as the "Real EstateTaxj    It, mav be well lo  remind  those  who
the unfortunate man tinder an  ac-
Aiiienilment By-law, lillO."    I'lissed by ' |u,fl  window  plants  that   by  removing  cumulation   of   river   wreck   some in
the Municipal Council tm the Dili day of  ,h,,m „«„v f, he wiiulowaml arrang-  half a mile below   the  ford,     The ]
Noveinbei, I SHU.
passed by the Mi
iOih day lit November, ISO'S,
1 nu a cover   ol   newspapers
Recoiisiilereit     adopted   and   finally   th,.v mav be  preserved" Ir    harm  on   „ ;""
passed by the Municipal Council on the -everelv  t-nld nights,   With plains as  ™y oer"e
Services   at   11   a.   m.  antl  7 p. m.
Sabbath school and Bible claBB at 2:3»
m.   -Preacher:—Kev David H Reid.
ver ihem  remains were inlered  in   the  Ross     Spiritualists'Hall, 1. 0. 0. £., (new
ry.    Deceased was a na-j block).   Sunday evening ncsrt «t 7-8»
I with ourselves, ii is not «o much  that  live of Belfast, Ireland, in tiie pride : P-»**
the cold conies In as that, the bent goes of vigorous.fflanJl.tod, lieing hut 86 |■HAi.rBiniTON stbkbt Mi-monisT cauBoit.
J.M. DAVISOS, Mayor.    | off, and often 11 slicht   protection *vlll   vears uf age: he leaves n widow und !    'Services al. 11 a in. and 7 p.m.   Sun-
"""■"   Adah Thomi-sox, CTM. C
lowers1 tl,e-e8""t,e°n,,J0U-A lom ^f  two children,
years of age; he leaves a widow and
d-.tv school and IHhle class at 2:30 i>J
Rev. J, D. P. Jsliinx. pastor. -^■Tj^^-^'ii.'.-'-^^.'a^yjf^.yy-*-
'had.conie to All Somls',Boiwgois- if lUe.diid., it .would .only Le to a
—  -town, to work and n«t  to dine, woman who was willing to suci-i'
^f ri!*r!e^ (Uscoutentamong Oie smart lice .all social pleasures to work
;Many lonjj'lays'helore winter is'o'er,      peqpje was .terrible, and   it   re- for .God's poor.
And now the sno.w comes down.        i monstrance     was     attempted. |     Mr. EarUieiiwajr.o was autiwyod
iComes.down lo ever wuib ermine white ;..,,,„„„„., ,K„f,„„„i.0 Mp Wh vm.' when he heard of this eonversa-
The.mea.iows, the vale, the hill;
Tolioah the .rivulet, babbling brij*bt.,
And.uiitiit jKai^.he .still.
;8o let H crtMar .with tilieruHy pall.,
The sins and ,.'nisiakes ol the years.
Throw Charity'jSiilianlle over all.,
Blot oui the sears and tears.
'Coyer our sorrows ami.tears no deep
Beep*—beyoinl our .recall.,
(Let every Uitti-r feeling Bleep.,
And trust Uud all in all.
The   "Rev. Lyon Stedfast wns
'.ono  ojf thsse parsons who take
-.their calling seriously.     When
.lie resolved to enter the Church,
lie did not do so with the object
■,«f getting a /at Jiving; and when
he did (get a li-viug, he diid not
Jeave jkjffi work to be done by the
'•Curat-.-,, i«iiid himself settle down
*to eiijioy :the income.      Among
all   Use t'Jergy iu or about the
fashionable suburb of liourgois-
town, he wus thc hardest  worker, the most generous giver, antl
the  most .frugal   liver.      Yet
strange (f-erhmps) to say, he was
regarded   with  respectful aversion by  )iiis  wealthy  stock-jobbing, cetiipany-promotiiig., s.hop-
keepinjj hearers and their wives;
and wi)'ih suspicion and disfavor
even by iiis own brethren ofthe
cloth.    Among the poor, indeed,
he   was  adored  as such a good
friead   .*.jf tlie ipoar deserved to
be,   but   there   his   popularity
•might be said to begin and end.
There    were    various    good
grounds for .the dislike  towards
him manifested   by   "the smart
:people" and the clergy of Bour-
. goistown.    With the former the
■ aversion was largely  the  result
'tpf flouted love.    When the only
son   of h-ady Fanny Stedfast,
'that queen of the   fashionable
world, and of that wealthy magnate, the lute Charles   Stedfast,
came among them, their enthusiasm   knew   no   bounds.    He
united in his person everything
-'thatthey udin.iredand venerated.
Through his mother he was connected with half the noble families of England.     Through   his
father he was a leading partner
in the   great banking house of
Stedfast & Holden.      in   other
words,   he   was veil born and
•wealthy—in   both respects in-
•comparably beyond  his  venerated predecessor, the Kev.   Mr.
Sawter,  who   was   poor     and
jonly   a   Baronet's   cousin.    If,
ih'e'n,   .they   loved Mr.  Sawter
how much more should (they lov
Mr. Stedfast?     They were prepared   to   adore  him—to go to
'.church   regularly and   worship
liis purse and his relations. And
■all  they   asked of him for this
•devotion was ,tha,t he should dine
l Through the.Cuiate, M,r. VVhym- wnen ne
[per, an intiniiitiou wasconveyed \ tion; it showed him the useless*
; to the Vicar that the  congrega- ness of attempting to induce Mr.
j.titm expected a little more of his Stedfast  to   marry   one  of his
1 company   socially, and if he re- dancing,    lawn-tennis    playing
i fused il there possibly would be daughters     The inference, liow-
' a secession.     Mr.   Stedfast   re- ever,   that    Mrs.   Ear then ware
ceived   this   awful   intelligence  drew from it was such   as  even
calmly.     He  simply  answered to surprise her husband.
.that   he  would do his duty, let     "Let   me   tell you, Josias," she
the consequences be what they *"»*d, with an air of deep conviction.
might.      For a  moment there "Let me tell yuu1 have discovered
seemed every likelihood of a ro-! ■*-•• Stedfast s secret.     Hint young
,,     ,,    ,,*   ,,.   ,        ..       ,.    man's melancholy and aversion to
volt     Mr. Stedfast continued n ;   .^^ J  and regolve nut
his former ways, und showed not, t() -m- a|.e a,,-Jue ,() one thjng.
the slightest anxiety in the mat-, He-S hild an entanglement before
ter, and in the end the discon- he came here—perhaps when he
tented faction, finding that he. was at college. I wouldn't lie sur-
did not care whether tjiey went i prised even if some day we discover not, staved—stayed to sub- ered that he's married already!"
scribe liberally to his projects,! Though Mr. Earthenwareeijojn-
to pretend to take an interest in I**-- absolute silence  as to this mat
prove tii* itim.toi :Hun-.l's ;*. r*.       .,.i    pusl
live, jiorfuut. lairtiuuiviii li'tru*.
Curos in" seriifiili  in   sever.nt   liirins. tlltn
Ijoiti'-j. sweW.-'i jttutlt. ntiiuitig sni-iis, liip
(Intense H-ires in tlic eyes.
Cures of Hull h'lit-iiiii.Av't'' iin tuti'iiae itrlilni'
aiiil Inn-,    ■ i  .1' I   el. t Hi r. etc.
Cures ol ii..:!-. l'i e-i'*   ml  -il 11111111' oruii
Hums .i.i- tn :..,.' .ri hi it. i.
Cure: nf Dyiipi'iii'aiui! eflier IruiiliiiawliCri1
a tftiotl stiiiiiat'li t Hiln n-.-is necilcl.
Cures of liiitiitiiiiit'aai.ivlii))-." i,,itleal.H were tin-
alilc tr> work or wall* for weeks.
Cures "I C.itarrli hy oxpi-ll'ng tlie Impurities
wliloli cause an.l sustain Uli) ilisease.
Cures el Nervousness hy properly toning and
leoiliu:* llin norvaa upon pure blood,
Cure3o' That Tin-it   feeling   liy restoring
strength.   Scud tor buck ot cures by
his  work,   aud   to  regard him
with respect and dislike.
For seye.rul years Mr. Stedfast
continued as he had begun. His
labor   among   the poor, miscr-
ter, yet his worthy spousccould nut
help mentioning, or, ut nny rate,
hinting, at her suspicions to tunny
ot her most familiar cronies, who,
under tlie strictest pledges, repented them to llieir* friends; who again
,ble, and depraved of his parish i went through the same process, uti-
was never-ending, his interest Ul every man, woman and child in
in them absorbing. Sorrow or Bourgoistown had heard of them.
sickness never crossed the thres-1 And now thatpeople began to think
hold of anv ofthe humble houses
To C I. Horn! & Co.. Proprietors, Lowell, Mass.
~       ~,    i-,r.T~ are Hie hest ufter-itlmi.tr
MOOCi S  I'l MS pills, uiil tligoatiuu.  vso.
around but it was soon followed
by the good pastor. By day and
by night be curried on his mission of charity, antl charity
brought   wilh   her   to many a
desolate hearth her sisters, faith
and hotj'e.
While   prodigal of his wealth
to those   in   need,   he himself
lived like a hermit.    The Vicarage, which the congregatio
built  for   Mr. Sawter, who
Attempted  Murder.
