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The Nanaimo Semi-Weekly Mail Aug 8, 1896

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By tbe test of public opinion
and found "till right."
Second Year
And increased success of the
people's paper, tbe
Nanaimo Mail.2 VoX,"
■4*,.     >siiiess, and the su-
r *4/j      '  our work   comin -vhile as to prices
'1 classes
' custo-
■»    *
VOL. I2.-N0. 14.
Sow is the Time
Infesting Trees, Shrubs,
Flowers and Vegetables,
o    o    o    o    o    o:-
You want something that will do the bushiest
effectually, yet will not injure the most
delicate flower or plant.
Does the trick.    Try a tin.
We also have in slock Wluilo Oil Soup, used
hy all Fruit Growers.
We have a small stock of Fruit Jars—Pints, Quarts and
Half Gallons.'
Delta and Duncan's Creamery Butter and choice "Manitoba
Creamery and selected Dairy Butter in 5, 10, '20 and
30 lb. tubs.    Prices away down.
Sterilized Cream from the Delta Creamery, very choice, in
Pint Jars.
We have a full line of the best Groceries at the Bottom
Prices.   Quality Guaranteed.
AVe have just opened out n large consignment of Boots and
Shoes.    Prices are right.
Call and See our Stock and Get our Figures.    It will pay
1 f1|ip     Victoria
'! Uj        Crescent.
The Leader's Reception ami Reply to
Addresses of Congratulation.
A grand reception was tendered
to lion. Wilfrid Laurier on the
evening of Aug. 5 at Ottawa on the
occasion of the formal Inking up of
his residence at the capital. Thousands welcomed him at the station
and cheered him along the streets.
Among the many transparencies
shown was one rending "Protection
to the Working Class." Senator
Mclnnes rode in the procession with
other leading Liberals. Replying to
addresses Mr. Laurier said the government would endeavor to relieve
agriculture from its burden, to promote trade and commerce, to develop our native industries. It would
also be their endeavor to encourage
literature, letters, arts and science,
and to make Ottawa a seat of learning, a part of letters in lhe Dominion. (Cheers.) He had spoken
elsewhere of his desire to see Ottawa
become lhe Washington of the
North. (Cheers.) He had nol forgotten those words; lie intended to
live up to them as much as he could.
No nation but was proud of its capital city. No Frenchman in the
Pyrenees or by tiie sea coast of
France but was proud of Paris,
while all Americans were proud .of
Washington, lt would therefore
be the endeavor of his government
to make Ottawa us far as possible a
capital of which Canadians should
be proud. (Cheers.) It would be
their aim to make Canada such a
country that whenever a man left
its shores it should be the pride of
his heart to proclaim that be was a
Canadian. (Cheers.) The proceedings closed with cheers for the
Queen, Mr. and Mine. Laurier, and
Sir Oliver .Mowat.
An   Explanation from tlic Minister
of Immigration.
Speed   Attained
by a
flewi David B. Hill has announced
that he will support Bryan and
Cape May Courthouse a speed
ninety-four mi les an hour wasreach-
; ed at one time, and the run between
| the two places, a distance of eleven
ind one-eighths miles, was'-accom-
In reply to queries made concerning many erroneous reports in
circulation regarding the Bella
Coola Norwegian colony, Hon. Col,
linker,  Minister   of   Immigration,
, wites officially that  these  reports
. are untrue.    He says:   "There are
lover 50 locations in the colony and
nearly 200 men, women and chil- plished in ten minutes. Two pas-
dren. The Government agreed with j senger coaches were attached to the
the colonists to give them 1(10 teres engine and a number of guests took
'each  on   lease,   rent  free  for   five! 'he trip.    Uuder favorable  co'ndi-
: years, and at the end of that time ! tion*- and on a more splkl roadbed
to give them free crown grants for : the inventor, Willianj J. Holman
their lands, provided they had made ! °* Minneapolis, believes that a speed
i improvements to the extent of *5 an jof ' *-*° mile*" Ciin he obtained.
The  Holman engine  is  an
The new friction locomotive was The strained relations between
recently tested on the tracks of I Great Britain and Germany has
the South Jersey Railroad. On a caused the resignation of Prince
level stretch between Cape May and  llobenlohe, the German Chancellor,
acre. The Government agree to
make a wagon road through the
colony and to give the settlers a
school house and school teacher.
These things have been done at a
cost of about $18,000, and tbe colonists have been employed at wages
in making the road. The road goes
up the valley for about 20 miles
and crosses the river in several
places  by  bridges.     There is one
mense affair and has recently been
lilted with new steel wheels to remedy the defect caused by the strain
on the softer metal formerly used.
The trucks, which are a special feature of the machine, are made up
of five friction-geared wheels placed
under each driver. Three of them
rest on the track and the other two
bear upon them and the driver in
William J. Bryan, the democratic
nominee for president, is beinggen-
erally indorsed by single tax«rsand.
will receive their support in November.
Major Lothaire has been acquitted
at Brussels of the illegal execution
of Stokes, the British trader, in the
Congo Free State, notwithstanding
the protest of Great Britain.
On Wednesday 800 British troops
gained a decisive victory over the
Matabele forces estimated to have
numbered about 6000. About 600
of the latter were slain, and the British loss included Major Hershaw,
Lieut. Harvey and about 30 men
killed; and six officers, several noncommissioned officers and about 30
men wounded.
large bridge with a 200-foot span I •*••'•■ rests upon the two. The track
which is not quite completed, but it | wheels _ are held in place by side
will be in a short  time
l , ,     ' ' V I I    I i -       -          1 v
A   good : bars, which hinge around the center
Ncbonville,  Ohio,  in the Throes of a
Ncbonville,   O.,  Aug.  tl.—New   Pittsburg milling camp, a few miles from this
ohool-house is erectedand a schooll wheel.    The   hinging   renders   tiie ' city, is the scene of a most intense re-
I teacher provided.   A wharf is about trucks flexible,  and provides   for
to be erected at the mouth of the tha engine an endless track of mov-
river so  that  laree steamers can »ng wheels.   The trucks used in to-
Icome  alongside,  which  will  be a day's trial were geared at about two
Do "Sot Fail
As the New Spring Season
is now upon us	
to come and inspect our stock of
< mWA&i tula & B?8:BflsllSI >
Our stock this, season we assure you is
complete in every respect and bound
to please. It comprises all the latest
novelties, etc. A very line and well
assorted stock ot* Ladies' Sailors and
Children's Galatea, Silk and Lace Hats.
Crescent Store, Nanaimo, B. C.
To know that (lie
Beit and Purest
Preserves made
Wo only make the be9t.  Try thom.
(Blflck Currant, Btrawborry, Red Currant   t
(   and Gooseberry Preserves now ready.  ?
Broken Bicycles
^'I&Ki --..'-'
—SHOULD  lm-
City Market
eH.LBn.FN-. f-.K-fja
as.    IFlv
/•."I'v '*.'■.' 7 ^Msx^i
4\ 0
Repaired in Good Shape
to avoid danger of accidents.
Repairing Bikes a Specialty
nee oil u » sun . rf yon rt0) in| ln.ik(i ., gr6ft) (lim,mi(T
■ with the youngsters and a still greater
dllferenco will. ynu. They'll lie better
shod than Ihey possibly eotilil be els.
where nnd at a considerably less cost.
When yon ean save money by buying
bitter goods, youV'e struck a good imi-
liitinn of a bonanza. That's what you'll j
| always lind in our slock—the best juve-
Wholesale and Retail Butchers ^\ ^KW"^^ %»
might as well try to heat a drum with a
P. 0. Box 227 Telephone 7-8
Another Tarte Badly Wauled iu the
Interim' Department.
Ottawa, Aug. 7.—There is great
pressure being brought to bear upon the Government to appoint a
.Minister of Interior, The general
affairs of the departments of both
Interior and Indian affairs are left
i:i the hands of deputies and the
consequence is that all the political
heelers who were employed by the
late Government are slill at work
and the country i.s responsible for
their salaries for August. There is
no appropriation for surveys, for
instance, yet a couple of men who
are now engaged in surveying swamp
lands drew nearly $10,000 between
llieni for the month of July. This
will lie repeated in August. Those
political partisans of the Indian
Department who were stumping the
country against the Liberals are
slill drawing their Government
Cheques. Home of those who figured
in llie scandals of 181)1 are also being recommended by deputies for
promotion. It will take a live, active man,.who will spare no pains
lo get al the root of all the recomen-
dations placed before him, to overcome the inlluci.ee which surround
lim. Another Tarte is wanted in
tbe Interior Department.
Canada and the I'nited States.
In addition to tariff reform and
preferential trade with Great Britain, Mr. Laurier and lhe Liberals
are pledged by their platform to the
betterment of trade relations between Canada and the UnitedSlales.
The United Slates and Canada have
been one another's best customers
even under tho protective policy of
tbe Conservative Govern ment, which
has chosen rather to antagonize
than to conciliate Canada's nearest
and big neighbor, who is also her
cousin. Under a less restrictive!
policy each will be able to contrih- j
ute greatly to the trade and prosperity of the oilier. Everything
will be done, however, to encourage
trade between Great Britain and;
Canada, and lhe exportation of
farm products to England will be
encouraged and assisted.
