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The Nanaimo Semi-Weekly Mail Nov 20, 1896

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"Pa,tent Excellent"
If you see that on your sack of
Pastry Flour
You can Lie surc-that youlmve (he best,
for then* can hu no better,
Corner tlm best Tea offettil to tlintriml-
natlng buyers Irt UrJttpli Columb.a.
Garden Manager,    (
Foata'uuiikodle.-j H;«w AgeiituB.C.
VOL. II.-NO. 3{).
WHOLE NO. .98.
We do not Pretend
To be giving goods away for nothing,
but we do claim to sell goods at the
Xowest Possible Prices
We carry a very large stock in
Groceries, Flour, Feed, Provisions
Boots and Shoes, Rubbers, Etc.
We are offering SNAPS •" Nearly all lines.
Here are a fow:
Gootl English Breakfast Tea, 7 lbs for $1.00
Granulated Sugar, 18 lbs for ,$1.00
Extra Choice Boiled Oats, 30 lbs for $1.00
Very Choice Beans, 40 lbs for $1.00
Tomatoes, warranted good, 12 tins for $1.00
Pens,    do    do    12 tins for $1.00
Corn,   do   do    12 tins for $1.00
Beans,   do   do    12 tins for $1.00
Pumpkins,   do   do   8 tins for $1.00
Electric Soap, 20 bars, 65 cents per box
Mining Boots, nailed, $1.50 per pair    •
Children's Lace Boots, sizes 7 to 10, 60c. per pair
Children's Lace Boots, size's 11 to 13, 75c. por pair
Boots, foul 90e. per pair
d / Boots, from $1 15 per pair
.' 01(11 a S t,   i Boot, , from $1.00 per pair
Women's Button Bunts, from $1.25 per pair
Misses' Button  Boots, from 75c. per pair
We have a lot of Bargains in our Store.
See the new Price List	
%pn!A Sfnp.
»   Victoria
fy Crescent.
Wet Weatfyer FootWear-
Meii's, ladies', Misses*
"Rubbers.. .
.... gummBoots
Qasl} Boot ai}d Sl?oe S^re
17 ai*»d 19 ifjonvnercial Street
E. E. G. Jonnson, Mgr
City and District.
Another Meeting to be Held on
Saturday Night to Elect
Tho Hon Mr Tarte anil pnrty of ten.
will arrive in Nanaimo by special train
at 12 o'clock noun to-morrow Saturday,
and will return to Victoria on Sunday.
The Liberal Association had a very
enthusiastic meeting last Tuesday, in
their room In Johnson Block. A constitution was drafted, and members
were enrolled. I'reliiiiinarv arrange-;
ments for the visit of the Hon. J.L
Tarte, ami party were made. The
Officers Ulld   Select   Alder- iMMHtatJon is now 111 working order ami
I invite all Liberals In Hie city to become
members. The meetings will he held i
/every Thursday evening in Boom 21.
There has been some chungos  in   the j
mines   at   Wellington   caused   hy   the
break in the K ii N Railway.     A   num-
lier of men have been  withdrawn  from
Nob. 0and ti shafts ami  transferred to.
A meeting of the People's Parly
was held in the Johnston block on
Wednesday   evening,   18th   inst,,
when a reporl from ii' special com- j *•"" other shafts.,
mittee, that was appointed at a pre
The Deed Committed in The Office of
The Wale/ Works Company
on Selby Street.
AT   PRICES   jlS   1'OIjLOWS:
Period fnr only $8 7.',
Early lllrtl for only  11 2r>
Saxon Boy, No. S, for only  14 0(1
""     "  !',      "         14 70
Perfection, Xo. s, lor only  10 00
" "0,      "         2100
" "  'J. ant! Shelf for only  20 00
•• " 9, and reset voir, ouly   — 2S 00
" "  (LSItelf ami Kesorvoir.only ao 00
"        " D, Bangc, only 2ft 60
"        " 9 (large), Itange, only  30 00
" "  9, Ullage mul slielf  82 50
Umpire Jewel, No, 9, onlv  2-1 00
 il, Range, only 33 00
" "        " 8, Range, ftlielf nnd Ue-
servo!*, only  'ri oo
j\lio a No. (if+'i New Range, only  2,', 00
"  27 00
(The above two both have Reservoirs)
fXF* What no one else can do—WE WILT,
we send out cf our Rooms. The above list are
the Heaviest and He-it linkers in the city. Your
pergonal inspection of them invited.
City Auction .Rooms
J. SUAHKER, Proprietor.
One Sight ,
One Night
Mr. Marcus Wolfe lhe secretary
of the Nanainio Water Works, committed suieide liy shooting about 1
oclock this afternoon. It appears
that Mr. J. W. Stirtan the manager
returned from dinner a little after
The Salvation Army   will  eominen-e
,  , i their week of self-denial next week, and
vious meeting of the party, was re- strenuous efforts tiro being made by the
ceived.    Mayor Davison and Alder- •o--"1 officers tu Increase this year's re-
,,,., ,,       ,   .       ,  ,    : turns.   The largest amount.collected in
man Wilson were the choice of the | this city in previous years totalled up to
first meeting, and a committee was I *-80', ■*.■"■  t*,is, yenr t'*ere ".*****■ *-"- -h*"
annointpri tn iniprviptv iv.tl, oonilo i •"*"•""■  ho"''e to ,,01"fie visitation with a i one o'clock, and noticed the blinds
mento come  o ar^  aLeement be   ^,eWof euMf'ng- '" r,V°al fffoH«i» drawn down,   something uu-
men io come to an  agreement  ne-,xhe  amounts  given  to the Salvation . .    ..      ,     '  . h;.P    .
tween them as to who was to run for! Army self-denial fund are expended in i USUiU 'n lae °ny tune, wnen ne
the mayoralty and it was mutually Ithe various schemes thev have in hand entered the building he found Mr.
agreed for Mayor Davison to make '■ I?1".,'**16 uP,ifti,*S °{ fallen humanity. Wolfe had shot himself. He at once
-     - e  Nothing can exceed the self-denying ef-^' went across and called Mr. I'awson.
forts of those engaged m rescue work in mi_ L ,L , it il «• j
all the large cities of the world-for the fh%b"th returned to the office and
Salvation Army rescue work is universal I found Mr. Wolfe was still alive.
—and anyone wishing to help on a good
cause by giving of their means, will do
well to remember this self-denial effort.
the fight the second year.
This report was received and
adopted, the secretary being instructed to inform Mr. Davison of
the fact.
An adjourned meeting of the
party will be held in the Johnston
block on Saturday, 21st inst., at 8
o'clock, to elect the officers and
committees of the campaign, and
probably nominate the aldermen
for the different wards. All the
friends of the party are cordially
Tlie Waifs of New York
With its Wealth of Novelties,
Scenic antl Mclotlrainatic
The Original of nil Bowery Plays dealing with
Life in tlie Great Metropolis.
Reserved Seats at PImbury's.
Ticket*—11, 780 and .We.   Children, 26c.
1hey ARE ALL RIGHT. aT&,%
Made from Select 1'riill and I'aiie Sugar.    Thc greatest care Is exercised in ihe!- nreoara-
liou and exquisite cleanliness observed,   we only make one quality—the best—
thc same as supplied tti the order ol His Excellency Lord Aberdeen
JftffijjjBij*. MI m WELL Upi! Tfisy are the Purest and Best
Dry Footing
Is Ihe only voyage that is good
for the health. Warmth is
wots,, thnn nothing without
dryness. Wet feet may bring
in, any number of ailments
Wearing our Ituliliers in hud
weather guarantees dry footing.
Our Rubbers are high, well
mane, durable, and impervious
to dampness. Try the Gran by
Rubbers at
For Wholesome
Vegetables of all
kinds that are in
season, get them at
who will call on you
once every week.
Listen lor liis bell.
Good Potatoes,
95c. per hundred.
Onions, 11 lbs., 25c.
100 lbs. for 11.65.
Hotwire your order until he
Store—Day's Old
Butcher Shop,
Nicol Street.
Centra! Hotel Restaurant
Sunday, Nov. 22, 1896
.Mid-day Dinner from 12 to 3 o'clock.
A Warning' to Parents.
A sad state of things has been reported to us this morning. Lust night
Albert Hilbert and party went ont for a
sleigh ride and wl en out near the ceme-
tery, were accosted liy a boy who informed them that two other bovs were
lying tlead in the snow. At first Mr.
Hilbert did not heed them, but as he
persisted in following and pleading, it
was decided to return and investigate.
They found two boys unconscious In the
snow, and took them to their home in
NorthfteJd. Mr. Hilbert states that the
party remained two hours, but these
boys hatl nnt regained consciousness.
The names are Hudson Evans nnd one
whose name could not be ascertained.
Pininonds, Untiles, IVtirlr*, or any
kind of Stone can he replaced, and
all Jewelry made or repaired at low
prices, hy culling on
^^-^^JLlllSirs FISH MARKET
Do Vou Want to Borrow ?
1600, repaynlilc monthly In s (rears, nt'|t7.60
il,(HKl ri'i'iiynl'lc iiioi.tlilv In s y,»t,, nt *15.,ifl
IH.000 ri'i'imii.li' n.oiiililv In x ynirs, ut jSti.iHi
Other amounts tn proportion. Ijo«,is innile
only on First .Morlx-iK*.* "" Improved Town or
rltv}-rn|ifrtv. K«cn.ii'>.i* Sit inos, Loan and
Bt-i-jl'ifi Asi-on atiiin, 24 I'oronto St., Toronto
••'   "• -       OKO. I.   StilKTKY, A-jetlt,
Itooiii No. 14, Jolim.ii.ii Ulock.
Sewing Machine Supp y House
It, Ornish t'oliiinliinlsat
,<liere Needles, Oil, end Attachment* can be
had for all makes of machines.
Machines ot all kinds repaired, qn  short
notice, and work guaranteed liy
Beennd-Ilnml Machines for Bale at ft low
figuro,   Ulvo in a call
If You Are
In Need
Choice Grockkies
Seasonable Duy Goods
Fashionable and
Durable Footwear
and all the popular
Patent Medicines
at present on the market, at
Prices That Will Defy
Excelsior Market
floods delivered tree to any part of the city.
Kippered Salmon
Corned Boef and Cahbage
Dutch Slaw
Salmi of Mallard Duck
Oyster Patties
Hamburger Steak
Sirloin of Beef and Brown Potatoes.
Leg of Pork antl A pple Sauce
Venison aud Jelty
Chicken ami Dressing
Boiled und Mashed Potatoes
Green Peas Cahbage
Plum Pudding and Brandy Sauce
Lemon Cream Pie Hot Mince Pie
A Lady's Tribute to Firemen.
