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It ron a-n *tnu tea your seek of
Pastry Flour
You can be sure that you have tbe best,
for there can be no better.
11. muTk.
•tySSX.PVi% i
At*S)A Mjj
Comes the best Tea inT«*»il In ciiwrlinf. i
iiiiiini; buyers in lli-Uisli OoiumbU.
lirtflleH .MillliiKlT.      I
Fia-n-rmi (I mot.,. I Sole Agents U. 0,
s-*»VW- '
VOL. II.-NO. 47.
WHOLE NO, 106,
_Is Going Rapidly,
Nothing astonishing in that, however. It
is the extremely low prices we are asking
that surprises.    ....
We are going out ofthe Shoe Business and
must get rid of the Stock	
Look ns up early if you want to Secure.
Our Grocery Stock is up to date in every particular. We are showing the finest range of
Christmas Fruits ever offered in this City.
We have ....
few Almonds
New Dates
"     Filberts
"    Prunes
"    Walnuts'
" • Pears
"    Brazil Nuts
"    Peaches
New Figs in boxes of lib., 101b., 301b.—in hulk, 8c. lb.
"    Currants, thoroughly cleaned, very choice.
"     Sultana, "      "        " "        »
"     Layer Raisins in boxes of 51b, 101b, 201b.
"     Viileiicin l-.ni-.iiis only 10 cents per lb.
"     Musoatelle Raisin*, the best we ever handled.
" " "        seedetl,  rea-iy for use  in 1  lb.
packets, 6 for |1.    These are vory choice.
Peels, Keiler's, the best made.
Ontario Apples, B.C. Apples,
Japanese and California Oranges
Kippered Herring, Bloaters, Labrador Herring,  etc.
And a whole range of nice things for Christmas.
The People's Store,
Christmas Bargains-
We Are Closing out the Balance of Our.
Jackets and Mantles,
Trimmed and Un trimmed Hats.
Feathers and Trimmings.
Children's Millinery.
Fur Boas, Capes and Collars
Dress Goods
Mantle Cloths
Wrapper Flannels
Boys1 Suits and Reefer Jackets
At Immense Bcdiictions for Cash ....
nail Early and Secure Some of
Theso Bargains
Nanainio, B. C.
Made from Select Fruit ami Can« Sugar.    Tho mate-' care la exM-olaed In  hef preparation an.l exqmalte eleaiillne.* otiaorved.   Ho null- make one qimliiv-iiii Withe name aa supplied to the ordor ol in* Excellency Unl Alierdcon
- WIN BUY CHEAP JjlfS ? BUY OKELL & I3UIS'. Thoy are the Purest and Best
Dry Footings
Tlie only v iyaue thut ia good
■or the health. Warmth is
Worse liihii rtoillliTg nilliiiui
dryness. IVet feet muy briiij*
on   uny   number   ot   ailment-.
Wearing "ur Rnlil-eT't In had
woatlidr guarantees dry footing.
Our Rilbliera nro high, well
ini-'i-, 'iiriiiil),, uml impervious
lu dampness,   fry the (iranliy
Klllllll'IS  nt
[o ta Want to Burrow
EN), repayatilc monthly In s yeara, at $7.60
l.UlO repayahle monthly In * yeara, at (15.1)0
1.000 repavalile luimlhlv In 8 years, al (8(1,00
Other amount" In propoitlim.    Loiiim made
lly on-Tirat Mortftu-ie on lin|irnveil Tnwnor
Jy Property.   Kijiiitaiilk Savinim, Limn a>d
['.'Ittmio Abbociatiok, 24 rormito su Toronto
OKI). I.. tWllETKY, Agent,
Room No. 14 .liihiistiili I1I..1 k
fish and
rame Market
shipping surrijiEn
IUBSH, Prop.
Oppotttt Habv/'n Drag Mm*.
What are You Going to Give Me for...
This is what many people are string.
It is a very hurtl question to answer; the
only thing to sav is: "I don't know vet; I
am going to the CASH BOOT 'AND
SHOE STORE to soe what they, have and
I will let you know."
City and District
Look ont for our Xmas supplement
next week, it will be a good one.
Kinlograpli Services.
Two very special sei vices are on tire
boards at the S. A. Barrack* for Sattir
day night and Sunday afternoon.
A lianso Kintograph will lie irsed ln
The Indian department are taking nc-  these meetings.   Tiiis m-nliine repro-
Men's, Ladies', Misses' Children's and iTnfants'
j—— Tn all Styles -\
Ladie^' Waterproof Overseers,
Men's Farxy Slippers.
17 apd 19 tgon^ijQepeial Street
E. E. G. Jotwsoij, Mgp.
tion against the granting of  the licence
to the Colonial Hotel on Haliburton  St.
SS. City of Everett-has arrived,
and is now loading for San Francisco.
Bark Callussa from Port Townsend,
and Bark Carlton from San Francisco
are both in port for coal.
duces music, songs, speeches, etc., so
clearly that an audience of us many as
two thousand people can here nt once.
(•Hailstone, attack on lhe House of
Lords his last speech iu parliament)
will he reproduced on Saturday night,
also "The Star Spangled Banner" ns
planned by the U, S. Marine fiand. On
Sunday afternoon  the Kintograph wil!
J.   O.   Halverson,   leader   of the:*-1{*■'^J&^Jggg* 8W,g''■*■
naimo Silver Comet Band, has returned ! by.P'ominent »• A. oJBttis
altera lengthy absence to Sioux City.     I
Mr. E. Shakespear of Nicol street, has !
received word of an accident  to his sou 1 ,        ... ,,   ,
in Pennsylvania whwe he is  attending j    A large number of visitors assembled
college at the Central  School  yesterday ufter-
HG.Ear.eof   Victoria   is   i,.   ^^^ft^SSfr%
«.t7S.W^Au-B.Sf,k*05 ***.!*»** M-^' """
as lively up there.
Admission to each  meeting 10 cents.
Closiiij- Kxercisrs.
On Saturday last a Chinaman was
killed at the Union Mines At the inquest held a verdict ol carelesenuss on
his part was returned.
We understand that the choir of the
St. Paul's Church has  undergone some
was supported by trustees Munsun aud
Misses   Mcliins    and    Lawson,   and
Messrs.   Galloway   and   Shaw   put the
News of the Day.
Messr-. IT. and A. Allan htfte
let a contract for a 10,000 ton
freight steamer.
Mrs. Catharine Peary, the oldest
woman in New London county and
probably the oldest in Connecticuta
died on Tuesday, aged 101* years,
and 9 months.
The *G'i<sn<l Trynk Railway
management are considering a
number of improvements in theit
property at Montreal, One is a
proposal on the part of the city to
ruu tracks on the viaduct, doing
avrny with grade crossings, and
another to purchase tire entire
block of buildings facing the Bona-
veture station for the new offices.
Frank Maxwell, a teacher of
modern languages at Winnipeg-,
quarrelled   with  his wife recently,
children through "various exercises, and  and ti,e  *„■,.„ left him urrd took'a
showed that both teachers nnd scholars
were well up in the several subjects.
At the close ofthe examination brief
changes of late whereby  its efficiency  addresses were   given  by the    trustees
But it depends on your Patronage
whether we stay or not ....
We are prepared to sell goods at
.Right Prices.
So give us a call when buying        »
Christmas Toys and Crockeryware.
has been greatly increased
The Pathfinder has changed hands.
Mr. Thos Robinson withdrawing, and
Mr A Dinsniore taking full charge as
editor and sole proprietor.
Mr, A. W. Vowell, Superintendant of
Indian affairs, came up on Wednesday
and yesterday morning paid an official
visit to the Indian school under tlie
charge of Miss Grace Marshall.
A fairly good audience assembled in
the Wallace Street Church on Wednesday evening the occasion being thecon-
,*ert given, by the choir. A good programme had been provided and was
thoroughly appreciated liy the audience.
As announced in our advertising
columns there is to lie a grand Xmas
Pair at St.. Albans Hall next Tuesday
and Wednesday. The ladies have
snared no pains to make this the fair of
the Season, and are expecting to have
the attendance of their friends i 11 large
Rev. A. M. Phillips ofthe Douglas
Street Methodist Chu-uh, Montreal,
died at the general hospital there yesterday. Mr. Phillips was well known personally to many iu this province, but,
was better known as the editor of the
Methodist Quarterly now incorporated
with the Magazine, and liis death will
be regretted by all.
46 Victoria Crescent.
Received TO-DAY
A Carload of famous
(For 1897.)
Unequalled for their
Hafnlflcent Bakln
Bear in mind we Guarantee Every Stove.
Magnillcent Baking   Power, beauty  and
A pleasure always to show yon over our Im-
ineime stock—thc lamest on this Coaat.
/' O. Box WB.
For Wholesome
Vegetables of all
kinds that are in
season, get them at
.. DIMAN'S..
who will call on you
once every week.
Listen for his bell.
Good Potatoes,
at moderate prices.
Onions, 11 lbs., 25c.
100 lbs. for $1.05.
Reserve your order until he
Store—Day's Old
Butcher Shop,
Nicol Street.
A Correction.
In nur last issue we published the
written decision of the Police Commissioners nnd in that of Mayor Davison appears a typographical error. The section quoted should lie section 6, not 6,
as published. Section 5 reads as follows: —
B. Any person who shall be found
guilty of keeping or maintaining, or
being an inmate or habitual frequenter
of, or in any way connected with, or*n
any way contributing to, the support, of
any disorderly house or house of ill-
fame, or who shall knowingly own or
be interested as proprietor, landlord,
tenant or occupant of such house shall
I e subject to thepmalticB of this bylaw.
The penalty for"nn infraction of this
section is not more than filly dollars exclusive of costs.
Furthcoming Events.
St Alban's choir practice at 7:30 p.m.
St Paul's choir practice at 7:45 p.m.
Nanainio Lodye No 4 K of P.
Bnnd concert in the Y.M.C.A.
Sons of St tieorge No 325, in Hilbert's
present and, Rev's. Gunton Hall and
otlier visitors. The list of promotions
will be given iu our next issue.
~w. c.'t. u.
An entertainment will lie given
by the members of the Loyal Temperance Legion (Juvenile VV. C.
T. U.) in the Y.M.C..A. hall on
Tuesday next the 22r.d inst, commencing at 7 o'clock p.m. with a
program by the children, after
which will take place a sale of
work and refreshments, said work
including several beautifully dressed dolls done by tbe girls.
Admission 10 cents.
