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The Nanaimo Semi-Weekly Mail Jul 25, 1896

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Victoria .
By the test nf public opinion
and found "all right."
Second Year
And increased success of the
people's paper, the <
by carrier.
Is our business, and the superiority of our work commends itself, while as to prices
It Is Profitable
Tu deal with us. All classes
nl work for all classes of custo-
our speela
VOL. II.-NO. 10.
low is the Time
Infesting Trees, Shrubs,
Flowers and Vegetables,
o   o   o   o   o   o:<
You waut something that will do the business
effectually, yet will not injure the most
delicate flower or plant.
Does the trick.    Try a tin.
We also have in stock Whale Oil Soap, used
by all Fruit Growers.
We hnve a small stock of Fruit Jars—Pints, Quarts and
Half Gallons.
Delta antl Duncan's Creamery Butter and choice Manitoba
Creamery and selected Dairy Butter in 5, 10, 20 and
3t) lb. tubs.    1'rices away down.
Sterilized Cream from the Delia Creamery, very choice, in
Pint Jars.
We have a full line of the best Groceries at tbe Bottom
Prices.   Quality Guaranteed.
We have just opened mil a large consignment of Bonis and
Slides.    Prices tire right.
C'all and See our Stock and Get our Figures. It will pay
*• iiP  i ■rOialiP % i^laiPP     Victoria
diiy  8 W\lm y UlUi &y        Crescent.
When ynu want a delicious dish nfIce ('renin,
call at McKKN/JK.'S,
Oil V CTillllA CltBSCENT.
AlwaVS uu hand.
Ice. Ice,
Tlic Union Brewing Co..
Limited Liability,
Delivers ICE at residences. Order before twelve o'clock. Terms
IIIIIOII 8r.LV.-1KG CO.. United tinny.
W. E. Noaais, Sec'ty.
Mrs. A. Baldwin
I Oilers Iter services tn the Ladies uf Nanainio as an EXPERIENCED Xl'KSK,
wbn has bail large experience in and
through tiie Northwest Territories. Address
Sli Nieul Street.
building, and therefore thc presence of
the officers would nut bo required, This
was a bold step In view of the character
of the gang uf toughs who had been for
some time practically in possession of
the ball; but it worked all right, and I
The, CommiSBioner's Reception within a few weeks she had won the respect, anil indeed the affection of the
whole crowd! a"d these men nut only
preserved excellent order in the hall, but
protected the Salvationists when they
were un tin* inarch. A few months after
leaving this corps, when she lay dangerously ill, one of these men pawned bis
vest tn buy some hut-house grapes for
her. If any of these lads gut into the
 . , hands  of   thc  police,  she  would visit
, ,  them  in  the  lock-ups  or  prisons and
( omtnlssioner Eva Booth, daughter of  „,„•,., ,,,„,.   f„„ ,      i   ,        , ,
. ,       ,  , .  "lake diem leeJ thai thev belonged to
the famous Genera , and the successor of  i,„_- ,, .. „*,_ •„,,    '   ,  ,    ,,
' het as much as she belonged  tn  them,
her broihcr, Commissioner   Booth, in  \,„„n,„„,   ..... „>     i ,-,       i
,.      iv,       ,    „'.,     heedless to sny, she left a splen id and Vancouver    on    Tuesdav    Messr
Canada, Newfoundland and the North-  -_n,i ... „,, ,  , •   , ,        ..i , ur      "    mesaay    .uessri
,    , v.     • fcul"1 wor* behind her.   she remained ninlrni-ianri     Lilniunn     Tumnlotr,.-.
western States, reached Nanaimo from  .„i,■, ,■ „, ,   ,     ,, ,, inchtpson,   jonnson,    letnpleton,
...      .   ,    ,,         Willi tiiatcorps ten months, and herar- WatRonanrl Hurl well were nnnnint.
Victoria by the noon tran on Thursday.  , i„„„„ ,„,   ,..,,       , , * awsori ana miiiwut were appoint-
ai    i -ii i     uuous labors there broughton adanger- edacommistaatodrafta nfiHHnn tn
She is accompanied nn  her trip bv  ,.,,,. :.... „., ,, ,   ,,, ,   ,., cu a cuiiiiiumcl m ui.ui ,i petition to
,, ,      . ,    „',   •    °us Illness that kept her out of the fight hn fnrwnrrlofl tn tho rinminmn Hnn
Major Predrehso Spokane, 8taffCap- , f „. , ,  ,,.    -,, , ,,    , "e '<>iwarden to me dominion Ijov-
for nearly a year,   Mrs. General Booth ernment, and it was deoided to add
nursed her during the greater part of the a claU6e to the petition opposing the
time, and theinfluence of that long.close, | ratification of the Japanese treaty by
Worthy Her Renown.
Brief History of Her Life and
Great Work she lias Accomplished us a Salvation
Anti-Mongolian Petition to Be
Submitted Shortly.
Eastern Conservative Opinion Agrees
With tbe Liberals of the West.
Over 400 Morn Mon-roU
Landfalls Week.
At the meeting of the committee
! of the anti-Chinese Association at
Needless tu say, she left a splen id and I Vancouver
ihe Canadian Government.
Ladies  and   Children's   Sewing   dune
neatly.   Prices reasonable,   Address
162 Nicol Street.
uving contact will affect the temporal
and eternal destinies of millions,
Thu next Important public conflict was Eastern Opinion.
that ot Torquay, a health resort in the     The Montreal Gazette, which is
south of Kngland, which deprived by a j numbered   amongst   the   most   in-
speuial by-law the Salvation Army ol Its fluential journals in the Dominion,
ndTd"lhem~a weTcometoNanahno'a'nd ' if^He of parading the streets on Sun-j contains the following:
iiiiediulely   afterwards   the  commis-1    y '  lh a bl'aS8 bant1'   This right had      "John  Chinaman  is  too  much
been established by a decision of Lord with us, not only in Montreal, but
Chiel Justice Coleridge in lhe Court of in all the cities and larger towns of
Queen's Bench. In order to maintain Quebec and Ontario. He displaces
ibis right, therefore, the processions Christian labor, and is in no sense
were continued under the commander's a welcome or desirable addition to
otders.   Olliccrs, bandsmen and soldiers | our population.    Instead of helping
Lodge Notices.
f'-^.'V^'^-a^^. %*iv*a^.'*c»>c.'*^v^'a^^».4»''fe*^.'^».** •5wv**a.*^%-^'%.*V'>
The "Slater Shoe"
In Black and Tan.
Ladies' Canvas Oxfords, 1 *
■>In Black and Tan.
Ladies' Kid Oxfords,    j
Children's Tan.Button Boots and Low Shoes.
Cash Boot and Shoe Store.
No. 17 & 19 Commercial Street.
Iitkerinnn Lodge, So. SUB, Sous of St.
George.— Regular weekly meeting is held
in Iiilheri's Hall, Wharf street, on s.vr-
t'ltii.iv evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethren cordially Invited to attend.
i'liltii. W.histakk, See.
Brian n'l.ynii lent no boots to wear,
Bo In* ctune tn N linn, tn buy liiin a pair;
"I'll hnve one nttlrof llilok mil one patrol tliui,
II I enn Iiml Whitfield's," snys lirlan O'Lynn.
He liiiuti'il tiie stores nil along tho main route,
Snys lie: 'The ri^lo ono I've not yot loundout.
i want Whitfield   rn buy only from liltn,
l-'nr lie sella thochoapest," snys hritin O'Lynn.
tie stepped a little nest "I Albert street;
lie saw Whitfield's sign -sure'twas a treat!
tie opened tho door and Odorge sti«»l within—
" I've found il ill last," says brinn O'Lynn.
Weshowod bun our call boots, kid andcowhldo,
The ones we prnlBO must   no senilis nl the side.
; We've hoots of all kinds frolu Quebec and lierlln,
" sure you've limits for the million," Bays Brian
O'Lynn. [no trash;
fiebouglil him his boots, which nl eonrsowero
Ilo paid clown Ins money, for wo sell "id\ for
To die panil.' ho says; "Be not tnken In, [cash.
Bay only from Whlttleld," snys Brum "' Lynn
"If there's n leak In the Incur side nf your shoe.
.liiHt inkeil to Whltllold, that's nil you nood doi
lie will peg it or patoh jnst while ynu are In,
And tile lilltU'RO seems like nothing," snys Iirinn
WHITFIELD, the Shoe Man,
VicToaiA Cbkbcknt, Nanaimo.
8 taff Captain Miniiice of Toronto uud her private
secretary Ensign Berry, together with
the followingofHcerBof the B.C. district:
Adjt. McDonald,Capt.Stalger, Victoria;
Ensign Patterson ofthe Victoria food an I
shelter; Ensign Cowan and Capt. Zle-
1 ui it ii of Vancouver; Capt. Moffat and
Lieut, Miller of New Westminster.
Cant. Sheard of the local corps ex*
Bioner nnd suite were driven iu an open
carriage to the residence of Mr. s. M.
Kobtns, whose hospitality they enjoyed
during their brief slay ill this cily.
