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Nanaimo Courier Jun 16, 1889

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 The Nanaimo Courier
[fi   Tin;
The Nanaimo  Courier
Vol. 1.
| PROUT     &    INSLEY,    Proprietors.
J. II.
; Cash .
IGH Blakeway ti Co
£a*r~ Mock Musi Be sold.
gtV Come Beforo it is too Late,
gMT Selling Ofi'at Cost.
gJtV This is No Humbug.
gtif- I'.xaniine Prices and Quality
At c.iuni.dation far 1-3 duels
C'ontrniriit to Railway Station an'l Strait,-
ship   Dock.
OITY l\IXA.Xt.XS.X<rX'. j
Next   door   to   Hirst's   Bros,,
Commercial Street.
|W. D. DEEBLE, Prop.M
m.i vou will bo Ci
Conr.cantly on hand a full assortment t
Choice Meats and Vegetables.
Shipping supplied   at short notice.
The New Store
Special Discount on Dress Goods.
  Peck's Hotel,
T.    E.   PECK,   Prtprletor.
Finding that through buying ratlin-
overstocked in ou
■ heavily, we am
Dress Goods Department
Wo have decided to give a special discount of TEN PER
CENT on nil Dress Goods sdld during the next SEVEN
DAYS, as the public well knows all our goods are new
and of the latest styles.
1*XSXtLT!*ft:& iTJAtaXX.
Seven Days Only.
Seven Days Only.
j Thr Cbolcut Brandt of Winhi, Liquor
always on hand.
John : Pulwitt
StteeesBor to Emil Derdinger.
Practical   Horseshoer
Peck's Blacksmith  Shop,
1 am prepared to do all kinds of General Blacksinithing at shart notice and
reasonable rales. Special attention paid
to tenderfooted, over-reaching and inter-
fearing horses.
SHOEING—Give me a call snd convince yourselves. All work guaranteed
to give satisfaction.
J.   PULWITT, -   •   -   Proprietor.
1 mo
Hudson's Bay Co'y,
Received Ex "Mennook" and "Stowe" Full Supplies
of Liquors and Provisions and Offer the Same
for Sale at Market Prices.
anaimo Saw Mill.
Haslem to Lees,
lAXl'FAl Tl'ltl'.llS OP Al.l. KIN'llkl ill-'
Rough and Dressed Lumber, Shingles, Laths and Pickets,
Doors, Windows and Blinds
Moulding, Turning, Scroll Sawing, ami all kinds of Wood Finishings,
sjSF" -vl 1 orders sent to their address at Nnnaimo, B.C., will have the most
rauvpt attention. Ap28 HASLEM & LEES.
prompt a
Sttkily Kni-Clu	
Collectors, \V. McGregor, J
Joseph Metcalf.
S. M. Robins	
■Jas. McGregor	
I Mark Bate, jr	
Wm. McGregor	
T. E. Jackson	
Jas. Bradley	
Richard Bradley .......
Wm. Scouse...'	
Ma lluz	
P. Cowan	
L. Manson	
Wm. Sinclair	
W. B. Dcnnison	
W. Richardson	
A. Meakin	
Thos. Wilson	
11. Devlin	
John Meakin     	
: Henry Biggs	
I Charles Martin	
IN. Bone 	
I R. Gowland	
Wilkinson Richards      	
Mrs. G. Wobank     	
Mrs. S. Hague	
Jas. Williams	
Mrs. W. Marshal!    	
Geo. Baker	
Louis Courto.	
Charles Millar	
Geo. Gartlev	
W.J. Wenborn	
D. S. McDonald 	
Wm. Hodgson	
Welter Roos	
Thos Morgan	
Jas Yates	
Robt Gourly.	
D Dobson,	
Henry Smith    .  	
Wm Bone	
X Harmer	
George Ramsey	
Mathew Millar	
Geo Graham 	
Wm Nieve	
Jas Crossen	
P Harris	
Mrs Thos Brown	
A Mathewson, Jr	
Mrs McLean 	
Thos McLay	
W Brown	
A Harris	
Wm Moore	
R Willis	
Wm McPhee	
Geo Bell	
G Danks 	
Isaac Snowden	
Mrs Peter Taylor       	
H Cooper	
Mrs W Forrest.
Richard Dugdale
J Fuge	
Thos Johnston
E Jones	
Jos Metcalf	
Jos Randle, Jr.
Isaac Emblem
John Pargetor. 	
David Scott.
W. It. Wall
P. Land	
W 11 Wall
! David Taylor...
j Joseph Muzeo. .
j Richard Gibson	
! James Mnlpass
The following is the list of names of  " "'m,er
those who havealteady responded to the I
Fashionable : Tailors
Commercial Street
ap'3-l ni
Nanaimo,  B. C.
A waitress at once.
Appiv Delmonlco I
tf   I
2 Ot)
5 00
50 00
B 00
5 ill)
10 1)0
2 50
2 00 ■
2 00
1 nil
2 OO!
1 00]
1 Ull
50 I
3 00 j
I 00'
1 00
1 00
2 50 I
2  ."it)
2 on
2 50
2 50
I 00
I 00
0 00
1 00
5 00
2 50
1 00
5 00
1 00
1 50
1 00
2 50
B 00
1 00
1 00
2 00
1 50
1 50
1 00
1 00
1 00
t 00
2 50
1 00
1 00
1 00
2 50
1 00
5 00
I 00
1 00
2 00
I 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
I 00
1 00
1 00
2 50
2 50
1 00
I 00
1 00
1 00
2 50
2 50
2 50
3 00
I 00
3 00
1 00
10 ill)
8 00
1 00
5 00
2 50
2 00
Lord   Charles   Beresford   Refuses  the
Command of the Turkish Fleet
Which ia to be Greatly
i-rinuii  Papers Contain  Stiiifdug'  Al
Ituions to the Iron Chancellor's Diplomatic Failures.
Affairs in   Servia  iu   a Very Excited
State   Possibility of Eiots
Taking Place,
moved,   A new Foreign  Minister can.
into power and tradi v more resume
its usual channels. In tins wav it come:
about thai railway orders of considerable
magnitude ore once more pouring into
England from Japan, and they are likely
to continue for a longtime, ns many liuii-
dred miles ol railway arc either in
course of construction or projected in
Tliiiltl:   IM  Ml t 11   DIPl'KRENCK
of opinion among tlie members of parliament as to the extent to which tbe government are pledged by then understanding with the powers which havo signed
the sugar bounty convention to proceed
with the bill ni present before parliament, it. is learned, however, trom an
unquestionable source that according Or
an official view the government hove
discharged their obligations to those
powers in laying the measure before parliament.
I'llBl   Alt 1.  IN 111:1:   NO
necessity to proceed with it nt all at this
session, and tlie withdrawal of the bill
WOllld, in ll. ir view, mean neither a
break down of   the Convention nor  a
,       ,.    , ,. ,   I definite abandon] it of legislation upon
London, June 15.—In speaking on the th'-
A Toil of Dynamite   Exploded iu the
Debris Blocking the Eiver
at Johnstown  and
Boourillg  the  Country for a  Member
of the Clan-na-Qael
Interesting  News   Coming   to   Light
Diii'iurr the Hearing of the
Oroniu Evidence.
Servian news published to-day, an Attache of the Foreign Office, who ha just
returned from Belgrade, says: Affairs
in Servla are in a very excited ami uneasy slate at the present moment and
the goyoiiiiiiqnt will he fortunate if they
have nothing more serious than nn occasional riot to ileal with. The Servians
are governed by a boy king who Is 12
years old, ami the regency composed of
M. Ristics and two generals of somewhat
doubtful reputation. M. Kistics is the
only  Servian who has  any  European
reputation, and is no douht'a verv able | °"!,"M "!™llllrall,l"';|,|'l'»vll'i'i <» tt..-
,, ,   .,     .    ,    , ,, Convention had been hung up for n time
num.   He wants Scrvia to follow an ,n- Thia #YU ra,m.  t0 ,,„*: ^MeT^
dependent line and to be-the henchman, tion  of   the Government.     Tbey say
neither of Russian nor of Austria.   The, tbere  is   certain   parliamentary enae
report       that       he       is      .•nni,»trtnJt'"*n b*  favor of  the bill,  but  ii
with       Russia      ami       tl
on such other like mutter:
Jus que. tion.
The Convent inn comes into forct
(ember, 1891 and at anv period i
session of io it year it will be in the power n' *l;e government to introduce a
measure with the same purpose as tbe
bill r. ,,v before the bruise. But this bill,
irom an official view only, supplements
the Co.iTenlion by providing a means of
coercion i.i certain contingencies, and it
lias nothing to tlo with the moral obliga-
tlon imposed upon the signatories of the
Treaty by the Convention to discourage
the bounty system. The breakdown of
the Convention is not, therefore, in the
official view, In any sense in question,
end the withdrawal of the bill would
simply mean that the coercive part of the
JuHNb'roWN   Fl.non..
Johnstown, Pa., June 15.—By the aid
of a ton of dynamite anil many hundred
workmen a channel fourteen feet wide
liae heen forced through the debris
blocking the river. Railway ties were
blown by the explosion higher than the
summit of the mountain am rounding the
The foreman of the gang working on
i the raft thinks that after the loose debris
| now lodged in the channel at the bridge
j is removed,men will not object sostrenu-
! ously ns they do now to work on sides of
; the creek that has been opened. AH day
long while men were at work
at this place, not one bodv
waa recovered, hut it was safe to
say many human bodies went up with
| each shot of dynamite. Some of the
workmen sav thev saw
coquetting |
appeal for aid to the sufferers by the
late disaster in Seattle.
The amount already collected in a
guarantee that thc citizens of Nanaimo
have not forgotten the help they received
from neighboring towns during their
owu troubles.
The present list will lie increased considerably when the collectors have visited the balance of the persons residing in
the various wards.
The collectors in the Nortli Ward, J.
Abrams and A. Haslem, owing to a pressure of business, have not been able to
give as much time to collecting as they
would wish, hut say that their subscription list already shows over $100.
The lists will be printed every day:
Collectors, ,1. II. Please and W. 0. Halleck.
W. M. Langton- *   25 00
Halleck & Howe         20 00
J. II. Pleace      10 00
T. Millar      10 00
A. Bullock      10 00
R, Pimbury      10 00
,lirst Bros      10 00
I - tibiston ei Wilcox... 10 00
I Caldwell A l*wis....
(i. McAllister	
Gough A Evans .
O'Brien A Dunlap
J, Parkins	
: 1). Morello	
I S. Brightman
•'  1". Webb	
Spencer A Perkins ..
ltnper, Raper A Co.
Whitfield Bros.
N. Smith	
Handle .v. Van lloutiu
J. Phillips
A. Kasson	
Campbell A Foreman
P. (bible	
Adtlerton A Irving
W. H. Phillpot	
Vincent Ganone	
S. B. Gillespie	
T. L. Browne A Co
J. Young	
J. Bickle 	
W. Morgan	
J. Ferguson	
J. Ritchie	
J. Hoskins	
j G. Bevilockway
i Cash	
I D. Hoggen	
i Cohen & Graham..
Mrs. J. K. Gilbert
.1. Fairburn	
i A. McKelvie 	
(J. B. Millar	
j Richardson A Horner.
J. B. Ward	
IW. H. Morton	
Mary mont Bros	
E, McNeil	
W. Brown	
E Quennell	
H. McAdie 	
J. Pawson	
J.H. Pashley	
Geo. Cavalskv	
E. Hird	
Dr. Davis 	
$ 220
Collected by A.  Haslem,  .1. Abrams
P. O.   Box, no.
STE.ill   II HICK    yAtD.IL
MASON   Proprietors, Victoria, B. C.
and A. R.Johnston.
Ralph Craig	
A R Johnston A Co
J E Jenkins	
Mayor Bate	
Haslem A Lees	
C Ksrst	
A Mayer A Co   	
H DempBev	
BH Smitli	
A T D McElmen ..
Renwick A Home	
Q Norris	
LcBsllister A Thompson
J Decker A Co	
Nanaimo Foundry
S Drake '	
James Bryden	
E Priest	
John Mitchell 	
A Dick	
J Nicholson
5 00
s oo
5 00
G 00
j 00
5 00
7, 00
5 00
5 00
.1 OO
o 00!
5 9S | John White
•'   W I   Ink,,   11  P/.K.
5 00
, pieces of human
tion  In  favor of  tho hill,  but  if when ! bodies snd shreatled garments falling af-
the time arrives for the second reading ,<>r several of the shots.   None who were
'pinion i j, i8 follllli tll,lt (||0 | |overnment ,.nn,10l i at work will deny that many bodies were
largely i count on a majority, thev will simply de-1 S?wn to pieces by this afternoon's work,
manufactured in Vienna, where, one and dare tbat the bill cannot be carried in j The opening up of the drift pile, by cut-
all correspondents appear to be In  the i the present session anil must ''like other  !inB through tlie channel, has served to
pocket ofthe Austrian Foreign Office and  useful legislation" be  postponed   until  intensify the terrible odors, which if posh-now by  this time what these next year, but they will absolutely refuse B'ble seem to grow.worse and extend fur-
'♦" '"*°t f1'° Convention as dead. ' !"*er tilth each succeeding hour.   It is
supposed hundreds of bodies yet. remain
, i       ,, .    .. , .in cellars and unexplored piles of wreck-
< has Beresford will nol accept the pro-. age, and the longer thev are permitted to
pose, offers ol Organizer and Com- remain the more terrible will grow the
mandeHn-Ohiefof rhe Turkish fleet stench, and tbe more frightfully deeom-
rhc ships are sold to be in a wretched posed will be the bodies when thev are
state ot repair and armament, and a i reached.
scheme of naval defense proportionately!
much bigger than that, which the British !    blasting wreckage with dynamite.
attacks on Kistics really mean. Ristics'
great authority will undoubtedly be used
to keep Servin in safe and prudent
courses. The fall of thc other two
regents is extremely likely I'i be one of
the events of the future, but it will not
drag him down; also another difficulty is
tlie question regarding Queen Natalie,
this will probably be settled by tli' Servian's getting ritl of King Milan'i guar 1-
innship over his son an the Queen appointed in his place. The latter
also being associated with the regency
This matter will not bo easy lo manage
in anv other way except in defiance ot
the ill-will of Austria. There is not u
single Progressionist, or rather pro-
Austrian. In the ho tse, which is com
posed oi 800 members, five-sixths of
tbem Radicals and Liberals, loyal to the
present dynasty, and are by no means
eager lo endanger the constitutional government which they have lit length ol
talned and the long min
king, gives then, .in tin
tunity of planting ' firmly in tl
country. Short, therefore, of great, nnd al !
present unforeseen events, young Alex- j
antler is secure enough, but he will not j
be brought up to love Austria, lie ls|
pretty sure to be brought up in the most
ardent school of Servian patriotism
and will regard Austria as an enemy
who wrongfully detains Servian lands of
Bosnia and Herzegovina, not to mention
Slnvoniii, Scrvia and Banal. Austria has
so managed matters that every patriotic
Slav is necessarv and naturally her
to treat tl
IT is quite certain tuat
Government are passing through  Parliament would be the first recommendation I
iGrecian Archipelago.
lority of the young     Editoh
lookod-for oppor-  "an nnxiC
It) 00
10 00
10 IK)
10 00
10 00
5 00
5 00
5 00
5 00
5 00
5 00
6 00
5 00  Th0
5 00
envy. Wht.i       Austria     entered our schools, unless he or she have a cer-
Bosnui and Herzegovina sho tlflcafo from tbe doctor who has been in
fatally displaced her centre ot gravity attendance on such family, or from the
and it will be beyond her power to tier-1 officer of Health. We should, however,
manize or Magyarize or in any way de- be very glad to receive a visit from one
national zo those provinces. 'Ihey will|0[ om. physicians, nnd should respect-
inevitably gravitate to Servia.   To bring I fully carry out any  suggestion  for the
health of our schools that  he  will  be
lohnstown, June 15.—Bv this evening
...   . ,lx ., , ..  channel   will   probably'    lie    opened
with whicli u would be impossible lor through the stubborn drift pile at the
Turkish finances to cope. The best opin- bridge. Dynamite is doiug terrific work,
ion seems to hi' that the Ottoman Navy scattering debris in all directions, About
wlh continue to decline hi seaworthiness | eight o'clock this morning a 300-pound
and effective armament until the lime , charge was put under a pile of logs and
arrives In which It will be used solely or , discharged. The shock shook the entire
defence of the Turkish Dominion in the ; surrounding eountrv, knocking down a
chimney on Prospect Hill and shattering
ti.iii.ni.nti rnnrrnr. tmtmnn windows   in   the   First     Ward   School
LETTERS TO THE EDITOR,       | House.   The Cambria Iron Works office
: was so shaken that those who were in the
C.ruiEii—Sir:   May  I  assure : building expected to have   it  down  on
ions mother" that the teachers their heads the next moment.    Up to
public schools are quite alive to ! "nt> ° ':1,ock ""9 afternoon two bodies had
-' been taken to the morgue.   The body of
Chas.   DeWold,   a   drummer  of  Philadelphia, was found lving in the mud near
the Merchants Hotel.    He was a guestat
Hurlburst House and had evidently been
carried by the Hood to the place where he
was found.   Tbe other bodv was that of
a two-year-old boy   not   vet   identified.
