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The Nanaimo Semi-Weekly Mail Nov 3, 1896

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Array nttutnto
Comefl the bettl Tea oll'ereil 1o iliaerlml-
nalini? buyers iu British ColuiuUa.
ilartlen Manager,   (
foBBTUB HElHiI.E.i Sole Agents B.C.
VOL. IL—NO. 36.
Boots: Shoes: Boo ts
We Have Just Received Several Large Consignments
From the Best Makers, mil Consequently are in
a Position to Offer Exceptional Value.
Boots, Shoes, Slippers, Etc.
We have a large stock, constantly being added to. We
guarantee stock and workmanship equal to the best in
the market, while prices are as low, at least, as the lowest.
No, We Are Not Neglecting Our
Grocery Stock.
That Is Up to Date in Every Particular.
We carry Duncans and Delta Creamery Butter, a very
choice stock of Selected Dairy and Eastern Creamery in
Tubs, and regular supplies ol* choice Ranch Butter.
Our Coffee Stock
I Has been supplemented by a supply of SCHILLING'S
■ BEST, put up in llt> packets, which we grind for you
j while you wait.    Our Empress Brand is still, as always,
equal to anything in the market •"or the money.
Our "Special" Tea
Is slill the Prime Favorite nnd easily retains its place as
the BEST TEA in the country for the price. 2 c. <(*-■ lb.
We carry a very large stock, including the best brands of
all sorts, and we are sole agents for the famous Salada Tea.
Our Automatic Oil Can
Is giving unbounded satisfaction, and as we are supplying them Fi.i.l'., you should get one. There is no waste,
no oil spill .   . anything.,.and tbo oil is supplied   2c.
tin lower t     ;, tin regular cans.
Give Us a Tr. I 0 derTj ou V\ ill Find Us All Right.
Till Peflflle'S   Stfffi   Victoria
I UU  8 UUgJIU U   y-1?JI U? Crescent.
The Place to Get
Wheat, Corn, Chop, Oats, Bran, Seconds, Potatoes,
Onions, Flour, Rolled Oats, Oatmeal, Farina,
Buckwheat Flour, Rice Flour, Hominy, also a
Full Line of Choice Groceries, is at
ROBINSON'S, the Wallace-street Grocer
Our Tea, Coffee, and Butter are tho beat in tlie market.
Remember, our motto is—Square Dealing and Cloae Prices.
Men's, Lcadies', M*sses'
and Ghi-dren,'S* -a****,*
T^UBBERS • • *
a nd
. gum Boots
Gast) Boot ai^d S^oe St0Pe
17 a*qd 19 Go-jfaqereial St!:>cet
E. E. G. Joiwson, Mgr
Writs have been issued for the recovery of the money paid out for
expenses of the Police Investigation
against Mayor Davison, Aldermen
Wilson, McDonald, Bradley, and
Martell. They are returnable in
eight days at the office of the Supreme Court Registrar here.
ter   and   report
me Council,
Tlie Mayor drew tlie atteniton ofthe
Council tu the deputation uf gentlemen
present   from   Vancouver,   whu  might
ut tlie next meeting of of railways was for the development of the country, and this one
would give access to the richest
portion of the province,  as   the C.
■ p. B, route made it practically im-
i possible to get the trade.
The People's Railway Scheme Discussed.
The Government to be Interviewed.
0 w
iin hl,
We are showing a Very Choice Selection of  I
each of the above of the Very Latest Styles.
Mies' aud (Mill's Ha
Are the Most Fashionable oi* the Season.
L bk S i
Thoy ARK   ALL   hLItH I. ii'Siuoly
Mwli- tr -mi -I'lui'l FrUll Ml • OAtieBlllpir.    Tho BrqtttCBl oarfl Ih exerolwd In l heir tmiparn*
tion ui l Qxquuito ('ly.itiiit'iHf* utxervoil.   we only make ono quality—ih ■ lu-ai--
th« Hiunu un rinnpiiul to tho order of 111 ■-< BxooUonoy Low Aberdeen,
WHY BUY CHEIP JIM ? BUY OXELL & M1RRIS'. Thay are !ln Pum! Mid Bait
Broken Bicycles
—aiiui'i.u  nii—
Repaired in Bood I i eje
to avuiil iliiii-jt-r of an iilcnts.
4jrtL **
Repairing Bikes a Specialty
See the HYfcLUl
City Market
Wholesale and Retail Bntokers
p. O. Box 227 Telephone 7-S
flont-JLost raw Qpf>ot\t units} ^
li yuu haven't had unfortunate experiences with shoes you ure to be congratulated, Perhaps you I'tinnot tell
the right side nl leather Irom the wrong
tide, 1 in Hint's no reason why yon
shouldn't net whal you pay (or to tho last
cent's worth, When ynu ean buy a pair
nl shoes Irom ns yon w.ill know jnst. what
lo expect from them antl you won't be
i!isii|i|>oiiitftl, lor we tell you the exact
truth uml nothing but thu truth,
Owing to tho advance in
Flour, the Bilkers of Nanaimo anil Wellington have
decided to raise the price
of Bread.
On and after tho lst of
November, 1896, the price
will be
16 Loaves
For One Dollar
Smart & Thome
Wilson & Matthews
F. Rowbottoin
A. J. Smith
L. Schmidtz
J. Black
C. Docile
The IjuIIc- of St. Alban'l will i-iitertntii
their Irlonrti anil publio at ft cobweb
•jntty In
St. Alban's Hall
Tuesday, Nov. 3,1896
It is Unnecessary
When you cnn purchase Reliable neater*
nt the mime price nn thoM of unknown
mnkcH nml without reputntion. Tho
miili.l.k-t-8 "FERRY'S" standi*; the peer
ot all othOt makea* and are pronounced
by thoso Ihnt are UBlng theui to be tho
Beat A.F-Tlght Heaters made.
Call at tbe CITY AUCTION ROOMS and
inspect tlie various sizes,
Bolt Agent for Nanainio
Sewing Machine Sapp-.y House
III Hritish Columbia is ut
29 Victoria Cresqen't
Where Needles, oil, un,! Attacbments cnn be
Innl tor-all iinikes'il itititliint's.
ttl   nil  kinds repair?*!  on   sbort :
v.uik tuaraiueed ny
At the regular meeting of the Council
on Momlay evening tliere were present:
Mayor Davison, Aid. Sinclair, foreman, rianta, Wilson, Martell, Morton, MuDonaltl anil Bradley.
The minutes of last meeting were read
and on motion adopted.
A communication was read from W.
E. Nori'is, secretary to the Union Brewery  Company, staling in  reply to llie   "'•'est Pass,  but he would remind them |
them to pay this license, and that, if the 1 Columbia, but to Winnipeg ami the
Council decided to take action at law, other cities of eastern Canada. If that
that llie Union Brewery Company would i road wiib constructed lirst, the trade
contest it. Un motion it was received : woultl be diverted, antl would not easily
ami ordered to be fyled. ; be regained.   He thought that the state'-
A communication was read fromC. E. ment in Eastern papers about the 0, P.
Stevenson & Co. with reference tou ""•• building that road, made it intercrossing near their store on Commercial' atlve that this end Bhould be' built lirst,
street, claiming it was a detriment to and the. reason of their coming before
their business. Aid, Foreman Btated the Council was to get the influence of
the repairs had been completed. Order-! the Council and tho citizens of Nanai-
ed to be received and fyled. mo. The merchants of Vancouver want-
A letter was read from J. Hirst nnd ; ed the trade of the Kootenay, and were
others asking for a crossing on Commer-1 willing  to put  up tlie money—nit for
cial street.     Moved by  Aid. Foreman, '■ "hat  they   would get out of it, but for
seconded by  Aid.  Morton, that the re-j the trade it would bring to the coast.
quest be granted.   Carried. Mr  Teuipleton   could   not Hay much
Jas. Bennett and others asked a simi-; more than had been said by the secret-
lar request. Aid Morion moved, sec- j ary. As he listened to the proceedings
ended by Aid McDonald, that the re-' of the Council he felt sure the Aldermen
quest he granted on the usual conditions.: were alive to the question, and he hoped
Carried. | to receive their support.     Much atten-
A communication from Bell and tion had been paid to the Crow's Nest
Gregory with reference to the Bulman j Pass, but that scheme seemed V) forget
property, was ordered to be received aud ; British Columbia, and  the  Eastern pa-
wish to advise the Council. A motion]
was made and carried that the delegation be heard. |* Ti,e Mavofasked what would be tha
Mr McLean, the secretary of the syn- , 'comtnunlcatlon contemplated
dicate said they were nterested in float- btw Vancouver ami Victoria and
ing a railway scheme From ihe coast to  wttnaim0
the rich Ileitis of tlie Kootenay. district, jl M   Xetnpleton—Fast connection  belle drew the attention ot the Council to; Vancouver  and    Nanaimo   and
mi,   rn   ,"*■ .    , S,?.atf |,an"1,lie:Van<-ouverantl Btdney.
trade of that district wan at present go-     T|     , k   , if,,   M illteI1(je(j to
Ing into o her c iiinncls across the bord-  c,),lst,.,1,t'u raHw   . ferrv.
er.    He though   that the cities on he     M  Ten, pleton thought a railway ferry
S^lJl^i^.t'^'^^!'1..,1'.'..1!1.^ ,t.r.1J,.,.U:! was a good thing for short routes.
Dr, Carrol said he was in favor of the
(roverniiient building all railways, anil
he would readily give up his littlo share
in the syndicate, lie hoped to seethe
time when lie could go from S'ancouver
The enterprise he wished to put before
the Council was to build a railway from
Vancouver, running on the south side of
the Fraser river, through  a  pass inthe
, Hope mountains, on to the Nicola valley
and to the mining camps on the Columbia river.   It would shorten the present
, route  some  3(10 miles, and reduce lhe
I time from   three   davs to about fifteen
n«iVh" fTn% i,"t(i"'!t"'  f','°'"   "   P?!1"'I syndicate to get a road to the Kootenay.
north of rt, Roberts to make connection' ■
at Sidney for  Victoria,  and also  make
connection   between    Vancouver    and
Nanaimo.   Tlie Council was aware that I
lo Victoria In the cars. They were not
here to make promises ami load the
scheme with a dead weight thut could
not lie carried out.    He came   into Un
Hr-Mintl-Htni'l Mtit-ltii
li«tire.   Qivo us a call
A. W
si fur suk' ut a low
juie up for discussion.
The road foreman presented his report,
and it wus ordered to be received and
Aid Morton wiBhcd to know what land
was referred to in the communication
from Bell and (iregory.
The  Mayor explained that this was
some land which hatl been exchanged
when tlie city built tlie Fire Hall, and
no seclleiuont had  been  made.    Tliere
were taxis owing for a number of years,
and  the  city   promised  to refund the
i taxes   then  if an agreement to the ex-
li-liauge   would   be signed.   Since then
LLLONG ' the Municipal   Act hnd  been ehangei
ami now tlie cily
except by by-law
City an.l District.
A large hoisting engine was taken pul
to lho .Ionian Mine on Monday by Mr.
Haslam ol Cedar tlisitict.
pers in advocating that route had evidently forgotten there was a B. Cat all
beyond the Kootenay, ami he hoped
that all the cities would get together
and show united action iu going before
the Dominion Parliament. Judging
from the interview with the President
of the C.l'.li. recently, whose opinion
was that there would lie a road through
tlie Crow's Nest Pass, he—Mr Temple-
ton— thought if Ihey had to wait lor lhe
O.F.R. to bring it through to the coast,
all the trade would be absorbed
by Spokane and othea places south of
the line, an unnatural condition, a foreign country reaping all the benefits.
