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Nanaimo Courier Jul 23, 1889

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 Occidental Hotel.
Th. Bar ii supplied with only the *&eit Wines,
Liqnors anal Ciean. W island'. Celebrated Philadelphia Lager Beer on Draught.
Occidental Hotel.
Nicely FurnitlUO
W   Special   attention   given to the
Dining Department.    Charges moderate
J. DECKER It CO., Props.
Vol. 1.
NANAIMO B. 0., TUESDAY, JULY 23, 1889.
No. 104
Sale About to Close Shortly:
Get Your Goods at Cost Price!
Dry Goods, Millinery and Men's Furnishing Goods at
The World in General.
Sullivan Haa Not  Yet Beceived  His
$20,000 Prize for Winning the
Tight With Kilrain.
Suns hades
Bow tbe Tables  Wero Turned Od sa Mix.
liter Fond of Flailing.
"Modern conveniences," in caso of accident,
often cause more trouble than tho want of
tbem. Here Is a ludicrous example tbat
illustrates it—or at least it shows that people
who wado in rubber pantaloons must keep
rightsideup. TheHarrisburg (Pn.l Telegraph
tells tho story at tho expense of a well known
minister who is vary fond of trout fishing:
A friend mado bim a present of rubber
trousers, attached to which wero heavy boots,
tho wholo arrangement forming ono piece. I
Ho waaletl In tho streams and  fished,   and ;
guyod tho other fishermen who didn't oavn :
gum trousers, and had lots of sport.
At night, when thoy camo In tired and :
hungry, tbo dominie would bo nico and dry, j
whilo tho othor fellows would be moro or less j
wet,  according to thoir mishaps,  and, of
courso, would bochaffed by tho minister.       , Beiuf0TcementB of British Troops Have
Ono morning thoy woro aU standing on the '
bank, watching him wading in deep water,
and envying him, when all of a sudden be
stepped on a slippery stono, his feot went up, j
and ho went in over bead.
They fished bim out, and found ho weighed
about a ton, ths water having filled up his
boots and trousers to tbo waist. Tho funny
part of it was that they couldn't pull off tho
combined boots and trousers, and so they had
tostandhimonhlahead against a treo until
tho water all ran out.
It was a very undignified and uncomfortable position for a minister, mode moro so by
the boys, who stood around and descanted on
the great convenience gum trousers wore to a
man who went fishing. But bo mill fishes, and
onco a year comes to Pennsylvania to "whip"
his favorito stream.
The  regular  weekly
AIX -"I'D***.
Cable   ailvices   from   Auckland.  New
Zealand, report that all is quiet in Sa-
moa   ^■s-^-^r^]^Booo-,cit   c      ,, ,  ,d ,       ; ,   in  h
lulu with supplies Ior the Nipsic,  now ; Co"m.n obambwg<
waiting at Fanning Islands    The Nipsic      VreseM.   His  WorgM    Mirvor   Bate,
will re-coal and proceed there. ; A,(lermfin WeW)i Abm„£   hA^ ?eck"
bull-van and his wisnings. , and Mahrer.
New York, July "!2.—John L. Sullivan '    The minutes of the last meeting were
is still in town, Editor Arthur Lumley, i rend and adopted.
of the New York Illustrated News, suid
, to-alay that the "big fellow," was not I
I likely to leave for Boston lor a couple of
! days.   The ""20,000 stake money will not
t.    i j m       .        ■  .     t .... I be paid to liim, but he will receive it
Boulanger and Two Assooiatos Issue a , durfng the week     A1   Ctili?(it stake.
holaler,  ie now at Long Branch, ns is
Manifesto to Their Countrymen
Denouncing Ministers.
Been   Sent to  Assouan—O&mp-
bell's Airship Seen.
London, July 21.—Balfour will go to
Scotland in November on a stumping
tour to ofset in a measure the effect of
Parnell's visit to Edinburgh. The Irish
leader's triumph in that city ie the sole
topic of conversation at clubs and elsewhere. Tories and Liberals alike express astonishment at tbe warmth with
which he wss received.
Besides Labourchere there is only one
member on the Royal Grants Committee
who refuses to sign the committee's report, liis name is Thomas Bait, Radical
member of Morfeth. Despite this practical unamnity, however, the report is
certain to rouse the most violent storm
against the royal  family that has been
also Muldoon. Cridge was anxious to
pay over the money on Friday, but those
moEt intereetetl in the disposal of the
stakes aaid there was no need of hurrying.
Sullivan has already received $41100 ol
this sum ; $1000 was his bet with Kilrain
on entering the ring, and $3000 being his
share of the excursion money and pate
receipts. Of this sum he has, in all probability paid out fully $2000. When the
B'uke money is disposed of Sullivan will
receive $10,000, whicli will bring up his
total receipts to $14,000. His backers
will receive the other $10,000, whicli will
be diyided as follows:—After paying at
least $2000   to   Billv   Muldoon   for his        , .        ,
trouble and labor in'training the Bluirger. K„^y Per inan, but there was no men-
to  the   Illustrated   Neics,   one („df* t0! t"*""! «.'vmg $2.60 for a report.
Charlie Johnson one quarter.
! Aid. Baker—Whose duty is it to io
j around and see that the orders have
i been complied with? I think the duty
meetUM* of the   fa|lfi 0n the city officials.
Aid. Webb—The City will have to procure a horse and wagon to remove the
refuse, as I suid before. We shall have to
tax the people to pay for it. If they
won't keep tlieir places clear they must
submit to the tax.
Aid. Baker—We don't know if they
have not cleaned out the places.
The Mayor—When does the time of
notia'e expire?
The City Clerk—Some expire next
Aid. Webb—Some have refused to
clean out their back-houses and have
cleared out themselves.
The Mayor—Well the property belongs
Bills were read from R. Howe, Sanitary Inspector, $10; Dr. W. W. Walkem,
S. i., $5; W. S. Jeffrey, 8. I., $6, and for
making out report, $2.60; G. H. Blakeway, S. I.. $lu; S. Drake, S. L, $lo, and
for making out report, $2.50.
Aid. Mahrer moved,  seconded by Aid.
i Baker, that the bills he referred to thei ,   , -        .,,-,
Finance Committee, to be paid if found '• l° someone and the owners will have to
j currect. , °-° t"6 Work
'    Aid.  Abrams moved an  amendment,
secomled by Aid. l'eck, to the effect that I
1 lhc bills for making out the  reports  be j
' not allowed.
i    Aid. Webb thought that the Sanitary
'. Inspectors bad well earned their money. ',
Aid. Baker—I don't consider that the
men   have   charged   exorbitantly.     Dr.
Walkem said he would not go through the .
same campaign attain for $60 per diem.
Aid. Abrams—We decided to allow $6
The meeting then adjourned.
  a. . .
Only a rift In the leaden clouds,
And a Rlinipse of the winter skies,
That seemed aa clear and blue to me
As tbe light In my baby's eyes.
But I paused on the threshold of sin—
Lingered—and turned away;
Bared by the light of angel eyes.
That smiled through the clouds of gray.
-Ella Higglnson In Tbe Chicago Journal.
A Mother In tbe Play.
Borne queer mistakes happen to actresses,
duo to tho many roles thoy enact upon tho
stage. Recently Miss Kathryn Kidder, who
Is playing tho part of mother to Little Lord
Fauntleroy at tho Broadway theatre, attended a reception. Tho hostess Introduced
ber to a lady, with this remark-. "She is the
mother of Littlo Lord Fauntleroy." Somehow tho lady lntcrproted tho remark literally and began to question Miss Kidder about
tho ago of her Uttlo son and when sho permitted him to go on the stage. It was an
embarrassing moment, when tho young actress   explained that   she   was   only tho
mother  in   tho    play   and    not   In   real I pay them liberally and give them allur-
life.   Miss Kidder is young and has a rich j jug promises of easly employment and
Un being put to a vote the motion car-
I ried.
! Haslem & Lees, for lumber $215 07
London,  Julv   22.—Boulanger, d'Er- J. Gunner, teaming      2 00
main and Rochefort are out to-day in a i    Referred to Finance Committee, to be.
manifesto   to their fellow countrymen, | paid if found correct.
in which thev denounce the calumnies
of ministers who, as they say have them
selves heen convicted of peculation
They assert that ministers have been
making desperate attempts to extort
from army officers former subordinates
of General Boulanger, charges of one sort
or another against him, and that they
known In England for a century, and one i are even now** using public fundB to ob"
result is sure to bo the prolonging of the | tain the generally perjured testimony
present    Parliament    Into   the   end of	
At    Demiresch,    near     Adrionople,
Russian agents are inducing
from the Bulgarian army    at different
points along the frontier.    The Russians
Hudson's Bay Co'y,
father, who is willing to star ber any time
sho desires. Sho told a reporter that she preferred to work patiently and become a star
In tho legitimate courso of her "aceer rather
than start out prematurely and ruti the risk
of not making a financial success. As she was
only 80 years old, she averred that sho could
wait. Miss Kidder began her stage career .
whon sho was only 10 years old, and made a
success with Mayo In "Nordock" and In Oil- |
lotto's "Held by the Enemy." She is not at
all superstitious, but yet one season she possessed a peacock fan which the manager doctored brought bad luck to tho door receipts.
