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The Nanaimo Semi-Weekly Mail Nov 6, 1896

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 !"Patent Excellent" |
If you kco that on your i-iu'k of
Pastry Flour
You can be sure that yon have the bent,
for lhere can lie no better.
it T. hepdleTm., grocers^ i
AHiSA)^,      J
Carries the best Twoiflfrred to di*-?rimi*   ,-
nating buyers in Urttinh Columbia,
Garden MaiiHRer,    J
FOB8TBR QflDfiloB.) Sol? A-pents B.C.
VOL. II-NO. 86.
Boots: ShoesrBoots
We Have Just Received Several Large Consignments
From the host Makers, and Consequently are in
a Position to Offer Exceptional Value.
Boots, Shoes, Slippers, Etc.
We have a large stock, constantly being added to. We
guarantee stock and workmanship equal to the best in
the market, while prices are as low, at least, as the lowest.
No, We Are Not Neglecting Our
Grocery Stock.
That Is TTp to Pule in Every Particular.
We carry Duncans ,-ind Delta Creamery Butter, a very
choice stock of Selected Dairy and Eastern Creamery in
Tubs, and regular supplies of choice Ranch Butter.
Our Coffee Slock
Has been supplemented by a supply of SCHILLING'S
BEST, prut up in 1ft packets, which we grind for you
while you wait. Our Empress Brand is still, as always,
equal to anything in the market for tho money.
Our "Special" Tea
Is still the Prime Favorite and easily retains its place as
the BEST TEA in the country for the price. 2 c. "£* ft.
We carry a very large stock, including the best brands of
all sorts, ami we are sole agents for the famous Salada Tea.
Our Automatic Oil Can
Is giving unbounded satisfaction, and as wc are supplying them FREE, you should get one. There is no waste,
no oil spilling ovor anything, ami the oil is supplied 2c.
tin lower llun the regular cans.
Give Us a Trial Order;  You Will Find Us All Right.
3        F3 19
lip rPOiiiP
IB aJ    a   <ur <•»• S* u sot
9 Crescent.
m M
lew Dress Goods
We are showing a Very Choice Selection of
each of the above of the Very Latest Styles.
fcr Lais' and Children's Ms
Are the Most Fashionable of the Season.
yil    «"s i UI
I    «?■    <J> S 111
Nanaimo, B. C.
Thoy Ale
Made from Sclent Fruit and fane Sugar.    The greatest rare Is exercised hi 1 heir preparation ami exquisite clo.mUiiu.-M observed,   ne only make one quality—lite best—
llie .mine as supplied to the order ol ilin Excellency Lord Aberdeen.
WHY B'JY CHEAP JWS ? BUY OKELL & OBIS'. Thsy are Ih Purest and Best
i*s-i^'**!i"V*?*v. ■-.•■-.•
Dry Footing-^*
Is 1 lie only voyage tlmt is good
for tlic health. Warmth ie
worse than nothing without
dryness. Wet feet may liring
on any mtmliei- of ailments.
Wearing our Robbers in Innl
weather guarantees ilry footing.
Our Rubbers are high, well
made, durable, and impervious
to dampness. Try the Granby
Rubbers at
Broken Bicycles
Repaired in Good Shape
to avoid danger of accidents.
Repairing Bikes a Specialty
See the HYSLOP.
Sewing Machine Supply House
ta Hritish Columbia ls at
29 Victoria Crescent
V'hcro Needles, Oil, anil Attachments can be
had for all makes ol mticlilnea.
Machine* of  all kinds repaired  on   short
notice, and work guaranteed by
Peeond-IIand Machines for Bale nt a low
figure.   Ulve us a call
k.    JJ   ^ ifovui
;Ctttre to Slice v:zctr*:rz by a v/ce |
named   " SpieiT-OF-THE-ShoE." =!
you llii-ags yoit never thought cf, about |
Ie of leather, and how you can make I
one pair cf healthy, well fed Shoes |
wear longer than two pairs that are |
starved aud poisoned through ignor- 1
ance cf leather needs.    If you paid a |
dollar for the booklet, you would save 1
it's price 1:1 three months, by acting 5
/ on its .-.ttggvitlcns.   Bul'-*--v.«Juu.ii.g*-t. |
a copy free, if 3'ou're quick enough. I
Call on, or write to- i
E.   E.   O.   Johnson.   M«r. ^-SOLE   AGENT
A $100 Marble Top Bedroom  Suite  for
only i)20.
A  $70 Singer Sewing   Mai-bine,  la est
improvements, in perfect running
order, for only $23.
A $32 Cooking Stove, almoBt new, oni*
A $12.50 Hanging Lamp for only $4.
A $22 Baby Carriage, Rattan, only !•!).
A $35 Bahy Carriage,  English Upholstered, double, as good  as  new,
only $13.25.
A $1G Baby Carriage for only }8.
A Ob Set of Chambers' Encyclopaedia,
hound in Calf, latest  edition,   in
perfect order, only if 12.
A $1(1  Set  of  Dickens, complete, onlv
A $10 Set of Bulwer's, complete, new
only $8.50.
A $10 Set of Charles'Reude, complete,
new, only j5.
A $16 Set of  Dickens, complete, new,
only $5.
Also, about 200 Assorted Books, worth
from $1 up to ,t7, now only 25 cts.
up to $1,50.
Gity Auction Rooms  -• h^oodu
Owing to tlic advance in
Flour, the Bakers of Nanaimo and Wellington have
decided to raise the price
of Bread.
On and after the lst of
November, 189G, tlie price
will bo
16 Loaves
For One Dollar
Smart & Thorne
Wilson & Matthews
F. Rowbottom
A. J. Smith
L. Schmidtz
J. Black
C. Docile
Tested by the Curtis-Babcock
Percentage of
Milk Supplied by Putter Put.
J. Aitken   (1.2
J Marshall  (1.0
—be Cot)    5-1
J. Calverly  6.1
(j. Ruinsuy  >  6.0
W Raines  5.0
S.   Wuddington    5.0
J Malpas  4,8
II. Bosiell  4,«
E. 1). Michael      4.(1
Jas Leasl.      4.3
J. Dii-kenson      4.3
J.  Rowbottom  ,4.2
Malpas & Stokes      ' 4.0
F Todd   4.0
L. Jones ...           4.0
H. D. Calverly   8.9
E. Davis     3.8
U Cawtliorne  3.8
D Richards  3.0
A Balo      3.2
NLuml  8.0
H. Kearn  3.0
JBDeCour  2.0
Uobt. E. McKkciinir, M.D.i
Health Officer,
Nanaimo, B. C, Nov. 3rd JM96.
A meeting of those who
have subscribed towards the
fun ds. .for the purpose of obtaining a Railway Charter
will be held in the Council
Chamber on Tuesday Evening, the 10th Instant, at 8
o'clock. A full attendance
is requested.
Centra! Hotel Restaurant
Sunday, Nov. 8,1896.
Mid-day Dinner from 12 to 3 o'clock.
Mock Turtle
fish :
Staffed .Salmon
Beef a hi Jardiniere
Chicken Pol Pie
Lamb Chops, Breaded1, with Green Peas
Cream Fritters
Sirloin of lieef and Brown Potatoes
Leg of Mutton with Jelly
Leu of Pork ami Apple Sauce
Mallard Duck ami Jelly
Boiled ami Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Corn -Mashed Turnips
Plum Pudding, Brandy Sauce
Lemon Cream Pie Hot .Mime Pic
City and District.
Mr. W. W. Mclnnes, M.P. and wife
returned liy this morning's train.
If M S lmperieuse was outside the bay
Ss. Peter Jebsen arrived early this
Ss. Signal and R Dunsmuir were in
port yesterday.
It, has been decided to hold a poultry
show some time in January, and as this
may be the only one held in the province this year efforts are being made to
iniike it as great a success as possible.
Preliminary Bteps are being taken to-
ward the building of a railway to Alberni. The petition is being numerously signed py the citizens, and the project is being well received.
The M and M I. P A quarterly  meeting will he held on Saturday, Nov 7th at
3:30,  in   the  Oddfellow's Hull.     The
financial   statement,  will  Im presented
I and other important business transacted.
A petition is in circulation in Victoria
asking for permission  for  bicyclists to
use the side walks during the next four
months.   The privilege is asked on certain conditions; to dismount tvheu meet-
i ing u pedestrian, and to ride at a inoder-
' ate speed.
A large audience assembled at the St.
: Alban's Hall lust Tuesday evening. Tlie
i ladies of the church had prepared a
j somewhat novel and ingenious affair,
; called a "Cobweb Social." A programme
lof vocal and instrumental music was
I given, liefreshmeiits were also pro-
j vided.
Kev D V Lucas will preach in St.
1 Andrew's Presbyterian church next Sunday morning, and address a mass meeting of children in the Y.M.C.A. at 4:15.
He will preach in the Wallace Street
Methodist Church in the evening,
and address a temperance meeting under the auspices of the W.C.T.U.
hurch   at 8:30    A
Canadian News.
Twenty Six Tlinnsand Dollars Salvage.
Judge Handford of Seattle lias handed down a decision in the famous case of I in the Presbyterian
the   C.   A.  S.  Co's steamer   Miowera j collection will be taken up to defray ex-
vs. the ss. Strathnevis, and the owners   penses.
of the Miueola vs. the ss. Strathnevis, j The members of the E. L. of Wallace
in which he decreed to the owners of the! street Church met last Tuesday at the
Miowera and her erew $20,200, ami to residence of Mr. Giant, on Victoria
the Mineola and her crew $20,600, a Orescent, for a parlor social. There was
total 01*48,700. The history of the „ ia,.ge turn out considering the stormy
rescue will be iresh In the minds of our : evening. Uames were the order of the
readers. Hie judge in his remarks re-1 evening, and everyone enjoved them-
ferred to the fact that the Miowera, ge|ves. This society haB increased in
a-ter losing sight of the Strathnevis, i numbers and interest of late, ami a very
went on to Honolulu, instead of pro-; go0,' programme has been prepared for
needing to the telegraph station at • the winter. The older members of the
Tatoosh, and reporting the Strathnevis. congregation are not too old to be wel-
fhe master of the Miowera had failed to I comed at the meetings, which are held
perform an important duty, and that everv Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock,
failure gives rise to the serious question       . ,   ,   ,.  ■   ,   . ,
in this case whether or not there has ', A'misquerade ball is being arranged
been a total forfeiture of the right to tf, ° •■■■>,<• Pl"<'« -n J >e Internal "ona
salvage. He concluded, out of regard H»" °" i"d»-v' Nov,- 20,' f<" llie ^"f1
for the many hours of brave and lauV !of Jk "es Wm"'s» $PM &en 8"* f.or
ous elforts to save the Strathnevis, and ! ^ »*» mo"ths wl^ •W*f" feVfr" .As
heavv expenses and damages incurred i Mr" ,W"te,s haf.a *"* e -*»'.l fa"'«ly "*■
ami sefieredbv the Miowera, that total IW^S* T^tt^'n *? P"l'1'° Wl" ""?
forfeiture is a penalty heavier than the l"«t the object is lor a good cause, and
offence deserves, He would therefore i8'10"!'1 •,f'"veit ie *">PP°f "r'T*Y" "
award as salvage  about  one-half  the V"" don't want to go to the ba    buy a
Winnipeg has been agitated by a series of burglaries lately, chief of whicli
was the clearing out Andrew's jewelr--
store. On Tuesday a great sensation
was causetl by the arrest of Michael and
Anthony Egan, members of the well-
known railwav contracting firm of Egan
& Sons. Nearly all the stolen property
was found in tlieir possession.
