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The Nanaimo Semi-Weekly Mail Jul 18, 1896

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By Ihe test of public opinion
nnd found "all right."
Second Year
And increased success of Hie
people's paper, the
1 Nanaimo Mail.25,*;.;'1,
VOL. II.-NO. 8.
) Is our business, und the su
periority of our work commends Itself, while as to prices
It Is Profitable
To deal with ub. All classes
of work for all clueseBof customers is our specialty*
low is the Time
Infesting Trees, Shrubs,)
Flowers and Vegetables!! °   °   °   °   °   0:~
You waut something that will do the business
effectually, yot will not injure flio most
delicate flower or plant.
Docs the trick.    Try a lin.
We also have in slock Allude Oil Soup, used
by nil Fruit Growers.
AVe have a small slock of Fruit Jars—Pints, Quarts und
Delta and Duncan's Creamery Butter and choice Manitoba
Creamery nud selected Dairy Butler in 5, 10, 20 and
30 lb. tubs.    Prices away down.
Sterilized Cream from the Delta Creamery, very choice, in
Pint .Jars.
We have a full line of the best Groceries at the Bottom
Prices,    Quality Guaranteed.
AVe have just opened oui a large consignment of Boots and
Shoes.    Prices ure right.
Call and See our Stock and (.let our Figures. It will pay
P  PpfJH P'O Kjmm     Victoria
ISO 1 011030 y %Jm$ y.     cresce
When you want a deli-1 	
dous dish of Ice Cream, !
call at jioKenzie's, Local Organization
on V.otobia Crescent. „     „„, ,.
and MANILLA   11 11 'i k M Steps Taken TowardO
AlwuvB on liund. A vUlU ., .,
Province -Alanm
lion in Viott
Effected nf
Si lnail.
'I'he meeting convened "for the
purpose nf nominating a Provincial
Committee to draft, circulate and
obtain signatures to a petition as t-
ing lhe   Dominion  Government to
TIip TTnifm Brpwino1 Va >takefU3!l ll0tion a*mft'ybeneco**sa-7
1I1C LIUUI1 JDILN LUg tO.,;U) restrict the imnaignUion „- Mon.
Limited Liability,
Delivers [CE at residences. Order beforgk twelve o'clock. Terms
UNIM BREV.'IKC CO.. LiirM Llabililj.
W. E. Noams,-Soc'ty.
Mrs, A. Baldwin
Oilers her services to llie I.allies of Xnn-
r*^*a^*^,'<i^!*i,'?> •&'s<*si'&'^.a'*«v*^^'*'»'*i'*i/%',3y*a. ■*^a^*«^a-^'%.^.ii.*9
CI I _ i
ie biater Moe
golians," was lieid iii the Cily Hall,
I Vancouver, Tuesday night. The
meeting, which was fairly well attended, was called to order by Mr.
J. Ci. V. Field-Johnson,
Mr, II. T. Hawson's resignation
I as tempera ry secrol ary was accepted,
and Mr. Field-Johnson was elected
in his stead     Mr. VV. H. (iallughcr
suggested that the  appointment of
a permanent ch.iin.unu be deferred
until the  proposed  committee was
ainipasnn EXPERIENCED NURSE,Icomplete.     The desire was tb have
who has had large experience in und on the committee representatives of
through the Northwest Territories.   Ad- all  parts  of  the   Province, and  il
dress I might, be advisable to appoint some
NURSE BALDWIN, one not resident in Vancouver to be
Hi Nicol Street,     permanent chairman.   This would
! Z~   ;     ~~       ^,~«7~    rr show   that  the   Vancouver people
111*? ll QQIVI  4 k 1 \(     did no1   vvisn  u> no(   alone in this
J.'jU IjrJyj lfJ A i\ I. A U  matter, but desired the co-operation
  of all.   lie favored the appointment
|Ladics and  Children's   Sewing   done |°f atemporay chairnan,   Alter some
neatly.   Prices reasonable,   Address       further discussion,on motion of Mr.
I li. T. Hurt well, Mr. Waller Hepburn
was elected  temporary chairman.
The question  as  io ivhelhei the
proposed committee should ineludt
representatives of all  parts of the
Tnkerman Lodge, No. SUB, Sons of St. Province,  or whether a committee
George.—Regular weekly meeting is held representing Vancouveronly should
In Hubert's Hal!, Wharf street, nn Sat- \,3 appointed,  then i"c< i e'd atten
untiAv evening at 8 oVIoidc.   Visiting (j T|       • ,*     prBVailing thai
brethren cordiullv invited to attend. ,    . },     . ,',     , ,    •     .
Freii. Waostapf, See.   each city or district should appoint
■■■ '■! ■' ■■ —————— i it-; own committee, the mrieti.ngpro-
IF   YOU   WANT  A  TREAT eeeded to elect members of an exec*
[•utive committee for Vancouver, The
—THY— desirability  of placing Mayor Col
lins' name on  the committee  was
made clothing establishments, and  CANADIANS    TOO     SLOW.
compete so closely with tiie custom : 	
tailors  that  they  already have a American Enterprise Reaping a Big-
large custom trade, even among the Harvest in Kootenay.
well-to-do residents, to tliedetrinient j 	
of white tailors. If the Chinese im- Mr j -> GraveB one of theprin-
migration goes on in British Col- 0, , mine-owners of West Koote-
umbta, white labor must quit the nay, in a recent interview said:
field. The manufacturer who em- <iThe trouble hfta been thiU Can.
ploys while labor cannol compete adians hftve been too H]ow to get in.
with his rival who employs Chinese. Thfl Americans who, like myself,
Undesirable Immigrants. [entered early will, in the sale of
The Hritish Columbia correspondent mines alone, withouttaking account
of the Monetary Times, reviewing the of dividends, receive from $6,000,"
situation In this province, says: 000to $7,000,000 incash before Sep-
"It Is usually insisted that there must tember 15 this year; most of this
be far more stringent Chinese iuimigra- money will goto Spokane. Cana-
tlon restriction and local labor every- diansareslowyet, butare beginning
where demands that the salmon canning I" come in, while English influence
industry must be no longer allowed to is becoming quite active. Mr. R.
be so largely engrossed by Japanese and H. Pope, M.P., was one of the larg-
llalians, hastily naturalized, for license-1 est and earliest Canadian investors;
and Mr. Ives, late Minister of Trade,
is interested with  ine in  the Jose
obtaining purposes, ion-* before the applicants for British rights are really
qualified for citizenship. Another undoubted grievance in British Columbia
As to (hequestion of labor there
is the lack of departmental restrictions, >8 littlo to say. Of course as a mine-
adequate to prevent our salmon fishery owner 1 am interested in getting as
Industry from being exploited bv a host "llin.v laborers as possible thereof licensed temporary i .ers from the •< lowerf- wages—butthere is no sur-
States, who claim,  often  donbtfuilv, to Plus >'et •■■•'• we oflei* liave to ekil'-
he Hritish   subjectB,  and  are certainly mish for men.    1 do not think there
not, as thev should  he. residents of wil1 be a suPlus of laborers this year
British Columbia,    There is now at the j 01' ''ext> for development is going on
end of eaeli salmon canning season, a
turge and wholly unsatisfactory efflux
o( fishermen  to   Seattle,   Taeoma and
Prices reasonable,   Address
162 Nicol Street.
Lodge Notices.
'rapidly. Laborers in the mines get
about $0 per day and wood-cutters
aliotil $2,50. 'i'iiere is also a good
ther points in Wasliiiigton7a7id"soiiie deal of work for carpenters at from
also in Oregon. These men carry oft'a *2'50 l" *3.50 per day. The cost
large amount of wages, which should be of hvm" ls "ot more than lt Sener-
expended, as  thev  are earned,  ^^j,, ! ally is through  the   west.      leant
Canada's own Domini and preferably I sPeak asto ,h(; b ,;"'
of course, from a provincial standpoint,
k Jl orris
In Black and Tan.
IV L 11 ti
Prepared from Choice B.C.Fruits
and 11. C. Sugar.
Ladies' Canvas Oxfords,]
Ladles' Kid Oxfords,    j
>• In Black and Tan.
in British Columbia,
"The continued immigration Into the
province of tlic cheapest form of Japanese labor bids fair to rouse ere long 11
very formidable liiitish Columbia demand for the restriction of Jnptinese
immigration on the lines nf that iin-
posced—as yet somewhat iue.Tectivciy, it
is true—un Chinese immigration. The
Japanese readily accept work in the
iields, iu the lumber mills, and at the
of the work-
nignien, hut 1 can get as good accommodation as I wish at Rossland
hotels for $2.50 per day."
A Menace to Public Health.
Editor Mail: Upon arriving at
ihe wharf the other night I was
surprised to hear several people
that wero just landing from the
steamer to make lhe exclamation,
" \'\ hut is ii smells so much!" The
cause was soon apparent, however,
causing one disgusted passenger to
Children's Tan Button Hoots and Low Allocs.
oot and Shoe Store,
No. 17 & 19 Commercial Street.
E. K. ('. JOHNSON, Manager.
As the New Spring Season i\ at i ti *i
is now upon!.:. ---Ito Nut Fail
to come and inspect our stock of
Ladies' § Children's Millinery
Our stock this season we assure you is
complete in every respect and bound
to please. It comprises all the latest
novelties, etc. A very fine and well
assorted stock of Ladies' Sailors and
Children's Galatea. Silk and Lace Hats.
Crescent Store,
considered, hut objection was raised
that tho mayor was opposed to ihe
anti-Chinese movement, Eventually it wus decided to include the
Mayoi's name, leaving it to himself
to decline to act should he wish to
do so.
The   following   were   elected   a
TlifivnrpthpPnrP<jt.niif1"RpRt   comniittee ''"' Va»ict,uver: Mrty°1'
M.l,} arewie I HUM .UlUJasr. 0oj*inB)   Aldi   Banfield,   Bethune,
SOLD BY ALL GROCERS. McDonald  and  Sohou; Messrs, F.
: C. Boardman, presidentTrades and
nAnniSTERS. Labor Council;  It. T. Burtwell, W.
DABKlin & I'otts. Borrlstors nnd Solicitors. Davis,   Machinists'   Union;   W.   .1.
,-D tj-Hiiinorciiiistreet.    ,        Dickinson, Moulders' Union;W. II.
1;    I'. CAM'. l'..irri,lcriiii.!Si.!lrlli,r, Itiium 11.   liiilhlghei',    II.    T.   llaw-'oll,  Wttlter
Ui  Johnston Block, ' it    i a       *i*     i i   i    i
.   Hepburn,  Sec.   I rimes  ana Labor
M,|xx'     '->:■'. i'.oora a, council; W. Hunt, J. G. V. Kield-
' Johnson, C. McDonald, Stevedores'
!ro'jUnion; J. C. McLagan, W. U. Mc-
Leod, J. li. Melvin, R. Mitchell, W.
D. Muir, Ceo.  Noonan,  Mainland
Steamshipmeh's Union; C.J. Smith, I
Win. Terapletnn, J.    II.   Watson,
American Railway Union, and \V.
M. Wilson.
The secretary was directed to
communicate with the .Mayors of
Victoria, Xew Westminster and
Nanaimo,informing them what had
been done ai the meeting and also
sending them copies of the resolutions passed al the recent Market
I lull Hireling.
