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The Nanaimo Semi-Weekly Mail Aug 15, 1896

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By the test of publio opinion
and found "all right."
Second Year
And increased success of the
people's paper, tbe
Nanaimo Mail.2Vo,atrh
lj »
< Is our business, and the su
periority of our work  commends itself,while as to prices
It Is Profitable
To deal with us. All classes j
of work for all classes of custo- r
mers is our specialty.
VOL. 12. -NO. 16.
Sow is the Tin e
Infesting I rocs, Shrubs,)
!■,, ,,,',.00000   0:—
r lowers und \ egotablos.)
Yon want something that will do the business
effectually, yot will not injure the most
delicate flower oi' plant.
' the delight of the frontier desperado,
but he did not shoot, He wns disconcerted by Barry's coolness and
" Bteady eve, and Baying, in a comparatively mild manner, "Well, do
not let it occur again," turned and
The Assassin's Latest Exploit in disappeared in the crowd, ignoring
,,      .,        . the editors parting shot to the effect
Sun 1'ran ci seo.
A Rio' Corruption Fund Available in Sun Francisco.
Duos the trick.    Try 11 tin.
AVe also have in stock Whale Oil Soup, used
by all Fruit Growers.
Wo hnve 11 small slock of Fruit Jars—Pints, Quarts and
Half Gallons.
Delta and Duncan's Creamery Butter and choice Manitoba
Creamery and selected Dairy Butter in 5, 10, 20 and
30 lb. tubs.    Prices away down.
Sterilized Cream from the Delta Creamery, very choice, in
Pint Jars.
We have a full line ofthe best Groceries at the Bottom
Prices.    Quality Guaranteed.
We have just opened out a large consignment of Boots and
Shoes.    Prices are right.
Call and See our Stock and Get our Figures. It will pay
fiH&J     Victoria
9        Crescent.
The Sanguinary Career of the Slayer
of Judge Terry—Troves Himself Merely a Coward
iiml a Bully.
An Ominous Ovation.
The journey of Mr. Bryan from
Ids western home to New Vork was
one continuous ovation, The demonstration in his honor in Chicago
is suid to have been unprecedented
in that city, if nol in lhe United
Slates. Speaking from tlie balcony
of the Clifton House, Mr. Bryan said;
l have no language that will express
the emotions that have been exulted hy
Iiml he owned und edited the Star,
nnd could sny jusl what he pleased
in its columns.
Now, we will make n prediction:
If Neagle ever murders Hurry, us
some people think he may, it will
be by a shot or stab in die back.
He will never care lo look into those
defiant, piercing and deep-set eyes
again. —S. V. Advertiser.
The Southern Pacific Company's
chief highbinder is evidently again
becoming thirsty for blood. David
Neagle seems to be one of those
tigers in human shape who, on account of 11 periodical longing for
the life-current of their fellow-
beings, become known as man-
killers. His first victim, so far as
is known, was a Mexican he killed
in Arizona. The particulars of this
case we do not know, but il is suggestive when we are told that this
man wns shot in the back. With a
well-established   reputation   ns   a
"bad man," Neagle came up from strument to accomplish their wili."When ominous, especially in view of the fact
the frontier with a cow-boy swagger
and a sawed-off pistol, und proceeded lo introduce the Apache Indian
methods here, lie made a flying
visit to Montana, shot a man there,
but luckily for him the man did
not die, else he would have been
lynched. With a very natural prejudice ngninst ti community so ready
to reward murder with a rope,
Neagle returned to California, where
his peculiar talents were appreciated
and enlisted by a few men who had would demand that 1
long hated and feared the noble, power to rob the peo|
the generous,'the lion-hearted David \',f|"^,.J
S. Terry. How successfully he ex-j they (rive me their biillol they will unite fore the collector of tho port of Burling
edited his com mission in Ihis case, in saying, " Du your duty aiid we have ton, Vt., and swear that lie is 18 years oi
all the world knows. He was nol "'"' reward." These are the people who Bge „,„• Wlla ,„,,.„ in Sa„ [.*,,llu.j8",,, Un.
threatened nor any way in danger, J«»*™i Stfrlg™ and .tHprlrt! ««'the law ho Is reoutred ,0 produce a
1 was probably entirely unknown to |eges for none, [Applause.] 1 am clad parent. This might seem difficult to a
his victim, and while Judge  TerrjLJto have the support of Jilio-e people, for Caucasian who Is an orphan, but it is
More Evidence of the Heal liens' Peculiarities—To Be Investigated
by the   Government,
LPs  Mission.
A gentleman recently returned to this
province  from  San D'ranelseo says that
he learned from reliable sources that an
immense corruption fund for the purpose
of smuggling Chinese into the  United
States is available in that city,   The article published in another column corroborates this fact, and furnishes further
proof of the dark ways of which the Chinese are peculiar.    The gentleman referred to also says the Chinese Intend to
the most remarkable demonstration that  spare no pains or expense to defeat the
I  have ever witnessed.    Iii  no other object of the agitation nowgoingonin
country i8 such a scene possible.   In no tilia country.   In this connection the
other country can the people take up a       .       , ,  ,   .   .   , , . ,,
private citizen and make liim  their in-  •""•templated visit of Li Hung Chang 1
(CnrreKpomienee ol the Mail.)
The weather is intensely hot, but good
crops of hay have been gathered In.
Small fruits have been looking very
I well, considering the weather. The new
Cratnlell currant is growing to great perfect ion at Nanoose Hay. This is undoubtedly the coining currant,
The road parties are at work under
the able management of the Craig brother, John Love and Me.Millen. When
this work is over thore will be a meeting
to consider the Chinese question, The
farmers were highly pleased witli the
meet bigs at Vancouver and Nanaimo,
for every intelligent farmer knows that,
if something is not done to stop the
Down goes the farm;
Down goes the farmer;
Down goes the merchant;
Down goes the poor debtor;
Down goes the white laborer;
Down goes everybody else and everything else but the monopolists and their
servile servants.
The Day's Demand.
niblago to-night, and when  that he
1 see this
I remember what the newspapers In authorilu
this city say [loud ami continued hissing), Iain reminded of what one of our
friends said to me: "Nobody is on our
side except the people.'' As I look Into
the faces of these peoplo anil remember
that onr enemies call them a menace to
the government, I  say who shall  save
was referred to the Dominion
by lion. Jos. Chamberlain,
Colonial Secretary, upon complaining to
the Imperial Government of the poll-
tax imposed by Canada.
Smuggling is not the only means re-
s irted to, as reports that have recently
the peoplo from themselves? lam proud reached the  Treasury   Department at
to huve in this campaign the support of Washington indicate that a large mini-1 £!,''!"•'".''.•'1UI »'
those who are proud  tn call themselves tor of Chinese secure admission through ' ffi ', , *"„,"  ntl
the common people, If 1 was behind the       tin ,  •""■»••' ■■»«>■■«'
great trust
IH 11
oul combinations, 1 know I
tier take my seal than they
hould use my
[Ureal up-
Bill having rather the support
t toiling masses, I know when
perjury, According to the report of
Chief Crowley, of lhe special agents' division of the Treasury Department, the
programme usually followed by a Chinaman desiring admission is to appear be-
Asthe New Spring Season
is now upon us	
to come and inspect our stock of
Do Not Fail
Our stock this season we assure you is
complete in every respect and bound
to please. It comprises all the latest
novelties, etc. A very fine and well
assorted stock of Ladies' Sailors nnd
Children's Galatea, Silk and Lace Hats
was engaged with Stephen A. Field, L! know ihey would risk their lives to
unaware that u hind  assassin ,vasfsave their conn I ry and fe v-uitlsens.
•u his side,  lhe  murderous  bullet1   ,*;'■'• B*7*"n dosed his speech
1 gratefully ncecpl your greetings, and
in the wools of Abraham Lincoln, say:
"Tho people of the South and North are
erry appeased  lvady to join with the people ol tl
lhe thirst  of  the  tiger for a time, in saying ihat this government of the
but recently  he   has  shown   signs   people by tbe people und for the people
that his mania was again asserting Bm,fl "'" I"'"*" y"1111'
ils control.     Only last wick, on a        The Ancient and Honorable.
prominent business corner of our     A correspondent asks the Adver-
pubhc sireets,  he sprang upon u tiser to say what is the Ancient and
was sued  and  u   big,   brave,  sympathetic heart ceased to beat.
This draught from lhe rich, warm
blood of the noble
easy for John. All the way from San
Francisco he has brought a Chinaman
who swears to his identity and claims to
be his father. Two other Chinamen
swear to the father's identity, lhe chain
of evidence is complete and lhe appli-
East  cant is admitted,
Some months ago the authoritle
God give us men.   A time like this demands
Strong  minds, great hearts, true faith
and ready hands;
.Men whom the lust of office does not kill,
Men whom the spoils of office cannot
Men who possess opinions and a will,
Men who have honor, men who will
not lie;
Men who can stand before a demagogue
And  damn  his treacherous flatteries
without winking;
Tall men, sun-crowned, who live above
the fog
In publicdutyand in private thinking;
For many, with their thumb-worn creeds,
ssions and little deeds,
h  strife.    Lo, Freedom
Wrong has ruled  the land, and waiting
Justice sleeps.
lot. J. G. Holland.
Appointments Canceled.
On the 18th June last,  the day
1 before nomination day, Dr. Montague, us Minister of Agriculture,
appointed 130 veterinary inspectors
for different counties in the Dominion, lo be paid by fees, and to inspect horses and cattle and detect
1 and prevent the spread of contagious diseases, and generally to perform other useful duties. They were
appointed hastily, in the midst of
the election campaign, and started
to work without any instructions
]e. from the department, although Mr.
ioor, witless vendor of razorstrapp,Horioral)le Artillery Company  of against the requiremen
choked linn, ileal his head   againsl   -
a stone Willi,  and  threw   him   vio
ently into the streel. This outrage wns witnessed by over two
Hind red citizens, yel no arrest was
made. Why was Neagle not arrested on Ihis occasion?     The oulv
Boston, Mass., the mem hers of which
have had so cordial a reception in Carlisle and Mr. Crowley hope to show
Great Britain, everyone—from the Congress (he necessity of taking iinme-
Queen und the Prince of Wales diate action to pro te the results ex-
down- aiding in making their visit pected by tho enactment of tho Geary
a memorably pleasant one. The law, The expense of deportation is an-
Ancients are somewhat of an orna- other matter that will be laid before the
explanation  we  have heard is, as mental military body.   Their chief department.   The number deported last
an S. P. detective, lie enjoys iiiinill- ^uiy 8eems *,„ j„, (o flftve a„ ftnl,U(lj year  was comparatively large,  hut was
nity   from   arrest   for   such   little panicle,   a  sermon   and   a   dinner, nearly made np by the Hundreds who
pleasantries.     ll seems that after This w;ls Bupp]euienled  this  year were"legally" admitted,
the/ferry   murder   the   Southern by a tour in the mother land.   Th
ellned to admit certain Chinamen unless MoEaohran,   the chief veterinary
they they could produce reputable white inspector, had prepared very strict
witnesses.   The Chinese took the ease instructions and explanations   of
to the Superior Conn wiib the result the duties to be performed.    At the
that that body handed down  a decision/'.nie, Jlr-   McKachran  was in the
t.    By tin
t'slies  now   being  collected   Secielarv
We only mako Llio best  Try thom.
iMftok cnrniiit, Strawberry, Rod Currant
/   nm! QooBeborry t'raservoi now roiuly.
Broken Bicycles
Repaired in Good Shape
to avoid danger of accidents.
Repairing Bikes a Specialty
See the HYSLOP.