One night Miss Kidder deliberately laid the
peacock fan In the middle of the street and
left It there. Business Improved from that
hour.—New York Mall and Express.
Have Beceived Ex "Mennock" and "Stowe" Full Supplies
of Liquors and Provisions and Offer the Same
for Sale at Market Prices.
Ap 28
Nanaimo Saw Mill.
Haslem Ss Lees,
Rough and Dressed Lumber, Shingles, Laths and Pickets,
Doors, Windows and Blinds,
Moulding, Turning, Scroll Sawing, and all kinds of Wood Finishings.
*0ss^All orders sent to their nddress at Nnnaimo, B.C., will have the most
prompt attention. Ap 23 HASLEM & LEES.
COUGHLAN <5t MASON   Propr etors, Victoria, B. C.
P. O.   Box, no.
Old Circus Trick..
Now that I am out of the circus line I do
not mind telling you one of the secrets of the
business. It Is one of tbe cutest tricks in the
profession of a ticket seller. While wo were
down south and in small towns where the
people were unsophisticated, wo would advertise our big elephant, our dens of lions, tigers,
bears and other animals, when we only had
horses and mules. That was years ago, bo tt
ever, and the peoplo now have to see all tho
animals in tho street before they patronize
the show. One fake which every one In the
show was "on to" was the red ticket. A man
with a young lady would walk boldly up to
the ticket stand, and to Impress his lady
companion would pull out a roll of money
The ticket seller would see it, and after returning the wrong change and ticket, would
put one of these red slips into the man's hatband, saying, at tho same time, that it would
take him "clear through ths menagerie, circus and concert." It was but a mark for tho
other follows, and that man would be bored
to death by the candy, peanut, lemonade,
concert and song book man, and when they
got through he would still be a mark for the
pickpockets. If ho got out of the tent with
any of that roll he went In with lt was not
his fault.—St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
drowning*. Courtship.
It Is rather startling to see a journal In the
modern Athens gravely announce that
"Browning wrote 'Lady Oeroldlne's Courtship' in two consecutive hours." As it was
written by Elizabeth Barrett some years before she becomo Mrs. Browning it is not quite
clear how it should bo ascribed to her bus-
band. It was, moreover, written by Miss
Barrett in twelve hours, which, though six
times tho "two hours" of our Boston contemporary, was so swift that its production
will always bo recorded among the excep
tlonal literary achievements. In this poem
(written by Miss Barrett before she had ever
seen her future husband) she alludes too book
of poems ho had Just published under the title
of "Bells and Promegrnnntes," in a line tbat
Or from Browning some pomegranate, which. If
cut down la the middle,
Buowb a heart within, blood tinctured, of a velnoti
It ts rotated that tho flrst meeting between
Miss Barrett and Mr. Browning was brought !
about by hts calling to thank hor for thlsallu !
sion to his poems. -Boston 'iYaveler.
thus encourage desertion all over Bul
garia. Just what object Russia seeks to
accomplish by this manoeuvre is not
quite clear. The matter has been brought
to the attention of thc Bulgarian representatives at St. Petersburg with instructions to request an explanation.
Paris, July 21.—The international
labor congress held a session to-day and
Mr. Bowen of America, Knight of Labor,
made a speech explaining the operation
of trusts and pointing out the danger
which they are threatening workingmen
everywhere. The congress passed a series
of resolutions requseting all governments
to oppose monopolies in raw material
and urging workingmen to organize
against trusts. Next session of the congress will be held in Brussels. The congress to-day decided to hold a demonstration in every country in Europe and in
America in favor of eight hours for a
working day. The demonstration is
fixed for May 1st, 1890.
Cairo, July 22.—A reinforcement of
800 British troops have been sent to Assouan.
London, July 22.—The British iron
steamship Altnacre, from Iloloa for an
American port, with a cargo of sugar,
struck on the Isle of Palawan and will
probably be a total loss. Her crew were
saved and have arrived ut Manilla. The
American ehip Rosie Welt, from
Newcastle, N. S. W., for Sinagore, has
been wrecked in Bramble Bay Straits.
London, July 22.—William O'Brien
will move for anew trial of hie libel suit
against Lord Salisbury on the grounds,
that the Jury that returned a verdict in
lavor of the Premier was misdirected.
Superior, Wis., July 22.—All is quiet
among the striking laborers. The militia
is null here awaiting developments. It
is generally believed the men will return
to work in a day or two, as the prospects
are unfavorable to them for the demanded advance of wages, and many familia-s
are in destitute circumstances. Officials
are still on guard, and taking every precaution against serious results should
there be an outbreak. The trial of men
arrt'stcal for leading the rioters is set for
July 30th.
Cutler. Me., July 22.—The Spanish
steamer Edwards, which left Boston in
ballaet Saturday for St. Johns, N. B.,
went aground at low tide on midnight
Saturtlay on Old Man's Island, two miles
south of here. The steamer is full of
water aud likely to prove a total loss,
although with good weather something
may be saved.
New  London,   Conn.,   July   22.—Mr
from jail birds and convicts.   The mam
festo continues.   "They appealed to the
penal   code,    but   brought   absolutely
nothing against us.   If they  could have
obtained the most literal proof of misconduct on our part it is not likely that they
would risk ns they are risking now, prosecution of Assize court bv negotiating!   ,,    ,.       ,.,    ., ,.        ...      ,   ,,
..,i*i,   .„,.,,;...,<„.,,    i„    j„,.,;oi,    ,.,.;,! ....  attention of the Street Committee to the
with   loreignera    to    turmsli    evidence I  .".       .  r,            . ,  0.     . • ,,
„„„!„„, ,",.ii ,-„ ,„ „„» ,.„„„t„,„o.,  iu..   state   of   Commercial  btreet, especially
against us: it is to our countrymen that; .....   r, .    *, ., .       ' ,, • ,-
;..m,.it»i,0i„"l»i,„aJ„  „.  o,„i I Victoria Crescent.   The lumber, rubbish.
Aid. Baker, on behalf of the Chairman
of the Street Committee (Aid. Nightingale), who was absent, said all that I can
tell you is that we have done nothing at
all during the last week. The men are
still working on the Esplanade. The
verbal report was recordeai.
Tlie Mayor remarked that as all the
men were working on the Esplanaale
they *aould get through all the quicker.
Aid. Webb—I think the reason that
we have done nothing is that we have
not been able to meet together.
The City Clerk—I bear tliat A Id. Nightingale is unwell.
Aid. Peck—I would like to draw the
we appeal to be Judge between
this gang of thieves."
Chicago, July 22.—Jas. J. West and 0.
A. Snowden confessed judgement in the
Superior Court this morning in favor of
the Commeraial National Bank for
$13,000. West is Editor and Publisher
ol the Chicago Timet, and Snowden was
formerly ~hi»-partner and at one time
editor of the paper. ""* ****««w^^
Constantinople, July 22.—Cretan insurgents have seized the town of Nnrmos,
Cedonia, and have expelled the town
officers and set fire to the public buildings. The Turkish peasants of the district in possession of tho rebels have
taken refuge in Reymo.
London, July 22.—Tbe judges of the
Court of Queen's Bench, to whom Mr.
Simms, journalist, appealed from the decision of Magistrate Bridge, who declined
to grant a summons for the Duke of Cambridge ou a charge of assaulting of Mr.
Simms, has upheld the decision of the
In the Commons this evening, Sir
James Ferguson stated that the final
programme for a Maritime Conference
with America has not yet been agreed
upon. Lord George Hamilton announced
that the construction ol fifty-two war
ships had been begun during the current
year, twenty of which were building at
the Government dockyards and twenty-
two at private yards. On motion of
William H. Smith, the report of the
commission on royal grants was tabled.
The report recommended an addition of
JE90,000 quarterly to the allowance of the
Prince of Wales, and maintaining the
right of the Queen to ask Parliament for
a further provision of her grandchildren.
The debate ou the report was postponed
until Thursday.
A Water Color Bed Quilt.
