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•»onxmwfc<V"»»Bi >-<*
"Patent Excellent"
If you tee that on your sack of
Pastry Flour
You can be sure that you have the best,
for there cnn be no better.
Comes the best Tea offered to dlscrimi-
uatlng buyers in British Columbia.
Garden Manager,    I
Fobhtek llEIiOLC. I Sol. Agents B. C.
VOL. II.-NO. 50.
WHOLE NO. 109.
Still Selling Below Factory Prices
Not for long, though, as they are going Fast and
will soon be all cleared out.
You ought to secure some of the Bargains
Before they all go.   lirst come first
served.   The whole Stock
Must Go.
Note a few prices, though no figures can givo you a correct
idea of the great value wo are giving. The stock must be
inspected :
Miners' water-tight, heavy-nailed, per pair ... .$1 15
Moil's lace shoe, from      90
'•     cork soled, Lace or Congress   1.76
Boys' lace shoos, heavy      75
Youths' •'    "        "           60
Children's    "        "          40
" button shoes, heavy      25
Misses' " •' "         75
"        laco shoes, heavy, from     50
Women's luce shoes, from   1.00
" button shoes, heavy, from   1.15
"    fine Dongola, from   1.25
" slippers, from      15
fdJ^A fine line of German Felt Slippers, Men's from 60
cents ; Women's, 50 cents ; Children's, 25 cents.
As to Gi-oti-ries wo carry a very largo and well-selected
We warrant prices as low, at least, as the lowest quoted in
the City.
We guarantee quality in every case and we are ready to
return you your money if you do not like the goods.
Christmas Bargains*
Are Closing ont the Balance of Onr-
Jackets and Mantles,
Trimmed and Untrimmed Hats.
leathers and Trimmings.
Children's Millinery.
Fur Boas, Capes and Collars
Dress Goods
Mantle Cloths
Wrapper Flannels
Boys' Suits and Reefer Jackets
Immense Reductions for Cash
Call Early and Secure Some of
These Bargains
Nanainio, B. C.
Mude Irnm Select Fruit anil Cnne Sugar.    The Kreiitest care ls exercised in thai: preparation ami exquisite cli-nullnc-h unserved.   He only make one quality—the besl—
the same as 8ii|i|illeii to tlie order ol His Excellency Lord Aberdeen
WHY BUY CHEAP JAMS ? BUY OKELL & MORRIS'. The; are the Purest and Besl
In a Blaze of Glory ^
No matter what other
gifts tnke your fancy
you can do nothing
wiser than come and
look ut what we have
to show in Slippers for
Christmas and New
Year's presents.
... All Right Prices . . .
Bo feu Want to Borrow
UOO, repa* aoft monthly in 8 voam, at $7.60
1,«I0 ri'|o>nlU'mi,i,ililjiii(.)eKis,at slfi.OO
S.IMI rci'Hiol.leD.ciitlilvlriiiycars, at $80.00
Other amounts m proportion.    1-oans mode
only on First .Morlf-aw* nn  Improved Town or
City Pro-jetty.  EnunAtn.-c BaVikq*, i.o.in .imi
Ul'ii-iJiN,; j\M-ni iatiiin, 24 Toronto SI., Toronto
GKU. I.. SCI1ETKV, Agent,
Room No. 14, Johnston Block.
Fish and
Game Market
ft. MABSH, Prop.
Opposite Phaba-y'* Drug Store.
What are You Going to Give Me for...
This is what many people aro saying.
It is a very hard question to answer; the
only thing to sav is: "I don't know yet; I
am going to the CASH BOOT AND
SHOE STOKE to see what they have und
I will let you know."
Men's, Ladies', Misses' Children's and Infants'
r~ Tn all Styles ., s  ,
Ladie^ Waterproof Over^a Iters,
Mer/s Fapcy Slippers.
Gasl7 Boot aifd S^oe Store
17 aijd 19 Gonii-Qercial Street
E. E. G. Jolwsop, Mgr.
You will find a general Assortment of
Toys, Work Boxes, Handkerchief and Glove
Boxes, Toilet Cases, Manicure Sets, Perfume
Bottles, Jewel Cases, Photo Albums, Writing
Desks, and also, just arrived ...
A line of Tinware, Nails, Tubs, Washboards,
and numerous other things which we will be
glad to show you.
Wall Paper; come aud see.
Miners' Files, 3 for 50 cents. >
46 Victoria Crescent.
For Wholesome
Vegetables of all
kinds that are in
season, get them at
who will call on you
once every week.
Listen Ior bis bell.
Good Potatoes,
at moderate prices.
Onions, 11 lbs., 25c.
100 lbs. for $1.65.
Reserve your order until he
Store—Day's Old
Butcher Shop,
Nicol Street.
Stove Repairing,
Will At most any Stove.
All kinds of old Conk
Stoves bought, sold or
(Iiioiln of every
description Im't
ami sold.
Masonic Building, Commercial Street.
To Rent or Lease.
A six mom Hour**, stable and other
out-houses, and 2*._. acres of land, ten
minutes walk outside the city limits,
near Chase River. Fur further particu-
larR ap|i|v to Jas Bradley,"'on the Esplanade.
Diamond*, Rubier*., Pearls, or any
kind ol Stone enn be raplared, and
all Jewelry made or repaired at low
prices, by calling on
l.h, hills ^rr""
New Cooking Stoves
aud Ranges
Go to the ....
Where you will find, besides the
in the City, the
line of staves  that  are carried
I> a Beauty.
P. O. Box 105.
At the request of a large number of the Electors of Nanaimo
City, I have consented to allow
my name to be placed in nomination for the position of Mayor
of Nanaimo for the year 1897.
I shall endeavor, during the
time at my disposal, to meet as
many of the electors as possible
aud explain my position upon
the many questions affecting our
City and at a Inter date to address a public meeting to which
all will be welcome.
Your obedient servant,
Municipal Council.
At the regular meeting of thc Council
on Monday evening there were
present: Mayor Davison, West-
wood, Planta, Martell, Morton,
McDonald and Foreman.
The minutes of last meeting were read
and on motion adopted.
Mr. 8. Cough acted as clerk in the
absence of City Clerk Thompson through
Road Foreman's report waa read and
ordered to be fyled.
Aid Morton asked for further time for
the committee re smelter communication!.
Aid Morton reported that the city
•cales were out of order and Mr. Leigh'-
ton the inspector had examined them
and found the wood work very rotten,
consequently the weighing was not
correct. lie thought something should
be done in the matter.
Aid Foreman thought it would be well
to have the scales removed to a more
suitable position, as at present a large
amount of water came under. He
moved that the matter be referred to the
Street Committee to look out for a more
suitable position and have the scales removed.
Aid. McDonald seconded.
Aid Planta would like the committee
to report and if possible have some
temporary repairs done to last until the
next Council. He would not deny that
the scales were in an awkward location,
and could also believe the timbers were
rotten. The work already done by this
Council had exceeded the revenue and
he would like to know where the money
was to come from. It was time to call a
bait, and he should oppose the motion.
Just as the Mayor was putting the
motion Aid. Westwood rose and said he
thought we had expended enough and
he would favor temporary repairs, and
leave the matter of removal to the next
Aid Morton also thought that some
temporary repairs could be done so as to
make the scales available for a month
or two.
As the Mayor was about to put the
motion Aid Planta said the affirmative
vote hail already been taken, and he
called for the negative vote to be taken.
The Mayor put the motion and it was
carritd on the following vote.
For: The Mayor, Aid McDonald, Martell and Foreman.
Against: Aid Planta, Morton, and
The Council then adjourned.
