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The Nanaimo Semi-Weekly Mail Aug 1, 1896

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 -. ..... ,*.- ■-
—.. „.,~^»..—.» HUBS.
By the test of public opinion
and found "all right."
K Second Year
And increased success of the
people's paper, the ,
n NanaimoMaU^eSHft j:
Is our business, and the superiority of our work commends itself, win leas to prices
it Is Profitable
To deal with us. All classes
of wurk fur all classes of customers is our specialty.
VOL. I2.-N0. 12.
Sow is the Time
Infesting Trees, Shrubs,)  0   0   0    0    0    0:_
1'lowers and Vegetables.)
You want something that will do the business
effectually, yet will not injure the most
delicate flower or plant.
Does the trick.    Try a tin.
We also have in stock Whale Oil Soap, used
by all Fruit Growers.
We have a small stock of Fruit Jars—Pints, Quarts and
Half Gallons.
Delta and Duncan's Creamery Butter and choice Manitoba
Creamery and selected Dairy Butter in 5, 10, 20 and
30 lb. tubs.    Prices away down.
Sterilized Cream from the Delta Creamery, very choice, in
Pint Jars.
We have a full line of lhe best Groceries at the Bottom
Prices.    Quality Guaranteed.
We have just opened out a large consignment of Boots and
Shoes.    Prices^iro right.
W"■' ■> ,i i
Call and See our Stock and Get our Figures.    It will pity
you. ''■< .  ,.
The People's Store,
to come and inspect our stock of
Ladies' I Children's Millinery
Our stock this season we assure you is
complete in every respect and bound
to please. It comprises all the latest
novelties, etc. A very fine and well
assorted stock of Ladies' Sailors and
Children's Galatea, Silk and Lace Hats.
Crescent Store,
Nanaimo, B. C.
Fletcher Bros.
S^As wo are retiring from business, we will give every person
who is thinking of getting a Piano or an Organ a snap
Our entire stock must be sold by August lst.
To know tlmt tlm.
Boil mul I'uresil
Preserves iiiattit  )
, A ri? ttiono
'prepared by
Wo only '.iink-i the bent.   Try tbciii.
I Blank Currant, Strawberry, Bod Currant
I   atul Gooseberry Preserves now ready.
When you want a delicious dish of lea Cream,
call at MoKENZIE'S,
on V ctohia Obbsobnt,
Always ou hand.
Ice. Ice.
The Union Brewing Co.,
Limited Liability,
Delivers ICE at resiliences. Order before twelve o'clock. Terms
UNION BnEWIKG CO.. limited Liability.
W. E. Nonius, Sutt'ty.
mako tux and wage equal to an honest
living wage of while labor,   Puss another aet making a penal offense the
landing of either Chinese or Japanese
of the labor itluss in or on the shores of
I British  Columbia.     Further, that  no
A Writer  Who Believes That 0,'****-M •» Japanese laborer leaving
,.    ,,,,,, r.        i | shall be ullowed to return under uny
the 0nl£Real Remedy. consideration.    The  remedy  may  be
__ severe, but the disease is dire and rap
idly increasing."
And Advocates the Taxation of All
Immigrants With Capital,
Mr. Ernest J. Wood, who for four
years was a member of the Legislature of Manitoba, and more recently
has been Dominion Immigration
Agent at Birmingham, Kngland,
,, , has been in the Province for a few
Robertson writes us follows to  weeks, examining generally into lhe
tbe Victoria Times: I Dominion offers for
Employers of Asiatic Labor,
Severe Cases Require
Drastic Remedies.
II. J.
For   the   Non-Enforcement  of tbe
Sabbath Observance By-law.
Ihe .try of combines: We must have ; from the0kl Country. Mr, Wood's
leap labor to build our railways und iden—whioh is undoubtedly thecor-
for our canneries uud other industries; ?) i rect one_is that ft, Ule ■ m .■
run by Asiatic labor. That a few may British Columbia, and Canada Ren-
make large profits the many shall stiller. erally for t,,at ni.lU requireB jm.
Ihe true definition ol cheap labor is de- J raigrants with at le,,gt a moc]erate
moraliisation, for morality and the mis- amount of capital, to assist in (leery of hunger exclude each other.   Trace  veloping the varied natural resour-
Mrs. A. Baldwin
Offers her services to the Ladies of Nanainio as an EXPERIENCED NTJR8E,
who has bad large experience iu and
through the Northwest Territories, Address
80 Nicol Street.
Ladies  and   Children's   Sewing   done
neatly.   Prices reasonable.   Address
162 Nicol Street.
it further, it destroys   trade,   further,
manufacturers;  further,  our farmers;
further, all values in real property; all  (y f,„. wo
and everything suffers in a degree, but this idea,
the great burdens fall on those least with him, recently, from the  Ol
able to resist, the poor,    The dill'erenti- j Country, a party of 120 agricultui-
atiou of white to Asiatic labor should j jsts, possessing an average of $ 1,500
strike   the   comprehension of all, yet in cash, each, with which to com
ces of the country, rather than the
ass who would come looking simple.    In  accordance with
Mr.   Wood   brought out
hundreds are living apparently unconscious of the fact that the undermining
of the white nice is going on rapidly.
Having a few dollars, the welfare of their
posterity does nut trouble them. The
vicious twaddje is talked that thev are
Editor Mail: I noticed in your
contemporary of July 2'Jth a letter
dealing with the actions of Mayor
llavison at the Council meeting of
tlte :27th inst. with regard to the
Explosives By-law, and more especially with a statement that the
Free l'ress falsely stated and wickedly perverted to suit the editor's
own feelings and to injure Mr. Davison— if that were in his power.
I am not anxious to deal with the
distorted report of the Free Press
or its correspondent on this point,
hut in the latter's communication
there was a reference made to the
Sabbath observance by-law—evidently used with a bad intention
and for the purpose of appealing to
the feelings of a certain class to help
the Free Press out, with whom the
editor has nothingin common and is
regarded by the same class as of the
least influence to help anything
pertaining to the moral value of
the Sabbath. 1 am afraid that the
public are not actpuainted with the
facts referred to, and as the Free
Press critic has insinuated—yea,
has stated what is untrue of the
ease, an explanation is necessary.
mence life in their new homes. "Abstainer" states that Mayor Da
These l'20imniigrants have all been ! vison told the police officers that
satisfactorily located in various this by-law could not be enforced,
Provinces as. follows: 50 in Ontario,! and that this was the reason why
-lOin Manitoba, 15 in the Northwest, it was not applied; while the facts
and 15 in this Province.
Lodge Notices.
Tnkerman Lodge, No, SSS, Sons of St.
George.—Regular weekly meeting Is held
in'HlHiert'e Hall, Wharf street, on Saturday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethren cordially invited to .attend.
Fiiki). Waosiakf, Sec.
God's children add should be freely admitted us equals.     Every animal, like I        Anti-Chinese Act Reference.
j man, is formed of the same Bubetances, j     li. Smith, secretary of the Miners'
i yet we do not live like they do, or as- Protective Association, hits received
sodlate with them. Others think that; from the Provincial Attorney-Gen-
our superior skill in science and much- j oral an invitation for the Associa-
' anics is our security, it is insane folly, ! tion to lie represented at the forth-
for what thc Asiatics lack in this they looming  reference   to the Supreme
make up tenfold in Imitation. If they Courl of the amendment lo the Coal: it was his intention to enforce the
ure not our superiors in positive they : Mines Regulation Act, prohibiting I by-law if the legal opinion was fa-
are in negative force.   Our labor cannot! the employment of Chinese under-  vorable.    So that the whole blame
are—first, that the by-law was referred to the Police Magistrate for
a legal opinion as to whether or no
il could be enforced. This is at
least two months ago, and no decision has yet been given. When the
question was under discussion in
the Council, and was so agreed to,
Mayor Davison stated plainly that
llriuii OT,vim hiul un IhioIh l« wear,
Ho he came to Ximiiltitu tn buy liiin ii palrt
I "I'll tnti,' one pair nt thick uml ono pnir nl thin,
1 11 lean Iiml WliltHeld's," says UrliinO'Lynll.
I Ho hunted tiie stores all along the mnlu route,
■ Bays lie: '"Tito riiclitono I've not vet found out,
I want Wlilttlolrt" I'll buy only from him,
For hu sells the oheapest,' says lirlan O'Lynn.
He stepped a little went nf Albert Btroot;
I He Haw \\ tittiiel.r.- sign- sure 'im its ii trout:
[ lu. opened the door iiml Oeorgo stood within—
" I've found tt at lust," snys liriiiu O'Lynn.
possibly compete with them and live ground in coal mines. The question
like human beings. Their officials havefto he decided is the constitutionali-
oiit-genei-aleil, out-manosuvered, nnil ty or unconstitutionality ofthe pro-
Himld out-drive us from Chi mi, but .for- : vision prohibiting the employment
Innately for us Ihey ure not lighters. of .Mongolians  Underground'.     The
"The cry throughout China by high  invitation has been itecepted   and
und low is China for theChinese.   llt'n-   Mr.Chas. Wilson, barrister, of Ynn-
| We showed him our calf boots, kid and cowhld
■ The OI108 we limine must  -nn senilis nt thc siil
l We've i,cnis,,t ait kindsfnun Qtiobocand llorlln
J "Sure you've bonis forth
isli Columbia, under the present regime,
is ii.r combines und Asiatic cheap labor.
There ute six or seven times us imtuy
canneries ns there were eight years ngo,
yet the cry is still ilm same, it is obvious thut this must stop. 1 reiterate
niQlloii," soys lirlan  that the teeming of our rivers with  fish
[nn trash-
eouver, will represent lhe  Associ;
of the matter is to be found in Magistrate Simpson, who, by the way
(1 would not be surprised), may
have staled his legal opinion to the
officers without ever reporting such
opinion to the Council, and yet
Mayor Davison is blamed for it.