Several Lyme (Conn.) ladies and
friends bave made for a church fair In Florida
a block designed for a bed quilt, representing
tbe state of Connecticut by counties, each
county having some reminiscence elaborately
executed In water colors on silk. Litchfield
county shows a large clock In one corner and
a clock-maker with his kit of tools, suggestive
of Connecticut's first clock, which was made
in that county Hartford county lias the coat
of arms and "Qui tronstulit sustinet" handsomely painted, and the thirteen stars show
ing Connecticut one of the thirteen origin*'
states. Tolland county has the birthplac Cl ..
Nathan Hole.    Windham county represe      d
the "battle of the frogs."   Middlesex conn.	
bas a view of Long Island sound and tl
Lady Fen wick tomb. New Haven county is
a humorous representation of the old blue
Laws and a view of the steeples on the green
at New Haven. Fairfield county represents
Putnam's ride, and New London county
shows Oroton monument and Fort Griswold.
—Boston Herald.
etc., is a great eyesore to visitors and
pedestrians. At the foot of Albert Street
there is a great pile of rubbish.
The Mayor thought that the place particularly mentioned (Albert Street) might
be beautified considerably, and that it
was the most noticed of all the city by
Aid. Webb—The Cily Clerk has $20
belonging to Mr. Frost and if he does
not remove the rubbish the  money  can
Telegraphing Cheaper Than Writing.
There has lately been invented a new system ot synchronism which, it is claimed, will
make it cheaper to telegraph messages than
to mail  them.   Dr.  J.   Harris Rogers, of
Washington, D. C, is the inventor, and he
claims that the world will be almost revolutionized by his discovery.   Tho now system,
Mr. Rogersaays, reduces tho English alphabet
to ten elementary characters.   The messages
are prepared by means of a machine resembling a typewriter and manipulated In the
Attempted*. Highway Robbery.
A determined attempt at highway robbery was made last Friday evening about
seven o'clock by two men on the Hasting Road, Van-Oliver. At the hour
named Mr. Johnson, the Proprietor of
the Retreat Saloon, waa driving home
from Hastings accompanied by his wife.
When near the most easterly of what are
known as the "Three Bridges" on the road
a|»hort distance beyond the brewery, two
men were met who ordered him to stop
and threatening him demanded his
money. Mrs. Johnson attempted to get-
out of the buggy and take refuge in
another vehicle whicli came along but
thi men prevented this. The noise and
shntitB attracted tlie attention of a man nt
the brewery who went to the rescue as
tlitl a milkman who happened to be pass-
| ing. Thus reinforced one of the wotild-
Hamilton, owner of the sloop yacht Ella, j be" robbers was severely handled and re-
reports having passed on Friday,   near   ■■■■"■-' ' '>••■'■>""■•     '» .i... ......m..
  same manner.   With the use of ton keys, oae
The Mavor—\v0 Iia^e VHirr n»TGI. I   "*"* -"•■""icter, any desirable message can
sworn in as constable to look aft^r these!-' '       *_"Ll3£w apparatus was
matters.    He ought to attend to these   ***wr.M_      I   ,, "*«"veuty-
matters. | held In New York, ana «i.*\r        V.        I *h
six words sent over in twain.    (V        Vill
and printed upon a tape in plain Roman«*i*»        J
actors.    The inventor aavys that he oan by this
system make one wtr. do tba work tba* tan
do now by the system In rogue.—Frank Las-
lie's Newspaper.
KT A. KT A I TtiX O.
A   FULL   LI^F   OF
Finest   Groceries   and   Fresh   Provisinos
Ships    Disbursed    and    Supplies    Furnished
lli'iilu Weight of Doy. and Girls.
hi tho final result of the comparison of tho
two soxo.. in the human raco. anatomical re
Black I aland, Campbell's airship, flouting with the yellow sitle up. He did not
know till he came ashore that llogan and
alat, a.uias. an taiu aauaiiaaii   aaaaa,, aaia-aa,.ii,,a ...   tv ,, , . , , ,  ,
i      ™oi   c,™  ...   i. .„„.,„.,  .«,...„ the sup were missnm, or he woiila  have
searches  will  form an   Important  factor I       ,     r   „.,.,„    ■ ,u ;. . „
>• . ■„.., u.J. ri-uu. r.„. ! made an cllort to pick it up,
Many anatomists havo recognized this fact,
and bavo instituted comparisons botivoa'n the
sexes from various points of view. M Qustave
le Bon reviews tho work of M. Manouvricr
and that of M Budin, both of whom aver
that "sez has no influence on brain weight.
With tbem tho Influence of sex Is nothing
more than tbo influence of height; and If the
females, aa a wholo, exceed tho males In brain
weight, lt Is simply because tbe weight of the
body in the females Is mucb below that of tne
males." M. lo Bon puts tho theory of liis adversaries to tho tost in a very ingenious manner by comparing tho brains of males and
females having about tho same weight By
this Investigation it ls shown that in the great
majority of coses the male children surpass
the females of the same weight In their cranial
clrcumferenco. At the same age, height, and w^ich'he can "appeal" The Commis*sion
weight of body the female brain is notably i haB never lmd „ *£,„ l>xautl o[ thiB ehar.
smaller than that of tho male.-Herald of! acter w decid(!i 8ml if it ,„ trU0j M gmith
alleges, that his removal was made because of his affiliation with the opposite
party, the case will be a very important
Vienna, July 28.—A disastrous conflagration occurred to-day in tbe town of
Pake, on the Danube, in Hungary. Over
four hundred houses,  including several
Sublic buildings, were deatro* ed.   Great
estitution prevails among the inhabl-
eived a good thrashing In the scuffle
he tlrew a knife and inflicted two ugly,
though not ilangcrous wounds on the
neck of the man from the brewery. By
some means or other both the men were
alloweal to escape. As soon as possible
the police were notified and proceeded to
the spot but in tlie darkness they were
unable to find the men. Up to date thc
men had not been captured owing to the
slight description that could be given of
Tlie modes of death's approach are various, and statistics show conclusively that
more persons die from diseases of thc Throat
and Lungs than any other. It is probable
that everyone, without exceptioai receivts
vast numbers of Tubercle Germs into the
system and where these germs fall upon suit-
and'ohtaTn  their~di*difon"on"the  able soil they start into life and  develop, at
made an cllort to pick it up, or at least
to examine it.
Washington, July 22.—H. C. Smith,
colored, Democrat, whose dismissal from
the Sixth Auditor's office has attraated
some attention, and who claims his removal is due to his being a Democrat,
has announced his intention of making a
test case oi the right of a head of a division to discharge an employee for voting
and affiliating with a party opposite to
the one in power. He has not decided as
yet exactly what course he will pursue in
making the test, but will probably lay the
matter before the Civil Service Commission
question.     There is no other body to
A Snbmarlne Boat.
Experiments with a submarine boat "Le
Oymnote," mado at Toulon, have been very
successful. The boat moves horizontally ss
well as vertically, and is easily kept at any
depth that is desired, it can be run at a
speed of from nine to ten knots. The light is
good, and respiration easy. Its crew is ordinarily three, but during the experiments live
persons were on board. The Revue Scion-
tiflquo says that the new boat, an invention
of Mr. Ej-obe, is a complete success, and will
become of the greatest Importance in marine
first slowly and is shown by a slight tickling
sensation in Ihe throat and if allowed to continue their ravages they extend to the lungs
producing Consumption and to the head,
causing Catarrh. Now all is dangerous, and
if allowed to proceed will in lime cause
ieath. At the onset you must act with
promptness; allowing a cold to go without
iltention is dangerous and may lost
lile. As soon as you feel that Sa.ute.t.it."'
wrong with your Throat, Lungs a.i Nosails
ibtain a bottle of Boschec s German Syrup
It will give you immediate relief.
New flannel bo.iting and cricket shirts
tants, many of whom are left without j and coats just received at the Box store,
shelter. | Victoria CreBcent.
Aid. Baker—I think it wo'ild be a good
idea for the City Clerk to notifv the parties not to repeat the offence. *It will be
very easy to find out who they are.
Aid. Abrams—I think the time has
now arrived when thc City Council
should take some action regarding thc
matter of gravelling Commercial Street.
I went to Oyster Bay the otlier alay and
noticed Sam Price hauling gravel from
Nanaimo River to repair the road, and he
has made a very good job ol it. I move
that. Commercial Street be gravelled
from the corner of Church Street to as
far as the Co-operative Store. The
(travel could be brought in from the river
in bcows.
Aid. Baker—It was passed in the City
Council some time ago that the Esplanaale he attended to, antl now Aid. Abrams
wished to put the men to work on Cooi-
mercial Street. Tlie gravel taken from the
beach won't assimilate well with that already on the Btreets. We have tried it
ou Bastion Street and it was a failure.
Aid. Peck gave it as bis opinion that
gravel from the river would "set" well,
antl that Aid. Baker was wrong when he
thought the gravel was to he brought
from tlie beach.