The residence of Mr. J. J. Sehl was
burglarise'! last Sunday evening a
quantity of jewelry being stolen. It
appears that Mr. and Mrs. Sehl accompanied by Mr. Graut Jessup of Wellington left the house about 7 o'clock, and
on returning about 8 o'clock Mrs. Sehl
noticed that some of the bureau drawers
had lieen ransacked. A box containing
about f40 worth of jewelry, which liad
been left ou the bed under some linen,
had been opened, ami the contents
taken. Suspicion fell upon the Chinaman, who had a room in the house and
he wus arrested yesterday morning and
brought before J. H. Simpson, P.M., in
the City Police Court ami remanded to
Thursday, to enable the police to make
Halverston—Shewfelt.—Bv Rev. J.
D. P. Knox, Mr. John D. Haharsron,
(band master) to Miss Mary Susanna
Shewfelt, all of this city.
City and District.
It will pay you to read Jns. Young'*
new advertisement in this issue.
The Spiritualists will hold an at home
in their hall on New Year's evening Instead of Saturday.
Watch night service at Wallace fit.
Methodist Church on Thursday evening
at 11 o'clock.
The Baptists will hold a watch night
service on Thursday evening commencing at 10:30 p.m, ail welcome.
City Clerk Thompson is under the
weather, suffering from the universal
complaint, the grippe. We hope toaea
him around again shortlv.
We would call the attention of onr
readers to the grand concert, supper
and bull to be given in the Forester**
Hall on New Year's night, by the Companions of the Fores and the A O F. A
good time is expected.
Mr. Paul Bennett and Miss' Georgia*
Blood were married on Christnia* day
by Rev. T. W. Mali and left for • brief
honeymoon to Vancouver, Our con*
gratu'latians are extended to the happy
couple for a prosperous and happy voy*
age through life.
James Joe, a Nanaimo Indian wa*
charged before Magistrate Bate, in • th*
Provincial Police Court yesterday with
being drunk in the city and waa fined
tb and costs or 14 days. Leon Venegaa
waa charged with supplying the liquor
to the above and was fined ij 60 and cost*,
in default five weeks in jail.
A fair audience  assembled in the Y.
M. C. A.  last  Saturday  evening  th*
occasion being an entertainment given
by Mr. Wilfred Lucas.   Mrs. O'DelT presided   at  the  piano and   played    tb*
accompaniments in excellent taste. Mr.
Lucas occupied the whole  evening and
delighted the audience with   his songs,
recitations, etc.   He proved himself to;
be a  first-class  entertainer, and   will,
likely draw   a  good   house  should  he'"
again, favor the city with a visit.
Davison's candidature are requested to meet in the Committee rooms, ou Skinner Street,
Friday, January lst, 1897.
At 7 o'clock   in   the   evening,
prompt, as business of importance will be transacted.
By order,
J. W. Galloway.
Nanaimo, Dec. 28,1896.
Concert, Ball and Supper
Foresters' Hall on New Year's
Night, Jan. lst.
Under th- auspices ol"- ,—
Companions   op   the   Forest
and A. O. F.
Commen-l-iK st 7 o'clock.        Tickets SO cents.
SEALED TENDERS addressed to the
"J Postmaster-General will be received
at Ottawa until noon on
Friday, 12th February, Next,
For thc conveyance  of Her Majesty's
Mails on   proposed  contracts  for four
years in each case, each way between
Printed notices containing further information as to conditions of proposed
contracts may be seen and blank forms of
tender may be obtained at tho above
Post Offices, and at this Office.
Post Office Inspector.
Post Office Inspector'* Office,
Ytotoj-ia, loth D*c*rabei, 1190.
What The People Say.
That Cornelius Novello Westwood I*
very sensitive to the trueism, that evil
communications corrupt good manner*.
Thatif his independence is as strong
as he says, lie ought to be the premier of
the Province.
That his actions one year in th*
Council is more to be believed than hia
own statements.
And that we cannot afford at thi*
critical juncture of the city's life to depend on theory.
That the Free Press has vomited it*
last bitter bile this year.
That it all depends upon who 1* elected for determining the state of its stomach next year.
That of all the bitter bites it detest*
the Davhnnite is the worst.
That when it said it wished all Its
readers a merry Christmas, it bait a
short memory.
That they (the people) wish the Free
Press a happy New Year with the New
That the ball on Christmas eve wonld,
have been very good if it had not ended*
with a fight.
That our active policemen will hav* a
busy time next Thursday and Friday.
That the Chief's chief business will ba-
outside the city limits at that time.
That he is wondering where Sehl'*
burglar is.
That if he could lay band* upon hint
he could catch him.
That every euch occurence prove* th*
truth of Mr Simpson's conclusion: The*
the nature of the policemen ought to be
judged by the moral condition of th*
That everybody wishe* everybody •
Happy New Year.
St. Andrew's Xmas Tree.
The Presbyterian church waa
tilled to the doors on Xmas night
with an appreciative audience assembled to enjoy the annual Xmas
entertainment prepared by th*
teachers and scholars of the school
Two large Christmas trees had beta
erected, one on each side of tha
platform, laden with presents,
whilst above and between hung a
brilliantly illuminated star, representing the Star of Bethlehem.
This beautiful device, as well al
the other tasteful decorations waa
designed by and carried out under
the supervision of Mr. Walter Boon,
Rev. \V. B. Cumming occupied
the chair, and an excellent program was carried out, which wa
are reluctantly compelled to leav*
out owing to the lack of space.
One number however should have
special mention, and that was tha
"Good night drill" rendered by sixteen young ladies under the able)
personal direction of Mr. H. Stewart. This was acknowledged to ba
the leading number in the program and certainly reflects great
credit on the parties taking part
in the pleasing spectacle.
At the close of the program San*
ta Claus appeared, and amidst considerable merriment distributed
the numerous gifts. Much credit
is due to the energetic and painstaking superintendant Miss F. E.
Hartt, under whose careful management the already large attendance oi this school is steadily increasing. In this praiseworthy
work she is ably assisted by th*
secretary, Miss Fulton, and a willing staff of teachers, all of whoro.
are to be congratulated 'on thi
successful and enjoyable ■""hriltnn*
entertainment,. T
"Nobody Knows But Jesus."
"Nobody knows but Jesus I"
Tie only tbe old refrain
Of a quaint, pathetic slave-song,
But it comes again and again.
I only heard it quoted,
And I do not know the rest;
But the music ol the message
Was wonderfully blessed.
For it fell upon my spirit
Like sweetest twilight psalm,
When the breezy sunset waters
Die into starry calm.
''Nobody knows but Jusus!"
Is it not liettci- so,
That no one else but, Jesus,
My own dear  Lord, should know?
When the sorrow is a secret
Between my Lord and me,
I learn the fuller measure
Of His quick sympathy,
'Whether it be so heavy,
That dear uiics could not bear
To know tho bitter burden
They could not conic anil share;
Whether it be so tiny,
That others could nnt see
Why it should be a trouble,
And seein so real to mc;
Either, and both, 1 lay them
Down at my Master's feet,
And lind them, alone with Jesus,
Mysteriously sweet.
iSwcet, for they bring mc closer
To the dearest, truest Friend;
Sweet, for He conies the nearer,
As 'neath the cross I bend ;
Sweet, for they are the channels
cause   it   s   not   timbered,"  said
"Yes, my son," said Drew. "We
are caught like rats in a trap.
Look at it which way I will I can
see nothing but death. I arn thirsty
even now. We shall have to go
through all those hideous stages of
famine and madness. We are
buried alive."
Spurred by Drew's word-', Steward leaped to his feel and split the
air with shrieks. The hollow shaft
eoliot-d them liack  again.
"The situation is deadly, but I
cannot make up my mind to die
like you, Drew."