Nobody knows this belter than the
lion. The date of the argument will Free Psess, yet nobody is so ready
be set at the next
li tting of the Court
The following officers were elected at the meeting the M. it M. I..
, He bought htm jits boots, whioh nf course wen  Instead of being a blessing to our people : '*• A. held this afternoon: President,
t'o\Ki.u« "• "■■»'*- "' •^'■'i*' labor, rendered an Wm. Jones; agent and secretary,
I Buy only from Willtllotd," says Itrlilll O'Lynn   actual source of  injury,     lit no pari of   "illpll   Smith   (re-elected);    treas-
If (hero's a loak in the toe or sidoor your shoo, [the United Kingdom would such work  l|1'er,  James  Bradley  (re-elected).
he tolerated,     lu China or Japan it
would not he allowed hy the natives for
lirnrmi.-iii-T it, ii     au      ir        a duy.    That the canneries may realize
WHITFIELD, WIG Shoe MlUl.   huge  profits  is  „,y earnest wish; that
Victoiiia Chksckst, Xaxaimd.        i they should do so at the cost of utterde-
"T        .'hi im I morali/.alion of the white race is my ol
.lust lake it ti) Whllllehl, Hint's nil ynu need do;
lie will pen it or patch lust while ynu nre 111.
And the cliurire seems like untliiuc," stlvs llriitn
less Directory
Hamsters, and Solicitors.
Commercial street.
i\   t, CANE, Barrister and Solicitor, Room 11,
Vs.  Johnston lilock.
MclNNKB .v McINNKS,  Barristers,  Room n,
Johnston ltloek, I'ouimercial street,
jeetion.    To   stop forever uny further
it ignition  of  Chinese, Japanese or
other Asiatic cheap labor is the objeut of
my letter, not to cause ill feeling against
those here now.
" I fully realize Hint many benefitted
and interested by Asiatie labor will condemn my writings: hut, iu addition to
the  present general   Welfare,   the  very
to allow a false statement to go
abroad than the editor of that
paper; but a consolation remains—
namely, that everybody in Nanaimo is aware of this fact, and need
only ts be reminded of the truth of
the case to direct their judgment.
Mayor Davison would do the
right thing on Monday night to
Mr. Smith was also elected delegate I demand the legal opinion on this
to tbe Trades and Labor Council I question at once, and this would be
which meets at Quebec in Septem- sufficient explanation for the whole
her. A coinmittee was appointed thing and furnish evidence that the
to make arrangements for the cele-iold crowd were only trying toprac-
brationof'Labor Day, the sentiment tice a little of their old methods,
of  the meeting being in   favor of! such   methods   being   to   think  a
assisting in the celebration at Van-1 tbing a igst themselves and say,
if not in words, certainly in actions,
that everybody must abide by it.
COUVer this year.
Over 1,700 pensioners of the United States reside in Canada, l>(>4 in
Great Britian and 573 in Germany,
In no oilier foreign hinds do the
pensioneers of the United States
number over ion.    The total nura-
VARWOOU & VOONQ, Barristers, comer of grave question arises, What ure we going  hor nf i-ionninnnro is now rorlnnorl I,,   invented   an  attaciiment for loon
} I'lMiiuio^jiini.iasiious.reeis. _ __ ,uJowl|li ,„„. MMfm1 ,fhey ^Jj grcjj. ™™*™ j?taaSeSSwaS »** will undoubtedly revolution!
__ iioTANisT. com pete with Asiatics,   Farming offers v{][ steadily decrease.    Last  year h,ne weaving  trade, and reduce t
ril    HAUIIY,   BqMnlC   llrilltltisl, Wllllle'.il (res-
■l.  cent.  Try Hardy's rile Ointment.
Dii. MASON, Oculist   Bxtraotlni a specialty,
l.ns nnd Kther iiilnilulslered.
Oltlee, lldilr'cllnu's Block, Niinnlino.
WJ. CURRY,   II. I). S.,l(reell lllnek.     lirst-
•   clsss work Itualaliteed.
pRESOKNT PHARMACY,   ll.w.i. A stk.uim in,
t.i   |,rn|,rietnrs.   Victoria Crescent,   lilspelisinu
and family recipes a specialty,
Medical Hall, corner , omuicrcial ami llns-
tiou slreels.   Telephone |.;|..i.
NANAIMO DVB WORKg.—Dyeing, Cleaning
and Repairing   11 Nicol street.
0, OHahi.tom, Manager,
G   MARSH, Wholesale Healer In  Fish  ami
.     (iiiine, Bastion street. Nillllttmo.
GRAND HOTEL-W. Stbki., Prnprielnr-Victoria Crescent.
J.  Proprietor.  Victoria Orescent,
nsiirance Agent,
WOLKE, Financial and
Johnston Block.
A   NASH,   House   nml   Sign  Painter,   Paper
. Halieer.   etc.    Corner  Albert  and  Milton
streets.   P. O. box 308.
no inducement, the sen is practically
barred for the want of vessels; in fact,
we have no opening for our children.
When this il considered, is there uny
language too strong to condemn the government combine that bus aided and
abetted this Invasion for years to forward their e« n and thoir supporters' Interests, regardless of the publio ivealJ
"Thnt the Dominion Government will
help us there can he no doubt, but before uskiiitf relief  il   ll
duty to Inaugurate et
deinption. Raising the poll-tax to (500
would he a great check, but Ineffective
in its Hoiking, Ion- half the sum Chinese would he Smuggled in at all risks:.
The white settlers will not give up the
country to Asiatics; they will not acquiesce in the invasion, Coalition of
the races is utterly Impossible; miscegenation means degradation and shivery;
the greatest burdens falling on the females. There is but one jiourse only—
total exclusion of Chinese, Japanese and
all other Asiatic labor classes. This is
our self-preBcrvation, the lirst law of
"British North America Act, 1807:
' Exclusive power of provincial legislation,'  sec. 02, sub-sec. 2; 'direct taxu-
Another  Labor-Destroying;   Device.
San Francisco papers report that
a resident of California has recently
n attaciiment for looms
over 80,000 died. The total sum <*°*** "f fahrics and clothes and place
paid in pensions bv ibe Republic tne mme ot the inventor in the list
Fast year was $180,749,245.80. There!"1* i*1'*''*1 **1P11 (,f -he «ge. It has
are yet 21 pensioners of lhe war of l'*'('" demonstrated^ that the use of
181a, antl 8,826 pensioned widows
on account nf the war of 1812. Hut
for llieircivil war and attendant expenditure, the United States' national taxation would to-day be so
low as In render it a most desirable
place of residence for a man  in or-
this attachment on looms will effect
a   savinn of front lil) to 50 per cent
FOREMAN A HARDY, Real Estate Brokers,
Itnstlnii street.
TAYLOR, Denier in all Hints nf Xew nml
Seennil linn,1  Furniture, and  Fancy Articles ul evcrv description.
Masonic Building, Commercial street.
iu lhe cost of weaving,    lt docs lhe
work dreamed about and sought for
during the past history of the loom,
For   155 years  tho  weft or lilling
[thread has been laid in the web by
means nj shuttle and bobbin, nnd
iii,  mechanism   that   will   dispense
Customs Receipts. with thc  bobbin and weave with a
mini* are the customs returns continual  supply of weft will he
month of July: j bailed with delight by every weav-
.'ollectud  (4,528.80! Ing factory of the world.     The at-
.Miscellnneoiis       11)4.114 ] tuchment 'lately built and completed
Total  (4,718,58 i hy lhe 1IulH ','0(,mi ft"(,1 V'}hric °0m/
i manifestly our dinarycircumstances,
ir  policy   of   re-
for tl
Hoods imported free (21,700.00
Dutiable   15,208.00
pany accomplishes all this, and its
importance can therefore be readily
understood. It is estimated that
the application of these attachments
to looms will enable one man to do
the same work that now requires
liftcen men. Already letters are
Spirits .1 un; su l beginning to pour in upon thecom-
Ma.lt    ............... 981 sa I pany from till parts of the East ast
Cigars 140.70—$1223.061 well  as   from   Kngland,   Ireland,
France,   Belgium,   Germany and
lu bind He venue Returns.
The returns for July were as follows: IJ
0. Marker, of the Dominion dairy com-'
missioner's staff, has arrived  at Chilli-
tion within the province in order lo the j wack, where he will assist in getting the
raising ef a revenue for provincial pur-: new creamery started.   He will join Mr.
poses.'   I venture to BURgest that these  Ruddlok nt Agassis In tho beginning of
powers should be exercised, if nothing  August,  and  from  there they will visil ' known by the cures it bus Diode.   His
better be devised.   I'ass tin uol taxing j the various funning districts 'of the I'm-   "''' one Trua Blood Purlfla1''
all employers of Chinese or Japanese vlnee with a travelling dairy similar to
labor In a sufficient sum per day, week, that which was in tiiis Province last
month or year, or any portion thereof to I year. 1K.:s.   2,,,
| other other countries
Mt'.KiT Wins and (hut is why Mood's
Sarsaparilla holds theabidingconfidence
of the public,    Hood's Sarsaparilla is
Hood's l'n.i.s cute liver ills, oonstlpa-
t'o i, jaundice,  sick headache, bilious- GbelRana^moflfoaUl
ruiatsiimi evkuy
K  0. Beard, Editor and Manager.
Bastion Street. Nanainio. B. C.
By mail—one year E.oo
Six months l.ste
Three months... *^e
Delivered bv earner y5e. per mouth
Chinese Restriction.
