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The Nanaimo Semi-Weekly Mail Jul 30, 1896

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 ilic opinion
creased success of the
"le's paper, the <
faimo MaiL^-SSiE "
Printing     —
Is our business, and the superiority of our work commends itself, while us lo prices
It Is Profitable
To deal with us. All classes
of work for all classes of customers is our specialty,
r0L. II-NO. 11.
rlfow is the Tine
Infesting Trees, Shrubs,;
i Flowers nnd Vegetables.)
ooooo    o:—
You waut something that will do the business
effectually, yet will not injure the most
delicate flower or plant.
Docs the trick.   Try a tin.
AVe also have in stock Whale Oil Soap, used
by till Fruit Growers.
"t ■ i,
!  rtl,.'1
'.il*"*   -•
"   '   ll'Slilil'll   111
Delia and DuncnT.     '« the i
f Fruit Jars—Pints, Quarts ami
Butter ai     eb-'      Mr. •"   '
When you want n delicious dish of Ice Cream,
call at. MoKENZIE'S,
on V.OToniA Okbsobnt.
iih i
Always on hand.
tin Early Day.
The big steamer Aztec is due here
to loud coul.
Westwood Bros, have removed to
Tii Be Culled   in  This City nt-1'0 blacksmith .shop opposite the
.Mail olliee,
The  Judicial  coinmittee  of the
Imperial   Privy Council   have de-
Draft of the Proposed  Petition to cided the  [ire'ions metals case in
Parliament, Which Will Be      j favor of the Province with costs,
Submitted to the Meet- T]*e salmon run this week has
ing for Approval. ! b,eon,a Pre,lt improvement on last,
I the larger catches   being ott  the
  sand-heads and in the vicinity of
At the Council meeting Monday j Poiflt Roberts.
evening, in  response to a request      The date of the anti-Chinese meet-
frtun  Vancouver,   Mayor Davison !ing to lie held in this cily has been
  was authorized  to call   a  public'['fixed for Wednesday, Aug. 5, and
.p.     tt   •       TJ '        f'      meeting at an early, day to consider  the Opera House the place.   Local
llie UlllOll breWlHg'10..  tii question of Chinese restriction,  and  Mainland  speakers  will  ad-
I The present is undoubedtly an op-
Limited Liability, j portune time for pushing for greater
Stnlus of Labor nnd Wages in China.
Tlte People nnil Conditions We
Have to Compete With,
Ice. Ice,
Delivers ICE at residences. Or-I^8!™110"1. °" «?«> importation of
der before twelve o'clock. Terms f™. jnto tins country and
,,   , for obtaining some restriction of the
t ttsh.
dress the meeting,
The Progressist broke her shaft
nnd dropped her propeller in 75
fathoms of water off Snake Island
on Tuesday, nnd was towed to De-
BREWIKO CD., LlR.ltad Llatlllty,
W, 10. Noaais, Seu'ty.
Mrs. A. BaMwin
Creamery and sei,   .'"''*'*.
30 lb. tubs.    Prices away
n.ii lov in
I-; Uli".   till'-
i, -    ana
I of N'liit-
Sterilized Cream from tbe Delta Creamery, very cnoice, in
Pint Jars.
We have a full line of the best Groceries at the Bottom
Prices.   Quality Guaranteed,
"We have just opened out a large consignment of Boots and
Shoes.    Prices are right.
Call nml Sec our Stock und Get our Figures.    If   will pay
PCDPlI'^ StfOT     Victoria
MMiS 6 WlM bn        Crescent.
which Inter element, of late years,
have invaded our fisheries to an extent that has crowded hundreds of
while fishermen and Indians out of
employment, and*threatens to entirely capture the industry before
timo as an  ni NURSE, I jong      ].*V,,,T attempt—and there
who has had large exj     dice in and kw  *icen  many—to obtain   ad-
throngh the Northwest Territories.  Ad-  -ft tonal Chinese restriction andsonie
dress _.__  Japanese immigration, during the
Conservative regime, litis proved
— futile; but there is good reason to
believe i hat the new Liberal Government will, in this, as in other matters, show more regard to the interests of the country.    Recognizing!
86 Nicol Street.
: Ladies  and   Children's   Sewing   done
neatly.   Prices reasonable.   Address
102 Nicol Street.
Lodge Notices.
lurniingly large influx of Japanese, parture Bay by the Joan.  She wi
await orders from England.
John N'iemi had his hip dislocated and foot badly hurt in No. .">
shaft yesterday, and Wm. Thomas
had several ribs broken, his right
hip bruised and his head severely
cut in Protection. Both will recover.
The sound of three pistol shots
emanated from the vicinity of Fraser street about 2:80 Wednesday
morning. So far we have heard of
no dentlis, no arrests nnd no explanation in connection wilh the affair.
Hilbert & Son received notice yesterday of lhe death of Horatio ilil-
tlje good prospects of having some i ••■•■ ;U tbe asylum at Westminster,
attention paidnow at Ottawa to ro-- whither he was consigned a few
newed requests for increased Chinese y-ifs since. The body will be
restriction, etc., a Provincial move- ' brought over on the Vancouver boat
ment to thnt end was inaugurated ihis evening for interment in this
JL-JxtL JLJ X J-!^ >•*.
As the New Spring Season
is now upon us	
Do Not Fail
to come and inspect our stock of
some weeks ago  at Vancouver,  it
may bo  remembred, nud a com-
Inkerman Lodge. No..'(..'.'. Sons of St. \ mittee was appointed to draft a pe*
P,^7^lSJThJ?rrt«{,gnn fill   Ution l" ll,e l*>°m ••-•<■•• Parliament,
in lltllicil s lliill   wharlstreet, on oat-       ,.,..., ,.       .
ritiiAY evening at 8 o'clock.    Visiting setting forth the  necessity oi  such
brethren cordiallv invited toattend.      j restriction.     This  committee  met
Kkkii, WAGWAg-f, sec.^ Une general committee, al the City
} mi,.,, oxvin, nml nobooteto wear, ' I Hall, Vancouver, Friday night, and
) i Sn lie name i" Kimnlmo In buy blni u imtrt
"I'll have ano palt if thick und one pair fit thin,.     , .
III can Mud Whitfield's," says Brian O'Lynn.    ladopted, Willi amendment*,  as  lol-
jje hunted tho Ftores all alnng tho main route,   lows:
Snv-In-   tfiio rlfflit ono l'venotyet found out.    ■ ...   .,    ,r ,,   ,,     ,r ,.  r\
livaiii iVhUlUilJf-l'll buy only fnun him, , Tope Honorable the House of Commons
[for he soils the choaiieat," Hays Brian O'Lynn.    .    oj Canada tu Parliament assembled:
He stepped a littlo west nl Albert street; jhe petiii n of the underaiirt 11 eili-
Musnww!iltlMil'sslgii--siire'twasa treat:,      kens ami taxpayers of llritish C ilumbiu
-^W*.    lire
To Tap the Kootenay Country.
.McLean Brothers of Vancouver
nre tbe promoters of a railroad, tt
charter for which will be applied
for al the next sessions of both the
Provincial  and   Dominion  Parlia-
alee' I HiiKren's illinerv
Our stock this season we assure you is
complete in every respect and bound
to please. It comprises all the latest
novelties, etc. A very fine and well
assorted stock of Ladies' Sailors and
Children's Galatea, Silk and Lace Hats.
i   Crescent Store,
ments, to be known as the Vanoou-
■v.bn.iited their draft,  which   was   yCr, Victoria and Eastern -Railway
and Navigation Co. Mr. Norman
McLean stales that the object is to
obtain for the ('oast cities the trade
of the Kootenay country. Branch
lines from Vancouver nnd Westminster will unite at Steveston,
where the Fraser river is to be
bridged to Ladner's, At Lidner's
n line will run to somewhere near
P lint Roberts and connect by ferry
ith the Victoria & Sidney railway,
to the public hosays: "iioiiui taken in, leash, lion; | From   Ladner's  east   lhe   line will
Buy only from Whltlleld," says Brian 0 Lynn      •*,,   t   whereua the said tux of 560 per  ,lm  „,, t|R, Mah, ,„- ,a„d bflok
"If there's a leak In the I r side of your shoe,  capita  Ints pruved  to  be wholly luaile-     .   ,, , .       ,, ,
juittSSll toWhltllold, thai 'sail you need do: , , ,'liu. „, e£m.t t|,e  purposes for which  °*   '••**  rlvel* ■"■■•.  passing through
      ■■•■'■•'  '"'"'• "■"-" :       said tax was Imposed ■ the farming lands of the Fraser val-
Thttt, whereas the large influx of Ohl-  ley, cross the mountains al Hope;
nese into Canada is a serious menace t
o opened the door and George st I within- £ ".""'.f^S
Tvi fouud 11 at last," says Brian O'Lynn. lltimlily 8Iieuetl
... riinl, whereas the Parliament ol Ciin-
Woshowed hlra our calf boots, kid and cmvlilrlc,,     .,     ,     ,,        -,   .)s ...  , 4n victoria
The ones wo prals st—no seams al the side, liia (Hit, M u,i|.   a,-Hi ami ill MUoiia,
We've boots oi all kinds from Ouebeeand Berlin, in an Act tu nut ted ti e ' Uhlnese Iniuil-
" sure you'vo boots for the niflllon," says lirlan gration  Act,"  ill  seclion 8 ol said Act,
O'Lynn. [notrash;   i in! r..isn* :i  lax of iB'J per capita on each   *
:: W'd^n" KiS ':::!»•;: f!:;'v;. arssiys i oninew pes,,,, coming into the d,.,,.!..- «
in. win in".' it or patch jnsi while you are in
Ami tho charge seems like nothing," Bays iirinn
WHITFIELD, tho Shoe Man.
■se into tanaila is a serious menace to (hce  going across the Nicola and
u   prosperity   and nuiieruil develop-  „. p     nu       ,. ,   .,       ,
ont of this country in general and Okanogan vallevs, through Boundary Creek and Keltic River districts
lo some point on the Columbia
river. That is ns far as tlic road is
projected so far, but the charter is
to he for a continental  line.     By
lliilish Columbia in particular, for the
foi low it
Nanainio Business Directory S'sSS^iiffiE
'settled citizenship, are In moral, suciul
nnd sanitary status usually below the
most Inferior Blttndurd of western life,
and being usually singjemen Imported \ 0nly325miles to the Columbia river,
nacooies by labor conlriicling organlsa-     , .*', , ,    ,   .
lions, aucept less than the lowest living  which   can   be   reached   in twenty
BARKEIi & 1'0'lTs. Barristers and Solicitors,
Commercial siroot.
/I    !•'. CANE, ltiinlt.tr
tXt  Johnston Block.
MriXNics ,t MiiNNKs. Barristers, Room c,
Johnston Blook, Commercial Mivim,
Y'Aitwoon ,t vol'NU, Barristers, oorner ol
Commercial aud Bastion streets.
wage of white labor, yet expend but hours from Victoria.
: little of their scanty earnings in the land i
of their temporary adoption;
That, whereas the Government of the j
jreat Sacrifice    *<:*
Fletcher Bros.
!    qi   II.Mt
i*ittl!SCBNT PHARMACY,   IUl.1. A sikiiimin.    ligratlon
,   l-  proprietors.  Victoria Crescent.  Disiioiising      Tluil, whe
1 and family recipes a specialty. t|1;ll  n1(, Imposition iif a per capita tax
S^*As we nro retiring from business, wo will give every person
who is thinking of getting n Piano or an Organ ti snap
Our entire stock must be sold by August lst.
Successful Candidates.
The successful Nanaimo oandi-
United States ol America, redosnitiiig l fat^ at the examination for teach-
the ureal harm tvrouunt in tlic clllsens       ,      ..« , ... ,
of the Bald Utittod states by the com- ers certificates at Victoria were as
1 petition of cheap Cliineai hibor, enacted j follows!
