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•r-   ^.jtm*aefo-
"Patent Excellent"
If you ace tlmt on your sack of
Pastry Flour
Vou can be sure that you have the best,
for there can be no better.
VOL. II.--NO. 38.
We do not Pretend.
To be giving goods away for nothing,
but we do claim to sell goods al the
Lowest Possible Prices
We carry a very large stock in
Groceries, Flour, Feed, Provisions
Boots and Shoes, Rubbers, Etc.
We are ottering S.5S^_A-JPS *n 'ieurb' '*••• l*1-*-**5-
Here nre a few:
Good English Breakfast Tea, 7 lbs for $1.00
Granulated Sugar, 18 lbs for $1.00
Extra Choice Rolled Oats, 30 lbs for $1.00
Very Choice Beans, 40 lbs for $1.00
Tomatoes, warranted good, 12 tins for $1.00
Peas,   do   do    12 tins for $1.00
Corn,   <io    do    12 tins for $1.00
Beans,    do    do    12 tins for $1.00
Pumpkins,   do   do   8 tins for $1.00
Electric Soap, 20 bars, 05 cents per box
Mining Boots, nailed, $1.50 per pair
Children's Laco Boots, sizes 7 to 10, 60c. per pair
Children's Lace Boots, sizes 11 to 13, 75c. per pair
Boys' Heavy Lace Boots, from !)0c. per pair
Men's Heavy Lace Boots, from $1.15 per pair
Women's Lace Boots, from $1.00 per pair
Women's Button Boots, from $1,25 per pair
Misses' Button  Boots, from 75c. per pair
We have a lot of Bargains in our Store.
See the new Price _ ist	
E 618a
si Bill
I^fae Sick Man ...
-es^ cf Le&tfoerhouse"
Being a modest little book whicli recounts the discovery, by Messrs. Footfriend
and Proudfoot, of a certain party v/ho lives in a line house but is much in
need of a bath.
Mr. Footfriend lias left us a few copies free fcr
distribution, to folks who are too poor to pay
$6.00 for a pair cf $3.50
If )-cu are qualified,  „
please call, or write, a^i get
one from—■
, >
'.' quick
E.   E.   O.   Johnson.   Mltv. <^SOLE   AGENT
New Jackets-
New Dress Goods
We are showing a Very Choice Selection of
each of the above of the A^ery Latest Styles.
»and Children's m
Are the Most Fashionable of the Season.
Nanaimo, B. C
ii, aid of tl,c
J. MAHREIt, Proprietor.
One Sight |
Only.    I
j One Night
I     Only.
Wednesday, NoV. 18,1896
The heading Vocal Talerjt of tl?e QUy
•Will participate
A fe\V Reserved Seats, 73 cts.
•^dndssion to rest of H°usc, 50 cts.
City Auction Rooms
Ti,. ARK ALL RIGHT. 8» $
Made from Boleot Fruit hih! Cane Bugnr,   The nreateit caro Is exercised hi i heir preparation and exquisite oleanllueju ubsorvotl   we only make oho quality—the beat—
the aame Aa auppllod to the order ol ntn Bxoelleney ..oni Aberdeon,
W!iY BUY C"EAP m ? BUY OXELL & II3KRIS*. Tho; are tlia Purest and Best
At prio«H this week that
ilcfy comi-elUlou.
Famous Perfections and
Empire Jewel Stoves
Remember nil our Btovea arc per-
("oniilly giiHi'iuitci-d and rupltii't'd
lf not entirely aatlafactory-
Also sole agent for the Great
Furniture and Jfiousehold Qwk
The followlm- article* will bo «oId at these
extremely low prices,
8 tovepIpe,perlength,
1 (Ink   Bedroom
When New
...Ho 01)
... 20 00
..      II 00
2 00
Will he
Sold Ktir
Tiie (ieutleinaii Tramp, In his
Famous Comedy Uoom #
Side- Tracked
Wonderful Scenic Embellishments
Great Specialties	
City and District.
The County Court has been adjourned
tu December 1st.
Mr. Mowatt leaves next week on a
six months visit to friends in Harvey
station, New Brunswick.
Mr. and Mrs. (irannum left on Monday en route to England,where they will
reside until February, proceeding at,
that time to Mr. Grannuni's post in
The Bishop of Columbia preached before a large congregation in St. Alban's
Church Sunday evening.
No trains have arrived at Vancouver
from the East since Thursday. It is reported that the trouble is a mud slide
between Yale and North Bend.
There tlicd at the Nanaimo Hospital
on Monday morning, an old B, C. trailer
ami prospector, Mr. Titos, Bums, aged
(17 years. He was a native of Oregon,
but most of his life was spent in prospecting and trading with the Indians on
the Island and .Mainland of British Columbia. Aliout two years ago he was
taken to the hospital from his sloop, the
Black Boy, which was then lying near
the Millstreani bridge, in a very low
condition, and remained in that institution up to the time of his death.
We would again call the attention of our readers to the masquerade ball to be given in the International hall next Friday evening,
Nov. 20. As elaborate preparations
have been made, and the object a
worthy one, it is hoped that the attendance will come up to the anticipations of the promoters. Mr.
James Waters has been laid up with
typhoid fever for some time, and
has a family dependent on him.
This benefit ball should be largely
The Nanaimo Silver Cornet Band
will give a grand concert and ball
in the Opera House on Wednesday evening (to-morrow). An
excellent programme has been provided, and it is hoped the friends
will rally around and make the
affair a success. The band has
generously provided free open-air
concerts during the summer, and
are now desirous of procuring the
latest compositions to enable them
to be in a position to continue these
open-air concerts next summer.
lletiervetl Sent* at Plmbury's,
Tli'kela-'l, 7;,c uud Mc.   Children, 'Mc.
Diamond)*, Rubies, Pearls, or any
kind of Stone can be replaced, and
all Jewelry made or repaired at low
prices, by calling on
L. H. HILLS *"££?«
Tlie Vienna Bakery on Comox Road
Burned to the Ground.
A fire broke ont about 6 o'clock last
night at the Vienna Bakery on Comox
roatl, and in a short time both the bakery and the house was consumed. The
Ure brigade was on hand in good time,
considering the distance they had to
travel.   It  ia  supposed   that the  fire
Epworth League meeting at Wallace
Street Methodist Church at 8 p.m.
No. lit Division, Sons of Temperance,
at Haliburton Street Church, at 7:30.
Liberal meeting at Room 22 Johnston
Block, at 8 o'clock.
"Side Tracked" at thc Opera House,
at 8 p.m.
I. O. G. T. in Good Templars Hall at
7:30 o'clock.
Urand concert and ball by the Silver
Cornet Band in the Opera House.
Lecture by Or. Lucas in the Y. M. C.
A. on the British Empire, its future possibilities.
Katie Enimett at the Opera House.
Grand masquarade ball in the International Hall, for the benefit of James
Provincial News.
the American tug, Richard Holyoke, reported having, on Friday night, passed
the four-masted schooner Puritan a
total wreck on Borilla Point, ou thc
west coast of Vancouver Island. The
sea was running too high and the
weather was too rough to make a landing,  bnt it   wus   noticed   that  ten or
Jliss Francis E. Willard Presides and Delivers the Annual Address.
brokeout in the bakerv, as that part of  'we've ■*■•"» *vcrf 0?ih?.beaob- »""!• thc-v
■ .       t ■   .. *   '. .   ' lulil   ,1   Elii'i innl    III    h iiiin      ci  ll  id ami.
jf2r) oo
12 00
0 00
1 00
Dry Footings
Is the only voyage thai is goiid
lor the health. Warmth is
worst* than nothing without
dryness. Wet feet may bring
on uny number of ailments
Wearing our Rubbers in bad
weather guarantees dry footing.
Our Rubbers arc high, Hell
made, durable, and in,pervious
to dampness. Try the Granby
Rubbers at
Do You Want to Borrow ?
fSOflr repayable monthly In 8 year", st «7.6n
l,flon repayable mo-ithly in * jesri, ,„ .*i-.„ii
K.WI0 repayable monthly In s yuan, it, •f.Jto.lH,
1    Other amount* In proportion.    I.oiins mode
only on Ffntt MorlKitKi- on Improvetl Town or
City Properly.   Ktic,Ttw,K Savin,:*, hOAfl ami
piainm, ,\k-o< i.tiM'N, ■_', Toronut Ml., Toronto
UKO. 1„ M'lll.TIvY, Agent,
Jfvuai No. li Jolm-tun block.
Sewing Machine Sappy House
In Drltiih Columbia list
29 Victoria Orescent
.■'tipre Needles, (HI, mid AJtaclimenls can be
had fur all makes at imieblnei.
MuHilnpfl of  all  klndf) repaired on  short
notice, and work guaranteed by
Second-nun.! Machines for sale at a low
■Inure.   U-lvo us a call
Perry Air-Tight Heating Stoves >
J. H.
For Wholesome
Vegetables of nil
kinds thnt nre in
season, get them at
who will call on you
once every week.
Listen (or his bell.
Good Potatoes,
95c. per hundred.
Onions, 11 lbs., 25c.
100 lbs. for $1.65.
Kenerve your order until ho
Store—Dny's Old
Butcher Shop-
Nicol Street.
1 Jubilee Range ...
1 Franklin Stove .
1 Air-Tight Heater
1 Cual Oil Stove
7 pieces     73 00 40 00
1 dak  ili-iiroom Suite,
5 pieces  (10 00 Wl 00
1 Si'leboartl    34 (Hi 25 00
Ash Extension Tallin.  16 00 » 00
I!cstI>iningChuirs,lol  IS 00 10 00
1 Arm Chair     « 60 4 60
1 Upholstered Chair... 14 00 10 00
6 Rocking Chairs (verv olienp)
1 ltttby Boulter  .'.   2 oo 1 00
2 Clipper   Mattresses,
Haul,     14 00 8 00
511'., Vila Carpel, per vtl       05 till
4-l's   "           "          "          8!, 66
100   "        "   Lining      io 6
8 Window Blind*, lot.. 12 00 0 00
3 I'aim Lave Curtains,
per pair     7 00 8 60
5 Cornice l'tiles, lot ...    a 00 2 00
1 Hall rituntl     (I 00 8 76
2 Toilet Sets, each     6 00 S 00
1 Hanging Lamp    (I fin 8 60
1 Sola 12 00 6 00
3 Kitchen Chairs, each.    1 60 1 00
2 Kitchen Taliltyliawer   2 26 1 50
1 Piano    450 00 140 00
1 Stimn, Cooker    5 00 2 50
1 Baby Buggy  14 00 6 00
1 Bookcase and Writing
Desk  14 00 8 00
Also, Centre Tables, Cooking Utensils,
Coal Hods, Fire Stands, Pictures
Vases, etc., all cheap.