City Market
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
V. 0. Box 227 Telephone 7-8
I'ui'ilie management concluded he
would he a handy man to have
around, and so placed his name on
the pay-roll of that great and law-
abiding monopoly, The peddler
who was so brutally assaulted could
not be found by the gentleman who
sought him with the purpose of aiding him to secure redress for his
Hearing of the above streel outrage, the editor of the San Francisco
Slur, who never slops to think of
what may befall himself when com-
latino evil, denounced Neagle in
itrong but Qttipg terms, This
n-oiiseil the bloodthirsty bully, and
ie vowed vengance. .Mr. Barry
was b'hl of Neagle's threats and advised to carry a pistol.    ||c replied
Ancients were organized in lii.'T,
and were patterned after the Honorable Artillery Company of London. Governor Long speaks of
Iheni in the .Memorial History of
Boston as an organization "in whoso
ranks have marched Governors,
Senators, Judges and Generals,and
whose otfloers are to this day in-
vested with the badges of their
authority by tho Governor in per-
son." The Ancients had IT'.i commanders between 16)8 and in.si).
The list of th im includes most of
the famous names in Massachusetts
history Sew a! I, Storer, Sedgwick,
Wintlirop, Wendell, Sloughton,
Brimmer, Lym m, Savage, and a
long Btring of others, This re na k-
able organization made n mosl fi-
In view of the above facts, it may be
questioned whether a solution of the
trouble in Canada can be reached by
simply  Increasing  the  "entrance fee"
to woo.
thai he did not fear this professional   vol'ilble impression upon the liritisl
assassin, that he had never carried
arms,  and  never   Would,    lie  did
not know Neagle, bul he knew his
methods; so when 11 stranger spat
al   him on  ibe public streel   last
lenple   Willi   whom   they   came  in
onlact.     London Advertiser.
(lev 'I' Klciser.
Buffalo Courier nave llu
If ynu do, it'll make a great difference
with the youngsters and a still greater
difference with you, They'll be better
hIioiI than they possibly could be elsewhere and nt a considerably less cost.
When you can save money hy buying
better goods, youv'e struck u good imitation of 11 bonanza, That's what you'll
always lind In our stock—the best juvenile footwear in Nanainio. You can't
beat either our coons or prices, Y< u
might as well try to beat a drum with a
nesday, he simply  looked liim in fluttering noli ie ol Gronville  Kleiser's
the eye and said, " You are Neaglel"
It was a hard name to call 11 man,
but the ruffian admitted the impeachment and confessed he was
that disreputable individual, at the
same time drawing a pistol. Slill
looking him in the eye, Mr, Barry
said: "1 know you
to kill nie; now do il
the old story over again. The linn,
fearless, steady human eye subdued
the beast, and Neagle did nol shoot;
but, drawing a copy of the Star from
a pocket, he pointed to the article
which had denounced him and said:
"Did you publish Ihat?" "Yes, I
impersonations iu which be will  appear
here ou lhe -Ith and 22 nd insts.:
[ll the complex variety of roles sustained by Mr. Klciser, iu bis dramatization ol  " David  Copperlield,"  ample
opportunity was given to him for the
display ol rare ability, and in no instance
did he fail.    The different characters
lave threatened I afforded liiin many striking situations,
,,    '• contrasting types ol simple,   generous,
1,111 '' v' 81 loyal, cringing and selfish manhood and
womanhood, characters illumined hy
ion anoc, misfortune and passion. Tl e
story is nt greal human Interest and
emotional streniith, and ils production
in Concert Hall last evening was generously appiaaded.
l'o Not 1'..\i'kuimi:m' in so Important a
matter as your health.    Purity, enrich
said Barry.   "I not only published Und  vitalize your blood with' Boon's
it, but 1 wrole it."   The revolver Sarsaparilla nnd thus   keep   yourself
still swung lightly in the hands of strong and healthy,
ii. ,.„,..,, i.:ii .. ;,\ ii   , Hoods Iii,i.s are the best after-dinner
he m, n-k Her, in Unit easy, g ace-    •-,. „H9isl dlge|tlon    ,llre   headache.
ful and debonair manner whicli is 2b cents.
Mure I.iiikI Thau Money.
New York, Aug.  10.—This    morning
tlic  following notice, signed by  c.  11.
Kilbara, superintendent of banking, WUS
posted on the door „r Murray 11 ill
Bonk: "This bank is closed ponding
examination into the condition of Its affairs.
The bank is one of the oldest slate in-
SlltlltloilS in Ihis city, with otliees nt THO
Third avenue. Deposits aiiiotiat to nbout
$1,250,000 and it is believed will he paid
III   full,   due   reason   advanced   for   Hie
iiiapenslon is the fne' tiiat the bank
had to take a considerable amount of
rm. estate fi r loons*
It is announced thai the Union Steamship Company propose lo ask the people
of this city for a subsidy of (80,000 to
enable them to place the steamer Cutch
in a proper condition to continue the
daily   mail   serviee   between   Nanaimo
and Vancouver,   As the people of this
city will shortly have a proposition sub-
milled to them for the purchase and extension of the water works, the modest
amount asked by the company would
be invested to much greater advantage
to the city in thc hitler scheme,
Afl'ter a lingering illness, Miss Kdilh
Montgomery Gordon, daughter of the
late David W. Gordon, succumbed to
the dread disease consumption about
0:30 Friday evening at  the early age of
20 years.
A number of discontented miners
returned to Snn Francisco from
Alaska last week. They had all lost
money, and at lust accounts were
looking for the parlies who persuaded them to leave good positions
to go on a wildgnose chase.
sta- Northwest, and so these 130 officials
set to work in ignorance of their
duties, and very many of them were
ignorant of a great many other
things besides, as they were appointed upon party grounds, and
not from any qualifications possessed by themselves for the discharge of the duties appertaining
to the position. The department
has, therefore, had considerable
trouble arising through their want
of capacity, and officious and unwarranted action in many cases,
and from otlier causes. The payments being made by fee has apparently acted as an inducement to
many of these inspectors to be officious interfering. The Hon. Mr.
Fisher, the Minister of Agriculture,
litis canceled every one of these appointments, and will take into his
consideration the best methods to
be adopted in order to promote the
smooth working of a good system
of inspection,
Disastrous Cloudburst,
Pittsburg, l'a.. Am.'. 18.—A cloudburst
nt   Ilelmveti..   a   small   town  neai   Wild'
wood oil lieiii. about 8'80 this morning,
ami six persons nre reported drowned.
Everything was washed out between
Shnrpesburg and Dehaven, Dehaven is
a town oi several hundred inhabitants
and is situated ubuut six miles north
of Allegheny City. Pine creek over-
llowed its Hindis and is a raging torrent.
Houses, oil tanks, haras and outbuildings are floating down and have lodged
against the Pittsburg iV* Western railroad bridge nt 1-jtiia. The water is rising rapidly, aud at 11 o'clock there were
eighl feet of water in the main street
of the place. The inhabitants aro moving to the upper stories of their houses
or seeking safety ou the hill sides. The
slortn was the heaviest of the year in
Ihis city. Within nn hour there was
n rainfall of two Inches.
Reports from Pine Creek valley indi-
oiito that the loss of life from tho cloudburst will be very heavy. At 12:46 p.
in.. .'10 lives were reported lost. The
whole of Pine Creek valley, eight miles
in length, was devastated. Three bodies
have been recovered so far. At I'jtiui
the wnter rose so rapidly thnt the employes of Spang. Ohalfant & Oo.'l iron
mill were compelled tn swim out to save
their lives,
The total vote polled at the  late
Dominion general election was890,-
Tt. is said Ihat the serial rights in! 711, or 05.7!' per eenl. of  Ihe  total
Mr. Kipling's new story have been  number on the rolls, being consid-
sold for $l,i,('00, or at the  rate of erahly less than that polled at the
$250 per 1000 words. | general election ot 1891. Gbe1Ranaimo.flDail
nv no:
12. c. Hkaiui. I.ilitor ittitl Miuuiger.
Bastion street. Nanainio, li. ('.
lly miiii -One year  2.00
six months i.izs
Throe inoaths 73
Delivered l,v carrier Ii5c. err utll
AUULMT   l.i,  IS'JO
Scheme to Land Chinese.
Probably the most gigantic
scheme ever evolved to elicit the
government has jnst come to lighl
in San Francisco. It is nothing
less thin (he wholesale illegal landing of Chinese men and women.
Jt is proposed and in pan undertaken to fraudulently land 250 Celestials at thai porl during the next
twelve months. For (bis service
several prominent Chinese linns
agree to pay $100 a head for the
men and $100 for.every woman
who successfully passes the vigilance of Collector Wise's inspectors.
Nor is this all. If the scheme works
well from the start it is proposed to
gradually extend operations nniil
the whole customs force is involved.
In other words, the smooth dealing
I hinese are anxious to spend r-nfli-
cient money to corrupt the entire
local force if they cut only be half
way assured tlmt their brethren
from across thc sea will not be asked to produce such trivial things us
registration papers or merchants'
certilicat.es. For audacity this
latest attempt of the almond-eyed
citizen to beguile his while brother
in the interest of his foreign cousins
is deserving of more than passing
Some ten days ago, say*- the F.S.
Call, a little, yellow, shrivel.1,l-u'i
Chinese, Chin \Vah Maw by name,
with more nerve than cuteness, approached a gentleman high in Federal circles with :i proposition to
make, a.- he expressed it, " Big
money.'' "Il is just like finding it
in the road," warbled the Chinese,
nnd then, dropping back into pigeon
English, added: '-Vou tix-um certificate; makee heap big money."
The official, however, did md take
kindly io the proposition, though
he appeared to. Chin With was requested to call later in the dav.
when he would be placed in a wav
to accomplish the purpose nearest
his heart. Accordingly al llie appointed hour Maw appeared and
was then introduced to a gentleman as the ''one person in all San
Francisco who could arrange the
matter." lie was supposed lo be
close to the inspectors, and, consequently, would have no trouble in
landing as many Chinese men and
women as local parlies might lind
themselves in a position to pay lor.
Chin Wall Maw, highly elated al
the success of his scheme, then arranged for a meeting between the
man who professed lo be able to
land Chinese galore and the men
who expected to put up the coin.
Lust Thursday night a week ago
the first meeting occurred at the
store of Mow Tuck & Co., successors
to Shew Ching Teong & Co., 710
Commercial street, tin this omission only the formalities of the
scheme were discussed, but everybody appeared to be perfectly satisfied wilh the situation, On the
night following another conference
took place, when all the detail- of
the plot were gone over, ll was
agreed to hind 260 Chinese, the
sum of $100 lo I"' paid for every
man and $400 for every woman.
Then it was the Chinese showed
their complete familiarity with the
situation. They wanted lo know
of the white agent if the pictures
should be made in China, or would
lie see to that at Ibis end. They
were also anxious to secure certificates of registration and were willing to pay a littlo extra for the accommodation, ll was further agreed
thai no money was to be paid until
the Chinese were actually landed,
but in tho meantime lhe coin was
to be placed in the hands of Mow
Tuck it Co., payable to ihe white
agent thirty days after lhe arrival
of a China steamer, it being understood of course that no money would
be paid for such Chinese as failed
to land.
Acting on this agreemenl Chin
W'aii addn >ed n long communication tob: friend in i
ting forth tbe facts as above recorded and further requesting thai three
men be sent by the next steamer,
This letter was sent on lhe steamer
Gaelic and should lie Hearing its
destination by this time. It is quite
likely, therefore, that on her return
trip the Gaelic will have three passengers who expeel to land at the
port of Han Francisco. That they
will be disappointed goes without
saying. The scheme has been laid
before Collector Wise, and tbo local
Chinese have been made to feel
this. They will be out the passage
money of their cousins from over
the sen, though Ihey are probably
thankful at being able to escape so
casilv.    There is no law to hi a
conspiracy of this character. An
overt act must be committed before
legal proceeding can be  instituted.
"li is a great pity," said Assistant United Slates Attorney Scless-
inger, "tint the Chinese exclusion
act dies not contain a provision for
just such cases us this. An attempt
to corrupt a federal officer should
lie punished by fine and impriaon-
I ment, but, unfortunately, such is
ind the case. 1 think 1 may say
without reservation iiml this present attempt al corruption is the
mosl audacious of which I have any
knowledge. Theso people have
evidently been in the same business
before, but in s ime way have lost
their old pull. The recent shake-
up among llie inspectors may ac-
coount for it, Ihoiigh this is, of
course, nol capable of proof."]