Steward started to cut steps in
the side oi the shaft, and carved a
dozen with liis pick, but the soft
formation Crumbled under his toes
and lie knew it was vain. Thu*1
the balance of the day and nigh
passed, and morning found them
pacing a circle at the bottom uf the
shaft,llieir eyes glassy, tlieir breath
coming in quick gasps und the
torments of thirst and hunger, augmented a hundredfold by anticipation, were upon them,
"I du not oure so much  for my-
self as for my wife and   four  little
, girls which 1 have in Dundee," suid
i Steward.
"The good Rector of our  parish
I said to me when father  died,  'ask
Sweet, for by these dark secrets
HiB heart of lovo I know.
"Nobody knows but Jesus!"
It is music for to- lay,
And through the darkest hours
It will chime along the wuy,
•'Nobody knows but Jesus!'''
My Lord, I bless thee now
for "the sacred gift of sorrow
That no one knows but Thou
Charity Begins at Home,
Through which His teuohings how; lour heavenly Father to help you to
veet. for bv these dark secrets I boar   all   sorrows   with   christian
fortitude; nothing is so dishonoring to U id as unbelief. Even if
our prayers are not answered in the
way we want them. God knows
best, and I cast all upon the sympathising heart of the man, Christ
Jesus," said Dick Drew.
Stoward looked upward. He saw
a blue disc of sky cut in twain by
the windlass. He stared at this,
and as he stared he gave a joyful
shnut. He seized his pick and
scrutinized the handle. It was
made of stout, well-seasoned hickory. He split off a piece from end
to end about the size of his thumb
and then tapered it gently at the
extremities. It was true and elas
tic, and sprung under his lingers
like steel.
"Now, Drew, take off your  long,
blue stockings."
Thanks to the love of his old
mother buck in England, Drew
wore lung, blue stockings, knitted
with sound, honest, homely yarn.
He looseened a strand, and it unravelled readily. In a little time
it lay in a coil at their feet. Steward stripped himself ti) liis flannels
and tore his clothing, piece liy piece,
in stripes. He tied und tested them.
It wus not lung enough. Drew
then divested himself of his clothing which guve them another
twenty feet. They would have
stripped naked, but their underclothes were made of goods too
flimsy to stand the strain. When
they had enough, Steward fashioned an arrow from the balance of his
pick, heavy ut one end and light at
the other, und strung the other
piece to the how with braided yarn,
He then laid the balance of the
yum in a louse circle, tied the end
to the arrow und with throbbing
hearts mude ready. By this time
it was afternoon, and at the first
attempt the arrow struck the side
and clattered buck, bringing some
dirt   with   it.     He laid the
In the summer of 1864 two men
were preparing to penetrate that
part of Australia known as the
Black Mountains, The party consisted of a Scotchman, named
Sandy Steward, a Cornishman,
named Dick Drew, and a Chinaman,
gong Lee, Drew did not want the
"He has a bad face, Sandy; we
had better take a white man., suid
"Look at the money, mnn; look
at the money, said the Scotchman.
"As to the pay, Tom Daily will
jcorae just as cheap. He is a good-
hearted fellow and cannot get
whiskey in the mountains," said
"It is too late now," said Steward.
•"I have hired the Chinaman, but
if we are not successful we cun give
vent to our feelings by kicking the
Chinaman, and besides, it's a
charity to take him as he has never
worked in the country yet."
"Charity begins ut home, Sandy
Steward," said Drew; "but huve
your own way, if you can put up
with him.   I can."
These men  hud  fallen  together
haphazard,  and  started on  their
venture   for   a  fortune with a few I
week's rations packed on  a mule;
their   tools, arms  and the clothes | j00ge
they stood in. They found eventu
ally, a promising spot and went
jnto camp. It was on the margin
pf a stream where they hurl a show
pi gold in the working pans, but
.after a time the placer played out
and croppings prompted them to
sink a shaft.
As they went down they encountered a sort of rotten quartz which
seemed continuully on the point of
growing richer, but as often failed,
go a month's time found them with
an unprofitable hole of fifty feet,
wornout, discouraged and angry.
"If we don't strike something tomorrow we will abandon it," said
Dick Drew. "I don't like the Chinaman working over my head."    .»
"Don't quarrel with him about
the bread. He may drop a rock
jon us," answered Sandy.
The next morning all three went
to the shaft, Steward and Drew descending—the Chinaman remaining above to work the windlass.
They ascended and descended by
nieant of a rude rope ladder as one
man's strength—and a Chinaman's
at that—did not suffice to draw
thitn up in the bucket. They had
filled the bucket and had given the
gignal and up it went, when they
heard a peculiar noise and looked
round to see the rope ladder being
It was then a dozen feet above
their heads: at that, their blood
ran cold as their peril flashed before
their minds clear us day.
"Hellol above there," shouted
Steward. "Don't take that ladder
By that time the ladder was
clear of the shaft and the brown,
sinister face of the Chinaman
peered over the edge.
"What for you cry; you likee
mine. Ver good, you stay in him.
Me likee money, me likee blankets,
me likee mule, good-bve.
Ten minutes later they heard
the sound of hoofs puttering down
the gulley, and knew they were
"What on earth are we to do?
Our rescue by other miners is impossible for we are the only white
men in the/district. Discovery by
natives is hardly likely. We cannot climb the sides of the shaft ,be-
Is what gives Hood's Sarsaparilla Its great
popularity, its constautly Increasing
sales, and enables it lo accomplish its
wonderful aud unequalled cures. The
combination, proportion and process
used in preparing Ilood's Sarsapnrilla
a"e unknown to other medicines, and
moke Hood's Sarsaparilla
Peculiar to Itself
It cures a wide range ol diseases because
ol its power as a blood purifier. It acts
directly and positively upon the blood,
and' the blood reaches every nook and
cornerof the human system. Thus all
the nerves, muscles, bones and tissues
come under the beneficent influence ot
The One True Blood l'urlller.   $1; six Ior $5.
u      j,     p.,,,    cure Liver Ills; easy lo
HOOU S PUIS take, eusy to operate. Uu.
The Most Complete Stock
Jas. McGregor's
Victoria descent.
Sullivan Penniless.
Boston, Dec. 2:!.—John I, Sullivan,
tlie pugilist, sut in tlic poor debtors session nt the municipal court to-duy tn
explain why lie had failed tu settle a florists bill. The case will be further heard
Jiiniiiiry 11.
New York, Dee. 28.—A World special
from Boston Buys: "It is snid that uf
the thousands of dollars which Sullivan
hns made be hns nut left even enough to
piiy this small judgment of lf810 obtained
ny a flurist. When the judgment
against Sullivan was obtained on hisde-
luiibt in October, the officer looked
around for something iu the shape of
property thev could attack, They could
lind nothing, consequently they made a
nominal attachment, and un the papers
it reads that the sheriff'has this duy attached a chip its the property of Juhn
Li. Sullivan.' "
The Nanaimo Bakery Excels
The Popular Bakers.
c. c. Mckenzie,
Land Agent and Conveyancer,
Town Lois and KiirniR lor Sale.   Money to Loan
on Mortgage til. low rules.
Agent for the United Fire Insurance Compnny
ol Manchester, England.
Wake op !*
yarn und tried again. Up went the
arrow and dropped outside. Very
tenderly, lest they should break
the yarn, they drew it in again.
The next time the arrow leaped
straight and true into the open air,
like a bird on the wing and dropped
on the other side of the windlass.
It fell at their feet, and when they
saw the cord suspended in the air
they burst into tears of joy. The
rope was made fast and went slowly up and back again. Steward
waited not an instant, but gathering his strength for a final effort,
seized the rope and started up hand
over hand. When he wns within a
fathom of the top - when his haggard eyes had caught the green
crests of the giant gum trees and
the free air of heaven was in his
mouth—the weak rope parted and
he fell headlong into space.
