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The Nanaimo Semi-Weekly Mail Aug 13, 1896

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By the test of public opinion
and found "all right."
Second Year
*•*<*)•;■ '' business, and the su-
->        of  our work   coni-
nit - " while as to prices
It IS Pi*        :Je
VOL. I2.-N0. 15.
low is the Time
Infesting Trees, Shrubs,
Flowers and Vegetables.
ooooo    o:—
You want something that will do the business
effectually, yet will not injure the mosl.
delicate flower or plant.
Does the trick.    Try u tin.
We also have in stock Whale Oil Soup, used
by all Fruit Growers.
We have a small stock of Fruit Jars—Pints, Quarts and
Half Gallons.
Delta and Duncan's Creamery Butter and choice Manitoba
Creamery and selected Dairy Butter in 5, 10, 20 and
30 lb. tubs.    Prices away down.
Sterilized Cream from the Delta Creamery, very choice, in
Pint Jars.
We have a full line of the best Groceries at the Bottom
Prices.   Quality Guaranteed,
We have just opened out n large consignment of Boots and
Shoes.    Prices are right.
Call and See our Stock and Get our Figures. It will pay
The People's Store, vi&,t.
As the New Spring Season   i \      XT  i    11   '1
is now upon „S D(3   Not    lilll
to come and inspect our stock of
Ladies' I Children's lil!
Our stock this season we assure you is
complete in every respect and bound
to please. It comprises all the latest
novelties, etc. A very tine and well
assorted stock of Ladies' Sailors and
Children's Galatea, Silk and Lace Hats.
Nanaimo, B. C.
Broken Bicycles
/•It*, y.'omirs yjj
Repaired in Good Shape
to avoid danger of accidents.
Repairing Bikes a Specialty
See the IIYSLOP.
City Market
E. Hodgson Charged Willi the Murder of Louis Nt»rk—Arraignment und Kt'iiKiiul.
If you do, it'll make n groat difference
with the youngsters and a still greater
difference with you, They'll lie better
hIichI thnn they possibly could be elsewhere und ut a considerably Icnh cost,
When you can wive money by buying
bettor g Is, youv'e struck h good imi -
tution of a bonanza, That's wind you'll
obvavs find In nur stock—the best (live-
Wholesale and Retail Butchers:;;;:;::.. ;rvZ:
P, 0. Box 22; Telephone 7-8
11Ti-.■ 111 us «ill trj i" In ai .! di inn with u
ii ..;,,. i.
The finding of the (lend hotly of
Louis St irk, the mulatto rancher,
near lhe Nanaimo River Falls, on
Feb. 27, 1895, will be fresh in the
minds of most of our readers. The
evidence was to the effort that 1 lie
body was found at the foot of a high
bluff near deceased's residence in
the Cranberry district by Ephraim
Hodgson, who brought tbe news to
this cily; that deceased had a cut1
over one eye from which there had
been u considerable flow of blood;
that a leg was' broken just above
the ankle; that on the night before
be hud jailed at Hodgson's house
and had left for his own, not far
distant, after dark, carrying a pit,
lamp, and the presumption was, the
wind having blown out the light,
he wandered the road with the result above indicated.
Tuesday night, upon the information of F. MoFarland, Constable
McLean arrested Hodgson  at the!
B, it N. Extension mine, where he
was  at  work.    The accused manifested no surprise at his arrest—in
fact, said lie knew what MoFarlane
bad been around the mines for and
expected his arrest. He was brought
to  the provincial  jail, and   at  31
o'clock yesterday was arraigned be-1
fore Mr. M. Hate, J, P., when, at the!
request of Chief Stewart, a remand
was granted until llie 20th inst. to
obtain  further   evidence,   it  being
understood  that  tbe  case can bei
called at any lime before that dale
if the prosecution is ready.
MoFarlane, the informant, is a|
private detective in whose hands
llie case was placed.
Wlnit Ilo the Tories Expect to (lain
Hy the protests against the three
Liberal members in ibis province?
If Ihey are looking for a " saw off "
with Victoria and a compromise
allowing all tbe members to retain
their seats, we are of opinion they
have erred most signally. Supposing the three Liberal members were
unsealed, who doubts bu! they
would all be re-elected by majorities multiplied by two, three or
even live? The people are with ihe
Liberal party. In Victoria a new
election would defeat Messrs. Prior
and Earle beyond a doubt, because
in ihat cily the people aie not less
Liberal in sentiment than elsewhere
in the province, but there were influences at work in favor of the
Conservative candidates at Victoria
at Ibe last election which would
have no force whatever in a fresh
election. before all this trouble is
over, we predict there will be a
"solid-six" delegation sent from
this province to support the Liberal
party now in power at Ottawa.
—Kamloops Sentinel.
The Willana'a Narrow Escape.
The Alaska Searchlight of the lst
says: "Steamer Willapa arrived in
port Wednesday afternoon after a
delightful trip of four days, loaded
wilh freight and forty-two passengers. What promised to be a serious
accident occurred about fifty miles
soulh of Nanaimo by tbe steamer
running upon an ugly, bidden rock
at low tide, slopping suddenly,
causing a great shock and fright to
the passengers. As the ship struck
it lurched heavily to the starboard
and came nearly toppling over.
Through the perfect self-possession
of Captain Roberts and excellent
discipline of the crew order was
soon restored, the ship righted and,
after banging upon tbe obstruction
for two hours, was floated off by
the tide, hardly the worse for the
collision. Many of tbe passengers |
spoke in highest terms of Captain
Roberts, his officers and crew, and
tbe staunch little vessel he com-
rounds. All had a royal good time
and no doubt many of them will
return again."   ^_^
The latest novelty in   wheeling
circles is an electric bicycle.    The
bicycle has a   storage   battery,  a
motor, and   a  switch-board.    The,
battery, which is attached  to  the:
bars below the saddle, only weighs'
1*1 pounds, and the total weight of
the wheel is only (14 pounds.    It is
claimed that the machine is capable of very great, speed, and i.s particularly  advantageous in ascending hills and riding over rough roads.
The Winnipeg Free Press says:
There i- an impression among lend-
,: Liberals in the city that the
Inn rior portfolio wiil nui Ih' filled
liy Hon, Mr. Laurie until the
-i ho I question has been settled,
Canneries Now  Have More Salmon
Than They Can Handle.
Tbe run of salmon Sunday night
was very satisfactory, the catch of
the" boats in the river averaging
over one hundred each. At the
mouth of the river, the catch is
stated to have averaged 125 to the
boat and some individual catches
went as high as 400 fish, though 191
is probably the high boat in the
vicinity of the city.
It is stated on the authority of
the customs officials at Blaine that
between the lst and the 7th insts.
122,000 sockeyes were brought to
the different canneries from the
traps, and the total number of salmon caught in these traps up till
Friday night last was 277,000, the
value of which is placed at ii"48,000.
Monday and Monday night the
boats at the mouth of the river averaged 150 fish each, and as a result
of the catch most of the canneries
on the lower part of the river have
more salmon than they can handle,
and it is reported the price has
dropped to 10c. per fish, and even 5c.
Farther up the river, however, the
catches were not quite so large, the
average being abont 75. As an example of how some of the canneries
were supplied with sockeyes Monday night, it might he mentioned
that there were 45,000 salmon on
Malcom & Windsor's wharf at
It is reported that last week over
500cohoe salmon were taken in the
traps, and fishermen consider thts
as a sure sign that the sockeye run
will not last much longer.—Columbian.
Convict-Cut Stone.
The Stonecutters of San Francisco
are up in opposition tn the Midwinter Monument which has been just
finished and put in place on ground
where the fair had been held. This
opposition is not because of the
monument itself, but because the
stone was cut by convicts at the
Folsoin Stale Prison.
The Stouecutters' Union claims
that the base and cap upon which
the true statue stands were shipped
to that city at the same time that
the stone for the Grant monument
came, but the opposition of the
trades unions to the placing of the
Grant stone in the park hadachill-
ing effect upon the Midwinter Fair
Commissioners, and as a result the
stone was boxed up until the storm
blew over, when it was resurrected
and put in place.
The vigilance of the stonecutters
did not abate, and they watched
the movements until the discovery
was made that the convict-dressed
stone was put in place. Hence their
indignation at the acts of the Midwinter Fair Commissioners.
"White Cap" Atrocities.
The Indiana White Caps have
kept on for years almost unchecked
with atrocities on helpless victims
much worse than an average murder. The latest case occurred last
week at Modesto, near Blooming-
ton, Ind., when the house of Mrs.
Netlie Christiiuii was broken into
by some thirty White Caps, who
hung her by tiie wrists to a tree in
a most agonizing position, beat her
with switches uiilil she became unconscious, threw her furniture into
the road, and burned the house.
There was nothing definite against
her, and of course the fiends will get
off, as every one will be afraid to
testify against them. In the west,
which President Cleveland thinks
is so badly in need of •' missionary
work," the lives of such men, if they
could ever get a footing at all, would
not be worth an hour's purchase.
The Attempt to Kill an Editor.
James 11. Barry, editor of The
Star, was congratulated by his
friends yesterday afternoon on the
fact that he was alive. About 10:30
o'clock in the morning he was assaulted by David Neagle, the slayer
of David S. Terry, and only the
coolness of tbe editor prevented an
encounter that would doubtlass
have ended in a tragedy. Neagle
drew his revolver, but Barry, who
was unarmed, stood his ground, and
dared Neagle to kill him. The
editor made no movement against
his opponent, who, after warning
Barry not to attack him again in
the columns of bis paper, withdrew
with some friends. Thc affair
caused great excitement throughout
thc city.—S. F. Examiner.
A letter received from Archbishop
Langevin, now in Rome, says he
has had an intarview with the Pope
on tbe Manitoba School question
which was verv satisfactory to him.
Preliminary Meeting: Last Evening-
OnTeers Eleeted—Request to
Vancou ver Committee.
Of the executive committee appointed at the recent mass meeting
at the Opera House to conduct the
anti-Chinese campaign in this city
and district, the following members
were present at the called meeting
held in the Council chamber last
evening: Mayor Davison, A. Wilson,
R. Duggan, Thos. Keith, C.Wilson,
M. Woodburn, Jas. Young, Dr. W.
W. Walkem, M. P. P., Tully Boyce,
Ralph Smith and H. Carroll.
