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Nanaimo Courier Jul 21, 1889

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Occidental Hotel.
Th? Una i-i supplied aailh only lilt- tjtlt VVtnM,
Lionon Haul Cigar-; **. {eland*. Cet.brat.il Phtlft-
a'elptiia Lager beer on Draught.
Occidental HoteL
Fir&Vkui—Large Roowii*
Xicehj Furnuheo
§Ja\\r^   Special   attention   given  to the
Dining Department.     Charges  moderate
.). DKOKF.R & CO., Prop*.
Vol. 1.
No. 103
Sale About to Close Shortly
Get Your Goods at Cost Price!
Dry Goods, Millinery antl Men's Furnishiug Goods at
Suns hades
A Swell's plunder.
Swells come in great variety in Bos- j
ton.   There are all sorts and conditions
Of them, but the swell that interests an ■
unsympathetic anti-swell moro than any
other is he who blunders in the darksome paths of etiquette.   A fiendish joy !
is not unnatural when a swell commits a :
betiso without knowing it.   Not many
i evenings since a leading light, a swell,
who is so afraid of being seen in tlie i
: wrong drawing rooms he refuses to go
anywhere, Ventured out into the radiance
■ ol a select circle.   Ho is a handsome
j swell, big, well groomed, of literary hab-
I Its, and, were he not  much married,
would belong to tho rank and file of
mashers.   At all events, one fair stran-
i ger present was much overcome by his
1 many charms and gracefully submitted
j to being "mashed" on this particular oc-
! caslou.
Everything was progressing favorably.
1 Thu swell was swelling with content at
his conquest, tho lady was enjoying a
| view of the immaculate splendor of his
shirt front and the perfect fit of the low
cut moiro waistcoat, when refreshments
wero passed, and conversation for a mo-
! ment gavo wny to ice cream.   Presently
i a wicked littlo macaroon fell from the
: lady's plate to the floor.   The swell gallantly stooped—to brush it aside?   Not •
1 bit.   He carefully picked it up and deposited  it on   his  companion's  plate.
Alack-a-dayl   How   tho magnetic current,  which   had   flowed  so  fast  and
strong before, chilled in that fair lady's
breast at this solecism, can only be appreciated by tho author of a book of etiquette.   In her eyes and In the wandering eyes of others, this swell's reputation
had gone.    To her, at least, lie is no
longer a swell, and if he stays away from
her parties forevermore, she will never
reinstate him In the upper tier of the.
four hundred.—Boston Herald.
The World in General. |§
Tremendous   Crowd   Aciembled
Welcome Parnell to the Oity
of Edinburgh.
from his brother disappeared. The I
nvestigation has progresseal far enough
o show that Graham's speculations may
reach $75,000, not counting the possibilities of a number of country bonds which
he may have disposed of in the east.
During the investigation it became apparent that the treasurer was very
negligent of bis duties in paving such
sums without investigation or was in collusion with Oraham. The committee on
Thursday night decided it was the li tter
and just after midnight C, P. Coleman,
county treasurer, was arrested, charced
with the embezzlement of 113,000. He
was released on a *25.00J bond. It is
quite certain thnt others are guilty of being cognisant of what was going ou and
will be arrested. A competent authority
saial no one will be surprised if. when the
bottom is reached it is fonnd that the
county has been robbed of $260,000. The
Sir Julian Paacufote Sailed for England ; treasurer's office is closed and no taxes
; are being received or bills paid, Graham
has been one of the most popular men in
this section of the state and his plentiful
i supply of money was accounted for by
the success of patent medicines he extensively advertised, and whloh lie claimed
, was making his fortune.
London, July 20.—Tbe cotton  ware-
1 houses, of PencroM   A Grundv   slr^ets,
Liverpool, were destroyed by fire to-day.
Nad El J mm   aud his   followers
cupy a Strong Position Whioh
the British Will Attack.
Taking Witli Him a Eougli Draft
of the Fisheries Agreemuut.
'The time ha= not yet arrived for detail
ing the memorable experience of Parnell for the last ta\o years. I believe
that experience to be unparalleled iu the
history of British statesmen in parliament "for the past two a'entiiries. I consider Parnellites to be, in the best sense,
Conservative, and a restorative force of
great value to the peace of Ireland and
the honor of England, while the tyranny
of the government hac deepened the aversion of Ireland.
New York, July 20.—Sullivan and Mul- _
doon have made arrangements to go to the
Boston on Monday. The Champion
did not leave bis apartments at the \ an-
derbilt to-dny bnt will go to Long
Branch with a party ot iriends to-mor-
row, Sullivan aloes not think that there
is any probability oi bis beine* arrested, i
Have Received Ex "Mennock" and "Stowe" Full Supplies
of Liquors and Provisions and Offer the Same
for Sale at Market Prices.
Victoria, B. II
Ap 2S
Nanaimo Saw Mill.
Haslem Ss Lees,
Rough and Dressed Lumber, Shingles, Laths and Pickets,
Doors, "Windows and Blinds,
Moulding, Turning, Scroll Sawing, ami all kinds of Wood Finishings
tf-ss^All orders sent to their address at Nnnaimo, B.C., will have the most
prompt attention Ap 28 HASLEM ai LEES.
COUGHLAN tcl MASON   Fropr etors, Victoria, B. C.
P. O.   Box, no.
A Notable Athlete.
As a horseman, from beginning to end
of his vigorous life, Washington had no
peer. Like nil Virginia boys he took to
the saddle as a duck takes to water.
Once astride his steed, it was all but
impossible to dislodge him. Prom the
day when as a lad he first rode to hounds
after old Lord Fairfax, of Qreenway
Court, across tho county named for that
worthy nobleman, he was a skilled and
dashing fox hunter. In the army, when
on horseback, riding down the line,
cheered to the echo by the soldiers, who
believed, with a superstition worthy of
tho ancients, that here was a being born
to lead them, he was physically tho most
Imposing figure present. In person,
Washington showed in maturity the
fruits of the lifetime he had given to
what athletes nowadays call "training."
His habits at all times were those exacted of a "crew" or "team" of modern
days before the occasions when those
heroes appear in public to fill with despair or exultation the bosoms of their
friends. From thc Indians of the Shenandoah wilderness, among whom he spent
weeks during his first surveying tour, he
learned the swift, elastic tread that distinguished him in walking. His powers
of endurance were worthy of hia extraordinary physical strength, though it
must bo said he had few illnesses to test
his constitution, and, Indeed, was rarely
ailing.—St. Nicholas for March.
Industrial Insurance.
Industrial insurance brings an indemnity against loss by death to those who
most need it. Among the working
classes a man's labor is his only source
of income and gives his life its only value
in an insurable sense to his dependents.
The necessity of providing against loss
by death is greater among the poor than
with thoso who have wealth, much or
little, to leave to their families.
Thefact has been recognized in Germany, where insurance has been made
compulsory. Small sums, reckoned according to the weekly wage, ore taken
from tho pay of the worker by the employer and paid to tho government.
These sums provide for a sick benefit and
an insurance against old age and infirmity. In case of illness thirteen weeks
of free medical attendance and a money
allowance equal to one-half tho wages
are allowed. At death an amount equal
to twenty times the local daily wages of
an ordinary day laborer is paid to tbe
survivors. In old age and infirmity a
yearly stipend is paid. The employers
contribute equally to an accident fund
wbich provides for total or part disability
or death. The state, the employers and
tho employed contribute equally to the
old age and Infirm pension fund. Tbe
sick fund is maintained by the employes.
—Chicago Nows.
lilts k Ciiissii trclils
A   FUl.il.   LTjN\E   of
Finest   Groceries   and   Fresh   Provisinos
Ships    Disbursed    and    Supplies    Furnished
Deprived or His Living.
It ia hi Paris that tho art of begging
has produced Its most remarkable examples ot unconscious effrontery. A
wealthy man In that city waa told by his
servants recently that a man was waiting in the hull below who had sent him
up a letter.
The letter contained the following application:
"Respected Sib—Your well known
and exemplary generosity has led me to
hopo that you will magnanimously take
pity on tho situation of an unfortunate
widower, who has been cruelly deprived
of his means of subsistence by the death
of bis wife. I am, air, yours in distress,
X. Y."—Youth's Companion.
Snowballing Oeot-gla's Governor.
Tho boys in Atlanta, Ga., gavo Governor Gordon a very severe snowballing
as he was going to tbe capitol one morning last winter. The governor begged
hard to be let off, but the boys said no.
One boy said to bim: "Wo can't let you
off, governor. As you haven't dono&ny
running since '04, you will have to
hustle." And the general hustled, while
dozens of balls took him in the back of
the neck.—Pittsburg Dispatch.
All sorts of vessels and utensils may be
purified trom long retained smells of any
kind, in the easiest and most perfect
manner, by rinsing them out well with
chat-coal powder after the grosser impurities have been scoured off with sand and
Sew York,July 20.—Sir Julian Paunce-
fote,   British Minister al Washington,
sailed to-day on the Etruria.  fur Liverpool.    He returns home on a brief visit I *-0S9 *80,000.
and will come back to his p.ist of duty in j grand DOKB DUMB.
by his twoi St. Petersburg, July 20.—The Grand
Bt, Tn,. ; Duke Constantine, the Czar's uncle, has
-s-ra-unanijosi" the power of speech by a stroke of
l III'   I  IliO.I    tlllltk.
Work ie being carried ou very  success- j
fully at  the  I'nion  Mines nnd  already
there are over 100U tons waiting  the arrival ol the steamer San Mateo.
Activity   Displayed   by  the  Various
Army and Navy Department*
af Central Europe.
Subject   of   Balkan   Federation
Again   Being  Discnused  ia
Political Circles-
Possibility   tbat   England   Will
Coerce Greece is the Event
of War.
Semptember,' accompanied
pretty unmarried daughters
takes back with him a rough draft of an
agreement between Great Britain and
the United States concerning tha Canadian and Behring's Sea questions which,
if consummated, will settle them ior
some time to come. It is the result of
his conference with Secretary Blaine, I
and will be submitted to Lord Salisbury |
for suggestions.
drowni.no accident.
Kenosha, Ills., July 20.—Richard
Lyman, aged 23, and Miss Bertha Head,
aged 20, started out in a row boat yesterday afternoon bound for thc bath-house
on the lake shore. A heavy sea was running and the boat capsized. A life saving crew immediately went out and were
at the scene of the mishap in less than
5 mins. but the occupants of the boat
had disappeared. Up to a late hour
the bodies had not been recovered.
New Philadelphia, O., July 20.—An individual giving the name oi Jones, who
haB been selling patent rights in this
county, has been insulting to the female
portion of this community. On Thursday night a number of people went to the
lock-up where Jones was confined tor his
offences and taking him out gave him a
thorough coat of coal-tar and axle urease.
They then rolled him in n pile of ashes
and advised to leave the place.
Belgrade, July 20.—It is reported that
the government's preparations to arm
the reserves nre due to a fear of the
loyalty of the regulars in the event of ex-
King Milan returning to Belgrade.
Paris, July 20.—An issue of Panama
Canal bonds'to the amount o 8,925,000
francs at 105, hns been fixed for July
Berlin, July 20.—A Russian student
who is suspected of beim* a Nihilist has
been delivered to the Russian authorities. The German government intend to
expel all other Russian students now
in Berlin.
Loudon, July 20.—The man who gave
himself up to the police vesterday and
confessed that he committed thc crimes
laid at the door of "Jack the Ripper,"
Bays liis name is Wm. Brodie. To-day
he told the police magistrate that the
confession he made yesterday was true,
whereupon the magistrate remanded him
for one week.
New York, July 20.—The news comes
from many points throughout the country of destructive storms that have prevailed within the last thirty-six hours.
Ohio and West Virginia have suffered
severely. A grand electrical display accompanied the downpour in Chicago
where torrents of rain flooded the lower
stories of many business houses and did
great damage to property. The atmospheric disturbances extended from Grand
Forks, Nebraska, to New Orleans. Many
persons were struck by lightning nnd
houBcs and barns were burned. The
damage iu the neighborhood of this city
was not great though two slight railroad
washouts occurred. Despatches from
West Virginia state that a cloud burst
completely flooded Little Kanawha Valley
destroying many lives nml currying oft"
thousands of dollars worth of property.
Tlie village of Morristown was completely
destroyed. Houses were picked up bv
the whirlwind and dashed against eaoh
other, giving the inhabitants no chance
to escape.
West Superior. Wis., July 20.- A general strike was inaugurated yesterday
among laborers and over (100 are ont.
Thev demand an increase from $1,60 per
day to 11.78. They visited the St. Paul
and Pacific coal docks where fourteen
men were working at 40 cents an hour
under police protection. Tbey overpowered the police nnd routed the men.
The strike has an ugly look and the men
are determined, and contractois are
equally so. One of the leaders in the
strike was arrested last evening. The
companv state tbat the militia will ar
rive to-day.
Rome, July 20—The blockades of the
East African ports near Zanzibar have
been abandoned by the Italian Government.
Cairo, July 20.—Nad El Jumi and bis
Dervishes    occupy     a    good    position
I near    Wady    Haifa.      The   Dervishes
' have been reinforced by 1000 men.    The
[ British troops at Assouan number 1500
men and are thought to be sufficiently
strong to attack the Dervishes.
Washington, July 20.—Acting Secretary
Batchelder, of the Treasury, telegraphed
the collector of custoniB. San Francisco,
to admit free of duty all wreckage of U.
S. S. Trenton from Samoa, consigned to
the commandant of the Mare Island navy
New York, July 20.—The continued
decline in tbe bonds of the Columbus
Hocking Valley, and Toleiio Railroad,
which occurred yesterday and to-day, led
bondholders to prepare for the worst. At
the close of business to-day it was announced that the company would have to
default on the interest in five per cent,
bonds due next September, amountingto
"1203,000, and the receiver will then be
appointed. Interest due August 1st,
amounting to $40,u00, will be paid.
New York, July 20—Chatley Mitchell
sailed for England to-dny by the steamship Etruria. and with him went the
:*250 that Detective Norris of Mississippi
has been seeking. Mitchell told a reporter that he would be glad when he got
home, and that never, with "the help of
God, would he coinc to the blarsted
country again." He was accompanied
by hiswife and Pony Moore.
New York, July 20—M. Nolle and his
wiie Blanche, who were arrested a short
time ago at Far Rockawny on inionna-
tion received that the husband had embezzled 150,000 francs from n Paris banking house, sailed for Havre to-day on La
Chnmpagna. When their examinations
took place they acreed to return to Paris
without a requisition.
Parkersburg, W. Va.. July 20.—In addition to seven persons drowned yesterday in the Kanowhn Valley flood, two
more are reported to-day Irom Pond
Creek, together with the child ot Mrs.
Tucker. It was the most disastrous storm
in many years. Nearly every bridge in
the lower part of the" country is gone.
Scores of bouses, barns and" crops are
swept away in Lee, Egart and Pond
Creek Valleys.
Constantinople, July 20.—In consequence of the uprising in Crete, the Porte
will send several battallions of troops to
that Island.
Paris, July 20.—The Marseilles Boulangists have determined to nominate the
general as candidate In four cantons for
the Council General.