Tlieir syndicate hail applied to the Dominion li'iverninent for a charter at its
last session, but the necessary two
cannot refund taxesj I months did not expire until shortly be-
Ald  Morton moved ■'ore the close of the session, and owing
have  received a   toniinunicatioh
i.rnight" but owing to its lengtn
able to insert is iu ihis issue.
All communications intended for insertion in the Mail, must be in the
office not latkk than 9o'clock, on the
morning of.issue.
Kev. D. V.  Lucas, a  renowned tern-
perance advocate, will arrive in Nanaimo I the time shoit.'iied. But Aid Bradley
from Victoria next Saturday. Mr.! maintained it had been of benefit by
Lucas will occupy the pulpit ol the Wal-   having the majority of the taxes in one
laco Streel Methodist Church next Sun*' - ' I;■■••'      *'■'   *r;1" :-'   '■—
day evening.
Anniversary services will be held in
the Wallace Street Methodist Ohureh on
the lOth and liit'u of this month. Kev.
W, W. Baer will preach morning and
evening at these sei vices. The Ladies
Aid are arranging for a good supper, and
the choir will prepare for a concert,
Wallace Street Melii'dist Chimin have
always had a good reputation for their
ami he would like to see a better service between Vancouver and Nanaimo.
He did not go into it to get  a charter
there was a proposition talked of in the ! ?"* ft!"*,8™ & n"" """J,' lllw* II!
,.,„[, .„ti„.,,„   ,1   i    ,i „  ,,.   „•*,   benefits flow to the   coast   cities.     H»
lv.,t ... a ,ailway  thram-h   the crow sl under8tood tlmt hav „,,,,, ln   uosslaml
r're TfcensMhat'they T.ad'been  that the object of that railway was not feou^in V aPnco^ar tor'tt 'and M
«1*}JI!J-_J5?t.!?~!7£ &'r^^^V!1 ^^ltol^ ! It w^as^e\ntIStnionUof thesyn^dicS*%
go on building, as it was not the policy
of the Government to build railways.
ll thn Government went into railway
building they would step out. He did
uot know the present Government.
The Mayor aske I the delegation what
they thought of making a railway on the
[aland to Alberni, miking that a continuation of their scheme, connecting
Vancouver with Nanaimo. At present
tlie route from Victoria to Alberni was a
long one, antl he thought the majority
of the citizens looked upou this as tho
natural channel for the trade of Alberni.
He felt sure the citizens of Nanaimo
would be pleased for someone to consider a scheme like that.
Mr. Templeton had not thoughtt of
that. He could now seo the necessity of
connection with .Mberni, it would l>e a
gootl link in the chain.
Tho Mayor said goods coming to Nanaimo through Vancouver waB a benefit
to Vancouver, so goods going to Alberni
should come through Nanaimo, whieh
was the nearest outlet for that district
and the west coast generally.
Mr. Templeton tbou**ht the construction of
Ihis roatl would j*ive un impetus to all, an.l
Aiberni ns well. The v.I'll, had llxeil condi-
tiuiis. and this wa« ojtood time to interest for-
elgn capital lor British Columbia In securing
money for railway eonst ruction, and in luturo
yean we would reap the benefit.
Aid. l'lama was in Bymualhy with the schemo
but thought il wouhl he Indiscreet on our part
to pledge assistance If there wal a probability
oi the Government talcing up the matter, lf
lhe Government did nol ,lo auyihlng we might
then give our assistance.
Mr. McLean Bald If ;the Provincial Govern*
ment intended talcing tne matter up it would
he necessary to make application to the Dominion Government, not) ine proposition might bo
.telaveil two vean. lie would make a suggestion
that a delegation be appointed to act in con-
Junctlon with, thom iu Interviewing tlie Pro-
vineial Government, and if the Government will
build the road they will hand It over to them.
Be did not think the Provincial Government
wus in a ndittlon to take up twelve or fifteen
millions ol dollar* now. and what ls done must
he 'lime speedily.
Aid. Planta thought It could he done through
our local icpre. entatives, an.l he moved that
the Council request ihem to join with the dele*
unlit,n fvotii Vancouver to Interview the Government re the construction ot the railway.
■Aid. WilBOU suit! this was nol a party question antl in ilskini- the representative." to Interview the Governmenl thev should make no difference which side thev wore on. They could
■ind out the Intention of the uovernment.
Tb.es might be Iu favor ol the proposition. If
thev thought the oountry would not hack them
up thev would not eitteititin the mailer.
Aid. McDonald seconded tho motion audit
The Council then adjourned, *.
Distress in Labrador.
St. John's, NIlYid., Oct. 81.—The dis.
i.ress among the Labrador and Newfoundland fishermen must be Irrereased*
because of the drop in tlie colony's lish
in the Portuguese markets, it having;
dropped BO to TO cents per cwt., in tho
past thre<* 'lays. This is the best foreign market Newfoundland has and toteal
prices must fall in consequence, there*
hv depriving them of the means of providing food for the winter to the same
The government expects to have heavy
claims for relief during the next foui-
inonths owing to this, because tlie fishermen must dispose of their catches
luring November beiore navigation
that a special committee be appointed.] to  the opposition the matter was not
to consider ihe matter and report at th
next meeting.    This was seconded ity
Aid Martell, ami carried.    The  Mayor
appointed Aid. Morton, Wilson and McDonald us the special committee,
Aid Wilson usked permission to present a by-luw extending the time for lhe
rebate on real estate tases for one month.
Alii   l'iaiila   asked  should tne time be
dealt witli. Five years ago a line was
projected to Sunius, to connect witli tlie
G.N.K., but oiling lo a lack of money,
only a little had been done, Nothing
more had been done until the presenl
movement when it received vitality to
appear in opposition before Parliament
staling that one line hatl a charter, ami
asked that another be not granted. The
matter was laid over until next session.
This  is  a   matter  that   will need the
privilege to vote? Aid Wilson replied
that he understood Aid Sinclair had a
by-law covering that. Altl Sinclair said
he had intended bringing iu such a bylaw at Litis meeting, but ho would do so
next week. Aid Planta said Aid Wilson
and others now saw their error of having
earlier.     Aid   Wilson said  thc
in  having thu   time  shortened
md the lateness of the hour, we are un-! ox!te!''ie'1'.woa}1}J* I"'**1* HV-tl*1.80"9..,: * ! united forces of all the tour cities  interested, ami although  he was a Vancou*
vorite, yet he believed that all were interested,  as  trade  would not only be
I brought to Vancouver, but also to vic-
j orla and Nanaimo,
As one oi .the promoters he might say
'that up to quite recently, it had been
Stated that the Hope mountains were
I Inaccessible: that it was an impossi-
I biiily to build a railway through that
j part. This is one of the stories generally attributed to tlie O.P,R.,asthe
i President of that road, in previous interviews, liad always taken the position
i that the Hope mountains were absolutely inaccessible lor railway eoustruu-
i lion.
Since our engineers have been in
I the field others see that it is a feasi*
i l>ility.   There would lie no difficulty
in getting capital as money can  be
: had in England for such  roads as
these.   It wus  tlieir   Intention  to
j keep up connection with Niuuiimo,
! as well as Victoria, nnd io have uni-
; funnily of rules  to   nil   the cities.
This road would also   shorten  the
route tu thc East.    The
asking for financial help but enlisting Sympathy and influence for the
scheme.   They had engineers In the
field; work was going on,   and  nil
; this without first  getting a charter.
In some cases tho charter was first
i i-onie little expenditure was (node and the cliartefsnld.
He had heard it staled that  when
they got lhe charier ihey would sell
it to the 0. P. It
do so. When the Uovernment
undertakes to build the road ho
might say they were ready to hand
it over to them will) title--, claims,
etc. Bul it is de-sir ible that rapid
progress shall be made to eu*>uro
the keeping of the Kootenay trade,
in answer to Aid, McDonald,
who came out clearly and strongly
for Government control of railways,
Mr. Templeton si i 1 they wore a
syndicate and others can be admitted, but tlie building of the roud is
of paramount importance. As tithe Dominion Government ooii-
slmcting the road, ihey prefer helping others.
Aid. McDonald again made some
pointed  remarks,   to  which  Mr.
Templeton replied that he thought
"   build all
Before delivering liis sermon lasl Sunday evening in the Wallace Sired Methodist Church, Kev. T. W. Hall said he
rose to a question of privilege.     He had
been informed un good authority that
there ia a widespread feeling among the
people that he (Mr. Ball) was a party
man in connection wilh the recent police
Investigation, and thai he was being
"pulled." He wished his congregation
to understand ihat such was not thc
case. He was a preacher ol the Gospel
and was bound to stand up for truth
and help to put down wrong. As soon
as he was convinced which aide
fight he would take his stand on
stile and speak out his convictions.
.fames McOatlQ and John Silvey, two
Kuper Island ranchers, were upset near
thc De Couruy islands. They were on
tlieir way hiunu from Nunaiiuo. By the
upsetting of their boat tiiey Install their
provisions, Mark K.lgai und Daniel
McConvey of Gnbrii la went to the rescue and saved tho men,
Mrs 11. Marshall, of Westminster, who has been visiting her
daughter at the Indian Mis: ion, returned home by this morning's boat.
Bark Carrojtoh is loading, and
SS. Peter Jebsen  is on the way up.
We regret to announce the death
yesterday of Mrs Rivers', Neiulliam
street. We understand that Mrs
Rivers has been a sufferer for some,
I reason
was not to have the taxes collected
| earlier; what he realiy wanted was not
I granted—that was to make the rebate
more than 1-0. He would have liked to
| have had it on a sliding scale, say 1*20
rebate if paid in July,  1-15 in August
and so on. If this "had been done we
I would likely have had the bulk of the
j taxes paitl earlier. Aid McDonald
I moved und Aid I'lanta 8'conded. thai.
j permission be given Aid Wilson lo pre-
>scnt his by-law,   Carried.
Ahl Planta said he understood that the
; clerk had not yet sunt the advertisement
; out, and he favored having the insertion
| iu weekly papers, mining or commercial
. journals, as those interested would be
, more likely lo notice it iu such papers.
I On motion it was ordered that the ad vet--
tiseu ents bo  insetted  for  two issues.
Aid Foreman brought up the matter
of the fiideivalk on Victoria Orescent,
. and state I Ihat  it  was ill  a dangerous
I condition and moved that the amount
was I unexpended for Union street be used for
that I Victoria Crescent, Aid McDonald asked ,
I how much was unexpended.   The clerk obtained- th<
replied 1138.80, Aid Foreman claimed
that this amount would enable them lu
do something towards putting the sidewalk mi Victoria Orescent in better condition, when the clerk reminded Aid
Foreman that the money was for both
streets. Aid Planta wished the Street
Committee to go more Into details With
their plans, lie wiBhed to know how
much it would cost, and was not ill favor
of taking this money except for the purpose voted, lie said he agreed with Aid
Foreman that what was worth doing at
all was worth doing well, ami if this
money will not ilo all, then it hatl better
not be tl mc at all. Aid Morton thought
the sidewalk alone would cost, more than
jfloi, as it was iu a vory bad condition,
After further discussion the motion was
Ahl Foreman drew  attention  to the
•oiiilition  ol" au  old  man,   named Jno.
.       ... , i Peace, who was sick and .without means,
time, and sympathy will be  exten-11U, h|l,| thought nf bringing tlie matter
ded  to the bereaved family, e.speei
ally to I lie [iusbaii.1 and the three
liltlechii'li'cii. The funeral will lake
place on Wednesday afternoon at
3 o'clock, under the auspices of
Miriam Hebekaks, and tho K. of P.
