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The Nanaimo Semi-Weekly Mail Dec 8, 1896

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r»* -
Patent Excellent"
II you nee that on your *ack ol
Pastry Flour
You can Ik Htm;, tluit you him* the best,
fur then: can lie uu butter.
Comen thfi'btH T-tta offered to diitiriiial- j
iiulin;: buys'■.- in Brit iih Columbia.
U.irden Manager, .*i
i'OKMXit Hkuuls?] *iul« Agent* B.T3.
vol; II.  NO. u.
WHOLE NO- io3.
.$5 000.
Boots, Shoes, Rubber Goods,
We have decidedr^fco go out of the Shoe Business, and to effect a speedy clearance
will offer the whole stock at
Ridiculously Low Prices,
We hnve always soM the cheapest shoos in the city—not
the lowest-priced, but the BEST GOODS CHEAP; so that
for thc NEXT THIRTY DAYS you will secure BARGAINS
iu Footwear. Our stock is nil in good order—bright, clean
and new.    Wo have just passed into stock nearly
f And within the noxl few days nearly $600 worth more will
arrive, blocked oil thu U. 1'. li. These goods were all brought
direct from the factory for cash at very low prices. Everything will be included in the sale and will go at a sacrifice.
It is almost impossible to quote prices. Rest assured that
everything will be sold at a sacrifice. Be sure you give us a
cull early.    First coiners will have the pick of the stock.
Sale Will Commence Monday. Deo. 7th,
To Continue for 30 Days Only. Terms, Spot Cash.
j* Crescent.
Hew D
pa a a
We are showing a Very Choice Selection of
each ofthe above ofthe Very Latest Styles.
%.**S>^\*V •<**^S+t*^*.*yS>S*es***»*.t***^>*^^^
They ARhi   ALL  RKjHI. •b*o!ut«?ji
Mude from Peiwt fruit nml Oipe Sugar,   The greate*. oara la exoreUed lw theii preparation hii'I exquisite ouMuillnoai plworvotl.   \Ve only inula- huh quality—the iiunt—
the nn.ii- ns Hiipiilteii U) thu order of nu Bxcelleuoy Lord Aberdeen.
Dry Footings*
Is tho only voyage that is good
fnr  tho  health.    Warmth   is
UIII'HK      t lliill       nothing    without
dryness. Wet feet liuiy bring
on uny number of ailments
Wniriiit! our Rubbers in hail
weuther guarantees ilry footing.
Our Rubbers uro high, well
iinuli', iliirulile, iiini impervious
to ilnni|iin*s8. Try the Grunliy
Rubbers at
Do You Want to Borrow ?
rep-yalilc nmnllily In 8 yenrs, at $7.50
repayable motillily ln s jours, at $15.lift
repavalilo imintlilv ln 8 years, at SHII.ixi
Other amounts m proportion. IjOiiiih made
only on First Mortgage on Improved Town or
City Property. KqeifAli*,! Savings, IjOan ami
Bciliuko Ashociatiiin, 24 Toronto St., Toronto
i. OKO. I,. 80HETKV, .'Kent,
Room No. 14. Johnston Block.
Fish and
Game Market
smrpivc; euppi.iKn
0. MABSH, Prop.
Sewing Machine Sappy House
In British Columbia ia at
29 Victoria Orescent
.'•here Needles, Oil, and Attach-notUs can be
had Ior all makes ol machines.
Machines of  all kinds repaired on  short
notice, and work guaranteed by
ScconiMInnd Machines (or sale at a lo*
fl-fiir**.  UiveiuacaU      ■ •     ■    ■
is Wealth.
To Keep the Weather Out
Get Your BOOTS at the.
Qasl) goot ai\d S^oe Store
17 ai,d 19 Gonwereial St^et
They Carrv the Best Quality at the
Give Them a Trial and You will be Convinced.
E. E. G. Johnson, Mg-\
City and District.
tiie Mayor being ex-ofSeio member .oi-
both committees.
On motion the committee rose, and
the Council then adjourned.
■ ♦•■♦- ■
Y. M. C. A. Concert.
ll-i.  II .'is.
But it depends on your Patronage
whether we stay or not  ....
We are prepared to sell goods at
..Ri2;ht Prices
So give us a call when buying
Christmas Toys and Crockeryware.
46 Victoria Crescent.
Mk. Holmes—"Well,  Mary, ihe same
olil story that I am getting lor an ap
pelizer every day, that von are un
able lo gel dinner ready for ine by 12
Maky—(The persecuted better half):—
"Well, John, it's just this: Ynu expect me to get limner ready «ith n
slove that won't bake, and nothing
can be done with it.
Kw.es—CA child of 14 years)—"Why,
pupa, do vnu always make uiiimina
cry like this? "Oh, mamma," with a
sudden break uf joy, "just look at this,
(Handing over tolbe mother a copy
of the Mail ) Vou can get from tlie
City Auction Room a grand Perfection
Stove, wilh one uf those useful high
shelves, and nil for only ( 27).
Mn Holm Kg-— "Why, Mary, ih.it must
be the names Iii ml nf h glove that.vour
brother bought, and 1 remember hit
saying that he bought it from 'The
Anctiiiner.' "
MARY—(With a light heart, all trouble
disappearing) "Why, Juliii, of course
It Is. Go iluwn and make arrange*
ments fur one to be sent right away
before dinner.
Time, 12 o'clock.
.Dinner all Ready.
Everything Perfection.
See that you get a "Perfection" when buying a Cooking Stove or Range.
P. 0. Box 10S.
For Wholesome
Vegetables of all
kinds that nre iu
seasoii, get them at
.... DUGGAFS....
who will call on you
once every week.
• •
Listen Ior Ills bell.
Good Potatoes,
• •
at moderate prices.
Onions, 11 lbs., 25c.
100 lbs. for $1.65.
Reiprve youruriler uniil lie
Store—Dav's Old
Butcher Shop,
Nicol Street.
Will be given in tho
Wednesday, Dec, 16th.
Under the auspices at the Choir, conslstlni; ol
Vocal and Instrumental Music, asslste-l by
our best Local Talent, and Mr. anil Mrs.
Ketley, two ol Vancouver's lavorlteB, wt.l
take part.
Look oui for I'rogramxes.        Tickets 39 cents'
Diamonds,  Rubiefl, Pearls,  or   an
SHIPPERS to Oomox and
Way Ports are requested to have
their freight on the dock before
kind of Stone can be replaced, am'
all Jewelry mado or repaired at low   6    0 clock    Oil    TUESDAY E\'KN-
1 Jewelry
prices, by calling on
L. H. HILLS *"%%?"
R.  JOHNTON  & Co.,
From Tully  Boyce,   auditor,   stating
The hall was crowded last Satuu-
day evening to witness an entertainment given by the Athletic
Club. Mr. Thos. Keith acted as
chairman, and in a few appropriate
remarks introduced the program.
Mr. Chas. Banford fairly .carried
tbo house by his rendering of the
"Golden Wedding" in .dttaj-acter,
. "l which was followed hy a burlesque
'all,l of the same song by Mr. J. Carroll.
-T ...    ,„..'-       ,r- I   At the regular meeting of the Council
HiUiliiirton Sheet Sons of Temperance | „, ,.„   ....
Xo 14, on the evening of New Years dav,! °° Mon<i&* evenln8 t-lel8 *ve*"" present!
wilt give a concert In tlieuliureh.       "    Mayor Davison,   Aid.   Bradley, West*
Kev W A Gunton's subject  for   SUn-   wood,      Planta,      Wilson,      Morton,
day evening next will lie:   "Was Rev T, McDonald and Foreman.
W   Hall's   statement   true?    And   the |    The uiiniif.esof last meeting were read
kind of dancing Baptists condemn."       | aml un wotjpU RdopteU,
From inquiries  we understand  that i
Ex-Mayor Quennell iB making good pro- |
gre'ss   toward  recovery,  and   we hope I,.   .,,,,, ,    , ,
loon to see his genial  face once more    I'Ht leliad audited the city books, ann
upon our streets. 'f'""".1 Ll','-'1" f™* • aml '" ^"od 01",k'r-
\ ■ , ,    .       : Keceived and fyled.
.„-*-««« «o'>&re8*ti0ns   welcomed   Rev.      A eommunieation wus read from Rev.
W. B. CumuungB, in the Presbyterian   w. A. Uunton,  enrlosting the sum  of
Church  on   Sunday.    Mr.   Cummings i *,in collet-ted at. the Union Thanksglv
will, noi doubt, appreciate the welcome service of the Presbyterian, Baptist i	
accorded him on his lirst appearance.    , jleihodist churches held in the Baptist! Mr. BunfWd also gave several other
A certain musical  youn({ gentleman  church, whicli they wished to be used to selections during the evening which
has lieen noticed of late malting numer- assist any poor and needy cases which .i-i h    .. j-
ous excursions to the. neighbourhood of | might come to tlie notice of the Council, < were Brealy enpyea ny  tne auai
the Five Aire Lots. We liope that nuth-   Received and fyled and the Clerk be in*' eme' and he had to respond several
ing serious will happen  to  him  be.o.e structed to send a reply expressing the i times to the hearty applause.    Mr.
the business is Duxjt. [thanks of the Council. I Win. Jones appeared in  full  regi-
Froni J. (JoU'ullo calling  attention  to  mentMi„ _ v,,sil,vr    orrrf cava a
the dangerous sl me of the sidewalk in me.nPaI.8 M a'U?/5T.S™f"!
Irontol the llalian Hotel on HalilHiitonlP1*-1;"^'*1 sonK, *he 7th Royal
street, and asking that  something   be I Fusiliers."
dune to make it safe, as at present it I Then followed a couple of wrest-
was a serious nianace to the safety of hin„ rn)lt.,hpM fctHli-iis-catrh-pani
the residents in that district. On nm- |mg matcties i^cuton as eaten can;
lion oi Aid. Bradley and .Mclionald jt! by Messrs. J. Swanson and H. Mc*
was resolved to leave it in the hands of! Kinnon, and a humorous wrestling
the Street Committee. I exhibition by J. McKinley and Q.
Froln Geo. Cavalsky, Sec. to the fire Qrav
and 23rd when they will ofler all kindsTf j ^Th-esU^lk'lnHtway ueVfhe    ' »! Herbert Stewart gave an ex-
au'Z^nieu^fbe0:,!^    ^H*}™*^^
The meeting of the    supporters    of I
Mayor Davison which was advertised to;
take fla e tonight in   the   building   on
Skinner street, has been postponed until
Saturday evening, when ail interested in
making the choice of the People's Parly ;
complete should attend.