London, July 20—The suit of Mr. Wm.
O'Brien for libel  against Lord Salisbury,
came to trial  to-day and  resulted in a
verdict in favor oi Lord Salisbury,
a men cargo.
Sun Francisco, July 20—Tbe steamship
Gaelic, wbieb suileaf for the Orient this
afternoon, carried over a million dollars
in specie.
Ottawa, July 20.—The Dominion Government hns been notified that R. ('.
Gibbs, lumberman of Manistee, Mich.,
intends this season to test the legality 01
Canada's action In imposing an export
duty on Canadian sawlogs. The duty
was levied by the Dominion Government
for the prevention ol the depletion of
Canadian forests. Gibbs' firm intend
bringing thirty-eight million feet of
Georgian llav logs to Bay City for sawing.
Tbey contend that under the Gough
treaty between tbe United States and
,. j Canada signed in 18j*>, they will not have
"! to pay the duty of $6 per thousand feet.
' The restitution of duties already paid is
also talked of.   Careful investigation of
And   Is   Married   to   a   Former   Rejected
Lover—Given Away by Her Husband.
One of the streets of Florence Is known as
Via del Mortl, tbo streot of the dead. Many
year3 ago a beautiful Italian princess was
'•ought In marriage bv two nobles, Prince
3oudi and Count Aldoorandi, whose palaces
ctand at either end of tlie short and narrow
rtreet. The prince was successful In his suit,
jut in less than a year the beautiful young
woman died, and her body was placed in the
crypt beneath the cathedral, the coffin and
tho iron door of tho vault being left open, as
is still tbo custom in Tuscany, so that if the
person thought dead comes to life he may escape being buried alive. In tbe middle of
the night after the funeral Prince Goudi was
startled by a knock at the outer door. The
porter opened the door and a white figure
gropeal its way in.
The porter fell in a swoon, and the prince
rushed to a chapel in the palace and fell
praying before the altar, beseeching protection against liis dead avife's ghost. For days
all Florenco rang with the story of how
Prince Qoudi was haunted by his wife's ghost,
and tho excitement gradually died away.
When the porter swooned and tho prince
fled to his altar, tho white figure slipped out
of the house and avent to that of her old
suitor, Count Aldobrandi. There she knocked
feebly, but the porter was asleep, and the
master of the house came to open the door.
The princess fell at his feet, and ho lifted
her up and called upon the women of his
household to care for her. After a week had
passed, no one knowing the facts, tho count
applied to the patriarch of tho cathedral,
and asked: "Holy father, if a woman is de
clared dead and receives the sacred office oi
the church, returns to life, is repulsed by her
husband, is but received and taken care of
by a friend of her living days, who may
claim heri"
Tho venerable priest said the question was
so weighty that tho pope must answer it, and
ho repbed that tbe ono who had rescued her
could claim ber. It was soon announced that
the Count Aldobrandi would wed a noble lady
loos a stranger In Fierenzo, and he requested
his friend Goudi to givo away the bride, her
parents not being present. At the appointed
day, before tho altar of a chapel In the
duomo, the marriage took place. Tbe question was asked: "Who gives this woman to
bo the wifo of this mani" Prince Goudi
stepped forward, but not until he had taken
ber hand did he know that he was bestowing
his own bride upon another. But bis knowledge came too late. For years Count Aldo
brandi and his wife lived happily together.
snd at this late day a descendant of Prince
Goudi tells the story ns a historical fact.-
New York Star.
Lynn, Mass., July 20.—Last evening a j the case discloses the fact that the treaty
professional burglar entered tho jewelry j placing all kinds of timber on the free
store of H. J. Bodwell, Lynn, broke
open tho safo and Btole four relays con-
tainging 4j diamond rings, 2 hundred
stone rings, 3 hundred plain and chased
rings nnd a number of gold and silver
watches. About $175 in cash and a
large quantity of Bolid and plated silverware was also taken. The total value ol
the plunder is about $12,000.
Lebanon. O., July 20.—This place has
! been in a whirl of excitement Bince
I Saturday last, when Graham County
Auditor disappeared. About the middle
i of last week it became known that audi-
I tor Graham had overdrawn his account
\ $75,000. It occasioned but little sur-
j prise and no alarm, aB it was supposed
I to be merely a technical affair. Graham
| asked for aii investigation, hired a band,
I serenaded his friends and borrowing $10(1
list was adopted in 1854 but was term!
nated in 1860 by the United States. Upon inquiry »t the Customs Department
here, it was learned that Canada could
not be held responsible as the United
States had themselves terminated tho
treaty in question.
Edinburgh, July 20. — An immense
gathering assembled on the Corn Exchange building to-night in honor of Mr.
Parnell. The edifice was crowded to
overflowing, and the greatest enthusiasm
prevailed, Lord Aberdeen presided. Parnell was repeatedly cheered, the immense audience rising to its leet and yelling like mad. Deputations from all the
Liberal societies of Scotland presented
him with addresses, and a letter from
Gladstone was read hy Lord Aberdeen,
in which the great Liberal lender said i
Tha Day for Doctors.
"Which do you sapp-»as is the busiest day
In tbe week for a physician. I mean by that
the day on which one gets the most new
cases!" asked a disciple of -Escuhpius of a
visitoryesterday afternoon while both were
sitting in the doctor's cozy little office on tht
south side.
"I don't know," was the reply, "but 1
thought the doctors' business wss very
uncertain; In fact 1 never heard that people
aro more apt to become sick on one day in the
week than on another."
"Well, then, listen to me, and I will give
you the benefit of tbe experience which 1
have had during the last thirty years. It
bas been the result of raj observation that
tbe largest number of people tako sick ou a
Monday. Not bocausaa it is a particularly unlucky day, nor because that day is an enemy
to human health and life, but for this reason:
Of course you know that on Sunday tho regular routine kind of existence of every day
life receives a change. The man who usually goes dowu town lo bis oflice stays at
borne on that day, the worklngman anal laborer, who bavo been busily occupied aluriug
the week either at ttie mill, glass bouse or
other places, do not, us a rule, work either.
Now tho mere interruption of tbo muscular
movement would probably not have any bad
effect upon anybody were it not for one
thing, the change of diet.
"The loving, thoughtful   housewife, who
knows that Sunday ia tho only day on which
sho can hnvo all those thut aro dearest to her
around tbo dinner table, always exerts her
culinary abilities more than usual, and sha'
tries to make something out of tho common
—something nicer nnd better to put beforo
i them to eat.   Tbo oonseqasnes is that she
\ makes her cookery rlohor, aud sbe throws in
a few knickknacks hero luul there that taste
I very well, but ns a rule thoso things play
havoc with  a person's aligestiou, especially
avhen tho stomach is nob used to tbem.
"Now, tbnt is the aaholo secret. It is a
well knowu fuct tba! most diseases arise from
a disorder of tho digestive organs, and hence
you havo tho explaiiiiiiun why morepooplo
do not get up on Monday morning as well
and as bright as on any other day."—Pittsburg Dispatch.
Corsets nf Lontlior.
Quite a column bas beeu devoted in tho
leading French papers to tho news that a
fresh material hns been discovered for—corsets.   One would not expect English influence to assert itself iu so delicate a department.   But leather corsets are to be traced
remotely to Iho influence of tho insulars.
French ladies havo takeu up tennis (In a very
dainty way) aud croquet.   They even mention cricket ns within feminine possibilities,
though probably thoy only mean the less active gamo that is played with hoops and mallets.   However, the   Parisian corsetier has
seen his opportunity.    For such robust exercise tbe ordinary fabric is quite insufficient.
j A concession is to bo made to English demands. Thero is to bo givo and take. French
' girls aro to play tennis, and English girls are
to wonr leather corsets.   The change  will
' probably bo greater for tbo French than for
tho English, though neither innovation is
; much more than a revival.   In the days of
I Henry. V— if Shakespeare is any authority—-
tho Parisians played a kind of tennis, aud
! certainly tn tbo days of Cromwo.l, if Eng-
j lish girls did not  wear   kid corsets, tbeir
I fathers put on leather yerkins.—Pall Mall
{Special to lli. Cot HIKla.i
London, July 20.—The activity at
present being displayed hy the various
army and navy departments ot the Central European powers and the Balkan
States, has again brought lorward the
subject of "Balkan Federation" so dear
to political idealists. Sundry newspaper
paragraphs appear from day to day regarding the alleged alliance between Servia and Greece. Indeed to their friends,
at a distance, nothing seems more natural
and feasible than that the different
States of the Balkan peninsula should
form a league for common defence. In
the present condition of national relatives it is well nigh impossible for the Slavonic elements of the peninsula to
unite for a common object. That Slav
and Greek and Roumanian should form
a league among themselves is ahout ns
probable as a Franco-German alliance.
As to the attitude of the Greek government on this subject, the following information from the fountain-head ought
to satisfy the most skeptical regarding the
matter. In a recent conversation with
your correspondent who ventured to remark what a pity it was that the nearer
one approached the scene of action the
more impracticable appeared any form of
a working agreement among the Balkan
States, M. Trikopsis, a member of the
Grecian parliament, said: "I do not even
sec that it is a pity to form a federation.
There must be something to
gain by it; but what they
gain except from one another, the
Greeks and Bulgarians must fight out
in Macedonia sooner or later. Greece,"
continued M. Trikopsis, "is nt present
the only power in the Balkan peninsula
capable of pursuing an independent
course. Roumania is asking what will
become oi her in the event ol another
great wa-. Servia, since the occupation
of Bosnia, is in the grip of Austria. Why
should we compromise our liberty of
action by allying ourselves with states
that are bound dowu hand nud foot by
their powerful neighbors ? Our own
position is quite different. Supposing
Austria, for instance, wtre to tell us that
she objected to nny action on our part,
we should simply tell her that we suited
ourselves. The only power that can
really interfere with iis is England, but
the English government will not put itself out to harm us. In 1878 they prevented us from joining against the
Turks, but we were not really ready at
tbe time of the Bulgarian annexation of
Eastern Roumelia. Again, England, interfered in conjunction with other
powers, but even had the powers not intervened we never should have acted.
The whole affair of the blockade was a
diplomatic muddle. I myself was opposed
to action then, as it could not have lieen
effective, and it w as better, therefore, to
bide our own time. But foreign coercion
put the opponents of war who would
otherwise have gained the day by themselves, in a very awkward position."
The conversation then turned on
eventualities, and your correspondent remarked that the prospect of English
intervention on behalf of the Turks was
growing more and more remote. "You
are mistaken," rejoined M. Trikopsis:
"Certainly the English government will
not go out of ita wny to lanal an expedi-
tionniy force, but the naval question is
quite different. Action at sea costs you
nothing. You see the fleet must he
somewhere, and it is as easy for it to be
at the Pireus as at Malta, and besides we
know for a fact that an understanding
exists between the British and Italian
governments respecting the balance of
power in the Mediterranean. I am perfectly aware that it was denied in parliament that such nn agreement existed in
writing, but the very dental was made in
such   terms   as only to corroborate the
(act that for practical purposes an agreement doos actually exist. A verbal understanding it may be, but still an
understanding; of that fact Indeed tt
have other evidence."
When askeal if he thought England
would prevent the Greeks from occupying Crete, M. Trikopsis said: "Although
the former coercive action of England
against Greece was uot hy any means
popular in England, the present English
government wns quite prepared to repeat
the coercive policy against Greece if an
occasion nrose."
A    ma la mm;.
Thc muilcs of death's approach arc various, and statistics show conclusively that
more persons die from diseases of the Tlnoat
and Lungs than any other. It is probable
that everyone, without exception receives
vast numbers of Tubercle Germs inlo the
system and where those germs fall upon suitable soil they start into life and develop, at
first slowly and is shown by a slight tickling
sensation in the throat and if allowed to continue .heir ravages they extend to the lungs
producing Consuniptiam and to the head,
causing Catarrh. Now all is dangerous, and
if allowed to proceed will in time cause
loath.     At  the onset you must act with
| promptness; allowing a cold to go without
I mention is dangerous and may losi
lite.    As soon as you feel that   s.i*..; . .<,
wrong with your Throat, lungs c.   Noi.ils
1 ibtain a bottle of Boschee s German  ^yrup
| It will give you immediate relief:
The great sale of dry  goods  at cost
price still continues at Bullock's. THE  NANAIMO  COURIER,   SUNDAY,   JULY  21,   1889.
Perhaps there will in some quarter- beau inclination to disagree with the uiioui
maul- approval by the Congress ofthe
motion made by Mr. Iti li (oftiateshead .
Ml.    Kill,   proposed   that   the   I 'ollgll'S.-
 ^_  should    ex|>o*tiilate    ii   Ihe   Treasury
' Mi. Jame* O'Ncil is authorize.! on be- : •■';"•*•     ■"■»*      ;'«--'"l*   .'"      interiVre
half ol the Nanaimo Cour.er 10 canvass ; *•*» -".he free disposal ol members of the
New Dairy & Creamery
SUNDAY.    .11*1. Y   21.
Railway! BUTTER
for subscription-, advertising, receive
payments and give receipts for the same
in th.-citv of Victoria.
Mr. John Currie is authorized on behalf of the Nanaimo Courier to canvass
for subscriptions, receive payments and
give receipts for tha- same in Wellington-
r,'!VE  VA v.iIM"   I '7/1 s'CE.
Readers   of   me  Cm Rikr   "ill   luive
noticed the report ;i i'<" day* ago ol a
liuge  and   Influential    eting held in
Vietoria to advocate the i-arrvin*- out ol ;i
railroad scheme by which the promoti
laillollil -'neiue ua   aaill...   .."   ,-i,,i,.-  ,,,       ,
propose i tied the Capital with Sew «>»W l»edoncinthb world al al
Civil .Service for co-operative purposes of
the lime which they an-not required to
devote lo ibe services of the Slate." We,
however, agree will, the Congress.
There is no reason wh) a body oi men
who are, as we know on their ,<wn excellent authority, both hard-worked and
Ill-treated should nol employ a portion
of their too scanty leisure or tbeir very
brief period ..i l.a.llv pensioned retirement in the successful iducl of gigantic friendly societies. It musl he pleasant lo combine a little attention to one's
interests with the elevation of one's
moral nature. Mosl nf us were under
impression Ihnl no kind of work
Transcontinental Route
Pacific  :  ancl  :  the  :  Atlantic !
Ii*. passenger equipment ts tbe finest in the
world, consisting o( Luxurious Slkkhtn'o
Cars having Drawing, Smoking and J'ath
Roous; Comfortable and Clean Colonist
Car-., wiil; Free Sleeping Berths for holders
■ •[ second-class tickets; and most modern
style oftlav coaches.
