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The Nanaimo Semi-Weekly Mail Sep 18, 1896

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If you see thai on your snt-k of
Pastry Flour
You oan lie Bure that you hnve the best,
for there ean he no hotter.
Comes the besl Ten ,,fl'ere,l lo discriminating buyers in firitirili Columbia.
VOL. 1I.-NO. 24.
Sow is the Tin e
Infesting Trees, Shrubs,.
Flowers iiikI Vegetables.
o    o    o    o    o    o:-
You want something that will do the business
effectually, yet will not injure the most
delicate flower or plant.
Does the trick,    Try a tin.
We also have in stock Whale Oil Soup, used
by all Fruit Growers.
We have a small stock of Fruit Jars—Pints, Quarts and
Half Gallons.
Delta and Duncan's Creamery Butter and choice Manitoba
Creamery and selected Dairy Butter in o, IU, '20 and
30 lb. tubs.    Prices away down.
Sterilized Cream from the Delta Creamery, very choice, in
Pint Jars.
We have a full line of lhe best Groceries at the Bottom
Prices.    Quality Guaranteed.
We have jusl opened out a large consignment of Boots and
Shoes.     Prices are right.
Call and See our Slock and Get our  Figures.    It will  pay
I vou.
's Store, xit
New Dress Goods
We are showing a Very Choice Selection of
each of the above of the Very Latest Styles.
Our Ladies' and Children's Hafe
Are the Most Fashionable of thc Season.
J. S. STaMHD & CO.
Nanainio, B. C.
Iroken Bicycles
—siiori.n   in: —
lepaired in Good Shape
to uvoiil iluuupi- of accidents,
Impairing Bikes a Specialty
See the IIVSLOP.
Ity Market
The Other Side of The
..           ,,  "      "            ,,       , n A   certain  lawyer  asked   Jesus
During the early months of the wlult lle sh(mld (]()  t() inhe[.it eter
year the editor of the Free Press did nal life, und partly answering this TIIK    APPOINTMENT    OF
himself grand in  his reports of the question himself Baid that  it  was!
proceedings of the City Council, written in the law:   "Thou shalt       QUARANTINE   OFFICER
The decided alteration in his tac- ■ J"ve ,Uk' \A)r.'} ** God wit.h »" &?.
,    ,       .                ...           , heart ami all thy soul anil wilh nil
tics induced us to believe—for a tny strength and with all thy mind
time—that    the   veteran     report and thy neighbor as thyself."
ST.   ALIUS 8   I'llt'lteil.
Sixteenth Sunday  after Trinity—8
e. in. Holy Communion,   lin. m. matins,  Lituny and senium.    2.80 p.m.
A   Nun,lay Bchool.    7 p. in. Evensong uml
b<-in,on.   Kev. Mr.Bosiinquet, preacher.
Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity—11 a.
in., mn!i,,-. Litanyand Bei-mon; 2 p.m,,
Sunday Bchool; 7 p. in., Evensong and
cooker of the Council Chamber had      Jesus approved of this, and  the J
reached a time of life when he could lawyer made the inquiry:   "Who      SCHOONER, FREDERICK
.   t u    i . -i is rnv neighbor?'    Thon came the
no longer afford to procrastinate, if    a   ;• i . •    i   •     A
, .       , ,        ,   ,  . effective  reply   contained   in   the
he even intended to deal impart- Btory of the man who went down to
ially with the members of our City Jericho and fell among thieves.
Council or do justice to the readers i    That same question, "Who is my
of his  paper.     However,  that  we I neighbor?" is a very puzzling  one,
Rev. T. \V. Mall, pastor. Services :ii
11 n. m. and 7 p.m. Sunday school and
Bible clusa at 2:30 p. in. .ill ure welcome.
Ottawa, Sept. 17.—The fol!
owing  ii a.in, and
Rev, W. A. Gunton, pastor,   Services
" p.m.
Sunday school and
is a report of the debate on Tuesday Bible class 2:30 p.m.
......       ,    , even at the present" time, and the i niS'*- I|,("ra Hansard in reference to bi*ikitualism.
have greatly erred in believing the interpretations  put   upon   it   are Pr' Duncan's appointment as super- Spiritualists meel in the Oddfellow's
change to  he permanent, is  now  almost as many as the sands of the intendeut of quarantine: lIi,|h "ow block,  on Sunday evening
painfully evident as is also the fact sea, most of them being made so as      H."l>-  *■■■   Montague    Iin-   ihe ™*\ ^i^"^^'1''         ^ "'"'
that the "Flight of Time" has  not   to   conform to  our own personal  minister filled the vacancy in con
: rendered  the Editor of the  Free iconvenienoe or inclination.
,, ., ,.    .,       ,.      Hut   the   interpretation   placed
Press   veneranle  nor  his   Council   ,„„„*. , , ,,,   .,'.    ,,        ,'   .
lupon it by Christ is  the only   true
reports   more  veracious.    Of  late   on6)   and  if  we walk in that path
we have been carefully scrutinizing we   cannot  fail  to arrive at  the
his reports of the Council meetings  promised shelter.   Our neighbor is
1 and have noticed that he glaringly ' Pot necessarily the man who   live
,    , ,,        . ,.in ease mil luxury, wh
and   frequently  misquotes  Mayor ft palace and whose gar;
Davison s utterances and endeavors purple   and line   linen; who has
to disparage him on every possible  everything that  money  can buy,
occasion. '• and who never knows what it is to ! council,
he cold or hungry  or in  distress'  ''-"■' '*'n)
.   ,      ,         ...          .    ■ ST. aniiiikw s PHBBBVTBBIANcnCRCH.
iiection wilh the office of port phv- ,,       ,,     ,,,   ,
,,....,,      „.,*         '   ■ Rev,   Mi.   Civile,  a   loiiner   pastor,
sician   at   Victoria?      Lhere was a will   preach   at   11   a.m. and 7 p.m.
recommendation   for  the appoint- Sabbath Bchool and Bible class at 2:30
ment of Dr. Duncan, who has been I'- '•■■
doing the work.  •«»	
Hon. Mr. Fisher- -That appoint- A" Revoil'*
ment was filled. An order-in-Coun- l1'",1'1'"" .^lT] w,ils, ""■'!',1'"1 ,'", r<'"
.,                    iiii P'y i"   your last hut  I  will nut do so
in ea-e  nnl luxury, whose house is I cu "''*'"' passed by llie  late  govern-, excepting simply to say.farewell.
ments are of
who   has  many  servants  tn  wait
In his garbled report of hist Monday's council   meeting, under  theiU|  ,,:,„_ ,„ :iji;lri|1,„. hi„ li:,,,„.,.,
heading of a "Lively Tilt" he false- ■ wish and to run here and  lhere at
ly quotes Mayor Davison and Aid. • his nod and bidding.
I'lanta as follows: Our neighbor  is   not always the
ment  bofore  il   went   out uf olliee.     Allow rhe, however, "to make a brief
Under  the  rule  laid down by His statement fur the benefit of the public.
Excellency as to signing orders-in 1}•"7? "?' ,',la'1 ]\ '" Tl'} '""' !m.veI
-. , V , ' , tried to du Rev. D, A. MeKue an injury
the order has been signed  |lftve | ,n,.,| ,,, eveu and fault with
him or bis work.    1  do not know  Mr.
"Mnvor n.ivl**nn itantn  rnlorl Mio   mttn wl*° •**«• * l--g  bank   account,     ,"'"'■   Mr'    Fisher—He    Was    in
Mayor Davison again ruled the I ,.      (1|1  eve      -     mMt Qn   .; charge of the office before the order-
question out of order.' thousand   hills,   and   stocts   and I in-aounoil   was   passed,    and    no
' Aid. Planta replied that did nol  bonds and   mot't°-ago.*s   without a  change has been made.
Hon. Mr.  Mnntacue—Then   my MeRiie's motives but I suppoae they are
recommendation  for the appoint- "le ^f'or ttt least ,1,,|*h °qes' , ] "'"
,   ,,      ,, ,      ,'■ sorry il any person hns got an  nnpres-
mentof   Dr.   Duncan has been car- sion contrary to the above,
ried  out,   and   1   suppose  he  has Sincerely yours
charge of the office?
Hun.  Mr.   Fisher-
ready to rule  anything  out of  ""'-'J "I""1   "hose  head
order that did not suit,    lie would   bluw   •"■"•■"silly,   and   who   has   no
VV. A, ilrxTox.
Mr. .Neil   McLean,  for some  time on
the Provincial Police Force of Nanaimo
cut any   figure,   for  he   (Davison)   limit, whu basks in a scented sum-      t-'"'-   '''*'"'*    '   congratulate   the  District, has sent his resignation to the
no  winds government on making the appoint- Superintendent of Police   Hussey,  to
ment 'iL''t' hnnie.lkitc ellei't.
The  above we clip from lost night's
,,    .,   ,   , . wounds that fester with  ibe crawl-
nut be blocked for it was not a very  :..„ ve..,.s
long distance from one end   of the     Our neighhor is not  the woman
table lo the other." whose life is free from   every shade
linn. .Mr.   1-isher    II   was   made Pree Press,
by the late government, In the Mail Friday Sept. 11, we in-
Col,    Prior—Dr.    Duncan    is   a formed our readerB thai  Constable Mo-
gentleman thoroughly qualified to !:\m^ he-n,'-nu,,n,,,iiv dismissed by
^. .   .                     n   .    i Chief btewarl ror frequenting the J? raser
"Mayor Davison said nm-   was il   of care, who dwells  in   the   roseate  till tne position. Street street brothels—Rile sumee Cros-
n vprv luna iiisi.,,,,.,. i,, ,i .i ■;,!.. bowers of love, and to whom all the     The American schooner Frederick san and Thompson,  hut it seems from
a very long distance to the outside M luxurious  mlnfeten of Gearing  was seized some time ago *»■ f that we were in error.   We
«>f th« building.'                                 Nf    ;           ,       ,       .     1     ,.„,e.; „fi the oonsl of Nova Scotia for vio* '".'",l" lllf ^'"'nvl age and superior
,/.,,,,,              .,  ,                      ,      "ll '"'  looou io   ii,,i\    io   ii ■ 111. ■                                       _ wisdom ol our  respectable i-oniein|,oi-y,
Aid. I'lanta said he was  ready ul„,-o cheeks are always  radiant httion  ol  the fishery law, having and anlend our Blatement of lust week
with   health  and  whose eyes   are been cauJtht inside  the  three-mile by saying that  fur some Blight indis-
nevtr dimmed with the tearsof dis- limit,    She was condemned by the '.''etion un the purt of Constable Mc-
I to go lo either place, hut Ihe ques
lion was not mil of order."