The meeting called for next Wednesday evening should be a large
and representative one of the people of this district, to the end that
whatever action is taken receive the
endorsement of all classes alike and
by unanimity give force to the desires of the people.   The meetings
held in Vancouver were large and
enthusiastic, as also unanimous in
the means suggested to bring about
the desired relief, and it should not
be said that Naniiimo, which is affected to as great, if not gre iter extent than thc Mainland, lacks enthusiasm or numbers in supporting
the movement so well inaugurated
in Vancouver.   Since the agitation
commenced in British Columbia the
labor organizations and people affected by coolie labor throughout the
Dominion have become aroused to
a sense of their duty and the importance of taking action toward securing  effective protection for Canadian labor; and this province, which
is affected more  than  any  other,
should send up a petition signed by
such numbers that the measure of j
relief prayed for could not reasonably lie denied, in view of the fact
that the Premier has promised to
comply with the wishes of the west-
cm ,,..,,..I.. ;„ »*l-   _ .   ti    . .1.   I " ,lc" »' ls I'eiueiiiuereu mu
em people in this resDect. That the w       1 - . •        - n       1
means of relief sought wil be endow-1 f 'Ti   P?PktT °  ^"i,8, a
ed by the labor element o otherpro- tnfle leS8 U*an a ^"A? %? rhole»
vin,.L •„ nc„..^.j  • i  e    ii   0I'e can imagine the faith that must
mavL mtnT 'in,.PTf,°f WblCl! ■» P!^d "> Mr. Laurier, whoa*
S™ nf ?. T th,atTl a ,eCen P"mier ofthe Dominion commands
SrT', ?f °rt0lV'lde9anaH)e support of the majority of
Labor Council a motion was unan-  English-speaking Protestants.   But
The Leaders.
The best portraits we have yet
seen of the two premiers, past and
present, appears in a recent issue of
the Illustrated American. They are
both clean-cut and correct, and ac
companying them is a pen picture
description, which is also clean-cut
and correct, to wit:
"The late Sir John A. Macdonald
once remarked to a friend: 'I can
trust Laurier without the slightest
fear; he is incapable of breaking his
word even if he wished to do so.' It
is not often that one political opponent will so speak of another, but
the great Conservative leader's tribute is no more than Mr. Laurier
"A shining example of honesty,
virtue and straightforwardness, he is
in every respect fitted to succeed to
the premiership which the electorate of the Dominion of Canada so
enthusiastically bestowed upon him
at the recent general elections.
"For a continuous period of eighteen years he fought the thankless
battle of opposition against a powerful government, struggling manfully in the face of tremendous odds
and ever watchful in the interests
of his country. Most men would
have wearied of this, and retired to
private life filled with bitterness
and disappointment; but Mr. Laurier ever presented a cheerful front,
and by 60 doing kept up the spirits
of his followers.
"As an orator, the new Premier is
without a peer in the Dominion. In
his private personality he is as he
looks, retined,courteous, and always
the gallant gentleman. In the heat
of a debate he has never been known
to forget himself, parrying the
coarsest thrusts with sarcasm well
chosen if severe.
"When it is remembered that the
imously adopted condemning the
present system of Chinese immigration and favoring theincrease of the
impost from *50 to $500, in confor
in this respect the man's worth is
recognized, ln official as well as
private life he is a Canadian in the
broadest sense of the word.     Wilh
,..,:,..       -.1    ., ... ',      _ oiwiuirK, pcunc ui nil.    mini. itji.ii
rlyfZ    1" PC"■Um t0be f,)rw"r- him it is not a case of race,religion
ded from this province.
Similar action was taken by the
Ottawa Trades and Labor Council
at a meeting held last week, when
the following resolution was passed
without >*. dissenting voice:    "That
or province first, but simply Canada
as a whole. To sum him up briefly,
it can be said that he is a true patriot.
" As Mr. Laurier is the man of
the present, Sir Charles Tupper is
in the opinion of this meeting, it is the man of the pa,t.     Associated
desirable that some action betaken
to bring tbe question of Chinese immigration to the notice of the Federal Government, and that this
meeting instruct the secretary to
write the British Columbia Trade
Councils, assuring them of our
hearty sympathy, andourwilliness
to co-operate with them in their
efforts to rid their Province of such
undesirable citizens."
Donald bam ier Mclniies.
W. W. B. Mclnnes, the newly-
elected member for Nanaimo, B. C,
who, with his wife, has been here
for some weeks, has been made u
happy father since his arrival, says
the Ottawa correspondent of the
Toronto Globe. The source of his
joy is a boy, born July 17th, who
is no doubt a born politician. It is
proposed to call him Donald Laurier
Mclnnes. Mr. Mclnnes was said
to be the youngest member of the
new House of Commons, but he is
outdone in this capacity by Mr.
Ethier, of Two Mountains, who is
23. Mr. Mclnnes is 25. Mr. Logan,
of Cumberland, N. S., ranks third.
A New York despatch of July 25th
says: In an interview last night Sir
Mackenzie Bowell, who has just returned from London,said: "The proposed cable will run, if constructed,
from British Columbia to Australia.
His most necessary. The feasibility,
practicability and desirability of
such a system have already been
established, and about the only
thing the conference will determine
is the mode of management. What
we want to find out is whether it
should besulrsidized by the Government or owned by tho Government.
That will lie decided ut the conference to tie held in the latter part of
The French Government will
issue a decree, to go into effect Aug.
1, concurrently with the new German act, raising the duty from 7
francs to 12J francs upon refined
Premier Laurier and all the Cabinet ministers have been re-elected
by acclamation. Aug. 5 has been
fixed for the big celebration in honor
of the Premier at Ottawa.
The Rothschilds have completed a
deal for the purchase of a gold-mining property in Mexico.   Thereport-
ed price is $5,000,000.
Sir John Evans has accepted the
Presidency of the British Association, which meets in Toronto next
The wheat crop of Manitoba is
variously estimated at from 12,000,-
000 to 30,000,000 bushels.
with his old chieftain, Sir John A.
Macdonald, he had grown accustomed to victory, and the defeat
coming at this late day, when for
the first time he was forced to de-l
pend upon his individual talents,!
will be hard on him. Comfortably ',
ensconced in his office of High Com- '<
missioner, it was thought that Sir
Charles was permanently out oi
active politics. But when the dissensions in the Cabinet reached un
acute stage in January last he hied
him to the scene of the trouble, and
while deposing Sir Mackenzie Bowell from the active premiership, endeavored u> unite the antagonistic
elements of the party. A short time
later he was called upon to assume
in name that which for some time
past had been bis in practice, and
from then until June 23 he held tbe
title of Premier. His reign was the
briefest in the history of Canada,
covering a period of but eight weeks.
"The aged baronet—for he is now
five years over the allotted three
score and ten-is still, as he always
has been, a great fighter, and tu accomplish an object will overcome
tremendous obstacles, lt is doubtless owing to his great pluck and
perseverance that he has succeeded
in his political career. As one of
the fathers of confederation and Sir
John A. Macdonald's successor, he
was for many years in the ascendant, and probably did us well in
the recent contest as any of his followers would have done, though his
egotism and Czar-like uutocrucy induced many old-time Conservatives
lo secede from his party.
"Sir Charles is not in any sense
an orator, although he speaks with
force and impresses an audience
with his determination. It is as a
stump-speaker that he is at his besl.
In 1887 he was appointed one of
Her Majesty's plenipotentiaries to
the Fisheries' Conference aft Washington, and it was in recognition of
the services there rendered and his
subsequent success ih carrying the
bill for the ratification of the treaty
through the Canadian House of
Commons that he was created a
The story goes that a deputy returning officer at Winnipeg took to
his booth in his coat pocket 200
ballots marked in advance for the
Conservative candidate, as a guarantee of good faith, an indubitable
proof of industry, and a convincing
evidence of loyalty to the party.
It is announoed that C. P. Huntington, of the Southern Pacific Rail-
Company, has bought a share in ihe
Oregon Railway and Navigation
Company, which has just been
turned over by the Federal receivers
to a newly organized company.
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stiitii that the Revier House has
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"he New Minister of Public Works
Playing: Havoc With Political
Pets of the Late Regime.
Death of John Clarke.
Ipttawa, July 28.—Confirmation of.the
sport that Sir Donuld Smith will re-
liin the high coiuiuissioncrship was revived here to-day. Hon. J. I. Tarte
s present at the conference which Sir
'.•Anald held with the premier lust even-
iig. Your correspondent received his
"■it'ormutioii officially this u irning, the
lifonuuut laying emphasis ou the state-
iieut that the arrangement was just for
lie present.
The question of doing away with the
Irintiug bureau has not even been euu-
Jereil up to the present time.
'Dominion Inspector of Insurance Fitz-
I'ruUl  unticipates  nu serious results to
'nerlcnn  Insurance  companies    doiuK
i'jslnes8   in   Cunnda   from   the   possinle
**'.'.option  of a  free  silver policy  in  the
lutes.      It  is   believed   the    American
lotupunics will take steps to assure po.»-
[>y  holders in the  Dominion that their
"olieies will be puid in lawful funds of
I' -uiada.
Sir Chillies Tupper, Bart., lias left for
i.'oronto. He will consult with the
liuity leaders there regarding tbe bye-
^lcctiou campaign  iu Ontario.
The C. P. It. commenced work yesterday ou the Vaudreitil and Ottawa
Dr.  Selwyn. ex-director of the geolo-
i icnl survey, who has just returned from
[ltritisli Columbia,  is enthusiastic   over
[the mineral prospects of tluit province
Sir Mackenzie  Bowell,    who    was a
"^iissengcr on the    steamship    i.ucnuin,
ocoetled direct  to  his  home in  Belle-
| ille.     He is in excellent health.
The appointment of  Mr.  Bechnrd  to
Bile senate is- gazetted.
. Toronto, July 28.—John Clarke, Lib-
J'.al member-elect for North Grey, died
l.t his home near Oweu Sound yester-
IIny.     He was a man   of   magnificent
physique, and his death wus altogether
Winnipeg, July 28.—The Free    Press
I ays:     "Mr. Joseph Martin had lengthy
Interviews with Premier Greenway and
tion,  Clifford Sifton    yesterday  at    he
"jvernment  buildings.      Some  of    Mr.
