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The Nanaimo Semi-Weekly Mail Sep 8, 1896

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By ihe test of public opinion  )
and found "nil right."
econd Year
people's |iuper, the
s'anaimo Mail.^V'-S* ]
■ J. .~w.;--.rti(*'».V"l'~'.'*J    ,.-...»,.■      '.-i U'.,i. -•'.:- -.-J'; '::-•<- ■■■■-.;■ *r/ij-   u   •.' «    ..-■ .1.. -.   v.   .—*»... 1 ..-._   ■.-!*     '.'M.??nn;;
CjT    *>
S- '    t
f   *
-sl-titp -Mpfl!l|i
nting       -—
li our buslnSBB, and the hu-
[j.-iioiitv of our work ouin-
inends itsolf, while mi to ptiues
It Ih Profitable
To deul with us.    All I'lusites
of work (oral) ■•hisses of
mers is our specialty.
ilasnes  >
eusto-  J
VOL. II.-NO. 22.
low is ths Time
Infesting Trees, Shrubs,j
Flowers and Vegetables.
o    o
o    o    o:
You want something that will do Ihe business
effectually, yet will not injure the most
delicate flower or plant.
Does the trick.    Try a tin.
We also have in stock Whale Oil Soap, used
by all Fruit Growers.
We have a small stock of Fruit Jars—Pints, Quarts and
Half Gallons.
Delta and Duncan's Creamery Butter and choice Manitoba
Creamery and selected Dairy Butter in 5, 10, 20 nud
30 lb. tubs.    Prices away down.
Sterilized Cream from ihe Delta Creamery, very choice, in
Pint Jars.
We have a full line of the best Groceries at the Bottom
Prices.    Quality Guaranteed.
We have just opened out a large consignment of Boots and
Shoes.    Prices are right.
Call and See our Stock and Get our Figures. It will pay
The People's Store,
/ VriVIl k TX7 k i\TTiiTl7C1 ll,ul stieiied the Question carefully and
I II I '1 VV /I \ Bti'Vw iS hnd "" hesitation In affirming that tho
Vila M II  IvijIHIv'  O.P.It, nt present derived uli its profits
from tho grain and  cattle business in   Interview  W itii   American   MUslOli-
  Miimtiiiin and a sinali portion of the j ary from Armenia.
Territories.    The settlers iu tins small
HVflflAl- River DfllflPUt.PS trt llP  district are being bled in order thnt div- 	
jjrasei unci i^iegaies w uu M(,liils moy be |mMi ,„ ()tili.r purti „,„    ^.^ Kiipt ._ Tlie 0bronlcte lliU
li.M'i'ivi'fl lit Oti'ilWil. K"'1. "!"'v  '"'•''  Pi?*SlnK ^P0"™*    ''"'*   morning contains  an    Interview    with
lVi.t.tlitll til. I'llilnit. Manitoba pays all the prollts.   The pen-,,,      ., ,,   ,..   ,,,,,,.
  plo of this 1 nl.- province nf Manltjb.i   Ulw Graoe H' K»"1'''". -M-l)- the An.
In*  ei bun-lace to the O.P.It. nml un-! erican missionary from    Bangor,    Me.
union disused hy h Moli -Press Cora-
mi His.
Fo.ilei'a' Tactical Blmidi p.
Dublin, Sept. 3— Willi tbe Most Kev.
Patrick O'Donnell in the chair the third
,-:,--: —--       ,   .    , ,. -   ,—       i ,     . ,   .   '""    "'."''  day's session of the Irish National con-
til the menus were devised tor ber re-   win, .hi such heroic work in llie relief 1i     , .   .       .,
lief she could  never prosper or obtain   of the Armenians during the late inns-    ventlon   ope I   at   ll    ociock.     -*''■
■ | any  degree of  Bueoesa,   Some    moans,  stores.    AI i .-.*** K imi.uli lion  hisi arrived   O'Donnell said thc convention, up to the
Mr. McCarthy said, must he devised to  in  Loudon  from Turkey,  and   was un   present, had been a success.  The end
Ottawa, Sept. 7.—Mr. Morrison, alouja roohio relief for Manitoba nnd   enable  eye-witness of Uie recent massacroB lu  which tney hoped to attain was the unlt-
yvlth Gunners   Tunilmll,    Wilson    and   her In Biiccctd.   A third necessity whb  Constantinople and   Bebeck.    She    ex-   jug of all warring factions in the Irish
Sloiiu   waited .ui tiie minister of  mill-  ""' proviBion of cold storage aeeouimo-  presses the belief tluit    the   masBacros -parliamentary pnrty nnd out of it, tintl
,, datlon I" enable the Northwest farmers  were originated  by    the Turks.    Miss   it cannot le denied thnt when the deli •
uu .,., Saturday nud gol the assmunee   ,„ ,_r(.t „ (lf,,.ont ,,_.u.t. f(„. „„.h. miim„is.   Ki,„i,:,|| Bayfi further: j gates iiBsenibled ihis mornhig ihey were
that  n  sufficient appropriation  for the  Tl is could nnl bo done without govern-j    "Undoubtedly, n  Btrong revolutionary   na far from deciding upon any plan nt-
completion of tho rille range would be   ment aid.   He suggested  the    appoint-1 movement exists in Turkey,    bnt    the   mining unity  ns they  were  when the
arantod      Thev also    met    Hou     Mr    l!"'"' of ''■ committee to    formulate   n   methods adopted to supress it are botli   calling of the convention wus first decld-
,"' *        . ,      '    .,'. sehemo to bo laid before the government inhuman aud intolerable." od upon,
iarte and Mr. Morrison made complete., t0 nttllln __,*__ nloll)t tlle -lneg suggest-     The    Rome    correspondent    of    tbe     The sost-ion to-day opened    with    a
arrangements  fur receiving tho delegated.   Enormous unfairness was practised] Chronicle says,    Among tho victims of   dramatic  Bceue.   Dan  Harris,  ot  Tor-
' tion from  British Columbia    regarding; by lho i-allvey compnr.y, and ils eusto-   the Constantinople mnssacre were sev-  onto, being recognized by the chair, ini-
•he Fraser Itiver mera nre nfrold to cnniplain, erul Italians, whose heads ivero carried l meillntely  commenced  a  liented  nttnek
.,        ',    ..,,      , .   . (l„ .    Dr, Douglas suggested thnt nil thor-  through the street on sticks.   Ii is rum-  upon the  Dublin newspapers, asserting
Ottawa, Sept -l.--i.iie debate °" ™j nmrhhred Btock should be transported n Ured that the sultan hnd actually Issued   indignantly that they "foully Insulted"
Issue of lho guvernor-gtnerals w rial, it,, (, y01,tiln.plit ,,t ,,„. ,,,,.,. „,- ,.„. ..-,„*-j.„, „„,,,,, fol. _,,_ nvMH.,u, f n„    the  mie of the delegalcs from Ottawa. Mr.
Lur n million dollars   he diij befoie tM [„„„„„.„,.   Ml.   McMlllan suggested that   Armenians,  nnd  the ombasshdors  had I Henny, In charglug that he was a "coni-
liouse met commenced yoBtciuay.       _   1 nnrrnntlnn    reenlnlIons,    affecting   nt'.-   to use their threats to get it it rescind-  nnn'on and  cousurt of    the    ' py    1a>
Tho    ogrlcultural members ul P«»-«'«■ Lnried thnrnugbbred stock, he nbollshti'l.   ed. Caron"
ment had a meeting yesterday it« ; Tl.e minister nf agriculture spoke ef- ti„. ,.,veni atrocities hnve beon thor- ' In u mom.'nt the air sounded with
tney decided to bring ueioro to >•'' '-: ro.-tively. promising the warmest en- ougllly „,„, c„rnostly discussed hy nil yells of "Cowards! traitorsl" etc., etc..
meut the Importance> of M-eui in. »tt, ; ,.,„„.,,,,„, nf „„, p0VPrnmP,| to see.tro L)ttsseB nll,i |„1VI, ttrousod the wruth of I mul much tumult followed.
; trnnsportatiun facilities on »«"•**»" the desimd relief. The government nre Europe to such nil extent Hint thev will Order being somewhat restored, Dan
: ami, ob well as clieapei treigut ran. I|illl]y in(,,,.,.„,,,,- in ,,„. ,l„,.s1i„, „f ould prjlmbly enmpol action on the pari of Harris described Mr. Il.nny's career iu
for faming products, clnrnira nnd its ndyantnges, nnl l.eliev-, .,,  ],..,,; „„„„  ,,- ,,„. |)0WC,.S .,„., fow   ovnndn, asserting that  it wns a most
Mr. MiirriM,,,  .m be ...If of tl e JUst    ,,  ,.,.,.  ,„„„ „  ,,„„„,,.,,,  ._,„,„ „r .oil  the th„ s„,tnll to make u radical change  honorable one, nnd  finally called upon
niinlster Libera Is ertended to Sii Henri   .,, ,.!,;.„ ,(,.,„„„,„|,r„!n would bo est., b-  ;„  ,.„.  administration  of  the    empire. I the offended delegate to stand ..,..
Joly ....   nvllation to   niioheon   olc.. n>.,Mq,,nl  ,hronffi,oiH   tho  Dominion.     He  Already there is evidence that thc bug-     Mr. llenny did so nnd mndo a telling
event   ol   Ins  gtlng   wcsl   una   U    „,v„ .,  ,,■„ ,  ,,,.,,  ,,„ ,l;„, ,,  _tvoll? j ,,,„. ,|r _•> fl  gvnem]  ,,m.(i|l(,.n|  w.|r £ m; ; ..,„,,.,.•,, ,,,.,rh,g whieh he holly repudlttt-
liiuger siillieient lo    gnnranteo   Turkey  ed  the  chcrges  made against  him  by
llniiB' Chang. Sir Henri, however, liuds
| that l.e ennuot hnve Ottawa for boujo
i time, eonseiiueutly he is compelled to
; decline,
Hon. Jlr. Foster hns made n taotH-.il
| blunder in moving n vote io censure the
government for ralBlug money to enrry
J on the business of the conutry by the
governor-general's warrants. The Independent members of the house will .ill
vote against it. and it is Bold that some
■itroii.'*' Tories nre kicking againsl voting
I'm it, us they feel thnt the government
lid the only feasible nnl sensible thing
possible miller the cil'cumslances to preveni n hardship to the country and im-
iiec.se nuMie annoyance. It w;is
ihought n vote would be reached last
night, imi an many members nnnouncud
■ heir Intention of speaking on the mo-
tlon lhe government consented to nd-
hrarn the debate. .Tnlui Iloss Bobertsijn
has announced his Intention tu Bupport
Do Not Fail
As the New Spring Season
is now upon us	
to come and inspect our stock of
'hni  the Hritish government wunld  1
inileiMil   to  remove  quarantine  ns-nliis!
''unnil':'u   cattle  nml   restore   tile   conn-
'■•■■ lo ils former posiliou.
Mr. Robertson spoke, furnishing i-ineh
Information as lo how  prices of furm
i-'s prndeee might  be enhanced,    a'ld
[•mphrs'i'ied the ndvnntnge of cold stin*-
"•-e.   The rcsull nf the meeting wns tne
■ i. ntii.'i of n resolution "Thai Mows
M.'.'-irti'v. Dnuirlns, MeMilliiu. Itici.nrd-
-on. 'I'nll."I. Tnlm'e nnd rtngcrs he up
-■ linted :' Biih-cnmnilttee in prepare n
.,,,,...,,,...,.,.111(1   of   m-n'tir-I   suggestions
■i the IntniTsts of nttrieulturallsts to he
s.-bmiitnl tn the committee on ngrieul-
■ nr., ,.in,i rnlonlvii.tint. for approval uml
«ul>iM***uently pressed on lho govern-
\i -i meeting of the stun linn orders
. r,M'":,i ,. i,,.ii y Dr. Lnuderklu was
ileetol chnirraan.
Immunity for its misl Is. Warships of , ll"' Dublin press,   At the conclusion of
uirlotia rallons are gatherlug in the Lo-  his remarks Mr.    Heany    wns    loudly
von.. cheered and wns warmly congratulftteo
London, Sept.
•Probably nn head of
by n  number of his friends.   The regu-
, i^oiienu'siu;;;-^;;^ s^w* ,,usim'ss ,,f'""i,:,y then commenc"
w,thaynage.and,BbhtaBC been^more^pfn^ \ ™^<* 'he close of the Irish con-
'ii.fed .....I Insulted hi England than is; "*•*«--* ,:';'1"-\ ,h<;'c fffvi t„, „ DH
(he S, in.,, of Turkey nt this moment. '• SnckvUle street, nml Mr. ,Tohn Dlt*
"Abdnl the Damned" is the title given | on and; ^^«^S»
.-   -    -    given i
'lint by staid journals in whose police
reports they art. careful to cover "swear
■.-oi-.ls" with dashes.
