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Nanaimo Courier Jul 4, 1889

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 Occidental Hotel.
Firtt-t'lm      Lu,ue /,'..,,,.-.-.
Nicely Furnisher
g0"   Sp ■inl   attritlioii   gieen to ibe
I   , '    '    II., l •"all* ,'.      I'll/:   m i/vav
.1. OEOKEB a'a CO., Praps.
Occidental Hotel
Ita.   Ha,  ll  mpplbd  with  only  lhc be.,   W;„.
Vol. 1.
No. 98
The World in General.
3U0 Miner* iliitoii'.lied, tbeir Esoaptl
Out OH'. 200 'Known Lo be
Doail  Already.
gOy Btock   Mom   Be Hold.
P..Sf" Como Before it in too Late.
#Sr Selling Off at Cost,
£"9*" This is No Humbug. •
.■?""•*"■■ Bxnmlne Prices and Quality nnd you will be Convince
LISLE THREAD GLOVES from l-V per pair
KID GLOVES (Celebrated Josephine make) from OD   a' per pair
Education  Branch
op the PiioviNciAi. Secretary'*. Dr'-r,
Victoria, May 7th, 1889.
tlie Annual Examination of candidates for certificates of qualification
to teach in the Public Schools ofthe Province will be held as follows, commencing on Monday, July 8th, at 111 a. m. :—
In Victoria   -    -   -   Legislative Hall.
In Kamloops    - Public School
Each applicant must forward a notice,
thirty alavs before the Examination, Btat-
ing the class and grade of certificate for
which he will be A candidate, and the
place at which he will attend.
Superintendent of Edncetion.
May 11—lmo
Naas River Oolachan
50 lbs. Kegs tt Barrels
Delivered to all parts of tlie City from
Bullock's Brick Block, Victoria Crescent.
May H—1 mo
A Terrible  Hallway incident ia Virginia, the Train Uauj-Lt Fire and
waa Reduced io Ashes,
Unfortunate  Joliuntown Visited   by a
Second Flood, aud t\e Inhabitants Taking- tu toe Sills.
Dui'iu|- Stage  Coach Robbery in Wy-
uiniiia.-, the Mail Bafts Billed,
The Sheriff iu Pursuit,
Thc usual weekly meeting of the Oity
Council was held last night instead of
Mouday the 1st.
Present: Mayor Bute and Aldermen
Sightintrale; Hilhert, Webb and .Abrams.
The minutes of the last meeting were
rend nnd adopted
A communication was read from J. D.
Stewart complaining that n sewer
emptied in front of his lot on Nicol
street, and that he wished it seen to at
once, as !"■ Intended to move into his
Alderman H il I ..-it said he .-.a- there
yesterday and saw that the sewer ran
Irom some of the new houses erected by
Mr. Robins and emptied onto the old
East Wellington Sports- bloxdkhs at the altar.
Three Day-,' Amusement. Oonimenci&g'! RIAGE  SERVICE.
To-Day—A Very Attractive
'.o.t'i:   (iti,,,;   PBIZKK   „i l i:Ktii.
with ii
1 don't
iii- what  can   be done
U. luster, painter, $4.26.
Richardson & Horner, .-fl.,.,'.
REPORT or-Till* STREET co.'.lslHTUi;.
lay uo'y,
8 Have Received Ex "Mennock" and "Stowe" Full Supplies
of Liquors and Provisions and Offer the Same
for Sale at Market Prices.
iaif »,
Ap an
Haslem Ss Lees,
Ij Rough and Dressed Lumber, Shingles, Laths and Picket s,
* Doors, Windows and Blinds,
Moulding, Turning, Scroll Sawing, and all kinds of Wood Eluishln^
f: %£SrA\l orders Bont   to Iheir address al   Nanainio, II.C.. avill have tin' most
prompt  attention.
Ap -ill
HASLEM & l. Y.li:
iiv Tin:
'COUGHLAN  til MASON   Propr etor.s, Victoria,, B„ C.
P. O.   Box, no.
Tin and Sheet Ironware,
A Foil Assortment [at Lowest Prices.
Victoria   Crescent,
",' -.NAIMO. II. C.
Great   Transcontinental   Route
Northern Pacific Rail'y
Via the Cascade  Division now completed,
making it »hc Shortest,  Best
and   Quickest.
Thi- Dining Car Line. Tlie Direct Route.
No Delays, Fastest Trains, Lowest Rates
to Chicago nnd all Points East. Tickets
sold to all Prominent points throughout the
Easl anil South-East.
Tmrouom Pullman drawing-room
Si.ekpino Cars,
or vat ions can
scoured in Advance
To East-Bound Passengers.
flfK'ftful   and
do not make a mistake,
sure to take the
NortueK'i  Pacific  Railway.
And s,r lhat },a.iaj ticket leaals a-iii THIS
LIN!', St. I'.iul Ot Minneapolis, to avoid
LiwnRa". an.l eiioil* delay" occasioned lay
other routes.
Sleeping     Cars
Iriiuj lull length of
-_,_-' Tlirou(-li    Emigrant
Run on ri'-,ulai express
I the line. llcrths fm
! Quickest Time.
W.  B.
lowest    Rates.
Krcight oml Pi*-.scngci Agent,
Nanaimo, 11. (',
A.st. Clen. Pass. Aflt.
121 l-'irst   St., cor. Washington,
Portland. Or.
HOBMBM-   HAt-.ri.lV    uc'DL.Vi.
"Washington, July 3.— The E eoiuy
Star had received the following specie;!
relating to tho railway accident in Virginia: Lynchburg, Yu., ,Iuly 3.—The
wreck on the Norfolk A Western railway
ttt Thalton's turns out to he the worst
ever known in tlio history of that road.
The fact is the number of' the killed will
perhaps never be told, as the car? having
caught firo from tho engine were soon
reduced to cinders and old iron. It is
now estimated that not less that 3D perished, while those who escaped with
their lives were all more or less injured,
man?' very seriously. The train was
composed of engine, baggage car, express
and mallear, two passenger cars and
three Pullman vestibule sleeping oars,
and all were consumed in the wreck.
Those known to be killed are engineer
Pat Donovan of Lynchburg, traveling
engineer A. 51. James of Roonoke, Va.,
Mail Agent Bose of Abingtou, J. W. Liu-
sey, train despatcher of Hicksford, 5Ir.
Payton, railroad stenographer of Raid-
ford, wife and child. Passengers John
Kirk, Patrick of Lynchhurg.
Johnston, July 3.— Coneniuugh Valley
is again deluged with water. The rain
which began falling last evening still continues and the mountain stream in many
places are out of their banks anal sweeping things before them. For a time last
night the rain-fall was much heavier than
that which preceeded the breaking of tlie
Southfork dam and the terrible disaster
of Slay 31st. The workmen on the pile
of drift narrowly escaped drowning, and
those engaged in removing the debris
from below the bridge were rescued in
boats it the junction oi the Conemttugb
and Stony Creak. Two Immense iron
boilers belonging to the Gnutief Steel
Works were carried away. Terrific
lightning frightened citizens almost out
tlieir senses and peals of thunder Shook
ttie mountains and valleys, causing dead
bodies to come to the surface of the
water in the Conemaugh River. Three
bodies were caught and several others
floated down with the drift. In Cambria
City several houses were again Hooded
and live families were compelled to vacate
and go to the hills. Camps occupied by
workmen were alss Hooded and men
weiii ,'ompellcd to remain up all n'ght.
Cheyenne, Wyo., July 8.—The southbound stage coach from Lander to Row-
lins was held up and robbed on Monday
near Rongis by threo road agents. Mr-.
Jones, wife of the Indian Agent and her
throe children were the only passengers
on the coach. The robbers compelled
her to give np all her money and valuables and keys to her trunk. They
emptied her trunk, taking all the valuables. They then took the mail bags,
cut them open and took the registered
letters and valuables. They kept the
driver covered with revolvers until the
work of going through the mail was completed, when they disappeared in the
darkness. Deputy sheriff a\rent of Lander, with twenty Shoshone Indians are
on the trail of the robbers with a chance
of catching them.
1 Lisbon, July 3.—The report lhat 1'or-
I tugal will submit the Delagoa Bay trouble
I to arbitration is confirmed. Tlie Portu-
1 guese directors of the Delagoa Bay Rail-
! way have resigned.
London, July 3.—The MasBaohusseti
rillo team shot a match to-day at Rainhiiiu
with the London Rifle Brigade Team.
The total scores were: Americans 1084,
Englishmen 100".
Paris, July 3.—Another  terrible aiisiis-1
ter is  reported  from the districts of St. j
Etienne.   An explosion of Bre damp oc-
Clirred in  one of the  pits in   which 300
miners were at work.   Their escape was
completely  cut oil*,   and there   is smull j
chance   of any of  them   being  rescued j
alive.   So far"it is known that H00 of the !
entombed miners are dead.
Paris, July 3,—The Chamber of Depu- {
ties held another stormy session to-dny, I
the excitement running high on the proposal of the enemies of the Government
to abolish the Secret Service Fund.   All
Part of McDonald's gang has been engaged on ilia-cribbing on Mill street, 2
men !; a day repairing sidewalks, 1 man
several days grading on Comox road in
front of Alderman .Mahrer's property.      ^^^
Ii. Baker's gang was employed grading | under '.', mil
and making ditches on Irwin street.
Report received ami tiled.
Aid. Nightingale on behalf of the Committee stilted that tliey inspected the
sidewalks and Tecommended that the
sidewalk on Victoria Crescent and Haliburton Street be entirely rei-onstrua-ted,
also r-tich part of Commercial Street as
necessary. We think we can secure
sufficient good planking from the sidewalks to reconstruct the lower part of the
same slreet.
' Aid. Abrams moved that the suggestions oi the Street Committee be carried
out.   Carried.
Aid. Abrams, seconded by Aid. Nightingale, moved that the reports of the
Sanitary Committee be held over.
Aid. Abrams for Aid. Webb moved tin.'
first reading of the Revenue By-law.
The Revenue By-Jaw »ns read, and
passed ils first reading.
Aid. Abrams was anxious to hnve the
By-law read a second time, but it wus
eventually decided to let it stand over.
The Mayor wished to know if Aid.
Mahrer bad made any arrangements
about the introduction oi the Contagious
Disease By-law, and was informed tliat
ho bad not
Tic committee having charge of tlie
l-.'ast Wellington sports deserve the highest commendation for the very efficient
manner iu whicli they have made the
necessary arrangements, and according
to the programme, nothing is wanting
to ensure a thoroughly good three days
The E. aV ti. Railway will run trains at
excursion rates, tickets being goo.i from
Ibe 4th to tbe Bth of July inclusive.
The sports are tinieal to commence
to-day at 10 a.m., and will consist of
various trials of strength and athletics.
Dancing will take place every evening
on the new platform. Music will be furnished by the "C" Buttery Band.
Foot Racing for boys 10 years and
prize $2.00. Boys under
12 years, same distance; prize *a2.60.
Hoys under 14, 100 yards j prize $2.60.
Boys under 17 years, -UU yards; prize
$2.00. Gi.-ls under IS years, 75 yards;
prize $2.a0. For underground workmen,
100 yards, entrance 00 cents; prize $10.
Open for all, 100 yards, entrance 00 cents;
prize iflO. Underground workmen, 20u
yards, entrance 00 cents; prize $10.
Open for all, 2U0 yards, entrance oO cents,
prize $10. Open for all, 200 yards, entrance 00 cents; prize $10. Open for all,
400 yards, entrance $1; prize $15.
Underground workmen one-half
mile, entrance $1; prize $15. Open
for all, one-half mile, entrance $1; prize
$10. Underground workmen, one mile,
entrance $1; prize $10. Half hour go-as-
you-please, entrance $1; prize $15.   Old
i man's race, 50 years and over, 00 yards;
' prize $5.   Three contestants to start in
each or no race,
Sports and gomes—Entrance to each
' 00 cents.    Hop skip and jump; prize $5.
\ Running high jump, $5.   Three standing
jumps.   $5.     Vaulting,    $6.    Running
l Long J amp, $0.   One standing jump, $6,
. Standing high jump, $0.    All jumping to
I be without weights.
Live wheelbarrow race; prize $0.
|    l'otatoe   race, 25   potatoes;   prize   *5.
i Thr      -*******^
. - entries or no race.
Aid. Nightingale said on behalf of the     Throwing heavy hammer, 14 pounds
Firewardens, that Mr. Pleacehad written | 'professionals barred) prize SO.
totheilyack Company, New- Westmin-     Putting the shot, 14 pounds, (profe**
Ster, to ascertain the price of their second ' *0nals barred) prize $6
hand hose cart,    lie was in favor of pur-j    Wrestling  match,' eatch-as-catch-can,
chasing a good one as tbe firemen de- (professionals barred) entrance $1
served encouragement. I $25.
Aid. Hilbert—Some persons who have j    Tng-of-war, 10 men on a side, entrance
seen tbo cart say it is a very handsome j free; prize $10.
one,  but what "Our Boys" want is one      All entries are to  be made
they can ente:- into contests with. I entrance money paid to C.   TV
Thai Mayor—I*t tbem select a hose [ the grounds,
curt and show it to the Fire Warilens.      The judges ion ihe day are 11
We want  something substantial as Weill John   ."Jackie and   George   Bainbridge.
as light. I The'decision of Ihe judges is to be final
Aid. Abrams-Air.  Speer. -Manager of *JaNiases, and all prizes will lie paid by
the Telephone Company, was speaking the Treasurer on the ground at the con-
to me about a Are alarm.   Bo told me cl"5"-n of ?,-|cv 8ame'    ,   ,
he could put one in for *150 which would '■     "■•''*''' "'"'      .ll -**'*"*'1  ll,sl'la.'' "' Ore-
be louder than the bell. Iworka commencing at 0 o'clock.
Aid.  Nightingale—Let  us  sec  bow it I second pay.
works in Victoria. I move that the Cily J Base-Ball Match — Between Nanaimo
Olerk communicate with the victoria and Wellington teams commencing at fl
Fire Brigade on tbe subject. 'o'clock a. m.   Prize $40.
Tho Mayo**—Let us have anything that     -*-*0r8B Racing—Half mile heats, beet
with and
Horth on
. L. Bates
is useful ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Aid. Abrams moved that the city pay
the expenses oi the inquest on the body
of Madden who was drowned lately. He
was still under the impression that it
ought, not to be paid, but US .Mr.Planta was
held responsible be wished it paid.    Tbe
two in three, entrance, $20. Prize, $200.
Second horse to save entrance money.
Half mile and repeat, scrub race, best
two in three heats, entrance. $5. Prize,
$00. Second horse to save entrance
Mile single dash, entrance, $12 50.
Prize,  $120.    Second  horse lo save en-
nmount was $L>. I trance money.
Ad. Webb seconded the motion. Entries for the first and third race to
Aid. Nightingale thought it was u bad be mode with the Secretaty stating names
precedent, but owing tp Mr. Planta being of  horses,  Jockeys,  colors,  etc,   bv 4
responsible, it would  ho as well to pay o'clock Thursday, July 4tb
the money. terlng these races are ban
Yfrr*™' -,,-,•      ,   ,-     ,     scrub race.   Entrance to tl
Aid. Abrams wished it Inserted in the 1 ,n ■„, m.,ll(, on l)lr ,.„„,,„]
minutes that m the event 01 a similar     -       -   •
Horses en-
1 from the
scrub race
occurring nothing would ha' paid,
Aid. Nightingale—In regard to the
Indians on Newcastle Townsite. most of
their cabins are on tbe street. The Indians ara' a nuisance and on Saturday
night and Sunday afternoon the place is
a perfect Ba1 llara.