If James Kelly, who came  from
Singapore as acting second mate of
llie Spike, can   bo  located   by  the
police   of tins province  or   I'uget
Sound,  he  will,  it is suid, will he
brought to face a charge ot attempted murder in connection with which
is woven a story of fiendish cruelty,
of it there were other things whieh j malignity and cold, deliberate in-
seemed to confirm   Mrs.   Earthen    tenlion to destroy human Ife   that
For instance,  Mr.  has fortunately few parallels if any
milled that fr ,m lime   ■■«   »•" marine records of this  part
'nf the world.    At last  information
Kelly hatl tied to Tncoma to escape
arrest, but so serious is the charge
wares  view.
Whymper ad
to time Mr. Stedfast received letter
in 'a woman's handwriting, and
that, after receiving I hem, Mr. Stedfast would often appear for several
days to las very gloomy nnd depressed. Then again, Mr. Stedfast
would sometimes, in reply to an
unsigned telegram, rush off unex-
'"".''",! pectetlIv to London and remain
" '* 'tliere for several days. Then, worst
of all, although he was notoriously
twelve children, was almost  pa-'wealthy, still at limes, and especi
I-itiill.     Mr. Stedfast only occu-L]ivof late,hewasin wantof money,
pied   a   third   of it,   which he|so   much   so  that once he had lo
mit's cell
as a her-
He received little
compnny. Among all his fashionable relations not one visited
11 i in—not even his mother.
From time to time he ran up to
town to see them, but they never
camo to see him.
This constituted another
grievance with the fashionable
people. Many of them were
looking forward to meeting Lady
Fanny and others of his grand
relatives. That he by his uncouth and ascetic was of living
should frighten these noble beings awuy, annoyed their would-
be acquaintances extremely.
As the dislke of the smart
people of Bourgoistown was duo
to flouted love, so the   disfavor
borrow a thousand pounds from
Mr. Caplecourt; and what be did
with it nobody knew. Lastly, Mr.
Earthenware himself one day surprised him weeping like u child;
and, in reply to inquiries, he simply
stated that he hud private troubles
that the world knew, and should
know, nothing of.
With these undoubted fa'ts to
support it, Mrs. Earthenware's
theory lived and thrived. Plenty
of the worthier people of Bourgoistown did not credit it; but, in spite
of their disbelief and ridicule, it
flourished among tlic weaker-minded antl more malicious.
A rude shock, however, was in
store for it, and also for ils luthor.
To Mrs. Earthenware's disgust, ii
was announced that Mr. Stedfast
was about to marry! And who of
nil   people   in  the world was the
The Most Complete Stock
Jas. McGregor's
Victoria Crescent.
Tbe Nanaimo Bakery Excels
The Popular Bakers.
c. c. Mckenzie,
Land Agent and Conveyancer,
Town Lots anil Fiirms for Sjile.   Money to Lone
on .Mortgage tit low rutes.
Agent for the United Fire Insurance compunj
of Manchester, Knulaml.
r,! of the clergy was caused by per- chosen woman but Mrs. Caplecourt's
e verted admiration.    His brother governess-*   little,   quiet, spirit*
broken woman, a poor orphan who
all   her   life   lon-* hud experienced
clerics regarded Mr. Stedfast
with aversion because they felt
that be was doing as they should
do, and wouhl do had it not
been so disagreeable. Prosperous,    comfortable,    inoffensive
with them «s often as possible, gentlemen, as they were, these
•Jet them dine with him occasion- easy-going, over-dining parsons
'ally, and, if he could see his way : saw in the asceticism and self-
■to it, at his own good time marry | sacrificing labors of their col-
one of their daughters. Surely legaue a continual reproof to
tfeat was a very reasonable re- j themselves, and, though in their
'turn to demand for such adora-1 hearts they admitted the reproof
-tjion! They never doubted foraj was just, and admired the jjolii.-
■moment  but he would grant it lity of its author, still they could
■as '•villingl-y   and  fully as Mr.
■Sawter had done.
Imagine,   then,   the  general
'/Consternation,    when,    shortly
after   his induction, it wus an-
•nounced  that  he  had declined
•an   invitation   to   dinner—the
•second With in a fortnight—from
Mrs.   Oupleeourt—Mrs.    Caplecourt, the wife of the great Mr.
Caplecourt, the first and wealthiest Company-promoter in Eng-
■laud!    When Mr. Stedfast could
'be'huve   in  such a way towards
;him,  vih'Ai Were the smaller fry
■of Bourgoistown to expect? And
then the reason he gave  for refusing was worse even than the
refusal 'jtself.     He actually said
■that tl|e necessary work   among
the   poor of the parish was so
great'W to leave hjin little or no
time fo* &oeia} pleasures.    Thai
was th# ®-rst time that any ofthe
smart   people of Bourgoistown
-liad hea/<i of working among the
poor being more important than
dining among the rich.   "It was
not   Mr,  Sawter's way," as Mr.
'Caplecourtjustly said, "to  neglect the people who kept up  his
■church, for beggars who couldn't
put   down   a farthing, and," he
arJded,*''Mr- Stedfast should soon
find'cut ttjat such conduct didn't
;pavy;"     ffldeed,  Mr. Caplecourt
was Windignant, that he would
i)vav.e gjyei) up his pew, only his
'tfi'ife prfrsijaded  him to remain
ou in tbe  hope that she might
.:get   Mr. Stedfast  to   ask   his
mother to present her at Court.
After  a few   other    leading
members   of  (the congregation
Jthad e-cpi*rie«.»ed the same trcat-
ViieTlt <fts ifjjjfl "Oinplecourts, it be-
KWW-e'y-idie/tftt'hat Mr.  Stedfast
ami so direct is the evidence
against him ihat instructions have
been {liven to the police of each of
lho sound'cities to run him down
if possible; and if apprehended
under the American flag he will he
brought buck to British soil by
extradition proceedings t<> answer
for his misdeeds on shipboard. In
llie meantime the master of the
Spi-ke has declared him a deserter,
and has shipped another second
Kelly was picked up at Singapore and early in tlie voyage across
manifested an inclination to treat
nil forward, as one of their number
put it, "just a little worse than dogs
antl a shade better than Chinamen."
James Holland, an able seaman of
lliehetler class, was the object ol
his special and ungracious attentions, liis cruellies toward this man
being apparently studied and systematic. Finally, ac ording to
three or four of lhe crew who wit-
ne-sed the occurence wiih horror,
he ordered Holland out on the
jihhoom on some pretext durinj;
fairly rough weather on tbe 2(ith
of Septeuiher, the next moment
knocking him off by drawing past
him quickly a portion of the forward running gear.
Poor Holland fell but caught
with his bands at the jihhoom,
clasping it and calling out for aid.
Instead of assisting him Kelly is
chained with having walked out on
tlie jihhoom, holding to the gear,
and stamped with his booted heels
upon Holland's hands to compel
him to let go his chance for lite.
This be finally did, falling, not into
the sea however, but in part of the
loose jib, whicli held hitu until the
other ollicers, running up, rescued
On  arrival   in Royal Road*< the
! men had the brutal olliee summon*
&rlii}gtoi) HoteL
Having completed the erection of the Arlington
Hotel at NANOORK HAY, this hnndsome and
commodious hotel is now prepared to receive
und comfortably entertain travelers and uthere-
Is presided over by Mr**. Thompson, nml the
Table d'Hote constantly provided with all the
delicacies of tbe season. Combined with the
elegant furnished apartments, the visitor finds
the surroundings of the most pleasant description, i
Wale up!
Kirst-class Accommodation. KIrc-proof building
Terms: S1.00 Per Day and Upwards.
The Doon Hotel,
JAS. BBNNETT, Proprietor.
Commercial St.,      Nanainio, B. C.
Trespass Notice.
WHEREAS, Certain nvil-ilisiiosoil por-
s.nis have lit-eii killing xtoi-kon Vulilcz
Island, Nanaiiiiii Difitiiut, it is
RESOLVED in future that all persons!
found treBpassiiiu on the Wake Esttttti
of 760 nitres and Iiulian Reserve of 1700
luljoinini; will lie proaeuutetl to the (till
extent ol' the law.
(Sinned)     BALDWIN' H. WAKE.
Sept. 16,1896.   JOHN HASH.
Wake up to the fact that if you
invest NOW in Shares of
good reliable
Gold Mining Companies
You stand to make Big Profits,
And I—*»r
Will sell to you on terms no other
Broker in British Columbia
nothing but misery and oppression!
It came as a surprise to everyhndv
in Bourgoistown, hut to the "smart"
people and to Mrs. and the Misses
Earthenware it seemed like an insult.
The smart people, however, were
to be soon avenged, and Mrs. Earth
enware vindicated. Just iv few days
after tha engagement was announced, an incident happened whieh
threw all  Bouraoistown in a fever.,   , .. ,    „
This w«?Mr Whymper-s account *<- t«» appear in Magistrate Baynes
of it" and he was corroborated  by ^ed's court at Esquimalt   charg.
on the whole,  a   reliable    witness.!"'   present the accusation
though   she   was
with Mr. Stedfast for daring tu
think of bringing Mrs. Cnplecourt's
governess to rule over her.