T. Hc^°Vtt''.DK*S.^ Uj« -.i>»l-|    First Class, Grade B, Certificate
■ «•''< n "i t ']""•"' '•' lorers, in heinter*, Arthur D. Moraan,24B8, Maximum
est und lor the  welfare of the citizens Of ,     ..--.%
DVa.«S&n,i?fflm,i"" '""'■'; "t^-:' wK.B,n,,CotttTar« of tho:    Second Class, Grade B-John T,
Oflleo, odd-follow's lilo'ek, Nanaimo.     .British  Empire the same evil has ex-  Lukey,  lill";  llosn  Duncan, 1506;
i"1;'",1;      , .,.     ,   ,     Margaret M.Robertson, 1421; Alex-
That, whereas the Imposition of a tax        .h ..       ,,.,,,    ,,   ' „..,,
of (BOU by Die Australian ColonieB has under Shaw, 1294. Maximum,2550.
beeu oll'ectiitil In clieckliiK such ChineseI Third Class, Grade A Lucy A.
i tlgration: Mfibiue, 1871.   Maximum, 1050.
|,iM|,i;l,.|nr».   Vli'inilm'ri'M'ciii.   Disiioiising |     Tliul, « licii'iis yonr pel itinncrs believe |      Third  Class   Grade   B     Nellie T.
r   .1. CURRY, U. I
class ivork g anteeil
Oreeii lilm-k.   Flrsl*
Mcdowell, Atkins, watsjn c:o„ Limited. I of «600 would i,e ciiici.-iotts in resti let*  Donaldson, 1098; Julie A. Teague,
ill   Moil leal Hall, corner ■ timmorolal and itii.--  inn tin* snid Immigration ol Chinese:
10DOWELL, ATKINS, « ATS.IN I'll., I Iniltod
Mcilii'iil lliill ncr,
tlnn sirt'cis.  Telepliono 1*8-
nvi:  WORKS.
roll): Sarah   P.  Muir,  1045;  Mar-
L'it t
10 Le pleased ! ""■,,
Nanwmo nvi-; WORKS.-nyotng, cleaning  ||ej i„ yol)r puiltlonera fr   tin* evil
ami Repairing    tl Mlcol itreet.
riiciciore, vnur uetltlouei-g do humbly garet McRae, 978; Margaret Fraser,
pray your iH.norable body to he pleased  lj.,,,     .Maximum marks, I960,
to enact such legislation as will ihu- re-
C. rii.itii.TnN, Manager,
Kisil   MARKET.
ft    MARSH, Wholosalo  Doalor In   risli and
M.    0111111', Baslloii Stroot, Kanalnio.
n HAN ll llo'l'ICI.-W. SiKKi., I'rnprlotor-Vli'.
M   ini-iii Crescont.
4-  Proprietor.   Victoria Crescent,
M   WOLFE, I'iiiniii'liil nml Insurance Agent,
• jiiinit-iiiii Block.
Uutlon itroot,
LVVfl only iTiftkO tiie hent.   Try tliom.
|lUnck Cnrrnnt. Mnuvl-rrry, Rod Currant
,   nnil Qaosoberry Pronorvos now ready.
]\  TAYUiR, Dfiili r In nil kinds nl sv« nnd
Y* SOcntld'Hund  in rn it u ro, mid  Fancy Am
t les nf every dr crlj tlnti.
i   union io Building, Curaoiorolftl Btrooti
under which "thev now suHer Irom theI As llie result of Ihe trial of lhe
competition of this cheap Chinese labor. Transvaal   raiders  till were found
And yuu** petitioners us iiuluty bound I guilty and senleneeil ns follows: Dr.
will ever pray. ! .Jniniesoii, 15 months' tin prison men I
It was decided before circulating without labor; Major Sir John Wil-
the pelition for signatures to Bend loughby, 10 months; Major White,
copies of it tool heroines in the Pro- 7 months; dipt. Henry P.Coventry,
vince for approval or for suggestion ;■-„•_ r_ Grey anrj Col. H, T. White,
to make ii more suitable to the re
quiremonts of the position, There
being special circumstances to deal
5 months each.
The manufacturers of pip-iron in
with in connection wilh lhe infiujfl the Susquehanna, Lehigh, Schuyl-
of Japanese, 11 suli-coiiiiniltee was kill, New Jersey and Virginia reappointed to draw up a petition to gjons are negotiating for the format
meet 1 lie ease. Mr, \V. Hepburn I tion of a pool tooontrol the markets
wiis elected permanent chairman of of ihe world.
the general committee.   It was do-i ■»♦♦■   —
cided to issue subsoriptiou  lists  to     Mkbjt Wins and> that Is why Hood's
. ,    ,,      ,     ,     . „,.   r „  Siirsuiiurilhi holdstheanlnlngconBrtence
provide the   fands   necessary ,ioi of the public   liood'a Sarsaparilla Is
T. V.. Jernigan, Consul General
nl Shanghai, in Consular Reports
for January, gives an interesting
account of the status of labor and
wages in China—a country in which,
among otlier peculiarities, the .lowest wages are paid to labor, and the
supply of labor is larger in proportion lo the demand than any other
country on the face of the globe.
Any one endeavoring to study the
limitations of that much-abused,
term "necessaries of life," or desiring to solve the problem ot the least
cost of existence for a human being,
may find aid in this paper, of which
an abstract follows.
A Chinese laborer will save money on wages that would hardly be
suflicient to supply the absolute
necessities of an American laborer.
This is made possible by the cheapness of the vegetable diet on whicli
he is content to live, the small cost
of house accommodation (several
families will subdivide one room of
a house, and live in contentment in
it), and the low price paid for clothing, which is made of the coarsest
cottons. But the cheapness of labor
in China does not mean that the
products of that labor aro inferior
in quality. The Japanese laborer,
receiving higher wages, is more artistic in his work; his productions
tire more finished, and in dyes
and in the blending of colors he is
superior to his Chinese rival: but in
substantia] and lasting quality the
1 atter's products are fully equal,
and in some instances superior, to
those of the former.
There is in Chinese character a
conservatism which hns discouraged
progress, The principle "Let well
enough alone" lias been adhered to
under the mistaken idea that "well
enough" was the best. But in China
this adherence to custom, this opposition to change, has tilled the
empire with an impoverished population. The cheapness and small
denominations of Chinese currency
and the low juice of she diet and
clothing of the Chinese laborer are
evidence of non-progressiveness, but
it should not be inferred from this
that capacity for progress is absent
, from lhe Chinese character.
The following wages for different
handicrafts in China are quoted.
Tiie symbol F indicates that, in
addition to money, food is supplied
as part of the wage; where this is
absent no food is supplied. The
wages are presented in their equivalent of U. ^. currency: Blacksmith, 13 cents per day, F; brass:
worker, Hi cents per day, F; barber,
ii tents per day, P; native bootmaker, 10 cents per day, F; foreign
bootmaker, ifo.lW per month, F;
I nun boo cabinet-maker, 11 cents per
day, F; bricklayer, 10 cents per
day, F; native compositor, $5.28 per
month, F; foreign compositor, $7.92
lo $15.84 per month, F; carpenter, 11 cents per day, F; cabinetmaker, 13 eenls per day, F; coolie,
18 eenis per day; native bookbinder.
$4.22 per month, F; foreign bookbinder, $ti.34; lithogaapher, $10.56;
furniture-polisher, in cents, F;
native tailor, 10 cents per day, F;
foreign tailor, $6.84 per month, F;
pressman, $fi.'*4, F; native coachman, $8,17 per month, F; foreign
coachman, $li,34 per month, Fj
native houseboy, $2.11 per month,
F; foreign houseboy,$4.75 F; cotton-
mill machinist, 11 cents to 22 cents
per day; collon- factory hands, 18
eenls per day.
Ii will be seen that the practice
of making food a part of compensation for labor is common; that
foreign labor, without exception,
gets better pay than native labor,
and that foreign compositors get
higher pay than laborers in any
other occupations named. Thelow-
est daily wages are paid to barbers,
and the lowest monthly wages to
unlive houseboys.
A line nilgget of jjold fron, the North
Fork of the Quesnelle river was sold in
Vietorin lust Friday for if 130, und several
linggetS have recently been unearthed
in llie sitnie district, worth from 410 to
: "f-70. A gentlefnan in Quesnelle Forks
had almost a handful ranging from its to
tjo each, n few weeks ago.
The Chief Justice gave judgment on
Saturday as to the  amount of damages
due to the sealer Beatrice for liorsoltura
.,,,,,,„   ,,  ,, and detention in Behring Sen lust year.
.,,.,....v> ...v.   ........   ...........^    • -    f tl|(, .)U||||Pi   ii,,,,,] s sarsaparilla is ,„,     .  , ,,       *\ „
iiirrying out  the object in   view, | |{nown DV the cures li has made,   it is llK*  Judgment allows damages on  a
uateh of 72''skins, for the season, less the
luiiount realised for 202 skins which the
schooner had aboard when she was seised
nnd certain other sinnll deductions.
these lists to lie signed by chairman, the one True Blood I'urillcr
treasurer and secretary, to  guard ]    Hmn,s pj] ^ c~ j7^r |]l8) oonMi.m,
againsl   unauthorised,   Fraudulent -,ion, Jaundice, sick headache, bilious
collection of moneys. ness,  26c, ■>.».**■ r-.-"-.- .. «. ^i.>--^M^-«r»^»U^'^*^^™~ ■•»■*»—..■
I'cm.ismai hvkiiy
E, ('. Iltt.vi'.ti. Kditur und Manager.
Bastion Street. Nunniino, It. t'.
SUllSCllll'TlON   BATES.
11 v miiii -Ono your..  2.00
Six months 1.23
Threo months ves
Delivered tn- currier *»'r>i*. normnutli
,11'I.V .11, 18(111
Civic Ownership.
A committee of the City Council
of Seattle has, after exhaustive research and enquiry, brought in a
report recommending Ihat the city
acquire and operate its own electric
lighting, for public and private purposes, and also a waterworks systi m.
The report sets forth al some length
the desirability of such civic ownership, and .-tales reasons why the
city could operate such concerns
more cheaply than ti private coi por-
ation. Following is an extract from
the report:
The facts arrived at are the result of
considerable correspondence of a most
gratifying nature with iiiunj honorable
mayors and secretaries of eastern and
westren cities. Your committee have
overwhelming evidence of u practical
nature, which, if embraced, will curtail
the expenses of lighting the cily tu less
than half thecurroiitpricesou last year's
contract, and at the same time bu paying
for a plant, uud thut tne Ccdur ltiver
water system, and the municipal ownership of a light plant in full force, will,
at no distant period, wipe out our present bonded debt, and dually bring in a
revenue to relieve our overburdetied
people of debt.
Your committee were greatly surprised to sec the extravagant imiiyin by
contract in other cities. Wheat, corn,
cotton, etc., arc nearly uniform till over
the land, while electric lighting baa a
margin. We herewith append un average of eleven plants, operated by contract at $205,46 per arc light, against the
municipal lighting ol those same eleven
cities, the average being ijUl.SI per arc
light per year, and w ith bettor lights.
It was quite natural thut your committee sliuiil 1 ask the question " How is
it that public plains arc able to make
Sueh tremendous savings over contract
prices?'' The answer is as follows:
First—A public plant does not have
to pay dividends on watered stock.
Second—It docs not have to pay divid-
ends even on the actual investment.
Third—A city, having its corporation
counsel, need not employ attorneys or
lobbyists, subsri ibe tu campaign funds,
ur buy up its rivals.
Fourth—It dues not have to udvtrtise
nor solicit business.
Filth—lt frequently saves by combining other departments.
Tbo Mayor of Dunkirk says: "Our
cily owns ils water plant, and the groat
saving comes from the eity'it owning
ami operating both pi,nits. Mo extra
labor is required but a lineman. The
same engineers, liremen, and superintendent operate both plants.
