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The Nanaimo Semi-Weekly Mail Jun 4, 1896

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Is the time to have your
name put on the list.
Keep Posted
On the issues of tbe campaign by reading the
Nanaimo Mail.^-VrieJ:
rinting _
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lOlbs Evaporated Apples   1.00  18
lOlbs Choice Codfish  -1.00    10
10 tins Good Sardines   1.00  20
121bs Fariua  1.00  18
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41bs Green Coffee, extra     1 .00  08
Gibs Chicory. Best English   1.00    24
171bs Pearl Barley   1.00  15
b'lbs, Eagle Chocolate       90  12
31bs Cocoa       00  12
41bs Dessicated Cocoimut •  1.00  20
.$20.55 $4.70
H 70 is the amount of the duty on this small order, In adlltinn there is
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Crescent Store,
Nanaimo, B. C
Large Meeting at Duncan's—Mr. Mclnnes Endorsed.
K ~is.\i-\v\
m :: gsj |
..-,-TJ- —• ■».r   ""■ jet X 'j
rap m
TUPPER &OVERM N\£:f\T tW^ffj-N
. C-Ovi*ftNrv\tLfAAT  INI MO rVA4TTffl|E^CT;^
/, . 1i'| Wflmjri 1 ■■
A/E M/W    d-IVE. / JtWrWE&Wii
TuPPtft. c-OyfeRNcATEMT, i,wft wf \nil//(/7J-';,w
R4L7fvf / Mxim
,{:-~m$tT>i -----
^=r**=^-^",':-^4r.*T:... ":":i"f-^-^"-; ~?.~.K? ■
The Kitten is Going to be Drowned in the BUI.
; Prcsontatiou to Rev. it. tt. Maitland.
i The schoolroom of the Wallace
street Methodist was filled to overflowing on Monday evening last Inthe church members and others for
the purpose of bidding good-bye to
the Kev. Mr. Maitland and his estimable wife, who are leaving Nanaimo to assume a new field of
labor at Mount Pleasant, Vancou-
I ver. Alderman A. Wilson being
called to the chair, a good nnd varied programme of music, addresses
and readings was successfully carried out and listened to wilh pleasure by llie audience.
First on the programme was a
duet rendered by Mrs. VV. and Mrs.
U. Westwood, solos by Miss L. Dobeson and Mrs. I). Renwick, reading
by Mrs. H. Smith. Addresses were
given by Revs. Manuel and Sutherland, Mr. Dempster and 11. Smith,
all of whom spoke highly of Mr.
; Maitland's ability as a speaker and
Mr. R. Smith, on behalf of the
managers and trustees (if the church,
presented an address, accompanied
by a well-filled purse of the yellow
metal on behalf of the congregation,
taking the reverend gentleman
completely by surprise.
Mr. Maitland eloquently and
feelingly replied for the kind expressions contained in the address
and thanked them for the handsome present—not fnr its intrinsic
I value, but more especially for the1
good wishes accompanying it—con-1
eluding by expressing the wish that
the congregation would extend to
their new pastor, Mr. Hall, n hearty
reception, in whom Ihey would lind
a good man.
|   .The audience then betook themselves  to the  plentiful   supply  ofi
cake, coffee and tea—Mrs. Dobeson
and Mrs. Welhvood kindly supplying the   cream—the  ladies of the,]
congregation vieing with each other'
in their attendance.
Ve reporter withdrew unwillingly ;
from the delicious cake and coffee
and joining with the  others  bade
Air. and Mrs. Maitland good-bye.
—— «*.«-«» ■
At tin- regit I m* meeting of the Fire Department Tuesday evenlnu the secretary
was Instructed to have the recently received exempt certificates il'ii"! out and
delivered to hose entitled i •■ ■■• •
Alileriiiiiiiic frresnlarities.
Editor Mail : A short time ago Aid.
Planta moved that the license question
be left to the Police Magistrate for advice. If he will study clause 2)1) of the
Municipal Act, he will lind that they
acted more Indiscreetly than Mayor Davison in his action re Constable Thompson- Clause 20!) rends:
No police magistrate, and nn partner
I or clerk of any police magistrate, shall
act as solii-itor, agent or counsel in any
cause, matter, prosecution or proceeding of a criminal nature; nor shall such
police magistrate, partner or clerk act
as  aforesaid in  any case  which by law
i may lie investigated or tried before a
magistrate or a justice of the peace.
Now, had the aldermen who voted in
favor of Mr. Planta's motion been aware
j of the above clause, in ail fairness to
them I will say that it would never have
! carried.
One thing more: f would like to have
explained to me how Mr. Westwood
voted—in March, I think—on the sidewalk question In   front of  (he Hirst  es-
i tale, of which lie is receiver at a salary
of live dollars a day. If I am correctly
informed, ii, is not yet too late to have
Mr. Westwood come forward with the
line which the law provides for this
breach of municipal laws.   Uorolink.
Avei'iiire School Attendance.
Following are the average attendances
nt the public schools for May:
1st Division—,1. Shaw, principal. .48.06
•.'d Division—J. Galloway  .'is 211
8d  Division—Miss Lawson      -12 ns
■lib Division—Miss Meliius    40.08
fith Division*—Miss llartt  46.67
6th Division—Miss Huarer    60.21
7th Division—Miss Muir    liS.llfi
Hlh Division—Miss Woodman S5.fi7
1st Division—Miss Marshall
2d Division—Miss LeFeuvrc
1st Division—Miss Dobeson,
2d Division—Miss Edwards
The opposition candidate, accompanied by Mr. (.I. F. Cane, returned
from  a  canvass of Cowichan last
uesday. While there they made
a personal canvass of a large number of the settlers, and took occasion on Monday evening to publicly
address the electors in the hall at
lunean's. The hall was packed
when Mr. J. C. Harris was voted to
the chair and the meeting opened.
The chairman, in a few complimentary remarks introduced their ''future member."
Mr. Mclnnes -.vas well received,
and throughout his remarks was
frequently interrupted by bursts of
applause which showed that he had
the approval of.the large gathering.
He confined himself principally to
the school question, corruption of
the government, the decline of the
Conservative party, and the unjust
treatment given this district. Hia
positions were defined on all these
mat I ers in clear, forcible language,
which won for him many new supporters.
Mr. Cane addressed the meeting
on the trade question and clearly
explained to those present the Liberal policy, and warned them against
the malicious, misleading distortions being flaunted before the
farmers as the Liberal policy. In
this lie was very happy and evidently satisfied the farmers present
of the advantages of the policy he
Mr. Duncan also spoke on behalf
of the candidate.
After several questions were put
to the candidate and promptly and
satisfactorily answered, the meeting adjourned after unanimously
passing the following resolution:—
Moved bv Mr. Duncan and seconded by Mr. Herd, "That this
meeting express its confidence in
Mr. Mclnnes, and its approval of
the principles he has advocated."
The meeting is agreed to be the
best political campaign meeting
ever held in Duncan's, and from its
success and the pledges of support
everywhere so freely given, it seems
certain that North Cowichan will
record a strong vote against coercion and corruption.
 » »♦	
Interview With President McMulIen
of the San Francisco Bridge Co.
The San Francisco Chronicle of
Wednesday last has an interview
wilh John Mc.Mullen, of the San
"rancisco   Bridge   Company, who
San Francisco Coal Report.
A circular for Australia says:   "There
I are only three vessels now en route from
Newcastle aggregating about 10,000 tons
capacity, and three from Sydney of about
0000 tons.    As these six vessels are all
: that can  arrive here wtih colonial coal
before August and possibly September, I built the 1'oint I
Ibis means a market at that lime almost i 1 . 111       "*>j    «.
entirely bare of these coals. This has, ?oea n°4 surprise nie," he said, "to
naturally led to a marked advance of 'earn that the bridge went into the
price—in fact, owners will not name 0 ■ Gorge under lhe weight of a heavily
price for any Australian now afloat.   Of  loaded car.    The bridge was never
' homied "as w^hirieureesfo dmwXm i }'uilt to carry cars. It is what is
i on our northern coast, which will always' known in mechanical engineering
guard us against a coal famine. With a ' as a combination structure, in which
sparse supply of English and Australian! the compression members are of
en route und m slock Ihe owners of our  , •    u 1   .1       .       • 1
coast mines will assuredly feel justified timber, and the tension members
111 gradually advancing their figures and j 11'un •*'•*■ 8leel* - be floor was about
increasing their shipments, The cessa-' twenty-live feet above the water at
tion of Newcastle shipments has been ■ ]ow tide, and the water, to the best
causi'i   by tbe continuation of lhe siiike    r 11    .*       •   .i • i        t   *
which e,n euced about one month ago ?f m-Y «*<>••<**••-"■, "thirty or forty
and yet continues,    lis further duration ; 'ee* deep.
is a niiitter of guesswork, as the feeling j     "Having seen  thirteen years of
existingbetween owners and operatives' service the   bridge   ought   to   have
must   now be   -
lice bridge.    "It
is very bitter. As then
fully 7o steamers and sailing vessels al
anchor in Newcastle awaiting their load-
i ing turns, it can be readily imagined
what u serious embargo is being placed
on the commerce of iin- colonies."
Taeoma won from Seattle yesterday by
11 score of IS to |l; and Porlaild won from
Vi t ri —18 to i,
The standing of the league is now as
Portland  1:1 7 .660
Victor 11  12 12 ,600
Taeoma  12 14 .-nil
Seattle     10 14 .417
rr, 77
Customs and Inland Revenue.
Following   are   the   customs returns
for tbe month of May :
Duly collected    *4,2S!l OS
Miscellaneous           400 84
been long ago condemned, and
something more substantial built in
its place. When new it was scarcely strong enough to carry cars.
Those English tram cars, as they
call them, are very heavy affairs,
almost twice as large and heavy as
the Mission street cars, and are intended to carry comfortably about
sixty people.
"My conscience is perfectly clear
in the matter. Why, I had occasion
■ to visit Victoria in 1891, and found
j Ihey were running heavy cars over
I thc bridge.   1 went to Surveyor-
General (lore of the provincial government and said to him that it
Tin- English Derby.
