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Nanaimo Courier 1889-06-06

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The Nanaimo  Courier
The Nanaimo Courier
Vol. 1.
IttL 72.
j A house in the middle ward with live!
[ rooms, in good locality. Address "M. M."
1 Couhier Office.
i :	
Harewood Lake, May 27th, 1881).
Rtrayed on to my preuiises one iron
j grey cow with a young calf.    The owner
j is requested to come and pay charges and
take awav the cow.
j    tf LOUIS STARK.
Employment by two young men lately
from England, used to mining, driving
tunnels and boring. Apply to Hunter
Bros., Nanaimo P. 0.' 1—w
Victims of the Rood Burned
in Hundreds--Debris
Being Searched
The Great Sale Still Continues.
MUST be Sold.
No Reasonable Offer Refused.
Hudson's Bay Co'y,
[   Have Received Ex "Mennock" and "Stowe" Full Supplies
of Liquors and Provisions and Offer the Same
for Sale at Market Prices.
A])    mi\
Nanaimo Saw Mill.
Haslem to Lees,
Rough and Dressed Lumber, Shingles, Laths and Pickets,
Doors, Windows and Blinds,
Moulding, Turning, Scroll Sawirlg, and all kinds of Wood Finishings.
gar All orders sent to their address at Naiwinio, B.G., will bavo the most
prompt attention. Ap 23 HASLEM A LEES.
COUQHLAN <Sl MASON  Proprietors, Victoria, B. C.
P. O.   Box, no,
i  BO-A.N"A.XMO.****
Finest   Groceries   and   Fresh   Previsions
Ships    Disbursed   and   Supplies   Furnished     .'
 *•*-*--*— *-.        ,
Shaving & Bath Parlors
,,     .      (NANAIMO,   B.C.
J.  Lewis;    -    Proprietor.
Proposals For Stock.
1'ropOsnls are invited   up—to  noon of
June 10th proximo by the undersigned
for the purchase ofthe*liole or -p-trt.ol ,mtin corseteof a delic***eolor, flossed and
the lfill nniHHiierl Hhai-PHin the »lmve«'mii"*,laced „ith .nj,.   He  was  ^ atqut, and
the 160 unissnetl ahgresin the above'eoni
pany. The company does not bind itself
to accept the highest or any proposal.
By. order ol the Directors.
W. K. LEIGHTON. Sect'y.
Wm. Blackmore,
Architect,   Etc.
P. O. BOX 116.
c. c. Mckenzie,
Land Agent, Conveyancer, Accountant
and Insurance Agent.
Office:—C. I.. Smith'
Town Lots ami Kami- for Sale.
Mortgage at low ratce.
Agent for (lie Glasgow and I.on-lon Fire Ihsu
Company. ..
Hit idling, Bastion. Stret-t,
Motley to Loan '  i
The Municipal Council invite tenders
up to Monday evening next, tho 3rd June,
at 8 o'clock tor supplying a quantity of
cedar timber, and the performance of
certain work on Mill street.
Particulars intiy be obtained at the
City Clerk's offiae.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Nanaimo, 29th May, 1-DS9.
3t S. GOUGH, City Clerk.
intend to apply at the Licensing Court
to be holden before the Hoard of
License Commissioners for the Municipality of thc City of Nanaimo on the
second Wednesday in June,' 188H, for a
license to sell wine;"spirits, beer »nd
other fermented or intoxicating liquors
by retail, within the limits of the snid
Municipality in the two-story building
situated on Church Street id said city,
and in Block LVII, and now used and
occupied by me nsa Restaurant, and to
be known as the "Windsor House." .
Dated May 2—May—9—June 12
To lie sold by Public Auction on
i   '
— At 1 o'clock at the -
Cull Lumber,
— In   Lois In Suit   Purcliiisprs. —
TERM8:—Sums ten dollars and under
Cash.     Over tefl nnd under twenty
at thirty days.    Twenty dollars
and over, Op days  nn  approved paper. *
  4 , r.
VERY     PRETTY    ONES,    TOO,     AND \ -*  ,
THEy   COST   $10   OR   MORE.
How to Tell When a Man Has One Ou.
1* Man Hore Proud of His Shape Than
Woman? -It Is Difficult to Find Where
the Expensive Shapers Are Made.
There is In one of thoOorsetmanutactorias    .  -:	
of Now York a littlo blonde haired woman •    »»   '       • a.
who hasfor many years made a specialty of   YOU   BODIES   AMD   AFTEEWABDS
men'* corset*, and has established an extensive business In a westers city.   She had a
man trained to take tbe measures and fit tbe
corset*, and frequently sh* or her forewoman   D ,    m      -,-', a  ax      v       .
fiewr saw tb* oustouws for whom they j •onmed—len Thousand JCen- Lynch a
made corsets regularly. It is a very paying
business, (or men rarely question the price
of an article tbey wish to purchase, and
men's corsets are always mado to order and
never kept lu stock. A woman the shape of
a tub and a woman the shape of a broomstick j
wiU buy the same make of corsets In different | ciuiN'in's uu-s-, rioHtis aboit mi.ijv.in.
size*, and -omehow fit J^lf fato ttomj but chi,M0, mw :,._Tlu. ommtr'e inquiry
u*a,n*AWwtoacorB.tataU be wants It to j 1)lt0 (jrom'n.8 mlltaerresumed this morn-
fit, anrTtho cheapest  ones made to order   ing wiUl   u   big   ^^   j»   llttendan,e,
"IS.     j      .j.-        ..   , I,   .                   I Moreland,  Dion's hostler,  testified,  re-
They do not differ materially from a worn- '       	
an'* corset In construction, being made of tbe
same material, only with heavier bones and
stronger steel*. Thoy differ very materially
in shape, however, being shorter and nearly
straight up and down, though the constant
wearing of the corsets conduces to add fullness of ch*et, which compensates for tbe
pretty bust curve and slop* toa woman's
waist. They aro usually made of gray sateen
or costii, but occasionally a very fastidious
customer is found who order* tbe daintiest of
materials and decorations.
One of tbe lady's customers always wore
•ri ..     ■■■ j*****-*
yflue in recovered, tlie debris i* piled un
in line huge mass and the torch applied.'
In this way the valley is rapidly a-enm-1
ing a less devastated condition. In I
i twenty-tour hours more every mas* of I
i rubbish will probably have been search-1
; ed and investigat'ons" will he confined to
tbe  smoking   wreck   above  Johnstown
San Francisco, June 5.—Captain lies,
the yell-known.detective,   when   asked
lo-day what be thought of tht) publislied
■ statement   of   Mrs.   Maude   ' iantz,   ■
Chicago woman recently arrived hire,
j t bat Wm. Tkicott, the murderer of Snell, j BOIILA*tflEai   ABAII '
! the Chicago millionaire, is now located |   ""■*"»-"•*»   mfftrrK
in China, replied: "The idle vaporings i
of a drunken  woman.     I don'l   believe!
sin- ever knew Tascott."
The "Derby* W-mtythe
Duke of Portland1-Colt
a! i
Murderer- Further Btrelationt
OonecrniSg Dr. Oronin.
Fashionable.': Tailors
Commercial Street   -        Nanaimo, II.
dew Dbop Hotel,
Th. basl of
.iquors aad Cigars will be dispensed
at the Bar.
This Hotel ls now prepared to furnish first-cltus .c-
c.mmod.lion for Boarder, and Lodgers..  Board
par month $*9.oo.
gui-ding Captain Schaaok takini; tbe
horse out to lie identified, and Ollicers
Kelley and Hall 'testified as to the arrest
of Woodririi'ii Bothing uow or important
was developed. Patrick McGrrry stated
that in September, 1888, Cronin told him
after the trial in Buffalo, thut his
(Cronin's) life was in danger, saying:
"Mac, I believe, that maiVyAlexander Sullivan will lie tlie irjatigutor of my
death. There are paper* and ailidavits
in Mr. Conklm'snafe relating to this
business, and in them Alexander Sullivan's name-is mentioned, and if anything
happens to me I will rely upon you to
jive them to the authorities."    . *
tlhicago, June fii—fhe police have
an important clew to the murdcier of Dr.
Cronin, they have found the Express
man who' hauled the murderer's good*
from the building :it 117, Clark Street to
Carlton Cottage; Accordinif to the Expressman the fellows belong to Chicago,
and he has seen both of them frequently
since he hauled their goods. The last
time he saw them wss last Saturday. The
Expressman's description lollies ckately
with that of l.ilon's who bought the furniture from Revel A Co., and of William*
who rented the cottage from Corlson'B.
The police believe the two men arc (till
in town and thev are relying on the Expressman to find them.
New York, June 5.—The direct I'nited
States Cable Co. has made a new word
in the time occupied in sending messages between England and New York in
conveying the result oti**-* race for the
Derby Slakes to thc llriit«*d Pre** in the
unprecedented time of two seconds. The
transmission of the newr between Epsom Downs and the United Press office
wns continuous, that is to say, that the
last letters of the name of theVinnorhad
not been Bent by the operator at Epsom
Downs before the flrstlettersofthe name
were beard in the office of the' I'nited
Press iu New York, so that in reality the
time occupied in transmission may be
said without exaggeration to be incom.
liOckhaven, Pa., JuneB.—All communication with this place is cut off and fears
are expressed that many persons will
starve. There is no water supply, the
reservoir having "been washed out. There
was 10 feet of water in the highest location in the city. The Irwin House was
submerged to a depth of 11 feet, and many
houses in the suburbs have lieen swept
10,0*1 mi;.-: lynch* a mi'kukrkh.
Topeka; Kan., June'5.—A man giving
the name of Nat Oliphant, and who was
suspected of having phot A. L. Rodgers
and wife early yesterday morning, was
captured by police yesterday afternoon
and lodged in jail. At !l o'clock lastnight
 =.__ _r   the crowd   which surrounded  the.  jail
occaakni*. - It wa* ot'Mme! driswedd's od I forced its way inside to get him by break-
Broadway that tbe pink haired dude returned (ingiiacl; the police force, und severely
s pair of baby blue satin corset* trimmed injuring Chief of Police Gardner and
with lac*, after they had beon fitted three Officer r.u'Tbrd. Considerable difficulty
time*, to have them made a half an Inch was experienced in finding the cell where
smaller, snd hla anxious perplexity wa* very I Oliphant. w as confined, but after two
amusing to th* mischievous merry maiden : hours' work, and the breaking of several
whofltted them on. - i cells, the murderer wae found and drag-
th» prince wears thee. j ged into the attracts.     He confessed the
It I* no secret that Osmond Tearle wore j crime and begged the crowd to hang hini
corset*, and that Kyrle Bellew wear* them I *.'' s**>;1' *> manner as to break Ins neck,
still The noble Antony has them made in I He wns token in tront ol tbe fcirst Pta-
London In a little shop in Conduit street tional JSank, thc most prominent corner
Tbey are uot trimmed with pink lace or em-!'" the city, and hanged to o telegraph
belli»hed with embroidery, which is toe only pole. A crowd of probably ten thousand
surprising H'tag about tbem, but they are iwople, Including hundreds of women,
deliciouslyamall and very short, not more witnessed the execution. The electric
than six or eight inches up aud down. lights miide it ns bright as dny, and the
mthe same shop the Duke of Beaufort has crowd lingered for an hour or more gaz-
■)ink satin, lace edg»d corsets, which he ing ut tint body. Mr. Rodgers. the victim
makes no secret of wearing, ojanufactured of the murderous burglar, died at 1»
and embroidered wltb his monogram «nr- o'clock last night, and Mr*. Rodgers remounted by a ducal coronet. Ho is an old, covery is very doubtful. ■
decrepit man. with a wrinkled yellow face KVAdnkRAtllii URi-oaT.
and a fridge of while «Ushers, anil so bont , ,        ,     ,.
over with ago that the lino of hi.corwt*i» Johnstown, June .».-Investigation
plainly discernible through his di-ess coat f'll0'vu "'''V,'1."'!''' ,"* >"* J""" "' J1"' «***
It Is .aid that thePilnce of Wales affects PC'V'1,"** Phillipsburg, of a great loss<0f
them, too, and tbat thut Is why he ha* aban- W «*d iccovciy of 243 liodies.
doned hvi-sebhck' ridiug. Corset* are worn Johnstown, Jiiu»5.—Fifty liodies were
quite extensively by men In Paris, and all taken from thc debris in front of the
the hanatome officers hi the German army Catholic church this afternoon. About
wear corsets under their uniforms. forty of them were women.
nonius   III RNRD  IN   111 NDEKDS.
In thc midst of Una scene of death aud
broke a great many of the aCk laces, which a
woman will wear almost s year without
breaking. One of his lateti orders is a Nile
green satin corset flossed and Inood with cardinal silk, and trimmed at the top and bottom with flue white lace, for which he paid
t25 with no demur. '
Another customer was so extremely modest
that he never went into tijo store, but bis
wife took his measure and ordered tbe corsets, fitting them on her«aU when they
were finished. It requires three visits to insure a perfect fitting const—cue for the
measure, which Is taken very carefully; one
tor the"htting, when only hut the bones are
In and tb* steels basted in place, and one for
the final examination, when everything is
flnisb*d. After ono perfectly fitting corset
has been made, however, only one fitting is
Corset* are worn most by actors, the fit of
whose garments furnishes nt present a large
proportion cf their stock in trade. Then
there are clerks who sit beudlng over desks
all doy and hal. the night, to whom corset*
are frequently recommended. by their physician* aa a help toward straightening their
curved spines, men who from some injury or
physical imperfections aro obliged to wear
them, and a fair percentage of dudes who rejoice In a small waist and a smoothly fitting
coat An ambitious cutter in one of the
■well establishments, whero a suit of clothes
may be purchased for tbe price of a brown
stone block, has au idea of winning an heiress
for his wife at some popular summer retort
where ho spends bis vacations, and accordingly arrays himself In oli the elegance the
establishment affords, hooks himself into a
doable boned corset, oud lays siego to tbe
hearts of the fair ones. Before he adopted
the corset ho buckicd o broad belt of heavy
leather about his body at the waist, but as he
grew stout this expedient lost its efficacy.
A man', corsets ore a* readily detected by
hi* fellow men as the faintest touch of rougo
on a woman's face Is always discovered by
her sister woman Gentlemen say that a man
in corsets goes up stairs liko a woman and
walks differently, and that if you observe
hioatclosely for a few minutes he will give a
Uttle peculiar bitch to bis shoulder*, as if be
were endeavoring to pull himself op out of
the corsets. It was by watching Berry Wall
mount, a tight of stairs that lt was fully determined that he was laced into a snugly
fitting corset Bis wife accompanied him,
and they made thesame motions in the ascent
Both the king dude and his roily poly little
chum wore corsets regularly on important
New York, June 5.—Mr. A. Sw»u-
browu, a merchant, in II tmaqq it. Jim
drygoods trade, bus gone tj» avondon to
attempt to arrange a Syndiiiate for tne
purchase of the rendin*; retail drygood*
stores of New York and other American
Ad*!:!.-   O.N   A   JOINT   HUAKIl.
New York, Junt. fi.—It was officially
stated ut the Northern Pacific R. K.
offices to-day, that the Union and Northern Pacific Presidents had agreed upon
a joint board of directors for Oregon Navigation and that litigation will be discontinued.
Front — lew fttttnm fcr t**»*
Oape-Mr. llsdtteM M fl*
-?*&*m£ ....
P'■■' '   i.    v.  ';.*■,.' •>!/•
Tali:  l>aJ»»V—:BXUITIM)  K*L*.
