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Nanaimo Courier Jun 21, 1889

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The Nanaimo  Courier
The  Nauaimo IJCourier
Vol. 1.
NO. 88
Great Sale
Stock   Must   Bo Sold.
gjgf    Come Hefore il is loo Late.
gar   Selling OH'at Cost.
fjsTT   This is No Humbug,
tfjS"   Examine Prices and Quality and you will be Convinced.
Discount on Dress Goods,
10c. on the Dollar.
idson's Bay Co'y,
Have Received Ex "Mennock" and "Stowe" Full Supplies
of Liquors and Provisions and Offer the Same
for Sale at Market Prices,
Wharf M - Victoria. 11
Nanaimo Saw
Haslem to Lees,
Rough and Dressed Lumber, Shingles, Laths and Pickets,
Doors, Windows and Blinds,
Moulding, Turning, Scroll Sawing, and all kinds of Wood Finishings.
g**8(,"All orders sent lo their addre.su al  Nanainio, H.C., will have the mosl
prompt attention. Ap 28 HASLEM A LEES,
P.Y   I'I IK
I'! UN I!Hit   STEAM   111(1(1    YARD.
COUGHLAN i\ MASON   Proprietors, Victoria. B, C.
P. 0.   Box,.no.
Importers k Commission irclits
3ST A KT A. X M O.
Finest   Groceries   and   Fresh   Provisinos
K K P T    IN    S T 0 C K .
Ships    Disbursed   and    Supplies   Furnished
>Ci!.:n.;   :,   PtctUM   Whitlow.
Tbe search for material ended, tlio
work of construction may begin. Two
duplicato copies of tbo cartoon are lirst
made. One operation suffices to accomplish this. Tho cartoon is laid on a large
table, and beneath it aro two sheets of
similar paper and two sheets of ordinary
black transfer paper arranged alter
nately. By passing a small revolving
wheel over tbo outlines of tho cartoon
the tracings are quickly and accurately
mado. Each space is then numbered
correspondingly on both tracings, and
one of them is cut up to make patterns
for tbo glass cutter. An ingenious dis
seating instrument is used for this pur
poso. It consists of a pair of double
edged shears, wbicb, In cutting, removes
a strip of paper just tbo width of tbe
lead which will separate tho fragments
of glass whon tbey aro finally bound to
gether. in this way each pattern is precisely the size required. When tlio glass
is ready to bo put together in tho window thero is very Uttlo coaxing to be
dono to get It into place.
Tho picturo window lias now reached
tbo most critical stage in Us develop
ment. Tbe paper patterns are to find
suitable counterparts in glass, and upou
the nicety with which this substitution
is accomplished depends tbo etrect of the
entire work. Nothing Is loft undone tbat
will assist tbo glass cutter in forming
correct color judgments. Throughout
llie entire process, and hero particularly
the work progresses under precisely thorn
conditions that aro best calculated li
make surprises and incongruities Impos
siblo when the wholo shall bo completed
A sheet of plain glass the size of tin
cartoon is laid over tho undissectcd true
ing, Outlines of tho intended lead bandt
are then painted on tho clear glass in
black lines of corresponding width. On
tbo model thti3 prepared tho paper pa I
terns aro stuck by means of a littlo was
It is now ready to bo taken to tho figure
room, wdtero it is placed directly in front
of a largo window, and the slow work til
substituting colored glass for paper I ie
gins.—Professor C. 11. Henderson in Pop
ular Scienco Monthly.
A  Chinese   Leper  in  Oalifornia- A
Brink Laden Sollooner Lout on
Lake Mioliigan Willi
All Hands   Two Land Owners Settle
a Lou;; Standing Dispute Witli
Rifles- One of Them
Ia Seriously Wounded- There isaPoasi-
liility that Sullivan wiU'i'tit'L
State's Evidence,
tor rifle at Sbieker. making :i serious
wound in the side. Salan lias been
arretted.     ,
ATTI.Ml'TKI, MII'llli:.
San Francisco, June 20.—Lena David,
who shut herself last Saturday niglit, ami
then lold a story of having been wounded
by ii strange man, is still banging between life and death in Ibe Receiving
Hospital, Physicians, however, entertain no hope of her recover)'.
I'LlllloN II,  a LEPSIt.
Sacramento, dune 20. — Governor
Waterman was to-day petitioned to pardon
the Chinese leper in the county jail that
he may be sent back lo China.
Kan Francisco, June 20.—Win.  Miller,
saloon keeper, fifty-four ol age, suicided
to-day by shooting himself with a rifle.
He had been despondent lately owing to
I'll health.
Charles Rondo*. Character.
This volumo of "Readiuna" is full ol
excellent material for an estimation of
tho character of Chnrlos Reads. His
catholicity of feeling, his hatred of cant,
his high senso of justice, his sympathy
with the suffering and poor, are shown
from first to last in bis writings aa well
as in his life. What would havo struck
you next if you had known him well,
was tbo difference between Mr. Reade at
homo and Mr. Rendu in print. Call upon
him. Ho would receive you with the
gentleness of a saint (not that I pretend
over to havo known a saint, but you will
appreciate tbo simile), talk to you witb
singular modesty, listen to you with* the
greatest respect, ask you to dinner, or to
tako a cup of tea as ono wdio receives a
favor by yourncccplaiicc, nnd yotl would
havo gono away thinking of him as III
mildest, sweetest, most long sulTerii,
gentleman you had ever met. But givi
bim n grievance, tamper with his right
tread on his moral corns, then put a pen
in his hand, and you would find him a
writer of thoughts that breatho, of word:
that burn indeed. Not, my friends, thut
I ever experienced his wrath. On tin
contrary, ho was always kind and sym
pathetic toward inc. Iio took me b\
tho baud, and said cheery words of wel
como to mo when 1 eaiuo to London
6omo twenty years ago. Wo met [oi
tho first timo at tho inaugural dinner ol
Tho Belgravia Magazine. Wo wero In
traduced to each oilier by Miss Braddon
Wo bad a long, interesting chat during
tho evening; he had read my lirst novel
(ho was a multifarious reader) and spoke
kindly about it. From that niglit wo
wero friends. He wrote pleasant letters
of encouragement to me; and in latel
years intrusted mo with his defense
against a cruel personal attack leveled
at him by an American clergyman.
Joseph ITatton in Loudon Times.
Chicago, June lu.—Chief Hubbard
j says lhat if Burke, who is under arrest
at Winnipeg,' is the Martin Burke lie
wants, they have one of the murderers,
A story is current to the effect that a man
baa been found who declares lhat linrkt
revealed a part of the plot to him In endeavoring to induce nim to become a
party to it. Burke used every cent he
could get to secure liquor, and when in a
maudlin condition told all about the
S-'heinelo take Dr, Cronin's life. The
plot as Burke gave it to the man differed
widely from the way lhe murder was
finally carried out,
Mayslanding, N..)., June 20.—Andrew
(Mines, a sailor, convicted ofthe murder
of a mate named John Martin, was
banged at this place at 12.07 o'clock this
mori* noniKs iti'coviuticK.
Johnstown, Pa., June 20.—At 2:10 p.
in. to-day live bodies were recovered
front the drift. They were three women
and two children all badly decomposed,
one of the women held the bodies of the
two children aged about (land 14, Clasped
in her arms. Vary little work was
accomplished lo-day as about 11000 of the
workmen are oiu slrike. The causes of
dissatisfaction are pay and rations. The
men are willing to work for $1,50 per day
but want rations free. Tbey are paying
50 cents per day for rations. Tbe food,
they claim, is very poor nnd small in
quantity. At noon a commission of
Italians prevented three carloads of tlieir
coin..ryinen who luul just arrived, from
going in work until the strike was over.
The weather is intensely hot but State
Board of Health has reported only n few
eases of sickness.
Nil   I SI'.   FOR   I'liollllilTION.
Providence, R. I., Juno ^t).—Tbe total
vote in to-day's election in the Stale was
28448 for the repeal of the prohibitory
amendment and 9853 against the repeal.
The amendment is therefore repealed by
15400 more than require! three-fifths of
ihe total vote. Tin, amendment was
adopted in 1880 by u vole of 1543 to II2S0.
\ MARINE disaster,
Charlevoix, Mich., June 20. — The
schooner Maggie Avery left Franers City
Saturday night, laden with brick, for this
port, and has not since been beard from.
Capl. II. G. Edwards and Mate John
Tooloy, both of this city, were on board.
A diligent search has been made for her,
audit is believed that she sank during
the gale of Saturday night with all on
I'hoiiiiiittun in the last.
I'rovidence, R, I., June 20.—With (our
towns lo bear from, Rhode island votes:
To repeal prohibitory amendment, 28,970;
against repeal, 8,075. This is about 440
more than three-fifths vole required to
repeal ihe amendment.
San   Francisco, June 20
of I'nited States  s"~
Great    Excitement   at   the   Military
Touruamont   iu Loudon- Two
Swords Broken in Rapid
Succession- Ories of "German Make,"
'German  Make"—The Rous
Memorial Slake Won
By Lov-e-in-Idleneei, El Dorado, Second
Germany's   Relatione   With
Prance are Satisfactory.
The arrival
In u Hurry to "Wash Up."
Thero aro fow things that destroy the
pleasure of witnessing a dramatic representation more than tho hasty moving of
tho characters from their positions beforo tho curtain has quite reached the
floor, at the end of un act. You see ;i
villain Bitot down and killed instanter
You seo him mnke ono convulsive nunc
ment and then straighten out, a veri
dead corpse. You think to yourself
"Well, thank heaven, ho is dono for
Thcio nro perhaps a few words from llu
leading man, who, with his smoking pis
tol In his hand, takes tho heroine to his
bosom Then tho curtain falls to slow
music. Thu bottom of tho curtain Is
perhaps two feet from tbo stage, when
the corpse begins to pull itsolf together
preparatory to rising. Now, bow can
you believo that the villain Is disposed
of, and that hu will not exerciso a de.
turbing inlluenee upon tho fortunes ol
tho heroand heroine in future, when you
kuow tbat ho was only pretending to be
dead? It is not only corpses that offend
in this way Livo people, when they
havo grouped themselves in an effective
tableau, should uot allow tho audience to
seo them scuttling away lo their dressing
rooms, becauso they aro too impatient to
wait for tho complete fall of tho curtain,
Margaret Mather is ouo of tho worst
offenders in this respect that 1 have over
seen.—Pittsburg Bulletin.
of I'nited States supreme justice field
to-day has caused .some discussion as to
the probability [of a hostile meeting between the justice and ex-judge Terry.
Till'.  Cal ISER  t'HAHI.HSTO.N.
San Francisco, June 20.—Mare Island
Olliclals do not think thai the Charleston
j will be ready for her next trial trip for at
I least two months.     The  contractors are
nni tillsldti.s u-.irl.  rntv I.vlst-K-  ,0  ,\,.,.ao,,l
San Francisco, June 20.—Commenting
on the fact that the Canadian Pacific
steamer Parthia arrived at Vancouver
from Yokohama in twelve days, the
Chronicle to-dny says that this goes far to
explain the popularity of that line. It
continues: "The Pacific Mail company
will bo compelled to put on faster steamers, or it is as certain as the changing of
ofthe seasons that they will lose the
greater part of the passenger and fruit
business from the Orient."
a nlw CASUS.
San Francisco, June 20.—Advises from
South America to-day state that Chile
intends In lay a cable between Moutt and
Punta Arenas in the Straits of Magellan
and has advertised for bio's thei'0-for.
A Case of Courage
It I3 remarkablo how moral courage
will almost always overcome brute force.
When Gen. Clarke was subduing hostile
Indians ho onco bad beforo him a chief
whoso record was ono of 'bloodshed and
pillage, and'who mado It a boast that he
feared no tuan. Clarke treated him with
contempt, accused bim of being a squaw
wbo would never tight, and bad all bis
insignia of rank stripped oil bim. The
savage, who hnd always been accustomed
to being cringed to, was awed by the intrepid bearing of lhe white man, and
begged for peace and pardon. He never
gavo any more trouble.—St. LouIsGlohc-
Wauled to Know Her Sphere of Italy.
"Aro you the girl wdio was to come to
our houso us n nurse:" asked a fashiona-
bio lady of the healthy looking girl wdio
had just entered the room.
"I am, ma'am."
"1 have examined your references and
I find them satisfactory. You may begin next week."
"Put if yo plazc, ma'am, I'd like to ask
yea wan question."
"What is it?"
"Is it a baby or a poog dog that I'm to
look afther?"—Merchant Traveler.
Thu Picturo Stolen lu Porugta,
Not long ago 1 corrected a blundering
statement whloh bad goiio the round of
tho press about a robbery of Raphael's
"Entombment" from tbo Church of San
Pietro, in Perugia, tho fact being tbat tho
picturo was painted for another church,
from which it was removed in 1707 by
tho French, who ultimately sent it to tho
Vatican. It may interest somo of my
readers to know, further, that tho picture stolen from tho Church of San Pietro, at Perugia, was a reduced, though
extremely beautiful, copy of tho same
"Entombment" hy Sassoferrato. Tb •
theft took placo in 1873, and the picture
remained concealed in a privato house in
Florence until a fow months ngo, when
it was given up owing to the intorven
tion of the government.—London Tmih
Buffalo, Juno 20.—Early this morning
Daniel Foley, Patrick Degens and two
other men were pushing a ear on the
Buffalo Creek Hallway track up to the
grain elevator, while on the same track,
in their rear, was a string of twenty ears
being pushed the Hitnie way. The lour
men tried to get out of the way, but
Foley and Degens were caught and
crushed to death.
Lancaster, Pa., June 20.—lien. Simon
Cameron was stricken to-day with
paralysis of the right side, anil is in  a
erlt'cnl condition.
I'lIK   HUMAN   WILL "S 11 LAI ."
Chicago, June JO.—A portion of ihe
session of the Grand Jury lo -day was occupied in taking of testimony showing
that as far back as 1888, Dr. Cronin bad
slated to intimate Mentis that his life
was in danger, and that if anything happened to him Timothy Crean should be
ueld responsible. Timothy is now dead.
Rumors are current to-night that the
ieeniuii, Sullivan, is on eve of making
a confession. This afternoon he made a
request ihai In'he removed to the boys'
quarter of the jail, an isolated port inn'of
the building and il wa- granted, The
jail officials believe this move's preparatory to "a squeal," and that the prisoner
will unbosom himself before many hours.
-nil; Johnstown msASTLi:.
Johnstown, June 20.-The Cumbria
Iron Company has offered tu furnish
nil sites that may be claimed either in
Coneniaugb Valley, near ils mills, or on
lhe slope north oi Cabria city, for the
erection of new Chicago houses that will
begin to arrive to-morrow, The Cambria
Company says not a cent will be chargod
forthe lirst'year and very low ground
rent thereafter. Five hundred of these
houses have been contracted for including
cook stove, furniture, bed clothing, etc.,
for each house. Fourteen bodies were
taken out of Bridge Gorge to-day,
Buffalo, June 20.—11 ishighly probable
that, both "Deacon" White and "Jack"
Rowe will be playing with the Buffalo
club Inside of two weeks. While will
leave here to-morrow for Pittsburg to
confer with the Pittsburg officials. The
"Deacon" says that he is not at libertyto
give details of the scheme, but claims
thai the Baseball Brotherhood will have a
Event   ileal   to do with Ihe matter.   The
"Grasshopper," Jim Whitney, will be.
here to-morrow, and it is slated will put
his namo to a Buffalo contract.