In the course of the afternoon the
Commissioner and the other members of
the party descended No, 1 shaft of the
X V. C. Co., and Safely accomplished
the underground journey to Protection
lu the evening a picturesque and char- ;
acteristic parade preceded an enthusiastic reception at the barracks, which was
numerously attended by all classes and
condilions of people. Tho Commissioner, on entering the hull, was greeteil
with a welcome such us Salvationists
only know how to give; and after devo-
tional and tnusieul exercises and addresses by lhe captain and others, the
Commissioner spoke al Bome'length i n
the story of Jesus and the man whom 1 e
'cured nf the palsy, the application o
! which wns an appeal to the sinful lo acknowledge their sins and seek redeni|-
ti in.   Human justice rewarded confeE-
were arrested and east into prison, bul
those who remained kept in line, and
the band played on. There was great
excitement in the town, ami Commissioner Eva Booth was sent to Torquay lo
render her help in lighting the buttle
lliroitgli to a vigorous linisb.    She took
to build up the nation, he tends to
retard its progress. The only
trouble about a capitation tax of
•follO is that it will encourage smuggling, and one Chinaman is so like
another and all are so much given
'to ways that ate dark and tricks
her place in the purades,  when these | that are vain' that it is  very hard
were attacked by both mobs and police. I to cntcli  them.     A more moderate
Nanaimo Business Direoto
sinn of guilt with punishment, butChrist
gave everlasting life and happiness. Tne
devil's most effective weapon was postponement. He will admit there is such
a thing as conversion and the living of a
new life, but urges his victims to put off
the day of  repentance to a more  cotivc-
; nieiit season.
A banquet completed the proceedings,
! which terminated at a late hour.   Two
conversions are recorded as a result of
j the met ting.
The Commissioner and suite
i the  Mainland  Friday  morning
Princess Louise,
DARKKR i POTTS, Barristers and Solicitors.
I'  Commercial street.
■i   K. CANE, Barrister and Solicitor, Room 11,
Johnston Block.
MclNNKS iS MclNNES,   Barristers,  Ro
.Inliiistiin Block, Commercial Btroot,
IWOOH .t  Viit'Nii. Barristers,
iiiiimciehil ti li, I BllBtlon streets.
VAHWOOU &  Yol'Nii. Barrlstors, corner of
1   l'n
1\1 I STORY OF  HER  l.ll't:.
Commissioner   Eva   ltuuth, the late
pre tern, commander of the United States
forces of the Sal va tion Army, Is the Gen-
eral's  fourth daughter.    She was eon
verted   at the age
her earliest days, in which she was able
lu take any pun at all in thc Salvation
war, her whole strength and energy
huve been spent in smne form of work
or other for the salvation of tho world, t
When quite a little miss she used to go
Sli3 personally interviewed and won over
the Council; she bad the matter tnken
up by Parliament, and eventually she
won, by the repeal of the obnoxious bylaw, lhe right for her unity to parade all
day if they chose to do so. Similar results followed the disturbances in Whitchurch, Eastbourne and other places,
When she received on lets  to  proceed
ti New Vork on her mission of mercy
mul love she was in the midst of arrangements for farewelling from the London I
" province "—corresponding to a chief
division here. When it is stated that she
had 860 Held olliccrs, about 200 cadets in '
training and 21,000 soldiers ill her command, it will be Been that she must have |
great administrative capacity.
Her lirst public meeting in America
contained a large hostile clement.  Each
meeting, however, resulted In a complete victory.    Some of the very people
I who hissed  ber  al   the   beginning were
left for   cheering her before she finished.   This,
by the   too,  not   because   of   any plea  to their
I eino'ons as regarded herself, for the ml-
i dresses in each case were of  a spiritual
increase, say to if 100 or $200 might
be more effective in keeping the
Heathen Chinee out, and that is the
object to be arrived at."
Our readers who dislike the Mongolian—and they are the vast majority—will read ihis utterance of a
lending Conservative paper with
pleasure. Mr. Laurier should treasure it.
Can't Draw the Line.
The ami-Mongolian agitation is
taking more tangible form in Vancouver. Lust week a permanent
local committee was appointed to
draft n petition to the Government
in favor of restricting immigration,
and also to communicate with the
mayors of Victoria, Nanaimo and
New Westminster, at tbe same time
forwarding to them copies of the
resolutions passed at the recent
Market Hall meeting.
As an anti-Chinese agitation does
not necessarily mean an anti-Japanese one (many people in Vancou
ver favoring tbe former whilst not
character and contained no reference tol so strongly endorsingthelatter),itig
matters which were then agitating the I to be hoped that the committee will
public mind; but saint and sinner alike appreciate the serious responsibilty
could not Imi be made aware of the ex-: which devolves upon them in draw-
t six years, and from ! *8tcnc*" of ,ll(' power of the Holy tlhost ing up the petition, and will alone
In her heart and In her words, Further, be guided by the consideration of
it was evident to ibe must casual obser- thc future welfare of the province.
vcr that she was a woman of intense! No one denies tbut the better class
personal sympathy, large-heartednuss, I of Japanese make good citizens,
gentleness and kindness. j and  may   be  placed on  the same
In the whole history of tho Salvation ' fooling with European settlers, but
U. K. c. Johnson, Manager,
k*VM««««%%««\%«%«%%%l«%«««««««%VI, *v5
As the New Sprint; Season   t\      vr   i   i\ *l
is now upon us ------ UO   A01   J till
to come and inspect our stock of
Ladies' t Children's Millinery
Our stock this season we assure you is
complete in every respect and bound
to please. It comprises all the latest
novelties, etc. A very fine and well
assorted stock of Ladies' Sailors and
Children's (ialatea,Silk and Lace Hats.
rii   ll.iliiiY, iiniiiiiic Uruiatlsl, Wlnfleld Cros-
•1-  oont.  Try Hardy's Pile Ointment,
Ult. Mason, Oculist    Kxtracttng a specialty,
Qns I lather administered,
OUIro, odd-Fellow's lilock, Nanaimo,
W.i. nutty, li, 0. B„ Onion Ulook,   lirst*
.  class work Kiniriinteeih
1    proprietors.  Vlctiirla Orcsoout.  Uispoiislnij
nml Ininili rci Ipos n specially.
Mi liiiWKI.I.. ATKINS, WATS,IN iii. Limited,
Modtoal Hull, corner liuurolul nml linden streets,   Telephone l:i-.*i.
VANti.Mii  nvi:  WOllKS.-nyelng, Cleaning
it   ami llepnlriui,'    14 tilcol street.
c. enaiu.tiin, Mnnagor.
out selling ll'in- Crt/s oil the streets with
the women en,ids in the first Training
Home, canicil uu under the siiperiu-
tcndeueeiii hersisier, now Consul Booth-
Tucker, and before she was twenty sbe
Was able to lender grent service in that
institution in the important   work uf
dealing  with   the  hearts ami smils ui ous ranks, and other persons connected
women who afterwards became officers with the Salvation Army In the city, in
iu the Salvation army. regard to the position thai she assumed
A tremendous Btorm burst upon the under such trying circumstances, ami
Salvation Army In London ln'85,4ncon- thlsnot by threats or bribos, Bhe fawned
Bcquence ul certain actions performed on none| she cringed to none; she ca*
by persons belonging lo It, in connection J"1'''1 bones she Battered e; she beg-
with  the terrible Pall MaltGautttte- ged of none
Velalions of Bwotal vice in the metropolis.
Army, probably, no officer of any rank I the lower orders of Niponese are
ever found himself or herself In any post- mosl undesirable as immigrants,
ti.iu at all similar to thatoccupled by her t,u' Bam8 objections applying to
in the first week after her arrival In New them as apply to the Chinese; for
Vork; yet, during four of these days, she this reason we look with interest
brought about a complete revolution In for restricting legislation against
the feelings of al least 160 officers of vart- '■•■' Mongolians alike.- Province.
Gi    MAitSII, Wlinlemile   lienler In   I'isli  nnil
I-     linine, linstinii street, Nanaimo.
J 1 KAN 11   HtlTMl.-Vi.   STKKI.,   Pi-eprielnr-Vic-
U  inriii Crosoent,
1NTKUNATIIINAI, llll'I'Ki.-l'KTKli WKIId.i:,
1   I'mprielor.  Victoria Crescent.
INSriiANl'K ANI> 1'lNANt'IAI. AllliNT
. bIis offered no Inducement
to any nne; bul she accomplished great
One of these transactions took place In results simply by the confidence which
a vicinity  where  lhe  Army hud a large  she inspired  in  her own   Integrity and
hull,   luililiiig  4,0110  people,   and   there
More Mongols,
The Empress of India, which arrived at Vanoouver Wednesday
nighi from China and Japan, after
an uneventful and calm voyage,
brought, in addition to 70 saloon
and 19 intermediate passengers, 403
in the steerage, of whom 34 were
Japanese and the remainder Chinese.
was a dense population ni Ignorant people ol the so-called lower order of life,
Public feeling ran very high against the
Army, and ln this neighborhood Salvationists were attacked  with great vin-
\i   WOLFE, Financial ami Inmirnnoe Agent,
al.  Johnston Block.
I'AIN'I'INti,  l-AI'Hli-llANIilNCI.
A   NASH,   lliinsc   anil  Slitn I'ntiiter.   Paper-
. Hanger, etc,   Corner Alberl  nml Mlhen
streets.   P. 0. box 3118.
illbMAN .v   IIA
llflBtlou street.
POllKMAN ,v  IIAUDV, Usui Estalo UrokcrK,
\\  TAVl.tllt, Healer In nil l;|ii.l.i ef Ne« ami
I'. Sei'iniil-Hiiiiil  I'lirnltnii', nnd  I'nncy Aril-
. des of every desorlptlou.