The ladies of St. Albans   Church   are
arranging for "The Fair of the Season," I
to be held in St. Albans   ballon   Tues-j
day and Wednesday, December the 22nd !
Mr. H. Reynolds, who has heen with
with  Orr and Rendell for a number of I
years, left on Sunday morning for Van-
couver,en route to Honolulu, -wbeie he
Intends opening out in business if the |
prospects  are   favorable.    Best wishes
should be attended to; also staling Ihat
the Council donate to tlie active members of the company the amount of their
taxes. Received and to come up Ior
From Ralph Smith,   Cor.  Sec.  of the
Liberal Association, lliankinglhe Mayor
friend   Harry, for   your   success,   and I nnd Council for their hospitality tti Hon
may your shadow never grow less'        | J. J. Tarte, Minister of  Public" Works,
arri*T8 of tho Mail have to | and party on their recent  visil to
nimo.    Keceived and fyled.
The city
get a hustle on these days, on account of
the increased, and Btill increasing, circulation of the people's paper. Now
that tbe election is draw ing near, we expect to have numerous new subscribers,
andean promise them that tlie Mail
will be aide to keep them posted on all I
matters municipal. Send in your name
if you are not already a subscriber,
Tlie Hon. L. H. Davies, Minister of
Marine and Fisheries, accompanied by
Senator Mclnnes, W IV B McInneB, M
Pand Mr J F Bethune arrived in the
city this noon by special train from
Victoria.   They were met at the station
From the road foreman, stating that
the men had been engaged cleaning
crossings, hauling gravel, and building
sidewalk on Victoria Crescent. Received and fyled.
Mr. S. Mottishaw, a song; and a
trio by the "Scavenger's Brigade"
were also well received.
Prof. Spear played the accompaniments in liis usual effective
style. We congratulate the Club upon their efforts and feel sure that,
should they favor the public with
another entertainment, there will
be a bumper house.
W. C. T. U.
The monthly    Gospel    Temperance
meeting ol tlie above was held in tbe Y.
M. C. A. hall on Sundav evening. Con-
Aid. Foreman gave a verbal  report of j Biriering the state of tlie weather, there
the Street Committee stating that he
hud examined tbe work done on the
drain on Comox road, and thought the
drain would be of benefit lo the citv,
and suggested that the city put In
an S inch tile drain whilst the drain
was open.    He   thought   it   would take
by Mayor Davison, and a large   number  about  160   feet,   lie moved   that   the
of the Aldermen and citizeiiB.   Carriages ! work be done.
were on hand und the   party   drove at	
once lo tlie Court House where Mayor
Davison read the civic address. Mr
Daveis made a lengthy reply which we
will publish  in   our  next   issue.   This
Aid. Planta asked if it was lhe   intention to carry the drain down to take the
water from Kennedy street.   If so,  he j
would second the motion, |
Aid. Westwood thought tlic drain was
afternoon a luncheon   was   held   at the j badly needed, and he would  like tu see
Wilson lluuse. I it done.   It  would   be  better to do  it
Last week we published a oommunl- 'no-v than next spring, as there were
cation from Mr. E. 0. Cook, bearing on I aa'"u llllL'k I'*"11-*" "' -hat vicinity which
his relations to the Baptist Church, were dangerous to the public health.
Parties inthe church opposed to Mr I, Aid. Morion advised thut the drain
Cook have furnished us with the follow I ue continued down the Comox load in-
ing statement of their side uf the ease: stead oi crossing the street.
Mr. Cook caused the   Baptist Clinr, ll a I     AM. W llson   moved  Ihat an amount
Utility to explain, prove, etc., they have
found it necessary to exclude from membership Mr. ISphiram Gunk, hence his
letter. We are told that any action
taken was by the whole church and not
bv the gentlemen named iu Mr Cook's
Provincial News.
A new Methodist church has been
opened at Cheuiiiiiiiis and services are
now held every Suu.lay by the minister
from Duncans.
Tlie Quadra arrived at Victoria on
Saturday from Seattle, having on board
the Hun H,L,Davles,Hon Mr Blair and
Col I>iimville are now iu the Kootenay
distri t.
Judge Walkem has confirmed judgment iu the case of Harris vs Dunsmuir
awarding Harris $Hi.00U for commission
in putting the Wellington coal mine on
the market.
If You Are
In Need
Choice Groceries
Seasonable Dry Goods
Fashionable and
Durable Footwear
-ml nil the -iiiptilnr
Patent Medicines
at presenl nn I lie market, tit
Prices That Will Deiy
Excelsior Market
oed" delivered free to any pnrt ol the eitv.
The Veronica Home.
Veronica Home btiililing fund
will  be  repaid  their  subscriptions on application by letter or
post card to the undersigned,
A. G. Finnes-Clinton,
(Sister Gertrude.)
Dec. 8, 1896.
Room to Let.
pOMFORTAIll.Y furnished Room, in
'•*' private home, to lett with fire.
RateB moderate. For particulars apply
M the Mail office.
complaint re drainage, and  it would  be'
better to do it at once.
Aid. McDonald would second tbe amendment if it was made an open box
Aid. Foreman advised ihat a tile drain
he put in where tl.e excavation was
deep—he thought it was 5 orti feet—and
a box drain on the otlier portion. Amendment curried.
Re communication from tlie Fire
Company, thu lirst purl wus leltlo the
Street Committee with power to aet.
With respect to the seonil part of the
communication, Aid. Morton said the
Fire Ootnpany had not lieen very expensive, and it was only right to donate
the am,mnl asked fur totheactive members, ami he would move that the Council loncte lhe amount to those who had
paid their taxes, ami those who had not
paid, lo receive a receipt. Aid. Bradley
seconded ami it was carried.
Aid. Morton on behalf of the Finance
Committee asked for further time re the
Beaumont property, whicli on motion
was grained.
Aid. Wilson nn n'.ioi.el the fact tluit
Hon. I.. 11. Davies, Minister of Marine
and Fisheries was expected in tlie city
tomorrow, and he thought it only right
and proper that Ihe Council make some
recognition of his presence, and would
move that a coinmittee bil appointed, in
conjunction with the Mayor, to receive
and entertain the Hon. keullcman.
Aid. Btadle)> suggested that the whole
Council be the Committee, us the time
was so short it would be better lor theui
all tn be the Commiltee.
Aid Morton seconded,
Aid Wilson and I'lanta withdrew their
motion, the amendment then became
the orginul motion and was carried.
The Mayor reported that some time
i° jo two st lungers who were cripples had
applied to him for peimission to solicit
subscription for the purpose of paying
their way to Victoria, and on motion the
action ol the Mayor was endorsed.
Aid Morton said it was close upon the
end of the year, and it would be necessary to make some arrangements for tbe
election, and he would move that \V. K.
Leighton be appointed returning officer,
ami that the nomination beon tlic llth
January 1897. from 12 to 2 p.m. nt the
City Hall, anil the poll beon the 14th of
January, the hours to be from 8 a.m. to
I -1 p.m.
Aid. Westwood seconded and it was
On motion of Aid, Planta and Morton
the Council resolved itself into committee of the whole lo consider the reception to Hon Mr. Davies.   Carried.
Aid. Planta suggested that all the
city, Provincial and Dominion officials
he invited, so that none could then feel
Aid Wilson suggested tin*,' llie list be
I mii.ed to fifty. And lie moved that
snail sub-committees be appointed to
arrange matters, all details to be left
with each sub-committee, This was
seconded ami carried.
The Mayor appointed Aid Foreman,
McDonald and WeBtwood as the committee tn arrange tor the luncheon, and
helis of invitations A,ld; Plants, Morton' and Bradley to prepare the address
was a large attendance. The chair waa
occupied by Mrs. L. Manson, and- Mrs.
J. II. Cocking presided at the piano.
Alter the usual devotional exercises,Riy
W. A. Gunton was called upon to address the meeting. He paid a high tribute to the Nanaimo Union, and said ha
bad heard it stated in a large convention that it was noted for aggresive
work. Instead of lhe usual stereotyped
temperance address, Mr. Uunton toil*
the subject uf " Our boys and girls.''
He beleived there were many children iu Nanaimo who were to-day suffering from bad home influences, where
the habits of tlie parents were detrimental to their moral good. Children, to
liiin, were of more importance than men
and women, because ihey have all th*
possibilities of life before them, and
were in a" impressionable state, we can
make what we liked with them. He
liad once seen a potter at work making
' interested
h he could
1 shape, as
table for tho
So it ie wilh the boys and girls, they
nre in such a conilition that it ia easy
for us to make of them men and women
who will he   a  blessing to the   w. rld»
Mr. Uunton said be felt intensely for
the children—the boys and the girls of
Nnnaimo who had no proper home influences, he knew of circumstances
which had come under hi* own observation which would astound any one
Father's using language before children
not tit to be repealed. How can we, he
asked, expect to have good citizens
under such home training? Mr. Gunton
also made some stirring remarks on tha
importance of enforcing the law in sending children to school, and also on
parents not niuking the house as attractive as they might fur their' children.
He would allow the children the best
parlor if necessary, and would rather
lose all the furniture than lose the soula
of the children.
He hoped that the dav would never
come when religion would be taught in
our day schools, but he was in favor of
teaching tbe children strict morality.
He was also in favor of having a curftw
law forbidding children being on streets
after 8 o'clock, except utn'er the charge
of proper guardians. He also referred
io the case of the two b iys found drunk
near the cemetery, and who were pledged
not to tell where they got the liquor
from. With emotion Mr. Gunton declared he would have those men public
ally whipped, which was received with
Mr. Gunton also referred to tbe
necessity of something being done to
suppress the practice of profanity on
the (iiblic thoroughfares, he waa
m t speaking to them as a minister, but
as a private citizen, and he intended
laking action the lirst chance he had of
proving profane or obscene language on
a public place. He felt it wasof intense
importance tliatthisdissen bating mor-
al  decay and d .ease should be stopped.
Mr. Gunton wns listened to throughout with marked attention, and waa
frequently applauded.
Mr. Gideon Hicks,of Vancouver, then
sang, "Whereis my wandering boy to
night," and the meeting closed with tha
JM. .V **i u<*U
Highest Honors—World'* Fair.
K pure Clips Oram of Tartar Powder,   """nef
from Ammonia, Alum or any otlier adulttraaf
<0 Year? the St*n4*v* > %*
liost end Found.
ijLost—-lost— from out our earthly home
A childish pijtitteiiice rare.,
.It brightened every darksome place
And lightonec, ■-■-vi.v care.