Robert Morran ia now on trfal-at Winnipeg for the murder of his sweet-heart,
Hannah Hilton. He is a well-known
farmer of Holland settlement, and oil
the night of March 30, he was out walking with the girl, whose body was found
I next morning on the prairie, with her
throat cut.   The young   girl   was preg-
i mint    Blood stains were found on Mor*
I ran's clothes.
Walter Scott, publisher of the Ragina
Leader, has been committed tostand his
trial on a charge of   riniiiiiil  libel^jtfc-
i ferred by iVich.,iA& i icfeo "Davfh.'TK r„
for West Assiniboia.   The alleged libel
! appeared in the Leader on Oct. 15th.
| The jury in the case of Komekaw Egat
antl Charlie Joachim, for the murder of
j Pierre Alexis, at Island Lake, returned
u verdict of ruanslaughter.at Edmonton,
N.W.T., and the prisoners   were sen-
| tenoed to ten years  in   the Manitoba
'Penitentiary. Mary (1 ray for being an
accessory after tlie fact is now on trial.
j    The Dominion line steamship Canada,
! has made the fastest passage on record
from Liverpool toth*St. Lawrence^—five
days and nineteen Injurs corrected time
' from Liverpool to Heath's Point.
Hon. Louis Tourville, member of the
1 Legislative Council of Quebec, ami one
of the moBt prominent of Montreal business men, died on Wednesday. He was*
U5 years old. His death places the Liberals in a minority in the Upper House.
The employees of the W. E. Sanford
Manufacturing Company, of Hamilton,
have heen notified that their wages wili
be reduced 10 jjer cent from Nov. 1st.
Keen business competition is the reason
given for the reduction.
he amount which  would be otherwise
The Miowera and her cargo were of
greater value than the Mineola, and she
was iu commission as a carrier of passengers and mail, as well as freight. Her
deviation consumed more time than was
ticket anyway, tlie proceeds will   go  lo
Mr. Waters.'
Mr. W. B. Dennison, the obliging
ticket agent of the C.P.U., has moved
into the store recently vacated by Mr.
Caldwell, tailor, and lias had the place
nicely fitted up.   Mr. Dennison  is now
City Market
 . N
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
P. O. Box 227 Telephone 7-8
C.C.& B.I. Westwood
Are now prepared to cut Down Old
Axlt'-H, hy Ufli* of hii Improved Mu-
cliim.', iniikiDi' them us good us new,
Doue in the most tipproved nifimier.
Their priced are right,   (.'till and see
Clothes Cleaned...
Repaired and Altered
£j0jr~ Next iloor to UosluoooV Rlnck«mith
Shop. P. O. Box o01
Old Clothes made equal io new.
Do Vou Want to Borrow ?
$50(1, repayable monthly in 8 -fears, Ht*$7.50
|I,(HK1 repayable monthly In s years, at $ir>.MI
t'iAW) repayable montlilT in 8 jenrH, tit f'lo.oo
other amount" In proportion.   Loans mode
only on Klrrt Mortgage on Improved Town or
City Property.   Kut'lTAUl.l" 8'VINO*, Loan and
lltii.i.iNo Aprociatio*., 1W Toronto St., Toronto.
GEO. U scilKTKY, Agent,
Hoom No. li, Johnston Block.
The Rogers typogmph operators anil
composing room sinii' of the Winnipeg
Tribune newspaper, strin-k on Tuesday
against a reduction of wages.
lost by the Mineola; she was exposed tol11' totter quarters and will be better
greater hazard, anda eonsiderably larger \*hle to meet tlie demands of the busi-
ntiinber of persoiiB are entitled to share I "ess. We hope he will be as successful
in the award thnn the number compos- ! 'n his new quarters as in the old—only
ing the crew of the   Mineola.    The fol- j "*ore so.
lowing sums are awarded:—"To tlie I Professor Wenyon had a fail audience
owners of the Miowern, $18,000. Capt. j in the Y.M.C.A." Hall last Wednesday
Stott, (500. Other ollicers and crew, j evening, who greatly enjoyed the treut
sums running from $500 to$50, the whole | given tliem.   Aa tlie Professor will ap
amounting to $20,600.
To the owners of the Mineola, $12,000.
Capt. Pillsbury, $1,800. Other officers
and men, sums ranging from $600 to $100
each.   The total amounting to $20,500.
Laid tu Kest.
The funeral of the late Mrs.  Roht.
Rivers took place on Wednesday afternoon from  the residence on Needhum
street at 3 o'clock.   There was a large
turn out of members of Miriam Rehekah
Lodge, I.O.O.F., Circle No. I,   Wellington Ladies Lodge, Prosperity Grove of I
Druids, Nanaimo Lodge No. 4,  K. of P.
and Black Diamond Lodge I. O. O. F. j
who, bended by tho Silver Cornet Band
playing the dead  march,   marched   in
procession to St. Albans Church which!
was quite tilled.    Mr. C. Brenton  presided at the organ, and the services here
tint! at the grave were conducted by Rev |
R. A. Bosuiiiitiet, who gave an earnest
address on the "Problem   of  Death" be
fore leaving the church.
The funeral services of the Miriam
Rehekah Lodge at the cemetery were
beautiful and impressive.
The following were tbe pall bearers
Messrs. Albert Roach and  G. Berry of Bible class at 2:80 p
the K. of P.,   Benjamin  Baker and  1).'
Daley ol the I. O. O. F. and Roht   Watson and Wm. Iirinn of tbe Druids.
The following friends contributed
wreaths: Mrs Churchill, Mr A Cowie,
Mrs Geo Cntltbert, Mr and Mrs Samuel
Drake, Mr a id Mrs Henry Devlin, Miss
Ferguson, Mrand Mia Gamier, IO O F,
Mrs II K Irving, Mrs Geo Lee, Miriam
Kebekah Degree Lodge, Mr and Mrs
Fred Meakin, Mr and Mrs Thos Mcl.tty,
Mr ami Mrs Albeit Meakin, Mrs Win
McGregor, Mrs M ,1 Meakin, Mr ami
Mrs Win Morton, Mrs Patterson, Mr
nnd Mrs E Pear.-c, Miss Ramsay, Miami Mrs Rowe, -Mr and Mrs Handle,
Mrs Steele, Mr and Vis Roht Turner,
Mrand Miss Thrall, U A 0 D Mr and
Mrs Uiqtihurt, Mr Geo Vipond, Jr, Miss ; HALIBURTON stuickt MKTHOD18T OIIUROH,
pear again on Saturday evening, and
will give a reading from "Richard III."
Mrs Gunton, Mrs Barber and Mr
J P Jones will give selections and
it is hoped there will be a huge audience.
Report says the last number given on
Wednesday evening was well worth the
price of admission,
st. alhan's omTBOR.
Twenty-third Sunday aflor Trinity.
11 a. m. , matins, Litany and sermon.
2.30 p. tn.Sunday Bchool, 7 p. m. Evensong ami sermon. Rev. Mr. Bustinquet,
st. paol'b onuitoit.
Twenty-third Sunday after Trinity,
Nov. lst, 11 a. ui., matins, Litany ami
sermon. 2 p. ni., Sunday school"; 7 p.
in., Evensong and sermon. Preacher,
Ven Archdeacon Scriven. This evening, (Friday), Boys' Brigade at 7.30;
Choir practice at 8.80.
Rev. T. \Y. Hall, pastor.    Services at
11 a. in. ami 7 p.m.   Sunday school and
All   are welcome.   Rev. 1). V. Lucas, will preach iu
the evening.
raptist onuRctr,
Rev, W. A. Gunton, pastor. Services
11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Sunday school and
Bible class -:.'lti p.m.
st. axdrkw'n hbi-sbYTBRIANORUROrt.
Services at 11 a. m. and 7 p. in.
Sabbath school and Bible class at 3:30
p. m. Rev. D. V. Lucas will preach in
the morning, ami Rev T W Hall in the
Spiritualists' Hall, 1. O. O. F., (new
block), Sunday evening next at 7:30
S ii ii-
Wilson, Mr and Mrs Chas Wilson, Wellington Ladies Lodge, Circle No 1,
II. McAdie had charge of the arrangements.
Temperance Campaign.
Tlie Rev Dr Lucas, who has been lecturing to crowded audiences iu Ille other
cities of Ihe Province, will commence a
week's temperance campaign in the Y
M C A Hull on Sunday atternooii next,
8th inst., ut 4:15 p in, when a mass
meeting of young people will he held.
His subject is not yet known, but a great
treat is in store for nil who avail them- had been developing the country, but
selves of this opportunity of hearing Ihis j Englishmen were now spoiling it by the
talented and eloquent  orator.     Other I ridiculous prices they   were asking for
Services at 11 n m. mul i p.m.
day school and Bible class at 2:30
Rev. .1. D. P.  Knox,  pastor.
A Tremendous Future.
London, Nov. 4,—Adolplius Drunker,
Conservative member of parliament for
Northampton, bus just returned from a
trip to British Columbia. Upon being
interviewed he 8aid be thought there
was u tremendous future for the country
and thut it was going ahead nearly
everywhere.   American capital, he saici,
lectures will be announced in due course.
A collection «ill be taken up to defray
You can he well when yonr blood is
rich, pare ami nourishing. Hood's 8ar«
sapunlla makes the blood rich and pure
and cures all blood diseases, restoring
health and vigor.
every mining claim, Americans were.
met in the most hospitable manner,
Mr. Di-ucker said he had met with no
anti-English element, while travelling
in British Columbia,
Hood's Pills are easy to take, easy to
operate.   Cure   indigestion,   headache.
[ 2"icunt8,
Death of Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas.
The Cardiff Times lately had the
following announcement: "The
English cholera has lutel}' claimed
another victim. At Mountain Ash,
Ulenmorganshire, on the 17th of
September, died Mrs. Elizabeth
Thomas, widow of the late William
Thomas, Esq., and daughter of the
late William Brinn, who was superintendent of the Pembrokeshire
Iron & Coal Company. This
estimable lady was highly respected and her funeral was largely attended by all classes." Mrs.