At a recent review of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade medals and certificates
were presented to a number of firemen
for conspicuous bravery or skill. The
presentations were made by Lady Arnold, who said: "I often read of heroes
of old, who, when excited by the heat of
hattit* had done brave actions which
often meant the taking away of life. It
strikes me as much more brave and
noble for a man to enter in cold blood a
house filled with fire .and suffocating
smoke to rescue a human life. ■ This is
what firemen frequently (lid and all
honor is due to them for it. Ia;:i proud
of you, and I sincerely hope tho woir^n
to whom you belong are also proud oi'
you. Lady Arnold's words might well
be written in every tire hall as they
voice the sentiments of every citizen
who appreciates the often very perilous
services of the fire brigade in "protecting
life and property,—Commercial.
No Eastern mail lias arrived in tlie
city since Thursday of last week. The
blockade on the C. P. R. still continues
und no definite word has been received
as to when thorough traffic will be resumed. This is the longest break in
communication with the East since the
C. P. R. has been in operation.
The Assizes comnien te in this city
next Tuesday.- There are quite a number of cases, including murder, rape,
and mutilating a dead body. Tbe latter
case will be of interest as it wili decide
the validity in some measure of the act
prohibiting dances and pot laches
amongst the Indians.
Mr. McManus, postmaster at North-
field sustained a fracture of the right
leg yeBterday morning caused by the
horse becoming unmanagable and" running away, overturning the cutter, and
throwing .Mr. McManus out. He was
found in an unconscious condition some
time alter the accident by a gentleman
from Wellington, who samaritan-Hke
assisted him to bis home. A medical
man was summoned who removed the
injured man to the Nanaimo Hospital,
where iie is doing as well as possible.
The Couipai ions of the Forest held a j
very successful meeting last night. One j
new member was put through the anci
Mr. Pawson asked   him to go for a
doctor and a policeman.
From the appearance of the
room it seems that the deceased had
sat down in a chair near the stove
and placed the revolver to his right
twijple, and it i.« presumed that he
took aim with the assistance of a
piece of mirror which was found on
the floor. The muzzle must have
been held close to the temple, as
the appearance of the face and the
right eve indicates the presence
of powder under the skin. The
revolver was laid on 'he floor in
the pool of blood, and the bullet
was on the bench on the left of the
body, it was evidently a 32 calibre.
Mr. Pawson held the head of the
deceased until death took place
about 1:30.
Coroner Davis empare'led a jury
at 3 o'clock this afternoon, the following gentlemen answering to
their names: W. K. Leighton, (foreman), \V. E*. Norris, J. M. Rudd,
B. D. Pressly, H. Dawson, \V. H. S.
Perkins.     After viewing the body,
the coroner proceeded to take the
ent mysteries, and new propositions re-1 evidence of .Mr. Stirtan and Mr.
ceived,   It was also deemed to have a i Pawson, which is substantially the
'  The inquest was
s when we went to
ure noted for good ' press.
cciveu,   it was atso tiecnteu io nave a i i awson, wnicn is
supper, concert and dance in conjune-  game as above.
tion   with   Court   Nanaimo   on   New L.tn   ,„   „. '„„
Years night,   A good time Is antioipat* stiU   ln  Pr"g>etS
etl ns the Foresters
On Sunday afternoon in the Baptist
Church the members of the W. C, T. U.
will hold their monthly meeting. Addresses from Mrs. L. Manlou and others.
Papers on mission work will be read by
Miss Robins. Chair to be taken by
Aliss Mart, all ladies welcome.
Fretl.   Wagstaff is   applying   for
The Band Concert.
Twenty-fifth Sunday after Trinity.
11 a. in. , matins, Litany und sermon,
2.30 p. in.Sunday school. 7 p. in. Evensong nnd sermon. Rev. Mr. Bosaui-uet,
st. Paul's church.
Twenty-fifth Sunday nfter Trinity,
Nov. 22nd. 11 a.m., matins, Litany ami
sormon. 2 p, Oil, Sunday school; 7 p.
in,, Evensojig and sermon. This evening, (Fridiiv), Hoys' Brigade at7.IW;
Choir practice at 8.80,
Kev. T. VV. Hall, pastor. Services at
11 a. m. and 7 p.m. .Sunday school ami
Bible class at 2:'1U p. m. Evening subject: "Job's honor, riches, and exaltation In liis last days." All are welcome.
Rev. W. A. Gunton, pastor. Services
11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Sunday school and
Bible class2:30 p.m,
sr. Andrew's Presbyterian church.
Services at 11 a. m, antl 7 p. m.
Sabbath school and Bible class ut 2:30
p. in.
Spiritualists' Hall, 1. O. O. F., (new
block). Sunday evening next ut 7:30
Services at 11 a m. and 7 p.m. Sunday school and Bible class at 2:30 p.m.
Rev. J. D. P. Knox, pastor.
A fire has destroyed the tos*er of St.
George's Church, Hanover Square, London, another building was much damaged. It is the most fashionable church
in London for fashionable marriages.
Provincial News.
The attendance at the funeral of the
late Warden Moresby on Tuesday was
very large, while the floral olierings
were more than usually abundant. For
some time before the funeral, the Warden's residence was crowded with friends
from all parts of the district, who were
anxious of having one moro look nt the
well known features of the departed. A
little after two o'clock the procession
left the house, headed by the city band,
and a cordon of twenty of the Penitentiary guards under Deputy Warden
Burke, and these assisted thc pull bearers, no hearse being used on the occas-
sion. The burial services of the Anglican Church was conducted by Rev. A.
Sliildrick at St .Mary's, Sapperton, antl
also at the grave.
All possible search is being matie for
the body of Mr. William Thompson,
who was unfortunately drowned while
trying to ford tho Sooke river in his
buggy on Monday. On Wednesday
Provincial Constable MeKenna, assisted
by one or two residents of Ihe district,
made as thorough an examination of
the scene of the accident ns was possible
while tlie Sooke river is still so high.
Mr. Thompson's overcoat, a liorse-
blanket, some books and a piece of beef
that had lieen in the buggy were found
where they hud lieen Hashed into shallow water nfter the accident. Just
above a log jam which extends from a
little island near the ford to the shore,
Constable MeKenna saw the ends of the
shafts sticking up and apparently the
body of the horse is there also, still attached to the shafts by tho harness, but
the force of water was too strong to allow them to be raised. It is possible,
too, that Mr. Thompson's botly may be
held bv the jam, or else it mny have
been carried through a small passage iu
the logs and floated down to Sooke har-
.lior. Until the water goes down it will
be impossible to make a proper examination at the logjam.
The trial of an action for breach of
promise of marriage brought against
Major Lothaire, commander of the
Congo State troops, by Madame Van-
heicks, on behalf of her daughter, has
been concluded In Brussels, thc court
granting judgement against Lothaire.
The finding of the court is thnt Lothaire
should pay Miss Vanheicks $1,800 the
the amount of expenses incurred by her
in preparing lor tho marriage, and also
pav the costs of tho suit. Madame Vanheicks sued for $10,00(1.
Thc Nanainio Silver Cornet Band gave
their concert and ball in the Opera
House last Wednesday night. There
was a fair audience who greatly enjoyed
the various items on the programme.
The vocal solos of Mrs. Davison, Mrs.
lieense'for'tTfe Colonial lfoteli"Hal'ibui"! 9*eene. Miss Glaholm and Mr. J. P.
ton street. | Jones  were all   well   rendered,   ana
i- i   „. *ir ir.,.i„ .„„= „u-.™j :    «u   i thoroughly appreciated bv the audience.
Robert McMurdo was charged n.  the , Mr_ D 8ke*of <fani.oaveri gave a d*ffieu*t
tins morning,  with1    •     ■ *• ...
City Police Court this morning,
stealing $3," the property of Henry
Knskie. Mr. E. M. Yarwood appeared
for Koskie, and Mr. G. Fi Cane for the
defence. From the evidence of the con,-
plalnent it appeared that he was at the
Balmoral Hotel on Haliburton street on
selection on tbe cello accompanied by
Mrs. Greene, showing that he had a
thorough knowledge of thu instrument.
Mr. Otis Bate gave a couple of comic
songs in his usual funny style. The
selections played by the Band were
,,,,,. ... .greatlyenjoyed, especially the last ono
Monday last, .,, company with other I P.Xwittering Birds." Whilst the audi-
men including the defendant, all of enee was not SO large as had been an-
Whorp were playing cards for money , ticipated, the members of the band feel
and drinks, and alter a while the com-1 ,,rgfeful /ar the support accorded them,
plainant went down town for the chief, £ d - h to express their hearty thanks
as he claimed he bad the money-taken ! to t, 108e |adie3 £nd gentlemen who as-
from  him.   A witness  named Watson, Bi9ted in the programme.   We under-
gaveevitleneeconradictory to' that of |  ,ana that the concert was not a fin-
the complainant, stating that the  ring,!
which Koskie said was taken out of his ■
the complainant, stating that the ring, I gjjjgj •%£££ barely'-iovering expenses.
pucket, bad been losl in a game of seven ;
asc had been made out against him,:
anil that the evidence of the complain- j
ant was not to be relied upon. Mr. I
Simpson said lie did not feel like put- {
ting McMurda on bis trial in a higher;
court on the evidence before  him,   he)
i This Is to  be  regretted from  the fact,
,,-    ., ,, i ,,     i      , | that the band wa« really in need of fin*.
,"P,-  .'f'V^Af^if96!.1.1,''    T'l °"'ancial   aid   to   free   them   from somo
behalf of the prisoner,  stating that no |,jabj|*.ieSi and also t0 provide new musi(1
for tlie future. •
Mayor  Davison   occupied  the chair
very acceptably and matie a brief ad-
' dress setting forth the claims of tho
j band   to  the  support  of the citizens
felt sure if he sent the case upon such  ffiS^L-, £f* &  T"y*°r  *'**  ""*
weak evidence, he would hear ahout it, I effl.0,.*-tt »<-*»m.P»nist.,
and the   prosecution  uitist   prove  the
prisoner guilty  before  be was called
upon to prove  his innocence.   Under!
the circumstances he would dismiss the | '  * • •
•"*■■■-"• Canadian News.
George McKensie, a half-breed, was ' 	
arrested at Union  wharf  last week by j _ ,     _      _   ,., ,    ,
officer Hutchinson charged with having ! B<,fo,,e ■•on- c- ^]!ton ''"ok tho
stolen   several    articles   belonging    to j
A ball took   place after   the  concert,
I about twenty-live couples  taking  part.
Mr. Hugh Allen acting as lloor manager.
Annie Ma-qtia, an Indian woman from
Cape Mudge. Magistrate Drabble sentenced him to pay a line of |10 and costs
or two months imprisonment. Robert
Saunders was charged al ihe same court
with supplying liquor to Mr. George a
Comox Indian, and lined $60 and costs
or two months in jail.   They were both
of office ns Minister of Interior, documents on the Manitoba school question
were exehangetl between himself and
Ibe Dominion Government, so that tho
matter v('as finally closed before he became a member of Mr Laurier's cabinet.
