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The Nanaimo Semi-Weekly Mail May 24, 1896

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Is the time to have your
name put on the list.
Keep Posted
On the issues of the campaign by reading the
Nanaimo Mail.2te?,&h
Is our business, and the superiority of our work commends itself, while as to prices
It Is Profitable
To deal with us.   All classes
of work for all ulussee of CUSto
5 mors is o
NO. 50.
Oyez!    Oyez!
Electors and Residents of Nanaimo and District:
You are hereby commanded to carefully consider the
School Question, the Boodle Question, tbe Monopoly Question,
the immensely important Trade Question, and nil tbe other
Great Questions of Dominion Politics; so thatynti may lie able
to vote intelligently and send to parliament the man and tho
party who will best carry oul your views on all those questions.
To that end you are commanded lo be careful to use only the
Best and Purest Groceries
so that you may be free from indigestion and all the irritation and evils that invariably follow Ibe use of poor ami adulterated goods. Ytui arc also commanded to take particular
notice that the very best  and  purest goods  are to  be  Ion!  at
The People's Store
and that the prices ure almost  invariably away  below whai
you have hitherto been called upon to pay I'm- inferior g Is.
TAKE FURTHEH NOTICE thai it is your Imperative Duty
to call at the store in question and investigates those statements and prove (boy are hue. And you are hereby commanded to do so under pain of my severe displeasure and of
your own great loss.
Given under our hand and seal Ibis sixteenth day uf
May, in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred
and ninety-six.
^^*%-%-%'%'%%'%%%'<v%"%*VTy(&'T^'«^«'<a- v^^*.** ^v^-a^-v*^ ■^f
In Black and Tan.
Ladies' Canvas hk?h,
Ladies' Kid Oxfords,
yln Black and Tan.
Children's Tan Button Hoots and Low Shoos,
Cash Boot and Shoe Store,
No. 17 & 19 Commercial Street.
E. E. C. JOHNSON, Manager,
■ " e  'Mi.ni*.1
The eiiiiiii, inn   t n i*l
ply itself earn,
devising  plans     i   .,
settlement of the      I     \V\
mutter is under en.
very important that
lie represented  in   I
men who are thorough
ed with its resources ano
ami who e n lie depended
speak freely and fearlessly.
inn "f 'be welfare of tin- i
? and not of the fale of ii  to
■ ambitions.   Willi a dozen men-'
Mr. Mai iin in lhe hou ;e there won
lie no danger of Manitoba, the Territories or British Columbia hein:
One of the results of the imroigra
tion convention wi - the furmath
of ii perm ii u nl e ni mil tee conn
cd of re]      en  I   ve   of lhe (list
named nnd of >,'■ tern Ontnrle
western   i   rubers   of Pari)
on- lit to ae just sueh u cor)
and ought to consult toge1
quently  without,  r. -avd
affiliation, and talk over
the furtherance of imm1
ie 'i. This do; b r
ey  ini.rht  to adopt
,'  tinnal policy; for wha'     --n e
J: west, is (.'nod for all      ■■ ul i
i ■ prosperity is boun    up v i      the
>; rapid and solid '      reas   ■    ihe e
s. regions,
(!    It must .lie he       in   mil      bai
while these me' represi
\A a small nr
represent a c   mti;y i apabh
The time for entries to the bicycle
iteslshas been extended until next
TIIK I'ltoFKSSION.U. l.lMlil'E.
On Saturday, at Tacotnn, Victoria was
Wan "ai I John Baptis c Din-  beaten by the home nine—M to 8: uml
Bed 88, recitiliiK on Halibiir   at Seattle, Portland was defeated by the
•ed suddenly Sunday afternoon  home team—8 to6, (Hi Monday Taeoma
trouble. defeated Portland—14 to 8.
ix Is lemporarlly running an     Al Tuc una on Tuesday the home team
er-N'uiiuiiiin route In placo defeatted Seattle—12 to 7, leaving the
which is iniderKuliiK re- several teams In the lengne race In the
following relative positional
lie,, LoSt
ivnsend owirtK, it is Taeoma    8    8
neakii    in her ma- °eo*»fl     ■''    •'
,ie.    .er, ,m Bat-  Portland    -i     I
\ ielor u     4     7
Sveretl   is ul   present
As the New Spring Season  j\      \r  i   ];   ;i
is now upon us V{)   1>U,J   ltlH
to come and inspect our stock of
Ladies' i Children's
Our stock this season we assure you is
complete in every respect and bound
to please. It comprises all the latest
novelties, etc. A very fine and well
assorted stock of Ladies' Sailors and
Children's Galatea, Silk and Lace Hats.
Crescent Store, Nanaimo, B. G.
ci           n         ": employe al Has- ,.-,    ,,.„ ,
a,-aid utton a Nr.Mliiur
i'i   . e i.en "'i,'I i-ii'k "he match between \V.H. West and
■<<   .       hi I■ .• badly, -'"''k   Murray,   <-ti 1 <*li-.is-i-nt<-li-inn,  will
■I tne Cily take place atthaMarkethail, Vancouver,
■ on Saturday night, .lane 80,
il nt Che- A I'uti'li-us-i'iiti-li-i'iin niuti'li has been
under duress j arranged between W. II. Moss and .1. V.
-,n-.\< re-;ir- Stewart, to lake place In the Nanaimo
u-t Wellington opera house Saturday evening, June 2.),
, ,i          l esi'orted back loe match Is for (260 u si.le uml cult;
receipts, the winner to pay expenses.
ii    iddently working Tbo Trimrcr.
i line iii  ilu- pre-1 ,                    *•■■
rla last week there The following scores were made at the
,i                   three buri/hiries re- Nanaimo Rifle Associations cup shoot on
iliivs, and robberies Saturday: Ueo.HyghSB, Robt.Watson
i rousin Viiiii'ouvor 88, 0. H. Barker81,  W. McGregor 81,
found necessary to em- |J- •*.*->-1' 7S. ■'• McGregor 78,  W.  A.
.   Neither has Nanaimo Young F6, G. h. T*. Pittendrlgh 74, A,
dJoronSumlaviilghtan Shaw 71, A. Blttenuour 154, Dr. f)rys-
nade to orack the sale at,dale 40, .M. .Miller 17, Mr. MoKechnte,80,
lalinii, lliotiL-li fortunately „,,,„ .,,,,    ,
;  and the day before the ""' m°,\]  ,     ,
. iiiehes on exhibition in W. A bloycle race meet »ill bo given nt,
ill's store were cleverly lifte I tho Brockton Point grounds, Vancouver,
showcase by the llght-flngured '"> Saturday, May 80.     The programnio
Mr.  I.iiieiou, however, lias Is as follows:   For amateurs! 1 mile
aslv replaced the prizes. novice! '... mile handicap] 1 mile haudl-
ies Jordan, thc party referred to -.apj )i mi Ip handicap for boys under 16
.■ lasi Issue iih concealing himself years; 8 mile handicap,   Por profession-
,r the bid In tho room of Mr. Wm. "Is:   H mile handicap j 8 mllehandiuap.
letronu, the Albenii stu^f driver,
s arresled by Provincial Constable
I'l.i'iiii Monday morning at tho I'iuk
t'n hotel on llie eharm- o| "being found
oncealaii in n rn-nu Vflth intent t
l lining u )' oul   '"0
large as thn        I    I mada. iu.it an indictable I'lronse." The unwary
Great   nu'             it    • ,;. Jordan,   upon  tin- appearance of tho
Upon tfiel        li  111  -*"•'      iin'i,i  ui-i nonstable nt the li I  with a binnry,
8" ■■»■ ■■     ,. ''ftS'^h^^^bbut^ilriv^
Ibcw.  ■ '   'in ■    ■ ".  to!,,, ,,„, Prov|lu.|u| |„|| explained the slt-
Olluv                        : , uiition uml cnriiiili-d his  companion's
»•** tfip and aUo his lilerly.     l-'uitlier ex-
T-     il--.ii       ■ crtlsi-fn .up tliL'l pliinutiotiH are cxpei-teil In lho police
be-1      urn- 'eourt tO-UIOI'1'oW.
lOiitrii's close May 27th.
iu the match ori Saturday between tho
Iki'lielors ami Benedicts rntheNanuimo
iliili, the hitler Hon liy SO runs to 7X
Two Indian oanoe crews who will
compete for the prize on Monday
ncx' went over the course Sunday
afternoon, making the two miles iii
about 12 minutes.
li pays to read om- advertisements.
In a few duy.s a series of meetings will
be arranged, and then Mr, Haslam will
bo afforded full opportunity to explain
In detail, not only what he lias effected
during bis three years in the Dominion
Parliament, bul what his aims and objects are iu regard to the future, should
the electorate again express their confidence by returning him at the head of
the poll on June *£lrd proxlmo.**—i''rtS
We. do not think it will take
our worthy member, Mr. Haslam,
very long to tell "what he has effected during his three yearB in the
Dominion Parliament. His record
in that line is like his knowledge of
Canadian politics—nil. Hut we
wish him to have every possible
opportunity to discuss his ';aitns
and objects" in regard to the future
in fair and above-board debate with
his opponents, and consequently, as
we understand he has not yet arranged his "scries of meetings," we
sincerely trust he and his committee will sec their way clear to accept the following invitation that
has been extended them by Mr.
.Mclnnes' executive :
Nanaimo, li. 0., May 20, 189G.
Andrew Haslam, Esq.,
Dear Sir:—On behalf of the Executive Committee assisting the
candidature of Mr. Mclnnes, I beg
to invite your concurrence in a
series of joint meetings to be hold
throughout the constituency of Vancouver Electoral District on the
following terms:—
1. Each candidate to he allowed
equal time for speaking at each
2. Each candidate to be allowed
the piivilege of reply at alternate
1 beg to enclose a poster showing
tlie dates of meetings arranged by
Mr. Mclnnes.
Should this meet with your approval I would he pleased with a
reply at your earliest convenience.
1 am sending a similar letter to
Mr. Haggart.
I am, dear sir, yours, etc.
G. F. Cane.
I). II. Janes was brought here
from Chemainus yesterday to serve
a  nth with hard labor for vagrancy.
Communioations have been received from the .Mayor and Aldermen of Victoria and Westminster
accepting the invitation to attend
the celebration here.
Mr. Win. Man-on and Miss Duncan were married at the Wallace
Street Methodist Church at 7:30
yesterday morning, Rev. W. A.
Gunton officiating, A large num-
: her of friends were present and
after congratulations, Mr. and Mrs.
Mansonleft for Vancouver, en route
to the east. They will take up their
permanent residence in the Kootenay country.
In reply to II. |). Pressley, secretary of the celebration committee,
Mr.H. K. Prior states that afternoon trains will run on -Monday
and Tuesday, 25th and 20th, on
lhe same time as the Saturday and
Sunday trains, thus (living two
trains eacli way between Wellington
and Victoria on Saturday, Sunday,
Monday and Tuesday, Excursion
tickets will be issued from and to
all points on these days good to return on Wednesday, 27th. A special train between Nanaimo and
Wellington will run all day, the
fare between these points being 25
cents return.
Hi, II. Driimmond is spending a
short vacation at Kamloops.
Dr. Walkem returned from his
eastern trip Tuesday night.
A recent lctier from Jos. Dowry
slates that he is suffering from
asthma and has been unable to
work for six months.
ai a moettnaof a committee representing the
vnrimis K. of 1'. lodvol in this city mul illMrfrt,
it wns resolved lo Rive n aujiper and ball at the
Opera House mi the in lit ei the Iih ef .lime in
honor o] tlieUrand i.oiice. ivtaloheonveueehere
in thei.'iui proximo. Another meotlag of the
committee w-Ul tnke place thlaevonlng.