The regular business meeting o?
tbe W.C.T.U. was held in the Free
Press hall on Tuesday last the 15th
inst, after devotional exercises,
conducted by the president, business was taken up, officers andsup-
erintendants reports read and received, ways and means for furthering the work were discussed,
the time of meeting was permanently fixed for 3:30 o'clock p.m.,
and a resolution passed th it all
try to be punctual in order .that
the meeting may close promptly at
5 p.m. Attendance was small
owing to Xmas being so near by,
one new member received, moved
to adjourn, closed with benediction.
Fonrth Sunday in Advent. Celebration of Holy Communion at 8 a! ni.
2.30 p. m.Sunday school. 7 p. in. F.ven-
song and sermon. Kev. Mr. Bosnnquet,
Rector. Rev Mr Millar will conduct
both services. Evening subject:—
st. pahl's church.
Fourth Sunday in Advent, December 13th. 11 a. in., matins, Litany and
sermon. 2 p. m., Sunday school; 7 p.
in., Evensong and sermon. This evening, (Friday), Boys' Brigade at 7.30;
Choir practice at 8.30.
Rev. T. W. Hall, pastor. Services at
11 a. in. and 7 p.m. Sunday school and
Bible class at 2:30 p.m.
Rev. \V. A. Gunton, pastor. Services
11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Sunday school and
Bible class 2:30 p m. B Y P A, Tuesday evenings at 8 p m. Mid-week meet*
iniis for prayer, exhortation, tostimonv
and Bible study, Wednesday evening at
,,  .,,    . .„  .     ...     , ,.       ,      ,, 1,  8 pm,    Everybody is welcome to  all
R. T. of r. in the Good Templars Hall | "^ "meetings.
st. Andrew's Presbyterian church.
Services at 11 a. m. and 7 p. m.
Sabbath school and Bible class at 2:30
p. m.   Preacher:—Rev VV.   B  Cumm
Meeting of Mayor Davison's supporters at 7:30.
Meeting of the Tynesidcrs in the
cily inill (upstairs) at 3 p.m.
City Council at 7:30
at 7:30,
Charity concert in the Presbyterian
church, at 8 o'clock,
"Fair of the   Seasons" at St   Alban's
church al 2 p.m.
Epworth League of Wallace St church
at 8 p.m.
Sons of Temperance at Haliburton   St j p"„,
Children's entertainment at Y.M.C.A
Spiritualists' Hall, 1. O. O. F., (new-
block).   Sunday evening next  at 7:30
Under tho Manaiteiiient of the Laities ol St.
Allian's Church, at
St. Alban's Hall,
Tuesday and Wednesday Next
Dec, 22nrt find i'lnl.
openinp euch da)' nt 2 p. m. ,^j
Spring, Summer, Autumn mid Winter, re-
reprenemed bv nla.ln at which article* of all description*, appropriate to each aM-tOtl- will he
olfered for mile at rt'HRnnntdt* nrlcea.
Another feature of the Kalr Will be a large
eobweb; attached to the end ot each thread
will he a aultable present,
MuhIc and refreshment* will he provided.
AdmlMion during the day free, .Evening,
10 rents.
A MEETING of the Tyne-
siders will be held in the City
Hall (upstairs) on
Saturday, Dec. 19th, at 8 pan,
To make final arrangement for
the annual entertainiftniit.
A full and prompt atli-mlance
i.-i requested.
Cuban IiisuiffciK I'roirrcs.s.
I    Washington, Deo. 16.—The fol-1
I lowing lei ter dated  ill   October at I
' La Carapanal,   province of Santa1
Clara, Culm, was  written ton pro*
i niiiient U. S.  senator  by   General
Prftncison Carrillo, of the   Cohan j
army, who was tried and acquitted
in Wilmington, Del., for supposed:
violation  of  the  neutrality  laws.j
After some personal  allusions  the
letter says: "The general condition
of the revolution  cannot  be more
' satisfactory for us.      We are more
powerful every dav, while at every
step,   and   »t every  moment, the
absolute   incapacity   of Spain   to
| vanquish us is put in evidence. Our
forces cover all ihe island, moving
freely from one end  l<>  the other,
conducting offensive tactics every-
where and repeatedly  triking good
blows on the enemy's  forces   and
towns as much as the special character   nf  this  war  all, «s and lhe
n.rtiirier  in.wtiii-li the Spaniards'
armv tinny on ih- campaign,"
Advertisein the Mail, the people's
Central Hotel Restaurant
Sunday, Dec. 20, 1896
Miil-ilav Dinner from 12 to 3 o'clock.
Services at 11 a in. anil 7 p.m. Sunday school ami Bilile class at 2:30 p.m.
Eev, J. I). V. Knox, pnslor.
T.vK.vrv-Fivs. OBNTS.
Biiilei! Coil and Shrimp Sauce
Beef Tongue and Tomato Sauce
Dutch Slaw
Stewed Chicken and Mushroom.
Municipal Election, lil'JT.
The   following figures will he of
I interest to our readers who keep an
; eye on municipal politics.   The list
1 for 1897 has been revised and certified correct by the Mayor, and is as
South Ward  370
Middle Ward 47»
NorthWard  3tSH
Total .1216
The list for 1897 exceeds that of
1896 by 141 votes as will be seen by
the following comparisons:
South Ward  313
Middle Ward  449
North Ward  313
Ham and Kidney Pie
Lamlicho|iB Breaded and Green Peas
roasts :
Sirloin of Beef and Horse-radish
Leg of Pork ami Apple Sauce
Venison and Ciiiiiherry Sauce
Boiled and Mashed Potatoes
Sic»cd Tomatoes Carrots
Blanc Ma nire
Hot Mince Tie
A committee of ladies from each
church in the city will hold a concert for
the purpose of raising funds for charitable purposes, in the Presbyterian
Church on Monday next, Dec. 21st. The
concert will commence at 8 p.m. and
the price of admission is 25 cents. Tlie
following is the programme: Instrumental. Mrs Kitchen; Solo,, Mr HL
l-liiiid; solo, Miss Allan ; fantastia from
Margnerlta, Willie, James and Nettle
Lockei solo, Mrs P MoB young; solo,
Mrs Gunton ; chiming hells of long ago,
.Ihiiich and Nettie Locke; solo Mr Q
Hicks; solo, Miss A Glaholm; instru-
Boston Cream Tie j mental, Mrs Gladys; solo, Mr J P Jones,
1 sweet spirit hear my prayer, Willi* and
Netti* Locke,
position as housekeeper in a city
residence. On Tuesday night Maxwell called to see his wife and found
her. She threw a dipperfulof boiling lye into his face. Maxwell ia
frightfully burned and will probably lose his eyesight." Mn; Max*
well says he used insulting language to her, hence the  lye-throwing,
A letter received at Boston from
Harpool, Eastern Turkey, state*!
that neither the Armenians- nor
Turks are confident as to the future. A Turkish teacher was overheard to say in conversation witS
other Turks that the massacres had
only been postponed. Intelligent
Turks are anticpating European
intervention of some kind. Al*
though orders have been given for
the execution of reforms throughout the provinces, bribery and corruption are as open as ever. Tlie
commander of 100 soldiers, under
whose supervision taxes, are cal-
lected, said the other day. "Wo
have stripped the people clean,
even the food which they had prepared for winter we have sold for
Queer Counterfeits.
itt seems that the United States
has been flooded with spurious
silver-dollars. The dollars contain
as much pure silver as the genuine
government dollar, but they are
not intrinsically worth more than
half as much. It is a queer kind
of a counterfeit that contains aa
much of the precious metal, and is,
as bullion, worth as much as the
coin issued from the Government
mint. But these new dollars are
just such coin. It would be surprising if the silver in the United
States were not illegally coined
into dollars. The temptation to do
so is great. By merely coining the
silver the Ciiners double their
money. Passing such coin is comparatively easy, for no one but an
expert can distinguish them from
the coin issued by the Government.
As a matter of fact a large number
of these spurious dollars have found
their way into tho Treasury and
muBt be redeemed by the Govern*
ment with gold as they are now
represented by silver certificates.
This is one of the evils consequent
upon making coins of a metal
which has greatly depreciated in
value, a legal tender. -Colonist.
Jacksonville, Fla., Dec. 15.—Ever v
indication points to tho departure today or to-morrow af aiiotherCuban expedition steamer. The Commodore haa
received permission to leave port and is
now lying at one d? tlie railway wharve*
preparatory to taking on munitions of
war. After loading the arms, the owners of the steamer wiil dcmanil cleuranca
papers lor a Cuban port, on authority of
, the decision ol Attorney General Hart,
; and the customs house officials areex-
I pected to grant the clearance. If the
steamer shall be seized by a revenue
cutter the owners of the vessel will turn
it over to the government and then institute a suit to recover the value of the
vessel and cargo. The Three Friends
and Dauntless are expected lo follow the
example of the Commodore, so that
there arc indication) of-considerable activity in filibustering circles during the
coining week.
Boston, Mass., Dec. 15.— Kighty-flva
men, well up In drill, lelt Boston last
night ior Cubs, where they will fight in
the insurgent army. They are under
tbe command of Louis Marshall, of East
Jloston, who was a corporal in the Union
armv during the rebellion.
Untie. Mont..,Dec 15.—One hundred
and six able bodied men of Butte, signed
the roll which calls them to aid the
Cuban insurgents. The command is
readv to move at a moment's nolioe,
Kansas City, Dec. 15.—Prof. High-
toiver is organizing a company of young
men to go toCuba to join the'insurgentB,
Denver, Col., Dee. 15.—It is claimed
by the leaders of the movement to send
troops from Colorado to light for Cuban
independence that over 1,000 name*
have already beeu enrolled. John Mc-
Andrews, the middle of the road populist candidate for attorney-general it
in the recent election, has been chosen
commander with the title of colonel.
The wiioi.ii story of-the wonderful
cures liy Hood's sarsaparilla is soon told.
It, makes thc blood rich,pure and nourish
ing It cures scrofula, catarrh, rbeuuia*
Hood's tills act harmoniously with
Hood** sarsaparilla. cure all liver ill*,
25 -.-,-Bts,
• *.■■„• -"* ■II   lill
A Song of Christinas.
'•0 heart Of mine 1 from the store divine
•Of the memories dear yon hold,
Sing me a son« that is sweet and strong
Of the Christ mas days of old!
Sing of the easier h*»a'tv'aad eye
As the season of j iv •Irciv-.f-.-Mr;
And we marked tw**etWe)ilitlg*8luyB go by,
When the aim  itito'-late hi t-ite winter
With never r. backward thought or sigh
For the coul ing yvai!