The committee will meet at the
same place next Tuesday evening
to proceed with  Lhe objects of the
canneries, on terms lower than the 'in- lexclllim. « Why, ,i1(?y cllnnot ilave
ing wage' ol white married men, ami ttny health  officer  iii this city, or
from a sovial and political standpoint it, ,hev would m,. ai*ow a hog-pen to
is also undesirable that our British Co- be piacef] on   the whtirf just where
himliiii eoast  Bhould   be  verv largely the people ldnd.    It  would not be
.'oinposod of a practically alien popula- tolerated  in  our citv—no, not for
, ir in  el   Mongols.     Um  Japanese nier- .       i      ,,   "
'         ,   , one part "f a dav.
■hauls here are men of a verv good c ass ,,. ',,■   , i „„- , „„„•   u. i,„_. ,*„
and become good citizens, but the Jap. ,   ■' ibis wharf cannot be kept in
imese labor iin ported i an by no means be better condition, why clo the stoam-
reuarded favorably, and most amongst ers uol  go  to Johnson's wharf ?   I
us liavo no desire to see the attainment am surprised bow the steamers can
r:Z^K'«lu^«?tor11*ffl," remain there during the night.   It
proporlious.      Our   Britlsti   Col bia 18 Strange  to  me  there is not  an
mast cities  and villages  must not be epidemic  started  in  Nanaimo.    I
made hi large part littloChinas, blended assure  vou   this  is   a  thing  that
witli Jiipans in miniature. 0f this; there fa    w be looked after if thcre ig a
wniilii appeal' t i lie .-■"'	
MclSNKS ,v MrlNNKS,  IiiiniMcrs,  Boom  ii
Jniiie-i.tii Block, Cominerciiil Btroot
Y-Altunoii ,t Yol'Xn,
Comitierciul nud ltus
BnrrlBtor9, corner
Lion Rtrcets.
rp  ilAiniV, Botanic Oriigglut,Wlnfljld Crtifi
J-.   edit.   Try litir.ly'i. I'llo Ointment.
DU. MASON, Peiilist    KxtHlOtitlg aBpeclUltJ*.
Gun uml Ktliuriidniinlstoreii.
Ollice, oilil I'L'iliiu'ii Block, Nuiniiiiio.
\y   J.CURRY, D. D. S„ Qruen Blook.
cliiHK work iniiiiiinU'i il.
■'  proprioloni.  Victoria Croiice
mill fun,u> recipes n Bpeclnlty.
iiauger, in res-
. of which local white laliuris becoming nui unnatually restive.
st. Paul's ohuroh.
Seventh Sunday after Trinlty--10 a.m.,
Sunday school; ll a. m., Matins, sermon
ami Holy Oomnuiuion; solo anthem,
Miss Allen. 7 p.m.,Evensong and short
address, The Lord's Prayer continued.
Tuesday, July 21, church synod, Victoria.
sr. .w.ii.ix's cmiii'it.
Seventh Sunday after Trinity—11 a.m.
.Matins, Litany and sermon; 2:80 p. in.,
Sunday school; 7 p, m., Evensong and
sermon, ,
Rev, I". S. Stevenson, of the Caledo-: he lawful for the gold commissioners
plan diocese, will preach at both morn- throUghoUt the Province to extend
inc and evening services, •,,    ..**_   £ •   ,   e t,r, j„   . .
h b i tne time for a period of b0 davs, to
PBESBYTKBIAK  CHUBOIt. ,   .    , ,,      ,-,,    , ll„l„ 'lone
,,      „   .  ,, ,,        .„ date from the 17th day of July, 1896,
Tie  pastor, Kev. Y>. A. M.'liae, will  : i  ■• t .
preach next Sabbath at 11 a. m. and 7 for the completion of assessment
p. in. At the morning service the Sac- j work on such mining claims as the
rameiit oi tiie Lord's Supper will be dis- j jr,,ld commissioners have good cause
li?"!e£,...-?.v«","^u"li'!i!V. "HoW tl,e i to believe are al this time inaccessible, in consequence of (he depth
health officer in the city: but peril :ip.- he is not a man who travels
much to see what the approaches to
other cities are.
Commercial Traveler,
The Time Extended.
Jn consequence of the lateness of
i the season and the  depth  of snow
on the higher mountains, Hon. Col.
' Baker, Minister of Mines, has taken
steps to secure an extension of the
time hu assessment   being done on
miniiigclainis. Theexecutive council has ordered as follows:    "It shall
of   snow
whicli   covers   the   said
•IU.   Mi'illenl Mull, ivrnur. m
ommercial una Kn..-
iien streets.  Toleptionu i-i
NAN mm  DYE  WORKS,   Dyeing, CI
nnil Repairing   n Nicol street,
c. cn.oii.ros, Manager.
Wholosalo Donler in rinii and
.nui,,,. organization.
p     MARSH.
vTt    oumo, litisaliiti stroct, Nanaimo,
turiti Crescent.
\v. Stkki., Proprietor—Vio
The Effect In \ Ictoria.
An  anti-Chinese   and  Japanese I
crusade has been started in Vancouver,  says   the  Nelson Tribune, I
upon   the  pro-election  promise  of
Wilfrid   Laurier  that  he would be
'|guided in dealing with the Chinese
The Fourth of July parade in
San Francisco was a thought con.-
poller, and no mistake, The most
conspicuous features of the affair
were a body of Japs dressed as men-
o'-wai'inen and hauling an imitation
gun and the employes of the Union
M   WOLFE, Financial tuui Insurance Agent,
•   Johnston Block.
rKTiENA^TNAL MBHWII WKWL7. ' ^tU^ ^' [Uc, *l»h«' ,°f l^ "S^
1  Proprietor, Victoria crescent. hers returned  from   this  Province.
This is one promise that Wilfrid
Laurier will have a chance to redeem.
There can bo no difference of opinion
as to the effect of Chinese immigration into this Province. It is not
necessary to go out of the capital to j
see blighting effects of Chinese competition, Victoria has almost as
many Chinese as the rest of Hie cities
A Nash, Homo and sirh Painter, Paper-
A« IIiiui*er, etc Corner Albert unit Milton
streets.   P, 0. Iiex 90S.
lll'.MAN ,V   IIA1
llllslion Btroot.
Liour.MAN ,v HARDY, Roal Estate molars,   and towns in the Province combined,
D  TAYLOR, Dealer in nil liimls til Now nml
• Becoml-nnnil 1'iirnllufo, and Panoy Aril*
''^lasoluc m;iMmw';o'.mi»«rolul street. I in the shoe factories and in the ready
and as a result it is the poorest town i
in thc Province for a man seeking!
employment, Chinese are employed
in the rice mills, in lhe lumber mills,
poor servant paid his debt
W.   O, T. V,
The usual monthly Gospel temperance
service, under the auspices of the VV, ('.
T. L\, will not be held next Sunday evening.   Due notice will be given ot future
Suspicious Heath.
Wnthluftton City, July 14.—Hurry .1.
.1.   Poeook,   for  ninny  years  city   regis*
inir of St. Louis, died suddenly ou n
train  in  Ohio    between     Alliens    and   .
I'iiikersliurs. Ilia body whb left nt tne Iron Works, who were compelled to
hitler city, Mr. l'ncoek was apparently t|.ot the cobbles as an advertisement
In good health, Abnit 11 oclock H. <j. . ,.„ c ,s * Tloklag of tha
Bell, deputy United states commission- J?1 'he , toots ana nikics oi tne
er pensions, wasnwnkono.lli.v an ogou* Potrero. What must the weary
ized shriek from Poeock'a berth. The mechanics have thought of Freedom
latter tumbled from bis berth into the on that dav! As for the Jap Bail-
aisle ami soon after being removed to org(?) thev are talking of joining
the smoking ear died. The lower berth
of which Sir. I'ocock was sleeping «a»
occupied by two women, who were dis- j
covered ransacking the deaxl mau s
clothes. They claimed to be relatives ot
Poeook. They were turned over to the
authorities, charged w th petit larceny,
with suspicion that they had drugged
Sir. Pocock for tbe puipoie of robbery.
Thoy had $5!S. w*:oh was supposed to
have been taken from the deal man's
It Ts a Fact that Hood's sarsaparilla,
the One Tine Blood Purifier, has proved
over anil over nu'iiin that it has power to
cure, even when other niedioitlOB fail to
do any good
Hoop's I'u.i.s are purely vegetable and
do nnt purge, pain or yiipe, All druggists,   25e,
the Naval Militia!!   Great is Patriotism I!!—Coast Seamen's Journal.
We have been ready to espress
disapproval at the useless expenditure of money at the coronation of
the Czar and have almost wept at
the idea of the poor serfs of Russia
having to mal:c the amount good,
but when we remember that it is
going to take about one-half the
amount used at the coronation to
elect a ruler of a free people, who
will he (nr.e.d to pay for the privi-
lego, we can dry our eyes, pity ourselves and damn the venal voter,—
Railroad Trainmen's Journal. BWkVMHnHBMMMMMBBI
Z\K 'IRanailHO flDail The Democratic Platform
I'L'llI.l.sllKU  BVK11Y
nv  TUB
K. C Iti'Aim, Editor and Manager.
Bastion Street. Nanainio, n. c.
subscription hates.
By mall—Ouo year  12.00
"        six months i.eb
Three months j*e
Delivered bv unrru'r Ufio. iior uiuutn
JULY 18, 1811(1
Early Fruits.
The Westminster C lurahian refers io two instances which show "a
marked  difference  already  in lhe
promptness, courage,  courtesj  I
attention to business of the Otta\ .1
departments, a- compared n ith the
red-tape circumlocution, indifference, and neglect, not to say contempt, so often exemplified by ihe
lute regime, in dealing wilii western
matters especially." In the first instance, lhe fact iiml several buoys
at tho sandheads had been displaced
by the high water and required
immediate replacing (the government snag-boat Samson being laid
up for repairs) was brought t" the
attention of the resident engineer
at Victoria by Mr. Morrison, the
new member, and receiving 111 satisfaction, l.e wired i" llie Public
Works department at Ottawa; and
in the afternoon of llie same day he
received an answer stating tint
JamesGaudi 11, theugenl at Victoria,
had been authorized to hire a sun-
able bo.it while the Samson was
laid up.
iu the second instance, Mr  Morrison on Thursday last, through
J. S.  Chile,   inspector of Cuslou   ,
called the atiention ei the Oil I
Department,  by   telegraph,   tu I In
necessity of a customs officer al Ste*
veston, both  as  a  conveni im ■■ for
shipper- uud to preveni smuggling,
there being no such  officer located
between   Vancouver   ami   Ladner,
though   Steveston  is  a  bus}   hive
every summer, with apopulati 111
over live thousand.     i he al lenl ion
of the Dominion  Government v
called   to   this mailer eal ly il
year by thecanners, and by lhe Inspector  of Customs,   bul   without
effect.     To  the  n presentation  of
Thursday, however, an unswi r was
received tlic sinned.1 y, and Mr. Morrison, armed with authority ton
theappointmont, went down to Steveston   and  appointed Mr. James
Beer, who proceeded to Westii in ier
and was .-worn in.   These facts. peak
for themselves and require no further
Crow's Nest Railway,
it is desirable ihat the Kootenay
country should have railway connection with the railway system of
Canada and at un early day. A
railway is already in operation between Medicine Hut and Lethbridge,
and the ultimate aim of this line is
to proceed by way uf lhe flow's
Nest pass into the Kootenay country.
The most certain way of ensuring
the construction of thecontinuation
is to push on the development 1 f the
mining region.