Losdon, June fc   I «-»*■■ «»i
ed the Derby to-dav.  Tlie w**rh«r
everything th»t cou Id hedatind. Thirteen
horse* started with the Duk* o7r*oTti*nd'i
hoy colt Dotiovs* a* utattital
won' easily,   with   Mr. (sristv's
Mignette :ecend, and IJoiifWLaird'*
Johnstown, Pa., June 4.—Dr. Low
man, ot Johnstown, is in charge of tlie
Medical Relief Corpfc, he is assisted by
over 303 physiciahs. Dr. Lowman said
to-day: "Thefirst dsy or two very Jew
injured people were seta*. Tliey an
coming in now by scores. Sickness is
getting alarming, and we see our duties
multiply hourly.   Nervous prostrations,
.....   ne«.—Ba*sl-a-«*r tecomisax
pneumonia a-i-MeTcre -"*»be sod sre tlte to the front.   Ha te it-wUai ta  saciaty
Though corsets are worn by men In New
fork. It I* extremely difficult to find out
manufactoJyrr S, aT^tT^ot j *-"««,.• -Icnting Providence seem*
ahrfhTZr.r™Jt.S*. reeelv.nrder.for ! lP be exerting a subduing influence.   Six
days have elapsed since the great disaster and. the temperature still remains
low in the Conemagh valley. When it
is remembered that in ordinary June
weather of this locality from two lo three
days ore sufficient to bring an unattended body to a degree of decay and putrefaction* that would  render it almost im
th* first oloss corset places receive orders for
them occasionally, tbey ore vary reticent on
the subject, for snsv publicity given to the
fact would dostiwy the business altogether.
There I* one bright woman corset maker on
Fourteenth street who advertises to make a
specialty of men's corset* and receive; •
great many orders, which she nil. simply by
taking women's corsets of large site tnd :e-1
movhlg the gores in tbe bust aid taktes oat; P.osslb1';' to prevent the spread of disease
aomtotthaUOima at th. hip* Merchant: hro»8hou,t JJ» Vll»^' J,lie inclinable
tofiorawouUhoUwIthdeUghtthegeneralii-e * 'enefits of the cool weather are almost
of contrt*. os they would riider th. flttinjrof b;'.v"i"' oppreciation Die examination
garment, much easier, and enable them to j °/. the; half mile of debris above the
keep *mooth and in shape much longer. ! bridge is but little more offensive than
Il is the stent men who take to them most
kiadly and who suffer most in wearing them,
and lt 1* hinted that two of the handsomest
'Tire** cost actors" in New York retort to
their use on tb* stage. Watch**:ho man who
never lean* back comfortably ia his choir,
whose coot doe* not pull in lines at every
button or gradually work up toward his
shoulders, and whose chest I* unusually
round and fall, and if he seems at interval!
to be pulling himself op out of his garment*
by the shoulders and goes upstairs with an
Inflexible back, you may safely infer that he
yesterday, and should this weather continue a few days it is possible that hundreds of bodies may yet be recovered
from the creek in such s suite ot preservation as to render identification possible. Many hundreds bf victims, however, will be roasted and charred in such
n shopeleas mass as to preclude all chance
of recognition. Thc work of clearing up
the wreck and removing the bodies is
now being conducted most systematically.
Over six hundred men aro at work in
various portions of the valley, and each
most frequent ailment*, and pneumonia is
sure to be very prevalent because af tbe
exposure in water and dampness. There
arc 2000 sick in general hospitals here,
and in the borough already, and there
will be three times, as many. We must
arrange to disinfect the city immediately.
Two carload* of disinfectants have already
been received, but a train load will be
required." Tlie" list of the recovered
dead kept up its appalling growth to-day,
but the list of those recognised is not so
large as yesterday, owing to thc tact that
many of the bodies ore burned beyond
recognition or decomposed. The ascertained list of -2,300 bodies yesterday was
augmented hy 138 mon- in Johnstown,
Cambria and Kerusville. There is n large
number at Woodvale, and it is said 'it at
Nineveh and vicinity. The undertaker*
ore becoming fagged out, they having
worked day and niglit for 72 boars.
Johnstown, Pa., Jane 4.—The resident
{■ortion of Woodvale Borough is
plctely wiped out. The property loss is
estimated at $35,<O0,U00. On the hills
above the wrecked village ie presented
the worst spectacle of the hour; here are
clustered the several thousand inhabitants who escaped, ond unless aid is given
them soon, they must perish of want.
Starvation stares them in the face. They
are so fnr abova Johnstown that relief
parties have not yet reached tbem and
only a few provisions have been brought
up to them by the other survivors in
Johnstown. Several have lost their
minds, and it is feared that tbe horrors
of death by starvation or the worst horrors of madness must soon overtake them
unless relieved. A large number of live*
are lost.
Johnstown, June 4.—Superintendent
Morgan, of the Cambria Iron Co., who is
regarded as an exceptionally level-headed
man, returned to-day from visiting the
entire flooded district. He declared that
only about 15,000 persons are now alive
where 2t>,50J lived and had their being
before the flood. Adjutant-General
Hastings maintains the death list may
not exceed 8,000, and of this number he
thinks 3,000 bodies will never be recovered. Mr. McConongh, Chief of Bureau
Registration, said to-day that he is convinced that the number that perished is
fullv 10,000 or more.
Washington, June 4.—President Hsr-
rison presided at a meeting this afternoon
held for (lie relief of the Johnstown sufferers. The President delivered a most
eloquent address on taking thV chair. He
suggested that people go and ring their
church bell* to gather thoughtless
peoplo and remind ther* of the necessity
lo respond to the appeals of the afflicted
in the flooded districts. The meeting
was n most enthusiastic one, and $10,000
wus contributed on Ibe spot. An immense amount of clothing and food was
donated hy merchants and citizens.
New York, June 4.—Fifty doctors of
both sexes, slid other members of the
Society of Medical Jurisprudence, assembled in Steinway 1 lull this morning lo
form an A mei ii un International Congress
of Medical Jurisprudence. Lieutenant-
(invernor Jones acted ns chairman, ond
Rev. De Witt Tulmuxe made the address
of wcl, (luic. Tlie Congress will lost all
Ihe nt'ek, and doctors from all over the
country ure expected to Ik- present.
Trenton, Mich., June 4.—Lawrence
Murray, a bachelor, aged 40 years, and
bis mother, aged 80 years, residing on
au iiiilrequcnted road in Argentine township, (jireen county, were murdered several days ago. lloth were shot in the
back of the head. The bodies were
found in a cellar where they had lieen
token by the murderers.
Pittsburg, June4.—Lewiston Junction,
Pu„ has just been heard from. The town
has been submerged, the highways covered with debris, ten feet high. Many of
the population have been fed and sheltered in the Court lieuse.
No'lives were
Pittsburg, June 4.—The  annual Cou-
veution of tlie Amalgamated Association
of Iron and Steel Workers convened   in
this city to-day.   Two hundred delegates ,      ,    ,      , ,.
were present.   The eastern delegates are I yesterday at 9«i*^re
colt a good third. The betting waa |
even on Donovan with a -tigM shade it
odds in hafavor, 18tot -*phi**Ms-fUU
and 17 to 1 *-**iaat KI Uoratte. Th*
honuM gpt away at tbe ascond attempt,
and Month lay took the load, Colengoand
Enthusiast close behind liim. *tbey ran
in this order te tfcehUl at Tottenham
Corner wh-je Ti*T***-*o*e Mtabad totb*
front, with Donovan atcotti. Donovan
soon took the lead and held tt to tbe
finish, showing very-little sign oi fatlfne.
TlmeJ :**%.
sorji.sMM iv ttmtmam.
London, June*.—fi
and li»emetthal,te-l**|--f Wale*.    Tba,
predict as cool
to the Exhibits
which raised tbe
thc stability of the
that Ronlanger wiH
Mr. Gladstone left lAtAtm t little
•won for his western tomr. Wl is ta oooi
spirits, but hit friends at*) xsttttf about
theh-srvtt-4 *'
vjanmsts*. cm.
tf ra, haa baan
There It freit ft**-*****. I
tersat tlie Intelsat l^tsxrC
ei Sir l**s*-siaaBi>-|Mi|, JUt
will probably be 1
dlm.al'-iteeaOB mw-bt the te-JkaDlM-
bitors at Psri* over the *oatest between
the attitude of the Britieh and American
Commissioner* concerning the Sunday
Closing. The AttH-rkwMclose ****** »B
tire section, but tbe £n*rli*b insist that
their esses shall be uncovered, white so
attendant* are present. Thi* ia impossible in regard to valuable exhibit* tod
hence the friction. There te macb *be*-
ety in high DiplssaaUc quarter* atnat tha
the disposition of aotne of tha big. place*.
London, June (..—Tha Ckrouick't fit.
Petersburg correspondent st-*~ **""
report is rife iu the Rus-ian <
Prince Nikito, -a* Monta-Mgn. "hi
publicly vongratnlateel by th*
Duke Nicholaa aa the fatare King af
Bosnia. Tlie report that King Charle*,
of Roumania, will abdteate in tevor of
Prince Ferdinand of Bulgaria, id pronounced untrue by tha correspondent of
the Times at Vienjaa.
the*MaybVXMiq'uJrwere rtmaaSt^-
day. Dr. Hopper testified taatlf* had
treated Mavhnck fer iteaaeh and nervous disorder and indlgai*au|i. Hp bad
never advised the use af arsenic, bat
had prescribed strychnine as a remedy
for the patient's ills. Uavbrich toM him
that he waa s»*-*ateterl-rith thi raadi-
cinul properties and electa of I
In June, liWfewltneea stated :
Maybrick called upen him aa *
him to caution her hushss^ atafnat tba
habit of taking anenie te wMeh ha-'
addicted. Majrbrkk had admitted to
witness that be had atrack hts nils,
blackening one of her eves. The blow
was the remit of a aoarrel -rith ha) trite
■Iront gentlemen, with whom Shaves to
his mind, over friendly.  . ,,       ^, .. ,(  .,
HUSH  HYMI'tlaS*.   i. -», . OMat
Dublin, June a.—At a mejitiag ai the
Municipal Council this morning, Es-
Lord Mayor Timothy D. I*nifivan proposed a resolution ef (ympothy aad coa-
dolence with the auffervr* by Mm. stood*
at Johnatowia-, and other plaesa in
America, The resolution waa onanla--
ouely adopted.
Paris, June 5.—An sddress aEonerat-
ing England from any malevolent t
in  withdrawing  her Ajnl»**a»d*)r
Lytton from the opeuing of the E*l>o»i-
tion is lieing iiumerouaVy signed fly TttA-
icnls and Opportunist Deputies.
water srotrr in ravssu.
Berlin, June 5.—GfreaVtess of life sted
propertv'haa bean causad by a h*.tvteaa*r,
and the bursting of t*. water apont at,
The ship Erfcataa.
I'esteaiay at noon
or Son Francisco.
The ship Wiltia went -intter the
vesterday. .. ,
The   steamer    Wii
I* lacsd into a pair of 110 stays, though he. gang oi twenty men ie directed by a iore-
wouldn't admit it any wooer than a woman   man, who is under orders from general
i would own her shoes were too tight—New   headquarters.   As tbe rubbish is gone
' York Sun. ' over, and lioxes and scattered articles of
detained east by breaks in Pennsylvania
Railroad tracks.
Detroit, Mich., June 4.—Hull Bros.,
the largest retail tracery firm in this
state, are heavily involved and have executed chattel mortgage* aggregating more
thon 1100,000.
The Crb»t Rush.—Owing in the immense m.mber of purchasers visiting Mr.
Bullock's establishment on Saturday
anxious to take advantage of his disposal of
is stock at cost, he and his clerks were un-
bte to Attend toa great number of Customers,
He regrets that so many went away unserved, nnd if possibie he would advise some
of his friends to shop in the morning when
hey could lie better waited upon. -
•   •' .-' '   - -
load coal for San
i   The steamer Ml
| for San Kraaci*ro.
The steamer Isabd
from Victoria with freight
ing messengers: K Cook, 1
Williams and L Rwoe. t—-__~-,- ~
R Johnston ft Co, Mrs Davis, % *f|oen-
nell, 6 Brightman, J Wittsjlti, WPsrirntet
Watkins, G Bevilockway, h: E f .8o.i*t-»
and W Deeble.
 >~ tm-A.  '   -
The Vancouver Coll aiming as* Und Ci*;,
limited, hereby give notice lhat Sav Ira-Sate
found cutting ot nmuviag Urn**-*- fteaa JhtM
land, without .obtaining, permission. at' the
Company's Otice wlllTx pto«*A-Sw.i*-'«t>
M. Robin*. .<*eerintemte*i.        " •"' ''l*
BxsasxMaaawaaaBBw*E«VI ■2S*
aTHUBSDAT,   JUSB   6.  1889.
Mr. Jamas O'Nail is authorized on behalf of ths Nanaimo Cobbiee to canvass
for snbscriptions, advertising, receive
payments aad give receipts for the same
te the city Of'vTctoria.
Mr. John Carrie is authorised on ber
half of the Naaaimo Cobweb to canvass
for snbscriptions, receive payments and
give receipts tor the same in Wellington.
A little manual written by Mr. W. T.
Webb, and published In Calcutta, is designed to inform "such Indian gentlemen aa wish to depart from the traditiena
of their origin sufficiently to go out to
dinner and the like, with Europeans,"
hew ther ought to behave. The rules of
conduct which it lays down are, for the
moot pert, *o correct that the average
English gentlemen—we of course use the
word "English" in its broadest sense-
will derive little or no benefit from its
study. Here is a delicious sample of Mr.
Webb's advice as to what it is proper or
otherwise to say "in society.'' "A gen-
tlaman wonld not for instance talk about
"a pain ia his stomach," unless he were
communicating with his doctor, the
proper wotd if necessity arise* ia a&do-
mm." If this example does not inspire
oar readers with a wish for more, we can
only lay they" are for differently constituted from ourselves. There is a naive
simplicity about Mr. Webb tbat is positively touching when we consider thai
great numbers of the Hindoo gentlemen
wl>om he proposes to teach, stand as high
above their would-be preceptor both in
education and breeding as is well possible.
The practical excellence of the following
extract* makes them altogether too deli-
eioas to be pssssd over in silence: "Do not
be too ready to tadolge your curiosity.
Thus It la Ttary Impolite to make any at-
tempt toteeko-tsr the shoulder of any
oae who te tiding or writing anything,
as a toot ot a letter, without his permission." CouM there be a wiser counsel ?
Or take that s-pedmen:—"Avoid writing
begging letters." Or this:—"Do not,
therefore, write a letter to a
•Aranger, begging him to defray the expenses of your education." Agate, the Indian gentleman It
-scommeaded when be calls upon an
an Kngllaaawa not to "question him, lor
lnstaace, about his age, or the amount of
hte salary, er privato, domestic, or official -oMrtteM." Similarly, "if you are
presented with a watch, do not ask the
giver hew much It cost." "Never, -mack
your lli*-" cannot be c**J-4 lttvd fjevice to
• psrsoa about to be entertained at a
dinner party; and "Do not attempt to
contravene-the rules and regulations or
by-laws of the railway line upon which
yoa travel" is' objectionable leas on Seconal of Ite Intrinsic demerit than by
i oi ite lUrsase* to the tort of an-
i deer to the heart of Gallic official-
"All public brawl* and conten-
i are a violation of the quiet dignity
and self-respect which mark the gentle-
sun." So they aro; snd, if we express
ao sathuateam for the form in which the
is conveyed, it is only be-
tola sentimental preference for that
devised by air Francis Claverlng's foot-
saaa, who said, "A holtercation with a
teller tat tha street is never ao good."
We tremble as we qnivte, for fear tbat
watchful critics such as "Macbeth" and
"Ylj-ex" will make sport of En alas! too
It will' doubtless have occurred to all
of Cur reader* that the machinery of our
Q-aHtetf Law ia occupied largely in
tjtatt -relating to Indisn*. Nbw the point
whteh we wish to urge is, that these cases
t invariably spring from the same
Are there no means of
I a still more stringent law than
thai -rhteh we already possess against
Um sale of intoxicants by the white man
to tha red? We know well tbat we are
trpoa very delicate ground when we aak
if HwtMld be possible to prevent ths
Attftrstt from procuring ardent spirits.