The I'rince of Wales' bay colt Persimmon,  second  favorite, won  Ihe   Derby
stakes yesterday by a neck, The favorite, I was a great abuse of the bridge to
Leopold do Rothschild's St. Frusquin, run cars over it, and that it was
ilhlce'bv two'lVuX* Tlmt2'«.eC0    > U,1Si![e- ,HiB n^\ acc"r<lin« "> ^
' recollection, was  that the engineer
... f4,738.42
Goods imported free	
Dutiable .	
....$ 4,1)11.00
... 10,887 no
'•*■■■             ■
Next Saturday evening Oliver Lodge,
Daughters of St. George, will give a
social entertainment in honor of (be
visit of the Daughters from Victoria,
who will accompany District Deputy
Sister Penketh. The latter comes to install Ibe Officers of Oliver Lodge, which
has extended an invitation to Inkerman
Lodge, Suns of St. George, to be present.
An enjoyable time is expected, as the
ladies are noted   for  their good spreads,
Mr. \l. Bate left yesterday morning
for Nelson, whither he was called bv the
serious illm'ss of his daughter, Sirs.
Drive Oul the ImpnrltMl tram your blond ni d
build ii|> your system by rii'ntlujj nn avpeilie
and toning til" nloulKch With Hood's snr-nip-..
nllM. II you would kcop yourself well.
of the electric tramway had examined into the matter carefully and
was satisfied that it was perfectly
safe. 1 dropped the subject then
and have given it very little thought
Mr. Gore wns shown the interview, but said he had no recollection of Mr. McMullin having called
on him in 1891.
A mass meeting of the M. & M.L. P. A.
will be held in the Opera House Saturday next at 10,a. in. Impoi'laiit business w ill come up for consideration.
.1. Graham, lately of this city. Is down
from Uosslaii'l as representative of Koss-
I     .     -T        l,„     \(,t?\      Ir, tl-,„(-,.„,„l   |  ,„)„,,,
k urate schools; Mr. Haslam said they
had.   The Privy Council had declared the state schools of Manitoba
were not   Protestant  schools:  Mr.
Haslam said tkey were.   Mr. Cane
detailed some   of   the scandalous
dealings  and  thievish acts of  the
present Government, und read the
| resolution of the Presbyterian (len-
|oral Assembly at Montreal calling
,on the electors to purge the country
of the corrupt politicians who now
held the reins of power.   Mr. Cane
concluded with a witty story sliow-
ingathe  difference  between  adroit
statesmanship as exhibited by Mr.
i Laurier and the awkward, bullying
The political meeting held in tho methods adopted   by Sir Charles
-ai'd   to  the   school
Zhe tRanaf mo flDatl
IIY Till'.
E. ('. Beard, Editor and Miuitigor.
Bastion street. Nanaimo, B. C.
By mall—One year 2.00
"        Six months tss
" Three iiionllis 76
Delivered bv earner H5a. nor month
.IIN1C I, 1800
Saturday Night's Meeting.
I upper  111
The next speaker, Mr. Ralph
Smith, announced that, as it was
approaching midnight and many
of the audience would have to retire, he would reserve what he had
Opera House last Saturday night
admitted to have been, barring Ihe
reception accorded Mr, Laurier and
his colleagues, the best ever held in
Nanaimo. The house was crowded;
the boxes filled, and a large number
nf ladies were seated in the first gallery. The body of the house was I to say for a future occasion, content
occupied by what may bo termed ing himself by stutinix that Mr. Mc-
Nanaimd's solid citizens. Mr. lias- Innes was in the field"as the noini-
lam and Mr. Haggart, the Govern- nee of a representative Liberal con-
merit candidates, were both invited vontion, as he himself had been on
to the meeting. Mr. Haslam re- U former occasion,
sponded and was invited lo a seat The meeting broke up about mid-
011 the platform. Dr, McKechnie night with cheers for Laurier and
occupied the chair, and with a few the Liberal candidate. Its influence
preliminary remarks introduced the is already strongly felt throughout
Liberal candidate, Mr, Mclnnes, to the town", and lhe'vast majority of
the audience. our citizens feel that in Mr. Mcln-
This was the first occasion on nes they will have a member enpa-
which Mr. Mclnnes had ever spoken b]u and determined to enforce nl lento a Nanaimo audience on the issues tion to the needs of the city and dis-
of the day, and it may fairly be trict and worthily represent them
stated that the eloquent How of Ian-j [n theCanadian House of Commons,
guage and the ringing voice of the 1  «-o-»-	
young Liberal champion as he laid The Catholic Manifesto.
the whole history of  the Manitoba : 	
school question before them was a The collective mandemeritregard-
complete surprise to those who hilh- ing the Manitoba school question
erto had had no opportunity of is signer} only by the bishops'of the
hearing him. Round after round ecclesiastical provinces of Montreal,
of applause broke forth as the Quebec and Ottawa, but it assumes
speaker scored telling points against authority over the entire .Catholic
the blundering and bull - headed , vote of the Dominion, which it vir-
manner in whicli the present Gov- tually commands to bo cast in favor
eminent had handled the question, of Conservatives and coercion, the
sum and substance of the document
being  contained   in   the  following
: words:
Therefore all Catholics should only
vole for candidates who will formally
and solemnly eugaj-e themselves to vole
in Parliament in favor of tho legislation
giving to the Catholics uf Manitoba tbe
'school laws whicli were le.-nj-nized to
toba School Act of 1890 abolishing them by the Privy Council of Kngland,
separate schools was constitutional, Thil! g-'**,vo duty imposes itself on all
1 .1 ,. ,1 .,,„ 1 1 1 1 good Catholics, and vou would not be
and that the state schoolestab- fU8tiflllble neither be-fore vour spiritual
Usbed by that act were not Protest- „Mj,|,.s ,„„. beforo God himself io Bet
ant schools, quoting the judgments aside this obligation,
of Lords Herschel and Watson to The mnndemenl is accompanied
that effect. Mr. Mclnnes was re- by a circular commanding the
peatedly applauded as he turned clergy lo read il from (he pulpit
the X rays of his analysis on lhe without comment on Sunday, May
"able representation of this dis- 17, and also on lhe Sunday before
trict''   by   Mr.  llaslam.    .Mr. Me-  election.
Innes held thc keen attention id' Among liberal-minded men gonitis audience for nearly two hours, erally there will be a foiling of
and sat down amid great applause, regret that the bishops of Quebec
The chairman then invited Mr. | have seen tit to invade the political
-->«« '—
More Money in Silver and Lead at the back of
Than Gold at the Back of
Conclusively and clearly he showed
that the judgment of the highest
court in the empire, the Privy
Council of Great Britain, had de-1
cided that the Roman Catholic minority of Manitoba had no rights in
regard to separate schools embodied
in the Constitution; that the Maui-
to the conclusion that business must
, and consequently .arc offering you ti
bargains ever announced in NanuimJ
prices will clearly show:
ere $45.00 are now $36.00
o of Goods in lho Citv to Select FroinJ
-:- Commercial Sires
The Most Complete Stock | PIONEER
-»— Catenating and Boti
MITCHELL & BUMMING, 1-ropricta
Ihuiufncturers of Lemonade, lUn-jer A!(
imjmrillu, Ciders, Ktc.
All Orders Promptly Attended J
Telephone 20. P. 0. Doxj
Jas. McGregor's
Victoria Crescent.
Twelve months ago     150
To-day      -      -      - 3,500
And estimated to reach
Within 12 months from date
Cannot  he  surpassed in the
City. We keep a special line of
Okell & Moid!
Pure Preser
Prepared from Choice H.C.FriSj
and B. C Sugar,
They are the Purest and 13
Choice Teas and Coffee, bolP by all grocers.f
Caimed Fruits, Etc.
Notice to Ladii
Haslam to reply, assuring him of
hein}; allowed all the time he wished.
Mr. llaslam was said lo have spoken better on this occasion than he
was ever known to have spoken
before, but—well, comparisons are
odious. Mr. llaslam was given a
courteous but strictly cold-storage
reception. As he attempted to defend his position on the school ijues-
tion and his declaration on the floor
of the House that he represented
the sentiment of his district he was
met with profound silence. Toward
the close, however, he made a Biblical quotation, whereat three dear
old ladies and a Sunday-school
teacher in the gallery broke into
vigorous applause. Unfortunately,
Mr. Haslam referred to the Golden
Rule, " Do unto others what ye
would they should do unto you."
Mr. llaslam admitted that, as a
citizen of British Columbia, he
would not like to see separate
schools forced on this province by
the Dominion Government at the
field with their spiritual weapons.
The influence of the mandement
cannot he confined to Quebec, and
will have the effect in other provinces of renewing irritations and
antipathies that those who entertained them were becoming ashamed
to avow. The issue thus raised is
plain enough. If the Quebec hierarchy can come hack from participating in a general election with a
majority in Parliament pledged to
do its will and gained hy a coercive
marshaling of the hosts of the
church at the poll?, il would have
to be recognized that the supremacy
of the civil power of Canada is a
mere phrase, having no correspondence with actual fads. We have
hope, however, that a proportion of
their people will resent the dicta-
lion thus attempted and will decide
from the citizens' standpoint what
their course as citizens should he.
The question has now developed
into one, not whether Parliament
should or  should  not  pass  the re
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$1000 to $8000
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Easy Terms.
Other good lots from $50 to $150
instigation of the Quebec hierarchy; medial bill,bul whether the Domin
but he is ijuite prepared to stand
by Sir Charles Tupper, "ihe Bishop's man," ln his attempt lo coerce
Manitoba. Mr. Haslam must have
found some new way of applying
the Golden Rule, Mr. Has! tin did
not attempt lo answer .Mr. Mclnnes'
arraignment of the Haggart ditch
scandal, but switched off on a discussion of the quality of the masonry in the Sou canal. Mr. llaslam
having finished what he had to say
by accusing Mr. Mclnnes of selling
up his opinion against that of lhe (,f spiritual rewards or punishi U
Privy  Council,   hurriedly left   the  as an element in  the strife at  the
platform and was  not seen during  ballot boxes must be resented with-
o.*.t reference to what the effects on
the fortunes of political parties may
he. Ii is au anachronism that must
be relegated to the ages to which it
belongs, and no question can be
more important to the people of
Canada than that involved  in the
ion shail be governed by ecclesiastical proclamations.