Mr. Stedfast and Mr. Whymper
were holding a conference at the
vicarage on parish affairs. They
had been busily engaged for several
hours, and theevening—a dark antl
rainy   one—was   well    advancer1
The Chinese residents of Cuba as
well as the Cubans themselves  appear to be having a terrible time of
when a knock sounded on lhe  hall I jt during the progress of the cruel
door.    Mr.   Whymper noticed thnt I war, which unfortunately seems no
when   Mr.   Stedfast   heard   it   he'
started and turned pale. A moment later the housekeeper opened
the front dour, and found aclosely-
muffled woman there. She asked
in 'a hoarse voice for tlie Vicar.
The housekeeper ditl not see her
face or recognise her voice; the
vifitur declined to give hor name.
not love liim who brought so
clearly home to themselves and
the world their own delisiencies.
At first there were hopes that
as soon «s the fervor of youth
wore off, Mr. Stedfast would he-
come as other parsons are. "Let
us get him married," said the
Rev. Mr. Earthenware. "Ifthat
doesn't bring him to his senses,
I don't know what will." No
doubt Mr. Earthenware made
this suggestion in the general
interest, but some of his fellow-
clerics shrewdly suspected that
he had also an eye to private advantage. At any rate, Mr.
Earthenware had seven fine,
strapping daughters, who were
not 'going oil'' quite to his or
his wife's satisfaction. Indeed,
although thoy had many 'idmir-
ers among the young men of
Bourgoistown, so far, they were
only admirt'd, not appropriated.
Now, Mrs. Earthenware, with
feminine sagacity, felt that if
Mr. Stedfiiist only set a proper
example, soon there would be
such a 'run' upon her daughters
that even her large stock would
scarcely satisfy it.
But Mr. Stedfast was not to be
caught by the Earthenware
family. When he saw how the
wind was setting, with his usual
straightforwardness, he let his
mind on the matter be seen. He
tood advantage of a tete-a-tete
with Mrs. Earthenware to state
his views on marriage. While
not holding, that a clergyman     Lieutenant-Governor Fraser of Few
should pot marry, he at tlie same j Brunswick is tleail.
lime doubted whether marriage j The annual report of the Inland
better fitted him for his mission, revenue department was issnetl on
oeiier ntteu ui'» •»- •» Tuesday last and *lmws in theeoi.siimp-
As for himself, he said,  he pro-|tionof*;p.rUBan(. wine „ faiiing 0ff,
ba*bly should never marr.y, (-.nd, j wl4l« that of bnwr-is i-jcreasln^
reliable    witness, i'"   l,ref" ul» ~u*"    of.. at"
a trifle   ann,ved  \?"f«\  m*rdW  lll,er P™"*"£-
Ki-lly decamped on  receiving the
summons,   and   the officers   have
not yet been able  to execute the
warrant   for    attempted    murder
which next issued.—Colonist.
Any person selling or otherwise disposing of KEGS, BOTTLES, or TAPS belonging to
the Union Brewing Company
will be prosecuted.
W. E. NORMS, Sec.
Nov. 13. 189fi.
-*-    in the
Emancipation of Mental Slavery
Should hand tn llieir names at once and
liei-oine nii'inliers nl the
Freethonght Library.
24s Commercial St., Citv.
P. 0. Boi 896. S-ll-lm
nearer a close now than it did a*
year aao. A letter just received by
ii Victoria Chinamen from -the
island of Havana states Ihat the
Chinese living there are i.i inimen-
ent danger of starvation, provisions
being so high priced that only the
rich can affind to keep alive. On
the nisiht of October 17 last a parly
You have to Pay
I divide it up into
So that everyone can have an interest in Mining and secure part
ofthe Profits that most assuredly
WILL be made.
Asking the woman to step into Uf fifteen Chinese went up to the
tlie hall, the housekeeper informed '. mountains iu lhe hope of finding
Mr. Siedfast that a visitor wanted j Home -sreen leaves with which to
to sec him on "pressingbusiness"— j l*eep life in their poor bodies. They
had not about half way up the
mountain side when they met h
band of "rebels," who proceeded to
those were tlie woman's words. The
Vicar rose at once from nis sent,
and Mr. Whyinper noticed that his
face grew paler, while the expres-  (-laughter fourteen of their number,
Makea the
Most Permanent,
..d Artistic
Sign Letter
In eilitenee
sion on his face became  fixed  and
For several moments after Mr.
Stedfast went into the hall neither
Mr. Whymper nor tlie housekeeper
heard anything. If the Vicar and
the visitor were speaking it must
havebeen almost in whispers. Then
the woman's voice was heard saying in an angry tone "You must!"
and the Vicar's reply, though calmly said, was loud enough to reach
the Curate's ears.
(To be continued.)
only one escaping to write the
gmVinj t*le to his br other in
Any present subscriber to lhe
Mail can have the Weekly Globe
from now to the end of 1897 for
65 cents.
The Mail and Weekly Globe for
one year for $'2.65 if pajd in advance.
Clothes Cleaned...
Repaired and Altered
gm- Kext dour to W«-twnod"'BI«clt*mUli
~r  simp.       ^     P. o. flox m
Old Clothe* made eauti M Bo*
Sole Agent for British Columbia
Local Agent, JAS.   HIRST
Lodge Notices.
Inkermnn Lodge, No. SIB, Sons uf St.
George.—Be-mlar weeklvnieetiiii' is helil
In HiH>ert'8 Hull, Wharf street, on Saturday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethren conllully invlteil to attend.
Fred. Wagstafk. See.
Empty Bottles of any Description,
Old Copper, Brass, Zloc or U3d,
On dlipo-e ol ••me by •ildraMlng ■ po-ul to
& AAKONSVN, Box 173, Nanaimo,
Who will nil promptly >t Miy-ddreM In city
or -luburb*.
The Stamp  Mill at Alberni
Is now in operation. When results are known, up g*o the Shares
of all Alberni Companies.
And make money while you have
a chance BEFORE the rise takes
Thos. Kit-chin,
sr m
Fall Assizes.  ^^^^^^
The   following j*9ntlemen   were
eworn in on the Grand Jury: Roht.
Booth, M. G. Clark, N. W. Doheson,
J. Hickman, Sr., Jhk.  Haggiirl, W.
T. Heddle, llms.   Keith, U. 8, McDonald  (jllowed to retire),  U.  H.
Pearson, E. E. Potts,   H. RawUn-
tvm, Wm. Sinclair, W. C.  Scott, J.
Sharpies,  C. E. Stevenson,  U.  Al.
Smart, Wm. Steele, F. Wagstaff, ti.
Williams (foreman), F. LeFeuvre.
The   Court adjourned   until    1
o'clock.    Onre'uming,  the Grand
Jury returned a true hill in the case
of Carter   for   issuing counterfeit
coins, a true bill in  the   case  Dr.
George and  Lewis  (Indians)   for
mutilating a human body at Rivers
Inlet, and no hill on the first count
but a true bill on  the second and
third counts againsl James Thompson.
The case of Carter was then proceeded with. Ai r. F. AlcB. Young
•"acted as crown prosecutor. The
prisoner pleaded guilty to having
counterfeits in his possession, but
not for passim*. Air. Young decided to proceed wiih the case of
, pasring counterfeit coin on A. E.
The following jury   were sworn
in: J.   H.   Cocking  (foreman), D.
t AlcLellan, W. Hughes, W. Stewart,
W.   Anderson,  11.   Willis,   W. J.
Ritchie, Jos. Lowden,S. Thompson
► J. J. McLeod, T. Rowbottom, J. F.
► Cunliffe.
Adolph   Descovitch,   proprietor
Central Hotel Restaurant, knew the
(prisoner. He saw liim on the 8th
day of Octoher last at |his place of
t business. He came in and got a
imeal. He paid liim with a 50 cent
'piece. (Coin produced and shown
ito the jury.)    The prisoner asked
► no questions.
j   W. F. Norris, sworn, said, I  am
"tlie accountant in the Free Press
'.office; saw prisoner in the Free
JPre*s office on the 7tli of Octoher.
llie asked if it was a stationery of-
Ifice, and asked for live cents worth
l^if paper. He tendered me a fifty
BlU piece of 18»2 date. I thought
kit was cnuniei'feit and refused In
[take it.   .
Airs Susan Pratt,  sworn, said, I
Ikeep a tohacco store  in  .Nanaimo;
Ik new prisoner; saw him in store on
lOth Oct.    He bought some chewing
ptobacco and  offered   a   fifty  cent I
niece.    I took il in exchange for the
[tobacco and gave him  the change.
J put il in the lill.    I   would know
fthe coin again hy a cross under the
fchin on the head.    (Coin produced
Kind identified.)    He came in again
■next day and bought more tohacco,
bud paid   with   another   .50   cent
Ipioce, and 1 gave him   the  change.
{Second coin produced  ami shown
No the jury )
J   Questioned   hy   the   prisoner—
rWiiness said she saw   the  account
JLthe cunterfeit in the papers, and
ould swear that the prisoner gave
her the money.
Questioned by the Judge—I had
[control of the lill; no one else had
Recess to it.