The C. I'. !!. management ure nol
unfamiliar with the prospects f"i
mining in British Columbia, and
we may be sure that as soon us lhe
development has reached a stage
that promises uconsiderablefreighl
traffic ils powerful c 1 operation will
be obtained in providing ; he n a di d
railway service, 'i'he com truction
of such a line wili not he without
its difficulties, hut the prospective
traflic should fully justify ils bi ing
undertaken. The linking of ihe
mining region lo ihe general railway system of Canada would I e a
guarantee that ils trade would uol
be lost to our own country. Mining
districts are usually dependent on
outside districts for machinery, all
kinds of manufactures and fin d
supply. As development proceeded,
therefore, there would lie a brisk
freight traffic, both in und oui.
Whether its volume justifies an immediate prosecution of theentcrprise
is a question thut the railway authorities should consider in unopti-
mistic spirit. The future ofthe mines
is not conjectural, and the arrival of
the railway would lo a great extent
hasten the development which is
all that is needed to amply justify
the undertaking of the building of
the roud. The Crow's Nest railroad
must be regarded as nn imperial 1
branch of the Canadian railway
system.- -Toronto Globe,
The dcce'ised wife'- sister bill, as
it is familiarly called, which has,
lately, tinally passed the House of
Lords, has been passed in lie Com-
niriiis at fourteen different Bessions,
but was each time defeated in the
Lords. For the purpose of dis a rming
clerical opposition, a clause was
inserted in it forbidding ihe eh r y
to perform the ceremony. All unions
of lids sort will, therefore, have to
be contracted before the Uegistrar,
 -*►.*»-»-   ■ -
If British Columbia has no re-
presentatation in the Cabinet, she
n >w has representatives iu the
House who will see ihat her interests are not overlooked,
The platform adopted at Chicago
is in accord with Southern nnd
Western sentiment, and is an emphatic revolt against the Eastern
and European financial, anti-industrial combination. Brifley stated,
the convention declares that the
Democratic parly is opposed to mo- I
nometalism and in favor of the free
coinage ot both gold and silver ut
lhe ratio uf 16 to 1, "without waiting j
• .■r the aid or consent of uny other
11 ition;" ii is opposed to ihe policy
uud practice of redeeming public
1 blie itiotiH in gold only which ure
redeemable by law iu either gold
or silver, condemns the issuing of
inter)  L*bi uring  bonds  in time of
I ■ ace, and denounces tho traffic in
bunds w ith bunking bj ndicates; it
demands that the power to issue
money be taken from the nationu]
hank-, and vi sted in the National
Treasury alone, such money lo be
redeemable in coin and a full legal
tender; ii favors a tarifi for revenue
und opposes  11 return te the twice-
conden d    McKinl y    tariff;    il
blames ihe Supreme < lourt decision
on the income tax law for (he deficiency in revenue, and still favors
un income \n\: il opposes importation of foreign labor and the re-
sl riction of irusl ami mi nopolies in
the interest of laborers and producers; ii denounces the interference
of tiie Federal authorities in local
affair-', objects to government interference hy injunction, and approves
the bill pa d by th    II. S. Senate
relative to 1 onti mpl in i ederul
courts and ] ine for jury trials
in certain en - "i coiili mpl: ii de-
nounces the Huntington funding
bill; ii favors a liberal uml just
treatment of war pensioners; it
favors the admission of ihe terri-1
lories qsalili) d for admission, und
homo rule for Iho.-e that are not; it
extends > :. | thj to C ilia in her
heroic struggle ;' r li! erly uiidinde-
 lei ce;  1;   favors  the  iniprove-
II 1 nl 1 f the : . .' waterway! of the
' I ii; s, which should he put under
the continuous work plan until permanently improved; and it opposes
life tenure iu ihe pul ie- service nnd
a mini tei ui as pic id int. \\ ith ,
such 11 platform nnd a ticket, wilh
William .1. Bryan at ils head, the
friei o- ol silvi r should easily unite. [
—> -a ■-*■
;-'i natni' Mel lines  li;': for ' Ittnwu
by Friday's  express,  and   intends
■ing ll   uugh « nie ul breaking his
'■:■ ui ney.     ! ie does not expeel the
niching   -■ ■■ ion  lo lv a pro-
tged 1 ne, hut il promises to he a
very   i. i   g one, especially so
far as ihe Senate is concerned, und
thinks in 11 more attention will he
directed to ihat chamber than has
!•■, n tl;'1 1 i- e for a long lime. lie
I as been in the Senate for close upon .
lo years aud has  witnessed many
mges in the ] ersonnel of that
hi dy. hiior lu his being called to
the Senate he represented ihe elect-
1 nil distrii: of N< w Weslminsterin
tin Ci 11111101 - from Much 2(1, 1878,
to Dec. -I. 1881. So Ihat he has
h:' .1 in active political life for over
;. 1 ai'S. I ie has large interests on
tbe Mainland., ami it i- understood
thai he and M1 -. Mclnnes will
shoi ly make Vancouver the place
of iheir abode.
The Hoard of Trade report draws
il 1 .lion io the immense amount
nf 1! dry and farm products thai nre
1 il her in:; rte 1 from the United
States or brought in from Eastern
Canada, which '.he province of l'n ii-
i.-h Columbia nughl lo he in a posi- ;
lion ti, supply. The amount of
butler, cheese, eggs, hams and bacon
ihat came from outside the province
is really enormous. 'I iie quantity
of butter, not lhe produce of British
Columbia, which is thus consumed,
mu-i be i;i the vicinity of 175,000
to 200,000 pounds per annum and :
lhe other articles in proportion.
Iiere i- a leak which ought to be
stopped, Placing ihe butler at only
ten cent - a pound, there are on this
item   ¥20,000, which ought to be left
al home.
Mr.   Henry   Watterson  recently!
stated, in n letter to ids paper, tbe 1
Lpuisville Courier Journal, ihat "at
this moment ihe Prince of Wales is
uol only lhe greatest  individual in
England, bul themosl popular man.
V candidate  for   President  of tbe
English Republic,if by somesudden ;
convulsion   of   nature   11  republic
should  he ordained, he could beat I
any ol In 1 Enj lishman three toone. ]
li is gral oving in leai n that Brit-
isll Ci lui 1 .-' CUI'ities ate rated
amnnp the ! igfn sl in. the London ;
mat '■. i. ;'ii. :; per i ent bonds have
read 1.' 10 '.'. lhe li per cents are
quoted ■ul;:.i', und the ■; | per cents
at \2i:\. Vancouver's A per cents
of I80*j ere quoted ut 107*3, '"ing
lhe i ii j I.,.; t of any cily in the Dominion.
■*»• er
Mr. Laurier is the firsl Premier
since ||,. hiie Sir John A. Macdonald who }:..:■ held office us the
eh lit      I  the people of Canada.
Ii! Greal I oil a in 83 cities own their
tr mv,■    , and Glasgow, Plymouth
and Hud li 1.-held i in ve entered upon
I the operation of them.
—-t—r-rrr-irr-» ^TIT LM>1 ^T ^   *
$101) Each Only
$25 Down
25 in 1 Month
25 in 2 Months
25 in 3 Months
I would do my best to
make this a big success.
Call and see me.
mm kit
CHILD*, fir. -.^hf?i
The Most Complete Stock
Jas. McGregor's
If yuu do, it'll make, a great difference
with Lhe yonngstei'B and a still greater
difference witli yon. They'll he better
slmil than they possibly could lie elsewhere and at u considerably less eost. I
When you can  save  money by buying ^^^^^^^
better goods, youv'e Btrticl* a good imi-	
tation of a bonanza.   That's what you'll
uhvavs lind in nur stuck—the hest'jiive- OilWWii
ill le'footwear iu Nanaimo.   Yon can't * **->xxwi\
j beat either our goods or prices. Vou
might aa well try to beat 11 drum with a
Victoria Crescent.
<°« Garbonatiiig and Boltling
roien uicycies:—
MITCHELL & HUMMING, Proprietors.
oufactnrers of Lemonade, Ginger Ale, Sar-
saparllla, Ciders, Etc.
should   BE-
Repaired in Good Shape IA!1 0rders Prompt,y Atte
I • Tolophone 'in. P. 0.
Attended To.
phone 20. r. O. llox 110.
to avoid danger of accidents,
Repairing Bikes a Specialty Notice to Ladies.
See the KYSLOP.
1 AM AGENT for Nanaimo and Districts for tho New and Perfect Garter's
Tailors' 8ystem. This system Ir up lo
j date; a peifeet ladies' system; is without a rival and easy to learn; is noted
for its graceful lines and elegant forms;
ii is imi aii experiment bul a development.   I ean ai-n teach how to u.se this
~*k • •' V I system, and also all kinds of Drcssnuik-
i;AT7 1 AT*    HAllOA   •'■!*. executed in lirst-class style.   Trices
ll  \   til     liVm^i    lo suit the limes.   Address/
Margaret M. Macdonald,
No. iii) Haliburton Street,
MRS. .IAS.   HAWKING,  Male nf (lie   I'. 8. Mncrionuld's Store.
Tempi ranee House)  desires to ex-  ~
press her thanks to the public for TTT1?    I'V-v'T	
former )iatronage, and now begs nr -1 11 Li    DhiJ 1.
slate   Unit  the    Kevier   HousellBS* / t T T Tl  1 1)Tinm
been  fortiibly arranged for the Is THE    vllLALrjijl
accommodation of boarders, steady I 	
nr transient. Single or double room
with hot or cold water batlu
electric light in each room.    Every-1 	
tliluir strictly fust-ehiss and cliarires ,.r , _v,_.   „   ,.,....,,,	
moderate.   Reniember the I,oi,se% | SMAET & TH0RNE',
V"'Z Tiie Nanaimo Bakery Excels
hall'-niinute's   walk   from   the   old
stand north.
The Popular Bakers, ji
KiLs-Ur £aIm Ira ur
11) V
w (IM)? Hote
Will he in season after
Sunday, and ynu should
not fail in got the richest and best flavored, for
which vou must call at
Johnston's Block, Nanaimo.
[lias been renovated and rc-furnished,
and is now conducted as a lirsl-i lass
Mi:. Al.BERT IJ.ua 11 can be found as
Superior accommodation is provided
-7- '1 ' ——-\ Restaurant and Chop House
j\Hii^to^ -Hotel.;       CoMMRROUI, STllBKT.
Excelsior Bakery,
Having! ilotcd tho erootiouol lhe Arlington   "vstei's in every style.
Hotel in SAN00SE11AT, Uil« huudBoina and   Meuls, 25c. nml upwards.
commodious liotol m nowiiraparad to reeclro  ,,,,,,.- , ,
and ooinloriably entertain travelers and others.   UOOd llilils, 20C. illol ll|i\v:il'(ls.
THE CUISINE , Spring Chicken always en hand.
Is presided over liy Me, Tli->iii;».i.n, nml the
Table d'Hoto caiialtuitly provided with nil the ] —'      " '
deltcuctes uf the season.   Comblnod with lhe   in..„. i>i *i      j...*     rn          .      1,   ,
elegant furnis 1 apaitmcnts.tho visitor Hnd.   '' 1 P«ilpott'S   1 OlUatO   LatSlip
the surroundings ef tho mosl plcusnui dcserlp- 25u. and 6Dc, per Buttle.
People WllO  Appreciate A We Never Sleep.       Open Day and Sight.     ^
PURE DRUGS   jcitylia^
Havo tholr prescriptions dispensed tit
PIMBORY'S DRUG STORE.!  hemans & wamsley
,rhelrl,,'ceM,oRlg"t     Tl"" - Wholesale and Retail Butchers
For a Cool Drink|     commkuciai. stkkex
1'. (). Mux 2*->7 Telephone 7-8
Ask for -:-    (OhammokbOidkb
) SlIOA   \\ ATI-Ill
Lawrences (sl^L   \ (]n\)im (:imir factory.