{Lost—from u •"iii.ii-'-'ii- family board,
Where loving kUtdred meet,
A face.   0, I..on:. how dear ii-vyas.?
So sunny, (■;'■•' a od sweet.
•Loat—from amid the grass and flowers
That graced ibwuiinnierdays,
A pair of little iei 1 and huinl.-i
That, roHtk-dS,.s|:iTed always.
■l-nst— lost—from garden, houBO and hill
A joyous, Ihiilling voice;
„0, for tin* sound liuit. made our hearts
■Triuuipliiuiliy rejoice.
If we non-Id find these treasures rare
We'd -iemler np our all.
,0ur life it-sell we'd not hold dear
Nor riches great or small.
J'ound—in the realms of Fnrilise
A childish presence bright,
jReioicing in each added joy
Witli ever LOW delight.
Found—in the kingdom of our God
A face iv ith love-lit eyes,
Set like n st,!-.-.' to beckon us
Through 'ilootny, midnight skies.
Pound—lp the river of water of life
WaLkiiiig the gulden street,
Plucking tlte never-fading flowers,
Two little hands and feet.
Pound—in lhe .choirs of heavenly song
A childish vi/we, to miss
Which hcnvi'-'.i itself would surely lose
A portion i.i its bliss.
-These treasures all He'll safely keep
And surely will restore,
When face tii (ace, and eye to eye.,
You'll see him evermure.
The Selfish in British Columbia.
Hound me, before tne, behind nie,
In every place I know,
I jneet and touch with the Chinese,
Wherever 1 mav go.
Then-I think pf l.e lassies and men,
When I glance in iheir heathen luce,
Who niightlje saved from x iin and woi.,
If they oniy had tlieir place,
1 know   that   tlie  duy   has been  dark
Because of a selfish few,
Their hearts must be hard as adament
Or they would, lie stirred for you.
And then I wiehjou God speed
When I look in your weary (ace,
They are .not men—but monsters
Who punish their own race.
We will work for the one good   purpose,
Our hearts are loyal and stout,
We can look fur,a belter future,
When we drive the heathen out
•What though we know not each  other,
We are while folks one ami till
And God will judge the selfish,
When the shades of evening full.
'Went awuy,?' inquired Mr.
-"Winkington, in some .surprise
■'Where has vour mistress gout'
'If you please, sir.' answered
the maid, 'I don't know. But
Missis said as how that letter
would explain everything
. . . 'Nothing you can say or do
will alter my determination.'
Who the dickens wants to alter
it? Does the woman fancy that
I shall go to her wilh prayers
und tears, and entreat her to
'.oiiio hack In mn? Not I. I'm
glad enough to be rid of her.
What 1 am afraid of (with a
hard, uiipleasant laugh) 'is that
she should alter her determination of her own accord—and not
stick to her expressed intention
'never more to return.'
After delivering hinislf of this
soliloquy, he remained silent for
some time—viciously biting his
nails, and wearing an expression
on his face which suggested thai
far once in a way, his usual
equilibrium of temper was in
serious danger of being upset.
The truth wus, that relieved
though he really felt ut being
thus ridded of his wife, whose
society had now tor a long time
been irksome to him, he yet (in
the strange inconsistency of
human nature) was decidedly
annoyed with her for having
dared to take this step. And
while distinctly pleased at her
; absence, and perfectly genuine
jin his hope that it would he permanent, he, nevertheless, was in
that frame of mind in which lie
f.-lt a vicior.a and spiteful desire!
to punish her for daring toopen-
ly defy his marital authority.
[it annoyed him all the more
that be was entirely helpless to j
touch her in uny way whatsoever. For her money was absolutely settled on herself; aud,
as for her person, that, by the
Lord Chancellor's recent judgment, was wholly free from
' marital control. _
|     'I'm glad she's gone,' he said,:
at last, putting his thought into
i words;   'and   yet   1  should im-
imensely like in make her smart
for goi«g,'     Then,  as an afterthought, he added, 'Ves, und if
I could revenge myself in such | ^
a   manner as to widen the gulf\r
between US, and make her separation   from   me   really permanent—why, tant niieiix, via chcre.
With this particularly amiable j
and husbaiid-liks sentiment ex-
ercising his mind, he partook of
his solitary dinner,   and spent
all the evening trying  to devise
some plan for'making bis wife
smarl,' us he hud phrased it.  Hut;
rack his brain as be   might, he
could not hit upon any device.|
[indeed, the more be thought of j
it,   the  more it seemed  lo him ;
that   his  wife occupied a quite
i unassailable position.    And just
, in proportion   as   his   power of
Js what gives Hood's Sarsaparilla its great
popularity, its constantly increasing
sales, nnct enables it to accomplish its
wonderful and unequalled cures. The
combination, proportion and process
used in preparing Hood t Rarsaparllla
n**o unknown to other medicines, aud
make Hood's Sarsaparilla
Peculiar to Itself
It cures a wide range of diseases bc-causo
■of Its power.asa blood puriller. It acts
directly and positively upon thc blood,
-.nd the blood reachea every nook and
corncrof thc human system. Thus all
the nerves, muscles, hones and tissues
come under the beneficent Influence ot
The One True Blood PJirUlai'.   it; six torts.
u      ji     n-ii    cure ]Anr n,s; ""•**'' lr
rlOOd S  FlllS take,easy tuiipon-lo. iie
'Oh!' replied Mr. Winkington, punishing her appeared more
slightly contracting his brows, remote, did liis intense longing
as his manner was when per-U0do so increase. However,
.plexed.   'Thank you.' finding himself unahle to 'catch
Then, causing the maid ia-L feasible idea, he at length gave
tense disappointment by neither it up as a bod job, and retired
•addressing any further inquiries u0 ue)] enjoying'a more coin-
to her nor opening the letter on j,Ude 10si than had fallen to bis
the   spot, he betook himself to *0j uow for many a night.   For
the library and shut the door;
for he hud a presentiment that
.the communication was of a
startling nature, and he preferred to be alone wheu ho acquainted himself with il.
Ins wife, likcMrs. Caudle of immortal memory, was a past-
grand-mistress in the art of curtain-lecturing.
Next morning, when he came
down to breakfast, Mr. Winking-
His presentiment  was  not at ton found, besides bis own   cor-
fault. Tbe contents of the letter
were decidedly startling—even
more so than he had expected.
They ran precisely as follows:—
Mr. Winkington,-—As I told
you this afternoon, tliere are
limits to -rifely endurance; and
the limits of initio have at hist
been re-nclied. Had you expressed the slightest regret for your
rcspondence, several letters lying
on the table addressed to bis
wife. These he turned carelessly over, and among theui discovered a post-card, which be
picked up and read. It was
from Madame Corsetti et Oie.,
advising Mrs. Winkington that
her dress had been dispatched
to Eaatborough  by   passenger-
u countenance which at its best wus
not intelleaMial, But, apparently,
ilie divinity which hedaesin Roy til
person-, or soiiiesueli cause, threw
a roseate glamour ever him in the
eyes of the assembled company; for
he was llie central object of many
admiring looks. And not a few of
she more fascinating ladle- present,
knowing his Royal Highness's extreme- euseep (ability of female
charm*, did their liest (in a strict 1 v
decorous und unostentatious way,
of (nurse) to attract his Princely
Among these was Mrs. Winkington. Thut lady hnd nearly cried
her eyes out the dny previously,
owing tn a telegram which she hnd
received from London, to the effect
that her (town could not possibly be
finished in time, Bul hy this afternoon iliu-e important features had
quite recovered their usual lustre,
nml she wns making use of Iheni
vigorously for the especial captiva
tion nf ihe eminent guest.
It wns not. long before she had
lhe satisfaction of observing that
she hud attracted his notice; for,
lancing up at him demurely sever-
1 times in succession, she found
tl-.e Royal eye-glass fueiis.-ed upon
herself. Her heart began to heal
fust with exultation, uud a thrill of
incipient triumph to steal over her
frame. And these tensations in-
oreased two-fold when she saw the
I'rince whisper something to Lady
Leighton, who stood at his side,
and nnd his head in her  direction.
Yes. There could lie no mistake
on the subject. The fondest dream
of her heart wus about to   he   real- .
ized.      llis  Royal  Highness  had  P">l"iu:-tcr.sli.p
singled nut her—her,  Mrs.  Winkington—for the inestimable honor
of an introduction.
As the Countess and her illustrious guest approached, Mrs. Winkington kept her eyes, fixed upon the
grass, and tried to brace'herself up
for the ceremony of presentation,
which, much as she longed for it,
bid f dr to overwhelm her. Indeed,
hy the time the Prince was close
up to her, her heart seemed to stop
healing altogether, from the intensity of her subdued excitement.
Bu' this excitement was quickly
succeeded by another, and a far
less welcome, feeling. To her intense mortification nnd chagrin, the
Prince and his hostess did not stop
when Ihey reached her, but passed
on, without taking any notice ol
her nt all.
Nor wns that tho worst. For
hearing a familiar, and particularly
hateful, simper close behind her,
Mrs. Winkington turned round just
in time to see His Royal Highness
bowing and taking off his hat to—
Mrs. Slurford-Meadel
Tlie widow, whose face was radiant with smiles, certainly looked
quite her he.-t. Her gown, a very
smart one, suited her to perfection.
Mrs. Wilmington could not repress
u sturl us her eyes fell upon it.     Jl
Officials Discharged.
Montreal, Dec. 1.—All the
civic employes., in-eluding,members &l the police force trad the
various civic, departments were
to-day given notice that their services would not be required after
Dee. 31. This has been done
merely with the object of shifting
about,and possibly a slight weeing from the departments. In
view of the straitened condition
of the city's li-nance a slight
curtailment of the numerical
strength ofthe department may
perhaps be made. The step is
not a new one, having often been
taken in American and other
large cities for a similar purpose.
Arrested For Ili8ii|ipro|)rldt'en
Vancouver, Dee. 4.—Citizens
were shocked to-day by the an-
noiiii< i iiie-nt that P. N.-Smith,
late manager of the Consolidated Light it Train Co. here, had
been arrested for the missuppro-
priution of funds. It appears that
on Tuesday evening the train
company gave instructions to
have Mr. .Smith kept until rpolj.ee
surveillance as he contemplated
sailing for England. The chief
of police, however, arrested Mr.
