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The Nanaimo Semi-Weekly Mail Jun 25, 1896

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 By the test of public, opinion
and found "all right."
Second Year
And increased success of the
people's paper, the
Nanaimo Mail.^vVirrrieJ:
Is our business, and the superiority of our work commends itself, while as to prices
It Is Profitable
Maybe it isn't I but it strikes me as tho worst kind
of a tax. It certainly adds fully 20 per cent, to
nearly everything you eat, drink and wear, while
it does not add one cent to your wages. For remember there is no duty on labor. That comes in
entirely free, save $50 on Chinamen. Maybe it
isn't a tax. However, that may be, it is a fact beyond dispute that if you deal at the
The People's Store
you will bo taxed considerably less than if you go
elsewhere. We have a largo stock of the best
Groceries, Provisions, Flour, Feed, Boots and
Shoes, Tinware and Graniteware. These are all
taxed of course, but we bought thom at the lowest
possible price, and wo tax you only a vory small
margin of profit, consequently our prices are lower
than elsewhere. The quality is tho very best, and
these facts you can easily prove for yourself by a
trial order.
The People's Store, vi&,,
•t/*%%%«'%^'%%-%**-»'%%-%/%-vaT%*->fc-%«* ■»-»/%•%/%*».-v%
The "Slater Shoe
In Black and Tan
Ladies' Canvas Oxfords,]
' Kid Oxfords,    J
y In Black and Tan.
Children's Tan button Boots nnd bow Shoes.
Gash Boot and Shoe Store
No. 17 & 19 Commercial Street.
k. E. 0, Johnson, Umioger,
Vancouver District Contribute*
to the Liberal Suceess.
W. \V. B. Mclnnes the Choice of the
District by a Large Majority.
The Official Returns.
Do Sot Fail
As the New Spring Season
is now upon us	
to come and inspect our stock of
Ladies' i Children's Millinery
Our stock this season we assure you is
complete in every respect and bound
to please. It comprises all the latest
novelties, etc. A very fine and well
assorted stock of Ladies' Sailors and
/Children's Galatea, Silk and Lace Hats.
Crescent Store, Nanaimo, B. C.
T'Y-,>* -'--v s  i; ■    frl!  '7   »
The usiiiil dosing exercises prior
to tho dismissal of the children for
j the summer vacation, took place in
St. Anne's Convent school yesterday afternoon in the presence of a
; large number of parents and
A. 1). Williams and several other
voters who started from Comox in
a small boat for Nanainio (not
being able to obtain passage on the
Lome) to vote, were compelled to
put back, owing to the rough
weather, and returned to Union all
right yesterday.
Thc death took place yesterday
of Mrs Hannah McMillan, the wife
lot Mr.  L.  McMillan, of I'rideaux
I street. Deceased was only 2.'! years
of age and was a native of Northumberland, England. The. funeral
will take place from her residence
I this afternoon at 4:30.
The following is the list of those
who passed from the Central school
to the High Bflhool in the recent examinations:
Maggie Frame   (gold  medalist),
Lilian I'lanta, Agues Fraser, Win.
Dick, Charles Host-wall,   Elizabeth
I Brown.
As willl be seen from the above,
i Mifs Maggie Frame has won the
gold medal, which will be offered
: every year by the New Vancouver
i Coal Company for the pupil obtaining the highest percentage of marks.
The medal is now on view in
Stewart the jeweler's window.
The   South    and   North   ward
schools held their closing exercises
}'esterdny morning  and  afternoon
| respectively, a large number of visitors being present.    The Central
| school  closing  exercises will   take
placo today at  l:30soarp and pu-
ipils and  visitors are requested to
I be punctual.
Chow Kay, accused of Stabbing Chow
Chung on the 14th Inst, in Chinatown,
was tried In the police court on Monday
| morning, The complainant, who resides
' nt  Protection Island, said  that on  the
day named lie was ut Wing Hug's store,
I where he niel tho prisoner, who was ly-
i ing In lied, and as tho result of nn nlter-
I cation about a previous trouble prisoner
jumped out of bed and Stubbed him in
I the thigh  with a knife, which  he drew
from   under the pillow.    Ur. Mel.eod,
j who was summoned, testified that n deep
wound   had   been   inflicted,   tho   knife
severing a sinali branch of tho femoral
| artery, narrowly missing a larger one.
After oilier witnesses had  been oxiiin-
i incd.his worship sentenced the prisoner
tol«o months' Imprisonment.
Ilo Not Evi-kiiimknt in so important
a mutter us your health, Purify, enrich
and vitalize your blood with Hood's Sarsaparilla aiiil thus keep yourself strong
und healthy,
Iloon's l'n i.s lire tbo best after-dinner pill; assist digestion, cure headache,   25 cents.
It pays lo read our advertisements.
The general election in this district on Tuesday last passed off
quietly, the result being as we expected. The Conservatives, however, appeared confident, and predicted a majority of 500 in this
city as certain for Mr. llaslam.
The Waterloo that f waited them,
not only in this district, but throughout the country, was a surprise
they were evidently not prepared
for; but if they had duly observed
the signs of the times as represented in the reliable journals of the
day, they would have been saved
much anxiety of mind and disappointment, besides much unnecessary trouble and expense. The verdict generally was a foregone conclusion, although in this city and
district the influences at work to
prevent a free expression of the will
of the people make the result more
creditable and gratifying. The ovation the successful candidate received when the result was made
known, and his grateful and patriotic response to the plaudits of the
populace, will long be remembered.
Official Returns nf Vancouver District
North Ward...
Middle Wurd...
South Ward ....
Conn ix  	
Oabrlola Island ..
Royal Oaks	
Mtiyne Island	
Denman Island	
■Sail Spring IsI'd.S.
Salt Spring Isl'd.N
Totals    90S   818   670    2480
02   104
119 | lfifi
137 '
82 I
13 !
14 j
8 I
13 I
* AlltI-!'(!lIlC'(llnl.
Total vote, Earle, 1,563; Prior,
1668; Templeman, 1461; Milne,
The result of the election in the
above district with Howe Sound,
Oortez Island,Valdez Island, Rivers'
Inlet and Port Essington yet to
hear from, is as follows: Maxwell,
Liberal, 14""; Cowan, Conservative, 1141); llowser, Con., 381.
Returns  Aulay  Morrison (L.)  by
over 300 majority.
Latest returns indicate Mr. Bostock (L.) to be elected by a substantial majority.
Hy provinces the gains and losses of
the Government were:
Gains—Addington, Bothwell, Brant
S„  Bruce W.,  Perth N., Waterloo N.,
Wellington S.—8
Losses—Bruce N., Durham W.,Gray
N., Hamilton ('.'), Hustings E,, Kingston, Lambton !•',., Leeds and Greenville,
Middlesex K., Middlesex W„ Ontario
s., Ottawa City (2), Perth S., Peterborough y... Renfrew N,, Victoria 8.,
Wontworth S., York E.—20.
Gains—Jacques Cartier, Nicolet, Rou-
ville, Stanstead—4.
Losses—Belleuhasse, Brome, Gaspe,
Hocheluga, Juliette, Lupriiic,L'Assomp-
tion, Laval, Mmsonneuvo, Missisquoi,
Montmorency, Montreal—St. Mary's,
Montreal—St. Lawrence, Montreal—St.
James, Richmond and Wolfe, Rimouaki,
Soulanges, Temiscoutu, Two Mountains
Losses—Cumberland, Halifax, Hants,
Inverness, Victoria, Yarmouth—fl.
Gains—Carleton, Charlotte (2).
Losses—Kings, St, John's City, St,
John County, Stinburv, Westmoreland,
Gains—Queen's, Prince VV—2.
Losses—Brandon, Lisgar, Macdonald,
In the N. W. Territories there were
four losses, and In British Columbia the
sunn-number, with no gains. t855f
14K'  -
v'iSt^ £.. "i^?: >«**!•$•<«-? .">
GbelRanafmo Mail
K. C, JiKAitu. Editor and Manager.
Bastion street. Nanuimn, It. C.
By mall-—One year e.oo
SlX IllollttlS 1.26
" Tlllvi'lillilillis 76
Delivered liv carrier *J5c. porinoutli
JUNE 'J7. ism
The People Triumph.