Thomas was a niece of Mr. and
Mrs. J. P. Booth, Salt Spring
Island. She was the only sister of
Mrs. James Knight, of Nanoose
Bay, and was also a niece of Mr.-
It. Brinn, of Discovery Island.
JUST one.
Just one in vain will call the name
Of one who answers nevermore—
Whose ear hears not the loving words
Of one who calls across the shore.
Just one alone must hear the pains
And anguish of life's dreary day;
I cannot speak across the sea
Or press one kiss at lust for aye.
Presidential Election.
McKinley hns 277 and Bryan'
170 votes in the Electoral College.
Many States which were counted
for Bryan went for McICinley.
McKinley did not carry a single
county in Colorada. California
and Oregon went for McKinley and
Washington went to the Populists.
Another Duel.
There seems to be a prospect of a
newspaper duel between a reporter of
Colonist nnd Mr. Col man, the Presbyterian missionary amongst the Chinese,
over a report of a meeting some
time ngo, in which Mr. Gardner
made a siiitement—according to the reporter—that it was difficult for a Chinaman to get justice, uml that laws were'
made to militate against Chinamen. It
seems Mr. Gardner challenged the correctness of the statement, but tbo reporter reiterates that Mr. Gardner di Isay
so. Mr. Column is now after the scalp
of the poor reporter. It seems to lie
quite the fashion for some people to
make Statements, which are afterwards
found to be untrue and unpopular, to
then say they were inisrepnrted. Reporters have enough of their own sins
both of commission ami omission, to
answer for without other people putting
their   misdeeds   upon   their  shoulders
MedioltlftI value In a bottle of IIood'3 Snr**-
parllla than in any other preparation.
More -•-•••- is required, more care taken, mora
expense Incurred In its manufacture.
It costs the proprietor and the dealer
More hut It costs tiio consumer les*, aa lie
pets more doses for Ins money.
More curative power is secured by its peculiar
combination, proportion and process,
which make It peculiar to itself.
More people are employed and more space occupied In Its Laboratory than any other.
More wonderful cures effected and niorate*-
thuouials received than by any other-
More sales ami more increase year by year
are reported by druggists.
More people are taking Hood's Sarsaparilla
(oiiav than anv other, and more art
taking ft today than ever before.
More aud stim.. mohk reasons might be
given why yon should take
Tbe One True Blood Pi-rider.  II; six ter t*.
TZ      ~T,     r.tee   cure all I.lver Ills MC
HOOdS PUIS Sick Headache. * ^:m^^:'M-:'wm::w-
■;.. KSSp
jg'»".» ■J«jii*&-jjyt^.*^-'-l-->i.'*L .■'!■
■Xiife in Uvitish Columbia.
•Well written in fame and story
Ib England, the pride ol the sea;
Jler rulers are old and hoary,
Engliind.'8.j'.icaiiHrs all can see;
.But out here in British Columbia—
Tbe land of mountains anil streams,
.Jj'air is tbe hojijo iu Columbia,
Thc home of the poor man's dreams.
• The rivers are swarming with fishes,
So is each harbor ami bay ;
■The poor man van catch what be wishes,
Xo one will say to him nay.
In the woods men sometimes go stalking
And chasing after the deer,
And if they tire lucky they shoot him,
And drop him without any fear.
Tlte mountains have silver .and.gold,
Tlie forests magnificent pine,
J?ear we have clay, iron and coal;
Our fruit trees will win every time.
lf we were not cursed with tbe Chinese,
All our work men   would  have  something to do.
England leaves it   to  the  Liberals discretion,
Three cheers for tbe red, .white nnd
(Harper's Monthly Magazine.)
"Another child,"  murmured:
.Judith Memlinger, "another sorrow."
"Shame on thee, Jndah!"said
Kaeinu'l, his wife, pressing the
new-born babe to her breast.
"Blessed be the name of the
"Blessed bo the name ofthe
Lord!" her husband repeated,
humbly, and with bowed head,
as he stared with mournful eyes
at the tiiiy intruder.
"The child is not well favored,
I think," he remarked, at the
,end of a long pause.
"It is a male child. The Lord
lias done well by him," said
Rachel, severely.
Biirucb, the qlder son, four
■ years old, had stolen into the
hushed sick-room in his father's
wake, and stood near the door,
biting his thumb with suppressed
"Come, Baruch, and see thy
-new brother," said his mother.
Baruch, with an acute sense
of-bis unwqrthiness, sidled up to
the bed. There lay a puny, little yellow thing with black curly
hair, and one small wrinkled fist
clinched under an embryonic
nose. Baruch stood long staring at him iu silent wonder.
Then, in a spirit of enterprise,
he raised his hand and tentatively touched his cheek.
."Baruch,"  said   the   mother,
warningly,   "beware  that  thou
dost not hurt thy new brother!"
Baruch withdrew his finger as
if it had beeu burnt
Judah Memlinger was by trade
a furrier, and worked for a Jewish master who had the finest
store in Odessa. He was neither
fer a handsome nor a clever man;
at least ("entile eyes would not
.have pronounced him either.
He we're the two long side curls
of the orthodox Jew, and his
black forked beard was rusty anil
weather-bleached at the ends.
There was in his eyes something
shy and alert, as of a hunted
jthing, and a peculiarly anxious
and uneasy look was habitual to
his features. Of stature he was
small, crooked, and round-
.shouldered, and the wide-skirted
blaej. caftan slouched about his
thin legs. The waxen pallor of
Aiis face told of late hours and
sedentary labor in the close,
,over-heated workshop.
Everybody wondered why Nathan Uosenhain, a physician and
,a scholar, gave his daughter in
marriage to so htiuiblo a man as
Judah. It was, indeed, whispered that ho did it as a punish-
jnent for permitting her heart to
stray beyond the Ghetto. .After-
{tvard, it was said, Nathan had
reieyted somewhat, and had allowed hej to move her piano teller new home. For that piano
was the apple of her eye. It had
.coiue all the way from Paris,
and it had a most lovely tone,
and was beautifully inlaid witli
ivory aud mother-of-pearl. The
jiuMgJ,.V'9;i's oi'ten .paused under
Rachel's windows and stood
listening to her wonderful playing. Sometimes she poured
(forth a tempest 9/ sound, with
.strange wailing,sighing,lamenting chords interspersed; and
sometimes she lost herself in
melodious musings, full of sorrowful resignation. Then, at
,thc e.\;d of a year, a child arrived, ai|id .a change came over the
spirit of Rachel's playing. A
new tenderness awoke jin her
anrJ ,dryye awuy the fierce rebellion.
Four years after the birth of
Baruch, another son was born
,to Rachel, and she rejoiced
again and thanked the Lord.
She called hi in David (though
none of her  kindred bore this
. SU..  S !
name), after the great king of
Israel, the music of whoso harp
has resounded through tho ages
in the hearts.of numberless generations.
During the years while her
ehildren were small, Rachel devoted herself with unremitting
zeal to tlieir education. In a
way she held herself responsible
■ for their poverty and lowly station. It did not occur to her
that if she had married another
man, these children, Baruch and
I David, would never have come
into tho world. It was hor fault,
she thought, that they were boru
to contumely and deprivation,
and.she would, as far as it was
in her power, atone to thom for
it. They were not to be journeymen mechanics, like their
father. They were to be artists
or lawyers or physicians, such as
she had seen among the Jews in
Moscow. They were to break
tho bondage of the close and
filthy Ghetto and go out into the
world, and become an honor to
their people. It was with this in
view that she dragged them in
from their play and taught them
to read French and German. She
sat up late at night in order to
refresh her own knowledge, so
that she might impart it to them;
nay, she began to study Latin by
herself, in order that sho might
help to fit them for the univers-
sity. It was of no use that her
husband, being unable to sympathise with her ambition, tried
to throw obstacles in her way,
and even threatened to complain
of her to the Rabbi. Obedient
to her wishes as he was in most
things, in this he remained
sulkily obstinate.
If she had used his money for
purchasing the dangerous books
ho could have pleaded his poverty, and persuaded her to desist.
But she had obtained several
pupils in music of late, and
earned enough to be independent of him. Tall of stature, with
a certain queenly unconsciousness of her own loveliness, she
weather way, intent upon her
task, and let the turbulent currents oflife roll by her unheeded.
Her bearing was simplicity itself,
suggesting neither pride nor
humility, but a beautsful self-
respect and womanly dignity. To
be a mother in Israel lias from
of old been a title to honor; and
Rachel, in thc midst of her poverty, felt an invisible crown of
maternity upon her brow.
For eighteen years Rachel
lived in peaceful obscurity, devoting herself to the education of
her sons. Her husband never
directly censured her or expressed h.is disapproval of her
teachings; but he summoned to
his aid the Rabbi, who was less
considerate, and denounced with
all the maledictions of the .Prophets those wdio, deluded by vain
ambition, strayed beyond the
fold of Israel.
lt was a terrible   disappointment to Rachel when her sons,
one nfter the other, were refused
admission   to   the   gymnasium
which   was to fit them for the
university.    There   was a rule,
which was enforced or not, .according to ollicial caprice, limiting the number of Jewish pupils
.which might be accepted, and it
I pleased   the authorities in this
I case to include David and Ba-
j ruch among those who had to be
'debarred.    It was of no use that
she called upou the rector of the
school and implored him to relax
the rule in their-favor,    Equally
(Unavailing were her appeals to
I the other officials, all of whom
: advised   her to apprentice   her
sons to theh fatli-e'r's trade, and
not   foolishly to aspire   beyond
her station.      The   Rabbi, too,
enforced  this advice with awful
biblical quotations, and one day
Judah actually summoned courtage   to enrry off the  elder boy
: with him to the shop.    She had
•long   foreseen that this   would
1 have   to   come,   and though it
grieved   her deeply, she did not
dare interfere.   The long-skirted
Jewish   caftan   was to her the
badge of the servitude of her race,
Land it cut her to the quick to see
! Baruch   arrayed   in it like his
father, wearing the odious side-
ourls, and unconsciously acquiring the stoop and (.Le Walk of the
Ghetto.      But if she could not
j save Baruch front the misery of
ignorance, toil, ami dreary   resignation whieh fell to the lot of
I the Jewish mechanic in Russia,
she would   cancuulrulo  all her
energy and all her hopes  upon
David.    She read until her eyes
ached and her head   swam, but
she could not disguise to herself
the fact that she made but slight
progress.    With Baruch she had
made   some little headway, but
with David her  success was far
from encouraging.
He wept over Ctesar and sulked
over Nepos, and when it came to
Cicero and S.a'lust, she was herself
completely -it .sea, and could offer
him no assistance. Only in jarith-
metic was he more than her match.
He could make a calculation in his
head with extraordinary rapidity,
and he could run up a column of
figures with a sort of instinctive correct nesss in less time than it took to
write it down. But outside of this
single department his intellect did
not extend.