About 150 feet of the channel along the
bank of the river has been cleaned out.
 After to-day,  but one morgue  will be
admitted lo kePt' °PW" tor the reception of recovered
in our public schools are quite aliv
the responsibility that lies on them of I
guarding the health of tho young people
committed to their charge'.'   The symptoms  of   diphtheria   arc  alas!   to well
known in this city; ami, we doubt not,
most of the teachers are familiar with
them,   l'.ut we do nol want lo diagnose a I
case before we act. .l/'easesofsirkness are
treated ns suspicious, and Iho complain-1
ing child is sent home at once.   Moreover, no member of a family in which i
diphtheria lias broken out i:
our schools, unless be or si
tilicate from the doctor win
material civilization and a highly developed educational system into the country
is not to denationalize i! and Aus-
trians will find thai every l!ns-
niiin hoy thev educate will grow
up to he their enemy.
good enough to make
5 00
5 00
5 00
2 50
2 50
'.' 50
2 50
2 50
2 50
2 00
The following subscriptions
lected at Northlleld mine bv K.
Robert Scott	
Robert Richards..
Richard Morris.
Robert Heart man
Richard Hobcrta       	
John Piles
James McCarthy
$ IL'7 00
influence of Montenegro, whicli is
now on the hest of terms with Servin,
and which also shares the Pan Servian
idea, is all in the same direction. In
these days time and tide nre withnu-]
tions, nml the last word will not remain
with the I'.urcaiicrnts of Austria and
To-day being tho first  anniversary of
the dentil of the
*!*Sr A KI A X M O.
Finest   Groceries
Disbursed    and
L   LINE   Oh1
and   Fresh   Provisinos
I'    IN   STOCK.
Supplies    Furnished
  » ^
6 00
i 00
2 50
2 50
1 00
8 50
2 50
2 00
2 50
1 00
2 50
2 50
2 50
2 50
I 00
1 00
2 50
2 60
1 00
2 50
1 00
2 50
2 50
2 50
2 50
1 00
5 00
5 00
5 00
1 00
2 50
10 00
5 00
John 11 Roherts..
John  Htirnniiin
David Stevenson
Daniel Ferguson
Henry Ryan
Hector King	
Henry Rosewell.
Khjah Dudley	
Alford Blunt
Alexander Clarkson
A Cohen	
William Simpson
William Eaton
Lewis Thomas
Norton (i Roberts
6 00
2 51)
B 00
1 00
I 110
i on
I no
1 1)0
1 00
2 oo
:t 00
1 00
8 50
2 00
1 00
I 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
.*    38 50
The Great Rush.—Owing to the immense number of purchasers visiting Mr.
Bullock's establishment on Saturday
anxious to take advantage of his disposal of
is stock at cost, he and his clerks were untile toattend toa great number of customers.
He regrets that so many went away an
all German-Liberal papers contain lining
tributes to Ids memory and seriously
| contrast the present stale nl nlliiirs  111
■   Germany with whal mighthavohoontheii
"  I condition had tho greal soldier and Liberal statesman  not been stricken with
death.     Many     ol    these     editorial
tributes    contain    stinging    allusions
tn    the      Iron     Chancellor's     I'ip-
loinatic, Colonial,   ami    Home   ilnyern
I ment failures during tlie pasl year, attributing them to bis lack t>( tlie noble
Frederick's wise   counsel.    Thoj   also
! state that  notwithstanding  Bismarck's
| denial of certain historical tads publish
i'ii from Frederick's Diary, 110 ono who
has watched events in Germany sine*
Frederick's death can longer doubt who
was the master mind lhat thought about
German unity.
Large railway orders  trom Japan are
being given in England, nne of which includes ten engines, about 100 carriages,
antl many thousand casks of cement;
whilo a cargo of steel rails is on itB way
out and many orders in various stages
of completion. The curious point of this
is that for three years past although the
Japanese have been construct ing railways
with extraordinary activity, scarcely" a
single order for railway material has been
placed in Great Britain although prior to
hat time they all came here. They
stopped suddenly for two Or three years
and are now beginning quite as suddenly
again. The secret of the matter is, all
Japanese railways are either Government lines, or constructed under a Government  guarantee.    Three yenrs ago
served, and if possible he would advise some ] when tile treaty eonlei
of his friends to shop in the morning when AD0Ut to sit 'mid even
hey cc.uU! be better waited upon.
The principal features of corrupt legislative assemblies are ayes una noes.
These features enable them first to scent
jobs and them wink at them.
Mistress—"Lettie, bring me the Fashion
Gatelte I saw the postman deliver this
morning." Maid (on her return)—"You
can't have it now, ma'am. The cook
says she isn't through with it yet."
■es in Tokio were
while they were
sitting, Japanese Statesmen were
straining every nerve to conciliate the
Ministers from France and Germany, and
and it was soon
large eoniiuerei.il orders
most effective Instrument tor that purpose; accordingly Japanese naval orders
went largely to France, and those for
railway material to Germany, chiefly to
Krupp's at Essen. Hut with the failure
of   tne   Conference  pressure was  re-
The drunken waiter is easily lipped,
New wheat won't hurt n  man as much
as nit! rye.
Honor among  thieves  is doubtless a
sort of steal trust.
Life Is no chestnut j it is :i story that
is only told once.
ll is paradoxical and yet true that
sickness often lurks in well water.
The open bar is tlie objection—"Pei-
pendiculai drinking must go! "
A whim is :i fly thai huzzes in the
empty chambers of uii exhausted brain.
Whon a mnn has a screw louse you
cannot mend him by making bim light.
thu happiness depends upon little
things- like mosquitoes.
In nnclenl limes everybody played the
]\ re: now the liar plays everybody.
iIhoiI wiitii, plenty of water nnd cheap
water are the three requisites In a pro-
biiiititin country.
They arc running locomotives now by
BOtla. However, il wolild tint dn to wink
at the engineer.
The Dresden *Y»tf» talks I .min at ns
and we respectfully throw npboth hamls.
A fashion exchange says: "Vests are
being cut lower." And in a few dnys
will be cut altogether.
Women must have theii wills while
they live, because tbey make none when
they die,
The Hritish naval ottice.i wlio wants tn
light this country has evidently been
Behring nu.
It won't be long until they nre taking
the "bust" measure of the OktahamnI
Can't the signal service man be persuaded to predict "cloudy and colder"
instead of "fair and warmer?"
Politeness is like un air-cushion ; there
tuny be nothing in it, but it onset our
jolts wonderfully.
The Chinese are a very Imitative people, Tills explains why they always
stick to their cues.
Mrs. Mollie Corwill, of Shclbvville,
Ind., heats the record. She was divorced
from her seventh husband last Tuesday.
Nothing flatters a man so much as th
found that I happiness of his wife; he is always proud
istitutc'l tbe , ot Mmsolt as the source of it.
It is poor encouragement to toil through
life lo amass a fortune to min your children,   in nine cases out of ten a large tor-
tnne is the greatest curse which could be
bequeathed tn the young and inexperienced.
! Ilarrishurg, I'a., June 15.—Oflicial report was made declaring tho drift in the
Conemaugh River at Johnstown, and
other points in the locality, a public
nuisance. I iovernor Beaven urged that
all possible means be used to remove
said drifts.
nn: cronin cask.
.New York, June 15.—Jno. J. Maroney
antl Chas. McDonald, two Chicago suspects, were brought before Judge  An-
jdrewsof the Supreme Court this mom-
1 ing   for  further   hearing in   the habeas
I corpus proceedings.     Thev were represented by  counsel,  lawyers N'ewberger
and Dclhantv while Assis'tant District At-
i torney McDonald looked after Ihe people's
: case.   After considerable argnment they
were remanded without hail ami returned to tlie tombs.
Wilkesbarre, June 16.—l'inkerton's
detectives arc scouring the coal reglonB
fnr .Ins. Kerry, a Clnn-na-(iael man, who
first warned Dr. Cronin of his impending fate. Ferry is a liook agent.
St, Petersburg, June 15.—The Journal
de St. Petersburg makes an emphatic denial of alarmist report circulated by
foreign new simpers attributing Warlike
Intentions to Russia.
kll.l.V.II  WIIII.K   NKKTI'HINll.
New York, June lo.—Sarah Rome,
aged 24, of 884 Schoonerborn street,
Brooklyn, and her sister-in-law, Mrs.
David Rouse, aged 26, of Toronto, Canada, while engaged sketching on the track
of the Manhattan Beach Railway, near
the Oriental Hotel, Coney Island, this
afternoon, were struck by "a train coming
Irom Sheopside Bay nice truck. Miss
Rome escaped injury, but Mrs. Rouhs
was instantly killed.
Chicago, June 15.—Tlie special grand
jury resumed it's investigation in the
Cronin ease this morning. Officer Dan.
Brown, who testified yesterday, was recalled to the jury room to farther explain hi opposition to Cronin in Clan-
na-Cacl. Patrick McGarrv, who went
to Toronto to investigate the story, telegraphed from there nntl was then summoned. Judge Tuley to-day received u
letter from Pittsburg, I'a., signed Wm.
Williams, fl Garfield street, in which the
wliter says it was he that rented Carlson Cottage, bought furniture and threw
Dr, Cronin into the catch basin. The
judge attaches no importance to it.
Lord l.ontlsdnle speaks disrespectfully
nf the north pole, but so far the pule has
maintained a frigid silence.
A curtain lecture is worth all ihe sermons in the world tor teaching the virtue
oi notience and long Buffering.
Stranger (in the court room)—What
time have you got, please? Prisoner (at
counsellor's table)—I can tell you better
after tbe trial. THE  NANAIMO   COURIER,  SUNDAY,   JUNE   16,   1889.
SUNDAY,   JUNE   16,    1889
Mr. James O'Neil is authorized on behalf of the Nanaimo Coobibb to canvass
for subscriptions, advertising, receive
payments antl give receipts for the same
in tlie citv of Victoria.
Mr. John Currie is authorized on behalf of the Nanaimo OoOItritB to canvass
for subscriptions, receive payments and
give receipts for the same in Wellington.
From our London letter  published  in
to-day's telegraphic news, we learn that
Japan is buying railway material very
largely ill the English markets. This is
the more gratifying, owing to the tact
thai four years ago when   this   thirst for
railway construction set in, the orders
chiefly went to France and Germany,
thereby causing English Protectionists tu
cry out that her Free Trade Policy was an
utter failure, inasmuch as English
manufacturers were unable to compete in
the markets of the world  with  commercial rivals, each of which—at  any rate
Germany—was  "protected   up to the
eyes."   At last comes the explanation of
a   fact    whicli    puzzled    the    Political
Economists sorely.   The Japanese Government sent their orders for locomotives,
cars, rails, &C, to French nnd German
makers, in order to curry favour with the
Ministers representing those nations at
Yokohama.     A   conference  was   being
held at the time, and the wily Japanese
evidently thought  that a "sop to Cerberus'' was the best way to make friends.
Xow that the particular need of friendly
nfllcps by tbe representatives of the two
great European Powers is at an end. back
come the orders to Great Britain.    From
this    we   are   led    to    infer   that  in
markets   where   there   is   no   favour
shown, England can yet rather   more
than hold her own, and may truly boast
that in her hold   over eastern  markets
• sbe has not yet ceased to be mistress.
Japan has made enormous strides during
the last few years in what we may call
"Western civilization," and only just recently has extorted the right, so long
denied   them,    of    trying     foreigners
before native tribunals; a privilege lirst
granted by the Government ofthe United
States     though   Lord   Salisbury   wns
quickly forced to follow suit, on ing to
tlie fact that the Japanese Government
in return for this privilege.nllowetl trailers
to prosecute their business with absolute
safety hi parts of Japan which hail to all
intents  and  purposes  been previously
closed against them.
scene of action—to sec what a general impression appears to prevail among the
press of tiretit Britain that the time is fast
j approaching when Russia means to show
her hand.   Each paper that we pick up
refers in Bomoshapeto Russian intrigues
and consequent war-scares, though as te
these latter we have more than a suspicion that they are  invented antl stimulated  very largely by speculative Stock
Exchange operators.    Lord  Beaeonsfield
once told his bearers at a Mansion House
dinner, that "Russia was not ajpower to
be dreaded  hy Croat   Britain  until her
finances were in better order."   As each
year  conies  round, she borrows fresh
capital to pay oil arrears of interest, antl
now-a-days   great   bankers such as the
Rothschilds or Barings have not a little to
sny in the matter of a nation going to war,
when that nation's credit is by no means
of 1 lie best.    Lord Salisbury who has told
his brother peers that if they would take
the trouble   to  study a decent  map of
South-Western  and  Central   Asia, they
would cease to  feel the constant alarms,
to allay which he bus found so troublesome  a matter—might  we think   have
fairly   Included   those   who   write   for
the great   London dailies as well.   The
prevailing notion,   so  far us were are
able   to  understand it,  among English
writers is, tbat Russia will  very  shortly
make a descent on Turkey,  under the
pretense   of   restoring oiiler   either (in
Bulgaria or  Itouinnnia.   Then as a set
off ti) possible English interference in the
Black Sea,a diversion is to be made in the
form of an expedition which  is to start
from   Astrakan   by way of the Trans-
Caspian Railroad to Herat, and so on to
Cabiil, until the mountains of the Hindoo
Koosh are reached,   Wc are not of those
who believe fur one moment  that—supposing a  Russian army ever succeeded
in crossing the waterless deserts whicli
would   have   to  he traversed  on  foot,
anil succeeded in forcing its way through
the hostile and mountainous country of
Afghanistan, that even then it could succeed in endangering our Indian Empire,
ever though we allow also that they succeed
ed in forcing any one of tlie three passes
which  are  the only practicable routes
which  an   invading  army  could take.