Aid. Nightingale thought tbere was 11
great deal of "blow" about building on
Newcastle townsite, as only n few i-ot-
tages had been erected. Why iio not the
owners of the property charge them rent.
The worst element complained of are
those visiting them.
The Cily Clerk was instructed to notify
the Indians to emit.
Aid. Nightingale said that Mr. Dobeson had not found time to take even a
pattern of the hydrant le-ft with him.
The Street Committee examined the
property needed by the Iron Foundry for
the construction oi' a wharf, and we think
the company havens gooal an approach
as the one they have applied for, and we
think it would not bu right to give away
all these little approaches. The report
was received and filed.
The meeting then adjourned.
Consolation slakes, $00.
D.   W.   Eberts,  .lame
S. Chandler,
■ Judges to
he final in
it     it
KT A .IM- A. X *M[ cX.
A   FULL   i/inf:  OF
Fines!   Groceries   and   Fresh   Provi.sinos
K K P T    IN    STO C K .
Ships    Disbursed   and   Supplies   Furnished
•' > 1 ivi* -v*r 'iwv^Vo.xMA-vr-i'.jMiixs^
; Chop and Oyster House,
Lamg lliidge,
Nnnaiuio,  ll.
Baltimore, July 2.—J. W. Linsev,
Roanoke train dispatcher, John Kirk-
Patrick, Lynchburg, and D. Mnlon, Roanoke, Janitor of Norfolk ii Western Co..
who was en route to N* Y. to be married.
It is believed that, fifteen or twenty
others perished as there were nearly. 0
persons on train. Between 13 and Sal
The   d' ad   woro
shades oi opposition, united tlieir fem-cs
on the motion, and after much wrangling  .        ^^^
and disorder it was finidlv passed by a are unaccounted for
vote ot 301  to -.'(SO.   The announcement I horribly cremated,
of the result was the signal for the wilal-j    Buffalo, July L'.—Jim  Whitney, once
est demonstrations of joy on the part of  famous pitcher but recently of Washing-
the opposition, while the Government's I ton and Indianapolis, sinned Bufflilocon-
adherents   appeared   crestfallen.    The|tract today.   Ho will pitch to-morrow
Judges-   Dr
Abrams, anal W
Starter— W. I
Decision ui tl
ever*' race.
Cricket Match commencing
o'clock, between anv two elevens.
Football Match—Prise, |20.
Glass Hall    Shooting,  18 yards
five balls each, entrance 60 cents.
Quoit Match (handicap) Ls yards, Sh.
inch quoits, entrance If-;.. 0.    l'rize $oU.
Quoit Match, 10 yards, 8'a inch quoits,
entrance (1.   Prise "slO.
Dancing will be held on the large and
commodious platform, commencing at
5 o'clock each evonlng. Mr. R. I.. Plppey,
Fli or Manager.
The committee having tha' arrangements in charge ni.': W. s. Ohaudlor,
Chairman; John Payne, Secretary, and
Messrs. Robert Dunn, C. W. Horth, N.
Bowater. John Muckio and J. W. McKin-
ne.li. A. thr, Treasurer.
A Bullock, T D Jones and A Hampton
were passengers to the Capital yesterday.
Miss Teague and Mrs Walker wont to
Victoria yesterday.
.1 K Suter, Kditor o:' the Mainland
Guardian arrived yesterday.
1! .1 Wenborn, of tin' Machine Works,
anil Pilot Morrison, arrived yesterday
from Victoria.
Jas Harvey and wife returned yesterday from a short visit to Victoria.
j Kaw, Fit, Fancy Roast,
Plain Koast, Oyster Loaf,
New- York Stew, box Stow
vote is however devoid oi the significance which the opposition seem
[ disposed to attach to it, aa the
government did not make the retention
ST Y LE jof the Secret Service Fund a vital issue
1 and so do not regard tho vote to abolish
I it ns amounting to want of confidence.
Pan Roast.
C^Open day nnd night. Meals 35 i-a-nts
and upwards. Hoard anal Lodging by the
day, week or month.
»-*!* .11
London, July 3.—The Cabinet has decided tn appoint a commission of royal
grants to di>nl with the whole subjects oi
grants, to members oi the Royal family
from tlio Imperial Treasury. The pow:-
ers of the commission Avhere they recommend appropriations of public funds will
be limited.
New flannel boating and cricket shirts
nnd coats just received at the Box store,
Victoria Crescent.
Johnstown, Julj 12.—A sub-committee, appointed to Becura an accurate aa--
a'oiint ol the living and dead, filed its re-
jiori. Tba- report, however, is as unsatisfactory as any of the preceding reports,
lt is as follows: 15,466 men, women and
children have been registered as survivors, which included Ai'Xt heads of families. The morgues have accounted for
over 8000 bodies found, while registration reports show only l.'!-.-.* as the total
number of lives lost.   The committee
offer as an excuse for this discrepancy,
that they have  not   been  allowed sulli-
cient limo to properly cover the ground.
and that a part of Ibe  informalioo given
(Before Mayor Bale.) t0 t)lpm  w,,s |ncotrect.   There are  but
A resident of Vancouver, charged wilh  few people here who estimate the loss of
furious driving, was fined fl!. life under 10,000.   The citizens lire very
Mow Chow, a Chinaman, chawed with iudignnnt at the last reduction in thc
vagrancy, was fined $10, or in default one ' working forces and  hive  requested that
month's   imprisonment. " His   friends I the force bs Increased instead ot dimin-
rescued him, ishe.l.
for Buffalo in Rochester
Chicago June 20.—The Grand Jury at
five o'clock to-night returned indictments
in the Cronin case against, the follow ing
[persons: Martin Burke, John F. Beggs,
Daniel Coughlin, Patrick O'SulUvnn,
Frank J. (Voodruf, Patrick Cooney, John
iKuntz anil Divers, oilier persons a description of whom i-a to thc Jury unknown.
A Fi-eacher fieUtea   01*   Kxperteu-M—Th*
Ceremony from   First to   Lut   I* Full of
,     PitfoIU   fnr   the    Untrained - The   Old
Imus Made U Mistake.
Somo ludicrous errors committed by agitated and absent minded pairs as tbey stood
ttefore tbe altar are related by a preacher in
Chambers' Journal:
Thnotliy Duggan was a stevedore, perhaps
sis. i'ect two in height and proportlouatoly
broad. He appeared as a bridegroom, tba
bride nos u charming young person of tender
years. All woLt well until the moment come
for Timothy and his bride to give their troth
to each other fn the prescribed manner.
"Say after me." said I to Timothy, **L
Thero was no response.
"Say after me," repeated the parson, '%
Timothy was still silent, a puuled Icok
croeping orer his broad face.
"Say after me," said I for the third time,
witb, perhaps, a shade of annoyance.
"After you, sir," responded Timothy, with
Che politest possible duck of his bullet bead.
But this indifference to the rubric is so
p-eat that upon the Injunction, "Place tbe
dag on tbe third finger," 1 hare more than
once soon tho bridegroom clap it upon the
third finger of his own hand with all the complacency in the world. Once I detected a
bridegroom endeavoring to force tbe ring onto the bride's thumb; but there was junta suspicion tbat ho had been making merry before
coming to church that morning. The same
excuse could not be offered for a bridegroom
from whom I could got uo word of response,
uot even a sulky "I will." The situation was
becoming most embarrassing, when the solitary bride-maid—his sister—casually observed:
"E'sa little'ard of 'earing, sir." Tbe man
was stone deaf; yet they had not thought lt
necessary to tell the parson. If the bridegroom understood not a word of the service,
what did it matter*
But tho marriage service from first to loot
is full of pitfalls for the unlearned man. In
some cases it becomes painfully clear that the
contracting parties recognize but few of the
words they are bidden to say, and merely imitate tbe sound with such accuracy as their
imperfect knowledge will permit The words
"u> bavo and to hold" ought to be simple
enough, but, as a matter of fact, tbey are the
subjects of some astounding blunders, I remember one bridegroom who had brought a
very charming young bride to church, and
perhaps regarded ber as a thing of beauty to
bo hi his home a joy forever, rendering "to
havo and to hold" as "to bave and behold,"
Another, who possibly hod somo cause to
dread the fate of Mr. Caudle, struck out an
entirely uew version, and faithfully promised
"to have and to be told." "To love and to
cherish" is another frightful stumbling block.
"To love and be cherries" was the nearest to
tbe original of many variations popular
among tho males of that parish. The brides
were happy with the familiar rendering, "to
Jove cherries and*to bay." "God^s holy otdl-
nance" tripped up many. "Holy orders" was
convenient, and perhaps conveyed the most
meaning. "Plight theo my troth" and "give
thee my troth" were, 1 imagine, words of
foreign sound, and I well remember one
young person, who was wedding a most villainous looking fellow, changing her sentiment into "thereto 1 give thee my throat."
Thero was, perhaps, an unconscious prophecy
wrapped up in that promise.
Tbo words accompanying the delivery of
the ring are, as everybody knows, the subject
uf some characteristic blunders. I nev-jr
heard some of the more elaborate distortions
credited to countrymen, but our people nobly
distinguished themselves over the clause
"with all my worldly goods I thee endow."
Tbey never blundered so aptly as the fortune
hunter wbo, in wedding on heiress, unwittingly said, "with all my goodly words I thee
endow;" they were content to produce a
similar sound with a sublime Indifference to
sense. "I thee and thou," "I thee do bow,"
"1 theo allow," were the most popular of
those versions.
But nothing more clearly indicates the utter
lack of intelligence with which some of tbe
poor regard the service of the church than
. the fact tbat once upou a time I came upon a
j youthful  curate   solemnly   and   devoutly
a marrying the father of a bridegroom to the
', mother of bis bride in the presence of their
own proper partners.    Tho discovery was
brought about in this way.  It was Christmas
morning, a great timo for weddings, since
Boxing day then remained for the honeymoon.   Seven  or eight couples had given
notice,   and   the   congregation  was large.
While one curate registered the couples in
tbe   vestry    another    married    them    la
1 succession    with    such    expedition    aa  a
slight    stutter    would    permit    The  old
1 parish    clerk,   with    his   list   of   names,
called up the high contracting parties as the
; turn of each   camo.     I superintended tbe
1 whole proceedings.   In the vestry were two
young people l>emg registered, whoee names
i were, let us say, Jones and Smith,   Coming
, mound to tbe chancel again one was a Uttle
surprised to   find   tbe old  clerk   inquiring
among tho congregation for a Mr. Smith and
a Mrs. or Miss Jones.   When I next looked in
Ills direction bo had brought up to the chan-
col stops a gentleman well stricken in years
and dressed  in a sleeved  waistcoat    The
bride *vns n broad, comely woman, whoso
turned up sleeves loft bare two monstrous
Ci-imson arms.   Oppi"essed by an uncom-fort-
nhlo suspicion I hurried to the vestry, and
thero found tbo young people,  Jones and
Smith, just paying the fees.
'is your father here?" said I to the bride*
"Yes, sir."
"Is your mother here!"—to the bride.
"Yes, sir."
"Now," said I to Jones the younger, "look
through this door and tell me If that is your
lather being married there."
"Well, sir," returned Jones, after a leisurely inspection, "he's having it read over to
"Is your mother alive?"
"Sho'sin church."
It wns tbo work of an instant to nish
around and stop tho service. But when the
peoplo wero dragged asunder, Jones, the
elder, in reply to nn indignant Inquiry as to
what ho meant by it, coolly replied: -*-WAH,
he," (indicating the penitent clerk with a jerk
of his grimy thumb) "he told us to come
this way." That couple bad been charged by
mention of "tbo dreadful day of judgment,
when tho secrets of all hearts shall be dis*
closed," to say whether they knew any Impediment why they might not lawfully be
joined together in matrimony; and they
heard 11 silence. So did tho wife of the one
and tin* husband of the other, I bave often
wondered how far thoy would have gone
without remonstrance. Perhaps the demand
for a ring would have precipitated the crfcHs
GetL Boulanger's one idol In life lo said to
be his mntfcor, He si>ends every Sunday
afternoon und evening with her, and If away
always sends ber a telegram. THE   NANAIMO   COUEIER,   THURSDAY,   JULY   4,   1889.
Mr. .lames O'N'eil is authorized on be-
halfofthe Nanainio CouBimi tocunvoss
for   subscriptions,  advertising,   receive introduction of lahor to profil
payments and give receipts for the
in the city of Victoria.
r-1:111.1 - t 111.   i lur readers will of course recognise that what   an-  l,:,v.  said   ill   lllis
•article relative to Co-operative production, in no way touches upon Co-operative
distribution. Having decided against
ilia' principle of Co-operation as lhe best
way in whicli to reconcile capital and
tabor we way l*e allowed Ut turn for a
[ moment to un alternative scheme.   The
Po lhe
se? viz: as tv
to all intent!
• are  to-day, so shall we he
and purposes twenty years
NEW FRUIT STORE!!-Just Arrived!
THAT     I lli UHtll     I III III.
Mr. John  ('unit1
half of tlie Nuaaituo Couitrej.
for subscriptions, receive payments nntl
give receipts for the same in Wellington'
LABOUR   ANJ) [ITS  rrrciu:.
Not n day pusses lmt
npon to publish telegrnmp
to the assembling 01
men! of ihis or i
I'nion Conference or strik.
stablishment of such industrial partnei*-
slnp-s an tliosf of M. ■ioniN and others in
France, und Messrs. Watbrlow .v. Suss.
authorized ou be- iXn,\ Messrs, (\ikmbm. & Co., etc., in
to canvass England, tin- future of industry is
clearly tending. We have already written upon ihi- subject ;it greater length
than we had intended, so thai we must
perfori'e defer any further consideration
oftbis—to us—absorbing topic of Interest,
though we liope to touch upon it again '
in on early issue.
re are called
which relate
un Trades'
. All this has1
IfMtXHY   ist.AMi.
Small is Scraphina's sister,
Six years old, or therealiuuU:
Bat, hy Jingo! she's a "twister,"
lull of noise and squally shout-.
Often when I'd gently whisper,
Seraphtna's kiss to gam.
In runs thai intruding Usper—
Scraphina's sister lane.
\Vh;ii we in the garden wander,
Just to -new the plants, you know;
As our word*, are getting fonder.
And my loved one listens—16!
In she rushes, hair a-1angle.
Like a dull that's gone insane:
Then I feel I'd like to strangle
Seraphina's sister.lane.
When I next lieliold her ligure,
Right at her I'll make one spriug
And I'll say;  "When you get biggei
You'll not like this sort of thing'
Courting lias but brief existence—
Don't you interrupt again;
When I'm here just keep youi distance
Seraphina's sister Jftiel"
T. A Adams and H. Schilling have
opened a
NEW FRUIT STORE :30° Kits' "•««»
on Commercial Street
SEALED proposals will he received bvl     Pn*,i:.i,.j ..-.
the iionomhin fihwn ..Ll     Pabh8*-ed «'«ry morning except
Honorable Chief Commissioner
oi Lands and Works, up to noon of Wed-
and Half-Barrels «^ O M R A Y
s\ S\ *•     a   /"Nj-rT  A  ITrN desirous ol undertaking contracts Irom    |YI    ^^tf    I   st    \*J    *\      I
.„, Ill 11    A I'U A III V the Government for sinking one or more
opposite the Co-operative Store,   ihey I II I I . M I . 1-1  M   U jN experimental  Artesian  Wells  in   Yale
Will keep nothing I.ut the hest  stoekof VV«**.VaHAW,IWI District, II, C, with a view  to determin-  Am	
Fruits, Temperance Drinks. Ice Cream, ,     , ,...,,-       „  ,,    , ing their value for purposes of irrigation. -A-J-
1 Ban Juan and Saanich Lime, Portland     '* '-  -- -■■--    *
Cigars. Tobacco and Smokers' requisites, ,.cmt,n|
Give them a trial and be convinced.     Kilc |,y
laster of Paris and Brick "For  , ■ l>rol-os'l's must '91*>1''' cleai-iy iilfrondi-
.i.Ki ion K.    ioi   lions and terms, state the kind of appa-
.  ., ratus proposed to be used, and give the  "\T * 1^
A.. R. JOHNSTON A CO.      name of two responsible residents of the :   RU €1 Tl €11 TH A    K
LC/ioni/in/ilit'in       ynrl//lf May 15—1 ino Province who are willing to enter into a   JlI tlJ lltllllAJ. .Ut
US       D      Ul        MarilCl,  —l-ondtoseeumthefaithfulcarrylngout       ' ■* '
n   J  POODLE DOG RESTAURANT °f.«ny contract  which mav be entered |
iMuierclal street. Nanaimo. B.C,
oej.   •a^xj*E3*iNr*rsr*EtiJiX..