Montreal Witness.
Alia.ilie ("ity, N, .1.. Ann. (1.—Almost
a week has passed since the t» rrible
railroad collision and the inquest hns
not .vet heen concluded, yet the original
theory that Engineer Farr, of the Reading flyer, was responsible for the dentliB
of the forty-four persons still holds pood.
No evidence has boon adduced to show
that anyone else is to blame.
Lisbon, Aug. 5.—It Is again stated
here In the newspapers that Oront Britain has recognised the sovereignity of
Brazil over the Island of Trinidad, off
the const of Brazil. Similar slatemens
were made in February lust and have
been repeated nt Intervals.
great boon to the colonists. A town-
site has been surveyed near the
wharf and lots will be sold by public auction. The land in tbe valley
is rich, but timbered in some places
heavily, and in others with alder.
The climate is good and the settlers
express themselves as well satisfied
as to the suitability of the land for
fanning and fruit-growing. Some
of the settlers have farms in Minnesota, and they have applied for
leave of absence (one of them for
Iwo years) to live upon their hold
ings at Bella Coola, which has oi.
course been refused—hence the j
grumbling and the exodus of a few. [
there are many more locations
ready for settlement, and when a
su.'iicient number of settlers arrive1
the wagon road will bo extended up
the valley. Steamers call at Bella
Coola and will be available for tak-1
ing crops, etc., to the markets of j
Vancouver, Xew Westminster, Nanaimo and Victoria. The settlers'
have the advantage of abundance
of salmon in the Bel la Coola river."
to one.
All Owing to the Weather—Waiting
Till the Clouds Roll By.
Yes! it's rather dull just now.
It's the hot part of the season and
one feels sleepy, you know. Why
make exertion when it costs effort?   Mart '■>"**•>■ to the asylum
The miners are taking a little holiday. The ships are lazy too, and
don.'t come as frequently just now.
'"'"«I Sometimes they don't take on half
is ot i J   , j      ii
a   cargo—pure   laziness,  and   all
owing to the hot weather.
Otlier things move slowly too, as
though   affected   with    the    heat.
i Nothing lias been done towards extending   Dunsmuir  avenue.     Too
; hot.     Same reason  applies to Na-
! naimo-Comox Trunk Road. They
are trying hard to get a start, but
to put one foot before another this
I hot weather is asking too much. It
will begin when the hot wave and
I the clouds of smoke have rolled by.
Everything is slumbering owing to
the weather. Let us all goto sleep.
—Union News.
llglous excitement, bordering upon fan-
nticism, The leaders claim the personal
communication with the Lord and act
under Instructions from Hirn. The excitement is so high that families have
been broken up nud numerous tights
hnve occurred over the matter. The
people have tried in every way to get
rid of the fanatics but failed. Warrantt
wpre sworn out to-dny for thc arrest ot
the lenders, Mart Senrls nnd his two
brothers, nnd when nrrnigned before the
justice they were furious nnd denounced the court in thc most bitter terms,
insulting the justice nnd even climbing
upon thc desk and spitting upon him.
They were finally plnced in jail anil
Others will
surely follow. Their followers number
about 150, some of whom hnve given as
high as $160 each upon being converted.
More conservative people predict th*
trouble will end in bloodshed.
A Duel to Make Things a Little Lively
—A Captain Killed.
The Song of Silver.
Tell us not in mournful numbers,
life is but an idle dream; for we see World's Oold anil Silver
that wealth controls us and we are ;    Tne following table is said to be
not what we seem.     Bights that a oonservative estimate of the gold
once  our stalules gave ns, now no ancl si]ver of tile worid, which in-
longer can we claim; for theshylock ciU(je8 bullion and coin:
buys conventions and the candidates oountbv.        oold.           silver.
doth name.    What areWe that we  France  if 1,000,000,000 $700,000,000
Havana; Aug. 0.—Gen. Oehnndo, the
chief uf the genera] stuff, has ceased to
hold that position, nnd will probubly be
succeeded  by  (iener.il  Luque.
The editors of two dnily newspapers,
Perro Grulbo, of the National of Cien-
fuegos. and Barroto Lopez Bngo, of the
National of Santiago de Cuba, have
fought a duel with swords. The latter was  wounded.
The captain of a smnek. named Ta-
villes, has been killed by the insurgents
at Maravi.
A Pork Pucker's Scheme to Expose the
"Silver"   Fraud.
United States
Germany ...
Great Britain
India  aud 1
Total  ....
Other l
686,000,000    810,000,000
should grumble, o'er tbe platform
that he writes; 'tis the task of common people to believe what he indites.
Ah, but listen to the murmur of
the thunder o'er the plains, as Ihe
people rise in anger to protest
against such claims. "Down with
tyrant gold," they're shouting, "out
upon these blnlaiil knaves; we are
freemen, and, hy thunder, none can
sell us oul as slaves. We're for
silver and for freedom and our clans
are brave and true." Silver! shouts
the chorus from the hilltops far
away, while the millions in the valleys sing its praises every day.
Silver will increase our wages, it
will give us work each day; for 'twill
thwart the mighty shylock and will
lake his power away. Rising prices
for  our products, business for our  ' All Object Lesson,
idle men; all will cine to bless our Georgia has furnished a splendid
nation when silver's money once object lesson to the country relative
again. Plenty will return to mil- to the government ownership of rail-
lions and prosperity will reign in r0ft(jg. Last week a letter was re-1
the home of every workman when  ceived at the executive department i
Chicago,  Aug.  (!.—rhilip  D.   Armour,
the  packer,  has  had    printed     notices
distributed   among  his  5000    employes,
announcing that for on American silver
590[OQ6J6o6 - dollar, he will give them 50 cents worth
115,000,0(10 i Of meat and a  Mexican silver dollar in
110,000,000  change.      He nlso hns prepared  n cir-
00,000,000: oular  showing  the  rate of    wages,  in
60,000,000 ' prices of goods  for the working clnsses
126,000,000 in Mexico ns compared to what is re-
100,000,000: ceived in this country.    A ready-made
i -no nnn ono ' clothing merchant  has slso hung out a
  ',■'10,01)0,000 ,,,,„,.,„. S]lvinK he wi„ KiV(1 for nn Am.
i.,...- ,,,,., .„,,, .. enn ,„„, ,„„i  erlcan dollar, fifty cents' worth of goods
$8,265,000,000 8,600,000,0001 and „ Uexlcan siivor ,Iol,ar for clmnge.
Aggregate.. .1(8,000,000,000 8,000,000,000
These   figures   arc   from  M, L.
Muhleman,   of  lhe   United  States!
sub-treasury at New York.    There]
'are  some  statisticians who  claim:
President Cleveland Not ill Touch Wttn
His Free Silver Colleagues.
Buffalo, Aug. 6.—A Washington special   says:   President   Cleveland    expects
that the aggregate of the estimation | '" make public his views on the politlcnl
is too low by $1,000,000.   The esti    """" *  '"  '"' 	
male of the director of the i'nited
Stales Mint is gold, $8,901,900,000;
silver, $3,931,100,000.
Bituatlon at an early date, probably In
n letter, He hns not snid n word since
either of the national conventions and
his treatment of his cabinet is tnken ns
a straw Indicating his views. Morton
nnd otlier secretaries who nre agntust
Bryan nre slill in high fnvor with President. Cleveland. Hoke Smith, who endorsed Bryan, is snid to have received
n pretty snub.
silver's money once again.     When
A Hint to Canadian Marksmen.
The  New York Sun says many
containing   a   check   for $20,000, [ congratulatory   things   about   the
theides of next November give to us whicb represents the net earnings [ success of tbe Canadian marksmen
the chance to win, you can bet your 0f the Northeastern railway for the j at Bisley, and suggests that a team
bottom dollar silver will be money past ten months. Governor Atkin- of twelve Canadians contend for the
1 lien. James B. Code, in National gon immediately turned it into the Hilton Trophy at the coming meet
Bimetallist. | State treasury. This sum was larger
thin was expected and is a proof of
the  splendid management of   the
Sault Ste Marie, Mich., Aug. 4.—
Much damage 13 hein gone by forest
fires in this vicinity. Lust evening
GlndU, a station eight miles from here.
on the South shore road, wus wiped out
am! the residents had to Bee for their
lives. Brimley is also threatened by destruction and may be wiped out by this
fi.-e. Scores of farmers lust their homes
nnd barely escaped will, their lives.
The regular South Shore passenger
train was compelled to return to Owen
Sound on account of the llames nnd
Smoke, Several passengers fainted before the (rail, got out of thc fire belt,
No rain has fallen for weeks, nnd everything on the ground is dry ns tinder.
Unless it rains soon there will he n vast
emount of Umber destroyed nnd other
damage done.
ing at Sea Girt, in New Jersey. The
Hilton Trophy was intended to be
an international match, but it is a
State officers.    The road cost $100,-'long  time  since it has partaken of
000, although tho  bonds indorsed . that character.    The Sun unearths
in the State amounted to $287,000.
The earnings in the last ten months
have paid lhe interest on tlies bonds
and placed in the treasury $10,000
clear profit.