The greater portion nf ihe foregoin
Lean lie was notified by Chief  Stewart
But nur neigh hor is lhe man who, I'
courts, and the department nf just-   faV"t T ",-""" ' •' l T , >lT;"'
,  ' ,      '       ...I.*,      ihai hereafter in* name wouiil l,e tli-op
ice   lias   now been unfilled ihal the   „H,i f,,„„ t.|,nl,i,v mil. ntu-liieh tht- frislTi
lied Irom the pay roll, tit whieh the frisky
extract from the Pree   I'ress report ,v.ln ,1||(| H.1)rn" ,oi|s (||1 froI||  11)lvl.u' owners will appeal to the supreme SleLean 1501 liig'hly ofiended un.i Imndeil
is a base fabrication and we are in ; till night for a'hare pittance;   who, court of Canada, as ihey claim that jn ••'-* --'Signatiou.to tuko eflect initned-
a position to prove it.    By way of weak  and  feeble, goes stumbling ■-,•••".was nnl within the three-mile ''"*'■'•               <t>
comparison and  in justice  to the along through   life;  who  is often limit ut the time. Mr. Chas.Over came Inl wn last
members nf lb.. Comoil  ,.,„„„.,-,„.,l Ulidiu- I he heel nf   oppression, often I      '"   t'*0   House   to-day   Hon. .Mr. evening  by   the   Alberni   Btuge.   To a
members of the Council concerned, |,uif starVed; hollow-eyed  and hoi- Laurier said that Abbe Proulx did Mul representative  Mr. Over gave a
we give (n our  readers  the correct [ow-cheeked' friendless often home- not go to Rome on an oflicial mis-  very glowing descripti the future
version which is as follows: less sick and in tii re extremitv of sion with thegovernment.    He had F"spectsof the Alberni gold fields.   He
iki', «!,>, nun 111 une  t.\iit 11 ii 1 \ in                        , - has 11 number of Bttuinles, some very fine
Mayor Davison  for  the second grief; whu lies prone upon the rug- not talked witne Alibel roulx about looking quartz bearing rock, some of
timeruled Aid.  Planta's question ged ways of life in  dread agony of «";bcI 1 question which assays«• high- as u» to■ the ton.
! sou and fearful pain of body,  and      At a meeting of the debates com- Uke everywhere else Alberni has its
out of order and I'lanta replied tha ,.,    .-„,,.        '•       •     ,   • V „,:M,„, .,, .1.,.. ., ,-,.,„,,,  ,.,„.,„,,„,„,,,1 drawbiu-ks and according to Mr. Over
1    m       ■               ,■ , who is lett in perish  in  loneliness mittee to-oay a repori recommend- ... t thehiirdslilns the urosoeutor has
the Mayors rulings did notcul any and grlef> S(,,lllili;, desel.led ,,y God ing   the   dismissal   of   Bouchard, „, ,.,„„;.,„, 'i,,; is'n,.- ,a,V ttfat parties
figure with him and that he would ami man. Vunasse and McLeod, three  trans- tike up claims and hold  on  without
not he blocked simply  because he     Our neighbor is Ihe man  who is lators, for interference in politics ...
and lhe Mayor happened   lo be   at
different ends of the table.
il.   The name of Lasalla
This naturally   enough   ex,'hi.les   those
who would be willing to do the necessary
I'd only .i.iiki' lho beil
ceased without  another
begging  for a   morsel  of bread to I was carried
keep him alive, who is shivering in was struck out, so he is still in the „,„!..     uMMV ,,,  ,|111M.  now holding
his rags and wretchedness;   who is service of the government. claims are asking the Govern ment. for
Mayor  Davison  (hen .remarked  in some hospital wracked with pain A letter has been received at  the an extension of time.   We  believe the
that the distance between  lhe two and praying mutely for death; who trade   and commerce  department !,';|;iMJj;'„','1','| 'i'''!!i"lr','nr^,'i"" We'see'no
ends   of   the table was not very looks out upon the world  through   fl' a Chinese resident of Vancou-  *, | mlS0n for departing from the law
a-reiit      The eimti-nversv  hofuinAn prison bars, victim, perhaps, to the ver Island asking how he can avoid made and provided for bucIi eases,   in
great.      lhe controyers)   between  1                >      ana indifference of the poll tax if he sends  his eldest  - t we look ui.on the granting of ex-
the   Mayor   and   Aldermen   then  .,,„ 01|llim„,i|,) ,„. „, thfl ^y boy  to China to  be educated and K»u0^e^ ^^ '" "
iihlitinnal absurdity of the law  thai   makes his  two daughters  home to visit
criminals by  the  thousands   and their relatives.    The chidren  are The Wellington Agricultural exhlbl-
I" • •- AW. Planta did nol say  then punishes .hem J'hin^   bor,,    bu.   he  is   afraid tion which unopened cuMVednesday
i 1.  ■                            1           I-               c                Uut' Mt'i"    ;>'Pi"    i-    the   im,,!' Inl 1' *'\   in   \   ni'   in.lut*        ih u    loi   If
'•ItisnoUverylongdstancefrom; L,wing S?l uj in the ftttic, who tax'on tLr return,                        great improve ,,t over previous year,.
one of the  table  to   the other.   Biarves rather than soil her woman-                  Be sure you attend Stevenson's
May...-Davison did not say, 'nor is hood or stain the whiteness of her NoT|,s WD COMMENTS        grand millinery,,, ing on Satur*
it a long distance to the outside  of soul: whose heart is su lull of an- dnv evening.     May's string band
the building," nor did Aid.  Planta iruisn that she oannot weep: whose in attendance.
say that he "was ready 10 go  lo H-"0 is one long round of grim en- A great deal is being made of the                .      -♦.► -	
...       1     ,,              ■        t.        durance, over which a frowning sky constitutional question in  ihe re- .,.,    .-              .        ,      ,      ,
eitl,t'r l,,,,w-                                   bends, and upon whioh only the fusal of Lord Aberdeen to sanction ,, '''." \an*\mo Agricultural and
These frequent and fruitless at*  icy winds of horror and despair certain appointments made by ihe "                                 :"
temptsof ilieediiortif the Free I'ress ever blow. late Tupper government,   after the
to discredit Mayor Davison, niiisi     Our neighbor is the woman who defeat   of the governmenl  at the
this afternoon al 8 o'clock by Mayor Iluvison.    The exhibition will
inly   finve   l„a wide -nviike'imbiie   has fallen a vielin, .0 fhe freaeherv   polls,     Perhaps I he I o.vernm-f le, -   '•"l""""'   "I"'"   «»   JO   p.   111.   this
onlj prove      a «lde*awake public 0f „,,.„, «nd whose hands have been ml   was   constitutionally wrong, evemng and on Saturday from 10
how   inierablc    must  the   mind beaten f,,„n  their ,,,,,,,,,, ,,„,,, ,„, though opinions of emlnenl  ami,- a. m. till 7 p. m,
of a man be, when he will resort to respeotabllity by  her own sisters, orities  differ  on   the  point,   In -      ■*•■•*■
B ich mean devices in order to re* perhaps, who hound  her down to principle, however, the practice of The usual semi-monthly meeting
venge himself upon a member of hell while honoring (he Hend who|making any appointments which of the W.C.T.U. was held on Tues-
the Council, who last year found it
caused her ruin.
J3o.tr Lose rur 0W"°1*' "-"j!
If you haven't hud unfortunate experiences with Billies you ure to be eon-
griituluicd.    Perhaps you cannot tell
the right side of leather from the wrong
side,   imi  that's no reason  why vou
should n't gel u lint you puv for fo the lust
cent's worth.    When yon'eiin buy 11 pub
lolesale and Retail Butchers S«^tW:lS%wisS;.t,,fil
disappointed, for ive tell vnu the exact
|?, 0. li is 227 Telephone 7-8
, and nothing bul ihu truth,
ire not absolutely necessary, under dflV afternoon, 16th inst, al 8:80 in
, ,. ,„   ,,     - ,      ,    ,. ,,        rill'M'   i"•<•   our   neighbors   nil such circumstances seems wrong St.'Albam's sol Iroora.   Owingto
necessar*  in   the  interesl of the those who suffer and faint and die: If Lord Aberdeen's action wil re- other mee.ti  the attendance was
publio to remove him from his seat all those who moan and grieve and suit  in establishing   a   precedent not as large as usual.    Vice-Presi-
at the Council board and relegate whose gaping wounds of smil and against the praotice, he   will   have dent in the chair,    After devotion*
him to his proper  position at the body appall the sight. dune good service, regardless of the al exercises and superintendent's
reporters table :    ""'"*e  '"'c  "l"'    "eignoors- all constitutional point involved, Any- reports, business was taken up and
' ' those who hunger and thirsl and way, the constitution is made for after some discussion it was decided
it s our intention to carefully ( seless hong upon a brutal cross, the people, and not the people for to change the place of meeting.    A
waton all future Counoil   reports all those who are oppressed; all the constitution, and it  would be committee was appointed to find a
and nail every lie in a manner those who in a Christian country better that the constitution   rather suitable place.   It was also decided
similar to this. and under a Christian government] than the people should   suffer. insecure  Key. D. V. Lucas to lect-
tremble at the tread of wealth and Commercial, ure al the next Gospel Temperance
.nfln,,    ,      M     .. power; who stand moaning on the -*«♦ — meeting.    We were visited and in*
Aiui-i.ninusc meeting,     furnace firps of affliction, are help-1    The population of Manitoba has terviewed for it few   minutes  by
  '-"I8 at the assaults of want and increased from 162.500 in  1801  to Mrs. (Rev.) Clvde, a former rest*
A   MEEriNG OF THE ANTI* crime and sin and whose dim eyes 193 425 in 1896. Thus in five years dent of Nanaimo, whogaveanao*
Inld fe tta^a^Oh^iisto!?!!*111 '"' °°? "J0    "f *ff tbn light; , there has been an increase of 40, count of work done in the  Union
111 ' ' '( '"' '' "" i    l*1 "s "'".   -Ike the  priest and «,U) or a|luUt 07 per eent. , where she has lieen a member: also
Saturday, Sept. 19, at 7:30 P.        ■■■-■-
././/. DAVISON, Chair,
the Lev iie, pass them on the other
:side.—Philadelphia Commercial
 »»<►    ._ some practical hints.    Meeting ad«
Mr. Frank Charlton is back from Call* | fourned  to  meet  two  weeks from
fornla, that day for prayer meeting. CHINESE IMMIGRATION.
A Fill.I.  REPORT OF   Till-:   SI'I.CCH  of mu.
Mr. Maxwell moved for "Copies uf all
petitions or memorials presented to the
Government on the Bubjeet ul' Chinese
> immigration.
. He saiil: Mr. Speaker, I deeply regret that my first venture in aduresslni;
this Iluiiseshutili be in connection witl
sueh a subject J lis this, bill as 1
huve received a mandate from mv constituents I feel under obligation to bring
■ it before this House for consideration,
and to press it as plainly ami via as
strongly as I possibly ean on the attention ofthe Government, line circutii-
sinnee makes this ,pi,--tion u little peculiar, uud thai is that il particularly he-
longs to the Province of British Columbia. 1 wish in some measure there
were Chinese in all the provinces, because 1 am sure 1 would tlien speak ton
more sympathetic audience than I ,1"
today, hon. members gonerully uul
knowing very iniioli about this question.