Your coinmittee, in view of these considerations, cannot expect lighting companies to furnish as cheaply as the nut-!
niciptility, but, at the same lime, feel
that contracts have exceeded just remuneration, and in many instances have
stooped to extortion.
The Columbian, in referring to the
above, says that live years ago,
when New Westminster "decided
upon civic ownership in these matters of prime Importance lo n city's
welfare, there was some strenuous
opposition to the scheme, but il is
pleasing tostnlethat Unit opposition
has been overcome, and ii would be
hard, indeed, to find a citizen now
opposing the operation of these undertakings, which, admittedly, cost
the city yet, so far us the waterworks are concerned,;: considerable
amount, but then we have an ample
and pure water supply, and an electric lighting system second lo none
in America, at ti moderate cost to
consumers, and both of these enterprises, in time, will he highly remunerative to the taxpayers. Thus,
it will be seen that Westminster,
though comparatively a small cily,
was and is far in advance of much
more pretentious ones in these important respects."
Exports nud Imports.
A comparative table of elm
exports is as follows:
1890, 189B,
Minerals i 8,401,000$ 7,222,000
Animals and their
Agrlcul. products.
Manufactures ....
Miscellaneous ..,
Coin and bullion .
11,276 nnu in.'.iii:;,mm
27,266,000 24,201,000
87,580,000 85,005,000
18,883,000 18,000,000
111,0:',-, nnil   8,787,000
858,000      8110,000
■I, in 1.1,1 mo   4,824,000
Of Canadian produce the exports
were $100,011,001), ngninst $100,-
000,000 in 1895 With the exception of 1895 the duly collected mi
imports is the smallest total since
1886, hut the percentage of duty is
more than 1 percent, greater than
in 1805, showing thnt theoperalion
of the tariff is more burdensome
than before the revision, as it has
been asserted all along it would he.
The trade returns for June show
the exports to have been $11,081,-
281, and the imports $0,088,000,.
with duty collected on $5,514,000
amounting to $1,,572,000, The exports show a falling off compared
with the average of the last three
years during this month, nnd the
same is true of the imports,
The singhi-tnx lenders of California are planning to stump theStale
and educate the people lo single-tax
principles nnd the advantage of
loaal option.
Progressive Tendency of Unionism.
During the past decade the trade-
union has found "common ground"
upon many new ideas. Whether
ihey arc till correct or not we will
not now discuss. Suffice it to say,
they evidence flexibility, expansion
ami the progressive tendency. Such
are nationalization of what are
thought to heinevil.nlile monopolies,
mines, railroads, telephones, telegraph', municipalization oi street
ears, light, water; abolition of land
monopoly; abolition of money monopoly; direct legislation; Australian
ballot, and others. Ail of these had
the trade union endorsed and advocated, showing conclusively its
limits are not fixed, and that it is
ready -must adopt that which is
acceptable to its members. Its present aims and methods are well
known; it will adopt others just as
soon ns the education it so
widely dissemimiles levels down
the hills and tills up the gaps in
the minds of its members. Its
possibilities are bound only by lack
of knowledge and the non-unionist.
No criticism of the trade-union can
be made thnt does not apply to the
working class. When the time arrives that results ean be achieved
by new methods, they will not be
new to the trade-union. And this
is why we unite.—American Feder-
Tlic Last to Laugh.
Journalists laugh  at Coxeyism.
The  laboring people   sympathise,
and  in  the end il is lhe hitler who
will prevail.   We are not unfamiliar
wilh  similar petitions in boots in
London.    Lazarusshowinghissores
in Trafalgar Square, and tlieuiiein-1
ployed 1 ram pled I heir shoes off their
feel in 1886-87 demonstrating iheir
desire for  work,      London newspapers, with one or two exceptions,
scoffed  and  flouted  the agitators.
The  Metropolitan police broke up
tho   procession   and   cleared   the
square amid the'livers of Dives and
his myrmidons, John Burns and
Cunningham  Grnhame were flung j
into   prison,   and   for  a time there
was peace   -lhe peace and silenceof
the grave.     But in two short years [
London   elected   ils   first   county
council, and John Bnrns,fresh from ,:
prison, became the influential mem-.
ber of the new governing body. The j
men at Trafalgar Square became
the rulers of Spring Gardens, and i
the greatest movement of oui'time
in the direction of municipal socialism is being conducted at this um'-
ment in  the name of the   London
council  by  the  representatives of
the army of discontent which bivouacked   at    the   base of Nelson's
column  only nine years ago.—-Review of Reviews.
Many new-papers are demanding
the withdrawal of Sewall from the
Democratic ticket on account of his
record in the treatment of seamen.
"■In this respect," says the Coast
Seamen's Journal, "he is neither
better nor worse than olhers in lhe
same business, the apparent difference being due merely to the fact
ihat Mr. Si-wall's business is more
extensive than that of many other
American shipowners, The position
of Mr. Hanna in the Republican
party is analogous, so far as seamen
and shipping is concerned, and oven
more so in regard to his relative
power iu the party counsels. Every
vole cast in the interest of either of
these men is an indorsement of tlte
existing conditions of seamen—a
vindication of lhe principle of slavery, brutality and inhumanity in so
f;ir as ii applies lo the American
seaman. If the present widespread
circulation of the Red Record ac-
(•oniplj.-hes anything toward the
denial oTttTftt-principle it will have
j achieved a legitimate end to which
neither parties nor persons can object wii html abrogating every claim
to public respect.''
<>»     -
According to the Canadian Mining Manual for 1806, during the
year 1805 the output of minerals
has exceeded, by careful estimates,
$22,500,000,as compared wilh Hi),-
'.100,0(10 during the previous year.
'I'he extent and growth of that lino
of production show not only its importance lo lhe Dominion at lho
present lime, bul its destined influence on our national development. Coal heads the list with an
oui pul of $7,77-1,178, and gold conies
second, close to the two million
mark. Nickel, petroleum and silver
are each above $1,000,000. The
list above the million mark docs
not include the output of building
i material, which naturally occupies
• an important place'amongCanadian
minerals. The Manual records 410
I mining companies, of which 178 are
i organized lo develop mines in British C du n'jia.
The  Appelate Court of Indiana
I has reversed the decision of the Cir
cuit   Court   which   recently   gave
damages against a trade-union to a
j iion-uiiionisl.  on   the  ground  that
the trade-uniofl had struck against
his employment and thus been the
cause ol his failure to get work.
I The Appelate Court ruled that men
I have tiie right to strike irrespective
J of the consequence to individuals.
$100 Each Only
$25 Down
25 in 1 Month
25 in 2 Months
25 in 3 Months
I would do my best to
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Call and see me.
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] Ik* acquaintance of Valentine Gndsen, yrilfO AT THT fifl £ I iR lifl Jl  sintance was not needed as the fire was
i San li'rancisco, the* latter wns teach- Sjljijl- |S|   jE'j   £ if ESAiftlll lllf  *-'"* ntuXev control.
ik music,     The petitioner's wife hatl lUr Hi A Isr Itf'sT  i U\i'* >Wi UU                             	
ltrotluced them, saying, "You ought to 111 BfJJ III   ' !.]   J Jj jlb!]"!^! 1 :   Windsor,. Julv 24.—The Bomnn f'nlli
now thut nitiii. he is ni.v cousin, Oyril ,eSj""-' Ul   Jtllv I/Ullillll'JII  ollc  Dean   Wagner, of Windsor, is re*
, ported to be In tt very low stiite tit
I Honii' where lie Is spending n lung visit
nil iiri-iiiiiit ol   illness.
STORM AND FLOOD.      Arrjyaj m £)eparture 0f jflajjs
Disastrous Storms in Colorado ami 	
j l-'Iiiwei's."     Uadson is co-respomleut iii :
lhe iicndine action, j    ......      ....    . ...        ,       ..   ,     ,,
1    Liuiulon, July 24.—The corpse of Mr. nn account ol illness. storm iu its history broke upon this city 'aiUL'" •**•*■*      nnt.su
Sensational DiVOl'Ce Case in tile i West,  who accompanied    the    Ancient  Investigating the Mlirdei'S   0n|    ,,,     T„,„  .7;—-5,,,,,    ,. _,„ |jast eyeaiug.    Threei lives are known to Wellington, Northfield  and        ''"''""
Golden,   Ool.,  July    25.—The    worst
storm in its history broke upon this city
London Courts.
Drd Salisbury Caught Napping
Nicholson's Patrol Repulsed
by the Matabeies—The
Turks Checked.
London,   July   24.—Tho trial of the
and Honorable Artillery Company of
Boston, on their visit to this country,
nu,I who died in the .North of Ireland,
ivns shipped to the United States on
hoard the Cunnrd line steamer Servin
from Liverpool yesterday.
Kurde-Buller divorce case began yester'   eouiiiiied  with iilie<
London, July 27.—The following Ilnlu-
wayo dispatch Is printed by the Chron-
Icle! "Nicholson's control, 300 strong,
u'.-is checked yesterdny in th.> nnrrow
irorirp nt the north end of Hie Matoppo
lolls leading in TaiiKiis stronghold. The
enemy, in great BtreuKth, occupied nu
ntilile uosltiou    iiiiil    were   fully
Board tho fuller.
Death of Gilbert Brass
Oriine and Disaster.
A.M.    A.M.
11.26  H.riU
Clinton.  July  24,—Willhim  Cnntelon, be lost and thousands uf dollars' worth      I'-i-t U.Iiin	
in rears old. u resident of Huron conn- of property is destroyed.    A. A. John- Victoria Southern Still
i. was killed near Clinton by n train, sou  nud  wife  wen   curried down  with pluneaulon
  their home.     Mis. Edwards wns milk- Huilwav
Winsor. Ont.. July 24.—Mathias Gray* ing in the bnrn when the bnlldiug wns
Violation of the Factories Ad —Tlm !'':"'''*• " ■J'"1'1-1"'1" '" the employ of Ores-  swept nwny.     James BIsTiop, 80 years
Moiaiion oi ine i acioues Ac     i lit. M,u,„,,t, browery< hns (Hs],p„ ,,,,. TMs uM (..i|.|.i„il hM   g   [^   ;]mvn
Winnipeg    Exhibition—'Ihe        morning twi tes were found iii    his stream, nnd finally caught n tree, from   Brlilah and f,,,.,i,„  "   	
room addressed to his wile ,,nd the ton*,   which he was rescued some hunt's later,      iCim™, Sen, St«teB"jiu«.vex.Sun.
Vancouveraiid other places e it,   um.
on Mainland ul !'..('   0.80 5.0t)
of i!. ,v. ,\. Dailyox.Sun.
VA.M'oi-vi:u 'liiif'ii:.
mnn of the brewery,  in which  he said   but  the terrible exposure litis unsealed
Im  wns tired  of life,  that  his situation   his reason.
wns itnwli.il,"mine, that he hnd domestic 	
llfilciiltlns nnd  tlmt he hnd determined '    Morrison,  Col., July -.'."i.
(o tnke Itis life nnd his body would boldend by tiie cloud  burst  Inst  uighl  ut   Comox, Union, Union Bay,
Halifax, July 24.—A henring at tie  !''."'"''..'" ""' r*ver'     "is '•'••"** "v**** "'   Bear Creek Canon are: six members of      Sanihvoi*k,Coui't,eiisy,Griin-'rue;
before the Ut.  Hou.  Sir  Francis   The stralghtness   of   their   shootlug
I    ammunition,   request of I'. S. Consul lugi-i hum into   '-*pti'oit.
the triple murder committed  ou  board     Orinnle Creek     Col"
July    24.—Tin
■Henry    Jeuno.   The    pin imi If is  Hon.   roniarkablc.     The   Cape    boys    (with   tho barkeutlne Herbert Puller wns be-, ,••..;.   .    ....   ,.    , ,   ,, ,.    ■■»-• ««i " "
'Walter    i'ni'de-Buller, brother uf Lord   Nicholson's patrol) cloured tho nelghhor-   gnu   before   the  stipendiary   niagUlrate! ,,,*,,-,,i.»tr ii.-i.i- Grnw, five mn™ "flirt nf famIlv "'  tl"'<
ek ..I' the liniulits.