It was a touching sight to see
Kaehael sitting at her sewing t Me
dividing her attention between a
colossal patch, which she was attaching to 11 pair of trousers, and
the reluctant boy, who was writh-1
ing and wriggling and scratching
his head in order to escape -from
the odiou i lesson.
Strange to say, she failed to perceive that Baruch, with his tall
figure, (ine open face, and the large
intelligent eyes, was her own
counterpart, while tlie small and
stunted David, wilh his oldish face
and carious gnomelike expression,
was the very image of his (father.
Tlie same, shrewd, alert eyes, lying
in ambush behind heavy black
brows, as if to catch the unwary;
tihe same narrow receding forehead
•and sharp commercial nose; the
same tightly shut, thin-lipped
mouth, wilh the mean, cramped
parsimonious lines about it.
She bribed him with  cakes  and!
culinary tid-liits to practise on the
piano, and to sit through his daily
lesson without protest; and so  dis- j
played a patience that was  simply
heroic in pointing out  to him  for
the twentieth time the same mis-j
take which he had  nineteen   times!
repeated.    Following the score with 1
her knitting-needle,  counting  un-
weariedly one, two, three, four, one,
two,  three,   four,  striking  a  cord
here and a  cord   there  by   way of
correction, she expended an amount
of energy   which  would   have  exhausted any  one but   a   fond   and
deluded mother.     However, David
learned to play after a fashion; and
Rachel shed tears of joy  when for
the first  time   he   toiled  through
Schumann's   'Traumerei'   without
any serious blunder.    David might
be an artist  yet,  if  the   Lord-had
deprived him of the  chance  of be-:
ing a scholar.    He would lift  him-!
self   out   of   the  bondage   of  the \
Ghetto  and   be  the  pride  of   the
people.  '0 Lord, remember David!'
was the beginning  and  end  of all
her supplications.
But Judah, too, though he used
different language, included David
in his prayers, and when the boy
was sixteen years old he thought it
was time to put an end to his idleness, lie was old enough to make
his owu living now; it was a sin
and a shame to fill his brain with
vain dreams, whieh, in the position
wherein God had placetl him,could
never be realized. Having for
years dropped hints to this effect,
and by surly mntterings manifested his displeasure at his wife's ambition, he came at last to the conclusion that his duty compelled
him to act. He had had frequent
attacks of vertigo of late, and had
become apprehensive regarding his
health. The doctor declared that
he did not take enough exercise and
that unless he changed his mode of
life his days were numbered. Particularly he muet avoid all agitation, be sparing in his diet, and'
shorten his hours at lhe shop.
There was an absolute necessity,
therefore, tn lind some means of
compensating for his decreased
Judah well knew that a battle
was in store for him when he should I
broach this proposition, and in
order to strengthen his authority he
invited the Rabbi to sup with him.
Dr. Rubinstein shared his s'enti
ments, and had heen his support in
all his contentious wilh his wife. A
light of .apprehension was kindled
in Rachel's eyes when she saw tlie
tall and slum Rabi enter w-ilh her
husband. He looked to her a very
personification of the law and a
messenger of the wrath to come.
When the simple meal was at an
end he arose and read in Hebrew
the 128 psalm, pronouncing slowly
and in a voice of awful warning the
divine injunction;
"Blessid is every one that feareth
the Lord; that walkelb in his
"For thou shalt eat the labor of
thine hands: happy shalt thou be,
and it shall be well with thee."
Having finished the psahn, he
turned solemnly to Rachel, who
was standing on the opposite side
of the table, clutching David's
hand. "Daughter," he said, "thou
hast heard the voice of the Lord.
Thou shalt eat the labor of thine
hands. In the sweat of thy brow
shalt thou eat thy bread. Thy
husband has, with my aid, found
an honorable position for his son
David. The shoemaker Abraham
Cohn will take him as an apprentice, and will give h.im his board
and lodging, even though he ought
to have commenced at least three
years ago."
' Though Rachel's heart shot up
into her throat at the Rabb's words,
and a dea,dly fear possessed her,
she preserved an outward calm, and
I there was no bi;eak in her voice as
! she answered:
"Surely, Rabbi, the Lord did not
\ mean all His people to eat the
j bread of manual toil. Has He not
1 set  up   statesmen,   teachers,   and
artists among ue, who are the pride
of Israel?" >     '
The Rabbi winced visibly at t\\e
reference to teachers, but recovering.himself promptly, asked, in his
sternest bass: "Hast thou ever
heard the command, daughter, that
a wife should be obedient to her
husband? Thou knowest thy husband's will; if thou dost not know
it,,thou shall,hear it now. Sneak,
Judith, who had listened with
obvious approval to the Rabbi's
words, nodding emphatically at
every pause, pushed aside his chair
and advanced toward Rachel.
"Thou hast heard what the Rabbi says, he cried,.in a voice that was
hoarse with excitement. "I am the
head of my household. I am the
,boy's father, and I command him
and thee to obey."
"Judah," Rachel pleaded, with
beautiful, sorrowful dignity, "I pray
tiiee do not force me to disobey thee.
Th,11 know est this is my last hope
• for whieh I have lived and toiled
these many years."
"I ,kuow that thou hast nursed
foolish dreams, and taught thy son
to In k do,, 11 upon his father."
"No, sn help me God, that I have
never done!"
"1 will have no .pjore palaver!
He darted forward, grasping David's disengaged hand; but Rachel
caught him to her heart, and clasped
him with the desperation of terror.
"Thou wilt never leave me David
—never, never?" she implored, gazing with anxious tenderness jn. to his
"No, mother, no," thee boy mur-
mure I, striving topull his arm away
from liis father.
"A curse on the, thou rebellious
wife!" screamed Judah, tugging
away with all his -inight at his son's
hand—"all the curses wherewith
tlie Lord—
His face grew purple. His eyes
seemed to be starting out of his
head. Suddenly releasing the boy's
hand, he tumbled with a crash
against a chair, and lay crouched in
a heap. The Rabbi stooped over
liim and lifted him up, but with a
groan he fell back dead.
"May the Lord of Israel forgive
thee!"  raid  the   Rabbi to Rachel!
"for thou hast sinned grievously."
(to be continued.)
New Z a,and uns acquired a
reputation or ^experimenting iu
legislation, and seems likely to retain it, two curious measures having lately been introduced by the
dominant party in the Legisla-ur..
One is a bill for the suppression of
juvenile depravity. When a policeman finds a girl in the streets after
ten o'clock at night, be must take
■fat* to Ahe nearest justice of tlie
peace or clergyman, and, if he does
not find him in, to the house of
some married person of good repute, and then lind out who she is,
and why she is out. Another is a
bill against undesirable immigrants, designed to keep consumptives out of the colony. Tbe captain of a ship landing a passenger
afflicted with lung disease is to be
heavily fined. An additional fine
is to be imposed if he allows a
sound passenger to room with a
sick one, and lie is held responsible
if lung disease develops in a pa*
senger within three months after
his landing.—Ex.
The Toronto Globe, lately, esl'.-
111.t ed in-  tanners of  Ontario
would real /. ■ $t$0li,60U out of the
receni ri-e in Uie price of wheat,
ami Hie .Manitoba farmers $ti,000,-
UUO. Even if this he an over est-
mate, 11 will giv-e an idea of tie
large amount of money that will I*
put into circulation as a result of
the rise in wheat, and the const-
quent impetus that must be felt in
all lines of industry.
They '* 00k "Scotch."
The ful} iwing is from a "Toronto
exchange: Three spirituous magnates met in the Rossin House this
week. They were Joseph Seairram,
of Waterloo, Mr. Wa^er, of W.ilL-
erville. and Harry Corbey, of Cor-
beyville. One ptoposed something
wet and they adjourned to the
muggery. "What will you have,
gentlemen?" asked the bell-boy,
who answered the push of the
"Whisky and appolinaris tor
me," said Mr. Seagram.
"I guess I'll take .the same," Bitid
Mr. Wal -ex..
"That will suit me," said Mr.
"What kind of whisky, gentlemen?" asked Buttons.
A minute's silence ensued. The
three distillers i!<x*ke,d at each other
and then unanimously replied,
The Most Complete Stock
Jas. McGregor's
Victoria Crescent.
Carbonating and Bottling
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Manufacturers nf Lenini-atie, (linger Ale, Snr.
ttaparilla, Ciders, Etc.
All Orders Promptly Attended To.
Telephone 20. P. o. Box DO.
Restaurant and Chop House
Wake up to the fact that if you
invest NOW in Shares of
good reliable
Oysters in every style.
Meals, 25c. and upwards.
Good Beds, 25c.. and upwards.
Spring Chicken always ou hand
Try Philpott's Tomato Catsup
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We, Never Sleep.       Open Day and Night.
The Nanaimo Bakery Excels
The Popular Bakers.
Land Agent and Conveyancer,
Town Lots and Farms for Sule.   Money to Loan
on Mortgage at low rates.
Agent for the United Fire Insurance Company
of .Manchester, KnglaluI.
^rlii^toij JJoteL
Having complete*! the erection of the Arlington
Hotel at NAN0OSK RAY. tiiis handsome aud
commnrtions hotel in now prepared to receive
and comfortably entertain travelers and otlwrH.
Is presided over hy Mm. Thompson, and the
Table d'Hote constantly provided with all the
delicacies of the season. Combined with the
elegant furnished apartments, the visitor iimls
thc surroundings of the most pleasant deflccip-
First-clasfl Accommodation. Fire-proof building
Terms: $1.00 Per Day and Upwards.
The Doon Hotel,
JAS. BENNETT, Proprietor.
Commercial St.,      Nanaimo, B. C.
-•ra k~
Singer Sewing Machine Go.
29 Commercial Street
(Same building as Hotley's Shoe Store),
W here a General Assortment of
Sewing Machine Supplies
Arc kept mt hand.   All kinds of
Sewing Machines Repaired
And Work Guaranteed.
I'AiiTiEs having-
Empty Bottles ol any Description,
■fild Copper, Brass, Zinc or Lead,
Can .dispose of same hy addressing a postal to
B. AAR0N80N, Box V)% Nanaimo,
Who will call promptlv at any addjemi in City
or'dii burnt.
---   in tlie
Emancipation oi Mental Slavery
Should hand in their names at onue and
lieuoine meuiliers of the
Freethought Library.
2-1 Commercial St., City.,
P.O. Box AM. 8-U-lnT
19   ! LAMPS, Etc. etc.
Bihds and Animals set up in » thorough workmanship nmntier.
On Hand—Four tit-e JJeers' Head",
which will lie syld lor price of setting
them up.   Also a line ease of Iiinln.
d. s. Mcdonald.
69 Haliburton Street, Nanaunb.
Any present subs-cvilier to 4he
Mail can hitv.e the Weekly Globe
from noyv ,to tihe end of 1897 for
The Mail and Weekly Globe for
one year for $3.00 if paid in advance.
