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The Nanaimo Semi-Weekly Mail 1896-08-06

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 , Trie
i Printing
Second Yeni
And Increased'success of lhe
people's paper, the )
j Nanaimo MaiL^S'
VOL. I2.-N0. 13-
Is our business, and the su-
poriority ol   nur work   com
im nils itself, while as to juices
To deal with us.   All classes
of work fur all classes of CUSto-
It Is Profitable
To tit-ill with us
= of WMi'k fur all c!:
) mere is our spec:
I a
Infesting Trees, Shrubs,)
... n     ... , , o    ii    ii    ii    ii    u:—
1' lowers iiml \ egetables.'
Y'ou v.-;1111 Bomotliing tlial will do tho business
effectually, yi'l will not injure the most
dolicutp flower or plant,
Ills ellri yyaic mull vhwn
Does the trick.   Try a tin,
We also havo in stuck  Whole Oil Sonp, used
by all  Pruil Growers.
We huve a small .-luck of Frail Jars—Pints, Quarts and
Half Gallons.
Delta and Duncan's Creami ry Butter and Choice Manitoba
Creamery and selected Dairy Butler in 5, 10, 20 and
.'in lb. tubs.    Prices away down,
Sterilized Cream from the Delta Creamery, very choico, in
Pint Jars.
Wo havi' a full line of the besl Groceries al Ihe Bottom
Prices.    Quality Guaranteed.
Wo havo just opened oul a large consignment of Boots and
Slims.    Prices are right.
\\ hen ymi want a delicious dish of Ice t'reain,
call   at Ml KKNZIK's
inilUIIin nUlin ll Hair Chinese, as the treaty between Great ing from the shops referred to.    The
P. I\\m\ MX    R Wm Britain   an*-1 Japan tii.I noj affeel   prosperity ofthe country depended on
.I'-,   ..''ii.:  ll .!   f, ;■'    1,1  !,', I ";*jf ,,       .   .          . .,                  .,          ,.     the   nature  ol   its population,  and   the
li nr-li5 SI     (I   Nl i V      i'S *' ,,""":"""-    ilicywcrcAliiM-.i!!-  s tion of the question rested with the
IliniliniU II1LLU II UHL. ans and should be treated the same  people.
Ins Chinamen as   near  us   possible.      Mr* Tics.  Keith  made a few wel
Always un hand.
He pleaded for harmony and unity  •''"'■'" ./-""arks  from  the standpoint
,,,,      ,.       , ,.   . ,.     ,,, f     ,■      , , ■ ,. ,, •    that Belf-preaervatlon was the first law
rhe People a  I nil  Oil  tile Chi-  of action from one end ofthe pro-  0f nature.    The question was by which
licsc Question.
Ice. ice.
vince to the other, and if ihey \xer, class the country would bo most benedt-
tl'lie to each otlier they would sue-  i*'1 1 tdthis there could be only one
(.jjp,] answer.     It   made his blood bosl to see
,,.,' •          ,   ,.        •                  , ,, ihe conditions to which white men had
Ihis resolution also received the tb submit, and he hoped the enthusiasm
Their  Interest  Manifested  at One unanimous consent of the audience, would not wane and every man, woman
nf ii„. i',.i Montinm. in n„,       Tl-8 chairman then took occasion to and child use their best efforts to bring
oi ine iie.-i .iieetitiiis in we ,       ,     .    , ,   , ii..,,...,-,.,,,,,,,, ,  ,,.,.,,...cti,i !h„d
...     ,..                  state that he had extended an in- the inovement t oa sueces slul Issue.
I is dry  oi   tie  t 11 \-.               ,.;,,,;  ,   ,      n ,t      t                 ■   .1 Harry sheppanl, a miner, addressed
y       1       ,..      •                vitation to alL the clergymen 111 the thB  meeting  upon   his experience in
opoecnes, IMC.                    city to be present, and he was glad Nanaimo; how he had employed white
to see the maeting honored by the men to clear hia property on the five-
presence    of    Kev.    Canon   Good, acre lots at a cost of «450 when bv em-
' ploying t hi oilmen  hecould have had it
Cull tuitl See our Stock and Get our  Figure*
.?« AJ
11   wil
m  mm - $ K^Pi1^     Victoria
Si-J E3 %2&.m j y '<3d3i &■       Crescen
* , 1 ,,' })iiiviiii,r (Jlunamen lu-ruuM have had it*
The anti-Chinese'meetingatthe ttlth10Ugn otl'era wore absent,    he ,,,„„, for ^m. lind ,imV) when ha had
•   Opera   House   last night, called by   reiul a 1'!U,;r.1''."!"1ll,':v- D.A.MoRae, met with an accident in No. 6 shaft, he
rio      tt    •        *r» • it        m 11    •        ■ "    reiii-ettiti" us ma nt htv tn he iii-e-ent bad endeavored to makea living by sell-
The Union Brewing Co., u»'?,Davits°n'»lwp°nse l"n '>- onSTZS a■, ,..i,, n vegetables to thus,. ,,,,,,,,,,1 imhe
O " j quest from the \ ancouver commit-  "" ,,';;   ,", ",,,,.,...,'  1,'..'..:       " employment of Chinamen, hut, with one
Limited Liability,
1"*"" "um i"1-   ' miuiuioi   """""i ,    .       ii      ,    ,                 .,,        •        ' enipiuvmenl ol Liiinameii, (nil, wild one
tee   and   by   power granted by lhe 0I  ,ne  -   t'-Dyit'iv at Alberni; ex- ur two'exceptions, had been unable to do
Municipal  Council,   was  large, ut- P''ess*r"g his   sympathy   with   the so through their patronage being given
tentive, orderly, and  liarmoniotts, 'novement, as he believed il impos- to the Chinese.
Delivers [CE at residences     Or-j tentive,  orderly     ,                 Christians toe in.nete with '"'• Dawson thanked the meeting on
der  before twelve o'clock,    icrms while enthusiastic and unanimous sime toi oinistians to con pete witli beha|f 0l-the Vuncouver delegation, and
Cash.                                                     on   lhe  question   at  issue,  boding u,.'n.ese> out stating that,   in   Ins ,u,.)VOd a Vote of thanks to the chairman
UKIOH BREWING CO., Limited Liability. wc,]i  for the progress of the move- °P*""on. the only effective remedy  for the able and courti s manner he
W. K. Nutans, sec'iy.     lm;nt in this „}ty £nd district.    We ?ould ,b° brought about through an juid filled his position, which was car-
~TIJ            4       n    11      *     '   «*«* thllt tlle time of the meeting jimper-al treaty. Thechairman then ^'JgX?™ then reminded themeet-
«8 1N     \         i|i)H   Will    admits  onlv of a brief reference to ln V,    ,,°,r,   ,,          ,,      .  „ ing that the executive committee called
IYXllJ» JLXs   in'IU'i 111     the proceedings inthis issue. Mayor           ' !!' "'  ,,lllt'V(-''!.  <lf   "ancou- j for in the resolution remained to be ap-
Oil'crs her services to the Ladies of Nan-   DavisTm pi'CS
ainioasaii  EXPERIENCED .MUSI-:,  seated nn Iii
who has had  large experience In and  Good, Jas. ■
through the Northwest Territories.   A I-   « •    \J .    \\ '"''•''■' ■  -n    "'' cotitinued agitation, citing thc suc-TEd! faylor,' Alderman 'wil-m,,   Roiit.
dress                                                      McKechnie,     Alderman     Wilson,         f ,            ,   .    ,'.,:•,.•; Duggmi.Thos.JlcComb.Dr.McKechnie,
NURSE  BALDWIN,            Messrs. Kulph Smith, Thos. Keith, °ffiU',f,„ ,?fi   "  (-'""'"''1 •.■; ■"' ,;. Ti,.,!,, c Wilson, fullv  Boyce, M
W Nicol Street,     and C. IS. Stevenson of Nanaimo example worthy of emulation,  lheir woodlinrn, Alderman   Bradley, C. E.
                                   - : and a delegation from   Vancouver, dl"n*    '/ul ',ee" stigmatised as the Stevens ,n, Jas. Voung, Wm. Smith.
DPVQ^'U   i V\XP   including Messrs. .1. (I.  V.  Field- fP^'fodic  fever of hoodlums, but fhe meeting then adjourned.
ll Ciij-J JjJ A 11 111 Ul  Johnson, secretary of the Vancouver l 1C' government hod found it wasn The 0„   Ban(1 ,„„„,,,„, tl„. 0(,,,sifm
--    -■-         wsnn    [i _ *p j slow fever the only remedy for which by inspiriting music, and a large num-
-.'i ,i.!jn    I,' was a dose of exclusion legislation, ber of ladies by their presence,
:,  ,,:       ,,,.   m.,,.,,,.       air. n,.  i.  ourtweil,   01   vancou-1 for in the resolution remained to be ap-
11 ll:_r.-   II till:. 1 s r- Ll t .    .\l.l\lll , ,.,      ,,.    i ,      ■ •    .    i ,   .ii .,,1,1
■■ ,   ,    , ,    ,    ,,,,,- ver, who moved the third resolution   pointed, and this wus attended to by
es.ded, and among those     ,,vi(|i      •„,. th   appointment o{ a   the ■ tic -tionof ti,.- following gentlemen t
he stage were Kev. Canon 1     , .■ '' ,,       It. Smith, Thos. Kciih, Mavor Davi-
McGniEor M   P. P    Dr l"c:il   executiv*-    committee.      lie ! 8on. Jlig> McUregor, M.P.P., Dr. AValk-
V'alkeni    M   P   P   ' Dr urSed the  necessity   of earnest and j,em, M.P.P., Wm. Jones, James Smith,
Icoinmittee,   II.  T,   Ha
Udies  and   Children's   Sewing   done I Burtwell,   and  .).   G.
neatly.   PriDoB reasonable,   Address
102 Xieol Street.
Lodge Notices.
ms opening remarks Mavor   Davi-      ' hls reso ft,on  ,,llmved t"?,sa,1lne
son said he considered the question J°UI"  as  the °]thuers\ras dld th.e 	
at issue „f greater importance to fourth one moved by May,,,-  Davi-j    Dry-goods clerks of San Francisco are
the people of this province than the "'",'". the ftfect that copies oi the 01.ga„i}.|ng for early closing.
Manitoba School question, the tariff,  ;'-'*'|,'*1,'"'«  be   forwarded   to   the     ti1b u. S. Woodworkers National Conor in fact anv other question,  and  '^eu-Governor    for   endorsement  vention will meet at Detroit, Mich., on
and that members of the  Legisla- QctoberSth
I .A   |   IriiS
nn i,„hir   \Tn Wj5 Ron* nf St   hfi was very glad to seeBuch a large 'lll(l i           ,.         ,,-•,.- ..^..^..^..^..^..^
|!^;,,;,.;-u:,.u;a?we,d-i;-nu;;inHs'i,ei'i and representative meeting, evinc- ure bo ^ to u.se the,r '"'b.ei.ee     The Barber8, rni , San Frmaisco
 J |„ Hiihcri's Hall, Wharf street, mi Sat- ing  the  interest  taken l,v the oiti- "-secure such enUorsement. recently organized, has greatly increase!
„.—™   ,..,....  evunliiL.nl  8 o'clock      Vlsitlna                        n         i.             '                        Mr, James .Mcliicgor, Ji.P.P., who was • ,
,',{'  ''  "".■■,,,   .il ,!    .," 18,'"B zens generally.    It was many years naxi burodueud s';,„.,■■« ,,,..,<,.,i ,,, in numbers.