Iierlr Lodge, NO'ls. A. V. * A. M,, elecled the
foUoivlng officers Tuoaday night:
i    .1. II. Pleace, Worshipful .Mintcr;
]   w. H, Morton, Senior Warden:
r. i', Meiikin. Junior Warden i
it. B, MeKei'linle, TreiiHiiror;
[   w. ii.s. Perkins,secretary.
I   .1. Vnnrp, Tyler.
I 'llie foregoing ivll] he duly Installed on July
A dispatch received from Pretoria
yesterday says: President Kruger
has pardoned the -V.) prisoners who
were condemned to imprisonment
ami banishment ami pay a fine of
$10,00(1 each. Xo mention is made
of any further commutation of the
sentences of Col. Francis Rhodes,
John Hays Hammond, Lieut.
Philips and (I. Karrcr.
1 n---r*\-6.'»*«i
Zbc IRanaiino fll>ail I r«bf>™e
I wind that a p
E. i.'. BjbaI'I), Editor and Manager.
Bastion Streel. Nulliuine, 11. C.
By mall
'ne year  2.00
six months i.ee
Three months 75
Delivered l>y carrier falSu. per month
MAY 24, 1800
Tupper Tory Tactics.
'i'he great Conservative conven-j
tion which met in this city last Friday evening  and   nominated   .Mr.
Andrew Haslam as its candidate is j
now a thing of the past.   In many
respects  the convention in its com-j
position nnd modus operandi was
unique, and may properly termed
an   epoch-marking   precedent   in
political tactics.    That the nominating convention of a great party!
should be held behind closed doors, j
its   deliberations   practically suppressed, and the names of tne delegates guarded with Masonic secrecy,
is so astounding that we in our innocence never heard of such a thing.
The only information given to the
public of the proceedings of this
"peculiar" convention we find in,
possibly, the most "peculiar" report ever published in a "peculiar"
newspaper. The local organ of the
party, although in full knowledge
of the proceedings and names of (lie
delegates, compromised with its
conscience ami furnished its read-
era with the following "peculiarly"
lucid information:
There were
night's convention ofthe Liberal-Conservatives of Vancouver Island District,
that number including proxies, unit the
on the wings of the
1111 is being matured
to have Mr. Haslam and Mr. Haggart both retire from the field and
bring in Col. Prior as a compromise candidate. The gallant colonel, be it remembered, holds the
anomalous position of a full-fledged,
full-grown cabinet minister without
a seat in the cabinet. The valiant
colonel doubtless sees the handwriting on the wall in Victoria,and
in desperation would attempt the
wild, tpboganish feat of sliding
through this district to a seat in
the Commons, if not in the cabinet.
We would offer a word of warning
lo llu: warrior colonel against the
experiment, We believe it would
prove ip finitely more disastrous
lban the boyish sport of sliding
down the cellar door, and will venture to predict that, if lhe redoubtable colonel attempts such a coasting trip to Ottawa, be will lie compelled to halt at Violoria in confusion and disgrace, minus the seat
of—his cabinet position. Ifotirco-
ercionisl neighbors intend to get up
another,convention to unravel the
many kinks in their tangled skein,
we hope they will use belter judgment than they did with (heir late
abortion, which had not lhe merit
of even a modicum of shrewdness. It was awkwardly conceived,
clumsily matured, ushered on the
world a howling absurdity, and
awaits baptism as a screaming
More Money in Silver and Lead at the back of
A Lamb for thc Slaughter.; Than Gold at the Back of
Our local contemporary, the Free
Press,  speaking of  Mr.   Ilaslam's
, address to  the electors, says:   "Mr.
1111 persons present at Jast | Haslam accepts the Liberal-Conservative   platform   and  clearly but
tersely explains his position  to  be
whole representing  Sobke, North and Ifuliy   in   accord  with   the  Great
South Saanich, Lake ami Highland Dis-  Conservative parly."   At this slage
Cowiuhan,  Che-    ,  ,, '     ,- . ,  ,r
District |°'   *"e "a,ne> a"d  lri  view  of  the
trict, Nanaimo City,
inainus, Cobble Hill', Nanainio
Cedar DtBtrict and several other points.
The "30 persons, including proxies,"  is good—very good; but the'
concluding enumeration, "and several   other points," is deliciously
rich.    That the names of the delegates should lie suppressed, at first
sight,  appears  extraordinary; but,
donlil less those mysterious delegates .
had no de.-ire to have their names,
made   public,    reasonably   hoping
that  the mantle of secrecy  would |
political events of the past year,
such a statement now means,
"clearly but tersely," that he is a
blind supporter of the Tupper
Government, no 'matter to what
depths of corruption, monopoly.
submission lo the Quebec hierarchy
antl oppression to a sister Province
they choose to go.
Tupper has u little lamb—
It, lives iii Namduiu;
Ami everywhere that Tupper goes
Has-Ill 111 is sure to yo.
"Which for thc hist-i"!
We have come to the conclusion that business must be
done for CASH, and consequently are ottering you the
most startling bargains ever announced in Nanaimo,
as the following juices will clearly show:
Suits that were $45.00 are now $36.00
st Ru
e of Cloods in the City to Select From.
Cash Tailor, -:- Commercial Street.
The Most Complete Stock
shield them from a shower of un- ^^^^^^
desirable queries.    We are further "Which for the last eighteen years
informed that Mr.Haggart's friends bus been so manifestly successful
refused to recognize the convention, >" tbe Government ofthe Dominion
but   nevertheless   his   name   was
We have a Fresh Stock of Choice
Candies in this week.
Victoria Crescent
placed in nomination. It was well
known lo the members of this so-
called convention that they were
repudiated by Mr. Haggart and his
friends on the justifiable ground
that they were noi representative,
and Mr. Haggart had no particular
desire to come to Nanaimo to lie
knifed in the back by his coercion-
. ist colleagues. Therefore, to bring
his name before the convention, was
the shallowest kind of hollow mockery. Hut ihe climax of absurdity
is reached when they publicly proclaim that two votes were cast in
his favor. It seems nothing short
of heaping insult on injur)' would
satisfy the mysterious delegates in
their wrath against .Mr. Haggart for
of Canada," if the result of Conservative Government has been
successful, what in Heaven's name
would lie unsuccessful? Since the
Conservative Government came
into power our national debt has
increased from $140,868,061) in
1878, to $253,074,927 iu 18U5.
Our annual expenditure has risen
from 23,503,158 in 1878 to $38,132,-
000 in 1896, Our tariff has been
increased from an average of 17
per cent, (tariff for revenue) to an
average of over ,'{■! per cent, (tariff
for manufacturers). .According to
the Government's own llltie Hoots,
"under the National Policy banner," we lost from 1881 to 1891
986,000 native-born Canadians,
forced to leave their native  land,
his presumption iu attempting to magnificently endowed as it is with
become  a  candidate without their  natural wealth  and  resources, and
seek a living in  the United States.
During the same period lhe Conservative Government paid over two
lars toward assisting un
The labor
have for year
being responsib
eaders of  this cily
borne the odium of
for the strained  million tl
relations between the people of
Wellington and Nanaimo. As lo
whether they are deserving of reproach or not we don't purpose to
discuss at this time, hut we have no
hesitation in saying that the present political manipulations of the
Nanaimo Conservatives will have a
tendency to create an irritation in
the minds of our Wellington neighbors that will take years to allay.
The chaotic demoralization of t lie
Conservative party in this district
should furnish corresponding pleasurable sensations to the Liberals.
While we frankly admit that we are
an immeasurable distance from the
tear-shedding point, yet we don't
feci an overflowing exuberance of
exultation. Unlike our local contemporary, we don't feel "exquisite
plea ure" at our opponents' misfortunes. We merely, feel a sense of
additional security. We would have
preferred to measure swords on
equal conditions, as we had no fear
of the result  and   it would perma-
migrants to the country. The official statistics show that 886,000
came, and that less than 150,000
remained. Why? Owing to the
"manifest success of the National
Policy," perhaps.
No wonder the books in which
the Government furnish these details are termed "Blue" Hooks. A
perusal of them will make anyone
really interested in the growth of
this Canada of ours blue indeed.
More particularly toward the poor
and the working classes iheConser-
vative Government have been "manifestly succcsslul"—successful in
cinching them. We cull a few items
from the tariff list just to show
what the Free Press might call a
happy contrast:
riill CENT.
Duty on Rice ru Diamonds Free
"     Workmen's ran autre,
overalls,. .15 Lone collars.80
"      Coul oil IK) Ch ti ni pay tie.;)")
"     Woolen soeks.86 .Silks  ..'JO
What a sad day for our monopolist friends when the Liberals get
Twelve months ago     150
To-day      -      -      - 3,5001
And estimated to reach
Within 12 months from date
Rossland lots are worth
$1000 to $6000
And out of your reach as a speculation;
I will sell you good
JlH-i  P-%   ^^ to nU Al
At $150 to $200.
Easy Terms.
Other good lots from $50 to $150
Cannot be  surpassed In the
City. We keep a special line of
Choice Tens mid Coffee, |
Canned Fruits, Etc.
Carbonating and Bottling
MITCHELL & HUMMING, Proprietors;
.Mmiiifiii-tiireni of l.ciiinimile. (linger Ale, Sar-
-ui-iHi'illn, Cillers. Ktc.
All Orders Promptly Attended To.
Telephone 20. P. 0. Hox oo.
Court of Revision
QUALITY ofouh ( a KXCKI.I.K.Vl
Don't go elsewhere until vou have tried
Where they Defy all Competition.
15 Victoria Crescent.
Those pi-ices are an advance on last quotations, but
Is beginning to go ahead in good shape.
The Globe Hotel
Has been renovated and re-furnished,
and is now conducted as a Orsl-clase
lin. Albert li.u-eu can be found us
Superior axicommodatlon in provided
for the public.
P.O. li.n 885. Telephone 7-0.
Nanainio Meat Market,
V x cro J 4 IA u H KHOK N 'L\
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in all Itindfl of
m._   Fresh and Salt Meats,
"""   Sausages, Etc. ,
Mentu Delivered —
To any purl .iflho City free of eliarno.
Special Attention pnttl lo Shipping Orilors.
A Trial Solicited,
*=-», M. LEBEHRY & CO.
The Court "f Revision for the City of
cTnnaiitiowill beheld in the Cily Council Chambers
•- Wednesday, ftlay 27,1
I at 10 o'clock n. in.,
when uny appeal  from the assessment
for 1800 will be heard.
Py onler,
City Clerk.
nently establish the Liberal suprem- [ get in power and reverse this nice
acy in this district. That the Lib- little list. Diamonds, champagne,
end candidate could easily defeat! silks and lace to lie taxed by those
either Mr. Haslam or Mr. Haggart, dreadful Liberals more than rice,
with a united Conservative follow- coal oil, socks and overalls! Awful!
ing,  we  never   had   the  remotest' ^^^^
It's a Cominir,
The St. John (Quebec) News, a
Conservative paper, says that the
best thing possible for the Conservative party would be defeat. That
will certainly be the best thing
possible for the Dominion.
