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The Nanaimo Semi-Weekly Mail Jul 23, 1896

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By the test of nubile opinion
and found "nil rlifht."
Second Year
And increased success of the
people's paper, the (
] Nanaimo Mail.8b£yB„K,'r: I
VOL. II.—NO. 9.
j Printing.
Im our business, and the superiority of our work commends itself, while as to prices
It Is Profitable
To deal with us.    All classes
Lof work for ul I classes of customers is our specialty.
low is tho Ti e
Infesting Trees, Shrubs.)
i-i '      iv      ,   i i     !   0    o    o    o    o    o:—
J'lowt rs uml \ egelables.j
You went something that will do the business
effectually, yot will not injure tho most
delicate flower or plant.
Docs the trick.    Try a tin.
We also havo in stock Whale Oil Soap, used
by all Fruit Growers.
We have a small stock of Fruit Jars—Pints, Quarts and
Half Gallons.
Delta and Duncan's Creamery Butter and choice Manitoba
Creamery and selected Dairy Butter in 5, 10, 20 and
30 lb. tubs.    Prices awuy down,
Sterilized Cream from the Delta Creamery, very choice, in
Pint Jars.
AVe have a full line of the best Groceries at the Bottom
Prices.    Quulily Guaranteed.
We have just opened mil a large consignment of Boots and
Shoes.    Prices are right,
Call and See our Stock and Get our  Figures.    It wil
T*-       ITS B   ?
Nlti I mmi
■       Crescent.
When you want a delicious dish of lee Cream,
call nt MoKENZIE'S,
on V e.ToitiA Obbbcent,
Always on hand.
Ice. Ice.
Chinese Immigration a Source
of Consternation.
Earnestness and Unity of Action Necessary—Pre-election Pledges
Musi   lie  Faithfully
Curried Out,
The Union Brewing Co.,
Limited Liability,
Editoii Mail: The influx of Mongolians  into   British  Columbia  is
now out of nil proportion to the requirements uf tiie country, and the
character it has assumed is fast becoming a menace  to the common
Delivers ICE at residences.   Or-  weal, and so much  so that it is a
del- before twelve o'clock.   Terms source of consternation, not to say
Cash. anxiety, to all deep-thinking, im -
UNION BREWIi CO., Limited Lialiliiy. partial  and  unprejudiced persons.
W, E. Nonius, Sec'ty.     What the outcome of it all will be
_ . ','"   ,,    .. -. ~~ .   ' ' j time alone can  determine, but the
«ll*^J     '\      lv) lil Will    Present evil is so abundantly ap-
i.,ILO. i.i.   JJCHVlYi I .*'a     parent that we cannot lunger blind
ourselves to the facl that strong re-
Offers her services to the Ladies of Nnn-
who bus lind large experience in und
through the Northwest Territories. Address
Sli Nieo! Street.
t.-V'-i'-V-'V^-U'^'-i^^t-*^^ nrlM|,,,, vmi lm, no ,|(m!l. t0 B.enr
A  Sn he camo to Naiuiiiuo to buy him 11 pair
strictive measures must  be insti-j
tilled to bring about a change, and
at once.
Temporizing with such   a   for-j
raidablefoe is worse than useless; it
is suicidal to our material welfare,
and iiiith  individually and colleo
lively we must one and all use our
it,   best endeavors to impress upon our
rulers the imperative necessity of
devising means of such an active
character that they shall be restrict-
i ive even unto prohibition, otherwise;
there will be no alternative but for
the individual  classes to leave the
country  in search of otlier (ields,
where their energies and labor will
, , .   ,      """*""* , , „       ..... I be better appreciated.    That there
Tnkerman  Lodge,  No, SxS, Sons o   rl.   ... * '   ..
He,,-.,:.-Regular weekly i tine is held  •** widespread discontent throughout i
in Hilbert's Hull, Wharf street, on Sat-  the length and breadth of tha  t'ro-
[tiiiiAY evening at 8 o'clock.   Visiting  vince at the existing state of things
brethren eordhilly invited to attend.       , ig  universally  admitted, and if al-.
•'i:i:n. \\ .>•;'■ t.'.KK, .-ee.   r, .   , J . ..,'.        .,   ,,
 1 [lowed  to continue  will inevitably
to place her own   restrictions upon,
the influx of people from the land
<>f Nipon.    The organization of.lap-j    California has 18,000 miners,
anese  immigration  menaces us as     Brooklyn has 800 union tobacco work-
seriously as does tbe Chinese ques- er9-
tion,  for the lower classes of both     The A. R. U. has gained a foothold in
nations are equally objectionable as Boston.
dwellers   amongst   us,   nnd   in the      A ,"-*'"'h olli™ °* t,ie A' K* u* llas
fishing industry (one of our  great- j '"'*'" organized in Toronto,
est resources) the Japanese are fast    London, Eng., bus io.ooo building
crowding out the whites.     The im-  t,rades ""''mists.
migration laws Should   therefore lie      'N'''v   v"rk  Central  Labor  Union   is
made to apply   without distinction '■ bankrupt.
lo all Mongolians alike, as the latter     Jerusalem lias eight printing offices
areobtaining a foothold far too eas- • *"■•••• *•*- ""ion.
ily in this province and threatenin |    Tl"' -*1"'''1 Workers' League has 5,000
time to menace  most seriously the | members in New York.
The strike of the scoopers in  Buffalo
lias been won by the men.
Cleveland bench niolders have struck
for an advance of 25 cents u day.
In  Vienna laundry women work  17
hours a day for tf2.n0 a week and their
The American Federation of  Labor
issued 45 eh art era in June to local unions.
Cincinnati has secured Eugene V.
ing for tiie last nine years is ap- j)t!i,s and .Samuel dumpers as speakers
proaching completion. It is an *•"" -Labor Day, Sept. 7th.
international affair; for no one! Boston painters receive $2.60, Wash-
country could carry through such a 'ngton, D. 0., painters, it2.su, and San
gigantic task. j Francisco painters $3 for eight hours.
'file heavens have been mapped Spanish eigarmakers at Jacksonville,
out in sections, a section being as- Fla., who refused to contribute to the
signed to each of   the principal oh-   Cuban cause were discharged to prevent
servatories in the world; and each a strike.
of these eighteen observatories must j    The convict-made pedestal for the Gen.
furnish a map of its particular sec- j Grant monument at San Francisco has
tion in    1,500    parts.       To do this   finally   been   rejected for one made by
3,000 photographs have been taken  union labor.
at each observatory, making u •
total of 51,000 photographs
prosperity of our  working men.-
Htistings in Province.
The Great .Map the sky Approaching
The great  map of the sky upon
whicli astronomers havebeen work
Ladies   nud   Children's    Sewing   doni
neatly.   Prices reasonable.   Address
162 Nicol Street.
Lodge Notices.
observatories participating in the
work will each hear the cost of and
be responsible for its own particular
piece of sky. When completed the
photographs will all be forwarded
to tho Paris Observatory for the production of the map.
The United Slates is not represented in the international congress
for ihe construction of this map.
Professor Pickering of Harvard
wished to undertake a share of the
work, but  it* was  finally  decided
The National Brotherhood of Boilermakers and .Shipbuilders has wiped out
the color line and will join the Federation of Labor.
All the laborers in the employ of the
City of Springfield, Mass., are to be uniformed alter the style inaugurated by
Col. Waring in New York some time ago.
The co-operative eigarmakers of Detroit
deny the statement that their enterprise
is a financial failure, and assert that it
lias secured a degree of prosperity that
is entirely satisfactory.
The bicycle lias called into existence
a vast mass of new business, which gives
In Black and Tan.
Ladies' Canvas Oxfords,]
> In Black and Tan.
Ladies' Kill Oxfords,   J
Children's Tan Button Hoots and Low Shoes.
Cash Boot and Sloe Store,
No. 17 & 19 Commercial Street.
LE. !•:. o. .ioiinsoj;, Manager.
narrow itself down to the question
;,,,.,., ;;, las to whether the white man or the
II i can Hnd ttliitllold's,' -ays Brian O'Lynn.      Mongolian must go, and should ihis
Ilo hunted the stores all jiloug thei main routo,   untoward event occur there will be
Sayslio: "The right ono 1 've not yet found out. , , .        .
I waul whiiiicM -I'll buy only from him, i no   doubt  as lo lhe result ot such a
r*orl.osell8tbeche,,i>Mt,''s«**SBrl,u.O'I.y.in.    L.l]amil„us   neceBsjty.      A stitch in
Ei.^^lUM-.^nn-'itS^i.ti       : time saves nine, and lhe wisdom of
HoopenedtlH or and George stood within-   the   Government   will   be  best   dis-
" I've found lt at last," says Brian O'Lynn. , .   . . . .,     ,
,.   ,      ,, ,,,   ,  ,., ...    played in taking time by the fore-
Woshowort him our cult hoots, kid nnd cowhldo, }     *' ,      .        D     •        ** i
Tho ones wo praise iiioat-nn seams ill tlte side, lock   ami   give   ail   linjietlls   tonic
Wo'vo hoots of nil kinds fi Quebec and Berlin. „,.,*.,„.;„•   .....If..,., ,,,' , |„, ,„,,„„ .,,,,1
"Suro you've boots tor the million," says Brian material  well.ue OI llie masses anil
O'Lynn. [uotrnsht    general progressive development of
nobouitht him his boots,, which of courso were   fi,„ ,„,,,,,,,.,, i,„  ....ctriciiiwr   \l,,in,,,.
Ho paid down his money, for we sell only for   the  Country t).\   lestllOting   AlOIlgO-
Tu tiie |,ut.tic tie.-iiys: "Ho urn iiikeii in. [cash. M'an immigration without delay.
Buy only from Whltlleld," says Brian O* Lynn        . , F. ... *.
,,   ,       , lt would be well for our members
"If there s n leak 111 the toe or side of your shoe. .      .. .   ,
jiisttakuitto whitiioid, that's nu you need doi ol  Parliament to understand that
He Will pen It or pntoll lust While yon aro 111, nlthnllo-h    w,   h nun  nine tnd   tbeiiiln
And the oharge seeuis llkd nothing," says Brian   aitnougn   we  n,i\ e elei .co  infill io
O'Lynn, [be   our   representatives,   they arc
WHITFIELD, the Shoe Man, not "ur miwters and we their ser-
i       VierotttA Crescent, Nana.m...       , vanle, and unless they carry out our
in........ behests to the fullest extent that we
\i       •       n    ' IV      i shall cull upon thein to give an ac-
faithful to thetru'st reposed in them
their services will be no longer required.    Thc Mongolian question
that the  great amount of time're*" employment to not less  than   150,000
quired for the allotted section would persons, and furnishes work ami wages
interfere   with  the general work of indirectly to a  much   lamer  number
the Cambridge Observatories.   The, besides.
Verkes   Observatory   was  not,   of About 20 firms of pants manufacturers
course,   ready at   the time, and the in New Orleans that recently employed
others did  not  care to lay out the Ln aggregate of 6,000 hands have stated
money  for the  necessary   instru- to an investigating committee of the
ments.     The observatories sharing [ legislature that they were compelled to
in   the  work  are those of Green- reduce their forces one-half by reaBon of
wieh, Rome, Catane,  Helsingford, the penitentiary competition In pants
Potsdam, Oxford, Paris, Bordeaux, manufacturing.