Sir Charles Tupper and his colleagues had il in their power to
save the country from the danger
and humiliation of ihe launching
of ihis document, A word from
them would have been sullieienl to
avert it, They have chosen, mi the
oilier hand, to invoke il, and inusl
abide llie resulls. For Liberals of
whatever sect or Province there nre
not l wo choices.     The introduction
These prices aro nn advance on lust quotations, but
15 Victoria Cresceut.
The Globe Hotel
Has been renovated and re-furnished,
and is now conducted as a lirst-class
Ma, Ai.incur Kaucii can be found as I
Superior accommodation is provided
for the public.
1-. o. Box 225. Telephone 7-1).
Nanaimo Meat Market,
vic"re>kia uk raso k n u',
Wholesale nnd lit-tnll Doiilors In nil kinds ot
.    Fresh and Salt Meats.
"■"  Sausages, Etc ,
MoatB Delivered	
To any purl olilie city free of elm rue.
Speeiid Attention pniil to Shipping Orders.
A Trial BoUollod.
No. lill Haliburton Si
I). S. Maedonald's -Store.
THE BEST   -=-
is the CHEAPE1
the rest of the evening.
The chairman again called upon
Mr. Haggart to come forward and
speak if present, but there was no
The chairman then called upon
Mr. (Jane.     Mr. Cane  is well and
favorably known In our city, but, iSSUe the Bishops of Quebec have
like Mr. Mclnnes, has hitherto been  raised.
unknown as a public speaker.   He j  •♦*■•	
has a fine presence, a sonorous; A living lie is the Arena maga-
voice and a manner that at, once zinc, it preiohes reform and hires
puts him in touch with his audi- rat printers. It is a hypocrite whose
ence. Mr.Oane very neatly "showed acquaintance will do you no good.
up" Mr. Haslam's assertion that Keep it out of your home. -Seattle
Mr. Mclnnes had set himself above Labor Gazette,
fie Privy Council  on  the school -— ••'•'■
question. It was Mr. Haslam and II may be stated as a maxim that
his party, the speaker said, who taxation should be levied in such a
had done this. Tho Privy Council way that no person or class can
had deel ired the Roman Catholics have any personal or private inter-
had no constitutional rights to scp- est in increasing it.
Is beginning to go ahead in good shape.
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Mining Exchange Department.
Shares in various mines for sale from 10c. up. Also, one-
half and one-fourth interests in some of the best claims
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•^rliijgtoi} fl°tel.
(diving completed the erootlon or lhe Arlington
Hotel nl NANOOSE HAY, this handsome mid
commodious hotel im now prepared to receive
nnd comfortably ontortain travelers and others,
In presided over by Mrs. Thompson, nnd tlm
Tnulo d'Hote constantly provided with nil the
delicacies ol tho season. Comblnod with the
elegant furnished iipartmentB, the visitor llnds
the surroundings of the niont ploasanl description,
The Nanaimo Bakery Exd
The Popular Bakt"
ice ceea;
Will be In SeaSOn after
Sunday, and you should
not fnil to "et the Holiest and best flavored, for
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Excelsior Bake]
Market, Bastion Street,
Steamers nnd shipping supplied on short notice
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on Mortgage ut low mum.
Agent fin- tiie rutted Fire insurance Corns
of Manchester, KtiKlsnd. mmsBBMBai *i*ji
govin and Sir Cl.urles Tapper both for*  HISTOEY   OF THE   (JYGLONE.
ward telegraphic denials of the    story |
Effect of the Mandement on the
Catholic Church.
Sir Mackenzie Bowell Misrepresents
the Liberal Party in England.
J. A. Macdonnell Gets
His Howard.
Ottntvn, .Time 1.—Kev. V. Taylor, superintendent of Preach missions in the
province of Quebec, preached in Uracil
church last evening. He snid the Roman
Catholic fnith wus losing many adherents in the Province of Quebec. This,
he snid, wns principally due nt the present time to the nction of the hierarchy
in its inordinate desire to extend it'
[lower iu political matters in the interests of the present government. Within
the past four weeks he snid thnt no
less than four French priests hnd nsk".l
for admission into the Knglish church.
J. A. Mnedoimoll, who cnnie to K'.r
Charles Tapper's defence when charged  fjan
with having said that lie had "no confidence in the breed," has been appointed by thc premier to defend the claim
of (ieorgo Goodwin for $78,000 in the
SoilltlllgGS ease in the exchequer court.
This wtis the claim the Liberals prevented being paid Inst session.
Tory   heelers   arc   giving  currency  to
rumors of what they say is a big scan-
published by the Winnipeg Tribune, ns
to u telegram from Ottawa, slitting that
Sir Charles lind asked the blessing of
Archbishop Langevln before leaving
Ottawa. Both say they have not seen
one another since Sir Charles was sworn
in ns premier.
Sir Charles Wilson and Lady Wilson
nre travelling over the Grand Trunk
system ie. a magnificent new private
ear. To a reporter Sir Charles said the
Gland Trunk would be absolutely neutral in the Impending elections.
The latest name mentioned in connection with the political contest in West
Toronto is Lyni.in M, .tones, ex-tre-is-
tirer of Manitoba, and at present malinger of the Aliissey-IIan'is works.
The flour mill of .lames Macpherson
& Co., at Kingsvlllc, one of the most
complete mills of Western Ontario, was
destroyed by lire last night; loss l-i'J".!,
000;  h.'.ininee .-JtillOO.
Owen Sound, May MO.—Hon. tl. W.
Ross and .1. S. Willison, editor of the
Glebe, spoke here yesterday lor the
Liberal candidate,
Montreal, May 80.—The Humor thnt
Mr. Ltir.rier wiil not run for Saskatchewan is entirely unfounded, lie has
definitely accepted the nomination apd
will l.e the Liberal candidate there as
well as iu Quebec Rost,
Montreal, June 1,—Bishop Gravel, ot
Xicolel, now ou his pastoral tour, spoke
from  the pulpit on  Sunday at Doueel's
ng on the school question. He said
lie did not wish lo interfere in any wily
witli the present contest, nnd he did not
come to tell thi' electors to vote in favor
of one party rather than the other; they
were free in that connection. The only
request he hnd to make wns thnt the
electors would exact from every candidate n promise to work for the re-estnb-
lisliment of separate schools.     He made
dill   which will shortly lie exposed  and  in  no allusion to the remedial bill,
which   '.ending   Liberals  are  snid  to   nej
implicated.    This is so  purely nu elee-l
tion dodge  that  it  needs no    explanation,
In  their  desperation  at the  desertion
of lending manufacturers nnd    prominent men nil over lhe country  from the
Conservative   ranks,   th
the party cling eagerly
hope.    It is now said that ".lames Yen,
a  former Prince Edward  island    mem
her. bns seceded from tbe Liberals, nnd
will run ns nn Independent.' The truth
is that James Yeo. the former member
for I'rince Edward Island, is now running as a  Liberal candtdate    in    Enst
Prince's, P. E. I. The other .Tames *<-".
whom the Tories parade, is a Conservative,  nnd   always  has  been,   who    has
come out to split the Tory vole with the   of obtaining a
"straight"    Tory    candidate    in     West   Hodyiisky. or
Prince's. i long  lines  of
Winnipeg,    June 1.—J.    Macdonnell,  rougher bench
Liberal, has decided to remain in    the  arranged  lo  a
field nt  Selkirk.    Mr.  McCarthy  passed, sons, bnt in view of llie immcni-
through for Toronto hist night, I assembled iu nnd about the city
Moosnmln,    June 1.—Mr.    Mol>nn-il!  coronation    fetes;    extra    tables
will fight to n finish in Eastern Assini-  benches were hastily elected nnd
The Panic in Moscow.
Moscow, May 'M.—A terrible panic
resulting from the great crush of people at tlte popu.'ar fetes here to-dny, m
honor of the coronation of the Cznr.
caused tbe tramping to deutb of many
managers ot people,
to the smallest ln anticipation of the grand holiday
nnd popular banquet on Hodyusky
plhiu, tens of thousands of people began
trooping towards Petrovsky palace, in
front of which lhe plain is situated,
during the earlier hours this morning.
Iu fnct so much interest was taken in
the open air banquet that thousands
reached the grounds yesterday
and camped thei
vicinity all night
Fearful Loss of Lite and Property in
St. Louis antl Elsewhere.
St. Louis, May 2H.—At 7:15 a.m. the
loss of life iu St. Louis uud East St.
Louis was conservatively estimated nt
between -100 nnd iiOO, but the dentil
list is constantly growing, as additional
details of the horror come to hand.
Over 200 persons are known to have
perished in this city, at least that number lost their lives across the river, and
the number injured will reach into -he
thousands. Tbe south side of St. Louis
near the river suffered most, lu Cast
St. Louis, following the line of the
river, buildings were razed by thousands, trains wrecked, boats sunk, le'e-
-,'rapli wire crippled in every direction,
m fact everything in Ihe cyclone's path
ivas laid wasle. The course of the
Storm was from lhe southwest lo lhe
northeast. There is no mentis at this
hour of estimating the loss of life on
the river, but a number of excursion
steauiei-s were sunk, and it is probable
thai hundreds of passengers went down
with them. It is impossible to get reports from, the police stations, where
many of the dead und injured luiee
been taken, consequently any slate-
ineiits in this regard tqi to the present
time ure llie merest conjectures, There
is no doubt, however, Unit the loss of
life in greater than anything lhe country has known since the disaster nt
One thing which aided the storm iu
ils course of destruction was llie valley
which  separates  North   1  South   St.
Louis, along which the railroads entering the cily from Ihe east and west
hnve tracks aud yards. This depression is forty or fifty feet deep, a regular valley in fact, nnd hud lhe tornado
confined Itself lo this channel lhe loss
of life would nol have been so giva**.
But at this point there is n slope, thus
affording a means of egress for -.he
great destroyer, lt: is evident thai ihe
tornado pursued the thick for many
miles, ns the reports from lhe various
railroad stations show that no news
has been received from any point west
of here as far as Moberly. Scattered
Information shows tlmt between Moberly and here various small towns were
wiped nut nnd many persons killed.