_— »»«.	
doubt. The vast number of promi-
nertt Liberals in the district, backed
by hundreds of electors of Conservative proclivities who a.e thoroughly disgusted with the maladministration of public affairs and
open and barefaced corruption so
long i : v-gue, andvi 1 voe With
the Liberals—not necessarily as an
endorsalinn of the Liberal party,
but as a well-earned rebuke to their
own— will, we believe, prove a verit- j ■,,, .,.., 0 .
able landslide at tbecomingeleotlpn. i -1  ,■»»»■  ■—■
That the Conservatives fully re- A revenue tariff means more fac-
alize (he deplorable muddle they tories, more employment for labor
find tin.in.-elvxs in is confirmed by and better wages,
I i Under tho old revenue-tariff policy the population increased at the
rate of 17.} per cent.; under the N. P.
the increase lias been at the rate of
If you buy now you WILL make big money.
I should like to see more in Nanaimo interested,
that I can recommend to my clients and others.
The reader of this must acknowledge I am
right, and I will giye <you an easy, square deal
to suit the times. Business is improving all
along the line
 ♦•♦-- *N
Mining Exchange Department.
Shares in various mines for sale from 10c. up. 'Alao, one-
half and one-fourth interests in some of the bcl-st claims
on the Island for sale at reasonable prices.
2\p*ln?gtoii fjotel.
Having ooinplotod tho erection, of Ihe Arlington
Hotel 'it  NANOOSK HAY, Oils li Isome mid
commodious hotel ih uow prepared to receive
iiml comfortably entertain traveler! and others.
Ik presided OVor by Mrs. Thompson, nnd thu
Tabled'Ho to constantly provided with nil the
delicacies of the season. Combined with the
elegant furnished apartments, the visitor Hilda
the surroundings of thu most pleasant dosorlp*
Okell i'Morris'
Pnre Preserves
Prepared from Choice II.('.Fruits
uml It. G. Sugar.
They are the Purest and Best.
Restaurant and Chop House
Oysters in every style. *.
Meals, 25c. nnd upwards,
(lood Beds, 25c. and upwards.
Spring Chicken always ou hand,
Try I'll il pott's Tomato Catsup
2be. ami 50u. per itottle.
We Sever Sleep.       Open Day and Night.
Market, Bastion Street.
Steamers nnd Shipping supplied on short notice
nt Wholesale Prloos.
People who Appreciate »
Have tholr proscriptions dispensed at
TiiHr Prlcei mo Right. Telophons S,
JtltiN'l.'   VAI..Ulfl   IN
Cuban Cigar Factory.
Our Cigar* nre made of the choicest Havana
Tobaccos.  Our famous
Cuban lHossom »*»
Black Diamond
Are called for everywhere, and are superior to
any imported eiunir.   Made hy Union Labor.
M. J. BOOTH, Wharf Street. *
c. c. Mckenzie,
Land Agent and Conveyancer,
Town Lots nnd Farms for H«le.   Money to Loan
on Mortgage nt low raten.
Agent for the United Fire InHiirance Company
of Mam-Mentor, KiiKland.
Flrnt-elasi Accommodation, Fire-proof building
Terms: $1.00 Per Day and Upwards.
The Doon Hotel,
J,\H. BENNETT, Rroprlotef,
Conmcrelul St,,      Natiiilino, 1). C. Arrival of the Czar and Czarina
at Moscow.
Will Be Crowned Amid Great Splendor, but Great Precautions
Necessary Against
Assassin" tion.
Moscow, Mny IS.—The arrival of Mic
('/.ar nud Czarina by the train wbleli
left St. Petersburg this morning, ,v is
witnessed anil welcomed by a brilliimt
and picturesque concourse n£ people.
Troops of infantry were drawn up
along the railway tracts for miles; ,■'.-
finis dazzling with gold lace bustled
nbout giving orders uud exercising vij
at once l» the council hall, where fully
'200 were congregated. The lookout will
be stubbornly contested and a lonir battle is anticipated.
Tiie pressmen who struck at Matthews, Nortlirup & Co.'s printing works
did not return this morning, having re-[
jeeted    tiie employers' . proposition, nnd
their grievance will lie submitted to the   A   WllOle   Section   OI    Country
state board of arbitration.
Sold to the Bondholders' Committee for
a .Million  Dollars.
Destroyed In Texas.
Seattle, Mny 18.—The Seattle, Lake
Shore & Eiistern railway was sold at
noon Saturday and was purchased by
Judge II. (!. Strove, representing the
bondholders' committee, for $l,000,0oU
There was no other bidder present. It
was expected by many that the Canadian I'ai'iiie would have a representative on hand.
Outstanding bonds against llie    road
'amount  to   more  than  $5,600,000,   nnd
any   other   bidder   would   have   had   to
meet the bondholders! who a're glvou the
, right, under the dooroe of the court, to
I ni'pl.v  th" bonds on  the purchase price.
ilmit supervision over the throng.    No The road, it is said, will al once be re-
precaution agnlnsl nccldcnt or assassin- orwinitfed,
lltion was oniinilted. .No other trams I'p ""t'l the (imp the sale look place
were permitted to run on the road he- the Northern Pacific railroad company
twain'St. Petersburg and Moscow from was at work in Judge tlnnforil's court
the time tho Czar's special train started j endeavoring    to    prevent    it.     fii ml
last evening until it drew into the sti-   Ashton,  western  c-ttn-*el fir the Nirlh-
tion at Moscow, shortly before nooa tor ■*■"•    Pacific,    appeared    for   the Luke
nnd  for miles  no person  was rl-! Shore  nnd  asked   for  a   postponement.
claiming thnt the decree a ntnined 2500
-•.ere1* of stock  i i  the  tin'on  ih pot nt
day, nnd for miles no person
lowed to approach the mils or cross
the tracks in advance of the royal trim.
Cpou alighting from their conch llie
Czar and Czarina were ushered into a
magnificent equlppnge drawn by six
crenin colored horses, and nceompanicd
by music, were escorted by cavalry i.t-
lieers, to Petrovskl palace, which lies
upon the outskirts of the town in lit-
Petrovskl park. Petrovskl palace is a
low built red edifice, surrounded by n
tiirretecl wall.    A broad road lends up
Spnl:nne, which should not lie included
in the ,eor*iT''*re.
Jndee TTanford held thnt ns the Lake
*st*oro lift tl appealed from Ihe decree to
-lie circuit court of opnonjs the trial
•'onvf had no Inncnr any hirisdletinn and
declined to interfere. Notice was iriv-
.., i,i |i.o sale tW the Lake Shore
"inlmeil thc stock si'nuld not be sold.
Two Tears  In Jail, Fined $10,000 and
Banishment for Three Years.
Capo Town, May.—The
executive lias confirmed the
banishment of the member!
form committee.    The jndgi
directly to the Bynutlue portico,     lhe
style of tiie entire building is   strictly
Byzantine.    The palace is so    seldom
used  that  nil     the    upholstering    nnd
painting hud to lie done entirely afresh
for this occasion,    Nearly all the rooms
ere decorated in white and gold, all ihe
main  apartments  centreing around  the
large bnnqucttlng hall, in the middle ol
which is a large dome.    In the chapel,
which is behind tin* palace, there will
be cousin lit servieis during these    two I In tailor
flays   in   which   the   palace   Will   he   in-, i-r-un mt
habited by their majesties uud the om
press   Marie   Erodornvnii.     ln   front ol j 0110. or in default n further term nf one
the   palace   is  a   large   plain   which     's  var's imprisonment, and ut the expiia
used generally in summer ns n review-
sentence if
nf the  ve-
-he oilier prisoners neeiised of eomplie-
■ Hy. saiil-    "Each and every one nf yon
j iv'll be kept for a  period of two years
sueh   otlier  place  as  lhe  gov-
slinll   appoint,   nnd   each   and
of yon shall be fined a sum of "10.-
Over 150 Persons Killed nnil Half a
Million Worth of Property Destroyed in Two Counties.
Siiiriiis iii the East.
Sherman, Tex.. May 10.—A few minutes before ,"> o'clock last evening a cy-
cloue not exceeding two blocks in width,
bul carrying widespread destruction and
dentil in its wake, swept through the i
western half of this city, travelling almost directly north, 'i'he approach of
the whirlwind wns announced by a deep
rumbling noise like reverberating thunder and driving rain. Tho clouds were
parted, converging into a perfect funnel, a low-lying soothing muss of clouds
wus rapidly revolving in the whirl. 'I'he
air was suddenly filled with trees and
twigs, and a downpour of rain brought
with it a deluge of mud. Then it was
apparent Ihat a cyclone was prevailing.
From (lie point where it seems to Have
lirst "descended to where it suddenly
arose from llie ground, just north of the
city, it left terrific marks of ils passage,' not a house in its path escaping)
not a tree or n shrub left standing thnt
was not twisted and tern out of shape.
Fences are gone, a bridge on Houston
street was completely wrecked an.l
blown away, notwithstanding he
weight of a hundred thousand pounds of
sleel and material. The number of persons wounded will reach not less than
tliNI. and it will be several days before
the exact number of fatalities can be
given. Many persons, and especially
children, are missing, and many injured
are in such u critical condition that recovery may he impossible. Physicians
and nurses from Van Alsline, McKill-
ney. nnd Deuison. nre her*- iu plenty.
Reports ar" coming in constantly of
persons who have been found Injured'.
There nre eight injured persons who,
the doctors say. enniiot live. Tin- lolnl
number of killed, as far as tidings from
this  and  other  points  iu   llu-   country
The Latest Demand of the Hierarchy
Upon Sir Charles.
Ottawa, May IS.—The hierarchy aro
going to ask Sir Charles Tupper to
withdraw Mr, Champagne because they
cannot support iiim. Tiiis makes certain
the election of two opposition candidates
ill Ottawa city.
Tiie effect of the niiiuiianient as far
as tin- city is concerned, will be to return two opposition candidates.
Tiie cuse of the Dominion government
against McLean &. Roger was withdrawn to-dny. This means Unit the
government will pay the judgment of
Hu- exchequer court to McLean &
Roger, which is $24,090 for printing
done by Toiy offices outside of lhe gov-
3  XI
imo  Sy
City of Mexico, May IS.—Finance
Minister Linianlour announces that the
new system of taxation which will operate in tiie federal districts from July,
replaces '.he old system of taxation on
articles entering for consumption. A
consumption tax of live per cent, on
forelgu goods will hereafter he collected at the ports of entry. Direct taxes
will be Imposed on certain articles now
paying at the city gales and factories
using articles not taxed ui entry in the
cily will pny a higher 1.cense lax. while
articles used by the poor classes will,
•'s ,-i rule, bo exempted from any form
of taxation,
eminent contract,
.Montreal, .May 18.—In   the   innndii-  [-argst Drawing Boom of the Sensor
ment of the bishops, read iu ihe Cntho-     London, May 18.—The    Princess    of
lie churches of this province yesterday    Wales,   assisted   hy   her  daugbl
the following striking utterance occurs:   Prince  Charles 'of  Denmark,  held  Ih
"The means  lo attain  this  objeel   (the  largos!  drawing i ni  of the season  al
restoration of separate Bcliools in Mani- . Km kinghuin palace to-day on behalf of
toha), is to only elect as representa- the Queen. The weather was warm
lives ..f the people men who are sincere- and threatening, but great crowds lined
ly resolved to favor with all their in-(the hall. The Marquis of Salisbury and
•liieiico and support lu the house a j the commander-in-chief, Lord Wolselny,
measure which would he nn efficacious as well as nil the members of the diplo-
romody for the evils suffered by the mntic corps, were among those pres-
Maiiitobn minority, In thus speaking ont. Among those presented were tin.
io you, dearly beloved brethren, the In- Duchess of Marlboro. .Mrs. Cnl-
ention  is  not  to side  witli  any  ol'  ihe j viu   S.   Brieo  ami   her   daughters,   Mrs
Promptly Attended to.