AX OI.li l'Rl'll SETTLED.
Merced, Cal., Juno20.—News bus been
received here this morning of almost a
fatal shooting scrape between two land
owners, named Sahm and Shrleker. The
I rouble arose from an old land feud, and
London, June 2d.—The race for lhe
lions Memorial stakes, of ten sovereigns
each with one thousand added .was won by
"Lovein Idleness"; "Eldorado,"second;
"Sea Breeze," (bird. The race for tbe
20th New Biennial stakes of fifteen
sovereigns each v. ith tb ee hundred
added, was won by "Lord Lome" ; "Dor-
say." second; "Freemason," third.
Hamburg, June 20.—In an article commenting on the present condition of
France, the Hamburg correspondent declares that Germany's relations with
France under President Carnot, are more
cordial and better than they have been
under any previous administration.
London. June 20.—Tiie London tournament is attracting large crowds from all
parts of the kingdom. The exhibition of
swordsmanship to-day was witnessed by
thousands of spectators and quite a little
flurry was occasioned when, during the
coin but, two swords were broken in quick
succession. The cry was raised "German
mako," ''German make," and so on till
the whole vast assemblage repeated
the shout. It was sometime before the
contest could lie resumed. The Government has recently been subjected to
severe criticism for awarding contracts
for certain supplies for the armv to German contractors who underbid Englishmen.
Rome, June 20.—Cardinal Pecci, the
Pope's brother, is dangerously iii.
London, June 20—Some stir was occasioned in aristocratic circles here by
the announcement that Lieut. Joseph
Loisinger is to marry the daughter ol a
Hungarian game-keeper.
Shanghai,.I tine 20.--A fire which lasted four whole days, has destroyed one-
half of the important town of Lnchan, in
the province of Sbe Chuen, The inhabitants were compelled to flee for their
lives, and it is estimated no less than
1,2110 were killed, mosl of them being
crushed to death while attempting to
escape through the narrow and crooked
streets. Tbere arc 10,000 people homeless. A fund has been started for their
Tho Graphophone In Sickness.
A Dr. Richardson has achieved some
instructive experiments in tho use of the
graphopliono for recording physical
symptoms, such as coughs and pulses.
A cough of today can always bo recorded
antl compared   readily with ono of days
. « » «,	
HTKW 111 1U'I7 I.EIN,):
DiNCOvereil lo -*sr. A. siutu, ol  ,1,1.
Mr. A. Shaw, liikel agenl of the K. A
N. depot, who lately returned from a
prospecting trip to the source of Englishmen's River and tlienee across the divide
to the bead waters of the Nanaimo River,
brought bink some specimens of quartz
that will iu all probability assay out
The ledges are situated aboul lu miles
from the Nanaimo Lakes in a densely
wooded and very rough district. The:
ledges Wile discovered oil   lhe   bank  ofa'
small stream leading into the Soutli Fork
of Englishmen's River ami were well
defined and about '.in inches wide.
Mr. Shaw travelled in company with
throe Indiana and after leaving the
Comox Road near Janies Knight's (arm
Btruck across the country (or the South
Fork of Englishman's River which he
followed to Its headwaters and then continued on ono oi the small tributaries ol
tho river until within aboul lu miles of
the Nannimo Lakes where he located his
Mr. Shaw  informed  US   that   he   had
tramped and prospected through theCf.g-1
cades and oilier portions of Hritish  Cnl-1
utnbia bul  never  had  be  experienced j
SUOh rough country as during bis recent
The quartz is glittering with mineral
and looks remarkably good but what il
contains will only be revealed by an
assay. Dr. Bredemeyer of Vancouver
has received a sample. Mr. Shaw will
also assay some himself.
We can only say wc sincerely hope
Hint Mr. Shaw has struck Itrich.'
II. McAdie, contractor, wentto Victoria
vesterday on a business trip.
A. R." Johnston and Pilot Sabiston ar-
i rived bv the noon train vesterday.
F. C.'Gamble, O. B., \V. G. Pindar, C. j
I E., und A. P. Lewis arrived bv the noon
train yesterday.
Mrs. J. Gunner,  Miss F. Gamier and
! Miss Crawford arrived by tbe same train. 1
Mrs. G. Norris and Mrs, Bertram returned from n visit to the capital yesterday.
— »- m  ,	
sillI'lTXO  BV TEI.EOH'-l'Il.
1   Southampton, June 20. — Arrived — |
Aller, New Vork for Bremen.
Editor Courier:--Sik,—Alberni is
(I was going to say amused) generally
"knocked out" over a letter which recently appeared in the Victoria Times for
May 81st, beaded "Hobson and Alberni."
Of course it is a well-known tact tbat
there are people who are continually
"agin the government," but when the
"agin" takes the form of the letter to
which 1 refer, it is high time to''chip in,"
otherwise much harm may be done.
Doubtless many of our settlers got badly
"sold" over the "Intended" visit of
"Honest John," as I. C. Cf. says in his
letter; but surely he forgets that he commenced his epistle by slating the intended political visit of the
Provincial Secretary wnsaltnost unnoticed
by the Alberni public who appeared to
care little whether tbe Hon.   John  came
to Alberni or went elsewhere; a little
farther on he says that those who were
so badly "sold" threatened to bring an
action for damages against the hon.
gentleman. However I venture to think
tbnt we shall manage to survive Mr.
Robson's absence, distressing though it
may be. though 1 confess we should like
to have put'two or throe pointed questions
to the hon. gentleman had he ventured to
put in an appearance; such as. for in-
stunee, "Does the Govern ment intend to
fulfil their reiterated promise to give ns
additional st, ain-boat service'.'" This I
can at least say for mv fellow seniors of
Alberni, ihey will be very much pleased
to see Mr. Robson whenever he can spare
the time to pay us a flying visit.
In tin' meantime Mr. Editor wi must
manage to get along as besi we may.
though wi'can't help thlnklnc and for
that matter saying—that if the government forgets our very existence, it lakes
cnipnol lo forget the collection of taxes.
Oi.c Tun R.
it rain Our Own Correspondent.)
The weather lately has been line and
warm but no rain, which is greatly needed, for grain and root crops, whilst even
meadow land is beginning to turn brown.
Salmon are beginning to run up the
rive" in great quantities and the Barclay
Sound Fishing Company will soon begin
Many hands are employed working on
tbe roads and are making big nnd much
needed improvements.
The Alberni and Nnnaimo load has Improved wonderfully during the recent
spell of line weather bnt still til best it is
only a trail in places and much work is
needed before it.can he regarded us even
decent for a bam to travel over.
i irouse ate reported as very plentiful
owing to the dry spell during the nesting
season and game ,'deer, elk. bear, etc.) is
frequently seen while travelling along
the settlers roads, all oi* which presages
I well for sportsmen next shooting season.
Trout ashing in the lakes and streams
near here, is generally indulged in by the
i settlers, several large nee]s having been
taken lately.
Those   fanners   who   hare   cut   iheir
grass report splendid  crops of timothy
. and clover, though they are beginning tb
; cry out for rain.    (hie thing very notioe-
jnble  in  this District is the marked lin-
ftrovement which has crept in during the
, usl three years in the breed of cattle
owned by settlers, and tbere are both
horses and bulls in this neighborhood
which would do credit in point of blood
nndsytumetery, with animals of a similar
I class in much more populous and "gct-
i utnble" localnties.
Why 11 Is Unjust to Judge il Han't Life By
lis [exceptions.
A single brick, if it be an exeeption-
I al brick, is not "afair test of the wholo
Structure." This is true whether the
brick is far above or far below thc
average. Because a man has once in
his lifo sunk down below his true
oharaoter, if he has risen again never
more to sink, it is not fair to sneeringly
single out that blemish as a specimen
of his manhood; and because a man
has risen onco in his life to extraordinary lofty achievement, if be has
fallen buck to his own level never
more to rise, it is not fair to refer with
pride to that achievement as a specimen of his strength. While it is true
that n man is no stronger than his
weakest point, when that point is involved in the testing, yet that weakest
poinl may bo now entirely eliminated
from his oharaoter, leaving behind
nothing but tbo ugly surface-blemish
on bis record: and while it is
true thai what we have dono onee we
eun generally do again, yet if, as a
matter of fact, we have never succeeded in doing it again, it is not fair
to credit ourselves with a present
ability which does not iu reality appear to exist. To ferret out past mistakes und fasten them on another's
oharaoter as its label, or to herald an
isolated past achievement as a sample
of our present power, Is to reverse lhe
first principle of truth, und make the
exception the rule. How much barm
und injustice are done by such unsound
judgment! To bo fair, and to make
legitimate deductions, one must judge
a character, it principle, u tendency, at
lis normal best, not from the highly
forced single success —still loss from
its poorest illustrations.—S. 8. Times.
Jokes to  Let By the Hour.
"Jokes to Let" is a sigti that may be
read on some office door before long if
a young man who thinks he lias got an
inspiration carries out his threat. He
revealed his scheme one night recently
I o n person whom he happened to
meet. Said be: "1 have got an idea
that is going to make my fortune, und
a big one nt that. I am going to start
a joke shop and a funny story factory.
You see. 1 am something of a hand at
making jokes myself, and I can hire
iwo or three others to get up funny
stories for tne. Then I intend lo advert ise for patrons, und I'll get. them
easy enough. There arc plenty of
young men who liko to appear clover,
when they really ure no more clever
iban a cow, Wben they go out in
company with a party of their fellows
hey want to say something smart or
toll a story thai will delight the girls.
Now to remedy the inability of most
young mon to do this is a long felt
want. This is just what 1 propose to
Bll. I will simply contract to allow
I belli lo use Iho jokes or stories, one,
twice or three times, or us often as
they care lo pay for il. In fact I will
lent I hem my jokes. If they violate
my eonlidenee I will expose Ihem; that
is, if I can Hnd them out. I tell you.
my hoy, it is a great, scheme."—Snn
Franolsco Argonaut,
The steamship Mexico arrived Inst
night. She will load about 500 ton. of
V. ('. C. eoal for fuel and cargo.
The steamer Mamie, of New Westmhs.
ster. loaded coal for fuel yesterday.
The Bteamer Boscowitz took on a
supply of coal for fuel yesterday.
The ship Kennebec is due lo-day lo
ioad coal for San Francisco,
The Bteamer Empire is loading coal for
San Francisco.
The ship Falrchlld and the bark Bun-
daleerare on their way to load  cnnl for
San Francisco.
The steamer Boscowitz arrived nt Johnston's wharf yesterday and loaded seven
tons of groceries fm- the North Pacific
Canning Co. The Boscowitz had a full
passenger and freight list for tbe Skeetni
River and way points.
Hotel call-boy—"Madam, yon mutt
hurry if vou would save your life. The
hotel is on tire. This is tbe third time 1
have warned you." Lady guest—"Well,
tell the firemen to keep tbe Haines under
control until 1 talte out my paper curls
and friz my hair. 1 just know tbere is a
great crowd of men down there and some
of them are newspaper reporters."
Pittsburg, Jnns 20.—Pittsburg 1, lbs-
■ ton 2.
At Cleveland — Cleveland    0,    New
York I.
At  Indianapolis—Washington  4.  Indianapolis (',.
At Chicago—Chicago 2, Philadelphia 5.
At Brooklyn -- Brooklyn   14,    Baltimore 11.
At   Philadelphia - Athletic   ll,   Columbus 7.
i    At Cincinnati—Cincinnati 5, Kansas
City 4.
At Louisville—St.  Louis  game  postponed on account ol rain.
At  Hamilton—Hamilton .", Toronto 2.
At  Buffalo—Buffalo D, London 0.
At  Rochester—Rochester 2, Detroit8,
At Syracuse—Syrrcuse 0. Toledo 4.
Mrs. True Genteel—"Good morning,
Mrs. Carrots! Going In New York to do
i a little shopping"" Mrs. Gusby Carrots
(who husband bus 'lit Standard oil and
acquired sudden riches;—"No, I've just
returned. 1 bought a nice Rubens this
morning, and, I declare, when 1 failed at
mv husband's office be told me he bad
bought a Rembrandt by tbe same artist
yesterday afternoon.'' THE   NANAIMO   COUKIEK,   FRIDAY,   JUNE   21,   1889.
FRIDAY,  .ll'-NF   ».   !«*«!'.
more     health-preserving     than      this ; manded his wife and walked through the
enthusiastic     love   for    rod    and     My. ! crowd, pale and excited,  and  she ditto.
 One thing, however, we have noticed  in   though   in   a    more    modified    dcgree-
NEWSPAPER j connection with the lovers of tbe '-gentle • Riley was ordered off the course, but the
I art."   namely   that    there    is   a   con-j marquis and marchioness were closed in
 ■ j sid,Table   amouni   of  jealousy   among | a private apartment  till the excitement
Holloway's Pills & Ointment
Mr. James O'N'cil is authorized on behalf of the Nanaimo CotmrEn to canvass
for subscriptions, advertising, receive
payments and give receipts for the same
in the citv of Victoria.
Mr. John Currie  is authorized on be-
rival fishermen, whether they
their home in British Columbia (
land. We quite recently heard ;
What heated discussion betwet
noted disciples of tzaak Walton
caused us to be  thankful that
e otir-
worc off, and then conducted by  one  of
the stewards, they were   led   fo   a  cab
which drove them off.
selves occupied the same position as lhat
once held by Mr. DTsrali, who after
dozing heavily with his white hat tipped
! well down upon his eves as he sat on lhe
half of the Nanaimo CotitiEit to canvass |Miiii8te|.hi| inches ot (]r. ,,ou,c of
for subscriptions, receive payments and i CommoM ,,,„.:„„ u,e adminIgtr8tion 01 a
give receipts for thewine in Wdlington. •, ^^ ,.lstiBlltioll ,rom hk .mh.oppoll.
ent,  Mr. Gladstone—calmly replied on
CXAITIIENTICATEIt NEWS.      |appearingtoatj^ wuko „,,, ,,,.„  ..,„.
was sincerely pleased to  find  the  table
THERE is such a general craving for
news among the reading public that in
order lo supply the demand, an active
competition has arisen among rival
agencies in the manufacture of what is
facetiously called Intelligence. By manufacture we would not be understood to
mean fabrication, for those who follow Ihis
between   himself   and   the   right   hoi
member for Greenwich, who he belli
to be slightly the younger man."