Jhtirston, nud member of n distinguish* lug heights of the enemy, hilling twenty here yesterday moruiug.    lt  wns strict- ,  ..,  . . .,'. ]    , ■.,,        ,
ed Devonshire family.   The deteudant, rebels, bul  the gullunl nt tempi  to toreo ly private nnd held iu lho office of tin- • ,]■„'.'V'  'nl'.l   wntelies   "nd    --fiiin in
fcllt.  LcHiih  Viinle-Luller.  is n  dniigti- n nnssngc wns cheeked by n heavy fire uingislruto, besides whom only thc wit- ,,.,.;!,      'riio iinsscnirers liieluded thirtoo
Iter of the lute General It. W. lilrKhair, from the caves studding the mountain, uesscs,  Lester il.  Monks,  who  wits n ,,',,,, „, , ,„.    ',. ,,,",.' ",„,-,, ,'     .,,    1,,'
L   , , i ■,    ,    ,- t.      , ■ i>.       ,    *   , \ ■ <   ,       ,   . , ... .       . men nnd two or three luiltes,     llu- lut-   ...,;,,,.. i.i,.   ,i„,„„„
In former wealthy resident nl Snn i* run- delivered nt close range. Nicholson lost pnsenger ou the vessel, his couuj 1 und Ul. H ,       | ,KtlM| |1V t|u, ,., ,i ,i,, .,.^; ' '
Cisco,   The Ynrde-Bullers were married live troopers and  two Cnpo boys in  n his father    uml    unele    were    pres.ut. ^  »nssc with blood hounds ure en tin'
Fin 1SSH.   The plaintiff   tilleges    cruelty few   minutes.     lir  therefore   withdrew Monks wns called  upon tn testily tli'Bt, j     ]( '» t,     |    ''        ' ''
{iiml adultery mi lite purl of the defend- ins forces nnd returned to camp." ns ho wns the one who discovered tb
h.i;t with ,M''. Valentine Gadsden.   Mrs.      A dispatch tn llie    Daily    Telegraph murder nu.l gave tie nl rm ni we.l u
|ynrde-Biiller  denies   ill  the nllegntiot.s from  Km-t Tulls snys: ••Linns nm prev- having  been  the  most active  in  sub,
and ni'ikes counter-charges,   i'he plnin- Blent around lhe fort.owing to cattle dy- queut events
Hilt's   petition    recites llie facts of iii- ing nl' rinderpest."
iiitirrhige with the defendant, who wu.-i      The  Daily Telegraph  also hns n  dis eluding Mate Brum, who tire in custody
'then the widow nl' Mr. Boyle Blair, ,.n natch from Buluwayo which snys: "(Imi. wore heard sepnrnt ly.    Tie    ouly    in-1    gau  Francisco, July  25.—A.  L.  Stet-
lEngiisbninn who had died in the British Ciirrington  is raising n   volunteer  force formation   given   out   wns  thnt   nil  lhe son| the son of J. B. Stetson, the mil-
Viietilnr service in South Africa, when »f SO  n.     Cecil llhodes hns nrrived testimony  taken >nt  ihe hearing wo Id fionnlre hardware merehnut,    president
I'he settled $65,000 upon her, but snlqect here.     Lniiig's recent fight south of tiie be immediately sealed   and    forwarded of tlm California Su t Railway Cem-
■ the life iuiterest of his mother. Matnnno hills, in which the Mnttihclcs to  Washington,    At  the pllce station pany and other corporations, shot him-
>n nfter lhe txinrrnlge, it is alleged were remilsed with u loss ol    00   men, it  wns stated  that    Brum,  the    mate, self'yesterday morning.    The net    wns
i family named Casey; nn entire family      thiiui, Qunlieum,  Hornby i* si.  v a.
• ( lim: rour members uf the Miller t'ntii-      Island and Denmau Island 8.20  3.DO
ilv. nnl Robert James Proctor and his            Victoria iioutk,
lalt SpringIslund, Burgoyne W.   Tues.
liny, I'liiioiil lliii-i oi',Ndrth
Salt Snriiiglsliind and Gab- p.m. p.m.
riulu Island     8 20  3.30
queut events.   After he had finished tho  Dissipated Son of n San Frnneiseo Mll-
membel'S ot  the  crey ol   lie  holer, 11- .. ,,        .,    t.  . .,
,.  m..,.. ,,  „.. i „,'.,,. llonaire Commits Suicide.
I   Wheeling. W. Vn.. Julv 25.—Through
|nut southern and  western Virginia lie
rain for the pnst  IS hours hns done in- , ,        ,, ,
n, , ,- l'.Y   STAnli1 ill'.-.  .Uol.
rolegrapl in- ''■   ■ lAUJi. Fl.;    rilur
tnunlcntlon is cut off from Cnmeron Alherni, Parksville, French e M. p si.
eastward ns far us Grafton. A bad Creek uud Errington .... 12 30 ti.Ot)
landslide occurred nt Garrett's   siding, KrI.   Thur.
nnd below Wheeling ninny streams trib- ^anooae Bay 12.30  (i.00
ntory to the Ohio are on a rampage thai ,,       ,       ,,      , ■,        c.       '1- *?,  *■ *■
'ms nnt 1,,,,,  iroached but once since 5ePart.*ire Bay, daily ex. Sun 12.45 10.80
lie discovered  thnt his wife wus given
with Loliengula's crack    regiment,   seemed  to be breaking down,  mil the committed  under the  most sensational
to  drink.   After  their  return   in   King-   ul,ll'n lli"1 l"'1'11 enretuuy trained in unt- authorities are Leg n.iing tn look for a circumstances, in the apartments nf his
land, it is further alleged., the defend-   rm i methods of \vnrfaro   nfter   the confession. most    intimate    friend    nud    nssociate
i nt thi-...itn.ied Iii kill lim petitioner with,   counties! ol  Matabeleland.     « hen Cnr- The inquiry was couclu led Inst night. Freu' ^'ebstt r, at 235 Post  street,  cor-
n  Knife nml  struck  him  witn u  silver- | rlnirton   fenrs  nothing it  is safe  hire. Seaman Thomas  Brown swore positive- tier  nf  Grant   avenue.    Th ■  eiiuse  fori
'in. tinted bag.                                              j    Another Buluwayo dispatch snys Hint |y  t|,.lt   i„. Bllw   M,,u,  ]*,.,„  ki:|  t,.1;ti (h
...   i      - ■        ■. i.     ,1-      ; i ..     .I,,,...., i
the famous flood nf 1S75. Reports
from Marshall, Wetuell and Tyler counties nil tell of inestimable damage tn
'.'rowing crops and tbe brenklng nl' tim-
ber booms, thus freeing millions nf logs
which nre now passing down the Ohio.
Denver, Colo.. Julv 25.—So I'm- as us
pertained 24 persons lost their lives in
the Front llnods which swept down upon the towns nf Morrison nnd Uoldeu,
ft is feared tlm 1ms ni' life will bo nm. I
greater than Is now known. Some re-
norts say thnt when  Bear Creek canon
2.011 11 00
Cedar (South), Saturday
.,    . .      ..   ,       ,    ,ih  fully  i'xii'iiitiI   ii   will  proliably    he
    .   tM,- .^uH-iili' is unknown, bul Stetson una ■ r ,,  i n   ,      i      At      .»,.
Vn.de Ttiillcr testifierl in support   "' conseaueiice ol   be repulse of Mcbol-   xilsb  with   nxe  nnl  mi rwnr.ls  heard  been drinking heuvily for Beveral days,    ""."'  ',"*.' . ' ".   !•''',/■
f.the r.llegntlons cunt.-iiiied In the pet!-   sunbathe    MiitnMes.    the Jraperial   cries and groans from    the    enptniu's | qonsumlng large quantities of absinthe.     "'ns    '     "''"' : ' '' '" '   '"
a Full Assortment m tho Lowest Market Rates
ftinii.   lie   :il.-ii  denied   tin*  accusations
nf tidiillery  which    his    wife    brought
ngitinsl hint in Ins counter-petition,   lie
end his wife l,nd sepnrnted, but were re.
united in 1804.   His wife, however, continued   tn  Inhuve  like  n   mod   woman.
.('.ice she look  poison.   She  locked   ner-
■ self in th.- drawing room    and    made
•tinge    tini-is.   Soiiieliliies  she  locked
her hiislutnil out nf lhe house.  Upon oil'.'
neei'sinn she struck  liiin  with  n   dinner
' pl'ile.    One   night    she   insisted    upon
going tn the Alhnnilirn music hall, tin I
fterwnrds tn the Onfe Cnvotir, n resort
' of tiie demi-monde,  whir,, .she made it
disturbance.   Then she drove home Willi
it strange woman and locked hon nnt oi
th'>'-nie-e.   Under cross-examination tin
Htintipr     lenled    thnt    his     t .,,■-■■
t   |.i  arore   from   his  diinking  and
fast  livincr.   lie  hi'd   never  struck   In*
wife. In* testified, nlthongli he bud sign
nl ti statement thnt he had done so.
'i'he house nf common* yesterday enn
family in  this city,  the members 't
troons hnve been telegraphed for. wife.    His excuse    for nol   m.iki g   t     Tl dy person pres.-nt nt the time of, „     ,
The Tmes has a disputcli.from Mad- feM0Wn nt   Um  time  was  thnt   hn  was the shooting was Miss Amy Head. She,   "**"'l* "ro camping In the mountain
nd which Is ns follows:    It is suited the afraid tin-  mate would kill him.    Mate Stetson and the litter's cousin Charles
government pnid the enormous pneg of n,,ln, uooa 110t Kl.,,„1 ;lU , ,„ ,.,.,,,.(,;,., ,,,,.,.  ,,.„, ,,„,,„.,„,, „ performance at n
£i00.000 each for the two war vessels ,„,.„. „r |]i:. ;t lk.m ,,lt:,  ,„„  ,,,.;,,,. iu vnrlety   ,!„,„,,,   ,lrt nv„n,  hl,vlllg  gup.
recently bought at Genoa, while a con* Ids assertion thnt   Im is   Innoc nt.   He per.   Miss Head nnd Stetson then went
tract  hns  iii.it  been given  for Iwo tor- snys ,„, saw  ,„, u:„, ,,„ |hl. k:m g   ,urt„  t,,(,    h.,.a  ,.,„„„  ,,t  2g3  p03t  st,,,,,t
nein boat destroyers to    ...sl    £00,000, thjuks it wns Brown,    th, recommenda- Her  rooms  ure under    these of  W. b-
whlch is dearer than the tender ol tie tion ,„■ thc, „.,,„,.., l,x„l„i:„.1.   t.„. d              wh(J ,s niuv |n En land nl tllI, ,„.