Thc terms of settlement will be made
known about the end of this week.
The election petition against the re-
brought down by the City of Nanaimo j turn of A. F. McLaren us member of
on Thursday, and are now safely housed : parliament for North Perth has been
it castle Stewart, the guests of the Gov-j dismissed at Stratford without costs,
eminent. No evidence was offered.
Daniel Mcleod, was married at Union I A despatch from Toronto states that
last week to j\liss Elizabeth Turnbull. IGeorge A. Joyce, the first Canadian
The ceremony was preformed by the ; train despatclier logo out there on tlie
Rev. Win. Hicks, assisted by Rev." J. A. occasslon of thc recent strike, hns been
Logan. Both arc well know'n residents . discharged from the company's employ-
of Union und.are receiving the congrot J ment. The railway authorities state ho
illations of their many friends, , has transgressed some uf thu rules.
William Shepherd, living at the un* I -»••**
emt of Haliburton street bad a diversion lust night which will give him
an audience with Magistrate Bate and
Hilbert on Monday next at Ham, It
appears that shepherd got a jag on yesterday, and being the possessor of a revolver thought ho would have some fun
and started out to clear the street.
Fortunately no one was hurt, but Sliep-
Itere wiii lie charged with carrying concealed weapons, and discharging fire
arms on the public highways.
Mrs. Isabella Riddlo, of Markham, is
dead, aged 100,
This Kveninir.
Lecture by Dr. Lucas In the Y. M. C.
A. on tbe British Kmpire, ils future possibilities.
Katie Krmnett at the Opera House.
Grand masquerade hall in the Inter*
national Hall, for thu benefit oi James
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Castle, of Sa-»
Francisco, sailed on Tuesday for Newt
York   under   thi   assumed   UAiues    ,
Michaels. " i^Hf -sppucJ-rj: OF
mnt/lb tax.
wav use iron.     The workers would  all taxes, national, state, and mun
icipal, from Hnd • values. Ther.
when n person built a house he
would not be fined for his industry.
When he furnished his home with
thc necessities and comforts of life,
he would not be still further lined.
Think of the   injustice   of   a   law
have to be supplied with more
clothing, more food und bettor food,
and this would in turn start the
farmers, the wool growers, the tanneries, tlie factories, the shippers,
the wholesalers and retailers, and in
fact it would start the ball rolling
Now thin t'lcbattle for the single
ijtax and humanity is on, we hear
ijrona those who will  not take the
'jfliqe and"trouble to understand our I take to push it along,   until every J line   yuu.     We   don't believe   in
.proposition among utjb.er objections <joi!oeiy|ible kind of industry would sewing   machines,   we believe   in
,'this:    "Oh, the theory is very   nice  be put  Into operation,   and  every   doing tilings in tlieolj^way'; neither
man, woman, antl child who  neeu-; ilo wn hcjieve in -allowing   meu   to
ed it .could find steady employment]*^ employed   in   making   sewing
lis ©
from the very-foundation, and the. which .says to a family: "If yuu
further it rifled the larger it would j (litre buy a sewing machine with
grow and the more workers it would ■ which to make your clothes we will
Blood means sound health. With pure,
rich, healthy blood, the stomach and digestive organs will be vigorous, and there
will be no dyspepsia. Rheumatism and
Heuralgin will be unknown. Scrofula and
Salt lineum will disappear.    With pure '
The Most Complete Stock
eiiough,   but
jn  practice,"
,'atifl it fHi sounds we
■lit will not work   out
mud then the widow who   was
',up'a^5.inst the an!i-slavery agitation is now being held  up  against
.this .cause. To be sure she is getting pretty old and feeble now, but
her would-be friends persist in
dragging her out in   all  kinds  of
'weather and    under   all   oirouin-
's'tance's.   This  is the stereotyped
r, way of putting it:    "What will become of the poor widow who has nil
of, b.er . money   invested   in   land?
y/m il not be un injustice   to her?"
' Jt is my purpose in this article
. to..point out to sueh uiitliinking
peiipJ.e just how the single tux will
work   In  practice,   1   propose to
.treat the subject entirely from the
fisiial side,  al thuugh
, opinion the moral sid
'tion is, if possible, the stronger
position, one which in fact   cannot
|,he   succe-sfuly contradicted
any possible position.
We hold "that which
at wages which must necessarily Ln-fitsliines; we believe in restricting
rise as the demand for workers in- ; labor, and we"will line everybody
creases until the highest point pus- Lwho dares boy a sewing machine,
Bible for capital to employ labor not only once but each year so
was reached. On the -ither baud,: lung as you dare keep it;" Just
it would release an army'of labor-! think of the idiocy of such a law,
c,s now employed in our oompli- and then think of the idiocy of
oated tax system, and allow these ; creating two billions of value every
people to-go into some employment y'e r and then giving it to a few
where thpy would be producers in ' individuals who never do anything
the iruo "souse. This would still to create this value.
further promote production, us j Is lhere anything easier, more
nnl urnl co-operation  always duos.
Your nerves will be strong, and your
sleep sound, sweet and relreahing.
Hood's Snrsnparilla makes pure blood.
Thnt ia why lt cures so many diseases.
That is why so many thousands take it
to cure disease, retain good health, prevent sickness and suffering.   Remember
Now let   us  see  about  the poor
w'ulow who has all of her money
invested in land,    lt is  to be presumed that she   bought   land   bu-
oause she wanted land.    Had shu
in my own I wanted wheat, corn, or cattle, or a
of the ques- stick of goods she wouhl have  had
the same privilege uf buying them,
and wuultl   have   bought each   or
from any of these tilings becauseslie had
la use for them; therefore it is to be
the   indi-1presumed that she  had  .1 use  for
land; otherwise why should she buy
it?    Why should any  person   buy
anything  he   cannot   use?    It   is imported   whicli   they
business  to  suppose  that  when a , practiced In  some  of t
person buys a thing  ho has a  use
for that particular thing.     Now it
might bo   supposed from  thc  way
, vidiml  creates  belongs  wholly  to
,the individual, and that which tbe
community creates beltings wholly
to the community." These two
propositions, it seems to me,  must
jbc .admitted by all fair-minded
people, for they involve the main
proposition    that  "to  them  who I this question is raised that we pro-
'create belong." What right haven pose to take away from the poor
few people to take from the whole widow ber land, but we make no
people what the whole people such propositinn. She will havo
create?      It     takes     tho     whole; the same  right   and  privilege   of
.community to create land values, keeping tlie land sho now
therefore the land values belong to' has.    Under    tbe     present     sys-
,the whole people, and no individual system we, being a very charitable
has any right to that value except (people, are giving her all of the in-
as one of   the   community,  or, in creased value of this land we make.
'other words,  no individuals have We think the time has come when
any right to  appropriate  to  their | we can use this value lo better  ad-
own use that which the whole com-
inuinty create,   for  when   they do
vantage by allowing our own families to share in it, and we simply
propose to stop giving it to the
widow and use it fur own needs as
a community, We arc in no way
taking from her anything she has
but we think we
all we can afford,
and propose to stop giving it to her
and ine it for our general needs.
riho will still have her land, antl
can keep it and use it or let it lie
sensible, or more business-like than
that we, the community, lake this
value which we- the community,
create and pay our legitimate governmental expenses, set labor and
capital free, and go nn to a new
civilization liken sensible American
people?—The Arena, uf Nov, 6th..
The Tariff Commission.
Toronto, Nov. 17.—Al the afternoon session of tbe tariff commission the dry goods men objected to
the unfair appraisements of gootls
said were
e smaller
custom houses where ttie appraisers
were iu:itlicie,it and undervalued
the importers at thc larger custom
houses, where proper valuations are
matie. They recommended ad
valorem duties instead of specific.
They showed differences of opinion
on lhe question of Canadian manufacture, but particularly asked for
fewer custom houses and more
efficient ollicers.
Tbe crockery men had the same
kind of complaint to make, and
also recommended an all-round
duty on their imports and no reduction ur increase of the present
tariff other than was necessary to
accomplish this. The vinegar
manufacturers asked that a law be
enforced to orevent there being put
on the market vinegar wliidi was
manufactured improperly and containing a large proportion uf acetic
Representatives of the Tyro-
graphical Union asked for increased
u!y on newspaper nnd book stereo-
idle just as she wishes just as long type plates, also an increase on the
as she pays the taxes, exactly us present duly of six cents per pound
she nmst do now. on* books. They referred to the'fact
Nur is there any possible in-: of the Presbyterian hymn books
justice done to any individual being printed at Oxford, England,
under such a system. On the con- and urged' that if a tariff existed
trary, it insures to all equal oppor- it should protect Canadian work-
tunity, which is the intent of our |ingmen.
Constitution. Here is the proposition:    We, tbe   whole  people   ol
the I'nited States, give the land ils
value. All land not being of the
same productiveness or desirability, it would be manifestly unjust,
to give one individual a certain
very desirable or productive spot
antl another individual a very undesirable or unproductive spot
without in some way equalizing
this difference. This is, what we
propose tu do, Kach of, these pieces
uf land will have its respective
value. Suppose the better location
is worth $50,000, and the person
holding tlie spot worth fifty thousand would pay inlo the public
treasury a tax of say three per
cent  or   $00.      Thus  would   this
The Storm ou the Sound.
The railway situation,  on  account of
this they rub other individuals of
their part in this general fund, and
they also rob the community ofthe
whole of this fund which should go
.to the government tu pay the neces- j herself created
,sary governmental expenses. This | have given her
seems to me to be a clear-cut business view of tlie whole matter.
Under  the   present   system   the
government (the community as a
'whole) creates something li <e two
billions of land values every  year,
and instead of using this themselves
,1'iey hand it over   to  a   few  indi-
.viduals to be used as these   few individuals please, and for  tlieir own
personal use; and these persons do
not even condescend to spend it in
the United States, but  go to some
foreign country, and hobnob with
Rome lord, or buy  some   duke or
earl, with a worn-out  constitution
and title, for their daughter.
Is there anything more senseless
.than for the whole people to create
this enormous land value and then
to give it away? If we are such a
charitable people, why do we not
trive it to tlie needy, who would use
it to some advantage to themselves
and the community in which they
'live? Why not take this value and
pay our government, State, and
municipal expenses? There would
'be more.than we need for all of
these necessary expenses, and then I
'with the balance we could create
[beautiful parks; grand boulevards, I
.build museums, art palaces, public; difference of location be equalized,
libraries, and. above everything J and each would pay according to,
else, it would relieve the people of I the opportunities given him by tlie
such enormous burdens that they community. This would be abao-1
would bp abje to build beautiful j lute justice to all parties. Suppose,
homes and haye them surrounded for an illustration that there is a |
with beautiful lawns instead of liv-! large hotel at whicli a certain num-
ir.g in seventy-storv tenement, ber of people wish to stop. The1
louses and badly ventilated  flats. ! government of the hotel insures to SSMr^LSTff.7"AbbKHIl"
the Btorm last week, is about as liad as
it, can be, truilic being blocked in every
direction'. If the saying that misery
loves company holds good under all conditions, certainly none of the main railways have any reason of complaint. They
are" nil in it, all arc miserably blocked.