Our belief is, and we express it most emphatically, that tlreat Britain is a waxing
power; that her sun is not yet in its
zenith; just  as  we firmly believe that
Russia is on the other hand a waning
power,   inasmuch   as her  vast Empire
contains within itself all the seeds necessary to breed disruption.
j Alex. Mayer & Co.,
i Wholesale antl Retail Dealeis in C.F.NEBAL.
Orders   promptly   antl   carefully delivered'
Commercial  Street,
Nanaimo, B.C.
Nanaimo Land Office.
more or less, very good land, .Millstream
running through, close lo Conmx Road.
A desirable homestead, minerals included--
Newcastle Townsite—Lot 68, Block 3
$225 Terms.
Lot 43, block 10, $500 cash.
Lot 3, block 13, $1800 term'.. Splendid
business site.
Lots 11 and 12, block 6—$1000.
Locations for residences and busines-, sites
throughout the city.
Nine blocks in the Syndicate Addition tu
Port Angeles. Farms in all parts of he
Province. d
Canadian Pacific Navigation  Co.
TIME   TABLE   Wo.   10.
VICTORIA TO Vancouver and Moodyvilie daily
except Monday, at 4 o'clock.
VANCOUVER TO Victoria, daily, exc-pt Monday,
at 13*13 o'clock or on the arrival of tlie C. P.
Railway Train.
S.S. PREMIER will leave as follows:—Vancouver
1 p. in., Mondays and Thursdays, returning
leaves Seattle Wednesdays and Saturdays at 6
a.m., arriving in Vancouver about 6 p.m., this to
take effect Thursday, February 9th.
Leaves VICTORIA for New Westminster, Ladner's
Landing and Lulu Island, .Sundays and Thursdays at 7 •'clock, Tuesdays at 8 o'clock.
Leave NEW WESTMINSTER for Victoria and
way ports on Monday at 0 p.m., Wednesday and
Friday at 7 a.m.
PLUMPER PASS, Sunday at 7 o'clock.
Steamers for Hope and way ports leave New Westminster every Thursday: For Chilli whack and
way landings every '1 uesday and Saturday at
7 a.m.
Steamer MAUDE leaves Victoria for Alberni and
Sound ports once a month.
Sti-amsbip Sardonyx will leave for Fort  Simpson  aud
iutermediate ports on the First and  Fifteenth of
each month.    Whenever   sufficient    inducement
offers will call at points on  the   West  Coast  and
Queen Charlotte Islands,
The company reserves the riglit of changing this
Jinn- Table at anytime without no lift cation.
fOen. Agent. Manager.
■  ■
•   1
iiinniitiiii.   vi
The Largest and Best Hotel in th    Citv.
Holloway's Pills & Ointment
«•     has secured for itself an imperishable
fame throughout the world for the alleviation
and cure of most tliseascs to which humanity j
(is heir.
An article headed "A Needed Fire
Alalia," which appeared In the E'eee
Press of Friday, urges upon I lie City
Council the necessity of taking steps to
provide Nanaimo with u fire alarm, the
nature of which is outlined by the writer.
Doubtless tho plan suggested is bette.i
than nothing, and we give the due
meed of praise to the proprietor of the
'•veiling paper in question for his happy
thought, but we fear that if ihe safely of
the eity from destruction by fire,depended
upon the successful currying out of this
scheme, that Nanaimo would soon lie but
a name. We make no comment other
than to ask any business man accustomed to giving and receiving
replies on the telephone. what
he thinks of the plan suggested,
an extract from which reads as follows:
"Should a lire occur at any distance
from the engine house nil that would be
necessary would be to go to the nearest
telephone and call up the central oflice,
and as a person is on duty there night
and day, a prompt reply would be ns-
sured. The central office would ring the
alarm gong (which could be heard for a
block) in the engine house, and any person hearing it would ring the bell. In
the meantime the central would call up
the Royal Hotel, etc,"
Without wishing to say one word
against the management of the telephone
company, wo yet venture to think the
"proposed Bystem" would hardly work
when put to (he test. Whilst giving our
evening contemporary credit for at least
meaning well In this mnttei'.yet we think
flint if a fire alarm is to be adopted we
might ns well have one that we know is
really effective when put lo the text. The
gisi nf ibe whole matter lies ill
these few italicised words. Why not
use fire-alarm boxes placed at the corner
of certain thorough-fares, as tlo the
people of San Francisco. The system is
comparatively inexpensive, simple, certain nntl efficacious, aiid'sntisticsourCali-
forniau friends, which fact nf itself counts
for something, [n the 'vent of our
Aldermen taking up the matter we think
they might with advantage to all concerned, iitjlenst inquire into the working
niul cost of the Ran Franciscan lire-
alarms, antl also into oilier methods for
attaining the same end.
The specifications for Mr. Bullock's
three tenement houses can be seen at
Mr. Bullock's store.
P.  Jamieson, Prop.
Oysters,   Cakes, Jellies,  Ice  Cream,   Wane
Mange, etc,    The oriy White Labor
Restaurant in Town.    Meals
from  25 cents up.
The Mutual Life Insurance
The l.arg'f'st Conipauv III the World.
Assets, $126,000,000.
Receipts for Tear 1888 ,$26,000,000
Paid  Policy Holders, 1888, $14,00O,nno.
General Solicitor, Joshph Rmu.
Head Olliee for British Columbia
Hkisterman & Co., No. 8, Bastion S treet
Victoria, B.C.
Contractor and Builder.
Nanaimo, B.C., 1'. (). Box. 1K<).
-May 15—1 mo
Minimi Engineer, United States and
Provincial Surveyor and As*
sayer, Vancouver, B. C.
K'li.il i'- reports, underground surveys ami maps
of mines executed al low rates. Assays made ou all
kinds of Minerals, Gold and Silver bars. Thirty
yearn experience in mining in Asia, Europe and
United States of America. Speaks ten languages.
Assays from a distance prnniptlv attended to.
Address, Vancouver, IJ. C.
All quartz for assaying left with \V. C
Hallack, Nnnaimo. will be promptly forwarded to Dr. Bredemeyer.
Proposals For Stock.
Proposals are invited up to noon of
June luth proximo by the undersigned
for the purchase of tlie whole or part of
the ICO unissued shares in the above company. The company does not bind itself
to accept the highest or any proposal.
Bv order of the Directors.
W. K. LEIGHTON. Sect'v.
Harcwood Lake, May 27th, lt\W.
Strayed on to my premises one iron
grey cow with a young calf. The owner
is requested to come and pny charges and
takeaway the cow.
Wm. Blackmore,
Architect,   Etc.
P. O. BOX i-.C. VANCOUVER, tt. B.
Land Agent, Conveyancer, Accountant
and Insurance Agent.
OFFICE.—C. ••* Smith's Building, Hastion  Street,
Town Lots and Farms for Sule.    Money to Loan r 1
Mortgage at low ratee.
Agent for the Glasgow and London Fire Insur
NE WSPA PER    WA I!-S < 'A I! ES.
ing from business he begs to notify
all persons Indebted to him to settle
their accounts on or liefore the 110th June
proximo, Accounts remaining unpaid
after that date will be placed in the
hands of an attorney for collection. All
persons to whom the undersigned is indebted are requested to hand in their
claims for payment, on or before the
above mentioned dates,
Nanaimo, 10th April, 'Hit.
Notice to Builders.
Tenders are invited up to the 17th inst.
at 12 a. in., for the erection of three six-
roomed tenement houses with outhouses
and fencing, for Arthur Bullock, Esq., on
Albert antl Sclby Btreets. l'lsus antl
specifications may be seen on application
to the undersigned on antl after Monday
evening next. The lowest or nny tender
not necessarily accepted.
td I). VV. GORDON.
Shaving & Bath Parlors
J.   Lewis,    -    Proprietor.
Some few days ago we published
among our telegraphic news an item to
the effect that a secret treaty had been
arranged between the Shah of Persia and
the Czar of Russia, by which Russia, under certain conditions, which were not
stated, would annex Persia, at least temporarily. This intelligence must, if
trustworthy, he the cause of considerable
uneasiness to those persons who have
kept "in touch" with matters pertaining
to our Indian Empire. There would lie
nothing extraordinary in these constantly recurring war scares were it not forthe
anxious pooh-poohing of official Russian
organs. Allowing for disquieting tumours it is amazing to us—perhaps because we nre at a sufficient distance to
ensure a calmer observation of affairs,
political,  than  if we   were nearer   the
— Wholesale  and   Retail —
Yates Victoria,   B.   C.
Real EstatelaM Insurance Apt,
Victoria,  ""B.  O.
The regular meetings of Nanaimo Council, 821, will be held on every alternate
Tuesday, commencing Tuesday, June
11th, 1889, in the Forester's Hall at 8
p. m. This is the most economical mode
of insurance ranging from $500 to *»r>,U00.
Application fee, $5. Ladies admitted to
the benefits of this Order, visiting companions arc cordially invited. Full particulars on application to Chas. Wilson,
To the Travelling Public J.H.PLEACE,
•Tamos Harvey
t Act .r'l.i Provincial Revenue Tax. Nanai*
mo District.
Not ire is hereby (■wen, in accordance with the
Statutes, that Provincial Revenue Tax and all Taxes
levied under the Assessment Acta are now due for the
year, iB8u, and payable at my oflice, Nanaimo;
Assessed Taxes, if paid on or before June 30th. 1SE0,
are collectable at the following rates, irjl!
li of 1 per cent, on Real Property.
Mi' cents per acre on Wild Land.
1 ii if-1 iii rd of one per cent, on Personal Properly.
\i of 1 per cent, on Income.
If paid after June 30th, 1889:—
?i of 1 per Cf" t.on Real Property.
Wi cent* 1 • 1 acre on Wild Land.
Ji of 1 per Kii.on Personal Property.
.'4 ol 1 per   CD    on Income.
(Assessorc■■'   ' tllecH1**"
It.    PniHT**    ON    TIIK-
And its connect Ions may be had    1*0 ti
A. SHAW, Agent,
"Tlxo  Steamer
Leaves Vancouver for Nannimo on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays at 2:15
p.m., on the arrival of the Eastern
Leaves New Westminster for Niinaimo
Mondays and Wednesdays at 7 a.m.
Leaves Nanainio for Vancouver Tuesdays, Thursdays anil Fridays at 7 a.m.
Leaves Nanaimo for New Westminster
Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7 a. m.
Great   Transcontinental   Route,
— liEAI.KRflN—
HARDWARE,    STOVES,     PAINTS,     011,8
Tin and Sheet Ironware,
Northern Pacific Rail'y
Via the Cascade  Division  now  completed,
making it the Shortest, Besi
and   Quickest.
The Dining Car Line. The Direcl Route.
No Delays, Fastest Trains, Lowest Rates
to Chicago and all Points East. Tickets
sold to all Prominent pointb throughout the
Kast and .South-East,
Through Pullmam
Reservations can be secured in Advance.
To Easf-BoM Passengers.
He careful  and  do not make a mistake, but
lie sure to lake the
Northern Pacific  Railway.
Antl see that your ticket reads via THIS
LINE, St. Paul or Minneapolis, to avoid
changes antl serious delays occasioned hy
other routes.
Through    Emigrant    Sleeping    Cars
Run nn regular express trains lull length of
Ihe line. lierths free. Lowest Kates.
Quickest Time.
Freight and Passenger Agent,
Nanaimo, B. C,
Asst. Gen. Pass. Agt.
121 First   St., cor. Washington,
Portland, Or.
Cigar:-: Manufacturer,
Bastion St.,
Nanaimo, b. c.
Smoke the celebrated "Na-
i    naimo Enterprise" cigar.
Corporation ofthe City of1   Best in the Market.
A Full Assortment at Lowest Prices,
Victoria   Crescent,
Chemist «fc Druggist.
Patent Medicines, Perfumery and
Toilet Goods.
Prescriptions Carefully Compounded.
George Cavalsky's
Fruit Marfet
Is the place toget your FRUlTalways
the first and best of the season, he*
sides if you want
Fanoy    Ax-tloloia,
Jewelry, Pipes and Cigars of which
he has the biggest assortment
in town, as  well as being
agent for
McKay's   - London    -  Cigars,
For Nanaimo and Wellington.
His is the place and no other, as he imports
his own goods and saves you money.
Give him a call and satisfy yourself.
Victoria  Crescent.
Stealer Mel.
Nanaimo, B. C.
By-Law to appoint a time and place for
hearing complaints against Real Estate As-
MSinentl, Whereas by a by-law dated the
6th day of May,i88Q,the 13th day of Mayjwas
appointed for the return by the Assessor to
the Municipal Council ofthe Real Estate Assessment Roll, for the year 1889,
and, whereas tbe said roll was returned on
that day, and whereas it is necessary to appoint a time and place for hearing the complaints of such person or persons as may complain of his or their assessments, ap|iearing on
the said roll.
Be it therefore enacted by the Mayor and
Aldermen of the city ol Nanaimo as follows;
1. That all complaints that hare been
duly made, or shall be duly made, by any
person er persons of his or their assessments
as the same may appear on the said assess
ment roll forthe year 1889, shall be heard at
the city council chamber, Nanaimo, on Tuesday, the i8tk day of June, 1889, at the hour
of 10 o'clock in the forenoon and at 2 o'clock
in the afternoon, or as soon thereafter as the
saitl complaints can be heard.
2. This by-law may be cited for all pur- I
poses as the appeal by-law, 1889. '
Passed by the Municipal Council this 3rd
day ofjune, 1889, affirmed by the Municipal j
Council this 10th day ofjune, 1889.
C. M. C. Mayor.
City Licensing Court.
A sitting of the Board of Licensing
Commissioners will be held at the old
Court House, Nnnaimo, on Wednesday
the 12th instant.
10th June, 1889. S. GOUGH,
City Clerk.
Piano   Tuning.
pianos antl organ*, if left at tliis office, wijl Iw
aitcntlctl to promptly.
April 18—If
Garesche Green & Co.
Th. Bteatn.l   Isabel ivill run at follow*
calling at way ports:
Leave Victoria for Nnnaimo,
Wednesday at 7 n in
Leave Nanaimo for Comox,
Thursday at 7 n m
Leave Comox for Nnnaimo,
Friday at 7 a tn
Leave Nannimo for Victoria,
Saturday at 7 n m
I'or Freight ami   Passage apply on board.
Ma r 1—tf
A general Hanking business transacted.