The Government has been defeated—justly and expectedly. The
regime of incompetency and corruption has been condemned hy an
indignant people; and the Nationa
Policy, that deceptive shibboleth
under which thc Government operated for the benefit of the classes as
against the masses, has received its
just deserts. Of course, champions
of the Government assign all manner of excuses—personal, local and
otherwise—for this result; but there
is only one explanation—that of
insupportable weakness on the one
side and overwhelming strength on
the other, not only in purity, hut
in soundness of principles and policy. The country has been redeemed from the control of an unscrupulous party and a vicious policy, and the power for evil has l>eeii
torn from their champion and leader, stigmatised by one of his own
party organs as "the prince of
political cracksmen." The effects
of this policy and the machinations
of this party are far-reaching, and
the result as expressed was only a
question of time for its achievement to be realized. It is gratifying to record that Hritish Columbia
has done her duty and elected men
of progresive ideas and, knowing
their duty, will dare to do it. More
especially are the electors of Van-
Vancouver Island District to be
congratulated on their judgment
and courage, who, though contend-
ing against great odds with the"
powers that he (or were), unflinch-
ingly supported the people's candi-
date, young and untried though he
be, recognizing in him the ability,!
the energy and determination of!
which this district has stood so
long in need. We predict a bright
future for him in the political tield
of the Dominion, and he will bear
with him to Ottawa the sincere
wishes of thc community whom lie
represents for his success and advancement, and who have every confidence that his efforts will redound
to the benelit of this district.
From a Conservative source, we
learn that party will not have more
than DO seats in the new parliament of 216 members, reversing the
majority to about 40 majority for
the Liberal party, Three constituencies iii which elections were held
Tuesday have not yet been heard
from, and iii Chicoutimi the election dues not take place until the
80th, nnd this district will probably follow the example of Quebec
and return a supporter of the illusions Laurier.
Victoria refused  to  join in  thc I
march of progress, but the election
has  demonstrated  beyond  further
cavil thnt Col. Prior is not a full-
fledged cabinet minister.
it is a credit to the district that j
an   honorable, square   light  pre- j
vailed against methods of a totally
different character.
Burrard and Westminster have
fallen in line and will swell the
great tidal wave of Liberalism.
Even Hugh Uetcherlife Deiupsey
says he is now a convert to Liberalism.
Bostock won Yale-Cariboo in a
Several labor papers, especially of
the extremely "progressive" sort, are
still boosting the Arena magazine.
This is a gross inconsistency that
can only be accounted for on cither
one of two suppositions. Either the
editors are insincere or they have
been fooled by the sophistical
Flower. Every man in the reform
movement, and particularly those
in the journalistic sphere, should
learn to recognize an enemy in disguise as the most dangerous of all
foes. Thnt is what Flower is. Tbe
Arena is printed by rats. Leave it
severely alone- Seamen's Journal.
The appropriations made hy the
recent session of Congress amount I tifying to its popularity
to $520,000,000. It is expected that I ,  , ,      4,
the appropriations made at the next a.I*t*   USeiUlneSS   111   the
session will swell the tot: i of the;past and guaranteeing-
Fifty - Fourth   Congress   to   0yeT  " * ^*
11,000,000,000. a successful future.
The electors of Vancouver District, by a
plurality of nearly
Have indorsed the principles and policy of
TlTc   IVJail
As against all other pa
pers and influences of
the District, and the
justness of its verdict is
ratified by the Province
and Nation at large,
which all join in one
grand jubilee at the
triumph of right and
the Liberal party, and
thus glorifying the
of THE MAIL (an ominous coincidence), tes-
20 MEN
ining Deal
$100 Each Only
$25 Down
25 in 1 Month
25 in 2 Months
25 in 3 Months
I would do my best to
make this a big success.
Call and see me.
If yon do, it'll make a great difference
with the youngsters and a still greater
difference with you. They'll lie better
shod than they possibly could he elsewhere and at 11 considerably leas cost.
When you ean save money by buying
better goods, youv'e struck 11 good imitation of a bonanza. That's what you'll
always find in om- stock—the best juvenile footwear in Nanaimo. You can't
beat either our gooils or prices. You
might as weli try to beat u drum with a
Broken Bicycles
Repaired in Good Shape
to avoid danger of accidents.
Repairing Bikes a Specialty
See the IIYSLOP.
Kevier House
mrs. jas. Hawking, date of the
Temperance House) desires to express her thanks to the public for
former patronage, and now begs to
State that the Revier House has
been comfortably arranged for the
accommodation of boarders, steady
or transient. Single or double rooms
witli hot or cold water baths, and
electric light in each room. Everything strictly first-class aud charges
moderate. Remember the house, u
half-minute's walk from the old
stand north,
The Globe Hotel
Has been renovated and re-furnished,
and is now conducted us a first-class
Mu. Ai.iikht Kaih-h can be found ae
Superior accommodation is provided
for tiie public.
P. O. Box 22b. To1(.'|ilioiie 7-».
Nanainio Meat Market,
VlC'TOltlA CltHlSSC'JO.N'l',
The Most Complete Stocf
Jas. McGregor'!
Victoria Crescent.
Garbonating and Bottlin;
MITCHELL & Kl'MMINU, Proprietors.
Manufacturers of Lemonade, (linger Ale, Sa".   1
saparilla, Ciders, Etc. D
All Orders Promptly Attended Toi
Telephone 20. P. o. Box 00.
Notice to Ladies
I AM AGENT for Nanaimo and Di«'-p
tricts for the New and  I'erfect Carter .
Tailors' System.   This system is up ti
dute; a perfect ladies' system ; is without a rival and easy to learn; is notei
for its graceful lines and elegant forms\
it is not an experiment but a develo,
ment',   I can also tench how to uBe thi.-
system, and also all kinds of Dressmakj
ing executed in lirst-class style.   Price
to suit the times.   Address,
Margaret M. Macdonald,
No. 69 Haliburton Street,,.
D. S.  Macdonuld's Store.
Tbe Nanaimo Bakery Excels
The Popular Bakersi
Johnston's Block, Nanaimo.
Will be iu season after
Sunday, and you should
not fail to get the richest and best flavored, for
which you must call at
Excelsior Bakerjj
Restaurant and Chop House
Co.MMKUl'IAI,   S'l'llKKT.
Oysters in every stylo.
Meals, 25c. mid upwards.
(iood Beds, 2">c. and upwards.
Spring Chicken always on liand.l
Wholesale mul iu-tull Deiilorslu nil kinds of
0,m   Fresh and Salt Meats,
*■"   Sausages, Etc ,
Meatii Delivered—
To any purl oftlie city free of charge,
Special Attention paid to Shipping Orders.
A Mat Solicited. |rpcnR¥ .«n     TlT  PMlpOtt'S ToilllltO  CatSUp
M. LbHtRKT A LU. -'So.,,.!.! 50,-. per Bottle.
ver Sleep.       Open Day and Night.
-Arliniton Hotel.I
Having completed the erection of iiio Arlington
Hotel nl NAV.OSK HAV, Hits handsome and
oommodloua hotel ih now propared to receive
mul comfortably ontortnln travelers ami others.
Ih presided over by Mrs. Thompson, and the
Table d'Hotfl constantly provided with nil the
doltcacios of tlic season. Combined with thu
elegant furnished apaftmants, the visitor finds
the Burrouudlngi of the most pleasant doscrtp*
Market, Bastion Street.
(Julian Cigar Factory.
Our Cigars nre made ol tho Choicest Havana t
Tobaccos.  Our famous '
Cuban Blossom **»
Black Diamond        i
Aie ciiHt-ii for every where, and are miperlor to  ■
any Imported Cigar,   Mndo hy I'll ion I.Hhor.
M. J. BOOTH, Wharf Street.
Steamers nnd Shipping HiipplJod on short notice
nt Wholosale Prices.
City Market
People who Appreciate—
Have their prescriptions dispensed at
, Wholesale and Retail Butchers
P. O. Box 227 Telephone 7-8
Their Prices aie Kfglit.
Telephone 3,
Soiia Watkr
For a Cool Drink
Ask for -:-
Lawrence's JgS&JEL
MnnufMjitrerolTemperance Drinks,Hyrun«,Ao.
Iielfvereil free In sll parts of city and vicinity.
£mW~ I'Knnpl attention paid toKhlppingorriers.
Telephone 2-1. I'. O. BOX 711, (Nanaimo.
JOS. H. BROWN, Watchmaker.
«r wat'ets Demagnetized shortNotir*
lly SPECIAL MACHINERY on the Premises.
Kino and Complicated Watches and Clock.     ,
Carefully Cleaned and Repaired •' \
Fine CYCLOMETERS, for Bicycle., in Stuck.    I
Cornkr OnUROll and Ciiapei, StrkktbO
c. c. Mckenzie,
Land Agent and.Conveyancer,
Town l.otB and Farina lor Sale.   Money to Loan
on Mortgage at low rates.
■T nnfiOli'S'  KA VICTORIA CRESCENT  Agent tor the United Flro Insurance Companf
• miVUJVD , 9U Nanaimo, B.C.   ' ol Manchester, England,
■: IE 181
Against Dr. Jameson and His
Fellow Raiders.
Insurrection Against Turks—Revolution in Guatemala Denied.
Demotes Search Party
London,. June 22.—Tito grand jury to
day found true bills against Uf. Jnrnu-
soii, Major Sir John WUloughby, Uol.