Toulouse, Algeria,   Sun   Fernando, A„ effort is on foot to secure four or
Tacubaya,   Santiago    (Chili),   La five Mergenthaler typesetting machines
Plata, Kio de Janeiro, Cape of Good for Typographical Union, No. 3, of Cin-
Hope, Sydney and Melbourne. einiinti.tlieolijectbcingtogiveullunem-
The map  will   he  in  total area
nearly  two  acres, but must neces-
ployed members who are not operators
an opportunity to learn.   The matter
arily be divided up into a manage- |*ja8 teen placed inthe hands of a corn-
able size.      For each hemisphere mittee of the union with instructions to
there will be 11,000  little maps, or j report .„ (|u. next meeting.
22,000  for  the whole sidereal uni-     The Ubor Leader, of Glasgow, Seot-
AltKKlt A POTTS, Burristers and Solicitors.
verse. I'pon it will be shown about
30,000,000 of stars. Of these 2,000,000
will be catalogued and numbered,
so that any star up to tbe eleventh j the   *jnjk,<i states
magnitude can be located as easily
Commerolal stree
!/1    F. CANE, Ilnri'iMOMUid"solicitor," Room 11,   Was   a   lltll'lli ng   one   at   the recent
1'. Johnston Block. elections antl the pledges given then
llcINNKS A   McINNKS,   Hnrrislers,   Ijnnm   II, lllllSt    be   fllilllfllllv   carried OUl  by
Jl Johnston Block, c aerciai street, |U1[. members or their positions de-
ly.uuvcioli a- Vtii'Nii. Barristers, oornor of c'lai'ed vacant bv their constituents.
l   coinmorolnt and Bastion streets. ,,,, . -    .       .    ,,   .     ,   ,
  The people inttsl also do their duty
  and  loyally support the efforts of
m  hardy, Botanic DrtigglBt, WJuReld Ores* their members by incessant  consti-
■*•• "•""• Tr*v "•*■••*••'•• ''iiiMiiiiiiiicni. tnlional agitations until we accom-
DENTISTS. plish our ends by obtaining ourde-
Coinmorolal nm! Bastion streets.
land,says: Miss .lune Addanis, who is
at present on a visit to t It is country, is
oof lho most remarkable women in
She is head and
. moving spirit of Hull House, Chicago, a
as an island in the map of the world. centreofwork and good influences, in
The Btars actually shown upon the the poofe8* p.lrls of the oity. Miss
map will be those up to the four- Addams is held in high repute by edu-
teenth magnitude. Agreat number
of the stars shown upon the map
cannol be seen by lhe naked eve,
even with the aid of the most powerful telescope, Thc photographic
plate,   however,   can   detect   many
entionnlists,   prison  reformers  and reformers generally.
A Marvellous Machine.
The  New   York World  has jis1
had  erected in its office the biggtst
io;. mason, li.iitist    Kxtrnejiiig a specialty,   mauds
Do Not Fail
huna I'liuTadministered.
Olllco, Odd-Fellow's Block, N'nnnlmo.
As thc New Spring Season
is now upon us	
to come and inspect our stock of
Ladies' I Gita'
Our stock this season we assure you is
complete in every respect and bound
to please. It comprises all the latest
novelties, etc. A very fine and well
assorted stock of Ladies' Sailors and
Children's Galatea, Silk and Lace Hats.
Crescent Store, Nanaimo, B. C
W.i. CURRY, li. n. s.. Qreen BloolK   First*
.   eluss iiiii-k giiiiranlood.
Australia settled the Chinese immigration difficulty in a satisfactory
manner by imposing a duty of £100
sterling per capita. Therefore let
that sum he lhe sine qua mm of oar
nltlSBCENT PHARMACY,   i 1.1 l.l. A STK.uiM.tN, .   . i i,       •    •        ,•
tj  proprietors.  Victoria Crescent.  Dispouslng   petition  to  the   I »■ >lin mull lni\ct n-
miii iiiniiiy recipes a specialty. ment,    Also make ihe captains of
MoDOWELt,, ATKINS, WATSON CO., Limited,   ships   responsible  for   lhe duties ol
Medleiil lliill 'tier commerolal ond Rm*     ,,'■        ■'       i..;,,,; ,.i
tionsiroots. Teiophonoi*8-6. till immigrants they bring into port,
„...,  . which will prevent a good deal of
11 1 I1.     11 I Mi K .**. i   i      ,       . t .i
  unnecessary trouble to the aulhor-
NANUMii  DYE  WORKS.—Dyeing, Cleaning   i.j i,   ', ■   ,.,,.,., ,...,, ,.,,. ,,,, 1.,,, 1.
ana Repairing    14 Nloul Blrcot. Ill(>-      "   ' *111*"1'1 ('"1 I"11 "" '"<•"
u.cii.tiii.TON,Manager,    prohibitive  duties   againsl   Great
i-'isn   market, Britain, she can  certainly  do so
—  ,,  „., ,    .   ,, ,    ,   ....    ,„, aoainst Coina and Japan.   In earn-
Gl     MA1ISII,  Wholesale   Peiiler   In   In-h   und      I . '        .        ..
t.    Game, BastionStroot, Nanaimo. estness and   unity of action lie our
strength on the Mongolian question
and none other.
,1. (1. V. Field-Johnson.
Vancouver, July, 1806.
millions of stars which no man has printing press ever   built.     This
ever .-ecu. mammoth   has   been   specially de-
i ou..*o *..„_„.. sinned by Messrs. Hoc it Co. of New
A Sky-Scraper. ..~ ,     *,   ,     , , •   ,,   ?   ,
.   •   . ...     ,      York and   London, nnd is the Inst
1 ha rage for going up higher has | { h     or(Jered for Thfl World   At
nol yet ceased among -New l ink
builders. JustastheSt. Paul building Is towering up above the highest
point of the American Surety stru
lure, as that 1
each revolution it prints, cuts, pastes,
'folds,  delivers,   nnd    counts  eight
copies of  an eight-page newspaper.
""ie  cylinders   revolving  al 200 lo
„„., as thai had overtopped tspre- hfl „.- thp .n(,lR,t (|f (hc ma.
lecessors. comes the foundation- ,. is qAqoo completed papers
uyit.g of a skyscraper  that   Will       . , Thethree machines when
/iKAXli HtiTKl.-u. stkki., Proprlolor-Vlo*
ti   turiii CrcBcout.
Proprietor,   Victoria Crescent.
M1Vui.fi;, Financial and Insuninoo Agent,
■  Johnston Uloek;
The Japanese Treaty.
Much useless discussion has lately
been indulged  in  owing to the erroneous belief entertained by many
people  anent the meaning and np-
A.Ii;^r.,XM'.';.n!e"lAl;.,er!',a!;:i ifflSS  plication of the Japs-British treaty
■treote.   P. 0.bn>: 898.  ; executed in   1894 by Lord Kimber-
REAIi  ESTATE—IN8UBANCE.        ley and   the  Japanese ambassador
then resident in London.     Cann,da_
has still another year during which"
...,..,, ,;,..■,, ,: , , , she can (if she so elect)   accept the'
-  treaty with Japan,  but not having
D  TAYLOR, neuter in nil kinds ■ i    >    aim      .      •        , '      , „,,,(,. ,„
. seen.h linni Furniture, and Fancy Aril,  hitherto done so she is exempt irom
_J 'MMmilo^BuUdTntcommorelalstrect. its operation  at present nnd is free
scrape deeper into the sky than any
of the oilier-, ll is to be built On
Park row, just north of Ann street,
and will extend baok to Theatre
alley. Twenty-six storeys arc to be
piled one on top of ihe other,  and
on ihe top of the 26th will come two
three-story towers, reaching finally
a height of 886 feet above the sidewalk. The building will be furnished
with fifteen elevator's—nine from
the lirst lloor to the 2 lst, four express
elevators to the '2(ilh and two from
installed will therefore give an output of 288,000 copies per hour. The
present circulation of the paper is
stated ut 744,000; the edition can
thus he run off in a little over two
and a half hours. The whole capacity of the World's machine room,
when these three giants are at work,
is estimated at 7-18,000 eight-page
papers per hour, with a consumption
of 42 tonsof paperin the same time.
Only the man whose mind conceived this magnificent octuple press
the 26th to the 29th.   It is not im- j (        ft  Wm.ld) cm]]d do -,;,„
probable  that  still  another    sky-  ,\ .' ,.a.t..i jJ..t«n.« »i li.™.
ijlOREMAN & HARDY, Real Estate Broken,
1   Bastion stroot.
scraper will be begun on Park row
within a year, negotiations to that
end having been entered into by a
large insuraucecompanv, The three
together, with those already built to
the north, would make this the most
imposing short street in the world.
Mr, George Harrison of Wellington
hns challenged anyone on Vancouver
Island to ;i pigeon-flying contest, any
distance, fort 100 to(800.
to a technical description of its operation.    To witness its operation is
to marvel.
 -—♦♦♦- -	
Insist Upon Moon's Sarsaparilla when
you need a ineilicir.e lo purify your bloo'4,
strengthen your nerves and give you an
appetite. There can be no Substitute
for Hood's.
Hood's Pills are the beet after-dinner
pill; assist, digestion, prevent constipation. Uric.
It pays to read our advertisenients. Xthe Banaimo Mail
E. C. Beahd, Kclitor (i»0 Man ago i
l!as'.iuu Street. Nununno- n. -'.
Madame Laurier.
Bv mail -One year	
" Six months ...
"        Throe mouths.
Delivered by earner	
An admirable example of the best
type of the French-Canadian gentlewoman is represented by   Madame I
Laurier,   now   the  lirst lady ol lhe
land.    i''or ninny years she has not I
oniy   led  in   French society at tiie
capital during  Parliamentary sessions, but  has  fulfilled with gentie
3 .dignity  all   those oilier   manifold
~r":'->'''■""""" | sociarolliccs  I'hich full to the lotoi
julv aa, n-w  the wife of him who leads his parly,
j Somewhat   younger   than   Iter distinguished husband, Mine. Laurier
is a handsome womauof about forty-
live,   with   ihat   type of good looks
which  is ill  portrayed  by photograph.    Delicate features, clear 111 no
lyes, silvery   hair, n fresh, girlish
. 1.P.S '
Development ofthe West
Mr. Joseph Martin, in his address
at Uegimi,set forth the immigration
problem with  his usual  terseness
when he declared that $200,000 was I *v--,     , -■
notenough to spend bin too much cumplexton, in youthful contrast to
migration,   The wis-  the graying tresses, a quick French
mile,  with  flashing impression o
while  teeth   and sudden dimples
io waste on imraigr
iluiii  of  every   pul lie   cxpeudiiuii
must be in the main determined by
the value the people receive for it. thatisMnie.  Laurier as no camera
Canadians must never lose sight of can ever do her  justice,     As .Mile,
the fact  that  the hope uf the Do- Zoe   Lafonlaine, of Montreal,   she
minion is in the  Northwest.     Thc who has become  the wife of a Pre-
I'ieiiliural niierwaB a noted beauty.    As Mine.
Wilfrid Laurier she is a noted clinlc-
laine ami a sweet helpmeet one as
able as she is quiet and tasteful.
lhe Laurier home is al Arthabaska-
ville, a small Quebec town, a quaint
old house set in eight acres of land,
where the statesman   has  quiet foi
discovery of the great agi
possibilities   of  ihat   region gate a
foundation   fnr our national hopes.