Telegraphic Transfers and Drafts on the
Eastern Provinces, Great Britain und the
United States. Collections promptly
attended to. Agents for Wells, Fargo &
Company. ___^^
Real Estate Broker,
And General Agent, Conveyancer,
Notary Public, Etc.
City Propertv, Suburban Property and
Farm Lands for sale on best terms.
Correspondence Solicited.
Albion Iron Works.
Manufacturers of Marine and Land Engines.
Boilers, Fish Canning and Mining Machinery,
Hydraulic (iia»n and I'ipe REPAIRS executed
with dispatch.    Work* running night and_day.
Solicitor of the High Court, Ontario,
Office In Smith's Building, Commercial
Street, Nanaimo.
Purify, regulate and improve the quality o
the Llootl. They assist the digestive organs,
cleanse the STOMACH & BOWELS, increase the secretory power of the Liver.hrace
the nervous system, and throw into the circulation the pure elements for sustaining and
repairing the frame.
Thousands of persons have testified that
by their use alone they have been restored
to health and strength after every other
means have proved unsuccessful
Will lie found invaluable in every Household
in the cure of open Sores, HartI Tumors,
Colds, Sore Throats, Bronchitis, and all disorder of Ihe Throat and Chest, as also Gout,
Kheumatism, Scrofula, and every kind of
Scin Diseases.
Manufactured ouly at Professor Holloway's
Establishment, 78 New Oxford St. (late 533
Oxford St.), London, and sold at is. i*^d„
2s. ad.. 4s. 6d. lis., 22., and 33s. each Box
and Pot.
l^rUEWARE OK AMERICAN COUNTERFEITS. Purchasers should look to the
Label on the Pot and Boxes. If the addre.s
is not 5S3 Oxford Street, London, thev are
Transcontinental Route
Pnbli-had every morning except
Nanaimo, B.C.
This paper is a live exponent of the
interest ot
And is thoroughly
It contains all the Latest
Dished up in readable style, and ia
distributed early each morti'-ig
so thut everyone can have
it al the breakfast
In every part of the
Aud all the latest events of public
intniest are promptly transmuted.
K vory question of public
importance discussed
IU adTU|fige u an
i Mm
I „ nfr,    1
Pi*r Vear,
Per ntantb,
Per W^ej**.,*"
•10 O*
1 OO
Printing & Publishing Co.,
Pacific : and : the : Atlantic !
Its passenger equipment is the finest in the
world, consisting of LUXURIOUS Sleeping
Cars having Drawing, Smoking anil Bath
Rooi.s; Comfortable and Clean Colonist
Cars, with l'ree Sleeping Berths for holders
of second-class tickets; ami mosl modern
style oftlay coaches.
provide the best quality of food in unlimited
quantity at reasonable rates.
along ils line is unequalled, ami in the details of track, train service, etc., nothing Is
omitted that can add 10 the Safety nnd Comfort of its patrons. All in all, it gives tli •
best and most serviceable line „(' um\,
whelhci Ior business or pleasure, between
Portland, Tacoma, Seattle, Victotia, and all
Pacific Coast Points, anil Winnipeg, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Chicago, SI. Louis, Ottawa.
Toronto, Montreal, Boston, New Yi.tl: and
all Eastern Cities.
are   issued  in all   principal   poinls  in   t|„
United States, Canada  and Europe,   al the
Lowest Rates.
ROUT.  IRVING,  Freight and   Passengei
Agent, Govt. St., Victoria.
A. E. PLANTA, Ticket Agenl, Nanaimo
D, E. BROWN, I). I', and Passenger Agent.
\ ancouver.
F.    W.   COOK, C.E.,
Survey, timber ond other .lain,<
Mar to-tf
00M0X, B, C.
Esauimalt  & Nanaimn
TIME    CARD    No     IO.
URDAY, MARCH  30th. 188,;, TRAINS
■<        Q
?|» eve.** 0,^^443-5.*^
•   : S
5 $ < \°. o tn m ej ►< in s* «. m 8 rj
; 000000
K3 o ,
00 00
-  u o
■ fl *? 5-3
J3 c ° ■£
-1   ••■/;..   :
„.» e :::::::::: :
-^ jfj (x .   .   '.   '.   .       !
n » b Jt^S,1^. «\6 *o *-. ■-. «j-j <6 00 vd
JJ Z D   *V *V Y H O  M  rn^Tj-u-i™  *.,
^.«u*   rn rn m rj- "i >n ih th th 10*0 ts
■   oj -
:::::::::: s ;
; e 5   O j * O* <o* M • o ri ri ri oo' o o> .
o g -  rr rt to m in q ft rn .j- tr, h N el <
*^83oo-*OOtjiO\Oddoo' HNIIt
a, -.«««««««.
Return tickets will be is-tru-,1 between il |Miti|.
fur a single fare good fur return Mini,lay.
Return ticket, fur unc antl a Imlf ordinary fare may
be nutchaseil rjally to all point., gootl for three rlay
including tlie ilay of Issue.
No return tickets issueil for a single fare wheti
such fare Is 25 cents.
Through rates between Victoria and Coition
R. DUNSMUIR, President!
"JOS. HUNTER, General Superintendent:
H, K. PRIOR, General Ktei»lu antl Pniiru.ei
City o Nanaimo'
<A|MTAI. •l-ffOtMIOII j
London Ofkick—aS Cornliill, ondon.     Branche
at San FrancHco, Portland. Or,, Victoria, New
Westminster, Vancouver, Nanainio and
|Knm loops.
Aicent* miti CorreapoiMiciiUt
In Canada—The Hank or Montreal and bmiichw
United States—Agents Hank of Montreal, 59 Wall j
Street, New Vork; — Hank of Montreal, Chicago,    !
Unitbd Kingdom—Bonk of British Columbia, a
Cornhill, LondJdj National Provincial Hank of
England] NorTh and South Wales Hank;
Hritish Linen Company'! Banki"
Hank of Ireland.
,ndia, China, Japan( Australia, New Zealand Hon
[Kong   and   Shanghai    Hank   Corporation-
Chartered  Hank of India, Australia ami
China. Knglisli, Scottish and Australian Chartered   Hank,   Bank  of
I Australasia,    Commercial
Hank Co., of Sydney.
Mexico and South America—London  Hank ,
Mexico and South America.
Teleiirapbic Transfers and RemlttancenJtO and fn
all -joints ran be made through ilii-[Hnnk*at
current [ratis... •»*
ollertions carefullyFattended to*and e\ery[dei
tion of hanking hftnaacted- THE   NANAIMO  COURIER,   SUNDAY,   JUNE   16, 1889.
Tbe bftfifl ot Ujc north flow onward,
The liclicn Its odor shed;
The creebent moon was palo
As a water lily—dead—
Tom from its parent stem, ana floating
For weeks on its watery bed.
Tbo northern light burned brightly,
The circlo waa broad and low;
Tho rays wero like whirling pillars of fire,
With green and crimson glow.
Tbo dying man lay m his hut*—
"OhI where BhaU wo bury thee!
Shell wo bury theo on the mouutaiu
Or under tho swelling sea?
"Shall wo bury thee on the mountain,
In tho eternal enow,
Wbero the spirits of tho mists shall dance
While thou ticst still belowf
"Or wilt thou bo sunk in tho sea—
The blue and swelling sea?
The birds of tlie tempest shall whirl ubove,
And tho seals play merrily."
iio mournfully smiled and whispered low.
"In the sea, tho swelling sea."
—From tho Danish.
Never Saw a Railroad Train.
"Do you seo thnt long, lank girl  with j
the pink calico dress and bluo knit jack-
Qt, standing over there?" said a station
agent In a country town not far from |
Pittsburg tho other duy.
"Pretty tall? STes- she's about 23, and
tills In the first limo sho ever saw a train
Of ears Talk about enlightenment;
how's that?
■'1 know the whole family.   They livo
over here ••■  the country* about seven
miles.   1 went over thero to get some
butter the  other   day,  and I  swear   I
thought I had  been transferred  back to j
colonial  times.    Bare floors, rafters all
bore,   home  mado linen   on tho   table, j
home mado towels, home mado dresses ,
on tlie girls, homo made cheeso and bam
and  eggs for dinner; everything homo
made; even  tho old  gentleman wore a \
vest of homespun.
"Ono of tho girls, nearly 23, has never
seen tlie cars nearer than a mile, and
never was in a city. And yet they aro
intelligent and contented to livo within
their gates, utterly oblivious to tho great
world outside, and eat, work and sleep
in tho same way that their father and
father's father had before them. Great
world, isn't It?"—Pittsburg Dispatch.
JEtOVt a King I'siul to Go to Bed.
First, a page took a torch and went to
tlio wardrobe where tho bedding was
kept. Tlie articles wero brought out by
iho keeper to four yeomen, who mado
tlio bed, whilo tho page held tlio torch at
tho foot, Ono of tho yeomen searched
tho straw with his dagger, and when lie
found thero was no evil thing hidden I
there ho laid a bed of down on tlio straw
and throw himself upon it. Then the
bed of down was well beaten and a
bolster laid iu its proper placo. Then the
sheets wero spread In duo order, and
over these was laid a fustian. Then
camo a "pane sheet," which wo now call
a counterpane. Finally tho sheets were
turned down and somo pillows laid on
tho bolster, after whicli tlio yeomen
mado u cross and kissed tho bed where
their hands wero. And then an angel
carved in wood was placed beside the
bed, and (he curtains letdown. After
this a gentleman usher brought tho
king's sword and placed it at tho bed's
head, and tho wholo was then delivered
into tlio custody ofa groom or page, who
watched it with a light burninguntil tho
king retired to rest.—Cleveland American Union.
A   Chicago  Lady   Annoyed  by   a  Colt-red
Forter—A Dose uf "Hough on Rata."
■I notice that you gavo uiy wife a shot \
yesterday," Baid a youfig North Side man last '
evening. ''You wrote hor up as having laid
out, through tho aid uf a shovel, tho colored
janitor up at our Clark street flata. "Well, she
did, becauso he pinched her arm. Ho has a
habit, as you said, of pinching the arms of
the servant girls who go out on tbe back
piazzas after coal. My wifo hit htm with tho
shovel, as you said, and -sho thought sho had
killed him, but fortunately ho revived. Sho
has been greatly bothered with a big, shaggy
black dog who hus A habit of running up into
our hall at night and taking a comfortable
nap ou ii soft rug which WO have in front of
our outer door. In tho morning ho would
arise, tako the rug between his teeth and remove it to tho lower hall or the sidewalk.
Once or twice tho pottOUUI and milkman
brought it up to us, and wo did not know but
that wo might somo timo los-o it altogether.
It worried as greatly."
'•Ono day after tbo recreant mat had been
returned from the middle cf tho street by the
patrolman," continued the young man, "my
wife becuune disgusted. Wo wero having turkey for dinner that day, aud iny wifo took
tho cooked heart of tho turkey, split it open
and filled it with 'rough on rats.' Then she
pinned it together with a wooden toothpick
and put it by tliu door mat. Sho wanted to
poison tho dog. Along about 0 p. m. up came
tho colored janitor to light Iho gus on our
floor. My wifo beard btm n levying around.
Sho didn't liko him, uud the went out and
asked him whut lid was about. Ho told her.
Then sho went back to tho preparation of our
litllo supper. Protty soon sho paused suddenly in her work and rushed out into tho
hull. She had remembered that when sho
talked to tho janitor she hud noticed ho was
picking bis teeth with a wooden toothpick.
Sho looked ull around but could not Hnd tho
poisoned turkey heart, and sho concluded
thut sho hud at last killed tho colored janitor.
Hastily sho donned her bonnet nnd shawl
and started out iu search of tho unfortunate
negro. Ho was nowhere to bo found, and
her heart began to sink. Along about tho
samo hour tho next afternoon ho turned up
again to light tho gas. My wife rushed out
aud almost embraced him. Sho asked him
whero ho had beon, and ho said; 'Oh, i'so
been awful sick.' She looked at his palo faco
and responded: 'You ought to bo sick, you
big fool; you ate that I urkey heart I left for
iho dog und it was full of 'rough on rats.'
Tho bleached out darky feelingly caressed
his overworked stomach und said: 'I don1
know whether it wus rough on rats or not,
missy, but I kin tell yo1 it wuz rough on me.'
It is only a question of time when my wife
kills that Janitor."—Chicago Herald.
hi It lore tbat makes ma think of theo
Through c.U tbe sunless day,
Wherever I may chance to be,
And thou—-afar away J
A thousand times I told my heart
That truly love was not;
A thousand times the words came heck
An-l thee with tbem tbey brought
Where thou art now I cannot toll —
We may be far apart,
Or near, but wheresoe'er thou be,
Thou'rt ever in my heart.
Maybap of me thou thlnkest not,
Nor ever breathe my name,
Yet every hour of day and night,
Thou thrillest me the same.
Perchance 'tls best I see thee not;
Thou mayst be proud and cold.
For in thy ears gay cavaliers
May honeyed vows have told.
O pride would spoil the winsome face
That was so dear to me;
Ho In my heart 1 hold theo still
Ah thou wert wont to be.
-L L. Maclean Watt
Ho Wns Not Kvcn tlio Devil.
Tlio small boy is ;i terror when ho has
an inquiring mind. Such a boy strolled
into nn editor's room tlio other day, and
at onco proceeded to down Iho patient
man at tho desk.
"Aro you on the paper?" asked the boy.
"What do you do:"
"Write for it."
"Write all tho time?"
"Don't do anything- else?"
"Just wait for somebody else to do
something, and then write about il?"
"Uuil" ejaculated tlio small boy, with
a look of deep disgust, as he walked off.
Tlio toiler at tho desk did not laugh.
Never beforo had ho felt so small and
mean. Ho had been mado to seo himself
from a new and original point of view.—
Atlanta Constitution.
OlTcntllnir tin Ansel Unawares.
Mabel—Mother, I havo broken my engagement with Arthur. No woman
could bo happy with such u brute.
Motliei—Horrors! What have you
"Last night 1 asked him to tack the
cover on my workbox and ho hit his finger with tho hammer, and, mother, he-
"I seo. Ho danced around tho room
and swore a blue streak a yard long, and
threw tho hammer out tho window, aud
kicked tho workbox to pieces, and called
you a gibbering idiot, and"	
"Why, no, ho didn't; ho only said
'damn,' and went on tacking,"
"What? Is that all? Oh, you foolish
chlldl You havo lost an angel."—Philadelphia. Record.
From nu Unltnppy Mother.
Among tho letters of condolence which
Emperor Francis Joseph received on tho
death of his son was ono signed by the
"Mother of Obcrdauk." In 1883 Ober-
dank was arrested for having a shell in
his possession when tho emperor visited
Trieste. Ho was tried and condemned to
death. His mother sent an appeal to
tho ompcrorfor his pardon. So did Victor
Hugo. His majesty refused tho pardon
and Oberdank was executed. "Unhappy
father!" Bays the mother In her letter to
tbo emperor. "I regret that on account
of the trngio death of your only son you
are compelled to feel tho same pangs that
I, a poor abandoned mother, felt on the
morning of Dec. 20, 1882."—Detroit Free
Fashion in beds Is returning to the
four poster with a rich canopy and, as a
modern innovation, a shelf between the
upper posts for bottles, glasses, eto. In
Iho simple days of our grandparents the
eye opener wns kept under tho pillow ii
a green bottlo.	