Aid. Abrams' motion was then put to
the vote antl carried.
Aid. Mahrer hoped that some would be
put on Mill Street.
The Mayor appointed Aldermen Abrams, Mahrer and Webb to final out the
probable cost of gravelling Commercial
Aid. Webb—Then that takes the matter out nf the Street Committee's hands.
Aid. Baker—We have just, as eood ura-
vel near Nnniiiiiio as that at the Nanaimo
River if it he only screened.
Aid. Webb—What is ta. be done with
the rock that is lying near the Depot? Is
it of any account?
Aid. Peck—Put it on Mill Street.
The Mayor—We were told a short time
ago that we could use whatever was available and would receive a rebate on the
balance that was worthless.
Aid. Baker—Mr. Hunter told me when
I waa in Victoria about three weeks ago
that the railway crossings should be fixed
up properly. We have been promised
that they slioiilal be fixed for the last, two
The Mayor thought that possibly the
Street Committee might attend to the
Aid. Abrams—The Street Committee
has its hands full.
Aid. Blake—Thc onlv reason we have
not attended to the matter is that we
have been unable to meet.
Alt!. Mahrer moved, secatndetl by Aid.
Webb, that the Council resolve itself into
a Committee af tbe Whole to consider
the second reading of the Contagious Disease By-law.
Mayor Bate was voted into the Chair.
The committee, afte. hearing the bill
read, rose and reported the bill complete
with amendments.
On Aid. Mahrer's motion the bill was
read a third time by title.
The Mayor—In view of the possible
danger ot fire wo ought to keep a good
supply of water on hand, and also see
that the hydrants are clear and ready for
immediate use.
Aid, Mahrer—I am informed that some
of the hydrants are ont of repair. The
City Clerk might find out the facts of the
Aid. Webli—Who has control over
Ihem—the Corporation or Mr. Stirtan?
Mr. Stirtan spoke to me on the subject,
and said he would he happy to keep them
in repair for a verv small salary.
The .Mayor—Thev are the property of
the City. "
Aid. Baker—Have all those persons
mentioned in the Sanitary Committee!-
repott been notified to abate their nuisances ?
The City Clerk—The notices are all
Toys for Great Britain.
Great Britain gets about £600,000 worth of
foreign toys every year. Now, as it is reckoned that there are rather moro than 15,000,-
000 of children In the United Kingdom
15 years old and under, it follows that the
outlay for foreign toys is not much more
than 9 pence per child. Most of these articles
como from Germany, which sends to British
dealers toys of tbo value of £320,000 a year.
Holland is second, with £125,000 worth;
France follows with £90,000 worth, while
Belgium is a fairly good fourth with £70,000
worth. Considering how clever the Americans are, lt Is singular that tho United States
supply only £8,000 worth of these Joys of the
children's heart Yankee inventors do not
care to waste their smartness on the trivial
toy.—New York Telegram.
Americans and Money.
The American Is constantly accused by
Europeans of worshiping the "almighty dollar," and great was my curiosity to Judge for
myself of the Justice of this charge. After
calm observation of the ways of men in
America, I came to the conclusion that the
dollar was certainly not only the unit of the
monetary system, but that lt was also the
unit of the metrical system. However, I
soon saw that, if the dollar was coveted and
held In great respect, it was not so much for
itself as for tho luxury it was the key to; in
other words, that avarice was a ice almost
unknown in tho land. There is a lavishness
in tho American's way of expending his
money that redeems his trick of taking off
his hat to it whenever he sees it—Max
Photographing the Sky.
Professor William H. Pickering has succeeded in detecting a number of new nebula?
by means of photography. The region sur-
roundiug tho nebula of Orion was selected for
these experiments, and from the results the
author concludes that, by photographing tho
entire sky, four or five thousand such objects
may be discovered. Only in case the large
nebula of Orion should prove to embrace all
the now nebula- In its limits, this proportio
would not hold good. The experiments show,
howovcr, that tho method is well adapted to
verifying and completing our catalogues of
Don't I.Ike tbe Plan. •
Tho Medico-Legal society has now made ita
report as to tho method that should be adopted for electric execution, and the would be
murderer can now acquaint himself as to the
details of tbo manner in which he will be disposal of If bo should receive a sentence of
capital punishment. We must frankly admit that the plan does not commend itself to
om- notions of decency or propriety. An
electrical execution will, perhaps, be less
sloppy than one by guillotine or by blowing
from guns, but It will not he less ghastly in
its attendant circumstances. — Electrical
World (New York).
Wbat She Saw.
Then tho little girl put her chubby hand on
tho old man's l-neo,
"1 seo something In tho fire," murmured
tbe child.
"What ls It, Fannie I" and tbo old man
looked fondly down into her pretty face.
"A stick of wood," sho replied, simply, and
the old man got up and kicked over a chair.
—Washington Post
Easy Enough.
A scientist says a man can stay under water for ten minutes as well as for twenty seconds. The statement ls not surprising. A
man who broke through the loo and disappeared under tho water three days ago is
there yet, but it la thought he will not take
much interest in poliUos when bsooms-s te
surface,—NtOTbtown Herald. THE   NANAIMO   COUKIEE,   TUESDAY,   JULY  23,  1889.
t A N1SMS.
CaNADIAN pacific
Mr. James O'Neil is authorize.! on be-
halfofthe Nanaimo Coobieb lo canvass
ior  subscriptions, advertising,   receive
payments and give receipts for the same j
in the citv of Victoria.
Mr. John Currie
mil of tbe Nanaimo
ir subscriptions, 1
ive receipts for the
Wi: have in,.re than once l>ee*~~ accused
of using whal an occasional ioiTC»p.iiiil-
ent or acquaintance tliooses to call slsug
in our articles, when wc have had occasion to write "He gave himself away."
Our contention if thai no writer of English need be ashamed lo borrow Ibe
racy idioms, either of the Americans or of
-.— ihis own countrymen,    "('lave himself
authorized on be-1 away."   Tliere is.   we believe,  an  idea
t iiiki" to canvass abroad thai this useful, expressive, and
Railway! BUTTER
New Dairy & Creamery     nanaimo telephone company, | Tjl y TJQTjTITTIT J
Real Estate Broker
iiceive payments anal
Btinie in Wellington'
We have recently had occasion i" notice the feeling in the New England stales
among worldngmen against unrestricted
immigration. Now comes the news ofa
similar agitation in at leasi one of the
Australian Colonies. The reason for such
agitation ia of course obvious t" everyone. Those who have cut the coral lhat
hinds us nil lo the land of our birth, and
have emigrated lo newer countries in the
hope of gelling "ne ire elbow room," only
io linal that after all the land of our adoption is subjected to sueli :i constant influx of competition in every class of work
that the conditions of life arc not altogether such  as  we had  hoped  lo   find j of a language
ill every nay excellent phrase, is an
Americanism. If it were so, it would
he not less worthy of English use, seeing
thai il supplies a want, and not only contravenes no usage ol" the mosl classical
English, Inn follows thai usage exactly.
"He gave up Ilis case"; "he gave a way his
case" would be admitted by lhc most
censorious oi" critics to be perfectly correct, and "he gara himself up" ha. appeared in the historic page from lime
immemorial. "He gave himself ateag"
exactly completes ihe quartette, an.I
whether or no ii can be found in Sbakc-
srKARK oi the Bible, we say that it deserves currency, ami with it. fellow "a
dead give away" is hereby ..lamped as
current to-day. "Slang i» either tlie
coining of an absolutely new werd, or the
calochesis of an old one. The carrying
out into further use ef the accepted idioms
never can he slang." Ac-
them, may bo reasonably excused fi'oni I cepting this definition, we musl admit
lhe charge ef selfishness if wc slop for a thai "to give yourself away" bas not the
moment to coitsider whether unrestricted (lightest touch of even vulgarism—II is
immigration is not, to some ex-tonl ul'simply an example of that vernacular,
least, an evil. Al tlie present moment and at first familiar extension on sound
we are living at a  period  when  Ihe in- principles   oi    the   already   recognized
lioms of  lhe language, the  faculty  for
Transcontinental Route
BETWEEN   lilt
Pacific : and  : tlie :  Atlantic !
Its passenger equipment i'. the finest in the
world, consisting of LUXURIOUS SLEEPINC
' Caks having Drawing, Smoking and llalh
Rooms; Comfortable and Clean Colonist
Oar*, with Free Sleeping Berths for holders
nl second-class tickets; and moan modern
style aifday coaches.
; ITS    DINING   (Ala's   AMI   HOTELSI
provide lhc best quality of food in unlimited
quantity at reasonable rates.
