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The Nanaimo Semi-Weekly Mail Dec 11, 1896

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 . ;u«-,...*t.,-.*vri
j, ^ ■,--vv^%-s^vw^v'.>>»*.. i>«ywrfgtw*w-'
TliZPVB, j
ASSjJ.M',     '
OTIcf • lie be=t Tea offered to diserlmi- !
'■in- Iniyem In Urit.ii.li Coluiiioia.      , ,
(garden .Uimajjer,   |
Fcikmk'i. Uiiilii.k I Sole .<geBt»*.C.
WHOLE NO. 194.
^$5 000,
Boots, Shoes, Rubber Goods, Etc.
We have decided to go out of the Shoe Business, and to effect a speedy clearance
will offer the whole stock at
Ridiculously Low Prices,
We have always, sold the cheapest shoes in the city—not
the lowest-priced, but the BEST GOODS CHEAP; so that
for the NEXT THIRTY DAYS you will secure BARGAINS
in Footwear. Our stock is all in good order—bright, clean
and new.    We have just passed into stock nearly
And within the next few days nearly $600 worth more will
arrive, blocked on the G. V. R. These goods were all brought
direct from the factory for cash at very low prices. Everything will bcjix-kuled in the sale and will go at a sacrifice.
It is almost impossible to quote prices. Rest assured that
everything will be sold at a sacrifice. Be sure you give us a
call early.    First comers will have the pick of the stock.
Sale Wili Commence Monday, Dec. 7th,
To Continue for 30 Dmjs Only.
Terms, Spot Cash.
Made from Select Fruit and cane Sngnr.    The frretUeat mre ts cxerclaert in ilte'l: preparation unit exquisite cU'iit'linoss observed.   We only nmke'om* quality— the best—
the Biime hh siipplictl to the order or Ills Kxeellrucy Lord Aberdeen.
WHY BUY CHEAP M ? BOY OKELL & MORRIS'. The; are tiie Purest and Best
"aSr- ~^zi7z^^-i.
Dry Footings
mily voyage that is |Moii
for thu health. Warmth is
worse than nothing without
dryness. Wet feet may bring
on any number of Ailments
Wearing our Rubbers in hail
Weather guarantees dry rooting.
Our Rubbers are high, well
made, durable, ami impervious
to,dampness. Try the Granny
Rubbers at
flo You Want to Borrow ?
1500,     repayable monthly ln 8 yearn, at $7.50
' " 1 repayable monthly in S years, at $15.00
I repayable monthly ln 8 year", nt $30.00
Other amounts in proportion.   Loiiiih made
only on First Mortga*te on Improved Town or
City Property.   Equitable Savinuh, Loan ami
Building Association, 24 Toronto St., Toronto
1UEO. Ij. HGHKTKY, Agent,   .
itoom Ito. 14, Johnston Ulock.
Fish and
Game Market
Sewing Machine Sappy House
'..,   In Hritish Columbia Is at
29 Victoria Crescent
'•■'here Needles, Oil, and Attachment! can be
had for all makes ol machines.
Machines of  all kinds Repaired on  short
notice, and work guaranteed by
Secohd-Hand Machine! (or aalo al a low
ll*u-«-  (ilvsluaacalt
is Wealth.
To Keep the Weather Out
Get Your BOOTS at the.
Gasl) Boot and SI>oe Store
17 ar*>d 19 Gonjiitepeial Street
They Carrv the Best Quality at the
Give Them o Trial and You will be Convinced.
E. E. G. Jotwso-q, Mgi\
But it depends on your Patronage
whether we stay or not ....
We are prepared to sell goods at
.Rio-lit Prices.
So give us a call when buying
Christmas Toys and Crockeryware.
46 Victoria Crescent.
Mn. H0LMK8—"Well, Mary,  ihe same
old story that I am -letting tor an ap- j
petizer every day, that you are  un-1
able to get dinner ready for me tiy 12
o'clock. I
Mary—(The persecuted  better half):—
"Well, John, it's just  this:   You  expect me to get, dinner ready  with a |
stove that won't hake,   and" nothing:
can lie done with it.
Ellen—(A child of  14 years)—"Why,!
papa, do you always make mammal
cry like this?   "Oh, mamma," with a ;
sudden break of joy, "just look at this.
(Handing over to the mother  a copy
of the Mail )   You can get from the
City Auction Room a grand Perfection
Stove, with one of those  useful  high
shelves, and all for oniy (:27). I
Mb Holmes—-"Why, Mary,  that must
be the sanies kind ol a Stove that your
brother bought, and   1 remember his
Baying that  he iKiught   it  from 'Tlic;
Anctioner.' " | _
Mauy—(With a light heart, all trouble /-*t> 1111 r,A~*Ti.tA~<rTi'T
disappearing) "Why, John, of course ilK *VW|i lAJIN'L-L.K 1.
lt is.   Oo down  and   make arrangements for one to lie sent right away
before dinner.
For Wholesome
Vegetables of all
kinds that are in
season, get them at
who will call on you
once every week.
Uston for his bell.
Good Potatoes,
at moderate prices.
Onions, 11 lbs., 25c.
100 lbs. for $1.05.
Reserve your order uutil he
Store—Day's Old
Butcher Shop,
Nicol Street.
Time, 12 o'clock.
Dinner all Ready.
Everything Perfection.
See that you get a "Perfection" when buying a Cook-
ihg Stove or Range.
P. 0. Box IdB.
The Veronica Home.
Veronica Home building furid
will be repaid their subscriptions on application by letter or
post card to the undersigned,
(Sister Gertrude)
Dec. 8, 1896-
Will be given in tho
Wednesdav, Dec, 16th.
Under the. a-unnicei of the Choir. conr*tsift.p of
VocbI Hiid IiistniiiK'ntftt Music, MfllltM by
our befit I.ih-bI Talent, and Mr. end Mm.
Kellev, two of Vancouver*! favorite*, will
take part.
Look oui for Program a-, es. Ticket! 25 cents*
SHIPPERS to Comox and
Way Ports are requested to have
their freight on the dock before
6  o'clock  on  Tuesday Even-
A.   R.  JOHNTON  (ft CO.,
City and District,      j san f-bakisco coa-l Market.
_,.,.,,       .       , „ , ,      |    The T,\ illapa  was   in   pert  vestsnlnv
Third   bun-lay  in Advent.   Cdsl-ra-1 from Alaska.   Tliere   Were only n few
tion of Holy Communion at 8 ami 11 a m
2.30 p. ni.Sunday school. 7 p. Ul, Evensong and sermon, ltev. Mr. Bosunquet,
preacher. Ven Arch Scriven will preach
iu the evening.
st. faul'b church.
Third Sunday in Advent, December 13th. 11 a. m., matins, Litany and
sermon. 2 p. in., Sunday School; 7 p.
in., Evensong und sermon. This evening, (Friday), Hoys' Brigade at 7.30;
Choir practice at 8.30.
Kev. T. W. Hall, pastor. Services at
11 a. in. and 7 p.m. Sunday school and
Bible class at 2:30 p. m.
Rev. W. A. Gunton, pastor.   Services
passengers and no news  c
us all thu mines nre closed
Rev W A Gunton's subject for Sunday evening next, will be: "Was'RevT
W Hall's statement true? And tlie
kind of dancing Baptists condemn."
J W Harrison mites as foUbtHVon th*
San Francisco coal market t,.
During the week there &aVe been toot
arrivals from the coast collieries with
Htlob Inns of coal, and one from Australia
wiih 018 tons, This is the smallest
weekly imjiort recorded   for. some time
Mr G Hicks, who is so well and faVor- i past, and will enable soirfa'df our whole*
ablv known as a first class singer has ' sale dealers to reduce a po/Clon of their
kindly consented to sing a solo in tlie i fleeumulated stock. The fr-Jsty weather
  this week has largely iniireaieo-trie fuel
as can lie verified b^thenum
her of coal carls visible    '■
Baptist church on Sunday evening next.
At the provincial police cunrl this'
morning, before J Hilbert, J P, John
Tnrnbull was charged on the Information of H I. Bates, with taking salmon
out of season and was fined ?5 and coifs.
The meeting of the Supporters of
Mayor Davison which was advertised to
take place Tuesday in the   building  on , D	
11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Sunday school and ! §k.inn?r strilet: •■■*•" ,-.ee" PpatponeJ tinlil i wa'r'd"grain frelgnVar-fjfte'inreMnl loir
Bible class 2:30 p m. B V P A, Tues-1 S**t»rday evening, when all interested in i r4,|jng rat(,e ,ve are ttssured'9<- ^relatively
day evenings atSp m. Mid-week meet-1 •*■•"■■»»■. thechoi.e of the People s Party j •,*-■, tnwardly coal freiifh^ from Aus-
ings for nrayer, exhortation, testimony j eomplete should attend. trnUn al„i   Kngland.   If ^Hp Dingle/
and Bible study, Wednesday evening at I. At the quarterly official board meet-| tariff bill should be ai-eeptM aea teni-
8 pm, Everybody is welcome to all ;'«g of.the Wallace Street Church held pnrary expediencv it will advance the
these meetings. last night, Mr.   S   Gough   was elected   present duty on coal six vents per- ton.
recording steward. Mr. Gough has Cable reports specify a scarcity of ton*
held this office with great acceptance I nage both in the Colonies and England,
over 20 years, and the board appreciates   ' ' '   ' " * -   -   -   •
on onV .streets,
making deliveries. Business in this
line is reported brisk, with (i general
improvement of valueB. Th'ejre is no
change of retail prices, but there ils)
marked advance i.i steam grades to
large consumers with every'likelihood ol
still better figures later,oil.   With out*
Services at 11 a. m. and 7 p. m.
Sabbath school and Bible class at 2:30
fi. in.   Preacher:—Rev W.   B  Cumin
Spiritualists' Hall, 1. O. O. F., (new
block).   Sunday evening next  at 7:30
Services at 11 a m. and 7 p.m. Sunday school and Bible class at 2:30 p.m,
Rev. J. D. P. Knox, pastor.
Furthcoming' Events.
Nanaimo Lodge, K of P No 4.
Meeting of supporters of Mayor Davison,
Conversazione   in   the   Presbyterian
School room.
Sale of work on behalf of St Paul's, in
Sloan tt Scott's old stand.
Concert in Wallace street church under
the auspices of the choir.
Central Hotel Restaurant
Sunday, Dec. 13,1896
Mid-day Dinner from 12 to 3 o'clock.
Cream of Tomato,
fish :
Tenderloin of Sole and Tartare Sauce.
boiled :
Boiled leg of Mutton and Caper Sauce.
Chicken Kriscaase
Vol an rent of Veal.