■ Sing of  tlie •niwu   that our Lord was
As it came in thc days of youth,
When  thc  bells Tang   sweet down  the
village streel,
Their tidings of joy and trnth-1
tjiiig of the drilled fields of white,
'Of tlie crisp and buoyant air;
"Of the country -roads  packed  bard  and
'Of the loaded sb/lglrs and  faces   bright,
'Of the rosy girl's and tbe iatighte* light,
And the greetings lair!
It was not the first time Rob-'pedistry,' er-no-by Jove! he'd
ert Arnold had communed with | have to call it a foot-book, would-
himself after this fashion.     On]n't lie?'
Then they both huvghed, and
afterward fell to pitying one reduced to such extremities,
A few days after this Robert
Arnold found his ideal, He was
standing before the window of a
at least one hundred nnd one
othor occasions he had convinced himself beyond the shadow of a doubt ol* his superiority
over his married friends.
The only strange thing about
it is that doubts or shadows of fashionable bazaar , gazing at a
doubts should continually reap- Christmas display of feminine
| pear after such conviction. There! foot-gear, when his eye lighted
is no accounting for doubts or oh a pair of shippers that his
their shadows; they are wont to fancy instantly transported to
hop up,like Banquo's ghost,even I bis fender to his complete satis-
at a feast, and make peoplo de- j faction. They were of so-'t, gray,
cidodly uncomfortable;. undressed kid, with a tiny fleur-
Thc temperature in   Robert's de-lis embroidered on the too in
apartments  that  night did not j sparkling steel bonds,
vary in tho slightest fraction of     'Quiet and demure, Vet withal
Sing of the hall where we gathered all, , f        its normal con-j a dash of brilliance  to  prevent
'With never-a vacant place; ■ .■ ■ , ,i i . , , i,   1      , ,   i
-Father  and -mother  ami   sister   ami dition; yet the rooms, as lie ent* i monotony,  was lmbert,s mental
brother, ered, seemod strangely cold. He comment.      Having  now   con-
^^^"iiiaiikfnniZts^ncere lighted every gas-jot, turned on structed a picture to please his
• For the board an nr.bly laid; j overv particle of licut,  and   still   fastidious funcv, ho fouiiil it  oc-
Of the boundless cheer of the  garnered   140 shivered. \ (.upyhlil    llis   thoughts not Only
'Confound that fadiatofl' he in leisure hours, but even en-
began, nnd then stopped short; orouchiiigoii'iiiattors of weight.'
for tho radiator had been of hisiOn his way to and from his
own choosing. An open lire, ottitse he found himself slacken-
he had always argued, was an ing bis pace before a certain
abominable nuisance, causing: fascinating shop window, and
no end of trouble, dirt and : allowing his gaze to rest loving-
smoke,     lie  could not go back I ly on   the littlo   gray  slippers.
One   day   he missed I hem from
Prove ihe inert at Flood's Snrstii-iu-illa— potft-
,  tlve, perfect; permanent Uuros,
Curos of scrofula In   jtevotutrt   forms, like
goitre, swelled neck, i'l uml tig sores; hip
dtseudc* Sores itt tiie eyes.
Cures of Suit Hlietim, witli its intense itching
uml burning, seulil UeitU, tetter, etc.
Curos or Holls, I'iinpius uml all other erup-
tlons tine tn impure blooU.
Cures of Dyspepsia anil othef troubles wltere
n good stom.u-.ii tonlo was ik.v<Iim!-.
Cures of Itl'munatisni.wii-T'* patients yforolift-*
able to work or walk for weeks.
Cures ol Catarrh hy expelling the impurities
which cause ami sustain the disease.
Cures of Nervousness by properly toning aud
feeding the nerves upon pure blood-.
Cures of That Tiri'd   Keeling   by  restoring,
strength.   Send for book of cures by
The Most Complete Stock
Jas. McGregor's
Victoria Crescent.
nl  tin: homo
ilre  ample   rousts
browed beer*
■Of the stinj-lesn jest   nnil  the laughter
Anil the joy we niatle'!
Sing nf the night-anil the rare delight,
•Of the ilnnet) ami the romping gumel
'Of the moment* fleet-, anil the twinkling feet
In the blas-e «f the piiie-Jog's flume!
"Ofthe lime vrlius
Afl the potannnt r.enst* of love; .    ,      . .    , .      .
'Ofthe  berried  boughs uml the  ever-: up as a symbol Oi lorlorn bachc
green, lofUood.    No, he would beg tin
Tlie   lust enp  roinui   nnd the parting
Been ii.
'Of the last i-ncst gone,   with  the
memories now ure on liis radiator now, simply  because Don McGregor bad held it
radiator's  pardon,   turn out the
milesIlights, turn otT the heat, and  ge
their accustomed place, and
found ill their stead a pair of
glaring red satin opera-boots.
Tlie only link between fact and
fancy wus gone, imd Robert  fell,  n
• Anil the slurs uhnve:
ChaiiijE.- QoSbqjj Robeiss.
Four Feel od a Fender.
to"bed', trusting daylight to thawl801*1,,f <ierW! resentment rise within
out his imaginary chill, to dis- ■■■j™ for "halever had deprived htm
pel the clouds of nonsense   that   " }[• RM     A    hBar.?i hted
were betoging his brain. j f(.,kiw   h'ke ,,„,, ,() ,,e ,,„,
But daylight came next morn-1 wi,n(lllt ymir glasses. You're looking, and for many mornings jng ttt the wrong window; the men's
after that, without banishing the shoes nre on the other side.'
vision of De-nahl McGregor's Robert turned, to find himself
radiant face, or his wife's face to face and hand jn hand with
limpled smiles, or that ^Hit-era* | «••*■ old college chum.     'I've  just
olliee,' continued
When   Donald   McGregor, at all the tenacity of Mark Twain's l^--*1*"1"*8 ■""■ "*•   .i  !•*•»L ""<e
.,   .,...,    ,. ...     ,       ,,     , i      , i,"      i        ,    ,i 'no for an answer.    Mothers  t
that little dinner at the Arnolds, doggerel,     'Punch,      brothers, - mjged m one ()f ,lergoodl)ld Chri8l.
sprang to his feet to respond   to pun-eh   with  care, punch in the n«rll8 dinners that you  used to rave
a toast on'Happiness,'he  little presence of the  passenger.'     It knout in our college days.     Com
thought of the mischief lie was | was by all odds the worst relapse; out mi Ghristniaseve, und I'll meet
you at Lenox with the sleigh.'
A Oh/riatmat Story.
BY EUZnlnTi 1'VEItSTltKnT Cfl-l'Y.
dimpled smiles, or that sllttiera* «••*■ oiq eimege cnum.      ive  just
tive line,'four feet on a fender,' 0(,me from your   olliee,' continued
that clung to his  memory   with *»!■ -friend.   [1 want you  to. spend
all tl.e lenacitv of Mark Twain's I V"??™* witl* '•*•   J   ""'l L ti,kfi
, ,      .,.-      ,        ,     ., 'no for an answer.    Mothers   pro-
i To C. I. Hood & Co.. Proprietors, Lowell, Mass.
u j, r*.ii nro the best iifter-dinner
MOOd S  HlllS |illls, uiil ingestion,  -am.
tiilesin the chinnieyeurin-r. What
is it this time, 'Cinderella,' 'Blue
Beard,' or 'The TJiree Bears?''
'Something far more marvellous
thnn any fairy tale—one nf the most
realistic uf modern realistic novels.
The author sels nnt—'
But I doubt if Robert heard two
words of her really clever exposition of one of the hooks of the hour.
He was taking advantage of hfer
animated discussion to iry a littlei
experiment< On discovering the
gray slippers be had drawn liis feet,
upon-the rounds of his chair as if;
to defy fate. Now a great longing
came over hiln to experience the'
realization of his dreams. He gingerly drew out une foot und placed
it on the hearthstone; and in the1
aet a sudden flush overspread hisl
News of the Dav.
The Nanaimo Bakery Excels
Wake up!
about to make. Heing very ltobert Arnold haci ever experi-
young, very happy, aud very enced since the day he had sat
in   love with his newly down calmly, cooly
It   needed   no   special urging on
Frank Fielder's  pnrt to secure an
much   in   love with his newly down calmly, cooly and   collect
married  wife, he spoke,  some- edly, to weigh matrimony iu the acceptance,    borne of the happiest
what  gushingly., perhaps, from | balance and lind it wanting. On l1'?0.'!!^"0"8,0.... b?[lA?ol.d'*.!ife
the abundance of his heart. that occasion ho had dipped far
'Happiness!'he cried.    'What enough into thefuturetosee the,„   ,      ,.  ,. ,. ,, ,
• ,.     .... 1. ■   , j I        i       j, •      i .     i i so in ii ii v   vocation
is lt?    With the genial autocrat! goal   ol  success   m   Ins chosen | the   coming of Christmas with al
clustered   about    the   hospitable
country house where he hud  spent
He awaited
ofthe breakfast-table, I would j profession clearly within his most as much impatience as in the
answer,'Happiness is four feet:reach, under certain manifest old college days..
on a fender!' I would even go conditions. In order to fulfill I 'You'll fiod things just as they
beyond the autocrat, and add, (these conditions, it would be were ten years ago,' remarked Frank
'Misery is two feet on a radia- i necessar.v for him to mark out i Fielder, as tiie sleigh drew near the
tor!'' " j carefully" each step in his career, j do"r> 'onlv fatn«r aMfl mother have
Thus launching himself on his and   walk  therein, allowing no a few m'-re gray hairs, and Jennie's
theme,   he   sailed  majestically extraneous   element  to .disturb, •*■ V,i"" i ii        .-      i d i    .   mi
.; ', , .     "■ -    .. , ,. , . .        'Seanie? questioned Robert.   Ob,
through an eloquent eulogy on the even tenor of his way. A g j m„j\ni()er now—the quiet
wedded bliss, and reached port'wife would undoubtedly be an I iit.(le aistei- that used lo sit by the
amid a storm of laughter, ap-> extraneous element, quod erat fire and read fairy" tales.'
proval and applause on the part I demonstrandum; a wife should I 'Yes; that's the" one. The others
•■of all his listeners save one,'be eliminated from his plans, are married. Jennie finished her
Robert Arnold, brother of the j To-eliminate the wife was easy | college course last June. She wanted
host, and the only bachelor iu
that choico company of benedicts.