.urtin's friends state thnt if he cau nr-
1 Inge a settlement of the school question with the local government setisfac-
ory to Premier Laurier and his eiiliinct
lie will be appointed miuister of the inferior."
church nnd convent. Six hoiiseB were
reduced to ashes, also a number ot
barns nnd outhouses with their contents
The Church of St. Nicholas had a narrow escape, also the convent.
Guelph, July 28.--Joseph Rmbree, 'n
jail at this town charged with criminal
deduction, strangled himself during tbe
Montreal. fuly 28.—C. A. ltoblllard
bus been appointed acting superinten-
deut of the Ottawa division of the Uau-
adiau Pacific, to replace H. B. Spencer,
resigned. Mr. Robillard was formerly
chief dispatcher nt Ottawa.
Halifax. July 28.—Mate Braiu and
crew of the bark Herbert Fullei have
b"en taken to Boston, wher? the investigation of 'he murders of the captain
and the others will he continued.
Kingston, July 28.—Five of the township farmers united nnd swept awav
the toll gates of the third concession,
between Cntaruqul and Perth, wnicc
they claimed were unjust.
Winnipeg, July 28.—Five toll gait
houses in Essex county have been burned A widow in charge was giveu 24
hours to get out. and she did so.
Cohonrg, July 28.—Lewis Taylor,
charged with attempting to murder his
wife, bus surrendered, nfter hiding in
the woods four days without food.
Toronto,  July  28,-Thc  Globe's    Ottawa  correspondent  says there  are  lu
..e new house of commons 03 lawyers,
i'd farmers, 2(1 merchants, 21   physic-
Luis,  19 gentlemen,  12 manufacturers,
JO journalists, 0 mill    owners. 3    contractors, 3 real estate meu, 2 surveyors,
|1 veterinary surgeon,  1 township clerk,
distillers. 1  financial  agent,  1  insur-
tence ma nager, 1 banker, 1 ship owner,
[t rancher, 1 oil refiner. 1 print r. 1 ilvil
engineer.   The printing bureau will not
abolished.    The government Is credited  with many  intentions.    They  were
ven said to be considering the Pacific
Icnhle scheme, n matter that is merely on
paper,     Sir   Mackenzie  Bowell   bus   re-
! urni'd  and  his  trip  was a  vain  thing
nless he went to get out of the goner-
1*11 elections.   The cleaning up of twenty
apartments, reformation of the tariff.
nmigrtilion,   extension  of  trade,  development of the Northwest, redistribution
lof   constituencies,   the   subject  of     thc
[franchise,  reform  of the senate, settle-
Inient of the school    question—nre    all
natters pressing for attention nud suftl-
-ient in themselves to occupy the time
f  the  government  without  the   stnto-
bnent thnt the ministry was busying it-
faolf with laying a cable under the Pn-
•illc ocean.
Quebec, July 28.—Cardinal Tascher-
enu's condition changed for the worse
yesterdny afternoon, his physicians being hastily summoned to his bedside.
His excessive weaknes renders his condition alarming. His eminence is suffering from ailments common to old uge,
and his strength fails him entirely. The
doctors term the malady "decrepitude."
It has been au open secret for some time
that he was suffering from both mental
and physical decay. His helplessness
and infirmities have weighed upon the
venerable prelate and his private physician says the remaining days of his life
are numbered. Last night the cardinal
was a little better, but his pulse is very
feeble nnd   unsettled.
Generally Approved.
Special Committee Will Be Appointed
to Investigate the Ailiiiinstra-
tion of Rhodesia—Rhodes
an Object of Scorn.
Ottawa, July 20.—Hon. ,1. 1. Tarte
left for Montreal to-day. Before leaving he told your correspondent that 73
employes had been dismissed from the
governmenl workshops nt Surel. Tuey
nre dismissed on the report of the chief
officer of the department at Sorel, who
reported that they had been taken on
principally during the lasl election nml
there was no work for them. They
were cltioHy political friends of lies-
jardlus, who were engaged by the election coinmittee without nny authority
from the department nt Ottnwn. There
are in nil nbout 140 employees attached
lo the department of public works for
whom there is actually nothing to do.
They will have to go. no matter wba*
their political viows are. but he will act
on reports of his chief responsible olP-
cers,  who  nre  all  Conservatives.
Chas. Ledne, paymaster for thc public works department in Ottawa river
works, wns notified to-dny that his services would not be lequired nfter the
"1st inst., us the position is abolished.
(t was created some ••(iirs ago to give
Lednc n job. It is a saving of 161,200
per year. The work will be done now
by .in accountant. Thne are eight other
officers of the department whose services wiil be dis-iensed wiil* at the end
of the month.
If local men are satisfied Hon. W.
Pnterson will run in Nirth tirey.
'llie only ii.inister In town to-day is
Senator Scott.
A party of 180 Auatrinns are en route
for the colony of their compatriots near
l-liliiuiiit.iii. This eolci.y was established
a year ago, and is said to be doing well.
At present it numbers 000 people. The
uowooihors possess a fair amount of
in .ney for the purchase ot stock nujl
Impli ments.
Montreal. July 28.—A special cable
I'rom London sa.vs: "Hon. Jos. Chniiiber-
'ain has secured the sanction of the cob-
linet to appoint Canadian, South African
Ind Australasia judges to the judicial
I committee of the privy council. The
If dim? chief justice is already appointed.
Fflie government here are waiting to
l> receive Premier Lnnrier's nomination of
, a Canadian judge. It is suggested that
jit would he fitting for Hon. Kdwnrd
I Blake's service to the cause of Liberal-
sra which Is now victorious, to be re-
Jcognizod by his selection,
Winnipeg. July 28—Oscar Ilollinger,
1 the IB year old son of Conductor Hol-
llnger, who hnd his arm and leg cut off
' by  being  run  over  with  a  train,  died
ihis morning nt  the general hospital.
Toronto, July 28.—The excursion tor
members of the board of trade to British  Columbia   has  been  arranged,   'ille
kdate Is August 10 nnd the fare will ■-••
MOO to ltevelstoke and return. If n
large number of business men take Hit*
( cau'age of the opportunity tn insis'ct
the    Brltslh    Columbia gold fields, the
fare will be reduced.
Hurry  Syiuons,  Q.C.,  of  Calgary,  M
i here on his way home from u visit to
England in connection with mining mat-
ters in Brltlfh Columbia: Mr. Symotis
s.ns British capitalists arc beginning 10
take great Interest in the mines of British Columbia nnd In the Itniny Hiver
district. Mining developments nre likely
to receive a boom in consequence.
George Foster wns found dead in bis
room, at a Shuter street boarding ho**".-
on Sunday, and it wns proved thnt he
hnd tnken morphine, presumably dell
berately, as he had attempted to tnke
his life before. He was fonuely a
newspaper i.invasser, bttt was hopelessly consumptive, out of work aud Ind
been veiy despondent lately.
The C.l'.R. h.ive arranged to open,to
the (Qu'Appclle, Long Lake & Saskatchewan railway from August for five
years.   This is the Prince Albert line
Owen Sound. July 28.—Fire Injured
Yniistoiic & Co.'s dry goods establishment to the extent of $8,000 on Sntur-
Quebec. July 28.—A fire occurred a*
St Nicholas last night, which threnten
ed  the whole    village,    Including    the
Halifax, July 211.—At the Conservative convention iu Kcntville Douglas ti.
Wodowortl was uomiiinted to oppose
Hon. Mr. Borden, the minister of militia.
Toronto. July 20.—The Globe says in
reference to the statement by Tupper
here yesterdny, in his interview, thnt he
would huve swept the country if it hnd
not been for the school question: "We
may remark that liefore the positions
were reversed the Conservatives took a
very different view of the responsibility of the lender of the opposition and
were nlways scolding Laurier because
he was uot sufficiently explicit in his declarations of his policy on the school
On Tapper's claiming as the Tory policy the Liberals' determination to develop the west, the (Jlola' says: "The
wisdom of certain nets of C nservntives
relating to the west is serioucly question
ed by the Liberals, and the best justifi-
eution of their criticism is found in the
fuel Uml the problem of the rapid Settlement uf the west is still unsolved."
The (ilohe also says that J. D. Eil-
gar, who, it Is commonly understood,
lie elected Speaker when parliament
meets, left yesterday for a camping trip
ou the north shore of Lake Superior, lt
is expected he will be nwny uutil the
opening of the house.
Sir Oliver Mowat left Toronto this
morning to take up his resideiiee in
Montreal. He travelled on the government car Cumberland, attached to
the Ottawa express.
When Sir Charles Tupper arrived in
Toronto from Ottawa he travelled as
an ordinary passenger ill the usual first
class coach, A little over n month ago
Sir Charles was rolling around the coun-
iry in the Cumberland, which, it happens, is named after Sir Charles' constituency  in Nova Scotia.
A representative of the Land Security company admitted to-dny thnt to
ncres of their land in the northwest part
of the city has lieen bonded by n syndicate which is horning for rock salt.
President   Mackenzie,  of  the Toronto
•treat railway, returned from England n
few days ngo and said today be hnd
plans in progress, not only to get control
of the Birmingham street railway system for a syndicate, but to buy lip nil
the street railways In Lon lon, England;
eutly unmoved  when the   verdict    had
| been reudeied, and Sir Edward Clarke
asked the court for permission to move
| for a new trial.   The judges afterwards
i retired  for  consultation,  and   (luring
their absence Sir  Edward Clarke said
that in view >f the verdict rendered the
defendants t- fused to instruct for a new
Sentence OI   Transvaal Raiders j trial and expressed a desire to have the
case settled.
Lord Russell Baid the verdict was
giren on evidence which no reasonable
man would be able to disregard. All
the defendants, he added, were men ut
position and intelligence, holding positions under the Queen, and their crime
hud the gruvist consequences, including
death to some and injury to others,
while the future consequences of their
crime no one was yet able to forsee.