U. Gray, Major K. Whito, Col. 11. 1''.
Smith and lion. Henry V, Coventry,
held for trial at Bow street poiiee oont't
on .lune 16th, charged with violating
the neutrality laws by Invading tho
Transvaal republic.
Marshal Ymnngatn, Japanese envoy,
who hns been attending the coronation
ceremonies at Moscow, sailed from Marseilles for .Ini'.iin on Sunday.
Hamburg, June 22.—Several firms
here doing business wilh the republic ol
Guatemala, have received cable messages denying lhe report from Sen Jose
yesterday that a revolution bad broken
out iu Guatemala. The agents of tne
Hamburg houses say that all is quiet
in the republic.
Constantinople, June 22.—A dispatch
from Beyrout, Syria, says that during
the fighting between the Turks end the
Insurgent Druses in llnurnn district, the
former lost 500 men killed.
Pnris, June 22.—The Marquise Do*
mores has declined several offers received from explorers to search for the
remains of her husband, who, according
to the generally accepted report, wits
massacred with a party tif thirty-five
men, while proceeding south from Tripoli towards the Soudan in order (o raise
some Arab chiefs against the British.
The Marquise adds that the expedition
Which she proposes to dispatch wiil he
composed exclusively of Frenchmen under the leadership of Mr. Depulsnye,
The Globe this afternoon snys it is rumored that one of tbe ministers resigned
af the cabinet meeting which took place
this afternoon.
Secretary Oluey bits cabled tbe T\ S.
ambassador. Mr. Thos. F. Bnynrd, spying that W. H. Brown, the passenger
arrested in Liverpool on June S. as Ik
stepped ashore from the Giuinrd steamer AurmiIn, charged with the larceny of
$10,000 in New York, is uot lhe man
wanted by llie American police, and in
Btrnctlllg Mr. Bayard to speak for Mr.
Brown's immediate release.
The arrest of Mr. Brown seems to
have been another police error. lie is
mistaken for a man named Walter Fbi-
liinft, who is the person renllv wanted
on the charge referred to. Mr. Brown
will be taken to Bow street police coor'
to-day and will undoubtedly be promptly released.
flnsgow,  .Tt-oe  2f>— The  Pnn-Prepby
terlfin pound! hns nnniiiniously accepter11
!'"■ Invitation to hull    its   meeting   at
W'lsli'n-rtn-i   in   1S00.   an.l   tlianki   Sn
p>nncr*-cn for the invitation extended by j
(bit  city.
Belrrrade, .Tone 22.—A serious conflict j
l-rw taken place between t'n- Pen-Inn j
WUclnls and Montenegrins at Kursunv''
llie. Sever-'] persons were killed and j
wounded on both sides.
On Hip Nomination ol' McKinley nnt!
the Republican Platform.
Loudon. June IS.—Nearly all the
morning papers comment upon the results ol tiie St. Louis convention yesterday.
The Chronicle says: "Yesterday's
ballots show a high tariff and sound
money to be tlte watchword of the Republican party, We would hearlily con
grntulate the Republicans upon lhe second of these if we did not fear that oni
Words might be used to injure them,
The high tariff would undoubtedly injure our trade, but we must take comfort in the thought that nothing the
I lilted States could do would expose our
commercial Interests to so gnat a danger as would free trade in America.
"With regard Io Mr. McKinley's personal character no word has been heard
here which is not to his honor. We
offer him our congratulations upon the
position whicli he has attained ill the
eyes and hearts of so many of his countrymen."
The Graphic says: "Mr. McKinley
will huve his hands full if he coiiscieu- j
tlously tries to realize the platform adapted, Hint of an emphatic declaration
in fnvor of gold side by side with a
solemn profession of ultra protection-,
The Times snys: "Mr. McKinley won i
the   lirst  heat   ill   lhe   president inl   race
bauds down, but tbe bnllle is uol Until- j
ly  won.     Tin- silvcriles appear  to find
some  comfort In  lhe coincidence  In lhe,
date of Waterloo, which seems to them
an  evil omen   for  Ibe   leader  who  put'-,
chased   victory   at  tbeil   expense,     l'os-
sibly   the   snnie     spirit   prevails   in   the i
Republican   constituencies,  especially   in j
the     Western   States       .Moreover    lho j
Democratic   party    have still to sei tic
both on a platform and candidate, and
even if not tempted us n party to adopt
the  silver   plunk,   tbe   coalition   of   the
Republican    and   Democratic    silvciito
dissidents might yet bear out  the views
of some    competent    observer of American affairs, that the future will show
the   line   of  eli-avertige   in   the   United
States between the east and the west,
scarcely   less    deep   or  less    dangerous
than   that   which   formerly   divided   the
north and south."
The financial nrticle in tin; Times
snys: "Speculators in the American
railroad market yesterday were disappointed. The public did not come in
ns was hoped on the mere announcement that a gold plank had been Included in the Republican platform. The
explanation   is   that   lhe   public   wisely
determined to wait until n satisfactory
solution of the question is in a fair way
of being attained. American public
men nnd journalists who talk as if European Investors nud speculators hnd
some object in holding aloof from Am-
erienn securities are utterly mistaken.
Nothing would please the people here
nnd on flic continet bettor thnn to buy
American securities if those Inventors
thought they were snfe. Speculators
especially nre only too ready to give
•ll attention to  the  slightest  sign that
Whom the Gods Would Destroy
They First Make Mad.
there i.s a prospect of the currency sys-!»
tom of the United States being reformed, but hnve beon disappointed loo often to commit ourselves to any extent
until ii definite declaration is expressed
in a vote of the people of the United
States in fnvor of gold. This, we nre
sure, would be followed by a gient
change in the attitude of European capitalists provided it is accompanied by
legislation placing the treasury in it position to make Hi estaudard effective."
The Dally News snys: "Tlic important fact is, not Mr. MeKiuley's nomination, which wns generally anticipated, but thut he wus compelled to stand
on a gold platform. Tin? significance
of the adoption of the gold standard is
two-fold. It shows tlmt. the great party
which is now believed to control the
political destines nf thc I'liUe,! States
repudiates nil designs of tampering with
the currency. It also forces Mr. McKinley to figlit rather as a mono-metal-
list. than as a protectionist. President
Cleveland wns the first to relieve the
Democrats from the suspicion of financial Unsoundness, but the Democrats
are not nil orthodox economists. Like
Mr. Cleveland, Mr. McKinley will hnve
to uphold the flag of commercial honesty.     The     Republican   party   may  bo
congratulated, if not upon their Candida-1 whelming majority.   T
•turo. nt least upon thc refusal to havo j Premier  Tupper  can
Desperate in  Face  of Defeat, The
Premier  Loses All   Respect
for Himself—The Re-
says: Mr. MeKin-
a fr'umnli of wire*
' hns no fixed opin
■al nuMllon under tin
discover   except   pro
anything to do with mischievous
The Standard
ley's victory was
polling. MeKinle
ions on any polit
sun that wi' cai
Mr. MeKii'Ioy's victory over his rivals
the Standard continues, wns n victory
of n commonplnoo, well-organized, but
I not distinguished man in any sense, or
! learned or wise. hut. who made himself
: popular as governor of Ohio and knows
how to manage n political machine. Kt*-
fcrring to the phtform tlic Standard
savs: "The pold standard platonic affirmation nnd proteciholism of the bttr-
rncade onl"r are impossible together oa
the same programme. Wo take it th-it
if hard and f-ist protection wins the dav
next November a baser currency If.
almost certain to follow. Tho victory
of the Republicans means an era of o\ j
elusive tariffs, a jenlous immiffrntion inw
and the Influence of powerful industrial
nr.nepidies will bo brought buck to then
fullest strength. We do not like the mil
Innk, It is not good for the Utdt;.\1
States nr for us. As capitalists we nr
vitally concerned there, but must bear
the evil in tin* lust way wo can, ns there
is mfluifestly no hein U,v it."
Cunstnntinmd", .lune lit).—Advices received from Damascus say Druses hnve
revolted    and    have    annihilated     four
Ottawa, .lune 22,—As the end of  the
i campaign draws near, Sir Charles Tup*
j per is getting desperate, and everybody
| who does not agree with him  is called
' nn  "infamous liar" or some choice epithet of thnt  kind.   He  hns resorted  to
; all  kinds id' wild predictions,    such    ns
I thore  being  a   solid   west  in   his   tuvor,
I and     that    Ontario   wiil  give un  over-
hose    who    know
ppor   can   sec  by   this   that j
lie has already discovered  his weakness j
in  the country,  nlthough he will  be returned   himself.
Among   the   ministers   nre   practically j to-night
certain to go Under are .Messrs. Tallinn,!
Angers und  I vi
tague  is fighting
mand,  and   so   is
Controller   Wood
ernor-General. The addresses will be engrossed nnd forwnrded to Her .Majesty
and  Lord Aberdeen.