Smith on a charge pn ferret! by
the compnny, but bail wus im-
mediately obtained,and so quiet
was the matter kept that Mr.
Smith's most, intimate friends j
knew not li i l
brought into the police court today. The charges are that on
several occasions an overcharge
was mude for supplies for the
company and the difference between tho actual amount paid for
lhe supplies for the company and
the amount of the order made
upon the company was appropriated by Mr. Smith. The case was
in progress all afternoon in the
in the police court, an  adjourn
The Most Complete SJtock
Jas. McGregor's
Victoria Crescent.
THE BEST   -*-
The Nanaimo Bakery Excels
The Popular Bakers.
Land Agent and Conveyancer,
I Town .Lots nml Furuis Ior Snle.   Money to Liiiin
on Mortgage nt low rutes.
about his difficult*.' ' AgeMifor the United Fits Insurance Compnn*
,                               *   |                           uf Manchester, l.nuluinl.
mailer,     however,     was	
Wake up to the fact that if you
invest NOW in Shares of
good reliable
^rlii}<|tor} Hotel.
Having completed the erection of tiie Arlington
Hotel nt NANOOSE BAY, Ihis handsome und
commodious hott-l is now prepared to receive
and eomfuj-Ubly entertain Lraveiora nnd others.
Is presided over by Mrs. Thompson, and the
Tabled-'Hote constantly provided with all the
delicacies ol the season. Combined with- the
elegant furnished apartments, the visitor linds
the surroundings of the most pleasant-deaerip-
You stand to make Big Profits,
ment being granted the defence   on'
until Saturday morning.
Official Investigation.
Cohourg, Dec. 4.—The investi-! rp
gntion into the charge that Geo.
Guillet.M.I'., and Daniel M. Col-
lister induced C. E. Ewing, col-
leetor of customs, to resign hy
promising him an annuity has
heen postponed indefinitely, Ewing heing too ill. The investigation into the transfer of the
here from William Sykesto Mr. Guillettut the
hist general election, has been
concluded, The commissioners
will report at an early date,
Flrst-olas* Accommodation, Flre-prool tuilliliii''
Terms: $1.00 Per Dan and Upwards.
The Doon Hotel,
JAS. BENNETT, Proprietor.
Commercial St.,      Nanninio, B. C.
Trespass Notice.
Will sell to you on terms no other
Broker in British Columbia
Imported Votes.
Lust week a nuinlier nf reeiileuts of
Butl'ulo unit natural Uud citizens of the
Uniled Stutes who immigrated here
from Canada,  were Buhpuenaed   beiore
WHEREAS, Certain evil-disposed pw-
B11118 have lieen killing "tni-kiiii Valile/.
Island, Nanaimo District, it is
RESOLVED in future tluit all persons
fuund truBpiissIn)* on the Wake Estate I
of 7110 acres and Iiulian Reserve of 1700 '
arljoitlin** will be prosecuted to the full
extent of the law.
(Si-ined)     BALDWIN 11. WAKE.
Sept. 16,1806.   JOilS HASH,
Any person selling or other-
Win.. Johnson at tlie olKce of Attorneys j yj     disposi 11-ST of KEGS, B0T-
Rogers, Locke<s Milium, to-"iva tcsti-| *■<•>.
 TLES, or TAPS belonging to
in,in*; why they recrosserl the borderand
voted dn the Dominion at lhe last dec-.
tion.   lt is alleged that they voted fori
lhe Conservative candidate, Mr. Henry,
in the county of Brunt, whose election
is heing contested,     Charges uf corruption and lirilieiy are  made against the |
agents ol' Ml'. Henry.   It is charged that |
voters were taken to Brant hy the wholesale, men's railroad lure paid in Brant*
lorn ami other places for llie  purpose of j
defeating Mr. l'aierso-i; that men were
Imported to personate absent voters and ]
dead   uien.    All   sorts   of   charges are
made.   The defeated candidate charged
that many Buffalo men  were Imported
to vote; that Canadians living in Buffalo
were paid  to cross  into the county of'
Brant to voto the Tory  ticket and that j
Buffalo men were hired to go from booth
lo linoth to vote in the  names of  other
voters.   It was necessary to prove these
facts,   however,  us   the  Buffalo  men
would no go over lo Canada   lo   testily
other means hud to  be taken.    A coin-1
mission was   ordered   hy   the court  to
compel Buffalo wimosses lo  testily he*
I lure  ihe  i'iiii:iiiir-MoiiciK.   The  reluctance with which the BuQaiotftans tcsti-1
lied, who were called this looming make
the Union Brewing Company
will be prosecuted.
W. E. NORMS, See.
Nov. 18. 18!W.
You have to Pay
I divide it up into
if instalments-
-*-    in the
Emancipation ol Mental Slavery
Should hand in their niinics at onlie.and
become members nl the
Freetliouffht Library.
" AtV
J. L
P. O. Box Mfi.
So that everyone can have an interest in Mining and secure part
ofthe Profits that most assuredly1
WILL be made.
24, Commercial St., Citv.
Ilul' lie commented,   'l supposes   that   i> tlm  eown whieh
lerecf for
unkinilness and unfuithfulnesa train on the previous afternoon,
to nie, when I reproached you
with them, I would have freely
forgiven y-uti. But, saeing that
vou have met all my appeals
with a culhus, brutal indifference, and have boldly stated
your intention of continuing
jour  open,   shameless,   linson
was uf preoiaoly the sume shades ol | further proceedings necessary,   Lictting
cnlur as tlmt which she had ordered I Information from   theui is line pulling
with another, my
lo  say   nothing
inv peace of
Mrs. W. bus ordered*for the Ln-
vorton garden-party; and which
she bus done nothing  but   talk
ubuut for the last  fortnight.     1
really believe'  (with a sarcastic
lauuii) 'that she quite expects to
make  an   impression    on   the
Prince. Well' (spitefully) 'I
i.iind—leaves only ono course only hope thai the gown won't
.open to vjfl. I have left you— lit, or will suit ber badly, or
il ever again-ito return. Nothing'something of that sort. That
JtJjatyow -cum say or do will alter would 'rile her some,,' as the
•my determination. And now, Yankees say, after she bad been
lhank Heaven! there is uo com- counting upon it it so. . . . Alt!'
polling me to live with you. For (an idea suddenly striking him,
the present—since my own roof whieh brought the color to his
is no louger a fitting shelter for cheeks, und made him strike the
,ne—I am forced to take rooms table with his clenched band , Rnps]nnt, BC._Tne Ottawa, in
at the Alexandra. 11 this sets emphatically), U-reka, byjovoi the 80Utn Mt, adjoining the St.
the Eastborovigu people talking,, The very thing—the very thing.: M|iryS) is. ll)e scene 0« ,|ie 1-,^,
iind speculating on the  reason's * * * *        j strike.    At a depth of forty  feet  a
•which have driven me to  leave '    It ffM t)|e :lfl(>r,10(in 0f thegrand | }«>dy of $4fl ore four feet wide hits
you, I cannot help it.    As I told fullcii,in -,t  Laverton Castle,   and
you tiiis   afternoon,   whatever(^ne guests were ass-embljng "pon
happens in that way  you   have the (-real terrace. Mis Boy,ttl Ilifih-
.     , ■   I     Toronto
Nny, ll wus of   the  smne material, I luejuiry
and made upon precisely the same
lines. What did it mean? A terrible suspicion began to steal over
her. And jusl al that moment she
cnuglit her husband's eye closely
watching her from a spot near al
His look uf spiteful, malicious
triumph awoke her to the full truth
as clearly as any words could have
done. Anil she realized (with whal
feelings may he better imagined
than described) that the telegram
from Madame Corsetti had been
nothing but a cruel hoax—that her
hated rival was creati ng a regular
sensation in her gownl
Barrister     Lew    Haytl,    ol
represents the Liberals at the
■only .yourself .to thank for.
Your wife—but  only  in the
strictest letter of the law—
Arabklla Winkington.
'So, ho!' he ejaculated to himself, when he had carefully read
'tbe above letter through twice.
.••That's the game—is it?    *-'■■'
heen   encountered   in   a crosscut
This mine is owned in Toronto. An
interesting   discovery     has    been
made on the Kohinoor   group
the site of
ness was out  there, a  young   	
scarcely thirty years -old, faultless*  *f.r'!<°»   E°™nt.a!5- "?,' „, ,   „lin
ly dressed in   tiie   regulation  cost- <■■<• Fort bl.eppard.    An old   lu.n-
Urtieof fa,l,in..„l,le. mashenlom, and | ed tunnel has been found supposed
looking not much  unlike a tailor's
Winter. Married to Spring,
The police court nt Windsor, Oni. was j
crowded last Thursday, to hear the sen-'
saiiuiiiil    case  of   Willie   Jordan   alias
Howard, a sixty  year old colored  man
charged  with   purgery,    The  perjury
consisted in sucaring lalscly lo oli am a
certificate to marry Josephine Steel,
that she was of legal age. The child
wile waa placed on the Bland and swme
that she was only twelve years of uge.
She said that when Howard waB refused
u certificate hy tlie magistrate he took
her to the house of June EiliUUIIlds, who
pinned window curtens heneath lief
dress, and then put on a long skirt to
make her appear older. A veil was added to make the deception uomplete.trtul j
thus disguised, Howard obtained u cer-
tiliciite ir Klder Davidson alter taking
the neccssai v oath. Josephine when in |
court today wore a. dress reaching a little
below her knees, and her huir was loose
on her buck. She looked a pretty in-
nqcent child, utid there wus a feeling of
indignation that she should have been
induced to marry the big hulking negro.
The case wus adjourned to enable the
prisoner to get a lawyer.
 •*.* *	
Advertise inthe Maii., the people's
Hake* the
Most Permanent
and Artistic
Sign Letter
In eiluti-nce
to he the wort of some old Hudson
■The eye-glass which he  Bay   men many  years  ago.    The
.<,.,„ hxing in hisU and through | mout^f %*f*V£jl9 ^
tcomiug Mrs. Juekson over me! lent no, additional air oi .wisdom to j1*-.*
Clothes Cleaned...
Repaired and Altered
Sole Agent for Hritish Cultimlila
Local Agent, JA8.   HIRST
Lodge Notices.
Inkcrman Lodge, No. SIB, Sons nf St.
Qtgrgt,— Regular weekly meeting is held
in Hubert's Hall, Wharf street, oil Saturday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethren cordially invited to attend.
