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The Nanaimo Semi-Weekly Mail Nov 24, 1896

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Patent Excellent"
If you see that on your suck of
Pastry Flour
Yuu emi lie siiry Unit you have the best,
for there can be no better.
Come«i the boat Tea offered to dis-crlml-
nating buyers tn British Columbia.
Garden Manager,    (
Fobstsh llKiiitLK.S Sole AK*?ntn F. C.
VOL. II.-NO. 40.
We do not Pretend
To be giving goods away for nothing,
but wo do claim to sell goods at the
.Lowest Possible Prices
We carry a very large stock in
Groceries, Flour, Feed, Provisions
Boots and Shoes, Rubbers, Etc.
We are offering S'jN~-A^I">S ''" nearly all lines.
Here are a few:
Good English Breakfast Ten, 7 lbs for $1.00
Granulated Sugar, 18 lbs for $1.00
Extra Choice Rolled Oats, 30 lbs for $1.00
Very Choice Bciins, 40 lbs for $1.(10
Tomatoes, warranted good, 12 tins for $1.00
Pens,    do    do    12 tins for $1.(10
Coin,    do    do    12 tins for $1.00
Beans,    do    tlo    12 tins for $1.00
Pumpkins,   tlo   do   8 tins for $1.00
Electric Soap, 20 bars, G5 cents per box
Mining Boots, nailed, $1.50 per pair
Children's Lace lioots, sizes 7 to 10, GOc. per pair
Children's Luce Boots, sizes 11 to 13, 75c. per pair
Bows' Heavy Lace Boots, from 90c. per pair
Men's Heavy Luce Boots, from $1 15 per pair
Women's Luce Hoots, from $1.00 per pair
Women's Bullon Boots, from $1.25 per pair
Misses'  Button  Boots, from 75c. per pair
We have a lot of Bargains in our Store.
See the new Price ,_ ist	
*ib'$ fill
flit; ii Ul!
'j Crescent.
New Mill'nery
New Jackets
Wet Weather footWear.
\ie-Vs, Ladies', Misses'
and Children's-*
"Rubbers *..
*. •. GUJVflBoOTS
(yisl) Bo^ ai?d Shoe StQre
17 and 19 ygoin-nereial Street
E. E. G. Johnson, Mgr
Period lor only	
Knrly Ulrd fnponly 	
Suxtm Boy, No. 8, lor only.
Perlpotioii, No. s, tor onlv..
" 9
* 8 7.-,
11 20
14 0(1
11 JS
111 (XI
'J.-l 110
■AS. 00
(to IK1
lit) 50
:«) IM
.'•J .it]
■21 IH)
DII oo
ew Dress
We arc showing a Very Choice Selection of
each of the above ofthe Very Latest Styles.
i Oir Ladies' and Cliilta's h
Are the Most Fashionable of the Season
i    "L-KJ1
Made from Select V rnii n.ii-1 ''nm* Sugar.    The greatest enre la exerciser.! In. heir preparation mil ex qui site clean ti no •» nbfio-'vert    Wp only in ike onu quality—tho hi-st—
, iiic.-iimt'ii.' supplied tn the order of His ISxeeUency l.onl Aburdduii.
{)', and Sholf for Only	
"        " y, and reset voir, only   —
" "  i), shelf nnd Kesarvolr.oiily
" " y, ttunge, oniv	
.! "   t) (lar^-s), Kauge, only	
" "  it, Kan go and shelf	
Kmpire Jewel, No,D, only  	
"       " 9, UtltlgCt onlv	
" "       " s, Range, shelf and lie*
aervoir, only   4.
Also ti No. 0$45 Xew Range, only it
(The above two both have Reservoirs)
fZF-W'hal nn one else ean do—WK WILL
we sent.1 out of-otir Rooms. The above list are
the Heaviest and Uest Bakers in the city. Your
personal inspection ol them invited.
Dy T j oting*^**
Is llu* only voyage that ia good
im- tlni Iiealtli. Wat inl h is
worse ilinii nothing without
dryness. Wet let t limy bring
mi nny nuitilier nf ailments
Wearing nur Rubbers in liftil
weather guarantees dry footing,
Our li t libers are high, well
in nie, durable, uml impervious
to dampness.   Try the (jranhy
Kllhhct'8  lit
Do You Want to Borrow ?
J(00, ropayablo monthly In 8 yours, nt $7.50
1,000 rt-inivHlilf iniini lily In » yeni-a, nt sSli'i.titl
2.(100 rc|iitv»lil« n.onllilr In S -uiire, hi *.'lli.oo
Other amount* in proportion. Limns mude
only on First Mortgage on Improved Town or
lily Property. KuuiT.iHi.it Savinus, IjO.in and
Hi'iLoiMo j\nsociation, 34 l'oniitlo St., Toronto.
~ OKO. |j. SCIIKTICV, Agent,
' Uooin Mo. 14. JOlniblon Him It.
Fish and
Game Market
SIlll'l'INU SUl'I'I.IEl)
0. MARSH, Prop.
Sewing Machine Supply House
In ltrltmli Columbia Is at
29 Victoria Crescent
,>'lierc Needles, Oil, nnd .itlachments can be
Innl lor nil make** ol tmiclilne*.
Mat-lilut's of  all kinds ropnlrcd  on  short
notice, and Work giiatanieed by
Second-Hand MaeMnus for sale at n low
figure.   Give ue a cull
City Auction Rooms
For Wholesome
Vegetables of nil
kinds tlmt are in
season, gut them at
.. DUGGAN'S ?...
who will cull on you
once every week.
Listen for his bell.
Good Potatoes,
ut moderate prices.
Onions, 11 llis., 25c.
100 lbs. for $1.65.
Reserve your order until he
Store—Day's Old
Butcher Shop,
Nicol Street.
Diamonds, Rubles, Hearts, nr any
kind of Stone ean I e replaoed, and
all Jewelry made or repaired at low
priees, by calling nu
Ltt    ott T a Mfttinfttetiinng
.   II.   juIIjJuO       Jeweler
If You Are
In Need
Choice Groceries
Seasonable Pry Goods
Fashionable and
Durable Footwear
and all tlie popular
Patent Medicines
at present on the market, at
Prices That Will Defy
'    AT THK
Excelsior Market
Goodi dellrered free to any part o( lhe eity.
Mr of iImo, b. c,
WHEREAS It is deemed advisable to
extend llie lime ul which tht' rebate
tieitses tm t.lie ptiynit'tit uf l.axt-8 on Ural
Estait* in the City of Naiuiiiiu).
Be It, therefore, enni't.eil Lv the Mnni-
i-i|i.il CdiiiiiH nl the Corporation ofthe
Cily of Nanainio as follows:
Section 1. Set'Cion 4 of the "Real
Estale Tux liv-law, 1811(1" is hereby amended by iiisiTtinj- in the liftb line of
the snid petition tlie words "on or before
the Ist tiny of Dee-ember, Isilli" Instead
of the wofns "on or before ibe 1st day of
November, ISIM."
Seel ion 2. This By-law may he oiled
for all purposes ns tlie "Real Estate Tax
Anieiitlineiii By-law, i'Md." Passetl by
the Municipal Council on the Uth tiny of
NnVeiiiher, 18111!.
Reconsidered, ndopletl anil flnnlly
pussed by the Mlllllcipitl Council on the
Ittili day of November, 18110.
C's.- J. H.DAVISON, Mayor.
"v~   Adam Tuomi'Qo.v, C.M.C.
Morton  if they bail tbe draftlneof  the, streets.   The   Council   Bhould   pay   its
list of invitations, ami under the  head   debts and then build sidewalks.
of the clergy would they have omitted |    Aid. Planta mentioned that this was
the  name of  Mr.  liiinton,  and  under , the last titty for delinquints to pay  their
the head of school  olhYials  would they j taxes and prevent tlieir property   being
have  omitted the name of Mr. Hauler',   advertised for tax sale.
antl   the  name of the chief   under   the!    The Mavor   said the   discussion   was
head ol'_ police ollicers? | out of order there   being no motion be-
| fore the Council
I Aid i'lanta moved seconded by Aid
j Westwood that, the sale be postponed.
< The Mayor eaiti if this was what
they had been trying to avoid, and in
j order lo do this tbe by-law wouhl have
I to be amended.
heartily invite thc citizens to
use of it for discussing public
We are not responsible for ihe opinions of
our correspoii'leuts.
Aid Morton said be would not have
done so. The Mayor bail undertaken
to mnke out a list, iiml il was submitted
to him, but be did not think of any
additions us he was busy at the time.
He tlid not think it was done intentionally, i"  'II were aware that at times like
this    Jt   was  customary   that  public I    After further discussion   the  Mayor! know   n]e
olliciu... should be invited, but not that j ruled the motion out of order, ami the
they  ahotild  be held in greater respect.  Council adjourned.
He was sorry  that  any names hail been
left  off,  and as a member of llie committee be was willing to take his portion
of the blame.     The fact was, the time
was so limited as they did not expetit
the parly until this week.
Aid McDonald thought if all the alt),
ermen were to take up the timeof the
Council because their friends had not
been invited, they would be there all
Aid I'lanta—These men were not
friends, hut opponents.
The Mayor would submit the names
to the public when it wouhl show that
the majority were his opponents
Aid. I'lanta asketl Aid, Wilson if he
Would have invited all public, officials.
The Mayor (to Aid VVilton) was it not
Aid. Wilson did uot think it fair to be
•ross-exaniined in this way.
Aid, Bradley said friends of his had
not been invited ami he thought they
Innl as in mil right as friends of Aid.
Aid Westwooti thought at a public
civic receptions of visiting officials, it
should not be a matter of personal
Iriemls, and II man holding a public
ol/ice ilul receiving an invitation would
feel slighted.
Aid. Planta saitl none of the parties
mentioned had said a word to him of
the subject, be hud brought it up on his
his own responsibility.
The matter then dropped ami the
Council proceeded with the business.
and chose to go where it wan better
done!! I rejoioe to hear that your
paper is so well assisting the people
of Nanaimo to escape fi-o.ii the
tyranny of a paper which has done
so much to prejudice your fine town,
and country in the eves of others.
The editor of the Free Press may be
congratulated if I do not honor him
with any further notice of his vile
sheet; and I can safely leave my
character with those friends who
both in Jl. C. and this
Yours obediently,
Geobge H. Tovey.
Fall Assizes.
The Fall Assizes were opened in
This column is open to the public and we I the Court House this   morning   by
Mr. Justice Walkem. On the cal-
linsof the names ofthe Grand Jury,
Mr. D. S. McDonald asked to be excused as he was a witness in the
Hodgson case. The Grand Jury
were then sworn in, and chose Mr.
Geo. Williams as their foreman.
Judge Walkem addressed the Grand
20 Albemarle Mansions,
Hoi low ay Road,
London, N.,
Nov. 4th, lSfiB. 'Jury at some length, and expressed
Mv dear sir:—I shall be greatly j his pleasure at being able   to visit
obliged  if you will publish the en-1 Nanaimo after a long absence.    He
closed   extract from "Truth" and briefly reviewed the cases to come
Al the regular meeting of tl.e Council
on Monday evening there were presenl:
Mayor Davison, Aid. Bradley, Westwooti, Planta, Wi:ion, Martell, Mor
ton, McDonald and Foreman.
The minutes of itist meeting were rend
ami on motion adopteu.
Aid. Plants rose to a tpiesiion of privilege, in loot.lug over the guests at the
civic luncheon given in honor of Mr.
Taiie he was.Struek hy the noticeable
absence oi some ol the public official's
tflid other priMiiitietit citizen.-1, he thought
that some had not received invitations
and understood the committee had lei
the dralt.ing ol the list to the Mayor, lie
had seen lhe list in the cily clerk's
office, and noticed some of the offiuials
were notou the list, he considered it
was more than an nyeislglit. He thoughl
it was the most glaring insult everotie*'-
ed ton public nfficlul, tie maintained
t iiiteverylpnb luoffi ial should hii e'a* n
invited. Aitiouast those who were lultuu
the list were some who opposed the
.Mayor ou the last election and will this,
lle'regietted that personal feelilluS were
allowed to override judgments He certainly thought an apology was due to'
these gentlemen.