In small tubs, .suitable foi Familie
and Motels.
ni all sizes, for sale b\
Real Estate Broker,
Published every morning except
Westminster no Saanich, This proposi
lion does not appear lo lhe ' nlonitl to be
altogether satisfactory. Thai paper admits the necessity nl more direct i i-
municatiou   between  Victoriu   and   l
Canadian  I'aeilie  Railway i.
lo hold her own ill the race;
ionic kind of co-operation, and have a
certain diniculty  in  itnderstaniling how
"in- kill.I oi  ii  can  be so much  nobler
than another.   There may even I
,   lure nnd tbere who regard nil  il
if -he is i broidery of rhetoric nhoul 11 plain mattei1
_-,„i „H mi  of business with ii certain distrust;  bill
-"-'       FCAIDWFI1 Iv IFWIS   ''™A
is unequalled,and in the dc-  v/lljl/ If LlULi    U     UU II IvJ) 27—J HosUn's Store.
provide ilia' best quality of foo,! in unlimited
quantity at reasi liable rates.
1—J 11 Pleace, Hardware Store.
2—E Quennell, Butcher.
::—K  Pimbury,  A Co., Druggists and
4—Old Flag Inn, J E Jenkins.
5—Nanainio Hospital,
ij—Provincial Government Oflice.
7—Johnston & Co's Wharf.
S—Shamrock Livery Stables.
9—Railroad or Telegraph Office.
10—Bank of British Columbia.
11—Xew Vancouver Coal Co.
12—Dr. E A Praeger's Office,
l'l—Jas Harvey's Store.
j 14—-Commercial Hotel, Sabiston A   Wilcox.
115—Hirst Brothers' Store.
10—Johnston A Co's Store.
17—Free Press Printing Office.
i 1S-T. X. L. Livery Stables,
i 1!J—Haslem & Lees' Saw Mill.
20—J Mitchel. Soda Water Works.
i 21—Tom Bell, Fruit Store.
I 22—Citv Clerk's Office.
; 2:1—J 11 Hilbert, Cigar Slore.
24—Mrs. Gauthier.
Office, Departure
And General Agent, Conveyancer,
Notary Public, Etc.
City  Propertv.  Suburban Property and
Farm Lands for sale on best term".
Correspondence Solicited.
Real Estate ami insurance Agent
Nanaimo, B.C.
"Viotoria,,   **B.
_—"|"M I'-
t'e w
alternative scheme to lhat of ivJiieh Mr.  tbey an*, apparently, in this generation,
DbOosmoh is the bead and front, it (the a scatte.ed leinnant.   When u gentleman
,    . ,,   ,,..  ,tn„„ viw.ni.i  has to shbn how small lending Societies
Ciilnuisl i proposes tlllll l IIOIIIUHIIIH MimiM »
, ;. ,    ,• „.     i,..,,,,,.,u innv net nn bv hi'lping niie another, even
he the connecting   point   foi   steatneis       - • '   •   ,  , ., ,    ,
,• ,      ,     ,    ,,,'., ,„,„,,„ i though the sea is between them—he haa,
o load nml unload their passengers ami ■ .   ,   ,    .
., .        .,,      .,,.,.,;„ „i ,,,'  we think, n verv   praottca    business to
freight, arguing with a certain ni in
homely and I
oi lime  elfecl
proposed   V.
I forcible logic that lhe saving
deal with.    It is in:
|,v the making of the|t,ml "'" -"''J'"'1 h«*
;„i,IN. W. R. It. would  humanity ns the ti.
|» but Yer- slight when compared  with   l'"'"1"" did.. After
t|,e  Chemainus   plan:   while  t o-i   '"" he much hei 1.
would  he enormotislv lessened owing to m that  nt  Norwich.
lhe fact that running powers could easily   I****'**! long enough ti
•-■t's*-:ii'\. to remark
mighty i---u-*- for
ry Mr. Craio, ».t
nil. humanity Mill
ti liysmh ploqtience
(Jo*operfttion ha**.
Au.w  what it can
be obtained on favorable terms over the  ,l"-  Wo I u thai it can run n store.aud,
Island Railway, whilst the haltiral facili- j ","1''1' tavornble circumstances, can eve,
lies of Chemainus are such as lo render establish a fairly prosperous joint  stock
raBV    the   making   of   rl iccssary  biwine****.    In  the future  it  may trade
wharves etc., needed. Our object in writ-  with Pve" »"-rp success; bul  we do no,
ing this article is to urge most strongly kl'°*r "'is is a mighty Issue.
tlie adoption of yet another alternative
scheme; namely, the nuik'ni-* .Ymini'-no I
the terminus for tbe proposed new route.
A pari from the petty jealousy which at
present   exists betw 1"'  tew Hritish
Columbia const towns, beyond all manner of doubt nature lias intended Nanaimo to he thc point on Vancouver Island
lirst touched at hy steamers connecting
n- wilh the Mainland.    Sooner  or  later
ihis must he the cast—the onlv doubt in
our mind beint; the fear that such a desirable ami inevitable rosiili may   be   later.
rather than sooner, unless our Board of
Trade and our local members take up the
mattei' in grave earnest. No half-hearted,
weak-kn 1  udvooacy   aaill    serve  our
purpose.      We   see   what   railway   and
steamboat communication has done for
lhe thriving nnd populous Sound cities.
A town of nearly four thousand inhabitants with only :i narrow strip of  water
between   il   and  the C.  I'. R. terminus
may well feel in some soil aggrieved that
nothing has yel been .lone to  procure  n
daily steamboat service.   To a stranger
tlie idea must indeed appear preposterous
iliut mails and freight trom Vaucouver to
N'aiiaiino  frequently   •."'   Am   Victoria.
Representations Irom the proper quarters,
urged    with    sufficient     volume   and
Strength, would surely soon give us this
much needed daily service;  having got
whicli.  n  last  train  to connect would ut
once be put mi for Victoria.     We admit
that this route would   take a little longer
time than tlie proposed railroad by  way
of Saanich to New Westminster, but ibe
difference would not be so very great,
while  the  difference in the cost would
mean the difference between  a   heavy
public burden nnd a aliglil impost,     the     weight     of   which    would
scarcely  be   fell   al   all.   Of course in
ihe event ni' our Board of Trade hiking
ilicinattcriip.il  would he advisable to
have lhe fastest boats afloat tor the service.   The class of  steitmei'S at  present
used on the Coast may lie good serviceable vessels   of  their class,   lull  boats of
quite a different order are wanted for
rapid passenger traffic. In any case
tho growing feeling in Nanaimo Is waxing so strong in the matter  that a  daily
-civile iif » e kind will,  we believe,
soon be an aceomolishod fact, conie what
may, hnl thai is jttsl what we do not
want—e seeeiee ofsouie kind. As we have
-aid already proper representations from
our Board of Trade would carry weight
which no amount of mere public meetings
could hope to have. This being the case
we earnestly   uree   upon   lhat   body  Ihe
taking of Immediate steps to carry out
the suggestion, thereby giving Nannimo
al least a chance.
along its line is unequal
tails of track, train service, etc., nothing ii
miinc.i that .an add to the Safety and Com*
fori ..i ii-. patrons, All in all, it gives the
best and most serviceable line nf travel,
whether Ian business oi pleasure, between
I'ortland, Tacoma, Seattle, Victoria, and all
Pacilic Coast Points, and "tvin"*ipeg, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Chicago, St. Louis, Ottawa,
Toronto, Montreal, Ronton, New Veil, and
.iii Eastern Cities. .^.
THROUGH     TICKETS     Commercial Street   -        Nanaimo,  I
are   issued   to  all  principal  points   In   the aplt-lm
United States, Canada  and Kurope,   nl the        —
Lowest Kales.
ROUT.   IRVING,   Freight  and    Passcnge
Agent, Gov. St,, Victoria.
A. E. PLANTA, Tlckcl Agent. Nanaimi .
11. 1". BROWN, 11. I*, and Passenger Agent
re Healer.
A r'ki i.m writer in an English Review
takes inournpinion an exceedingly .sensible view of the l'ussophohisi feeling existing both in England and India, li is
especially noticeable, ill that a certain
amount of moral courage is required now-
a-ihiys tn own that Great Britain may
after all he wrong in following out the
policy of Lord I'ai.mkiiston in endeavor-
lug tn checkmate the Russian Bear nl all
points of ihe game political. He says:
There are still among us those who say,
"Why should not England be friends
with Russia, and pul an end to all these
heartburnings?" Why not, indeed? It
has been often pointed out here that
there is absolutely no reason on England's
side. We want nothing of Russia's: we'
could even be content to leave her the
districts which she has filched during the
last fifteen years in violation of the;
Khiva understanding. It is no business
of ours if the Germans are willing to let
her retain their Baltic provini'es. if Po- i
land chooses to remain iinila'r her yoke,
[f Persia and Turkey acquiesce in her'
Asiatic encroachments or, ii Rou-
innnia is equally coniplaisniii. The condition of Russia would, indeed, nol be
happy if lhe various European nations
were to rise, like the mysterious visitor
in Hickkn's story of Lyon's Inn, and sav,'
"Mine"; inn we should have nothing to
say directly to it. The sole ami single
condition on which Russia anil Knglaii'l
could and might very well come to an
understanding, which hardly nny possible .
Continental coalition could gainsay or
dissolve, is that Russia should keep her
bands irom picking and stealing ill
future, should acknowledge frankly that'
the North of Asia is her sphere, the South
ours, and should set herself lo cultivate
her already pretty extensive garden, in-'
sienil of trying in remove her neighbors'
landmarks, There is no such thing as
RusBophobin now, in the sense in which
Russophobin is sometimes spoken of,
What is called Russonhobia is simply
the very reasonable care of lhe
householder who sees a person well
known tn the police strolling uiioui his,
present's and looking into his kitchen
win.lows. Let Russia purge and live
cleanly, and every reasonable ISnglish-
man aaill he ready in be the hest of
friends with her.
Cigar:-: Manufacturer,
Bastion St.,
Nanaimo, b. c.
Encourage Home Industry!
Smoke the celebrated "Nanaimo Enterprise" cigar.
Best in the Market.
Encourage hnme industrv.
Ap 2-1
28—Dr. Walkem's Resident
,20— East Wellington Coal   Co
il nrt   ii East Wellington.
■\\\\i\      ' '11  AfO 130-John Ililberl, Fnrnitu
dim        '       IdllUlO  81-OoOIUBB Office.
... , 82-- Walter Wilson's Store.
j 88—A Mayer A Co.
CALDWELL & f t: Wis, 84—M Manson's "Residence.
... 186—N E V Society's Store.
130—Dr. li, T. Davis' Residence
37—J Decker, Occidental Hotel
38— Craig's Blacksmith Shop.
189—B McMillan's Residence".
j 40—East Wellington Wharf.
I 11—lt Ileyland's Residence.
,   ,   ,       ,     42—K Quennell's Farm.
. waitress a, ,,,„,..     Apply Delmonico  43-The Delmonico Hotel.
1!      44—T Wall. Wellington Hotel.
45—Central Hotel.
40—J Mahrer's Brewery.
I 47—J Mahrer's new Residence.
... > 48— P Sabiaton's Residence.
Opposite V. & N. U. R. Depot,	
Strictly First-Class, j
gar Sample rooms for travellers.
g0"O\\ly first-class  Wines   Liquors |
anil Cigars.
uich22-t.f | _ -
Id *
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■   s 1
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—always— | O p^
A bouse in the middle  ward  with live '
Kast  Wei-1 rooms, in good locality. Address "M. M."
Cot'BIEB Office.
This paper is a live exponent of the
interest of
t Uli.'
marymont Bros. Nanaimo anil Vicinity
New and Second-Hand i
And is thoroughly
Cosmopolitan Market,!
commercial sireel, iiatniil.no, B.C,
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IS   nil  HAKKL'I'.
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tirst-class Cabinet  Photos for $3.00 per
dozen.  Views of residences and all kinds
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Esauimalt & Nanaimn |ffi^ewfn\tcVrafle frnm any
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URDAY, MARCH 301I1. isay, Trains
l'hoto Artist.
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Wines. Liquors and Cigars supplied,
1 S    Ovead   .
3"   r*.as afj'
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: ~ rt e. — —• -tt X - *   « -
the undersigned are requested to be
paid, otherwise they will be handed
tan solicitor for collection.
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Steamer Hei
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Contractor and Builder.
x   REPAIRS.   :-:
a 2
New flannel boating: and cricket shirts
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Victoria Crescent.
I   9
t-  -
Tiik utttnl Co-operative Congress recently held at Norwich (England) has occupied a good deal of attention, more
especially as the question of Co-operation
as applied to lhe labor question has been
much mooted of hite. However nt this
Congress like most others there wus a
good deal of very poor stuff ami silly
bombast talked, as well as some very
ihoughti'ul and eloquent speeches made
by men who have been long recognised
as leaders in this particular walk of Social economics.   We suppose that any
and every Congress possesses the pleasing right ol self-luiiilation, so we do not
consider that any abuse was committed
when Professor Maiishai.i. told the world
lhat he regards Co-operation "as the
typical and most representative prodnot
of the age, because It combines high aspirations with calm and strenuous action,
and because it sets itself to develop the
spontaneous energies of the Individual,
while training bim In collective action by
Ihe aid of collective resources and for the
attainment of collective ends." Therefore, the Co-operative Congress mav innocently meet and listen to Professor
Maiisham. or other gentlemen. It may
exercise the common right of congresses
lo give advice to Government, and we are
not amazed lo hear that the Congress was
surprised   at    Ibe   Sugar    Convention.
City o Nanaimo
2 'tin and after July liith, the steamer Isabel will sail aa follows, calling in
i\ way ports :—
Lena... Victoria for Nanainio.
Tuesday al 7 u m
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Wednesday at li a m
io ' Lenve Como** for Nanniino,
'- ■ Thursday al 7 n m
j | Leave Nanainio for Comox,
_S ' Friday at tl a m
;   :    Leave Comox for Nanniino,
Baturdav at 7 a m
i Leave Nannimo for Victoria,
.pW^iooooof^v Kor Miin .,,, ,., ,= 'S™&n' ' " '"
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PROUT     &    INSLEY,    Proprietors.
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Convenient to Railway Station anal Steamship Dock.
corner of;hastings st granv1llk
streets, vancouver. b. c.
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Choice Meat & VevetableB
Meat  delivered to all parts of the city
free of charge. tf
VICTORIA.    15. C,
—WIU. r.iVK—
rayon,Indian Inkor WaterColors
The BEST WORK on the Pacific
Coast at
NEW   -:-    YORK    -:-     PRICKS.
Great  Transcontinental   Route
Nanaimo, 1). (.'., P. (). liox, 18a.
May 16—1 mo
Palace Hotel,
The Only FIRST-OLASS H0UBE Iu Tlie Oity,
g0f Sample Room For use of Commercial Travellers-
It caiutuins all the Latest
Telegraphic Dis«ib
Dished up iu readable style.
distributed early each i.i -
so that everyone oan i....
it at tho breakfast
G-aresche Green & Co.
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And all the latest events of ptibli!]
interest are promptly transmitted.
Every question of publio
importance discussed
A general 'Banking business transacted.
Telegraphic Transfers and Drafts on the
Eastern Provinces, Great Britain and the
United States. Collections promptlv
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has engaged a man iom San Francisco
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Beer, Ale and Porter.
lortkrn Pacific Rail y|BDYAL:: HDTBL
< (HI >II IH 1AI.     VI
c* ir a.