Fked. WAdsriFi*, Sec,
Entpty Bottles ol any Description,
"Old Copper, Brass,- Zinc or Lead,
Oan dispose M nnuie by iiiI,IicssIhk u |uwtal to
112 BABTJON BTHEKT |     ,{  aARONSON, Boa: 17,1, Nanaimo,
fjf Next door to Weetwnod*' BlKcksmlth   if/fo wm oan promptly at any uddreii in OHy
Shop. r, 9- •""n- I61        I o' Suburbj.
Old Clullien made equal te new.
The Stamp  Mill at Alberni1
Is now in operation. When results are known, up go the Share*
of all Alberni Companies.
And make money while you hav<
a chance BEFORE the rise takes^
Thos. Kitchin,
MINING BROKEI ■**•  '*■ ..",;•
Hews -ofthe Day.
Provincial News.
The 'Liberal.-' of Moosemin are
•arranging a banquet for the Hon.
(0. Sifton.
The trial of the Marquette election, fixed for December 16, has
'been changed  to January 15, 1897,
WVilliam Gaynor, a Dominion
fCity farmer, was eaught in a blizzard last week with his brother.
They found shelter near -a stack
i"but were three days without food
.and hnth are badly frozen.
The opera house block at Chatham was wrecked by fire and
water Thursday morning. Many
■stores were burned, and the fine
Odd Fellows ball nn the top flat
was destroyed. The losxes are between $10,000 and $15,000, covered
fey insurance.
A Constantinople dispatch to
the Daily Mail says that under the
pretext of revengini; an old grievance, 1,000 Kurds raided the
province of Mamniire-ul-Azis,
where they burned and pillaged
the village and inasi-acred the inhabitants.
British Bark Drumrock has
cleared lhe Sound for Liverpool
with the following r.aru'i-t: 7<i,(i(i"
hags of wheat, valued at $154,157;
8,446 hags of bran, valued at $1,
#43; total value of.cargo, $155,500.
She carries the second largest grain
cargo loaded on the South thi-*
A cyclone, accompanied by
"wavy flm.ds, has swept the eastern
West Indies, causing grent loss of
life. TheSt Vincent and Montreal
elates have been completely wiped
out. The Islands of Trinidad nml
Barbiyicies have also been flooded
cn using immense damage hut no
loss nf life has been reported.
A Fort William dispatch says
that Henry Richardson, a champion long distance walker, passed
through tliere en route to Toronto.
KichaTd-on claims tu hnve walked
from New York to San Francisco1
and is imw returning via the C.f-.R.
.(.rack. He was in Winnipeg about
itwo weeks ago.
The wreck of the steam collier
San Benito was suid to San Francisco as it lies, Captain T. P. H.
"WbileJaw being the only bidder.
He give $i'20 fur all that he can
save of a vessel worth $300,000;
and pays $10 in addition for lhe
3,000 urns of coal forming the cargo on the Benito's last fateful voyage.
The government of the colony
has purchased all the rights und
property of the New Foundland
Railway Company for $1,775,000,
payment will lie made in govern
ment debentures bearing interest
at 3 per cent. The road is to come
under governmenl control nt New
Years. Tbe colony h,ns aii-md*
duiied all suits ngninst Ihe company. The arrangement is of the
nature of a compromise, and is regarded a° satisfactory.
A toiiple of persons who have
mysteriously disappeared lately
from Sydney N.S.W., are believed
to have been decoyed into the hush
under the pretence of prospecting
gold, and, it is feured, have been
murdered and that others have
met the same fate. One body
having beer, uneurthtd at Linden
suspicion fell on a man who is now
on his way to San Francisco. The
detectives are following him and
he will be arrested on his arrival
Fire last week did $.".25,000 to
•$400,000, damage in the central
part of Ottawa. It iu-oke out short
ly after midnight im the basement
of Mr, Turner's confectionery store
on Sparks street. The iiremen were
unable to cope with ilse blaze, and
the fire spread to Macdonald Bros',
gents' ouifitters, next door, H6I-
brook's tailoring store and Ross &
Co.'s dry goods store; one of the
largest in the city. The Ross building was gutted from roof to the
basement, portion of the walls only
being left standing. The total insurance on ihe buildings and
stuck is $175,000. Traffics on the
ilium thoroughfares till the middle
ot the forenoon, wns at a
standstill. The Masonic ball
and Scottish Rite rooms were included in the eleven buildings destroyed. The valuable Masonic library was intirely lost. All the
insurance companies having local
Agents are affected by the fire.
Rev. O. Dorrekele, principal of the
Provincial News.
Last nwek  Prof. Naeon, of the
Kuper Island Industrial school, has South Creek   Hydraulic Company,
arrived home from a visit to his na
tive land, B> Lium.
Hon. T. Mayne Daly, now a resident of Rossland, is the latest addition to the ranks of British Colutn-
bia's notaries public.
At the residence of Mr. Edward
Chance, First street, Victoria, Rev.
VV. L. Clay, last Thursday united
in marriage Mr. John Cowan,of Alexandria, and Mrs. Maggie Smith,
of Nanaimo,
The crafty, light-fingered gent
who not lone since tapped a couple
of Kaslo tills, and later on did a
nice job nt Nelson, is showing no
partiality. Tuesday night he "touched" Sar.dun to the lune of $S0 or
-$100, though he was forced to combine the contents of four or five
tills to secure that amount.
The new Municipal League of
Vancouver have got down to organisation business by the appointment of ward committees. Meetings will he held in the different
wards, nnd it. is expected a strong
fight will lie made to give effect in
tbe new council to lhe tenets of the
J. Bates, well known along the
Cariboo road, having driven teams
for A. C. McDonald, went out to
Lillooet last week to work on the
road gang and had only pot in
one day when he got his toes frozen,
nud had to he taken to Lillooet,
where the citizens collected $50 and
sent him to Asheroft to receive
medical attendance.
The death occurred on Friday of
Mr. Thomas W. Lawrence, of Mount
Pleasant, at lhe advanced age of 77
years. Mr. Lawrence came to the
city some years ago from Guelph,
Ontario, and has been ill for a long
time. The deceased leaves a son
and daughter to mourn his loss,
Mr. Lawrence, jr., being travelling
representative for Mr. \V. Skene.
Wm. Thompson, C. E., formerly
government mineralogistof Queensland and late president of the Cool-
gardie chamber of mines, is paying
British Columbia a brief visit. He
is at the present time the chief own
Unseated by the Courts.
Henry, the Conservative, who
aSefeatied the Hon. Mr. Patterson,
in Brantford, has been unseated.
Henry's election was secured, so
it was alleged, by the importation
of men from the States who voted
lor dead men and absentees. A
commission was appointed to take
evidence in Buffalo, but very little
information could be obtained
irom those who had hired themselves to the Tories. There was
/sufficient, however, to unseat the
Judge Deanoyera has ordered Captain
Deliile, of the steamer Tiber, which
«ank the schooner Maggie, by which
thirteen persons were drowned to lie
(taken back to Newfoundland   far trial.
"Mail can
from now to the end
& casta..
er and managing director of the
Morning Chronicle, the Western
Australian Goldfield Courier, and
the Coolgardie Golden Age.
J. D. Prentice, of the Canada
Western Ranching Co., lately drove
to a new feeding ground a! Perry's
ranch near Dog creek, Lillooet, one
of the largest cattle herds ever yet.
transferred at one time in British
Columbia. The cattle thus driven
numbered 862 beef steers. Twenty-
five cowboys and forty saddle-
horses were engaged in the drive.
Promptness is a characteristic of
the new Liberal Government, in
their appointments, a« in other
matters. On the 15th of last month,
the position of wurden of the Provincial penitentiary, was vacated by
the lamented death of the lale Wm
Moresby. On Wednesday last, Mr. J
C. Whyte, of Westminster, received
a telegram from Douglas Stewart,
Inspector of Penitentiaries, at Ottawa, apprising him of his appointment to the vacant position.
General regret is expressed in
Vancouver that Mr. Norman Caple
is reported to be very ill with a
threatened attack of typhoid.
Coming at this season of the year
when business in his line is particularly brisk and after the long
siege of family sickness with whicli
Mr. Caple has been visited this is
particularly unfortunate. Hopes
are expressed that the illness may
not he so serious as present indications would suggest.
Objection is taken in certain
quarters to the idea of a public banquet being tendered to Hon. Messrs
Davies and Blair on their visit to
Vancouver by tlie board of trade,
on the ground that such a thing is
outside the province of the.board,
which is intended only for business
and not political purposes. It is
pointed out that tliere are no precedents fur such a course of action,
and thai -on previous occasions of a
similar nature anything that might
savor of political expression has
been careiully avoided.
The police commissioners of
Westminster are taking prompt and
vigorous steps to put an end to the
threatened epidemic of burglaries
and three special constables having
been appointed for patrol duty at
night. This is giving satisfaction,
as after the daring attempt hy an
armed man to burglarize the dwelling of Mr. T. L. Briggs, a not unnatural feeling of uneasiness was
gaining ground in the city. Mr.
Broad's butcher shop and also the
Orange hall have been entered during tbe laet few nights and a considerable amount of booty taken.
A case of supplying liquor to Indians was investigated and demised in the Victoria city police court
last week in which one of the witnesses, a woman, swore positively
that sbe was in the house of the
accused and received liquor from him
whon as a matter of fact she was in
the city lockup under arrest. The
combination was about as novel a
one as could well beimagined—the
with J.D. Boyd, Sid Painter, Andrew Carlson and three others started out for Revelstoke from South
Creek. They followed the river for
seven miles then took the trail.
On the first day out Carlson and
another broke through the ice, got
wet, and as a result got their feet
frozen. The party reached Boyd's
Saturday night and started for
Revelst-ike Monday, arriving Wednesday after a most trying trip,
every foot ot which the frozen-footed men had to make. Carlson is
more severely frozen than his companion, and it will he several weeks
before he will be well again.
The Kootenay country promises
to be well supplied with water and
light very shortly, for ulready
there are no fewer than fourteen
companies in the field seeking incorporation by private bill to cater
to the Kootenay a ns in this particular. Among the latest are A. M.
Johnson and others, who propose
to establish an electric power, heating and lighting company in West
Kootenay ; a company repre ented
by McPhillips, Wotton & Barnard,
who aim to supply power and light
to certain towns in Yale and in
West Kootenay, and C. W. McAnn
and his associates, who intend furnishing power and light to Kaslo
City. As in all other respects the
lighting outlook is bright for Kootenay.
Messrs. W. Templeton and W.