I   Masonic iiiiiiiiing, commerelsl direct.
uprightness; in her possession nf the
Holy Ghost, and the gentle sympathy
and  Christ-line   spirit   and  dipluiiialic
ability which sbe manifested to those
wiiverers of whom  the least allowance
would ordinarily be made, In those few
lenee by mobs when they went out. on days she accomplished a task sufficient
the streets,  and the corps was in a very   for a lifetime itself, in view of the gigan-!
tight place, tic.lnlerests involved, both present and ', fjn.ht iscreatingconsideirable trouble
At this juncture Eva Booth was ap-  future, not simply for the Vnited States,  jn San Francisco and is likely not
pointed to the command as captain, and | but for the whole world, I to come off in thnt city,
she went there having the help of ten or This colossal work having been nccom-.
a dozen cadets. Every Other house on plishcd in almost as low a physical con-1
the Street where they lived was a house  dition us it wns possible for Iter to he,
of Iniquity of some form, but before she what may be expected In the future, Insist Upon Moon's Sarsaparilla when
had been in her quarters a fortnight she when her physical health shall have been you need a medicine to purify your blood,
had been In every bouse, visiting the restoredand when she.shall be able to prffrAltt
people and dealing with lliein nliotil sal-   deal with all the iiiauilold iillairs ol the  f,,,. Hood's.
vaiion. One of the first announcements yasl field, comprising Canada and New-1 Rom<s p,lls aro tho best after-dinner
she made in the hall was that she was foundland, in the possession ol her full I p|]|. assist digestion; prevent constipa*
going to be her own policeman inside the  strength of body, mind, heart and soul?  thin.   Kl,
Mrs. Ida B, Harper, secretary of
the California Woman Suffrage Association, has a list of more than
200journals of that state that have
followed in the wake of the Call in
its movement for woman suffrage.
The prospective Choynski-Mahcr
Tenders are being called for thc con-
I Btruution of a courthouse at Union. XTbe IRanaimO ^IDatlIProgressive Government
l'iiu.i.-ui:i> i-\i:nv
iiv tiik
K. C. I'.iviin... clditoraud Manager.
Bastion streel. Nunainio, It. 0.
By miiii   tine year	
"        six months	
"        Three mouths	
Delivered bv currier l2C>o
. 1.126
■     ."VEr
  __a^^^^^^^^^^^^^_. 'lllnntl
SATI'liliAY,    . !    .    .,,-,.v i?  ,„,„.
The Spoils System.
.The people of New Zealand have
adopted woman suffrage to Hie fullest  extent,  nml  have become converts tn the idea of the state ownership of railways And   the   single
tux.    According to the new system
all direct taxes on personal property
and improvements have been ubol-
3B|ished, and lhe revenues of the slate
ure derived  solely  from  ti lax on
land. Thelandtax is graded, having
something nf .;n income tux tagged
nit tu it.     'I'lte ordinary land tux
amounts tu  1   penny lu lhe pound
sterling nf the value ul' lhe land.
An exemption of £500is made until
the owner's land and mortgages, deducting  the  mortgages  which   he
owes, reach £1,500,     Al litis point
lhe graded lux lupins diminishing
till ihe estate reaches £2,500, » lien
exemption ceases, uml the ordinary
tux again becomes operative.    Ac-
cording  lu u  reporl  made by tie'
I'niiiil Sinies consul ui   Auckland,
in threo years thai  (he new system
the  revenues of the
Speaking of thai pernicious parly
system which in the United States
led in the assassination of President Garfield, tlic Toronto Globe
s.iys: "The introduction of such a
system into ihe Canadian public
service would he .t positive misfortune, and no parly worthy of publio confidence would countenance
the change. Notliing could ho more
at variance with  the principles of
the Liberal parti',    Every civil ser-t  ;**- -';.'""
vatit who has faithfully attended lo 'v:ls "'  ,'ll":l' """, T'"",^,1!'-
his duties ghoul' .and wo trust state "vtT'' ''-creased  nun £d54,l(5i
■ will be, retained in his position ir- to £874.088. Ihe old revenue was
respective of his partv leanings. To collected from 26,327 persons. Ik
discharge any on amount of their|^^.™i,*Bnnn^ri!!d,.!™in '''-'.
sympathy wilh   the    Oppoii.ion      "
would not only be an unpardonable
injustice, hut would lend lo accomplish the demoralization of the service. Once let it be established
that efficiency will receive less recognition than paily service, and
we will see abundance of the latter
and very little of the former.   While
There are 90,000 landowners mi the
is'and, nnd of these 12,360 pay the
ordinary land tux, 1491 the graded
t ix, and 3,448 pay the income tax.
Dues required of laud ci mpauies
and corporations, excepl banksand
loan companies, have increased,
while mechanics, miners, and other
classes of the laboring community
the efficiency of the service demands have -**on relieved almost entirely
that every faithful employe sha
be retained irrespective of politics,
the same considerations demand
that the men who huve been prominent partisans be removed. To retain them would be as demoralizing
as the dismissal of (lie employes
who have shown a due regard for
their position. The great evilofthe
spoils system is the impression
among public officials that they are
the employes of the dominant party
and not of the whole people. Thai
feeling is encouraged In* the activi
from taxation.    Under the old
lein   2242   wt
ie old sys
men   uf   small
means paid luxe- tothe government,;
while  under the new 249 only are I
assessed. The law is therefore quite
popular with the laboring classes.
Social Inequalities.
If you are a person of common
sense and natural feeling, you must
have often thought over these terrible inequalities  and their cruel
- r  u,.,.-.•„ ,,v me active injustice.    If you are rich, you per-
participation of officials in political hllPs th)nk tllnt '"equality isa good
contests. It is not merely the right \ihin& that :t fosters :l **'"m "f
but the duty of a new Government emulation,and prevents things from
to discharge all officials who have stagnating at a dead level. Hut if:
taken a prominent part in election vou are l)0or- -v"u raust know wel!
c impaigns. Their work ami their!th;lt *v!lt'n equality is so outrageous
influence must have exerted an in- as the flBures clearly show, if fosters
j irious effect, and to retain them in : u,llhln*- '"" despair, recklessness
the service would be an encourage- a "runkeness among the very |
ment to others to follow their bad Poor- arrogance and wastefulness
example. The publ'ic service must amonS l!l;'* verv rlch* meanness,
ba kept absolutely free from party en,7,', tt,nd *""'•'-*-S among the
contests. That can lie accomplished ; «"ddleclasses. Poverty meansdis-
only by the invariable retention of ett8.e and crime, ugliness and bru-
allefficientemployes who appreciate t',lll-v> '''""* ;il"' yo'ence, stunted
their positions, irrespective of their bodle8 ""'' ""enlightened minds,
party leaning.-, und by the removal' Hiches heaped up in idle bands mean
of all who have been active Darti- flun^ylsm a,nd '"-iy.'nsolenceand
7IIU-   „-i,;i,.   i...i.i:..-        •-•  "       - servility, bad example, false stand-
i      *        - •
holding   positions
zans   while
The local application ofthe above
remarks will doubtless be readily
discerned by our reader.-. If, to
take another example from American politics, the Government " let
no guilty man escape," we may expect to see a change that will be an
improvement in this district.
ards of worth, and the destruction
of all incentive to useful work in
those who are best able to educate
themselves forit. Poverty and richness together mean the perversion
of nur capital and industry to the
production of frippery and luxury
while the nation is rotting fnr want
of good food, thorough instruction
find   wholesome cloth
, „,.u,„iwiiiwra and dwell-
Because a correspondent of the in8s iot tne masBes. What we want
Mail drew attention to the existence in uv,l('r <■" n'ake true progress is
of a disease-breeding hue-pen (and ' ""','(- bakers, more schoolmasters,
thereby, it may be incidentally re- ***ore woolweavers nnd tailors, and
marked, caused its removal), the more builders; what we get is more
party responsible has sworn dire I footnfien> more game-keepers, more i
vengeance against Ibis paper, has (jockeys, and more prostitutes. II. at
made it his business to impress upon ls 'vhal "'"' newspapers call 'sound
us his enormous influence bycausing | political economy.' \\ hat tin yuu
the stoppage of one subscript
MM. • ■
      Do j'ou intend to do
This is* not the first time"by any'I anything   lo   get   it   remedied?
means that the Mail has suffered  [From Fabian Tracts, No, 13.
by doing its duty by the people as *
against individuals whose selfish- T1*° Philadelphia Ledger says:
ness blind them to every other con- In response to various inquiries
sideration; but it is a Buffering thai ll" '" •■•*' meaning oi free Bilver,"16
is borne with resignation in view of to 1,' we reprint-the explanation:
the sympathy and encouragemenl  •' means '" Praot'
extended by tlmse who appreciate -a
paper which is not afraid to expose
public abuses, even if it dues provoke
the ire of anyone so deluded with
ounces of .-ilver Bhould be held as
worth as much as one ounce of gold.
(»ne ounce of gold, American coin
itandard of fineness   thai  is B0 I
 » .-„ .ui.men   Willi    •*»"""■"   '"    iiiii'ue-s      mat     IS   \>
the idea nf their own importance parts of pure gold to 100 of alloy
nml iuii - • " will ruin, in gold dollars, (18.60.
Sixteen ounces nf silver,  American
and influence as to cuuse them It
imagine they oan violate the law
of health and" decency" with" 7mp'u-|ooin standard'of of fineness   i
nity. "What fools these mortals be?" |9P,0 parts .of pure silver to
thai is, |
^^ 00 oi
,,» |alloy, ai the rati'nf U2i grains to
The  Liberals now huve their op- the dollar (tho weigh i of the present
poriiiiiity.     By the future and not standard silver dollar)    will coin
by the past should ihey l.e judged, $18.60. in silver dollars.
If there has been a prejudice against I •••
them in the West in lhe past, per-! The Blairmore was insured for
haps an unreasonable prejudice, $80,000, It has cost sevfar about
they now have an opportunity of *46,OO0 to raise her and another
proving it so.    While wedo nol -116,000 will have to be expended in i
look for a policy of extravagant ex- refitting hor,    This i ms a total |
penditure, we do not expect that tho \oi *o0,000 thai lhe underwriters
new governmenl will at once enter!"''11 have to pay. Even with this
upon an active and energetic policy enormous expense the insurance
to secure the settlement and devel- companies will be $20,000 ahead.
opment of the West, believing that The *vllole matter will eventually
such a policy will prove to lhe ad- end in litigation, however, as the
vantage not only of the West alone, | underwriters will clmm that the
but nf the nation at large,—Winni
peg Commercial.
vessel was not properly ballasted.