At a meeting of the directors  of
eninsular and Oriental  Company
form of enterprise are doubtless as honest I eently held hi London, and al whicli a ™mewas finished, tho lady ref
.. .1.,...«.. i., ,in« ,,r .MwnthM kMatnoaa    large   number   ol   distinguished   guesls     , ,       ,,    ,    a, .
as the conductors ot  an\ oilier  liusiness.        ^ ,    .,     rp,      e, n nlnv nnv more and walked off  n
„   .,     .  .   ,,    , , .,   . .,    | were present,  Mr.   lhomas Sutherland, , 1'■'- •'  •  '       '"      "
Besides lt is the demand that creates the M. p*foe chairman of tho Company
supply. If absolutely ascertained truth [made a long aud interesting speech ih
is short, unfounded gossip must take its , reply to the toast of "success to the P. &
i,, nr -u , „-. ti,„, .-, :. .. ,,,„, O, Company,' Our special reason for
place. We all know that it Is a m»H drawing the attention o^ our readers to
ter of every day occurrence to meet with j t,lis Bpeec]j| ja that in it no mention i.i to
such paragraphs as ''it is rumored in j be found of the scheme for running a line ! wonder
Ministerial circles," or "alleged In well- g* *•& 0. Steamers  from   Yokohama  to
.  , , ,      ,, „   , ,„„  _,„•„„_  San Diego, Cala.: a scheme which a San
informed quarters,   or more mysterious   g^*,'Ueg^m ,,,,,,„    n,,,-m.a l)V
still "believed by the heads of the depart
ment"—a class of men—these last we
think—not over credulous as a rule. We
have been led into making the (ore-going
remarks by a statement in a New York
paper to the effect that numbers of tbe
leading Statesmen of Great Britain have
been converted to a belief in the doctrine
expounded by Hknrv George. This
statement  is bucked bv no shadow   oi
quite   unable   Io
proof, so that we are
judge of its veracity or otherwise
failing such proof, we decline to tttk
statement without the proverbial
of salt.    The reason for our hesitation in
believing tbnt''British statesmen"  hold
the view with which they are credited,
is that we ourselves have seen no reliable
authority given in their own press as to
such tenets becoming a part of the mental
equipment of those who bold the reins in
us appeared to regard as almost an
accomplished fact. Mi. Sutherland
proudly refers to the fact that letters now
occupy but 14 days between Charing
Cross and Bombay, lie went on to say
tbat comparisons were sometimes made
between the company's business and the
carriage of the American mails from
Queenstown to New York. The distance
occupied by that journey is something
like -.SOO miles. Tho delivery of a I', it
0. mail embracing China, Japan, and the
two sides of   India   required a journey
' altogether of 24,000 miles
The porlor-
. niauces of the company's ships were
the I short of feats such as the City of Paris
rain I accomplished lately, but if the passenger
trade, the factor which produced speed,
to India and the Fast ever attained anything like half the proportions of tne
American passenger trade tbey would
be happy to build ships to abreviate the
distance by three days—the difference
between the passage of the Cilv of Paris
and tbe delivery of the mails in India in
14 days from England.
London.    Nor can  we  believe for  one
moment that such men could ever add „8.m.K,'  Webster, «'• CM    P.,  Her
,        .,,.,. • ■ Majesty's Attorney-General,  has been,
the weight o£ their names in support of a 8im.p hi- conduct of the famous i'arnell
policy which would tend to throw  taxa- trial and enquiry, one of tbe best abused
tion   almost,    if   not   entirely,   upon men in Great Britain.    Members of Par-
:heIand-owner-the man  of all others liamvnt. both Scott-1. r.nd KngliHl, af
A writer iii the Englishman published
in Calcutta, tells the following amusing
Story; "I have beard of rather a ludicrous
incident which happened at a lawn-tennis
party within a ten miles ratlins of Government House. One of the gentlemen
of the party was u young mart rather
proud of his legs, and the better to call
attention thereto, be had invested in a
brilliant pair of scarlet silk garters, which
were ostentatiously displayed al the
bottom of bis knicker-bockers. I .tiring a
game he fancied that one of bis cherished
ornaments had como of!', as be saw a
I somewhat similar article of apparel on
tlie ground close to him, so be picked ii
up and put it into his pocket, not notic-
!iug an angry look on the fine of his
the partner, who happened to be a married
| woman.   Very shortly after, beforo tho
isctl to
to the
house, the young gentleman retiring into
lhe refreshment tent. Arrived there,
und as usual, looking down at bis legs,
he discovered both bis own bright orna-
lentB in their proper place, and began to
where lhe oilier one could have
come from. Nothing further would probably have happened had not the young
man, with the vanity of youth, a few
days afterwards boasted to some of his
friends of h\sbonneifortunet,at the same
lime hinting rather too plainly the name
of tbe lady to whom il belonged.
Nothing remains a secret long in India,
especially 'f tbere is a spice of scandal attached to it, and consequently the report
about bis wile reached the husband's
ears. Arming himself with a horsewhip
the husband waited upon the young man
who thought that discretion was the better part of valor, stammered out bis explanation, wrote a humble apology to
the lady, dictated by the husband, and
bad to surrender his valued treasure.
The young man who is well known in
Anglo-Indian Boclety now goes among his
friends as the "K. G."
A has secured for itself an Imperishable
fame throughout the world for the alleviation
and cure of most diseases to which humanity
; is heir.
Purify,   regulate  and improve  the quality o
the blood.    They assist the digestive organs,
: cleanse  thc  STOMACH  &  BOWELS, in-
■ crease the secretory power of the Liver.bracc
| thc nervous system, and throw into the cir-
, dilation lhe pure elements for sustaining and
' repairing thc frame.
Thousands  of persons  have testified that
\ hy  their  use alone  they have been restored
| to   health  nnd  strength  after   every  other
means have proved unsuccessful
Will he found invaluable in every Household
in the cure  of open  Sores,   Hard   Tumors,
Cold?, Sore Throats, Bronchitis, and all dis-
' ordcts of the Throat and Chest, as also (lout,
Rheumatism,   Scrofula,   and  every kind  of
Scin Diseases.
Manufactured ouly ai Professor Holloway's
I Establishment, 78 New Oxford St. {late 533
Oxford   St.), London, and .sold at is. I'yd.,
j 2s. od.. 4s. 6d. lis., 22., and 33s, each Box
\ and Pot.
; J3TIlKWAKK OF A.MERICAN COUNTERFEITS. Purchase!-* should look to the
Label on the Lot and Luxes. If the address
is not 5*3 Oxford Street, London, they are
Published every morning except
1   1
tlKllliaiilll    ST
Tho Largest and Best Hotel in th    Citv.
It. WATKIBrS    - - - I'll,,I'
James Harvey
to invest his money in  tin-  purchase
an estate   thc   annual  rental  of whicl
()x this day it would seem almost ungrateful were we to omit mention of the
natural advantages-, hoth climatic and
scenic, that wc enjoy in this Province,
"Familiarity breeds contempt," is true
with respect to nature ns well as to men.
When wo think of the less favored
whom a green
Is a  thin
llament, both Scotch and English as well
..as Irish, have thrown their little  stones
who oan   least bear the imposition of hn foe endeavor to supplement tho heavy
heavy taxes. Why a person who chooses j ordnance of Sir William Harcourt, with j millions on this earth l
,f. the result tliat the eminent lawyeran.l em-   (. ,,  ,        ,,,,      (o ,,p (lrciim,  ,„■   ,„„|
brvo Lord Chancellor has gained, rather    , ....    .    .     .. ,.
1 than lost pr-sliff- bv the bitter attacks ! 'vll"so on,.v iden "' n mTtSmB blrd ,s ain""
yields say *.j,000 should be more heavily | miKi0 ,m nim, Xo show the marked lined lo those poor captives who like
taxed than the man who invests his | esteem in which he is held, a banquet themselves are doomed to spend theii
money say in Turkish bonds or Uruguay was recently given in his honor at which llvea m „,,. <los„lto,.v Biirroundlngs of
railroads, the annual yield from which «»& S^*Vffii. was abo great cities. When we think of them, we
investment is also $5,000 we are entirely   presented signed bv 8800solicitors    ''''•'•-
at a loss to imagine. The question is a I banquet following one given by member
broad one, nor is it our intention at this ! of ""' 'Kri K:'A '! tribute in acknowledg
moment to enter further upon  it.   Our
This  should be ungrateful, indeed, were we lo
, ment i
"high character, both per-
"" I sonally and professionally, and in repu-
endeavor is merely to point out to the dlatdon of the aspersions which hnve rereading public that judgment is required ! eently been easl upon him."
as to which newspaper statements may 	
or may not be creditcl-or al least-j T"": 1'nil'''1 statoa Vice-Consul at
credible. Wc are not starting with the Cadi-, in a report on the adulteration of
hypothesis that the New Vork press is I sherry, which has just beoa published
tarred   with a blacker brush  than  the
press of other great ventres of wealth and
population. Quite recently we noticed
in a London paper ibe announcement
that a meeting of the Judges was held the
other day, and the country wus duly apprised of the occurrence, with the pathetic addition, "as the proceedings were
private, little is known of what transpired." What a superb piece of Intel
Ugencol The descriptive reporter
enterprising editor seem to have nl last
discovered that what has never transpired
can scarcely be known. If the gentlemen who favour us with their items of
verbiage, mis-called news, were compelled
to pass a simple and easy examination in
the rudiments of political knowledge,
much  waste of printer's ink as  well as
decrlbes some of ibe
preparing  low-priced
alls employed in
sherries for the
niarket. In these operations an import
ant part is played by Bweet or "checked
wines, which are made in this manner.
Duringthe vintage, and after tho grape
is pressed, .'5 gallons of alcohol, of about
forget the great advantages that we enjoy.
An inland sea, studded wilh beautiful
islands, a climate second to none. Forests
teeming with game, unlimited mineral
resources; all those and many more advantages, are lhe inheritance of the
BritishCoIumbian,of which he may justly
be proud and thankful. To-day. when
all nature is smiling, when the swallows
are twittering in Ihe air. when the sun
bud is humming In tbe honeysuckle, and
'* j when all nature is rejoicing, let us rejoice
and give thanks to the great I liver who
has been so bountiful to us.
oinlered some time ago  why
I per cent, over proof, are put in a butt, therew8BSUch lln ullllslml |ulrrying-up
much waste of valuable time on lhe part j whole   t
of the reading public, might be avoided,   sherries,
and thc rest completely filled with the
must or juice of tin' grape, The spirits
,„] ■ stop tbe fermentation of the wine, which
then becomes perfectly sweet. This can
begot ready for shipment within twelve
months or less, but it is only used as an
auxiliary   in   the   preparation   of other
wines. In general the low-priced sherries
are blended or composed of lour or moro
different ingredients, viz : Alcohol, sweet
wine, colored wine, cheap new
wines of different kinds, ami sometimes
a few gallons of older wines to help the
older appearance. Fine
the contrary, are kept in
their naiural state, very pale and dry, for
six or seven years and sometimes longer,
and these wines, which, from their lirst
growth, are eostly, become still more si;
We notice much Battering criticism by , by the length of time required. Anothei
way of'forcing wines is by
"soleras"   and   "mother   wines
soleras   arc  a   number of butt
wines, more or loss good, bul alivnvs old;
these are generally half full, the other
hall being tilled with a new wine, which,
in   the course  of a very short time be- \
comes an old wine under'that treatment.
A quantity is Ihen taken from each butt
lo be made use of in lhe  preparation of j
wines, and thnt quantity taken off la again  CI\
replaced with new wine, to let it grow i
again in the same manner.
English reviewers, on a profusely i
trated and luxuriously bound volume on
Dry Fig Fishing by Sir. S. ti. HALFORD.
Tbey (the critics) tell us that almost any
tyro who will Like the trouble to follow
out the instructions given, may become
an expert angler. Now our bump of
credulity is a large one, but scarcely large
enough to accept this statement, seeing
thai we ourselves have followed
out    all    kinds   of   Instructions  and
still remain a lyro. An angler A despatch to the New York/f,
with either artificial or natural liy, fio,,, Portsmouth, England, savs the
is born, not made. Some crafts may come Marquis of Ailesbury came before the
to a man by taking much thought, not so public again yesterday at the Orange
the craft of the fly-fisher.     What comes j races.
to a man hy instinct, is like reading and x„t |ong Bmce [here stood on the courl
writing in the opinion ofacertoin famous records a divorce suit entitled "Ailes-
olilcer, the gift of nature. We ourselves | bury v. Ailesburv and others," the
know expert anglers, or at least on expert others including one Riley, once an
angler, who unfurls the whole of his line officer in the army and now a private
to the extreme length, before tbe return; I gentleman. Vesterday Riley conducted
but when Mr. HALFOBD recommends his J her ladyship to the races. The marquis
tyro to aim at tho accomplishment of this , was having luncheon wilh Major Hos-
feat, surely he is unconsciously giving keth in his carriage, when he saw his
much work to the recording angel. A ; wife and her friend. He watched tbem
few pages on the "tree-cast," which re- quietly, and then, mixing with ihe
suits in leaving the casting line twined crowd, and taking up bis post at the out-
affectionately around the inaccessible Li(Ic ljmit(1. „-alkP(i a,.rns.ri ,he m„„K .„„,
branches of a tree would bave been very j Kot into tll(, ,m.mbers' paddock. There
useful. Wt believe some thinkers recom- Wore two or three blows struck and the
mend the practise in these tryingcircum- [ poiice stopped the row. Then came a
stances of reclining on the banks ofthe msn lo tll0 members' promenade, and
river and smoking a pipe, while others , t, ombatants   were   surrounded   by
more than a thousand people. The
multitude rushed to the spot. "Police,
police," was the cry, but when the police
did arrive tbey wore hustled and jostled
by tbe mob, who would rather have been
in getting vessels away to Alaska, and
among them was the Alaska Commercial
Company's steamer ECarluk, and the
steamer.leanuie of the Griff, Snowies
corporation. It was a ease of nip and
tuck, but tuck got there in the Griff,
K.wwles Company, which made the pas-
sago in li days, l! hours, (i minutes and (i
seconds to a placo called Grantley Harbor
near Cape Elitic, where tbe Alaska Commercial Company bad a cannery, but
when the steamer Karluk arrived, lo, the
Griff, Snowies Company, was ou the site
and erecting a cannery. (lur correspondent said that each side had a first-class
business liar, each of whom said to the
natives lhat Ibe other company were
Ihe rason'8. So one old fellow who had Hst-
ofold|enetl to both sides grunted and said,
"I'nipb, all heap damn liar."—City Front
recommend particular Invocations used
especially for the occasion. Whichever
of these two methods our angling readers
prefer, they must all be at
one, in agreeing as to the splendid
opportunity residents of Nanaimo
and the surrounding country enjoy in
being able to follow their favorite pursuit to the "top of their bent." We believe that there is no form of enthusiasm
more      real.      more      harmless.      nr
To the Travelling Public
drowned iu the moat than see so distinguished an encounter cut short. Thc
lords and ladies were terribly shocked,
and the police put out (heir force just in
time to prevent the crowd rolling down
into the moat.     Then   the marquis  do-I A.  SHAW
onnectlons mny lie li.it.    imi
Tliie paper is a live exponent of tho
interest o4
Nanaimo aid fici
And is thoroughly
It contains all th6 Latest
Telegraphic ipatote
Dished up in readable style, ami ta
distributed early each m .;
so lb it, ovoryone can  >
it at the breakfast
F.    W.    COOK, C.E.,
Surveys timber and other clnlms.