McCraney returned last week from
a trip to Cbilliwack, which pointed
they endeavored to make from Ab-
biilford by wagon owing to the obstruction of river navigation. They
report many hairbreadth escapes,
as owing to the piled up ice the
track was nearly uli a matter of
guess work, bridges had lieen washed away, and the travellers finally
lust their way. Six hours and a
half exposed to the inclemency of
such weather as prevailed during
the trip would pruve too much for
many young men, and Mr. McCraney, who is no longer young,
had to walk a considerable portion
of the distance to keep up circulation.
The recent almost unpreoentedly
early severe frost caused for several
days last week an almost complete
suspension of navigation on the
lower Fraser, which exemplified
the urgent need of railway bridge
and line buildings lo connect Vancouver and Westminster by quick
transport routes with Fraser river
points. Meanwhile the ice in the
upper Fraser has frozen solid at
Soda creek, thus suspending for llie
season, much earlier than usual,
navigation in this part of British
Col um bit's great river. The floods,
which have done much damage to
railroad and other bridges about
Bonner's Ferry, have resulted from
a sudden Chinook thaw following
very severe frost. The upper Kootenay rose 25 feet in a few hours.
The police of Westminster had
an exciting chase after the man
supposed, with good ground, to be
lhe much wanted burglar. That
he is well acquainted with the locality is evident by the celerity
with which be made goad his escape. Two hold-ups, the victims
in both cases being ladies, are reported and it would appear that
the burglar and the footpad are
one and the same person. There
is some talk of the citizen's committee being formed to assist thc
police in capturing the man, and
as during his presence in tiiis city
there has heen no case either of
burglary or highway robbery in
the Terminal City, it is evident
that the same man will be much
wanted in Vancouver. The coolness of the burglar is evidenced by
the manner in which he made use
of the facilities afforded in the
Reid it Currie Ironworks to make
or repair some of his tools.
fr% %r%*%rJkV%mrWkS*\VMHSHMIs^^
rjj\e NeW YaifCOiiVer
The New Vancouver Coal
Company mine at their , ■*
Collieries at and near
Nuuaimo the following
The above are supplied in
the foiiowfng Grades, viz * Doable Screened, Screened,
Kan of the Mine,
—•"€"8*  Washed Nuts and
Washed Screenings.
Prompt Deliver** at the Company'*
Wharves at Naiiuliuo aud t*fOteo-
lion Inland.
People who Appreciate ,
Have their prescriptions dispensed at
Their Price" aie Itluht. Telephone S.
Arrival and Departure of Hails
nvm-ent   suhsoriber   to  It** ^nW<!e Pr<,du«"-*-B « witness to prove
present   sunscriber   to  the{       ^ %   f ,- d    ., ^  ^
.nhayethe Weekly Globe ,de'ferwl<intll|lvi      -^ h|g
of   1897 for
a Ming  -tin  ins  po<
■ o disprove this witness' testimony
.by -tailing the city jjaikr..
Very Neatly Done.
New Orleans, Lit., Dec. 4.—
George E. Guil, a jeweler, nnd official time inspector of the Illinois Centra Railway, was swindle out of
$10,000 worth of diamonds by
three Italian strangers. One formed the acquaintance of Mr. Gail
eight days ngo, and said he wished
to buy $10,000 worth of diamonds
to present to the Pope to secure
from him permission to release his
sister irom a cinvent. Gail was
thoroughly convicted of the sincerity of the Italian and secured the
diamonds from New York.
The Italian brought a friend
along with him to make the deal.
They had a box to put the jewels
in. The jewels and the $10,000
were placed in a box before Mr.
Gail's eyes and he was asked to
keep the box until they returned.
An hour later, Mr. Gail took the
box in which he had just seen the
money and diamonds placed. It
had been securely locked in his
presence. Three hours later, Mr.
Gail, becoming suspicious, broke
open the box and found a-two dollar bill,and a silk handkerchief.
The Mail and Weekly Globe for
one year for $2.65 if paid in advance.
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
Telephone 7-9. Nanaimo, C. C.
Moats delivered free of charge to all
parts of the uttv.
oniee Tel. JO.   I1. O. Box 16.   Residence Tel. 101.
Funeral Directors
•^ Embalmers.
Graduates of the Oriental, Ihe Eureka,
tlie New York and Clark**
Sehools ol Emhalmiug,
1, 3 and 5 Bastion St., Nanaimo
(Commercial Hotel,
Cornel- Commercial and Bastion Sts.
This li-niicitabllslicil Hotel la comfortably
fitted up witli superior accommodation* Ior traveler* mul others.
K. & N. RAILWAY.       CWSE. DUE.
Dally <-x. Suu.
Wellington, Northfield and a.m.  a.m.
East Wellington 11.25  8.50
Viiitoria,Southern States and
plauea along line of E. & N. Dally ex.Sun.
Railway    8.26 11.60
British and foreign, Eastern
Provinces, Eustern States, Dally ex.Sun.
Vaanouvemnd other places p.m.  p.m.
on Mainland of B.C.    6.30 6.00
Comox, Union, Union Bay,
thani, Quitlirum, Hornby r a.
Island and Denman Island  8.20
Salt Spring Island, Burgoyne ttl.
Bay, Kulford Harlior,North
SnltSpringlBlamlandGab- p.m.
riola Island     8 20
Alherni, Parksville, French
Creek and Errington .
Tues. Mon.
Frl.   Thur.
P.M.   P.M.
12 30  6.00
Frl.   Thur.
Xanoose Bay IS.30  6.00
P. M.     A. H.
Departure Bav,dailyex. Snn 12 45 10.30
Cedar (South), Saturday.  ..   2.00 11 00
A Full Assortment at the Lowest Market Rates
'XV. irOONNKL, Prop.
Union Steamship Co.
Of British Columbia, Limited
Head Office and Wharf—Vancouver
Advertise in the Mail,  the  best
.advertuisg medium ia the district.
SS. Comox sails from Co's wharf everv
Tuesiluy at 1) a. in. for B-iwen Island,
Howe sound, geehelt. Jervia Inlet,
Froei.k,Tex'lila Island, Lund, Hernando
Island, Cnrti'Z Inland, Read Island Valdez Island. Shnal Bay, Phillip Arm,
Frederic Arm, Thurlow Island, Lough-
borough Inlet, Salmon River, Port Neville, and sails every Friday at II a. m.
for way ports and Shoal Bay calling at
Bute Inlet every six weeks.
Leaves Miiodvville-8, 9:15, 10:46, 12
noon 2:4 und 5:45 p, ni.
Leaves Vancouver—8:35, 10, 11:20,
1:15, p.m, 3:15, 5:16, and li-.Sll.
Calling at North Vam-oiiver each
way, excepting the noon trip.
Tugs and scows always available for
towing ami freighting business. Large
storage aironiniodatioti on Co's wharf,
II. II. DARLING, Manager.
Telephone 94 I'. O. Ilox 771
J. A. CALDWELL, the Tailor
Has changed his quarters,
and can now be found up
stairs in the
Williams Block,
Where he will be pleased to
receive his patrons.
gt}J- Anyone requiring a Fail Suit should
leave the order early.
LAMPS, Etc. etc.
Birds and Animals set up in a thor-
oniih workmanship manner.
On Hand—Four line Deers' Heads,
which will lie sold for price of setting
ihem up,   Also a Sue case of Birds.
d. s. Mcdonald.
69 Ualihurtou Street, Nanainio,
JOB  w™-»g
Promptly Attended to.
All kinds of
Tin and Sheet-Iron Work.
Victoria Crescent, Nanaimo.
AU Materials used in connection with the above
guaranteed to be first-
General Steamship Agency
Parties going to the Old Country
or sending for friends will
By purchasing Tickets from-
General Agent.
A Journal for &e People
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*-» ♦J^'fe'-
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will find THE MAIL -t
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It has a large and steadily increasing
of the citv and immediate district.
In all its
Various Branches
We Pr*inl_
Etc.., Etc
E. V. CHAMBERS, Manager
<*MU-M««*i«aH**«t. -/.. szf* ■-.-*..-'
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.-viit-.i*  r". ■   -*>.'g!*.:.
ruti-.ll.ll IIP EVKKV
TUSiil.,.!    AND  KlUl'DAY
MAIL  Plilll.loillMi  I'O.MI'.'.XY
Ed. V. c'lin-MttmiM, Editor and Manager.
yutort* Crescent. Nmiiiiiiin. ll. t.'.
jSjr mail—One year	
'    "        six tiiMiiili.-- ■   ■
Threei nils.
Delivered bvcarrtor	
2ao. per iiHiu'.ii
mind may be considered  by some I had been paid at the same  rate? | ■»■ r*kt ,«%
to be a delicate one, yet th it is  no The Mayor, in his most commend- ^Tho    1PI3.C6    "tO    f*Ct"
reason why the truth should not be able desire to see the truth brought:        ""W    1    IC*w"W     IV    **vl
known I to light, paid these   men   then and
I am reliably informed that the there. 1 put in a bill uf expense,
inniute.-i of the notorious dens on not a full bill, as 1 shall pruve mosl
Fraser street huvo lately been Up 'conclusively in the proper lime and
before Police Magistrate Simpson,! place, and surely man- also should
not for a violation of the "public be paid. Why nol?
murals by-law," but to mate a de- \ l I'oceediiig un the ground that
clarution that they are true Iiriiish j my expense—my wiiulc expense—
subjects, and otherwise qualified' to [connected with the trip north,
municipal j should be paid,..!
-   PJECKMBEB 8, 1808
..     ,76
_. ;ooI vote ut the forthcoming
election,    Has it come to this  tlmt I the   false   assumptions   arid
these    abandoned    creatures   can
have   a   voice   and   vote  in   who
— — ] should   compose  our  cily govern-
11 now examine
conclusions   which   thc
leiLins   to  uiuw from
Provincial Politics.