Potted Beef a la Sonbrise
roasts :
Sirloin of Beef and Brown Potatoes
Leg of Mutton and Dressing
Leg of Pork and Apple Sauce
Venison ami Cranberry Sauce
Boiled and Mashed Potatoes
Red Cabbage, Turnips
Plum Pudding and Brandy Sauce.
Lemon Cream Pie Hot Mim*e Pie
Stove Repairing.
Will lit most uny Stove.
All kinds of old CoolT"
Stoves bought, sold or
his services highly,
Mr. F. J. Deane, formerly of the Free
Press staffin this city, and'later on tbe
staff of the Province, has laken over the
Inland Sentinel, Kamloops. We are
sure that the many friends of Mr. Dean
will be glad ty hear of this, and wish
him every success in this matter.
The St Paul's Ladies Guild will hold a
sale of work in Sloan & Scott's old stand,
Commercial street, on Tuesday next,
15th inst., commencing at2o'clock p in,
when a choice collection of plain and
fancy work will be offered. Proceeds to
go towards the debts of the Church. Admission free, afternoon tea.
The city carriers of the Mail have to
get a hustle on these days, on account of
the increased, and still increasing, circulation of the people's paper. Now
that the election is drawing near, we expect to have numerous new subscribers,
andean promise them that the Mail
will be able to keep them posted on all
matters municipal. Send in your name
if you are not already a subscriber,
The marriage of Mr. Geo. A. Taylor,
head carpenter of the New Vancouver
Coal Co. and MiBS E. A. Fen tou took
place on Monday eveninjs last in St.
Paul's Church, Cedar district, the ceremony beitiB performed by Rev. E. G.
Miller. The wedding being private,
only a few intimate friends were present.
The wedding supper took place at the
residence of Mr. Geo Woodbauk, Cedar
district and the happy couple received
hearty congratulations from their numerous friends. We wish to add our best
wishes to those already tendered them.
A large company assembled in the
Presbyterian school-room last night to
welcome the new pastor, Rev. \V. B.
Gumming, formerly of Santa Clara,
California. Caplaiii Dempster acceptably occupied tbe chair, and gave a
brief address. A vocal solo was given
by Miss Stirtan and a reading by Mr.
I/ugh Aitken, Addresses were delivered bv Canon Good, Rev. T. \V. Hull,
Rev. W. A. Gunton and Rev .T. D. P.
Knox. Refreshments were afterward
served by the young ladies of the con-
Mr. J. H. Cocking has asked the Mail
to publish his side of the story in connection with a communication sent to
ub by Mr. E. C. Cook, Sr , and published in last Friday's issue. It appears that some 6ix years ago a Mr.
Rasurc biinght a horse from Mr. Cocking, for which he gave a note, endorsed
by a son of JIr. Cook, payable in three
months. When tlie note becunedue
Rasiire failed to pay, consequently the
endorser had to put'up the money. As
we understand the matter now, Mr.
Cook claims that Mr. Co-king sbould
have met this note, but upon what
ground this claim is based we fail to
understand. Messrs Cook and Cocking
being members of the same church, the
matter was laid before the elders, and
received a full and free investigation,
with the result, it is said, that Mr Cocking was fully upheld and exonerated
from the charge of doing Mr. Cook an
injustice. . In the face of the added
knowledge-! which bus come to us in
connection with this matter during the
past week we unhesitatingly express our
regret that we allowed Jlr. Cook's
communication to appear iii our columns.
Goods   of
and Bold.
hence almost prohibitory rates are demanded, but after our Auguat-Septem-
bov grain-laden vessels arrive at their
destinatioh coal freights must ease off.
There is a very limited number of res>
sets loading at English, Welsh ana
Scotch ports for San Francisco, .which
signifies very short stocks of British
coals in March and April next.,. British
Columbia and Washington will be called
upon a few months hence to keep our
fuel stock in act; tlieir outlook for profit
iu 1897 is more encouraging than the
outgoing year.
Prevailing prices are as follows:
Wellington $8
New Wellington  ;.   8 I
Southfleld Wellington    71
Seattle  f6 S0fi6 J
Bryant 6 00@6 I
Rock Spring", Castle YZatb tori
Pleasant Valley    7 M
Scotch     7 n
Coos Bay    4 IS
Brymbo     7 00
Cumberland—In bulk  13 ftp
sacks  14 00
Pennsylvania    Anthracite    Egg
 W OuSJS ,0
Welsh  Anthracite '.'. .»> ("OSlO r
Cannel  »U@12 00
Wallsend ...„,   6 OU
Coke—In bulk .|8 0o<§8 M
sacks .13 00
Masonic Building, roramerclsl Btreet.
WANTED—A Piano to rent-
»'     Address box 2.r"7 city.
Aching' Joints
Announce the presence of rheumatism
which causes untold suffering. Kheu-1
mutism is due to lactic acid in tlic blood.
Il cannot be cured by liniments nr other
outward applications. Hood's Sarsapar-1
ilia purifies the blood, removes tbe cause
of rheumatism and permanently cures
this disease.    This is the testimony of
TENDERS are hereby called
*■ for covering with cotton,
papering and painting the barroom of the Dew Drop Hotel,
Haliburton street. Lowest or
any tendor not necessarily accepted.
Apply to GEO. BAKER,
Ou the premises.
Room to Let.
/ 10MFORTABLY furnished Room, in
V private home, to let. with Are.
Rates moderate.   For particulars apply
at the Mail oftWo'i
CALL ON =•*■-=,
fcOiiMfeRCIAl STREET    .        —
Otumflt* FtKJMrr's Drag RfJ'rK
thousand? of people who once   suffered
tlie pains of rheumatism but who  have    _ ..   .   _  .
actually  been  cured by taking Hood's I but the meningeal artery  on  the
Sarsaparilla.    Its great power to Act up-' .......
on the blood und remove every impurity
is llie secret of   the wonderful cures by
Hood's Sarsaparilla,
. »»«.
The Norwegian steamship Florida in
command of Captain Hansen, arrived in
Royal Roads on Sunday morning with
two cases of small-pox on board, for
which she is now being detained in
quarantine. She came from Ktitshim-
itsl, Northern Japan, and ■ tipon
her arrival had the yellow flag flying.
When Dominion Health Officer Dr.
Georgo Duncan inspected her he found
her without the usual bill of health, but
this departure from ordinary rules was
explained by Captain Hansen, that
there were no authorities to be found at
Kutshimiisi. Dr. Duncan sa.vs the two
patients have the disease very lightly,
but they will be obliged to remain in
quarantine until their complete recovery
when they will be disinfected and lianii-
ed over to Captain Hansen, As for the
6hip, she has Already undergone a thorough fumigation, but will be held under
detention the full period of incubatjotl
from the date of tho last exposure which
was on Sunday. The Florida came
originally from Manilla. She has on
board Mrs. Hansen, the wife of the captain,
Tbe Inqnest.
An inquest was held on Wednesday
touching the death of Murdock Me-
Lachlan, third mate of the as. Costa.
Rica, lying at Departure Bay, who waa
found on Monday afternoon in tbe hold
in an unconscious state, and taken ti
the Nanaimo hospital, where he died
the same night. Klisha Morgan stated
that he was the second officer of thi
Costa Rica, and found the deceased ih
the forehead about 2:65 Monday Afternoon. Being insensiple, he brought
him on deck and put him into thi
saloon, and went to telephone for Ih*.
Eberts, whom- he met on tbe dock-and
accompanied on the steamer. The last
time he saw the deceased alive was
about 1:4b that afternoon.
Dr. Eb-rts stated that Ire was called
by Capt. Mdntyre, to go on board th*
Costa Rira arid see a man who hat! .been
found in tne hold. He had been removed into the after cabin -Jrjftd placed
upon a mattress. The eyes were normal, and reacted to light and touch. No
bones were broken, and the only wound
was a slight contraction on the right
side of the head. There was hardly any
blood coming from it. lie had evidently vomited as there was matter oh fail
moustache, and a little blood from hu)
right nostril. At the time he was suffering from shock and exposure to cold*.
His breathing was quite nia'ttiral, and
the steward was ordered to give.hiqt
some strong coffee as Boon as he wok*
UP, r    , ie
Captain Mclntvre, Peter ..Campbell;
George McDonald, and John Linshen.
gave similar evidence to Dr Eberts.
Dr. O'Brian made 'k 'postmortem ex"-
amination at Hilbert a undertaking
purlins where the body had been brought
from the hospital. He found nothing
except a bruise over the left hip, and a
small wound on the back part of tbe
head. Tliere was no fracture of any of
the bones of the body. The heart, kidneys, intestines, stomach, and bladder
were all in healthy condition. On es
iiininitig the brain he found two clots of
blood between the dura matra and th*
skull, a small one over the crown of thai
bead and a very large one over the left
ear. On removing the dura matra he
found the right half of the brain healthy
and well developed, but the left haft
was completely saturated with a bloody
fluid ami small clots of blood. There
was no fracture of the base of the brain;
side was collapsed. He came to th*
conclusion that the rupture of that art-
cry and the ensuing, hemorrhage was)
the cause of death. The verdict of the
jury was accidental death, neither the
owners, officers nor ere* being in mtif
way to blame.
The body A-'as taken down to Victoria
by the City of Nanaimo on Thursday;
where the funeral wiil take place under
the auspices of the(^aledonian8pclety, ol
which the deceased was a member. -
He leaves a wife and family in Victoria, who will have the sympathy of
the people tu this terrible bereave*
the Vancouver Board of Tiadsj
held their Usual meeting oh Wed-
nesd.iy> When a "re-port wm received
from the delegates appointed td
confer with representative* of thi
Victoria . and New Westminster
Boards of Trade ott th* subject ot
the V. V. & E. WHwajr. The r*i
port stated that the SriKlbtion given
the joint delegates bjr \\% pruria**
cial government was Huost satisfactory, but discussion Upon th* ma£
ter was adjourned in oonseqoenol -V-V&f*
Looking Beyond.
."Sometimes we feel a longing for the pressure
Of hands, grown cold und  weary in
the strife,
.'Hands, in the quiet grave  now calmly
'resting, ■
So full of loving service when in life.
'.Sometimes nur   hearts are   filled   with
bitter anguish
Over some grid thut seems too great to
.•For one, to us more dear than  life,  has
left us.
And all our fuUire   seems  bereft and
[Sometimes, we feel a deep and earnest
For something which hi life has beer,
.Arid our vexed spirits irnehr a low, sad
That wa have   missed   those  joys for
which we sighed;
Missed   them   perchance   within   the
earthly region—
But  all   we   have   is not our portion
"No, our freed spirits have-a wider kingdom ;
A future   lies   beforu  us   bright and
■Bright with the radiance of a   holy sunlight,
Clear ivilh the clearness of the crystal
Did not dark sin-mists cloud our earthly vision
'Of the great Life Eternal yet to be.