Being a bachelor from conviction and deliberate choice, there
is  no  reason in the world why
enough, but to eliminate certain ; to • take up some advanced work,
roseate dreams and tantalizing ljUl gttVe il UP t0 *'e witl" fatller
fancies proved to be an altogctli-;&nd "1".1lll,l'r-. , ,     .     .
er different matter. Finding i R fei^l,le *».r,{ '" f've '* "P» Wfts
, .        ,„ ,       . ■ . ,,   .s   Roliert s veriliet; liUt  not  knowing
himself powerless to resist their hig comptuton's views on the sub*
invasion of his quiet hours, es- je0tof advanced womanhood, he did
llobert Arnold should have been pecially after the McGregor not venture to give it aloud,
in the least disturbed by young'affair, he decided he would have! 'Go right into the sitting-room,
McGregor's words; yet as he to take himsolf in hand once ! Rob,'said Frank, as he drew up in
listened he was conscious of a more. Accordingly, he sat down front of the door;'the folks are ex-
feeling not altogether unlike that one evening to have it out  with  pectlngyou, and   I'll  join you as
of a hungry, penniless boy gaz-lhis   own  inner   consciousness. *l00n   us  * tu'ie l'le horse to the
" ■"   - -- - barn.
He mentally denounced himself be useless, he finally decided on 1,  0nc<? jnfde lh,f preal ,h.a"> w(h"e
. ,       '     „,: j i         _._. _       tt.    ii  •     ihe could  hear the crackling of the
ing into a   bake-shop   window.  Knowing   further   resistance to
He mentally denounced himself be useless, he finally decidei"
in most uncomplimentary terms a compromise. He would in-, h|ok , •„ the old.fllsll!l,m.„
for being guilty of such weak- dulge his fancy up to a certain fire-place, Robert was a boy again,
ness, shrugged his shoulders as point; he would allow it in leis-j He threw off his coat and hat. and
if in contempt for his folly, and .ure moments, when there were stepped eagerly across to the well-
:tried in various ways to pull
himself together. But the feeling would not down; it only asserted itself more strongly   with
nn Dupnnt
on lire on
lire   was ex*
no matters of weight to be con-; remembered sitting-room. Coiled
sidered, to conjure up a glowing up in the big arm-chair inthe
fire, a polished fender, with his chimney-corner was a young girl,
own feet resting on one side, and reading   in   the  firelight, and ap-
the increased gaiety of the com-1 a dainty pair of feminine feet P'*1*-'**''}' ■*<* absorbed in her book as
x,       " .      fl , i       ,,       ,,' i   ,     •,/•      ■    to be oblivious of all else.     Robert
pany.     No amount of logic or; on the other, provided said feirn-i ,     ,   , ,   , ,        ...
*   *'        „ . &,        I    •      a   ,     i   ' i i • ! paused only long enough to see that
argument can convince   a bun-  nine feet should   remain,   ever £he wa(j    '   fair to look upon ftnd
gry   boy  that he ls not hungry,, and always, here and  hereafter,' then advanced   with   outstretched
as   long as  cakes and tarts are , world without end, disconnected, hand.
arrayed temptingly bofore him; even   in   the   wildest  flights of j    'Can   this be the little Jeanie I
if he is wise, he moves on to a fancy, wilh any   particular   in-; ured to know?'he asked.
less enchanting  spot.      Robert! dividual.    Thus far and no far-1    In an instant she was on her feet,
Arnold was nothing if not wise; ther would fancy be allowed to-JBreetinK liim  cordially, arid apolo-
therefore,   he pleaded another go.   After granting himself this B'""" for fer negligence.
•engagement, and left his  broth- j little indulgence, Robert   found       h" "T? ° me nn' ^ Tt  y™,
fi °. . , i-     ',•        ic ■ ri   i come in, she  murmured,  'when   I
■•er's   house   at a muohi earlier himself   growing   exceedingly had 8ta{loned myge)f her'e on    ur.
hour than he lind intended. fastidious over that pair ot dis-! .)0H, t0 weicome y0U-'
'The idea of Don McGregor J embodied feet. He did not care j 'When a y.ounu lady goes wand-
making such a fool of himself,'j to associate, even in fancy, with i ering off into fairyland, one can't
he thought, as he stalked down'an unattractive pair of common- expect her to return immediately'
■the street, with his hands thrust j sense shoes; while on tho con- said Robert, as he seated himself
into his pockets and his hat 'trary he was certain that those opposite her and stretched out his
pulled over his nose.      'It  was ' extremely pointed,  high-heeled |j*?jf"n'£J*'.^,16,    'You *"ee *
idiotic enough for a fellow in his ! rffairs would soon bore him with       ' ' """
position to get married at twenty- tlieir apparent frivolity.    It had
five,   without   having  the poor nevor   occurred to  him before
taste to ram his happiness down  how expressive a foot might be.
other people's  throats.     Beforo
the   year   is  out  he'll want to
swallow overy  word ho snid tonight.    And yet that crowd applauded, as if he'd made a brilliant speech.     That's the worst
part of being married      It nar-, ».- „.» ™. v..^^.^...^, -    -
rows   a ...an down till M can't like all other old bachelors, was;      ,   Hpeilking, Mh <Ut
sec owr his own door-silh    His getting to be  a  regular   crank. | r <you were saying you hadn't for-
•only- idea of eloquence  is  laud- 'He says'there ought to be a regu-1 g„tt«n,' ventured Miss Fielder,
ing his wife, and his only notion  lar science of  foot-reading.     II    "Yes, yes,'he hastily resumed;'I
tttf tdit is telling stories about his wouldn't be surprised to hear of i was going to say I hadn't forgotten
.b»ihy.' his getting out a ".handbook on! your penchant for reading fairy
haven't forgotten—'
He stopped short, and his heart
gave a sudden wild throb; for as he
leaned forward warming bis hands,
something sparkling on the hearth-
'I declare,' he said one day to j gtone caUght his eye, and glancing
Donald McGregor,'it's an index down he saw peeping out between
to human nature- You can read the folds of Miss Fielder's gray
character in it the same as in the gown a little gray slipper with a
hand-' -"l*"e* fleur-de-lis shining in the fire-
,      And Donald went home   and 1'ght,     W*at trick was this that
- told his wife that Robert Arnold, I fortune was p ay.ng him?   Had l.e
Lord Aberdeen addressed the
pupils of the Manitoba College on
Monday. A ball was given in his
honor at the Government House.
1). B. Hanna, treasurer of the
Manitoba and Northwestern Railway Company, has lieen appointed
superintendant of the new Luke
Dauphin railway.
G, H. Campbell, manager of the
Winnipeg electric street railway,
will resign to devote more time
to the Kootenay mines, in whith
lie is largely interested.
The funeral of the bite Mr. Ged-
des, took place at Vancouver on
Sunday under the auspices of the
Ojjd Fellows to the 0. P. R. station.
The remains were sent East to Belgrade, Ont.
A prisoner named Eldridgo escaped from the provincial jail at
Westminster at 6:80 on Saturday
morning and was re-arrested 18
lloUra later. Eldridge was held fur
A gang of burglars are still operating in Vancouver, and several
more hold-ups are reported. Reports of ntlen.pted burglaries are
very numerous, but the police say
that most of them are "fairy
Hip Yuen's place
Street, Vancouver, w is
Saturday night. The
tinguised with the greatest difficulty
thus preventing an extensive con-
Horace Buley, the seventeen
year old boy who fell down an
elevator shaft in the building occupied by the Richardson Stationery
Company, at Winnipeg on Saturday, died at the general hospital
on Sunday.
The first Highland burial ever
held in Victoria wns that of the!
late Murd.ick MoLachlin who met 1
his deatli on board the Costa Rica
at Departure Bay. The funeral
took place on Friday last, and toward the close of lhe service as the
collin was being lowered into the
lirave, the pipers ofthe Sir William
Wallace Society played, "'the land
o' the Leal."
The TaComn Led«er is authority
for tl.e story that Lord and Lady
Sin il to Douglas, Who afforded the
San Francisco papers so many
stories a few months ago, tir-p coming to British Columbia to make
their home. They will live in Vancouver, as His Lordship wishes to
be near the Fraser river, where he
hns heard there is splendid duck
shooting. Lord Sholto expects i
visil from his titled relatives in the
spring. Lady Sholto has renoun-
ed the stage.
Capt. Pittendrigh, S.M., heard
two cases in the Burnaby District
Court recently, in which Win Dixon and Crane Bro's of Westminster
were charged with and pleaocd
guilty to, carrying over 2,000
pounds on wagons fitted with narrow tires, being an infraction of the
Wide Tire Act. A- these were the
first cases to be tried under the bylaw putting the Act into force, the
magistrate took a lenient view, and
ordered defendants to pay the costs,
and gave them three months iu
which to procure wagons with wide
tires. It is the intention of the
Municipality to enforce the law and
proceed against all offenders.
The Popular Bakers.
Land Agent and Conveyancer,
Town Lots nnil Farm- for Snlo.   Money to I.oun
on Mortgage at tow rate*.
Agent for the CnlttHl 1*1 re Inmiranee Coinpan*
of Manchester, England.
Having completed the erection of lhe Arlington
llolml at NANOOSE RAY, thl* lmiid-nine and
commodious hotel is now prepared to receive
and comfortably entertain travelers and others.
Is presided over by Mrs. Thompson, and the
Table d'llnte constantly provided with all the
delicacies of tlic season. Combined with the
elegant furnished apartments, the visitor llnds
the surroundings of the most pleasant description.
Clothes Cleaned...
Repaired and Altered
iAW* Next door to Westwonds' Blacksmith
shop. p. o. ilox :m
Old Clothes made equal to new.
Trespass Notice.
WHEREAS, Certain evil-illsposeil per-
snna have lieen killini: "toi'kon Valdez
Island, Nunniino District, it is
RESOLVED in future that all persons
fun nil trespassing on the Wake Estate
of 7(1!) ni'ies innl Iiulian Reserve of 1700
ailjniiiins.' will lu- proseouterl to the mil
extent of the law.
(Sitrneil)     BALDWIN H. WAKE.
Sept. 15,181)0.   JOIl.\  HASH,
Any person selling or otherwise disposing of KEGS, B T-
TLES, or TAPS belonging to
the Union Brewing Company
will be prosecuted.
W. E. NORMS, Sec.
Nov. 13, ismi.
Hakes the
Most Permanent
-n« Artistic
Sign Letter
In existence
Sole Agent for British Colnmbta
loe.1 A,ent, JAS.   HIRST
You stand to make Big Profits,
Will sell to you on terms no other
Broker in British Columbia
Advertise in the Mail, the peopled
j ouraal.
