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The Nanaimo Semi-Weekly Mail Jul 11, 1896

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 * Lib/*:
; : r;|
By the test of public opinion
and found "all right."
Second Year
And Increased success of the
people's paper, the
Nanaimo Mail.Z5g^
I- oui business, and the superiority of our work commends itself, while us to prices
\ It Is Profitable
/iL//v?s/  • .    \ To deal with us.   All classes
""*      " of work for all classes of custo
mers is our specially.
VOL. II.-NO. (5.
Now is the Time
Infesting Trees, Shrubs,
Flowers und Vegetables.
ooooo    o:—
You want something that will do the business
effectually, yot will not injure the most
lelicate flower or plant.
Docs thc trick.    Try a tin.
We also have in stock Wliulo Oil Soap, used
by all Fruit Growers.
We have a small stock of Fruit Jars—Pints, Quarts and
Half Gallons. -J?
Delta and Duncan's Creamery Butter and choice Manitoba
Creamery and selected Dairy Butter in 5, 10, 20 and
30 lb. tubs.    Trices awuy down.
Sterilized Cream from ihe Delia Creamery, very choice, in
Pint Jars.
We have a full line of the best Groceries at the Bottom
Prices.    Quality Guaranteed.
We have just opened oui a large consignment of Boots and
Shoes.    Prices are right.
Call and Soe our Stock and Get our  Figures.    It will pay
j I  Canadian Liberal Victory and Empe-   Jjl ; l';
When yon want a delicious disli of Ice Dream,
call at MoKENZtB'S, Laurier S'vorii In as President
on V.otouia ObeSOBNT,
Always ou bund.
rial Zellverein Discussed
Mr. Isaac  N. Ford rallies  from ■
London to the N. V. Tribune as fol- The Presidential Ticket of the
of Privy Council.
Ice. Ice.
Cabinet Will lie Announced on
Monday—•Tuppor Wil Lend
the Oppositioo.
The Union Brewing Co, \ -^^^CK
Limited Liability,
Delivers ICE at residences. Order before twelve o'clock. Terms
IDN BREVrTIKO CO.. United liability.
\V. E, Noititis, Scc'ty.
Mrs. A. Baldwin
Offers her services to the Ladies of Nanaimo as an EXPERIENCED NURSE,
who bus hud large experience in
through the Northwest Territories,
80 Nicol Street.
««%-»v%«%««««-»-v««%% -»-»-»-v**w-*%'V?
Ladies   and   Children's    Sewing   done
neatly.   Prices reasonable.   Address
162 Nicol Street.
Lodge Notices.
ie Plater
In Black and Tan.
Ladies' Canvas Oxfords, 1
^In Black and Tan.
Ladies' Kid Oxfords,    j.
Children's Tan Button Boots und Low Shoes.
Cash Boot and Shoe Store,
No. 17 & 19 Commercial Street.
E. E. c. JOHNSON, Manogor,
Inkermnn  Lodge,  No. SSS, <^f)ri3 of St.
t'UDAY evening ut 8 o'cloi
brethren cordially invited to attend.
KltUI). W.WiHTAFI.', Sec.
i Okell & Morris'
Pure Preserves
Prepared from Choice B.C.Fruits
und i>. C. Sugar.
Thoy are the Purest and Best.
Ottawa, July 1) Sir Charles
Tupper went to Government House
tbis morning and handed over to
His Excellency the great seal of
Canada, which will   be transferred
lhc re-;
tiring Premier hade good-bye to all
thc clerks of his department, and
also expressed his acknowledgments
to the correspondents of the Con-'
scrvativo newspapers.   Sir Charles
expects   In    lake  up   residence  in
his new house in this city in live or
six weeks.    Until   such lime, however, as  L dy   Tupper   returns  to
Ottawa he will make his home with !
his sun, Sir   ililibcrt  Tupper,  who
will retain his  residence here until
the close of lhe coming session.
Two thousand people welcomed
Wilfrid Laurier when he arrived
here at 8:M") to-night in response lo
His Excellency's summons. Beyond three hearty cheers when the
Premier-designate alighted there
was no demonstration. Accompanied by Mr. Belcourt, one of the new
members-elect for Ottawa, Mr. Lau-
rier-drove immediately lo the Bus-
sell house, where a large crowd was
awaiting him. After registering he
shook hands.witli a few acquaintances and then retired to his room.
Presently an orderly from Government House made his  appearance
lows: The Canadian election was a
godsend for the Cobden Club, whioh
celebrated the 50th anniversary of
lhe repeal of theoorn laws by a dinner at the Ship lloiei, Greenwich.
Il gave chairman Leonard Courtney
a source of consul a lion during a long
spcecli in which Mr. Chamberlain's
zollvereiu scheme was assailed as
an invention of that enemy of Cob-
(l'nisin. Sir Charles Tupper was
described as a false guide who had
inspired the Ottawa conference and
had attempted to show the way to linn opened the
unite the empire by surrendering
free trade, but now that the election
had been held it was clear that Canada was not at his hack. Mr.Court-
noy regarded the election as an uprising in favor of free trade and a
special Providence on behalf of thc
Silver Democrats.
'robahilily Tlmt (lie Populists Will
Endorse I lie Ticket, Wlllcll Is
Considered o Winner.
At the U.S. national Democratic
convention at Chicago on Thursday
Senator Ben Tillman of South Oaro-
debale in behalf
if free coinage. lie made a must
bitter speech, attacking the administration of President Cleveland and
denouncing the gold puuplc of New
York as slave drivers. He declared
that the issue of silver vs. gold was
a sectional one and would  prevail.
Cobden Club. American politics he He -aid: "There is not a paper in
did not consider equally encourag- this city that is not in the power of
ing. lie compared Cleveland with i the money influence. They will not
Peel, and described him as "an un- '< give us a fair show." lleconcluded
conscious but real convert to free by pledging the solid vote of the
trade."   He predicted that, as the|South to any good straight  silver
Senator Jones, of Artansas, chair-
McKinley tariff hud caused great
popular reaction against it, SO a
.McKinley presidency would bring
about another great reaction in favor
of free trade. Mr. Courtney condemned Mr. Chamberlain's proposals as double-faced, with free trade
on one side and protection on the
other, and ridiculed the idea that
the cost of living and production
should he increased in the empire
for the sake of augmenting one-
fourth of the volume of trade, while
diminishing the remaining ihree*
Lord Playfair spoke in the same
strain, attacking the zollverein idea
and denying Ihat free trade had
been in any sense a failure. Lord
Kimberley also spoke of the customs
m afl
at  the   Russell, and   ii   was  soon
(,V"i'!ii'.—i;egniur'wecklynicetiii'i"isiield'| learned that un appointment for an I union with the colonies as
in Hubert's Hull, Wharf street, nn Sat- interview with His Excellency bad  tounding proposal from a fesi si
Visiting i been arranged for to-morrow morn-: Me minister and one that was ut
J »?B* ! lerly impracticable,
. I    'There seems  to  bo  no  question
regarding   the   leadership   of   lhe
opposition in federal politics.   Sir
Charles Tupper has received assurances of loyal and   hearty  support
from Conservatives in  all   parts of I
the Dominion, and unquestionably  p "
he will be the unanimous choice of
the party whon the time comes for'
them to select their leader.
. Toronto, July 9.—An Ottawa dispatch   to  the   Mail-Empire  says:
" British   Columbia  must   have   a
Chinamen Crowd the Farmer Out of
the Wellington Market.
Haying is in full   swing  under  the
fnt favorable weather, and in a few
lays all will be gathered in.
The farmers hare pul nearly all their
man of the resolutions committee,
said br could not allow the charge
of Mr. Tillman that this was a sectional issue to pass unchallenged.
The siiver men, who had been
plainly depressed by some of Mr.
Tillman radical utterances, gave
Ihis statement an earnest volley of
applause. "I am a Southern man,"
he continued; "Icarried a Southern
musket during the war, but I repudiate the suggestion that this question knows any section." Flying
Hags and handkerchiefs and the
approving roar of 16,000 throats
The feature of tho debate, however, was tho brilliant speech of
Wm. Jennings Bryan, the gifted
orator of Nebraska, which took the
convention by storm, and, as it
proved, decided the nominee for the
It has boon said that William
Jennings Bryan, of Nebraska, "won
fame in an hour," by his address
on the tariff in Congress in March,
1892, but his race for fame began
twelve years prior to that date, for
he was a student of  political econ-
gardens down inio clover, us the Chinamen have run them out of the Welling- oniy at a   very  early  age and was
ton market,   li people did not patronise Pul on llu' stump before ho was old
these aliens, white farmeis could make enough to vole.     Mr.   Bryan  was
i to vole.     Mr.
{born in Salem, 111., March 19,1860.
in'.       t Tupper will   His father was a prominent lawyer
BARKER .V: POTTS, Barristers nml Solicit
CoiniiieiTial sited.
full-fledged'minister with a porl- a good living.
folio.    That is the demand  which      Some peopl ■■,.,,-
the four Liberal members fro,,, the <™Qr ^ "P. ■*»•■ "»™ »"■ ■»"» wbo and ;l ««»■'Jn«W.   Young Bryan
Pacific province propose to make to  bellow the fool-killer is neglecting bis was a graduateofthelllinoiscoUege
If the Liberal leader is business «1> here when they hear those ind of the Union law college.   He
mossbaeks talking.   An Old Father,     married Miss Mary   E.  Baird and
lis sign as au  attorney in
Neb.     His total income
ii   l\ CANE, Barrister and Solicitor, Room 11,
Johnston lilock.
MclNNES & McINNES,  Barristers,  Room 0,
Julinsinn Block, Commercial street,
I   yAltWoon *  YOUNG, Barristers, corner ot
.    "    Cotiiinereiiil ami Bastion streets.
m  iiahiiY, Botanic, nruitslst, Wlnfleia Cros
X.  cent.  Try Hurdy'B 1-tle Ointment.
ZlZnT'**™ Do Not Fail
to come and inspect our stock of
Ladies' 5 Children's Millinery
Our stock this season we assure you is
complete in every respect and bound
to please. It comprises all the latest
novelties, etc. A very line and well
assorted stock of Ladies' Sailors and
Children's Galatea, Silk and Lace Hats.