P. -Jamieson, Prop.
very naturally directed public attention
to the subject of economical production
and the equitable liletribution of tbe
profits of industry. The history of industry both in Europe and the States
presents a marvellous record of human
Ingenuity, perseverance nnd skill,
bul in its moral and economical
aspects it is unsatisfactory and discouraging.   Up to the present iii apital
and labor, instead ofworkingin harmony
•dale by siale. have usually heen at daggers
drawn. A slate nf ivar, or at hest an
armed truce is the condition under which
industry has been pursued throughout
the greater part of its career. The un-
tagonis u of capital and labor throughout
this period 1ms manifested ilself in frequent strikes, attended—in the older
countries where tlie struggle for exist-
i-iu-e is far keener than in more recently
settled lands (such as Australia or
British Columbia)—with violence, outrage and coercion, followed by irretrievable loss and inconceivable misery. In
England up to 1824 penal laws prohibited
combinations rii workmen tor the purpose of raising wages which were conse-1 quired
qtiently invariably fixed by the masters:,
nor was it, we believe, till after 1868 thai
workmen could locally meet for the purpose of securing higher wages by mutual
encouragement and persuasion. Tbo complete enfranchisement of labour which
look place ten years later, and which
recognised, legalised, aud registered
Trades Unions,' removed the slain of
legal inequality attaching to the prolot-
Thkhk are twenty-one settlers on this
island, that being about the same number
as there are on Denman, anal yet the
Cloveriimenl has taken no slops towards
providing them with it wharf, which by
the way could he conslructed al a comparatively trifling a-ost. Of course as
matters are nl present, thero is no
iudua-a'iiia'iii lo intending ranchers
(though there is a good deal of cultivable
laud as yet unoccupied) as if the water
is at all rough small boats cannot connect) to mei
with the mail steamer even, to say noth- *• "*-
ing oi the cxiia- inconvenience even in     J, l°J,~vl,     F ... ,    .,  ,   .   ,
"     , , ,      ,,.     I    7 to Ttfal—Bath and gettin' reddy for brek
smooth water, of carrying and handling I (ul
farmer's  produce in and out of skiffs or
Result or His EnaleaiTur ta, Sis*|
as Day by System.
My littlo nephew run across, somewhere, a
paragraph wnieh said that anybody could
wive at least tavo hours of w-aetaj time a day
by cunning on a time table. Freddy brought
the chapter to mo and asked what it meant.
I told liim. I ailvised him to make out a
time table for himself and try running on il
for a few days. He said ho guessed he would.
Iu a day or two he submitted the following
—.M.way     ^^^^^^ 	
A    CHOICE    ASSORTMENT      Oysters, Cakes, jeUI-s, Ice (
IX  Till!   MAIIKI.l'.
Free Deliveei-v to All Parts of the Oitv.
Association—Headquarters, 465 Main |
treet, Winnipeg, Man.   For collec-
ream,   Blanc
Mange, Ac,  "The orly While Labi
Restaurant in Town.    Meals
from  25 a-ints up.
I    I
tion of old and worthless accounts any
where ill the world, and no charge if not
collected. 0. E. t'ou.ixs, Manager and
Treasurer. S. Pr-uitv Mil.i.s, Solicitor,
Victoria, B.C,
< O-llll It, I Al      M
Complaints arc heard on
all sides thai the government grants
for lids district go direct to Comox, instead of being duly apportioned. In
common justice would il not be as well
forthe proper authorities Intake action
ai once in this matter of 11 wharf—as by
so doing ive are assured they would
shortly be able to sell laml at present Iv-
ing idle, the price of which wou'd go far
to make up for the outlay on the piles rc-
Ai'H'U'o,- of a lute r.-i'-i' in England a
good tale reaches us from one of Ihe
Wesl End (lovernmeiil offices. Like
the clubs, they frequently get up what
is familiarly known its an official
"sweep." (n wbii'b the highest as well as
the  lowest  clerk may   subscribe.   The
ai-y. Thenceforth the employed was as | head of a department, (which ihen-is no
free as Ihe employer. The beneficent effects of Ihis act of simple justice became
at once apparent, and strikes which were
previously attended with menace and
outrage have become merely organised
forms of peaceful pressure, terminating
for the most part in acceptable compromise or by the adoption of arbitration us
a means of settlement of the disputes
which occasioned them. These Trades
[Tnlons have already organised a large
proportion of the skilled workmen and it
may well be that they are destined to | went to bis second
organise and unite the entire body which | asked him whether I
occasion to name) took two shares, and
then went out of town for a few days. 1)11
his return, lhc day before the race, tie
found on his table two cards, on our
which was written "The Duke of Parma"
ami on the other "Lord Clifton." He
rung lhe bell for Ihe messenger. "When
did tlio Duko of Parma call here?" he
inquired, ''Don't know, sir." "Well,
when did Lord Chiton iom*''.'" 'Can't
say sir.'' replied the messenger. "Very
odd I" said   tbo chief,   and   forthwith he
command  and
knon   when the
distinguished visitors had called. "Duke
of I'm 11111 ?" observed the second iu command, afler a little consideration.   "It
must be  the ex-Duke of l'arnia.    I am
sure I   have nol  gol a notice when thoy
came." Thereupon the head of the depart-,
ment sent for his private secretary. "Mr,
Jones," said he "do you know anything
about Ibis'.'    When did these gentlemen
call?    I have asked every body, and no
body seems to have seen them?"    For'
some moments the   private secretary's
life was in danger; the betting was ten
to one ou hi^ splitting hissides.    At last, '
when he bad somewhat  recovered, he!
whispered,  in  a  faint   voice,  "It's   the
'sweep'sir."   "Sweep, sir! what 'sweep'
sir'.'" exclaimed the chief getting angry.
"The official 'sweep.'sir."    "The official
'sweep,'sir," cried  the greal mun now
rial linns in j fairly losing his temper.    "And how the
lirectmoney devil dare the official sweep, sir, come
into my room and put cards upon my ta-,
hie  wilh   those names ou them'."'    At]
~:M to 8—BreU-is.
8 to 618O—-Prairs.
o':20 to 8:30—Hard study.
818O—Start for skool.
D—Get there (a feller must have Rome fun
in life).
!    tlto 10:30—Study and resite.
i    10:30 to 10:45—Keses (out to be longer).
10:4.1 to IS—Study end resite.
r. h.
13 to 12:15—Goiu' fer iuneb.
'    13:15 to 13:30—Eatin' it.
1    13:30 to 1—Sloos of things,   riayin' ball
' mosly.
I    1 to 3—Skool ngen.    Tuffest part of  tho
:    3—Skool over.    Fun begins.
3 to 11—Baseball.   Bisickle ridin'.   Goin' to
walk (siimtimes with  a girl).   Slidin' and
skatin' in winter.   Flyin' kite.   Botlierin' the
. (log.   Peunuts.  Goin' to ride witb pa.  Shop-
; pin' with ma (wen I don't kno it beforehand).
! Kandy,    In bail  weather readill'.    Sloos of
other things.
1    0 to 7—Dinner (grate time fer me).
7 to 7i80—-N'othiii' much.   Don't feel like it.
7:30 to 6—Pa gets dun with paper, an'read.
snmliin' alowd.
8—Sez I must begin to study.
8 to 8:15—Kickin' against it.
8:15 to OilS—Study.
0:15—Gwup to bed.
'.1:15 to 11:35—Wiudin' Waterbiiry watch.
',1:35 lo 0:45—Undressiif nnd  gettin' into
of i bed.
U:t5 till tnornin'—Grate big times with
ilreems, but a feller can't stop to enjoy them
much. Wonder wy dreems can'* hang on
more like reel things/
P. S.—Ware do thos' too extry 'ours cum
In?—Phrenological Journal.
***■■'   left at tlie Kxcelsior Hakery, Commercial Btreet,
ut M-iiisou's store, Haliburton street, will receive
'. roinpl attention at mnJcrate rates.
Albert Streel,
I     April o—tf Nanaimo, B.C.
I ar BEFORE    Bi u.lHVv   CAM.   ON
Architect ami Mecbanical Engineer,
Piano   Tuning.
*■* piiino. .inal organ.;, if left at this office, will be
attended io promptly. A. ANOERMAN.
April ]3—if
Photographs! Photographs!!
Thi' undersigned is prepared to take
first-class Cabinet Photos for $8.00 per
dozen. Views of residences and all kinds
of viewing at reduced prices. And t"
keep money from going to other cities
will take payment in trade from any
liusiness man in the citv.
Photo Aitist._
A waitress at one
Apply Delmonico
will he free to light the war of wages on
terms of perfect equality with their employers. The war of wages though il is
now carried on hy more civilised
methods, is probably as costly as hereto-
fore.J ,The injury inflicted, not only on
the parties i<i the contest, Inn on lhe
community in general, by strikes ami
lockouts cannot he measured by lhe loss
whicli Ihey cause, considerable though
thai is. The fearful suffering ami misery
they create must be reckoned in the account against ihem. The poverty, pauperism, and degradation of thousands of
families are, in tbo manufacturing and
mining districts of England, Vranee, and
Germany, amongst the baneful consequences of these cruel and often prolonged contests, and amongsl Iheir victims are to be Found the members of
what were once great indt
startling numbers, But th
loss for which these conflicts an- responsible is enormous, and ibe loss of labour
is the most absolute and irretrievable of
all losses. Whichever way we look al
this great question, ive ai least see ihi-
fact most dearly, namely, lhal a serious
ami permanent loss results In both employer and employed in the transfer of
liusiness lo rival competitors during
ihese periodical disorganizations of ihe
markets of supply. This facl muy perhaps not be so patent lo those who have
chiefly spent Iheir lives 111 Nanaiiii" or
Wellington, and indeed we utlinll lli.11
the periodical strikes which have taken
place in this district during iln lasl
twenty years have nol succeeded in driving much   if any of our  trade away, by
causing the consumer lo  permanently
draw   bis   supplies   from   oilier sources.   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
This is doubtles- owing io exceptional j very well lo talk ol the advantages—nat-1
causes such as quality oi coal nnd propin-. ural   ami   unnatural—which  Vancouver
quity  of our markets.   Thai Industrial may or im
warfare   is   under  any   conditions   both , towns   of
costly   ami   demoralizing   is    beyond  "inc ibe
dispute.     So   long   a-    llio   Interest* Raschld
of   iln-   employer   and   employed   di- Alnddins
verge,   antagonism   and   hostility will The truth
characterise the ptnjsttil of Industry, ami   believe in
the complete and mosl  proll table development of Industrial enterprise avill  in
delayed.   Combinations under tb,
of Co-operation ministering to the wants
ot the community have been long in active   operation,  and   have made  rapid
strides, though lo us we admit, lhat   contrary lo the expressed  views of many
men of light and leading, it does not appear likely that co-operation will put  an
end to, or greatly modify the hoslility l.e-
Si)i„ellil„j£ Appropriate.
Miss Agues—AVon't you ask your friend to
sing something for us?
"She t-nn't, Mr.  Pliersey; the poor girl is
"Well, what's the matter with one of Meii-
1 delssohn's songs without words!"—Pittsburg
! Dispatch.
Not lu Their Set.
Mrs. Tiptop—I see you have new neighbors,
James.   Are tliey society people!
James (Mrs. Highup's servant)—Guess not,
mum. 1 seed the man c' tbe bouse cumin'
home last night with his arms full o' newspapers an' magazines.
Not an Old Master.
Victor (to butler who is showing him
tinough the picture gallery of tho old mansion)—That's a fine portrait. Is it an old
master I
Butler—Ko. That's the olal missus.—Bos-
ton Courier,
Tlio  Steamor
Leaves Vancouver (or Nanaimo on JI011-
days, Thursdays and Fridays at. 2:10
p.m., on the arrival of the Eastern
Leaves .New Westminster for Nanaimo
.Mondays and Wednesdays at 7 a.m.
Leaves Nanaimo for Vancouver Tues-
alays, Thursdays ami Fridays at 7 a.m.
Leaves Nanaimo for New Westminster
Tuesdays ami Saturdays at 7 a. in.
A Valuable Voice.
Mrs. Voix—My husband has a magnificent
voice, and it supports our whole family.
Mrs. Caller—A teuor ganger, I presume.
Mrs. Voix—No, bo calls out carriage numbers at an uptown theatre.—New York Sun.
A Genuine Surprise.
-Are you the fellow that stole my
umbrella!       ^^^^^^^^^^
Snagit—Yes, wby I   Do you want iti
Maddern (aghast)—N—no, keep it, and Pll
Ihis juncture the belling must have been | send over the cover today.—The Epoch.
against the recovery of lhe private secre- 	
larv.    Al   lasl lie came round, and   thei A Sentence Commuted.
1 ;..   1      i.i    . .,.„« n,„      "I thought, young man, that I told you not
 *tel   WIW '-•xplftinod.     Of  course the, to8tiroutV*tae yard t^d.y," said a stern
m the cards were simply those of | parent, "and hero you are down town."
Whirl     ' "-1™*™
mem it i
ever sinci
hud been drawn in the
l'.ut the head of that depart-
said has looked a little sail
ami  il  is more than doubtful
"Ma'am  bos  commuted  my sentence  to
doin' errands for her."—Hartford Post.
il any
him In
noxl vi
if bis clerks will
■W many tickets
ar's "sweep."
venture to ask
he requires for
Literature'. Decline.
Great Publisher (looking over a manuscript)
—Your language is not as flowing as formerly.
Grout Author (apologetically)—I wrote that
on a typewriter.—Philadelphia Press.
Sin. i: iln- return of ihe "Yosemite*"I
excursionists from  Vancouver wc have \
heard littlo adse than praises of the wonderful  go  and ''vim"  displayed  by tin
denizens ofthe Terminal City, it is all
the advantages—nat-
11 limit Hi-id—which Vancouver
y not possess over her sister
Nnuiiituo and Victoria, but
days of lhe good Ilarotin al
e have been uo believers iu
and iheir wonderful lamps,
is lhat Ibe people of Vancouver j
(be future  of  their town, and
Tlie.Co-upo.Hion of a Face.
Tubbs—1 flatter myself that honesty ii
printed ou my face.
Grubbe—Well — er — yes, perhaps—with
some allowance for typographical errors.—
Burlington Free Press.
Lots   Like Hi.ia.
Wales—1 suppose women are all alike. My
wife is always coming to me for money.
Albert—What does she do witb it!
Wales—Sho doesn't do anything with it. I
never give her any.—Boston Beacon.
— Wholesale   and   Retail —
_ Yates _Street   Victoria    B.   C.
r A. W.  JONES,
Real Estate and Insurance Agent
Victoria,  3B.  O.