! along its line is unequalled, anal in ihe details of tntcla, Irain service, etc., nothing is
oinittcn that can add to the Safety and Comfort  of its patrons.     All in all. it gives the
, best and most serviceable lina' A travel,
whether lair business or pleasure, between
Portland, Tacoma, Seattle, Victoria, anil all
Pacific Coast Points, antl Winnipeg, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Chicago, Si. Louis, Ottawa,
: Toronto, Montreal, Boston, New York anal
:tli Eastern Cities.
jare   issued  to all   principal   points   in   the
United States, Canada and Europe,  at the
■ Lowest Rates.
; ROBT.   IRVING,   Freight  anal    Passenger
Agent, Govt. St., Victoria.
A. E. PLANTA, Ticket Agent, Nanaimn.
| I). E. BROWN, 11. 1*. anal Passenger Agent.
small tubs, suitable for Families
and Hotels.
Of all sizes, for sale hv
1—.1 H Pleace, Hardware Store.
2—E Quennell, Butcher.
">—E  Pimbury,   A   (Jo., Druggists antl
4—Old Flag Inn, J E Jenkins.
5—Nanaimo Hospital.
0—Provincial Government Office.
7—Johnston & Co's Wharf.
8—Shamrock Livery Stables.
1)—Railroad or Telegraph Office.
10—Bank of British Columbia.
11—New Vancouver Coal Co.
12—Dr. E A Praeger's Office.
j 13—Jas Harvey's Store.
111—Commercial Hotel, Sabiston al   Wilcox.
j 16—Hirst Brothers' Store.
l(i—Johnston & Co's Store.
17—Free Press Printing Oflice.
i 18—1. X. L. Livery Stables.
19—Haslem A Lees' Saw Mill.
120—J Mitchcl. Soda Water Works.
21—Tom Bell, Fruit Store.
22—City Clerk's Oflice.
I 23—J II Hilbert, Cigar Store.
124—Mrs. Gauthier.
2(1—Dunsmuir A Son's Offici
And General Agent, Conveyancer,
Notary Public, Etc.
City Propertv,  Suburban Property and j
Farm Lands for sale on best terms.
Correspondence Solicited.
Depart nre
Commercial Street
A waitress at an
crease of population in European countries is abnormal and their distress extraordinary. Ureal Britain alone, il appears, musl provide for an annual surplus
of three hundred thousand persons. The
problem how to do this satisfactorily is
enough to bailie the most sanguine political economist who ever lived. Until
happens also thai just now lhe subject of
admitting which distinguishes growing
and vigorous tongues from dead and
fossil ones. To attempt at any time to
sel a final circumscription lo Ihe ezpan-
sion of the empire of the English tongue,
to say lhat you must not use this phraBe
or that, unless it be found in some good
writer of ton, twenty, or two hundred
,J    England's Colonial Empire i.- being veu-1 years ago,  is to obey  the silliest of all I
lilated witli unusual fulness aud accuracy. '■ possible superstitions, and not. Ihe least
In  the   Now  England States workmen | mischievous.     Finally, lei   us  with all |
Cigar:-: Manufacturer,
Bastion St.,
Nanaimo, b. c.
reason thai their wages are lowered by -due humility 1
lhe ceaseless Hood of new-comers, to such I -first, thou;
nn extent that they are unable to earn times (not always) become good merely
much above half that  which  they  could j because it is old, it is never bad  merely !
hope to receive in return for  their  labor because it is new,    Secondly, those who1
a few years ago.     further,  they  argue 1 fall  foul  of expressions  whieh  seem as |
that   though the present   wages—more slang to them  had  better inquire,  not
especially among tho workers of textile , whether some "authority"  with an  ex-
fabrics—seem large to the freshly-arrived act scale has "condemned" them,  not i
European      artisan,      yet      American whether A, 1!, or C has or has not used |
workmen accustomed all their lives to j tbem. lull whether they are suitable
regard as necessaries, those things which j the genius of English, ami  useful for lhe
their fellows in the older countries con- purpose of English writing.
sider luxuries, are not altogether fairly 	
dealt   bv  in  being brought  into forced      Th(, j,rea) 5.,|(. „• ,|,.y   ,,00<'H   „.   ,.,„t
competition with these new-comers.   In  price still continues at Bullock's.
Australia the Cry is uol -o much  against ' ...    . ■■    ■	
immigration   in  general  as  against   the
immigrant who, in landing, stays In some      F.     W.     COOK,  C.K.,
one of the few large lo'wns on the Const, i
lowering  thereby   to   i   minimum   the
ty lay down two propositions. , Encourarre Home Industry!
gh an expression may some- O *»
Smoke the celebrated "Nanaimo Enterprise" cigar
Best in the Market.
Encourage home Industry.
Ap 24
Opposite E. av. N. R. R, Depot.
Strictly First-Class.
/fJssT"Sample rooms for travellers.
^isx^Only  first-class  Wines, Liquors
and Cigars.
Cosmopolitan  Market,
nmerclal sireel, Nanainio, n.c.
28—Dr. Walkem'n Resilience, East   Wellington.
• 20—East Wellington Coal   Co's Office,
n,    , | East Wellington.
'111 Al'C  30—John Hilbert, Furniture Dealer.
IdllUlil  31-Com-iKi! Oflice.
32— Walter Wilson's Store.
33—A Mayer at Co.
34—M Hanson's Residence.
35—N E 1" Society's Store.
3(1—Dr. L. T. Davis' Residence.
37—J Decker, Occidental Hotel.
38—Craig's Blacksmith Shop.
39—11 McMillan's Residence.
40—East Wellington Wharf.
41—R I ley land's Residence.
42—E Quennell's Farm.
Apply Delmonico 43_Tho Delmonico Hotel.
''      44—T Wall. Wellington Hotel.
4.1)—Central Hotel.
H 40—J Mahrer's Brewery.
47—J Mahrer's new Residence.
48— P Sabiston's Residence.
Nanaimo, li.
i>    JONES,
Real Estate ani Insurance Agent
"Victoria.,   *B.   O
| A house in the middle ward with live
| rooms, in good locality. Address "M. M."
i Courier Office.	
New and Second-Hand
All Kinds of Goods Bought,
Sold and Exchanged.
Opposite Provincial Hotel.
- T*sa*E3
Published every morning except
Nanaimo, B.C:
! This paper is a live exponent of the]
interest of
Nanaimo ai Ifiaiti
And is thoroughly
! xc.
.   |/-\l'"l;RS   FOB.  DRAYAGE   OR   TBAMING
to | V^    left at t}lt. Excelsior Bakery, Commercial street,
Miaiisoai's store,  Haliburton street,  aaill rerriae
[mil attention at moderot. rates.
Albeit Street,
A,,ril t-tf Nanaimo, B.C.
Esuuimalt  & Nanaimn
Surveys timbc
00M0X, B, 0.
j    Tenders will be received until Monday
.    ,   ii. 29th inst., for the erection of a four story
'     "  frame building.   Plans and specifications
' can he Been at the ofliee of
Secretary 1". C, Tanning Co.
The lowest or any tenaler not necessari-
• ly accepted.
iilJohn : Pulwitt
Successor to Kmil Dertlingcr
wages of the artisan or laborer. The
Secretary of the Melbourne Chamber of
Commerce writes to the London Chamber: "There if ample scope in this Island-
Continent for tho energies oi a population whose requirements would give em-t
ploymeiii to,-ill ihe factories of thc mother
country by occupying and developing the
immense tracts now lying waste in Australia.'' Unfortunately botl
and lhe I'nited States the majority ofthe
immigrants prefer to stay in Ihe large
I'ities, rather Ihan carve a home and com
potency out of the wilderness, thereby
serving to glut the market for lahor. It
is, we admit, both a selfish and an un
tenable position lo take up—that newcomers on landing must in effect "move
on." In England we know that hand:
are idle, and hearts are hopeless in the
very heart of an  Empire which  holds
forth in the far distance the future of j
warmth, food, comfort, power, and  prosperity.   In England, if we are  to judge
from  newspaper  reports,  agriculture  is i
rendered   unprofitable  by  foreign  and |
colonial   competition,    land   is    going;
out   of   Cultivation,     and    her    maim-
lecturers are   threatened   by  the pre-
valence    of    acute   distress.     But    if
she     '-an      send      her      unemployed
hands lo Canada,  Australia, or  Soiilh
Africa, they become  doubly profitable.
By their absence from home they relieve
congestion, and by their presence in the
colonies, they are developing units of a
cumulative value,  improving their land
and—tor many years to come at any rate
—buying  British  manufactures to the
amount of $40  or  -"50 annually.    We|
have said that we heartily sympathize
with the colonial artisan  in this matter,
and vet it is not easy to find the remedy.