But peace, faint heart! let  faith  spread
broad lifli "pinions,
Soar to the upper realms of ijoy and
Look on the'triings unseen with earnest
Look upward, onward—walktio more
by sight.
In the bright joy of  thnt  glad  Easter
The lust, the grandest that our earth
Shall know,
What joy, what rapture in the glad reunion,
When bliss shall rise  supreme  o'er
pain and woe.
Let us walk onward through this lower
Through this deep valley   where sin's
shadows lies,
Looking beyond;  where  sunlight gilds
tlie mountains,
E'en sometimes-now   too   bright   for
mortal eyes.
Oreat Sun of Righteousness, arise and
guide ub
Through all the dark and drcarv ways
of life;
In life aud death, ahed thy bright beams
upon ub,
And make us more than victors in the
1 Social Print's
labors of Miss Starch and her;newspaper reports, and uresolu-
associates contributed more or | tion for its abolition was sure to
less—probably rather less than I be curried unanimously,
more—to the improvement of j Snobton, like the rest of the
morality, nevertheless they were | ungodly world, .had been rather
not always altogether artpredi--I disgusted n't the Association's
ated by a cy-ri-icul, sneeering
world. This, iper-ha-ps, arose
from the frequency with which
charges 'di the most -infamous
kind we're bretig'fot against mew
upon whatitiMnied outu-pen tlrial
to be, , let U3 say, insufllcie-i-.t
evidence. Critics—no doubt
they secretly sympathised with
all "forms of vice—were accustomed to say that Miss Stafeh
and her friends did not seem to
be aware that if women's virtue
were of great importance so were
men's reputations, and -(Ihat -frequently as much misery and
suffering were caused by a baseless charge as by the most heartless instance of immorality.
Another thing which perhaps
inclined the world to depreciate
tlieir services was thc way Miss
Starch and her friends behaved
when a charge brought by them
broke down. In such acasc they
never fof a moment thought of
acknowledging that they had
made a hideous blunder. Thc
most they did on such occasions
was to admit that the charge was
unproved, and to insinuate that
nevertheless it was true; but
when their victim was poor, and
there was, consequently, no fear
of libel actions, they would declare that the charge wus both
true and proved, and that the
prisoner had only escaped
through the mercy, folly, or
syniyathy of the judge and jury.
A very bad case of this kind,
which had provoked much
though very different fee-ling
both among Miss Starch's friends
and the public, had lately oc-
cured. Miss Starch becoming
convinced, on what evidence did
not appear, that there was much
immorality among the young
work-girls employed in a certain
establishment, had inveigled
several of them into the offices
of  her Association, anil bv dint
Of those peculiar people who
.-are not. content with being very
virtuous themselves, but wish
to force everybody else to be
very virtuous too, one ofthe most
peculiar was Miss Rose Starch.
What made her case so unusual was this; Unlike most
ladies of similar tastes and inclinations, Miss Starch was
neither old nor Ugly, nor had she
.been neglected by the male part
of creation; for, though still unmarried, that was probably because she chose to remain single.
So there was nothing about her
face or fortune to suggest a reason why she should be so aggressively virtuous as she was.
This fact struck worldly observers very muoh, and many
were the suggestions thrown out
to account for her eccentric behavior. Some attributed it to
(the influence of an elderly, plain,
and offensively moral aunt, now
.deceased; others, to a slight,
taint of hereditary insanity
which wns said to exist in the
Starch blood; others, less charitable, but possibly more correct,
to a diseased taste for dabbling
in dirty questions—a tasto less
uncommon among young ladies
than soiae people imagine.
However, whatever may have
been its origin, there could be
fri) doubt as to the virulence of
Miss Starch's virtue. She was
.constautiy on the Warpath
against immorality, though in
.carrying on the struggle sho continually bad to do tilings which
must have been shocking to her
feminine delicacy—if sho had
any. Thus, in order to follow
the movements of the enemy,
she found it necessary to read
the reports of all indecent trials.
Again, in getting up cases
ngai-ast offenders, or persons
whom sho chose to regard as
e-tnti, sire had constantly to cross-
examiue young children on
points which most ordinary persons would think it infamous to
mention to a child. Lastly, nnd
most repulsive of all, in conducting the moral campaign, she frequently had to address public
meetings upon subjects whioh
less virtuous men and women
would shrink from naming. All
these things, however, she did
with great energy and thoroughness; und if she felt any loathing
towards such duties, her stern
morality enabled hor lo overcome or disguise it so completely
that to outsiders she appealed to
tuko a positive delight in the
JJqw   though,   no doubt, the
of severe examination had extracted matter from them on
which she based a horrible
charge against a lad named
Smith, who was employed as
porter in the same place. Smith
was a friendless, penniless youth,
who managed by his diligence
anil honesty to earn just enough
to live upon, and when he was
arrested he had not a shilling by
him to pay for legal assistance
or advice. Fortunately, his employer, thinking the credit of his
establishment attacked, advanced enough money to ensure him
something like a fair trial. The
result was not satisfactory to the
Association. Under cross-examination the evii'-nice
prosecution broke down altogether—one of the girls even
admitting that she had said as
she did because Miss Starch had
threatened that if she did not
she would be prosecuted herself.
Of courso, after this the jury at
once acquitted the prisoner, and
the judge made some very severe
remarks as to the way in whicli
the case had been worked up.
conduct in !t)he Smith case, and
accordingly-, when the Congress
met there, the inhabitants did
not extend to its ttWJmbefS aX'ery
generous welcome. Some of
Phew! 'did attend its meetings,
•bs't 'none of them asked ils members into free quarters in their
houses. This was a disappointment to the Oongressers, who
had been looking forward to a
cheap holiday at other people'*,
expense, intermingled with
pleasant discussions upon their
favorite topic.
Owing to this shabby behavior
on the part of the Snobtonites,
Miss Starch and her friends were
obliged to goto hotels and lodging-houses and pay for their
bods and board. Now some of
them, with the marked economy
which frequently attends intense
virtue, contented themselves
with the cheaper lodging houses,
but Miss Starch herself and a few
of the richer members went to
the principal hotel in Snobton,
which was called the "Golden
Snobton was the centre of a very
fashionable hnniinn country, and
it so happened that at the very
time Miss Starch and her friends
arrived at the "Golden Fleece" some
half-dozen spoiling men hud tnken
up their quarters there. These
young fellows dined very frequently
at the table d'hote, which, previously to tlie advent of the Social Purists, they had hud very much to
themselves. The arrival of these
latter secm-cd al first likely to create a panic among the sportsmen,
and fur a time ihe landlord was in
terror lest they should fly his roof.
However, after anight or two, I hey
became more used to it, their reconciliation being hurried on no doubt
by the presence of at least one pretty
face among the virtuous ones—that
of Miss Rose Starch.
Now, as soon as the hunting men
began to feel more comfortable,
they began also to stare considerably at Miss Starch, much to her
friends' disgust. Even more to tlie
latters' disgust, Miss Starch did not
resent the staring. The hunting
men were young, and some of them
decidedly handsome, and, in spite
of her rigid virtue, Miss Starch was
rather pleased than otherwise with
their attention.
Her friends, however, looked upon it with no such tolerance, and,
owing to this divergency between
her views and theirs, disagreeable
words not unfrequently passed on
the subject. Often at dinner, when
all the men's eyes were fixed upon
Miss Starch, some such conversation as this would lake place among
the Social Purists;
"I wish those men would look at
their plates,"   Miss  Screech would
..     ,,    I sav, as she cast an indignant glance
,or u,e across the table.
"Perhaps they have finished thc
course," Mis Starch wouldinn.icent-
ly suggest, "and so have nothing on
their plates to look at."
"That's no reason why they
should stare at us," Miss Bones
would put in.
"Well, you can hardly complain,"
Miss Starch would argue. 'They're
not staring at you."
"Oh, just so," Mrs. Smellie would
exclaim. You think no man would
Now, in this case, the victim look at anybody but you. You're
being very poor, tliere was con- mistaken,'though, my dear, for some
sequent!"' uo danger of actions of us have been married, which is
for defamation; so the Associa* more than you oan say,"
tion receiveo the verdict in their'. When such remarks as these
worst manner.     They doclared w*re   being   addressed   to   Miss
in tl.e most brazen fashion that |Ur?h *!T ,'iT T. rea,dll{ ""'
,, , , derstand that behind her hacklier
the, charge was true and was frIend8 *,, even mo,e improved, ami that the reason the Indeedj prjvately all the ladies con-
girls broke down in their evi- fe8aed that Miss Starch's behavior
donee was  because   (hey   were was simply indecent, and were cori-
jterrified by tho counsel  for  the vi need that it could end in nothing
defense.   They insinuated  that hut evil.
even the judge, jury, and conn-     "Yes yes,"   Mrs. Smellie would
gel were ill a conspiracy  to get say, with a solemn  shake  of her
Smith olf, and to throw discredit lie'lll>   "I. foresee  that shame and
I       ,,      . ■ i.i trouble will come to  the   Associa-
on t io Association, am thev an- ,.       ,, ,    ...      a,     ,,     , ,,
' tion through. Miss  Starch s   folly
and wicked frivolity, and you'll see
if I'm not right
For some time it did not seem as
if Mrs. Smellie's prophecy would be
the   "Golden   Fleece" she was so The Most Complete Stock
elated with her success that she resolved,   late   as  it was, and ill as:
Miss Stare!) was supposed to be, to
go to that young lady's   bedroom
and give iiei un SeccfivRt of her tri-
UMph, and in Ihis way pcfitil uot to
her  that    henceforth    she    (.Miss:
Starch) winjld have to play second j
fiddle in the debates uf llie  Assnci- I
Fired   With   this laudiilrli. di-sire.
Miss Screeohj ur* reaching I he hotel,
rushed up stair;- lill she reached Lhe
hielf-lighted corridor oil' which Miss I
Starch's room opened.   -Bheconnted I
the   doors   until  site came to the
number which she knew   wu    Miss
Starch's.      She  was just ahum tol
knock when une of her feel   struck
against something at tlte foot nf the
"Good jiraoious!" muttered the
nervous old maid, with a start.
"What on earth's that?"
Jas. McGregor's
Victoria "Crescent.
(to bb I'o.Nci.uDun in ouk nkxt.)
Provincial News.
Mr. Edwards, ol Natutimo, bn* opener!
a general store ut ITulfurd llurbor
Tbe wenlb r at Alberni Iiiir Itio'ler-
itteil considerably during the lHBt few
New iHibiii- schools have recently been
erected ui Burgoyne liny r.nd al "Tne
The great want of the island at presenl is a more frequent and regular iniii
nml sten in boat service.