00M0X, B. 0.
Mar -,,,-lf
Tho   StO£«.iaa.o*t*
Leaves Vancouver for Nanaimo on Mondays, Thursdays and  Fridays al 2:15
p.m.,  on  lhe arrival  of  (he-  Eastern
Leaves .New Westminster for Nanaimi
Mondays and Wednesdays at 7 a.m,
Leaves Nanainio for Vancouver Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 7 a.m. j
Leaves Nanaimo for New Westminster I
Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7 a. m.
In overy part of tho
And nil tbo latest events of public
ititei est aro promptly transmitted.
Every question of public
importance discnsBod
Its advantage as an
mm   i-i-iull
Commercial Street, Nanaimo,   is. C.
Assessment Act and Provincial Revenue Tux. Mam
mo District.
Notice U hereby given, in accordance with i
Statutes, that Provincial Revenue Tax and all Tax
levied under the Assessment Ai K ore now due fur t
year, iSSo, and payable nt my office. N .maim
Assessed l'axes, if paid on or before  lun
Per Vear,   -    -
Per Month,   -   -
Per Week, -   -
•1C 06:
1  OO
!I3 cn.
Printing & Publishing Go,,
nre collectable at the following run .. .
it nf i per cent, on Real Property.
,•/■ cans per acre on Wild Land.
One*thIrd of one pel cnt. on Penonal  I'roneily,
!j of, per .-(rut. on Income.
If paid after June 30th, «88ol—
n oli per.. • ,.on Real Property.
I'A cents 1 . 1 acre on Wild Land.
'   "i 1 per ..-,1.011 Personal Property.
'i ol 1 per   1 n   on Income.
:As;'.'Ssorr--   '    'tllecfe*
IIAKDWAltr:,    BT0VHS,     PAINTS,     1111,3
Tin and Sheet Ironware,
A Full Assortment at Lowest Frices,
Victoria   Crescent,
Chemist & Druggist.
Patent Medicines, Perfumery and
Toilet Goods.
Prescriptions Carefully Compounded.
PROUT     &    INSLEY,    Proprietors.
Strictly First-Class.    Accommodation for ,25 Guests.
Convenient to Railway Station and Steamship  Dock.
Next   tlonr    to   Hirst's   Bros.,
Commercial street.
W. D. DEEBLE, Prop.
Corueonlly nn hand a fi'll assortment <if
Cholce Meats and Vegetables.
Shipping supplied   at short notice.
John : Pulwitt
Successor to F.mii Derdinger.
Practical   Horseshoer
Peck's Blacksmith Simp,
Canadian Pacific Natation  Gi
TIME   TABLE   No.    10.
i VICTORIA   TO Vancouver anil   Hoodyvill.  Jail)
except Monday, at 4 o'clock.
I VANCOUVER TO Victoria, daily, except Monday,
at  ,3:13 o'clock or on  tlie arrival of tlie (;, (*,
Railway Traill.
j S.S. FREMIER will leave as followsi-Vancouver
a p. m,i   Mondays   and   Thursdays,   reluming
leaves Sealtle   Wednesdays and  Saturdays al 'j
a.m., arriving in Vancouver about 6 p.m., tliis 10
lake effect Thursday, February 9th.
Leaves VICTORIA for  New Westminster, Ladner'.
Landing and I.ulti Island, Sundays and Thursday, at 7 .'clock, TueKlay. at 8 o'clock.
Leave  NEW   WESTMINSTER  for   Victoria   anj
way ports on Mouday at ? p.m., Wednesday and
Friday al 7 a.m.
PLUMPER 1'ASS, Sunday at 7 o'clock.
Steamer, for Hope and way porta leav. New Westminster every Thursday:    for Chilliwhaek and
way   landings  every  Tuesday  and   Saturday at
7 a.m.
Steamer MAUDE leaves Victoria Lu Alberni and
Sound ports once a month.
Steam.hip Sardonyx will leave h.r Fort Simpson and
Intermediate port, on the Hint and Fifteenth "I
each month.   Whenever sulfictent   Inducement
offers will call at poinls on Ihe West  I'oast  an.l
Queen Charlotte Islands.
'Thecompany reserves the right id changing Ihi.
Time Table al any time without notification.
fflen. Agent. Manager.
1 am prepared to do all kinds of General Blacksmlthing at. short notice and
reasonable rates. Special attention paid
to tenderlooted, over-reaching and Inter-
fearing horses.
SHOEING—Give me a call and convince yourselves. All work guaranteed
tn give satisfaction.
J.   1-UlAVlTT, -       -   Proprietor.
1    1110
Fashionable : Tailors
Commercial Struct    - Nanaimo,   IJ. C.
.\ waitress al once.    Apply Delmonlco
Hotel. tf
i Isabel, h
The steamc-r  Isabel will'run as follow,
calling at way ports:
Leave Victoria for Nanaimo,
Wednesday at 7 n m
Leave Nannimo for Coinox,
Thursday at 7 a 111
Leave C'nnitix for Nanaimo,
Friday al 7 a m
Leave Nanaimn for Victoria,
Saturday at 7 a in
For FreUhi an I  Passage np ply on board.
Cigar;-: Manufacturer,
Bastion St.,
Nanaimo, b c.
Smoke the celebrated "Nanaimo Enterprise" cigar.
Best in the Market.
Piano   Tuning.
pianos and organs, if lefl al thi. office,  will be
attended to promptly. A. ANGERMAN.
Aoril ,3-tf
Garesohe Green & Co.
Victoria,   13.   O.
A general Banking business transacted.
Telegraphic Transfers nnd Drafts on the
Eastern Provinces, Great Britain and the
United estates. Collections promptly
attended tn. Agents for Wells, Fargo &
Real Estate Broker,
And General Agent, Conveyancer,
Notary Public, Etc.
Oity I'roportv,  Suburban I'roperty and
Farm Lands for sale on best terms.
Correspondence Solicited.
Shaving & Bath Parlors
NANAIMO,  n.c.
J.   Lewis,    -    Proprietor,
Oity Licensing Court.
A sitting of the Board of Licensing
j Commissioners will be held nt the old
Court   House,  Nanaimo. on Wednesday
the iL'tlt instant.
0th June, 188'°. s. GOUGH,
Citv Clerk
— Wbolenalo  and   Retail —
Victoria,    B.   C.
Reel  Estate awl Insurance Apt
Victoria,   3B.   O.
The Mutual Life Insurance
Tl,,' Largest Company In thr World.
Assets, $126,000,000.
Receipts for Year 1888 ,$26,000,000
Paid  Policy Holders,   18H8,   "114,000,000.
General Solicitor, Joseph Reid.
Head   oiiicc for   Hriiish   Columbia
lIlii8TRRMAN&0o.1"""'n, 8, Hastion Slreet
Victoria, B.O.
- -BSTAIII.ISIIKII    IN—      •
City o Nanaimo
Nanaimo Land Office,
more or less, very good land, Millstream
running through, close to Comox Road.
A desirable homestead, minerals Included—
Newcastle Townsite—Lot 6S, Block j
$225 Terms.
Lot 43, block IO, $500 cash.
Lot 8, block 13, $iSoo terms. Splendid
liusiness site.
Lois 11 and [2, block 6—$1000,
Locations for residences and busines. sites
throughout the city.
Nine blocks in Hie Syndicate Addition to
Porl Angeles. Farms in all parts of he
Province. .1
II ing front business lie liegs to notify
I* all persona indebted to hint to settle
their accounts on or before the 80th June
proximo. Accounts remaining unpaid
afler that date will lie placed in (lie
hands of an attorney for collection, All
persons to whom the undersigned is 111—
ilebted are requested to hand in their
claims for payment, on or before ilia
above mentioned dates.
Nauaimo, 10th April,  '89,
ilex. Mayer k Co.,
Whnlesale'and Retail Uealcts in (It.s'ruai.,
Orders   promptly   and   carefully delivered'
SlIII'I'INi- M I'l'l.lhli ANll SHIP    IMS
Commercial   Slreet,
Nanaimo, B.C.
Hai'OWOOd Lake, May 27tll, 1889.
Strayed on to my premises one iron
grey cow with a young calf. The owner
is requested to come and pay charges and
tal<e awav lhe cow.
Wm. Blackmorc.,
Arc li i te c t.   K tc.
T. ti. BOX tst. VANCOUVER, 11. II.
Land Agent, Conveyancer, Accountant
and Insurance Agenl
cr:—C. L. Smith** Bnildlns, Basnon Sn
< A I'll A I, «*J,ftOO,OOU
London  Officii—afl Cornhill, ondon.    Branchu
.-,i S-in Francisco, Portland, Or,, Victoria, New
Westminster, Vancouver, Nanainio ami
.** H'**( It';    rlll'l     fl   Ol  I ' N|M>IHl('MIS:
In  CANADA—-Th*) Hunk of Montreal ami branches.
Unitbd States—Agents Hank of Montreal, 59 Wall
Street) New Vork) —Hank of Montreal, Chicago.
Unitbd Kingdom—Bank of Hritish Columbia, :*8
Cornhill, London! National Provincial Bank of
England! North ami South Wales Bank;
British   Linen   Company's   Bank;
Hank of Ireland.
'(ndia, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand Hans
(Kong   and   Shanghai    Hank    Corporation—
Chartered  Bank of India, Australia and
Chtnai Knglish, Scottish .md Australian Chartered   Hank,   Bank of
I Australasia,    Commercial
Hank Co., of Sydney.
MKxicr* amo South AmbricA—London  Bank  0
Mexico and South America.
Tslearapliic Transfers and Remittancea'fto and fron
all poinls can he made through thi°°jlank;at
current [ratl'd
ollectlons can-fully attended to and
tion of Imnkine    MansRcte
['own Lots end Farms Tor Sate,   Money to Lo
Mortgage at low rate-*.
Agenl for the Glasgow and London Fire In.-.n
Corporation of thi! City of
Nanaimo, B. C.
By-Law to appoint n, time niul place for
hearing complaints against Keal Estate Assessments. Whereas by a by-jaw dated the
6th day of May,i8So.the 13th day of May wns
appointed for the return by the Assessor to
the Municipal Council ofthe Keal Estate Assessment Roll, for the year 1889,
id, whereas tlie said roll was returned ou
that day, and whereas it is necessary to appoint a time and place for hearing the complaints of such person or persons as mav complain of his or their assessments, appearing on
the said roll.
Be it therefore enacted by the Mayor and
Aldermen ofthe city of Nanainio as  follows:
1. That all complaints that have heen
duly made, or shall he duly made, by anj
person or persons of his or their assessments
as thc same may appear on the said assess
ment roll for the year 18S9, shall be heard at
the city council chamber, Nanainio, on Tuesday, the 18th day ofjune, 1889, at the hour '
of 10 o'clock in the forenoon and at 2 o'clock
in thc afternoon, or as soon thereafter as the
said complaints can be heard.
2. This by-law may be cited for all purposes as tho appeal by-law,  1889.
Passed by the Municipal Council ihis 3rd
day of June, 1889, affirmed by the Municipal
Council this 10th day ofjune, 1SS9.
C. M. C. Mayor.
hi. M.   YARWOOD,
Solicitor of the High Court, Ontario,
Office in Smith's Building, Conimercia
treot, Nanaimo. THE  NANAIMO   COURIER,   FRIDAY,   JUNE   21,  1889.
I'd riUln.T lav out hero amoug the trees,
With tho sin'siu' birds an' tho buinTbees,
A-knowiu' thet I can do as I please,
Than to live what folks cull a lifo of ease
Up thar in the city
Fer I really duu't 'zactly understan'
Where tlie comfort is fer any man
In walking hot bricks an' usin' a fan,
An* enjoyin1 himself as he soys he can.
Up thar in thc city
It's kinder lonesumc, uiebbe you'll say.
A-Iiviu" out here day after day
In this kinder easy, careless way;
But a hour out here Is better'n a day
Up thar iu the city
As for that, jus' look at tho flowers aroun',
A-peepin' their beads up all over tbe (-roun'
An' the fruit abendin' the trees way down.
Van don't And such things as these in town,
Or rather in thncity
As I sold afore, such things as Lhese,
Tho Bowers, the birds, au* tho bumTbees,
An* a-Iivtn' out hero among the trees,
Whero you can tako your ease an" do ns you
Makes it better'n tho city.
Now, all tl.ct talk don't 'mount to snuff.
:Uout this kinder life a-bein* rough,
An* I'm sure It's plenty good enough,
An1 'tween you an' me "taint half ns tough
Asllvln' In tho eity
-James Wuttcomh Riley
What She   Would   !><».
They wero talking about somebody who had
lieen shamelessly jilted by her young man. A
woman is never us hard ou a young mnn for
jilting a girl ns on a girl for jilting a young
"Prod, if you did tbat to me, it you went
off with another girl, do you know what!
would do?"
"No, dear.     What?"
"I would simply get hold of you aud tell
you what I thought of you, uud then I'd leave
you und nover speuk to you again.''
"Would you really do ihnti"
"Yes, I—uo, I don't tbink I would, 1 would
despise you and hnvo too great a contempt
for you to tako nny notice of it nt all or of you
ever after. If yon think BO littlo of mo after
all you're said you cannot bo the gentleman I
thought you wero."
"But, I say, dear, I haven't, you kuow. I
haven't dono anything ut alL"
"No, I know you haven't, but if you were
to, if I found that you wero making lovo to
another girl—I'd no—I wouldn't—I'd just be
ns nice ns I could to you—doubly nice lo you
—und I'd make you so fond of me you couldn't
livo without me and then I'd turn around nnd
tell you I wanted nothing to do with you."
"That would bo mean."
"Well—so it would. No, I guess I'd go lo
you and tell you quietly thut although you
wero so contemptibly double faced, I couldn't
bo; I havo too much self respect; and that
vou wero free—free to go with anybody vou
"That would be better,"
"Would it? Oh, Unit wouldn't bo all. I'd
make you suffer—oh, I'd mako you suffer if
you over treated me like that."
"What would you dor'
"I'd wait till I got a good opportunity and
I'd humiliate you."
"I don't know, but I'd do it all the same.
Maybe you think I'm stupid; but I'd show
"Shall I tell you what you'd do, If you ever
found mo out"	
"Do you mean to say vou havo already!
"No. If 1 ever did, do you know what
you'tl do?"
"You'd go und get another young mau and
make it out you'd jilted me."
"Well, I guess that's what I really would
do after nil."—Sau Francisco Chronicle,
Tho Curious nt Court.
The fascination court proceedings bavo for
somo people is only equaled by tho uncontrollable, desire some peoplo bavo for baseball,
Thero aro people, and quito a number of
them, who visit tho court house when tho
courts are in session and set out tho whole
day in listening to testimony in cases on trial
Borne of them are veterans in tho business,
und their faces havo been familiar to the
janitors for moro than tcu years, Occasionally ono disappears, but auothcr will soon take
his place, so Unit the general average is nbout
the same. They seem to understand each
Other, und tiro often heard interchanging
opinions. They generally congregate in tbe
court room whero tho most interesting trial
is In progress, and are not satisfied until thoy
havo ascertained tho result. -Some of tbem
bave been known around until 11 o'clock at
night waiting for a jury to come in, their
only motive being curiosity.—St. IiOuisGlobo*
Keep Cool nnd Mvu Long.
