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The Nanaimo Semi-Weekly Mail Dec 4, 1896

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 "Patent Excellent"
If you Bee that on your Back of
Pastry Flour
■You ean be sure that you litive the best,
nu tin-re can be no better.
i K.-.M-. ; i
C6men tho best Tim offered to diacrlnti-
uating buyers in British Columbia.
Oardan Utm^er.   {
P0B8TSB iLiibjji.c.-i Sole Agents B. C.     >, -
^>+,*^^**t^**'*-'*^**^^e*eA*l^****^e^l'>eS*e.*e0*iBM   *
VOL. II-NO, 43.
$5 OOO;
Boots, Shoes', Ruler Goods, Etc.
We have decided to go out of the Shoe Business, and to effect a speedy el3arance
will offer the whole stock at
Ridiculously Low Prices,
We have ahvnys s0111 the t'lienp'psl shops in tlie city—not
the lowest-priced,'hut the BEST GOODS CHEAP; so thut
for the NEXT THIRTY DAYS you will secure BARGAINS
in Footwear. Our stock is nil in good order—bright, clean
and new.    We huve jnst passed into stock nearly
And within the next few days nearly $600 worth more will
arrive, blocked oil the ('. I'. Li. These goods were all brought
direct from the factory for cash at very low prices. Everything will bo included in the sate und will go at a sacriliee.
It is almost impossible to quote prices. Rest assured that
everything will be sold at a sacriliee. Bo sure you give us a
call early.    First coiners will have the pick of the stock.
Sals Will Ooifimenee May, Doo. 7th,
To Coutinue tor '10 Days Only. Terms, Spot Cash,
"fflPQ   RfnPP   Victoria
Hilly y  -4#iy| yf crescent
is Wealth.
To Keep the Weather Out
Get Your BOOTS at the,
Qasl) goot ai\d S^oe Store
17 aifd 19 Commercial St*>ect'
They Cari-v the Best Quality at the
Give Them a Trial and Vou will be Convinced,
City and District.
Provincial News.
G.E.Maxwell, M. P.,  has  heen en-     At the nity  council  meeting.   Vim
tertaining the people of Union and Co- couver, theby-law to  raise i,«0,U0U for
niox with instructive and amusing leu- j Water.works extension wus carried.
Lures on "Matrimony." The hoard  of trade,   Vancouver, are
The Indians are   having a   high   old considering the offering of a bonus by
time a big qualicum.   A large  number  the city for a smellier  to be erected in
being gathered from all  parts of the is-  the city limits.
land tor a putlaeh. The hoard of trade,   Vancouver, have
We are pleased to notice that  Messrs  prepared an address to be  presented  to
Hicks, well known in Nanaimo, delight    Hop. Messrs. Blair and Davies on  their
ed the people of Union with their solos ! arrival in Vancouver.
in a cantata given there last week, j    The Kev
Our readers are reminded that a new I •>' Lytton last month is slowly   improv-
btisiness is being opened   in   the   store i "ig.   He is receiving iiiediciil  attentiun
News of the Day.
A fire at the residence of John A»ld,r
Montreal, resulted in the death of Mrs.
Auld on Tuesday.        *:: ,
The petition u-iainst the election of
Mr. A McNeil for North Bruce, and th»
eioBs-petition against Dr. Bonner, th«
defeated Liberal candidate, have been
both dismissed by cou«ent of counsel.
Mr. McUec, ;lerk to the privy council, iB on liis way to St. Johns, N. B. toll. Turner whu was  injured  swear in   Senator   McLuUtn,   the .new
  ' Lieut.   Governor   of. Xew  Brunswick.
Mr. King ex M.  P.,  succeeds 'hiih as
recently occupied   bv W.  M. Langton, j it St. Luke's Home, Vancouver. j6ena,oi.
Uy Stevens Brothers. An advertisement It is possible that in the near future! The Canadian Gazette asserts that fain this issue will give all particulars of the municipal league will take up the I'l*-"'"'8 "'"de in the highest quarters
the articles carried. j matter of having the corporation of Van-1 '«»•*< !" dim-lose any inter lion   oh  tho
A meeting of the supporters of Mayor i couver managed bv   euninii. sioners ap-! Pttl't of the Duke uml Duchess of York
Davison, as a candidate lor the  Mayor-1 pointed by the Ue'ut.-Governor   of   the |J° PAf a ■••■•- t0  Canada -m'J-Mff,  as it
ally for 18H7 will be held in tlie building I Provinceand the Vote of the people. '"" ' ' "" '  -■'■■' *.**-i-. ■
lately occupied by the Cuban Cigar i Mr. C. g; Bl,*|ev diu,| ut Kamloops on
Manufacturing Co., on Skinner street, 8u„day, Mr. Bailey started business in
near tbe Citv Hall, ou Tuesday evening Vancouver shortly before the lire, but
Bee. 8th. All interested in making the , )ej. Vancouver to resident Kamloops
choice oi the peoples parly complete, for tf,e benefit of his health, some eigh-
shoiild attend. j teell months ago, being married upon
Mr. and Mrs.  Alex   Grant of Union   the eve of his departure,
celebrated   their  china   wedding   last!    The projectors of the proposed smelter
criday evening at which   many of  the have wired to Vancouver from  England
residents ol  Comox and
,   . vicinity  were i fan the necessary money to build  the
present.   It is just twenty years since  Buielter has been"raised,' and   Ihat  the
£,-,„.. ..^     !Mr. Grant and Miss Gncvta   were mar-   Blnelter would UBSuredlyJie built.    It is
.   L.  b. <Johr»SOn,   M&r. ried by Rev. Simon  McGregor at Vie- Understood that the company who are
toria, since which time tiiey have lived to i,u$|ti the smelter have not completed
iu INanaiuio and Union, j arrangements  with  the C. P.  E. as In
Word wus brought down  by the city | freight rates, etc., but that this  would
of Nanainio that an Indian had brought
the body of a kluotchmaii  from Denman
island tu Union. It appears that Bbe
liad been killed by a rifle bullet piercing
the left arm and passing through the
biily. It is nut known whether the
sinmiiug was by accident or not, the inquest was expected to be held yester-
Tbe Burglary.
Last Tuesday night the Magnet Cash
be done at a very early date.
A letter has been received by the
council, Vancouver, from several ratepayers calling the attention to the
fact that Mayor Collins had made an
assignment for the benefit of his creditors, and also that Alderman Shaw had
absented himself from tbe meetings of
the council, and claiming that under
the provisions of clans 15 of the consolidated acts of the incorporation of the
city both these gentlemen were disqualified from retaining their seats.     Xo ac-
Stores w re burg unsed, and a consider- j tion waB takell lnlhe matter, the latter
able quantity ol booty obtained, consist- j |,eing |aid over for the acting mavor to
ing watches, cutlery, etc, besides a small obtain the opinion of the city solicitor
sum oi money. Entrance had been before the next meeting of the council,
ellected by the hack door, and consider '
t lew Millinery
lim Jacketo
ress m
We are showing a Very Choice Selection of
each of the above of the Very Latest Stvles.
Are the Most Fashionable of the Season
,M,,0Kiai. & MORRIS' PEEsiBVEte ~]
Thoy A III. ALL RiIGHT. Si'oiiiuSj \
Made from Select Knili uud Caiia Sugar.   The (irontost curt* is exerolmtd in the!: nropaTtt*
tiuii nnil oxc^mslte olt>anUne*fl nbsorvod.   wo only in tike one q-itrlUy—-Ihu beat—
tha Bitmo us mppllod tn the onlor or .lis lix col It ut-y Lord A bo rd eon.
WHY BUY CHEAP JWt ? BUY OKELL & MM. JjgMW jh Prot and Best \ \
Dry Footing
Spot Cash for Same.
jj&gy ":!/"i..„.tl^7—^..
| &5*E'K-ib^    ■■■"
. Mm-' '     '       -:
-     "-■- :;•          .. -
Is (he only vuyiiite that is u>nl
for the hoalth, Warmth is
hiii-sc thmi nut hi n-c without
dryness.    Wet  (ei*t  nuiy   Ininc.
on any nuinhor • of ailments
Wearing our Hm,i cis in had
Hcii'hi-r itduranteea dry foutinif,
Oui' Itiilihcis nro hi^'h, well
ni ulc, iliirul'lc, uud impervious
to dampness, Try ihe Qranhy
Hiihlicrs at
Wrllo or Cull on
/'. O. Box 'OB.
uble eil'iu-i must have heen uncle us the
door is stronger than ordinary, and was
also protected by a strong Iron bolt iu
addition lo the luck. The discovery of
the burglary was made by night watchman Trounce about 3 a.m. on Wednesday morning, he at once gave an alarm,
but the rascals had left. With reference
to this burglary it might he stated that
Borne persons were seen acting suspiciously near Spencer's stor- late onTues-
■dav evening. Ii appears that there
were live or six ol them divided up into
groups on different parts of the street,
ou a given signal uli went into the Grand
Hotel bar where they hail drinks.
Uu Wednesday the Ksperauisa was
cliurteaed to go in search ol a sloop
which hud beeu in the harbor for a few
days ami which left rather suspiciously
tale Tuesiluy night ur early Wednesday
morning. This sloop was noticed by
the cn-w of the Cily of Nanainio be-
calmeil south of Dodd's Narrows. Provincial Constable McLeod and Constable
Neen of the city police accompanied by
Messrs. Jus .McOregor, W. K. Leighton,
H. Simpson und others formed tlie
valiant squad to secure the burglars.
Alter cruising down as   far  as   Cowichan Gupt and   keeping a  sharp lookout,   without  discovering  a sign  of a
sloop, night came on anil it was decided
to return home.    When Dodds Narrows
were rea lied on the return journey the
I tide was Hooding and Provincial officer
i .McLeod hud to stand at   the   steamers
! bow with a lantern so that Cupt. Fore*
I man could see to steer clear of the rocks,
whilst Constable Neen  and the others
were looking with consternation  at the
raging waters
bus been  stilled  and  widely  published
! tlmt they would do so.
Some anxiety is felt in Ottawa r*-.
gurding Surveyor Ogilvie's long delj
in reaching civilis-mion from Ala
through the route which he undertook
to explore to the cuast. Last year he
hud to turn back, finding some ti,*iv«
feet of snow and unendurable cold
iiguinst him.
The Controller of Inland Revenue
has notified the Manitoba branch of
the Dominion Alliance of a decision in
favor of tlie petition for the closing of
a brewery at Neepawa with-holdiug th»
Dominion license. Hon. Mr. Joly has
decided not only to refuse to renew the
license, but alsu to decline in future to
grant brewery licenses-in any local op*'
tion town.
Application has been made to the
department of Marine aud fisheries for
a supply of salmon eggs to be Bent to
Honolulu. The department-will accede
to the request by sending a shipment
from the hatchery at New Westminster
11. C. It appears that there are many
livers and streaints in Sandwich Islands
in which it is thuuglit salmon would
thrive well.
The first death from the bliizard in
Manitoba was received on Wednesday.
The aged father of George Crawford of
Manitou, reached thut place on Monday
from tVliatcheer, Iowa, and started to
walk to liis sun's furm, some four miles
distant. The cold wus very severe ami
the old man wasevideutly overcome ami
took shelter in a snow bank where hi»
corpse was found.