Services ut St Alban's   church   nt
before tbe Conn il bj that"Peace could
be sent to the old mens' Home-, hut he
understood that the Hospital here inighl
lake him on similar conditions, and ii i:
could bo done it would be au act oi
Aid I'lanta understood  it  wm  neces
tbo Government' should
sary that somo temporary assistance be I railways,  but   sometimes  Govern-
•> .,■> ii   *,i   > v    i i given at once.   Aid Wilson moved it be I . „,,,, .(„,,„,:,.,.   „,na   —«:..,*   *,,,
3:30 pm.   H. McAdie has charge Toft i.i tl.o hands ofthe Mayor.    Ti'nient construction was   voiced for
of thc arrangements. ; Mayor said ho would attend to lhe mat-, Other purposes.    I he   construction
Business men have beeu shifting
their quarters somewhat this past week.
Mr. Vv. B, Denntson has removed to J.
.V. Caldwell's old stand in the William's
Block, ami Mr. Caldwell 1ms gone Into
Mr. Ik-unison's old quarters next to
l'hilpott's restaurant. Mr. I.. II. Hill
the manufacturing jeweler has moved to
were not | t,,8 premises recent.lv occupied by Mr.
1 Richard llilhert, next to the Cash Boot
and Shoe Store, while Mr. Hilbert may
be found on the opposite side of the
Btreet nest to  E. Quennell's butclntr
Germany is much exercised over thu
disclosure, by Prince Blsmark ofa secret
treaty between Germany and Russia,
rho i'rince has been threatened with
suits. It is sai I by some that Prince
Blsmark's son was'tlte responsible parte who had these State secrets published
I'liey would not! i" Blsmark's personal organ. The 11am-
1 burger. The real significance of the
mailer lies In Ihe fact that if Germany
had a secret nenty with Russia, it was
an act of duplicity and disloyalty to tho
other powers belonglnu to the tri pie alliance. Commenting on these disclosures
the London "Speaker" says: "Princi*
Blsmark's lasl act is In harmony with
bis general character. Rather than lost*
a chance of striking those who supplanted him he w.tiilil shatter tlie fabric of
the German empire. He has shown
that the empire, while he was In power
was guiltv of the in tsi heinous treason
us an ally. There never was a more
colossal piece of peril.ly.''
Twenty-five workmen were discharged from ihe Public Works department
Ottawa, on Oct 31st. An Ottawa despatch says: The following rumors regarding the cabinet are current!" Sir
Richard Carlwright will remain minister of trade and commerce unMI the tariff nuttier is Bellied, when Sir Oliver
Mowat will beome Lieutenant-Governo"-
of Ontario, leaving the portfolio of justice to Hon. Mr. Davies, Hon. Mr. Fielding taking the marine and lisherteSl
department, and Sh '.;i.hard Curt ^lij-iit
that of linande, HsnAg
We walk within the shallow, and we feel
its thickening fold.
That wraps us round and holde us close',
a cloak against Lhe cold;
The day is growing sombre, and the joy-  am
ous light has tied,
And beneath our feet the road   is rough,
and clouds are overhead.
We sit within the shikTi-.V, nml in that
silence dumb,
TO na in  softened echoes  remembered
voices conn ;
Dear eyes that close' "n  slumber  once,
dear hands thai SlrBTunteneri lie,
Awaken   tender yearnings as ihe day
wanes slowly by,
AVe rest within the shadow, though the
hurrying people eo
On errands swift, for go'nl and grain, beyond us, to nnd fro;
AVe have nu care for transient things;
we wish nit more I" strive
As once we iliii' nc rc.-t, we dream, we
feel but half alive.
Our resting '-t'-'l  our  Mailing,  arid  our
plodding o" ihr way,
With the sunshine, m  ihe past casting
ilarknesroo io-tluy,
With no caring fo. ItitS itn nre, while the
heartache holds US fast,
With no thought for any pleasure—ah  !
'tis well these eurinot lust,
For   the shallow always lifts;  aud   the
sunlight glnws ni-sin ;
Tliere are Buddnn |2li'aius of brightness,
sweet clear shining after rain ;
And    we   god   ourselves   for    action,
strengthened we arise and go
From the sat-., unity outward', where the
feet tramp to tnd fro.
Life must have   it   sometimes   sorrow,
bill the years that drift along
Touch  the  minor chords but seldom;
there arc spaces blithe with song.
Sometimes   we must face the  shadow,
where the wind blows keen ami cold",
But the shadow fades al  dawning,  anil
the east is decked wilh gold.
The Votin-fof Mrs. Gray.
—i  —i
ted and lined.    I may not saitl Mrs. Bva'nsy rising.
much as some of you men |to vote for good schools
nv katic warthbn seahcy.
"T   ie]]   you,    Mr.   Steele,
■vorlln't vote if I went."
'Then Jen 1 the   influence  of | youjenow—"
"      I   lill I  Ifeeeeeemem+mm   ■    "  - '
"How many votes were lacking?"
she inquired, animatedly.
"Only five."
"Now, Harvey Simpson Gray,"
die spoke in that vinegary way she
lad when saying something fine
convincing, "you know very
well if I had heen up there and
carried your side wilh them five
votes, the otlier side would have had
me arre
know a- -- „ -
and your smart voting ladies, hut I
know enough to keep out of jail.
When I sacrifice freedom and my
honor it will he for something bigger than the .Syracuse school district."
"I don't mind losing the levy
like I do letting Warner and
Greene be heat, which I'm afraid
they will he if there's many mire
like you."
"I thought Mr. Jenkins was the
man you wanted."
"No; but I'd rather h'd get in
than Small. Small is so prejudiced
in liis views, and he couldn't work
with either Wilson or Greene or
"Seems like I don't quite understand it all," said Mr. Gray slowly.
"Now, if 1 voted for .Mr. Markham,
would he he in favor of hiring
George Melfordi"
"Vou can't vote for Markham;
he's (lie director that's already in.
"Then it's Mr.  Greene  and   Mr.
Small that's  running together  on
your side against—"
"No, it's not.    You—"
"I   think   Charlie   s.il   it wa-.
"No, I tell you it's  Warner and
Greene      against     Jenkins     and
I Small."
"And if Jenkins and Small heat
them,    will    George    Melford   he
crowded out of our school  by some
strange man, and—"
"Great powers,  Jane,   no! Don't
•your presence," said the gentle- , "No>  Harvey Simpson, I don't
man,   eagerly.     "If vou want kn°w> !V    1 d,on,t W,U,L to, kno,v*
lim • to get ready, I'll g"o on with >    *.«. Urf bf reUlrm'd, t0 ',"r
,   ft, , • '        b ,     ,   ,     i sewing.     An   idea   came   to   Mr.
tins   load   and   come  back for Qray whioh he grasped as a bright
you* lone.
"Who  have   you  in  the car- j    "You might go up there with me
riage?" just to gee how things go on at  an
"Mr. and   "Mrs.   Carroll,   Mrs. j annual meeting    You won't have
Dent and Snyder. Wc can make lo vote or say anything unless you
room for vou." I want to.    Don't you  think  you'd
You know' I.   wouldn't  vote I vole for anybody at all—not even
George Melford?
"I tell you  I  wouldn't vote  for
the same way with Dan Carroll,
whichever way it goes. All he
cares for is niuking a big per
cent off the coal ho furnishes the
"You needn't vote," said the
gentleman, liis ardor cooling.
"All the ladies are anxious to
go, and are having agOod time."
"You know very well 1 wouldn't lie caught in (lie same carriage   with   Mrs.   Dent.      Sho
ruined my hat this past  spring j voU,(]!    Firn   „me |n
frying to make it over.' ■*„ it agaill next ye(u!»
"I'll come for you myself, if "Mrs. Evans," said Mrs. Grav
you say so, Mrs. Gray," said the with chilling deliberatian, "If
gentleman, turning to go. I you could see how  foolish  you are
"You need n't come-, Mr, Steele, \ acting you'd be a smart woman "
thank vou "
the best man on earth!"
"Not even for me?"
"Not even for you."
The hack door opened and slammed again, and Mr. Gray had disappeared from his wife's side. The
sound of his footsteps hud hardly
died away, when Mrs. Evans llul-
tered around the comer of the
house ,.._ ....
ejaculated, breathlessly:
"Greatest time!    You never saw!
my   life!
"Oh yes, 1 can," asserted Mrs.
Evans," looking uneasy, however.
"You ought to go up and see the
fUn ! Mr, Jenkins is raakin'
speeches ev'ry few minutes, an'
ivuviu' his lists till us boys is call-
in' him o' Fourth o' July. My, I
wish I had a chance to vote like pa
a:*.'you I"
"Well, well, I must go on home,"
''"      '* "Having
^^^ may   be a
trifle tiresome, but I'd feel I'd
shirked a duty to my family without it."
Mrs. Gray went to her room and
donned the gown she called her
prayer-meeting dress. It was it
brown cashmere, plain and well-
titling. She wore it sometimes on
the street, when visiting a friend,
at lioine on Sundays, and invariably to the midweek Methodist prayer
"So many folks keep dropping
in," she thought, "and seeing me
in that old wrapper. Besides, this
is pniyer-inei'tiiig night, and I can
he careful of it through supper,and
not have lo dress again. Height of
foolishness, this stir and electioneering and running to vote! And
then for anybody to hint of my
neglecting duty! That's what they
all mean, from Jlrs. Evans even
down to Harvey Simpson Gray;
that's what they all mean. 1 guess
I can feel a hint without having it
! thrust lump through me."
It was now after live o'clock, and
she resumed her sewing.
"Charlie, make a lire inthe stove
for supper, and call Mamie to  peel
lhe potatoes," she said, sewing  on
the last   of   a dozen  pretty  pearl
buttons.    "Go   to   the   door, tirst;
somebody's ringing."
"It's Mr. Melford, Ma."
"Good-evening, Airs. Gray.   Now
you must lay aside all your delightful womanly squeamishness and go
straight   up  to  that school-house
ami. vote.    Then you can  eome as
straight back as you please. There's
a lot of chicanery to   be swept  out
by your clean vote."
She shook her head.
"Come,   now,  you  must.     You
like nie, don't you?    I'm not seeking selfishly to magnetize votes, but
a   vote  for   Warner  and  Jenkins
means a vote for me,  and. superior
schooling for little  Charlie,   there,
and Mamie for it year to come," he
said earnestly.
"George, as much as I li <e you,
you know I've always said I wouldn't vote for anybody living."
"1 used to say that, too," interposed Mrs. Allison, stepping in at
that moment, "but you ean easily
break off from that, as I did."
George Melford was nervous. He
looked at his watch. Mrs. Gray
glanced at the clock on the mantel
> tn
tlvi>. perl
Cures of sei- r
goitri s
tllMC IS'
Cures ol:- I
ami ihii
Cures of n ilia
tions tin
Cures otiiys
agouti ito
Cures of It imal
alilfW work
Cures oi Catarrh t-
which cause ^^^^	
Cures of Nervousness by propcrlj toning and
fecillng the nerves upon pure blood.
Cures "f That TJre.ll   Keeling   hy  restoring
strength.   Beau lor book of cures by
is,  ITko
ires, hip
r erap-
s where
! 'I.
i p u-itios
To C. I. Hood & 0».. Proprietors, Lowell, Muss.
The Most Complete Stock
Jas. McGregor's
Victoria Crescent.
Carhoflatiiijj and Bottling
MlTCIIr.1,1. & Itl'MMINU, Proprietors.
Maiiul'ncluriM'a of henuiniule. (lingitr Ah-, Sarsaparilla, Ciders, Kit*.
*_i       ji     ii.ii    an* Hit* liest Hftt't'-tlliuiftr
HOOt] S  FlliS pills, aid illgostiou.   250.
"W'here'd yon get this?" gasped
Mr. Gray, making a second ex
animation of her ballots.
"Oh, I don't know.    It must just
slipped -in   somehow,"   she   said,
joining  in   the    general   friendly
! laugh. ,
Mr. Gray placed the proper  bal*! Aii Orders Promptly Attended To
lot in her lingers,   and   mover  her !
hand   over  the   ballot-box.    Thus I     '""'-•-'e'loiie 20. p. o. box no.
guided the  vote   was   finally   deposited.