There the problems oi the Dominion must be solved, and there nitisl
be sought the capacity for expansion
that will give the Dominionits destined place in the  British Empire, mint mk .hiumiiiiii   .,,-  .....I.. ....
The Northwest has been tied hand taking hit- rest,  and Mine, Laurier
and  toot by  a  mistaken policy of: opportunity   for   cultivating    the
burdening agriculture to assist co- plants and  flowers* which comprise
relative lines of productive industry, one of her chief joys.    There ate no
Mr.   Martin   pointed mil lhe rieces- children   in  lhe Laurier household
sity of  making the  Northwest at- "'Let' than small guests who come,
tractive to immigrants by judicious sure of a  welcome from the kindly
and honest government. *   Without two, who love all things young nml
that all  the expenditure on imtni- beautiful   and   good.     When  the
gration must lie absolutely wasted. Lauriers  remove  to the capital ii
One contented and prosperous settler needs must  be almost like going
writing of his success Ui friends and home.      Every   session   they   hav.'
relatives will do more to encourage appeared there  in  company,  ami
immigration    than   the   work   of have grown as beloved as they are
many paid  lecturers,  agents and admired of the people,    With Mine.
pamphleteers.    The tmmierant at- Laurier there is the same unaffected
traded by the easy ami favorable friendliness, refinement of manner,
iu and and native courtesy  that mark hen
husband, it seems almost as though
conditions is certain to remai.. .
do his share to build up and develop
the country, but   unless such  conditions tne to lie found he comes by
a road  that soon   leads him away
again.     Expenditure on immigration, when conditions are not sufficiently favorable to   induce immigrants to remain, is a foolish waste
of public money.   Not only is there whom she
an actual loss of the outlay,hut the
Dominion   gets   a   bad
The lirst requisite is to make the
country capable uf retaining the settlers who come. Nature has done
everything ihat could be desired to
that   end,   and the   bad   political
auspices has been the only incubus
it/*.*.       .'....!.        :....*...: i,.
With agriculture intentionally
burdened by unnecessary taxation,
the development of the Northwest
these iwo, after a quarter of a century of married life, had grown to
be one in all such external ways.
Hut, in spile of Mme. Lauder's
gentleness and forgetfulness of self,
there is a purpose and a. spirit in
her make-up which impresses those
meets, and makes them |
feel that here is a woman who conld
reputation sillier and lie strong in my great
crisis "f life. Mine. Laurier is n
devout, Koman Catholic, but broad-
minded and sympathetic lo all.
Whatever burden of care and responsibility comes lo the First Minister of ihe Crown in Canada, he is
sure of near sympathy, and a
wife to encourage, stimulate cud
strengthen him. Lesser virtue, perhaps, bul one which appeals to the
:',is that Mine. Laurier
Villi III    lllO      lllltlll       \>l V I It-       ,lOUUIH,,l #..» |"    j          ■(               -- -.---,
and  the proportionate  growth  of mintl feminine,is thut Mme. Laurier
manufacturing cent res in older Can- knows how to dress becomingly and
ada was impossible.    But with the well.     Her costumes  are as quiet
political change a new era   will  be nod elegant   as  her   manners  are.
inaugurated.     The fiction that the 'Hia:. that,praise can hardly farther
11 lauu tl i <| icu. i lit    iitin'ii   uiiu   lu,       	
Liberals were out of sympathy with go, Ex
the new Dominion lias had a remarkably Imig lite and has done
effectual party service, but is dead
at lust. 'lhe Liberals ditl not indulge in meaningless generalities
about the greatness of the newland,
a greatness so clearly proclaimed
by nature that such idle ondors-
atinnswere not required. They >a\v
that the burdens of the Northwest
were artificial, created by a liad
political system, and they set themselves steadily to work to remove it.
At times the measure of success and
appreciation were by no means encouraging, but with steady purpose
they kept on. Now tin* West will
see the inauguration of a new regime. The finest farming land in
the world, with excellent railway ■
communication and agreeable climate, going begging lor cultivators
is a spectacle that shows the powei
I'lider the heading " A Cabinet of
Gentlemen " The Evening StarBays;
"The country raufll of course await
the practioal tesl of the new Government, but whether ils policy be good
or bad, whether its members prove
able or incapable administrators,
the Ministers will teat li the Opposition leaders a much-needed lesson indignity, ami the tone of Parliament will receive a very neces-j
siry elevation, The personnel of
the Cabinet is unexceptionable It
is a Government of gentlemen, of
men of unblemished character The
Ministers  ate   honorable  men, too
■■..'.  ■■ -  broad-minded  to indulge in petty
,e  finest farming land in --quabbiing or to  be  actuated by
-.Villi    evcellent   millt'iiv    PCl'Stimil jeahlU-V.        t  a 1,1, til It IIS Wl 11
at least not  be ashamed of their
U.ii spec tide Unit snows tiie power A{|(.r ft ^.^ o{ ,,,■„,„,„, M,
of bad legislation in neutralizing c]aug s.)reck|eH lh'e mi|lionaire
natures gilts. What the West needs ,,„,,,,.,,.,;,„,, nf the Pacific const,
is freedom from Injurious restraints ,„* dedded thft, ,,„, roanUfMturo
and relieffrom unnecessary burdens. |if ,„,.,.,,„,, 8UgRr oan lie established
Unit simp erecognition of its rights „„ prontftyeBbtt8ig. |lt. ,„.„,„,.,.
is a pari of the Liberal policy that ,,, „st';,ll!u,, „ ,iltl, r(ipHbleof man-
wall be immediately curried into ufttcturing auoul .m „„1S „ day.
effect   an assurance which, vouched Tha) ,, abou, ,-,,. ,,„„... th, ,lV(.,,lM„
for by the   lo,',.,,lo Globe, may be |mporlnUori „-,„,,.,,. in ,|„. Q jn.
considered reliable.
The 8t John, N.B., Globe describes B ,   ,...„.     ,..,.....„,„„..„
Mr. Laurier as 'in the prime of life ,    t„ t||(, ^dv'antape 0f Canadian
nnil     l>>      t   1.1.      \>llf,...     ..1      11      ll'l, .l.l',.,   Iililli,, • ......
ion, and the ruccbss of his experiment will open In Canada a new
source of supply.    11 would he great-
und in the vigor of a wcll-preservei
manhood; lie is in his fifty-fifth
year; he brings to the discharge of
his duties a strong feeling of palri
Agriculture did the discovery of new
methods enable our farmers to furnish the materials for the sugar
supply of the Dominion.   Beot-root
otism, honesty of purpose, a calm BUg„r"moy soon Iwcome a oommor
and   well-ordered    nature,    much  „•*, p(„Hi|)i|ily.
firmness and great integrity,    Hisi * )t,
task will not he an easy one, for i The Milwaukee boycott has been
the country is ovorburdened with|lifted, After the Bmoke of battle
debt, and a false system of political has blown away it is seen thai, as
ec noitiv is deeply rooted iu the ., re(,un ,,f t|ie, trouble, the city will
policy of theSttile. There is, I here- cither have municipal ownership or
fore, the greatest need that lhe new!., new franohise will be Kriinted to
premier, in bis efforts to brinn about a company anxious to operite at a
a better state of things, shall have reduced rate nf fare. -Midland Me-
the confidence and support of all chanio,
those citizens who have faith that -       *»»
Canada can prosper under honest With the administration inclean
administration ami a wise fiscal, and capable hands, nothing can
system, j pweni the realization of the dreams
■*•*,     " of national greatness that came with
During the year 1895 ovor 1800 the birth of the Canadian Dominion.
Chinese landed at   San   Francisco. .♦«♦-    —
believed tlmt at least 25 pei ■■   The American Federation of Labor
cured   admission   through endorses lhe   silver plank of the
Tt   i
/ragdulcnt certificates.
Democratic platforn
4»W-* f    ^*C
a*7/i\ <^1
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25 in 3 Months
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might as well try to bent tt drum with n
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1 • Telophone 'JO
Victoria Crescent.
Carhoiiating and Bottlin;
M1TCIIK1.I. & iiimmixi;, Proprietors,
Miiniil'iirliifi'i's nf l.elliiiiiuilc. (linger Alp, Sm
suimi-illa. Cillers, Etc.
roraptly Attended To.
to avoid danger of accidents.
P. O.  liux '.111.
Repairing Bikes"a Specialty  Notice to Ladies
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ttii'ls for the New and Perfect Carter's
Tailors' System.   This system  is up  to'
date; a perfect ladies' system; is with-!
out a rival nnd  easy to' leant; is noted,
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Temperance House) desires to ex-1 ~
press her thanks to the public for TTJ L""    T3T7Q'T
formor patronage, and now begs to   1-i.LU    JJxjIj 1
Btnte that the Revier House has,
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oleutrle light in curb room. Everything strictly ili'st-i'lass and charges
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half-minute's walk from the old
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Superior accommodation is provided " CIIITEIIION"
for the public.
s\rlii)gtoi} Hotel.!
Restaurant and Chop House
Commercial Stui'ict.
Having « iletoil tho erection of lhe Arlington Oysters in every style.
1M,.| ni XANiiosK l'.AY. tills hands o uml Meals, 26c. llinl 11 jiwnl'ils.
cominoillous hotel is now iiroiiared to rocolvo .,,,),... , ,
andeoratorlablyonteruiln travoiorsandolbcrs. trOOd Hells, J.ic. nnil llpwill'ihs.
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Is pivslili'il over hy Mr«. Thompson, and tho
Tattle d'Hoto constantly provided with nil the
dollcaclos ot lho season.   Combined with tho  rp    ,   J)],•]„..<■*",,  'Pnni'ifn  f'.ittini'l
ologant rurnished apai'tmcnts, tho visitor finds   liJ    ' 0!l|)ortt,   JOlll.ltO  tdtSlipj
tho Btirroundlngs ol the most ploasant doscrtp.
-Tic. and 50c, per liottlc.
j   We. Never Sleep.      Open Day and Night A
City Market
Johnston's Block, Nanaimo.
People who Appreciate	
JIhvc tlialrprescriptions dispensed »t
T"",r' —     """ ::* Wholesale and Retail Butchers
For a Cool Drink      commercial street
\sk foi'   -•-      (OnAMPAONEOiobb     P. O. Box 227 Telephone 7-tH
1 SllllA   \\ ATHIt
Lawrences igss^
| Quban Cigar Factory.}
^i^f^Vlll^Vli'nii'ilMr^'nV^nt'ni^::^";?.;':' "- onw «• • "• "< **• <:"»'««»' «•»«»' I
(lp- i  i   iiiiiMiiiiin i ui i.i toshlj-plngordars,   Cobuccol.  Our tumoui
Tolophoiia2.4, P.O.Box70,  NtNAi.tm.
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BK8T   V A l.U Hi   IN
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Black Diamond
Are called fori'verywhore, nnd ure superior tol
any imported oigur.  .Mude by Union tabor,
Jl. J. BOOTH, Wharf Street.
c. c. Mckenzie,
Land Agent and Conveyancer,]
Town Lots and Pa nun (or Stile.   Money to U>an<1
on Mortgage at low ratal* 1
Agent for tho United Plro Insurance Company 1
of Manchester, England.
JOS. M. BROWN, Watchmaker.
oftfatehN Demagnetized short^otici
llj- Hl'KCIAI. MAIIIINKItY un lho I'roilllsos.
Klni' mul Compllo'Rted Watohos nnd clocks
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Fine OYCtOM K.TKRS, fur Illoycles, In Stock.