The Mavor snid Aid. Planta was
determined to deliver himself, nml he
would ask how many were presenl?
Aid. Planta pointedly accused the
Mayor of purposely slighting certain
The Mayor stated that Aid. Planta
did not take into consideration tne
number of men who had not been Invited. He had submitted the list to
Aid. Morion who had an opportunity of
adding any names t) the lis', lie was
willing for lhe Council to come lo a conclusion iii the matter and he would a-
lude by the derision.
Considerable cross Hi Ing then tnok
place beiwcen the Mayor and Aid. Planta, during which Aid. Planta used cer
tain expressions whieh the Mnvor tnou
lo imply tluit men who worked in the
mines and who were not Invited to the
luncheon were not so good as these oil.-
rials, and be nhiiriietl lo Aid. Planta
ihnt he implied this in his remarks.
Aid Planta immediately waxed wrath
and angrily culled lhe'.Mavor a liar.
Several Aldermen rose to order. All.
Morton said tl.e matter was now past.
hut as a member of the committee he i
was willing to make au apology. He
was sure no oue bail any intention of!
leaving any one out.
Aid Planta maintained that it wus the
duty ol the Mayor lo apologise, |
A'lil. Wilson took the same ground as
Aid. Morton the trouble was  that  they
bad no time in whieh   to  prepare.   He
hud seen the list, and had afterwards{
thought of sume others,    lie was sorry
there had been any omissions, anil he
had al ready  apologized  to several  this
afternoon,   ami  explained   the   matter'
Which was   satisfactory   to   them.   He
would he willing lo make a public upolo-1
gv to any who felt hurt by not being invited.
The Mayor—Do you propose Io offer
uu apology to all and every oue?
Aid W iison? Nol
The Mayor? Would vou discriminate?
Aid Wilson? Nol
Aid Mama  usked  Aid   Wilson  and
resulted in a verdict for the plaint
iff, against which there was an appeal to the High Court. This appeal resulted in a new trial being
ordered by the Divisional Court,
and the new trial, which by special
order of the Court took place in
Westminster County Court, ended
last week in a verdict for Mr.
Tovey, the defendant. In view of
the remarks made in Truth at the
lime, it seems only due to Mr.
Tovey to state that the final result
of the proceedings is to show that
his conduct throughout tho business
lias been of the most honourable
kind, that he has heen struggling
for years past under great disadvantage to do his duty to his credi
his credit. The parties, to my mind,
who come worst out of the business
are  the  Bournemouth jury who
A communication was read from Jas
McGregor, M.P.P.. enclosing a letter
Irom Hon. J. H. Turner, Minister of
Finance te railway matters, which on
n.otion was ordered to l.e received and
The auditors report for the month of
October waa received and fyled.
Mrs. Grundy wtote complaining of
walet on Nicol street tumtiug into tlie
house. Referred to Street Committee
tor examination.
Considerable discussion took place ou
a cotniiiuiii'ntiiiii from Pell ami Gregory,
Victoria re Mr. Ueaumoiinte property
which has been beiore the Council ou
previous occasions, ami it was decided
to leave it tu the Finance Committee to
thoroughly investigate and report to lhe
A communication ans read from Mr.
lliiadi Aitken dated Nov. 16, and stating
that on being informed that live of the
members of lhe Council were being sued
lor .1173.4-J paid lo Rev. D. A. McRae re
polii e iiivesii^atiou, that he had al once
written to Mr. McRae. Ho also enclosed the Finn ot •', 173.40 being the amount
sued for.
Aid. Plants usked if Mr. Aitken had
received uny reply from Mr. McRae, lo
Whieh the clerk replied in the negative.
Aid. Morton did not think the Council
could do anything with it, it might he
banned over to the live members interested, but the matter was out of the
hands ul lhe Council,
Aid. \\ ilst-ii wished the communication to he received ami fyled, whilst
Alii. Planta wished the money to be
sent buck to Mr. Aitken. Alter some
lurther discussion it was decided that
tlie Clerk return the communication and
enclosure to Mr, Aitken.
Tlie Ruad Foreniun presented his report which was re.-eived ami fyled.
On motion tlie communication from
llie city ol Victoria re Kootenay railway
matters was taken up from the table.
On motion ot Al . Morton ami McDonald il was resolved to endorse the
resolution from Victoria.
Ou ihe communication from W.
Ski tie of Vancouver coining up, Ah',
McDonald suid they could not endorse
il except us u Government scheme, ami
Aid. \\ llson iliotijiht it could go over
until we knew what they were asking
ier, it might he that large tracts of laud
might be asked lor, in which case ihey
eon lil not endorse it.
Ahl Mor tion and McDonald introduced a motion asking lhe Governmenl
lu build a lliieol railway from Nanaimo
lo Allierni, but the opinion seemed tu
lie general amongst the Aldermen thai
litis Would he used lis an excuse by lhe
Government a ainsi the charier being
asked lor by the citizens of Nanaimo,
and fur which application hail already
been made. Aid. I'lanta stated thai
Ihis wouhl I u tlie time for the charier
lo tie obtained, lor if the Government
let it pass over tlie   next   session,   we
wouhl lind some une else  would   gel  a I wj,en J saw   ■,[,„ hc pr„fesScil to be
h   the  I'., o: >.     . ,   . ■.   t .i ct      i i :
my letter thereupon in your paper.
I think you will admit that justice
to me requires that it be published
just as I have written it.
Yours very faithfully,
Geobge H. Tovey.
About a  year back (November
21, 1895) some comment  appeared
in  Truth on an action brought bv      ,,      , . , , ,, „   ,
a dairyman against the Rev.G. H. Ge0; UAeJ ,a"d &l;0VIerr Treherne
Tovey for goods supplied to his "'e/,e oh*r8ed 1,e.fl"'e J: H. Simpson,
wife and family during his absence h131;; thl.s -n«>'*M*«6 with fighting at
in America. The action was tried I -he -Provincial Hotel at midnight
in Bournemouth County Court, and :on *"**u*'.(*''y- ■**-*<- fined 9'20 and $8
before them and the Grand Jury
then retired.
A number of men applied for
A full report will appear in our
next issue.
costs each, to be paid forthwith. It
is likely another case will arise out
of this in the near future.
Card of Thanks.
Nanaimo, Nov. 23, 1896.
I desire to return my sincere
thanks to the promoters of the masquerade ball given in my behalf
and to those who liberally patronised the same.
James Waters.
Nearly lOOmasqueraders attended the Ball on Friday evening besides a large number of spectators.
Many of the costumes were very attractive and well got up. There
was the usual fun from the clowns
- ,. - ., , and others.   "Irish Katie" created
tors and to his wifeand family; and j |otB o{ fun amongst the spectators,
that his wife had incurred fresh -ye are requested bv the manage-
debts, notwithstanding Ins repeated ment t0 expre?9 their thanks for
injunctions against the pledging of the liberal FUpp0rt given them, and
also to Mr. Geo. Dunbar for the very
excellent supper provided   at the
j close.    The receipts, over and above
misled apparently   by trade preju-, the expenses, were $7!) 50, which has
dice—gave   so unjust a verdict in been i,anded over   to   Mr. James
the first instance. Waters, for whose benefit it  was
Editor Mail:—The above para- held,
graph is the "amende honorable"      The verdict of the jury on the
published by the editor of "Truth,'   death of MarcU3 Wolfe was that the
deceased shot himself while  in a
for an injustice he did me on Nov
ember last, when he admitted that
his information was derived from
a   juryman interested in the case.
Il wili be sufficient for me to add
that four judges have eacli pro-!
nounced in my favour without a
single word of qualification; audi
now a disinterested jury have add- j
ed their verdict, with full costs in |
this and all previous hearings. The
Lnra Chief Justice in the Court of I
Appeal said that the Bournemouth!
jury gave "an outrageous verdict
which conld not possibly stand."
And now, Sir, what am I to say I
respecting the editor of the Nanai-1
mo Free Press, who seized upon my j
unhappy domestic troubles to vent j
ihe venom of his personal spile;
against me while the case was slill
state of mental aberration. The
remains were taken ever to Van-
I couver ou Sunday morning, en route
1 to Victoria, where the interment
j will take place.
Tlianksffiviiijr Services.
Union Thanksgiving services of
the Method's', Presbyterian and".
Baptist churches will be held ou
Thursday, 26 inst. at 11 o'clock a.
m. in the Baptist church. A collection will be taken to be given to
the City Council for the relief of
any cases of distress during the
Lectures on the "Gold mines of B C,
and how to get rich" antl "Thrilling adventures and hair-breadth escapes" will
"sub judice?"     I   think  that your' he given in the Y M C A hall on Friday
readers will agree that a more out-' ■**"'?. •"•••'•"'''••y ■>*■«, \V gov T Haddon
ui," i i- i   j   of Vancouver.     A valuable present will
rageotis libel was never published ■ ,,„ -iven to ,11. and you may stand on
on tlie British side of North Amer- English or Irish soil, and sit in a seat
ica. Verv soon after I first arrived from the oldest Methodist church in the
in  Nanainio the editor of the Free ,w"rl'1-   The lectures will be illustrated
by over lit) large paintings.   Admission,
Press published a lie about me, and 2o cents
ho professed to be
able to prove it; I then offered him
William Shepherd wascharged at
the   Provincial   Police    Court   on
charter and connect   with
ami give us the slip,    If this motion nits .
passed ii would only mean   llie  uuiiter: 1100 to do so,      I his  he never did,
would lie delayed.                                  ! nor did he ever  apologize.     This ,       ,                  .....         ...
Ahl. Mclional.i thought the  proposed ; „hows the ch.,racter of the matt, and ': Monday, bejore J.   Hilbert   J.P.,
XnVnEto 'unde.^oo'I the"™ was! <*< his paper.   In this country such «ith carrying a weapon, and was
ir^rwir'ri^lnlllpHper'aLpoken ot as the  "sewer bound over to keep   the  peace  for
which was Uovernment land; and   by ' pr(L" an.l such men are ostracised s,x "10,nths ,and Pa*y thfi costs'   H*
Ihebulhilugofu   railway  there   would . },,,„,   „*,   decc|U   Bociet„       Then applied.to the magistrate tohe put
he no need of a wag oad.                         .„.„!,.„  mnnth-*   no,,    a   ro-enlnrfi nf : Under the Habitual Drunkard 8 Act,
Aid. Planta said ill any case It  would  twelve  months   ago,   a  creature ol . , .            j            t,   wiil    now   kfl
beatllthVul  miner lo get the charter | his own kind,  who  needed money which was done.    It will   now   be
and the Government would  take every for   his   journeys to Victoria, fur- unlawful for anyone to supply him
means to prevent it.   The matter was I nlBhed the editor of the Free Press *■***■ intoxicating   liquor   for the
laid over or a week. . ... with   what has now been shown to i sP*-ce °- one vear-
A discussion arose over a motion of Aid  wlln  wnai nas now ueen siiown ui    r „ ;,    ,        _ _    „-,.„•.
foreman to take the unexpended bal-1 be a garbled account of my unhappy Mahrer & Co. have removed their
nine of the loan, after the amount for' family troubles, and with avidity,! wholesale liquor office and ware-
Uni'in street had been expended, heiiiu j (|e c()mlrientcd upon it with all tlie i house to Hirst Bros, stone building
fi" t»enyB\7tMder^rb1lVgoyf i ff.aHce of his well-known nature ! on Front street.   Telephone 30.
The coward would not have dared
had he not been sheltered by my
cloth and a distance of 6000 miles
Personal   Mention.
lhe opinion that the balance   should be
applietl to paying outstanding accounts.