The Collector Im.- tbe n imes of
all lhe parties lo the attempted corruption, and will no doubt keep a
watchful eye on them in the future.
Fire Chief Krauth of Alameda,
Cal., has formulated a plan for the
reorganization of the tire department in thai city which commends
itself to the consideration of Nanaimo. lie holds licit in lire companies one paid man is worth ten
volunteers, and the plan, as outlined, will abolish tbo present vol-
untet r companies. In their place
there will be three hose companies,
wilh hose-wagons, and two hook-
ond-ludder companies, located with
reference to the requirements of the
cily and tbo greatest efficiency iu
lime of need, 'i'he force is to consist of a chief engineer, two district
engineers, eighl drivers,one steamer
, ngineer, five fori men, and thirty ;
extra "v call men. These men will
In- paid for the actual time on duty 1
on a sen 1" in : ee] i1 - 'villi their
position- from #1 io H for the
lirst half hour employed, and 50c.
to $1 for each half hour thereafter.
Says ibe Times: Two things
should be specially aimed al in
legislation goveri ing the formation
of mining c pin ies, i imely, pro-
Lection for the crowd of small investors who are most likely to be
templed by shining bails, and the
actual development of the mines.
An era of mere gambling in stock
certificates is certainly not what
this province wants." (lur contem-
i rary also say.- il believes and we
agree with il that it i.- the intention of our law, a:- is Hi., case in
England, lo treat all holders of
shares in a slock company as fully
liable Up to their face value uu  lhe
theory ihat, if a man pays into the
treasury anything less than the face
value of the shares ho receives, ho
hould in justice bo called upon
to pay in lhe rest of that lace value
if any necessity arises, such
as legitimate demands from the
company's en dilors,
 -^-->-#- -
Soine   seven    million   people   in
Kngland and Scotland receive their
groceries, clothing  and   household
supplies through co-operative socie- -
tie.-,   of these there exist   1711  in
toe   I'nil ad. Kingdom.      The  sales
effected by them in 1895 amounted
to over $200,000,000, while the profits for the year were $25,000,000.
If the smaller traders in Canada
have the big departmental stores to
contend with, those in Great Britain
have the co-opera:ive societies pushing ibeni lo the wall. Through the
agency of the co-operative societies
thousands of middlomen are dispensed with, and goods are sold at
remarkably low rales. The societies
have advanced so far as lo even assume the functions of manufacturers.
We arc assured upon the authority >>f lho Colonial Secretary, to
whom   l.i   Hung complained of the
Canadian poll-tax, that   " the  colonic-   at"    self-governing   in   such
matters" ami  that  " tbo   Imperial
Government oan only make friendly ;
Aerial   navigation   now  appears
to   be,  not only a possibility, iuil a
probability of ibe near future, judging from the fact thai a company
was recently incorporated in California "to build and navigate airships lo cany di ipiltches and mails
through the air,'' etc. Il is 'called
tbe    Atlantic    and    I'acilic    Aerial
Company, and the directors an- 1.
.1. Truman, Ileorge T, Gaden, C. A.
Smith, R. C Smith and M. A. Terry.
Queen   ' ietoi in    ba--   only   bur
. ■  ■      . ■  .    i    I      n wivi
namely, the Duke of York, lhe Ger-
nmn Emperor, bis brother, Prince
Henry,  and  lhe   Grand   Duko of
mining eeoi
$25 Down
25 in 1 Month
25 in 2 Months
25 in 3 Months
I would do my best to
make this a big success.
Call and see me.
Aie removed from each otber by a span
of many years. He travelled in a slow-
going stage-coach while you lake ibe
lightning express or the olectric ear.
When be was sick be was In nlcil by old
fashioned methods and glv in old fash-
ioned medicines, bul you demand modern iiletifl in i Heine us well as in every
llllllg else. Hood's Sarsaparilla la the
medicine ol Lo-day. it is prepared by
modi rn methods and to Its preparation
are brought the skill and knowledge of
modern science, Hood's Sarsaparilla
a.-Is   promptly   upon   Ibe   blood and bv
;;;;d;;.;:;a!:b::,;^:'di;:'au.;:ur" l,ieui,J", Johnston's Block, Nanaimo.
Cabinet Factory
Cabinet Maker.
Having  bad many years' experience
in the East 1 am prepared tu execute all
classes of work.
Furniture of All Kinds Repaired.
('Impel Street, Xaniiimo.
When vou want a delicious dish of lee (Yea u,
call  ai  MoKENZIE'6
The Most Complete Stoi
Jas. McGregor
Victoria Crescent. I
ixjjukj onv,, Kiiscvt, Garbonatinn and BoW
sntAwr.Kh'i'Y, T/THTTliri'
Always on band.
MITCHELL A IliMMlNii, Proprietors
Jfiiaufiiotitrers nf Lemonade, Ginger Ale, '< j
sa'iarllla, fillers, Etc.
I* A      : All Orders Promptly Attended L
The Union Brewing Co Notice to Ladle
Telephone 20,
1'. O. Box Ml
Limited Liability,
Delivers [CE nt residences.    Order   before   twelve o'clock.    Terms  d»te; n perfect ladies' system; is w
11011 BP,Wli;C CO., Li::.i'.3il llatllilj.
\V. 13. Noams, Sec'ty.
I AM AGENT for Nanaimo and jS.
tricts for the New and Perfect Cartfl
Tailors' System.    This system  is U|jf^
out a rival and easy to learn;  is noi
for its graceful IhieB and elegant fori|
it is nol an experiment but a devel
ment.    I ean also teach how to use ;i|
system, and also all kinds of lire
T» • I W ing executed iii lirst-class style,   l'rii
tiPVlPT     H(llN('1"S"i'""''i"",S'    Address,*
-UW1UI  JJLVUUt     Margaret M. MacdoiialdJ
No. (ill Haliburton Still. S.  Miiedomild's Store.
MRS. JAS. HAWKING, (late of the
Temperance House) desires to express ber thanks lo tbe publio for
Former patronage, and now begs toi
z: tt^t^SZ1" Bestayrant and Chop Hon
accommodation of boarders, sieady
or transient. Single or double rooms
with hot or cold water baths, and
electric light in each room. Everything strictly lirst-class and charges
i lerate.    Ileincii,ber lhe house, a
half-minute's walk  from ibe „;d Oysters in every style,
stand north. Meals, 25c. nnd upwiii-ds.     '  J
RE-OPENIHG   ,;'""' Bods'25c> !i'1,1 apwur,ds
  Spring Chicken always ou lin
Try Pliilpott's Tomato Cats]
26c, and ole. per Bottle.
]]»!' Globe Hotel
Has been  renovated and re-furnished, I
and  is now conducted as a lirst-class 	
Mu. Ai.iiKiar Kaucii can be found as   We. Never Sleep.       Open Dag and Si
Superior accommodation is provided  „,.. ..     .. .,  ,,,,
■or the public. 1 H III    DliOl        —'-
ArlUlgtoii .Hotel.    * the CHEAPEN
 1,.:;;!;,;:;:!;::!:i,,i,B  The Nanaimo Bakery Exce
llotol iii XANtmsK H.W, thta handsome and 	
commodious hotel is now nrepnrod .■> roeeivo
 ' '"" JhTSSST l0HSMAKT & TH0ME,i
sai'^s^Tarai^:.:;    The p°Pular BaM
doliiMU'loa ol the Benson.   Combined with tho
elegant furnisher! npfirtmeuts, tho visitor finds   fi     ■* /-•*• ~|i        i        1
the surroundings ol the mosl oloasant doscrlp-   I    11 l){J]|   \ \W\{X  V tlCtOl'l
People who Appreciate	
;   Our Cigars are mndo o( the Choicest Haij
Tobaccos-   <>ur ruinous
Cuban Blossom •■■•■>
Black Diamond
Hnve their proscriptions dlsponsod at
PIMBURY  S    DRUG    STORE.    Al lllodforo»ory.vllore,alldttro«llpoi'ioll
Tholr I'll, iu are Bight, Tolophono 8.     ""■' ■'"■""" I""r-   M"'1'' ''*' ''" '"'"'r'
M. .1. IKK It'll, Wharf St reel J
IISH AM) GAME.     Eg Mckenzie,
liuo* Bunox s„„„.        ijjj Agffl( wi  Com-ym-l
Steamers uml Shipping supplied nn short notice
ni Wholesale Prices.
l-'irst-clusH Accommodation, Flro-proof building
Terms: $1.00 Per Day anil Upwards.
The Doon Hotel,
JAS. BENNETT, Proprtotor.
Commercial St.,      Nanainio, B, C.
Town l.i.is and Farms for Sulo.   Mono}* to h\
on Mortgage at low rotoB,
Agent for tho Onltod Firo Iiimiranco ('ninpil
of .Mamihester, liimland,
JOS, M, BROWN, Watciimakd
o^watohM Demagnetized shortANofl
lly Hl'KCIAI. M.U'HINKltY on the Pr0lnl«fl|
| ... nllUUiVr. ,.)H .Nuimlnm, II. f.
Lodge Notices.
Inkerman Lodge,  No. :12!i, Sons of St.
George.—Regular weekly meeting ia held
in Hubert's Hall, Wharf street, on Sat-
cuuav evening at 8 o'clocki Visiting
brethren cordially invited to attend,
Fiiku. Waobtapit, Sec.
Fine and Complicated WatoheB and CloolC i
Carefully Cleaned and RepairJ
Fine CYCLOMETERS, fur Blcjidcs, In StiicUj
Coiixnu Chubom ami CitAi'ici. StiiekiI
For a Cool Drin)j
Ask for -:-    (^Ta^I
Lawrences i^^l,
ManuffloturerolTemporaneo Drinks, 8yrupB,i_
Delivered (roe to all purl:' of cily and vlclnltl
£W~ PlompI iiiientli'ii pnid toBlituplngordfiif
Tolophono 8-4, P. 0.130X79,  Nanaimo. I Iir!*"^t  r\F'Tr'r*  iri^I!'"*'."   portfcillo of Ihu interior.   Arrangements   ly  transferred  to nn  English  syndicate
Bjl lill! ill ' : ;   for settling the sdiool question will ue  for the consideration ul one million uul-
The Greatest Storm in Ontario
in Forty Years.
Tiro Atlantic Liners Collide in the St.
Lawrence With Ureal Damage.
Mining- Foyer Spreading.
Political uml General.
Toronto, Aug. 11.—A terrific   cyclone
struck Western and  Northern Ontario
proceeded with at once,  hut there will lar
be no minister of the Interior appointed      William McKenzic, the Toronto cupi-
until the school question i.s settled, That tnlist,   is   hero  inspecting  the  Winnipeg
will not bo until after the session, street railway, iu which lie Is largely in  j
Mr, Wilton was with Laurier for over 1,rested.
two  hours and  after  the  interview   lie      Rev. John Hogg, for many years pi
end at 10 o'clock to-dn.v 18 deaths bad
'lieen reported at the health department.