Crescent Store,
Nanaimo, B. C
Du. mason, ivniisi    Extracting a specialty
Otis ami Ktlier in I m in isterei).
Ottlco, Odd-Fellow's Blook, Nanaimo.
J. uilllilV, 1). 1). s„ (irecn Block.    First-
class work gunrnniood.
l>   prnprlclors.   Victoria Croseent
.'seem.   DlSpOUsltlg
ami iimiily rci Ipos a Bp<]
-111 UOWIXI., ATKINS, WATSON I'll., I.linllett.
lU Medical Hall, corner, lUillnoieial ami lias-
linn slreels.   Telephone 1-8*5.
Nanaimo UYK WORKS.—Dyolng, Cleaning
antl Kupairini;    11 Niettl street.
C. (.'UAiti.ToN, Malinger,
G    MARSH, Wholesale   Healer  ill   Hsh   ami
•     Game, Bastion street, Nanaimo.
-W. Stkki., Proprietor—Vlo
X  Proprietor.  Victoria Crescent.
aimer. It the Liberal leader
not prepared to accede to this re-J
"-'quest there will be dissatisfaction
i and perhaps worse. Senator Mclnnes is regarded as the likely man.
He has been mentioned for a scat
in the cabinet without a portfolio,
but that will not lie accepted.
A Regina dispalch says that all
the ballots are now recounted in the
WcsiAssiniiioia election. Mclnnes
stands metiliead, but ninety ballots
have been held over to  be  argued.
Ottawa, July, 10.— The new cabinet will lie sworn in Oil Monday
and its first act will be to pass an
orderin-council untie rizing the
issue of a proclamation for parliament to meet on Wednesday, Aug. 12.
Mr. Laurier spent two hours witli
Lord Aberdeen this morning, ami
has been in consultation with his
friends all the afternoon and evening. Sir Richard Carlwright, Hon.
David Mills a ml Mr. Win. Patterson
of Brant arrived to-day.
Last week 2f> members of parliament were gazetted,    This week the
mini her is increased lo 146, showing |
that the returning officers arc sending in the writs promptly.
The only appointment appearing
in the Canada Gazette to-morrow is
that of Chief Justice Davie to be
administrator of the government of
Hritish Columbia duaing the absence on leave of Lieu-Qovernor
pastor, Rev.  D. A. MoKa
antl 7
put out i
for the first  six months was $68;
after that he  had a   fine  practice.
His wife has also been admitted to
the bar and is in more senses than
next Sal.bath at
.■Morning  subject,
evening subject,   "The Young wives usually are a helpmate to her
ctirlstian Church!'" 0alifornia :""i tl,e husband.    Mr. Bryau is a smooth-
The Y. I'. S. C.'e.meets i lediately faced, cleau out,  handsome man, a
after the evening service. A most cordial fine speaker, a  ready  debater and
invitation ia extended lo all young peu- an ardent tariff reformer.    Since his
retirement   from  Congress he has
W!1VX*S „ inv„ beenacliveuponoccasionsinspread-
Sixth   Sunday   after Trini'ty-Holy i«« the frra  silver  propaganda all
Communion, 8 a. tn.; Morning Prayer, overtne Wesl and down  into New
Litany and sermon, n a. in.; Sunday Mexico, never failing to secure consul '. -::;" I'-uo; Evening Prayer and verts,    lie began his congressional
sermon,  7 p.	
will preach at
time as rot
pie in the church to attend this dovotion
The    I
this service
W. Taylor
for the last
Hand oi It
pe Mi
I'.U I.'
WOLFE, '•Tntini'ial ami Insurance Agont,
ohliston llloek.
l-AIN'l'IMi,  I'AI-HU-lIAN't.IM.
NASH,  House   antl sign Painter,  I'nper-
Hangor. etc.   Corner Albert anil Milton
slreels.   P, 0.box MS,
CtOREMAN it I1AR0Y, Ben! Bstate lookers,
P    Bastion street.
iy  TAYLQR, Denier in nil klmls ol Now and
Ut Beootid-lliui'l'-h'itrntture, and Fancy Aril-
clcs of every description.
Masonic Building, t'oiiiiiierelal street.
careor ny carrying an overwhelming!) Republican d^triet by 7,000
inlay al 8:30 p, m. majority. Though his views on
finance are at variance with those
of some great Democratic states-
nun, recent ilovcl ipments have
shown that lie is in advance rather
L'"s"""  iu the rear of Democratic progress.
layevonlngal As| *°n8 n8n ,|s 1895, "' a spcechin
Missouri, Mr. Bryan said lie believed ihe Democratic party would
lake its position at the next national convehtion and declare in its
platform for the free coinage of
silver at 16 to 1.
, p,
Bifxtli Sunday ailcr Trinity—1(1 n. in.,
Sunday school; il a.m., Matins, Li tuny
ami sermon—Nemesis (2 Sam,, 1), the
UoBpel for lhe day.     7 p, in.,   I'.v
and sermon,
Church coinniilte
bailies' iiiiil.l garden party on rautory
grounds Tuesiluy evening.
Kev. T. \V. Hall, pastor. Services tit
11 ainl 7 p, in. Sunday school and Bible
class nl !J*80 p. in.   All arc welcome.
The Salvation Aamy will h
moating on the Green, Sunda;
at tl o'clock.
thl a camp
Laurier Sworn In.
Ottawa,,!tily Ll,—Hon.Wilfrid Laurier
was sworn In as President of the Privy
Council to-ilay and  took charge of the
otllce this afternoon,
Sir Oliver .Mowut joined Mr, l.auricr
at the Russell to-day, li is not likely
that the cabinet will bo formed bflfoie
Aii analysis of thi new House of Commons Dhows that 00 members elected
wero not in the last Parliament; 15 of
those, however, sat in previous Parliaments. There are, therefore XI nun
quite now to Parliamentary life,
Chicago, [11., July 11—Sewell, of
Mai ne has been nominated for Democratic vice-president.
Topeka, Kas, July 11—Governor
Llewellyn says there is no doubt in
his mind thai the Populist Convention will also nominate Bryan. Personally, he is very much in favorof
the Democratic nominee. Llewellyn
is the delegate at largo to the St.
Louis Convention and probably
voices tbest'iiliiiient of the 77 whom
!      ;as will sond;to the Convention.
Peas produced in and imported
body will be interred nt  from the United Kingdom for pur-
structions from Mr. \V. M. pones of seed have been placed on
the free list.
Mr. W. M. Langton, of tho Magnot
stores, received a telegram on Thursday
announcing the death of bis only broil ier,
tl. S. Langton, at Chicago. Thedoceased
was well known and highly respected l
here, and at one lime Served as
church warden at St. Paul's church. He
was the eldest sou of lhe Rev. T. 11.
Langton, oi Langton, Liucolshire, laic.,
iiinl lho principal part ol his life was
spent iu ii. M, navy, after which be
taunt to Nanainio. A Widow and child
residing in Kngland are left to mourn
his loss. 'I In
Chicago by ii
Langton. - turn     wwtra
•j • #-.- Bmrrwmz
T£be Banaimo
BY   lill.
K. C. Brabd, Eil tn^aud Mi
pQfltloi] Streot. Nnnnnno, I). <'.
By mall—Ouo year	
"        six months ...
"        IChjoe months..
DoUveroct hy oarvluv	
The Prospective Tariff.
Of course it is only natural that
the representatives of the great
manufacturing interests cf the
country should not dread lhe worst,
in view of the well-known expressions of opinion of Sir Richard Cart-
wright against protection in every
form, and in favor of free trade
pure and simple; but we have been
assured upon reliable authority
that, even if he is given the position
lof finance minister, he will not he
The U.S. Democratic Convention allowed to force the ultra free trade
.    .713
._'- to. pel in
SATURDAY, at'i.Y n, is
Silver vs. Gold.
whicli met at Chicago on Tuesday
principle:',   aud   that  the  content!-
adopted a vigorous platform on the plated changes in the tariff will not
money question  as  opposed to the ,e of such a  drastic nature  as  to
gold Btandard polioy of the Rt pub- ,..,,,.., ,;,., destruction of anv of our
licans.    This problem will doubt- L,,L,..t national industries.      It is
less overshadow  .",11  others  in the stated  on   the authority cf a wcll-
coming campaign,   and   provided known Liberal who  is expected to
other parties wilh  free silver tend- occupv a position  in  the new cab-
enoios unite with the Democrats inet, that thero will be fewer changes
against the common evil, the result hn the present duties than  many
will doubtless prove disastrous to anticipate,  and  that  tlm tariff oil
the gold monopolists.    The follow- qaito a number of lines of manu-
jng resolutions have a sound ring:    | fuctured articles will remain undis-
We, the  Democrats oi  thu   United turbed.   Therefore, we say, give the
KfflrnT^n.'^ll^iaCuu 7%£i &™™™} » ^"• ^ let not
essential principles ol justice ami liberty juU-' manufacturers get frightened
upon which our institutions nre fonndod i before thoy are hurt.    On the other
and whicli the laeti ratic  party has hand, however, it must boapparent
maintained from Jotfei-sons time to onr  ,,,.,,,    th t   ...   u   • •*   k
own:   I'lee.ltiin  ol   speech,   loci.mi ol .'        ...   , .,. , ,
eonsolence, the preservation oi personal certain tariff changes will be made,
rights, the equality of all citizens ■ : m the sooner such modifications are
the law, an.l tlte faithful observance of decided upon tlic better, in order to
uti'stituhocailiiniiations. remove the  uncertainly  and  sus-
Itccii^iii/.iii'' thai the money question , .  , . J ., ., .
is paramount, to all others aulas lime, pense which must exist until this
we invite attention to tbe fact, that the important matter is settled, and
Federal Constitution names silver and which if prolonged io any length of
pol,lt,«ei;,cra:u:,c,u,,n,iyn!c:::!-o;l the   t; , t       depressing illflu-
United States, and that the lirst coinage , i      •   i
law passed by Congress i ndi i  the Con- fc!U;e upon the trade ul tin- country.