You Can't Buy Happiness, but If you
are suffering from dyspepsia, scrofula,
Bait rheum, impure blood, yon may he
cured and made happy by taking Hood's
Hood's l'ills are the best family cathartic and liver medicine. Harmless,
reliuble, sure.
its legend, whioh runs in part that
it is "open to teams of twelve from
. . . each of the Provinces of Creat
Britain," and promises, incidentally, a cordial welcome to a Canadian team at the New Jersey ranges.
The Canadian riflemen who have
honored lhe Dominion hy winning
tiie Kolapore Cup need have no
hesitation about contending for the
Hilton Trophy, and it is to be hoped
the suggestion will lead to another
Canadian triumph. XTbe'filanaimoriDaU
THURSDAY   ami SA'll'lliiAY
E. ('. 11RARD, Editor and Manager.
Bastion Street. Nanaimo, II. C
season..'.'ios hates.
By mull-One year  E.OO
Six lllOlitilS i.26
"       Three mouths is
Delivered bv earner tzr.o. per mouth
AUOUST s, 1890
There is but one way of solving
the menacing problem of the unemployed, permanently raising wages,
and establishing business upon a
sound and paying basis, and thai
is by liberating natural opportunities.
Efforts should be made (o acquaint the Eastern excursionists
who will shortly visit this province
wilh the results of Chinese immigration as it affects the present situation and would affect the future
if not effectively and promptly
While efforts are being made to
secure increased lire protection and
decreased insurance   rates  in   this
city, the present Fire Limit-By-law
is   being   flagrantly   violated—an
anomaly that does not savor of due
The   bill   of   exceptions in   thei
Durrant appeal is tlie longest ever'
filed in the United Slates, coveting
over 2500 typewritten pages.    The
district attorney expects the caselo
reach an end (a rope's end)  before
the close of the year.
It would now lie in order to (ilea
protest against This .Mail for its j
success in ilie recent campaign. If
anyone was bundled in connection
with this institution, we certainly
wouiii like the matter investigated
and discover who received lhe
It is the determination ofthe Liberals in Victoria to push the protests there to the hitter end. Of the I
result, if one-humlreth pari of what
is reported be true, there cannot be
the slightest doubt of the voiding
of the election of Col. Prior and
Mr. Thomas Earle. -World.
It is noteworthy that there was
hardly a trade, business or profession in the city and district that
was not represented al the anli-,
Chinese meeting on Wednesday.
night—a fact indicative that all
classes alike have become aroused
to the present injury and threatening danger of lhe common enemy.
Il is reported that the Provincial
Government is considering the advisability of taking steps to ascertain the feasibility of a scheme for
dyking the low lands on the Fraser
river banks liable to be inundated
by the high water. That some localities ean be dyked goes without
saying, whilst others will baffle the
best engineering skill in the world.
However, it will be known shortly
what is to be done.
■ » •»—-
The Japanese are becoming competitors with the Hritish,Canadians
and Americans in pelagic scaling.
"Many of them have become expert
in seal-catching while employed on
the Canadian vessels, and have returned home and induced their
countrymen to go into the business
extensively. Thev may continue
catching seals after the diminishing
returns have discouraged llie men
of other nationalities.
The Chicago Trades and Labor
Assembly have the two leaders of
the Republican organization on
toasting forks. II. C. Payne and
Mark Hanna have been the most
uncompromising and persistent enemies organized labor ever had, and
now they are the chiefs In command
of (he McKinley forces, thus giving
emphasis to the Republican platform, which in effect says to llie
world, " the common people be
d-d.'' If Hanna and Payne are
not retired, organized labor will
paraphrase this sentiment on lhe
third of November bv a ballot whicli
will say, "McKinley bed   d."
The prompt trial and conviction
of tbe leaders of the raid on the
Transvaal is an object lesson which
other countries may profit by.
Jameson, Wilioughby, Cray, White
and Coventry, the representatives
of a gigantic trust with hundreds
of ttitUii i s al its command, n ■ British subjects invaded the territory
of a friendly people to wrest by
force what thev could not obtain by
treaty. They were defeated by the
brave Boers, captured and turned
over to their own government for
trial. They had been lauded by
the press and their deeds had been
sung by poets; ot. their arrival in
Kngland they were met wilh such
ovations as usually grcel conquer-
ing heroes; but when Ihey were confronted with British law and English justice, they were sent to jail
like other cut-throats and robbers.
Who bids for the little children,'
Body and soul and brain?
Who bids for the little ehildren,
Young and without a stain?
"Will no one hid," asked Kngland,
" Km- our souls so pure anil white,
And lit for nil good and evil
The world on I heir page may write?"
" We hid," said Pest and Famine;
" We hid for life and limb;
Fever and pain and squalor
Their bright young eyes shall dim.
When the children grow too many
We'll nurse Iheni as our own,
And hide Iheni in secret places
Where none may hear their moan."
" I hid," said Beggary, howling;
" 1 I.id for them, one and all;
I'll teach them a thousand lessons—
To lie, to skulk, to urawl!
They shall sleep in my hair like maggots,
They shall rot in the fair sunshine,
And it Ihey serve my purpose,
I hope they'll answer thine."
"And I'll hid higher and higher,"
Said Crime, with a wolfish grin,
"For I love lo lead the ehildren
Through the pleasant paths of sin.
They shall swarm in the streets to pilfer,
They shall plague the broad highway,
Till they grow too old for pity-
dust ripe for the law lo slay.
'•Prison and linik and gallows
Are many iu lhe land ;
'Twqre folly not to use them,
So proudly do ihey stand,
(live .ne the little children ;
I'll take then, as they're horn,
And feed their evil passions
With misery and Scorn.
"(live me the little ehildren,
Ve rich, ye good, ye wise;
And let the busy world spin round
While you shut your idle eyes;
And your judges shall have the work,
And your lawyers wag the tongue,
And the jailers und policemen
Shall he fathers lo the young."
"(Ih, shame!" said true Religion;
"Oh, shame that this should he I
I'll lake the liitle children—
(Ih, give them all to me!
I'll raise them up in kindness
From Ihe ..die in which they've trod;
I'll teach them words of blessing,
And lead them up to God!"
  e m e	
'Tis not he who parades
His deeds before Ihe world,
Holding aloft their worth,
Whose memory lives Im pearled
In the hearts ol' a people when
The years have died away ;
Hill rathe, the one who toils
(in quietly day by day,
"Tis he who at his task,
lie it high or lie il lowly,
Strives wilh never a thought
(if self and praise, hut wholly
Lost in ilie love of duly,
Who deems' no man his debtor,
And quietly toils each day
To make the world happier and better.
At the Populist Convention at St.
Louis Mr. I.afc Pence of New York
closed a sarcastic speech in favorof
Mr. Se wall by declaiming the following verses:
There are ninety and nine who live and
In want and hunger and cold,
That one may live in luxury and lie
Wrapped in ils silken fold;
The  ninety and  nine  in  their   hovels
The one in luxury rich and rare.
They  toil  in Ihe fields, Ihe ninety nnd
For lhe fruits of our mother earth ;
They  din: and   delve in   the  dangerous
To bring its treasures forth ;
Hut the wealth released hy these sturdy
To the hands of the one forever Hows.
Must Have Representation.
This is the Evening Telegram's
view of the question of British Columbia representation:—" British
Columbia must have representation
in the Dominion Government. The
figures of lhe last census entitle the
Province to six members of Parliament. The census lo be taken in
]!)()<) will raise British Columbia's
representation in the Dominion
House to twelve or fourteen. A Province which, after llllll), will at least
have fourteen members at Ottawa
has claims to representation in the
Cabinet which should not be ignored
in 1896. British Columbia is thoroughly Canadian and thoroughly
British in Bentiment. 'I'he elder
Provinces of Cam.da cannot afford
lo chill a great Province in its infancy by ignoring the claims of thai
Province, A direct interest through
a British Columbia representative
in the Government would have a
tendency to nationalize a Province
which is already strongly national
! i11 feeling, and on ground of party
interest and patriotio expediency
Wilfrid Laurier will be justified in
calling a Hritish Columbia minister
to his aid."
Hot  Stuff.
Some dozen years ngo, says the
Saturday Review, a politician from
'■ ] irn '. kus making a speech at a
Republican convention, He was
lhe tallest, the noisiest, lho most
uncouth and (he reddest -headed
'man that even the polities of the
wild west had evolved, and as he
swung his windmill arms about,
and deafened Ihe assemblage with
tiie clamor of his voice, a delegate
from another Slate rose to a point
of order; " Mr. Chairman," he said,
when silence had at last been secured for him. " I wish to Inquire
whither this is a convention or a
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Telephone8.4. P.O.Box70, Nanaimo. A Grand Reception to the Premier at Ottawa.
More Election Protests-—B.C. Mines
Attracting Eastern Capital.
Severe Storm in Manitoba—Fatalities.
their crops. At Brandon Miss Tomlin
was struck by lightning and badly injured.