Philadelphia,    Ant;.    11.—The    awful
beat continues iu this vicinity and  today promises to be the hottest since the
! torrid spell began.     At noon the mercury  climbed  up to U'i1/,.     No  air  is
tli'i'ing and the streets are almost de-
Arrival and Departure of Mails
would   talk   about   ernns,   weather  and   tor of the North Presbyterian church In   All Pr.eVlOUSEeCOl'dS Broken in   sorted.      I'p to  noon  two deaths  from
every other subject, but upon the school  this city, is resigning to remove to Tex-                f)lii  |(, i ltlkVn Vf lfll, the heat had been reported
question and the vacant portfolio of the   as.      Ul health i.i the cause.  ''
Al rs
the Eastern States.
interior   he   had   nothing   tc
Slfton is here with her husband. '    Montreal,    Aug.    Yd.—Lieut.   Thoinn
Mr.   Watson,   who   was   In   Montreal,   Mitchell, of the Canadian Bisley team, j
returned here this morning and met At-  **ftS  reached  here from  England.     He | An Alarming Number of Fatalities,
lurney-Qoneral Slfton. expressed  himself well    satisfied    with
The lumber mills at Desel.ene,  three I everything except the cartridges served
and  a  half miles  from  Ottawa, are in
were so bad that even shoot*
flames I "!!-' 'Vlls """"
Sir  Charles  Tupper.   worried   lest   he  .   Hie hent here during tho past few days
should be east overboard entirely by the
been  torrid  In  its intensity.
remnant of the once strong nnd mighty   H"e1m! ,,,,,,' ,™ ranged from ss t I,
Conservative  'ty, has caused un ur- u,"d tho";'-»»'l'*.v a-«o ■""■ been execs-
gent circular to be sent out to the Von-  *•'''":    A lnrS° l"""1"'1' °* ,c™ea oi P*'08'
rostorday and last night and great dam   uouso nl- ,,,„„„„„« aBklng {hem ,„ .,,.
I      11.1     Ml"     .-IHL     ■   III      111     UU'     V   UU' .-11 .1
nntOl'S  nnd i.embers of  the   ,,''"m"  ,,:,v"'  l,!"" ''',I"»''"'!-
Men ami Woineu Drop in Their
Tracks—The Tbei'iuoineter
lieaclics Hi Dey.
is  reported,
In  the  neighborhood of  Sim
t, lid the parly caUCllS  lo he held  iu  this
Windsor.   Aug.
New    Vork,   Auk.   13.—The   heated
term in .New  Vork and vicinity has uot
come  to  a  close,   but   ins   violence  has
1-1. -Sunday    night's   subsided    appreciably.    Al   in.;;u    tins,
,,.   ,       , ,      ,  ...... o- estimated at $75,000   morning the tlicruiuuictir in lhe wculli-
clty next Wednesday.  At tins meeting  m  ,||is  S(,(.,iiMi       ,n   NV(,s(,,n,  0nt;    er observer's towft indicated tB degr.es
fey were struck by ITg'hFnlng Inst nigh!   J,1'0 dS'doml   he^vof tCnnrtv 'anny barns wero fired by lightning, and against So degiees tor tne same hour
ami   totally   destroyed   with   their  con-     '   ',V'n .   ,'''',,'      ' ,,'   '    '    ,, '"will "   ?°*"***«**-*'   on   the   Michigan   Central yesterday.
tents. The roof of ihe grand stand nt\ITaZ L?i l'li!l'":"1 rep°"'ts 1"'vin<-" s"™ 2G Dres b;*    ,Ul'",nis "' th" l",',,i""-:''1 ™ ot police
the bicycle track was carried  away .,.,-;     ,.,,'*-i,,,,, wilh  the renort  that  a   "v,'u" St T :,s ''""' Wi****aor' showed  ten  deaths  Iron,  heal   between
the wind and a portion of the high tencu   ,,     ,   ■        ,       ,, V ,'l'o     li ,, nl   ,n "  *""', '' a'"\"""  BBV ."  l',04s1trnt,luUB'
was  blown   down.   Apples  were   blown'  ; ,M,.,„es            n ■Lntfv  been ''","1""'  A"K-   l2—T"mca  ?mth'  R-      .•*  M:l'""",".t IWIMwU  U,  th    bureau
from the trees, covering the ground as    ' "„,, • „|,       the    demitv   ! ' A"  is d?'1' "*"' ^      "" WttS "w   '"   V'*""   "UlMi\* ,""'  S7, ,\°rk« dt>''
nppiopriatcd i>>   t anuau,    tne    aepur.*   ,,,- (,.r h(,s( |-nowll ("i: nn.i it >, painters. A   covering a pi nod from midnight Satur-
mlnlster of the interior slates that the ,,,,,,,!,,.,- ,,r |,'H pictures were exhibited a',   day tu noon tu-d:iy (live days) shows ll
boundary line on the Yukon river was ,,,., World's Knlr. total of 12U0 deaths,  from  which 43*1
run by Surveyor Ogllvie two years ago.;   I „,.,. attributed lo the heat.   An unofficial
lis accuracy bus since been verified by Chatham,  Aug.  12.—Tho    three-year- estimate of the number of deaths from
American    surveyors.   In    one ease, it old daughter of Jnmos Moor,., of Chat- heat in New Vork, Brooklyn und uelgh-
the crossing of  forty-mile creek a  dif- ham township, is dead  from the effects   boring cities  and    town  in   New   j-i,\.
Ci,nee of only six feet was discovered, uf drinking a quantity of lly poison. state and  New Jersey,  which  covers n
At the crossing of the Yukon there was                                period  from August Dth to 12th, Inclu-
a difference of (100 feet, but In order to Hamilton. Aug. 12.—Mrs. Awrey. wife 8ive,  is 012,    The prostrations for the
avoid disputes Ihis was allowed  lo the oi   X.   Aw r,.v.   registrar  of   Wenlworth same period are said lo have numbered
Americans, and ex-member for South Wentworth in 125.",.
Hon.  Mr.  Fielding arrived last night, the local legislature, died yesterday. Mr. .Men   and   women   walking   along  the
The department  of customs  has sent Awrey  is nl  present  in  Europe. streets dropped in their tracks and died
out nn amended memorandum of regula-  before  physicians  could  be  summoned,
the like    of   these    frightful    thunderuiolls ^spelling the Importation nnd ox- Cornwall, Ont., Aug. 12.—Michael O. .,,,,1 horses died as though Btricken by
storms In this _ d.strict.   At    Amherst-1 portntion  of horses  under the order-in* Consulnt,  an   Italian,  was stabbed  yes- a plague.    .Many  factories wore elosU,
council passed July  1. terday   by   a   fel'ow-couutrymnu   named Und outdoor workers were compelled lo
                               Million, this after i, iu a dispute over drop their tools and find shelter duriug
father     Point,    Aug.  tl.—The royal i " l*0!'l'd '*'"' *""' is ""' expected to re* the hours when the suu was the hottest.
mail steamship    Vancouver, which    left l'ovcr*                                                            | Particularly  among  policemen   and   li
they fell. Brauches were broken on
and standing oats and corn were levelled
to 'the ground.
Reports of the storm's ravages are
coming in from tho country, but no details of damages are to hand. The loss
sustained by the farmers around ('hat-
ham will reach probably $25,000 , n
buildings, harvested crops, implements
and ho.'ses. Reside the ruin wrought
by lightning, tains destroyed an 'in-
mouse acreage of corn, barley and
In   forty years lhere has never  been
burg, about 2:30 yisterday, the heavens
iu the west became suddenly darkened
for a few minutes and later a funnel-
shaped cloud came down the river with
gnat velocity, turned io the east, passed over the town and carried the loof
off  the   Luke  View  house    across     tbe
here  at   10:30  p.m.,    ou   Sunday,     for
Liverpool,  was    in  collision    with    the
i Beaver line steamer Lake Ontario.    A
  I ter  carriers  has  the  suffering  been  in-
Aug.   12.—C.  M.  Babcock, I tense,   ni I  many   have  been  compelled
,.,       ,   nged 51, a prominent merchant, died last j to atop work.
street lis an ordinary wind  would pick, (,s.llsi.  Cog    prevailed  ttn]    the    Father  ,lleh1  "''""' ch"tting with his wife. :    The hospitals of the city nre crowded
'      '      ' ' to their full capacity, while the doctors
Stouffville,  Aug.  11,—The seven  year   ,.„,]  nurses have been kept nt  work .ill
11 daughter of Henry Gibson was acci-1 night and day, until mauy of them have
up ii piece of paper. A number of ,.,,,,., tog si .,, „.,ls lllV(1 Btendll ,,,,„,
pleasure boats capsize, In the river, ? ft m ,..„ .. m3 .,,,,.,.„„„„, T|„, Van.
hut no lives were lost.   One large yacht
sailed   by   Leo.   Keen.i.  of  Detroit,  and
two companions,  was capsized    in    tl
Oliver  hud  to  feel  her   way   111   hi
the us-
two companions, was enpsisieu in me Auout an hoar and a half after passsing
river and was curried 50 miles out into h whilQ „,„, W113 ,„,,,.,„ ;j,.K slowly,
the lake.   Thc occupants were picked lip   „.;.,, hcl, whistle BOtitdilig regularly, ,.11
by n tug. Lightning destroyed barn
al over the country, In one district 2d
lives being counted along Ihe liuo ol the
railroad. At Windsor, Richard Riley, a
farmer, was killed by the heat.
The storm extended to Michigan, At
Saginaw the damage is reported al
Al Ioniea during the fearful storm est
night (i cur-repairing shop of the Detroit, Lansing and Northern railway, a
brick building 2t,t) feet long and I'tu-ly
feet high, was blown over into lhe
street and completely wrecked. Many
small buildings around town were overturned and lho trees snapped off
• tho lead  aided bv fog signals I dentally shot  by her brother, ngen ton,  succumbed to tho strain.
,   who did not know tiie gun was loaded.    \    The department of public  works has i
come to the relief of the tenement house!
Toronto.     Aug.     10.--Yesterday    was   districts,  nud   forces of  men   with  hose
■   ■■ ■ i  iuto    bow  on  i,y   i-ibl'i-.oti-il ns a civic holiday.    The licit   carts arc patrolling the slreels of these
Bteniner.    Her bow on   he   WM ll"tens<-'' nml  there  was a •general   sections and  flooding them with water
starboard  side  v-.s  badly  smashed  iu,  ox™**ia* from   the  corner  hydrants,    .Men.  wo
ilmost down to the water line; both her      ."''"■""•   A"-'-   ll.—liraest   Lang,    a   men and children rush in groups under
inciters   were  car:ic.l   away,     with   her j'"'"";''■   *v'"~ '■■'"»'"cd yesterday .
uiwse pipe nnd  her    wiudl-.ss    broken.
tit once s
the Inwat
Orllla, Aug. 10.--Wesley  Harris, urn.
Commodore William retained per-   j'"'   '"''lB   ,8eji-[-*-    ''/"'    CInmP3    whi!«   precedented
tho streams from the hose, and the nignt
scenes among the tenements as the relief parlies  make  (heir  rounds  arc u'l-
A letter to the secretary of the Hoard   Hyes wero losl and the vessel is
but  her collision bulkhead  rem.lined iu
feet dis,ipline among tiie passengers and   bathing and drowned. I    The thermometer lias for thc pasl six
crew nml had the lifeboats Immediately      7r     . . -    „    _,,.,,    _, T     ,    nights  fallen   but  tl  few  degress  Iron.
ready to launch in ease they had ben! Hawkstono, Aug. lO.-Phlllip McLeod. the limits registered dining the hottest
required but their use wis nol fonii-l "-''' ten, was drowned by falling Into part of the day. The heat on Monday
necessarv and the Vancouver was „„• ,-   "'', 1'iv',r "'hil1, Plnying* night held almost stationary at  81   I-
ed back'to Fntber Point, wh re a pilot Montreal Anir 10 (• 1* It ..„ni,,: f*'"'es until -1 o'clock Tuesday mnfiiing.
was tak, i. on and she Immediately pro-L„„„lnts r','. tl"8"   .u .„,;,:";   ,,',',   7 : As »""» "s the sun began lo ascend the
No   S™.    ,..    ... .!!,!" ,I.......'..' : thcriuoincicr did likewise, until all i
eeeded back lo (Juob'
for repi
Montreal,   Aug
receipts for the
$423,000;     for    same   week   last  year
E. & N .KAIL VV A V.       CLOSE. Ill' E.
Dally ex. Sun.
Wellington, North-field  and a.m.  a.m.
East Wellington    11.25 8.5U
Victoria,Southern Slates and
places along line ol E. & X. Dailyex.Sun.