Eatcs so Up.
The American line steamship company has issued a circular list of the revised rates of fare of that company. The
win'er rales ure increased irom £17 to
£20, ehildren half fure, and the age limit is reduced from 12 to S years. Reduction on general tickets are discontinued. The other trans-Atlantic, companies will adopt the same rates und
On  Monday  last  the agreement entered into lusi month in London hy all j
the great trans-Atlantic steamship com-
panics went into effect, and as a conse-  , ,     f ,   but could
alienee rutes ure  advanced   from $10 to I.: _...„;...„ - .!.,.» ..... u....t.l
$15.   All  tlie lines  nre  parties  to thc
Small Debts Court.
Thursday before .1. H. Simpson P. M.
A 0 Oamb'ell vs K V Chambers Plaintiff,
u job printer, who has been working for
the Mail publishing company sued for
$10,02 wages lor over time. The evidence uf the pliintiif showed that he
had worked some hours over time near*
Po You Want to Borrow ?
*MHi,    ropavnlilo monthly In s vent*, nt if*.Mi;
•1,000 rebayablemoiitld) InH'oars,nl $lfi.no
ia.nun repayable monthly in 8 yenrs, nl (80,00 |
Other iiim,inns in proportion.    I.hiiiis tiimli-
onlv nn Ktrst Mnrliniin' on Improved Town or
City Property.   Eucitaiii.r SaviIiiw, I.0AN ci
1Icii.iii.mi Association, VM Forolilo SI., Toronto
OBI). I.. 8-JI1ETKY, Agent,
- ltuiiiii No. 14, Johnston itlnrk.
Pish and
Game Market
Qt. MARSH, Prop.        i
Sewing Machine Supp y House
In British Columbia (sal
20   VkTOKIA  CliKSCliNT
'"'hero Noodles, oil, nml Aitiu-lnncuis onn lie
had for all niakosol ipaalilnsi,
Mtu-hltioa "I   nil  kind< ri-|iiilroil  on   short
notlco, nnd uurk i-iiiiriuiltTil by
Second-Hand Mifchinea fur ■ ule at a low
■:,;il'v.     UlVO I if* il lu.U
For Wholesome
Vegetables of all
kinds Hint are in
Beasou, get tlieni nt
.... DUGGAN'S...
who will call on you
once every week.
Listen for his boll.
Gootl Potatoes,
at moderate prices.
Onions, 11 llis., 25c.
100 lbs. for $1.05.
Deserve your order until ho
Store—Day's Old
Butcher Shop,
Nicol Street.
UKAI.EIl TEN'DKKS, addressed to the
O Postmaster-Geheral, will lie received
at Ottawa until noun on Friday, thefiTH
Kkhiuiauv n'bxTi for the conveyance of
Her Majesty's Mails, on a proposed contract for four years, twice per week each
way. hetween'COMOX and NANAIMO,
from the 1st April next.
The conveyance to be made in a -jood
and sufficient steamer, subject at all
times t,n the approval of the Postniaster-
Reneral, and to include the service of
the Intermediate Post Offices of Hornby
Island, Denman Island, Union liny, and
Printed notices contninin-* further in*
formation as to conditions of proposed
contract may lie seen and blank forms of
tender may be obtained nt the above
Post Ollices, and at this Office.
Post Office Inspector.
Post Office Inspector's Office,
Victoria, 2Jtli November, IHttfl.
little era t came tlirou-*h all rijiht, and a j preacher,
si-j-h of relief came to all aboard on find-
inn themselves in comparatively smooth
wafer, and oue at least made a promise
to (tive a whole dollar to the church collection next Sunday.
It is still   thought that the  hurirlars
ef t iwn by boat whilst lorn • are of tl e
not prove amount of time not having
kept any Ineinoiaudum.
The defendant had engaged the plain.
tiff to du job work at SJ60 per month, but
had nover told him to w- irk over time.
He might have worked over time
but it was not on the orders of (he defendant. Plaintifl's hours for leaving
work was fi o'clock, and if he was
wanted for over time he would havo
beeu told, and his tuns would have been
kept and paid for. Mr Chambers was
willing to allow him for 12 hours, and
a verdict for i.4,5i) and costs  was given.
The l-'il/.simiiiiiii-SliarUcy Fight.
San Francisco, Dec 3—When the
decision in the Fit'simmons-Shar-
key fight was announced, the crowd
did not nt first grasp the situation,
but when it dawned upon them
that the decision had gone against
Fitzsimmons. such a howl of indignation went up as seldom has been
heard in this section. Hisses, curses, groans and hoots rilled the air.
Second Sunday in   Advent, .Decern- On the platform  and in the ring,
ber 5th.   11 a. m., matins, Litany and I boli, Fitzsimmons and Julian w»s
sermon.   2 p. m.,  Sunday school; i p.
in., Evensong nnd sermon.    This even-
contract and advance in rates, the abolition oli commissions paid to agencies
and the lengthening of summer season
hope to divide au extra million dollars
or two between them. In past years
the summer season only included May,
June and July; but now it is proposed
to extend it so as to Include Apri, May,
August and September. Then the 10
per cent, reduction allowed to passengers buying excursion tickets is abolished. It was formerly possible for a
passenger to buy an excursion ticket to
Europe on American lines for(120, Now
tlie lowest rate obtainable is iflSO.
Second Sunday in Advent.   Celebration of Holy Ooinmunion at 8 and 11 a in
2.30 p. m.Sunday school.   7 p. m, Even-
However,   the^ staunch [uong and sermon.   Kev. Mr. Bosanquet
Rev C E Cooper, will preach
iu the evening.
st. Paul's ciiuaon.
Dun Ncl.eod used up.
A Cl.'oago despatch says that
Dan McLeod of Nanaimo was
seriously injured in attempting to
throw Jack Rooney five times in
an hour. In trying to secure the
fifth and final fall, McLeod's side
was fearfully lacerated and he wns
injured internally to such an extent that it is feared he will never
be able to wrestle again.
If You Are
In Need
Choice Groceries
Seasonable Dry Goods
Fashionaule and
DuisamIjE Footwear
anil uli the po'iulnr
Patent Medicines
atpreaeuton tho market, nt
Pricks That Wii.l Defy
AT Till!
Excelsior Market
oods delivered Ira- ft> »ny jisrt o! the tily.
pinion that tbe booty   is  still  in  the  Wt   (Friday),   -''■>•«'  Brigade at 7.80;
Ohoir practice at 8.30.
Rev. T. \V. Hall, pastor. Services nt
11 a. m. and 7 p.m. Sunday school nud
Bible class at 2:80 p. m. Morning; subject: "The benefits of Christian Fellowship," Evening subject: "Dancing
viewed from  a Christian   Standpoint,
BAPTIST Cillltlil.
Rev. \V. A. Gunton, pastor. Services
11 a.m. ami 7 p.m. Sunday Buhool and
Bible class 2:80 p m. 1. Y P A, Tuesday evenings atH p m. Mid*week meetings for prayer, exhortation, testimony
and Bible study, Wednesday evening al
8 p in, Everybody is welcome to all
these meetings.
st. Andrew's Presbyterian obvboh,
Services  at   11   u.   in.  and  7 p
Siibbalh school and Bible  class  at
p. m.   Preacher:—Rev David 11   Ke'nl.
Spirilunlists' Hull, 1. t). O. F., (new
block). Sunday evening next at 7:3'.)
Services at 11 n ill. and 7 p.m. Sunday school and Bible class at 2:30 p.m.
Rev. J. D. 1'.  Knox,  pastor.
Central Hotel Restaurant
Sunday, Dec. 4, 189G
Mid-day Dinner from 12 to 3 o'clock.
twentv-kivk cents.
Olympian Oyster
Boiled Cod and Anchovy Sauce
Ox-tongue and Caper Sauce
Cold Slan
Beef a In Mode
Baked Brains
Orange Fritters
roasts :
Sirloin of Beef and Brown I-olatocs
l.ty of Mutton and Dressing
Leg of Pork and Apple Sauce
Mallard Duck and Cranberry Sauce
Boiled ami Mushed Potatoes
Green Peas Carrots
Jelly Roll nnd Cream Sauce.
Uitwn Cream Pie Uot Mince Tie , va'"c*--
jii:ii|uii!» about trying to make
. themselves heard. Although their
words were indistinguishable, their
actions were expressive enough.,
for dismay and disgust were vividly portrayed. Fitzsimmons. indignantly denies that he had fouled Sharkey, lie said he had
fought fairly and there was na
temptation tu him to commit a
foul as he knew he had his man
filing. Sharkey could not be seen,
as he was carried into the room by
his seconds and found there by the
doctor, who then examined the sailor. Kitzsimraon's fighting all
through wns in marked contrast
with that of gharkey. Bob broke
Jm\ away promptly from clinches   and
made un attempt   to  strike.   The
S New  Zealander    showed   himself
' master of his craft and cunningly
' kept nwny  from  thc sailors mad
i rushes, poking his long left into
Sharkeyi    face     whenever      he
[ got  too  noiir.    Sharkey   could
! not get   inside  the  long    thin
arm which, when  straightened
Y. M. . A. out, was like a bar of steel.   It
  wus nlivelv tight from thc start.
The following is the programmep( the | u0p,  waH oven more aggressive
entertainment nt  the  Y.M.C.A. oni.,        c,     , , ,      fP.
Saturday   evening,    Dec.  6th:   Thos' than Sharkey und kept his tniui
Keith,   Chairman;  piano   solo,   W   J . oil tilt'I110VO till  the time.
Spear; song, 0 Bamford|  song,  .1 Car- _      -♦♦♦-  - -
roll; boxing exhibition, Oeo Chapman,;     WftgMn<*lon Dor* '>—The See-
Geo Merritiehl; song, Win Jones; wrest-1      " •■>*•■"nR'0'11*"■*«■ -— * •>** •=*•*•
ling   exhibition,   teatoh*as*oatoh*t*an) retory   ofthe Treasury  to-day,
Jim Swanson vs ll MuKlnnoni step! with tbe approval of tho   Presi-
dancing, .1 l'clhrick ; sung, S Moltislinw ;
trio, the scavengers brigade, J Oar roll,
,1 McKinley ami Geo Gray; club swing.
ing, II Slew art: song. C Biimfonl; banjo
specialties, AKox;   eonir.   Win  Jones;
humorous boxing contest, J McKinley
vs Geo  Gray,    God   i
I'iauo accompanist, \V
keeper, C Sanli; .1 Mcrril, vs
Admission 10 els.
dent, issued uu order removing
tbe restrictions heretofore placed
nn   the    importation and salt
in the territory of Alaska, except
ve the -im-en.! the islands of St. George .and St.
J   Speai	
A Norton.' *'""■• "fbreech-loadiugxjflesand
The Mail and Weekly Globe for
one year /or 12.05 if paid   in  ad-
ammunition suitable .tUerefore.
This nction was tak/sn in com-
pi in not- with numerous requests
from  various sections  of ths
(j  ~">*'li,
ft* -:>sa**ae**
-'•*<*"»»* -•'
•      ■•
^-**1 %3$
The I .innl o
' The Leal
. John,
I'm wearin' awa', John,
lake Bnaw-wreutiia in thaw
jl'm wearin' awa'
To the land o'.tlte leal,
There's iiac eorivw there. John.