A calm, cool, temperament is doubtless an
aid to a long life. It is tho people who are
easiest troubled andoftenest excited who wear
out first. Bulwer, tn one of his novels, makes
tho cynical remark that two things aro essential to tbo greatest longevity—a good digestion nnd a bad heart. This has been applied
often to old men who were not sympathetic
in their temperament. It docs not follow,
however, that becauso men are imperturbable
in manners thoy aro heart less—much less than
they have bad hearts. Men may bo actively
wicked us well as apparently indifferent on
tho subject of righteousness. When a man
lives to a great ago tho presumption is that
ho has taken good care of himself. Some aro
more scrupulous to do this than others, and
some find tho tusk much easier than do the
most of their fellows.—Boston Herald,
Learning and Ultowlng.
Children object to nothing, probably, so
much us to tho drudgery of learning, although somo boys aro perhaps almost as restive under tho process of having their faces
fiittlo Mabel, il years old, showed a strong
desiro to know her alphabet, aud her big sister kindly began to teach her. After n few
moments of Instruction Mabel flow into a
dreadful passion of displeasure.
"Ah," said tho big sister,"so you don't want
to learn your letters after all?"
"No," said Mabel, very positively, "me
don't wont to learn 'om—me want to know
'em ["—Youth's Companion.
The Ullnd Men"-. Cafe.
Some years ago in Paris there was ;t
small restaurant, known as tho Blind
Men's cafe, much frequented by the
blind, where an orchestra of blind musicians performed for tho amusement of
patrons. One extremely dark night in
winter, when a thick fog had fallen upon
Paris—so thick that no one could seo his
way, nor so much as distinguish a street
lamp ten feet away, and when policemen, carrying torches, here and thero
assisted sofne groping foot passenger to
find his course—a gentleman, seeing another man walking along confidently
and boldly, ventured to say to him.
"Sir, will you pleaso tell mo where
you are going?"
"To the Palais Royal," said tho gentleman, who was walking witb such suro
"And how do you find your way so
"Oli, never mind; 1 never get lost. Do
you wish to follow me?"
"Thank you,"
So the first gentleman caught hold of
tbo pocket of tbe other's overcoat and
started after him. Not a thing could ho
descry, but bis companion marched confidently along. At length tho two arrived
under the familiar arches of tbe Rue de
"Wo arc safo now," exclaimed the gentleman wbo had been led; "and may I
thank you for giving mo the advantage
of your wonderful eyesight?''
"Yes, but you must not detain me.
Yonr faltering along (lie way has already
mado me a little Into for my orchestra.*'
"What orchestra?"
"The orchestra in tbo Blind Men's
The man was perfectly blind. The
thick fog was nothing to him, who had
walked in darkness all his life, but had,
nevertheless, learned his way surely
through tho great city.—Argonaut.
Mourning for Pets.
In Egypt ladies used to carry their devotion for their feline pets so far as to go into
mourning for them when tho died. And how
do you think thoy went Into mourning?
Why, by shaving off their oyebrowsl Favor-
ito eats used to be embalmed, too, and I know
of no quainter or moro grotesque objects thoy
tho mummified cats which may be seen at
.ho British museum. Even now cats oro held
in high esteem In Egypt, and in at least one of
the khodive's palaces at Cairo thero is a frco
ration distributed every day to any cats that
nay euro to apply.
A modest Ucquest.
A certain deacon In a church which shall
ie nameless, had tho bud habit of snoring
■ Idle asleep during divine service. One Sat-
■rdny evening ho received thofollowingnote:
Deacon —■ is desired not to commence
.miring to-morrow until the sermon is begun,
ti some persons in the neighborhood of bis
,.-a would Hke to hear tho text."-St. Louis
K° public
Cosmopolitan  Market,
cooinrclal street. Nanaimo, B.C.
m,   <c?TJttisnsrxi3X*x*.
Froo Dalivoei'v to All Parts of tlio Oltv,
Tin, Speed of Thought.
It takes about two-fiftlls of ti second to
call to mind llio country in which a well
known town is situated or tho language
In which a familiar author wrote, We
can think of the name of the next month
In half the lime wc need to think of tho
namo of last month. It takes on tho
average of one-third ofa second to add
numbers containing one digit and half a
second lo multiply them, Such experiments give us considerable insight into
tho mind.
Those used lo reckoning can add two
to three in less timo than others; those
familiar with literature can remember
more quickly than others that Shakespeare wrote "Hamlet." It takes longer
to mention a nionllt when a season has
been given than to sny to what month a
Beason belongs.
Tho tinto taken up in choosing a mo-
lion, the "will time," can bo measured
as well as the time taken up in perceiving. If I do not know whicli of two colored lights is to be presented, and must
lift my right hand if it bo red and my
left if it bo blue, I need about one-thirteenth of a second to initiato tho correct
motion. I havo also been able to register
tho sound waves mado in tlio nir by
speaking, and thus have determined that
in order to call up tho namo Belonging to
a printed word I ncctl about one-ninth of
a second, toa letter one-sixth of a sec
ond, to a picturo one-quarter of a second
and tu a color one-third of a second.
A letter can bo seen more quickly than
a word, but we nro so used to reading
aloud that tlio process has become quito
automatic, and a word can bo read with
greater easo and in less timo than a letter
can bo named. Tho samo experiments
mado on other persons givo times differing but littlo from my own. Mental
processes, however, tako place moro
slowly in children, in Iho aged aud in
tho uneducated.—Nineteenth Century,
l'iillii   Word-   About  I'eklllj;.
Abovo all other characteristics, how-
over, of Peking one thing stands out iu
horriblo prominence, and 1 hnvo put this
off to the last. Not to mention it would
bo to willfully omit tho most striking
color of tho picture. I mean its filth. It
is tho most horribly and indescribably
filthy place that can be imagined. Indeed, imagination must fall far short of
tho fact, Somo of llio daily sights of the
pedestrian In Peking could not hardly
bo moro than hinted nt by ono man to
another in tho smoking room. Thero is
no sewer or cesspool, public or private,
but tho streot; the dog, the pig and tho
fowl aro tho scavengers; every now and
then you pass a man who goes along,
tossing tho most loathsome of tho refuse
into an open work basket on his back;
the smells aro simply awful; tho city is
oho colossal and uncleansed cloaca. As
I havo said above, tho first of tho two
moments of delight vouchsafed to overy
visitor to tho Celestial capital is his first
sight of it. The second—though 1 must
uot omit to thank my too kiud host for
ono of tho pleasantest and most instruc-
tivo fortnights of my life-is when Ite
turns his back, hoping that it may bo
forever, upon "tho body nnd soul stinking town" (tho words aro Coleridge's) of
Peking.—Pall Hall Gazette.
Ono Wr*y to tCnoournge Truth Tolling.
Ninety-nine children out of overy hundred will tell a falsehood if you speak to
them thus: "My son, I do not know
whether you did tho act with which you
are charged or not, 1 havo no means of
knowing. I must rely on what you now
my. If you say you did not, I will mako
you a present of a handsome pony, saddlo and bridle. If you say that you did
the act I will whip you till you can't
stand up antl put you on bread nnd water
for two days. Now truth is beautiful.
Speak the truth!"—Nashville Americnn.
A Story of Von Bulow.
While playing tho piano beforo largo
ludiences ho has often suddenly stopped,
walked to tho front of the stago and
tuado speeches absolutely antithetical to
Iho spirit and opinions of his listeners.
On ono occasion ho suddenly took it into
Ids head that it wns positively essential for each individual member of
lhe vast orchestra he was conducting'
;o stand while playing. They hnd to'
itand, somo of them with heavy instru-
itients, for nearly threo hours.	
Boot & Shoemaker,
Next  Hilbert's  Furniture
f""SrRepau'in"; el all kinds promptly
attended t».
A|i 23-tf
HlU'.-i-ock't. Iltef untl Beans untl I'm Do-
Ian'-* IJntiei Cakes—Tlie Fly Trap Muu.
A Fortune In Clothes I'ins anil Millions
hi Oilier Queer Things.
"Mv sou," said a certain German professor
of philology, who found himself at death's
door, after a long and laborious life devoted
to the study of tho Greek article, "my son,
tako warning by my fault. Don't attempt
too much. 1 sue now that I ought to have
confined myself to the dntivo ease.''
Now Yorkers, who are the greatest "scat
terers" In tho world, whether in business,
literature or the pursuit of professional researches, may extract a useful lesson from
the sublime concentration of the old German
scholar, who, although his devotion to a single thought and aim was carried to tho extreme and nearly to tho point of tho ludicrous, it nevertheless illustrates tho folly of
too great diffusion in any pursuit.
That this is tbe ago of specialists, when any
man who can do one thing better than any
other person, or even better than most persons, reaps the reward, is proven in a thousand ways, in small matter*- as well as in
those undertakings that leave their impress
upon an age.
All newspaper men kuow that Oliver Hitch
cock made his everlasting fortune through
sticking to corned beef and beans. His little
underground restaurant became famous all
over the country, and Mr. Jay, from Way-
back Centre, hunted him up and took him In
as one of the lions of the wicked metropolis.
Coffee Pat Dolan hung his faith upon
butter cakes of peculiar excellence aud mysterious receipt, and consequently has becomo
u bloated bondholder Yet tho gold mine
thut Coffee Pat works is only a littlo box
hardly large enough to permit a dozen cus
turners to seat themselves at ouo time.
There ia an old fellow dowu ou Massau
Kt reet who has grown richer than half tho big
merchants around his humble store, and all
that ho sells is insect powder. So great did
tho fame of tho vermin destroyer becomo that
a dozen imitators sprang up in various parts
of the city, yet without injuring tho prosperity of the original.
Goodyear was a one idea man, aud be
haunted capitalists with his gum shoes until
thoy began to call him a crank, but he carved
out for himself fame and fortune enough to
lit out a dozen average men.
Governor Ames, of Massachusetts, acknowledges that tho colossal fortune of his family
was founded upon shovels. His firm made
shovels and shovels, and at last the Ames
shovel led tho world, when, presto! Ames
was rich.
Ono chni) mado a fortune out of clothes
pins that thut up with a spring, butthe funny
point in his success is that tho people never
found out that his pins were intended for tho
security of tho weekly wash, but misappropriated them for paper clips and mado a run
on him.
A Yankee began the manufacture of padlocks to fasten dog collars. Ho made no
other padlock, but got rich all the same. Another man, win' hit out the idea of the return
ball, und stuck to thut and nothing else,
amassed a competence.
But, perhaps, tho most singular single idea
worked in tho mercantile lino was that of the
liy trap man, who had n place of business on
William street. Ho sold nothing but fly
traps, and hud them of all varieties and various styles of architecture, each one better
than tho other. He had crowds of customers,
and got rich just In lime, for tho poor fellow
to whom ho sold out was ruined by tho combined efforts of the siuglo idea fly paper man,
nnd tho equally solitary Idea windows creon
man. Both these worthies declared n. revolution against the house fly, wero victorious
and retired upon ample fortunes.
The original weatherstrip mau was one of
the ono idea contingent, and middle aged
New Yorkers remember that ho vied with
tho Daily's Pain Killer man and Hadways
Heady Relief man in desecrating tho face of
nature, dittoUiek fences and dead walls with
his advertising. They all got rich at the expense of Iheir follow citizens.
There Is a famous down town drug store
whoso proprietor is a convert to tbe ono idea,
and that one idea soda water. He doles' out
oceans of tho foaming temperance heverago
to thirsty thousands, and it is safe to say that
hi.** enormous profits are mado up, fully 00
percent., from the sales at tho fizzing fountain.
All the patent medicine and specialty advertising firms aro simply working the ono
Idea scheme. Even in journalism tbo ono
Idea man usually gets there—if be has the
necessary financial backing at tho start. This
was peculiarly illustrated In the old Daubury
News, which, from an insignificant weekly
blanket sheet, published In an obscure town,
Oevcloped into the most famous humorous
(paper hi the United States.
There is only ono drawback to the single
idea as applied to literary ventures, as well
as, iu a lesser degree, to commercial undertakings, and that is the ultimate certainty of
successful imitation. But the imitator does
not usually begin to see tbe point until the
originator is on tho high road to fortune, and
by the timo tbo opposition is iu a way to
divide up tho business the original Is able to
step down and buttou up his pocket, leaving
tho imitators to cut ono another's throats, to
the profit and delectation of tbe public.
Among tbo professions tho scope of tbe specialist is evon more pronounced than among
tho commercial branches of human industry.
Tho neurologist, who studies tbe nervous diseases, aud wbo would consider himself insulted if asked to prescribe for a case of measles;
tho oculist, wbo charges you an outrageous
fee for looking iuto the iris of your eye witb
a microscope, and who chiefly looks wise and
talks mysteriously; the aurist, and half a
score of other medical aud surgical specialists
reap the big rewards of tbeir profession, and
get most of tho glory. The dream of the
newly fledged medico is to blossom out into a
consulting specialist, sit in his oflice and tako
fat fees, ana ref uso to go out of bis olllco save
to seo old Money Bags, who is willing to pay
handsomely to cheat tho gentleman who li
bouud to get bim sooner or later.
A reporter was in tbo olllco of a famous
Now York specialist In mental diseases the
other day, whoso sole bobby is a beliof that he
has a talent for novel writing, and came in at
tho tail end of a long procession of cranky patients, wbo sat upon tbe edges of their chairs
and regarded the others iu tbo room as lunatics, Tho colored attendant kept tho patients
going in ouo door and out at another with a
celerity that appeared ludicrous, when it was
remembered that these wild eyed people came
to consult tho great authority about the most
terrible ^orongemeut that tho human frame
is heir to. It seemed as though they just remained within tbe consulting room long
enough to disgorge a feo aud wero then hustled
out. As each patient would bo got rid of a
little bell would ring, aud tho business liko
darky would usher the 'next in order into tho
Inner room. These audiences were permitted
to last just so long every day, and when tbe
outer door was locked no one could be admitted. It was, "Come to-morrow."—New
York World.
How His Hair Tnrne-1 White In One Night
and  What Ite-jtored  Its Color.
As soon as she opened tbo door he came in,
sat down and told the following tale:
"In the course of my rumbles near the sea-
shore I was obliged ouo evening to ask a
wealthy farmer to put me up for the night.
" 'Why, certainly,' said he, with a promptness that surprised me. 'Only too glad to
help a fellow creature along. Would you be
willing to sleep in that barn yonder? it [smug
and clean. I use it ouly to store hay, and my
cattle aro housed m that other ono, farther
away from the beach.'
"I thanked him for his kindness, and ui it
was already growing dark ho took a bunch
of keys, unlocked lhe door and ushered mo
in. 'Now,' said lie, 'you can make a bed for
yourself iu tho bay. I shall lock you in, and
bo around at C in the morning to let you out.