Aay one who will take the trouble to
teoh -asiwagh oar police mettle, or even
to esk them in authorirr such as magistrates, constables, or Snpreme Court
-fadgse, would receive the information,
•re **elw*ll assured, that quite three-
•o-arths Of the eases which crop up so
seasteet*** of Indten* committing crime,
owing to tiwtr having pr*mred liquor ta
fo-ae shape, sre owing to the liquor being
sold or given to tbe aborigines by the
kmV-ttA*t. Wo see the grave dlfflcnlties
tafatawayaa clearly eg oaa any one.
atesiatsa wo at once-admit that large aum-
'ta-notttahsaf-breeds of this country
sswtateusttltetaf, aTttwtt, aad as law-
abtdtag at the average white person, but
any -aa-aare ot the kind we propose
S|t**«ta-sisMite-Mea. Theumtt-
«ai -ttete^ least being that hotel keepers
weald IUent.lliB.lv find it difficult to dis-
«***-*.**■ the haM--**sBod from the White;
tt~Ha-vtoila-a-a.amii-.-o thorn reme-
***■*■, ami If sueh ameaaure should become
tatr.-Jj-a^Ursighttaar herd upon a
|k*w, yotweteel ptoitiv* that a change
for the tatter anals galslily be apparent.
rum or beer, as readily as tobacco, or
cotton cloth, and as such may be thought
inapplicable to our own case of British
Columbia. Besides the physical features
of this country render a stricter supervision over the Indian camps dotted here
and there along thc coast very difficult.
Small soiling vessels—or rather their
owners—we believe to be the chief offenders outside of tbe towns on Vancouver
Island and the coast of the mainland.
Possibly ii some simple measure were to
become low, giving our police officers
authority to search such craft as might
be deemed suspicious, it might be the
means to some extent of checkmating
those who engage in this nefarious trade.
Whether our idea be feasible or not, we
contend that having taken the country
Irom its original possessors, the least we
can do in return is to endeavor to safeguard to the utmost of our ability the
poor, ignorant' wretches to whom the
advent oi the White man has by no means
been an unmixed good, but has, we fear,
entailed much hideous  degradation and
A statement has recently been going
the round of the.English press that the
present Chief* Jockey during thc last
racing season received as much in fees,
retainers and presents as the Lord High
Chancellor—fees £2400; present from
owner of Derby winner £1000; retainers
£lii00;and allowing ior presents at tbe
rate of £20 for each race won £4140, total
£8740. This, it is asserted, ls by no
means an exaggerated statement. The
policy of paying large sums to jockeys
has frequently been discussed, ond those
in the habit of making valuable gifts in
money, hove been well abused Ior inconsiderate Iiberalty. The interests at stake,
however, since the horse became the instrument of gambling it now is, are so
gigantic aa to render it imperative that
Jockeys be placed beyond temptation.
The total value of the stakes which were
contested during the last year amount
we see to over £400,000, not to speak of
the sums dependent on wagers—probably
twenty times that amount. Whether,
therefore, in the face of such risks, a
thousand pounds is too littlo or too much,
or just the right sum to be given with a
view to secure the rider's honesty, who
shall say If not the man who is the proprietor of the animal, and who has possibly backed hi* horse to win him a hundred tbciaand pounds °
"Macbeth," in a letter to the Free
Prett, asks where we obtained the following quotation: "If't were well't were
well done, then 't were well't were well
done quickly." If "Macbeth" will take
his Shakespeare and turn to Scene 7,
Act 1, he will find that though our quotation is not literally exact, it any rate
expresses the same meaning which the
position. It is related that in Otogo,
where Scotchmen are a majority of the
colonists, a contract for grading a road
was to be let, and the lowest bid was
signed "McPherson." Notice was sent
to the said McPherson to visit the board
and complete the contract. In due time
they met, but behold 1 McPherson was
yellow as to his hide, and wore o most
unmistakable pig-tail. "But," gasped
the President, "your name can't be Mc-
Phertjon?" "Allee lightee," cheerfully
answered John; "no-one catch 'im cont-
lact in Otago unless he name Mac." The
contract w.'.s signed, and the yellow-
skinned McPherson did his work as well
as if he had really hailed from Glasgow.
Music In the Air.
"I tee," sold Rollo, as he glanced up from
hi* Eagle, "that an Indian band hu lift th*
Sioux reservation. What doe* that meanl"
"Why, lt mean*," aid Rollo** Unci* George,
"that the Sioux eouldnt (tend **m any
longer, and run 'em off to the mountain* te
starve. And there*** new bond practicing
about two block* down this rtreet ought to
be served la the s*me way, and if we had half
th* good tost* and nerve the Bioux nation
hu we'd »oon run 'em out Fm In for lt"
'•But," said Rollo, "the papa- soy* they were
followed a short dl*t«no», but c*J**pp**r*d te
taw direction of th* Butte*." "Wall,* arid
hi* Uncle George, "that'* It—th* boot*
th* outraged Indten* threw after th* beggar*. 1 never heard an Indian band, but 1
ono* beard an Indten ling, and a band must
b* just ■* owfuL" "Do th*y play tun**f"
■iked Rollo. "No," sold Rollo'* mother,
softly, "they play haira; juat (Imply hair*."
And Rollo Hid he thought he caught tb*
malady.—Bob Burden* In Brooklyn £*gle.
Tb* Fatar. at turn.
Thi* product, which from the imnuns* extant or its am* and It* applications to tb*
true neoessttleiof nunlrlnd would seem properly stable m it* v«ry nature, has during the
last two decade* suffered much from violent
fluctuation* At prwent th* Iron trade I* reported to be In rotho- * depressed condition,
which would b* won* except for a combination among the rnaniif«ctur«r» which
th* production down *ufBci*ntly to
pries* on a paying boil*. All over'be
try mill* «r* starting Into action and shutting
down, a specie* of r«*tln**n*»* characterising
tbe outlook. But an Increased market I*
looked for during tbe next three months, and
after th* te-nos of tb* post an Improvamant
tbat tert* *v*n tor teat length of tint* will
not be without good effect*. Th* govcrn-
ntent try it* recent optntioo* in ship and
b*lp matter*, and probably th* son** *■***•
BJteewill be rendered during th* next four
y**r*.—ikfentiflo American.    '
A rnurtlcal Man.
Th* following b given *• BUI Ny*** obituary ot Mr. Wesksi "Mr. Wwks wss a olf
mod* man, and even inbi* meet pro*p*rou»
day* would not allow finger bowl* te bis
hous*. HI* education w*> mostly tn th* Un*
of th* buauwss he bad adopted, and though
be did not know that evolution wa* » gradual chang* from on Indefinite and Incoherent
heterogeneity to a definite aad coherent bo-
roogenalty, through constant dlffsrentlatlon*
snd lnt*gratlon», a flat wheal would wake
Um out of a sound *l*ep before It bod mad*
two revolutions."
Row at Jarleho.
original expand *l*o that which,; J^TrotltAtX^iXt&otZZ
largely attended
-wteatty been held at
(Xo^dtts) to dtecuat
the liquor
of London proposed
That the
tatei**«fa>i«J-**now carried on,
of wholesale de-
l-ata to the •*••**-« races
of the globe, sad is
otatsnllng block to tho
Of eivillaatioa asaeng them."
the itaslas.it. wa* aimed at
ta this traaV In countries
•.eirvos arc allowed to bay
we ourselves wished to express. We
would add that we, like most other people we imagine—do not make a practice
of looking up each quotation we mav have
occasion to make, in order to verify its
literal occurocy as to the omission or addition of a stray conjunction or indefinite article, believing that life is too
short and standard works too costly to
make such an attempt either desirable
or easy.
Fbom the British Mercantile Gazette
we learn that the Bank of England
makes "some thousands per annum by
the* lost, stolen, mislaid or hidden banknotes, which have never come in to be
counted." Just so the Paris Exposition
Commissioners are likely to profit by
great numbers of unclaimed prise*, tome
of them for a very large amount. The
surplus profit on the ten million francs
for tickets issued, after paying all expenses, purchases, artisans'visits, discount*,
etc., will amount to about half a million
So many pleasure boats are now to be
seen in our harbor during fine weather,
that we think the following hint* may be
ol value to those unable to swim: Persons are drowned by raising their arms
above tbe water the unbuoyed weight of
which presses the head down. When a man
falls into deep water he will rise to th*
surface, and will continue tbere if he does
not elevate his hands. If be moves his
hand* under the water any way he
pleases, his head will rise high enough
to allow him full liberty te breathe; and
if he will use his legs as in the act of
walking upstairs, bis shoulder* will rise
above tbe water so tbat he may use less
exertion with his hands, or apply them
to any other purpose. These simple
directions are, oi course, not intended
for those who can swim, but many a per-
who is drowned in comparatively shallow
water and quite near shore, might essily
save his life if he would try to remember,
snd practice tbe bints given above.
Edmund Yates of the World is responsible for the following:— <
The Prince of Wales and *Dr. Lyon
Play fair were standing near a cauldron
containing lead which was boiling at
white heat. "Has your Royal Highness
any faith in science T" said the Professor.
"Certainly," replied tbe Prince. "Will
you then place your hand in the boiling
metal and ladle out a portion ol it?"
"Do you really tell me todo this?" asked
the Prince. "I do," replied tbe doctor.
The Prince then ladled out tome of the
boiling load with hit hand without sustaining any injury. It is a well-known
scientific fact that the human hand may
be placed uninjured in lead boiling at
white heat, being protected from any
harm by the moisture of the skin. Should
the lead boat a perceptibly lower temperature, the effect need not be described.
After this let no one under-rate tbe courage of the Prince of Waist--thus Mr.
Yates—[We can only say though we
have the most implicit faith in science,
yet oar faith wonld have to be "its-
plicitor" still before we ventured on such
a test as that described above.—So.]
Is New Zealand at in O-JJforate tbe
Chinaman abounds, and thero too he hu
to retort to strategy to make good hit
specie* of flower it la said that when dry
weather I* prevalent it wrap* Itself into a
ball and 1* to all appearance, dead. Tb*
wind blow* it from th* stalk and lt go**
bounding along until tt reaches * moist spot,
whore lt unfolds tt* leaves, drop* it* seeds,
and a garden of rows appear*
Every Tea Taar*.
There Is o superstition among miser* that
•very ten year* rich diggings will b* discovered somewhere The record *o f*r la: California, 1848; Put*'* Peak, 18*()-|N*r*d*, 18f»i
On* of tb* eastern visitor* at a San Joe*
hotel 1* ao ardent whist player. B* ba* kept
It up for fifty-one year* and counted th*
frame*   Thoy number --8Ji38.—Son FraucJaco
HI* Vttilon.
A toad muter a harrow would doubt!**.
giv* a different account of hi* «xpsr*on«
from that which the former guiding th* im-
plemmt might furnish.
"Only those arou**d from midnight dumber on ihlpboord by tbe terrible cry, 'Man
overboardl"' said a travalw, "can oompre-
b*nd to tb* full its terribl* meaning, th* teat
and in its TTn*f**n alarm.**
"Oh, rt*, they can," said o Uttle man who
did not look** If h* had *ver left hi* nottv*
town. "I heard it one* whan I wssot near
tb**hlp,udlre*lia*dit more thin any on*
"You couldn't,'* add the tnv-ltr, *corn-
"Ye*. I could," persisted tb* Uttle man.
"I wa* th* man who wss owboard,*'—
Youth** Companion.
Th* Old** Ob*!***.
Th*oIdtetof*U th*obeli*** is th* beautiful
on* of rosy granite which stands alon* among
tbegretn field*upon tb* bonkaof tUNil*.
not Ite tram Cairo. 11 Is th* grave-ton* of
o gnat *ndtnt city which ha* vanished and
-*rt.onlyUu*r*Uo bthind. Th* city w»» tb*
B-»ala*hw***h of th* Bcriptur**, tb* fomoui
one, which Is mamorabl* to oil Bite* moan
a* th*raid*nc*of th*prf**tof Potiphoroh,
wbon daughter, Amah, Joseph marrltd.
The Greetecalted It H-Uopolis, the city of
the »un, b*c*unt)Mntto worship of ths son
had its chief center and it* most sacred
(hrlnc*.—Atlanta Ant*rlo«n.
Ths ahadwa* cmted for a purpc**,«od
torts* which could not be orowtl-d behind th*
gills of every otter *-*•*•*-> of aha.
Canadian Pacillc Narinatlon  Go.
TIME   TABLE   No.   io.
VICTORIA TO Vancouver and Moodyvill. dais.
except Monday, at 4 o'clock.
VANCOUVER TO Victoria, daily, except Monday,
at 13:13 o'clock or on the arrival of the C. P.
Railway Train.
S.S. PREMIER will leave as follow.:—Vancouver
. p.tn., Mondays and Thursdays, returning
leaves Seattle Wednesdays and Saturdays at 0
a.m., arriving In Vancouver about 6 p.m., this to
take effect Thursday, February oth.
Leaves VICTORIA for New Westminster, Ladner'.
Lauding and Lulu Island, Sunday, and Thursdays at 7 .'clock, Tuesdays at 0 o'clock.
Love NEW WESTMINSTER for Victoria anu
way ports on Monday at 2 p.m., Wednesday and
Fndav at 7 a.m.
PLUMPER PASS, Sunday at 7 o'clock.
Steamers for Hope and way ports leave New Westminster every Thursday: For Chilliwhack and
way landings every Tuesday and Saturday at
Steamer MAUDE leaves Victoria for Alberni and
Sound pons once a month.
Steamship Sardonyx will leave for Fort Simpson and
intermediate port, on the First aud Fifteenth of
each month.   Whenever sufficient   Inducement
offers wiU call at points on the West Coast and
Queen Charlotte Islands.
The company reserve, the right of changing this
Time Table at any time without notification.
tc.cn. Agent. Manager.
John : Pulwitt
Successor to Emil Derdinger.      ''
Practical   Horseshoer
AND     .
Peck's Blacksmith Shop,
I am prepared to do all kinds of General Blacksmithiiig at short notice and
reasonable rates. Special attention paid
to tenderfooted, over-reaching and inter-
fearing horses.
SHOEING—Give me a call and convince yourselves. All work guaranteed
to give satisfaction.
J.  PUI^ITT,   -   -   -   Proprietor.
1 mo
I have this day disposed of my
blacksmith business to Jobn Pull-
witt. All debts will be paid by the undesigned.
Peck's Hotel,
T.   E.   PECK,   Proprietor.
Thc Choicest Brand, of Wish, Liouoa. and Cioam
.lways on hand.
Solicitor of the High Court, Ontario,
Office in Smith's Building, Commercial
Street, Nanaimo.
To fte Travelling MUc
■TO   ALU   POINTS   ON   THB———
And iu connectiont may be hnd    In u
A. SHAW*  Agent,   -   -   Nanaimo.
Tlxe Steamer
Albion Iron Works.
Manufacturers of Marin, ud L.nd Engine.,
Boiler., Flak Caoalof tnd Mining- Machinery,
Hydraulic Gia»t. and Pip. REPAIRS e».cul.d
with dupuch.   Works running ai*ht and day.
I Association—Headquarters, 465 Main
I) street, Winnipeg, Man. For collection of Old and worthless accounts anywhere in the world, and no charge if n &
collected. O. E. Collins, Manager and
Treasurer. 8. Ferry Mills, Solicitor,
Victoria, B.C.
Leaves Vancouver ior Nanaimo on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays at 2:16
p.m., on the arrival of the Eastern
Leaves New Westminster for Nanaimo
Mondays and Wednesdaysat 7 a.m.
Leaves Nanaimo tor Vancouver Tuesdays, Thu-sdays and Fridays at 7 a.m.
Leaves Nanaimo for New Westminster
Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7 a. nt.   .
Ih* Larj.it tad But Hot*l la th   Oltv,
■. watkiho  - pier
*r«%xxiea-i Harvey
Commercial Street, Nanaimo,   B. C.
Aas-c-wment Act and Provincial Revenue Tax, Nanaimo District.