Thomas Hindmarsh, sworn, said
-He lived at the Britannia Hotel;
Jaw prisoner lirst on the evening of
Ipci. 7th.    He came into   the  bar
and got a drink, paying for it wilh
Lien cent piece.    Next morning he
fame in again ahout  2  a.in.     11
fasked for a drink and offered a 60
ent piece.    1 refused  it  as  I  he-
mved it counterfeit.    He remarked
Ihat it was the second piece he had
ponight.    He put.  the coin in  his
pocket  and   paid   me   with good
Geo. Thompson, sworn, said: I
km a constable in the citv of Na-
■>aimo.    I arrested the prisoner on
be 8th of Octoher at  the  foot of
pasiion streel.    I took him into the
Bastion and searched him.   I found
""counterfeit 50 cent   pieces  and
t)5 in good money, partly  silver
|hd partly bills.   They were in his
■peket book.    Thecoun.erfeits were
i his pants pocket, 23 rolled up in
►per aud lied up in an old piece
[ rag.   The coins are Canadian 50
uit pieces of  1892 date.     (Coins
Biduced ami identified.)    I  gave
■em to thechief of police, and they
ure been in  his possession ever
, B. Aldershaw, sworn, said—I
Iside in Nanaimo and am a manu-
■TCturing jeweler. I examined Ihe
Ins and should say they were all
I The judge then delivered the
chargd to the jury, and they retired
to consider.
The case of Kegina vs. Thompson
was called, and the following jury
empanelled: John A. Mercer, Jus.
Miluiore, David Evans,J. D. Jones,
John Noll  «•'••   * ■'--    "
Indignation  Meeting-  Held  at H&r-
gi-tive— hiiurier anil   .Sifton
liuriicil in Kfflgy.
_.., , ,, ,,.,. u. dunes, I t, "7,""-!"*'"T1"1' ;,fcN"y-25- ***»
"i . d Ii d i . a i it .Mat at. Boniface cathedral Sunday morn-
John Bell, fit bt. Adams (forem m), ,„„ ttle Ar,hi,ish„p „- St. «,M,i,ai,e ,*e.
Samuel AJottishnw   .Timh.**><   n  i..
Samuel Mottishaw,  Joseph   Davy,
Jas. Patterson, Fred V"wles, Joseph
Dykes, John Chadwick.
Prisoner being charged with  at-
, ,,       , .   ,  -  ..v... vi rn     il.illlln.
tempting to carnally know a gull 'Jhe Free Press says: "On Sunday
under the age of 14 years, to wit, | Archbishop Lanuevin unnounceil that
Annie Hillier, aged nine years. *ir, , now the terti« of _ the  settlement shut
   _   -..   ««.    .j./iiiii»ri; '111-
livereil un ntli.-iul 'literati, e in -regard to
the school question settlement. He tle-
ulsred that the concessions made to his
people were nut sufficient anil that the
Catholics would not yield their i-laims.
'llie Free  Press says:    "On  Sunday
In answer to a question from the
fisoner, witness said the coins had
», the whiteness of silver, and they
m too light, and in the making ft
Its not a clean stamp, the milled
(ges did not come  up,   also the
ad inside tlie milled edge did nol
bw as it should.   They did no'
ive the ring of silver; should say
ey had son e silver in them, bui
■uld not tell unless it was   aliased.   Thewitness testedthespuri-
Ls coin? by acids before the jury.
Ijaines Crossan,   sworn,  said—i
■a chief of the Nanainio city police,
-eceived from Constable  Thoinp
i 82 fifty cent pieces,   which I
Ive tn   the   Government   Agent,
farshall Bray.
rMarshnll Bray, sworn, identified
Mir coins handed to him hy Chief
nrossan on  the  13th   of October
fese coins produced were the one*
• not from Air Crossan.
(Prisoner asked thai J. hu Alerce
Isworn.     He   (Mercer)   said in
Iswer to the prisoner that he gave
le half dollars to the prisoner.
ythe prisoner evidently wished to
ove that he got the spurious coins
** Mercer.'
 ., —n,',v. iiiiinvciir*.  iur.
Young appeared for the Crown and
Air. H. A. Simpson for the defence.
Mr. Young addressed the jury for
the Crown. At this juncture the
jury in the Carter case came inlo
the Court room and rendered a verdict of guilty.
Airs. Margaret Hillier, mother of
the little girl, nias sworn.   She said
she  lived  al   No.   6,   Wellington.
She know the prisoner.     He  lived
ahout   150   yards from   her house.
She had lived there ahout six years;
prisoner had been there five or six
years, at least she   thought ahout
that time.      She  reinenihered   the
28th  of   Sept.  last, as a result of
what her daughter told  her.     She
examined   her   and    found   some
scratches on  her  le*.   They  were
similar to what  might   have  been
made l>y finger nails.     They  were
not Weeding.   It was abflut a quarter past five when Katie came  in.
She looked as though she hud been
crying and was excited.     Katie  is
deaf and dumb.     They  communicate with her   by   motions.     The
witness, in answer to the judge, saitl
she did not know the dumh alphabet, nor did the child.
Alary Buily, swum, said she  resided at No. 6, Wellington, and was
the wife of Richard   Baily.     She
knew Katie Hillier,   as   she lived
near the witness.    She  also knew
the prisoner, who was their nearest
neighbor.    Thompson   had   lived
near them for about six years.   On
Sept. 28th last she was going to the
tank for water (plan of house-, etc.,
admitted and shown to the jury)
about 5 o'clock.   She heard crying
in Thompson's cabin;on her wav to
the tank.    She listened at the coal-
house window.     She   did  not see
anything.   Site met Annie Hillier
at the tank and told her  to go untl
see whal was the   matter.     Annie
went   to   Thompson's   front   door
while witness remained at the tank.
Witness saw   Katie   at   the  back
dour nf Thompson's   house.     She
itood near the wall.    Witness  did
not see any more and that   was all
she knew ahutit the matter.
Cross-examined hy Air. Simpson
for the defence she answered—I did
not sec Thompson at all that day.
I saw the little girl some time in the
afternoon. I did not kn.iw anything against Thompson. lie had
always been a good neighbor.
Annie Hillier gave evidence
which we do uot deem it wise to
Richard Baily also gave evidence
to having seen the prisoner in his
cabin about the lime alleged offence
was committed.
Ci instable Stephenson, sworn,
said he arrested the prisoner on the
evening of the 28th of September.
Prisoner was sober. Wil ness was
in Thompson's house. The bed was
a few feet from the door.
Thc prisoner on being put in the
box said he was horn at Glasgow,
and was 77 years of age. He had
been in B. 0. since 1858. He knew
Katie Hillier. She often came to
his cabin and he sometimes gave
her biscuit. On the 28th of Sept.
he had some drink. He bad con*
siderable drink at the Abbotsford
and at the Wellington. He had a
cold so he took some rum; it always cured him of cold.
His L.irdship—Do you often take
cola?    (Laughter.)
Witness did not see Kate Hillier
in his house on the day in question.
He did not remember of her being
there; did not have any supper;
the rum was supper enough; did
not recollect anything that may
have taken place in the cabin that
jBy the   Foreman—Did   not  re
member which dour he came in hy.
Mr. Simpson addressed the Court
for the defence.
Tbe Judge charged the jury and
briefly reviewed the evidence. He
He said he must take the charge of
carnally knowing the girl from the
jury, as there was no evidence tt
Hllstilii) il    o" •** '"      '
  ..,.„..,„   uut:   Eu-biieiiient stmt
nut all hope of the restoration of the
minority's separate schools, the educational work would he taken up direct
ly under his own supervision. His announcement has been promptly followed
by action. This hlornilig under the
personal instruction ol' the Archbishop,
ten schools were opened, four in St Nor-
hert, two in St.. Jean, one in St. Joseph,
uml one at Ijahrnquerie, These Schools
I Hra opened lit ilie voluntary expense of
i tin* minority."
I Tlie school settlement,apparently,did
J not satisfy the extremists of either side.
A dispatch published here to-day from
Hart-rave stales that an iu.liquation
meeting was held there on Saturday, at
which ellluies of Hun. Wilfrid Laurier
and Hun. Clifford Sifton were burned
ami.Isl hunts uud -{roans, and cheers for
the national School system
ano J^ND GO.
A Journal for the Peopk
The New Vancouver Coal
Company mine at their
Collieries nt and near
Nanaimo the following
•V5>'B{ »'   . -
Cuban Affairs.
A New York despatch says- Captain-
General Wey let's statement that he will
wait until   alter   Christmas   before   he
strikes the death blow at the insurgents
is regarded by   the   Cubans here aa un
admission   thut   he   can   do    nothing
against the instii'-en's in their   present
invulnerable position,   "It is certainly
a show iui; of  weakness," said delegate
J'n I ii iu,   "aud   explains   hia   return   to
Havana."   Weyler has been commanded by the Spanish  Government to take
the field and wipe out the last  vestiaes
ofthe   rebellion.   His return, illsciui-
titt-iland iiiisiiivessuil,   is  n t only indicative of defeat hut an indication thai
he may he recalled. |
A dispatch   to the   World from  Havana, November 2D, via llartan,  Fla..
November23, says:   "The Competitor
prisoners   have   lieen   tried   by    court
martial in   the   fortress TTa   Cabana   in
spite of  Consul   General   Lee's ollicial
protest, riled just before he left Havana.
The exception taken  by the prisoners
was   overruled   by   the   naval   courts.