The Colonist ought to take a blue
pill and a black  draught.    Ever
Mr.   .Maxwell,    the   Presbyterian 18-noe the general election its liver
clergyman who was elected for Bur-' bus been out of plumb.    No paper
The Calgary  Herald says that
Mr.    M
rard,   B.C.,  did   "sn   run  that lie
might attain," and "made his calling anil election sure."
able  lo  discern,  has  taken defeat
harder.      .Most of the organs laugh
■ ,   '•••*      ■ tho thing off, but out-Victoria con
dor the first time in Confedera- temporary presents m air of mel-
(inn a practical farmer has charge. ancholy that moves one to pity,
Of the portfolio of Agriculture. I Vancouver World.
in Canada, tis far ns we huve been
tWJ.0 fiwii
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—^ ■■) '"'■' i.u. .n.\i iii.m.ui on.tno I'remisei,
"txflwl i   1^1 -£  \^+L       pln*""i*lComplIoat«dWatolioiatidCIook«\
X   J.l\/1 \JxD OareftillyOleanedandRepaii-e^
M HHOOKS' KnWOToaiAfiRKspBNT    lrl*1«0TOM«im^^«lM',n«-«•«.
uivuuivo , wu       Nttm.ii,,,,,it, c. CoitNKii OHURori and Ciu.'KL StbibtiI The Royal Wedding-Trial of
Dr. J ami cson- More Chris-
tins Killed—Fighting in Crete.
London, July 21.—Tho Queen arrived
"n the city last evening ami to-dny, in
private, invested tbo Crown Prince ot
Denmark with the Order uf the (inner
und wiili u titsi ehiHS decoration ol ■ ic*
torlu and Albert cross. Upon both hie
suns. I'rince Christian and Prince
Charles, the Cram! Cross of the Bath
wus conferred ut the situie timo. 'I'he
tjiiecn will nut attend Hie wedding
breakfast. On Thursday, the duy niter the wedding, Her Majesty returt's
io Windsor, whence she intends to go
soon to the Isle of Wight. Among the
presents which hnve been received by
the Princess Mutiil is u magnificent sou
tnlre diamond from .Mr. William Waldorf Asior.
In  connection  with  the    approaching
wedding tt curious phase of Hritish philanthropy bus  been    developed    in    the
Chronicle,   ivhlch    newspaper    recently
urged the Princess .Mitttil not tu give her
sanction to cruelty  by  wearing osprey
plumes  in  her  hat.      In   response,  the
Chronicle litis received    tin    intimation
from the Princess to the effect thut slit
would not wear opprey plumes.     Upon
this  the Chronicle published tin  article
in  praise of Her Itoynl  Highness, and
commending her for her    kindness    ot
heart.     However, it wits observed tlmt
at the royal garden party tit Buckingham palace on  Monday of hist week,
most of  the  feminine  members  of  the
royal family were ttecorated with osprey
pinnies,     ln sore nuirizenient the Chronicle noted tins fact, and appealed to the
Queen to    forbid    lhe use    of    osprey
plumes Hy members or the royal family.
Prince Charles, the bridegroom, is the
seciiui son of the Crown Prince of Denmark, and it is therefore very unlikely
tlmt either  he  or any  of his descendants will ever ascend the throne of Denmark, which is. nt the best, tt  very  insecure piece of property,  for Germany
may overrun anil  own  the country,  as
Prussia did    Sculeswig-Holstein   thirty
years ago, whenever she iiiuls the grent
powers,  which  hnve guaranteed the integrity of Denmark, otherwise engaged
nnd unable to Interfere with her plans.
Prince   Charles   is   u   full     cousin   of
Princess Maud, and the match is said to
be the result of :, real attachment, n file
which will recommend it to many people
who otherwise might regard it unfavorably, Ever since the royal marriage net
was passed, ut lhe instance of George
HI. in 177U the marriages of nil British
princes ami  princesses    descendants of
George 11. hnve been under ihe control
of the ree.r".:iig sovereign nnd the purlin*
ment uf (ire.it  Britain.     The Dnkc of
Sussex, a sun of George III,, was married to Lady Augusta Murray tu 1703
but he marriage was declared invalid by
I l.e house of lords.     1'ntil tile marriage
i." the Marquis nf Lome In Hie Princess
Louise iu 1S71 im marriage of a memlici
nf the mval  family with a  British subject was permitted or legalised, und the
imly other marriage with a subject  has
been  *!*■• t  of  Louise  of  Wales  to  the
Duke of Fife in INS!).
soutli of thc island of Formosa. The
missionary declares that he is able to
substantiate every fact. The Japanese,
lie adds, nre fast exterminating the
Chinese iu that locality. Over sixty villages have been burned nnd many thou-
sends of persons have tilled with revolting brutality.
The dullness continues in the stock ex
change and tho only market at all active is thnt for homo railways. The uncertainty of American currency affairs
inure or less dominates all the markets,
anil there is a tendency to restrict spec
illation nnil prcpure for possible trouble
Cornelius Vaiiderliilt's illness has still
further depressed the American market,
laud  though  the support given  to first
j class American  issues prove that there
i is a confidence in the maintenance of
the gold  stun,Iiml, there  is still an  uneasy feeling that many   things    might
happen   before November.    Yesterday's
prices showed a slight improvement, The
i week's decreases were as   fnllowst    Lake
I Shore & Michigan   Southern,   7;   New
' York  Central and    Heading    firsts,    H;
'Chicago,  .Milwaukee * St.    Paul,    2%;
Erie  mortgage ami  Louisville &  Nashville.    2;    Atchison,    Illinois    Central,
Northern    Pacific   ami    Wabash,   1V£;
Pennsylvania, 1.
Paris, .Inly 21.—A funeral service wns
held Sunday fur the late Marquis de
.Mores at Mont .Matre. Etlunrd Dru-
mnnt delivered the funeral oration, in
'he course of which he denounced Fng-
lish perfidy as being responsible for the
murder of the marquis. Smne disturb*
mice ensued ami there were shouts of
"Down with England," nud "Down
with the Jews."
It was announced at the tune ot the
departure nf the Marquis de Mores for
the Soudan that he went to consult
Arab leaders there anil tu assist them as
far tis possible in placing obstacles in
the way of the British expeditions up
the Nile. Uttt he was murdered by bis
escort before he got very fnr south of
Tripoli M. Drtibnnt, who delivered the
oration to-dny, is the editor of Libre
Parole, and in INS!, during tho nnti-
Semlte campaign, the Marquis de Mores
fought two duels which grew out of his
taking the part of M. Druinnnt. Thc
Duke of Orleans sent a  wreath.
Athens,   July  21.—The   porte.   accord-
ig to the demand  of the powers,  will
remove Abdullah  Pasha  from  the  military command in the island of Crete.
London,   July   22.—When   the   hii*!*.
court  of justice of the  Queen's  bench
division  re-eon veiled yesterday  for the
trial of Dr. Loaders Jjtmiesou and eo.-
lengues f ir alleged violation of the for*
i 'gn enlistment act in the matter of t'ie
itiv.'tsini'   of the territory  of the  South
African republic, the lord chief justice
■tnoniliiccd  that  he over-ruled  the mo-
lion of Sir Edward Clarke. Q.C., coun-
-el f,.r the defendants to quash the indictments.   The defendants,  Dr.  Jamison,   Major  Sir John   Wlllnnghhy.  Col
''. Grey, Pol.  II.  V. White,  Major It
White, nml  Henry V. Coventry    the*,
entered  plens of not  guilty.   Attornev
Gencnil Sir Richard    Webster,    Q.c
"pencil  the ease fer the prosecution.
further agreement? We are convinced
that, the Americana do not approve of
Mr. Olnev refusing Ihe half b cause he
is nimble to get the whole loaf, it wiil
be worth while for Lord Salisbury to
make as many concessions as po-siuie
iu order to attain such a desirable ub-
The Daily News also publishes au interview on this subject  with Kt.  Hon.
i James   ISryee,   Liberal   member  of par
liament for the south division of Aber
deen, and well known as the author of
"The American  Commonwealth."    Mr,
Bryce  thought   the  difficulties    in    the
way of an agreement wire lu no way insoluble.     Lord   Salisbury,   he  said,  had
been over-cautious und timid hi the ne
gotiutions.    He sees dangers that rally
do  not  exist.     His  proposal  to  exclude
matters affecting   the   honor   and   integrity of the nation  would    Bern usty
cripple '-he usefulness of a tribunal. .Mr.
Bryce thought that evi n territorial disputes   might  be   submitted.     He   would
not say that he agreed with .Mr. Olney
or that he did not with Lord Salisbury,
but ne certainly thought Lord Salisbury    .
had acted as though a general scheme I "I61"!." t01'
of arbitration and not one   solely   between  England  and  Ih"  Oni ed  States
was being uriangetl,   Mr. Bryce thinks
the proposal of a joint commission ot
arbitration  for  the   Vent y.uelu     dispute
/.voiild hnd a solution even of the settle;!
lands in question.    He believes that th,
presidential con'est will  not prevent n-r
delay   the  conclusion   of  n  treaty,   hut
still  he  would   like   to  see   Lord   S-.'.lia
bury push the negotiations.
Tiie Chronicle, Liberal, says: "With.
out desiring to appear in the least tin
alarmist, we believe tlmt the optimist
views prevailing here as to the settlement of the Venezuelan dispute nre not
shared by ollicial circles in the United
The Paris correspondent of the Times,
commenting upon the r pot tluit Ll
Hung Chang had visited the Credil
Lyonnise and had declar d that China |
intende to secure a great loan, but that
it desired to treat direct with the monks
without intermediaries, suggests that it
is possible that the chief aim of Li's
tour is to get n loan on cheap terms.
In the house of lords today it was
announced that tin* royal assent had
been given to the diseased animals b 11
and the agricultural laud rating bill.
Burning   Meteor  Falls  in   Mexic
Causes Great Consternation
Mutiny nnil Murder on the Ship
Herbert Fuller.