Here lies the Paradise, yonder the To-
phet of ground-down misery; here the
sunlit skies and open expanse of veldt or
prairie, yonder the reeking unwholesome
state of crowded towns. British Columbia, like Australia, is badly in need of
population,  and like Australia, for the
want of it, resembles a ship  underman-
ned.   We have land to offer to all such
at a merely nominal cost, but woe betide
the leader who places himself at the head
of nn indiscriminate mob of emigrants
on an unknown errand in a new and insufficiently explored region. His followers, always sanguine at first, would soon
rebel and clamour Ior the  fleshpotS of
Egypt and the chains of their previous	
bondage.   II England, as appears from | LoNI)ON 0rrlCR-a Cornhill, ondon.    Branches
the   London   press, is   really   anxious   tO        at San Francisco, Portland, Or,, Victoria, Nea>'
a,at.   ..a... .a...    i   v.    , ., .,    , Westminster, Vancouver, Nanaimo an.l
"go in" for a large measure of State-aided "Kamioons.
emigration, it would he well  for her to, Ascents «n<l -orrespondeiils:
understand that the hest classes for her j ,N CANADA_Thc b,^ of Montreal and branches,
colonies   are   agricultural    labourers  of | ukhku Statbs—Agents Banlnjf Montreal,59Wall
sound physique and good character
them the hardships of pioneering come
comparatively easy.   They are the right
men   in the right, place.    If the  home;
government would endeavour to dissem-
inate easily acquired  knowledge  as to
the necessary requirements fnr success
abroad, we think such a course would be'
of more service than all the paternal legislation which has been enacted recently,
and lead her congested population to an
intelligent appreciation of their openings
and chances of prosperity in her broad
colonial empire.
TIME    CARD    No     IO.
■ 7.    "
8aO ao ,
Free Deliveerv to All Parts of the Oitv.
Photographs! Photographs"!!
The undersigned is prepared to take
first-clasB Cabinet Photos for $8.00 per
dozen. Views of residences nntl all kinds
of viewing at reduced prices. And to
keep money from going to otlier cities
will take payment in trnale from any
business man in the citv.
Photo Artist,
Globe : Hotel.
tiood accommodations. Fine view of
the l?av. Only tirst-class brands of
Wines. Liquors and Cigars supplied,
the undersigned are requested to be
paid, otherwise they will he handed
to a solicitor for collection.
a u Z    *** S  O  r-lMO ao   Oa l> N  N
•S3""-" o ann ei m tr, s* sy en
'   " J* P 1 *- ~ ei M H -" 6 6 d o'
Peck's Blacksmith  Shop.
1  am prepared to do all kinds of (ien- j
eral Blacksmithing at short notice antl
reasonable rates.    Special attention paid
to tenderfooted, over-renehing antl inter-
fearing horses.
SHOEING— Give mo a call and con-
I vince yourselves.     All  work guaranteed |
tn give satisfaction.
,f,   PITT/WITT, -   -    -   Proprietor.
1 mo
City o Nanaimo
SW 111:1 OH*     BI7H.IHK.G,   CAi.Ii   ON
I Architect ul Mechanical Engineer.
. A >! D    HOUSE,
&    INSLEY,    Proprietors
Strictly First-Class.    Acconimoal.tion for 135 Gucstl,
Convenient to Railway Station anal Steamship Dock.
Opposite Italian Hotel, Haliburton Street
Constantly on hand a full assortment of
Choice Meat & Vevetables
Meat delivered to all parts of the city
free of charge. tf
—Will CIVIC—
Nanaimo, B. C, P. O.
May ID—1 mo
Palace Hotel.
Ih. Only FIBST-0LA8B HOUSE In The Oity.
gar Sample Boom for nse of Commercial Travellers.
Garesche Green & Co.
Victoria,   *B.   O.
.2 ~  «   r.
W 2J
girt., iZ-ZZ  el  tz rt
S"B '= .2 J= •"*   §  g
in ""  o o
Set  « .-
..  C  C =
* ft i* :  ;
!*** I eh r*i ro
ss    'o
r ara an an an a/a anao r^
■•.In m ■***■**■- irtO n •*"?■-*■ *<7**
nco oiffiOod o o >
Return tickets will be 'i-Kiied between al) points
for a single fare good Tor return Monday.
Return tickets for one and a half ordinary fare may
be purchased daily to all points, good for three day.-;
including the day of issue.
No return tickets issued for a single fare when
such fare is 35 cents, t
Through rates between Victoria and Comox.
R. DUNSMUIR, President:
HOS. HUNTER, General Superintendent;
H. K.  PRIOR, Genera' Freight and Passenger
The BEST WORK on the Pacific
Coast at
NEW    - j-    YORK     -:-     PRICES.
Great  Transcontinental   Route.
< A ITI A I, ••,600,000
To ]     Street, New York;"—Bank of Montreal, Chicago.
Unitrd KINGDOM—Bank of British Columbia, 28
Cornhill, London; National Provincial Bank of
England j North and South Wales Bank;
British   Linen   Company's   Bank;.
Bank of Ireland,
Japan, Australia, New Zealand Hang
Kong   and   Shanghai _ Bank   Corporation-
"Cong   and   anank   -    .
Chartered Bank of India, Australia and
China, English, Scottish and Australian  Chartered   Bank, Bank of
Australasia      Commercial
Bank Co., or .Sydney-
Nt- South  Amkpica—London   Bank
Mexico and South America.
Telegraphic Transfers aad Reiniitauces to aad tram
•ill points ean be made through this Bank at
rorrent rarn.
Tlao Steamer
Leaves Vancouver ior Nanaimo on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays at 2:15
p.m., on the arrival ot the Eastern
Leaves New Westminster Ior Nanainio
Mondays and "Wednesdays at 7 a.m.
Leaves Nanaimo lor Vancouver Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 7 a.m.
Leaves Nanaimo for New Westminster
Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7 a. m.
James Harvey
Commercial Strret, Nanaimo,   B. C.
On und alter July 16th, the steamer Isabel will sail as follows, calling at
way ports:—
Leave Victoria for Nanaimo,
Tuesday at 7 u m
Leave Nanaimo for Comox,
Wednesday nt Bam
Leave Coinox lor Nnnaimo,
Thursday at 7 a m
Leave Nanaimo for Comox,
Friday at fl a m
Leave Coinox lor Nanaimo,
Saturday at 7 a m
Leave Nanniino (or Victoria,
Sunday at 7 n m
For Freight una!   IV*:aj|e apply on hoard.
Mar   i—It
Chop and Oyster House,
Long lliitlgc, Nanaimt),  11. C
Raw, Fry, Fancy Roast,
Plain Roast, Oyslcr Loaf,
New York Stew, Box Stew,  Pan Roast.
|^"Open clay and night. Meals 25 cents
and upwards. Board and Lodging by the
day, week or month.
apl^lf _
Naas River Oolachan
60 lbs. Kegs
Delivered tt. all parts ol the City from
Bullock's Brick Block, Victoria Crescent.
May 14—1 mo
Northern Pacific Rail'y
Via thc Cascade Division now" completed,
making it the Shortest, Best
and  Quickest.
The Dining Car Line. Tlie Direct Route.
No Delays, Fastest Trains, Lowest Rates
to Chicago and all Points East. Tickets
sold to all Prominent points throughout the
East and Sotith-East.
Through Pullman Drawing-room
Sleeting Cars.
Reservations can be secured in Advance.
Be careful  and do not make a mistake, but
lie sure to take the
Northern Pacific  Railway.
And sec that your ticket reds via THIS
LINE, St. Paul or Minneapolis, to avoid
changes and seiious delays occasioned by
other routes.
Through    Emigrant    Sleeping    Cars
Run on regular express trains lull length of
the line. Berths free. Lowest Rates.
Quickest Time.
Freight and Passenger Agent,
Nanaimo, B. C,
Asst. Gen. Pass. Agt.
ill First St., cor. Washington,
Portland, Or.
A general'Bank ing business transacted.
Telegraphic Transfers and Drafts on the
Eastern Provinces, Great Britain and the
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Shipping supplied  at short notice.
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Association—Headquarters, 455 Main
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tion of old and worthless accounts any
where in tho world, and no charge if not
collected. 0. E. Collins, Manager and
Treasurer. S. Perry Mills, Solicitor,
Victoria, B.C:	
It (MiitaiiiH all the Luteal
Dished up in readable sty If.