At the Union depot, Seattle, a large
urowtl of travellers are collected, all
wondering when the trains will move.
At Portland, Oregon, thn slornt Iuib
began again and a heavy wet snow has
heen lulling over the entire Stale.
Damage has been done to telegraph
wires as well as the railways.
Tbe Skagit river is ten inches higher
tin,,, ever was known before in the history of the country. The dykes are nearly
all washed away. No trains are arriving
at Mount Vernon and thejGreat Northern railroad bridge is in a prooarions
condition. Families are Seeing to the
bills to escape the water. Many head of
stock have been drowned, and [tinners
will sudor serious losses.
Is the One True Blood Purifier.  *1; six for 85.
_ _        .,     .-..»■     cure l.ivcr Ills; easy tn
11 OOU S PUIS take, eusy to operate, aoo.
News of the D.iv.
Hon. Clifford Slfton has resigned the
Altoi'iiey-tleneriilHliip of Manitoba,
An unknown man was found dead on
a farm near Kosser station, Manitoba,
lion. Messrs. Fielding and Patterson
have left Ottawa for Toronto to commence the tariff Investigation,
The village of lllntonburgh has been
| seized by tlie slierilf for it debt of !f(i,000
; ou ing lo Molsoti's Bank.
A heavy snow storm raged in London,
j Ont,, all day Sunday.   The street rail-
I way was   blocked   until   the sweepers
cleared tbe streets.
The Ottawa city council have adopted
j u curfew bell by-law.    Children under
14, when unaccompanied by their par-
; cuts or guardians, must be off the streets
I by 0 p.m.
linn. Mr Daviea is perfecting plans for
j a Hudson's Bay expedition next spring,
A vessel of the   Newfoundland   sealing
fleet will be chartered.
Tlie C. V. B. west of Ban IT is blocked
I wilh snow, there having been a fall of
1 seven feet in three days. Hon. T. B.
I Heed, of Maine is a passenger Oil the de-
] laved trains.
The committee appointed by the C.P.
R. operators, to act with the superintendents of the company, In the matter of
drawing up a schedule, governing llie
hours of labor, wages, etc., have concluded their work, and as far as the western division if* concerned, tbe troubles
winch led to the strike have been amicably settled. Tbe new schedule will be
put into operation at once.
A breach of promise of marriage has
been occupying the attention of the
Winnipeg Assize Court, Dr Stephen-
Bon, the defendant, is an Iceland doctor
practising in Winnipeg, and in 1898 be
moved to the plaintiff's house. He also
attended the plaintiff professionally,and
it was at this time that he promised Mrs
Walton lo marry ber. He has sii.ee
taken up with another woman. Mrs.
Walton was awarded If'.',000 damages.
A Novel Election Bet.
.Tunics S. Whallon, of Burlington, Vt.,
who recently took Miss Mabel McKin-
ney, a 17 year old girl, for a bride, won j
his wife o*u an election bet, The story i
runs us follows: Wliiillon's form er wife,
"I'.llie Cox," is now serving a twenty-
three year sentence In slate prison for
niiiiisliiiigbler.iind Whallon won the love
of Miss Mclvinncy. She being under
age it was necessary to secure the
father's consent before a marriage conld
be performed, so Whallon began his
pleading. The father, believing III free
silver and Bryan, thought he would
have no further use (or a faniilv if sound
money won, made the following often
If McKinley was elected Wballou was to
have the girl, but if Bryan won he wus
never to visit the bouse again. Whallon
accepted the terms, and us soon as Jones
gave up the fight, led his prize to Ihe
altar. Whallon is 88 years old and a
prosperous farmer.
Jas. McGregor's
Victoria Crescent.
The Nanaimo Bakery Excels
The Popular Bakers.
Land Agent and Conveyancer,
Town Lotsaud Farms for Sato.   Money lo Louii
on Mortgage ut low rates.
Agent for the United Fire Insurance Compiinj
ul Mum liesler, Knuiuiui,
Arlington Hotel
Having computed the erection of tlte Arlington
Hotel at NANOOSE HAY, thin handsome and
oommodiouB hotel i» now prepared to receive
and comfortably entertain travelers and others.
Is presided over by Mrs. Thompson, and lhe
Table d'Hotc constantly provided with nil the
deliun<-ien ot the" season. Combined with the
elegant furnished apartments, the visitor finds
the surroundings of the most pleasant description.
Kirst-elass Accommodation, Fire-proof building
Terms: $1.00 Per Day and Upwards.
Tlie Doon Hotel,
JAS. BBNNKTT, Proprietor;
Commercial St.,      Nanaimo, B. C.
•"-    in the
Emancipation o! Mental Slavery
Should linml in tlieir names ,,t once ant)
become members of the
Freethought Library.
21 Commercial St., City,
P. O. Box md. sillm
Provincial News.
Mr. J. P. Cameron secured last
a male panther measuring  sevcrt
^-VTiat would be the effect   upon in- each individual permanent posses
• uustry were we as a people to use a Ision of a particular
it tie common sense and take what
It is reportetl in Westminster that the
room   so   long price ol canned salmon has advanced in
fi that individual pays the  tax or the "English market,  and the canners
who have held their pack are naturally
we ourselves create?    Simply this : j rent.    Some have the finest ., .-,
it would make   it unprofitable   to  richlv furnished, convenient to tlie'i'dnhmt over the news.
L ... . . *•        m. . I    .       . " ' . A        lt,.l,l      ,M1 Mlir lllllL-llil
liold land out of use, and those now I library, the dining-room, and what*
'holding it v.'otild have either to use ' ever they need for tlieir comfort
•it, sell it, lose money on it, or let it j They naturally have to pay the
g'o for taxes, when it would revert highest price for their rooms.
to the government and there remain Frora-tliat point the rooms grade
until    some  industrious   citizen down to the poorest  in the hotel,
wanted it, yyl»en he would take possession iiid pay the annual   rental
jalue on that particular piece  of
""aha into the public treasury.
Wlien till of the land   now  held
A man calling himself Lord Pun raven
has been visiting ranchers on the North
Arm asking them for rent, as they were,
he claimed, tenants on his estate. He
will be taken to Westminster.
Kev. I'. C. L. Harris, who,   since the
departure of Kev. Mr. Bushell,has filled
-.,,.. the pulpit of   the First  Congregational
each paying for the desirability of Church, Victoria, has received an invi-
their respective rooms. That is tatlon to become tlieir permanent
what the single tax will do, simply P,Mt°r\, Mr. Harris was formerly in the
make  those having   possession of Methodlet iniiilstry,
particular    piece    of    land    .A ternhle object lesson, w,tl, the evils
vr  speculation   is thrown   on the ; pay into tho   publio  treasury   the
narket, it would have the effect of
tjje&tly reducing the  selling  price
t.i 1'Jcl'ng it, much easier   '      ''
■,'it'iig to u^e   it
Hild includes all that   nature put
for   those
g6t   it.    As
of intemperance as the text, was pre
scaled In a cabin on the Songhees reserve, Victoria, on Saturday last, an In-
ilian named .lack paying with his life
the penalty.of his love for liquor. He
had visited tbe city during thc morning
and secured one or" two bottles of cheap
tax or rent according to the loca
tion of  that   spot,    The  landlord
made thn value of the rooms.    The
people make the value of the land.
It is no concern of the landlord liquor, drunk himself into a stupor,
-.ere, this would open up all of the'if one of his guests wishes to lock ! ■*••*• (?•• asleep dangerously near the
'rich mining lands, oil fields coal up his room and not use it; he has ;S^*;, J^,^' «?»,^
"je^us, It-rests, and in fact all kinds possession and the privilege of noon'. The Indian's clothing was btirn-
nl natural opportunities. Tliere. using in whenever he wants to do1 ing, and bis breast, arms, face and chest
Viould then be millions of people so, and the landlord charges htm I"-*1* already suffered so severely.tD»t..be.
m could at once get work at for that possession or privilege. X^ftOT "If A^°
good wages, and who would at once] Neither is it any Concern of the nlngton coifid -toto'iaye bit lire.
commence  to  build  homes.    This; community whether a   person uses     The floods aloi'iit the line of the E.AN.
yj#-     ■       ■   ■'■ ■           "	
! •*•■*]■"!
iji would  start   the log-cut-' a piece of land or not,  provided he. have partiallv subsided, uml large force
The forests,' the 'saw-mills, Spays the Community the full value (,f men are at work repairing thedamaged
J  ep^-ple who make s,.w.mills,the|ofUc«ion; but  ft   is thisvalue^s ryo,!iftSS
;lpailsportatlon  companies   and the  v^hich tlic community   should   de-  been  nnderniine'il and somo of the; bot-
'   '"      '     '    *' '   '   '   "'"  " j    ■ havinft   posses-  torn timbers carried away.  This iB the
.   **.    ' ,.,_...__.,_       .i.i, 1 I M.. 1,-u, tia
j'len iy Uu built) cars and  boats, the m and of a   person  .,,,..,.,_   ,..,....,. - ,-
Imiiy&i.; TtjW planing mills,  the \ sion, just as the landlord demands  'lii-*l"'9t lres,tle °" i]!°,Un°: i„(?JitIfn,!S
krffl   £ brie* masons, the the value of the room. SW^tt*^W^i?
1. insliers, the painters   and   decor-      We have to mako  but  few   new '      "'■"
•itiirs, the paperhanaers, the carpet laws to put this method in full
J .•im*, the furniture factories, the operation. The most we have to do
iriflines imd   nil   the different ] Is to repeal some bad  laws we now
that passengers who travel oh the B & N
must walk over u mile. Another bridge
near Cheniaiiius,   has. it is   reported,
h-'iii'tltines  imd   all   the different I is to repeal some bad  laws we now , j£'"£ 8*M^
I  'M\itiw» ot industry which in  any have and substitute   a law   raising! u>o road bridges in Sooke district.
Makes the
Most Permanent
and Artistic
Sign Letter
In existence
Hole Agent fur ltritisli I'nluinlila
Local Agent, JAS.  HIRST
Union Steamship Co.
Of Hritish Cnliiniliiii, Limited
Head Office and Wharf—Vancouver
SS. Comox sails from Co's wharf every
Tuesday ut 9 a, in. for liowen Island,
Howe sound, Seehelt. Jervis Inlet,
Froeck,Texada Island. Lund, Hernando
Island, Cortc* Island, Read Island Valdez Island, Shoal Hay, Phillip Arm,
Frederic Arm, Thur)ow Island, Laugh-
borough Inlet, Salmon River, Tort Neville, and sails every Friday at 11 a. m.
for way ports and Shoal Bay calling ut
Bute Inlet every six weeks.