Btitutlon made the silver dollar tbe unit —Trade Bulletin,
of value and admitted gold to free coin-1
age at a ratio meiisiired by the silver] We want to see tbe tariff so re-
dollar iinit. arranged as not to diminish but lo
mSlt'l^rli'thoin'tV;tnowfe,'C ™&™^ *? opportunities for the
or approval of the American pi pli h energy und intelligence and enter-
resulted in the appreeiatiou of gold and prise of the Canadian people. We
a corresponding i.e.! in the price of com- want to see the farmer making bet-
modiliesprodncoilliythepeopo.aheavj■ Ler profil = the workingman making
increase in the burden of taxaliun and ol , ,, c . . , "
alldebts,pubHcandprlvate;theenrich- better wages, the opportunities for
niont of the money-Ion lingclassat In me the investment oi capital enlarged-
do not propose lo ile-
und abroad,  paralysis ol  industry ami :lH,-| while
inipovciishinerttoj'thc p ,1c-       " Ceive the people with such promises
Wo aro unalterablv opposed to t.e sin-        ,       , , ■'     ! .       ,r    , ,,
gle gold standard, which has locked last e.a heralded  the coming in of ihe
the prosperity ol an industrious people i National Policy, we i!" believe that
in the paralyse of hard times    G    I within a reasonable lime much may
mono-meUilisiiiisaBi-itish] ,licy found- be done by tho clearing away of un-
ed upon ltntishgreed forgaiuand power, I    .,.,-.       , •»        -      , ,
and iLH geiierai adoption has brought wise legislation, by economy and by
other nations into financial servitude tol the adoption of business methods
Loudon. Itisjiiotonlyun-Amoricnn.biit 0f administration.    The first dutv
^r,ri-nLr<!aiU willbetheformationofa strong
that indomitable spirit ami 'lovt ■ gove*' <-»-*•      ! '■;' "   :"   plenty   of
erty which proclaimed oui  political ;;:- good material at tho disposal of the
dependence in 1870 ami won it in tt.,' Liberal leader, and Ihere i- no rea-
""weVe^^ be content with
of the free and unlimited coil   gold anything  smut   of   ihe  vory  best.
an.i silver ai the present !i; il i ui'  ■ I Mr. • .■\:\'-v will, we believe, form
10 to 1, without waiting for thi an udminietrntion   that wili com-
consent of any other nation. We demand .„.,.,,] thi* con-fid  nconf thfi hm-inn-**-.
that tho standard silver dollar shall boo "'"■'" l"V ■'"•*"•'. ■'•• '■ ' '. \AL l-lfiness
lull legal tender, equally with gold, for community, which  will mane ll-c
I'll debts,  public and  private, and we business man feel that he may pro
favor such action as wili prevent tbe tic-' cee(j ^ ;•:, i,;.; legitimate enterprises
hv'l";^oUT,o,;";y   'gi",""lu'""":1- 'n the assurance that he will not
oy private contraut. ,    , .   ,      ,      ,        • ,    ,   ,     , ,
„,, ,     .,,      t-  *,   i   a-  , be hindered nm! may lie helped bv
lhe people of the  tinted  States ,, ,     , ,    .'    , ,■•
1    ' ,.   .       . ... those who have control of publio
are now suffering  from a lack oi    .., .       .„       ,   ,,. . '
, . , affairs- foronto bloho.
labor and money, not   on  account  ♦♦•—
of the tariff, as the   McKinglej ; o
would have us believe, but  simply
because of the gold standard, the
demonetizing  of   silver, and thc .
..     °   _,        ,   ,      ,■   ,, Neglect ofthe leeth,  wuh reference
contraction    and  control    ot   the :   ■>,     . '    . ,    .
, , _ lfii to  the  importance   of   employing
volume of monev  by  the hankers !
The Hiatal Cheap Jack,
The  Dominion   Dontal Journal
ncludes a long  article on  "The.
ii; ul ' le and qualified praolition
er   with the following noleof warn*
ing:   "The   dentists  form  a very
important addition to the means of
preventing and treating several of
payable and receivable for ali debts, jthe *°Jt Painfnl and extensive dis-
tuch a currency as this, backed by "J868 "f thenge;   ' l?ere 19 no *" ,c''
the wealth, dignity and integrity of disease so prevalent in every country
of the world. There is uo mystery
about it. When the people shall
break away from the grip of Shy-
Jock and shall create by act of Congress its own legal tender money, -
' • , i   ,     ,. , , ,*   , the most painful
ible for a i debts, , .}
every American citizen, would for
ever take lhe people out of the
hands of the bankers and brokers,
and such a catastrophe as a money
famine could never happen in the
world. This would be scientific
money, a token of wealth, a tool uf
commerce and a measure of value.
There is but one true, standard of
value in ihe world, and that is the
quantily of labor  required   to pro
as decay of the teeth. The press
the provinces owe a duty to their
readers to arouse interest in this
matter. We may refer iu this place
to the injustice the public in country
places suffer from tho periodical
raids of traveling quacks, who look
upon farmers and village residents
as easy subejets for humbug. The
mischief these tramps do, under
piel.c;i(.c oft he ipi'.e-'s ainlof possess
-, . ine wonderful oxolusive remedies,
duce that value,   and   when people •  '     ,,  i , .iii1
,.    .i :.•„,. i ' is well known to respectable den-
pan realize this fact and   act   upon '
it, the despotism of gold will be at
an end, and industries would blossom like the rose. Il is as clear as
sunlight that the contraction of
currency to enhauue ihe purchasing
power of gold is the utmc of our
age, and is the source of misery,
vice, prostitution and crime.
lists, But imposture must have its
vi'dims in the country as well as
in the city, and if tho cheap adventurers cannot Bnd sufficient tools in
the oitioi lo keep them going, they
will endeavour to drum them up in
lho rural districts. We feel it our
duty to ask the co-operation of tho
press and the leading men of these
districts in protecting thc people
from   one  of  the  most bare-faced
Municipal ownership should  receive the attention  and  favor of ,
organized labor   at  every   point. [ humbugB of modem times.
Chinese and scab labor find a fit
lington Knter-
whieh deserves its reward.
Cities are being added  monthly to
the list of those who are advancing
in theline of municipal ownership I champion ir. the We
oflight,gasandwaterplants. There
is no reason why every municipal
corporation bh iuld not only own
and control these, but the street-oar
lines as weil, and run them in the
interest of the people and iu, vr; them
as a source of revenue, lessening the
tax burdens of the citizens and relegating to the roar all maimer and
form of private monopoly and extortion upon the masses of the
people. Typographical Journal.
sit.} I'i'i! ti littlo went nf Allit-rl streot:
siov IVhttfltil'i'a Blgn—aura 'twas h treat;
it. opi 't. 1 tho !tt"r mitt Ooorgo stem] within—
' I've annul lt lit lust," snys itriiui o'l.yiiii.
We allowed him tun-cull booui,ltld and cowhide,
Thu "r, • ive ■'" itt- mosl -no Boiun-j at Ilia siilc.
We've Ijuntanl .ill kinds IromCltiebei tl Berlin.
* Sure t-oii'vu boota lor Out million," says lirlan
to  witeli  lite        O'Lynn. [notraahl
ut  wuti.il  iiib   [t0 •,„„„•,* i.tin hia boots, which ol oouree were
antics of   tbe \\ ellltlgton Jumping* I lie I       dnwn lii« monoy, (nr wu ai'll only lor
jack when ll o  Mail inspires the n'
It is very anins
lin O'Lynn Iiml no bonis to wear,
I , ottin'o at N.iiiaiinn in buy lilm a pair:
"I'll have nil!- pair ni in irk ami tine Jtair til tliill,
11 1 can llinl Whitfield's," saya Brian O'Lynn.
lie hunte i the self's all along tho main route,
Sa\s :.,::  'i lie riehl one I've not vol foil ml out.
« mt WhltiK l.l   I'll buy only Irnio him,
lly thai heapeat," snvs itrian O'l.yiiii.
powers that lie to null the strings,
As people generally understand the
situation, they consider the source
and govern themselves accordingly
only fi
III    ■ ■   : "lit tin
.i.i WhltHuld," snys
ell ill,   IcilBll.
Brian o' Lynn
"If there's n loali In tho too or aide of yonr shoe.
.in-1 luliu ii to Whitlloltt, linn's ah yon nee.l ilo;
:!■■...      m a or pateh juat while you are In,
Ami Ihu i ■,;-,,.,. :f„.,is UkoIJOtlllllg," says lirlan
ll'l Villi.
as witness the result of the rec.nti WHITFIELD, UlU Shoe 3Iail,
20 MEN
lining Deal
$100 Each Only
$25 Down
25 in 1 Month
25 in 2 Months
25 in 3 Months
I would do my beat to
make this a big success,
Call and see me,
Kill WOKITAfS   ?•■'£?
CHII.BRE-N-.      '•     -v
If you do, it'll mako n great difference
with the youngsters ami n still greater
(liH'crcncc with ynu. They'll he better
shod than Ihey possibly could be clnc-
svbere nud ut n considerably lesa cost.
When yuu can save money by buying
better goods, youv'o slriiuli a good inii-
tution of n bonanza. That's what you'll
always lind in our stock—llie best juviv
uile footwear in Nanainio. You can't
beat either our L-ooilH or prices. Yuu
iiii^ht as well try to beat u drum with n
M-Biprm w-imv-wut •*«**> jLMei^»»m»*«-*wa»liWIWMft J
The Most Complete Stock ]
0 F—
Broken Bicycles
-should in:—
Repaired in Oosd Shape
to avoid danger of accidents.
Repairing Bikes a Specialty
Sec thc HYSLOP.
Eevier House
Jas. McGregor's]
Victoria Crescent.
Carbqnatang and Bottling
MITC'IIISI.I, ,'c RUMMINO, Propriotow.