T 'e New York Evening Punt's  eopy-
rij-lil  iiilileunini   Irom London riniliilns
the  following  report:    "The report of
Dr I.    N,   Foster, ottii-iul  iniiiernlo^ist,
hriiiL'S Enghiinl  faee to fuee   with   the
poBsililv iiml exhaustion.   He says the
supply will not slniiil the yearly inerease
of three ami n-liulf per cent in the output ami that si-tns ol'a decline will pro*
halily liecniiie apparent   within   a   life
I time.   He estimates that a century, at
I trre   present rate   of progress,   will ex
■ linnst, the  English  mines to a  depth of
4,000   feet, which   is 1,500   feet   deeper
than the deepest mine.
 «»» ■
An inquest has been held into
lire deatb of Fred Ka»t, who with
Lady Selina Scott, John Cockerton
and William Aylot, bus been on
trial upon the charge of having*
libelled Earl RukhcII. One of tbe
witnesses testified that before bis
death, whieh resulted from jmeu-
monin, Kant declared that «very-
tliin}* he had said regarding Karl
Russell was true. Lord Russell's
solicitor, who was present al the
inquest, protested against the ad-
mii-sion uf the witness and his evidence.
The Stamp  Mill at Alberni
Is now in operation. When results are known, up go the Shares
of all Alberni Companies.
And make money while you have
a chance BEFORE the rise takes
•     <u
Wake up to the fact that if you   3
invest NOW   in   Shares  of
good reliable
You have to Pay
I divide it up into
mall Monthly Instalments-"
So that everyone can have an interest in Mining and secure part   j
ofthe Profits that most assuredly
WILL be made.
Thos. Kit chin,
MINING BROKER .. Ba03M'*-t*ap-
€harles Wilson's Argument
For the Act.
Mr Pooley For the Dunsmnir's.
He Favors the Chinese
in the Mines.
The Miners Union of this city
agreed, to test the Act excluding
the Chinese from the mine?, the
Act not having been in force since
it was placed on the statute in 18110.
The Union concluded that if they
had the satisfaction of knowing
whether or not it was constitutional, they would either be ahle to
ma<e use of it against those employing Chinese in the mines, or
be able to put another of some
practical importance in its place.
The effort of the miner* have been
supported by the New Vancouver
Coal Company in favor of the Act,
against the Chinese. The Dunsmuir*' through th-ir cuun-el seek-
ing to argue against the constitutionality of the Act. We print the
argument of Mr. Pooley or at least
a synopsis of the same, with the
argument of Charles Wilson, Q. C,
of Vm:!mver, tha gentlem m engaged by the miners as follows:
On Friday the full court Mr.
Justice Walkem, Mr. Justice Drake
and Mr. Justice McColl sat to hear
argument upon a case slated by
the Lieutent-Uovorntir in Council
pursuant to the provisions of an
Aet of the Legislature of British
Columbia intitled an Aet for ex
pediting the decision of consli-
iutional and other questions.
The question submitted to the
rourt for consideration was as follows:
"Has the Legislature of the Province of British Columbia "jurisdiction to pass the Aet passed in
tiie 5,'{ year of Her Majesty's reign
Chapter Silt intitled an Aet to amend
the Coal Mines Regulation Act.''
The section of the Coal Mines
Regulation Act as amended by the
Aet in qtiesiion read-1:
4. No boy under the age of twelve
years and no woman or girl of any
age and no Chinaman shall be employed in or allowed to he for the
purpose of employment in any mine
to whicli this Act applies "below
The words "and no Chinaman"
having been inserted in theoriginal
Aet by the Act now in question.
Mr. Pooley, Q 0. appeared to argue against the validity of the Aet
• id Mr. Charles Wilson, Q. ('., and
Mr. Helmcken, (J.C., in support of
the Aet.
Mr. Pooley argued thai- the Act
was unconstitutional as it was an
interference with (1) Alien-. (2)
Trade and Commerce (M) class
legislation, (-1) in violation of
treaty rights and that as to the
tirst two points they were subjects
assigned hy the B. N. A. Act exclusively to the Dominion Parliament. That tlie Act was not local
iu ils character but had far reaching consequences extending beyond
the Province. He relied upon
Citizens Insurance Co. vr. Pan ins,
It appeal eases beforu the J. 0. of
the P. C. Tai Sing and Macguire
before Mr. Justice Cray in 1878
when it was held that an Aet -imposing certain taxes on Chinese
was unconstitutional and other
•eases hefore Begbie, C. J., and
Creas •, J., whieh he contended were
analayous and governed the case
under discussion.
He further contended ihat as
aliens they were entitled to the
came privileges in connection with
the right to labor as British subjects and the result would be Ihat
if lhe Aet were upheld, every industry in the Province requiring
the employment of Chinese labour
might under similar legislation be
practicall paralysed.
Mr. Wilson first stated that the
•question was simply was or was
-or was not the Act in question
within the power of the province to
-enact that with the question of ils
convenience or inconvenience wisdom or unwisdom the Court had
nothing to do. If within the power
of the Legislature that was sufficient.
The Imperial Parliament was as
to the legislation supreme and no
Court could call it in question. By
the B. N. A. Act all the legislative
power of the Imperial Parliament
had subject to some limitations
arising from the colonial relationship as for example that legislation
must not lie repugnant to the colonial laws validity Act 28 and 29
Vic. chap. (Imp.) heen assigned
•either to the Dominion or the Province following the language of the
J. C. of the P. C, in Bank of Tnr-
iinto vs. Liuiihe 12 appeal cases
"the Federali n Act exhausis aqi
whole range ol legislation power
and that whatever is not thereby
given to tn« Pn.vineial Legislature
rests with parliament."
The question then is, due- it fa'I
within those classes of subjects exclusively assigned tn the Province
by Section 92.   If bo, that disposed
of the question unless it belonged
to that class of cases which in one
aspect fall within Section 92 and
in another aspect and for another
purpose ' fall within Section 91.
That another rule for guidance in
interpreting the B. N. A. Act was
to look at the true nature and construction of the Act as was held by
the C. J. in Biscuntz 4 B. C. R.
Applying then these principles he
submitted the Act in question was
clearly within sub-Section 13 of
Section 92 property and civil
rights and sub-Section 16; generally all matters ot a merely local
or private nature in the Province.
The object of the Act in question
was primarily tbe protection ofthe
persons relerred to in Section 4,
and that the disability to labor
underground was only an incident
of such protection and simply an
interference with their civil rights
and the further right of the coal
owner to employ them. That such
disability was no infrequent thing
as in the case of seamen and others
whose freedom of contract had
been curtailed for their own protection. Even if it were not for
their own protection the legislature
being supreme within the limits
prescribed by Section 92 if the Act
i were within the section* the Legislature could lawfully interfere as
| well for the protection of those
! placed under disability as for others
j in the same employment affected
hy the acts or labour of those fir
hidden to engage in a particular
I branch of any given field of labour.
I The words' "properly anil civil null's"
are wide eiiiiiij-li lo in,■hide nil the relations of iniiiikiinl to one iiiintlier within ihe boundaries of the Province hm do
j nut Include criminal law which is ex*
| clusively assigned to the Dominion;
| many of the powers assigned lo the
Dominion beyond criminal law are
curved out of the powers assigned to the
Province so tlmt Ihe reslduni of power
iu that cla-s of siihje.:i.s over Which hnth
exercise jurisdiction is iu the Province
nnd unt in the Dominion.
As between the Province and the
Dominion the rule would lie the name us
between the whole colony i. e. the Dominion ami Province and the Imperial
Parliament neither nor.both ean legislate lawfully if their legislation be repugnant to the Colonial Act, Validity
Act and lhe Province in those matters
which for general purpuse full within
•Suction 92 but some subject is curved
out of theui ami assigned exclusively to
the Dominion by Section 91 cannot
legislate sous to he repugnant to Domini, in legislation hut subject thereto the
Province is supreme.
Tlie Dominion has confirmed its peg-
Ishitiiin as the rights of aliens to the
subjects mentioned in Section 3 of the
Naturalization Act simply giving them
the right to acquire and hold propertv
us a natural horn British subject. Ii
bus been decided bv the J. C. of the P.
tl iu re Ailini 1 .Moore P. C. that the
status of au alien was to be determined
by the law of Enulpnil hut the rights and
liabilities incident to sueh status must
be determined by the law of the colony
and here as only his civil rights were
atleileil uud the Dominion had refrained
frmn giving any other right thmi tlmsu
mentioned under their power to deul
with aliens the jurisdiction ofthe Pro.
vin -e was undoubted and the Act un-
Then it wns not. an interference with
trade uud commerce. Sume of the evils
suggested certainly savoured of un Interference but they were ufter uli only
so us incident to the regulation of the
person who may work untleruround,
Keg. vs. Biscuntz effectually disposed of
this. Tlie intention of the Ad was to
allB'-t the right of tha Chinese to work
Underground und the right of the eoal
owner lo employ them in that capacity
"although as subsidiary to tlie general
object and intention mutters maj have
incidentally to lie dealt with which
eome within the express language of
Section 9."
The result he submitted might be ex*
traded from the judgment of Blake V.
C. in Cowan vs. Wright 28 Ur. 616,
That to the local legislature are cuui-
niilted the powers to levislute upon a
isiige of subjects which is indeed limited hut thut within the limits prescribed
the riiiht of legislation is absolute and
thut the local legislature huve thut
power in all eases where the property
md rights sought to be alluded are in
the Province to the same unlimited extent, that lhe Imperial Parliament has
in lhe Uniled United Kingdom.
When the parlies reside without this
Province the legislation may affect their
property situate within the Province,
but when, as in this case, the parlies
intended to be all'eeteil bv the Act reside
within the Province then it nlfects not
only their property ami their civil rights
but limits its operation and etlect to
persons and things within its territorial
and legislative jurisdiction, and therefore ims clearly within the power of the
Provincial Legislature to enact. .
The Court reserved judgment.
General Maceo was Invited to a Conference and With His Officers
Cruelly Murdered.
The Bodies Immediately Buried to
Hide Evidence ofthe Terrible
An inquest wus held at London
over the remains of Mrs. Caroline
Muriel Vanantia Le Champion,
daughter nf Captain Cuncliffe, of
Shropshire, who a month ago obtained a judicial separation from
her husband, Mr. Loft us Le Champion, a relative of the well known
sport-man Sir Claude Champion
de Crespigny, Bart. Mrs Le Champion committed suicide on Friday
last, hy swallowing a quantity of
laudanum. The coroner's jury returned a verdict of temporary insanity. The divorce proceedings
caused quite astir at the time in
revealing the doings of certain
members of the "fast set" in England. Mrs. Le Champion, it was
shown in court, occasionlv came
down to dinner in red satin bloomers.