Organization was effected by the
election of the following officers:
Chairman—Mayor Davison.
Secretary—Ralph Smith.
Treasurer—Arthur Wilson.
Finance Committee—Jas. Young,
C. Wilson and C. E. Stevenson.
A motion prevailed that the secretary request the Vancouver committee not to circulate the petition
to the Dominion Government until
Nanaimo and Victoria have an opportunity to discuss the preamble.
The meeting adjourned to meet
at the call of the secretary.
The private circular of I. Steuartgives
the receipts of coal at this port for the
lirst seven months of 1896 at 721,300
tons, against 755,700 tons for the same
time last year, ami says: " Since the
last issue of my monthly circular the
strike at the Australian coal mines lias
been settled, all the mines being now in
full operation, and coal from there is
selling for shipment at lower prices than
ever before known to the coal trade.
This of course assures to the consumers
low-prieed fuel for many months to come.
English anthracite coal is also being
offered for shipment at very low rates."
On account of the strike at Newcastle,
New South Wales, but little coal has
been shipped from there since lastspring.
The Pacific Mail company has to keep
a supply of coal at Honolulu for their
China steamers, ami being unable to get
any from New South Wales, they have
sent their steamer Aztec to Nanaimo
for a cargo of coal. Their steamer, San
Mateo, which haB just undergone extensive repairs, will also come to Nanainio
for a cargo of coal for Guatemala.
A Side Issue.
Editor Mail: I see by a late issue of
the Free Press that Dr. Walkem is liable
to get into trouble with some of his constituents, judging from the questions he
is asked. Now, this is very ungrateful
on the part of the "dear constituents"
whom the doctor has done so much for
and whose welfare he takes such a lively
interest in. The Government allows the
doctor only a beggarly $000 per annum
for his very valuable time in lookiug
after the varied ami diverse interests of
that section of British Columbia entrusted to his fatherly care; therefore
the aforesaid "dear constituents" should
not object when the doctor gets a chance
to turn an honest penny, and especially
when thc double object is accomplished
of earning bis little ib and declaiming
iu stentorian tones his great love and
devotion to his "dear constituents."
Give the doctor a chance, and he will
tioat to the front, sure.
John McCavill, a resident of Nelson
Island, was seriously burned recently as
the result of his accidentally setting lire
to a keg of powder. It appears that
night overtook him while out in a boat,'
and he determined to put up for the
night at a convenient and unoccupied
shack which he knew to contain a mattress, lie made a mistake in the build
ing, however, and after lighting a match,;
he threw it down and, as it very quickly
proved, into a keg of powder. He was
thrown down and badly burned, but re-1
tiiined sufficient strength and conscious-
ness to enable him to reach the shack he
desired. He had been there for three
days without food or water when discovered by Dr. Brandon of New Whatcom while on a holiday trip, who brought
him to this city in a sloop on Sunday
last. He has since been lying very low
ai the hospital.
They are, without trial, imprisoning single tax speakers in Delaware, and even compelling some of
the speakers to work in the chain-
gang. All right, "You cannot with
your fetters bind, the daring impulse ofthe mind," and the day of
reckoning will surely come. Persecution will hasten it.—S. Y, Star. I
Do Not Exi'kriment in so important a
matter as your health.    Purify, enrich
nnd   vitalise  your blood  with  Hood's
Sarsaparilla  and   thus   keep   yourself'
strong and healthy.
Hood's Pills are the lies* after-dinner
pill; assist digestion, cure headache.
25 cents. I
Hon Mr. Costigan will attend the
Irish National convention, in Dublin, on September 1.
Senator Squire of Washington
State has written a letter to his constituents strongly endorsing Bryan
and the free-silver platform.
The London Daily News says
that a commission which has sat
for seven years will report against
compulsory vaccination in England.
The London Chronicle learns that
England and Russia are on the
point of agreement to save both Armenia and Crete from Turkish oppression without disturbing the
peace of Europe.
Li Hung Chang, the great Chinese statesman, has not been asked
to visit Canada as the guest of the
Dominion government, but to utilize
the Canadian route op his way
home, for which purpose the government will furnish him with the necessary transportation.
The Pacific Coast Steamship Co.'s
steamer St. Paul, bound for San
Francisco, ran ashore at 10:30 on
Saturday night near Moss Beach
in a dense fog, and is now wedged
in the rocks on which she struck.
The forty passengers on board were
safely landed and most of them
took the afternoon train for San
Queen Victoria has issued a message to the nation, thanking them
for their expressions of loyalty and
affection as the period approaches
when the length of her reign will
have exceeded that of any other
English monarch, but asking that
any national celebration be reserved
until she has completed sixty years
of her reign. Queen Victoria was
crowned on June 28, 1838.
A. W. Pile, of California, chairman of the silver commission, was
found dead at Washington on Monday under circumstances which
lead to a suspicion of foul play.
He had been missing since last
Thursday. His body was found
under the aquecuct bridge. When
last seen he had considerable money
on his person, but the money is now
missing. Mr. Pile was son of ex-
Representative Pile, of California.
Tuesday's record of deaths and
prostrations from heat in New York
overshadows that of any other day
in many years in that city, exceeding 1.50. Brooklyn adds about 20
to the list. In Jersey city there
were 12 deaths and 20prostrations;
on Staten island, 14 deaths and 19
prostrations; in Newark 9 deaths
and 28 prostrations; Long Island
City, 5 deaths and 13 prostrations;
Paterson, 4 deaths and 6 prostrations; Hackensack, 2 deaths and 5
prostrations; Passaic, 23 deaths and
6 prostrations; Hoboken, 7 deaths
and 16 prostrations.
The Times report of the visit to
the Bank of England on Tuesday by
Li Hung Chang says that Li observed while there that the question
of bi-metallism could only be settled by the silver using and producing countries, and that therefore
China, Japan and America must
decide the question. "If we are to
work in union with Japan," said
the Chinese statesman, "we must
make a proposal for a fixed ratio.
But we shall fail unless Europe approves. England could settle the
question if she wished, but she has
her own interests."
Campaign of Destruction.
Havana,  Aug.  ".—In a   collision     between mixed passenger trains   on   the
outskirts of the city nn engine Iuih lieen
smashed, several curs damaged and derailed, innl two passengers seriously injured.
The insurgents hnve burned nml demolished the tobacco fields of l-n Rosi-
tn nnd runienito nt Union iie Ities, nml
hnve destroyed the  magnificent  tobacco
plantation of Ln Carletta nml the coffee
plantation of Alfonso XII., province of
Matansns, In the hitter e.ises seventeen
houses of different descriptions were destroyed nml the damage done is estimated at $000,000.
850 Men " Fired" Out.
Buckingham, Aug. 10.—Ross Bros,
lumber mills hnve been destroyed by
fire. The loss Is estimate to be between $50,000 nnd $75,000, covered by
insurance. About 350 men nre thrown
out of employment by the fire.
Hnlifnx, Aug. 10.—Fire, supposed to
have been stnrted for the purpose of robbery, broke out in a store undernenth
the Globe hotel. Two hotel boarders
and a servant girl were enrried out Insensible from smoke and othrr inmates
had a narrow escnpe. The building wns
not much dnmnged.
Rcnl Protection,
St. Petersburg, Aur. 10,—Several special conferences between Prince Lftban*
off Rostovsky, Russian minister for for-
t Ign nffairs. nnd otlier ministers, hnve
resulted ill :i decision to continue the
Retiring si**.'! seating ngreeinenl of IS0"-
'04, but made overtures o> the United
siao-rt. (Ires! Rrltalu nud Japan with, •*.
riew in Mtabltshlns bettor protection*,
for urals. Cbe Banaimo flfoall
As a matter of fact very many of
u ; do not believe there is any moral
wrong in drinking liquor; and while
j we would vote for prohibitory laws
we could not be counted on to aid
JlHsiion Street. Nanaimo, ll. ('.
11Y   TIIE
e. c. beard, Editor and Mana-> r. jn llle enforcement of such legisla
tion. The Scott act was carried in
many counties in Ontario by triumphant majorities. A few years
later the act was as decisively repealed. The Dunkin act bad its
day at an earlier period. If we
were i" pass a prohibitory liquor
law to-morrow and it was fiiind
that publtc sentiment would not
sustain the law, its days would be
few nud full of trouble, and it would
go down at ihe very,next appeal to
the people. The truth is that no
prohibitory law has ever been thoroughly  effective.     .Most   of   these
Sis inunlliR
"           i iiivi'.lmtliliis  ..
Delivered bv oarnur	
THURSDAY,   .   -   •   -
ST 111, ISM
The Single Tax.
Single lax wa- eloquently discussed nl n meeting in Sun Francisco last week in the interest of the
battle now being waged in the small
and   historic   statu   of    Delaware.
Ralph E. Hoyt, of that State,spoke laws-are violated with impunity.
in part as follows: "We are not a ,{v (hi. W(V do no, mean „,
in avor o free silver, but we are allI t|;.it prohibit01.y law8 sh„llld not be
in favor of live land We are not en&cU but gi, , that we 1(M)k
all m favor of n gold standard, but [(11. ,.esults f,,mi lhe mere enactment
we are all in favor of a single stand- „* ,.uvs whkh rare)   if ever [oU(
ard of   justice   for   all.     We have
and that it is the public sentiment
nothing against the gold bug or the behilld the law ralher than the law
silver bug, but we areafter the land itself which makes nny sumptuary
bug, and will catch him, too, inthe ennctmenteffective. '
Delaware trap, lhe land question Tllt,ro c;m be 1R) doubt thnt ln
coselyinvo ves the labor question. th(j u.,lis..i|e thousands voted for
When the lanlord is abo ished the 1 prohibition in Ontario who would
labor question will be settled. Hien I,. Uu,n a finger for the enforce-
no one will need to look for a job. mellt of prohibitory legislation, and
this inert mass still needs the leavening of the prohibition missionary.
We are not arguing against reduction   of   licenses, nor  againsl local
option, nor againit prohibition.   We
■ee or four years ago an expen-  ,XK •„ f.lvm. (lf e means and o{
every agency thai will contribute to
ihe crippling of the liquor evil .The
There  will   lie  plenty  of land for
everyone.     A   year ago the Sinnle
Tax Society decided to concentrate
its efforts in Delaware lo secure the
passage of a single-tax law there.