£&" I'iniiipi attention paid toalilppingordoru.   TobaoooB.  our /hihouh
2-1. 7H.   Nanaimo. HHM
Cuban Blossom ^*-
Black Diamond
  Are called for overywhoro- and are superior to
MARKET* Bastion STIIKET. I'any iraportod olgar.  Mado by Union Labor,
  M. J. BOOTH, Wharf Street.
Steamers and Shipping suppllod on short notice ' "
at Wholesale Prices. C  C.   MCKENZIE,
~777"     -_,   fhnil  Land Agent and Conveyancer,
Klrst-elass Acoommodatlon. FlrOiProol building u tf *
Terms: $1.00 Per Day antl Upwards.      ofpicbi bhont stukkt, nanaimo.
i Town Lots mid Fttrtns for 8fllo.   Monev to Loan
fill 1\ H      i     1 on Mortgage at low ratos,
Hie iloon notel, r^^jggajsg^^
JAB; ,;KNN|;TT' l: ";",r',     ! JOS. 1. BROWN, Watchmaker.
Commercial St.,      Nnnninin, B. C.  1	
— i All Kinds  T\,..,-»t,,*.,,,.*;„,,.l        At
| of wmehes I lemagllOtlZOd ShoftKoUc*
Hy SI'K(.'I.M,.MACI1IS'KUY nil lhe l'relnisus.
^^TX IT If a^~\ X1! T /~\ <~~T ,    |..|m, „,„, complicated Watohos and Cloolu
j^jf Carefully Cleaned nud Eepaired
Fine 0TCLOJIKTKHS, for l.ir.volcs. In Stork.
Conn any
Nanaimo,!).C.   I Coiixmt CllUlton and Cn.vi'i'.i, STiiEEii. I MM
The New Cabinet Approved by
All Sections.
The Governor-General Will Proba-
ably Nut Sign the Eleventh-
Hour Appointments.
! made amends for their fault. The opinion here, is Unit lie would have shewn
better judgment if he had, like other
bishops, quietly let the matter drop.
West Prince Albert, N.W.T., July IB
—linn. Mr. Laurier bus asked the liberals of Saskatchewan to nccept lion.
Win. Patterson nf Brant ns their candidate at the bye-election which is to tako
place owing to the premier resigning
here. Local Liberals would have preferred a local man, but say tlic request
of Mr. Laurier will no doubt be com- q
plied wilh. A meeting of the local Liberals takes place in Prince Albert to
night to decide the matter.
V,T,t*KVKri-&*.*JL' ^-raWA3-M
Arrival and Departure of Mails
Another Uprising -Near Buluwayo- Official Statement of a leader of the
And the Educational Bill Provoke Much Opposition.
Ottawa, July 14.—The ministers are
taking hold of their departments to-day.
Sir Henry .Inly was sworn in ns controller of inland revenue and took hold
of his department nt once. Tho following compose ibe treasury board; Dnv-
ies, Tarte, Borden, .Scott and Sir nich-
iird Oartwrlght, who is acting minister
of finance; Mr. Fielding will be on the j
board when be conies here. Senator
Scott is acting minister of the interior.
The Governor-General's warrants nre
being prepared to-day I'm' the mouth's
salary list to the civil service.
Ottawa, July 15.—The prime minister.
Mr. Lain ier,  was seen   by  your  correspondent sUorily lifter the closing ol tne
ceremony oi swenrllig in ami congratulated  ou  having    formed   an   uupreee-
ueniediy    strong    government.    He re-j
plied:    "1   think   the  personnel  of  the
government will give satisfaction io tne
people at large.    This, however, 1 leuvu
tu llie lair jinlgiiioiil ol tbe people tlieuv .
Helves.    The ouly trouble 1 hud iu ionu
ing the administration was thai so many
Hood and  able men could  not  be taken
iu.    Speaking  ot  the province  of (Juc* !
bee  mono,  one  ol'  Hie  ablest  meu   we
have, ami oue who has been persouallj
maligned by the Uouservutive press, is
Air. Francois Langelicr, ol yuebec ecu- j
tro,   but  -Mr.   Launcher   is   hoc  anxious
lo take a  more active  part  in  politics !
than he has hitherto taken.
"it is currently reported that the gov .
eminent mteud to abolish the control* j
lerslnps. Can we make any announce- ]
ment ns to Unit'/'' !
Mr. Laurier replied:   "One thing I de
plore i.s that  1   have lo place two sucii i
great men us Sir Henri Joly de l.oibin- i
lore  and     .Mr.   Palcrson   in   controller-
ships, but this is net so much my liiuil
ns tlic fault nf tin- existing law.    Why
the department  ol customs, one of tne
most important in lhe whole ndministra.
tion.  wns brought down  from  lhe level!
<>i n  lull cabinet portfolio In a control* j
lership  is a   thing  I  have  never beer,
able to understand.    In  tact  ihe whole
net which constitutes the department oi I
trade and commerce ami places the deportments   ol   customs   and   inland   rev*
eiilte in subordinate positions  was very
i'.l advised,    it is our Intention, replying
ti.  y mr  question,  at   the   very   earlie-' :
d.i.v to 'me the aet altered with a view
l.i simplify the cumbrous system  created
by ii. to secure elilcleuey nud contour*
In the service, ami to restore these two
most Important departments to Hie dipr- I
niiy which appertains lo tiieui by plnc-
int!'the heads .,( the same in the posl
li.in ot [nil enbinet rank."
Asked about the portfolio of the Interior, which was uol tilled. Mi. Laurier
sail it was t'.e Intention to reserve thnt
portfolio Ier a  western man.
Limit.-C.l. Prior hns now lots of time-
on his hands nnd sm nils n good deal of
it in wheeling mi tho asphalt psvtments
of Ottawa.
Sir Donald Smith will placo his resic;
nitlou as high commissioner in the
liautla of Premier Laurier at once.
No contract has yet been 1« t fer the
fast  Atlantic  service.
Winnipeg. July 15.—Tlic Tribune says'
Mr. L.un'm II md have brought to-j
pother a stronger government nggrega |
tion if he took another month to eon-
rtruet his ministry. All it lacks is a
minister of ihe inn rim- and lie will be:
supplied f.'om Manitoba after th.- scliooi
question is settled. It expresses satisfaction at Mownt becoming minister of
justice. Cnrtwrlght, it snys, deserves
the gratitude nf all for yielding to certain prejudices fomented ngninst htm.
In Quebec the contingent is an able one
nn 1 nil levers of the government will regard the presence of Joly as a iruurnn-
t'v thnt. as far as Quebec is concerned,
tie administration is p*.re, Many like
to smer nt Tarte, hut it Is doubtful if
Quebec possesses al the present day a
much abler eon than he. He li-s been
made tho victim of attacks becnuso he
proved such a powerful ami Implacable enemy of lhe boodllng connected
with the late government. He can no
doubt be relied upon to administer the
public works department with ability.
The personnel of the cabinet is the best
guarantee the Dominion of Canada enn
have that we hnve entered upon nn era
of honest, efficient nnd decent government.
Joseph Martin, ix-M.V. for Winnipeg.
left yesterday  for Ottawa, vin  St. Paul :
nnd Chicago,
Hugh John Macdonald, M.P., will reenter the law firm from which lie re*
Ottawa, July 16.—It is tin* intention
to immediately appoint Sir (diver
Mowat a member of the senate lor
Quinte, the division lately represented by
Senator Rold.
In ollicial circles it is learned that His
Excellency has noi signed a single appointment suggested by the late government. The orders-in-conucl] will nil
therefore come under review by the new
The minister of militia left fnr Nova
Scotlii yesterday. Previous lo his depar.
tine he hod ii conference wilh General
ilaseni'-no regarding lee annual camps.
Owing In lie lite date at  which funds
Sir Donald A. Smith Further Honored—Appeal Denied ia the
St. Louis Case.
London, July II.—The political situation has been only partially relieved by the yielding of -Mr. Gerald
Balfour, chief secretary of Ireland, to
lhe pressure directed, by Mr. T. Ktissell,
member of parliament for the south division nf Tyrone, and Mr. Joseph Chain
herlaiu, eolouiul secretary, Ier lie- modification of the Irish land bill. There is
a continuance to-day of lhe demands by
Mr. Itussell am! others I'm- further
modifications of the measure, while the
press  and  people  generally  are  giving
The Trouble in Crete.
Buluwayo, July 14.—News ef lhe utmost gravity has reached    this    place
j from Lr.ngwe and Tnti districts to He'
effect tlmt a rebel impi has taken up e
position en the Tnti read, about twenty
live  miles s mill  nf    Buluwayo.   l-'nkn.
one of the most noted of    the    native
chiefs, has joined  the rebels with  rein-
j forcemeats ami  has ordered    tbe    eon
[ striiction uf forts mi the Tali road.   Mi
kalagas    nre   already in groat force in
the nortlwt si.-rn part  of the T-iti concession.   I'i'il.i'ii1:'  is  expected   to  take
place Immediately.
I don,  .Inly   1 I. -Mr.    John     Hays
Hammond,   lhe   American   mining   en
Roldocrat  Forces.
Washington City. July 1(5.—Assistant
Secretary Hamlin made a short state-
ment this afternoon in explanation of
his position regarding the Democratic
platform and nominations. Inasmuch as
Hamlin represented the administration
forces nt Chicago and has been in frequent consultat'ons witli Secretary Carlisle over the political situation since lhe
Dally ex. Suu.
Wellington, Nortii Held  nml a.m.  a.m.
Last Wellington    11,25  8.50
Victoria, Southern States and
places ulong line of E.eV X. linil.vcx.Sun.
Railway    8.20 11.50
... ... , . i expressions to  a  sentiment of extreme
will l)c n villi bio, Ine genera  has doubts ' ,,   ,,„.    ,. ,,     ,   ,, ,        ,.   ,      ,  ,
,    ,,       , .   , .,.,      ...ii* disgust  at the feebleness displayed  by
in.  to   the  navigability  n    holding  any   U|(,  ,,m,,,im,nl.     *,       Conservatives
camps this ft II. and he thinks that it ,„,mit tlmt ir it „.,.,.„ ,11>t r,„. ,,,„ ,livi,ion
they are deferred until next spring the tlmt exlsts ■,<,.„.,.,,., t1„, ,,„,,]:,,s „.„,
deportment wil br. In n position to place ,..„li(,.,K .,.,. Kovetnn,e,,t would be in
tie new rifle- in t'vo hands ol  the rural
adjournmoul    of    the    convention, the   British and foreign, Eastern
statement  inade by him to-day will un- :     Provinces, Eastern States, Dally ex.Sun.
doiibtedly bo accepted by many as an      Vancoiiverand other places p.m.   cm.
official  declaration   ol   the   positl or      oil Mainland of B.C    ti 'M  5.00
sound monev of the administration.   I ins
impression 'is   further  strengthened   by I COMOJ!  ••"l"1'K*
, ,.     the belief thai  HumHii  wili spend  see    Comox, Union,  Union  Lay,
...    ,." ,.,... i rlnvs -it  \l ;rion   m.-ii- m  i;.,n\.s       8anilwocK,Courtena v.( .ran-1 nen.    l'ri.