LANDING,   ox   "GIT AN A"
and other arrivals from Great
100 tons 1'if-r Iron.
25,000 Fire Bricks.
:i00 Casks Portland Cement.
KirkmnnA Sons' Pianofortes (a choice
Curtiss & Harvey's Blasting and Sporting Powder.
,F. & VV. Stuarts' Patent  Double Knotted Netting Twines, etc., etc.
Wharf Street,
my!2 26 Victoria, B.C.
BAiSOUlOVOUS I'i'iuccs.
Au amusing story was told a few day age
regarding tho young suns of tho emperor,
who aro continually getting iuto uiisehiot
During tho afternoon games tlio chamherlaln
bad introduced them into tlio mysteries ot
tho opera hat, which pleased, tho children,
"because," as tho martini crown prince said,
"it goes oft! liko a camion and will ho a good
thing with whicli to frighten mamma,"
Shortly afterward they were in tho reception room with their father, when the court
preacher, Dr. KogeJ, wus announced, He
wus nskod to enter, aud tlio children, after
greeting him, were sent to the corridor to
await tho audience's end, Hero they espied
the court preacher's high hat, and, believing
all such appendages possessed of tho qualities
of tho ohapeau claque, considered it a fit object for experiment.
Littlo Eitel Fritz, tho most adventurous of
tho four, took it in bis small arms aud pressed
itagainst his breast with all his might. But
it would not grow loss, tho expected report
failed to come, and tho little fellow lugged
away in vain. '•! cannot do it," ho cried,
looking for advice to thu older brother, who
stood uniformed at his side. The crown prince
drew his sword, and, straightening up as a
soldier, commanded at once, as the brilliant
thought came into his head, "Sit upou iti"
Straightway It was done. The hat waa
crushed and Eitel Fritz rolled upon tho floor.
The uproarious laughter which followed the
accomplishment of this feat brought the emperor from tho room, asking what was tht
causo of tho unusual hilarity. Tho crown
princo pointed to tho dilapidated remains of
tho court preacher's hat and said: ''It would
not go off at flrst, but I commanded Eitel
Fritz to sit upon it, and theu it cracked just
like tho others." Tlio emperor could not forbear to laugh, while scolding the children for
tbeir pranks, Ho presented the hat to Dr.
Kegel us a memento of his future ruler, and
sent tho servant to purchase a new one. Dr.
Kogel uow treasures both.—Berlin Letter in
New York Tribune.
It is now somo years since Mr. Alfred Cel-
lier wrote- his yawning song—an invitation
to drowsiness not less potent than the best
after dinner speech of a magistrate or ths
good old threo decker scriuou. Yawning has
genorally been associated with comedy,
Thero have even been coarso wags who, iu
reference to tho well known "catching"
power of yawning, havo evolved the proverb, "What is mine is yawn,"—a confusion
of "mourn" and "tuum," only defensible in
tho case of a sleep walker. But reports from
Cambridge city, in Indiana, put a tragic
color upon this institution. In that town
ono Mr. Lackey, having indulged in a large
yawn, ruptured somo of the cords lu the
vertebra.', and "remains nt present in n critical condition." Tin's regrettable incident
should bo a warning to all lazy folk. Yawning is a vico which is of all vices most sympathetic. Tho terrible maxims about "ex*
ample" apply to it with fatal pertinence.
Is there not oven tho case of tho lounger
in tho British museum who, standing opposite to ono of tho triumphs of Assyrian
sculpture, was provoked hy tho silence
and tho attitude of t ho monster's Jaw
into what is believed to havo boon tho most
capacious yawn on record! Still, tho yawn
must be recognized as a valuable social instrument. What is so couvonient to got rid
of a wearisome intruder as that littlo motion of tho hand to tho mouth, which, liko a
chorus lady's costume, suggests what it does
not reveal, lt is a standing maxim in tho
hand books of "Ktiquette for tho drawing
room" that yawning must on no account be
permitted. As nu offense it is ranked with
the kindred offonscs of eating soup hastily or
shoveling peas to tho mouth with a knife.
But not all tho maxims of hand books will
orer ostracise that most convenient form ot
dismissal, which intimates by a yawn what
words oaunot express.—London Globe.
A Learned Gcutleiuan'**- Opinion.
Professor Von Dolinger has been studying
tho subject of tho part played by North
America In literature His opinion is that
tho main hmdranco to tho literary and bcI*
entiflu progress of the United States Is to do
found in tho want of a great central university, and in "tho slipshod character of the
American newspaper press." Notwithstanding these great drawbacks, however, the
learned gentleman is of tho opinion that) tbe
intellectual primacy of the world is certain
to ono day fall to tho Anglo-Saxon Race.—
fan Francisco Chronicle. __.
6o days after dale, we intend making
application to Honorable, thc Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase 320 acres of land, situate
on the West side of Alberni Canal, commencing at a post about three miles from the
head of thc canal; thence west 40 chains;
thence north 80 chains: thence cast tp the
canal; thence following the shore line to the
point of commencement.
Victoria, B. C,
April 29th, 18S0. 2m
A  Diver's Experience,
In searching for the bodies of drowned
persons, I have experienced Bome great shocks
from very simple occurrences, perhaps tho
most notable of which was at tho St. Charles
bridge disaster. Among the unfortuiAtss
had beeu a tramp who had gone down with
tho wreck. I thought [had alt the bodies
out, and had beeu blasting for about two
weeks, when, while leaning over the side of
a small boat, a white, ghastly, and nearly
mid.: corpse shot right up In the air, some
feet clear of tho water, grazing my faco as ft
passed. At flrst I thought It an apparition.
So sudden and uuoxpected did the horrid
thing burst ou my sight that It completely
unnerved me, nud for days I was prostrated.
Tho explanation was simple The bod}' had
been pinned down until decomposition had
generated gases and made tho corpse so light
that it naturally longed to get out of the
water, until tho specific gravity had beeu
rendered so much less than that of the surrounding eletneut, thnt the longiug had been
intensified to a degree that overcame the retaining influence, and it got free and shot
upwards. Bodies gain a remarkable force by
continued expansion. I have known them to
bring up an amount of sand and mud almost
beyond belief.—St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
Atomic   Nature. |
Nature works everywhere with an Infinite
number of small magnitudes which can only
bo perceived[by our obtuse organs of sense,
when in infinite masses. For example, a
granule of common salt that we aro hardly
able to taste, contains myriads of groups of
atoms invisible to mortal eyes. Three mille-
grammes, thirteen sixty-fifths of a grain,
blown into a [room containing sixty cubio
meters of [air will, in a few minutes, show
6odium lines in a flame, standing some distance away, easily distinguished by the naked
eye. Darwin states the astonishing fact that
one twenty-millionth part of a grain of ammonia sulphate will induce changes in a
gland sufficient to cause a motor impulse to
be sent the wholo length of tho tentacle of
an insectivorous plant. Stropin, when diluted more than a million fold, will produce
contractions in the pupil of tho eye.—Kansas City Journal.
Multip.H'ittJoii of Drugs.
A Baltimore physician In a paper published
in a local medical journal denounces with
lively earnestness the tendency to tbe multiplication of useless drugs. Tho writer asserts that in the index to tho fifteenth edition of tho "United States Dispensatory" ie a
list of about 17,000 names of medicinal substances, which, allowing for duplication and
repetition, tie estimates represents about
11,000 remedies. Those of acknowledged
merit in this enormous bulk are aptly compared to Gratiano's reasons, "two grains of
wheat hid in two bushels of chaff." Tho
very existence of this vast armory of therapeutic weapons demonstrates the doctor's
weakness in his struggle with disease. The
couquorors of this world- are tho men of few
weapons; the needless elaboration of arms is
the vain resort of tho feeble.—Analyst
No Call fur Dudes.
a Washington paper which asked its lady
readers for replies to the question, "What
kind of a husband do you wuuti" has been
overwhelmed with answers. Many of the
fair eligibles would like to marry men of
wealth, but the majority prefer business
men. Some want handsome men, but marksd
stress is laid upon the requirement hi most
cases that whother the objects of their choice
be rich or handsome, they must bo smart, intelligent, energetic and of good habits. As
for tho "dude," no quarter is anywhere given
to what seems to be considered on all hands
a caricature upon humanity for which no
sensible girl has any use.—Chicago News.
Notable Miniatures.
Tho wife of the last mayor of Philadelphia
under tho crown, Mine. Powell, a woman of
great fame for beauty and accomplishments,
has left to her descendants a much prized
miniature. Mme. Powell Is represented In a
velvet dress, as beseemed he** lofty position,
and upon her proudly poised head rests an
imposing white gauze cap. The mayoress
was at this time a grand looking old lady of
73. She died In 1793. There is also a miniature of her husband set fn a jeweled garland,
Intended for a bracelet clasp. The mayor1!
hair Is powdered, and tbe velvet coat Is
adorned with rich lace.—Harper's Bazar.
Tried the Cat First.
When Bob Bryor was a small boy his stepfather, Uncle Tommy Leroy, was very sick
ono day, and the little fellow, in his anxiety
and cunning, gathered a multitude of herbs
to make him medicine, and when It was compounded ho, to test if it was poison, gave a
dose to a cat, and It didn't hurt it. Tben he
took it to Uncle Tommy.—-Lafayette (Ga.)
None Small Enough.
Amateur Actress—I'd like to purchase a
scrap book, sir. I'vo decided to paste up all
the flattering notices I got
Dealer—rm sorry, miss, but tf that's what
you want it for I'm afraid those we've got
aro all too large—Detroit Free Press-
lie Might Have Named it "No-funnlng-."
"That's a beautiful country place ef New-
rich's," said the bookkeeper, "do you know
what he calls itt" "Keepofftuegrass," replied the om 0 boy, "and he's so proud of it
no's got it stuck up all over the lawn, "—Bob
A Nut una Conclusion.
Au examination in the public schools:
Professor (to pupil)—In which of his battles
was Gustuvus Adolphus killed?
Pupil (after reflection) -I think it was In hit
last battle.—New York Tribune.
Of the 45,000.000 or more of cattle lu the
United States Texas is estimated to have
4,734,053, the value of whloh reaches the sum
of $60,518,800, There are more cattle in
Texas than any other stato, but in value
Now York, Illinois and Iowa lead.
Another horse has been fitted with spectacles. It belongs In Erie, and the restoration
of its ability to see distinctly is said to have
Increased the animal's value more than $100.
Milk and Hater Adventuiv. In l Museum
Fall to Realize Inimgin v Jll'J 1'fcture.
DisffUBted Because Thf*1.- Search Un-
earlhB Nothing "Outrane m*.*-,,"
One sloppy morning, sever-*! weeks ago,
two young women living on tilo Hill met at
the home of one of them for the purpose of
dissecting their fellow men aw* women, comparing notes and exchang ing ex'perieuces, and
In due time madea mutual discovery that iifu
In St. Paul was decidedly flat and stale, if nol I
altogether unprofitable.
"Now, in   Now  York,"   yawned   Marion,
wearily, "when society  begin*- to pall,  the
girls go slumming and do nice things like !
tbat."   Marion is a blonde, and looks as if '
her spirit walked only in   Ue sunlight of
angels'. wings.    "But here the most exciting!
thing wo ever do is to givo a masquerade, i
which makes us a lot of worry aud work and 1
expense, and when It is over wo find we have 1
only succeeded iu making ourselves perfectly |
hideous by a misguided selection of costume,
and havo hud  nothing but a Glancing parly
after all."
Maude thought thoy ought to be able to de
vise something that would havo at least u
grain of Bpico. "What do you say to going
to tho dime museum?" sho said abruptly
"Thero might bo something in It '
"Thero is," exclaimed Maude triumphantly,
"aud it's a 'Human Balloon.' I read so In
the morning paper."
"1 suppose he would havo a fow clothe,
on?" remarked Marion doubtfully.
"Oh, of courso; tights anyway.    Let's go.'
And so it happened that the two daring
young ladies concealed their aristocratic features behind thick veils, and trusting their
lives to the Integrity of the cablo (as tho first
step In their reckless adventure, perhaps),
came down by the common route and sneaked
—aye, verily, sneaked into tho dime museum.
"HeavensI What smells so?" gasped Ma
rion at the top of the stairs.
"It's the aroma of novelty, machere. You
may change, you may alter the house if you
will, but the scent of tho freak will cling
round it still."
"That sounds as if you had been here before," and Marlon cost an eye of suspicion
upon her friend.
"Well, I haven't, but 1 weut iuto a side
show once at a circus. Marion Hilltop," she
whispered, grasping that young woman's arm
with a black-and-blue clutch, "I actually believe that man is in his skint"
"Nonsense! Let go my arm. It's pink
silk, and not much of n fit either; but it does
look a little like skin at first."
The human balloon roso aud spoke his little
piece; then drawing a prolonged inspiration
he expanded his chest and stomach until his
body was more than twice the original size,
held it a moment, and with a slow expiration gradually decreased to his normal proportions.
"It makes me sick," declared Marion.
"I believe it's a trick," rejoined Maude.
"I'll bet anything it's somo kind of a rubber
arrangement that he blows up some way
with air.    Let's look at tho monkeys."
"Thanks; I meet too many English apes
capering around in society to find anything
amusing in tho African species. Maude, what
do you suppose the men ure looking at
through those round holes over there on (he
"Well, I've heen watching, and thero hasn't
a Blngle woman gono over yet. I expect it's
something pretty bad. Would you dare look!
Merciful goodness!   Is the place on fire?"
"No, mom," responded a bystander, ejecting a stream of tobacco juice from a swollen
jaw. "It's tho crowd a-rashin' down to set
the seals."
Tho two girls, determined to beo It all, followed the unsavory throng, and to this day
the possible impropriety that hid beyond that
row of bull's eye holes remains a tantalizing
mystery to them. The performance of trained
seals they found really interesting. Tho
jnvenlleseal was quite ns kittenish as the
stage juvenile always is; tho topical song
seal sang tho usual number of verses with
tho traditional lack of voice, and received the
same old encores; the funny business bore tho
authoratlve stump of ripe old age, und on tho
wholo the entertainment was just us well l
worth seeing as two-thirds of tho coinbina-■
tions put upou the regular boards, and had a
decided advantage over tho latter in that tho |
performers wero seals and not persons.
"I didn't see any fur on them that looked
like my sealskin coat," commented Marion aa
the curtain fell
"Perhaps they've shed their coats, I think
I've read that some animals do shed their outside skin when Ihey get in a warmer climate."
"No, I think you're wrong, Maude, about
that. But perhaps the fur grows on the inside. I shouldn't wonder ii lt did, becauso if
it was ou the outside it would got so stuck
with Ice crawling around on Icebergs"	
"Sow do you know they do?" interrupted
"Because, don't you remember, tho picture
in our geographies always represented seals
as sunning themselves on icebergsr'
At the foot of tho stairs they found a man
selling tickets for "a first class theatrical performance by the English Novelty company
of celebrated artists; gentleman will please
remove their hats."
"A variety show," whispered Marion.
"I've always been dying to go to one, I
guess we won't buy reserved seats, but stand
back here.   We may havo to leave."