It was decided to devote the unexpended balance lor the purpose   of construct-i. •      „„„i,l   !,.„.   n,,ll„|p,I  nnv
ing lhe sidewalk from   Union  Btreet to | but   It   would  have polluted any
the International Hotel,
Aid. Wilson favored the construction t insult to that noble quadruped, the I
of the sidewalk on Newcastle townsite, j10r(jp to have given this man his
ami Aid loreniau lavored the construe-   ,    „ '       .    ,      ,'   . u       ■o a I
lion ol a sidewalk from Milton street to  deseits.   And   What, may De asKert,
the hospital, which was greatly needed, is the secret of this preojousedltors
Aid Morioii thought enough had been spi,e? Simply that I did not em-. *•••)' to preside at the Assizes,
spent on sidewalks and he lavored the • njs p..jnt,)ng office and his J Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Smart
U'T^toffinVS*j!S « "Webster unabridged" for my work,! relumed from their  wedding trip.
Mr, A. R, Johnson is back again;
!good  horsewhip, and have been an | ,rom t*]e Kootenay.
Mr. G. A. Forest is in town from
Judgs Walkem came up on Mon*
paving jj-
. "The sexton had stopped ringing the bell, but it was still
humming ovorhead in tlie tower
'-as Mr. Thomas (Jruig entered
the vestry-room of the little
Mr. Craig began to remove
bis rubber overshoes by scrap*
'.ing the heel of one against tlte
■toe of the other. He had to
'support himself by holding fast
'id 'the sides of the doorway with
liofh bauds as he did so, for his
'balance was not so good as it
'«niee had been. At last he freed
himself, and pushed the overshoes into a military formation
■with his foot.
The sexto ft, entered just then
Svitji  ah armful of hytnn-books.
He was about Mr. Craig's age,
'only he was not so stoop-should-
ered, and he, walked without any
shuffling. Each of the two oltl
men had a little bronze button
iu the lapel Of his coat. They
Jiad won the right to wear this
small token by sleeping under
the same blanket, or on many
occasions marching forward
with their elbows touching,
when some men (who now wore
1he same button, unfortunately)
were skulking rearwards.
'Well, Tom,' said the sexton,
'depositing the hymn-books in a
tottering column on the seat of
a chair—didn't know as you'd
come round to-day, seein' the
weather's so bad. 1 thought of
'stopping for you us I came
'through Tiventy-tliird street'
'(he said 'Tftiiity-thoyd street').
While the sexton had been
talking, .Mr Craig came up
'closer, and put one hand behind
his right ear—then he nodded.
'Wish you had; wish you had,'
he said.
Tbe deafness, which had been
growing oh him of late, was
caused by bis having stood too
close to the. muzzle of a cannon
'on Little Hound Top, but he
'drew no 'pension, and despised
those who did—if the}* could
support tberiiseive's without it.
Thomas Craig was known by
a few peo-pte as one of the most
expert accountants in the city
'of New York, and for the last
■two years he bad been hard at
work reviewing the work of the
late deceased City Treasurer, at
ti salary that swelled bis bank
account on each succeeding pay'
day. He was considered affluent by his post of thc G.A.K , and
had been imposed upon, sad to
r*4ate, by a few of its members.
{Sabbath mornings always saw
Mr. Craig enter the little brick
ichurch through the vestry door,
for by doing so be managed to
have a few words with old Charley McGerron, and could easily
•get to the seat under the pulpit,
where he could listen to tlie sermon without peering opeu-
j«'OTithed at the minister, or
straining the capacity of his one
•good ear.
'How's the work comin' on,
TomV inquired the sexton, in a
low voice, but with his lips almost touching the side of Mr.
VL'raig's head.
'First rate; first rate,' was the
'answer. 'Nearly finished now.
I have saved the city of New
York over three hundred thousand dollars! 1 reckon the auditor will be surprised when he
sees my report. It is 'most eight
feet long,' he said, 'and covered
up with figures—make a big
show of it. You see, tliere has
been a leakage going on for
About six yeai's; that can be
stopped; and there's three hundred thousand dollars—between
you and nie, i tell you—that wns
deposited to the credit of llie
city of Nch' York, that the city
of New York has apparently forgotten rtcaii about.'
'Wrfere'r" inquired McGerron.
'In tiOiulon,' snid Tom. 'They
won ai; *:*uit tliere seven years
'ngo, ar.d-sheii the judgment was
lendefod, somehow it wasn't
recorded 'properly or collected.
'—Mighty careless, eh?'
These questions and answers
were given much iii the manner
of a telephonic conversation.
Tom would put up his ear, receive, tire message, and answer
hack )ii low, distinctly uttered
'Do, they know you'vo found
it out*'asked McGerron.
'Not yet,' said Tom. 'Kept
that to tfjrn ih with the report;
'lnitl wrote over and claimed it
•/__yes, biV, ciuimed it, I did—
'imd tlie'j' Acknowledged the
■Claim. Then J Wrote again, and
thoy seiit ine 0 check, drawn to
4uy Order as Clerk of Accounts,
%'t sifcty fh'Otrfetind pounds. Go-
*ta| to tttrti it iji ti) the auditing
j committee with my showing
[next Thursday. Guess it'll sur-
i prise them, eh? Jest happened
ito lind tho entry by accident.—
j Queer thing. Well! there goes
the organ; I'll go nnd taken seat.
Tbe minister and the white-
surplisod small boys had already
left the choir-room when Tom
stepped into tho church.
As the sexton shut the door
after him, the sound ol" the processional hymn that had welled
out suddenly died nwny,antl the
sexton, who was privileged to
absent himself from the service
proper on the ground of duty,
picked a morning paper out of
his overcoat pocket,
'Tom   needs a guai'deen,  I'm
'thinkin',' he murmured.      'lie
should have let that discovery of
:his   leak   into  the papers some
time age'
After   delivering   himself of
this   worltly-wise   remark,   Mr.
I McGerron   selected a sheet from
^the pound or so of scandal, gossip,   and   information   ycleped
'the Sunday edition,' poked the
rest back into his overcoat, und I
commenced   to   read, now audi
again   pricking  up  bis ears to I
listen how far the services   had i
It was not long since tho last
municipal elections, and pro-j
filing by the well-intentioned
j mistakes ofthe Reform administration, that would not stoop to
'practical politics,' Harmony
Hall had again swept into olliee.
For   some   mon I lis   past  the
Good   Government Club across,
the street from the  church   had;
been practically deserted,
Mr. Thomas Craig liad been a j
member of one of these   promo-!
ters of political thought from the I
beginning, and it had been  due
to   the   opinions of the last ad-j
ministration   that  he had been
appointed—from   liis desk iu a
downtown olliee—lo investigate'
the accounts of the city.
Charley   McGerron,   on    the j
contrary—all hough he had walked some years before in the Orangemen's parade—was a stanch
member   of the Harmony wig-1
Many discussions had he had
with oltl Tom Craig upon the
subject; but he had not gloated,
over tlie downfall of the opposition campaign, seeing plainly
that oltl Tom took tlie defeat
Beriously to heart.
As McGerron   glanced   down!
the pages of the paper   a   smile
spread itself across his strongly-i
marked   Scotch-Irish    features, j
There were the   same   familiar
names   that    had    apparently'
emerged from   oblivion—Alder-j
man   This,  Coroner That, and
Commissioner So-and-so.     Tho j
! sexton read them with   satisfac-j
tion;   but   suddenly   he noticed
from the lull inside the body of
the. church that the benediction
was about to be pronounced.
lie arose quickly and pushed
the chair against the wall; then
he concealed the paper behind
tlie steam-radiator, and hastened
to his post in the vestibule.
This particular church, having separated polities from its
affairs, had never taken the
trouble to inquire into the ad-i
herency of its supporter--or paid
servitors, and probably Tom
Oraig was the only member of;
the congregation who knew of
the sexton's political affiliations. \
Two or three days later  Mr. Mc-1
Gerron   was   scaled   in   the   front i
room of his neat  little  flat,   whose i
decorations included two. or  three
beautiful velvet-framed china  plaques painted by his daughter's lair.
hands when she was instructress in :
the public school, before  her  mar-;
riuee; many comforting but hard to'
decipher worsted mottoes, nlsn from
the same source, adorned the wall.-, j
Mrs. McGerron entered fro.n lhe I
kitchen. She was a very comfort j
able-looking woman, wilh a conformation that reminded one insensibly of a plump matronly partridge. An odor uf cabbage followed
her up the hallway.
"Jinny was here this mornin',"
said Mrs. McGerron, straightening
the faded beribboned tidy on the
back of a rocking chair, "and she
says as bow Tim's got the app'int- [
rao's so long been al'ther."
Mrs. McGerrnn's pronunciation
was more catholic than that of her j
husband—taken in tlie broad sense
of the word—and tho "fim" referred to was McGerron's son-in-law,
whose own father kept an East Side
grocery. Wilh the exception of
the interregnum of the la-t two
; years, Tim had held political positions from Iris nineteenth birthday
—his last one being assistant clerk
of the Water Rales, a highly remunerative position, that enabled
him to sublet lhe arithmetical contract at a price that well paid him,
and enabled him to find time to
de.-o.e to the interests of "The J.
J. McCarthy Association." Hewa-
reriowned as second to none as an :
organizer of-piefries and excursion- J
and he knew the primaries and the What do   you think of the   new'
value of pulls and colonizations.     j Street Cleaning Department?    I'm
The sexton had   been   preparing  sorry to  Bee  tnat  they   have put
himself for dinner, and had   taken   Muldoon in again."
off his coat.    Suddenly  he heard a      This began   a  discussion  which
step in the hallway at tho head  of' was ended in a few minutes by Mr. j
the stairs outside. j Craig good naluretlly given up  the
"That's Tom Ci'arg," he said  to argument,   putting   on   his   over-
his wife.    "(Jan ye shift the cloth to . shoes, and departing,
the dining-room, Mary ?" j    lie slopped and struck a  match
He pulled on his coat.
as he went down stairs—the fourth
For some reason Charley McGer-  and he had found necessary to keep
ron was a little "nicer"   when   his tlie black cigar alight.     Uut before
old friend Tom  Crai
liim.    ln fact, he was  apt   to   indulge in what Mrs. McGerron called
"s'htoile," and watched his grammar and his manner's more carefully.
This strange  relation   had   been
kept up between the  two  old
r'a'des ever since the war days
even before  that    lime.    Tom
called upon he left he had made McGerron
promise to come to bear ins report
read und pa.-sed upon by the committee.
It was Thursday afternoon, in a
bare room of the City Hall, whose
windows looked oul on the asphalt
walks of the Park. The cries of
the newsboys   li'k-d   tlie   air,  and
always been a smart lad in lho pub- mingled with the putting of a
licschool, and had won McUerron's steam-hoist in one of the new builtl-
ndmiration very early in tlie de- jngs in process of erection on Park
bates in the engine-house of "Cfu- j H(,w and the clang' of the cable-cars
sade   Number   Four,"   when    the on Broaaway.
The small room was close-smell*
volunteer fireman was a force in
the ward OanvasB.
"Come in, Tom, me bhoy," said
McGerron, stretching oul his hands
through the doorway, and leading
Mr. Craig into tlie little front room.
"You'll take dinner with us. Ah!
Now I'll h we no refusal. Remove
your overcoat and take off your
gum sliues.''
He helped Mr. Craig keep his
balance while he went through the
preliminary motions, and at hist
thrust him down into the easiest
"Charley," said Tom, loaning hir
ing and crowded. In the furthest j
corner sat Mr. Craig, and on his j
good side w is  Charley   McGerron. j
it had ralber puz/.led the former
that no one had paid much alien- j
lion to him as he had come in, and
and he was much hurl at not being
asked to lake a seal alongside of |
of the committee. He held in his
hand a little roll of paper, upon
which he had scribbled sonic notes,
that he glanced al nervously from
lime to time.
A tall man   with   a   black  mustache, and  of  that  uncertain  age
ward and upward, and speaking in I whicli might be anywhere  between
a staccato whisper, with hi fingers
dm wing a line down the breast of
his friend's coat, the report goes to
tlie committee on Thursday; Can
you come with me and hear it
read? There'll be some rem inks,
and"—he looked around and lowered his voice—"I have prepared a
few words to say upon tho ocasion.