■ Hut in spite of this fact, though lhere is
not a Chinese 11 nest ion in Ontario, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Prince K.luanl Is-
Jan,I orevi-n in Quebec, thuugh I notice
from the Montreal Gazette, a few days
ago a ureal many uf the citizens uf that
Important ulty have begun to be alive
to the fact that they have more than
enough of those distinguished pentle-
lneii and tha! some restrictive measures
must In brought into existence or there
will be another British Columbia practically in the province of Quebec. In
spite of that fuel, 1 think I may appeal
to the members of the Mouse, and especially to n,embers of the 1 iovernmen .
not to look ut this question from their
point of view, but Iron, the puinl ol
view of those concerned. We, the citizens of that western province, notwithstanding our province is rich uml fertile,
perhaps far bevond  lhe  wildest  dieilin
of lhe wil,lest nmigiiuiti ye! hope you
will regard us out there as you aie regarded, namely, that ive are striving to
the besl of our efforts fo m ike thai portion of Canada a place thai will I,,- a
home for u happy, contented anil prosperous class of people. Sir, ,,ne thing
encourages me iu bringing this question
before the House, ami thut is tiial il is
nol a parly question; thai is lo say,
there is nothing of the Conservative oi
what you may call lhe Liberal element
in it whatever, hut il is simply a question on whicli the large majority ", the
people ure agreed. During the late contest both Conservative and Liberal candidates were pledged up lo   lhe   hill  so
-for as this question is concerned, nnd I
believe if my opponent hnd been elected
in my place, he would have done lodav
wl,nl I am trying to do. uml perhaps
with more ability. However, I am also
encouraged with regurd to this question
liy the favorable consideration which
the Premier has promised n,o for ihis
question, uml I hope thill whal I may
Buy will strike u responsive chord iu his
generous bean, ami that, together with
Ills Government, he will ,1, son,ell,inn
towards helping the people of British
Columbia lo tree themselves from whal
may be called a growing evil. If my
opponent in the late election said irhnl
was Hue—und I huve no reason whatever to doubt his word—then ilm hon.
the lender of il.e opposition Sir Charles
Topper- is likewise pledged n, the consideration of this question. In fuel, il
wns slated upon lhe public platform
during the last election thai ihe then
Premier was prepared lo deal will, this
question In sympathy with ihe wishes
of ihe people ,,i British Columbia. I
may then take it, Mr. Speaker, thai so
far us this House Is concerned, there i>
nothing of a parly nature in this question, and thut ua we try io solve whul
may he regarded us a knotty, ileliciitc
Biibjecl we will approach it simply from
the sla,nip iii,! ol eil i/...,is   iut'rested   in
-the dovelo] nl ami  iu the   pr ispei ity
of the people of Canada, To Rome, my
position on this subject may seen, a little Btrange; thai is to say, mosl people
today who take a broad view of things
are in deep sympathy w iih whal isealeld
ihe brotherhood of num.    I do nui fm a
mo,,,i u, deny thai doctrine on the ll ■
of ihis House.    I  assent   to   ii with all
iny heart.    I believe that the   ii  is
coining, ii is now on the vviinr, tluunih it
is yet far distant, of which our Scottish
bard has so sweetly Btiug :
When man to man the world o'er
Shall brothers be ami a' that.
But   I    hold   thut    the claim which tic
people    oi    British    Columbia     uiuku
through their representatives   ■!", - uul
in any way clash with vvuitt Is justly regarded its one of thu noblest dreams ever
conceived by lhe mind oi niun.    I    may
Bay.thui when I wenl lo British Columbia
Bix years ago, I wenl   there prejudiced
against tlie Chinese agitation.   In   thu
si, riiv     uf     my     m-.ii,    I   believed
the opinions ,,f bui I ilo- distinguished men in this country, win,
thought ihat Chinese liumigrui ion would
give a glorious opportunity to the church
to chrisliuni/.c inem. 1 wus km,lly ,i,--
posed towards them, I have no ill-f, ,-i-
ing lower,Is them yet, bill when I begun
tO eiilne I, lltUCt   Willi    lhe   tl'OUhll
because lhere is a very  BerioilH  trouble
in connection  uin, tm-, lei    when I
i.e'nn io realise bow these Chinesu
uenil.'iiifii affected the inorul ami material Interests of our own Cunudiun poo.
•pie, then, I found that ii w.n uur lell In
teresl   to   ilo  nil   lhe  jUBtic ■ I  OH II
■people thai we possibly could. I unhesitatingly Bay, from uoservution and con*
taut, that as things huve been going un
und us thev are going un nl thu prusenl
time, we me ,rn,ij; u positive Injustice
to those who are bone of nur bono and
flesh of our Hush. I heard Im- I',en,ier
suy not lung ut;,,—nml .Mr. speaker. I
desire in congratulate him on obtaining
his present honorable position, ami un
the high vantage ground whieh he hum
liolils in our political lim. I am glud
that nfter hreustiug i he blows ol circumstance hu now-"can shape ihe whisper
oi ,, ih,one and mould a mighty Slate's
decrees." I heard from hi-ops nol long
ugo tne Btutuinunt: that Bell preservation
■was i.ne law I,nai we aie hound I" ub
serve. 1 usseni to that doctrine, Ii. is
ouly through sell preservation thai any
one oi us can attempt to feel the Impulses ul what is culled ultruisni or the
iiigher life.    We must proteel our own
people.    The luud is. theirs—I ,1 i
think thai isu strung,-, lo,-1 no,' to preach
on the lloor uf this lluuse—the millet are
theirs, tne llsheriesare  theirs,  i, p-
poi III i, I ties are theirs, 11,111 I llllllot tlllllK
jl. is a wise policy, yea, I think It Is a
narrow-minded poll y, to lill the hind
wilh semi-inn inn '.ins, uml |,, drive oui
our own   people  who oughl   lu puss    -
these things, ami ivno ii tney  posse i
tlms,• tilings, would make ho,,, llicm-
Bulves uml Canada the pride ol the whole
Now', I wanl lo state verv briefly what in tlie luir East, and Russia is the only
has been done iu regard to this Chinese Power cuimble of injuring  them,  it   is
question,     Tiiis  lluuse uf Commons is extremely desirable   lo have   her   for a
exceptional because of the greatness of friend, and to come lo   some  amicable
the number of new members, und I there- agreement in regard to Turkey  and the
lure   wish   to   remind  hon. gentlemen future possession of Constantinople.
Uml  this is  not (tlie lirst time that the 	
question has been   bruuiiht  before ibis ,,,,           ,  ,.           ,        ,       , . ,    ,
I, able Huns,-.    As lur buck  as  issi .   Che revoluthary struggle winch   has
a,-,,, ission was appoi 1 hy tbethen >een going on in >ucador  appears   to
Hover e,„.      Tint commission   wus have lermlntted    n the  complete  and
.    t  ,i     ii        ii     ,m     i nn  inuiiiiiii ii     lir   naurgeuta   under
<•<»*.»hosuU  "l   llu'   I nil.   -Mr. t ha iK'iin, ,,          , ,-,,'     .,,          .,,,            ,
-■■-                                         ■  -  - inn.Till bloy Alfnro,    Lhe war began in
May oi lasl year, und nriKinated   in   tho
ireneral distrust and dislike >)i President
.i     ,; .*    , ;• i    i              ,;               i Cordfiro, who was cliareed with tvrannv
tlic tiisl lii^iilslii'il ;iih1    ini'iical   iili-iiUk'I- ,       ...     ,     •*, a          . •,
u-   , .    ...ti   •   -vi    ii              ii :im  curniiii hohtii'al and inane a  acts.
or \\ est Assmibu a   Mr. l)avin)<     l iv- ,,          ,  .',,.*        ,           ,,      .   ,     . ,
viousto thai a  moti uul been made *-'«iu;nd Alfaro, who w. sthen in banlsh-
ln Uu- Ho,,-,- lu the following eli'eel — munt' ■yas.recalled to   bcuador by   the
Thai, in ih.- opinion uf this I lom
the llun. Mr. (iray, Judge uf lhe Ijiip-
reme Courl of British Columbia, and
lhe  secretary  oi thai  cominission  was
is expedient
el a  law   prohibiting
revolutionists, lie is a man of unusually stroii-: personal qualities, uml us u
military leader is possessed of skill uud
Making  Uuayiiqull   his   heiid-
     I Chinese to tliul   pnrtioil
of Canada known as British Columbia. *>■-""'•                    ,-,-,-        ,     ,   ,
Thai, ion was withdraw. a pro* nnarters, in ,Iu y ol  las   year he led  a
mise being given l.v the Hitch. Hon. Sir  ","v 'll,|"   B? ' •"'"''»«" againsl
John A. MelJunald", chid I.c-lim the eapitid.lj, ito, and after several en-
,- -in  ihai   a commission should be  -::l-''' "*\  which were won by his
issued  iu  inquire  Inlo aud report upon "'..ps. Hi August he took   possess,.,,,,,
lhe i isubjecl  ol .  --,■   i,   ra- <"/''-y-    ■""■"«   "'""    **«    '}» «■*'
lion.    I, mav   be amiss to suite thai '"'  h'U'c- vsb pe'.nine it yestab shod,
oue of these  things which  bronghl this hnt at lhe hegi iningnl U. syear the so-
,   ,;     .    .                                      ,, cn Ifd   t (i H-rvat vi-h |i tiered  n  [ore
i iit'-iiiui in iin- i-nii-ia   iniini.   whs in'- ■     i           ,      ■,-,•         .
  :iiii    a'jain   iii'ltmii   Hifti .ties.    Another
iniiniiiMiaic I'tiin liii'i thai wa-   ui Kir hv ■       .. ,,       i      , - .    t        ,    .   ,
,*..♦».,                               . i     >i      ,,    i   ' I'liliitinliiii    tdliiwt'il,   uhii'li   has    us im
Uu-UH'ii i Mivri iin.i'iii w nn   \lr.   ihiiln- .     '   ■          ,, •                             ,      .■  ,
hnun: mm     Una   sutii   er,   and  whieh
I..nk win. built whal wuh i-ullml the On-
lerdonk  section  of the Canadian I'.wi
rii'lril al i ihe middle  ol' August in  a
lecis'tve victory fordcueral All'aro near
i,     ;, ,1,1.    :. ill'.'   -I\l'    \IIMUV      II      IM'IH'lill    t\   UL   U     Ill'JU
in- laiilunv.   f n n cm' in  iha      was   ,. ., ■• ..       * . .* ., ,,     • •
absolulelvneces.a,    h,  imporl   Chinese   ?"V"Tl     '" '*'"7'    lhal ""   ™*
ill order   ist.-ii.-1 thai porlibn ol  the   fined elenent will nol itgai n bo able to
railwav,     li   was likewise a part of the  l"'Vsl.'l,t *"'*' s'•esislance.    rhe general
contrail Ihu, after lhe railwav bud been   "I"'  ''"T  " ,     ' ',''   T   i '","
constructed, in,-,- Chinese *,hu„M ,„■ ,,n,,,n''" ",'"i"'"1'-1 '""',ur!' ''?' T",T,S
sen. back again to China, bu. unfortun- an, that lis promise of''liberty, jus ice,
ately the prumises both di ihe Govern- a"'l peace will be carried out. lhe
ment and of ihe contractor were uol car- ?m"<*. :""' ."i?nihers of the clerical puny
ried out, ami instead "i being sen, buck
lo China us ihey ought lo have been,
they wen- lei loose upon British Columbia, anil lo ihat we may trace a great
■ leal uf the trouble thai has urisen in our
pro\ iuce in i-egard lu ihis Chinese q,e-s-
,iu,i. At ibe opening ol ihe commission
to which I refer, il,,- llun. Mr.Chupleuu
(ihe Chairman I suid :
British Columbia has repeal,'illy by
her local legislature  i by her representatives in Parliament, solicited the
executive of  Barliiuueiit  ot  Canada  lo
have feared harsh i real ment under
A.lfaro, bu, he has announced that while
ihey will nol he allowed, ns heretofore,
to control educational matters, ami
while new privileges wiil be grunted to
Protestants, lhere will be no persecu-
, io,, of ecclesiastics.
Ottawa, Sept, 16 — Mr Morrison,
M. P. for Westminster, has had tin interview wilh Sir (diver Mowat, Minister
of.Iust.icc, al,u,,i the dispute between
lhe cily ..i New Westminster ami the
penitentiary over the water rates. The
Minis,,-,- of'Jnstice i- lu look into lhe
case. Otlier Westminster matters were
as, talked uver.
enact a law prohibiting tne incoming ol
Chinese tu British Columbia.