All kinds cf
Tin and Sheet-Iron Work.
vietorin Crescent, Nanaimo
tion of n yenr you shall he banished
from tbo republic for a term of three
,-,..,,., the confirmation of banishment to
be left iii the hands of the executive according to law."
A dispatch from Johannesburg, tinted
M-v fi. s-id Hi,, sentences of tie. so-
ciilel reformers fjlitlnnders), would Im
■•■"'need. The Standard mil pitrei'i-s'
News claims t" h-vo aut1>nt-|tv for
-"wine n small line and Imprisonment.
was also announced in il„. .Tolisim-**-
•ir news,,,,,,,.,- tii-,t ii- sentence of
banishment would be waived.
1 ossible
to Ave
Toronto,  om..   .May  18.—Cattle    ex-
i.'ters  here are    11111111111*    a     vigorous
;.,i  nga.ust  the  attempt    now    helug
[.undo to ship American cattle to European po.uts by  way nf Montreal,     lt
.s dinned thai  lids would si run.sly  injure   lhe   Canadian     export     trade'    in
ranee,  where Cunad an .i.c mule are
now permitted  to    be    landed.     Some
aiuutiuii cuttle have been shut oul  of
i-lnglllllll, cud exporters have built up 11
l-ge.   trade   wi-h   France.      'i his,   thoy
.;.', wili he entirely ruined if American
are shipped with Canadian slock.
Feeders' Association met  in
on   an I   deci led   io   send   11
to Ottawa to lay before the
I'he (
[ lioyeruinenl an emphatic pn
! ihe admission of American
Measures   Xccessan
rds  Southern  Vessels,
illg ground, .lust now it is studded wi* 1
n block of houses, all large nnd ofthe
same model. They will he used lo
house the large drafts of military
brought into town to re-enforce llie
usual gnnifoii for which the barrack
room available is Insufficient. An . t-
tempt will he made to keep the vast
number of people who will, after the
manner of pilgrims, travel from .ill
pnrts of Itiissi'. from Invading and
camping on ibis plain, which is a Infinite spot for 11n tn. line of the most
serious questions which llie local ou-
t'orltios have lew under consideration
is [0 Iiml means and space- for this vast
invasion of almost wild people, who IP'O
pouring io. aid wl o look upon il as a
right Iiml Ho., should iu- allowed tn
camp upon every space iu Ihe cily. I'he
historical process'on, the grandeur of
■which it wou'd be impossible to equal
in any otlier country in the world, will
start from Pcrovskl pnliice. ami passing
in a straight line along llie main streets
of Moscow, the Tvetski, which for the
greater part is a line broad road, wi-h
low built Imus. s on either side, vill
proceed under tin- famous triumphal
arch at the summit, ou which are six
large hones, of the model of (hose ou
tl.c arch at the entry of rtcrilou-Linden in Berlin. This eivh. as everyone
knows, was elected to commemorate
tiie retreat of the French under Napoi-
0011 iu 1812, The procession finally fillers Kremlin, til rough tin- Spassky or
•Sacred gate, passing 111,tier which every,   ,
one. li lho   Cm .'downward,   is   bomi'l  Cl"""*"'** '""'•-•-
lo  uncover  his  inn.I.    As  far  as    atl
present  known,   the    cavalcade    wbleiil >•I-ILIX)W JACK
will  follow  the  Czar will  be conipoicu Strict   l.iiiarantiiie
uf not less (ban sixty royal personai;o<\ |
among them the Duke of I'onnnuglit.    |
Among  the  royal  personages  present
.arc:     'lhe   I'rince   of   Naples.   King   oil
Orcece, I'rim-e Henry of Prussia, lling
of Servhi,  Prluco of  Bulgaria)  Prince
of  Montt-iltgro, Arch Due Carl Lmlwig
of Austria,  Duke of Sparta, brother ot
lhe Shah, I'rince Abbas Mirisn Moulkura,
Prince of Hesse,  I'rince Philip of  Belgium,   1 I'inco  Ciistinn  of    Denmark,
Due d'  Opct-to,  Prince  Ferdinand    of
Rollinaula,     Prince    Alfred     of     SaM-
Cubing,   Prime  Oscar  of   Sweden   and
..Norway,  and   princes of  llie   houses  ol
ouy  ami  all   the  Russian   grand   link -
forming together n    gathering    representing  all   the  principal   imperial  and
royal houses of Europe,    In addition to
the royal personages, representatives -if
tne  council   of   nobles   have  a   light   lo
participate   in   the  Imperial   cavalcade.
Li Hung Cluing and suite arrived '. ■-
day from St.  Petersburg.    Tin* Chinese
envoy   was   received  in   the  most  brilliant   manner,   ami   he  afterwards   presided at 11  reception  given  in the  Chinese embassy, which is profusely decorated,
Marshall Yiungiita, Japanese envoy,
Duke of Nnjora, representative of
Spain, and the Crown Prince of Roil-
mania have also arrived here. The latter was received at the railway station
by Grand Dukes, Grand Duchesses nnd j or than the open country, wher
high officials, with military honors, nnd | knew they would be lynched ns t
bands playing national anthems. Representatives of the rural population to
the numlit r of about six hundred hnve
reached here and nre lodged iu the
Korch theatre, the stage of which lias
been transformed into n vast dining
ball. The costumes of the country visitors present n most picturesque sight,
comprising all kinds, from the middle of
(Poland to tho extreme Asintic districts
of thc Russian empire.
have been received, is about sixty, but I '
it is estimated that many more who av
missing are dead. Conservative estimates place the total number of killed
iu (Iravson county at between 120 end
The pntli
west of the
of country
graph    conncctio
tebphe.11..      . Cil.lt
northwest of the
.political parties now fighting in ll
tlenl arena. On the contrary, we wist
to reserve our liberty, but the Manitoba
ichool question being, before all. a reli-
floiis question and ultimately bound up
with the dearest interests of the Catholic faith in this country and the iintiirnl
rights of parents, us also with lhe respect tine to the constitution of Ih >
country and to the Hritish crown, we
should consider ourselves traitors lo the
-acred cause of which we are the defenders, if we did not use our authority to
assure its success. Please remark, our
dearly beloved brethren, tbut n Catholic
is not permitted, he he a journalist, elector, candidate or member, to
'inve two lines of conduct in a
religious point of view, one
for private life and oue for public life,
■nd to trample under feet in the exer-
■i-e of bis duties social obligations imposed on him by his title of submissive
sou of the church. Therefore, all Catholics shoiil 1 only vote for candidates who will formally and
solemnly engage themselves to vote in
parliament in favor of legislation giving   lhe  Catholics  of  Manitoba     school
Douglas Grant, of New York, ami Mrs
Henry Asqnlth, formerly Miss Mm-
Kiiret Teiinant, wife of the former secretary of stale for home affairs.
ccognlzed    by    tne
grave duty imposes
of the storm  which passed
town was through a section
without   telephone  or  lele-
cction    with the city.    All
ttniontlon    west     and
city is cut off. Reports
d   Al
test against
cuttle   into
an-1 from the north Indicate tluit the dins
'ion  of tl>" main  cyclone which  passed J
through  Sherman   went between  Deiii-
son nud Pottsboro,   The Btrcntrth of ihe;
storm did nol vary, and it maintained a
breadth of l,"Q or 200 yards through ihe,
entire county,    Between  Sherman  and
the river    no   fatalities  have  been   reported,  all hough   lin re are uiiconfirned !
minors of a number in inn I.
Denton,  Tex..   May  Hi.   i'he    cyclone
which cut  nut   the  heart  of this county
and Grayson county jusl  northeast  of
here, started within a mile of Justin, ln I
ibis county.    A  terrific wind  was ex- j
P -riencod    here.    Feonle    were    blown I
down,   houses   demolished,   and   farm'
bnil lings eomplett ly  removed,    Reports
from the country districts indicate thnt
live poisons were killed in Denton.   The ,
toads    are    Impassible  and  the    small ;
streams in  the country nre swollen beyond their banks.    So far no one is reported killed ill this town, but tin* phut-
is half unier water and searching parlies arc slow in reporting. Reports from
liistln. Sliornv-n nod (dribble are to the
dfect  thai  $500,000  worth  of  property
'•as i-een destroyed iu the two counties.
liribblc   Springs   is   almost   demolished,
hot   few     lieusis   remaining    Btnnrflog.
'I'he injured in that place will number
thirty,      Kolh:r.  a   small  town   lo  the
which were
privy council. Th
Itself upon all good
les, and would not be justifiable, either before your spiritual guides, or before God hlmseif,
to set aside this obligation, i'he pan
(lament has undergone consider iit'e
eliang.s end is no longer the document
it was tl ret- wei ka ago. There is now
no regret expressed for ihe division oi
Catholic members hist session.
W, 0. Caldwell, of Lena'1: has been
tlom'noteil as Liberal candidate for
iVorth Lanark.
D. 1!. Meigs, of Fnrnhnm, has been
ihoseii to represent ihe Liberals in the
•oiliest  fnr Missi-apm!,
Tin- Difference.
The Conservatives hold
tic ii n ns 11 principle and
ns un incident, while the
011 lhe oilier hand, accept tariff for
revenue   as  11  principle  und protection as nn incident.
lllliccTi'l. 80,   I'.o. Btix 111.   Residence Tel. 101,
Funeral Director and Embalmer
to  pro-
Liberals,! [, 3 ahd 5
Graduate of the Oriental, lhe Eureka,
the New Vork and Clark's
Schools of Embalming,
slion St., Nanaimo
Showing the Dates and Places of
Courts of Assize, Nisi Prius, Oyer
uud 'Terminer, und General Gaol
Delivery for the year ism;.
Spring Assizes.
Xew Wl
Vernon ..
"Nelson ..
tm i 11s ter, Tuesday
. Monday
,M lay
I Bakery and
Invites In
and Comparison
and Price.
Awarded   First  Prize at the Agricultural Show.
'Special Assize.
Sir    1'hailes   Tuppi r -
>, the    Montreal    Shareholder,
urinorly   approved   of   lhe   (,'ou-
governmeuti  sa.vs:
n re
,, . , .1 ,. . ,, 1 idu.,  iv   et .\ 1 1 u nn s,   >* ie' ,,   1    ; ss in e i     	
Mh.s regard, on the eve.   of L„ liMlh\,.B R1|(| ,.„„;.,„, .,„ ()euts ,,™ \/~l
1 ictloll     hc.v  arc t.cuicd thcJ ,,,„ „„•,, |1|lsil ,„„| „.,, ,,,,,,, „ml ,,v   3
it they haye a right to ex- L,mM .Ul,.nli„„  ,„ ,hl. neotla ,„■ „„',.    V.
f the
rk. May 18,—Onptnln I'linoc,
'inner Roman Prince, which in-
port to-dny from Brat-Ulan
points, reports that while his vessel lay
nt Rubin, the chief engineer, third engineer mu! n colored lirnuin were taken iii with yellow fever, hut were placed
iu the hospital ashore win re they
speedily recovered, While tiro Roman
I'rince was at sea, 011 May .">, the second engineer was taken il
•fever, but hy the 10th he
resume his duties. On reaching pon
the Itonian Prince was sent to Hoffman Island for disinfecting and clcinis-
Jackson   Prefers  to  be  Hanged  ill   the
Iteeiiluliun  Manner.
north of .Tlistin, is almost entirely
wroeheil and it is reported that only
one loose is now standing.   All Sections
of  th mntry   Immediately  north  are
lefl  iu ruins.