Mr. Haggart, Q.C., and Mr. McFlier-
rin have returned from Argylo, .Minn.,
whether they went to examine a cast
which wns alleged to be that of the petrified man over which there was litiga- T . Tr ,,. -.. .. . _
tion here recently. The measurements Ll HlHlg Chang VlSltS the Qlieen
of the body and of the cast do not agree,
and there is no resemblance in features
or form between the two. Those who
were present at the examination expressed the conviction that the cast and |
at Osborn.
the body have no relatlmrW'eneii'otiier!  Cuban Agents FoineiitingTrouble in  tlnnlsts,  it  is genera
Aimaisis and Lucky Boy, the Indians j    Spain-Salisbury Government     I SJtftturt and that it
who were brought  back  from Montana j        '   ,,,    , ,.,     .     ..   . . '   '
Ottawa. Aug. 4.—Hon. Mr. Foster
was served with a notice that his election  was  protested  to-dny.
The department of militia intends lay
ing a protest with the war olliee in England against the character of the ammunition supplied to the Canadian force
recently. Ovor half a million rounds
ure defective, and if possible part will
be returned. The executive of the D.
lt. A. meets to-morrow to select ammunition. Three issues are available,
the Canadian make 'of 1SII4, and Imperial of Mir*, and of 181)0, lhe 1SS5
limunitlou being the output of the royal
The marine department hns been notified of extensive poaching ou the government oyster bed at Shediac, N. ti.
and placed on trial for complicity in til.
Frog Lake massacre during lhe rebellion of 18*5, have been acquitted by the
Joseph Smith nnd Charles Temple,
who left Edmonton in June for tiie
Kootenay district, have both been found
in an emaciated condition near Banff.
They lost their way ill the mountains
and became separated, Search parties
recovered Temple, while Smith was
found lying unconscious beside the railway some ,10 miles away.
Shaky—Turks Defeated
in Macedonia.
Winnipeg. Aug. 5.—At a meeting of
Liberals, called for the purpose of adjusting the accounts of the late election
in this city, the question of the Interior
portfolio was introduced and discussed,  -
with  the result that it was decided to   I*"P Oape
ask the government to appoint Mr.
Martin to the position.
the in
Laurier ar once. I unmolested.
vcrsal of what «as
London, Aug. 4.—The result of
nnval manoeuvres just concluded
given a shock to Englishmen who imagined that Great Britain's naval bulwark
was impregnable. The idea of the manoeuvres was that a foreign fleet wns
trying to reach Loiighswilly and that a
Hritish fleet which was much stronger
and factor hud to prevent it. The foreign licet met off Torbay, and the British tleet was spread from Land's End to
they were caused by friends of the
Cuban insurgents, who hoped thereby to
prevent the departure of further reinforcements of troops for Cuba.
The hitherto popular demonstrations
have been attributed entirely to protests
against the imposition of new tuxes, ii
step made necessary by the financial
strain tho government has been subjected to through the carrying ou of the
campaign against the insurgents in
Cuba, but while the government is willing to admit that the riots have been instigated by agents of the Cuban revolu-
"    ' rally   admitted   that,
is so  much  deeper
^^^^        .. .. is being nourished
j by a natural  feeling of alarm and dismay    at    the  utter  inability    of    the
I government  to  cope  with  the   situation
jin Cuba.    That the large Spanish army
| in Cuba must be further und heavily ro*
j lu forced   is  looked   upon   here   ns   being
the  a confession of weakness upon the part
l,.,..,   of the administration anil as an admission of tbe growing strength of the Cubans.
In addition, many letters have been
received from different pints of Spain
by relatives of the Spanish soldiers
serving in the army in Cuba, uud they
tell such terrible tales of sickness, privu-
taiion, incompetency uud mismanagement, to say nothing of the lack of
pay, that dangerous feeling against Ibe
government has arisen and is gaining
strength  day  by  day.     Under the
People's Choice.
Ottawa,   Aug.   5,—T.
not  look   well  for  the
stration  to-night,  but  whether it rams
or shines,  the   Liberals  are  determined
lo make it a great succosb.
Banners and mottoes are already to
be seen at different points in the city
aud evergreen arches are being constructed. It was threatening rain all
moruiug and towards noon there were
occasionally showers, but any amount
.., del weather will uot be sulHclont to
dampen the ardor of the Liberals, who
are determined to give such a reception I sonabje nolle
to the Liberal leader as no public man
ever got  in  Canada.
Mr. Laurier will arrive at 8:113 p.m.,
by the 0. 1'. It., nnd will be escorted
through the city *o dirtier Square,
where he will receive nn address. Mr.
Laurier will he the only speaker. Nearly all the ministers will be in lhe cily
to-day lo attend the demonstration.
W. E. lirowue, a boot and shoe deal-
close by, but the foreign tleet ,                         ,      , - -   ---
Jos   did not try to pass up the Irish Sea. lt curastances the agents of tbe Cuban In
Tin cislonof   went around the west coast of Ireland surgents do not have much difficulty In
eetlng will be communicated to Mr.   ami succeeded  in reaching Loughswi.ly carrying out their plan ot causing popti-
1 '   -   '      This was a completed re- 1,lr  outbreaks.     Ihey  stead.ly   tun  the
Hume of discontent  by  jointing to the
_. „. .,.-  „,,, „ at ms   iiiki it is now to prove mat the landing apparently unnecessary hardships which
election   for  St.  John's  and    Iberville,   of an  invading  force ill  Ureal  Britain ff Spanish troops jn Cuba are compel-
is quite possible, even though a greatly '*'' .t0 c*-t}ure' Th** Kepublicims are al o
superior naval force would be trying to taking   advantage  of    the   situation   to
b-ir Ibe way 1MIS'* tllL'*r Propaganda,  and  their com-
'The Post publishes a long article on ' bin<*d     movements     are    making more
England's  relations   with   (Jcrniany,   in headway with the masses than the gov-
rhc course of which it says: Tne mam- ernmettt admit,   although   they  lire  nl-
reliance  of  British   interests  in  Ameri- lc'll(1*'' betraying symptoms of alarm, and
ca,  Africa  aud  Asia   may  at any   time stringent instructions have been issued   io
involve the necessity of lighting Ameri- tllel)"'c'fe*---8 t0. Promptly and effectually
ca, France and Hussia, It behoves us,
'berefore to consider our relations with
will be 'be other powers. It is a fact that in
January the question of how best to
light the British navy was seriously
considered at Berlin and the plan of a
campaign against England was worked
This fact has never been publish
I Mr. Tarte. minister of public works, re-
> weather does ferred to the story of La Patrlo to the
Laurier demon- I effect that Mr. Laurier had sent a delegate to Manitoba to treat with tne religious authorities for a settlement of
the school question. "I declare here.''
said Mr. Tarte with emphasis, "La Pat-
rie has been misinformed; Mr. Laurier
hns not authorised anybody to approach
the religious authorities iu connection
with the schools. We are confident Ihat
"-  -   few  mouths th
settle.! to everybody's satisfaction, for
Mr. Laurier has adopted ihe only ron-
- in.ible policy, a policy of conciliation.'
Halifax, Aug. 5.—The election pn
*ests in Nova Scotia inclu.le Colcheste
Victoria.   Yarmouth,   DIgby,   Invernes
suppress any demonstrations which may
occur in their districts and to have no
hesitation iu calling upon military support.
A number of conflicts between rioters
and the police and soldiers huve already
occurred,  shots  hnve  been
! Cape Breton.
hiiiond and Lunenburg
counties. Nine nre against Conservatives, including two euch in l'icioit nnd
Cape Breton. The Digby one is against
the Liberal member, A. J. Copp. Tlic
Conservatives   have   filed
-as arrested to-dny at the instance j Cumberland Wninst the"election of"Loot James   Robertson,  a  wholesale  mer-; Rnll, rj.bernl, who defeated  Hon
chant of Montreal, for getting the firm  Dickey. ucieateu lion,
to  make certain transfers of goods    to I    Hon". W
\Y. .1. Saunders with intent to defraud.
Browne's bookkeeper was also arrested.
out. This fact has never been publish" «"Veral Persons have been wounded on
ed before, and we are bound to admit 1,otl* fides and a large number of ar-
that the present tone of the iuspireu rests have been made. This, the revoln*
German press ought to put our stales- tlom,stl* nW> ■■"■•■ serve to call attention
men on their guard i t0  t,UMr  cause  and  enlist  on   their  be-
The appeal of'the' British government **M"; t!le sympathy of the people The
against the acquittal of Capt. Lothiare, ro'"1,s •"- Valencia are being patrolled by
the Belgian officer who caused the Eng- i gendarmes, troops are pursuing armed
llsh trader Stokes to be hanged in the j '"'nils of revolutionists in the mountnni-
Congo region for selling arms and am. jus districts of the same province and
A R. j munition to the unlives, was opened to-1 1»rtl*or trouble  is seriously  appreheud-
Arrlval and Departure of Mails
E. & N. RAILWAY.        CX08E.DUE,
Unity ex. 8un.
Wellington, Northfield  and a.m.   a.m,
East Wellington    11.25 8.60
Victoria,.Southern States and
places uloiig line of E. oi N. Daily ex.Sun..
Railway    8.26 11.60
British and foreign, Eastern
Provinces, Eastern States, Ualiy ex.Sun.