Thre '
ment was tried in the town nf  lly
attsville.   Taxes were removed from
personal  and  improved  property, „ne  ,..,,„, ,u, ,,,;i, . ;,,, ,„,,,,,.,,,. ,:,
and enough was added to the land Umt  on,     „.,„.,.,,  lhere i(J  a very
to  make   up   the   deficiency,    lt Bt prohibition  sentiment  can
worked   most    favorably.     More pro|libitol.y   i^i.laiivn   be   made
money was spent during lhe next  efjcotive;  lhftt more than once the
year for improvements than for any premttture adoution of prohibitory
preceding year.     At the cud of a   , ,ws  has get ba(,k the cauge(){
l™Llh tufltTl?^0^?^!:^ hibition, and  that   the men  who
take this view may be quite as sin-
declared this single-tax law unconstitutional, ami the next year improvements fell off to a iiio-.t remarkable extent. The chairman
of the town trustees of Hyattsville
was the one who suggested the present campaign in Delaware, and ihis
led to lhe present movement in that
Slate. Singh* tax is not socialism
It is nol too late to
cere and quite as devoted to temperance reform as the men who
trust only to law and who would
rush on a prohibitory enactment
wholly without reference lo public
" We  know  nothing,"  snys  the
Globe, "of Mr. Laurier'simmediate
nor anarchy,     u is ,.u, io.. mi« ... intenliong   nor of the intentions of
abolish this present gigantic evil of ,,,. Gomnment.     We do believe
taxation-  the mother oi all grind- lha| *edee.   ,)e   has   mado
ing   and   oppressive   monopolies. h(l win -       and upon this
.Nature formed no statute of limit- th(, pnJi,iMUoniBta have a right to
a ions.     Ihe turn- has come for its insist_    u-(. ,w weHconvinced that
abolition.    Let us abolish it by the the       . mags (j{ ,hc        ,e ()f th*8
Bingle  tax      About  sixteen Years count      ,lK opposed t9 the. liquor
ago a poe amotion was issued by a traffi  - l)U, W0'M're nnt gQ fm }hftt
man   in   the far  \\ est in this very „„.    '   fe an, „    ^   ,(| ^
city of San Francisco.     lie ra
his   proclamation   'Progress   and
[uany ready to mil
'     in the active, thorough enforcement
Poverty,1   It has since been printed ,i
of a prohibitory law, and' thei'elore
there  mav   sometbinu in the view
in all the languages of civilization ,,,.„ ;( ^  of theprohihitionprmy
and has been read by milJions of aregivinfe if not too much attention
people, To-day all true single
taxers everywhere throughout this
land nre sacredly pledged to stand
by that proclamation."
Susan li. Anthony, who bad a
scat on the platform, made an appeal   for    votes   for   the   eleventh
to the legislators, at least not quite
enough to the develop'ment.'of the
public sentiment which alone can
sustain sumptuary measures."
[tis becoming clearer every dav;
amendment, striking .oil the word that the campaign of 1S.K, is to be a
"male" from the constitution, and stupendous   struggle   between  the
met wiil, a cordial reception. people and the plutocracy.    Party
Congressman Maguire, to whoso ines are rapidly fading.   I he names
efforts the passage of the Chinese Republican and Democrat no longer
exclusion act is in a great measure *'':''"" their meaning,    lhere is no
die. iri.flv addressed ihe meeting, difference   be ween   the   ideas   ot
lie said:  '".)!'all reforms lo be ac- < Jevehunl and Reed, Hill and Mc-
complished I hold single tax to be Kinky,    there have come to be two
first, because it will establish the dlstlnct ^'•'•"'^ '■•  enc», "f V'T
complete independence nf mankind Pnrt,es   ,",,■ f'"' lho peoptannfl the
and enable him to work oul bis own
salvation; no mailer what argument
may appeal toothers to give suffrage
to ihe woman, no Beltish argument
need lie made to the single-taxers.
Wo do not ask bow tiny will vote;  Advocate
all we de-ire tn know  is thai ihey
are right, In the Deleware campaign
ther for the plutocrats,    The bolt
at St.  Louis emphasizes thi* fact.
failure   of   Ibe   gold men  lo
holt al Chicago made lhe fact none
the   less conspicuous.*   Industriu
Sober second thought is bringing
lldustrii 1 '''"'; '"'" '""' mftnv I'einocrals
imancipalion*isBnow"being made, ul'"'" liM threatened to repudiate
everywhere] hnd a feeling of un- l!ie ™}?on of the Chicago Convem
the  nulla
rest among t ho people of the Unite'
States   a de-ire io find Bomethin
thai will relieve them irom their pr
lion,  i hese kickers consisted mostly
nl   ini'ii   who  think   more of parly
success iliau they do nf principle,
sent troubles.    Industrial emanci- ,""1 ""'.v thought at the lime that
pation « u.'nine until man ha- the convention had grasped the un-
free and equal access to lhe natural Popular end of Ihe financial prolv
resources stored up in the earth, ''""■ N""' that they begin to re-
No reform oan accomplish thai re- '"■■■» ,lial ""' trends of free silver
suit exce],t the single lax, whirl, ?re "", Only right, but in lhe nui-
will strike down the harrier that ]ority;.they are returning to thefold,
stands between lhe people and their ""'O* they ever jumped the fence,
natural opportunities, -      -»♦-•-
James II. Larry spoke oi the While it is evident that Ihe pro-
blessings thai would result from test tiled against the member for
the adoption nf lhe single lax. this district is the result of spite
"Under right conditions," he said, work-emanating from Victoria, it is
"every invention should be a bless- gratifying lo learn that prominent
ing, but under existing conditions it Conservatives of this cily, when apis a curse, as it throws men out ni pealed tn, refused to countenance
employment everywhere; ami  ihe.,'lie scheme as. being unjustifiable
more-surplus labor'.you 'jla'vg .thefjja.$ld impolitic..:    . 	
more   readily   can ynu eu.-lave'?L        ■'•'■'■ W '„< - '   :    '.I      ;     ;'.'.'
With the single tax in'opora'ti'on no vol'- and -your (iltANIiKATllKIt
man will need to be out of employ- ■>;,,, •■.(•rrtoved Frb'tn"eachothe'r by i. s|,mi
ment, for lhere, will then .be ample oITnaiiV years, lie travellixl iii iiHloiy.
tield for his-lahni-s.".."'.     '■'•   .   ' -toi'ili: stiie.-i'.'ilicrr while you iiikii the
brief appeal lor timd.-. and succeeded fuBliloned methods and given old fash-
in gathering.in nearly Hat). loned medicines,-but yoo demand mod-
-*■♦«-'    ■-  \,   t oi'n iileus in- m/edltiiiib as well as In every
The extent nf the Chlnei
thin'' else.    Mood's Sai'saiiarllla is the
,f .i...    i .    ,...     i. i i...
.    .  , ,     .   •",'.      '    metirclno of in-,lav.    It is prepared by
Bionol the labor market in \ totoria modern methods and t.« Its preparation
maybe  judged from lhe  fact, that  are bronght the skill and knowledge of
one heathen tailoring firm alono in  l(-'rl1  sdenco,    Hood's Sarsaparilla
.i . ■ . i i .... ni, i.in..I... ,.,i t;„ aels ■•■<■■ i■■>11v iiikiii the b ood and by
that city last week pualuocd six- making pure, rich blood it uures disease
teen sewing machine.-. |und Bstabllshosgood health,
il  Hii.
$100 Each Only
$25 Down
25 in 1 Month
25 in 2 Months
25 in 3 Months
I would do my best to
make this a big success.
Call and see me.
Cabinet Factory
Cabinet Maker.
Having bud many years' experience
In the East I am prepared to execute all
classes of work,
Furniture of All Kinds Repaired.
Chapel Street, Nanaimo.
When you want a delicious ilisb of Ice Cream,
call nt MoKENZIE'S,
oil V CTO'llA CniSSOENT.
The Most Complete Stock IJ
Jas. McGregor's!
Victoria Crescent.
Always un bund.
Ice. Ice.
The Union Brewing Co.,
Limited Liubility,
Delivers ICE at residences. Order before twelve o'clock. Terms
UNION BREK11G CO.. Uirjled Liability.
W. E. Noruis, See'ty,
Garbonating and Bottlintf
MITCHELL .fc ItUM.MlNU, Proprietors.
Maimfiictiircrs of Lemonade, Ginger Ale, Sai
saimrillii. Ciders, Ktc.
All Orders Promptly Attended To!-;
Telephone 20. P. O. Box IX).    j
Revier House
MRS. .IAS. HAWKING, (hue of the
Temperance House) desires to express bur thanks tu the publio for
fcirnicr patronage, and now begs to
Mute that the Kevier Ilniise bus
been comfortably arranged for the
accommodation of boarders, steady
or transient. Single or double rooms
with hot or cold water baths, and
electric liulit in each room. Everything strictly first-class and charges
moderate. Iteniember the house, a
liulf-nilniite's walk from the old
stand nurili.
Notice to Ladies
I AM AGENT for Nanaimo and Dis;
tricts for the Xew and Perfect Carter''
Tailors'System. This system is up tj
dute; a perfect ladies' system; is witlll
nut a rival and easy to learn; is lintel'
for its graceful lines and elegant forms
il is not an experiment but a develop!
Ilieilt. 1 can also leach how to use tlltf
system, anil also all kinds of Dressinakj
in)* executed in first-class style. Price J
to suit the times.   Address,
Margaret M. Macdonald,
No, (ill Haliburton Street J
I). S. Macdonuld's .Store.
"CRITERION"      *
Restaurant and Chop Hous.
Commercial Stiii-kt.
Oysters in every style.
Johnston's Block, Nanaimo.
 j Meals, '25c and upwards.
RE-OPENING   Good H(M,S'25c'u1"1 upwttrd8,
        " Spring Chi'cken always ou bani
The Globe Hotel
front street, Try Philpott's Tomato Cutsuj
25c. and 5.1c. per Ilottle
Has been  renovated and re-furnished,
and  is  now  conducted  as u lirst-class
Mu. Ai.iiijiit liAii'ii can be found as
Superior accommodation is provided
for the public.
^rlir{otorj fjotel.