Salefrom 2 to 0 p.m.,on TUESDAY and
WEDNESDAY, Nov. 2lth and 25th,
at 62 Wallace Street, Nanaimo, B.C.
No Quorum.
Mayor Davison, Aids. Wilson, McDonald, I'lanta, and Martell were the
only members of the Council present
last night.   No meeting wm held.
the building was completely detroyed
on the arrival of the firemen, and their
attention hatl to be given to saving the
adjacent buildings.
The fire was unquestionably an object
lesson for those "penny-wise pounil-
fonlish" people who opposed the passing
of the by-law for a better tire alarm system. Those who observed the heavy
work of the men in hi,tiling the hose red
over a heavy road, could not but sec the
absolute necessity of a more modern
mode of conveying the hose to the scene
of thc (ire. We are not disparaging thc
efforts of the men, as they did well under
unfavorable circumstances, but we wish
to poi,,I out thc danger there is, not only
to property, but also to life, in not hav—
an efficient alarm system, and also better ami quicker menus of reaching the
scene of lire. Fortunately tbe wind was
not high or there would have been more
than the one building consumed, large
pieces of burning timber going as far as
Milton street. The truth of the old
proverb is abundantly exemplified in
the matter of lire protection "An ounce
of prevention is better than a pound of
hatl a small boat with them, so it is supposed the crew were Buvetl. Borilla
Point is not far from Carmanah Point
lighthouse, and is one ot the most dangerous points on thc West Coast. It
was here that the Warrimo wentushore,
and other vessels have come to grief
there at various times.
The telegraph on the Mainland, in tbe
mountains, is demoralised, messages for
the east having to be sent round by way
of the States.
The Fall assizes open in Victoria Ibis
morning, when it is expected that the
Ohief Justice will have sufficiently recovered from bis recent severe illnes lo
resume his seal on the bench.
Mayor Ileuvnn and Mr. Charles E.
Redfern are both out as can.lid,ties for
the mayoralty of Victoria. Before election day It is probable that other candidates will be on deck
Information has been  received  from
Ij.vltou thai Kev. II. It. Turner hail lieen
found lying unconscious on the railway the
track ai tiladu in, a flag station a short
distance beyond Lytton,   He was removed to the Lytton hospital, where Dr.
Williams fnt,ml that  his   left   shoulder
was dislocated, his left arm   broken at
As at
no information can be obtained as tu
how the accident happened. Kev. H,
(J. Feinnes-Clinton ami Nurse Purvis
left for Lytton on Thursday's express.—
,.,.., , ,       . „ .ij. in.-,", in, < i, mo hii    nun     inn
Katie Emmett, who Is a popular favor-, thc wrig. Blu| |lis |1(>n,* •„•,„.„(*,
,te In tins city, comes to u« at the Opera | |alest advice he was still uncoil
House next rinlay, for one night only,
in an entirely new version of her greatest success, "The Waifs of Xew York.
It is a comedy drama that, will please all
classes of theatre-goers. There are thrilling climaxes and effects for all lovers of
the sensational, novel specialty acts and
catchy songs for those who like that
style of entertainment. It abounds
with bright lines anil dramatic situations, antl is interpreted by an excellent
company of 18 people and a wealth of
characteristic scenery representing
Greater New York.
There was i-nite a stir early this morning on Victoria Crescent, the cause of
which wns the marriage of Geo. Mackle
Smart, of the firm of Smart* Thome, to
Mary Patterson Steele, daughter nf Win.
Steele of the Grand Hotel. Thc happy
couple left by the train for Victoria, en
route to Seattle, where the honeymoon
will be spent.   Congratulations.
The writ for thc election in Brandon
has beeu issued. Nomination takes
place on the 27th, and the election on
December 4th.
Prcntisss, the hoy murderer of Co-
boiirg, has had his death sentence commuted to life imprisonment on the
groumi thnt the murder was unpremeditated. He killed un old farmer
named Llngard,
The revenue of the Dominion decreased $71,878 last month, and the expenditure 140,800,
Edmonton has been made an outport
of entry under Calgary; Rossland under
Nelson, and Uolueii under New Westminster,
St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 13—The
23rd annual convention of the W,
0. T. U., opened to-day with a
greater attendance than any one
previously held. At least 500
accredited delegates were present
and as many more visitors from
every portion of the country.
Among the distinguished workers
in philanthropy in attendance were
Miss Agnes Hock of England, secretary to the [world's \V, C. T. U.-
Miss Maud Boolh, of the American.
Volunteers; Mrs. Gwyneth Vaughan
of Wales, Miss Rebecca Krikorian
of Armenia, secretary to t-he Armenian relief committee of New
York. Three sessions a day for
five days will be held.
The report of the treasurer, Helen
M. Baker, of Illinois, stated that
the receipts, notwithstanding the
hard times, were larger than for
several previous years. While
many stales have made a gain in
membership, only seven had added
over 500 and would share in the
"Benefit Night." These were Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey,
Michigan and Kentucky. Total
receipis were $27,706, expenditures i
$24,115, leaving a balance of $3592.
The report of the corresponding
secretary, Miss Catherine Lent
Stevenson, of Massachusetts, showed that during the year 1705 new
unions had organized, making a
gain in membership of 15,888.
Mary F. Lovell, of Pennsylvania,
superintendent of the Department
of Mercy, reported 10,547 children
received into the Band of Mercy.
Miss Frances E, Willard,
national president, called the gathering to order. She was received
with a salute of waving handkerchiefs. Miss Willard said that her
annual address was partly prepared when the call came to work for
tho Armenian refugees at Marseiles
It had been impossible for her
to complete thc message. She,
therefore, gave a familiar talk.
Mention was made of the previous
convention held here in 18S4, and
Miss Willard added: '"We have
marched far since then. Alignment of parties have changed, the
labor movement has taken on proportions so vast that no one speaks
lightly of it any more. The people
are forcing their way to the front,
misguided and often making pitiful paths in the wilderness; following false lights and relegating the
fight for a clear brain to the Spartan
band of prohibitionists, when, if
labor would win, it must make the
temperance reform the ark of God to
be boine in the very van of its swift
gathering body. In 1892 some of
us sat up all night with the commute on resolutions of the great
labor convention, with its thousand
delegates, pleading with them to
put prohibition and a home protection plank in their platform,
and they wouid not."
The speaker said that prohibition
in politics has been, and is to be,
an embodied protest of the home
against the saloon. But owing to
the great controversy concerning
the free coinage of silver this party,
like every other, was split in twain.
Miss Willard touched on the work
done for temperance in several
states; then spoke of the Armenian
and the excellent work dono there
hy Mrs.Stevens of Maine, Mrs. Fess-
enden and Miss Blackwell of Massachusetts, and the Armenian relief
committees of the Salvation Army.
She staled thnt the World's W. C.
T. V. intended to take up work for
Armenians as an important
part of its endeavor. They would
probably found a colony in Cyprus
for women and children.
Alexander J. Mackenzie, of Hamilton,
who tins surveyor in the customs department, was superannuated in July,
1806 by Ihe Inle Government. This was
done against his will ami he applied to
thc present Government for re-insttttc-
inent, ami has been re-instated at his
old salary, fl,6J0.
Application will he made at the next
session of Parliament for an act. to incorporate tho Crow's Nest Pass Kail war
Company, for tho construction of a railway from a point at or near Lethbridge
in Alberta, through the Crow's Nest
Pass to Kossland, B.C., with a branch
line to Nelson on the C. P. K., and nls.i
for power to make traffic arrangements
with other railways from Kossland,
through a pass iu the Hope mountains
to Victoria, B. C.
Advertise in the Mail, the people
•/ •
"*•"**, •**_
i went io sleep.     Jl-e  cased no more ]*aw it with my owu eyes.     I defy the
... •       :      u„      .   . i, ,„   heatbei; and   tbe barbarous nations  to
for ns companion in distress than (  "»» *nQ_ ai|^itl      i(,ture of in.
B-v EMEiteos g. T.wi.oH.. | he did for a hungry Cm nam an  on humanity to man,
(Can we believe, U ti-id,  that  we  have  the opposite side of the globe. And yet J have told   uotbiug  of our
done I started home  with   a  mingled ! crimes.   Tbe •-luture I have  painted is
To full perfection our appointed task       '■ .   ,.        ,    ■ j   contempt  sick- i sjml-*y  0»e  depicting the daily prac,
/Offered the sg-riii.-e thai ihou tlost ask.   '*»»"8 '" !.'■".> •••-*-"   *-",.'  *"     . .    tice of our law-abiding citizens.
If lite small flowers, we brave the burn-, ening every   happy   l.celing   WtllCfll     J.f (Jurist ranie lo America penniless,
' in(; gun. ' ' nature had generated in my heart, hoivTong would It be before hu  was i„
>'cr shrink U'ometoi ins, bul aluwly, one Qt the cruel, Cold,  scllish  animals , ihe chain-gun; "
_    hy one,                          .       .    ,    ; in the world, civilized man was the
Tear ;rom  ourselves  tlie grimy   liusks _»__     '_l!L, , .,_. ,
that inns::
Povery is a crime here,
',ni,i'" Nation.
In inwai.tl oeautv, and disdain to ask
A uetier heritage ihan there upon
Tn at lonely bill to biuuin  and  lade uml
Content if in the tenure of our lifo
ti one haggard soul uplift his weary eye,
Anil pause amid the muddy world's dull
To ga/.e on us and so forget to Bigh?
Is thus to live tne veritable life"
Canadian News.
most contemptible and depraved.
On my way home I slopped in ,
front of the city jail. There was a j
stool on   the "outside  of Ihe dnorJ      ,   _       .        ,,,,,.
i .1 ,.   .A   ■ „- ,1,„..,-, ,*r, tl,o '     The Commit oo of Brandon electors to
where   the  guard  sat down in the, ^^ ^      ,   o, t||(, s.|iim|s s.l,,l|i..
cool of the tlay to smote  his  pipe,  u)e„.   i>„ni   Attorney-General   Sifton,
so I sat down.     1   could   not bjalpI met at Brandon with closed doori.   It Is
the stranger who
poverty  criminal.
[By "A Man Without a Soul,"]
u,d been   made a
but it made me
feel ns though I was giving him my
sympathy   more   freely  while re-
tfiajni.n ; near his prison.
Looking down the street I could
see throe church spires pointing toward heaven, lwo nn the on the
right ami one .on the left. Across
the street were two licensed saloons.
Men came out of thein staggering
under a load of poison. Thc government gets a "rakeoff"on the sale
of this poison; so dues the city.