Continuing, the Lord Chief Justice said
Ihat although they all took part in the
raid the court must distinguish between
them in ibe punishment awarded tor
their guilt. His Lordship then passed
sentence upon the prisoners. Dr. Jameson was sentenced to fifteen months'
Imprisonment without labor. .Major Sir
John "tVillouirhliv was sentenced to ten
mouths' imprisonment, and Capt. lleniy
V. Coventry (son of Ihe Earl of Coventry), Col. B. Gray and Col. H. F. White
were sentenced to five mouths' imprison
Dr. Jnmeron, who had hitherto hung
down his head, looked up rigidly when
fenterct had been passed, and ihe oilier
defendant-) looked hard at the
Chief Justice. Very seen after the sen-
ti nring formalities had men completed
ihe wardens of Hollow ay prison appeared and took up llifir position on each
side of the prisoners. This was die
bitterest moment nf ali for the raiders,
as up to this time thev hud been treated
with the greatist courtesy, and had, in
fact, been mule heroes of to a cerin'r.
extent. But when the elbows of tha
prison wardens touched ihose of tho
rqlders there was a marked clie.nire lu
the demeanor of the latter. They seem
ed to realize, probably for tbe first time,
Hint the strong arm of lnw had knocked all the romance out of the Transvaal
fiasco, and that they were convicts In
the eyes of the law and in the eyes ot
scclfety, to say nothing of the military
authentic.-- who. it is believed, must now
take aC-lon looking to the depriving the
prisoners of their commissions in the
British army.
Then was ena.'tf 1 the lust chapter in
the trial of Dr. "Jim'' and his associates. The court wns ordered to oe
cleared, the audience, whispering gloom
lv, "How severe," etc., filed slowly into
thc streets, the prisoners were escorted
to the Hollowny prison, and so ended
the trial of the Transvaal raiders.
Strange to add, there wns absolutely no
demonstration in the court room wheu
the prisoners were taken away nor on
the outside of it when they were escorted to the jail. When hut a tew
mon'hs ago Dr. Jameson nnd his troopers arrived in London as the heroes ot
the hour, -hey were loudly cheered m
the streets nnd everywhere ns men win
had fought gamely fcr their country.
But all this hnd changed. The revelations made nt Johannesburg after the
capture of the freebooters by the Boers
and subsequent publications of the letters and telegrams at Pretoria, soon
lowered Dr. Jameson and his friends in
ihe estimation of the public when it wns
established beyond t-iiy reasonable
doubt that the Jameson expedition wis
badly organized, badly supplied with
provisions and ammunition, badly officered, badly led in every way, and badly
whipped, the tide turned herd againsl
the raiders. The friends of the prisoners mav consider that the sentences im
posed nre severe, but military men admit thnt they were v< ry lucky in escsp
mui't-umrtlnl    and
London, July 28—The curious speo-
tacle is afforded here of the Chartered
Company's organs on on" hand exaggerating the severity of the reported repulse of the English by the Matabeies
ill the Matoppe hills, and of the government press on the other hand trying to
minimize the disaster,
The reason is not hard to conjecture.
Cecil Ithoiles finds the stormy rebellion
on the part of the natives carefully fostered by him in order to give an excuse
for his absence from England during
Jameson's trial, cannot be allayed
lit easily as be expected. Certainly he
himself is such a grotesque failure as a
Jlllltary leader that he has already retired to comparative safety,
Buluwayo now appeals for imperial
troops to finish the work of cruel subjection of tho unlives begun by him ns
a mere political] manoeuvre. lion.
Joseph Chamberlain, on his part, is naturally anxious to avoid sending the imperial troops, and thus making the un-
tion pay Rhodes' bill.
Hence the anomalous state nf affairs
refernsl to above. Signs are not, wanting
. if the awakening of the public at large
I *o a sense of the shame and disgrace
I bestowed on the  nation by the_ vanity
| and   sell'-seeking   of   this   stock'jolilnug
! adventurer, Rhodes, who, in addilion to
the disastrous scandals of the Jameson
raid, is now forcing Great Britain into
a war linit is likely to cist more valuable lives and millions of money.
The Westn luster Unzelte expresses
the opinion that the jury is likely to con-
viet Juiu'-o.i nnd his companions, i'he
speech of Sir Kdwnrd Clarke in .Inine-
son's defence yesterday, is commented
upon ns weak in the extreme. Continuing, tbe Gazette siys: "Oratorical reference to his being a defender of worie.i
and ehildren are absurd in view ol the
ivell-estnblirlied fact that the whole affair was a stock-jobbers' conspiracy. It
is reported nn grotl authority that Clarke
hin.self only hopes loi n disagreement
of the jury."
The Westminster Gnsctte this afternoon says that during the debate on the
home office vote on Friday next. the
home secretary, Sir Matthew White
Ridley, will probably announce the tniti
gallon of the sentences of the Irish political prisoners.
An Athens dispatch to the Daily News
referring to the threatened attack by
Turks in Crete on Saturday upon the
Christians, and Ibe lowering of fi.*..'
bouts film the British ironclad Hood to
land marines, snys Ihe boats were recalled because other foreign warship",
present, failed to follow suit. The iJaiu*
News correspondent goes on to say;
"Private information reaches me llu.
:he Insurgents, in a strong .force, hnve
approached within cannon shot of tne
Reliino and engaged the Turks succesj
fiil'v. the inhabitants watching the hat
'If from the house-lops. The Ellg'lsh
incn-of-war witnessed the fighting and
cheered the insurgents. The 'lurks were j i,nr  being   tried   by
herd  pressed, ni.d  have sent to Ciuien j shot by Ihe Boers.
litlc.nl service to his country by the
strong, severe and masterful line he took
with the case."
The privy council has dismissed the
appeal from the judgment of the supreme court of Canada of December 9.
1805, ulliriuiiig a decisiou of Mr. Judge
Bui'bidgc iu the case
ers against the Queei
brought un action in the court of exche
quer of Canada by petition of right to
recover from the Dominion government
the sum uf $231,806, which they claimed to be due on two contracts for the
construction of sections 0 aud 15 of the
Intercolonial  rnihvn
Arrival and Departure of Hails
Daily ex. Huu
of Boss and oth-   Wellington, Northfield  and a.m.  a.m.
The appellants i    East Wellington    11.25  8.50
Victoria,Southern States and
places along line of E.& N. Dailyex.Sun.
Railway    8.26 11.60
The  appellants I British and foreign, Eastern
those contracts, which were entered into |
"ii 1860, .Messrs. Bertrand & Co. coven-
Salt Bprlnglsland and Gab- p.m. p.m.
riolu Island       8 20   3.HO
BY   STAi-*!;* Tues,  Moll.
DI    MAliL. Kr)      Thur
Allicrni, Parksville, French  p m.  p m.
Creek and Errington  12 80 6.00
Frl.   Thnr.
Nanoose Bay 12.30  6.00
V.  M.     A. M.
Departure Bay, daily ex. Sun 12.45 10.30
Cedar (South), Saturday    ..   2.00 1100
t,,r reinforceuiciils.'
The correspondent also sa.vs of the
outbreak in Macedonia: "Macedonian
insurgents are said to be everywhere re-
eeived with open arms by the inhabitants, mniiy of whom hnve joined the in
suriients. The Creek government has
arrested several officers of l'rikkiihi alio
Larissa garrisons for abetting thc insurgents in Macedonia, but no government will be able long to resist tbe ,»ut>-
lie enthusiasm, which, as regards Macedonia, Is n hundred times stronger
(linn that regarding Crete."
Zltltch, July 28.—The riots, which
hicko out on Saturday, arisng from t:.i
kibiiiL* of Swiss by Italians, were renewed yesterday evinlng and continual
nil night tone*. An Infuriated crowd at-
I tacked the Italian quarter and commit*
| ted serious excesses. The rioters were
finally nverpov. ei ed by the police nml
military after 70 men hud been arrested.
Tin* disturbance was finally oiielled,
Constantinople, July 2S.—It is rumor
isl that the Turkish government conten,
plates an  i-isue of paper money.
London. July 20.—The nltendance nt
fhe trial of Dr. Jameson and his associates was never so great as yesterday. The opening part of Lord Russell's summing np. however, and his two
hours recapitulation of   ihe   evidence.
was bores inie.  and even  Dr. Jninesou.
probably the most interested of nil pre-
The sentences imposed upon Dr.
Jameson nnd his companions were very
generally discussed in tlte lobbies of par-
liaitient lust night. Continry to the feeling manifested by the fuir spectators
and the lympnthizing fricuds in the
court rorni to-dny, the sentences wor*
lighter than expected by people in parliament. It is recognised, however, that
the sentences nre more serious for the
military prisoners than the mere term
fixed for their imprisonment, since it is
expected that tiny will be cashiered.
In commenting upon the sentence
passed upon Dr. Jameson the Graphic
approves the verdict,
Tne Daily Telegraph coniiders that th..
court has found n medium between in-
tlulgenee and excessive rigor.
The Times says "The conclusion will
commend itself to the general judgment
uf the country."
Loudon, July 80.—Dr. Jameson and
his fellow prisoners has lieen made firs-:
class misdemeanants, which allows them
to hnve their meals from outside llollo-
wny jail, to dress in their own clothes,
to lune 'heir menial work dune by the
otlier prisoners, nnd to have a small allowance of brer or wine.
(If  the   future  action   with  regard  to
Ceeil  Ithoiles, the    Tunes    snys:    "Mr
llawkslee,    solicitor    for    the    British
Chartered South Africa Company, writ-
sent,   indulged   In  u   series of cat-imps. 118  us to-day that  Cecil  Rhodes  is pre-
are the representatives of the late John I     Provinces, Eastern States, Daily ex.Sun.