Mr. Gladstone this week tnlke.l of the
"assassin who sits on the throne at Con*
-tnntlnople." The Chronicle this morn
'...- cnUeil the sultan "A criminal lunatic." The Speaker snys he and his gov*
"i'"met»t are "eoloasal eriinimils." yet
■Ills outhiirsl loads to nothing. This im-
lolenec largely esplnins    the    llhigllsli
Utes' I Children's lim
Our stock this season we assure you is
complete in every respect and bound
to please. It comprises all the latest
novelties, etc. A very fine and well
assorted stock of Ladies' Sailors and
Children's Galatea, Silk and Lace Hats.
Crescent Store,
Nanainio, li. C.
the government. a*i i   ,."Vs            ,1                I "'~1'-   ^-s the Spectator snys:   "One or
The  house  will   adjourn     to-day    till! ____ '                            '   *'" bloodiest  deeds In history has been
iext     Teesihiy    in  defereuco to  Labor.I ,. . , ,       .,            ,         ,,                      I 'nmmltted  In the face of    Kurope   yel
Day.  Most or the members will tnke I .'ele-jiito*, Marched In Procession tit | *.,,,.,.„„ *,lld8 „„.,,!„,, ,„,,,,.r tn d0 t„
the onportunlty to visit the Toronto ln- I tho Cllltrt'il.                      | iruisb the periietrntora than refusing i-
lnati*hil exl.il ition. I 	
/« , :,;, ;.t:,.ns,ip,.enron l'ieoi-lei'pn-.,:Vl, 'j',-..i„   j;,.;,, :s   CU'lltalistS   lo
nor to-dsy In reference to the Inteutinu ' *****^
of lhe government  lu  ie St. Andrew's
rapids,   linn i« hy Mr. rtichnrdriun nn '
i  he otber by llu.;h .1 i'.ii Mnc.loiiiild.
Mr. Illchnrilson is also asking for li.'-
li. l'.
Winnipeg, S.p'. 2,—Tbe general synod
ot  lut   ■.!.c.i eui.ieh   ll.  Ouu.uia   \..»
jpciieJ here tins evouing lu lu'ly   lim
t camlles in the windows on tbe suites fete day in September.   The inns
After leaving the Lelnster hall, Mr.
Dillon, escorted by 50 or 00 members of
ll>" eon vent Km. walked up Saekvitlo
street, whieh wns densely crowded. The
delegates were followed by an Irish
mob of nbout 1.000 roughs, evidently
nnt In sympathy with the Dlllionites.
The lenders of the nioli kept shouting
'To b— with Dillon." etc., stones and
other missies Hying through the air. The
Dlllionites replied by sinning "(lod Save
rreinnd," increasing the notions demonstration and largely adding to the number of the mob following them up Snek-
vlllc    tlrcct.   The police  on  duty  wore
1 :il le ta eepe with lhe roughs nnd re-
llll 8  leu-  • :*v   in   >i. it.'inner,     l  ie  mils   i .   , .     ' ,       •   ,   ,     .1. . «„,,„«
acre of the French revolution wns nol   hiforecmcnts were hiu-ned   0 th,i scene,
-M-f.urth .f .'.■ slaughter at  Const,,.,-1 '••"  I'1:1"-'-. so"'1  ,U'T:    '"• L        ,V, ^
.. ......dence rernectiug lhe death ofl.ty church, li.l gates mn hi uops »n
Ihe Indian hoy at the Bnttleford lii'lns   present  tioiii an  ine   uiueises   of   tii
tr'nl Schqnl,    apposed to be caused by 1 cliurehcs in thu Do_.t.non and innrchi
eonftnoini nt. ^    m   piuccssiou   io   lue  i-tiumi   from   tin
A meeting of the members from Mnni-   -..■umi  house  near  Uy.      bishup  Com-.
I tuba end the Northwest wns held in the   1M.y ol Nova Scotia, delivered i..e up.-u
I N'oithweil room to-dny to discuss wilt   mg sermuu, mul after formal i:.,i.K'..-
i tho minister of ngrleultnro Questions nf- , „u adlouruuKiiit w.is made nil Ihia niorii
': feeting the intereest of settlers of the   .norimig,  when  tne    busincsa    sesulons
i Xmlhwesl. with n view to formulating  will begin in .--.. Jobu'a Co.lege.     Tue
j some definite policy In lhe interests if   furious committees  of  syuoJ  were as
| the West tn he laid before the agrlcnl- Uembled lo-Uny preparing work lor the
turn! and immigration committee.   Mes-  uusiness s.isslous,     Tue uml i.i.p, i-nim
srs. Macdonnell. Richardson, Oliver and  committee wns ihat ou mesh.us, wuieh
Douglas ere on the committee. met in the library of St. John's.    Tne
Over thirty prominent members Inter-  _.>rlniato wus in tbe chair aud    Rural
esird    iu    nerlcnltnro    nttended.     Dr.   *jeau liurman wns sel.oted as stcreiary.
Douglas presided  nn.l  Mr.  Klchardson   tii.. morning wus spent iu discuwlng ..
was  ninioiiited  secretary,   Messrs.   On    .cbeiue for thc couBo.idaiiou of lhe mis-
ver. Mncdounell. Richardson    nml    Dr. :„•_,,_  tuucja  u_  __,_  church  uudi-r    out
Douirlas piirticlpntcd  In  the disensaion.   board.     This will bo one ui  the musi
Mr. Macdonnell urged the estahllshnietil   impnrtnut matters coming beforo the sy
i of n bureau of Information.   Mr, Rich-  noJ-  aui  Whl duubiless be ucbated i.i
e.rdson dljeiissed  freight rutes ond the  ,._,„.,*,,, ral)ll, lBUg[U „„  tll_ lluol. „_  lll(
tprlft Bhowing how fl.e farmers of th.'  i,oiM(.
West wen- erently hnndlenpped and how j:;,n. tl.oln ,,.„,„ (h(, t,.,..t thu, [);l*S80s
| it wns dilhenlt for them to sneered, giv- through the citv has on beard eapilahsis
|lng figures showing how the Wesl hnd   ,vil„ MIT tu.,,:iu_ . .,.•,. attention (uwuid
iif.iv,    y,t    England sighs and  J..es -'•'"'  "; strong numbers, just In lime
nothing." t° stop whet  was    without    doubt    n
The Chronicle Bays:   "Lord Rosoherv "-rowing riot, whieh might    have    had
Vlng still titular fender of the Liberal *-"■•*'*• serious cpnserinences.  Ther- were
aarlv,  ii expects him In loud and not thnnts of lynching, thrashing and duc£
-nt   to  be  pushed,   Lc|     hie,    follow '"'-'  r>il'""-  causing him  and  his  party
■inl tone's    snl lid    example,    who.  • irrledly tnke refuge In the Impcrlql
■hen others were timid und distrustful, **ot*"*> ■vl**ch ofterwnrds was surrounded
,     ... ,    ,    ■ i .   .. ' *---    -     -'     '    ■--   ■ —11...      ...l.i..ll    L'OJll
*as Intn pid and triumphant.
by n strong  force of police, which kept
 ►♦-, . i    e rioters at bay.
nj„ strike I    ''''"' Dally Express, comment,ng upon
.      ,      <-.-',.. v  '      .   , the   Irish  sltuntlon,  says:   "The  repre-
r..-..V,i. Sept. ...-It is reported annmg | .„„,.„.,.,,, „f ,,„, ,,.isll „,„.,„„, .,„ ta,k(M,
he  delegates   who  nre  hound   for  the | ,  110ngpn,o   bcPnuge    „„,,.    kncw
in...-, 1 „„m Congress winch opens a    „„„,,„     f tK. ,,.,„rilil,n„ of m in Ire.
Oe.liiliurgh    on    Monday next that  "'' I lnurl "
plans fcr a gigantic strike of tho dock     T1)'   j,,,,^,,,,,,,,, r,.n,,rks:   "Tl.e Conner,,..!   of   the   world   nt   large     lli.vn ,       (,on |s a t))1      t0 ,,„ ,      hed gt   not.
been    perfected    n everything but the  W,H t   a,     ,,,„, „ is |mtl.0„iscd by a
ninute details, nnd that tin- most lmnor* ■ i,j .*,„., ••
.'.. labor movement ever cunceived may TlMr*irirt Times expresses the opin-
te commenced this autumn. 1'rades , h , tb (,„nv„m,„n is ..fnrri „,,,,
...,,on men who dn the work of the porn „.,,,„,,„,■■ ]u„, thil. ,,,„ S.,10C.,,1PS ar0 m,t
.f  the  1 ..Hid    Kingdom    hnve    been   .,,..,(1(,I,,i(.
working on this si-eheme for a long time 0h ,,,„' „,,,„ ,,.,,„, ,,,„ Freemwl-,
past, nnd It is looked upon as likely to | ,,„„.„„,  „,,,,,.., „„„  ,,„. convention  is
-o b" u sii-mil for n new orn, not only In I
the history of trades unionism, but  in
the history nf nil labor organisations and
ji crol soi
Since I
year 188(1 every strike for
■s  or shorter  lours  nt  liny
:■ monumental success.
Dublin, Sept. 5.—An address to tho
. Irish at home uud abroad, Bigued by
i all the foreign delegates has been issued. It expresses the belief that the
Irish National Convention was a repre-
We only -rmko tho be»t.   Try them.
sintered,   T.r.    Donrlns mado i.  strontr ,, , ,,„,     ,, „ .,,,    ,■ j.,.,,,^, Co iimbla narticulnr port the trade at that phiee ;                            ,
. nlnn for hidn froiii llu. nvnrtittnnl Frelttlil V             ,           V           "«»          '"     ■"• ,       .                  r,„.,.,.,i r,,,. n,,, ,,,„„ hnln,.' sentnlive one  and  voiced   the   Irish  na
, nn i loi l.i ip froiii tne exorii.i.int treigui ...,i,,,,g those who went wet lo-.luy wus "■■" ' " trausferred foi  the lone Hein.*                              ,..1,,,,,,.   „n   ,v|„,  ,i„air ,
rates. Llent    Maenherann   of  the 87th  Hln-h. *o 'ome other Br t Uh or continents, port  tlonai spirit, anuexnorts  nil  wno aesiri
Dnlton   Mcf'nrthv  nenle  •■„  exee.lon, „'.!;.:,M       7   UK    »■     ' .mi  Ml .'*'"!, "'»' "'" «™™ ''«« '"'"" mM ••' .""' "pl'ar4°i "^T' ^,U?te f"r ,*"
■pooch.   He said the farmers of Man „...,„, i.,,,;  K.otenav district w th a mrrender.   The present plan Is designed  •!l-*8e of 1I""'"  ■tl!1". '""'  ■ "'*v mu,,f-
.. .lltosBlniid ...in  ivootenaj  dint, ct w.l.i ,\.^ ^^ ^ '.^  .y ^ ^  ,,,.,. lu        ey ,„ „      eongt|tuents tho
clnsBos of laborers employed in or nh.ui delegates   sens., of tbe magnitude and
tie docks, ships,  wharves and    ware- authority of the convention and pledge
''oescs  In  lhe  United    Kingdom,    the unfailing support   to the Irish    parlia*
"nlted    States,     Canada,     Germany, 'mentnry party, "until the blessings of
I France,    Holland,    Belgium   and   Aus self-government hnve been won for Ire-
trallo, ns well ns other countries, in one hind.
•-rent    federation,   lis incnb. rs wear n -1"1'-' Hilloii, speaking to the Aaaoclnt-
■loi-n-.c badge nnd 'lie cnrdlnnl principle ™ Press representative, snid:   'At lenBt
if membership will he to stand  Hrmly 1"" Parnellltes and 1DU Ilenlyitcs hnve
1 " it. \ el sn impressed were Ihey
ilohii end the We»t must hnve rejl-1/ U-icw to takln« up'n few favorable loeu-
frnm the tariff, a he Imnortant point. UolWi Accompanying him were twu
i however, wns the freight rules, li was experts, D. 1). Toy and \V. D. Muu-
.i.lheult. hut ,.oi Imposslbiu ror lhe gov- ui0„, who wih prospect.
eminent to, deal with the question. He Toronto. Sept, 5.—The Globe snvs:
.,.,,, ,,   ... "The Manitoba Free   I'ress   is   Baying
A/.ll   All] 1.1,1 ISI:M1:\ IS. |||lllt   ■■„,,    Hlu,|,   ,|ohn   x|ne,lo„„l.l   an*
. ■-' uouiiced his ehniigo of    view   on   the
BOARD OF LICENSE ROMMISSItHERS.   .""''»•■'.a"*^0" l0B« Mote'"' ",,iM 'I'1"
■" i'\^welT^'\'n"nVn\;s,.,l ^^   nnlt.*.l''nn.i to'lmpiielily nWrTp-th,. In '«'en Pre-.-.     . ,..,,,
ill   part  wo have neve     supposedJre L,tnlct,onJI „f lhn _„v„,,,i„,: ,.„„„hi   ,„ at the sincerity nnd unity ofthe   dele*
...    .win    woum       j ,        vt|lin„     ,,,„,     everybody, gates that  none of them raised a voice
order to oittui" ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Broken Bicycles
Repaired in Good Shape
to avoid rianper of accidents.
t m
Repairing Bikes a Specialty
11 wipop's.