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ofthe Profits that most assuredly
WILL be made.
The Stamp  Mill at Alberni
Is now in operation. When results are known, up go the Shares
of all Alberni Companies.
And make money while you have
a chance BEFORE the rise takes
Thos. Kit chin,
'i.-it. -.
The .Scot*, osff iiijiplwations for
•jpoaitiooSfiosffeeeCirVjl service, many
'.of them positions .yeikling very
. small incomes, haB-.givwi rueuobei'H
.of Parliament and others new liuhl
.upon the number of unemployed in
this country. We have been living for some eighteen years under
a policy which was to give the people of this country "diversity of
employment." Diversity of employment is a good thing if it is
brought about by means which do
not unduly tax the energies of the
people. It cannot fail to strike
; anyone who travels a few hundred
miles through the country that
there are too many people living
upon the work of the farmer; but
the tendency in recent years has
been to increase rather than to
diminish this burden. In this view
the interest that has been aroused
in the mineral resources of Canada
is one of the most hopeful features
of the situation. It is'much better
for a young man to be looking toward our mining fields, whether as
an engineer, or an artisan, or a
storekeeper, than to be sighing for
the ease and certainty of a Uovernment position. The development
of our mining wealth woultl create
■ the diversity of employment that
we all desire, and give new scope to
the energy and enterprise of Canadians, and insted of burdening the
farmer it would open up new home
markets for his products. In other
words, instead of increasing the
topheaviness of a structure resting
upon the farmer for a base, it would
broaden the foundation.
It is satisfactory  to  know  that
-the mineral wealth of Canada is so
diversified, and  is confined to no
one Province   but   is found all the
way from the Atlantic to the "aci-
jfte. This is brought out very clear-
'ly  in  a-n  article  in The National
Review by Mr.. George M. Dawson,
Director of the Geological Survey
of Canada.     It is pointed out that
I in British Columbia the output for
the first six months of the  present
year is $2,000,000,   exceeding that
of  the   whole  yf  1-S96; and   Mr.
Dawson says there is every  reason
to'believe "from the known geological conditions, and f on analogical
with  the corresponding region to
the south, that as skilled  prospecting is extended from point to point
a mining country fully comparable
with that of the entire western   tier
. of States of the  American  Union
will be fount! to exist.    The mineral wealth of Hritish  Columbia includes gold, silver, capper, lead, asbestos and coal in very large quantities.   Coal is also found inabtind
ance east ot the   Rockies.    In a re-
■iort on southern Alberta, published
•rime time ago, the amount of cnn!
(obtained in one tract sonio.-tKi miles
long was estimated  at   830,000,000
-tons.    Natural gas has been found
.in the Northwest,   and   along  llie
) Athabasca river there are indications of petroleum   in remarkable
abundance.   Then in Ontario there
are deposits of gold, silver,  copper,
iron, nickel, peal, antl   oilier  products, in regard to most   of  whicli
..developments have only just begun.
■Quebec lias phosphate, mica, graphite,   asbestos   and   slate.     Coal-
irilining in Nova Scotia has become
an industry of   some  importance;
gold   has  been   found   in   paying
•yitiantities, nnd among oilier   products tiro copper, manganese, anti-
■'moiiy andslrui-tiiral metals. Everywhere lhe opportunities  are good,
and it is to be honed that the inter-
-est now taken in the gold-fields will
give an impetus to   the mining iu-
■dustry al! round.—Globe.
Strange Heal lis.
» Right Kev. Frederick R. Wynne,
I'D. D.,  Episcopal   Bishop of Kill*
aloo, Kilfenor anil Kilmacdnagh,
' was found dead on Tuesday on tlie
.sidewalk near his residence in Dub-
' lin, Ireland. His wife was found
Ldead in her bedroom soo.i after his
l.body was discovered on the side-
■walk. An investigation showed that
"■the Prelate recently left Killaloo
[for his home in Dublin on account
hi his wife's hetlth, and had left
rti.^iouse to fetch a doctor for her
^ab.)Ut 5:30 a.m., when he fell dead
|Kear his residence. His wife, it
£ms, must have died soon after
Line Bishop left the houso.
Nanainio Assizes.
,'  The Fall Assizes will be held  in
Fihis city on the 24th of  November.
e.ie following  are  the  cases to be
Dr. George and  Lewis (Indians)
Miutilating a human being.
E. Hodgson, murder.
Jas. Thompson, attempted rape.
■   U. H. Carter, utteringcountcrieit
, Mrs. Burdett, causing bodily injury by negligent driving.
And a case of unlawfully enter-
ling a dwelling house at Union.
_ »<*»	
(Kootenay News.
ij   The Jumbo is n great mine,   Tliere is
I'no longer nny.reiisiinulile room for doubt.
fill this subject.   A solid  bmlv   of pay
upre litis been developed  10  or  12 feet
|/*vi(lt', anil tit least l'J.r* feet long and ovel
100 feet (leep.   How mue.li   lunger and
kpw much deeper it is will not be known
.without further development.
The Jumbo lias been Incorporated and
■the principal owners of the stork are
■olin A. Finch and M. II. (iiilnslm, of
Jpokane, They lire two of the most.
IliiterpriHingndiiiii'' men who ever.'nine,
^nil (heir Blti'oeSS ia well deserved.—
■Jussliuiil .Miner.
Advertise in the Mail, the people's
News of the Day.
At the Clerkenwell sessions, Lon-
idon, Eng. on Tuesday last, the
Grand Jury found true bills against
j Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Castle, of
San Francisco, accused of shop
j lifting.
Thomas Craig was sentenced at
Goderich on Monday to twenty-
three months imprisonment on each
of six charges of forgery.
Ten thousand people attended
a religious service at Mercier's
tomb, Montreal, on Sunday, which
was magnificently decorated. There
was no special speech making.
F. W. Peters, local freight agent
of the C.P.R. at Winnipeg has been
appointed freight agent of the company for the Kootenay district, the
British Columbia division having
been divided. Mr. Allan Cameron
will have charge of the Pacific-
Coast division, with headquaters at
Vancouver, while Mr. Peters will be
stationed at Nelson.
A jury in London has granted
nominal damages against the chairman of a corporation meeting who
refused to put a motion offered by
one of the members. The damages
would have been substantial if a
commercial loss could have been
proved. The case is to be appealed.
Early Tuesday morning fire broke
out in Caxto-n Tlall, Richmond,
Que., and spread like lightning
from the Main street through to
College street, which was soon a
mass of flames. The town and
Grand Trunk brigades worked
hard, but it was not until the
arrival of help from Sherbrooke that
tlie fire was got under control. The
total loss is about $100,000, and in-
i surance .$30,000.
John Burns proposes to have a
law passed by tlie English Parliament, making it compulsory for
; employers to give domestic servants
| a character on dismissal. Laws to
j that effect have long lieen in force
! in France and Germany..
Provincial News.
A curious accident  and a   miraculous escape   befel   a  Jap,  a  few
days   ago,   at   the Brunette   Saw
Mills. Westminster.   He was sent
to adjust something where the odds
and ends of lumber are fed into the
great refuse burner.    Being  an inexperienced  hand,  lie did not go
' about the work properly, and, slipping forward, he fell headlong into
what is generally  n   roaring,  fiery
furnace.       Fortunately,   a   lot   of
gnen sawdust hatl just been thrown
on   the  flames,   or,  otherwise,  the
1 man would have been burned   to a
j crisp in no time.    As  it   was,   he
roiled over the crust of sawdust and
'til through a  door,   wilh  only  a
slight burn on tlie hand and  head.
Mr. J. A.  Allen,   of Vancouver,
wns drowned Saturday morning, at
North   Bend.    The   deceased,   ac-
1 cording to the information received
was working   on   a  scow   on   tlie
| Fraser, when he fell into the water,
and was swept away.
To K ii ii to Victoria.
Victoria, Nov. 3.—A well defined
rumor is in circulation to the effect
that the Canadian Pacific Rnilway
Company has become alarmed because of the agitation of Victoria
business men for belter railway
way communication, and that it
will make a strong effort to secure
and retain the Victoria trade. From
a prominent business man it is
learned that when Mr. Roht. Kerr,
the C. P. li's general agent at Winnipeg, was in the city a few months
ago, he had several conferences
with Mr. James Dunsmuir, the subject matter under discussion being
the practibility of running the C.
P. It. cars to Victoria via the E. it
N. Railway. The scheme as outlined includes thc building of a
ferry boat capable of carrying oars
and running lhe same between
Vancouver and Nanaimo. It is
said that the C. P. R. intends putting this scheme into operation at.
as early a date.as possible, so Unit
it will be in a position to compete
with any other railway that may
secure direct communication wilh
Mr. James Dunsmuir is confined
to his house through illness, and
therefore could not be seen to-day,
but it is dearned on very good
authority that such a proposition
was favorably considered by both
the railway companies interviewed.
A Inter despati-li from Vancouver
says: The report tluit the C. I'. U. intended to build n ferry boat to cutty
loaded ears of freight from Vancouver to
Nanaimo appears to bo without foundation. Superintendent Abbott denies
all knowledge of .sueh a plan.
Laurler's Promises.
An Ottawa despatch snys: .Messrs Me-1
Connell and MuGreevy, who spent the!
slimmer ill West Kootenay for the Geo-
graphical survey, have returned and
speak very favorably of mining progress,
They will prepare a sheet whieh will be
Valuable as the niiiintrv develops.
Mr. Fraser, who conducted the oil b-i-
ings near Edmonton for the Qovi n*
ment has made a report to the dlree   r
of the survey,*'- lie dues  not (lespall   nt
getting oil tit .Hliababku  landing, bu1
enn not get deep  enough, and   will dn
nothing more  until a now  location   is.
Struck next sprim,'.
Premier Laurier has promised Mr. i
liii'kerdike, president, of   the    llunr I   of!
Trade, Montreal, to give 11 feet depth In
the canals west of Montreal and iio foot
Inlthe river east, ftis snid Ihnt provision
will be made Iii the estimates next ses-,
Bion to carry this work to completion.    «
Sad Drowning; Accident.
An inquest was held on Wednesday
before Coroner Davis, on the body of
Hannah Hmithurst, of Union, who was
drowned at Johnston's wharf last Monday night,under sad ulruumstaueeB,
The following were empanelled as the
jury:—Wm. Orr (foreman), lieu, Kav-
nioiid, VV. L. Jell'ry, F, Charlton, VV.JE.
Green, W. F, Kerris, Geo. iieviloekway.
After viewing the body and the plaee
of the accident, the inquest was adjourned until 8 o'clock, tit whieh time
the following evidence was taken.