Montreal, June 19.—Mr. Laurier spoke
nt Fnruhara, iu the eastern townships,
to a mingled French nnd English audience to-day. There wns much enthusiasm shown. The Liberal candidates,
Meigs. Fisher, Brodeur, Casgrain and
others also spoke. Mr. Laurier spoke
briefly, bis voice being very weak,
though the Liberal lender wns otherwise in gooil fettle and professing the
utmost confidence.
Messrs. Laurier nnd Mowat speuk at
Luchine  on   Saturday  night.
Sherbrooke, Que., dune If).—The iong
list of successes which has characterized
the tour of the Liberal lender throughout Ontario nnd Quebec, suffered no interruption by his visit to Conticooke
yesterday. When tbe train arrived at
the stntion there wns nn immense
crowd there tc welcome him. The reception by the people was cordial in the
extreme. They crowded about the leader and cheered him to the echo. He expressed lhe utmost confidence in tne result of the contest.
Addressing himself particularly to the
electors bofor.* him lie said that the victory would be deprived of part of its
pleasure if Stunstoad did not remain
true to Mr. Ryder, who lias been true
to Stan stead and to Canada.
Toronto,  July  19.—Arrangements   are
being made for the great meeting here
when  Sir    Charles    Tupper is
1 to speak nt Massey Hall. TTe will
Quebec.   Dr.  .uon-jbo the guest of Senator Allen during thc
for his life  in  lin Id 1 J day, but will rest quietly.     No attempt
Haggart   in   Lanark, at a demonstration is being made, 'the
will,  from  all  indict- j anti-remedial  newspapers    here   predict
companies of Turkish troons,
captured several guns. Twelve 'illnitons of nf troons will be immediately
dispatched from Snlonica to Syria.
Pari.-**. Juno 20. —Mine. Demores hns *io
nnrmnHon of the renoried nmRsnere of
Marquis de Mores nml narfy near
the   Desert   of   Srilmrn.
tions, be snowed under in Brockville,
nnd Mr. Foster will hnve a narrow escape in York. In fact the ministers are
nil iu their own constituencies nnd cnunot leave. Hugh John, it is admitted,
cannot get elected in Winnipeg. Besides the defeat of the government one
half of Premier Tupper's cabinet will h
buried out of sight. Some of the ministers are saying thnt Governor Dewd-
ney told them when here thnt British
Columbia was nil right, but the general
opinion bore is thnt British Columbia
will send three, if not four, Libert Is p
Ottawa. Controller Wood snys that it
he were a cabinet minister he mign*.
be re-elected. He has the same office i.s
Col.  Prior.
Ottawa, June 12-.—Private tel grams
received here from Mr. Laurier to-day
say that everything in the province of
Quebec looks well for the Liberals and
a good majority to-morrow.
There is great enthusiasm nil over tho
ln nu interview to-dny Premier Blair
said that New Brunswick will do much
difficulties in connection with tho appearance of Sir Charles and the Conservative candidates on the platform,
three out of four of the candidates being pledged ngninst coercion. Then*
will no doubt be a very large attendance.
mining1 and Crop Prospects Flattering: in the Extreme.
Gadatnes,   lu
Thp Revolt in Mntahelelnnd.
Cape Town. June 20.—Despatches received here from Buluwayo show ihat the
revolt of unlives In ihe umptall district <.f
Matabeleland is of a most serious 11 ntare.
Thn bortjes of thirty of forty inurderol
whites have nlrondy been discovered. Th.*
patrols hnve scut wotu to the settlers, wno
hnve been ordered to Kort Salisbury,
which Itself Is considered to be In danger.
sir frauds Carrlugtou Is sending tela-
forcciuenta ami has nsked the nutliorlUes
of Cape Colony tn dispatch a force <>r
200 mounted Infantry to the scene of the
London, June 20.—A long Interview is
published hero witli Marqunrdt, the only
surviving passenger nf the steamship
Drummond Castle, wrecked off t 'shnut
during tho night of Tuesday lust with a
loss of 217 passengers ami crew. He floes
not throw uny new light on the cause of
the  disaster.
The Wheel.
N.     V.,     .tune     lit.—Alex
ho J tier    ol    tne Anion cm
routl     rotor
Is    tor    live,    ten,    Hfteen
twenty,  tW(
uty-Hve, nity and one nun
dred miles,
will go to Australia to raoi
for the rocc
rds of that country.    He ex
peels to sai
from San IPrancisco on tin
Parts, June 22.—Tom Eck, 11k- cyclist
manager, will probably return to Amerl-
cn (iltimt July 2Gth, and will mukc nr*
iniigeineuts to bring with him. or to
follow him very shortly, nbonf six oi
Bui-opc's best men. Incliiillti]
lCden, Qngolltss nnd others,
The Turf.
New York, .Tune 2.—There will be il
dozen Btnrters in the suburbnii. the
popular spring event of Coney Island
.Tockey Club. So far km the ultltnnte result goes, the race up to the present
hns been reduced down to n duel between Henry of Navarre and Clifford,
leaving tin* honor "f third position to be
foughi oul between Sir Walter, Belnuir,
nnd Niinky Pooh, while the doubtful
hrtgnde wiil be represented by Keentin.
Handspring, Rtephen .1.. Hornpipe, the
Commoner nml Lnkcshorc,
ihis morn
Liverpool, .Tune 22.-The
Allan and Kntiunilfn slnrli-d
inc. iu the order mimed, in flic regatta
nt lhe Royal Mersey Yacht Club ofT
New Brighton, ever n fifty mile course,
and for prizes of £400 nnd £100. The
weather wn* beautiful, n light northwest wind blowing nt the start, which
wns mude lit 11 o'clock promptly. The
Britannia got nwny in the lend, with
the Ailsn slightly In windward of her.
and the Sntanifn a length or two astern.
The twenty-rulers started nt 11:21) n.
in. The Penltnnt got nwny first, f T
lowed bv the Nlnffnrn nnd the Saint.
The prizes nre £100 nml  £20.
T,onilon. .Tone 22.—The first of the
cricket nintches between Miurlnnd nnd
Australia began to-dny nt the Lords
cricket grounds, T'ine wenther prevailed nnd the wicket wns hnrd. Immense
crowds of people were present. The
Knelisli eleven consisted of Dr. W. O.
Grace, Stoddnrt, Jackson. A.bel, TTnv-
wuril, Brown, Lohmnn, Lilley, J. T.
Horn, f'unn nnd Hiclu-rdsnn. The
Australians were nt flic wicket nt noon,
hut by one o'clock were nil out for n't I
runs. ' Lohmnn nud ltichnrdsoii were
the bowlotfl.
_" -    -«.*».    - -
Convicted of Murder.
Newport, Kv.. June 10.—The trial of
Alonzo M. WnlllllR. Jointly indicted
witli Scott Jnek-on for lhe luorder of
1-cni'l Brvnn oo .Tnnnnrv Hist, ended today with n conviction, flu- pennlrv being
fixed nt dentil Wnlllng heard the verdict with Indifference.
hey aHo j better than at lirst anticipated
will be substantial gnins.
Mr. Davles wires that nil over the
Maritime provinces the Liberals wil.
make large gnins.
Sir Onirics Tupper has sent out from
Toronto a telegram to be used in tiie
province of Quebec, denying that he had
any meeting in Toronto with the Orangemen  regarding remedial  legislation.
He snys that the government will
consistently ami firmly pursue the policy  outlined  in  his manifesto.
The  httest  ndviees  here give  Laurier
a majority of from ten to fifteen in tile I
province of Quebec,    In Ontario, prem- i
lor Tupper will have ngninst him n inn- '
jorlty  of over twenty.    The only  prov- j
luce    iu  the Dominion  tbut  will  give
Tupper u majority will be New  Brunswick  nud probably a  small majority in |
Xova    Scotia.     All independent news- J
papers  in  Ontario  give  -Mr.   Laurier  a1
working majority  outside of McCarthy- [
ites,   and     they     are   nil     ngninst   Sir |
Charles Tupper on both the school and]
tariff questions.
