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The Nanaimo Semi-Weekly Mail Jul 2, 1896

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 ■-**;*',- m~~..
By the teat of public opinion
and found "all right."
Second Year
And increased Buccess of the
people's paper, the
Nanaimo Mail.*V«ZS£
VOL. II.-N0. 3.
Fresh supplies coming in daily.
Sterilized Cream from Delta Creamery Pints, $ .20
Delta, and Duncan's Creamery Butter, per lb 25
Extra Choice Dairy Butter, per lb 25
Pure Maple Syrup, per gallon    1.75
Beans, Bayou and small white, 401bs    1.00
Rolled Oats. 301bs    1.00
Good Hams from 13 cents per lb.
Bacon, extra choice, from 10 cents per lb.
Pure kettle Lard, 31b. tins, 40c; 51b., 60c; 101b., $1.25.
Good Sultana Raisins, well cleaned, lOlbs     1.00
Good Muscatelle Raisins, well cleaned, 201bs    1.00
Good Currants, well cleaned, 121bs    1.00
Choice Jams, 71b. pails 65
Good Pickles, C bottles       1.00
Salt, Liverpool Dairy, 501b. sacks 65
Coffee, very choice, Empress Brand, per lb 40
Coffee, good, other brands, per lb 20 to     .50
TEA---We carry the largest stock in the city, and we offer
the best value. Our "Special" Blend 25c, is not
equalled anywhere in this country at the price.
We carry a full stock of Groceries, Provisions, Feed, Flour,
etc., also a full line of Boots and Shoes.
Prices Away Down.
apis's Store,
The "Slater Shoe"
In Black and Tan.
In Black and Tan.
Ladies' Canvas Oxfords/
Ladies' Kid Oxfords,
Children's Tan Button Boots and Low Shoes.
Gash Boot and Shoe Store,
No. 17 & 19 Commercial Street.
ic. E, 0. Johnson, Manager.
As the New Spring Season
is now upon us	
Do Not Fail
to come and inspect our stock of
Ladies' 9 Children's Millinery
Our stock this season we assure you is
complete in every respect and bound
to please. It comprises all the latest
novelties, etc. A very fine and well
assorted stock of Ladies' Sailors and
Children's Galatea, Silk and Lace Hats.
Crescent Store, Nanaimo, B. C.
Crimes of Legislative and Municipal Bodies.
Tendency of Concentrated Wealth.
Depredatory Instincts Not
Confined to Individuals.
It may be taken for granted that
any condition that leads to a disproportionate distribution of the
profits of production is economically wrong. A proportionately
equitable distribution of profits
must meet a just recompense for
each force and energy expended in
the process of producing a recompense adjusted in proportion to the
value of the energy to the finished
whole. Failing to*do this, the distribution of. profits necessarily accrues more to the one factor than
to the other, and becomes in fact
an unjust distribution. Under
such a condition, economic gravity becomes unbalanced, and social
disorder follows. Individual holdings (capital in variuus forms)
grow larger and larger, presently
assuming colossal proportions,
while poverty sinks lower in the
scale. The per capita of wealth on
the part of the masses grows smaller, while the real wealth concentrates itself, causing an added injustice to the poor in increased
rates of taxation in its various
forms, for the increase in price of
any article controlled by a centralized power, or monopoly, is in essence a taxation on its consumer.
In direct taxation, that is on land
or improvements, the inevitable
tendency is a rise of rate when taxable wealth is concentrated, because such wealth loses its full
value, for assessable purposes, in
that it becomes diffused and disguised in a number of unapproachable channels. This loss of value
it oc:nsions for assessable returns
results, as stated, in increased rates
of taxation, which necessarily falls
on the middle and poorer classes.
This is the foundation of the discontent which prevails among
American masses today. The condition and consequence is a far-
reaching one, since its corollaries
extend on the one hand to the
depths of misery and crime, on the
other to the apex of luxury and
idleness, and again to crime, for
these two antipodes of asocial state
have ever been the chief progenitors of that result. Hunger and
misery brought about by a constantly narrowing demand for adequately recompensed toil, and a
constantly increasing toil for the
necessaries of life; luxury and idleness, the result of a superabundance of wealth—each saps the morality of a social fabric and begets
crime, the one from a desperation
born of despair, the other from a
spirit of immunity and power.
The consequences to the very
poor of an unbalanced economic
system are of the first importance
since it is precisely the class which
is least able to stand them. An
economic system which levies toll
on the producer, who is as well a
consumer, infallibly arrays the
middle class against the final
payee of all forms of toil—the very
poor. When taxes rise rents rise,
and the holder of property, not always himself rich, suffers no perceptible loss. When monopoly corners the staples of life, the middleman's prices rises in proportion to
the monopoly's ukase and the very
poor are the chief losers. Wages
always tending to the lowest point,
the wage-earner is the first to suffer
in tinu-so f panic and over-production; besides making labor the
chief sufferer from the concentration of invested capital, the very
fact of capital concentrating itself
causing labor also to concentrate at
the same point in numbers sufficient to over-glut the market. ThiB
is not chargeable to capital, since
labor should see its own disadvantage; but as a result proper, it is
chargeable to the fact of concentration.
The depredatory instinct of power is not exhibited in individuals
only, but in law-making bodies
and nations as well. Legislatures
and municipal bodies, having the
welfare of the people in their keeping, show examples of the instinct when they legislate for the
benefit  of   the  few   against   the
many. When this is done power
is the impelling cause. Contempt
for a people's welfare, as shown by
excessive rates of taxation, lack of
safeguards to protect the state or
municipality's income, grants of
privileges or subsidies to corporations or individuals, are no less
crimes against the poor because
they seemingly rob the poor only
in the abstract, for the poor in the
end are the payees in higher rates
of rent, etc.
The increased profits to the owners of labor-saving devices is another cause of misery to the toiler,
notwithstanding that labor-saving
devices were felt to be destined to
ameliorate the condition of the
masses. That they were so meant
to act no sane man doubts, and
that they will so act in the fullness of time is a certainty. Just
now they emphasize the glut in the
market of labor, while adding
wealth to their owners. The remedy lies in diveriing the increased
and unjust profits into the proper
channels, and the only means of
doing so is by taxation. As all
forms of taxation are in the end
paid by the poor, and as all taxation wrongfully withheld by wealth
are paid by the poor in increased
rates, either direct or in increased
prices for necessaries of life, the
remedy will he adequate in so far
as it touches labor-saving devices.
By means of a proper tax on their
increased producing power their
mission of lessenning the burden of
the masses will be accomplished.
The remedy here suggested embodies the principle of just taxation. Taxation which merely falls
on the shoulders of the middle
class is shifted to the shoulders of
the poor, and defeats its own aim.
The taxation which will avoid this
dire result must be of a form
which will bear hardest on the unearned profits of capital—that is
on the proportion of profits which
capital unjustly withholds from
labor in its various forms. So long
as this is not done the concentration of wealth will continue, and
the burden of responsibility, lifted
from the el iss which reaps the
greater benefit,liglits on the shoulders of the class which reaps none.
When this is dono the burden is
Sign Articles for a Finish Fight for
Twenty Thousand Dollars.
The outcome of the recent contest
in San Francisco is an agreement,
signed on Friday last, for a finish
fight to take place within six months.
The following are the articles of
agreement for a finish boxing contest for the championship of the
world, under the Marquis of Queens-
bury rules, between Jas. J. Corbett
and Thomas Sharkey, both of California:
1. The contest to take place either in
the United States or Mexico, within six
months from the date of signing these
articles, before the club, association or
concern offering the largest purse and
best inducements, only substantial offers to be entertained.
2. There shall be u side bet of $10,-
000 a side, which sum of $20,000, together with the entire puree, shall go to
tbe winner.
3. Thc said stake money shall be
placed iu the hands of Daniel Miller,
who sliull lie final stakeholder, in the
following sums uml nu tbe following
dates: June —, $2,600; September 1,
$'-',5110; ono week before the contest,
4. The contest is to be (ought with
regulation five-ounce gloves, euch contestant to furnish his own glovi-H, and
the same to be submitted for the inspection and approval of the management of tbe contest.
5. The referee shall be selected by
lhe contestants on or before noon of the
May of  tin-contest,  ami if thev  fail to
make a selection by that time, then the
club, association or concern before
which the contest shall take place sliull
niiike tbe selection.
11. It Is agreed that neither of the
contestants shall enguge in any kind of
a glove or hare-knuckle contest with uny
other person or persons during thc existence of this agreement.
7. It Is further agreed thnt the provisions of the Marquis of Qiieensbiiry
rules covering hugging, clinching und
Wrestling sliull be enforced by the referee.
8. And it is further agreed that if
either contestant fuils to comply with
uny of the provisions ef these articles of
agreement, the contestant so in defuult
shall forfeit both match and stake-
Jas. J. Cobbett.
D. J. Lynch for
Thomas Shabkey.
Witness for James J. Corbett,
John C. Cooper.
Witness for Thomas Sharkey,
John P. Barbett.
Hated, San Francisco,
June SoyiSHO.
The boilers of tho Cutch have been
condemned, and consequently the boat
will bo laid up until now ones are put
in or the necessary repairs are mado.
Naiiaimo's Crack Band Receives
Flattering Recognition.
Possess Ability and Technique That
Is Seldom Met With, Says
an Eastern Authority.
Its History.
(From the Musical Times and Band Journal,
Philadelphia und Chicago.)
This band was organized March
23, 1880, under the name of the
"Nanaimo, Jr., Brass Band," by
Mr. George Lee, under rather peculiar circumstances, five of the members being dissenters from the Nanaimo Brass Band, which was the
first established in the Province of
British Columbia.
With considerable difficulty they
got ten members together, and succeeded afterwards in raising the
number to sixteen. No rapid
strides towards perfection were obtained, but the extinction of the
old band was one of the things accomplished.