firs   class English firm, nn the ground Btipuudlary  will  begin an  invcstigat.on. teruntlonnl  shooting  match.    As    both
tlmt a quicker delivery can be secured. y0UU), Mn:rU,  „.us    ri,leaseJ    0l    ,,,., M|ss   U(,.1(1  an(]   S(l,ts(m  hn,   ,        t(1
Nothing   short  ot   ;i   u.anie   enn   nxplititi fflvell  ,,,  hu    Intl.. i*.    Tlm    Imo,,.    ,f Webster's  rooms,  Ihey  entered   to    see
sneli  extravnsanco. the victims  were s. nt  to    Maine    lust Hint thev were nil  right.    While Miss
'lhe Globe ths afternoon publishes n „-,,,(. Q    ,     •     (            r()nm  s,,(,  ll(.M|.(|  „
ona article bended   American i om nun- |   I hut |n t,h, ndjolnl     „,„„.„,„„,, wllerc
ism     and    emicluiles     liy   i milting. |    Toronto, July    24.-Pi-.rtlculars    con- she had left Stetsou for a moment. She
"Theie   is  tt   clear  issue   between   gnhl
stamlard allies tn    extreme    protection n.hosc  li(,.„|   h0llv   „.,
ne 1 free coinage coupled with confiscut-
orv B'leinlisii:      Whether McKinley    or
O'Bi'ien is elected, British Interests tire
""  Vnrk.    July    21.—The    Pi mini
Sldered  in committee clause '_'!  nf  the
Irish  In nil  hill,  which  provides  thnt  nt   wm.'(*
P'trehnsn transactions lhe land commit-     rpn
1. e i-l ill rdvnnt e money in li. n nf the
Toronto, July
corning  Hie young  man   Gilberl   I'.rns-, found Stetson unconscious on tbe floor.
fount  .n    tie II.. lind shot himself through tlm brain
roadside nt  Scnrboro,   near this  city,  n The  bullet   hni   passed   from  lim  right I ,"
few duys ngo, shows that le wm the temple diagonally through the skull, cin-
,..,.. .   .   ouly   child  nf  n   rich   rainier  .i.in,-  nl [urging behind the left ear.   A physician     (,-aw
hound  to  seller.     \  in.* n J'» "«'    «'     I'Vituklnrl.  n   village  in  Prince  Edward .was summoned,    but  ns    Stetson    was Journal liasTuformi'itloirfrom a IrSsnvortV.v'
JIcKlnlei  Is eeilabi to Harass om tiniti   county.    uia fnlher idolized    '   	
I wilh   the  *•-■'-■■      ■ ...
could    nnl
NOiiTiiioKN pacific sold. Promptly Attended to.
The Railwny Brought the Tidy Stun ol   All kinds nl
'Thirteen -Millions. m, ,  „,
.wen, r.o,-wis7 jn, 2,-i',      Tm and Sheet-Iron Work.
Vniilif-ni    Pacific railway wns sold  b\ 	
w^'oMtb^w! wSnt^'for1?;,;;.';1. jVictflria Crescent, Nanaimo.
organization ipnny  lor $13,000,001'.
—  —♦»-•—
lie then enve himself un. Tlm verdict
■ if the jury wns that McKenzic died
from thn ..''feels nf a bullet wound in
'Meted by Shcchan. Tie Inttir is still
'n custody, nu.l ;!l come before th,
Irate lo*morrow.
1 llllll Brtaiy and
1 HUH Restaurant.
Invites Inspection iin.! Comparison
us lo Quality und Price.
Tlm  St.   .Tallies  Gazette,   this
noon, publishes nn editorial nf •!
:"     :''      'sued.   An    amend'   ,,.,,,,.. „,, .i,,, article in  th.. Glol
I'houiiis  I0«mond.   ,.,t   "A.-mrii-iU! Conimunlsm."
,s   ii   in   ... ... i.i..    in ii   i county.    His fnlher idolized    bint    at:d plainly dying Dr. Farell, \vho respouded s°m'ci> that the Tone has given Cnrdlanl .,,,,,-,    Dt,c„   ,,„,,,,,   ...   „T„.r
1 f^l,tost  „c nta"n-eoiniu ss""'-folf»»; -'• "•— "■ r1-":-,"-,.t!- ?\ ri •" ronHc,h ?r,! n; T!!«''»f ^eT^tti n;ZoZ rHE BES' BREAD m cm
', • ,,  „,...,,,   -i,.,,,, ,,,„ ,,i i """•    Lhe son, however, proved n ue'ir- latlves  by  telephone.    His  father is at delegate has elected to remain.                                 •               	
which  iii,.-ni   biiui«   uu do-well nnl  inn  nwny from  home.    (Hi Lake Tahoe nu.l  his brother Hurry  nt •■— -jj;-lul-^j!lj ........y-^g^: ■:. ^-—----. r i,,.,,,.,1...1   r;....,   pn*_.  ..,   .i,„   •_.*
ts very fonndnl Ions         _ ,,     , ,, ,,■   ,..,„„, ,f| .                       -     T...   „„,„,„ „„,,. ,,„,,. .,„ '...,.„ ..w.u.lul   nil   I i i.a .il  llie Agn
The tri.il of Dr. Jameson nnl his
ment moved  by
seeking to continue ll xistlng arrange-
,.■..,.(. n.ns parrie I hy .. d" idi d 'ii • i iriu*.
The whole clause wns then withdrnwn
on a motion by Balfour.   The defeat ol   i'i,.,|.i;,.   n,„i   sir   Frank   Loekwnol,   for
the gnvernmonl was intnllv nnexiiected,
"'  Is   ' '. 'U'i d  to  tbp a! Sl v.rr nf  mtl'I.V
mlnlstcrlnl members nt the royal wetl*
ding, s:- Thos, Esmond's eniendmo'it
wns suppi.rtel by'all the Irish members
end by tl: • frlsh l'nnillonls.
A dlspntdi from Bnlnwii.vo mi -ti e
inornlng nf July 22, which wm received
l'i re In-dny. reports thnt Lalng'o column wns attacked mi Mon lay while
Inn en rod south of lhe Mntoppo hills,
■•'he  M.-itnbelles  were  repulsed   with   a
Jt 24 his father l.ft him on ihe furm  Snn  Unfaol, and the only relative   wh,.
for n  few hours, nud returning in the could be found wns Charles Hugg. who
evening  found  l.i n  drenk.    In  the f wlwns nt the Pacific Union Club.    Hugg,
words  thnt   followed   tlm  mm  s il    lo   Dr.   l'nr II  mil   Miss  Head  were  with
would never let  hii    fathir    so    lim I Stetson when he died ut •'' o'clock litis
... ii '   ,i   again.    Ho got hold of some mon y nnd   morning.    A  message was sent  In the
'""''   T   !'      i    r'o ll    Sll I'u -,,    V!lll'lM" S»l'l "nobis en I wnt  off tn  coroner who allowed the body to be re-
t cojielnding ^tng^to-day.    Sir Umad   Belleville,  ,,,,,1  suhsequenlly   lo   l-lnmll-  moved to undertaking rooms nn.l grnnt-
ihe money was nil gone.    1'r sum-  e.l n  eerllflcnte stating thnt  death  win
,     ,.          ,                                         ■      ,        ii.l         .         ..,:,.—                 '     "    .        »»■.-"    ii 11    li' mm*.         ii     ,-m: in- i -. i     ll      I'l'l I llli'ii t <■     c til I li::;     hum      i.i-ii i ii      uu'
,l„. ,!„.,„ nun  ,,,.,.,...,1 nil ,1m morning llb,    |1(, .vis      { nccldeut.il    shooting.     'lhe
bi their pinns for the prison rs, nnd Su ,„. ,„,,,„. „, |)H do.ltv ^  ^.^  ^^  (h|,  miforll|m„l,
Uichar-1 Webster   ().(..  nttoiiiey-geiiei- u          Willi in,  dine,   0f  Port   llu- affair wns mnlntniiied bv nil concerned,
al  in behalf ofthe gover-ment, ,.i stil mn   jI1(,)li|{all| u.,s a,.OB"no1 i;.  Ilu, Ht- )lon(, of „„,  stDt8011  fnmliy consenting
replying  nt   l  oclocK.    it   n    |M«'"i cinir river, near Stag i liti.l.    lin we. In make nny stntement. Miss Head was
I'm ease will go tn tun jury Ibis nflei-   i,,,.,,:,,,. ,,.lil,  ,.■ „t  i...,. ...    „,..,i o, .,,„,•!  ,,,„, ,,r i',„ ,.n,. „,, i in.
Dastion Street,opp. Telegraph Office
K. KiiW'lltiiTO.M, Prop.
The parliamentary secretary fnr foreign affairs, Mr. George N. Cnrzon, in
ttm bouse nf eojumons to-day snid the
Vciiezn. Ian statement bn 1 not yet
reached the government, bill wns on the
lnss of lit) killed, while ,.f Um whites   way hero from Washington and would
four were  killed  and  nf  tlte  It-inn I1....I   he'laid  nn   tlm  table  nn   arrival.     Mr.
co-operating with tin whites IT.    were   Ciirzon nlsn nsked whether tlm govern-   .... ,     . • ,.
killed.   A large munber were woiimlcl    ment wns nwnre thnt another king hnd   l.!'^!:?.';'^!.,}^!'^;^..^'':^ k.'}l'
Advices  I'teni   Snlonicu   spy   tlmt   lhe   li t elected  in  Samoa  in  opposition to
Turkish troops hnve hnd n buttle with   King Mnlletoa  and at German  lustigu-
the Maeedonlnn Insurgents   nt    llenur   tion.
Blssnr, in which the insurgents lost Will i 	
men.  The Turkish troops  pursued   tin-      Boltnat, July 27.—Hnrland &  Wolfs
nnl   VVorknien  ■>'.-  Clarkes
Clnir river, near S-ni; i land,    tin w; s tn make nny stntement, Miss Head wn
boating with n party when tie.' bont t.p- sent In another part nf I'm city nnl in
set.    II.- tried tn swim nshore lent  went -.Ire.del tn 'nil no communication with
down. any one".   The Stetson family ii promln-
Andrew Burrows, of Smith hVlk has nnt  eommnrcl'illv  nnd  soclnlly.    Albert
completed u    dotl  for    two    tl.u.sid Stetson, who killed'himself, wns a mem-
h.'ii.ls uf steers  fcr Fntnce.    There ii her of prominent clubs toil moved    in
tm embargo mi cattle tn tint nm try. t'm most fashionable society in lite city.
keepers were burned in Essex county
n •
metho I nf expr ssiuu- their disl ke ul th ■
collection  ni' tolls on  highwnys.
Ottnwn, .Inly 24. -The l':i'n Han authorities hnve .1. e.l .1 nnl 'o offer any
opposition t-i tlm extrnd tion of lb.se
accused nf tlm murdjers on He bnrken-
\'nnderbill's    Illness    the
Quarrel Witli His
ve le. n  nl-   ''"''  Heiiierl   Fuller.
New Y.n-k, July 25.—The Journal tins
morning, under it Newport date, snys
thnt Cornelius Vnudorbllt's stroke ol
paralysis came after ;t violent scene
wilh his son in opposition tn Ids innr-
t'inge with Mini Grace Wilson, many
years  ilm  senior of young  Vnnderbilt.
Insurgents,  who t. nl;    	
mountains of Periln. shopc nnl their contents hn
Sir J.ilm M   Millnls   nvnaidoni   ,r m.   mosl wiped mil by lire.     The conllagra- .
INivnlA..,;,,,;-   hslnn   „'   I   „    „.,    «»» «•"»«'  "'  ,V    -tabll-Ountirl      of      Whm g J« y 24-Aboul  15,(100 per.