Goal night'
''Making oa good a bed as possible In the
day, near the gable end, 1 lay down, expecting to bo asleep In Ave minutes; but, ul though
I was ready to drop with fatigue before I entered that barn, J lay there fur two hours
without closing my eyes, and I seemed to bo
growing moro wakeful us tbo night woro ou.
At last I sat up with my back against the wait
What could the mat ler be with me? I was
never troubled with insomnia beforo. Why
did I keep thinking, thinking, until my head
throbbed so that I could hear iti Way wai
that mun so willing to accommodate tnel
This eagerness to shelter mo for thu night
without first asking my rcligiousand politics-]
opinions, or telling me 1 was big and ugly
enough to work, was unnatural, Inhuman;
and, come to think of it, there woaaghooliah
look in his eyes when ho bade me good night.
"PshawI this was nil fancy—a delusion of
the brain, arising from a piece of moldy
minco pie bestowed upon mo that morning by
a piously economical old lady, who wanted In
lay up treasure in heaven. The idea of any
body expecting to ride to heaven on a night
mare I
"Thus I raved aud reasoned alternately for
two moro hours, with my eyes fixed upon a
bright ray of moonlight which streamed
through a chink in tho barn wall above my
head. I couldn't keep my eyes oft it. It
looked, to my excited fancy, like a long
bright finger pointing at something, aud I
seemed to bo waiting to seo what it was.
"Gradually, as tho moon mounted higher in
tbe heavens, that long bright rny descended
to the barn floor, until finally it rested upon
—a pair of heavy top boots, with tho toes
turned up, sticking out from under a heap of
bay at the other end of tho barn.
"A cold wavo swept through me, and my
hair began to bristlo liko tho tail of an indignant cat. Who could my fellow lodger be?
Surely there wero feet in thoso boots, or the
toes would not be turned up. Wby didn't be
speak to me during all this time? My entrance must havo awakened him, unless—I
hated to finish tho sentence. How long that
ray of moonlight seemed to dwell upou those
bootsl I sat thero glaring nt them until I
could bear it no longer.
"There wns uo escape for me. If lhat door
had been left unlocked I would havo rushed
out into tho worst kind of a storm; but I was
cornered, and could easily imagine tho feelings of a wild beast at bay,
"With n sudden resolve to know tho worst
at onco, I rushed forward, and, seizing ono of
tho boots, shook it savagely, nt tho same time
yelling, 'Wake up, herd' My worst fears
were realized. Nothing but the last trumpet
could awaken that man.
"How I passed tho rest of that long, terrible night is a mystery to me. Morning camo
at last, and when mine host opened Ihe door,
he found mo standing very close to it, wltb
my back turned carefully toward those awful
" 'Well, did you enjoy a good night's rest?1
ho asked cheerily     I told him 1 did.
"'You don't look as though you did,' said
ho. 'You look rather bnjjrard nud palo. Did
you see any thing t*'
"I told him 1 did not, foellua sure that if I
told him tho truth he'd murder mo too on
tho spot.
" 'H'mt This is Interesting,' said ba 'You
didn't seo anything, and yet you look palo,
ghastly, terrified. Aud what's this? Why,
your hair has turned gray! Pray sit down
on this bench and tell mo exactly how you
felt during tho past night,1 and he took out a
notebook and pencil 'Bo sure, now, to describe your sensations accurately, Take
plenty of time.'
"'What do you meauT 1 asked.
"'Well, must I explain/ Perhaps it is as
well that I should. Tho day beforo yesterday a schooner was driven ashore here in the
storm. One of her crew was lost, and his
body was washed ashore yesterday. I am
keeping it in tho bam thero until his friends
come after it. I was wishing somebody would
como along aud ask mo for a night's lodging,
and my prayer was answered. By way of au
experiment iu tho interest of seienco I allowed you to sleep there lust night. lama
member of tho Society for Psychical Research. Now tell mo just how you felt during the night, please.'
"I suggested that tho story was too excruciatingly creepy for au empty stomach, so he
cheerfully invited mo to breakfast with him,
and I told him tho tale as I'vo told it to you.
"Now, madam, you can seo for yourself
that my hair is a glossy black, without a
single silver thread in it. What restored it
to its natural color? Onobottloof this invaluable bair wash, madam. Not a dye, 1
assure you. Can't I sell you a bottle of ill
Only fifty cents a bottle—stay I Don't unchain tho dog.   I'll go."—Boston Herald.
Growth of tho Beet Sugar Industry.
The simple and inexpensive methods adopt
ed in the German factories have made tbe
beet sugar manufacture one of tho most profitable of industries, and tho work goes on day
and night, at a prime cost for conversion of
$3 per ton of beets, or ono cent per pound of
sugar, uot estimating the cost of tho beetroot,
but including labor and all materials used,
like coal, coke, lime, charcoal, wear and tear,
aud interest on tho invested capital. The
monthly disbursements of such an establishment eroded $00,000, and givo employment
to thousands of wago earners in direct and
collateral industries. One sugar corporation
In Franco reported a net profit derived from
tho manufacture of beet sugar a fow years
ago of $3,000,000, and the season did not extend bejOQd 120 days. Under theso new conditions tho production of beet sugar in continental Europo bus doubled in the last decade; and, after tho homo populations aro
supplied, the surplus is exported'to Great
Britain and tho United States, reducing the
prico of sugar In tho markets of tho world
moro than 50 per cent.
Tho sugar refineries of this country uso the
beet and cane sugar indiscriminately in the
manufacture of tho block sugar of commerce, and tho family grocer sells tho imported refined beet sugar at a price from 88
to B0 per cent, above tho prico of cane sugar.
Before our late war, Louisiana produced
more sugar than Germany; and although tho
beet sugar industry In tho latter country was
greatly stimulated by tho high prices of sugar
prevailing, incident to the entire destruction
of tho cano sugar industry of tho United
States, yet as late as ISTSthe empiro produced only 2,500 tons, whilo for tho year 1SSS
a production of 1,800,000 tons of sugar and
saccharine resultants is recorded.—-V. H.
Almj" in Popular Seienco Monthly.	
Tin* Ktlquette Thai Hust lie Observed Id
Talcing ;i Young IVotuan lu tbe Theatre.
An Bxcellent Ideu in Mm mil Ohapttr-
otiing   Tlie Uetui-UM for It.
■'.Say, IMck, I want   yuutodoa  favur  for
me. •'
"Certainly, my boy     What is iti"
"Well, I want to take Miss Brown to the
theatre Wednesday evening.''
"I haven't the least objection, Oo right
along. *
"Of course you haven'I It wouldn't make
an;, difference if yon hud i didn't ask foi
your permission.''
'Have you asked for bersr
"Yes; and she would like to go."
'•(■■• right along, then, go right along
iiut bold un! I see tho trouble now. You're
broke, Why didn't von -ay sn. old mun;
How much do you waut f
"Hah! I've got all I need But you seoshe
can't go h Ith tne alone '
"Can't t;*> with you alone) What's the
matter?   M.*   Brown suspicious of yon?"
"Nol I think she has UlS greatest respect
for mo."
"Hard on Mis*, Brown, isn't it?"
"Whatdo vita mean?"
"I should think she'd feel pretty bad to
think her mother didn't have any confidence
iu hor.1'
iin tho m
Columbia - Carriage - Works
Hastings Street, East  of Carroll,
timet has j'..
A lart^ au.1 veil selected stuck ol
Carriages,    Buggies,   Buekboacls,
RnR8F.-8H(lr!njfl H.viniJ  l«xured   the   U-st   shoer  on tbe l.ua,t, lliis departnuiil will be made a
mjUUll UUUJJlUUi K'lal:;.    We guanntee to prevent hones from interfering or iiver-reachin.g
..AMI.    Itoll.sis .bod ar.tl [rcalcd on the latest approved principles.
tiring in .11 iu branches, as Hell as IVAIMlXi.  I l(|,|», ' I.. ,.!<•., done nith
nnd ar moderate price..     Light and Heavy VOBttUMtUSof every desenpuo i,
11 to.    OLfcveryl depurUMnl ..ill receive the perianal supervision of our Mr. Mt N ABB, an old e x-
ii workman, w. II an.! f&voial ly known in many parts ofthe Dominion.
A.  T.   McJSTA-BB   <fc   Co.
Government Street . Victoria, B. C
Deposits Received in Gold, Silver nod D. S. Currency.    Interest paid nn ihe name
_ . "n iiiuu deposits},
tar- w,i      i   ? '""! £' i3, C'"'''''"''V PUrollMed tit Uiffbest market rate*.
L-truiKM lirn.iH iii„i relegraphio Transfer, or Bin FiuBcAaeo, New Vork and
Exobange on London available in all parts 'if Europe, England. Ireland und
Letters of Credit issued on tbe pnueiprt Oitws pi tbe United Slat™, Canada and
 gT Agents for   Wells,  Fargr ft  Co. J&
"But she has ull li iidde
In lier.*'
•■.Shu nasi   Well, it's n rather original way
of showing It, ltn't it-1   'My dear girl/ibe
says, 'I Imvoull the nonfldencg in tbo world
In you, but I daren't trust you tu go from
hereto tho theatre and back  with a man
alone.1   The reasoning  Is beyond  tne.   my
"But it Isn't a question of eonfidenca   It'-*
, a question Of propriety."
I     "Ol that's different    It isn't proper.   Well,
"Well, because it isn't considered so in
fashionable circles.-"
"An   excellent   reason,   Will.     A   reason
; worthy of any woman.    It isn't  becauso it
j isn't.    Well, goon.    What do you want mo
to do?"'
"1 want you to go, tf-*.•."
"Oho!   atra. Brown has more confidence in
mo.    Wonts mo to keep my eyo on you and
j see that you behave yourself.   All right, old
; man. Anything to be proper. I'll bo discreet,
too.    After wo get away from tho houso I'll
get up on the box and ride with the driver,
and I'll got a seat ovor the other side of tho
houso und just keep you under survcillauco
; through my opera glasses. Say, I don't know
, Mrs. Brown particularly well, though.   How
f did sho como to pick mo out?"
"Dick, aro you crazyi   Don't you kuow a
I little bit about society?  Sho didn't pick you
| out, and sho wouldn't let her daughter go
; alone with two of us for the world.    Yotl
must invito Miss .Tones to go, too."
"Will Mrs. Jones let her go?"
"Of course, if you're going with us."
"O, wo can go with   yon and you can go
i with us?"
"Yes; that's about thu way."
"All right,    I'll order Hint coupe I always
■ have, and you"—
"Coupe in thing, L)k*i..    Don't you  know
anything?   Wo can't go in COUDBS."
"Of course not.    Never do in the world.
' Wo must hare a carriage and all go together."
"I seo it all now     We're to watch you ond
you're to watch us.   Say, Will, must I make
: a wiltlcn report of your actions when wo \
get back, or will a verbal ono do?"
"Now you're joking, Dick.   You seo, it is
1 just this way.  Miss lirowu und I wanted to
| co. und wo thought wo might mako up a par-
; ty of four so wo wouldn't have to have >•
"It's all pn-pcr, Islrr
"Oh, yes."
i     "Well, this   propriety is a groat   thiug
■ What do you suppose wo would over do without il?   I shudder to think of it.    But tho '
| theory of it i3 what bothers me, Now, If
j there is uo lack of confidence ill tho girl and
[ no distrust of the man what is tho reason
I for"—
"Oh, there's a reason for it, of course. Mrs.
Brown explained tho matter to me  once.
You see, I may be nil right and they may bo
| perfectly willing to let Miss Brown go with ',
j me, but if sho does she can't well refuse to
■ |',o with any one else who asks her."
"I nover thought of that."
"Sho might go with m.n this week, you see,
and then Tom Jenkins, whoso reputatiou is
j far from savory, might ask her to go with
I him noxt weok.   You see what a position it
j would put her In."
"Of course.   If she accepts from you she
must accopt from him."
!     "Exactly."
j     "If sho accepts ono invitation to a ball she I
j must accopt nil sent her."
!     "W—whatl"
i "If she promises to marry one man she has !
j established a precedent that will provent her
from refusing tlio next I"
i    "Why, Dick!"
! "No stamina, no will power, uo judgment. !
i tf she says yea onco she inu.it say yes always."
"What in tho world"—
i     "If she accepts vanilla Ice cream sho must
also accept strawberry.   Can't consistently i
! refuse.    By the way, didn't you go boat rid- '
; Ing with  Miss Brown at Geneva lake last !
summer i"
"Oh, yes, frequently '
"How did Mrs. Brown reconcile it with her
ideas i'i' propriety!"
"Oh, that waB a sort of a vacation, yon
. kuow—rusticating in  thu country     No formality up I bore."
"Ah, yes.   This propriety, then,  is a sort
of an opera cloak that is laid aside at the close
. of the season,   It is a fashionable garment
thai is worn for th« looks during the winter j
■ and packed away in the storeroom when you '
: leave town for the summi-r     Vou know 1 had '
a funny idea about thi- propriety     I thought
■ that a thing was proper or wasn't proper with* i
I out regard to season, Well, never mind; l>
! never did know much about lhese matters. '
But I'll askMlssJonestogotothe theatre and,
we'll do tho thing up In the height of stylo. '
! We'll conform to tlie btrlct rules of propriety |
if wo have to put au electric light iu tho car* :
, riago and you an.l 1 ride on tho box."—The
Cynic in Chicago Tribune
Vnlua of :i Nickel.
Somebody of au  ingenious turn of mind
| gives US the metric system, "not iu a nut- ;
shell," but hi a nickel.    It is claimed that our j
nickel five cent piece  holds tho key to tho !
linear measures and weights.    Tho diameter
of this coin ii two cent [metres and its weight !
is five grammes.    Five of them placed in a, i
j row will, of course, give the length of tha
1 decimeter and two of them will weigh adeCft* j
gramme.    As tho kioliter is a cubic meter,   '
the key to the measures of length, It is also !
the key to tho measures of capacity.    Any i
i person, therefore, who is fortunate enough to
own a live cont nickel may carry in his pocket \
[ llio entire metric system of weights nnd mens
; jros.—Now York Telegram.
NESBITT. mOK ■ OK <te CO.. Proprietors. '
Assorted Jumbles,
Assorted Tlngers.
Coffee Cake.
Cheese Biscuits,
Currant Tuns
Olnger Snaps,
Graham Wafers.
Qlnger Cake.
Family Pilot.
Fancy Mixed.
Fruit Blser,
Iced Ginger Bruad.
Iced Sultana.
-ABO-UE:   DOUaL.A.«-t
l.emon Snaps,
I emon Biscuit,
Nhw York Snaus.
Oat Mc-al.
Rich Mixed,
Soda Cracke.e
Seed Biscuit,
Sugar Crackers,
Spice Jumbles,
Sugar Cookies,
Sultana Biscuit,
Vanilla Cream,
Etc., Etc.