There is a law against gambling
in this State, but it is carried on in
every saloon. 1 have a neighbor
who squanders all his wages there,
while liis wife is compelled to lake
ill washing to supporl tho family.
The Marshal knows all about il; all
the ministers know it; all tbe good
and pious brethren know it—but
gambling goes on. It takes money
to gamble, and that gives it the
color of respectability!
It is a crime to beg for work, or
the price of a meal.
While I sat there the Marshal
came out and stood in the open
doorway of his office. A pair of
painted prostitutes passed by; he
raised his hat to them; he knew
they had paid their license, and
time, and the highways and by-  they were doing business under the
law. A gambler passed by antl exchanged a friendly nod with the
officer. Last week he had killed n
inian. It was called a justifiable
act. The dead man had drawn a
1 gun'on the gambler. Tbe gambler
had fleeced him, of course, but that
belonged to the profession. He
kept the finest gambling hell in the
city, and his wife was a leading
member of the Methodist church.
Her donations were liberal.
In the State where I now live the
Chairman of the Hoard of County
Commissioners attends to the charity fund. He is honored in proportion to the economy he forces
upon the unfortunate aud dependent poor. He is a pompous man,
loves to be admired by the society
1 was sitting in the park one day,
fed ting my brain with lhe dialler
and sung of little birds, and feeling
happy in the thought that I bad
been born in free Ainerici, and fate
had so ordairued my hie that 1
drifted to the Far Went, where men
.draw in the love of liberty with the
very uir they bi'ealjje,
1 know I have been told this
flowery story ev .r ri.ieu I was old
enough to appreciate a iie.
On the grass a few rods from
where I sat, two men were reclining
jind talking in a tune of voice too
low for me tu understand.. Their
faces and el ithes wore soiled with
•narks of box-car travel, and I knew
they were strangers.
Presently ope man got up off tbe
grass and came over lo where I sat
musing, and asked me if I knew
where a willing man could And employment. 1 could not ttjl him,
town was full oi idle men all
ways were full ol worthless men,
.going up and down this beggared
continent in search of labor and a
/chance to earn a livelihood.
He went back to his companion
■with a dejected air, and down again
an the grass. The happy little
birds sang joyously overhead; the
heavily i iden bee wont drowsing
homeward through the balmy air;
.lhe tall weeds nodded in tbe gentle
autumn wind; tbe big red ants at
my feet went on laboring, excavating new cells for tbe enlargement
ni their great underground city; the
whip-poor-wills were congregating
overhead and skimming through
the air in graceful circles while
waiting for their pilot leader to order a flight to the south, to  escape
understood  that the terms   are  satisfactory.
At the request of New- York gentlemen, t.l,ol>,minion Statistician has made
up a table showing the number ol i.'nii,-
csc iu Canada. Mr. J iliuson places ,1
at 13,110, au increase of 4,000 since
Robart Mii-ran, chiirgel with the
murder of Hannah Hattuu, til  Holland,
: has bee,i fuund guilty, Tne jury were
out four hours deliberating, a,, I upon
returning to court ami delivering thei,
i verdict were greeted with loud applause.
i The judge's elunge was strongly againsl
] the prisoner.
The Ogilvie's will s!,i,-:lv send two
train loads  of ll-.iur  Irom   Winnipeg  tu
' Australia.
Hon. Mr. Chaplean,   Lieut.-linventor
| of Quebec, is laid up with an attack of
At Holland Landing, Uut. an old man
named John Grant, who lived In a hole
iu a bank of  earth   and   covered   with
' leaves and brush, was nearly burned to
death hy   the   brush   catching lire.   He
' was sent to Toronto hospital (or treatment, but is not expected to recover.
Tl.e Hritish cruiser Crescent, flagship
ofthe North American squadron, has
sailed from Halifax for Bermuda with
tiie Vicc-Adiniral and Lady Erski'ue un
The Department of Militia has heen
notified of the arrival in Canada of a
further consignment of L-'e-I'l ifleld
rilh-s, a portion of the 40,000 stand
ordered last winter. The twelve pounder
nuns for held batteries may bu expected
any day. It is reported that a number
ol modern guns, a oou I 22 tons tons each
have been ordered lor tlte Quo bee fortifications,
nil U!
f3 never t
.md w,.-ai
impure o
ntn, an-1, ran,
nusclo it.id li.
hid condition
ire run down,
. illj wearing
■ t'loso ■.'. tioaa blood Is
■       ■!/'■.) tone, 8U3-
t. *  Wa itlng  of nerve.
!' It) mora because o*
tUo blood that, woinon
Weak, Horvous,
Chan beoaUBe or tha work itself; Every
jbysiclim says ho, nnd ■ hut the only rem-
idy is in building up by taking a good
lervo tonic, blood purifier nnd vitalfeer
ike Hood's Sarsaparilla. For the troubles
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vork, nervousfless, nnd impure blood,
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Self-Denial  Week  of the  Salvation
The annual self-denial week of the
Salvation Army, throughout the Doutl*
ion, will take place Iron,  Nov.  22nd  to
A learned professor was in
Edinburgh one wet Sunday,
ami, desiring'to go to elmreli, lie
hired n cab. On reaching the
church door he tendered n shilling—the legal fare—to cabby,
and was somewhat surprised to
hear the cabman sny, 'Twa
shullins, sir.'
The professor fixing his eagle
eye on the extortioner, demanded why he charged two shillings.
Upon which the cabman drily
answered, 'We wish to discourage travelling on the Sawbuth
as much as possible, sir.'
The Most Complete Stock
Jas. McGregor's
Victoria Crescent.
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in   Shares  of
^rli^gtoi} Hotel
Having completed the erection of the jVrlington
lhe aches and painsof rheumatism.  H"lel "• NAN00SE BAY, this handsome nnd
  ______  ; commodious hotel is now prepared tu receive
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A. nan .strolled into a fashion-, THE CUISINE
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invest  NOW
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Gold Mining
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lhe cold storms of the winter; the
•minister rode by in his carriage,
peated alongside of the prominent
banker who loans money at 10 per '
£etit.-~- and the two men lay oil lhe
The City Marshal came into the
park, lie had been elected by the
Topulists—the great reform party
i—the party" pledged in their platform to protect the oppressed poor.
He stopped in front of the two
»nen on the grass and asked then,
what they were doing there. They
tnjd hi in" they were resting. He
•isked them what they had been
working at. One replied that he
•was hunting work — had not worked
for several months, except the few
odd jobs he obtained to pay for a
The Marshal then asked him if
they had any money. The one',
Juid six dollars. He produced it
from his vest pocket and showed il.
•with pride. The other man—lhe
one who had talked with nie—the
tine who saiil he was hunting work,
had but five cents,
"I am compelled to arrest you
lor a vagrant," said the Marshal;
and he laid his hand on the reclining man's shoulder and ordered
him to get up. lie led him away ',
to the city jail, while his companion, who possessed six dollars in:
cash, was left reclining on the
There is nothing exciting about
this story, nothing romantic, and
nothing "to show that we are a lib
erty-Joving people. I sat there and
saw it all. 1 did not raise my voice
jn protest against Ihis outrage. 1
was perfectly helpless, It was lho
Jaw. Poverty has been made a
The birds still sang llieir happy
songs overhead, tbe bees went slowly winging their way home with
llieir loads uf ho.'tey. The ants
WtW'^'il away at my feet; the whip-
nnofwills collected into a large flock
and their leader led them over the
■ri'iuntains toward the sunny plains
niftlm "sunny South," while away
dlu-fi) in my heart I cursed such a
py**t»m of government io which men
fare ribbed of an opportunity to
Work, and then imprisoned as vagrants because they are money-less.
My curiosity was aroused, so I
Went .over and asketl the man with
the price of liberty in his pocket,
how (t happened ihatbehad money
while his unfortunate pompanjon
Jlad scai/aely anything at all.
''It's simply my luck, stranger,"
)ie replied, with a hardened grin.
♦'[. fcad but fifty cents last night,
Lut   J   got   into   a  little game of
ladies.    He never had any  morals
to speak of.
He passes by the stool where 1
am sitting. A lew rods further on
ho is accosted by a poor widow
whose misfortunes have driven her
out lo seek assistance. She has
been to the Commissioners' oHice,
but he was not there. Had not
been lhere for two days, was attending tti bis profession—bookkeeping—at tlie office of his em-
pjoyer, two miles away from lhe!
Commissioners' office. He could
not draw liis salary as Commis
sinner except when performing
actual duty for the city and county.
lie took out his book and wrole
an order for seventy-live cents to the
corner grocery, which he handed to
the widow. It did not consume
over live minutes of bis time, and
he had already been credited with
a day's work by his employer, But
\ he immediately got into a streetcar
and rode up to the Commissioners'
office and ordered the clerk to credit
him with one day—five dollars.
The   taxpayers   say   it  costs so
much   tn   keep   the  poor, and the
Commissioner is told to make the
poor live un a less amount of luxuries.
A real estate  broker  drives past
with a victim   from   some foreign
hore.     He has told the stranger a
Nov. isth inst
As a testimony   to  the   work of Un*
Army in its efforts to raise (alien humanity, hotli socially  ami   morally,   tlie
friemU have hitherto raised larae um-
. oiitits of money during   these  weeks of
j self-denial,   Ktn-li member of the Army
I voluntarily abstains irom the. use of luxuries, ami in some cases, even Iroin fund
considered absolutely necessary, in tinier
j to ntld to the finances  uf   the  dillereiit
j institutions.
Tiie social operations have been great- j
ly  developed  during  the    pusi  year, \
several extensions havlnii  been  undertaken, and as   a   natural   consequence,
the demands upon  the   funds   have in-
creased. This will require greater efforts I
to he made to raise a  corresponding Increase of funds  during this sell-denial
The officers in this city appeal to their
friends to aid them in this matter.
. -♦•♦- -—-
Hon. Justice MuCrelghl to a Vancouver World representative made this
I statement; "I have decided to retire
from active judicial life. I have earned
ami am entitled to a pension. My reason for this step is that my hearing is
failing, lt will he several months be-
' fore 1 shall resign, as there is tl volume
I of court business In which 1 have been
' emtagtid and which 1 shall dispose of beiore anally leaving the Bench. 1 would
rather not express any opinion 1 may
have us to who my successor may be,
nor as to the county court vacancy that
, wouhl occur provided Judge Hole nxeiv-
ed the appointment." The learned
judge's statement of his own case—with
which he may be considered pretty well [
acquainted — sadly discredits certain :
svcoplniuiic wiseacres who thought they
had a mission to set the public right uu j
ihis matter. All British Columbians I
mast regret that Mr. MuOrclght finds
himself compelled tu ralire irom the
Bench because of his impaired hearing,
but only silly people could bu found tu
say that he should ignore that infirmity
ami remain in office.
able church just before the service began. The sexton followed
liim up, nnd tapping hiui on the
shoulder and pointing to a small
cur thai hud followed him into
the sacred edifice, said: 'Dogs
are nol admitted.'