Mr. Hull's liall at Alberni, is Well
tiniler way anil il is expected that some
guy and festive times will be enjoyed
tiiis winter.
Within the last fortnight four panthers have been destroyed at Oowicbati
lake, otic bv Mr il Mure 11 and tliree bv
Mr U A Baylor.
Dr. McGuigan of Vancouver, who for
years past has acted us physician to tlie
Indian department, has received notice
not to attend any more Indian cases.
Tbe highwaymen have commenced
again at Vancouver. Last nigot one
man was held up by two masked m**n
on Granville sheet, and relieved of Iff).
P. A. Hovelnnne. ol the Region group,
Allierni, lias taken in bis win lev sup-
lilitfi mi'! expects to make a gi
The Nanaimo Bakery Excels
The Popular Bakers.
Land Agent and Conveyancer,
Town Lotmitiil Farms for Sale.   Money to I/oan
on Mortgage at low rule*.
Agent for the United Fire Insurance Companj
of Manchester, KiikIuiiiI.
ArUqgtoq flotel.
Wake op!s
ing before spring,
uli winter.
Thev intend working
Having completed tlie erection of the Arlington
Hnlel at NANOOSE BAY, tills handsome and
commodious lintel is now prepared to rei***ive
uml comfortably entertain travelers nnd others.
show-   Is presided over by Mrs. Thompson, and the
The Quadra Mining Company of Allierni are pulling up huilinngs for the
men on their property. Development
work is lie.in.'- pushed ahead with all
possible speed.
Tliree. more police officers have been
appointed in West minster, und the
cilzcns are arming themselves with revolvers, all tlie local linns having been
sold out during the week.
Messrs. Tiage and Spikerman, of
Heaver Point, have shipped upwards of
a thousand boxes of apples tiiis seal ui.
They exhibited some very line specimens of fruit nt tlie local show, and also
at tbe Westminster exhibition.
Admiral Palliser, Lieut Crawley and
Captain Garforth arrived at Allierni on
11, M. S. Pheasant on Sunday, intend- j
ing to pay the Alberni mines a visit in'
the morning. Some of these ollicers are
hugely interested in the ubove properly,
Tliree miners narrowly escaped being
blown to fragments while working iu
the new slum of the Le Ro! mine al 3
o'clock Monday morning. They were:
William Henwood, scalp wound; T. i;.
Costello, arms bruised, and Tom Burton
injured about the legs.
Funeral of the late Dr. Wood took
place (mm St. James'church Vancouver.
There were a large number of friends of
llie deceased present. Kev, H G F
Clinton conducted tlie service, ufter
which the remains were taken to thu C
P H depot to lie forwarded to Toronto,
tlic native home of the deceased gentleman,
J T Collins is erecting a creamery and
cheese faetory about midway between
Vesuvius.Bay and Ganges Harbor; tbe
main building is30x30. The machinery
ami plant lias been brought from England and is ulreudy on tlie ground, A
branch creamery bus been put up at
burgoyne Buy, bo that milk may be
brought from all parts of the island.
The civic nominations took place at
Westminster on Monday. The nom
inees are: Mayor, W. J. Armstrong
I. \V Sidles; school trustees, Edward
Johnson, A Smilher. aud J B Cherry
(by acclamation); lor aldermen, AE
Wood, Joseph Jaggers, K Huckland.
Thos Ovens, C W (inlanders, J A Cal-
link, VV A Hancock, B Douglas, W H
Keary, I) Robson und W A Johnson;
ten to be elected.
Mr. Gua Leiser of the Victoria firm of
Lei/.er& Leiser died at that place on | **• °-Bo-!"9*.
Saturday evening after a brief illness.
He was one of those who took an active
part in the formation of the Const Railway and was one of the delegutes sent to
the meeting of the Board of Trade ut
Vuncouver in November. On
the trip he contracted a cold that
brought on hemorrhage of the lungs,
pneumonia supervened and he rapidly
sank until death came to his relief.
Table d'Hote constantly provided with nit the
delicacies oi the season. Combine-] with the
elegant furnished apartments, tbe visitor finds
the surroundings of the most pleasant description.
First-class Accommodation, Fire-proof biiililii].-
Terms: $1.00 Per Day and Upwards.
The Doon Hotel,
JAS. BENNETT, Proprietor.
Commercial St.,       Nanaimo, B. C.
Trespass Notice.
WHEREAS, Certain evil-disposed per-
Island, Nanaimo District) it is
sons have been killing stock on Valdez
RESOLVED iu future that nil persons
fuund trespassing on tlie WtVke Estate
of 760 acres ami Indian Reserve of 1700
adjoining will lie prosecuted to the full
extent of tlie law.
(Signed)    BALDWIN H. WAKE.
Sept. lo, l.-'ili.i.   JOHN  BASIL
Wake up to the fact that if youi
invest NOW in Shares 06
good reliable
Gold Mining Companiet
You stand to make Big- Profits,,
And I^-w
Will sell to you on terms no othei
Broker in British Columbia
Any person selling or otherwise disposing of KEGS, BOTTLES, or TAPS belonging to
the Union Brewing Company
will be prosecuted.
W. E. NORRIS, Sec.
Nov. 13. 18fl(t.
-*-   in the
Emancipation of Mental Slavery
Should hand in their names at once and
become members of the
Freethought Library.
2-t Commercial St., City.
Yon have to Pay
I divide it up into
-Small Monthly Instalments-
So that everyone can have an inj
terest in Mining and secure pari
of the Profits that most assuredly
WILL be made.
nounood their intention of holding n winter Congress to consider what steps slmiilil be taken to
prevent,in future, Bueh disgraoe-
j ful miscarriages of justice. j realized.    Suddenly,  however,   an
Tho Congress was-flxed to take indiscretion  on  the part of Miss
place in Snobton, nnd it was to Starch brought about her a cloud
lust for a fortnight—not too long P,' scandal such as it seldom falls to
' „ tin..' to consider so important,the lot ° f respectable young wo-
1 „ s„l,.j,,'t.      So,   at   least,   Miss i S2j,2tlto 8ay a S°Clal Pur,8t' t0
; Starch thought.     Sho  had re- -,n The Con_
fleeted deeply and long, and had hftd tontaoldlnR an  evening
ready   at   least   half   a   dozen j meeting)   anc|   aB the subject had
speeches dealing with  different, heen one 0f u„jVersal interest to its
aspects of 1 lie quest ion.    She al- members—-the exclusion of women
Iso   ,,'iis   prepared   with   BUgges- from court during indecent trials—
tions for obtaining a fairer trial and as many ladies had insisted on
in   the  case   of  moral oll'onces, speaking upon it, it was late before
such suggestions  ranging   from t**"*-e   residing   at   the    "Golden
the proposal that on such occa- F>eeo.e 18°th°m*,A, ^    "1 T
1     ,'   ,,  ., ,      • i I    ' pened that Miss starch, who was to
sions   half the jury .hould to P^ ihe firat reao)«{idn, had, at
females, to llie demand that wo-;,h() ,a8t lnnment oieaded Indtsposi-
raen should not to excluded from tjorj|  ttr„i instead of going to the
the court during   tho  hearing, meeting had gone to bed.    In her
This exclusion from court was a j involuntary  absence  Miss Screech
very sore point with all the lady had taken her place.     This  lady
members of the Association, wlio had   moved   the   resolution   with
bitterly   resented   their    being grant   vigor of language, md had
limited   for shocking details to w°n. I**-*6
Mr. Justice Drake has delivered judgment in the admiralty eases ot tlie
Behooners Ainoko, Beatrice, Viva and
Aurora, charged with violating the Behring Sea Award Aet. The first three
Behooners were found guilty of Sealing
within ilie prohibited zone ami ordered
confiscated unless each paid a tine of
£409 within thirty dayB. The action
against the Aurora was dismissed with
costs, hut the learned judge refused to
allow the counter claim for damages.
H M S Wild Swan, whieh was reported considerably damaged a few mouths
ago liy striking a rook in Calluu harbor,
reached headquarters at Esquimalt on
Sunday morning to go into dock. She
is not seriously injured, it is said, and
may occupy the blocks only ten days or
a fortnight, if nothing delays the work.
So particulars are obtainable irom the
officers of the Swan in regard to tlie
revolution in Chilli, save those already
published in telegrams from Sun Diego
at the time of her call there en route
Hakes the
Most Permanent
.nn Artistic
Sign Letter
In eilstence
Solo Agent for ItrliUh Oolnmbla
Local Agent, JAS.  HIRST
Advertise in the Mail,'thepoop
the condensed and expurgated
an   ovation from the
So when she returned to
Clothes Cleaned...
Repaired and Altered
tDtV Next ilncir tn WrMwiimls' Kfackmnlth
Shop. 1'. O. Box S01
Old Clothe* made equal to new.
Lodge Notices.
Tnkerman Lodge, No, MB, Sons uf St.
George.— Itegular weekly meeting is held
iu Hubert's Hall, Wharf street,, on Mat-
DBDAV evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethren cordially invited to attend.
Fbbu. Waostafk, See.
The Stamp  Mill at Albert
Is now in operation. When re\
suits are known, up go the Shares
of all Alberni Companies.
And make money while you hav<
a chance BEFORE the rise take*;
Empty Bottlss of any Description
Old Copper, Brass, Z.b. or Lead,
Cull dlspAHe ol Kinnc by -iltlremilllK a pimml to j
B. AARONSON, Box 17S, Nanaimo,
Who will call promptly et any eddreet ln-Ciqr
or Suburb*. '
Tlios.. Kit-chin,
He ciyic mm and
liarge And Enthusiastic Meeting in The Opera Honse.
-Liberal Association Present an Address.—Speech by the Hon.
L. H Davies.
On arrival on Tuesday, the ministerial party drove over to the
Court House, where Mayor Davison
read the following address;
On behalf of the Corporation and c-iti-
■»cn« of the City of Nanaimo. permit us
to extend tu you a sincere aud cordial
welcome to this the coal producing centre of the greatest mining Province in
the Canadian Confederation ; also to express the hope that your visit to this
portion of the Dominion may prove to
be one of unalloyed interest and pleas-
tire, and on which will speedily result
in material benefit to our country.
Your coming amongst ns at the most
uninviting season of the year, confirms
the assertion made by the Hon, Mr.