Notice is hereby given, In accordance with thc
Statutes, that Provincial Revenue Tax and all T*uns
levied under the Aiscument Acta are now due for tha
year, tBSo, and payable at my office, Nanaimo;
Assessed Taxes, it paid on or before June 30th, 1889,
are collectable at the following rates, viz:
% oi 1 per cent. 00 Real Property.
7)4 cents per acre on Wild Land.
One-third of one per cent, on Perwnal Property.
J, of 1 per cent, on Income.
If paid after June 30th, 1889:—
Yi of 1 per r- • t.on Real Property.
8# cents f 1 iacreon Wild Land.
J*i of 1 per ci.-i t .on Personal Property.
% of r per  cn  .on Income.
'AaMaaor->**>'-' llleoew.
Nanaimo Machine Works,
R. J. Wenborn; - Proprietor.
Repairing and refitting of all kinds of
machinery promptly attended to in a
er.   Brass fittings of all
thorough manner,
kinds made to order.
Ap 2-ti
Tin and Sheet Ironware,
A Foil Assortment at Lowest Prices.
Victoria Crescent.
nanaimo. u.c.
General Blacksmith ft Carriage Builder.
niuoi anti Brun, lutuo, b. c.
Wilh N.w Premises, Modern Machinery and. Fir.
Clan   WarSim.o, all Style. «f Waa**.,
CerrlaiM aad Bun!., will be b*iKj
to order.
Chemist & Druggist.
Patent Medicines, Perfumery and
Toilet Goods.
Prescriptions Osrefully Compounded.
v l.fl at th. Eacelsior Bakery, Comnmcial ureal,
or- Manou's mm, Halikureta street, will receive
rompt attention at  moderate ratft.
Albarl Slreet,
April 6—tf Nanaimo, B.C.
Great  Transcontinental   Route,
Piano   Tuning.
*** pl«s"«*»nd orian., Iflofl «l t*o*toSc*,jHII.|M
•tt<nd.d to promptly. A. ANGEKMAN.
April lS-tT
Northern Pacific Raify
VI* the Cascade Division now completed,
making It the Shorten, Best
»nd   Quickest.
Tbe Dining C»r Line. The Direct Rout*.
No Delays, Futest Trains, Lowtet Rates
to Chicago and all Point. But. Tickrt*
told to all Prominent poiats throughout Ibe
East tad South-East.
Through Pullman Drawing-room
Sleeping Cars.
Reservations can be secured in Advance.
Ts ataSt-BiaSi Passeiftn.
Be careful and clo not make a mistake, but
be lure to take the   .
Northern Pacific Railway.
And tee that your ticket reads via THIS
LINE, St, Saul or Minneapolis, to avoid
changes \ tad, serious delays occasioned by
other routes.
Through   Emigrant   Sleeping    Cars
Rna on regular express trains full length of
the line. Bertha free. Lowest R»te».
Quickest Time. l
Freight and FatMog** Ageat,
N-jsthao, B. C,
Ant. Gen. P*n. Aft.
isi Flrstl St., cor. Washington,
Portland, Or.
Donald   Smith
*LV«nalmo, 39. O.
Jaa.Mtt       ,.
P. O. Boa to.
P. Jamieson, Prop.
Oyatcrt, Cakes, Jellies, Ice Cream,  Blanc
Mange, ftc,   Th* orly White Labor  .
Kestauraat la Town.   IT
from a$ etata up.
Hillo?ay's Pills « otituit
x has secured for itself *n imperishable
fame throughout the world for the alleviation
and cure of most diseases to which humanity
Is heir.
Purify, regulate, and improve the quality o
the blood. They assist the digestive organ*,
cleanse the STOMACH ft BOWELS, in-
creese the secretory power of the Liver,bract
the nervous system, and throw into the circulation the pure elements for sustaining and
repairiag tbe frame.
Thousands of persons have testified that
by their use alone they have been restored
to health and strength after every other
means have proved unsuccessful
e «.
Will be found invaluable ia every Household
in the cure of open seres. Herd Tumors,
Colds, Sore Throats, Bronchitis, and all di*.
orden of the Throat and Chest, as also Gout,
Kheumatism, Scrofula, and every kind of
Scin Diseases.
Manufactured ouly at Professor Holloway's
Establishment, 78 New Oxford St. (late 533
Oxford St.), London, tnd sold tt it. i*^d.
is. 9d.. 41. 6d. us., St., tnd 33s. etch
tnd Pot.
KT BEWARE OF AMERICAN COUNTERFEITS. Purchasers should look to tb*
Label on the Pot and Boxes. If Ihe *ddres*
1* not 5*3 Oxford Street, London, they ar*
l*-d*liahod atmtf -Renting ozoopt
TBia paper is a Uto exponent of the
Nanaimo ai Vicinity
And it thoroughly
It contain* alt tba Latest
Dished np Itt readable style. »• fi
distributed early aaeh in       <<
ao that everyone t*v> n«.o
tt at the breakfast
The Mutual Life Insurance
The -Lergas* Oetepaar ip Ok* W**M.
Assets, 1196)000,000.
Receipt* for Tear 1886 426,000,000
Paid Policy Holders, 1888, IM.OOO.OOO.
General Solicitor. JosbfhRbid.
Head Office for British Colombia
Hbietebiia-* ft Co., Vo, 8, Bastion Street
Victoria, B.O.
In every part of (ho
Aad all Um latest event* of puWU
Every ymatitm egstahOt
importanoo cueotieood
Transcontinental Route
Pacific : and : the : Atlantic !
Its passenger equipment is the finest in the
world, consisting of Luxubious SLEEPING
Cars having Drawing, Smoking aud Bath
Rooi.s; Comfortable and Clean Colonist
Cars, with Free Sleeping Berths for holders
of second-class tickets; and m*st modem
style of day coaches.
provide the best quality of food in unlimited
quantity at reasonable rates.
along ils line is unequalled, and in the details of track, train service, etc., nothing is
omitted that can add to the Safety and Comfort of its patrons. Ail in all, it gives tbe
best and most serviceable lint of travel,
whether for business or pleasure, between
Portland, Tacoma, Setttle, Victoria, and all
Pacific Coast Points, and Winnipeg, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Chicago, St. Louis, Ottawa,
Toronto, Montreal, Boston, New York and
all Eastern Cities.
are   issued to all principal points in   the
United States, Canada aud Europe,  at tbe
Lowest Rates.
ROBT.  IRVING,  Freight and   Passenger
Agent, Govt. St., Victoria.
A. E. PLANTA, Ticket Agent, Nanaimo.
D. E. BROWN, D. F. and Passenger Agent.
F.   W.   COOK, C.E.,.
Surveys timber .nd otter euutns.
0OMOX, B. 0.
Mar 10-tf
Esouimalt & Nanaimn
TIME    CARD    NO,   10.
-il •?
fiai a
Z    H
r-»«« sAsAw si-***.*,     Si*,
J":::::::::: :     :
::ii: ■ •;;; • •\i
'-'*-.  N  M  1-1  *-*  O  6 0  O  0  tftOOQO
a    §■!•*'
• K	
H i
*f)M«tWl*iHilJ,i>l ttvti is.
a ::::::: :B :
»i ::::.::::. d : :
8*TS2,&'8*?**5^a*S8 8'*j
-tiodoo c^tjid d odd **>n ti <i
•j8 5 s 8 ""."""-StS-i
fl    laMMI.    vo^lwrWaalrol oVU
mm, Mm-
• i
...liHilil !
reHralPQ   C •a-flfatd't  UWww'Ts'  VvWi w\mM
. Protir-otai lo-w-or'ud As-
taror, Vt-eessv, ■• 0.
R.liablt reports, underiround lurrer. aad.asan«
ol ado*. ...cute* at low rate.. AM*y* seas. «a ill
kind, of Miner.'., Gold ud Sllw bus. Ittlrty
yean ..pernnn I* sslnlat In Ada, Bare**. ted
U.iwd Stato. of Aawrica- tamli* t*a l»*n*e-**'
Asaay. ho a <***•■« *.**».ilv onoaS.J to,
Addnw.V-ncovrar.O. C.
All quarts lor assaying left witb W. O
Hallack, Nanaimo, will be promptly forwarded to Dr. Bredemeyer.
For Ttttt,
Per Mtmtm*
t ••
Printing ft MliinJng Oo.,
Return ticket* will b« 'issued between at, -
lor t -tingle fare good for return Monday.
Return tickets for one and a half ordinary fan anay
be puicbated daily to all points, good for thnt days
including thc day of Imuc.
No return tickets iuued for a "ingle fan whea
inch fan is ts cents.
Through rates between Victoria and Co mox.
R. DUNSMUIR, Pntident;
IfOS. HUNTER. General Superintendent;
H. K. PRIOR, Central Freight and ?asMugar
*|<«m. •
-established in—
City * Nanaimo
BUI. CoHia.
[iawiaa**AT** *v ana*, cautna, il*..|
tfttht. ':
London Orric**-el Cornhllj, oodoa.    aVraacho.
at San Francisco, Portland, Or,, Victoria, N.w
' WoMninam, Vancourer, Nanaimo and
Aareats and C'erreefeaOnitei
I* Canada—-Tli. Bank of Montreal and braache..
Umtaa Statu—Atesu Bank of Monirtsl, 59 Wall
Street. Now Vork; —Bank of Montreal, Calc**».
Uhit.d Kingdom—Bank of British Colaraala, el
Cornhill, London; National Provincial Bank of
Eualand; North and South WaU. Bank;
'British Linen Company's Bank;
Bank of Inland.
;adla, China, Japan, Australia, N.w Zolaad HM|
|Kong and  Shanghai   Bank   Corporation—
Chartered Bank of India, Australia and
China, English, ScottUh aad Australian Chartmd Baak, Butk_*f
I Auurahula,   Cj»»HwdatJ|
Baak Co., of Svdn.v.*S
Maxtco and South Ambbica—Land** Baak tf
M.kIco and Sooth Aawrica. s*
x--^**^*ra^*^^iA.^ar-ar -Ssjrt«ta-
ell tet k>ni*c artfully attended to^and every dtscrip*
tion of banking tiantacted. THE  NANAIMO  COURIER,  THURSDAY,  JUNE   6, 1889.
Bu*   with   th*   Originator   of   th*   N*w
Law.—For th* Good of  th* Working
daaaa.—Some Sarprlalng
Be* alt*.
(•abort Porter's Gothenburg Latter.]
Through tb* politeness of Capt. Q. W.
Sobrotder, oar vie* consul, I was introduced
to a A. Hedlund.proprtMor aad «drtor of
Tba Gothenburg Commercial and Shipping
Journal, and Maurita Rubarawn, asaociate
•dltor of the tarn* journal. Under th* per-
Moal guidance of these gentlemen I was enabled to learn many in tore*ting tacts relating to the several peculiar Institutions of
Gothenburg. Mr. Hedlund, wbo Is wall
kaown throughout the United States, Is tha
f*th*r of tba Gothenburg licensing system,
which, from th* beginning of this town, has
spread throughout Soandlnavia, and at the
prtnnt mom.nt I* being atudaMl by th* social *ol*ntitti of many other countries.
Ia reply to Mr. Hedlund'* earnest request
to know what he could do for me, I said:
"IMI me all about th* Gothenburg licensing
ty stem, tt* origin, it* object and tbe degreo
ef aj*aM<Mfatritag tt,"
be, "tb* Swedes, *a you
I know, drink a good deal of brandy.
With tb* txceptlon of Denmark, and par-
Bap* tb* N*tb*rl*nd>, we consume per capita
a greater quantity of spirits than any other
country ia tb* world. It I* nasdl*** for m*
to ditcua* th* craving for brandy and It*
Immoderate ooiurumptlon in Sweden. Untl
within a comparetivaly recent time every
land-owner ia Sweden pot***ttd tb* right to
dfcnlll Swedish brandy, a Spirit mad* from
grain or p»atttt\ containing 60 par cent of
alaohoL Th* couutry wa* on the verge of
nun from tb* deluge of spirits pouring
forth from myriad* ot .mall distilleries.
Th*r* wa* w*ll-nlgh a publlo house to every
"What wm tb* Ont atep to remedy this
wmdMonof affair***
•In MM Hew Uw* for ragulating tb* dh>
tilling and sal* of tpirits came Into force.
Tit* objeot wa* to teens** tb* difficulty of
proouring Intozloating drinks. By this law
tt we* left to th* communes to decide not
only la what rsenntr and within what
Umltt lt should bo carried on, bnt even
whether it might take pise* at all within
ttvetr jsu-asdlctioa. Thi. paved th* way for
th* QotUnburg system, ts it is termed."
■Bow did ttatorlginatel"
TbcUwaof ltVUdid not r*»oh tbe core
of th* qwattou, eepeclally in th* towns.
th* rural diatriot* w*re, undoubtedly, bane-
•tad. Drink threatened to sap tb* lite-
blood of th* town*. On holiday* and Bun-
da]-* troop* of drunken people might have
bt*n aa*n reeling about th* .treeta of thi*
awry town, while within th* saloons the
most deplorable and sc*nd»lous aoenee war*
tnaotad. With a population of about 35,000
•early 8,800 ptrson* w*re annually arrested
aad mad for drunkenness—10 per cent of
the population arretted. Bnt taws* figures
4* not giv* an adequate Ida* of the evil*
arlatngfrom immoderate brandy drinking.
They moat be looked for in the nature and
»xtent of pauperism; in th* deplorable physical, moral and economic rendition Into
which a greater part of tb* poorer population, not only of Gothenburg, but all the
town* of Sweden had been plunged. Conscious of thi* condition of affair*, and being
at th* earn* Mm* a number of tb* municipal council of Gothenburg, I introduced a
resolution March 81, 1804, proposing to appoint a committee for investigating th*
actual -codltso* of pattp-rlara in the town.
A year later th* oomwdtto* preatnted with
ite report a plan ot ** n*w system for organising tb* liquor trafflo In Gothenburg."
•At th* tlm* of your Investigation and report, what w*. th* condition of to* working
class** of Oothenburgl"
"W* tatlatM ourselves that Intemperance
I* not caused by th* craving* of a coara*
eemuallty alone. That th* tr**cb*roua
quality of brandy to warm, If but for a
Mm*, the shivering and thinly clad frame,
to «*mg* th* gnawing* of hunger, to stimulate tho failing .trength of th* ov.r-worked
end powrty-ttrlcktn, an r***on* both for
it* at* and abut* too often overlooked by
temperance reformer*. Squalid, unhealthy
dwelling!, wretched clothing, poor and in-
teffttent food—all th*** combined produce
h state of oetectioo and dibillty, moral and
*, widen pmona who have Invwti-
tubject oceatkUr a leading eau**
ma*** among tb* poorer das***,
a* th*y do from want and manifold privation.*'
■Row did th* Id.* that ta* town ihould
undertake tb* tale of liquor flistoooar to
th* commit'**'"'
"In th* flrst place we had Uttle faith in
theverioti. plant propcead, which, a* yen
know, vary from high lioenae and limiting
tttutteNrfntetopreUMtlon. One of tbe
ir*pm*e*s for keeping ap public
tekat toa certain -mount, waa
that there matt tea eofBckmt number of
nlavot* whan worklngmm can enrek***
food. Tbls wa* llk.wi-e brought forward
a* a weighty objection to Sunday or holiday
liming. Thi* undoubtedly auggwted th*
ilea of turnteg th* taloont Into eaUng
bouaetand UaaBBBg tb* sale of drink inet-
•Bow wa* wHtMbr
"ty trantf eWn***A* saloon Uetntt* to a
Kpany, txmmtSt! of em-ton who *ag*g*
i*und*rt*llBg, hot for tbe take of profit,
tat solely for'Ith* good of th* working
nltmi Tb* stemben of the company can
not lay claim tt aay profit*, which, *a toon
tt all eipoDjea of management, m well at«
per cent annual Inter**, oa the otpitel bv
v**t*dlaltby*ta* hilnhnUi, lav* bwa
paid, thallb* *j»»u»llymatte over to the
> twenty-Ave, and
common beer, which cost* about half a cent
a mug.