'That's not my dog.'
'But he follows you.'
'.Well, so do you.'
The sexton growled, nnd immediately removed the do^ with
unnecessary violence.
Table tl'Hote constantly provided with all the
delicacies oi the season. Combined with the
elegant furnished npartnients, the visitor IIihIb
the surroundings of the most pleasant description;
First-class Accommodation. 1-lre-oroof building
Terns: $1.00 Per Day and Upwards.
The Doon Hotel,
JAS. BENNETT, Proprietor.
Commercial St.,       Nanaimo, B. C.
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In Need
Choice GnocaRiBS
Seasonable Duy Goodh
Fashionable and
DuUAUU', Footwear
and nil the popular
Patent Medicines
at present ou the market, at
Prices That Will Defy
Excelsior Market
Qoods delivered free to any part of tlie city.
-*-    in tlie
Emancipation oi Mental Slavery
Should liilikI in their names „t onee anil
become members of the
Freetliouffht Library.
Will sell to you on terms no other
Broker in British Columbia
r.O. Box 398.
24 Commereial St., Citv.
i in porl ant   court-martial
ovor the conduct of stoker Davis
of H. M. S. Iraperieuse, was held
thousand lies ahout   the   country. | on hoard the flagship Thursday
The soil is so rich that crops grow
with scarcely any cultivation or
care, 'lhe price of tho land they
have just heen out to look at will be
doublet) in two weeks. The title is
clear, and it is the bust neighborhood   Uod   ever   blest   with   His
0They'stranger   only   has  a  few! •'•■''   hrother   sailors   have    had
resulting ill Davis being sentenced to twelve months' imprisonment. The charge against
the accused litis been ponding
for u long lime, and although
amounting to the serious ono
nf Blabbing one of his shipmates
Miikm the
Most Permanent
...a Artistic
Sign Letter
In existence
LAMPS, Etc. etc.
Birds and Animals set up in a thorough workmanship manner.
On Hand—Four fine Deers' Heads,
whieh will lie sold for price of Betting
them up.   Also a line ease ot Birds.
d. s. Mcdonald.
69 Haliburton Street, Nanaimo.
You have to Pay
I divide it up into
-Small Monthly Instalments-
•Mraw' with   the   boys  dowii at the  het'ome of'haaliand  and  father
w -'■-   - •      broker grows   wealthy   and   Ukus  tin.
•nater tank, and—well, luck was in
•rriv favor, and 1 smouched a pair of
jtiii g jti-t at a time when I needed
•limn, an 1 1 skinned the crowd.
•Th its all."
An-' ha turned over on his back.
f]QMM\ Jjw.tb arms over his eyes ind
undred dollars to invest, but the
broker assures him he ean gel work
at good wages in the cily. antl he
had littler Invest his ready cash be-!
fore all the good bargains are
snapped up.
1 know what the end will be. The
pour, deluded stranger will invest
every cent of eash he possesses, in
the faith of getting employment to
supporl his family. Wheuit is too
late he will see how he has been
deeeived. Tliere is no work to be
had in the towns—his family is
hungry—he cannot sell his interest
in tbe ranch beeause there, was a
big mortgage on it before he was
swindled into buying it.
\Vi'll-mi-iiiiiiit!m'ij*l]1joi--i tell liim he
ean get Work up in the mountain towns,
He goes up there and starves for a few
weeks while hunting for work—lakes
pneumonia one day, a-jd the next day
he is a corpse, wai'ti.12 in the morgue lor
some friend toret-oguiue his fealtires,
Hia wife and children find work;  the
vears roll bv and they wonder what, has
'      ' The
Sole Audit for HiItiuli I'tilnnililii
Local Agent, J AH.  HIIIST
J. A. CALDWELL, the Tailor
Has changed his quarters,
and can now be fouud up
stairs in the
Williams Block,
Where he will be pleased to
receive his patrons.
ImV Anyone requiring a Full Suit sltotiltl
leave tlie tinier early-
So that everyone can have an interest in Mining and secure part'
ofthe Profits that most assuredly i
WILL be made.
Lodge Notices.
Inkermnn Lodge, No. SSB, Sons of St.
George.—Regular weeftly meeting is held
in Hilbcrt'8 Hall, Wharf Btreet, on Sat-
ukday evening at 8 o'eloek. Visiting
brethren cordially Invited to attend.
I'liBii. Wagbtafk, See.
ms. h
much sympathy for Davis and
think his act was largely provoked. The row in winch the
ussult was committor] occurred
with a man named Foley, but
us to how it was brought about J , 1  •      n
there seems to bo a diversity of  UlUOU  oteaillSUip U).
opinion.    In   the conflict, how- j   *-
r        .,  , 1    11       ...      .,,1 Of JliliHi Ciilitinlilii, Limited
ever, Foley  was badly cut unu 	
bjM since 'been   confined to the Hem] Olliee and Wharf— Vancouver
fiavaj hospital.    Another sailor        NORTHERN .BETTLKMBNTS
on    board    11.   M.  j-i.   leurus, j   gg, Qotnox salli from Go's wharf every
was also ordered to be ilicarcera.  Tue-day   at  1> a. m. for Bowen   Island,
lr.,1 Tlnirirltiv     rneoivi ,1 tr   n.aen-'Howe   Round,    Bei*helt,   .lervifi    Inlet,
led llu rstl in,   uu i\ng   i sen    Prtjei.k Tel{ Ja -^^a, £unr), Hernando, .     ,-
limee ol something  like 42 days  ■,*„,,,■, rjortea Island, BeadlBland Val-1 was exumiired as a witness
for misbehavior,—Colonist.
The Mail and Weekly Globe for
one year for $'J.G5 if paid in ad-
minister home to il)ne with him on
.Sunday, and hlsniiiny deeds of skinflint*
ism does not detract from li is popularity among tlie good people of tlieehunh,
. There is nothing romantic about thia
story, nothing that appeals to nur
patriotism, hut it is a true story 'if Am-, .,
eriean life,   I have palntc I it just  as I    'bell' resignations,
While deer hunting near Fine
Tree harbor, on the Baugeon
Peninsula, young Royal Oourley,
of Spry, shot his brother Richard, mistaking him for a deer.
The bullet eutered his shoulder
going through his lungs. lie
died in 11 few hours.
doe Island.  Shoal  May,   l'billip  Arm,
A Nice Name to Spell.
A laughable circumstance once
took place upon a trial in   Lancashire, England, where the head
of   the  family,  Mr. Wood, Sr.,
Upon giving his   name,   "Ottiwell
■■.vtirrie Arm. Ti't.rlow Wand, Lough-1 -^.j ,* "the j„dge,  addressing
The Stamp  Mill at Alberni
Is now in operation. When re«
suits are known, up go the Shares"]
of all Alberni Companies.
borough Inlet, Salmon River, Port
ville, ami sails every Friday tit 11a. in,
for >uiy ports ami Shoal Bay falling at.
Bute Inlet every six weeks.
Leaves Mondvville—8, 0:15, 10:45, 12
noon 2:1 and b:4b p, in.
Leaves Vancouver— 8:85, 10, 11:20,
1-.16, p.m, 8:18, 6:18, and B*,20,
Calling nt   North    Vaneouver    caeh
At the annual  meeting of the  way, eseepiliiK the noon trip.
rn ,     ,,       „ »•„„     Aojrwin.      Tiii.'fl   uml   si'ows al ways ,ivt\ liable for
lol'Olllo   Conservative    ASSOCIS-   ,„„.,,',„ „„,, ,„;„,,,(„„  hnrfnail.    Large
j.„.„..„„   „„..„-.. ".,""" ,   lowing and freighting business.
tion, W. S. Brock, president, una Btorar,e mcimiiiiotlaiion on Go's wharf,
E. Bristol, secretary,   tendered.
Teler-hone Hi
11. 11. DARLING, Manager.
r, 0, Ilox 771
the reverend person, said:
•Pray, Mr. Wood, how do  you
spell your name?'
The old gentleman replied:
'0 double T, I double U, E
double h, double U, double O.D.'
Upon which tho astonished
law-give* laid down his' pen,
saying it was tho most extraordinary name he had ever met
with in his life, and after two or
three attempts declared he was
unable to record it.
And make money while you hav<
I a chance BEFORE the rise takes
place. _____
Thos. Kifchin,
parties ive
.This column is opewUtthe public and we
heartily   invite, .the citizens to  make
use  of it for discussing public questions.
VWe are not responsible fortlu opinions of
our correspondents.
Editor Mail.—While I am some-
"what doubtful as  to  whether you
•will   agree   with    the   sentiments
•which I may express herein, yet as
I notice you invite  correspondence
tb your columns; I  make  bold  to
.ask you to give me a  short space
"in your valuable paper.
I havej'read with some interest
,and approval the denunciations
-which have appeared in- your editorial columns regarding the
•methods.fef government adopted by
the powers that he, across James
-Bay, Victoria. It is an acknowledged fact that the present administration in Provincial affairs are
•under the thumb of the Vancouver
■Island railway and land monopolists, more particularly known as
the E. & N. Ry. Co., and so far as
the sentiments expressed in your
paper regarding the necessity of
having our Government removed
I'from the control of this grasping
monopoly, I heartily agree with
you, and I feel inleresled to such
an extent in the welfane of our
Province that I cannot refrain from
-pointing out to you what appears
.to tne to be a misiaken policy which
-you are pursuing in discussing this
£ have noticed during the past
flew weeks, articles in your paper
•dealing with this question, and the
impression which has heen left
'Upon my mind is that you wish to
conduct our Provincial affairs upon
the same party issues which our
Dominion politics are conducted,
that is, Liberalism and {Jonserva-
<ism. This might hs a very noble
jidea if we could allow ourseSves to
-believe that cither of these political
parties were composed of all the
-good men iu the country, and the
nther pany "f all the opposite, hut
ifd ihit such is not the
both parlies we lind
ones! men, and in both
1,1 the opposite. If al
•the present lime neither lJ:e Government party or the Opposition
•party commend themselves to us,
it is folly for us to say that we must
Hook to the Liberals to form a party
.who will he perfect or for tlie Cun-
•servates to do the same.