There's neither cailld nur care. John,
The day's aye fair
V the laud y'.'.he leal.
Our bonnte bairn's there, John,
She was liuifi glide nnd fair, John
And. oh ! we grudged her sail-
To the in ml i.' thc leal.
Hut sorrow's sei' Wears past, John
And joy's cumin' fast, John,
Thc joy th;it's aye to lust
In tin- laiul o' the leal,
.Sac dear's that joy was bought, John,
Sue free the battfe fought, John,
Thatslnfft' men e'er brought
To the laud o' the leal.
(Ih! dry your gltst'iiing ee, John,
My sanl longs In be free,
And angels ucckuii ine
To the laml o' the leal
Oh! Iiaml y8 i
Your dav IS w
An' I'll welcome you
To the laiido' the leal.
Now fare ye weal, my ain
This world's cures ure vai
"We'll ineel and aye bo fai
I'thciuiid o' lIn
nl trie
,. John
to circumstances—wus to be remarked in their faces, when a
regeuado beau deserted to tho
enemy's ennip, or the admiring
attentions of some  great  social
'personage were successfully se-
, cured.
Just now, both these ladies, in
'common with the rest of lhe local 'society,' were anxiously
lookiug forward to wluit certainly promised to he the smartest
function held in tho Eastbor-
ough neighborhood for many a
long duy, vis,, a grand gaiden-
i parly    nt    Laverton Castle, the
Isent of tlie Earl of Leighton,
which a i'rince of Royal   blood
i was going to grace with his pre-
i scnec.
Ever since she had   received
i the invitation, Mrs. Winkinglon
had been in a perfect flutter  of
; excitement at the prospect of
meeting bis Royal Highness,
She had been three times up to
London to see Madame Corsetti,
her modiste, about a new gown,
and bad at length decided upon
an elegant toilet of fawn-color
and pink, which—Madame saitl
—would become her to perfection. This toilet, in all its minutest details, she never tired of
descanting upon to her lady
friends, and even so far honored
,,.,.,, ,  ber husband   as to give him a
II I '.' I     Ul     il     1IIIUIIK l      1.1-.SVS*       -w v w ■. •■■ .   , n
by anv stretch of politeness, be j description of it, and to ask him
called harmonious. Traoassor-H-ow he thought il would suit
ies h-id   commenced   within   a   '*■*■"'•
month of their wedding day,! '■rl"ut gentleman, however—
and had continued without in.; selfish brute that he was — be-
termis'sion ever since, until 'rayed the mosl apathetic in-
something liko positive estrange- dill'erence on the subject, saying
ment bad resulted between hits- •'■ answer to ber question, that
bund and wife. This, of course, he knew nothing about, such
was a very lamentable state of matters and cared less; but that,
affairs, but there was abundant so ■'■•■' as his opinion was worth
reason to account for it. No one anything, ho should have
.could question that there existed thought she had dresses enough
between the parties what is a«d to spare already, without
known in the comprehensive | needing to spend thirty guineas
Divorce-court phrase as  serious
Provincial News.
olii :i I.adv Nairn,
S Conjfil Piltacc
It is jrej^OBsible to say that
.ever since they were first married, now some three years ago,
Mr. and Mrs. \\ inkingtoii had
lived in a manner which  could,
''incompatibility of temper."
Mr, Wiukington, who was some
years older than bis spouse, and
had not married until comparatively late in life, wasiinniovably
rooted to certain bachelor habits
of which Mrs. Winkingjt.on most
strenuously disapproved—especially his proclivity for flirtation.
And a particular casus belli in
this line had been introduced a
few months ago, when a certain
pretty widow, Mrs. Sturford-
Meade bv name, came to live in
the neighborhood.     Mr. Wink-! '■'•■   more
ini-toii   had   at once begun to carry   on
O r*
show ber decided attentions—
attentions which, in spite of his
wife's protests, he rather increased than relaxed as lime
went on.
Now Mrs. Winkington was of
on a new one.
Xow, Mrs. Winkinton's temper was none of the best, and to
bo met with this sort of reply,
when she had rather gone oul of
her way to do the civil to bet'
husband by consulting him at
all, nettled her into a violent
beat ul once.
'O'n, of course, you don'l care
a straw bow 1 look,'she retorted,
with angry sarcasm. ' 'Vou have
no eyes for anyone but that odious, flirting widow. I wonder,
Mr. Winkington, that you bav-
self-respoct   than   to
^^^ with ber as you do.
Perhaps you are not aware that
your name and hers are being
mentioned together, with the
most damaging insinuations, by
every on iu Eastboroughl'
Her husband looked   quietly
a verv jealous nature, and the'"*l**-- her over the newspaper
fact of'her husband admiring which he was reading, and do*
another woman was qu.ite Uberately ynwned. lie was of
enough, by itself, to make her} the most placid, imperturablc
dislike that other woman mosl i temperament, and besides, bad
cordially. But iu the present \ "WW grown so used to being re-
iustance thore were collateral proaohed by his wife for his lia-
-circumstances, which tended to sou with the fascinating widow,
increase her .jealously and dis- ft »t •* (h(1 "*ot disturb bun in
like in a unusual degree, the very least.
Until the widow had taken up !    'Really, my dear,'ho answered..
Medicinal value in a bottle of Hood's Sarsaparilla than lit any other preparation.
More sUlll is required, more oaro taken, moro
expense incurred In its manufacture,
lt costs tho proprietor and the dealer
More hut It costs the consumer lew, a-s he
gets more doses for Ins money.
More curative power is secured by its peculiar
combination- proportion and process,
whioh make It peculiar to itself.
More people are employed and more space occupied in its Laboratory than any other.
MOre wonderful Otires effected and more testimonials  received than by any other.
More sales and more increase year by year
are reported by druggists.
More POOplo are taking Hood's Sarsaparilla
today than any other, and mure are
taking It today than ever before.
More mill still mokK reasons might be
given why you should tako
The Oni* True ninml PurlBor,  $1; six for $5.
-j ,, i-s.,1 ouro nil I.Ivor Ills nnil
rlOOd S HlllS sick Ucadt-ohe, 2"c»uts.
Winkington, 1 do not choose mat
my husband should go running
after such a woman, and scandal-
izt; decency by airing his infatuation for her before the eyes of llie
"Don't be foolish, Arabella," lie
returned. 'If I want to do the civil
to the pretty widow, 1 sliull—
whether you choose or not. 1 dmi'l
interfere with your harmless* flir-
tafions, and it is really unreasonable of you to expect lo do so with
lie said this nol nt all hotly or
like a niiin speaking in anger, but
with the unruffled, superior calmness of one who did not think the
subject worth luring bis temper
ahout. And this lune, always so
irntuting to an angry person goaded bis enraged spouse to something approaching frenzy.
"Your mind is quite mule up on
that point then, Mr. Winkington?"
she demanded, after an awful pause
during whicli slit* had vainly tried
to wither him with the glance uf
her "basilisk eye.''
"Quite, my pel," he replied, with
cheerful decision.
"Very well," she said, solstnnly,
and with an i.itonitlioti of portentous meaning. "Whatever happens after this, you wiil have yourself to thank for. Remember, lhere
are limits to wifely elidut'ttneel"
Then, without another word, she
drew herself up to her full height
arid marched out of tlie room with
stalely swing, banging the door
vi< lenily behind her.
When she was gone, Mr. Winkington threw himself buck in llis
chair with a sigh of relief, filled
and lighted his pipe, and puffed
awuy for some minutes in contemplative silence. A placid, though
noi particularly amiable, smile—
probably of satisfaction at ihe re-
-iili of lhe scene with bis wife—
played about bis lips. Naturally
of a phlegmatic disposition, he seldom f.aiiid much difficulty in keeping liis temper, especially when he
saw that he annoyed others by
duing so. And, knowing from experience that nothing irritated Mrs
Winkington so much us to meet
ber reproaches with placid indifference, he always assumed that air
on lhe numerous occasions when
she blew him up.
hew!"  be  soliloquised, after a
The Most Complete Stock
her abode at Eastborough, Mrs.
Winkington bad enjoyed the
undisputed rank of premiere
beauty in the local society. But
the new-comer speedily set up a
strong counter-claim. There was
no question but that she was a
very good-looking woman; and,
rather curiously, she
much   the   same   style
yawning again, as though the
subject were not worth discussing. 'How ot'ten must 1 tell
you that 1 don't care a penny-
farthing for the paltry gossip of
this little, miserable town'."
'That's all very well, Mr Wink-
ington,' she cried, with increased
was   of unger—for her husband's  calm
as Mrs.I**'1" impervious indifference al-
Winkington. In height, there i ways enraged her intensely,
was scarcely half-an-inch's dif- 'But if you don't care on your
ference between the two ladies, own account, you might at least
while in general build, contour have some regard for nie and my
of figure, color of hair, and other peace of ■"-.-•id; especially, sir, its
leading 'points,' there was so 1 believe, that the scandals float*
Mvucn resemblance, that from  a ing'"bout  concerning you and
Mrs. Sturford-Moadc are by no
means so wide of the truth us
you would like me to think.'
'All right, my dear,' he r<-
joined, placidly, 'ifyou really believe that, of course I cannot
help it.' And, then he added
with  a  !n-/v   smile,   which   was
back view ihey were not infrequently mistaken. In face, indeed, they were not a bit alike
—the widow's sumewhat irregular features, and merry, dancing
eyes being in strong contrast to
lhe more correct, and less frivolous, type of beauty which characterized Mr. Winkington. But,
if tho former had the more vivacity and greater conversational powers, the latter had the
'pull'of her in the department
of dress; for, having a handsome
fortune of her own, Mrs. Winkington was able to command the
services of a  fashionable,   ant'
still more provoking. 'Supposing, Arabella, I were to  grow as
violently jealous of every man
ymi flirt with as you aro of poor
Mrs. Slurl'ord-Moade — whal
would happen then, eh?'
llis wife positively  trembled
with indignation  at his  words,
'iilous!' she exclaimed, with
consepuerilly exorbitant,London a *•■"■--- lttUg,h- rae'•u, -j> '"' <•?'
modiste;   whereas   the   widow, temptuous, but really betraying
whose income was strictly limit* fel*00**y  ■■1"»,° ,-han   anything
ed, was fain to but up with  the <-,lso>   *Jeftl°U!-< indeed?
■ . . ■ i .    t.     . .    ■  ui...*
And of
inferior   skill   of a local dressmaker.
it was decidedly amusing to
note the mutual behavior of
these two rivals when they met
(as they constantly did) at social gatherings. With what distant formality they bowed to
,cacti other; what scathing criticisms   both   of  word  nnd look
'that creature?
       That is a likelv
thing.    Hal lm! hu!'
'Well,    Arabella,"   he asked,;
'if you aro not jealous, why  the
devil   are you making all this
fuss about her?'