-•-maggjisa 2r^sMBrou,t{rttenc,ed to-Ask—or°«»»
HENRI" S. -"IA80**,
56 New
Broad St.
date as a tfeneral Land Investment and xVurance^est^T .
manfy to i n&N r ™*rt<-a«e ** ™*> hate*-.
mUllL I    I U   LUHIl Town Lots ami Far-nlng Land* taw
sale on easy cerini.
Dr. J.   Collis    Browne's,
Advice ., Invalids—11 you , .a lo omain
quiet refreshing sleep, free liom headache,
relit-f *r"in tain and angtiis'i, t,, calr.i nnd
assuage the weary aching, of protracted
disease, invigorate the nervous rticdia, nnd
regulate the cirsulatlng systems ofthe body,
you will provide yourself with Inttt marvellous remedy discovered liy Dr. J. Collis
Browne ilale Army Medical Staff), to which
he gave the name of CHLORODYNE, and
which is admitted by the profession to be the
most wonderful and valuable remedy ever
CHLORODYNE is lhe best remedy
known for Coughs, Consumption, Bronchitii,
CHLORODYNE acts like ., charm in
Diarrhoea, and Is lhc only specific in Cholera
and Dysentery.
CHLORODYNE effectually cuts short all
attacks of I'.pilepsy, Hysteria, Palpitation
and Spasms.
CHLORODYNE Is the only palliative in
Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Gout, Cancer.
Toothache, Meningitis, &:. &c,
From    Sjmes   &   Co,,   Pharmaceutical
Chemists Medir.il Hall, Simla, January 5th,
1SS0: To J. T. Davenport, Esq., 33 Great
Russell Street, Bloomsbury, London, Dear
Sir:—We embrace iliis opportunity of con-
gratulating yon upon the wide-spread reputation this justly esteemed medicine, Dr. 1.
Collis .Irownc's Chlorodyne, has earned for
Itself, not only in Hindostan, but all over
the Last. As a remedy of general utility,
we much question whether a better is im-
polled into the country, and wc shall be
triad to hear of its I'm,Iii,j; a place in every
Anglo-Indian home. The other brands, we
are happy to say, are now relegated to thc
native basilars, and judging from their salct
we fancy their sojurn there will be bul
evanescent. We could multiply instances
luflnitum of the extraordinary efficacy of
Dr, (Vill- Browne's Chlorodyne InDiarrnce,
and 2nd Dysentct) Spasms, Cramps,
NV'iralgia, the Vomiting of Pregnancy, and
a general Sedative, that have oteiirred
iinu. t our personal observation during many
years. In Choleraic Diarrhoea, and even if
tlie ,11 re terrible forms of Cholera itself, we
have witnessed ils controlling power. We
have never used '.ny olhcr fotm of this
medicine lhan Cllis Browne's, from a firm
conviction thai il is decidedly the best, and
also from a sense .;l duty wc owe to the pro"
fession and the public, as we are ofthe
opinion tnat the substitution of any other
than Collis Browne's, is A DELIBERATE
\ND PATIENT ALIKE. We are sir,
faithfully yours, Symes & Co., Members of
the Pbatni. Society of Great Britain, His
Excellancy the Viceroy's Chemists.
,    fOoroner for the Province of Brit-
Welltnglon.      Telephone      connection
HeltVien Nanaimo,  Comox and  Victoria.]
Steasieh Amelia.
Arrives in Nanaiamo every Tuesday even Inn
Leaves Nanaima for Coinox   Wed-
Returns from Comoifor Victoria, '
Wednesday evening.
Leaves Nanaimo for Victoria Thursday	
Leaves Victoria  for Nanaimo,' Fr'l- ' "'
7 A. M,
Leaves Nannimo for Victoria,"arid
all  way ports Saturday      7 A- M-
[Hctwcen   Nanainio and   Vancouver.]
stiamer Rainbow,
■.'rives    »i    Nanaimo     Tuesdays—Leaves
Nanaimo Wednesday morning,
[Between Westminster, Comox & Nanaimo.]
Airives in   Nanaimo Wednesdays and Sun
nays—Uuves    Nanaimo    for   Comox
I hurstlays—Leaves    Nanaimo   for
New   Westminster    Saturdays
and   Mondays.
Trains leave Nanaimn fnr Victoria.   9.04 a.m.
" Welling.
,, l"n.-": •     12:29 p. M,
arrive in   " from Victoria   12:20 r m
'"''•"•■       8:e5 a.m.
Un Saturdays an extra train leaves Nana-
mo for Victoria at 1:56 P.M. A train also
leaves \ Ictoria for Nnualmo, arriving here
at 6155 r. M„ and loam, .for  Wellington  at
10:1;  ''■ M.
Mails clow daily for Victoria
and   way  stations  g A, M_
,'     *"'""*•       12:20  A. M.
' ImcIoi  Wellington...     11;45 A> M<
"    1'or Comox, Alberni and
way stations every   Wed-
nes<l!,>'  7P-M.
The Nanaimo Pharmacy
Physician Prescriptions carefully compounded
Country orders promptly attended lo.
LANDING, ex "lilTANA "
untl other arrivals from Qrent
100 Iouh Hg Iron.
26,000 Fire Bricks.
800 disks Portland Cement.
Kirkmiuuv. Sons' Piatiaforles  in choice :
Cnrtiss tt Harvey's Blasting anil Sport-
Ing Powder.
.). A W. Stimrts' Patent  Double Knot-
ted Nettini! Twines, etc., etc.
Wharf Street,
mvl2«26 Victoria, B.O.
Min'.■•■ Engtnoer, United States am!
Provincial Surveyor and Assayer, Vancouver. B. C.
Reliable reports, underground surveys nnd miipe
ol mines executed at low rales, Asvays made "'I all
kinds nf Minerals, Ootu an.l Silver l-ars. Thirty
yean experience in mining in Asia, Burope nnd
United States nf America. S|*r.il.'' i-mi languages,
Assays from n distance prompth attended to«
Address, Vancouver, H. ('.
All uuartz for assaying left with \V. C
Hallack, Nanaimo. will dg promptly forwarded to Dr, Breaemoyor.
- WiJJ, ■ IVJJ—
nfl  iiYIU
wn 11 to
un. mh  run 1 limn
Crayon,Indian Inker WatetColors
Tlir F. EST WORK mi* »]■■ Pacific
Coatl al
YOKI-i     -:-    I'RlCES
CAUTION.—Vice-Cnaneellot    Sir    \Y.
Page Wood staled that Dr. J, Collis Browne
wan, undoul*tci!lyt the inventor of Chlorodyne; that the story of thc defendant, Fret
man, wns deliberately untrue, which, he
regretted to say, had heen sworn to.—See
"The Times," July 13, 1SS4.
Sold in bottles at IS, ij-g'd,. 88. 9-d., 4s.
6d., and lis. each. None is genuine without the words "Dr. I, Collis Riownfe's
Chlorodyne" on the C.overnment stamp,
Overwhelming medical testimony accompanies each bottle.
t   Caution—Beware of  Piracy} and Imita*
Sole Manufactures—J. T. Davenport, 33
Great Russell  Street, BloomsbuTV   London
N AN Al M O,    B. C.
.«.   R.   IDMvIMS,       .       Proprietor.
Messrs. llus,«rll MoDonald & Co., beg
10 notify tho public that they have disposed of their branch store iii this city.
The store will be tlosed ttfter tho first of
July and trout now until that date wt,
Will Bell our stock at rout. All debt* not
settled on or before Juno 30th, will be
j "tieil for.
russell Mcdonald & ce.
Nanaimo. B. C., June 1st, 1889.
1 mo THE  NANAIMO   COURIER,    FRIDAY, JUNE  21,  1889.
tilling,' o„ ll,,- COAIOX Koulr.
The steamer Cariboo Fly will take the
place of the Isabel oh the Comox route
for a short time while the Isabel is under'
Great   Transcontinental   Rout
NEW To-1'AY.
FRIDAY.   JUNE   21,   1889.
The wrestling match of .lames Faulkner, oi Police Gazette fame, and Mike
lirennau, the local champion of Washington Territory, took place at an early
hour yesterday morning at l'ort lown-
send. A special to the Ledger says:
Faulkner wan to throw Brennan within
lifteen minutes or forfeit$50. The match
was very exciting, Brennan came very
near reversing the tables on Faulkner.
Once or twice the eastern champion wain imminent danger of being thrown.
1 laving failed to throw Brennan within the
required length of time Faulkner grace-
fully acknowledged his inability to accomplish thc feat and forfeited f.30. A
contest under similar agreements was
arranged between Brennan and Barocra-
t i..t-a, the Japanese Jwreitler of sonic
repute, who is also starring with Faulkner. The match will take place In this
citv some time next week.—Taeoma
Buy a new dress either to-day or tomorrow, as these are the last two davs
on which you «ill get the special discount at Spencer and Perkins.
— ^o.—   -
Haul! Coal.
Air.   W. Fream, F. G. S., Associate of I
the Surveyor's Institution, in an article
contributed to the Canadian Qtuetle, has;
the following:   We spent a day at Banff,
and visited the Anthracite coul  mine,
which at no distant day will form one of!
thc staple industries of the eountrv.  The |
company is now shipping over 100 tons a
day of excellent anthracite coal to San1
Francisco via l'ort Moody.   < lentleuten
in Vancouver who have been  using tbe
coal speak in the highest terms of its
qualities.     I tlo nol think it extravagant j
to venture the prediction that at no remote period the output from these mines
will  reach  1,000 tons a day.   The pro-1
prietors. of the mine now find it  impossible to fill the constantly increasing de-
mand in San Francisco for their coal.
If you want a cheap stove go to J. 11.
Pleace, ho has a fine stock at all prices.
..lining on Mall Spring.
The Salt Spring Island Mining Company (limited) was incorporated some
weeks ago and work has since been prosecuted on the mine, men being kept at
work steadily night and day. A shaft
was sunk 85 foot, at which depth a well
defined ledge was found. In order, however, to prospect tbe ledge at a greater
depth and with less expense, the company have decided to run a tunnel from
the side of the mountain 100 feet lower
down. The tunnel is now in 100 feet and
everything so far gives evidence that the
mine is going to turn out well.
lu cents returned out of every dollar
spent on dress goods to-day and to-morrow- at Spencer and Perkins.
going some necessary  repairs and im-  y,    .1,    __    ll      •£• ,    11,, M',
prevements.   When the Isabel resumes   \ 1"    1    P. (I, I
tbe route she will he one of the best if  O'"! Ull I 11    J (IV IIIV.     11(111  I
the Cascade  Division  now? completed,
mnking it the Shortest, Best
and   Quickest.
not the fastest of the small  passenger
boats plying on tie- east coast of  Van-   *•
couver Island
1    Query.—Wby not  run  In.lli steamers
I and let each carry mails? |v ,,ming Car , i|K.    TllL. Direc, ,.,mtc
Double Harms. N" ^^   Fa,stcs' T,°'i"s' ^owes' ??'?
... , ,  ,.   ,   a .,,•<< to (Jiicai'u  .md  all   1 Dints   bast,     uckcts
We understand tha   Sergcan   OCon-     ,d [0 J promment points throughout Ihe
nor. who was formerly connected  with Enst nn(1 Sonth.Eluti
the    Connaoght   Rangers      lor   many i
Chop and Oyster House,
Long Budge, Nanaimo,  IJ. C.
For Shirts,
lght Hangers" lor many |
years, and is now a resident of Nauaimo
contemplates matrimony. We believe
the wedding of tie gallant sergeant and
his affinity is to take place verv shortly, '
11   PULOIA*
Si EEPlNti
Reservations can he secured in Advance
To East-Bold Passengers,
do nut make a mistake
• sure to take lhc
llisliiignisltcl   Visitor*.
Messrs.   R.   Dunsmuir   iV:   Sons  bav
chartered lhe steamer •'Princess Louise" I Be careful   in
lo lake Colonel V. Crocker lo the  I'nion 1 h
Mines (Comox}.   The parlv will prob-L
ably visit Nanainio on their  way   norlb. ; Noi'thei'll     raClflC     RailWaV.
Thev will start within a few days. «"
 ■»■ I And sec  thai   your ticket  reads   via THIS
Um,cc ou me Hreou. ! LINE, St.   Paul  or Minneapolis,   to avoid
Don't forget the dance on the "Green" changes and  serious delays occasioned hy
to-morrow nighl. there will he lots of fun I other routes,
and good music.
Hcf,!- J. I'. Planta. *i"l Mav» Ujiv.
■lolin Peace, on remand, charged with
supplying liquor to Joe Le Lamb, an Indian, was lined .*oil and .+'.", costs. He
was allowed out on his owu recognizances
ami given six weeks lo pay the line.
John was rather muddled and claimed
tbat at the time he was accused of supplying lhc liquor be was working on the
steamer Empire, hut the testimony
against hint was loo convincing a nature
as the above result shows.
Through    Emigrant    Sleeping     Cars
Run on regular express trains lull length of
the line. Berths free. Lowest Kates.
Quickest Time.
lighl ii
' Agent,
Iio,    11,   1'.
Assl. Cen
First' St.,
cor. \\
Portland, Or.
A     HAKMM..
The modes of death's approach are various, and statistics show conclusively that
more persons die from diseases of the Throat
and Lungs than any other. It is probable
that everyone, without except ion receives
vast numbers of Tubercle Germs into the
system and where these germs fall upon suitable soil they start into life and develop, at
first slowly and is shown by a slight tickling
sensation in the throat and if allowed to continue Iheir ravages they extend lo the lungs
producing Consumption and to thc head,
causing Catarrh, Now all is dangerous, and
if allowed to proceed will in time cause
-kath. At the onset you must act with
oromptness; allowing a cold to go without
attention is dangerous and may los<
lile. As soon as you feel that s .inj...ii.^
wrong with your Throat, Lungs oi iNci. ils
obtain a bottle of Uoschee's German Syrup.
It will give you immediate relief;
Esauimalt  & Nanaimn
TIME     CARD    No     IO.
SEALED proposals will be received by |
the  Honorable Chief Commissioner !
I ol Lands and Works, up to noon of Wed-
! nesday,   10th  of July next, from persons
' experienced in well drilling who may be
desirous of undertaking contracts from
the Government for sinking one or more
experimental   Artesian   Wells   in   Yale
District, B. C, with a view   to determining their value for purposes of irrigation.
Proposals  must slate clearly all conditions and terms, state the kinil of apparatus  proposed to  lie used, and give the
I name of two responsible residents of the
j Province who arc willing lo enter into a
bond  to secure the faithful carrying out
tif any contract   which  may   he entered
i into.
Such information us mav he in possession of the Lands and Works Department
will he furnished onnpplicalion to parties
proposing io contract.
W. s. GORE,
Liiuls .v. Works Department,
Victoria, P.. ('., 10th June, 1880.
j     BEFORE    Iti ilium:,   <-.%i.i.   ON
Architect ami Mechanical Engineer,
General Blacksmith & Carriage Builder.
Bastion sireel midge, Nanaimo, B, C,
Raw, Fry, Fancy Roast,
Plain Roast, Oyster Loaf,
New York Slew, box Stew.