•.rineei*.   whose   inection   with    he  ,n     ",u unys ,n  .uiiriou, m.ii  umj   ii.in.es • . .        ■
ii r lit       i I .     on    his    wi v    bid;    lo    W'-is'iin-toii    Citv I llllll,   llllll    ellll,    lliirilbv    I'M.    P.M.
hnniesburg    reform  committee brought   ""   "IN  ""J   onca   io   n nsningron  < in       .,,.,,',   '  ,,, „, ',„ ,„,  ,*,   ,,'   ., ,,,,
,. ,.,.,,,. Pl'nm    Coe-eo      Tin.    Hint it    roloi-r,..! lsuunl ami   I'ell llillll J Slal ll    8.2J    O.OO
upon I  a sentence of death, but win '"  ' uicago.    ini   srat in   immie.i
was pardoned by President Kruger  ism    '"    follows:   "Xo    political  issue is ie- viotowa iioute.
this city, has bten lntervliwed by Lon     ■*0,Tea   '"   "'"  coming  election.     'lim   Salt Spring Island, Burgoyne   *''rl-   Tues.
don    newspaper    corre pondents.'    air.    |l"" '" ''' decided Is fnr deeper imo       Biiy,FiilfordHarl;or,North
lb ond  snys  he  will  not   return to   "*0,'° vi,:'''   Tl"' perpetuity of llepnbli       SaltSjiringlslandandGub- p.m. p.m.
Johannesburg.   Bis present  Intention is    ''''"'     luntiiutlrns   has  I    threatened,       rlola Island       8 20   8.80
b. remain in  London  about  six  wee!;-.    Every  local  citizen should ally  himsell <c\<  f Tues. Mom
then   io  visit   America   with   his  wite    ngninst thc forces which controlled the '■   °   .„   ' ,    Frl.   ''''mr.
i Chicago convention   I'm', ei   of   lawless    Alberni, Parksville, French  cm. e.
The  nuirs'er lit
triven  insirae
a  serious plight, as the land   bill  is the
  , second government measure of supreme
tion thnt t! e tlifteront D.A.G. s be com- , |u,)ortnnce introduced this session
tnnnle,itid with In order to ascertain of pnrUamont wIli(.h is „„n. beinK
the views of lhe force in the several dis- wl.eckCt* oll tho nnes *af(- ,,,,„.„ ,„. ,,,„
'''"'lfi'. government.    A few moro bills like Hie
rt is hvrned thnt the ropresen- educational bill and the Irish land bill,
Intlves of the I mini Slates ami of „.„„],• be Bure ,,, bring the Conservative
(■rent Britain on the commission to ad- : ,,.„.,v to K„,.i, „ difflcnlt pass as lo ne-
just  lhe elaiins of British  subjects for   eessitnte  a  ro-i struetlon  of  the  min-
dnmages susf'lned  through the seizure ; isn.V|  .,„  ,,,„,  to  „.hicI|  Mi.   oitambcr-
nf their vessels while sealing ii: Behring ;i.,in, NV],„ supplies lhe real force of the
sen  beforo lhe ndoptlon of the modus   present pressure, would uot object.
vivemii,   have  al   length  been   selected. ;    vj>   *p    |».  O'Connor,   llseusslug    the
The  treaty  rnlified  by  tlm last  session   B„|,ieet  in   ins  paper,  lhe  Sen.   writes:
l.lll        IO        11*11         .TliH'H'il        \UIII        dl>       "II. ,   , i                  '111                11              !-«                   1
He will  rm.n-n  to  Knglniid  ami  settl-i   Chicago couvenl 'orces   „f   lawless- Alberni, Parksville,  French p.M   P.M.
inl lon, nnd will take ehnrge- of tho """-■  wl**** """ Inconsistent with    the      Creek and lirrington 12.80  8.00
Gold  Fields Ccurpiny's business.             mainteui ' the  republic,     tlenec- „            B                             ,!;% '"',';
"I shall trv." said Mr. Hammond, "to forth there should he no Republican, no   *an003c 1"'*v V f   J;™
divert    English    capital to the  United Democratic    pirty,  but  union of loyal Departure Bay, dally ex. Sun 12.4610.80
States."   i: in-r qucstioued o„ the sub-   citizens -era,mt the t ibined  forces m Cellar (South), Saturday    ..   2.00 11 00
net of  toe .loi; esbtirg    raid.    Mr repudiation and  disorder.   When    onee                                                       .
Hammond say-:   "I slinll not lesiif.- at l!:i,i dangerous element has been Btnnip-
"1 ...
the trial of .1 nn son    unions    .Ininesnn ' ''' ",i! »t the po'ls by tho Indignnnl i -
sloe,hi e, nn- to Ihe rescue ef Hi mi.    w e, l'!".  «''' enn again divide    and    ,lis,..,,ss
nf lhe reform committee, repeotedlv told *beite political questions which for L*m,-
ef    congress  provides  for  Ihe  appoint-   "The plalu truth is. though Mr. Russell
ment of two commlisloners,  .me  from   was the outwnrl ngent of this collapse,
United States. The British commission
or will be lien. Go r.e 10. King, at
prercnt on., in' the justices of the supreme court ef Cnnndn, while for tho
Unitnl Sl tes the commlisioner win he
Mo,i. WilHnm Ii. Putnnm, United States I disregard tiie clamor of a few Lister
.indge I'm- the first e-'renll in Upper New [men. Let lies.,.n i. ,i<,(.'s protege and
England. Judge Putnam wns a mem- follower, uml Rnlfnur. who would stare
ber of il,. Internntiornl commission ol at tbe iden of beinir dlsenncerted bv Kus
I8Sti, which nerotlntcd the fisheries con       " ,      .      ,   .
vention   during  Sccrontry  Bnvard's  an
t  Britain   and   the other   from  the j ti„, w]10le affair was a personal triumph
I'm- Mr. Chamberlain anil the Inndlord
ring. The cabinet would have paid lit-
Ihe nt.leution to Russell's protests, ns
with their large majority in tlm house
if commons thev could easily alford t
mluistratl n of the state department.
Toronto, July Hi.—Tie (Hole, answering the .Mail's attack mi llie new cabinet, snyBl The fad i. the Mai! is
angry because th,. elect, rs of Quebec
•'id nol swallow (lie somewhat cfumsil*
baited he. 1; whl h Tupner ami his pre
deeessors tingled for tl em, an,I ;> resort
oil tii ii htibll that ill-er.uditioned p( iple
■ilwnya tesorl to culling iinmes. Some
wise friend sh mid t. II it that lhe errors
Into whicli ihe p.riy bus drifted io tii
P!   St        I USe      0f       .],.,       j;...!,,     |.,i|y       „ f      U,
1 ii'cis will not im cure! by promoting
provincial jealousies or by wholesale
slan h rs  of  thc  i.e. iih-  of  sister  proi
■ii'll. retires from the li.-ts before a salaried ollicial. As Joe cannot afford to
lose supnorters he cnnnlinrly seized the
chance lo assert himself ami friend.'.
-in.] humiliate the house of Ceco."
Montreal, Jn
-ir Charles Tup-
London, .Inly 15. In anticipation ot
.ii. inter s:im;- debate on the Irish lam!
bill, the benches of the house of commons were unusually filled to-day, pir-
liculnrly those occupied by radical and
Irlih members. Mi'. Gerald Bnltuiir.
cluef se.-r tiry lo Ireland, replying to
a question put lo the ministry by Mr.
John Dilh ii, lender of ihe home rule
party, sail it was the intention or t!.,
government to withdraw entirely those
clauses ■■ t tie h I! numb, n .1 111, i !. nml
In, [ixing fir rents, an I inserting in
place of tin in lhe amendments proposed
'•y Mi-. T. M. 1! inly. I: w is the lut it
lion, Mr. Balfour Mid. to drop tin  pi
l^r Jameson not to make lie experl
ment, as tbe ri form movemenl did not
want him. But. 1 nu:st decline to ms
cuss tlic political situation in South
A frl a "
Mr. Hammond continued: "I desire
however, lo thank n y friends in tne
nulled States for their kindness during
the period of mv imprisonment. I hnve
ha ! b !:. rs i f s inpatl y from ai! pari
of the country, including ninny Er uu
iwr, ■ ve personally known to inc."
Mr. Hammond s'ys his health has been
fully I-.- ( red by lim sea voyage from
Cm e T iwii t,.  Load n.
Dispatches received lore from Canea.
Isli nd i f Cr le. .! led Sunday, Julv 1'.',
report ell Ciinstinn end Slussulmnn
members i f th. i ssembly hnve arrived
there. A rpsn'.utioti, demanding a modl-
II ntion .1" le- 11 tlena e invention will.
it Is ndded, im i ui initio I by the Chris
liars f,.r the e n i :,.■ atlon of fie a<-
semhlv withonl dehy. 'I'he Mussulman
ire 1 itti rly n| |i ised, during ti e pn ■ '  -
i of in lo tuitions, lo ii. n.iii the insurgent"
io remain armed.   It is believed thai il    -
i ihe perte  refuses  !■  nuke  llu-  roues-   '*ijo/g*-
sioiis th-n- demnud hostilities will be re-
si'ined.   Tie Turks ar,- arming the native Mess; bu- lis.
Snloiiloa. July 14.—Twenty batiillion«
of Ke.ill's lave b eo enl'ed out ami ordered lo ioio lim ('.ird armv corns. Six
batalli .us. !l is stated, wil! procei .1 at
once to the Greek fronller. and the rein. '■ Ine live will 1 e distributed aloug
the Macedonian frontier.   Rcdifs iu tin'
other    nrovlnc. s  ei  Turkey   have  i u
or leved to he in re id] u s. for m ibillzn
orations have kept alive two great political  parties."
A l-'uil AsiKurtiiient nt tin; Lowest Market Uutci
eowe s unoice.
Promptly Altt-ndud to.
All klndi oi
Tin and Sheet-Iron Work.
victoria Crescent, Nanaimo.
kirn i
rfilED TO   !:;: i.  FAUEE.
[iev   iiis  guio   ui   Halifax,   where  it  ih   ernmrnt nniemlmeiits now* on tin; i-npor
uuloi'Fiood '.In i'f is in bo i-i'iil n meot
ing, call tl by tUo . x*j:i'i mit r, nt' sin-
L'OHsful :f ti t-u.iucccHRiu! candidates nt
tl;.» iatu ^' cti< rs. Mr Olmrloa an ! Sn
Adolpbo l'n mi attoutled a mooting of.
local t*. ni native* yesttfdny, nl whicli,
npplying in elause 4. T:.c mattor ol' tn
routs,  it  was ixplnined,  would  appear
in anothor :v.oro I'xtonilod c'auso.
Mr,   Jos.  Clioinb rlain,   Becrotftry    <■'
•■':iii* for the colonic?, lopliod, iti'i--n i.n ,'
tin-    irnvt■nnno::t.   The    attitude of th:1
.1  \.< uudcratood,  it  was dooidod  to o{)- ministry,   he paid,  had  been   consisienl
pose (try  liiini ter who goes back for from  the uut sit.   The governmont   \; i
re-election, said  :! <• l»i'l eoul:l rnly be pasRPd  if it
  should i'.- oecppt.ed as a nou-contentious
\Viunip-eg,  .July  10.—The  recount   tor mon uw, Th*» govrrument  had  adhered
Attempted A tsassinal hm or {lie Prcdi-
tlonl i r iiiiti.i'.
Paris, Julj 1 :.- \i: attempt was made
to iLssassiuato E'rosldout L-'auru iu .lay.
:'!:t' urosiutut had gone t.. Lu:.-; t Liamps
[" review iu-- trooos. He hud uu soomr
nutored    the .n:i i   Ll aa  a   man   in   i:i
mm km
W ij|! Ihikery and
iOL UHlUn Restaurant.
Invites [nspeutlon and Comparison
us to Quality and Price.