Two years the charge of the band
was given to Mr. J. D. Halverson,
who made numerous changes, including that in the name. The organization was then speedily augmented and strengthened by the
addition of several good performers, and today the Silver Cornet
Band is without doubt one of the
best in British Columbia.
During the past four years open-
air concerts have been given twice
each month throughout the summer, and in the winter the Opera
House has been obliged on many
occasions. That the performances
were fully appreciated by the public is evidenced by the large audiences.
Another token of the interest
manifested by the citizens of Nanaimo in their band is to be found
in the recent subscription which
was taken up for the purpose of
purchasing a new and complete
silver-plate set of J. W. Pepper's
Premier Band Instruments.
The list was headed by Mr. W.
M. Langton, of the Magnet Stores,
with the handsome sum of $250,
with the New Vancouver Co., $100,
the Miners' Union, $100, followed
by Mr. S. L. Robins (superintendent of the mines), A. Haslam, M.
P., Mayor Quennell, Dr. McKech-
nie, J. H. Pleace, and Geo. Norris,
with two good round figures each.
The balance was made up by numerous contributions of smaller
The members of the band are
greatly pleased with the new instruments, and consider them a
great help and a splendid acquisition to the band.
The band plays a good class of
music and is well "up to date"
with the popular music of the day.
While all are good performers, several of the members have superior
ability, and possess technique that
is seldom met with in any amateur
Mr. David Galloway (Eb Bass),
is a well-known musician in the
state of Washington, particularly
around Puget Sound. Previous to
his location in Washington he was
a member of Bauer's Popular Hand
of Soranton, Pa., playing euphonium for many years.
Mr. A. J. Malicord (euphonium
player), a native of France, is another valuable member of the hand.
He performed under the direction
of Michel Van Hemoortel, the famous Belgium composer in the
Societe Philainonique of Maubeuge
and Fanfare de Sous-Le-Bois-Mau-
beuge, North France, for five years.
It may be safely said that he is
without a rival upon his instrument in British Columbia.
Mr. J. 1). Halverson, bandmaster,
is a cornet player of exceptional
ability, having played leading cornet under Prof. Graves, with Martell & Co's Consolidated Shows, the
season of 1884, which traveled
through the New England States.
He has been connected with different bands and orchestras throughout the States of Iowa and Colorado. On September 11, 1892, he
won the prize in the cornet solo
competition, offered by the Foresters at their reunion in the city of
Vancouver, B. C. His cornet solos
are always well received, and invariably elicit an encore.
In December, 1894, when Lord
and Lady Aberdeen visited Nanai
mo, the band headed the procession from the railway depot to
Dallas Square. His Excellency in
the course of his address, said that
never before had he heard a band
march and play so long without
stopping for rest.
In the evening when the Vice-
Regal party was leaving for the
East, Lady Aberdeen requested that
Mr. Halverson be presented to her,
and she then congratulated him
upon the fine appearance of the
band and accorded her thanks for
the sweet music rendered during the
course of the day.
The following is a list of the
members and instrumentation:
John Mahrer, piccolo; Charles
Rosco, Eb clarinet; Ernest Caval-
ero, John Lee, Bb clarinets; C. C.
Halverson, Eb cornet; J. D. Halverson, solo Bb cornet (bandmaster); P. Clauss, Thos. Booker, Bb
cornets; Amos Lee, Charles Wilson,
James Cowie, Edward Gibson, Eb
altos; A. L. Bauers, Robert Rivers,
Bb tenors; John Basso, John Don-
Ian, trombones; A. J. Malicord,
euphonium: David Galloway,
Richard Edwards, Eb basses; Geo.
Chapman, snare drum; Geo. Lee,
bass drum.
The front page of the cover of the
journal from which the above account is taken is adorned with excellent half-tone photographs of the
members of the band, numbering 21.
rebellion'in corinto
Quelled by H. M. S. Comas, Assisted bv
the U. S. Warship Alert.
H. M. S. Comus returned to Victoria Sunday from her southern
mission, arriving in time to participate in the general jubilation by
the ships in port in honor of the
anniversary of Coronation Day.
As will be remembered, the Comus,
shortly after her arrival at this
station from England, was dispatched south under sealed orders.
These proved to be that of assisting
the U. S. warship Alert in quelling
a disturbance in Corinto which had
arisen over a number of Nicaraguan
and other rebels arming themselves
and committing outrages in the
town. Both lay with their port
sides on the town, and at-a moment's notice could have utterly
destroyed the place. Each landed
a party of men and took formal
possession of all public buildings,
while the disturbers, frightened at
the prospect of trouhle, flew in every
direction, clearing off in small boats
and in every manner that opportunity afforded. The two rebel chiefs
fled in a schooner to San Salvador,
thus escaping further trouble. So
easily was the disturbance quelled
that the two cruisers had no difficulty in securing possession of all
the weapons, which were of the most
antequated description. The Comus remaided in Corinto six weeks,
during which, after the first disorder, there was no further annoyance from the rebels. Reports have,
however, since been received of a
threatened renewal of hostilities;
but as the Royal Arthur is now
bound south, further trouble will
doubtless be prevented. England
has a double interest in Nicaragua,
for, apart from what is owing her
subjects, there is a big national
debt forthcoming.
The Comus encountered extremely rough weather from San Francisco, and when off the Cape sighted what appeared to be the wreck
of a DO-foot schooner. Wreckage
was strewn around, but the only
thing distinguishable was a green-
painted starboard anchor buoy with
a grass hawser attached. It was
on Saturday afternoon when the
wreckage was passed, and as it was
valueless the officers of the Comus
did nothing more than take observations. There was nothing to
— -•♦«.	
The Toronto World's Montreal
correspondent says he learns upon
excellent authority that Lord Aberdeen lost no time, as soon as it became known that Laurier had carried the country, in recommending
the Liberal leader ftp Her Majesty
for knighthood, and that it is the
impression in vice-regal circles that
when the new Canadian prime
minister takes his place at the
Speaker's right in the House of
Commons he will do so under the
title of Sir Wilfred Laurier.
Auk You Tiiiki* all the time? Then
yonr blood needs to be enriched and
purified by Hood's Suraupurillu.the One
True Blood Purifier. It gives vigor and
Hood's Pills arc easy to take, easy to
oporalc.   Cure Indigestion, biliousness.   '2'x.
' 'a**'.,',.. «'...
' .-^.efj. '■
-!•   *'7
■'. .-..>: - -:. :,7'7>**W!i ■■■• ■'■•■' TOeHanaimoflDail
r.Y Tin'
!■'. C. iiiiAKi), Editor and Manager
Bastion Street. Nanaimo, ii. C.
By mall—One year	
" Six imiiilllK	
"        Throenionths ~e
Delivered by earner *jr>t'. pormoutl
. 2.00
.. 1.2S
•   Jl'I.Y '-', 1801
From long-bold posts oul rang the cry
The battle i" begin;
Each warrior then quick strung bis bo-
The victory to win.
Each stood upon bis vantage ground
To bravely face tin- hour
And pierce tbe armour's weaker links
Of bis opposing power.
The bearded chief, with laurels dim,
Hid younger metal try.
And soon did claim tluit his career
Political should die.
Then rose a hand 'neath prestige, power,
To grasp at victory ;
But it wns shunned by nil tbe throng
That lovetli liberty.
When o'er the light, it then was found,
Spite prestige and untruth,
Thut hoary heads, and bearded chief,
Were slain by. " beardless youth."
Yea, spite monopolies and gold,
And.long, fleep-seatedjpower,
The "beardless youth" had proudly won
The laurels of the hour.
Let cheers to independence ring
And high extol the free,
That fought and a great battle won
For rigatjand liberty.        T. II. VV.
Speaking of thc result in Victoria
the Province says:
Xo doubt tbe eminently respectable
silent Mil,., of Victoria, which we  may
aptly describe in  the words of Tennyson, ns
" Sueh a tide as moving seems asleep,
Too lull for sound or foam,"
in conjunction witli other considerations, was lhe dominant factor in the
return of Messrs, Prior and Karle at tho
head of the poll, but it took no part in
the after proceedings, and the onlooker
was left, seeing the extraordinary demonstration in favor of the defeated candidates, to wonder the more at. the decision of the ballot. A new franchise
act and fresh voting lists will probably
produce n widely different result, for
there is little room for doubt that, if all
Who attended tlic Liberal meetings and
evinced their sympathy with the Liberal
cause had been entitled to vole, ns th
should have been, Messrs. Tcinpli
and Millie would havu secured lliu
It might also be added that the'
result throughout the Dominion
would assuredly have been far more
emphatic in favor of the Liberal
party bail all those voted who were
entitled to, and with the cause of j
complaint removed, there is no reason to doubt the continuance of the ;
Liberal regime, provided il fulfills
its promises and carries out the
principles of its platform as far a*-
praoticable and thereby retain the
confidence of the people.
The Tupperites, who are raving
about Mr. Laurier getting his majority in Quebec, seemingly forgetting that he has a majority also
from the rest of the country, are reminded by the Times that from the
Quebec boundary to the const more
Liberals than Conservatives were
returned, and if the independent
members are classified according to
their former political leanings, Mr.
Laurier's majority west of Quebec
attains quite respectable proportions. In the region west of Ontario
the Liberal gains aro most noticeable. In the liilo parliament there
was only one Liberal to fourteen
Conservatives; now there are seven
straight Liberals and three independents with Liberal Leanings,
while the Conservatives number
only seven. To any person who
hears in mind this marked conversion of die western country, the
Tory talk about Quebec must appear
slightly ridiculous.
Labor organizations, aotuated by
the purpose of securing justice for
worklngmen, of promoting their
material and secular well-being, are
the instrumentalities which God lias
created to establish justice in the
industrial world. The labor movement, despite all obstacles, grows
stronger every year, and will continue to grow in strength until the
overworking and underpaying of
workiugmen shall become as extinct
as chattel slavery, nnd that good
time is coining.-Advance Advocate.