Several sample dinner* wen placed before
ut to tut*. A large plat* of boiled or f rl*d
flah and potatoes, or of veal cuttets and potatoes, cost IT ore (»bout 5 cent*). These
were really substantial diahw, thoroughly
well oookei and cleanly served. At a ml*
tb* managers of these place, an woman.
Tb* meals are served by clean-looking and
ntatly dressed girls, who are exceedingly polite to stranger*, eepeclally
foreigners, and courtesy as bewitch-
ingly as the milk maid In "Patience."
Th* manager bind, himself to supply tb* publlo with good and well-prepared food, cold or warm, including coffee,
tea, cocoa, mineral water, cigar*, ate., on
hit own account He further binds himself
to tell splrltous liquors and wines only for
oath paid on tbe spot; not to tell to persons
"fuddled with drink, or under age;" not to
go on selling spirit* to persons who "require
Beveral drams in succession, or wbo pay renewed visit* to the public house within
abort Intervals." AU aplrltous liquors are
furnished from the company's vessels. Tbe
casks containing the liquor mutt be so kept
a* to be under strict control No liquor can
even be tervel in any but tha regulation
gl**s or mug, th* former containing two
cubic inches.
Once * weak the manager Is bound to pay
the company for all the spirits ha has received for Bale, whether sold according to
tba tariff in- still remaining aa stock on
hand. He la bound alto to seU hit stores as
he receives them; he may add no ingredients, or otherwise alter their quality.
He may not without special permission introduce musical entertainments. This does
away with all the lower-grade oonoert dans,
though good music ami entertainment can
be bad at tbe summer gardens and authorised music hall.. Should the manager break
any of tb* proviaioht under wblcb he (or
she (ii appointed, he .(or the) oan be dis
mined at onoe without compensation.   .
Accompanied by Mr. Rubanton, I visited
at least half of tb* publlo bout** of Gothenburg, and w* found them uniformly clean,
orderly, airy and decent. During tn* flrst
hour of our tour they wen filled with work-
lngmen enjoying their drams (almott indis-
peniabl* before dinner to th* Swede) and
such dinners at thoa* deeorlbed above. I
wat struck with tb* civility and attention
bestowed upon all customers by tha manager* and their not infrequently fatclnating
assistants. Without entering into th* cjnes-
tion a* to whether or not thi* tyttam could
be tuoosufully introduced into tb* United
Stat**, it mutt ba admitted that it has
worked most satlaftotorily in Scandinavia.
In torn* recent report* mad* by the governor* of oth*r provinces, tb* testimony la
unanimous tbat tb* Gothenburg system ha*
lessened drunkenness and been beneficial to
tha communes adopting it Iu Norway it
has been legally adopted, and torn* time ago
It* principles were adopted in tb* greater
number of tucb communal a* had tbe right
to do ta A committee of tb* Britith bouse
of lords, appointed to inquire into th* meant
of preventing th* increase of intemperance,
after examining various proposals, expressed themselves In favor of this system
aad recommended its adoption in England.
Th* Right Hoa Joseph Chambtrlain, the
Radical leader, I* also a strong and able advocate of tbls system for Birmingham, and
I believe before-many years it will be on Its
trial in England.
Longevity In California.
(Santa Rita Cor. Detroit News.l
The announcement of tbe death of Donna
Maria da la Guerea da HartweU, of Salinas
city, aged 76 yean, and tb* mother of
twenty-one children, ten of whom turvive
her death, suggests the idea ot giving your
readers an account of some ot tb* aged and
prolific people of Monterey county. There
Is now living near Monterey city an ancient
lady who 1* th* motber ot thirty children.
A few years tine* than died* woman of tb*
tarn* plac* tald to be 146 years old.
There Is now Uving at the county hospital
in this pltoe a native Indian 13S yean old.
Hit hair It at whit* at wool. He will
alt for hour* on hi* blanket in" the
tun busily engaged mending tome of
bit garments, muttering to himself hit
unintelligible jargon. He ia quite active,
and retain, moat of hit faculties to a remarkable degree, Lett tvaaon a man born hi th*
y*ar 1800 aaalated me on a ranch to hive a
number of twtrms of bee*. He would run
up to the top of a Uve oak tree, crawl out oa
a limb where the baa* were, and rawing it
off, would lower It to me, when I would
plac* tb* hive over tb* bee*
Longevity does not teem to be confined to
tb* human species altogether In thi* land of
tuntbinttnd flowu-s. At th* itate fair,
two y*an ainoe, I saw a hone St year* old
led In tb* stock cavalcade tbat showed th*
activity of a 4-yaar-old colt Tb* adage
that "anything mon rip* I* *oon rotten" do**
not torn to hold good ban. Both the animal and vegetable creation mature at a
wonderfully early period. Heifer, become
mothers at from 15 to 18 month*, and mans
at8y.ar.of age. Fruit trees tear in two
to three year, after planting. Nor la tha
tenacity of Uf* confined to the animal kingdom. In hoeing weed*, It on* adheres to
th* toU by th* Wart flbroui root it wiU Uv*
and thrive. It a cutting of moat any tn*
or shrub be mad* and .tuck into th* moist
toU, it wffl grow. Notwithstanding tb*
tight months of dry weather last seaaon,
with only a tew light (howtrs during tb*
winter, followed by nearly six month* of
dry weather thi* y*ar, ail planted and cultivated crop* look green and nourishing.
Thi* It owing to tb* large amount of
humidity in th* air.
Th* Prima Duat'i Shan.
[Chicago Herald.]
Payment to linger* ha* sometime, taken
aa add form.   Wb*n MIL Zeile, a vOSallrt
Mm ths Titrate* Lyrlqu* at fe**!, wa*
s*a»s«-ga|i»t-»mlC»»l*ourrouit* th* world
from "ft****** tad *v tete otter *r-*gs, end
'WHtogtem UsiitJ ol ta* wmipta. When
counted, the rartr*»d-*aafc>". than was found
[Talbot Torrance In Detroit Free Free*.]
Sometime, my child, thou'lt know why bate
bles float bo gaily.
While breaks the bowl, *'en  ere thy oa*-
time's done;
Know why sweet rotes fade, while scentless
blooms grow/daily—
Why storm-clouds veil, when earth needi ;
summer sun.
Sometime, my child, thou'lt know why only
sways the sapling.
While tbe great oak succumb < before the .
Enow why the weakling with life's chance*
Stands,   while th* giant lies a  prostrate
Sometime,   my child, thou'lt know    why
bounties rich are givon
To those who idly fritter tbem away,
While others, wbo, to ut, have nobly striven
. For God's good gifts go empty on their
Sometime, my* child,  thou'lt know   hearts
are ever thirsting
For waters hid, whose gurgle  they  can
Why the Forbidden Fruit hangs o'er us rip*
to bursting;
Wby th* Far Olf cunnot b* tbe Near.
Sometime, my child, thou'lt know wby tear*
should slowly trickle
From eyes tbat ill become tbe moist ot
Wby friend,  we thought   were   constant,
prove but fickle;
Why life's a burden—death a sweet relief.
Sometime, my cbUd, thou'lt surely goes* tbe
fuU, true meaning
Of  life's perplexing problem.   Ce»se to
Beste*df«st, true I   On   hopes  beyond   be
leaning I
Sometime, my ohild—not yet, but bye-
end-by* I
IT   GOT   80   HOT
That Even the   Tadpole.   Went   Begging
for a Drink of Water.
[P. Dorian In New York Sun.]
Hot! It ia so hot that my blood boils
within ma till my hat dances on my bead
Ilk* an infuriated ten-kettle lid. I can hear
my soul slashing around Ilk* a teacupful of
tcaMIng gi'tste in sn empty watex-boller
every time I move. Ob, for a chunk of th*
world's oold ch*ritl*i to slip into my seething bosom before my gizzard is totally
cooked I Ob, for the bleak winds of adversity to fan my blistering brow! Oh, for the
frott of years end th* anowt ot old age! Ob,
for th* touch of an icy hand or th* freezing
glance of a haughty damsel's eye! Oh, for ■
flower garden of polar bears and a sunless
grove of Alaskan icebergs] Oh, for a cava
In Kamteehatka, a ISO acre homestead ol
Spitsbergen frigidity, an icicle-gemmed
grotto in tbe basement story of the aurora
boraalls! Ob, for a blue nose and a pair of
frott-bltten heels! Ob, for anything cool
and cooling, from a mint julep or a teeth-
rattling tertian ago* to a cup ot oold piienl
Hot! Purgatory, or tha shoreless and
fathomless ocean of fire that Bob Ingersoll
thinks he hi* iquonobed with hi* little, swill-
loaded oratorio shotgun, would not be much
obange of climate. Every thermometer
from Cap* Cod to Corpus Christ! has kicked
th* top out aad boiled over like tbe Arkau-
aaw doctor's patient, who took twelve white
and tw*lv* blue leldllti powders separately.
Heaping coals of Are on your enemy's head
ii tbe easiest command in all Scripture tc
obey. Tbe tinkle of brooklet*, tbe gentle
murmur of oat cades is dried before it gab
twenty feet from tb* bank* into tha rattl.
of hot pebble, or th* harsh clatter of hurtling buckabot
The very milk of human klndn.se hat
evaporated beneath tb* solid torridlty and
left nothing but a Uttlo dusty moral chalk
and Indigo. River*, creeks, horse-ponds,
lake* and duck-puddle* in many regiom
bav* vamoosed Ilk* bank cashiers with publlo fundi, and naught bnt straggling daubs
of aome remain to tell one wben they war*.
CatOah, eel* and tadpoles are running aU
over th* country with tin cups in their
mouth* asking everybody tbey meat to gin
them a drink ot water. Brook trout wallow
in th* dust of tb* country road. Ilka quails,
and black bat* an caught Ilk* gophers—
with a spade. Chanticleer's matin hymn
sounds as If It were piped through tbe thighbone of a ilgOOO-yeara shriveled mummy of
tb* Pharaohs, and tb* fluttering of bis
wings reeemblae tb* clashing tog*th*r of
charred saddle- flaps.
Read.r or reader*, If it it ao hot in tbls
beautiful world of lake., riven' and cat-
cad**, ot cloud-wreathed peaks and misty
vale*, of ocean., rivulets, rill*, soda pop
end Juleps think what lt must be in that
politician', realm, where th* roasted millionaire', incarnation of mlflahnits and greed
beg*, though all eternity', counties* ages,
for od* drop of water from a dog-Uok*d
bagger** Anger-Up! Think of It, and flee to
tb* glorious, wind-swept, lake-gemmed sum-
merland of Dakota, where everybody It
•till wearing winter flmo-ii and lUipteg
under blank*** anifbuffalo robes.
food Aim
A.vi-U to th* oompany't aaUatt Ikon**-not
eejygivm oa* -a good M-a rt 'what the
r "ratal
-atty touted,
i mrTrhMf for everything I*
wgetoteo, arts, to the pnparatloa of th*
iptrlSooutUqoor or wine in each gtan," «nd
tmttt, **W*tOB***r aagar I* nqulnd for
tayttt, laaa,tstttta, or .gin, th* teanagw
ttavB slain one "Ore (about a quarter of a
o*at) for «ach oobte tech of th* atOft-ald
f 111 I iU\\V;'**m Te*T^*£lPe*ote?
n Is es atoar aad white a* Altered water,
****** much tetter tun cheap wkltky, and
aatemmaaeteef two cubic tashaa. Th*
' trsveiBg* I ever drank wa* the
Cosmopolitan Met
MMrcul ttnt, lutlM, B.C.
3D.    e^'aJ'JUJSI'JBJ HI I *Ts.
-ot'tfATt   AND   VrOETABLES
J*r*t Diltviu . te AH fart* tf tkt Oltv,
-M-W Yeekto. tet-rOr-am]
•pit* of -tof-^khatou* I* It**-* tu phyti-
gee, t-riWcOBtr tttedl; aad 1 pntum*
tWtee-t*wt--ml*teIrdl*»r-jt of mankind,
bend oa ,th* tuopoiltion that *v*rybody
who »pproaob*e It reaching for their pune,
Th.yar. visibly nervous, th.lr speech's
-amlterly Jerky, and they uistlnotiv.ly avoid
looking anybody iquarely liitheeye..
A Pica far Bant*.
ABteatfczd (Conn.) wessne, who I* *
taembar of th* Society for toe Prevention
ot Cruelty to Anintalt, aeesnto local C*ui*>
tians of going to chureh to h*nr of the
florin of another world and heat down
Satan under their ttat, all th* white having
hone, out-id* fighting 1,000 devil* te th*
•hep* ot At*, and mu-quttoe*.
It has been calculated that tb* fn*
lunch** In New York taloons oort 111,-00,-
(W annually.	
VICTORIA.   B. 0.,
Crayonjndian Inkor WaterColors
Th* BEST WORK on tht Pacific
Coast at
NEW    -i-    VORK    -;-    PRICES,
The Story of Dlvee axplalned.
[Harper'*  Hagattne]
Dr. H , who All* a luburban pulpit out
weet, is of a practical turn of mind, and not
Infrequently Imprtms bit congregation, by
original expositions of th* Boriptures. In
on* of u recent eerie* of dlaoours*. upon Ta*-
arut th* doctor aald: "Now torn* fool of an
infidel will «ay; 'How could Abraham hear
ttst rtah man eaUlug aU th* way from
Heaven to HadsaP Thia, my friends, wiU
not be difficult to oomprepend when it i* re-
mambtnd that w* an talking by telephone
100 mile, or men every day."1
But again: "Thi* waa an actual occurrence. It wat not a men parable that the
Lord wa* relating,, but a nai happening.
Ha tay*: There wai a man,' etc. Lateral
wat doubtlaes th* real nam* of tb* poor
man, but tb* name of the rich man it not
given. He 1* salted Dlvm. Thi. waa not
hi* name, however. Dive. I* simply a Latin
word, meaning rich, or a rich man. Now
you may Inquire why wa* bit name est alio
given! And th* mott probable explanation
ia tbat th* Lord withheld tba nam* of tb*
dtceamd out of con*ld*rateon for th* feel
Ing* of hi* lurvivteg friaada"
Que** Victor!* Dteguatad.
(London Truth,]
Th* queen, I hur, I* lick to death of th*
whole wadding builntn, everything connected with th* function having produced
remonstrance., squabble*, mltunderstand-
iagi, and *v*ry specie, of botheration. The
whole cf th* royal family—all those who
can afford to bt independent, at least—have
oppoeed the alliance from'Ant to teat, and
th* imoomnt-omWng attltud* which ha* b**n
adopted at Berlin na* caused profound
mortlfloatlon and irritation at tb* ooort ot
Bt Jam**, Prince Bury of Battanburg
ba* no mna*y and no poiltlon, *nd for th*
daughter of the queen of England lo contract to und-airabte a marriage b a mesalli-
anee wbloh I* regarded by the court* of
Europe muoh a* county tocirty would look
upon the union ef a tending peer', daughter
With the *oo of » until farmor.
'A Steam Wtnd-afUL
A wind-mill, with mil* moving lazily, it a
pretty and picturesque feature in a summer
land-cape, and son rtob resident in a Maine
town bu hi* wind-mill operated by iteam, so
tbat th* arm. go round whether the wind
Uow* or act.
The American Career of a Brigand  Waa
Wae tbe Terror of Sicily.
Tbe young ton of a famous Italian bandit
ba* met witb a very unromantic fate io New
Orleans. Giuseppe Esposito, many years ago,
waa the bold and buccossf ul leader of a band
of brigands in Italy, vliere bis many exploits
bad gained for bim a European reputation
and invested bis name with a terror to all
travelers in the mountains of Sicily.