Leaves Mondvville—8, 9:15, 10:45, 12
noon 2:4 and 5:45 p, ft).
Leaves Viincoiiver-8:35, 10, 11:20,
t:15, p.m, 3:15-, 5:18, and 8:20.
Cullii.g tit Nortii Vancouver each
way, excepting the noon trip,      <
fugs and scows always available for
towing and freighting business. Large
storage accommodation on Co's wharf,
It. II. DARLING, Manager.
Telephone 04 P. O. Bon 771
LAMPS, Etc. etc.
Bums and Animals set up in a thorough workmanship manner.
On Hand—Four tine Peers' Heads,
which will be sold for price of setting
then, up.   Also a fine caBe of Birds.
d. s. Mcdonald.
09 Haliburton Street, Nanaimo.
removal notice.
J. A. CftLOWELUthe Tailor
Has changed his quarters,
and can now be found up
stairs in the
Williams Block,
Where he will be pleased to
receive his patrons.
    Anyone Tptjiiirlng a Fall Suit should
leave tlie order early.
Lodge Notices.
Inkerman Lodge, No, SSS, Sons of Sl.
George.—Regular weekly meeting is held
in Hubert's Hull, Wharf street, on Sat-
uitnAY evening ut 8 o'clock. ViBiting
brethren cordially invited to attend.
Fimi). WAasTAKK, Sec.
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In Need
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The Stamp Mill at Alberni
Is now in operation. When results are known, up go the Shares1
of all Alberni Companies.
And make money while you have
a chance BEFORE the rise takes
Thos. Kitchin*
The CauaUiaiiiCiommlsRiiwei' Delayed
by a Break in the iBijll-way Line.
The Behring Sea claims commission did not sit on Monday,
ns Mr. Justice King, the Canadian Commissioner, had not arrived. He is delayed somewhere
along the C. P. R. The American party are all at the Drtard,
the greater number of them arriving on Saturday night. Judge
"W. L. Putnam, of the United
States circuit court, the United
States Commissioner, is from
Portland, Maine, and is accompanied by Mrs. Putnam, Mrs. J.
M. Brown, Miss Brown and Mr.
Wm. Brown. Mr. Don. M.
Dickinson, who, with Mr. Robt.
Lansing, acts as counsel for the
United States, is a law partner
in Detroit of Mr. Thurber, President Cleveland's private secretary. Hon. Mr. Dickinson was
chairman of the Democratic
commmittee in 1862 and Was for
a time Postmaster-General under
President Cleveland. He has
with him as his assistant Mr.
Chas. B. Warren- Mr. Chandler
P. Auderson, who is a member
of the New York bar, will it is
understood, act as secretary of
the joint commission.
Monday morning Judge
Putnam was sworn in by Mr.
Justice Walkem. The ceremony
was performed in Chambers, the
United States party, including
the ladies, being present, and
•ilso Hon. Mr. Peters, Q.C.; Mr.
Beique, Q.C.; Sir Chas. H. Tupper and Mr. E. V. Bodwell, of
the Canadian counsel. The ceremony was a very simple one,
Judge Putnam taking a short
oath to perform his duties as
arbitrator in a fair und impartial manner. The Americans
then visited the court rooms,
where they heard Mr. Justice
McColl trying his first case as
judge, and Mr. Justice Walkem
hearing the motion in Harris vs.
The old legislative hall bus
been arranged as well as circumstances will permit for the sittings of the arbitration, and
really looks remarkably well.
Seats for the commission have
been placed where the Speaker
formerly sat, aud below, on the
lloor of the house, are large red-
eovered tables for counsel, besides desks for secretary and
stenographers. A-t the back of
the ctoininid-jioners hung the
British ami United Slates flags,
side by side, typical of the amicable manner in which the
countries ure deciding their disputes.—Colonist.
thumb or finger is cut off. It
was the finding of these frage-re
and thumbs in the stomachs ef
.fish caught along the river that
led to the discovery of this
method, of crossing. One fish
caught in Louisville bay had two
right-hand thumbs in its stomach.
The great wonder is how any
Chinese could make the trip and
have any fingers left. After
leaving Iroquois on the Canadian side the course lies down
through the rapids above Mor-
risburg and the firet guide pulley
is anchored off the foot of Og-
den's island, about four miles
down. The next at the head of
the Long Sault Island, four
miles below. After leaving the
head of this island the passenger
enters the Long Sault rapids,
where after 12 or 14 miles of
swift water, he hinds at the
mouth of the St: Regis river,
just below Hogansburg. Here
the half-drowned Oriental has
the water wrung out of his pigtail, the stubs of his missing
thumbs and fingers bandaged
up and proceeds to find a place
where he can washee Melican
man's shirtee.
Turk's!) lit'i'iinni.
A despatch from Constantinople says: Signor Punsu, Italian
embassador, ■ had an audience
with the Sultan. He strongly
insisted upon the execution of
■the proposed reforms. The Sultan declared they would be executed. Signor Punsa pointed
out that it was not sufficient to
publish the reforms; it was
necessary to carry them out.
The Italian ambassador also insisted upon the punishment by
court martial of Col. Mazehun
Bey, who is held responsible for
the murder of Father Sulvator.
The London Daily Mail's Constantinople correspondent asserts that the Sult-m's concessions of reform to M. Cambon,
the French Ambassador, is a
mere financial comedy with a
view of raising a loan in Paris to
avert the otherwise inevitable
.financial crisis.
Evading the Exclusion Act.
The report that Chinese are
being pulled across the St. Lawrence river by means of a rope
-stretched from Iroquois to
Hogansburg, thus gaining an
entrance to the "land of the free
and the home of the brave," in
spite of the law, is being widely
circulated, says the Norwood,
* N.Y., News. The lack of particulars has led people to think
that it is no trick at all for the
almond-eyed Celestial to do the
rope passage, but people who are
acquainted with the old St. Lawrence know that it takes lots of
nerve to hang on to a rope and
be dragged from Iroquois to
Hogansburg in the witching
hours of night.
The strong current ofthe river
makes it impossible to pull
straight across, consequently
Hogansburg is somewhat down
the river from Iroquois, and in
order to keep the rope in place it
has to run through several mode
pulleys anchored on shoaling
points. These pulleys are a
source of annoyance to the pus-
seiiger, and, as it is impossible
to see litem in the dark, their
„_•/.. __fl -j qjj-.  j.MOwn till   a
The Coquitlain Free.
News has been received in
Victoria that the Court of Appeals at San Francisco have dismissed the appeal in the Coquitlain case, which means that the
bonds of $100,000 put up by the
owners of the cargo will be released.
The steamer Coquitlam was
seised, it will be remembered,
in 1892, by the United States,
for an alleged breach of customs
laws in receiving cargoes from
other vessels within a murine
league of Alaska. The schooners Winnifred and Henrietta
were prosecuted about the same
time for the same charge. The
cases were heard in the U. S.
District court at Alaska, and
vessels and cargo were condemned. The Coquitlam was
released on bonds being given
for over $100,000, and an appeal
wus taken iu her cuse to the Circuit Court of Appeuls at Sun
Francisco. Argument was heard
there on tho case about a year
ago. Afterwards the question
was raised as to the jurisdiction
of the Circuit Court of Appeals
of Sun Francisco to hear appeals
from the District court of Alaska
in admiralty matters. This was
referred to the Supreme court of
the United States at Washington, which about six months ago
decided that the Circuit Court
of Appeals had jurisdiction.
The judgment of the Circuit
Court of Appeals handed down
ou Monday lust at San Francisco
has reversed the decision of the
District court of Alaska, aud
dismissed the libel against ship
and cargo-.
The principal persons interested in Victoria are Messrs. R.
P. Rithet & Co., Ltd., Thomas
Earle and William Munsie, together with several others, owners of cargo, comprising some
6,000 fur seal skins and a quantity of merchandise.
The seal skins were transferred
from various sealing schooners to
the Coquitlam off Afognak island
and other places, and some goods
had also been transferred by the
Coquitlam. It was in respect of
these transfers that .the vessel was
seized and proceeded against by the
United States. Counsel for the
owners of cargo in the District
Court at Alaska and also in the
Court of Appeals at San Francisco
was Mr. E. O, Hughes of Seattle;
and the solicitor for the owners
here was Mr. A. L. Belyea. Claims
for damages for illegal seizure will
undoubtedlp be made also against
the United States by those interested.
Archbishop Ireland Warned.
Rome, Nov. 16.—It is semi-offi-
cially stated at the Vatican that
tho reports circulated in the United
States of the intention of the Pope
to remove Archbishop Ireland, oi
St. Paul, are "pure inventions."
Archbishop Ireland has simply been
advised from an unauthorized quarter to moderate his attitude, to avoid
irritating discussions, and to conform his conduct to the instructions
of the Holy See, especially as regards education, social questions
and the favor to be accorded to religious bodies.
The Italia says the rumors of the
deposition of Archbishop Ireland
from the diocese of St. Paul are evidently untrue, because under the
present pontiff there has only been
a single deposition, which was that
of Bishop Tourney. The Italic,
however, suufw-tn as possible that,
if Archbishop Ireland committed
further imprudences, the irritation
of the Vatican would be bo great
that he might he invited to resign.
Charles Spence, • well-known personality  of  Winnipeg, dropped dead
^London, Nov. 141.• An enormous
.concourse, including the Duke of
Teek and Prince Edward and Har-
man of JSaxe Weimar, witnessed
the start on Saturday Iron the Hotel Metropole of about sixty motors
and cycles under tbe auspices of
the Motor Car Club in the inaugural journey from London to
Brighton, this being the date when
the new Highways Act came into
force. The start was preceded by
a breakfast at the Metropole, after
which the chairman, the Earl of
VVinchelsea, amid loud cheers, tore
up the red flag, which according to
law, it has hitherto beon necessary
to have carried in front of road
motors. A numlier of the motor
cars are electric, others belong to
the Britannia's Company system
and to the great wheel and carriage company. The British motor syndicate which has acquired
all the principal patents for Great
Britain was represented by over a
dozen cars and vans, and the Pennington carriages, of American invention, also entered vehicles. The
start was made from the hotel at
10:30 a.m. Luncheon will be
served en route at Reigate, and
upon arrival at Brighton a dinner
will be served at the Hotel Metro-
pole. A race cf exciting proportions is anticipated. The police
arrangements for the race are per
feet and the event attracted widespread attention. The first motor
which reached Three Bridges knocked down a little girl. She was seriously injured. Iluryee's American
motor was the first to arrive at
Brighton, reaching that place in
four hours.