Ross, of Quebec,  who  became iu  1875,'     Viiiicouveraud other places P.M.   P.M.
the assignees of the contractors, Messrs. ]    un Mainland of B.C.    6.30   5.00
J. B. Bertrand & Co., of all their right comox iioutk.
and  claim  under  the    contract,.      By | Comox, Union, Union Bay,
„   ,    ,      ...    ., thuin, I'liiilieiini,   Hornby   p M
Sn ot- Julv'T'isV? tor «n'Vso7!!    ISland -U"' 1Je'""a" L""nd   8'20
Und  section  13   by  July   1,     1S72, ' fori VIOTOBIA BOOTH.
$368,620. Salt Spring Island, Burgoyne   "-"H
The contractors failed to complete the       Bay, Kull'oril llurlior.North
sections  by  the  time stipulated, and  In
1803 the intercolonial railway commissioners  look  the  works  Into  their  own '
hands and eoinpleted them  for the gov !
Ieminent.     In 1S80 .Mr.  !•'. Shnnloy, C.l
IE., was appointed chief engineer of the
I Intercolonial railway for the purpose of
investigating and reporting on al' unsettled claims in connection with the line.
In July, 1881,  Mr. Shanley issued a re- '
port in favor of the lute .Mr.  Ross, the :
assignee of the original contractors, for i
.$231.8(1(1  in  respect  of  the  work  done
on the two sections, und to recover this i
sum  tiie present  proceedings  were  tiik- |
en.     The crown denied thut Mr. Shan-
ley's  eertilieatc  or  report  was  contemplated in the contract, nnd alleged that.
even if it were, it was inoperative, never having been approved by the minister
of railways.     They further allege thai .
Mr.  Ross'  claim  was    subsequently to '
the report, referred to three commission- '
ers,  who    thoroughly    Investigated the
matter, and who. reported    that    there
was nothing due to the contractors.
Mr. Justice Burhldge, on the authority
of the case of "The Queen vs. McGree-
vy," which arose upon a contract in the
same works and involved a similar report or certificate of Mr. Shanley, decided in favor of thc crown. This decision was upheld by the supreme court,
the chief justice dissenting. From
these judgments the present appeal was
Limn, Peru—(Via Galveston, Texas)—
July 30.—A man named Cooper, an American citizen, has been lost in the forest
of Cnrabnyn. Two Germans, members
of his party, who escaped, arrived at
San Domingo. The remaining four, said
to be gold-seekers, have been killed by
Indians. It is said that the Snn Domingo mine has just been purchased by
American parties and that it is producing immensely.
A Fail Assortment at the Lowest Market Rates
Promptly Attended to.
AU kinds of
Tin and Sheet-Iron Work.
Victoria Crescent, Nanaimo.
Bakery and
People's Choice.
Invites Inspection and Comparison
aB to Quality and Price.
Awarded  First Prize at the Agricultural Show.
Bastion Street,opp.TelegraphOffic.e
oniee Tel. :10.   p. O. Box 16.   Residence Tel. 101.
Funeral Director and Embalme;
Graduate of tiio Oriental, the Eureka,
tlie New York and Clark's
School! of Embalming.
1, 3 nnd 5 Bastion St., Nanaimo
Winnipeg, July 29—Three election
protests were filed her to-day against
the return of the Dominion members-
elect for Winnipeg, Mnnpiette nnd Mnc-
donnhl, Hugh John Macdonald, Dr.
Roche and Nat. Boyd. Each petition
contains the usual formal allegations of
giving money to voters, having teams,
supplying liquor, etc., to voters.
It puys to read our advertisements.
while the other defendant! were dozinir
at Units. Besides, Sir lllcll.ud Webster and his associates; were clearly
wearied and lolled about, and Sir Kdwnrd Clarke alone showed any signs ol
ncrvonsne.is.   lie 'rnwncd frequent!} at
Lord Russell's emphasis ngninst tile
prisoner, As for tbe jury, composed
with two exceptions of elderly men.
there was no doubt that they were bored. The ladles, of whim tliere win a
great Dumber in ll'.* court, fanned them,
selves wearily while trying tn ciiteti
glimpses of the defendants, The latter, while the jury was out, retired to
the ten room, where they held n roeep-
tion of their lady friends and relatives.
all of whom had high hopes of tbo to*
qlllttal of the prisoners.
The jury after having retired at
nlmnt 4:30 returned at TclM and were
hastily summoned to tnke their places
The judges came in live minutes later
and the jurymen gave ai. ndirnialive nn
swer to all questions which hail been
propounded to them by the Chief .In-
tlee. but Ihey added a riib'r to the clfe"t
that the disturbances at Johannesburg
were piovoentlve. Lord Russell then
dincted that Ihoir answers were equi-
vnlent to n verdict of guilty, but the
fotrmnn said that they were not unanimous upon that point. Thereupon His
Lordship repented that the answers ol
the jurymen to Ihe questions propound
ed were equlvclant to n verdict of guilfr
uimiiiHt ill th.> defendants.
The Jury then consulted together fo'
about three minutes, and afterwards
rendered a verdict of guilty. Dr. .Inine-
► on nnd his co-defendiints were nppnr-
The electors of Vancouver District, by a
plurality of nearly
pared to surrender for trial whenever
j the government requires it. This ns-
Isliraiico will not cause surprise, since
I Mr. Rhodes practically has no option ill
the matter.     But it is doubtful whether
the enlistment act, even ns expounded
I iy Baron Russell, the lord chief justice
' nud presiding judge, could bo success-
I fully  invoked  to compel  Mr. Rhodes to
'share his friends' punishment."
The lobby correspondent of the Chronicle says of Ille sentences:     "Among the
members of the house of commons there
is a great variety of opinions, varying
from disappointment at the mildness to
Indignation at tho severity of the sentences. Mr. Chamberlain Is understood to have been rather surprised at
the severity of the sentences. As Dr.
Jameson was leaving the court room
many of the crowd tried to shake his
band and shouted: 'Ond bless you, sir.'"
The Chronicle also had an Interview
with Dr. Jameson himself, ill which
that gentleman snys he was surprised
at   the   leniency   of  the   sentence   nfter
Baron Russell's summing up. He said,
further, that he ami bis friends had all
decided to return to Africa ns soon ns
their sentences had expired.
In nn editorial the    Chronicle    says:
"The sentences arc merciful. At length
the raid Is reduced to Its proper proper- j
tions.     We are glad to lie able to an- |
Routine thnt Mr. Chamberlain hns de- \
finitely promised to sit upon the special |
committee to investigate Ibe ndniinistra-   ]UStneSS Of itS VOrdiCt iS
tion of Rhodesia, bll*  he desires that a •
perfectly  Impartial  chairman    shall  be
An editorial In the Daily News snys:
"Baron Russell has rendered u high po-
Have indorsed the principles and policy of
NOTICE is hereby given that Edwin
Matthews has been admitted a partner
In the above business. In future the
business will be carried on by the undersigned under the style anil name of
VVilson & Matthews, who will assume
all liabilities mul collect all debts due
the said business, nud we trust that by
careful attention to the needs of our
customers, to merit u continuance uf the
patronage so liberally bestowed in the
past. 1*
,Ii:iiii.mk Wilson,
Edwin Matthews,
Xiiniiinio, 1!. C., April 7, 1890.
always  in  BTOCK-
LAMPS, Etc. etc.
Hums and Animals Bel up in a thorough workmanship manner.
On Hand—Four line Peers' Heads,
which will lie sold for price of setting
them up.   Also a fine case of Birds,
d. s. Mcdonald.
lill Haliburton Street, Nanainio.
As against all other papers and influences of
the District,  and  the
I ratified by the Frovince
; and Nation at large.
(Commercial Hotel.
Cotnor Commercial nnd Bastion Sis.
Thi* long-ostabltshed Hotel i* oomforUbly
littoii up with superior Mcommoda*
tion* for travolen and others.
NonebutthoboBl brands or wine*, Liquors
Alos and Cigars dispensed al the bar.
Anti-Cliincsc meeting
Wednesday evening next
At the Nanainio Opera House.
(.iouil speakers will deliver addresses,
There were recorded in Nanainio during July 2i births, 2 marriages and H
Miss Catharine Thomas bus been appointed teacher ol the South Cedar pub-
lie school,
.1. li'.. li. Tagart returned yesterday
from his raucli near Comox, after an absence of two months,
Is never done, and it is especially wearing
and wearisome to those whose blood is
Notice of Dissolution.
particularly to them.   Mrs
, render  a  solo, entitled,      loo Late, Ye
Che annual meeting of the Fruit Grow-  _ ,, ,   '   .      ,, ' ,, ,,    .,,
,  ,. . .   ,       . ,      Cannot  Enter Now.       Mrs. Hull will
ers and Dairyinens Association will be
held at Agassi/. Ann. 8.
.Messrs. Ilampson and South of Vancouver have been chosen its delegates to
attend tho anti-Mongolian meeting at
Prof. Kiiberlsiin, head of the dairy department iu connection with the Dominion experimental farms, ia on his way lo
the coast.
M. A. Priestley, Supt.
l'KKKIIYTl'IIIAN Clirill'll.
Preaching at 11 it. in, and 7 p, n
Morning subject, "Perfect Peace;'' evei
Ing, "Music in thu Sanctuary," Tl
following service of soil-* will be ren
Anthem, "Oh that my load of sin
were gone" (E. 0. Kxeell)
like Rood's Sarsaparilla. Por the troubles
Peculiar to Women at, change of season,
climate or lilo, or resulting from hard
work, nervousness, and  Impure  blood,
thousands havo [ound relief and cure in
Choir   The Ouo True Dlooil 1'iiiil'u-r.    $H six for S5.
The partnership heretofore existing
between Wm. Crease! and Wm. Cochin*!
under the linn name of OreBsel & Cocking Is this day dissolved by mutual eon*
Bent, Win. Coul i ig retiring,   The busi-
Notice to .Ladies.