Here are a few axiomatic truths
of political economy: Labor is the
source of all wealth; the wealth-
makers feed the wealth-takers; each
man has a right to all he produces,
or its exact equivalent; no man has
a right to another man's productions without giving him an equivalent.— Edgerton.
The electors of Van
couver   District, by  a
plurality of nearly
Have indorsed the principles and policy of
Trie   ]V(ail
As against all other pa
pers and influences of
the District, and the
justness of its verdict is
ratified by the Province
and Nation at large,
which all join in one
grand jubilee at the
triumph of right and
the Liberal party, and
thus glorifying the
of THE MAIL (an omi-
ii,       r     i nous coincidence), tes-
The sum and substance of cupi-1""**•"   vv***v />   vs"»
talistic opposition lo silver coinage tifying tO its popularity
is that it would increase the volume ,   ,,„ft,-|„QOel    i_   i.-*u«
of money,  and  therefore make it and  Usefulness   in   the
harder to corner. They do not want pas^ an(j guaranteeing
a form of money that the people can r                    "                           «**
get hold of.—Seattle Labor Gazette, a SUCCCSSfUl IUtUre.
$100 Each Only
$25 "Down
25 in 1 Month
25 in 2 Months
25 in 3 Months
I would do my bost to
make this a big success.
Oall and see me.
If you cin, it'll make a great difference
with the youngsters and a still greater
difference with yon. They'll be bettor
shod than they possibly could be elsewhere and nt a considerably less cost.
When you can sine money by buying
better goods, youv'e struck ii good imi -
tntiim of a bonanza. That's what you'll
always Iiml in nur stock—the best juvenile footwear in Nanainio. You can't
heat cither our gootlB or prices. You
might as well try to beat a drum with a
Broken Bicycles
The Most Complete Stc
-811001,0   BE-
Repaired in tal Shape
to avoid danger of accidents.
Repairing Bikes a Specialty
See thc IIYSLOP.
Jas. McGregoi
Victoria Crescent.
Carbonating and Bottll
MITCHELL .t BUMMING, I-roprlclora
Miiniifnctiu'ors of Lemonade, (linger Ale,
supiirilhi, Cillers, Etc.
All Orders Promptly Attended!
Telephone 20. p. o. Box >.
Notice to Ladiel
I AM AGENT for Nanaimo ami 11
trlets for the Xew nnd Perfect CartJ
Tailors'System.   This system is up
date; a perfect ladies' system; ia wsj
out a rival and  easy to learn; is na
for its graceful lines and elegant fori)
it is not an experiment but a (level
ment.   lean also teaeh how to use I
system, ami also nil kinds of Drcssjifl
Ing executed In first-class style.   Ih
to suit the times.   AddreBS,
Margaret M. Macdonald!
No. (ill Ihilihurton 8tn
D. S. Mncdonuld's Store.
MRS. .IAS. HAWKING, (late of the
Temperance House) desires to express her thanks to the public for
former patronage, and now begs to
stntc that the Kevier House bus
been comfortably arranged for the
ii mmodatlon of boarders, steady
or transient. Single or double rooms
with hot or cold water baths, ami
electric light in each room. Everything strictly first-class 1 clunncs
moderate.   Uemember the house, a ».■«,,,
half-minute's  walk  from  the dd|gMABT & TH0RNE
stand north.
THE BEST   -*-
The Nanaimo Bakery Exce
Johnston's Block, Nanaimo.
The Globe Hotel
Has been renovated and re-furnished,
and Is now conducted as 11 lirst-class
Mu. Albert Rauoii can bo found as
Superior accommodation is provided
fiir-thc public.
]'. 11. Box 221,. Telephone 7-0,
Nanaimo Meat .Market.
Wholesale end Retail Denloni In "ll kinds of
Fresh mid Salt Moats.
*■"   Sausages, Etc. ,
Meets Delivered—
To any perl oftho City freo of elinrgo,
Special .uieiiilmi paid to Shipping Orders.
A. Trial Solicited.
The Popular Bake]
ce ceea:
Will be in senson after
Sunday, and you should
not fail to get the richest nnd best flavored, lor
which you must call al
Excelsior Baker!
Restaurant and Chop Hou)
Oysters in every style.
Moiils, '25c. mul upwards.
Good Beds, 25c. and upwardsj
Spring Chicken always on bat
_M. LE3ERRY & GO.   T|'*V PMlpotft Tomato Cats
2bc. and 50o. per Bottle.
Arlington Hotel I
Having completed the erection of the Arlington
lli.iei ni NAN008E BAY, thl" hentlsomo und
1 1 lime, hotol is now prepared to recolvo
and comfortably entertain 1 nuclei's an,I others.
In prosldod ovor by Mr*'. Thompson, nud tho
Tablod'Hoto constantly provided with all the
dolloaolos <>f tbo Benson. Combined with tbe
oleganl furnished apartmonts, the visitor tindn
tbo surroundings of tho most pleasant dosorlp.
We Seeee Sleep.       Open Day and N^
City Market
Maukkt, Bastion Street.
Sionmors and Blilpplng supplied on ulinrt notice
ni Wholesalo Prices.
People who Appreciate H
Havo tbeirprflBoripllonB dispensed at
Their Prices we Rights Telephone 81
For a Cool Drink
Ask till* -•- l C.'iiAMi-AiiNKCider
jisiv 1U1     •       1 Soda Water
Lawrences (fctl
Manufacturer of Tomporanoo OriiikK.SvriipR.itc.
Delivered freo to all part* of city and vicinity,
#*^p— ptompl ntteiittini paid to shipping ordors,
Telephone 2.4. P. 0, Hex -||, *N (UU1MO.
BEIS'JJ   VAljtlH   IN
Wholesale and Retail Butch)
P. O, It"* 227 Telephone i
Cuban Cigar Factoi
Our Cigar* aro mado ol thu Oholoeit Ha)
Tobaocoi.  "ur famoufl
Cuban Blossom and
Black Diamond
Aro called for ovorywhero, and uro Btiperil
any Imported utgar.  Made by Union Labor.!
M. J. 1JOOTH, Wharf Streel
JOS. M. BROWN, Watchman
oV^tahea Demagnetized shori^l
ll>- SPECIAL MACHINERY on tho Premiss!
Pino and Complicated Watches and Cloclfj
Carefully Cleaned and Repair
Fine OYCtOM F.TF.RS, far Bicycles, ln Stod
ConsKii Ciiuhcii and CiiAi-Ei. SthkIJ
Land Agent and Conveyance
Town Lois and Farms for Sole,  Money to Loi
t ou Mot-lgAge at low ratCB. J
Agent for tho t'liiu-d Fire liiMiranee Compel
oi Manchester, England,     ■ The Fearful Fate of 100 Miners
at Tittston, Pa.
Heartrending Scenes of Their Wives
and Children—Water Retards   the Work
of Rescue.
gives the new government a majority of
32, with Algoma yet to vote.
From present appearances Sir OharloB
Tu|i|)it's ministry will not be able to
leave office until the end of next week.
Tho treasury board met yesterday
morning and the cabinet hnd anotner
long session in the nftornoon, wnen
considerable business was transacted.
Hon. Ueorge E. Foster unci Hon. .1. J.
Itoss were present. Tbe most important business taken up was the matter
of the fast steamship line lenders.
Quite a number had been sent iu, bul
singular to say only one compiles absolutely with the terms of advertisement
and specifications, it is from the old
reliable Canadian company, tbe Allan
line, nnd it is understood that their llg-
ui'c is in the vicinity of £225,000 sterling, It wns not definitely decided to
recommend lhe acceptance of tins tender, but under any circumstances the
Wilkesbarre, l'n., .Tune 20.—-Excite-1 contract must be ratified by parliament,
ment ut tbe twin shaft in l'iltston, in The Premier said that there is no evi-
whicb nearly one hundred miners are .Icnee on the face of the tender (o show
entombed, cither dead or alive, coutin- that tlic Dnmluion lim' are associated
ues. The scene at the mouth of llie1 with thc Allans in it.
shaft beggars description, Besides the Communications have passed between
wives ami children of tb-' entombed tbe Premier nml Hie Governor-General
men hundreds arc present from Kings- regarding tin- prospective resignation of
ton, Soranton nnd Wilkesbarre. The the ministry. His Excellency is nl
grief of the stricken families is intense. Quebec, but has intimated his willing-
Wives und children, many of whom ness to return lo Ottawa at Sir Charles'
have not left the mouth ot the shaft convenience. .Mr. Laurier has wired bis
since the terrible accident, stand near friends here that he will not come to
the opening to the death chamber and Ottawa until the Governor-General
urge tlic rescuers to greater effort, ; sends for him.
Tbe situation is almost the sumo as ] The general Impression is that Messrs.
reported last night. Practically nothing Angers and Desjnrdiiis will be reap-
has been accomplished towards the re- pointed to the senate, although neither
covery of the men. There is scarcely appears to he very anxious for a seat in
an old miner about the opening of tbe the upper bouse. Ex-Premier Taillon
mine who docs not believe the men are accepts his defeat 111 il philosophical
all dead. spirit; ho puts it that as Quebec upper*
Tbe rescuing party whicli went Into ently does not want him he will not
the mine nt oue o'clock came out of the ; seek a sent iu either the senate or the
Shaft nt seven o'clock. The foreman re-   commons.
ports the timbering of the mine going ! Pour members will be gazetted toon as rapidly ns possible, lie said the morrow. They were those who were
work was necessarily slow owing to the elected by acclamation: V. D. Rogers,
danger of falling rocks which have been Frontennc: ('.. Beausololl, Berthler; F.
loosened by thc terrible explosion, lt Dupont, Bagot; M. B, Bernlcr, St Ilya
is hardly possible that actual digging einthe. John Mncdougald's appoint.,
will begin before late this afternoon, ment ne commissioner of customs is al-
Any suggestions advanced ns to the pro- so to be gazetted. The appointment
bable time the men will be readied is ' dates from May 1.
mere guesswork, as all depends on i A shipment of live lobsters, oysters
.whether the slope is choked or not, If and black bass will be dispatched to B
not,   the resellers  may  possibly  be able   C. next week.
to reach the men within the next twen-     Ottawa, June 2G.Tho cabinet sal  foi
tv-four  hours,  otherwise   they   may   be   three  hours  yesterday  discussing  some
two of three days. , promised   appointments  cud  superannu-
Rescuers  In  the  mine this afternoon   atlous.   There is a batch of peoplo here
demanding that the ministers carry out
IB »»'
Interested in the Coming Democratic Convention.