"I'm actually ashamed of your
ignorance, Jane," said Mr. Gray to
his wife when they were inside tliei.
own yard, iie spoke in that con
tiding tone which goes un resell ted
by companions who thoroughly
understand each other.
".So am I, Harvey Simpson, and ,
I tell you now I  don't   know   for J Oysters in every style,
sure who I   voted   for   or   what I  u    ,    „» . ,
voted for, and I don't think the rest; Me(lls> 25c' and upwards,
of you   are any   clearer   in   your Good Beds, 25c. and upwards,
minds than I   am.    I  don't much Q n, . , , .
care, either, which way I voted; but: bP"»g Chicken always on hand,
if 1 voted on the losing side,  you'll j
never get me to  vote  again   whilej
time lasts." I _ , ,,
When  the votes   were counted, i * *".Y rllllpOtt'S Tomato Catsup
* ! tin 1   •-.•
"Restaurant and Chop House
25u. ami o'Je, per Bottle.
We Never Sleep.       Open Day and Night.
Mr. Small was declared clerk for
the term of three years, and Mr.
Warner treasurer to till the unexpired term of one year.
After llie new hoard if education
met, an announcement of teachers
was made, showing a few minor
changes in tlie lower grades, and
the selection of Miss Alice Caroline
Woodbry, of Kansas (Jity, as principal.
Mrs. Gray was ironing when she
heard of it.
"I'll never vote again as long  as, 	
I live," she declared.
And   to  this day  she  kept her | SMART & THORNE,
The Nanaimo Bakery Excels
Toronto Believes in Kossland.
Miners are not the only men who
will take gold from the soil of British
Columbia, if ihe scheme of a Toronto
man proves successful. That Boss-
land is destined tobea town of im-
Wlipn lie had gone, she exclaimed, regretfully: "Why didn't I ask him who the candidates are? Say, Charlie, you run
up on the street and tell your
pa to come homo."
"He ain't there, ma.   He's up
at the school-bouse; 1 saw him."
What were vou doing tliere?" i the straight of it.
I rode   up  with   Boh Jones. I    "You i*'st ought  to go up  there
driving for tlie Jenkiu's |your own self-" said Mrs. Evans,
• j   „ " "significantly.   "The polls will stay
(.p        ,   ,9,, ! open till six o'clock.    I voted   and
■orwiiat. • came away to get supper.   Hut 1
"One sule's riinnin' Mr. Jen- couldn't go hy without turning in
kins and Mr. Greene, and the j t0 seeyou. I just thought, when I
other's runnin'Mr. Warner and looked at the way a few of those
Mr. Small; Hob Jones is diivin' men acted, to the mortification of
ia carriage that takes up folks to I the tiVore respected gentlemen. I
Vote on the Jenkins side." I thought how much better  was the
"Who is Mr. Jenkins for?"      |q*"«*; ways of us women."
"He's for hisself, ma."
"I mean what kind of teacher
'—new ones, or the sanle old
home ones? You heard what
Mr. Steele said."
"He's for women teachers; I
guess, ma.    Some's for new anr
loe     ..  -.
,,,     ,        , ,     .     j"    "V      "it's half-past live," she demur-
She clasped her hand-- and  red     ,<Time 8Upper_..
»H    ii.i.nn.lj.j^l'" .. '  '   ,, ...
Go on,  mama,    urj-eil   Mamie,
Stopping at tlie door with  a pan   of
potatoes   in   her  hand.    "Charlie
I and I will get supper till vou come
; back."
"Vou know I wouldn't go up there
and  vote   with   men,   just like  a I port„nceinthe riear futureis rJou'bt-
'"'}}}',        ,     , .       ., „ ed by none.    It will be a permanent
"111  go  back  again   with yen,   -city     ' '
offered Mrs. Allison. "I won't mind
il at all."
"I'd rather Mr. Gray—"
"Here he is!" shouted the beaming Mr. Gray, as lie hurried through
tlie hall. "In ;a notion of going,
Jane? Better. We'll win yet.
Hurry along, or the polls will
The four entered a  wailing  car-|jstg n(jar NorthpoVt o'n theTmeTi
riage, and were whirled up the hill oan side ()f the line.   It is Dr0p08ed
to the very stone steps of the school-  to put •„ the most improved briek
building. ' making machinery and to operate
The Popular Bakers.
Wake up to the fact that if yoi
invest NOW in Shares oi
good reliable ^^
Gold Mining Companies
You stand to make Big Profits;]
And I—-r
Will sell to you on terms no other-j
Broker in British Columbia
Land Agent and Conveyancer,
Excuse me, Mrs. Gray, But this
I voting is tlie only remarkable thing
' I've ever  done.    And   now   I   soe!
mure importance in it than in any- |
thing you ever did see in   all  your
life." "
"My opinion is," said Mr. Gray,
"that, this whole business in more
muddled than important. I've not
seen a single person who could teil
J.L..   -._- !-!-. .-.,
jtgent lor thu United Fire Insurance Compan*
ol Stfancuester, England.
some's for old, and some ain't
for any; but Mr. Jenkins told
"Mrs. Stiivlon he was'for women,
iGod bless 'cm!'     I heard him."
"Whal <vns your pa doing?"
"l'a Was stitndin' on his right
font, with liis other foot on a
lieneh, liiakin' figures right fast
on his otlier knee, He didn't
know l was there, but I saw
Mrs. Giny sewed uninterruptedly for fifteen minutes She
Could hour the chatter of women's voices as carriages rolled
hy. A cloud of dust rose from
lhe droughty street and settled
im ilie dwarfish shrubbery in
her front yard, reaching even'
ihe house-plants on n shelf near
the side porch where she sewed,
sheltered from the sultriness of
the July afternoon.
The door opened and slammed,
iind Mr: Gray appeared at his wife's
fide. 1
"Jane,  you're doing   wrong   in I
staying away from  up  tliere.    We
lost the length of school term right
in the start)  and   riot  enough   tax'
was levied to pay for the schooling!
bf a spftrtow.      Von otij-ht
BirjUh tfi'erfe and helped."
"Now, Mrs. Evans, you know
very well that women at the polls
are worse than men. There won't
he any honest, quiet ways left if
th«y keep ou."
"Oil, Mrs. Gray, don't say it!
Dou't think that all women are bad
just because a few of them and lots
"I hate mightily to do this,"  ob
jected Mrs.   Gray,  faintly,   as  her
J husband assisted her out.
"Oh it's all  right," he said  re-
"Must   I   vote    Republican
i Democratic?" she asked,   in   a
wildered way, as they  entered
on   an   extensive scale.    They are
now  negotiating  with some local
I loan companies and if they can se-
re" .cure enough capital they  will   buy
[ lots in Rossland, put up substantial
or: brick houses, and expect handsome
of"! returns in the shape of rent.
 j    .  thej     At the present time there are five
throng of people, some coming,somebriok yai.'ds jn Rossland, but the
going, all talking excitedly. | pUnts are worked by ha|1(J and th(j
Town Lots and Farms for 8ftle.   Money to Loan
 1--  I on Mortgage at low rmi-H
Heretofore the   houses  built
there have lieen   frame structures,.
but a company is being formed in  	
Toronto to supply the mining town j  -m ^la—x.-*.-.—   11^1-^1
with a more lasting building mater-; -^^111 Jg 101}  J^ OtCL
ial.    They have discovered a bed of 	
blue clay on Rook Creek, a few miles MR   , A  TU0*lrs0N
from Kossland, winch will make the ,.   , ,    ,„ , ,
,     ,   , j. 1   • 1      m.l        1      .1       Having oompleted the ereotion 01 Uie Arlington
best class of brick.    Ihe only other ! Hotfl, at NAN00SE j,AVi .„,„ ha„daome and
known similar deposit of clay  ex- | commodlona hotel m now prepared to receive
•„._      *.* * un(j comfortably entertain traveler* and other,,'.
Ir presided over by Mrs. Thompson, and the
Table d'Hote constantly provided with all the
dolloacies of the season. Combined with the
t'li'i'-tint Inrtiislii-il apurtnients, ttie visitor littils
the surroundings ol the most pleasant description.
f men are untrustworthy and obstreperous. Anyhow, they were
mostly well-behaved this afternoon." ,
"Maybe school polls are different. 1
1 from regular political polls,"  said I
Mrs. Gray.
A reply wis prevented by the entrance of Charlie, who had followed
his fa 1 her to the school-house.
"Which way does it seem to be
going now, Charlie?" i\lrs. Kvans
asked ihe buy.
"I can't make out whether they're goin' pa's way or comin' Mr.
Wilson's way," he replied.
"La, I thought they were on the
same aide!" said Mrs. Gray.
"Ln, no!" said Mi's. Eviins.
•'They was   at   first,"  explained |
Charllej proud of his superior information, "lill   Mr.   Greene and
Mr. Small   tried to   trade off Mr. opposing voice.
Warner f.>r themselves, an then pa j     *"]*here"s   the
output necessarily limited.
W. Kill-ill Higgins Dead.
Wm. Knl'ih lli'-'.'iiis, eldest sun of
Hon. I). VV. Ulggins. speaker of the
lofiil legislature, died Friday lust at St.
Joseph's Hospital Victoria, from the
I'lrW'ts of un ttbneSS. An effort wns iniule
tu save liis life liy tin operation hut thin
proved iiiiBiii-i-essful. lie was for a time
ti Niemlier of the colonist firm, but after-
Wards went into the real estate business.
lie married a daughter of lawyer Hel-
mi'keii of Victoria,.
"Vote for Warner and Greene.
Here's the ticket I've fixed for you.
Tliere ain't any politics in this
"I thought there was," she mur
inured, with growing confusion.
The folded bit of paper was clutched in her gloved fingers. "What
musl 1 do with it?" she said.
A man handed her another bit of
paper folded precisely like tlie tirst.
"Where must I put them ?" she
"Put what, where?" said her
husband, trying to eheuk her aimless turning and keep her moving
toward the clerk's desk. "I'm j
managing this for you," he said, I
SOmeWhat annoyed, taking tier
tickets and examining them, tossing   aside   the    superfluous    one.!
"Don't you take anything anybody ; Scwiilg Machine Supplies
gives   you,      Here,   keep  straight ,    , ,     ■.,,,,,.
",,•'.. ,, ,  '     , . ' 1    °     i Are kept on hand.   All kinds uf
ahead with me,   lie whispered.
"Polls ready to close!" shouted a ; Scwiilg   Machines   .Repaired
First"Cltiss Accommodation, Fire-proof building
Terms: $1.00 Per Day and Upwards.
The Doon Hotel,
JAS. BENNETT, Proprietor,
Commereial St.,      Naniiimo, B. C.
You have to Pay
I divide it up into
--Small Monthly Instalments-
So that everyone can have an interest in Mining and secure part
ofthe Profits that most assuredly,
WILL be made.
Singer Sewing Machine Co.
29 Commercial Street
(Samo building aa Dotley's Shoe Store).
w hero a Genera] Assortment of
--•    in tho
Emancipation of Mental Slavery
Should luind in their mimes ut oniie am
beubuie lm-mlierfi of the
Freethought Library.
P. O. Ilox 896.
24. Oonimer
ittl St., City.
"Anybody not voted,  come
now's your time!    Warner
| and (.iret-ne!
|    "Jenkin*! and Small
' shouted an
inllot-box,"   Baid
i     , i i    i, i         •        i -   i      inBre'a
turner1 "•■  ' -' ■*"■ ■■■* * —'	
before;   'iiint's just the
I heard pevei'iil say so."
"Di.iir mo! ' .-'ij-lied .Mrs. Evans,
meditatively) "I thought it was
(Ireeiie iJnd Jenkins that combined."