He New VaDcodVei*     || J^—j for fa p^
The New Vancouveb Coal
Company mine ut their
Collieries at and near
Nanaimo the following
v    :        SOUTFFIELD COAL,
Double Screened, Screened,
Knn of the Mine,
Washed Nuts antl
Washed Screenings.
tttil»eriiit<-mU*n.t    „
supplied in
Grades, viz .*
The above ure
the following
Prompt Delivery nt the Coirfpany's
Wharves tit N'autitiiiu uml ProtGO*
tloll lsliintl.
Bai-nato't Movements.
Toronto, Nov. 16.—(Special) —
The Globe says: "Probably the
biggest mining transaction Canada
has yet seen is understood to have
been concluded within the last few
days. By it the representative of
Barney Barnato, of Johannesburg
fame, have secured control of practically all the mining properties in
the Lake of the Woods and Rainy
River districts, and within the next
thirty days will have paid for options on properties valued at a
quarter of a million dollars. The
options extend over a sufficient
period of time to enable Ihem to do
development work next spring. Por
several weeks J. 1). Warren and J.
Cohen have been quietly at work
investigating mining properties in
the district referred to and securing options on them. Until a few
days ago it was not known whom
they reprssented. Warren, who
comes from New York, was supposed to represent American capitalists, hut it is now understood he
has been working with Cohen, who
was with Barnato in the Rand."
Trespass Notice.
WHEREAS, Certain eyil-disnoseil persons Inive been killing stuck on Valdez
Island, Nanainio District, it is
RESOLVED in future thnt all persons
found trespassing on tlie Wake Estate
of 760 acres antl Iiulian Reserve of 1700
udjniiiiiii.' will be prosecuted to tlie full
extent of the law.
(Signed)     BALDWIN II. WAKE.
Sept. 15,1896.   JOHN HASH,,
Arrival and Departure of Mails
People who Appreciate »
Have their prescriptions dispensed nt
Thoir Price* Hro Kit-lit. Telephone 3.
Fish and
Game Market
a. MARSH, Prop.
Tuesday while eating hit dinner,
Parliament  of Quebec.
Quebec, Nov. 17.—The sixth
session of the eighth legislature of
Quel-ec waa opened this afternoon
by the Lieutenant-Governor with
the usual ceremonies. The government propose to repeal the lax hill,
to convert the entire debt of tne
province, to demand an increase of
federal subsidy in proportion to the
increase in population; to give increased aid to colonization, and to
convert the land subsidies of railways into cash upon conditions
mutually agreeable to the government and companies.
< » >
A Voting Machine.
An experiment inthe way of voting by machinery was tried in
Rochester, N.Y., at the late presi-
dental election. The contrivance
employed has a key-board, on
which appears the names of the
candidates in separate columns,
each column representing a com-
pie party ticket. If the voter
wishes to vote "the whole ticket"
he simply presses the buttton at
the top of the column and the trick
is done. The pressing of tha* one
button locks up the machine and
no more voting can be done by that
voter. If the voter, on the other
hand, wishes to split his vote or
"scratch" any portion of the
party ticket, he must press a button opposite the name of each candidate he wishes to vote for. By
this action he locks up all the other
names and prevents his vote being
recorded for a second candidate for
the one office. According to the
Rochester papers the machine
worked successfully, there being but
a few minor mishaps, due chiefly
to want ot confidence on the part
of voters. One of the papers records the fact that the return of the
polling was received from one of
the districts just one minute after
the polls closed, at 5 o'clock, and
at 5:50 the whole 70 districts oi tbe
city of Rochester had been heard
from. This was remarkably rapid
work, considering the complicated
voting that had to be done. Many
men, it is said, took no more than
ten seconds to vote. Of course these
were men who voted the whole
ticket on either side, as the majority
were sure to do.
Hon. C. Sifton was duly sworn in as a
member of the Privy Council antl Minister of the Interior on Tuesday. Sir
Henry Strong, Deputy Governor, administered the oaths of oHicp. Tho ceremony took place in the Premier's office,
Messrs. Laurier, Seo tl, and Mulock being
present Mr. Sifton is now on his way
bauk to Brandon to prepare for the election.
Advertise in the Mail, the people's
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
Telephone 7-9. Nanaimo, C. C.
Meats delivered
parts of the city.
free of charge to all
Office Tel. 30.   P.O. Ilox 16.   RosldenceTel. 101.
Daily ex. .sun.
Wellington, Northlield  anil A.M    a.m.
East Wellington 11.25   8.50
Victoria,Southern States and
places along line of E.&N. Dally ex.Sun,
Railway    8.2U 11.60
British and foreign, Eastern
Provinces, Eastern States, Dully ex.Sun,
Vancouver and other places ,*.m.   p.m.
on Mainland of H.C  ti.'dt) 5.00
Comox, Union, Union Bay,
Sandwock,Courtenay,Gran-Tue§. Fri.
thani, Qualicum, Hornby p u, p.m.
Island ami Deiinian Island" 8.20 3.00
Salt Spring Island, Burgoyne ttl.   Tui-8
Hay, Kulfoni Harlior,North
Salt Springlsland and Gab- p u.
riola Island     8 20
Allierni, Parksville, French
Creek and Errington 12.80
♦ *B-fe'—*-  -•—,»•.,•.'•-»—.-
20c. per Month
TITT    UT  i TT        °ne Year> $150
.di MAIL: *-«<**•*™ •*
Three Months, 60 cts.
3. HO
P  M.
Frl.    Tlnir.
Nanooso Bay 12.30  6.00
l'. M.    A. M.
Departure Bay, daily ex. Sun 12.45 10.30
Cedar (South), Saturday. ..  2.00 1100
Merchants and Business Men
will find THE MAIL a
A Full Assortment at the Lowest Market Rates
Funeral Directors
A™ Embalmers.
Graduate* of tho Oriental, tlic Eureka,
tho New Vork uud Clark's
Schools of EtiibHliiiilt1-,
1, 3 and 5 Bastion St., Nanaimo
Commercial Hotel,
Corner Commercial and Bust ion sts.
This long-osUbltshed Hotel is comfortably
fitted up with superior accommodations for travelers and others.
Promptly Attended to.
All kinds of
Tin and Sheet-Iron Work,
Victoria Crescent, Nanaimo.
Good Advertising Medium
It has a largo and steadily increasing
of the city and immediate district.
In all its
Various Branches
T. O'CO.NNEL, Prop.
Empty Bottles of any Description,
Old Copper, Brass, Zinc or Lead,
Can dispose ol sutno by addressing ii posts! to
B. AARONSON, Box 173, Nanaimo,
Who will call promptly tit uny utMrt'ss in City
or Suburbs,
Katie Emuiett that merry littlo son-
bretto, who i-otnrs to Mahrcr's opera
house this evening, wns playing an engagement in Detroit recently and her
portrayal of Willie Itiifus, a newsboy sn
caught the funny of tlie newsboys nml
boothlaeks of that i-ity that they determined they must do something to show
their appreciation of tlte manner in
which she held their profession up to
public view. So they got together, a
couple hundred strong, antl, (loaded by
their own band—un excellent one, by
the way—thoy started for the hotel at
which Miss Knnnet t was stopping. Miss
Emmett was at dinner at the time, but
but nothing dimnted, their leader marched down the dining hall, and startled
Miss Emmett by announcing that she
had lieen elected a member of their union
ami that they hatl come to serenade and
escort her to the theatre, go, leavi ng
her dinner untasted, Miss Emmett proceeded to the theatre, escorted by about
500 newsboys aitd preceded by tlie newsboys band. Then the entire aggregation
filed into the theatre, and never did an
actress play to a more enthusiastic audience. They laughed at the bright lines,
hissed the villain, applauded tlie hero,
and howled over the'exciting climaxes,
•nd at the conclusion of the performance
gave three cheers for "Our Katie," as
they persist in calling her.
AU Materials used in con*
nection with the above
guaranteed to be first-
"We Print.
Etc., Etc.
General Steamship Agency!
Parties going to the Old Country
or sending for friends will
By purchasing Tickets from
General Agent.
Cominer**i*"l SUi'e«t.
E. V. CHAMBERS, Manager
-**• i,
r '•.:
.. ^ >"f"ft
BV Tilt
En. v. citiMiimis. F.dltor ant} Jla-iager.
t/lcturiu CreM'cfit, Nimmino, It. C,
SUAsCRieTION  KA*li:s.
Jiy mail—Onu year   ....
I    ■• Six ii-uuius .
Three months
Pellvered bvoamiT....
ablest men of the Opposition—Sem*' to the Uogevins, tbo   McGreevyV,
. .-Jo*.-, par i"
NOVBMBEB 20, 1896.
A Change Waaited -• How? —
Notice to Quit, for the Turner Government,
Tliere art* many persons aliyays
really to pronounce for a change in
the rulers of a country, whother that
change Is desirable or not. "Variety is charming," "A change would
be good, even if it is from 'lind to
worse.'" "Turn llie rascals mif
i-i a common sayipg, and the ordii
nary oilizon imagines that any
change is desirable, rather thau
stagnation, spoliation and incompetency.
I deprecate a change for its own
sake. Continuity is most desirable
in the government of any oountry,
cily or township. The "king is
dead, long live the king," contains
n .-enlinient that should steadily be
'borne in mind.    "Better
lin, Heaven, (Jetton or others—oarry
on the affairs of the provinoe?
Bah! These are the tactics of politicians bnt not the aspirations of
patriots; the trie is of a partisan
bul not the hopes of earnest principle. The only method, the only
wise way, the only means likely t.i
attain real a ml lasting success is
immediately to face the issue and
1'iimis.takeabjy pronounce for a
narty that has   a   platform   liasetl
the IJaggarts and the Caron**, but
a noble British Canadian party had
been pi .iced in trust of the people's
purse, and hence the great advance
in the business of our fair young
Dominion. Drones and robbers,
who had been feeding at the
public crib, wore turned off to
earn their livelihood with the elements with which nature had provided them. No longer should tbe
pan-fed  vultures pick into the ribs
e Piace to Get
Wheat, Corn, Chop, Oats, Bran, Seconds, Potatoes,
Onions', Flour, Rolled Oats, Oatmeal, Farina,
Buckwheat Flour, Rice Flour, Hominy, also a
Full Line of Choice Groceries, is ut
ROBINSON'S, the Wallace-street Brocer
upon principles, that knows   what of a half-starved   people, but a live
it wants and knows also how to ob- body wakens up from  its   lethargy
and tights off lhe pigmy attacks  of
nctv ' the once Government fed colonists,
Our Ten,  Coffeu, and Butter are the best in the market,
Remember, our motto is—Square Dealing antl Close Prices.
tain the desired end,
Shall the new party have a
name or be content with the old one | and others of that ilk.
•Opposition?   Shall   it be culled
The People's Party or the  Liberal Colonist, but our sympathy wou
We do sympathize with you, poor
Party? Any name might do, perhaps, but some names contain more
meaning than others. Whig, Tory,
Liberal, Conservative,  Republican,
be greater were you to drop the
gloves, acknowledge your defeat,
and join with us in restoring prosperity   tt) Canada,  and  assist iii
Clothes Cleaned...