'That's right, sir,' sho  retorted
savagely.    'Swear at   mo lo   your'
heart's content.    I'm   far too   well
ftCCUItomed to it from you to mind
. Jealous,   indeed?     Th
, . illi     .     .     .   .m.iiiMi.-,     iiiuchu , . <»«j
tiny passed on one another; ideil* *-d a8 Boon be jealous of a
-want exultant triumph, or on- ja kitchen-maid us of that vulgar
ifMHJ   (uortiflcatiou—according|coquette.   But for all  that, Mr.
hit. This sort of ihing is all
mighty well; but 1 don't know that
I shall be able lu stand it much
longer. Tlie constant dropping of
water will wear out a stone, thev
say; and, dash nie, if the constant
dropping of Mrs. W.'s ill-temper
isn't beginning lo wear me out
seriously. Ah, Jonathan, my hoy!
I'm afraid you were not strictly
prudent when yon exchanged the
profane condition of bachelorhood
for lhe holy estate of matrimony.
Money, even when coupled wilh
good looks, may be precious dearly married, Nag, nag, nag!—
worry, worry, worry! from morning
till night,—yes, and Confound il,
at night, too; for a matrimonialised
victim hasn't even his hours uf repose in himself -why, twenty thousand a year would scarcely compensate for  il.    If  the past   might
In- undone, I guess I should be a
single man ugii . As that, however, is Impossible, there's nothing
fur il, 1 BUppOSB, but to take life
us easily 08 existing circumstance
will permit. By Jovol" (glancing
nt lhe cluck) "Halt-past three. I
think 1 shall go down to the club
nnd spend ihe rest of the afternoon
there. Willi Mrs. W. in her present humour, there's no security
for me al liuine.
As be spoke, he rose from his
chair, stretched himself, settled
ins lie and collar in front of the
pier-glass, then went oul into the
hull, and Inking llis hat and slick
strolled away iu the direction of his
It was considerably nfter seven
when be returned. As he let hiin-
1 self into the house with his luch-
key, one of the maids, who apparently had been on the watch for
him approached him, wilh an expression of inyslersoiis importance
on her face, and handed him a
"If you please sir," she, said,
"when -Missis went away she left
this for you, sir, idling nie to be
sure and give it to you as sqen as
ever you coined back."
Dr. Lewis Hall is seeking election in Victoria as a member of ,he
School Hoard.
Ranchers around   Vernon   have
commenced  to   feed   tneir   cattle.
Tliere is an  abundance of  hay" in
; lhe   di trict,   and   cattle  are   not
likely to suffer from luck of leeil.
Rev. Dr. Campbell, pastor of the
' Frst Presbyterian Church, Victoria
received a despatch on Sunday that
I his daughter in   Minneapolis  was
dying, and Dr. Campbell   immediately left for that cily.
The barristers of Victoria have
decided to lender a baiujuet to Him
Justice McColl. The dale is not
yet Hxed, but it will be arranged
so that Messrs. Dnvies ami Blair,
and the members of (he Behring
I tea Commission cnn be present.
David  Diamond, who   recently
left for the Upper  country,   turned
up u Nicola.    Prom there, he started to walk to Lower Nicola, tn spite
of being advised not to do so, as lhe
snow was deep,   and  the  mercury
inbuilt 25 deg. below zero.      He was
j found later on,"wilh bund, feel, nnd
| face very badly frozen, but   no further particulars could lie obtained.
There   is  a   scarcity of   fuel   in
Rossland   on   account of the cold
I weather, nnd   wood   bus.   gone un
j from   $5  to Ifli.    Many of lhe cini-
I tractors have found il mure   profitable to sell   to   private customers
thnn to Ibe mines with whom they
' hnd contracts,   hnve   not  fulfilled
i their contracts which bus seriously
j affe.'ted the operation of a   number
] uf the mines.
The Grand Forks Miner publishes the following!—Once inure
wo wish to   warn   those   whu   are
| turning their eyes toward this  sec-
i lion as a pluce'for investment and
settlement. This is not a poor
man's camp. If you have'money
to invest there is no better place on
earth than right here and no better
, ti1111*. than right now, bul if ynu nre
thinking of portiing here in search
of work, tnke our advice and stay
where you are. Tliere are plenty
of men already here to  handle all
! the wnrl; which will be dune this
A man named T. Johnston reported tn the police ihat be was
held up on Keefer street, Vancouver, al two o'clock Saturday morning nml robbed ol $50. He slated
that be hud $151) on him at lhe
time, but that the highwayman said
$50 was enuiigli for him. The
police were endeavoring to locate
Johnson and get some particulars,
as lhe affairs at present bus a
rather inciedible appearance. On
Thursday niuht a man was held up
in lhe East End and robbed of ten
cents, all the money he bad, and a
loaf of bread.
On Thursday last ns a train was
near Nurth Bend a Chimtnian was
seen walking along the track. The
snow has been cleared off lhe rails,
funning a narrow passage between
lhe solid bunks of frozen snow. The
distance was too short for the train
to pull up and the unfortunate
Celestial had thus no means of
escape. J limping to one side of the
track, he endeavored to dive into
the snow, but it wis frozen loo
hard and he was caught by the
train and most horribly mangled,
pieces of the body being strewn for
a considerable distance along the
line. Cnpl. I'ittcndrigli held an
inquest, at which a verdict of accidental death was returned, the
railway employees being exonerated
from all blame in connection with
the mallei'.
Jas. McGregor's
Victoria Crescent.
Tlie Nanaimo Bakery Excels
The Popular Bakers.
Land Agent and Conveyancer,
Town Lots mul Farms for Sale;   Money In Lnill'
on Mortgage nt low rates.
A^ent for tho tTliltt-,l Fire Insurance Compail*
j of Mu IK lli-sli'r. Klij-lilllll.
Wake up to the fact that if you
invest NOW in Shares of
good reliable
^\rlii}j|t<)r} -Hotel.
Having completed the erection of the Arlington     _ _   _
Hotel «t NANOOSE HAY, ihis hnudsome and i  All H    j[
commodious hotel is now prepared to roeoivij :
nnd comfortably entertain travelers and others.
Is presided over by Mrs, Thompson, and lhe
Tahled'Hote constantly provided with nil the
■ h-lirnctes nf thu setwon, Combined with the
elegant furnished apartments, the visitor Muds
the .surroundings of the most pleasant descrip*
1 tion.
You stand to make Big Fronts,
First-class Accommodation. Fire-proof building
Terms: $1.00 Per Day and Upwards.
mi   n      Motel,
JAS. BENNETT, Proprtelor.
Commercial St.,       Nanuinin, B. C.
Trespass Notice.
WHEREAS, Certain evil-rlisposeil per-
Ruiia have been killiiiir "tui-kon Valdez
Isliiiul, Naiiaiinii Oistriel, it is
REsjOLVBIJ in future Unit all persons
I'uiiiiil LrespuRsiiiK nn tin- Wake Estate
ul 760 ueres ami Iiulian Reserve of 17<«)
a.ljiiiniim will In. prosecuted to tlie lull
extent uf llie lnw.
(Sinned)     BALDWIN II. WAKE.
Sept. 1.1, l.-!)l!.   JOHjN HASH,
Will sell to you on terms no otlier^
Broker in British Columbia
Any person selling or otherwise disposing of KEGS, BOTTLES, or TAPS belonging to
the Union Brewing Company
will be prosecuted.
W. E. NOURIS, Sec.
Nov. 1", 18IIB.
*-    iii tli
Fpveig" News.
Or Jameson, the leader of the Transvaal raid, now iiuiler>iolngasentence of
fifteen months' imprlaonunenl in Ilul-
loway jail, and whoBe sickness has previously heen noted, is announced to lie
in u critical condition.
In the b'renuli uha'mherof deputies the
Premier, in preseiitinj" a hill providing
for a grant of twenty million lire to the
Prince of Naples, the heir apparent, who
has just been married to the PrineeBS
llclcnc nf Montenegro, said that King
Humbert had decided to re-lmbusse the
treasury in an eipiul amount from the
civil   list.      The announcement   was
greeted with loild cheers.
Tlie result uf the election in the United siaies has brought n windfall tn lhe
town ol Soever in tin- shape nf a donation of |86,(H)0 from Mr. Henry Vlllard,
The pastor of that   place has   recently
been trying to obtain subscriptions ton
fund with which tu establish a sick
childrcns' hospital, anil Mr Vlllard was
approached duringhls receutstuy there.
He pruiniscl that if McKinley were elected he would give the whole sum required. This promise has heen kept ami
the foundation stone of lhe new hospital will he laid next spring.
Emancipation of Mental Slavery
Should hand in their names at mice and
become members of the
Freethoiiffht Library.
24, Commercial St., Oil v.
p. o. no-sim. s nun'
You have to Pay
I divide it up into
--Small Monthly Instalments*
So that everyone can have an interest in Mining and secure parti
ofthe Profits that most assuredly^
WILL be made.
The Mayor of Windsor n Prisoner.
Windsor, Nov. 30.—The uiiusiil
Bpoolaele of a mayor standi nu in
the prisoners' dock at police court
like a common felon wus witnessed
today, when Mayor 1). W. Mason
stood up to answer to a charge ot
having assaulted Alderman Shep-
pard on Tuesday night. Ue was
found guilty und $10 and $.25
costs, or twenty days imprisonment
al hard labor..
Makes tin-
Most Permanent
-n.i Artistic
Sign Letter
In -'•Ist'-iire
Sole Acent Tor British I.oln-mlila
1.,,1-a. Agent, JAS.  HIRST
Clothes Cleaned...
Repaired and Altered
gtW Nnxl iloor to W-nlwnn-!*' Bliideinillh
Shop. t. O. Ilox 301
Old ClotlioH miiilc equal lo new.
Lodge Notices.
Inkerman Lodge, No. .1ZB, Sons of St.
George.—Regular weekly meeting is held
in Hubert's Hall, Wharf street, ou Saturday evening at * o'clock. Visiting
brethren cordially invited to attend.
Fred, Waostakk, Sec.
f mpt) Battles of any Description,
Did Copper, Brass, Zinc or Lead,
Can ditipoRe of sume Ity addressing a poHtal to
B. AAHONSQN> Box 173, Nanaimo)
Who will call promptly at Buy address in City
or itybtirbt.
The  Stamp  Mill at Alberh
Is now in operation. When results are known, up go the Shares
of all Alberni Companies.
And make money while you hav<
a chanoe BEFORE the rise takes
Thos. Kit ©Mn,
News ofthe Dav.
La Patric expresses the hope that
Mr. Laurier will not accept Kniglit-
ihootl if it is offered to him'
Caleb Doming a resident of To-
irontofor over forty years, and well
iknown in Ontario, is dead.
A number -of eTnployees of the
iC. P. li. repair shops in Montreal
ihave.heen discharged as there is no
work for them.
A number of temporary employees on the railways, post office and
agricultural departments walked
:the plunk on Monday at Ottawa.
It is stated that Hon. Mr. Smart
of Crandon has been appointed
Deputy Minister of the Interior in
succession to Mr. A. M. Burgess.
The  writ for the bye election in
North   Brandon   has  been issued.
The nomination takes place in Dec
ember 12 and the election  on  the
Two lads named Clarke and Pat
om were drowned in the Rideau
,-canal while skating, A gallant
■effort was made by a companion to
rescue them.
Charles Tupper Hillson, inspec
tor of buildings for (he Intercolonial railway, has received notice
that after December 81 his services
will not be required.
.A young man named Topham
accidentally shot himself while
prospecting in the Lake Dauphin
country, Manitoba. The bullet
liit him in the forehead, killing
him instantly.