Saving* completed the emotion ot lhe Arlington
Hotel ni KAKOORK HAY, ilils hnndsomo uml
eotnmodloiiB hotel im now prepared to receive
and comfortably entertain travolore and others.
is presided over hy Mrs. Thompson, and the
Tabled'Hoto constantly provided with nil the
delicacies nf the season. Combined with Ihu
i-ieutini furnished apartments, the visitor finds
tho surroundings nf tin* most pleasant desorlp*
We Sever Sleep.       Open Day and Sigll
The Nanaimo Bakery Excelil
People who Appreciate >
pure mum
Hum. their profloripltom dlspomod at
TiH'ir Pricesato Rlglit, Tolopliona ■(.
Market, Bastion Street,
Steamers mul Hiiippinc supplUd ou short notloe
hi Wholesnlo rrlct'K.
KirKtciiiss Accommodation. Pire*proof building
Terms: $1.00 Per Day and Upwards.
The Doon Hotel,
JAS. BBNNKTT, Proprietor.
Coirimereiiil St.,       Nanaimo, I!, C.
Lodge Notices.
Inkerman  Lodge,  So. SIS, Sons of St,
George.— Regular weekly meeting is held
in Hubert's Hull, Wharf street, on Sat-
i'udav evening nt 8 n'ulouk, Visiting
brethren cordially Invited to attend,
FBBDi WaqbTAFF, Sec.
The Popular Baker j
Cuban Cigar Factor
Our Cigars aro made ol the Choicest Havu*
Tobaeoos.  Our famous
Cuban Blossom *•*•>
Black Itianiouil
Are oAlled for ovoryivhere, and urr snperto
any Importod otgar.  Uado by Union Labor. *|
M..I. BOOTH, WharfStreeV
Land Agent and Conveyance]
Town Lotsand Farina for 8alo.  Money to l^i*
nn Mortgage at lnw Mill's.
Agent for the United Kim Insurance ('mii'iaM
nf Minn Iu'SIit, Kllllland.
JOS. M. BROWN, Watchmake*1
 .— ^ i
ni WHteii s Demagnetized shorAiotl
lly BPKCIAL MACHIXKIIY nn the Promlseijj
Fine and Complicated SVatoues and chicki'
Carefully Cleaned and ltepain J
Fine OYOLOM ETKItH, for Bleycln, In Stoe* j
ColtNBR ClllHtell   ANII ClIAI'KI.  STItKB'ij
For a Cool Drinll
Ask for
( ChamhaonkCid,"!
jawrences (S^
ManiilaotUMrof Temperance Drinks,Syrups.eT]
Pollvored free to nil parts of city and vlcinlVJ
rtjmT- l'lniniii attention paid toalilnplngorde/f
^Telophono8.4, P.O.Box70. N»naiiio.1 He travelled to the station. He claims
to he an American citizen, by name fat-
rick Murphy. His parents reside on
Henry street, Brooklyn.
Preparing for the Opening of
the House.
Smuggling Chinese IntoCanada-
Mountain Climber's Mishap.
French Consul Cuming
Ottawu, Aug. 7.—lt is understood
that the Dominion government is considering the sending of ti commission tu
Britsih Columbia to look into the mining capabilities of the province and
make a report of the same.
Preparations arc going on for tin
opening of the house. Some members
are already In attendance, including
Mclnnes and Bostock, M.l'.'s, and Sena
tor Mclnnes of British Columbia.
The government will present very little business to parliament nnd will urge
thnt this be put through with the greatest possible speed. Premier Laurier
thinks thc session will not exceed 4>
Sir Mackenzie Bowell left fur Toronto
yesterday. Beforo leaving he had a
"chut with Sir Charles Tupper in reference to the coming session. Sir Mackenzie expects to be in his place in tne
upper house, but whether he will lead
the opposition there lie has not determined, although Sir Charles is uot anxious for him to assume that position.
Sir Mackenzie's inclination is to quietly
drop out of active politics and consequently until such time as he has consulted his friends he will not announce
his decision.
Hon. Mr. Pntcrson has left for Owen
Sound. He will accept the Liberal
nomination in North Grey.
Sir Charles Tupper has been served
witli the protest papers in the matter nt
liis election for Cape Breton county.
The trades and labor council passed a
resolution protesting against the proposal to abolish the government printing
bureau, and suggesting an inquiry into
the cost of printing at present compared
with the cost under the contract system.
Copies of the resolution will he sent to
all labor organisations in Canada, soliciting co-operation.
There is considerable pressure being
brought to hear on the government to
appoint a minister ot the interior. The
general affairs of the departments oi
both the Interior and Indian affairs nre
left iu the hands of deputies of both
departments and the consequence is '.hat
nil the political heelers who were employed by the lute government are stir.
lit Work and the country will be responsible lor tholr salaries lor August.
There is no appropriation fnr Btnveys.
Por instance, a couple of men. who are
now engaged in surveying swamp lands
drew nearly $10,000 between them for
the month of July, This will be repeated in August. Those political partisans
of the In linn department who "ere
stumping tho country against the I.iliir-
nls, are still drawing their government
cheeks. Some of those who figured in
llie scandals of ISlil are also being rc-
4'0inmRnded by deputies for promotion,
lt will take n live active man who will
j.pnro nn pains In get at the root nf all
the recnmnienilntions placed before him
to overcome the influence which sur-
rounds him. Another Tarte is wonted
in thc Interior department.
Halifnx, Aug. 7—At the nomination
and election of Minister of finance
Fielding he spoke nt length on questions
of the day. He said it had never been
his practice to endeavor to please the
electors by lavish promises. "Be slow
to promise and sure tl* perform'' was i
good motto for men in public life, he
would only promise to do nis utmost to
protect the interests of his constituents
and of the Dominion nt large. Touching upon the French domination ery,
Mr. Fielding said there was not the
shadow of cause for alarm. The promotion of a French-Canadian to the
position of premier was instead of an occasion for alarm, from one point of
view n cause for rejoicing.
Frightful Accident at Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
Seven Killed and Fifty Injured-
Car Running a Mile a Minute.
Tragic Death of a Miner
at Cook's Inlet.
Toronto. Aug. 7.—Two more preliminary objections to election protests were
tiled this inorniug, Bought to throw out
protests against W. F. McLean in Fast
York and E, It. Osier in West Toronto.
('rounds of objections are the same ns
in the ease of F.   F. Clarke.
The big board of trade excursion to Ihe
gold mines of British Columbia has almost collapsed. Members would not pay
the fare of SKIS asked, and while it was
expected 200 would start, ii is not likely
that inure than IS individuals will go.
Winnipeg, Aug. 7.—A dispatch trom
I.nggiin, B.C., states tluit the body ef
Phillip S. Abbott, of Milwaukee, who
met his death on Monday by tailing
from a cliff, lias been recovered and
will be taken east to Boston for inter-
ment to-morrow. When Mr. Abbott met
his death he was making the lirst ascent of Mount Lcfroy by its western
slope. All went well and safely until
perhaps within 200 feet of tile summit,
when they reached the final cliffs. Here
a rock chimney was to he ascended, In
der his Instructions the party lining m
a safe position, unroped while he made
the ascent in order to lix a rope bv
whicli the others could ascend. It is
probable that his handhold or foothold
gave way, and he fell a distance of forty
feet, landing on the snow slope nt the j
foot of the chimney. On this he descended some nine hundred feet, where
he stopped on a narrow plateau above a
second precipice. The ropes having fallen with him, the other members of the
party were compelled to use the utmost
care in descending to where he lay in
the very line they hnd travelled. He wns
breathing, but obviously unconscious
when they reached him. An endeavor
was made to bring him down, but he
expired in n few moments, and they |
were obliged to temporarily leave the
body where he died, at n point over ten
thousand feet above sea level.
Monsieur Camllle Jordon, the new
French consul for Vancouver, passed
West to-day.
Hon.   S.   C.  Wood,  general  manager
<.f the Freehold  Loan & Savings Com-,
pany, of Toronto, arrived to-day on his
annual  trip of  inspection of the  Manitoba and Western grain fields,
Mr. Drewry, of the Toronto (llobe, nr-1
rived here to-day en route to the lvool-
enny country.
Preliminary objections have been hied
against the petitions entered by Con-
servntii-es to unseat Kichardsoii, 140-
eral.. in I/isgnr.
Four thousand Wlnntpegers bail an
excursion to Portage hi Prairie and
sp.Mit the afternoon wilh sports in tne
Portage park. It was a perfect excursion day.
Secretary Andrews received n tele-
cram fnni Vancouver to-dny asking it
the Winnipeg rowing club could send a
four-oared crew to compete with tne
North Pacific amateur oarsmen and a
crew from Minneapolis nt Ihe Vancou-1
ver carnival regatta Aug. lil to Sept. !>.
A quiet wedding occurred at Holy
Trinity vburcli, in which Mr. F. K. Foster, secretary of the Canadian Fire In-
soranc* i.'ii.. was married to Nellie,
daughter ef >|r. W. F. Lnxton, the
will known newspaper man, by Ven.
Archdeacon Fortln. Tin. newly married
couple look lhe train for their Wedding
Imr in the Mastern cities.
The territorial election  at  ftldmonton,
to lill the vn.'incy in the assembly caused by tin* tctlrement of Frank Oliver,
pissed   off   quietly,    M.   MeCoulay   got I
."ill votes nutl A. 0. Rutherford, litss.
Lancaster, Ta, Aug. 10.—A runaway
trolley car ou the Columbia and Donegal railway hist night killed seven per
sons and injured fifty more.
The ear wus returning from Chiek-
ies Park to Columbia when the
brake rigging broke whilo descending a
steep grade. Abuut 00 passengers were
ou board who became panic stricki n,
when they saw the car was beyond control. The hill wns a long one, anil every
moment the runaway gathered additional speed until it is estimated by those
aboard that the cur was running fully
a mile n minute, when it struck a sharp
curve and left the track close to a turnpike running parallel wilh the trolley
road, struck against a tree and th-u
toppled over into a deep ditch, being
turned upside down.
Those who escaped injury or were
only slightly injured crowded from the
wrecked ear covered with the blood of
their more unfortunate fellow-passengers, and at once the work of rescue began. The shrieks of the wounded and
the pleadings of those more seriously '-n-
jm-ed to be killed to put tin in oat o£
tholr misery were most pitiable. To nd 1
to the horror of the situation thi re was
no light of any kind until some time lifter the wreck.