Repaired and Altered
£2SP- Next door to Wesltvnods' Blnokiimltl!
Simp. V. O. Box 301
old Clothes made equal tn new.
rhe Ciescent Boot and Shoe Store
Democrat, Socialist, Radical, all I "■••king <-*«•' Province of Brilisl
contain within them ideas, the | Columbia one of the brightest, gem-
germs of principles or truths.  What
principle does "Opposition" stand
for? Absolutely none. A man
may be an Oppositionist fr.mVper-
soiial spite, for selfish reasons, or
because lie bus some axe to grind or
end to serve, lt means merely that
the party is opposed to the Government aud hopes to lose its name at
the earliest possible   season.    The
iu our Confederate crown.
McKinley ami Canada.
Toronto, Nov. 18. The Evenin,
Telegram sent a reporter to Canton,
Ohio, to interview President elect i
McKinley on mailers that would
he interesting to Canadians, bul
more especially as to liis views concerning reciprocity with
country.      Tiie    Major   was
Theodore lim-raut.
San Francisco, Nov. 18.—In the
ease of the convicted murderer,
Theodore Durrani-, the Supreme
eourt of California has taken tlie
iiiti111 r of a   finiher   continuance
miller ailvi-emei.l.       A   motion lluSlo Caledonia
been mane in bunk lo set tisidt
submission   of   the case
motion was backed up by the  affidavits of E. N, Deuprey antl  John
II.   Dickinson,  attorneys  for Durrani,   who claimed Ihat the reason
they did nol presenl theappellant's
,]r;s -points in   the  time allmvod by the
,,,„. : rules of tbo court was because there
HiJwere   '.-(il   exceptions  in   the (ran-
To l.e nr not to be, nil tongue's repent,
Call WHITFIELD'S linn,ms boot* and shoes be
IjoikI i'^'Iio cries, " He bent they never will
M'lille leather's leather, and while skill Is skill."
Would i had lived to nee ntc loot
Frue heel to int., frne sole to otiit,
Weil covered wl' ii WHITFIELD boot,
sue line! and brawj
O* henltli and happiness lite root
Are they .o a'.
Und I hoy but lived to let me ken
Wlnit good boots were, three score and ten
Had Been me tuddlln' but and bell
.U iny coiioertis.
Ami clinriiiiii' lunukmd wl' my pen.
Signed, Knitim: Ihjhnm.
ni antl wild,
ie each mail aud ell ltd,
it... I lluw bit   .
111    I Ami tnotlior. u'lfi- and maiden fair
and   the ! Who v\ nn'l'ii.ui's boots ami shoes may wear
' I.nml of brown heath ami shaggy wood,
Vnu know bow cheap they are iiml good,
'llie work llinl loaves tlieir -l.ill'ul liatld
lias none superior in the land.
Mv ootintry's uirilt Is overthrown
lt'il this truth has never known.
SchoolShoesa)   \V HIT"i"IEIJD'S
Specialty,    f       30 Victoria Crescent,
as   tti   tbe
csiiKs of atf,
eople's Party smacks   a   litlle  of
t  ""*'-ul I the Populistic party of thn   South,
^'lT',l^,''Tl,uf!™li'*""''»'||'i|l=^ i:rit^T!if;;;i "1""n
lis   we  have  than fiy to those we ,. • -,i    ,i     know," he said, "what the new cun
enow not of." The Britisher is association or tradition with he Rrag8 will do concerning the tarifi
essentially conservative. Give|PeoPle whose Proutl boast V10*"111? I Of course the question of recipro-
Johu Bull his three meals regularly
I I :|'' I':' >: r.   : -   (in  I -.    ■. >.     ' . i 11.; 11.-.      ...    - --,   ■ •--   - -   — ■
sented.*'     The   I'le-identelecl was
committal in ail  his answers. ,
regretted his inability to make anv -'"I'l oi 2,400   pages   and that Hie
.' . _ l.l f        .......,., 1 : »-,., 111..        I.I.UIIII.II
his pipe ami pot of beer, a chance
to kick his wife and growl occasionally, and you have a picture of
placid contentment the world might
Yet circumstances may so arise j
as to demand a complete ami absolute change. Desperate diseases]
require desperate remedies. The
most conservative of men may
loudly demand the most radical of
changes, And when a government
has given proof of its subserviency
to monopoly: has recklessly played
fast and loose with the province's
most valuable assets; has frittered
away the funds entrusted to it in
creating sinecures; has foolishly
administered the affairs of tlie
country; has failed to grasp the
■leeds and exigencies of tbe hour,
and has played at politics instead
o( evolving statesmanship, it is
surely time for the best intelligence
of our citizens lo arise and turn
that government out. Such, I believe, is the position today towards
the Turner Government.
The present Government, with
Hon. J. H. Turner as premier, is
precisely the same Government in
its aims, purposes and administration as the Government of Hon. J.
Ilohson and 11.in. Then. Davie.
Tueir policy—if they over hail any
—has not changed. Their political
education has been obtained in the-
game seminary. "Tlie voice is the
voice of Jacob," although the
"hands are the hands of Esau."
A-id the faults, blunders and political crimes of the previous Governments are precisely the faults,
blunders and political crimes of the
present Government.
Never in the history of the province has any government taken
office under moi-eauspii-iouscircum-
stahees than did that of Theodore
Davie. With an opposition party
witiiuut policy or leader, utterly in*
to   the Queen.     What objection, city will be one of  the things con
therefore, is there to  the   name of sidered, for it certainly will be pre
tbe   Liberal   party?     Liberalism
, , ' . i , • ,i- very eager to hear ml about tbe
stands for a great deal m t-?}-^ Liie*n lu^or law and was quite sur-
country and in the old land. •T«f,t I prised to learn that the Canadian
now it is connected with the idea of government was ready to adopt
victory, with place and power. Next, retaliatory^ measure if the United
the Liberal organization!
to undertake tha fightin
most to a man
'tales would not
,,.er.ea(iy istates wouiq noi ict fairly,    living
,'  .pressed,   Mr.   McKinley sent this
;" messase   to   the  people of Canada:
ready   to  vote   "I hope that the amity   ami  good
against the present  local  Govern-  feeling bei ween  the  two  countries
ment.   Arid it contains ideas none will   continue,   and  that   we may
, .     ,       •, it .... I know   mure   of  each   otber  as ibe
need to be ashamed  of—prosress, ...   . ,   .
years go on,     u e have so much in
common   that   we   are justified in
ing that hope."
reform, liberty  to  all. equality of
rights, honest  administration,  the pri
sovereignly of llie people, [tstands -•♦•<■—
for broad and lofty ideal.-, of stales- j Victoria Assizes.
manship, for widened opportunities      At   the   assizes on Wednesday,
It gi ves to the childi'on'l three cases were concluded ami on
to all men.    .     , .   ,    .
... ,,    Thursday lt was expected that  the.
of the poor the same chances as the j Tallia,ciJ,,.ial   would   (ipen.     The !;
children of the rich-— both children g,.aurj jury  brought  in
able | against J. A. Lawrence ft
labor of compiling the opening
brief was so great thai it could not
be finished in lime. The attorneys
further staled that there was tin
understanding with Attorney-General Fitzgerald thai the printing of
the brief should bo rushed as
rapidly as possible and that the
prosecution would not insist on
taking advantage of (he time allowed by the rules of the court.
Attorney-General Fitzgerald presented a motion and affidavit, and
was willing to have tbe submission
sei asitle. This being the case, the
court ordered that, the motion lo
set aside the submission be heard
in San Francisco on December 7ih,
ami it is understood that at thai
lime the Attorney-General will
move that the court make tbe order.
This -will permit the appellant tu.|
file bis opening brief and the Attorney-General to respond. When
the court makes the cider which
will be asked for, sufficient time
will be granted to counsel to prepare their briefs and the continu-
I indictments   laid  before Ihem, and
i unless   something   turns up in the
The case against the .Messrs.
J Young for maintaining a nuisance
i dangerous to the public health was
nice whicli will be granted will
undoubtedly postpone the Until de
termination of llie murderer's fate
for several months. It is known
positively by attorneys in this city
ihat the continuance asked for will
be granted liy the Suureme court
when the case comes up.
 ^*s» —■•
true bill
of the great Father. And as able I against J. A. Lawrence for obtain-
men, honest men, sincere men have ing money under false pretences,
arisen iu tin-past to lead the Liberal | ■•-*v'ng thus completed the list ol
party  to triumph at tbe   polls und
have lod thom into tin-  nobler  tri-i meantime their duties are finished,
uniphs of statesmanship also, so  I  with the exception of ihe  present-
have no doubt able  men   will be   ment
found    to   marshal   tiie   hosts   of;
Liberalism iu lhe coming  conflict
No higher statesmanship was ever i nujgi-,ed   and a verdict returned  of'death.   The Bishop was condemned
suggested than   that contained   in L'uilty.    Judge Harrison suspended ! to death   because  during the late
,' i i     .i ,    > hnrlomnni     lill     S.itnrrlnv   .it   11 , riots   in   Constantinople  a loaded
the sentence uttered by the greatest judgment   .tm    Saturday   at   u      >•
o'clock to give the  the  defendants i revolver   was  fuund  in  his house.
an   opportunity   to   remove    the|The Bishop was absent from  home
ini'sance complained of—a pig pen
on tbe Saanich road.
The   Endean  aase, in which the
Sentenced to Death,
London, Nov.  18.—The Turkish
special tribunal hrs  sentenced  the
Armenian   Bishop at llassekein to
Owintr to the advance in
Flour, the Bakers of Nanaimo and Wellington have
decided to raise the price
of Bread.
On and after the lst of
November, 1896, lho price
will bo
16 Loaves
or One Dollar
Smart & Thorne
Wilson & Matthews
F. Kowbottom
A. J. Smith
L. Schmitz
J. Black
C. Docile
Leader of Liberalism in all ages,
and the principle is as good today:
"Whatsoever ye would that men
should do unto you, do ye even so
unto them."
With thc permission of the editor,
I should like to sketch in future
articles the programme of the coming Provincial Liberal party.
The Colonist a ad Progress
reply to an editorial of the Times
of Saturday, instancing the many
evidences of advance in business
circles since the last general election in the Dominion. While we
do not wish to   rub  too   bard   lhe
Y. 51. (J. A.
Following is the  programme to
1 be rendered at the Y. M. C. A. hall
capable, apparently, of   framing a j hair of the Colonist the wrong way,   ,-,.
platform based upon   the sovereign   and while  wo   rejoice  in   the  evi
principles of justice, and   right, the Monro of prosperity throughout thi
at the time, and upon this ground
an appeal was taken against the
judgment of the special tribunal,
accused was charged wilh failing to! but the court of appeal confirmed
account for $50 which he had col- the sentence. The Armenian
lected hu-William Powell, was also Bishop at tilths and a number of
concluded, the verdict being that of Mussulmans have been arrested in
guilty with a recommendation to j Constantinople for plotting against
mercy. Mr. Justice McColl reserved . the Sultan.