Al lirst it .was thought thnt scores
had been killed at (he fair ground in
the western part of the cily where ine
station w.-is blown off while the Is!
race wns being run, hut il is now known
thnt    '
d.  H.  PLEACE,
I runt  the people  saw  (he  storm  coming
evening; nnd  took   refuge  in  lhe adjacent   fields.
! or in  llie Immediate The city bears  the appearance of bavin order to be certain j ing been shelled by nn enemy.    In some
g 1 position to-day. On J places the structures have I u entirely
Khodlkuskoje plain were destroyed, while in  others high, jagged
rough  tables.  Hanked   by | walls stand, n constant menace to pass's.    They   were  at     first ers-by,    There must l.e :: great  number
omuioilate  -10.011(10   per-|of  people   imprisoned   in   the   destroy.'1
crowd i buildings    win
i were
end  :
Lulu.    A   public  me
here next   Tin s lay,
will be Mr. McDonald, Senator Perley,
Mr. J.   Ilawkis  nnd  ex-Aid   Moore,  of
Killnrney, June 1.—The Patrons of
Industry laid n meeting here to-dny
end decided to advise June's .Morrow,
Patron candidate for Lisgar, to withdraw from the He'd.
London, Ens., June 1.—The St;
.Tallies' Gazette this afternoon publishes a long interview with Sir Mackenzie
Powell on the Pacific cubic conference
nnd Cnnndlnn politics, lie is quoted us
saying that he hnd no doubt the Conservatives will be successful in thc elections, unless tbe echool question takes
n stronger hold on the people thnn the
premier thinks it will. Sir Mackenzie
Itowell is also quoted ns saying Unit the
Libel-sis were wiling to accept reciprocity wilh the I'nited States, coupled
wilh discrimination against England,
but the Conservatives refused to accept
thnt proposition.
Collingwood, May 2'.).—The Unuiil
Oi'enge lodge hns compromised tne
differences between Clarke Wallace ni.il
his followers, and the Straight ininiste.--
i-ilists or supporters of Birmingham,
by re-electing both the Grand Mnst«r
die pier ol' En-le's bridge and broken in
and the secretary.
The nrti remedialists, however, claim
to have the best of it. inasmuch ns .Mr.
Wallace wns re-elected by acclamation,
none of his opponents curing to contest the office with him. while Mr,
Birmingham bad to tight for his lite,
nud only succeeded iu securing a majority of twenty-one in u lotni of -i>0
deign tcs.
Toronto, Mny 'JO.—The result of Clark
Wnllnee's opposition to the government*,
ns shown in the meeting of the Orange
Grand Lodge at Collingwood, will, m
the opinion of tiie government supporters in West York undoubtedly result in
tbe placing of a candidate in the Held
to oppose him. It wns decided to let Mr.
Wnllnee's conduct iu tin* Grand ljodge
be a test of the belligerent stand tie
took towards Hirminghiim and the Interests he represented. The questiou 13
now Bottled nnd 'he nomination of Dr
Orr or some other straight ministerialist is new certain, Iu fact tbe agitation to put forward u straight Tupper
candidate in opposition to Mr. Wallace
bus been going on for some weeks. The
Liberals hnve decided to place one cun-jbeliev
didllto in the field In West Toronto, ninnu
where there are two sents. The Mi-
Carthyites have called u convention for
Monday nnd will likely run one num.
Mi-. McCarthy is cxpecti d here next
week. Should the McCitrthyites run
two men, however, the Liberals will
likely run none. If the McCnrtbyiies
run none thc Liberals will likely run
two,  so ns not to  split the votes.
It Ir understood the Liberals of South
Lanark will support the McCnrthyilo
candidate,   Ferguson,   of   Kingston.
Ottawa, May 80.—D. McKlroy, of
Itichmoi.d, McCnrlhyite, hns been nominated in North Lanark against Mr.
ltosainond. Mr. Millar is the joint
Liberal nn.l Patron candidate; nml is
likely to lie elected.
Certain Dominion lots nt Revelstoke
hnve been set apart for cemetery purposes.
Mr.   McEachern,   chief   Inspector     of
cattle quarantines, left for Hritish Co-
liniioin and the Territories to-night to
visit the quarantines,
The Canada Gazette to-morrow will
contain the announcement of F. E.
Meyer, of Vernon, having being ippoint*
ed n sub-collector of customs.
Professor Wiggins hns ngnin emerged
from bis retreat, this time to propound
his theory of tbe St. Louis disaster. He
claims that the storm wus attracted to
thnt point by the net wurk of telegraph
nnd  electric light  wires,
Winnipeg,  May 80.—Archbishop  Lnn-
be    hel 1  efforl made to provi
speakers| 500,000 -inils.   Twit
desirous   of   taking
but the authorities
le seating room for
e thut number were
part in the feast.
decided  there must
for thelhours, ulfhough    tliofls.
<    nml   have offered their aid
very  partinent lo help |n tin
i released for
s of citizens
ihe police do-
"i-k of rescue.
is  filled  will)
of  nurse-,',
be a  limit to tiie number lo h
taiued, so he figure was fixed
0(10.     To   feed   this   multitude
army of cooks end waiters were
ed together.   The military baki
,t. bOO.-
taxed to their utmost capacity.
.00,000 mugs each bearing por*
of the Czar and Czarina, were
order."! :\n.\ manufactured for presentation to the people taking part in the
banquet. The police did everything
possible to keep back the crowd, but
suddenly Ihe innsras,
Inexplicable inlluencc
get the food, presi
swept  everything be
impelled by some
. nnd impatient lo
id forward ami
I hem.
turned  the tables
Ihey were mude of givss, train]
hundreds under foot, and crushing tin
life on- of n great number of people,
the old mil weak naturally Buffering
the mosl One poor woman gave birt.i
to a child during the excitement, nnd
wns trampled lo death. The fate of tin
Infant is not known, but it is believed
that it sinned the same fate ns its
The police and military authorities
en nfnnily succeeded in restoring order,
carted nwny the (lend nnd injured and
preparations wote made to proceed wt':n
the banquet ns if nothing unusual had
happened. The Czar and Cznrina were
Informed of the disaster, were much
distressed, sent additional phvslcinns (n
the eeene to cure for the injured, issued instructions that n full report of
(he tragedy be made, end gave orders
that the distressed fnriiiltea lie relieved.
As this is Ibe lirst serious accident
since the festivities commenced, it attracted much attention "nd east quiie
a gloom over the cily. '
bnssnilir. Cuntc de M
scheduled to give a ball nt the I' reie-h
embassy this evening, but it is reported that this feature of lhe celebration
may be abandoned although u very
large sum of money bus been spent
upon preparations, France being grwit-
esirous of t'silfying her friendship
l'lls-in   bv  ni'ilrn:'  upon  tills    oefi-
llsplny  which  should  puss  into
Every hospital in the city
victims, but there is a li
physicians  nnd   medicines.     The  bodies
are being brought in every minute.
One thing which hindered the work of
Inking .mt the dead nnd rosoiiiiig the
injured wns Ihe prevailing darkness.
This oven .prevented communication he-
'w i thi various parts of ihe ,-ity. To
add to the diannl situation, the" rain
which fell shortly nfter thc tornado
passed began again about 7:80 o'clock
and came down in torrents for hours.
As lo ih,. losg of life on Ihe river, it
is reported that the magnificent stenmer
Grand Republic was sunk witli all on
hoard. The steamer 1>. II Pink, with
thirty passengers mi hoard, bound up
Ihe river for Peorin, was blown bottom
up. The steamer Dauphin, containing
1 a crew
ihe mid-
two. In some manner (he women nml
two of ihe crew nmuaged lo cling to
He- stonework of the bridge and were
afterwards rescued. The steamer Llb-
bie Gonger, of the "Diamond Joe" line,
wtih dipt. Senninn, his wife and a
crew of six, was sunk in Ihe middle of
the river. Apart from Hie number of
lives iost here nnd on the oast side of
the river, tin, number drowned in the
Mississippi will nggrognte hundreds.
Excursion bonis lying at the levee, us
well as (hose running up and down ihe
river, were sunk nbnnsl Immediately,
those on hoard having absolutely no up
towns  of Illinois  ami  Missouri  furnish pie of weeks before all the circuits arc I
the following totals of dead and injured: In order.
Dead—At -New Baden, 111., 10; Breck-  •+•+-■
ridge,  111., 20; Audrieu County, Mo.,  5; TIIK CUKE  INDIAN'S  OB.IKCT
Jefferson  City,   III.,  G. 	
Local puiiers tell    of    the   sympathy To Being    Deported    Unless   Pardoned
offered   by  the  whole    county    of    Sl. for the Kiel Rebellion.
Louis iu its present sate of woe. Oilers
have  conic to   Mayor   Walbridge   from Minneapolis,  Minn.,  May  29.—A   spe-
commercial  organizations  all  over    the einl   Irom  Great   Falls,   Mont.,  to    the
United     Slates,     from   the  mayors    of Journal says two troops of cavalry have,                               .
cities, large nnd small, to extend linaii- been ordered from Fort Custer ro round
cinl nid as the situation demands. Chi- up the Cree Indians so thnt they may   A Full Assortment at tho Lowest Market Bates
cngo wus the lirst to extend offers of ns- lie deported to   Canada    in   accordance i
sislnnce,   the  citizens  being  represented with  recent    federal    legislation.     The j                              	
by   the   Union  League  club,  the  Com- Crees say they will not go unless Cnmi-
mercinl  club  and  Mayor  Swift.     lt is da proclaims an amnesty for their par-    JOB     W Olilv ___«•««•»»»»*-
not   likely   that   Mayor   Walbridge   will ticipution   in   the  l^jei  rebellion.      They                        .,
accept these kindly offers,  for while the tenr death  sentences if  they  return  to                      -l 1'OlllJitly Attended  to.
loss is stupendous, local citizens arc go- Cauuda,  und   prefer  the  alternative  ol
ing down in their pockets nud hnve nl- fleeing  to  tiie mountains and  becoming   All kinds of
ready established a huge sized fund for "bud  Indians."                                                          m;„  „_ j  ov.««< T„„.. Iir„„l,
sufferers. ^~—              Tin ana Sheet-Iron Work.