I've made it all so plain that even
Dinkey l>lutt could undcrstank
Charley laughed, for "Dinkey
Blati" had been the stupidist! man
in liawkin's Zouaves, which was
saying a great deal.
Ju-*t then Mrs.   McGerron  came
thirly-five   and forty, entered   the j
room.    He   pushed   forward,   and
one of the auditors arose and shook j
him by  the  hand.    He  carelessly
took a seat, and put his silk hat on j
the   table,   littered   with    papers,]
where Tom's eight-foot report was a
conspicuous object.
Tom grasped liis  friend  McGer-
roll's arm, and tlie latter leaned to- j
ward him.
"Thai's the young man I spoke
toyou about," he said in a whisper.
McGerron flushed, and answered
"He came to me yesterday with
in, with a little bob, her front hair „„ „rder from Bchuieitz, the Treas-
wet and gleaming from a final urer, to get my patters for them to
plastering. She greeted Mr. Craig, -g0 over. ' I had thought I ought
and announced that dinner was to have brought them myself—
"ready in tlie   dining-room," "with eh?'1
an accent on the last two words. Mr.   McGerron  again  remained
All through tlie meal il was silent, and only nodded his head.
evident that Mr. Thomas Craig was | jU!jt then one of the members of
laboring under a stress of suppress- (he new coinmittee—he did not
ed excitement,   lie seldom address-   have an intellectual face, to say the
etl any remarks to Mrs.  McGerron,   leasl arise
which omission the lady did not "Gentlemen," he said, "we have
appear to resent; but be was always gone over the report of Mr. Timothy
very polite, and Mrs. McGerron Malonv who was appointed to in*
generally spoke to him through tho vesti'gate and verifv the work done
medium of her husband. in connection  with   reviewing  the
"Willyez ashk  him   if  he  will -hooks and   accounts  of  the  city's!
have some more of the shtew?" she  finances, and we have here the full I
would sny, leaning across tlie table,  report, countersigned by him in his
and very often accompanying   this ollicial capacity."
With the flourish of a spoon or fork,      "What is he saying?" whispered
and a smile and nod in Mr, Craig's *jr, Oraig in the sexton's ear.
direction. "He says yonr report is a great
Charley always repealed   the in- work of art,", returned   McGerron
quickly that McGerron started,
half fearing that he had overheard
aright; but a glance at the eager
old face beside him was reassuring.
"Hist! whisper!" and McGerron
fell almost into broad dialect as be
repeated the words of lhe speaker,
substituting only the name of
"Thomas Grain" for "Timothy
Maloney," and leaving out all
reference to the rive thousand
In his heart of hearts Charley
McGerron was cursing himself and
Harmony Hall with deep and Outer curses.
lhe meeting was breaking up;
several of the committee shook
hands with the man wiih ihe black
mustache, bul no one paitl intention
to the stoop-shouldered ligure ihat
arose and would have stepped forward but fur McUerron's resirain-
in'g aiiu.
"Ihey did'l ask me lo say a
worti," Tuin wits whispering, hoarsely. "That's queei—eb, don't you
"Rut they said it was all so clear
and beautiful no words were necessary at all, at all." Carley's tones
bad that would-be comforting
sound uf some one talking io an
injured child, and he patted his
friend on the shoulders. "Tom,"
he said, "you're a groat man the
day. Ye get the thanks of the
municipality, me boy!"
As they passed out into the hall,
the black-mustached man walked
by them. He would have stopped
and spoken, but seeing who the
sexton's companion was, he hurried
"You know that young man,
eh? You know him?" asked Mr.
"Yes, I do," returned McGerron,
in a loud voice that was overheard
by the by-standers. "It's Timo they
Maloney, me son-in-law, and it's
God's truth, I think little of him."
"Oh! I beg pardon," said Tom,
"Who's the old nut walking with
yer father-in-law, Tim?" asked Mr.
Maloney's companion, glancing
over his Bhoulder.
"Oh, that?" was tbe reply; "he's
my clerk."
When they got into the street
Mr. Craig tore up the bit of paper
that he had held in his hand, and
his face wore a disappointed look.
"Those were my notes for A little
speech I had prepared," he said,
"Funny they didn't ask for me—
eh?   Don't vou think?"
The Most Complete Stock
vittition, and Tiun   would  address
the reply to Mrs. McGerron.
Tom had never ventured his
opinion about women in general to
any one (which was curious, for he
was a bachelor); but he thought
the greatest qualification for a wife
was thai of being a good cook. As
Mrs. McGerron entirely  filled  out
"They're mighty well pleased with
it, I can tell you."
Tom again fumbled nervously at
the notes in his hand.
The speaker continued, reading
slowly some of the figures from the
voluminous screed, which he opened by giving it a push with his
" and. much as one   would  display
Wake up to the fact that if you
invest NOW in Shares of
good reliable
Gold Mining Companies
You stand to make Big Profits,
And I    **■*■■
Will sell to you on terms no other
Broker in British Columbia
Jas. McGregor's
Victoria Crescent.
You have to Fay I
I divide it up into
onthly Instalments-
his idea m this matter, he respected a wnll-paner design to an   intend"
her tremendously. ling purchaser.     Tom's mouth was
"Tell him about Tim's app'int-1 open) and'-he had his band behind
ment,' suggested the mistress of *lis ear) but it was evident from the
the house, during u pause in the perplexed expression in his eyes
conversation. that he could   not   understand a
McGerron, who had just caught sjrigie word that was said.
himself in the act of drinking his      "They're   readin'   the   figures,"
tea from his saucer, was   now  em-  whispered McGerron.
barrassed, and did not know  what      "Hadn't I better go up there and
to do.   He shook his head. show them?" questioned Tom.     "I
"Shure, I don't know what it is," , C()Ui,j make *t p*ajn jn a minute."
'no said, "and it woulu not interest «>[„; you'd better wait until
liim." ! they've called upon vou,"   answer-
So Mrs. McGerron leaned in M.r.'ed McGerron, who was now waiting
Craig's di reel ion. In fact, she for the mention of Tom's name as
leaned so far that she had the ap- ! anxiously as Tom could have done
pearan'ce of an optical illusion, had he Been gifted with the hearing
seeming to come up from the centre ,,f a microphone,
of the table. "And now, gentlemen," went  on
"Me son-in-law Tim has jist got' ti,e speaker, who, by-the-way, was
an a'pointment to the City Hall," quit*-unknown to the old account-
she said. ! ant, "the committee* has  only  to
Unfortunately she was on Tom's mui-e one more statement."
stone-deaf side, and he, thiuking Here followedjthe relation of the
she was inquiring his opinions of discovery of the three hundred
thc "shtew," replied, smiling and thousand dollars, and he read the
nodding. "Delightful! delightful!" account of it all as it was written
which enthusiasm Mrs. McGerron jn Mr. Craig's own copyplate
thought very kind, nnd she cast a J hand,
look of triumph at her husband. Tom's face was ablaze.
After dinner the sexton brought "What are they saying now?"
out a box of very tightly wrapped ! he asked, speaking louder than was
and shiny cigars, presented to him j his wont,
is son-in-law, and be and   Mr.
So that everyone can have an interest in Mining and secure part.
The Nanaimo Bakery Excels ofthe Profits that most assuredly,
SMART &TH0RNE,   'WILL be made*
The Popular Bakers
Land Agent and Conveyancer,
Town LotsHiitl.Fiiriiinfor8nle.   Money to Loan
on Mortt-rtge Hi low rutes.
Agent for the United Firo liiflurtinco Company
of Mancliouter, Kniiliiinl.
" "Sh-h-hl" returned McGerron.
"They say it'e the greatest discov-
in the world."
"They will call upon me soon,"
Tom murmured, shuffling his feet
b-* —.-i*)*)*——-
Craig  went  into   the   liltle  front
room again.
"There's been  a  funny thing I
meant to speak to you about, Charley," said Mr. Craig, when they had uneasily,
seated   themselves.    'There's   be?n \     But the chairman   was  eonclud-
a young man  coining to   my   des't  ihgi
for the pasl four or five days and j "Gentlemen," he said, "it only
asking me all sorts of things about j remains for the committee to ex-
ihe report. I was polite to him, tend its thanks and the thanks of
for he brought a letter from the j the municipality to Mr. Timothy
chairman of lhe coinmittee." Tom j Maloney and his assistants for the
spoke of the committee as if it were j careful and conscientious work
the reigning house of a kingdom,, they have done, and in recognition
"Now whal he's after I don't know, j 0f the services of Mr. Maloney the
for he knows mighty little of book- committee asks that he will accept
keeping, and only bothered me with J the sum of five thousand dollars,
bis questions.    His   name  was—"| voted as  a  remuneration  *-"  Ui"
&rlii)gtoij Hotel*
Having completed the erection of the Arlington
Hotel at NAN0OSK BAY, thin hnndsomu and
com modiolus hotel is now prepared to receive
j and comfortably entertain travelers and oltierfl.
In pr«Nlded over hy Mrs, Thompson, and the
.Tabled*Mote contUnntly provided with all the
> delicacies of the   •"■anon.   Combined with the
elegant furnished apartments, the visitor finds
| the surroundings of the most pleasant description.
First-class Accommodation. Fire-proof building
- Terms: S1.00 Per Ba) and Upwards.
The Doon Hotel,
JAS. BENNETT, I'roiirlotor.
Commercial St.,      Nanainio, It. C.
for  his
Here   Tom  paused and  wrinkled labor in the discharge of his respon-
hi- forehead,   ''Upon my soul, I've BibUi.ties."
forget'it; but it's of no importance.     "What's  that?"   said   Tom-, io
Trespass Notice.
WHEREAS, Certain evil-disposeil persons have been killin-i stork on Valdez
Islandt Nanaimo Dinlrit-t, it is
RESOLVED iu future tbut all persona
funnel trespass!n-i on the Wake Estate
of 7110 at-res ami Intlian Reserve of 1700
atljoiniiiK will lie proseeuteil to tbe full
extent of the law.
(Signed)    BALDWIN H. WAKE.
Sept. i$, 1806.   JOHN BASIL.
The Stamp  Mill at Alberni
Is now in operation. When results are known, up go the Shares.,
of all Alberni Companies.
And make money while you have
a chance BEFORE the rise takes
Thos. Hit-chin,
Given to Hou. J. fsrael Tarte, M. P.
Hon. J. I. Tmte arrived in the city on
Siitiiniay noon liy special irain from
Victoria aucoiiipanit-il oy Alatlaine and
Mile, Tarte, Mr*Heiiri BouraBSH, M P,
Mr Louis Cosie, Chief Engineer of the
Public Works department, Mr F Ualius,
Madame Hobilhtr-i, Senator anil Mrs.
Mt-Iiiiiei, Juii-se iiarrison, Mr F C
Oauible, Dominion Engineer for B C,
Mr J F Beiliune, and Mr W W B Mclnnes. The parly were met at tfie station by Mayor Davison ami a uiiiiiuei- of
the aldcrn tn, Ur MiKeihnie, president
ol the Liberal Association and many
citizens. The parly ut once took sleighs
for the Court House, where Mayor
Davison presented the civic address us
On behalf of the Corporation and Citizens ol the City ol Nanaimo, permit us
to extend tu Madame, Mile Tarte and
yunrseil, u sincere an.l cordial welcome
to this, tne coul mining centre oi British
Columbia, and to express the hope that
your iniliiil visit to Ihe most western
province of the Dominion ul Canada may
prove ti) be one ol unalloyed pleasure to
yoinsi-i ami puny uud a future i.eneiit
to our Country
We ooserve by your public utterances
that you are desirous ol usceriuiuiiig lhe
requirements ol Ihis important Section
of the Dominion, uud we ure therefore
emboldened to cull your attention to
several matters which we consider of
mosl importance to us us a community.
At the present time coul ■niiiim; is the
staple industry ol the cily. Tlie New
Vancouver Coul iHiniiif- and Laud Company, Limited, ol which Samuel M.
Kobiiis, Esq., is the resident superintendent—nave eiieiyetieally, and in the
face of adverse-circuinstances, developed
tlieir mines from yeur to year until tiiey
now rank first in point of capital invested and ure the lurgest coal producers on
the I'acilic coast.