The Catholic church ut Thurso    was \
struck with lightning yesterday and two!
meu,    Chai'luiix    ami    Lacostc,    were
Ottawa, June 10,—Archbishop Dulu-
uiel hits issued a circular letter, to till
clergy in his diocese asking llieiu le
again read the mniulcuient on Sunday
It  is  understood  thut       the   bishops
elsewhere in  Quebec    nnd Ottawa diocese  will  do the sume tiling.    It  lias
been discovered tlmt the reading of the
nuiudemcnt    on the 17th of .May lnsi,
without comment, bad not the   desired
effect,  nud that the  Liberals  have not
lost     anything    by   the  action   of  the
church iu this regard.    Archbishop Du*
h.iniel,    therefore,  in  his letter to    the I
clergy asks tlicin now, not only lo com- !
ment  freely  on  the mnndement,  bin   to
Jo  so  strongly   und  in  the  right  dircc- I
Tiie lines on which their comment is'
lo be made are laid down by bis grace.
lie snys tluit nl'tei' reading all llie iiiiiu-
denieiit,  they  nre  to  re-read  that  part
Which sets forth lhe right of bishops to
Instruct their clergy on matters of a religious clini'iicler.    The school  question
Is then staled to be n religious question, J
After doing this file clergy  will re-renil ;
that part of the mnmleuietit which in-1
smuts their flock to vole for only enn- |
di Infes  who nie  pledged  to support  re-
nie Mill   legislation.     Having   thus   read
the authority of the bishop to direct flu-
clergy iu this matter, und thnt direction
being tlmt nil Catholics nru to vote for
candidates only  who arc pledged to re-
medial    legislation,   the  clergy   are   Instructed  to Insist  nml  force  upon  their
peoplo    the   necessity     of  obeying  ihis
command.    They are to do all this witli
firmness nnd strength.
Sir Charles Tupper is snid to approve
of this course of the bishops, but it will
no more harm thnn goo.I. The bishop's
letter explains the action of Father Gins*
cue nt Grenville, when lie held up Mr.
I.nurier to Rome of bis parishioners as
an Orange rag. He also asks any of
his purisliioucrs who wanted lo know
How to vote to call on him. A few
days before Father Gascne hnd ncted in
this way he bad nn Interview with
Archbishop Diiliiiinel.
Grenville is in Argcnteuil, where Dr.
Christie,     a     l'l-otestnut,     is     running.
Father Gnscoe told some of his parish-
loners that to vote for Dr. Christie
would be a "mortal" sin.
Hugh John Macdonald is drumming
up nil outside votes nnd even ordering
some of the civil servants to leave their
work here nud go nnd vote for him, and
ofhorviso   nssist   him,
'The ense of George Goodwin, contractor, of Ofawa, for ijw.i.OOO ngninst the
crown, In connection with bis Soiilnnges
cniinl contract, wns up in the exchequer
court to-dny. The only witness examined today wns Mr. Sehrleber, deputy minister of canals, nml his evidence wns of
a technical character. Sir. Osier appeared for Goodwin and Mr. J. Mac-
onnld. of Alexandra, with Mr. Hitchle,
of Toronto,  for the  crown.
The general assembly hns adopted
loyal addresses to the Queen and Uov-
Col. Wm. Itedpntli, president of the
Port Steele Mining Co., is here in the
interest of the company.' He visited tic
Idly Mny nud the Lent-s Lode, nnd
found the property in fair condition.
Ve lenrn thnt the colonel has taken a
bond on a group of foul claims at Bull
riicr. He if still looking for more, and
is very much impressed with the district
nnd predicts a glorious future for thi
Fort Steele milling division of lilns!
Ki olenay.
Mr. J. Hale, of Portland, Oregon, is
looking up some large properties in
Which be is interested. He will place n
number of men nt work on the OnM
Hill end the Ikston tl'rl.
We lenrn Hint Messrs. Cowell & Wn-
telelte have nn option ou the Hnld
mountain property, 'i'he consideration
is $85,000.
H. L. Amine und Walter Vnntirsdulen
nre developing the Hidden Hand nml
Iron Mask, this property is situate on
the east Fork of Wild Horse, nnd litis
tin iron cap 50 feet in width, nnd close
ly resembles Trail Creek ore.
Wm. Bossie hns made n new find in
the vicinity of Palmer's bar. He snys
that it is rich in silver nnd gold.
We le; rn thnt Bruce Ghlsholm has
bonded the Rain's Horn, 'i'he property
is siiunte n-'ir Wtiwi.
This has la en a very busy week in
Fort Stetle. Not less tbnn seven mineral claims have been bonded; and tbe
W'iy that the different mining Investors
visiting the different prospects indicate
Hint they mean business. Spokane !-»
so fnr ahead, having captured five very
tlesirnble properties, nnd tbe indications
.ire tluit they will get more.
The Aberdeen mineral clnlm.
(ttnkcd near Pentlcton by A. C.
si-n, hns been bonded to W. T.
sun  for .$111,000.
The contract for the new drain-ige
system in the Spallumcheen municipality
hns been awarded to Morrow Bros.. (.1
Oknnagan Mission, whose tender wns
the lowest received. The price is \'.\
cents per yard, or nbout !f."i,200 for tin
A good dcnl of assessment work will
be done during the next month nt dun*'
Hewitt, ns ninny of tile claims slaked
there were recorded during July nm!
August of last yonr, nnd it will keep tin ir
owners bustling to complete tiie necessary .$100 worth of WCI'k beiore llie expiration of twelve mouths from the date
of entry.
A more beautiful valley thnn that ot
lhe Okniingtin Mission does not lie within the boundaries of British Oolnrabta,
nml never has if presented n more plc.is-
ing appearance than nt present, 'rite
<reps tire simply magnificent, end wo
hnve never seen nt this lime of year,
better fields nr grain nml hay than
those which mny be viewed while driving from Vernon to Kelownn. Wverv-
thing Indicates ihat this year's hnrve.1t
will I e one of the heavies! for years,
A meeting of the directors ot the
Oknnagan flour mill wns held on S.n-
urdny afternoon nt Armstrong, when
by n unnuliuou*. vote ii wns decided In
change the association from n joint
stock eninpn iy lo ti co-operative society.
Upon fui'fhcc Investigation, however, it
nils found flint under the provisions ot
the co-ep -.'titlve nl ii would In- neces*
sM'ily to entirely wind up the affairs ot
j the present loint stei k association bc-
: i( re rc-orgnnlt-'itlon conld be effected,
nnd ns the fifty-yenr debentures, et-,
nlretu'.y Issued to the company cannot
be dealt with in this snnimflry manner,
it is probable no change will be made in
the existing order of affairs, unless the
net can be nmended nt the next session
of the provincial legislature in such n
way ns to meet esses of Ihis nature.
Three men nre working on the Celtic
Queen nt surface work. They huve
come on three feet of solid ere.
The machinery for the Monte Cristo
Is to be of SO horse-power capacity with
So*en machine drills. It is to be delivered nt the earliest date possible.
About 20 men nre engaged on the
Crown Point, n roud is being cut to
rench the C. & W. railway, and when
thnt is finished, which will be within 1(1
days, shipments will stnrt from thc ore
oi. the dump.
— .»««•	
City of Mexico, June 22.—A grent
popular demonstration hns tnken piece
in fnvor of the re-election of rresident
Hinn.      There a  procession of working!
men ami the whole affair   wound   up
with a grent eoncert.
The   Latest   Venezuelan Senro Only
Very Trivial Matter After All.
London, June 1!).—The Daily .News
this morning claims to have authorityI
for stating in connection with the latest
reports regarding the trouble over the;
A'ene/.iielun-Britisli Guiana boundary
dispute, thnt the Venezuelan troops were
near the junction of Acarabcst Creek
with the Cuyuni river. They observed A Full Assortment at tbe Lowest Market Rate*
a number of ltritisli officials engaged m
surveying a route towards Barium. Be* I '
llevlng that the British  were eucroacn-   tv-.-.}     -ixr/-\ij rr
ing on Venezuelan territory the officer in! JUK     W(JJKJb ——»
command of the troops asked the surveyors to turn back, 'i'he officers declined to do so nnd proceeded with -.he
survey, but referred the matter to the
British consular agent, 'i'he protest!
wns entirely peaceful, and ther* was no |
Promptly Attended to.
All kinds of
Tin and Sheet-Iron Wort
i Victoria Crescent, Nanaim o
After  Having Eluded the Law Officers
for Three  Years. Oftloe Tel. 90.   I'.o. box Hi.   Residence Tel. 101.
Guthrie, O.T., June 22.—Dynamite
Dick, alius Dun Wilby, the lust member
of the notorious Dolin nnd Dnlton
gangs, wns captured nnd lodged in the
federal jnil here yesterday. He has
been constantly chased by officers for
several years, there being ti reward of
.$3000 hanging over his bend. The
charge on which be is held is tho murder of Deputy Marshals Housen, Sliced
and Sbadley, in the Ingnlls buttle three
years ago.
10,000 Drowned.
Yokohama, June 10.—It is now est'
Hinted thnt ten thousand persons were
drowned by the tidnl wave un the island
of Vesso, in the northern part of Japan
which wns accompanied by n succession
of frightful earthquakes, lasting nboi
twenty hours. In addition to the town
of Kumaishl, which wns wholly destroyed, ninny other const towns hnve been
washed  nwny entirely or in pert.
Disastrous Fires.