^^w\ ! orelhren eordinllv inviled In atieiul. r, •   . ,.    ,   ■ .',   .   , "i m  iin.rooiii.cn, said ne »ub pieasea tu
'•                             ■                                         Since the question was first agitated sec such a large meeting and an oppur- His sail  that 3000 miners are  now
n Naiiaimi',   lull   since   thai   time tunity allbnioo nil to uiscuss theques- idle in the Indiana bituminous coalfields
lie   evil   hud   become   widespread ''"'" ut issue, wilh which be waslieuitily m„| that their families aresuffering.
i ii             i          ....         ■    ,, in sympathy and lorlhesuuportof which .,.,                  , ,,     ■,, ,       ,,, , T„ „
"!."..:        I'" m"''"   °-'   ^l"",'r!'! tb? he ivas wiiliiig   to  rendenany aid in -bkr| J,''^ ''fT "'   'be Metmpulitan In,..
l-'tico. W'.MtsiAi-K, Sec.   I since the question Was first agitated sec such a large meeting" and an oppor-j     It is said  that 3 ' miners  are  now
in Nanainio,   but   since   thai   time tuniiy aUbriioo all touiscuss theques- idle in the Indiana bituminous coalfields
Iirinn u'i,ynu hml no liobls to wi ar,
K.i he I'uin'u fo Niiiiniimi tn buy Jilin a-pniri I
•■i'il linvuoiie iiiilrol ttiick Miiluiii'iniir,.t thi i,   ar 	
11 I en n lind Whltrtcld'a," sn vs Brian O'Lyiin. - ,     . , .     • , ---  : n  -■  ••—-  ...«
province had largely increased, and power,   ihe agitation wus not a  new and Land Company at Ironwood, Mien.,
lie liiiiitoj^jlie^maU^aloiur Ae ni-Un roiue,   |)fl  W(lg  ^^j   ^ ge8 (|ri |||aU, ,, j,;l,{ .nil,- in .Nanniuiu, hut since the evil of have shut down, throwing 1500 men out
I/O   1MH    I
As the New Spring Season
is nov.' upon I - - -I	
to come and inspect our stock of
Philadelphia  and
Our stock this season we assure yon is
complete in eery respect and bound
to please, it comprises all the latest
novelties, etc. A very fine and well
assorted stock of Ladies' Sailors and
Children's Galatea, Silk and Lace Hats.
j'wmnwiiiuici'n |i,een   ta]fen   ,.,,   in   enmesl   iiv   lu l'-li-1'-''  hihor lm'd  become widespread 0f wotk.
I'.ir In-sells in, I ,:i..:|-,-  I,    s.l.ls l.l.ani' l.lllli. , ' ,- tl.l'OllgllOIlt the   l.'t'.JVUlOl*, lllll.1V WllO OH- ,,        , ,        .,
Ifni     *,  no mopped ..111110 wet of Albert ntrccti good people of \ ancouver, where 11 |)0SBli the n.ovcn.ciit ai  Us •inception      Employes in   the    ,   	
' J j | |     <  He tawwhitilold'n aign-iiire 'twus a treat;        nils cu'uhiietl to no class   antl  Blip- were   now  ils  ardent  supporters  and Reading,  Pa.,  Railroad car-shops have
I -'•' i ■,' V.'V*.'*i"i!. t' 11" .'.V'! ■' i '•''-ii'IVSuVo'i1,",?!111''"  ported by the solid men of that city could now sympathize with Nanaimo. had their hours increased to thirteen
warn 'edhi nre.itboot.,kida„ci'cowhide, wiih the exception of a few sordid ',■;•*■.'.'■ [^ "."■ j1:!(' '''i'1-';^*.;;■■';:'■:."' I-'day.
w^Zo>Z\,«t^^^^ »"'y U(),d V'i':m'"'  ■ lr i' -»»•';!" a work 'd mr'hiiwa^!:;;:;;!     I* tort H..,,m engineand thresher
11 Sure you've boots for tan Million," miysHrlnii   briefly referred to the history of the the latter, Che greatest objection against w>r,t<* at  Toledo,  ".,  have shutdown
„ ,   '!'";,   ,,, .,,     t«» trnuh;    struggle in California, which, though the .Monitoliuu was his cheap labor, com- owing to the " stringency in the money
lie In mail I linn Ins in. us. wiih a ui 11 ii in i' Men1 j ' • ' ' '     ,      ,  ,       . ■   , , . , D
lie imlit down his money, for «o boII only for   ll    long   one   and   fraught   With ob- nureu  «1M1 nlllen  all   othei   considera- market."
Tot ie unblle I.chiivk: "lie ...it take.. In, [t'lwli,     ., ,  i,      ,   • i    ' i  , ;, ,   i lions were insignificant.    He referred to      ,.  ,       , ... ,,
UuyoiAy from wiiitileid," says Urn... O'Lynn  stacles,   privation,   hardship,   and thu tailor shops  of Victoria in which      Ul,lesa business greatly Improves the
"If there's n lenk In tho too or »ldeof j-onrshor ' even bloodshed,  finally   triumphed from one I" .a i hinamen are employed Everetl mills will shut, down this month
Jiimiiikoltio Wliltfiold, thnt'8 all yoi'i neod doi   jn  the lSxclllsioll Act as a result of making suite for about a dollar apiece until September.   About 1200 hands will
Anu'u,,.1;'^ a determined and unitedeffort.   We -""1 overalls at a price which ho would be disemployed.
O'Lvin. .... , .1 no. lax  their crei u ttv tu slate.        .w-        , ., ..   ,   ,
., .would also have   to  BUrmount   ob- ever, lie wus constrained to state that a      The "formal curtailment" of the pro-
Wll ITEIELD' till' SllOe Mail, jstacles   and make sacrifices for the uiiiimman had been to him and oll'ercd duetions of the Full River, Mass.,cotton
Victuioa Ciibscbxt, Naxaimc
inst.    Fif-
Crescent Store,
benefit  of  all   if we wished to sw£ to make the same goods for 75c. per doz, mills was begun on the 6th  in
eeed. for the secret of success was in'P1*'1'1.  Ik' uonchided  hy  promising to teen mills were closed down.
Y'lll'im'il RllciriOW nirflpfmin  e.un"!St,ress'u}cl  unanimity  of nd- „"„^efore'tI,eepeople     ":'*'           JeUt J-hn McLuckie, late ol Homestead,
LlfllllUlllU UllulUCuU iMllliwI I   """'     ''   had been contended Ihat Tho chairmnn com limmited tho lasl Pa., spoke at a labor meeting in llaver-
'    lhe presence of the Chinese was nee- S| eakcr upon bis address and said it was (,ill, Mass., on the 2 Ith hist.; urging the
BAljtnisTEKS.                    essary  for  the development of the 'j'':;i;';."lj'i'.j:. ^^.IV'llV'Iru ,eTi'imc':c'.i!.'e> indictment of Carnegie on theohargeof
DAllKKR & POTTS, Unrristere and Solicitors,  country,   but   il   this   could  nnt he HB then introduced                                 ' doctoring armor-plates.    No action was
''Q"'".ercli.lsireet.                                 doneotherwise,it were better left un- n,-. Walkem, M. P.  P., who  began taken on the matter.
} /i   i'. caxe, linrrlstcr and Solicitor, Uoom u,  developed.   This country should be at the beginning, blaming those who were i.t a recent meeting of the Garment-
]     ■ ■!"l,l;*' ; '"                                 preserved for the settlement and for n*" ^;i'l';i"1' ""I' n'tingoyer iOOUChi- nmkerg, Union o[ San F,,u,,i,,„ a ,,„„.
Nanaimo, B.C.    \ ML"ioSon n^&ZilS^, ' the homes of our own people,     lie ^^^^^^T°U±  munieaiion was read fr ,abor C -
5    „  ..„r,v„  ■           —; concluded by stating the resolutions still remained in the country; citing the missioner Fitzgerald stating thatanum-
"'    v..                        • prtgsec*   ,lt   , |,t.  Vancouver meeting cttbrts made in 1884 for exclusion, legis- her of stores iu  that city were housin
would be presented for endorsement  i^1':*''"' .i"1'"'1^1 ":l" ^Uh.lruwn thBlr einplovea (ll apBrtments ...nit ft
l^.1'.6'-.,1!18. »r8t„of...ff.,»,ilj '\?akl bJ ?PXffi?ti»™fZTlZ^M  I «h»«.it.tl and a resolution w,
\*Aitwiinii ,v viiimi, linrrlstcrs, eorner of
1   commurelal I hns.nm streets.
>   'I'   HARDY, Uotiinle IlniBglBl, Wlndold Cron-
>il.  coat.   Try Unrdy's 1'lleOliitmont.
peat Sacnhce
moved by Mr. Ilawsou uf   Vancou
ppolntoil;   the  result ol  the comnils- >"»»»" iiuuii»hoii, aim u resuinuon was
jfon, which  favored   the capitalisl  as adopted tendering the assistance of the
ver, when, he introduced.                    againsl the Interests of labor, and  the uulun to the commissioner and pledging
DEMISTS.                           Mr. Hawsou congratulated Nana- condemnation ol the t ssion al  a the members to do nil in their power,
mason, iie.ulsi   uxtraetlnuasiieelaltv.  iiiiu upon having ii Miiyor'wlio was  l'"l,h;' ,'" '','"'"-' "'. \"'1,"1 l:l'! ""','1' lie] Individually and collectively, to aid him.
• and litlicriidiuliiliitored. " """'•     "'. ." "VS "    '."*''  "■",,     inaiuled   the   needed   legislation;   and
oilke, Odd-Fellow's Block, Nanaimo.   j using Ins l.est ellnrls in II.e lurlher-  the dual come of the (5U  tax
pletcl^er Bros*
The ISnss of RltCkOS.
,.      ,   . ,., ,, ,,     ,. ' 1 I"''   IM'SS    Ul     llllCKOS.
\  ...   ,    .,-,.,.,•   ,. ,   ..           ,.,   ,     ,         anee (i   this cause    unlike Ine Mav- Imposed through the instrumentality o        ,          ,                                           ,
!'   \y   .1. el l;\:\. D. 11. S„ Ureeli Block.      ir.-               ,   ,,                          , ,        ,.     ,                   ,,          -.               i. v,.i, \-   ,,   n   c inleiiiii.irnrr   tlm
>> . elassworkgin.i-.ii.teed.                          or ot  Vancouver, win.   lacked   the our member, Sir. erordon.     II,. paid a            " V ■ ,               iiienipoinrj, ino
    i,, i.i   ,,.,     ii..,. ,i   tribute to unionism by say ng it was thc seamen s Journal says that nine of
DKUCKI1ST8'                         ." "ssniy  had,bone,    He md   h „„,   th,      lil:„  .,,.;,  I]M,  uM„. „„„ ,,„.           ,g   ,,_,„,, (    fc    Rd R
pities. KN-r I'li.MiM.vv.  Uai.i.&sikaiiman,  Bret reso.lut mi to the offeot that the ,,. hoing reduced m the level uf tie.      ,,| ,,,,,,.. .   ,   ,,v  VrthurSewallA
i  '    B~prictow.^ Vlctm^u«™»otit. Oiapo.i»liiS  Chinese   being detrimental   to the Chinese, and blamed tho superintendent !.         ,.,               •   ftrinur aewail (V
1,1 llllllll,  l.-t .|.e- a sj.t.ciillly.
,.„.c„;r!;,";•;;!;;;:: oo. Their ,,.„.„, .,*., f,.ii„„,:
VANMMii  IIYE  WOHKH.-Dyelng, Cleaning
vt   and Ilopatrlng   14 Nfeol street.
c^'ii.uii.ii'n. Maungor.
fish  maukkt.
(.    MA118II, Wllolofnlo  Dealer in   l-'isl,  and
' Vl •    uainu, liiisiiini stroot, Samitmo.
5^As we ure retiring from business, we will givo every person
who is thinking of gelling a Piano or an Organ u snap
Our entire stock must he sold by August 1st. 	
il    \v,i|.It:. |-|tiiuieliil mul Insuraiioo Agenl,
  ii'l-   Joliimton lllook,
Mctiimia.i.. ai kin.-., w its, in i ii., r.imiiod   uerinno mnniw« in i i,n npiivi ,.,,! uien to raise vegetables lor the inurkci Solitaire,   Rappahannock,  Reaper,
Medical I.,,.., ,„,■„.,...,., ,v,,,i „„,i „„.  pilous nieniiu to tin prminci nnd :u,,linM ,,„. „,,,,..,. 8, s;i,,„,,... »ugauehanna    Roanoke    Shenon
"""Mr""ls   l'1"1' I;"-                        Dominion, the entiuncu tax be rais- n„ believed, il workingmen would ,, - , ;,,    ,.   ■   *,! ,.   .      *  ',.-   ," ' '
DV1S  w.m.'ks ed from #S0 to WOO.    His remarks  f„„0 , irehase Chinise-made g ,, '',''..I.';,! ' ' I' ka".1'. V * F'Babo°0«
detili  with  the injustice  to  white which wus tn tholr power, the question end M Hue   Itusenfeld.     Several of
men in the fishing industry, by tho 'V'"1'1 """a.1"';'"1"', solved.   He would these vessels are mentioned two and
C   1' R   whoBe shins were maimed fthvays do his duty by the workingmou. three times, making the number of
e.. i . i\., hi.use snip.- win niaiinut and he "didn't cure u.snap for anyone.'' ,..,.„, .,...,,*„ . < n ,:. ,           ,.
by Chinamen; and in other iudus- Mr. Ralph smith, who follow"*!, ex- ™?Ba 'l--'1" "' bewa.n B1"«teen'   CaP"
tries, while men and women were pressed his belief that 98 per cent of the t;":i  oewall, mentioned in the Red
\u^\   nnil   ri.n'*.i>
Preservofl nitnlc )
We only aiako tin* boat.   Trj I hem.