Very tenderly did Dick Drew
hold his head. He almost forgot
his own Buffering in helping Steward. Oh! truly, this was a season
to dwell on the eternal faithfulness
of Him whose word is Truth. He
prayed, and Steward turned his
eyes, dim with the shadow of death,
towards his mate. "God is near,
Dick, I feel a great pence. What
gives you peace, Sandy, is the blood
of the Lamb."     And then he died.
Dick Drew wrote all  this in his
book.     "Three   days, but
with   me,"   waB   the   end
Some wandering miners found
their corpses the next year. The
Chinaman was never heard of
A Big Contract.
San Francisco, Dec. 28.—The Allison
ranch mine' whicli wns, il quarter of a
century ago, one of the best producing
mines in the vicinity of tlrnss Valley, is
to be reopened and worked to its fullest
capacity. The mine is owned by Juhn
W. McKay and .lames L. Flood,
The Allison ranch mine has u unique
history, In fhe heignt of ils prosperity
it was purchased by J. I!. Haggitl and A.
E. Davis. The mine was a profitable
investment, ln lstiU ii led all Nevada
comity mines, and tMO years Inter it had
paid u'ver 1(8,000,000 in dividends- One
day a miner's pick tapped a vein uf
water, and in a lew minutes the mine
was Hooded, The water poured in in
sni-h volumes that it could not be pumped uut, and the mine was abandoned.
Thai was twenty-eight years ago, and
all that time the mine has remained full
of vvnter.
Eight years ago Muckny and Kluod secured control oi the property ami now
they propose tu pump the mine out. A
pumping plant with a capacity of 1,000,-
1)00 gallons per day will he put in, the
work on it tu commence Feburary. It
is estimated that it will take two years
to clear the mine.
Daring Bobbery,
Public feeling in Vancouver is nt
fever height caused by the publication
of the news that Mrs. K. ti, Ferguson
wus held up by a rubber at the dour of
her own residence Wednesday afternoon
in broad daylight; anil her purse containing \ 11 taken from her. The facts
of the case are briefly as follows: Ahout
half-past tliree Mrs." Ferguson sent the
nurse out on a message und imniedi
alely afterwards tliere came a knock at
the door. 11 rs. Ferguson answered the
knock personally and found a man
standing outside, who asked il the. muster of the liuusc was in. Being Informed
that he would not he home until dinner
time, the man pulled Borne papers out
of his pocket and-aid he would leave,
but when Jlrs. Ferguson advanced for
the purpose of taking them from his
hand, the man whipped a revolver out
of his pocket and held it at Mrs. Ferguson's head telling her he needed money
and she hud better go upstairs and keep
quiet while lie helped himself to what
he could find. Mrs. Ferguson told liim
all tlie money she had was in her purse
and handed it to him, he took it and
decamped. Mrs. Ferguson at once telephoned to her husbuned and information
wus given to the police, but up to
this writing no truce 'of the man has
been found.
s\rlii}i|to;q Hotel.
Having completed lhe erection ol Ihe Arlington
Hotel nt NANOOSE HAY, Mils handsome and
commodious hotel is now prepared to receive
uml ootutorlubly entertain travelers innl others.
Is presided over by Mrs. Thompson, anit tho
Tiiiiie d'Hote constantly provided with all the
ileliciti-ii's of the season. Combined with tho
elegant furnished apartments, the visitor finds
the surroundings of the most pleasant description.
Clothes Cleaned...
Repaired and Altered
&&- N'i'xt door to WestwoooV Blacksmith
Shop. P. O. Ilox noi
Old Clothes nnuie equal to new.
Trespass Notice.
WHEREAS, Certain evil-disposed persons have been killing stock on Valdez
Island, Nanaimo District, it is
RESOLVED in future that all persons
fuund trespassing on the Wake Estate
of 760 aeros and Indian Reserve of 1700
adjoining will be prosecuted tu the lull
extent of the law.
(Signed)     BALDWIN II. WAKE.
Sept. 15,1890.   JOHN  HASH,.
Wake up to the fact that if you
invest NOW in Shares of
good reliable
Gold Mining Companies
You stand to make Big Profits,
And 1^^
Will sell to you on terms no other
Broker in British Columbia
Any person selling or otherwise disposing of KEGS, BOTTLES, or TAPS belonging to
the Union Brewing Company
will be prosecuted.
W. E. NORMS, Sec.
Nov. 13, 189(1.
Uod Is
of  the
The reports for November are well up
to the averuge.
A number of Guelph and Toronto
men are seeking incorporation as the
Ontario und Kootenay Mining Co.
Capt. Sinclair, secretary to theGov-
ernor-Cieneriil, leaves for Scotland next
week. He has decided to contest Forfarshire in the Liberal interest,
The court of inquiry Investigating the
cause of the loss ofthe British steamer
Memphis, from Montreal for Bristol,
which went ashore on November 18
near Mizzenhead on the south coast, of
Ireland, hns suspended Capt. Williams'
certificate for six montliB.
Infuriated Cubans.
A Bpecial from Key West, Fla., says:
That Gen. Welyer iB going into the field
again iB confirmed. Preparations are
being mude with secrecy for a forward
movement. Three battalions of newly
landed troops left by wuler fur the east.
It is supposed thiB iB a part of Weyler's
coming campaign. Gomez iB advancing
rapidly to the gates of Havana. It is
stated from Cuban Bourccs that the
Cuban leader is wild over the murder of
his only sun and his beloved chief, und
is burning to revenge their full.
I'he Cubans in tbe army are infuriated over tlie treachery of Dr. Zcrtui'liu.
Dr. Zertucha is a marked man, tun, and
it reported that a move will he made lo
abduct him. He is nnw iu a furlress
some miles from Havana, with u strung
Spanish guard. His trip tu Spain will
be postpuued , the Cubans sny. if he
(•oes over lhere they have friendly
bands in tliut country whu will avenge
Maceo nnd young Gome/..
Maj. Cirucjeda ulsu cnlnes in for his
share of hatred and revenge.Strong insurgent bands ure now sn close to Havana
that the Spanish soldiers seldom venture
far out of the gates of the city except in
strong force. A cunipany of twenty-five
were attacked not over three miles from
the palace by an insurgent bund and
several of them killed. ThiB audacity
bus worried Weyler, but he cannot capture disperse them. An American, mimed Amos Johnson, from Texas, iB their
must prominent lender.
Francis Robinson, son of a farmer
who arrived at St Catherine's last August
inserted matrimonial ar(vertismentB in
the local papers and papers in Toledo
nnd Chicago. He had two sets of photographs, one of a prepossessing young
girl uud the other of a handsome young
man, which after some comniiinicutioiiB
he sent to his correspondents, male and
female. On various pretences he obtained sums vary 1 rid from ,fl to i|15. He wiib
arrested and charged with using llie
mails fur unlawful purposes. He pleaded
guilty, su; ing that hu wus not strong
enough to work and that he did not
think he was doing wrong. He secured
about $1.1011 which he deposited in a loca
Hakes the
Most Permanent
»nd Artistic
Sign Letter
In eilst-nce
You have to Pay
I divide it up into
-Small lonllsly Instalments-
So that everyone can have an interest in Mining and secure part
ofthe Profits that most assuredly
WILL be made.
Sole Aire nt f«p Hritish Columbia
Local Agent, .JAS.   Ill IIS I
Bryan iigiiin.
A contemporary remarks:—"Few realize how close Mr. Bryan came to the
presidency, lie fell 68 voteB short of a
majority. A total change of 60,(K10 popular votes in the close slates of California, Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky,
Maryland, one of the DukotuB, Oregon
and West Virginia, would have given
him (il) additional electoral votes —seven
more limn enough fur election." How
many people realize, it may not be out
cf order tu ask, what immense changes
the advent of Mr, Bryan to office would
have brought about? What would it not
have meant to every industry and interest in the United States, and what
would the consequences have been to
the Dominion of Canada?