Awarded  First  Prize at the Agricultural Hiuw.
-tif Tin:-
Bastion Street, opp. Telegraph Office
i.i-e,;ir opened >e terduy nt Jlordeu l"
lore Judge Locke. Thirty-seven ballel
bu.vud itnve It.ehardson, Liberal, a net
gain ot  Li.
lt is re'iorctd here tliat lion. T. M
Duly i-i returning from hluglund H'itU
the  Inteutl n  of    coutestiug    UranUoii
to (but |ui-iti iii. If Mr. Uillon eons.uer
erl lee bill, whlih wis now rednceil to
its ci'iginnl Form, a lei l inen: nre. there
w ntlil 1-e no use in wasting lime in it i
illseiisrlin and Ibe bill wiil have to ee
withdrawn. 'I lie responsibility ot 'In*.
Mr.     Ch iieli iliiiii   declared,   must  rest
enter,-.1    tlic  nn!   ii'.au  a   loan   in   lup *-?. y b YkeW      '
iruwil  steimeu  lorwnrd  and  bred it  re- ?*\ 1 r& T/*5 it T fat'A    dfil
vo.ve.l  at him.     I'he shot did  not tali** bs M S i "fl b V l S; :'■ 3   VM J
effect.    'I'he  wouid-bo assassin  was in- | «? j 3 | i ft. I | « ? j' •> 1  \P,S (&
tested,    iie declared  la- had only lired JL i -LilAitJiliji ii■ X^ALlh.
Toronto, July lTi.-l-'or llie lirst time
in twenty-four years the province of
Ontario has a new premier. Sir Oliver
•Mowat, who has been at the bead of
provincial affairs since 1S72. resigned
the office on Monday to become Mr.
Ltiurier's chief lieutenant. Hon. A. H.
Hardy, Q. ('.. who was selected to succeed him, wns sworn in lis premier before Lieut-Governor Klrlipntrlck at 8
o'clock yesterday afternoon. Mr. Hurdy
was next to Sir Oliver Mownt in seniority in the cabinet, of which lie bus beeu
a member since 1.H77.
Tbe fllobe snys: "Critics who are
Straining for points in make against
Laurier sny that it is tl pity that Ontario has no great spending department,
Whether it Bhould be u great pity or
not, Ontario lias, ns a matter of tact, a
department presided over by Mr. Mu-
lock, which spends more thnn nil Ihe
•four depart men Is combined which nre
(assigned to Quebec, Oiiliirin. as the
premier province, has the largest number of cabinet portfolios since 187M. and
Is given the most Important departments, Quebec bus two Important departments and two minor ones."
Montreal, July 15.—A good deal of
surprise is expressed here over the auger displayed by Bishop Lnbt iuo, of
Chlcouiiiiii, because his candidate did
not win. lie told his congregation after the election thnt he refused to be-
Htow his blessing on nil who hnd siiolten
111 of the episcopate in general, till they
constituency in  the event licit  AlclJar-   upon Mr. D'llon and his friends.
thy decides to sit  tor North Shueoc.      !    Roplylng lo .Mr. Labouchore, Air. B.-il-
The Globe's Ottawa special says: r, ur sei l be saw n i reason why the bill
"There is some dissatisfaction iu Brit- should V-o nbpntlonotl. 'Hie change wlleli
isli Columbia over the prospect of hot the government proposed to make in the
being   leiireseuted   in   the  cabinet,   Ute   mersure, as originally submitted to the
expectation being that  the portfolio oi   house, wonld   i.(  snid, render it  ne	
tiie Interior will go to a Mauitoba man, wiry for ihe movers ol the amei'duictits
This is the way il has always been uu* to reconsider their positions,
lil six months ago; when a half-mini; Sir Win. Vernon Hareotii't moved lhe
Bter was appointed from British Coluui- ! ..,,ii, crn,.nnt ,,f tin- li.ni-,* nnd .Mr. John
bin lt might he nrgueJ ihat if a half- Dillon secon-ieil the motion, 'i'he latter
minister was sufficient for six govern- complained of the vacillation of the gov-
ment members, n whole minister wonld (*rnnient end demanded thai the bill I..'
need twelve representatives favorable carried forward and passed by tee
to Uie government, uml British Oulum*   house.
bin hits sent only four, l'n mil r Laur-' sir Donald A. Smith, Canadian
ier is not likely te measure his conduct statesman nnd enipltnllst. wns to-day in
by tho rule of his predecessors, lie re* vested at Windsor castle as linlghl
alii.es 'he Importance au I appreciates Coinmander of the Order of St. Michael
tiie Interests of British Oolumbia.    i\o j „,„• f*t, George.
one w'litld he surprised if lie seizes the I sir Donald Smith leaves for Canada
lirst opportunity to give a Hritish Col- „„ Saturday. His departure gives rise
umbla member a scat in the cabluet, t„ tne conjecture whether he intends to
Thnt is the expectation. ; r.*sivrti     the     high     commlssionership,
which, it is understood lie would  retain
Morden. Man., July 111.-The recount if |„.(MH,.il bv tlic new ministry. How 11
in Llsgar was concluded shortly after „,„| Daly also leave for Canada mi
noon, when a limit summing up of the  Saturday.
ballots resulted ns follows: Richardson, The judicial committee of the privy
•Jii."i7; Rogers, 2003; majority tor Bleb- ponncl hns r fused thc attornoy-gcnoml
unison, 54. This is n net gain of lt „f Canada permission to appeal to rho
over the majority  tflund by  die return- ■ |M.;VV council ngninst tic decision of tho
ing officer.    Richardson lost  a number  supremi in of Canada in the lilnuin*
of votes by  numbers being found   upon   ,,,.)   st.   Louis else   This  nrosi t   o!
lhe bucks of lhe ballots. There were ,|„, Ciirran bridge sc.indnl,
LM rejected nnd 2n spoiled ballots. There; A d|8pnteh received here to-rinv f, mi
wns not the slightest evidence of any Oape*o\vu reports Hie Cnpo Colon-
tampering with ihe ballots, everything house of nssombly, alter n heated ■"-
being straight nml fair, At the con- cussinn, voted lo grant lenve of absence
elusion of the recount the counsel for h„ n,,,,. ('ceil Rhodes,
both sides, Tupper for Rogers nnd How- | Alliens. Julv 15,—A dispatch received
ell for Richardson, paid n tribute to.the t |,„,.„ fnM11 ,|u', inland of Crete snys the
kindness nnd  fairness of Judge Locke,  Turkish authorities thore nre gradually
who wus most accommodating through-   (.xh,„diug tie military ■/•■ne nnd t	
out.    There is    great    rejoicing    among   :,e- new positions daiiv.    .Main  execs
Richardson's friends over the result.        I „,.,,  Bolug committed  hy   lie-   Tie!.'.    A
,. ,...       , ,   -TT   77-    .    t>,   .    »r ' party   of  Clirlstlnus   who   ventured   i"
Halifax, Jn v   Ul. —w.  A.  Black, M.   '     ■    , ,.  ,     .,.,
liter    li'  inc  c,    military  zone  were
hit rnUilNut
! :i  blauk eartridjfe : ml In- had no iuton*
i imi)  fit   killing  tliu  president.
1    Win-,i  it !i.  nine Unowu  in t!ic crowd
;:t l,« :,;; (jiiauip i (hot Ihu iiresidom had
u»i   bcpn  hurt   Lho prcatesl   culhusiubm
wtiH manifostcd.    Uliucr after cheer wan
rout  up,  ::ui  the  people could  scarcely
be resiraiued by the uru:n-!s rrom <,-l-h\vij-
| 'hut ;:lu!tt the jilm-f where the president
i:'iul  unite  were Pt nnd inc.
i    D'trina; :l<" months that have elnrsed
i since XI.'Kaure waa chosen president of
tiio French    rrpubliu there    hare leen   T,|P.   r:r.,-r-.--.T
threo more or lesa well defined pl«N u>t    l MS-    Wh | ",U* |
'■is assassination,    hi the firsl  oi  Hese    ■ S'-   UWIIIIU I j
rhe prlueipal wan an nnnrchiat known
I nt Petit   Bordeaux, n  deserier from U;e
French army, whoso plana were t<' kill
j the president ilnriue the f -tea at  Hnvre
in  April.   lS0i5     The  authorities,  1 eicg
forewarned, notliinc becnm-.? of thia affair.   In .Tune of !aat year a eommercinl
travi 11 ■;■.  I Uli tirand.  was  iocki tl  up by
the police ow  information  thnt  he had
threatened to ftre upon Presidenl Fauro
t while  tiie  latt( r  was  visit in jr  town,  in
tirl-r to ili;'\v :iMtiil:nii to tvrinin real
i nr fancied crievanees.    it was tho Bame
Biilnirnud   who.   in   1S87.  attempted  to
assassinate  Marshall    Bnznine  at  Ma-
Irld,    [IUIairaud  was  not  punshed  Cor
!iis utterances reeardiug M. Fniire, On
I March 1st. of this year   three Spaulnrde
and mi  [taliau wero arrested on board
Lhe railway traiu al  Valence having no
tickets. They said they were going to
I Lyons to see Presideni Faure, nnd ns
j ihey wero armed with difffgers nnd r./.
ors. the newspapers came to tha conclusion thai they had formed :i conspiracy against  the life    of il"* president,
Theso men wore subsequently liberated
Office Tel. ao.   P. O. Box 16.   Residence Tel. lui.
Funeral Director and Embalmer
Graduate ofthe Oriental, lho Kuroka,
the New York and Glark'a
Bchoola of Embalming.
1, 3 and 5 Bastion St., Nanaimo
Paiersiip Mice
TfJT UATiflU S N'0TICE ia hereby given (lint Eilwin
llL isli! iU!i ! Matthows Iim beon admitted a partner
in the above business, hi future the
business will be eiuiicil on by the undersigned under the style and name of
WlI.So.N & Jl vttiikws, wlin will iissunie
all linliililies and cnMeet all debts due
llie said Inisiiic.-s, mid we trust that by
careful attention to the needs of our
m-. I. j.  »»_„    customers, to merit a continuance of the
The  electors  Of  Van-  patronage so liberally bestowed in tho
couver   District, by  a
plurality of nearly
JbROMR Wilson*,
Vpril 7, IHIKi.
Nanaimo, H. t
V.V., Bays: "I am well sutislieil witli
lhe new cabinet, Yen are nt liberty
tn say that from me."
Kenny, cx-JI.I'., told the reporter he
wits out of politics .hist now, lint nt
■ionic future time lie would IlilVO some-
lliitn' to sny of the men chosen hy Mr.
l.i'iii'icf to conduct affairs.
murdered by tlte Tin Us.
Four Persons Drowned.
T.nwrcnce. Kan., -Inlv 14.—A rowboat
cnn'talnlng six people wns swept ever
the dam across tho Kaw riv.-r msl
nhnve   town   ntnl   four  lives   were   ilW'
.1. A. Chlpmnai, nn old time fionserva-   -j-.,,. ,|,..,,i .,,.,,.   i,. c. Study, n printer.
live Biild!    "I look upon the advent of  jirs, l, rj, Study, his wife: Katie !•"'
Premier  Latirler's  cabinet  aa  poonlbly I noMm n 3<otiiut irirl: Infant child «f M«
one of the best results thnt hns occurred   n,,,,^ s;shl. 0f M-s. Btudy.   All were
at any election In Canada." drowned in the sestldna waters lielo*"
et»»' the diiiii.   Jl.'inv people henrtl thc cries
Piilincrstnti, July II. The roof of n nf the imperiled people nn their hon'
Prsebyterlnn olturcli In tho courso of wm' belnit sweiit over the dim. '.lw
erection here fell mi Saturday, liilllnp men who wore fishing in tho rnplds »«"
John YVIiitcly and Injuring several other i ceeded Ip resculim Jlrs. Hook and l''lo«
workmen. sil-' Study, a little girl,
Montreal, July  I I.   For the Hrst I'm i
since the mill' li r of llu. In tt  the Mont*
I real OrniiRomen marched    yestordny in
full  regnlln   with  bands and    banners.