Ambler,  l'n.,  .Mny 29.—Tiie    tin-undo Toronto, Mny 80.—Minister Montague
which swept through the lower end  of „.nfl  |„  town  yesterday  and  numerous                            	
Montgomery  county  yesterday,  carried party  leaders called  on  him      Among  \r-  t-     •    /*i              a.    vr
dentil and destruction  with it.     Three tho   rumors   circulated    in    con tion   vlCt0rift L-P6SCGIlt,   iNaiUUlIlO
lives worn lost und  ninny persons more w|th  him  is one  to  Hie effect  Hint  an
or less injured.     Thousands of dollars exchange wili bo    effected    iminidiiilelv   offloeTcl 31)
worth of damage was done to property, between  Mr.  Montague and  Mr.  Kirk
At Jarrettown great damage was done, patrick,  the  hitter entering the cabinet
four  n took refuge in a stone barn, and being succeeded as Lieutonnnt-Gov
The  wind struck  the building  with  cy- eruor by Mr. Montague
clonic  force,  burying Allied  Moilitt.  At .,»    	
Langhoru   Geo,   W.   Weiilor  was  killed Brian O'Lvnn hiul no boots to wear,
in a barn m which he hnd taken shelter. go-hooametoKanaimolobuylilinapalr;
Washington,  D.  (.".,  May  20.—Wash- "I'll have one pair ot thick and one pair of thin,
ington experienced a cyclonic storm yes- " I«»" lind Wliltllold's," says Brian O'Lj	
terdav.     For twenty minutes the wind Be hunted the stores all along the main route,
au'ot.l-   11,n   c\tv   nml   lho   i-iio   hi.nt  flown su>w he: 'Tile l-i-dil one I've nol vet fmiinl out.
swept thc i ,t.i  ami die lam ne.it noun i VVBnt whitlleld-l'Ubavonlvfi i Mm,
with   a   violence  suggestive  ot  the   St. Por he sells the tJheapest," snvs Brian O'Lynn.
Louis horror, the wind  blowing seventy Ho atopped a little west of Albert street;
miles un hour and    blowing    Irom    the lie saw whltlleld's sign—snro 'twas a treat;
southwest.     About 11:110 o'clock it swept lie opened tho door and George stood within—
the roots  fi i a   number  of buildings, "I've found itat lost," says Brian O'Lynn.
including     thc      Lutheran      Memorial Wesho-vodhtmourcab? boots, kid and cowhide,
church   uprooting scores of   trees    nil ^^^J^SS^r,\\^SJ^^
over, the  city,  and   doing   other   injury. " Sure you've boots for the million," says Brian
Much damage was done to the splendid O'Lynn.                                    [notrash;      »ri
foliage     in    the     Executive    Mansion He bought him his boots, which of course were
grounds   two of lhe finest  and  largest ^.l^ll.S^^rv^'^SuoViSir'i!!,'';:'.;;^
ol   the  old  trees  being  torn   up  by  the Buy only from WliltBold," says linnu 0s Lynn
roots,    king   lour  lost   in     the    week „.,',„ .,,.,,,        '.,    -          ,'
..,.,/,..,,,      , .  . If there b a leak In the toe or Bide of your shoe,
Irom storms.     At the Capitol the storm j„st take it to Whitlleld, that's all you need do;
caused  a   temporary    suspension    Irom He will peg It or patch lust while you are In,
business.     Mr.  Dingley, of Maine, who And the oluirge seems like nothing," says Brian
occupied  the ehnlr,    was    for    several
niinnles almost tiie sole occupant ol the WHITFIELD, tilt* NllOl* Mail,
St.  Louis, May 80.—The situation in Victoria Okkboext, Nanaimo.
St. Louis this morning, viewed from (he   —: ^.-.^-^—..i ,.,,,,„ .„,.««*„-_	
Republic's standpoint, is ns follows: St,
Louis    identified    dead,    13t>;  unknown
dead,   18;   missing.  32;   fatally  injured,' ^"VU?'PW',S*5
Hi; seriously  injured, iu the hospitals, ,?'*'■**'->*'l--'-£ii,
-Inl;  estimated    injured   oulside  of  the •*•&•*••>■■-^--<a>
hospitals, 1000; property loss, estimated
5120,000,000.    Ensl   Sl.   Louis,  Identified
dead,' 110; unknown  dead, 0: dying
missing,   IO;  seriously   injured,   in     tne   ~ ..;, ..... ......    . .„v,u  „_,
hospitnls, 200;   estimated injured, mu- Courts of Assize, Nisi Priua, Oyer
side of   the hospitnis, 2000;   property aiui Terminer, and General Gaol
loss,  $3,000,000;   total   dead   anil   dying, ,,  ,.                    .
295^ Delivery for the year 1896.
It is expected (bat workmen, linemen, ,
electricians, ground men. mil even  Inb- hpi'Illg  ASS1ZCS.
orers will have to be Imported from lho N.      .
neighboring cities in  large  numbers to >;•"••• '."'   - •  ■    ■-..■■-'•'" •<>' •■• 6th May
re-construct the broken  telegraph, tele- Now W eBlmlnster.li.esi ay.. 12 h May
phone and electric light lines.    Carloads  \'!"''"uver  I iicsouy... 10 h May
of   telegraph    poles   wiring and hum's  gMntOT J «-...»th May
nml various electrical apparatus are nr-  V^P*    luc.-.uy.  ,28th May
riving,  and  with  the si'cks constantly 'V'"''"-'!* ■ ■       -.Monday...  1st June
 ....,  i... ., : „ : in Vernon  ..
.30.   P.O. Box 16,  Residence Tel. 101,
st'ociissons to
Funeral Director and Embalmer
Graduate of the Oriental, llie Eureka,
the New  Vork and Clark's
Schools of Embalming.
1, 3 and 6 Bastion St., Nanaimo
Bakery and
Invites Inspection ami Comparison
as to Quality and Trice.
Awarded  First Prize at, the Agricultural Show.
Hi: seriously  Injured,  In    the  Showing the, Dates and Places of
Bastion ,SI reet, opp. Telegraph Office
Nelson     Monday .. . 15th June
Donald    Monday.. 22udJune
•■Special Assize,
LAMPS, Etc. etc.
*.„,:!:;;::: taxidermist department ,
Birds and Animals set up in a thor-
ro    inein.    over-,,'     , '   "'"i"'"'.  <■
beaches as it T'- y v,'!""'" P"8"01-**-™ •»•'
rrnss, trampling ?f s,x !"""' "'•'* '',mvl1 "Rn-nst
...j   i.i... ai..  '"'"■    tn  some  manner the  m
arm up
A Murderer I'm sun'.
I.nke City,  Utah,  ,li   I.—It  is
d tluit the Rev, V\ cis Merlins been located, Q. M. Nolan,
nu employe of the California Wire Co.,
declares tluit lie met Hermann iu his
recent (ravels mul wus on a train with
him for two days. I'min the description
gtven'he is certain that he made no niis-
inke in the man. For the purpose of
recovering the reward Nolan left the
city lust nij-'ht accompanied by two olli-
cinls to make the arrest, lie will not
say positively'to what point lie is gulug,
but it is believed to be nt somo place in
the wilds of Idaho, He snys that Her
rattan can be found nt u point seventy
miles from railroad or telegraph communication.
Presbyterians Condemn Bicycles.
Birmingham, Ala.. June 1.—The general assembly of tbe Cumberland Presbyterian church finally concluded its Inlaws on Saturday, nnd adjourned to
moot on the third Tuesday in May,
1MI17. in Chicago. At to-da'y session the
report of the Pan-rrcsliyleriiin alliance
of Ihe reformed church, recommending
general conl'erenee co-opcrnlion and the
appointment of Dr. Peters, of Marshall,
Mn„ as a delegate to the Pnn-Presby-
terlnn alliance, wns adopted.
The committee on Sabbath observance gave bicycles a black eye by declaring Hint "the bicycle is becoming n
foe to observance    We deprecate tin?
misuse of ii good thing." This part of
tile report Caused considerable dcbale.
luit it was adopted,
portiinlty to escape,
The storm wns circular, the day Irving liecn very hot with clouds in ihe
west, nnd no wind. About 4 o'cloeli
the massing clouds one upon another
on the western horizon, iznxo some
warning of what was corning, No one
has been round who apprehended .it
that time anything worse thnn n hard
thunder storm. Suddenly out of the
he French nm- cloud bank came a whirling funnel
mti'l'i'lln. w.m which dipped to (he earth. The storm
wns then east of Clayton, a short dis-
l.-uice from St. Louis, nnd live minutes
later hnd traversed the distance from
the western limits of the city to the
heart, and there it raged. The high
buildings served (o conlinp It, nnd until
Ihey were destroyed there wns no
chance of escape. The river was literally raised from its bed with lho loin-
I dreds of bonis plying up nml down It,
| or moored nt the wharves. Whore llie
crossing is made to Hast St. Louis the
river la about a mile in width, Hii!
II leap wns taken with nil Ihe fury I
which the cyclone struck the i ity proper. Once over, immense destruction of I
the railroad propertj began, Curs wonl
one way nml depots another, while valuable cars of freight were scattered l.o-
youd Hie possibility of recovery of
South  St.   Louis  is  Uttered  with  ihe
bodies  of (he dead.     Musi   SI.   Louis  Is j
ii gigantic cemetery under debris.   11  i.s
n     most    disastrous  storm   from   every |
point of view.    The elements  did   little
damnge   in   the   business   and   uorlheiu
portion of the city, save along lhe river
front,   where  the   loss   cannol   he   esti- I
mated,    -lust  bow  many gave  up their
I lives   in   llie   waters   of lhe   Mississippi i
I When  the tomndo came down  nnil  tore
lhe  bonis In    the    harbor    from    their
moorings,   will   never   he   known.     The |
chaanel is full of wreckage.    In So-ith-
St. Louis the storm spent ils force.    All
the way from l'upin street to Caroiidelett
there is uu Impression thai  will not bo
effaced for years.    Strong buildings fill
before  the  wind   like  houses   mndo    of
irried   by  the  various  conipani
furnish material for thousands of workmen,     'i'he   liell  company's   wires along
Hie course of lhe storm nre a total 'oss.