Magistrate Kingsford is among
the many who see Ihe perfection of
the vagraflt law. If law is an evidence of imperfection it must he
futile  to h-ipe for perfection in it.
j While our social and industrial system makes involuntary idleness
inevitable it seems incongruous for
| legislators to make it a crime. If
leave to work were granted the idle
idleness could be punished with a
clear conscience. At present it
The Stamp  Mill at Alberni
Is now in operation.   When re- ..'
suits are known, up go the Shares
of all Alberni Companies.
And make money while you have
a chance BEFORE the rise takes
Thos. Kit chin,
Tbe Elite Takes a Snap Shot Picture of The Accused.—He
Talks Back.
Fred Appleby was brought before M. Bate, J.P. in the Provincial
police court on Saturday charged
with breaking into the house of
James McLeod, Section Foreman
on the E & N Railway and living
about 7 miles south of the city.
He was also charged with breaking
into the house of Fook Sam in the
vicinity of MoLeod's. From the
evidence of the witnesses it appears
they all went to work last Wednesday morning leaving their
houses locked up, but on returning
shortly before 6 o'clock in the evening, found they had heen burglarised and various articles stolen.
Inthe caseof Mr. McLeod, a gun
had been stolen as well as many
articles of wearing apparel. The
gun had been sold to B. Aaronson
on Wednesday evening and was
traced by Constable Neen. On
Thursday morning the prisoner
was arrested whilst in the act of
selling  the blankets  to D. Taylor.
The gun was identified by Mr.
McLeod, and the blankets and
pants by three chinamen.
The prisoner wished the chinamen to leave the court room whilst
he manipulated the blankets,
thinking that by changing them
they would not be able to recognise their own. Mr. Bate allowed
his request, and the chinamen left
the room. On returning into the
court they had no difficulty nor
hesitation in picking out their own
About this time a representative
of the "Elite Studio" wus on hand
with his camera, and watching his
opportunity got an excellent photo
of lhe accused. At the conclusion
of the evidence the prisoner after
being duly cautioned, said he had
nothing to sny and he was formally committed to lake liis trial
al the next court of competent.
Constables McLeod and MoKin-
non then handcuffed the prisoner
and conveyed him lo the provincial
During the preliminary hearing,
the prisoner made several interjections and showed that he was
not quite a stranger to a court of
justice. He is about o feet 7 inches
in height, a medium built man,
and of a fair complexion.
News of the Day.
City Police Court.
Before J. H. Simpson, P.M.
Lucy and Louifiu. two Eucaltaw Indians were charged on Saturday with
being drunk, and a white man was
■charged with supplying lhe liquor, He
pleaded guilty tu having given them
come beer, but promised that if he was
let go he would leave the city. The
Magistrate gave him a severe ' lecture
ami suspended sentence . providing he
left the cily before evening, if he was
found here after ti o'clock he would he
again arrested and this charge dealt
with. With regard to the women, Mr.
Simpson said he would suspend judgment in this cine, hut he wished these
Indians to iituie stand thnt he had
given instructions to the police to arrest
any found loitering on the streets after
4i o'clock in the evening. Mr. Galloway
interpreted, and drew from these women
that Mr, Lomas had given all these
Eucaltaws orders to leave the rancherie
-on Newcastle townsite and return to
•Cape Mudgc, their own home.
Christmas Entertainment.
At the Wallace Street Church on
Christmas night a large and appreciative audience assembled for the annual
Christmas entertainment.
A huge carpeted platform had been
erected in front of the orgai
above whicli was a huge bell, some 10
feet in diameter, tin euch side and
> above the bell, small cardboard bells
and stars were hung upon strings representing the chimes, which were kept in
motion by a device worked from the
The meeting was opened by Rev. T.
*W. Hall, with a few appropiiate remarks, and tbe programe was then proceeded with without interruption.
The choruses, made up of some 50 or
60 ehildren, were rendered in excellent
taste,-and showed careful training on
the part of their teachers, and Mrs
Powers and Miss Hall must feel higlilv
gratified at the success of their labors.
A dialogue representing the death of
the old year, in which a number of
children took part, wub given with much
effect, as also a dolls chorus by a number
of little girls.
At the close of the programme the
ever welcome Santa Glaus appeared,
and the presents were then distributed
to the children.
Every child in the school received a
nice book as a Christmas present.
Wm. Paff.aged 23,was digging
a cellar at Milverton, when the
earth cuved in and crushed liim
A number of Siamese soldiers
attacked ami wounded Mr. Kellet,
the United States consul-general
at Ban <ok. They demanded the
the release of a consular clerk who,
they alleged, hud been unjustly arrested. Mr. Barrett, the United
States minister, has protested. The
Siamese government is pursuing
dilatory tactics, but promises to
make an enquiry into the incident.
Gilbert Parker is out with a
strong defense of the "Unspeakable
The Premier lost his valise in
Cornwall. It contained valuable
Owing to the revere weather prevailing in the Territories cattle
have suffered  severely.
The election trials have been
postponed till January 18. The
costs up to date amount to $10,000.
The inland revenue department
is instituting proceedings in connection with the adulteration of
Colonel Maunsell, of New Brunswick, and two other officers will
investigate the Queen's Own Rifle
Vancouver parties give notice in
the Canada Gazette for a charter
to build a railway through the
Crow's Nest pass.
Mr. Drinkwater, of the C. P. R.
says the company is getting ready
to tackle the construction of the
Crow's Nest railway.
Justices Tait, Jetle, and Tas -
chereau, of the Queen's Bench o f
Quebec, are at Ottawa trying to
secure higher salaries.
About a dozen more arrests wera
made by the Liberals in the Macdonald constituency. In nearly
every case they were returning
Twenty-two destitute Canadians
have been shipped from Rio Jan-
erio to Liverpool, thence they will
be sent to Canada at the expense
of this country.
At the Customs department it is
learned that there has been many
seizures of prison made articles
from the United States during the
past three months.
Ross Robertson, M.P., has presented the masonic fraternity of
the capital with a bible, set of
working tools and gavels to replace those destroyed by fird
Quebec, Dec. 25.—The death is
announced at Lorette of Grand
Chief liastien, of the Huron Indian
Tribe. The deceased has been ill
for some time and was aged 76.
Ottawa rail way men got up a
Santa Claus pretenlation Thursday. The affair was so well advertised that traffic on the principal stnets was blocked for a time.
The ss. Eva which has been lying in Esquimalt harbor for several
weeks, has been chartered to carry
coal from Nanaimo, and is now in
port. After making one trip she
will go on to Victoria for a general
overhauling. '
Mr. Pearson, of the C. P. R.
bridge department, descended into
a tank at Virden on Monday to
ascertain the depth of the water.
Not ascending promptly, a search
was made and Mr. Pearson was
found drowned.
In anticipation of severe fighting,
two German men-of-war have heen
ordered from Hong Kong to Manilla. The Germ in government is
acting in this matter in agreement
with other powers for the protection of their subjects.
A man named Simon was sei-
fenced to death in Paris after
having been convicted on a charge
of setting fire to lodgings with a
view to defrauding insurance companies, and thereby causing the
death of a man by burning.
And now Hon. A. R. Dickey,
formerly Minister of Justice in the
Tupper Government, shows his appreciation of the benefits that have
followed the change of June 23rd
by purchasing one of finest lumbei-
ing properties in the lower Provii
times coming.
Three convicts who were returning to Dartmoor prison, from outdoor labor, made a desperate attempt to escape. One of them was
gallery" j shot dead, and the other two escaped. Of the two convicts who escaped, one was wounded by a shot
from the guard, and was recaptured.
A dispatch from Rome sa ys: All
indications here seem to prove that
Spain has been preparing for the
event of warlike complications with
the United States. The hurried
manufacture of a large quantity of
cartridges has been ordered at
Brescia, and four cruisers have
been ordered from the Ansaldo
yards at Genoa.