The Venezuelan Question Growing
Interesting—Canadian Firemen in London—Dramatic Doings.
lev. W. Vvr. Bolton to Explore the
Wilds of This Island.
London, .lune 20.—Day by day the In*
offices  and   streets  adjoining  contained!
thousands    who  constantly  cheered  un
Chamberlain Sympathises.
London, June 20.—Right Hon. Joseph
San Francisco, Jine 20.-The Kev. Chamberlain, colonial secretary, feels I
W, W. Bolton, rector of tbe Church of Vll'-V "mch Ul*' defeat "* Slr Charles
St, Mary the Virgin, is about to under- r"l>Por and the Conservative party m
take for the second time the role of ex- •■"' I,M'"llt Dominion elections. In the
plorer. He yesterday started In com- Pacific eabje proposal, the last Atlantic
nnind of an expedition having for Its s<-*'™e and Intercolonial trade ex ten
object the exploration of the untrodden s;"" 'luestions he was nnn-i, m.-, ...i
wilds of tho interior of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, or that portion
of it lying between Lake Woos and
Alberni—a stretch of 100 miles of supposed primeval forest and rugged mountain. In the summer of 1894 Father
Bolton led a similar exploring parly
from tlm extreme north coast of the
same island, from Cape Commorell to
the border of Lake Wo.is. Father llo!-
ton's intention now is to cover on foot,
A Full Assortment nt the Lowest Market Rates
and  he  fours  that their    advancement
may be delayed under the new regime.
h wns stated to-dny in the department j T/~\ir>     A*7'«rw;>T.sr
that the colonial secretary had address-  J Uli     WUK1V
ed  a  letter  to  the  Canadian  premier,
sympathizing with him in Ms defeat.
Promptly Attended to.
Monument to Northwest Volunteers
Toronto,   June   20.—A monument in j
honor of tho volunteers who fell in the |
Northwest  rebellion was    unveiled
Tin and Sheet-Iron Work.
!ompany  the party  and defray all the
expenses of it.
volunteer regiments.
Mutters in Matabeleland.
Salisbury,   Matabeleland, .lune    126.—
Taylor's patrol returned lien- after hav-
ini* relieved the Jesuit  station  at  Chis-
siwuslia. which the priests bad defended
without loss of life on their side.
Buluwayo, dune 20.—Laing's troopers
Bold Attempt to Rob a Bank.       '-***'P-'**»*-d and rooted a large body of In-
,      ,      ,        ,.   „,,    ,   , surgents on the ( oelingwo range recent-
Los Angeles, June 20.—lhe boldest nt- ,Vi ana *,„,.,, knl(,,| chlof salemlia and
tempt at bank robbery ever made on the Ubs three sons, besides recovering cnt-
I'aeiiic coast lias just come lo light. tle .,„.! -oot w)li,.h tlll, natives obtained
Tl.e object of the attack was tho heavy •„ t|H,'„. various raids u i the proper-
steel vault of the First National Unnk.U|es uf tin. whites.
one of the largest .financial Institutions! . » a »	
of Its kind  in  Southern California.   To
Offloe Tel. 80.   P.O.Box 16,   Residence Tel. 101.
Funeral Director and Embalmer
Graduate nf the Oriental, Ilie Eureka,
the New  York and Clark's
Schools of Embalming.
A Murderer Lynched.
Baltimore,  Mil., .lune 27.—Jos.  Cock-
,,,.,,..,.,..,.,. i ..  „  .,  ,::!:,.,..,       ■,-■„. „■■     : in  ;:::  iii.'it  iie' -nn.i-.*>■:*- eniT,   ' ■.<       '','"'   ','",    ' ' •' ■'.'""   b-B mls lynched at l.a Plata, Mil., early
teris o urliurln tl cs bue anil threat- the promises they made to them for ■»■ the polls! but a financial crisis such as this morning, lie was taken from the
ons to drive the men who are at work positions In return for services rendered J™ I***™ never seen will l.e the result, country jail by au armed mob and bang-
0 t.      Sup"   Law  Mils  the  water   is   in  the elections.    They  cannot all  get   ,n,t™^lo„n1'>.}J>l:™™}*™}?, °M  I1",'"-'   -*-,'   ■»  ■   £* ,''!   *'   P°CkU>&   ™*
torost of the English bi-metalllst in the  w\t\, ji1(, i,ni.tv hn nnmniandfl   tho Inter-1a ";'",""'. "",        ;."".' "V'.kJ."
,Hiui uu  p.in)  iii  i(miiinuni--, uu  mui    Saturnav in tho oresoneo oi nixiui Ufmu   \*«   a     *    n ±    xj        •
approaching Democratic convention  in-  voning distance of  100 miles  between  citizens.    About the statue were drawn | vlCtOria UrCSCGIlt,  JNaiiaimO
ereasRS, owing to the   Btress    laid    by  Lake  Woos    aud    Alberni,  which  the  up |uut    ffUardS   and    dragoonfl,    with
Smalley aud other Now    York    eorro-  Bhortness ol  time and the approaching stroUR detachments of Toronto's three
-_,. ,       .. ...   iwmlor    tlioti    iiliiuo  forbade luiii to un-
spondentfl    on    WlUtueys     bi-metailic Uertake,     The    present expedition 1ms
viows. 'been  sot on  fool   by  .1.   W.   Lalng,  a
Balfour, whose bi-metalllc inclinations graduate of Oxford uMiv.-r.siiy. now re-
are well kuovvu, wheu Interviewed, said: I siding in Sun Francisco, tie will ac
"Interesting ns tiie situation appeal's to
me, nevertheless 1 I'ool I must decline to
express any viows. I conceive ii the
worst possible taste to offer even nu appearance of interference in American
politics,  especially  :it this timo."
It mny, however, with safety be asserted that Balfour agrees with the
viows on tiio monetary situation hold by
tho most promitiont English hi-iuotnl-
lists, namely, the victory of the silver
ites in the United States would retard
instead of advance the cause of international  bi-metallism.
Six* EJenry Howeth, vice-president of
the bl-metallic league, n prominent member of parliament and a writer of acknowledged eminence on fiscal subjects,
snid when Interviewed: "1 believe the
cause of bl-metalltsm will succeed. When
we convince the leading bankers of the
oountry ol* the soundness of our viows
it will prevent them trying lo crush the
movement. If the United States favors a scheme of bl-metallism, without
the general agreement of the othor
powers, the result will be moro serious
to American finance than would have
been the success of the greenback
movement. If a Democratic platform in-
ludes n free silver plank thoy mny win
rhe town of Nelson hns been created
reach  it  the robbers  dug n  tunnel   L02 n ,mrt 0f ,,,-t,.;,-, ;l, which oil may bo tax-
feet lout ex tou ding from the struct  i.d   ported in tank cars,
joining the hank and    running    thorn-!-!      r   _.,._,._.      . .... ,
Sr^ft4S5JS Arrival and Departure of Mails
police authorities woro apprised of its
existence and the scheme was discovered. The burglars bad begun to move
the brick masonry supporting the vault
The work is believed to have been
done by ;t gang of at lea3t live or six
1, 3 and 5 Bastion St., Nanaimo
Ulipr '. e'li ULI'U      » n ii     ■ 'i,'     '"     "' -     •	
ritlclsm  upon  those who author-   lieen elected in Selkirk by 80 majority,
large a body of men to enter the  The  Liberals  In    Winnineg  and   M.,.'
from the surface antl it will soon cense posts, nnd if the Governor-General does
io How into tin. mine There are others sign ibe nntiolutincuts it Is pretty -it-
..( a different opinion, who think the wn- ; tain thnt the Incoming government will
ter comes from the Susquehanna river cancel them. Indeed it is expected
whicli Is near by. If it is the river, here that nil appointments made since
the whole mine will be flooded in n short prorogation will bo cancelled. This is
time, and it would take months before ; specially so in regard to thoso who were
the boilics would be gotten out. members of parliament
A pnrty of newspaper artists received Another meeting of ministers is being
permission from Supt. Law to go down hold tiiis afternoon and it is more thnn
Into the mine this morning to make ||likoly that Sir Charles Tupper will be
sketches, bnt Mine Inspector - AIcDon* | ready to go to-morrow, or Monday at
nlil protested nnd sni.l he wonld allow latest. Hugh John will reach here to-
no man to enter Ihe mine who wns not  morrow,
n practical miner. "Thore are enough " is understood on good authority
lives lust now." be continued, "nml (here i that ltocbrl Birmingham, Conservative
is no use Increasing the number." organizer for Outarlo, bus been appoint-
One of the arrlr.tB offered to donate ed superintendent ol the Kldonu canal,
Slii'in to the relief fun I if be wns al- taking the placo of the late Mr. Wise.
lowed to so down into the shaft, but This position, which is worth $2,-100 a
the offer wrs refused. year, bus been vacant fdr some years.
Wilkesbarre papers have long cdilnri- ; Whip Taylor's name wus connected
it's on the disaster.     The Record saj-s-  with it for some time.