Dallas. Tex . May 10.—Last night n
public meeting raised nbout SCWO for tho
immediate relief of the cyclone sufferers, an I a permanent relief committee
was established. 'Hie loss ,,f nr., ami
property is even worse that nt lirst reported, ai-d new horrors nre discovered
al'-'ost every hour.
Pittsburgh, Pa., May 1(1,—Rmltliton, a
of yellow I mining town on the B-IMmore ami Ohio
was able to | railroad, ahent forty miles east of hero,
was visited bv a wind storm nml timid
burst yesterdav afterinnn. The mines
of the W'averlv Coal Comnany were
hatlly flooded, (lie. hundred millers who
were working lu the mines wor" compelled to lice for their lives. Tin- lois is
estimated ut between $60,000 ami $7,V
Newport, Ky., May IS,—Seven pri
ers escaped   from jail  here at S o'clock I'
to-night,     They    were    companions of   I
Scott Jackson, convicted of the murder 11
of Pearl  Bryan, and    his    companion, !
AJotlKO  Walling.  Some of the prisoners,
sawed off lhe binges of the hack door of
the jail   and   the  seven  men  came  nut.
.Tnckson  and  Walling could have   gone'
with tliem. but preferred the jail as saf-
tliey  I
on as
caught, on account of the Intense feeling ngninst them.
Lebanon. Mo.. Mav 11!.—A terrific bail
storm visile,I th.. ,.itv ,,,,,1 vicinity last
night, acconmanieil by wind. It wns Ibe
ast destructive storm ever known
re. Hail f.ll (hick and fast and the
rain came flown in torrents. The windows In nest Iv everv residence and
business house were riddled,
Had Tempered  Girl. Who Poisoned
Her  Father,   Is  Free.
Carpenters'    Unions    Strike—- Pressmen
Reject   Sett lenient.
I Oregon. Mo., May IS.—The trial of
Gertrude Taylor, charged with the murder of her father, D. R. Taylor, ended
ill  a  verdict of not guilty.
Gertrude Taylor is only fourteen
years old. Some weeks ago in a lit if
anger she put Hough on Hats In the
coffee. Her father died and her Rlster-
In-law and her brother were made in-
Ruffalo. N.Y.. May 18.—The struggle *q'Hds for life, while tiie others of the
for 1111 elght-limtr day began this morn-1 'nrally were made temporarily ill. The
Ing. At n joint meeting of carpenters',S'rl, after several days, confessed. Her
onions It wns resolved to begin work 'o-' uncle, who is wealthy, stood by her,
day at 8 a.m., nnd to leave off at 1-MO Peine her bnil nnd furnishing the mon-
p.m., but the bnai"s showed their bund "'" for per defence, The jury was mil
enrlv. When their carpenters went 10 ">tt two hours,
work   they     asked   them   if   they   were I -       -»-•-»-
eight-hour men or not. nml  if thev un-1 Alllil-cliists In Madrid,
sweretl In the nllimntlve were dlschnt'g. Madrid, Mny IS.—A petnrd exploded
ed tin-in in almost every case nnd hired to-dny in the street neur the royal pal-
Others.    The dismissed carpenters vent ace.   There wns no duninge dnuc.
Heard Through  .Many  Parts
United Slates.
if  (he
IPnwutlin, Kus., May1 IS.-Two couriers just arrived from the northeastern
part of Brown ' county, report everything iu tiie village reserve demolished
by n cyclone which swept over Marshall
ul Ncninhfl counties lust evening.
Many people were injured. The horsemen who brought the report were sent
here tn summon surgical aid. Six Mir-
neons have pine lo the scene.
Milwaukee,   Wis..   May  18.—A  south.,
west (tale swept over Wisconsin Sunday ' ;'''v
at  the  rate of 42 miles  an hour.      Ni,' ■*'''''
Vessel   left   port,   as   a   tremendous, sen
wns running In Lake Michigan nil flsy.
Seneca, Kus.. May IS.—A dcviestnllng
tornado passed through tluvoitv from
the southwest to the noB-'rhcust lasl evening, and four persons/ ivoro lulled ami
which f
('auada's present   and   lur   fill ure
ol  more interest just  now  than
past, bul  in this regard, ou
11  general
peel, iiinl the manifesto resolves itself
Into a mass of empty generalities which
| may have littlo or no binding effect.
; Tbe remedial question, however, is nu
exceptlou, Tiie hitler war which tiie
! discussion of religious questions always
gives rise 10. is lo he carried into the
political arena, lo lie rcllct-tcd in till-
next parliament, The disgraceful stones
nud their injurious effects upon tin-
country are to he renewed, to the inter.
I ruptlon of llie ordinary business of -lie
country until by the exercise of brite
force lhe price of lhe allegiance of desirable factions is paid lo the utmost
farthing. To this phantom ihe business
men of the country arc to prostrate
themselves, if not unwillingly, as a result of coercion, and the country's progress is lo bo ivlarilod, ils selllem nit
Interfered with, .md its business dis-
turbcl in order lo keep in power men
who are not actuated by principle But
by fVlf. There is no doubt Unit '.he
Inng-lieadetl, clenr-sighted mil intelligent business men of Canada will well
Weigh the piospeels ami Ihe n suits of
n return lo power of those who have
•iready shown their unfitness nnd prof-
iigaey. Tin' present ministry is not composed of (he repr scntntlvcs of tbo people, ihey nie in.t members of parliament, for psrli'Mii'iil  is d 1.    Ami yet
ihey have nol contented themselves,
while awaiting the approval of lhe people, with lhe discharge of such duties
as the position Justified, but have multiplied appointments without my warrant from ihe electorate, The lndni-1
geiiei- in such uncalled for nets gives but
a poor promise for the carrying out of
the wishes of the people, and indicates
an ntltorrntlc tendency, the ex reise of
whit h is most undesirable, The business community will   no doubt  weigh
the past, consider the pr-sml and guard
their interests for (lie future by electing nun who will always realize that;
their mission is to carry out lho wishes
of the people Instead of forcing their
wishes upon tie- people. N vr in the ;
history of Ibis Dominion did a eon -r.il
election confer upon the electorate
greater responsibilities than the present
•me,   responsibilities   which   il   is   to   he
honed ei v voter will realise nml It
/stly disi barge.
I w 1 n
NOTICE is hereby given thai 17
Multliews has heeii admitted a partner
in ibe above business, In future the
business will lie carried on by llu 1111-
ilorslgnud under ihe style ami name of
Wilson it Matthkwb, who will assume
Bastion Street, op]). Telegraph Office
-ALWAYS   l\   STOCK >
LAMPS, Etc. etc.
BlliDS axii Animals set up in n thor-
ough workmanship manner.
nn Hand—Four line Deers' Heads,
which will he sold For price of Betting
them up,    A I-,1 a line ease of Birds.
ne wm needles cf au mi
d. s. Mcdonald.
till Halibdrton Street, Nanaimo.
*?     i
(9    !
oininercial Hotel,
careful attention to
lie  needs  of <au
customers, to merit a 1
on tl nuance of tin-
patronage so liberally
bestowed ill the
JlIUOMK  Wll.so
Euwin Matthews,
Nanaimo, Ii. ('., April 7. 1800.
MES. .IAS. HAWKING, (lute of the
Temperance House) desires to express her thanks to the public for
former patronage, and now begs to
state that the licvier House lias
been comfortably arranged for the
accommodation of boarders, steady
or transient. Single or double rooms
with hot or cold water baths, and
electric light in cadi room. Everything strictly lirst-class antl charges
moderate. Remember the house, a
half-minute's walk from the old
stand north,
Corner Commercial nml Bastion sts.
This long-established Hotel is comfortably
lined up Willi .superior nt-coiiinidations for travelers and oiiiers.
None bnt the, best brands of Wines, Litpiors,
Alts .ind Cigars dispensed at the bar.
I'. II'CO.NXKI, Prop.
HA.RKKR .v POTTS, iiiirnsiers and Solicitors.
I'mnuierriti! street.
/i   I-*, i'ank, Barrister aud Solicitor, Kooin 11,
tt.   Johnston Block.
INM-is ,s McINSES,  Barristers,  Room 6,
Johnston block. Commercial street,
Y'AIIWiiiin .■.- Yiil'MI, Barristers, comer ot
Commercial and Bastion streets.
It   HARDY,  Botanic liruwlsl. Wlulleld Cros-
■   cent,  Try Hardy's Pile Ointment.
is nil
nil. .MASON, liciills
litis und Kthornd
(extracting a specialty,
I tvilow's Block, Niiimimo.
Berlin, Mny 15.—Col. Prlmkcnau von
Kessel, aide tie camp tn Kmpcror William of Germany, Informed a representative of the Associated Tress to-day
Ihot there was un truth iu the statement
ittrileited to Lord Lonsdale, IBs Ma-
representative on board the
just launched, that the new
cutter may challenge for the America's
cup If she proves to he 11 faster craft
thin Valkyrie III Oolotml von Ressel
added that the Meteor will only sail in
Ltiropcun waters.
1 ii<
a number Injured,     Si;me of the latter1    Pretoria, May J8.—There was a mcit
will  not recover.     Twenty-fire reslden-, detnbnstratinn to-day upon the occasion ] Buy
■ -a  were roroil to tlitj (round, nml the of the funeral of F. L. Grey, a reform
dnjnnsc to public a.'id private property prlsornn- who committed suicide bv cut*
will amount In $21*,000, llnu his throat while hi iail. after hav-
Concord, Kai„ »ny 18.—Anothor cy- hia become insane. Barney ltarnato
clone visited norttf and central Kiinsas rode In lhe Hrst earriace. anil lhe streets
yesterday nftornrwn. Several persons were packed with people. Many wreaths
arc reported kltfied and many Injured.    I were sent by Crey's fellow prisoners.
The Nanainio Bakery Excels
The Popular Bakers.
Lodge Notices.
Inkerman Lodge, So. US, Sons of St.
George.—Hegular weekly meeting is held
in Hubert's Hall, Wharf street, on Sat-
l'Iidav evening at H o'clock. Visiting
brethren cordially Invited to attend,
Fbki). Waustafi*, See.
lui,01 O'Lynn had no boots to wear,
so he came to Naiodino to buy him a pair:
"I'll have one pair of thick mid ont- patrol Hun,
II 1 can Und Wllltllold's,'1 suvb Iirinn O'Lynn.
IU' hltnll'd lhe slores nil along till' nuilli route,
Sa.vs he: '"Therlslll one I've nol vet found nut.
1 want Whitfield   I'll liny only from him.
for he, sells the cheapest," says Brian O'Lynn,
ilo stepped n llnie wosl ol Albert streel;
He saw Whitfield's sign -sure'twas a treat!
He opened the door and George stood ivilhtn—
" I've found II til lost," say.' iirinn O'l.ynn.
Weshovved linn nuroslf boots, kid nud cowhide,
'flic ones we prose most   no serous at the side,
We'll, boots of all kinds from Qucbceantl Borlln
" sure you've boots lor tile million," snvs Brian
ol>-""' [no trash 1
II,, bou.dit bini his boots, which ol course wero
lie mid tlmvii Uis money, lot wo sell onlv for
To lie'p.ibllflu-Miys: "Benot takuu in. [dish.
ah from Whitfield," say* Un.-iu 0 l.Miu
■If there's -i leak iu the too or side of vein shoe,
.lust tnkell 10 WtiiiMePi, that's 'dl vou need 'lo;
He will |.i ,.■ It or piiedi jusl it Idle vou 1110 in.