While I am neither a prophet,
mor the son i if a prophet^ I would
venture one little prophecy hen*,
Arid it is this: Just su Jong as this
ii'jiiatioii against tlte mtnupnly referred to is conducted on the party
lines of Liberalism vs. Con erva-
■ tism, the li. & X. Ky. Oo. will be
.on the lop, anil the people <if our
Province, and motto, particularly of
((his island will continue to suffer;
•and while those of our people mure
-directly suffering under this" tyr-
•miiy might join in a parly crus-
.adc, you will lind a mighty host
.arrayed against you from sections
•of the Province whicli are not tsu
-deeply interested, as soon as the
lij-bt becomes a party one; yuu must
-remember that although this Pro-
vvince is represented in the Dominion House uf Parliament hy four
Liberal members, and only two
-Oonservalives, that the total votes
.as they stood •■( last election were
•very evenly divided, and in trtat-
,ing wilh this matter from a pro-
•vincial standpoint, we would be
.inking grealei chances than we ean
afford to take, by attempting to
swamp this monopoly on a party
What we want to do is to pick
the best men we can find, irrespective of their political leanings;
.honorable, honest and conscientious men, and if we lay down our
ijtarty prejudices and go to work
.having fur our object the freeing of
•our Government from the power of
the E. & N. Ky. (Jo. we will soon
lie able to accomplish the desired
-end. This appears to tne to be the
wisest course to pursue, instead of
'.perpetuating party strife, and en-
.dangeringour chances of success,
.and all journals who wish to see
•anything.accomplished along this
line should he very careful that no
-action of (heirs shall be the means
.of thwarting the object in view.
«not make my offer conditional on
being returned for any special ward.
The question may be asked, why
don't you come out as a candidate
fnr the mayoralty? In answer to
this I would say: That while I
have not given the subject much
thought, still in the event of a
requisition signed by a majority of
the ratepayers being presented to
me, I would give it my most ear-
est consideration.
I have considered well the gravity of tbe step I am taking. I have
been warned repeatedly that once
the public learned the talents I
possess for public business, thai
private life would know me no
more. This may be so, yet I have
made up my mind; I have considered the subject well, and I will do
my duty let the consequences be
what they may.
But there is one thing that must
be understood, I will only serve one
term in the City Council, it will be
useless (to ask me to serve any
longer. I know that the people
will feel hurt at losing much abler
services than they have been accustomed to receive, but I will have
done all.I promised to do, and the
gentlemen who are fortunate enough
to be my colleagues for one whole
year will have learned that which
will be of benefit to themselves and
the ratepayers in the future.
I may consent to serve the public as representative to either the
Provincial or Dominion Parliament
some time in the future. Bright
thinking people will feel as I do
that such .invitations ought to come
from the public themselves, but it
may make the task easier fur the
people when they know of one able
and willinj; to represent them. In
the meantime I am before ths public as a prospective councillor. I
intend toitake up some ofthe most
important questions and discuss
them between this and the New
Year. At present I will withold
my n:ime but I will be at the call
of a corneal ttee from a representative meetii ig of electors if they are
pleased wLttl lhe policy I intend to
pursue. Pmr the present I will
subscribe ffiy self,
Nutiji Se( undus.
Editor Mail.—One of the greatest drawbacks to  the advancement
/.and prosperity of Nanaimo in  the
past, has been the reluctance of our
most alile men to act as Aldermen,
ibus compelling (he ratepayers to
select   men   to   manage   the city
affairs, who, while- ihey   may   bo
very willing, are sadly lacking  in
.the qualities that men holding such
.positions ought to possess.
I have often felt that I was doin g
-wrong in holding back, when me n
.-of ability were required, believing
-also that a man ought to be patr i-
.otic enough to give a little of b .is
time to the welfare of his fellow
.citizens. As a result of this reas-'on-
ing 1 have cume to the condlaw.on
.to offer my services as alderman for
lhe next term in either tif the tvf ids
Political  Economy.
The "V . M. C. A. hall was well
tilled i»i Friday evening to hear
Or. Luca ■• deliver his lecture on the
above su jiect. Kev. J. D. P. Knox
occupied tne chair and opened the
ineetiiag with the usual exercises.
Ur. Lucas in hisOpening remarks
referred to lhe two great principles
govern1 ng the world, muscle and
and mt iii-v, or labor and capital.
These irinciples were dependent on
each o her, the latter useless without tin i former. He gave as an
illustr ition, the existence of coal in
this vicinity, perfectly useless without tr. e muscle to develop it. God
had ordained that nature should
exist in ils crude form, not worth a
cent' vithout muscle to develop it.
Ho i istanced his own father going
into; he woods of Ontario to seek a
liwm ', and where he had to cut
dmvi i Ihe trees before he had space
cttuu »h to even build a log hou.-e.
The iiost of this land was $3 per
aero.. When the old man died, far
beyo nd the allotted age of man, the
homestead was worth $100 per
acre. What gave the increased
valu :; Muscle, the labor of his
father, and those who took up land
near  him.
lie said that every young man
wa«; worth to the state say $5,000.
Wkt t did the loss of one young
man mean?—the loss to the state of
mus ;le to the value of $5,000.
A case had come under his own
observation whicli would afford an
illus tration.    A   woman   lost  two
husl ,ands  and   two  sons  through
drtti k, take the total  of these four
livei i had they lived to the allotted
age of man—70 years—that would I
be 5 80 years.    Take from  this  the ',
age  at which   they  died,   say   180 •
yea rs, what do you find,   a  loss to
the  state of 100 years of labor   and
mu scle, and   yet   every   year   the I
Go vernment will spend $150,000 to!
bri ng fresh muscle   from   the   old j
lar id.
He maintained that the existence
of  the liquor license system was an■
ei *idence    of   national    stupidity,!
il lustratcd   by   a   reference to the
ll irge amount spent   for  police in I
t he city of  Halifax,   whilst   Dart-1
r nouth just across   the bay, under
'.he Scott Act, with no grog shops,
had only  two   policemen   with   a I
population of   4000.   Halifax   received   from   the   liquor business
[$18,000, and the police   force   cost
I over $40,000.     He asked a leading
'gentleman of that city   the   question,   supposing   there    were    no
saloons, how many policemen could
be   dispensed with?   The   answer
was, probably one-half, so  the cost
to the city of   Halifax   was  about
$7,000 for the privilege of licensing
these places to ruin the people,  He
had not taken into account the expenses connected   with  the cosl  of
keeping lhe jail, etc.
The doctor gave some practical
illustrations from observation in
Australia,   bearing   out his  argu
which lhe  ratepayers  may  seliect
;but at the same time I would pi e'fef Imerit that it was wrong tooounten-
ilo be returned for the North  \\ 'aril  „,„,,, „ svslm.i which cost more than
.jib I consider there is more nee tl of
.4t talented man in  that ward   than
•any of the   others   at the pmsent
time, and 1 take it for granted that
some of the presenl   Aldermen,   will
run again, so that tjonditiops   may illustrations.
.notbe.improyediivBch,  but If will I    At the close of the lecture Dr.
ance a system which cost mor
was received from it, and where it
was an evil to the community at
large. He also gave some strong
arguments from a business man's
standpoint, making some practical
Lucas was asked to explain a passage found in Deut., 14, 25.
In explaining, the doctor said it
was necessary for us to take other
verses and study them. In the
book of Proverbs the admonition
was not to touch the wine when it
had tho power to intoxicate. In
the New Testament the word lust
was always associated with sin, but
in the Old Testament the word
had not Ihe same meaning. Itwas
well known at the lime this was
written, honey formed an important article of food, and the Jews,
going on long journeys would take
the juice of grapes, the juce of dates
and honey, boiled to thick syrup
as a convenient article of food. Dr.
Lucas maintained that as this
mixture was the most nutritious
food in existence then or since, that
it was this that was meant by
strong drink.
Dr. Lucas is in Wellincton this
week, but will give his lecture on
"The British Empire" on Friday
evening next in the Y. M. C. A. Hall.
Further particulars will be yiven.
Provincial News.
A despatch to Vancouver says: Tliere
is a scarcity of workmen at Quesnello in
Cariboo, nnd Mr. J. J. Niekson of the
Uol'len River Co. Lt'd., bus written to
Mayor Collins stating that be can give
employment to 100 men all "'inter, as
tlie company's works will he continued
until March. Tbe wages offered are
$2.60 per day for earth men and $3 for
good timber men, board costs (7 per
The survey of the line from Hope to
Ladner's will be proceeded with in a
lew duya by the party who are now in
the mountains on behalf of the Vancouver, Victoria antl Eastern Railway.
The survey will be pushed on to completion with all possible speed.
Mr. A. M. Bullock, an insuranceagent
charged with doing business iu Vancouver without having deposited with
the department tbe sum required by
law, has been lined $20, and paid tlie
fine under protest.
At the trial of Charteris, accused at
the Vancouver Assizes of arson, tbe
prosecution failed to connect the prisoner
witli tbe undoubted incendiarism, and
he was discharged.
Sheehan, charged with the murder of
Tosh McKenzie, at Steveston, was acquitted, the revolver being discharged
during the scuttle.
William Robertson, who pleaded guilty
to burglarising the Standard Oil Co's.
olliee, at Vancover, was sentenced to
live years in the penitentiary. Cassidy,
for housebreaking was sentenced to four
months imprisonment.
Mr. J. S. Clute, collector of customs at
Westminster, will now devote tbe whole
of his time to the duties of Inspector,
anil Mr. Peter Grant is likely to be appointed collector.
Two samples taken from the Silver
Bell mine near Rossland, gave a value
upon asBiiy of *i72.47 ami $41.16 to the
ton, chiefly in silver, but witli gold,
lent! antl copperas well. It is evident
that theoutput from litis time ou will
meet the coat of development work. As
several people iu Nanainio are interested in this mine, this will be interesting
news,   '
Six inches of buow fell during ono
night in Kossland, and winter seems to
have come in earnest, antl likely to
Several farmers of Chilllwack have
made mutual agreements relative to
dyking their properties, Messrs. I
Kipp, J. Heece antl J, McCiitcheon
have already completed a dyke around
their properties, which is some of the
flnest in the valley, and should a public
system ol dyking be carried out, they
uiil be doubly secure.
Lilian Field, the tin fortunate palmist
who went insane in Victoria a week ago
last Sunday, ami wiio was sent to the
asylum at Westminster last Wednesday,
died tliere on Saturday. The mania iu
her case was of a most violent and acute
form, antl it is not at all an uncommon
thing for fatal results to follow quickly
in such cases. Mrs. Field, the mother,
is at present in Kevelstoke, aud sbe has
been notified,
Tbe Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway
bridge, which spans the Niagarajcanyon,
was carried away last Friday night. The
bridge was similar in construction to
the other trestles across the canyons in
the bill district through which the railway passes, anil was built of wood. 154
feel in height ami about 200 feet long.