jDluck Currnnt, Stmwl i rty, Rorl Coram I
i   nini Oooaeberry Prworvos now rontly
starving for the opportunitv of em- Peol>,00| the proviiwo were more or less Record,  is  a nephew, not a son, of
^Tol'ics.                       nloyment: their moral degradation HTfJZ timfTl.c'q'.e tioi? tok'SS Arthur Sewall, and, irrespective of
,nnM, iioti-iw s1Tn   ,,„„,„„„. Vil.   ami their detriment to the country SloofirSm party politics;"«°all clS ^8 frelf ^"^ P. h«| guilt,os well as
W  torlaCrescent.                                         hv   draining  il  of  their earnings alike were affected.    The exclusion of l       Otlier   otlieers   on
ixtkiwatiohal hotel iTiiattu i   M '*• Maxwell and other members ''l,im'S1' fl''n "T 'T,l:"' ■"■•■■ ,•■"■■■•■»■: Sewalls ships, is in the final analysis
1  pl "'""'■  Vi'"""" ""-""■                   of this province had promised to do Z\2 ■ 1"lv'. ..s S ol general TjS^ blam^ Wor, Sewa 1 the shipown-
ins,kan,',.:am,„',xAnc,.u.a,;,:m  all  they could in  bringing about Uu„ IZliuZnun- l,a,\\^   !&" "'''    ^e latter has the power to re-
the needed legislation, but they must exception to Ur. Wulkeui's-uatenientro- '':"VI' u'i employe who displeases
be hacked  up bv  the people  in   a gurding the purchase ol  Cbiiiese-inade him.      ihe  fact that  these buckos
sir.,,,,  and decided expression of *$*{.i"{2 'dwiuVZ^i'idn t :'"'' ^pt ,in   '"8 ^n'-f'  n"twilh"
opinion.   The  peiilior, should  be ^homTlm'g S, ?h > , ,iclmsT"wm*>c "tandinglheirworld-wide notoriety,
numerously signed, agitation con- made,    lie also took exception to the l)rov*""  :ii:lt  bewail  indorses their
linue   and' no efforts spared until ■"<•>«•-••■?■•' l*-*" labor was not represi i - oond    L.
,,      ,    .     ,       ,                      i.i cd on the eoinniitsioii relerrcd to by Ur. '   -**-•-  -
the desired end was accomplished. Walkem, and I     iglu  the facts i  ei Vou Can't, Buy Happiness, but If you
tjiOKEMAN & IIA11DY, Heal Etitato lirolioiB 1      ' be t'li.ttrunui I lien pni the reso- elicited sliould I,  ce brought abonl   he nrp suffering  from dyspepsia, scrofula,
1    BmHou•ireoi.                                      lution, which passed unanimously, desired relii   lonj   icfor. now,    Healso saltrliouni, inipiiro blood, you may bo
Hlroota,   1'. 0. box 21-8.
MEAT,   B8TATB—lM-lliAM !■:.
sKc.iMi-MAM, srtiiM,.        "He then introduced Mr. Field-John- !"'««"  "'   '» H'6 V'   '" ' le bappy by taking Hood's
i   ,_  „,, , McGregor regarding the tailors o   Vic- oaisapariua.
|)  tavli, „.„,„!,,.,„„„ m,„,s ,„ n,„v,,,,  s''i i, who suhni Hied I be sir.ih.l res,,-  tol*U, tti.d snUI I    t ho heui    on       d      ■■     , , ,-    „
,i, XZt","'"' ,"'.*•':»•"•■ "nd '-...My ami- lution, demanding that the Japan- authority that nine-tenths oi the incm- ,, ,I?  !    ? arf "','.' .'"'sl 'i',""1-", ''"•
MaVoSOTuwny.icramerolal street j ese be treated on the same lines as \ hers of tiio House obtained their cloth- ™Cue sure       'm"lu'"le'   HarmleM« Ubcflanatmo flDailThe Liberal Pr°gramme.
l'C III.l>lf I-l,   l-VCIIY
Till  I'Sli.W     AMI   SA'J I  lll'AV
M VII.   l't'l'.l.l.sil|Nn  COMPANY
E. ('. Uimiu), editor ami Manugu
mi Street. N.iimnno. I'., e.
si'iisiiiienus HATES.
hv mall   cine year   S2.00
.JiOc*. en in.nnil
...   . Ul8
Three, In
Delivered hv earner
IlltSIl il'.
\i   .1    ,  ... i
The anti-Chinese movement is a
good thing   push il ah ng.
Nana',,nu has fallen in line in the
anti-Chinese   movement, and proposes to keep up with Ihe procession.
The " | otato patch " schema of
the associated charities at Ottawa
has proven n great success this year.
A number of superfluous emp] lyes
in the Department of Agriculture
were let out last month. The para-
Bites must go.
A correspondent asks if it is only
necessary now, in order to prevent
the enforcement of a by-law, to refer
it to "a party by ihe nameofSimp-
eon?"   We hope not.
The Mayor of Nanaimo, unlike
oilier Mayors we might mention,
does not either frown upon or dodge
the anti-Chinese question. Lie carries the banner of (lie banner city
in the movament.
As the settlement and development of the West is a pail of the
Liberal programme, intending settlers must lii'st be assured ihey will
not have to compete with the Chinese in this con,dry.
Civic ownership of waterworks is
now agitating the people of Kamloops, and at the meeting of the
Council there lasl week it was ordered that a public meeting be called
in consider the question.
  -*-*-•- - -  -
Free ami unlimited immigration
al a ratio of sixteen Chinamen to
one white man appears to be the
policy of those who nold a dollar
so close to their eyes they cannot
see anything beyond it.
Bismarck has staled that the next
European warwill be between Great
Britian and Russia and '.'"ranee, the
former to acquire India ami the
latter Egypt. London, Pays Bismarck, will he the scene ot* the decisive conflict.
The elevation of Mr. Bechard to
the Senate gave the Minister of Public Works tlic desired opportunity.
The election nf Mr. Tarte for St.
John's-Iherville by acclamation was
a deserved endorsement of both the
appointee and theappointer.
 *+-o* ■
The citizens of San Francisco met
in mass-meeting recently and duly
roasted the "solid seven" of the
Supervisors for reducing the assessments of the corporations. Yet
after all thc rousting is done, the
fact remains that so long as the
public utilities 6treet*cars, 'light,
water, etc.- -are privately owned,
the corporations will lie able to debauch the municipal authorities.
Thecity must either own the public works ur be owned by them.
Seamen's Journal.
President Bossevelt of the Xew
York Police Board recently addressed several recruits in the follow ing
language: "Sooner or later in ihis
city we will have a time of
great t-ivii commotions, riol und
disorder,   Then your duty will  he
that of a soldier." The least hesitation will be tolerated no more than
cowardice in the field.     If a   police
captain .-an,,,it handle his men so
as to en,itrol mobs and squelch disorder no other quality of bis will
As a result of the refreshing
promptitude of the present administration, as contrasted with the
dilatoriness and neglecl of the past,
the buoys at tbe mouth ofthe Fraser
river, whioh had been displaced by
the recent freshets, have been replaced, the Steamer Capilano having
been engaged for llie purpose on account of disablement ef the snagboat
Samson. To Mr. Atilay Morrison,
the newly-elected member, no less
credit is due for promptly bringing
the matter to the attention of the
While wo have no desire toantici-1
pate the result of Ibe various  protests  filed  against  tbe   successful
candidates in this province, il may
he staled that the eliirge of bribery
and corruption on the part of the
Liberals of this cily onuses general I
surprise.    As lo   Mr.   Maxwell,   of
Burrard, it is evidence of ibe desperate straits of lhe opposition when
they charge thut tbe voles cast  for
him were east foreman who does nol
exist - -simply because, as we understand it, bis inline is one adopted .in
infancy for reasons thnt are none of
their business.    What's inn namoj
anyway?   A Maxwell by any other
name would be as odious to bis dis*:
gruntled opponents. |
In a speech al St. John's (Quebec)
nu .Inly 25th, in response lo a flattering address, ami in lhe interest
of Mr. Tarte, Premier Laurier outlined the policy of the Liberal administration. This, of course, was
on the lines of the principles long
advocated by lhe party ami upon
the strength of which it was returned to power. Liesaid llie parly
had received the mission lo change
ihe tariff to better meet the needs
of the country, bul that they would
proceed with caution in order not
to injure lhe established interests of
the country. There would he a
short session commencing Aug. P.llli
tu vote lhe budget, bul the changes
iu llie tariff would be deferred until
next session, which will lie held in
January or February next. .Meantime they would communicate with
workmen, farmers, manufacturers
and others, to tbe end thai a tariff
may be elaborated of a nature calculated to lighten the burden of taxation. Relief for the fanners would
he sought through a reduction in
the price of articles necessary for
their use and consumption and by
increasing the sale of their products
by establishing rapid transit and
facilitating communication with
European markets. From a commercial standpoint be believed our
relations with England might be
improved,and though! il possible to
obtain from England a preferential
treaty which would be exclusive for
nur products. They would endeavor to establish more friendly relations witli the United States anil
revive the treaty of reciprocity oi
1853-56—" the golden age for the
provinces of Ontario and Quebec."
Witli regard to taxation, he said
Unit, with a population of not more
than live millions, it cost lhe people
$25,000 per day to pay the interest
uu the national debt -one-quarter
id" tbe total revenue of the country;
and in order to increase the population and thus decrease the taxation, they proposed to adopt ways
and means fur tlte settlement aud
development of the northwest. in
reference to the Manitoba Seltool
Question lie said:
'■ ll is not by Using violence that
we will manage ibis affair. I have
declared in the House, in the Province nf Ontario,and in the Province
of Quebec, thai the only manner of
dealing wilh this is by conciliation,
and I believe that future events will
show thai 1 was right. 1 am now
in the presence of tbe responsibility
of my word which l gave tn the
electorate on June 23, and lhe time
lots come lo keep my word. 1 accept the responsibility, and 1 hope
thai before six month*! 1 will have
the pleasure of saying to the people*.
' 1 'have kept Ihe word whicli I gave
yuu. Here is a settlement of thut
question.'"    (Long applause.)
Refuting the charges oi French
domination, the Premier concluded
bis speech as follows:
" During the last battle everybody
ilid his duly, not only in this county
■ :' Sl Johns-] berville, In,! the n hole
Province of Quebec, (if sixty-live
counties you have given me forty-
nine. Aud immediately the Tory
papers of Ontario began to cry oul:
'French domination.' The formation of my Cabinet has been au
eloquenl answer.
"'the Province of Quebec is behind
me, but l know hor well. W'hal she
wants is thai no oneshall dominate
her and she wilt not domin tic any
one, even though she hold the reins
of power. I am speaking in the
name of lhe Province nf Quebec, and
1 kuow that .-he will never abuse
her position ur give authority to
persecute anyone, but that she will
always render justice to everybody
without distinction of race or creed."
As Mr. Laiiriei' bus staled thai
noil.ing but ihe budget will he considered at the session called fur the
19th Inst., there seems little prospect
of securing any unlit hit,esc legislation until tlm meeting nf Parliament in January ur February next.
Meantime, in anticipation of the
prospective legislation, the Asiatics may be expccled lo invade tbe
country iu incensed numbers, as
they will doubtless be kepi posted
mi the situation by the Wellington
Enterprise and interested parties
whose sinister motives blind them
in any consideration for tbe public
welfare.    Unless extra efforts tire
made lo secure legish.lion at Ibe
earlier se sion, matters are liable lo
get milch worse before they get any
The did Age Pem inn Hill, introduced in ihe New Zealand Parliament recently, provides for ihe payment of ten shillings perweek to all
persons over G5 years of age   rich
and puur. The funds are to he raised by a lax un nmusemerits and un
in stamp duties.
-* <*. «~
The eyelids < if Nanaimo will soon
have to fed in line  with  the  great
middle-of-the-road party, an up-to-
date bieyie hy-hiw beingin process
of Incubation.
The number of employes in the
Department of Indian Affairs in
1878 was ii: il is now 53,
$25 Down
25inl Month
25 in 2 Months
25 in 3 Months
I would do my best to
make this a big success.
Call and see me.
>lf*V Worn/.-,*-.  KHB
CHo.o--.t-N if^gtSi
If vnu do, It'll malic a great dlfTeranee
with the youngsters und a still greater
difference with you, They'll be better
Bhod than they possibly could he elsewhere and  at.a ( sid'e.-alily less cost.
When you can save money by buying
hotter goods, youv'o struck a good inii-
tatiiin ol a bonanza. That's what, you'll
always lind in our stock—the best juvenile footwear in Nanaimo, Vnu can't
beat either our goods or prices. Ynu
might as well try to heat a drum with ti
Broken Bicycles
The Most Complete Stock
Jas. McGregor's
Victoria Crescent.