The   company   onirics   u   heavy   supply,
however, and were enabled to start 500
men to work yesterday morning.    Con-
, sorvative     estimates   of   the   Bell   Telephone Company's loss place  it nt $75,-
000.    The  Postal    Telegraph  Company
mny get off with a loss of $400, tluir
loss being of such  a  nature ns to  he
easily  repaired.      'I'he   Western   Union
has 80*0 men in East St. Louis untangling the wreckngc preparatory lo repairing the losses, lhe extent of which the
officials cannot estimate. Another gang NOTICE is hereby given that Edwin
, of workmen    nre    on   lhe  line    of  'he   Matthews has been admitted a partner
Missouri    Pacific,    where   thi' loss    is  in the above business,   In future the
great. The company hnd sonic tern- business will be carried on by the un-
j pornry circuits working Inst night, hut dorsigned tinder the style uml name of
i it will be fully a m,mlh before the dam-   WlLSON A MATTHEWS, who will assume 	
age  is   permanently   repaired. all liabilities and collect all debts due
l    Two    companies of the Illinois slnle   the said business, and we trust that by     None but the best brands of Wines, Liquors,
militia   from  Greenville  ami   Bcllevillo,  careful attention  to tbe needs of our  Ales and Cigars dispensed at the bur.
In nil about KHi men, patrolled the le-  customers, to merit a continuance of the 'r. o'conn p:j.. Prop.
1 vee district of East St. Louis Inst night,  patronage so liberally bestowed in the
and dead  Hues  were established,  which   past.
no one was allowed to puss without a Jeuome Wilson,
permit.    The effect  of those stringent Edwin Matthews,
measures  wns  soon  seen  to-day  in  11.0   Nanaimo, B. C, April 7, 1896.
greatly decreased numbers of people in   _
the devastated districts. Over sixty sus-
ough workmanship manner.
On Hand—Four  line  Doers'  Heads,
whicli will In* sold for price of setting
Iliem up.   Also a line ease of Birds.
d. s. Mcdonald.
(ill Haliburton Street, Nanainio.
ommercial Hotel.
Comer Commerritil and Bastion Sis.
Tiiis |ong'68tftbItshecl Hotel is romfortnbly
Jitldl up with sii|ii-rior lUTommoda.-
tioiis fur tni\ t-lers and othurs.
Nanaimo Business Directory
iccts   have   already   been   arrested   and     1 | y  ]j
lent out nf (own or locked up.    Several     K £j.T/"l PI*    H (XX\ QP
ilckpockets    and    confidence men  havo   JLl V   T  W.' L    JLJL \J Hk3l_
B.M1KKI! ,t POTTS, Barristers nnd Solicitors.
Coinmerolal street.
also   been   arrested.
The railroad  yards are gradually being   cleared   of   debris, rendering the
moving  of  trains    once  more  possible, 	
though     il   will   be   weeks  before  nnv-
thing like  order  will   be  restored.    ~\t   MRS. JAS.   HAWKING,   (Into of the
i.   I". CANE, Barrister and Solicitor, ISoomll,
Vl.  Johnston Block.
Barristers, Room G,
Jobuston Block, Commercial street
li,  ltiir'-i*.ti>rs,
•oiiiiiu'n-iiil nml Bastion streets.
VAItWOOD it  Voinu, Barristers, corner of
1    Coi ' '
least 400 freight cars were over turned
nnd either wholly or partially dem il-
Dosolation still reigns supreme in *he
tornado-stricken districts of East St.
Louis und litis city. To-day opened
clear and calm, with everywhere gum's
of men delving in the rubbish for buried victims, clearing the streets of .lis-
mantlcd poles, wlrea ami general debris,
repairing damage done in the thousands
of buildings, nml relieving ihe injur.'d
end homeless. As time foes on it becomes more mil more evident thai lhe
tornado w.-ts lhe worst thnt ever visited
Ihis or any other cily of ihe United
States, The horrors multiply every
hour uml ihe list of dead is appalling.
More thnn  1:10 bodies have been  ri v-   ^     .,,,,1   iff,-,,-   |„na lef fl*io
cred in St.  Louis, nnd over 400 persons   *--"' »UKl AttCl   JUI1C 1st llie
are known  to hnve been  Injured.    Tbe
mangled  bodies  found    in  Innumerable
I'l.'lees  along  Ihe  [villi   nf  the   storm  lire
being taken to Improvised morgues in
different portions of the destroyed districts.    It  will  he weeks before n  cem-
Temperance House) desires to express her thanks  to lhe  public  for ~„   irARDY, Botanic Druggist, Winfleld Cres.
former patronage, and now begs to A-  com.  Try Hardy's I'lloOintment,
stnte   that the   Kevier  House bus —-
been comfortably arranged for tbe -  .
" t lation of boarders, s.eady 1 >'^^V^A^Ktn.-V,..^,1 i,11 ^r^i'"« "fi'^ci"1'•>-
or transient. Single or double rooms nilicc. udd-l-'ellow's Block, Namiimo.
witli hot or cold water  baths,  and \y   .1. rritliv, l». I>. s., lirccn Block.    First-
elecliie light in cad, room.    Every- "'  °1«" work guaranteed.
thing strictly lirst-class and charges
moderate.   Remember the house, a ,*,,,,.,.	
., ',, iiltl'.M KM  PHARMACY.   Ham,&Sthabman,
ball-minulc s   walk   from   tbe   old '    proprietors.  VictoriaCresoout.  Dispauilng
.        . aud rat**-'•
sinnd iinrili.
i iei';- ii specialty.
Medical Hall mcr. omiuoreial and Bastion Btt-eets.  Telephone t-S-B.
\TAN\lMn  DYE WORKS.—Dyeing, Cleaning
li   and Uopalring    1! Nicol street.
C, iTlAiu.ToN, Manager.
plele  list  of  tho*.,- dead   CM\   be  made,   Will ClOSfi EVfll'V WotlllOSllltV C.    MAH-*-". Wholesale  Denier In   Fish and
but the list is coming lo the Sfrtn mnrk.l ',   "LU,R',,utJ <J.    uame, Bastion Street, Maiialmo.
On!v morp (cugss work win  l-o mndo
ns to tho property Msr on both sides ai AT  1   0'f!I flfllf  P  M
lho   rivor.   bill   the   n.orp.intiiV   nffttifta ftl   X   " UUUU1V   1 . 111.
sny it mny reach srio.ono.non in ibis city
nlnno.  whilo    in  Bhst    St.  Lmiis there   [ tnternaTIOKAL HOTEL-PETER WEIGLE,
will hq Rpvorfll millions of ilolhirs. J.   Proprietor,   Victoria Croscont,
In Enst St. Louis tbe d.snstef is ■•tan-       r_,~—, ,T ,   ,, . ,        *, . . —■- '—-—--,-.-. —j:
^.,r NoU this and send in your insurance and financial agknt
ruuND HOTEL—W, Stem,, Proprietor—Vio-
"   torlii CrescQiit.
O   '
good   '•'•"■
cards. Chit in tbo southwestern sub*
urbs, factory after factory wont lown
nnd piles of bricks nml timbers mark
the spot on which stood business houses,
(fattened so thnt there was no chance cf
escape ha1 the occupants. Thousands
of f ami lies in South St, Louts are prflc-
tt pally imiroioss, nml temporary hospitals hold hundreds.
St   r.onK Mo.,  Way 2&--8pecta1s tn
the Republic from various storm swept
plete, tbo wost section of thnt railway
tmvn beinc one vnst pharpel ijousp.
The only riwpljlmr I"*1' pfn-vi.nir is m
whnt is o.-11i>.1 "Tho Island." Siv hun- bt' delivered
firH fnmiltes nre homeless. Thn First
Missouri Rnffiniput 1ms pone on duty for
patrol service and thn police commissioners will jifli' 15^ mon ta tho force,
Wanfullv hnvo lho business mon of St.
T/Onis tikon up tho work of relief, for
itlthouirh thnfp nre thousands *-vho onn
null thomr'-l'-ros out of tho tronblo. tho:*o f
nm nlpo thrwtnAft who hnvo lost rtljrPl- , l^,^*,** 1 T - J_ .1
find■ mn«r hp holncd. A nnrtfnl rosnmp- 1 Hi* I /-I II111 IlOTfM
Unn  nf the stront onr porrioo  hns been    -M-JIV      H'v/v/Jl.      UVl\ l«
■  rr. n nnolsl and luiurauca Agent,
j .ltihlon Utuuk.
JAMES Y00NG.   _ PAINTINQ- papkr-hahowo.
streets,    1'. O.bon 208.
\NA811.  Hi nisi'  nnd sijjn Painter ( Paper-
• Hanger, eto.   Corner Albert and Milton
First-olasfl Accommodation. Fire-proof building
Terms: $1.00 Per Day and Upwards.
ClOKKMAN & HAKDY, Real Kulntc llrokcrs,
HiiHiiiin atrcot.
D   TAYLOR, Honlor m all Iclndn "I Nru-and
. 9eoc   '
ofroMr.,1. ,111*1 n pni-tim r-r-lnrntion nf ilio I ,AS  I!KN-N1,.rT| ,.rorrll„„r. | v. Seoond-Hatni Kurnlinro. and Fancy Artt-
rtfiptvli-    H"l't    svoTorn   1=   nrofn'so-1   in       , . . , I olea of even- rtenerlflloii.
ffirty-nlirlil houps, but it will Im n <vi:-     Comniert-'inl "'■-.      Nanainio, B, C, icfiinldii lerolat atroet tp-E- port was received, and on motion of Aid.
j Planta, it wns ordered that Mr. Smith
j b.'  awarded  damages  In   the amount
/ A. stated.
The Dallas Square  Sidewalk
Provokes Opposition.
Police to Be Uniformed in Metropolitan .Style—Bicycles us an Attraction of V. M. ('. A.
L'luiin .settled.
The road fqreman's report wns road
detailing work done since Inst report,
including the laying of a new sidewalk
opposite the piistnlliee.
Aid. Planta asked by whose authority
the sidewalk opposite the postolBee wi s
laid and what explanation there was to
go with it.