"It !s too soon to express opinions as Winnipeg, .lune 20.—Richardson, Llb-
tn the possibility of having avoided this oral, has Icon elected in Llsgar by 00
almost unprecedented calamity or to majority, and McDonuld, Liberal, h
puss er
i/.cl so _
mine In bo dangqrons u condition. An quette huve definitely decided to cuter n
official investhtntlon must follow, and i' |>rotest, and they claim that they have
can only be hoped it will In every ro- ample evidence,
spent be thorough and Impartial. Sev* Toronto, .lune 20.—Sir Oliver Mowut
cral nets nf the assomhly for the safety i* jubllnul over tho sun-ess of the Lite
of the men employed In mines in this oral party. Sir Oliver will noi resign
Btato provide ample machinery for Bueh the provincial premiership until Sb
investigation." Charles    Tupper    abdicates al  Ottawa
The  Newsdealer  snys:   "It   seems  to ' ami lion. Mr. Laurier sen,is tor him to
us, iii view of tb mdltlon of the mine,  join his cabinet ns n Bonator and mln
It was Almost Blllctdnl to drnc men into . inter of justice, lion. A. S. Hardy,
it. It wis courlimr nn almost certain commissioner of crown huuls, will sue-
donth, ns it were, still, we presume it 0('1''1 bun us head of the Ontario govern-
was n duty tlmt  b.nl to be performed,   ment,
but with its performance hns come mis- :    W,  T.  It.  Preston,  who run  in  the
erv, sorrow and dentil." I Ubornl  interest  iu   Wcsl   Toronto,  bus
, ^^^-  been  re-appolntDd librarian in tho On
CAMPAIGN AFTER-CLAP.    f'winnTpeftJime 20,-The Pat,  can-
  dldnto, Douglas, has defeated the Con-
Politioal and Oilier News Through- E™vatIv?' ,Y' ,wv,M(a)?ntt,ld; ''■' '"'"riy
.      .,     .   . TOO majority in Hast  AsBlulboin,
out thu Uotuinion. I   Ottawa, June 20.—Flags are flying at
.        ,,. ,,.     ! half must from tho public buildings in
Ottawa, .lune -iti.-l-rcmier    Fielding  mpmory „,• ,h,, ex-minister of finance
is  conferring  with   Hon.   Wilt rid  Lnur-   sj|,. [.eonanl Tillcy
ier ut    Arihttbu»kaville.      »ir    Oliver     Montreal, Juno 20.-A  groat demon-
.Mowut  bus also gone there,    Premier Oration took place here in lienor of Mr
iiluir  will  likely  take a  portfolio  tor Laurlor last night,    lie spent tho dav
.New Brunswick, at  St.   Lawrence  Hall,  ond   was joined
An order In council has been passed ! m  t|10  Qvcn|ng  |ly  sj],.   iti.-ii-ir,i  Cart-
but free silver is quite another. 1 n
lice many foolish statements are made
as to the closing of the Indian mints.
The Hritish government closed them tn
save India from absolute collapse. Lilian railroads and public works bull! l>y
our capital have been paid for, plus interest, while the depreciation of silver
bofore the mints were closed amounted
to u regular stampede. There are two
diles to tic bl-metalllsm theory. I
have never gone beyond wishing to set
change steadied. American bl-motnl-
'.ints iiitvoeate Impossible rates. International bl-metallism, which I advocate,
wonld  secure  a   steady  exchange  at   a
barged with the murder of his wife and
ister-iu-law   several   months  ago.
Their Own Executioners.
Canon City, Colo., June 27.—William
Holt, Albert Noble and Dnnico Romero
last ni^'lit suffered the death penalty In
Colorado penitentiary for the murder of       ,   :.„„,„,„; , „.,„„..„ ■,,.,„;,   82Q   j, oc
rolieeiiiaii .lefm Solomon at  Irnii.Iail m
V..& N. RAILWAY.       0WSE.DTJE,
Unity ex. Sun.
Wellington, Northfield  and a m    a.m.
East Wellington   .   II :2b 8.60
Vletoria,Southern States and
places along line of E. & N. Dstlyox.Sun.
Railway    8.20 11.00
British and Foreign, Eastern
Provinces, Eastern States, Dally ex.Sun.
Vancoiiverand other places i- m,  p.m.
on Mainland ot B. C   7.:;o 5.00
Comox, Union, Union Bay,
Snuilwook,Coiirtenav,Gran-TueB.   Kri.
tliaiit, Qualieuin,  Hornby  p m    p m.
Invites Inspection ami Comparison
as to Quality and Price.
Awarded  First Prize at the Agricultural Show.
Bastion Street, opp. Telegraph Office
November last. Only the penitentiary
officials and the sheriff of Las Animas
county, where the crime occurred, were
Thc   banging  machine,  by   which   the I     riolu Island   	
criminal becomes  his own executioner, gy  STAGE
fixed ratio of 166 tn 1. It would meet I ^J*"-**  '" i",'''r'"',,i"n\ •'""!  ''"'•'' mon'a Alberni   Parksvllle. French i- ti   p m
ii. ii .1-    ii -i k-   11 Hi il-1 ni h  .ii-   i<i<iiiiii   ii-'tj   ,.i,iii        .\ l i  •. ■ M i |     i  ■! i i • r- i i i n I     i   i 1.1 ik 11     |     .11 .     1     .'I .
,..,),      I I,.,      ,l,,t iii*i'i    1      ,,„,.,,,  |   ,„,      ,,P      Mm      U""K     HUB    "I <' Iv'   II.      1 III   ll     I 1 I IMC    WU8    ' I'ill*   ' -, , , ,        .
\.itti the iteiei i,iiicii opposition  of tiie "j   .       ,,.,.„„,. ,,, ,.„,, ., ,,.,„,i,ii„„     Creek and Errlngton   ....   2 80 duo;
majority of mankind.     The ratio may  mitted In m attempt to rob a gambling *• ,.H    Thnr
SnltSprlni*Island, Burgoyne   FrI.   Tues.
llay,l''uli'iinl Harbor,North
Salt Sprlnglslnnd und Gab-  p m   p.m.
i''ri.S' Th'i'i'r. I    Binns AND Ammai.s set up in a thor-
ough workmanship manner,
On llaml—I'liur   line   Dcers'  Heads,
whicli will be sold for price of setting
. ., .. ,. ,,   ..UJ  6.001        them up,    Also a tine case of Birds,
f n century ngo, but I doubt It." n Southport, Mass; Noble Is on Eng-1 ,.. „   a. m   SEV>'IKG MACHINE KEEEJLES OF ALL KINDS.
London,    .Tune   20.—Tbe    Bllsinbctli  Ushmau, and Romero was 1 em In Ool-  Departure Bay, daily ex. Sun 12.45 10.80
et get'back to the position of n quarter i h"n"" "} Trinidad.    Holt's family lives ; Nftnooso Qtty
S'at-c Society will give u porformnnee
of "XIarlow and Dr, Kar.slns" on .lu!y
I. The principal fenttiro of the performance will be the Introduction of "Seven Deadly Sins." the designs for which
will be taken Prom ciurravim.-s belonglng
Oedar (South), Saturday
2.oo ii oo|      d. s. Mcdonald.
1    till Haliburton Street, Nanainio.
Presidential Appointments,        *-r*„„ o-i.ynn hmi no boon to wear,
W'-isliin-'lell      lime   00. Thn   Prist.lent    bo he OtiniO lo Nullldlllo to buy hiln U pair! , ■-. *      1     TT      I      1
\ \ .isiiiiuii.n. .nine .»,    ti   i risniint  ,.,.„ ||in      ...,,,.,, k(llj i palro/thfn,   /    fklllllli'-lVlJll    H OTP
loibiy  appointed   George   11.   Anderson, i \, | ,.„„ .,.,., w ,, , t-ld's," says Brian O'Lynn.      S  » iMIIllK 1 V 1(11   ILUUCli
of the  District   of  Columbia,  as  consul
Ilo tin HI,'it Hu- store* nil illeln: tile mil in rente
to llie sixteenth century und arc now tulnt Anligua.  West    Indies,    and    Paul I Sara ha: -The right one I've not yet found oul
be round In the print nom of the Brit-   Wleskc,   of Texas,   consul to   Managua.   I wnnt Whitllold- I'll liny only from him
, ' ... I   Vns  lin anllu  I    knm..icf Uslnn fl'1
isli  uiu-erin.   In   consequence    of    the
i,";*vy oxpciiRe of thoso productions, thc
society will this year give but one performance.
Leonard Merrick is dramatizing his
clever book, 'The Man Who Was
flood," an! Mrs. Hodgson Burnett is
doing the same with her "Lady of Quality,"
Arthur Bonrobier has scored a succor:*
In "The Queen's Proctor" which    bids
*> e, e
'■nr lie 3- :1s theohoupi
says Brian n't.vim.
in. step].eii ii littlo Best of Albert street!
iie saw whltllslU's sign  miro 'twas a troal:
lie op Hied tin- door inn! GoorgQ stood » iitiia--
"l've found ii ni lust," -in b Brian o*Lynn.
The   ToronfO   Globe  on  the  ReSUll   Weshowoilhlraouri-nlfl ts, kid and cowhide,
I'M,, eiies ive ar ilse most   no Beams nt the si,],-.
iii Manitoba,
Toronto,  .Tunc 21.—Sir  Oliver  Mowut
left   fnr  Montreal  last  ovenini
We've boots ul nil kinds from Quebec and Merlin
" sure you'vo boots for tile million," snvs Iirinn
Corner ( oiiiiiieiciu.1 nml Bastion Sts,
Tills long-estnbllslied Hotel is oomfortabljr
fitted ui' with superior nceoniuiodn-
lioais lur travelers ami others.
Nonobut the best brands of Wines, Liquors,
Ales nml Cl-pus dispenBOd at the t»ur.
'f. O'Cd.VNKI,, Prop.