A house in the middle ward with live
rooms, in good locality. Address "M. M."
CotitiKii Oflice.
-.--*►.    ^—
Fashionable : Tailors
 _ Os**-.*	
Commercial Street    - Nanaimn,   11. C.
The Largest oud Best Hotel in tli   Oltv.
It. U ATKINS     . . I'UOI-
Lansdowne  Brewery
has engaged a man roni San Francisco
and is now with his new outfit ready to
to serve the public with the very best
lleer, Ale anal Porter.
It Haoaio n j
Dominion Day
JUL? 1st, 1889
Such information as mav be in possession uf the Lands and Works Department
will be furnished on application to parties '
proposing In contract.
W. s. GORE,
binds a"; Works Department,
Viotoria, I'.. C, Kith June, 18811.
- j
The Mutual Life Insurance1
Tlla- l.„r|fi'»t 1 oi„|,n„ ,  I** *■'*' World.
Assets, $126,000,000.
Eeoeipts for Year 1888 #26,000,000
Paid   I'ailicy Holders,   1888.  $14,0011.000.
General fioliciior. .Ioskcii T"i*in.       I
Head Oflice fur British Columbia)
HsiST*tBMAKc*eCo., Mo, 8, Hastion Street j
Victoriu, ll.C.
—"tsTASi.isnan in—
City o Nanaimo
TBis paper is a livo exponent of the
interest of
Nanaimo ai Vicinity
And is thoroughly
It contains all tbo Latest
Telegraphic Disjate'o
On the above Dates Return Tickets will
he sold for a Single  Fare between  all
points on  the Koad, good to return Kor
Five Days, including day of issue.
In addition to the Regular Train Service,
Special Trains will run as follows, culling
al all way Stations:
I.t-aac Wellington	
Arriarr Xanaiino	
"      Claematntis	
"       I'uncnns	
COBBLE llll.l..
Shawnigan l.aka-.
-'     Golalstream	
"        Utissell's	
"       Victoria	
Leaves Victoria	
Arrives Utissell's
. .6:1".,
...6:4-.' "
■ 7101
.   .7:4.1
...8:4o '
...9:2, "
...a,:-* "
...6:00 V.
..G •-**.* "
(IN-.-nKf-,-- m h
) M   HfWAL CHARTBR, ififi?.)
**J,  ilMI IMIO
ICiWl'.it TO INC RRA8R.)
Dished ii|i in readable st.''
distributed early each
Bu that every, me nun
it at. the brenkfn-l
l.o:-uo*-j   Oi-hce— -?e Cornhill,   ondon,      Kram In*-*, [
ai Han Kranci-'co, Portland. Or-- Victoria, Nnv
WeiUnlnster, Vancouver, Nanaim-, an.l
I Kamloops.
A-it-ms nit'l r<-ttt'i|>->u-It'iii*.:
In' Canada—Tlie Han): of Montreal and bratichw.
Unitkh St ATI's—Agents Bank of Montreal, 5t> Wall
Street, New Vork; —Bank uf Montreal, Chicago,     j
Usithd KiNiiDo-.i —Hank of Unli-di  Columbia,  -'3
Cornhill, London; National Provincial Hank- of
England j North ami Soutli Wales Uank,
l.riii-;h   Linen   Company's   Hank; *
Hank of Ireland,
ndia,China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand Han-*'
Kong   and   Shanghai    Hank    Corporation —
Chartered  Hank of India, Australia and
China, English, Scottish .ind Australian  Chartered   Hank,   Bank ul
| Australa-.il .   Commercial
Hank Cn.. of Sydney.
Msxtcn \uu South AmbricA—London  Hank o i
Mrtxi.o and South Ameil.-a.
Esquimalt 6:1,
< loldstream 6:30
Shawnigan Lake 7:34
COBBLE 1111.L 7:44
McPhcrson's 7:59
Koksilah 8 .on
Duncan's 8:14
Someno-i 8:24
Chemainus ■ -. ,.8:40
Telegraphic Transfer* ami ReuiiLtanc-'-' lu and fron
all point-) can lie made through tlii-jHank at
current  rai*:s,
In every part of tin-
And all the latest, events of public
interest are promptly transmitted.
Every question of public
importance disenssod
VICTORIA,   li. (
— WII.I, t'.IVK—
rayon,Indian Inkor WaterColors
The BEST WORK tm lit.: I'arilic
Coast ai
NEW     :     VORK    -:-    PRICES.
I, E I. A N I)    H () U S E ,
PROUT     &    INSLEY,    Proprietors.]
Its advantage as an
Strictly I''irsi-CIa-
Accommodation fur ,.5 Guests.
t  t<i RtlllWay Staatiuil aiiaJ St.i.lii-
,liip Dock.
Watchmaker and  Jeweler, corner of Hastings & granvillk j
Next door to Blakeway'a  Dru**  fttorc,,
Nanaimo, I'., ('.
Watches nml .Tewelry bought, sold niul
repaired.   Fine Gold Wedding Rings
Ac, 011 hanil.
Garesche Green & Co.
' Per Vear, -
j Per Month,
! Per Week, •
• -  tlC Ob
-  -    I 00
- - as cn,
Peck's Hotel, -Viotoria,   B.   O.
T.   E.   PECK,   Proprietor. \ general"B(mklngbusiness transacted.
FIRST-CLASS IN EVERV particular.    Telegraphic Transfers und Drafts on the
; Eastern Provinces, Great Britain ami the
United States, Collections promptly
attended to, Agents for Wells, Fargo a
F.   W.   COOK, C.E.,
Surveys timber ami mlicr claims.
[its ratepayers have IihiI the courage of
[their convictions as shown intlieir sup-
title I port of what in known nt lhc .Antipodes
is "Vogellsm," i. <•., lhc policy in-
olved in "throwing 11 sprat tn catch
1 whale," or in other words in the
' borrowing nt' money to i»' used in
, making permanent improvements. Probably there Is no investment at the pres-
j cnl .lay which il is possible lo make—al
any rale in towns still in their infancy—
tween capital ami lahor. Co-operative which yields anything
labor is the association of workmen with that a judicious outlay
only an insignificant capita). However, : Improvements will give. We have no in;
individually skilful and industrious, tontion of attempting to galvanise a dead
thrifty and energetic, thc men maybe, horse. Nanaimo has deeided not to take
they lack besides capital, I lie necessary
liusiness experience, training and commercial knowledge lo enable them to
compete successfully with private enterprise, combining capital and lahor. A>
cording to the latest returns of the Regil
trar-General for Kngland, wo find that
Co-operative production does not
progress, and that tlie statistics e	
with it show that   it   is   virtually nt a ! least, otherwise the result
like Ihi'   return
upon municipal
' advantage of Hie loan by-laws, and no
one has a better right than her citizens
; to say whal shall, or shall nol he done in
-  connection with their town, and vet wc
■ Wouldfain hope lhat 'erelong she, like
■ many another fair creature, may change
I her mind anal recognise once for ull that
nuke I if she is to hold her own in the  race she
connected j must do as  others do, to some extent at
i easy to fore-,
lie Ere,, Read, the P. S. Tir'tie,
No young woman can write a letter without a postscript, but the young man who get.
tho letter never seems to mind.—Journal ot
Real Estate Broker,
Anil General Agent, Conveyancer,
Notary Public, Etc.
City  Property,  Suburban Property and
Farm Lands for sale on best terms,
Correspondence Solicited.
Oppositu E. at N. R. R. Depot.
Strictly First-Class.
Sample rooms for travellers.
New and Second-Hand
Mar 10-11
John : Pulwitt
Successor lo Kmil Derdinger.
Printing & Publishing Co.,
1'HF.IR     UT.1HT     N
Holloway's Pills & Oinliiieii
//, ii" KI Practical   Horseshoer I this
1  **■     hm
ANI)       ^^^^^
Peck's Blacksmith Shop,
i All Kinds of Goods Bought,
Sold and Exchanged.
Opposite Provincial Hotel.
Contractor and Builder.
lhe steam." Isabel will |i tin n. 'ollftw*
1 .illina.- at avav porls:
Leave Victoria for Nanaimo,
Wednesday at 7 a in
Leave Nanaimo for Comox,
Thursday at 7 n m
i Leave Comox for Nanaimo,
Friday al 7 a m
I Leave Nanainio for Victoria,
Saturdav ill 7 a in
1'a.r Freight anal  Passu.;, apply on l.'oatil.
Mar ,—if
1 am prepared to do all kinds of General Blaeksmithing at short notice and
reasonable rates. Special attention paid
to tenderfooted, over-reaching and Inter-
fearing horses.
SHOEING—Give me a cull and convince yourselves. All work guaranteed
to give satisfaction.
.1.   Pl'LWITT, -   -   -   Proprietor.
1 mo
has secured for itself an imperishable
j fame throughout Ilia; world for the alleviation
j and cure of most diseases to which humanity
is heir.
Till'.     I'I I. I.S
Purify,  regulate and improve the quality 0
the blooal. They assist the digestive organs,
cleanse Ihe STOMACH at llOWELS, in-
crease the secretory power of the Liver.bran*
the nervous system, anal throw into the circulation the pure elements for sustaining ami
repairing the frame.
Thousands of person, have testified that
hy their use alone th.'y have ht-en restored
to health anal strength after every other
means have proved unsuccessful
THK   O I N 'I' M E N T
■**  Will be found in valuable in every Household
in thc cure  nf open   Sores,   Hard   Tumors,
Colds, Sore Tbroats, Hroncliitis, and all dis*
Next   du..r    10   Hirst's   Kim,
Commercial   Slreet.
LrL?SLta J Pa]ap.?..H°„te1' W. D. DEEBLE, Prop
gaTOaly first-class Wines, Liquors
and" Cigars.
N.---.IIMO, IJ. G., P. O. Box, 1S9.
May 15—1 mo
Th. Ouly FIKBT-OLASS HOUSE In Thai Oity.
gar Sample Room for use of Commercial Travellers.
Constantly am hand a full assortment t.f
Choice Meats and Vegetahltss.
Shipping supplied  at short notice.
ordejs of the Throat anal Chest, as alsoGout,
i Kheiimatisn,,   Scrofula,  antl  every kind  of
Scin Diseases.
Manufactured ouly al Professor Ilailloway's
i Establishment, 78 New Oxford St. (late 533
i Oxford St.), London, and sold at is. ikd.',
1 2s. 9ah. 4s. od. ns., 22., anal 33s. each llox
and Tot.
"tarBEWARE 01' AMERICAN COUNTERFEITS.    Purchasers ihould look 10 the
Label on the Pot and Boxes.    If the addrsK
j is not 553 Oxford   Street, London, they »r.
j spurious. •;
Is it love lhat makes me think of thee
Through all the sunless day,
Wherever I may chance to be,
Antl thou—afar away?
.* thousand tirae31 told my heart
Tliat truly lovo was not;
A thousand times the words came bock
And thro vritb them they brought.
Where thou art now I cannot tell—
Wo may L-c Tar apart,
Or near, but wheresoever thou be,
Thou'lt ever in my heart.
Mayhap of mo thou thinkest not,
Nor ever breatho my name,
Vet every hour of day and night,
i hon tbrfllest me thesame-
i\ reliance 'tis best I seo thee not;
Thou inayst be proud and cold.
For in 'by ears pay cavaliers
Muy honeyed vows have told.
11 pride would ppoil tho winsome faco
That trOB so dear to me;
•'.» in my heart I hold theo still
Ai thou wort wont to be.
-r, I* Maclean Wait.
Iihose whootersleep.] a Chinese RESTAUiiANT.    cooking in scnooLS.   Q   lumbia - Carriage - Works
A Diver's Experience.
In searching for tho bodies of drowned
persons, I bavo experienced some great shocks
from very simple occurrences-, perhaps tho
most natabloof which wns nt llio St Charles
bridge disaster, Among tho ujiXortaifiites
had been a tramp who luul gone down with
the wreck. I I bought I bad all Iho bodies
"ill, mill had been blasting for about two
weeks, when, whilo leaning over  tho   sido of
astnoU boat, a white, ghastly, and nearly
nude corpse shot right up in tbo nir, soino
f( et clear of the water, grazing my faco as it
[lassed At first I thought it an apparition.
So sudden aud unexpected did tho horrid
tiling burst on my sight that it complelely
unnerved mo, nnd for days I was prostrated.
Tbo explanation was simple, Tbo body bud
been pinned down until decomposition hud
generated gases niul made tho corpse so light
that it naturally longed to got out of tho
water, until tho specific gravity had been
rendered so much loss than lhat of tho sur*
rounding element, that tho longing had been
intensified to a degree that overcame tho retaining influence, nnd it got frco and shot
upwards. Bodies gain n remarkable force by
continued expansion. I havo known them to
bring up an amount cf sand nnd mud almost
beyond belief.—St, Louis Globe-Democrat.
Atomie   Nature.
Nature works every-where with an Infinite
uuinber of small magnitudes which can ouly
be perceived by our obtuse organs of senao,
when in infinite masses, For example, a
granule of common salt that wo aro hardly
able to tosto, contains myriads of groups of
atoms invisible to mortal eyes. Three inille*
grammes, thirteen sixty-fifths of a grain,
blown into a [room containing sixty cubic
meters of'nir will, in n few minutes, show
sodium lines in a flame, standing some distance away,easily distinguished by tho naked
eye. Darwin states the astonishing fact that
ono twenty-millionth part of a grain of ammonia sulphate will induce changes in a
j. land sufficient to cause a motor impulse to
be sent the wholo length of tho tentacle of
an insectivorous plant. Stroptn* when diluted moro than n million fold, will produco
contractions in the pupil of tho eye,—Kansas City Journal.
Multiplication uf Drugs.
A Baltimore physician In a paper pubUlhod
in a local medical journal denounces with
lively earnestness the tendency to tho multiplication of useless drugs. Tho writer ns-
eerta that In the Index to the fifteenth edition of the "United States Dispensatory" is a
list of nbout 17,000 names ol medicinal substances, which, allowing for duplication and
repetition, he estimates represents about
11,000 remedies, Tluw of acknowledged
merit in this enormous bulk nro aptly compared to G nit in no's reasons, "two grains of
wheat bid in two bushels of chair." The
yery existence of this vast armory of therapeutic weapons demonstrates Iho doctor's
weakness in his struggle with disease. The
conquerors of this worlcj are the men of fow
weapons; the needless elaboration of arms is
tbo vain resort of tho feeble.-—Analyst.
\u call ior Duties.
A Washington paper which asked its lady
readers for replies to the question, "What
kind uf a husband do you wautJ" has been
overwhelmed with answers. Many of the
fair eliglbles would like to marry men of
wealth, but the majority prefer business
men. Some want handsome men, but marked
stress is laid upon the requirement inmost
cases that whether tho objects of thoir choice
be rich or handsome, they must 'oo smart., intelligent, energetic aud of good habits. As
for tho "dude,1' no quarter is anywhere given
to what seems to be coniddered on all hands
a caricature upon humanity for which no
sensible girl bos nny use.—Chicago News.
Notable Miniature*.
Tlie wife of tha lad mayor of Philadelphia
under the crown, Mine. 1'owell, a woman of
■^feat fame for beauty aud accomplishments,
lms left to her descendants a much prized
miniature. Mme. Powell Is represented in a
velvet dress, as beseemed her lofty position,
and upon her proudly poised head rests an
imposing whito gauze cap. The mayoress
was at this time a grand looking old lady o£
TS. Sho died iu 1703. There ia also a miniature of her husband set in a jeweled garland,
intended for a bracelet clasp. Tho mayor's
hair Is powdered, and the velvet coat is
adorned With rich lace.--Harper's Boaar.