A Vancouver dispatch published
at Winnipeg says: "It is learned
on good authority that Senator
Mclnnes, of Victoria, B.C., will
succeed to the Lieutenant-Governorship of British Columbia on the
retirement of Hon. Mr. Dewdney.
Mr. J. C, McLagan, of the Vancouver World, would then succeed
to the vacant senatorship.
Arthur Pratt, alias Edward R.
Taylor, who while serving a sentence of six months for burglary,
confessed that he had murdered an
insane patient in the Eastern Kentucky asylum, for which he was arrested while leaving Jail at Oxford
December 18, on application of the
U. S. embassy, was examined at
the Bow street, London, court and
George Strachan, B.A.. at one
time one of the best known educationists of Ontario, died at
Woodstock on Monday, aged 84.
T^e New Vancouver
The New Vancouver Coal
Company mine at their __^_-_(* _♦
Collieries at and near
Nanaimo the following
The above are supplied in
the followfng Grades, viz .* Double Screened, Screened,
Run of the Mine,
Washed Nuts and
Washed Screenings.
Prompt Delivery at the Company's
Whurvew tit Nanaimo and Protection Inland,
People who Appreciate »
Have tlieir prescriptions dispensed at
Their Prices Hre Right. Telephone 3.
Wholesale and Retail Batchers
Telephone 7-9. Nanaimo, C. C.
Meats delivered
parts of the city.
free of charge to all
Office Tel. 30.   P. O. Ilox 16.   Iteuldenco Tel. 101,
Funeral Directors
A™ Embalmers.
Graduate- of the Oriental, tho Eureka,
the New York and Clark's
Schools of Embalming.
1, 3 and 5 Bastion St., Nanaimo
(Commercial Hotel.
Corner Commercial and Bastion SU.
ThiB long-established Hotel ia comfortably
fitted up with superior acroinmoda*
tions for travelers and others.
Arrival and Departure of Hails
E. & N. RAILWAY.       CLOSE. DUE.
Dally ex. Sun.
Wellington, Northfield and a.m.  a.m.
East Wellington 11.26  8.60
Vii:toria,Southern States and
places along line of E. & N. Daily ex.Sun.
Railway    8.2611.60
British and foreign, Eastern
Provinces, Eastern States, Daily ex.Sun.
VancouverundotherplaueB p.m.  p.m.
on .Mainland of B.C.    6.30 6.00
Comox, Union, Union Bay,
Sandwock,Coiirtenav,Gran-Tue*.   Frl.
tham, Qualicum, Hornby p.m.  p.m.
Island and Denman Island  8.20 3.00
Salt Spring Island, Burgoyne Frl.   Tue*
Bay, Fulford Harbor,North
Salt SpringTsland and (jab- p.m. p.m.
riola Island     8 20 3.30
ci   oiauIj, Frl.   Thur
Alberni, Parksville, French p.m. p.m.
Creek and Errington 12.30 6.00
Frl.   Thnr.
Nanoose Bay 12.30  0.00
r. m. A. M.
Departure Bay, daily ex. Sun 12.46 10.30
Cedar (South), Saturday.  ..   2.00 1100
K Journal for the People
CLEAN ....mm.
'1*. O'CONNKL, Prop.
Union Steamship Co.
Of British Colombia, Limited
Head Office and Wharf— Vancouver
SS. Comox sailBfroin Co's wharf every
Tuesday at 0 a. in. for Bowen Island,
Howe sound, Sechelt. Jervis Inlet,
Froeck,Texada Island. Lund, Hernando
Island, Cortes- Island, Read Island Valdez Island,   Shoal  Bay,   Phillip  Arm,
He is  preparing"for'tne good iS**?1!0 Arm Thurlow Island   I^ough.
„j..«,r,.;    r a*"***  borough  Inlet, Salmon River, Port Ne
ville, and eailB every Friday at 11 a. m.
for way pons and Shoal liny calling at
Bute Inlet every six weeks.
Leaves Moodyville—8, 9:15, 10:45, 12
noon 2:4 and 5:45 p, in.
Leaves Vancouver— 8186, 10,  11:20,
1:15, p.m, 3:15, 5:15, and (1:20,
Calling at   North   Vancouver   each
way, excepting the noon trip.
Tugs  and  scows always available for
towing and freighting business.   Large
storage accommodation on Co's wharf,
II. II. DARLING, Manager.
Tulepliotio 1)4 r. O. liux 771
LAMPS, Etc. etc.
Birds and Animals set up in a thorough workmanship manner.
On Hand—Four lino Deers' Heads,
which will be sold for price of setting
them up.   Also a fine case of Birds.
d. s. Mcdonald.
69 Haliburton Street, Nanaimo.
20c. per Month
TW   UT A TT      0ne Yeap»!>1>80
BT MAIL: 5?M<sths;J6Kcnte;
Three Months, 60 cts.
Merchants and Business Men
will find THE MAIL a
Good Advertising Medium
It has a large and steadily increasing
of the city and immediate district.
A Full Assortment at the Lowest Market Rate*
JOB   wnnif
Promptly Attended to.
All kindi ol
Tin and Sheet-Iron Work.
Victoria Crescent, Nanaimo.
AU Materials used in connection with the above
guaranteed to be first
In all its
Various Branches
We Print.
Lodge Notices.
Inkerman Lodge, No. SIS, Sons of St.
George.—Regular weekly meeting is held
in Hubert's Hall, Wharf street, on Saturday evening at 8 o'cloek. Visiting
brethren cordially invited to attend,
Fbid. Waostaft. Sec.
Empty Bottles of an; Description,
Old Copper, Brass, Zinc or Laid,
Can dlipoRo ol mime by ■ddresilng a po*t*l to
B. AARONSON, Box 17S, Nanaimo,
Who will call promptly at any address lo City
pr Saburtn.
General Steamship Agency
Parties going to the Old Country
or sending for friends will
By purchasing Tickets from
General Agent.
&9mm«**-oir>i lUMt
Etc., Etc.
E. V. CHAMBERS, Manager
TELEPHONE 11 -*Zr-iinti^LLs^    -fi-     -*eff  torn— -»T***
':-.--:   -7»*.     *•-
■•■-■   ■-;::■-■:■■:,:.' ■' -..rr ■::■ -W^,-
ai.*.****.. **.*'
**>s--*-*T-**-*--jS*je**>-- - ■ '■■•>■•-•   i»|      ;s.„   I    l leaf
Eb. v. ciiAMBKiin. Editor aud Uanitgar,
Vlotorla (.'reticent. Naumiiio, 11. 0.
fly mail—cine year l.feo
"        Six luontliH , *jrs
" Three mouth* BO
Delivered liv currier ^oe. per mouth
DECEMBER 29, 1890.
Publicly Disowned. -Gig*
manity Evidently
the Cause.
It is no secret to tlie average
. citizen of Nanaimo that Jeremiah
Henri (commonly stylcil J. H.)
Simpson, Esq , Barrister at law,
Police Magistrate, l'olice Onunit*-
t-ioner, License Commissioner ar.d
ex officio presiding cadi of the small
debts collecting agency in and fur
the city of Naniiimo is the high
priest and chief muezzin of our
local Tammany hall. In fact, it is
well known that Mr. SimpFon,wilh
•his gemini brother—the editor in
chief of our local contemporary—
are the Castor and Pollux of the
municipal junta. Knowing ^his we
casually remarked in a previous
issue that Aid. Westwood had been
• selected by the Simpsonite party to
' be the standard-bearer in the forth-
coming contest for the mayoralty—
not to glory and victory, hut to
sure defeat. When lo ! the mighty
Cornelius Novello deluged our
columns with an emphatic denial
of any Simpsonite affiliation.