Tilbury, Jim 20.—Tlu most disastrous
fire this place litis ever experienced occurred here Inst night, and the largest
portion of the lending business block it-
in ashes. The sufferers nre Campbell
Bros., general store; David Smith, book
stcrc, .Miss Stinson, milliner; ,1ns. Earl,
general store. The Anderson block was
destroyed, the total loss being about,
Wuterford, June 20.—-Fire did damage
to the extent of .$.'1,000 in the Thompson electric company's works, when the
stock wns completely destroyed. The
company curried Insurance for nnlf the
Winnipeg, June 111.—Right Itev. Dr.
Bum, Bishop of Qu'Appclle, died sud-
d.-nly yesterday of heart failure, oe-
ceasesd wns in good health up to a few
days preaching nt Qu'Appclle Inst Sun-
Funeral Director and Embalmer
Griuliuitt! of ttie Oriental, the Kureka,
tho New York and Clark's
Schools of KmbHliulng.
1, 3 and 5 Bastion St., Nanaimo
Bakery and
Invites Inspection and Comparison
as to Quality and Price.
Itrii'ii O'Lynn had no hoots to wear,
Ho tit- came to Ntinatmn to buy him a pair.
"I'll hint- oik- pair of thick mul one pair of thin,
If I wm tlinl wiiitjifhl's,'' saya Brian O'Lynn.
(To hunted the stores till along the main route,
tfrt.vslu-: '"TlierfKlil nne I've not wt found out.
I vvitut Wlmflultl - I'll buy only from him.
For he sells the cheapest," Bays Urlan O'Lynn,
He stopped a littlo west of All-ert stroel;
lit* saw W UillU-l.l'r- sitfn -sure 'twas a treat:
lie opened tin- door ami George stood within—
"I've found It at last," sa>s Brian O'Lynn,
We allowed him our calf hoots, kid ami cowhide,
The oik's we praise most—no seams at the side.
We've boots of all kinds from Quebec and Berlin,
li'VQ hoots for the mill ion," says Uriah
Awarded  First Prize at the Agricultural Show.
Bastion Street, opp. Telegraph Office
LAMPS, Etc. etc.
Biros and Animals set up in a thor-
oujih workmanship manner.
On Hand—Four tin« IH-ers' Heads,
which will lie sold for price of setting
them up. Also u line case of Birds.
d. s. Mcdonald.
09 Haliburton Street, Nanaimo.
[no trash:
lie bought him his hoots, which of course were j
Ik- paid down his mouev, for we sell only for
To tile publio he mi ye: "He not taken in, [dish,
liny only from Whitliehl," says lirian 0 I.ynn ',
"If there's a leal; in the toe or side of vour shoe. '
.hist take it to Whitfield, that's all yon need do; :
He will peg it or patch jnst while you are in.
.Wn! the uhargoBueius like nothing," savs Brian I
WHITFIELD, the Shoe Man,
VicTiniiA CltKSOKNT, Nanaimo.
ommercial Hotel.
Corner f n-iiim-rrinl and Bastion 8tf.
aitidiip Mm
This long-established Hotel is comfortably
Htted up with superior accommodations for travelers nml others.
None hut the best brands of Wine*, Liquors,
Ales ami Cigars dispensed at the bar.
'J'. O'CONNKL, Prop.
NOTICE is hereby given tlmt Edwin
Matthews lias heen admitted a partner
in the above business, In future the
business will lie (tarried on bv the un-
dersigned under the style and name of
Wilson & Mattubwb,'who will assume
all liabilities and collect nil debts due
ibe said business, and we trust that by
careful attention to tbe needs of OUT
customers, to merit a continuance of the
pRtronage so liberally bestowed in thu
JuitOMff Wilson,
Nanaimo, It. 0„ April 7, 1806.
BAIiKKH A I'li'l'TS. Hi'.rriKli're nnd Solicitor..
Commercial Htraet.
/I   K. I'AN't:, liurrlsUT nnd Solicitor, Room 11,
V'.  Johnston Blook.
-IIcIXXKS A- MclXXKS,   lliirristers,  Room 6,
i-i   Johnston BloekvCoiitmerclal street,
Y'AUWoiip A  Yiil'XO, llarrlstem, corner of
Commercial and Bastion MreetM.
rp   HARDY, Hotanlo DniKiilsl, Wlutieid cies-
-*-»  ceiu.  Try Hardy's PlloOintment.
On and After June lst the
Will Close Every Wednesday
AT 1 O'CLOCK P. it
DU. MASON, ivntlst     KxtrncllliKHMwlully.
Qasand Ether administered.
iilllcc. Odd-Kellow's filoek. XHiiutmo.
-iy   J.C0IUIY, ll. U.S., (irecll Blook,
' .  oIium work guaranteed.
[1KKSCBNT PHARMACY. Mai.i.,1 Stkaiikam,
t' proprietors, Victoria Crescent. liisiKuislug
nml family roi tpes n specialty.
Mcdowell, atruns, WATSON CO., Limited.
Medical lliill, corner« ommercial mid Bas
tion streets.  Telephone 1-fW
13*^Note this and send in yonr
orders in good time, so they can
be delivered.
NANAIMO  DYE WORKS.—Dyeing, Cleaning
nud Ropairlllg    14 Xlcnl Ktreet.
I'. CHAiu.TON, Mann-rer.
MAR9II,  Wholesale   Dealer  in   Fish   nnd
Game, BflStion Street, Nanaimo.
Kirst-ebiHH Accommodation, Fire-proof building
Terms: $1.00 Per Day and Upwards.
The boon Hotel,
jas. BENNETT, Proprietor.
Commercial St.,      Nanaimo, B, C.
Grand H0TJSL—W. Stkki., Proprietor—Vie-
torln Crescent,
i-  Proprietor.  Victoria Crescent.
Lodge Notices.
rnkerinan Lodge, So. SIS, Sons of St.
George.—Regular weekly meeting is held
in Hubert's Hall, Wharf street, nn Saturday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethren cordially invited to attend.
Fred. Wagbtaff, See.
M   WOLFE, Eiiiniiclnl nnd lusurnnce Agent,
• Johnston Block,
A    NASH,   House   nnil  Sign Painter. Paper-
* Hunger,  etc.   Corner Alliert nnd Milton
streets.   P. 0. box 208.
tflOREMAN A HARDY, Real Estate Brokers,
Bastion street.
IA   TAYLOR, neuter in nil kinds of New snd
I'. Second.11jtn.l Furniture, nnd Fancy Art*,
oles of every description.
MiiM.nie Building, t'oiumcrcial street. I* ■
Explosive   Bj'-Iaw  Alii fined—Also
tho Real Estate Tax and
Loan Rules By-laws.
At the regular Council meeting Monday evening there were present, Mayor
Davison, Aldermen Foreman, Sinclair,
Westwood, MuDonald, Martell, Bradley,
Wilson and Morton.
Tiie minutes of the previous meeting
were read and adopted.
From the Mayor and Council and
Celebration Committee of Wellington
extending all invitation to tbe .Mayor,
Aldermen and citizens of Nanaimo to
take part in the Dominion Day celebration at Wellington on July 1.
The invitation was received and the
clerk directed to make ic-ply that the
Mayor and aldermen, as far as possible,
would attend the celebration.
An invitation was also received to attend the rose carnival at Taeoma, and a
suitable reply ordered made,
From Peter Brodie, protesting against
tiie neglect of the Council to expend any
portion of the 1(50,000 loan by-law on
Union street, whicli should beoneof the
thoroughfares of  the  city,
while they bail refused to expend the
money voted, they had collected Irom
him over ff200 in taxes. Referred to
the street committee for report as to the
cost of opening up Union street, and
also the amount of money (if any) available under the Loan by-law.
From C. II. Beevor Potts, stating that
the uncompleted drain on Milton street
would iu the hot weather prove a nuisance and a menace to the health of the
neighborhood, and he urged that it lie
continued down to a proper outlet.
Aid. Wilson moved, seconded by Aid. i
Bradley, that owing to the financial eon- j
dition of the Council the drain could not
be completed this year, and that noeon- j
nee tion be made until tho drain is coin- j
An amendment was made to refer the
matter lo the street committee for report as to the cost of completing tbe
A dead-lock ensued on a 4 to 4 vote,
and botli amendment and motion were
Tiie street committee reported that
they had met Kev. A. E. Green nnd
considered the reported condition of the
Green block, and Mr, Green had made
the following suggestions:—
1. That a partition be placed in thc
large hall on the third lloor, and the
storm walls taken down.
2. That Messrs. F. M. Rattenbiiry
and T. Hooper examine the building,
and whatever they claim is required to
make it secure, .Mr. Green would have it
Aid. Wilson said the committee recommended the adoption of the second j
proposition, and made a motion to that j
effect, providing tlic report of thc archi- j
tects was first submitted to the Council
for consideration.
Aid. Morton seconded and the motion
The Explosives By-Law and Real Ee-!
tate By-Law, 1898, and the Loan Bales
By-Law were affirmed and ordered pub- j
On motion the Loan Pates By-Law
was ordered submitted to the Lieut.-
Governor for his approval,
Aid. Sinclair drew attention to a defective drain on Richards street, and on
motion it was referred to the street committee for immediate attention.