Ami Ihciluirgoseoms ilkeiioiliiuK, ' snvs mini,
o I.van.
W.i   CURRY, P. li. s., iiroon Blook,
.  class work guaranteed.
/1RESCENT l-HARMACY. llu.i. ,v stsaiimah,
" proptiotors. Victoria Crosoent, Iiisia-usiug
111 it I family rot Ipes a speolalty.
i„ atkiss, WATSON CO., Limited.
Ai     Modioli
oaimoicitil nut! Ilas-
vamIMo  DYE WORKS.—Dyeing, Cleaning
^    and Keiniirina    11 Nicol streol.
14 Ntool street,
C. rilAiiu-oN. Mnnager.
MARSH, Wholesale lvnler in  Fish
llnine, Ilnstion Street, Nnnaimo.
AV. Bterc, Proprietor—Vic- •
( iliANP  IIOTKI.-
«   lerlii Crescent.
*   Proprietor.  Vietorin Crescent
*ii   WOLFE, Financial nnd Insurance Agent,
-dl.  Johnston Block,
\NA8H,  Houso  antl Sign Painter, Psper-
. Hanger, ote.   Cornor Albert and Milton
streets.   I', o. bos '.i'.'S.
^', Renl Estate Brokers,
Hast ion street.
? tile 9U0G M\\\U i » • HnPoiiU-Hniwl  Pnrnituro,
nnd KHncy Artt-
,iir:- nf over,v rieserlptloti,
Next tn QuetllielJ s, Com mercial htrceL ■' ] I v the next meeting  of  the  Council.
rtTrtrii 11 n SMil'li <*T F ' ' v the next niceliiii'   ol   the   (.mind
V-     IS }  *i        lill! ll'l    Carried.
MvfrUi-il !V*'ilJ3ir '■    A hi. Murton was granted further tin
U     iF«H llitllllll    to   introduce  un   amendment   to   tl
UiMLInH Win--*'M*"  Revenue by-law relating to bicycles.
To Be Repaired, Despite n Peti-|p*„|B
tion for a New Structure.
Aid. Foreman moved that a new sidewalk bo laid on  Front street from  tit.
Iiureh Ui lot 19
yd, I'lanta thanked Aid, Foreman for
his interest in the North Ward, but suid
ii he hud left that ward aloiie, it would
have been better oft",     He claimed the
sidewalk  proposed  was not necessary,
.111,1 he  would   vnie  against  It.    The
motion that bad been made lo slop new
, work iiniil tho Millstreani bridge matter
wus disposed of bad  not been adhered
lo, and there was not a dollar now  for
I new work.   Tbe motion was lost,
Bids for the repairs io the Cily Clerk's
nml Collector's offices were read ns fol-
.  ,  ,, ,        .                    ,,,i,. ...   ;i    laws:    Wilson  &   11.lines,  J.16S;  J,   A.
A. full board was present at the (   oil   BlMs| ..^ ,,-,.. (y   A_ N(,l||(,| ^
meeting Monday evening, when the fol-  (jn moti f Aid, Wilson, tbe contract
lowing business was iraiisaclcd : was awarded to Mr, Nettle,
Aid. Bradley calle l atiention to tho
Action on   he Grand Jury  Recoil
lnciidiitiiins— Cjiiiiiiiov. n SUM
Clamoring for Fire
Official Programme of Nanai-
mo's Great Celebration.
Regatta, Horse Races, Bicycle Races,
ItUcros.se, Hose Keel Contests,
Athletic  Sports  and
Rifle Matches.
COMMK.S'l'INU 9:80 A. M.
1. Dry Test—Run 125 yards to hydrant, couple on to Itydrant, lay 200 feet
of btise, break coupling, screw on nozzle.
Time to be taken from drop of nozzle.
2. Wei Test—Hun 125 yards to hydrant, couple on the hydrant, lay 200
foot of hose, break coupling, screw on
nozzle. Time, to be taken when water
leaves nozzle.
In both  cases cart to carry not  less
jto   I linn 800 feet of -l-plv hose,    All coiip-
I ,.,.ll l i .1 ,    l -i  c\ in l -            *|-|*t     ,. ,        ,       ,. ,        .'    '    . i |        '
Biovole races, ISoventa.. 436   •»»*•• ""'I'."1,"'*- hydrant and  nozzle, to
 II turns.
ut more
jury—that ibe doors of the new school   now to be tie. u'i (hereon, il should be 0:80a.in, Hose-reel races, 2 events 200      I'rizes—f 100 for eauti race, providing
SATURDAY, Mav 2.1.
1 :80p.tn.   Uille shoot, 5 events
MONDAY, Mav 25.
11:00 n.ni.   Regatta, 18 events
prize, f8 ham (Robinson); 2nd, $3 bread
tickets, (Wilson & Matthews).
8 Tug of War, i) men and anchor—
Prize, .120.
All entrance foe of 50 cents, excepting
li and 7.
Committee—M, Wolfe. Jas. McGregir,
M.P.P., Dr. Davis, W. Hunter, O.H. lt.
I'otts, W. McGregor, 11. Simpson, M.
Lamont, It. Gibson, ,1. H. Cocking. E.
li. Drinnuiond, J. Hiukinan, M. Wood-
i-KTiTioxs ax,, co.-t.-n M.'irio-.s. Md. Uradley called atiention   o tie ,;80   '    '  »i,rvi,|a ',.,„.,,„ laovents    436  h"»*s' lading hydrant ond n
,,        ,    ,.     .,   .        ,,,        ,,    ,, damage done to lhe tipproaoh  to thu i-wp.ui.  u ii.y» ra '    '-'■bow,.    ■                                         t
From Justice Drake, calling atleiitlon WuikTiiB block on M.-ol streel by teams                   Atbleiic s,„ its, .Sevents . '•'<», n..sc*,nits to be manned by n,
to the reeoiiimeuiluiions  ol   the  grand patislii-j  over il. and as ii bnil linn was                    it liSDAY, Mav 2(1,                 j tliaii 12 men.
iiiry—that the doors of the new school now to bu erected (hereon, il should be 0:80n.m, Hose-reel races, 2 events 200     I'rizes—f 100 for eauti race, pi
lulldlngopen outward thai Are escapes put in proper condition.    Referred to i:80p m   Horse races, 4 events ... 280  two visiting teams compete with home
 i     i '. , ,,   ,   Streetc mittee. 4:00p.m. Laurossomatch,Nanaimo        team,
lealtacbeil  to tho bal   - ul ,,„       ,.„„ „f Al.i, Wilson, the nine                      vs. Vunuouver Beavers.  100      A prizeof *76 for end. nice, prov ig
i....: ...i i.. *..  ...   11 i.      .   ... i... . , i ,, . it i  .i ... - . .
only one  visiting   team competes with
home team.
In ease there is no visiting team, $1011
v. i I b ■ given for B, orts to be contested
for bv  members of the Nanainio Fire
relating to the school building was 0I \V. A. Nettle—.1148.86 for 229 yards of     Tbe following is the programme for  Briga'de, events to be hereafter agreed
rred to tiie Board of School Trustees,  sidewalk—be paid.     After some com-  tne Naniiimo Rifle Association meet to upon by the committee.    Races to be
thai   portion   renarding Biinilary  l'1"'"1  *■■•••' tbe sidewalk "pitched" a  beheld at Nanaimi Mav 21, in i - governed by N. W..F. A. Rules.
drainage be made froi closets; also ,.N1,-,,,,.. „ employed one day on Halibui-|     Dftm,ing|n the pavilion on both even
the necessity ol  better sanitary eontii- ton street were ordered paid lorthwith. ■ut„i.i    j'ho  Nanaimo  ami  Wellington
tions in Chinatown,   On motion of Aid, "" motion oi Aid. Wilson, ibe council ban(je w**- be in attendance.
,,...        ,,   .       ,.       , ,.                   . wcin   into  committee   as   a   ( einelcry                              	
Wilson, thai portion ol the communlca- boll,,,) all(J |, Wll8 muvell thllt the claim ttIFhE SIATOH, MAY 2B,at 1:80.
tion relating to the school building was  '
nffalra'was referred to'the Sardta"rv coili''- 'i"le to" """'h "'  '""'  ""'!'   '""   "''',''' nectio'n wlth"th"e" Que'eii's Birthdav ceie- T Decision "of referees to be final..
.mans was iiiuii,i io tin . .inii.ii' loin the contractor had agreed to remedy, [-ration!                                                     Protests, if any, to be made in writing
mittee. il,,. claim waaordured paid. j   Team match, 200, 500 and 000 yds. i within three hours of the event against
From A. J. Smith, representing that. In reply to AM.  Morton, ihe .Mayor 0peti to teaniB of live men, seven snots which said protestis made, otherwise it
during tbe high wind on the 7th inst., stated, Mr. liough, the Cemetery fieri; ftt each range—lst prise, »16| 2nd, ,110; ' will not be considered  by committee—
,      ...      ,       ,                      .... wus absent Irom   tbe cilv consulting a entrance tl foreneb team                            VV. II. Morton, Et. Nightingale, and E.
theadvert.sing board nea  the postofhee -^ ,,.•„, ,,.,„,.,, ,„• ,,ia Hye8) „,„, en^XdlWdual mat, I,,200 yards, same  Med. Van Houten.
had blown down, scaring Ins lease and ho was given another week to report on  Su0re as in nhovc match tocimnt—Prizes                            	
causing il to run away, resulting in dam- the outstanding debts.                        •   hf5, tf4, !f8, lf2 50, ?2, ifl 5Jr -fl. Entrance HORSE RACES—MAY 26 at 1:80.
iitTA In bin ivnunn   to   Ibu cvlcnt  *,f   . *, > • The t'lillilllltlee I li'll   rose. OR cents
I         lib,            ,                 io Aid McDonald  reported a dangerous Vlmilvlilnal    match,    500   vards-!,  1    Running race, open to al  comers
imiH-'m-    ,^   Xl  b?,    ''■ in i     V l'lal"  Cracestreet, in front oi Mr. Prizes same ns in match No. 2; score •«*■ two-iutof three heats, distance I all
property, l e looked  to the Coune I foi Hunisoy's propertv. sameas in match No   1     Enttaneo 25  mile—lst prize, ^100; 2nd prize, entrance
relief.   Aid. 1-oreman waB of ibe opinion ^\   Sinclair   '           '            '                                                          i.Mi.uut  -■>   ...,...... ...
Bicycle?. Bicycles.
To Bicycles done on our premises at the shortest possible  notice.
Mn. Coc-kini: being a thorough practical bicycle hand, will bo
pleased to furnish  all information  gratis, and  all  work
done by this linn will be guaranteed to bo lirst-class.
Next to Sloan & Scott's Old Stand.
P, S.—A large consignment of bicycle sundries just arriv-
fi'oin lhe east.
ted   several   coin-   (V|1
money.    Id per eent entrnbee.
■I   Individual match, 000 vards-same i ,.L', .T/0'11"*- ■*•*' l'on(!»»'J £? $\y and
■  -- district stock, distanceabout J.i mile—lst,
that the propertv referred te was owned
.        ,,        .- '   . . ', ,    ', , .   , . |'l.l l III.-,      villi, \-| III mi;       r.t.ii ..ii ,       uinuwiu
rX, rratii-Yl,. *- r's'i ellli olioe     'iHo" ,""1'  ""    >] »' AW.'   Wilson,    the s,„,., UH |„ „ml,|, Xo   I ; same prizes as ..,,..