Consul! OllUItCIl ANIl ClIAI'EL STKUma. still eleven behind antl the judge hod no
recourse but to declare Jlctiiilivrny
Spokane, Wash., July 18.—Trainmen
on the Groat Northern train which ur-
rived to-day from the wcsi report tho
killing of David Loroy, tt tugitive mur-
lerer, by a sheriff's posse from Snoho-
Otlitwti, July IT.—Mr. Joseph  Martin   mMt     'i*|a, killing  |a  said  tu hav
ti prominent pui'i in the 181)3 revolution; , day, when they will In* given uu oppor-
it wab lie wh?* lired on the native police, tunrty to show what kind of Patrick
whon they attempted to capture a wag- ! Henrys thoy are.
.,ii until ui arnib un 1 ammunition; oue \    The  mayor proceeded  to answer the
officer wus badly wounded, hut hnaiiy | formal complaint made by  Vice-Consul
I recovered. j Mortimer in his most Bayardisque Jan-
  ! gauge,  to  lho effect  that tlm not  eom-
1    Spokane, Wash., July 17.—Grace Wil-   plained ul' wns without instructions from
Inly   17.— A  heavy   storm,   om,   u   variety  actress,   playing  ut   tho    ,,,. c*iv  authorities,
Amval and Departure ot Mails
arrived to-day from Winnipeg and had  ~~~A  ,;,;,*, wi'lton'Creek. 'Vis" said   whien ,WM P»fl*»"'y a cloudburst, did  Theatre Oomique wns found dead in hor
great damage throughout Hns city,   r.s-  room.    She  hud  committed  suicide  by      Havana
tin  interview with  Mr.  Laurier.    lt  is tlle H]miB'a  voam ,,,„  i.,,njV  „„„ the Bteut damage tlirougnout tms city.   us*  room,    blie  hud  committed  suicide  hy      Havana,    July    17.-Private    advices
said that Mr. Martin will enter tbe eubi- rnnlis ,vhcre „ rmm\u.r aght took place, "mates  made  from  reports  coning in  swallowing nu  ounce  ol  curbolio t.o.il.  ghc mi entirely different account of tne
not us minister of the interior uml run Lel.0,   barricaded  himself bolidnd  somo £rom outlying portions Indicatein loss ol   She is suid to huvo beeu tho daughter  death    of Jose    Maceo,  the  insurgent
for llrandi.n if ho will abide by the Uml- |„„ll(i,.,s,   whm. |„ was shot and killed p00'000'    A,U th« Bt"       '  '    '    "       '    *""
mgs of the proposed school commission. ,„   c*u> officers. '"'''"  stopped.    At   I'oi
Mr.   LlooiK.nl.  .M.l'.  foi   Iberville,    has ,,„ Jum, ^y, ttt Monte Clirlsto, Leroy •v'"1'1' iS "'  • "', t"'",'1"1
accepted a sent In the senate, and Mr.  |u,'() un ,,  i,n,.,. mme(\ Nntknu 1'liii- muses, caused by the
Tarte will  run  for the    vacancy    thus h™   putttiiB  tlu'ce  bullets Into his  vie- •"'*''''  sewer,    lurl    ol
Dally ex. Suit,
Wellington, Northfield  and a.m.   a.m.
East Wellington    11.25  8.50
Victoria,Southern Suites uml
places along line of E.& X. Dally ex.Sun.
Hallway    8.213 11.50
Hritish nml foreign, Eastern
Provinces, liastern States, Dally ex.Sun.
Vancouverantl other places e m.   p.m.
mi Mttinlandof B.O   li.iJO  5.00
for Brandon If he will abide by the Uml-  bouldera"," where" he wu7"buoY and killed  ^'on.tnm.   All the streel ear linos have of n  well known business man in San leader,    than the versions    whioh went
Ings of the proposed school commission.   ;,,   n,,, ofDccra                                           '"'''"  st0Pl,ea'     Al   Forty-elgntu   street Francisco,    tor several yours she wus heretofore given out.   According to this
Mr.   Uechurd,  .'.1.1'.  foi   Iberville,    i.us    'on June 20  at Monte Clirlsto  Leroy   water is In  the secuud    story ol    tne ou  lhe  stage  lu   Sun   Francisco  under story,  after    the  Insurgents  with  Col
'   '     '      '   :     '''I-    bursting of    u tliu  uumu  uf  Jeuuetta   Uivers,    About     nrtngeni had been killed iu an engage-
.„,!,-,,,..  ii,,.,.  i ,.| ,., ■  , ■    . „.        ■          "•' lll('    Allegheny j two yours ngo she drifted Iuto the van- j men!  In the Coat  hills, Maceo, with a
created In the commons.   Minister Blair  *'•',"" „,-,,,,. w],|ch |„.' robbccl him of his  cemetery  litis  boon  washed  away, aud devllle business, stuff nud escort, put hlmselfal the head
will run for Gloucester. N. 1J„ the sit-  ,me[(     Governor McGrnw offered $500  "early two miles of the Clraens  stieet Letters fouud  in  hor trunk Indicated of the forces and led In a dash by whioh
ting member,  Blnnchard,  a    Conserva-  |W(l'rd for the capture of the murderer   ruilwiiy   I"nl  """•    T'"'s  "'   l';"'"'  ,""1 t*mt Aliss Wilton bad two daughters liv- lie hoped to BurpriBO the Spaniards. He              oomo* bootb.
live, hoing now here, mil willing to va-   fblllips,  though    severely  wounded,  is  ■"'""' have been  washed on  the Fifth Ing  lu   Sun   Francisco,    Blunclie    and lind, however, mado a serious mlscalou-  Comox  rjn*on   •■„•„„ Bfty
Avenue  and   Duquosne   Lrncllou   ( om- Maude, uged I- and o years respective- laliou, uml found liimsi li coufrouted by      Sunilwouk Courtenav Uran-Tues.   I,Ti-
pany's line nt Soho,    Tho    Bcwers    in ly,  who  woro  attending  Bchool    there, n   strong   force  In  a  Bupenor position.      tlium   Gutillciim    Hornby v M    cm
Butcher's Ituii and and Wood's Huu, lu Two  letters from  these children dated Seeing his error, and hoping to escape.     Island and Denin'anlslana  8.20  8.00
Allegheny aro repurted its having given Juno   IU  from  these  children  to  ihoir Maceo shouted to Ins followers; "Buck!
wuy,  il ling  those  sections.    .No  loss  mother wen icbod In the most endear- f,ot us retreat.    They're too ninny  for Victoria boutb.
of life has yot boon reported. Ing terms,   They prayed Unit she might ns."    As ho uttered  the insi  wonis .i   Snjt Spring Island, Burgoyne   '''•'••   '''"'"■
The  weather  bureau  olliclals    report booh ton.hi tu them. A letter addressed rifle bullet  Btruck  him iu  the  back  of
1.77 Incites of rainfall during  lhe Ulty to Miss Wilton which arrived this morn- the nook. pusBlug through his head and
minutes whilo tiie storm lasted, ono inch ho;  wns op,.mil  by Judge  tllukle und 'merging between the oyes,   The volley
I of tills iiiuoiinl fulling lu tho Urst twenty fuund   to  be   from   hor  sistor  Anno  lu that killed  Maceo also slow ids friend,
The storm com- Suu Francisco.   It is u rcqu st for mon-1 Dr.    Poructo    Kepavarrl   and    several
e.ue by accepting an olliee. I ins will
be a Liberal gain of two on a division.
Mr. Lnurier's mnjurity whon the house
moots bids fair to be forty.
U. Bostock, M. P. who arrived yes- Toronto Ju,y 17. _A v,,,.., Ba(] llmv„.
tordny, bus gone to lorouto. Ml. Ale- lag .„,;,,,.„, occum>d .,, n,„ rivor Uon
lniios, M.  1. is till he.'e. yesterday.   Arthur and Herbert .Moody.
Tberebovery prababllitythnt^camps   (|,(, .t„a.y,.,,.,,,,  lwll s,„ls of Ueo- u
Moody, wiie pHying on llie stoop tiiinti
of military instruction will ho held tlm
lt is lorn-nod that Sir Oliver Mowut
has decided to revise the list oi' Q. O.'s
nominated by the outgoing government.
The stato department has uot been Instructed to prepare nny commissions.
Sir Oliver Mowat left tor Toronto yesterday and sir Hlchurd Cartwright
leaves  to-morrow.
Mr, Laurier and Sir Richard Cart-
wright are reviewing the tenders for lhe
fast Atlantic sevlce.
Toronto, July L7.—The Ontario government was fo-organizod yesterday.
Hon. J. M. llilisi.n. provincial secretary,
becomes crown lands commissioner, succeeding Hon. A. S. Haruy, who loues
Mr. Mowat's office ns premier and nt-
torney-geueral. Hon. W. L). Balfour,
the speaker, becomes provincial seciot-
when nie of them slipped uml fell inti
the water. 'I lie other nt one,, jumped
tu the rescue, but was grasped around
rhe wulrt, ami hoth sank and wen'
it  is reported  that Col.  Engledue,  it
oi the Btorm,
id, rei re
a   wealthy synill-
r, qu st for moiling up so early lu the evening doubtless ey to pay a Sir, board bill for lhe two
saved many lives, as very fow people children. The writer adds Hint If it
hnd retired. .Many narrow escapes are is not forthcoming nl once, they will;
reported. At Forty-eighth stroot. Law- havi t" move oul iuto the street,
reuceville, probably the most destruc-j From several parties hor,. it wus lenrn-
tinn wus wrought,    livery house ou the  ed that Miss Wilton hnd several timet
iibers of his slui
ei.lo, litis about completed negotiations   ni)1,Ul sUe (>r Butler Btreot  Erom Forty-  lately  utloned the facl  that sho hud
for the purchase ol  the Engle's   Nest  G'g'uii street eusl was Hooded, many bo-   not laid   up any money   from hor pro-
gold mine ou Kokoognmlug lake. hug oatirely    ruined.     The    immediate sent ongngemenl to semi to hor children
S|:l'1 e<B    .Toachlni Murray, of thc   cttusu 0( t|„, iroublo at this point  was  and  il   is thought   that  poverty caused
Loretto convent,  Bond s.r ot, died yes-   ,]„, g|v[ng  wfty  0(  tl,,.  AJlogbeny  cem-   her to ond her life.    Twenty-five emits
terday, otged 07. otery stone wall, whioh nluiis the streel. ' wns all the money found on ber person.
Hamilton, July 17. -Frank Wilson, ol   when the wall gave way tlic Uund rush- | 	
Buffalo, came to this city to get his ttvo Lj ,),,„•„ to the houses below, lil.ing Butte, Mont., July 17.—Mrs. Rose
year-old daughter from his wife, who is n„m t0 „ dopth of lour feet on the [eimbaek. wife of Ed. Hoiuiback, of
'W'li to tl,.   police as Verdin  Russell  I -*rg'   (*uori    -phe  loss at  this point will   Ueadervillt    became jealous  nt   the at-
he keeper of a questionable house.   He I bo  many  thousands of    dollurs.      The
,,„.  .,,„.,„,,■   ,,,,.•„„  ;  i .,,.,. ...,  . -    l*-ninnded Ills child, but the mother said   citizens' Traction  line  for  nearly  Iwo
urv   nml  Mr   E   .1    l>nvis, the member   ll 'v!ls l'1'1"**' wel1 l'"n''1 fm' IM111 declined | miles was under water Cor n long time,
for   Nortii   York    becomes   a     minister   '" B,l-V where it was.   Wilson consulted   aud much of it Is ruluod.    In Allegheny,   *llielling home  to-day, ami  calling Mrs.
without u portfolio. f'"' ,'"'ia' ""*' h,is daughter was located   Perrysvillo avenue was ll led from one! 'helling into the parlor, Mrs. Hoiinbnck
i ii ■ Giobe iu answer to the Mail's re- ' 'V " !*°,u.so '".' McNab street.   He seizeu I uuj to the otlier,' undermining the new j hhrew u  pint of sulphuric add un hor.
iiitioiis her husband paid In Mrs. Tho
nas Shelling. In company with her
later,   Mrs,   Hnsklns,  she  wont  to  tne
Pfiiile's Choice.