(iistiibiited early each   >
so tbat everyone can i i.
it at tlio breakfast
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And all the latest events of pnbll
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importance discussed
Its advantage aa an
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Printing & Publishing (JJ
W UlHi
ay debtors are herewith warned
nless they  pay what amount of
All in
that  unless they pay
money tbev owe me within the time
specified In vesterday's paper, they will
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Holloway's Fills & Ointment
has secured for itself an imperistuS
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Purify, regulate and improve the qualit 1
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the nervous system, and throw into the eM
culation the pure elements for sustaining andl
repairing the frame. r
Thousands of persons have testified thai,
by  their use alone thfy have been restore.1
to  health and strength after   every oth*
means have proved unsuccessful
Will be found invaluable in every Househ'
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ENGLISH   COURT   DRESSES. Q        | U TT1 Q I £1     -    Uctfi
■ Ct^C
t t --/. ivO
A Man Win
Kfl'orts, Fulxo niifl Correct, to Mako tlio
Skin Beautiful- Foolish rructlcas That
Do Moro tlurm Than Cooil— GlMU. Soft
Water tho Best or All.
Of all tho Rifts that ro lo the making up of
beauty nothins catches the oye ^distinctively and instantaneously as tboalaar red and
white tints that render the nioKt ordinary
COM nn attractive one. Tho lack of at least a
good complexion dims all other beauties, and
with n coarse or dingy skin tlie most perfect
Grecian profile excites no admiration.
Therefore it is that from the tieginning of
history women  havo resorted to all sortsof
devises for improving theircomplexiona from I a^iJJ^^^TliTli;
the pleasant and luxurious milk tab to the | §gm ..j-, ^g tho souna of .,a(l.
Tiled to Adopt Spanish Roles I
to rcnglish.
A gentleman who has but recently returned i
from  (California   was met at   the Weddell
boose yesterday    Ho Is an Interesting con* i
versatiunullst, and a master of the Spanish
language.   "The letter 'J' In Spanish," said i
he, "is a puzzler to those who first attempt to
learn the language.    I will tell you a story
which 1 read in a California paper that will
Illustrate this."   The story ran something as
follow*!   "A few days since a stranger from
tho unconverted  wilds  of  tho east,  where j
mugwuin.iery was born and tender feet attain [
their highest stato of sensitiveness, came out
to Pasadena to visit a friend.    Whilo walking ]
along Fair Oa lea avenue one day  ho said to j
his friend:
*l'Thero goes a man  1 met at  La Junto,1
giving the 'J' Its natural sound.
You mean l-a Hunta,' replied hia friend.
repulsive application of raw veal, and the discomfort of masks and poultices. Many of
these devices sound anything but cleanly; yet
the end to be attained was deemed worthy of
any inconvenience or suffering.
Tho constant and pet-severing uso of wator
only, had theso ancient domes but known it,
would havo effected tho desired transformation far more thoroughly; hut a fixed article
of belief with them in securing a good complexion was to abstain from washing tbo face
This idea Is said by a keen writer to havo had
fiomo grains of sense in It, as, when tho dogma
prevailed, bathing tho body was not practised
to any extent, and had the faco alone been
favored with ablutions tho unclogged pores
would speedily havo brought to tlio surface
the impurities that should havo escaped
through tho numerous outlets kept hi working order by the daily bath.
This error prevailed a long timo ago; but
even now a traditional woman, somebody's
grandmother or great grandmother, who
must have bad something feline In her nature, is brought to tho front with her bit of
flannel, which sho never even dampened,
merely polishing off her pretty face with it
every morning; and because of this habit—
we say in spite of it—sho had a complexion
-of lilies and roses I
It is quito possible to go to the other extreme, and utterly ruin the skin with soap
and water. A handsome brunette declared
that she owed her rich clear coloring and
satin texture to a liberal use of common
brown soap; but as this soap is the coarsest
and strongest of alkali preparations, nature
had probably'been extra generous in this
case, and given a complexion that remained
beautiful in spito of tho most ignorant at*
tempts to spoil it. Twice a week is often
enough for the use of soup, which should bo
of the purest and most delicate kind; and
just beforo retiring is tho host timo to apply it.
A lady who retained hor fine, fresh complexion as long ussho lived, which was some
years over 70, always washed her faco at
night with very warm water, using white
Castile soap once ortwicoa week. Her hands
did tho work of a wash rag and the snap was
rinsed off with a softspongo. The complexion
should never bo exposed to tho outside ah*
nor to tho fire within an hour after washing,
and the samo timo should elapse after a wnlk
or drive beforo applying water to tlio face.
It should at all times bo protected from wind
and sun by n veil, the thicker (hu better, nud
green and gray aro tho best colors to use, ns
blue draws tho sun and causes freckles.
Sleeping in a mask can scarcely l»o called a
comfortable proceeding, but It is said to bo a
marvelous whltener of the complexion, and
two or threo hundred j-cars ago it was in
common uso among the Kronen court ladies.
Tho fashion has been revived In the "cosmetic
masks" so often advertisod, and used with
very powerful applications. But soft water
and a closely fitted faco covering of quilted
cotton or chamois skin are more efficacious
than theso olaborato^ and expensive appliances, and thoy aro certainly harmless.
A clear, fresh complexion gives a look of
cleanliness to the person possessing it, and
tho practicoof cleanliness will best accomplish this result, as thero ia no heautillei
equal to tho daily tepid bath. But any water
will not do, aud hard water U almost worse
than none. If not naturally soft, it should
bo mado bo with ammonia or borax. That
wonderful old lady, Diana of Poitiers, who
persisted in being beautiful at such an uu-
, reasonable ago, Is 6aid to havo used no cosmetic but a daily bath of ruin water. This
is a wonderful preserver and freshener of the
complexion, but at tho present day it is a
somewhat inaccessible remedy. A handful
of bran to a basin of water 1ms n very cloans-
ing and softening effect, and oatmeal is
equally good.
Tho ancient Egyptian women of tho higher
class, whoso complexions were of roso loaf
texture and coloring, bathed aot only daily,
but almost hourly, and never woro then* linen
a second time without washing. As frequent
a change of underclothing as possiblo Is a
decided beautifier of tho complexion, and this
luxury, once indulged in, is not easily given
up. Diluted lotos water was the favorite
hath in tho land of the pyramids, but our
owu Klorida and roso waters nro considered
even better.
A salt bath, too, lapxcellcnt; and it Is not'
necessary to go to the sea shore for lt, as a
fow cents' worth of rock salt will supply the
luxury for a month. A good sized lump dissolved iu a basin of water is all that is needed
for a single application. Besides Invigorating
the system, this bath is said to freshen the
complexion and restore tho appearanco of
youthfulness. Ono certainly "feels good"
Many simplo purifiers, grently in vogue two
generations ago, when cosmetics wero considered "Biuful," have lost nono of theu* active
virtues. Among these old fashioned romedies
a tablespoonful of sulphur, with as much
molasses as is needed to mix It, taken every
other morning for a week, and then, with an
Interval of three days, resumed again for another week, has quito a magical effect on a
muddy or eruptivo skin. Cream of tartar is
also good; milk, if it does not disagree with
the stomach, is a very beautifying beverage;
and grape juice, pure and simple, gives the
loveliest of tints, becauso it makes the purest
A glass of hot water, as near tho boiling
point as can be tolerated, taken about an hour
before each meal, helps greatly to keep the
complexion In order; and half a lemon may
bo added if desired, but no sugar. Powdered
charcoal Is often efficacious. A teaspoonfui
mixed with water should be taken three
nights in succession, and then followed by
citrate of. magnesia to remove it from the
system. *
Prevention, however, is always better than
cure; and a proper or improper diet is suro to
tell upon the complexion.—Horper'B Bazar
Is that sol Well, 1 must try to catch on
to that.' After strolling along a short distance further he asked:
"•Where are tho caves of La Jolla, whieh
I see so much about in the papers?
" 'You should say La Hoya caves.   They
are about three miles this side of San Diego.1
"'Dam tholauguago; it breaks mo all up.
That's a protty nice houso over thero—that's
! Armijo's house, isn't (tf   And again he gavo
! the 'J' ita proper pronunciation.
I     " 'You mean tbo Armeho house.    Yes; it's
! a good ono, too.1
j     " 'Damsicba way of abusing tho English
alphabet.    1  reckon,   then,   that  must  bo
j Hoveno's store which   I  stopped at  In Los
i Angelesf
" 'No, that is not a Spanish name.   I think
| It Is French.   However, it is pronounced aa
| spelled, Jeveno.'
" 'Well, how in Santa Po is a fellow goiug
to tell what is Spanish and what Isn't? Why
couldn't they build their language on the
original plan?'
**'Oh, you'll soon catch it. You will find
it safest to give the Spanish pronunciation to
nearly everything here.'