Archbishop Langevin has left
for the East. It was not his intention to go East so soon, hut was
anxious to be present at the bed.
side of Archbishop Fabre, who is
dying at Montreal. It is also
understood that while in the East
all the Quebec prelites will assemble in council in order to discuss
the school question and probably
to form a plan of campaign. The
Archbishop will stop over at Rat
Portage for a day or two on his
way East,
Jacksonville, Fla.,—According to
a letter received here by A.J.Juan,
of the Cuban junta, from a reliable
source in Havanna, Genej-al Antonio Maceo, the famous Cuban
leader, was treacherously murdered
by Spaniards on Dec 7, while on
his way to attend a conference to
which he w».s invited by the Marquis of Ahtimada, acting captain-
general of Cuba, while General
Weyler was in the field. The letter gives a detailed account of the
assassination of Gen Maceo and
his entire staff, with the exception
of Dr. Zertucha, who was Maeeo's
From the letter it appears that
the Marquis of Ahumada, who is
acting as captain-general of Cuba
sent a Litter to General Maceo, inviting the Cuban leader toa conference. Maceo never thought for
a moment treachery was intended,
especially by such a prominent
Spaniard as the Marquis of Ahumada. Accampanied by his staff
only he went to the rendezvous,
little dreaming of the awful fate
which was in store for him. On
arriving at tbe troclia, the Spanish
soldiers there, acting under orders,
saluted the rebel chieftain as he
passed, but after reaching the rendezvous Maceo was surprised to see
instead of the Marquisof Ahumada
a large body of Spaniards who
seemed to come from every side.
The action of the Spanish troops
were so suspicious that Maceo felt
that he had been trapped and his
suspicions were confirmed when a
peremptory order came irom a
mounted olbcer, whose name it was
subsequently learned was Major
Ciruejeda, demanding bis unconditional surrender.
"Never," was the reply, and
haVdly had the words been uttered
lhan volley after volley was poured
into the little baud of patriots, whu
although hemmed in on all sides,
struck spurs io their horses, and
with cries of "Cuba Libre" rode
gallantly to their death. Maceo
is reported to have fallen at the
first fire, with a bullet through his
head, breaking his jaw. and an
other bullet hit him in the abdomen.    Both were fatal.
Young Francisco Gomez, son nf
the Cuban commander-in-chief,
was the next to fall, and in a few
moments bloody corpses, all shot
almost beyond recognition, so
tierce and concentrated was the
Spanish lire, was all that reminded
of the gallant Cubans who had
trusted to Spanish honor.
Only one member of tbe staff
escaped, and that wa< Dr. Zertucha.
The letter then goes on to say that
the corpses were buried on the
fields and every precaution taken
to keep the details ofthe horrible
butchery from being made public.
Washington, Dec. 15.—Representative Woodnnn, of Illinois, today introduced a resolution direct
ing the President to intervene in
Cuban affairs. The resolution,
after reciting General Maeeo's assassination and Spanish cruelties in
Cuba, says the President has failed
to carry out the wishes of the people. The President is directed to
express severe condemnrtion of the
Spanish methods of warfare, and
the-probable murder of Maceo, and
to recognize the independence of
Cuba and to demand Spain to
withdraw all troops from Cuban
soil. He also directed to take proper steps to see that this demand
is carried out.
Mr. Call presented a resolution
yesterday denouncing the killing
of Maceo as follows: "Resolved
that the killing of General Maceo,
the renowned general of I he republic
of Cuba, if true, while under a
flag of truce and with assurance of
safety from the Spanish captain
general, was a violation of the rules
of civilized war, an outrage, base
treachery, murder, cowardly and
disgraceful, which demands the
execration of every government
and all people of the world,
whether civilized or savage; the gov
eminent which authorizes, permits,
fails to punish the assassins who
were connected in any way with
the guilt of this crime with the
extreme penalty of the law, is an
outcast from the family of nations
and from the pale of civilization.
That the committee on foreign relations be directed to make inquiry
as to the facts and report to the
senate at an early day.
Lit Semaine Rnligieuse, official
organ of the archbishop of Montreal
says the school question is not set*
tied but has entered on a new
pha-e. That journal pledges to tbe
minority of Manitoba in the struggle about to lie entered on, the support of the entire clergy, under the
direction of the episcopate and with
the encouragement of the Pope.
The NeW Vancouver
The Nkw Vancouver Coal
Company mine at their , „_______
Collieries at and near
Nanaimo the following
v   : __        SOOTHFIELD COAL,
The above are supplied in
the following Grades, viz: Double Screened, Screened,
Kim of the Mine,
—*sf£j         Washed Nuts and
Washed Screenings.
Prompt Delivery at the Comnnnr'a
WImrvi-M at Nauuiiuo aud Protection Inland.
%%%%*%%%^%%%%%%%%%%-%%%4*/%%*-< i
People who Appreciate >
Have their prescriptions dispenBed at
Their Prices nie Right. Telephone 8.
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
Telephone 7-9. Nanaimo, C. C.
Meats delivered free of charge to all
parte of the nity.
Ofllce Tel. 30.   P. 0. Ilm 16.  Resilience Tel. 101.
Funeral Directors
™ Embalmers.
Graduates ofthe Oriental, Ihe Knreka,
the New York and clitrk'8
Schools of Kinhalming.
1, 3 and 5 Bastion St., Nanaimo
Arrival and Departure of Mails
E. & N. RAILWAY.       CLOSE. DDE.
Daily ex. Bun.
Wellin-<ton, Northfield and am    a.m.
East Wellington    11.26 8.50
Vietorin,Southern States and
planes along line of E. & N. Dally ex.Sun.
Railway    8.2611.50
British and foreign, Eastern
,  Provinces, Eastern States, Dally ex.Sun.
Vamiouverand other places p.m.   p.m.
on Mainland of B.C.   6.30 5.00
Comox, Union, Union Bay,
Sanilwock.Courtenay.Gran-Tues.   Frl.
thani, Qualicum, Hornby p.m.   p.m.
Island and Denman Island  8.20  3.00
Salt Spring Island, Burgoyne   Frl.    Tue*
Bay, Fulford Harbor.North
Salt Springlsland and Gab- p.m. p.m.
riola Island       8 20  3.30
RY   STAOP Tues. Mon.
BI   BlAdJ!,. Fr(    rbm
Alherni, Parksville, French p.m. p m.
Creek and Errington 12.30  6.00
Frl.   Thur.
Nanoose Bay 12.30  6.00
r. u. A. M.
Departure Bay, daily ex. Sun 12.45 10.30
Cedar (South), Saturday   ..   2.00 1100
(Commercial Hotel,
Corner Commercial and Bastion stu.
i'Ii iH long-estahlfHlied Hotel 1ft comfortably
lilted up with nupi-rmr accommodation* (or trnvuliTH aud others.
U\ O'CONNKL, Prop.
Union Steamship Co,
Of British Columbia, Limited
Head Office and Wharf—Vancouver
SS. Comox sails from Co's wharf every
Tuesday at 9 a. m. for Bowell Island,
Howe sound, Sechelt. Jems Inlet,
Froeck,Texada Island. Lund, Hernando
Island, Cortex Island, Read Island Val-
ilcz Island. Shoal Bay, Phillip Arm,
Frederic Arm, Thurlow Island, Loughborough Inlet., Salmon River, Port Neville, and sails every Friday at 11 a. ni.
for way pons and Shoal Bay calling at
Bute Inlet every six weeks.
Leaves Mi)odvville—8, 9:16, 10:45, 12
noon 2:4 and 5:46 p, in.
L'iivcs Vancouver—8:86, 10, 11:20,
1:15, p.m, 3:15, 6:15, and (1:20.
Calling at North Vancouver each
wav, excepting the noon trip.
Tugs and scows always available for
towing and freighting business. Large
storage accommodation on Co's wharf,
H. It. DARLING, Manager.
Telephone IX F. 0. Box 771
LAMPS, Etc. etc.
Birds and Animals set up in a thorough workmanship manner.
On Hand—Four fine Deers' Heads,
which will be sold for price of setting
them up.   Also a fine case of Birds.
d. s. Mcdonald.
69 Haliburton Street, Nanaimo.
Lodge Notices.
Inke.rman Lodge, Jte. SSB, Son, of St.
Georqe.—Regular weekly meeting is held
in Hubert's Hall, Wharf street, on Saturday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethren cordially invited to attend.
Fred. Waostai-f, Sec.
Empti Bottles of any Description,
Old Copper, Brass, Zinc or Load,
Can dispone ol mime by adilresiin-* a r*o*l*l to
B. AARONSON, Box 17S, Nanaimo,
Who will call promptly at any idd-Mi In City
•r Suburb*.
A Full A-snrtmcnt at the Lowest Market Rates
Promptly Attended to.
All kinds of
Tin and Sheet-Iron Work.
Victoria Crescent, Nanaimo.
AU Materials used in connection with the above
guaranteed to be first-
General Steamship Agency
Parties going to the Old Country
or sending for friends will
By purchasing Tickets from
General Agent.
A Journal for the People
-)    ♦-i-S.lt>-*-,	
-*  ♦■•eft"
20c. per Month
T.TT   n r i tt      0ne Year' $1-60
BT MAIL: ^Mo£th8;Ac*;
Three Months, 50 cts.
Merchants and Business Men
will find THE MAIL a
Good Advertising Medium
It has a large and steadily increasing
of the city and immediate district.
Commercisl Btrra-t.
In ail its
Various Branches
We Print.
Etc., Etc.
E. V. CHAMBERS- Manage*
...   .,.  l
.^rt*w Gteflanafmoflfcail
did not consider the behavior I Neither caa any law be enforced
of the police officers sufficiently! that haa not the general consent of
indecorous to merit dismissal,! -he people. It is true an obnox-
he would be,   at least,  consist- ioua raeasure   ma-*- -or a time, be
tat    Pressure on our editorial'.****»*. and f*3*^' butthePa"pl«
, . •       only obey such a mta-ure  because
column, prevents us from gon»g 11 Jaowth        llave    it ,*„
iuto the case Cully m this issue-, .-^   pow(jr U) rem()Ve lhe le„is.
«0«wau-noN hates. !Ijut wiU take the llbc,rt*v of  Pr°- i lutors and repeal the measure. The
■r .raeii-ov-e<tm. ..bo |pounding a few questions to Mn. "Consent oi the governed" is ab-
Was it   not   proven .sulutely necessary  to government'.