On motion Mr. Hough was granted
permission to ad as deputy returning
officer at the election,
The complaint of John Richardson
was referred to the Sanitary Inspector
for action,
The pound-keeper's action in placing
a calf in the pound belonging to W.
Wellwood was endorsed, but the fee was
ordered refunded, it appealing that the
animal was taken through the neglect
of the boy in charge.
Adjourned until Monday next.
This year's sports at Wellington which
is held as a Dominion Day celebration,
far eclipse anything that has previously
been held at that end of the island. A
noticeable feature in the programme is
that nearly every prize is given in cash,
a sufficient guarantee that everything is
genuine. With respect to the bicycle
races, tiie value of which amounts to
over $500, the coinmittee are offering
inducements higher than has ever yet
been attained in British Columbia, and
probably on the whole I'acilic slope; the
professional prizes are running as high
as fflOO first prize, while in the amateur
class three of the races reach their limit,
viz*. $25.	
The Bicycle committee of the Dominion Day celebration, Wellington, have received entries of Evans,
Perrill and Freemen of San Francisco, Campbell of Spokane, Dow of
Taeoma and Staver of Porl land.
Entries must all be in this evening.
The Wellington Colliery Bund wll|
give an open-air concert here on .Saturday evening, playing Hist at Victoria
Crescent band-stand and laler in the
evuiiiiig at the Dalles sipiare stand.
an im.mmne. -.■ wi ( ll !■■ I  i ~wy wenMww
Harrison's circular says: "During the
week there have been 11 arrivals from
tbe coast mines with 20,40" tons of coal;
the St. Mungo from Swansea witli 2S77
tons, und Springburn from Australia
with 8005 tons. The liberal imports
from the northern mines tiiis week have
relieved the market, although not two
foreign cargoes have come to band, all
tin- foreign arriving since Mny li). It is
a long period since il, bus been recorded
that we have bail but two foreign ear-
goes of coal to arrive here within 2s days.
It clearly shows how independent we
have become on tbe fuel question, i. c.
that our coast output is ample I'm our
requirements. Ofcoure tt would work
a serious hardship on our consumers if
they were left entirely In the hands of
the northern mines, as tbe low prices
ruling are entirely regulated by the delivery cost of Australian and ISngllsh;
if these latter were retired from the market for an indefinite period, much higher
values would be established for our
coast coals. Tbe Australian strike is
still in force and may last through Ibis
month, although recent cables Intlmato
an early settlement; il has already
lasted long enough to seriously dismember business."
Prevailing prices are as follows:
I'Klt TON.
Wellington  .18 uu
Xew Wellington  8 00
Soutblield  7 50
Seattle   Ij5 00(<T5 50
Bryant  5 00
Coos Bay,  4 50
Wallsen'd    7 00
Scotch  7 50
Brymbo  7 60
Cumberland, in bulk, ;|11@ 12 ; in
sacks .>KI(c 14 00
Pennsylvania Anthracite Egg.... II 5.1
Cannol ,.    . 7 "iii
Hock  Springs,  Castle   (late   and
Pleasant Valley  7 00
Letter From William Sloan.
Mr. .lames McGregor has received a
letter from William Sloan, dated at Lake
Bennett, May 24, This letter states
that the party are having splendid success on the trip, and have met with no
mishap whatever, All the party are in
the best of health and lull of high hopes
of making a strike. Mr. Sloan says:
"The ice will all be oul of the river in a
couple of days, and then, in about four
days more, we will leave here in our
boats, which arc all in tho water and
nearly finished,
"We have built [cur, nnd they nre
dandies—in fact, the old Yiikoners say
they are the best on the river. Wilkinson and I have whlpsnwed nearly 2,000
feet of lumber, and it is a great, picnic.
The Lee-Met ford rifle which you sent
ine is the admiration of this camp, We
are golngout on a moose hunt In a duy or
"'ibe weather is coming iu warm. 1
often think of tbe days we put in mi the
summit, and I tell you I have no wish to
repeat them. I think I must, be three
times us strong ns when I left Nanaimo
and have added t.i my weight.
"Vou will be surprised to hear that
we don't know where we are going, as it.
is a secret to all of the pai'ty but one.
We have joined in with another party
of four and are now eight Blrong,
"The river runs about twenty miles
an hour in many places, so we are iu no
hurry to tackle it until the ice is all
Capt. Mcl.eod Heard From.
A letter received hy.Mr. II. Shaw, of
this city, from .1. Mcl.eod of flic schooner "Loss," stales that the trip from
Nanaimo to Juneau was a very pleasant
one. Stops were made at several points
along the coast to allow of BOine hunting
and prospecting, but nothing worth
mentioning was discovered, Hear ami
deer are very plentiful among the islands
ofthe nortii. The crew of Ibe "Loss"
were all well when the letter left them,
and were anxiously waiting for the ice
and snow lo cli ai away in Cook's Inlet,
where they expect, lo enrich themselves
witli tbe yellow metal during the next
few months, ".L.e1:" says be could nm
state positively whether he would return
during the coining winter or not. Wc
also learn from the letter thai .hie Fox
and party, who left Ibis citv last spring,
are prospecting in tbe vicinity of Juneaii
nud are doing fairly well. 'I'he "Boss"
Balled from Juneau for Cook's Inlet on
June lllli. A b iter or paper addressed
".Schooner Loss, ('apt. John Mcl.iod,
Churhuk Postoffice, Alaska," will linn
anv member of the parly, who will be
very glad to hear from any of their
friends iu this city.
Tbe funeral of the InteMrs.J. W.Graham was conduct"! Monday afternoon
under the auspices of the Sons and
Daughters of st. Ocorge, Lev. T. VV.
Hull officiating. Tiie pull-bearers were:
W. Dawson, .1. Ilicl.n an, W. Pywell,
Geo. Moitisbaw, T. Wilson, J. Gregory,
The floral tributes were very iy ami
tasteful, attesting the affectionate memory of the contributors.
The fishermen's strike on the Skeena
bus been declared off. A compromise
brought the peace about between the
cannery managers and employes, the
latter now receiving Ilo cents apiece for
sockeye and 7 cents each for spring
salmon, or an advance of 10 cents and 1
eent respectively on old wages.
-prepireig aqj sjw\ 0*
•ut-ioiinpt* jaqjo Aire jo uin'v 'ejuouiuiy uioy
ojj   -j-ipMoj ie^exio uiusjj j-deifjaind y
-3avw iDaa^ad isow
WV31D 4
Medicinal vahiR in a bottle of Hood's Sarsaparilla than in any other preparation.
Moro S-<II1 is required, mure care taken, moro
expense Incurred in its manufacture.
It eoats tiie proprietor and the dealer
More but it costs tho consumer less, us ho
gets more doses for his money.
More curative power is secured by its peculiar
combination, proportion and process,
whicli make it peculiar to itself.
More people arc employed and more space occupied in its Laboratory than any other.
More wonderful oures effected and more testimonials received than by any other.
More sales and more Inorease year by year
are reported by druggists.
More people lU'O taking Hood's Sarsaparilla
today than any oilier, and more aro
taking it today than ever before.
More find still mobh reasons might bo
given why you should take
The One True Wood Purifier.   $1; six tor $5.
_-       -,     r-t..ii    cure all  Liver Ills and
liOOCl S  PlIlS Sick Headache. 25 cents.
—olf   THE—
The Coal Mines Regulation Act.
Dr. Walkem has received thefol-
loAving letter, which is self-explanatory 1
\V. \V. WAt.i-r.-i, M.D., M.P.r.i
Pear sir—In the absence of the Attorney-General, 1 have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of yont'couunniii-
eution of the I'.llh 111st., respecting the
procee lings being taken to test the constitutionality of the Coal .Mines Regulation Ai I'.lnienl Act,  189U.
1 have the honor to inform yon that
an Orrlet'-in-Coi*ncil lias been passed,
under the provisions of the Supreme
Court Reference Act, 1801, submitting
this question for decision by tile full
court, aim the ease bus been printed
and filed in lhe court.
The Attorney-General of Canada was
duly notified in order thut he might be
heard, and he has since informed the
Department tluit be does not wish to be
The next session of the full court
opens nn the 6th July, prox., and I received instructions from the Attorney-
General before he left to bring the case
then before that court.
I may state that tbe court bold no
session during the month of June, as
thc judges were absent holding assizes.
1 have the honor to lie, sir,
Your obedient servant,
Airmen G. Smith,
Deputy-Attorney General.
Fire on Milton Street.
On Tuesday morning fire was
discovered on lhe roof of Mr. John
Vettor's house on .Milton street,
now occupied hy Mr. and Mr. Jos.