[no trash:
lt   is   "'' bought tiiin tils boots, whicli et i -so were
. ,    ,       . , ...   *.      it- polo down tiis money, for we sell only fori
said  that  he  went   to  confer  with  Mr.   to tiio public hosays: "Boiiottnkoi  fensh.
.    ,   .  .      ., | Laurier. Buy only from Wliltlield," suys Brian O'Lynn  ,   .
rVs0tlZk■.fl tvllt rnY»!.°™      The Globe says the result of the el   "if there-, a leak In the to ■ side of your .1    x*        .        ,*,     . ,v.       ,
■ ui  i m-5 ,,       (",'.''""  mn"   ? ,   tions in  Manitoba is exceedingly onsnt-  Ju»t lake It to Whitfield, Mint's all you need do;   \ (11101111/1  I'llCMlACC I IlllAnT AT1IT
titled "Dearest Mamma" wns presentc-l   , »   t Th     „        whether t! e will poglt or pntoh lust whilo you nre In.        \ 11   \    l'\\    I      ,!• DIV
to the patrons of the Royalty theatre.      fXrol government; should enact n law  An.nhoohariioseems liko nothing," say. Brian   .MUlllllllW IHI.MIIlOi) Ulll;llUlJ
Loudon, .lune 27.—The Canadian fire- : restoring separate schools, or otherwise ,-.,,,.,
men who have been taking part in the  mollifying tho educational system of the   \\ III I 1' I M.l), till' SllOC .llllll.
International     tournament     here,      nre   province,   was  the   cause   of   tho   grent' Vitmut' nsims-n  Navatm*-
grcatly pleased with the reception which  political ughaii,,,,    ami   disturbance in ' U0T0B1 v ( UM Ksl' NAMA1M0,	
lias been given them.     At the close of  Quebec.    It is idle to say that the peo-1 .     .   ..   ,   „......„, „„„,„„.,.,„„„,,.
llie tournament to-dny, tboy will    visit pie of the oast need not have troubled   111 \' Johnston Blook.
fa ris, an.I will not start for home be- themselves over the question.   It is tho   l/.l lit 11A lilt  !ll\      V /V"l/iA   -.■ iwes t. u iwrs   ii'lITT",,   „ .
fore taking in  tile many  sights on  the  very people wl bjected to Interfering   f       ' '\\ \[\     I'M   M' 'lohn^i Kook^liSal^er    8'
continent, which will probably postpone witb  tbe province who have the right   1 Ul lill. 11.' 11(1     ilUUlvV 	
tholr departure from the oilier side of : to be disnnnolnted  with the peer sun-                                    *                             yABWOOU * YOONG, Barristers,, corner ol
lhe Atlantic to the miilil f July.       :,,,., they reeeTved Iron, Manitoba. What :   y   Commercial nnd BmU treets. _^
B.m.ki.i; .v.- P0TT8, Barristers nnd Solicitors,
Commercial street.
i'   1'. CANE, minister and Solicitor, Room 11,
Virtual V   CIIKSCUNT.
London, .lune 26.—Tbe St. .lames (in  | mM|ic,s the attitude of thc prairie prov-
zette th:s  afternoon  says that   In  do*, in,.,, nil the worse is thai  ou previous
     spntchlng a military force to protect tho occasions  it had  declareil  In  the most
appointing John Oasey, IMcliolas street,  wrluht, and alter dining    together    at British surveying and road making par- emphatic wav thai it Intel 1 to abide
preventative officer inthe inland    rev-  Aid.   G,   \V.  Stephens'   residence,   they I ties near Acnrnblscl tho govoi-nment of ky  its school  system and  to  reals!  nil
en no department ut syroua year,  uosey drove to Chnnip do Mars, whoro many British Gulann has done what the situ- attempts at Interference.    In  the el    NOTICE  is hereby given tlmt Edwin
is a brother-in-law ol Mr, Davis, gov- thousands of people were awaiting them, I ntion plainly demanded, adding!    "Tbo u,,,, of Tuesiluy the qnostl if federal   Matthews has been Bilinltted a partner
erumoul contractor, who was a   large Tboy were joined hero by Messrs. Tnrte, policy of non-resistance has   not    I n  [ntorferonee  was  agnln  distinctly  nils-  in  tho above business,   in  inline the
uuntrlbutor to the Tory election fund.    Hthlcr,  Madorc,  Bntnoau,  Monet,  Me- successful in settling our disputes with orj  but tho answer thai Manitoba gives  business will bo carried on by the un-
Winnipeg, .lune 20.—Much Interest Is Shane ami many others. VouoMlolu,     No    other    grenf    power hg'neither dlstlnel  nor Intelligible,    No- Merslgnod i or the style ami name of  ...  j, ounitY, 0. aB„ anion Block,   First-
taken hore in the result ol tne Algoma     Mr. Laurier was kept bowing his ne-1 would for a moment have stood lae so-  i,n,u. known  wloit  the nroviiiee wants. I Wilson .V Matthews, who will assume   '••  class work guaranteed,
election to-morrow. ...
-ii  iimiuy. Botanic Druggist, Winfleld Ores-
i ■   11 in.   Tiv Unity's Pile Ointment.
DM. MASON, IHmiiIsI     KMriii'liug n spei'lnlly.
Qasand Kther ndmlnistered.
OUloo, Odd Fellow's Blook, Nanaimo,
body   knows   what   the   province  wants.
I know-lodgements several minutes before rlons attacks ol the VouettiolRu BoldwrB j|   declares In  tho election  that   there  "" liabilities and collect all aobts dm
Kobert  Uogors,   Conservative    candi-1 h0 was ahlo to speak.     Discussing th.
"' Liberal victory, Quebec, he snid hni 1 taken its place at the head of confodorn*
As iii tho school question, the people
had tried  six years of a   wobbling gov
dale tor Llsgar, is seriously ill of typhoid
Dr. Nibs, a popular young dentist, is
Montreal,   .lune  2D.—T110  gross  earn
lugs lor the I!. P, It. for May amount-1eminent and ho was confident that by
ed to $1,724,860; working expenses, malting an appeal.to tho generosity and
stl,087,8TU; net    profits,   ¥087,*1UO.    In the sense of justl if   the   Manitoba
May,  18UB,  net  nroflts were !fo*l4.04l),
Toronto, .lurn. JO.—John Boss Robertson, Independent, elected for blast Tor
onto, has gone to England,
The ollicial declaration shows that
North Middlesex has elected Uuteliins,
Conservative, instead of Unt/., Liberal,
us reported. Complete returns from
North Ontario give this sent finally to
Major Mcllillivray by a majority of
seven. Thc returning oilicor's declaration in Westmoreland county, N. B.,
gives the seat to Powell, Conservative,
by five, nud the ollicial count in North
Bruce elects McNeill, Conservative, by
19. The only doubtful sent now in Ontario is Muskoku. King's county, P. lil.
1„ is still claimed by both sides.
There is another cabinet council this
afternoon. They intend to try and put
through the contract for the fast Atlantic service, but it will not stand unless
opprovod of by Mr. Laurier.
Mr. McCiuignii, member for South
Middlesex, bus offered bis sent to Hon.
David MilR
Latest returns from all Canada give
11(1 Liberals ami 85 Conservatives, or n
Liberal majority of 81. There remain
four Patrons and seven Independents)
of these, two Patrons and four Independents  will support  Mr.  Laurier.    This
government, "we will succeed in restoring to the minority the rights of which
they have been deprived."
On the tarifi', Mr. Laurier repented
his remarks made curlier in the day
about being reformers and not revolutionists.
lie closed thus: "From this day begins a new era. nnd from this day nil
Canadians, without distinction of origin,
creed or race, will be equally loyal subjects to Her Majesty."
Toronto, .Tune 2(1.—Tlic news comes
from Montreal to-day that L'Islct and
Meetintic. counted as Conservative
seals, nro Liberal, further increasing
Mir. Lnurier's remarkable gains in his
own province.
Sir Itichnnl Cartwright had nn enthusiastic reception nl Montreal yestor
day. nnd in n brief speech expressed
tbe hone that Ihe past election would to
an ordinary degree sweep away thorn*
foolish prejudices which had in the past
divided Knclish from French and ('nTtr
alio from Protestant. Never, he sank
was n lender fouud in Canada mere calculated or better able in every possthp
Rbape ami way to reconcile nnd m-lnti
together those jiirritn: elements which in
times past tt"tl disturbed the common
pence, than his friend Wilfrid Laurier,
ni British officials, I must bo no federal interference with its  the said business, nml we trust that by
1'"'"i luue 211.   The (llobe Ibis af-i,.,,,;,,,,,,,,,,,,   nfflllre.   |,   declares   in   an'   careful  attention  to tho needs  of i.uV  ,,i;|s, i vi  inuiMuv    it,,,, astkai^iTn
iistoiners, to merit a continuance of the  <    proprietors. Victoria Cms
tei-nnon, referring to
\cneziiolnn i„|h„|. ,.*,,,,,•„„  ,*„„    |,   wna    Indifferent  c!l
nation, says:   "Sir   .inluiu    Pnunce- whotbDr interference took place or not.  patronage so
c's communication to Secretary <IIncy|It |,.,s .„„  |,s I',.],.,,,]* In the east to nn   P8*1-
The Prince of Wales Honored.
Aborystwith, Wales, .lune 20.—In hon.
or of the visit to tills poll Of fhe Prince
and Princess of Wales ami their ilaugh
tors, on the occasion of the Installation
of the Prince as Chancellor of the University of Wales, the town and port
were brilliantly decorated and crowded
with visitors. The royal pnrty arrived
by special train nt noon and were received with salutes from tho ships in
the harbor. The Installation took place
in a large marquee, Wl ere was a great
assemblage of university dignitaries,
prelates, municipal officers and others.