Tlic first body taken out was thnt of
Henry Smith, one of the iron workers
of Columbia, who had been instantly
killed by a piece of wood whicli pierced
his head. Adam Fochlinger, the mo'.or-
lnan. was found a few seconds later,
having been crushed to di ath. Near
him was Wm. Pinkerton, a Columbia
boy, who had met a similar fate. Chief
Burgess P. P. Hess, of Columbia, who
had been riding ou the rear platform,
jumped a few seconds before the car
left the track and his lifeless body was
lmiiil about a quarter of a mile away,
his neck having been broken. William
Metzger. of Columbia, had both his legs
crushed sn badly that they had to be
amputated and he died a few hours afterwards. W. .1. Ludlow, of Senbrlght,
N. .1., manager of lhe Atlantic Fish Co.,
was so badly injured that he died shortly after being removed to the Columbia
hlspitlll. Miss Elsie N. Fitzgerald, of
Lancaster, had her left Bide and head
crushed and died at (! o'clock this morn
pay all debts of the estate and provide a
monument for her grave.
The military trial of Captain John
Good has beeu concluded, but the court
has not yet reached a verdict. It is gen-
eraly understood that he will be dismissed from the government service as
the testimony proved he is guilty of
conduct unbecoming an officer.
During the trial of a man named H.
G. Rhodes, nu employe of the government, he testified that he sealed a fence
surrounding tin* government works and
removed the sight from a field piece and
then sent it through the mail to President Dole. He claims to have performed this feat st night when the sentry
was on guard. His story, though generally discredited, may result in the reorganization of the military forces.
Among the passengers from Honolulu
on the Peru wns Mrs. Sandfor.l B.
Dole, wife of tin- president.
nearly naked native army of savages.
for, while riHes and ammunition were
not wanting among the natives. Ihe supply was very far short of the demand.
Tiie shooting of the warriors wns of the
worst possible description.
Amval and Departure of Mails
Montreal, Aug. 7,—Referring to
Archbishop Longcvln's communication
to Le Croix of Paris, the Cultivntcur,
Mr. Tarte's organ, says: "This prelate,
whose lack of discretion and judgment
has caused him to make such deplorable
blunders in bis own country lo the detriment of the Catholic and French
cause has evidently not been made any
wiser by recent events. He belongs lo
the class of those who do not wish to.
or cannot lenrn anything Mgr. Lan-
geviu told Le Croix things wl ich lire
absolutely contrary to fact. To men
tion bul one only: It is false that Mr.
Laurier ever pronounced in favor of the
principle of neutral schools. We suppose
that a bishop is no more allowed than
any other person to misrepresent the ip-
Inions of a public man. Now Mgr. Lnn-
gevin knows thai over nnil over again
the prime minister has expressed himself in a sense that can leave no pine
for ambiguity that he is In favor of religious teaching in school* he has said
so in twenty speeches. We wish to protest for all men of good faith nnl honor against the unjust insinuations
■signed by Mgr. Lnngevln. 'i'he
Archbishop of St. Boniface knows
Mr. Laurier is no Freemason. Fortunately Mgr. Lnngevln represents himself nnd no other in the deplorable attitude he continues to hold. We inquest our fellow-citizens of nil origins
not to lay the responsibility of his
words and of his acts upon the Cnth-
the combined efforts of his partners
olios of Mnnltolm. The secular clergy
of Manitoba were almost unanimously
opposed to the elevation of Mgr. Lnngevln tn the nroliopiseopnl see of St.
Boniface. We trust that nt the Vatican he will not succeed in lending anyone Into error."
Montreal. Aug. 7.—A telegram hns
been r 'ceived here from Glacier, B. C.
which announces the first ascent of hog-
on- peak, the highest of Hie Hermit
range of the Selkirk mountains, by a
pnrty of tourists headed by l'rof. C.
Fi. Fay. of Boston, 'llie altitude reached by Prof. Fay nnil his companions exceeds that of the Swiss peak scaled by
I'ulzen in 1SQ0.
Montreal, Aug. 7—An authoritative
statement made to-day by thc 1'. S. customs oilier hore, says ihat Information
has been bid against nnd that warrants
have been Issued for fifteen people, men
and women, who had boon guilty "1
smuggling Chinamen. Part nf the number reside in Boston and New Vork, and
the remainder iu Canada.
Mr Ohlpman, of tho Bankers' clearing
house, corroborates the statement that
the Montreal banks have decided to refuse not only American silver, but American silver certificates,
An explosion of hydrogen nt the Montreal gas works yesterday, resulted in
severe injury to Robert Ford, Itobort
Paisley and Robert Bell. Ford has lost
(he sight of ono eye, nnd will probably
lose sight n|i lho other, while Paisley
will lose the sight of his loft eye.
Toronto, Aug. 7.—Frank II. Doty, a
member of tho well known Doty contracting firm, was killed yesterday while
engaged  in connection with the work
of covering wilh sand the water works
conduit iu the bay.
An objection wns filed yesterday
against protests lodged against Clarke
and Osior, the Conservative members-
elect for West Toronto. The ground
tnken is that the protests nro lodged in
n wrong division and 3hould hnve gone
to the co lira) court at Osgoodo hall ill
stead of thc chancery division. The
ruling of this objection will affect nil tho
Ontario protests, all having gone to the
same division.
The Knglish creditors of D. McCall &
Co., the well known dry goods firm ot
this city, have accepted 50 cents on the
dollar cash.
Firo did $8,500 damage In the lumber
yard of Reld & Company at the foot of
Berkeley street. A large quantity ot
coal wns destroyed.
Tragic Death of a Seattle Prospector.
Port Townsend, Aug. Ill—Tho particulars of n tragic diath of a prospector
mimed Kdwur.l Kcunnli, of Seattle, in
the crevice ol a glacier iu llie Cook Inlet country, were received on the ste-un-
or Willapa from Alaska. .Next to being
burled alive or burned at thc stake a
more horrible death could scarcely be
realized. At tho bottom of nu ice crack
eighty feet below the surface, solidly
jammed between two walls of ice, Ken*
nail talked to his comrades for about
one hour and ten minutes, when his
voice was chilled by death.
A parly ol nine prospectors wero
walking nciCSfl a glacier near Twenty-
mile creek at the head of Turn Again
arm un the 4th of duly. A t'oiii sheet of
ice hid from view a track about 3 feet
in width; the parly aproaehel diagonally, tl'.e end man carrying a gun across
both shoulders, when he and the next
in lino, Keunali, sudd, lily slipped
through the thin contlng of Ice and disappeared in the chasm below. Their
wild cries barely prevented some of the
others from meeting with a similar fate.
Tin* gun fell crosswnys four or five foot
below the surface and enabled one of
the men to be rescued. But the other
prospector, Konnnli, fell over seventy
foot and was tightly jammed between
the diverging walls of ice. His voice
could be distil ctly hoard as he directed
the movements of his would-be rescuers
in their frubles offorls to raise him out
of tho onlliin of ice. Blankets wore torn
np and tied into long strands and Ken-
null fastened ono ond around his body,
but tho force of the fall had jammed
him so lightly between the perpendicular
walls of ice, and the chill so h numbed
his body and exhausted his vitality that
could not raise him from the frozen
Grndunlly his voico became weaker
and more Indistinct, his efforts for self-
preservation grew feebler, and ono hour
and ton minutes from tho time tho accident happened the hist faint sound
from below was heard and death quick'y
rescued tho spirit from suffering.
Konnnli wns nu elderly man and belonged to Seattle, whoro ho is Bnid lo
have a son employed in tho pest olliee
department A miner from Cook Inlet
is taking n farewell message from lho
dying father to the son.
'.i'indsor. Aug. 7— .lames Hnrtlott,
ngod ft), brother of Police Magistrate
Birllett, Is doad. He wns a builder and
had erected many of Windsor's best
St. .Tohn's. NM.. Aug. 8.— Korinn*
forest fires have lietn lrging nt Trinity
Bay. Fourteen houses wore destroyed,
the occupants losing everything thoy
possessed, except tho olothos thoy were
wearing. One blind man wns rescued
with the urea toft difficulty.
Tho Allan lino steamer Prussian Innd-
ed a stnwnway on n point two miles
north of the signal station, without food.
Paris, Aug. 7.--Kathleen, the l't-yonr
old daughter of Mr. "Burt, was burned to
dentil by the capsizing of an oil lamp.
Lindsay, Aug. 7.—Fred Hawkins,
hostler, late of Port Hope, and a small
boy nn mod Richards wore drowned last
evening while bathing. Hawkins hart
the hoy on his back when both suddenly
Woodstock, Aug. 10.—Mrs. George
Mitchell, formerly of Woodstock, and a
bride of one year, wns burned to death
In Detroit while lighting thu Are with
eonl oi).
Sail Francisco, Aug. 10.—The steamship Peru arrived last night from Yokohama and Honolulu, bringing the following advices to the Associated Pr,ss:
Honolulu, Aug. 'J.—P. 0. .lones.^ ex-
minister of finance leaves for San Francisco to-dny to lloat the refunding loan.
Ho expects to sell nearly thn e and one-
hulf million dollars worth of Hawaiian
government bonds, bearing four per
cent, interest. His contract with the
government allows n discount of nearly
live por eent., and he will receive a
comniision of two por cent. Mr. Jones
hns boon given until the 1st of next
November to float the bonds. He expects to dispose of them either in New
York or Boston.
Letters havo been received giving the
testimony of eminent men in Vienna on
tho bncclll disease which carried off thc
natives last year. Thoy give as a flnnl
verdict the opinion that tho disease was
genuine Asiatic cholera, as most of thc
local physicians pronounced it.
Consul Mills received nothing by the
last mail from tho friends of the Into
Knto Field concerning the final disposition of her body nnd effects. A letter
from Geo. Riddle says that Mr. Kohl"
Bant, of the Chioago Times-Horahl will
Details of Hie Victory nf Col, Pliiiii-
mer's Brit isli Troops.
Cape Town, Aug. 7.—Details have
been received hero of the decisive victory won on Wednesday by TIKI British
Hoops, comprising Col, l'luinnier's column ovor a native force estimated to
have numbered from 5.000 to T.iKHl men.
The latter fought most desperately and
bravely, charging up within a tew
yards of the British rapid-firing guns.