"Mrs. fivans," .,, (11H(jllI11
to have '' •3«»wl-"'-l-y* "J ■•'■n't bei"***1- y»ucan  b4Ublfi;
tell right now who it was you voted I    Half A dozen hand9 interposed
, ... , . > -.- - - r -1 --mere's me nailot-box," said
ll'iierl an I dm 1 know just where | M|, Q pointing tn a ci(,ar.|)ox.
V "'"!',Inl^ '^""l «'here he was (m [))(, -f'^ dmk. R ha(J a s,jt
sfpre-.,   1 nnt s just the way it is; ;mit on lhfl top (or the..voles t0 drop
through,     " Now    put   in   your
J'y this time Mrs. Oray   had  regained her usual composure.   " So
i this is the polls!"   she   exclaimed,
aid   Mrs.   dray,  (ijo-jninfully. presenting two folded
t believe vou ean   i-.ii-...
jimi Work OuAranteod.
J. A. CALDWELL, the Tailor
Has changed his quarters,
and can now be found up
stairs in the
Williams Block,
Whore he will be ploased to
receive his patrons.
, fjtf Anyone renultiilg * Fill   Suit abou'd
leave llie ordor ourly;
aIjVvavh in stock »
LAMPS, Etc. etc.
Birds and Animals set up in a thor-
oiikIi workmanship manner.
On Hand—Four fine Deers' Hende,
which will he solil for price of setting
them up.   Also a (ine ense of Birds.
d. s. Mcdonald.
69 Haliburton Street, Nanaimo.
Any present subscriber to the
Mail can have the Weekly Globe
from now to the end of 1897 for
The Mail and Weekly Globe for
I pjjdi year for ,13.00 if paid in ad-
The Stamp  Mill at Alberni
Is now in operation. When results are known, up go the Shares
of all Alberni Companies.
And make money while you have
a chance BEFORE the rise takes
Thos. Kit-chin,
This column is open to the public and we
heartily invite tlie citizens to make
use of it for discussing public questions.
We are not responsible for the opinions of
Editou Mail:—In your last issue
you inserted a report of a meeting
in Albert College, Belleville, when
Kev. C. M. Tate, of Victoria, B. C.
■—who is now on a missionary tour
through eastern Canada for the presumed purpose of raising money-
made the statement that "only two
Chinamen had been before a magistrate for bad conduct, of anv kind,
in ten years." I am surprised that
a gentleman of Mr. Tate's intelligence and standing in the ministerial ranks, could make such a glaring misstatement. Mr. Tate must
be well aware that at the present
time there are a large number of
Chinamen confined in the Penitentiary at New Westminster for serious crimes againgt the law.
From the "Police and Prison's"
report for 1896, published by the
Provincial Government, I find the
following list of convictions of Chinamen for murder and manslaughter during the past ten years:
Page 910, sessional papers 1896.
March 31st, 1886.—Chas. Suet
(Chinese) convicted of murder, tried
at Westminster and afterwards executed.
Oct. 10th, 1887— Ah Chow,murder, tried at Lytton, afterwards executed.
Nov. 28th, 1887.—Ah Fat, murder, tried at Victoria, and executed.
Nov. 22nd, 1888.—Ah You and
En Kow tried at Westminster for
manslaughter, convicted and sentenced to "three and twelve years
May 20th, 1889.—Chan Ah Hung,
murder, tried at Victoria and sentenced to death.
Dec. 6th, 1892.—Sing Lee, murder at River's Inlet, tried at Nanaimo and executed.
These are fur the more serious
offences, whilst hundreds have been
convicted in ten years for lesser
offences. Mr. Tate knows full well
that in nearly every judicial district in British Columbia, convictions have been obtained against
Chinamen for breaches of lhe Indian
Liquor Act, and he also knows that
a large percentage of the drunkenness and immorality amongst the
Indians at the canneries on the
Fraser river is attributable lo the
Now, whal is lhe object of ihis
statement? It is well known ihat
there is an intense feeling against
Chinamen ai the present time, and
those opposed to them have only
liuhtly referred to ihe morals of the
Chinese, rather confining themselves
to the discussion of tiie matter from
an economic standpoint; hut when
we see men of Mr. Tate's standing
—and whose word will carry some
weight with people unacquainted
with ihe facts—making such state-j
uieiitr- knowing them to he false, we
think il high time when something
should lie done by the Church,
from whom comes ihe sinews of
W.ir, thai llu- Mit.leiiieiit-.of llie men I
Benton missionary tours should be
confined to the truth, aud the whole
Mr. Tate will not likely return
to British Columbia for some time,
but I intend keeping a record of
this and otlier absurd statements of
his for his return.
all their domestic work, such as the
construction of bidarkas, the manufacture of sleds, etc., and in it all
public meetings or councils are held,
and all public business transacted.
It is also open at all times as a
shelter for guests or visitors, who
are there entertained instead of being taken to this or that private
dwelling, It is the sleeping place
for unmarried adult males, and is
likewise used as a bath house,
though I am frank to say that tbe
personal appearance of the natives
I met at Nushegak was not such as
would warrant even a suspicion of
their having ever indulged in a
cleansing process of that kind. The
Kashima also answers the purpose
of a theater, for mask dances, and
representation; and in the matter
of scenic representations these natives, if not up lo the mark of later
civilizations, are at least not a whit
behind the Chinese. I was told by
a gentleman who has lived among
them for years that both males and
females take part in scenic performances, in which there are combats
between men who shed whole blad-
derfuls of seal blood for effect, where
stuffed animals are moved about by
hidden strings, devil's masks with
movable eyes introduced, and
wooden birds made to flap their
wings. In these representations the
actors enter through the fire hole
like those who bob up through a
trap-door in the stage of one of our
-Tbe Public Debt.
The Ottawa Journal, independent Conservative, speaking editorially of the public debt, gives a
tabulated statement of the figures,
and says:—"An increase of thirty-
five and a half million dollars in
the national debt during ten years
af peace and tolerable prosperity,
with no great undertaking in the
way of public works save the Soo
Canal, is more than this country
should view with equanimity."
The prediction that Mr. Fielding
must negotiate a loan may or may
not turn out true, but the Government can do their best to avoid it
by keeping out of such uncalled for
and unpopular extravagances es an
expenditure of fifteen millions in
subsidies to a twenty-knot Atlantic
service designed to carry a few people and a little express freight
quickly over the ocean. The new
Government may make the mistake
of being economical in little things
only, but it takes a lot of cheeseparing to make up $750,000 a year,
tiie amount the late Government
were pledged to grant for a fast
Atlantio service.
News of the Day.
The New Vancouver CoaTj
Company mine at their
Collieries at and near
Nanaimo the following
Coals :
The above are supplied in
the foliowfng Grades, viz.:
Prompt Delivery nl the Company'*
wtmrve" at Nanaimo and Proteo*
Empty Bottles of any Description,
Old Copper, Brass, Zinc or Lead,
Can dispone of same by ..ddressinga postal to
B. AARONSON, Box 173. Nanaimo,
Who will call promptly at anyaddress lu City
or diibiirbB.
Mt. Benson Road.
Veronica Home.
Editor Maii,:—The reply of
Sister Gertrude, to the- letter of
Churchman last week, was read
With great pleasure as it places the
Affairs of the Home in a much
more satisfactory way to those interested in the same.
No doubt it was an oversight in
not giving this information sooner
lo the public. However, we can
overlook that and say better late
than never.
The writer is very sorry he did
not make further inquiries regara-
ing the refu a! of a patient he heard
of, as the case has since turned out
was undeserving of charity and
not worthy of that help which
Sister Gertrude would have been
willing to give under any other
circumstances, and therefore makes
a humble apology for the statement to Sister Gertrude. Hoping
no harm has come out of my remarks, but rather the reverse, with
the best wishes for the Home, and
that good work,
I am
The "Kashima."
In every Eskimo village, there is
a common or public house known
as the Kashima, constructed after
the style of the subterranean dwellings, but of much larger dimensions. To enter these you firstclimb
down into a hole in the ground five
or six feet, then crawl ten or fifteen
feci through .1 low lunne] t" where
y lj .'i ."ml 1 • ;i le el with    he ro f
A few ilavs ago 11 Mail man and two
trii'iiila undertook 11 pedestrian trip to
the summit of Mt. Benson, and found
tiie roadway in 11 terrible eondition, it
lielng quite impassable in panes for
wagon travel. After turning olt' from
Jus reservoir, tlte road was found cut up
in deep nits and holes, unused by heavy
:e-iimn: hauling lo.-s.as far as thc three-
mile post. Just beforo reaching the
-piing about half way to the top, a
lai-ie nee, at least fifteen feet in oir-
i-iiniferenee, lies right aeross the drive,
further on Ihe road was strewn with
stones, big and little, uncovered by
freshets running down the road, deep
gullies also being formed in places,
making walking most fatiguing. Stiil
further ou a whole section, about twenty-
feet long and wire than half the width
of t io{road, h is simply dropped down tl •
mountain side, antl this part will have
to be filled iu altogether before carriages cau get by. The trail from the end
of the Joadway to the summit has been
almost been obliterated by the lire whieh
swept over the mountain top this summer, great atones and boulders being uncovered and obstructing the way. Taken
altogether the roatlway, which should at
least receive a modicum of eare after the
exiienae incurred in its construction
only three years ago, ia a disgrace to the
powers that be. The trip was enjoyed
by the three friends despite the difficulties encountered. Grouse were noticed in large numbers, being fine, fat
birds and surprisingly tame. Traces
of deer were plentiful.
»» >
Provincial News.
Ex-Aid, J. J. Gavin, formerly of Mt.
Pleasant, Vancouver, died in South
Africa about three week8 ago, of fever.
Ohief Justice Davie ia atill confined to
St Joseph'a Hospital, aud no one ia permitted to aee him except the Sisters
and his medical attendants.
Mrs. Aloxina McCrimmon, of Victoria, was grunted a divorce from her
husband, Areh McCrimmon, at Seattle
recently, on the grounds of abandonment and failure to provide.
A French journalist tramp arrived at
Vietorin on Wednesday on the N. P.
liner Victoria. He started from Paris
with three sous in his pocket and his
wager is that he will make a tour of the
world without begging.
Mr. Frank P. Giddinga and Misa Annie Cairns, both of this Westminster,
were married by the Rev. Thomas
Scolder at the residence of the bride'a
parents Liverpool, at 11 o'clock Wednesday
Maleom M Martin's boat house was
broken into on Tuesday night when
goods to the value of "about |80 were
stolen. The boat house was moored
near the Lulu Island bridge. This ia
the third robbery that has taken place
along the water front in the course of a
Tim men, named Koskill and Martinson respectively, whose sentences of imprisonment iu the penitentiary have ex-
pfred, and who have lieen declared In*
din , have been remove.1 to the provin-
i.u jail, 'li ic ! 1 a wail :t .inissi
tiie provincial asylum (or the insane.
The committee appointed by the eiti-
tens' general celebration committee  to
Hon. Edward Blake has returned
to England.
Hon. N. Clarke Wallace is in
British Columbia on mining business.
The citizens of Winnipeg have
asked Mr. Tarte that the Govern -
ment grant $500,000 to remove
certain obstructions in the Red
Dr. Bergen, M. P. for Stormont
County, Ont., whose illness was reported in these columns some time
ago, died at his home in Cornwall
on Oct. 22, and was burisd on the
Prince Victor Emmanuel, Prince
of Naples and Crown Prince of Italy,
was united in marriage on Oct. 24
to Princess Helene, third daughter
of Prince Nicholas, ruler of Montt-
negro, in the presence of the King |
and Queen of Italy and other royalties.