' a     , i'l •    h ■ Vixi    '■  i          ; Sani,:"'v tMP«*m* ":l" 'ii«"-""1 '" t'"' Iii matches No's 2 and 8.   Entrance 26 P/'f0 «50; -1"1 P,!!0' entrBn(,e ",om'y-
in a report at tin next meeting. force the Sanitary by-law. ,.enta Entrance 6 percent.
From the merchants ol Chinatown,       U|  Ml          ^mplained  that,  while 5    v-crecale match-Prizes    *7   S5 ! ;i   S,,','ul) race- '.»P™ .to  1,M  ('0"l(,|'s-
hfdra,^   ■ Zuocal  v'u 'am.ear '^ ,h" Y' M' (' A' *Br <uWin* ""' and ^ En t ranc?25 c.e. ts.    '   ' ' other than co»ipot,!tois in other races-
hydiantsn that locality.   I   apieaimg citv Hall rent free,  Messrs.  Frcure & siiootiua to benlii at 1:80 sharp 1st prize,  i;:.0;   2nd entrance  money,
uferat 0. of the FbVwardens\,'»iiom *■**  ttere UBi"^ l'«" of the building. \\'J^,l„'u\] regulated by'Z rules J?ntrance*5 per cent.   Distance hull mile
Bldeiatlon 01 the i-iie« aniens, low hoi 1 -    „,. vatl, bus ness purposes in renting \0t u n   Rlflo Association    ' and repeat,
Jheprev s petition had been reierred,     J    M      bievcles, and  moved  Unit " ASso,.iation. | 4   pn|]y nm for pon|M ,„,,, „ver 14
!u ','" niiicatinn, on motion ol Aid. t,      be notlHednol to use tho building Regatta, May 25. hands high,    1st prize, $30; 2nd, cnt-
Planta.ttas received ami laid on the tab e. ,„,.■,,„.                gtof  ,     AMi  ,vils„„ "taut 9 A  m ranee money.    Kn trance 2'
From the Celebration c unttc-e, the He(.0,,detl and tho motion tarried ,      ,         ..               ,       ,      , Distance half mile and rept
Mayor nnd Council of Victoria, inviting '  q    ',"       Ud  Pluntn IheCouncil 1-Boys race, 14 j-ears.and under, in The running, scrub and )
the Mayor and aldermen  lo attend the .,,;:,„,,..,., 1Iltii WednerdavMav "/ single suiillgnnwnlt1 boats j course   .111 le Ul, ,.„,, „V(1, lhl. „,,, n,l(.u e
celebration in that citv pn the 26th and      J*-•'""--• *""'"        '■'    ''.'   "'.' - with turn—Prizes, fishing rods, value \o Dew Drop hotel
j ranee money.    K11 trance  21.,   jier cent.
1 Distance half mile and repent.
The running, scrub and pony race will
nding at the
26th,  Un motion of Aid. Morton the in
vitation was accepted and the clerk in
stiiicleil to make 11 suitable reply.
! an I ;,2 50.
Some l'eriineiii Questions. .,  0.1,1.1 -.,,. , 1 ..,„.,., n,„| n,„i,,,.  in I . "",v „: T'" ,",""i, , f T ii
,, ,, . .. .,    I    -• wins 1 .ne, 11 years .111,1 nnaer, in  q00(-   Templars   ball and end at  the
hinron .Mam.:  According to   tiie Bingle scull gunwale boats; course! mile  Italian hotel
The   trotting race will start at the
A petition was read in,1.1 property, "hole ami corner" meeting of the with turn—Prizes: 1st, sunshade, value     Then ing race, prize iplOO, will I
owners, representing the reiiuir.nl  Conservative - Conservative conven- (5; 2iid, dry goods, value *2.50. started at 1:80 p.m. sharp.
tenth viiliiuiit.n m  real property, asking ,.        „.,,...   •>   ,„,,...,.   „;..,.     \i, 8.   Coal' millers   race  (confined   to     The lirst heat of the trolling race wi
that a by-law be introduced authorizing ""•     lli'1>.     Pfs,!"s   B»-»   Mr. ITlt,u,|,ers of M. &M.L.P.A., who have take place immediately after the firs.,
a loan of (6000 for rebuilding the Mill- fclaslam  "llnrly-live    voles.    How never competed in a race) 1,1   double j)eat ot the running race.
stream bridge.   A motion by Aid. Brad- is   this?    Again,   who   authorized Bctill gunwale boats with coxswain, 1)6      All other raees will be started in as
ley to lay the petition on the table wus ,]10Se 'hirty to represent the Con- l"ileR "'"■'' ,M,'1I—l'r'm'< °'}P> v"llU! -t,10-' quick succession us possible.   All races
.  ,,   .,,;,, ,;,. ,.;   i'„.    presented by Foreman & Hardy, and if lu   n HI be best two heats oat of three.
atesof this cons., -ci, .    at    ,,, ,0iebratloii funds.  N'oentrance.        Three entries in all rnftes or no race.
lost, and, 0 otion of Aid, I'lanta, it
was deferred for discussion, .  ,
,.,.,,,,...... fore I can endorse the notion of that     4. First-class sailing race for boats20to| (;   Raymond   Starter-  T U'Oonnell
TheStreetcommittee'submittedare- so-called convention there are two ji» fi. wnter line^tnienMo'vaneet'ctinrse ,,, Hllawthornthwaite, judges,
port in reference to the complaint of tho things  I  want  to  know:    1.  What ■''" ".. '    ',J^t, '.Vmh.-.. V'.Wr .-i-iit"      " .*.C'*i n"'"-,' ""TT "'J'' 11 £,'
r<     1            •              ,                                    •                1                  , ,                 si            1  .                                   1                    f .. Ir   I ,     nl (I ,   -   .    I,         I . Ill I J lit '',   *>   I U'I    I t   III . >.., .,    , . ,,      ' 1 ■, , ■         ( .... ,          ',  1   : ,.|        I           I       (   lll'U-
feavatioiilAriny. staling that the army, has Mr, Haslam done for himsi i.i-     .; s, ^' ,,„„ ,.(inil   ,;,.,,;.,  flirillllll. '!'"'p',    ! ,; . "' Ualtel' J' U'    ■"
being indebted to the citv in the Bum ol whiln nt (lltnivn?    •'    U'h-il ins bo t s   !,V  is it    i„,.stV.,..,i-   ..... rl. .,„.,•«■ I .,'                       ,           ,    .   , ,,    «•
rKn ,, ,,in  ,,, I,,,  ii,„to„   ., wiiiic-i* "ii.iwd .    -•  nun 11.i.s ne ten rs, in   i.s it.   lapBtrean  oiunggers, Toe 1 oinndttee base ado, t.al tbe fo-
. .Ill,  W CI t    W I 111 11 jl    III    ll'l     I 11.11, SO        1.1.-e[       .               .            .                         .                        .. ...... ,.u,. I 1     ,,,!  ,,.]    ,.    1 I,    ,,,.-.. P. i /..--    1 ,.,, .         .
be rcbiiti, l.n-ihi  s !,,,i„. I.nsi.n.eiil -*°ne loi' till' CI il ISt I IlICIH'V ! ! col ISO lb, miles, Willi  turn—J lizes, till- „„,„,,
in 1 , bin 1 I,,1 ,1.111,...is I,,,,,c i,,is. nam                                           . pbes:  1st, vane   20; 2nd, value $10; , b ,,,..,..., .....0SH
ol the building.   Tins the couimiileo re-                                                r. SMITH. '       .,  '       ,..,„'„.'.„,■'......,, ,„,,.« bbqdi.atioks.
f-<m.Nii'ii< im . mi:   in   ■•unniiitiiHtir tu nn     Sun n N anaiiin >. A lav 18.  s it*. ',    .,       ,., _    ,,    .. •!.._ .. .•.- i    1.    rhat-al horses to take nart in the
The I.E.P.S.
Perfect Fitting
Shirt V/aist.
The attention of thc Ladies of Nanaimo is culled toour large assortment of
commended, and it
was adopted.
Tbe Street committee asked for further
lime to report,.,, tiie petitions for a sidewalk on Victoria road and for the dealing and grinding oi Prideaux street, which
double paddles; course  l,t-.j
oili"* with       '*    Tlml ■•■ '""ws l" tftk0 I""'t '"  ,hB
' races on Mav 20th be entered on or be-
- -^ 0». - ,,* . ,',    ,        1        "   ,       ,.,r    .11   , 11    .'S O nit     \   -o       it l'   teil'i    on   in   lie-
■>"<"    B-trand     c pion   bantam X^^^^^ f* *S "«' ^SSS1^^
■     , of iho best tights ever witness , thai ^*■ ^^«;,KiTnlp^esTlst; »•',"^ M J'«P-"" •*« '"''-•'u^"r
was granted. state.    ..l.l oil was ibe aggressor until J05. .>M,| i|,i    Pntrance iTIc during the races.
The road foreman reported in detail   the 17th round,  when   Bertrand swung ''-'s' 1 0B'halaiicinir contest—Prize *10 '    !!*   That the trotting race be run in
work done during tho week on Wallace  both right and left  in  rapid succession     ',,'  ,' r,' '.., =, '   ,•     ,,',',''.., 1'   heals, and not ngninst time, as stated iu
and Frankly,, streets and; also thai  10 and knocked McColl out.   Il.*rt.,..,d was „,»' ™™™e™ X^'f^iiles with   the bills      This  was found  necessary
men had worked on llalibiinon street  ternblv imiilshed, , ,   u,i»ao dsr „,„i <«*i    " .      owing to the track not being clreuur.
rt    , j • ■ . . .           .—--—j_____ bill 11       I  I 1/A a 1 >. •".' It III I  •] iii).
Saturday lasl grenaring the roadway for  ^~r~777'.TtT.TTTT^ l"-   °»" upset 1'elerboro canoe race,! 	
the horse races,   Received and filed A/.ll   AD] I I, llsh.Ml-.S It.. single paddle; course 200 yards-Prlaes:     Lacrosse Match, May '        p.m.
The Finance committee reported  ibe  ——-- —= ,_,  ^r.. b\,n tn .      '. ,   ,       I    '
'      ,     ■" ""'-"i" ,-....   .......... .... ,.,.,,.     , ,.,,,  ,.,   ,.,,,.,..,..               Mb   tine  unset I'elerboro canoe race,                              	
the horse races,   Received and filed A/.ll   AD] 1'■ I, I It, h Ml:.\ It,. single paddle; course 200 yards-Prlaes:     Lacrosse Match, May '
rhe l-inance committee reported  the   |s,  t\K. fnr\t5                                       n      n 1   1    I        c
following aeeountB due for the month of .      ...        ,           ,',;   Barrel'race, in costume, broom |Un   WIH„ v iN
April, and they were ordered paid: :m(U)\' KlP   !!   IV   0 |l Ml1'! llllll propellers-Prizes (value), \o and -f_.50.                 BUivorBVS.n
Public works .; I,n72 b> UUt/Uil 0 DII l-flUdj -•UllJUI diUUU      \l Klootchmnns'canoe'race in Indian                    Sl)fi„llti
Police and jails     (134 08 l                              ' canoes, two paddles—Prizes, If6 ami in. _   _  „     ''
City Clerk's office     271 Oil is Greasy pole walking—Prlziyl ham. iT- °- Morgan,
Schnols  2,2J7 SO -r,TT-   p(nn,u,v              Judges, EdQueiinell, .1 M Rudd and      race.one Bti.l
Cemetery                       B.D5 CIVIC   HOLIDAYS. Captain Locke; starter, Aid Foreman;  «'. M. Lan
Miscellaneous      180.1)3 I time keepeer, John Hlibnrt; course com-     race—1*1
I mlttee, Ed Quennell,T Dobeson antl J Jl
Total   14,101.13   -i-i 1....   il,,. ,->-/!, ;.,..!-     .. , II.Micvinan; orizecoiiiinitlee,,! XI Rudd, '■      , ,   "
Spring Dry Goods.