About   Kin took  part in  the procession
whicli  prince lei  te  St.   Bartholomew's
church.    Everything   pnssctl    off   very
P, 0. Caswell, ef Stanstead, dropped
dead   of  heart   disease    recently,     ll-i'
husband's su iden tnkiug off    unhinged
I Jlrs. Caswell's mind,    and    the   other
night  she hnuged  herself in tlic room
where her husband had died.
Brnntford, .lnlv 14.—A young man
1 named Albert Fisher was drowned lnsl
I evening while bathing,    lie was taken
with cramps,
j   Whitby, Julv II.—A slick ef earthquake was  felt  here about  one o'clock  „„.,„   nT,J   -]*nflllAnnAR   nT
yesterday morning.    Hundreds  nf pen-  peiS   ..U.ia  llliiUL.110t.a   Ul
[plo were awakened by the shock, which __.   ,    ,   , ,
lasted 20 seconds, whlb windows   nit-  tilG    JilSt"lCt,    ana    U13
tied, ilishes moved, nml in sume Install*
res the furniture tottered.   The atmos-  l'u3tneSS Of its Verdict IS
'pllel'e   III    Ibe   time    « its   llOt    im I    ClOS"
:    Hal
tbe   statement   is   vouched   for   in   tin
i usual way.
LAMPS, Etc. etc.
Have indorsed the prin- TAXIDERMIST DEPARTMENT ,
pi-n]*->q n-rtri nniiov nf 1,n,DS ANP -*NIM'i s set up in a thor-
Cipiv.S ana puiicy OI m  h .vor^anshlp inniiner.
On Hand—Four line Dears' Heads,
which will be sold for price of setting
them uj'.   Also a line case of Birds.
d. s. Mcdonald.
tl!) Haliburton Street, Nanaimo.
As against all other pu
fioBimercial Hotel.
roinnv Commercial nml Brntion Sts.
' ii-nu* I'.iniiii-in .1 lintct Is comfortably
title.1 up villi -tnperlor sccommoda-
tions tor trnvolors and others.
Halifax. Julv  II.   Fishermen    reporl   vof rfior! hv tilP Province
vlng soon a sen serpent   The truth of raUlied DJ Wie i. TOMIlwC     x,
and Nation at large.
t the best brandi of wines. Liquors,
Mei ini'l ClgnH alBpcnscd nt the bur.
r. O'CONNEli,, Prop. UsMMrfab
Mr. Hewitt Unstuck, member for Ynle- [ The Kiile.
Cariboo, arrived at Ottawa mt Thursday, j    The twenty-third annual  meeting of
Albeit Pixon won the. appropriation the British Columbia HiHe Association
of $100U nl the Building Society draw-1 will take place on the new range at Ceiling lust night. I trul  Park, midway between Vancouver
A brewery for the manufacture of; and Westminster, July 3'J and 81 and
English alehas beon established in Van-j Aug. 1. To signalize the visit of the
eouver by Frank Faobett, ! association to the Mainland the corpora-
The French people of Vancouver duly ' tion of Vancouver have added ti hand-
eelebrated the 14th of July, the miniver- some cup lo those on the prize list, The
sury of the fall of the Bastille. j largest attendance on record is predicted.
The t'rnser river is receding, and the' London, July 17.—The lirst important
Royal City and Brunette sawmills, which ; event of the National Hitle Association
closed temporarily, huve r.-sumed opera- j meeting at Bisley, which opened on
tions. Tuesday, was lired to-day this being the
Annual Meeting—Reports ami Election of OIHcers,
Tliennnnal meeting of officers and subscribers of the Nanaimo Hospital took
place at the Council chamber Wednesday evening, President  Pawson  ill the
i chair.
The financial statement presented by
I Mr. M. Wolfe, secretary, shows the receipts to have been 1(11,1171.81 and the expenses $6,024,01, with cash on bund of
I J406.63.
j    The report of Dr. L. T. Davis, hospital
! physician, says: "Out of 148 patients
Blood means sound health. With pure,
rich, healthy blood, the stomach and digestive organs will be vigorous, and there
Will he no dynpepsin. Rheumatism and
Neuralgia will be unknown. Scrofulaand
Bait Rheum will disappear.   With pure
The Toronto Globe of July 11 contains | uouipeUlion for the Rajah of Kolapore's , tu,aU,ll4li yfm niIllliIl(!l, ,Q „l0 S1||.gi<.]v,
s, fine two-column photogravure of the I Imperial Challenge Cups. These hum
rJew Westminster senior lacrosse team,'some trophies have, been competed for
the champions of British Columbia, j annually since 1871, by teams of eight
The high wind on the gulf, last Tues-1 men, the pick of the volunteers of tbe
day, capsized several fishing boats off I Mother Country and of the militia of
the sand-heads, und one while iniin was , any of the colonies.  Of tiie latter, Canada
1881, 1884, and 1889.
drowned, while a number nf Jups had u
narrow escape,
A new industry—raising Knglish hares
and rabbits for market—has been slatted
«t Chilliwaok   due family has gone into
the business extensively, and has made
their lirst shipment to Victoria. , l.ai'l'OsSC
,,,,,,   ,     .,   .,,,,,,,-     in      rhe Intermediate game this afternoon
RebekahLodge,No, 3, l.o.O. !•., will "
ii    .   .,   •   ',..-., • .    .,     between  ine .Viiuunio   team, and   un
celebrate their tilth anniversary in the    v*"'*-*"
-.-,       ,,   „„  ,   i, ,,        :    .      ,   Vancouver   Heavers   resitted,  alter
Iree Press  bull  on  the 22nd lust.   At ...
,...,. j  i .      H   close y»eontested game, In a victory lor
general   invitation  is extended  to all ■ • , e , . ,     *
„.,„,,..    ,    ,,,       , Vancouver by 4 goals to 3, which  leases
members and friends ol the order. ; .
r, ,       , ,, .   i .i   ,   Nanainio out ol   the race lor lhe chain-
It hns  been  currently  reported that
there are -'5 eases of smallpox in llie citv   l"011p "I1* .,.,-.
,,,... ,.     , ,,   .   ,.'       Ihe standing uf the different teams ia
of Victoria, confined principally to the "
'longshoremen and   others   who   have   "OW as follows I ,.,.Av,.:n. wes.i.usT.
worked about the wharves,    The eases *>jew Westminster      8       :i     0
appear to be of a mild type. Vancouver     8        2       1
The appeal ease of Garrow and Creech, j Nanuimo      2        l)      2
convicted uf the manslaughter of Mary j
Ellen Janes at Victoria, was  heard  be-1
ward, 74 to the medical wind anil 28
were treated as out-patients, Oul ol ihis
I number there was n mortality of five, or
about S/i per cent.   .   .   In the female
! department there were treat '.I 28 i
. of which 7 were
Your nerves will be strong, and your
sleep sound, sweet and refreshing.
Hood's Sarsaparilla makes pure blood.
That is why it cures so tunny diseases.
That is Why so many thousands' tnke it
to aure disease, retain good health, prevent sickness aud suffering.   Remember
nrgical, :i medical
, maternity and 7 out-patients, with n
home tlieeiips, 1Uul to-day the Canadians j    ,.
won for tho sixth  time.    The previous
fore Chief Justice Davie, .Justices Mi-
Creight and Walkem op Thursday, und
the judgment of the court was reserved.
An Ottawa dispatch snys that Premier
Laurier "realizes the importance und
appreciates the interests of lititish Columbia, and no one will be surprised if
he seizes the lirst opportunity to give u
alone has bud  tbe distinction of takin
. I iu,.i<ri nn. v   nun   ,   uili
nil." The physician considers'
these results very satisfactory, and highly compliments the steward, matron and
other nurses for the very careful alien-'
lion given thu different cases, without
which il i.s dilli'ii!t to get favorable results. He recommends that a separata
building lie erected for the treatment of
maternity cases.
President Pawson formally announced
the expiration of the term of the present
officers, whom, together witli the hospital stall', he thanked for their assistance
and complimented for their efficiency.
He also, on behalf of the meeting, thanked the several liberal donors toward the
hospital, including Mr. S. M. Robins,
the X. V. ('. Co., the water works company, Mr. Langton and the ladies of
Wellington ; but lie was sorry to sny Ihat
the Wellington coal company bail never
The bush-lire season having arrived, \,1""*1"''1 ""J'tbing since December, 1883,
in order-in.coune.il was passed on Wed-lB'thoU«h a 'argenumberof unfortunates
Prevailing Tlirotigrlimit the District
nesday sotting forth the advisability of
bringing the entire province within the
provisions of the Bush Fire act of the
present year and constituting the en ire
British Columbia member a seat in the j proulnne a fire district as described by
cabinet " '' '''"•*' "l''1 ■*'■•■' ''"' exception of such poi
A movement is on  foot to hold n gala
lions n? are within llie cities and townf
injure.I in their mines hnd received
every cure und attention from the stall"
of the hospital.
I'pon vacating the chair (Mr. George
Norris acting as chairman in the Interim) the oflieei'8 were re-elected ns follows: President, J, Pawson ; vice president, A. II. Johnston; secretary,Murcus
ing during the week.   AtJforlh-l Wolfo* treasurer.  \y. e, Webb; dlrec-
omf of I field on   Thursday  the lire was making i l"rs> •'•*•• •''•-'••'••'. •'• K-'M.V- J. K Jon-
mbor, : for Wall's saloon   in hot basic, but was |•••"•h w'* •'• s; ferkins and T. Dobeson,
beaded off by a volunteer brigade before
j any damage to properly resulted.
The latest  information us to the pro.
Throughout tin
, i been ru:
district bush fires have
the last-named being the only new mem
ber of the board,
A hearty vote of thanks was extended
to President Dawson, which he thankfully acknowledged.
Tiie question of increasing the phy-
sicinn's salary, suggested   by Director
day of sports,  including bicycle race
foot races, and other athletic events, in
Westminster about  the   latter
August or the beginning of Seple
The members oi the Bicycle Club are tin
principal movers.
A  small  blaze  in  the roof of Cnpt
Land's residence on  the   Esplanade-*-1 Sre8s of the bush  fires along the line
originating, it is supposed, bv n spark  the  ,,:- * N* railway is of a soniewl
from the chimney—caused the brigade alarming character, the Shawnigan Lake!
to turn out Thursday afternoon, but the ! Lumber Co. telegraphing down yester- ]
prompt application of a garden hoseren- j 'Ih-v *■•»•*• *'•"•••' timber limits were in ex-1
dered their services unnecessary, treme danger and almost sure to go un-1   .
The adjourned  hearing of the eon, -; less rain came.    The fires yesterday ex-    '">'',','"'
plaint of Mrs. McManus of Northfield  tendod all the way to Chemainus. \    ....   '   ,-,,,,,,      ,   ■
.....      „   ,      ,    .    ,     ,       ,   , Tbe hush   (Ire   be'ween   Wpntmlnsler      After 0 vote Of  thanks  lo  the  chair-
nguinst \\ in. Badcock  took place before       ine ousn   nre   Between   \iestmiiisier ...       .. ,   .      ,,
...        n,  ■ i ,   .,     i ...i   t „n,\ V.i neon eel- bus been verv licivo -iiiil   mail, the Ilieelln.. ad'nlll-licil Sine die.