You are doubtless aw ire th.it our
American neighliors ou tbe Pacific Slope
are the principal consumers ol tlie superior quality ol coal mined in this city
and ils environments, but the import
duty of forty cents per ton levied by the
Uniled States Government is a material
barrier to an increase of trade in this
particular commodity, lu the event of
your Government succeeiiin-j in their
efforts to client more friendly trade relations with the United Stales, we
earnestly hope Unit the negotiations
may embrace reciprocity in coul between tlie iieigiiouring Republiu Hint
Canada. This would undoubtedly
create a larger demand for British Columbia cuul, ami thus materially add to
the grow tii ol this ciiy, the Province and
. As a coal mining centre, we are practically a laboring community, and therefore brought iuto close competition with
imported Asiatic labor. Tbe British
Columbia members of the House of
Commons (irrespective of party) huve
luos forcibly uud opportunely drawn
the attention of Parliament, fo this
great social ami industrial evil, und
-whilst we fully endorse the patriotic
stand they huve taken on this lo us
vital question, would embrace this opportunity ol Soliciting your valuable aid
»ud influence in tbe government ol
wnic.ii you have proved yourself such an
nble ie|jri'Si.'iiiaiU-e; In restrict tlie lur-
t'uir iiitio*c of pernicious Asiatic semi
eiiive labor, liy granting the prayer of
the people of litis province, us Sfct forth
iu the petUion.1t- be presented to thtf
Dominion Parliament, unit which has
beeu all but unanimously signed by tiie
inhabitants ol British. Columbia.
Again, we desire to draw your attention to tlie lad thut it is oi" the greatest
importance to the well being of our people thut the Dominion Government
should immediately take steps to equip
aud maintain at. the expense of the country, a Leper Colony for Ibis province instead of the present, arrangement, which
is most unfair t> any municipality in
Which those unfortunates (who are invariably Chinese) may chance to be residing ut the time of discovery by the
authorities, inasmuch as the said Municipality is now compelled to provide for
t icir proper cure and maintenance.
A number of years of prospecting ami
partial development, m-ist clearly indicate that, we have iu the immediate vicinity of Nanainio, extensiveau,d valuable
ledges, Carrying Gobi, Silver, Copper,
Tin, and iron. To obtain the lament of
these now dormant resources il will lie
necessary to provide not only railways
to transport the ore, bul. smelters, etc.
. The i {linens of Naiiuiuin are ul present
endeavoring to procure Governmental
und Public assistance to ensure the construction of a railway from this Citv to
the Mineral Districts of Nanaimo, Nitti-
nut und Allierni; and we venture lo
•Jinpe that any application in this direction shall meet with the favorable consideration of yourself and your ministerial colleagues:—
Nanaimo, as a seaport, has very keenly
felt the necessity of a dry dock suitable
for repairing vessels of large tonnage.
This port undoubtedly stands the highest in the Province in regard to the volume of deep-sea vessels loading cargoes.
The natural site in our harbor combined
with the great range of title, would enable such a dock to be constructed at a
comparatively sinali cost.
These are but a few of our pressing
necessities, but doubtless other important matters shall be brought to yonr attention hy the Board of Trade und the
Local Liberal Association.
In drawing your attention on this occasion to the foregoing requirements of
our city, we tlo not forget to express our
grateful appreciation of the honorable
manner in which you and your, governmental confreres received antl supported
the commendable ellbrts of our member
Mr. W. W. B. Mclnnes, to faithfully
serve his constituency.
In this connection u very welcome up-
firoprhuioii was the !flO,IK)(. guuit for the
nception of harbor improvements, and
coupled with it the promise of a much
larger sum in the near future to complete this most necessary work.
In conclusion we ex press the hope that
you may be long spared to take a prominent part in the public affairs of this
Dominion, and that yourself and family
■hall during a happy and prosperous
future, long retain many pleasant recollections of your initial visit to the Coal
City of the West.
In reply, Mr Tarte expressed his
thanks to the Mayor and City Council
In- this address and the cordial manner
in whicli he hud been received. When
the Liberal Government took nfBce they
hud mude up their minds to ascertain
the exact needs of the people they were
culled upon to govern, uml the reason of
his visit to the coast wus to acquaint
himself of those needs, ami others of ins
colleagues would follow. He hoped this
would not he his lust visit to British
Columbia, Some benefit would, however,
be gained hy the present- visit. The
My ir had allude I lo many thi nisiu h ■
a .dress of which he could not say mil li
•t present. He was very sure that the
thanks of the citizens would be given to
their member for his efforts in obtain
ing an appropriation of $10,000 for improvements in Nanaimo harbor, and he
would Buy now that work would be commenced immediately, fhe Government
dredge would be here in a few days to
commence the work arranged for at
This1 is but the beginning of what
would be expendetl, as"the Government
knew full well the importance of such
works. He was glad that B. C. had sent
four able members to represent them at
Ottawa, especially their member, w*.o
was quite an active boy. (Applause. He
wouhl again thank the Mayor ami aldermen for their address, una reserve further remarks for a future occasion.
The party then adjourned to the parlors of the Wilson House, where a large
number of the citizens were introtluced
to the minister and party.
About 1:30p.m., ahout. 75 gentlemen
sat down to a most sumptuous lunch
provided by Host Raymond, in his usuul
style. Mayor Davison presided, and
was supported hy Hon Mr. Tarte, Mr.
8. M. Robins, Judge Harrison, Mr. A.
Haslam, Senator Mclnnes and others.
Alter luncheon the party proceeded to
Hirst's wharf, uml boarded the steamer
Mermaid and made a tour of the harbor.
Mr. Robin's and other gentlemen pointed out to the Minister the various aid
necessary improvements. After returning from the inspection the party proceeded to Wellington, a special ear being
attached to the Victoria train. On
arrival ut Wellington they were met by
Mayor McKay and Aid. Uren, and entertained at the Wellington Hotel. Conveyances were provided and the party
driven through the town.
The Opera House was filled on Saturday evening with an enthusiastic audience to hear addresses by Hon, J. I.
Tarte and Mr. H. Botirassa, M. P. Dr.
McKechuie presided and presented the
address from the Liberal Association of
Hon. Mr. Tarte in reply said, he was
sorry that the state of his health would
prevent him addressing the meeting at
any great length, the people had reullv
been so kind to him that they liad nearly killed him, hut would ask'to be permitted to say a few words on the very
fluttering address presented to him. He
felt tlmt he did not deserve the kind
words said to him. It was not only a
great pleasure, hut it was a duty for him
to be present on behalf of the great
Liberal leader. The support given the
Liberal Party had enabled them to go to
baltle and they hatl carried the day.
British Columbia had sent four men to
represent her—clever men—-the representative from this district was a brilliant, clever young man. He could
assure them Mr. Mclnnes was liked in
Ottawa, and he could tell them that all
the Ministers know him. The certain
sums of money plaited in the estimates
for harbor improvements were due to
the unceasing activity of Mr. Mclnnes.
These sums were only the beginning of
much larger appropriations, us the Government were fully alive to the work
necessary to be done here.
In speaking of himself Mr. Tarte said
he hatl began political life as a Conservative, and he could say he was a good
Conservative, loyal uml" faithful to that
party, nnd be served the party us well
as he coliltl, and like a man he left. He
bail Suffered much on account of th is,
he hud heen abused even hy his former
political friends He could buv, however, that he parted from them when
they were in power. He felt it his
bounded duty to do so and he was now
glad of it.
Speaking of the leader, Hon. W.
Laurier, Mr, Tarte said they hud been
old college mutes, and he" hud then
learned to appreciate the man, and hud
followed his career with pride, and when
he bad mude up his miiid to change his
political allegiance, he threw it in with a
true Canadian. Hon. W. Laurier was a
man of steadfast integrity, and totlay he
« is the most prominent and important
figure in Canada. On the 2.1rd of June
last the people uf Canada had intrusted
liini with the responsibilities of office,
and since Ihen he had surrounded himself with noble men. From each pro
vince he had selected these men,side by
side with the old war-horse, Sir Oliver
Mowatl, stood Fielding with 18 years of
experience as Prime Minister, Blair
wilh 12 years, ami Duvies too—these
men were sufe men—honest men.
They hud not been long in power—
the Tories had been so long in power
that they think they cannot do without
it—only about four months, but he
thought they hud made a good start.
They hud settled the school question,
that had for the past five or six years
threatened the peace of the races in
Canada, ami in onlv four months the
Liberal purty hatl se'ttled it to the satisfaction of every reasonable man.
Referring to the Province of British
Columbia, the Minister spoke of its
great resoources ami possibilities. He
had read of B C; lie knew there was
such a place, but now thut he had seen
it, he did not think he w/iulil he stating
too much if he saitl it would be the province of the Dominion. Everything
here was big—big trees, big rivers, big
fish aud big men, and if the time is not
wasted on racial and religious squabbles,
we can build up the finest and greatest
province in Cunada.
He wus the first Minister of the Government to visit the eoust, but he would
not be the last. In a few duys two of
his colleagues would be here, showing
that the Government has its two eyes
open ami were determined to to go on to
Speaking of railways he said the Government would uot build every piece of
railway, but he could assure them that
on this matter, they would not be neglected, and a few years they would find
a strong udministraii in.
The Chinese question presented some
difficulties and he could quite understand the difficulty there wus, and also
realize the importance of that question
bo able brought before the House bv Mr
Mclnnes ami the other members. " He
was not in a position to give any definite
pledge; they hail settled the School question, ami he could Buy the Chinese uucs
tion shall have consideration, more than
that he could not he expectetl to suv.
They had only been a short time In
office and could not settle everything at
once. The Conservatives had left It in a
bungle, but in a few years he noped the
Government would have settled all their
(Continued on page four.)
Any person selling or otherwise disposing of KEGS, BOTTLES, or TAPS belonging to
the Union Brewing Company
will be prosecuted.
W. B. NORBIS- See.
Nor. 13, 1800.
Blood means sound health. With pure,
rich, healthy blood, the stomach and di-
gMtive orgnns will be vigorous, and thera
Will be no dyspepsia. Rheumatism and
Neuralgia will be unknown. Scrofula and
Bait Rheum will disappear.   With pure
Your nerves will be strong, and youi
sleep sound, sweet and refreshing.
Hood's Sarsaparilla makes pure blood.
-That is why lt cures so many diseases.
That Is why so many thousands take it
to cure disease, retain good health, prevent sickness and suffering.   Remember
Is the One True Blood 1'tirifter. fi; six for $5.
u~—jf- rusii oure Ont Ills; easy to
flOOd S PUIS take, easy to operate. 2*0.
Provincial News.
The new rolling stock for the Colum -
bia and Western Railway is at North-
port, with the exception of some freigh t
cars, brnught up t> Trail during last
week. Besides u number of freight cur 3
there are two pussenger coaches aim a
James Tulliard was acquitled at the
Victoria Assizes of the charge of obtaining money under fulHe pretences. He
was bound over on his own recognisance
to appear at the next assizes to answer
to the charge of stealing $700. An Indian sent up for trial from the West
CoaBt, for stealing a block anil tackle
from a telegraph repairer's hut, was acquitted. The judged remarked that the
case should never have been sent up.
Etfrlean, convicted of larceny, was sentenced to three months in jail without
hard labor, sentence to date from day of
Vancouver is being terrorise! by a
gang of masked highwaymen, antl citizens are becoming very much alarmed.
On Thursday night ten men ivere held
up in diffeeent parts of the city and relieved of their loose money. Ou Wednesday night four. more, reported to the
police. Eurly on Thursday morning a
report reached the police station that an
Italian was dying from the effects of two
bullet wounds, one in the side und one
in the wrist, inquiries revealed the
fact that the Italian had been met bv a
masked man early in the morning while
on his wav home, and his money demanded. With more valor than discretion the Italian refused. The highwayman threatened and the Italian
grappled with him, when the masked
stranger fired upon him twice, cursing
him roundly as he bid his prostrate victim good-bye.