Aid. Foreman, ns chairman of the
Street committee, replied that ii had
not been the Intention In lay a new sidewalk—merely to move the old one back
to the present line; but upon taking up
he so
At the regular meeting nf ihe Council \ the old planks, they were found to
Monday evening all members were pres-  >""■''■ *-h«.v could do nothing wilh tne
cut except Aid. Bradley,  Martell and  and a new sidewalk became necessary
A Serious Tllatter That Demands
Legislative Attention.
Of Vital Interest to Working (Musses
und Citizens Generally—TUo
Increasing' Evils of Chinese Competition.
Wilson.    The minutes  ol'   the   previous
meeting were rend and adopted.
A communication was read from \V.
J. Dowler, City Clerk of Victoria, gratefully acknowledging, on behalf of the
Mayor and Council of that cily, thu expressions of sympathy from ihe Mayor
and Council of Nanainio for thosu bereft
by the bridge disaster
One. will look  in  vain  through
Mr.  Maslam's nml  Mr.  Haggart's
addresses to lhe electors for :t refer-
Aid. Planta said a motion for a new 01l(.(, ,,, -,],•„ all-important Chinese
sidewalk al  this place had been voted  qUestion.    [f they have an opinion
down three weeks ago, and he objected on the question ol all, they have so
to this proceeding, nol so much because  *.,,. thought besl to keen it tn them-
thework wus not necessary, as that other BelVes, On page 20 of Mr. Mclnnes'
work had been put aside, and  it should  address  to  the electors,   however,
have taken lis proper turn.   The excuse wju De found the following para-
offered should not be taken nt nil.   He p*rflph:
tliouuht the chairman of the Street com-     „, nmv say thnt 1 nm fully conscious
Received and  mittee had overstepped his bounds; it of the baneful effects  exerted   on   oni
jwns not necessary to remove the side-  labor market by lhe large immlgrat'
Prove the merit of Hood's Sarsaparilla — positive, perfect, permanent Cures.
Cures of scrofula In severest forms, liko
goitre, swelled neck, running sores, hip
disease, sores in the eyes.
Cures of Salt Rheum, with Us intense itching
and burning, scald head, tetter, etc.
Cures of Hulls, I'lmples and all other eruptions due to Impure blood.
Cures "f Dyspepsia anil oilier troubles where
a good stomach tonic was needed.
euros of Rlieumatlsm.whore patients were unable to work or walk for weeks.
Cures oi Catarrh hy expelling the Impurities
which cause anil sustain the disease.
Cures of Nervousness by properly toning and
feeding lhe nerves upon pure blood.
Cure3nf That Tired Keeling by restoring
strength.   Send for hook ot cures hy
. Bicycles!
To C. I. Hood St Co., Proprietors, Lowell. Mass.
A communication from Thompson & ' walk, and the explanation, lie added,
Suoville complainod of the unsafe condi- "won't go at all." The nick surface nf
tion of the water tank in front of their the ground was perhaps better than the
premises and asked that nn Official ex- sidewalk. Ten nun had been eleeted to
uniination be made of the same. Aid.
McDonald moved that it be  referred to
the Street committee for report. At the I the authority lie hud, and his manner nf
suggestion of the Mayor, the motion was -loing business Bhould he stopped! It
made to include ali tanks in the city, was high-handed business. It appealed
and carried as amended. I to be a one-man government, and  nn
nf i lie slaves. Their presenceamnngs!
us has caused a competition thai is both
unnatural and unjust, and has been productive nf disastrous results In the mercantile and laboring classes alike. The
entry tax nf ibti per head, which was
. imposed some years ago, has proven nt-
street foreman had  no light to assume   terly Inadequate to remedy t-io evil nnd
look after the affairs of the city; the
should be made practically prohibitive."
This question is undoubtedly one
of the mosl serious problems with
which our representatives will have
: member hud n rightto act independently to ileal, directly affecting as it does
The following communication was read
from Mr. Ralph Smith, president of the
managing board of the Y. M. C. A.;
Genti.kmbs—In answer to yours of
the 20th inst., 1 beg tn say that the matter referred to in your note (re the V.
M. C. A. secretary and lhe hiring ol bicycles) lias been considered by us (the
olliccrs of the above institution), and struinental with Aid. Foreman in ciuis-
after due thought, we beg leave to make   ing the new sidewalk to he laid. The old
of the Council. I our working classes und indirectly I
Aid. McDonald thought Aid. Foreman (he whole community.    It hosbeen I
had gone too far, but now the work was a hindrance to the fust settlement
done it could not very well he undone, ami development of our province,
and he wonld move that ihe reporl he j< to-day a greater evil than ever,
received and Iih
Mavor Davisc
aid   In
thc following explanation: It is nut on
account of monetary considerations that
Mr. Freure keeps bicycles at the ruoius,
because' he has had an niter of a place on
Front streel—premises equally convenient and far more centrally loeaied—but
on account of thc benclils accruing to
the institution. It need only be pointed
out to yon that, by having tiie [midlines
at the rooms, ho is enabled to give his
whole time to the association, and by it
the young men arc attracted lo the place.
1 would remind you or inform you ibui
last year the secretary was not able to
get wore than half of his stipulated salary of IfUOO, and this year be has received only if 12 i. Every effort put forward for the collection of Bounces has
been put Into the reading-room, library
and general expenses, which are all paid
up, our ambition being lo equip the
rooms to meet the necessities ol the cily
and lu make it compare favorably with
the literary provision iu oilier eilies
which furnish free reading rooms al a
cost of from ifL'OUil to Joilno out ol their
city funds. Now, if the niaituglng committee of our association can make lids
provision for title city at a cost ol IJ240
per year, should it not bn allowed free
use of the rooms to make up the balance
and at the same time to conduct su.-li
business us advances the best interests
of the association and of the city. In
the history and experience of association
work the great difficulty has been to
keep the young men in touch with the
rooms during the summer mouths. Now
any thinking man can readily see that
the interest taken by young men in bicycling ought lo ho associated with  the
sidewalk was in a dangerous condition,
and in the event of a runaway during
tliccelebralion, wilh the sidewalk crowded with people, a serious accident was
likely lo happen, and when the lives of
citizens were in danger the cast should
not be considered ; besides, the cost did
not exceed the amount  the committee
and in tho future, unless strong und
radical measures arc taken in regard to it, bids fair to reduce tho
condition of our laborers to one little bettor thnn thut <>f the coolies
themselves. Capital will always
buy labor, like everything else, in
lho cheapest market. 'I hut is an
economical axiom, Tbe Chinese
coolies work fur ban- living wages.
That is a fact. The Chinese arc
now in the country in large nuiii-
was authorized in expend. , heps, and every year adds consider-
Ald, W'esittinid objocted tn the pro- ably to that number.    That  is an-
eueding, but he admitted the sidewalk oi hor fad.    TheChinese nre grad-
was belter situated than before, though ually learning the ways of skilled
ii did nnt agree with his idea as in im- labor and finding employment ill
proving and beautifying the square. factories. That is a third fact. Now,
Aid. Morton contended then' when a given these premise?, it requires no
motion passed the Council/it should be great skill in political economy to
complied with, regardless of how urgent forsee the lowering  of  wages   and
a matter might be considered. The sidewalk had stood for live or si -. 24ths, and
no doubt could h-IVe Si I this "lie.    Ill-
agreed the sidewalk wus in a better posi
lion,  although   not   agreeing
idea of what it should he.
best  possible-  inlluenci
reduction of the standard of living
for the white laborers lo that of
their Chinese competitors, or something vory near akin thereto. The
with his only alternative will be that tho
best and linest element of our work-
Aid. Foreman resented the charge of ingmen, the backbone'of the court*-
Aid. I'lanta in reference lo a one-man try, will lie compelled to seek a liv-
government, and claimed ii was only a ingelsewhero in some laud where
matter of opposition on Ids pan. 'i'he they will not In- subject to what
matter-of improving and beautifying the Mr. Mclnnes lias termed "an un-
square- as had been suggested, had been just and  unnatural  competition."
considered, bul (here was no i iey for Attempts have been made to roiiie-
Buch a purpose; besides, people would
object to walking round the squaro to
reach the push.Mice.    After starting on
ily the evil by means of Provincial
legislation. Such legislation as
there is, however, bus been enacted.
:""' "''  '"    the job, it'bccuine necessary to lay a new   perhaps purposely, in a clumsy ami
the menial sidewalkatoncelii vicwof theappronch- impracticable  manner,    Moreover,
ing celebration. The rock ground was
nut us represented by Aid. I'lanta, but
was in a had and unsafe condition, ami
the sidewalk had been very little expense,
Aid. Sinclair claimed Aid. Foreman
had tuld him he intended laying a new
sidewalk before the old one hud been
removed, und ihat he (S.) had advised
him nol lu do su.
Aid. Westw I thought ihey Bhould
nil abide by a majority vote, and the uc-
furnish these Influences to
and moral benefit of the young men.
After this explanation, if the Council
still think it unfair or inconsistent for
the bicycles to remain ul the rooms, then
thc board will see to il that they remove
to other quarters,
Aid. Morton said Ihat, with all due-
respect to the association, he did not
think it fair that the rooms, which thoy
received rent free, should bo used for
business purposes, The renting and selling of bicycles hud nothing to do with
the objects of  the Y. M. C. A., and ihe
business should be  removed to other  ti if Alii. Foreman was unfair to thoE
premises, who had voted against the tion,   lie
Aid. I'lanta did not sec why Ihe privi-  thought  il  wus  about   lime Ibis puny
lege should  be denied, inasmuch us it  business was dropped [although there
was shown thc secretary would have lo  |lllc|  heeil no reference made to parties]
neglect his duties by removing the bi- llni| the  affairs uf  il
cycles, and that they were an attraction   properly,
to young men. Aid. Morton claimed the corporation
Aid. Morton protested that the secre- workmen carted good soil to the ravine
tary was not the only one carrying mi  that could be utilized on lhe Bquare to
thc business, but outsiders were connect- j,,,,,,) advantage,
ed with him. ,\ld.  Westwood   a aided   Aid.