•Jf (SBE
Co. V. 08 (juntas, .Editor and Manager.
Victoria CMst*-..;,'. Jv'anaiom. li. i\
Sla moiitliM
"        Three inontiia
llellvered bv earner -Jon. ner moulli . . .
—   - . _.- .beyond
ill j Johnston.
Th3 Settlers Claims.
the   shadow   of   doubt
that Chief Crossan  and  Constable    Thompson   were   in   the
habit of frequenting the brothels
j on Frazer   street?    Was   it notj
The Republic oi Switzerland-**
the best model nf republican government yet in.-liluied—bus adopted the principle of d'reel legislation, known as lhe "lmlialive  and
Probably of all tlie import-'conclusively proven that,they
■ant deputations whieh waited on remained as long us one hour at
Hon. Mr. Davies while in this! a time? Was it not sworn to—
«ity—none was so successful as and presumably true — that
.that representing those   settlers liquor was bought and drank in|ar8 tlae tiirect legislators'
By   the  tirst, llie
people command lhe making of the
I law; by the hitter, ihey either stamp
it   wilh  disapproval,  or   seal   its
effectiveness. The pe"ple, therefore,
-who claim that through  stupidity   or  ill-will  pn the part   of
their presence?    Did   not   Constable Thompson admit  in   his
Dominion   and Provincial   otli-j evidence   the   truth   of the
Is it wise, therefore, to introduce
such a principle inlo I he legislation
Would  the
ciiils they were divested of their
just rights to the minerals belonging to their land.
The Minister in reply to the
handsome address which the
•ettlers had prepared, stated
that the facts—as disclosed in
the address—showed a serious
injustice to exist, that it was
intolerable that such a wrong
should continue, and that his
government were determined to
have the matter investigated aiid
"The sympathetic words ofthe
Minister were no doubt welcome
to the hearts of thc settlers who
had hungered after justice from
the Tory potentates in vain  for
ist I of British Columbia?
Did vou, Mr.  John- (peculiar circamstanc.es of  this Pro-
con versa* vince, vast in territory, varied in
resources,    and   cosmopolitan   in
population, lend themselves readily
to ihis mode of legislation?
The jealousies that Vancouver
has towards Victoria, the Island
towards tne Mainland would probably be accentuated. Different
sections of the Province would have
ston, sny—in private
tion—when the charges were
laid against the police officers,
that if it could be shown that
they remained in those houses
more than live or ten minutes at
ono time they should be dismissed? Tho columns of the Mail
arc at Mr.   Johnston's disposal.
Editorial Notes.
In some of the other cities of the
The Place to Get
Wheat, Corn, Chop, Oata, Bran, Seconds, Potatoes,
Onions, Flour, Rolled Outs, Oatmeal. Farina,
Buckwheut Flour, Rice Flour, Hominy, also a
Full Line of Choice Groceries, is ut
ROBINSON'S, the Wallace-street Grocer
Our Tea,  Ci-ITee, and Buttor are tlie heat, in the market.   .•
Renieinlier, our motto is—Square Dealing an.l  Close Prii-ee.
'.ute were complied with. Mr,
Manson's proposal was a clear
shirking of duly, wanting the
courts to do what it was his own
duly, with the other trustees, to do.
From all I hear of this principle
"lore Tuiipcrisiu.
Our attention Ims been called lo
a mailer of importance to a section
of llie people of British Columbia,
whicli appears to be a haidhip.
in   10!)3,   the Dominion I'urlia*
of teachers finding substitutes, aud ment enacted a law prohibiting the
the fact of retaining half tlieir sal- taking of salmon in any waters
ary and paying a substitute what under the conn ol of ihe Dominion
they like, to say the least they are Fishery authorities, from, ne think,
perverting what ought to be a November to March. This law
great privilege and benefit, for if j came into operation in 1894, in
the facts of lhe matter were loi Iced | which   year   all   waters,   hitherto
into, it would he seen ihat in cases
where teachers were absent, receiv-
under   Provincial   control, passed
into   the  hands  of  tne Dominion
ing a large proportion of their sal-j authorities. During lho visit tj
ary, ihat tlie children of bis class I this Province of Sir U. II. Tupper,
i■ nil not be were suffering by I a little over a year ago, the mailer
iiis absence. If this he so then the I was brought lo his notice. De, as
difference between the salary of the usual, promised at the ensuing
teacher and the substitute ought to j session, but no redress came; aud
local and peculiar requirements,
and petitions f->r legislation would
be poured in upon Ihe hapless
legislators; and, on the other hand,
much useful legislation might pos-
province ladies   have acted—andjgjDiy be vetoed through an' im'per
acted most   acceptably—as school *ect knowledge of the' reasons that
trustees.      Now   that  the  annual i actuated any mea: ure being brought
elections are upon us again we take I forw.;ir(j
the liberty of suggesting to the fair
member*, of our city that it would
ten years.    The  secret  of their i be highly creditably to them  and
success   now is  the   cause  for j advantageous to our city,  if thev
The wisdom of the many
is probably better than tiie wisdom
of the few; yet the wisdom of the
few exercised in legislative and administrative work is probably better
hope throughout Canada, viz.,1 would select one of llieir number| than the wisdom of the
that on Juue 23rd last the inde-: for the position. It is an easily
pendent voters of this country j recognized fact that we have in our
.broke the back of the control- city the choicest daughters of the
ling monopolists and placed in -N*'rth American continent, and it is
power men with  free hands  to to be hoped in this matter that they
disburse equal justice to all.        ; wiU not 1,ide their U-Ui under u
, a,,  bu-hel.
The Sewer Press Again
It is currently   reported   that
the editor-in-chief of our local
before the public  as   the   dark
The last fow days have added ^^	
Another   instance  of   the  con. I contemporary is  to be
ie'mptible methods of the Commercial streot mud-slinger to its
already putredinous record. A
private and worthy citizen—Mr.
Aitkin—is called upon in a
heavy editorial to account for
money which lie is alleged to
have collected for a private purpose—and a serious charge is
insinuated against his integrity.
As a matter of fact every insinuation and statement made in!
that editorial reflecting on Mr.
Aitken is an unjustifiable lie. I
Notwithstanding this fact and
that an apology was asked for—
the managers of the scurrilous
rag have failed to show sufficient decency or honor to mnke a
-clean retraction of their unworthy insult. On the contrary
they deem it sufficient to detail
the movements of a  miserable
many especially when it is remembered
that the few presumably are the
best representative men of
their various districts. Direct
Legislation may be very good theoretically; it is questionable whether
in British Columbia il is advisable
as a practical measure.
But, granting its value, would it
be reasonable to enforce it upon a
New Party at this stage of its experience?     A   Party   that  exist*
horse in the mayoralty  contest.; largely   in   hope and faith in its
There are many   who   will   hail] most   incipient   form,  without organized shape, leader or even definite aims?
Direct Legislation is a most advanced doctrine of Radicalism, and
with delight the prospect of being able to record their appreciation of his uusellish devotion
to the public.      Wc join with a
host   of   admiring  'friends    j„ all hough it has been tried, the trial      __^____      _*_._
wishing the  rumor true,   for  it|has   taken -,lace in  a country of: of this matter.   Surely the remedy
, .        ,    I scanty population, small  territory  was simple if llie Board   hud   been
is now many long years since he i     ,   '•   - ,' ,    .    f  otroinKt nnA atmi-.**
,.        ,,...., and resources   almost  exclusively B*ra-81*1 •"■*"•"■ strong.
tie used to make up to the scholars
for the absence of their teacher.
The right of the teacher to find his
own substitute may be all right and
evidently is, for the teacher, but
when the Government made Ihis
possible to them, it acknowledged
some amount of responsibility even
to lhe teacher in his absence, for
whieh it made it possible for him
to he remunerated to some extent.
But when this liberty is used to
make great gain out of it, instead
of first and last trying to do all
all they can to make up to the
scholars for their absence, it is evidently contrary to the spirit of the
Acl. This is what the trustees are
expected to protect, and afler the
teacher's place is efficiently filled,
then the difference of salary might
be considered.
In connection wilh this incident
the disposition of the leach-r was
to consider Mr Galloway and neglect the scholars by attempting to
till his place and hand over his
salary to him. No one would question ihe intention of the act, bul
their consideration took a wrong
course and was very foolish. The
school first, it is for this they are
paid, the sick teachers afte:; and if
the substitute goes at the wish of
the teacher and the agreement of
the trustees, and trys and succeeds
without official complaint to till his
place, should he not receive his
salary. And when this is done,
and the teacher does not acknowledge the reasonableness of the
claim, why don't the trustees do
their duty? The chairman was
the only one, according to report,
who acknowledged the  unfairness
the law stands to-day on the statute
book. No one can take salmon if
any kind iny waters between now
and March.
Of course Indians have the right
to lake salmon ior their own use,
but they are not allowed to sell,
and, as we understand the act, any
one purchasing salmon from Indians aae also liable to  prosecution.
A case in point came before Justice of the Peace, Hilbert last week
in which Jno. Turnbull was fined
for taking salmon. It appears
Tusnhull was fishing for herring
and found severnl salmon in his
net. He, innocently enough, took
them home, salted and smoked
them, and offered them for -ole.
The case came into court and the
magistrate had no discretionary
powers in the matter, conviction
must follow.
Stove Repairing.
began his public spirited caree.., ,,     ,
y ' ' ! agricultural.
in this city in the interest of ln a nflW parly %hm ffl]j be
good literature and progressive. great diversity of opinion. Some
government, and the time hoB of the ultra-Conservative element
certainly arrived when the elect* —tired of the present Government
ors of this city are anxious to —will find room. Some of the ex-
show that these noble  services | treme Socialistic parly will also be
welcomed. With such diverse elements, a reasonable compromise
must be made. A platform that
strikes at crying evils, that offers
fair and equal laws, that conserves
all that is worth   conserving,  and
I will not be forgotten.