Now, I want to say that lhe llun. Mr.
Cluipleau in making that statement, saiil
the truth, the whole trull., ami miming      Tl pposilion cancna decided, today,
but the truth.   That is still the opinion against Sir Chas. I'upper nioviiig a mu-
,„ a large in ijoritv ■■: lie- people m Brit- ti"" "l censure iiguinsl  Lord   Aberdeen.
ish Columbia.     But what 1 want to suv   I'he matter will , o   up  "ii  another
is  this:  that  commission  brought in "a motion and be discussed briefly.
icpuri.    I have read thai   report   ami ii •••
ist y mind one of thu ,,,..-!  outrage- .\  TORY OPINION
oils  reports  that   ever was presented to .     ,.      .          ,.               .
this h uul.  llu,,-'.    Our local legit S\ e clip the   following   from  the
lain,,- uml tin- federal members i i Toronto Evening Telegram:
British Columbia, ha i represented what ",\ nice idea this to have I he curfew
lhe people wanted, and yet this coinin.s- ,,,,„, .,, ,,      ,„. ;,, Ottawa, with the
sion— on the strength ul  who   evidence ,,   ,     '««•■■•■        ..-   ,,        .,
I cannot possibly make out-   ig m a result thai \\ llltam \\ allaee Burns
reporl al st to' the eU'ect, that tl.e CI.in*    Mill,lie-. M. I'., lhe Boy Orator   of
ese were a blessing to British  Coluniiiiu   the Pacific Slope,   aiiililaiiee'   Lo-
iuul tluit the more they had of then, the  gun, M.F., the War  Coll   of  Cura-
beller II    Would    lie.       I Wish to SUV, ill,    T     , ,      '.,,, ,     ... ,,        ,
Speak,,, thai   iii.it  repor.  in rn, wu>   hei'land, will he afraid to walk the
voices the senlitiie.it ol   British   Colum-   s reel- al   nighl    for   fear   of   being
lin-     \\ Idle there i- i. ureal i eul ■■, eyi-   arrested and sen! I ,e lo their pa-
donce in Inal report ih • gre.iier portion   rents"
ui i: i- -inipix I be  e\ l.leni    Iiien w li"
ur,- interested  in  having  the   Chinese  -||||.; PL'BI.IC SlloUl.l) HEJ1KMBEU
there, and so far as the mass of tl.e pen-
pie we,.- com erne, . ' hei , er ■ ■,", repre-
Bei.ted un the eomi,    sin   .       leyonglu      AJ'CTIONEER   GOOD
iu have I n.    Ii thev ',a i been proper-   .- ,     ,     ,, ,    ,, i
ly represented, the evidence would  -    v,    K    -'" ' '   f",   1m^> H-'«v.est and
been so overwhelming ..lull the co.nmis- ( h'-apesl Stock ol
-ion   would   have  reported   iu   favor of STOVES AND  RANGES
» hal liiul i .-ii ileum,   ed hv the repn |u ,|,i, cn v.
Benlutivcs of British Columbia. ,r »-— ,       ,. ,. ,,
Sow, I jus. wan. ven brieliy  lo state   /--*-r-\"-  l  *«TlsnH   ki.rr   „v    II im,.
so,,,,-  ot   iin- iirguiueiils  wi,I,  regard t<<
the Chinese.    There is whit, is called lhe NOTK IE
moral argiln.e.it,   Id i want to bring
this uueslion  op  in  ihe House in this
public  way.  nor would 1 pretend to say   Tl li h-K   DESIIUNti  TO   ASSIST
thai the whiles are altogether clean and    *     in the
pine.     1 know  that «■■ nave our \ i, us as
weii us ih,- chines.;, biitthereiB this      EhigucJiiafJon of Mental  Slavcrj
dlllet ■ nee:   t hut   w lnle our  vices, so to '
-  ..,!., ure eon, roll,,!, and moulded, nnd   Should hand in their names al once und
inline,,, .d to -one- ,-\:, nl by the high a
force!  of eh ili/.al ion,   nol   i ,   men.ion
i 'hrisliunil- ; iie- \ i es ■■!  the ( inn  -■
a,,-  do.ui.uite I   and   inlluence I   by  the
lower luives of  I a I aris'ii,     I nei d mil
od i hi- lions   i ,ai the Chinese are it ii I—
vertully  ado,  r,d   to opium ;  thai they
ure  inveterate  nuuihlers;   thnt thev are   ,. ,, ,.    	
, , _ , I  . " ',   I *<l\ ■ .-Ml.
grossly Humoral, lliese things are so
well known uud au.henlie.lled thill I do
no, w Ish lu dtti II , p a, the,,, in lin-
1 'uaniber. I mi-.dil mention also, thai
according tol le- c\ i lence \\ Id h has ben
produced in sever.il c t, les, . he Chinese   lire    mostly    ,11 'III bei -   ol  - 'iie!   B, "i-
eties, und 11 In* law of these societies   iinvotlioi, |.r,--i-i|.,,..,,-.li-i
is I he law w hi- I, Ihey ale compelled lo
obey. We have leprosy oul ",i the eousi
iu connection with the ( binese, lion
i, ca   ie we du uol know ; bvl  a!  eousi !     i ■
, ,a  l <-i o, tbis counliy we have  bn I
tu e,-i hold ul these lepers, we lune h id
lo t an p i I he,,, lo an Island, and id
■ ,,e pie-, ii, Inulu,-Id . I undo -land. I hey
an- (jl'illH   s Ippui led    ;;.     llie    I lulnlliiun
, lovurnmuiit.
(Cunlinued  un   page   I.
Freethoiiffhl Library.
.1. L.  PRATT,
21 Comii
I St.. Civ,
s f 1,11
People who Appreciate .
i.i'ii iw-Kerlpiloiii dlRpcimofl nt
, i, I'rli-ci no I:,.!,, Tcli phono :;.
M m.ui i, Basii'in Stukkt.
po.ll   UN COM   ,  "l   III HSI \.
. 1- ,,,■■! SllipptllU I'll,''I „ll l-lliTI 11,,Hit
„l Wlinliuwlo I'll,,-
Lodge Notices.
•Ilm.1,-nth ut I'lin ■■ I, ,b. I', to which       Inkrrman  l.atlge,  No. MS, San, af St,
allusion wa- ma ie in our lusl   Issue, n - ' '" •    H-'KmIhi weekly mcullng is held
opeiiB the ouesti fa  chnnge i,  In llllbert's Hall, Whnrf street, nn 8at-
foreltfi. poliev of Hossiii,    I'o him espe • < e.\.\\   evening ill  » o'clock.    Vi-ninc.
lull) w, „ Ing in,, re ■>■,,, bold - B hrelhrei. curdlully invited to nttend.
by wb'n-h l:„-i.i s pupnl.niun   ba-   bei 11 I'UKII. WahhTAKK, See,
Improved in  I he   lur   ICiist.    I b-   ove. -
matched the dlpl yof.lapiiii  in ihe TJ1--., „  /^r.jrvl  Tlvi ft Ir
dispute which arose al Ilm conclusion ot I' Ol   3, KjOOl JJ1 1I1K
the line war, and lhe Btlllesniell   of thai
nitioii held film responsible fur Jn pan's \s|i t'fil'   -:-      ( Ciiampao.vk Cidkii
p-irlial Iosb of the fruits of the struggle, '                             ) Soda Watbb
iie  was an  enemy  of  I'.ngland, uml I ,o WTPIIPP'SI / Hinbrk Alb
so„e|,i , dlify her Influence with ibe ,J,*M" "'     a  ' s u,sacaiiii,i..v
Sultan by ii display of  friendliness  fo- EUHEKA SODA WOHKS,
wnrds 'l'n rkey which was more simulated
I bun re d.    As un iirdenl supporter of lhe Mnniili.ptiirornfTcmpi'raiiPO Drli.kn.Syriipii.ie.
|.'i-iii -u-l.'n —i in   Vlliiiiee    be    »*n«    uU,   llollviTUil ll In nil  |.nil» ,,[ ell, „,„l vlriiill v.
'   o i,u ...in .\ nam,     m    wa-   ..      gj!p. ,,,„,„,,„ to»liiDplngnn1or«.
generally   believed   to   have   counselled Inlenlinno J. I,  I', il. II,,\ 711.JN in 'IMn,
,1, ■ giving oi aid an I advl v l" 'he Alivs-
siuiuns in ihelr strugulu with lluly,  the
CZ'tr's kuuwi. fi'lenillluess   to  England,
HOW  ."■!■ w il held by hi-    chief  :l I-
\ i- -i, may ond fi wauls it i-eeonslder-
ni Ion "i Uu e-:u's relations w ith ibe
i in.,: I'owei -. >ut iiiiii*!] rellani e cu.i
be pine, I on I " ■ ie em i,-|i,„i, iiint an
i.■!■ ii-r-l iin_' bad been nrrived nl between lin I .: "I and llus-ia in    rcciird io[
',.:;;;■'   '^t^in Wholosalo and Retail Butchers
lie, ,  in I:,,   la Is the tra liiional eui'iiiv ,-,, ,.,,,,,.  ,.,. r-,.,..•■,.
of Ureal llrilalii.  Aeon himiti I mod'- ''    |,,|,IA c K,'M BNT>
crated suspicions nnd sclf-lnleresl   in- Tulophone 7-0.                 N Cnaimo, C. ('.
cllnes the directors  ■■!   llrltiah   i '"_,,, 	
policy lo ibe view thai, us ihe i pre- ■,*,,„.„ rlollveroil free of charge to all
canons and at lie-su tin,.-  most,  lui- fil  .   i, .
[porlant foreign iiilcreslof  England  are "            tne,tty.
b *m. JL   4 k,
$100 Each Only
$25 "Down
25 in 1 Month
25 in 2 Months
25 in 3 Months
I would do my best to
make this a big success.
Call and see me.
The Most Complete Stock
Jas. McGregor's
Victoria Crescent.
Carbonating and Bottling
MITCHELL .V RUMMIN0, Proprietors.
Manufacturers nf Lemonnilo, Olngor Ale, Sur-
stititirillu. Cillers, Etc.
All Order.-- Promptly Attended To.
Tolophono 20. I'. ". Box 00.
Notice to Ladies.
I AM AiiKM' for Nanaimo nml Districts for the New uml I'cfci Carter's
Tailors' System. This Bysteni is uj> to
date; a perfect ladles' system; is with-
out.a rival and easy to learn; is noled.
for its i.'riiceful lines und elegant forms;
it i.s not at, experiment l,ut a development. I can also teach how to use this
system, und also all kinds of l>i-cssmak-
luu executed in lirst-class style. Prices
to suit lhe limes.    Address,
Margaret II. JlacdonaUl,
No. nn Haliburton .Street,
1)   S.  Mucdonuld's Store.
Restaurant and Chop
Oysters in every stylo.
Meals, 25c, aml upwards.
Good Bods, 25c. and upwards.
Spring Chicken always ou hand.
Try I'liilpntt's Tomato Catsup
26u, nml "lie. per Uoltle.
Ill Never Sleep.      open Day and Nicht.
The Nanaimo Bakery Excels
The Popular Bakers.
Land Agent and Conveyancer,
Town Lnth mill t'nrmsfor8nto.   Monoy to Loan
on Morttfiigu ni low nitoi,
Agunt forUio I'niti'ii i-in- Inmirnnoo Company
of ManolioRtor, KiiKlaiid.