Garbonating and Bottling
MITCHELL ,t RUltMINQ, Proprietors.
s.iuri.o   in: —
Repaired in Good Shape
to avoid danger of accidents.
Repairing Bikes a Specialty
Manufacturers of Lemonade, <:1m<;<m- Ale, Siir-
Ba'iarllla, Ciders, Et«,
■ All Orders Promptly Attended To.
Toleplione 20. p. o. Uox no.
Notice to Ladies.
Coo *i,Q IIVtflOD I1 AM AI'I':N'1' ■'»' Nanaimo nnd Dis-
""ILC lIlC "ttiaLUl. trusts for tho New and Perfect Carter's
  Tailors' System.   This system is np to
1-.            „             _ _ date; a perfect ladies' system; is wit.h-
9 /-vT-m /-.-.«    II  /.-.-. -u ,x °"ta rival and easy to learn; is noted
1 P.V IPT    H nil MP f-"'its graceful lines and elegant forms;
IV   1   III    1 1 1/"L1.1JV it i« nut an experiment but a development.    I can also teach how to use this
SKINNER STREET system, and also all kinds of Dressmak-
               " ing executed in first-class style,   Trices
Mils. ,l.\s.   HAWKING,  tlate of the t08ulttl,0tin,e8,   Atldl'e8B*
Temperance House) desires to ex- Margaret M. MllClloilidd,
press her thanks   In  the   public  for N„_,.,,, Httl*,Jimon st,.t,t,t>
funnei' patronage, and now begs to
stale that the Revier House has
lieen comfortably arranged tor the
accommodation of boarders, steady
or transient. Single or double rooms
I). S. Macdonald's Store.
Sei0 ifi, in'!.:::,;:„,l,rh;;i.;;:. rlcstarat and Cta House
thing strictly lirst-class and charges
moderate. Remember the house, u
I.all'-,..ionic's walk from the old
stand north.
Commeb -, ii. Street.
Oysters in every stylo.
„,. /.iin ii n j   Meals, 25c. und upwards.
1 lie    (jlO, Rk    Hotel Gobd Beds* 25c' <*nd upwards.
front STREFT Spring Chicken alwaysou hand,
lias been  renovated and re-furnished, I  ■
and is now conducted as u nrst-ulase |
hotel. Try Philpott's Tomato Catsup
Ma. Albert li.ivra can be found as 25c. and 60c. per Bottle,
Superior accommodation is provided  ■
for the public.
—■   We Sever Sleep.        Open Pag and Night.
Arlington Hotel, aty Market
Having completed llie erection of the Arlington
Hole! nt NANOOSJE KAY, Hits linndsouio nnil I
;;:z:!;::;-n,^ and Retail Butchers
is presided over  by Mm. Thompson, nml lho.
Tublod'Hoto constantly provided with ul, the       ,»  ,,   ,,      .,.,- ,P ,    , - a
, ,. ,,, ,.    ,,    ,    ,.,  .,        I. <i. Box 22! Telephone 7-8
decencies nf ibe Beuson.   Combined will, the '
elugiuil furnished npurtmenls, the visitor liiuls ]
lho surroundings of Die most'plensnnt doscrip-   rwt rfri
People who Appreciate	
THE BEST   -■-
The Nanaimo Bakery Excels
Johnston's Block, Nanaimo.
Havo thoir prescriptions dispensed at
T""ir,"te ,!,"l,•      !!!! L SMART & THOME,
For a Cool Drillk        The Popular Bakers.
Ask for -:-    ( chajwaqskoidm»
) BODA   \\ AT,:,l
Lawrence's la^tL
Manufacturer of Tom porn uce Drinks* Syrups,&c,
Delivered free to nil parts of oity tiitti vicinity,
misT' i'tompt attention paid toshippliifr orders.
Toleplione 2-4. ''■ 0. lt<»x 70, Nanaimo.
Market, Bastion Street.
Cuban Cigar Factory.
Our Clears nro mado of tlte Cholcosl Havana
Steamers nnd Shipping supplied on Bhort notloe
at Wholesale Prices.
rirst-class Accommodation. Plrc-proof building
Terms: S1.00 Per Day and Upwards.
The Boon Hotel,
jas. BENNETT, Proprietor.
Commercial St.,      Nanaimo, 1), C.
at mjAmro. KftVicToniA orescent
Tobaccos.  Our famous
Cuban Blossom ■*»
Black Diamond
Art* i-tilU-il tor everywhere, awl in-o superior to
any linportod olgiir.   Made by Union Labor,
M. J. BOOTH, Wharf Street.
Land Agent and Conveyancer,
Town Lots and Farms for Sale.   Money to Loan
on Mortgage at low rates.'
Agent for the United Fire Insurance Company
of Mimk nester* Kngland.
JOS. 1. BROWN, Watchmaker.
oMiwIim Demagnetized simruUoe
Hy SPECIAL MACHINERY on llie Promlioi,
Kitic mul Complicated WatohM ami clocks
Carefully Cleaned and Repaired
Kino CYOIiOM KTKItS, for lllcy-cles, In Stuck.
Coiisiill C'llUltCIl AND CilAl'El, STREETS. iii.
— —— iu, iimun.mii u .*... sj li,iju...._    . .m.m.u.,.11   i .,i. ..jl, ','H.i1 '■■,.., I m.'j ■..)'■   I "ll
ed mil.     Tin' sight*; all about me wore   SJ
heart rending    nnd    horrible,     Mothers
warn looking fur their children ana uus-
biimlH for their wives, anil tin- air wns
filled with groans and cries.    1 was ask-
I od to go to tin' hospital at    Atlantic
I Cily,  where the  Injured   were brought
anil   [tut  in   lied.      Ah soon  as  1  found
A Flisi ExprGSS Crashes Illlo .'III   there were enough physicians in nttend-
...    . lain'.'  I  completed  my luterrupted  trip
.Inl,n   Peters,  nf  this  city,   who   was
un the West Jersey train aud jumped
! win1,, n collision seel 1 Inevitable, ar-
Forty-six Killed and Many Injured  rived here this morning.   He said: "it I Crow's News Pass Railway to Apply
, seemed   iii  me  an  if  hutI.   trains   were
| .'acini.' in witch* the switch before Ha'
other. As fur as I could seo the red
light in llu' signal tower was up. blocking Ha' Reading train nnd giving the
right nf way io ll..' Pennsylvania. Neither train stopped, ami  then the Kend-
I Ing train ploughed its way through the
Atlantic City, IY J., duly 31.—A hor-   ,.,.,,,,.,. „|   ■] ,\wr%   ■.;,,.,,,,,,„_.    Kt,,nm
rible railway accident occurred last covered the wreckage of tho trains for a
evening just oulsido of this city. Tbo f.-w minutes ami when il lifted I como who hnve been notified that they will
Heading railroad express, which left see the broken ears ami tlm ,1c, I nml not bo required after to-day. Tboy "/m-
l'hiliuliIphiu at 5:40 for Atlantic Cily, lllliired, 1 saw rescuers lift out bodies prise carpenters, painters, laborers, ete.
crashed iuto a I.'. sylvanla excursion scalded from tlic trunks upwards, their Besides these there are the live draughts-
train at the second signal lower, about bends  crushed   to  pulp.      Several   men I ""'"   already   referred     to    ."ml    three
Excursion Train.
Seriously— Heartrending ami
Horrible Scenes at the
Place of Disaster.
I'arte Continues Jl is "Persecution" nnd "Tyranny."
for Incorporation—Protests of
Election Filed— Re-Elections Gazetted,
Ottawa, -Inly 81,—There arc seventy
workmen in the government simps ber.
lily to the enthusiastic cheers of the nml- MACKS AT WELLINGTON.
tit/tides which liii.il the route from lluek  ;  ■
Ingham  palace to the railway station  Programme for the Bicycle Meet Aug. 16,
where  she took the train for Windsor j Foresters' Day.
after ihe marriage ceremony.  .*
■ In  the commons to-dny, the lirst lord      Tho programme for (he race meeting
of the Ire.iBiiry,  .Mr.  Balfour,  replying   at  Wellington on  August loth  follows
io a question said the lime had not nr    Amateur—One mile novice, value of lst
rived   for  the  consideration   in  connoc- ■ prize.  .*7.r.O;  2nd,  $2.50.      One-quarter
thn wilh the sixtieth anniversary nf lhe   mil... llyin
reign nf Queen Victoria of the release et   (he i
Arrival and Departure of Mails
Dally ex. Kim.
Wellington, Northfield  and a.m    a.m.
ie sixtieth anniversary Of the  .nil*, flying start, value lst prize, $10; ! ,..K"sl. w''"'"-1"" U.2B  8.60
ecu Vietorin of the release ol   the pick of the store, presented by Lei- : N '•itorla.&outliern Stu'esmid
places along hue ol E.& .N. DBilyex.Sun.
Railway    S.L'l) 11.60
if.   Irish pellticol prisoners. &er & Hamburger; 2nd, $5.     due mile.
The home secretary, Sir Mathew luvenile Foresters, value lst prize, $7.-
WMte Ridley, replying to a question 50; 2nd, S2.no. due mile handicap, A.
whether the government would lay nn O. F., value 1st prize, $10; 2nd, $5. Two
(he table the statement of the Lord "die. lap race, value 1st prize, $1.".; 2nd,
Chief Justice, regarding the ease of $7."ill. Five mile handicap, value Isl
Mrs. Florence Maybrick, said the gov- prize, $20; 2nd. $7.50.
eminent would not do so ns the course ; Professional—One mile, 1st prize, $20;
wns unusual and undesirable. The let 2nd, $7.50. Three mile, 1st prize, $25;
ter was written by the lord chief jus- i 2nd, $10.
ticein Ins private capacity and not in his *"***"*
capacity p.s judge. ' TBOUBLE IX SAMOA.
Sir Mathew White Ridley announced '
British and foreign, Eastern
Provinces, Eastern States, Dully ex.Sun.
Yaiicouvernndotherplac.es p .it,   i* h,
on Mainland of B.C.    ts.3it 5.U0
oomo*- ROUTS.
Comox, Union, Union Hav,
Sandwock,Courtenay,Gran-Tues,   Frl.
  tliaui, Quallcum, Hornby p m.  p.m.
in -l.e house nf commons to-day ihat  A Fued in the Colony Betweed theGor-1    Island and Den man Island  8.20  3.00
after • considering all the circumstances
in the case, he had nd-iwd the Uuoen I Salt Spring Island, Bdrgovni
make  Dr.  Jameson and  Ins  fellow I    Apia, Samoa—(Per steamer Mo"*""-'1    •■      ■■ ■     ... '.
prlng Island, Burg
Bay, Fulford Harbor.North
Frl.     Tues.
four miles out from here. The Penusyl- were taken from (he wreckage nnd he-
vunin train was loaded wilh passeugers fore thoy could he placed in a coinfort-
uii.l a rough estimate of the killed and able position died."
wounded i.s placed al 100. At lhe sec- Atlantic City, July 31.—A force or res.
ond signal tower the two roads dtagon- oners continued work throughout lhe
idly cross. The Rending train was nlabt. bul no more bodies were found
given tiie signal, but. it caught the ex-j ['.nulneer Edward l-'n.r. who died won
curslon train broadside, ami ploughed I is luiud on the thrntlle, was taken mi,
through it. The engine of the Rending onrly this morning. Willi (lie ntuiosl
train was shattered to pieces.    Edward   dlfflcultv Ids rigid lingers were unclasp-
Fnrr,  engineer  of  the  lle.iding    train,    sl i'i-  the lever.   He hnd been pinned
was  killed  outright,  as    was    another j  lown  by ,1 Iiesl  ami apparently net
' t, roadman who rode on the engine. This Instant death. Alums, every hone In the
man, whose name has not b, en learned, body of one of the male victims was
saw the collision coming and leaped broken when taken from the mins, nil
from the cab an instant beforo the many nre so frlghtfnly mangled they
crash. Almost at the same ins,nnl the. .,,. beyond recognition,
engine cut its way through and caught! By eight o'clock this morning the
him directly in its path. greater  nur'   of the debris    had    been
Anienilierofthe excursion pnrty thus  drared nwny, and i,  is thought nil 'he
describes his    experience:    "When    we   bodies  hnve been  recovered
itln r employees, mailing 7S in nil who
have  l n  dismissed  nt  Ottawa.   Tins
does mu Include the dismissals at Borel
Tic re will bi SO dismissals there, nini*-
Dr.  Jameson  and   his   fellow I    jmiui,  onraoa—iter  stcnnier  Monowni
prisoners      first-class      misdemeiuaiits. to Snn Fruneiseo, .Inly .-,1)-The feud in j    Salt Springlsland and Gab-  P.M.  P.M.
hei-.ci   they had been returned to Mul ■'"   colony,   between  the  German resl- |    rlola Island                          8 20  '-130
Inwn.v jail. dents on the one hand, ami the Aincri- '    '     ...