See thc IIVS LOP.
City Market
, N
lour   purl   we  huve   i,o\
VOTICE   IS   HKltEBY  GIVEN, was the sort nf a   in
•**"    Tluit   a  liie'liie.r   of   the   liiuinl   of j change  his opinions  iu
M "   legislntiou even if Co second judgmcnl
THE PUBLIC SHOULD KEMEMBKR °_ l''L' l"'iv."' t,o,l»."i! V""1'1 '"* '" lllv"','
           of the appeal.     As shown In  Ilnnsnril
™ nf  ISIV!,  ilm criticism   we  would  malic
AUCTIONEER   GOOD   ;'"'nn Hon. Ilneh John Macdonald is no,
.- tt.,, .,t i   thfl't be Is corrupt, but ihnt he does net     .....   T   .,,,,„ ' „ •
Keeps by far tho Largest, HeBvlestni.il h„M ,,iH vi„WB \vi„, 80_ac|eni nrmness' w'!'' Inm1""' "'
Oheflpfst Stock of
In lliis t'ily.
ffS7"Ai.L Castings  Kicer  on   Hand.
nloyers refuses thc   concessions   asked mfstakable way possible, tbut while, af-
for,   the  strili"  of  the  London   section ter  the  greatest  success  ever  achieved
will be ordered, end simultaneously lhe f"r any Irish convention called as this
lookers and others, members of the fed- has been, I still uphold and repeat my
■ration   employed   nt   all   ports   trading "for  to   Stand   aside  with   ITenly   and
he ordered  out and Redmond,   if they  come    tncetber and
...       ,,.     _, .    „     iwill  remn'in out until the demands of chooses lender for sll the Nationalists:
Io"> a snfe guide tn public affairs,          .,     j     ,,„„ m,,„ „,,,    ,,„„„!. yet, if they are unwilling for the cnnsi*
!    lion.   Mr.   Latirler   wus  asked   to-day                                   ,,(        ... I of Ireland to do this, I    will    execute
what he had to say about  the  Mail's     _onv_on   Sept   4—Al   n   s-*h-  of the '''e mandate received from the ennven*
ten- Ihnt he had sent nn emlsBnry «»j |nt(Tat Bhlpmeut of California frnils. eon- Hon nnd will fight for unity to tin* Inst
Hour lose fw Oppoijrt-njJJ'
don't Lose yuv. qppobtunity.
If you haven't had  unfortunate exv
peiienees will, shoes you uro to bu e.on-
grntiilnie.l. IVrluips'you cannot tell
the right side ol leather from tbo wrong
side, but that'B no reason why you
shouldn't g6t what yon pay for to tlie last
cent's worth.   When you enn buy a pair
i r bt
Wholesale and Retail Boilers|gtt^mnSh^Sk~nwKhS
P. 0. Box 227 Telephone 7-8
disappointed, tor \v.e fell you the exact
truth uml iioll.lng but lhe null..        ^^^^^^^_i^^^i^^
 _i._-_.i,»._ Meats delivered n-.
ORR & RENDELL.    | parts of the uiy
ill) j^jij &M\
Inula ttihtll InliUlill
Wholesale and Retail Batchers
Telephone 7-8. Nasaimo, ('. <.'.
j Home  reirnrdinii  tile   Manitoba     school
—-lease:   "It    is  one  of  the  Mail's  usual]
""'■I the premier, "and uot a i
sistinj; of 5.000 half cases,    Ihe    prices
realised  averaged  2s. hetier
rns'i.    We  will hnve unity even  if ivu
than   Inst   lose   ninny  members  of thc  party,   nml
in unity we will go lo the country."
Toronto, Sent. 4.—At a meeting ef the
Dominion Millers' As:
ie premier, --niui  not ai ,   ,'    , .      , _ ., . ,,  ,,
.    t of truth In it."   This strnlghl con-' """^  Mfe, mv".,K to '  ",Kii2 f,n jho
ir-.....io., ,« scnreelv necessary to the I T.',k" ;    vXm ,s mm'1' l,,ssi'l-f1"'"'"1 -    -~~	
M.il's stnrv.  which was corseted    16  Tmall nnd^sXtVeroniv felehcd fts "''•" Uw about lhe Pope    oa    tbe
-l-'W ■ifi.nlion from Archbishop l.nnge. I S^U^LJ1',';'' A,"" •,,«,,„ ?,^ : school  question   settlement  Is  regarded
vbi's doings „| Rome in thc interests of  "J.      ;   ^;      ^lf   "'!'  to' "■ »*• Vn, ,„ \ ,-ilk,, T,„, fnrt „,„. the Tories
Tupper and lhe ritrnm.uitiines of Que- ] ™^"^"^ r™'™ '^*  "rt'  n,ui    '""" ,r0 m*,klne |, „, ,,inu.,,|, ns possible for
- fl i" ..                            ! nuv satisfactory settlement of the case
Paris, Sept. 4.-Tlie    government    of '? i:')"' "lace, ned before ever charging
...     French Oulnnn replying lo a dispatch of ""**'"; Liberals Intend to do more for.
                    datlon the com-  enquiry from tie- minister for the colon •'*•" 1!_R_noi'**« of x>',»l1obn 1l,nn thp di",
mil  reported thai lhe evil of mixing  les, denies the statements made by Cap- '''*" "'"l   "'■■** ■'"erelnn  policy  proposed
nred Manitoba  whet with    Various J»l»  Hunter, of the    Rrltlsh    steamer '; d'i. mnhes ihe p..o|de of nninrio verv
grades under one bend  would  have a   Nonrinrlol. m Newport, Monmouthshire, ^'v In attaching any credence to the
„  .ii-circus effect   upon   -he  milling  In*   yesterday, that Captain AlhfM Dreyfnss  r  "t0.rvJ "JL'   "'T _*T*™.»Hh«
""'ll  dnstry and Inevitably reduce the prices  '""I- ' from prison on the Island of  Z\     ^""-Hm\   ''""' .*n '"'"'.»««
,the farmers now receive for their grain.  <.rand Mt                 .  ,              ,j XwSrftK.^ MNING NEWS.
San Jose and War Eagle Mines
Big' Wash-up in Cariboo.
Toronto, Sept. '.).—A special from
Itosslund, 11. 0„ to the World snys: "It
in understood thut Knglish capitalists
have .opened negotiations for the pur-
abase of the famous Josie mine for
$500,000. This would bring lhe slock
io over $1. nnd ii is already higher in
anticipation of the completion of the
deal. These capitalists ure after other
mines us will. .Messrs. Jones, Warrant und Burke, who control Hie West
Le Itoi und Josie, will sell. Geueral
Wnrren snid tlie price wns higher than
hud been reported, and that the deal
would be completed ou Mouilny.
It wus reported here hist evening thnt
the War Mingle mine in Hritish Columbia had been taken over by a wealthy
Km-dish .syndic:.le, whieh for some time
hns held an option of u million dollars
on the property. Official news was expected hy cable from London yesterday.
Yesterday Messrs. Osier & Hammond
received word thnt u gold brick, representing the Wasll-lip of the senson of
the Cariboo Gold Mining Co., amounted
to $81,600,
Disastrous Fire.
Vnnleok Hill. Out., Sept. B.—The
Commercial hotel here, owned by Ueo.
Constantino, wus purl hilly destroyed by
Ure Inst night, h'ive women employes
were burned to death, vi-/..: Marie Louise Yniidenu, Christie Villeneuve, Jose
phine Deschamps, Mrs, T. Finn nnl
Kate McLood, The lire started in the
kitchen, over which the women were
sleeping, nnd spread so rapidly that they
were smothered before help could reach
Iheni. All the outbuildings were destroyed and the main part of the holel
was badly damaged. For Ihe time the
main street, of the village was in great.
"The Pathfinder,"
A new publication called "The Pathfinder" has just come to I.ami. It is
published in -New Westminster, but the
name of tlie editor is in.I, givun,
The platform of the paper we quote in
"Equal rights to all; special privileges
to n.ine.
"Direct legislation, or government by
all lhe people for nil llie people,
"lhe public ownership of nil monopolies,"
Il is a small eight-page quarto, bill
neatly got op and well edited. We wish
il suee ss.
We reprint from ibis paper the following article on the  Mongolian question.
An E. & N. Railway Episode.
The following letter appeared in the
"Province" of Sept. 5tb :
"Allow mo tu draw your attention to
a little'episode that oounrrrd mi the E.
& N. Et, li. train Saturday evening, August 10th. The down train was signalled
at Hull's Crossing by a party of bicyclists bound for Victoria. Among those
who stepped' iffthe train when it stopped
was a young lad of twelve years of age.
The conductor gave a nnd to the engineer in starting Instead of the usual call
and signal. The lad in question, in his
hurry 1° board the train, took a bender
into one of the cnitle gourds. Tlie conductor's atiention wits culled to tlie
matter bv several who Iiml observed the
uml leave nur renders lu draw their own accident and, instead of Stopping the
conclusions: ■ train, made llie remark that, the lad was
" there has always been mure or less | tun fresh ami l.e ha.1 heller remain where
ol nn active antagonism lo llie Chinese he was. Thc following day thsuondaut-
in our c.niniry, ami nl  lule   this  feeling j or ol the .I.iwn train picked  the   hid   op
hue haul rd bitter,   All the evils we uml inn him to Duncan's Station, where
have um.iugst us huve been lii'ul ut  the  he telegraphed to the office in  litis city
door of the in i-eyed  Mongolian, but for instruction and as a result of orders
more especially bus he been charged received. The lad wns told to walk the
with reducing rates, The''Pathfinder" balance of the way, a distance of forty
Is "fernist" tho Chinese from   the faut miles, a feat he accomplished arriving
thill he lakes all be cnn  I   leaves  no-   home two duys Inter.     I   will   make 110
thing iu exchange, adds only bad  ur  remarks on the action of the com puny
morula and Is a fester on society; but In this matter but will allow llie public
'give the Devil  hia dints.' i t" draw their own conclusions.    It is
Tl.e Chimin,an came here und worked s illicient to sny, however, that the feel-
for hI,ui wns to us wcBlcriierBstarvation in-s of the boy's parents al bis prolong-
wages, but, once his salarv was named, ed absence cm. be. Imagined und u is
he never look kindly lu reductions and hoped that this letter will reach the eyes
wouldn't aland verv much of u shave at of those who, though  Interested ill the
all,   To Illustrate:
Lasl  nth one of llie largest lumber
mills iu the Province announced a lOpei
cent reiliiciii.n of wages; the Chinese
wouldn't stand it, sn liny were cut only
f> cents; but with one or two exceptions
ihe while laborers passively submitted,
mul now ihey receive the magnificent
salary of 80 eenls per day—and the poor
fellow 'finds' himself. Also the sume
week, iii another section of l!iiii>h Col
E. it X. R. It. Co.. haye sufficient feel
tugs left to investigate tlie matter and
reprimand the subordinates who have
hud a hand in this affair.
1 enclose my card mid in case of any
such Investigation will give any particulars required of inc.
Vietorin, B.C.
1 lentil nl'uu old Resident.
Toronto, Sept. II.—Mrs. Hamilton,
widow of Captain Delaney Hamilton,
one of Toronto's oldest inhabitants, Is
dead. Lieut. Col, It. B, Hamilton, late
of the Queen's Own, nnd Hurry O.
Hamilton, of Sault Ste. Marie, nre soih
the Associated Press, in tlie most un-
of the deceased.
 -*>+** -
The Tlu'esliln_rMachine nl Work.
Kingston, Sept. ■').—Wliile attending
a steam threshing machine nt Lnverary
yesterdny Adam Barr, n farmer aged
fi."i, fell into the feeder, receiving injuries from which he died within un hour.
Committed Suicide.
Walkerville, Sept. 3.—Andrew -Mitchell, a fanner near here, committed
suicide by shooting himself through the
head. He had been suffering lroin
melancholy for some time,
Montreal, Sept. 3.—Molson's bunk hero
has declared u semi-niiinial dividend of
4 per cent., and a bonus of 1 per cent.
This is the eighty-second dividend of
this Institution.