Vaiicouverand other places B.M,   P.M.
on Mainland of B.C    6.SO 6.00
Comox, Union, Union Bay,
Bandwock,Coiirtenay,Gran-Tue». ph.
thuni, Qualicum, Hornby p.m. pm,
Island and Den man Island   8.20 3.00
Salt Spring Island, Burgoyne Frl, Tiien,
Bay, Eullord Harbor.North
SallSprhiglslandaiidiiali- p.m. P,M.
riolu Island     8 20 S.ilO
BY  STAGE, -$»■ fe
Alberni, Parksville, French  p.m. p M,
Creek and Errington  ....12.30 6.(it)
tri.   Thnr.
Nanoose Bay  12.30  ti.bO
P. M.     A. M.
Departure Pay, daily ex. Sun 12.45 10 30
Cedar (South), Saturday 2.00 11 00
Ottawa, Out., Aug. 0—The demon
stration to Prenieir Laurier held lust
night was a huge affair. There mint
have been over 20,000 people on the
Streets. The procession of torches,
bands, etc., took'one hour and fifteen
minutes to pass a given point. Nothing
of lhe kind ever took place in Ottawa
before, and no publio man In the Dominion ever got stub a demonstration lit
his behalf. Senator Mclnnes, Hewitt
Boi.loek and W. W. IS. Alclunes Irom
Ihe West were present.
Ill regard to the appointment of lion
     the superior
minister of fin- [ootirt of the Congo stnte. Captain Lo-
lectcd by nclnination in Slid-I'th.'iiiv was present in the uniform of his
ty,   N.   S.,   to-day. i rank in the service of the Congo state,
tbut ot  major-general.     The duy  wa
S.  FioMin
■mice, was
bump county, N. S.. to-.lay
1    .T.  O.  King, menibcr-elcct  for Queens
an.! Stlllbltry counties, N. B., has
ed to make a vacancy for I
Blair, minister of railways and	
and lias addressed a letter to the electors of the joint counties giving his reasons for the step and asking their support for Blair.
lay    iu    Brussels    befor _ _. .       . ,
Madrid  up to the    present  has  been
quiet, but signs nre not wanting that a
spirit of discontent  is  abroad, and  the
efforts of the government to gain snp-
. has ivtir-i occupied ill a recital of tlm fnetsXy 'oneII "*ort ■"■•* t-T-'-S to throw the blame fer
Ion   A   Q  : of the jurists. everything on the United Stnt"s is the
'    innlsil    The  Vienna    correspondent    of    the I ehk'f bugaboo of Spanish politicians and
Chronicle h-urns that 'the powers, with ' *■•" ••*■* mnca longer avail.
the exception of England, are preparing ! ,,In " t?ct?P ne?r .*•**• c'lt-r of Valencia
to blockade Crete.
A Full Assortment et the Lowest Market Rate*
Promptly Attended to,
All kinds of
Charlottetown. Aug. 5.—The Liberals
have filed petitions against llackett iu
West Prin.-e. McDonald in Kings, and
Martin in East Queen's.
Montreal. Aug. 4.—An interview
that Montreal banks are withdrawing
gold from Ihe United States on account
of the nervousness in the Dominion over
the currency question iu the Republic, is
not borne out by the fails. The gold
helnc brought into Canada is for the
legitimate requirements of the Canadian
Tho Porte's demand that Greece
should stop the export of war materials
to Crete has caused the Creek cabinet
to resign, but the king refused to accept
the resignation and ordered lhe minis- ,
ter of war, on his own responsibility, to '
stop the export.
The   Daily    Graphic  announces  that
the authorities of that place have discovered a quuiitity of anus and ammunition, and similar stores are believed to
be iuexistence in different parts of the
province. The arms referred to are
known to have been smuggled into Spain '
quite recently and are of for igu maiiu
part of a plan of campaign being
...  _.   __       ....    ..„„.,     un-i'inu  announces  mat   fneture,  showing  their shipment  to  iie
Edward Blake to the "judicial coinmittee   local bankers shows thnt the statement   patriotic Spaniards living iu the Argon-   ducted hy the Cubans in Spain.
of  the  Imiiorlnl   nrlvv  council    I'reio.er   that   JIontn.nl   i..,.,i,„    :.,.,-  I ....    , -i -  '('he   Spanish   officials   are,   lis   usual,
blaming tlic United States for the
trouble in this country, basing the assertions made on the   fact that among
  ] tiie  lenders  of the recnt  riots  was Dr
London, Aug. 5.—Although the defeat Bernardo Toledo, said to lie an Am. ri-
of the government iu tbe house of lords cn» citizen, whose brother is in coin-
yesterday was unimportant iu itself, for "mml ot n for00 of Cuban insurgent,
the bill was only a minor measure and   II >s claimed thnt money, arms and am-
(Jl01 munition  was served  out to the  riotirs
of tiie imperial privy council, I'reiuicr
Laurier says Unit Hon. Jos. Chamber,
lain never usked him to make any re
commendation in the case, so he did not
make uny.
A delegation of Quebec members waited on lion. Mr. Fisher this afternoon
asking for assistance for the building ot
au abattoir and refrigerators at Quebec
in connection with the scheme of It, 'i'.
Porter, of London, Kngland.
The executive of the D.It.A, has decided that the ammunition to be used
at the forthcoming matches sIiourI  bo
the   Hoyal   Laboratory   issue   of   ISO;..      IT'iniilin,,    A...,    i     a    ,•      . ■    ,
Lieut.  Col.  Hodgins,    G.O.F.G.,    was  bS'Scs "*'  -^ '"SP;,*C"  fr°"
title hiivc give a Clyde ship liuilcbug iini
an orrtee for a cruiser of 4500 lens, to
cost $1,000,000 nnd to i»._> delivered iu
IS men tha aa :i gift to Spain.
Pl.cttr2r0& tE? i hi"*- ST'  V-e ?o*>^"*v«^almosT"eniVyThen '_.
pnotograpner of^arajeft here Sunday .division  was  taken,  yet  it  is  likely  to   from the house which he occupied and
The electors of Vancouver District, by a
plurality of nearly
Have indorsed the principles and policy of
Tin and Sheet-Iron Wort
Victoria Crescent, Nanaimo,
Bakery and
Invites Inspection and Comparison
as lo Quality and Price.
Awarded  First Prize at the AgrN
cultural Show,
evening  ill a  row  boat.   Yesterday the   have far-rcacl
        uu.t uu-rcnciiiiig    consequences.      The   " scan.
boat was picked up with Poole's coat In ' lords who voted r.giust their own party   resulted
it.   It is feared lie has been drowned.      were most active in their opposition to   "t JettOI
* that Joseph I.ol'ens, a boy
belonging to this cily, was killed there
by a train on Saturday night.
Tilnonburg, Aug.  1
elected executive officer and Ur. James
Grant,   surgeon.     Major    Walsh   will
again be statistical officer,   The .Martini
ammunition    purchased from the home
government last spring will not he re-  an old and prominent citizen  died r-at-
tuined to England,  but a  formal com-   unlay from blood poisoning 'aged «r,
plaint will be made of it ns detective 	
The nominations in  North  Grey and      Quebec.  Aug. 4.—'lhe bodies of  Mrs
in Queen's and Sunbury will be ou Aug.   Man- McFlierson and her Hale sou 'who
IS, polling a week later. j mysteriously disappeared at Pont Kouge
,„.    . .   —;—" ' so,m' tune ngo. have been found floating
Winnipeg, Aug. •!.— Ibe Free   Press | in the river at Jacques Cartler mills.
IS   ]V[ail
Toronto. Aug. 4.—The provincial
board of health in its annual report just
issued shows that the province is comparatively free from contagious diseases.
Montreal  Banks  and
Won't Take lt.
full of Canadian silver and the banks
sa.vs:   "Hritish Columbia mines are now
receiving world-wide attention, and the I
indications    are    that there  will be a '
boom  in  that  district  before  long.   Already those  iu  the mining regions unreported to have the gold fever in a very j
aggravated  form,  and its rapid  spread
is anticipated."
C.l'.lt.    Conductor    Andrew   Marsh,
who has charge of a  big hill   in   the
mountains,  passed through  thc city to* 	
day on his way to England, where he ' Montreal, Aug. 11.—The banks have
will endeavor lo llont the stock of thn decided to refuse not only American sll-
Emporor gold mine, which is situated ver but silver certificates as well. There
on lhe llozark river. On account of thc Is a rush of everybody having American
interest which Knglish capitalists are silver to get rid of it and enormous
taking in western mines, he anticipates quantities are said to be in circulation
no difficulty iu disposing of his stock, j _ The vaults of the Montreal  hank    "•
Another O.P.R, conductor,  Win. Klsou,
nephew of William Bison of the mail
department of the O.P.lt. in this city.
lias a  very rich claim adjoining the ta-
inous War Eagle property.   Mr.  lillson
has been offered $70,000 cash for a quarter of his claim.
Bishop Dumoulin of Ningnrn is here,
en route to the Pacific const.
It is learned here that a considerable
block of stock in the California mine,
Itosslnnd, B. C, hns been tnken up by
Quebec men.   Frank C. boring, tho best
miner of the west, has been engaged to
develop this great mine.