Dr. Jameson and  his fellow prisoners van and Hritish on the other, is increns-                  BY   STAGE.                j..",01'' :r\""j
win; tnken hack to Hollowny jail from '''- '" bitterness.     Much ill-feeling was   Alberni,  Parksville,  French  p.m. p.m.'
Wormwood prison this afternoon.     At  caused  hy the refusal of all ihe (!,..•-      Creek and Errington  12 30  6.00
Ing lhe dismissals lor the month about  Holloway  (hey  will be treated as first "•""  colonists to  attend  the  respective!                                                    Fri.   Thnr.
UI0.   It. is snfe to say that over half otjc]nRS misdemeanants. Hritish    nnd    American    anniversaries,  Nanoose Bay 12,30  li 00
these wire taken nu lor their votes .hn-j    i„  ,.„,,.,,.,• lo t|„, statement published Qneen Victoria's  birthday  aud  lhe 4th L                „       , .,         c,       ''■ "•   *• «•
ing the lasl election. .Mr. Tarte, who ar-   -,,„,i    Caracas,    Venezuela, in a  .New "' -'"ly.     lhe Germans have-renewed   S^/""6 Bay, daily ex. Sun 12.45 10.80
rived  lion,  Mi ■oal Ihis morning, told   York    newspaper to-dny.  lo  the eltoet their efforts to have German made the   Cellar (South), Satunlay
your correspondent Unit he would uinUo   that the Venezuelnn government receiv- official lnngunge.
The election of eight ministers hy nc-
elnniation leaves four besides two in the
senate and the vacant pur,folio of llie
Interior to be provided for. lion. Mr.
Blair will probably no, go into the senate uutil a commons vacancy occurs in
New  Brunswick,  ami  Hon,  Mr.   Pater-
for lhe by.
2.00 11 00
bom these dismissals io-j,.,] Information that strong British forces
occupied the unfinished trail fromAcnrn-
bnsi ti, A'Jetiro, preventing the passage
of    ml    Venezuelans,    the    Associated   Merchants Bank of Camilla Withdraws I
Press is informed that the only foiinda- I Gold From New York.
tion fnr the report lays in the fact that I 	
nbout 200 police were sent there after '     New  York,  Aug.   3.—The   Merchants
ilo- arrest of Crown Surveyor Harrison    Hank of Canada hns withdrawn $100,-
, No  other   force  hns  been   set   to  the   0(10 in  gold  from the sub-treasury tor '
i will run |,.r Nortii drey.   The wnt I .,„,, am* „„ r,,,.,],,.,. trouble is expected,   shipment  to Canada.
lection in  Nortii drey wiil |    At  the session to-dny of the Interna- ■»««.   -
iw  thnt  a   collision   was- unavoidable, I     i;.,,,...,,,  .,|„„(.  , .,  eitllP1.  .„.;,,,,  „r  !h„   not be Issued until the ministers arrive | tlonnl Socialist, l.nbor'nnd. TrndoTnion   CHESTERFIELD  CUP HANDICAP ! a i*„*i
the scene in our car was terrific,    l'co-: s„„,,,.„„  „,„,,  „.,,;„,,  „,nrtts tMe    s,.,,,1(.   inl npitnl. congress in St. Martin's town hall, M. iia.\jjii,ai .  Aiuj
pie rushed in a mild panic fur the door.
The (bird car was cut right in two and;
ml   poo]   which   u,
stacked  little heaps of Ids. cans, j ! Vnlllnnt,   French   Socialist deputy,   was      London, July 31.—The Chesterfield cup
..,,,.,. ■ ami n,her articles    of    clothing     Montreal, July 81.—Hon, J. I. Tarte,  chairman,  and  Mr.  Jlntthew  Mnguire,   handicap, valued at 300 sovereigns, add-
tho lower portion of it lifted bodily from  folm(|  011  ,,„, ernm(ii   Tue pitiful me- '» an article he.- d:    "Is the Govern- lending delegate of lhe Socialist   labor  ed to sweepstakes of 15 sovereigns, was
t.ie (ruck nnd tumbled oyer,    [-.very car :„.,.;,.,„,.., „, t|,,. disaster were guarded hv ment  a   Hospital or    House of    Rest?"  party  in   the   I'nilcl  States,  viee-clinii-   won by Mr. Theobald's Phoebus Appol-
was crowded.    It is horrible to think ot, .,  „„,.,,,  ,,„.,.,, (l|. ,,,,,,„.„,  „,,„,  .,,,,,  tl|1, which  he published over his own signu-   man.      The  congress  adopted  a  reporl   lo from eleven starters at Goodwood to-
the number who must be lying under-1 c*ty po|k,e    h-rom enrlv dawn excursion tare in his paper l.e Cultlvnteur, says;  fi ,  th,. committee on education und   day.
[,    neuth those ruins,    lhe root of one of   ,,..,,.,!<.„  from  (lli,  ,.ilv  i,.^.,,:!,,)  ,„  tho "I  put  (his  question  lo  the ratepayers  physical development, favoring n govern-   ————______
the cars fell In a mass and everybody   K,„m,  „r  ,,,„   „.,.,,,.,.   !|n|   ,,,lu.,,,..,„,,s of ihe Domini,,',.    Mosl  of t lepnrt- ment system of public education,    ex- —'
la that car was burled under it.   it wm-  „.,,, ,l|nl ,sl „, ., „remInnli   ., ,„, \„K,.r ments of the civil service are crowded  tondiug  from the kindergarten to    the
ply dropped In on the people.    I. think   „,,,„,,,,,. l|f (ll(,s„ pxcut,sio„ifltB „,,,, w„. with useless employees; th    mny   bo  university  eluding physical, scion- '       t-,-,-,  -.^.^^r^.       ,
tl ere must havo been fully SO or 100 kill-1 „,„„ who TOempd to rpvol ln Ul0 horror, honest,   but   who,,,  the departments do  line, artistic aud technical subjects to be I THE  I3Jl]ST      r
ei1', , .  , _ .,     of the scene and  were dlsnpiiolnted nl *•*"• rei-iili usl bo notified witlmui de-' generally accessible  to everyone; to  be
An Associated Press reporter says the   , pjlm .i|i|(,  u< K.{m^ ^ n,|my;;| lny  Hw,  thch Kl.,.vi,,,s nro    „„    longer: fr,,.   from .fees,   nnd   the  public  main-'         „ .,   .      _,   .    ,.
of some  mangled  corpses.     'ii,,.  deed wanted.    Our opponents will raise the  tennnce of scholars,     The reportB pro-   "^CL^",".,""""*fc^JOn    Irilltlllg
all been removed from tho various °ry  of  "persecution"    and     "lyrnnny!"   Iilblts the employment of children under
Assortment nt the Lowest Market Rates
Promptly Attended to.
All kinds nf
Tin and Sheet-Iron Work.
Victoria Crescent, Nanaimo.
scene  wns  wildly  picturesque.  Stngger-
ing in and out of ditches, and stumblin;
of broken    limbers,    with
ing in ami out o   utencs, aim stumming lmV( „,„ ,,,„„„.,,,, ,.,.,     „,„      ,„,,„ | cry of "persecution"    and    "tyranny!" hlblts the employment of children under
over masses of broken    Umbers     with ,,„   itals „„,,  IIlldp|.tttk,„g 8|lops .„ „„. They  have    already    com ac. .1    Hint 18 yenrs of uge nt  night  work or nny
only a  few fitful lantern* to help their „,,, ,,N.r„|si(1|1 •                 s  the scene ol *"*"■*•    ' *"l*nmoned before „„. ,]„. chiefs work   Involving  over 24  hours  weekly. I
straining eyes    the    rescue    gang   set , 0, ,,„, broncllea „r u,c Bervlco .,,„, ,„,,, vr,.,  K*i,,. Hardlo argued that whatever
bravely  to  work     A    heap    of    blood-                             •                 J ■   '   ^    ; „„,,„ ,„ ,„:,|;|, ,„„ „ „„, „,- „„, Pmployo8 ,,,„  ,,v„„,|s„   „,„  ,„„,„.„,„„„.„  of  „.],„,.
sinned  timbers turned aside  by one of I          ^             '             ^  l s"p           ' thcy ,, ,  ,.,,„;,,, ,„, wll„ ,,„ ,„„  ,,„. „„ ,„„, „  lllliv(,rM(v    .„,m,lliim    w01lld   Mai
the rescuers brought to sight a. woman's ,•             °         _' '         •'    « _   ;    > s,m,   ,„„,„,„, „f tnoll,  „,„,.,,  ,„ ,„, ,„, „  u.lp|1,:,  h(, r„1|mvi,;1 ,     eompeusft.
arm wrenched off almost nt  the roots. „. .        ■      "• mnlntnlned   In   llielr    , Itlons.    These  i|on |„ the dlmlnutl. i the number of
It had been clad In a dainty* white waist       ■,..,    i;.,,," ,','.,', lls'3 have been plnced before me with criminals.
tin, *,.,.,;. of ,ii,h   <l       ni.niy to    I    \'ot (uqiiue   in ll   II. e   cnl.se   ol    l.m   nccidiMir, ,   ....    ,...',,.,      	
the sleeve of which slid clung to it. Not   '''.j.':'1'"  "''"  tha  l:'"
live minutes Inter a chance blow from a |     ''
pick revealed a  still more ghastly rem
nant, a human head. Jusl ns one of the
linns tin
plnced   I, lore   me
r.-est of Wm. Thurston, the role,   detailed reports    I   litivn   noted    up.ui
pointer at the signal tower. •      "'"s"  l'C*10rt?'     '"  S'"'"1  """'" ,1|M" s"v"
1 Office.,
Bastion Street.   Tel. 7-1,
Bakery and
Invites Inspection and Comparison
as to Quality and Price.
■ d iry ihat the mistake in  rh,
relief  trains  reached  the  Penna  depol   'Hsplay ol signals wns the lirst cause nl
with its terrible loml. one man, who lay   ":" disaster.    Ihis is purely conjectural,
in a corner terribly Injured, regained his  however, us the a,rest may be a mere
senses  for  a  moment   and  clasping his l i°rtnulitv.
hands to his head cried, in heartrending ,,
agony.   "Who did this? My God, where I   ,.     mB CUBAN STRUI
are my wife and children?" [ 	
A Inter report snys thnt  fourteen of   Insurgents Destro;   a  Bridge
the injured hnve died at the Sanitarium        Houses—Yellow D\ ver Increasing.
since being 1 rought  there.    Sn|i rinten- —	
dent I. N. S. Wignid. of the Philadel- Havana, Aug. 0—Tbe insurgents have
phla nnd Rending Co., places the imm- dynamited and destroyed an iron bridge
ber of .lead at .'IT and the injured at near Mnrchn, Mtttnnzns province. Hie
identified women, four men uml a te* unnd of .lose Snsa burned houses nnd
innle child,  all  dead,  were  brought  111   demolished n plautntlon near Kan Fnin-
enty mon hnve had tn leave the government workshops or offices."
Toronto. July    •"!.   A    petition    was
filed  lit  Osgondo  Hall   to-day on  behalf
London*, Angusl 1.
Al to diiy'a sitting of the International '
Socialist,   Lnlinr nnd  Triple  Union  con- I
.toss the delegates  ndopt.-d.    nfter    a
/na,  deal of discussion, ;, report from
the economic and Indusir! . commission,
reaffirming (he resolutions of the runs
..   a                ,,... ..                 ,   .   •                ... i ( .■!," iii.'iiy   km-   rvKUiuuuiib   '-i   uii*   J I'll"**"
of Rin.enn \\ lldfang a Inbo'er residing ; ,,„          „f lm> incltlding thoso in su .