Mr. Moses McGregor with several men
made still another search for the body
of Win. Thompson, who was drowned a
few days ago while attempting to ford
Sooke river. The jam of logs at the ford
was cutaway, and us had heen anticipated, the Imdy of the horse was fount!
to have been lodged against the logs at
the bottom of the river. Released by
the removal of the jam the horse's body
was swept down stream by the swift -inr-
rent. Mr. Thompson's body, however,
was not found, and it is supposed to be
further down stream where there is un-
other jam, a mile from where the accident occurred. Search will be made at
the lower jam, poles with grappling
hooks attached being used lo probe
alongside und underneath the logs.
-*-   in the
Emancipation of Menial Slavery
Should hand in their names at once and
become mem bers of the
Freethougbt Library.
J. L.1»RATT,
24 Commercial St., Citv.
P.O. Box396. 8-11-lm
Hakes the
Most Permanent,
•na Artistic
Sign Letter
In existence
Sole Agent for British Columbia.
local Agent, JAS. HIRST
Lodge Notices.
Inkerman Lodge, No, ,12S, Sons of St.
George.—Regular weekly meeting ia held
iu Hilbert'a Hall, Wharf street, on Saturday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethren cordially invited to attend.
Fhbd. Waqstaff, Soc.
LAMPS, Etc. etc.
Bums and Animals set up in a thorough workmanship manner.
On Hand—Fonr <in« Deere' Heads,
whicli will be sold for pi'ieeof setting
them up.   Also a fine case of Birds.
d. s. Mcdonald.
6fl Haliburton Street, Nanaimo.
Zand co.
A Journal for the People
The Nkw Vancouver Coal
Company mine ut their , -*.__-^___
Collieries at and near
Nanaimo the following
^    :        SOUTHFIELD COAL,
The above nro supplied in
tho foiiowfng Grades, viz.- Double Screened, Screened,
Run of tlie Mine,
 -s^  Washed Nuts and
Washed Screenings.
Prompt Delivery at the Company's
Wharves at Nu'iiuiiuo and Protection Island.
People who Appreciate	
Have theirprescriplionft dispensed at
Their Prices uio Risht. Telephone 3.
Arrival and Departure of Malls
-  * 1 |S't»(»   >
Fish and
Game Market
Or. MARSH, Prop.
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
Telephone 7-9. Nanaimo, C. C.
Meats delivered free of charge to nil
parts of the city.
Offloe Tol. :K).   P. O. Box la.   Rosldsiioo Tel. 101.
Funeral Directors
k™ Embalmers.
Grailliatcs of the Oriental, tho Eureka,
the New Vork ami Clark's
Schools ol Bmbolmlug.
1, 3 and 5 Bastion St., Nanaimo
E. & N. RAILWAY.      0X0SE.D1JE.
Paflvex. Sun
Wellington, Northfield  and a.m.  a.m.
East Wellington 11.26   8.50
Victoria,Southern States and
places along line of E, & N. Daily ex.Sun.
Railway    8.20 11.50
British and foreign, Eastern
Provinces, Eastern Slates, Dailyex.8un.
Vancouvertind other places p.m. p.m.
on Mainland of U.C   0.30 6.00
Comox, Union, Union Bay,
8nndwock,Gourtentty,Graii-Tues. Fri.
thatn, Qualicum, Hornby p.-ir. p.m.
Island and Deiiinan Island  8.20 3.00
Salt Spring Isltind, Buriroyne **"!.    Tues
Bay, Fulford Harbor,North
Salt Springlsland and Gab- p.m. p.m.
riola Island     8.20  3.30
RY   QTlfiP Tues. Mon.
m  MAi-i*-. FrI   ,nmr
Alberni, Parksville, French p.m. p.m
Creek antl Errington 12 30   (I 00
Prl.   Thur.
Nanoose Bay 12 30 (i.00
Departure Bay, daily est Sun 12 45 10.30
Cedar(South), Saturday....   2.00 11 00
20c. per Month
"n\7   if 1 tt      0ne Year, $1.50
Jdi mAIL: *■ ****•»•*.
Three Months, 50 cts.
Merchants and Business Men
will find THE MAIL a   ■
A Full Assortment at the Lowest Market Ratct
(Commercial Hotel,
Corner Commercial antl Bastion Sla,
This lonfr-establlahetl Hotel is comfortably
fitted up with superior aceoninioiiii*
tions lor travelers and others.
parties having ,
Empty Bottles of any Description,
Old Copper, Brass, Zinc or Lead,
Can dispone of smne by acMreusing a postal to
B, AARONSON, Box 173. Nanaimo,
Who will call promptly at Hiiywldrcss In City
or Biibiirbn.
Union Steamship Co.
Of British Columbia, Limited
Head Office and Wharf—Vuncouver
SS. Comox sails from Go's wharf everv
Tuesday at 11 a. m. for Bowel) Islanti,
Howe sound, Set-hell. Jen-is Inlet,
Froeek,Texada Island. Lund, Hernando
Island, Cortes Inland, Head Island Valdez Island. Shoal Bay, l'hilli|> Ann,
Frederic Ann, Tliiirlow Island, Lotlith-
borough Inlet, Sainton River, Port Neville, and sails every I-'riday at 11 a. in.
For way porta and Shoal Bay calling at
Utile Inlet every six weeks.
Leaves Miinilvville—a, 9:15, 10:*16, 12
noon 2:4 and 5:15 p, m.
Leaves Vancouver— 8:85, 10, 11:20,
1:15, p.m, 3:15, 5:16, and 8:20.
Calling at North Vancouver each
way, exeeptiiiK the noon trip.
Tugs ami si-ows always available for
towing and freighting business. Large
storage accommodation on Co's wharf,
II. II. DARLINQ,. Manager.
Telephone M P. 0, Box 771
J. A. CALDWELL, tbe Tailor
Has changed liis quarters,
and can now bo found up
Stairs in tho
Williams Block,
Wliero ho will bo pleased to
receivo hia patrons.
£ft» Anyone requiring a Fail Suit -mould
Promptly Attended to.
All kinds of
Tin and Sheet-Iron Wort
Victoria Cresccut, Nanaimo.
AU Materials used in connection with the above
guaranteed to be first-
Good Advertising Medium
It has a large and steadily increasing
of the city and immediate district.
In all its
Various Branches
"We Print.
Etc., Etc.
General Steamship Agency
Parties going to the Old Country
or sending for friends will
By pun-basing Tickets from
General Agent.
Commercial Street.
E. V. CHAMBERS, Manager
P. O. DRAWER 44 TELEPHONE "%. GbeWanaimoflfeail
BY TH rl
Ed. V. UUiMBESs, Editor ana Manager.
Victoria Cresuent. Nimaimo. 13. C.
Mayor Davison was nominated for;bul whose hand-- and feet ure care-
nd   term   of  olliee does not fully liecl tif--1--.
Tin; Municipal  Statutes   are, of
jBv mail-
a   st-'co
meet with approval. We hold that
when a nomination of any candidate for publio office in to be made,
that all   thn.-:c who arc* expected to
support such candidate  should   be M™****. divided up su thai   the  tn
i     famed Philadelphia lawyer  wuu
ittend a -
The Place to Get
course, largely the product of the
present administration. It is true
Ihey have been changed, altered,
amended,   added    to,    subtracted
Wheat, Corn, Chop, Oats, Bran, S°«:onds, Potatoes;
Onion-*,  Flour,  Rolled  Oat-*,  Out incnl.   Farina,
Buckwheat Flour, lljce Flour, ljouiiuy, also a
Full Line of Choice Urooerie-j, is at
-one year   	
__.! months . ...
*■        Three months.-.
Delivered Bv earner	
 -JS ;
 eo I
JCK-. per inuiuli I
S^*.ll^"^|S^a?j^%ilPB^ the Wailacs-stpcet Bi-obsp-—=«8*-~
Our Tea, ColFce, arid Batter aru tiie iiest in  tlie market,
JTOVKMBEB 84, 1898.
Municipal Politics.
In our last issue we published
.the communicated proceedings of a
meeting at which .Mayor Davison
was chosen hy Ilia supporters as
their candidate for the mayoralty
for the forthcoming municipal election. This means, we presume,
that the civic campaign is now
open, and make hold to point out
what, to our mind, were the mistakes of the past, so that we may,
if possible, avoid a repetition of such
jn the present and future.
ln former municipal contests the
whole energy .enthusiasm and attention of the electors were practically
focused on ths central figure of
Chiet Magistrate, while the more
important factors in our civic Government—the Board of Aldermen
—were almost completely ignored
or conducted it) a careless, haphazard manner, with very unsatisfactory results.
•We believe that if ever there was
a time in the city's history when
calm,dispassionate reason should lie
exercised by our citizens in the
selection of our representatives that
ihat time is now. Every indication
points to the fact that we are on
the eve of a boom which, if wisely
and judiciously managed, will be of
permanent benefit to the city and
The question now arises, shall we
continue the old method of delegating to the ubiquitous ward politician
the task of selecting our city representatives, or shall the people as a
whole come together, cast factional
ieeling to the wind, and select a
non-partisan council, composed of
wise, competent and reliable men?
Apart from the object lesson presented by the experience of the
present Council, common sense
should   dictate   the   latter policy.
The last municipal election was
conducted on party lines without
any principle being involved beyond
the personnel of the candidates,
and we must candidly admit that
the experiment did not prove a
flattering success. We are nol prepared to say that the majority in
lhe present Council were always
right, but we are positive that they
were not always wrong, yet they
were opposed on   almost every   in
the   meeting which placed Mayor Government has tried its hand up
Davison   in   nomination    was   in on them.    The Opposition has am
every   respect   representative,    yet'*•■•■•'ll    l'•'"'■
the essential part of publishing lhe j
lime, place and  object was, we are
sorry to say, omitted.      No  doubt
those present at tlje meeting -considered the calling of a public meet-
quite unnecessary as Mayor Davison was the only probable candidate to come before the party. Nevertheless- we are convinced that it
would havo been wisdom on their
part to have done so, as the result
would bo the same and they would
have avoided any future possible
carping on the part of the irrepressible fault-finder. The unqualified
support which the Mail has always accorded to Mayor Davison
iu his tirele°8 efforts during the
year, not only to advance the material interests, but also tu eleyate
the moral tune of the city is uiii-
ciuut guarantee that we are perfectly satisfied with the choice
The Turner Government—-Tarn
Then? Out! - Why?-City
Municipal Government.
Private members
nave tinkered with them. Nearly
|every new Council that is elected
wants certain amendments introduced, and in order to shelve responsibility, the Government usually appoints a committee of privaie
members every session to consider
the amendments necessary lot* the
current year.
In order to show its utter iin-;
hecility the Governmenl had scarce:
ly been elected before it begun In
tamper wilh thai part ol tlic muni■ j Dominium
cipal statute which is least assail
able—popular representation. Government liy commissioners became
the rallying cry of the ministerialists. Sweep away all municipal
institutions and lei an uulucralio
plutocracy rule our cities. Pay
abnormally high salaries and civic
debts will disappear, whilst civic
reforiii will appear. I'he indignation of the four eilies ugttllist the
betrayal by the Government of
popular representation is still fresh
in our memories,
Keincnilier, our motto is—Si-Hare Dealing and  Close Prices.
Tlje Crescent Boot and Shoe Store
i-lttd (o see the wise men from t.lie East,
Although other ministers had  heen over
to see us, we miitlil  expect   mure   niini
the visil. nl the Ml iis er if Pu ■ iii Works
titin Irotn titjy that   lia.i  ever  .  e.e.L-i ...
him, In taut "the peopleIn Lite E..81 "ere j To |)(Ml|., „„,„,„. „„ „„„,,„.„ „.,,..„_
ilH-akelinili to the  needs   nl    tinsureal | fun WHITFIELD'S turnout! boofj and shoes be
P ovinee.   Ue could not help
. I'iMltR.