To the qualities which have been ascribed
to the outlaw tn song and story, be added
those of cruelty and Woodthirttineas, and tb*
unlucky captive wbo fell into hi* clutches, if
not redeemed by a ransom, paid the penalty
of nl* misfortune with bis life. Tbe heartless Etposito pursued his career of robbery
and murder against his feUow countrymen
unchecked, but finally aroused the wrath of
John Bull, au act which bos always been hazardous in either an individual or a nation.
He seized an English traveler one day, and
after due notice and proper waiting the stock
of the bandit camp had not been Increased by
as much as a single piaster on account of th*
last adventuro. One of the prisoner's eari wai
then sliced off and forwarded to his friends,
and this in turn was followed by ite fellow
useful and ornamental appendage. But by
this time the British government bad been
notified, and such a demand mad* on tba
Italian authorities that Esposito'* gang was
quickly dispersed, and he wa* apprehended
and imprisoned. Escaping, he fled to America, anil from Mew Vork went to New Orleans. In the latter eity he shortly manifested his lofty contempt for honest pursuits
by becoming chief of a society of blackmailers, an occupation hardly as genteel a* tho
one ho hod foUowed in his native land, but
less dangerous.
It was not adventurous enough, though,
and before long be got to be captain of a
small coasting vessel, marrying in tbe meantime a pretty young girl of bis own race. A
reward was out for him, though, by the
Italian government, and in 1880 Detective
Hennessey, now tbe chief of police of New Or,
leans, arrested him. He waa tent back to
Italy, where be waa tried, twice sentenced to
be bung and finally sent to prison for life.
The wife was left In New Orleans, with an
infant son of Esposito'* Last week tbe applied to the mayor to have tbe boy, Joseph,
and a younger child pieced in an orphan aiy-
lum, at the could not support them, and it
was done. Should the news penetrate to the
Sicilian dungeon of Esposito, the reflection
that hit child will at least be comfortably
cared for will lighten a little bis dark and revengeful heart.—Louisville Courier-Journal.
thermometers.   * Columbia - Carriage • Works
t'nirorinltj or Bore Essential—i
Sin At tbe Culb-T
of tbe Scale a Seine
tine Taak.
Hastings Street, East  of Carroll,
I'lil. c'.ru.ive r .tabli.lini.at ba. ja*t opened.    A large and well selected esocfc A
Carriage**,    Buggies,   Suckboads,
Keeping Correct Time.
A simple method of keeping correct time
where access to standard time ia inconvenient
is thus explained: Select two fixed point* for
range of Observation. If a westerly "wind
can be chosen which faces any building anywhere more than twenty-five to thirty feet
distant, we have as good a port of observation
as we can desire. Drive a nail or stick a pin
into the window jamb; or, if anything mora
tubstantial I* wanted, fix * thin piece of
metal with a very small hoi* in it to tight
through, in any convenient place, to that you
can otnerve the time any iter tet* or sinks
below the roof of the adjacent building, or
whatever may be chosen as tbe more remote
sight Tben choose some weU denned star,
the brighter the better, and with your timepiece set right (to start with) observe the
time lt pastes the range of your sight*. The
exact time, as well also as the date of tbe observation, ihould be recorded, tben, to And
out at any subsequent timo how much your
watch has varied from correct time, oteerve
the mme star, and recollect tbat it let* just
S minute* and 55.00944 seconds earlier on any
given night than it did tha preceding night
Thut, if for our first observation wa* taken
some night wben the star set at 0 hour*, 15
minutes and S3 seconds, and at our aecond
ebnrvation, taken just one week later, lt set
at 8 hour*, 47- minutes and 53 seconds, we
would know that our watch bad kept correct
time. If it had set nt ti houri, 45 minutes and
53 seconds, we would know that our watch or
clock had lost two minute* daring the week.
And similarly for any other variation. If the
time at which it had tet bad been 8 hour*, 40
minute* and 53 seconds, we should see that
our watch had gained two minute*, and to
on. If tbe location of our sight* admit* of it
we should select a iter OU den, at nearly at
possible, from the pole star, ior Ite apparent
motion wUl be greater than that of one near
the pole, and tbe liability of error wUl be
diminished. If a suitable selection can bt
made the error need not be mora than three
or four seconds, and it will not be accumulative,—The Locomotive.
Bod other arrivnls Irom Great
100 tons Pig Iron.
26,000 Fire Bricks.
300 Casks Portland Cement.
KlrkmanA Sons' Planafoft*-* (a choice
Curtiss A Harvey's Blasting and Sporting Powder.
J. A W. Stuarts' Pateat Double Knotted Netting Twines, etc., etc.
Wharf Street,
Victoria, B.C.
On* Hundred Imi* from Mew.
What will our population bet Wbo *b*U
my! The United State* today contain* over
110,000,000 people, who lucre*** at the rate of
about tV per cent in every decade, ao tbat at
tba close of the next century tha increment
would have run updo a total of not lis* than
400,000,000 mult. Take the population of ail
the other states and countrie* a* likely to
come under our sway and another 400,000,000
wiU be e**Uy added. In the year of our Lord
8000, and tne year of the Independence of the
United State* the 234th, It will be no longer
the United State* of North America, but tb*
United State* of North, Central and South
Amarica,"and tbe then president wiU than Issue nl* Thanksgiving day proclamation to
nearly a thousand million people. Tb* mind
tail* to grain our industrial and commercial
expansion at tbat day; th* wonderful prog-
rettlnthaarteandici-noeai th* tremendous
energy with whloh enterprise after entarpri*e
will bi conceived end made a reality. And
thencongreea Just think wh»t congress wUl
be then! But, stop! Better not think. When
we contemplnt* what It I* now, wltb 400
member*, the Idea of what lt will be with
4,000 I* simply appalling.—Petersburg (Ta.)
A Tailor*. Silvern
There*! a man away out on tb* West Bide,
on a auiet Uetle ttreet, who runs* shop which
1* mppcted to be a tailoring Mtabliihtnent,
hot which I* in reality no mora than a mend-
tag bureau. If a man war* to walk into hit
place and order a suit of clothe, the proprietor would auitatn luchaihook that in all
probabUity bit reason would return. H* hat
put out a sign, "Pocket* Renewed Without
Charge," and think* ho hu .truck it, I asked
htm when he expected to make anything ont
of tucb.-e practice, and ha told me that th*
only Do"lJxe** that won out aa a rote ware the
pootot* tlMt oai-rted lots of lUver; that tUvar
wore away and many colni were perfectly
•mooth from friction, tt I would acknowledge. Where did thi* *Uver got Why into
th* cloth whloh mad* the pocktte. Now, behold hit plan. He would treaaure up aU th*
old pocket* thut com* Intolilipo—iluii, then
boU them down or something of that tort and
get th* diver out I listened and didn't ■mUe.
Bat how could II It wamt a bit f unny. It
wa* downright aad. But wa* thtre over
another luch a crazy ideal—Chicago Mail.
f. Saveal by a Utile.
While a man »i Carlisle, Pa,, wa* running
a plan* bit coat tail got tangled and wa* fortunately torn off. A bit ot wood in hi*
pocket blocked a cogwheel and aeved hi* life.
The wood w*» a piece cf John Brown1* *caf •
fold.— Brooklyn. Eagle
[Chicago Herald.]
The standard thermometer ia
tion of practical science and requisite work-'
manshlp, and for a Ant-clan inlliilliunt
you ban to pay a* many dollars a* you pay
cents for the ordinary article, and tben you '
can't swear by it, because there are to many
influences that affect the correctness of tb*
thermal register, not to .peek of tb* Influence upon the completed instrument by the
location of tb* latter.
Numerous   precautions  am  required   to
turn out a standard installment     Flnt  of ;
aU comet tbe choice of a  tub*     Th*   bore
has to bi carefully tested to ete   whether ft
It of uniform capacity. In most of th* tub*,
th* bore is wider on on* and than on the
other, although tbe difference  may  be ao
small tbat it   require*  very delicate operation. to ettabliib It   Quite frequently In a
bun-ire i pounds of the sm*U tub** not more
than ball a dozen are found which an abao-
lutely true, because from the very nature of
the case tbe bore, rating  produced by blowing, is in fact nothing elm than a portion of
a vary elongated   coo*.    After th* tub* ha*
beeu .elected tbe bulb  it  Axad by malting
one e.id of tbe  tub* in  th* item*  ef an i
alcohol lamp ani blowing in at the other, j
Tiieu ■ small quantity of mercury is admitted.   By alternately cooling and heating !
the bulb tbe very delicate thread of tb*
fluid la driven from on* end of tb* tub* to j
the other, and during thi* prooetj its length |
is carefully measured in all perl*.   Should
the 1-Migtb *lt*r in   variout dtuatiou* tht ,
workman knows that tb* capacity of th* |
bore is not uniform.
To make tb* bulb of the required  sit* It
solely a matter ef practice, as ao machinery j
has been invented to produce   it automatic- :
ally.    If tha bulb Is too large tb* lnitrununt i
will register very tlow, and If ft it too .mail I
It will not contain sufficient mercury to ng- <
ister very high  temperature.   Th* .hap. of !
th* bulb it alto of importance.   Tb* tpheri- ;
cal shape It contidtred   b**t adapted to resist th* varying pressure of th* atmosphere, '
while cylindrical  bulb. expo*,  larger sur-.
faoos of mtrcury,   and  an therefore preferred for mon delicate lnitrununt*.   Vtry j
small and thin bulb, for small quantities of
mercury have been mad*, but the Indicating {
column mutt naottsarily be ao  An* as to be
usel**s  for  practical   purposes.   Spiral or
coUed tubular bulbi w*n made to at to obtain a gnater and mon *vtn distribution of
lurfaot *xpo**d  to the  ttmoipbere,   but
the** bulbs raquir* auch a thicknee* of glass
that tb* effect *ought to be obtained ia frequently nullined.
Shape tnd ite* of bulb and tub* havinrr
been determined, th* filling it don* in a very
ingenious manner, and alike for Doth mercury and alcohol aa thermal registers.   Th
bulb it hatted   while  the open  end of th- I
tube ia imbedded in tb* fluid, say mercury.
Upon allowing th* bulb to cool tb* atmo-
speric pressure drive, iom* ot th* mercury ;
into th* tuts}, and thi* prooats it continual ;
until than I* lufflcimt mtreury in bulb' and
tube.   It ia of th* greatest importance that ,
th* mtrcury be free from moisture and air, j
aad to aooompliih  thti the metal is boiled
baton th* filling proc-ss.   After tb* Ailing I
it is boiled again in tha tub*, nnd  when the
explosion of air and moisture is complete !
th* workman dexUroutly plow th* tube by
th* flam* from hi* blowpipe.
That flnUh*. tb* purely nttehenloai part ;
ot making th* thttmoupter, for th* graduation of the teal* may truly be Urmei a id- I
entiflo proceeding, at leaet ao far a. graduating a itand *rd Inttrument it concern >d. In
the common thermometer th* tub* I* fixed
to a teal* on which th* digntt an marked,
while in the ttendard iastrunwnt tb* -eel* b
engraved In th* item itaalf In order to Insure th* greatest poetible aocuracy of observation. Tht exact fretting point hat to be
determined Ant, and this it don* by mean,
of melting lot, whloh ha* alway* th* tarn*
temperature, provided th* water from
which th* tc* congealed it pur*. Th* bulb
and tb* lower portion of tbe tube an placed
in milting lot, and when tb* mercury is
itettonary tb* fretting point It marked.
Thi* I* a comparatively easy matter, but to
datermtn* ta* boiling point I* mon difficult,
because lt vertet with th* pressure of th*
Under certain conditions, combining certain atmoapharic pressure at a otrttia attitude, th* Boiling point oan be ascertained
with tTttfatti, but ordinarily, even te good
lnitrununt*, tb* boiling print ls approximately uoartelned by actual *xp*riuwat
A copper bote I* provide! with an opto
cylinder in th* top nrvlng a. a vehicle for
th* water to bt bolted. Th* onto cylinder
is jutt long enough to permit tb* lnwrtlon
of the thermometer, so that th* bulb don
not touch th* water, and over thit oyllad*r,
or rath*r around it, is place 1 another to
protect tb* former from tht air. A. th*
vapor of th* boiling water riwi th* tab* I*
gradually lowered, to at to kt.p tb* top of
th* nuroury jutt vMhte above the cylinder.
Where th* mtreury rennket atatioaary the
boiling point I* obtained aad marked off,
"subject to correction* for errors."
The sptot Utween tb* fnuing ant boiling point it next divided Into* certain number of equal dtgnu. Fkhnnlwlt make. 33
degrees th* freezing end 313 degree* th*
boiling- point; consequently the Intermtdl-
*te sp*o* it divided Into W0 degree.. Celsius propoms two for th* freezing point end
100 degree* for th* boUIng point Reaumur
bu tb* fnuing end boiling point* **p*r-
•rated by 80 inste-d of M0 degree*. Fahrenheit arrived at hi* graduatioa by obeerv-
atloni and experiment, mad* in Iceland.
; reparing".
H;.v!us securtd  thc  beat sboer oo tbe Cqvt, thi* -skwLtTicia will bt mud* a
specialty.    We «ui*xuite« to prevent bona (t*m jaurfemn**, or avcr-reacUtvc
attended to.
.At*..    H«»i.M h shod and treated on tbe ]*tu--*i approves!
Repairing in all its Lraadics, as well as FAIlVIi*-    "
ui.uine5.-i and at moderaie prices.     Light and Heavy . _
Sv.ik.-wy* department  will receive the personal super vision of*1MmT.McSs%M
■i'.-11 "i.-'-ii .11.-1 i.iiias], well am   '^vura'-ly known in many parts
J KUpei
CM., doae wit*
ttaaf da*crif*M9 m
A.  T.  McJNTAJBB  &
Government Street VicMria, B. C
Depoeite Received in Oold, Silver and C, S. Carrenoy.   Intetest p*ud t,t ib* asm*
ou lime deposit*.
Oold Dust ami C. 2. Currency purchased at Ui«bte-i inarsejl rate-*
\W Sight Draft* and Telegraphic Tr*xu,fcr« or- Sat. Frata-iaen. New York aud
Exchange un Louuou available io all inula uf Enru|>*. y-ajIsM. lie****** and
• Scotland
uetten of Credit issued oo the principal Citi«* nl Uw t'u-icl Ktatew. i.'au-it* and
a»r A**e>nf for w«..,t fa,sc e* *&£,*%,
Aeeorted Jumblee.
AaaorUtt Ttntjer*.
Coffee Cake,
Oheete Bleculta,
Currant Top*.
Olnger Snap*,
Qraham Wafers.
Olnger Caka,
Family Pilot.
Fanoy Mixed.
Fruit Bleer,
lead Olnger Bread.
load Sultana.
•at CO.. "Pr"*,. i*>l.H-V.
Lemon Sr.aip.,.
Umpn Blasvult.
ttnye ;V».-J tniAUt
Oei Meal,
rllch Mi-aea,
,  ftou. Cractie,. •
..•Od Bletvujt.     .
Sugar Crackwre,
faplce JutniMM.
Siisjar CcHtklaa. -
cSi*^:x^% v&tniaiitnV1""*" *:.^****r*'
*■•■*• iixiop.       t
ctrgmm\^m\1ti&nt*\ \
1*0 eV-esiwees e/ ALL8QP
oboe tContpany and wiUbt
ttoteata General Land, Htm
-sal*) •■ tmsy ter-aia.
Dr. J.  Collis   Browne*.
6o days after date, we intend making
application to Honorable, Ihe Chief
Commissioner of Lands arid Works for permission to purchase 320 acres of land, situate
on the West tide of Alberni Canal, commencing at a post about three miles from the
hetd of.the canal; tbence west 40chains-,
thence north 80 chains- thence cast to the
canal; thence following the shore line to the
point of commencement.
Victoria, B. C,
April 291I1, 1S89. 2m
A Meal of th* Oil**.
IChlotto Herald.)