Rev. Dr. Milburn, the blind pastor of the United States Senate,
preached in tho Metropolitan
Church, Toronto, Sunday Oct. 25th.
In reading the lesson, Dr. Milburn
trusts entirely to his memory. He
lectured in the Toronto University
on Oct. 26th.
Hon. Col. McMillan, provincial
treasurer of Manitoba, has been ap-
pointed Lands Commissioner, vice j
Hon. Clifford Sifton resigned. This
is regarded as thepreliminary steps
to the resignation of Mr. Sifton
from the Manitoba Cabinet to accept the Dominion portfolio.
Right Hon. and Right Rev. Frederick Temple, D. D., Bishop of
London, Provincial Dean of Canterbury and Dean of the Chapel Royal,
has been appointed Archbishop of
Canterbury and Primate of all England, to succeed Right Hon. and
most Rev. Edward White Benson,
who died suddenly at Hawarden
October 11.
Queen Victoria is now said to be
eng.tged in drawing up the programme for the fetes attendant upon the celebration next June of the
60th anniversary of the ascension
to the throne of Her Majesty. This
celebration will be conducted on
even a grander scale than was tbe
Queen's Jubilee, in 18S7. Representatives will be invited from all
British Colonies.
English   speculators   in   wheat
have made big money during the
week   that  bus  just  passed.    The
story is told of one man who bought
three  cargoes  of wheat and sold,
them tbe next morning at a  profit;
of $15,000.      Another speculator,
buying a cargoof Californian wheat |
at an exceptional high figure, sold
it next   day  at a profit of $5,000.
This  rise in  wheat is giving great
satisfaction to the English  farmer.
The German Government seem
now inclined to grant reform in the
military code, in order to appease
the wrath of indignant citizens who
have had numerous outrages perpetrated on them by army officers,
and also that the Reichstag may be
won over to voting larger sums of
money for naval and military purposes. The Kaiser seems inclined
to sacrifice anything in order to
keep Germany on a high military
Spanish securities   have   fallen
u       1    j     •       .1 l , ,   ManufnptureroITemiwrancelirlniiB.syriips,*-
snarply during the past  week, and Delivered free to all pari* ol oltyandvlotnlty
the prospect for a new loan  which   "      " ' '*     ' '"""'
the Madrid Government are attempting to negotiate is darker than
ever. The Spanish Government are
asking a French syndicate to advance two hundred million dollars.
But as there is a funded debt of
$1,600,000,000 between Spain and
Cuba, and a floating debt of nearly
$170,000,000, it is said that French
investors will not advance any
more money to the Madrid treasury, unless a pledge is given that
the excessive military expenditures
in Cuba shall cease.
lT*e New" Va*QcoiiVer
Double Screened, Screened,
Run of the Mine,
Washed Nuts and
Washed Screenings.
Arrival and Departure of Mails
apply at this olHrc.
People who Appreciate .
Have tlielrprescripUoiip (Unpenned at
Their Prices tire Right. Telephone 8,
Fish and
Game Market
G. MARSH, Prop.
Lodge Notices.
Inkerman Lodge, So. StS, Sons of St.
George.—Regular weekly meeting is held
in Hubert's Hull, Wharf street, on Saturday evening at 8 oVIoi-k. Visiting
brethren cordially Invited to attend. •
E. & N. RAILWAY.       CLOSE. DUE.
Daily ex. Bun.
Wellington, Northfield and a.m.  a.m.
East Wellington 11.25   8.50
Vii.toria.Soiitherii States and
places along line of E.& N. Daily ex.Sun.
Railway    8.2(511.50
British and foreign, Eastern
Provinces, Eastern States, Dally ei-.Sun.
Vaiicouverundotherpluces p.m.  p.m.
on Mainland of B.C   6.30 6.00
Comox, Union, Union Bay,
thum, Qualicum, riornby p.m.
Island and Deninau Island  8.20
Salt Spring Island, Burgoyne   Frl.    Tues
Bay, Fulford Harbor.North
Salt Springlsland and Gab-
riola Island   	
Allierni, Parksville, French
Creek and Errington    12.30   6.00
Kri.   Thnr.
Nanooee Bay 12.30  6.00
r. M.    A. M.
Departure Bay, dnilvex. Sun 12.45 10 30
Cedar (South), Saturday.  ..   2.00 11 00
A Journal for the People
-. <*-*SW<,'-
8 20
' CiiampagnkCidkr
) Soda Water
Alberni News.
lame ru-mi—-the .me 1 vi neti bein-j
nt least 20 feai sqtutre. A raised
platform extends all tlie wav around ,.
theclosed sides. leavinK room in the I ,*"vt's,"'"a.k* «■• «}*&» ■» {-!<* account
„„.,.. i .1. it i * ,,, ""presented by the Vancouver bicycle club
centre tor the fireplace. When the [„ .onnectioii with the recentexhibition
riri'iilucp is not needed it is covered meet have handed in their report, which
over with pi-ink--even with the plat- , ■ecomuieiids that certain charges should
form so ihnt th«r« i» nn hronL In -*0- *-e"»ll°"ved, as they should n-areoor*
i irni so mat tliere IS  no   break   n (rLM.tly „„ l)ornB 1)V tne*ulul) tnan by t)le
the floor   In this hodie the nien do i celebration committee:
Over on Douglas mountain, just across
from Mineral Creek, a line body of ore,
rich in gold, copper and silver, litis been
struck anil night and day development
work is being done there and on the Re-
ginu group also.
The road which is being built from
Mineral Creek to the Allierni Consolidated will be completed in a couple nf
weeks. In the construction of the road
a nice ledge of quartz was uncovered on
the Warspile claim a few days ago, and
samples were brought to town yesterday
to be tested.
Mr. Brown brought with him some
very (ine samples of quartz from a vein
recently opened on the Ophir claim, belonging to the Quadra Company's group
of mines. The foot wall is diorlta and
the binming wull slate, the vein having
a depth of two feet and favorably situated for economical working. The
Quadra company meet in Victoria on
Monday to mnke arrangements for developing the property.
A recent find has been made at Ucbuk-
leselt harbor, 25 miles down the canal
from Allierni. There is an iron capping
similar to the Trail Creek country anil
the ore is also of the sume character at
the surface, the ledge, which is six feet
witle, running at the surface a little in
gold and high in copper. It is expected,
therefore, that as at Trail Creek the gold
will increase with depth. The ledge can
be traced for a distance of a quarter of a
Saturday's Co1 mist says:  among the
Into arrivals irom VI hern I yester lay ware Mr
Cnatles Huyward, who has heen Spell I-
iug several days on Mineral creek,  Mr.
George Brown, the well-known  mining
man, who bat come down to Victoria on
a short business visit, and  Mr.  F.   H.
Sterling, a wealthy Scotchman,   who is
so pleased with what he has seen of the
Allierni   mines   that   on  his  return to
Scotland he intends interesting capital
{in the acquisition and development of
I claims:
For a Cool Drink
Ask for -:
Lawrence's \fz%,
Manufacturer ot Temperance Drinks, Syrups,-**.
" "   .red Iree to all parts ol etty and vicinity.
Piornpt attention ptiiil to shipping orders.
Telephone 2-4, P. O. Box 79. Nanaimo.
iin lie
Wholesale and Retail Batchers
Telephone 7-9. Nanaimo, C. C.
Meats delivered free of charge to all
pur's of the "itv.
(mice Tel. ;W.   P. o. Box 16.   Residence Tel. 101,
Funeral Directors
AZf Embalmers.
Graduates of the Oriental, the Eureka,
the New Vork and Clark's
Schools of Kmlialinlng.
1, 3 and 5 Bastion St., Nanaimo
Corner Commercial and Bastion Bt*.
This long-established Hotel ls comfortably
fitted up with superior accommodations lor travelers nnd others.
'J*. O'CONNKL, Prop.
Trespass Notice.
WHEREAS, Certain evil-disposed persons have been killiii!- stock on Vttldei
Island, Nanaimo District, it is
RESOLVED in future that all persons
found trespassing on the Wake Estate
of 760 acres and Indian Reserve of 1700
adjoining will lie prosecuted to the full
extent of the law. .    .
(Signed)     BALDWIN H. WAKE.
Sept. 15,1806.   JOHN UASILV
A Full Assortment at the Lowest Market Rates
20c. per Month
-r.TT   -i r k tt      0ne Year' $1,5°
BY MAIL: "* Mo£ths; ™ cntsv
Three Months, 60 cts.
Merchants and Business Men
will find THE MAIL a
Good Advertising Medium
It has a large and steadily increasing
of the city and immediate district.
Promptly Attended to.
All kinds of
Tin and Sheet-Iron Work.
Victoria Crescent, Xanaimo.
All Materials used in connection with the above
guaranteed to be first-
In all its
Various Branches
We Print.
Etc., Etc.
General Steamship Agency
Parties going to thc Old Country
or sending for friends will
By purchasing Tickets from
General Agent.
Commercial Stree
E. V. CHAMBERS; Manager
P. 0. DRAWER 44 TELEPHONE tJ* ^beBanaimo flDail
UY 'VI.1 $ ■
Ed. V. Chahuki.s. Editor and Manager.
Victoria Crt-'scenl. Naaauno, o c.
\ Needed Reform.
The Railway Project.
By mall—Ono yi'itr
.1 Six IttOUtllS.,
Pellverad bv carrier .'..■.
 EiC ]
. i>cr moutli
-  . KQVEMBER 8, 1890.
Real Issue.
It mist  I* apparent  (o all  who
fullowed lho workings of the Board
nf   Police  Commissioners   in   this
city, froui its inception, that it hns
proved   In   be  an   ut ter  failure in
•.very   respect.   There can  be  no
doubt  that  the object  whieh the
Provincial Legislature*hud in view
when llie law was sn changed as to
relieve the municipal authorities -.if
! the powers to regulate and control
: I heir own police fovea, was to place I brought forward
that department  beyond   tlic  pa e  the   construction
I of municipal politics. j Vancouver throu,
In our report of the Municipal
Council will be iound tho discussion on tho scheme brought forward by a delegation from Vancouver. Aid. Mc Donah! very wisely brought up the question of Government construction of this railway, and we fully endorse the decision of thc Council in requesting
that the Government be interviewed
on     tlie    subject.      This   scheme
Provincial News.
Dr. Fiifc'Hn, of Xeri? Westminster, lias'
Heavy ltains.
However laudable might have
been the intentions of the Legislature, it only requires a glance
J backwards to convince even the
most ze: 1 u su ;ort.rs of any, tr
several police commissioners in Naniiimo, as well as Vic
ure in any way connected with tho j t
ise who from the vi
sides with  their
is that have to
be considered  and  disposed of by
tlie commissioner?, and the result
ponsibihty and control of the
Therefore, il must be patent to
all, tliat ii it is necessary to have a
Board nf Police  Commissioners at
It is the bu.-ine:- nf every true reformer to expose and hinder tbe existence of wrong in every -hapi
.known to c.dst w't'dn t! e
boundary of hisinfluence. It is tl.e
duty of the public also to sorulinizi
every method adopted by an* individual in righting such wrong. | ,'°,
Thus the extreme care necessary to
any one stji: tiny out on the errand
referred to. But in the history of
reform everyone must have observed
with what anxiety sonic people
seek to undervalue the efforts of any j
man in such a direction, Some* Illie Pett** Peering.
times it is because  of  the  feelings .
they may  have against   such re- carrying out of the law
former as a man.      In   other   instances it may be their anxiety   to  lh5n8s '•i!1   la
divert the attention  of  the  public Ifnends uPon <lue3ti
from the real issue.   In the present
discussion of   the   Police   Commissioners' investigation, held recently,
the Free Press seems to have put on
the top stone of|opposition,"and, we
fancy, too, with shouts of rejoicii g
by his article of lhe  30th inst., entitled "A Philanthropic Raid on tl.e
City Treasury."