Fixe   Frei ^^^^^^^
i. il infers I had half-fare permits on ".11 lhe roads over whijh 1
truvelied;    ll based this-oonclusioii
ment?   Is it. not possible ihat in a
^^^^^^^^ close contest the votes of these  wo*
I men   would decide  who should he
The rough drafi'oi a platform for o;,,. IU.X, Mav,„., ih(; niderman  fur ion ihe tacl that ii knew i had half-
British Columbia the ward in which they are located, latepermilsin two instances. Sure*
and our school trustees. 1 think, ly il is not su obtuse as lo conclude
Mr. Editor, that vou will agree with ; Unit, because J. had half-tare perms that tlie line should be drawn tails iu two cases, therefore, I mii.-t
ou who should have a vole and who have Had hall-1'aie permits in every
should not,     I should favor draw- louse.     A school child car* see tbe
the   proposed
Liberal party, by \V, Marohant,
published in our last issue, deserves
more than passing notice. Personally we mii;;). confess \o a sense of
dissappointment at the absence of,
to our mind, the most essential
plank for the platform of a -reform
party, one calling fdr'direct legislation through thc initiative anil
referendum. If we could be assured Ihat the new party wouhl be
composed of men, all highminded,
honest, just, wise and unselfish; in
every respect, above tho common
order of politicians and legislators
as we find them, we might reconcile ourselves to the omission.
Especially necessary is the referendum to protect the interest of the
fallacy of such a conclusion. The
Free i'ress betrays loo great anxiety
io coiivicl me. ihis is nut, the first
attempt lo injure me, bin it will
prove ]usl as abortive as all preceding outs. 'ihe fact is, i did not
hate hull fare permits over ail the
lines over which 1 travelled. To
say 1 had, is to utter a falsehood.
Mr. Morris cannol prove it. iclial-
leuge him to do so.
'I. lhe Free Press assumed that I
attempted to conceal the iact thuil
had half-fare permits, and thus
tried to deceive the public. Standing ou this false assumption, ^produced twelve fictitious ministers to
cent police investigation, was made I »»vf ils 1f**ll*"'i"1*** pW-t-on.     Oue
1 ■    ° ialsehooii can novel -prove that an
other falsehood is line,   although a
dozen ministers should swear to it.
it is   false,  infinitely false, that 1
directly or indi-
ing lhe line at moral depravity.
[We do not endorse tbe sentiments expressed by our correspondent in the manner suggested; will
treat the subject editorially in our
next issue.]—Ed.
ill*. McRae Heard 'from.
His letter watt delayed on the
way asjour readers will see by the
date affixed,
. Editor Mail:—In the issue of
the Free Press of the 80th nit., a
most false, malicious and slanderous attack upon my motives and
conduct in connection with the re-
Wheat, Corn, Chop, Outs, Bran, Seconds, Potatoes,
Onions, Flour, Rolled Oats, Oatmeal. Farina,
Buckwheat Flour, lticc Flour, Hominy, also a
Full Line of Choice Groceries, is at
ROBINSOR'S, the Wallace-street Grocer
Our Tea, Coll'ee, and Butter are the heat in the market.
Keniunilier, our itiutto ia—Sipittre Dealing ami Close 1'rires***
people when we take into consider-1 ||y (||;ll ;,,m.n.,i_
ation the fact that parliments  and:   ' Permit me, at tlie outset, to state
legislators have   their lobey rep re- j that 1 most  decidedly   refuse to be
aenting trusts  and   combinations, dragged   down   into" the  polluted I" ,0. 'a™> '""'
,     . . i     •'.•■        f „   arena oi personal vituperation and ever.in any wa*,
buying special privileges  for   cor* I hnigr  w|lh the edlt0Fr of the Free rectly, attempted lo conceal the fact
porations,   and otherwise   iniluen-   pre<^       I   „m   i,,,i,i;.li.i,t.  tluit  »„ j °* having hall-tare permits when 1
ing and corrupting members.    We goo
have no doubt but that  Mr. Mar- Such u uiuimi, im»nn   uci-ii-iuioi .    ■      ,   . ..-,
chant's ideal is a pure democracy, '™    *»  "* -  "■"■*■•■ I [considerable pnde inpuuliely:and
ess. I am confident that nol"' •"•■"-S "'"•-•'•'° t-*-'•••"■■> »u*-.. ■
ad, bit much evil, can come from I hi PPaned lu ***vf lbem; J "e,re"
3h a contest, however  defensible vm's".Jls l™e-  L |"'.ve always taken
but a moments thought will con-1 J^ ^ wJ1| ^^ T[ h^
vince the most skeptical that such j Burvived hostile attacks in the past,
a consumation is impossible under it is destined to conquer in the
the representative system where -| future. Being persuaded of this, I
the citizens snrrenders sovereignity
bv nie.    The   truth  is  the eternal .        ,        ,   .
Fountain of all good,   The truth is pnyately acknowledgin
ness   and generosity ut those com-
tne kind-1
panics whe-grunted me such permits.
i repeat with emphasis tlutt the
assumption is false. I challenge
the Free Press lo show by competent witnesses that it is nol. This it
cannot do.
ii. in the discussion of the halt-
fare permits, it proceeds on the as
sumption that the difference between a lull fare and a half fare in
the point should go to the city of
Nanaimo anil not lu me. If i understand the furm of its argument,
it is this: Mr. MoRae received half-
Idfisire   nothing  hut the truth, the
.      .      ,       .   , ,       , I whole truth, in the present  discus-
for stated periods- to. elected repre-,,io]V     Befo're T pi.iit.ee(, t0 th> ex.
sentatives and officials. Underthelamination of the atrocious charge,
referendum the veto power would let me first disclaim all respunsi-
he in possession of the citizen;  the ; bility of the existence of the e.vpen-
inembers of the executive or Gov- eeS   Vvllioh   eons!Uule  theBUbjeol
,,,        ,      ,       ...    matter  now   under   consideration.
ernmentwould be reduced  to their, Vmm „|e very ilK,.1)ti„u of lm. in.
jiroper sphere—public servants; the vestigatjon, I met with violent op-
lobby-member would find his ocou- position from the police magistrate.,.       .     .        . . .,
nation eone-thecorrunt   legislator He   showered   the most shameful   are; he charged  he city full   are;
pation gone, thecouupt   legislator ^ ^ ^  ^ ^ ^^   ^   ,nmil)te  lie nbhed the city of the
if he would not attend the meeting
of the Police Commissioners.     He
Direct legislation  would do more, balked;   burked,   and  shelved the    . . .     ....
t would  abolish  the  law-making! proceedings whenever he could.    I  nghUo fhe dlflerence oi the  fares.
•   i    •. •    '   -, ir    iirnml iinim  tin.  inimmifll-inani   in.-    U utll  tlll-i qilesllou IS settled   fair V
monopoly with its train of attend- i urged upon   he eonmi. sioneis mv       ,       •    i   ,, , ,   *
,     ., i    • i ,-       • i    'anxiety to give mv evidence before r""   Jll*="vi   mere can oe  nn just
ant evils, class legUlation.ring rule, K^.^   ft« ^ -^       |n ord(jr U)| judgment passed upon the conduct
jobbery, the spoils system, in a: llvuiil t|)0 necessity of again return-
word the trading professional polit- ing bu far.   The law  provided  for
might get elected to the legislature,
but his power for evil would be nil.
difference. That this conclusion
may be true, it must be first clearly
proved that the city has an absolute
lean would be a thing  ofthe   past.! such   emergencies   was  citei
I acknowledged, but of ^^^^^
■ must   not be permitted to give evi- j
uf any man in the circumstances.
Let one now analyze the assumption that the city, aud not I, has an
There is nothing new i
years by al   tie   irinrpal  trade
unions, und  the individual  mem-
liers of such would never  think   of
relinquishing   the   privil
justice of the referendem   13   prac-
iically admitted hy  Prefr
rier in the proposed  plebescile  on ',
layor dissenting. The commis-! las ll,e \,nme rl-ht ,u' &***> hlll[-
ioiiers who voted me to silence at fiU'e permits to me tl.e city, or any
-at time are responsible, not I, for ot * 1Klrt-f\ lh? ral ,"*' c°'"'
be expenses.    It was only because ^ Pame8> and thev iUon"' of lctH,"**!,,•,•
mhp   ruin i acknowledged, but of no avail,   i absolute r.ght to the money  which
•    ,   ca- i   *i . .   V      must  not 'be permitted tn give evi- cunstilutes the. difference   between
cipal of direct   legislation,   it   has!,1em.e      T|l(1  enmmissioners voted itiic full and half fares   granted to
heen adopted and carried out  for  |afl.t. 1 mu-t not nive evidence—the lne l,v tlie various companies. Who
Mayor dissenting.     The   commis-! has llle l'nl"e «ght to grant half
,.      ...       ,,        . ., „,,   itheexper.=vD. , }   —,-. ,    .
relinquishing   the  privilege,    fhe; -   m   tlmt  •   mu8t appear as an Anf ,P^s?n   or persons who h
  honorable man to push the charges jsuoh half-fare permits  must   huve
iically admitted by  Premier  Lau- j 1 had made that I went north.     1' P1 lhe'» rf'/J'» llle railway cornpan-
1 knew  what the enemy would say m-     " I have such half-fare per-
,, ...... ., ...     should I have billed to appear.   Sl) ( nuts, 1 must  have   received   them
the prohibition question,    and the ,   .    ., ., ../'      c        '
_.,r,        .      ...      , ,    much for tne responsibility   of  ex-
Jintish  Columbia  legislature   ad-. .)(.nses-
dopts  it in  the   "act'.' .governing!    In order that, this question of cx-
niunicipalities   in   so   far   as   no; pense may be properly  understood
monev   borrowing  bv-law"can  bei it is necessary, in my humble opiu-
' j l    .«. ,i        ii ion, to answer two questions. ,     .      „    T,   ,      . ,,   ,
passed by the council  and become ;     ^,_Am . ^.^ U(        ex., naimo?   If the city could do  this,
law unless first introduced   bv and  penges at all? ll was able to "° wtlat L u"u'o   **llt
voted on by  the rate-payers.   If|    Second:—If lam, to what extent? ('°» and neglected its duty i.n   not
In answer to  tbe first  question, S doing   so, and has no right to im-
et   me frankly state that if I am  P086 that d.a>y. "P"" me without my
from the railway companies.   Now,}
in   the   case  under consideration, I
could the city of Nanaimo get half-
fare permits for any one from   all
tlie railway companies over  whose!
mads I travelled to aud from N
this law is necessary  to conserve'
and protect   the   interests of   the
hot  legally   and  morally entitlet
property  owners in municipalities! J*0Vp*ns"s, then I consider it my
—which is   conceded—how   much  duly,  as an honest man, to return
more necessary is such a law in the  the money   received.     This I shall
wide' fteld o'provincial and nation: 1  ""■■"**•   r"l<*dly   do, whenever it has
'legislation?    The answer   is   <■--'    been determine
umbia hii
disgraced by such legislation as the      .. ,      .,,    ..   ,,
•    ■  „  '   ' D,    ,    „ , gation   and   with   it  the expense,
B. & N'. Railway steal, the Nakusp: w|lel, T refUBecl to proceed with the
<te Slooan and kindred railway con-, investigation unless they did. May-
ftruction jobbery in which the' or Davison is absolutely correct
MOfiitS WOW   barefacedly   robbed, j -vhen he  8a>*s  tl"'   commissioners
"' ""All ....„.,..,.., 'J-|iis    cftn
the second
consent. If the city could not get
half-fare permits, I ask why? The
only logical answer is because the
companies would not grant such
half-fares to the city. That ends
the contention for Ihe city. But,
the editor of the Free Press being a
fare and refused to give it to
tho city. Tho city of Nanainio
may be larger than I am, but its
rights nro no more sacred aud
unassailable. But the Free
I'ress would turn nie into a servant for the city of Nanaiiuo.