I lhere was
a stntic-ii laiiiili o'ii.v  in  tnii*
nieetliiii.    He had mine adilresaeti them
nn the Aliiillloliu   school   ipiusiioll,   and
t.iii- altitude taken ny ihe  lule  Ijoverii-
nieiii, wnieli threatened   fu disrupt  Ihe
Tee   l.iieral    party   hnd
ll.ise.i    It)   SCI lie    lhe   lino ier   ill six j
ihon. h-, HillllB |ie ii'l.' were   inure Inl ms,
hni wli n was the lac.t now, seairely the I
in,inies   had   elapsed   ana   the  = hmil I
was quite dead.
At the time of the election   the   hug-i
itlioo of nee trade had heen   Haunted   ill j
i ,e   laee   of   the   ele-tors,    everything   o'C'Blednnla
would lie turned upside down, the mines   limy hi
would ho  closed, the   men   and   their
lauiilies would ho   without,   bread   and
huUer, Inn allairs were  hrigliter toduy
nan ever,  tne   puli y   of   the   Mliural
party was mil to make a resoiiition.
lie liiul been asked   what   mUni.   Me-
Khiloy doV   He  could   not answer that
titiesuou, bin he could answer  what Ihe
would  do.    Here
It is a very common thing for
people to be dissatisfied with their
legislators without being able to
give sound reasons for such dissatisfaction.
pinctaesj-'but nut where it pinches,
nor how to find tlie remedy. The
Municipal Government of Jiritish
Columbia cannot, in candor, be declared a Government par excellence.
Everybody knows its faults and are
ready to pounce down upon the unfortunate men who form the City
Councils for the lime being. The
wiseacres and clever men never get
elected. Very ordinary men, win-,
perhaps, afterwards become Premiere, M.P's., M.P.P's, Judges or
successful men of business, often do
get elected; hut in the opinion of
the citizens generally these men,
when in the Municipal Chamber,
are grossly incompetent.
! Liberal party   would  do.    Here   was   a
And of all reasons to the   major*   Hat ul what ihey .had   done since   they
! ilv oi the province win- lhe present   eaiue inlo power live months iitfo.   On
, ,* ,i       iii    "   i- it llie West (J oast lie telegraph hue would
Governmeritshouldbe relieved from ^extended „■„,„ Alberni to Cape
the cares of omce, that ol its utter | BbuIb; -,-6,1)00 fur life savin-* appliances-
incapability to deal wilh municipal ou the West Coast j a sahtrieii pi-even-
Kovernment is tin- most potent, Wlou othVer at Buiiieii; a li|*ht house at
Victoria with i^2(^
Vuncouver, 20,000; i\ew >> tiFt- ,ur which the petiplu Innl lieen uskiii;*
minster, 7,000; Nanaimo, 6-000, call | for years; tlie whole QiiHunlty was thu
for trimimr t-reutuienl, and a statute
I.oml eolia erics, " Ue licit thev never will
While lentil or**! lOiither.HUJ niiilu ^Uill is !-kill."
WntiM i iiml Hvert to nee he foot
Prut- h.-i-l to   ut>. fnu* si.li' lo cult,
Wofl covered wVa wm itiki.I> boot,
Nie i)ito] mul briiw;
O' lit'tilth uml ii'ippiiu"-   On* root
Arc they hi u'.
IIn.1 they liiUlivytl inlet nie ken
Whu I 1*00(1 hontfl wore, One*- seme nml ten
Huil Reett me tiidnliii' inti nun beu
At my (ont-iTiiK,
Ami < luiruiin' nmukltul ui' my pun.
Signed, ItuumB Huunh.
tern nml wild,
st bu inch mm, and child,
I mother, wife and maiden fair
Who v\ ill I KlKl.l/.s boms uml slincs may wcur
band nf brown lionth and shttggy wmxl,
Vnu know how cheap thoy arc and goon.
Tho work tlmt loivvuu their .-kllfnl hmul
il.is mme su)>urii.r in the land.
My country's tiirifi is overthrown
II il thid truth has never kuuwu.
School. Shoes a)   \V I I IT ri ELt)'p
Special!,.    ,       3U Vietorin t'resi-ent.
lata j-overuiiient did not do iis husiiiess
in a LnibiiieSS-lilia wuy; *,0,U0U lor a
lijilil-lioiise on Stater Xsluutlsj ami ten-
.leis in hi n I shortly lie ealleil (or a semi-
lejjislulion docs not encroach upon j weekly mall Bervite to Ooniox, uoiiieml-
the rights of the Dominion or thel**' foryeiirs ago ami no good reas.,
Province, ami   dues   not   militate
that will give each city the right lo
lexis)tile lor   itself,   provided   such
tgtihisl the other eilies, would lie n
I'hey know that "the slue I boon heartily welcomed. Tiie cities
jw.int liberty, not liberties. Right,
not rights. The statute should re
cite ils "must Hols'* not ils "mays".
Within the cily limits the corporations should have sovereign power
for the limit of their corporate ex-
isteii.-e. Tlieir right to tax for th"
curient year should he unlimited.
The right to lax for future years,
to mortgage the revenue for  future
Ic.oiilil he assigned  for   ils   ieiiis.il;   Al-
| lierni was also made a customs otttporti
Chen there was ihe improvements in
our owt. harbor, anil within one week
tlie work wt .il It I lie commenced extending over Bin mouths. This was hut the
beginning "I an extensive system ol ini-
nrnVeineiHS in Xaiiaiino harhor,
1'iie people kliew liis views on
Chinese tpieSliot), and it was not neees-
Biiry fol* lliill to go inlo it, lie ean he
heard at any lime, for the Good Book
said Ihey had the poor with them always, lie was satisiied that although
the visil ul tne Minister had ^ been brief
[vet ne hail seen enough to liim him an
ioe.i ol ineir  necessities,    the Govern-
i ment.'was  eonipusetl   oi   business   men
io  advance m
We have a verv r-omph^te line
of Large Sizes 'in MEN'S
UNDEKWEAR.    A full range
of prices.   You can have the
Canadian make or the best
Ncotrh, which comes in pink
and natural colors.
Sizes, 42, 44, 4(5.
Commercial St., Nanainio, l>. C.
Councils to deal wilh should he til
Ihietly limited. And there should I with business abilities ami ihey would
he methods adopted to give a con-1eoiiduut the administration mi business
liiiuous Government. Nn Mavor or
■ uiincipi
..    Mr.   Mclnnes   was   Ion lly
 n resinning Ins seal.
Alderman ought to  have  hut  une j    *,],.,  Humi Bourassa,  M. 1'-, and  a
year to serve,    'lhe ti ine is loo short  descendant nf ihe great Papineau,   was
for anyone to learn   the  duties  of the next speaker,aiul received a rousing
,   .     *.. ,.,.       , ;      ,,-, reeeniion.    He said ho was one of Ihose
their olhce. lhe three-year Bug- Lill0^,g uloi.teil t0 bring blue ruin on
lish system is an excellent one. j Uil. ,.,,„,,,,.yi „,„■ |10 KM a fi-eiiehiiiaii
The   two-year   system   of   School   too.   He was tleligbtetl wiih bis trip to
! British Uolumbia, antl his  kind , reec|i-
11 is internum was lo eoine ba. k
Trustees i
that of city counci
in  improvement  upon
And im per-11""'1
again, and il might be lo remain,  as h<
doubtless lies with the system. Tiie
Municipal statute is a combination
nf absurdities. It giyes responsibility without power; gives apparent control in one section and withholds it in another. It gives two
cities at least unlimited powers of
taxation, and limits that power in
the other cities.    It   allows  muni-
l'Tmir,  the  Bakers of Na-
ntiimo and Wellington have
decided  to raise  the  price
of Bread.
On   and   after   the   lst   of
November, 1896, the price
will be
Be Dollar
(»-*» ^*V-6**^ "ft'-ia'-a^i.'T; ■*^<&,»^%."*s t,^.%*v%s%-*.-%%^^%*%^ -v?
Smart £5 Thorne
Wilson & Matthews
F. Rowbottom
A. J. Smith
L. Schmita
J. Black
C. Docile
stance to such an extent as to earn oipalities the p iwer to irretrievably
for certain members the Bobriquet mortgage the future, as in tiie e se
of the "solid four." The opposition, of Westminster, aud refuses iherh
.uuder the leadership of Aid. I'lanta |e^ual power tn redeem tlieir  errors
In nne section
Very much of this   fault-finding son ought to be  elected   as   Mayor  j,a,| the udvantage over the Minister of
who has  not   served   at    least   one  Public Works, being u single mun.    He
year  in   lhe Council us alderman, also paitlla.Haltering tribute to the ludieB
Experience is worth having, and 0,.J^etlvsil!lo;;,o'f,the'2.*irti of j„„e last Repaired and Altered
once obtained ought not to lie easily   „.11S a urea,  vieiory  mr  ihe  pe
Hung away, Canuna.   The Tort
The   future   Provincial   Liberal | pow-erso long wvte
party must inscribe upon  its banners and  stamp  indelibly   t.u  its I Cl( a i>rillluut, victory,"tint"! put  in  men
platform: Good Municipal Govern-  pledged  to honest Government,   'i'he
ment. (iovertiineiit were elected on a platform
  ul economy, and lhe extension ol enter
—■•■■*-■ prises for llie benelit  of the   pen).'
large, aiul not for a  handful
lor llie people ni
j, who lino been in
not there lor the
good ol the people, but lor llie benelit ol
tlieir friends, bin. tne people had aeheiv-
I Clothes Cleaned
Hy W. 11. KEN YON
fz-lr- Next ilnnr to Westwoofltt1 Dlaok'mltli
Sliop. 1», O. Box ::ul
olil t'letlies made ei|iiul in new*.
Arc now ready for your inspection, ihe
designs, quality a nd styles being thc choicest from thc looms in Great Britain.
Have also a job line of 100 suits of
Which I will sell for $27, thc best value
ever shown in Nanaimo. Soliciting your
esteemed orders, and thanking you for
past patronage, respectfully yours,
Commercial Street.
^-&^fe-vv^'--tr^-^^'<v-&%'-Q>/fe^%%-!&^'Vtk^^'%-ti.;.. *a. ■«>-*■■
♦ i *%r5
S-'/*^V'-<V*iA-- ^*-^V*-,
was of such a factious nature as to by added taxation.
tiie Mayor  is   made
(Continued lroui page 3.)
The address presented by   the Board
of Trade contained many important eoni-
ii.eivi.il tpiesiiuiis, iait   it   was   not  ex-
be open to the suspicion that per- lhe Mayor is made practically a h^-ed he-uld «^-«^j;^«g
gontvl feeling and party strife was despol, other sections suggest that |ay t,hem beiorohisuolleagues atOtluwa.
the motive. It certainly appeared the Council must give sanction to|»»!Jl^ye0»1^-'1le,^1s^^fjStaw
to an impartial observer as if some all-proceedings,   'lhe City Council i body of men who were intensely huer-
must provide all money for all pur-  '*'-•" '" the'eoat inri.tiBtry.   One ol  tne
of our present aldermen were more
interested in the senseless effort of
securing a teebnic advantage in
wordy warfare than in any endeavor to promote the general  welfare j issue writs, obtain injunctions, and I»o'^ouieUiTiVL
poses, hut shall have no discretionary power in the use of a great portion of it.   Aggrieved citizens may
latins.    We bah a large territory,  with
a comparative small population, and it
was a wise policy to lay   a good   found-
I ation fnr w.':::. might follow,
Mr. Mt limes an.l himself were co;'*
sideieilt.be baby members of parllti
nient, lie was glad to be the friend if
.Mr. Mclnnes and he assured them thai,
-he would lie his political friend for
Nanaimo and British Columbia, lie
j declared himself lo be a loyal Canadian
I ami a Hritish subject. Tiie policy of the
great Liberal parly was "Liberty to All,"
land ne was a liberal ol that Bchool.