Aid. McDonald said that, as the busi-   I><>tiulil,H motion tn receive uml  I'd
ness gave the secretary an opportui-lty  report, which carried,
to make up his  salary, lie  would  move tin: mili siiikam niiii-m*.
that Mr. Freure be allowed to continue     The following bids lur repairln-
the business, Midstream bridge were rend: W. Night-
Aid. Westwood seconded tbe motion, in|,uie, tJIT; W. A. Nettle, J800; U.&A.
as he thought it wns the duty of the city g,™ jj 205. On motion uf Aid. Morton,
to support that institution by all means the contract was awarded to Mr.Nlght-
in its power, but he did nol think thut jnga|a. mi,| „„ motion of Aid. Sinclair,
others should receive the free benefit of Mr. James Kelly wns appointed to bu-
the rooms. perintend the work until completed,
The motion then carried, Aid. Morton I misuki.i.ankoi'k.
voting no. ,\ld. Morton obtained  permission to
Aid. Sinclair, chairman of the committee to whom was referred the mutter
of purchasing uniforms fur the police,
reported they hud awarded the contract
to Mc.Leod at |80 per suit; and also re
ining in a by-law Using Ihe rates to lo
levied fur 1800.
The Mayor staled thnt u Belgian
woman residing on Haliburton street)
Whose husband died a few weeks ago,
was in a destitute condition, with live
cnnimended that helmet huls be pro-  ,.,,11,1,.^ the eldest being D years of age,
vlded for the force.     The report wus re-  T||l, maUer wus |eft in the hands of the
ceived and the recommendation adopt-  *,*.1Vlll.
ed, the style of helmet to be chosen by     ***|)e |j,Jlln,.j| (|„,„ adjourned!
the same committee, _ <««
A. .i. smith's claim. I    The funeral of the hue \V. I'. Brannan
The coinmittee tn whom wus refer c I   t -ok place Sunday afternoon iii lhe pro-
the'petition of A..I. Smith reported that  senee.  of   a   number   of   sympathizing
the advertising board whicli caused the  friends, Hev. Father Vcrliekn ollieiulii g.
damage was erected  on  city  properly,  The pall-bearers were Ualph Smith,.las.
and that the damages, for which the city   Bradley, Arthur Wilson, Wm. Snider,
Wus liable, amounted to :,62.ryj.   Thu re-  lle.u-y Devlin and Robert McMurdro.
no attempt is being made by the
Provincial Government lo try ami
have these laws enforced or amended so as lo be practicable. Thnt
Government is apparently too cowardly rn- loo venal lo enforce any
legislation thai would curtail lhe
privileges of certain local capitalists
who have so long beon the power
behind the throne nl Victoria, In
our opinion, lhe main relief must be
sought from ilm Dominion Parliament. The Dominion Government
have already conceded the principle
of a discriminating lax against the
Chinese, Thai is om- very important point gained, lt is the precocity conducted ■••-'•■•i tne foundation upon which to
build up and perfect the doctrine
of protection loom- working classes
againsl iimlesiralile foreign i lements
coolies, serfs and peas-nls bred and
born for centuries tooond.tions thai
make then, little better than slaves,
looking for little beyond a lure living, content to live in a manner
thai ai present self-respecting work-
ingmen of otir own race would not
tolerate. This point having been
gained, the principle of ihe discriminating tux recognized, let our representatives in future strive tnhave
Highest Honors—World's Fair.
u       n    ¥*»•!!    areUie best after-Ulnuer
ilOOd S   FlllS pills, aid digestion.   20c.
thai tax fixed at an amount that;
will be, to use Mr. Mclnnes'phrase,
"practically prohibitive." As to the
abstract justice of such discrimination, we ate not now concerned.
Clerical assemblies and missionary
associations have, we believe, in
Eastern Canada passed strong resolutions against the imposition of
ihis lax on Chinese entering the
country, lint our good brethren of
the east look at (he matter from an
entirely theoretic and oomfortahle
standpoint. They, do not sec lho
practical evils of Chinese competition around them; they do not see
their own people walking thestreets
idle because Chi no-e hold their positions at starvation wages; the
sleek city cleric witli his fine spun
theories of justice and his salary
of three thousand is beyond lhe
range of pulpit competition with a
converted Chinaman at two hundred a year. Theoretically, nil who
are born into lhe world may have
an equal right to live und compete
for a living in uny part of the
world, just as nil who lire thrown
into tiie en have an equal right lo
swim for the first plank in sight.
Hut there is no doubt about it,
those who get to lhe plank first will
not allow others to come on and
overcrowd it to (lie detriment of all
concerned. And it would make
very little difference if some pious
individuals on the shore should
shout lo them about lhe principles
of nalural justice. Self-protection
is ihe litsi law of mil nre ami preeminently tho rock bottom principle
governing the relations of one race
or country with another. I' is for
the purpose of protecting our own
people, of retaining our own province and resources for ourselves and
our children, for the purpose of
maintaining our own standard of
living and civilization that we demand action on tin- part of the
Dominion authorities to slay und
thwart lhe increasing lido of Chinese immigration and lhe increasing evils of Chinese competition.
John Alexander, a miner, residing at
N'lrlhlield, was killed in No. 5 shaft,
Wellington collieries, Tuesday afternoon
fr a fall uf coal.    Deceased  leaves a
wife ami three children. Coroner Davis
empaneled a jury lhe saint- evening, und
the inquest was adjourned until next
To Bicycles done on our premises at the shortest possible notice.
Mu. Coi-KiNd being a thorough practical bicycle hand, will be
pleased to furnish all information gratis, and all  work
done by this linn willbeguaranteed tobe lirst-class.
Next to Sloan & Scott's Old Stand.
P.   S—A large consignment of bicycle sundries just arriv-
from the east.
a ?>-V<S.'Ji,--V*a. W&Wb V-iJWW^%%^»aV*aW%5
Handled Only by N. E. P.
$3.50 Per Sackj
The outside or wood substance of wheat is removed and buhiiifl
of kernel ground into flour, making a pel feet Hour for al
dyspeptics, und will aid digestion quicker than any othj
in use.— *^
We claim lo have TEAS, the besl, the equal of which are nowherl
to be had. They will go the farthest and please the niosj
particular.   Choice Blends, 25, *)() and 50 cts. per lb.
The Ilest Groceries bundled by us. (live us a trial order thi]
month and save money for yourself us well as store.
A ,1m ic,  what  made you look  so  nice lust night   i|
f church 7
I Jack—Why Tom, because t had'such  a clean shij
• and collar on ami such nice polish on them.
Tom—Where did you get them done?
Jack—At the '
pioneer Steam Launch'
Tom—Xo more Chinamen for inc.   They ruili my shirts.
Jack—Drop a card in Post Office Box 115 or leave word at lino's BarlC
Shop and the wagon will call on yon ut once.
Terms strictly cash, 0.0. II.
I). M. STEWART, Proprletoil
i tin
ure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.    I
n Ammonia, Alum or any other adulter
40 Years the Standard.
MR. W. IV. 8. MclNNES,
will address inootlngs OB lollOWB!
'Sail Spring Mand (North') May 1'.)
"       "      "       (South)   "    20
Alberni    "     28
Nanaimo Cily    "     80
Duncan's rune   1
Comox    "      •'!
Union   "     -1
Cedar  " 0
Somenos  " K
McPherson's  " !)
Royal Oaks  " 10
Booke  " 12
[Oabriola Island  " 16
Nanaimo Oily  " 10
Nanoose ■  " 17
j Wellington  " 18
Northfield   "    10
j   At the above named meetings Mr. Molnncs
will le assisted liy other eminent speakers,
Tin. rn i,|„.i-iiiii tnil opupsod in ihe present
government ere cordially Invited.
The goyornmont candidate nr candidates, nr
I anyone on their liehalf, aro Invited to be presold
! nml will he given ample opportiuilt-.' tu take
pan iii ihe discussion.
' A. II. Mi Kl'.NY.IK, O. I-', C'aXK,
Secretary. Chairman nl Executive.
Lodge Notices.
lnkrrman Lodge, No, SUB, Sons of Si.
George.—Regular weekly meeting is held
in Hilhert's Hull, Wharf street, on S.vr-
rmi'v evening at H o'clock. Visiting
brethren cordially inviled to attend,
i'ubij. Waub'i AIT, SOUl
•£>HQfc,s)f   jj.
.-IF*.' WOMrW"*   PMN
CHu.DRt r,      ■-'•'L-rL
Johnston Block, Bastion St
If you do, it'll make a great difference
with the youngsters and a still greater
difference with yon, They'll be better
Shod thnn they possibly could be elsewhere and at a considerably less cost.
When you eun save money by buying
heller goods, youv'e struck ll good Imitation of ii bonanza. That's what you'll
always Iiml in our stock—the best juvenile footwear in Nunniino. You ciin'l
beat either our gooos or prices. You
might as well try to beat a drum with a
Broken Bicycles
—Hi'ioui.n nu—
Repaired in Good Shape
to avoid danger of accidents.
Repairing Bikes a Specialty
See the IIYSLOP.
H. MgTEIGH. Preprietc
—Full and Complete Htock of--
Furniture, Mattresses, Lou
UpholBtoretl Qdndfl of all Kimi*> Miuic ana
paired.   Furniture of nil <Uwriptiou  huJ
and aold.   Mattresses repaired nmi <i,-lf
Hu1 samo day.  a irini order Miiii-iU",
Citv Market
Wholesale and Retail Butcl
1*. O. Box 227 Telephone 7|
JOS. M. BROWN, Watohmal
oV\Om Demagnetized simru
By 8PECIAL MAl'llINKUY on tho Promts]
Pine mul ComplloatQ-1 Watches Hint t'lool
Carefully Cleaned and Kepaij
Fine OYCLOM KTKRS, fnr ISlcyclti, In St.
CollNKII CUUliall   AND  ClIAI-El,  StIIBiI
Ask for -:
Champagne CiiJ
Soda Wateii
Lawrence's ifSKSJ^u-
Manufacturer of TompornnoD Drinks, Brruoril
liellvi'i-i-il Ii m nil parts nf I'llyinul vlchj
/&.'*- I'lnuipt nttentiiill |1iilil lunlillil>ltl''or'l
Teluptionc 2-t. P. O. llux 71). NanaimoI


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