Bav, Fulforrl Harlior.North
SaltSpriuglslnndandGab- p.m. p.m.
riolu Island       8 20  8.,'10
i:v   RTARir Tlles- Mon'
i.i   si.iiii,. m    TJ|llr
Alberni, Parksville, French p m. p m.
Creek mut Krriiiglon    12 HO   11.(10
Kri.    'ihur.
Nanoose Hay 12.:i0  0.00
I'.  M.     A. M.
Departure Bay, daily ex. Sun 12 45 10.30
Cellar (South), .Saturday    ..   2.00 1100
marks on French domination in the
ciioiuot, quotes Le Monde, winch licenses Laurier with not giving tne
French fair representation i" the cabinet.
The World says: "A inemboi of the
late parliament, discussing who would
be minister of the interim1, snys ho believes Mnrtin ought to get it. 'Hon'
a ivor wits, lu h.s opinion, bo strong n
luht  made  by  any   man  as  by   Martin , ,  ,  ,     ,
ut resisting the coercion of Ion piovlnce j OBrlen and John Unnnn.
in the mutter of the schools, mil that 1,   '
does   not   need   to  tako  soeoiul  place t
Uliy one in the lioe.se.
The Globe says-    "We do not bellev
the child and hore her off. und returned
in nnftnlo with her to-day. The mother
threatens to lake steps to regain possession of tiie child.
Hamilton. July 17.—Al n meetlne nt
Hie Irish societies lust i.i .In the following delegates were appointed to ntrenil
lho national convention to be held in
Dublin in September: Bishop Uowlint:
Hi v. lv. Rums Rev. Father O'lteillev.
Hi-.     Balfour.     .1 'iiipr    Shea.     ,1 nine
Btreot railway nud rendering il a total Mrs. Shelling wns terribly burned from
loss. Several miles of tho Sawmill Huu bend to foot and will die. Mrs. Rolio-
pldnk run,I is destroyed, the planks be- hack and her sister nro under arrest.
ing  carried    away  and    the    roadbed I The  latter Is  n  raving  maniac iu  thn
The soap factory of George Hurley &
Son, on Mndlson avenue, bus three feel
of grave) on the lloor, and $11,000 worth
of soup was destroyed. The house of
John .Mueller, on Spring Hill, near Hoy-
:il  stnot,  wns  washed down    the    hill
•ouuty jail and Is expected to die nisi
Cleveland, July 17.-Further disorder
occurred nt lhe Brown Hoisting ami
Convoying Works yesterday, strikers
nil sympathizers attacked non-union
men on the way to work.   Non-iininuists
with "three ehildrem    Ali were "rescued"!   ''''''''' l,''ll!,',",\\i"l ''!,"hs n'!'] I''.!1'''1 ''.' "."*
however  by   the   bravo   work  of  neigh*
Denver, July  17.—A    special to    the
News  from Cheyenne,   Wyoming,  snys:
Winnie' "■.  Julv  17.—.Mrs.   Adam
I'eni'son  droniiod  il ad yesterdny  wlnl
dressing her ehildren.
Miss \i na Tatnli. ono of the trnpez
tin-re  is  any  serious  movement   in   tho   performers  in  the  Wallace snow,    met I About 2:80 yesterdny afternoou rain be-
ol Ier provinces  for the uhollllon of tie, with  n  serious  neeldent in  the  nerfor    gnu  falling,  und  within live  minutes u
Mounted    Police.    The only    objection   mtuice hero ye.itordny, slipping from tne   torrent of water camo down.    It wns
that enn be iirued ngninst the police is   rings and  falling to the ground.   J-toi   evidently a cloudburst, and In very little
that thoy  vote as o  solid body  for the   arm mav lave lo he ninmitnted. and It   time  niter the  storm  hurst   tho streets
Conservative candidates. So long as they   Is feared s" e h-:s also received Internal   were running full  of  witter.    The col-
do not actively interfere in the elections   injuries.   Her husband's  n mn  is  Hen   ! Inrs in town were all Hooded with water.
no   one   need   qiiuri'el   with   their  oxer-   .ior-,in, who is with Sols Hroa'. circus    The  electric    light   works    nre    under
eises of the franchise.   The truth Is, the      Isli-a-fton. .'nlv 17 -The Ihlvlts "i.let-
N'lii-th  We-t Mounted  Police ure a well   of Trnv,  X.V.. under loininnnd nf Can
disciplined,   faithful,  euergelle  end  use* j i-ln Llnvd. arrived here vestpr-tny. I.tol
,-,:!  body.    Their ucrvices to the North* : Vbhil. the a tine adhitant trenerol. gavi
v.ost  eiut.ol  he overpraised.    To  abol-   thi' ondfts pormirslon to viRit Fort I'Von
iih  lie force mov  would ha a  serious   tenae, the bnvrncks nnd lho Royal Mill-   streets.    The  Denver  Pacific    railroad   !nuil;  •'•*"'  February toui raised a dis
l d-t il.o.     11  in iy  seem  strange  lu  the j ,■,■}■ <■■', „'.   The radrts t ro a lino look  i hns a  nurabi r of bridges    washed    out, |  ur'.iance.    His wife tried to quiet him. j
ol tor  provinces  that  as  settlement  ad-    in* m! ,,r men. well drilled, and pre. and trains are* compelled  to mi to Den-,   '"'  Laughlln  in  the struggle murdered
ii ■   ihe  force eim.oi  lie  materially | , Mmnt miltery nrpearance. vor via Julesburg.    The  Unlou Pacific   ."'!l  '-'■'' wilv ''"''l  "'"'''''
shopi are entirely sun ndotl by water.    ',
i ul.   ('. W. .TnckBon died from fcniti
■ns on ,!e face and body, and lind throe
'•ii :•: broken. For u time tbo nollce
rrently outuumbered by llu. rioters,
vere unable lo copo with lhe mob. I'tio,
■ore reinforced, and started driving tin
•nt'iiL'eil strikers back, rescuing lite nop
union men. Two companies of militia
lave Uoen ordered tinner anna.
R'w.kvHlo, Ky.. July 17.- Robert
r,nughlln was convicted of murder yes-
water nnd the city to-night is in semi- ' '''day, an I scnteuecd to .hnth. Laugh-
darkness. Boxes,' barrels and otlier !n ":,s " fanner near Augnsrn, Ky
debris floated down the street, ami half! ':* '.'mer. need 12. lived wilh him, omt
a dozen Improvised rafts were pressed' ted for his invalid wire, Thoy ..11
into  Bervico  to  take  peoplo  neri ss  tbo I  "'!''■ in one i in.    Laughlln came bone
A Full Assortment at tbe I-owcbI Market Rates
reduced, but owing to tie fact that the. Reports concerning the crops in Hi
settlement spreads over many hundreds limand county ire discouraging,
of mile-, we are srtisficd that any one; idioat, oats and roots being all dried up.
who cnrefuly tin lies tiie conditions ot rimqtliy uml mover throughout tne did-
th,. West can reach only one conclusion, ' ■•'.i ,,•,. :,|| dead.
::,! Hint is thc l. na must ho maintain- Warner Freer, an electrician and pro*
ed. ll mav be thai Ihe Dominion nu- prietcr of electric works at Fori Itowan,
thurifies ecu do semethlng to hasten ,0K ids family lor a boat sail, The
mnniilpal organization in the Teiritor- hoat npsel and ouo of his ehildren, aged
ios. ail ,\hr' '.h.'ie is anything like nn   ,s months, was drowued.
• ■:,,, it to persiindi the Winnipeg. July IS.-The Wallace clr
people to undertake the management ol : .,18 now showing here has two very uu-
,'otr muiiielpnl problems nnd tue^uinin- rl,iy olephnnts. While the parade was
ti iimi. o of thoir local Institutions." |,,,   prepress  yesterday  one   of   the  ele*
Winnipeg. July li*   1't lier Groenwny   phnnts mado a  rush for his companion
returnod from the south yesterday. HU „ front mil lor a low seconds there
visit only extended lo Chicago: nol to , ;i^ ., (fxrlit wilh trunks nnd heads ns
tuti'va or Torouto. :he priucipnl forces.    This linpperied on
Mnntrool, July 17.—Some cxtraordin* .\j;,in street, mil
nry stories are told in well Informed |,lmong ovory one in the Immediate vi-1 ting under a giant pine. Soon there
circles regarding tho character of I up- etntty. Tie bandsmen dropped from enrae n blinding flash aud tbo grent treo
p-r's or.lers-!n-eoiincll, whioh the Gov- their lofty seats, the chariots wore ml!- was riven to splinters. The throe mon
ernor-Goneral refused to sign. One or- ,,* up,,,, lho sidewalks, and thero wns a nndor it wore stricken ns with death,
dor was to award the contract for sup- Ueneral scattering in all directions.* while the tiyi under the reek near by
plying clothing l" the North \\cst ,\:'trl. ,, fPW minutes tl;,. keepers had or wore shocked uml stunned, but soon re-
Mounted Police for tine yenrs. An- ],,,. P,,,tored. hot Die ohief (ige.ro in the covered consciousness and wore able to
other was a scheme to superannuate lonFnsInn trotted off by himself down summon nsslstnnco. Thev found three
four judges iu Montreal, mil fill their ,■„, ,.tn,,,t ,,„ , ,v:ls ,.„,,,nl.,,,| „„ ,,„, blackened trunks from which the cloth,
places  with  comparatively  young  men.  prairie. Ing had boon torn, but thero woro sigos
This fell through, because three out of     Toronto,   16.—A  pnrty    of    engineers  of life.
I'e four judges would not consent.   Tho  i-.fi the city vostordnv to commence the -        -m-^
whole iden in these transactions was to  ,;1„.v,,v ,,r ,,  ,.,,„.,. t„ ,„, ,„,.,,„  u    „,(, uriTRIfW   muiiiio
t;"    the hands of    rremler Lourlor In  Huron    nnd    Ontario electric railway. A Jl l.li H .A A   JNUjVtS.
ovory Imaginable way during his term   ,,,,,. n,m ,.,, ,,,.,,,. ,,„, ,,,.,„,„,, between
of office.    Fortunately  lor the oountry   , ,„.,    pctry\    Walkerton,    Kincardine,
ih.   Govemor-Gcnoriil   would not    per-   m,.., ,*,,.,)  .IM,| Rodorlch.     Track Inyli
mil it. , will ho proceeded with Immediately.
It. is simply impossible by this time to
■-'ive nn estimate of the damage done by
the storm, hut it is v ry large. Tie
storm seems to huvo ceutfed iu Cheyenne, us '.lure was little or mi rain east
or west within a few miles.