Killed by I lie Train.
Kingston, Sept. 8.—A man named
Chatsworth. of Perth, was killed lust
night by a Canadian Pacific train near
Anion. He \yns employed in the biu-
lust pit,
St. Catharines, Copt. X—William Li.r-
ferty wus struck by a Niagara Central
train this morning und fatally injured.
Tailor Assigns.
Chatham, Sept. .'!.—Iiroderick & Mor-
ley, importers, merchant tailors and farriers, with branches in Windsor nud
Victoria, hnve assigned. The position
of the firm's affairs is not known, hut it
is believed they will he able to resume
Ottawa. Sept. 5.—The return of
Messrs. Blair nnd Patterson wus gazetted to-dny.
The Calgary & Edmonton railway
company meets in Montreal on October
Tth for the election of ollicers.
Kief, Sept. 4.—The Czur and Carina
started yesterday evening for Hreslnu,
where they will meet Emperor William
of Germnny, and witness n portion of
lhe military manoeuvres.
2 Painters-' Blocks nnd   Tackle,
nearly new, for swing stage,
1   Pair 10 foot Trestles.
1  Pair Extension Trestles, with
Logs, complete.
1 Eight-foot Step-Ladder.
1  Six-foot Step-Ladder.
1 Eight - foot    Folding    Paper
Board and Trestles, complete.
I'l-im tiik krrves iipiui pure, rich blood
umbiaj it large BhFiigie mill cut wages in! nn.l yon will not be nervous, Pure blood
cents a.lay. Eighteen Chinese employ- comes by faking Hood's Sarsaparilla
ed nt that mill   deliberately   quit : bul | which is thus the greatest and best nerve
every while empl .yee took the medicine | tonic. 	
without a gulp. Tlie mill shul j Hood's pills cure nausea, sick head-
down, tl.e proprietors predicting "the aehe, indigestion, biliousness, All drug
CI.i..union would lie back in   u   duy or Lists.   25 cents.
two"; but they were wnei'iij'v mistaken, i '-	
Nol n Chinaman bus applied for work at I        TTOT?       d A T.TTI
the rill rule, but I here have been plenty j "*■  VyiV       Oill I Tl.
of while men to do so.
Now, then, what ure you fining to do
nl ii oil ii? Born and bred io lhe consumption of the very leasl nf life and
s reiigtli-giving (ml, the Chinaman hns
solved ihe problem of cheap living, even
il be il.i.s  exist Wulie    I lull,    ll   VUgninl
cur. It is an utter impossibility for a
while pels.... in sustain life—laboring
life—on a Chinese dletj still they take
his wages.
Yes, hot li the mill owner nnd the employe n.-e to be I.lamed. But the fundamental fault is with the system under
which we live—a system Unit allows the
inherent greed of mankind to over-ride
Biualler nliBtaules, so that n..thing bul
death    (not   even    tlmt,    often)   can
i stop the Btronger's ghoulish gains ..If the
n'eukensscs and misfortunes  of his fcl-
■ lows. Is ii possible that any mill, owned by the government, would l.e operated by men working for SO cents a Hay?
V,'Imi must be done is for llie musses
to act and think in their own Interests.
i We uilii.ii that it now looks as though it
would lake a little more starvation, a
little in. re taxation, a little more illustrating of the fuel that
"The rich can ride in chaysis,
"I'uii the poor must walk, bejaysir.1"
But we believe that Ibe lime is coming
-—is almost here- when ilie working-
man, tlie honest tradesman, nil but the
money-leudSr and ihe money-making*
ii.aiiinc-ii.on.ip.dist, will stand'shoulder-
, to sleiiililer und vote and act for the reforms so sadly needed in opr fair land.
If Ihey do not do Ibis now, Ihey sunn
will, for no man is able to listen to tlie
hungry wails of his offspring without
becoming something more than ihewill-
I ini: slave of the men who made such
things possible within his household,
And lhere will eome u lime of sickness,
or tha) wonderful, nil-powerful mill may
shut down a lew .lays; and a man who
works for 80 cents a day cannot save
money for such calamities.
Oh, you workers, hone nnd sinew of n
| God-given and fertile land, why will
ynu make your life su miserable and
leave such a baneful heritage to your
children?   Be men; lift up your heads;
I proclaim to the world against the evils
now oppressing you ; go to the polls and
vote for the reforms thai will extinguish
forever the monster that is now crush-
yuu. Be men, if yon are such; if you
arc not, don't vole, orpny luxes, or semi
I your childen to school, or enjoy any of
the functions of men.
Striking won't relieve your condition. ....   .   .   ...... ,,,,„.,,«
It would he too easy for   the   bosses to HK' J' A' TIlOMlhON
starve yon into submission. Vole for Having oompleted tho erection of the Arlington
flic reforms you desire and need. If in i Hotel nt NAN00SE HAY, ihis handsome and
the meantime you want to lead  better, i commodious hotol is now prepared to receive
Cabinet factory
Cabinet Maker.
Having lup! many years' experience
iu the Bast I am prepared to execute all
classes of work.
Furniture of All Kinds Repaired.
Clinpcl Street, Naniiimo.
When yon want a delicious dish of lee ('ream,
call at MoKENZIE'S,
on V otoiiia Obbsobni.
Always on bund.
^rliqgtoit Hotel
The next meeting of the synod of tbe
Church of Kngland Hiueefleul Mew Westminster  will  be held at Christ church,
Vancouver, on October 12,
0. J. Maranl, It. Balfour and T. Cunningham, the Fraser river Improvement
delegation to Ottawa, left Vancouver bv
to-.lay's train for the Dominion capital.
A man giving tlie uncommon name nf
Smith was caught by Officer McLean nl-
teuiptiiig to break   inlo   Woodward's
wholesale hturcs,  Wesiniinsler avenue.
Vancouver,   It is to be hoped the rest nf
the desperate gang will l.e traced through
this captured criminal,
Two large freight steamships .are en
route  from   .Tupim   for  the  ().   It. & N.
Company, and the lirst to arrive, the
Ohitlaggong. should reach Portland in
about a week from now, The otber is
the Monmouthshire, whicli left Yokohama on September I.
The steamer Mlowera euils for tropical
and Southern lands on Tues.lay. She
will have a full load of freight,including
aomelargesliipnientsfr.ini the Sound,
which have, it iB undretood, been taken
|o Vancouver,
The C. P. R. steamship Empress of
China, wlii-li is to carry on her outward
voyage Li Buna Chang, will leave here
a week from to-.lay.
The funeral of tbe 7 months old son of
Jl. A. nml Clara Galbruith took place
punday afternoon and Inst night their
twin dnugtlier passed away. The bereaved parents have our heartfelt sytn-
iia,hy in ibis their double affliction,
Tlip funeral took  place at, 3 o'clock   Ibis
afternoon, Rev. T. w. Hull officiating.
H. McAdie iii charge of tliuinteriiient.
Owing tinui accidental delay in recei| t
ofthe Hansard copy of .Mclnnes' speech
we Iiml it impossible to publish il in th a
issue. The speech will be published in
ful| next issue.
more honorable lives, join together In
some co operative industry, It lias been
said all work is honorable;granted, Hut
work for the wages shown here is not
only not honorable, but it is disgraceful J aeiloac'iii7o'i th!
IlllU  iU'l,;i-tliL'.
and comfortably entertain travelers und others,
In presided over by Mrs. Thompson, nnd the
Tabled'Hoto constantly provided with all the
ie season.  Combined with the
j ologant furnished apartments, the visitor finds
Suild-Hiitfif inir.it Stcvrstnn. """urroiindlng. of the mo.tploa.antde.orlp.
A. man named Murdock McBeth was j—■ ■
sandbagged and   robbed  at Steveston People who Appreciate »
, last week,    lie bad been drinking wilb ; ' ""
severul others at the .Merchant's siiluini,
and had nil her a heated discussion will, j
one McNtilty,    Thev adjourned to the I
sidewalk to adjust matters pugllistically . BavetbolrprMoriptlonidl.pen.sdat
uml were joined bv lhree sl.lingers, one' .....„.,»,,,.,.    nn..~   >_.__
of » 'sandbagged Ml.eil,, felling PIMBORY S  DRUG  STORE
him to the ground.  Theothers set upon IllUUUliiU  imuu   OiUllli,
the proBtrato man in a most brutal and Their Price, ato Bight,             Telephones.
cowardly way robbing him of something	
over H*l In gold and notes.    Three men TirttTT     ivn   r\ 1 irtt\
were captured, by the police, two of whop) jj _|M1    Al\ V   uAiVirj,
at the lime of capture were engaged In
washing their lunula in a neighboring
hotel, A hearing wns had before P. M.
Atkinson who committed tlic prisoners
for trial.
On Pun.lay morning 6th inst,, Margaret Wilson, infant daughter ot John
j McLean, Fry street, at. the age of 11
I weeks ami four days. The funeral took
i place Monday afternoon,*Aug. 7th. Kev.
! Mr. Logan conducted the rel glous Ber-
i vice mul II. McAdie had charge of the
A dangerous bush fire occurred on
Mu.deary slrcet yesterday 111 the Immediate vi. lnlty of n number of resir
ildiues. Thn lire alarm was Sounded
but the department did not torn out,
aud a number of private citizens manned
tl.e apparatus and fought, the fire gal*.
1 ntl i nil too afternoon and a good part
of the night,
Gold bearing quartz assayii g $100 p-r
lon is said to have been founn up river,
will in 4J miles of Westminster,
Market, Bastion Street.
Stcniners nnd Shipping siii.j.fic.1 on short notice
ut Wholesale Prices.
Pirf.t-olo.fl Accommodation, I'lrc-proof building
Terms: $1.09 Per Day and Upwards.
The Doon Hotel,
JAS. BENNETT, Proprietor.
Commercial St.,       Nanaimo, It. C.
Lodge Notices.
Inkrnnan Lodge, No. SUB, Sons of St.
George.—Hegplar weekly meeting ia held
in Hubert's Hall, Wharf streot, on Sat-
uiiiiav evening at 8 o'clock, Visiting
brethren cordially invited to attend.
fRKD, Waostaff, See,
20 MEN
Mining Deal
$100 Each Only
$25 Down
25 in 1 Month
25 in 2 Months
25 in 3 Months
I would do my best to
make this a big success.
Call and see me.
The Most Complete Stocl1
Jas. McGregor'
Victoria Crescent.
Carbonating and Bottlin]
MITCHELL & BUMMING, Proprietor*,.
Manufacturers of Lemonade, Dinger Ale, Sari
saiiarillu, Ciders, Etc.
All Orders Promptly Attended Tol
Telephone 20.
P. O, Iloj po.
Notice to Ladiesi
I AM AGENT for Nanainio nml  l)is-j
triels fur the New and Perfeut Carter1!
Tailors'System.   This Byetetn is up til
date j a perfeet ladies' system; is wiili.l
ont a rival and easy to lenrn; is noted]
for its graceful lines'mid elegant forrnsjf
It is not an experiment but a develom
ment.   I unn also teaeli how to use this,
system, ami nlsn nil kinds of Dressmnk-
ing executed in lirst-class stvle.   l'rii-ea]
to suit the times.   Address,'
Margaret M. Macdonald,
No. (ii) Haliburton Street_|
D. S.  Miiedonnld's Store.
Restaurant and Chop House]
Commercial Stiiket,
Oysters in every style.
"Meals, 25c. nnd upwards.
Good Beds, 25c. and upwards.
Spring Chicken always on banc
Johnston's Block, Nanaimo,
Try Philpott's Tomato Catsui
25c. and 5Jc, per Bottle.
We Never Sleep,       Open Day and Night\
THE BEST   -.-
is the CHEAPEST!
Tbe Nanaimo Bakery Excels
The Popular Bakers."
Cuban Cigar Factory.
Our Cigar* aro made of the Choicest Havana
TuiiiKTor,. 'Out famous
Cuban Blossom *■•*»
Black Diamond
Are cBlleil for everywhere, and ure anpcrlnr to
any Imported olgar,  Hade by Union Labor,
M. J. BOOTH, Wharf Street,
c. c. Mckenzie,
Land Agent and Conveyancer,'
Town LiiIhiiiuI Farmx for Sale.   Munoy to I.nnt|
oil Mortuiiiie Hi low mien,
Agent for tho United Fire limnrniiee Company
ol Manehemur, KiikIih..!.
JOS. H, BROWN, Watchmaker.
»f Wfttot. Demagnetized ghoruUf*
By SPECIAL MACHINERY on tho Premium,
Pino antl Complicated Watches anil Clonk*
Carefully Cleaned and Repaired
Fine CYCLOMETERS, for Illeycles, in Stock.
For a Cool Drink
Champagne Cider
Soda Water
Ask for -:-
Lawrence's fe™
Manufacturer of To.iii'oranronrlnkn.Rvrilpi.Ao.