O    >tH  ,    r**
♦15 *'
• It
I Mm   ,-if
ON BATI lllivvs ANll SIM, l vs.
Via the Cascade  Division  now  completed
making it the Shortest,  Hest
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Printing & Publishing 0^
w ni-ni
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1 M
Return tickets will 1
for a single fare good f"r return Monday
Return ticl.cts for one ami n half ordinary fare may
t;e purchued daily lo all point ■, good for three *ia\s
ilia,.,,,.,,,,: Chop and Oyster House,
inn. Monday. I -
in-jle   fare wlien
including the day of Issue.
No return tickets Ksueil   for a
BUCh faie Is 35 cents.
Through rates between Victoria and Comox.
R. DUNSMUIR, President;
.»JOS. HUNTER, General Superintendenti
K, K. PRIOR, General Freight an.l Pas
I-ong 1'iidRt:,  Nannimo,   li. C.
Raw, I-'ry, Fancy Roast,
Plain Roast, Oyster lx)af,
New York Stew, Box Stew
< Al'llAl M-AOO-OOH
London  Ofpicr—*a8 Comliill, ondon.     Branches
at San Francisco, I'ortland, Or,, Victoria, New
Westminster, Vancouver, Nanaimo and
A"il'lll*4    lllMl     rol'r<>S|H.lllll'lll>' :
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U sited Stai i'.s—Afjeiits Bank of Montreal, 59 Wall
Strret, New Vork; —Hank of Montreal, Chicago.
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F.nglandl Nortli and Soutli Wale1* Bank;
liritisii  Linen   Company's   Hank'™
Bank of Ireland.
ndia, China, Japan-Australia* New Zealand H«ng
Kong and shanghai   Bank   Corpc-nttlon—
Chartered  Bank of India, Australia ami
China, English, Scottish and Australian  Chartered   Hank,  Hank  of
Australasia      Commercial
Hank Co., of Sydney.
Tl3.e   Steamer
nd Sooth Amebic A—London
Mexico nnd South Amtrlca.
Telegraphic Tr
alt point* 1
i-fi-r-. and Remittance! to
1 be made through thi" Ba;
current rati!.
Pan Roast.
Al.l.   KINDS Ol'   ROASTS,
IST'Open dny nml night.    Meals 25 cents
.... ..     1 and upwards,   taml am! Lodging py the
Loaves Vancouver lor Nanaimo on Mon-1 d     J  ^ m       thi
days, Tluirfidavs anil Fridays at 2:15 |     '
p.m., nn  llio "arrival  of  tlio Eimtflm  W. H. PHILPOTT,   Prop.
moils. »pi3 tf
Leaves New  WeHtniinster for Nanainio |
Monday8an,.Wednes,lavHat-a,,i.     ^ J^ygp    OolaChail
Leave" Nanainio for Vancouver Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 7 a.m.
Leaves Nanaimo for New Westminster
Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7 a. m.
Jamos Usstrxro-y
Commercial Street, Nanaimo,   J!. C.
50 lbs. Regs & Barrels
Delivered to all parts of the City from
Huiloek's Urick Block, Victoria Crescent.
May 14—1 mo
Northern  Pacific   Railway.
And sec that, your ticket reads via THIS
LINE, St. Paul or Minneapolis, to avoid
changes and serious delays occasioned by
other routes.
Through    Emigrant    Sleeping    Cars
Run on regular express trains lull length of
the line. Berths free. Lowest Rates.
Quickest Time.
I'rcight and Passenger Agent,
Nanaimo, R. C,
Asst. Gen. Pass. Agt.
121 First   St., cor. Washington,
Portland. Or.
OITT DtllAXt.AziA.XnT.
Next   door    to   Hirst's   Hrnu.,
Commercial  Street.
I. D. DEEBLE, Prop
Cnnseantly on hand a full assortment of
Choice Meats and Vegetables.
Shipping supplied  at short notice.
Peck's Hotel,
T.   E.   PECK,   Proprietor.
FIRST-CLASS in every particular.
•Sun Juan and Saanich Lime, Portland
cement, Inster of Paris and Brick. For
sale hv
Mav 15—1 mo
\ P. Jamieson, Prop.
I Oysters,   Cakes, Jellies, Ice Cream,   l'lanc
i        Mange, &c,    The only White Lahor
Restaurant in Town.    Meals
from  2; r.mts up.
Association—Headquarters, 455 Main
street, Winnipeg, Man. For collec.
tion of old and worthless accounts nny
where in the world, nnd no charge if not
collected. 0. E. Collins, Manager and
Treasurer. S. Perry Mills, Solicitor,
Victoria, B.C.
All my debtors are herewith warned
that unless they pay what amount of
monev they owe me within the time
specified in yesterday's paper, they will
be sued at the next County Court.
Holloway's Pills & Ointment
A-     ha; secured  for itself an imperisha|
fame throughout the world for the allevii
and cure of mosl diseases to which humatf.
Is heir.
rutify, icgulatc unit improve the quallt*L
the blood. They assist the digestive crgail
cleanse the STOMACH & BOWELS, il
crease the secretory power of the Livcr,biac&
the nervous system, and throw into the ell-'
Ciilation the pure elements for sustaining and^
repairing the frame,
Thousands of persons  have testified that!
by  their  use alone  they have been restored
to  health and strength after   every olheiJ
means have proved unsuccessful
Will be found invaluable in every Ilnuscliil
in the cure of open Sores, Hard TiimoJ
Colds, Sore Throats, Bronchitis, and all i
orders of thc Throat and Chest, as also Coil
Rheumatism, Scrofula, and every kind I
Scin Diseases.
Manufactured ouly at Professor Hollows]
Establishment, 78 New Oxford St. (late 1
Oxford   St.), London, and sold at is. 1 ijjj
2s. gi.. 4s. Cil. us., 22., and 33s. each lit,
and Pot.
TERFEITS. Purchasers should look to tlf
Label on the Pot and Boxes. If the addita
Is not 553 Oxford Street, London, they 1
spurious. IHE   NANAIMO   COURIER,   SUNDAY,   JULY   21, 1889.
"llio t,.i'... ili.it ui-o wanted are good girls—
Good from the heart to tho Upa;
Pin o aa tho lily Is whit© and pure,
Trom its heart to ita street leaf tips.
Tho girls that aio avanted aro homo girls—
Olrls that aro mother's right hand.
That fathers and brothers can trust to
And tho littlo ones understands
Uirls that nre lair ou tho hearthstone.
And pleasant when Dobotiy sees;
Kind and saveet to their own folks,
Ready and anxious to please.
The girls that are wanted ore wiso gtrls,
That knoav what to do or aay,
That drtvo with a smtlo or .oft word
Tho wrath or tho household away.
Tho glils that are wanted are girls ot sens*,
Whom fashion con never deceive:
Who can foUow whatever U pretty.
And aiare avhat Is silly to leavo.
Tho girls that aro wanted are careful girls.
Who count what a thing will cost;
Who use with a prudent, generous band.
Hut Ren that nothing Is lost.
The girls that are wanted aro girls with hearts"
They are wanted for mothers and wives;
Wanted to crndlo In loving oraia
The strongest and frailest Uvea.
Tho clever, the witty, the brilliant gtrt,
Tbere aro few who can understand;
But. oh I for tho wise, loving, home girl
There's a constant, steady demand.
In tho old haggling way of tiade which ;
hsi3, In this country, at least, happily gone
cut for tho most part, and beeu replaced by
the moro honest ono prico system, In which a
dealer puts a fair profit upon his goods and
sticks to that, It waa customary to demand a
great deal more than tho asker hoped to get.
Ono time on the Texas frontier a man camo
Into a camp tidin-r. an old mule.
"How much for tho mulof" asked a bystander.
"Jlst a hundenl dollars," answered tho
"I'll givo you live dollars," said tho other.
The rider stopped short, as if in amazement, and then slowly dismounted.
"Stronger," said he, "I ain'ta-goin' to letn
little matter of ninety-five dollars stand botween mo and n mulo trade. The mule's
Another story, somewhat of tho samo sort,
is related of an old tenant farmer who, on
paying his rent, told his landlord that ho
wanted somo timber to butid a bouso, and
would be much obliged if ho would glvo him
permission to cut down what would answer
for tho purpose.
"Nol" said tlio landlord, sharply.
"Well, theu, sir," tho farmer went on.
"will you give mo enough to build a barn T'
"To make a pate, tben.''1
"That's all 1 wanted," said the farmer,
"and more than I expected."—Tonth'B Companion. 	
Philanthropy an- Advertising?
"Do good by stealth und blush to find it
fame" may havo been excellent ndvioo avhon
Mr. Popo wrote, but. it would require reshaping to bring it into harmony with modern requirements. A Yorkshire coal denier who
has beeu doing good by stealth on quite an
extensive scale, now has cause to blush at
finding himself lineal by a polico magistrate.
This philanthropic trailer owns a weighing
machine which gives bis customers twenty-
one-pounds overweight on every hundred
aveight. Some timo ago his attention was
officially drawn to tho fact, and ho received
solemn warning that if ho continued hla sinful benevolence ho would bo summoned. A
weighing machine that gives overweight is as
Illegal as ono that does tho other thing, the
law demanding a perfect adjustment ot balance. Ttiiscoally Samaritan refused to believe, however, tliat his stealthy benefactions
wero punishable, nnd so persisted In adding
tbo littlo bonus to overy hundred weight of
black diamonds that left his shop, A One of
5s. and costs is tho result, tho bench expressing tho opinion that it looked u Uttlo hard to
punish a muu for cheating lilmsolf to benefit
his customers. It does look hard, no doubt,
bnt what a splendid advertisement!—London
Danger 1'ehlnil tho DuaraU.
In many old country houses thero aro wide
mouthed, discarded Qreplases that have boon
walled In temporarily or permanently, not
with brick and mortar, but with boards. Tho
droppings of soot and ashes from the Huob of
tbe chimney throat soonnccumulato lua com-
bustlblo heap ou tho old hearth, liable, any
hour, whon thero is Are in any stovo leading
into tho fluo, to ignite by a falling spark or
cmder and sot Uro to this wooden partition
of a, perhaps, unused room, and tho press
has another mysterious Incendiarism to report
Tho only safo avay Is to brick such fireplaces, or, if this is impracticable, tho old
hearthstono to be spared for occasional warming, Its fireboard should be often removed
and Its wails and base stones brushed clean
of soot and dust filled ashes, that are so readily
ignited, else, somo night may (Ind your homo
cremated.—Good Housekeeping.
Kemcily for tho *"v"hlto Grub.
The uso of benzlno has been found effectual
In Franco in destroying the white grubs (the
larva* of tho May or dor bug), which often
do immense damage, especially In dry sea-
sous, to lawns, strawberry plants, seedling
plants and otlier nursery stock. Holes ore
made In tlio ground infested with tho grubs
with one of tho sharp iron dibbles used sometimes in transplanting small plants, and the
benzine is poured into thorn. Fifty grains of
benzine are used to llio '.quaro yard, and caro
is taken to insert it above tho piano of tho
feeding ground of tho grubs. In nn experiment recently mado by ono of the French
forest officers, and reported nt a meeting of
the National Agricultural society, tho grubs
on twelvo acres wero destroyed at n cost of
only $8.30 per acre.—Now York Telegram.
.lieu and Glovog.
The American hns uo timo to wear gloves
unless for tho purpose of koeplng his hands
warm. Eventho "gentleman" out for a walk
will carry Ills gloves in ono band whon tho
air Is warm. Thero are too many men in a
hurry to permit tho glove wearer to bo as
frequent a tight as tho bare handed man.
.Men aro careless, too, aud others havo white,
tapering fingers that they want to show, or
tbey wear big rings that will not lot n glovo
go over them, while other men have to wash
their hands so often thnt gloves would bo a
nuisance to them. Society plays and society
hovels always make thoir gentlemen fulfill all
the requirements of the glove code, but it will
have to bo somo future generation thnt lives
up to tho inandato thereof.—Good Housekeeping.       	
A Now Cliluoso ltullaviiy.
It is reported that tho Bonk of Hong Kong
and Shanghai is to float for tho Chinese government a 5 per cont. loan of £500,000, to
enable tho government to construct a railway from Tientsin to Pekln, on enterprise
long contemplated, tlio total cost of which is
estimated at £l.',0U0.000. The first and only
Chinese railway now In existence—that from
'fatal to Tientsen—is aid to be doing remark-
ubly well. The results of tbat experiment
bavo surpassed the expectations of tho government.— Monitour dec Intercts Materiel,
An Allaiblf, Ueiilleiuauly Felou, Who Would
Sol Harm u House— Hundred, of Thousands nl Dollars Stolen From Banks.
Why  He Cannot  ""efnmi.
i'avo genteelly dressed men walked into tho
"*aople*sSovlngsand Deposit bank, in Denver,
Colo. It was shortly after tho noon hour,
nnd most of tho officials were at dinner. Only
the cashier remained, and ho approached the
wicket window to converse with one of tho
callers, avl,o n Ished to mnke arrangements to
lioconio a depositor.
Suddenly u noiso in tho rear of tho bank
caught the cashier's ear. Ho turned to seo tlio
other stranger nt tho door of tho big open
.vault. Quick ns a flash the official ran to the
safo, seizing, aa iio passed tho counter, a revolver.
Throwing tho cockaial weapon into the faco
of tho robber, Iio mado him put up his hands.
The prisoner quietly submitted to arrest,
while hia companion hastily loft by tho street
U'lion turned over to tho police the mnn
pleaded that it wash's first offense and begged
for mercy. His namo was James -Mctz, and
ho was n merchant, broken down hy reverses
and trouble, wlio fell w hen confronted with
tho opportunity to rob tho bank. His address
and appearance seemed to confirm his story.
Adoilt, heavy mustache and full beard nearly
covered his thin, sallow face. Ho was rather
small and slender of stature. Ono feature of
hisattiie, however, deepened tho suspicions
of tbo polico. Ho woro heavy fell shoes, but
theu ho urged lhat he was a consumptive,
and they wero to protect bis feet from dampness.
ir WAB "littj.b uoiiAci:.'
Four days later Robert and William Plait-
erton, the celebrated detectives, happened to
stop over in Denver. The authorities had as
yet been bafileal in discovering tbe identity of
"Mr. Metz," und decided to call on those
chiefs of thief takers.
"Littlo Horace I" exclaimed Bob Puikertou
assoon as ho dapped liis eyes on the prisoner.
Metz was silent for a moment, and then
frankly admitted ho was none otlier than
Horace Hovan, ono of the most celebrated
and successful bank sneaks the world ever
When reminded of bisnrrcst by Mr. Pinker-
ton for the robbery of tho Middletown (Conn.)
bank in 1679, out of which bo secured $100,-
000 in bonds, Littlo Horace admitted tbat
such was tbo fact.
Talking with Detectivo Puikertou, Hovan
gave a brief sketch of bis career, and It Is certainly a most interesting account of tho life
of a criminal.
Little Horaco has been associated with tho
best bank sneaks in tho country, and his lines
have frequently tlirown him with other noted
crooks whoso specialties differed from his. In
appearance bo is very gentlemanly looking,
of slender build nnd of genteel appearance
and dress. Ho ia tho last man whom any one
would suspect of being a dangerous criminal.