It would have mo go to the
Irutilileaiul expense of exercising
my influence as a clergyman,
of signing papers of responsibility, to secure half-fare permits, and then give the benefits
of the permits to the city. Nay,
it wouhl compel nie nt the risk
of my honor, to make the donation. 1 most emphatically refuse to act tho part of a servant
for your city, or any other city,
contrary to my will, or bo coerced to give away that which
legitimately belongs to me. 1
most emphaticatioally refuse to
bo used as a machine to take
money out of the pockets of any
railway companies and give it
to other parties contrary lo my
will. The option is with
mo. alone. On this principle 1
had a right a perfect right to do
what, 1 pleased with the benefits
bestowed upon ine liy any railway company, 1 have always noted daring my
entire ministerial life, without ever
imagining for one moment tii.it I was
I'l'litiiug any one, \\ li rever 1 have
lieen staiiinieil as a minister, il tlie congregation were well ahie to pay full
travelling expenses, I charged them the
full fare ami used the money ronstitut-
ing the ilUicreiice between a lull fare
nud a hull' lare ub 1 use my lhe in service nl inv nutsler. On the other hand
whenever the people were not able io
my opinion to pay the full lure, 1 olten
refunded not only the half, but the entire Ian* as a eoiiirilmtinii tu Llie church,
Ol what use iu this wide world would
a permit be to tne if oth.r parlies, not
i, were to reap the beneiiie.
The principle upon which I have
always acted is fully sustained by
ihe action of the Canadian House
of Commons. During lhe last session of the Conservative Administration at Ottawa, a motion was
submitted to the House, and overwhelmingly voled down upon a
division, to make it illegal fur
members lo accept permits and
passes from railway companies
and at the same lime collect travelling expenses from the Canadian
people. The vast majority of these
members among whom I noticed
the names of some of the members,
from B. C, voled against the nio-
tinn, and defeated it. I think they
did so without imperilling honor
and integrity. If 1 have acted contrary to law in exercising my option with the benefits granted me
by railway companies, I have done
so unknowingly I am persuaded
that! have not acted contrary to my
moral judgment; but, Sir, winie
•/.ealiiusly guarding my right to dn
what I please with the benefits conferred on me by railway companies
through their kiud permits, The
question still remains, what did I
actually do with the benefits received through these permits on
my trip to and from Nanaimo? I
exercised my option by giving them
to your city. It is not true that I
charged the city more than my actual cash outlay directly connected
with my last trip to and from the
investigation. The Free Press says
I did. It published to the world
that I did. It is now its duty to
prove its statement or retract and
apoligoze. The first it cannot do,
the last I do uot   expet t it will do.
Let ine here and now §ute that I ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
can pruve, I um prepared to prove, [ that 1 ever took one vile nickel out of
I shall  prove,  at the proper time the treasury of Nanaimo,   As I have di-
iii-iri   nli™   lw   Ibe   hinsl   infwlrihln   reeled   the attention of the editor ol the
and place, hy tlie most in.ainbielVrf,u Pme (l)a 0B„ttgeof the illB|)i,.ed
evidence, thut my actual cash Ba- record so would" 1 also how direct your
orifice during my last trip to JNaiia (attention "to another and different pas/
imo in connection with the investi-
ty ... ,, i    '• j I assumed the expenses,
Neither would   we   be   hampered        ,   , r
:-.." ' IailhiIv he. tiroveii.       In
easily be proved.      In
such permits to Mr. MoRae, and I
am going to atlack and assail him
with vituperation and slander, and
compel 1 hitn to surrender to the
city the money presented him by
the railway companies through
lalf-fare   permits,   which    money
.  .      ,•        jj..l i »n, i   ,,       '-'I.-III   ue uiuvou,        jiii     inc   niwiiu .
With the additional   million dollar piaoe lm\c\   t|,e expenses of other i'liese. companies have  already   by
debt incurred in the construction of j men were p:iid.    Why not mine?
that monument of fol ley in Victoria t    In answer to the second question
jtnownas the new parliament build*!to what extent should my expenses
ings.   Our hopes of political reform ; ['",, l""'1' J  te^l ''** ^l"*--. l0 the
., ,    , . ,   full extent.      I   base this   answer
rests more on the people than with ■ alg0 up(m two guod rensonl?,   lst_
'thepoliticans, therefore we trust j The commissioners assumed all re-
thatthenew party will adopt as a sponsibility of expenses when they
cardinal   principle   "direct Legis-! decided there was ground fur an in-
! vestigatiun and began proceedings.
| The question then ceased tn be a prj-
I vate, and becamo a public one. The
; public should pay for  the  services
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ l-render-ui.     2nd—Mr. Taylor and
thi. column ie opentatherdMc and J Mr' Alexander were  paid  full ex-
*    htorlUll  •'»■'•.*-  th, cMzeits ut ,„„/,,; Jienscs in open  court.      The  court
ton of it for diecumnppublic guts-i ruled   that   they  must be paid in
Hon*, ■ ,'.;.'.      . .       .1 order to ?ecure their evidence.     I
■fT, art not rttpotuihl* fir the opinion, «>/j 8h0qld  like very muoh to know, if
I  jurcorreepotYdeute.^    ^ I ,„u, «,. JBditor,-thl*»--   they   were
vr "'*"■'. (i"**v|:iid when they received either
** * ■•• ■ Vli.'l.i'r*. fur ashort lime
youi space.   The subject I have in fruiVwwWwy bill' terminate U
implication refused to grant the
city, they have given you. It does
not belong lo you, it belongs to the
city. .I answer: The money does
belong to me. The companies gave
it to me. I have a right to do wilh
it what I please. If the city had
secured half-fare permits over all
the roads which I travelled and
given them to me, then the city
most certainly would be entitled to
the difference of fares. In that case
the different companies would have
granted thedifference between a full
fare and a half fare to the city and
not to me. What, right could fi have
to demand the city to give me the
money granted to it hy railway
companies, and, failing to get it,
charged the cily with deceit and
robbery. Q'n the other hand, what
right wouhl the city "have to
charge me with deceit and robbery in case I bad received half
the general passenger agents. I
had failed on previous occasions in
travelling over the same roads in
-ee the general passenger agents
and had to pay the full fare, i'his
was likely tn take place again.    It
j did actually take place in no le-is
than two instances un my return
and I had to pay full fare. Again
I did noi    know what   my   actual
'sacrifice of income would be during
j my absence.    Any one ean see that
jl could hot write out a full itemized account under such circumstances.    The only thing then tube
i done was to write out a bill, lhe
lumpsum of which would; not exceed, bin come below the actual ex- j
I penses. This I did. The fact is
that there are large items of actual
leash sacrifice not mentioned in the
bill at all. All this can be easily
proved by reference to railway
Companies, Church managers etc.
Did I choose to take my stand
on my sacred right,to do what I
please with the difference between
a full lare and a naif fare as already demonstrated, I could proceed to increase the bill, and make
it very much larger than it now is.
I iiave a right, a perfeet right, if I
choose to increase the fare from
Victoria to Nanaimo from $.5,00 to
$3,80. The statement in the Free
i'ress about this $8,0.1 is simply re-
diculous. How could I purchase
my ticket and not know what it
cost? The fare was raised from
$8,00 to $8,80 before I left Nanaimo, as I knew by experience I
have a right, a perfect right, if I
will to increase the fare from Nanaimo to Vancouver from Toe. to$1,60
elc. If the Free I'ress dn nnt think
so, it may consult Mr. Hunter
general passenger agent nf the E&N.
who su kindly and generously with
uut olicitation (the only such instance in my experience! sent me
the permit. It he chooses, be will
tell what he meant nie to do with
the difference between the full fare
and the half fare. He will tell
whether he intended me to put the
difference "freezingly into my
pocket or give it to the city of
Nanaimo. But I do not need to
take my stand on this unassailable
right of doing what I please with
my       own.      I       can prove
as already so often repeated by
reference to railway tickets, to
hotels where I lodged, to church
managers, that my actual cash outlay considerably exceeds the bill.
A-ialn the Kree Press states as follows—
"This ;-.!X),.">(J is over and above his regular expense" 1 have no words to express ii.y si long denial and utter abhorrence oi this low vile charge. Il the
editor of the Free Press will look up the
St. Ma t, 23. ;ii( it will have u lain tem-1
i-eption ni what 1 think ul a man who is
capnlilc ni making siit-li a charge with
uut the most ui.inipeai-haOle evidence,
i ask the honest citizens of Nanaimo;
who are ivoiking hard lor soeial moral
and efvil reform not to allow this ques-
tion to divert theii attention from the
main issue. I am now contending not
for money but for,principle. All that I
deRiie to prove is that the assumptions
and conclusions ofthe editor of the!
free Press are utterly and absolutely
without the faintest shuduw uf Inundation iii fact, li the contention be thut,
i am not legally entitled to my expenses
let it he so staled. Then us lur as [ am
coneerneii, I give the City Fathers the
privilege to draw ou mu in sight ut the
Bank uf li 0 iu Vuncouver fur lhe sum
of -178,20 and notify John A Me Kite of
that city accordingly. As lur as i um
concerned my enemies luuy huve the
money hut they cannot have my integrity and my honor. No ell'ort is too
great, no Bacritice so dear, that i will
nut make to maintain my character. 1
am prepared at a moments notice to
appear in your city in my own defence
and in your support and hy the grace uf
I God all the devils in hell cannot prove
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In conclusion, I desire  to make
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shameful    attack.   The     circumstances under  which I  wrote the
I bill rendered it absolutely impossible for me  to write a full correct
! itemized account.   I had yet to return home.    I had no return  tickets.   I had  not half-fare permits
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