Highbinder War in San Francisco
Between Rival Companies.
Cleveland Strike.
City nf Medio. July 23.-—A renin
able phenomenon tit the mine of San
[teres, in lhe state nf Clihuhiin, mired yesterday afternoon nl .'I o'clock,
tremendous explosion was hoard and
enormous mass of burning matte w
Arrival and Departure of Mails
E. A X.
Liverpool, July 21.—Among the passengers who sailed fnr America by the
Cunard steamer Lttcnnin on Saturday
were Hon. Sir Mackenzie Unwell, i.. 0. i
M. G„ late premier of the Dominion ot
Canada, and Sir Donald Smith, K. C
M. G., Canadian capitalist and states
nm n.
Capetown, July UL—The select conilt-
l.ee of the house nf assembly appointed
to   inquire   into   the  commissiou   of   the
Jameson   raid   lias   made  a   report,     lt
finds  that  Cecil  Rhodes  was  tally  ne
qtiniule.l   with  the preparations  for the
raid  nnd  that  Alfred  Belt,  director of
the South Africa Company; Dr. Jameson, the administrator fnr the company
in  Rbodestn, and Ur. Rutherford Harris, secretary  fer the company at Cape
Town, were active promoters    of   the
raid.     It   also   finds  that   Or.   Jameson
personally obtained  from Johannesburg
a letter ot Invitation   for his raiders to
eome   fully  a   month   before  the  ostensible  date.    There  was  no evidence 'o
show   that  Cecil   Rhodes  Intended  that
the  Pitsniii   force  should    invade    the
Transvaal   uninvited,   but   nt   the  same I
time there was an abseuce of any peremptory command from Mr. Rhodes io
prevent the raid.    .Mr.  Rhodes anil Dr.
Harris drafted a  telogrnm    containing
siii.il  a   demand,   but  it   was  never  dispatched, not even the wires (cut  by llr.
Jameson's order)  were    restored,   The
eoiniitee.   iheri'fore,   cannot  acquit   .Mr.
Cecil Ithoiles nf responsibility,
Mr. Rhodes never Informed his colleagues nf (he raid. Sir llereules Robinson, governor of Capo Colony, and Sir
Jacobus Hewitt. Hritish ngi ut nt Pretoria, alone sent telegrams to arrest Dr.
Jameson's    advance,      The    Chartered
South Africa Company, the committee
finds, siiplied all the funds fnr the raid.
with tlic knowledge nf iu London office,
Cecil Rhodes afterwards refunded this
ainniiiit tn the company.
The report    of the select    committee
concludes with nn expression nf regret
that Cecil Ithoiles did not attend the
committee's meeting to give evidence,
The committee is therefore forced to the
conclusion that his conduct was not
[Consistent with the duly of n Cape premier.
London, July 22.—As the rovtil pr.)*
cession was lea* Ing Windsor ''asile fur
the railwiy rtatlotl. the herns attach,••!
to the carriage preceding the one in
which tlte Queen rode, and which lio*--'
Her Majesty's Indian alien,hints, were
badly hurt. The Queen's carriage followed quietly. Her Majesty was timet'
iii'rtnt'bed by llie accident and asked as
to t'-n condition of the meu who had
be'ti hurt. There was r... demnnstra-
•uin along tb-* ii'Mwny route from Wind.
■or station to Pnddington. Arriving at
the hitter station the Qneii, walked n.
'ier "nrriege with slighl assistance. She
tppenred tc be in good health.
limn". Julv 22.—( nl. Daniel K. linn-
'orfnrd. ".i»hor of Mrs. John W. Mn-'-
':t.y, died nt 11 o'clock yesterday mnr.'i
in; a, Ms home in this city. Col. ilun
Rorford was n native of Herkint >r
'•limy. N'.V. i ml went t, California tu
ism. He remained on the Pacific ce.ts-
nniil lite beginning nf il., nur, when lie
returned to Net- York and entered flu
''ub.,i nrtov as lleiitennnt-cnloncl of Hie
Thiriy-sixGi reg'n.ent. \ni York Volunteers. In 1S77 Col. I7i ngi I ford renin,
ed to Europe, but two years later .*?■
turned to New York. In JS.ST he toek
up Ins rcsldcnco permanently in Rom,
His death was caused ly a nir-io.* of t'w
Madrid, July 22.—The Spanish Patriotic League of Argentine Republic offers *o present the Spanish governmi nt
with n cruiser of 4,500 tons displacement costing an approximate of 8.00(1,001)
pesetas. Tlic league's representative,
Senor Gonzales Snensti, interviewed the
government yesterday on the subject.
The cruiser will probably be bui.t at
The opposition are strongly opposed
to the Rothschilds, nud tobacco questions are being rushed throt.gh the
eortes. They desire to forte the ffov-.r..-
inent to assemble the eortes again in
October or November for their consid*
eration. Senor C'anovas is not disposed
to give way. It is said he threatens to
resign if the estimates tire not liaised.
London, July 23.—-An ollicial telegram
from Cape Town received here lasl
■veiling says that Sir Frederick Cnrring-
tnii attaekeil oue of the rebel strongholds in tiie Matoppo hills and shelled
lhe rebels out of their kopjes and eaves,
burned their homes and this afternoon
carried their posiliou. It is estimated
that BOO of lhe Mntlllieles were killed.
Three of the Hritish were killed ad sev
i u others wounded.
Halifax,    July    23.—The    bnrkeiitine
:1. i-.irt  Fuller, Cnpi. Nash, from Hns-j
. ui. July •'.. Ine it,,.-,.ir,n. put inl" fclali- !
tax yesterday morning Hying the slurs
nud stripes at half-must, With ti black
lag Immediately beneath.   This is   the
"mutiny on board."     W hen
ihe Fuller wns boarded it was learned
ihat murder had been added to mutiny,
nd that ('apt. Nash, his wife Laura au I
Second Officer Brnmberg had been kill
ed   iu   their  bunks   while    asleep.    I lie
murders had  been  committed  with an
axe.   The rooms in  which  the victims
lay   were  covered  with  blood,  showing
that a severe struggle hnd taken plaee,
tnd the bodies were horribly mutilated
The cook, Jonathan Shcere, of Kosariu.
•inspected the mate, Thomas lirinu, ami
succeeded in placing Brum in irons, aiut
lie    afterwards ironed the man at tie
.v'leel at the tin e the murder wns committed.   Upon arriving, all on board, in-
■lulling    Frank    .Monks, of Boston, a
i.tssenget*. were placed under arrest.
The United States consul    here    hit-
oh graphed  to  Washington for lustruc-
l-ins, pending the receipt: if whicli he has
njoined al' connected with the aliait to
.naitlttlin  the strictest silence,   in  viev
of tiiese condttiors it was difficult to Ob*
tn'n further facts, but it was appareir
that the murders were    committed    at
■limit 2 o'elock on the night of the 13tn
hist.   Capt. Nnsh ami his wife were it*
tl.eir respective    sleeping   apartments,
mil Brnmberg was in Ins, which    was
separated ft en- those of Capt  .Sash and
vil'e by  th,. loom  oe upied  by  .Monk-.
It  was the lirst olliccrs watch.    When
■II wns qui >t o.i bonid nnd those belO'V
wore sloping soundly,  the murderer 01
murderers crawled aft W   tin cabin, de
-eendeil end with axes   chopped    tli.'U'
victims in rath.   I'he    affair    became
known   not   long  afterward.   Thru   Hi.'
•noli. .1 iiegrc, who had shipped at ltos-
irlo.    became     suspicious   of     Mnte
Thomas Brum, n niitiiitill.'.ed Ameiicnii,
'mt a native of Nova Scotia.   Hram was
il.tceil in irons.   Tile man Mho was the
he wheel when the murder was coiu-
nitled was aiso placed in bints and the
hip was then headed fo* Halifax. Th"
lodies of Ihe vie*hns were all placed tn
i   boa',  and  covered   with  canvas,  and
vere towed behind the vessel.   They ar ■
now hi charge nf the eororer here, who
■a ill I.old en inquest.  Police olliccrs nave
'icon placed in charge of the Fuller, tinier directii lis of the I nltod States e in
u'i.   ami   nobody   is  allowed  on   board
Hie Herb'i't Fuller halls from llarrnig
ton. ?■'■«■
Rcglnn, July 21.—'I'he wheat crop i;i
Itegina district this year promises to
exceed ali previous records for yields.
This does nnt Include wheat sown late
in the spring on stubble, lor n great
many fields sown in tiiis way throughout the district are going fo give poor
returns. Hut wheat that lias been
fairly well, nr. na a prominent farmer
said, "Half put in," especially Unit sown
in summer fallow, gives promise of an
enormous yield.
Liverpool, July 28,~-Lord Derby's
three year old Canterbury Pilgrim WOU
the Liverpool cup to-day. Lord \\ in.
Beresford's Paris HI was 2nd; .Mr. .1.
Wallace's Spook 8rd, .Mr. It'cliod
Croker's Santa Anita was nnt pl.ned.
!   J''ast. Wellington
Victoria,Southern •Unt.i
places along lim  ,i |
Railway .  ..
Daily ex. Bun.
A   >i       .1 . .11 .
' .      II 25   S.60
c X, Dullyex Sun.
.."..'   8.2(1 11.oil
VAVrilfVKI.'     Itilt'TK.
British and foreign, Eastern
Provinces, Eastern States, DAllyex.Sun.
Vancouver and other places i* \t.   p.m.
nn Mainland of B.C   (1.30  6 DO
COMOX   HOI ti;.
Comox, Union, Union liny,
Sandwock,( lourtenav,Gran-fuss.
thain, CJiinllcuni,  ilornhj	
Island ami Denman Island
'VICTORIA   IliilTl-:.