I,   lie-county* of Perth affalnit  he elec ,,,,,  „, „, „.  h,„„.s  r,„. ;,  (|  ..„        ^
t.n    or Alexander  I'ergnson    McLaren. ,,      ,   ,.,.       ,.,.,,,,            '   .,
„   ,„i  .. r .. v ,ii.  n ,,i. •„ ,i :' nbolllion ol  'hi d labor tip tn the age
,  ,,         :uein,i',r  lor  e orn,   lirth  m  the    ceui- ,■ .,.   ,,          ,.,-,.        .■    , ,±        .
e an.   Hum           .       ,n,       , ,,.                .   .,   „. "I  lb.  the prohibition ,,,  n gilt work  in
The charges nre i *ib. ry. personation and undue influence an tiie par,
of or Induced by McLaren tr agents, It
is Co alleged Mini money wns subscribed by corporal ions, companies linns
ne. I porous Including contracts with departments of public service, for the pur-
pose of -nt election fund, which was di-
nfter midnight.    Fireman Kelly, of Ihe Cisco  by  which   71,0  persons   were  left   ,.j ...,|   amongst   North   Perth  nml  other
K aiding train, was fatally injured,    It homeless.    Houses    and  plantations at  ri limrs.  the    monev    being    subscribed
is snid that tho Reading signal wns .lis- Marravllla, iu the colony of I.ucin. hnve   v'|i,   oonsent   of  McLaren,   Hon,   John
played nnd Hint the whistle of the train also been destroyed, leaving nun,hers ol   Hnggnrt,   Hon.  W.  II.  Montague,  Hon.
wns sounded.     The   It aiding   has   ihe families homeless. The threat was made  ,',|. 'Plsdalp,  Itohert   Birmingham    and
right of way at the crossing.    The ex- by them that they would be killed with   Andrew   Oaderdonk,  contractor  at  Ot-
curston train bore five tribes of the or- the machete if they did nol go to the  tawa.
dor of lt'd Men.   The Bridgetown, the village of Bolondron,  in  Matanzas.  or     Toronto,  July  81.   A  hie.  picnic was
Niagara, the Iowa, the Ahwnnetnh, nnd return to their homes,     li is now re-   bill at  New, .ode to-day  In  honor ol
the Cohnsstc, with the wives nnd child- polled  thut  at  the  time  the  insurgent   Hen.  Mr.  Muloek's return.
ron of ihe members. gem nil, Juan Bruno Zayns. wns lulled 	
Later -The list of those killed in lasl there also was killed hy his side Carles      Montronl, .Tilly HI,   A  protest was HI-
night's disaster foots up to -l:!, the in- Mucins Sollc'o and several youths, suns   ,..i yestoi'dn..  agnlnsl the election nt .Mt.
jiircd in.   This docs nnt Include those 0f  well-known  Havana   families, li   is   Poi'tln (Lib.) ... Laval.
able to travel tn their destination. expected that a man named Doilbuclicr,
Philadelphia, July 81.—At one o'clock formerly a  reporter for   l,a   llisoussinn.
this morning a special train from Allan-   was also killed.    The Spanish li ps arc
lie City,  carrying passengers bound for said to he using (he watches uml   |cw-
Brldgton .ml vicinity, pulled into Wesl elry of those who fell with Znvns
Jersey still!.,n.    Cnnide,..     As    Ihe    en- VellOW     fever   i.s   on   the   increase   m
glue camo into (he depot  and  slopped. Sag.ia and in lhe last three davsa large
'.he  Plght   of  the  survivors   in   the  four n„niber  of  eases  entered   the  hospital.
r,.-i,' en... hes  who    had    been    in    the Many of the nnUves aro being attacked
wrecked    inn.,    win   pitilnl.     1'ersons n.j|i, disease
were to be seen on the reclining    seats A mtgeinii nml corporal ami six „,,.,..
Halifax, .lid,' "I. A protest bus been
til, d ngalnsl Mr. ICniilbiicI, (Con.), elect.
ed iii Lunenburg,
with bandages about  their bends from   ot „u, garHson of Espraiian  in' Sngn,,
which In somo lustnnces Wood was trek-   hnve :],,s,,,.u,(1 ,„ |h(, ,Mllrgonta ,„1(| ng,
Iii i-very scat  in tIn* train tllet
wjim cither a niMii, woman or fluid who
Imi ivivivril nn injury.
Tho Heading express,  whicli  cut  tho
Hntli;inn  excursion  train  in  two,  wus
mil' of the ftisifsi regular trains on the
system nml classified nmong the fliers.   .,,, ■ ..       ,  ,      .
Us coaches wire comfortably filled and       '''«** .   ."'  ,"",'-::""-'  B,'v,'n  ""'"ra  ""
isled ii. the attack on the plantation
III San Francisco. They woo subsequently captured by tho gnerllln forces.
A wind storm at San Luis, province
of Santiago de Cuba, demolished tne
barracks    there, killing two    guerrillas
Ottawa, Aug. I. Application will be
made nt the ins.iing session of purlin-
...out !'..,■ nu net to Incorporate the
Crow's Nest Pass Railway Co.. with
power to build, construct, eipiip and operate n railway from n point at or near
I.ethbridgc. Alberta, through ('rows
N'.-t I'ess of the Itocky mountains, tn
eounect with an existing railway near
Nelson. Kootenay. British Columbia.
Reports  pul'lised   in   the  press  to   (he
effect thai n member cannol be return-   (oViiorj,  B. c. Compton's Wn
.•.I for North drey until the speaker is   K.lnK nn(]  ].•   \y   n,,n*s  Bertl
Irndcs where th.ro la no necessity
for  It,   nu I   the abolition  of all  tnritl
nnd dtit'es on articles of consumption
'Ih.. CJicik delegates then tried to read
tin  ad Iress of sympathy
ban insurgents, bill  the
Ing   to   wind   lip   tho   .-oil'."
"Hind to listen, nml Hcrr Licbk
inci.'illsl member of the Cormnn reieb-
«tng, who was chairman nf the day.
,1 nouncod thai   Paris, New  Stork
ed e .bi ni.in cily bad been suggested
for as tl.,. meeting place of the eon-
cress in 1811(1. The c, m-ros* decided tn
eo to a (lerinan city, but the particular
i", was nnt decided upon, and lhe ses*
siel led   with   Ihe   singing   of   "A.lid
I mit Syne," the "Jlnrsellles," the
"Oiirinngiiole," and will, threo cheers
for social revolution.
Delightful weather, a fast track and
horses, faster thau the average racers
seen on ilm Victoria track, combined to
give the racing enthusiasts three hours
ol' good sport ut the Vietorin driving
I».i11, mi i': lonv nui-i-nuuii, i i.u tiacs record fnr live-eights o( a mile wus lowered. 11. Sinnley'.i lieno making lhe dis-
lanco in 1:07. I!. Ounsmuir's Wynne-
■hou, carrying l-.'i pounds, mado the
mile in 1:40, .Mnr,ella's record of three
yenrs ago,
There were three entries for the five*
eighths of .. mde, It.    Sin..ley's   Reno
ot  consmnnuon.
on tried io read   ■»% 1     l Al        I
HHB People s Choice.
lor'-  Licbknccht ; *■
Awarded  First Prize at the Agricultural Show.
Bastion Street, opp. Telegraph Office
P. ROWBOTTOM, 7'rop.
Office Tel. 30.   P.O. Box 16.   Residence Tel. 101.
Funeral Director and Embalmer
tinnlntite of the Oriental, the Enrekn,
the Xew York and Clark's
• Schools or Embalming,
1, 3 and 5 Bastion St., Nanaimo
WUS I'lllllllllg nt lhe us,ml rate of speed
nt  the  time of the accident.      The en-
rine .truck the sccnnil passenger conch 	
nf the excursion    Irnln    with    terrific '"',' "".''',"' }["■" lM,,!'"' 'untuiill.v mis.
Ier the ruins, b'ive persons were Nib
oil by electricity. The Insurgent forces
under Perlco Helen nnd HodoIIo, in tho
ouch striick wus converted   !°",; e"eh, for dctnclinieiits of ri|niinsi,
I,l<> ii tnnglcil muss ,,f splinters nml the
troops um] in the lighting which CollOW-
ncupnnts Into ., innngled n.nss of blond '"' ,""'''1' "/ ,*'"' '»s»wnts were killed
and Mesh.     Seiircely one passenger in ""!   wounded.
ii nt ibe time escaped death or fatal in- „A" "P-demic of smallpox prevails ut
nfiju uuonanbacol nml ,s spreading.
'  Mr. Oharlos A. Smltl o of the lirst ; . A -Itapntch from-Santo Domingo, prov-
i„ reached  tbo wreck,  (ells ''"''' ol   »antn    Clara,  announces t,,„l
nf the San"SS0  Munez   Hrnvo,  nn  Insurgent,
■ us   w
lull*:  "I  snw  ll
elected is en us.   l-'ive members "i (Onlbralth),   Wag was tho favorito with
l^i'lln "I can notifv ,1 Icrk of tne the betting men. bin II wns uu oil' day
crown iu chnncorj' regarding   the    va- for thom,   Considerable I line wns loBt In
enncy end give lilm ibe wnrrnnl for an the Btart, nml when they did   net   oil
election.   A  member cnn also resign in Bertie   Powell  wns    lending,      Reno's
the same way to two members If there powerful..strides,  however,  plnced  him
is no speaker, so that i, wns quite nn- al the front uml be won by two lengths,
necessary  for  Mr.  I'orbes to have ee- Bertie  Powell  second  mil  Wag third.
cepled a- petty office ns ho did nr tn hnve Time t:04,    A ventursome betting man  nninrov     T"l*ietvie*'*r     hw    a
resigned.     Reference lo chain or IH ol „b light „ $2 lie,,,, lick,, drew J80.  COUVOr     r»lSiriCt,    Dy    a
ibe    revised    statutes    reenrdlng    Ibe      In ihe „ nil,, nice the entries were.  r,l1,rnlitTr nf -nnavltr
hotis ' commons shows this, W. .1. Taylor's Rogation (Stanley) lt. ,1. plurality OI nearly
The re-election nf Hon. Wilfrid Lnur- Perry's  Mutineer (McGongh), lt. Iinns-
ler nml lion. Mr. Mtilock wns gasettcil iniiir's Wynnosbotl (Qnlbralth) nml W.
NOTICE is hereby given that Edwin
Matthews bus been admitted a partner
in the above business. In future the
business will lie carried on bv the un-
derslgned under the style ana name of
Wilson & Matthews, who will assume
all liabilities and collect all debts due
the said business, and we trust that by
careful attention to the needs of our
TllG  electors Of Van- customers, to merit a continuance of the
patronage so liberally bestowed in the
Jerome Wilson,
Edwin Matthews,
Nanaimo, 11. C, April 7,1896.
n      IMI", ■      nil ti        iin        i'   iiiiiii,.*      ...       ,,,,
ending engine In a heap of scrap iron    "is been shot.    He wrote affectionate ■ ,_„„     .,,.,,,..,    .....    ,,I.*arv
ul rubbish piled up with tin inslied   ferowcll letters   fo his wife, son and  lUfi   l/UJlil!i.>    MA)    KI'.Mh.N.
cur. Tbe engino wns crushed so com*
plelely Hint il looked simply n scrap
lieiip. I could nut see whether the engineer nml fireman were killed, but they
coiuil uol have escaped, The wreckage
cm,-.'lit 11,'e from the ruins of (be engine
mill the lire engine from Atlantic ('ity
was brought out nml ihe lin mes soon
subdued, Although I could not tell
whether nny victims hnd  been  burned
lo lloatll, I snw one little boy laid oul
on Ibe bmik with his clothes burned almost off him. bul be might have been
dead before ilie linmcs reached bin,.
The Pull-iinn enr behind the Rendlug
express did mil leave ihe track with tbe
ours In front of It, nml Hie inmates sub
Antonio Pinar Lopes and NIclul Uoct-1 Tiio  Raiders   .Tailed   The   Socialist
erniiie/.   Insurgents,  wav  shot  ut  the
Ciibunn  fortress to-day.
and Labor Congress.
l N  sri'or*iv-
Mndrld, Ann. 1.—Kodrigues' column : London, July ill.—The rumor Unit
of Spanish troops, it is announced Here.! Queen Victoria Intends lo retire iu fnvor
bus ilefenleil Ibe Ciibmi insurgents un-j of lhe Prince of Wales is again current.
ilcr    Arbolny. in    Cloufuegos    district,   nml  it  is ndded  Hint  court   circles  nre
;M underwear,
L9   I LAMPS, Etc. etc.
Have indorsed the prin- TAXIDERMIST DEPARTMENT .
province of Smiln Clara. Arbolny nml
four of Ids followers were killed nnd
many injured,
greatly agitated regarding the stale ol
the Queen's health. Such reports have
frequently nppenred iu reconi yenrs.   a
lj io Im inl-olficlnlly contradicted en.-'.
but there now seems there ill IV be so 10
•iclinil  foiimlntioi!    f, r    the    stnteuieul
I.  Tnylor's    IBlsle    (.Mllllngtoli).      The
promising three yonr oil IQlslo wns the
fnvorlte, but ngntn ihe sp. rts were inis-
inkeu.    Wynunsliotl came in lirst. l-'lsie
s ml nml Mutineer third.   Time 1:40.
Tl nd-ies for the three-quarters nnd
repent  wore:     R,    Dunstnulr's    Black
Beauty  tK.  Prank),  .Miss    Dunsmnlr's
Vanda   ((in,,,,on),  uud     B,    .1.     Perry's
Messina (10. Cohen).   Vanda secured tin' , .        ,
lend, but nl Ibe lirst half lhe threo were  ciDleS and POliCV Of BihdsAND Animals set up In a tbor-
*/ii'lvu **"1* rv"u*  "" ongli workmanship manner.