Enos. Mr. Enos. was away at the
time and the lirst intimation of the
lire received hy Mrs. Enos was Ihe
ominous sound of crackling timbers above ihe porch, ^ho immediately rushed out and found the roof
blazing. Mr. O'Dea chanced to pass
by in his rig a moment laler, and
in response to Mrs. linos' appea
for assistance, put in an alarm, and
the brigade arrived on lhe scene
wilh nil reasonable dispatch, when
llie distance from llie lire hull is
liiken iuto consideration, The hose
was connected with the hydrant on
Comox road, and two streams were
turned on the burning building.
The houses adjoining were threatened to some extent, owing lo the
prevailing high wind, lint (he timely
arrival of the brigade prevented
lhe further spread of the Humes.
The fire wus extinguished, not,
however, before the house sustained
serious damage and a large amount
of furniture totally destroyed.
The funeral of the lute ex-Alderman
t htirchill look place Sunday afternoon
under thc auspices ol the Sous and
Daughters of St. George,uud was largely
attended. Archdeacon Scriven conducted services at Sl. Alban's church, ami ut
the grave the burial service ot tbe order
was read by Urns, 11. Alsopn and .1.
Child wick. 'The pall-bearers were: II.
Dawsoi , .1. Hickman, W. l'ywell, (I.
Mot:ishaw and J, Gregory, The casket
waa buried beneath 11 mass of wreaths
ami other Rural devices contributed by
rein I Ives and friends as their last tribute
of love and esteem.
Witi-HEAs, It is deemed expedient, in
order to guard against the disastrous
consequences to tbe public likely to
arise frorrj accident or carelessness in
the carriage, storage or shipment of
explosives, and to prevent their storage in quantities larger than is hereinafter provided;
Therefore, lie it enacted hy Ihe. Mayor and
Aldermen of the Corporation of the City
of Nanaimo as felines:
Suction 1.   No person or persons shall
j have or convey at anyone  time within
the limits of the said city in any wagon,
cart, dray or other conveyance or vehicle,
cir keep in any bouse, store, building or
I curtilage to a building within the limits
: aforesaid, more than ( ne '1 und red pounds
j ill weigiit of sport ing nun powder and fifty
pounds of giant-powder (tr otlier detonating substance of a similar nature.
Sue. 2.    After the passage of this by-
1 law it shall not be lawful for any person
I or persons to convey or have in  his or
their  possession   within   tbe aforesaid
limits cither of the explosives known as
nitro-glycerine or gun-cotton,
Seo. 8, This By-Taw shall not apply to
i nor affect any magazine belonging to Her
Majesty, nor to the conveyance of gun-
I powder or other explosive substance or
stores lo and (loin   Her Majesty's magazines by ller Majesty's naval or military
forces; nor shall  this  by-law apply to
any maguzine erected by proprietors of
coal mines  In or about any colliery fori
Colliery purposes, noi' to any magazine
erected by railway companies iu orabout
j the line of any railway (or railway pur-1
]ioses, noi' to lhe conveyance of guupow- j
der or other explosive substances to or j
fro:.: snt-h magazines.
Sue. 4.    Any person or persons com-1
ml tting a breach of the regulations here- j
ill contained, or any part thereof, shall,
upon conviction before the Mayor or any j
Justice or Justices of the Peace for the !
city of Nanainio, on the oath or atlirma-
tion of any creditable witness, forfeit
i and pay, ut the discretion of said Mayor
! or Justice or Justices of the Peace con-1
' victiug, a penalty not exceeding the sum
of  fifty dollars aud costs  for each  and 1
every offense.
Sko, fi.   This By-law may he cited ns j
the " Regulation of the SI01 age, Carriage
and Disposal of Gunpowder and Otlier
: Explosives By-law, 1890."
Passed by the .Municipal Council on :
J the Sih day'of June, 180(1.
Affirmed by the Municipal Council on j
! the 22nd day of June, 189U.
J, 0   I
J. II. DAVISON, Mayor.
ppenl: I "' l
ii     ""f   A ham Tiiomi'son, C. M. C.
-of nil-:—
Real Estate Tax By-Law, 1896,
\iib-J P.PIJOM—SJOUOH jsaqSin
Ice. Ice.
The Union Brewing Co.,
Limited Liability,
Delivers ICE at residences.    Order  before  twelve o'clock.    Terms
UKIOK BliEViIO CO.. Limikil Liability.
YV. E. Noams, Sec'ty.
Mrs. A. Baldwin
Offers her services to the Ladles of Nanaimo as an EXI'KUIENCKD NUR8E,
who haB had large experience in und
through the Northwest Territories. Address
'8(1 Nicol Street.
Ladies   and   Children's    Sewing   dono
neatly.    Prices reasonable.   Address
162 Nicol .Street.
Wai'iikas, It is necessary to lix the rate
of taxation upon real estate in the city
of Nanaimo for the yeur 1896)
Be it therefore enacted by the Mayor and
Aldermen of the City of Nanaimo as
Skctiox 1. There is hereby settled,
imposed and levied, and there shall be
raised and collected an equal rate of ten
mills on the dollar upon all the laud
upon the assessment-roll for the year
1890 of the Corporation of the City of
Nanainio at its assessed value thereon.
SliC 2. There is hereby settled, imposed ami levied, und there shall be
raised und collected a special rate of one
mill on the dollar Upon all the land upon
the assessment-roll for the year 1890 of
the Corporation of the City of Nunaiino,
at ils assessed value thereon, for Hoard
of Health and Hospital purposes.
Slio, 3. There is hereby settled, imposed and levied, and there shall be,
raised ami collected a special rale of two
mills on the dollar upon all laud upon
tho assessment roll for the year 1800 of
the Corporation of the City of Nanaimo,
at ils assessed rates thereon, for school
SKO. 4. The aforesaid rates and taxes,
as well as the special rales of the debentures of the city, shall be due and payable to tbe collector of tbe Municipal
Council in the ('ity Hull, Nanaimo, on
the first day of September, 1806, and all
persons who pay tbe aforesaid rates or
taxes on or before the lirst day of November, 1808, shall he entitled ton reduction
of one-sixth of the amount of tbe general rates.
Sec. fi. The rates nnd luxes on real
estate whicli are unpaid on the thirty-
first day of December, 1800, Bhall hear
interest therefrom, until paid in full, at
a rate of five per cent, per annum thereon.
Sko. (i. This By-law tuny be cited for
all   purposes as  the "Heal Estate Tax
Bylaw, 1896."
Passed bv the Municipal Council on
the 8th day of June, 1811(1.
Affirmed bv the Municipal Council on
the 22nd day of June, 189(1.
„ I .1. II. DAVISON, Mayor.
'~     AllAM TllOMI'SOX, C. M. C.
Handled Only by N. E. P. S.1
The International Typographical
Union reports that the Cfhilds-
Drexel Homo for Union Printers is
full and iiniiiy applications on the
list awaiting then? turn for admission.
$1.50 Per Sack.
The outside or wood substance of wheat is removed and balance
of kernel ground into flour, making a perfect flour for all
dyspeptics, and will aid digestion quicker than any other
in use. «-(
We claim to have TEAS, the best, the equal of which are nowhere
to be had. They will go the farthest and please the most
particular.    Choice Blends, 25. 40 and 50 cts. per lb.
The Best Groceries handled by us. Give us a trial order this
month and save money for yourself as well as store.
Bicycle?. Bicycles.
To Bicycles done on our premises at the shortest possible notice.
Mb, Cooking being a thorough practical bicycle hand, will be
pleased to furnish all information gratis, and uli work
done by this firm willbeguaranteed to be first-class.
Next to Sloan & Scott's Old Stand.
P.   S—A large consignment of bicycle sundries just arriv-
froin the east.
!^^%%%^«-<V«>^%^«.^«^aV^%^'^%^^%'%-V%'V%^%^% «
We have conic to tlic conclusion that business must be
done for GASH, and consequently are offering you the
most startling bargaius ever announced in Nanaimo,
as the following prices will clearly show:
Suits that were $45.00 are now $36.00
The Largest Range of Goods in the Citv to Select From.
Cash Tailor,
Commercial Street.
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs
^» DONE   BY  THE «=--,
rioneer Steam Laundry
ttm» j By so doing you will PATRONIZE WHITE LABOR
Mm   \ And help to GET RID OF THE CHINESE!
Dye Works in connect.— ■
P. O. Box 95. D. M. STEWART, Proprietor.
Furniture Store,
Johnston Block, Iin st ion St.
H. McTEIGlTProprietor,
—Full lind Complete Stock of—
Furniture, Mattresses, Lounges,
UpholHterert Ooodn of All Kind* Matte nnd Ke-
■mlred,   Furniture of nil (Icncrlnilmi   nought
and Hold.   Mattremea repaired nud delivered
the name day.   A trial oritur solicited.
Okell & Morris'
Pure Preserved
Prcparod from Choice B.C.Fruits
and 1). C. Sugar.
They are the Purest and Best,'


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