Delivered free to nil porta of city ana vicinity,
_t*_r*- I'loiiipt attention paid toaliippliigordQ-ii,
Tclophone 2-4. P. O. Box 79,  N*nai*_9, flbelKanaimoflftail
* Ed. V. Cnamhkus, Editor and Manager.
Bastion Street. Nanaimo, 11. C.
By mail—One year  l.so
" Six lllOlltllR 7e
" Three months so
Delivered bv carrier yoc. per moiitn
Our Reply.
personal edification, and say that
we are charitable enough to believe
that he failed to reason what the
logical outcome of his expressed
hope would be. We rather incline
to the opinion that over-zealous-
ness for his friend, Constable
Thompson, is accountable for his
indiscretion in omitting to do so.
It is very evident, from Mr. Gun-
ton's communication that he is
more of an adept at asking than
answering questions. In our former article we recommended liim
to put himself in Constable Thompson's place and seriously ask himself the  question   "Would   he do
at a glance that over $100,000,000
per year are collected from thc
wealth producers of New York by
tlie landlords of that city. This
figure, of course, does not include a
cent of tbe vast sums collected for
the rent of buildings.
Is it any wonder that the extremes
of want and wealth meet in the
great American metropolis, and that
Gotham boasts the possession of
botli lieggars and millionaires by
tlie thousand.
As Seen From Glasgow.
A private letter from a resident
in Glasgow, who not long ago lived
in Tncnnin, to a friend in this city
says, in part:
"Nominally free (speaking of
Americans), they aro bound hand
and   foot   to   the chariot wheels of
In our last issue we published a
letter re Constable Thompson from
Rev. W. A.  Gunton  taking us to
task for our criticisms in a previous ! likewise iii delaying the   investiga
»ssue* | tion?"   To this the rev. gentleman,
Before dwelling on the subject for reasons best known to himself, I the lords of the soil and the kings
matter of Mr. Gunton's letter, there j becomes evasive and instead of a'-'fearili. The aristocracy of this
is part of a paragraph which  may direot   repiy    a'dopt8   Uie   Scotch lj"1.8 island would not dare attempt
rannirA nviilniiiiinn* it i«   nu   fol-1      n    it ■ ••      i      that which is done i;verv day in the
require explanation, it is   as   fol    meth,,d of answe,,ng a question by , (,and (,f (,le f      ,    Th/ParfiaInent
lows: "\ot. aro one  of a   few who ■ asking anol,„,,.    in   the  following Lf Britain knows better than to try
send communications to Nanaimo language, "Put yourself in his place  to put in operation such laws as are
newspapers, that know   men's mo- Ln(j answer would   you want  the;f0|eed  upon  the  free   Americans.
Thirteenth   Annual Convention   of
tlie Provincial W.C.T.U. Concluded Thursday Niirht.
lives better than   they   do   them- maMer delayed whether  vou were Bad ll,lws ha*-*e tbe?? palmed
spIvpb"     Rut fnr o. nneanniil   inter-        -i. *.       -i.   .,n     ur   . , upon I lie people of I Ills colllll lv, but
selves.     B«t for a personal intei   guilty or not guilty?"   We have no ^ fa*   a.    ,ur1 /».
view which the reverend gentleman hesitation in replying   to   Buch a relegated to the shelf.    *   *   *
was good enough to honor us with, reasonable qusstion.   If guilty we ; Hero the press is not muzzled, nor
the quotation would be as inexplic-  CUI think of but two lines of action public opinion formed by false tele*
.able to us as it i.s, doubtless, to our : 0,)en to „_.     'n,0   f,,,st   which  we Kan_B-    $". company, such as the
readers.   In our exchange of oivili-1 consider the more oreferable   ^^ I ««tern U nioA: would ^ allowed
„      ,,     . .    „ consiuei tne  nioie  preieraoie,  cer to tamper with lhe worlds news as
ties, Mr.   Gunton   practically   ac- Wnly the mo8t  honorable,  would is done  bv  it and tl.e Associated
cusedusof  receiving communioa- be to plead  guilty,  appeal  lo the Press villainies.
tions   from    correspondents    and clemency of our judges, and prom- j    The only  fear I  have for this
dressing them up in editorial garb. i8e to err no more.   Failing in this cou"'fy is  that it will fall  into
Wo nmiilid idicon.  Mr   Rnntnn'o   nf. i-  .   • ii iii- socialism—-not the fraiit le socialism
We would direct Mr  Gunton s at- _.whloh is possible-we would lure of the C(llllilK!11.  ,,ut theoalm cooi
tention to the fact that   our  name an attorney, instruct him to evade and collected socialism of a pract-
appears at the head of the editorial  trial, to ask for adjournments, post- ioal nation of shopkeepers, nnd ihat
■columns of The Mail,"   and we— ponements    and    remands.      We would  only  postpone  the  time of
and only we—are   responsible  for .hould squirm, twist  and  invoke feal fl'*-'<**J-''**. *    *    * There would
nil   mntlur    mild wlnul     Ihol-fll'll Tf 11 -111 1 -. O.'  HO  lieCI'SSl t V fill1 COlltlol (if 11 llllOSt
nil matter published  therein.     If every possible quibble   and quirk nl   „,*     if „;e t nioniipolv ,lf
evidence was necessary to prove the known to a shyster lawyer, to  kill iaud was jn the haDds of the people.
correctness of our stand in  saying time and wear out the  patience of From it all others spring, and witli
that Mr. Gunton's letter in the Free our prosecutors.    If this failed we its dentil all would die."—S.F. Star.
Press was more a pica for a friend  wou_d Wuff| bluster and bully  the |     W(J wftnJ        '^ lim t(,
than   a    public   explanation,   we witnesses.      lf   our   judges    were be  the  on.y   t'tie  to   liul'd.     Our
rind more than a sufficiency in his cirrupt we would bribe   them,    lf wicked laws are making our people
.own communication.    After  refer- perjury were necessary   we would a homeless people.    Xo curse could
ring us to a well-known passage in procure it. To sum up we would -^ greater on any nation.—Kev. 1).
Scripture, he says: "I believed he do anything and everything to se-
(Thompson) would acquit himself, cure a verdict of not ouilty. If
I hoped, and slill hope, he will." |NOt guilty we would ini-
The charges which Mr. Gunton mediately demand an inve-tigation,
so earnestly hopes  Mr.  Thompson We would insist on every possible
can disprove were   made   against i witness being heard,   lf not guilty, A Thoroughly Disgusted Lot of Gold-1
him by the Rev. D. A. McRae  and ' w0 would shout it on tlie street curare as follows:
1. That the said George  Thomp-  house-tops,   we   would  deluge  the and  a  urew composed of D. II. Hills,
i •       i.i       ,i   -, . Burt, Stephens, Samuel Gopher, Amos
press, and invoke the pulpit to pro- x..,,,,>U.wJIt. nnd  Fred.   Hifley,   wni.ih
claim our innocence. sailed from Jhonston's wharf,Thursday,
, ,. ri, i April   Kith,  liuiniil   for  Mary  Islands,
According to our light,   we  have A{,ls|.„| „,;m.t. br)Cook>slntet, „n „ pros-
honestly, seriously   and  conscien- peotlng tour, returned to this port yeBt-
tiously,   answered   Mr.    Gunton's
retum ofthFschr. boss.
Samuel Gopher Lost at sea July 23rd.
Hun tors,
jners, we would scream   it  from the     xhe schooner Boss, Oapt. .Tno. MeLeo.l,
son did enter No, (il on Fraser St.
about 12:15 a.m., and was present
when intoxicating liquorwas drunk
nnd paid for in his presence, and
<lid also drink himself, and remained there till 12:45. Having left, lie
crossed Fraser street to a house
Sometimes known as the Star, entering about 12:50 a.m., and remained there till  about  i:S0a.m.
i-ilny after an absence of over four
months, und, from the reports of the
questions, il.is now in order lor him members ofthe Sxpedition, with nosat-
.    ,   ,-, ,,.,        ,,,      ,   f ..     Isftielory results so far as any increase in
to do likewise,    lhe coluinnsof the  worW)/weaUn |_ ,,,,,,,.,,,,,1'.    They re-
We will  port many privations and Bufferings and
the lnss of one of their number at sea.
and  did   make   variance with our own, reservingat
■the same time that  right which we
frcelv accord to  liim,   the right  of
Mail are at bis disposal.
and was present there when inloxi- oheerfull publish his opinions, no    0aptM.i dmily pl^ed the log of
eating liquors were bought and paid  matter how much thev may   he  at  the limit ut the disposal of the Mail, and
for in his presence
use of them.
2. That on or about Sunday,
Aug. 8,1896, he did enter the house
ou lhe corner of Comox   road   and  criticism.
Fraser street, at the back door, was :    Mr. Gunton's recommendation to
present   when  intoxicating   liquor   ptudy  the   word "judge" is   super- of Ohlekman river May, 10th, and reach
bought and paid for,   and did also '__'.._.._     .,.,,..,„ «,,,i ,„,ii,;,,„;,, mn- Ing Juneau, June, 6th, leaving Juneau
, .  ,   , ■       l.     ...       , «     , uUOUB,    lie can nnu noining m om ■ .,,..,   irni,   ,,,,.i .........i,. i,,.. ..i i:,-.,,,,..
drink himself,    Having  left  there'    ...       -.     ,.,.,, „   , £une' 1S,7uand ,e,ma" '"J? ai.,G.r?;n„
i.„i,....o„   ii    ,,,.A   io Zt   „:„i,i   t,„  articles to lead to the Inference that Cove until the mornlngof the 18th when,
between   11   and   ll  at  night, he,        ..,.,, j    •   i at 8 a. m., thev reached the open Pacific
made his way to  No.   (il,   entered we either judged or   passed   judg- Lni* after „    ' vtuissitudee, arrived al
there and was present when intoxi-' ment on Constable Thompson.   We Hope city on Resurrection Creek at 7 a,
.,nti,,,r lu,ii,,r< u*i,rn luiiiirlit .mil ii.till -1 . -.-       "'•   Sllll'lilV,   .1 111 V.    L2th,    ri'llllli lllllg    ill
clung liquors weie ooiignt ,ui(i 11.110   nvpreweil our nrero-'alive    to   criLi-   .,   .   i -   • .--, .   ,     ....,       ,
,      .<_;., \,j ., i_:_i. i.. i«"       |exeruioeu oui piuiuguuvo   iu  um    that vtclnfly until July, 24th, when an
to dn justice to thc events recorded would
lill a good sizeI volume. Want of space
will only allow a synopsis of tho very
Interesting events which occurred during the trip.
Left Nanaimo April, Kith, arriving at
Mary tsland, Alaska May, 10th; leaving
Mary Island 1 ith May, arriving at innnili
his conduct,   and   that   no  unccr*
| attack   of  Inline sickness determined
what course to pursue.