We do not intend to say whether
the information furnished by the . all> which is :l question upon which
Free Press concerning Mr. McRae's
overcharges is correct or not, hut
we will say that it is not with any
intention of honest reform that this
journal exerts itself to make such
an exposure, but with a complete
mixture of the two things mentioned
above, namely, strong personal
feelings against Mr. McRae as a
man, and an anxious desire to di-'
vert the public attention from the
question at issue.
However, we are prepared to wait
»nd in the meantime do our best lo
'find out the truth of the matter in
a proper way, for we are as anxious
as ever the Free I'ress was to raise
our voice against conduct of this
nature, and, we think, we are entitled and in a position to do so
with propriety. Disinterested
anxiety for the safeguarding of the
public trea-rury is an admirable
virtue, but when it comes in the
shape of a scorpion the public are
naturally suspicious of its good
meaning. The Free I'ress lias
publicly shown its strong and bitter
opposition to any Investigation in
matters pertaining to the police
force, but we aie  willing to  make
honest inquiry, on the strength 0f which they preside, such fu
its statements, as to the facts men- be provided in like manner
Hioned in its editorial of Oct. 80th,
and condemn Mr. McRae if stub
things are true. Hut we are still
very far from believing in the honest disinterested heroism of our contemporary.
ln tins police investigation we
stand on the principle that neither
the conduct of the gentleman making such charges, or even the conduct nf the commissioners themselves, makes any difference to us.
Our reason for writing on Ihis matter at the present time is not tu
condone what may prove to be the
•wrong conduct of Mr. McRae, bul
to keep the cloth from off the peoples' eyes. Two wrongs do nnt
iinike a right, but lhe only evidence
the Kiee Press can give in favor of
lis friends is that, their accusers
have probably  done   an  irregular
thing. Thin i* an appeal in svm-
•i-ithy that will be answered by
tiiose already the enemies of honest
investigation, but it will have little
weight with those prepared tu weigh
thewholu matter, fur the summing
Vlp ot that article dealing with the
action of Mr. McRae breathes unconsciously the true desire of tin-
writer: that the investigation has
not effected any good, hut wil! prove
to have done, incalculable harm.
This is saying very little I'm- the
policemen, and is certainly predetermining the judgment, Let Mr.
iMoliae rise or tall by his own actions, and let the Free Press con*
tinue its use of Scheming strategy;
ast night is for
of a road from
h theaericultural
districts nn the snuth side of the
Fraser, on through the Hope
Mountains, thc Nicola Valley to
the mining camps uf the Kootenay.
At thc present lime nearly all the
trade of the Kootenay goes to
Spokane, owing tu   the   high   rates
Heavy rains in France are caus-
lieen appointed pnblie analyst for Bri-1 {*&   lD'Mn J^"^- .    'fh<-   »«"•
lisli Ciiliiinl'ia. i Rhone, at Beaucaire, is at tbe bigh-
•Tolm Mitchell, "of Dbrchestor town*- \ est Poillt <*''**'' known.    Ladders are
ship near IjOiid'in, Out., celebrated liis ] attached to   Ihe   windows  of  each
lOSrd birthday un (Jet. SO.   He wtia born i bouse, and at the bottom   the  lad
in Banffshire, .Si-utliuiti, in 17il3
purveyor Qgilvie ropot
flint  on' Bonn i/.;i creek,  n  triliUjlary ul ,, ,     , ...
tlie Yukon, in Hie vieiniiy of e'oi't.Cuilft-!-*'"'n the bunts   lo   the   imprisoned
hy.   He says 20') claims have been taken
up,   anil   lhere   is   room for l'JUU more
claims, ami tha! it would pmhably  lake j ,   u(.- ;  t    j    fef-- u     ,
2000 men to nave theui properlv worked. .,,       •'. -
In a few hours three men got 1*75.   One ! r**"* »tlll continues
;et worth ,f 12 wns found on the snr-
). lie was born j house, and at the bottom the lad-
'" '''' ders are weighed down with stones
jrte a great gold j_ this manner f()„d U transferrei
,l  "'''".-■•'•y."-:r ,,„, „   ,„   ,i„.   i,„„,Kl„,„„
I inhabitants,
i interior    are
All   the rivers in tht
rising   rapidly   and
s   llie
ntV,,-.. — - - . -
face.   If properly worked
per day can be trot.
t300 or 8401)
torio, to see whal a howling farce jam! round-about way of the C.P.R.
it has proved to be in this particu- a id the time is most opporlue for
hu- instance of placing the police the Provincial Government to take
force beyond the influence of the ! up this railway question, and push
war! heeler it has only intci siliid it to a successful conclusion.
those   who  Whether the   Government   will du
his or nol remains to be seen,
well as j There was one matter mentioned
nature of I l-y one of the speakers last night
that we wish to touch upon, and
that is whether the Government and staried washing
was in a position at the present |^" Jf^*
time to assume an obligation of say
as all will have to admit, is far 15 tov20 millions of dollars for rail-
more unsatisfactory than when the • way construction. It seemed to us
municipal councils had   the  entire | that the gentleman making this re
there is a great diversity  of  opinion, (hen we submit, sueh a   board
should be elected by the electors in
the same manner as the  aldermen
and   school  trustees.    It  may   be
said thai this arrangement instead
of bettering the position, any would
be dragging the selection  of commissioners iuto the political arena.
Quite true, but  since il  eunnot
be disassociated from party politics, |
then let the people decide who shall j
represent them in matters pertaining to this department of thc municipal   service.    We are  inclined to
the opinion that this would  be the
best  arrangement  possible.    Having elected the   commissioners, lei
theui   have    full   powers  in   every
thing   pertaining  to this   department.   Let them appoint and dispose of all police officials, from the
Police Magistrate down.    Let them
decide what salaries such  officials
shall receive for their services.    At
the   beginning   of  the  year   they
should place before the Council, in
the   same   manner  as  the school
: trustees,  a  statement showing the
umouut of funds required to maintain efficiently the department over,
funds   to
provKleu in tme  ujumici   as the
school   funds.    If   the   Municipal
Clauses Act  was  bo  amended,  we
are lirmly of tho opinion  that all
this friction that is so very  likely
t) continue indefinitely  would  no
1 mger   iemain.
department would be conducted
upon the same lines, and in the
same manner as the school department, which, all roust admit, is a
crfidil to any city or country. We
hope this matter will receive the
serious attention of nur Legislature
at iis forthcoming pession. As fur
ourselves we shall continue to
agitate along these lines until some
such change shall be made, Almost any other arrangement would
' be better than the present one, as
it would In- hard to conceive of a
more disappointing and unsatisfactory slate of affairs than the
Working of our Board of Police
'. luiiiinissiuncrs,
A Retraction.
mark thought the present Government would not be able to obtain
trie money. Surely it would be as
easy for the Provincial Government
as for a private corporation toobtain
money for construction purposes,
especially, as intimated last night,
when English capital is to be had for
the construction of railways to develop the riches of Kootenay. Another matter which is of paramount
importance to Nanaimo is the stig
gestion of Mayor Davison to make
a continuation from Nanaimo to
Alberni and the West Coast, apart
of the scheme.
Next year will undoubtedly be
one of wonderful development, not
only in the Kootenay, but also in
' Alberni and district, and no lime
should he lost in urging upon the
Government the necessity of a railway to the gold fields of Alberni.
This, in connection with the question of ft smelter here, should command united action on the part of
the citizens.
What we want is a railway built
for the people, an 1 owned by the
people, and as soon as combined
action is taken we shall have it.
,-i oay ean ue jjot,. ,    As a first result of the  offorts  of
The 0,T?:R" wharf, Vancouver, is to be j a number of influential commercial
repaired, all the toredo eaten piles are tu . men anfi politicians ou both sides
Sa,r The" iu-eTcon-1 of the channel to promote a belter
li'lent that wooden posts encased in feeling between 1 ranee and Great
boards will resist the toredo that a con- i Britain through a commercial rap-
siderable amount of money will be spent | prochement, the Lord Mayor-elect
llns'ls'tve & X"St.y " i ?* London, Mr. George T. Phillips,
con ver as pile-, and are said --to have intends to invite the mayors of
proved a success. thirty   of  the  principal   towns  iu
Among those who applied for a: France to attend a grand banquet
night's lodging at the Police stalion the ftt  the   Mansion  House   with   the
±r0r»UWfiol«-S3a. Cl.c'.s onSd ™Y°**°! ^   &***?   -°™  "'
the party of  1,600 who left California Great Britain,    Already several uf
for British Columbia in the ship Cur- the French   mayors have  signified
and in 1S58.   Of that 1-600 only-600 got (hat thev will accept Ihe invitation,
MTUek'  Yal^tTl^ ^'til^lS h0^   '^Tl  bei"g   .*"••    ,!i,l"lil'-V
seven feet  uf  snow there.    The only  president of the  municipal council
stores   then   lhere  were   Oppenliciine.i-, of Paris, and the mayors   of   Boui'-
Bros., the Hudson's Bay Co. and Kong,: t'eux   Marseilles and Lillce.
Lee & Co., old "Fraser ^ ork" and Boden i
Uoiiiana.    The latter   had ti   wholesale  »■**	
and retail liquor store.   A sack ut  Hour, .
in those days cost !,(»u.   Mi*. Gal lb  "entj     Blood is life and upon the  pun-
up into Cariboo with a horse  and earl' ty and vitality of the blood depends
--■-'--  • ■•  gold.    Some the  health   of  the whole   system,
,„. „„. ...UntoCafiboo Experience proves  Hood's Sarsa-
and some meu bad as many as Kill mules  parilla   to  be the best blood   puri-
entployed.   Mr. Hallo's mother died in  tier.
Cariboo in THttO.    He is  still strung and ' 	
hearty an i is wild, g to work,   but_ he j    Hood's   Pills   act    easily    and
promptly on the liver  and bowels.
Cure sick headache.
to oo.—Van-!
could not find   ailythini
cuiiver World.
Pome line specimens uf ore from the
recent mining discoveries at Kamloops
have been bronnht down by Mr. John
Hepburn, who has spent the last month
prospecting lhe district. So great has
been the oo-ileim-nt at. Kamloops that
the hotels are full to overflowing, and
there is a genuine rush of prospectors to
tlie mines. Already ovci a bundled
claims have been recorded, Mr, Hepburn says, jjiinl more or less work lias
been done tin over bah of these, all with
good results. Several representatives of
capital have already been attracted to
lhe spot, and good otters have been made
for several properties. Claims, however, are being held rather high for lhe
amount of development done on them,
but from the si/.e nf the veins and tlte
extent of the beltnf ore many good mines
will, it is aittii-ipated,   be  in   operation I , _„
verv shorliv.      The ore belt is live miles j
wide,  and" has   been  traced for seven ClOtlieS  Cleaned...
•nines in length,  the ore being  high in |
pper carrying gold.   The belt runs | Repaired and Altered
We have a very complete line
of Large Sizes in MEN'S
UNDERWEAR.    A full range
of prices.   You can have the
Canadian make or the best
Scotch, which comes in pink
and natural colors.
Sizes, 42, 44, 4(5.
Commercial St., Nanaimo, B. G,
G. G. & B. I. Westwood
Are now prepared to Cut Down OM
Axles, by use oi an Improved &!&•
chine, making them as good aa new,
Done in tlte most approved manner.
Theii- prices nre right.   Cull and see
Don't Forget to Register.
We would remind householders
of this hein-i the month to seek to
qualify themselves to vote nt the
municipal election in the early part
of next January. This is a duty
incumbent on every good citizen to
take advantage of tlie franchise,and
thereby evince a lively und intelli-
uwnj », u... ,.v, ,gent interest in the. political weal of
An.l   the  police I our city.    There are people  crying
■'      * '       -• .... .t ..tttvi    in   pit"
enst nnil west.