Tarte, whoso recently preceded you, flint
the Liberal Government, which you so
ably represent here today, is most desirous of ascertaining the immediate requirements of this section of Canada,
and intend to devote to it the amount of
attention ils great importance demands:
We would, therefore, respectfully submit for your (we trust) favorable consideration, the following items, which
appear to us at the present, time to be
"of first importance to us as a .(immunity •—
Firstly— You are doubtless aware
that coal mining is at the present time
'the staple industry of this city. The New-
Vancouver Coal Mining and Land Company, Limited, of which Samuel M Kub-
ins, Esq, is lhe resilient Superintendent,
have from year to year, and in the face
of adverse circumstances, persistently
and energetically pursued a policy of
progress until they have developed their
-mines to such an extent that they now
'rank easily first in point of capital in-
'vested, and are the. largest coal producers oil the Pacific Coast.
You are undoubtedly conversant with
the fact that our American neighbours
on the Pacific slope are the principal
consumers of the superior --utility of
coal mined iu this city and its environments but the importduty of forty cents
:per ton levied by the United States govern
mem is a material harrier to an increase
'of ttade in this particular commodity.
in the event of your government sue.
t-eeding in their etfbilvj.o effect more friendly relations with tire United States,
we earnestly hope that the negotiations
may embrace reciprocity in coal between
the neighbouring Republic and Canada
This would creates much larger demand
for British Columbia coal, and thus add
to tiie growth and prosperity of this
■ ity, the Province and lhe Dominion.
As a eoal mining centre we are prae-
tically a laboring community, and, J
theielore, brought into close cuiiipe-
titiou with imported Asiatic labor. The
Hritish Columbia members of the House
of Commons, irrespective of party, have
most forcibly ami opportunely drawn
the attention to this great social and industrial evil, and whilst we fully en-
•dorse the patriotic stand they have
taken on this, to us vital question, we
would embrace the present importunity
•ol soliciting you* valuable aid and influence in the Government to restrict
the further influx of the pernicious semi-
'slave labor of Asia, hy granting the
(prayer of our people, as set forth in the
petition to lie presen ed, to the Dominion Parliament, whieh has been all
but unanimously signed bv lhe inhabitants of British Columbia, in every portion of which their blighting presence is
keenly felt.
Again,'we desire to draw yonr attention to the advisability of the Dominion
Government equipping and maintaining
at the expense of the country, a lazaret
to (or this Province. The present arrangement is very unfair, indeed, inasmuch an the municipality in which the
unfortunate lepers (who are invariably
'Chinese) are first discovered by the
authorities Is now compelled to provide for their proper care ainL maintenance.
A number of years of prospecting and
partial development, most clearly indicate that in close proximity to Nanainio, we have extensive ami valuable
ledges currying gold, silver, copper and
iron, To obtain the benefit of those1
now dormant resources it will be necea-
sary to provide, not ouly railways to
transport the ore, but smelters,'etc, The
citizens oi Nanaimo aie at present endeavoring to procure Governmental and
public assistance to insure the construe
tion of a railway from this city the mineral districts of Nanaimo, Nittinat and
Allierni. and we venture to hope that
any application in this direction shall
In conclusion we express the hope
that you may be loug spared to take a
prominent part in the public affairs of
this Dominion, and that during a happy
and prosperous future, long retain
many pleasant recollections of your visit
to the Black Diamond City,
•8. H. Davisom, Mayor
3. 'D. Fokkuan
J. Bradley,
A. Wilson
C. N. Westwood
D. S. McDonald £Ald
J. Martell
A. E. Planta
W. H. Moktox
M. Sinclair.
Adam TitoUrso-v, City Clerk.
Hdh Mr.   Davies'   in   reply 'expressed his hearty  thanks  for the
very appropriate address just read
by the  Mayor.    He   was   pleased
that his first  welcome   was frofn a
non-political body.    His political
presence in British Columbia could
be explained in a  very few words.
The' Government had  decided   to
know less of politics and more of
business,  and  for  the purpose of
thoroughly     understanding      the
pressing needs of the country, Mr.
Laurier had denied it   his duty to
send one or more of the ministers
to see   for   themselves   what   was
needed.    Hon Mr. Tarte had been
here to take cognizance bi the needs
with reference to the Public Works
department, and he as  Minister of
Marine and Fisheries, and Hon Mr.
Blair as Minister of Railways, were
here to do the same.
Mr. Blair would not be able to visit
the Black   Diamond city,   having
gone into the Kootenay district, so
that he could advise his colleagues
with reference to the Crow's  Nest
Pass Railway.   He might say that
the eyes of the civilized world were
now   on   the   province,   and    he
was sure   that   capital   would   be
attracted from   alt   parts   of   the
world,   so that  it was   absolutely
necessary that the Government do
its duty in  providing  transportation facilities.   He was personaly
interested in the Sealer Arbitration
now sitting at Victoria, and he was
happy   to state  that every   thing
was going on  smoothly and favorably.    He wished to say a word or
lwo on the address, especially with
reference to improved  trade  relations   with the   Slates,   a   matter
which   he  had  interested  himself
in for the  17 years  he had been in
parliament. He had never allowed a
session to   pass   without  bringing
this   important   question   to   the
front, and the present Government
were in favor of making these trade
relations as free and broad as  they
consistently    could.    Mr.   Davies
said they of the East were as much
interested in  the extension, of the
coal mining   industry as those   in
British   Columbia.    In    tbe   coal
mining district   of    Cape   Breton,
second only to the great coal fields
of  British   Columbia,   there   had
been great and rapid developments
on account of the  introduction  of
American Capital and  machinery.
Boston, and the New England states
which were at  the mercy  of  the
Pennsylvania coal owners, who also
controlled the transportation companies, was the   market  for  Cape
Breton, and it was giving that district   such   prosperity.    He could
assure   hit,   hearers that   he -was
with them   heart and   soul in   removing the unnatnaol barriers  for
the exchange of products of the two
In 1891 the Premier had chosen
him as one of a delegation to interview the Government ofthe United
States with a view to ascertaining
the views of that government. He
had the assurance of Mr. Blaine
that if the Canadian Government
sent a delegation, he felt sure that
there would be no difficulty in
arranging a treaty.
His atteniion had been drawn
in the address to a large number of
local improvements needed. Of
course they would not expect him
to make any foolish promises, but
he could assure them that the
Government would not deal with
needed improvements in any
cheese-paring spirit, and all he
could say at present was that he
would place the address before his j
He could say that the member
for this diisrict never failed iu his
place in parliament to have tho
necessities of the province brought
to the front. He was sure that Mr
Mclnnes would rise to the foremost rank of public speakers. He
does not mince matters, and generally hits out from the shoulder.
With reference to the Chinese
question, he might say it was a
broad  question,  hut  the   address
graced by the ladies, and he would
give his friend Mclnnes a hint to
always keep in with the ladies', and
he would always be sure of the men.
In the past the Liberal party
had been misrepresented by being
catled a Provincial party. With
regard to the charges frequently
made that the Liberal party oppose ihe building of the C.P.R.,
Mr. Davies "said the Liberal party
never denied the right or duty to
build shat railway, what they did
oppose was that the Government
should riot mortgage the country
for the construction of the railway.
Had thte C.P.R. been built on business principles, piece by piece,
and the lands settled up as the railway was built, we would have today a population of 500,000 in
Manitoba and the North West.
There had been some prejudice
against Mr. Laurier, but th wished
to say that the Libera* f>arty in the
choice of leaders knew neither race
nor religion. In every crisis in the
history of the Liberals Mr. Laurier
had risen to the occasion.
The platform of the Liberal
party was ratified by a "convention
of 2,500 delegates at Ottawa in 1893,
and although the Tories' had said
the Liberal party had neither
platform nor policy, this pla tform
had been triumphant on the 23rd
of June last.
Speaking personably, not i
member of the Government, be was
a free trader, but he trusted he was
also a sensible man, and remembered that it was necessary to have
revenue, so must have taxes.
With reference to the Manitoba
School question, the Liberal party
Went upon the old path of Provincial rights, and would not favor
the policy of enforcing coercion
from Ottawa  upon any   Province.
If Manitoba wanted separate
schools, it was none of his business
but if there was a conspiracy to
enforce the teaching of religion in
the schools against the expressed
wish of the people, then he would
say he would not do it.
In 1877 the Province of P. E. I.
was convulsed over a similar,
trouble, the Roman Catholics wanted two schools, and two sets of
teachers, and the tax-payers to pay.
The stand he took then was equal
rights to all, special privileges to
none, and after these schools had
been 20 years in operation, he
challenged any one to say they j
were not satisfactory to all. He
knew there were somej who were
not satisfied with the Manitoba
School settlement, he did not expect otherwise. If the angel Gab
riel could come and write the settlement with a golden pen, dipped in
ethereal ether, he did not expect
the old Tory or the fanatic to be
Mr. Davies' referred to the presence of Sir Adolph Carol! and
Hon. G. E. Foster in Stormont,
where they were raising the old
cry to keep this racial-religious
question before the people.
If these gentlemen wished to keep
this question open, he felt sure the
Liberal party were ready to fight
tlie battle, and ready to win.
With Inference to the Chinese
question he said he had not yet
formed any conclusions, bu' where
he did, he would have the pluck to
let them know it.
Mr. Davies and party returned to
Victoria on Wednesday morning's
Tjje NeW Yaif coiiVer
A Journal for the Peopl-I
The Nkw Vancouver Coal
Company mine at their
Collieries at and near
Nanaimo the following        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
The above are supplied in
the following Grades, viz: Double Screened, Screened,
Run of the Mine,
Washed Nuts and
Washed Screenings.
Prompt Delivery at the Company's
WharvcB at Naniiimo and 1'roteC-
People who Appreciate s
Have their prescriptions 'dispensed at
Tholr Prices aie Right. Telephone 3.
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
Telephone 7-9. Nanaimo, C. C.
Meats delivered free of charge to all
parts of the citv.
Office Tel. no.   P. O. Box 16.   Residence Tel. 101.
meet with the favorable consideration did not sny what the people wished
«f ""-"-'"-" »■•■'  MI..I-..-1... -. • them t» do. Hecametothe question somewhat prejudiced, as all
eastern men do, but he would willingly consider any suggestion offered, he was sure they would not
wish him to commit himself without thoroughly understanding the
matter, but he could say that the
Government would endeavor to
settle the problem which would be
fair to all parties.
A luncheon was partaken of at
lhe Wilson House presided over by
Mayor Davison, supported hy S.M.
Robins' Es<-., nnd other influential
In ihe evening it targe and en*
thusiastic audience assembled in
the Opera House. Dr. McKechnie,
President ofthe Liberal Association, presided, who nfter a few introductory remarks, called upon
Mr. Cane to read an address from
the Libiral Association.
Hon. Mr. Davits in reply said
he WM pleased to eee tbe occasion
of yourself ami your Ministerial col
Nunniino, as a seaport, has very keenly felt the necessity of a Dry Dock suitable for repairing vessels of large ton*
nage. This port unquestionably ranks
first in the Province In regard tn the
volume of deep sen vessels loading cargoes. The natural site in our harlior
combined in the great range of tide,
wonld enable Buch a dock to be constructed at a comparatively small cost.