He Is possessed of the greatest norvo of any
man in the world, and, up to eight or ten
years ago, was most successful. Unlike most
professional criminals, ho ls very steady in
bis habits-, outsidoof associatiug with thorn hi
his profession ho never associates with them,
nor resorts lo places frequentcal by criminals.
Although Iio lias boon engaged for a number
of years as n professional criminal, ho is very
Uttlo kuowu to polico otliciula. Ho is domestic
iu Ills habits., always selects u quiot residence,
and stops around homo. Ho is in uo way a
desperate criminal, and when cornered he
will endeavor to sneak or run away. Ho
has nover been known to carry weapons of
any kind, and ho not ouly abhors such things,
but will even refuse to work with any one
whom ho thinks would attempt to do any one
an injury. In polico circles this is considered
ono of iho host traits of his character. He
never allows any ono to visit himself or his
family, and never lots nny one know whero
ho Uvea.
bi 1870, iu company with a man who has
j siuco reformed, aud who la now living hon-
i estly, and Big Eal Ulce, Littlo Horaco stolo
j $20,000 from u Halifax (N. S.) bank.   Hovan
I and tho man beforo mentioned were arrested,
but Rico got awuy with tho money.   Both
mon were released, ns tho money was returned to tho bunk.   In 187S Hovan was convicted for a sneak job in Pittsburg and sentenced to two years and eleven months in tho
Western penitentiary at Allogbeny City. He
fot away, and Robert Plnkerton arrested
im shortly afterward for the robbery of a
vault of tbo Middlotowu (Conn.) bank, where
he secured over 8100,000 tn government, state
I and county bontls,   Tho bonds wero returned
i and he was released.   In 18S1 bo was arrested
| in Philadelphia with Frank Buck for the lar-
! ceny of SIO.IBO in securities from a broker's
i safo In that city.   Ho was convicted of burglary and sentenced to three yeara In the
' Eastern penitentiary.   Ho was pardoned out
j In 1883 on conalitlon that he would go to
Washington and testify against somo officials
wbo wero on trial.   Ho agreed to do so on
condition that an old case against him in
Charleston, S. C, should be settled, and the
authorities agreed to his terms.   He gavo his
testimony, which was not credited by the
jury, nnd In 18tyl  he  waa discharged.   A
month after his release ho and Buck Taylor
were arrested iu Boston, but asnothing could
bo proved against him he was simply ordered
out of tho city.
in the fall ot 1SS5 bo was detected in abstracting a package of bank notes from a
safo in nn English banker's office and was
sentenced to threo years' Imprisonment.
After ho had served his timo abroad be returned to this country via Canada, aud come
to Chicago aud lived for n whllo at tho Tro-
mont house. Ho then loft, and went went by
way of Kansas City.
The crook then summarized his career as ho
chatted with the dotoctivo: "Why don't you
reform, os I once advised yon t" asked tho do
"I woulal ouly bo too willing to do so if any
ono would givo mo employment tliat my
health would stand, but whoro could u man
like me get work! You onco advlsc.1 me to
mako an honest living und 1 determined to
accept your adrico. I went to>acit.y to settle
down and got employment. A detectivo camo
aiui..;, Identified ino nud informed tho police.
Although iny family offcrod a bond for my
good behavior, thoy were afraid to let mo livo
there. If they had let mo nlono I'll been an
honest man toalay. I had a family to support
and hoal to do something, Tho detectives
bunted mo ilown so that 1 could get no employment. There's nothing in a criminal's
career but misery for himself and family. 1
knoav that bettor than any one. No matter
what tie gets, be is a pauper in tho entl. It ia
from one prison to another; no sooner out
than back again. I know not a single man of
my associates, all of whom hnvo handled
thousands, that is in a position of comfort today. If I could got honest employment 1
would be only too glad to tako lt. My health
Is broken down from imprisonment, and I
havo a cough that menus death.''—Cincinnati
Tlio gun extcaped from tbesltting roomstove
cneday, and little Eliiottexclabned, "I don't
liko tho Uroat li of that stove."
Die.  Janitor's  Club  Too   Modi   Cor  "Con-
stuut Header."
"Good morning, Mr. Editor. 16ee you are
very buay, but I suppose a cat can look upon
a king without disturbing him."
"Don't let me take any of your valuable
time, hut I sent you a communication the
other day which you haven't printed."
"Sign your name!"
"No, I didn't care to put my name to it,
but tho matter was one of such publlo interest
that I"	
"Wrote on both sides of the paper?"'
"Why, yes. I didn't intend to, but the sub
ject strung out so I had to, and also round tbe
"Wrote Johnson' so It looked like
"Very likely.    I was in great haste."
"Signed 'Constant Reader,11 suppose!"
"Yes, sir, I have taken your valuable paper
for a great many years."
"Read all our editorials on the subject you
wrote about!"
"No.    Havo you been discussing that sub-
i J-wM"
"Cei'talnlv, for some months past, off and
1 "Singular 1 haven't noticed It. Well, if
you can't print my communication, I'd like it
! again, as I may make someeather use of it."
"Seo wasto basket."
"I don't seo any waste basket but 1 notice
the floor ia littered with manuscripts."
"Samo thing—uo room for waste basket
big enough to accommodate all the. fool stuff
that comes here."
"Oh, then I can't"-
"Ask Janitor."
■• Where shall 1 find him!"
"Ten flights farther up."
"No, climb stairs.1'
"What kind of a looking man!"
"Savage looking, with a big club."
"Oh—good day."
"Day."—Springfield Union.
llenellts of Co-Operative Banking.
Speaking of the benefits of the co-operative
bank system, one who is familiar with its
! workings and results says: "The savings of
the mechanic nnd laboring man are necessarily limited, and, In the ordinary way of
laying by a littlo now and then, tbey may get
discouraged on account of tbe length of time
necessary to accumulate sufficient to accomplish their desires, and aro very likely to give
up in despair when year after year passes and
they still see the object far oft But with tho
assistance rendered by the union of indlvld-
• uals exactly in the same condition of life
j with himself, he can command, in tho be-
j ginning of practical life, the means which,
I without this union, would require years of
I toil and self denial; and thon he would oidy
I arrive at tho ideal of his mind when
his capacity for Its enjoyment would
havo passed the meridian, nnd his pathway,
in consequence of yeara of toil, is necessarily
downward. Hero he begins at the end, as it
were, and secures the benefits of years of
saving before ho has mado any accumulation; and In liquidating his engagements
with tho association only returns thereto
what he would hnve to pay a landlord for
rental, whilo feeling that only forn short
time is this necessary, aud then his obligations are ended, renders it a comparatively
easy task; for ho is working to the ond he
wishes to attain, and there is positive, moagl
certainty that he will and can reach it, How
much better, then, for every man who is
within reach of these great and good institutions to connect himself therewith and secure
hia own independence, and thus feel conscious that his energies have not been expended in producing an income for tho support of another to the exclusion of hia own
person nnd family."—Boston Herald.
A Town Meeting.
It was held in Antrim, N. H., in 17T7. The
warrant, addressed to "Maurice Lynch, Constable," was as follows:
"In the Name of the Government and peoplo of this State you are To Warn all the
freeholders and other Inhabitants Quallif yd
by Law to Vot In Town meetings Belonging To Said Antrim to meet at the Centor of
Sold Town on Wens-lay the 20th Day of this
Instant at Eight ot the Clock In the forenoon
flrst to chuse A moderator.
"2nd To Seo if the Town WUl be Satisfyed
With tho Choico of tho Surveyor and bis
assestono Maid of the Spot for a meeting
bouse and Burying place.
"Mly for Every Man for to a ax fall tho
Trees off the Value of one Acer More or Less
When Legualy agreed for tho Spoot To
Build upon.
"4thly To Chuse a Committee for to Regulate the Expense The Town bas been at In
Respect of tbe War and Acton aney Thing
Thought Needful in the opinion of the Selectmen and this Shall be your Warrant."
At the meeting thus called the foUowiug
votes were passed:
"Voted the Spot to BuUd the Meeting
house to be Between a Read oak tree marked
with the figur of Eight and the Deat of the
year 1777—and the Burlng-Place,—
"Voted to chope one Acer more or less.
"Voted that the Dclinqueants Shall Fay
one Dollar or Else work one Day at cboping
and falling at the Center."—Youth's Companion.
A Young American.
A good way to learn to love any country is
to be born In it At any rate, children born
In America, no matter what their foreign
parentage, are usually decided Uttle Americans. They soon got "digested into" American Ufe as Wendell PhiUips used to phrase lt
—which Is the best possible thing for aU
parties concerneai
Tho editor of Our Youth says ho was one
day seated In the barber's chair, whUe the
knight of the scissors was waving his weapons over ids head, when a Uttle boy came
Into the room.
The barber spoke to the lad In German;
the boy answered in English, whereupon the
sold, "I haf to lick that Uttle poy to make
hhn shpeak Cberman. I shpeak to him in
Cberman, und he el'ery time dalks English.
Do oder day ho wouldn't alako his dinnor to
schgool In a Cberman paper, und ho makes
his moder puy him The New York Sun for
two cunts to made a kite mid, von bo could
havo a Cberman paper for nodings."
That sturdy little American-German boy
taught us a lesson—that though today we may
havo Germans, Irish, Swedes, Italians upon
our shores, to-morrow thoir chUdren willall
bo Amuricnns.—Youth's Companion.
Evidence af the Sagacity of His Cottc
riantittlon Animal.
Working animals, such as horses and mules,
are generally kept on a cottou plantation ia
»large open pen. In the center there is »
feed shed, containing a trough for corn and r.
rafter for fodder overhead Stock is fed
only twice a day, noon and ni^ht. By sun
up on work days the plow hands appear, eact
to catch bis "critter," and the forty or fifty
mules at tbeir sight move in utter confusior
around tbo shed, hiding behind one another.
But how is it on Sundays? There reigns then
an Arcadian peace in tho pen. Each mule is
paired off with liis "chum" (a selective affinity, no aloubti iu an angle of the raU fence
head and luU together. The object is a practical exemplification of tho golden rule. To
enjoy an untroubled siesta, each head secures
Immunity from tho fly pest by a close proximity to ids friend's "perpetual mobile.'
Farm hands may go in and out without producing tho least sign of alarm. But, should
bridlea appear, that disturbs only master's
saddle or carriage horses.
As to the mules, no extra twitch iu tad oi
ear shows tho least suspicion that their owner
j could possibly be the victim of a mistake;
| with eyes drooping and head on a level with
that of hia neighbor's taU, bis somnolent tor*
; por is a picture of trust and  safety.    He
knows- it is Sunday    1 remember well the
amused look of my foreman, Essex, when asking him  for  hia opinion on the subject:
"Why, bi course," said he, "dey knows it's
; Sunday."
I    Pertinent to the above query is tho other:
; Do animals know noontime?   For tho sake of
a lively scene let us somo forenoon go into a
: large field.    Presently we are startled from
; our reverie by an unearthly "Ee-hung, ee-
' hung, ee-hung, hung, hung."   It is the Nes
tor of the four-footers that calls thus: "Time
for refreshments"—a signal simUarly seconded
'■ and approved in succession by forty others.
We look at our timepiece and, sure enough,
i tho large hand is about covering tho smaller.
It is noon.   The mule, however, Is some min-
, utea ahead of time, and there ensues a fearful
contest for the mast n-y between him and the
i driver, which the distant dinner horn only
I ends.
Now, Uow is it that the mule knows noon-
: time?   Does ho rely on the Infallibility of his
! timepiece, that warns him that it needs re-
i winding?   Or bas he noticed his equaUy hungry partner, Snmlio,  who, on reaching the
end of the row, halts a moment, and, turning face  northward,   anxiously  scans   the
shadow at his feet?   Or is the sensitiveness of
his back so delicate that he can discriminate
between oblique and vertical rays?
Wo aro prone to mystify, and because we
are unwilling to grant brute creation the
power of reasoning, we caU their actions that
surprise us "instinct." In the barnyard,
stable and field we never observe this quality of instinct in the young. It is only the
old that become wise by experience.—Scientific American.
Columbia - Carnage - n-voi.•*..-
Hastings Street. East of Carroll,
I'll**. t-xt*Misiv-* ettabli •■■'lent has ju*t opened.     A la:v   ud well -.elected stock of
Cari'iages,    Buggies,    Buckboacls,
UPDO!} (JU0PT1JP Having  "-.eci-red  thr  best  shoer  on the Coast, this department *aill be made a
nUUuL'buULlil lli        ipeciftliy.    We guarantee to  prevent horses from  interfering or  over-reaching
I.A.'til'.    Il€>K>il-N t-hod and treated on the latest approved principles.
DrDADTWP Repairing in al! its branches, n well as l*A13i'lJM«, '1 AMUUXti- Etc., done with
nbrAulrlU* neatness and at rioderate prices. Light and Heavy I OiU.IM.S of every descriptio L
attended to. gs^EvcniJ department will receive the personal supervision of our Mr. McNABB, an olde l«
perienc-;d workman, well an-' favorably known in many parts of th<; Dominion, _
A.   T.   McNABB   <fc   Co.
J3 A. 3VT JESL !E3 JrL SS,
iiovernment Street
Victoria, B. C.
i'epajsits Keceived in Oold, Silver and O. S. Currency.    Interest paid ou ihe same
mi time depunits.
Oold Dust and C. S. Currency purchased at highest market nites.
HF" Sight Drafts aud Telegraphic Trausfera or Shi. Prsnoisoo, New Vork and
"Cxchange on  Loudou available iu all purts of Europe.  Kiiglat.d. Ireland and
Letters of Credit issued on the principal Citi"« of tin- Oul tod Ktntt-i,, Canada and
W Agents for  Wells,  Fargc  %  Co. Jgt
NESBITT, DICK SON -fe CO..PvoprietorK.
TIME   TABLE   No.   io.
I    TAKING-   FFECT FEBRUARY iot, 1889.
j VICTORIA TO Vancouver and Moodyville daily
except Monday, at 4 o'clock.
VANCOUVER TO Victoria, daily, except Monday,
at 13:13 o'clock  or on the an-ival of the C P.
Railway Train.
S.S. PREMIER will leave as follows:—Vancouver
a p. m., Mondays and Thursdays, returning
leaves Seattle Wednesdays and SatOrJaysato
a.tn., arriving in Vancouver about 6 p.m., this to
lake effect Thursday, February 9th.
Leaves VICTORIA for  New Weituiintter, Ladner'..
Lauding and Lulu Island,  Sundays and Thursdays at 7 t-'clock, Tuesdays at 8 o'clock.
Leave  NEW   WESTMINSTER for Victoria   and
-vay ports on Monday at 2 p.m., Wednesday aid
Friday at 7 a.m.
PLUMPER PASS, Sunday at 7 o'clock.
Steamers for Hope and way ports leave New Westminster even* Thursday:   For Cnilliwhack and
way  landing-, every  Tuesday and  Saturday at
7 a.m.
Steamer MAUDE leaves Victoria for Alberni and
Sound ports once a month.