And a "variety" show it was, but absolutely free from any impropriety. They found
lt sufficiently interesting to remain to tho
close, although considerably disappointed at
the absence of anything sensational The
vocalists had better voices than tho average
■lager In first class burlesque, and were costumed rather more modestly. The jokes, if
somewhat moss grown, were at least not unpleasantly suggestive, and the specialties
Were all cleverly done. The artist who played
popular airs on a violin with anything under
the light of the sun from a washboard to on
old shoe, as Maude afterward said, gave better music than Hoey does with his peculiar
Instrument in "A Parlor Match," to say
nothing of the man who proved that real
melody can be extracted from a penny whistle in the hands—or mouth, rather—of 0
"Well, we haven't soeu or heard a single
thing the least bit outrageous, have wc," remarked Marion, hi a disgusted tone, as they
walked down Seventh street. "But it's been
a great lark. Wonder if any one saw us.
Suppose we wind off with bluo points aud a
pint bottler'
Maude hesitated. "I would, but I want to
be at home by 6, and I've gov to change my
gown, and curl my bang, and"—
"Maude Anthony, you havo an engagement
with ; oh, you sly thingl   Well, I'U go
over to the Ryan and make a call. Tra-Ia-
la-la. If he tells you that he never knew a
woman to whom he could confide his deeper
thoughts and sentiments—one who would understand his real nature, until he met you,
you just wink your inward oye, my dear,
and think 'chestnut*"'-"Jay" In St Paul
Pioneer Press.
Crayon,Indian InkorWaterColors
The BEST WORK on the Pacific
Coast at
NEW    -:-     VORK     -:-      PRICES.
Purchasers   I'ay Well   for the   )"j hilt ■;<• of
.•■1 <-' 1 in-.; Goods on Time.
In a general way the monthly payment
stores afford a goal index of tho prosperity
of tho middle and lower classes. Hard times
and luck of employment invariably mako
themselves felt in delay or stoppage of payments, and tlm duration of stringent circumstances can readily bo measured by the way
the payments aro resumed. A furniture
dealer was interviewed by a reporter'
"What course do you tako in rase*.f delinquency in payments"'
"Thero is only ono advisable course, and
that is to tide over thoso who can't tako up
tlieir monthly notes. Tho public, I think, has
distorted views about the monthly payment
stores. Thero are, doubtless, somo sharks
among us, but most of us aim to do a fair,
legitimate business, charging but 10 per cent,
more for our goods that tho men who sell for
cash do. Taking back of goods is always
avoided, for thero is no money iu a sale if tho
stock haa to lie taken back and turned over to
tho auction stores. It is only the monthly
payment stores which keep second hand furniture that can profit by tho utter failure of
their patrons. Wo havo families that we
have carried along a year, and I doubt uot
that other monthly payment stores havo likewise. To harass patrons would be to work
against our owu interest. So fur as rates of
profit aro concerned, tho only element of Injustice in tbem Is ono of which tho public
rarely thinks. If the account runs a year tlio
10 per cent, extra wo charge is fair, for tho
risk, tho cost of collection, aud tho loss of interest from having money outstanding is fully
equal to tho additional rate of profit wo
Charge. Our margin of profit is computed so
as to include a year's interest on the regular
prices of the goods, but muny, possibly the
greatest number, of our acco.mts are closed
in a shorter time—six months, say Thus on
a purchase of $00 or $75 worth of goods, arranged so as to ho settled in six months, tbe
buyer pays 20 per cent, interest on tho
amount of tho bill for tho wholo period, whilo
be actually makes a payment of a sixth of the
bill when begets the goods and a similar payment every succeeding month. When the account runs for a year the burden is not so
heavy. If peoplo can pay cash thoy should,
and overy houest dealer in our lino of busi
ness will tell them so.
"It is unquestionably true that tho form of
payment is a temptation to purchase beyond
the means to pay. We havo uo trouble iu
selling. Our greatest difficulty is to keep the
hill down to what wo consider a safe limit.
People do uot stop to think that they pay for
then' privilege of making Installments at a
tolerably high rate. One reason of this lack
of judgment is probably becauso women do
so much of tho buying at tho monthly payment stores. They often fail to estimate
carefully what they can do, and tho result is
that thoy become a source of trouble to
themselves and us. Often, too, men who
wero drawing good salaries at the tune of the
purchase, get out of work soou after, and
any miscalculation on tlieir part makes payment nn uphill work. Tho spread of tho
payment stores has been suprising. Almost
every largo city now has a number of such
concerns, which seem to do more than
their ordinary share of business. In Chicago I doubt if there nro ns many
as there were two or three years
ago. The reason of this is not that the scheme
does not work successfully, or that there have
sprung up too many for tho population. Tho
capital required for such a business is much
greater than that which is requisite for a cash
trade. It was a common practico for dealers
to realize on their monthly notes at Ii or 3 per
cent, a month. They were unablo t;> carry
their own paper, or borrow at legal rates, and
tho result was that a number of concerns havo
failed during tho last year or two. I think it
is aU nonsense to talk of tho monthly payment Btoros cutting into the regular trade
disastrously. Wo catch a class of patrons
who wonld not deal at a cash store, since they
would not bo likely to save up the necessary
money. I believo that monthly payment
stores are on incentive to thrift and economy,
second only to the building associations."—
Chicago News.
Columbia - Carriage - Works
Hastings Street, East  of Carroll,
utensiv. esl.lilUhinenl Ira* ju,t opei
A large anri well selected stoekof
Carriages,    Buggies,   J^iiekboad.*-,
ria,ing surur.d rlie  1mm  ..hue,  on the Ccsttt, IW.department will he made a
r^'ral'j.    IV.  truarjnlce tu  prevent  horses  from  irtleifeiin^  or  over-rea.hintj
nnnmuin1"*'?1'    IIOIiKl.S  .hod and treated on ii;.* jate.1 appro, ed prirttiplt....
HhPARINlr -patr.p-j rn all iti brandies, as well as IMI VI I Mi,  IIIIMMI.M., f.le., done wii
,. i , . . neatness and al moderate prices. I.ighr and Heavy IIMK.IM.S of every destnptio
aititrnea to. ».l.l-.ver>j Jepartmem will receive the pergonal supervision of our Mr. Ml S Aii II, ao old . .
perlenced .oilman, well an.' lavoral ly In
ny parrs „i rhe Dominion.
A..   T.   McJSTAJBB   &   Co. -li
government Street
Victoria, B. C.
Deposit- Received in Hold.Silver nnd U.S. Currency.    InUrart paid on ,'„• »„m»
"ir time deposits.
-w oi i',' !i,   ,!M|''"",' ,*.',• ''-■(''"'"■"'■>• puroluuad ut. Inchest market rata-,
JaT-HigUt Drafts nntl ''elHjrraphio TrauRfem on Su>   Fran-i-ao, New Vork and
... Cnuiuln,
raiouBDge .11, Lmutlou available in ull parti r,f K,„„|„., KuglaufJ,  Ireland und
Utters of Oredll issued on Die pnuolMl Oiti«-ol IIih Umfad Bt-ttel Ueitudn and
 Ig* Agents  for   Wells,   <--argr   «   Co. JH
i  a a
NESBITT. DICK   OKI Ac CO.. P. o|»-ietOi'ii
■"""OBIT   STR.E3H-T,
Assorted Jumblas,
Assorted Tlnsjers,
Coffee Cake.
Cheese Biscuits,
Currant Tuna
Ginger Snaps,
Oraham Wafers.
Olnger Cake,
Family Pilot.
Fancy Mixed.
Fruit Blser,
Iced Olnger Bread.
Iced Sultana.
A BO-v i£   oca IJ c* 1..
l.amoti Sn,,,...,
Lemon Btavult,
New Yor k  *,,.,u«
Oar  M.iui.
Wen Mixed,
Soda Crack*...
Seed Biscuit,
Sugar Crackers,
Spice Jumbles,
Sugar Coau-ies.
Sultana Biscuit,
Vanilla Cream,
Etc., Etc.
orPNECsaBL|TT,FD,r3lKSsSdN rc^rou?*^'**'' *   *'* """ °'' "■
Cosmopolitan. Market,
commercial Streel, Nanaimo, B.C.
JSItt     C^XJEHO-IVIiSTjiXj*,
Free Deliveerv to AU Parts of the Oitv,
Om- Postal System.
If thoro Is any point on which our postal
system does not stand iu need of Improvement it Is In the cheapness of postage. Our
newspapers aro carried within the county of
their publication for nothing, nud everywhere-eUo for next to nothing, and a letter
of an ounce weight Is transported from any
point to any other of our enormous area of
3,000,000 square miles for the smallest unit of
letter postage known in Christendom. But a
far moro important matter, and ono wholly
neglected, is that of postal delivery. In other
civilized countries tho postoffice, receiving a
letter from tho writer, undertakes to deliver
it to the person addressed.
Iu our own happy land tho postoffice receives tho letter, and (except in the case of a
privileged 20 per cent, of tho peoplo) undertakes to carry it to within five or ten miles of
tho person addressed, and keep it there till
called for. This ia tho mero barbarism of
postal service, worthy of tho dark ages before
Rowland Hill. Tho enormous cost and loss
which it involves becomo obvious to any one,
on a fow minutes'reflection. For example:
A man living threo miles from tho postoffice
Is anxiously expecting a letter of great Importance, which may arrive any time within
a. fortnight. Ho goes daily to look for it, and
on tho sixth dny ho gots it. That letter cost
him twelve hours of walking, or six hours of
travel for himself and horse. In other words,
tho postage on tbat lotter hns been virtually
$3.03, or moro. Tho government does not get
tho money, but tho citizen loses it.—Dr. Bacon
In Forum.
Hot Water.
"Tho soothiug effects of hot water are not
fully appreciated," said a physician the other
day. "I recommend it to many of my pa-
tints who suffer from insomnia, produced by
nervous irritation of tho stomach, and also
for certain forms of indigestion. Many of
tbem object to it, ut flrst, but soon come to
liko it and aro generally much benefited by
it. A glass of hot water now aud then will
work no appreciable good, of course, but a
steady habit uf hot wntor drinking ouce
formed, and sustained regularly for a fow
months, works wonders with certain constitutions. I generally recommend its uso just
beforo going to bed. It is a great soother.
Tho captain of an Immigrant steamship I
sailed ou as surgcou for one season demonstrated its quieting influence once, when ho
turned a hot stream from tho boiler hoso on
a crowd of fighting immigrants who had
fairly taken possession of tho bold nnd defied
tho ship's crow. It healed those inflamed
spirits, 1 tell you, though tho application
was only external.11—New York Tribune.
•   56 New    f
. Broad St.  jj
* he business of ALLSOP & MASON has been mm-w #.- afc*
abo , company and will be carried on M%.B&5Sm thU
dateas a General Land Investment and Inswa^l^^JiV^
"ale on ensy ternii
om -noHTOK.-n at -L-nr hates.
Town l,oi« ami Farming l.unit- *•-
Dr. J.   Collis    Browne's
(Coroner for the Province of Brit-
THF ORIGINAL and nw y ,,remNP ,,„ ... "J" Columbia.)   Residence, Eaut
inauni.i    i .mjinf   Wellington.      Telephone      connection
No. 28.
Advice li.-invalids—If you with to outrun
quiet tefrcshinE sleep, free hum headache,
relief from pain and anguish, tn calm and
assuage the weary achings of protracted
disease, invigorate lhe nervous media, and
regulate lhe circulating systems of the liody,
you will provide yourself with mat marvellous remedy discovered l,y Dr. J. Collis
Browne ilaie Army Medical Staff), to which
he gave the name of CHLORODVNE, nnd
which is admitted by the profession to he Ihe
must wonderful und valuable remedy ever
CHLORODYNE is the best rcmerly
known for Coughs, Consumption, bronchitis,
CHLORODYNE acts like a charm in
Diarrhoea, and is the only specific in Cholera
and Dysentery.
CHLORODYNE effectually cuts short all
attacks of Epilepsy, Hysteria, Palpitation
and Spasms,
CHLORODYNE is the only palliative in
Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Gout, Cancer,
Toothache, Meningitis, jk: , .Sc.
Know Herself.
Stranger (at tho door;—I am trying to And
a lady whose married mime I have forgotten,
but I know sho lives in this neighborhood.
Shots a woman easily described, and perhaps
you know ber—a singularly beautiful creat-
uro, with pink aud whito complexion, sea
shell ears, lovely eyes, and hair such as a
goddess might envy.
Servant—Really, sir, I don't know	
Voico (from head of atairs)—Jane, tell the
gentleman I'll bo down in a minute.—New
York Weekly,
Boot & Shoemaker,
& Co., Pharmaceutical
mists Medical Hall, Simla, January 51I1,
1SS0: To J. T. Davenport, Esq., 33 (ireat
Russell Street, llloonisbury, London, l'lear
Sir:—We embrace this opportunity of congratulating you upon the wide-spread reputation this justly esteemed medicine, Dr. J.
Collis dtowne's Chlorodyne, has earned for I
itself, not only in Hindostan, but all over
the Kast. As a remedy of general utility, j
we much question whether a better is im* j
ported into the country, anil tve shall be [
glad to hear of its finding a place in every 1
Anglo-Indian home. The other brands, we
are happy to say, are now relegated t >« thei
native bazaars, and judging from their salet
we fancy their sojurn there will be but
evanescent. We could multiply instance.
Infinitum of the extraordinary efficacy of
Dr, Collis Browne's Chlorodyne in Diarrhce, .
and 2nd Dysentery Spasms, Cramps,
NV'ir.ilgia, the Vomiting of Pregnancy, and
as . general Sedative, that have oecnrred
und,' our personal observation tinting many
years. In Choleraic Diarrhoea, antl even if
lhc mote t rrlble forms of Cholera itself, we
have witnessed its controlling power. We
have never used '.ny other foim of this
medicine than Collis Browne's, from a firm
conviction that it is decidedly the best, and
also from a sense nf duly we owe to the pro*"
fession and thc public, as we are ofthe
opinion tnat the substitution of any other
than Collis Ihowne's, is A DELD3ERA7E
faithfully yours, Symes & Co., Members of
the Pharm, Society of Great Britain, His
Excellancy the Viceroy's Chemists.
lie! ween Nanaimo, Comox and  Victoria.]
Steambx Amelia.
Arrives in Nanaiamo every Tuesday evening.
Leaves Nanaima for Comox  Wednesday     ia. M.
Returns from Comox for Victorl.,
Wednesday evening.
I .eaves Na naimo for Vict oria Thursday    7 a. M.
Leaves Victoria for Nanainio, Fn-
day    -A- u,
Leaves Nanainio for Victoria,   and
all way ports Saturday     7 A.M.
[Between   Nanaimn and   Vancouver.]
Stkamrr Rainbow.
Arrives    at     Nanaimo     Tuesdays—Leaves
Nanaimo Wednesday morning.
[Between Westminster, Comox & Nanaimo.]
Steamer Robert Dunsmuir.
Ai rives in  Nanaimo Wednesdays  and Sua
days -Leaves    Nanaimo    for   Comox
Thuisdays—Leaves    Nanaimo   fnr
NYw   Westminster    Saturdays
and   Mondays.