Leadvlllo, Col., July 17.—During a terrible thunderstorm in the mouutnlns
west ,,f (Ids oily yesterdny. livo man
wore struck hy lightning, mil all are
now in the hospital, three probably fatally injured. The men composed a see-
liini crew of lho Colorado Midland railroad, nml wore working near Nashville,
about three mil's from Lendvllle, The
heavy rain drove them to shelter. Two
of thom found shelter under n large
i   panic   took   place   mok near the track, the other three get-
th  tlte wife and  niece,  and  then  s,
•i'   to   th i   hoifso   to  cover   Ids  crime
... tiro wis discovered before the dead
i lies were burnd.
ee   Lus  Angeles  "Pol,'ios"  and   the
Union Jack,
Toronto, July 1-"-. -.Major McGlillvrny
It is undeistood that Bishop Sullivan
Algmnn,  wiil ho nppolnter rector of
San  Francisco,  July  21.—Among the
I pnisengera  on   (he    steamship    I'tiinu.
j whioh arr'vid on Sunday    Irom    Yokohama,  were  Sao   Neimilo  and   Kuusig-
mlo. prominent Japanese busin
I.os Augolos, July .1-1.—Three bright
ind shining stars of the local police
force—Officers McLean, Roynolds and
ilanker—have become mixed up iu a
illssio with the British lion, and up to
late tiie outcome is problematical, although '.lie royal beast hits somewhat
he best of it. On the fourth of July
.hose officers behold Boating from the
.lr.ti.sh consulate, in solitary Import-
mee, n large and imposing I'nion Jack.
.in' patriotic oops gasped for breath at
ivhut thoy took io he a defiance of
Amorloau instltutlous hy the insolent
Britisher, and hazy recollections of tea
parties, I'nul Uevero's ride. Ferry exploits on Luke Krie und oilier Bpecimous
of mngniliceut daring which had lired
llielr useful Imagination iu lhe days of
I 111 oil* early explorations into their eoun-
ry's lilstory, shot across their minds.
A council of war was Immediately
called upon the itreet corner, at which
ii wis unanimously resolved, in somewhat less than formal langunge and iu
] considerably fewer words than wore em*
, ployed by Thomas Jefferson in his im-
uiortnl declaration, that the Hritish tht'.'
must  then nnil there eome down, Their
Promptly Attended to.
All kinds of
Tin and Sheet-Iron Work.
Victoria Crescent, Nanaimo.
Bakery and
Invites Inspection and Comparison
as to Quality and Price,
Awarded  First Prize at the Agri-
culluriil Show.
Bastion Street, opp. Telegraph Office
Office Tel. 80.   P.O.Box 16.   Residence Tel. 101.
Funeral Director and Embalmer
Graduate nf the Oriental, the Eureka,
the  New  York nml  Clurk'H
Schools of Embalming-
is confirmed in the ae.il of Nortii Uu-   S(.  JnnicR*  cathedral   in  aticeeaalon   to h?080 cr,1'nl",1 ls '","
by  County Judge Hiirnhuin as a   •*■„„„„ nunioiilin, i
r   a
time tiie iletiulH  t'ondinKa tn Internntiouiil low, us applied
the auppronaiou  ol Chlneso    lottery
result "f tho recount   before blin,
np of Hamilton.
mule ii.i.t,,,!  Rloli     '"     "    B'Sautll on/at on BClieme  in.
"   •' ''        Mexico.   They   have Mound  an  option   **l*m("" !l"'' ""  0*-cn8lonnl  row in Span
Mis'" concluded on Saturday nt   Wlltthy,   ''(;"l.',ilo'iv""m-,,l    throii-h  Monti i | of 800,000 acres of land in the suite o   \\*"   ,"»'"'   '""'  S*v«*»  llu';.n   s,mu'  ill,,n;
but  ivi'l, startling resu'.ts to others as   rol. S1u.rh,*r,ok*l  where he will puiX    '''' **'MdxI«,  1 are on their «*..,* | ;?'-'-;'• '•'   heftT?,|^B&5I!2
ue'i as lo tie major,  for il  was -I „ „,,,„ ,.„.. ,!„, (v,nr,„,lin ,ni„„'.,( Ro8B.   aoutl; to eonsmnnto tho deal.   Tlie land   ('">     »' '■          :    '   ""S"nal   lesolution
that  tin   mosl  Hagrnnt example known -i,,„.   Most of the Trail Creek properties   •*" so111 to tlu,m "t *1 I'er acre.   Tim im     "   '          "'■"   '   ■    '  "    '  ,'1   '"  •'■
io oloctlon iiiuls ol tninlioring witli bul- bmiBht  llielr mtichlnery either ut Slier    moll8° Irnel  wil  bo out  up im,, auuill
lots is a distinguishing feature of tins   ■„.„„•„, ,,,. Montreal, I farms, which wi 1 I pornted hy cnnlio
election.   Twonty-oiio    ballots   i*oportcl      '|*i,,.   Moiitotinnt-Oover ■  of  Ontario I '*■•"'•' hronghl  from Japan.   Cotton, su
In  deputy reluming olllcers its east  lor .,„,!  *errgi  Kirl.[iMlriik nave a dinner nn   Knr- tohneco ami other products adapted
Warden Duncr.ii Graham,    I'atm.i-uii- Thursday  night nt Government   House   tn tl10 climate will bn raised,
ernl candidate, opposing Major ilcUlllt.   In honor of Mr. Hardj*, the new premier      In nildltlmi lo lho above sehemo, Sho ,   , ,
™ •»« •r" f5'11";;™,;:: ;r °i:r ?,i,t,0llT ? - "r'^^^ri^i^^T^1.0^!? ::^,:r';' ':i,:'i!:;i* »b;,:
|..,,.iilv       luiliiitm    lor    McUllllvrnj   from Ottawa  in l*iiii. Iii ho prosoni 	
am) THE
1, W nnd 5 Bastion St., Nanaimo
Partnership Notice
low tho British flag In heal lhe sky pn
rlded it d" so Irom beneath the starry
folds of Uncle Sam's standard.
The council of war. which had now
grown tn the Important numerical proportion of about a do/on members
NOTICE is hereby (riven that Edwin
Matthew? bus been admitted a partner
in   the tilmve business.    Ill  future  the
business will lie carried on bv tbe un-
dersigned under the style ami name of
Wn.sns & Mattiikws, who will assume
all liabilities ami collect all debts due
the said business, and we trust that by
I careful attention to the needs of our
m, i      .   „_   _j*. tt~—    customers, to merit a continuance of the
The  electors  OI   Van- patronage so liberally uestuwc.l in the
couver   District, by a \'''' jbbomk whson,
Edwin Matthews,
plurality of nearly
lots hnd no Initials of tho deputy return-   in command nf Oaptain Jolm Unrtlott, I America,   lt  i< tie iicslrc of Japan to
Ing officers nn them, and some hud nover . basiiui on hoard I lout. IVnry ami party,   trade d!r<*etly with t'i iiintrles soutli
oven hem ereased. | sailed from Sydney, O.B.. at llttO o'clock    of the  railed   States   as   far  down   a
Japn e government to Investigate the   ■;•-"■"•* '" ,?"'"' "','' ''"'''' ,t
doughty ollli-ers enst upon ibe unsuspecting emblem, adjourned forthwith to the
olliee of Vlco-Consiil Mortimer, In linn
hut dignified language limy called upon
Mint astonished member of her majesty's
"                 .                             .                             ,_.-.,                               .              *                ..                                  .        I....                                                 .                     llllll     IISIOIOSIM-U    |ll,.[[|ll|.|     1,1     IU-1     lllil Jl'Bl ,    >
.Tudgo Itiirnliu'ii and counsel ongagod yemterdny for    Gi nlanl.   The    vessel   I aiianiii. aid a steamship line bus boon ',,,„.,.-.,„„,,.,  ,,, xhaii] down thai    there
ie  the recount,  Dalton  McCarthy    for carried nbundnnl sins mul nine boars,,   subsidised to run. Into ports nlong the nn_„  (ll.  |M,ls,  l]ui sl.irs    ttutj    ftr\,„,*
Graham, A. II. Aylesworth for Menu- sn  that  sb.,. scorns prepared  tor every ! Pnelfl at.   The  main  port   will  tie alongside of it                                   '
llvray as  well  us  the    major    himself, uinergcney,   Tne     main     obioel   ol   mo I San Diego In this state.    It is tlm inlon ,|,j~,'  viC(1.congU|   .,s  soon   ns he conld
Nniininio, Ii. C, April 7, 1896.
astounded, and  for a time tl | cruise is to bring home a 40-ton meteor-   Hon nf Japanese mniiufiieturers to nu
iiml bis niislaid rosplrntlon, declared in
looked us though notnmlng Oftteor Tny.   it,, whioh is located al Cune Yoru.   sue port all their cotton via Sun Diego, in-   thntttler tones tlmt it could not he. Th
Im* would be arrested at onoe.   He was („is0 takes three scientific parties   win stead of through Sun Francisco and Me- Lniiant  coppers forthwith proceeded to
not. however, and returned to his home ! win  be landed    nl    Labrador.    South torla, us at present.   A traOi'c arrange*   |nf0rm  hint that unless the' sume was
In North Ontario to-dny. Greenland ami Melville Hav respective- moat will also undoubtedly    he    math   i)nHled down they    would    proceed    to
As particulars of the recount became hy,   Ment. Peary himself is ancomnnm- with tho Tehunntopce railroad, thus giy- h0wer the flag themselves   stating that
publio the feollng in    Whitby   became | od by Hugh Lee and his black servant Ing the new steamhslp line access tn tho La(, procession was about passing that
LAMPS, Etc. etc.
Have indorsed the prin- TAXIDERMIST DEPARTMENT ,
ciples and policy of
Atlantic eonst.
very strong amongst all parties nml ex- j Hanson.
pr.'Sslon freely given there tn the Wish j Snrnin, July 17.—Airs. Wm. Sithnu'ton.
that the extremes! |*elinlty should be : au old nnil respected resilient of Sarnl.i.
meted out tn the guilty parties in the , who has been totally blind lor over
outrageous affair. I twelve years, w.is engaged iu    stirring
Warm  sympathy  Ih  felt  for    .Major . some    eatiiblis    before boiling on tne I Honolulu up to July 18, as follows:
Meiiillivrity In the unfortunate position I conking stove when her clothing cintglu I     Capt,  John   Good,  who  has  been    ii
way, and thnt if patriots ever behold the
This siemnship line hns nothing to dn   svnli„,|  „f Kim-lish  tyranny  they would
will   the  nee   annul   to   lie     established
with Seatfc ns tlte lermitnis.