Tried the Cut First.
When Hub Bryor was a small boy his stepfather, Uncle Tommy Leroy, was very sick
one day, and the little fellow, in his anxiety
and cunning, gathered a multitude of herbs
to make him medicine, nud when it was compounded he, to test if it was poison, gavo a
doso to a eat, and it didn't hurt it. Then ho
took it to Undo Tommy,—Lafayette (Oa.)
N'onu Small   ICnougli.
Amateur Actress—I'd liko to purchase a
wrap book, sir. I've decided to paste up aU
iho fluttering notices 1 get.
Dealer—I'm sorry, miss, but if that's what
you want it fer I'm nfraid those we've got
are all too largo—Detroit Free Press.
iio might Havo Named it "Kogunnlng."
''That's a beautiful country place ef New-
rich's," said tho bookkeeper, "do you know
what bo calls ltf" "Koepotrthegrass," replied tho ofllco boy, "and he's so proud of it
he's got It stuck up all ovor tbe lawn."—Bob
A Natural Conclusion-
Au examination in tho public schools:
Professor (to pupil}—In which of his battles
was Qustavus AdolphUfl killed if
Pupil (after reflection)—I think it wns In his
lost battle—Now York Tribune.
Of the 46,000,000 or more of cattle in tho
United States Texas is estimated to havo
4,7J1)0;>{, tho value of which reaches tho sum
ui $60,518,11 0. There aro moro cattlo in
Texas than any other state, but fn value
New York, Illinois and Iowa lead.
Another horse has been fitted withspeota-
i-les. It belongs In Erie, uud tho restoration
of Its ability to see distinctly is said to havo
Increased the animal's value moro than $100.
Sow I'rt-iit-li, English and American Thief
Takers Work Their Pockets—Shadowing
Bank Clerks—Thu Different Method*—A
Few Casr« Realte-I.
One of the best known detectives in the
United States sat in the lobby of the Windsor
hotel yesterday afternoon, nnd after repented
solicitation by u reporter for The Times, consented to talk about tho business.
"Thero is all the difference in the world," ho
said, "between tho methods used by tho secret service agents of different countries.
People who read French novels have an Idea
that the disguises spoken of In them as being
worn by the Lecocqs of tho different stories
are something utterly untrue. Strange as it
may seem, however, it is true.
"A French detectivo who cannot so disguise himself that his superior ennnot recognize him could not find employment in any
detectivo bureau. The disguises aro wonderful, too, ami even the ttrong light of day
shows no imperfections in them.
"There are two sorts of detectives in
Franco—.stale detectives and tho municipal
•ft city force. Among tlio former no one
knows wlio his fellow detectives are, and as
they never work in pairs the necessity for
(mowing each other is not so great. Tho
working of the French bureau is very thorough and moro like the American method
than the English.
"The latter never think of disguising them
selves, und go to work openly. If n bnnk Is
robbed iu Franco a uew assistant teller or
clerk appears in tlio bank a day or so afterward—ho Is a detective, of course, aud where
in England the detectives would be called iu
in front of all tho employes nnd ask them all
manner of questions, tho French would say
nothing, aud nothing moro would probably
bo heard of the robbery until tho thief was
"Tho English havo a great system of stool
pigeons. Among tlio vicious of nil classes,
male and female, arc always those to be
found who, for tho sake of being protected iu
a certain w,\y, carry all tho news of tho
crooked work dono among tho swell mobsmen, as high class thieves are culled, to Scotland Yard, whero Es situated tho criminal investigation bureau. If 'JIarry the Swell' is
flashing a great deal of mono}' about, tho
fact Is at ouco reported to the police, and if
any largo forgery or robbery has recently occurred, 'Harry tho Swell' is liable to prove nn
alibi. Inside the great portico of Scotland
Yard is a largo caso containing tho photographs of all tho detectives employed by
tho bureau, and tho crooks, or thieves can
havo free access at nny timo to study tho
faces of those who are liable to bo after tbem
at somo future time. This stool pigeon system is not used much in America, ns tho polico do not put much faith in it.
"Iu Franco or England, if tho employe of
a big banking houso is suspected of irregularities his habits aro watched and the facts ascertained, while in America a man v.ill ho
set upon tbe track of I ho supposed thief, mako
his acquaintance and Ingratiate himself into
tho suspected man's confidence. Ho will
spend as much or more money that, the suspect, and will go iuto nny dissipation with
him. In the event of irregularities in any
large concern tho American detectivo becomes
un employe of tho corporation—whether as a
porter or a director of a bank, Tho clew and
tho working up of it is made much more of
by an American than by any one elso. He
will jump at conclusions from a faint something- and frequently hit tho mark, where
tho stolid Britisher would bo stumbling in
the dark.
"To bo a good detective a man must bo
possessed of courage, brains and coolness.
Thero is no mystery, however impenetrable
it ma)' appear, but what can bo solved if the
right methods aro employed. Tliere was n
caso 1 remember in Chicago some years ago,
"A well  known business man  was found
murdered one morning iu his office. * The
crime  had   evidently been  committed  tho
[ night before, for tho hotly had  been cold u
long time, and the man's family had waited
t for bim to como to his homo tho evening pro*
I vious.    His valuables had been  taken,  the
safe had been rifled, and beyond tho ghnstly
I bullet hole in tlio back of tho man's head,
thero was nothing to Indicate with what the
crime had been committed,    No pistol could
bo found.
"I was put on tho case aud reasoned that
us tho robbery was evidently committed for
gain the murderer must bo in poor circumstances. I visited all the pawn shops In tho
city, and found that five revolvers had been
pawned between 0 o'clock tho previous evening and tho morning. Three wero 45 caliber, the size evidently used to kill tho man.
Two of the men were well dressed nud tho
other wasn't. The latter was described to
me, und I took tho pawnbroker down to tho
different railway depots whero trains were
leaving. Wo went through threo trains, and
finally located the man in a smoking car. I
arrested him, and much of tho dead man's
property wns found in his possession. It's
not much of n story—if the man hadn't
pawned tho pistol ho would certainly havo
got off, but it shows how much littlo things
tmount to, and will give you an Idea of how
i dotectivo will go to work.
"Thoso who aVeintrusted with tho handling
.a? largo sums of money aro frequently
(patched by detectives, particularly if any
iioney is missing from tho institution. Bank
■jlerlffl aro particlUlarly liable to bo kept under
lurvoillauco. Net long ngo a leak was known
to exist in one of tho banks of this city.
Every clerk won shadowed by a detectivo im*
til finally tho thief was discovered. His
mother mado good his defalcation, and being
'of good family,'ho was permitted to 'resign.'
'Tho Hfoof a detectivo is startling enough,
but It gets tiresome nnd monotonous, and I
expect soon to retire, I remember ouo case
that happened fn Now York, A very swell
reception was given by qno of tho leaders of
society. Ono ut tho guests had left a valuable solitaire In tho ladies'dressing rooui on
tho wushstand, nnd, forgetting It, had left it.
On her return to find it, it had of courso disappeared. Nobody knew whero it was. Tho
bunks of all tho servants wero searched, but
no trace could bo found of the jewel, which
was worth about $4,000. I finally found it
whero It had beeu pawned for $500 In a pawnshop by a French woman. I took the visiting list of tho hostess and finally, after a
week's search, found that ono of tho guests, a
rich woman, had a French maid, and that sho
had gone to Europe shortly after tho reception.
"I had to wait for her return, mado tho
acquaintance of tbo maid, and took her to
tho pawnbroker's where bo Identified her.
She confessed and her mistress redeemed tbe
diamonds and paid all expenses. I nover told
on her.
"You seo also that pawnbrokers aro important factors In our business, and that they
aro frequently of service in detecting crimo,
Still, pawnbrokers encourage robbers, for if
thero wero no shops tho temptation to stcul
would not bo so great.
"It'sja singular business in everyway," continued tho thief taker. "Faseinatiug Ul lnauv
ways, but, liko everything else, ono gets tired
of it.''—-Denver Times,
No  Oriental   Luxuries   In Sight—A ftfys-*
torlous Coinuound Brought tn the Table.
Two    Slices    -.J'     "i'e ..lek-ri-aut-l."— A
Pol i>r Delicious Ton.
in Mulberry street, near Canal, amid the
noise, bustle and confusion of tho busy merchants <>f tho "Bend,*'there Is a quiet mid unpretentious dining room. 11 is presided over
at all hours of the day and night by Won
Sing Foo, mid tho business is said to be a1
thriving one. Pictures of turtles, pigs,
sharks nnd several kinds of hobgoblins aro
pasted on the windows and their virtues- as
articles of diet, wo sel forth in choice spider
scratches upon pieeesof brown paper. Tho
most attractive sign, however, reads i\n follows. "A good diner 6 cents."
This was sufficient to lure a reporter into
tho place .recently. There wero none of tho
Oriental luxuries in sight. On the walls were
a few pictures of flowers, highly colored, and
a certificate that Mr. Poo, or some of his
friends, hadntteudeda Sunday school. Tbo
tables woro of pine and partially covered by
a ragged material thai looked like a cross between a dishcloth and a mop.   .Mr. Foo wafl
' engaged in leveling the sole of bis shoo with
a hatchet when the reporter entered, and,
after glancing up quickly, went un with his
work. The reporter dropped carelessly upon
a stool and waited. How long the watt would
have lasted will never be known. Tliere was
a sudden Interruption, A pungent odor stole
in from tho backyard, where something wus
being cooled.    It was too powerful for any
i nose save a highly cultivated one. Tho reporter tried to keep it book, but out it camo
- a double barreled sneeze—thut s-'t everything tu jingling.
It struck Mr. Fooamidsbip. The hatchet
foil OU Ills foot and the shoe dropped Into
, something which looked like a keg of mo-
lasses,    There was blood in bis eye and there
( might have   been a tragedy, had  not  tho
I innocent cause of all the commotion put on
j a hungry look and touched his sunken nbdo
j men with his ting, l*.
Mr. Foo smiled so that no one could tell
whether he was weeping, wailing or gnashing
j his teeth as he said:
<     "Wing Foo ah alio go to kiting seo bah."
•lAU right, Mr. Foo.   rilforgive you.  Now
j just set up the best in the house, up to the
| eight cent limit, and all will bo well."
|    Mi*. Foo jumped away with the air of a
j man who did not understand a word that had
! been spoken.   Ho kept out of sight for twenty
j minutes and tben appeared with a large bowl
of something steaming hot, which ho set on
I the table anil thou tool; a seat close by.   He
j began to whistle a peculiar call and the yellowish soup moved restlessly In the bowl.   A
! spoon came with the stuff,   It required somo
j courage to take a mouthful, and it would
take fl team of horses and a derrick to get one
up to the rack for a second trial.   -V mixture
of hud, mustard, salt and bilge water may
tempt a lagging appetite, but iti-* jusfcn little surprising to the stomach of a man not
thoroughly used to the customs of tho Flow-
try Kingdom,   Mr. Foo took the mysterious
compound away and came back In a little
while with a largo platter and a couple of
Small dishes.   There wero two slices of some
brown material on the platter.   Mr, Foo admitted that it was "po-sjek-re-aut-i."   Ther**"
h no doubt that it war*! tho genuine goods. It
Lasted so.   One of tho slices was filled With.
small fish bones, and the other wus n dainty
morse) which might have been taken, with u
little imagination, to bo a bit of fried mummy.   There wero ulso some beans, cabbage
and rice.   Mr. Foo evidently runs bis place
on the touch not and tasto not plan.    Well—
It keeps one from being poisoned.    A nibble
here and there demonstrated that an ash can
would be a safe place for Mr. Foo's 'layout,"
It made it easy to understand why a young
Chinaman wears wrinkles and appear*! liko
tin old innn while yet in his teens.
A. tiSIALL POT 01'* TEA.
Mr. Foo removed the dishes. He wanted to
bring some more of the menu, but the reporter Indicated that ho would prefer a drink
Df some kind, Altera long delay Mr. Foo
appeared with a tray bearing n small pot of
tea and a cup that resembled a toy, The lea
was a revelation. It was aromatic and the
flavor delicious, and if there had not beeu a
small family of Croton bugs found in the teapot, after the tea had been -swallowed, it
would have been thoroughly enjoyable. This
traded the dinner.
"Well, Mr. Foo, how much do I owe your"
Lhe reporter asked, simply as a mutter of
Tho remark brought back Mr. Foo's cheerfulness, and ho came near uncovering his
mme with longitudinal extension of his smile.
Ho showed for the first time that his English
had not been entirely neglected. After a few
marks witb a brush, through tho wreath0 of
smiles came tho word*; soft and low:
"Sixta-iiine-a con,"
"Sixty-nine cents! t lo to, Mr. Foo. You are
crazy I Why your sign out thero says that
you givo a good dinner for eight cents. What
iio you mean by this extortion.-"
"Ah! Excus-a-mo. Eighteen for poor Chiniv
man, Melioan man rJchee, no eateo like
Chinaman, Ho eatee blenty soup, beef and
good tings. Muohee eatee, muchee pay. Belly
good. Blxty-nin-a cen cheapee. Chinaman
lesee money all time.   Belly poor."
Tho bill was paid, and tho visitor came
away with the oxperieuceand conviction that
Mr. Foo bad mistaken-his calling. He ought
to double up with Hungry Joo and do thu
"hand shaking" nob.—New York Tribune
Boot & Shoemaker,
A Knowledge «' Fleinentary Htudlei
Needed - Let Cookery be Learned nt
Home—Object ton i (n Kitchens In City
Behoolhotum*— Pertinent   Points.
The women who propose Lo introduce In
struction in the science and art ot cooking
into tho public schools undoubtedly uieao
weJl. Their oiler to jmy tbe expenses ot o
teacher und to provide the articles that arc
to bo prepared for food Is commendable, It
is understood, however, that this proposition
Is only with a view of making a publlo ex
perimciifc. If it is successful the design is Uj
bavo cooking taught, as rending, writing,
German and music now aro. at the cost of
taxpayers. It will take its place in the reg
ular course of studies
That every woman, whatever her rank,
should understand how to prepare the various
kinds of food in common use ia certain.
Nothing promotes the happiness of mankind
in general us much us good food. Poorly
prepared food ruins tbe health of many fam
ilies. Wasteful cooking prevents tlio prosperity of a still large- number Economy in
thekitclien.lt is said, enabled tbo French
nation to pay tho Indemnity demanded by
Germany for a foolish war, nnd allowed the
peasantry to contribute millions toward dig
ging the Panama canal. Persons of every
ago and condition appreciate a good meaL
Cooking deserves to bo recognized ns one ot
tbo fine arts. For Its highest development
science as well us skill and experience are
required It is one of the most bopeful signs
of the limes that several chemists have lately
. delivered courses ot lectures nnd written
works ou the science of cookery The latter
ure now taking the place of tho empirical
cool; book
too many BTtrorKa
I     The  propriety,   however,   of introducing
! cooking into tbe common schools la question
j able.    An attempt Is made to impart Instruo
; tion  in   quite too  many  things uow.    The
1 school life of the majority of pupils Is Limited
i r.u  500 days    They   cannot learn to read.
write and compute simple numbers In this
: short time      Every  new  branch  interferes
with   progress in   what ure known  as the
fundamental studies.    If human beings are
to occupy n place above that of the common
animals It Is certainly  necessary  that they
learn to read in the language of the country
• to express their thoughts on paper and to
. compute numbers.    A very lurge proportion
; ot pupils leave lhe schools now only only one
step   removed   from    illiteracy.     German,
I music, dramtng and gymnastics, have each
had an Influence iu  preventing  them from
I learning how to use the English  language In
I any other way than In conversation.