General   bee's note   was pigeon-holed
and the otli ittls   here  defied   Secretary
Oiney's ini.iiiiiiiiiin nf disapproval.   The
prisoners  were  not allowed   either au
Inierpi'f tei or a counsel.   Those partly
acquainted  with Spanish were compelled to   Interpret   tor   the  others.    So
quietly was the   aflitir conducted   that
Acting  Onusul-Geueral   Spriuuer  does
not yet   know   the   case   was   verbally
closed on November 14,   on whicli tlay
Melon, .Muza,   Ur.   Vedi   and  witness
tjenrjie   Fer ran   were   forced    by    the
naval .Indue   Fernandez   to slim   statements admitting their complicity in the
(ministering expedition which the Compel it ir is aliened to have lirouifht under
iUmiznn and Lalioide to t e Pinar del Ki.i
const..   The   written   evidence  is   now
under   consideration    by   the    court.
Judge Saul said tlie  decision   may  now
lie rendered any moment.   It is expected ihat all  the   mcmliers   of the   party
whose   American   citizenship   has   not
been clearly proved will lie shot.
A   special   irom   Jacksonville,    Fla.,
Nov. 28, says:   "A cipher cablegram, to
11.iviin,i tonight  to   the   Cuban   leader
here, says General   Weyler  has  been
forced to return to Havana, nud the city
is iu great confusion.     Weyler -lives no
excuse, it is said, except that it   is  too
hot and unhei.llhy toilu any Hull ting. It
is openly asserlc'i in Havana that VVey-
ler became  frightened   because Maceo
set u price upon his   head   or   uftpture.
Weyler'fl scouts also informed  him that
Maceo minlit make un   attempt on  Havana and Ihe Spanish ueueral  retreated j
iu hot hasie to  the   protection   of  his
palace."     llis also stated in the cable-1
Drum that   Weylei's   recall is   assiirred
now tis the Spanish   government is  incensed miiiiiist him for   dilatory tactics.
The Cubans here are jubilant, for they
think this will have a   fuvoruble ell'ect
upon the United States congress.
Lute   advices    from    Honolulu,
The above are supplied in
the foliowfng Grades, viz: Doable Screened, Screened,
Run of the Mine,
 -fsSjSS  Washed Nuts and
Washed Screenings.
Prompt Delivery «t Ihe Comptny'ii
Zt\lSni.SnMimotaihv>tB'   SAMUEL M. ROBINS,
People who Appreciate
Have their prescriptions dinpenr-ieil at
Their Price, me Rlj-ht.
Telephone 8.
Wholesale and Retail Batchers
Telephone 7-9. Nanaimo, C. C.
Meats ileliveretl  free of charge to all
par's of the nity.
Office Tel. uo.   P. O. Box 16.   Residence Tel. 101.
Funeral Directors
™ Embalmers.
'irwlmi'Mnf the Oriental, the Kiircki,
the New Vork and Clark'.
School, ot Embalming.
Arrival and Departure of Mails
Daily ex. Sun.
Wellington, Northfield  antl a.m.  a.m.
East Wellington 11.25 8.60
Victoria,Southern Stateeand
6laces along line of E. & N. Dallyex.Sun.
ailway    8.26 11.60
British ami foreign, Eastern
Provinces, Eastern States, nniiycx.Sim.
Vancouver and other places p.m.  P.m.
on Mainland of B, C   b. 30 5.00
comox routs.
Comox, Union, Union Bay,
Snnd*voek,Coiirtenav,(jran-Tue..   Frl.
thani, Qnaliciini, Hornby p.m.  p.m.
Island and Den man Island   8.20  3.00
victoria route.
Salt Spring Island, Burgoyne   ttl    Tues
Bay, Ktilford Harhor.North
Salt Springlsland and Gab-  p.m. p.m.
riolu Island       8 20   3.30
BX    .MAUfj. ],r,      .Jhnr
Alberni, Parksville, French  p.m. p.m.
Creek and Errington 12.30  6.00
Frl.   Thur.
Nanoose Bay  12 30  6.00
r. M.    A. M.
Departure Bay, dailvex. Sun 12 45 10.30
Cedar (South), Saturday   ..   2.00 11 00
2-Oc. per Month
One Year, $1.50
n Y M A Tii • Six Months*76 cte-
AJ X     A.U.H ±±J ,   Three Months 60 cta
Merchants and Business Men
will find THE MAIL a
1, S and 5 Bastion St., Nanaimo
(Commercial Hotel,
Corner Commercial tnd Button Sta.
Thl. Inng-eit.hll.he-I Hotel 1. comfortably
lltteil up 'vttli superior accommod.*
liou* for traveler, and other..
A Full Auortment at the Lowest Market Rate.
Good Advertising Medium
It has a large and steadily increasing
of the city and immediate district.
  ...    ,..",i    ii.milium,    per
steamship City of I'ekin, sa.vs: The matter of the I'acilic cable franchise, which
was laid  before the executive  several
times by  Hon, John  \V.   Foster, was
liKHii'ht to an Issue on  the  14t.li  inst.,
when it was discussed before the President and cabinet by a number  of influential citizens.   President Dole staled
that a new arrangement   bad been proposed by Cnl. Spanldint!  and  his col-
li'ii'iucs, and before taking definite   action the Government had deemed it advisable to consult with the business men
of the city.   The company offers to purchase !'375,000 of the new 4 per cent.,
iriiveriiiueiii bonds, presumably at par,
and to for eit   1-5,000 in cash in ease an
Inter-island cable is uot laid within a
vear.    If the desired  concessions from
either or Imth Japan  and Australia are
obtained within two years, the company
will for'elt if 125,000 in each case if it
fails to construct Ihe cable within three
years thereafter.   On  these lines  they
ask a 23 years ex luslve franchise. Alter
a iieneral discussion  a  resolution was
unanimously passed  uuainst  irrnuiin-'
the franchise.    AtttInK minister of for-
elj-n affairs, \Y. C. Smith, notified Hon
John \V. Foster,  tbe attorney   ol Col
Spauldiu-t. that after   due   and careful
consideration nf ids reijuest for an extension of the concessions already Kraut
ed to Col.   Ki..."i.'' ' •
Victoria Crescent, Nanaimo.!
Promptly Attended to.
 . - . ..„.   All kind, of
Union Steamship Co.      B" anil Sheet-Iron Work.
Of British Columbia, Limited
Head Office and Wharf—Vancouver
SS. Comox sails from Co's wharf everv
Tuesday at (la. ni. for Boh en Island,
Howe sound, Sechelt. Jervis ■ Inlet.
Fioei-li, Texada Island. Lund, Hernando
Island, Ciirle* Island, Read Island Valdez Island, Shoal Bay, Phillip Arm,
Frederic Arm, Tliurlow Island, Lnu-;h-
Imroujj-h Inlet., Salmon River, Port Neville, and sails every Friday at II a. ni.
for way ports and Shoal Bay calling at
Utile Inlet every sis weeks,
In all its
Various Branches
VICTOHIA  CRKSCKXT. | ▼      ▼ \Zs 1 JL    JL X JL  U-
      ...  ...,i. rn-IIIIIH Hllellily itriiut-
ed to Col.   Npiiulilinjf, the Koverument
.    -, —  - "—-   ■■■»  t,viuence   to  had tlechled that it was not advisable at
sustain il, so the only charge there this time to extend any of the franchises
would lie for the jury to consider or privilejnil he may now have icuaril-
was that of indecent assault.   The ll'**.. t,.,e. l,'-vil"- "' a i'Me ■■,"1" ""'
jury then retind. a^M^^H^H
Carter wus brought tipfursentence
and was given two years for beiiiu
in posses-iion, and live years for
ii1 teri ng spurious coi n, t he sen tences
to run concurrently.
The    Gr«nd    Jury
turned into Court  and
  -....■. un  -nesnay and
    u'.uu   aim    lOlinn   no   may die.    Mr. Stewart was iu Kickett's
hill in the case of   Ephriail) Hod)--  toliai-eo store on Cordova Btreet and wm
son for tne murder of Louis  Stark, talkinir to thei.roi.rietor ,.i...... •■
...»    •
— —„ ... uf mi imn noti1*
son for ine murder of Louis Stark.
The jury in (he Thompson case
found i he prisoner not guilty. The
prisoner was then discharged and
thanked the jury.
The Court then adjuurned until
10 o'clock Wednesday morning.
„   .....   ...,..,ik  ui   a  caul
United States to Hawaii, so as to inclu.le an exclusive franchise for a cable
line between Hawaii ami Australia ur
Japan or both.
Accidental Shooting:.
A. C. Stewart,  a well-known school
teacher of Mount Pleasant,  Vancouver,
was   acciileimilly shot on Tuesday and
may die.    Mr. Siewart was iu Kickutt's
Leaves Mooilvvllle—8, 9:16, 10:46, 12
noon 2:4 and 5:15 p, in.
Leaves Vancouver—8:36, 10, 11:20,
1:15, p.m, 3:15, 5:16, and (1:20.
Culling at Nnrth Vancouver each
way, except!nit the noon trip.
Tui-s and scows always available for
towing uml freighting business. Large
sttiruje accommodation on Co's wharf,
//. ;/. DARLING, Manager.