Underneath, the trestle work there was
a stone tunnel sufficiently large to
carry olf all the water during floods in
the past, but on Friday night it got
choked with debris, the result being
that the canyon soon filled with swift
running waters of sufficient force to
carry away the bridge. A large force of
men were set to work to construct a
temporary passage across the gap,
whereby passengers can be transferred,
As the canyon is very deep no heavy
freight or baggage can be handled—
nothing except passengers will) I,am!
baggage and the mails being transferred. The City of Nanainio is now running between Nanaimo and Victoria,
carrying all heavy freight. It is understood that the company will now erect a
modern steel bridge across the canyon.
Great damage has been done all through
tbe district, many bridges, etc., having
been swept away,
J. A Korin, barrister of Rossland, has
been appointed County Judge for the
Kootenay district.
r]j\e New" Vancouver
Xand go.
The Nkw Vancouver Coal
Company mine at tlieir
Collieries at and near
Nanaimo the following
The above are supplied in
the foiiowfng Grades, viz: Double Screened, Screened,
llun of the Mine,
 -mm  Washed Nuts and
Washed Screenings.
Prompt Delivery at tho Company's
Wharves nt Nui mil no uud Protection I.slitnd.
Trespass Notice.
WHEREAS, Certain evil-disposed persons have been killing stock on Valdez
Island, Nanaimo District, it is
RESOLVED in future that all persons
found trespassing on the Wake Estate
of 760 acres anil Indian Reserve of 1700
adjoining will lie prosecuted to the full
extent of the law.
(Signed)     BALDWIN H. WAKE.
Sept. 15,1896.   JOHN BASIL,
People who Appreciate -.
Have their prescriptions dispensed at
Telephone 3.
Their Prices are Riuht.
Fish and
Game Market
G. MARSH, Prop.
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
Telephone 7-9. Kakai>|o, C. C.
Meats delivered free of charge to all
parts of the citv.
Olliee Tel. SO.   V. O. Box 16.   Busldcnco Tel. 101.
Funeral Directors
A™ Embalmers.
Graduates of tlie Oriental, lhe Kureka,
the New York nnd Clark's
School* of Embalming.
1, 3 and 5 Bastion St., Nanaimo
Commercial Hotel,
Corner Commercial antl Bastion Sts.
This loiift-estaWlslictl Hotel is comfortably
fitted up with superior accommodation" for travelers anil others.
T. D'CONNKL, Prop.
Clothes Cleaned...
Repaired and Altered
«•* Nc\l door to WoitWOOdl' Blacksmith
Shop. 1*. O. Box .",01
Old Clothes made equal lo now.
Had-Vounjf-Man Captured.
Charcoal, the Alberta Indian murder
er, has been captured by the Mountud
l'olice, on the Blojd reservation. The
trail was well kept after be murdered
police,nan Wilde, anil he was followed
to his brother's lodge on the reserve.
His brother immediately disarmed him,
and sent word to the nearest police detachment. Sergt. McLeod arrived
shortly after, ami soon had Charcoal in
charge, although he made repeated attempts to take his own life by stabbing
himself with au awl. He bled profusely,
but will live to tlie bv'the bullet or on
the scaffold.
Further details of Sergt. Wilde's murder show that he was shot by Charcoal
while alone, and that the Indian then |
escaped with his horse. Wilde's body
was loninl some hours after, frozen stili'.
Sergt. Wilde has been In Ibe police for
fourteen years, previous to which be was
in the Queen's Life Guards 111 England.
Fold and Silversmith...
Diamonds 'and all Precious Stones
moimteil. Wedding Kings made to
order antl engraved on short notice.
Repairing finished good us new, at
low prices.
Any present   aubsoribAr
Mail can have the  Weekly
from now to the end   of
65 cents.
to the
1897  for
Empty Bottles oi any Description,
Old Copper, Brass, Zinc or Lead,
Can dispose of mniie by addressing a postbI to
Ii. AARONSON. Box 173. Nanaimo.
Who will call promptly; at any address lu City
or sulnirlis.
Commercial Street.
Arrival and Departure of Mails
Dallyex. Sun.
Wellington, Northfield  and a.m.  a.m.
East Wellington 11.25 8.51)
Victoria,Southern States and
places along line of E. & N. Dailyex.Sun.
Railway    8.26 11.60
British and foreign, Eastern
Provinces, Eastern States, Dally ex.Sun.
Vaneouvertind other places p.m.   p.m.
on Mainland of B.C.    6.30 5.00
Comox, Union, Union Bay,
Santlwoek,Cot„tenay,Gran-Tne8. Fri.
than,, Qualicum, Hornby p.m. p.m.
Island and Den-nan Island   8.20 3.00
Salt Spring Island, Burgoyne   Pr'.   Tu««
Bay, Ful ford Harbor, North
Salt Springlsland and Gab- p.m. p.m.
riola Island      8 20 3.30
BY  STAGE. Toe.. Mon.
Alberni, Parksville, French  p.m. p m.
Creek and Errington 12.30  6.00
Frl.   Thnr.
Nanoose Bay 12.30  6.00
P. M.    A. M.
Departure Bay, daily ex. Sun 12.46 10.30
Cedar (South), Saturday.   ..   2.00 1100
A Full Assortment at tho Lowest Market Rates
Promptly Attended to.
All kinds ot
Tin and Sheet-Iron Work.
Victoria Crescent, Nanaimo.
All Materials used in connection with the above
guaranteed to be first-
General Steamship Agency
Parties going to the Old Country
or sending for friends will
By purchasing Tickets from
General Agent.
When men strive for a hare living
wage through organization, they nre
called amircnlrtu but when a man has
suirci'di'd in gathering together a million dollars at. tho expense of the suffering of thousands of hie feliowmen, he is
set up as an example for young America
to emulate.—Puewo Courier.
A Journal for the people
20c. per Month
One Year, $1.50
T>Y MAIL*six M°nths* 7°cts-
AU X    XTJ.XLXJJ .   Three MonthSj g0 cts
Merchants and Business Men
will find THE MAIL a
Good Advertising Medium
It has a large and steadily increasing
of the city and immediate district.
In all its
Various Branches
We Print.
Etc., Etc.
E. V. CHAMBERS, Manager
P. 0. DRAWER 44 TELEPHONE 71 ......s'l
Ed. V. Chai-bees, Editor and Manager.
Victoria Cre«-e*i*. Nwtanuo. S. 0.
By mail—One veur l.BO
" Six months 2B
'• Three months eo
Veil ve-cd bv earner Hoe. per mown
TUESDAY   -   - NOVEMBER 17, 189t>.
Provincial Politics.
In another column we publish a
pseudonymous fi imniunioation  on
the   provincial   political  issues of
the day,  which deserve more than
passing notice.      We would com-
pien I   it  to  the careful consid.tra-
tion  of our  readers antl cordially
invite   further correspondence on
the same subject.    Our correspondent seems to be laboring under the
impression   that the Mail is an organ of the Liberal party.     This  is
a  mistake,  for while we have unhesitatingly  denounced  Conservatism as exemplified by the  corrupt
practices of  the  late Government,
and look upon the National Policy,
—as a protection to Canadian labor
—a delusion and a snare, for which
we   offer  no  apology; it does not
necessarily   follow   that we should
hold   up   the  rank  and file of the
Conservative   members   and   supporters   as   all  Biiiners,  and their
political opponents  in   the Liberal
party as all saints.   Such a position
would be nothing short of thc shallowest of demagoguism.     The Liberal party receives our independent
support  and  endorsation   because
the   principles   adopted    by   that
party appeal to us as coming nearer our ideal of what a great political party should be.     At the same
time we have no intention of relinquishing our   prerogative  to criticise the acts of public men, regardless of party.     To do so would be
to   descend to the level of a party
hack,   a   role  that the Mail will
never   assume   under its   present
management.     Our correspondent
expresses the opinion that to adopt
party lines in   provincial politics
would  be a mistake, and suggests
as an alternative that we select  for
our provincial representatives hon
orable,   honest  and   conscientious
men, irrespective of their political
leanings.     Theoretically,   the idea
ueems right, but it is open to the
fatal objection, that this is precisely
what we have been endeavoring to
do in the years gone by, with very
Unsatisfactory   results.      We   are
firmly convinced that in the past
too much attention   was  paid, and
energy expended on local needs and
shown that vast   sums   of  money j each gave sojos, which were richly j
had heen expended  to encourage I enjoyed by the audience.    As*" Mr." Tkg    PlflflrP   "f"0    Cot^
... . I Hall was cnllintr fur the last   niece.     «■   *■*•*     ■     l»<*WW      liW     •<u£i\* i,
immigration, yet the census returns j
went to prove that for the decade
previous to the compilation of the
last census the population had not
increased enough to even account
for the country's natural increase.
The only inference to be drawn
from such an array of facts and
figures was that the emigrants
brought here at the public expense,,
together with many of lhe native-
born Canadians had left the
country, as being an undesirable
place to make their home. The
majority of speakers and writers in
dealing with this deplorable state
of affairs gave as a cause the evil
effects of tiie National Policy.
While we have no doubt but that
the National Policy was contribu-
tary to our lack of progress, we are
fully convinced that Mr. Frazer,
M. P. for Guysbourgh, N. !•>., hit
the nail squarely on the head  in a
Hall was calling for the last piece,
the gas went out, whether by accident or design of some hoodlum
was not known. If it was done on
purpose there should be an investigation and a punishment of the
culprit. A closing piece by
the choir brought to an end a
very successful anniversary.
We understand the receipts both
o*n Sunday and Monday were satisfactory.
We are informed thi' afternoon
that the cause of the lights going,
out originated at the gas works.
Wheat, Corn, Chop, Oats, Bran, Seconds, Potatoes,
Onions, Flour, Rolled Oats, Oatmeal, Farina,
Buckwheat Flour, Rice  Flour, Hominy, also a
Full Line of Choice Groceries, is at
ROBINSON'S, tiie Wallace-street Grocer
Our Ten,  Coffee, and Butter are the be3t in Ihe market.    •
Remember,, our motto is—Square Dealing and  Close Prices.
New York, Nov. 14.—The Herald's Cuba special from Washington City says: One of the alarming
reports told with much detail by
pessimistic naval olliccrs is ihat
the administration has now become"
thoroughly convincKl that Spain's
extensive naval preparations at
home and the recent large augmentations of the military force-iu Cuba
arc in anticipation of a confliot with
speech made by him in the liuue j this country to be provoked by lhe
of Commons during the past session former for the purpose of preserving
of Parliament. !lllil" dignity in the loss of Culm.   Of
T ,, ,.      the incidents which have given rise
Immigration   was   the  question I.     ,, .        ,    .