Benjamin Guest said he was a stonecutter residing in Nanaimo. On Tuesday evening he bad been sleeping in his
bedroom at Rowbottobi's, and at 0:45 be
came dowu to the dining-room, where
he found the deceased in conversation
with his sister. They sat talking about
one hour after he got his supper, and he
then offered to accompany the deceased
to the steamer, She asked him to (etch
a glass of beer before they left, and he
got 2b cents worth. They then went
into tlie kitchen ami drank' one glass
each, afterwards going into a room where
there was a lire, where they had 6oine
more of lhe beer. They then left the
bouse. As they went down the street
the deceased let a bottle fall on the sidewalk, which witness picked up. He had
alighted lantern -witli him, which was
earned all the way. When they reached
the wharf he went round to Uud tbe
boat, and not seeing anyone around, he
came back te .where the deceased was
standing near the Princess Louise. The
deceased told the little girl Josie to go
on board, which she did, and the deceased folioived her. She got down
about a yard, when she fell overboard,
she said "Oh" that was all the witness
heard, It would be from (i to 8 feet
from the wharf to the bout, being low-
tide. It was about!) o'clock and dark.
There were no lights on the steamer outside, only the lights in the windows.
He was sure of that. Questioned by the
jury, the witness said the deceased went
down backwards, she had no parcels,
and her bands were freo. He did not
think she was under the influence of
liquor. When she fell he made nn al-
jiDji ami pul the gang plank down,
thinking sue might get hold of it, it
slipped out of his bunds. He thought
the gangplank was about 2 feet 4 wide.
It was three or four minutes after he
called out before any one came, the
steamer was blowing off steam and it
was difficult to see anything. The bottle
produced mis the one he picked up on
tbe sidewalk,
Aaron Barnes, son-in-law to the deceased, gave evidence to the effect that
be bad accompanied tbe deceased eailier
in tne afternoon, and engaued a stateroom tor her on the City o. .\iui.iiuio. He
did not think site fuul oeeii drinking, be
could certainly have detected it.
Thos. VV. Glaholm suid there were
four lamps on their wharf, but only three
were lighted on Tuesday night, one hud
been broken by the wind. It wus repaired eurjy next morning. The responsibility of transferring passengers
safely from tbe steamer to the wharf lies
upon the steamboat company.
Dr. O'jBrian had made a careful examination of the body and found no
wounds or contusions. He had especially examined the neck, but found nothing of that kino. Iu his opinion, thu
cause of deal.ii w-is drowning. He
thought deceased dropped straight into
wider. Samuel Drake, Stlie; tii, piouu.-ed
the effects of the deceased, found in the
slatcrooiu, ami on the person,
Anthony Oliver gave evidence us to
the finding of the body floating inthe
water under the wharf.
Josie Barnes, the little girl who was
with the deceased, was plnced on the
stand, but was iu too dazed condition to
till anything,
Albert Hilbert-deposed that the hotly
tho jury bad-seen was the sume one lie
had brought off the steamer Joan.
The jury returned a verdict, of death
by accidental drowning, adding a rider
calling lhe attention of lhe Government
to tbe unprotected condition of the gang
Mrs. Sinitlilirst wns the widow of Elijah Suiithurst, of Union, who died some
two mouths ago. .She was horn iu Yorkshire, England, ami lias been u resident
ol tn is- district, a number of years! She
was about 5I> years of age, and has a
married daughter living at Northfleld—
Mrs. A. Barnes.
Hilbert & Son has charge of the arrangements,
C. P. K. Policy.
Sir William C. Van Home's
journey to the Pacific coast has
been punctuated with interviews.
From Winnipeg west the press litis
been full of his opinions and comments on them. One thing stands
out clearly in the wlulie mass of
verbiage. The C. P. R.'s president
now recognizes the importance of
Kootenay and is exceedingly anxious to inform the public that it
will be the policy of his company
to gridiron the district with railways. His plan embraces a
through line from Lethbridge
Alberta, to Hope on the Fruser
river, thc long expected Crop's Nest
l'ass line. In addition to this he
proposes to build connection north
and south lines from Fort Steele to
Golden in East Kootenay, from
Slocan Crossing to Revelstoke in
West Kootenay and from Penticton
to Sicainotis in Yale. This network of railways would of course
be likely to make an independent
system to Ihe coast, a dangerous
experiment from a financial point
of view, and it is clearly the intention to convey this moral. Whatever other portions of thc province
may think of this scheme, we, in
West Kootenay, can thank our
stars thai the American railroads
will always furnish us wilh at
hast a modicum of competition.—
Rossland Miner.
The steamer Umatilla came off the
Taeoma dry dock on Monday and proceeded lo Seattle. She will return to
Taeoma this week to loud u cargo of
wheat for Sun Francisco, On Sunday
the Angeles brought to Taeoma from
Port Townsend several tons of general
height which WUS damaged inthe I'mit-
tillil wreck.     Thc   local   agent   of   the
steamer is making arrangements to hnvu
the goods ilppriileed,    At the opening of
the goods the consignees ure expected to
lT?e N e W Vancouver
Zand go.
A Journal for the People
Tiik New Vancoi'vkr Coat,
Company mine at their
Collieries at and near
Nanaimo the- following
Coals: NANAIM0   C0AL
The above arc supplied in
the followfng Grades, viz.: Double Screened, Screened,
Run of tlie Mine,
 S€0]  Washed Nuts and
Washed Screenings.
Prompt Delivery »t the Company's
"' '""' ■■""•""""""' "*••-<*■   SAMUEL M. ROBINS,
■ Superintendent
.—T.(j*H*** <•■     I
lieu Island.
Trespass Notice.
WHEREAS, Certain evil-disposed persons have lieen killing stock on Valdez
Island, Nanaimo District, it is
RESOLVED in future that all persons
found ttt'spussitig on the Wake Estate
of 700 acres ami Indian Reserve of 1700
adjoining will be prosecuted to the full
extent of the law.
(.Signed)     BALDWIN H. WAKE.
Sept. 15,1890.   JOHN  BASIL,
Arrival and Departure of Mails
People who Appreciate -.
Have their prescriptions dispensed at
Their Prices are Right. Telephone .1.
-Sews*--- *-~®'!z<-.
Fish and
Game Market
G. MARSH, Prop.
Lodge Notices.
Inkerman Lodge, No. SSo, Suns of St.
George.—Regular weekly meeting is held
iu Hubert's Hull, Wharf street, on Sat-
DHDAY evening nt S o'clock. Visiting
brethren cordially Invited to attend.
l'ltui). Waosta-*-.", See.
For a Cool Drink
E, & N. RAILWAY.       CLOSE. HUE.
> Dally ex. Sun.
Wellington, Northfleld and a.m.  a.m.
I ' East Wellington 11.25  8.50
[ Victoria,Southern States nnd
places ulong line of E, & N. Dally ex.Sun.
Railway    8.21111.50
British and foreign, Eastern
Provinces, Eastern States, Dally ex.Sun.
Vuiicoiiveruiid other places p.m.   p.m.
on .Mainland of B.C.    ti. 30 5.00
I Comox, Union, Union Bay,
Sandwock,Courtenav,Gran-Tu»". Fri.
tliain, Qualicum,  Hornby  p.m, p.m.
Island and Denman Island  8.20 3.00
Salt Spring Island, Burgoyne Fr|. Tues
Bay, Kulford Harbor.North
Salt Springlsland and Gab- p.m. p.m.
riola Island     8.20 3.30
BY   START! £*•?*' M""-
di   oi.v-.ri,. j,ri    Thur
Allierni,  l'arksvillc, French  p.m. p.m.
Greek and Errington   ....12 30  0 00
Krl.   Thar.
Nanoose Uny  12.80  6.00
1'. M.    A. M.
Departure Bay., daily ex. Sun 12.45 10.SO
Cedar-(-8outl0, Saturday.  ..  2.00 1100
Soda W A-riot
(Iixukii Alb
Ask for -:-
Lawrences ,SABi,. .:Mll
Manufacturer of Temperance Drinks, SyrurjB.Ac
Delivered free to all parts of oily and vicinity.
- -p» Ptoinpt attontlon paid to all loping orders.
Telephone8.4, P.O.Box79.  N*nauio.
0 Hi
20c. per Month
T.TT   n t i tt      0ne Year' $1-50
BY MAIL: !* MThs;J5Kcntsv
Three Months, 50 eta.
"Merchants and Business Men
■till find THE MAIL a
Good Advertising Medium
■It has a large and steadily increasing
of the city and immediate district.
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
Telephone 7-0. Xaxaimq, C. C.
A rati Assortment nt the Lowest Market Kates
Promptly Attended to.
All klu.ls of
Tin and Sheet-Iron Work,
Victoria Orescent, Nanaimo.
In all its
Various Branches
vieroniA eitKseKNT.
Meats delivered free of charge to all
pur's of the illtv.
"> >   Offloe Tel. 80.   P.O.Box 10,   Residence Tel. 101.
Funeral Directors
>N;!' Embalmers.
Qrtitlua'o* of the Oriental; tho Rttroka,
tlie  N'i'M   Vcik und t'liirk'i
Batioolsof Binbatrollig.
AH Materials used in connection with the above
guaranteed to be first-
We Plaint
1, 3 and ;> Bastion St., Nanaimo
.Etc., Etc.
Qmimorrial Hotel,
Corner Commerclnl nnd Bastion sts.
This long-established Hotel ts comfortably
fitted up with superior ReoommoaB-
tiuiis. r«ir travelers nud uthcrs.
'.I.-. O'C'ONNKL, Prop.
ALL FREIGHTS loft on the
Nanaimo Wlmrf Co.'s Wharf
will be at owners' risk.
J. A. CALDWELL, & Tailor
Ilns ohangod his quftrtors,
nnd can now be found up
stairs in the
Williams Block,
Whero he will bo pleased to
receive bis patrons.
Ze9~ Anyone requiring ,. Fill Suit should t *
1 leavo tlm onlcr I'Rtly. j
General Steamship Agency
Patties fining to the Old Country
or sending for friends will
By purchasing Tickets from
Crural Agent.     THE    MAIL    PUBLISHING    CO,
Oommat-ot*! S.ttfM
E. V. CHAMBERS, Manager
P. 0. DRAWER 44 TELEPHONE M *HBt **ii—*'"'i ■  '    '*' " i - *
rUKLtisHtil/ KVF.HY
H i   I .'I R
liu. V. Cll.oiliKlts, Editor Htul Manager,
Vlct-irm Orescent, Naflatmo, B. c.
Hv mull—nne yoar i.bo
"        Six months  ■•   ■*?€*
'•        Three months C->o
Pi-ll-.-an.--l iiv oarnor lien.-. pMinoutn
a minister cannot mind his own ,
business, and for one of these
reasons, or perhaps the two combined, the ministers confine
their consideration to othcr-
worldism — predestination and
other far-oIf subjects that help
no one in this world, and certainly do not make the best
preparation for the next.