Hallway    8.20 11.50
British and foreign, Eastern
Provinces, Eastern States, Dally ex.Sun,
Vancouveriind other places p.m.  p.m.
on .Mainland of B.C.    0.30 5.00
Comox, Union, Union Bay,
Snndwoelt,('onrleniiv,< Jrun-Tnes.   Frl.
Ilium, t'ualieiim,   liot-nbv   f K.   V M.
Island and lleninan Island   8.20   3.U0
Salt Spring Island, Burgoyne Frl- 'Tues.
Salt Spriiiglsland and Gab- p.m. p.m.
riola Island     8 20   3.30
RY   ST UTE Tl"'s' Mon-
1,1    siai.Ij. i--1 i.   Thur.
Alberni, 1'ai! -i ill , French  p si   p m.
Creek und Erriugton   ....12 3U 0.00
I'ri.    Thur.
Na SO Bay 12.30   (i.00
P. M.    A. M.
Departure Bay, duilvex, Son 12 45 10.30
Cedar (South), Saturday    .     2.00 1100
Ha rd ware Merclian t
A Full Assortment nt the Lowest Market Itiiten
Promptly Attended to.
All kinds of
Tin and Sheet-Iron Work.
Victoria Crescenti Nanaimo.
HII (111 Bakery and
W Uli Restaurant.
Invites Inspection and Comparison
as to Quality and Price.
.-\ letter io um* secretary oi tui* noun, i lives \v re lost and tiie vessel is m p< r- cmtiooo ..on*  ,,-,.n,s  loi- rkiisum   ..   «i-i,.- ....
of Trade from Rapid City says they ex-\rect safety,   though   proeedliifc   slowly.                '             ^-o-»  kl'n-    '1'1'"  Mgliest  previous record  fo
p.et t„ have about hall' a crop of wheat.  The Lake' Ontarb, Capt. Campbell,  ha- I'l.'F \T IM'j'i' '. IV    ||e"l'! WV.fi A«8Ust II  »us DS degrees in 1803, an
As  it now  Bt Is  in  Manitnlm   .he re-L  l,„lP extending  for a  distance of ten                               ll _.                           ' :i" ,tv::r"< '"' lS92' "vhil° ''", ''' ■*""""■ "
The  electors  Of Van- Awarded  First Prize at the Agri-
,.   ,.    . ,   „ _  cultural Show.
nneter del likewise, until all pre-   r>ni1 VAT1     Tildti*1!ft     Vitt    a
records for August 11 were hro- COUVBI     -L-lStriCt,    Dy    a 	
j plurality of nearly
cent   Htornis   done   wldespreiul   dntnnse   f,.,.;  on  the porl  side to' about twenty   ^yn] y„[ \
tluoughout the province. . fot on the Btnrboard si le.      Her    eut-
  water is gone at  thai  print.    There i
Ottawa.   Aug.   11.—U    Hung   Chang   n   i„,|,.   jusl   under  the  forecastle  d.k,
co s to Canada from England with let-   which leaves open (he anchor weighing
tors front Chamberlain, and during nis nprarntns. I'lled .i-isi wlthlu the hole
slay here he will be the guest of the Do- ■ |n tl.,. forecastle deck i< n mass of iron
minion government. ! plates, lion chucks, pi' • ■*   of   dorrl-:!;,
Col.   Ayl r,  adjutant  general,   is  in   pulleys,  huge iron  bars, and other 111:1-
coinmuiiiention witli   thc   ofllcer   coin-  tcrial from the l»"\i' of the Vancouver.
mnndiug at Halifax In regard to send-j _	
Ing a representative of the regular army Halifax, Aug. 12.—A letter from
to the I). It. A.  meeting here. j Premier I.uiuier to ttev, E, II. Burgess,
Watson had an Interview with Tarte 0f stellarton, concludes witli the fol-
regarding the outlet to Lake Manitoba i |,,wing parngraphi "With regard to lhe
so as to lower the water 111 the lake f{.iir ,,r dismissal, whicli is entertained
nud    prevent    a   Hooding  of  the   land   i,y s„!m. 0f tiio railway employes, I lb-m
ist in Blockading Cn li.
Mi'. Ctirzoii'a Statement.
the to], oi the Manhattan Life Insurance building, where the weather bureau
is situated, showed 83 degrees, and the
humidity, which was far worse than the
London. Aug. 13.—Mr. George N. ('ur-   |,0j**„g sim> st„„,|  ,,t  70. and  down  on
non, parliamentary reoietury of the lor*  t]i0 streets it was not  less than r, de-
eign  ofli.-e.  made a  statement    to    thc   ..,. ,.s  warmer.
home of commons regarding affairs In   *_\ thermometer hung in the portico of
ihe island of Crete,   lie deprecated the   n,,, t.jtv i,.,n |„ this city, within reach of  —
fr   ■     '
Bastion Street, opp. Telegraph Office
Offlce Tel. 80.   P.O. Box 10.   Residence Tel. 101.
whicli could lie otherwise reclaimed.
Ottawa, Aug. 11.-The cable between
the north shore of the St. Lawrence and
Anlicosli is on ken, bill as ther... i- an
alternative route, communication will
not be suspended.
The Dominion statistician is already
lit work on the year honk for 1800.
A consignment of the Lee-linl'ml 1
rifles have been received lure. The
rllios will be given a trial al the D. lt.
A. matches.
ly endorse your 8t a tomcat. As yon put
it. those who have been good and I"illi-
fnl employes have nothing to dread. 1
would not say as much of those v.dio
have b, en offensive partisans."
Winnipeg, Aug. 11.—A dispatch   from
he island of Crele.   He deprecated the the city hall in Ihis city, within r, in h of   .._            .      ,             , ,, .         II    T     TTTT RT?RT  Sr fYi
urination of any  hasty  opinion  on the ,|„. |,(,„t radiatetl from lhe asphalt walk,   liCbVO indorsed the Prm-   -'J-  '• •     11 I liJPHlIll   Oti \j\J.
ubjeet.   There had  been  a  proposal ol but still  in the shad", ludicnted  11^ a-
tho powers  he said, to assist   I urkcy in ,„„.,. z„ra.                                                      CipleS and policy Of BO0OESSOR8 to
effecting a blockade of Crete, but i'Jng-      Cincinnati.   Am.-.    11.   Tirt-en    per,      -•■                        *          J T^^-„   —.--——n_
land had thought it advisable to look a sons   were  stricken   with   the  heat   yes- JOHN    HILBERT
little farther before joining in such  a terday.    One is dead.     The    mercury
•:™ttto,;'.soW^                     t0 s "■'"•sl '" °°iu; ^^-& Funeral Director and Embalmer
jects,  and  especially  to suppress to  a     Owenshoro,  Ky.,    Aug.    11.—Sixteen  f fi
ve the sultan the assistance of a Hrit |    Chicago,  Aug.
isli Meet  withcul a quid pro quo ill the   Viiughun,'of  Loudou,  is 'lying at    tho
shape nf    security    or   guarantees   to  llojllt 0j death at the Auditorium annex,
Crete.   Lord    Salisbury,    he said,  was ■ nL,   u-,ls overcome  by  the  heat  and  is
.,-,,-.  „.„,  ,-r.|,uii.io,,   iu Duianci-*,  01 »     uweiisiiuru,  Kv.,    Aug.    11.—sixteen 'as 1*4    /■ •»
some extent excusable    rebellion.   The | d01lths from excessive heat are reported 8    j"])l> l\/| /"111
government, he said, hail    declined    10  |U.1V.   Four were uogroes, 8   !(^ 1 \  I <-lA1
give the sultan the assistance of n Bnt-     Chicago, Aug.  11.—Very  Rev.    Prior "^ "^ T  I ^^
Graduate ol the Oriental, the Eureka,
the New York and Clark's
Bohoola of Embalming.
.,,        ,          toi,,          •     .,      r,. .,                '     ................     ,11   (,..,.. j in,   was  overcome   11.1    me   m-.n   uuu   is
loronlo  imo is led   here    1    the      r nuno ,..|(it,,n ... ,.,,„t.i,i„,.  ;,.:,,,,.. ;..  .,   ,.,,.,,..,,, ,          ,■•■           11
,   ..    .,,'     , ,, ,  ,,,.    .„„ ,,   ,,.',  1 "HU"-' to consider Joining in a gunrati- „ow  in  11  critical  condition,    lie  is   :i   A
says     1 ne gold tever lias struck  mast- ,,„, ,,.;,i. ,n, ,,,i, „.„-,.,..    \,,.  c,,,../..,, .     ,        ,.,.,■,..     ,          .- ,.       at*.
,„.,  ,.„,.., ,.,,,, ,,,„ „f    .,..,..     v,.... ■ ee «ith the other pon ers.   .Mr. Iiii/.om brother ol  Cardinal   Vaughnn,  ol   Lug-
em 1 nnnda In the    worst    waj.    .N v, , ,,;,, „„, |1:l;(,v„ (hllt .„     „,. t|u,      .Uos
mines  are being  placed  on  the market |:IVI,,„,     „,„    nnncxntion   0,  ,•,,,,.  to yorll for his health.                                   P<
dally, and aro snapped up by^smnll spec- <Jm,c„.   TI19 government, he added, had Indianapolis, Aug. ll.-The heat kill- 7,         T. .   ,    .   ,              ,                 ,   .
ulntors on account of the cheap price ol ,,„, „,,,,„,,„„,,, tho ,,    ,. of ., sohltlon o[ ,            ,'           ,,          su.,.(|   .                  ^q    District,    and     the   1 (
s against all otlier papers and influences of I)
Bastion St., Nanaimo
Las,   March William    Armstrong,    of' !1'''. !'1".''1'' . A ,f ":",„'''':'1 '"', [','' V"lK, .',''", t Ilfflculties.   British  mer.-of-war had
llunlley   township,   rented   out   his   fine
t.   Louis,  Aug.  11.—I'p  to  midnight
rs up
rf 11 •     1      .-. ■,!        1   ■ e "1 I'     „        .11 (III   . IM 1     llllll.11        II  1(1.Mill' minnnliHlin      ..
farm there and left w th Ids family ^Mining Co., whose property is situated    '      ",'"'c "
North On kola, where he cn.pee ted lo   "    m    W1|i||s;lw    ,,.„„,!.    simHkamcon    |n   »% s'	
better, Alter pulling iu a hard summer he has returned and is now hugging himself with joy for not hnvlng
sold out his old homestead. He sa.vs
the wheat crops in the Glasston district
of Nortii Dakota will scarcely averag,
miles to 1111 elevator, where he sold th in
for seven cents a bushel. Barley wis
bringing only eleven cents und wheal
forty-two. Armstrong tells 11 touching
story nf (lie hardships of North Halo la
Ottawa,    Aug.     IS
reached  the  murine depnrtinenl    from
which Ottawa and .Montreal capitalist,
are Interested to the extent of $40,000.