Charles Seager, of Goderich, has
been appointed to investigate certain charges against Mr. Quillet,
M.P., in connection with the super
animation of the customs collector
at Cobourg. Out.
William Stein way, lhe noted
piano manufacturer, died on Sunday in New York from typhoid fever. He wits thought lo to progressing towards recovery, but had a re
lapse and expired.
The finance" department has run
•out of new one dollar bills, hence
the dirty ones at present in circulation cannot be called in. It will
be a mouth before a supply of new
ones will be available.
John Crerur, of Hamilton, has
been appointed comniissioner to
enquire into the circumstances
which resulted iu the election of a
member to represent the electorial
ttislricl of Algoma on lhe 80th day
of June instead of the 23rd -of
Richard Ntigle-, lumberman, of
Ottawa, died on Monday nl Peterboro, where he was staying wilh his
daughter, Mrs. l'heluii. Tho (In
caased ran once for tbo federal
bouse in this city. He was a Liberal. He leaves a fortune. A family
i.f three married daughters survive
liim. He was about 70 years of
Hon. Mr. Tarle and parly returned to Ottawa, Monday night.
The Minister says what impressed
him most in the West was lhe feel
ing of confidence among the people.
He was surprised lo find so many
young men settled out there all
willing to work. Immediately on
reaching.the cily Hon. Mr. Tarte
paid a visit to his leader.
Inspector Sweet nam, although a
Tory, has heen compelled to make
a strong report acainst officials of
the Quebec postmaster for their
Actions during the last election
campaign in passing through the
wailseleetioneering in a'ter, against
lhe law, so as to assist Tory candidates. The result will be their dismissal as well as civil and criminal
Application will be made nextses-
t-ion for an act to incorporate a
company with power io construct,
operate and maintain either a
standard or narrow gage railway,
for the purpose of conveying passengers, freight and ore from a
point at or near Revelstoko on the
Pacific railway thence northwards
following the valley of the Columbia river to a point at or near the
junction of the Canoe river.
Early on Monday morning a
man giving the name of Martin
Meredith, who said he was a Penn*
sylvanian miner, and was visiting
u friend named Edward Droban,
was found in an old scow at the j
foot of West Market streci, Toronto
with the soles of both feet frozen.
lie was removed to the general
hospitul, when he told a story that
he was attacked by footpads on
front street about nine o'clock on
Sunday night, and robbed of $7.
A mosl distressing accident occurred on Sunday night at Lang
don, near Calgary
Mr. Beuusoleil, M.P.,''have given
a statement to the press supporting
the school settlement. If he had
the authority he said, he would ask
the Catholics of Manitoba to give
it a fair trial and accept the settlement. Premier Laurier, he says,
has got a better settlement than
probably any other poiitican could
have uot. Mr. Beuirsoleil is the
only Liberal member of the House
who was supposed to have any objections to the settlement. He does
away with that supposition by giving it his support.
It is by no means settled when
Mr. Laurier will visit England. It
is possible he may have to cross
the Atlantic this winter, hut he is
not anxious to visit England until
next year. Public business, however, chiefly the fast Atlantic
steamship question, may render it
imperative for him to go. If the
journey can be avoided the visit
will be postponed until after next
session, in which case Sir Richard
Carlwright will accompany him.
Strange to say the premier has
never'vi si led Europe.
Mr. Bourrassa, M.P., returned to
Otlawa, Saturday night, having
left Hon. Mr. Tarto and his party
at Calgary. Mr. Bourassa, is very
enthusiastic over his trip through,
Manitoba, the Northwest and British Columbia. Referring to the
school settlement Mr. 15ourrassa
says he was nt Nanaimo, B.C.,
when it was made public. He then
endorsed it. To your correspondent he said that he read the published interview wilh Mr. Prender-
gast and agreed with every word of
it. Mr. Prendergast was, in his
opinion, the authorized representative of the minority'
They Were Hurt When Their Neigh-
burly Advauces Were Repelled.
Reaping a Harvest.
With the exception of Victoria,
all the cities of the Northwest are
suffering from the usual winter
epidemic of burglaries and highway robberies. Victoria's exemption is due, no doubt, to the vigilance of tlie police force and the
fact that hoboes without money
lind it more dillictlt to reach here
than they do to reach the cities on
the Mainland. Victorians, however, should continue vigilant, for
no doubt as soon as the crooks
mate a haul in other cities they
will come here.
In Seattle there have been twelve
burglars, four grand larcenists and
two highwaymen arrested during
the past two months. Some ol
■ hem have been convicted and
thers will be. A few will plead
guilty ns soon as they are given an
opportunity to do so. All but a
• mail percentage of the stolen goods
lave been recovered. The only
big robbery committed where the
thieves succeeded in getting away
villi their plunder was that which
•(.'Stilted in the loss of several
ypewrilers, Tney were likely
lipped out of town, as the police
have scoured the cily for ihem and
failed to find them.
In Portland, Vancouver and Taeoma tliere has been a run of all
sorts of crimes. Taeoma is having
a little rest just now, but for
awhile crime there ran riot. Highwaymen and grand larcenists  and
"We're going to have some neighbors at last," said Mrs. Hawle to
her husband, when he came home
to dinner the other day. "There's
a family moving into the house
across the street."
"What kind of looking people are
"Well, one can hardly judge yet.
but I guess they're disposed to be
neighborly. One of the little boys
came over a few moments ago to
borrow our broom. He said theirs
hadn't come yet, and here he comes
"Ma wants to know if you could
let her have the loan of a tack hammer and a few tacks?" he said, appearing at the open door.
"And she wants to know if you
have such a thing as a carpet
stretcher and a floor mop with a
handle to it. She'd like to borrow
'em if you have."
All of these articles were given
to the boy, and the liawle's were at
the dinner table when be again appeared.
"Pa wants to know if he can have
the loan of your axe and a few ten-
penny nails an' a screw driver, an'
ma would like a cup of coffee an'
your coffee mill and some cups."
"Better send her the coffee pot
also," whispered Hawle to his wife
as she left the table to supply the
boy's demand.
Ten minutes later a long, lank
girl appeared at the open door of
the dining-room.
"Henry forgot to ask for the loan
of your coffee pot when he got the
coffee an' maw would like it. Our
things ain't come yet, and we'd like
to borrow a loaf of bread an' a
skillet an' a washboard, an' maw
says she will oblige you in the same
way some da}'."
Just as tne liawle's were about to
leave the table the boy appeared for
the third time,
"Ma would like the loan of a
nteJle and some black No. 40
thread an' a cork-crew an' a butcher knife an'a drawn o' ten; sbe
don'l drink coffee. Au' pa wants a
little sinokin' tobacker, if you have
il, an' the Free Press, and a shoe
brush an' some blackin'an'a handsaw. He says he. wouldn't bother
you but he knows you want to be
neighborly, an' he'll do as much
for you some day. Him an' ma
are comin' to call soon as we get
settled, an' he said to tell you that
we intend to neighbor with you
straight along."
The girl appeared at-this moment
and said:
"Maw forgot to tell Henry to ask
could you loan her a nursing bottle
an' a nipple, an' a pint of milk for
the baby. An' her an' pa's going
down town, an' she'd like the loan
o' a parasol an' three or four hairpins, an' pa would like to borrow a
No. 16 collar an' a copy of The
Mail, an'—"
"You go home and tell your
father and molher that they can't
borrow another blessed thing here,"
said Mr. Hawle. We didn't mind
loaning you any ofthe other papers,
but we draw the line at the   Mail.
Tt\e Ne^ Ya^cou:^er
A Journal for the People
The Nkw Vancouver Coal
Company mine at their , —_<-__ ,
Collieries at and near
Nanaimo the following
The above are supplied in
the followfng Grades, viz: Double Screened, Screened,
Rim of the Mine,
 <0g$  Washed Nuts and
Washed Screenings.
Prompt Delivery at the Company'*
Wharves at Nunniino and Protection Isliiml.
■CLEAN... -....
People who Appreciate >
Have their prescriptions dispensed at
Their Prices mc Right. Telephone 3.
Arrival and Departure of Mails
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
Telephone 7-9. Nanaimo, C. C.
Meats delivered free of charge to all
pur's of the city.
Office Tel. HO.   P.O. Ilox 10.   Residence Tel. TOI.
Funeral Directors
A™ Embalmers.
Graduates ol the Oriental, Ihe Enrokn,
the New York and Clark'*
School* of Embalming.
burglars were niuking liny.   People
were held up at  prominent   places ] It's too valuable a journal to allow
in and about tlie city und  relieved  out of our sight."
of tlieir possessions. Chief Smith
of that cily, is as good a man as
ever handled Tacoma's force, but
he was unable for a lime to cope
with lho criminals that infested the
Vancouver is suffering the worst
from the crooks. Reports are being
sent out daily of the town being
turned upside down, but it is said
that the half has not been told.
Tommy Wallace, Seattle's notorious crook and ex-convict, was
working there for a time. He
"turned" a number of "tricks" but
was filially captured with others.
"The others" broke jail and were
never captured, but there were new
crooks to take their places.
The name of a half dozen Seattle
crooks could be mentioned, who,
during the last few months, found-
it loo warm in Seattle and who are
now, according to .reliable information, working in Vancouver.
In Portland the crooks have
things their own way.    Two of the
Then the woman came across the
street to the Hawle's gate and
"Piirty neighbors, you air! But I
said to my husband this morning
that I didn't like the looks of ye,
and that I didn't keer nolhin' about
neighborin' with ye, an' you've
showed yourselves to be just the
narrow, contracted, onneighborly
set, that I made up my mind ye was,
an' I don't want ye to come a-nigh
me. An' I've fetched back yer old
tack hammer an' yer mouldy Free
Press, it has no news in it, an' I
didn't want to be beholdin' to ye
for nothin!"
"And thV'other things we never
saw again," said Hawle when he
told the story afterwards.
Nortii llruce Election Contest.
Southampton, Dec. 1.— The
Nortii Bruce election trial was
continued to-day. Soverul
Indians living on   the     Indian
1, 3 and f> Bastion St., Nanaimo
(Commercial Hotel,
Comer Commercial and Bastion Sis.
This lon pest ah] ish eil Hotel is comfortably
fitted up with superior accommodation! for travelers and others.
Union Steamship Co.
Of British Coliiniliiii, Limited
Head Office and Wharf—Vanconvor
best deteciives on the coast are Joe reserve testified to having receiv-
1 lay and Charley (iriifin. "Doe" ed an offer ofjmouey, or to hav-
Hobinson, who used to be a sport-, ing received extra timber and
ing man down in California, is exemptions from dues on eondi-
Portland s new chief of police. He ti()11 tllat tluty wtmlcl vok, for Mr
let Day and (uillm out  and  since  MoNeU       John   q lnUi
then the crooks nave been enjoying .    ,     -   i i .  i
a regular feast.-Uoloi.ist. i UK0»!* d»me? *™g tuken any
! part in the election either on be-
Frelglit Train Wrecked.