In Silks we arc showing beautiful Taffetas, Shot,
Broches, Surahs, Japanese and China Silks, Velvets', Doras Velvets, Plushes, etc.
DRESS GOODS-For spring and summer service.
The rarest and most beautiful to suit the
most fastidious.
WASH GOODS- We have the latest in Crinkle,
Prints, Muslin, Ducks, Sateens, Ginghams.
This unique and nftruotivo assortirTit of goods being latest novelties
of a reliable kind is calculated to meet the Listen and preferences
of every lady likely to enter ou^-sto>e,   W'c arc always pleased to show goods*.
Total  .
Tin-: Mii.sr.':i:.i.'i   BBIUOII.
The petition for a loan by-law coming  Tuesday, the 26th hist.,
up for diseiission, Aid. Planta said thai
in conversation with several purties wlio
hud sij-neil the petiiiou, he loiiud they
were not in favor of borrowing the
money, and that the main object appeared to be to bring the matter In a Io u*'.
Aa a notice ol motion to repair the
bridge was to come up later; he would Xa-.aim
inuve that meantime the petition luy
on the table.   Carried.
On moti, f Aid. Planta, the reporl   St
ofthe Street, Committee on the Mill- E
stream bridge was laken from the table. I
This report, slates that ii would cost |
?6U0 or 1(000 to put the bridge In a safe
condition lor two or three year:-, and
strongly urges that;- epa be taken toward
Been Hug ti new bri iee. Aid, I'lautu
stated that, as a result of some conversation wiib several mechanics, bediU'eretl
with the committee aa to thu cost ol repairing the bridge, one prnclicul bri.lite
builder having agreed lo pul the bridge
in safe condition for two or three-ycara, <. 1. i^i,,.;,,,.
With three new bents and supports, for ' ' * "
fl23, ami be was iii favor of having the    " "
repairs matte, 1 ii   ... i
Aid. l''or,-i,,aii, while be did not think   ■•:l,,'il1'
■   .'
- ,   il
■    :;-, ,
I Hilbert tu'ii'l DrCu.ric; measuring and •''■'
111 l,t.„,     U*   'l*l„ ,1-1 ta  .- ii	
1, Elite I     b.
,'   .
llu       , bt
'"  end greasy-pole contests, J II Hi «      rn-
W. T. lletidle, secrelar'
time keepeer, .lob 11 11 illicit; course com-1
mittee, Ed Quennell,'i' Dobeson antl ,1 ,1
Monday, thc 25th ilist., ma   Hone7ni!ui|'p4«aeoi.i!n|ti(!.,J XI Rudtl,
Bailing  committee,   \V. .Thompson, Ed
Quennell, Thos Uobesom Dr Curry I ll   '
An- hereby declared Civic Holidays,   Hawthorntliwaite and .1 .1 II ymai
,...*. ,1,1     coinmittee ou barrel  nice,  og b'  an. i
and ull citizens are requested to ob-
sorve them as such,
.1. II. DAVISOS, May
Bicycle Races
Starter—Jas, Met
Time-keepers -   '.. -
,,  ,    ('bus. Deeming.
«ll^ Keleree-.1. Nl-
it.     Judges—VV, K hton .■
*   Woodburn,
Clerk of Conn-    '      R,
Presley. ■*'
Lup-tnker—JohTi Hi
6 00
7 50
20 00
B.C., May 20, 1890.
Fi. W. W. B.
Itii L0,
iv     ,   1.80.
I    i   '   .  .
wlllnildross i tings nsjnllow
■ 1 mile novice	
' ,'.j mile anialeur	
....   ,, , ,,      ,,. 1 mile amateur	
ind (North) Mny 1!) 2 mile amateur 	
(South)    "    20 8 mile amateur 	
,. o mile ainaleiir	
  «o A third prizeof iT, in 1
the csiiiiiaie of tin
iiiini, ii .
Nanaimo City          "    80     Ladies'ttal-e—1st priz,
orbitan,     would   favor   repairing   the Dunoftn.B.,., ).,.,e    j  2nd, siiy.er wat.,h;8rd„J
bridge if it could Lie done l..r the puce
stated, nnd suggested that specifications Gomox	
be matte and tenders invited. ■•   ,
Aid. Bradley tl ghl thai ii would be uu,on	
for ihebest in'terests of the city thul the Cedar	
work be done by day's labor i ndei t ,e qornpn„a
sujicrvision  of   the  Street ( omuiitiee. ' 	
He made a  motion  to  that eile.i, and McPhorson's	
that the work bepio.eeileMuilbiilin.ee,   d„„„i n„\.a tt
Aid.  Plants opposed Aid.  Bradley's  ttoy[u uaKS	
Sooke  "
f Gabfioln Island  "
Nanaimo Cilv  "
proposition, and also that Ol  Aid. I
man to have specifications j>iTparei
be thought   the   bidders  couni num.-.!
tlit ii* own specifications,
After   Btuiie  further discussion Aid.
senled  by \V. XI. blington,
. I."-,' mile, Standing start .. .ifL   00 t} 11     '
4    l mile handicap  Stt.OO    I
(j!  2 mile        "         85.01
il mile        "         40.t
5 mile        "           .'(bO. 00
A third prize of $10 in latter e,    it.
Is 10 00
...    1 50
1  iklnp.
     I! 50
.!   in Sai  , .e, one doz
,     7 00
mile  amateur
,i'     IB 00
V arrel race, water set-   il 00
IY . I< •    isrrel race, cluck ....   6 00
.i iS Atkins,   upset Peter*
i        canoe race, pair Hriishea. .    5 01)
.'    pencer, dry goodB, value.  ... 10 DO
Wilson & Matthews, girls' race,
bread tickets     3 00
15,   hi.   Taylor,   girls'   bout race,
parlsol ,    5 00
Mcl.cid, the tailor, 220yds' race
pair pnnlB     8 00
is. xi. Brown, 2 mile bicycle race
silver Watch      17 50
I). Foreman ci Co, miners' race,
Up       10 00
..   I. Rob|nson, girls'race, 1 ham   3 00
lliill &  Slearnian, I   mile   novice
•cle race, (.'cut's dress case..    5 00
tewart, jeweler, for Bingle
amateur race,   silver   nut
  20 00
fl .I.ii'K, what  made yon look bo nice last night  in
f church?
I Jack—Why Tom, because I had 'such  a clean  shirt
• and collar on and such nice polish on them.
Tom—Where did you get tbein done?
Jack—At the '
^pioneer Steam Laundry
Tt m—Xo more Chinamen for mo.   They ruib my shirts.
Jack—Drop a card in Post Office Box 95 or leave word at lino's  Barber
.Simp and the wagon will call on yon'nt once.
Terms stricl.lv cash, 0.0. I).
I). XI. STEWART, Proprietor.
Mtn woMbAi-a tm
f' [i..j    i   4*'M'. \    ^>
" \."'' ".(i"ri-'',-'--'>■%■/■'{
Hlghasl Honors—World's Fair.
To lie run in connection   with   ii
15 i bicycle races on the Caledonian groin.'
commencing at 1180 p. in.
Jb|     i    2-iil-yard race, open—Prizes, iflO 01,
17  and $7 50 ciish.
2 22d-vard race, amateur—1st prize,
18] dozen KMtu Photos; 2nd, 1 pair jniuts
19  (XIi'Leod).
mile race, open—1st prlle, .*I5;
Wilson contended  tbut Aid.  Bradley's Nano*-',e ••
motion was out of order, as  it  involved . Wellington
the spending of money for new work,  vr. ,.,t q_i t
find moved that the reporl  be received  '  •''       M
and filed.   Aid.  Bradley withdrew Ida
motion, and that of Aid. Wilson carried,
Aid.Foreman then gave notice of mo-  Tl..•,",.|.nui,.n ot,,u opio.-i'd to tha present I i violin, (Fletcher); 2nd, T pair puiitsi
tion that at the next regular meeting ol  govcriinit-ni urocordlnlly Invited. (order).
Ibe  Council   be   would  move  that'the     ThoKtivornment canilianto or canflldstOB, or      5    l-.,'-mile race, open—1st prize, Itl&J
bridce be repaired foi'lhwiib. j flliyono on llielr Itehnlt, nre Invited to beproeent   2nd   IflO,
Al ilic n,hoc named meetings Mr. tMcIniit'.H   on,|   *JQ
will ba nssisled hy othor-ainlnoid spealiiTs. j " 4 ' \^.'mi\,, ra(.e, umaleiir—1st  prize,
AM. Morton moved that tenders be , io„i will i.e given amplo opportuaity to tali,
invited for the work, nnd  that specific- \ part In the discussion,
nlions lie jir'purcd by ibe  Street  Coin-   ,\. \,. MiKKNUlE, q. v. caNK,
Ulittee and Oity Olerk, tentiers to Le in secretary.   '    chairmanolEibcutlve,
:   i      111
ML   I   PKRDiCI   -vtl DE.
prize, I dozen photos (Sampson); 2nd   f.0L Ammi      Alun   •   inyote r.   -Iterant
I pair slippers (Hughes). I ; ',       ,     ,
7   (jirls'  race   under   10   yeara-lst' 40 \   '     '..     SfiMMrf
A nureGre f Cream     Turtai Powdar.   Fret
.    *        . . it.. . mii Ath/.r ilfArant
40 \
If you do, it'll make a great difference
with the youngsters and 11 still greater
difference with you, They'll be better
Blind than Ihey possibly could be elsewhere and at a considerably less coat.
When you can Save money by buying
better goods, youv'e struck a good imitation of a bonanza. That's what you'll
always find in our Btock—tllfi best, juvenile footwear in Naniiimo, You can't
beat either our goods or prices. You
might us well try to beat a drum with a
ioaiino Furniture Store,
Johnston Block, Bastion St.
H. McTEIIH, Proprietor,
—Full und Complete Stock of—
Furniture, Mattresses, Lounges,
UpliolBtored Ooodi of nil Kinds Made mul Re-
1-niivil.    riirnitntt-  of nil   dcr'cripiloii   imufrht
and wold.   MuttrufiseB repulrec] and delivered
the fit nu1 duy.   a ii inl order nollolted,
Broken Bicycles
Repaired in Good Shape
to avoid danger of accidents.
Repairing Bikes a Specialty™
ft J. WMBOM'S.
See the HYSLOP.
City Market
 , ^
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
P. O. Box 227        .    Telephone 7-8
JOS. M. BROWN, Watchmaker.
oV1#»tI& Demagnetized ShortANotJt»
Uy BPECIAL MAHHINKnY on the I'reiulsei.
Fine and Complicated Watt-lies and ClookB
Carefully Cleaned and Repaired
KlneCYCIiOMKTKlts. for nicyelea, in Stock.
Ask for-:-    j^^'UKR
Manufacturer of Tempenunio liriiik.-,,.Iriips,*c.
llt'IlviM-i.tl Iri'e tft all parts el Olty aim vicinity,
l»i\i" Piompt attention paid tostilnplngorclBri,
Tvlc|ilioiie 2-4. !'• O. Box il). Nanaimo.


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