JOS. M. BROWN, Watchmaker.
oAOim I lomagiiel [zed s 'oU«
ih -fi., i it. M i, II1NKKY on the Pramlioi.
in,.' ,in,i compllcnlod rt'utclioi and Cloolti
Carefully Cleaned ami Repaired
Pino CVCI.IIM KTKHS, fur IllfJ'clDI, in Stock.
ColtNHII Cl.UHC.I   ami ClUPRL 8TltRET8.
5i\rlii]gtoi] H°tsK
IIavlng,coinpletod tlioorootlon o( tho Arlington
lliitcl ui NAN00SE BAY, Hit" hondoomo mul
I'fUilliiti,Utile, liiilel  in now prt'etirt'il tn roootVO
mul i-iiiiifiirtiiiily I'litci-iiini travoloro mul otlien.
Ik prooldod ovor fiy sin. Thompson, nml tiio
Tul,lc,III,,l, stimily provided with nil lho
■ 1,'11,'iiri. ► „i tho -es.,,,. Comblnod with the
I'N-iuiiii iiiriii-lii',1 iip'i.i.iucn.K, tho visitor llmls
tho■iirronndlntni ,t ihe mo*t ploasnntdoiorlp-
Johnston's Block, Nanaimo.
Klrnt cltiSH ACCOmmotlfltlon. Fireproof htiililhiK
Terms: $1.00 Per Day and Upwards.
The Do.ui Hotel,
jas. hknni.tt, Proprietor,
Commercial wt.,     Nanaimo,, B. C. 1IHJ1W !.-■■— *u.mi
I'Ulll.lslIIUi KVRRY
nv Tin:
Kn. V. I'H.iMiiKiis, Editor aud Manager
', BaBtion Street. Nanaimo, 11. C.
namely, of augmenting and purify- intolerable."     The foreign Ambas-
ing our water supply: "Moved that sadorsat Constantinople,  in their
...    , ,,       . ,-,    Ai~t/-,„i, eolleetive note  to   tbe   Porta, cite
a copv of the letter of l)r. .UcKech- , ,       ..
" By mall—Ono year.
Six lll.illtl
, cop)
nie, lie sent  to  the  Water  Works
Company, with the request that they
meet the suggestions as far as practicable."
cases   showing  that   the massacre
was   prearranged   and organized,
well-being of every white settler.'Arrival and Departure of Mails
This  Company  did   not   obtain; "*      "vf■*■.«.«•«■ v
their power at  the   sword's  point;
thc people gave it to them.    Ho far
from this benefit accruing   to   the
and call for the punishment of the | people from this gift we  now find
guilty,    This is a step  in   advance
of their proper but  ludicrously ineffective   attempt  to   frighten   the   ity of bonusing   another  company
tiiat the citizens  of  Nanaimo  are
considering seriously the advisabil-
,        ,        .      .    .    „„-,  „    -  etlectivc   attempt   to    rig .en     lie   nv hi iiunusiiig   anoiner  company
do not profess to be endowed L, ,.     ,       «...   ••,    •        .1     ;..*o- ,„>,, ,      r      u   _ c       .1
1 Sultan by refusing to llluntnate the in Ip2o,000 to relieve them from the
Three 111.11.tin1.... -- .ejo (With the   spirit   of prophecy,  but embassies on the latter's fete-day ; dreaded exactions of the  K. &  N.
'.','iivi'.-.--!i.v,-.o,„, •• ■   , ;■ u.ii.jj.  our   pa8t   experiences   contain | but the Sultan has seen more than Railway Company, adding $25,000
one collective note before.  Certain-; to lhe 1)1750,000 and 2,000,000 acre.
sEPTEMBKii is, wus I anything by which we  may  safely
~ gauge our future expectations,  we
IIo\V Not to Do It. would venture   to   predict   that at
— the next meeting of the Directors of
In nisi rssiMi the Mongolian labor ,|1(. Nanaimo Water Works Coin-
iquestion in a former issue we point* pany, the copy of Idler referred Iii
■ed out thai wilh llie large number above, will on motion, duly moved
of Japs and Chinese employed at |a,ir] seconded, be received ami
the Union Mines, unless a  remedy fyled.
ly if the co-called  revolutionists in of land already squandered. Surely
Constantinople the other day,  and  this is a case of giving  much  and
in Van sonic weeks ago, had eagerly
desired a massacre of  Armenians
getting little.
We have on   the   Mainland   the
, turn a searclvlighl npnii whal lias
was applied, .1 would inevitably |    \\\. .,,.,.  ,„,,   drawn to this con-1 just happened almost   at the doors
of their embassies,
In England the press  is vehemently demanding  thai  something
they could have done nothing more Canadian Pacific Railway Coin-
likely to bring il ali, ml. llis not pany, with regard to which the
strange that the genuineness of the complaint is universal that the
outbreaks is questioned. It will be freight charges kill trade, and the
unpardonable if ihe Powers do not  people in their anexiety to find re
lead to the same condition of things elusion because we look upon the
in ihis City ami District, If Water Works Company as a heart-
is needless  to say  Unit  the only 'ess monopoly, (though  monopoly
eily is the cnforeemeiil of a law j, CQrtainly is) whose sole object of
lief ure apparently willing to niak-
alino-i any sacrifice,   not   Btoppin
to calculate whether in theoutcom
their lot will he really improved.
Is it not lime to call a halt?    lt
E. & X. RAILWAV.       CLOSE. DUE.
Dallyex. Suu.
Wellington, North Held  and a.m.   a.m.
East Wellington 11.25 8.5U
Victoria, Southern States and
places along line of E. & N. Dolly ex.Sun.
Railway    8.26 ll.au
British und foreign, Eastern
Provinces, Eastern States, Dally ex.Sun.
Vancouverand other places cm.  p m.
on Mainland of li. 0.   U.:iu 6.00
J Comox, Union, Union Hay,
Santlwook,Courtenay,Gran-Tue*. Frl.
tlnui,, Qualicum,  Hornby  cm. e m.
Island uml Deiuiuiii Island   8.20 3.UU
Suit Spring Island, Burgoyne l"ri- Tl",s
l'.uy, Kulford llurbor.Noiib
Salt Springlsland and Gab- e m cm.
rlola Island  8.20 8.80
he   clone.     Mr.  Gladstone's   just- is probable that the monopolies we
published letter  speaking of '"the  have created cannot be  altogether
•prohibiting the employment of that | consideration   is how  to  increase assassin who sits on the throne al destroyed,  hut is it not   possible
Constantinople"  is  echoed  by the that their powers could be greatly
'-Chronicle's"   terse   description   of restricted ?    iii   either    event   the
the Sultan as a "criminal lunatic." people should refuse positively  to
Queen Victoria is reported to  huve endow  any   private   corporations
senta special letter of remonstrance upon such terms as have prevailed
and threats  of   action   in   case  of iu the past.    There must be  a  fair
further outrages; Lord Salisbury is - return for all outlay, and   satisfac
•class of labor, ll i- equally need- t|1(1j,. ,lividen,U, hut because we be-
Jess to say thai lhe employment of iieve that tlm exlention of their
Chinese labor in lhe coal mines of | work8 to that proper Bource of sup-
British Columbia is a direct viol-Liy) Nanaimo River, is a matter
ation of a statutory law of the Pro- altogether beyond lhe means of a
vince.   It is a well known fact that |sir)all  concern,   such   as it   is,  to
dnl.S'JO anVmendmenl to tlm "Coul  handle,    No doubt the Water Com- s?id l? have . ' '.asl concluded, des- tory guarantees for the faithful car-
is Y  STAGE,
Tuoa. M„n.
Frl.    Thur.
Alberni, Parksville, French  e m   p.m.
Creek and Erringtou  1-' 80 a on
Frl.   Thur.
Nanoose Buy  12 lid  li no
p. m    a, M.
Departure Bay, daily ex. Sun 1--' 45 1" 80
Cedar (South), Saturday   ..   2.00 1100
J.    H.    PLEACE, TUESDAY and.
Mines  Regulation Act"   was  un-i pttny has done good service in lhe
aniraously   passed   by   llu-   local  pagt) |m, lh(,v have not  been Me
Legislature   prohibiting    Chinese
•from working underground in any
-coal  mine  in  tin'  Province,    Hut cHy
In keep pace wilh the ever increasing wants and requirements of tlic
any two opinions as lo the duty of
the citizens, which they owe to
themselves, when they arc so force-
ably reminded l,y everyday experience Ihat lhe water   supply  al
Municipal    ownership    is    the
.lution   of th,    question,  and a
pite his liuniilatiiig position of last j I'ying out of all contracts.    Such a   I If]
spring, thnt Kngland has a concern course would not kill enterprise or
in   lhe   claims of  humanity;  Sir retard progress, hut it  would be  a
I'hilip Currie is on his way to Tur- factor in preventing the enrichment
key   with,   it  is  alleged, extensive ofthe few   at   the  expense  of the
powers.    All Ihis  is vey well,  but many.    Province.
| hack of it remain the old questions, \ Ilium" ro.Ni'KIU'
On what basis can n concert, of the "     '
see the law—all law properly enforced has never made the slightest
Attempt to perform ihat duly, 'lhe
members of the executive department of the Government of British
.Columbia   are   worthy   represent-  present   furnished,  is  not such a,
atives of their prototypes ilm bam- wji| perserve ihe public health ami
jicles of  tin' circumlocution office, j safety.
so vividly described by   Dickens in
his "I,idle   Dorrit,"  especially so
with respect lo the law   under dis-  question thai the Municipality can
<•ussii.ii in whicli  ihey  have  been  handle lo the satisfaction of all, as
eminently successful in   living up far as furnishinc a eood andnlenti- I1**'''1'"1 tho repetition of tho almost     -Mf. Gus. Bate, the well known comic
... '1- ml-.imply is concerned,   Th, ,-,■ hu, incredible   atrocities of the   past. ft?^^
Powers   be secured?    What   will   |IaiiIml,toH Ml-eet Methodist Church
liussia ami Germany  do or permit i                   t() ,||(, ■,.„..
to be done'.'   There have been some 	
signs that boll, these   Powers  were     .... , , „,.,„, ,,„ „ •    ,,     lr ...    ,
r, ,,, ,    llie concert given ui  tbe  rJaliburton
al last willing lo consent to u cer- , si,-,-,-, Methodlsl church on Wednesday
cion of lhe Sultan; but no sooner evenin-* was. u distinct success. The
does the Knglish press begin to talk  •'J'ureli was well  lilled and everybody
about  Anne n autonomy   or a  ^K,0^^        '""*"' '"MTU'
supervision of Turkish affairs by o Mrs. Taylor opened tbe programme
Council of foreign Ambassadors with a pianoforte solo, which was rend-
thun tlm Russian semi-official press *'.''*''1 '" ■' '•''.'' ll"ttt convinced everyone
responds will, an emphatic dissent.  th.'tf M'."\,',"-v "o 's V",??.1'1,8 ""'i"1'-1'1"'
,„,      tt   -i.    i ti i •   i !li   SiJIlg,      h*'h    OOU      l)\'   lAllBS    iNt
lhe United States has every right Blundell, won for that young lady a
to further any reasonable  steps  to round of hearty applause.