Telephone M P. O. llu* 771
The body of the late William Thompson, who was drowned in Sooke river a
week ma-it, was tukrn to Victoria Weilneaday evening and a coroner's intp'st
was held Thursday morning at the provincial police office.
jottArnaLrtiSe' ° ^ MAU* *W W
 ,...» .ui unniova street and win
talking to the proprietor alioiil the re
cent   hold-ups,   and    the   eonveis.ilion
naturally   turned    to    revolvers.     Mr.
Ricketl reacheil for his revolver and was
iilniiit to explain how he would use it, cn
a highwayman, when Mr. Stewart said
"lake ■ are, il in ght go off."    Rjckelt
then cocked the   rev ilver  and,   as be
thought, -implied all the cartridges with
the ejector.     Unfortunately   one  "art-
ridge remained and while he was toying
with the weapon in bis hand, tbe revolver still off, the trigger was thoughtlessly pulled and  ihu oneiuplled cartridge
exploded, the hall entering Mr. Stewart's
breast.   Mr. Stewart wus taken to the
city hospital and the hall wus extracted,
but the wound wus very serious.    Mr.
Stewart's   nifc  and   children  were in
Victoria on theii wav to San Frsueisco
J when they hoard tbe new*.
a CALDWELL, tiie Tailor
Hns chunged his quarters,
und can now be found up
stairs in the
Williams Block,
Where he will be pleased to
receive his patrons.
ttf Anyone requiring a fail Suit should
lee ve Ihe order early.
AU Materials used in con
nection with the above
guaranteed to be first-
MENUS    _
Etc., Etc.
LAMPS, Etc. etc.
Biros ash Animals sei up in • thor*
onirh workmanship manner.
On Hand—Four fine Oeers' Heads,
which will be sold for price of tatting
them up. Also a fine case of Birds.
d.s. Mcdonald. ,for
#9 Haliburton Btreet, Nanaimo.
General Steamship Agency
Parties going to the Old Country
or sending for friends will
By purchasing Tickets from
General Agent.
Com-marcitl (trnt.
E. V. CHAMBERS, Manage*
P. O. DRAWER 44 T^LEPHONI H ffibelRanaimorifoail
•ruaunnuD KvKiiy
)j-1  TUf.
Ed. V. C'aA.WBisp.1, Editor uud Mana-rer.
(Vlcton. Creace-U. Niuuiinn. U. C.
.suBscBtrtiu.s- hates.
(By nuJtVr-Otieyear   ...
"       Six months.
Three- months
JLiDlivered bv currier ....
. per moult!
indict, have not the police   au- lightful pass-time of coasting down' „__ ___ _~
thorities the same power?    The Albert street, so fashionable has.it    |  fltS    k    IclCG    tO   GCt
answer is obvious.    Lf,the police become,    li is about asmm-h as a
uutlioritiescunuot beindLiced orjl'erso11"- life  is   worth   tl*   venture
j across Victoria Cresent the.-e even-
*eemm       »   } '
NOVEMBER 27,  1896,
The Presentment.
The last, but by no means the
least, important matter which
His Lordship, Justice Walkem
had to consider nt tho
Assize Court just closed, was the
presentmeut of the Grand Jury.
It was gratifying to note thai
the iiforesnid honorable body
have done their duty, iu this
particular instance, and done it
well, for a more straightforward
and pointed document it i*> seldom the pleasure of the general
public to peruse. And wc only
JUope .that the several mutters referred to in that presentment
■will be taken up and dealt with
in the same business-like manner that has characterized the
Grand Jury in the performance
of their duty.
We are pleased to notice that
■the first question with which
the presentment deals is the
question .of carting and storing
explosives within the city limits,
.while in transit to other portions
ofthe country.
True (as the Grnnd Jury sets
forth) the Qity Council has passed a by-law prohibiting the
transferring or storing of
high grade explosives within the
.city limits. That the City Coun-
iril has the undoubted right to
make such by-laws there is no
question in the minds of ordinary individuals. Then why is
it that such by-laws are not enforced? Echo answers, why?
Is is because it is difficult to
-obtain evidence to convict the
guilty parties? Not if the Grand
jury tell the truth, for they say
that as much as twenty tons
have been stored on our wharves
at one time, and the quality,
not guntowdek, as llis Lordship seems to suppose, but high
grade dynamite, which, to be
-conservative, means an equivalent of ten tons of
nitro-glycerinc. We can, perhaps, grasp thc situation when
we remember what 4Q0 pounds
of this combustion wus capable
of doing out on the Departure
Buy road a few months ngo.
Twenty   tons    of
compelled to do their duty, then
„.„.,.„ j. »i    , c     .1        i     .ji      'in-js.   But what of that, you are Isup-
we trust that for the sake of hu-,    "  . .,,,.,.
.:   ,,    _.       ,T .,,    ,     posed-to put up with such Utile ln-
niatiilv the Grand Jury will take i .'       '    „ .
*   . * conveniences.      bo    watch   youi-
t.telaw  m:,.   llieir   mvn   J'""ls chance and dodge the .cott*st^, or
yuu can take some other street, bu-i
tliiiit expect any interference upon
tlie part of the   police,   that would
bt* unre-t.-'ouable.
"Wheat,-Cwii, Ch-op, Oats, Bran, S**oon<is, i'otatoes,
.Onions, Flour, Rolled Outs, Oatmeal. Farina,
Buckwheat Flour,  like  Flour,  Hominy, also  a
Full Line of .Choice Groceries, is at
and hnve this nuisance abated
with all possible dispatch, and a
und terrorised
community will rise up and cull
th'in blessed.
We also notice that the Grand
Jury ure agaiu compelled by
force of circumstances to refer to
that monstrosity of a lock-up—
the oltl Bastion—notwithstanding the fact thai the City Council have leased the old provincial
jail and nre paying a yearly
rontal of $,")0 for the same. One
ofthe principal reasons advanced by those who fought this
question through the Council
against the opposition of the
•'solid four," was  that the  Btts-
This column, is open to the public and we
heuitily incite the citizens to make
use tif it foe discussing public queit-
We are not responsible for the opitiiuns of
our correspondents.
Mr. 'lute Explains.
'Editor Mail:—Some one bus been
kitnl enough to Bend ine it markeil copy
of your paper lieiii'ini.' date ol Nov. 3, re-
lerriiuio iietnleinent in tlie llrlleville
piijiers ra "Chinese bud cniiiltict,
I would jnst like tn sny that there is
im aecutiutitn* for new-sntipor reporters,
ami Llu'sliil.eliients iltli'iliiileil by llieui
to pbilloriu HiH-tikeis. ^\ bat i iflii sny
wus Unit whilst there were numbers ol
Indians mul while men ii'cipieui.ly lie-
fore the ciiiiits in Victoria for diIu.vkun-
tion was tin unlit place  for  the «£■ ^;-l^i;<^:V1^)^'':..Vi^'\^"."o^nU-
coiiOii'.ii.ent of any human   be-1 men Imd been up for ibis oUViu-e in
eleven veurs.
ing, and yet this thing goes on.
It would be reasonable to suppose that a jail that had been
serviceable to the provincial
government until a short time
ago, ought to answer the purposes of a city lock-up in preference to that relic of antiquity
—the Hudson Buy Bastion. Can
we dare to hope that the recommendation of the Grand Jury
will be immediately acted upon,
und that they will not have to
again refer to this matter in
their next presentment?
Editorial Notes.
In ihis i.-sue of the Mail will he
found an advertisement calling for
the conveyance of mails twice a
a week between Nanaimo and Comox, with a service to the intermediate points. This will be welcome news, not only to the residents of Comox and vicinity, who
will he directly benefited by this
proposed service, but Nanainio will
ub:o derive benefits by being made
the distributing point. It will also
be a mutter of importance to the
general travelling public having
business with these places, from the
fact that the company securing the
contract must run on schedule
time, a thing altogether unknown
in the past, the steamers of the E.
& N. Railway Co. having been run
to suit the convenience of the Company, no matter how much the
public may be inconvenienced
thereby. Another thin-gin connection with this suhjeet is the probable competition, as it is altogether
likely that other companies will
lender, and if the  contract  should!
Now, sir, no une knows better tlnui I
.In tbe lawlessness displayed bv tin-
Chinamen with icuunl to the Iuilittti
Act, prohibition tlie Sale ol liijiior to the
In.iiuns, which need not he ii those in
authority would act upon the advice we
huve tried to give ihc.tn Irom time to
] irtiRt onr j»ooil friend ''Veritas" will
net eooletl oil before my rein 111. Kindly
tell him for my that 1 have citieliihy
avoided tnuklnn tiny alumni statements,
hut um tloiiij' my utmost, ami hope to
continue, in trying to enlli/hten the
people by Btereoptn-aii ami hint-inn-i*,
with reuaril to the meat possibilities
which are before our I'eciiutil'ui province
— my adopted home suit the laud which
I love before till others.
Yours verv trulv,
C. M.  I'.vik,
Methodist Missionary,
Halifax, N.S., Nov. 18, 18.10.
OBJiOf S, the Wallace-street epocer
•Our Tea,  Coilec, and ll.illei- are Lhe beat in   the  market
Heineniber, our ill itlo is—.St-tin-ru tli-itliug tni,i'.Close Pri.es.
dure nut be published, Why, nm
long Uf!", one nf ihe ehiltlr-n ol
those Mothers wished he hutt not
lieen born because bis mother wus
so drunken.