MRS, ,TAS. HAWKING, (late of the
Temperance House) desires to express her thanks to the public fur
former patronage, and now begs to
Stnte that tho Revier House bus
been comfortably arranged for the
iicconiinoi'.atiiin of boarders, steady
Or transient. Single or double rooms)
witli hot or cold water baths, and
electric light in each room. Everything strictly first-class and cbarges
moderate. Remember the house, a
half-minute's walk from the old
stand north.
The Globe Mote!
Jilts been renovated and rc-furnished,
and ia now conducted as a first-class
Ma. Albert Haccii can be found as
Superior accommodation is provided
for the public.
P. O. llox 226. Taloiihouo 7-!).
Nanaimo Meat Market,
v i crc > u i a a it rcsc k n t,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in all kinds of
_.    Fresh and Salt Meats,
"'"   Sausages, Etc ,
Meats DoHvored—
To any part nltlio City free of charge,
Biteciiil Alleiitlnii itiiitl lu Shipping onlem.
A Trial Sollcltod.
-n****,. H LEBERRV & CO.
Arlington fj°^c^
Having completed tiio oro'eUou ofthe Arlington
Hotel nt NANOOSE HAY, thin hondsome and
commodious hotel is now prepared to recolve
and oomfortably entertain travelers nnd others.
Ik presided over iiy Mrs. Tliompson, and the
Table d'Uoto oonitantly provided with uli the
dolioacles of Uio Reason. Combined with the
olegant furnished npn rim outs, the visitor llnds
tho surroundings of ihu most pleasant dosorip*
vu  uu cm stiisr, mn.umo.     i Jojinstoii'ia Block, Nanaimo,
Maukkt, Bastion Street.
Ktuamers and Shipping suppjied ou short notice
nt Wholosalo l'llci'H.
People who Appreciate——»
Have tbotrpresorlplionsdispousodat
Telephone 8.
Their Trices nre Right.
For a Cool Drink
Aakfor-:-    jgrSffi?""
Lawrence's (fSSSfiJiL
Mtniiiftit'tiireritflViiiiteriiiiee OrlnltB,SvriinB,&0,
llellveiH.l free In nil  p-irln ol illy nnil vlellillv.
£»{p* Piqmpl niieiiiiiiii paid toiililppliigardera.
TplBRnOno 3.4.  1'. O. lilts 711.   NaMAIMO.
Sliinnfiictiirci's of Leniniiiiilo, Ginger Al«, Bar.J
wipiirilln, Ciders, Ktc.
All Orders Promptly Attended To}?
Tolophono 20. I'. O. Box 00.
Notice to Ladies J
I AM AGENT for Nanaimo nnd Din-j
trlnts for the New and Perfect Cnrter'a
Tiiilurs' System. This system is up to.
dale; a perfect ladies' system; is witli-.
out a rival nnd c-nsy to learn; is notetlj
for its graceful lines and elegant forms*
it is not an experiment but a develops
ment, Jciin also teach how to use this]
systoin, iniil also all kinds of DrcsBinnk-l
ini' executed in lirst-class style. PrleceJ
in suit tlic times.   Address,
Margaret}[. Macilonald,
Nn. fill lliilihtirton Street, j
D. S. Macdonald's Store.
is in,: CHEAPEST
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Dm p. riiij
ill   li'   1 Ji
The Popular BakersJ
Will lie iii season niter
Sunday, and you should
not fail 'ni get the richest and best flavored, for
Which yuu must call at
Excelsior BakejyJ
Restaurant and Chop House
CoMMHUl'lAI.   S'r'ltl'KT.
Oysters in every stylo.
Meuls, '_!">u. and upwards. (
tlood Beds, 25c. und upwards,   -jj
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11V Sen'i- Sleep.       Open Day and Night,
City Market
Wholesale and Retail Butchers!
T. O. BOX 227
Telephone 7-8
(Julian Cigar Factory,]
our OigaiM nre miwto ol tho Ohotooit Haviuia j
TobaoooRi Our tamouB
Cuban Blossom *•*»
Black Diamond
Arc cnllctl for evorytvhoro, and uro nuiierior to^
tiny tmportod olgar.  MhiIc Ity Union Labpt,
M. .1. BOOTH, Wharf Street.
c. c. Mckenzie,    (|
Land Agent and Conveyancer,,
Town LotH nnd Partus tot Sole.   Honey to I/rnn
on uoftgagQ nt low riitt-B.    '
Agent tor the United Firo Intursnoo Cn*]ipa.njr
of .Mlilii'.lntHliir. linntimii, .
JOS. I. BROWN, Watchmaker.
oi! \vu\'!'h™ Donia^iiiitizeil sii,,rtN(itice
l|y SI'I'.CIAI. MAelllNKRY on tho Promises.
Flno imtl CompllOBtad Wiittlios nnd Clocks
Oarefully Cleaned and liepaireil
Fine CYI'I.OM KTHltS, Tor lllcyeles, In Sfoek.
CoiiNiili Clil'Ktil A.sii CilAi-El, Strkbt)!, m
Fi'^^-i.-i—.T'x*--.'-».-<-**"■* . T.r^wwi^T.^ass
tonight.     lie will, km in liia custom, put |
nn nt tin- Russell.    The Liberals' recep- |
inno rnn [riiiiBrn:',''™;'''i,''iC''n,''!l rowiue nt
The Government Is Dead—Long
Live the Government!
Darkest Days of a Rotten Regime
Precede the Dawn of a
Bright Future.
Ottawa, July 7—Sir Charles Tupper
resigns to-night. The cabinet met at
3 o'clock anil after the meeting will go
to KiJoiiu Hull to tender their resignations.
Sir Frank Smith arrived in the city
this morning to help the government to
close up sonic political mutters whicli
are under consideration. If this cau he
done to-dny there is no doubt but thnt
Tapper will rcBtgn this evening, lt is
doubtful if he will manage to get anything through before tomorrow. One
uf the ministers of the Crown said that
it might be Thursday before the premier
woutl he able to resign.
Hon. l'eter White was here yesterday.
He says a number of ballots were
thrown out in the North Iteiifrew recount because thoy were not marked in
the disc, but these would not huve affected the general result.
Ottawa, July 8.—VV. W. B. Mclnnes,
M.I'., and Mrs. Mclnnes, have arrived
here for the session, nnd are staying ai
the Russell.
Tupper drove to Ridenu Hall at.lOtHU
a.m. to-day nnd is now closeted with
Lord Aberdeen. The reason why Sir
Charles did not resign hist night is duo
to Lord Aberdeen refusing to sign cer-
jtnln appointments which tho government have put through council. These
appointments are said to embrace men
who have been members of parliament,
us well ns men who have noted as lieol-
,ers for the Col servntive party. If T'up-
,jtcr gels these nnpolntments put tlirougn
he will resign nl once, and if not, it is
■Ktitl that lie will hang on until parliament meets.
Sir Frank Smith, who Is here, and
other political friends of the premier,
are asking him to hold on until driven
out by nn adverse vole, but it is scarcely possible llint he will do so. lt looks
■IS if he would resign to-day. No nint-
tt r what is the result of the governor-
general's notion regarding the appointments, the better element of ihe Censor
v.'itive party would prefer thnt the gov-
ieraor-genernl would not sign the appointments, whicli nre in ninny ways highly
At 2 o'clock Tupper hatl not returned
from RitlciHi Hall, and his colleagues
are utterly Ignorant of what has trans
.piled there. Thoy expect to get reliev-
H to-night. They have nil left their
• ml are waiting for Lord
 jit the premier's resigning Lord Aberdeen (Ic-
::11 the ministers should
until  their successors ar
np ut tne unseen.     J.ne itinera is  recep- \    jSIJjJj.    V '?*! s E, ji ".■' "i, si again.'
tlori "10 him which is being arranged on     HII Ml    ,\ 'I IH IpHtallrW The report alluded to charges that the
a large scale,  will not take place until:    f la 3 B11 !  U (ill i 1 [SlSifB ll draw,  not  only  of  (his   year's  contest,
after his re-election.                                L-MUllLLU I UIl LL.II1.jM. ,mt th|. eonte/t with Conul|1 ,ast mr;
The Britishers Defeat Yale in
the International Contest.
London Papers Highly Compliment
the American Crew—A Hard
and Plucky Kace.
Tapper took farewell of the employed
of thc state department at .'1 o'clock to-
Toronto, July 9.—The Globe's Ottawii
special snys;:   Lord Aberdeen, after .**.ir
Charles Tapper's    resignation,    iminod-
lately summoned Mr, Laurier, who will
to-morrow  be entrusted  with  the task
of fortinng a new ministry.There wns n
grent deal of uncertainty  to-doy  ns to
the  event,   the     ministers     themselves
standing    around waiting for Tapper's
report.   The uncertainty arose from His
Excellency's refusal to sanction orders-
in-eiiiincil  passed  since June '_'*'i'.l, nm!
Tapper's insistence thnt they should h°
I signed.   Lord Aberdeen (Irmly    adhered
to wlrnt lu- considered proper constiti-
j lionnl principles, lie was asketl to
j sanction   no   fewer   thnn     about     four
hundred    orders iii-ooniioil  passed   since
June 28rd. and those were presented m
a  heap.   Xo wonder his  Iflxcellency ril
coiled   from   the  proposal,     nml     when
Tupper    Imagined    he could Intimidate
Lord Aberdeen, as he endeavored to tin.
| he found he bad to do wilh a gnvernoi'-
j genera! who was brought up in a bettor
! school. His excellency discovered thnr
'he wps called on to sanction the tlls-
I missnl of civil servants under the guise
let superannuation in or'or to make
; room for partisans nnd election workers. The creation of vacnncies in order j dington, of Medway Rowing Club easily
I to  fill   thrm   wns   far  beyond   lhe  most   iu 11:07.
won 1
In tbe first trial heat for (he Grand
Challenge Cup, First 'Trinity bent tint
Loudon Rowing Club by half n length,
lt was n line race, but both crews were
much tired at the finish. First Trinity '•
made a line spurt at the finish. Time— |
lind been doctored.
The umpire's launch carried the
coaches or the'crews, including Hob
Cook, to the starting point, where both
crews were found in waiting, The
crowd nt the start was larger than yesterday.