Mr. tins. Bate, llu- well known   comic
\ Full Assortment nt Un- Lowest Market Rates
JOB   WORK.  OAp   mr 1|01\TTH
Promptly Attended to.  -vt.  [JCl   i.Ul/11 111
to the nine honored maxim of ibe  ful supply
Barnacles of old, of "how no; to do already been considerable said bul
<lo it.''   The incumbents of tho cir
oumlncution office in  Victor
International law uml common hu- nud
inauiiv alike sanction the ureven-
tinil u us recalled,
Mr. C, llrt'iiton  sun"
. lly Um bend of
rn - very little effective work done In- tion of crime on a large scale As the river" in his usual good voice, but
i**l-  ward-   ihis   mosl   desirable   end. to our own claims to reparation for '""* '"'?',". 8.1'.!'!'  i,1,1*!1,''!"-"1'  Cl"J,'1'f'"
seci.ic.l to meet with lugliurappreclatloii
vanco as a reason for nol   perform-   Phree years ogo a. start was made,  injuries, Mr. I llney mighl nl   leasl  („r ho was recalled.
ing their duly, ihat   tlm law is ,1c   hy way of securing a charter for the "*''""'  >\*  '•"■'••'I*, energy  as  he d ,1     "Only once more," sung by Rev. J.
t    ,. i        ,,      , ,;       .'        ' ,    ., ,        , when lhe   question was   ol liim   Hick-**,   was   sung   «nb   feeling.     Mr.
feclive.    In   attemping   to sc.een  clty l0 liul,d and operate a  system  disputed bounds of a South Ameri-   'H^f -'•'««ood voice hut beseems to
themselves behind this flimsy pre- ,,f its own, bul owing t-. the efforts |can country in which   we  l,.„l   ,„, " Z\ 11>. W wnillttofrfZ-'Btar |
if r.i-inii linn" was n frciiiiitlilf perfon
Tin and Sheet-Iron Work,
Vietorin Crescent, Nanaimo.
Olliee Tol. 80.   P.O.Box in.   Hosiilonce Tel. 101.
Funeral Directors
AZi' Embalmers.
Ornduntes nf the Oriel,Inl, tho Ruroka,
Hi.- Son   Vork nml uliirk'a
SohooUot Embolmlng.
1, .'1 ami 5 Bastion Si., Nanaimo
(liiecl  National inlere
The situation  i-out   with  greal  M" '''■   M'- ■i,""'-s ,,,IS earned for himself "RvPnH
sleamess in an article hv Dr.Cyrus V'^ZH '?„"?   T\ ''""l'l-Tl *si"!!l'''s: ca,u*)
.,:,    ■,,,,         -   ,,      ,                                •* :    , ,■'         of Nanainio, and ho deserves It. /^I—I    _
,  ,     .,       ...    Hamlin,   the   founder   ol    Robert      \lrs, J. II, Davison Banu "Eunenla," U&K6S.
cht0  the Cltl-1College,   in   the   currenl    "North !after whicli she was recalled^ »t/ft gave| "wwxvwo,
tense they bul expose  their insin- ,f the illustrious member for South
eerity and dishonesty, as thev have ;■;.,niljm0) u> conserve the interests
invariably opposed any attempt al ,,f investecWitoUal, that charter i
amendment, And in tins they have nwt|* abotil ns  mu
been   equally   successful    in   the -sens of Nanaimo as it is to the  in-   \ rican   Review"   Dr     Hamlin "The Bullml Stiiircr."  Mrs.Davlsonriaa
.JentiBo exploit of "how not lod,, ,,abitnn(sof   nmbucktoo.    We do says:                                               ^r^u"^^^
it.       During lb-'lour year- which nol   think  for  one   momenl   thai        lne   P""**-"*-"'    oiulan,   Hamid, j•ruthor with ..Istinutne-is of enunciation,
Mr. Thos.   Keith  represented  Ihis there is a ratepayer i Citvwho  oame to the throne with  an invet- hnsiiiiwie her a ^nUn^.
...         ,ii      i   i     ; i ,, ,      i ,,                     ,       .       '   ,      erate dislike to all Armenians who      the .MiHsesiJoi.eson acquitted them*
( ity iu the   Local   Legislature,  im
untirincly agitated for enfnrcem
or amend nl of the law, bul  his other institution,  in  opposition to pan his career by displacing them   n.eutio.
efforts were frustrated, the circum- individuals, and whv our legislators l'"1"   oWcn.'    ^   hundreds   oi    fj- «. "M* ;f"l?nl^?utV,l^ffi;
I"' would care to see tlie City  under- W)Uid not api,statize txnc\ t|iug   f„|. s''l-'n "''" "".""■;occasion, and des.,-y-
;"'  '''- ^ "1- vater works, or any : |„w his ,Lr*s example.    II.. he- Ki^iS'nmsufls wmtbv'ofs.S
One year, $1.50.
Six months, 75e.
Three months, 50c,
location olliee was an uusiirmi.unl-   sl,.,,,,!,! connive to re;,,Ier worthless1        *''"'," various omcos oi gov-  ■■„,.„,      |.:vi.rv|„„|v ■.xuecte.l sonietlilng
.,1,1, 1, ,..,..,.   ,],,...   ,,,.,,.  ,,, ,...i| ,,,       ,-,   ,, eminent,  lie next began to oppress1,, i „iul they were not disappolntedi
.1 . i if   ■ .  • l. - . .1'  ll ,     L lit* I      Will      LU     \» '  l I     ;i   i ,i'|   li   I   1. il"    Whirl     In1    rl I V     Irl 111     . i i i ■ . i i ■ > .. ■ ■      ' . .<        ■' I .   .
' '  ' 1[>   I'""  their scnnols   with   new   und   vex-   lie Bang "Uunurln Arms    with spirit
All Materials used in connection with the above
guaranteed to be lirst-
versed in the art of  how nol to (ir  handsomely, is a matter which we ir tions requirements   and to  spoil and vl.n, and created a deepimpresBlon.
it."   n„r   presenl    representalive shall seek mime light upon   for the their sei l-books  by   an absurd ^"'iiSSrt'ri.Se!;''!''^ tgS"^"'.^.^!,
Mr. James   McGregor,  during  his  beneflt of our readers. censorship.      Many   schools   were »•« predict a brilliant career In the art | always i n stock
Ur ,1   anjjion  Io   ilm    bo,,-,■     mil lin  ., 1       i      , i ,• i   . n -,      closed ,111 ll IIV   sol,, nil -hook s dest 1'oV- for Which lie U espcciullv lllfted,
fir.-t M'--ion in ine  nou-e,  m,on  ,i      In tho moan tune let us all unite
id im- containing forbidden  words,     Mrs. Davison um. Miss Hartt Bang,hy
8imilar attempl ami  introduced a  to see what can be done, nor let us a„nu ,.. ' ,,.,,;,.,, ,.,,,.;,,   special request, a duct entitled "T«o
mnn.orn whinh   be   llioii-bt    would ,        .11.1        11 I. • g ',   '   , ' ,' "   Mcriv   .,iris are  Wc."    This piece re-
measure wnicn n.   tnougni   wouiu  rest until the objeel   soughl   is ae- ism, progress,    in this work he en- qni.-ed notjonW good voice but ability
LAMPS, Etc. etc.
meet the difficulty, hut   the   Darn- complished, lei us roll in apetition countered our schools, school-books audi ildence.'aud these two ladles fully
acles, une to their instinct, s„ em- ,„ 0Ur Cily council fo bring before ;""' '••"■I"''*-, and began cautiously »;';' ;'"■ re^ireiiieiiis.    tt«-asa■pretty
asculat. -lull thai „„  lt8 ii,,..| the rntcpiiyer8 lhlll  by.lnw  which us war upon them,      He has des- ^,Xnilnffl»u%«riw^^^       TAXIDERMIST DEPARTMENT
passage it was perfeclly  worthless. A,,|  Planta asked permission to in* ffli"" 'KSPf'illr!^ "''li^^.^.^^f.^^^TA1.1.".86^.... I    Bmns and An.mau set^t athor-
issued bv the authority of his Gov-       Mrs. Liu..ton closed lb.
Mr. McGregor's bill  at bosl   wu- troduoe Borne limengo, TheCouncil ernment and owned by Americans, sluxhnt "Abide with Me" "in a sweet,     OiV'huii-I—I'o'.'u'^i'iiie Deora'' Heads,
bul a noor we.-.klii.L'.   as   ".   nlaced   sl„,,,bl „i,-,.   nnil ,,,,   I,.,,-,,    il-m   an invnglnii nf riirhiui nnri.Bi,-,,,.,I,,,,   low voice thai  was well adaptHil to th.
ut a poor weakling,  ss it placed should aive notice eto   have   thai  an invasion of rights perpetrated on     l v'" T LT  ,    '"'''i'1"'1'',' "",' which will bo sold for price of sottlnu
         B   , , .       ■ , '    ■     , iiiiihic, a vote oi tnaiiKB was uioveii nun ,,,..,,. ,,,.     \ u,.., ,i, ^..,.,- cn.,
,,e   responsibility ,.f it.- enforce- obnoxious section repealed at  ihe Amoncans alone,     Our   Govern- \wan\\y passed to the ai-tlateB for their """' '•;  -Vl   ;'"" "'■' '" ,""1""
flen  appealed  fnr r
miiii   was
sei \ lees.
d. s. Mcdonald.
li'.i Haliburton Street, Nanainio.
ment on tbe working miner instead next  boss    uegm, ■■,,■■ ! , -,,,,.,,,,,.
,        ,      .,. ■  ,      • | ,.      ,,   ,   dress, which was  generallv   or,,in-      llie promoters of the coivoi't are to lie
of on lho official paid for thai pur* This Is no party question, bul n |Mt| ln theswoetos nndmoBt graci- ™*™ ud on.the succeBB of thelren*
,„..„     ,..„    Mina   I,i.i I,,,-      I." ■-..■.. .ii...   .»    i       n                                                        I,                ,       , !,-, no linen..   .Nonnei ,   listen losucb
pose,  the   Mum  inspector,    l-rom I question thai   (iffeota all  our  cltl- ous words, of whiol 'dianlomats ,„„si,- win,,,,,, holngbone audi...
the foregoing il can be plainly seen tuns alike, and a question, we arc have beon  vory  proud,    lint   no Bpired to noblertlioughtH. vi,c audience   , y                   .   .   ..    ,   ,
that liltleoan bo hoped for In ihe flrmly ,,„,v ,„l, thai  ihe   great penalty was ever fulfllletl, excepting «,','}"«| *w' *•'• •"■■>■«of "Uod »BVU I -OillIiKM VUll   HotlM.
w,.v of a remedyfor   prohibiting majority desire to ice sot tied by way 'be .-a-,-,,f Mr. 1',.,,-ilei. - house, in    "  *UB   '        w                        V
m         iii           .i            i ,.,.'.,              ..            .'   .   ' wlui-li   tl.e innvi.m   lore.'   wa-   I he s\\    I'l! Wi'lsi'O  full,   MARKET
Mongolian labor in the coalmines of Municipal ownership, and  then threat of an ironoli.d.    Sow overy
under the presenl reg.nie.
Therefore  the   plain  duty before apply to Nanuiim
1 be people nl 1 heir earliest o) quirt uu- "Water water every where
ity, is io remove the Barnacles,close       A '" 'lru^''rl"k'"
Up lhe circumlocution olliee, place
men in charge who will consider il
both a duly and a pleasure lo obey
following lines will   no  longer outrage ihu- treated during the lasl     Harrison's circular says:—During tin
'lill*. riusis in itiikv.
week there havo been six arrivals from
If,., ■■■■usl   collicics,   uiil,   11,7011 tons;
few years has been a   distincl   per
mission in go ou to greater outragos w^vertiVeTmiii"Sowi!iwVle,*'w'lth 8,221
upon properly and personal rights, tons, and  Lord Cairns from Swansea,
The Sultan  has seen   that it is  a with 1072 ions.  Uiislnens In the fuel line
safe thing i„ perpetrate ovory  in- i;*.'ii.alns very quiet, but at this seajon
,.                     ',   '                    • ,   . dull trade Is anticipated, aa ihirini* the
dignity upon Americans and their i,,,..,.,,, „,.uii„.|- domestic consumption,
I'he moro tbe fads become known | property, until now the destruction excepi for culinary purposes, is almost
Corner, ■',,,, ,:,t • n-1 i■■■,-1 sis
Tills long mtabllBhod ll"!,i is comfortably
fitted nc .1 uli BUportor m-,-',i,,u,,,■!„■
tiuns fur travolori imu others.