AVe wonder that it never
^»AY-        - NOVEMBERfl,189e.  strikes   Qm   miu*3terij   „,„■,   so
iNanailllo'S Christian many strong-minded people, so
Ministers. man*' ••"•-*-*i*g011* young men
never go to church at all.    Thev
result is very satisfactory indeed,
now the aldermen arc responsible
to all the electors and not to a little
pocket-borough ward. Thus we
see all ward heelers, and ward
strife die a natural death, because
every alderman has an equal interest in doing what is right by
every portion of the city, which is
as it should be. We hope to see the
day come, and that very soon, when
such a question will be left to the
different municipalities for them to
decide for themselves.
'The question as to what is thc
business of the ministry in the!
(present age. hns been settled by
the action of a few  of the most
successful men in   that   sphere.
We now see clearly that when a
Christian   minister  makes it a
part of his business to deal with
■those every-day  questions that
. ;itre pressing us so hard for solution and amends, the people will
go   to   church   and  appreciate
every effort put forth by him in
•such a direction.   **"uch a minister makes humanity feel that he
is acquainted  with   and   shares
their sorrows and wrongs,  that
whilst be is n teacher Sent forth
from Uod, the   information   he
seeks to convey stands related to
this world principally.    Yet it is
•surprising what littlo interest is
manifested by many  ministers
either by tlieir efforts in the pulpit or their every-day activity as
'Citizens.    At   the  present time
•the ministers in  Nanaimo seem
•-to iip.vs   agreed  to   keep   their
hands off anything that  is not
^straight theology, and  one feels
ithat the most of them, with their
ifrock   buttoned   tight   and the
■emblematic purity of tlieir front-
■pieee, impress one of their presence by accident and  that they
ought to see this, and if they;
! would seek to lind the cause they
would thon see the needed
remedy, and, we are sure, more
attention would be given to these
burning everyday questions that I
affect thc social life of the people, and are left to self solution,
and therefore, self despair, so far
as thc church is concerned. So
the minister prays aud wonders
at the people's lethargy, and the !
people long and wish for an institution that will bear greater
resemblance to the crying needs
of ihis life, and wonder why the
chuich exists at all.
The Place to Get
Wheat, Corn, Chop, Oats, Bran, Seconds, Potatoes,
Onions, Flour, Rolled Oats, Oatmeal, Farina,
Buckwheat Flour, Rico Flour, Hominy, also  a
Full Line of Choice Groceries, is at
WmUU, the Wallace-street Bruoer
Our Tea,  Coffee, and Butter nro llie best in the market.
Remember, our motto is—Square Dealing and Close Prices,
Editorial Notes.
The late rains will no doubt
have augmented the supply of
water in the Water Works Company's dams, and now the directors ofthe aforesaid company, as
well as the citizens generally,
will sleep more soundly than has
been their privilege for some j
times past, owing to lhe fact that ,
there is less danger of   a   water
famine in ease of a lire.
ing of water  as  it   affects   the!
health and happiness of our community, it strikes   us tis rather
peculiar the action of the  City
Couucil in dealing with  a cor-
If Nanaimo is going to give a reception tn the Hon. Messrs. Tarte
and Davies, it is about time some
move was made in that diree-
lion, l.n other cities of the Province the several Boards of Trade
have already made all necessary
arrangements to receive and entertain the distinguished visitors. Not
only have they arranged to make
the hon. gentlemen feel at home,
but also to lay before them the
Wants and requirements of their respective localities, in the matter of
public works, etc. We have always
been led to believe that there was
such an institution as a Board of
Trade in this city, yet the public
are not aware that any such move
has been taken in the direction
above indicated by our Board of
Trade. Why is this? Surely our
wants are as many and as varied
as any other district in the Province. Such being the case the
Board of Trade ought to lose no opportunity to bring to tho atleti-
tion tif the Government these
needs and requirements, and thus
strengthen the hands of our representative who has don>' so well, and
is ever ready to do all in his power
for his constituency. It may not
bo the easiest thing imaginable for
a majority of the  members of
Board of Trade to overcome  those ['Officials.    The first was an investi-1 abilities best qualify
feelings born  of   adverse political■ g^tion inlo the questionable meth-      The old gentleman  felt exceed-
ods of our late I'ulice Magistrate, ingly sulphureous at the members
J. P. I'lanta. This inquiry was I of the council who voted for the
conducted by the Provincial Gov-j subversion of his brother-in-law
eminent, and in a  manner which j Mr. Gough; and  the transposition
of discrediting certain members of f presented a more healthful aspect
the Council, the public must in all i ever since. "Murder will out" they
fairness doubt bis charges against J say, and the shortage in the ac-
Mr. MoRae until they can obtain|counts soon became the current
the actual facts from a more re- topic of the day; and it was to al-
iiable source. j lay   public  suspicion  and   restore
Were thc editor of the Free Press confidence in Mr. Gough that a
sincere in his de-ire to diminish the Government auditor was Imported
burden of taxation, (which by the from Victoria to mako a re-audit
way is somewhat sliyhter than it of the city books. The imported
was last year,) why did ho lack the expert and intimate friend of the
moral courage to arraign Connnis- family, lived here in "Li Hung
SionersSiajnBon and Johnston before Chang style" for a period of iio
the bar of public opinion for post- days innl "freezingly pocketed »
poning the investigation for a per-jcool" $821, which also came from
Lid of two'trioutfrs? thus en ailing a the "already over burdened tax-
cost, of $288 for an enquiry the pavers" of this citv.
actual cost of whieh should not When Mr G nigh wis being sul\
have exceeded $50 had the Board , jecleu to the scathing criticism of
acted-promptly'and impartially. ■ the concientiotis members of last
Constable Thompson's request years council for his peculiar meth*
liar a postponement pending tbe ie oils of book-keeping and banking,
turn of Chief Crossan, was liasetl on nnd his grossly irregular mainpul-
the plea that the Chief would be ation of the corporation sinking
an important witness in his case. I funds, the editor of the Free Press
was at llie inquiry and heard the studiously refrained from publish-
Chief make his statement, and the: inn anything which might possibly
only evidence given by him in his : throw a ray of light on the shelter-
subordinates behalf was, that he ed nook where "Sambo" lay repos-
Was a "capable man and a good ing in the civic wood-pile,
otlicer." This brief but pithy! The tie vote hy which Mr. Gough
panegyric, though coming from the .was retained in office only resulted
immaculate lips of a man of such in prolonging the agony. The
deCided virtue and excellence as Pierson report pleased tlie "pro-j
tbe Chief, was not. in itself con- meters" of the re-audit immensely,
siderod ample justification for the but that it failed to justify their
two months postponement nnd the "philanthropic raid on the city1
additional expenses resulting there- treasury"—to pay for the results of
from. 'clerical     incompetency—is     fully
This,   however, is   not   the   first evidenced by the fact, that the pre-1
time in the history of this unbnppy ; sent Council  lost  no  time   iu  re-
city Ihat the ratepayers have  been moving Mr. Gough 'from  the pos-:
called upon to pay the costs of an i tion "of City Clerk  and  relegating
mr inquiry into the conduct of  public; him to   one   which   his  mediocre
ose officials.    The first was an investi- abilities best qualify him to fill.
BI& MEfl
We have a very complete line
of Large Sizes in MEN'S
UNDERWEAR.    A full range
of prices.   You can have the
Canadian make or the best
Scotch, whicli comes in pink
and natural colors.
Sizes, 42, 44, 46.
Commercial St., Nanaimo, B. C.
are Foreigners and pilgrims here tain communication received by
below, not wishing   to interest them   from    lhe   above-named)
themselves with the world's affairs, but are waiting for a better
Tlie serious error that lias
come down from the middle
ages, viz., the unwarranted, un-
BCi'iptural division of life into
sacred and secular; a double
standard of piety that   is as* tin
company. Why that communication, whicli was a reply to u '
report from the .Medical Eealth
Officer, of which we look occasion to refer to in these columns
some time ago, was received and
fyled is a question the answer to!
which would no doubt puzzle the
Council itself.    It   seems lo us
opinions to the present ministry,
yet for the good of all, these sentiments should be thrust aside upon
such occasions as the present, and a
united effort put forth to secure tho
advantages to be derived from a
little more attention to this district
on the part of the Government.
reasonable as a double standard thai in all fairness to the Medi-
•of purity, seems to be encour- cnl Health Officer, it should have
.aged by the teaching of our j been referred to him, so that hej
ministers in Nanaimo. They could havo an opportunity to
stem to have forgotten that they .make good his contentions,
are the successors, not  of  the which the Water  Works  Com-
priests, but of the prophets* who
were statesmen as well as preach-
pany took the liberty  to   flatly
contradict.    AVe aro firmly con
ifers. These prophets admonish- vinced that then-was more truth
■ed the law makers and law en- than poetry in what the Medical
forcers. This course could be Health Officer reported, and if
profitably imitated by our minis- the whole question was to oome
ters today. There is not such a under review by the Provincial
thing as a sermon dealing with Board of Health, we give it as
.a single public question. We our opinion that Ihe report
.are not calling upon them to would be found to he true in
become tl>e advocates but the ovory particular, and should be]
judges on these questions, im- earn d nut to the very letter, if
partially submitting to the jury the health of our citizens is a
■of the people, for their  verdict, matter worthy of consideration
attested facts
by thoso in authority,
able principles, stripped of all
sophistries and class exaggerations.
The Bible is sociological as
well as theological. In fact there
is more material for biblical
sociology than for biblical theology,    Certain social evils have
Wi: notice th.it Aid. Marchant's-
"ward reconstruction by-law" has
been "killed" by the carting vote
of Mayor Heaven, at the last meeting of the \ tctoria City Council,
Xo doubt thn worthy Alderman
was actuated by the best intentions
iii tiring   forward  such  a   by-law,
pen I, the public and wc
heartily invite the citizens to make
use. of it for discussing public questions.
We are no! responsible for llie opinions of
our correspondents.
Editoh MaTL.—The editor of the
Free I're.-s in his issue of Friday,
Oct. 30th, accuses the Rev. D. A.
McRae with the hideous and unpardonable offense of improperly
and unfairly obtaining the fabulous anil inconceivable sum of $1.35
from the—according to him—poor,
staggering and already over-burdened tax-payers of this city. The
sapient scent snifter of the imaginary coon in tlte civic wood-pile also
assumes, (on the grounds that
clergymen usually travel at half-
rates) that Mr. McRae's bill was
$50.50 in excess of llis actual disbursements for railway and steamboat transportation from Los
Angeles to Victoria and return.