A severe storm passed  o*rer n small
portion of the province on Sunday night
and many fnrnn will be sufferers thereby.   The hail ana appears to hnve been
about   twelve  miles   wide  and   to  hnve
travelled nort Invest of Glenboro across
the  Cypress  river  and   southeast   into
a search of the building is said lo hav
resulted  in  the  discovery of a  number
oppositioii to   "t letters from the I'nited States, Cuba,
the Irish land bill.    If, then, they per-  and Argentine Republic,    showing  the
sist   in  their  hostile  attitude,   it  means   outbreak to have lieen planned by lead-
the defeat of the latter, the most import-  ers of the Cuban insurgents.   The move-
ant  measure In the house of lords,    l.orl   ments  nre  widespread   and  capable  of
Balfour  and   the   Duko  of  Devonshire  assuming the most serious proportions,
held a long conference last evening, and     Another feature of the situation here I
*' Allan'   it is reported on good authority the con-   is the elTort being made in certain quar*    »      flo.ainat nil ftfhov r»Q
elusion readied was that unless nu ns-  ters  to arouse the masses  against  the  •*•*•*» tt&aiUBl/ Hll OtUBr pa-
suriincc is received from Lord Arran ind   Protestants.     All   Americans   are  being J„fl„«_„^«.   «*■
friends   of   lion hoslility   to   the   bill,   it   classed as Protestants, and to them, ns  perS    and   innU6nC6S   OI
Aug. 4.-lhe bodies of Mrs.   hm, bl,ftor be dropped.   This course Will   clrcady  stated,  is    being  attributed   to ,
seriously discredit Lord  Salisbury's al- Spain's reverses in Cuba, and the growing tne    District,    and    the
ready discredited government.     * I Insurrection here.    The    Cuban  agent,
Li Hung Chang and his suite went bv however, is doing everything possible to
special train to Portsmouth to-day, in counteract this movement nnd is urging
order to cross tho Solent to the Isle of -he People to placo tho blame for (x-
Wight and visit the Queen nt Osborne,  cessive taxation,    military    blundering
and political bluster, upon the shoulders
of the Spanish government
Bastion Street, opp. Telegraph Office
Office Tel. ao.   P.O. Box 1G.   Ke-Bldonce Tel. 101.
Funeral Director and Embalmer
He was received at Portsmouth by a
number of distinguished naval officers
and others, and a salute of 111 guns was
lired when he boarded the Hoyal yacht
Alberta, which was in waiting. Upon
leaving Portsmouth tho yacht mndo a
Business Houses detour and gave the distinguished traveler a view of the large warships assembled in these waters and also permitted him to see about tbo largest and
most attractive Hoot of pleasure craft
ever assembled in the Solent. The
Chinese statesman wns saluted by (he
Moot and continued on his way to Trinity wharf, ('owes, where he was received by the Prince of Wales, who escort-
     od   him   to   Osborne.     The   Marquis   of
say the annual sum of JIOO.OOU coined   Salisbury,    who    presented    Li     Hung
by  the  Canadian  government   is    suth    •-' 	
cient for the purposes of trade. Fully
20 per cent, of the silver ill circulation is
American nnd most of the business
houses aro also refusing it.
Chang to Her Majesty, liad preceded
the Chinese envoy lo Ille Isle of Wight.
The Arctic expedition headed by Sir
Martin Conway and bis nephew has,
says n Tromsoe. Norway, dispatch, accomplished the first crossing of Spits-
Cape Town, Aug. 4.—The latest telegrams from Itho.losia report increasing
numbers of eusos of treachery among
the frien.ll.es, who nre supplying the Insurgents with cartridges and food. The
authorities have abandoned the iden of
driving the insurgents out of Mntoppo
Hills, and hnve decided, instead, to build
a chain of forts around thom and starve
tiie enemy, Twenty forts havo already
been commenced, These will be maiu-
tuined nfter the revolt is quelled, as a
refuge for settlers in tbe event of another outbreak. In addition, a permanent polico force of 1000 men is to be
An ollicial dispatch received from Rhodesia yesterday stated Hint Captain
Whito with 260 men, a seven-pounder
and two Maxims, had gone to tne relief of tbe Hartley laager, and the lat-
justness of its verdict is
ratified by the Province
and N iti n at large.
Graduate of the Oriental, the Eureka:,
the New York and Clark's
Schools of Embalming;
1, 3 and 5 Bastion St., Nanaimo
The Best Results
t  nrama, i-nir, vidrmiv i ""'     "*.". """ '."i"   """'""'; "■ """""lest news front*the column was that Cap.
A  DMMOORATIO   VICTORY. borgen, from east to west.    In the cell-,.,,.. „„..... ,._., u..., ,.., —,.,-..
Big Gains  as the Result of the  Elections in Alabama.
Birmingham, Ala., Aug. 6.—Further
returns from the election in Ihis state
confirm the first reports of a  complete
De       '
trnl portion of the island  wns found a
vast ice plateau.
Serious fighting Is reported from
Macedonia. Two hundred insurgents inflicted severe loss or. 300 Turkish troops
nt Sarnntapor's Pass,    near    Elassoiiu.
ties lias boon slow, especially in tho city,
but otlieial and estimated returns, the
latter based on reports received from a
majority  of  the   boxes   iii   the  counties
-       reporting,  show that Johnston and the
tho Tiger hills destroying everything In ; Democrats have certainly carried 46 out
its path.   From Cypress river,  Holland j „t -hc. m colmt|,,s.     six counties hnve
" "' ''"-■ ■"•" reports oi a complete  Two'b^^es'otlnrorgents'at KaTMnUsa,
Democratic  victory    with    surprisingly   a(iQT tw0 fl       ,10t si(>K(1 ,    j 200 Tlll.ks,
urge gains.     The count m the big conn-   „„t »,,„i„ ...„„ »i i. . j- c "
I ...   me   U' 	
nnd Glenboro Ihe reports nre that tho not im,n ■„,,„.,• from ,„,
hail lias totally destroyed the crops of ' -
several farmers nnd severely damaged
o'hers. At Morden, also, there w is
some damage dono, hut the extent is nnt
yet known. Considerable glass in the
C.TMt. depot there was broken. There
wns also hail at Gretna, Kosenfeld, St.
Joan, St-nertot and otlier places, but
no dnmngo to the crops In thoso localities is reported, At St. .lean tho .Northern Pacific depot was considerably
damaged, the platform being torn up
and the roof partly blown off.   At Bn!
^^^^^^^^^^^     _        too elose to
be figured on. It is believed that the
complete returns will show a majority
of not less than 45,000 for Johnston,
nn.l possibly 50.000. As to the legislature the Democrats have gained, it is
figured, fourteen members of the house,
cut their way through towards Sorovit-
Hnssam Pnshn lias been reinstated ns
governor of Horaklion in the island of
Crete ns being Hie only ninn able to
cope with the situation. On his refusal
to ndmlt to the town a mob of Mussulmans, who wore bringing in tbe bodies
of two Mussulmans shot by the insurgents, bo wns torn from his horse and
tain White had had taken up a position
on tiie top of Kopje, which lie wns defending, nud asked for food and ammunition. Tims it appears that this
strong force is only nblo to hold its own,
owiug to the altered tactics of the enemy. Sir Frederick CnrrlngtOn admits
that ho needs moro troops, but ho is unable to feed or transport them owing to
tiie prevalence of the rinderpest,
The news from lthodosia is far from
rosy. Sir Frederick Cnrrington's forces seem capable of littlo more thnn
holding their own. In fact, some of tho
recent fights look vory muoh liko reverses. The insurgent natives have profited hy the previous defeats inflicted upon them, nnd thoy now decline tn rush
severely   maltreated.     The  situation  Is  !■""" .tl'° °'*™ "nd »rmUie ["<",   for """
critical. | "'""im rapid-firing guns, whicli   during
  , recent  encounters,  have    beon    almost
Madrid, Aug. fi.—Trouble of a serious  useless.	
nature is being fomented in Spain, par-
NOTICE is hereby given that Edwin
Matthews has been admitted a partner
in the above business. In future the
business will be curried on hy the undersigned under the style and name of
Wilson & Matthews, who will assume
all liabilities and collect all debts due
the said business, und we trust that by
careful attention to the needs of our
customers, to merit a continuance ofthe
patronage so liberally bestowed in the
Jkbomk Wilson,
Edwin Matthews,
Nanainio. B. C, April 7, 1896.
always IN  STOCK '
Valencia, Spain, Aug. 5.—There   has
giving them 7S out of 100.     They have   tleularlv in the nrovinee nf Vnie„-.i„' h*» .. '-—-•"•  •""'■">  ""*•  "•-""•"    ■"•»
elected   11  out  of  17  senators,   which,   ffi'\K\ "th*,C ™-Xnt-. ^W' SSSfT*   S2J?*
a         r< eently caused by popular demonstrations
honor  COS „K|nst **je art*on ot the -foTemmont in
,,.. ,„ „ ,   .      ,        ....    " l?,"!s' sending    additional    reinforcements    of
Ii.,",'".."1'  ChnJ'!,!°.,'-0/_'!T1,r'. "'lm"" troopi to Cuba, and a number of people
will     l,„ t-t i   n    ,     '"•■'<'<->■'•'.   -Vh-Cb,   nl.0„ts of the  Cuban  Insurgents.