Steamship Sardonyx will leave for Fort Simpson  and
intermediate pons on the First  and   Fifteenth  of
each  month.    Whenever   sufficient    induceiueitf
offers will call at points on  the   West  Coast  and
'.'m-eii Charlotte Islands.
The company reserves the right of changing this
Time Table at any time without notification.
(ten. Agent, Manager.
Nanainio Land Office.
Boot & Shoemaker,
Actresses' Uepntutlatii.
Da) you want to know bow some actresses
ruin their reputationl Well, I will tell you.
They accept invitations from mere boys to
go out to supper after tho performance. You
may say, Well, tbere Is no harm In that No,
there Is not, but tho younsters causo all the
trouble. They think lt smart to go around
lulling their friends on what terms of familiarity they are with such and such a stage
favorite, and by knowing nods and Insinuations la-.'ivo people under false impressions in
regard to the girl's character. If actresses
had any sense they would leave the youngsters alone, for, while the latter mean uo
harm, they think they are doing a smart
trick in parading their intimacy with a foot
light, favorite.—Miss Cora Tennte, of "Th.
Corsah-" Troupe.
! To the Travelling Public | M,n^::;:";^r rrd
Next   Hilbert's  Furniture
flsF*Repairing el all Wnde promptly
attended to
yp 28-tf
sayoi. Vancouver, B. C.
Reliable reports, unalergroainal surveys anal maps
of mines executed at loav rates. Assays maale nn all
kinds of Minerals, Gold una! Silver bars. Thirty
years experience in mining in Asia, Europe and
United States of America. Speaks ten languages.
CANADIAN   PACIFfC   RAIL' V I Assays  from   a dlltance   promptlv   attenaled   to.
a rs un  rim-
Assorted Jumbles,
Assorted Tlngers.
Coffee Cake,
Cheese Biscuits,
Currant Tops.
Olnger Snaps,
Oraham Wafers.
Olnger Cake,
Family Pilot.
Fanoy Mixed.
Fruit Blaer,
Iced Ginger Bread.
Iced Sultana.
Lemon Simps,
Lemon  Biscuit.
Nrw York biuus.
Oai Meal,
Hich Mixed,
Soda Crack... «
Seed Biscuit,
Sugar Crackers,
Spice Jumbles.
Suijar  "Joouies.
Sultana Biscuit,
Vanilla Cream.
Etc.. Etc.
I Address, Vancouver, 6. C.
And ils aotiuectiona*'na.y lie hsal  fro ai
A. SHAW,  A-jei-t,    -
All quartz ior assaying leit with W. C
XT I Hallack, Nanaimo, will be promptly for-
Nanam-o. wanted to Dr. Bw-Umeyer.
Price List Furnished. Orders promptly attended to.   Ask vou, o- - ca>.
or NESBITT, DICKSON & CO.'S Biscuits.
Pure American.
Every age, sex and nationality has its own
weakness, whieh is observed and played upon
by the crafty. A certain salesman says that
when ho particularly wishes to dispose of
some article of dress, he states it to be of
French origin.
"These French shoulders are very becoming to you, madam," he exclaims, admiringly, as somo portly dame dons a peculiarly cut
garment. "I don't believe a lady could be
found, out of Paris, who could wear them to
such advantage"
The consequence of such a speech often Is
that the purchaser feels herself to be a worthy
type of Parisian dames, and snaps up the
However, humbug of any sort Is likely at
some time to meet with a check. Ono day,
this clever salesman saw a modestly dressed
woman examining somo wraps in his department, and stepping briskly up to her remarked:
"Thirty-five dollars, madam. A new
French design. Tbat plaiting at the back is
the newest invention of a great French
"Indeed," said the lady, quietly. "That
seems odd.   Are tho garments Imported!"
"No, they aro mado In New York, but as 1
said, tho plaiting which gives them such a
Jaunty look, is copied from a French modal"
"More and more surprising," said the lady.
"It happens that I work In the establishment
where they are made, and I designed that
plaiting myself."—Youth's Companion.
Dacklug nn ti Wheel.
A Yankee sportsman with a very level
head stocked with original Ideas, ls one Chad-
wick, who bas been giving the surviving
ducks of Long Island something to quack
about with saddened surprise. Mr. Chad-
wick's head Is of the kind tbat saves Its possessor's heels. Be fitted ui a bicycle for traveling upon the ice, by placing barbs upon the
periphery of the wheel, and devising out riggers in the form of small steel runners that
steadied the machine, while Its rider waa
using his breech loader with precision and effect When occasion demanded Mr. Chad-
wick would deck his ice bicycle with branches
of evergreen, and therewith pedal silently
and swiftly toward the ducks.
This Birnam wood spectacle being new in
the experience of the birds, tbey gazed at the
sight with surprise unmixed with fear, insomuch that Mr. Chadwick, without tiring his
muscles, could work his will with the fowls
before liim. While other duck hunters were
toiling over rough ice and falling down on
smooth ice, Chadwick and his onewheeled arsenal was speeding among tho open ponds, or
spinning before a stiff breeze, in search of
distant shooting grounds. Duck language
must needs be rich in adjectives in order to
supply tho needs of the surviving ducks of
the coast of Long Island, when they reach a
safe feeding ground and essay to tell of the
awful creature that pursued them among the
Inlets near Montauk Point—Pittsburg Bulletin. 	
Bees and rlgeons.
An amusing experiment was recently made
hi Westphalia todetermln, the relative speed
of flight of iws ami piget'lis. Tho racecourse
through tbo ah* was threo and a half miles In
length. Tbe bees were marked by covering
them with flour, which doubtless in a certain
moasuro retarded their flight, yet the first
bee arrived at tho winning post twenty-flvo
seconds before tbe first pigeon, nnd three
other bees camo in before the second bird arrived. The speed of Qlght is not stated, but
as it is known that pigeons fly at tho rate of
fifty miles or moro an hour, this seems to establish the fact that bees bavo a flight as
speedy as tbat of our swifter birds.—Boston
Ono on the Drummer.
"I never was bluffed In so pleasant a way
as on my last trip," said Joblots, tho drummer, lately. "I was just about to enter an
office when 1 saw a stairway with a sign,
'This way for commercial salesroom.' I supposed the stairs led to tho counting room, so
I went up, and found myself In a long hall
with walls where pointing boards directed
the way. I passed through the hall and came
to a stairway lending down as another board
pointed. I descended, aud opening the door
tt the lowest step found I was—In the street
again I"—True Flag.
HENRY 8. ■*.*-.«•-*■,
56 New
Broad St.
%he business of ALLSOP  dS MASON has been merged tn
j  ^A*..«.#.*»«. n.x.1 . I    .... ....         .      . ..
dattaas t
abot t Company and teHll bVcarried"oirby"iye Company Jrom   this
a General Land Investment and Insurance Agency.
more or less, very good land, Millstream
running through, close to Comox Road.
A desirable homestead, minerals included—
Newcastle Townsite—Lot 68, Block 3
$225 Terms.
Lot 43, block 10, $500 cash.
Lot S, block 13, $1800 terms. Splendid
business site.
Lots j 1 and 12, block 6—$1000.
Locations for residences and business sites
throughout the city.
Nine blocks in the Syndicate Addition to
Port Angeles. Farms in all parts of he
Province. d
ing from business he begs to notify
all persons indebted to him to settle
their accounts on or before the 30.h June
proximo. Accounts remaining unpaid
after that date will be placed in the
hands of an attorney for collection. All
persons to whom the undersigned is indebted are requested to hand in their
claims for payment, on or before the
above mentioned dates.
Nanaimo, 19th April,  'SO.
MRMCV Tf. I RAM ON ™o«™*<-e -t loW"rATE8.
lYIUIIL I    I U   LUHIl Town Lou anil Farming Land* f-»t
tale on easy terms.
Dr. J.   Collis   Browne**
Advice to invalids—If you a\ istl to ouialn
quiet refreshing sleep, free Irom headache,
relief from pain and anguish, 10 calm and
assuage the weary achings of protracted
disease, invigorate the nervous media, and
regulate thc circulating systems of the body,
you will provide yourself with tnat marvellous remedy discovered by Dr. J. Cullis
Browne date Army Medical Stall), to which
he gave the name of CHLORODYNE, and
which is admitted by the profession to be the
most wonderful and valuable remedy ever
CHLORODYNE is the best remedy
known for Coughs, Consumption, Bronchitis,
CHLORODYNE acts like a charm in
Diarrhcea, and is the only specific in Cholera
and Dysentery.
CHLORODYNE effectually cuts short all
attacks of Epilepsy, Hysteria, Palpitation
and Spasms.
CHLORODYNE is the only palliative in
Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Gout, Cancer,
Toothache, Meningitis, &: , &c.
From Symes & Co., Pharmaceutical
Chemists Medical Hall, Simla, January 5th,
1880: To J. T. Davenport, Esq., 33 Great
Russell Street, Bloomsbury, London, Deal
Sir:—We embrace this opportunity of congratulating you upon lhe wide-spread reputation this justly esteemed medicine, Dr. J.
Collis Jrowne'S Chlorodyne, has earned for
itself, not only in Hindostan, but all ovet
the East. As a remedy of general utility,
we much question whether a better is imported into the country, and we shall be
glad to hear of its finding a place in every
Anglo-Indian home. Thc other brands, we
are happy to say, are now relegated to the
i native baraars, and judging from their salet
1 we fancy their lojurn there will he" hut
I evanescent. We could multiply instances
infinitum of the extraoralinnry efficacy of
Dr. Collis Browne's Chlorodyne in Diarrhce,
and 2nd Dysentery Spasms, Cramps,
Neuralgia, thc Vomiting of Pregnancy, and
as. general Sedative, that have otaa.irreai
und-c our personal observation during many
years. In Choleraic Diarrhcea, and even if
the more terrible forms of Chulera itself, we
have witnessed its controlling power. We
have never used ->ny other foim of this
medicine than Collis Browne's, from a lirm
conviction that it is decidedly the best, and
also from a sense of duty we owe tai the proj)
fession and the public, as we ire of the
opinion tnat the substitution of any other
than Collis Browne's, is A DELIBERATE
faithfully yours, Symes & Co., Members ot
the Pharm. Society of Great Britain, Ilis
Excellancy the Viceroy's Chemists.
Albion Iron Works.
engineers,  iron   founders   and
uoilbr makers,
Manufaaiurets ajf Marine bu"1 l.anal E nges
Boilers, 1'isli Canning anal Mining Machinery,
Hydraulic Olul. anal Pipe REPAIRS executed
with dirpatch.   Works running night ui dsv
CAUTION.—Vice-Cniincellor Sir W.
Page Wood stated that Dr. J, Collis Browne
was, undoubtedly, the inventor uf Chlorodyne; that the story of the defendant, Frca.
man, was deliberately untrue, which, he
regretted to say, had been sworn to —See
"Thc Times," July 13, 18S4.
Sold in bottles nt Is. i.'.,d., 2s. od., 4s.
6d., and I is. each. None is genuine without   thc    words   "Dr.   J.   Collis   BrowAv'g
i Chlorodyne" on the   Government    stamp,
: Overwhelming medical   testimony   accomi
\ panics each bottle.
Caution—Beware of   Piracy    anal Imita-
\ tins.
j    Sole Manufactures —J. T, Davenport, 33
Great Russell  Street, Hloomsbnrv   London
[Between  Nanaimo and  Vancouver.]
StkAMEr Rainbow.
Arrives ^ at     Nanaimu     Tuesdays—Leaves
Nanaimo Wednesday mornintj.
Trains leave Nanaimo for Victoria.   9:04 a.m
'on,'     12:29 *'•"''•
" arrive in    " from Victoria    12:20 p.m
•on       8:e5 A.M.
On Saturdays an extra train leaves Nanaimo for Victoria at 1:56 p. m. A train also
leaves Victoria for N-niaimo, arriving here
at 6:55 p. m„ and le.-ves for Wellington at
10:15 P. M,
Mails close daily for Victoria
and  way stations  8 a.m.
"    A"ive     12:20 a. m!
"    Close for Wellington...     11:45 A.M.
"    For Comox, Alberni and
way stations every   Wednesday  7 p. M.
G. H. BLAKEWAY & 00.
The Nanaimo Pharmacy
Phjsician Prescriptions carefully compounded
Country orders promptlv attended io.
NANAIMO,    ll. i'.
J.  ■:.  jknkiivs,      .      Proprietor.
T. A Ailiun und R. Schilling have
opened a
on Commercial Street
opposite the Co-operative Store. They
will keep nothing hut the boBt stock of
Fruits, Temperance Drinks, Ice Cream,
Cigars, Tobacco and Smokers' requisites,
Give them a trial anil be convinced.
Alex. Mayer ft Co.,
Wholesale and Retail Dealeis in General.
Orders   promptly   and   carefully delivered-
Commercial  Street,
Nanaimo, B.C.
Harewood Lake, May 27th, 1889.
Strayed 011 to my premises one iron
grey cow with a young call. The owner
is requested to come nnd pay charges and
take away the cow.
Wm. Blackmore,
Arc hitect,   Etc.
c. c. Mckenzie,
Land Agent, Conveyancer, Accountant
and Insurance Agent.
Office:—C. I.. Smith's Building, Hastion Street,
Town Lots and Farms for Sale.    Money to Loan r ,
Mortgage at low ratee.
Agent for the (.ilasgow and London Fire Insur
Corporation of the City of
Nanaimo, B. C.
By-Law to appoint a time and place for
hearing complaints against Real Estate As*
sessments. Whereas by a by-law dated the
6th day of May, 1889, the 13th day of May was
appointed for the return by the Assessor to
the Municipal Council uf the Real Estate Assessment Roll, for the year 1889,
and, whereas the said roll was returned on
that day, and whereas it is necessary to appoint a lime and place for hearing the complaints of such person or persons as may complain of his or their assessments, appearing on
the said roll.
Ue it therefore enacted by the Mayor and
Aldermen of the city of Nanainio as  follows:
1. That all complaints that have been
duly made, or shall be duly made, by any
person or persons of his or their assessments
us the same may appear on the said assess
ment roll forthe year 1889. shall be heard at
the city council chamber, Nanaimo, on Tuesday, the 18th day ofjune, 1889, at the hour
of 10 o'clock in the forenoon and at 2 o'clock
in thc afternoon, or as soon thereafter as the
said complaints can be heard.
2. This by-law may be cited for all purposes as the appeal by-law,  1889.
Passed by the Municipal Council this 3rd
day ofjune, 1889, affirmed by the Municipal
Council this 10th day ofjune, 1889.
C. M. C. Mayor.
Watchmaker and Jeweler,
4 online rt inl Si., Nnuaimo, B.C-
Watches nud Jewelry bought, sold nnd
Spectacles and Eye-Glasses
&c, on hand.
General Blacksmithf& Carriage Builder.
Bastion stilt. BfUit, hisiM, B. C.
With New 1 remises,  Model! Machinery and* Fin
Cla. a  Workmen,  .11 Styles of Wuu>, •
".Ullages Mid Buggies will be built"
to order.