;„s,. Iii ion is crave 'Hnrland  &  Wolf, mid spread    t,    tlm   plo attended  tm  Winnipeg    exhihlim
The inntr Imi„•,'„,,,'c - , ii        i   ,      Workmen  ;': Clnrko Comp'fny's   yards,   yesterday, n civic half holiday being do-   During the ennvcrsatlon  with his son
wain liasnl ' , , , i, ,!•','   . ,'   "llJ'l    "'hich are .tlm,,- damaged to ihe nmounl   clared  I'm- tlm nfl moon.    Hon.    Jo'.n   i week mm lasl Tuesday, when youne
ei.,     ,,i       ••,?■"         omnier-  o( $1 50f)  Drydon,  of  Ontnrio,    pronounces    He   Vnndeibilt refused to hrenk off the mar
slinl and lho    I,,!',  ."'"'''"''';,   "f    '"'• :     I at'er- T'.e' >s ininted lotnl lnss „y the   stock exl t nnd Cm for in general In   iin;". his father rose, his fnce livid with
.■'•■oh ,.,|   ,,n Li,', '     .'n'    ll",;:',*!i""-   Bro ut  tlm shipyards will  not nmoui, one of the best ever held in fie wrst.   rage nnd anger, hut before the aiiatu*
;,, '    i       17'      l,0'".""i0"l"""5 , „' m„ro   hall S{.800.fl0().   The property       An  Imenso  tr:,-   nf  pr i in    betw ui, which I..* would have hurled nt Ills
•earinira d   , ,'•     .'„   I nil     '"  f . **"   dealroved is pni'tly insured. 0«l?nrj   nnd   Medicine  lin,   in  Alberta,    Ik-obedient son wns uttered, he elutoiicil
Kingston   where"    ." i   :','."'"'"'"'I,!" i ■-  principally near Gleichen, is being burn-   tl  his throat aad  fell    down    stricken
sell Tl-.-ii',.... Him, .'.!" ,   li'""'','"", m.,L   \    Madrid. Julv 27.—A  man, believed tn   ed over by prnlrie fires which are rngl g   with    paralysis.   Young Vnnderbilt  de-
T...,,.,,;..;,   ,„',,'.'   ;    '   i ho insnen.  forced his way  to-day  int..   very badly nl present.   Along tn C. P.   dared  nothing would  move    him;    nn
In    .'   „■   ' i wnnt tiie govern- L,      f   ,    ,,,,,„,;„,, S;,,„„. ,.,„.   Ii. track  th- prslri  t'm n r h ill,,   power conld make him niter his dete-
iort ,   .      i       ni     "' ™,JL"V1"". '"■   '"'ns del    Castillo,   nnd    Insnlled    nnd   hns been burned over for nhoul    fifty   mlnation.
. :.;. "l,,}   ""   ,Ml1"  f,oni  '"'1   '" *«  ■■'   Ihrealened bin,.     lie wns p, tptly nr-   'alios, and us I'm- north ui mm enn s •,, m,„"!,    .„■*,:,„.,
'•'j'',,       r,    „,    „ rested There has been some rnln, but not heavy MINISTERS AT OTTAWA.
Loadoa. July 24,-The crpss-examinn- '   enough to put the fires out. 	
turn nf linn.  Walter    Ynrde-Buller, nf     Athens  Julv 20.—A dlspnteh received Mr. Pntersnn Rxtiected t, tot thn Sent
Ohnrston Court, Devonshire, in his ne-  p,.,. from the'island nf Crete states Ihnt      N'npnneo, July 24.   All n  Prlngle, the for North  Brant
«on for divorce from  Lellnh  Kirkhnm  while the nationnl nssembly wus silling   »'ell known ngrlctilturlsl nnd b .• keep 	
> ut-.h- Hiiller. Ininierly of Sun Fronds-  nn  Sntnrdny n  pnid.- occurred nnil  Ihe   or, died yesterdny nged 55, it Is thought     Ottnwn, July 27.   It ii reported here
 i.i-   hut  lie. Montague will    bn   appointed
mi    the    Toronto
n Intimate nf hii
11   nm  lm though!   il   likely,   nud
II. d.  "11.■ will  iiinl;,. ii  slashing odl
ml  wns considered before    'Im    Right  Turks prepnVd to nttnek the Christians,   fi  the effects of n suns roke, n  few  that  Dr, Montague w:
lion.  Sir Francis  Henry .Tonne to-dny.   whereupon the commnnder nf tlm Brit-   «'eeks ng...    Iin had eh rgc of tlm Cnn-  -hi'd' editorinl writer
lo-dny the petitioner admitted he hnd  Isli  Ironclad   Hood lowered  five    boats,   adlan  honey exhlhll    nt    tb.    World's   Mali and Empire.     A
1 otiice Tel. ::u.   P.O.Box in.   Residence Tel. 101.
31. J. HILBERT & CO.
Funeral Director and Embalmer
Graduate of the Oriental, the Eureka.,
tin- N..\\  v.irk and Clark's
Schools ,i Embalming,
I. .'I iiml .** Bastion HI., Nanaimo
■lune   which  l.iiiiin.l  u   force nf  marines,  but   •'
order wns  sunn   restored.     Durtiifr  tin
written a letter tn his wil'
1808. iu which Im hnd snil. ,„ .,.,    „ ,..     ,.,,	
"To think  my  hand   h,n  hmiiirhl  nil Ii'mofl.-iiioo 1mwev|.r!'ii''rurl-'w'ti'liilii'.! . »*• <-*iitl**,rloof. July '.'-I.   The Domlnr
this sorrow on your bond; Ond forjrive bv n Bhot lired by another Turk,  i I ree !'.'!'  Inspector ol  Inbor    iIIfc vered    on     Messrs. Uurler nnd Tarte nre belli at
my sins nunlnst you.    I cnn offer no ox- battalions  of  Turkish    Infnntry    were "oancsdny thnt fourteen boys were 11-  i-helr nfiiees this mornliiR, hnrd nt worlt.
disc: I  huve behaved  In  n  wenk  nml |.mded ut Itetlmo on Satuiilny. ' Several borinH '" ""' hox factory who wore an-   Mr. Tnrto went  t.. his office nt 8 nml
blnckituardlv manner, without cause. I skirmishes huve tnken  plnce    between .''''  ""' s,-"lll"''.v  aae,    lie  dismissed   Mr. Uurler before 10.
The electors of Vancouver   District, Toy  a
g "di- plurality of nearly
■^          nullniiMims    in.,.-    i.ii.i-ii      iiiilc       in.,,.,..       . 	
liavo no reason to net in Un  wicked nml   It,.timo und Herekllono, Six Cretan vol-       '"'   l""1   ' "'  empIoTers  are  under  n j    .Inn:, s Somervllle, M. P., nrrived this
cowardly way 1 have done.     I will try   nnteers hnve landed on the island, heavy penalty for employing help uud r mornliiB nn.l had nn Interview with the
to expiate my sins.    Yon hnve been per- I , fourteen yenrs nf nge. J nreiuler. iu which it is believed he plnced
fectlv  blnmoloss  nnd  hnve  never given '"''*' ,, , ,  ,     ,"; T'    ,   ,„ Ids seal for N'orth Brnnl nt the dlsposnl
me cnuse to sny nu unkind word ngninst. '-'-"•' HIUHBINDERS WAll. '    ' oblll'g, .fitly 24.-M    hnlf-pnst    four  of ,hl, .„.,.„,j,,,.
you     1 ask forgiveness, Lonn.    I.eun, I /'  yesterdny morning Jlrs.   Lewis Tnj lir .       ^«^    .._
Bive me one moro chance nnd I will be |Cer'al"  -iMigolluii  ('riiiijuins  Now  Worth   wus awakened  by n. noise nt  the wi--     Vancouver, 11. C, .Inly    23.--An    Indifferent.     I will work nnd sliive to re- I — i'1""' ol llel' l"'lnl1"": presently n  man's  mes\ wns hold yesterday on frank tilius
deem your respect." Snn lfrauclco, July 28.-Tho hittci ss of   '"'*"  'v"'s l|"s,"'(l through holding n re-   r,,sh .McKettzie. who wns shot nt Stev-
Arr. Ynrde-Buller   ndmltted    he    wns thevvendettn    nmong ^ the   local  Ohlnesc   ™Ter'  "'"J  «  vm.m  demanded  money. |ostcn last night by Hd. Shoehnn.    bion.
onented the doctor to nscertnln nnd cer-  s,nl1'.  'J-'he  nppeni'nnco of ""these  hlgUbin*   "'"' s'"' *"1'' l,iln ," begone,    He fired n  at Stevcstou, Intending in open ii ns n
NOTICE ii hereby given tbut Edwin
Matthews hus I.ten admitted a partner
in lin- above business. In future the
business will be carried mt by tbe undersigned under tin- style and name of
\Vii....i\ it Matthews, who will nsBuino
nil liabilities und collect nil del.is due
the said business, ami we trust ihat by
careful attention t.. the needs uf our
customers, in morll n continuance of the
patronage so liberally Inst..wed in tho
.TitnoMB Wii.snx,
Edwin Mattukwb,
Manalino, B, C, April 7, isiui.
i'|-iii IK-
writing the truth when he wns penning wWh™?lik^                                                roeogntod the voice us thai of Ier iu. nvid.nec it nppenrs thnt some Ih
the foregoing sentences.     He hnd    re- tloVort* notoS^ntchet0'mSS'T'tSJ i,"1bft,na,/Lho, oft.h(;me Fome4lmn° T! aa0 ■^K™-""'* ">""'"'• ''"''^ « "»'
onented fie doctor to nscertnln nnd cer- «'n,e.  The  nppeni'nnco o£  tliesc  htgbbln- "'"' "'"' l"1'1 hlln '" begone,    He Bred n at Stevcstou, Intending to open it na ..
tlfv if his wife wore Insuiie,     He hnd SQV5 '"!'',. "',',' announceiiiout Ihnt the price bullet,   which  lodged   in  her  arm.     II" ,,.,.,.  ,,:   ill-tnino.      McKenzic  pnid    a
himself gone to Chnrston Court to see Meo Loynhadebeeu lnorcasi^l to'*"oM hns ''"'" "''''              mouth's rent in advance, but, being an
his wife.    He had taken a pane of glnss created the greatest oxclt ent In the >11h*      \i,,„,r,„,i   t,,i,. "j    i.*^.,,,„-„ n ,„„„ , andeslrnbla chnrnetor. was   ordered   In
out of the win.Inw in.n-der in nblnii, in- I!'1''1;,"'"'",'   P1*.1,*"**"0   l'1>l*,01't<!t    "'   "'"   ""'      M."""""- ' "-,   ,'""'r'"'P ^ B ln"B T> leavo tiie plnco. The owner of the house
„.      .   Iii.         „     I   .       ,', Hun i cs Hint they overheard u conversa* engineer on lhe steamer Hlioee. wns „„,„, ,, ,, ,.,   <u„,,„„   ,,.,,. „.„„    . .,
trrens to the house.     lie    had    written Hon in which  l.e VI,, Duck guaranteed to killed vesterdnv nl Ilm IVOriffiinl whrrf ,              ,       Shcehnn, who win occu
Lord Chnrston. his brotlier, to the effect pay $1000 for  the llfo of cither Joe Our '..,',,   ', , '       '              ' '"l-"'11 ,"    H Dying n  wlion tlm    shooting   occurred,
thnt be (the petitioner) hnd l n entire- '"' ''■''' Me8 'v"f'\ Tll"s'' ""'" are willing "'   "'   ll1"  ll"'11   "'ls getting rends   foi McKenxlo went ...it to Stevestou yester*
ly wrong' In stating his wife drank ti^£ {antTsWS Tlw'lu^ "nil ffi T^nlnhVtltT ^tiZ'     w\^   ^'.  ' *« i"1"'""1 "f *>'"""* »»
eemt   nn.l  therefore he    retracted    Ihe planned. ,          ■       ,'i    "',   ', ,   ''"-"t-;1     "" session ol the house, nud during nn ni-
charm*.     He wns  not nwnre his wlfo -"•<*- ' -i   ,' """ "ll' '"'"'"' 1"'s' :"ul ln*"t*mt*y tercntion drew n pistol      Sheehan wns
Prescott,    Ont.,
LAMPS, Etc. etc.
Have indorsed the prin- TAXIDERMIST DEPARTMENT -,
r-i-nlpa nnrl r»n1ir-v nf Hll!"s '*•" An''1 •''•'* *,el UP '" il tllor-
CipieS «inu policy OI „,„), workmanship manner,
On ilntiil—Four  fine   Dears' Heads,
which will l.e sold for price of selling
thom up,    Also tt line case of Birds.
d. s. Mcdonald.