About 300 Mntabele warriors wero slain
during the engagement, which lasted
several hours, and the loss of the British included Major Kershaw, Lieut.
liervoy. four sergeants and about HO
men killed, and six olliccrs, several noncommissioned olliccrs and about &0 men
wounded, nccordin- to the ttnOlliclal figures.
The Matabeies nnd allies wero commanded by the big chiefs. Sokombeo nnl
UmblgulUS, and were divided into five
hnpis, or regiments, each of ovor LOW!
men. well supplied with arms aud ammunition.
At (i o'clock on Wednesday morning
a force of about 700 men, whites and
natives, cavalry, infantry and artillery,
an under British ottioers. marched to
L'.'.dugulii valley. The white infantry,
commanded by Capt. Berosford, with
two screw gnus and a Maxim rapid-fire
gun, wore detached to make n detour bo-
hind some hills and thon to take n position from whicli the valley could be shelled.
It had previously boon reported by
scouts that the enemy, iu strong force,
was encamped in the valley preparing
for a forward movement of importance
upon the British position. The main
body of the British troops was halted,
while Capt. Borcsford's detachment,
with the heavy guns referred to. wns
making its way to the position designnt-
I ed for the artillery to occupy.
While this movement  was being ex-
i ectltcd and the guns being moved over a
small  isolated    kopje,     the    Matabeies
mndo a sudden and determined rush at
Capl. Borcsford's command. There was
j no strategy or concealment, the natives
i rushed forward like a living tidal wave,
I nnd in spite of tho hot lire which  was
' promptly   poured   inlo   their  ranks  thoy
displayed most    remarkable    gallantry.
succeeding in gelling  within 40.vards ot
lho screw guns, and reached u spot only
fifteen yards from the Maxim rapid-tire
gun before any of those pieces could be
brought Into action.   In   fact,   another
minute's delay in opening lire with the
guns might have proved fatal to Meres
ford's detachment, as the white intantry
were   apparently    unable to chock the
reckless, wild charge nf the tribesmen
who seemed to court death in their fierce
nttack upon the column,
But when the screw guns began crasn-
ie.g ease shot inlo the enemy, tearing
wide bloody gaps In their ranks, and the
deadly Maxim rattled a hail of load into tho heaving and serried masses ot
rapidly moving inipis, the natives wavered In their charge and a moment Inter
tho rush stopped and they began to give
way, leaving heaps of dead and wounded on the field.
But they wero rallied by the chiefs,
who bravely rushed to the front, encouraging their followers by a display ot
magnificent dash, The native warriors
returned to the charge and in the lace
of the fierce and awful lire of the Hritish guns, Capt. Borcsford's force was
for a few moments completely surrounded by the surging waves of warriors.
who seemed to know no fear.
The position of Borcsford's forces was
then most critical nnd their commander
hurriedly ordered bis signal men to ask
Col. Pluiouicr lo lose no time iu advancing with the main body lo their rescue.
While tho signalling was in progress
a hot and determined fight raged
around tho guns and several British oil,
core and men fell.
In the distance could be seen two
more Impls rushing forward lo join in tin*
atack upon Berosford's position, and
there was no time to lie lost if the guns
were to bo saved. Consequently Col.
riuinmor ordered lhe main body of llie
British troops to advance. Mounted
mon wore sent fnrwnrd nt a gallop to
storm the heights on the left of Boies.
ford's posiliou. from which the natives
were delivering a nasty dropping lire
on the kopje oenpied by llie guns.
The cavalry was gallantly led by Major Kershaw, who charged up lo within
fifteen yards uf Ihe enemy's position,
! when he was shot through the heart by
111 native, who almost Immediately fell
I afterwards literally riddled witli cur-
bine and  revolver  bullets,
The advance of thc main body of
I'luinmci's force wns quickly noticed by
the natives, who wero pressing around
Borcsford's detachment and caused
thom to take steps to retreat, in order
to escape being caught between three
liros. 'I'he guns wero thus able to do
better execution nud a well directed fire
of case shot, followed by a well-placed
lire of shrapnel, soon changed the native
attack into a retreat, and when the full
reinforcements came into action the enemy broke and fled.
The guns nnd war rookets played upon
the natives so long as thoy wore in
rang.', but the inain loss to the enemy
was inflicted while thoy wore so bravely
charging almost up to the muzzles of the
British euns, and ono cannot help speculating upon what would ha*-o boon the
result had tho gallant natives been able
to reply to the unkind nud fearful firo
of the  Maxim and  screw  guns
Tho natives displayed    bravery to   s
fault, earning the admiration of the British, but there was no resisting the lend-
on stream thrown into their ri.nks hy
the Maxim. It would demoralise well-
trained and properly officered picked
European troops under similar circumstances,   much   less  the  hordes  of  the
E. & X. RAILWAY,       CW.SE.DUE,
Dally ox. Bun.
Wellington, Northfield  and a m.  a.m.
East Wellington        11.25   8.50
Victoria,Southern States and
places along line ol 15.& X. Dallycx.Bun,
Railway .    8.lili 11.50
VANClllVFII     110UTIS,
Hritish antl foreign. Eastern
Provinces, Eastern States, Dally ox.Sun,
Vancouver and other places i* m.   p.m,
.oi Mainland of B.C   6.30 5.00
Comox, Onion, Union Hay,
Saiiilwiii'k,('iiiirl,enay,(ii'iui-'l'"es.    Frl.
iliain. Qualici   Hornby e u, p.m,
Island and OeimianIsland 8.20 3.00
SnltSpringIsland, Burgoyne Frl. Toes.
Bay,Kulforri IIarlior,N,'rth
SaltSpringlslamlaiidGab' e » p.jt,
riola Island     8 20 3.30
,,y     KT ,,,,.. TIM'S.    Moll.
1,1     M.Vil.. |.rj.     .•■■„,,._
Alberni, Parksville, French  p.m. p.m.
Clock and Ellington   .... 18 30   13.00
fri.    Thar.
Xanonsc Hay 12.30  (>.U0
P   M.    A. M.
Departure Bay,dailvex, Sun 12.45 10.30
Cedar (South), Saturday    ..   2.00 1100
j7 H.  PLEACE,
a Full Assortment at the Lowest Market Ratea
Promptly Attended to.
All kinds of
Tin and Sheet-Iron Work.
victoria Crescent, Nanaimo.
Bakery and
i Ml
Invites Inspection and Comparison
as lo Quality and Price.
The electors of Vancouver District, by a
plurality of nearly
Have indorsed the principles and policy of
.He   Mai
Awarded   First  Prize at, the Agricultural Show.
Bastion Street, opp. Telegraph Office
F. liOWBOTTOM, Prop.
iiilicu Tel. liii.   P.O. Box 16.   Residence Tol. 101.
Funeral Director and Embalmer
As against all other papers and influences of
the District, and the
justness of its verdict is
ratified by the Province
and Nation at large.
Graduate of the Oriental, the Eureka,
the New   York (imi Clark's
Schools of Embalming,
1, 3 and 5 Bastion St., Nanainio
Tho Best Results
NOTICE is hereby given tlmt Edwin
Matthews has been admitted a partner
in the above bosiness, In future the
business will be carried on by the undersigned uuder the style ami name ot
Wilson iy. M.vnui:\vs, who will assume
all liabilities and collect all debts due
ilie said business, nnd wa trust that by
careful attention to the needs of nur
customers, to meril a continuance uf the
patronage so liberally bestowed iu the
Jehome Wilson,
Edwin Matthews,
Nanaimo, B. <*'., April :, 1800,
Job Printing
— at the —
Mail Office.
Bastion Street,   Tel. 7-1,
19     LAMPS, Etc. etc.
Bums and Animals set up in a thorough workmanship manner,
On Hand—Four fine Peers' Heads,
which will be sold lor price of selling
them up.    Also a fine case of Birds.
d. s. Mcdonald.
(ill Haliburton Street, Nanainio.
(Commercial Hotel,
Corner Commercial Mitt Rust ion Sts.
Thii lone 'established Hotel if oomJortably
titled up With .superior nerommnfU-
tions for traveler* ru.i uther«.
Koine but the best l-rnmis of Wine*- Liquor*
AW* nml Clgara diapeUBQil »t the bar.
T, <>\*ON T< KL,   Prop. '
J.liL'»>iv II .11.    .•..Ulli.„.l,
til x Al\U litUVIxM
i HE ill
Itl'iLlEi.' FU.NU
Water Works Purchase By-law Id Be
Introduced—Public Meeting to
Consider Fire Protection.
At the regular meeting of the Council
on .Monday evening there were presenl :
Mayor Davison, Aid. Wilson. Morton,
Planta, Westwood, Martell and Sinclair.
The minutes of the previous meeting
were read and approved and llie following business transacted:
A communication irom the deputy
Provincial Secretary, enclosing cheek
f ir $1000, balunce of grant for Central
School building, Mas received and liled;
the School Board, upon application of S.
.on school. The  annual meeting of the employes
ride are ex- Lf i|ie \. \-.C. Co,, to receive the reports
The infant, daughter of ('. II. Bum- Annual Meeting of the N. V. C Co.'s
mlng died at Northfleld on Mon,lay. Employes.
Miss liosa Duni'itn has heen appointed I 	
leu her of the East Wellington school.