Both  boats got nwny  promptly,  with
the two  crews rowing    n    tremendous I
stroke of over dii.    New  College    slot \ it  was.
nliend ou clearing the island nnd bad n
lend of a quarter of a  length.    At the
end  of  n   minute    New    College    was
clear of  Leamler
stroke, while I
limit on  their faces, were pulling nt 42. I h.i
"Tii    ' 	
for criminals or    tin*    Hebrew    rice.
Deputy    Schneider  offered   nn   amend-1
ment  making it a  crime for a .lew  to
marry n Gentile.
The houso ,,f commons hy n vole of
27.i to 100 has rejected tin amendment
of Mr. Morley protesting ngninst the
government proposal thnt Indian troops
he tent to Sunk™ lo participate in the
Nile expedition ngninst the dervishes.
The proposal had proved so very unpopular that there wns nn. Idea thnt it
might liad lo n defeat of the government on Mr. Morley's amendment. As
'onto ty.-i nty I Inionists voted
wiili tiio Liberals lor the amendment,
while many others abstained from vot-
r\fter   .Mr.   Morley's  amendment
Arrival and Departure of Mails
E. & N. RAILWAY.       (*ItOSE.I)UE.
Pally ox. Bun,
Wellington,  Northfield   and a.m.   a.m.
East Wellington ..  11,25  8.50
Victoria,Southern states ami
places along line of E. & S. "ally ox.Sun,
Railway    8.2011.60
Ier and  dropped  to a «8   had been voted down the original prop-
■ennder, with a desperate I osiiion iV:iS earrled Ity a vole of 'lb'1 to
y ve got it." said the Lennder's I    Romc,    July    7.-Mx-lJremier   Urtspi
coach in the launch, "Were beaten."     | telegraphed to tin
from   .\n-
This turned out to be a false alarm, | „,,,„ nn explanation "of the' triple alii- j    than.',' QulTl7-um7'2ornh»
lor (lie Leanders, led ity Gold, who wus1 ■ - ..'.<•... . .    ■'.
pulling a  magnificent stroke, legna  to
slowly  overhaul  the  New  College men,
Fawley Court wns reached nl 8:20 with
V iw   C'dl
mice between  Germanla,  Austria-Hun
gary   nnd   Iin'y.   lie   snys   the  alliance I
is    a    defensive nnd  nol  nn aggressive 1
and ihat the three powers who
In   the  second   heat     for  Ihe    Grand \ '"endows the two boats were even nnd
Challenge Cup New College beat Trinity Ilnli with the greatest ease by one
and three-quarter lengths, Trinity Hull
wns quite done up at the finish. Time
Iu the first trial bent for the Diamond
Sculls, I!. K. Beaumont, of Bhrtoh-on-
Treiit   Rowing  Clult.   heat   Frank   Bcd-
ordin-iry constitutional
inly Tapper wonld ha
do it. Fortunately ro"
Cr-natln, the occupant
was found t quel lo lhe
principles Met
■e attempted to
tiie history nt
of Ttidenii Hall
emergency, nnd
Aberdeen to
nation.   Ono
.slros   is   that
wait in office
Tupper reached his nffiee shortly after
■2 o'clock nml the cabinet met nt ".
Later—Tupper resigned nt 8:30 p.m.
tn Lord Aberdeen nt UMenii Hall.
John rirophy, of Ottawa, brother of
<!. P. Brnphy of the public works de-
iparttncut. has been appointed superintendent of the Itldenn Canal, Hob Birmingham having refused the posiliou.
Iteginn, July 8.—The recount bote is
precei-tling very slowly. Judge Kleli
I'l'tlson is reserving his decision on the
disputed ballots and it is impossible to
tell yet which candidate is gaining. 'I'he
Judge hns decided to allow the ballots
without the deputy's Initials on the back
at the Ivlenwnhl poll, where Olivia had
22 majority.     No ballots were Initialled.
the scandal was prevented, Of the 100
ereers-in-cnuneil It is doubtful if more
thnn fifty will be signed bv his Mxcet
leuey. The guiding principles in matters of this kind were laid down on olli*
cinl paper by Lord Dllfferln, and no
doubt Lord Aberdeen was cognizant of
this precedent.
Hon. I). M. Eberts has not been appointed judge.
Laurier arrives here hy special tram
on Hie Canada Atlantic at 7 o'clock tonight.   He left Montreal at 4:i5 p.m.
B. C. Mines Attracting Eastern Capital—Archbishop Lander on
Public Schools.
Ottawa, July 0.—Tupper Is no longer
premier.     The unbroken term of nearly
eighteen years of a Conservative administration of alTnirs terminated last even-
lug when lhe (lovernor-lieiiernl formally I
accepted the resignation of his ministry,
which Sir (diaries had    placed    iu    bis |
{hands,  and  to-dny  Laurier  will  arrive '
in thu capital und will without delay bu i
invested Willi the seals of oliicc.
The announcement that bis   resigns-
tion hud been accepted was made to .-.r j
Charles  between  six  antl  seven  o'clock :
last evening at Kidetiu Hull, whither he |
had been summoned by  His Excellency, j
His Excellency placed  himself at once '
in communication with Mr. Laurier, who
waa at his homo   at    Artbabaskavlllo j
when the summons reached him   from
the Governor-General.
In  regard  to  the talk  about ihe ap-
polntmcnts  having    been    rejected    by I
Aberdeen, Tapper says:     "I  have    not!
been authorised  by  His  Excellency    to j
make any announcement as to the np-1
poinlmollis, iiiiil'without His Exeellen-I
cy's authority I have nothing to say j
upon the subject  whatever."
It Is, however, generally   understood
that Aberdeen refused to approve of tt
number of appointments, including four i
vacant  senators!!!-**.      These   vacancies!
in the senate will he of great  value to
Hon. Wilfrid Laurier   in    forming    bis I
government and iu adding a  few  Liber- I
ills to a body whicli is already nearly all
The administration of Tupper had of- '
lice for the past 72 days, from the -.th
of April lo Uu- Stb of July.
'I'he administration which Laurier wid
iniugiiralc to-day will tie the eighth
ministry suice confederation,
The ministers are leaving town. Hugh
John Macdonald left for Montreal today and Dickey left for home.
Referring to the resignation of thc
ministry, the Citizen (Cous.) snys to-
dny: "There Is no reason lo regret the I
change of rule, lt is not desirable thut |
oiie_ party should be continuously In
power. Both the pnrties themselves and
tbo country mny derive solid advantages
from an occasional change."
Haggart and Montague left for New-
York to-dny. Sir Charles Tapper. Tuition and TTugh John hnve gone to Montreal.    Dickey left for Novn Scotln.
Archbishop Langevln wns here hist
night and bad an Interview with Tup
per. They will met again In Montreal
Tapper, who wns secretary of state, delivered over the great senl to Aberdeen
to-dny. The Gnvernnr-Gencrnl will be
the keeper of the nenl until such time ns
lhe  Hon.   Wilfrid   Laurier    appoints  a .
bow secretary of state.
JitiHirlor  will  not  reach  Ottawa  until ,
Toronto. July 7.—At ')."0 yesterday
morning an alarm w.is turned
in from a lire which threatened to destroy the buildings of
tbe Toronto Industrial Exhibition in the
western part of tlic city. Hy good work
ou the part of the fire brigade, however, the lire was gotten under control
and the loss will be small.
Ottawa, July 7.—The local W. 0. T,
U. have forwarded n petition to the city
council urging the adoption of a curfew
law in Ottawa.
Arilideiicon Lander, at the synod
meeting of the English church, said upon ihe school: "The future of the
church depends upon the proper rearing
of its children, 'i'he provisions for
boys in this direction is fairly good hni
Unit for girls is discreditable. They
havo I.ecu left to the mercy of the public schools. Many of the parents, rather tlnui send them there, are sending
them to convents under the control ol
ihe Roman Catholic church. I raise
mv voice against the exposure of our
children to the craftiness of nn alien
church. Whe'i their minds are young
they take impressions that mny remain
with  them  in  after years."
Toronto. July 8.—The Montreal correspondent of the World snys he is Informed that the California mine at
Rnsglnnd, 1!. C, hns boon stocked ns n
company, Hufus H. Fope, M. V. for
Compton, being president, and Hon. W.
11. Ives, minister of trade nnd commerce, one of the trustees. 'I'he stock
tif the company will he placed on the
Toronto market during the present
week, nud it is snid some of the wealth*
lest men in llie Queen City will lie
among the lirst holders. The claim in
question is considered to be one of the
host prospects in the Rosslnnd camp,
being not fnr distant from llie famous
Le Roi ami Josie mines.
James Clarke and Mnthcw Frnsor
who have been in custody for three
weeks charged with murdering Joe
Martin, the horse trainer, nt Woodbine
on April 28, were set free this morning
No case could be mndo out ngninst them,
anil the murder remains an absolute
The World snys Hint it is understood
Hint a number of prominent commcrcfnl
men nud manufacturers have combine.1
for the purpose of keeping up the price
of stocks antl the buoyancy of the general market until the tariff uncertainty
has passed by,
Quebec, July 3.—The remains of a
party of seven Indians have been found
two hundred miles north of the river
Molslo. A family l"fl here Inst fall,
and Is supposed to have met death by
Winnipeg, July 8.—Nino persons nt
a Maolt'od, Alberta, hotel, were poisoned
by drinking milk nl hrenkfast. All have
The 0. P. R. land sales for the past
six month* of the year were greatly lu
excess of hist year for Ihe sume period.
There were sold since Jnutiary ITU, IS,"
acres, realising |61,700.
The Portage la Prnlrlo cricketers cniue
lo Winnipeg yesterday nml returned
home to-night.      During their visit Ihey
vanquished   both   the   Winnipeg   ami
Dragoon tennis of this city.
Winnipeg's assessment for the current year is $22,600,430.