These are but a few of our passing necessities, but doubtless your attention
will be directed toother important matters by the Hoard ol Trade mid the local
Lltieral Ass.u iaiinn.
In drawing yonr attention on this occasion to the foregujug re-|ui*vnientB of
our Cily, we do uut forget, i tsx-iri't-s nor
liiaU'lul appreciation of the honorable
manner in which you ami yonr Government confreres received and supported
the commendable and untiring efforts of
our member, Mr. W. W, B. Mclune* to
faithfully serve hisioiisiHiietny,
In this connection a very wefi-omfl appropriation was the $10,000 grant for
the inception of harbor improvement,
coupled aim with the promise of a supplementary sum iu the near future, to
,-eoB-jrfete (bit molt necessary work.
News of the Day.
Hor Mr. Borden has ordered a
searching investigation into the
the militia clothing contracts.
Harry Foster, brother of the ex-
minister of finance, felt down stairs
at Monckton, N.B. and fractured
his skull, and dying in a few hours.
A rumor has been received at
at Toronto, that Sir William Van
Home, of the C.P.R., Will resign at
the end of the year, to be succeeded
in the presidency by Vice-President
Hugh O'Leary, Q.C., of Lindsay,
has been appointed commissioner
to investigate certain charges
against the Indian agent on the
Rnma reserve, Duncan J. McPhee.
In the meantime McPhee has been
suspended by the acting Superintendent-General of Indian Affairs.
Advertise in the Mail,, the best
advertising medium in the district.
Funeral Directors
— Embalmers.
Graduates nf the Oriental, the Eureka,
the New York and Clark'!
Schools of Embalming.
1- 3 and 5 Bastion St., Nanaimo
(Commercial Hotel,
Corner Commercial aad Bastion Sts.
TMH fong-efitahiishe'l Hotel is comfortably
fitted up with siipt'nor accommodation.? for travelers and others.
Arrival and Departure of Hails
E. & N. RAILWAY.       C108E.DUI!.
Daily ex. Suu.
Wellington, Northfield  and am    a.m.
East Wellington    11.25  8.50
Victoria,Southern States and
places along line of E. & N. Dally ex.Sun.
Railway    8.2611.50
British and foreign, Eastern
Provinces, Eastern States, Dally ex.Sun.
Vancouveriindotherplacea p.m.  p.m.
on Mainland of B.C.    6.30 5.00
Comox, Union, Union Bay,
Samlwock,Courtenav,(jran-Tue«.   Frl.
tham, Qualicum, liornby p.m.  p.m.
Island and Denman Island   8.20  3.00
Salt Spring Island, Burgoyne Fri.   Tuei
Bay, Fulford Harhor.North
SaltSpringlslandandGab- p.m. p.m.
riolalslaud     8 20 3.30
Alberni, Parksville, French  p m. p.m.
Creek and Erringtou 12.30  6.00
Fri.   Thur.
Nanoose Bay  12.30  0.00
P. M.     A. H.
Departure Bav, daily ex. Snn 12.46 10.30
Cellar (South;*, Saturday    ..   2.00 1100
20c. per Month
One Year, $i.6d
Six Months, 75 cts.
Three Months, 50fcft.
Merchants ahd Business Mefi
will find THE MAIL a
T. O'OO N N KL, Prop.
Union Steamship Co.
Of British Columbia, Limited
Read Office and VVhai-f— Vancouver
■'* never done, nnd it Is especially weiring
and wearisome to those who.ie blood is
impure and unfit properly lo tone, sua*
Lain, nnd ronow tha waiting! of nerve,
inuH.ili and thi it. tl ls more beoause of
lliia condition ol thu blood that women
are ran down,
Tirori, Weak, Norvous,
Than become of Urn work ilHolf.   Every
p .yni.'ian says no, and that the only rcm-
.-•dy la in t.uildiiii* up by taking a good
nerve tonic, blood purifier and vitalizer
■■!.., :.t ...j-,, •*q.,.».v, i||a.    For thc trouble*
I'd i.-'i at change ot season,
. nr resaltin-* from hard
i    i,  "nd   impure   blood,
o'u    I wile/ and cure ln
The One True Blood Purine*.    It; III tor I*
Prepared iilily lly C. 1. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mas*.
88. Comox sails from Co's whurf every
Tuesday at 0 a. in. for Bowen Island,
Howe Bound, Seelielt, Jervis Inlet,
Froeek,Texada Island, Lund, Hernando
Island, Corte* Island, Head Island Valdez Island. Shoal Bay, Phillip Arm,
Frederic Arm, Thurlow Island, Loughborough Inlet, Salmon River, Port Neville, and sails every Friday at 11 a. m.
for way pons and Shoal Bay calling at
Bute Inlet every six weeks.
Leaves Momlyville—8, 9:15, 10:45, 12
noon 2:4 and 5:45 p, ui.
Leaves Vancoilver—8:85, 10, 11:20,
lilB, p.m, 3:15, 6:15, and li:20.
Calling ul North Vancouver each
way, excepting the noun trip.
Tugs and scows always available for
towing and freighting business. Large
storage aivonimndation on Co's  wharf,
II. II. DARLING, Manager.
Telephone 94 P. 0. linx 771
A Full AHorlment at the Lowest Market Rates
Good Advertising Medium
tt has a large -and steadily increasing
of the city and immediate district.
Promptly Attended to.
AU kinds ot
Tin and Sheet-Iron Wort
Victoria Crescent, Nanaimo.
LAMPS, Etc. etc.
Bi una and Animals set up in a thorough workmanship manner.
On Hand—Four   "       ~
AU Materials used in connection with the above
guaranteed to be first-
In all its
Various Branches
We Print.
Etc., Etc.
line Deers' Heads,
be sold for price of Betting
Also .i fine case of llirds.
which wi
them up.
d. s. Mcdonald.
69 Haliburton Street, Nanaimo.
u       j>     r.in   arutlie only piffs iotaM
flood's PUIS wltkBiMtear-aretlV*
The commissioner appointed to
investigate the Conduct of John
Crowe, Indian agent of the Sau-
gnen reserve, Boniface county, Ontario, |ni« made hie report to the
government. It is now bi iiig considered. Crowe is shown by the
evidence to have been pretty nctive
as an agent for McNeill; ihe conservative member, and to have*
bribed the Indians into voting for
McNeill by relieving them from
dutjs for cutting timber. Good
grounds for disBini-jsal have been
General Steamship Agency
Parlies going to the Old Country
or sending for friends will
By purchasing Tickets from
(ienfrbl Agent.
i-»-t-*-" -
' '-It ,i    -:|-
*<»• SHOES,
«.*««•«! mm&i
E. f. CHAMBERS, Manager
P. 6. DRAWBR 44
TELEPHONE fi '   t:;,,V "■*<■-*   7":"."-..'"'^ ■.?»"'• ^^-:5''*-'*--
•'W*-''!*-" •""'
i,     -
'JCh^lttatlflltllO /|l\p|il ! question, which has already been1 tion   and distribution ofthe land
•VjylJW IriCtUaHHU Mljaili]aiJ over   for   a period o{  eight requires the clearest   intellect and
n V vll H
HAIL I'i;llL161ll;»U CtlMI'ANY
ED. V. CIl "•tllMj-.i iiillli.l nnil Manager
Victoria Crescent Xamunio, B. 0.
tt3v mall—Ono v,*;ir
Six moiitlu
'• 'lliree uniil
.'Delivered hv enrrn.-r .
I weeks without even a meeting of most careful statesmanship. Most
: the authorities on the matter. Very of the poverty, and hard tinus and
. many who are captiously clever in \ want of employment, is the result
see.l"ing to detect v.ny Htilitfg in the of inequitable land laws.
j Mayor, have nl ready decided that The question is not a now one,
:he (the Mayor) considers it to his ] In Great Britain the feudal system
i advan'tage to   allow   tlte   oase  to imposed conditions of service  i-ix-
 i,bo drop or hold  it in   abeyance   to| ation and support   of   tiie church
'".'.'.'.'.'..'.'. !eo : servo sfiiiic political, purpose in the and poor upon those   who removed
JO'-'- Per intuitu '    . ,nl
  future, so that Whether he acts or: grants from the Crown,    lho  par-
The Place to Get
Wheat, Corn, Chop, Outs, Bran, Seconds, 1'otiitoi-s,
Onions, Flour, Rolled Cats, OutuK-til. Furinu,
Buckwheat Flour, Uico  Flour, lionviuy, also a
Full Line of Choice Groceries, is tit
ROBIN'S, the Wallace-street Grocer
Our Tea,  Coffee* and Butter nre the liest ia tho market.
Keim-iiilier, our nintto is—Square Pealing and  Close Trices.
;Df.CE*MBr-;i:; n, 189&.
I not, these people arc ready to li'muc lianients   of  land-holders  received
him for whatever w-itfd  may blow those conditions,   and  placed   the
useful to fill their own sails.   How- burdens 't^aon  tlie ma-jaes   of   the
; ever,  although  the   facts   of  this , peojrjo.   gradually the  land-hold*
matter are unknown  to the public; qrs hecatne   land-owners,  and  lhe
caused principally by the intended land-owners imposed rents fur  the
-appointment with  tlie  defenceLm*88*yn*;0f tlji Free  Press to re- use oMheir lands, and at the same
set up by tlie Rev, D. A. McRae, cord the absenoeoi Magistrate Simp- time stringently required that   the
Editorial Notes.
AVe cdttfess to a feeling of.dis*
It  partakes   too   much    of  the son and.Mr. A.   R. Johnstbn  at
■ species  of  special   pleading to'properly culled meeting.   I  think of service to the Crown, the church
■commend itself to our approval. I am acquainted with the facts sui-: and the poor.    In good  times  this
However, plausable the thsovy—
tinder ordinary conditions—
that the indiviihiitl minister is
alone oititled to the benefit derived from the privileges accorded them by railway companies
to travel for haH'-fare, it would
iicientl.y to ii*foiin the public otthc was but little felt,   In   war limes
real cause of-the delay.    It is al- the  ■burdens   -became   intolerable,
ready   thought  hy   many   people but in order to keep up   rents,  the
of this city that  Mr.   A.   li.  John-J parliament  of land-ownersirepos-
ston     has      shirked     his    duty ed a  protection  tariff   upon agri-
in this matter from the very begin- cultural  produce.   Steadily,  how-
ning, by going and remaining away ever, the conditions of the  tenunt-
for so long a time,   without facing,
like a  straight  public officer,  the
became worse,
farmers and laborer
and   whon   tho   distress  spread to
manufacturing   centres, the  whole
have no boa-ri-fig iu tlie particti
lur case in controversy.    It must I duty devolving  upon   liim.
be borne r.\ mind that thc city the last move of Mr. Simpson and lof Great Britain became aroused,
■of Nanaimo did not delegate' his loval colleague is worthy of and Richard Cohden and John
wny service to Mr. McRae. lie, (special note in order that the Bright made historical the Free
'himself was tho primarv mover j friends of justice and right may |Trade system in England, Unfor-
ih the police investigation.    He
laid   tlie charges   against   the
know with what persistency tlrese tunately, these reformers did not
•two commissioners overlook theL0'aP enough. Clear sighted Gob-
claims' of both the Government and ,-„_. ,,';.    ,„i   ,*„„u,.u,i  .*,„■
Ha, ,    ,    , i  . , : den saw   tins,   ami   declared  mat
ice officers, pushed thc case the people, .   ..     .      '    , .