Salt Spring Island, Burgoyne
Uny, Fulford Harhor.North
Salt Springlsland and Gab-
rlola Island   .
f If,
M .
1' V    CT \ i • I.' Tilt'.1".   .Miiu.
M    STAGE. ,,,.,     rhuri
Alberni, Parksville, French p.m. p.m.
('reek anil Ei'iingtou  12 80   6.00
I'ri.   Thnr.
Nnnoiise Hay 12.80  6.00
e. M      .1. M.
Departure Bay, daily ex. Sun 12.46 10.80
Cedar (South), Saturday   ..   2.00 1100
People's Choice.
Athens. July 23.—There has been continuous lighting in Crete during the past
few days. The Turks have been trying
to capture the heights on the Kissmno
Seliuo road. If they could capture this
position they would cut off the western
portion of Vrete from the rest of the
islands. A later dispatch received here
from tlte front states thai iu the course
nf Ihe lighting the Turks lost 2(1(1 killed
and (Kill wounded. The Cretan loss
ivas 2li killed ami 00 wounded.
The deputies absolutely refuse to
meet until Ihey receive a reply to their
propositions  from  thc  Sultan.
Loudon. July 21.—A    dispaicn    from
Cape Colony lo the Times snys that Sh
Thomas   Upingtoti,  attorney  geueral  of
Cape Colony, besides signing Ihe report
of the select committee on the Jameson
raid,   has  issued  a  minority  report  exonerating the London office of the Char
teiiil South Africa    from    any   guilty
knowledge  of  lhe     raid,   and*  declares
that the evidence does not sulliec to in
Volvo  ('ceil  Rhodes  in  actual    ncquies
cence lu the raid, but that il shows thnt
when he become aware of It. he did nil
In  his  power to prevent  n  further iu-
**oad.    Sir Thomas i'piugtou's reporl up
pears to be Intended to clear Mr. Rhodes
in his parliamentary capacity from the
serious charge nf  responsibility   for lhe
Invasion of n friendly slate.
A Hong Kong dispute!, to tho Times
snys a missionary writes to a corres-
oondon! there fully confirming previous
reports of Japanese atrocities    in    thc
Athens, July 22.—Ten Chris 1 ns hnve
been massacred nt Horakllon, in the
Island of Crete. Fiench nnd English
men-of-war have arrived there.
Dispatches from Cnnm state that a
panic occurred there Sunday in tlte
Plttntza quarter owing to a (ire, which
was mistaken as a signal for carnage.
The houses wire forthwith bnrriend d.
British Captain Hrury landed boats carrying armed sailors. Austrian nnd Kus-
sinu ships also landed nun ill Can a
nml Haleppa. 'I'he Austrian consul
showed great courage and ran to Ablul-
Inh Pasha, 'vho remained inactive, mid
rated linn severely, The simps w re
closed and nobody dared slay in 'he
sfifi'ts. A correspondent says tluit as
he passed through lhe ti wn the di lid
and  wounded were lying about ami the
panic continued,
A number of Cretenns hirve arrived
making demands to the committee for
perfected guns. They complain loudly
because the committee do s not send
suiheteut cartridges. M. N'irnluid h. a
member of tho committee has resigned.
One hundred thousand rounds of nui-
munition and 20,000 riles reached the
Insurgents Inst evening.
The recall of Abdullah Paslin to Constantinople is received favorably ns a
sign of pence.
The conduct of the Crctonn deputies
in their refusal to debate further until
they have received replies to the i',c
inn mis Ihey have formulated Is approved here.
Cairo, July 23.—I'he cholera in Egypt
shows a great abatemeii' according lo
the day's reporl, which states that there
were 110 new cases and 11!) deaths yesterday. There were, however, no ilea lbs
here or hi Alexandria. One death is
reported in the army on tlte frontier.
London, July 23.—The Vienna
' '     Daily
spondent of the Daily News says: "I
nm Informed that the Emperor of China
.bus given sanction to Li Hung Chang
going direct from London tn Washington Cily without visiting Vienna or
A Singapore dispatch to thc Times
■lays that native uprisings are reported
from tin- Island of Formosa, and the
Japanese there are said to be hard
A dispatch received from Pekiu says
that n commercial treaty between Chilis
and Japan was signed lit that city to-
lay. It is based on the treaty of Sill-
A dispatch from Dublin to the Daily
N'ew, reports that owing to Hie fact
that the caplaln of the yacht .Met, or, belonging in Emperor William, declines to
pay the heavy salvage demanded by the
-.wner of the tug which picked her up
on her journey to the Clyde, lhe latter
threatens  to arrest  the  .Meteor.
Heme, July 23.—The new niinistr.v
presented itself in parliament yesterday.
Premier Rudini rend n declaration reviewing the recent ministerial crisis.
San Francisco, July 28.—-Chinatown is
■ in a lever of excitement. War lias been
.lectured among the factions of thu Sec
Vup company ami the murder of Lee Ti
on Tuesday is only an incident in a feud
.liiieh is not expeeted to end until more
blood i.s shed. A price has been placed
tpou the heads of two most influential
lucrcliintts iu the district. Their entire
families have been placed under the ban
Hid the hatchet men have been promised
Heavy inwards to accomplish their terrible work.
The Chinese consul has seen fit to espouse the cause of one of the factions.
file members of the Kting Chow asylum and of the Chinese Merchants' exchange have taken antagonistic positions in the quarrel. The Chinese police have announced their intention lo
illow the lighting factious to settle
their affairs without interference, and a
feeling of almost unparalleled dread pervades the quarter, Men much more
prominent than Lee Ti will be dead, il
is believed, before tlic light is over.
The trouble has been brewing for ten
lays, although the sources of the affair are of much .uiger standing, arising, as a matter of fact, in the deadly
hatred that exists between the See Vup
company and the Sam Ynp company.
These two organisations, each in its
sphere powerful and wealthy, have been
at war for a long time. The See Yttp
company siicceeded it, absorbing much
of tile local Chinese trade of the Sum
Ynp company. Reports were widely
circulated that the latter company was
'beating its potroas. Denials counted
for nothing, and the See Yttps gained
What the Sam Yttps had enjoyed,
The Sam Yttps determined upon its revenge, and money will buy assassins in
Chinatown, Lives were taken, but the
trade of the See Yups continued lo
thrive. Another scheme wns hatched
by lite Sinn Yups by breeding dissensions among then, and by paying sume
of Ihe leaders to be traitors. The pro*
grcss of tin plan has resulted iu the
murder of oil" and the threats of litany
A Full Assortment at the Lowest Market Rate
Promptly AUiMuled to.
All kinds of
Tin and Sheet-Iron Work.
Victoria Crescent, Nanaimo.
Bakery and
Invites Inspection ami Comparison
us to Quality and Price.
First Prize at. the Agricultural Show.
Bastion Street, opp. Telegraph Office
Office Tel. SO.   P.O.Box tc.   Residence Tel. 101.
^^Fraeral Director and Embalmer
Graduate ol the Oriental, the Eureka,
Hie New Vnrk mul Clark's
Schools nf Embalming,
ll, 3 and 5 Bastion St., Ni
London, July 22.—An official report
report received here from Athens to-day
states that serious disturbances hnve
taken place nt (hindlii. Several Christians, it is added, were killed during tlic
affair. All the shops are closed nnd the
inhabitants have asked tic protection of
thc foreign warships.
I/ondon. July 22.—The Pally News,
Liberal, lias an editorial discussing the
correspondence between the United
Stntes ami British governments on thc
subject of an arbitration treaty. In
whicli it asks: Why not embody the
points of Agreement alreadv arrived at
in the Olnoj'-Snllibury negotiations in a
treaty, trusting to the future for still
Constantinople, July 28.—An imperial
trade has been issued notifying the council of Armenia ami the pntrlnrchrio thai
thev will be held responsible liereaftei
for any treason on tlic part of the Ar*
taenia ns,
London, July 28,—A dispatch from
t'onstantlnoiile to the Times reports
that massacres have occurred al Urdu,
nu the Black Sen in Asia .Minor, and
'hat, according lo official accounts, 2.">
Armenians have been killed.
A doctor reported a case of cholera nt
South   London.      The   officials  arc  ox*
mining Into the facts of The ense.
The government were yesterday defeated during the absence of a number
of ministerial members nt the rnynl
wedding, It was on a motion offered
bv Sir Henry Esmond, supported by the
Iri.di members,
London, July 23.—The Ilaverford college cricket club, from Pennsy'vanlA,
played nn Eton eleven to-day. When
the game was suspended for litm-hc n.
Ilaverford had scored UU runs for two
Cleveland. July 28.—At the Brown
Moisting works last night strikers and
sympathisers threw bricks and stones at
llie soldiers from places oi concealment
tine piekel was knocked down. Several soldiers tired iu tlte direction from
which tin- missiles enuie. It is not
known whether a ll wine was struck. Two
strikers who yelled "scab" attempted
lo escape arrest by jumping on a fast
moving motor ear. The niotorinnn on
j refusing to stop received a serious bay-
' ouet wound.
The proposition of the Brown Hoisting works company to accept nil their
old workmen back nnd grant the privilege of presenting their desires by
means of committees, was rejected today by the strikers, wlto insist upon the
recognition of the labor unions with
which they are Identified.
r.iris. Julv 28.—Catherine Booth-Clib-
borne. commonly known ns Ln elnrc-
I'hnlc. head of the .Salvation Army organisation in Prance, was knocked
down by a bicyclist and seriously hurt
vesterilav afternoon,
In connection with the foregolllg dis-
naleh there is a coincidence in the
fact that Mrs. Booth-Tucker, aister of
Mrs. Booth-Cliliborne, suffered serious
Initirv in East Orange, -N'. •!•. one evening last week, by being run down by n
bievflist. Mrs. Booth-Tucker's wrist
was broken nnd she siistnlned ether
painful  injuries,
The electors of Vancouver District, by a
plurality of nearly
NOTICE is hereby given that Edwin
Matthews lias been admitted a partner
in the above business. In future tlte
business will be carried nn by tbe undersigned under tbe style ami name of
Wilson A Matthews, who will assume
nil liabilities ami collect all debts tine
the said business, and we trust that by
careful attention to the needs nf our
customers, to meril a continuance of the
patronage su liberally bestowed in the
Jerome l\ ilson,
Edwin M itthews,
April 7, 1806,
lilnn,  I',. ('
AIAVAVS    1 \
■a* .   ,        ..,        ,    I LAMPS, Etc.etc.