Kev. C. 15. Coo.
pected at Wellington on the 20th i list,    I in coiuioution with  lho  Medical Relief
The cily schools opened   for  the   full l'liml, took place iii 1 lie City Hall Sittur-
term on .ilon.lay with a good attendance. ,|,,v evening, Mr, Tally Uoycepresiding,
Elijah Bray received a painful injury The report nf llie Medical Committee
to ihe hack hy a full of coal on Mon.lay. | ■,„• |g , ,||IS ending June SO was  pre-
The great Eoresters'day ittWellliigton gented, showing a balance on  hand of
is the overshadowing aura, tion ou Sat- >; 1000.22.   Number of accidents 57, thus
ui'dny next. divided: No. I alitift,27; Protection, 21;
The wife of D. I>. Mcintosh, formerly   \j,,,0, p,. (u ' which were fatal—W.M,
of this city, died al her residence on the [3iay al  Protection I'd'. 5. and William
Cariboo road Aug. 1st. Mi.ore at No, 6 April in.  Tin mmittee
A verdici of acei.leutiil death was re- recoinmended that a donation he made
...ii,,*.      tary, was allowed  ,  credit   ,"r1"1"1 '". ''"J' " ' !V-U'r """""I'1 *!" to the hospital in lieu of a levy as hero-
of WUSO on construction account ,    Ltalmn ljillo.1 l,y ocm! gas explosion hi   , 0; and asked thatthe ens. lanlel
$070.12 for salaries and incidentals; H I the. \\ elli.igton mine. Mnguire, who received an   njury to his
Mcltac was griu.led permission  lo re-      A K™' '"' *5° l,«« ll0en."sl;(" ol ""   "w* I" ' '''"'""' '"' ' sUluml   '""'
shingle the veranda of the Provincial   ^ *'*u'ou*""1* ,'"'l,n'al '"'" !"'  !"'' ' "' comniiuee express a high appreciation
hotel; an invitation to attend the Van-   '""'""*" '"' " ' ;'" '""l"A wUh ""'  of the «■■» take lhe part of the man-
eouver carnival  was  received  ami the P""1*' ''"""""V       -   .     . ,     ,   '* '"  to *vul'1 llw'Ule"t8' :""' B}!lte,   Is tho Ono Trne Blood Purinor.  *1|j>lx to$5.
clerk directed to make a suitable reply;      At the regular meeting ol  the bah  ,,,,,„„. ,,,Ll,;„lls ,,.,„,.,,,  the medical   Prepared ...Hy by c.l. Hood * Co.. 1-owcll, Mass.
in reply to the petition of a number of
People often wonder why their nerves uro
so weak; why they get tired so easily;
why they start at every slight but
sudden sound; why they do not sleep
naturally; why they have frequent
headaches, indigestion and nervous
The explanation is simple. It is found in
that impure blood which is continually feeding the nerves upon refuse
instead of the elements of strength and
vigor. In such condition opiate and
nerve compounds simply deaden and
do nol cure, flood's Sarsaparilla feeds
the nerves pure, rich, red blood; gives
natural sleep, perfect digestion, is the
true remedy for nil nervous troubles.
property-owners and business men, the
traction a nuts and llie pay-roll lor  most harmonious
•j j»     •n.'ll     ""'    ■-•vor  "ls; ***' ■*'
Mood S PillS take, easy to operate, use.
July were ordered pai I.
Mayor was directed to cull a public meet- J,"*v »*-'u °«IBIU" I-'*"1'         .         ,     . The report of Ur. MeKoehnle,Medical llrl, ~m.,,,, iu,, i. to wear,
:,,,,, ,,, .: i , ,.       ,-    ,.        , Koberl   Brecon ol   I'm ill, formerly ol OIHcer, states that during tbo year there Bo ho came to .Xuiniiiuo tn liny liiin a pntn
ing to consider Ihe iiuestion of increased .  '.-.,„ ,.  „ „'„   ..          ,     .,?_      '     .  ,. .'I'll have one iiiiiruftliiekiuid one uuirof thin,
lire protection. Nortliheld, was drowned  in Uy.stei Uu* were tl.-l7.-i visits made, 2081 prescriptions „ , ,.„„ nmu\'iililluld's,''sityti Brian O'Lynn.
Rev. Mr. Bo!
Xoru h'll, I'blg.
ate of St, Alhan's church, and
making a tc
rquet, of the diocese of  sultations, 1012 Btirgical dressings and
las accepted the pastor-  .vim prescriptions—an increase over last
... Sunday while wading out after a canoe, tilled and 307 surgical dressings applied
From Tnlly Boras, auditor, staling |)0 The body was recovered. at the homesof thepitients; ii.aidition
bad examined  the  hooks and accounts *'"''-'l*'*''* -1"""  l'''i"11'"1 •'** l"ll""v;.* there were. 62i6 consultations al thesur-
for Julv ami  found them correct; also VV:|11'"' lv'tteudngh 0J, Barker So, \\ my, where 046 surgical  dressings were
submitting a balance-sheet showing the Mi-OregurSI, J. McUregor 71, Miller 05, applied   and   8004  prescriptions filled,
receipts to have  been | 13,568.14, expeu- '               ■■■'■■■■    ■        '                                I:..,'..;:,;. ,i   1 ■■.:■■■ io ■ liei-cil ,	
ditures $18,600.00, with balunce on ham!
of $100.58.    lteport received and (lied,
The Finance committee reported  the ate of St. Alhan's chureh, and  sexpeel- ,,,„. ,„• 217 visits,  147 consultations at
'ed hereabout the second i.eek  in  Sep- the surgery, 140 surgical dressings and
lumber. 400 prescriptions,   The death  rate  has
Public works                              $   UM 4**l    Thos, Renwick, while chopping wood not increused  in  the same  ratio, there
Police and jails .'..'.'.'.'...     384.83 al Clubriola Monday, cut an ugly gash ill having lieen 24 deaths,  an   increase of
City Clerk's olliee      2U5 15 his foot, severing un artery.    Hu  was |,U|  om, 0ver the previous year.   Thi
Schools—Construction          ...  1,404.5.1  i„ „|,|   ■„ this city and  attended   hy Bi ves n death  rale of  8.8 per 1000 in a
Salaries, in, Mentals .     U70  I- ,,     i,    •                                                         ... ,    ■          ..-,,,• ,   ■    ,i
Cemetery                                      n  15 Uavis. uiliiing pojmlntion ef 3501), which in lhe
Miscellaneous"................     I'.i-I..",;; The ladies of St. A*i Irew's Presbyter- i|,)ctor's opinion is nbout correct.
  ian Church will -,i c a farewell social to The committee's recommendation that
Tota'  $4,11*126 Kev. I). A. McRae on Friday evening, to  ft sn f money be donated to Ihe library
The Finance committee also reported which uli ineiiibcrs.ndherentsand friends (ailed of adoption, and the case of Daniel
that up to July 81 S6860 had been ex- ,,, ihe church are invited. Mnguire was  referred  to  the incoming
following warrauts for.Inly, whicli wen
ordered paid :
lie limited die stores nil along tlic lunln routo,
Snislie: ''Tho right one I've nol yet fuund out.
I want Whllliold- I'll buy only from loin.
For lie ticlIs ttiei heuiiost," siiya Brian O'Lynn.
He stopped n little west of Albert streol;
He snw whltlieid'e sIloi   sure 'twas a Ireal:
llonponed tho door and George st 1 within—
"I've found it at last," snys lirlan O'Lynn.
We showed him nur call bools, kid and cowhldo,
The i.nes we praise must—no senilis al ibe side.
Wo'vo boots of all kl (ids from Queued aud Ilui'lln.
"Sure you've boots for the million," snys ilrian
O'Lynn. [no trash!
He bi,unlit lii 11, his boots, Which of coarse were
lie paid down Ins money, fur we sell only inr
To die nubile liesavs: "Ho not taken In, [cash.
Kay only from Whltllold," says Urian (>' I.ynu
"If (hero's n leak in lho toe or sido ot your slice
'" | .Inst lake it lu Whltllold, that's nil you need do;
-   He will pun it or patch ium uhllc you nre iii.
A inl lhe elinrge seems like nothing," Bays Brian
WHITFIELD, the Shoe Man,
VlOTOBIA CaiiBOKNT, Nanaimo.
That   13 IKE.
IF yonr guess i.s nearest to tho actual weight of the Coall
mul your choice of a Lady's or (lout's Wheel. '*
Owing to pay-day coming on Aug. 15, instead of Aug. 8,
we anticipated, we are POSTPONING the weighing
the Coal until
Monday, Aug. 24, at 7:30 p.m., at Our Stor]
We regret changing the date, hut on pay-day we would «
Ion busy in attend to ihis matter properly, and to coij
pensate you for the short delay from Aug, Nl to the 24
we will give a ticket for every dollar's worth purchasi
$ 1 purchased,    1 ticket,    I guess
6 " 6     " 5 guesses
10 " 10     "       10      "      etc.
This is for Dry Goods, Millinery or Gents' Furnishings J
either of our three stores. We stake our reputation thf
no.one knows the weight of the coul, nnd Messrs. HUM
and McKenzic will see that every one is fairly treated.'
Great Gash Br; floods & Men's Furnishings Stor,]
Com mercial St., Nanaimo, B. C.
pentletl for street work, luaving tlSMJ yot Too  Maple  Lenf   baseball team  will nieilii-al committee.
available.   Raceive I anil lllt-il. n,eet the Stnrsof Xuiiiiinioon tliecrlckel      The meiliual I'oimnlMee elected were:   Utiles  and   Clilldn
Tbe road   foreman's   report,  statin;; groun,i jn this city on Saturday to de- j. Gillespie, from  No. 1 shaft: William
(Travel had been placed on Ci x  road cide the third game and the champion- Solve, No. 5 j and Alex. McNeil, Protec
and cattle and dogs impounded, was re- s|,i,,i     \ „,„„\ ,.;imi. is exiie -led.               : ij,ni
ceived and filed. Grenville Kleiser, who has won golden      On motion of John Diamond, it was |
On motion ,,f Aid, Morton, the Com
Sewing   done
neatly.   Prices reasonable.   Address
162 Nicol Street.
Mrs. A. Baldwin
Offers ber services to the Ladles of Nanainio as an EXPERIENCED MUSK,
who has bad large experience in and
through the Northwest Territories, Address
si; Nicol Street.
opinions as a  reader ami impersonator onleruil that tha management  bo asked |
wherever he has appeared, will enter- ui provido blankets at the mouths of the
eil went into committee on  the by-law  laii, lil(. |)( ,,. ,„  ,|lis ,.Ity Aug. 2) and shafts for use in case of accident.
to regulate the riding ol bicycles.   The122, aml will no doubl  receive a hearty      a motion also prevailed that a com-
'"a"'*""'1" ' tlu' by-law was agreed  we) ,, mlttoe „,- livi.  be ;1| Interi ,„ ,,evl80
to and an amnudnient adopted making \ve have received the prize-Mat of the Lavs and means if procuring an am butt optional to use either a liell ur whistle a ,,| ;,„„„.,,| Bbmvof theWellinglou buice and anibiilance corps. The follower signal purposes.     Aid. Sinclair sug-   District Horticultural, Agrlctiltural and ing eonimittoo   was  appointed:   Ralph
gested that a provision be added lor cur-   in,liistriiil  Society, whi.-h  occurs Wi I- Smith, John Dial I,  Arthur Wilson.