Tne Liberal pany liad felt there was a
litlieulty in the Manitoba school   quel
Provincial News.
planks of the Liberal party was to receive markets fnr the pruducts of the
Dominion,   especially   in   tne    Uniled
.--iai.es.    11 we com.I obtain   reciprocity j tiun, anil that it could not be settled ny
in coal it wonld double wages.     Art* we.; coercion bul by conciliation, and he felt
Tie was enmi.lent we can  sure the settlement just effected  would
lhe new President Innl j |,L. satisfactory tu tbe  Roman Cntholi
ofthe city.    We are  firmly  oon- otherwise annoy the members of the   shown a desire for closer  relations ami 0f Manitoba,'ami  would be ratiiied by
vineed  that the   Questions which  Councils, collectively or personally, \h*-$r\ 'farte-thought it could   be the people dr Quebec.
-vnit,eu   -.una,   tne   questions   wiuvj.ii i i ji   obtained if proceeded with ill  the spun      xbe meeting then closed with rousing
will come before the next Council
will b© too momentous to entrust to
a body of men divided against
For this  reason   we  advocate a
change from the usual  tactics   in
municipal   politics.        We    thinl;! pear to an.~wer a or,. '  ;
reason should come  to  the  rescue
and for once adopt  the eivo   and
but they shall have no power other
than as private citizens. The Government of ihe province, obtaining
but little, if any, more money from
taxation than the cities, has sovereign power, and ean  refuse  to  ap-
' I cheers lor the Queen  and  lhe
ui Public Works.
'lie  tiesire ul I ie Uovernmeiil was  to  give
Courts;  but   lhe cily   corporations .°*»"""*"; honest  auniinlslralion.     Tney
1 J ' tj.vud llielr position lo lhe people,   am I
may be the   butt   of   any   linpi'jn* lit would   oniy lie lair In the people lo
takn noliev   for the   r/enprnl   unod ; ciplutl adventurer   or   unmitigated h'ViMiroeate the confidence.
■.une poiuy    ioi hii,   ^tjiieiiu   (joou.      f ■= lie hud neen brought lo hook for the
No doubt it will be said   that what | crank, and must defend any action,; ,liriniissal   ol    public   employees.     lie
cost w hat ii mav.
it amity and peace.    In a   lew   iiioiilhs
the Ginerninent would   he iu a position
lo enter into tiie matter.    Ut course lie I    • • • ""
mil not want to give them everyuiing, Mi*. E. E. C. Jolilistnn, of the
hut if they would deal fairly wiih us, Gash Boot and Shoe s'tue, while
we would deal   fairly   wilh   Ihem.    Al- ,     ,,,,      M.,,,,1.,,,       moi-iiinu
though the Liberal party hatl only been  engaged    on    Monday     mornliiL
iu power live moiiiiis,   a   great  change , ing shovelling snow from   the
had alreatly passed over Canada ami tne
i liiiil   found   timt   tlie  services of two
I hundred uivll servants could be dispell-
'Tl.e Municipal Statutes—for tiiey  s,,| wi,h in his departinent.     lie   had
are legion—Call'for  a   Mavor  and  "ot replaced one, and yet the deptirtiiieiit
h , * was in good w-or.iiug order,    llow,   be
Aldermen,   Police Commissioners, us.^ed, couiu Canada prosper uu.ier such
Licensing   Commissioners,   Water :"systen,-   Tbe Tories ban been so long
b ' ■ in power Hull, tney thought the country
suggest can be brought about Com missioners, Boards   of  School  belonged to them,- but on the 28i'd June
"  allows  the  apr)oint-i|a8^Ul.u.l,^l,lullla:1,l'::n:e'llliaUlu,-v'iru
we   fldverate  is entirely   Utopian
and beyond the bounds of practical
politics, but unless good  reason   is
advanced in opposition to the plan,
we incline to the opinion that what
if taken  in hand   by  the proper ITrustees, and allows me m,o..„-. lhe mmiun-   Aaa,-WwoM »lUl meu,
Parties.    If we must have a contest! ment of  Sewerage  Commissioners,  lie would say he would come again next
lor party supremacy let us concern j I*  a  harbor scheme is carried out, %8r°MdCechniethen handed a cony of
Irate our   efforts on   the  office   of in any of lhe ports no doubt  there : tin;address on satin to the ladies ot the
■»i        ' i_   '. ,\       i ii    : '..-ai i'on.o.u„i.('„m,.,i.j!,^n,.o   Thn  P*rty who occupied one oltlie buxes, and
Mayor, but let us have a board of j will be Harbor Commissioners. Ihe jji9 iurtjenB00,fter8dai*alu*ahd again as
Aldermpn free and untrammelled expenditures of these various  of* the gallant doctor stepped to the fcont.
ly party or faction affiliations.        j Aclals are entirely provided   for by  ,,^^^^l•B,,e[iw:;;;re;.e?ved^d"^ni"
 "•••■      ~T       . I the   Citv   Couneils,   but   how   tiie  longed cheering,  lu liis address Mr. Me*
lhe Mayoralty Nomina-; raoney ,, exl)endod the councils do ^r,'^ ^tt^rt'Jl!
tion. I not know and have no right to pre- oriimeut, and also Mr. BuuraSsa, an old
  vent.   The Police Magis.ra.es wlja^tS^Ja^'&S
Having in mind the truism  that  paid for hy tho  Councils,  lint   tho actually faeed atrip o^ti  ihe B. &. N.
. the building, slipped and fell ti
the ground receiving painful though
not serious injuries.
Hood's Pills are lhe favorite
family cathartic, easy to take, easy
to operate.
The funeral (if the late Mrs.
Thatcher, of (Jabriola Island, who
dietl mi Saturday, took place today
on the Island. H. McAdie hail
charge of the interment. 	
W"*1 .: ■-:/
A number nf working men had an Interview with Hon. Mr. Tarte at. Vancouver, and urged ibe necessity of many
public works in that city.
ttieh strikes Seem lo he the luck of
nearly all lhe Kossland mines. The
.Vest Ggg have now ordered a four-drill
compressor, -0 horse-power hoist, etc.
The lioldeii Chariot has a shaft down 47
feet with a very good showing. .1. U.
Farrell has returned io Rossland from
tiie Slocan, and brought down a rich
specimen of ruby silver ore, taken from
tne Idaho, one of the richest mines in i
tlie Slocan. A recent assay gave it '-' 7le
ounces of silver to tlie ton, ihe highest
but one ever obtained (run this mine.
Ou lhe 7th of Oct, the Idaho divided I
1,2.1,0011 amongst its owners, and now a
like amount is about to lie declared.
fhe south belt district, near Uossland,
is causing a sensation. Recent assays
from Ihe Mayflower, Red Kagle and
Silver Hell, iu that vicinity, are qtlile
surprising and leave no doubt ol llie
richness ol the ore iu those claims.
Mr. Isaac Ban with and sou, of Sidney,
were tbe vlcllniB of hurdshipsa week ago
which came within uu ace of terminating both llieir lives. They left Sidney
in an open boat, Intending lo moss lo
San Juan Island', when their craft upset
in rough water and tney were thrown
out to Btruegle or perish. It was 7
o'clock in lhe evening when the accident occurred, and 2 o'clock: next morning when their trials were ended and
they found themselves enjoying the
kindnesses of tlie reslllelllfl ol the
little buy near Stewart Isanil lighthouse,
ivhilher'they liad drilled, por the live
hours intervening it was momentarily
a case of life ami death with the castaways, They Stayed with their upset
boat until they had become almost exhausted and tlie very skin of tlieir bands
hatl worn away. Help coming at this
hour soon brought recovery to them, ami
thev ate now little the worse lor llieir
Don't Wokry about your health.
Keep your blood pure by taking
Hood's Sarsaparilla and you need
not fear the grip, colds, bronchitis,
pneumonia, or typhoid fever.
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs
—. DONE   BY  THE .
r ioneer Steam Laundry |
By so doing you will PATRONIZE WHITE LAHOR N
Dve Works in connection
I). M. STEWART, Proprietor;.
Nanaimo Business Directory "1
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
l\ n. Box 227 I'elephone 7-S
0. C. k B. I. Westwood
>.\UKi;U A- i'l-TTS, HumstiTH and 8ollfHon-..
>  Commorcltil Btroet. .
.   JfihiiDtnu
K. CANK, Bu trip tor nnd Sr.Holtor, Room 11.-*,
J obits ton iilui k.
;,   Barriatcru,  B,oom  t<f
imiion inl strcut,
Aro now preimreil lo Cut Down Old
AxtoSi by uho uf un Improved Mn-
chine* inakjng them "f- Rood aa new.
'AUWOOB .v  VOt'NO,  Unrrlhtoni,
Cominurcial and UaaLion (-areata.
bone in the nuiiit approval! niiiiinor.
Cull mul kuu
lIAltliY, lliititnli' lirtimilKi. Wlnfleld Croa
cent.   Trj llnrily's Pile oiiiliiiont.
Dlt. MASON. Dentist     K.ttriK'tlnK HH|Hirli)lt\ "
Oii.-iihit l.tliLTii'lniiii^teriiil.
lllllll', tuiii li'lliiW'B lil.irk, Nilliilllllii .J '
lhe   honest criliois-m  "f a
friend i-hould he  mn:
i •      . i     ■        ..iii.i i ;n\- <•■ j.i 1.1   visit  Niiiiaiuio.    He
etiown CounolU mny not fix their salunesj tvVs p?eas'?i i,... heaoHe  this was me
nre   fcceptable nor appoint the num.     The City oniy eiiy in thu Province wiiere  the
jhan'the flattery of a doubtful one, Councils nro largely in the position  y^V^e^fflfa-^rySSa™ i'hi S^plS
wa  venture  to say that the way o( a man ordered to do some work, loi Uriiinh| ^oiiu«iJ|« wouui always oe
K pure Grape Cr»am of Tartar Powder,   Fre1
from Ammonia, Alum or my• otlier -dultorarii
40 Yfars the StanoVd
Their \trWes uro right
ALL FREIGHT8 left on tlie
Nanaimo Wharf Co.'s Whuff
will hi* nt owners' risk.
X. R. JOHNSTON & CO., Wharfingers.
7  -
CUBBY, I) I' 8
i-i    ivorlt uuiiinii
. llri'i'ii Itlnfli.    Klr-I
/iliHSIUNT 1'IIAttMAt'Y.    HAI.I. il SticabM.i
t    propriotorK. vietorin Crescent.  hh.|.i>iimii|.
nml fiiuilly l*0( ipeii n ipeoliUty.
MtllinVKI.l., ATKINS, WATSON CO., Mlnlletl.
Mi'illi-Hl llllll rimr . iilinilCTt'iul ulKtllaiiJ
tint) Btreettt.  Telephone i-n-ii.
Shamrock Livery Stables
Any present   suhporiber   lo the.
Mail can have llie  Weekly Globe DRAYMEN
from now lo the end   ol   1807   for 	
,iu c,'ritK , An Kx|irepa Vail meets nil
The Mail nnd Weekly Globe tor Trains ami 1-teitnierti Dully, ami
one year fur $2.(15 if paid   in   ad- On IImihI to Or er tn uny imn
v'ttnoe•    —^~  i     - F1SST-CLAS8 TUP.tlOiJTo
Advertise in lhe Mail, the people's;
journal, Teleiihonf
AT KEAKOIIAl'LE ll.iri.l.
nml Repairing   14 Nlooi itreet,
works.—Dyeing, Cleaning
4 Nlooi *ilri'i>t.
0.1,11 iltl.ToN, Mima-ier^
G   MARSH, Wholesale Jicalor In FUh an*
•    tiiDiiu, Itiihiiuii nlreet, Nanaimo.
MWOLKK, Kliiniii'liil nml Insurance Agent,*
•   Johnston llloek. \
.-■   IIA
Real listate Bn lt«
WANTKli -ah kinds nl olil <"ik t-iiivep.
tltilaj  11 neri   uOMirtpttoii lipltgnl nn.
snlil.  I) T.ivi. it, Connni-tolnl bircot.
pnoWN,  WatrlimaVr.
- "■   "-nefl»
J   and CloV-ls <Varefuliy'elc»fed'a*id renat
i»,ti(l-.\ireli»a«C»»l>tli«iet«».        '  '
Watrtil \
itlT-*  .


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