The company was floated in the east lo
('apt.  P, S. Seed, and a circular issued    .
hy llu* directors says Scott  spell!
preventing an outbreak of the disturb-|Of the number of suu Btrokes reported t/'ATr-II   l> irrnv
in  East  St. Louis during the past  two wafiflorl h\7 fha PvrwriT-i^i**, OdUlLiJl   13AJi.JllvI,
Pliero  was ,,„ outbreak  among    the  days, three of them have resulted fatal- le*llllbl1 Uy me rrOVince 	
Irish  members of    cries    of    "Shame,   ly.    Consid. ruble suffering    is  slill  re Qrtt3 -rVXa+irt-n  nflowvo
shame," and Timothy Henly exclaimed,   ported from  towns in Southern  Illinois. dOlU. ra dtlOIl at large
"Why don't ynu take the side of tlte. Prostrations were    numerous    at  Meu-
Ihrlstlans?" Mr. Curzon said that the  tlota,  where  the  mercury   reached  100
nverniuenl  had tried to    avoid    taking   decrees, and one ease will be filial.    At
,,     l**OrUl     ,'UKOi;,     Will    SCIOIll.l     ll,ll.,^e     .,,...    .         ,           ,, .;,         ,,,       „,;,,.     .,,.,     .,,    ,,,„, -"o oiliilll     too,    llll'll    lo       ILVU1U       oovois IICSICOH,    UUU    OIIC   CJIHC    OUI    UV    liioo.       IH
.      ,    ,     ,      ,1                       .,, 1       1 ...   ,.      000  in  ,,c\ e,o|u ue  1110  1111 ie,  11 no   a 11   1 na 1 .,          ^,         ., .                                         ... ,.,               .        ,,                              ,     .,       ,,
Ive bushels to the acre,     Tho day ho              ,., 1         ,    p n    .,   «ui •       u sides.   Soioothing more pormnuenl than Bloomlugton thore wus one death,   Poi*
eft there a farmer was drawing oats five ; J^f « 7n prlihil'. !*MH. .v«\ oMafned >>*«.■>?} *™ ™S«osted was necessary, Ha  reports 00 degrees with two deaths.
from over 1.1.(1(10 yards of gravel. One
of the Ottawa shnrehold rs says ihe mine
was either salted or there was gross
mismanagement, and in ord r lo be eii-
Isfied lhe  Eastern  shareholders arc un-
he said, for 11 si illetnenl. j Fr.il  Lange, a  farmer living near Ca1
Sir Henry Fowler,    Liberal    member  lisle, died from sunstroke, the Km mark
for East Wolverhampton, said the gov-   was reached there.    Al Cairo. 111.. ,las.
eminent was pursuing    a    pro-Turkish   Coleman, employed iu the Pittsburg nnd
policy. , New Orleans coal trade, died from heat
dei-iak ,■■■ o. 1   . ep 1 u pm-ecu 1   .... the I    *••*•"' """■ Al'""lr Bnlfotir, the gov   prostration.
Coinplaint    ■*•"•-1 amolH1* of stock ihey hii to    InveBtl-1 erwncnt_  leader,    in  reply denied "Sir |    Cincinnati,  Aug.   11.   The  Ennnirer-s
Scott  has left Ottawa    for the   Henry Fowler's slalemcnt. Tho govern- special i-eporl  is us follows:    Cattletts-
Western  Ontario against  the cap1 alus w d ,n8tn1cti0ns i„,v,, been wind   '".V"1' '"' sli'- l'nu  " onspnrltig In its  |)UW, Ky., morcurj' 1"". one prostrali
■   •'        '        liiiylicld   ,_.  .. ', ,  ,,   ,.,   j...., .,   , ,,„   .   effort-   '
and Alert, who are said to have been
interfering in behalf of the 'lory pnrty
at the last elections.
Premier  Laurier    iiiiil     Sir    Ktcbni'u"
Cartwright left for Montreal to-day 10
take part in the butter and cheese conference   over    cold    storage.     Messrs
Fisher and Tarte will nlsn he present.
Watsnn nnd Marlatt left fur Montreal
to-day. They return in a couple ol
(luardian Lnivry. of No. 7 lire station,
fell off his red to-day while going to a
fire and was instantly killed.
Mr. Macfarlane, chief Dominion analyst, is expected home from Europe
about the 28rd instant. He has been
engaged in looking Into, among nrhoi
things, the question of the disposal ot
sewage in large cities.
Hon. Mr. Borden is considering a pro
poFsl to furnish fiee-auiinunilinn for the
Dominion Rifle Association meet.
The North shore line ul' Lake Brio is
being topographically surveyed by Dominion government surveyors.
Lady Tapper has arrived from p'tig-
Hon. Mr. Oostlgan will nltend the
Irish national convention, h, Dublin, on
September 1.
Ottawa. Aug. 13.—Attorney-General
Slfton. of Manitoba, arrived hore this
morning, He had a long interview with
Premier Laurier, being sent fnr to talk
over the school question and the vacant
searching Inquiry,
Winnipeg,    At;
Cameron, bunker, ol New York, is, wilh
Crete,   Thero was danger of war If any down;  Athens, <>.. O.  t- Plls
  j one power rushed in in settle the pron aiyliun  employe dle.l  from  the excess
-,.,    R|„     ,,   ,   ■ ,.    I'''"   in  such  a   rough  and   ready  man- ive   heat.    Richmond,    Ind..    Edna Ful
1—    r*u      nouei 11 i. 	
swsThe Best Kesult
NOTICE is hereby eiven that Edwin
Matthews has been admitted a partner
in the above business. In future the
business will be carried on by lhe undersigned under the style and name of
Wilson & M vmiuws, who will assume
all liabilities and collect all debts due
the said business, and we trust that by
careful attention to tbe needs of our
customers, to merit a continuance of the
patronage so liberally bestowed in tiio
JunOMB  Wil.Sox,
Edwin Matthbwb,
Nanaimo, B, ('., April 7, 1896.
\ i.w.yvs  1 N
After repeating Mr. Curson's    stute-
hiitn died  of sunstroke.    Montgomery,
W.Va., Mrs. John Walters, who weigh-
?oumry8htest,.CRoT.'lckt0wn1s an°°eivriy I m™< "'■ 'Bnlfo1" "clnd'ed "by saying I ed" 350 pounds: died •fi'miMh^cx.rssrvo
1 , ,'r'or the Red River settlement, and ■ ""' KhT^.* I"", ,c,0"so10",8 ?' i,s '',";' 1,en,'   Tho, m'T7 1'"'V ""S '" 1lu' ""'
Is    largely    Interested In railways and   ^°u"lb„"'^ tol ™°fns    "''"'/,    mis"  mark nearly all day,
lands in  Alberta  and  Assinihnia. j prove ,, caiast,'o],l,e ,neo,n|,,,,,ldy great-      T,,,v,   N.y.,   Aug,     lt._ThG     intons„
The  lint   Portage  Cold   Mining  Com- ' '''* "   " ""' h**rrorf "beady heard nl.      . i,,,.,, is responsible for four more de.ttlis
pany,  with a capitalization of one  mil-!      .        .        r.   "*^^!"    .     ,       , j iu Ihis cily.
lion dollars, is making a Icution  b„ j    American Securities In 1. .11. New y0rk, Aug.  Jl-Slxteen deaths
a charter.    The names of the applicants      London,    Aug.    10.—Every    dispatch ] and    numerons    prostrations    occurred
-ire:  Messrs. Angus Carinichael, .Mayor   which reaches here hearing on tho pros-1 durliut tho early morning.   All    during
cut political situation in the Unirodjthe night and early this morning re-
Stales lias (he effect of further deprec-J poits of persons overcome by the heat
iating American securities. To-dny the j rolled into police headquarters from vor-
downward  movement on the slock ex-1 iocs precincts.
chance was most marked. |    The number of deaths up to 2:'dt) to-i
A prominent American banker said to j day as being caused by the heat was Xi, ■
tuc:   "Unless  1  misread  all    signs,    I   making a  lotul of 21*1   for  live  days.
Barnes, D. 0. Cameron, C. W. Chad
wick, and Alex. Macdonald, of Winnipeg,
A verdict of accidental death has been
returned in the case uf llighaiu. the
farmer of Dominion City who *,un
found  dead yesterday.
Princess Kayo Shlml of Japan is en ! fear even before election we shall see
route to Vancouver. something closely  npproechlng 11  paid"
'Ihe International Hotel at Mnplo <>n Wall street. The vigorous action of
Creek, Assiniboia, owned by E. Fearon, sound money Democrats alone can save
Mas burneti down. It was fully insured, j the situation  as  far ns  foreign  holders
Hon. ed. McMillan, Manitoba's pro- j nf American securities are concerned."
vineial treasurer, leaves shortly on a trip Even gloomier views than this prevail.
"> Kootenay, -»"»
provincial cynod of (he Anglican '    Huntingdon, Vi'. Va.. Aug. 10.-AI the
1 Rupert's Lund, opened to-day   Democratic    convention hell yesterday
c       MINERS' CAPS,
LAMPS, Etc. etc.
Hums asd Animals set up in a thorough workmanship manner,
On Hand—Four line Deere' Heads,
which will be sold fur price of setting
tbelli tip.    Also a line case of Birds.
d. s. Mcdonald.
lilt Haliburton Street, Nanaimo.
at  Itcgiaa.
Two prominent mining engineers from
Iberia tub  who have been  ill the city a
Chairman Wad, of the state committee,
was ejected from the stage in a general
fight  in which pistols, knives and canes
few flays, have left for the Kootenay were flourished, The panic nnd rush
country to assist ia opening and develop- j down itairs by (he spectators resulted
ing a mining property which was recent, i in hurting many, hut none seriously
Several more were reported from 1-trnnk-   . ' ■'.".".■.'lill "Jl	
lyn  and about a  dozen    from    aear-hy
Brooklyn,   X.   Y.,     Aug.     11.—There rp |  j "[ ,*,   -y-» i*orn       .'.
were four deaths this morning and tuim- JL .L L J.Ij  .1 JJiiio ,L       *I*
emus prostrations, due tn heat, In wnieh
there was  no  Improvement    nor    less     ^--- |Mi,    p..:,,*-;,,.,
humidity. -—;.,_s»B*,»>^j'»i'   1 rinnng
.Tersey   Citv,   N.    .1..     Aug.     11—The
dreadful effects cf the heat continue lu  Ar Tns	
be  felt   in   this  city.   Three deaths  are
reported nnd prostrations at the hospital
'"'':,'»»»•"••■»"•    t1 • .   .,.    , „ Mail Ofncc..^-,«**^!b>'
Chicago,   Aug.   11.—The   high     death
'■ate   frnni   Ihe   heat   continues   in   this :
cily.    There wero 51 victims yesterday, I Bastion Street.   Tel. 7-1,
Commercial Hotel,
Corner Commercial nml Hastion sts.
Thi*i lonfr-eitabllBherl Hotel in rnmfortHl)ly
fltteil up with superior nf"mnimort8-
tionp for traveler! und others.
Notiebut the best nrntulp nr Wincp, Llfiuors,
Alps nml (.'ii-'tirfi dippi-iipoil hi tiie hur.
T. O'CONN-BL, Prop- smw«* !* 91 *i JMMMBW »»■*,**jc D -
llEV. i». A. McRAE
The  Salvation  Armv   will   picnic on   h.\ yrait-mi.- .nit. mr ,,..,.!•,n, r„.-,o, ..; ■ ,       BudUen sound; why they do not sleep
Newcastle Island Wednesday, Aug. ill.      St. Andrew's Presbyterian church of this h"»   complain   ot    the   stagnancy   of       natnraUy.  w)iy they  have frequent
>■--   -on i-i •:  - 'i ("• i business, orders being light ami  profits |      beadaches, indigestion and nervous
Reserve the evening of the 20th or 22d  Resigns From the l-ostorate  of SI.
for Klciser; also your seals. Alllll'OW's 1'l'csbvlei-iail Chut ll.
Mr. Aulay Morrison, M. I'., left We l-
minster for Ottawa on Wednesday. Rev. D. A. McEne, wh r  the pas
The Salvation Army  will  picnic on  six years has been tbe efficient pastor i f
iewcastle Island Wednesday, Aug. ....
Kiiciiin is-olTering extra inducements  city, will sever IiIb connection tbcrewitl
to mining speculators of limited capital.   •<■- row, and will luavo noxl week lor
By the Empross of Japan whicli nr-   bis new field of labor fai Los Angeles, Cal.
rived this week 810 more Chinamen tu -
rived in ihis province.
Thomas Booker, n miner al Protection, was badly jammed by a car Thursday morning, although not seriously injured.
Monday Is the last day for guessing . t
Stevenson & Co.'s store. The coal wi I
be weighed and the award made Monday evening,
John McCnvil, ihe victim of tlic powder explosion on Nelson island, is reported slightly belter, though still in a
pr icarious condition,
11 is understood mat, owing to irregularities in the mutter of filing, etc., Ibe
protest againsl llewiu Bostock, member
elect, for Vale-Cariboo, is null and void.