..,, ,„„,„„,        vifoman'8
Ninth Sunday after Trinity—XO a.m.,
Sunday school; 11 u. in., Matins, Holy
Coniniunioi) and sermon—"The wisdom
of this world and the wisdom that com-1 *. *.-.. . ••    •    ■•   ■ ■•-    ,lrssuin ,„. ,,lllt.lill„.,l   ,,. \\ „,. .-,, ,-l.
eth from above;" 7 p. m„ Evensong and   impure and uii.it properly to tone, Sus- ■ w,|(j wi|, Rggume „bW,1u^ .u,(1 t0 vvhu,„ J
short  address-the Lord's Prayer con-   ^i^Sdtoue.^ K^\&SE%   all outstanding accounU must be paid,
tinned. I this condition of the blood that women \\ m. I iiksski,.
...   ,.  ,.  „ . I are run down, \\ >i, Lockimi.
*■•'•••'••■• , _,   _,'    ,    ,    „ Nanaimo, July 25,1898.
On Sunday evening tho Goapel  tern- Tirod,  Wea,;,   fOorvot'3,
perance meeting will b9 addressed by' Thun because of tho work Ibiolf. Every
Bev, VV. Hicks. Young men are espec- ; physician says so, and that tho only rem*
iullv invited, as the address will be more edy -s in building up by taking a good
Pollard will   nerve tonic, blood purifier and vitalize!
! Hymn 58, "All hall the power of
AtthoGrund Lodge, Sons of St. George,!    Jesus' name" Congregation
which met in San Francisco on Tuesday, Su'.0' '!}, know that my Redeemer
,   ,      I,;, ,■   ,,. , liveth   (Handel) Mrs. Davison
John Hilbert ol  this city  was elected Sol0j ..The' Staro-^ethleliein" (Ste-
Grand Messenger. .      phen Adaim).., Mr. .I. P..Jones
Jl. J3ate, J. P., rendered his decision Anthem, "Oh, how lovely is Zion"
in the Morrell case this inorniiig, lining ! ,, *,Ex,'ie.11)  ;; ■ v „ •,„.-    ■':; -  • • 'Choir
.i,,,.,    , ..—      ...       .      ,   ,     Solo,   Ave Maria   (Pietro Mascagni)
the defendant !f75 and the price of the ! %I rs_ w  g_ greene
license for selling liquor without a li- Duet, "OSaiutaris" (Mil'lard") ...  .
cense at the Tea (Ianlens.  Mrs. Davison and Miss Hurt
The body of the late Horatio Hilton H-""m" '■'4 Congregation
was broughtoveron the Louise onThurs-1    The I!ev' A' P' M*'■-'••.■' 0* Toronto will
day and  taken t„ the resilience of Mrs. I Preacl* at tlie evening service.
Meakin, daughter of deceased, on Milton BT, ai.uax's oiltmon.
Street.   The funeral took place thisafter-      Ninth Sunday after Trinity—8 a. in,,
non, under the auspices of  Black Ilia- Holy Communion!  II  a. m.,  Matins.
liioiiil Lodge, No. 5,1. 0, 0. P., of whicli   sermon and Holy Communion; 2:.'!0 p,
deceased was a member, j in., Sunday school; 7 p, in., Evensong
Prepared only byC. I. Hood &Co., Lowell, Mass.
u      i,    r-ii-ii   are tho ouly pills to take
flOOd S PUIS with Hood's Sarsaparilla.
I A.M AGENT for Nunui  and Districts for the New and Perfect Curler's
Tailors'System. This system Is up lo
dale; u perfect ladies' system ; is without a rival und easy to learn; is noli"!
for its graceful lines and elegant forms;
it is not an experiment bul a development, 1 can also teach how lo use this
system, uud also all kinds of Dressmaking executed in lirst-,'lass Btyle, Prices
to suit lhe limes.    Address,
Margaret M. Macdonald,
No. ill) Ilulibui-iiin Street,
D. S. Jlticiliinalil's Store.
During duly there were buteight an
und sen
Preacher, Kev. F. S. Ste
in the city polico court, live of these I venson. The offertories both morning
being for drunkenness and two for as- and evening will hein aid of the choir
Baillt,     Thlre  were six provincial cases   '""'I.
us follows:    Drunk  and disorderly,   1;|     WAIA+CB STMSBT METHODIST CltUBOH.
vagrancy, 1; enticing from home, I; vio-■     **ev- T' "•'■'• "'•"' Pastor,    Services at
hit ion of Game Act, 1; starling bush lire,   *' ''"'' ' P< "•■   Sacrament of the Lord's
I ; selling liquor without a license, 1.      I Supper in connection with the morning
Will lie held in the. ,
Nanaimo Opera House
Wednesday, Aug. 5,180B
Arliijgtoi^ Hotel.
llavin-r oompletod tho erection of the Arlington
liuii'l tit NANOOSE BAY, this handsome nnd
commodious hotel is now prepared to receivo
and comfortably entertain travelers and otliers.
is presided over by Mrs. Thompson, and the
Tftblod'Hote constantly provided with all the
delicacies ol the season. Combined with thc
elegant furnished apartments, the visitor finds
the surroundings of tho most pleasant description.
At 7:80 P. M.
The question to bo discussed being one
Restaurant and Ciiop House
Commercial Stuui-t.
Oystors in every style.
IF your guess is nearest to the actual weight of the Coal—
and your choice of a Lady's or Gent's Wheel.
Owing to pay-day coming cm Aug. 15, instead of Aug. 8, as
we anticipated, we are POSTPONING the weighing of
the Coal until
Monday, Aug.24, at 7:30 p.m., at Our Store.
We regrel changing tiio dale, but on pay-day we would be
loo busy to attend to this matter properly, and to'compensate you for the short delay from Aug. lst to the 24th
we will give a ticket  for every dollar's worth purchased.
$ 1 purchased,    1 ticket,
1 guess
5 guesses
10      "      etc.
This is for Dry Goods, Millinery or Gents' Furnishings in
either of our three stores. We slake our reputation that
no one knows the weight of the coal, and Messrs. Shaw
and McKenzic will see that every one is fairly treated.
Great Gash Dry OooJs & fllon's Furnishings Store
Commercial St., Nanaimo, 1?. C.
The Rev. D. A. M cRae, of St. Andrew's service,   Sunday school and Bible class 0f paramount importance to the future  Meals, 25c, and upwards.
Presbyterian Ohuruli, this citv, has ae--at 2:'ilJ P> "'•   •■" •"•■"•" ■''-'■' '*"• welfare and prosperity of the citizens of \n     ,'.,   ,     ... , ,
. ,, i     nr     .,  ■„, • ,., ',      •    i ■— »•-   «    • , ..    .,'   •       - i, *.- i   Good Beds. 25c. and upwards.
ceptedaeallfrom the Third Presbyterian ,,..,■ i.-v,,,,,.!. Nanaimo and the Province ol  British . ,.
Church al  Los Angeles, California, and     Foreign coal shipments for July were Columbia in general, it is urgently re-  Spring Chicken always on hai
will leave here in aboul two weeks time, i us follows: ! quested that the meeting be numerously
bo as to assume his new duties on Sept. i      nv tkk new vaxoouvbr company,       attended and that every Interest in the
Tons. : city hu represented.
lst.   Sir. McUaeorHcintcd at this church j Datb.       Namr mi, Dkhtinatioi*,
for  several  months during his recent 1 Str Tyee, Port Townsend	
visit to Southern California. 2 *lr Pioneer, Port Townsend...
\   .,,;,:   ,     ;.:        ;        i   .- ., d StI' I I'll VOKO, 1 'ol I Tow liseml. .
A petition Is In circulation requesting j 4 Str Peter Jebsen, Los Angeles,
the Mayor to call a meeting of the Imsi-j 6 Str Willapa, Port Towsend...
ness men and  property holders for the 0 Uk Oregon, San Francisco	
purpose of considering the besl steps tol " Bt,'Sea Lion, Port Townsend .
l.e taken to provide increased lire protection  fur the business portion of the
city.    Among the  suggestions   is  the
; 7 Str
.s Ilk l-'aiivhilil, Sun Francisco..,
8 Str Willapa, Port Townsend...
8 Str Wanderer, Port Townsend.
U Str Tyee, Port Townsend.
The   meeting   will   he addressed  by
Mainland and local speakers.
50 j     Lower gallery reserved for ladies.
J. II. DAVISON, Mayor.
Try Philpott's Tomato Catsup
25c. and 50c. per Bottle.
2 I1
—OK Till!—
erection of suitable fire walls,  the pro-  }J gtr Sea Lion, Port Townsend ..      84 \CW\J (W  MAMA IMO    P   f
PeHylienefltted to be' taxed for their  j? l^^^^JT;/. ^\\AU   UF   LN A IN AIlVlUj   I). I.
We Never Sleep.       Open Dag and Sight.
A inei ting
tural Society was held Thursday evening,
wheu it was decided to hold the annual
show in the Park  Pavillion on Friday
and Saturday, Sept. 18th and 10th,   Mr
10 Str Wanderer, Port Townsend,
Nanaimo Agric.ul-', l!l Str Willapa, Port Townsend
2-1 Sir Peter Jebsen, San Francisco 4,(io4
24 Sir Willapa, .luiiouu     L'l
•iii Str Holyoka, Port Townsend .. S7
t L'.i Sp Khvell, San Francisco   2,880
1 2.1 Str llolvoke, Pun Townsend... .'io
w. ll. \i  ::. on, secretary, was appointed ii;! ^r f^'1'""]' '''"'t ;i'"«-nseii,l 20
80 sir City oi Everett, Lowusend. 8,000
to collect subscriptions, donations and
special prizes for tin* show. The completion of the prize list was laid over till
the next meeting, which will be held In
u few da vs.