Action lias lieen entere-." tit Victoria
aaainat A. H. Si-aife, editor of The Province, in"! Ij. (!. Heniljrsnn,  publisher
of the it,   C  Oomiiiereial Junrnul, for
I'oittemiii oi ctiiit.   Tho   notice  of n
!i"ii  reails  :ih   follows:     That Arthui
Ili'iliiins Seaife Ihe eilllur of the Province
newspaper, may he  comniitteil   t.i the
connnoh j;ii! io. a contempt of this hoti-
ora'itle court,- in   writing,  piiuliiit' ami |
publishing  in   the  issue  of  the  suiii $r,oo,    _.,..
newspapors for the 24th llay of Oe.tolier,! |1,000 repnyablo
1896, certain eomments and Btatements' •w,00° rt-,i"lv**''k'
lelatin •  t'i  the  accident,  and claim in
respect of the alleged negligence uf the
defendant company arising out of the
collapse of Point Ellice bridge on the
'..tith day of  May, 1896, and relating to
this and  other ae inns  now   awaiting
trial, which said  comnieuts and statements   are  calculated   to   prejudice or
interfere with the fair trial of this and
other actions  of tt  similar nature now
pending in this honorable court."
Mr  So lifo was   dismissed,   and
Judge Walkem felt called upon to
offer a statement against one of the:
papers in Victoria, stating it was on I
a technicality whereas he wished to'
say the action was dismissed.
Hy W. tt. KENYON
i <,*-" Ni-xt door to Westwood*' Rlaoksraltu
Sliun. 1'. O. llux tilll
■tlnn-: OKI Clothott made equal to new.
Go You Want to Borrow ?
repayable monthly in s years, atj$7.fi0
moiithly in H >t*..ir*. ut *in.i*i!
monthly iu y years, nt £30,00
Other amount-; tn i-m; ortion.    Loans made
only on First Mortgage on Improved Town or
City Property.   Equxtat-le Savin up, Loan ami
fiuiLDiMa Ahpociation, 2J I'tironio Bt.,Toronto
GEO. L. SCiiETKY, Agent,
Room No. li*, Johnston Block.
. 1111 Hill
Arc now ready for your inspection, the
designs, quality and style: beiiig the choicest from the looms in Great Britain.
Have also a job line ol* 100 suits of
Which I will sell for $27, the best value
ever shown in Nanaimo. Soliciting your
esteemed orders, and thanking you for
past patronage, respectfully yours,
Commercial Street.
Oold and Silversmith...
Diamonds 'and all Precious Stones
mounted. Wedding Rings made to
order and engraved on short notice.
Repairing finished good as new. at
low prices.
Prof Weiiyon.s Great Recital.
A rare treat, humorous and
intellectual, will-be eujbyed by
the people of Nanaimo, on tho
evenings of Wednesday ond Saturday, Nov. -1 arid 7, when Prof
LIABKEB .li POTTS, IlurrtBturs ana Si'llcito-u.
1   Cominoroial ftreet.
P. OANE, Bftrrl-ter and SoUoltor, Boom 11,
■   Johnston Ulock.
Wi- -.vi-di in retract two expressions used in tm editorial last week
dealing wilh Police Magistrate
Simpson, The first is tho heading,
"A Judicial hissing Link," and the
otlier "a judicial abortion." While
,\e -till hold to the principle of our
argument, wo are1 free to confess
-.h.it the expressions referred tu
above are out ni place and unnecessary, uml ae regret thai they weie
! uned and published. Newspaper
writ rs are intensely human, and
'sometimes inthe heat of controversy s-ay things that would he be1-
do'wn the idea of purtyism in city
elections, and there certainly ought
to be hut one true parly interested
in the general goud of our city.
There i*i no doubt bat the people lively tp severe
have control of Nanainio today to a ''"'
greater extent than ever Ihey had
before. For this the true friends of
the city wiil be thankful, and will
vote to maintain such administration, The other faction, having been
brought down from the perch, .will
continue to howl, Imi, we hope, for
a long time in vain. Seek by all
means to qualify yourself for the
election by applying for a declaration uud having it only filled in and
.Unded to the city clerk,   and   use
your vote in favor of tho men  who
land for sobriety and  uprightness; --
- ■ ■ 'the iftost impressive and talent
od reader that had ever entertained the people of that city.
M0INNE8 & McINNES,  Uuiilstcrs, Room G,
JohiiHtiiu Blooi, Commercial Btreet,
yAKWooi) .t YOUNG, Uurristfrs, corner"of
J.   Commercial ami llaatton streets.
rp   HAIiliY, lliitiinit: linii'Klnt, WlnilcM Ore
-L.   eent.   Try Hiiniy'K Pile Ointment,
Wenyon, an elocutionist of rare
ability, will give a recital of a
miscellaneous character, ranging "From grave to gay, from
^^^^ with a little
seasoning of Shakespeare. Those
who hear him will find it an
occasion long to he remembered and all should avail themselves of this exceptional opportunity. Prof Wenyon is a man
of medium height, with good _
stace address, possessing a raelo-1 /ibebcent pharmacy
t-- . *    . 1, "...j.jt-   IV
r ioneer Steam Laundry
By so doing you will PATRONIZE WHITE LABOR
And help to GET hill OF THE CHINESE!'
Dye Works in connection.
P. O. Box 95.
D. JI. STEWART, Proprietor.
MRS. M. A. ROWE, Proprietor,
Du. mason, Oonttst   Exlractltig uBpcoiaHy,
Otis nml EthOl'fttlmlnlBtoretl.
otllre, Otl'l-Kellow's llluck, Ntinnimo.
WJ. CURRY, D. D. S., Qreep Block.   Klrst-
•  cliiws u-tirk guaranteed,
,   , ^™^^^^^^^___j^^^ '     HAM. itSTEAKM.VN,
,lin„. vnino      nnrl    'i-.'ll     iiifwlnlii   i "u   lini|irletors.   VletorluCrescent.   Dispensing
(liotib voice,  ana  won   mouuia-jnlll|'f.iiAtiyrcri-.t-Khsi<ecinity
MelioWKLI., ATKINS, WATSON OO., Untiled.
Medical Hall, ooruer Commercial and Baa*
od  accent which convinces his
audience from  the  very  Btarfc< j JiJnBtreotiT" ToiVph'o'no'i-8-'B'
Ihat   he   is   master of the art of U==-=^----^=-—
elocution,  and ho   sustains   thc| PF Y.0RIC.Sl	
1i,i..i..| t„ ll.oniiil   nl"   Ilm   nm.   WAHAIMO  1)YK WORKS.—Dyeing, Cleaning
llllOH'.-tlo tlic una   OI   1110   pro-n>   andRapalrlng   uNloglstreot.
      *     /11..U     np 1 c. cuaultoi*, Manager.
Club    of
gram.   The Century   vjiuu    U1
rfanFrancisco pronounced   him
associated witli practical   hu.nness-
like oommoil sense.
A despatch from Bai-rie, Ont.
•ays: Bfonnan, who shot, banker
Str.tt.liy, was found guilty at lhe.
second trial. He is to he hanged
on January 10. Until midnight it
is-understood th'o jury stood nine
for murder and throe for manslaughter. At midnight il was
el v-a for murder and one form-in
slaughter. At '.' a.m. ail stood fur
murder, the jury having heen out
15 hours. The foreman said the
jury took no slock in tho insanity
plea, but recommended the prisoner
■»'•«"•"■» —" ' i versy my thing! Uut wouiu oe •»-* j k-. -- ---- ^ ^ {.   lln0ertainty
the object we havo  in view  is t°.e, ieft unsaid, as is the case m this V" ™er^e ^ . . ()f proVooation
point the public to the hard facts of, *nfHanpe_ ^~    ! ~^"^^~
this polico tjuesiion and  ask them i
to determine  their opinion   of it
•part from any man's  faults, and  ._
•■■ft be influenced Lv ait expositimi      Advertise in !he Mat'., t'-ej,i Ople|;
,£   .lee" i'ljoruci TO'! MaU W '-  journal,
I        .11 vol.  .. ■ - •    --  	
luwever, exi.eriijiiee is u I      ,      ,.    1 ,■„,„„ tu„ „.:.„„„
'    ' i uuceaseu nau given tne prisoner.
1 good toaoher and we  hope to pt'ylit
I   The tunnel on the Mountain l!oso on
Mineral Hill ia in 100 feet, the expivtu-
-. '"'ing that the vein will be vd. lu
. 1 ilcX 7 1 (ett.
-ss. Vffl /jiJ',>.1";'.-*-;'3
r,. <r: 3 " ,-: ,"? AWK.
MARSH, Wholesale  Heeler In   Klsh  and
Game, Bastion streel, Ntintiiino.
Cer. Haliburton and Keedham Streets
Is thc place for
In Sin 1 .le innl Fancy .
Dry Goods,
Boots and 8hoes,
Patent Medicines, Etc.
Give Her a Call and be Convinced
GoodB Oellverei? Free to any part ci tlte City
new metal
Make* tlte
Most PermanenJ
and Artistic
Sign Letter
In rilitenc
Woi.i''K, financial and tn-liiranco Agoiit,
< Jotuihtun Blook.
pOllEMAN ft IIAliliY
10    llii-tton Rtrect.
Ileal I.atnte Biokem-
und I'tincy Aitt-
T\  TAVI.ou. Dealer In all klncU of New nml
It. SccnniMlai'tl l^urnl —'    '-"
oloaol every iltmnrtptloii.
Masonic bniltung.
A. pure Ginpe Cream of Tartar Powder.   Fret
ftgttl Ari*--.mia,Alii:iie,- nny 01 .,, ,','.-Ji.c,3i,i
. .08. Jl. HI10WN, ".Vnli-l'imiUer. Watflll**
1 *t innl Olockn ciiri'litlly cleaneu anil re-jalrau.
i Uorner Ohnrolt and Chapel "treat*.
ALL FREIGHTS left on tho
Nanaimo Wharf Co.'s "Wharf
will be at owners' risk.
A. R. 1I8H!!
'1     ■!*'>•■••<!•<
The Crescent Boot and Shoe Store
.  I
To bo or not to be, nil tongUOl n.pont,
Cnn NVHITFIKLU'H famOUB booifl and shoes be
Loud echo crtcs, " Bo-boftt they never will
While Leather*! leather, an.l Whlla Blclll 1b hklll."
Would I had Uvod to Bee ilk loot
l-'rae heel to toe, frae sole to on It
Weel covered wi' a WHLTFIBLO boot,
.Sar nut'! nud Itraw;
O' health and happlneBB lhe root
Aro they lo a'.
Had they bnt lived to let me ken
What tfo'od bootf wefe. three Ktiore and ten
Had Beeu me toddlin' i>ni and hen
At my concern ii
And charmln' mankind Wr my )>un.
Signed, Uonuis ui'unh.
0 Caledonia, Btern and wild,
How ItlcMt must he cae]i man nnd child,
Ami mother, wi.u and maiden talr
Who WI1ITF1KL1VS boQtB and nhues muy wear
hand ol braWII heath and gll&ggy wood.
Von know how cheap they nr« and Rood,
'I ho work that leave.*, tholr t-kiUul baud
llu.** mine ctii|icrior In the land.
My OOUUtry'B tlirlft la overthrown
U it thlB truth Una nover known.
SchoolSht.esa)  "WIJITFIET-DV
Specialty,   )      aO Vlclovl* Oretwont,
Sole AL'int tor Hriittih I'nlniiilila
loctl ,'lteilt, JAS. HIRE
Shamrock Livery Stablt
mm bro;
An lixiircfifl Van meetl all
Trains and Steuinrra Daily, anil
On Hand to Ordor ut any hour
Ti'It'lihiinf S	


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