Terrible state of mind fur  child-
fhe descent Boot and Shoe Store
Ti) lie nr nnt lo lie, nil tongues repent,
t'nn \UllTl''l|.:l.ti'o funioutj limits iiml nhneii lie
. .      , . ,„. lieiif.'
ren   to   !>e   raised   np   in.     1 hose  Load echo cries, "Be beat thev nevor will
■■•   "'liile leather' '
Rev. J, D. P. KnoX, received llie ful•
lowiiiK communication from Jlr. Dyer,
principal of the Albert College in Belleville:
Albert College,
Belleville, .Nov. 8, 1890.
Mr, Tate did not nse the words complained of iii the lecture uiven before
the college. I ilo mn know who reported the le-Jture lo the Christian Utianl-
imi. VV, P. lJvmt.
Editok Mail:—I notice in your
issue of Tuesday that two of our
citizens were before the magistrate
for tigbtiii!' ut 12 o'clock on Sntur*
day night. I ihoughl the saloons
were supposed to lie closed ut 11.
If so, why wus the proprietor of
that saloon not up before ihemaj;is-
iratejat the same time? lf the
constable could not munage both
cases, where was our chief/ Perhaps the chief wished the mutter to
stand to one side again, as he has
ever done before.
Two weeeks ago there was a
gambling case iu the Balmoral
Hotel and llie two offending parties
were before the magistrate, bul the
proprietor himself was allowed to
go, und so far everything is quiet.
The two gamblers gave very convincing evidence. But still the
citizens miisl not speak about it,
or it is asketl what do they know
about lhe law. llut the chief must
know that it wns his dntv to arrest
I Iii tigs allowed to go nn, there will
'lie plenty <>l morn criminal- I•■ -1*.• itt*
buiir. lint I forgot llie. s-ou1 bead ,
don'l need repre. eiitiiij-. Our
Mayor showed that in sendimt mn j
Ihe invitations lu lunch with the
lion. Mr. Ta.rie I understand he
slijihied the Kev. J. I). 1'. Kruut.j
Alderman I'lanta says it was given
to some of the otber clergy, we will
excuse him though. 1 suppose the
soulhend votes tines not enuni, tlie
same nt • lection time ns the city
voles. Now I um prepared to say
that slime of the -ouibenders are
prepared to give our Mayor null
liis efficient stuff nf Aldermen nil
the help possible in the enforcing
of any moral reforms that they
may see lit- to advocate for the
bringing about of a lietter state of
affairs iu our city, but taxation
without representation is hardly
fair play.
Thanking you Mr. Editor for
your space, wilh the hope that
those few facts coming to light will
make our officers and the public in
general arouse themselves.
Yours sincerely,
. the proprietor  of   the   said   hotel.
^ be secured by some company other why don't the citizens bestir them-
dynamite!  than the E. ifc N.  Railway  Co,, it I selves to see that he does his work?
Enough to change the geographical position of this city in
less time than it takes to write
the words. And yet a long-
suffering people have to endure
this great risk,   "for they   know
will mean u reduction in rales of
freight. We think the residents of
the district will appreciate the
efforts of Mr. Mclnnes in securing
them improved facilities for com-
| Liiuiii.cating with lhe outside world,
I and that they  will not   regret   the
not the day nor the hour," wheu oonnc]ence plllcefj in uim at lhe.aB
they ^say be called upon to Btart |election
-on an excusion (we are in doubt
as the particular destination   of
some) but we will say tho moon,
by wny of compromise, accom* B"" ' '*'' 1S
denied 'by .all   their earthly
But thc question may arise in
If the tluties are too heavy for him
let him tisk for help. Bv the way,
lie might hnve lieen so busy on
Commercial street at this particular
time, und kept so busy on them, as
not to have time to see into those
matters further up towards the
South end. I nm told that on
™I'Oiiuimeretal street any Saturday
| night you can find quite a few
young hoys in the saloons,   and, I
  | believe if the constable would  give
To say that we expected -to  hear! u look round lo the side doors they
the finding of "no bill" in iheHodg-j alight find hoys learning to gamble.
I understand that in one saloon in
only   to  reiterate  the
I     i opinions uf nine-tenths  of the people who followed   the  evidence  at
the preliminary trial.   Iu   fact it
y  to
tat Mr. liodgs in   was  senl
-contemplate  the journey   with j up for trIlll at all upon 8uoh weak
any degree of pleasure, as  they j evidence,    But doubtless the magis*
sit around their   cosy   firesides, tratu did not care to  take
why aro wc forced into such an
unpleasant position ?    The uns-
I wus a surprise to a great ma
*he minds of some, who  do notknoff Ul|1[ Ajr; Hodi.8in
this citv a boy was seen keeping
the table, or superintending it. One
of the professional gamblers, drew
the attention of tho proprietor of
the said saloon to the fact, and he
admitted it was a  shame    but  lie
Supposed Filibusters.
Halifax, Nov. 24.—Although the
Canadian authorities nt this port
profess not to believe that the steamer Bermuda Will attempt to curry
a cargo of arm--and ammunition tn
ibe insurgents in Culm, precautions
ure being taken to prevent vessels
from titling out uny such expeditions in Canadian waters. It was
learned to-day thut the Spanish
consul -general at Montreal in tin*
interests of his government lust
night notified Huu. L. H. Dnvies,
minister of murine and fisheries at
Ottawa, that the Bermuda bad carried a filibustering expedilion-to
Cuba, ami to day the registrar of
shipping here received a telegram
from Mr. Dnvies requesting him
to exercise the utmost caution to
prevent an expedition of this character from leaving imrt. Tbe fact
Ihat lhe vessel is lying deep in lhe
water, it is believed, led the consul
general to communicate wilh tbe
government. The Spanish consul
at this port is also narrowly watching the vessel.
A customs official has made a
thorough search of the Bermuda
und reports everything ahout Iter
und her cargo to be all right.
< leather, an.l wiillu skill in-kill."
n units.
Wiiiil'l I liM'i lived tn see ut font
l-'rne heel tn ne. frue Sole in cult,
Wo lin.eri'il U'I'a WIIIIKilCI.il boot,
bite nue! unit brttvv;
0 IreiUlh uml hii'jpjncs   llie root
Are tlijty to it'.
Hurt they bill lived to let inc ken
Vi lint ennil hunts were, three srnre uml ten
lind seen me tmhllin' i.m uml hen
ai my i oneoniB,
Anil ihiirmhi' iiuiiikinil ivi' my pen.
•jiK'ieil. It-iiiim* InaiNs.
sei it r.
O t'lileilnniii, "tortl uinl'W'ihl,
tll'W lilest  sl lie euch Hum mul child,
,\inl iiiiillit't, wili'und tiitiitle.ii fmr
Mini « HITHKI.Il'S hoots und slums iiihv wour
bund nf brown heuth uml sIihkkv vvnod, '
Vnu know how cheap, thev ure niul aootl,
Tlie wink Onn leilves luuii- -klllnl llulid
Ilus mine Bllperliir in the hunt.
My country'* tiirifi is overthrown
ll It this truth Ims never known.
.Scfttiof. Shoes al  VV H IT l'*"I ELD's
Speuutlly,   \      30 Victoria Crescent.
Owing to tho advance" in
Flour, the Bakers of Nunniino and Wellington have
decided to raise the price
of Bread.
On antl after the lst of
November, IbDG, the price
will be
16 Loaves
For One Dollar
Smart & Thorne
Wilson & Matthews
F. Rowbottom
A. J. Smith
L. Schmitz
J. Black
C. Docile
We have a very complete line
of Large Sizes in MKN'S
UNDEKWEAR,    A full range
of prices,   Von can have the
Canadian make or the best
Scotch, whicli comes in pink
and natural colors,
tikes, 42, 44, 40.
m in
Commercial St., Nanaimo, B. 0.
steamer   was   to loud   apples  fnr
London, but this hits been   ubuiul-
Kuut'i-iil uf Marcus Woil'e.
The funeral of the lute Mareus
Wnife   nf JN it nui mu,  whose   tru-'hr
death cast a clnud   over the entire
province on Kriduv last, timk place
Tire ! Ivimi the Mas-uno temple iu Victoria
in Monday under llie uuspices and
direction     of     Vicloria-Cnluii.biti
nietl und A. G. Junes   it Cn. have i Indue,  No.  1, A. V. & A. M.     The
tliartered her for a trip to Jamaica, deceased, an honored   Past  Grand
The Spanish consul here is a member of the chartering firm.
Hood's tills act easily Hnd
promptly on the liver and bowels.
(Jure sick headache.
A Universal Strike.