Job Printing
More Water,
The Medical Health Officer's r<
T. O'CONNKL, Pi-op.
and carry out the expressed wish of about the recent massacre in Con-K^erioa^
thepeople. Blantinople of Armenian men. wo* «",,t0 nBarW^OO.OOO.    Nol  one w,llter inoluh(!i    IhJ Aus*.ranH^ ,ist
men,  am:   'hihlren  following  lhe dollar would have  been  destroyed ,,,„„. „,- engaged coal   tonnage shows
seizure of ii,    Ottaman  Bank  bv  l*ad our Government   from  ihe he- over 120,000 tons capacity, 76 per cent of
■illeecd revolu'.ionisis ii,,,,,',,„,'i,,,'   ginning protected our rights  as all which will arrive here this year, and
,-    • n ive . oco nes the d emand for n ,l"> Governments ol Europe protect- ■'V»> -™« «"" ^y,,„se„ neuriy alldue *.. Painters' Blocks aud  Tackle,
beers re-   peran\e ..conic- ine nemanii im  a,.,... .   i •  • mil,,,, three months, with an average , ,.
„„.., ,,,,.„. .„.,,  ,,,,,, „f  ,,,,.,,.1   searching Investigation of the whole edtbeir citizens, amount from other sources! these com*     nearlv now, for swing slug,.,
poittolbelot.il  l.oaiil  of  Health  affajr    The seizors of the Ottoman       No Turk has yet been punished bined mean a full supply for our Imme*      complete,
again reminds the citizens of Na- Bunk are now in  Marseilles   ,',,,) f"r robbery, pillage, murder, rape, dinto requirement?,   tt is singular that  ■   pair 10.foot Trestles.
nai.no that ihe water supply in demand their absolute freedom on rapine, torture unto death of w ti "H ffle»K™ InlK!; 1  Pair Extension Trestles, witli
this citv is by   no  means   whal   il ' Ibe ple.i of a pledge  bv tl.e  Sultan   i'ni  children; anil llie horrid  work when the morket favors them ob at pre-       Legs, complete,
ought to be, neither in quantity nor thai   ihey   should   go unharmed, ■!'" B°ef '"I*   }\y should it not? „.,,..  8ou<eofou- in,p,,r,crs',r,.|,,-e|„-r. ,  Blght-fobt-Step-Uddor
MissGr Kimball, now in   Lon-   Hie nations, or own Nalion   espec- ed to make contracts into isn,, at,pmia-, (  ^.j1;,   1U1  ..,'.,,..
 •    i : ■
tions heretofore unknown to the trade.
"■"•■•"    h s done such s .olid !Mil^ '■.•"■.• for iw„ ye;ir ^^y„,lh, ,rttinltyla only holnu availed   ,   Bight - fool    Folding    Paper
'  nl by u lew.    Present figures are bused       ., -     ,       , ,.,       , .'
,    liniuuice   of ibe  low   coul]      Hourd illlil   I resi los, coinpli'to.
quality,    So in this connection llu
question   very   materially   arises, ,v-"ci,e w,,,-'iriii Vnli, eNpre.-'ses'n'be-  l»K the Sultan carte blanche i.
''What are we going to do nbout it?*"' lief thai tho massacres were organ* *••* be pleases."N.Y. Outlook, upon
Will the following motion passed al l«od by lhe Turks ami  nuts tho ,., V|,,, .„., ,*•- „  um ™$?m% \^i\i\\7u\ ntaffi'lfp'
the lasi i ting ,,(ihe local Board ■ "■ '   '
of Health, when lhe Medical Health
Officer's reporl was being considered, have the long desired effect, J suppress it are both inhuman and I istence is a menace to the future I giatai 23 cents
Six-foot Slc|i-i,:iiiiior.
i .. '.i,i  ■   , , ■ . ■    i ■,■ A.PPLY AT THIS OFFICE
the last meeting of lhe local  Board  -^bolo case in a nutshell when  she materially, as future grain irel|<lits show -
says:        Undoubtedly    a     stiong '•' ' ''•''' n declining temlenej'."                            Fbbd tub xkiiv.-.s upon pure, rleh blood
revolutionary movement  exists  In Their  It- on   Vancouver fslnnd                         "**"•*"                    . | and you will not be nervous. Pare blood
',,,.,•,,,. .,,,,-,. ...        i    .,- v. v   n Hood's pills cure nausea, sick head* comas bv  taki,,)*  Hood's  Sarsaparilla
,!!!.:L-.,'. I. ...! !.. .,!!,'.;!:*.:.!!.!!...., I.*!_„ . N* K:llhv:l.v (. ".v;vl..,,.. ex- „,,,,, indigestion, biliousness. All drug  whioh Is thus the greatest and best nerve
I and yon will Hot be nervi
P. O. Drawer 44.
Telephone 7-i, 0111.XESE IM MKiRATION-,
(Continued from page 2.)
From tbe Chinese we are in constant dread of a return of what may
'be called the small-pox scare. A
few years ago the small-pox cost
the sity of Westminster, the city of
Victoria and the provincial Government each thousands of dollars
and paralyzed trade as long as it
It may be true that the Chinese
arc not as bad as they arc represented to be; but no self-respecting
people care to have the scum of
Chinese life dumped right into their
midst-. It may be hard for me to
tell what influence these Chinese
may have upon the moral life of
the people, Bul 1 ask hon, gentlemen to think of the lowest classes
of Chinese being dumped in Ions,
fifties, hundreds, or thousands, into
their midst, and doing such filings
as we liimw they   do,   and   they   to
say that they will not affect the
moral life oi the people. For an to
imagine that these people have not
a deleterious effect upon the people
among whom ihey live, would he to
imagine somothing nol true to common experience. Our children today are becoming familial' to their
gambling dens, their opium-smoking, and their tilth; and I ask you,
should not the higher moral concerns of lhe people lake precedence
of all monetary considerations'? We
white people may not be perfect; 1
agree we are not; but when you
have a stream whose source is filth,
flowing liver the moral life of our
people, it stands to common sense
that their moral life will become
more and more contaminated.
It may be true that the Chinese
arc industrious. I will graut ihat
for the time being. It may be that
■they perform services which are
useful. But I ask you this: Will
it pay Canada to lill Hritish Columbia with thousands of men who are
lhe ol'f-.-c ui rings of thejailsatid the
lowest life of the Chinese? Will
Canada gain if she accomplishes
■the lowering of the moral tone of
her own citizens? I say we ought
to face this question; and if 1 were
not what I am, 1 would press it
home with still more earnestness
than I am doing today. Bill I ask
you to say, with the people of Hritish Columbia, thai moral considerations are uf more concern to the
people of Canada than a mereques-
tiou of dollar.- and cents.
There is another aspect of Ibis qties*
tion, thai is, tbe labor aspect. This is
the essence of the whole question. I'm.
iu common laiiguai'c, the question ul
the Chinese i- u question "i bread
um! butter, li you feed three Chinamen you Hike the bread and butter oul
of ll tt bite man's loo,uli ; vou elose lip a
home; m,,s! likely you drive a family
out of the province altogether, I have
read very carefully the evidence that has
been adduced ou this subject, ami tbe
gist of that evidence is Ibis: British
Columbia wants cheap labor; Chinese
labor is cheap labor; therefore the more
Chinese cheap labor we have in Hritish
('.■lit...bia, the belter il will be for the
.level,,|u,mni of that province. Now,
there is no more reason why we should
have Chinese cheap labor in British
Coin.nhia than there i.- iu any other pari
Canada, Our mines, our fores is a, id our
waters are surely rich enough to pay
white men's wages in Hritish Columbia
as well as in any other part uf Canada,
Some men ii bo are in lavor of having
the I'bines,, in British ('obi in bia, talk aa
if our necessities wee exceptional. They
are uu more so thau those uf any other
part of Camilla. Vou have your public
works in .litlere.it parts ofCaniidai but
who raises the cry that vou must have
Chinese labor fo bulfd thoso public
works? Yon have accomplished things
iu otlmr parui oi Canada sm-n us wc
have never attempted o, British Columbia, and yet y,,,, arc always able to employ whito nu-n nnd pay limn, white
men's wages; und I say thai British
Columbia Is far more able, according to
her recognized wealth, to employ while
men nnd give them such wages 'as will
enable them lu live iu comfort, peace
and plenty in a glorious province, which
Uol has wonderfully en dowel. Sometimes in this evi lence you will read that
on,* oi tne reasons some men have for
favorini! the Cnlnese is that they arc bo
do rile, that is t<, s.iy, they think '.here is
something a.lvantiw-'uufl about a China*
mu,,  because he just does   what   he   is
told to do.   Now, I I w thai there is ti
grc.-u deal ol illH'erence between tho docility of a CI nose slue- uml [hedocility
of a inn' white man,   The diHereiiee is
thai Bon I those | |>b- mini   meu tu
work tor them whom tney can swear at,
.in I, ii their winner be ni hulling pulnt,
whom they can kick, Thank goooilness,
nu while man will ever stand such treatment; aud ii „ukuis ,i verv hni' standard ol  'wily uud oi humanity,  when
a master makes ita I Bt thai  lie likes
nm,, whom he   can   kick,   heller  than
thosu   whiuu  be  ca r;   uml   that is
practically the ease with the Chinese,
Vou also ..ear it remarked that mere are
no strikes of.Chinese workmen, No:
-and why? Because the Chinaoian is
Simply ii-it.a.tl.ii.e in the hands of the
boss, tt-boea,. do with biiii just whal lie
pleases, / dn not Want lo ko Into the
inostio.l tit strikes; luir, this I willwly:
Why make u distinction iu favor of British C iliimi.la? Masters ami men have
tlieii-strikes in Uctuwu-, in Montreal,
and in Toronto; but, after they have
finc-lit the question out*, thev airee to
begin again on quite harmonious terms;
tond I ,:„,, assure ynu tbni lhe men Who
have made Kiigln'iiil, (ic. ithind ami l,,-
land ami .ll.le.-e.it |,arts of Cm.adit, ire
quite good enough to make British < lul-
,in,bi,, all she ever hopes ,,,»• be. ,*-ome-
t.itlics ,Vou bciir-, us I have heard overan,I
over again-, from the employers of labor
'on,, there, "On-, the while men are so
bad and discontented that they cannot
lief on will, the..,; and rhe Chinese are
■"so irood and contented uml happy, and
"hey jusl do w hut they want limn, to
, .... oi not not innliu.li nny
w.-s. Thy whin men may bo had
*•. .y... ....-,u ills mistakes, l.i&i
vices and his faults; but, bad as he is,
he is a thousand miles ahead of the
Chinaman who comes from the jails of
China. Hence 1 say : like ...aster, like
servant; where yon have a bad master
you will have a bad servant. Let our
capitalists he good men-, and let them
treat their employees kindly and sympathetically, ami in British Columbia, as
everywhere else, these men wi(l do their
best in thu interest of their musters and
their country.