An order was granted by Mr, Justii e
Walkem on Saturday extending until
Aug. 25ih the time for serving Mr. Prior
with the protest liled against bis election.
Some sealers who have claims nga'list
the U.  fi,  Government hav
Harrison's circular says: "During the
week there havo been nine arrivals from i
the coast mines with IB U (I tons of P°°Ple often wonder why their nerves are
coal, from 11, Itinrore 2-WO tons, and from \ fio, '™l,ki wh*v \i,ey gH Ured ™™Ki|.v;
Swansea :;:5, tons.    Wholesale •'■->         why ",0'V st"rt  "l every s"8ht  lmt
usiness, orders being light and profit
out too line. Large consumers of steam
fuel may congratulate themselves on ibe
reopening of tbe Australian mines, as it
means cheap fuel in the near future,
I'he quantity tu arrive, although large,
will not disturb the Irade al all, as tl o
detention in loading al some of tho collieries will facilitate, the deliveries here
to consumers. The tie-up al Newcnsth
enabled the Sydney producers to enlarge their sale- here for ' Wallarti'i' and
' r.ulli,' which ure giving very general
satisfaction, Bo much so that cargoes ol
lhe same  are   being  ordered  for flltiin
-.„ .....j...,    IIbI   , ,   , md,      li™
.. .          ii.i       .      ;   ,i Is tho One True Blood Purlflor,   Si I six fur $5.
., s it s sink ess ti id ( inn leal. ,,          ,    , ,   _ , ,,    , „ „    ,      ,, ,,
,    . Prepared only by CI. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.
'orial Hollow coal will shortly niiike il-  .	
ii              ,              ,          ,   *    c    . ..        ..    r-v.i.    euro Liver Ills; casv to
•'ll ic""'ui  *•<■*•<-•    Anl -1*"1 ■"'';;'" H00dS PHIS tako, easy to operate. 250.
The explanation in simple, It is found in
that impure blood which is continually feeding tho nerves upon refuse
instead of the elements of Btrength and
vigor. In such condition opiate nnd
nervo compounds simply deaden nnd
do not cure. Hood's Saraaparilla feeds
the nerves pure, rich, red blood; gives
natural sleep, perfect digestion, is the
true remedy for uli nervous troubles.
iHl^    loading has lieen swelling lately.   This
;:;.;-:;.-'^\       '..;■:*<.e of hid   .•c-ir-*   in   In*   yrmvin-j   in
msumei's   nre anxiously  awaiting  its
<0     advent, sn Uiey may give it a practical
, test,   iis promised low price must prove
very enticing to manufacturers."
->&■*>- - —■
In  September, 188V,   the   Kev.   II. A.l
Mi-Due passed the honor matriculation
Perils of Coal Miners.
The burning of the buildings of tin
■ o   ,,       .....        ,,.           '-'e  ,Vlailu''' ciamb,alion,i,rM,'':i^l'X',vhv'al.d''i;l''m'1'  Wilmington  Coal  Company  al
Mi I has. llibbcri.  nipper to represent   on    n,h ,.,.„,   -,,*,,„,,„'' | Clarke City, III., on tbe 7th inst. caused
them before the commission will sit in
Victoria in October.
succeeded  in  carrying  off the   Molsuii
During ids university career he received several scholarships and certificates of honor for general proficiency.   In
l.i Hung Chang, who has decided  to
take the Canadian route on his return
trip from England, will sail from Van-1 ,„... . .    ,-. .            ,       ,,,..,,
 ,     ,, ,        ,,    18s(i be gruiluated in arts fr  Mcbil
couvoron the Euipresso China Sent. -, ,   ,
_„„                  ,                   ,  .    ,'. and also passed tbe work of the lirst year
passage navmg been engaged i,u him. ,       .          ,,        ,    .       . ,.
,,■,,,     ,,     , ,              . .       ,. in theology in the Presbyterian ( ibege,
Dr, McLeod has loll   on  a visit to Ins ..,,,,                  . '   , .
,.,,„,.,. •    ,, .       ,, ,       ....     ,     ,, Sloutreul, thus shortening his coar  ioiic
relatives in 1 mice Edward island.    Ih- ,     ,     .       .   ,
.,.,.,.,,           ,             . year.   In October ol  the same  year  be
fore returning lie will spend Bome time '              ,      ,,                   .,.     ,   .   ,
,,,,,.,,          .   ,         .    .    , cnu-red   the   Presbyterian   fheo ogiea
"walking" one of the pr nc pa eastern L     .         ..,.'.                 .        .
-   -                        '        ' benunnryotSan Fianeiscoandgradutitcil
intense excitement, ns nearly 800 men
were al work in the mine at the time,
many of whom wore married witli fund
st. paul's oiiuiioit.
Eleventh Sunday after Trinity—11 a.
in., matins, Litany and sermon ; 2  .. in.,
Sunday school; 7 p. tn,, Evensong and
The fifth anniversary of  the  Sunday
school will be celebrated by special fier
ave You Got Your Ticket J
Marked witli the address and weight on ii J
and have you deposited it in the ticket box!
DON T FA IL to attend to this before       I
When Messrs. C. C. McKenzic and J. Shaw wi'.'J
examine   the  boxes   and  pick   out the   wiuninj
ticket and weigh the coul.    Their decision is final]
in theology from thai institution in April,
hospitals.     During his absence Dr. Xle
Keclinie will look alter bis practice.
John  Aquilla,  for  stabbing  Adolph j {{^^ to prettch  |]u. gospel  |JV u.c
Campo,  a  fellow-sailor on  tbe Chilian
bark Guinivere during a drunken tnelee,
manv ot w   'on wore man leu wnii lami-i
lies;'and  when  it was found  thai all  vicM  in  ""' ahlmh  ""  s,""lil*v '""' "
: ll _    ....   Tl 1     I
was  on   Thursday  sentenced   to  nin
months' imprisonment,  with a deduction of five days per mouth for good behavior.
Presbytery of San Praucise
The Rev, Dr. Alexuii Ier, professor in
the Presbyterian Theological Seminary of
San Francisco, having resigned his
charge at Dixon, Va'., lb.it lie might
more fully devote hiinself to the work en-
. . ,      .       .     , , ! IllOrC IlillV OCVOIC OllllSeo  lo ,,oc no, ,. on
An excursion and picnic has been ar-        .,.",.    •   .
,,,,,., ,      . trusted to bun in the neniiuarv, hiscoii-
ranged   by  the ladies  oi St.  Andrew s ,
....        , (■regallon  extended  a  most hearty and
1 l'eshvtcrian  church   to  take  place on '        . ,, ,   ,,    ,,-  ,,     ,    ,
,..,,,. , ... unanimous call lo Mr.   It*Line to become
Friday, the 21st inst.    Beavtr Creek is , • ,,     ,, „ ,   .
I bis successor.    Mr. .Mi Hue accepted the
call and was ordainc i and installed Pas
tor of the  Flrsl  Pr, diytei an  t'ouivb,! ,,,,.„,.,„_ am) it ui!| ,.,-,',|,;
Dixon, hy the Pr - ytery ol Sa rcmoiito L)a.,a i,efore nnv arrives
in October 1881
lay, the 21st inst. Beavtr Creek is
the place selected, and the steamer .loan
will leave here with the excursionists at
2:80 p. in., returning in the evening.
Mr, s. M.  Robins und a  party of invited friends passed a pleasant days.,--:    During the  pastorale of Mr.   Mi-Rao
u-dayonan excursion by tlic Mermaid  St, Amil.ew's eburch has grown from a
to Salt Spring Island.   Among the party   ,„„,„„.„„,  h   the stattw of a li e
were Rev. Geo. \.. Taylor, Rev, Canon
(loud and wife, Archdeacon Scriven, .Mr.
Haslam, Mr, Wm, McGregor and Si iti.
Gertrude, of the Veronica Home
The government steamer, Capt. Wnl-
missioiichureh to thai ol'a Bolf-sustainiii:
charge with a sulnrj of ..' W per annum
and a manse. The woi-J; kept growing
s i rapidly that within twoyears th !congregation found il  necessary to  build a
hope of escape by the main shaft had
been cut oil' by the flames, lhe.scene on
the surface was painful iu the extreme.
those familiar with the mine, however,
knew that there wus one hope for the
niincrs—if thoy could reach the air shaft,
they might be able to climb the long
ladders placed in il and so mako their
escape. There was no lack of men who
offered to risk their lives for their companions, but before the volunteers could
d,s ■end one of the miners from bebw
appeared at the top of the air shall, and
he was followed by others, until all had
ie:i-lied the surface. As each man made
ids appearance he was greeted with a
cheer, und the scene of mourning was
quickly turned to one of rej doing,
Coul Famine at Juneau.
Juneuii  is  now  experiencing   a coal
j famine.    Neither  company   has coal al
y be several
^^^ \\ 0  arc   in
formed thai arrangements will probably
be oiado for the Te'' il le, a British vessel
of 0 '[i tons burden, lo run on the ni xt
l rip of lho Willapa, while the latter goi s
on ibe drydock at Seattle for repairs.
Should such arrangement be made, the
Thistle will brine 400 tons of coal for the
Peoph 'a \\ harl Company.- Scnrchlighl,
August 8.
_ -^-c <>
The ngreen enl between Joe McAuliffe
an 1 Joe Choyuski to govern their match
bran, was in port Thursday, having come °ew church. On the   lltb of  February,
here to land some carpenters at Portlock |894i ., mngniflcent brick and stone edi- ,
Point to build a reservoir  for the light- u .„.„( ii,„ |.,,■..,..■, ond mosl nnlptp   "',"; ",". \ '" *' •■••—-v **',"■■	
, . ,,.,,., nee, oneot ineiaigi   i ana most, (ompieie l whic*h takes place m San Francu	
housethere.  Having io this, she wenl ,„,  tho  i*;i, ijj,- Cuasl   ivaa opened and  the 23th lust, calls for "a scientific glove
on to Union for coal.   After returning lo ,•„,-•, ater] ,,, the worship of  Hod. contesl of eight round- in a '.4-fool ring,
Nanainio, she will start   to  coal  up all       v:u.. ., M,.,,,. flu ftmi pleasant pastor-   '■,"-*'r Q"i'B»-'1'"r.v rules, with five-ounce
the Gulf lighthouses for thc winter. ate of two years in this charge, Mr, Me-  Sl";,'i**> subject to  the police authority
... Rae, through broken  d.,u n health, was \ i""1 '"!' l'r, he provisions.,! a per.ni
u.    c o^T ,,  hi, forced agafnst hisowti will and the ard- wntocl by «ie  Board of Supervisors.