HinmW J.   hold-over members,    gives      Minister   of   the   interior,   Bonn
er „..o!,t",'."f,,?:'";!"l"'rPsor.,,l",tl'0.,y'  0no»' yesterday, In replying to a
er about three-fourths of the entire
legislature The sentiment of the legislature is silver, which probably means
Job Printing
dur several farmers will lose nearly all j Pugh's re-election to the senate.
ted  thnt n  number of riots had  occurred In Valencia, and whon asked to ox-
hnve boon arrested for attempting to pre-
vent  the  soldiers  from  embarking    on
Mail Office.
i^1„l-   *.! e   a.1.        i!   a       i . *       »*-lli>     lilt"     HIUUHTS     Trmil     fill Wl
plain the cause of the disturbances, said  ^^ thc Spani(,h lranBports.
Bastion Street.   Tel. 7-1,
u   ' LAMPS, Etc. etc,
Bums and Animals set up in a thon.
ough workmanship manner.
On Hand—Four line Seers' Heads,
which will be sold for price of setting
them up.   Also a fine ease oi Birds,
d. s. Mcdonald.
69 Haliburton Street, Nanaimo.
(Commercial Hotel.
Center Commercial antl Button Sti-,
Thin tonjj-eiitRi-.Mt-.hwl Hotel in comfortably
fitted up With Piiperior ftcrommod*-
t Joim for trnvetert* flint other*.
None but the bd«t brnmlfi of Wine*, Liquor*
Alee and CifrnrF dtftpen»ed nt the b«r.
'A\ O'CONNKL, Proo, .**■*«•«&&
The Qshermen's sports will take place
at Westminster Aug. 27, 28 and 21,
kev. VV, A. (iiintoii was unavoidably
ubsc.it from the auti-Cliiuese meeting,
the object of which he approves.
Five inmates o( tbe Westminster asylum have been taken to Kngland to be
consigned to the charge of their relatives
A number of disappointed adventurers from Cook's Inlet returned by the
Willapa, whicli arrived here Thursday
A quantity of quartz from the Yananda
mine, Texada Island, arrived here tiiis
week en route to the smelter at San
The public schools open for thej fall
term on Mon.lay morning, and tbe High
School, owing to the illness ol Mr. Hunter, a week later.
Capt. l'eclc of Westminster warns all
to be on the lookout for the tidal wave
which rose witli such disastrous effects
at Shanghai on Aug. lst.
The Victoria Intermediate lacrosse
team refusing to play with the Westminster sluggers to-day, the latter will
take the game by default.
The cricket match at Victoria yesterday resulted as follows: lst Innings—
Nanaimo, 28; Victoria, 34. Second Innings—Nanainio, 48; Victoria, 40.
B. J. Deane, the special correspondent
of the Province, returned Thursday
evening from a business trip to the principal cities of the eastern provinces.
It is slated that already the puck of
salmon on the Fraser exceeds that for
1892, and yet the fish have not entered
llie river in anything like a good run.
It is understood at Ottawa that the
Dominion government is considering the
sending of a commission to British Columbia to look into the mining capabilities of tlic province and make a report of
the same.
It. is rumored Jthe Imperial Government intend to have H. M. S. Imperieuse
stationed at Ksquimalt. as a guard, prison
mul training ship when her time expires
as llngship, this being one of tlic projects
proposed to make Ksquimalt impregnable,
By an inadvertence, Rev. G. W. Taylor was not included mining the clergymen invited to the anti-Chinese meeting; and, also hy an inadvertence, the
name of Rev. T. W. Hall, who was present by invitation, was omitted from our
II. M. S. Royal Arthur, which left
Esquimalt for England a few weeks ago,
arrived at Callao on July 9, Coqiiinibo
July 16, ami was expected at Sandy
Point on July 21). It is expected that
she will arrive at Plymouth about September 2nd.
E J'.y an explosion of coal gas in No. 5
shaft at Wellington on Monday, Peter
Mnsonk, nu Italian, ami bis uncle of the
same uiimc, received injuries from whicli
the former died in tbe Nanaimo hospital
Thursday evening. The body of deceased
was taken to Wellington yesterday.
At the inquest held at Lasquiti Island
on the body of the Japanese fisherman
found in House Bay the jury were unable to determine the cause of death.
Dr. O'Brian testified that he found evidence of a violent blow on one side of
the head, The case will be further investigated by the provincial authorities.
The West Wellington Coal Company,
now applying for Incorporation, purpose
to purchase and work tbe mines lately
operated by Mr. D. Jordan. The Incorporators are K. H. Heaps, W. 6, Johnson and David G. Marshall, all of Vancouver, where their principal office will
be located. Tho capital stock is fixed at
half a million dollars in $10 shares.
A large pack of salmon is reported at
River's Inlet, llie total of the four canneries s.i far being 87,000 eas'es, divide 1
as follows: Good Hope, 27,000: Findlay,
Durham & Brodie'a canneries, 24,000;
Brunswick, 18,000; Warnock, 18,000.
This is where tho fishermen were on
strike a short time auo, many of whom
left for the Fraser, Those who remained,
notwithstanding the low price of Ob, per
lish, have dune very well.
William Harris was found dead at
Parksville Thursday afternoon by Mrs.
I [erne, the position of llie body being
such as to lead to the belief that, while
cradling eats, he had suddenly fallen
backwards and died, An inquest was
held lust evening, and the verdict of tbe
jury, as established by the evidence, was
that death was caused from heart failure,
hastened by heavy manual labor immediately after a hearty meal. The funeral
took place this afternoon at lhe French
Creek cemetery, Archdeacon Scriven
Highest Honors—World's Fair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Fret
torn Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
40 Years the Standard.
Tenth Sunday after Trinity—10 a.m.,
Sunday school; 11 a. m., Matins, Litany
and sermon—"The Well of Bethlehem;"
7 p. m., Evensong and address—" Deliverance from Evil."
bt. alhan'b chubch.
Tenth Sunday after Trinity—8 a. m„
Holy Communion; 11 a. in., Matins.
Lity and sermon; 2:30 p.m., Sunday
school; 7 p, m., Evensong and sermon.
Preacher, Rev. F. S. Stevenson.
Preaching at 11 a. in. and 7 p. ni.
Morning subject, "Christian Peace;"
evening, "The True Foundation." This
wili be a special farewell sermon to tie
young men of Nanaimo.
V    M. C.   A.
A public meeting will be held Sunday
at 8:30 p. m. in the Y. M. C. A. hall in
the interest of_ tbe Sunday Observance
By-law. Revs. Gunton, Hall and Mc-
Rae will address the meeting. Solos will
be rendered by Mrs. Gunton and Miss
I.. Edwards. Kev. G. W. Taylor will
 »»•» ■
A Fair Champion.
"Reine," whose "Chatter" is one of
the best features of the Union News,
thinks that "editors, as a rule, are too
arbitrary in regard to punctuation." In
this view, however, she is possibly mistaken ; but she certainly is so in the following-opinion,although we do not question the facts upon whicli it is based,
her sincerity or sympathy, which latter
are duly appreciated:
It is hard for the good-hearted editor—
and they are kind as other men, notwithstanding the trials of reading reams
of misspelt copy and pages of foolscap
covered with doggerel—after he has
"chased up" all the news available, sat
up nights to receive reports, etc., and
endeavored to present a clean sheet to
I his subscribers, to hear that some one
lias said "That rag of a paper is no
good; there isn't a thing in it." And
I yet the paper is praising tht town and
the country, and the business of the man
who speaks so disagreeably is helped by
the " rag of a paper." One consolation
remains to the hard-worked editor: It
is not the best element who abuse a decently conducted journal, but, nine times
out of ten, the fellow who never pays hiB
subscription nor advertising, and usually
it is the man who borrows "the rag;
and bo bis opinion is worth about as
much as he himself iB—really not worth
this notice."
Your sympathy is misplaced, Reine.
What you imagine is hard is very easy—
for the editor. The " good-hearted editor" leaves the misspelt copy for the
"intelligent compositor" to correct, and !
the "pages covered with doggerel" are
very easily consigned to the waste-paper
basket, or "literary hell-box." As to
the opinion of " the fellow who never
pays his subscription or advertising,"
he belongs to a class not represented on
our books and by whose opposition we
thrive. That is easily borne—by the
editor. Neither is an editor "hard-
worked," Reine. He simply furnishes
work for others to do. But when an
editor has to fill every position from
"devil" to editor—well, that is different.
Carnival Programme.
Everything possible to render the Vancouver carnival a succbbs is being done
by the various committees in charge,
and the indications are that there will
be in attendance the largest number of
people ever seen in one city atone time
1 in this province. The carnival will be
held during the week commencing Aug.
\ 31, a summary of the programme being
Ias follows:
Monday — Trades procession; naval
races; athletic sports; cricket.
Tuesday — Amateur regatta; professional rowing races; cricket.
Wednesday — Military review; amateur regatta: professional  rowing race;
, cricket.
|    Thursday—Log chopping; rock drilling; Scottish games; cricket.
Friday — Fishermen's  races;   Indian
Our Ottawa dispatches to-day a: -
nounce that the Dominion government
is considering the appointment of a commission to inquire into the mining industry in this province with a view to
aiding its development. The proposition seems to be a good one, if for no
other reason than that the appointment
of sueh a commission would be an addi
tional advertisement for the mineral
wealth of the province. If the commis-
seon achieved none but what may be
termed negative results, it might still
do the mining industry much good. That
is to say, it could point out many ways
in which obstacles that now hamper
those engaged iu it might be removed.