*1 i[j III 1111 s .' II.-.'I. Ner ion*.
A lira, started yesterday in the pile of
rubbish near the fence leading down to
Hirst's w Imi I, which for a short time
Bared up BerceJy, burning out part of the
supports of tin- fence nn.l most'of the
surrounding rubbish.
.lolm Hilbert, furniture dealer, was
luckily watering ihe road in front of his
warehouse with a hose and seeing ibe
state of affairs tilled several buckets with
water, which he packed lo the scene nf
dauger and speedily put the Ore out.
li Is supposed that the fire was started
by .-a.iua'one thoughtlessly dropping a
lighted match or cigar end into the
rubbish pile. There are several other
places iu the i-ity. when- rubbish is piled,
tbat need lookiug after as ii Is not always
there is water handy, anal a lire near the
the supports of the Bastion streel bridge.
for instance, would mean cutting that
street od' from communication witli
For the linei.1 anal newest perfumes ii"
io Blakeway a\: Co.. 1 linguists. jy21-lnn
A neat blade was put on the propeller
of the S.S. Corona with the greatest
celerity in the Esquimalt dry dock.
Blakeway <k Co. bare tbe most complete stock of I'.ilei requisites on the
Island. jyL'1-lni
Tin' Kindergarten lately established in
New Westminster bids fair lo be a success.   Miss Drummond is the principal.
G. II. Blakeway .* Co. received a large
consignment of drugs, chemicals and perfumes yesterday. jySl-lin.
The "kids" are having a good time
catching tom-cod off the wharves. The
lish bite voraciously nnd big strings nre
the result.
The fruit trees in the gardens around
town need rain very badly, and if it does
no' gel it soon the crop will lie light this
Tbe wrestling match, Quinn v. The
•lap, advertised lo take place at Vicioria
next Tues,lav. will probnl.lv be settled in
Ilia'   W'iimi-
by Sir
V. lill. Inl Ruin.
\ novel experiment, si
peg  Sail, is about In  Le tried  b
lolin Lister  Kaye  mi   his farm
in Winnipeg he noticed the big
ling carts, and when the drought threatened the crops In icclved the idea of
putting a large number in service for tlie
purpose ol sup].lying ibe waul nf rain.
Accordingly be ordered from Ryan ."t
MacArthiu. blacksmith, and waggon
makers, on .leniiiii.i fttreel, 44 tanks.
This i* four tor each furiu. He only ordered the tanks and sprinklers, Intending
to place them on wagons belonging to the
farms. They were ordered by Sir Jolm's
agent and architect, who gave I be dimensions. Tbey ure made of pine lioards,
with oak ci'oss-pica'es. and are watertight.
They are n feet 4 inches by :' feet 7
inches, anal are two feet high. They will
bold about twelve barrets of water each.
The addition
• going ahead a
to the Nnnaimo Hospital
cry rapidly ami will give
r»* room and convenience
considerable n
tor patients.
The farmers were in lown yesterday iu
("real force, ami although the majority of
Ihem dou't bring much produce, Ihey
always tend to make the eity livelier.
Tho crowd was so great at lhe Insti-
tute Hall lasi nighl that they smashed
sonic of ibe forms by stamliug on Ihem
in their anxiety lo see the performance.
i 'hinanien iu Vancouver subscribed
(421 towards n missionary fund. As each
subscription was announced the Chinamen showed their appreciation hv clapping iheir bunds.
si. r vu.'i. cm la ll.
Sunday, July zl, safter Trinity, t> a.
in., Early Celebration; ll a. in. tn.,
Morning Prayer, sermon subject, llelig-
ious Compromise; -' p. tn., Sunday
School;"3 p. in., Conference (rith candidates for con li mint ion ; 7 p. in.. Even
song, sermon subject, Public Confession
of our faith.
N. I..—The Bishop of tlie Diocese accompanied by Archdeacon Scriven will
reach Nanainio on Saturday, August 8rd,
and remain over the  Sunday   following.
I1AH11M    ClU'll'll.
Services avill he held in the < i
plars' Hall. Sunday, .inly 21st,
m. and 7 p, ni.; Kev. James A.
pastor.   All are welcome.
St. Andrew's, Fill William -.iia-ct. Kev.
James Millar. Morning service ll o'clock;
evening service ; o'clock. Sunday -chool.
2 p. in.. Prayer meeting every Wednesds)
evening at 7:.*o.
Iter.   Joseph   Hull   aaill hold
nek   :i.    in.    Sunday
i.   in.; evening service,
soman   ."Al 1101.1.".
St.   Pctci'- Wallace streel.   Kev.   Kattici
Sobry, Service, morning, every other Sunday
at lhe hour of 0 nn.l 11,  a. m.j evening
vice 7 o'clock.
od Tain
at   11   a
•I Harvey and son went as far as IJun-
caii's .station yesterday returning hy tlie
evening train.
N W Dobeson.of the Nanaimo Foundry,
left (or the Capital yesterday.
M Wolf, of jibe lirm of Mayer A Co.,
and ii ll Frost went to Victoria yesterday.
K .Mailandaine. Architect, and C Mc-
Cutcheon arrived l.y the noon Irain yesterday.
The Chicago Comedy Co. leave- to-day
(.. play seven nights in Victoria.
OCeWIlNTA*, H.al'l'l..
W .Mallaiidaiii",!! Routledge, Vicioria;
tiro Kane. Vancouver.
W1HDS0B  HOI si:.
B C Johnston, Angus 11 McNeill
i To Painters and Kalsominers
Tlie .Municipal Council invites tender*!
, up to Monday evening, 29th inst.. for
I painting and knlsomining the Citv Hall.
j Specifications can he seen nt tlie Citv
1 Clerk's oflice.
The lowest or any tender not necesjari-
i lv accepted.
Citv Clerk.
Nanainio, Huh Julv, 1S89.
For Shirts,
Scarfs, Ties, Collars, Etc.,
T.   L.   BXtOWNE   Ss
7 p. in.
(iillis, John Wilson, Victoria;
cnird, San Francisco.
I'vi.'fi. in.na.
I Aitken, Scotland; A B Cotton,
.Ion. England; J HO'Nell, Ovster
W H Mosu, Wellington.
J   11
s w Kin-
The Chicago Comedy Company played
Erln-a-Chora to a packed house last
night. Tlie Company, under very advene circumstances, fully established its
..er- reputation as being a high class Comedy
i   «a> Mr. J. A. Devlin, as Terence O'Mooro
cricket. was received every time he made his np-
A match between the eleven chosen lo j pearanco with great applause and will be
play against Vancouver to-morrow, uud ; remembered among the thpatre goers of
sixteen others was plaved on the N. C.O. I Nnnaimo.
ground yesterday afternoon In which the Miss Belle Inuian, as Kathleen, won
eleven were defeated bv 22runs. Messrs, golden opinions from her audience hy
Hawthornthwaite and Arra&li mado the 'her simple imaffected siyla' of acting,
onlv stand worth speaking of against tlie ' tu. 0. Patterson, In the role nl Button-
sixteen with sand 7 respectively. For c*"Pr [etched down the bouse with the
tho sixteen Mr. Wyld (ofVictorialplayed topical Bong, "T bavon't for a long time
the best, not only scoring 19,but exhibit-1 now."
( rocking ami swaying was
i thai   pedestrians  hesitated I
lhe wagon was safely across.
ross unlil -
III, I.la  Of   ■>■   < •
At the Hank of British Columbia meeting in London on the ISth, a dividend of
t! per cent and a bonus of 1 per cent, was
declared. The report was adopted. Sir
Charles Topper commented on the prosperous condition of the Bank, He said
liis recent revisit to the I'aeilie Coast convinced him that British Columbia was a
splendid province.
Sir Charles Tupper is evidently not a
narrow-minded man who cau only think.,  ■-■ ,  .   ,     , -.
..f that particular  province   whici,   he  i, I l-irmed Hie hand a" u-nal
especially associated with,   li must he j0"" lr"'1"1*
apparent to every one lhat with the great      "
agricultural   and  mineral   resources   of  oIohl
British Columbia ii will eventually lie- ' hllle. past the Half-way House. He ap-
comeone of the grandest and richest peared astonished to think that a miner
provinces in ihe possession of Ureal Brit- coming to town wished him to make
ain. | room, antl when he left the road  he  wns
i in no hurry,    His coat  was  very rusty
Pining  the  performance   lasl   night,- - ,, .   . . . .
nbile llillv lluttoncai. was calling ""Kittv.:'I'"! hir belter all round ciickel   than  any      Miss   Virginia Snow,   In  the part of
Kitty where a.e vou?" one of the iokis'ts j other player on the field. For his side Kltty*Uvory convulsed the audience when i
la tlie rear ofthe Hall gave vent to a pro- W. McCfregor scored an useful seven, conyeriing her lover into an armchair
hinged "Mi-a-ouw," which fetched thei Messrs. Rudd.-' Cooper.aught 3 and 4 Into which Captain f lenrhel.t fMr. M.J
audience and the actor. men respectively, the fielding all round ""•now" -mDfflaeu.        ...       ,     .
Hastion  Btreel   bridae  is   verv M>ibitinga very marked .improvement    Mr. V.E. Lp vo payed toe role ot
w      »f,™ «-ii I heivv I,,. ii' BlDCe the Ihitial game about a month ago. j Bernard Kavangh, the heartless libertine,
iincn a ream wnnaneavj ioaa ™]0 howllmr wasrather weak on either "»his usual painstaking manner.
ks passed over ,i yesterday the jjgj.   The^coreTgiveTbelow     Mr,     For the rest Mr. W. I.. Inman, as Black
, "».iMng imi-   so   apparent | Roj)ertS|  w„tchmaker,   &c, received a Bofyamanwhowouldcutathroatfora
letter vesterday from Vancouver in which | drink of whiskey, and his two assistants
it was stated the  Vancouver   team   in-' Red Barney  (Mr.  I).  Home),  and one
At a  wedding lhat took place lately in I tended tn leave for Nanaimo on the Rain
New Westminster, some acquaintances bow.
were determined that the event should' Cllt: ki.evkx.
not pasB off without some friendly recog-   .... ..,.. n„.,„i„„
nitit'n.   and   aeeordinglv   serenaded life ! ;V"'hLLTn '
happy   couple.     Tin   pots,   pans,   etc.. i {." l.„b?"rJ1'   "■' ",',. ,     ,
11 ■     ■    '■ ' '       ' ,■     ' i Ii. Cooper c Bowden b Calverlv
lrnm : Millar c H. V. Rudd bSowden.
,   II. Dixon c H. V. Ettdd b Sowdo
large  black  bear  walked leisurely , Hawthornthwaite bv Lowden
the V" elllngton road yesterday, a ; Creighton c II. V. Rudd	
K. A. Praeger b Sowden
THK dale   of  re-opening   the   Public
Schools next term has been changed '
1 from  Angunt  rith.  1RS9, to August 12th.
| 18811.
Superintendent of Education.
Kiluc.-ition Office.
July 17th, 1889. 2av
Wholesale  auil   Retail —
Yates   Street    Victoria     B.    C.
An   experienced girl for housework.
Apply nt the Presbyterian Manse.
A furnished room by a respectable;
gentleman in a quiet neighborhood, not
too far from the Courier olliee. Address,
stating terms with and without board,
(two meals and luncheon) to J. .T. S.,
CouBIBIt office. City roferencSB furnished.
Large -"election of Ueuts* and ii«>s' PurnlsUlnffs,
""(loot! Value at Lowest Cash Prices.
Vtw "Hock.
Paper Hanging, Kalsomining, Interior Decorations, Etc., Done
Reasonable Rates.    Post Office Box 176.
Nanaimo,   ES. C,
■ us
s.iiii.iliiii|. of n  Tree.
V.. ('. Stamper, u citiscn of  Elma.  has'
just completed working upa fir tree which ■
grew on his place adjoining lown.    He
received tl2 for the hark; built a farm:
house 14x80feet, 8 feet high, with shed
kitchen 8 feet   wide  and   20   feet long;;
built a log wood shed 1-1x211  feet;  made1
380 fence rails ten feet  long;  made o?,i
railroad ties and BOO boards6inches wide
and 2 feet long, aiul 16 corals of  wood  4
feel high 4 feet wide and 8 feet  long,  all
trom one tree, and  bas pari of the* tree
left.—Chehalis County Cltcamele.
\tni>ktiii  ~fote*i.
Tbe steamer Nuna Cruz arrived from
l'*ort \Vrange], Juneau and other points
ill Alaska vesterday. We arc informed
that the run of salmon is very good, and
canneries are putting up a larger catch
than was anticipated in the earlier part of
ihe season.
The miners were working full time,
but tliere are several idle men around.
owing to a great Influx of while labor in
the spring.
'I'lierr,  VI lint   i„ Tllllt**
(ine ot the   Vancouver photograph's
company has broken away from his religious training.     Photographs at 1^8 per
dozen at Mr. Sampson's.   Well, weii I
see.   Very cheap indeed, but 1  can tell
you  no  photographer can  live  al  that I
price, however 1 will follow Suit.    1   will
have my share or burst in  the attempt.
If you want good work call at my gallery I
and see, for I am the only practical Photographer in Ibis city.    W. P. Coughlan, i
opposite Windsor Hotel, Nauaimo.
und in places his hide was rubbed oft'.
The steamer  Santa Cruz, arrived from
I the north yesterday.    She will take on al
supply aii coal for fuel.
The ship A, McCallum completed her
cargo oi  eoal  last night and is ready to
sail for San Francisco.
The ship   Wilna   is ou her way to this
port to load coal for San Francisco.
Tbe ship Kennebec has completed her
cargo of coal  and   is limed  to  sail for |
San Francisco.
The ship Commotion*   is loading coal j
San Francisco.
The ship Richard 111. and bark C. 0.1
YVhitmore are Mailing to load coal for!
San Francisco.
The steamer Wellington is en
load coal for San Francisco.
The   bark l.unilaleer is loading
San Francisco.
i'Hi.m 1 I'ln.v.
J Hodgson b Wylde
Hovelaque not out
1. Watson, run out
Total .....
F.xtras. 5.
the slum
Rudd, captain.
H. T.
W. McGregor, run out
Wilkinson ePaul b Hawthomthwaitr'
Rawlinson, run out .       	
H. Watson e Hovelaque b Hawthornthwaite
Wyld c Armfelt 	
sowden c Cooper b Hawthornthwaite
I )r. Walkem c Cooper b Hawthornthwaite	
VV. Calverley st b Hawthornthwaite,
Rev Good c Hodgson 1> Hawthornthwaite   	
J. M. Rudd  b Ilawtliornwaite
E.l Praeger c Cooper b Hodgson.
Stringer c. Cooper b Hodgson        .   . ,
I Pleace 1 b w b Hawthornthwaite.
H, V. Rudd, run out	
Crossan, not out .... 	
J Gallowav, run nut
other whose name we  forget are deserv
ing of special mention.     Tlie Irish jig at
tlie conclusion of the piece was heartily
enjoyed by the bouse.