The plant kn*wa a* awn. bid* fair to become a fo-mldabl* rival ef the oliv*. It is
largely grown In India ani China. It ia en
annual, maturing in three mooth. from th*
tlm* of planting, aad two crept *r* grown
Mchyear. Tb* teal* *r* v*ry *rn*ll. ten of
them weighing only a grata. They oonteta
SO p*r cant, of oil by weight, white tb* fruit
of the olive hu bnt SO per otat The imports of E***m» t**d Into Franc* amount* to
70,0*0 or 10,000 toot per annum Tb* oil it
muoh und to adulterate oilv* oil
clomly renmblee.
[Clilca--. Tknee.]
A popular refreshment In New Orteaa* I*
frosen oreem ehtwa The
in broken up .mall ead
•mooth with an *gg-be**a
longing to tbem I* also whipped tad teen
added, the whole .wwterata, and then
trot.n. Tht addition of peach*, or ng.
maketi thi* deseert iup*rlor to any Ice-cream
•v*r Invented.
Deeajred   Hlnla« Tewne.
All ot th* old California miaing town* ere
la a decayai or deoayiof oonditioa Some
of thorn, nto.t flouriehirtg from 1840 to 1854
or 1830, am blotted from existence and iutt
to memory, eave In the imm.rll»t* neighhor-
lioud where thev unot ttoed.
Advice'.» invalids—If you » ,n lo mi,tain
quiet refreshing sleep, free bum headache,
relief (rum Min and anguish, to calm and
assuage the weary achings of protracted
disease, invigorate the nervous media, and
regulate the circulating systems ofthe body,
you will provide yourself with tnat marvellous remedy discovered by Dr. J. Cullis
Browne date Army Medical Stafl), to which
he gave the name of CHLORODYNE, and
which is admitted by the profession to be the
most wonderful and valuable remedy ever
CHLORODYNE is the best remedy
known for Coughs, Consumption, Bronchitis,
Asthma. t
CHLORODVNE acts like a charm u
Diarrhcet, and is the only specific in Cholera
and Dysentery. '
CHLORODYNE effectually cuts short til
attacks of Epilepsy, Hysteria, Palpitation
and Spasms.
CHLORODYNE is the only palliative in
Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Gout, Cancer.
Toothache, Meningitis, A:. &c.
ish Colin
No. 28?
From Symes & Co., Pharmaceutical
Chemists Medical Hall, Simla, January 5th,
1880: To J. T. Davenport, Esq., 33 Great
Russell Street, Iiloomsuury, London, Dear
Sir:—-We embrace this opportunity of congratulating you upon the wide-tprctd reputation ihis justly esteemed medicine. Dr. J.
Collis Jrowne's Chlorodyne, has earned for
.^   Jt-st,
tt. ».
Briwsen Ntn-iew, CesMt'ee-l Vktetja.)
svttun htntxiA.
Arrives m Ntsristsa i-m* TateAiy n-*-|»x|,
Leave. Narsaiata (at Cemex Wed-
aetday     t». n.
Returns (row Centex fer Vkterie,
Wednwday cvcaief.'
l^ve.**Un.i-.o*rrf VkL™-I*aw».
l^*^VktmM'Ua'sit*it*^ 7*-"'
day h
Leaves Nkaui-ho tor'virt-ite,''*]
»ll way past* Stttsiatj.
fIWrtw-en -Bas-este *ed V-a-eee-ar J
A"iv"s ^0^»   T*j
[betwece Wc^mrxetei, €**-*»«_,
STEA'tsEE RfOWtT DwtlSlSfti
SC" ^"iBSSa &****
Trains leave S.*w»j*for Virt-let».   t**A.u.
-- «•       ,,        ..      .. we-tiB..*.' •
•°n •  '|eM»»e,*i.
" *rrive i*    " Ilea Vicioii.    ura. tr.h.
    "    " WriHog.
'>m       |r<5 a. *).
On Situnky. aa e«tra trai* Ua.ee !>»**•
imo for Viciolu al I set r. a. A lute art*
leave* Victoria tur *li*y*tma, *uli|s»,W
tl<:SS P. M.. and let>m fur Wel***g5*> at
10:15 '• *>■
itself,  not only in Hindostan,   bul all over
the East.     As a remedy of general utility,
we  much question  whether a better i. im.
ported inlo the country, and we shall be
glad lo hear of its finding a place in every
Anglo-Indian home.   The other brands,  wc
are  happy to say, arc now relegated  to tht
native bazaars, and judging from their tald
we   fancy   their  sojurn  there   will be but
evanescent.    We   could  multiply instance.
infinitum of thc   extraordinary   efficacy of
Dr. Collis Browne's Chlorodyne in Diarrnoe,
antl   2nd    Dysentery     Spurns,     Cramps,
Neuralgia, the Vomiting of Pregnancy, and
as.   general Sedative,  that have oeearred
uiKU: our jieVsunal observation during many
years.   In Choleraic Diarrhoea, and even if
the more terrible forms of Cholera itself, wc
have witnessed its controlling power.     '.Ve
have never used '.ny other fotm   of  this
medicine than Collis Browne's, from a firm
conviction  that it is decidedly the hest, tnd
also from a sense of duty we owe to the proj
fession  and   the  public,   as  we «re ofthe
opinion tnat thc substitution of any other '
than Collis Browne's, is* A DELIBERATE !
BREACH OF FAITH ON THE TART 1 pfc,siciim f^oimi^.,
OF THE CHEMIST   TO    raESCRlBE j' ^c^t^acrTr^r^.-ail
AND PATIENT  ALIKE.    Wc  are  sh, '      U>UW "**"* *V**™* "'
faithfully yours, Symes & Co., Members of
the Pharm.     Society of Great Britain, Hit
Excellancy thc Viceroy's Chemists.
Mails close daily bt Vicreari.
and  way  tUtiaaa     4r*¥ tt.
• Arrive ,. :.....    tauta *. *».
-   Close fur WeUragtiM*...    H145.*. «i.
• lurCcHeoz, Alb-reies-J
w.y.lalio*. every   WasV
octday  J*.U.
0."h. .ffaftnM^f:-
The te
CAUTION,—Vicc-Cnancellor Sir W.
Page Wood stated that Dr. J, Collis Brown*
was, undoubtedly, the inventor of Chlorodyne; that the ttory of thc defendant, -Fret
deliberately untrue, which, h*
regretted to aay, hid been sworn to—Set
•'The Times,''July 13, 1884.
Sold in bottles it is. l**td., as. Od., 41.
6d., and lis. each. None is genuine without  the    words  "Dr. J. Collis
jr. Bt.
»Aitli*'lB«,   •r*},....,,,
Next  Hilliert'*  Furniture
Chlorodyne" on the
j Overwhelming medical
Iptniet each bottle,
t   Caution-  ~
Sole Manufactures—I. T. IHvcupott, 3} |
Ap ta-v Gnat Russell Slreet, Rloomtburv  I^mdoa
Messrs. Russell aTcDooald A Co., beg
to notify the public that tbey have die-
posed ol their bieatxHwkee ite thiae*
Brc-sae** Ttw store will tocleeadl**     '
tump, July and from new until |
stttled oa at heioee item:
Beware of Piracy*; tnd tmlti- madjor
'   '■-   r- 4
THURSDAY,    JUNE    6,   1889.
Tenders are invited for building a house
on Prideaux St.   See ndvt.
 m- •
Another Telepliouc.
R. Hevland, C. E., intends having his
residence connected by telephone with
the office of the V. C. C.
Candidates  for the   Vaoanoy  in tbe; into
Looal Legislature,
JTBdse firav** nine**.
Judge Gray is still lying in a precarious
condition and his doctor says he grown
weaker. The gravest fears are entertained of a fatal termination to the
Judge's seizure.
For the Korih.
The steamer Boscowite arrived at Johnston's wharf yesterday on her way to the
northern canneries. She took ou seven
tons of freight and groceries for the
North Pacific Canning Co., and two tons
of V. C. Co.'s coal for Fort Simpson.
She -ailed last night for the North .
—. r-*.	
Hew ateam Whittle.
The Vanconver Coal Co. havo placed a
large steam whistle near No. 1 shaft. Wc
are informed that'this whisle will he
blown at 4:30 every morning that thero
is work in the mines. Tho whistle has
been in place since the beginning of the
week, but has not been used as yet.
DrsiicltiST ATaater.
Mr. W. Bull, of Victoria, a dancing
master of high repute, has written to the
CouEisB oflice stating that he would be
glad to come to Nanaimo to give lessons
in the "light fantastic" to those who wish
his services, if. he can be guaranteed a
class that, would be large enough to pay
him to visit Nanaimo once or twice a
Naxlaon Keeper* Bo ss ure I
The Magistrates yesterday instructed
the City constables to warn the saloon
keepers, from whom Isaac Sage might
bave bought his liqnor, that under the
Amended Indian Act they might be liable
as principals in the supplying of liquor to
Indians ii they sold intoxicants to persons wbo were In the habit of purchasing
liquor to dispose of to Indians.
The C'omluK Modioli.
M. Bt»y, Returning Officer, has received the writ to hold a bye election to
fill the vacancy in thc Local House
canoed by the deati} of the Hon. R. Dunsmuir. Mr. Bray has appointed Friday,
the 14th inst., as the day of nomination
snd Friday, the 21st inst., as tbe day for
We understand on the vary best
authority that Mr. T. K. Foster ia not
likely to enter the lists as a candidate for
Parliamentary honors. Mr. Foster, who
has a ranche on the mainland, is not at
present in Nanaimo so we are unablo to
speak positively as to his ultimate decision, though he has intimated to his
friends that without any wish to be
nominated, yet if they insist upon it, lie
will consent to contest the vacant seat as
an Independent candidate. We ure
aware that Mr. Foster has a considerable
following, more especially, we believe, at
Dr. 'Walkem ia, we bear, also a candidate for tho coveted seat in the local
House, or at least that he has political
aspirations and is feeling the pulse of the
Mr. 0, 0. MeKenzie has expressed his
determination to once more contest Nnnaimo on tho same lines as before, viz.,
as an Opposition candidate to Ihe present
Government. If pluck and !ticl:-io-itire-
ness has anything to do with winning
elections, then Mr. McKenzie's seat
should be assured.
Mr' T. E. Peck (East Wellington) we
bave also heard mentioned as a starter,
though we arc unablo to speak of our own
knowledge as to whether tho report be
genuine or not.
Mr. Haslem, who was tho first to announce his candidature, is in our opinion,
as we said in our issue of yesterday, the
very man for the post. Upright, able,
and conscientious, he is at the samo time
a thorough man of business, and will, we
feel assured, on the event of his election,
soon make his murk felt, as he possesses
tbe temper, tact, and courtesy necessary
to insure political success.
Outlying districts have bten notified of
the days and d**et of nomination and
polling. ,
-   Wa* lt a Mermaid I
As a' role we are not usually surprised
at what we hear and see in these days of
utter Indifference to all things; but the
report that reached us lately from a very
lettable souwe, to tbe effect that during
the late hot weather a mermaid had been
seen in tho vicinity of Protection island
quit* took us -aback. Somehow the description . scarcely tallied with that of a
mermaid proper, go we think Imagination must nave played a somewhat prom-
A Bale. •■ th* "Green" next Natur.
Aay Night.
We are requested to insert a notice to
the effect that there will be a dance on
the "Green" next Saturday night. W.
Boss will be Floor Manager, and W. H.
Phillpot will supply refreshments. Gentlemen will be charged 50c. for the evening's amusement, ladies free. Each
gentleman is requested to bring at least
one lady. All receipts over and above
expenses will be banded to thc Nanaimo
Junior Band fer their services during the
evening. D,' atcKenzie has resigned his
position on the Committee.
Urawd Jury-Report.
Nanaimo. B. C, June 6th.
To the Honorable Justice H. /". P. Crease:
We, the Grand Jury, have visited the
Hal and the hospital, both of which we
wand'in a very satisfactory condition.
We. would recommend that the water
frotn the main-Of the Nanaimo Water
Works be hud upon the premises of the
hospital for Sanitary purposes. Also
that owing .to the increase of population,
which haa consequently brought an increase of sickness and accidents, the
grant given bv the government for hospital purposes iB inadequate to meet tbe
present demands. We would therefore
urge upon the government the necessity
oi increasing the annual grant towards
tbe same. We also visited the nuisance
complained of, which has been somewhat abated with a further promise of
having everything objectionable removed. Thanking you kindly for the
very courteous manner In which you explained the duties devolving upon us as
a Grand Jury.
RiCHARn Gibson,
On behalf of the tjrsDd Jury.
His Lordship said he would reply later
in writing.
A Cricket Orownd at l.u.l.
Mr. Robins was interviewed to-day hy
Messrs. Crnicksbauk A Hilbert, in order
to ascertain whether he (Mr. Robins)
woold aid the formation of the proposed
Cricket clpb to which we have referred
snore than once In former issues. Thc
interviewers oa behalf of the Cricket
Club Committee v ere kindly offered
the use of the large field behind Chinatown—adjoining the E. & N. Rv. Messrs.
Cralckshank & Hilbert then paid a visit
to the laid in question, and they pro-
aotmce it SlUhst could be wished for tbe
purpose tor which it is offered. "Dry
enough,large enough and level enough."
Ot course no old cricketer will require to
tat told that the ground immediately
t-WotB-ding, and between tha' wickets,
w¥-emdreepinelittle ta-flsnfand rolling, and then at last we shall hope to
slaw ase an eleven whtch will be able
to hold its own both with willow and
leather against any team either on this
island or the mainland. We have now
all the elements necessary lor our much
 lb— »*good ground thanks to
ft' generosity, and tot- of
"*' material in the shape of
batemsa. We sincerely
hope that our fellow citizens of both
sexes will not fail to exhibit a warm interest la this grand old National game now
t*r*twe«ti**t have aground of which
WO need not be sshsmed.
t*i,  -—
iM. Good' reWned to
l.Taent.'-at-.ttred to Vlt-totia yeAterday
J. Hants*J3e-»-al 8uj-»*rinte-»u>int of
the X. tt N. K. R., and W. T. Drake, Q.
0., returned to the Capital by the same
(Before Hon. H. P. P. Crease.)
His Lordship took his seat on tbe
Bench shortly after 10 a. m.
Regina v. Muzetto, charged with aggravated assault on one Dominick, at Wellington.
D. M. Eberts, Q. C, appeared for the
defence, and informed Jlis Lordship that
the prisoner wguld plead guilty if it
suited His Lordship's views.
His lordship allowed the plea to be
Tbe Counsel for thc defense said
that the prisoner had always borne a
good character and was industrious.
His Lordship said it would only be just
to allow Dominick some renuinoration
for his sufferings. *
Dominick expressed a wish to leave
the matter entirely in His Lordship's
Muzetto was sentenced to one month's
iinprieoumei.t without hard labor and to
pay $160 to Dominick.
Bacht, the Siwash convicted ot manslaughter, was then brought forward for-
Before sentencing the prisoner, His
Lordship Baid that he wished to have him
examined, as lie understood that he was
not in a condition to stand any lengthy
Dr. Eberts, colliery surgeonatWellington, examined the prisoner and reported
that be was suffering from cancer in the
stomach and also nnd several external
Taking into consideration the condition
of the prisoner, His Lordship said he
would sentence him to 2 years imprisonment, bb while in the penitentiary he
would receive good medical attendance,
and if it became apparent that the
prisoner waa under sentence of death
from a higher court he would be sent
home to his friends to die.
This ended the Spring Assizes, und
after thanking the jurymen, His Lordship adjourned the court.
Light   Grade   Wrapping-»»***'**r
Grocers' Paper Bags.
[Pittsburg Commercial-Gazette.]