Ingratitude is a despicable proclivity and we dislike to see it come
to the surface in the aspiring
patriotic Cornelius Novello. Our
friendship for Mr. Simpson is of
the lukewarm order, yet we must
condolewith him in his downfall.
Publicly disowned ! the blow was a
cruel one. Specially coming from
the hand of a fledgeling in political
life. How that thorn mutt rankle
in the proud, protuberant, partisan
breast of thc majestic Jeremiah
Henri. How his restive spirit must
chafe at such ingratitude when he
thinks of the expended energy in
organizing and welding together
the fragments of a defeated and
discredited party. Yea even to attaching his seal and signature to
•the decla.a ion of the soiled do*, es
of Frazer street, and all for what?
That the immaculate Jermiah
Henri might reap a personal gain
or any hopes of filthy lure? perish
' the thought. No! That Cornelius
Novello Westwood might be Mayor
of the city of Nanaimo.
.That Question of
We have a strong suspicion that
but for the virulent opposition to
Mayor Davison, the dome of
thought which guides our local
.contemporary would bo entirely
barren of an editorial idea. Such
being so, Aid. Planta's question of
privilege on the irregular payment
of Mr. McRea's expenses in connection with the late police investigation must come in the nature of
a Christmas gift to the contracted
mind, of the Commercial street
scandal monger. In viewing the
frantic efforts to create a mountain
outof a mole hill wc are forcibly
reminded of the Shakespearian
comedy of "Much ado about nothing." To be consistent and muke
a case against Mayor Davison for
his action in'this case it must be
shown that the Chief Magistrate of
the city is but a mere figure-head
without a particle of discretionary
power in case of emergency. What
are the facts in connection with
this, ro called, irregular and illegal
payment of city funds? Mr. McRae was called here from California
as a witness ou behalf of the corporation against the offending
police officers, and when the investigation was over his expenses
had to be paid forthwith from some
source, or else hold him over for
another week until the Council
would m.ee.£ and pass on his bill.
The', latter course would naturally have entailed an additional
expense on the city. Mayor Davison took the former—and in our
opinion the wiser—course and ordered the city clerk to pay the expenses, taking a temporary receipt
and to make no entry in the books
until the accounts formally passed
|he Council. At the first sitting of
ithe Counoil -*h« bill was presented
ABd oideted paid bv a majority of
the members present. Under normal conditions this would have
ended the whole business; 'But,
political capital was at a premium,
the transaction' was taken ad-
vanlnge of ar.d magnified almost to
a crime. That the payment of the
account bofore passing llie Council
was irregular no one will attempt
to deny, but impartial minds can
readily see that the circumstances
wero sufficient justification, Those
in opposition to Mayor Davison
contend that he did wrung in not
reporting to the Council that he
had taken the responsibility of
paying Mr McRae before leaving.
Aid I'lanta goes further and says
if he had done so the Council would
have unanimously sustained him.
In not reporting to the Council,
Mayor Davison again takes the
wiser course, because if ho had done
so he would have placed himself in
a highly improper posiliou, ns the
account would then not be due to
Mr McRae, but to the Mayor, be
having assumed the responsibility
of paying it. Aid Planta's assertion that the Council would sustain
the Mayor if he had reported,
sounds extremely faroial when it is
known that he got a private lip
before going to the meeting-that the
account was already ordered paid
by the Mayor. Probably this
would explain the bilter opposition
of the solid four to the payment of
ihe bill, as they knew that by rejecting it they would pluce Mayor
Davison at a financial inconvenience, as the $173.20 would have to
he returned to the city treu-ury in
a few days, in time for the auditor's
monthly examination of the corporation hooks. But, howls the
opposition, the Mayor endeavored
to conceal his action in ordering
the payment—he tried to keep it
a secret. No attempt is made to
show where the Mayor had anything to gain by keeping the matter
secret. Probably they are not
aware that the Mayor was an
amused onlooker at the little moves
of his opponents for the past two
months manufacturing this very
same transaction into a bomb to
explode under him when the op
portune time arrived. Probably
they are not aware that the Mayor
was fully informed of the fact that
the money was not paid to Mr. McRae twenty four hours before the
news was carried by special mes-
Benger to the Free Press oilice. To
charge the Mayor wilh an attempted concealment of his actions is
more than absurd. The slanderous inuendoes indulged in by our
local contemporary on Christmas
Eve brings to our mind Ihe familiar
phrase of
"Tliuse whom the (toils would destroy
I'liey lirst deprived them of their senses."
Political Puddle.
The Place to Get
Wheat, Corn, Chop, Oats, Bran, SpooikIs, Potatoes,
Onions, Flour, Rolled Oats, Oatmeal. Farina,
Buckwheat Flour, Bice Flour, Hominy, also a
Full Line of Choice Groceries, is at
ROBHSOITS. the WiacB^sireet Grocer
Our Ten, Coffee, and Butter are tlie host in the marltet.
Remember, our motto is—Square Dealing an,I  Close Prices.
-Now. that Cornelius Novello
Westwood independent^?) Candidate for the Mayoralty is making
his canvassing tour of the city and
explaining his views on the many
questions effecting the cily, it
might be in order if he would explain, or, at least, give his opinion
on   the  question  of   salary to the
By the Spectator.
The glory of- tmtniulpal honors is evidently not appealing to qualified members of tlm i-ity this year with unylliin;:
like the same zest as it has done on
previous years. To uny inquiring mind
the question seeks solution, Why is
this? Of course every refuser will have
his own reasons, but the causes thai,
create a lethargy of this nature ought to
be mentioned and removed if the enter*
prising interest necessary to a modern
i-ity is to be operative: The n u in bur of
useful citizens who refuse In cunilui't the
the city's business is larger imluy   than
ever it was, although lhere bus always
been a few, some of whom have attempted to put matters right, but got sick at
heart and huve retired, exclaiming: We
will let the old (Free Press) party have
it rather than keep ourselves iu eternal
agitation and misery, To those standing a distance off, these reasons will he
received as weak and as proving the unfitness of the men complaining, but to
those acquainted with the subtlety of
this party, aware of tlie amount of slinking spleen without a uoriespoiulipg
amount of syniput iy from those who
ought to seo their interests wrought out.
by the men who fight the battle, it is
not astonishing that men of a peaceful
disposition and yet with a good business
capacity should stand aloof and let
tilings go, As there are more refusals
this year than on former ones there
must be special causes for the same. 1
think that the experience of the present
year does fin lllsll the cause very strongly.
How have Ihe men been treated who
have attempted to act straight. The
bitterest, most personal and persistent
opposition bud been given to these men
by the editor of our local daily paper,
all of whieh lias been read and inwardly
digested by those who are at ease in
their own peculiar way of doing tilings,
because a manly stand was taken against
« wrong principle that included heir
kith and kin', I would be sorry, indeed, for any man placed in u similar
position to these men, whose position
and reputation was dependii g on tlieir
mercy, especially if they Knew that he
was not one of themselves, but because
a change was effected. A change too,
that left their friends iu Osgood a position as before—a very different kind of
| arrangement than would have resulted
from their management—every man
that cast his vote for Ihis change has to
be the constant butt of personal ridicule
from u source whose very fountain gives
out a constant stream of Self-seeking
that discloses tlie very intention with
which it presumes to direct the city's
welfare. For a whole yeur it lias
breathed out its envy as strongly us
ever did Caesar's conspirators, and bus
been willing to make itself tlie judge of
public investigation before the authorities themselves had given an opinion,
for tlie sake of hitting ils opposer. When
it thought that its friends could be deluded into the belief that the city
finances were further wrong than ever
they had been before, how it pounced
upon tiie chairman of the Finance Coni-
mittee and the oft repeated words that
must ring iu the enrs of anyone having
visited his small Sanctum, "I will get
even witli) him," is being seen at every
opportunity with renewed vigor and
bitterness,     Tiiis is the stale of things
This column is open to the public and we
heartily invite llie citizens to make
use of it for discussing public questions.