An Edmonton dispatch snys: Deputy
RherifT J. 11. Askley nml Attorney J. II.
l'.nltou, of Chicago, and A. W. O. Ott,
of Wheaton, 111., have arrived here after
"Cigarette" Charley, accused of killing
Oil's son. Ott failed tn recognize the
man Smith, who had been arrested by
Sergeant Brooke on July 1, as the man
wanted, nnd Smith wns discharged,
"Cigarette" Charley is supposed to be In
the renco River country. Rnlton, Askley and Ott leave for the south to-morrow.
John Casey and Frank Barrett hnve
been arrested at Fstnvnn for the lner-
dor of John A. BroWU, a! Onkes   N. D.
Winnipeg's population', ns taken Inst
month by federal oilier!* is 81,040, nn
Increase of 8010 in five years. The i
complete returns for Manitoba are not ■
V"t iniide up. The object of taking Oil
census is n readjustment of (he Dominion subsidy.
In tbe second heat for the Diamond
Sculls Vivian Nickals, of lhe London
Rowing Club, l.cnt Sidney Kwann, oi
the Cambridge University Rowing Club,
by one-qunrter of a length, it wns n
good race and both were exhausted nl
the finish.   Time—8:53.
Tiie third trial heat between Lennder
nml Yale started at 1.88%. Yale got
away with n lead, but Lennder won
Tho Yale men were nllont nt 0:45 a.m.
and took n short trial spin lo lest the
rigging of their boat. On its return
Rob Cook carefully inspected the boat
and said: "The Lord isn't with us ns
regards lhe wind, but the beat is in
perfect   conditiou."
Oapt. Trcndway remarked: "Weare
all  well and confident of winning."
Coxswain Clarke snid: "We shall
have n great try."
Beard, Langfnrd, Frown nnd Bailey
gathered in n group ami in substance
said: "We are more confident thnn yesterday."
Whon the word was given nt 1:,",;'>M
botli Lennder nnd Ynle got nwny prettily and together, Contrary to expectations. Ynle showed herself quick nt
sinning, hat at the end of the island
Lennder had n lend of one man nud was
steadily creeping nwny, rowing evenly
and powerfully. As the boats appeared in sight near thc finish there was
tremendous npplnuse, shouting nnd
lings waving, and excitement increased
until it became a hurricane demonstration in fnvor of Yale upon the pari of
the Americans, and In fnvor of Lennder
in the case of the British. Ynle parli-
zans on the grand stand were fa rly
wild wilh excitement.
Bob Cook. Interviewed after the race,
•laid: "1 have no excuse to make. We
I'd as well ns possible with the material
we hid lp work with .".'id I was sntis-
fi"! we cm!! not win wilh litis year's
material at Ynle, We were simply
hen'.en because we could not row as fust
as our opponents. We have been handsomely fronted here on ali sides am! I
am perfectly satisfied with the draw
ind with nil arrangements. As for the
reported change or stroke, that's all nonsense."
In lim lirst heat of ihe race for the
Ladles Challenge Plate, for eight oars.
the linn public school hoys heat Jesus
college, Cxi', rd. by oil lengths.
Tl e    great    popularity of the school
nt the mile Lennder was leading by tw
Now College, however, would n
up and it looked like a desperate finish. ;
Jnst  nt tlinl point  the  wind,  which nil |
through the    race had    beon    blowing I
strongly   from   thi'  southwest,   caine  in !
strong  gusls   fairly   slopping   the   New I
College boat.    Leander won tbe hardest
race ever seen nt Henley. Timo—6:14. i ,- . i ,■ i . n , •
('„,. vi i-,i, v e „r .i r , i 1 I'"urlh ol July, all ol tit
(iuy .Mfk-ils. >.o. it of the Leander boat,
was worth  two men especially ni  the
finish, when he seemed to pull the boat ! J    ,','?'",'«
nil hy himsolf.    Lennder's conch on the I    ,  "  ',''.
British and foreign, Eastern
Provinces, Eastern States, Dully ex.Sun,
Vttiicoiiveriinil otlier places e a.   p.m.
on Mainland of 11.C   7.30  5.00
Comox, Union, Union Ray,
and wock,Con rtenuy,<;ru.ii-Tiii'R.    Frl.
.     I'M.
Island and Den man Island  8.20 3.00
Suit Spring Island, Burgoyne   pri.    Tues.
Bay, Fulford Harl>or,North
Suit 8prinj*Islund and Gab- i-.m. p.m.
..,.,, I    riolu Island       8 20  3.30
quo,    I iie   tripe alliance,   Crisp!    snvs. I
was renewed  for twelve years in 188U. BY   BTAGE, Fri™'Ther
I    ('ai.,,, .inly 7,—Cholera is still raging | Alberni, Parltsville, French p.m. p.m.'
0 : In Fayoum province nnd elsewhere    In
Egypt.   There have    been    twenty-five
• ■uses of the dlsense,  with nine deaths,
among the  European troops at  Wadv
j Haifa.
Venice, .Tidy 7.—In honor of the Am-
I erionn wnrsships    lying   here   on    the
sols in the
basin of St. Murk were ordered to hoist
their gnln  lings on  that occasion.   The
Hspntoll  vessel  Galilee also  lil-
ollog:. still leading, bul steering -.|limi„a ,„ „ mutually    guarantee   the j
ml   evidently   In   trouble. At  the i ,llnil;ll ,.,,,„,,   „r   tl„,   tDrrltorlnJ   st„„,J
launch snid to the conch of New College: "Well, oltl man, it can't be helped. It was the station which did it.
You had the rflee won but for that."
Both crews wrre terribly exhausted.
Dawson, of the New College crew,
tumbled over and was completely done
up. The Leanders were in a little better condition.
Gold held on to his onr. but did so
with his head hack, and it was a long
time before he conld get his breath. In
lhe opinion of experts, if Ynle rowed un
lev tie* condition! which prevailed to-
dny they would have won. as Rnekr,
station was worth at least two lengtl
Th" race lietween First Trinity and
Lho Thames Rowing club was won by
tii" latter. This was ulso n splendid
exhibition of rowing. But here again
.he station woe.
.Tames O. Rogers, No. 1 of lhe Y'nle
■row. referring to the New College—
Lennilor race, Rnld: "No one ean tell
unless lie has been there, what a frel-
i-ig there is ,it Hie (lose of such a race,
ft .tems as if overy breath in
holy was drawn, nnd th
1   a   salute  of  twenty-one  guns.   'Ihe
j I'nited Stntes consul. Mr. Henry John
son.  it'.iye a  banquet  to  the American
colony in honor of the day.
I People's Choice.
breath in    youi   .jW ^»
here is a strange ' ^f^j^i*
was  shewn   in   the  wild   applause
which nrose when they weic Been to be
ahead.   Time 0.23.
When Guy Nlcknls expressed ins
sympathy wilh Capt. Trondwny, the hitter replied, "Never mind; we must get
accustomed to it."
Cockswain Clarke saitl: "We m-irte
au even start. I.i.niilcr had a slight advantage."
In the second heat for the Ladies
Challenge Cup.  Hall,til college. Oxford,
heat    Bedford    Gran ir   school by a
length.   Time 7.2(1.
In   '.he  si ml   heat   for   the  Wyford
Challenge   cup,    Cuius   College,    Cum-
i ..: t     .      t        .     ., «    .. ..    .      . "i    to       ileum    te.it       ot        till"        tt.it.i
bridge, tea    the crew of the Molesley  challenge cup for fours, Cains Oollcgt
Boat club by a dnsen lengths.    Cuius Cnmbrtdge, heat Thames  Rowing clul
ringing io Hit
Coxswain Clarke said: "I am very
glad thai Leamler won. It shows whnt
we had lo do."
D.V. McDowell, of Chicago, wns look
ed upon as n certain winner to-day. Re-
ti'e his  licit started there were many
'.•tele who prophesied he would win the
Diamond  sculls to-morrow.     The Am- i
l'lean   sculler's  lice  displny   of  rowing |
skill  nnd  power completely  altered  the
'.one of Henley comments upon his chnn-
ces and  wen  him many friends,     His |
'•ace wi'.h R.  K, Beaumont, of lhe Tiur-
tou-on-Tront  Rowing club,    winner    of
;!e* first heat yesterday, will nol he called until 0:30, when probably the water
will lie as smooth as glass and without
wind from either shore, whicli McDowell
prefers  as  lie has  Berks  station,     lie
is tn tst confident of winning.
In tie seenlid hent for tiie 'IVnmes
Challenge Cup, eight oars. Trinity Hull
bent (ite Kingston Rowing Club.
In the first heat fnr Ih" Visitors' ,
Challenge cup Mngdnlen College beat !
l'rmily College.
In Ih" fifth heat for th" Ln lies' Challenge plate Bnllol Coiiege bent Emman*. i
md College.
In   the  third   hen'   for    the     Thames
Ohttllenge cup  Moloney  Runt c   heat
the Thames Rowing club.
In the first lent for the silver goh-
'"ls (tiie Ni.-kalis challenge cnpl for
pair oars, New College, Oxford, had a
walkover, Trinity Coiiege, Dublin,
In tii-. second hent for the Stewards'
Challenge cup for four oars lhe 'I hunies
Rowing club bent Mngdnlen.
la  lho  fourth heat  for    Ihe    Thames
Challenge enp Hie crew of the Snciete
d'Enconragemcnt dn Sport Nnutlqnc, of i
| Paris, defeated Trinity College, Dublin.
Ill th" fourth hent   of   thc   Wyforl
12.80 0.00
Frl.   Thnr.
12.30   0.00
I'. If,    A. M.
Departure Bay, daily ex. Sun 12.45 10.30
Cedar (South), Saturday. ..  2.001100
Creek und El'rlilgtoii
Nanoose Bay.
A Fall Assortment nt the Lowest Market Untca
Promptly Attended to.
All kinds of
Tin and Sheet-Iron Work.
Victoria Crescent, Nanaimo.
Bakery and
Invites Inspection and Comparison
as to Quality and Price,
Awarded  First Prize at the Agricultural Show.
Bastion Street, <>pp. Telegraph Office
led  throughout.     Time, 8:08.
In  the  third  hent   for the  Diamond' "        *•*
So„;is, ii,.,,,. Itnpert Guinness, holder of FROM   THE   OLD   W0ELD.