A knowledge of cookery can  be acquired
i out of school much better than a knowledge
I of reading, writing, arithmetic and geogra
; phy.    If n girl can read and write well, un
I derstnnds the   value of weights nnd moos
, uses, and is tolerably familiar witb the terms
employed in practical science, sho can learn
muoh obout cookery by the study of books.
| A knowledge of the elementary studies ordi
uarily taught tu commoti schools is as im
portant fo learning cookery as to leornir
anything else.
Thero are great objections to fitting up
! rooms in school bouses to 'on used for cooking
! food.    Ovens, stoves, I binges  and  a  large
number of utensils will, of course, be neces
sary for cooductingoperntfons,   Meat, game.
lish, fruits,  vegetables, butter,  lard, pepper,
: spice, vinegar and  many moro articles must
be brought to the school bouse every day or
j kept in stock.   The odor of tbe kitchen will
' bo likely to extend  to every  room In  the
1 building.   Tbo  children   wbo   aro   making
! mud pies under the direction of the instruct'm
i in art will wish they had some of the bacon
I and eggs, corned beef and cabbage, porl; and
' liver, beefsteak and onions or fried oaifw
and cottage cheese that are being prepare*
by tho class In cookery In the room boneatl
If cookery is introduced in tbe schools tin i*
will properly be a demand for instruction b
i  -iitting, fitting and making articles of cloth
I ing and fordoing laundry work-   It is im
! portant that girls know how to wash, star.■'.<
and Iron clothes.   Girls as well as boys should
: learn many things that aro not now taught
j iu tho public schools.    It does not follou
however, that tho public schools should un
dertaketo give instruction in every depart
ment of learning or In overy art practiced h
tbe shop,   kitchen,   laundry  and   nurser,
i'hey bave already attempted to do too mui
—Chicago Times.
Hastings Street, East   of Carroll,
lids extensive c.-.i-.ljli-.hm--nt has jutt opened.    A !ar-».- and well iebw tad •:.. .'* of
Oa rri&ges9     Briberies,   J3uckboa els.
linDv'*1 vlinPIWP Having fcecured tbe best -.hc-er on the Coast, thfcdepartment will Le made a
ilUitlMj"ijliUlliii Ui specUUty, We guarantee to prevent hor.it-s from interfering yr over-reach.*-.***
lams. 11-Uita**,! s ihod and treated on the latest approved principle-,,
irp Repairing In ail its branches, as well ai RAllVlsHU, 1 HUUU&fj., Etc, done with
H'fi ..■ taxless and at moderate prices, Light und Heavy I'OIt-Ul^li^ of every tUsutptio •*■
K ,.;. tciyi department will receive the personal supervision cf our Mr. McNAUB, an old e x-
,   :       •      ...     •.   irat -.. known i;; many parts of tne Dominion.
A.   T.   McNABB   &  Co.
'a-cmme-it Street
Victoria, B. C.
b-p iflita Ib-i-civi-d in (lolri, Silver ,.•;<! '' S. Curreuc)     lotf cat paid cm ibe same
• in Ijmc deposits.
Oold Dust ami C. l, Currency purchased nt bigbwo ranrkol intea
i5f" Sight Drafts and Telegrnuhjc Transfers oi  Phi   Pr/incisc, New Vork and
i'jXchaugc un  Loudon available in all parts of Eurup*'.  bJufiiflud,  Ireland and
.utters of Credit issued on tbe principal Ciii'-s rV Ibe Uuited HlnU-tm, Uuuarin uud
ffl~ Agents  for   Wells,   Far.gc  *   Co.  IV*
NESBITT, DICK   OJS *; CO..Pi«prietors
fort stk,:e:et,     -     -     -     above douqi-
Assorted Jumbles,
Assorted Tinkers,
Coffee Cake.
Cheese Biscuits,
Currant Tops Sod.
Ginger Snaps, i    Sued Biscuit,
Graham Wafers. SttKa-  Crackers,
Olnger Cake, . J Spice Jump es,
Family Pilot. Sut-rai  Cookies
Fancy Mixed. Sultana Biscu
Fruit Blser, V.nulla Croa
Icod Ginger Bread. Wine,
Iced Sultana, Etc.- Etc.
I Canadian Pacific Natation  Co.
TIME   TABLE   No.   io.
VICTORIA   TO Vancouver ana1   Moodyville d-uly
except Monday, at 4 o'clock.
VANCOUVER TO Victoria, daily, except Me***/.
nt  13:13 o'clock or on the arrival af the C. K
Railway Train.
S.S.  PREMIER will leave as follows:—Vancouver
2 p.m.,   Mondays   aad   Thursdays,   re turn ing
leaves  Seattle  Wednesdays aud  Saturdays al C
a.m., arriving in Vancouver about 6 p.iu., this ta
take effect Thursday, February 9th.
Leaves VICTORIA for New Westmmiter, Ladner's
; Landing and Lulu Island,  Suuday-t and Thurs
days at 7 1*'clock, Tuesday-* ar 8 o'clock.
[Leave  NEW   WESTMINSTER for  Victoria  and
way ports on Monday at 2 p-m-a Wednesday and
Friday at 7 a.m.
PLUMPER I'ASS, Sunday at 71/clock.
Steamers   for Hope aud  way ports leave New West*
in i lister  every Thursday:    For  Chilli whack and
way   landings  every  Tuesday  aud   Saturday at
i Steamer MAUDE leaves Victoria for Alherui aad
Soaiid ports once a mouth.
I Steamship Sardonyx will leave for Fort Situs-sou  aud
intermediate port-son the First  aud   Fifteenth »f
each   month.    Whenever   sufficient    iuduceuteat
offer*, will call at poiuts on the  West Coast and
Queen Charlotte Islands.
The company reserves the right  of changiag this
lime Table at any time without notincatiun.
Gen. Ai-ent. Maaafcr.
lemon Snaps.
Li?mon Btsci<lt,
Nf»W   York  Snjus,
Oat  Meal,
Nanaimo Land Office.
Price List Furnished. Orders „, u.nptly attundKcl to.   Asia voa
or NESBITT, DICKSON a CO.'S Biscuits.
more or less, very good land, Millttre.m
running through, close to Comox Rosd.
A desirable homestead, minerals include.!—
Newcastle Townsite—Lot 68, Block 3
$225 Terms.
Lot 43, block 10, $500 cash.
Lot 8, block. 13, $1800 terms. Splendid
business site.
Lots 11 and 12, block 6—$1000.
Laicatiuns for residences and business situ
throughout the city.
Nine blocks in the Syndicate Addition to
Port Angeles. Far ms in al] part, of he
Province. d
56 New
Broad St.
inff from business he bega to notify
nil persons indebted to him to settle
their accounts on or before the 30.h Julia
proximo. Accounts remaining unpaid
j niter that (lute will be placed in tbe
j hands of an attorney for collection. All
j persons to whom thc undersigned is in-
1 ilebtcd are requested to hand in their
j claims for payment, on or before the
j above mentioned dates.
Nanaimo, 19th April,  '89.
%he business of ALLSOP # MASON has been met a ed iu th*
{ abot j Company and will be carried on by tye VomimZffvoZ ikL
; daUas a General Land Investwent and ^4^52^4?
MnNFY Tfl I flAM °* »wca«e at row bates. I —
mUB^L 6     I U   LUMIl Town Links is nil  Fariuli.K l-an«N f«r   -ALEX. MAYER   -   MARCUS VVOLKE,
Mile on -easy terms.
A Cur-' lor Wakeful boss.
Muu> ii middle aged man who itt iu the
habit of going to bed after eating a hearty
meal [a piuaUed when ho finds himself waking
upiu tin.' !j»i:iJl hours of the morning, da^
after day, aud unable to get to sleep again.
Ho know-zi that this wakefulness is unnatural,
but it never occurs to him that it Is duo to
his stomach. It took me several years, during which T lost months of sleep, to find this
oul, but now I know it. If the victim of insomnia whom T havo described will *iso Crotn
his bed when ho wakes and drink a pint oi
water !.-.• u ill go to sleep again immediately,
and will not wake again until his ordinary
hour. -Maj, E, H. Foster In Globe-Democrat,
Apotheoaltf of Paper.
Wo knew it would come, Tbe announoa-
tnont haa been made that a paper ooflin lias
been Invented and put upon the market. A
man may now build his house of paper, eat
his dinnor from paper plates, wipe his face
with a paper handkerchief, buy his wife a
paper piano and goto his grave in a paper
coffin. The coffin may bo paid for with a
piece of paper and the death published on
another piece. Thero ar* few things more
useful than paper.—Philadelphia Record
Thu Smoked liciilii;; Munopol-t.
The island of (.rand Manan is the home of
cut and dried monopoly that would be hard
to match. Grand Manan puts up annually
more than I.O.X),000 boxes of Bmfl»pd herring,
and controls tho market,
Boston   i>> the   paradise   ttt   u*»wi*i>-■.•.-.
Gen. II. F. Bailer's Famous Order.
While the Ancient and Honorable art!lien
visitors from  London and Boston were li
Washington a party of them made a cail om
evening on Gen. Butler, who happened to l«
iu town.   The general was in ono of his mosi
j gracious moods, and as full of bis poculi.-n
j humor as an egg is full of meat   lie was*
I glad to see his callers, and made them feei
| that they wero welcome.   The Englishmen
showed a great interest In him, and dami
away delighted witb their reception.   Then
curiosity was quite equal to their Interest
and they plied tbe general witb question*
which were characterized by a sort of mix
turo f>f Yankee inquisitiveness and  Britu*.
bluntness.   Maj.   Becker "wanted to knou
you know," about that famous order at New
Orleans for the summary and degrading pun
ishmectof any woman who should insult u
soldier, the major stating frankly that it ban
| caused a good deal of Indignation riiioi...
chevalier Englishmen.
"Well, gentlemen," satd the general, wit I
a twinkle in his eye, "I am very glad U
tell you how thnt happened. One of m>
officers, a modest, Christian gentleman, went
to church one Sunday J List as tie was about
to enter the door a womaa stepped up to hi m
and spit in his face. Ou tiis return he re
ported tho occurrence to ino. 'What did you
doT i askod. 'Do, general,' said he, -what
could I do! 1 just took out my bandkerehk-t,
wiped my face and went into the church.' 1
said: 'That's all right, but 1 can't Stand thi**
sort of thing, and Pm going to do something
about it' I looked over a whole lot of city
ordinances and municipal regulations nml
papers of thnt sort, and at last, gentlemen, 1
found Just what I wanted tn a regulation ol
tbe city of London, which 1 copied and made
the bosfs of the famous order which causett
so much indignation among the good people
across tbe water and elsewhere. 1 want totell
you furthermore," pursued the general, ''that
it was a perfectly effective order. There
was not a single case of punishment under it
Tho ladles of New Orleans wouldn't violet i.it because they did not wish to be taken for
women of tbe town, and the women ot the
town wouldn't violate it because they wished
to be taken for Indies."-Chicago Ilernld.
A Nevr Way to Spell Ohio.
An immigrant was leaving Castle Garden
the other day when a friend asked what
steamship ho came over on. The immigrant
scratched hifl head and thought for a while.
Finally he answered "I don't exactly know
ber name, out there w.is an U, H and a l*?«
ou her bow "-.New York World.
Dr. J.   Collis    Browne':-.
Advice ,c invalids—If you v :st\ to uuiatn
I quiet refreshing sleep, bee from headache,
relief from  pain  and  anguish, to calm and
I assuage   the  weary   achings    of protracted
I disease,   invigorate  the  nervous media, and
! regulate   the circulating systems of the body,
j you will provide yourself with tnat   marvellous   remedy   discovered   by   Dr.   J. Collis
j Browne (late Army Medical Staff), to which
he gave the name of CHLORODVNE, and
which is admitted by the profession to be the
! most   wonderful antl   valuable   remedy  ever
j discovered.
CHLORODYNE is the best remedy
I known for Coughs, Consumption, Bronchitis,
i Asthma,
| CHLORODYNE arts like a charm in
I Diarrhoea, and is thc only specific in Cholera
I and Dysentery.
|    CHLOKODVNK effectually cuts short all
attacks  of Epilepsy,   Hysteria,   Palpitation
I nnd Spasms.
| CHLORODYNE is the only palliative in
| Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Gout, Cancer,
Toothache, Meningitis, -\*: , &c,
From    Symes    &   Co.,    Pharmaceutical
Chemists Medical Hall, Simla, January 5th,
1880:     To J. T. Davenport, Esq., 33 Great
Russell   Street,  Rloonislmry,  London,  Dear
.Sir:—We  embrace this opportunity  of congratulating you  upon the wide-spread repu*
tation  tliis justly esteemed medicine, Dr. J,
Collis  Jrowne's Chlorodyne, has  earned for
itself,  not only in Hlndostan,   but  all over
the East.     Asa remedy of general  utility,
We  much  question  whether  a better is imported   Into tlie  country,   and   we  shall !*c
glad  to hear of its finding a place in every
Anglo-Indian home.    The other brands,   we I
arc  happy to say, are now relegated   to  the
native  bazaars, and judging from tlieir salet
wc   fancy   their   sojurn   there   will be but |
evanescent.    We   could   multiply   instances
infinitum  of lhe   extraordinary   efficacy of
Dr. Collis Browne's Chlorodyne in Diarrhea,
and   2nd    Dysentery     Spasms,     Cramps,
Neuralgia, tlie Vomiting of Pregnancy, and
a*-,   general  Sedative,   that  have  otcurred
undw t our personal observation during man)
years.    In Choleraic Diarrhoea, and even if!
tlie  more terrible forms of Cholera itself, we
have witnessed its controlling  power.     We
have  never  used  '.ny  other  foim   of   ihis '
medicine  than  Collis Browne's, from a lirm i
conviction   that it is decidedly the best, and ;
also from a sense oi duty we owe to tlie pro]]
fession   and   tlie   public,   as   we "re ofthe j
opinion   tnat the  substitution of any other
than Collis Browne's, is A  DELIBERATE
AND PATIENT   ALIKE.     We   are   sir, j
faithfully  yonrs, Symes & Co., Members of
the  Pharm.     Society of Great Britain, His :
Excellancy the Viceroy's Chemists.
physicians. A^x. Mayer fc Co.,
(Coroner for the I'rovina-a-ol' Brit-
1   ish Columbia.)   Residence, East
Wellington.      Telephone      connection
No. 28.
Hot .v.'L'n Nanaima),  Comox ;aml   Victoria.]
Steamer Amelia.
Arrives In Nanaianiu ftver) TuesdHy evening.
Leave. Nanaima fair Ca.mox  \Yea"-
ncs.lay     3 A. M.
Returns from Comox for Victoria,
Wednesday evening.
Leaves Nanaimu fur Victoria Thursday     J A. M,
Leaves Victoria fa.r Nanaimu, Kri-
day     - a. ai.
Leaves Nanaimu for Victoria,  .ui<i
all  way ports Saturday     7 A. M,
[Between  Nanaimo ami   Vancouver.]
Slf-AMKli   K.-INHOW.
Arrives    a!     Nanaimo     Tuesdays—Leaves
Nanaimu Wednesday mornin**.
[Between Westminster, Comox aV Nanaimo.]
Steamer Robert Dunsmuir.
Ai rives in   Nanaimo Wednesdays  anal Sun
days—Leaves    Nanaimo    fair   Comox
Thursdays—Leaves    Nanaimo   for
New  Westminster    Saturdays
an.l  Mondays.
Trains leave Nanaimo for Victoria.  11:04 A-M*
•• Wellington     12:29 I'. M.
" arrive in    " from Victoria    12:20 P.M.