Justices Biekle and  Mtttheson al Wei- ann > amouvei nas ueen \erj mm,ami —
lington lust night, and resulted in an  ran overseveral bnndredacres of limber, i    After the meeting the fiowly.ehwted
acquittal, the evidence going to show 1° ' Sunday last, aided bya strong breeze, | board met and rettppi
the charge wns of u trivial natuse, !il threatened to destroy 150 cords of fire-
The alarming preponderance of the , ■•',; ll belonging to the Tramway Co. and
Jap element iu the fishing population a11 1,a,llls ■VCTe l'"lil''1 ""l -° try and
on the ITraser is being freely discussed ' "-heels the progress of the destroying ele-
among the British Columbian fishermen i,nent* The 'vim' si"'*"1.-!" P*-*1" or two,
with some rather agly comments upon the wot-**  piles  were Ba*e(1'  '""   U"'
the situation, and it is quite on thorurds j <!«nies spread out, und, leaping the track,   for supplies vote ordered to be invited
that there will be some trouble along the I made it rather dangerous for the cars '
Is the One True isluuil Purifier, si; six for $6.
«j      j.    *r»*it    ""re ■''"''' "Is; easy to
HOOU S HlllS tako, easy to operate. SO*
Ex-Mayor John Hilbert will leave on
Tuesiluy for Son Francisco to attend the
Grand Lodge, Sons of St. George, which
will  convene  in  (bat city on  the 2.-ilh
[nst.   He will be accompanied  by his
daughter l.illie, and they will be absent'!
from the city about three weeks.
- -*-**■*.—  —
Killed n Panther.
Wednesday, when on his way along
the YVestmitinier pipe line, Mr. John
Ankers encountered a panther,
which wits disposed to dispute his
progress. After ;i somersault over
a stump and a few more unintentional amies, Mr. Ankers decided
to hit nt the animal,with the result
that he put out one ofitseyes. The
oilier eye beingkepton Mr. Anker's
do!/, a few more blows from his
walking stick decided the matter.
The animal stood fully 3 feol high,
and the skin measured 9 feet from
tip to tip,
jDid you see that Bike
Every time you buy $1 worth of !>
goods you get a chance to guess. ')
you should guess the nearest to the
weight of the two pieces of Coal in
their window.
Commercial St., Nanaimo, R. C.
Handled Only by N. E. P. S.
John Wm. Bell died al. lhe Veronica
II"lino this morning of peritonitis, aged
31 years, lie lorn.erly resided at 51 Haliburton streel, ami was a member of the
Methodist■ church. The funeral will take
place tit 4 o'clock Sunday under the auspices of Nanaimo Foresters' Home, No,
688(1, "f which deceased was a member,
Rev. T. W. Hall ollieitititig. Council Xo.
ii, Royal Templars of Temperance, of
Pleaee, and also the physician's recotn-   „.,,; ,h ,*ei.ease(| wns Blao n member, will
Itiendmion to provide a separate mater-
were left in  the hands of
board met and reappointed Dr. Davis
medical officer and Mr. and Jlrs. Watson
ns steward nnd tnntron respectively.
Committees were also appointed as follows: Finance, .1. II, I'leacc, .1 Kelly,
T. Dobeson; supply, M. Wolfe, W. E.
Webb mid   W. II. S. Perkins.    Tenders
meet at S o'clock for the purpose of attending the funeral ill a body.
Did you BBS t.'tofi
It's about time yol
Spend 11 and gel a
two ehurtiisof coal?
put your ticket ill.
iiiiess at Stevenson's.
er Sack.
, ] for some time.
finally burned
; any
line before the active fishing Sua	
over j itself out,  without doin
A Wellington Chinaman named Wing, ! damage.
becoming crazed with the idea that his
fellow-countrymen  bad  robbed him of
$300 and were trying to rob him of his,
*     .    , , ,",,,,     ,i i  the high wind prevailing at the time and
hie, In defense of which  be  bad armed  the closeproximity of many residences a
himself with an axe, was arrested on serious conflagration seemed imminent.
Thursday by Constable Stephenson and ■ Such n result was averted, however, by
lodged  in tbe provincial jail to await, j l.1'" promptitude and
medical examination.
Vancouver's Bicycle By-law.
senou-      ^ie *"'l-v Council of Vancouver have
[ enacted a by-law for the regulation of
1'l.e timber ou Milton street, between I bicycle-riding which prohibits ri ling at
The dry grass on the hill buck of the
I X L stables, and near the residence of
Mr. W. Reed, was set on fire Ibis afternoon, it is said, by some boy or boys,
"just for thc fun of the thing."   The re
Wentworth street and Comox road, took ; n Pat'e exceeding eight miles an hour on
Bre Thursday afternoon, and in view of  tbe streets and six miles an hour at (he
intersection of streets. Each rider must
have attached to his bicycle a bell that
can be distinctly beard ut a distance of
at least 40 yards, which must lie sounded " when passing or meeting any otlier j if ! cm
person, whether walking or riding, when
he arrives at a distance of 30 yards of
such oilier person." Riding on theside-
walks is prohibited, and riders are required to "move out of the way of any
foot-passenger, and  at such a distance
not bo
'    I'ro-
Lor.il Pet til Market
',o".*it—Qgilvie's Hungarian
Green Crown. ......
Boqar—Beat granulated .
Bright yellow ...
Hams From 15i
BlIKAKFAK'l' Ii.ic
Lard—Best   ..
liter run— Cream
Potatoes ...
New poi aloes
The outside or wood substance of wheat, is removed nnd balance
of kernel ground into flour, making a perfect flour for all
dyspeptics, and will aid digestion quicker than any other
in use. ^
We claim to hnve TEAS, the best, the equal of which are nowhere
to be had. Thev will go the farthest and please the most
particular.    Choice Blends, 2i>. -10 and 50 els. per lb.
The Best Groceries bandied by us. (live us a trial order this
month and save money for yourself as well as store.
flicieney of the
lire department, upon which they ure to
be congratulated.
Scalded to Death.
Mr. and Mrs. II. I. Westwood ex* \[
perienced a deplorable misfortune
Friday morning, when  their little
stilt proved very much otherwise to the j son,   aged   3-J   years,   was   fatally , ,hat flm.h ,„„,,„,. |iul„
neighbors, who with considerable diffl-, scalded by accidentally falling into , j,,,.,,,,venieneed bv such bicycle
culty kept the fire at bay until the and-! a tub of building water.    The boy
val of the tire brigade. was playing in the kitchen when,
Upon advices from Victoria,Constable I before anyone could intervene, he
Dougall arrested an Italian named Josef j fell backward and headforemost in-
Oangeli upon the nrival of the train at j In  the  tub.    Me wns
lie liiiiireil lho Mures nil along the main mute,
Says he: 'The right olio I've not yet found out.
I linn'. Whitfield—l'U bay only from htm,
For lie sells tlm cheapest," says iirinn O'Lynn.
Ho stopped « little west of Albert street;
iie saw whltlletd's sisn—sure 'twiis h treat;
He npeqcd the door nnd Uunrge Blond within—
"I've found It nf lost," snys liiinn u'l.yini.
material to remain on uny
Duncans'onFiidav,disuppointingCliief jrescued  and   a  doctor
Crossan and Constable Thompson, who  but all efforts to save his life were, penalty for
were laying for hi.n ut Nonaimo.    He j unavailing, death ending his suffer-1 ^ Rny ^ ^ ^ ^.J^ |§
We showed him our call boots, kid nnd cowhide,
Tho ones we praise most—no senilis nt llie side.
We've bootsnlnll kinds from Queheenml llerlln,
.... , , i "sure vou've boots fur tne million," says Brian
vision is also made against placing on       o't-yun. [no trash!
anv  track  or  thoroughfare anv  tacks.  He bought ltlm his boots, which ol course were
, ., .,,,,,,        .   . Ho rnid down his money, fer wo sell only lor
glass or otlier material liable to injure or   t<, the publio hosnyBt "Bo not taken in, [ensh.
liny only from Wliitfiold," snys briuti O'l.ynn
"If there's a lenkln the tec or side ef your shoe, |
Just tnke 11 to Whitfield, that's nil you need d.i; ■
He will peg it er patol) jiiBt while yo i nro in.
And the iihurgesoomB like nothing," snys Brian
IIHIVIllU.-l    III ,      , ,    . , , ,
,.   .  ,    : delav anv bicvee, and against propertv
lmmediatelv I ,       '.    , .   .     r   y    *,
-, ; owners knowing y perinittui:	
summoned,       .   , , .       b ' '
any such
ad way in
*"->** •<..* > b f at y .        m-ii     violating any of the above provisions s nrrrTTTrriniriin ia  *i... ci-...,. ir..,.
was lodged in jail here over nightnnd   mgs about lluee hours later,    lhe , alim, n6texceedingll26orimprisoiimeut  Will I V IELD, tllO 8006 Mail,
taken back to Victoria this morning, .community deeply sympathize with not exceeding two months, Victoria Ciushobst, Nasaimo,
_> .  _ . .....        ,   • ,'     |L. h.mhI. l-   It.t. an., nffiinltiiii
the parents in their sore affliction,
The funeral will take place Sunday afternoon from thc residence,
corner of Prideaux street and Co-
Tho prisoner was arrested on suspicion nf
being the man who stabbed a Frenchman
fiamod Cbrlstol at Victoria on Tuesday
The facificCoast Steamship Company   mox road. ^      	
has announced a new schedule, to take !     rf        wn g g0(Jl, gafmti y,m w|*j w|„
elfect next week.    Hitherto the pnssen-   (ne |jjke at Stevenson's and give your
ger rates from Victoria to San Fruncisco  girl a show,	
hive been iH and $i> for cabin uml steerage, but in future the rates will bo i 10
»nd S-7.50. The old schedule expired
with the sailing of tbe Walla Walla from
Vlctorift on Thursday evening, and the
first vessel coming under the new regulations will bo tho Umatilla, which sails
July 21.
Ths charge preferred, on behalf of the
liberal .\3Sociation of Victoria, ngninst
Mr. Wllliaiv Qrirnm, of having illegally
voted twice in tbe recent Dominion election, came helore Magistrate Macrae for
iirellminarv hearing on Thursday. Witnesses called hy the prosecution swore
that Mr. Uriintn had voted at the city
hall and also at the Willows, and lhe
magisli'ata decided that sufficient evidence had U'.i'U offered to justify com-
(liitling thn dofdndant for trial at the
jirst court of competent jurisdiction
lie  was  admitted  to  bail—himself   :
1400, and surety to like amount,
Highest Honors—World's Fair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.    Pre
in  from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
I 40 Years thc Standard.
reat Sacj4ifice
Fletcher gpos.
%WAfi we are retiring from business, wo will give every person
who i.s thinking of getting a Piano or uu Organ a snap
Our entire stock must be sold by August lst.
To Bicycles done on our premises nt the shortest possible notice.
M«, CooKiiJQbelnga thorough practical bicycle band, will bo
pleased to furnish  all information gratis, and  all  work
done by this rtriu willbc guaranteed to be first-class.
Next to Sloan & Scott's Old Stand.
P.   S—A large consignment of bicycle sundries just arriv-
from the east.
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs
ioneer Steam Laundry
By so doing you will PATRONIZE WHITE LABOR
Dye Works in connection..
P. O. Box 95. D. M. STEWART, Proprietor.


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