Scarfs, Ties, Collars, Etc.,
Pan Roast.
T.   L.   BROWNE   to   CO.,
.   . c ;
3 a
Tt t ■
More Timber Lands Wanted.
A party of American capitalists, consisting of Messrs. Harvey, of Harvey A
Co., of Chicago, Mclnlyre, of Michigan,
and three other gentleman came In on
the train yesterday, after having made
easy stages from Winnipeg to Vancouver,
Mr. Mclntyre remained in Vancouver
and the other members of thc party went
on to Victoria. They are all lumber men
of long experience, and are going to look
at timber limits on Vancouver Island. It
is their intention to build mills and carry
on operations on a large Bcale.—News-
O «3 °-C   - o kD
5   tn -t ri "-a *£
tA*o*o\6 iAiAi
i  T  t t Tf '1
■  O  O  O   O  O  O\00 OT
-•*---     8J   t4   t>
 G < G
Tin1 uaaguiScent und commodious
Excursion  Steamer
Will sail from Nauain
The great sale of dry goods at cost
price Btill continues at Arthur Bullock's.
A Hoiler'* Experience.
In transferring the new boiler for the
sternwheel steamer Alaskan from the
Geo. W. Elder, at l'ort Wrangle a few
days ago, it dropped overboard. The
Elder remained one day fishing for it and
ultimately hooked the manhole in tho
hoiler and brought it up. When the
Elder returned to Wrangle on the down
trip the Alaskan had steam up in the
same .boiler. When the same hoiler was
being loaded on the Elder sit Seattle
previous to going north, it fell through
the hatch, hut nothing serious occurred.
New flannel boating and cricket shirts
and coats just received at the Box store,
Victoria Crescent.
Excursion ,o Vancouver.
The Bteamer Princess Louise or lhe
Yosemite has been chartered for an excursion from this city to Vancouver on
Dominion Day. The hoat will leave
early in the morning arriving insufficient
time for the passengers to witness the
sports and will return the same evening.
Either of the above named boats will
ensure sufficient accommodation to excursionists, and they are well known to
he staunch and steady travellers.
', JULY 1st
For VANCOUVER al (1:30a. in.
Fare for the Bound Trip $2.50,
Children Half-Price.
Dancing on the Green.
The Nanaimo Junior Band
Saturday Night the 22nd.
Willi New rremlsu,  Modern Machinery until Kirs
Cla.s  Workmen, all Style, or wagons,
Cnt tinge, and Buggies will lie built]
to order.
* KT .*""■ a  rt  -,  *-"  —   rt  *■"  f. •— ■-  c
i: M sO °o   i- *C O   i-.   ■-. V£) vo OO O        m
3 j rn rn -r - o  ■*• tn tf *■+ "*° — -       fl
-     A
Q                <
e :::::::::: h : :
V     -
ri a •   .
o c -J
o   *?■ -*i- O *C *KJ in N fl  N oa  O C\ -*}■
-I M rn in rn o n tn -*■ tr, - m n -*■
v, i 4
x w go cv cn c 6 6 6 6 - 11 n n
Q <C<
[L.S.]       HUGH NELSON.
VIOTOEIA, by the Grace ol God, of the
I'nited Klngdon ol Great Britain and
Ireland, Queen, Defender of the
Faith, &e., &c., &c.
To the Returning Officer m the Electoral
District of Nanaimo:
WHEREAS u vacancy has happened
in the Legislative Assembly by the
death of tho Honorable Robert Dunsmuir, a Member of the Electoral District
of Nannimo, wo command you thai, notice of the time and place of election being duly given, you do cause election to
! he made accordingto law, of one Member
! to serve in the Legislative Assembly of
the Province of British Columbia, for the
Electoral District of Nanaimo, and lhat
you ,lo cause the nomination of candidates al such election to he held on the
day of . and do cause the name
of  such   Member    when    so   elected,
whether ho be present or absent, to be
certified Jo Our Supremo Court, at tlie
City of Victoria, on or before llio twenty-
ninth  day nf ^Tnnn instant, the election
so  made, distinctly and openly   under
Our Seal ilulv endorsed upon this Oui
Is   Ti?■ri.Mo.M     WltKBEOF,    We   have
caused lhese Our l.etterslo he made
Patent under the Great Seal of Our
said Province of lirilish Columbia.
Witness, the Honorable Hi'un Nelson, at our Government House, ttl
Victoria, tlie third day of June, in
tho year of our Lord" one thousand
eight hundred und eighty-nine.
Hv Command.
Registrar of the Supreme Court.
t*S* Open ilay and night. Meals 25 cents
and upwards. Board and Lodging by tke
day, week or month.
ap*3 if
— ————        *"^'-tJ^»
A   Larue Selection  ol'  (ions' ami   l»o> «>  PUrnUIUnff*,      \ew Nloek.
Hood Value at Lowest Cash Prices.
Education  Branch
or tue Provincial Sbcbbtaby'l Dp't,
Victoria, May 7lh, 1881).
tlie Annual Examination of candidates for certificates of qualification
to teach in the Public Schools ofthe Province will be held as follows, commencing nn Monday, July 8th, at 10 a. m. :—
Legislative Hall.
-    Public School
In Victoria   -
In Kamloops
Each applicant must forward a notice,
thirty days before the Examination,stating the class and grade of certificate for
which he will bo 11 candidate, and the
place al whicli he will attend.
S. 1). POPE,
Superintendent of Educetion.
May 11—Into
Dancing will commence at 8 p. m, and
stop at ll! 111.
Everything will  be conducted inlirsl-
cluss Btyle.    No spirituous liquors will be
sold on the ground.
Admission .Gentlemen DCc
Lace curtains at  cost   price.     Hoys'
suits at cost.    Carpets at costal Arthur |
An ingenious inventor is wanted who
can   devise some scheme by which the
hinges of trap-doors in the sidewalks can
be   kept   at or below  the level  of the
planking.   As   it is now. they stick  up 1
with a stubtoeiness which  is calculated
to make a man with corns use language
whicli is awful in its intenseness, as  his ,
favorite nnd particularly pet corn hits the !
vicious up-slicking iron.—Standard.
The cheapest place in town for paints,
oils and other builders hardware at J, II.
Pleace, Victoria Crescent.
Salaries, fnr lhe Aldermen.
Aid.   McKillican  gave  notice  in the
Council meeting last evening of his  in-'
tention to introduce a by-law providing j
that a salary of $2011 pe'r annum  be in
future paid to each of the city aldermen. 1
They claim that the aldermen are entitled
to   a   small  sum    to  meet   expenses
in connection with their office, just  as
much as the mayor is.—Colonist.
Contractor and Builder.
REPAIRS.   :-:
N tsMvi.., p.. c., p, t), Box, 189,
May l"i—I mo
George Cavalsky's
Prnit Marfcet
Return ticket-, will he Issued between al points
for a single fare good for return Monday.
Return ticket- for one ami a half ordinary fare may
lie put chased daily to all points, good for three days
Including the ilay of issue.
Xo return tickets Issued for a -.iiiKle fare when
such fare is ■*■■; cent-*.
'MmM-sh rates between Victoria and Comox.
Ii. DUNSMUIR, President;
flJOS. HUNTER, General Superintendent;
1'. K. PRIOR, General Freight ami Passenger
Canadian pacific
Transcontinental Route
11 ,     BirrwnsN thc
Pacific :  and : the :  Atlantic !
Its passenger equipment is the finest in the
world, consisting of Luxurious Si.eepino
Cars having Drawing, Smoking and Hath
Ront,sj Comfortable and Clean Colonlsl
Car-, v.iih Free Sleeping Berths for holders
ol second-class tickets; and most modern
si vie of day coaches.
A house in the middle ward with live
rooms, in good locality. Address "M. M."
OotntiBB Office.
Just Arrived!
300 Kits, Kegs
and Half-Barrels
Mav I'l — l     mo
provide tbe best quality of food in unlimited
I quantity at reasonable rates.
' alone,  iis  line  is  unequalled, and in lhe details of track, train  service,  etc., nothing is
j omitted that can add to the Safely and Comfort  of ils patrons,     All In all, it gives the
host   and  most serviceable line  of travel,
! whether for business or pleasure,   between
I Portland, Tacoma, Seattle,  Victoria, anil all
I I'aeilie Coast Points, and Winnipeg, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Chicago, St. Louis, Otlawn,
Toronto,  Montreal,   Boston, New Vorlc antl
Election ol Officer..
At a meeting of Nanaimo Lodge 53, A. I
0. U. W. held last evening the following
officers were elected for the coming year:
Master Workman, M. Bate;  Foreman,!
R. Gibson; Overseer, K. B. Paul; Re-;
corder, M. Wolffe 're-elect); Financier,
0. Horth (re-elect); Receiver, T. Bradley
(re-elect); Guide, J. Hilbert; I. W.. IV.
Keddy; O. W., E. Cook.
Have you called at tbe Box (T. L.
Brown & Co.)? If not it will be worth
your while to do so for gentlemen's nnd
hoys' goods.
Nanainio Rover..
At ameetingof the FinanceContmittee
of the above club it was decided to assess
all the memhers to the extent of !>2 in
order to pay off the remaining bills of tbe
club, and members are requested to pay
this amount before the 30th inst.
ls the place to get your FRUITalways
thc lirst antl best of the season, besides if you want
Fancy    -A.i*tiolo*3,
Jewelry, Pipes and Cigars of which
he has the   biggest assortment
in town, as  well as being
agent for
McKay's   -  London    -   Cigars,
For Nanaimo and Wellington.
His is thc place and no other, as he imports
his own goods and saves you money.
Give him a call and satisfy yourself.
Victoria   Orescent.
all Eastern Cities.
n   the
al lhe
arc   issued  to all  principal   points
United States, Canada and Europe
Lowest Rates.
ROUT.   IRVING,   Freight  anil    Passenger
Agent, Govt. St., Victoria.
E. PLANTA, Ticket Agent, Nanaimo
'Priwxr   r^   i.- 1 n   1
Palace Hotel.
Thu Only riHST-CLAS1) HOUSll In Thu City.
S.tf" ivamjili; Room for use of Commercial Travellers.
D.  MOHA I.I.11.  Prop.
NANAIMO,  1!. C.
P.  .T-i.mieson. Prop.
Oysters,   Cakes, Jellies,  lee Cream,   Plane
Mange, Ac,    Thc orly White Labor
Restaurant in Town.   Meals
from  2C ccnls up.
*■-■*   left ai the Excelsior Bahery, Commercial street,
or   M-insou's   store,   Halliburton  street,  will  receive
r-iinnl nttOtltlon fit moderate rates.
Albert Street,
April 6—tl' Nanaimo, H.C".
Nanaimo Eiver, B.O.
This hotel is situated live miles from
Njtnaimo, on the Nanaimo River, which
affords the finest fishing to be found on
the Island. Game of all kinds can also
he found near here.
A   Veritable  Paradise for
Tourists and others will Hnd ample
accommodation, and all the necessaries
and luxuries of life at the above hotel.
Louis Rowan, - Prop'r
Opposile IS, rS N. K. K. Depot.
Strictly First-Class.
fl*lT**Stvmple rooms for travellers.
HB*r*Only first-class Wines, "Liquors
and Oigsrs.
, Association—Headquarters, 466 Main
U streel, Winnipeg, Man. For collection of old and worthless accounts any
where in the world, and no charge if nol
collected. <). E. Collins, Manager and
Treasurer. S. I'lcrtitv Mn.i.s. Solicitor.
Victoria, B.C.
Albion Iron Works.
engineers,  ikon    iounders   and
hoiler makers.
Manufacturer, of Marine an0- I.aml K nr,ts
Hollers, Fisli Canning anil Milling Machinery,
Hydraulic Cianis and ripe REPAIRS executed
with dispatch.   Worlts running night and day.
Nanaimo Building Society.
Notice is hereby given that a drawing
for an appropriation in connection with tho
above Society will take place on Friday,
the 28th of .lune, 1889, nt 8 p. m., at the
Institute Hall. Members lo insure participation are requested to pay all subscriptions due, on or liefore 24th June.
Shares may he taken up at any time,
(hack dues from start of Society not payable till shares have drawn an appropriation.) Public invited to attend. Hv
Order, JOHN H. RUDD, Seot.y.
At J. Hilbert's Furniture Store.
Paper Hanging, Kalsomining, Interior Decorations, Etc., Done at
Reasonable Rates.    Post Office Box 176.
Clxxii-ola Street, 3Sr-*-ri»ixxi.o, J3. O.
H.    DEMPSEY,    Proprietor.
Vancouver Coal Mining
This is Hilbert's "ad" and Don't
You Forget It.
Goods sold on the installment plan.   We carry ti full lino of House Furnishing
Hoods,  Linoleums, Carpets and Parlor Bedroom Suits, made to order in
style, color or pattern.   We keep the largest stock of Wall Paper
of anv House in the city.   All our Upholstering done on
the  premises.   Childrens' Carriages, Crockery.
Glassware, China Electro-plated ware
Table Cutlery.
Ice Cold Milk|Shake at Pimbury's.
Peck's Hotel,
T.   E.   PECK,   .Proprietor.
IFk-CLASS in every particular.
D, E, ISROWN.'n. F. an^Pas'senger Agent,
Proposals For Stock.
Proposals are invited up to noon of
June 10th proximo hy the undersigned
for tbo purchase of the whole or part of
tho WO unissued shares in the aliovo company. The company does nol bind itself
to accept the highest or any proposal,
Iiv order of the Directors.
W. K. LEIGHTON, Sect'y.
!' BROS.,
Lansdowne  Brewery ■ .rz~
has engaged a man from San Francisco
and is now with his new outfit ready In
to  serve  tlie  public   with   the very dest
Beer, Ale nnd Porter,
Naas River Oolachan
50 lbs. Kegs & Barrels
Delivered to all parts of the City  from
Bullock's Brick Block, Victoria Crescent.
Mav H—1 mo
New and Second-Hand
All Kinds of Goods Bought,
Sold  and Exchanged.
Opposite Provincial Hotel,
E. J. Wenborn; - Proprietor.
Repairing and refitting of all kinds of
machinery promptly attended to in a
thorough manner. Brass fittings of all
kinds made to order.
Parties wishing a general outllt of Furniture will do well hy examining my slot k
lietoro buying elsewhere. Also the best equipped undertaking establishment
Ihis side of San Francisco, and the only emhalmer in the eity. Note the
address and don't you forget il.
Bastion, Front and Wharf Streets, Nanaimo.
J. Hilbert,
Ap 2-tf
Piano   Tuning.
i-ianos nnd organs, if left at this office, will It-
attended to promptly. A. ANGERMAN.
Ap ril tB—tf
Stoves,^ Grates, Eanges, Pumps, Lead Pipes, Zinc, and
General Hardware.
Manufacturer of Tin, Copper, Zinc and  Sheet-iron   Ware.   JJ-^Metal  Roofing
and Repairing.     A full line of Hardware of all description constantly
in stock at bottom prices.    A call solicited.
Walter "Wilson, - Commercial St.
Ap 23


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