 Wellington       8:e5 A. M.
On Saturdays an extra train leaves Nanaimo for Victoria at t :5b p. SI, A train also
leaves Victoria for tltuaimo, arriving here
at 6-55 ''• "**" fl-"d le.--*."a fur Wellington at
10:15 P. -■'■
Mails eto.e daily for Victa.ria
anal wfl-  stations  8 a.m.
"    Arrive      12:20 A.M.
"   Close for Wellington,.,    11:45 A.M.
" r*orCoraox, Alberni ami
way stations every Wednesday  - r.11,
Wholesale anal Retail Dealeis in Geneeal.
Orslers   promptly   and   carefully delivered*
Commercial   Street,
Nanaimo, B.C.
Harewood Lake, May 27th, 1889.
Strayed on to my premises one iron
grey eow with a young calf. The owner
is requested to come and pay chars-en and
take away the cow.
Wm. Blackmore,
Architect,   Etc.
['. U. BOX ,-,'. VANCOUVKR. tl. I.
c. c. Mckenzie,
Land Agent, Conveyancer, Accountant
and Insurance Agent.
On-ice.—C. L. Smith's Building* Bat-tun*  Strutt,
Town Lot-, -ind Farms for Sale.    Mouty tu Low* r i
Mortgage at low ratee.
Agent for the Glasgow and London Firt Im-ur
Qt, H. BLAKEWAY & 00.
mas iii:m<>vi:i) Ta
Next   HUbert'j  Furniture
g0'llo\mh'mg ri all kinds promptly
attended to.
Ap  23-tf
To the Travelling Public
Ana Its ronractilons msa 1. :.,    u, n
A. SHAW,   .-v-jent,    -    -    Nanaimo.
Mining Engineer, United States and
Provincial Surveyor and As-
sayei, Vanonuver. B. C.
Keliiil'le reports, underground surveys nud  maps '
' of miues executed at low rates.     A«ayS made on all
kinds of Mineral's, (!o!<( and   Silver liar-;.     Thirty
yenrs   experience  in  mining  in  Astn,  F.urope   and
, United States; nf America.     Speaks ten languages.
Allay*   from   a  distance    promptly    attended   to.
Addreis, Vancouver. B. C.
All Quarts for assaying left with W. 0
Hallack, Nanaimo, will be promptly forwarded to Dr, Bredemeyer.
Albion Iron Works.
W O R K8:
Manufacturer., of Marine tna Land K nges
Boilers, Fish Canning and Mining Machinery,
Hydraulic Glaus and Pipe REPAIRS executed
with dispatch,   Worlrs running night and day
CAUTION*.—Vicc-Cnftncelloi Sir w.
Page Wood stated that Dr. J, Collis Browne :
was, undoubtedly, the inventor ol Chlorodyne; that the story of the defendant. Fret, j
man, was deliberately untrue, which, he
regretted to say, had heen sworn to —See
I "The Times," July 13, 1SS4.
Sold  in  bottles  nt  is. I'.jd., as. Oil., 4s. !
61I., antl 1 is. each.    None is genuine with-
OUl   the    words   "])r.   J.   (.oilis    Btowr-v'8
i Chlorodyne" on tne   Cfovernment   stamp*
; Overwhelming  medical    testimony   accom-.
panics each bottle.
I     Caution—Beware of   Piracy   and Imitn*
I tins.
Saile  Manufactures—J. T. Davenport, 33
j Croat  Russell  Sireel,  BloomsbUTV   London
Physician Prescriptions carefully compounded
Country orders promptly attended 10
NAN.- I M al.     II. C*.
3.   I*.   JUNKIN81        -        rroprlc.or.
Me*r*rs. Russell McDomtld at Co., bc**
to notify ilia' public that they have disposed ni tha'ii- branch store In (his city.
The store will be closed after tho lirst ot
July and from now until thai ilate we
wili sell our stock at cost. All debts not
settled on or before June 30tb, will be
sued for.
russell Mcdonald a co.
("Xniiaimo. R. C June 1st. 18S9.
1 mo
Corporation of the Oity of
Nanaimo, B. 0.
By-Law lo appoint a time and place far
hearing complaints against Real Kstate .Assessments. Wheteas by a by-law dated tht
6th day of May, i 889, the 13th day of May was
appointed for the return by the Asseiior to
the Municipal Council ofthe Real Estate Assessment Roll, for the year 1889,
and, whereas the said roll was returned on
that day, and whereas it is necessary to appoint a time and place for hearing the complaints of such person or persons as mav complain of his or their assessments, appearing an
the said roll.
He it therefore enacted by the Mayor and
Aldermen of the city of Nanaimo as  follows:
1. That all complaints that have been
duly made, or shall be duly made, hy^any
person or persons of his or their assessme-ntfi
as the same may appear on the said aweas
ment roll for the year 1889. shall be heard at
the city council chamber, Nanaimo, on Tuesday, thc iSth day ofjune, 1889, at tbe hour
of 10 o'clock in the forenoon and at 2 o'clock
in thc afternoon, or as soon thereafter as the
said complaints can be heard.
2. This by-law may be cited (or all par-
poses as the appeal by-law,  1889.
Passed by lhe Municipal Council this 3rd
dny ofjune, 1889, affirmed by the Municipal
Council this 10th day ofjune, 1889.
C. M. C. Mayor.
General Blacksmith & Carriage Builder.
Bastion street Brut**, Kami-, B. c.
With New Treatises,  Modern Machinery
Cla.a   Workmen, jail   Sty lavs a>f  Ws
t an iiages and Buggies wilt be bain,,
to ordsi.
THURSDAY, .ll'l.v i,   1880
liefoic Hon. Itistiae Crmsc.
Tlie usual monthly meeting of the Nanainio County Court was opened at " a
in. vesterday.   Tin- Bret case was thai uf
Die obijj L'urroltou nai towed to sa-:
yesterday with :, cai-go of coal forSai
Die steamer Karluk arrived --estei-day
-lie Will load 000 tons of coal for Alaska.
The ship Ivy is loading coal for San
i roncisco.
Ihe ship A. UcCallum nud Bark Oregon are waiting their trim m load coal I
ior Ban Francisco.
tl Cl.l.l.VOM.N.
The ship Glory ol the Sea-is loading
coal for San Francisco.
The Bteamer Wellington clean*.*! from
Wan Francisco yesterday.
Tho ships K.innebec ami Commodore
arc waiting i-. lo.i.l  coal for Sail   l-'ian-
Short Bridge, Victoria Orescent, Nanaimo, B.C.
Iinparlt-r nn.l Dealer in oil Kinds of
«: Builders'  Hardware   and   Carpenters'  Tools,
i:-sr WEuuKtnas.
Tin- ,-lii|i General 1'aiivhil.l
oal tor San I'rani'i'.cu.
Tin' bark  Bundaleer  will  follow tlie
leneral KairchUd under Iho chutes.
O.   V, 'I.KI.K   a .   T.   *.   I'a.I'i:,   (-. i..
Action was broughl t., recover tin- sum
..j ,"(i0 on a promissory note which lu- had
given in payment loi'a transit.
Judgment for plaintiff by default.
Fotrrisit v. iioud.tN.
I'. C. McKenzie on behalf oi defendant, applied for an adjournment until the
next County Court, as- he thought, an nr-
.'Mii-ienieni might be arrived al.
ii. Noarris, on behalf ol tin- plaintiff,
raised uo objection,
Th.' ease-was adjourned uutll Friday,
the ."ith inst.. when if no arrangements
have heen arrived at, lli- Lordship will
render a written decision.
r. ram; v. ,i. iiii.jii;ki' ,m, i. W0IIK. I-'ROM   V'A.M'OI'VKH.
Tin'art ion was broughl io recover Ihe '''"' "lean*** I:. Uimsmuir arrived yea-
-inn of (U2.60, being the amouni paid bv J**rdoy with mail, freight ami the follow-
ih" plaintiff', under instructions from mg piisgeu-ters:—Mrs. Bolton, Miss Dug-
.1. Hilbert, in order thai plaintiff miglil jl**, MissSmith and several excursion-
become a member of tilt Lodge of United ills wbo hod slaved over in Vancouver.
Order qf Honor at Wellington. Consignees:—}* K ["Society, Whitfield
The plaintiff's application wa«refuseal Bro«.,ls.  Queimell, S   Brightman,  Mc-
aud tbe action  was broughl to recover Cnsh, A K .Johnston & Co., Carter, Oaf--
the money. sell, Uscellesand Rowbotham.
The  Plaintiff testified tliat while In- i'koji   net a
was   al   W'clliugtou .1.   Ilillaeii   arriveal ti„. .,,.., ,,„.,., .„,.;,„,,  ,-i,.  ,.,,   .,    ,
i'i::^:^:^^^^;!,^^^:! dSgjaS ^SS,- -- - - -
^\^»l^*^ ,
Table and Pocket Cutlery, Stove
Ranges  and  Parlor Orates,
Coal Oil, Table Lamps
and  Fittings.
White Lend, Shot Guns,
Rifles sand Cartridges,
Hope. Etc., Etc.
House Furnishing (Ioods of all Kinds
Terra C'otta Chimney Flues.
'.**',.   A full assortment  on  hand  al  th*
owesl market rates.
Esouimalt  & Nanaimn
TIME    CARD    No     IO.
For Shirts,
Scarfs, Ties, Collars, Etc.,
.: 8
T.   L.   BEO WIT E
< y
d* ;  J;
rn 3 'Ji    1—ve "O ii:
A i..,rK.. -,,.,,.,.„ . ,;,,„„. and , ,(Js, VamUMaKM
g0~i:n„d Value at fxiwesi Cash Prices.
««   "al.a.li.
■ t,' > ~ •   •   ■   •
; v X  rt Q 0. f-*<* ao era r~ ri N
• '8 *. a ■»« j*
« o -3 a aj a 0
Soco c-i  g       	
o i* .a h a ., g ra « a a
t* r*  ri *"i Wii ay an o ti  -
u"V — - -=
I Iiv
Ilir-i Broii
liood accommodation.-*.   Fine view o!
'I'm..'.   -■.    erki-jis, are iguin to; the the   Buy.     Onlv  first-closa   brands  „f
ion   a iti, a splendid supply ... trloves, Wines, Uquors and Cigars lupplied.
'' ;"1'' 8 '" s' '■"'"'>■ ■ jy4-U     NICHOLSON ri SCOTT, Props.
Tf..- Kreal Mile of dry
•Ul**-.*, vs.
jrrenl Bale oi  dry %ooda ut t-ost.
till rout iiines ut Arthur Bullock's.* ,
I Sell at Ihe   Lowest   Prices in Town.
If You will Buy of M. You will jet YOUR
Moneys'  Woi-tli,
Ami Otitr Smokers' requisites at lowest Prices In Town.
tivy ;a/o feni, The receipt was produced
iu. Court. 1 was instructed to risii Dr,
Eberts to pass my examination anal that
Hilbert would obtain thu Ileal certificate and send il to California.
I pastel the examination in
company   with    six   others,    At    the
next meeting my name waa omitted from ,„.
the list of those accepted,   i asked llil- '
bert to letttrn my money but Ue after- L,.... _.,,           — -
wards said he had no money oi iiiini'. so - NANAIMO TELEPHONE COMPANY.
1 sued McKenzie,	
At this point the  piaintift' stateal lhal '   I—>l II 1'leai.v. Hardware Store.
work was only a witness, aud his name 2—K Quennell, Butcher,
was then struck; ant. ::- 1-:   I'lmbiiy,  .*.-  Co., DruKgistsJand
C. ('. MeKenzi.e testified thut  he re- ChenM**.
ceived »*yj.00 fnii.u I., l-atrc, and paid ii *—Old l'!)m Jim. .1 B ,'enkins.
over to Jaiues Work, the Treasurer. 5—Nunaimo flof-pitnl.
.1. I., VVork tesiilied dial he was Trens- H—Prortovtal Oovernmeiil nit"*-,-,
m-r ui the Lodge and received tbe mon- 7—.lohnstnn at <'o-s Wharf,
c-r.   Pago was not rejected as his doctor's 8—Shamrock Livei-y Stables,
certificate had not heen sent, ll—Railroad or Telegraph Oflit-e.
The Court adjourned until  Friday, the W—Bank of British Columbia
5th inst.. ut 10 a. in. II —New Vancouver Coal Co.
 -*^  12—lir. v. A Praeger's Offir*-.
L00AL AND GENE?,AIv |:;-;',f Ha.vev's sior,-
  U—uommerclnl Hotel, suibiston A Wll-
•,,riovberr> t'estlv-a a.* i.m.t.    ( lo—Hirst'ilrothors' Son-.
Tin' Striiwlierrv Festival of the Ladies ■ 111—Johnston at Ca.'s store.
Aid Society of the Presbyterian (Ihurch ! 17—Free Press Printing Other.
was   held on Tuesday evening in tho  18—I. X, I.. Livery Stables.
Agricultural   Hall, which   was   kindly 19—Haslem it "Lees' Saw Mitt
gtatitecl by Mr. McKelvey for iln- pui<-2fl—J Mitche), Soda Water-Worlis--,
pose.  The hull was well filled and every- 21—-Tom Bell, I'rtiii Store,
.me seemed to enjoy the feast of good  22—Citv Clerk'-! Office.
tliin:,-s.    About  one'hundred  pounds of  20—J U Hilbert, Cigar Store,
splendid  large strawberries   irom   the\'24— Mrs. Oauthier.
garden oi Mr. Gage at Holme's l'oinl,  2ii— Punsmair .^ Son's Otlive, UopartiU'e
were disposed of and ample justice  was Hay,
■lone to the ItudoUS fruit. 2/i—,1 lloskiu'.- Storo.
Following Is the programme of the in    2fi   hr. Walki-m.'- Bofi-Ienee, Easl   Wi-I-
lelleetual-part of the entertainment coa- ! lington,
sistingof vocal and instrumental musie, ; l".i-Fast  WcHington  Coal   Co'h  Ofllco,
readings, recitations, &c.   instrumental Fast Wellington.
music. Mrs. Salmonil; Recitation, Koht. ,-)()—John Hilhert, FurniliireHealer.
IHincan ; Song. W, I'.. Lover: Recitation, 31—Ontnuaa Olllee.to-**
.1.  Mundell.  luslriimenliil   Afuvic,   Mrs. |:i2— Walter Wilson's Store.
Salniond;   Recitation.  Wm.    Hanigan;  Sf)—A Mnver.(.-Co.
Souk, Miss Grace   Hallidav;   Reading, ,'M—M Manson'sResidence.
W.Eric Duncan.     Intermission:   Ken- 85—"a. *£ 1'Society's Store,
tation, Ernest Hallidny; Song Jus. C. So- ilr. I. T. Davis' Residence.
Hallidny;    Recitation,   W.   t-Iarregiui; 37— j Decker, Occidental Hotel,
sonj;. VV. K. Los.'.': Hod Save the Queen.  3S—Craig's Blacksmith Shop.
•*• — 30- H McMillan's Residence,
i'iiiitii;'i'ii|>iis at i*o|iuii,r I'rircs.     40—J0fl**t Wellington Wharf.
Mr. John uren of the Mainland Photo-   ll —It Hnylnnd's Residence-.   "
graph Company, arrived iu the eity last 42—K t'lieniiell's Slanglitei-House,
evening and is prepared to tako llrst-ctass ■ 43—The Delmonico Hotel.
photographs at Popular Prices.     Photo's ■ 44—T Wall, Wellington llotcl.
of residences,  groups and scones also 145—Contra! Hotel,
taken,    Mr. Uren will be in tlie city bnt 4(i—J Mnhrer's Brewery.
a short time and parties wishing photo- 47—.1 Mnhrer's new Residence.
graphs will do well to call upon him im- — -"-*-•	
mediately, Will stiirthusiiiess Monday. •      l> yon Html a cheap stovo go *to J. H.