— trophy, ol the Leander club, bint II j
T. Blnckstaffe, of the   Vestn    Rowing
cluh, by two lengths.    Time, 0:03.
Loudon, duly 8.—The Chronicle bus a
mosl complimentary editorial articlo on
ih,' Vale crew and the contest nt lien
ley yesterday, lt Hnys- "Xo group of
foreign visitors ever mude a ploiimintor
Impression nud now they have superadded to thc Impression with nu oxhibi-
lion of us genuine a pleco of pluck as
was ever Been ill 11 sporting contost.
"The first hnlf of the race wns 11 magnificent spectacle. Nothing can effKce
the recollection of the dogged courage
with which they rawed every inch of n
nice Irretrievably lost, it was Indeed
good to see. The Americans may feel
grateful to their countrymen for having lift such 11  memory In hind them.
"Pessimists   have   said   these   inliTiui-
tlonal contests ip, more harm thnn good,
Yale has shown how falsa thst doctrine
Cheap Money Stimulates Speculation.
Mi- Hcrculc*! Koiiiiison Rained
to 1 in- Peerage.
The Chronicle's rowing expert also describes Ynle ns shewing splendid pluck,
bin a worthless style.
The Standard, commenting editorially
upon the contest, says: "Yule's defeat is
no reflection upon their skill. Next to
being victors ourselves we should have
rejoiced with the triumph of our American guests."
The Standard then proceeds to advocate other foreign oarsmen coming to
Sporting    papers    here protest    tuost
strongly ngninst the attempt inade by
the American reporter to prejudice the
rnee by charging the Knglish authorities  with  faking  the  draw.
The Morning Olobe doubts whether
Yale was ns good as Cornell, bn!  say
London, duly 7.—The    cheapness    ot
money continues to stimulate the pro-
motion of public companies, cycles nml
j breweries    being    lhe    favorites,   The
slock market hns been quiet,   American
securities were vt ry irregular, following
I ihe prospects of the presidential strug-
I gle nnil  thore was very  little investing
■ in view of the iloidiis fell over tho as*
■ pud of the currency question.   Chicago.
■ Milwaukee >v Bt,  I'm 1    and    Reading
firsts wt re down.   Other changes wero
' fractional.
The London pollers lhb morning devote unisual space to very full reports
of all tho Fourth ol July celebrations
whicli took place nt different pincca in
ICurope on Sntiirdny, Including the
meeting nt which Mr. VV, T. Stead, ssn-
Walter lb Mint. Mr. Bcntley, of Oak-
Held,, and Mr. Gilbert, of Chicago, ond
Mr. Duncan, of Llvc-rpoo), favored tho
nulty of the English-speaking world,
The morning impels also contain editorials of congratulation at the nmity
between English people and Americans
Robert W. llnidiury. linnncinl secretary to thc treasury in the house of commons yesterday said that tho government had not yet arrived nt n decision
on the subject of imperial aid for n
fn«t steamship service to Cninuln. It"
added that, owing to Ihe coming change
of government iu Canada, the mailer
would probably remain iu ahevanee lot*
0fficeTel.H0,   P.O. Box 10.   Residence Tel. 10),
Funeral Director and Embalmer
Graduate of tho Oriental, the Kurcka.
the New York nnd Clnrk's
Schools of Embalmings
3 and 6 Bastion St., Nanaimo
The electors of Vancouver District, by a
plurality of nearly
Have indorsed the principles and policy of
The   ]\/[ai
"The** hnve charmed all by their manly
courngeoim hearing, ami have complete. | a  short  time
ly wliied out  the unpleasant memories!    A peerage 1-na been conferred on sir
Connected with tho Cornell incident."    | Hercules    Robinson, governor of Cnpe
The Sporting Llfo snys on tiiis phase I Colony,
of   the   contest:      "II   remaluB   for   the:     A  bill   which  hns been   Introduced  In   i'Ug't*Qggg Of itS VOrdlct iS
As against all other papers and influences of
the  District,  and  the
Cornell   crew
sny   whether  they
the diet of Austria by IMu
Manitoba   ere not   eept   this person an their Interpreter: if i provides thai al) .lews shall be excluded   -pofifiorl lw tV,Q PwYirinoa
Ihey tin, there in no alternative for the   from    cltlaen's rights, that thoir prop-  *•**>»1-"*»U vy M*0 nuvmi-e
Bnttltsh amateur oarsmen but to decline  erty slmll be cenflscated, and tlmt cor-1        . xr   f   n a* la-no*
to ever entertiilii the Ulen of n crew re-1 pnrnl punishment  shall  be reinlrotliieod   ftuU IN flllOil at lfirg'Q.
NOTICE is hereby given that Edwin
Matthews litis been admitted a partner
in tlic above business. In future tbo
business will be carried on by the undersigned under the style and name of
Wilson tt Matthbws, wbo will assume
nil liabilities and collect all debts due
tliesniil business, and we trust that by
careful attention to the needs of our
customers, to merit n continuance of the
patronage sn liberally bestowed In the
JintnMK Wilson,
Knwis M.vmiKWS,
Nanaimo, n. C, April 7,1806.
LAMPS, Etc. etc.
lliuns ami Animals set up in a tbor-
uii'.'li workmanship, manner.
On llantl—Ktmr fine Peers' Heads,
which will lie sold fnr price of setting
them up.   Also a line case of Birds.
d. p. Mcdonald.
G9 Hiiliburtoii Street, Nanaimo.
(Commercial Hotel.
Corner Commercial sunl fruition Sti.
This long •established Bote) is comfortably
(Itli'd up with BUnsrlOf .icrnn.moi.a-
tions fnr travt-iurs and ollicrB,
Nono but tho best brand* of Wineit, Lfquon,
AU's mid Cigars dispensed at the bar.
L\ p'CONNKL, 1'i'pp; Explanation of tho Agitation
Against Chinese.
Petition and Resolutions to Be Presented at a Public Meeting
in This City.
Editob Mail: I think that some
lil tie explanation on this movement may be necessary ut the present
time in order to make the roud clear
as possible for what may come after-
wards. In connection with the
mass meeting at Vancouver (whicli
meeting was set on foot by the people
of that city), 1 may say that there
were three or four resolutions drafted
and will be inserted in a petition
for circulation through the whole
of the province. At the meeting in
Vancouver a large Provincial Executive Committee was elected, of men
that aro konwn to be real anti-
Chinese believers, and after this
petition and resolutions come to
hand il is our intention to have a
public meetingin Nanalmoat which
to discuss them. There is every
disposition on thc part of the miners
of Nanaimo to take up the question
and bring it to a successful issue.
Sufficient has been said publicly to
arouse us, but because it has been
generally left to the miners, and also
that the Board of Trade have not
shown any disposition to do anything with it, 1 thought a good word
at this time after Vancouver has
taken the matter up would prepare
the public for the meeting to be held
shortly. I suppose there is room
on this question, as with the most
of questions, for two opinions; but
whatever opinion anyone may have
contrary with the spirit of this
movement ought to be represented
at this public meeting, so that every
point of tho question may be duly
considered and carefully presented.
It is not too much to sny that it is
KVERYBODY's question, as we have
been plainly told that, unless the
competitors that are the keenest
against the industry on which this
town owes its present existence, and
so far as we can see its future prosperity, are compelled lo run their
business on fairlines, this company
here must adopt their methods, and
every man and woman in Nanaimo
ought to know what this would
moan to them. Our Dominion member, with the other three members
of the province, arc pledged to look
after this matter, and the Premier
of the new Government has said
that the wishes of this province on
this matter shall be attended to.
Here is a chance for this long-
vexed question to be settled.
A resolution was proposed on the
question in the Dominion House inl
the session of 1885, and was with-,
drawn on the promise made by the
then Premier that a commission
should be issued to inquire into and
report upon the subject of Chinese
immigration. The principal plea
for the Chinamen, as advocated by
those who answered the questions
issued by that commission, was
their necessity for opening up the
country, and wo may be sure that
those same parties, who are deriving
a direct benefit from them, will
make the same claim to-day ; but
surely there is a sufficiently large
number who are affected in the opposite direction l"ry their existence
in the province to swell a petition
that will compel the attention of
the gentlemen at Ottawa on the
question. Many attempts have been
niade to remedy this evil, and even
now it must not be thought there
is any royal road to its set!lenient;
but if a very large majority of lhe
people of this province sign a petition, it will surely receive atiention.
The voice of the people to a government is everything, ami if after we
do all we can in the circulation of
tiiis petition to cuu*e the people to
speak and the voice is not loud
enough, we will then know the real
thought of the province on the question and make up our minds which
way we propose lo compete with
this unnatural competitor, and also
who ara the friends and enemies of
the cause. RaI.PII Smith.
The wlialcliuek Everett arrived at 7i80
this evening.
Tlic Will luce street Methodist Sunday
School will picnic at Newcastle Island
next Saturday.
Sain Fox bus discovered a fine ledge of
copper ore .on Coleman Creek, outside
the railway belt.
Through train service on the C. P. I?.
has been resumed after several days'
delay on account of washouts.
The Nanaimo Cricket Club cloven defeated the eleven of It. A. M. A, linr-
riiclss to-day by a score ol 02 to 51,
Tho Sunday ai'liool of the Needhnm
Street Presbyterian Mission will picnic
at Nanainio river bridge ou Thursday.
The wtndlng-upof the Citizens Building Society hns been adjourned pending
negotiations for a transfer of the securities.
l'.nli Johnson, of Vancouver, hns challenged all comers for the amateur rowing championship of the coast nnil a
trophy of |600.
The Alberni Consolidated havesturuck
a new ledge on Mineral Mill, and the
Company propose to run a 1000-foot
tunnel at once.
It is amusing to see men who oppose
Increased lire protection wet down their
wooden buildings with a garden hose as
a preventlve(?) measure,
A consignment of lobsters and oysters
to be transplanted in Canadian Pacific
waters as an expcsinient have arrived at
Vancouver from Halifax,
The new court house was illuminated
throughout Thursday evening, signifying llie electrical contract was complete
ami the system in good working order,
The shoot for tlic Challenge Cup today resulted us follows: C. II. Barker89,
W. McGregor ss, R. Watson 87, W. Wall
88, G. Plttendrigh 79, W. Hygh 77, II.