Total 2
4 Str Alki, Port Townsend	
10 Sh .1. ('. Potter San Francisco.
10 Sb (ilory Seas, San   Francisco.
11 lig Courtney Ford, Unga Island
City Market
_ ^
Wholesale and Retail Batchers
P. 0. Box 227 Telephone 7-8
kroixj NoW ()i
.To the End of August
:>sii}g.-()lit Ljii^es—^-
Must be the Order of the Day.
i Exceptional Opportunities in Many Lines
Lawns, Prints, Flannelettes, Muslins,
Cham brays, Qirghams, and all Summer Goods at a 10 per cent, reduction
to clear
Qubaji Cigar Factory, j SUMMER DRESS GOODS
Our Cigars are made ol the Choicest Llnvann
TobaeeoB.   Our famous
Cuban Blossom *•■•>
Black Diamond
Will be Reduced to Very Low Prices.
Ui sir Progressist,Sun Francisco
2d Sir Signal, Asliii-hi   	
25 Ilk Leon, San Francisco ....
2") Str Pioneer, Port Townsend .
29 Str Wullu Walla, Seattle ....
4 Sir City nl' Toiieka, Victoria.
IH Str Venture, San Francisco .
I.S Str Mineiila, San l-'raiicisco .
2o Str Progressist, Vancouver ..
2f> str Transit, Seattle 	
Sporting Summary.
The C.W.A. provincial  nice!  takes I i1 Str AngeleBi Port TowrTaenil
plaeeatVancouverduringcarnival week.   lj ""' "•"''' U ":hl' >''11"'*
At the new cricket grounds this afternoon, elevens chosen respectively by Mr,
8. M. Robins and Mr. .1. Pawson contended for supremacy, resulting in an
easy victory for the former,
Chin-Chin Oorbett, the man with the
long tongue and the short supply of
sand, has gone into training at San Francisco for his second gu with Sharkey,
thc sailur.wlio hud the temerity to handle
the human phonograph rather roughly n
short time ago,
The lind shoot under the auspices of
the Wellington (inn Club for lhe cup
trophy presented by Dr. Eberts and won
by himself last year, took place at the
iluli grounds "ii Wednesday. Mr. \V.
Wilgrass headed the list with a seme ,,i
63 points out oi a possible 100, Mr, G.
Holland being Beeond with 01 points,
The   lust,  practice shunt will he held nn
Aug, gth,
Say* the Ottawa Free Prrssi The winners iif the championship lacrosse series
in the Rasl an- to be invited to Vancouver during carnival week there. They
will ! H'cred ii 1,000 and free transportation Combined Manltobu and combined British Columbia and the champion clnh uf each Province will play
against ihem, Should they go, the
championship of the world will be decided on the Vancouver lacrosse field,
Whereas, on  the 22nd dav nf August,
'42,)   18112, certain hy-laws were passed hy the
'..,,.,  municipal Council of the said city for
on  'be reduction of the special rates im-
,.{l(,  posed by the various loan by-laws, and
J,,., to whicli Sis Honor tho Uentenant-Gov-
''"  crnur  in  Council   was pleased tu grant
his approval on I he01 Inlay of Sept,, [802 i
Atld  whereas since the passage uf the
j,".!  said various  Rate  Reduction    by-laws
 , the value 61 the laleuhle property w ilhin
7., . .,.   the limits of the said cily has decreased,
'■ '' . and in order to provide the sum required
I by tbe various loan by-laws to be raised
200   annually for llie payment of interest and
2,01(1  the  creation  of a  sinking fund for the
8,800  redemption of the said debentures it is
1,I2.'>  fuund necessary, in consequence ofthe! 	
600 Bald decrease iu the rateable property, to nit r I IHI!   P   rini/ il>V II
2d Str Rapid Transit, Roche Harbor   2M  Increase the rates iu the Bald by-laws;     n.llAKL   IV   IllUll.Nrji.
25 Str Mincola, Sail Fruueiueo ..,    8,300      And   whereas  authority   Is niven   in '       .
„— sections rs ami 7-i of i'he Municipal        The Popular Bakers
lotal   11,200 ClauBeaAct, 1808, for the passage of this
Are callod for evorywliore, mul ur,- superior tb , \
any Importod cigar.   Mink' by Union Labor.
M..I. BOOTH, Wharf Street.
THE BEST   -=-
The Nanaimo Bakery Excels :
!17"'.':i'l ami save money hore
count, instead of a chance for a bi
money made—al the
by getting our cosh disco, ftc.—money saved is
E k£s    H IStei-1 EB
Grand total
is MM   26072  Tl"'rr'"'r '"' " '"'"'''''' ,;" ""' Municipal,] f 1 P       / 1 I ) 1,1   i   \\
8,823   11,230
1. The "Rate Reiliii'tinnliv.law, 1802
Highest Honors—World's Fair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Frei
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
40 Years the Standard,
10 (ilo   .pi no and the " Sehuola Bate  Reduction  liy-
_»,^. ' law, 1802," and lhe" Fire Hall and lly-
drantKate Reduction By-law, 1802," are
Petitions have been   Died RgalnBl   the hereby repealed,
eleeliuns uf Prior uud Kurle nf'Vicluria,      2, The  rate  to   he levied (nr the year
Mclnnes,   Nanailiin;  Maxwell, Vanemi- .ls''Mi '"'' payinn iniereslanil sinking fund .
,,,,,.,,,,..        ,, . Iii respect ol iheileiiciiiuresIssued under
ve-;  and Bostock, Yale-Cariboo,   Brl- ,,„. nf,,horiiy   „■ lll(. •• Bastion Street
bery and corruption is oh urged in all Urldge Loan By-law, 18811," shall bu five-
cases. tenths uf one mill in the ilullur. .
—   ^»»  l-'or paying interest and sluicing fund
Among the appointments In the Brl- In respect ofthe debentures issued un ier Foi* S. Cnn! "Drinlr
, authority of the "Streets Improvement I "■ "•*-»*   ** \et\J Ul JL/1 i. 21 z\.
Will be in Beason after
Sunday, and yuu Bhould
not fail in gol the richest and best flavored, for
w 11 ii-l 1 yuu must call al.
Excelsior Bakery.
i.isti Columbia Cassette is thai uf Hun.
Loan liy-luw, l.stio," the rate Bhall be two
r Oiiampaqnr Oman
1 SullA  Watbr
Forbes (.1. Vernon, agent-general of Br!,   mills and nine-tenths of one mill in the : Ask foi'
tish Columbia, as representative of the dollar, |t  *	
Province on the governing body uf the '.   I'or paying Interest and  Sinking fund' LaWreilCe'S  (SABsfpABiii v
. •  1 1      •,   , in respect ul lhe dehentures issued under ; v BABBA1 Aini.l.A
Lmperiai institute, au.horlty of the "Fire Hall ami Hydrant EUBEKA SODA Works,
,***       .       ,        , Loan By-law, 1R02," the rateshall be one  MftnnfaeturorolTompor loDrlnkn.Svrupi,*
In pursuance of instructions from the mill and three-twentletliB of one mill lu "■       	
owners,  the disabled collier Progressist l'11-' dollar.
left yesterday morning in tow of the tug : .  1'"1"' l'»yiiii* interest and Blllklng fund
,,,.,, .        ,,, 111 respect ul I he dehentures issued under
Lome, for Esquimau, where she will authority of the "Erection of  Public
undergo complete repair,     She will pro- Schools' Loan  lly-luw,  1802,"  the rale
Dollvero'1 free tn nil 'purlB uf city nnil virinlly
llillll pi .
TolOpllOllO -i-l.   I". 0, He
£a*jr* i*i.tm 1.1 ait,.nii,in pnid toBliipplui*orders.
'■ ix 711.   Nanaimo.
To Blcyclos done on our premises at the shortest possible notice.
Mu. CocitiNa being a thorough practical bicycle hand, will be
pleased to furnish all Information gratis, ami nil work
dune by Ihis firm willhc guaranteed to he lirst-class.
Next to Sloan & Scott's Old Stand.
P. S—A lurun oiiiisif;iiiiieiit of bicycle sundries just arriv-
froni the east.
Imbly be 111 the duck 15 or 20 days,
■   —
'-   His Honour the Administrator  In
Council has hi
lor 11
e purp,
en pleased to direct that,
of llie " Placer Mining
Acl, l.'lll,''"nnd the "Mineral Act, 1800,"
Texada Island he transferred from tiie
New Westminster Milling Recording District lu the Nanaimo Milling Recording
District, JAMES I'.AKKK, -■-
ProvlnclnlS vtnry mid Mllllntar of Mines.1   \ |,,R, I
shall he one mill und three-twentieths
of one mill in (be dollar,
For paying interest nnd sinking fund
in respect ofthe debentures issued under
authority of the " Commercial Street
Filling liy-luw, 1 ill," the rate shall he
seveiiloeii-twentieths uf one mill in the
8, This By-law may be cited for all
purposes as the " l.naii Rates liv-law,
Passed hv the Municipal Council un
the 8th day uf June. 1890,
AHirineii hv the Municipal Council on
the 22nd day of June, 1800,
Approved by His Honor tha Lieutenant-! invcrnur in Council ou the 27th day
of July, ISIIIi.
c. c. Mckenzie,
Land Agent and Conveyancer,
Town 1.1,ts mid t'tiritis lor Sale   Monoy to Loan
on Mnrigiitii' ut low tuii-ii.
Agent for lho fnlti'il v\w liisnr  Company
nf Manchester, ISiiRlftiid.
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs
^-=— 1 dON E  J JY Tl IE -ex
JOS. I, BROWN, Watchmaker.     j   ioiKHT Sk'iUll Lailliclry
All K lulls     I. . • I It I > •'
I'lliiviM 1 ai. BltCKtlTAIIY'8 (jrrit'B,
■Will July, 18110,
J, 11. DAVISON, Mayor.
-~*~  Auasi Thompson, c\ m, c,
Ity BPKCIAI, Mai lilNKKV on lho I'minlaoa,
Pino nml Compllrntod Watobea and Clnclti
Oarefnlly Cleaned and Repaired
Fine CYCLOM KTKH8, fur Blcydeg, In Stock,
i By so doing you will PATRONIZE WHITE LABOR
Dye Works in connection.     ——t
P, O. llux 95. I). M, STEWART, Froprletor.


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