•Toam-lrp  China   brought  news  trnm
In which he Urn's himsolf placed, lie i nro. and before assistance readied her
wanted to resign the seat un the spot, | she wns burned mi badly that she oniy
but was dissuaded from taking this step, ] lived n  few hours.
announcing, however, thai be wiil nnt St. Catharines. July I7.-Hcv. C. H.
oppose the protest which Graham will Sliutt, of St. Oilharlnes, is suite: cer-
miike.    . I tain leeinlieis of Ids church for .V.'il.lit.'tl
judge r.nrnli mi spoke In strong for defamation, the outcome of n recent
terms concerning tin* outrage and threw ; chvrcli scandal in which he wns eitnri-ei
in*i altogether twenty-one bad ballots, with tampering with letters belonging
This, however, lefl Graham twenty one   to Ids narlshoners.
short of the number to Which he wns | St. Tbnmns. July 17.—James Sham.
supposed to In entitled and nllhouah he I nf North Dorchester, bus been killed by
hud  gained  olo-on   in  the  recount   was    being itriick by tl C.l'.lt. train.
charge nf ore of the military
storm his castle, strike his flag and do*
ehire anew their defiance of the English
Consul Mortimer tbireil them tn touch
that sacred hunting, and the coppers
Imldlv retorted that they would at once
Ince the overthrow of  th,. monarchy,  telephone in the mayor fnr permission
wns deprived of his sword this morning
and placed under arrest Ivy order nf
Col. McLean. For some tunc there has
lu en  friction between Coed  and his.in
to dn it. The ling did not come down
At a meeting nf the police commissioners
to-dny. although Chief Class denounced
the conduct of his men us the must fin
1N   ]V[ail
As against all other papers and influences of
the District,  and   the
prrior officer, nnd  the arrest  is lite re- .jjrant display nf Ignorance he had ever
sell.   Minister Cooper will nol give lhe .heard of. Mayor Under and    Coimjils-   lUStneSS Of its Verdict iS
exact reason  for the arrest,  bill   it  Is   sinner Rnrhnni spnlie of    the   Incident
Understood  thllt  Good   refused   to  Ohoy   niorc In sorrow than in anger, and suu*    r>o4--ifiar"l TlV tVlP "PvnTrinr'O
niilers.   Olher grave .'le.nres are hinted ' gesred that  the men he given a  chance   TaiineU Vy lilt} ri OVlHCe
at, said tn hare been preferred by Lieut | to explain      The three    officers    were ! __j XTo-Hrm nf Ioi-o-q
Coyne, of Good's company,   (lend took [suspended from duty until next Tues- iftllU UttUUIi »l> ittlge.
Birds AND Animals setup in a thor-
nugli workmanship inanner.
On Hand—Four line lleers' Heads,
wliicli will be sold for price of setting
tlieni up.   Also a tine case of Birds.
d. s. Mcdonald.
CO Haliburton Street, Nanainio.
(Commercial Hotel,
Corner roninierrial anil Bastion Sts.
Tills long-ostabllshod Hotel Is comfortably
llttcii up with superior aocomntods*
tions lor travelers timi others.
None hul tho best brands of Wines, Liquors,
Ales nml Clgara dlipansed tit the bar.
T. O'CONNKL, Prop. .     ' 1
,.   .   100U .1 el ol 11uiii  to
Ifllirn ■
ftiLLLUiii UUifilfililit.1;.::;;^r:,;i,ZT6s.slBryc
By a Tie Vote t!u> Scavenger I!y-
law Ls Defeated.
in Sure of the Latter and Hope'
lui ul I iie Koiiuci'.
hose, cuiisiiiti u loss ol about :'u minutes. '. 	
The Mayor stated that, on account of     St. Louis July 21.-The'Ponulist ml ,I-> what gives Hood's SarsaparUIa Its great
,,,',.,,,.,,, .„, .' popularity,  Its constantly increasing
the di  ger from bush   ires, he  had uu-  Silver conventions convene to-morrow ' ,        S      ,,    u . ,. , .,
.' uvcin  iu in ii.on, sales, and enables it lo accomplish its
thonzed Chief Scales to hire two men to the former in the   ha    which   the        wonderful and unequalled cures. Tho
watch the outskirts of  the city during National    Republican   t ventlon   was        combination, proportion nnd process
Saturday and Sunday lust, und although held, and  tint latter In the Music hall,
it cosl u few dollars, he considered the whore Graver Cleveland  was   re-nom-
But a New Bill Will Be Submitted by  money well spent. inated   in   I.s.*;.     [nteresl in ihe Silver
Aid. Wilson—Not ice of Bicycle            Aid- Wilson  moved that lin- matters convention lias boon eclipsed by the bit-
By-law— Needs of the Fire           I '"' il"  '" ''"-' hands ut the Mayor lo ter struggle among the  Populists ovor
...,,,........,,... arrange.    He was sorry, however, they Lhe struggle of nominating or endorsing   It cures a wido range of diseases because
used in preparing Hood's Sarsaparilla
ere unknown to other medicines, and
make Hood's Sarsaparilla
Peculiar to Itself
ol its power inn blood purifier* It acts
directly and positively upon tlic blood,
nnd tho blood reaches every nook nnd
conterof the Ininiiin By stem. TIhih nil
the nerves, muscles, bones nnd tissues
(•dine under the beneficent influence ol
The One True Blood Purifier,   Si; six turSr,.
had not beon brought up I.of..re, as the Bryan.     Tiio programme ui' the Silver
money fnr such purposes was now spent, convention Is out, ami dried.   There is no
The motion prevailed, division ol sentiment.      Congressman
M the regular meeting of the Council misoeli.anbous. Francis Newlunds, of N'uvadu, «iil ho
on Monday evening there were present : The Mayor reported I lint, in  the case temporary chairman, and William P, St,
Mayor Davison, Aid. Foreniat., Sinclair, ,,( th,. destitute  Belgian woman which John, thu New Vork banker, perinancnl
Planta, Mel al I, Morton and Wilson, had boen referred  to him, ho had  sue- oi,airmail.     They    nill    dolivur   then
The  minutes of the  previous meeting  needed in securing a  I e fur three of speeches; a pluifonn of a single plankin
were rend and approved nud the follow- -,er five children at  tho Protestant  Or- favor of tlto free coinage of silver nt 10 tn
ing business transacted I phanage at Victoria freo ui charge, and I will be a lopteil, Bryan mi I S -well will
fktitio.vs ami communications. she wmil,! uov, be nbl.' to gel along com-   be end,,.-,  0011,0   lion will a I-
From householders aim ratepayers un fortablv, lourn
Needhiun   streot,   complaining   of   its Aid. Wilson said it was vory gratifying The'Populists, on the other hand, are I ~                            euro Liver III    - . i„
sanitary condition and asking that a box that an institution existed in tlieprov rent  und  torn  bv  internal dissensions    Hood's Pills tako.casytoopomto.aie,
drain be put iu.    Keforred to the Streel [„ce thnt was doing such noble woik,  and contending factious will plunge iin-l                                      	
committee to report nt next meeting.        and thuiiglit theiittenli il' ourcilijseiis mediutely into a fierce and determined  „„                   ,,     ,    ,   ,
From H. Allen and W. Meredith, les- 8bo,,ld be biought to the matter in order  fight, which  may be prolonged lor four' Tll° ^W<in   S ,'(''1  by " I*l'll*,'Vi,*v'
sees ui  the City Park   pavill  asking t|lat) „|,e„ appeal mis made fur assist- ,„• live days, and which from preseul in-
that the rent nf lhe same be reduced .„„.,., ;, „„„;.. !10t |„. i„ vujn. dieations will  probably resnll inn bull.
from ib to $2 per night,   Aid. Wilson rim Mayor was granted further time no matter which faction prevails.    The  the railway station, the horses attached
thought it was nothing but right  Ier to report on the ease oi Chas. Hughes,   heterogeneous complexion uf  tht ,,.  to the carriage preceding thai in which
the eireumstanoes Unit the rent be ro- explaining that, on account of sickness,  vention, prising as   it  dues man*.   ""' l*"'1'" ''"'''' and  wlli''1' '""'''   Her
duced, as the lessees had to put  in gas* Vvliich bud  detuine.l liiin two ..r three whoso opinions on the question sooins  •****j*-'sty'*- Indian attendants, bolted unci
fixtures and  would also  have to  take days in the house, bo bad been unable liuineti'i.ally   opposed   and  win, h,,.u  overturned   the carriage,    Tbe driver
them out again.    He moved  that the to attend to the matter. u„,| advocate these opinions with a biill- and 0neof the Q"een's Rtte*"**u"t*" "''»'
former motion be rescinded and the rent I The Council then adjourned.                 dog tenacity that neither „, ,  ■  badly hurt.   Tiie Queen's carriage  fof
fjoxuos, July  21.—As the royal  pn
cession wns leaving Wintlsor Castle fo
! and advocate these opiuioi
ber argument nor
suasion seeiu uble tn shake; the eon Hi -i-
ing  in e imi   .. o     ,.i .i.i .       thai
hedge the situation about would stiiggur
reduced to lf2.60.   Carried,
From the road foreman, stating (hat Married,
workmen  bud   been   engage!   flushing The nuptiuls of Mr. Adam Thompson
drains, repairing streets mid iuiuuiiiiu-  Citj Cie unt  .diss .Uartnu Reiiwiek,
'      '      ,   ,                                      ' ,        ,            ...      ,   ,     „                             j,,     llie   Oldest   pullticul   prupllet  were lie Iu
inn catt e and dorrs    Reeeved and filed daughterot .ur..lohn Ueiiwiek,weroduly                      '.                      .  ,
°                    *"'   "eienen aiiunieii. _                    •   uttBmpt to forecast the reBnlt with anv-
BOAVBMGBB   BY-LAW, cell" .rated   I ues.iay o: .ruin.! at 1 Ilo lest-   t|,|       ••ko.,|eta*|
On motion of Aid. Foreman, theCoun- deuce of tho  bride's parents on "
lowed quietly. Her Majesty was much
perturbed by the accident and asked as
to the condition of the men who had
been hurt.. Thero were no demonstrations along the railway route from Wind-
id you see that YAm
IT'S YOURS  -:• J^
& CO'S
¥"P you should j^.iess the nearest to tht;'
| jj'ij  weight of the two pieces of Coal h\
.   their window.
Every time you buy $1 worth of :>
goods vou get a chance to tniess. fv
Commercial St., Nanaimo, I>. C.
ce ol a large
tiling it
Tne Bryan men still appear to lie i
| sor station to Piuldiiigtoti,    Arriving al.  r^y..
tbo hitler st:ilii>n  Ibe Queen walked  lo   \
.,      ui...   $
, ber carriage with slightassistauce,   rihe
oil went into committee on the by-law j street... ■       .   ,,ml,„| ,„„,  lhe ll,Ml.,.s .„.,, vel.v ,,,„,!_; "o, .,„,i.,^o->,..,
to withdraw the unexpended balance of ul  '"ends,    die bride wus given away    ^  ^^ ^^   ^  ^ *j appeared to bo in good health.
the !f60,000 loan for scavenger purposes,   by her father, her sister, Miss  Magg-"  '''
Upon the preamble being rend, a -   being bridsiiiaitl, while Mr. Joseph Uu
tion to adopt as read was lust by the fol-  s":1 supported the groom.    Al the
lowing vote:   For, Aid. Foreman, Mo- elusion uf the ceremony the par y par-
I'nicticiilly all tbe trained and experienced generals ure aligned with loom,
li nv huve the ad vice uud counsel of Sen-
Donald and Wilson j against, Aid. Mor-   took of a wedding breakfast, after which
ir Jones  and  thc shrewd Democratic
I managers, who mo vigilantly watching
,    e'er',-   point   at   is-in ,  un i able allies i
Aid. Planta then moved that thecom-   5Ira*  Ihnmpsnn  look  I -oiith-bnu d
mittee   now  rise.   Tiiis also  wus lost,   fain en t nite tu lhe ,-ji  tut   on   a short
Aid. Planta, Sinclair and Murtoii voting  h""".' n nip.    Ihey will  be absent
for, and Mayor Davison, Aid. Foreman,  about a week.   If in  their future lives
McDonald and Wilson against the mo-  they realize the wishes of many friends,
tion. tboy will be happy indeed.