Direct  Legislation
There is  a  fascination in many, • —
  ,       minds towards a principle  because !>'et is -.*»«**■*■£ progressive, is the
.appendage of their office-as he ; ■!•   is   new.    Novelt     in cogtunl   | only feasible and likely platform to
„i.„.j ,i ■„   „<■   ,.   „_ .,„.,..„„,    , . ,        .       ,   ; be adopted.      Such   a platform, in
played the role of  a  scavenger  fuod,  recreation   or  education   is! * ft
soliciting     the     scandals   and (often a quality more   lauded  than
jlanders of thc  sheets—where-] it should be.    Methods of untried
withal to replenish the perfume ] legislation should be approached
pot of his master. We have, cautiously and with due consider*
seen our local contemporary de- at*on-
cend to many a base abuse  of     StiU a lhin8 U   not   *»eoeS=!Sflrily
newspaper privilege within   the i bad or imperfect because iUs the
,'i ,,     ,    , . product of modern tunes.    Roman
past few months, but in no case  , ,   .    .       ,        .      ,       ,       a-^-^-^-n
hT       .       ,. , ....        law  and   iunspudence has largely;,	
as  its  dishonesty, vindictive-      .■,,-.        , . " \ lias column i
no ,vc ui.,i,Ui,Coi,.,  Tiuuiumiv   entered into modem practice; yet a
uess and falsity been so glaring, departure from Roman law is not
Happily, however, it has reach* necessarily to be deplored.   Moses
ed that level of meanness  and I was a wise legislator and through
.discredits when its vilest spurts the centuries men have copied his
.of   spleen  aro   innocuous,   and   enactments   and  woven them into
serve only to further stultify its' modern statutes; yet it is not con*
my judgment, was laid before your
readers in your issuo of December
4th, and whieh, I trust, in its main
features, will be accepted when a
convention of the Liberal Pravinci-
al party shall meet in solemn deliberation.
s open lo the public and we
heartily inrite the citizens to make
use of it for discussing public questions.
We are. nut responsible foe the opinions of
our correspondents,
^^^^^^^^^^     Fairi-lay.
   »a »	
Can This lie True?
Editor MaiIj-.—Thirty-three people have told me that our member
told ihem in the strictest confidence
that be intended to take to the
lecture platform and tour the East
with a magic lantern,showing pictures of our great mines and advising on stock speculations between
meals. I hope, sir, this is not
true. We need our representative
at his post this session—for this is
tn he an important session Indeed, if I mistake not, the country
looks to our very member to overthrow the Government. No, it
must not be. We will forgive you,
Doctor, for running away with the
cock show cup if you will stay with
us now. We will elect you again
—you won't have to go to Comox..
Only stay and show us what a
great, true man you can be this
Cranberry District.
Y. M. C. A.
The popular Saturday evening
entertainment will be given tomorrow by the Silver Cornet Band,
and, as the whole of the proceeds
will be given to lhe Free Reading
Room, there should be a lar-jo turn
out. The following program wil!
be rendered:—
School Mailers. Part 1. March, "London," by the
Editor Mail:—In  your issue of band; serenade, "The Honeymoon"
the 15lh inst you gave  a report of | band; readi'*.-;, song, reading, selec-
Will Hi moat any Stove.
All kinds of old Cook
Stm-es bought, sold or
Goods of everv
description bo't
and sold.
Maaonlc Building, Commercial Street.
Room to Let.
pOMFOKTABl.y furnished- Room, in
private   Inline,   to   let.,   wilh    lire.
For particulars apply
Wi A.LL.P Tiik. BEST—
American, French and Canadian Makes.
Child's Waist, at 35 cents, any size.
Misses' Corset, at 65 cents, any size.
Stevenson & Co., Black Corset, at $1—a leader.
D. & A., in Black  and  Gray, $1.25, $1.50,  $2.25—special
P. & N. C, $1.25, $1.50, $2.00—Gray and Black.
Get your Guesses in on the
Pumpkin. We have added
three Special Prizes to the
nearest to the Winners of
the Steel liunge.    .    .    .
GREjVT cash dry goods and
Commercial St., Nanaimo, B. C.
Kates moderate,
at the Mail office.
If You Are
In Need
Choice Groceries
Seasonable Dry Goods
Fashionable and
Durable Footwear
ami all tlie popular
Patent Medicines
at present on the market, at
Prices That Will Defy
Excelsior Market
oodadelivered Iree to any part ot the city.
ignoble ah 1   ignominious posi-1 sldered   legal   heresy   to   provide the echool trualetjiB nrieeting h^eld.on | tion, "Shining CluHter/'Hand
A Screaming Farce.
The. above heading most fittingly applies to the decision on
the  Police  investigation lately
legislation   more   in  accoid  with j the 12th inst.   In  that report was I     Part 2. Medley,   "A   Bunch   of
modern visages and customs. mentioned the application of Mr A. Favorites*"   band;  reading, song,
The   principle of direct ieRisla. | Morgan for a  larger proportion of | reading, serenade,''To Dinah," by
,-..,, , the   salary of Mr  Galloway,   for
turn is undoubtedly a good one,^{^ ^ gad been aoting as a sub*
That the people thom^elves—the, Btilute during the latter's absence,
only factors to be considered in all'caused by an accident. It seems
legislation—should both initiate} to me, if I am in possession of the
and approve of Ihe laws that gov*'facts ot  the case' t,,ut   Mr-  M,,r-
j _ j      v        r. ■    ■ I        .i        • ii      , i Igati's demand was a  very   reason-
rendered     by     Commissioners em them, is a reasonable  demand. «ble oiie     Th(J   bcho()1 'Act Buyg
Simpson and Johnston.     With'Practically,   the   system  is at the plainly that a teacher, during tern-
Mr. Simpson   we  were  not dis- j basis of our constitution now.   The;porary absence from   duty, must
■apointed, we know h
him well—and expected
better.     But Mr. Johnston  nas
not only surprised, ho astonish- 	
J   j«V , -    principles oi tne various canuiuates,; nas not ueen compneu wnn, or eist
ed US, >y<he course he saw fit!ftnd Upont.hatknowlejge elect their I Mr. Morgan could not have pre
to take. "I do not consider the | representatives. Tl.e Parliament ,,('n,tet? any cl*}l™ ut0 the tr«-»««>f.
.*.„,.„„„ oiiatninfid   hv   tbp   pvi !     .    • ■ .       •       iti  ii i    and since lie did,  because Mr. Gal-
Charges sustained   by   the  eu-,or LeglHiature „ what the people lo^ay had failed tq do so, it was,
dence" says Commissoner John-1 maite iL.     The laws are what the dearly the duty of the trustees to:
e^te^k^k^e^elk^KKe^e^KkWKt^KeWleW       B^BeWk^k^k^km
the band.    Admission, IU cents.
Highest Honors—World's Pair.
-demand the views  and  political I xow [t ■„ qHj"te ciear" that the  Act
principles of the various candidates, | has not been complied with, or else
A Big Fire . .
In the stove will not keep
your feet warm while on
the street. You need
shoes suitable for Winter,
lf the need is there it js
a crying one and of the
nature that needs prompt
attention We have pre-
' pared for the need in the
most encouraging form.
Our new Crack Proof,
Water Proof Lace Bal for
men's wear will suit uny
ordinary man. Price,
$3.00, $4.00, $5.00.
You will need it for the Xmas Holidays.
MORGAN the Tailor has just what you
want for a Good Warm Suit in . . ...
English, Irish and Scotch Tweeds *
and Heavy Serges._^^  I
€&<<$ (   IS THE PRICE.
In Make and Fit I guarantee to please you.
Commercial Street.
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs
jzzz*— DONE   BY  THE- ^
~r ioneer Steam Laundry j
mm. j By so doing Vou will PATRONIZE WHITE LABOR
™   | And help to GET KID OF THE CHINESE!
Dye Works in connection.     	
P. O. Box 95. D. M. STEWART, Proprietor.
City Market
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
P. O. Box 227 Telephone 7-8
AKKKR & POTTS, ilnrnMcn* and Solicitors.
Commorclttl turui.t.
Whitfield's Crescent Shoe Store
C.C.& B.I. Westwood
Are how prewired to Citt flown Old
.\XIon,  by   U|Q  nf mi   linprm til Mn*
(•linn', makliiK il'fi.i M hoik] HP new.
Dune In tlie moat approved matihor.
Tlieir prtreH are right.   Call am' hcu
OF. CANE, llarrlrlrr anil Mnllrllnr, limim 11,
■   Joliimtun llloek.
MclNNKS ,t  McINXES,   Han-intern,   Ilnniu  6,
JiihiiHtiui Dlotik, t'Miiiiie-Ttiil Btzael,
RWOOJl .'.•  viunii, tlarrWera,
Ciiiniiierrlul mi,I Baaltuii i tri ■-■ i*-
y.w-wniiii ,t Yot'NO, DarrMo-a, comer of
HAItliY, llotante OriiKiilat, Wlnllolil t'ren
eent,   Try llaniy't. Pile inntii.eiit.
ALL FREIGHTS left on the
Nunaimo Wtitirf Co.'s Wharf
will be at owners' risk.
K. R. JOHNSTON A CO., Wharfingers.
Shamrock Livery Stables
Dtpu.    If he  had  said   that  lie! people decide,
Bee that the claims of the substi-
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Fr»
-tom Ammonia, Alum or any other adulter"!-!
49 Y««i Ur. Mc*^
. iJiinnonilH, RuMp!**, Pi-nrlu, or any
kiud uf alma* ..un be rep lined, slid
all Jewelry made or repaired at low |
prices, by calling on
L. H. HILLS ^X'"
An Bxpl-PPB Vnu ti ut In nl!
Trillin, ami *-!'-nniriR Dully, tillil
Uu Uaml tn Or. er at uny liniir
Telephone I
AT a-iBOH 1DU liT'l
It. MASON, llentiKt    Kjiriii'tinxani-i-i-laliy
iliiMiiiil lither ailmlntMerett.
uiliru, Odd-Fallow'" Block, Nanalim,
J. tl'liltV,  D. li. S.,(!ruen Blook.
elan* work Kiiiiriinteeil.
(jlRKMUKNT I'llAHMACY. il *I.I.* STtiaMAH,
t> proprietor*. Victoria (.reacent. I'm'ieiiatiig
and family retlpea a apex-laity.
Medleal Hull, corner,,ommercial and Baa*
tion street*.   Telephone l-:i-.i.
AN UUO DYK WOUKS.-Dyeing, (-leaning
ami Kepiuniiij.    1-1 Nicol iitreet.
C. ( luiii.roM, Manager.
H.-11    MAIIKET.
(i    MAI-.-II, Whole-ale  Healer lu Fish an.l
IT.    (iiimo, liiwiliiii street, Natialmo.
luiui'MAN * UAltliY, u.i Fi   Broken
l     ]!MtlOI  :;l,T0t
108. M. BBOWN, Watefcmakrr. WatekU
O and riocka oantully cleaned and repalrM,
Cornet Ohorali and ckapti itieW-.


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