Miss Pen nock
operator at the place was alighting      '*..ielln, Mon,, Dec. l.-A fr iglit train
from the front   ofthe   caboose of a  of thirty ears, loaded  with  tiinuer and
freight train going east, when  she I shingles, going west, got beyond uuntrol
slipped on the snow and fell under ^V''" ■>"'""■« Wul'?'1 luu"(;'1 °" t|,a
,u . • i .i i i Lil ii .Northern raeilic road, yes-unlay even-
the train, both her legs being badly ; *,,,,. i„entysix ears were suatlerod
mangled.    She  was   taken   to   the along   for  a   distunee ol'  eight   miles,
McNeil or
SS. Comox sails from Co's wharf every
Tuesday at 11 a. in. for Bowen Islam),
Howe sound, Set-hell. Jervis Inlet,
Froeek,Texada Island. Lund, Hernando
Island, Cortes Island, Head Island Valdez Island, Shoal Bay, I'hillip Ann,
Frederic Ami, Thlirlow Island. Loughborough Inlet., Salmon River, l'ort Seville, and sails every Friday at 11 a, ni.
for way lions and Shoal Bay calling at
Bute Inlet every six weeks.
Leaves Mood wi lie—8, 9:15, 10:45, 12
noon 2:4 and 5:45 p, m.
Leaves Vancouver—8:35, 10, 11:20,
1:16, p.m, 3:15,6:15, ami 6:20.
Culling at Nortii Vancouver each
way, excepting the noon trip.
Tugs ami si-ows always available following ami freighting business. Large
storage accommodation on Co's  wharf,
//. If. DARLING, Manager.
Telephone HI P, (). Ilox 771
Daily ex. Bun. j
I Wellington, Northfield   and a.m.   a.m.
East Wellington    11.25  S.50
Victoria,Southern States and
places along line of E. & N. Dailyex.Snn. j
Railway    8.20 11.50;
British and foreign, Eastern
Provinces, Eastern States, Dolly ex.Sun. j
Vaiicoiiveraiiil other places P.M.   P.M.
on Mainland of B.C   6.30 5.00
Comox, Union, Union  Bay,
Sandwouk,Courtenay,Gran-*'M««, fri-   .
tliani, Quallcuui,  Hornby p.m. p.m.
Island and Denman Island  8.20 3.00!
Suit Spring Island, Burgoyne fri-    Tues;
Bay, ImiKotiI Harbor,North
Salt .jpringlslanil and Gab- p.m.
riola Island     8 20
BY   STAGE. $?£■"•
Alberni, Parksville, French  p m.
Creek and Errington  12,30
Nanoose Bay 12.30
2Qc. per Month
One Year, $1.60
Sue Months, 76 cts.
Three Months, 60 cts.
Mini.  .
Th ii r.
P M,
A. M
Merchants and Business Men
will find THE MAIL a
Departure Bav.dailvex. Sun 12 45 10.30
Cedar (South), Saturday    ..   2.00 U OO
A Full Assortment at the Lowest Market Itmc*.
Promptly Attended to.
Good Advertising Medium
It has a large and steadily increasing
of the city and immediate district
All kinds ol
Tin and Sheet-Iron Work.
Victoria Crescent, Nanaimo.
In all its
Various Branches
We Print.
AU Materials used in connection with the above
guaranteed to be first-
Etc., Etc.
where the engine left llie truck. Ed
ward Jarlieaii, thu bead brakenian, was
thrown down an embankment with several ears uud killed, 1'ireiiiau Young
jumped and received a broken miliar
bone, and he also received other injur*
■'leu. Engineer John Klynu's leg wus
broken and he also received other injuries. Conductor John Mi-Bean's thigh
was Inokvn, his back wrenched and
' shoulder thrown out of joint. It was
the worst   wreck   ever  known   to   the
■Palgary    hospit.nl.     Dr.    Muckie
-found it necessary to amputate one
leg nnd she is now in a critical con
The Westminster Uaiotte, in an editorial thanking the city of Glasgow for
its early subscriptions fur relief of Armenians, and announcing thut another
appeal (or £100,000 will shortly he made
hy    Mr Gladstone  and   the   Duke
Argyle, concludes! "It is onlv right to   ,, ...
add that the unceasing exertions of Sir N"them  raciiie   ruilwuy   in  point   of
Philip Ourrie, Hritish   Ambassador   ut   dumage to the truck und rolling stock.
Constantinople,  und his consular stair,
have alone enabled the  American missionaries  to   pursue  their   labours  of
pierey  unmolested.
Advertise in ttie lUAlb, the people's
One of the reasons, alleged by a prominent storekeeper of Cordova street,
Vuncouver, for the failure of the police
to capture tbe burglars and footpads
who have been niuking night hideous in
the city is the fact thut the members of
the force carry no lanterns, and if they
ure in search of a supposed suspicious
rliarucler ure compelled to lirst obtain a
light from a match und continue the
chase with a tallow candle. This statement comes aa a surprise to many uud
goes fur lo remove from the shoulders of
the patrolmen the onus of immunity
Irom capturing enjoyed by the crooks.
But upon whose shoulders does that
onus now rest? Is the question which
is being asked on every hand.
Any present   subscriber   to  the
Mail can hope the   Weekly  Globe
from now to the end  of   1807  for
65 cents,   L.
J. A. CALDWELL, tht Tailor
Has changed his quarters,
and cnn now be found up
stairs in the
Williams Block,
Where he will be pleased to
receive his patrons.
General Steamship Agency
LAMPS, Etc. etc.
Anyone requiring • F«n suit -hould Parlies iroino; to the Old Country I
e order early. °      ° -M
or sending for friends will
By purchasing Tickets from
General Agent.
Birds and Animals set up in a thorough workmanship manner.
On Hand—Four fine Users' Heads,
which will be sold for price of setting
them up.   Also a fine ease of Birds,
d.s. Mcdonald.
49 Haliburton Street, Nanaimo.
n.-nininprcin' S«tr««t.
E. V. CHAMBERS, Manager
TELETHONS 71 .   eJ2£
t^!$^W£(H* "*Zwe '■"-■ImV'-JT,
|. > «"■*■&■.  : 9
_JLJL_-—-_.-*---_•. —	
'•llltl.ls.ll Uli  KVKI'.Y
TL'E.SIiJjV   ASH  1-KllUiAV
11 y TU"
MAIL l'l.P),,'*lllNd COMPANY
Kd. V. i>;;.
iiKiis. Editor and Mtpngcr.
y'ietoria Crescosl Naiiann
. 11. C.
MirascitirrioN kvi'i-?
'do former ones in intensity oi
pariyism. The missionary wor!;
in gathering in the wayward voter
for registration far surpasses anything dune in tl,*ts direction in
former years, (Sven the soil'ed;
doves of K laser -itreet have been '
drummed ti|> with an assiduity
worthy of it better   purpose.     The
Wheat, Corn, Chop, Outs, Bran, Soqands, Potatow
Onions, Flour, Rolled Qiits, Oatnieal. Farina,  •
Buclswhe'lrt Flour,  Rice Flour, jlomiuy, also a
Full Line of Choice Groceries, is at
Six intuit lis .
" Tlirce in,mills
iielivereil bv c-iuyu-i-....
.;Joo. ne*imniiii
so slato-niiikers are busy bunting up
eo the aspirin'
IBIiM'S, is Wallace-street Grocer-
tndidates for  ahler-
inaiiic honors, and, as might besx-
DEOEMBER 4,1890. Ipected under such cireuijiBlftnces,
------    - :.-..business' abilities   and   fitness for
the position are secondary considerations; liis powers as a vole catcher being an indispensable qualification, "Nothing definite lias been
done in llie way of final selection,
but several new names are mention
ed,     lt  is understood that several
of   lho   members   of   the   present
time,    lftbe member*; of the   l.e;,'- ...,,. .
P. ...        . .   .,     council will rellisi-to stand for an
Fltlll.VV    -
Provincial Politics,
The time is near at hand when
the members of tbo British Columbia Legislature wiil be called together, for what we trust will be the
last session under 'be  present   re-
the   cravings of those who would ]
not appropriate the.same oven if all \\\Q Pf&C© tO G©t
churches were prepared to make '
provision for them. In this cily
the work of the Y. M. C. A. could
be managed by the churches with
great profit to the young people,
and the church itself, and tiio city
could take control of a public institution lliat wouhl ilo away with
tho need of a few having io support
one. We are very far behind in
this matter. Every city in the
province, excepting Xanairno, has
its public reading room and library.
Our council Certainly has assisted
the Y. M. C. A., and such help hns
partly made it possible for lhe
doors   of that room to be open,t<
Our Tea,  Coffee, unci Butter are the best in the market.
Keineinlier, our motto is—Square Dealing and Close Prices.
university. Permission to register
a t'ownsite should not be granted
unless piirtioiis are set aside for the
purposes of education approved of
by the government,
MUNICIPAL government.
iiU-hHfiliation for handling tbe.sli-
cial questions of ilie duy? Bulwl i sl
"earnest thinker" does not expect
the ministry to handle these questions as he would like, ye: lei Us
lie thankful for the li mr  of  the
other term, ll is also rumored
that there will be a three Cornered
ligln for the mayoralty, Mr. Morgan
Harris being spoken uf as an independent candidate,      The  rumor
| lacks confirmation, and Mr. Harris
is, so far, reticent on the subject.
Mr. Harris is a deservedly popular
.man in lhe'city uud.ii be decides
to come out will  make  things in-
I tercsling.
i    ... —■+■*-  .  -
Editorial Notes.
Several weeks ago our local  con-
islature wili   only   carry   out   the
wishes of a  large  majority  ofthe
people they are supposed to  represent, their    first    act    after    assembling   will   be    to   promptly
pass n note of "no confidence" in
the discredited jncompetentson the
treasury    benches.      I-Tont   every
part and section  of   the -Province
comes the   same   cry,  "turn them
out."    Apart from  all  other   considerations it   would be a  graceful
acton th/p Dili of Parliment to end
the agony, by bringing to a speedy
end the ollicial life of a government
in which the people have   not the
least particle of confidence.   The temporary   made some damaging
Turner Uovernment has  shown by ! charges derogatory to the character
their career of blundering business  of tbe Kev. I). A.   McRae,   in   that I
methods in   everything they   have  be charged tbe city   with,  and   I'O-
iittempted to do, and their masterly | ceived  certain   sums  uf  money to
inactivity   in   many   tilings   that which he  was  not entitled.      We
should have received   prompt   at-  refrained from commenting on the
.tention, to be wholly unfitted to be subject  then,  expecting  that  Mr.
entrusted.w.it'c the responsible tunc-; McRae would allow no unnecessary
Jlons of government  in tiie   new era   time to elapse before answering the
which is about to dawn on our Pro-: cbarges.     So  far,   he has failed to
vince.   Every district has its own do so, and  we   must confess ihat,
particular flrieVance and  diffsatjs-: under the circumstances, his silence
faction against the powers that be, i for such a protracted period of time
■but  Nanaimo's score' against the is to Us inexplicable,     Mr. McRae
present    Uovernment — which   is is living in Los Angeles,California;
practically a continuation .of the lhe paper containing  the cbarges
Robson and Davie administration -should reach him in less than one
,is a serious one, and qf long stand-   week;   his   reply could be received
jug.   That their tacit consent to tlic in   -Nanaimo  in another week; the
direct and open violation of a statu- cbarges were published five weeks
lory law in permiting Chinamen to j ago.     What   are   wc   to   think?