Have indorsed the prin- TAXIDERMIST
ciples and policy of
As against all other papers and influences of
the District, and the
I justness of its verdict is
ratified by the Province
and Nation at large.
Bums ami Animals sei up i„ a thor.
nugii workmanship manner
On Hand-Pour line Decs' Heads,
vvhich will be sold for price of Betting
them up.   Also a line ease of Birds.
d. s. Mcdonald.
fill Haliburton Street, Nanaimo.
Commercial Hotel.
Corner Commercial nml Bastion sts.
his long-established Hotel in oomfortHbiy
nitt'd up With superior nccni-nnoda-
Uons fur lrim*U*rs< and oilit-rs.
NohpImM lho best l-rnmls of Wines, Liquors,
AioK nnd Cigars dispensed nt ilio imr.
l\ U'CUN'NKli, Frop. .-.- -    }
•» *•••**.,■ .*.-cv..
ttM CITY AND PROVINCE. THE  SPORTING  WORLD. SAN fbancisco coal mabket.
The El well arrived in port this evening at (1:30, and the J. B. Brown is ex-
pected in sume time to night.
Aid. Bradley,  who was incapacitated I
for several days through an injury loins
right band, is again in working order.
St. Paul's church and Sunday school
will picnic ou the grounds adjoining
thePink'un hotel next Wednesday afternoon.
The assumed value of property in
Westminster is |8,626,665. Tbe rate of
assessment has been placed at HO mills
with 5 off.
Tbe song service announced to lake
place in St. Andrew's Presbyterian
Church next Sunday, bus been postponed
for one week.
Judge Harrison has given up his house
at Departure Bay and bus removed his
furniture and belongings to Victoria,
whore his family i.s now residing.
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Thompson returned from their honeymoon trip by
the Vancouver boat Thursday evening,
receiving a cordial welcome home.
A. Dick, Inspector of Mlnes,left Thursday morning on an official visit to the
Kootenay milling districts. He will
subsequently report to the Government.
The Empress of India brought 18,019
seal skins, consigned to London, England, which represents the catch of the
Britisli Columbia schooners on the Japanese coast.
James McGregor, LL. P., custodian
of Victoria's free library and u scholarly
and cultured gentleman, died on Tuesday. He Iiml beeu ii residenl of Victoria
for eight veurs.
Chief Justice Davie lias granted an injunction stopping the work on the PoinI
Ellice pile bridge at Vietorin pending
the trial of the issue as to whether it
interferes with navigation.
The run of sockeye salmon in the
Eraser continues very poor, and old
fishermen sny the salmon will not ascend
thc river until the next new moon at
least, In any great number,
K. M. Palmer, inspector of fruit, pests,
lias examined several orchards in the
neighborhood and lituls their condition
fairly goud, though theexcessivedroughl
has detrimentally affected many,
There ure 16 men at work at Oyster
Bay getting out piles for the new wharf,
which the Dunsmuirs are about to erect
there for the shipment of the output of
the Alexandria ami Extension mines.
Government Bridge Inspector Rockett
and a small gang of men are engaged in
repairing the Nanaimo river bridge, Ad-
ditlonnl supports will be put in at either
end, so us to ensure the safely of the
Tbe Misses Raymond (Ethel and
Elvie), daughters of Mr, George Raymond, of tbe Hotel Wilson, have been
visiting their grandparents, Mr, and
Mrs. .1. Murray, Rocky Point, Port
It. Nightingale is constructing a large
pile-driver for the Provincial Government for use in coin,eetion with the public work of this district, It will lirst be
employed to repair the south wharf ul
Gabriola Island, which is in a very bail
Mrs. Knight, the woman charged with
enticing from home the 14-year-old son
o, Win. Mfliiinpsey, was brought before
M. Bale, J. P., this afternoon, but was
remanded till next Wednesday, the coin I
admitting her to ball in the sum of $300
witli two sureties of tf loll each,
The Saginaw .Steel Steamship Oo, will
in future control the movements of the
City of Everett, und Capt. ha Verge will
relieve Capt. Buektiain, while Chief Engineer Samson will replace Chief Engineer Smith, Capt. Buck nam goes east
to assume command of a steamer on the
The Boys' Brigade of St. Panl's church
went into camp at Newcastle Island
Wednesday night. Capt. Herbert Stewart, who for the past two months has
been confined to his room by a badly
sprained ankle, was ublc to resume
command of Ins juvenile forces, much tu
their satisfaction.
Miriam Reliekab Lodge held its fifth
anniversary "at home" in the Free
Press bull Wednesday evening, the occasion being honored by the attendance
of many representative Odd fellows and
invited guests, A musical programme
uml seasonable refreshments contributed to the pleasures of tlic evening,
Austin Erlokson, asailor on tbesleam-
er Peter Jebsen, fell from llie shun- lo
tbe deck of the steamer us she lay at the
New V. 0. Company's wharf on Wednesday evening, the result being an ugly
scalp wound und a bad cut over the eye.
Erick8on now lies at the City Hospital,
und will await the return of the steamer,
Thus. C. Braincrd, President of llie
Hamilton Powder Company, who bus
been visiting the works at Northfield, returned East Thursday morning, via San
Francisco, The company propose io
establish some Improvements for the
safer handling of high explosives and
are also considering the advisability of
coustrnctiug a wharl of their own.
The mining men of Nanaimo and vicinity who are Interested in Texada Island will be pleased to learn th it. it has
been transferred from thu New Westminster to llie Nanaimo Alining Recording District, nnd that henceforth claims
must be recorded at lhe Court House in
. this city, Texada Island is geographically associated with ibisilistrict, rather
t .an with New Westminster, and the
Innovation above ineutioted has been
lined for some time past by those interested In mining matters,    ibe notice of
tiaiisiei will be lound In another column,
11. ('. li. A. Annual Meet.
The twenty-third annual meet of
the British Columbian Rifle Association will beheld al tho Central Park
ranges, on Thursday, Friday, and
Saturday of next week, July 30ih,
31st, and August 1st. The principal events will take place ns follows:
Nursery match, Thursday morning;
Helmcken medal match, Thursday
afternoon; Nanaimo cup match, Fri
day morning; Victoria ou
Lieut-Governor's cup matches, Friday afternoon; Walker trophy
match, Saturday morning; Vancouver cup and the Ottawa team
matches, Saturday afternoon.
The Ottawa leant match is restricted In lhe twenty competitors
being (1) "efficient" members of the
active militia of No. II District, or
('2) civilians resident ill Nanaimo
whose,scores in the Grand Aggregate
match shall be the highest. (300,
500, and 200 yards; 7 shots; entrance fee, $1.    The team to repre-
Newcastle Resumes Shipments—Slack
Tr .tie Reported.
Harrison's circular says: " During the
week there have been seven arrivals from
the coast mines with l(i,9i.rj tons ami one
arrival from  Sydney with  ,'ilOO tons of I
coal.   Business in litis, us in other lines,
is very dull; sales are light and profits
are cut very line.    For the next  three
months the consumption of fuel for borne |
uses, except for cooking, will be almost
ll|(l  nil,and as this is the most profitable
part of the  trade, retailers and jobbers'
are complaining of slauk trade.   Steam i
consumption Is of about the same volume as last month, but competition is
so keen thnt profits have become mythical.   The sinking of oil wells is becoming genera! throughout some of our interior counties, but Ibe yield  so far is j
sufficient to diminish the coal consumption but very little.   The Corral Hollow
output should be seeking consumers ill
our market about September next. There
is it marked variance of opinion as to the
uses this coal  i.s best adapted for.   Its I
analysis and its appearance would indicate that il lias falrsteauiing properties. I
It will have to lie offered verv low to
uc essl'ully uompe'e with some Aus-
Sent the Province of British Col Um-I tralian steam grades which are being
bill at Ottawa at the prize meeting ! offered at reduced rales for future deliv-
nf the Dominion Rifle Association
Is what gives Hood's Sarsaparilla Its great
popularity, its constantly Increasing
sales, and enables it to accomplish its
wonderful and unequalled cures. The
combination, proportion and process
used in preparing Hood's Sarsaparilla
are unknown to other medicines, and
make Hood's Sarsaparilla
Peculiar to Itself
It cures a wide range of diseases because
ot Its power as a blood purifier. It acts
directly and positively upon the blood,
und tho blood reacheB every nook and
corner of tho human system. Thus all
tbe nerves, muscles, bones and tissues
come under the beneficent influence of
The One True Blood Purifier.  |1; six lor $5.
T»        ,,     rests    cure Liver Ills; easy to
nOOd S PUIS take, easy to operate. 2W.
cry.     After eleven   weeks'  stoppage nl
.work at the Newcastle collieries, sbip-
for    1896  will    be  selected by lhe'ments are  being  resumed.    The besl
council from the above described
twenty, who will be called upon in
the order of the aggregate of their
scores in the Grand Aggregate, and
in theOttawa team match combined.
Not more than two civilians qualifying as above to lie selected. The
medal of the National Rifle Association for 1S!M> to be awarded to the
competitor standing highest in the
last named combined aggregate, who 15S?iand
lirst goes tn a prize meeting at His-
In Hie senior game at Victoria to-day
Vancouver defeated tlte home team by 5
goals to l>.