- -  -^.._ I'lenee, lie  hns  a line stock al tillprices,
II..;.li,,^   .,-,'iril'llt.  »    Am   A	
Two coal   miners,  named  Riley  and , "»"' •»-***«• l".i>ir,',i.
.foliiison, hired lhe vailbonl Pearl for a As the race horse Mayflower., the pro-
boat ride, and >\hile close lo the ship J perty of J LnssellfiS, was being-taken ofl
Alex, Mc.Ciilliiin she capsized, throwing' the steamer Dunsmuir 6l*osll***-*ed off the
the men into the water. Some men I gangway into the witter, and was ultim-
ivorking on the Nicol Rock scow, seeing , ataiy landed near lhe boat hansr.-. She
■ the plight they were in pul oil' in a skid', was nol much Injured, and will'probably
to the rescue and lauded them with no run in the Kast Wellington traces  next I PVini-niri'-inVio I PVir\rno*i"ariViol I
Friday.   Royal, the winner „f the half xnOlOglttJJJiBI THUtUglctpilB..
/I    the undersigned are requeetcd to be
XI    paid, otherwise they will he handed
to a solicitor for collection.
WANTED—A bedroom or bedroom and
sitting room by a gentleman boarding in town. Must be quiet (no
children) and within ten minutes' walk
of Commercial streel. Applv Courier
St. : Paul's : Church
i  V   W   V   V   r-  (-.   n .zz
... ^--H-J-i-^^E^cc —
■-.-"tn-*-   t-T^Qj    O    3   5   it   rf   r- Tt
«** 1_ Ni   rt    "•.-*-* r^i , j   Jg   O   r* ." -1*    s-1
Paper Hanging, Kalsomining, Interior Decorations, Etc.
Reasonable Rates.    Post Office Box 176.
Done al
'Iflj! : : s 3 :
VICTORIA, hy the Grace of God, of ihe
United Kingdon of Great Britain and
Ireland, QUEEN, Defender of the
Faith, itc, ate, aVc.
if'o the Reluming office, oj the Electoral
District of Nanaimo:
WHEREAS 11 vacancy has happened
iu tho Legislative Assembly by the
death of the Honorable Robert Duns-
I muir, a Mem Iter of the Electoral District
' of Nanniino. we command you thnt, no-
tice of the time and place of election being duly given, you clo cause election to
he made accordingto law. of one Member
to serve in tho Legislative Assembly ot
the Province of Hritish Columbia, forthe
l'tlecloral District of Nnnaimo, anal that
; you do cause the nomination of candidates nl such election to he held on the
dny of . and do cause the name
j of such Member when so elected,
whether he be present or absent, to be
certified to Our Supreme Court, at the
City of Victoria, on or before the twenty-
ninth dny of June instant, the election
so made, distinctly und openly under
Our Seal diilv endorsed upon this Um
In Ti:sriMo.\v WiiKRKaii', Wc have
caused these Qui' Letters to he made
Patent under the Great Seal of Our
said Province oi British Columbia.
Witness, the Honorable High Ni:i-
sox. at our Government House, at
Vicioria, the third day of June, in
the year of our Lord one thousand
a igut hundred and eighty-nine.
Hv Command.
Registrar of the Supreme Court.
ITTfJ-   l-'or  further  particulars
Raspberry : Festival
. SSI O   ■**^-O,s0D0 ifiNfi  (J CQ  O  Wl at-
o g C ts t* tn m tn o pi ro ir tn m n ci --f
* 8 r 00 « 60 oi os 0 6 6 6 6 fi «* "i *•(
Return tickets will be [issued between al points
for a single fare good for return Monday.
Return tickets for one and n half ordinary fare may
be purchased daily to all point*;, R-.-oil for three days
including the day of issue.
No return tickets issued  fr-r a
01a*u.x*cs*ti StX'oet, Klanainao,  "O. O.
H.    DEMPSEY,    Proprietor.
such fare is 35 cents.
Through rales between Vied
R, DUNSMUIR, President:
flJOS. HUNTER, General Superintendent!
1'. K. PRIOR, General freight and Passenger
-d.hn.ht- this   RESTAURANT   HAS   BEEN  RECENTLY   FITTED t] l
Transcontinental Route
wrnvKKN Tin
Pacific : and  : tlie :  Atlantic
THE   JE-a^X***/
Vancouver Coal Mining
4ND   LAND    CO.    (LIMITED.)
Cars having Drawini;, Smokln** and Bath <IAS,    AND    HOUSE    COALS    ARE    MINED    ONLV    BY
j Kouais; Comfortable and    Clean    Colonist: Tl-im    f'flMP'laJV     AT    'I'lirTi.   l'nii  ^\t,.,,.    ,.,,
Curs, with Free Sleeping Berths for holders ' nV°   t-UMlAN*,,  Al    rHEIR ESPLANADE AND
m       m.       as,       tk as.       ■.       «»i of second-class  licl;ets;   anal   mosl  modern1 SOUTH  FIELD COLLERIES,   NEAR     THE
till 11       I hvleofday coaches. pf)RT    0,,-    NANAIM().
1       1       '       1        1       1       1 ITS   DINING   CARS   AND  HOTELSI   OCRAN  STEAMERS  AND  THE   LARGEST   DEEP-SEA   VESSELS
further  injury  than  11  ilnokini.
IVurl   is  n very Sltfe  bout   niul  how
capsized no one seems to unilcrstRiid.
.   mile nir,' nt VniH'oiivi'r. i-a .-iitleriii-r from      .,.. , .   . .        , .
ft Blight-lough Imi will -Mwbahly Vail   . Tfi-** in»deratgc*ied is prerored to take
ri"iit in •! ilriv -11 llrst-class Cabinet I'lmtos ior fS.OO per
1   * _j_ dozen. Ylews ol residences antl all kinds
of viewing nt reduced prices.    And to
'l-r.nl in n
C1.I.I.IS4- <>!' -'iiiliiiir 'I'Mttc.
,'lv?atSSlmbonTond^fw^^     The sM^sZtl^we* very ! ^W'S^Sj^t^^^
and consequently she will noi make her enjoyable dance nn Monday evening in!    "i,"^,r^'^' ,W frm"  :m>
usual  trip  in   Vancouver  on Tnesdny the  Schoolhouse   ni   which  about   46 l*"",newmanmu*eowy.
next. if.'   couples atlendod, several arsons going H>n*   .if" *?*!i.
-.. trom   town,    .1.    Forgusoa   was  Floor|. 1 noto ahh-i.
ii,., 1« ii,,' Reeoni. Manager and  .1.   Ilemer  supplied the
We have 10 Acknowledge the receipt of. mnsic,   Refreslmients wore provided by
asheofot "orchard ttrass" (cocks foot) 1 the Indies, nivl were pronounced excei
(,'rown and presented hy Thos. Piercy oi  leni. Tho party broke up about midnight, j .. '** y
Penman Island.   This sample   is stated   overyboily concurring in saying they had [.' '
A waitress al oiicp
Apply Delmonico
by the grower to he but an average of hi- P"
crop of this, the most nutritious of all the
i'iiltiyate.1 grasses grown in temperate
climates: By actual measurement from
root to head, tho stalks are 7 feel (I
■■I n eery pleasant evening.
Vaild Milk shake ni Pimbury's.
Luce curtains at cosl price. Hoys
suits at cost. Carpets al costal ArtWJi
The   Steamoi-
und It. Hcli ill ins 'i;lVt
opened .1
*   ^ T. A Adi
I..it'|ii«-ti Hitntty.. I
Some little time :i*ro 11 parcel of  La,--
Tho certificate read as follows 1
Tra.'e.'     1)4.60 pi ton.      o 11 0 o m in c 1' c i al Street
The above iiuarlz  was token  irom 11       ,    ■      ,,     ,, ... ,„.
I,„l",i4teet wide with about BO yards in "''I"*"" lhe C*H>perativc store, riiey
sight. The rock wan very white nnd,1 will keep liotliin-x hut lhe hest stock of
hard and showed iniu-li copper pyrites in ' Fruits, Temperance Drinks, ice Cream,
the I'iereslaent for assay and_« hieli were   , iigal.8| To|,. , .„„, gmokers' ra'(|iiisites,
knocked nd' the outcrop with  11 slodge
hammer. •
. —....—
Have you culled at the llox (T. L..
I'.rown A Co,)? If not it will he worth
your while to do so for gentlemen's and
boys' goods.
<live Ihi'in n trial and he convinced.
Iloriil,,     ImIiiimI.
AVe-iindei'Staiid that owners of land on ;
Hornby Island are aboul completing an  _
Cosmopolitan  Market,v
iieoiiver for Nanaimn on .Mon-
Inys. Thtii'sdays and Fridays at I'llii
p.m.,  on  lhe arrival  of the  Eastern
Leaves New Westminster for Nanaimo
.Mondays and Wednesdays at 7 a.m.
Leaves Nannimo for   Vancouver  Tne
davs, Thursdays and Fridays at 7 a.m.
Leaves Nanaimo for New Westminster
Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7 a. m.
I Association—Headquarters, 466 Main
•J   street, Winnipeg, Man.    For eollee-
Tenders are invited for lease, good
will and lixturcs of Russell, McDonald A
Company's store in this city, also for
balance of stock as a whole or in separate
Terms easJi or approved endorsed noles
at 90 davs.
Tenders to he addressed until July
llltb, 1889, lo Russell, McDonald A Co.,
1'. O, llox. D72 Victoria, II ('•
provide the lic.t quality of fooal in unlimited
a-uantity at reasonable rates.
lalung ils line is unequalled, and in the ale-
uils of track, train service, etc., nothing is
omitted that can add to the Safely and Comfort of its patrons, All in all, it gives the
best and most serviceable line of travel,
whether for business or pleasure, 'between
Portland, Tacoma, Seattle, Victoria, anal all
Pacific Coast Poinls, and Vinnipeg, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Chicago, St. Louis, Oltawa,
Toronto, Montreal, Knslon, New York anal
all Eastern Cities.
are   issued  to all  principal   points  ia   the
United States, Canada  and Europe,   al the
Lowest Rates.
KOBT.  IRVING,   Freight  anal   Passenger
Agent, Govt. St., Victoria.
A. E. PLANTA, Ticket Agenl, Nanainio.
D. E. BROWN, D. P. and Passenger Agenl.
This is Hilbert's "ad" and Don1
You Forget It,
I Goods sold on tbe installment  plan.   We carry 11 full line of House Furnishing
Hoods, Linoleums, Carpets and Pai'lor Bedroom Suits, made to order In
style, color or pattern.   Wo keep thc largest stock of Wall Paper
of any House In the city.   All our Upholstering done on
the preniisa-e.   Cb'ildrens' Carriages, Crockery,
Glassware, China Electro-plated ware
Table Cutlery.
Stoa-k anal stock sheets can he seen on i
tho premises. .Iv U-M
tion of old and worthless accounts any
where in tbe world, and no charge if not
collected. O. E. Collins, Manager and
Treasurer. 8. Pr.niiY Miu.s, Solicitor,
ictoria, B.C.
Milli!"!,'::;!   'licit  naiiilnio. B.C.
■.■.arrangement  bv which  they codsent to
"'bond their coal rights for $8 per acre,, t«|
an agent, the panic of whose principal
has. uot leaked out. 1
Ah! There, *rt*l.«t  I" That? .U'J-i'iiujFiNKsr
One of the   Vancouver photograph's meats   and   vegetables
•ompiiny has  broken away irom bis  religious training.     Photographs at *8 per
dozen at Mr. Sampson's.   Well, well I
sec.   Very cheap indeed, but I   can telL
vou   11   photographer can  live  at  lhat
price, however I will follow suit.   I  will
have my share or burst in  the attempt
^V" «-J -ai«ja.s« J,--- .a^aa^aj^m. I Mt at tlie Excelsior Bakery, Commercial streel,
^^ ior Mausott's store, Haliburton streel, aaill i reiae
I ronnit attenlinn at niotler.itc rates.
Allien Stteet,
Aiiril 6—tf Natiaimo^ll.C'. _
m- is, 1 om    hi 1 *.■---><;, I Al.l, Oft
architect anil Mechanical Engineer.
Freo IJuliTOiirv to All Parts of the Citv.
If vou want good work call at my gallery  opposite E. A S. It. lt. Depot. | r-*.! T . . ^ . L* ~.
anil see, for I am the only practical Pho- Strictly F irst-l.'Jaw-. 'KlcinO I   UninSfs
tographer in this city.   W. P. Cou-rhlan, '    ***yanm)ile rooms for travellers.        j       ■•*•...»*■ q
opposite Windsor Hotel, Nanaimo. **"F*Onlv   lirst-elass   Wines,  I.innor«| 	
~.      TT    ***"     . .   una., a^.g...... iaTiY'tfl,'T)   t   I'ii        ■ vomoi and orgam, If left at this office, will be
The greal sale ol tlrv   goods   at  cost JOHN OF-C'vJ'.K A LO.     1 ,lle„Jed 10 ?romf,ty. a. ANGERMAN.
price still continue, at Arthur Bnllock'fl, ; meb22-U ; April ,8-tf
Cigar:-: Manufacturer,
Bastion St,,
Nanaimo, b. q.l.-s^
Smoke the celebrated "Na
naimo Enterprise" cigar
Best in the Market.
Ap 24
Ilk i * i i
aretxxieis XXet,x~xro-y
Commercial Street, Nanaimo,   11, C.
Parties wishing a general outfit of Furniture will do well by examining my stock
helajie buying elsewhere. Also the best equipped undertaking establishment
this side of San Francisco, and the only ombalnier in the city. Nolo tbe
address and don'l yon forget it.
— Wholesale   and   Retail — _ ■»
Wholesale  and   Retail —
Yates   Street   Victoria    B.   C.
Bastion, Front and Wharf Streets, Nanaimo,
-IMPORTER   01*-
Opposite Italian lloto!, Malibtirton Slreet
Re H.ROWE.Prop.
C'oiiMantly nn band,a full assortment of
Choice Meat & Yevetables
Meat delivered to all parts of the city
free of charge. tf
~,Krmil, ■,■„, NWI Stoves,! Grates, Ranges, Pumps, Lead Pipes, Zinc, and
General Hardware.
t Act
1 l'rovi
-no District.
Notice i< hereby atven- in Accordance will, tlie
Statute**, that Provincial Revenue 'lax and all Taxes
levied under tlie Assessment Acts me now due for the
year, 1B80, and payable at my office, Nanaimo; ■
Assessed Taxes, if paid on or before June ;■ th, i2fio, Mail I)
are collectable at the following rate-t. vl*
H of 1 per cent, on Real Property. ai,,| Repaililjtt
7Ji cents per acre on \\ ild Land. • ■
One-third of one per cent, on PerHOnal   Pr'-ii-rty.
Vi of 1 per cent, on Income.
If -.-.id after June 30th. iSS--.- -
% of 1 per c- *   on Real Property.
&!■.'■ cents | 1 1 acre on Wild I.and!
Ji of 1 per £e*it.on Personal Properly.
Yt ol 1 aer   cn   on Income.
[Asr-esfiQr •tn'- '"' "illeci-*?-**-
fncturoi of Tin, Copper, Vm\c ami SlicoWron Ware,   jp^Meial HdoiShk
X lull line rn" Hardware of nl! description eonatantty
in stock nt bottom prices.   A rail RoUci|ed,
Walter "Wilson, - Commercial St.


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