The laughable farce ' 'To oblige lieu-
son" was a specially good feature of tlie
Tho pianoforte playing of Mr. J. V,
Hayes was mosl entertaining.   Such an
accomplished pianist,   has  seldom  been I
beard on the Island.
Ruintwa I'.
About 4 p. m. yesterday the  horse  attached to the express wagon owned by J.
T.   O'Brien,  of the  Shamrock   Livery
Stables anal driven by 3. Parkin, rnii
away on Bastion Street.   The horse took
I fright and dashed onto tho sidewalk neai
1 the Institute Hall but regaining tlie street
,-   rushed wildly across the Bastion  Street
.'! j bridge to the great danger of that struc-
0 j ture   whicli   swayed   considerably.     A
j Chinaman's team In the  middle of the
-I'; road was nearly tlie cause of a serious
19 : smash-up but a collision was averted by
4 ■ a hair's breadth.   The horse eventually
ran into a pile of boxes near J. II. Pleace 8
hardware store antl stopped.   Tho wagon
was seriously damaged anal the horse cut
about the legs.    The animal's, injuries
were attended to by Dr. Davis nnd Dr.
"'-'0     Extras, 11.
llll'Mll 11111:11 NEWS.
A fM.illi.r   Kills;, Most.
I'll.'    ".IllHMIH    HUH.
The Columbian reports tbat the sockeyo
run on Thursday night was, by considerable odds, the best so far, but it is not
anywhere near ils proper standard yet.
The boats averaged fmi mi lo inn lish
each, although a few went oyer the latter
ligures. The canneries are busy packing
the fish, but are not running full capacity
or anything like it. If the big run comes
nl all it should commence this week,
though lhe fishermen are satisfied that
lhe run will be good even if it begins
The  Rifle Association.
Al a meeting of the rifle association
held last niglit. steps were taken for
placing lhe Brownsville range in good
condition for the provincial prize meeting
which takes place next month. A portion of the range will be widened iii order
to make room for two more targets, and
the firing points will be renewed. The
long Snider rifles applied for some
mouths ago have heen granted and they
are expected to arrive hack in a few davs.
I   ""flCW  Orients"!   E.illr.
The Tacoma News has it from a prominent Northern I'aeilie official the past
few days that the Northern Pacific proposes putting on n trans-oceanic line of
steamers between that port. Japan China
and Australia. The negotiations are said
to be pending Hot only lor such a line,
but for a Sound line of steamers 01 lirsl-
elass mnke, speed and capacity.
—_.o* •
At'llon lor Libel.
The 2*inie« says thai Mr. J. N. Muir
has brought an" action for libel against
Mr. S. 1). Pope, superintendent nf education, ft is also understood that an injunction is asked for by Mr. Muir restraining tlie latter from taking away his
(Mr, Mulr's) certificate to teach in this
province. The alleged libel is said to be
contained in a letter written by the superintendent to the plaintiff.
l.oril   Stanley   Coining.
The Colonist says that the date of His
Kxcellency the Governor-General's visit
to British Columbia haB been definitely
lixed for September, the vice-regal party
slarting for the west early in the month.
Ilis Excellency will be accompanied by
Ladv Stanley and steps will shortly be
taken to perfect arrangements for a fitting
reception in*Victoria to the visitors.
Bringing Things t«> n Close.
The beginning of tbe end.   The public
he steamer Isabel arrived this aftor-
! noon from Comox, with freight anal tbe
following passengers: A Hick. P Ann-
felt, A Tranlieltl, J Bruce, Win Morrison.
J A Thompson, Wm Bind, G W Bigger,
T !'. Piorson, C 1) Vigur. TTraiglc.
Consignees: UT Brown. .McDonald. 1"
Cook. N F. P Society, A lt Johnston i'a
Co., a G Home, E Quennell, ft Revilock-
wav. V Trnnfield.
M....killg   ll.'tltll   1.1    Vll ll.'.lll \ .'I*.
i in Thursday
\ While Mr. Lee and his brother, both
I farmers al French Creek, were slashing
I near n road on their land, they noticed
I their dog. a valuable Irish terrier lhat
they bad been offered .£35 for to sunal to
England for show purposes, snnfllng
around the logs antl brush in a very
auspicious manner, when suddenly ho
leapl upon a leg just in time to lie received by a largo panther which grabbed
him by lhe head, completely smashing it.
When the Lee Bros, recovered from their
astonishment tbey made a rush for the
brute armed only with a brush-hook and
morning an old minor j axe, but the animal, deeming discretion
named Lapointe, well known throughout the better part of valor, retired precipitin province, met his death nl the Van- j lately into the woods, leaving the carcass
couver foundry unit iron works. Vancou-1 of liis prey where lie hnd killed it
ver. in n horrible manner. He bad only j The Lees are very
been at work a lew hours when the acci- tlie loss of their
dent occurred. He was, engaged witli | ing lost one of
other men in building a pier, and the
men were hoisting a long, unhewn log
into position. They had one end up and
were trying to get the other end in
position when the log began to roll. Lapointe was between the rolling log and
the logs already In position. He knew
the log was rolling, but did not have the
time to stoop and let it pas.- over him.
The  log caught   him  just   under  the
A t.o-Alicncl Blote: Keeper.
Mr. II. Dempsey, of the Windsor
House, informs us that lie intends to
almost immediately make very extensive
alterations and additions to his already
commodious and spacious premises.
Among other improvements, a number
of bed-rooms are to be added, and a
handsomely furnished drawing-room
with piano for the use of guests who have
ladies under theircharge. The proprietor
expresses his determination to ultimately
make the Windsor House second to none
in the Province.
Referring to my former notice with rc-
g.aal to payment of accounts duo to me, I
have to state to my clients that they
must pay up within six days Irom date,
or else they will be sued for their debts [
in the County Court of August.
Nanainio, July 10th, I88fl.
      .  1
John : Pulwitti
Successor to Kmil Derd.nger.
Practical   Horseshoei\
Peck's Blacksmith Shop,
Windsor  House!
Ohuroh Street, :Ni-aix-*liiio, S. o.
H.    DEMPSEY,    Proprietor.
T XX XH  2ST*El'V«r
Adverse  Winds.
Two sloops have been windbound at
Coinox for the last ten dnys one of them
belongs to theNtinn Bros,, and one to a
private person in Victoria who was
taking a party up as far as Campbell river
for a pleasure trip. They both stood out
into the Gulf last Wednesday but owing
to thu wind had to return. The Victoria
craft returneal later to the Capital aB her
owner wns disgusted with being the
sport ol blustering llore.as.
I am prepared to tlo all kinds of General Blacksmitbing at short notice nnd
reasonable rates. Special attention paid
to tenderlooted. over-reaching and inter-
fearing horses.
SHOEING—Give me a call and convince 5'ourselves. Alt work guaranteed
to give satisfaction.
J.   PITLWITT,  -   ■    -    Proprietor.
1 mo
The Mutual Life Insurance
Tlio *.» raest f oiupuiiy ill tbe World.
Assets, $126,000,000.
Receipts for Year 1888 ,$26,000,000
Paid Policy Holders,  1888, $14,000,000.
General Solicitor. Joseph Rehl
Head Oflice for British Columbia
Heistkbman & Co., No. 8, Bastion Slreet
Vietoria, B.C.
vi i-i stilus;   "lai.ii.
Arrangements, were, to be made by Mr.
E.  Black  last night in  Victoria for a
muoh annoyed at i wrestling match for $500 aside between
Unable dog, they hav- J Cameron, tlie so-called champion, and
the same breed before [ T). 8. McLeod, of Nanaimo.    It is to be
hoped tho match will come off in Nanai
mo, as it would delight the "boys" to see
Dan down thc man wbo styles himself
the champion.
shoulder-blades,   crushing   him  against ! what i« more thoy are
i which was killed by  n  heal',   and   now
I hunting parties have lieen organized in
I the hope of ridding the country of the
panther. The i.ees arc to be commended lor   Iheir   pluck   In   endeavoring  to
'tackle  such  a  ferocious  hcast.  as they I OpHim Seized on tlie Steamer Empire
were so lightly armed. Three hundred and sixty-four boxes of
A cricket club has been formed in the'smuggled opium were discovered on the
1 neighborhood with the express intention : steamer Empire yesterday nt San Fran-
; of challenging  the  Nannimo club,  and j eisco.   The "find"  was  valued nt over
an iv <■-,*. timber anil otlier
Mar 10-lf
B. 0.
Vancouver Coal Mining
AND    LAND    CO.    (LIMITED.)
This is Hilbert's "ad" and Don'tj
You Forget It.
(ioods sold on the installment plan.   We carry a full line of House Furnishing!
floods, Linoleums, Carpets and Parlor Bedroom Suite, made to order in      4
style, color or pattern.   We keep the largest stock ol Wall Paper
0' anv House in the city.   All our Upholstering done on
ihe premises.   Childrens' Carnages, Croclcerv,
(•HsBsware, China Electro-plnted ware
Table Cutlery.
the  other  logs  and  slowly passing over,
his shoulders till it reached the head,   11
crushed in the   skull   at    lhe   base   and
stopped iu tins position, thc mangled
head preventing its further progress.
The other men were horror-stricken at,
the sight.   They plainly heard the bones
in the poor fellow's body break as the log I
passed over it.    I.apoin'te did not utter a
cry. and must have been instantly killed.
Tlie oltl man's dog gave 11 touching evidence of lhal, fidelity which la so often
displayed by the canine species, and lias
Occasionally been observed even in men. I
The animal took up his position by his
dead  master ami  refused to let any one ;
approach near the body,    lie had finally j
to driven oft wilh a heavy stick.
of healing 1 "12,000.
■ crops need rain very badly, every-
appearing very dry and dusty.
Mr. W< lllinl.r. II. A., H.Mltlis.
II is with sincere regret thai we nu-
1111111101' the resignation of Mr. W. Hunter,
who for some time back has occupied nn
Important position in the Nanaimo Public Schools. This city mil ill spare such
men ns Mr. Hunter, who lias done
thoroughly good educational workdurlng
liis stay. Vic hoard » colleague of the
gentleman whose resignation we deplore
so deeply, say only vesterdav that to
"know him (Mr. Hunter; was synonymous with liking ami esteeming him."
Nor was it only in School that hia influence was felt, for he was an able debater, a fluent speaker and a "good all-
round man." We repeat that Mr. Hunter's resignation is .1 distinct loss to tho
town ; nnd our regret nt his departure is
no mere expression of n formal conventionality, but verv real and sincere.
A black purse with 11 eteel clasp, between Nanaimo nnd Departure Bay or
Wellington. If found and returned to
this office, fm.ler will he suitably rewarded.
 .%^.. —.
New Ultimo! boating and cricket shirts
and coats just received ul the Boa: store.
Victoria Orescent.
Tenders will be received until Monday
29th inst., for the erection of a four story
frame building. Plans and specifications
can be seen nt thc office of
Secretary B. C. Tnnning Co.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted,
Teacher Wanted,
A   teacher   is   wanted   for the Nortli
tiabriola School—female preferred.   Salary,  *"50 per month.    Apply to .Iamks
McLay* Secretary of the Board of Tins- i
ices, P. O. address, Nanaimo, li. 0.
.iHi-k   Ih.  KIpper'N  t'n|.tiir.'.
Under tlie above heading thc Colonist
gives itself a little pufl*, as follows:—"At
al o'clock this morning, 11 man believed to
be tlie notorious Whitechapel murderer
known ns "-Jack the Ripper," was chp-
tured by the London police just as he bad
horribly mutilated another unfortunate
victim. Although the capture was effected at .': a. ni. the telegram announcing
the fact was received liy the Colonist a
few minutes after midnight."  That Is I &7oughfioiii Oomox to Viotoria
all very well,  but   tlie II. ( . Ihundrirc\ -        ""       	
should" remember   that    the   Nanaimo i
Couitim obtained the news ahead of even |
the Grandmother of the provincial press,
and   then   didn't   blow   about   it.   Tin. I
CorniKn is too modest.
The Noiitherit  Kii'Iwh).
The negotiations between the Southern ' transit, and people who have liusiness
Railway Company and ex-Senator Can-! away from home prefer to get through
field,  which have been  in progress ior ; with it ns quickly ns possible.
**\Wa>      Jm^-m J
Short Bridge, Victoria Orescent, Nanaimo, B.C.
Importer nnd Dealer in all Kinds of
Builders'  Hardware   and   Carpenters'  Tools,
t'roiH  t'oiliox to  Victoriu   III    Wiitrr
■ list Hull  In one DM*.
The steamer Isabel, Capt, Bendrodt,
hnd tho honor yesterday of carrying the
first   passengers   thnt   have gone  clear
••'■•■     one
lay, or rather in aliout II hours, as thei
passengers left Coinox at 7 o'clock yesterday, arriving hero at 118O having then
ample time to stroll around tbe City and
cat eh tho afternoon train for the Capital. This marks a uew era in the progress of this island and will doubtless, be
appreciated as this is the age ol rapid
will hear in mind that  if tbey want to j several days, were brought to a sat islac
make their purchases of dry goods at cost
price, they will have lo be quick, as Mr.
Bullock is negotiating for lhe sale of his
valuable business. iylll-tf
nil. A. C. west, i»i:vrisi.
Of Victoriu. will ho in Nanaimo on the
l(Jth of each month and remain three
davs. Office Private Parlor, Central
Hotel. jvlO-lm
lory conclusion last night. By thc new
arrangement the lirm of (.'. M. Sheafe t<:
Co. assigns all interests in British Columbia to the New Westminster Southern
Railway Co., the Utter company assuming all liabilities. Further negotiations
are. in progress with Mr. Nelson Bennett,
the projectoi of the Fairhaven and
Southern Railway, and these nre in a fair
way to a successful settlement.
1st. iislon of Tlllir.
Tbe limit for receiving teuders for the
erection of a four-story frame buildingfor
the B. C. Tanning Co., has been extended from Monday. July 22nd, to Monday,
July 29th. Plans and specifications can
be obtained on application to Mr. A.
Haslem, the secretary of the company.
lee Cold Milk Shake at Pimbury's.
Table and Pocket Cutlery, Stoves.
Ranges  and  Parlor Orates.
Coal Oil, Table Lamps
and Fittings.
White Lead, Shot Uuns,
Itifles nnd Cartridges,
Rope, Etc., Etc.
House Furnishing floods of all Kinds
Terra Gotta Chimney Flues.
"3**"^    A full assortment
lowest market rates.
hand  at   the
Parties wiBhlng a general out lit of Furniture will do well by examining my stock"
beiore Inlying elsewhere.   Also the best equipped undertaking establiehmcut*|
this side of San  Francisco, and
address and don'l vou forget it.
the only einbnliner in the city.   Note the
' Bastion/ Front and Wharf Streets, Nanaimo.
J. Hilbert,     -    -     Proprietor.
! Stoves,! Grates, Ranges, Pumps, Lead Pipes, Zinc, aud
General Hardware.
Manufacturer of Tiu, Copper, Zinc and Sheet-iron  Ware.   jfss^Metnl Roofing
untl Repairing.    A full line oi Hardware of all description constantly
In stock at bottom prims,    A call solicited.
"Walter Wilson, - Oommeroial St.


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