At, an emergency meeting of the Intermediate Lacrosse Club on Thursday
evening it was quietly but firmly resolved to submit to the evident wish of
the sport-loving public, as indicated by
their lack of support, and give up the
ghost—not becuuse they had no ghost of
a show for i! e championship, as they
were ready and willing to fulfill their
obligations to the league, other things
being equal; hut other things outweighing their ambition at a ratio of Id to 1,
the latter was unequal to tho emergency
iiml succumbed to the inevitable.
are  being   resume
grades of Australian are in very short
supply here."
Prevailing prices arc as follows:
ran ton.
 is oo
     8 00
     7 on
 st-0 00@5 50
     5 00
i Wellington.
New Wclliitj
Southfleld .
.' Seattle   .   ..
Coos Hav     4 50
Wallsend     7 00
I Scotch    7 50
I'rvmbo     7 50
in bulk, lpll@12; in
sacks tflS® 14 00
Pennsylvania Anthracite Egg.... 11 60
Gunnel (    7 50
Rock  Springs, Castle  (lute  and
Pleasant Valley    7 (10
All eleven of tho Cricket Club played
gbteen of the Athletic Club this afternoon, the following being tlic teams
Cricket Cltil
mail, .1. Dixon
,). Calverlv, E.
!•:. llrceii,   A.
I. Ilo.igson, .1. Ilii'k-
, .1. D. QuTne, II. Hilton,
Dean. ti. Raymond VV,
Dixon,   11.   Dawson, S.
Hodgson, ti. Hodgson.
S. Webster, A. !■'. Owen, A. Olbbs, .1.
Bradshuw, M. Duttie, V. Knclish, 1.
Thompson, G. Chapman, ,1. McKinnell,
P. Willis, J. Ord, W. Jones, J. Carroll,
.1. Stewart, J. Uilditch, II. Bell.
The match resulted an easy victory
for the Cr'uket Club.
Might Have Been Worse.
Mrs. Grant, wife of Mr. Grunt of
Spencer's dry goo Is  store, was the
I victim of a runaway Thursday, resulting in tbe fracture of one of her
I ribs.   It appeared they, accoinpan-
i ied by their one-year old child and
two or three friends, had Btartedfor
Nanaimo river falls in a double rig,
and  when about ten miles out Mr.
Grant alighted to make inquiries of If the
the way and hitched the horse to a
| fence rail.    Others of the parly also
alighted, but before Mrs. Grant and
child  could do so the horse, which
had become scared by the fence rail
breaking, run uwiy at a breakneck
'speed, throwing the occupants out
with the above result, thechild miraculously escaping injury.     After
some  delay the services of Dr. Mo*
Kecbnie  were secured, the injured
bone set, and the party returned to
town.     Tiie  doctor   anticipates  a
speedy recovery.
Tbe funeral of Pearl Mary, the infant
laughter of .Mr. and   Mrs.  .1.   Sampson,
1 look  place  Wetluesday afternoon, Rev.
1 T. VV. Hall officiating. Many friends of
the deceased were In attendance and
many floral love-offerings evidenced thc
all'eci innate regard of the donors, which
comprised the following: honvn Jones,
wreath; Effie JoneB, wreath; Mis. Keller, wreath;   Mis.  Cook,  wreath; Mrs.
', l-'reet.by, wreath ; .1. Wilkinson, bonnet ;
j hily l-'rcctlty, hoipiet; Bessie Hawking,
boiptel,; Mr*, ami Mis. Withers, wrench;
Mrs. Hardy,cross; Mrs. Coblim, wreath ;
Mrs. hukey, boqtlut, wreath ; Mrs. Sutn-
i nieravs, wrealb ; Mrs. Krving, bnquetj
Bessie Craig, boquet; Mrs. heeoy,
wreath; Mrs. Taylor, boquet.
"Tosh" McKenzic Killed.
The notorious Tosh McKenzic who
formerly worked for Mr. Dawson in
this city, is dead, having been fatally shot by Ed. Bheehan at
Steveston on Tuesday. The latter
claims that the shooting was done
in self-defence, lie was in bis cabin
and McKenzic came in and ordered
him out, claiming that it was his.
Tlic altercation grew warm and Mc-
Kenzie drew a revolver, but before
he could use it Sheehan got bis revolver into action and shot McKen-
zie in the centre of the face. The
bullet took an upward course into
the brain and McKenzie's death
was almost instantaneous. The
coroner's jury found that "McKenzic
came to bis death by a bullet wound
inflicted while in a scullle with Ed.
Sheenan." At the preliminary examination of Sbeehan at Richmond,
Magistrate Atkinson committed the
prisoner to stand his trial for murder at the next assizes, and ho was
taken to the provincial jail at Westminster.
Nanaimo Trunk Una,I.
The sum of $8,000 was voted last
winter for the Nanaimo Trunk Road.
It was understood half of that sum
would be expended at ibis end, in
opening up the road from Dunsmuir
avenue, Union, to Hoys, where it
would connect with the so-called
road built last year to Union wharf,
ightest attention is given
to the wishes of the people hereabouts, or to their interest, tenders
will at once be culled for the construction of this piece of road. The
season is passing, and tbe people
are growing discontented. They
would like to know what is going
to be done about it.—Union News.
On Thursday evening Robt. Hanna, a
miner employed in No. I shaft, while
tilling his boxes through a curtain,came
into contact with a beam overhead,causing an ugly scalp wound and bruising
bis shoulders badly.
Eighth Sunday after Trinity—10 a. in.,
Sunday school and church lads' brigade;
11a. in.. Matins Litany and sermon—
"The Life of St. James, Illustrated aud
Applied;" 2 to 4 p. in., baptisms; 7
p. in., Evensong and sermon—the Lord's
Prayer continued.
I'llKSIIYTl'lUA.V  Clll'ItCII.
Preaching at 11 a. in. and 7 p. m,
Morning subject, "Faith, Hope and
Charity:" evening, a sermon to myself—" What would you do under similar circumstances?"
Eighth Sunday after Trinity—8 a. m„
Holy Communion; 11 a. in., Matins.
Litany and sermon; 2:30 p, in., Sunday
school; 7 0, 111,, Evensong and sermon.
Preacher, Kev. F. S. Stevenson.
The Fanners' Outlook.
The waters are receding gradually
in the Fraser and Columbia valleys,
but the injury sustained by many
of the farmers is snid to be serious,
even more so in some respects than
-was that of the high waters of 18114.
The season is a month later, rendering it out of the question for farmers to raise a crop after tbe waters
subsides as was the case two years
since. Then there is the fact that
the water is quite tepid, and this
added to the scorching rays of the
sun scalds the growing crops, especially so the grass. It is asserted that
in two or three weeks at tbe furthest
the river will have assumed its normal state, and that if tbe weather
and the season prove favorable the
root crop may be a fair one.
i)id you see that Bild
;    WINDOW ?
ITS YOURS ■:• _m
you should guess the nearest to t]
weight of the two pieces of Coal %
their window.
Every time you buy $1 worth of !>
goods you get a chance to guess. ')
Commercial St., Nanaimo, B. C.
■*■ 11 is lliiiiour the Administrator In
Council lias been pleased to direct that,
for the purposes oi the "Placer Mining
Act, 1891,"and the "Mineral Act, 1896,"
fexada Island lie transferred from the
New Westminster Mining Recording District in the Nanaimo Mining Recording
District. JAMES BAKER.
Provincial Seorotary antl Minister uf Mines.
Provincial ski kktaiiy'a oim-t-:,
uutli July, ls'.'O.
Notiee of Dissolution.
The partnership heretofore existing
between Wm, Oressel and Wm. Cocking
nttilcr the firm name of Oressel it Cocking is this duy dissolved by mutual consent, Win. Cockimr retiring, Tin* Inisi-
iicss will he continued hy Win. Cresset,
who will assume liabilities nnd to whom
all outstanding accounts must lie paid.
Wm. Crksbei,.
Wm, Cockino.
Nanaimo, Julv 2b, isilll.
(An- those
/prepared ity
only :t,tike the hent.   Try tlient.
(Blnoh Currant) Strawberry) Rod Currant
f   nml UooBOberry Preserves now ready.
ron) No\V Qii
-^=—.To the End of Aug,'
■piosir^oat Lriijes
Must be the Order of the D;
■chnrcHis MEANS.
V      1 Exceptional Opportunities in Many Lit
 -l^W. ■
Lawns, Prints, Flannelettes, Musliil
Chambrays, Girghams, and all Su]
mer Goods at a 10 per cent. reducti*|
to clear.
Will be Reduced to Very Low Pric*!
"S^Cull nnd save money hero by getting our cash
count, instead of a chance for a bike, etc.—money savo*^
money made—at the
wvwwwv V
The Populists liuve endorsed Bryan,
Imi cuiilil not swallow Sewell, nominating Tliiiniiis E, Wtitson of Georgia in his
Highest Honors—World's Fair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Fret
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
40 Years the Standard.
Fletcher Bros-
"fJ^As wo are retiring from business, wo will give every person
who is thinking of getting a Pitino or an Organ a snap
Our entire stock must be sold by August lst.
Bicycle:. Bicycles]
To Hicyclcs dono on our premises at the shortest possible notice.
Jin. Cooking being u thorough practical bicycle hand, will be',
pleased to furnish all Information gratis, and nil work
dune hy this firm willbuguurunteedtube lirst-claSB.
Next to Sloan & Scott's Old Stand.
P. S—A large consignment of bicycle sundries just arriv-
from the east.
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs
^ ■*-=-*•*.— DONE BY -mi*--.
r ionccr Steam Laundr
If | % so doing you will PATRONIZE WHITE LA MY.]
■^   ' And help to GET RID OF THE CHINESE*
Dye Works in connection ■■■uttt
T. O. Box 95.
11. M. 8TKWAKT, Proprietor. ♦']


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