'work in coal mjjjes, jias not brought -*-"'•   McRae   is the last man   ol
irretrievable ruin on the industrial whom the people of Nanaimo would
and commercial  Interest of  (his expect   a   dishonorable   act,   but
cily and district reflect no credit on candor  compels  us tu say that Ids
their honesty or ability   as  states-  silence looks suspicious.
The mine-owners who were """'"
ours   of  that  room In be open lo      The abolition of all special chart-  Methodist'Church  that  at least a
ie public.    Hut why out own   the ers aud lhe substitution of a gener.   a*e'h'idisl   Local   Preacher  has ac*
institution, thus providingashelter al  statute   graining tW power's of cotHplishe'd   tbe tusk even   tin,ugh
for tbe benefit of every ei'lcen  and  tnxaliot. and civic legislation. such teach.,ig enlanated not from,
Agriculture:-  Liberal and judi- ^e Melh.idist PulpiVbut from the
ciotis assistanc 1   the   se.tlemeiil ' *• M.C,' A" .^ ,tUf0,'U1,. "J*  "'e Dr8'
visitor who wi.-hes to  lake advantage of it?.
Now i.- tin* time when a sense of
this need is being provided for by
the churches for their friends
lhe   cily   buv   up   lho stock and I"* creameries, cheese far.
... .   ",      ..   ,,   ,,   .       , suunr-beei   ninnufacturi
1 ibriiry   of   the   Y.   M.  C. A. and
of   lhe   liona-l'iilc settlers; loans of
money ill very low rates of interest I
for develop!pg the agricultural re
time it has fallen to his lot to stand
in the breach. l!ul "earnest thinker" feels sure Ihat "us  soon as Mr.
Let sources of the province; the erection Hall thoroughly understands the
,i.„.!n0 ,,,„i question, he will not be backward
eg      w   "*  iii   speaking   out."   Surely,    this
manage a public institution in such
a way as In induce yi ung men and I ing
women lo come under influences
that will help lu build np a character, and make them acquainted
with m idem though I and progress.
It must and will prove a good investment for the city
munii v.
mention  ought umlouiitedlv lo be
ttiusi be very gratifying to the
■ , ,       ... j   , ' gentlemam.    Very! to be told that
paid to cattie, sheep and  hog rais- ,    , .   . , ,       , ,
- lhe has undertaken to handle a sub-
'Mines.-The encouragement   (lf U-*ct "vine!, he does noi thoroughly |
all   efforts  to develop the mining Mf        m* l, ^ vhrB m/tI>"1!en
■■■■sources of  the   province;  the re- V"1   as a Methodist Ltical Preacher
oval of all vexatious taxation uu- has'   N"w &">   ea!n?si thinker"
may not have intended anv disres-
on undeveloped properties, and  an, ....
equalization of all taxes upon niin-! <,e<V" '^''."''^ ','•'.ln «t!,lfcn'1;or I
,nd com-1 ing privileges. j l"  Kbv/   't^' «»«."> P«tjoo ar,
The  F,anchise:-An   equal  ,,;,.:otherwise I should  haye no besita-
tribution  of electoral   power;  one  tlon   ln  f.V»*g  that-his   remarks
-      were most  uncalled for, and would
m     ,n n l    m f..,.i  ,. , i ,   , ,.i .,;,,. ,    I,  i.i. ... f    ' were must   uncalled  or, ami woud
i in 1 iii'ii••"" ( ovcniiiii'iit — 1urn   actor oi population to ne taken tor ... , . '   .  ,
cities, and one factor for  tbe rural pH"?1 thal '" rushing into print
llu'iH OUt    Why, and mining sections.     All   British  ,n »h's way   he   be   a little more
One   of   the chief   faults   of  the
present  local   government  is   the
subjects over 21  lo be entitled to
uarded in his expressions.   Those
very serious one that they have no  required   of ciViididiites for legisl'a
policy.    As far as the general pub- \ i>v(' honors to lie aholisned,
vote; one vote onlv for each person. I wll(,' ,ettrd Ke,v-liM'"- 1Iil" ■ *»rm<in,
Uitch peVsohto he entitled  to vote ftnf have read   earnest  thinker's
j for one member onlv. ••.-;'•■. w,111. not fail l« see that not-,
Candidales:--AH   deposits   howJfllh'8,1,,d,n,-lhe latt.tr8 ]n"WM'A
lie can judge,  the partv  in power! , Incorporation   of   companies:-
, ,.,.,-.        ' I Stringent regulations for the lorma-
has  never  laid Us platform before L,on (fnd regislratiim  ,lf  im.„,-po,-
the people.     Each member of that „ted companies;  the development correspondent
party is "a law unto himself." They |of nur mining interests being very |»,pH"™„„?11.*"ri'
mav    be,   lind   are,   us wiil
with lhe former, yet between lhe
lwo there is a difference as divergent as the poles:—e, g., in elucidating   bis   first  proposition  yonr
We have a very complete line
of Large Sizes in MEN'S
UNDERWEAR.    A full range
of pieces.   You can have the
Canadian make or the best
Scotch, which comes in pink
and natural colors.
Sizes, 42, 44, 4(5.
Commercial St., Nanaimo, B. G.
You will need it for the Xmas Holidays.
MOB-GAN the Tailor has just what you
,Kl,nV'«'l^lcr!Ji,rt!J want for a Good Warm Suit in
is iIib I fruitful   in  calling   inlo  extstencel
"     many bogus companies, cunirary |!?J'e* :TT?m"^.[M*U(!h}H.w'x
to  public iuluicoi ;...J tiie civdil of
the province. . , , ..
aru may necome solier, a liar may
I eschew falsehood from other causes
[ thau a change ul heart. Penal laws
'may   and   do   iilny   an  important
reformation,"   ns   though     Ibe;
ere synonymous
lie case, for a mn
I thief may become honest, a drunk:
poles asunder in their   views   upon I "'""■> ,''V,*V*'   * ' .'*-.'  ' ,'."'/.] the case, for a man mav   reiorm, a
. I ;m     1 I'llllc. III.i.i...   :.....   l.iH I.....11. il . '
political economy, nnd each M.P.r
has as much right as any other to | Taxes:- -The abolition of till class
be tlie mouthpiece oi his party, taxation, and the use of public
The representatives of. Victoria, for | money   only   for   public   require*
instance, cau verv- i
Eiifjlisli, Irish_and Scutch Tweeds |
.. :"*T*-l
»„  ■ ,     ,     ments.   The appointment of a nl-o-
■easi.nanly  do-   ...    .  ,  '   ,„   .....  ,,,,,*...,  par
vineial auditor, who shall hold his P*-1 !n Jicoomplishing this.   But
;:'-    "•"     ,:       ■-•■i-i...,. ni   is|()ffico   fur  life/subject only to ie-   akeH that the change referred
pledged to the Hritish I'acilic Rail-|moval liy an ict of lhe legislature
way, while some members of the Such is a rough outline of what
same   party can as reasonably de-   I helieve the future Liberal pr.win-
iy Mr,   Hall U of a more   radical
and   permanent   nature, and   im-|(
plies a previous condition of heart
which it is   very  humbling   to hu- '
clare that it never fortue'd  part  uf«ial party must inscribe upon its m,in    ..,,;, ,„ „•.,.„„„.!„„ ag being 5   Commercial Stre<
.1      ■  • .   ■ i lianncis, and, taiilitiillv adhered to, i ,i,„ i,„,.;,„,.,.,,- .,,„,.„.,,,,., - ,,„   „i» \Jf
the ministerial program. ...      '     ,' ,- , ,, ' tlie heritage ot u\ery oneoi.us, viz, r
.    ...   wil} carry the party  ti e of the   _tilftt „f being natumlly  inclined  ^t*t******vw
.   .     .■■,,,,,,.,      pnost sweeping inumpns e\ei  wu- nnl   t0 evii     Dues "earnest think- .
By thc Spectator.
compelled to meet the unequal
competition of Chinese labor employed by those who violated the the announcement in the Mail
law, are alone cntiil.-d to I he credit that the Methodists of Haliburton
that two-thirds of the white miners street church purpose instituting a
and mine lajjprerij employed by reading room in the vestry of their
them were not displaced*by coofie 'burch, will give much satisfaction,
labor, wi,th the consequent train of •-•••-■ >• is certainly a move in ad-
disastrous results to other branches V:"!';''- •' lm8 ("-ways been a great
of industry and commercial enter- mystery to me that the churches
prises largely dependent on the •■■••'<- ">''- «*?-*<* 'heir property la
employment of white labor in the greater advantage for their mem-
coalmines. That the present govern- tors. Of course the old idea that
ment will never remedy lhe evil the sacred house ought only to be
complained of is a certainty beyond
party is not one whit better. Tliere l uessed in the province
is   no cohesiveness,  because they
have neither policy, platform nor
Parly ling.     Tbe   leaner, an excel- i
lent,    honorable    gentleman,    has   This eolumnh npentnth, ,. ,,,,,;,■ „„i  „,,  1(.fl,rR.u to.
never formulated   bis   views   upon heartily  inrite  the nilttens to   male]
er" subscribe to ibis? 1 will not
further trespass upon your valuable space, although there are oilier
points in • "earnest thinker's"
letter which  I  would  like to have
^ ^   ano ray serges.
In Mi"i3 aii Fib I ^iiMiitjj ia plaiija jrou.
conjecitJro,  yet  we   are  placed in
used   for the worship of Cod, and
that the only way lo worship  liim
provincial politics.    We nro in, say j      ««/ «A"^««.»> vMle guee-i __ toANT Rkapku.
the ministerialists,   mid   wa   are to \ We are not responsible for the opinions of     '''hitou Maii,.-Please allow nie space
, . ,,■ our corresLomleuts, in yonr paper to iiliiar myself ol   a liilse-
keep in.     We are out, cry the Op- '•' '   , \hdmi that J. H. OuukliiK Ims tuin eou-
.,o-iti,inists   and we arc lo'i-el in EmT0R MaiI"—I illso ani ,l ,con*  ceriilug a note thai   lie  Cickhi)- asked
positiomsts, ami wi an to get in.     iUnt rea-der ()f your pnper. ant| one.Lie loemlorse tor J. VV. Unsure for a
And   the   general   public   very interested  in social and moral re- hoise, which I refused, ami of wHch he
rationally  declare that ii is a case form, and ifyoiir editorial in a  re- ■•*»■ lo-never seen   The Rev. Mr.Unij.
-                                                                      ,    i,         , /-o   ■ ,• ton, to justify CneKlug in his talsehuoil,
of ",-ix of one and   half-a-dozen   of cent issue on llie Duty of Christian Bai,| |t „,a8 Impossible for  Mr, Coultln-'
the other."     True  patriots cannot : Ministers, had anything, to do in t tl, jmve the note in his possession and
inlliicncing llie iuv. 1. \\ . Hall   to still retain the horse at the sanip  time.
Wlp beng sorrowful over the  pre-        k     ho.»8   ,  h ,     b.      f     .    t He also said if I would not  conW for
sent want of management and waste Sundav avenlnii's discourue  I also u°l-,*v°" ''••. "t*v«r u,t'i\"K  l"l!  "'  '',,s
, *ii iKi.i \ evenings uisijiiui *■.**,  ■■ un-u l world nor in  tlie world   io   eume,   l>u
the anomalous position of having a  ls 1(l preach and pray and  sing, is
giving place to a wider conclusion,
namely, that lhe cultivation of the
mind is as much
the   devotional
a   moral duly at
exercises   oi    thi
representative in the legislature
pledged to support an institution
clearly injmical to our best interests. Our representative, Mr.