No proofs, however, have as yet
been vouchsafed for the accuracy of
the latter item, but it is safe to predict that the journalist of 23 years
experience who is 'magnanimous
enough to devote a whole day of
bis waning life, a dollars worth of
ink and a column and a half of
good advertising space lo a subject
involving the enormous sum of
11*85; will go still further and give
in a  manner
merits   lust    little   commendation]of the officials.    He has   tried  one |
from   those  who  had   to  pay  the j ruse after another since the   begin-1
costs.    And who were they?    Why ; ing of the year, to poison the  puh-
the   "already   overburbeiied   tax-- lie mind against tlvBtn; and it has.
payers''of the province, and  when j been positively painful  to  witness
the  whole   thing  terminated  in a j his last frantic but   fruitless  effort
mild  rebuke  to  the delinquent to to locate  an  imaginary   nigger in
"go thy way and sin no more''  the, the   city   wood-pile.    This   latter
wily   editor   of   the   Free    Press idea re the nigger, effn   not be as*
scratched tho bristles on the dome oribed to   any   knowledge of the
of thought tinder  which   his  agile j civic finances and can only  be  at-'
anatomy   has   ambled   so    long ; j tributed to one of thc three  follow-
turned   his  beaming countenance ing causes, viz.    A morbid itnagin-
toward  the distant  capital—made  ation to which I referred  previous-
his salaam to the  powers  that be, | ly.    A  delusion  resulting  from a
Arc now ready for your inspection, the
designs, quality and styles being the choic- t
est from  the  looms  in Great Britain. 1
Have also a job line of 100 suits of ?
* Which I will sell for $27, the best value t
ever shown in Nanaimo.  Soliciting your f-
estecmed orders, and thanking you for
past patronage, respectfully yours,
and maintained a palpable
on the subject ever since.
The commission of inquiry of
1894 clearly revealed to the astonished though somewhat suspecting
citizens that Mr. h*. Uough
the then City Clerk had paid
thousands of dollars of city funds
into the Bank of B.C to his own
private account, and moreover, he
was forced to admit that he had
paid l'olice Court lines to tho Chief
of l'olice instead of depositing them
in the city treasury according to
'Ihe second little incident  which
added   additional   weight   lo   the
"already over-burdened tax-payers" I
of this city, occurred in   the  early]
part of   January,   181)5,  and was
consequent upon   the discovery  in
1893, of "a full grown coon  in  the ;
corporation     wood-pile'."      When
I A.   Richardson   audited   the city t
[books for 1893,he ascertained  that|
amounts   aggregating  $1,882 were'
'owing   to   the   various  debenture
' accounts in tbe Bank of B. C.  and i
ithat Mr. S.   (lough  could  produce
1 neither   receipts   nor vouchers    to
deranged digestion, or lastly: A
vagary that frequently attends
senility on the eve of a final dissolution.
Wha-t fleeting shadows "we" of
the Free Press have been pursuing
of late.
Commercial Street.
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs
Fold and Silversmith...
Diamonds |aild nil Precious Stones
mounted. Wedding Rings made to
order and engraved on short notice.
Repairing finished good as new, nt
low prices.
Nanainio Business Directory
ioneer Steam Laiindrj
***■*» j By s0 doing yob will PATRONIZE WHITE LABOR
fis*   j And help to GET HID OF TUN CHINESE!
D3'e Works in connection —■—-^**
P. O. Box 95. P. M. STEWART, Prdprletof*.
us •'absolute proof" of  the alleged b1'°j  ■      ■      ,    , ,
pendi-d or if it had   ever been used
grown apace, and we ina\ expect ami ,luw thut hia work in this dir
Oie.ru in thrive with still greater eel ion has been cul short, just at
Jfapjjdily bttcause the ministry the moment when the ond snughl
-does not teach sufficiently that was within reach, we hope he will
Jiersonal and social ethics arc an nnw turn his attention to the
IntegralLand important part of question of doing away with that
.their work.
u-eless ward system altogether. We
have hi ver heard one single argument advanced, why such a system
Bhould be perpetuated in any  city,
ters  keeplii''   themselves  tiiwrt   *•, , ,,       ,       ,• ," ,
1 '       i (it would be interesting to listen to
There are two  elements   that
may bo the cause of our  miuis-
lOW the money had   been ex
excessive charge of $50.50. Up to
the present time we have only got
the statement of Mr. McRae's bitterest enemy that the rev. gentleman has overcharged tbe city to
the extent, of $1,85, Mr. McRae
has yet to be beard from in this
connection, and in the meantime let
me point, nut to the publio another.,        ■ ,     ,,...., ,    ,
item in the Free Press article which °,nce, T'e  }lf  f o'   (°'Sh
when given due consideration, wm stared the auditor in the   ace and I
doubtless   afford   Hie   citizens    of; he ordered tlic amount tn be  make
it,.,.      ,,,.^,f good   forthwith   or   he  would not
uiei      in oni |n        . ..,.    ,,,. .      ,,
pass the accounts.    The'.'African
disgorged  quietly,    though   reluctantly, and the sinking funds have
DARKER ,t POTTS, Barristers nnd Solicitors.
Lt  Commercial street.
/i   t. CANE, Barrister and Solicitor, Roomil,
vT.  Johnston Block.
McINNES & MclNNKS,  Barristers,  Room 0,
Johnston Block, Commercial street,
VAHWooli ,(:  VOI'NG, Barristers, corner ot
1   Commercial and Bastion stt-eolB.
r|*  ll.M'.nv, Botanic Druggist, WinDeld Cres-
A.   coin.   Try lliinty's I'ilf Omliiieilt.
for corporation purposes.    Kor  the
mysterious absence of this money a
'plausible excuse was given to,   and
accepted by a not overscrupulous i
auditor, and nothing more was said  _•   mfoN
or clone in  tho matter  until   Mr. V aw-anii'
Richardson was employed to audit
',!„    1,,.   ...,., „„tv t,.„ i Uc .,„.,,.  IUIU     W   J. Cl'UHY,  11. ll. S., Creell llloek.
i the city accounts for lhe yeai 1H.M.   W. class work guarantied,
iieniist   extracting aspeolalt**.
1 Ktlier administered,
olliee, oiUl-l'Vllmv's lllui-k, Nnimltiio.
Cor. Ilaliiiiirton and Heedham Streets
SQUARE l-Hl   --*---*
In Staple and Ftinry s
Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes,
Patent Medicines, Etc.
Give Her a Call and be Convinced
Nanaimo     but
from teachinc
social ami )
ii I>1i'
any .-itch argU nent), while  on the
(questions.     There   is the old* other hand there are a thousand and
fashioned church  member who one reasons why it should be wiped
likes to hear of his future   heri* out.    We understand some attempt
fcagteOJid be encouraged to look has been tried to have this done,
tipoit the  beggarly  elements of but It never got any  further  than
IhUMrkUs lit   subjects ouly the "Committee on Municipal Law"
for what   lie   would term  the and then died.for the want of same
^ ,tl n      rr,   „, .,        one with bao'tbone enough  to see
WflMuly num.     there  tire those
, ,     ,.      . ,, .       , .     that it   got,  the   proper  attention
Bis*, who watit things to remain     ....  '  . '    '   .       ...   ,
' , .     .winch   it   deserves.      New   \\ est-
ka thev uro.    As soon us a mm*     • ,    ., ,   i
•*-">*■'■" minster, under the powers granted
iatet haR anything to say on a ,)y 8pB(.ja, |,hart-r, hM uk(m ■■,.,
•octal question, affecting their (orward step, and now nine alder*
lenjoyftiient, the hornets are Lien are elecUd by the entire city
Moused and 'want to fsitow  why the same us lhe Mayor,   Hnd the
anouier proof
that the sweet, and commendable virtue known as veracity
is not one of tlie peculiar characteristics of Ihe livini* monument to
mossback journalism who has monopolized an editorial chair for the
past 28 years.
In alluding lo the expense of the
police investigation the Free Press
says: " The expenses of the investigation will aggregate approximately $,"100, and this largo amount will
have to come from the already overburdened lax-payers." The disgruntled editor of the daily sheet
bus doubtless evolved the above
misinformation fr an the inmost
recesses of a diseased imagination
or, if his own reports of the council
proceedings arc to he believed, the
bills of costs re police enquiry have
nil heen presented and passed by
the Council and in all total up to
the sum of $288.
Now if a man will publish ft deliberate lie for the obvious purpose
\J  proprietors.  Victoria Cresoont.  Dispensing
and family recipes a Bpeololty;
Medical Hull, corner > onimerolol nu.l Bo*.
tion streets.   Telephone 1-B-".
(loud* Delivered Kree to any part o( the City
Highest lienors—Worid'a Fair.
ll:' S..X/
A pure Grape Cre::ni of Tnrt.u- Powder.   Frei
from Ammonia, Alum rjr any other adulterant
40 Yeas the Standard
•J.isiism DYK WORKS,—Dyeing, Cleaning
l*i   and Repatrlug   14 Nteol street,
C. ciiAHi.Tip.s, Manager.
MARSH, Wholesale Dealer In   Fish and
Game, IihkiIuii street, Nanaimo.
WOLFE, l'inniit'tiil nml Insurance Agent,
Johnston Uliiek.
L-OHKMAN & HARDY, Ileal Estate Urokcrs-
Ll   Bastion mreot.
D   TAYLOR, Dealer in Bit kind* nl New and
• aceonil-llMid Furniture, and fancy Article* nl every dOsorjrtttou.
MllBoniu liiiil'liii;*.
TOH. M, BROWN, Watchmaker. Watches
•I and C-lOOIf* carefully cleaned and repnlred.
Comer Church and Chapel street".
The Crescent Boot and Shoe Store
To be nr not to he, nil tongtiea repent.
can wintkikl-D's lamoufl boots andahoea be
Loud eebo crft'8, " Be bent they nevor will
While leather's leather, anJ wtiile nktll Lb skill."
Would I hatl lived to bob ilk foot
Frae lieol to toe. frae" sole to enn,
Weel covered wi' » WH1TFIKLI) boot,
Bftlfl nttet and braw;
O' health and happiness lh« root
Are they to a'.
Had thev but lived to let me kfn
What good boots' were, three m*oro and ten
Had seen me toddlin' but and hen
At my concerns.
And oharmin' mankind wi' my pen.
Signed, Kounia bi'UNs.
o Caledonia, flem and wild,
How blest must be each man and eh lid,
And mother, wife and maiden fair
Who WUlTrtKLD'B boots and shoes may wear
Kami nf brown heath ami shaggy wood.
Yon know how cheap they hii- aud \iuoa,
The work that leaves thoir nkllful hnnd
litis none Hupi-rinr In the laud.
My country's thrift in overthrown
li'it ihir- truth has never kuuwn.
Hakes the
Most Permanent
Sign Letter
Ih eitatene*
Sole Agent for lirlilsh Columbia
Local Agent, JAS.  HIRST
Shamrock Livery Stables
An Express Van moots nil
Train? and Ptpninera Daily, and
On Hand lo Oilier at any hour
SchoolShoesa)  WHITFIELD'S
.Specialty.   ,       30 Victoria Crescent,       Telephone


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