On Thursday, July 80th, at 10:80 p.m,
I regard to our aland on the question the most lamentable event of the trip
occurred, viz., the lnss uf Samuel Gopher,
who was swept from the deck and met a
watery grave. As recorded in tlie tog,
the accident occurred under tbe follow-
cit'cuu.st.inces'. The   hinnncle  lamp
for, and did also drink himself,
3. That on or about Wednesday, ... . .
Aug. 12, 1896, about 10:30 p.m. he I tamty may ensue In the fulure w,th
did enter No. (il   on   Fraser street,
was present when intoxicating we will now say that iu our opiu-
liquor was bought and pnid for, and ion Constable Thompson has ad
did also drink himself. opted the tactics of a guilty man
These charges are either true or Uye belieVe that the charges mado wentout i required picking and re-1
false.   Mr. McRae has   staked his ._,«___,,_ him bv lhe Rev   Mr   Mc- li|-,l!'-i"K''   Q°Pl-« w«nt to do this, and,
iiguiiisi nun oy mi. ivcv.   mi.  mi,   on his way round, a sudden squall struck
name, fame  and   reputation  as  a I Rae are literally true,   but as  we the boat, causing her to suddenly jihe,'
man   .mil   nu   n    flhriotlnn    nn   his   1 i..   'he  1)0001  carrying   Mr.  llnpher   uver- I
niau  anu   as   11   . in i.-u.in    on   ins   |,., v i ■ nn   iiei-sona     enniitv   u.'i.it.st.   ,       i      .i„       , ,, i       i"
nave no  'ii.iMin.li   Liiiiiuj   ,i,..iin. i   in mr, |.    xhe alarm, 'man overboard   f
ability   to   substantiate   them by Ulr, Thompson, we hope he will be was at once given, and through some
amnio nviwif      IffnUn   Mi*   'I'h,mm.      11    .       ■ ■■  i 1 luisliike lhe piiinler of flu- siniill I ii mt was I
ttni|.le proof, ll false, Mi. llioinp- abl6 to give a Batlsfaotory explana- out, and the Ut was carried away. The
son sln.nld have little difficulty In tiun of llis strange coiulucl. At the schooner was headed towards the man's
rofnliiiir thom iiiiil m-piiriinr trt, him. ■.     ■ i,       11      vnice which wns heard for .. few Seuonds I
reiuung iiiem .uut suiiung nn nun BamB time it is our unalterable and then ceased, Those on board kept
Belt an honorable   and   speedy ac- opinion that Constable Thompson upiiallliigbutuouldge 'espouse. Tho
„,,li..l      rlnlw   hv  a l,,l,lwl,li,,r   ilm     11      u i •■   .  i i Hchniner   was   kepi,  Balling iirnund   Ihe
quilal. Unly hy establishing tbe Bhould immediately make an ix- Bn0t for an hour and a halfhut no trace
falsity of the charges can Mr. Gun- pl.uiation lu the   public,   that  he of tht mleslng man could be found. The
ton's hopes be realized.    But if the should at once demand an Invest!- I'Ve" waiff.VnJ' \U"'k ""'V' HNr\\''"'"
f siiniiiu a. oik i .oi iii.iiu. .in  iiivcj-ii   falling.   Mr. Qopher was about 60 years
charges can be   proven   false that gat,|0'n 0f the charges against him or of age.
fact per se convicts   the   man who pUp .„.:,,. trorfpthe nollce force °." ,he, "'"y h"T' th?LBIrilve.d,a!     '
i cise reine noirr tne ponce loiee.        I custom  house,  Mirv   Island,  at noon
made them of being one of the
greatest scoundrels unhung. This
may be considered strong language.
but certainly ho stronger than we
would feel it our duty to apply   to
the Rev. D. A. MoRae if Constable avenue {l.(mi _>3rd to 42nd street.,
Thompson can accomplish what his where the millionaires live, it sells
friend hopes for. (for $600 to $700 per inch, and on
Putin different language, Mr, Broadway down in the business cen-
Gunton is desirous of proving that lre> $500 to $1000 per inch is con-
,. ,       ,,    „        ,!   .   ,, „       sidered a fair price.      lho assessed
his confere, tho Rev.   I), A. McRae,  Villuati(m o( jfew Ym-k city is over
an avowed Christian, a minister of *>3,006,0O0,O00. As this is only
the Gospel, for the "gratification of all ait one half of the real value and
psrsnnal spito, schemed for, and lflS ^.6 land values of the pity com-
connived at the moral murder of !,ri.se f{ul'.V 0,,t! half of the real
, value of tlie propertv  therein,  and
11,1 •»'•»*■•■••• ,,li"'- as the renls collected from land in
that great cily average about *1 por
tion quoted by Mr. Gunton foi* our cent on thc selling value we can see' Bay,—Oolotifsu
I Aug, 17th,  thence to Niiui.imu, arriving
Land Worth More Than Gold, on Sunday, Sept. 6th.
_ ,,     . , , iii      On asking Cnpl. Mebeod's opinion of
lalk about gold mines, why, land  the country nnd the prospects of success
in  New  York city sells for all the I in mining operations, his answer was
way  from $50 to $100 per inch on \^"t}. sharp and decisive, vis., "D	
the   side   streets,   while  tl.e   FiUl  ^>l l-'a." to keep away fnmi.
Thc Labor Day Excursion.
The excursion to Vancouver last Saturday under the auspices of the M. & M.
li, )'. A. was in every respect a decided
success. The large concourse of people
which crowded f he decks of the Princess
Louise, had a splendid trip across the I
Uulf. The weather was everything that |
could   l.e  desired, and after spending a
pleasant time In the Terminal city, returned  home, arriving at  Johnston's
wharf shortly after 12 o'clock.
We accept the Scriptural tnjunc lhat gl.eat city average about -1 per fe^i^rlSuSd11,*0Tele! """■
The Angeles, nf Seattle, eanie in   from
The thirteenth annual convention of
the Provincial W. O. T. U. of British
Columbia, which opened in New Westminster Tuesday afternoon last, in the
lecture room of St. Andrew's (Presbyterian) church, concluded its labors on
Thursday evening.
The work of lhe convention is briefly
summed up in the following resolutions
and recommendations:
1. Beaolved—That wo recognize the
good hand of nur God which has lieen
over us during the past year, ai.d pledge
ourselves to an increased endeavor to
curry on llis work faithfully,
Kesolved—That we wiil urge upon our
local unions the necessity oi continuing
to make strenuous efforts to secure a
better observance of the Lir.l's dav.
Notwithstanding all thnt has been dune,
fruit and tobacco stores are kept open,
boats und cars continue in run, and in
other ways ihe Sabbath is openly desecrated, We, therefore, urge that our
unions discountenance the same, nnd
endeavar to secure belter legislation on
the subject.
Resolved—Owing to the already overcrowded carrtcuium illuui-publicschuuls,
that we recommend the Provincial
Superintendent of S, T. I. in public
schools lo endeavor, Ibis year, to obtain
the ^Introduction of ilie Pathfinder
series, jn place of Cutter's physiology,
which is at present used, as the former
work, not only includes tbe knowledge
contained iu the Cutter's physiology,
but also the effects of narcotics and
bi illiniums upon lhe human system.
Besolved—That, believfng a kindergarten training should be the foundation of all public school education, we,
through our Provincial executive, me-
morallze the Board of Education, urging upon them the importance of having
the lowest class in the public schools in
our cities taught on the kindergarten
Believing that it is of tlie utmost importance that, while our children are
receiving the education provided hv our
public schools, they should also he* prepared for life hy a knowledge of some
practical work which would prepare
them, iu a measure, for their future life;
therefore, be it resolved, That we,
through nur Provincial executive, me-
iiinrahze the Board of Edqcation, urging
upon them the importance of introducing manual labor into the public schools
of this Province.
Resolved—The time having nrrived
when ii is desirable to erect 11 new building for our Refuge Home, that this convention empower tlie managing committee of the Home, iu conjunction with
the Provincial executive, to lake such
measures as may be necessary to begin
tlie work.
Resolved—That the local union encourage a cash system of business, instead of credit among their members.
Resolved—That tl.e Presidents of the
Victoria, Vancouver, and Westminster
Unions be constituted a committee on
reduced rales of travel for Provincial VV.
C. T. 1°. delegates and ollicers.
R.'solved—Thai, whereas the editors
of the newspapers of our Province have
been most generous in alforiling us trie
privilege of using their columns, and iu
reporting our many meetings, we desire
to extend to Ibcn our best thanks for
their kindness.
Resolved—That the warn.est thanks
of this convention he tendered to tlie
ladies of the Westminster union for
their gracious hospitality and entertainment of the delegates to our convention ;
to St. Andrew's Session for the use of
their church and school-room 1 also to
Miss Vass for her faithful presence at all
our meetings, and thoexcelient manner
iu which she has presided at the organ.
The report of the plan of work committee was lead and adopted, as follows:
"Your committee recommended:
I. That, thc mothers of the W. C. T. U.
secure the co-operation of the young
people of the Christian societies in enforcing the prohibitory tobacco law, that
literature on narcotics be distributed
among tl.e young people, and anti-
tolmcco leagues he formed among the
ehildren ot the public schools or Sunday
"2. That a depart ment of systematic
giving he established, and that our unions he urged to discountenance the
raising of money to carry on W.C.T.U.
work through bazars, fetes, Ate.
"That each union endeavor to secure,
if possible, a promise from their members to patronize grocere who do not sell
spiritoiis liquors, in preference to those
who do, even though thu latter may he
able to undersell the former by the extra
prnlil Ihey make upon their liquors.
"4. Thill in tll08U places where scien-
tillc temper..ace is not a compulsory
Biibjecl taught in the public Schools,
prizes be ollcreil by our unions for either
the bell examination in ihis Biibjecl or
the best, essay written Jon sume phase of
total ahstcaucc.
"b. That Inasmuch  as the newspaper
is to a large extent the educator   ol   llie
mosses, your committee would suggest
that conscientious, painstaking efforts
be made by our several unions in securing and supplying with bright, crisp
temperance news a purl of a column ill i
llie daily or weekly new-papers.
"li. That eacu union endeavor lo secure the appointment ol a pi dice mat run
iii iis locality, and that tiie  Provincial
W. C. T. U. endeavor to sei ure s.ich uu
appointment fnr tlie Provincial gaols,
That in order to increase temperance
knowledge and secure VV, 0, T. U. members, we recommend the observance of
membership day once a quarter, Instead ul once a year.
"8, That every eU'ort he nnuie to educate the public mind   tu   the   benelicial
effect which woman's enfranchisement
will have iu improving the monilsuf our
"I). That we urge upon the local W.C.
T.U.'s to take advantage of the opportunity of a change of government in the
Dominion House ol Commons to secure
prohibition ofthe manufacture ami Importation of alcohol, in any form, except
for mechanical, scientific uud medicinal purposes, inasmuch as the present
leader of the government expressed his
willingness to do nil that was in his
power for. the prohibition of the liquor
traffic as soon as 11 was lhe wish of the
nu.joiily of the Canadian volers."
Tlie duly collected (luring August at
Vancouver was (84,216.48, un increase
over August, 1SU5, of !|7,f)7(I.IL'. The
value uf August exports was $114,487; of
imports, |03,B9S.
Arrival and Departure of Mails
Wellington, Northfield and
East Wellington   	
Victoria, Southern States and
places along line uf E. & X.
British and foreign, Eastern
Provinces, Eastern Slates,
Vancouverand other places
ou .Mainland of B.C	
comox HorTK.
Comox, Union,  Union  Bay,
Sandwock,Oourtenav,Grantham, Qualicum, Hornby
Island and Denniau Island
Salt Spring Island, Burgoyne
Jhiy.lMilfor I Harbor,.N'orlh
Salt Springlsland and Gab-
riola Island     	
Alberni, Parksville, French
Creek and Ellington	
Nanoose Bay	
Departure Hay, daily ex. Sun
Cedar (.South), Saturday    ..
Diiily ex. Suu.
A.M.    A.M.
11.25   8.5'J
Daily ex.Sun.
8.20 11.50
Daily ex.Sun.
I'  M.    P.M.
fi.SU 5.00
I'  M .    1>. M.
8.20   3.00
P.M.   P.M.
8 20  3.110
Tues, Mon.
I'll. Th ii r.
.' M P.M.
12.80 (i.OO
Frl. Thur.
12.30   0.00
P. M.    A. M.
12.45 10,30
2.00 11 00
Hardware Merehant
A Full Assortment at the Lowest Market Rates
Promptly Attended to.
AU kinds of    ■
Tin and Sheet-Iron Work,
Victoria Crescent, Nanainio.
Bakery and
Invites Inspection and Comparison
as to Quality and Price.
Awarded   First Prize at the Agricultural Show.
Bastion Street, opp. Telegraph Office
Olliee Tol. 80.   1'. 0. Ilox Ifi.   1-i'sideurc Tol. 101.
Funeral Director and Embalmer
Graduate of tha Oriental, the Eureka,
the New  York and  ('lark's
Sohools ol Embalming.
1, 3 and 6 Bastion St., Nanaimo
All Materials used in connection with the above
guaranteed to be first-
LAMPS, Etc. etc.
limns and Animals set up in ntlior-
oujzh workmanship manner.
On lliiinl—Pour line Doers' Heads,
which will lie soltl for price nf setting
them Up.   Also ii line ciise of Birds.
d. s. Mcdonald.
(ill Haliburton Street, Nanaimo.
20c. per MONTH
One year, $1.50.
Six months, 75c.
Three months, 50c.
Job Printing
i in
Commercial Hotel.
Corner Commercial anil Bastion Sis.
Thin loliK-osltlltllHlit'd Hotel Is onlnforllllily
lliti'd up mill luperlor iirponiniotlii-
UoiiH for traveler! end others.
T. O'CONNKL, Prop,
P. O. Drawer 4*.
Telephone 7-1. :--^S'"
iHe liolj-
t  i* evidently frighten- j
I'l.e-   nuickl*   backed
luor,  iiienmvliile eovi r-!
th their guns, ami dis-;
...  *. .uiieisco,  »Si_jt. D.—The    Chrou-
. ^..a,mciiu) s|i,eial .Si.vn: The L-ust-
   ....i.aiii  H-..1H   \v..io.i    left    fenu
 .-au at 0 o clo-.lv this evening, und
,.a.i   uue   io  arrive  here ul  b:4t),   wus
flopped b} U'uiu robiiers about »i.-; niiks
.....i  oi   bete,   oho  lulled  m  then- ij.ii--
_iose, through the killing oi oue ol tne ,
gang by a plucky engineer.
ihe tl'illll wns loaded with puseengcrs |
.;■ t.,e slate ^air. and d is suid
,...-* i*:li' loutuojed u huge
., .j.j..j.a uiiu>iguj.'j lo a oiiL-iu-
uifaiu li.tnk. 'tlic hoju-llji I. ok iih.ee
within a short distance of where the
$00,000 hold-up occurred lwo years ngo.