Mr. Ke.inah s Death. ( e\   ,„•,,  r„l„_„,.,,;ui.,„, to resign "■ l',e « !lH,",:s :vl ' ,lv'',lvV 00„Per m"-'
Mr. Hold. Crozier, a  Seattle  printer, nmt eome north to llie , Ier and  more;1;1  lhe gross receipts, and the New Oeci-
e^*^*^t^*^e^e^eWe^e^ -- ,, i I dental Club, under .whose auspices the
all expenses.
being'  interviewed  by a r'eporte'r'of the eonge'iibdeiimat' of BriVi'si', ('oiuinbiay A ' ,1,',',i!1 p'u,,> l","1«r ",I|:,S1, auspices lill
Alaska Searchlight regarding the acci- fawweeta hi thecllyof Vancouver so far I "J»*^ "lkea l"'1''*'''"' ^ uent' "'"' W
.    .t       , ■ ,  f,  ,-         ii,i-    nc restored  lus   u'iilih as  to enable   him
dent by which ( . kennal,  lost  his  life, ^1,,^ take up Ills work.     Having re-
said:    "Al t three  weeks age eight ,.e*ve,* a unanimous and urgenteiill from
prospectors left Sunrise cily, lor Twenty- St, Andrew's Presbyterian Church of this
mile river, on a prospecting cruise among city, ho in company  with   Mrs.  McUne, ,    -, 	
who.,, wrest Mr  ICeoicil,      \boui  li'fui entered upon tho pastoral charge on lho   n,. i,„, 1 tho stores all t dona lho main rout,
wlioin was .Mi. Neiinuli.     Aiioui   ii.tmi 28th of Dec. 1890.                                            lays ho: 'Tlierle ne I've not ret round out
miles up tbe river thev  left   their  boat!     ,     , ,,      ,  ,   „i,„  i,   ,, ,   ,,,„. f   .     ,   I want WlillHeld—I'll Uny only from him,
',,,.-. I     l.n-i li imber Mr. Mcltae was forced   |.*or he sells the chcniawt," ravi Brian O'Lvnn,
and proceeded on their journey  over u bv the Impaired health of Mrs, McRao to  „        lallttlo wost of Alherl streot • '
range of mountains.     On  July 5, about visit Northern California, where  he  re-   Ho saw whitllelil's slun—suro'twas a troati
1   ,-,   ,,.    ivhiln erossi,,,, ., ..Uieier Mere, n mi nod si x in. .111 i is.    He returned about   llcuponoilthod ■ mid Uooruo stood within
1   P'   '"'   •'"' •■'"b "' *-''' " '• ■'    "      ,„ i,„u n,„,   ,,„,| ,,„.|i„ ,,„,!; „„ ii,,. | "I've foiinil it ill lust," snys It,!,,,, (,'l.ynn.
Ilrli n O'Lynn had no hoots to wear,
So ho enmo i" Nanaimo to hay him a pair:
"I'll have one ,,alr of thick mid one pair of thin
II 1 can Had \\ hitlleld'B,' Bays Hrhin (J'bynii,
miscellaneous concert on Monday evening. On Sunday llie morn ng service
Hill bo conducted by Kev. T. W. Hall,
and the evening service by Rev. VV.
Hicks of Union. There wiil lie special
singing by the children and collections
on behalf of the Sunday-school fund.
The cornier! on .Monday evening will
com men '0 al 7:30, ami some of the best
local and outside talent will lake pari.
During the evening refreshments will be
served by the ladies.
Regular services al 11 a, in. and 7 p. in.
Al tbe evening service the pastor, Kev.
II. A. McRae,   Will   deliver   bis   farewell
sermon and the following musical programme will be rendered ;
A Ithoill, ■'.dui.*.li.|„,villi's I'rai'o" lixcoll
(OlilisatoboIo by Mrs. PIttondrigh.)
Hymn -Jja, "Onward Christian Soldiers.".,..
Sole, "Send llown Thy Blessing," (''A-vo
Maria' ) Mrs. Davison  Millard
solo, "OuoSweotly Solemn Thought". Anil,rose
Mrs. W. IS. Uroone.
Anil,oni, " I'raiBO wattetli for Thee, 0 Lord
In Zion," Choir ISxco I
ilyian 10, "God Im with you" Congregation
Ladies and Children's Sewing done
neatly.    Prices reasonable.   Address
162 Ni.-ol Street.
Mrs. A. Baldwin
Oilers her services to the Ladies of Nanainio as an EXPERIENCED NURSE,
who lias bad large experience in and
through the Northwest Territories. Address
Mi Nicol Streel.
Our Great Removal Sal
Coniiiieiicos on SATURDAY, Aug. 16, and even
dollar spenl entitles you to another guess. Conn
with Hit* crowd and .SAVE MONEY.'
BALLOON ASCENSION Saturday Evening at 9 o'clock.
Great Cash Dry Goods & Hen's Furnishings Store-.
Commercial St., Nanaimo, B. C.
vasse two feet wide was roHched, at whicli two inHntha n*-o, and again took up the
work wilh his nnual vigor,  hut  lie was
point .IjIiii Duloohad a narrow oscnn,-, ,,,M by his family pliysieinn that it would
iiml  Mr.  Kciiiuili, sixty-seven years of uotbe'possihlefor Mrs. MuRue to livo in
age, lost his lifo.    Tho former fell Into the uliniate of British Columbia during
the crevasse,  but his gun, ratchlng on i'"'^'iite, ^iisu". il,erci,,,e be lei. e,,,,,-
,     .,     ,   '   ,. .        ,,   , pelled to press the ai ptani I his re-
the sides, hold liim up until  pulli ut Blgimtion, which had laid on thettibl *
by one of the party.   A shovel was then the Presbytery since lust 1 ember. On
placed over the crevasse for those foil i  - 'i"' -|,h lust, the l'n b! ytery epted t! e
,.        , .11. resignation, nnd  his dissolution ofthe
Kennal,  was the last ,,,.„„,,! ui|| Inke Ha ■,  th,  llith lusl
iug to steji on
ing io hie,, „„.    Mium,,  «BD m.u .b»d 1 pnf,toriil will lake i.lni-L- on the loth lust,
one to reach the point where the  shovel |, is with keen feelings of deep Burrow
wis.    Picking it  11 ] > and placing it on and sympathy thai Mr. Vlcliae and the
tho   opposite side of   tho crcv-is-v ho eungreoatloii look forward to the separa-
,   "               ,  ,                               , t mn.   Mr. McRae will leave on the 19th
made an attempt  to stop ovor, slipped f()|. Loa ^ngoieg to take charge of a con
and fell.    Tho crevasse for about thirty Kregation there to which  he has been
feet was pependlcular at that  distance unanimously called,
ran off on un incline.    Ho lodged about A farewell reception was tondered Mr.
sixiv feet from the surface,    lt was Im- M''l;'"' ni,l''>' evening, which was ver*
-...               , .               ,.             . nrgey attended. Addresses appropriate
possible to see him  imin  the opening ,,, ,|i(. 0l!l.D8lon war0 made by Revs, J.
butliis voice could  be heard.    Ropes w, Galloway, T. W. Hall, and Gunton,
and blankets were tied together and I t and alBO by Mr. H. Aitken on behalf ol
dpwn to him,  but he was so  tightly  the Sunday sei   Mr. McRae thanked
,    .  .       '       ..      .                    • the speakers for llielr kindly remarks,
wedged in he could not ve, even to nnd ,(,„ ,netI,i)err. 0f the church for their
grasp the rope,   Win. Pitts was lowered j-cartv stipporl during his pastorate, He
down with a rope us fur as the  inclli r, hopett the citizens would  help them in
but could   not  proceed   any    furtctr, contlmilng the good work.
Keniiah   could   bo  seen   with his  aril S —*
extended up over his head.    He asked Awarded
citis If he could, sec him and when told   Highest Honors—World's Fair.
he could not reach htm, lioinmli said: «ff%I& •
'Hon't endanger your life for mine, there' **•**'
is nn help f ir inc.'    A pick was lecn lied
to the rope, let down, and go) under his
foot, but at each pull it turno I him head
downward and he would cry out to stop.
At the expiration of one hour and ten
ininiitis his voice ceased, 11 .had frossen
tu death and htseompanionssorrowfu ly
turned away from the Icy tomb of the r
lute companion and rei.ur I to Sunr ee
i ity, tu which place they arrived .1   y
ltj.h.    Mr,  Keiinuh  fonnerly lived in
..It. Vernon, Wash., whoro he was e. •
giged in  the hoot an I shi e busiiies .
Ho wus also at one lim'engaged in the
same business at 2018 Jackson streel,,     ^^^^^^^^
Scuttle.     It is understood he hus u son   A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.    Pre
and daughter i.i  Soatile,  tie former f"**"** Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
Icing cniploicd in the post olliee." 40 Years the Standard.
-<^a^-^To the End of AugustJ
^losiiig-oat [;iiics-
Must be the Order of thc Day.j
NanaiQio Business Directory
■ *-*.._
jnins MEANS.
I Exceptional Opportunities in Many Lines']
Lawns, Prints, Flannelettes, Muslins;,]
Chambrays, Ginghams, and all Sum-.j
mer Goods at a 10 per cent, reduction^
to clear.
Will be Reduced to Very Low Prices-
S^Call uml save money here by getting our cash dis-tj
count, instead of ti chance for ;i bike, etc.—money saved if-,
money made—nt the
r£u"  E
\\ oaliov nd him our call boots, kid audi owhldo,
The nn h wo praiBO most- no auauiH at thu >'\ac
We've boot8.ot all Iti ml* from Quebec aud Uerlin.
"Sure vou'vo boots tor the milllun," gays lirlan
U'Lynn. [notrash;
Flo boURhl him 111-i booto, \vhi< h of courso wore
lie paid down his monev, fnr wo pell only for
To the public heaaya: "He nol taken In, [cash.
liny only from Whittield-" saya lirlan O Lynn
"If there'a a leak in the tooor aldonf yourahoo.
.hii-i tuko il in Whitlletil, that's nl! you need do;
He i. ill pea it or patch just while you are In,
An.i the ''liiu':;'' aooiufl like nothing/1 says Brian
O'l J im.
WHITFIELD, the Shoe Man,
Viotoiim Cbubcent, Nanaimo.
'^*f>'i-*3,^**'*.   ft -iSsjIlaL -J/'
Reader and Impersonator.
I, Biirristurn iiml Sultcltors.
CommorclHl slrou
i.    V. CANE, liiini-iiT nnd Solicitor, Room 11,
tl.    JolllMtOII lll'il'k.
MiINNIis.t McINNES,   BiirristorB,  Room 6,1
Joliimton Hlock, Cominorelnl utroot,
\\u:\viiiiii a   VOUNU, Barristers, corner ol
1    t'ommorcliil fliitl Uiullon Rtrcotu.
]lcyf le:. Bi
'li   HARDY. Ildtnnlo DnixglHl, Wlnttold Cros-
1.   eont.   Try llnnly's i'llo Ointment.
mi. MASON, Iii ohm    K.xlrnctlng aBpoclalty,
■'   i.to .m.l l.i;.i u, ImlntRtororl.
I MI.it, llllll l-'ulklw'B UlOCk, NlllMlilllo.
W.i. CL'ltlty, li. li :J.. Qroon Ulock.   Ium-
.   fins- work t-nnriiiitcod.
i UIKSI ENT I'HAH.M O V. 11 ill. .V Stbaiui in,
l |.r,.|,fi,.|«ir-. VlctnrliiCrcdcont, Uispeustnii
and In mill if, i|„.... n Hpocliilly.
Modlcnl lliill, corner • mn trial nu.l I'.i
ihu, Blreuls,   Ti'li'i'i o 1*8.
Y. M. C. A. HALL.
Reserved Sunls, BOc,
Qenornl Ailtnlsslon, 2lSc.
Ohlldren half price
liVI'l   WOHK8.
VANMMn   DYE  WORKS.   Dyeing, Cleaning
Ii   and Ri -j -nil,'    M Nicol Rlrcel.
C. CIUU1.T0N, Malinger.
/(     MAII.-ll,  Whnlewile   IliiiliT   III   fish   nml
tt.    linn,,', littsiiiin Street, Kanalmo.
I NTERN ITIONAI IHtTI'l.   PETER \\ 1:1(il.l:.
1   Proprietor.   Victoria, crescent.
*li   wni.i'i', rinanclnl nin 1 Inguranoo Agent
.'I.   Johnnton Ulock.
|,'"l:l Nl ISA   II ' liltV,  l;,.i,l I'Xnlc   Hn.l.i'i
r    Biuiiion Blreet,
'^liiia—   .Joli  Printing
— AT  TIIK —
Mail Offkc..^^E2^^
Bastion Street,   Tel. 7-1,
To Bicycles done on our premises at the shortest possible notice.
Next to Sloan & Scott's Old Stand.
P, S—A large consignment of bicycle sundries just arriv-       \
from the east,
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs
r ioneer Steam Laundry
*m~ * By so doing you will PATRONIZE WHITE LABOR
■w   \ And holp to GET HID OF THE CHINESE!
Dye Works in ritnnntinn ■■■it
P, O. Box 95. D. M. STEWART, Proprietor.


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