''Everything which conies from an oli *«U
lias a use/' was at ono time the boastftl remark of a petroleum producer. The tciiy
mistake he made was that ht did not iunvnie
everything used about an oil welL One of
tbe most useful, when it seems useless, is the
maniila rope usei in the borin* of the welL
This is generally a cable three inches in diameter. Its strength is groat, .but on account of tbe immonsa weight of the bits,
bars, and jars used, the cuble is soon worn
out and laid aside. It is always full of
water, aud by lying long exposed it is completely worthless. At this period a Pittsburg dealer in old rope puts in an appearance. Although tho cable is worthless to
the driller, it has a value of from 1 to IK
cents per pound to iho junk-dealer. This
doalor is cither an agent for some firm
which has its headquarters in Pittsburg or
one of the oil town-*.'nr is in business for
The rope i ■; hauled away, balod, and then
become* an article of commerce. Ite ii*se is
now to form the basis of the pulp from
which U made the heavy maniila papor used
in making flour-saekH, or tho heavier grades
of wrnppimr-pnpsr. For tbe-=o Hies the cablo
must be wh;\t the paper men call clean,
which mean- that the rope must bo clear of
oil. The part of tho rope which [i down
nearest tho kit is always more or le*-**! saturated, and when tho oil fills the hoio tho rope
always becomes groisy. After tho reception of tho baled cable at tho piipor-mill tho
first part of the transforming process i*» to
clean, as much as possible, the oil away
from the rope, This (a done by steam, although the rope cleaned is never of such a
gond quality as that which has nover been
in the oil. As it has not tho strength uoces-
sary the pulp is mixed with wood, and the
paper made from it is used for lighter
grades of wrapping paper and the small
bags used by grocers. The method of manufacture is the same as that used in "making
up" tbo straw or wood. The stock is first
softened by means of steam and lime. It is
then taken to tbo grinders and from them to
the paper machine. Tbe clean maniila cable
is an article much sought for, and has even
become an article of export.
Not only is the oil-well drillers' refuse
lines used, but a trade is carried on In tbe
maniila rop3 usel by rlvermen. The headquarters of the trade are in New York,
from which place the baled goods aro distributed all over the world. A well-known
dealer was interrogated concerning the fiizs
of tho trade. "You can get Rome idea of
the sfee of tho business from the fact that
two tons of tbo clean rope will make one
ton of heavy paper. In our mill, when
running full, wo use six tons of stock per
day. Ordinarily clean rope is quoted a $8
per 100. Now, however, in sympathy
with everything else it is down to |3 03.
The greasy rope Is worth but about ono-
half as much as tbo clean, aB ft Is impossible
to ever mako as gool paper, even when
mixed with higher-priced stock. The principal supply comes from the deserted oil
towns of northwestern Pennsylvania. The
usefulness of the cablo is passed, and it is
bought cheap by the doalers, who bale it
and ship lt in tons."
And thus it is that thousands of yards of
dirty, greasy rope that smell so loudly at
tbo petroleum derricks of upper Pennsylvania, and which have unloosened the geysers of oil for tho w. rld's illumination, aro
at last transformed into tho neat little papor bag in which sugar, tea, coffee and flour
are brought to tho breakfast-tablo, oi
wrapped about tin packagoB of dry goods
carried from overy store in Pittsburg.
'Nanaimo Land Office.
more or less, very good land, Millstream
running through, close to Comox Road.
A desirable homestead, minerals included—
Newcastle Townsite—Lot 68, Block 3
$225 Terms. .   •
Lot 43, block 10, $500 cash.
Lot 8, block 13, $1800 terms. Splendid
business site.
Lots 11 and 12, block 0—$1000. ..
Locations for residences and business sites
throughout the city.
Nine blocks in the Syndicate Addition to
Port Angeles. Farms in all parts of 1 e
Province. ' hd
Just Arrived!
300 Kits, Kegs
and Half-Barrels
May 15—1 mo
George Cavalsky's
ls the place to get your FRUIT always
thc first and best fit the season, besides if you want
Panoy    ^\.x**tlol©»,
Jewelry, Pipes and Cigars of which
he has the biggest assortment
in town, as   well as being
agent for
McKay's   - London    -  Cigars,
For Nanaimo and Wellington.
His is the place and no other, as he imports
his own goods and saves you money.
Give him a call and satisfy yourself.
Victoria  Crescent.
to a house for Mr. J. Mahrer on
Comox road. Plans and specifications tan he seen at John Hilbert's furniture store. Tenders must be in, on or before Wednesday, June 6th. Thc lowestor
anv tender not necessarilv accepted.
(Before J. P. Planta, S. M., and Mayor
Bate, J. P.)
Isaac Sage, on remand,' charged with
supplying liquor to Indians, waa convicted and ordered to appear for sentence
when called upon.
A     WABSIMi.
The modes of death's approach are various, and statistics show conclusively that
wore persons die from diseases of the Throat
and Lungs than any other. It is probable
that everyone, without exception receives
vast numbers of Tubercle Germs into the
system and where these germs fall upon suitable soil they start into life tnd develop, at
first slowly and is shown by a slight tickling
sensation in the throat and if allowed to continue their ravages they extend to the lungs
producing Consumption and to ihe head,
lausing Catarrh. Now all is dangerous, and
if allowed to proceed will in time cause
leath. At the onset you must act with
promptness; allowing a cold to go without
mention is dangerous and may lose .
'life. As soon as you feel that Swiiu.r.,r.g 1
wrong with your Throat, Lungs 01 Koiir ls
obtain a bottle of Boschee's German Syrup.
It will give you immediate relief:
Siege Gun. Built or Wlro.
[Chicago Journal.1
Siege guns built of wire are the neweBt
description of ordnance for tho British national service. A very tougu steel wire Is
used, having a breaking strength of 100 tons
to tbo .quare inch, which is wound over a
steel tube ns tape may bo wound on a roel,
being frequently fastened off to secure Its
cohesion, and so neatly put togethor as to
look precisoly like solid metaL An experimental howitzer has been mado - upon this
principle, and passed a satisfactory proof at
the royal arsenal, Woolwich. It has a caliber of 10 inches, but weighs only about
7,000 pounds.
In its trial t Iii-; howitzer threw a shell of
360 pounds, with a charge of twenty-eight
pounds and attained a velocity of 1,000 feet
per ascond—a re-ult which may be compared with two guns of a similar weight
which are at present in tbe service. One of
the o Is the oight-inoh howitzer which fires
a shell of ju -t half tho weight—namely, ISO
pounds—wrtb a velocity of 05(1 feet, and the
other Is ihe 100 pounder gun of (1.8 calibor,
which with, it. light shot of 100 pounds,
managos to reach a velocity of 1,:,(>i) feet per
second. Tbo trial weapon seems in no way
impaired liy tho straff! to whi   1 it has been
subjected,         ___^_
lloadors for Yfork-ltooms.
A oigarotte niailuiacUiroi' at Merlden,
Conn., contemplates hiring renders, wbo are
to sit in die ceuter of the work-rooms and
read, aloud from the newest novels to the
employes. He has imported the idea from
Havana, where it is siist to be employod
with suecese, diminishing the lots of time
through the gossip and noisy chatter of tht
Stylish prints, embroidered dresses,
handsome new French dress goods, watered nlushes just received nt Arthur Bul-
ock'e. *
Contractor and Builder.
Nanauio, li. ('., P. 6, Box, 189.
May lf>—-I 1110
Chop and Oyster House,
Long Bridge, Nanaimo, B. C.
Oysters in every  style
Raw, Fry, Fancy Roast,
Plain Roast, Oyster Loaf,
New York Stew, Box Stew,
Pan Roast.
8^"Open day and night. Meals 25 cents
and upwards. Board and Lodging by Ue
day, week or month.
apl3 if
Education   Branch
of the Provinciai. Secretary'!. Di't,
Victoria, May 7th, 1889.
the Annual Examination of candidates for certificates of qualification
to teach in the Public Schools of the Province will be held as follows, commencing on Monday, Jnly-8tb, nt 10 a. m. :—
Legislative Hall.
-   Public School
In Victoria   -
In Kamloops
Building. •
Each applicant must forward a notice,
thirty days before the Examination, staling tbe class and grade of certificate for
which he will be a candidate, and the
place at whicli he will attend.
1    S. D. POPE,
Superintendent of Educction.
May 11—lrao
On and After Way Next, April 15th,
Tin1 steamer  Isabel will run ait follows
'calling at way ports:
Monday, r?, noon , Victoria to Nanaimo
Tuesday, 7 a.m Nanaimo to Comox
Wednesday, 7 a.m Comox to Nanaimo
Thursday, 7 a.m. Nanaimo to Como
Friday, 7 a.m...   Comox to Nansimo
Saturday, 7 a.m Nanaimo to Victoria
For Freight  and  Pattage apply on board.
Ma r  i—tf
Nanaimo River, B.C.
This hotel is situated live miles from
Nanaimo, on tho Nanaimo River, which
affords the flneBt fishing to be found on
the Island. Game of all kinds ran also
be found near here.
A  Veritable  Paradise for
Tourists and others will find ample
accommodation, and all the necessaries
and luxuries of life at thc nbovo hotel.
Louis Rowan, - Prop'r
For Shirts,
Scarfs, Ties, Collars, Etc.,
T.   L.   BROWNE   &
A Large Selection of Uents' and Boy*. PurulaUlngra.
'Good Value at Lowest Cash Prices.
New Stock.
Paper Hanging, Kalsomining, Interior Decorations, Etc.
Reasonable Rates.    Post Office Bo x 176.
Done at
Oto.ij.i-o'tx Streot, 3NT *a.rL«ai***rxc>, *B. O.
H.   DEMPSEY,    Proprietor.
A Kltofieri In I'arlH.
'Foreign Letter.]
Tbe average Parisian kitchen about five
feet wide and nine long, with one window
opening Into a dismal yard nine feet square.
jthong tb* wall rum an lron.edged table
four or Iiv* feet long and about two feet
wide. In this tablo are cut from four to six
square holes, and underneath runs a shelf ol
■ton* or iron of just the same size as the
table itself. Tbe space between this shell
and the table ls dosed in front by iron
doors. Ttiis block against the wall bears
tb* general name of fourneau, and, witb
'.he exception of roasting, It ii on this
block that all the cooking It done. There is
tb* greatest possibly economy In fail.;
A Woman'. Newspaper.
[Mexico Cor. Boston Globe.)
On* of the most successful newspapers in
Mexico it Tbe Album de Ia Mujer (Tbe
Woman'* Album), a paper that bit* tbe
feminine taste, and ia a credit to th* able
manageress and editress, Concepchn Gi-
meno de Flaquer. This papsr makes, I am
credibly informed, a neat annual profit for
the lady Who owns It Then there are pa-
pen d*vot*d to music, to agriculture, to tbe
brill ting and the theatres, to the doctor*, to
public (ebool teachers, etc. Every clan
seem, to hare It* organ provided fur It
A Drink for Hot Weather.
[Brattleboro Household.]
In very hot weather, especially If on* b
somewhat debilitated, a glass of lemonade
with a teaspooofol of elixir of calisaya, or
on*-h*lf teaapoonfnl of tincture ot Peruvian
talk sdktod to it, taken every afternoon will
prov* most refreshing. We have pasted
rammer* in v*ry unhealthy places In com-
parativ* oomfort, by daily use of thi. ilm-
pl* tost*. Th* osliiay* It th* niceit, giving
a dalle*** parfnmed flavor, not to bitter a.
ttt* trawk, iMt s little Utter I* T*ry nice with
Naas River Oolachan
50 lbs. Kegs & Barrels
Delivered to all narts 0f the City from
Btilloclt'H Brick Block, Victoria Crescent.
May 14—lmo
Are invited iortbobuildincof » cottage
house on Pridaux- street, Nanaimo, for
Mr. John Duca. Plans and specifications can be *een nt John Hilbert's Vancouver Furniture WorehouBo up to Mouday next at (J p. in. The lowest or any
tender not necessarily accepted.
A waitress at once.
Applv Delnranico
Lansdowne .Brewery
has engaged a man from San Francisco
and Ib now with his new outfit ready to
to serve tbe public with the very best
Beer, Ale and Porter.
Notice'is-hereby given that we have
thiB day disposed of our Hotel business
to George E. Howe and W. C. Halleck.
All bills againBt the Baid house must be
sent in by Saturday, June 8th.
Central Hotel.
New York, June 4.—Up to noon today subscriptions to the relief Innd for
sufferers by the floods amounted to nearly
*4,150,000 in this city alone. *
Nanaimo Building Society.
Notice is hereby given that4a drawing
for an appropriation lirconnection with the
above Society will take place on Friday,
the 28th of June, 1889, at 8 p. in., st the
Institute Hall. Members to inauce participation are requested to pay all sub-
•crfptions dU6, on or before 24th June.
Shares may be taken up at any time,
(back dues from start ol Society not payable till shares have drawn an appropriation.) Public invited to attend. By
Order, JOHN H. RUDD, Sect.y.
At J. Hilbert's Furniture Store.
Cigar:-: Hamifacturer,
Bastion St.,
Nanaimo, b c.
Smoke the celebrated '♦Nanaimo Enterprise" cigar.
Best in the Market.,
Ap 24
Vancouver Coal Mining
I thc next sitting of the License Com-
I missioners for the City of Nsflaimo, I
will apply for a licenae to sell wines,
spirits and other fermented liquors by retail at mv premises in the City of Nanaimo, the said premises be known as the
Nanaimo Opera House.
Nanaimo, B. C, May 12th, 1889.'
1 mo
NOTICE.      .
ing from business he begs to notify
all persons indebted to him to settle
their accounts on or before the 30th June
proximo. Accounts remaining unpaid
after that date will be placed in the
hands of nn attorney for collection.   All
Sersons to whom the untrersigned is in-
ebted are requested to hand in their
claims Ior payment, on or before the
above mentioned dates.
Nanainio, 19th April,   '89.
PROUT     &    INSLEY,    Propristors.
Strictly First-Class.   Accommodation for 1.5 Glints.
Convenient to Railway Station and Steamship Dock.
New and Second-Hand
All Kinds of Goods Bought,
Sold and Exchanged..
Opposite Provincial Hotel.'
—,   1 , tr
Opposite E. A N'R. R. Depot.
Strictly First-Clnss.
,f*»Tr--*8amp!e rooms for travellers.
jSrOnly first-class Wines,  Liquors
This is Hilbert's "ad" and Don't
You Forget It.
Goods sold on the installment plan.   VVe carry a full line of House Furnishing
Goods, LinoleumB, Carpets nnd Parlor Bedroom Suits, made to order in
style, color or pattern.   We keep the largest stock ol Wall Paper
of any House in the city.   All our Upholstering done on
tbe premises.   Chlldrens' Carriages, Crockery,
filuBBware, China Electroplated waro
Table Cutlery.
Al.F.X. M"AVI*K    •    MAR"CUS WOL**E.
Alex, Mayer ii Co.,
Wholesale and'Retail Dealers in (Jf.nf.rai..
Orders   promptly  and  carefully delivered-
Commercial Street,*
Nanaimo, B.C.
Counter 14x2*4* feet, has 3 drawers and
pigeon holes 3 feet 6 inches high. Is
stained and varnished hard wood. Can be
seen at the U. S. Conaslate office. Price
$25.00. M TO-tf
Next   door    to   Hirst's   Bros..
Commercial Street.
V. D. DEEBLE, Prop.
ConMUtly or* h*nd • foil •ttortiMnt of
Choice Metf. and Vegetable*.
Shipping supplied tt short notice, a
' 1
Parties wishing n general outfit of Furniture will do well by examining my stock
before buying elsewhere. Also the best equipped undertaking establishment
this aide of San Francisco, and the only embalmcr in the city. Note the
address and don't you forget it.   • „
. Bastion, Front and Wharf Streets, Nanaimo.
J. Hilbert,     -    -    Proprietor.
Walter WUson
Stoves, Grates, Ranges, Pumps, Lead Pipes, Zinc, and
General Hardware.
Manufacturer of Tin, Copper, Zinc, and Sheet-iron Ware.   gartMAl Hoofing
and Repairing.   A full line ot Hardware of all description constantly
in stock at bottom prices.    A call solicited.
Walter 'Wilson, - Commercial St


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