The cii-iinU-y is covered wilh Wlltcr for
uiiies with the exception of a nuirow
strip over which a wagon road runs to i
Woodland, uud-Within un hour niter the
li-uiii [Hilled inlo Sacramento u lorcu oi
detectives and u srjund of deputies were
dispatched lo the scene. 'To-night lin-
liig pusseugor depot is ti scene of the
greatest uuiiuutloa. Division SnpcrJn
'■n lout Wright, who was u passenger
..ii tlic train, in iu his olliee giving orders anil waiting news from tho men
.vim have lieen sent to hunt Ihe robbers.
riffs and polic-mcn were
■ n on the ground nil I lire Bimrcliillg
he city uml guarding the outgoing
•'I'ti'i. A peculiar ftict iu connection
i.h the robbery is tluit uol one of the
forty pliiyers had n  gun.
Public Sehouls Uvei'ci'ov.'rtwl.
Ti rnnto, S3ept.    2.—H.    K.    Sheppard
' wires tic Blur from Montreal to-night:
'"Tie high und  public schools    of    the
.,ie t, nt hoard of school commission*
-. us they nre called hue, opened here
,■■ slerdvy.' AVh.-.t might seem an extra-1
erdiiuiry fuet to the people of Ontario
is  tlmt  ever 10,000  French Caiiadinns,
Caliiuile children, attend these so-called!
I'l-i tcsllll t   schools   of     Montreal,     uud ;
' uu,ity luore ure Unable to obtain adnus- ,
>.:,,u' nwim;  lo  tin* scarcity    of    room.
LiiKf terni u new and excellent I'rotcs*
innl. or rather public, school in SI. Den- j
is streot (strongly  French and I'ntr.nli•■) I
:s  reprrled  lo  have brrn   forced  to re-
fn.pp    between    six and si ven  liuudrol
l-'ri neh   Catholic ehildren.   This, too, in  j
•'."fine   lo   those   who  wire  il linitled.
The Catholics of '.Ids ii--evii.ee are rapidly   recognizing   ihat   their   ehildren   are:
lining  poorly  educated,  and   before   my
i I expect to gather some interest
fact"    regarding the true htate of
• sculio-ent
Herald says editorinlly, s iklinr
i.  opening  of  the  suho ils:   "Quite '
oti'aiid parents in Montreal wi 1
The overland train  left Dllvlsvllle on i r-i; i-
lime,   with  Engineer   Edwin   l'\   lngalls ! inland  l''ireman ratiiek Burns in lhe cub.   pul...
■Astir train approached Webster u nian !    Tin
.   o  hatl   been concealed   in    a    tender ; <,f  ll
limbed quietly over the pile of coal nil- 1 ''our
til he reached the gang plank, when he realize this morning that they live in
suddenly levelled his pistol at the en- about the only civilized city in the world
■giueer nnd ordered him to throw up his where a school fee is del-landed. And
liunds. The engineer did so, and the I iLey will eh-.o find tluit the withdrawal
robber theu told him to slow down. The ■ of their children from school, or a
'request was also complied with, and |-.linight confession ef peverty. ere the
when the train was stopped at n  third | only   menns  of  avol
li'asi Sti -unship Sei vice.
I,onion, Sept. 5.—Arrangements hav.
been completed bet ween-the Belgian S.S
Co, ai- I the Canadian government for i
steamship service between Antwerp, Co.
ogne and Canada, The British steiiine
firt-taholmo will open the service.
Ste.imers will sail fortnightly from each
terminal poiut.
Au Athens ilispafrh to the Daily Tele-
graph says fighting occurred in tin
ESkatcrine district of Macedonia, during
ivhteh lb- Turks lost forty-six killed
-and the insurgents lost heavily.
Affairs in ('mist■nil iuple.
Constantinople, Sept. 5.—Great mix-
ety still prevails here, but there hav
beeu ii" fuill ei- disturbances. 'The nm
bassan*ors sent a collective note to tii.
Turkish government, dwelling upon tin
organized character of the nins.sm res an.'
lilting several coses bearing uu this
Tiiey quote ihe declarations of two Mussulmans who were requisitioned hy th,
police win, provided them wilh weapons and sent them to kill Armenians.
Other mil similar evidence wus also
nrpseittod nod the embassadors finally de-
■thi I a sired; inquiry into the causes of
the outbreak and tlie steps taken lo sup
pres it. They also luslst upon the sever, punishment of the culprits.
The following telegram has been ro-
eel red from the sublime porte: The llu
porial authorities have handed to the
government attorneys nil documents ii
connection with the criminal oets of
Imlli Christians nnd Mussulmans. Ar
meniau niinrehists threw bombs on the
troops pnssing thrnneh Gnlntn. Ono of
Beer and it fow soldiers wore killed.
Since then, however, no farther crimi
nnl nets were cominittod. Order pr"-
valls in the capital and provinces of tin
Prove the merit of Hood's Sarsaparilla — positive, perfect, permanent Uures.
Cures of scrofula In severest forms, like
goitre, swelled neck, running sores, hip
disease, sores In the eyes.
Cures of Suit Klieuin, witli Us intense itching
and burning, scald head, tetter, etc.
Cures of fcoils, Pimples anil all other eruptions due to Impure hlood.
Cures of Dyspepsia nud other troubles where
a good .stomach tonic was needed.
Cures of Illieiuiiatisin.wliere patients were unable to work or walk for weeks.
Cures of Catarrh by expelling the Impurities
which cause anil sustain the disease.
Cures ol -Nervousness by properly toning and
feeding the nerves upon pure blood.
Cures of That Tired Feeling by restoring
Strength,   Send for book of cures by   j
To (I. I. Hood & Co., Proprietors, I.owoll, Mass.
~ ., _-_.,, areliie best after-dinner
HOOd S  PlIlS pills, aid digestion,  use.
order from the robber,  a  masked  ninii
'was  seen climbing up  the railroad  ein-
1-nktuent with n gun iu his hand. When
'this man nppenred the robber on llie engine  e.'ln.nilnded   Ihe  fireman  to  climb
down  nnd go  With  Ihe masked  robber.
The fireman obeyed orders, and he and
'mn.-Ut walked  hack toward llie express  ear.
This left Engineer lngalls nnd lhe
robber alone, and ICgnKs begun to think
.up a scheme whereby lie could turn the
tables on bis captor. The robher ut
first wns very watchful, but nfter n
minute or more had (lapsed he turned
and looked buck with the evident iiiton-
'i'ion ,of seeing what lind become of his
'cdtiip-vnions and the fireman. Ties was
'lilgnlls' chance and he seized it. A
''elided revolver wns laying in a box
■'ose to lngalls' silo. Quick ns a Hash
lie raised the lid nnd seizing the revolver
fired two shots at tho robher. The bandit fell from the cab nnd the nervy engineer [in'led wide the throttle nnd the
t'rn'n •"tnrr.ei) tor Sacramento.
Fireman Bums' was loft to his fate
but ".-lin he heard the 'firing he susjic'ct-
, i what wi'b un. nnd jumped on the
moving train. The masked robber, who
wan on the platform of the express ear.
Jumped tn the ground nnd disappeared
in the darkness.
— <««■	
Gaii'lani* lie    inns.
Putney, Sept. ".—.Take G mul nur, of
Toronto, won the rowing championship
of the -world, defeating James II. Stnn-
'hiiry, of Australia, who recently defeated "Wng" Harding for tin- chnmpion-
ship. The course wns the usual ibnin-
tpionshlp course, four miles straight
•iway from I'uteey to Morthlke.
After 12 false starts Both took the
water together. Stanbury hud a slight
lend at Craven Steps, hut soon after-
•wards Gaudaur pulled up, took the lead
Bnd nniinViilned it to Cinh Tree, where
:a foul occurred. Stanbury thereupon
stopped und appenled to the referee. The
•latter, however, would not allow the
•foul and Gaudaur finished 20 lengths
•aiead in 2$:tti.   •'
Wevrlst'ike, S'*|'. .ri—Mr. Emest Grant
(lovan. of;London, England, manager of j
'the Gold Exploration and Developnieui
'Go. of British' t'oluinliiu, and also a
managing director of tlie AVnr Eagle
Alining Co., of London, nrrived here today en route to Itosshiud. where lie pur-
-poses investing largely in mining prop-
vrties. 'Mr. 0»ovitii is accompanied hy
•Mr. Frederick North, formerly mining
engineer for the Cape and Natal governments,
A Hermit's Good Fertune.
Snn Francisco, .Sept. 5.—A trivial ac-
eillent occurring ov<*r forty years ago
■rind'-long- since forgotten hns been the
means of changing the condition of one
inaii nnd raising him from comparative
poverty to wealth. A few weeks ago
George Kiiringworth Butler was a her
niit, voluntarily separated from bis fellow men and content to live his life on
il twout-acre farm near the Kiissian
river in Sonoma county. Now Butler is
Jilrehdy one of the richest men in the
•rtmnfry/nnd nt tho death of his mother,
who 1« living in England, he will shore
In a fortune of many millions. This
trnnsforiniitinn was brought nbout by nn
advertisement in a newspaper, and tlie
fact that BUtler, when a boy, hud (al-
In nnd broken one of his front teeth.
*For ninny years be has been sought bv
bis relative*! who have advertised for
him in nil purls of tiie world, nnd when
Ml hope of finding him hnd been abandoned, he became nwnre of the long
search and answered the advertisement,
lilthoiigri hating donlis of bis beini; the
right' person. Now he no longer need
hunt and fish for a living, ns he i" tbe
possessor of the neat sum of $2)00,000,
•   ' .   -_-—«♦»	
llarintr Kubheiy.
Pji-blo, Col., Sept. 4.—Four big guns
In thc hand of two nervy men
held up forty meu In the
heart of the city last night, nnd won for
♦heir daring $4.10 iu money belonging to
tbe proprietors of the place.
The grimes were progressing ns usual,
wHen two men wearing masks and eneli
having two revolvers, entered tlie back I wiped out and the estimated Iocs of lii'e
door nirV advanced rapidly up the room. I was 40000.   The provinces o' Kekuzen
die wretched
lux upon the poor man's efforts In ,1.,
inmething to better the condition of his
Mr. Sheppsrd sny= further, Mr. Mar*
-'■eiil. lender nl' the local opposition, hns
ntrendy lvc-iin the c*tinpnign. leaving
hero vesu-r.liiy for eistern counties to
organize and hold meetings. Elections
rn exnected fo lake pl-ce immediately
after the meeting of the legislature, or
in abont eight mouths. Kveryono 1 ban-
mot expressed the opinion that the iV-n-
serveiive government, formally led by
Ti'illon. nnd now by Flynn, a French
gentlemnu with an Irish naine. will be
i„r,,..i„,i. 1,'lynn is nn attractive man.
but the business men of Montreal are
-.-en- much dissatisfied with the administration; nnd believe that Mnrchnnd will
win. Tiie latter is held iii high esteem.
-■■■1 is one nf Hie few Quebec politicians
who hnve kept llieir skirts clean.
That Wonderful Chinaman.
Philadelphia, Sept. 8.—lii Hung
'hang arrived here nt 1:25. A crowd
lad assembled in Philadelphia to sei
-.he distinguished visitor. The mayor
md cith.ciis' reception committee were
he lirst to meet the viceroy. Four big
policemen carried I.i's chair to ihe carriage drawn by four white horses and
e In aded Hie procession down Bruno
treet to Chestnut nnd thence to independence hall, where the Hrct slop wns
made. At independence hall. Mayor
Warwick made uu address of welcome.
I'h is w'as responded to hy Earl l.i iu n
-appy vein and alter Inspecting liberty
.« II he went to his hotel.
Mayor Warwick"vlnilcd ihe hotel and
nieseiited the viceroy with nn elegantly
hound hook of views nl the city. Ex
■ lii.ister John ltussell Young nnd wile
spent eonpldernb.lo time with the visitors
ind she wns presented with silks nn.'.
'""■-. Chinese merchants and others
The viceroy wns much fatigued by 111*?
day's experiences and cancelled his engagements to visit the Baldwin locomotive works nnd Crumps' shipyard.