(ill Haliburton street, Nanaimo,
Commercial Hotel,
Corner Commercial nml Bastion 8t>.
l,c    Mail
As against all other pa-
hnd been obliged to do household work
for herself nn.l  children    nt    Ohtirstnn ,,., ,       .                 ,                   ,        ,     ■
<'„,,..i       ct„,   i.„„„ ir   l, . i   is .,„;...   i  ,i While  Sot lenient   In   Peru   Snid   te he   In
i oiirt.    sue, Herself, und dismissed lhe i                      Grenl Danger
servants.     He  hnd  neve,-  bruised  nor ——                              err. three miles west of this town, wns
hurt his wife except when acting In self NJ''™*'   P"™'/'"£nJa'Mt °nt' *tt,yn,uia,  '■""frovetl bv Hre.     i'he damage will be
defence! he had not ordered her out of ^te^^ureaCnTg   the   colony   it  about KJO.OftO.  fullv  covered  by  Instir
| nretiiired  I'm-    (rouble,    nnd    wns    nlsn   perS   aild   influences   Of
| _. v    1 u-'c : !ll'"ied.       lie   bred   lirst.   shootjng   Me
' ■•Sl^.^^ttattthe District, and   the
Springfield,' oi,i„. "juT l'i. a ci.indini ,-st I justness of its verdict is
(ooureti here Inst nlglir, mul everything   "
This Inng-ostabllBhod Hotel Is onmfortnbly
liit.'.l np with Bttpcrlor nccomniodo-
lin'is tor tim.'I.T- mid olhci-K.
the  bouse  nor tedd  her  to  go on    the  I-erene,  wi'iere""tunny Ai l'e«ns_ttiiU Bug-   mice.     A   ,; h  wn* sent 'o Ocdetis-  floniflod' 'PMpioTii'i'hp''cnst'on"i'nro"niovlng   „„ + ,*'r,-,j V.„i'U« T)^^.v.*.,„~
■       nfllueli    ratlU-ja Dy Ule JT A OVmCe      ■NnimlmttlmWstl.r.ni.h, nf Willi's,    IQUOM
lisli nre setlled. The telegraph oftlces Hi
luive  bee',   nbnmdoneil  nnd  dotnilcd  news
,, ,,           ..   .   ,            ,      •      ,          ,   i of  the outbreak   Is  anxiously  nwnlted,   A   'leuarrmom   mere,   nnd   nn   engine   wus  ftoffinond'T iimTii'hnvu beeii nerohed in* the
Utiller testified thnt nt the tune he made Iforce Hon been dispatched In assistance.    Isont across the St. f.iiwrenee, but its its- trees all night 	
On re-direct examination, Air. Ynrde-
for ni sistnnce froi ■ tbe fire J'Pstnlra on noeounl nf ti vera.
dennrtmont   there,  nnd  tin  engine  wns i1'1'1'"'    A   '','"vv''  of •*vo"us  '''-""J"'ra  ''"
I and Nation at large.
aIiir nnd quins dispensed at the bar,
■t: ti'i'iiNMSi., Prop. ■ — '-'-'•
The Mayor's Efforts to Enforce
the Law Endorsed.
: to act for the best interests of J
Anti-Chinese Meeting to lie Called.
Green Blook Dispute—When
Architects Fall Oul, Who
Shall  Decide?
A full lioiir.l wus present al the Conn-
oil meeting Monday evening, The minutes of thu previous meeting were read
nnd approved und the folljwing business
A telegram was read from the Provincial Secretary statin.* that the I...tin
Hales By-law bad been endorsed, Re-
ceiveil and filed.
From Wm, Crossan, complaining that
some person had opened bis gate and let
his horse out during Sunday night, cans-
hitn|to pay {2 to the pound-keeper for
its recovery. On motion of Aid. Planta,
the matter was loft in the bands of tlte
Mnyor for settlement,
From C, C. McKenzic, asking permis-
sion to build an addition l» the rear of
the frame building occupied by Steven-
b ui A: Co. on Commercial street, claiming that the ground in thai location was
Aid. Planta was In fnvor of granting
the petition, especially aa the proposed
enlargement would not exceed L'5 por
cent, of the value of the building, which
he claimed was allowed under the Fire
Limit By-law.
Aid, Morton, while lie claimed there
had been no proof furnished that the
ground was undermined, moved thai the
petition be granted, providing the provisions of  the  by-law  wen mplled
with; but it appearing, upon reading
the by-law, Hint the 25-per.eent, clause
referred to "repairs" only, the motion
was subsequently withdrawn
son bad refused to issue a summons be- : was going
cause the by-law could not bo enforced,   the city.
lie hnd interviewed Messrs, Johnston Aid, McDonald believed the action of
and GI11I1.ilm and they slated they bad the Mayor should be endorsed, although
no desire .whatever to ship powder from he thought the by-law should not allow
their whuff, but Magistrate Simpson had the powder company to ship for some
told him the law could not be enforced I purposes and not for others, as the dan-
on account of the provision in the Pro ger was the same in all cases. "
vineial Act ex.-mi.ting colliery owners, ' The motion to endorse the action of
railway companies, etc, He had tiseer- I the Mavor was thon carried—Ayes, Aid.
triiied, however, thai a recent shipment Wilson, McDonald, Bradley, Martell und
wus made by the Hamilton Powder-works : Foreman ; nays, Aid, Morton, Planta,
hero to the Hamilton Powder works at Westwood and Sinclair,
Rowland, thus not being allowed under On motion of All. Wilson, the Mayor
the exemption clause, Consequently, was authorized to obtain the best legal
ho had Instructed the Chief of Polico to  advice in the province to reprosont the
city ill prosecuting  lhe ease.
The Council then adjdurnod.
lay information iigiilnst the parties
sltipping the powdor, The Chief neither
said be would or would not, bul simply
that he would "see about it." lie considered the shipping nf the powder from
the city wharves a grout menace to public Bafety and thai it was his duty to see
that the by-law waB enforced—hence his
Aid. Wilson moved thai the action of
the Mayor lie end.used. He thought it
wus time enough for a magistrate to
puss judgment on u law when it came
properly before him. The clause referred
In had been inset led 111 the by-law in
justice to the. coul cumpnnies and so as
nnt to conflict with the Provincial Act,
and theCouneil bad full authority under
the Municipal Act to puss the by-law.
If Magistrate Simpson would not act in
the mutter, uny justice of the peace
could do so under the by-law,
Aid, Planta said betook exception to
the attack on Magistrate Simpson by
Aid. Wilson, as he thought bis only
motive was to save the city eScpente.
It might also bo proven that the powder wns consigned u> a colliery or a railway company.
The Mayor explained Ihat Magistrate
bad suid that neither the existing bylaw or any other could prevent the
Hamilton 1'ow.It Co, from shipping
their powder us at present,
Aid. Wilson denied making any "attack" on Magistrate Simpson, lie had
merely criticized  his action, which he
Is never done, nnd it is especially wearing
and wearisome to those whoso blood is
impure nnd unlit properly to tone, sustain, nud renew the wasting of nerve,
muscle and tissue. It is moro because of
this condition of tbo blood that women
ure run dowu,
Tirocl, Weak,   Nervous,
Thnn becanso of tho work itself. Every
physician says so, and Hint the only remedy is in building up by taking n good
nerve tonic, blood puriller and vitalizor
like Hood's Sarsaparilla. For the troubles
Peculittr to Women at change of season,
climate or life, or resulting from bard
work, nervousness, nnd impure blood,
thousands hnvq fouud relief and cure In
Victoria Races.
The following is the prngrui ' of the
summer race meeting ut Vietoriuon Friday and Sat ui. lay next, July ."I and An, -
Ugl 1 :
Purse, $100; Jjjmile; ullages, Weight
for ago.
I'irs', '1'Hl; 1 mile; ullages. Weight
for age.
For horses nominated by members of
the enclosure;
Purse, $160; 1 mile and repent; all ages.
Weight for uge.
Plate, ibt); '..mile; polo ponies. To
carry 160 pounds each.
Purse, !f200; free for all; trotting nnd
pste'ng; 8 in 5.
Purse, $160; Handles, over five hin-
d 03.    II ot  ie ip.
Puree, $100; '...mile and repent; all
ages,   Weight forage.
Purse,.-160; Handles;nil ages. Weight
for age.
II. C. R. A. Annual Med.
At the twenty-third annual meeting
ol* tiie provincial rifle association, which
commences at Central Park to-day, Cjfa-
n liiiin will be represented by ehe following: George Pittendrlgh, W. McGregor, C. II. Barker, W. Wall, J. Mc-
The One True Blond Purifier.    Sl; six for $5.
l'i-.;|.iii-ed only hy 0.1. Hood & Co., Lowell, Muss.
_j       ,,    -rv.ti   are the only pills to tako
riOOU S "rlllS with Hood'sSnrsaiiarilto,
Thirty-two Vessels Chartered to Carry
Coal from Newcastle.
Grcgor, W, Hygh, W. A. Young, George
had a right to .1...   Tlm officers Bhoul I { Hygh und Ii. Watson.
j.lo their duty in the mallei', its tho nity
ie tea in
,       , , . i Sporting Notes.
 •                 | would havo to bear the expense; and ill    ,,,,    ...   ,   . .
Aid. Planta then moved thai thepetl-   the by-law wus f id to be inoperative, !    T"° " l.Mm"lsU'1' fe" ,,r -■'■•«
tion be referred to a committee for re- L should be wiped oil'the records. j"''.'£?*"•, .gMi' ,    ,"""
port, and Aid, Sinclair offered an amend.     Aid. Sinclair contended that the fault ! wl '.'    ,  C."1.",tnl1 " " T* •       ,
.    . , , . ,        Lightweight champion   Lavigno lias
■d    Willi   the   I'mviu.-itil   Act,   winch   . ,      ,   ,, ...
: issued a challenge to any pugilist nt Ins
class for a contest for the world's championship,
The winner of the Duplissis-McCutis- '
land amateur scull race to tnke place In
ment tbut Mr. McKenzic be required to
furnish proof  Hint the ground wns in -
dcniiiiie.l. The amendment prevailed.
tii-: iiiti:i:.\ in, ok.
Ininld be   amended;   AM.   Westwood
but (be present case deponded merely
tpon it   technicality   which   might be
From   Kev. A. E, Green, enclosing n   e,-.t.ie.l in future; and Aid. Morton,that
Green  block by Mr, .'.   ,,,,. officers bad acted quite light in view
retort on   the
y,. Parr.architect,repretenttng tbut tie
condition of the building was nnt so
dangerous as reported by Messrs. Honeyman nud Kelly, architects. The report
of Mr. Purr takes exception to and is
almost entirely at variance with the Hnd*
lags of Messrs. Honeyman and Kelly
except with regard to the upper story
and roof; but lie defers milking uny recommendation in Ibis particular pending information ns to the future occupancy of the upper Story, as (be required improvements could be urrangid j he thought tl
accordingly, Detailed specifications • t
nee led repairs be promises to furnish at
an early ditto.
On motion of Aid. Wilson, the petition
wns laid on tbe table pending the decision of Mr. Green as the arrnngeii ent of
the upper story and the furnishing of
specifications by the architect,
A communication wits tea.I from Lnw-
enberg, Harris & Co., Victoria, agents
for the London Assurance Association,
milking Inquiries regarding the Green
block lu view of their having taken n
risk on Ihe building for said
.I' ibe privilige grunted under the by-law
The  May.n- replied Ilia! the sliipin. in
complained of wns nol allowed under the
legal exemptions, und be considered be
would have been neglecting his duty if
he bad failed to take Ih. tion lie.lid.
Aid. I'lanta thought il  slnmhl firsl be
ascertained  if the lnw needed amending
before uny action was tnken,
Aid, Foreman sui.l that, as Magistral!