•Hi niiwiai., ATKINS, nil's.in CO., Limited.
ill Millie,il Hall,corner i-oinmereUI nini liss-
iii.ii slrooU.   Teleplioiio 1.8-5.
sted  In  the result of the struggle,  I * ' "YK  W0RKS-
is net  fair to blame thc whole popnla-1/••,„ _„ j   *.«•<.,.,.  ■„,,,. it.«-«.K,  vanaimh bye works.—Dyeing, Gleaning
tion of Manitoba    Indiscriminately    for  Uli ilmi AIIL1  JUllCIMlilC  ■»'   audItopalring   MNieplstteet.„
probably contained an Intimation thai stIenormous''amount' 'if trouble   dcfondliigl JunoMB Wilson.
Harrison, the crown surveyor in British i^ ,..,„.„ ,n„|  th.n Ignored  their efforts I'.pwin MATTHBWS,
Guiana, was not released at. once (ircat  ;lll,| :H.,,.,i nB jf ,, „,.,.,. v,.rv |i*ttlt? inter- j Nanaimo, 11. ('., April 7, 1896.
Britain will exact redress by otlier than
diplomatic methods.
President Orespo would do well to
comply with Secretary Uiuey's friendly
counsel as Caracas must be made to
understand that pending the rendjusv
inont of the boundary, Kngiuiii! is re
Helved to exercise nil sovereign rights
cast of the Sehomliurgh line.
Glasgow, .lune 2(1.—The Pan-I'rcsby.
tcrian council has resolved to petition
the British and United States governments in favor of the establishment oi
a permanent board of arbitration to settle International disputes between the
tWO countries.
libernllj  bestowed in the  and faintly raclposaspeolalt*
sseont. DiKjiciislng
this trilling ami vacillating course,
There were many who wire coiwdstenf
and voted in the federal as they did in
the provincial elections. Thc conduct
of those who cast their ballots against
coercion in the provincial election and
then for any cause changed sides during
the critical period through which wc
hnve just passed is exceedingly disappointing to those who relied upon their
intelligence aud  steadfastness.
>Yill ('lost' Every Wednesday
J®"Note this and send in your
ier8 in g>
be delivered.
Kffect of (lie Result in Toronto.
Toronto, .lune 24.—Tho Liberals of Toronto are jubilant beyond limit over the;     .       . ,    .
satisfactory result, of thc elections. The orders in good time, so they can
down town streets contained thousands
nml thousands of people last night wuo
anxiously nwaito-,1 results. Tbe excitement wns intesi.sc as the Liberal gains
rolled in. The result or the contest >u
Toronto is regnrded as satisfactory by
the Liberals. Robertson defeated Coats-
worth, Ucnie.lailisl, In the oust, while
Loiint carried the centre, which Is perhaps the greatest of many surprises 111
the result. W. I'. Maclean, nillt-rentC'
dnlist, Conservative, wns defeated m
East York by Prnnklood.  Tbe   tjlobe
Lodge Notices.
Tnkerman Lodge, No, sen, Sons of St.
George.—Regular weekly meeting Is held
in Hubert's Hull, Wharf street, on Saturday, evening at 8 o'clock, Visiting
brethren cordially invited lo attend.
FnEi>. Waustakf, Sec.
C, I'lmtiToN, Mimngcr,
Gi    MAMsii. Wholosale Dealer In  Pish and
'•      leiini'. UnsttOtl Street, .N'tllltlillio.
riMANii HOTEL—W. stbbi,, Proprietor—Vto-
v"   tnriii Crasoont,
I n"I'i:mnatio.nai. iiiiti:i.-1'i;tkk WKIQLE,
a   Proprietor.   Victoria Orescent.
MWOLPK, I'iimticin] and Insurance Agent.
•   .loiiiistiin Blook.
Vnasii,  House  and sign Painter, l'aper-
• Hangor, etc.   Corner Albert nnd Milton
streets.    I', tl.liox 'JI'S.
IjioUKMAX ,5 Il.MtDV, Meal Estate Brokers,
'    Bastion streot.
]\   TAYLOR, flcnler In nil kinds of New nnd
I'. Bceoiid-lTand Kurulture, ami Fancy Aril.
elcs of every description,
Masonic Building, Cemmoreial street. SAN   FRANCISCO  COAL  MARKET.
Large and Successful Gathering
at Wellington.
Most Professional Money Comes to
Nanaimo—Allen Breaks a
Collar Bone and Evans
Breaks a Record.
Harrison's  report says:    "Since the
I departure of the steamer Monowai there
has been but one arrival from tiny colonial port,  viz:   Springburn with 8,995
tons.    It is several years since this happened—one arrival in 80 days;   the reason we are all cognizant of, the continuation of the labor troubles nt the Newcastle  mines.   It  is just   two months
since this strike commenced, and it lias
extended over more time already than
anyone   supposed    ut  its   inciplency.
Some grades of colonial coul are entirely
out of stock;   still their absence is not
disturbing the market,  as the quoted
  values oi our  coast products are   unchanged, although their sales are being
The Dominion Day sports at Wei- j materially increased.    There are four
ling-ton passed off  satisfactorily to h'*-*8*'18 """' 8n routa  tr01" Newcastle
the  participants   and  to  theMm- with 11,000 tons, and three vessels from
mense crowd of spectators present, I sy*-*-°y with 7'500 ttmB'   s*v,lnev '"""
except that the latter were practi-1 «"t,s  ure bBin8  ■••*-(-'|y
Datk.        Name ANn Destination
2 Str Puritan, Alaska
4 Sr.
cally debarred from witnessing the
contests except upon extra payment
for seats on the grand stand, which
enclosed about three-fourths of the
track, complaints on this account
being both long and loud. But for
one or two accidental spills in the
bicycle races, the day passed without any hitch in the proceedings.
In the three-mile professional
race Allan of Spokane got a bad
fall and had his collar bone broken.
Mr. Ed. Baisden of Portland gave
a fine exhibition of trick riding.
Below is a list of the winners:
Quarter mile, flying start—J M Campbell, 1;  H G lrjeman, 2.   Time 81 2-5.
One mile, Bcratch—J M Campbell, 1;
H G Freeman, 2.   Time 2:88 l-.r>.
Three mile handicap— \V \V Grey, 850
Monthly Coal Exports.
Foreign coal shipments (or June were
as follows:
Kynnnce, San Francisco.., !!,247
Sp Elwell, San Francisco,....
G Str Sea Lion, Port Townsend .
8 Sir Willapa, Port Townsend..
H Str Tyee, Port Townsend ....
10 Str Citv of Everet, San Fran. .
12 Str Willapa, Alaska 	
18 Str Wanderer, Port Townsend
18 Str Peter Jebsen, Los Angeles
21 Str Willapa, Port Townsend. .
22 Str ticrty Storey, Blaine	
25 Str Willapa, May Island... .
27 City uf Everett, San Francisco
2!i Str Portland, Alaska	
yards, 1; Jas Deeming, scratch, 2.
offered ut low
figures, both for early uml late loading,
which evidences that ship-owners prefer to accept any frieght rates offering
rather than wait."
Prevailing prices are as follows:
Wellington  r8 00
Xew Wellington      8 On
.Southfield     7 50 i
Seattle  T5 00@6 50
Bryant     6 Oil
(tons Bay     4 50
Cumberland, in bulk, ffll@12; in
sacks !|il8@
Pennsylvania Anthracite Kgg....
Rock  Springs, Custle   Gate   and
Pleasant valley	
 <i« ■
14 00
11 50
7 50
Five mile handicap—W W Grey, 400
yards, 1; J M Campbell, scratch, 2;
Rucker, scratch, 3.   Time 13:42.
One mile, un paced—W J Evans, 1—
2:22 4-5; M F Hill and J Deeming, 2—
2:25 2-6.
One mile, novice—Horace Tyler, 1; F
B Jeffrey, 2.   Time 2:42.
Quarter mile, living start—T Spain, 1;
J A Essary, 2.   Time Sl 1-5,
One milo, scratch—Geo Grey, 1; J A
Essary, 2.   Time 2:45.
Three mile handicap — J A Essary,
scratch, 1; Mackav, scratch, 2. Time
7:49 4-5.
Five mile handicap—Essary, scratch,
1; Maekay, scratch, 2; Horace Tyler,
400 yards, 3.   Time 13:55.
Campell and Kncker tried on the tandem to reduce the Northwest record of
1:04 for a half mile, but failed, their
time being l;04 3-5.
W J Evans then made a paced track
rjcord of 2:112-5.
It will be seen that most of the professional money came to Nanaimo, Mr
W W Gray showing himself to be a rider
worth counting on.
For conduct unbecoming gentlemen nt
the intermediate game at Westminster
on Saturday last the Maple Leafs will be
arraigned before the League on complaint of the Nanaimo club. The latter
intimate their willingness to play Westminster again on neutral ground.
The following team was selected to
play in the exhibition game with the
Beavers at Vancouver on Dominion day:
Goal, H Medill; point, W Neweomb;
cover point, J Fitzgerald; defense, A
McGregor, Ward Bell and J Martin;
centre, W Brown; home, S Hague, C
Summers and Wail Hilbert,
Nanaimo won—4 goals to 0.
In tne senior game at Victoria the
Capitals defeated Vancouver—li to 1.
At Vancouver on Saturday the second
eleven of that city defeated the Nanaimo
Second eleven by 221 runs to 130.
 m • m	
Band Concert To-Night.
The Nanaimo Silver Cornet Hand will
give an open-air concert in the Crescent
band stand this (Thursday) evening at
7:30, when the following programme will
be rendered:
March, Tenth Regiment R, II. Hall
Fantasia, "The Frolic of the Imps"
 Carl Carlton
Negro Dance, "The Frisky Cnons"
 L, P. I.nrenileiiu
Selection, "Elixir of Love". ..Donizetti
Serenade, " The Lover und the .Mandolin"  Miasm!
Medley, " Recollections of the War"
 E. Beyer
On this occasion the band will be
equipped for tho (list time in their handsome new uniforms, whicli were made
by VV. R. McKenzic.