rying lamps at night, and on tnution of Lesday.Sepl. 10,  Entries close Wedncs- Tully  Bovce and William  Smith,   Ot
Aid. Planta, the committee
ported progress to admit, of ;
vision being drafted
Aid. Wilson was granted leave to in-; u..,s .,,,-,,.• |y married Monday eveniini al 0„ this subject,
troducea by-law praviiiiny for lhe s.,l,-  ,,„. ■*„, Vi,u House to Mies Annie Pud-      Votes of thanks to the Medical OfBeer.l -    —.,.„ , „ .-.^ ,
of lands two years in arrears for taxes.      „,,„:,,,,„ ,,„.,„, Eng., Rev. W. the secretary and the chairman broughj   B^c^efeK^t!'""   "   	
Aid. Planta was granted pernii.-icioii to Ai i;,,,,,.,,, oiiii-iating. the meeting to a dose.
introduce a by-law to borrow a sun. oi     The Tees, the line new steamer which gn*a-~—-~-—*•****•-- -*-.>.   ■■;-m
lho ('. P. N. Co. purchased In Eneland
to replace the Maude on the U est (lonsl
oute, reached Victoria  early yesterday
She   is  a  line steel vessel   of
rose and re- Jay, Sept. 9. motion of Ralph Smith, this committee  \]        ' 11     ' |\'       J
a lamp pro-      Mr, Herberl Foster, head el. rk in Ste-   WM also instmeted to*consider thoi I-1 tV|j|{||||J()  |)11S1|]()SS UilTI'lOl'V
venson & Co.'s drv goods establishment,   tion of inaugiirating a series of lectures!     ' '
money for the purchase and extension of
the water works.
Aid.  Planta  urged   the   necessity ol   ,,    i>;
building  the Newcastle sidewalk, and 335 tons, single screw, and registered in
after sume discussion, lotion ol Aid.   ,h(. highest class al Lloyd's.
Wilson, the .-street , im,-  was  iii-      The City of Nanainio is to be placed   pnpii-.-ii r *n  KB
Structed to bring in an approximate es- „n ,i,,. Comox  route, nnd the .loan  on   (jKllW VILLd  fk\
timate of putting the sidewalk in proper Li,,, Von ver route   In opposition to -^-v-W^/V*
"■•"P*"-'1"* the  Union S. S. Co.     If BiifHcienl   In-
Mayor Davison said he had Itch re- ducement can be obtained fi the gov-
questedtoask the use of the Council Lr enll  the City will   make two re-
chaniber for the meetings of the anti-  turn trips to Comox per week.
Chinese coinmittee, and, on motion, the      Mr. Frank S. Taggart, special corre-
same was granted, spondentof the Toronto Mail and Em-
Ald.Sinclalr drew attention to the ne-p|rei  was in the city Monday.   II    Is
cessity of  providing the  extra  streel   eommissionud  to  examine and   reporl
/1    V. TANK, llnrrlstcrn
<'.   Johnston llloek.
Johnston lilock, Com
\r.\K\Yoo|i ,v  VOUXO, linrristeis, Comoro]
id Solicitor, Room II.
llioiislers.   Room   11,
nsrclnl slrcot,
ommercial nu.l lltifition slreels.
rp   IIARUV, Hotaiiio DniKirlsl, WlnlleM Cros.
X.   cent.   Try Ilardy'B I'lfo Ointment.
Du. mason, tieiitist    Extracting ti specialty.
Qasaml Etliorndinlnlstcrod.
nine. Odd l''0lloH''B lilock, N'limiilini.
Reader and Impersonator.
.1. CL'RHY, O. li. S., Clreen Block,    lirst-
cli,.-> work BUiiriintL'ed.
lights (hat had been ordered, ami moved
that the Electric Light Company be requested to have them placed in position
by the middle of September, Carried.
upon the milling situation In this province, together witli its general development, the statistics of the pasl and lhe
probabilities of tiie future    The  fact
I i iRESCES'l' I'HAIUIACV,   II.ii.i. it Stbaiihan,
;l    proprietors.   Victoria Crcsceut.  Oispouslng
:iii<i iiiiiiiiy rei Ipea « specialty,
MclioWKI.I,. ATKINS. WATSON CO , Limited.
Mciliciil [lull, corner , oiiiinercial nml Has-
lion streets,   'i'cleplione 1-11-6.
Council adjourned until Monday next,  thai tin-mosl influential journals of the
■*'**"■ '   |l9|  are now devoting considerable at-
Sini'lay Ubservanco Discussion,
meeting al i
M. C. A. ball Sunday evening  to bear
■n .,,.,(. , atieY.|tr,t,rto,thU,pr"    i^umt\ IBSBM IHi VII m\ 99
, |)ea|:| that its advantages are being recognized   SATURDAY, i  .*lLU.  ClV   tllKI  LL,
the  Sabbath   Observance   Hv-law dis
cussed.   Mr. Thos, Bryanl pn sided.
lieVB.  Hall  and  (iuitton,   who   «,„
,, imlch   sent   out   li
among  the   principal   speakers,  made ,,       ,    .,..       ,.
as never 1 efore,
Last Thursday's San  Erancisco Call
earnest appeals for the observance ol
the Sabbath ami the eul'on cni.-u! of li
| contains lhe following reference to a ills-
Portland  Btaliii(i
bat the Citv of Everetl was Been towing
— in rim —
Y. M. C. A. HALL.
ppoin N°^; On,
■<^»^.To thc End of Auguj
r2)losii}g'-o{it Iripes
Must be the Order of the Daj|
Exceptional Opportunities in Many Linl
Lawns, Prints, Flannelettes, Muslinl
Chambrays, Girghams, and all Sui.l
mer Goods at a 10 per cent, reductic-j
to clear.
Will be Reduced to Very Low PHcpJ
— .■♦,},•-■■*•—
jJ3^"Call nnd save money here by getting our cash en
count, instead of n chance for a bike, etc.—money saved
money made—at the
.P.S. Slor*
VANMMn  HVI-:   WORKS.   Dyeing, Cleaning
ti   nml Roimirlug    M Nicol mreut.
i . iiiAin.ToN. .Milliliter.
law relating to saloons, although they
wen- not prepared to Bay who were
responsible for the non-enforcemenl ul
the law. Kev. 0, A. McHae, however, |
blamed the police force for tin whol
matter, nml, toemphasizu IbecorreetueB
of his opinion, said he would undertake
a derullel:   "There was a  telegraphic
"'  story  fr  Portland, Or., to the ell'eel
Ibal the ttluilel.ack (hy of  Everetl  bad
Reserved Seats, BOe
towing her south. The Bailing vessel
had losl her formasl and mo listed, according to lho dispatch. The City of
IJveretl arrived this niorning, and the
captain  sa.vs he  ran  a  stralghl  course
General Admission, 26«.           ,.   svw.vk, i*in..nclnl am
Children half price,   '"•  Johiui Hock.
it    MAIWII, u hole-nl,.  Ilealor  ln   Kisli  und
"•    tliiniu, litistion street, Sannltnu.
/ > HASH IIOTHI.   '... Stkbi., l'ru|irlotor   Vic.
' I   torlii i iv.-iiiit.
I STKIINATIONAI. IKI'I II.   I'li'l l.l; « l.li.l.i:,
1   Itoprleior.   Vlclorlu cremonl.
1 11,-11 ranco Agent, |
Bieyde?. Bicycles.]
To Bicycles done on our premises at the shortest possible notice.
to enforce the law II vested wit   police •       , ,   1
.     -,    ,      , ' from Mattery, and never spoke a disabled
authority for three weeks.
Mayor Davison, who arrived late.gave
vessel during the trip."
Mail (els. bring tbe besl returns,
a brief history of the Burnley Obsorv ■<■
By-law, terminating «bh its reference
to tho Police Magistrate, wilh wl  it Awarded
still remained. He was still uwalting Ha   Highest Honors—World's Fair.
return, ami it    i,   i|S  return   il was
found to be legal, he would do his best
11 have it enforced, In reply la Kev.
Mr. Gunton, the Mayor denied having
told any pollcuma ii to enforce the
law. lie also referred to the recent In.
fractious uf the RxploHlvee Lty-law. He
had instructed the Chief of Police to lay
information against, tho responsible parties, but for some reason nothing bad-
been done.
The pr p iota haw discovered I1 at
Bryan's luck Isahnn lui tly -ifHare 1 with
the imi_i.' number 7. " VV, .1. Bryai, '
lontalns 7 letters; the convention met
on tb" 71 li day of the 7ib month, and
his I coin at thi C.iHon House was No
His so . ts 7 years old    To thl
■ i    | id 11
and ti:" ihnln ol   "a '■
When you want a delicious dish of Ice ('renin,
call at MoKENZIE'S,
on V I'TolllA CllKSCKNT.
Always on band.
I NASH, House unit Sinn I'liinter. I'lijier-
.». ItAiigor. cic Corner Alhort and Milion
i-ireeis.   p. ti. box tlt'S.
lltKMAN A   HA
Itiisiinn Btreot.
pOKKMAN ,v  HARDY, Uciil Estate llrokets,
Ice. Ice.
The Union Brewing Co.,
Limited Liability,
-' Delivers ](']•) at residences,   Order before  twelve o'clock,   Terms
A pure Gr.-ipe Cretim of Tartar Powder.    Fret   i   ,.l,
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant ^ BREKHU CO., Limited Liability.
40 Years the Standard. VV. E, Noams, Seu'ty.
11   TAYLOR, nenlorln nil khuls or Newand
U. Secoml-lland I'lirnlture, nml Fauoy Artl-
ales ot overy desorlptton,
UlUQIllo Dlllldlng, Coiniiierelnl street.
The Best Results
Next to Sloun & Scott's Old Stand.
P, S—A large'consignment of bicycle sundries just arriv-
fl-om tlie east.
JN  THE  M \li
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs
-a*—. DONE  BY  THE        —a
Fioneer Steam Lanndrl
mmm \ By mi doing vou will PATRONIZE WHITE LABOH
B**   ( And help to OET RID OF THE CHINES]
J>ye Works in connection—^^m^sssl
t'.o. Bos Bo. D. M. STEWART, Proprietor.


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