On   the  charge of escaping ells-1
| tody,    William     VVallis    pleaded!
In Sunday's issue of the Colonist i guilty, entering a plea of not guilt, ,
appears an "article,  apparently  in , however, on the indi stment charg- on Saturday evening, N0'..f21st:
ing him with obtaining money un-j Parti.—Instrumental, miss voider false pretences. The trial was | tje Gamier; Bong, Mr Garlley; read-
held before Mr, Justice McColl, Mr. ing, Mrs. Smith; sons;, Mrs Pitten-
Thornton Full appearing for the drigh; recitation, Miss Davis; song
Crown and Mr. Frank Higgins de- j (comic), Mr Jones; violin solo, Mr
fending.     The   evidence   went to Mav.
show thai Wallis hail sold to A. A. Part IL—Violin solo, Mr May;
Aaronson a pianette purchased gong, Mr Ginlley; reading, Mrs
m T, VV. Fleloher on an agree- Smith; song, Mrs Gunton; recita-
meni under the instalment plan, tion, Miss Davis; song (oomic), Mr
by which the instrument was to Junes; song, Mr Dobeson.
remain the property of Fletcher! Chairman, Mr. D. Me-bellaii; ac-
until all the instalments were paid, uompanlst, Miss Ila
Wallis had not paid all tlie  instal- | U) cents.
ments when he sold the instrument, | ■ .*••",:     T
but   tiie  agreement   not   being re- The llnl.sli LinpU'e.
•detered   was   void as against sub-1    HaarJ)r.I-ueas at 8 o'elouk to-night
Luent   purchasers.      Wallis  was   "" l.l- •*™*^',»,  "*      '
,    '    ,       .'.        , . , tan., iiri'sent. alio luttire.
found guilty, hut with a strong re- , ' ■ ,,..!,„,.!,.« has delivered this lecture in
commendation to mercy. Before almost all parts ol the British world
lentence was  passed, Wallis stated | Every loyal subject in
Any person selling' or otherwise disposing of KEGS, BOTTLES, or TAPS belonging to
the Union Brewing Company
will be prosecuted.
W. E. NORMS, Sec.
Nov. 13, 1893.
Dominion, we sincerely regret that
the Colonist has forsaken iis once
great boast of being the only advocate of Canada's greatness in this
province. During the election cam-
palgn in .Imn- last, which ended so
disastrously to the friends of the
(' ilonist, our contemporary was
daily pointing oui   tlie disastrous   that he had not intended to wrong '"' i'l-*1111
Government floated into power with
a splendid majority, with an almost absolutely unpledged Cabinet,
excopt, perhaps, on the matter of
tbe British Paolflq Railway. Yet
in a little over two years there is a
marvellous unanimity in demanding the overthrow of thai Government,   From oltl Cariboo and newer
Rootenay. from the banks of the'state ol affairs throughout the Do- anyone, and as Mr. Fleloher was a
minion, because of business men Wend ol his had tell that he would
,   .       ' . ,      ,  not be pressed for theurtpaia instal
ling uncertain as to the result of   mm[y  M|.   JuH)oe Mc(, ,„ uk,ng
the elections, and the fear that the' jnt0 consideration the recommenda-
Niniiiiiio shottld
The adjourned meeting of thc
Liberal Association will be held
in Hoom No. 22 in the Johnston
Block on Tuesday Evening, the
17th Inst., at 8 o'clock.
Special and important business will come before thc meeting
All Liberals kindly invited.
Secretary pro tern.
ni'n'ity Fraser, from tbe coal flelde
of Vancouver Island, from the agricultural centres of the province and
■Hy* populous cities of the coasl,! great Conservative party would he ' tion of the Ihe jury, sentenced
earnes Overwhelming testimony of defeated oi the polls, True, there Wallis to one month's imprlson-
the  unpopularity   of   the  present  was a great lull in business, manu-   J-J "^tn^ce^n «.n-
facluiers waited In  breathless fear !cui.r0lltly and to <jtt,e f,um the day
Government in which  they had no Lf arrest.
confidence might   be   returned  to <*>»■	
j pocket the surplus profits   of the     'I'm:   w.w to cuaE catarrh is to
people, as they had   done   for  the  purify   lhe  blood,  and the surest,
,,  (IM   some   one   having   the | pas, seventeen years, and the coun-  ^^
(■ivitiur  oos't'dericci   of   the  people i try they had selected as a   heritage  tl^oO.ne True Blood Puftfler.
tvi.ul eiiie-r tlie Cabinet?   Ur by a ■ wouhl   be ruined.     But  alas! on 	
thorough redor-strnotion, in  which  the 23rd of June last the  fear was     Hood's pills are prompt, efficient,
tne -.Hint, party shall hold (he reins, dispelled.   Immediately   the elei -' *l*«y» reliable, easy to take, easy
-till   ,iertniii   dismuntltd  Govern-: tions wereover, confidence returned l0 "P*1"''''      >>t
niont men i-hall taste the  sweets of to lhe people twofold.     No  longer      Advertise in the Mail, the people's
uttuit,?   ur bv a ooiiliuo.i wiih  tin; would they labor forts nev tobepatd j uiriial.
BTott*.      ...    -        ' ■'   ■• . : >     |
A war
—OF   THE—
We have a very complete line
of Large Sizes iii MEN'S
UNDERWEAR    A full range
of prices.   You can have the
Canadian make or the best
Scotch, which comes in pink
and natural colors.
Sizes, 42, 44, Mi
Commercial St., Nanaimo, B. 0.
{>v% -&^'0--fe'«*,-*»-'«V'«V--sV-«^'V&>sVi*«'-^^
Ill lliill
Are now ready for your inspection, the j»
designs, quality and styles being thc choic- $
est from  the  looms  in Great Britain, t
Have also a job line of 100 suits of I
Which 1 will sell for $27, the best value t
ever shown in Nanaimo. Soliciting your $
esteemed orders, and thanking you for
past patronage, respectfully yours,
Commercial Street.
|k*%j%j%*«»%*%*«%««^%%%«^^«'«^<%^«^,'<V%.«.-%%%%^ *
Highest Hondra —Wop
City Market
Wholesale and Retail _ Catchers
P. O. Ilox 227 Telephone 7-8
, Nanuimo Business Directory--!
I'llTIV. It
t'oiitliiurrliil Blreut.
G. C. & B. I Westwood
Aro now prepared to Cut Down om
Axles, i>y UHL- ol nn Improved ma*
chine, making tliem as good aa nuw.
Hone in tho ihoki approved manner,
Tholr |iriocs uro rl|*hl.   Cull "i"1 »'•"
1 lil*lll.
1.v\KI<i:k ,t I'tiTl's, llarr-uter* and Solicitors.
*   I'oiiiliioroliil Ktlot't.
GK. CASK, Barrister and Solicitor, Room 11.
.  JohiiHton Ittook.
Mtl.N'XKS * McINNES,   Burrlstcre,  Room  6,
Johnston lllook, Commcrt-iul utrect,
YAHWOtm ,t YOl'Ntir llurrlslcirs, comer ol J
CoraitfoTcial uml Husilon streets.
(luvernnient.    "Turn them nut" im
^ii,e. demand, ar.il ilio demand is so
oftftr. rejieated that   while   it   ie-
fre-diD.-* it also seems to saliate.
riutv'?   By a sl\uflle of portfolios, I
WHEREAS it is deemed advisable to
extend the lime «t whli'll tlie rnliaU'
reitfii'H oil tin' payment of tuxim on Real
Estate in the.Ciiy of Niinniiini.
Be ii, therefore, I'tuu-teil hy the Mont*
oipul Council of the Oo^poratlon ofthe
Oilv ni Niiiiiiiniti us follows:
Beutlon 1. Sei'tion 4 of the "Real
Estate Tux Ity-lnw, ISWi" Is hereby ani-
eildetl liy inserting lu the filth line of
ilie Bald seetton the words "on or before
the Ihi dny of December, 1896" instead
of the words "on or before lhe lst tiny of
November, 1806,"
Seotlon 2. ThiB By-law may he cited
for all purposes as the "Heal Estate Tax
Anieiiilmt'iitBy-law, ISflO." 1'itaBeil by
the Municipal Ccuhcil on the 0th <'ay of
Noveiiilier, 1811U. '
RecoiiRiileretl, adopteil end finally
passed by the Municipal Coiiut-U on the
10th tiny'of November, 1806.
CTi    J-H- da-vison> Ka«°r-
~'""   Adam Thompson, C, M. C.
ALL FREIGHTS left on tiio
Nuiininio Wliiirl' Co.'s Wharf
will lie at owners' risk. '
A. R. JOHNSTON & GO., Wharfingers.
rr   11AI1DY, llolimlo IirtiKxIsl, wlnfleid Cns."l
i A.  eent.  Try Hardy's Pile Ointment, 1
DK.  MASON, ill-Ill I  .      i.'1Ii-i"i- .; ■•.:-!'. ■:■
tiiiMiu.t KtlieriuliiilulstQreil.
iMtii-o, Oilil I'i-llow'H lllook, Nhimi.ii
WJ. CURRY, I). D. H„ tircclt Ulock.    First •
*   class work Kiioranleed.
' |iroprlottirn. V'lolorln Crescent. Dis|ieiislng .1
ami luinily ret 1|H-h a specialty.
Meilloal hull, oorncr ilnotolul and Has-
lion streets.   Telephone l-tl-u. ,
A pure Grane Cr.nm of Tartar Powder.   Fre-.
Ijom Ammoni-, Alum ov any other adultetant
40 Years the S Ward
Any present subscriber, tp th^
Mail cap have t*"e Weekly Globe
from now to the end of 18U7 f»r
65 cents.
The Mail and Weekly Globe for
one year for $2.65 if paid in advance.
Shamrock Livery Stables
A,n Express Van mecla nil
TraitiB aint nijianiers Daily, anit
0» Haml toOnler at any hour
ANVI.MO 11YK WORKS.—Dyeing, Cleaning
and lUiialrluit    14 Nicol street.
C. imasltun, Manager.
MARSH, Wholesale Dealer ln  Fish and
(lame, llasllon Street, Naimlinn.
M   WOLFE, Financial and Insurance Agent,
•   Johnston Block. ,
FOREMAN & HARDY, Real Estate Brokers-
Hastton stroot.
Tti TAYLOR, Dealer In all kinds of New and
l'< Soioiul llniid Piirnliiire, and Fancy Articles ol every ilcscr||>!tou.
Musonit- htiililin-r.
JOS, M. IinOWN,  Watchmalicr.    Watchea
and Clocks cnrcdtlly cleaned and repalnsL ■
rner church and Chs*,«l itrssi*. '   «***


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