Tbe Council now being at a den 1-lock,
after it few moments'silence Aid, Wilson relieved  Ibe situation   by u  so- 1
motion for the committee to ris.', us, he
lite   ii pu  ii mem  aim   llie  note-
gales lo the Silver convention.    They
have a  very  thorough organization for
systematic nud effectivo work.     While
strong of conviction and vociferous in
their declarations thai they  will never
The Final Shoot. surrender, the middle-of-the-road delo-
The final shoot for the cup took  placo  gates   are    practically   n   disorganized
Saturday afternoon, with the following  crowd.    They  beep up a great deal of
... result: tl E T I'ittemlrigh, 8U;  'V. Me-  enthusiasm  nl their nieelliits, an   to-
said, the previous motion had killed the ,;,, r>fi2;C n Backer. Sl; Wall, U8;J   dee  they claim as high U400 majorit*
by-law.  He proposed, however, to bring   McGregor, 07; Millar, 67, in the convention.
in a new by-law for the same object and      i*:.,,.,, ,,,,,, won „„. „„, prizeinthe| -      -*•*•*«*-
would state the moans by which the city ,,and*       with w M,Gl,,  irsi...,„,i. The boll of n certain section t»l
proposed to do the work. Tbo by-law
had been opposed and defeated on the
ground that the money proposed to be
IV M Uregor is l  e winner of the enp,  the   Democrats,   accompanied   bj
bis total soni" being BOO.   I'ittemlrigh  their newspapers,  has  done  more
obtains second place with a Sitoroof 500.   good than their  voles  or influenc.
used fur seayeu^er  purposes rinhtfully      T|)e full scores are as follows:   W  Me-   will he aide tu  counteract,     lt   bus
Rrorp NoW
Io the End of Augustf
The Queen's birthday was cole- I  fij
brated ut Ocaltt,   Florida,  by tlte J
dedication  uf   n magnificent mag- ',
nolia tree in hor honor.    A message <   //5\i
wassenl tu ber Majesty reeordinii \  ( Wjf\Ci   1(5^0^11
ii.e   fuel.     One   oi  the  speakers' I  k       l\J*JL*.(g   UV1-L'.
dwelling   upon  the close  kinship  <   ^s-a-j.^*^®
between   Americans and English, ' - jftusi }-,c thc Order of the Dav
look occasion to touch lightly upon S - ►
recent events.  "It is due," he snid, I
"to the men Avho have sprung from \ '     ; Jl^IHS   MEANS.
British loins that Americn is greal ; V **
to-day,    It is due to those hardy s
rovers of the sea who breasted the
waves    ttiitl   colonized   and   conquered ihis land, that we are not
like   Cuba    and South  America.
We can, tis  well  tis  any, point to
lhe nam    of Sbukespear and Hilton
and   Sc ill;   they are of our blood.
An occasion like mis is,therefore,
;i harbinger uf uf peace.   The two
groat     English-speaking    nations
Exceptional Opportunities in Many Liner
' j should go hand in hand, and they,
belonged to Union street.   The fun was Q m   „ K T Piu,,ull.'i h, o0J    shown that, no  mailer  what  theii   _„! f- h
that the unexpended amounl to which (. „ ^^ 5 ,. „,„„_ Br7. (J. •,,,,,   minor differences mny be, when il  ^P1 >Tt 1 ,P ' '     '      '"
In,,,,,   street was entitled  wns a   mere   ^;,. ,; Wntsuti, nd:!. cuincs   In   the   primary question of
trifle, and he believed there were other i    Tlu,lv u.i;i be „ ,, ,.,.,, „exl Satl1rday  , trolling the medium oi exchange
reasons for the opposition, which hecon- at2J0, 400 and 000 yards in order to get the money- nnd by thai means
Bideredas buy s play, and though I the |nt0 shape for the annual meet of theB. controlling industry, the money-
matter should he take,, up ag«i„ and a Ri A ,„„u, particularly ni the flrsl dealers are n unit. They constitute
considered seriously. An amendment to  ,
two ranges.   The competituis will shoot one party—the party of Pelf    wilh
the Municipality Aet had been secured  standing at 200 yards,
by our local member to enable the city -        -~*~—    —
to do ils scavenger work, aud
posed to bring  the matter j;
fore the Council,
tie pi
common   instincts,  common   ends
and cniiiiniiii  means of attaining
them.    Thnt    this   class   bus   been
roperly be-     tn this city, on Wednesday, July 22, driven to reveal ils indentity and
1898, Pearl  Mary, infant daughter oi declares open war is one good rcsull
Aid. Morton seconded tho motion, and  John und   Jennie   Sampson,   aged   14  at least ofthe Chicago convention
said that., if Aid. Wilson had acted be-  months.    The funeral  will take place    -Coast Seaman's Journal.
fore as he proposed to do now, the result  t|,is afternoon.
might have been different.   There had -        "'      —
been no data brought before the Council;        THE l'or.MiAUY  ltlSl'l'TK.
people the teachings of lhe Divine
in morality, truth und justice, shall
be tho advance guard of civilization,
and an Anglo-Saxon, wherever
fuund, will be a king."
 >;,*. —
Lawns, Prints, Flannelettes, Muslins,]
Chambrays, Girghams, and all Sum-j
mor Goods at a 10 por csnt. reduction!
to clear.
Will bo Seduced to Very Low Pricesi
The Queen expects to sojourn on
the Riviera again nextspring. Her
courier, Mr. Dosse, bus rented for
her the whole lefl wing of the l'.\-
celsior Hotel Llegina al Nice, immediately opposite the Hotel de
Cimiaz, where she bus stayed for j
two seasons past. The wing which twv
the Queen will occupy is virtually
K^Cnl) and save money hen' by getting our cash dis-i
count, instead of n chance fur ;i bike, etc,—money saved is
money made—at the
f isp^
H''     J t'    'i vi b"'"^-r ^s...'-i   ,7 ^^.""ki-f-"**  t*j  1
to enable it to act intelligently in tho
Quebec, July 2).—Messrs. Blair aim i      ■
,.   , ,. , intlciieniicni of the rest ofthe estao-
I'lcbllngwore sivorn in as members of  r *. i,        ,   • ,1       -,i
11*-1 miiMti.    Il contains more than it)
Lawyer Sim mu-.  ol   Host,mi.    Prepares   the privy council yesterday.    After llie
Answer to England's Claim
rooms ttinl bus n separate entrance
Aid. Wilson explained that Aid. Mor-1                                                               STw^ T"^'' ""* 'p^'T"'',  halla'nd'lRPociallift'  Itc"mmil,lds
ton was mistaken with regard to him na     Nvashinffton,  July  21.   An   Important a superb view of ihe (own and the
hewasnu, present when the by-law was ^^1^,.^l.iiS^.,,?l !t       "' l'BS^'^!^  | neighboring waters of the Mediter-
liibjecl of the Venezuelan boundary dis-
rnnean.   The work of furnishing it
discussed and noted  upon.   Aid. I'm,- ,,„.;,  uns j„s,  ,„.,,,, completed and will      If you aro a good guesser, you will win   .       .                     .,,   ,
man, he believed, wns prepared to muke be made public in this country as well   the bike at Stevenson's and give your  '"'* ''"' '^'l '''"   'vl'    '"'  begun  very
ample explanation, but it was too late '',s '" Great Britain within u day or two.  girl a show.                                             shortly.
now This addition consists ol  an    elaborate                                 	
,,',   ,.                  ,    ,   , brief drawn by  Mr. Storrow, a  Boston
Aid. Foreman replied that he did not hiwyer of high degree,  who  has been
ex pec
street was only entitled to a mere trifle
,,,    „.        • .   . mission.    Ibe document is an nnswer I
of the f889 retna ig unexpended. thai   tion of tho  British  bine    book  )   j
Aid. Planta suggested thai Aid, Wil- which was prepared by eminent coins |  I
sun furnish u copy of his by-law to the eiignged at the British • Dice to summur*   {
aldermen n week previous to final action ''" u"' "''"''' "'"'*'                               ]
beingtaken there,,,,. Ml.  Unr,- ^UnlirniTice the govern- <
Thu motion that the committee
then carried,
r'Sy'&'-ivfcAs,-^ •a^ys--^ 'i,^ <» -a^^'*'&'^!a^y-^t.*t*.*»^.'V^v^'*-*.'V'i
. Uicyc
it such a result, or he would have  t nccted with Mr. SerWgs In tiie cap   \   ir ir nn     i yjv    11 / ijtm r.i 5 - ii |i[)i*:j)U    \V \,\".ni\  \ t
.explanation showing ihat Onion   ••*••■? "r •* '^''I ""' ''"' K-'vernmeni of \   \\ 1 \ ¥/,>   AAV   n\ll^rA\Vjij\ IjU>    \\ A.'il I A)  ' K
Vonezuola before    the    boundary    com-   j 1   P
Mr. Laurier will iiiinnnnce the govern-  /   ...,,,.. ., „,.„ ,     „    , (Blnck Currant, strmvlicrry, Red Currnnl   .  4
Im Lent policy in   speeches In Bt. Johns   | *, -^^°°"'^ '""'" """   i I
and Iberville during this week.
I'he operations nt the government flsh
Ing a tax .rn bicycles kept for hire was 1""''1"'1'<'■   lllis »»^M •"" reported 10
have been the must successfull oil record.
I lid you see those two chunks of coal?
It'.- ab an time you put your tiekt 1 In.
The affirmation of the by-law impos
ing a tax 1111 bicycles   ke|
laid over at the request of Aid. Morion,
who was not yet satisfied ol Its legality,
Aid. Morton was granted leave lu introduce a by-law   to  regulate   bicycle Spend ifl and got a guess at Stevenson
riding. ■ g**g»gg!**~    ■ ———————
kiukjikn's complaints. Awarded
Chief Scales and President Lawrence, Hi ,,est Honors-World's Fair,
by permission, addressed the Council on
behalf of the Nanaimo Fire Department.
The latter spoke in reference to the proposition of the men being allowed some
compensation for their services which |
had been submitted to the Fire Wardens
some time since, On aeuount of the
brush lires they bad to turn out very
often lately and got nothing for it, 111 d
some arrangement to compensate them
for the loss of time and injury to clothing was desired.
In answer to Alderman Morton, Chief
Snales said that a promise had been made
that the men Should be compensated f< r
fighting bush fires.    Some nf  the  hoys
had lost their "shifts" und destroyed I       MOST    PERFECT   MADE.
their clothing by attending these firep,' A pure Crape Cream of Tartar Powder.   ]~ra
and something should he done on their j from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant   /
behalf.    Another matter  that needed j 40 Years the Standard. \^,
To Bicycles dono on our promises al the shortest possible notice.
Mu. Cocking being a thorough practical bioyole hand, will be
pleased In furnish   nil Information   grnlis,  and  all   work
done by this linn willheguaranteed to be first-class.
Next to Sloan & Scott's ()M Stand.
j pea
Fletcher Bros.
P.   8—A large consignment of bioycle sundries just arriv-
fruin the cast,
>-'5."*.,?,^*&'^'E '!i'T^*a-*^-^'^'5'/'a.'tt.'a'***5*^*^<J*r^'a^'^^. *»-a'^W*8>'%^*l
BS^As we are retiring from business, wn will give every person
who is thinking of gelling n Piano or an Organ a snap
Our entire stock must be sold by August lst.


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