Trains leave Nanaimo for Victoria.   904 a m
" Welling-
'on..          12:29 *"• u.
" arrive in    " from Victoria    12:20 p.m.
"       ' Wellington       8x5 a. M.
On Saturdays an extra train leaves Nanaimo for Victoria at 1 jjj6 p. |f, A train also
leaves Victoria for Nnu.lmo, arriving here
at 6:55 ''• *•'•• an|l !•»•»< for Wellington at
10:15 ''■ M-
Mails close daily for Victoria
and   way  stations  t a. m.
"    Arrive     13:20 A. M.
"   Close for Wellington...     11:45 A.M.
"    Pot Comox, Alberni and
way stations every   Wednesday  7 r. M.
Next   Hilbert's   Furniture
 Repairing ti all kinds promptly
attended It,
Ap 38-tf
CAUTION. Vice-Cnancellor Sir W.I
Page Wood stated that Dr. J, Collis Browne
was, undoubtedly, the inventor uf Chlorodyne; that the story of the defendant, Fret,
man, was deliberately untrue, which, be
regretted to say, bad been sworn to - See
"The Times," July 13, 1SS4.
Sold in bottles at is. tkd., as. 91L, 4s.
6d., antl ns. each. None is genuine without the wortls "Dr. I. t ollis Browne's
Chlorodyne" on lhe Government slump,
Overwhelming medical testimony acenm.
panics each bottle.
t   Caution—Beware of   Piracy' anil Imita.
Sole Manufactures — ). T. Dayenport, 33
Great Russell  Street, Bloomsburv   Londun
The Nanaimo Pharmacy
Physician Prescriptions carefully compounded
Country orders promptly attended 10.
NANAIMO,    11. C.
J.   f..    ii:*KI>x,        .       Proprietor.
Messrs. Russell McDonahl A Co., beg
to notify the public that they have disposed of their branch store in thja city.
The store will be cloBed after the first of
July nntl from now until tbat date we
will sell our stock at cost. All debts not
settled 011 or before .lime !*0tli, will be
sued for.
russkll Mcdonald a co.
Nanaimo, B. C, June 1st, 1889.
1 mo
"um THE  NANAIMO   COUEIER,    SUNDAY, JUNE   16,   1889.
SUNDAY,   JUNE   10,
John  Kemp   and   -Irs.   Austin,
Ueparlure Ila), 1 liro.vn  Irom
Bnirery and John Kemp l.ie«
from Hi. Injuries.
On Friday evening J. Kemp, gardener
ior Jnnie.s Dunsmuir at Departure Ilay,
drove Mrs. Austin into town, and after
leaving some things on board the steamer
Isabel, proceeded to Wellington. On the
return journey, while endeavoring to
turn the corner lending from tbe Comox
Komi to the Bay, the buggy was upset,
throwing Mr." Kemp violently to the
ground and Mrs. Austin fell under the
buggy. After some difficulty Mrs. Austin
managed tocreepfrom under tbe vehicle,
antl on calling to Mr. Kemp received no
answer, but heard him breathing heavily,
On approaching him she discovered to
her dismay thai he was senseless. She
moved him slightly but was unable tn
elicit any replies as to how much he WHS
Djured. she Immediately hurried to
tlio Wellington Hotel to procure assistance, and returned with 11. Bates, Ptir-
t-ell anil others, who placed the Injured
man in the buggy niul drove liim to Dr.
Eberts' residence at Wellington. Dr.
Eberts tried every method to restore
consciousness, but without avail, anil defeased was removed to his home at De- i
part ure liny, where he died at 11 a. m. j
yesterday. Mrs. Austin, fortunately, received only trifling injuries, though she
was rendered unconscious for a short
time by the fall from the buggy.
The horse lay perfectly still, Of t'onsid-1
erahly more harm must have ensued, us
.Mrs. Austin  was  for some beneath the
Hiiring the course ol the drive they
stopped at the Halfway House, when
Ihey both drank beer, anil at the Somerset House, where deceased drank a glass
of beer and Mrs. Austin a glass of soda
1 iirioiu;   Board.
The Licensing Board sat yestertlay to
consider the petition of George Taylor,
Of Cedar District, to be granted a license
to sell beer and liquor by retail.
The Board was composed as follows:
•1. I'. Planta, S. M., Chairman; D. Smith,
.1. P.; S. M. Kobins, .1. P.; M. bate, J"
P.; J. Harvey, J. P.; E. W. Michael,.!.
P., and E. Pimbury, J. P.
A petition was read, signed by thirty
settlers in Cedar District, praying that
the license be granted.
George Taylor said that the list contained the names of all the settlers in
the district but one. The house was sit—
ualeil on the Victoria road in ranges 1
and 2, section 14,
Mr. Bray said that the other house on
the Victoria road had given trouble to
the police at times owing to whiskey having been bought there to be disposed of to
Indians. He didn't attach any blame to
the proprietor of the house, bul outsiders
bought whiskey and gave it to Indians.
There W08 no polico supervision in the
i  'L "•"77' '!'i '\ 'r'6 rV,n,fl,fk,l;d ',-!•" I tion, though there is not Ihe least chance
he was shot at  by Indians Inst fall while ; of' ^ „,,£:      th(ml- a8 t|R, natives „,,.
coming in trom fishing at Michael's lake,! ™J°   t    f8f.nt...    A pang shot tur0,lf.,,
An Adventure in the Australian Bush.
MacDermott, our ''boss,'' touse a more
modern  west-world phrase, was one of
the oldest hands at sheep-farming in the j *b!e 5°'' 'hey start into life and develop, at
colonv. He was a Scotchman like our-, first slowly and is shown by a slight tickling
selves, and our "run" was considered sensation in the throat and if allowed to con-
one of the best— "Oaklands" bv name. ;linue tl*eir ravages they extend to the lungs
We had out stations also, to which sheep ; producing Consumption and lo the head,
from headquarters were sometimes draft- j "using Catarrh. Now all is dangerous, and
ed.    For a short time after our arrival   if  allowed   to proceed   will in time cause
A   tniiMM..
The modes of death's approach aie various, and statistics show conclusively that
more jicrsons die from diseases of thc Throat
and Lungs than any other. It is probable
that everyone, without exception leceives
vast numbers of Tubercle Germs into the |
system and where these germs fall upon suit.
Mackintosh and I stayed together at Oak
lands to see business, but at the time of
my story he had been for some weeks at
"Walba'Yale," a splendid out-station far
in the bush. "Douglas," said tbe 'iioss"
death. At thc onset you must act with
promptness; allowing a cold to go without
attention is dangerous and may loic j a
life. As soon as you feel lhat sji.ieining i
wrong with your Throat, Lu. gs or  Nostr.ls
obtain a bottle of I'oschce's German  Syrup
It will give you immediate relief:
to me one morning, "Hector is off work
just now" (meaning the head shepherd),
"laid up with a bad foot; could you take
the three score sheep up to Walba to-1 City etlitor to new reporter—"Do I tin-
night? I can see no danger in yon do- d**W*tand that this interview is verilizing so, but vou bail better take yourjim?" New reporter—"Yes, sir. I
own dog, a revolver and some ammuni-! wrote it  myself; the  man   was  out  of
and that was enough for one house; if
there was two he didn'l know whal
might happen.
Some discussion ensued here as lo
whether the notices had been served by
petitioner in due time.
The Board withdrew and took a secret
On returning the Chairman announced
that the petition for a license had been
Li Low (of Wheal Corners)—They
seem to run Ibis elevatetl roatl in a
might gone-sided fashion! Aunt Amentia
—How so? I.i Low— Why, we've passed
live trains going upon the other track,
and not a single one on this.
Ice Cold Milk Shake at Pimbury's,
An inquest was held yesterday by .1.
.1. Planta, Coroner for the district, on the
body of J. Kemp, of Departure Bay, who
came tn his death through injuries received from being thrown out of his
buggy on Friday night. The following
jury was empanelled; D. Hoggan (foreman), E. Williams, L, Page, J. Dever.
Walter Thompson and W. Norris,
The Coroner and jury proceeded to
Departure Bay to view the body nntl
after being sworn in repaired lo tbe
schoolhouse. Mrs. Kale Austin, sworn,
testified that that her husband, Henry
Austin, worked on the Departure Bay
wharf, but at present was away prospecting. Last Friday I assisted deceased
to pack up some articles left in Mr.
Dunsniuir's house and alter placing them
on the steamer Isabel to be taken to Victoria deceased and I drove to town in a
buggy, towing a carriage behind. The
carriage was also to be sent down to
Victoria on the steamer Isabel but could
not be placed on board at Departure Bay.
After placing the carriage on the wharf
deceased discovered he had forgotten a
valise which was to be sent to Victoria so
while he was taking it to the steamer |I
drove the buggy to the Palace Hotel and
a man tied tbe horse to a post for me.
Mrs. Morrell accompanied me to a druggists store and then I returned with her
to the hotel and wc went up stairs and
had some beer. Deceased was talking to
a man in the hallway when we returned.
Deceased and I then'drove out to the new
cemetery and afterwards to the Half-Way
House, where we had a glass of beer each.
I leceaseil was sober. We then drove on
with the intention of calling at Godfrey's
ranch which is past the Somerset House.
We could not find the place so turned
hack as it was getting dark. On our return, wben near the Somerset, deceased
asked me to hold the horse while he got
out. As be got into the buggy the horse
turned and his foot slipped, but he did
not get hurt there. We then called at
the Somerset, and he had u glass of beer,
and I drank soda water. Wo then drove
on to the Comox road at a moderate
pace, and in turning to enter the Departure Bay road the buggy upset and we
were thrown out. I was knocked sense-
leas and wben 1 regained consciousness
I found myself between the wheels of the
iiuggy. I gradually pulled myself out
and said, "Kemp, where arc you?" I
received no answer, but heard heavy
breathing like a snore. He was lying on
the road, not entangled with the buggy.
1 shook him antl then moved him a little
for fear the horse might get restive, but
he did not speak. He was alivo. bul not
conscious. I then ran to the Wellington
Hotel for help which was quickly sent
from the hotel. Tb" buggv capmed (0
the right.
To the Foreman—There was nothing
that I know of for tbe bugs* to strike.
To the Coroner—The deceased was
taken to Dr. Ebert's residence in the
same buggy that we drove in.
The inquest was then adjourned till tomorrow at 4 p. m.
The Coroner and Jury then drove to |
Dr. Ebert's residence at Wellington and
were informed by the Doctor that a post
mortem examination  was necessary to i
determine if   deceased's   brain  was  injured.
The po3t mortem will take place to-.lay
nt Departure Bay.
A scratch match was played yesterday
afternoon in the field, near Chinatown',
lent by Mr. Robins for the purpose.
Messrs. Hawthornthwaite and I'ilking-
ton captained the opposing teams. The
bowling of Messrs. Hodgson and Hawthornthwaite on the one sitle, and Messrs.
l'ilkington and Harvey Johnson on the
other, was of a high order, and would
doubtless be very effective on a ground
I in fairly good condition.
Mr. il. Cooper's graceful style of but—
i ting was the subject of much comment,
| and hit] score of IS was the highest obtained by the players on his side. Mr.
Hawthornthwaite also made two or three
fine drives. For the other side Messrs.
l'ilkington and Dixon scored 8 and Iii
respectively. Mr. Hawlhorntlnvaite's
eleven ultimately won the match by two
runs.   The full scores being 4ft and 47.
There was a fairly large gathering of
spectators, the sombre hues of male garments lieing enlivened by the brighter
colours worn by the sprinkling of ladies
who were present. The field, as a whole,
is admirably suited for a cricket ground,
but will require much rolling and turfing
before il is a safe, or pleasant one, on
which lo play. The pitch to-day was
simply execrable, in spite of the eoeoa
matting laid down, antl we fear that the
only plan by which a really good club can
be created is to raise and sod a square of
at least thirty yards, as "swampland,"
besides being very "dead," is subject to
"lifting nnd falling," owing to the action
of frost and heat.
 •**     —
Thr Nlramrr I „r„„„.
The steamer Corona that arrived last
night is advertised to make two excursion trips a month {live in all) to Alaska.
She is commanded by Captain Carroll,
though on her arrival al this port she was
in charge of Captain Huntingdon, as
Captain Carroll was detained in San
Francisco by a press of business. Nearly
the whole" of the berths on. the
boat are taken by the Raymond excursion party who have
lately* arrived from tbe east. The Corona is timed to meet the party at Tacoma
to-morrow. Capt. Carrol! will join his
ship at I'ort Townsend. The Corona is
a new vessel and was employed early in
the spring carrying  prospectors  to the
nearest port to the Ensinada gold fields. I     , , , ■     ,- ,
She is well lilted throughout and as she  ""' s«"cd ,0 PreP?'e him8-elf fot
only left San  Francisco on  Wednesday
evening at 6:30 and arrived her at 8 p.
m. the time mode speaks  well  for her
Death and  Unrial.
Ilelina, aged 11 years, daughter of
John Nord, died yesterday of diphtheria.
She was buried last evening about 7:110
o'clock.   The Kev. J. B. Good officiated.
SEALED proposals will be received by
the Honorable Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works, up to noon of Wednesday, lOtb of July next, from persons
experienced in well drilling who mav be
desirous of undertaking contracts from
the Government for sinking one or more
experimental Artesian Wells in Yale
District, B. C, with a view to determining their value for purposes of irrigation.
Proposals must state clearly all conditions antl terms, state the kind of apparatus proposed to be used, and givo the
name of two responsible residents of tlie
Province who are willing to enter into a
bond to secure the faithful carrying out
Of any contract which may be entered
Such information as mav be in possession of the Lands and Works Department
will be furnished onapplication to parlies
proposing to contract.
Lands & Works Department,
Victoria, B. C, 10th June, 188!).
tr iti.roiti:   hi ii iii\«..  (Al.l, on
Architect anil Mechanical Engineer,
General Blacksmith & Carriage Builder.
Bastion Street 1'ilbee, Nanaimo. B. (I.
Witlt New Vremises,   Modern  Machinery  arid' Firs
Cla.*   Workmen,   all  Styles of Wagon.,
Cm,liage:. nnd Ilnggie* wilt lie bll**t|
to  nriier.
Isttt'll,' I'or a linn.
H. Iliudmarsh was the winner of the
Tollev breech-loading shot-gun rallied
by Mr. l'ilkington at tin- Central Hotel
last night.
A link)  Full.
I. 0. Speer. Manager of the  Nanaimo
Telephone Company has received the
welcome news that lie has fallen heir to
the sum of $40,000 through the death  of
his   grandmother,   Mrs,   Catherine,   oil
Chambcrsburg, I'a., who expired on Dee.
28th,   1888.    The  will   was  proved at
$460,000 of which Mr. Speer is entitled
to the Bum  of  $40,000.   Mr.   Speer has
signified  his intention  of   remaining in
this city till September next,  when  the1
legacy will be one.    During his residence j
in Nanaimo Mr. Speer has made many
Warm friends who all wish him long  "te !
and health to enjoy his gootl fortune.
Mr. Speer meditates ultimately joining
his brother in a bunking business to be
carried on in some Western eity, the exact location of which has not been as yet
tlecided upon.
v. c, e.