Mn.,n..       Ilnnienn **-,,.,M,„l,       «l.n ! llllfi   he tl Die    lllld    OppOl't t*. Ill t V,     he
tom hear ng, and to now attempt    , -M,l'-V'',  U/?V*S0I}»   though   the if        ./',
° .,   .,    clerk of the Council, called a meet- would, with Adam Smith in hand,
to show that he was entitled to ing of the Polic0 Boa*rd {or De(J 9th   flgitnle  Ull!il the lanJ (lf  G,.e.u
any pecuniary benefit-^-no mat- inst., giving them  both  two days Britain was subject to proper aud
ter  how derived—through  the notice  of   such    meeting.     Both
,.       •   •    i  ,*      -ii     m     gentlemen were at   home  up to the
transaction, is indefensible. Mr., ^.y marning o{ (he go ^ n]m_
McRae says lie was put to a11,-g, yet without anv consideration accentuated through other circum-
greater mane.y sacrifice than the I of the long delay caused by them, ■ stanees, Most of the improvements
amount   he received  from   the' and.in sPite, °J ^fh   notice,  both. itl Ireland was dlinQby the temm>
citv     This  .hould  be   easv   of g      -me" e   X ?■  7   "li     ,  and  their  holdings   were  handed
•city,    nils btiouiu   ue   eas)   01  morning of   the  meeting, without; s
proof: it  is a  simple matter of :even giving any information of such <-"*'*" !l'";"   filll,,'r  '*' *'""•   l"11   ''
•calculation   how   much   actual '}n occurrence   as   far  as I know.
Is  it  unfair   to   infer   that  these
equitable economic laws.
The  condition   in   Ireland   was
cash was paid -for  railway  and
steamboat -fare,   bv   the   most
two public servants have positively
planned that  the ends of justice.
direct route hotel ex-peases and !ll,ul tlie clai,,ls "• llie P"blio< Bhal1
, „    , t,,     ,, „    ,  |be thwarted?       For    the   former
loss of salary,     li Mr. McRae s j wrpng) tlie flovernRie?lt   if we had
expenses were greater  than his! one that was  any  better  than the
bill  called   for,   ho   made   the j most    insignificant   and     useless
...       „       ,. . I official of its own  creation—would
grievous mistake of making out iQBtantly  dismiss.  f,r  the latter
a wrong statement of claims by wrong (against the people)  they
■charging double in some items (the people)  must  bite and hare
i        ;,,•    .   „tl, „     Ar,.   iv,f„    until   the good  law  of   option  to
and omitting  others.    Mr. Mc-i , . 6 .,       ,.    ,   ,r .     ,
ft , j change gives them the lash of pub-
ltae, by his unwise course in this ; ijc correction, either to continue to
in "Nanaimo in an unenviable
position, as any attempt at palliation, as the case now presents
ruthless landlordism often evicted
the very men whose industry and
toil had alone rescued the bog and
morass from waste lands and made
thom fertile meads and rich cultivated farms. The agitation for
Home Rule was and is primarily
In different forms these evils exist in British Columbia. Here is a
country of vast and unlimited extent. Here are lands uncultivated,
limber forests untouched, fisheries
.J swarming with fish, rich with glit-
instance, has placed his  friends  whip themselves for   a   few mi... .
years or give evidence of being suf-   tel*lng  t",ld  and shining silver, or
ficionlly reproved  by  tne present ] wealthy beyond compare with heat
thrasing, j and light producing coal,  and yet
I would not wonder  if such con-  •-, tho mUyt of guch lavigh plenty,
in a country where the   All-Father
tself, would hut stultify them in  duct on   their   part   makes them
. .-'. .      favorites with the Government, but
the minds of impartial people
In  reply  to our correspondent,
it surely cannot  make Ihem popu- j ■"•-■" I"*"*1? with an infinite profusion
lar   with   the   people.    I   do  not  the gifts of universal goodness, men
..... ,       .    . think that either of these   gentle-  have cried and are crying for cm-
"Observer,   writing in our last  is-  man "We  elpver  pnotich   for  that      i -i*l. • -■■■•'•
I s nien ..re  lilvli   enougn   ior   uiai, p](,yment.    The   voice   of   famine
,sue_on   the   subject  of the dcmi-; and if it so be  that  tlie   Govern-  ,'__',  u_ , .... ,u„ 1.....1     w '
monde having a voice and vote in ! ment are deluding themselves with
municipal   politics,  we  must Bay  *be possession of such genius   this
,'       •        , .   . ..    , must, continue for a time, but thev
that the suggested restriction to the ; yj,^ shortly Snd  „lilt w|)ilst they
franchise would be a dangerous are trying lo prop the fortunes of
jirecedent, illogical and impossible : others they are sliaking their own,
•of being carried with justice and; and although such apparent neg-
impartiality. We are in favor of !if "cer,is P*-acticed by very inany
.        ,      .,        ■ of the Government-b .friends,   arid
■in.versal   suffrage, in a 1 that the p(pistent   deafness   to   the I reaarri to the use of the land
word imuhes.     We   believe that ol,t,ms of the people is common 11    For agricultural purposes much
•every male.»na  female of the full  believe   the   people    will   shortly    ...'-,     ,.    ,, .,. ,    „ ,     ,.   .
age "of twenty-one years, being  Bri-; teach Ihem   ih:tt   though   such is \f..*»«'  «f «» *B»l'sh   Col^blft
...        ,.    f        X      .',    ,     ...     common, throughout  the  Province i but of little or no value.    The cost
tish   subjects  and residents of the   ...,,!.     , •    ,-c  11 i    -   i     •      •     t, .     ,u
J . it is held to   be  unjnstiliahle  and : of clearing is often greater than its
municipality for six months should cannot ,,e de1endl)di I })roduoiug value when cleared>   A
have the right to vote without any;    Mayor   Davison  has   done   his |   .,    f      , .    d  t0  th    bnna.fide
x .1       ._:_.:      - !£..      ,.,!...1.. .I..I».   i..    i,...,,..,    I.-.     ,....,..   t„    *-i
has beeu heard in the land. Want
is seen in every city ofthe province.
And althougn the opening up of
the mines in the Kootenay district
has for a while relieved the tension,
yet this has in no way removed the
disabilities under which our citizens have  and  are  laboring  with
further   restrictions   or   qualifica-  whole duly
n  trying  to bring to
settler is thc gift of "nothing." The
out. There may be a distinction,
but there can be no difference between the moral Htinding of the inmate and the habitue of the brothel.
The moral standard set up  t0 a just conclusion the trial of the .
,..,/: men who are placed in the position  whole of the value is to be found in
bv our correspondent is too  indeh-     .      .       ,.   f .,     •       • •   i:,, , .,■,., ,   ,
1 of seeing that  tho  law  is  carried  the amount of labor expended upon
mte to adopt as a qualification  for out) lmt wm, have been the greatest I guch hind    The Delta of the Fra*>er
full citizenship.       We  are not so  obstruction to ils fulfillment.    And | and ulheT j^ arfl VBlail)la  only
superficial as to suppose that im-: these   same   parties    with   others |b8-.aU8e of the lmpr()V8ments made
inoraKty  insists in  being found ready to maintain a system  detn- h   d ki      ditchine etc
„,, __      ,        j. ,?   L.       i mental to the morals  of   the  citv,:ln u>Kl 1!-' ■uon'"-"   ""
are saying that the  Mayor is im ;     Under these   circumstances is it'
polled  by   vindictive   motives   in | not incredible that enormous prices
briming this transaction before the1 are asked for such lands if they are'
public.    They have  been brought:; on,   pilu.Ue(J ■„ dose 00fltiguity to
It   would  be manifestly unfair to >\he   people   have   honorably  paid   theciliet:.     Fjtom  $.50 to »20U per
• ,      . ., i ii        .for  live   evidence  existing  for   or  „„_. ;^  .."iu„   ,tu„, i„t t,,r ,.;,.;,;„
tuck out the weaker sex and brand  „_„■_.,   ,i,„   ,i„-u„,i ,„,,.,,,„   i..f acre is often demanded toi virgin
hem  as oublic sinners while the    *T , rt     *1^   ! T land upon which not one dollar of
them   as  public sinners, while the  and only question that remains is:: lab(jr ,\^ |jeen  e icd:     What
men   who   encourages,   patronizes  Do  the  Commissioners  think   thele0(momic law8, ba8 „roduced  such
and supports them are received and charges fair and true or otherwise. I resuUs? Or, to put it in other words,
recognizee as respectable members'Ihe!r   very   absence,   persistently wba.t.htt8the Turner  Government j
of Jcieiv made, is perhaps the  only   answer d(jng   to   indu(.e   tWe  fuctors or;
°     y" , ,    , to  this  question,  for, like   Nigel s ....*.,., *,,.„„ ,i,pv done ,., counteract
.      We are fully alive to thedangers practice,, in   Kir    Waller    Scott's j Jjj e?S? counteract
of the social evil, hut do not believe : novel, it is theirs never to touch a j {jmj* 1892 the lands of the Pro-
that disfranchisement would he the card but when they are certain to; vjnce were'(ip'en to speculation at a
remedy. Prostitution, like other K1"*. K"t Mayor Davison has done | U;e nanied by lhe governraent.
ev1l«oftheb,dvnolitic is lawelv Fw l" pr°ve. the tn. h and run A iridividual-wbether an alien
evl^theb dy politic, is^largely chances of losing, and I hope that | o/nut_C0llld obtain some of the
the effect of vimous and unjust the people, c car* of prejudice on ; moBtValuable lands of the Province,
laws, and until ['men and women , both sides, and with feelings for the . pg,^aps some of those lands corn-
receive the full fruits of their labor 'suspense that implicates two poli-oe-: jged S(,m8 TCry valuable timber
without having to pay a tribute to jme"' wl11 see ""^ K^ i limits.    Others ' had  rich mineral
the   favored   and   privileged   ^l^tto-W
there cau bejio remedy._                    Oul^   The  Land Question.    ; centres of population.   The result
n.r «•!»/. clTooto't-ni*   lis, that in a place whero there are
liy me apetiaior. ] immenRe trac,kg of iand practically
  -*Y- "*■'• M^BOHANT. i unpeopled, the few settlers are shut
Great surprise is being expressed j There is no question so pregnant off from the use of such lands as are
hv the peoDle of our city at the with importance as that of the suitable for cultivation. Hands
n- im .rv » , r .off!  cry the speculators.     Hands
OoivUimed lethargy of the Police.land. There is none of such vital off]| £ thel towngile boolners.