We object to these Chinese because
they do not become citizens among ns.!
1 do not know that we want then, to be-
c une ci linens; but they, on their part,
do not evince any desire to become eiti- j
zens, either. They leave China for the
purpose of making a little money, and,
after tiiey have made it, they desire tol
return to China, their bones are sentl
back to the homes of their forefathers.!
They object to paying taxes. Wc have
in British Columbia poll tax of i$ per
bund for educational purposes, and the
Chinese, to escape that tax, will lie like
troupers, Our chief objection, however,
to the Chii.eso is that they lake away
the bread out of lhe mouths of ihe white
population, Son,clinics it is represeut-
e l that three Chinamen make work for
one while nuin. Tbe very opposite is
the case. Take the question of servants,
I, is ,be desire of everyone no doubt lo
have capable, line-looking servants, 1
suppose you all know thai the China-
man takes lhe place of lhe servant girl,
It stands to cumin on sense thai if he is
employed, she cannot be; and
where one Chinaman is employed, it means that a servant girl is out of employ, and to be out
of employ.ne.it means for that girl poverty, perhaps starvation, and worse than
all it may mean that she may be driven
to a life of Bhume in our great cities.
Think what servant uirls mean lo the
community. They patronize the stores,
they help lo fill thu churches, and Iron,
this class a great many young men obtain the wives that are to sweeten and
brighten their homes. What then does
Um employment of it Chinaman signify
iu the community? It means ..01111111;,
absolutely nothing. He is what we, oul
in lliilish Columbia call a "sucker,"
taking iu all be can get and giving oui
nothing or as little as possible, It is
not difficult to see which of these classes
is lhe besl for British Columbia.
Then look at our fisheries. Take, for
example, our canneries. I do not want
to say 11 single hard word so fur us this
question is concerned, and you will get
to know by and by of tl.e immense importance of these canneries and the immense amount of money which is going
into tbe pockets of a great many people
iu British Columbia fro,1, our fisheries,
Bo into these canneries, and vol, will
Iiml that every man employed there is a
China.nan. Vou will find hundreds of
thousands of ihe... swarming up and
down during the fishing season. Will
any sensible man tell me that the employment of so ...any Chinese does not
keep white men out of work, yet that is
what we are asked to believe by those
wle, are in favour of the admission of
Chinamen, It stands to reason thai if
thousands of Chinamen are employed in
0,0 province, white men cannot be getting ibe employment which they have
ibe right 1,1 expect and which they
ought 1.0 demand.
ilo to our mines, and see the immense
riches there, and you will lind hundreds
anil hundreds uf Chinamen employed in
Ibese mines. In some of tl.e pits, you
will Iiml more Chinamen than whites.
Take our market game,,ers. In market gardening the Chinese are a great
success, but what does this mean? It
means either ihat Ibe white gardener
has been driven out or that he is bordering on starvation. Why? Because thc
Chinaman can live like 11 hog, on the
swill of the hotels. It means that what
sa proiii to Chinamen would be death
,,, lhe whites; they live ou the refuse,
on the swill, and ihey grow rich on what
would he starvation to a white gardener's family, so that there is no class in
British Columbia to-day more opposed
to i.'hinuiucn than our market gardeners.
Civilization and Christianity have
taught man lo take a higher level in this
life Thev have taught him to have a
home for himself himself, to have a wife
who will brighten his struggle for existence, to have children perhaps who
will lill bis home with their merry prat-
' le and songs, and wherever you have
these, you have what indicates' prosperity.   The more white men are employed
the more while homes are in existence,
Ibe more is every Industry benefited;
and the fewer of these you have, the
more will nil legitimate business sillier.
On the otber bund, the more Chinamen
you have, the fewer stores and industries
will llurish ; and Ihe more vou introduce
barbarians, the more you introilt.ee
barbariauisn, and drive out Christianity
and civilisation. Ami so, in the name
I of my fellow citizens I appeal to tills
House that you, iu your wisdom and
righteousness, may help us in some way
to get rid of this great evil, and that you
will by your actions proclaim, so far as
lhe future is concerned, that you ure on
the side of your Canadian brethren ami
me determined to give them nil the
facilities ami advantages which this
magnificent country can furnish them.
JllSI one word more, uml I have done.
The United States have had lo deal with
this question.   The legislatures of that
 u.lry poolipoolied  the  agitation   uud
lhe desire of tbe working classes, but
riots broke out in Nevada ...id Oregon
and different other slates uud at  last an
the culminating act ol the oflbrts uf
these sliilesinen Ihe Geary Act was passed, which is simply an act of prohibition, I may also refer to lhe struggle
which look place In Xew  South   Wains
,011 this question. But instead of wearying ynu with the Act which has been
pa'Sed in connection with that struggle,
I will simply say that the  law  ie there
, Ihat each Chinamen entering New South
Wales bus tu pay a per capita tax of
■5IIU. So funis British Columbia Columbia is concerned that is tl.e demand
that I have to make to-day, namely,
that the per cupiia tax he raised from
• lil 1,0 .-ruin. With all due respect to Li
Hung Chung that is our opinion and we
ought to know the conditions of tlie
country 11 great deal better than that
distinguished gentlemen. Von may ask
why do we ileum,,d an Increase of'this
per capita tax, We ask it in the lirst
place because the fgl) tax bus proved in-
sulli ient fo prevent this immigration I
and the Influx of Cl.iueSH is going on us
fast ..ml furious lo-dav as it eier did in
the history of the country. Tl.e cause
of ihis is chiefly, first-, Ty lies or Chinese '
busses. These men are comparatively
rich, uml they make a profit on importing their fellow countrymen into this
'Jnmini.il*> They pay nm .,5) tax urni
furnish all the necessaries required to
these men, and then be ome their slaves
mull they have paid out   in   toil  what
the  company exact from them.   A ,y
legislation, so far as tlie imposition  u a
per capita tax is  concerned,   must    ,e
legislation   which   will   prevent   then'
Tyhees bringing in their countrymen in
order to make them slaves   and at   the
same time lill up this country.  Anot'i r
thing which has been against us in ti.
matter is the Canadian I'acilic  Railway
line of steamships.   I feel us proud  of
their magnificent vessels as any man in
this Dominion.   Their   vessels" are    11-
deetl a credit both to  this  country a il
to the company that owns them.   B 1
we must speak the truth with frunkn ' s
and suberness.    Vou  know,   Sir,   th 1
that con,pany receives from   this   (io -
eminent, an annual subsidy  of ifliO,!)
and from the Province of   British   Col-
uiiibia an annual subsidy of $1-1,1100.
do not object to (hat, but   to   ibis   I
object.   If you go on board any   one
these steamers, you will find I hen, man
lied by Chinese sailors, und   filled   wil
Chinese firemen, waiters and cooks a ,1
other servants.    In filet you   would    1-
most fancy you were in a Chinese tow
Now', I put ihis quest! in to hou. mem
ers.   Is il fair that Ihe people ofCana
should contribute from their  substaii
to thesuppont of a  magnificent line
Bteauiers in order to enable the eompa y
to employ Chi nan,en to run these ships?
I think tfie peoplo who man these Bill
should be taken from    llu-   people   w
contribute   lhe   money.      Should   11 t
these positions be given lo Canadian   .
1 know llu.t there are many who  won  .
be glad to lill them, ami I think  we a ■•
making 1. modest demand when   we in:;
that these steamers should  be utilizi.l
for the   benefit  of   the   people   whom
money is subsidizing them.   But I in 11'
he usked will nol this ineitn   total   prohibition,   I cannot say whether it will
or not, but I tell you sincerely 1 hope
will.    I hope sincerely that tiiis lax wi
have ihe desired effect of preventing any
more   China,..en    from    coming    inlo
British Columbia or Canada.
1 now want to answer those men  who
cry out for cheap labor.
-Now, 1 grant that we must have cheap
labour of some kind ;   but   1   bold   that
there are enough while uien  in  Canada
to do the labor ami they   can do   it   us
well ami  as   cheaply   as   any  body   ol
Chinamen possibly can.   What numb-,
of Chinamen have you in   British   Co -
umbiu?   According lo   the  last census
we hud 10,00(1 Chinamen there.    But
suppose hon. gentlemen are aware   th it
j census returns are not   to be dopende
I upon.    In the   course   of  the   invest-
i gutions of the commission of 1SS4, it was
j admitted that there were 18.000   Chin.,
men in British Columbia,  During ISO.'
13,1278 came  into  the  province.   Altogether, I believe I am   well within the
I mark when 1 say that there must   be iu
I British Columbia at the   present,  lime
1 about 20,000.    Chinamen—one-fifth  ol
I the whole population. Suppose we grant
that cheap labor  is  absolutely   hides-
pensable, and even that Chinamen  ar
J needed to do it—have   we   not   enoug .
Chinamen ill the  country  already   to
I this service?   Are not 20,000 enough  1,
j do uli the cheap labor necessary   forth
development of the Province of British
Columbia?   There mny be objections ,0
expelling those thut we huve among us,
! ami I do not press   that  point.    But   .
say, know ing the fuels of the   case   an I
anxious to do justice to uli Intorests mat
are concerned we have enough and more
j than enough China.nen for all   tbe   in
dustries of British Columbia  that   inu
: require llieir services.
Now, let me say in conclusion tbut
[this a burning question. The peopl ■
I of Hritish Columbia are deeply interested in this subject. I will not say that
they ure indignant; I will not picture
thom before you us boiling over with
righteous wrath, But this I will say-
that hope deferred inaketh the heart
sick. I appeal to the Government, anil
I say to them with uli earnestness, now
is the time for them to enshrine themselves in tbe hearts of tl.e people of*
British Columbiu, a people as honest,
us industrious, as good as may be foun I
in uny part of ibis mag.1ilice.1t html,
this Canada. Answer us according ti
the desireofour hearts, und we will muku
you a province that will he the bright-
j est gem in the coronet with which the
I fair brow of Canada is encircled to-day.
1 We want to fill that land with honest
men and bonnie lasses; we want to fill
il. with a people who huve respect for
our laws, who will become citizens of
the country in which (hey live and who
will be the strong suppori of Canadian
and Hritish institutions, But deny us,
and let these people come in ; lei then,
lill our industries in the future us they
have done in lhe past, and vou will give
us such a condition of things us thut
which Goldsmith bus so painfully de-
described in "Tl.e Deserted Village."
But answer us according to tbe desire of
0111 hearts, ami we w ill give you a province which will bens Robert Burns described bis native Scotland :
"Beloved ut home, revered abroad,"
Owing   to  our   publishing   Mr. j
.Maxwell's speech in full, we have!
been compelled for want of space
j to omit several items of local inter-
I est including  the  opening  of  thoi
Agricultural and Horticultural Exhibition.
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wus the victim of a painful accident
it few days ago. She was returning
from a visit to her (laughter at Nanaimo river when the horse all ached to the vehicle took fright and
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nml tolling him stork's that has boon the causa
of all th*- coin tn oti on that huu been going mi in
the piot,  i whb never iicqiiainted with lho rov.'
gentleman* nor would! know him if I was to j
■ee him.   Mionhl ho return, an I am Informed
he will, I am willing to face him with anyone, j
I do not belong to bit*, church, and I did not
know there wns such a gentleman until the last.
few days. The story in grossly untrue and with-
OUt foundation.   I am yours respectfully,
■    .... h nalr;
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P. (). Bos 95. 1). M. STEWART, Proprietor.


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