Tie- ship Kuius E. Wood arrived early
yesterday morning and is discharging
ballast at the Company's new wharf
preparatory to loading coal for San Francisco.
The steamer Corona arrived last night
from San Francisco. She will load coal
for fuel and probably sail eariy this
The steamer Walla Walla is expected
to arrive to-day about .'! p. in. to load coal
for San Francisco.
The ship Valley Forge is loading coal
for San Francisco.
The steamer Wellington sailed yesterday afternoon with a cargo of eoal for
San Francisco.
The steamer Maude loaded coal for
Vancouver yestertlay.
The Bteamer Empire is on her way to
load Fast Wei'
tngton coal for Snn Fran-
nl  wife returned to
brother  J.
The Central Hotel opening.
A large crowd assembled last nignt to
demolish the splendid free lunch that
was given at Halleck & Howe's formal
opening of the Central Hotel. Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves, and
the "feed" was heartily appreciated.
There is very little doubt that the genial
proprietors have numerous friends in the
town, and we wish them "good business."
Tin- Seattle Relict Fund.
Mr. George Crnikshank, Treasurer of
the Seattle Belief Fund, informs us that
up to closing time yesterday $613.50 had
been paid into thc Bank of B. C. on account of the fund, and that His Worship
Mayor Bate had remitted a draft for $600
to the Mayor of Seattle.
niasthlntf thro' the Telephone.
The telephone is being put to novel
uses in Nana'mo, as yesterday we
overheard an ntteinpt at "mashing"
through it. The conversation as
heard by us wai rather disjointed,
but when we left, "pete" was in a
"brown" study over the message received.
W. 1!.  Higgins
Victoria yesterday.
W. K. Leighton ami his
Leighton, of Kamloops, were
to Victoria yesterday.
Kev. W. Baer and .1. W. Stirtan  wen
to the Capital yesterday.
Mrs. James Harvey returned yestertlay
from Victoria.
J. Alston,  of dossier, arrived by the
noon train yesterday.
tl.TDIt VTIO>    OF    ll'Tl:
licet,ng ot  thc   lYailalmo
Fund Committee.
The General Committee of the Nanaimo Relief Fund will meet at the City
Hall on Tuesday, the 25th instant, instead of the 18th" Instant, ns enounced
When King Malietoa, of Samoa, is restored to his kingship he ought to insist
upon having his "hack pay" at the old
rate of $20 per month.
Jones—Why don't you lay by something for a rainy day? Brown—I have
done so, I'm keeping the umbrella Smith
loaned me a week ago.
What must be done with the l'anama
canal? asks the Sun of Sunday, and a
wild spontaneous chorus of Frenchmen
responds, "Dam it."
In the Cabinet.—Medium—"What
spirits would you like to commune with ?"
Old toper—"Let me see, I guess you
may give me whiskey."
me at the thought.    I was young and in
experienced at the work, but 1 would al- j
low nothing to make me look  like a tow-
ard in the eyes of MacDermott.     "Yes, j
sir," 1  answered  most laconically.     "1
will do it." It would take me two'nights
and a day to reach "Walba Vale."    We |
were to start at sundown that night, rest
the whole of the next day in the heat,
und  woultl arrive at our destination by
daybreak of tlio following morning; so it
took  me the whole forenoon lo clean my
pet revolver, fill   the ammunition  bag,
put up  some  eatables  for  myself  and
Tweed, a splendid collie  1 had brought
from the old country.
Sundown came, and off we set in a respectable and orderly   manner,   Tweed,
like the colonel, eyeing his  corps with
keen criticism.     For  the first six hours
wo marched well.   It  was  nearly  full
moon at this time, and  1 could not help
fancying,   as   the   moon would now and
again emerge from a cloud, that there
were either ghosts, phantoms, or images
of shadow-land of some kind dodging our
Steps.     1 even thought I saw and heard
figures of some kind flittering near us,
but called myself a coward and a fool for
my pains. Tweed, however, did not seem
altogether at his ease; he kept  close  to
my heels, whining now antl then with a
dissatisfied expression. The sheep looked
tired, so about one in the morning, as wc
reached a clearing, down we all camped
for an hour or two.     Fortunately, water
was near, as it was tdose to sn artificial
tank put there for the beenfit of travellers
like ourselves.   1 lit my lire,   1   lit   my
pipe,   gave  Tweed   directions about the
sheep, and, soon   lost   in the thought of
home and old companions, I fell into a
light sleep.     I  was suddenly awakened
by  a  long   low growl from Tweed, and
looking round, I could hardly have imagined
a more weird-looking scene.    The tall, bare
trunks of the Australian trees environed   us,
each one looking like a ghosl in thc moonlight,   and  surely—yes,  surely—'.here  were
figures  appearing  antl disappearing with  a
i light fantastic sort of step that set my weak
i heart heatiig most uncomfortably; but soon
I all was ]>crfectly still, and again I chastised
! myself mentally.
The night had deen airless and hot, and a
horrible sense of thc near presence of unseen j
enemies seemed   to   suffocate  me.     I  had
taken the precaution of loading two rounds j
of my revolver.    If it was a native ambush !
that dogged  my steps,   I would be  ready, j
and the unknown power of firearms was the
one  thing that   kept  them in check by the
settlers.     Again  wc camped,    The sheep,
very  tired,   were soon   perfectly   it'll,   but |
nothing would satisfy Tweed.     He lay close
at my feet, giving restless moans and whines.
I lit my tire anil pipe, but could  not sleep.
Again the fond faces of home came before eiy
vision,   when   ah!   Tweed!    what was the
matter with him?    He crept closer to me,
a spring;
and 1 knew that, whatever happened, Tweed
must keep close to me, or it would be death !
to kin.  "Down, Tweed, down," I whispered, i
raising   myself oa   one knee, and  looking
cautiously round, one hand grasping his neck,
and the other my revolver.    What kail happened to the  trees?  They almost seemed ttt
move,  aad looked so thick antl black in the
moonlight,   till—awful   revelation!—I   saw
that each one had a native behind it!
Silence now was my role, antl wailing. I [
would not be the first to attack. I looked al
the sheep for a moment, antl saw that the
Ambush lay around them, and in that mo-
meat the first advaice was made. A little, i
delermined-lookiog savage stepped out, followed by a band of sooty followers. "Down,
Tweed, down," .gain 1 whispered; or he
would have beea at their throats in an instant.
Brandishing their weapons, on they came,
uncertain whether I had firearms or not.
"Patience," I said to myself, ultcr'y astonished at the coolness now that had taken
possession of nc. "Don't kill a man if you
can kelp it;" but with a war-yell that resounded through the busk, on came the
leader frantic with rage and gesticulation.
Quickly rising to my feet, with one steady
aim I fired, tnd down dropped the man at t'.ic
leader's side. Consternation took possession
of tke band, and they quickly retired, dragging their comrade's body away, and I as
quickly reloaded, patted Tweed, and agaii
waited. Oh, the agony of that moment!
Would I never see home again, seemed lobe
my one thought, and it goaded mc to action
and determination to sell my life dearly.
Half an hour had not passed before
back came the frantic little leader, supported by a big bodyguard of followers.
I had my six chambers loaded, pretty
sure I would need tbem all, and at a de-
tarmined advance again I fired, once!
twice! three! till tbe still morning air
was filled with the terrible yells of dying
men. Again they retired, dragging their
dead eomrrdes with them, andl took my
remaining time nml strength to reload. I
saw clearly how that these savages would I . ,~
be utterly disorganised if their leader A house In the middle ward with five
was gone, so determined the next attack i rooms, in good locality. Address "M. M."
to aim for him at once. Daylight now jCorrtiKii Office,
was coming in, anil once more back they
mustered, the leader in front ns before.
Once! twice! three! again 1 fired, and
as often a man dropped, but
still there in the front was that furious
little demoniacal-looking object coming
on straight in the teeth of my revolver.
Looking liim full in thc face I fired.
Good heavens! bad it missed, hung fire,
or what? and it was my last shot. 1 felt
his breath hot on my face, when, in a
moment he was rolling nt my feet in
death agonies. What was it or who wns
it thnt was grasping bis throat like a
vice? Ah, Tweed, my noble dog! now
was his time for action and he did not
spare mv enemy.
A rustling in the scrub? or was it only
the sighing of the wind through branchless trees? or oh! was it the enemy at
our heels again? No, it was none of
these things; but presently I heard a
long low whistle, and then, plunging out
of a thicket beside me came Maida,
Mackintosh's dog. In another moment
the dear old fellow himself caught me in
bis arms, and   I   was  surrounded   by
friendly faceB.
Fashion note—"Some umbrellas are
smaller." It would have been much bet-
teifto have said they would not be used
this season. _^_»^—_
Chicago has now had about a solid fort-
nightof rain. The weather doesn't clear
off as readily as the man with your umbrella.
The latest railway signal indicates
automatically the time that has elapsed
up to twenty minutes since the last train
passed it.
Chop and Oyster House,
Long Hiidge, Nanaimo, B. C.
Raw, Fry, Fancy Roast,
Plain Roast, Oyster Loaf,
New Vork Stew, Box Stew,
Pan Roast.
:   CEEAM-
J^"0|ien day and night. Meals 25 cents
and upwards. Board antl Lodging by tlie
day, week or month.
apl3 -if
Education  Branch
or thk Provincial Sbcretaby'i Di 't,
Victoria, May 7th, 1889.
the Annual Examination of candidates for certificates of qualification
to teach in lhe Public Schools of tlie Province will be held as follows, commencing on Monday, July 8th, at 10 a. in.:—
-   Legislative Hall.
-   -   Public School
In Victoria   -
In Kamloops
Eaoh applicant must forward a notice,
thirty days before the Examination,stating the class antl grade of certificate for
which he will be a candidate, anil the
place at whicli he will attend.
Superintendent of Educetion.
May II—lino
Nauaimo River, B.C.
This hotel is situated five miles from
Nanaimo, on the Nanainio River, whicli
affords the finest fishing to be found on
the Island. Game of all kinds can also
be found near here.
A   Veritable  Paradise for
Tourists and others will find ample
accommodation, ami all the necessaries
and luxuries of life at the above hotel.
Louis Rowan, - Prop'r
[L.s.j       lllllill NELSON.
VIOTORIA, by Ihe Grace of God, of the
United Kingdon of Great Britain and
Ireland, QOEBK, Defender of the
Faith, &c.,&c., Ac.
To lhe Returning Officer oj the Electoral
District of Nanaimo:
WHEREAS a vacancy has happened
in the Legislative Assembly by tbe
death of tbe Honorable Robert Dunsmuir, a Member of the Electoral District
of Nanaimo, we command you that, notice of the time and place of election being duly given, you do cause election to
be made accordingto law, of one Member
to serve in tho Legislative Assembly of
the Province of British Columbia, for the
Electoral District of Nanaimo, and that
you do cause the nomination of candidates at such election to be held on tlie
day of , and do cause the name
of  such   Member   when    so   elected,
whether he lie present or absent, to be
certified to Our Supreme Court, at the
City of Victoria, on or before the twenty-
ninth day of June instant, tbe election
so made," distinctly nnd openly   under
Our Seal  ilnlv endorsed  upon'this Out-
In Testimony   Whebeop,   We  have
caused these Our Letters to be made
Patent under the Great Seal of Our
said Province of British Columbia.
Witness, the Honorable lluoii Nki.-
BOH,  at  our Government House, at
Victoria, the third day  of June, in
the year of our  Lord one thousand
eight hundred and eighty-nine.
Bv Command.
Registrar of the Supreme Court.
Just Arrived!
300 Kits, Kegs
and Half-Barrels
 May 15—1 mo	
Palace Hotel.
The Only FIR8T-0I.AS3 HOUSE In The Oity.
gar Sample Boom for use of Commercial Travellers.
New and Second-Hand
All Kinds of Goods Bought,
Sold and Exchanged.
Opposite Provincial Hotel.
Opposite E. A N. II. R. Depot,
Strictly First-Class.
garBtitnple rooms for travellers.
g0rOoiy  first-class Wines, Liquors
and Cigars.
left at the Excelsior Bakery, Commercial street,
or Mansou's store, Haliburton street, will receive
rornpt attention at moderate rates.
Albert Street,
April 6—tf Nnnaimo, B.C.
Association—Headquarters, 455 Main
street, Winnipeg, Man. For collection of old antl worthless accounts any
where in the world, and no charge if not
collected. O. E. Collins, Manager and
Treasurer. S. 1'f.rry Mills, Solicitor.
Victoria, B.C.
Nanaimo Building Society.
Notice is hereby given that a drawing
for nn appropriation in connection with the
above Society will take place on Friday,
the 28th of June, 1889, nt 8 p. 111., at the
Institute Hall. Members to insure participation are requested to pay all subscriptions due, on or before IMth June.
Shares may be taken up at any time,
(back dues from start of Society not payable till shares have drawn an appropriation.) Public invited to attend. By
Order, JOHN II. RUDD, Sect,y.
At J. Hilbert's Furniture Store.
OF thi:
Lansdowne   Brewery
has engaged a man from San Francisco
and is now with bis new outfit ready to
to serve the public with lhc very hest
Beer, Ale and Porter.
Naas River Oolachan
50 lbs. Kegs & Barrels
Delivered to all parts of the Oity from
Bullock's Brick Block, Victoria Crescent.
Mav 14—1 mo
Nanaimo Machine Worts,
R. J. Wenborn; - Proprietor.
Repairing and refitting of all kinds of
machinery promptly attended to in a
thorough mnnner. Brass fittings of all
kinds mode to order.
Ap 2-tf
For Shirts,
Scarfs, Ties, Collars, Etc.,
T.   L.   BROWNE
&   CO.,
.4 Large Detection of Ueiita' aud Boy.'
gftTticiod Value at Lowes
t Cash Prices.
New si,ul,.
Paper Hanging, Kalsomining, Interior Decorations, Etc.
Reasonable Rates.    Post Office Box 176.
Done at
Church Street, IKTsainraincLo, H3. O.
H.    DEMPSEY,    Proprietor.
Vancouver Coal
This is Hilbert's "ad" and Don't
You Forget It.
(ioods sold on the installment plan.   We carry n full line of House
(lonils, Linoleums, Carpets Mid Parlor Bedroom Suits, made to <
style, color or pattern.   We ;.eep the largest stock of Wall l's|
of any House in tho city,   All our upholstering done on
the premises.   Cbiltlrens' Carriages, Crockery,
Glassware, China Electro-plnted ware
Table Cutlery.
Parties wishing a general outfit of Furniture will do well by examining my Btock
before buying elsewhere. Also the best equipped undertaking establishment
this side of San Francisco, and the only cmbnlmer in the city. Note the
address and don't vou forget it.
Bastion, Front and Wharf Streets, Nanaimo.
Stoves,1 Grates, Ranges, Pumps, Lead Pipes, Zinc, and
General Hardware.
Manufacturer of Tin, Copper, zinc and Sheet-iron Ware.   ^BTMetal Roofing
ami Repairing.   A full line of Hardware of nil description constantly
in stock al bottom prices.    A tall solicited.
Walter Wilson, - Commercial St.
Ap 23


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