On Hand—Four line Peers' Heads,
which will be sold fur price of selling
them up.    Also ii line case of Ilirds.
abreast. Soon afterwards Black Beauty forged abend, closely followed by the
two yen,- old Messbin. Black Beauty
crossed the line first. Messinu si eond
mid Viindii third. The s"omul Ileal wns
:, repetition of (he Rrsl tha horses win*
nlng in  the sume order.
The starters in (be half-mile nice for
IKilo  ponies   were:    .1.   S.   ltyrn's   Hindi
New York, Aug. 8.—Cornelius Vnndoi-  '"""e.   II  is ndded  thai   Her  Wnjesty 	
hilt, wns married shortly after noon tn-i1''"* decided  In spend  her lime in  the ,.„„„ fownor)   (i. A   ]<i,.|,'H Socks (W.
fered  little harm  beyond     bruises    nnd | day   to   Miss   Grace     Wilson     nt     tho   '•Jtnro   ''"   Balmoral   or   Usbome,     end Drnko)    \    Brlttlng's  Cnrlo  llbincn  (O,
enls     Those who hnd been spared on | Bridges residence, Bil    Fifth   Avenue. | ™t she will gjvo the Princess of Wales imrtnu'trl<*> and It   Dnnsmulr's Hon It
both triiius stood about ilnzed nnd help-  The officiating clergyman wns Rev. W-.ii
loss   lllilil    tbe   Kc'iillus   ol   Ibe    wolllhliil I II     P..11    ntal.l.Hl   .'....., r  u.    rpl ...
the use of    Bucklnghntn    palnci
less until  the scruiins of (be wounded j If. p„tt, assistant rector of St. Tlioiiins
nud dving brought them to their senses,   church,      The    Wedding    wus    privnb
Physicians who hnd   been   summoned  Frank Polk, or Boston, ilie besi man
from  Atlantic Olty nnd  brought  by n
ppecini irnln over ibe Pennsylvania rend,
come Iii thick nnd fust. I assisted tbcni
lempornrllv,  dressing    wounds    in    tho
flel l. bul It seemed ns if nlinosl every
victim pulled   from the  wreck had been
killed nl  the inslnnt of the collision,  I I couple took the one o'clock expr'ss for j don."   Color is given to the rumors in
s.iw the bodies of five children side by  Saratoga.   No Vandorbllt,   except   the circulation by ,be deep emotion display-
slue on the grass, as they had been lift-1 bridegroom, nppenred nl the ceremony.   |e!  by  tho Queen  as she  bowed  In  ro
T'^®' -^       TW SE**II;G *VM mm 0F Ul im-
hi>      l\/l nU       d. s.Mcdonald.
H rV- IV I   *-»*-l     69 Haliburton Streot, Nanaimo,
Vs?)    |  	
Commercial Hotel.
Windsor Castle.   There i.s no dolllll til '
Queen   feels  greatly   Ibe  welgbl   of  ber
veins nml bereavements, nml  Her Ma* I
was a clnss mute of the groom ni jfnle. Jesty is quoted ns having repeatedly ro
There were n„ bridesmaids, immediate- marked during her Insi siny in this city     Washington, Aug, I.  Tl
ly after tlte ceremony they look n ear-1 "J  Bucklngknin  pnlnce, upon the oeca ' lius appointed MncGrnnc i
Zi nuTlAZtZ: ffio* As against all other pa-
mini8tbr to goatemala,     pers and influences of
pros idem the District, and   the
,V.   of   New
rlnge which wns driven to the Grand | slnn of^the reccnl innrrbigo of Pr e«   Vork,"'to  bo envoy  extraordinary  and  instllftSS of its Verdict is
Coiner Conimercjsl and Rsttlnn St).
Tbi. long'SBtahllshed Hotel is comfortably
tilted up with superior RQcommods*
lions lor travolen mid others.
Oentral  Depot.    Alighting nt  the  Vn <-] Maud of  Wales  In  Prince  Charles,
lerbllt    avenue   entrance,   the   brldil   Denmark, "This is my Inst visit to I.on
mil is,or plentpotonflury fr.nn the
ed S'.ntes to Gunteinaln nnd Honduras,  —,.4.4.0-,a 1m,»1i/>d«a«i'««.
vice picne m. b. Yo, nn. who did m ratified by the Province
Vow YniK recently, while m :i Loilvc ot
and Nation at large.
None but thr lirst hv mlt- of Wtiien, l.tqiiow
Alea nnd ClgftM dlspBllSOd flt the bflr.
And Permission Granted for an Aildi
lion to the Stevenson Building;.
Fire-ilirliters to Be Paid.
At the regular meeting "i the Coaneil
M lay evening nil members wen* present except Aid Foreman. Tbe minutes
of ibe previous meeting were approved
und ibe following business transacted :
l-'roni the deputy Provincial Secretary,
confirming the telegram   received lust
made us follows,
goning; vice pn
secretin')', Edwii
Piivser: treasure
President, Henry Tie- I STOPPING
sident, John Hilbert;
(,liver and   Tlioinus
Herbert Jones; mes
senger, Robert Sharp, Los Angeles, und
.luliii K. Ellis, I.us: (iuton, The grand
secretary's uiinuul report showed an encouraging increase both in the finances
and the membership of the order. An
important measure adopted wns thnt the
per capita tax for next year should not
exceed sjl. lt was decided that the next
annual convention of the order be held
mi the third Tuesiluy of July in San
Francisco, The session closed with tin
entertainment und dunce nt St, George's
Club rooms, about 200 cm,pies being
present, John Hilbert, delegate from
Hevlnnd tnkerinan Lodge of this city, is expected
n pioneer home next week.
miner, in Bupporl of ids application lo
I, if, .addition to the Stevenson   THE (T1'Y AND PROVINCE.
building on Omnmerclnl street  for the —
reason the land was undermined, In,Ids      U'e steamer City of iNanainioliasgouo
connection an affidavit from Mr. John   on theEsqulmultniariiiewaysfuratlior-
Thompson set forth thai he had been a  oiigh overhauling.
minor bore for 40 vents, und thai be bud      Tl'*-' steamer Cuteli Is undergoing ex-
mined under portions of lots 5 und il,   tensive repairs and will lie fitted up as a
The   Inauguration   of   Honest  and
Economical Government.
ft Is Different Sow. , Medlolnal value in a bottle of Hood's Sarsa.
  imrlllu than In nny other preparation,
" Economy in the administration
■k tl
at the  1.
Rates  By-law bud
C, E„ i
oved,    Received and liled.
. C. .McKenzic, enclosing docu-
ividance from ('. U.
application lo
id   .b lill
block 61, where It wus proposed to build
the addition for which permission wns
asked. The nfllduvit wus accompanied
byn diagram showing the portions of the
property undermined, On motion of
Aid. Wilson, seconded by Aid. Bradley,
the prayer of tho petitioner wns granted,
the addition to be erected subject to the
approval of tho Fire Wardens.
From the secretary of the Fire Department, giving a list of the men entitled
to remuneration for fighting the recent
bush fires. On motion of Aid. Wilson,
seconded by Aid. McDonald, ii wns ordered that tho city clerk pay the sums
due the men to tbe secretary of the tin
figst-class passenger und freight boat.
of public affairs" wns one of tlic
plunks in llie Liberal platform during the lute general election campaign, which resulted in the overthrow of the extravagant and corrupt Conservative Administration,
land the return of the Liberals to
power. It will he peculiarly gratifying, therefore, to the people of
Canada to observe that the new
Liberal Government, although not
I yet fairly in the saddle, has begun
already lo fulfill its pledges in this
important respect. Both in the
Public Works und other departments, hosts of political pensioners,
appointed by the lule (lover,,ment,
us rewards orinduceroents for polit- j
ical   services, it appears, have been
found, and these superfluous drain-   The One True Blood I'uriner
of  the
More skill is rcqult'oil, more cure taken, more
expense Incurred in Its nmtuifactura.
It costs the proprietor nnil the dealer
More but It costs tbe consumer less, as lie
gets more doses for bis money.
More ouratlvo power is secured hy Its peculiar
combination, proportion and process,
winch make it peculiar to Itself.
More people ure employed anil more spnoe oo-
oupled In its Laboratory than any otber.
More wonderful oures effected and moro testimonials received tlnui by any mbcr.
More sales and more Increase year by year
are reported by druggists.
More people arc taking Hood's Sarsaparilla
foilav tlnui anv other, and more are
taking It today Hum ever beiore.
More and still MiuiK reasons might bo
given why you should take
ers ol  ihe public irensury arc, ac-
,.,-.,., """      cording to the dispatches of the last
rhe Emetric Light Co, have run anew   -      ,        ,   •      ,.* i    -,i    ,.;,,,.'	
few days, being dispensed with, with
a firmness and thoroughness that! SAN
will be'generally approved,   and
which augurs  well for the reign of
honest and economical Government.
" Repression   of  corruption  und
Sl; six for $5,
u      j t     re'it    ours idl Liver Ills and
HOOd S  PlllS Sick Headache, aoceuts.
line to Newcastle townsite by which the
provincial, jail and several residences
will lie lighted.
The diamond drill of llie (luliriohi Coul
Co.   is now down over 1,000 feet, having |
passed through  an extraordinary depth ■
Ilusiness Dull,  Witli  Sales Lighter
Than Usual al This Season.
nl' slate—much in excess of any previous
exploring in this vicinity.
Coroner Davis left yesterday for Liis-
queii Island to hold an inquest on the
body of the fishermen recently bu,ml
drowned. Dr. O'Brian accompanied him
tu hold a post mortem examination,
A committee of firemen bus been np-
malfeasance in olliee" was another
Harrison's circular says: " During the
 „aek there have been nine arrivals from i
reform    that the Liberals pledged  the coast collieries, with 20,124 tons of
themselves to carry out; and they coal j from Swansea, ;,:s:,2 tons; from
have already put n pretty effective ! Newcastle, N. S. W., 3476 tons.   Husi-j
check   on   a  big  attempted  steal Less in this line is reported very dull,
which signalized the dying duys of, Sales being lighter than  usual at this!
the late Conservative regime.     Not season and prices are quoted low.   Of |
long before the general elections, it course consumers are the benefited pa,
UU l "j,   iicniic   oic  silicon   ,;iv.-v,oi„i..|    i,    COUl SC CtlllSlllllOlS   IllC LOO  ooovoiA-,,   p.,, -
,,.<-,.,.- io,,, ,.., ,,o -.-,,,.,.,,. ... ,.,. .... |                         •"will be remembered, t'oodwin, the ties and jobbers are the suiterers'as usual,
company, the latter to furnish a payroll pointed to canvass tbe ratepayers to as-. goulangGS Canal contractor, made I lls pronts are finessed so closelv that the
to the city clerk signed by ihe men re- eertiun the sentiment In regard to the L cln*m foj.some$250,000for extras, expenses of yarding  and hauling eat
eeiving the remuneration,   tt appearing establishment ol a fire alarm system in ; Ag aU t,)e engjneerB decided against j them up.   Recent cabled advices report
.. .1- i:,..     i* . i 1„:—    .L-    A..J      .. .   . .   . , ,    ,
that the amounl of
,     .   It appearing
remuneration  bad   this city with a view of bavin..
a I iv- law
not  been  agreed upon, the  matter was submitted for this purpose,
left to the Mayor for settlement, •l"1"1 -Vquila, a seaman on the bark
REp0,n.s Guineva, aCliillan vessel loading lumber
street   com,,,inc   submitted   a at Chemainus, forslaslilngnnotbersailor
the recent departure of two coal-laden
vessels from Newcastle; evidently 1 heir
loading turns must have been on top of
| the validity of the claim, llie Aud
itor-General, after consulting a for
mer Deputy Minister of Justice, re
fused   to   certify   it.    Sir   Hibbert the list, ass e of the ships now then
| Tupper, as Minister of Justice, wm assuredly be delayed Vet for 00 days
report upon the petition of residents of   ■■*ltl* '• >•••••<"■ inflicting wounds m the j tholl!,i1 |le had  resigned olliee, nd-1 before thoy leave,   The stock of Austra-
Keedliam street, recommending thai a  neekniulabd en, was on Monday taken  v;se(j the payment, but the Liberal  Han on hand here is almost nil;  hence
box drain be constructed from Halibnr-! to Duncans for arraignment,    After- ' 	
ton street to tho city llmils, the approx- amlnution the prisoner wns committed
imateepst of which would be ?60. On for trial and brought to the provincial
motion oi Aid. McDonald, seconded by  jail luTfanaimo.