Miller 5(1.
The Vancouver Beavers will meet the
Nanaimo Intermediates here next Saturday, antl the game then played will dc-
eicitle Nanainio's chance in the race for
the championship.
The New Vancouver Coal Company
are running a slope into the excellent
seam of coul recently discovered on their
Ilarewuotl Estate, almost contiguous to
the E, & X. Extension mine.
The leasehold of a portion of lot 0,
block :I0, on Wallace street, was on Thursday purchased by Archie Dunl.ip, under
sheriffs sale, for {212.60, to satisfy the
judgment debt and costs in the ease of
Donaldson vs. Heddle & Winch.
Eva booth, youngest daughterof General Month, recently appointed to the
command of the Salvation Army in Canada, will visit Nanaimo on Thursday,
July 23rd, when she will deliver a public
address, particulars of which will be
published shortly.
.Air. Jacob Blessing, a well-known pioneer ami property-owner of this cltyand
district, returned here to-day after a
prolonged absence in the United States,
and is stopping at the Commercial
Hotel, where he will be glad to meet any
nf his friends of "mild lang syne."
Information has been sworn to by
Graham Campbell, Liberal scrutineer,
charging Win. Grimm, carriage builder,
with personation at the recent Dominion
election at Victoria. Grimm voted twice.
It is said to be the intention of the Liberals to contest the election of Messrs.
Earle ami I'rior.
The I.O.O.F. memorial services will be
held Sunday afternoon, most of the local
lodges participating. Rev. T. W. Mull,
pastor of the Wallace street Methodist
church, will deliver the address at the
cemetery. The Wellington brethren will
arrive by special train, accompanied by
the Wellington band.
Hut a Ray of Hope Is Inspired by the
Recent, Election.
Tho nabobs who .own railroads don't
think anything of running over a poor
man's horse;
And the man who can afford to own a
horse runs down the poor fellow on a
And the fellow on a bicycle runs down
the poor chap who has to walk ;
Ami tho man who walks tumbles
against the cripple who goes on crutches;
Ami thu cripple jams his slick down
on other people's corns;
An.! the fanners aro rejoicing over the
election of W. W. B. Mclnnes. They
think he will solve the Chinese problem
ami save their homes uml the country
from ruin, and thoy don't care how hard
they squeeze the corns of the sei llsh
people who are trying so hard to make
it Impossible for them to make a living
out of their farms. Each day is full of
toil. Thero is little strength left for
political duties and humanity's welfare.'
Hut have the courage of your convictions, brothei'funnel'; lot no man stand
you in a corner, or put a padlock on
your lips.
The Chinese must go.
Nanoose District Farmer.
Prove the. merit of Hood's Barsnpanlla — positive, perfect, permanent Cures.
Cures of scrofula in severest {onus, like
goitre, swelled neck, running sores, hip
disease, sores in tiie eyes.
Cures of Salt Ithenni, with lis intense itching
and burning, scald head, tetter, oto.
Cures of Unils, Pimples and all otlier eruptions duo to Impure blood.
Cures of Dyspepsia and otlier troubles where
a good stomooll tonic was needed.
Cures of Hheiimatism.where patients were unable to work or walk for weeks.
Cures of Catarrh by expelling the Impurities
whicli cause nud sustain tlic disease.
Cures of Nervousness ity properly toning and
feeding the nerves upon pare blood.
Cures of That Tired Feeling hy restoring
strength.   Scud for book of cures hy
To C. I. Hood & Co., Proprietors, Lowell, Muss.
Coal Exports.
Coal exports since June  lst. were as
Datc.         Name ano Dbstination. Tons.
1 Str Tyee, Port Townsend  80
2 Str Pioneer, Port Townsend.... '!.r>
8 Str ll'ilyitke, Port Townsend... (io
•1 Str Peter Jebsnn, Loa Angeles.. 4,850
5 Su- Willapa, Port Towsend  70
ii lik Oregon, San Francisco  2,278
8 lik Fairchilil, Sun Francisco... 2,400
8 Str Willapa, Port Townsend... 20
8 Str Wanderer, Port Townsend. 20
0 Str Tyee, Port Townsend  7f>
■1 Str Alki, Port Townsend  150
10 Sh J. C. Putter San Francisco. 2,ni0
10 Sh Glory Seas, San Francisco. 8,420
We have been informed that the Gab-
riola coal company have struck a seam
of coal of excellent quality on Mudge
island, measuring 7 feet il inches in
thickness, at a depth of 880 feet. Boring
operations will be continued until the
second seam is reached, which they expect to find at a further depth of 80 feet.
As soon as this bore is-completed it is
tbe intention of the company to resume
operations on the north end of Gabrlola
Island, where they expect their efforts
will be still further crowned with success.
■_■        ii     ¥-*•■!    are the best nftcMllnner
nOOU S   PlllS pills, aid digestion.  260.
Nanaimo Furniture Store,
Johnston Block, Bastion St.
H. McTEIOHproprietor,
—Full nnd Complete Stock of—
Furniture, Mattresses, Lounges,
Upholstered Goods of nil Kinds Made aud Repaired.   Furniture of all  description   bought
and sold.   Mftttresaes repaired awl delivered
thoBnmeday,  A trial order soli cited.
Market, Bastion Street,
Steamers and Shipping sin-plied on short notice
ai Whoiesalo Prices.
First-class Accommodation. Fire-proof building
Terms: $1.00 Per Day anil Upwards.
The Doon Hotel,
jas. BENNETT, Proprietor.
Commercial St.,      Nanaimo, 1?. C.
Fletcher Bros.
;£^As we tiro retiring from business, wo will give every person
who is thinking of getting a Piano or an Organ a snap
Our entire stock must be sold by August 1st
Corporation of the City of Nanaimo, B. C.
From January 1, 1896, to June 30, 180(5.
Cash on luintl January l, lKiiti	
Hank Hai.anckk at January I, 1800—
Special Kates Account .'. ijr>,(i:i8
Streets Improvement Loan Account,
unexpended        s.'lii
Fire Hull nnil Hydrant Account ...    478
(icncriil Account          107
i      (i 51!
Highest Honors—World's Fair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Froi
ftom Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
40 Years thc Standard.
Tanks—Real estate tux	
Revenue lux	
Road tux	
Commercial travelers' tax	
Dog tax	
Si'i'oiAi, Rates—
street Improvementratea   	
lim ion street bridge rates	
Commercial street lilllnx rates	
l'lre Hull nnil hydrant rules	
Schools erection rates	
Rock-cruslier rates	
JIiscni.i.Axnors—Police Court fecB...
City pound fees   	
Schools per capita grant, B.C. Govt,
Schools construction	
Contract deposits
8,148 02
4,(170 411
652 07
4,245 75
Loans liank of British Columbia.. 11,000
Rebate on bond premium.
Deposit for street lines	
Tux hi.le redemption	
Rent of City Hull	
Interest— Gas Works debentures	
Special Rates Account	
Fire Hull unexpended balance	
Commercial street Ailing debentures
10,461 00
337 54
■137,420 50
Coupon Interest, viz.—
Btrei t Improvement Delienlure Aet.ij I
Bastion Streel Bridge Account...
Fire Hull and Hydrant Account...
Erection of Schools Account	
Ciimmereiiil Street Killing Account
Street llglltli g  2.
Police Department  2
.luil Department	
City offices   1
('ity pound     	
Sclnitils li
Kim Department	
Leper Btation  	
Coroners' inquests	
City Hull insurance	
City Park	
Contract deposit refunds	
Interest on loans 	
Street line deposit'refund	
Repayment ol loans  3
Redemption of land by tux sale	
City scales repairs	
Sl rect repairs 8
Hank Balances at June80, IHi'O, viz.:
Street. Iinpniveiii't unexpended Ac,
Fire Hull und Hydrant unexpended
Special Kates Account   4
General Account	
Cash on hand	
,500 no
160 00
300 (10
800 00
I'.II 26—* 2,141 25
,180 05
,141 43
330 75
,782 27
04 00
1,241 10
571 HO
175 41
127 71
06 00
305 33
100 00
37 H5
105 08
254 00
7 50
270 00
141 41
6 00
,000 oo
40 70
10 15
,947 43— 20,020 90
830 14
450 43
,6C0 92
14 H3
33 00—
5,958 32
Total  1(87,420 50
Examined and found correct,
July 3, 1H90. TULLY BOYOE, Auditor.
Bring me one of Stevenson & Co's
Gents' Straw Hats,
A Neglige Shirt at 75 cents,
A Suit of Balbrigan Underwear at $1.25.^|
A pair thin dandy Black Cotton Sox, 25c,
A Summer Coat at $1.50.
Two Washing Tics for 25c.
And mind you got them at o:— '
Commercial St., Nanaimo, B. C.
Handled Only by N. E. P. &j
$1.50 Per Sack.
The outside or wood substance of wheat is removed and balance i
of kernel ground into flour, making a perfect flour for all"
dyspeptics, and will aid digestion quicker than any other
in use. -^
We claim to have TEAS, the best, thc equal of which are nowhere
to be had. They will go the farthest and please the most
particular.   Choice Blends, 25, 40 and 50 cts. per lb.
The Best Groceries handled by us. Give us a trial order this
month and save money for yourself as well as store.
Bicycles. Bicycles. ]
To Bicycles done on our premises at the shortest possible notice.
Jlit. Cocking being a thorough practical bicycle hand, will be        'I
pleased to (nrnisli nil information gratis, and all work        A
done by this firm willbe guaranteed to be Hrst-elaBS.
Next to Slonn & Scott's Old Stand.
P.   S—A large consignment of bicycle sundries just arriv-
from the east.
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs
^— DONE  BY  THE —-=.
Jr ioneer Steam Laundry
By so doing you will PATRONIZE WHITE LABOR
Dye Works in —n--tirrn —
P. O. llox 05. D. M. STEWART, Proprietor.


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