" - ito   the   manv  sensational rumors
before the House when Mr. Frazer whicl, the nJaYmisls are circulating,
spoke as follows: | is a story which comes from   Spain
"Now the question of Immigration to to the effect that Minister Taylor
the North West, and not only to the |,as pequested an explanation from
North West, but toall the provinces U■ , ., , ., amhol.itie, who have
the most important that can engage tne: . .
attention of this House. There is no; consulted the-representatives of the
other matter that both parties ought to i European powers in that city as to
be agreed upon more than this, audi am their attitude in the event of a war
sore that the lacis of lhe case prove thai ! |,,,t fch      „   u d    Sute      am,
tiie innn,gration policy ol the late bov-   ,    . ,        ..       ,      .
eminent was one of ihe most itoluftiil i opsin. According to the report,
failures that were ever   known   in  any | Minister   Taylor  discovered ihat a j
was addressed to each of the
i .,i,, M,u i ■"■*>■ ijrt ministers at Madrid making
honorable | this inquiry, and upon  learning of
"Side Tracked."
The funniest   show   on   earth
be given
The Crescent Boot and Shoe Store
While leather's ieaUrer* anJ while skill isKkill.'
i litJllNS.
Would I hnd lived tn Bee iik foot
Frne heel to loe, frite boIg i» ontt,
Woel covered wi' ii tt iim-'liau boot,
Sho ii-'-*! tiiid*brnw;
0' health and hnpplues- tlie root
Are tiit-v io a',
Mmi they but lived lo let mo hen
What good bootfl were, threescore nnd ten
Uml Been nte LtxMliu' hut und ben
At my concerns,
And chtiniiiii' mankind wl' my pen.
Signed, Uodiiib 1-uuni**.
0 Caledonia, Btorti nnd wild,
i How blent must be each man mid diiid,
[ And mother, wile and maiden fiur
1 Who tt UlTKlKLb'B bouts mid eh 008 may wear
i Laud of brown heath and Bhaggy wood,
i Von know bow cheap they are mid Rood.
I 'Ibe work that leaves their skilful hand
j litis none superior in tht! laud.
. My country's thrift is overthrown
il ii this truth bus never known.
School Shoen a)
Specialty,    f
30 Vit'tiirl't ('r-'M'i'Ut.
country.   1 auree with   the honorable I mite
L'enllenmn in his description of the class j f      •
.,.. .1....  i..  *    ;.,,..   .i.i.,   t'ltei
of people that ought to come
country. But the policy of
gentlemen opposite has nnuie the country what it is. They started in by
giving to speculative eompani.es immense tracts of land. They gave men
to understand that if they went up there
they conld have largo areas of land, and
make fortunes and return again. They
forgot that the principle underlaying
immigration ought to be that men
should go to tt country tis llieir home,
there lo take up it plane of hind, to engage in its culture, and by the accretions
of year by year, do what is done in tbe
older provinces, adding to their wealth
the matter he went to lhe Spanish
minister of foreign affairs and demanded an explanation,
His interview, it is said, resulted
in the notes being recalled. All of
this happened several weeks ago
was duly reported to the state department, It is further stated that
Mr. Taylor has reported the existence of a bad state of feeling towards Americans in various  parts
imhii       imhiu.i.-, .i'luiiit    i"      utii.ii        tii  nun   i       /-ci • 1»l t C I
by littles, nnd thus make a staple popu- . *>■ Spain and the danger of the in
'       '   ability of the Spanish  government
lo prevent outbreaks.—Colonist.
la,ion.   The effect was the opposite,
am only speaking for   myself,   but   wo
must retrace all our steps in this matter,
and free every acre of land in  the North
West and give it to tho poople."
The convincing   arguments used
by Mr. Frazer in  condemnation of
the late Government's-immigration
policy applies with equal   force to
Drowning Fatality at Victoria.
A sad accident happened in
Victoria on Saturday evening, which
plunged two homes into mourning,
uul lilied a third with thanksgiving
the land policy of the Government j over   the snatching of a loved one I corner from lho parental abode.
Peter's papa is worth one-half a
million, and the son is quite
confident   tluit   before loiiij; all
Tracked" will he given to-night (Tuesday) at llie Opera, House.   Jnle Wallers
lakes tfie lending role, the   now   tramp bhakkspbabe,
in    (.own,   supported   by  uu    efhVietit  To boor not to be. all tongue* repent,
eotii,innv. [ Cau WHITFIELD'S famous hoots mul shoe* be
Jtilo Walters who plava lhe part, of a Loud echo orles, " Be beat they never win
tramp su sni-eesstu!!y holds as un evid
euro of his I,istronic abilities a certiB,-ale
of membership in tbe Western Division
of the Uniled Suites Association <if
Tramps, It ,s „ curious document writ-
len on coarse brown wrapping paper,
hut ln the handwriting of a man who
has evidently seen better days. Itroads
as follows after the date;
"Jllle Wallers is hereby entitled to all
tha rights and privileges of lho United
Slnlns Aasnt-iatl u Tramps,  [Wester,,
Division,] fur he's got  the  craft down
line ami lias   all   tho   pass   words   ami
I signs pat.
Wi.aky Walker.
V. I', ami See.
There is a note at the bottom whieh
Excuse me Mr, Wallers, lint mv par !
saw your performance iu 'SideTracked*
the other night and lt entitles you to a
W.   G.   IIAI.K.
A Tiinilein Elopement.
Peter Metcalfe, the speedy
Culifornitui who lived for a short
time in Victoria and made the
lialf mile professional record on
the Oak Hay truck last summer,
eloped last week from San Francisco with Clara Byrne on a tandem bicycle und rode to Stockton, where a justice of the peace
married the adventurous couple.
Clara's mamma objected to Peter
and Peter's mamma has no love
for Clara, so the youno; people
concluded to take matters into
tlieir own hands and have un
up-to-date marriage all to themselves. Peter says he is twenty-
one, but his angry maternal
parent says ho is not, and she
will have the marriage annulled,
but Peter does not seem very
much alarmed, as he brought his
wife back to San Francisco, and
is   now   living just round the
from   the
. of death.    It
of British Columbia.   The   blight-j "nml   ln<"  veU. lawi „.,,
B   .     , .,   . ..    , ,. ,: appears that John (j. Miller, of Oik
ing effects of their prodigal disposal   ,,' "    , itr-ir       tn  bi.ii        -
e i Hay Avenue;  \V llliani F. l< uller, of.
of the public lands of the Province | Cadboro Hay road, and A. J. Kitto
becomes more apparent every day. | went on a duck shooting expedition i -A"1 "c *^'* "-^ ai"' '"'.l'iy ."■->■""'
The most important plank in the. to Chatham Island, which' is sit,,- i * oung Mrs Metcalie is said to be
ola-form of the new Opposition i ""le a fBW miles iron, Cadboro Bay. ■ wry attractive and bright in ap-
piattorm  ot tne new opposition ^^ /   pearance, and does not seem  to
party-winch we hope tosee organ-' mfag      ,)Ut meeting wil)) hu{ . kmnv   why a wheel was chosen
lzed in the near future—will be the 8Ucoess on the north side, attempted : for the elopement, bul apparent-
one dealing with (he land question, j to go  round  the island in Fuller's . ly she is quite satisfied with her
Nothing short of Mr, Frazer's motto canoe,   by   the   channel    between
will meet the case; therefore, the Chatham   and    Fiddler's    reef—a
it      .-        i      iii      .i   , treacherous    anil     danger-fraught I .,:„„.    u.......    tinnontj nntl
declaration should   bo  that every Btrip of water at any time, hut more10""-'    ''*" '"""   "l,-",*'l",i
acre of land in the   Province must particularly when the tide is at the
be  freed  from   the   grasp   of  tbe turn,—as   it  was  when   the three
youthful husband, and does not
regret   missing   the  trousseau,
presents in
of it modish
grievances,  and on the merits and'speculator and given to the people,  young sportsmen made their  fata
demerits   of   aspiring   candidates,!  »**  mistake of trusting themselves  up
, .,   ,     , J ,       ... ,     TTT.it        m      j.   vr j,    ii .   ci       i    on it,      Kitto,   the  onlv one of tin
woile fundamental pnnciples-the Wallace btreet Methodist   Church.|pftrty  wnQ .^  to j,,, ()f tlle tt>1..
general good, prosperity and  well-'
being of the province as a whole—
were sadly neglected. We submit
that the people of far away Kootenay and Cariboo are as vitally interested in having the vulturine
claws of the K. & N- Railway "Co.
clipped, as are the people of Nanaimo or Alherni. Such being the
case, common sense would dictate
that those people should he consulted on the proposed methods to
be used to accomplish this purpose,
when the opportunity presents itself. In our humble opinion the
desired end can he brought about
only by those who believe in  over-
Wallace Street Methodist Church  rible experience,  says that  at lhe
celebrated   tlieir i)7th anniversary end of the island the current swept
service   on  Sunday   and  Monday lin so fiercely   that   the canoe was
last. On Sunday Rev. W. W.
B.ier, of Vancouver, a former popular pastor, preached two powerful
sermons. At the evening service
the church was crowded to the
doors. The ladies of the congregation   had  decorated   the   pulpit
overturned and its occupants were
the next instant struggling in the
icy water. Fuller ul the time was
steering, Miller paddling in the bow
and Kitto in tbe cent re of lhe can ii'.
As she went over the last named
young man managed lo catch  her,
orange   blossoms,
otlier   aeeessoi'ies
The dismissal of unnecessary
public employees, or rather the
suspension of their salaries, for
they had no employment, is
called by an eastern contemporary, 'the fury of Tarte and Blair
against poor men.' The theory
that a large number of friends
of the Government should live
mi the rest of us seems hard to
with lilies and morning glories, and and clinging to  the bottom of the
although   not  very  extensive, yet, overturned craft was swept down to
lhe decorations showed much taste,  lhe white beacon rock, from   which
Last night the annual supper and I he   was   taken off, chilled and lie-
concert was held, a large number numbed but not seriously injured,
being prc-ent.   A bountiful supper! by two fishermen, who landed him I
had been prepared  by  the Ladies' as quickly as possible at the Mount;
Aid, and after the inner   man   had j Baker hold,
been satisfied, all adjourned to the      Fuller, who was a fair swimmer,
church, where   un   excellent  pro  | struck out at once wilh the current
The way to cure catarrh is to purify
the blood, and the surest safest, best,
way to purify the blood is by taking
Hood's Sarasaparilla, the one true blood
Owing to the advance in
Flour, the Bakers of Nanaimo ami Wellington have
decider] to raise the price
of Bread.