Tnere iB no fear but that the industry
will look after its own development if
a free field and fair treatment are given
it, but whatever tends to hamper in I
hinder should lind a remedy. Mail facilities seem to be particularly in neid
of attention, and there are little bitches
ii the customs ailininistation to be
smoothed out. It is quite probable that
a commission would find many ways of
making smoother the road of the mi. er
an 1 mine operator. In any event theie
is satisfaction in finding that increased
interest is taken in the East in British
Columbia mine development.—Times.
Cabinet Factory
Cabinet Maker.
Having had many years' experience
in the East I am prepared to execute all
classes of work.
Furniture of All Kinds Repaired.
Chapel Street, Nanaimo.
Medicinal value ln a bottle of Hood's Sarsaparilla than In any other preparation.
More'akiU is required, more care taken, more
expense Incurred in its manufacture.
It costs the proprietor and the dealer
More but it costs the consumer less, as he
gets more doses for bis money.
More curative power is secured by its peculiar
combination, proportion anil process,
which make it peculiar to Itself.
More people arc employed anil more space occupied In Its Laboratory than any other.
More wonderful cures effected and more testimonials received than by any other.
More sales and more increase year by year
are reported by druggists.
More people aro taking Hood's Sarsaparilla
today than any other, and more aro
taking it today than ever before.
More and still suikk reasons inialit be
given why you should tako
The One True Blood Purifier,  tl; six for 85.
.. ., re'ee cure all Liver Ills and
HOOd S FlllS Sick Headache. 26 cent*
Brian O'Lynn innl no lioots to wear,
So ho came to Nanaimo to buy him a pnir;
"I'll huve one puirof thick nn.l one patrol thin,
11 1 can Iiml WhltHeld'B," says Brian O'Lynn.
He hunted the stores all along the main route,
Says lie: "The right one I've not vet found out.
I want Whitfield—I'll buy only from him,
For lie Bella the cheapest," snys Iirinn O'Lynn.
He stepped a little west of Albert street:
He saw whitllel.l's sign—sure 'twas a Irent;
He opened lhe door and Qeorge stood within—
"I've found It nl last," says Iirinn O'Lynn.
We showed him oi.r call bools, kid and cowhide,
The ones we praise most—no seams nt the side.
We've lioots ol nil kinds Irom Quebec and Berlin.
"Sure you've boots fertile million,'-' Bays Brian
O'Lynn. [no trash:
He bought him his boots, which of course were
He pnid down his monev, for we sell only for
To the public he snvs: "He mil tnken In, [cash.
Buy only from Whllllehl," snys Brian O'Lynn
"if there's a leak in the too or side of your shoe.
Just lake it lo Whitfield, that's nil you need do;
He will peg it or patch just while you ure in,
And the charge seems like nothing," snys Brinn
WHITFIELD, the Shoe Man.
VicxoniA Ckrsoknt, Nanaimo.
When you want a delicious dish of Ice Cream,
call at McKENZIE'8,
on V ctobia Cukscent.
races; cricket; lacrosse.
Saturday — Aquatic   sports;  bicycle
races; cricket; illumination, etc.
Mr. E. W. Freure, secretary of tlic
Y. M. C. A., will leave on Monday for a
two week's vacation at Shuwiiigan lake,
during which time Mr. Jus. E. Hoy will
iiHii'iate at the rooms.
Always on hand.
Ladies  and   Children's   Sewing   done
neatly.   Prices reasonable.   Address
162 Nicol Street.
Mrs. A. Baldwin
Offers her services to the Ladies of Nanaimo ns an EXPERIENCED NURSE,
who has had large experience in and
through the Northwest Territories. Address
80 Nicol Street.
Ice. Ice.
The Union Brewing Co.,
Limited Liability,
Delivers ICE at residences. Order before twelve o'clock. Terms
UHIQM 8RLWIK6 CO.. Limited liatflf.
W. E. Noams, Sec'ty.
BARKER it POTTS, Barristers and Solicitors.
Commercial street.
GK. I-AXK,-Iliirrisier.and Solicitor, Room 11,
•   Johnston lilock.
YTcINNES & MrlNNl'.-i.   barristers,   Room  (i,
Johnston lilock, Commercial flfteti
•yARWOOD * YOI.'NG, barristers, corner ol
Commercial ond Dilution streets.
HARDY, Botanic Druggist, Winfleld Crescent.   Try Hardy's Pile Ointment.
Reader and Impersonator.
One of the best renders and
in.I oscillators on tho American stage.—Rochester Democrat.
8SS UU6.20 iod 22.
— IN TUB —
Y. M. C. A. HALL.
Reserved Scats, 50c.
General Admission, 25c.
Children half price.
Eevier House
MRS. JAS. HAWKING, (late of the{
Temperance House) desires to ex- j
press her thanks to the public for
former patronage, and now begs to
state that the Revier House has
been comfortably arranged for the
accommodation of boarders, steady
or transient. Single or double rooms
with hot or cold water baths, and
electric light in each room. Everything strictly lirst-class und charges
moderate. Remember the house, a
half-miiiutc's walk from tbe old
stand north.
R. mason. Dentist.   Extracting a specialty,
(.(as and Ether administered.
Olliee, odd-Fellow's lilock, Nanainio.
J. GUKRY, D. D. 8., Green Blook;   First-
class work guaranteed.
pREBCENT PHARMACY. Ham. & Htk.viiman,
\J proprietors. Victoria Cresoent; Dispensing
nnd family re< Ipes n specialty.
Medical Hull, corner commercial and Bastion streets.   Telephone l-:>-5.
ANAIMO  DYK WORKS.—Dyeing, Cleaning
and Repairing    14 Nfcol Bireet.
0. CitAiaTON, Manager,
MARSH, Wholesale Dealer in  Fish and
Oninc, llnslion street, Nnnniuio.
GRAND HOTEL— VV, Stbkl, Proprietor- victoria Crescent.
The Globe Hotel
Has been renovated and re-furnished,
and is now conducted as a lirst-class
Mr. Aliikrt K.uicu ean be found ns
Superior accommodation is provided
for the public.
A   Proprietor.   Victoria Orescent.
M   WOLFE, Financial nn.l Insurance Agent,
•   .1,illusion lilock.
Land Agent and Conveyancer,
Town Lots and Farms (or Sale.   Money to Loan
on Mortgage at low rates.
Agent far the United Klre Insurance Company
of Manchester, EliKlnuil.
JOS. M. BROWN, Watchmaker,
iV wrtehM Demagnetized snortNotiee
By SPECIAL MACHINERY on the Premises.
Fine and Complicated Watches and Clocks
Carefully Cleaned and Repaired
Fine CYCLOMETERS, fer Bicycles, ln Stock.
Corner Chubch and Chapel Streets.
A    NASH,   House   and   Sign  Painter,   Paper-
• Banger,  etc.    Comer Alherl  and  Milton
slreels.   P.O.box398,
tjlOREMAN * HARDY, lienl Estate Broken,
Bastion slrect.
D   TAYLOR, Dealer In all kinds of New and
• Second-Hand Furniture, and Fancy Articles of every description,
Masonic lluil.lini*, Commercial street.
The Best Results
That r>IKE
IF your guess is nearest to the actual weight of the Coal—  11
and your choice of a Lady's or Gent's Wheel'
Owing to pay-day coming on Aug. 15, instead of Aug. 8, as   1
we anticipated, we are POSTPONING the weighing of
the Coal until
Monday, Aug. 24, at 7:30 p.m., at Our Store.
We regret changing the date, but on pay-day we would be
too busy lo attend to this matter properly, and to compensate you for the short delay from Aug. lst to the 24th
we will give a ticket for every dollar's worth purchased.
$ 1 purchased,    1 ticket,    1 guess
f> " 5     " 5 guesses
10 " 10     "      10      "      etc.
This is for Dry Goods, Millinery or Gents' Furnishings in
either of our three stores. We stake our reputation that
no one knows the weight of the coal, and Messrs. Shaw
and McKenzic will see that every one is fairly treated.
Great Gash Dry Goods & Men's Furnishings Store
Commercial St., Nanaimo, B. C.
■<i3»^To the End of August
Must be the Order of the Day.
Exceptional Opportunities in Many Lines'
Lawns, Prints, Flannelettes, Muslins,
Chambrays, Girghams, and all Summer Goods at a 10 per cent, reduction
to clear.
Will be Reduced to Very Low Prices.
SS^Call and save money here by getting our cash discount, instead of a chance for a bike, etc.—money saved is
money made—at the
N.E.P.S. Store
Bicycles. Bicycles.
To Bicycles done on our premises at the shortest possible notice.
Next to Sloan & Scott's Old Stand.
P. S—A large consignment of bicycle sundries just arriv-
from the cast.
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs
..     a DONE BY THE -=_v
r ioiieer Steam Laundry •
By so doing you will PATRONIZE WHITE LABOR
Dye Works in connection.
P. O. Box 95. D. M. STEWART, Proprietor.


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