London, Nov. 25.—At the office
of the Federation of Ship, Dock and
Riverside Workers, an organization
which directly appeals to over a
million men, a representative of the
Associated I'ress was informed today thut replies had been received
from over 50 per cent, of circulars
sent out durini; the past summer to
similar organizations throughout
the world, looking to steps lieing
taken to bring about a general
strike of dockers, etc., at uli countries at a given signal. The ollicial
in charge of the office to-day added
thut circulars h id now lieen sent
out to the dockers of Great Britain,
uskin • thnn if they think an immediate universal strike is advisable, and further stating that there
slill   kept   the   Imy   tliere.      Th'
gambler Is said   to  have   left   the  was no tlmilit   thai   such   a  strike
house disgusted, because of such a  would shortly   lie ordered.     Com-
tho   re- state of moral   corruption.     And   nioner Mclliiuh has  been  sending
spnnsiliiJily   in   connection    with i sli'l btcts like these are  allowed to' glowing letters describing   his  sue*
such a grave  charge.     TBat theKon'   Why should citizens pay
officers to curry out their luws and
then stand buck and see themselves
Our loeal  interpreter   and dispenser of law and  juslico  has'
wer to thc query, us we arc cred-! evidence -hould have been submit-
ibly informed,  is   simply this: led l0 lb8 Attorney-Generul Sot his I mocked.
advice is the opinion of many. Hud      I think it nothing   more than a
tins been done there is   no  doubt fal-*e that we have constables.   But
.      .......       .   .      | Mr. Hodgson and his friends would 11«-••'*•' ■*■■•«*.* ««■   <*•■■«/»  fatiguing
.given tt as Jtus judicial opinion ,   °
i   .!.•_,•       i • - never have hud the trouble and ex-
tnat tne-by-luw is  ultra vires  of, ,,      ,        , „.,
*' pcflse they have been put to.   lhere
the   Municipal    Council,   and,; tH1{,.ht t„ |)(J some provWoil  milde
therefore, persistently refuses to j hy lhe Government to  recoup  any
Act upon any  information   that .persons for their financial loss in
may be laid by thc police officers such instances to say the least.
against any persons violating the
provisions of the aforesaid bylaw.
Bui flanks be to the Hon.
.Justice Walkem he has remind-
,o I the Grand■Jury that they cau
^themselves indict the guilty
i/.irties for nuisance.    And right
journey to the East he feels lired,
bul we cannot allow the morals of
our children to be ruined because
un officer of the law is tired. Does
Commercial street keep him so busy
in trying to keep things straight
down there, that he has no time to
give to the south end ofthe city.
If sn, what is he busy with, very
few arrests are made. Now a look
up to the south end once in a while
would not tire him outsocomplete
(bi-re we would   respectfully  ask   the police turn out with brand new
g ^The small   boy  with   his  sleigh
(as  well   us the  larger  ones,) has
taken the town, so lo speak, and as
slightest protest upon   the part ^j^e;"'lt is not an""unusuai"thing
any .one.    Especially,  is   this true, to see une or  two   or   some   time*
in its application to the polico force,' three drunken women   besides the
we would not be surprised  to see!df^ken nMIV «#*• not some oHhe
, ,i     ,   ,,   jlysurelv.   If he cannot do it per-
as  cnn   lie  seen   without   the  ,* *    .  . *     . ...   JLj
Imps one if   he others   might  nnd
cess in pushing the dockers' strike
movement in the Atlantic ports of
the United States and Canada. He
says the men there are in thorough
sympathy with the ideas of the
Highest Honors—Wor!-!'
facts come out when Shephard was A pureGrape Cretim ojTartar Powder.   Fit
•1""c,!U,rnomvvu"t,riu,dnew!g:ivi«g«videnceonTuesdayr    Yesl -ioK. Ammbnla, Alum er any other adultjir-t,'
f> t.be urand -lury has power to sleighs, und take   purl in  the .de-: i think fot,B0 mjj^ too lb»sUbeyl 10 YfUi the 5t»*4iWac-
Muster of Kree Masons, was until
the time of his demise an active
member of Ashlar lodge, No, 8, of
Nanaimo, uud his death is lamented not only by all members of the
craft but by the whole community
of which he wus a prominent and
respected member.
The funeral, which it was at first
expected would take place in the
city of Portland, was intended by
lhe members of Victoria-Columbia
lodge in large numbers, Ihe impressive burial service being conducted
by the Worshipful Master, Mr. H.
L. Salmon. Al the graveside, in
the Jewish cemetery, ihe services
weie conducted liy the N. W., Professor D. Wilson, D.D.G.M., followed by the Hebrew services, delivered by Mr. H. Borustein, with un
English translation by Mr. S.
Scbultz. The chief mourners were
Messrs. John Mahrer, M. Leiser, S.
Oppcnhiimer and G. H. Seelig,und
the pull-beurers Messrs. W. J.
Quintan, D. Wilson, Then. II. Robinson, L. Lewis, J. Isaacs, E Frank,
J. W. Goburn und J. Hosteln.—
Blood is like and upon the
purity and vitality of the blood depends upon the lienlth of the whole
system. Experience proves HmmI's
oarsupiirilla to be ihe best blood
Rev. P. C. L. Harris has accepted
the call tendered him by the members of the First Congregational
church, and will I) eome their permanent pastor nl the close of the
present month.
Worst lor Years.
Helena, Mont., Nov. 25.—The
worst snow storm that hns visited
.Montana for years is raging here
nnd has been for the past 36 hours
nud shows nn signs of abatement.
Over a foot of snow has fallen
already, lying up all the street cur
lines in. Helena. The storm is
general throughout the Northwest*
and the snow is so deep that rail
road traffic is seriously interfered
wiih. The cold is extreme, the
mercury ranging from 6 to 30 below zero.
Arc now ready for your inspection, the *'
designs, quality and styles being the choicest from   the   looms  in Great Britain. J
*           Have also a job line of 100 suits of \
Which I will sell for $27, the best value t
ever shown in Xanaimo.  Sollcitlng-*your $
esteemed orders, and thanking you for t
past patronage, respectfully yours, \
L Commercial Street.
•*j-*«-v*Wfc *V^»-%'*V%.**-V**v*ft/*t>-'ft %<%<%%%•%. %^-fc/%j%%/--v**, <%-3
<•".»■'■*•-■»*-.#• <•
^^•s^.**v*,.-- /-i**-,.*"--. •*,
.have vorit-
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs
asm DONE   BY  THE ■=*.
^Pioneer Steam Laundry
m» ( hi s" d""*P v"" ■*'•■■ PATRONIZE WHITE LABOR j   40
*w   j. And help to GET RID OP THE CHINESE!
D3C Works in rhnnrrtinn    ,  ■, i-iwr
P. O. Box 95. 1). M. .STEWART, Proprietor.
City Market
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
P. O. Box 227 Telephone 7-H
Nanaimo Business Directory
C.G.& B.I. Westwood
Are now pro PR red to Cut Down Old
AxlfH, by iiKi* of tm Improved Mu-
chine, iinikii:i: tliuin us |{ood tw new.
HAltKKlt .t l'd-ITt*, Iliirniiturii uml Solii'itiirs.
Commercial Hiret-t.
tt   l'\ CAXK, llHrrlsiicr iiiiil Uollcllor, Room 11,
w.  Johnston Iilimk.
M1INNK8 A MoINXBS,   llarrlritors,  Room  0,
JiihiiHtiiii llliick, (.'iiin)))or<-inl sli-oi't,
.Mltwool) it VOUKO, HarrlHtcrs, corner ol
L   riiniinurciii] anil Uusilon ulrcem.
rp   IMUUV, Ilofunlc DriiRgtsl, Wlnflolil Croi
J.   ■■••in.   Try Illirdy'D rile Olntiiiont.
Done tn tlie must approved munner,'	
Their [ii'iri'ii arc rig-lit.   rail ami hcc   \V
llieui. "•
R. mahon, DontlHt   Rxtraotlncaepeelalty.
Oiisiiinl Kiln.riiiliiiinisu.ri.il.
Olliee, oilil IVIIinv'n llluck, N-nalmo.
ALL FREIGHTS left on tlie
Niiiuiinio Wlmrf ("o.'.s Whuif
will bt- ut owners' risk,
li. B. JOHNSTON t CO., Wharfingers.
Shamrock Livery Stables
.1. cntltY, I). 1). 8„ Oroeii Ulock
class work giiarantut'il.
j     I.-I...I      I j
/1RB8CRKT PHARMACY. Ham,4Bt-a->iaH,
\A |iri)|iilclors. Victoria Crcix'elit. Iimpi'imlnii
unit family rei ipt'H u Hjiccialty.
'« Mcilica. Ili.lt, curlier . omiin'ri'liil iiiiil liu.s
ilim itreet*,  'I'oleplione 1*8*6.
*     AND—,
An ExprpiiR Van hicett tiII
TiaiiiM mul *'tt*iiim'rf< Dully, innl
On HhiiiI to Or.er «t uny timir
NANtlMO   DYK   WOltKS.-Dyelng, (lfunlllf
and Itvpuiriui-    14 Nicol mreel.
C. oiiaiiltoh, Manager.
MAIt-.II, Wlmlcsaie  Dealer in  Finn  and
Oiiiui', tlimtlon street, Nanaimo.
MW'ot.FK, Financial and Insurance Agent.
•   JolniMon lilock.
FOREMAN A HARDY, Real Kstate Broken.-
Ilastlnn street.
VV ANTKD-AU kinds of Old Cook SIotm. Ar,
'« llcles nf i.verv description Imught arid
■nlil.   U. T.m,"H, Commercial Street.
Min*.mil' nnil iiiij;.
T08. H. BROWN, Wtisbm-k«r.    Wateiij
v   and Clock* carefnlly cleaned and jevelnex
l)«. Chlilik «rd Chapel -Rfnt*.


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