San Francisco on the 7th nf August,
i-i.v 11.  N. .1 .'inson, of Vancouver, 1.1
tb' championship ol the Pacific Coast.
In the singles.-nil race al Halifax,duly
23th,Gaudaurdofeated Hacketaud Ha; •
Inn, the latter being third, Tim Wan I-
erera ivon the four-oared lapstreak race,
Dartmouth being second and St. John
ibe  besl   gallic of baseball ill Ibe pn -
b ■ communicated wilh.
Aid. Bradley sui.l the  Munieipalit)
Aet gave the Council power lo deal with
i the matter of explosives, nnd be favored
the  by-law  Icing sent to l.l e Atloriicy-
  r- --  company.  Geueral to ascertain   in   what   respect
The clerk was Instructed to furnish the they had exceeded llielr powers,
required Information, In answer to Aid. Bradley, tin- Mayor
The report of ihe road foreman,detail
vince this season was plnved ul Victoria
Simpson bad deular hal neither this   ,,„ Satuday last, when the Maple Leaves
ly-law norany other could be enforced,  ar„) p.,,., Angeles Stars bad but one run
Mayor sl hi be ex tr-   ouch ul the end of the ninth inning. The
Bled In the event of uny accident occur- te ith inning dee'.led the gumelnfttvor
.ing. Tbe people were terrified under Lf the visitors by one run, the home team
|t|c present slate of affairs, and s; me- failing in seme.
thing should be done, If the city could Between fifty and sixty thousand cy-
not deal with the matter, then the Pro- c'dsts are expected to attend the national
vineial Legislature orthe Dominion Par- meeting oi the Lengne of American
iiament should be appealed to. Hosug- Wheelmen al Louisville on Aug. l.l, li
geited that the Attorney-General should  and 16, making it. the biggest thing of
 - -■•!    iJtated the   powder  v us  stored  on   the
Ing work done in flushing drains, hind-   wharf und Bhipped some time during the
lug and breaking rock and impounding . night or early in ibe morning,
cattle and dogs, was received and filed. |    This gave Aid. Foreman un iden thai
On motion of Aid. Wilson, ihe Loan
Kules By-law wns affirmed ami ordered
Aid. Wilson was grunted leavo to introduce a by-law authorizing the with-
its kind in the history of the organiz. -
tion and of ilm bicycle. Lasl ye.o at
Asbury Park 80,000cyclists alien,led the
annual meet, and at Denver in 1894
18,000 were present.
:lude magazines within two miles
- ..   „   - ..„—       ..it  Ibe city nnd lb. ii all.'W the owner to
drawnl of the unexpended balance ($889) ship  enough  powder t.. fill a magazine
through lhe city at anv lime.
Band Concert Saturday Night,
Tne following programme will be rendered ut the Dallas Square band stand
Saturday evening, commencing at 7:30:
March—The II. Ilm Artillery Geo. barker
Medley Overture—The Uauilown Min-
^__ BtrelB        Laicndeuii
some advantage might be gained by pre- j Walt/.— Love's Messenger   .    11. Hound
venting the storage on the wharf and   Comet Solo—Emma Louise.. H. Pettee
making the transfer direcl to tho boat.    I ,.        .     ,*''• '.'• I'lalvurstHi.)
,. .  .,    ,.     ,.      .... Fantasia—Carnival ol Winged
Aid. Bradley thought it was nonsense1 -
Harrison's circular says: "There ute
now eu route six vessels (one in ballast) I
from the C .Ionics, witli over 16,000 tons !
of coal, In nee this is the entire amount
wo may expect to arrive prior to October.
There is listed us engaged to load coul j
(now en route and to be loaded) from
Newcastle nnd Sydney, ",2 vessels with a
capacity of about 106,000 tons. This looks
like ii formidable amount, but when it
is ascertained that il will be fully six
months before these :',2 vessels will hnve
nrrived, this will be an average of 17,000
tons per month, which is barely sufficient for our requirements; and our market
n.,\\ is almost entirely out of colonial
guides. The linul seillemeiitofthoJiew-
ciisllu strike was welcome newa here, ;is
smne cargoes of Wallsendconl are needed j
here badly, but we principally want the
tonnage that bus .been detained there to
get our incoming grain crop moved. It
lias upset nil local calculations upou t ur
tonnage supply, us no one figured on a
cessation of shipments from Newcastle
to last over two or 'hue weeks', whereas
it continued just, eleven weeks."
Prevailing prices are as follows:
pun TON.
Wellington  t,K 00 ;
Xow Wellington     8 un '
Snuthfield     7 60
Senile       :;5 00(35 6'J|
I' ns ilav  	
Cumberland, in bull:, ill B II'
sacks      .1
Pennsylvania Anthracite Egg
Wolsh' Anthracite 	
Ib.ek  Springs, Castle  Gate  und
PleiiBant Valley    7 00
Rev, D. A. McKue announced lo
his congregation on Sunday evening
last thut owing lo his wife's delicate
health, which would not permit her
lo join hint in this city, he Innl
been reluctantly compelled to Anally resign his position us thoir
pastor, assuring them ul the same
time iiml this occasioned him keen1
regret. The Victoria Presbytery
will assemble ui Alberni on the Iih
prnx., the business of the session
including ilm consideration of Mr.
McRae's resignation iiml also the
ordination and installation of Mr.
Taylor, who superintends the work I
of ihe Presbyterian mission at Alberni.
id yon see that Bike
IT'S YOURS   :- J^
you should guess thc nearest to the
weight of the two pieces of Coal in
their window.
Every time you buy $1 worth of b.
goods you get a chance to guess. ■>
Commercial St., Nanaimo, 15. C.
on) jVJoW ()ij
.To the End of August
Must be the Order of the Day.
....    Ci 0"
....    4
....    7
....    7
: in
lilt.'    M
.. ..   11
....   s
JjTins MEANS -,^—
1 Exceptional Opportunities in Many Lines
Lawns, Prints, Flannelettes, Muslins,
Charnbrays, Girghams, and all Summer Goods at a 10 per cent, reduction
to clear.
Will be Reduced to Very Low Prices.
ll^Oiill nnd save money hero by getting our ensh discount, instead of ii ohtince lur it bike, etc,—money saved is
money made—ul Ihu
songsters   Btiruhuusc
Medley— I'm iiluutioiie ol tin' War...
 li. Beyer
uf thu Streets Improvement Loan forth
purchase uf u scavenger plant,
The Mayor reported he hail Interviewed
Mr, Charles Hughes, ami thut he would '
prefer to remain In the hospital here thi n
being sen' to Kamloops; and, on motion
uf Aid, Wilson, the communication of
lhe Hospital Board was taken from lho
table and their proposition to hoard .Mr,
Hughes for if is ii month accepted,
The Mayor stated tl i it I a few days ago
he hail received a communication front
Mr, Win, Jensen hue returned from a
iii|i in Yiil.lt'z, Thcrlow and Clieini is-
,     , . lands und to Fre loriolt and Phillips Arm,
Inn tmin on.. magazine to |   , , .   , .   ,
1 above Bute Inlet, Ateachoflho places
visited he Bays gold mining iBexteuslve-
ly going on, work being advanced night
nn.l day with highly satisfactory h-biiIis.
Oold claims are being discovered nearly
every day, ami there in no doubting Ihttl
a second Kootenay in on ihe eve uf
springing up in that section of the country.—Colonist.
Aid,   .M.ut.ui   replied   Ihnt   il   becal
necessary t
another, It the Hamilton Powder I o.
were consulted In lhe maltor, they might
ussisi the ('..mil in u solution of tin
difficulty, lie thougnl liny should look
further Into the matter before pulling
the city to nny legal expense,
Aid. Wilson asked why Aid, Morton
ili.l not suggest a remedy, In a recent
Instance he had noticed thnt a team
hauling powder through the streets Innl
the Anti-Mongolian Association in Van*  'o stop while the driver repaired Uu
enuver requesting thnt u public meeting
be called in this city in furtherance ol
the object of placing greater restrictions
un Mongolian Immigration, He IiikIiiIeo
previously received a set of resolutions
on the subject that were adopted ul. a
public meeting In Vancouver,
Aid. Planta mggestod the tnntler be
referred to n committee to draft a programme; but,
On motion of  Aid. Wilson, it was Ic't
wheel with a rock, and hu thought the
powder company should show Rome consideration for the cily. He wauled to
to sec lhe by-law enforced,
In reply to Aid. Planta, the Mayor
stated be Intended to goon v. iih tbecase,
whereupon Aid, Planta contended that
ba wn- nnl acting advisedly In view of
the discussion Ihat hail occurred, and he
would not ciu'orsc his action,
The  Mayor  replied tlmt he had not
- - ,,-„  .,,..„ ,  A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.    Fret
pd.  Upon asking Chief Crossan the rea-   of anyune whose opinion, wus worth lui v - j liom Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
jon therefor, he suid .Magistrate Simp,. | Ing,    Where his duly wus con erned, he | 40 Years the Standard.
to the Mayor to call a public meeting at  acted «llh any expectation  of his en-
his discretion, , dorseim nl nnd did not want It.
tiik   KXI'l.tisiVKs  uy.'.aw. Aid. 1'Inntit-" You'll n,,|. e.i t il, ill uny
The Mayor drew tin. attention to tl.e rate,"
(out that, after the Chief of Police lad The Mayor replied he did not rare ii
been not Hied to enforce the law reger - he did  not receive the support of any
Ing the storage and trunsii of explosives, member  of the hoard when seeing thin
he had fun in I that no action hud been the laws were properly enforced, bul he
taken and the law was still being vlolat-; was always glad tohnvethegoodopinion !
Acting on the suggestion contained in
the annual address of the Bishop, He
committee lo which this document w.s
referred repor'ed to the Anglican syncd
in favor of ihe early division of the
diocese into two rural deaneries, of Victoria and Nanaimo, with lay representation lu the chapters, uiul this having
been approved by the Bynod will Bhortly
be carried into effect.
Mr. It.in. II i k's.in Ohcyne, tho well-
known laeros dat, was married atWost-
minBtur on Saturday lasl tu .Miss Mary
(l irl i ude McDonald, dauahtor of the lute
James McDonald ol thai city, Tho wedding took placd at St, Peter's cathedral,
l!cv. Pother Ouelette officiating,
ll pays to read our adverlisemnnts.
Highest Honors—World's Fair.
■ ■ ■ *y£
■*- His Honour the Administrator in
Council bus been pleased to direct that,
for the nurposes of the "Placer Mining
Aet, 1801,"and llie "Mineral Act, Iniiii,"
Texuda fsliiud be transferred from the
New Westminster Mining Recording I >iw-
tiirt io the Nanaimo Mining Recording
District. JAMEH BAKER,
provincial Seorntiiry uml Mliilator of Minus.,
I'lltlVlNft ,W. SO:. It UTAH Y'S 111II. li,
-jotti July, UslHl,
Notice of Dissolution.
Bicycle?. Bicycles.
To Bicycles done uu our premises nl  the  shortest   possible   notice.
Mu. Cooitixa being a thorough practical bicycle hand, will be
pleased to furnish all information gratis, uml all work
done by Ibis linn willhcguaranteed lu be llist-cliiss,
Next to Sloan & Scott's Old Stand.
P, S—A large Consignment of bicycle sundries just nrriv-
froni the east.
The  partnership heretofore existing
bltweeil Win. (Vessel   nnd Win. Cocking
I under I he lit'lii name of Cressel & Cocking is ihis day dissolved by mutual con-
Bunt, Wm. Cocking retiring,   'I'he business will be continued by wm. Oressel,
wlm will assume liabilities and to whom
all outstanding accounts must be paid,
Wm. Cunssni,.
Wm, Cockiso.
Nanaiiuo, July "5, 1800, I


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