»   igVU     lid'    1.'   *"*•■■'•')     »'«v     e,*e\*      .ui vw~ -w*    I    I 1,1 i J    UU    ll.lllll    IIUU        IQ      11 Ml IVL7U   Mil   ]       . I ■,   ■ • i  Vj
Opposition compelled   the  Bowell the drat arrivals of "lYallsen 1 and Greta
Aid. Morton, it was ordered that the recommendation be carried out.
Tbe report of the road foreman, slating that two men had been engaged five
days hauling rock to Comox roud nnd
impounding dogs, was received and liled,
I'.V-l. \ .vs.
Aid. Mori..,, sul milled his by-law for
the regulation of bicycles, wide!, passed
its first reading. On the pica ot urgency
tbut "the yenr wus getting pretty far
advanced und ii was necessary to pass
the by-law as soon as possible," the bv-
Tbe N. V, ('• Co. are making satisfactory progress with their new slope on the
Harewood [estate, in the vicinity of the
E, ,v. N. Extension, As the slope is
drive,, the coul improves in quality, is
now over seven feel in thickness, and iii-
dieations are good for the opening up of
a large area of coal, Already the company have hauled about lod tons of this
coal inio the city for sample purposes.
A union missionary conference of the
clergyuion of the various denominations
represented in 11. C is to be held in Vic-
Government lo pledge itself not to
pay the claim without first submit-
I ting it to the courts. Mr. Goodwin
reduced his claim to seventy-live
thousand on making it before the
courl, and Mr. Osier,prosecutingit,
was awarded that sum. Sir Oliver
.Mownt is now Minister of Justice,
innl he, ".fter
(for steam and gas producing) will fetch
good figures. According to reports received July 111 by mail, there were but
1,1 vessels to loud nt Newcastle; since
then two of these have sailed, Notwithstanding the excessive insurance rates
on Scotch coal, there aro three cargoes
Tbe experience of last
New Wellington
iiilblield  ......
law was reud a second time by title mid   toriaontho 10th, 20th and 21st  ins.
passed its second reading. [Tbe by-law
is similar to thai passed in Vancouver, n
synopsis ot which appeared in a recent
issue of Tun Mail.]
Aid. Wilson was granted further time
for the introduction ol bis by-law for the
withdrawal of the unexpended loan balance for scavenger purposes.
ni.w nusi.NKSS.
Abb Westw I stated that Mr. Ilazen-
frulz desired permission to remove some
granite from the  land  that wus being
cleared for the  cemetery extensi and
the latter, being permitted  to u.l.ln
A number of special subjects connected  the contractors were to "divvy up
Indian tribes  with them, ns in the case  of
McGreevy and Connolys.
with the work among tl
and I be Chinese 111 British Cob, in bin will
be treated of by local men, and a general
survey of missions will be given by the
Rev. Dr. Maclaren, of Toronto, the former convener of the Foreigu Missions Committee of the Canadian Presbyterian
Kev. D. A. Me.Rae of Nanaimo, Hevs,
Wm. McLaren and McKay of Toronto*
Rev, Winchester and Clay of Victoria,
left for Alberni by special singe on Monday to attend a special meetin
.   listed for here
considering the case,, iast year, one would think, would terroi
has ordered Ihat it shall be appeal-  j-se underwriters
eil to the Supreme Courl. Prevailing prices are as follows:
Contractors will, we have good
reason to hope, find it much more
difficult togololnimsforextraspnid,
in future, than they did under a Seattle
Government which  ordered   their j;!;l'.Vi"'t	
Cons uny 	
j .Vttllsend 	
Cumberland, in bulk, !*.11@12; i
sucks    . .SflSl
Pennsylvania Anthracite Egg..,
laymcnt on the understanding that |
0 "divvy  ,
It Is Different Xow.
It is beautiful to see how llie sunshine makes everybody smile.   Mr.
Laurier, who before the election was
a hell-inspired hypocrite with the
clergy, became, when his seaton the
throne   was assured,"un  de  nuos
autress," from whom, on thc whole,
better results were to be looked for
t the I than from any forcing process; which
the Council, clunned that  the rock was   Presbytery, on Tuesday for the purpose could   result  in   nothing  else  but
on citv property und not on thut of the  of dealing with  the resignation of Rev, I antagonism.      Mr.    Laurier,   who
coalw .any."'On motion of Alii. Mor-   0. A. MeHae, of Sl, Andrew's  Presby-  before the election was such a malign
ton  the  matf-rwas referred to Mavor terlun church of this city, and ordaining spirit with  the protectionists  that
Davison for further investigation. -*"'1 licensing Mr. E. ti. Taylor, Presby- his advent to power would lmme-
Tbe Mayor stated that, ln accordance  terian student ut Alberni.    Miss Arm- diately shut up   all  the factories,
witli the powers, confer.- ion him, he  strong of the Indian Mission ol Alberni is no sooner there than  with  one
bad culled the anti-Chinese meeting lor, accompanied the party. '■ accord they begin to hail the, mod-
Aug.Sih. tie had invited a number of •■ decidedly unique elopement is re- eration and prudence whioh they
prominent citizens to occupv seats on ported from ibe peaceful locality of aro certain will mark all his plans
the platform, ns it was n matter ol vital  Shawnigan bake, the interesting com-. for tariff reform,    W ho of us ecu be
consistent? A summer cloud covers
j the sun and our faces grow longer;
The gentleman in this extraordinary we think of umbrellas and wish we
three-cornered affair is n young Teuton had come out in dingier apparel.
known ns Frits, who by bard work in The cloud passes off and we are all
this city and al the lake had accumulated some little ready money; the girls in
the case are  sisters, whose names are
withheld in consideration of thefeelings ! ployes with dismissal are preparing
,   . of their parents'   The trio were lastsoen for enlarged business, and those who
accompanied b\ Mrs. Motlut, left yester-  ... , . .,    ,      , .    ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,!;,.,.< ti,.,, if ii,,, r>nv«rn-
1 ,,.,      , ' i this c y, whence It ts sad thev   eft  put up nol,co tn.it n tne uovein
Milwaukee lo a,lend   .     .       .•'       ■    ,,„.,,„,,  ,i„,,,   ,. 1,1   u ,„
SI,aw,dean  bak
interest to the city, and lie would also   plication being found of a love fight in
like all the aldermen to be present on   which not two, but "throe's company "
the occasion
The Council then adjourned.
oniii.,t o» unci,is.
. D.   Moffat, Supreme   Rl
if the B.C. Grand Grove
if Druids
.riglitness and hopefulness again
So manufacturers who were a week
or two ago threatening their em-
rlay morning for
Ibe session of llie Supreme Grove, On
the way Mr. Mofful will Institute a Grove
lit Sail bake City.'
bn  bos Angeles, Cab—Colonist
A Victory for Public Rights.
merit was beaten they would shut
up for n year have now taken the
notices    down    and    plucked    up
templars oi- tlmit.k.woi:. j mittee of lhe Imperial Privy Ooun-
At. the l.-.st regulurmeetingof Nanaimo eil, announced in our dispatches,
CounjBll..R. T, of T., resolutions of con- the otlier day, finally settling the
dolence with Mr. uml Mrs Bell for tho claim of the M & N. Railway Co.
recent loss by death of their son William to the precious metals in the Island
John, nn earnest nnd consistent temper- Railway lands, is a victory for pub;
ance worker, was passed. At the eonclu- lie rights, against monopolistic
sion of the meeting a social entertain- claims, of very considerable import-
ment, with Ice cream accompaniment, ance to the portion of the Province
contributed to a pleasurable evening, affected. The land and coal monopoly in lhe clutches of which the
The decision of the Judicial com-! J""1 l? "" °"  u"8 year, anyway
nere have been some "cal unity
howling" Bince the election nodoubt,
but it is beginning to look as though
all the disasters were going to come
and go before ever Mr. Laurier is
allowed to take the reins for good
or for harm.—Montreal Witness.
Welsh  Anthracite
Cannel     1 'r>il
liock  Springs, Cuttle  Gate  and
Pleasant Valley    7 (il
Ill the senior lacrosse gn.no Saturday
Westminster defeated the Capitals by -I
goals to 2. The positions of the contestants ill the championship series now
stand as follows:
Victoria     (i       4        2
Vancouver       6      8      -
New Westminster    fill
Sporting .Notes.
Jim Hall and Sieve O'Dnnnell are
matched for a six-round contest in New
York noxl Monday.
In addition to getting third place on
the Ottawa team, W, H, Wall won the
Vancouver Corporation Cup and other
Cheap excursion rates have been obtained for the horse race meeting at Vancouver, which lake place to-morrow and
The first eleven of lhe local cricket
club will play the Victoria team on Friday and the Royal Artillery team on
Saturday; and the second eleven will
play Ibe Athletic Club team here Saturday after, i oou,
A cable lias been received from the
editor of the London Sportsman announcing thai (iumlunr's money lias
been covered by Stanbury, This menus
that the scullers will nieeton the Thames
in September for the world's championship, (iaudaur takes the steamer for
IDngland next week.
Tbe aggregates of the following II. 0.
riflemen ei,title then, to represent this
province bn the Ottawa team: .1. 0.
Chamberlain 475, W. J. 8loan 4e,\>, W. 11.
WalUOB, Geo. Pittendrigh 4nb, A. II.
Hunter 454, G, Turnbull 451, W. Miller
44(t, R, Wilson 446, C. II. Barker with
441! comes next, and may possibly attend ns an alternate.
SONS   OK   ST.   01IOROB,
The Grand Lodge, Sons of St. (
in session last week ill Snn Kin
elected ofllcers as follows; Grand Pros'.
'coul barons," who own and operate the E. it X. Railway, hold the
greater part of lhe Island, has been
a serious drawback to Ihe develop-
dent.C. W.Popo of San Francisco; vice menl of the l-lunil eve,'since it was
president, Henry Tr ■goning, Ban Jose;  forged   by  the  Government of the
secretary, Edwin Oliver, San Francisco day, thirtee • fourteen years ago.
(re-elected); treasurer, Herbort Jones, To redtem the precious metuls in
SanFraneideo; messenger,JohnIlllbeit, the railway lands from the all-
Nauain.o; trustee, John Nance, Butte I grasping clutches of the monopoly,
City, Mont, Theolncersnppninti d were: nnd give the people the free light o
/sslstnnt messenger, Charlei Caddy, of search for und mine the same—
Montana; chaplain, Wm, Sheaf, Oak- though still debarred from tilling
lund ; Inside sentinel, Robt. Sharp, Los the surface or dig.ring bn-coal—is
Angeles j outside sentinel, W.C, Water- something Io be thankful for, nnd
land, of Ala In; assistant secretary, cannol but give a considerable stim-
Tlimi.ns Poyser, San Francisco. Nomi- ulus to prospecting and mining in
nations for grand otfleers to be voted up- an extensive and rich hitherto de-
on by subordinate lodges next May wee, barred territory.- -Columbian,
Highest Honors—World's Fair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Fiei
ftom Ammonia, Alum or any otber adulterant
40 Years the Standard,
Cabinet Factory
Cabinet Maker.
Having bad many years' experience
in the Must I am prepared to execute all
classes of work.
Furniture of All Kinds Repaired.
Chapel Street, Nanaimo.
That   O IKE.
IF your guoss is nearest to the actual weight of the Coal-
iind your choice of a Lady's or dent's Wheel.
Owing to pay-day coming on Aug. 16, instead of Aug. 8, as
we anticipated, we are POSTPONING the weighing of
the Coal until
Monday, Aug. 24, at 7:30 p.m., at Our Store.
We regret changing the date, but on j,ay-day we would bo
too busy to attend to this mailer properly, ami to compensate yuu for the short delay from Aug. 1st It, the 2-llli
wo will give a ticket for every dollar's worth purchased.
$ 1 purchased,    1 ticket,    I guess
6 " 5     " 5 guesses
10 " .10     "      10      "     etc.
This is for Dry Goods, Millinery or Gents' Furnishings in
either of our three stores. We stake our reputation that
no one knows the weight of the coal, and Messrs. Shaw
and MeKenzie will see that every one is fairly treated.
Great Gash Dry Goods & Men's Furnishings Store
Commercial St., Nanaimo, B. C.
.To thc End of August
Must be thc Order of thc Day.
Exceptional Opportt*
Opportunities in Many Lines
Lawns, Prints, Flannelettes, Muslins,
Ohambrays, Gii?ghan;3, and all Summer Goods at a 10 per cent, reduction
to clear.
Will be Reduced to Very Low Prices.
"J^Call and save money here by getting our cash dis--
count, instead of a chance for a bike, etc.—money saved is
money made—at tlie
Bicycle?. Bicycles.
To Bicycles dono on our promises at the shortest possible notice.
Next to Sloan & Scott's Old Stand.
P. S—-A large consignment of bicycle sundries just arriv-
fi'oni tbe east.


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