We are not responsible for (he  opinions of
our correspondent,.
Editor Mail,—I bought a lot
upon which I built a house suitable fur the requirements of my
family, on the same street st<>nds
a gin pal.ice, and on the oilier side
a boarding house al>o two or tliree
vacant lots. Would each oflhe.e
lots be taxed alike unrlcr the
Single Tax regime. If so. what
lietler would we be than now? The
married man has the hulk of the
tuxes to pay in either case. Could
you not edge in a bachelor tax
along wilh the land tux just to
balance matters.
Respectfully Yours.
Editor Mail.—Re-taxpayer of
last Tuesday, if anyone will take
the trouble to enquire into the Po-
lice expenses of Victoria, Vancouver
or New Westminster, they will
find that Nanuimo's police protection is less in proportion to population than either of the cities
named; but clerks are a different,
thing. A competent, trust-worthy
clerk is a treasure not to he esteemed, we have had some experience
iu that line, and Pearson whitewash i.s au expensive luxury, With
regard to the Building Society on
Incompetent, and dishonest secre
tury cost the 'shareholders some
seven thousand dollars, and il" a
teacher has redeemed the society
he deserves credit for it. I have
been a Trustee both in Naniiimo
and elsewhere, and always considered that if a teacher faithfully
discharged his duly in school it
was no mail's business-whether he
earned a legitimate dollar outside
or not—beside it is not every Tom,
Dick, or flurry that I would trust
with my books even if he be a taxpayer.
• ■ • ctX.LCL • • •
We wish to thank all our many
Friends and Patrons for their Liberal Patronage during the pastyear
and can assure them that we will
eclipse all past efforts in 1897 ....
Get all your Tickets in on the Steel
Range before 7 p.m. on January 4*.
Counting to be done in the Sloan &
Scott Store
Commercial St., Naniiimo, B. C.
You will need it for the Xmas Holidays.
MORGAN the Tailor has just what you
want for a Good Warm Suit in	
Scliuol Hoard,
monthly   meeting
Thn monthly meeting of thc
Board of School Trustees wits held
iii Ihe Council chamber last Saturday evening. Present Chairman
\V. McGregor. Trustees Manson,
Le Feuvre,McKeclniie and Martell.
After routine business the clerk-
read a letter from parents in the
South Ward complaining of the
incompetency of Miss Marshall one
of the teachers in the South Ward
school. After some conversation
the matter was left  to  acmmittee.
The chairman reported that the
dispute between Messrs. Morgan
and Galloway had been satisfactorily arranged, Mr Galloway having
settled the matter by paying Mr,
Morgan $2.50 per day for actual
day's teaching,
Some discussion took place with
regard to the arrears of salary due
lo the teachers and it was ultimately agreed that the Ti costlier be
requested to furnish tho Board with
a   statement of  the  school   fund.
The Board then adjourned.
English, Irish and Scotch Tweeds
and Heavy Serges.^^Esm
In Make and Fit I guarantee to please you.
Commercial Street.
that every man, coming out  with   any j
independence,  has to face, and one of
l'olice  Magistrate.   Does he think ' two things he must n.ake up  his mind
that  on   Official   with    practically ! u"l"> either t0 ■*»n-ei..!erthe field Inthe
... ,       , ,      ,, ,,     entries   or   adopt the nielhuils tlmt few
nothing  to  do   should   monthly!   *n 01ire %%. of bel„B the ,,iu.r.
pocket -$83.38 of the  citizen's hard : Mayor Davison's tactics of approaching
earned money?   He  might  at the them with a vindictive spirit can easily
same time  explain   why,   when at   he accounted for   hy   remembering  the
the council board, he voted against' s*jil*il "u ha(i t0 n'eet- aml l ,,OIJ(**tor
,,,   ,,,.,     , ,    . ,        the sake of hindering this old influence
Aid.  Wilson s resolution to  reduce1, ... .,   .  >.
= .u .vuui.c ,r()m |jet|*ng power timt us enemies
the Police Magistrate's salary t<V will-iever forget, (if it does) that the
$500 per annum? If Mr. West-; people will remember that kindly and
wood  would  prefer  to answer the just dealing is the proper  thing  under
above through  the columns of the I
ail eircuuiBtunees, except those where a
«r   ,, n    i       t  ii ii,       constant feeling  of   revenge isever-on
Mail we will cheerfully accord him  .,     ,   , .       f  ,„„„    ,,:
the alert to make juslne its own.
the space to do so.  ♦♦»	
We  understand   that  Mr. Wm.     You Can Bk wku. when your I.Io.hI is
rich,pure and nourishing, Hoods fear-
Manson Jr., will seek Aldermanic ; saparilla makes the blood rich and pure
honors in the  middle  ward in the ' {*■"'•>*m*8 all blood diseases, reitoring
i health and vigor.
Hood's Pills are easy to take, easy to
operate. Cure indigestion, headache. 25
Highest Honors—World's Fnir.
coming municipal election. Under
ordinary conditions we should say
good! Hut,unfortunately,Mr.Manson is about to make hiB debut on
the political stage as a Simpsonite.
What farcical figures the political
kaleidoscope will sometimes reveal,
Editorial Notes.
Alderman Albert Edward, he of
the princdy name and "infantine
fame, tho shining light from the
North, is girding his loins to enter
the political arena in the coming
tournament. What, oh what! have,
we done to the irate citizens of the
north ward that they should impose such an affliction upon us as
to send the screaming kid to the
pouncil chambers for another year.
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Dye Works in connection	
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D. M. STEWART, Proprietor.
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40 Yean the 3-«*4«?S-
A Big Fire
In the at.o**e will not keep
your feet warm whilo on
the street. You need
shoes suitable for Winter,
lf the need is there it is
a crying one and of the
nature that needs prompt
attention. We hnve prepared for the need in the
most encouraging form.
Our new Crack Proof,
Water Proof Lace Bal for
men's wear will suit any
ordinary man. Price,
#3.00, $4.00, $5.00.
•   cent.
An Express Van meets uli
Trains mid Steamers Daily, and
(.In Hand to Onler at any hour
Whitfield's Crescent Shoe Store
ALL FREIGHTS left on the
Nanaimo Wharf Co.'s Wharf
will be" at owners' risk.
A. R. JOHNSTON & CO., Wharfingers.
Room to Let.
flOMFORTABLY furnished  Room,
*-/ private home, to let, with Are.
Rates moderate. For particulars apply
at the M ail office.
DR. MASON, Dentist   Extracting a specialty.
Gus antl Ktlier administered.
Olliee, Odd-Hellow's Block, Nanaimo.
WJ. CURRY, D. D. 8., Omen Block.
.   clans work guaranteed.
BAKKKK & I'OTTS, Barristers and Solicitors.
Commercial street.
' (i   V. CAN it, Barrister and Solicitor, Room II,
j VT.   Johnston Block.
MvINNES & McINNES, Barristers, Boom «,
Johnston Block, Commercial street, '
YARWOOD it YOUNG, Barristers, corner of
Cuniinerclal and Bastion streets.
i. Botanic Druggist, Wlnfleld Crea-
Try ilardy'B Ilia Ointment.
V proprietors. Victoria Crescent. Dispensing
and laniily recipes a specialty.
Medical llnll, corner commercial and Baa-
tlun streets.   Telephone 1-34.
NANAIMO DYE WORKS.-Dycing, Cleaning
and Repairing   14 Nicol street.
C. Charltom, Manager.
G   MARSH, Wholesale Dealer tn Fish and
>    Game, Baatlpn Street, Nanaimo.
FOREMAN * HARDY, Real Estate Broker*
Bnstlnn street.
J   and i
M. BBOW1I, WajetatAer.    Watekaj


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