James McUregor, is not to blame church,. The absence of the im-
for this very undesirable state of portiinoe of menial improvement in
affairs. lie sought election as a llie teaching of preacher-, and the
government supporter, and on that conclusion of many professed Ohri*
basis-—largely assisted by his own -"tinnsthat education is no part of
personal popularity—received n ■•"- Christian system, has led to ihe
majority of the votes cast. Bul lho , necessiiy for institutions that con*
mandate nf the majority at the. last l;li" i1"'*' two, such as the Y. M.l'.
provincial election is not irrevo* A. and the young men's athletic
cable. What the majority then clubs and reading room-, the de-
did, the majority can now undo, '•"(•••d ■'"' l!lL' ^""c coming from
and tbe sooner our oltisens come to- young l",'ll standing cunieeied with
aether and instruct their repre-: ""IP church.
Benin live to assist, nt tbe next sit-: The Methodists of Haliburton
ling of parliament, to make the street see clearly that if tiny are to
Turner administration a thing „f *ctnin their young people some pro*.
lhe past, the better for all con- vision must be made by the church
cerned. *" "icet tbe demands of the presenl
-  »>»       ~ age.      I   hope  the exiiinple set bv'
Municipal  Politics.        these  people   will be adopted by
——•— iother churches, so that ihe  neces-l
In a former issue  we   suggested -ity for forming Christian institu*
the idea of lhe citizens of Nanaimo tions outside of the churches, con*
casling their party feeljtigs aside.in taining facilitiesfor physical, ment-.
the coming municipal election, and ;nl as well as moral improvement of;
selecting a  non-partisan  board  of  the   youug people, may not exist.
sldcrnien   ior  ihe incoming year, i But the fad of tha great  necessity
There  can be little doubt but that for   provision   being  nintie by the
the course we suggested would have churches for young people who  are
been   the  wiser one, in view of the professed  members and attendants
fact that tliei'-) are liable to bo some of tho smne, suggests to me the ad*'
very  important questions to come visability of the Cily Council direct*
before tlife counoil next yeiir.     Por ing   iis attention   to   supply    the.
some reason our suggestion did not wants of many people who nre  in-
njejit with general approval, and,Jtcrested in physioaUndintellectual j
judging  by  the energy   displayed culture,   Nearly every city in  the'
already by   the   ward   politicians, civilized world basits public library
ikv i.viiilnjj contest bids; fair to out- containing thc wherewithal id meet ■
ful use of public money, l'olilici-
tins cry out for a change, Statesmen of clear thought and holiest
purpose should discern the evils
and suggest lho remedit
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs
ioneer Steam Laundry
i^. \ By so doing you will PATRONIZE WHITE LABOR Q
***   I    " And help to tiET RID OF THE CHINESE! ,]
Dye Works in connection      ——a
P.O.Box 95. D. M. STEWART, Proprietor.
congratulate you on that fact.    On i Wednesday evening I asked the church
these poinls,and'on others nodoubt ! ilm  privilege to clear  myself of the'=^
if the truth were   known,  I   am   ink''»-F-,J    Messrs.   Unntoi.,  Welsh  alio   /-j..
,      . '   ii .Godfrey would not consent.   Chev would   ■-*■•
perfect accord   wilt   an     earnest ral|,er.Uie He he put on mo and  huve,	
thinker" in your issue ot  Tuesday the"uhnreh believe me gulltv  than  t
last.    But Sir, in reading his'letter have" It come out on tlmsu wh
Nanaimo Business DirectorSi
,,..   .,                                                 HEMANS & WAMSLEY ,.„.,.,...,.,,
N„ panics can possibly cover,, a  I e,„,l,l   not  help   asking  myself,   ^.""'(SXwlfd ?aysi   Tey who" MfVllOleSalfl niin \\M\ McUH ml^l^Ti-Trr^l^;
country wisely ami well unless thai   why Ibis laboured  etfort   of dlsap- 1 ,,„„,,,„,„ lhl,   i„n„cc„i  and   clear   the   HIIUHiMUl aUU  ACWll  DUllUClb gAIWtR^IWPB^tomi
poinunent    and   complaint?     In | -{uilty are aboinbia'tiun to l-Hiti
rriKit-m una Solicitor*!
parly knows   what   il   wauls
means In try and obtain   it.
common with many who beard Mr, |
E. U. Cook.
Man Who   Founil  llie  Roily  of Dr.
Ci-oiian lo go Unrewarded,
lull's sermon, 1 certainly thought
chief want to-day is not s neb a   ttint the points whicli could lie pro-
parly, as a policy; a platform, not I notincod   as open to   unfavourable
a bader    British Columbia needs criticism wefe reduced to a minimum Chicago. Dec. 2—The suit of
statesmanship, not political expedl- an-d, l c*"*""' *"rlR':,u ''""'"'T '", % Rf?scb.'w!l° 'ound-thj My
.         '        '         ...        ; taking exception to the remarks of of Dr. Oronjn in a sower, tore-
icy; broad, generous, enlightened jyoUr oorresp„ndent;   lt is pitiable COVer tbo reward o^5,0j00 offered
l'. 0. liox 227 Telephone 7-8     "l^J'!1""""" "I'"'k
Jiiliiistuii lilock, Ciiniiiicrclttl Mlrt'ct
and progressive views upon publio
affairs, and an unswerving allegiance to those views.
After careful deliberation with
some of llie best ami most progressive   men  of  the dav, I beg to
C.C.& B.I. Westwood
j\re iimv pri'imrt'il to Cut liinvn 01,1
AnIck, liy line of mi  Iinprnvfil Mi
chine, ilia'"'
it   r. CANE, IlnrrlniiTuml Snilelior, Umiiu 11J
HiirrlhlerK,   Hniini ,
YAIIW00U ,v V0UNU, Barrl-ten, oorncr (j
CiitiiintTi-iiil iiiiiI IliiHtinii ulruuu.
iii ibe extreme, thai "earnest think-: ror evidence leading to tho con-1 HORSESHOEING
er" should  nm be   able to present, violion of tbe triUrderor8 bus been GENERAL BLACKSMITHING
bislhougb.s  in  more   appropriate (lismiss(Jtl ,     thecourt, the'OOUrt   JS™,
am  consistent language.    Unsays  ,   ,,,,   ,,.''.■       ,,      >    ,„   ,„      CARRIAGE WORK
.,   , ,    „ ..   „, ,V.ii„ ;,,,    ho d    nit Innl ng the   body   was
that be   was somewhat disappoint* i .,        , -*,. .*'
ed that the discourse did nm take «Pt eviaenoo leading to the con*
the course expected by many," and ; VlotlOl) ol tiio murderers,
king ilium aa -rood a> now,  rn  ll.Minv, Botanic DriiKgUt, Wlnfleld M
A.   (Jdllt,   Try liiinl.v'K I'ilc Oliiliiiciit.
DU. MASON. |ii.ini.-i     i:\lrncliiii-ii "iwiiulij
linn nnil Ktlicr inliiitiiiiileroil. '     J
oiin-,.. Odd-FalloW'i lilui-k, Naiialim,
Done In the muni appfovod milliner.
Tholr iirlci'Hiiri! rlglit.   Call ami ice   VV   «• 'II1I1Y, li. 0. S.,(lri;oii lilock.
them. *'• olaaa wofk gnaraMteed,
Kir I
ubniil for   the  atiention   of  your i yet in the very next sentence he in-! rnn Tlir nnuo   M lin   mill A
owing as a basis for forms us .hat Mr   Hall took the fflR THl BOlS AND GlliLo
readers, the f,
cniisideration and (liscussinn:
l.liiK.itAlj PARTY.
Land:- All public lands to be
alienated only upon strict condition
of settlement; where feasible, to be
leased for a term of years,- All
lands to be equally liable for taxation.
Uailw.'iys;—.Ml provincial railways lo be constructed by government, and to bo held absolutely as
the property of the people. Where
possible, railways lo bu optratod by
any person or persons under lease
from the government; All railways in the province to be periodically inspected by the government,
Education;—The maintalnanci
of the national unsiclnrian schools
over tiio whole of the province.
Tbo institution of"inoilel and nor
mal schools for the better training
of teachers. As early as practicable, the founding of a provincial
course   Which it was reasonable   to
expect be would   take,   "from  his •ve-myeju«ttheaorto'*Shoes It wlUploaie
position as a minister."    Are. we to i     paronta toiootlioin woaj,
infer from this that "earnest think- !  •
er" regards being a minister   adis- j Shoal Ior school, (or play, fpr akaitng or anow-
Highest Honors -World's Fair.
PianiniHlfl,  RublCf),  IVnrlB,   or  an
■Ma, aPiKwiyw^'K'Sft
M:ti^'o;;if\ ,;H I"-A
^pcraGrape CiesmofTartar Powder; |M L, H. BILLS MmgX"'
lom Ainmon n, A nm or anv other aoclteuid "! -„_    „
'    ... „          .<_    ct      1    J COMMERCIAL STIi#ET
40 Vcats the 5»ttneaw
Ntr.v tin; snow unci U:e hnve oomo.
Kit tlic littlo fellowi hero, whore the shoes sold
aro reliiihle and erunomicrtl.
Little Shoes-Little Prices.
  '1RKMCRNT I'HAIIMACY.   11 n i. A srci M.l
all freights left on tho „,,..'j;.;.^'.: v:'. M .W.:;:.'.;''.,;: t* ""' i: ":'-
Nunaiino   Wharf   Co.'s   Wharf A,(;„owi':i.i„Ai-KiNs,WjvrsjN (.,, i.i„a,|
will bu at owners risk. '"*■ Modioti h»ii, oomer oommorolaJ himh-1
(Ion MieelH.   Teleiihuiie Ml-5.
A. R. JOHNSTON HO., Wharfingers.
Shamrock Livery Stables
Whitfield's Crescent Shoe Store
An Exprpps Van niot'tn nil
kind nf Stone oan be replaoetl, uml  Trains ami Steamers Dally, ami
all Jewelry made or repaired at lb\V   On llanil to Onlcr ul uny limir
piic'cn, by tiillliiKiiii
Telephone 8-
AT [lE.HiUHAlll.l' HATH
anil ItcpairinK    14 Nicnl ntreet.    .ef   1
C. ci|aii'tun, itanagct]
G   MARSH, wiinleiwle Bealer In Klah
«     i.iiiim, llimliuii stn-iil, Naiiiilinii,
iVOI.KK, Kiniini'iii
Jullllbtnii lllul-k.
\i   W'ol.FK, financial ami Iniurance Age-J
CiOREMAN k ilAltnv, Real EiUte Hrok»-j
liiif.li.,1. titrect.
WANTED—All klndri ol Old t'onS Slnvm.
tides nt i \ovy aeunpiran iiinight
snlrt.   II. Tayi.i'U, ('iiiiinii'niiiil Street.
MuBonli' IiiiiI.ling,
"108. M. RROWN,  ^yatcllm»•'«■r.
«   ana ClockK carefully I'ltmnud and
Corner Clnircli Ind fhapei rtrMH


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