Xew York, Sept. I!.—The Pennsylvania
railroad nnd tlie New York Central and
Hudson River railway companies huvo
tendered u free special train to Viceroy
l.i Hung Cluing and his party from
Washington City to Niagara Falls. The
'rain will leave Washington city Saturday night, nrrlving ut Niagara Fulls nt
11:30 Sunday morning,
Washington, Sept. ;!.—Li Hung Uhnng
reached the capital to-night on bis special train. Although he failed to visit the
Cramps' shipyard in Philadelphia he
had a talk with Charles II. Cramp )\w
ii'foi-e the train left (lint cily.
At lhe viceroy's request, no attempt
it speed wus made by thc train en
route hire. Ho was much interested in
everything he saw, nnd seemed pleased
it the demonstrations of the crowds
-t ell the stations at whieh the train
At llie Arlington hotel ex-Secretnry
•Tnlin W. Foster and others were present to greet him. The viceroy showed
evidences of fatigue from his trip nnd
the excitement of tlie day, und soon re-
tlred  for the night.
The larest development of the new
wotrtfl'n is oh a mariner. The colony of
Victoria boasts of one woman who Is
ambitious to become second mate on ll
foreign going sloamship. She made R
formal application for examination,
which was refused by tbe marine board,
but she is not discouraged, ami intends
to try in  England.
Eni-lhnti-ike in Juiinii.
Yokohama, Sppt. 4.—Much nlm-m is
fill here over the meagre report of n
great earthquake which occurred in the
nortenst provinces of tin- main Island
of Japan on Monday evening. The town
of Hokum bin been entirely destroyed
nnd several otlier towns severely damaged, Many persons are reported to
hnve been killed by Ihe earthquake nud
still larger numbers injure l. while n
multitude hove Buffered severe losses by
dim-ire to properly. The provinces vis
il -d by the earthquake nro the sume mi
those devastated by the terrible enrtt.--
e"iike nnd tidal wive of .Tune 15th last,
' en n hirge number of   towns
General News.
Kiinzihaik Sept. 4.—It is now consider-
' I probable that the leading Arabs who
•I'.pporterl Said Kbrl'd in his attempt to
■■."in 'be throne of Zanzibar will be
'mulshed and their property confiscated.
'n addition it is believed thnt portions
--f the properly of others concerned in
'.-lie revolt will be confiscated pud devot-
■d in a settlement ef the claims, am
milting l.i £80,000, arising from the
looting of stores nnd residences, whicn
'Allowed the escape of the insurgents
''mm the pilnce nfter the beginning n'
'he lioiuhnrdmeiit.
Warsaw. Sept. 4.—General Count von
-tclienvalolT. governor-general of Russian-Poland, who has been suffering
from n paralytic stroke, is improving
Ciinea, Crete, Sept. 4.—The assembly,
•ifler consulting with the revolutionary
CnmmlitPO, have accepted the reform
plans drawn up hy the powers and approved by the Sell an of Turkey.
Steamers arriving nt Stofnowny,
Scotland, from Iceland, report ihat the
-evcrest earthquake since 1ST1 occur-
red lhere on the night of August 20.
The report stales that many farms nl
Kr pp. nnd lwo churches und nearly nil
of (he farms at Hollum,    Laudi,   Knn-
jgiulliim  and  Golshliin     were    destroy-
el.    The sheep  and    enttle    on    these
i farms perished, hut no fatality occurred
! to any human being.
The special tribunal for the trials of
ihe authors of the recent outrnirps i*,
Constantinople, resulting In the killing ni
several thnnsnnfl Armenians, wns opened to-dny. Indictments ngninst 143 Mus-
|s'tlmnns and  Armenians were found  in
the public prosecutor's ban's.
IrlUll U ,.Villi l.-lO 0" IIUOIS !■■ Weill-.
-o he oniric t" S'unaimo ie buy liim a pair:
-I'll have one tmlrof thick and one pnlrol thin,
,f 1 ean Und Wliitlield's," says Iirinn u l.yim.
Um hunted the stores all along Hie main route,
Inysliei "Thorlghtnue I've net yet found oul.
i want Whitfield—I'll buy only from him,
for lie sells the cheapest," says lirlan 0 Lynn.
ie stepped n little west of Albert Btreot;
le snw w liitiiel-i'.- sign—suro 'twas o treat;
le opened tho-door and Ooorge stood within—
■ I've found il ul Inst," snys Brian U'Lynn.
Ve sh.nved liiiii our call boots, kid nnd cowhide,
,ih- ones ive nrnlse mosl—no scums m the fide.
We've hooUot all kinds irom Quebec and Uorlin.
■Sure you've boots lor tlie million," snys Brian
O'Lynn. [notrnsli;
He bought htm hlshoots, which of course were
lie paid down his money, f"r we sell only fur
lo the public he says: "lie not taken In, [cash.
.my only from Whitfield," snys Brian O'Lynn
•It there's n lenk in lhe loe or side of yonr shoe,
lust lake it to Whitfield, lliul'snll you need do;
lie wiil pen it or patch jusl while you lire in,
Ami the charge seems like nothing," snys Brian
WHITFIELD, the Shoe Man,
Victoria Creboknt, Nanaimo.
[.uilies  nnd   Children's   Sewing   done
neatly.   Prices reasonable.   Address
1G2 Nicol Street.
Mrs. A. Baldwin.
Offers her services to the Ladies of Nanaimo as an EXPERIENCED NURSE,
wlin has Innl huge experience in and
through the Northwest Territories.  Ad-
S(i Nicol Street.
The nndienee attending   Wallace St.
Mothodist ilhureh, Sunday evening last
wero delighted   with  the rendering  of
I two saererl solos "Jerusalem*1  unci   the
I ''ll iIa* City," ley Mr ui lenn   Hicks, of
: Vnnenver.    lie lias a splendid voice anil
| is nol excelled by anv we have beard in
the province.   Prof. Spear's  organ   ne-
uonipaiiinienl was all that could   be desired.
Notice of Removal.
This number of Tiik Nanaimo
! Mail will be the lust issued from
:tbo publication office of Bastion
Street, arid hereafter the office
| will be located on
In the building adjoining the
International Hotel,
Nanaimo Business Directory
compelling*the dealers, players and spec* l
tutors fn-crowd'toward tbo front end of
tbe   buildiiii.'.      Tbe   tall   slim   innii   of j
the pnir held the crowd nt. buy. forcing
them to Uei'ii up their hand's while the
Short, rather' heavy set robber proceeded
to   the  faro  table  and   took   from  the j
flrnwer S>.H2."i in currency and some sil-;
ver.     Then he nnlckly made his wny tii
the crap table. Here wns piled np some,
$250 In silver, but the innn contented ;
hlriiseif  with  tnl-inK  only  $125.
' At thl" juncture the short  mini  cried
out t*' hlsicodianioii  to'"bold Howen."
Jtowen  was the nlirlit malinger of the
place.     It Is presumed tluit th-dr intentions were to rob the safe, but just (lt
this moment one of the employes of the
mul I'i'-e-i'u along 'he coast ef the
island of KhiUnsnn northward were the
principal sufterers then. The recollections of the hnvnc to liuoiiin life
wrought hy tint convulsion causes
grave anxiety ns to wlmt further reports mny show of the results of Monday's enrthonnke. On the same day a
ivpi-oon nnuncd extensive dnmngo in
southern Japan,
_. —-»»-—■	
nreyfuss, the French rilflcrr wl'O
senie lime since wns ruhliel.v degraded
nnd sentenced to sol' ry ronfii.'ui"i-l
■'.,:* UF- for having cnrnmunlented p-nv-
ei-.inniiit pi-ins nn 1 ilr.iwlngs to lhe
(Ioniums, hns es nped    f'-nni    Onvenne
ll   is  the duly of every mini to make
the mosl of liiinseli.    Whatever bis cap*
iicilics mny be, he is sure   In   Hnd   (OHIO
1 plu -e where he cnn be useful in himself
an I others,    Hut he cnunot reneli bis
J hi 'best usefulness wil limit good Ileal th,
'and iiecniiinii have gum I health without
j pure Iiloml. The blood circulates to every
organ and tissuei nud when it is pure,
I rich nud healthy, it  carries health to
the entire system'! but it it is impure,
it.   B "i 11 era   disease  wherever  il   Hums.
Hood's ; ■■-• itiiirillti is the mie true blnurj
purilier,    I.I   Mii'i'S salt, rheillii, Serofultt,
' caliiri 0, dys|  -;,-i.i and rl.eiiinulism, be-
i cause t.hes'ii .i.-' asns have their origin in
I lhe blond.
Iiirristers and solicitors.
l.'.'.KUKIl .t WITTS, Hi
l>  Comiucrclnl street.
ii   !■'. i'ANK, Biirrletcr<indSolicitor, Room 11,
Of.  Johnston Pluck.
IfulNNliS & McINKES,  Borristors,  Room 6,
-it   Johnston Block, Comniofclal street,
Y'Ai:W(xi|i ,t *i'iii'ni;, Barristers, corner ol
Conuaoreinl mid Bastion streetB.
ill  IIAilPY, Bofanle Druggist, Wlnflold Cr
A .   cent.   Try Hardy's 1'Ifc Ointment.
iu:. MASON, Dentist   (Extracting a specially.
1'   Gimind Kthor adminlntorcd,
Oltloe, Odd-Fellow's Block, Nanaimo.
\\r   .1. iTIillY, II. 1). S., (ircim Block.    First.
M •  ehiss work guaranteed,
1- |irpprlelors. victoria Crescent. Dispensing
and family rm Ijies a specialty.
McmiWMI.I,. AT1CINS, WATSON cn., Limited.
Medical Hall, corner ■ iilillnereiiil and Billion slreels.   Telephone 1*8-5.
vtA.NUMO  DY1S  WOUKS.—Dyeing, Cleaning
ii   and Repairing   14 Nlool street.
i'. (Jhaiilton, Manager.
n     UAltSII,  V. I.oIcmiIc   Healer  In   Fish   llllll
tt.    iittine, Bastion btreot, Nanaimo,
I MKIlNATKlNAi. IH lTl.l.-l'l'.TI'.ll WEIOLE,
i  I'roia-ii.'ior.  Victoria CreBcent,
M   WOLFE, Finanolal slid Insurance Agenf,
•   Juliiii	
iisiou Block,
Iliislion street.
L'liidlMAS A- HARDY, Ileal Estate Brokers'
P   TAYLOR, Dealer in all kinds of New and
• Hci-ond-Ilaiiil 'Furniture, ami Fancy Aril-
olei oi every (Uworiptiou.
Kexl to Quonnell'B Comtnerolal Ktrcet.
Highest Honors—World's Fair.
,    , , , where  he  hnd' ''-en   »''it   t"   serve   his
house who hnd heeii net to supper enme   t„rm   w1th v,, „,,, nf ,.u v.if(. 0„ ,,„„,.,,
fonnlng  up  ♦ho stairs  making  consid-  „„ Anjerlestl nrliooner.
ii..*..   .   ../ -ii^L.,
A pure Grape Creiun of Tartar Powder.   Frei
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
40 Years the Standard,
Coining I1*^ w<^
Miss Anssstroii'.;, Our I\ev\ Miiiiuei,
On Thursday Next,x- ■■^■jaMi^
And ns she comes (lirpr! from Toronto nnd romes very
hi.J.ly ii-,-.  ■    mi i -
buyer I'm- one nl' ;:.     ..i,. ■  i     i
ada, and tho past folu' years has been visiting the New
York, Boston, Montreal and Toronto Millinory Open
ings twine a year, mul comes now 1'iuin iin. i i..i-
nery Openings in Toronto, coming via Chicago,
Wc Will Show tlu' Very Latest Ldeus in Millinery,
And cnn guttranleo thai our Millinery IH.-p.iri   ■ i,i \\ill
be strictly up lo dale.
Wait for Millinery Opening!
& CO.'S
Great Gash Cry Goods & Men's Furnishings Store
Commercial St., Nanaimo, B. C.
pon} NoW OR
<^a-^^To the End of August
Must be the Order of thc Day.
Exceptional Opportunities in Many Lines j
Lawns, Prints, Flannelettes, Muslins,
Chambrays, Girghaix-s, end all Summer Goods at a 10 per cent, reduction
to clear.
Will be Eeduced to Very Low Prices.
^Jp^Call and save money hero by getting our cash (lis-
count, instead of a chance for a bike, etc.—money saved is
money made—at the
Bicycle;. Bicycles.
To Bicycles done on our premises at the shortest possible notice.
Next to Sloan & Scott's Old Stand.
P. S—A large consignment of bicycle sundries just arriv-
frora the east.
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs
^=, DONE   BY  TH]*]   .   —i—,
r ioneer Steam Laundry
Dy so doing you will PATRONIZK WHITE LABOR
' And help
*-*" ' And help to GET HID OF THE CHINESE!
Dye Works in connection., ,„,,,,r-.-.-,,.->.
1*. O, Ilox 95. D. M. STEWAKT, Proprietor.


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