On and after the lst of
November, 189G, the price
will be
16 Loaves
For One Dollar
Smart & Thome
Wilson & Matthews
F. Rowbottom
A. J. Smith
L. Schmitz
J. Black
C. Docile
Any person selling1 or otherwise disposing of KEGS, BOTTLES, or TAPS belonging to
the Union Brewing Company
will be prosecuted.
W. E. NOltltIS, See.
18, 1890.
Mood's Pills aro
always reliable, easy
prompt,   efficient,
to   take,   easy  to
throwing the present  Government; 'gramme was cone through. I ami was seen for one brief moment
„„„,;„„   .„ n...    i   ,i...•.:.._  _ I    The choir was out in strong force,   by Kitto, as he was swept away on
and opened the  meeting  with   the   the overturned canoe.     When Kit-
chorus, Wake the Song;after whlph  to reached the Beacon   rock, Culler
Warden Moresby Dead.
New Westminster,  ii. C, Nov.
coming together and drafting
declaration of principles applicable
to the whole province --principles
broad and comprehensive enough
for all lovers of honest government
to rally round—regardless of their
opinions on Protection or Free
Trade, which have no place in pro-
vi*,cia| politics. There mast be
some means of distinguishing between the sheep and the goats and
wt oan conceive of no bettpr plan
nowhere   to be
conclusion   to
weighted down
seel, am
Kev. T. W. Hall, made a  few
marks suitable to tbe occasion,    A
duett   by  Mrs. W. '•'.   (Ircei,  and
Miss Dobeson was well given. Prof.
Spear tiavc a brilliant selection from
the works of Dr. Spark, organist of
Leeds Town 11 11.    Prof. Spear was
heartily applauded, and responded
to a call for a  second  pieee.    Mrs.
Davison    sang     by    special     re* I boots an
quest, "Within a mile o' F.dinboro  icapping him terribly—inthedirec-
Town." It was well rendered,   Mrs. | tion of Chatham  island.     He had
hunting clothes, he hatl found tbe
buttle tor life too much fur him,
antl had gone down to a grave iu
Ihe deep.
Miller, when last seen, was swim-
ining   feebly   -his   heavy   rubber
1(1 —
Win. Moresby,   warden   of   Ihe   British
Columbia ■penitentiary,    died    about
5  o'clock   Sunday   morning,  aged  4!l
years, after an  illness   of livo   days,   uf
iiillaniiilion   of   the   lun«s.     Deceased
eaine to  British  Columbia  by   eallint;
drawn was ! vessel from I'.ntdiind In 1HI11, und joined
,..„.,.,, i his father who was then praotlcinj*;   law
-' I in Victoria,   Iu   1808 he  liot tlie gold
fever ami went to Cariboo, but returned
lo the coast and entered   the  service of
the provincial police In  lSiiH nt  Westminster.   He continued In this service
for 'it years, I
f the Westminster jn
The adjourned meeting of the
Liberal Association will be held
in Room No. 22 inthe Johnston
Block on Tuesday Evening, the
17th Inst., at 8 o'clock.
Special and important business will come before the meeting
All Liberals kindly invited.
Secretary pro tem.
TAX BY-LAW, 1808.
appointed  warden of  penitentiary  in
tilled cartridge belt hand-  Jane, 1896.   He loaves a widow and two
I'hiltlren.   The funeral will   take   place
Tuesday afternoon.
WHEREAS it is deemed advisable to
extend the  limo   at which   the  rebate
Ing appointed governor I "»•-•".•" °n »i|e RttJ"nernw°f t?XM "" tt"ttl
sum- jail in 1S77.    He was  E«at? ln.Vhe V»y of Nanaimo,
than by the formation ot a party Davison responded, to repeated calls | the fierce current full against him,
with well defined  principles.     We
with another Scotch song, "WhereI and the island was a quarter of a
are   not irrevocably committed to' •"- my Highland Laddie Gone?" The mile distant, so that his light was
1 next piece wiw u decidedly new de- ■ one without hope. Should by any
parture for church entertainments,; miracle the swimmer have succeed*
a selection on the bagpipes by Mr. j pd in freeing himself of boots and
Marshall, recently from Scotland, j cartridge belt in the chill water,
There w«.s a small sprinkling of | breasting the current, and reaching
Scotchmen in the audience, whose the island, he would find a small
hearts thrilled as they literally community nf Indians by whom ho
drank into their souls thc dulcet wouhl no doubt be kindly oared
strains of the old land. When Mr. for. The forlorn hope of his sue
Marshall struck up with "ThelcesS is, however, too distant to be
Campbells are Comin'," all we considered as more than within the
can sny tn express our feelings is. I bare limit of possibility. A*ting
"Man, Wullie, but it wur gran'." on tho vaguo and hopeless "might
Miss Ulaholm gave a beautiful sojo' be" of the case, C. A. Godson and
and was heartily encored. Freddie j Uert Sphofield volunteered to go out
Fisher captivated the audience with ■ to the island last night, the pro-
his piano solos; he promises to lie a j vineial   police launch  also joining
favorite with a Nanaimo audience, j in the expedition,     Their return is
It was Mrs. W, E. Green and Miss Dobcspn eagerly looked for,
the idea that the new party should
Jj-i palled "Liberal;" in fact, we look
upon the name as a secondary consideration, a mere question of expediency to be considered later on.
"A rose by any other name srnollsl
just us swee*."
The tand Question.
During the campaign previous to
thepite Doni-ninn election, one of
the arguments used against the
C<ii)«eivf*tjveparty was that under
(heir regime the country did not
IfjvmSt  ln   papulation.
Highest Honors—Wori
Be it, therefore,enacted ly the Municipal.Council of the Corporation ofthe
City of Nanaimo ns follows:
Sctioii 1, Section 4 of the "Real
Estate Tax By-law, IS'.iii" is hereby amended by inserting in ihe llfi.h lino of
the said section thu words "on or beforu
the lst day of December, 18'Jll" Instead
Of the winds "on or before lhe lst tlav of
November, 18i)(l."
Keel ion 2, This By-law may bu cited
for all purposes as the "Real Estate Tax
Amendment By-law, 1S06." Passed by
thu Municipal Council on thu 9th dav of
November, 18!)iJ.
Reconsidered, adopted anil finally
passed by llie Municipal Council on the
10th day of November, 1896.
3. H. DAVISON, Mayor.
A ham Thompson, 0, M. C.
ure Grspe Cream of Tartnr Powder.   1
i Atnmoni-!, Alum or any other auultet
49 Years thf SUncLvK*
Any present subscriber to the
Mail ean have the Weekly Globe
from now to the end of 1807 for
U5 cents.
Tho M,wi. and Weekly Globe for
one year for $2.(15 if paid in advance.
We have a very complete line
of Large Sizes in MEN'S
UNDEEWEAR.    A full range
of prices.   You can have the
Canadian make or the best
Scotch, which comes in pink
and natural colors.
Sizes, 42, U, 46.
Commercial St., Nunniino, B. 0.
Are now ready for your inspection, the
designs, quality and styles being the choicest from the looms in Great Britain.
Have also a job line of 100 suits of
Which I will sell for $27, the best value
ever shown in Nanaimo. Soliciting your
esteemed orders, and thanking you for
past patronage, respectfully yours,
Commercial Street     £
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs
/a—__t)ONE  BY  THE— -^
r ioneer Steam Laundry
„,*-»'I By so doing vou will PATRONIZE WHITE LABOR
■•   \ And" help to GET RID OF THE CHINESE!
Dye Works in connection       ■—	
P. 0. Box 95. D. M. STEWART, Proprietor.
Citv Market
Wholesale and Retail Butchers ^ark,«.. i..,.- ,,».„.,,■, ,.,,,1 .-,,»«,,,,.•.
P. 0. Uox 227 Telephon,, 7-s
1'olnli.vtviitl j*tl,.'tJt.
OK. CASE, lliiiTf«tfTt>iiclS"U»*llor. Kuoiu, U
.  Johnston Ulot'k.
McINNES A McINNES,  llttrri*tcr*,  Room 6.
Joliiitttoti ltltH'k, t'oiniiu'ri'wil tttreel,
YARWOOU A YOl'NO, Unn-titter*, eonier of
Commt'irvtal and UiiHtion ■tretMt'.
G.G.& B.I. Westwood1
Ar« now prepared to Cut Down Old
Axles, bv ust' tif an Improved Ma-
chine, making litem h» good ha new.  rp  HARDY, Botante DniffglRt, Wtnfleld Crw**
I ■!• cent,  'l'n Hardy's Pile Ointment.
Done in the ntoHt approved ittiuniiQr,
OU. MA80N, Dentist   Bxtmottngtt-it-itlalt'-
dtl* Mill I'.ll'eriuhiitiLiMi'rri,.
Offlco, Otld-FolloWi liloi'lt, N-nufino.
Their price* nro right.   Call aiH.I nee   \V  *• ,C0nRY,'D. D.S., Green Blook.   Klr«t-
them. • elaas wor* guaranteed.
ALL FREIGHTS left on the
Naniiimo Wharf Go.'a Wharf
will be ut owners' risk.
A. R. JOHHSTON & CO., WharHngers.
(j-iKKSOKNT I'HaltMAOY. Hai-lABtkakmaii,
V' proprietor*. Victoria Crescent. l-ntpehHlng,
and lumiiy ret:ii*K a ipGetalt**.
McDOWKI,!,. atkins, watson co„ Limited,
Meiilcnl HaU^oorner..on,morels) mul Mas
11011 Mtn-i't*.  Telephone in-',.
Shamrock Livery Stable;
VAXllMu  DYK WORKS.. Iiwlii-'  Clttntng
J-.   ami Uepolrtng    14 Nlcol stn-rt
0. ViftAiti/roM, Manager,
A NO—,
i Ilea
Omni', UaHllott Street, Naiuiiroo.
ii    MAItsii, Whole-talc  pealcr In  Kl.h aud
An Exprcsa Van fnoetS nil
TiniiiH nnil i*tt'iiiii(irR llnil.v, antl
On Hatnl to Onlur at any litiiif
Tolerilione 8-
MWOIjFI!, Financial and Insurance Agent.
•   JiiIiiimihi lllick.
i jlOUKMAN AilARliY, Ketil Eatalc llrol-era-
I -    llatttlou Htrcct.
D   TAYLOR, Denier In all kind, nl New and
• Sei'iitnllliiiitl t'liiiilinre, and Ksuey 4rll-
i'l e. ol every 'Inner,ptlolt.
Mutoniu iniiiiii,,'.'.
10S. M. BROWV, Wattthmsker. Wnlrhes
fl uml Cluck, curclullv I'leiiniHl antl repaired.
iCrj't-'Ob.urej) sm| Chapel itreets.


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