Returns of Vancouver District.
I Str Excelsior, San Francisco . .
5 str Discovery, Port Townsend.
II Str Alki, San Francisco	
II Str Progressist, San Francisco.
18 Sp Columbia, San Francisco . .
18 Str Walla Walla, Seattle   	
IS sir City nf Topekn, Victoria...
18 Str Willamette, San Francisco.
20 Str Angeles, Taeoma   	
26 Str Progressist, San Francisco.
2,Sl ill
Is never done, and it is especially wearing
and wearisome to those whoso blood Is
impure and unfit properly to tone, sustain, and renew the wasting ol nerve,
muscle and tissue. It is more because of
this condition of the blood that women
are run down,
Tired, Weak,  Nervous,
Than because of the work itself. Every
physician says so, and that the only remedy is in building up by taking a good
nerve tonic, blood purifier and vitalizer
like Hood's Sarsaparilla. For the troubles
Peculiar to Women at, change ol season,
climate or lifo, or resulting from hard
work, nervousness, and impuro blood,
thousands havo found relief and cure in
The Ono True Mood Purifier, ft; six for $5.
Prepared only by 0.1. Hooil & Co., Lowell, Mass.
5 Str Rapid Transit, Seattle      223
13 Str Willamette, San Francisco 2,0(10
18 Str San Mateo, San Francisco.. 4,200
27 Str Progressist, San Francisco.  1,300
__       j.     *n,.|i   are the only pills to take
HOOQ S FlUS with Hood's Sarsaparilla.
North Ward..
Middle Ward.
South Ward ..
Wellington.  ...
Gabriola Island
Royal Oaks	
Mayne Island ..
Uenman Island.
Salt Spring Isl'd, S.
Salt Spring Isl'd.N.
8 !
W. ,T. Goepel of Nelson has been appointed inspector of all the government
agencies in the province.
The Odd Fellows of Nanaimo and Wellington will decorate the graves of their
departed brethren on July 12.
W. W. B. Mclnnes, M. P. elect, left
for Ottawa via Victoria Sunday afternoon, accompanied by bis wife.
There was no quorum Monday evening
at the Council meeting, which stands
adjourned until next Monday evening.
Tom Turnliiill the Irrepressible received his justly earned reward on Monday last, when Magistrate Simpson gave
him 6ix months in which to sober up
after one of his peiiodical jamborees.
Qeorge Fletcher, of Fletcher Brus.,
music dealers of this cily, has accepted
a position as traveling agent with the
Wm. Doherty Organ Company, and in
consequence the firm have decided tu
close out business in this city.   Seem1.
The If nights of Pythias of Nanaimo,
Northfield and Wellington on Sunday
last held their annual memorial servi es,
in connection with which they visited
the city cemetery and decorated the
graves of their departed brethren, numbering 81.
Resolutions ol Condolence.
At a regular meeting of Inkerman
Lodge, N.o. 325, Sons of St. George,
the    following    resolutions     were
unanimously adopted;
WBEREAS, Our dear brother, John
William Graham,has been deeply afflicted by the untimely death of his beloved
wile; therefore be it
Resolecd,   That  we   the officers  nnd
members of Inkernian Lodge, No. 325,
Sons of St. George, do extend to our
bereaved brother our deepest sympathy j
in his dire affliction ;
Resolved, That these resolutions be
spread upon tbe records of this lodge
anil a copy transmitted to Bro. Graham
and published in the local papers.
At a regular meeting of Inker-
man Lodge, Xo. 825, Sons of St.
Qeorge, on June 27, the following
resolutions were adopted unanimously:
Whereas, It has pleased the Almighty of the universe to remove from
our midst our late brother, Geo. Churchill i ami
Whereas, It is just that a fitting recognition of his many virtues should be
had ; therefore be it
Resolved, That In the death of Bro.
Churchill this lodge laments the loss of
a brother who was ever ready to proffer
the hand of aid and the voice ot sympathy to a needy brother of the fraternity, an honorary member of the order,
whose utmost endeavors were extended
for its welfare and prosperity, a friend
and a brother Who was ever ilcur tn us
all, a citizen whose upright ami noble
life was a standard of emulation tu his
Resolved, That the genrt-fclt Sympathy of this lodge be extended to the
bereaved family in this their dire af-
Resolved, That these resolutions be
spread upon tbo records of the lodge
and a copy thereof lie transmitted to the
family ol our deceased brother uud published in our local papers,
Total  8,323
Mav. .Tunc.
Nanaimo 24,788 18,804
Wellington    19,988 13,523
Union 18,003 8,323
Grand total  50,008 40,019
Customs Retusns.
Following  nro   the   customs returns
for tbe month of Juno:
Duty collected  $3,537.88
Miscellaneous       102.99
Goods imported free
i 3,700.
Total  117,315.0U
Ice. Ice,
The Union Brewing Co.,
Limited Liability,
Delivers ICE at residences.    Order  before  twelve o'clock.    Terms
UHIOU BUS CO.. Limited liability.
W. E. Nonius, Sec'ty.
Mrs. A. Baldwin
| Offers her services to the Ladies of Nanaimo as an EXPERIENCED NURSE,
who has had large experience in and
through the Northwest Territories, Address
SO Nicol Street.
Bring me one of Stevenson & Co's
Gents' Straw Hats,
A Neglige Shirt at 75 cents,
A Suit of Balbrigan Underwear at $1.25!]
A pair thin dandy Black Cotton Sox, 25c]
A Summer Coat at $1.50.
Two Washing Ties for 25c.
And mind you get them at-
PFF1T        mm
Commercial St., Nanaimo, B. C.
Avei'iijre School Attendance.
Following are the average attendances
at the public schools for .Lino:
High School—W. Hunter, prin 26.88
1st Division—J. Shaw, principal. .31.21
lM Division—J. Galloway 38.15
;iil Division—ulissLawson    87.28
■lt.li Division—Miss Mebius  44.T(>
6th Division—Miss llartt 44.03
(iih Division—Miss Haarer 61.60
7th Division—Miss Mnir 09.07
Sib Division—Miss Woodman ..'.. ,8U.7(
Miss Dobeson .40.91
Miss Edwards 60.06
south wAitii.
lst Division—Miss Marshall 47.86
2d  Division—Miss Lei'ciivre  00.02
Ladies   nnd   Children's    Sewing   done
neatly.   Prices reasonable.   Address
162 Nicol Street.
1st DlvisiOn-
2J  Division-
1 Nanaimo Furniture Store,
Johnston Block, Bastion St.
Vital Statistics.
There were registered  for
district during .lune 2-1
Hayes and ti deaths.
births,  8 niar-
Police Record.
City Police Court—Drunk, 4; assault,
2; stabbing with intent,!; resisting police, 1; total, 0.
Provincial Police Court—Drunk, 4j
supplying liquor to Indians, 1.
H. BcTEIBH, Proprietor,
—Full and Complete Stock of--
Furniture, Mattresses, Lounges,
nlstereil lienils ef all Kinds Miute Hint Road. Kulilllure (if all description Itniiu'lil
M>ltl. Uattrossca repairod and dolivored
tho samo da)',   a trial ordor solicited,
Local Retail Market.
Flour—Ogllvie's Hungarian.$5.26
IP hi.
Green Crown  6.00
Hercules   4.00    "
Sboab—BeBtgranulated .. ff6.60$sack
Bright yellow   4.25    "
Hams From 16c, t" 17c. fib.
Breakfast Bacon 12c. to 20o    "
Lajid—Best  16e    "
liu'iruu—Creamery    25c     "
Dairy.   ." 20o@26c     "
Onions   3e     "
Boas  20c. per dozen
Apples $2.00 per box
Potatoes 7uc per sack
New potatoes tic per "
Chickens LT- to bt) cents
Okell & Morris'
Pure Preserves
Prepared from Choice B.C.Fruits
and B, C. Sugar.
„ | They nro the Purest and Best.
Prom present indications the
silver men will control the Democratic convention, dictate its platform, and nominate a Presidential
ticket. The cold standard men,
failing to stem the bi-metnllic tide,
will either have to acquiesce in the
inevitable or withdraw from the
convent ion, us did the silver Republicans in St. Louis.
Plrst-olasB Accommodation. l-lro-prool building
Terms: $1.00 Per Day and" Upwards.
The Doon Hotel,
Commercial St.,
Nanaimo, B. 0.
Tiik Mail udvertiseiiieints
best returns.
» Anti-Remedial.
Highest Honors—World's Fair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Frei
fiom Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
40 Years the Standard.
Fletcher Bros.
E^As wo arc retiring from business, we will give every person
who is thinking of getting a Piano or an Organ a snap
Our entire stock must be sold by August lst.
Handled Only by N. E. P.
$1.50 Per Sack
The outside or wood substance of wheat is removed and balancl
of kernel ground into Hour, making a perfect flour for all
dyspeptics, and will aid digestion quicker than any othea
in use.- ■ -^
We claim to have TEAS, the best, the equal of which are nowherJ
to be had. They will go the farthest and please the mosl
particular.    Choice Blends, 25, 40 and 50 cts. per lb.
The Best Groceries handled by ue. Give us a trial order thitj
month and save money for yourself as well as store.
Bicycle:1. Bicycles.*
To Bicycles done on our premises at the shortest possible notice.
Mb. Cooking being a thorough practical bicycle hand, will bo
pleased to furnish  all information gratis,  nnd all  work
done by this firm willbeguaranteed to be lirst-class.
Next to Sloan & Scott's Old Stand.
P,   S—A large consignment of bicycle sundries just arriv-
from the east.
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs
a DONE  BY  THE        ^o
Jrioneer Steam Laundr
 ( By so doing you will PATRONIZE WHITE LABO(
^r I And help to GET BID OF THE CHINESij
Dye Works in connection.
P, O. Box 'Jo.
II. M. STEWART, Proprietor.


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