Commissioners in not deciding, as interest to all classes of the people. j*ands cffU Bay -i,e railway mon-
tiity blwuid,  me  vexatious pohce ; '1 ne  proper, administration, taxa-1 opoliel*-.    And the government in
dividually  and   collectively   have
aided such men by  their   taxation
policy and general administration.
In i89»; public lauds were witli
drawn from sah', except upon con-
! dilions of settlement and use.   Any
person really desirous of improving
■ the land could obtain ample for llis
J purpose at easy terras.    But, as the
government   became hard pressed
I for funds last year, they introduced
I a most uiisc.hevious measure for the
'sale of public  lauds   by   warrants
ostensible for BchoiJ purposes. The
agitation that such a measure provoked,   together   with  tiie united
frout of llie Opposjtion,  compelled
iheni to withdraw the   measure, or
the   Province   would   again   have
entered  upon  an  era of wild land
That the system of taxation in
the Province is at the root of those
evils none can reasonably doubt.
Speculation is encouraged—industry is discouraged. The provincial j
government, in order to help land
grabbers and speculators; imposes
all kinds of laxi-s so that legitimate
taxes upon land should not be imposed. License taxes, poll taxes,
roud taxes all impose taxes upon
industry in order to lighten the
taxes upon speculation.
And members of the government
and their friends are not only abettors of speculation, hut have largely participated therein.     Thus  G;
K. Vernon purchased for a nominal
prioe,   land in llie Oitanagan district, and  generously   unloaded it j
upon Lord Aberdeen.     It   is currently   reported   that  His  Excellency's bank book was debited with
$260,000 for the transaction.    Hon j
John   Robson,   Mr.  Then.  Davie,
Colonel   Baker   and   many   otber
bosom   friends of the government 1
have indulged in the pleasant  pastime   of   land  booming.    It is no'
wonder, therefore, that cla*-s  legis- j
latino in favor of land  speculation
and monopoly has been rampant,   i
Tbe   future   Liberal   provincial1
party must have   neither  part nor.
lot with these   men, nor with llieir
measures, and a true policy   which
declare*,   lhe   alienable right of lhe
people   to  their God-given inheri-,
tan.ee   must   forthwith   be  inaug-'
Pioneer Steam Laundry.
Mr. Rowland, the local manager
of lhe above, has favored us with
the following description of the
premises and process of working.
There has been reports around in
Nanairno that the Laundry employs Chinamen, this is false, as
will be seen by careful reading of
the article.
Tbe above institution has been
under the careful management of
Mr. D. M. Stewart the sole proprietor who has attained by close attention to business the high esteem in
which it is held by its numerous
patrons. In lhe 'early history of
this business Mr. ritew-trt had a
hard struggle with his opponents—
the Chinamen—and it was only by
giving lirst class satisfaction that
John Chinaman had to take a back
seat. The Pioneer Steam Laundry
has all the latest improved machinery in the market lor carrying on
tbe business. The number euijiloy-
ed in this laundry is about 25 comprised of men, women, and girls,
not Chinamen- as some people in
this city have intimated, and which
can easily be proved by making a
visit to the laundry at any time
which will be thoroughly enjoyed
hv the visitor, and it is the linn
belief of the manager that if this
institution was visited more hy the
citizens, the patronage would be
greater than it is. Tbe building is
cleaned out thoroughly every week
and is not left in the same condition as the Chinese laundries the
appearance of which is enough to
cause people to patronize while labor. The process of doing the
work is interesting in itself. The
bundle is opened and the different
articles placed on the list, marked
assorted, classified, and sent into
the wash room, the flannels and
silks   are   wasned   by a    woman,
which   accounts  for their  softness
and non-shrinking.    The other articles are washed bv  tbe machines,
then put-in the extractor for a pro-
•cess   of   wringinu; they   are   then
sent   np to  the starclier,   starched
land put in  the dry  room.    When
[dry they go through a dampening
'. process and put in the press.   Then
, taken to the different   machines to
do  their  work  comprised  of shirt
polisher,   uecker,    sleeve    ironer,
■ body   iroitef;   Tb.e shirt  .finisher
und folder then do  thoir work and
|ft is  sent   down   to  the assorting
iroom, then tied up  and sent home
'to  the owner.    The  laundry also
manufacturers its own soap.   The
jlaundlv   ii  giving  at  the presenl
I lime first class satisfaction and employs none but white labor and the
money   is   kept  in   the   country.
These  are    reasons  why    citizens
of Vancouver and Nanaimo should
patronize the above laundry.   Tbe
address of the manager,   Mr. Rowland, is Prideaux Street  P.O.  Box
1)5, Nanaimo, B.C.
 >» 0 e.	
Provincial News.
Inspector William Gill, of the
Inland Revenue department, has
relumed from an official trip to
Kamloops, Vernon and other
Mr. J. C. While, the newly aji-
pointid wacden of the penitentiary,
was sworn in by llis Honor Judge
Bole, aud will enter upon his duties
Lieut.-Col. John Gray, inspector'
of stores of the militia department
whose olliee was  a  sinecure,   has!
been dismissed.    He was  drawing
$1,000, per year.    The   office   will
not be filled.
Mr, Geo; Chill as, ohief inspector!
of watches for the C.P.R., has been
on a tour of inspection to the coast, i
During   his   stay,    he    appointed
George E.  Trorey, of  Vancouver,
local examiner of watches, whose'
duty it will be to examine and re- j
gulate watches  belonging  to train ;
hands, and see that   they keep  accurate time, which, of course, is of
lhe Qrst importance.
Tub way to oubb catarrh  is to purify
the   blond, and the Burest, -latest, ln'St
way  to  purify the blonil Is by taking ]
Hood's Sarsa'iurilUi. thuOae True Bloud
l'n ri tier.
Hood's pii.i.s are prompt, efficient,
always reliable, easy to take, e*sy to
If You Are
In Need
Choice Groceries
Seasona?!le Dry Goods
Fashionable and
Durable Footwear
and nil the iiopuliir
Patent Medicines
At present on the market, nt
Prices That Will Defy
Excelsior Market
American, French and Canadian Makes.
Child's Waist, at 35 cents, nny size.
Misses' Corset, at Go cents, any size.
Stevenson & Co., Black Corset, al ,$1—a leader.
D. & A., in Black  and  Gray, $1.25, $1.50,  $2.25-*-special
P. & N. C, $1 25, $1.50, $2.00—Gray and Black.
Get your Guesses in on the
Pumpkin. Wo huve added
three Special Prizes to the
neurest to the Winners of
tlic Steel Range.    .    .    .
Commercial St., Nanainio, B. G.
You will need it for the Xmas Holidays.
MORGAN the Tailor has just what you
want for a Good Warm Suit in	
English, Irish and Scotch Tweeds \
and Heavy Serges. _^^.
2v  is TIIE PRICE.
In Make and Fit I guarantee to please you.
Commercial Street.
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs
— POKE  BY  THE-* «-=-*.
r ioneer Steam Laundry
mteit, \ By so doing you will PATRONIZE WHITE LABOR
■■^ j And help to GET RID OF THE CHINESE!
Dye Works in rnrmrrtinn •—■
P. O. Box 95. D. M. STEWART, Proprietor.
Highest Honors—World's Fair.
ooi.r delivered  free to any part of the city,
A Big Fire . .
In the stove will not keep
your feet warm while on
the street. You need
shoes suitable for Winter.
If the need is tliere it is
a crying ono and of the
nature that needs prompt
attention We have prepared for the need in the
most encouraging form.
Our new Crack Proof,
Water I'roof Lace Bid for
men's wear will suit any
ordinary man. Trice,
$3.00, $4.00, $5.00.
City Market
Wholesale and Retail Batchers
P. O. Box 227 Telephone 7-8
G.G.& B.I. Westwood
Are now prepared to Cut Down Old
Ax leu, by life of nn Improved Ma-
clthi-e, niaVlutj Litem as good ur- new.
Done in tho numl Approved manner.
Their prices are right. Call anil see
ARKKR & POTTS, Hamsters snd Solicitors.
Commercial fitreet.
I i 1    P. CANE, Barrister and Solicitor, Room 11,
! vT«   JohtiBton Block.
cINNKB & McINNES, llarrlaleni, Boom «,
Jiihimtun ttlwk, Commercial atreet,
fAKWOOO & YOl'Nii, Baitlstera, cornet ol
Commercial anil Bastion streets.
T   HARDY, Botanic Drugglal, Winfleld Crea-
•   cent.   Try Hardy's nie ointment.
K pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Frei
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
40 Yeats the Stwirf***  .
Whitfield's Crescent Shoe Store
ALL FREIGHTS left on tho
Nunaimo Whurf Co.'s Wharf
will be ut owners' risk.
A. R.J0liHST0N& CO., Wharfingers.
Shamrock Livery Stables
Diamonds, Bubles, Pearls, or nny
kind of Stone can be replaced, and
all Jewelry made or repaired at low
prices, by calling on
L*»j    -OTT T a Mann.aMnrina.
. ■**■»  XHJuJjD      Jeweler
An Express Van meets all
Trains mul Bleamers Daily, and
On Hand to Order at any hour
DR. MASON, Dentist    Extracting a specialty.
Oas and Ether administered..
Olliee, Odd-Fellow's Block, Nanaimo.
WJ. CUKKY, D. D. 8., Green Block.
• class work guaranteed.'
yj proprietors. Victoria Crescent. Duptnalnf
and family recipes a specialty.
cDOWKI,!,. ATKINS, WATSON CO., Utuite-d.
Medical Hall, corner Oommereiai «tr*l Bastion streets.   Telephone 1-3-5.
ANAIMO DYE WORKS.—Dyeing;, Cleaning
aud Repairing    14 Nicol atreet.
C. Charlton, Manager.
6   MARSH, Wholesale Dealer-lit Fish a«t)
•     Oainu, llantlon Street, Nanaimo.
piOREMAN 4 HARDY, Real ttrtMe Brokers*
Bastion street.
Cornet CKn-eVeejJ oSa^ stews,      ^r-***«-


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