"An hour later ho eat down at the table of
tho elegantly furnished Carlton hotel, and,
after scanning tho bill of fare, the stranger
said to tho waiter:
" 'You may bring mo a nice huicy piece of
roost boef, Bomo pig's howl with caper sauce,
some fricasseed hack rabbit, somo pork with
apple helly, some boiled potatoes with currant ja—I mean currant ham, and, ah,
"At this point tho waiter swooned and the
guests in tho room let out a roar of laughter
that gave the chandeliers tho chills and fever.
This mado the stranger mad, and he leaned
to his feet liko a crazy man, took off his coat
and threw it dowu on the floor, stamped on
it and howled;
" 'You fellows are trying to play me for a
sucker, but, by the eternal, you 'have struck
tho wrong snag. I am a disguised cyclone
from Illinoy and can lick tho whole crowd.
Spanish? I can Bling moro Spanish in a holy
minuto than Montezuma could in a wholo
year. Lot some idiot pull off his bucket and
hump Into me, and the first time I hit him
ho will think he hns tho himhams. Spanish?
My name is Jeromi—1 mean Horemlah Hones,
from Hacksonvillo, Illinoy, und whon my
dander's up I'm a ravin' hyena. You played
me for a sucker, but you musn't budge a man
by his looks, whoop 1 go round tho hubilee.
Somebody como out and faco me. Let somo
himcrow galoot como to tho front and criticise my Spanish hargon.'
"His friends got hold of him and took him
from tho room, and as he went through the
door ho remarked:
" '1 can tnko a hoke, but it makes mo mad
for a lot of backasses to play rae for a
greeny,'"—Cleveland Leader.
An Accessory to the Fact.
New Method of Sinking Shafts.
The old method of sinking wells or shafts by
a wooden crib surmounted by masonry Is
superseded of lato in Belgium by the uso of
hollow cylindrical flections of cement tubing
of the required diameter, smooth externally,
with inside collars jointed with liquid cement.
As the excavation proceeds, sections of tho
tubing aro added at tho top until tbo required
depth isohtai-icd, when the opening is closed
with a cement slab, having a manbolo In the
center.—Chicago Times.
Boot <S Shoemaker,
Miss De Trenure's Mold (just as Wiltby Is
preparing to go on bis knees for an avowal)—
Just a moment, sir. They most all generally
uses this, sir.—Time.
A Slip of the Tongue.
An agreeable young man whom I often
meet was cnlling with duo ceremony on a
nice Auburn girl tho other evening, when hor
bvothor Tom, just arrived homo from collego
on the evening train, rushed into the room
and embraced his sister.
"Why, how plump you've grown, Edith!"
he exclaimed. "You're really quite an arm-
"Isn't sho)" exclaimed tbe agreeable young
man, and then ho felt a chill racing down bis
spinal column. "That is," be stammered,
"I've no doubt of It—I"	
The brother looked carving knives at bim,
and tbe maiden blushed furiously,
"I mean—or," said be, "I should judge sol"
—Lewiston Journal.
No Portago Stamp..
Old Man—If tbat young Idiot in tho parlor
ain't got sense enough to make shorter calls
ho might as well be of Rome use. Ask bim if
ho can spare me a postage stamp.
Daughter (after a trip to the parlor)—Ho
says he's very sorry, but ho called at the post
office today to renew his supply of postage
stamps, but he hadn't anything smaller than
a Svo hundred dollar bill in his vest pocket,
and tbey couldn't change that.
"Eh! By Jinks! Well, you ninny, go back
to the parlor. Don't you know better than to
leave your company alone like that?"—Sow
Vork Weekly.
The Grocer's Gift.
To a grocery store In a Massachusetts village there came lately an Irish woman who
said to the grocer:
"Mr. 0 , Rbui-o and havo ye niver an
Impty Hour birrel tbat I can have to make a
hen coop for me little bogt"
The grocer gave her the barrel.—Detroit
Free Press. 	
Times Bave Changed.
First Tramp—Ah, yes, I've seen better
days, better ilr.ys. 1 used to bo a manufacturer of roller skates.
Second Tramp—Maine way with me, pard,
somo way with me. 1 used to be a manufacturer of pocket diaries.—Phfladolphla Record.
tutors No Comment or Complaint—Mayhap a Little Short on Flesh anil Blood,
bat Long od Bones, antl OtherwI.e si
Triie Philosopher.
"To what base uses we may return,
Horatio," says the gospel of Bacon, ac- i
cording to Shakespeare.
A man sits in the window of a store
on Wabash avenue,  who,  if ho wonld .
consent to break the silence ho has fallen j
into, could utter the samo sentiment.
He has experienced all the depths and
shallows of lifo and now smiles a peren-
□tai smile at all existence.
Summer melts him into a smile and
winter freezes' it on him. He is really
the only Chicago "L'Homme quirit."
Tho slamming door never seems to jar
his nerves, nor do wind gusts puff his
, joints Into rheumatics; tho school girl, !
| passing, comments on his ugliness in hie
i presence; tho ologue, extractor of great
! thoughts from   small   cavities, passes,
] glances at him and makes a memoran-
J dum "suggestive of Ezekiel's vision; no
commentator hitherto has explained tbat
chapter; 1 may bo able to throw some
light on it;" sympathy embalmed in per-
j fume ancl guarded by a fierce cane ap-
j proaches and discovers, through a glass,
the  smiling   philosopher.     "Absolutely
I abominable!   Such a beastly caricature
to be exhibited in public."   Even a boot-
: black passes comments on him: "Stuck
j on yourself, ain't you?  Grin like It, anyway.   Need a shine all the same, cause
you ain't polished in your manners."
All day tho philosopher with nothing
j but a smile left on him hears the wisdom
[ and prattle of all classes.
He still Bits in his chair as the gray
pall of the night falls upon the city, as
the moonlight comes over tho lake he
and the man In the moon smile at each
'other, though his is the wiser smile of
the two. The stars come out and wink
at him, birt he has peered farther than
their tiny lanterns reveal. He has orossed
the bridge of the milky way and knows
tho very keystone of Its architecture.
He could write an astronomy that would
answer more than preachers can ask.
He has hunted with Orion and found the
end of the rainbow. The rage of a comet
he ls indifferent to.
Still in the gray of the morning he
sits in the shop window looking only
Into the street. He sees the stirring
clerk lift the shades, planning to gobble
the proprietor after awhile; he sees the
proprietor a little later scheming an
under thrust at other proprietors. Soon
after ho sees the incoming tide of humanity that is to flow twelve hours, then
ebb, surge and beat higher and stronger;
a merciless wave in which some are on
top and others go down and are lost.
His ear discerns the groans of the lost
amid the exultlngs of the successful.
Yet he regards the little atom of humanity that is crushed into paving stone for
another and the proud victor alike, witb
a smile. On the lady who caricatures a
dromedary and suffers her life to be
choked within six inches of her neck to
be a lady, passing on her way to tell her
dearest friend that the long haired musician who refused to play at the latter's
muslcale is to play only at hers, is bestowed tho same. He moves his toothless jaws In attempt to mumble "valutas
Then be looks back Into the shop where
he is engaged and where doctors' supplies are kept. The sight of a little powder or a bit of steel, confidently expected
to regulato the length of human lifo,
brings another smile. It is to him as if
a lish in Mammoth cave should suddenly
Bop up and command: "Let there bo
He smiles approvingly at the rapid
growth of science when some physician
comes in and recounts "a beautiful operation, but unfortunately the patient died
at the end." He himself is an advertisement of the climax of medical practice,
and illustrates what the physician means
when he promises to "bring one through
He knows, too,* which are the bread
pellets on tho shelves for ladies who
want to see their doctor but not his medicine, and which are intended to necessitate a return visit.
And the drugs tliat carry one to the
shadowy bourne.
He knows which dental punches fill
up cavities while slyly puncturing others,
and the braces which used once become
At the same time he sees honest old
Dr. Fillbags tremblingly stumble upon a
discovery that reverses the whole treatment of a disease and the smile radiates
through the very sutures of his cranium.
Physicians' blunders do not at the
same time annoy him. They support
the world. A doctor starts after a man
—soon the undertaker follows; then the
florist; the merchant in mourning goods
and the dressmaker join the procession,
followed by the preacher. The lawyer
brings up the rear with a cavalcade of
probate judges, clerks and executors.
Some private school will soon receive an
addition or two, while society will be
furnished divertlsement in a captivating
relict's guileless disportings. And all because of the doctor's pill.
The bony philosopher knows that the
doctor Is tho connecting link in humanity. Unmoved in the midst of the whirl,
to the turbulent and the grasping, to the
idle and frivolous alike, ho has the same
It was printed 800 years ago across the
water, above the skull and crossbones ot
a brother in a Nuremburg cathedral, and
As you are now, so once waa I;
As 1 am now, soon you shall bo;
Frspsra. for death, anal follow ue.
—Chicago Times.
Probuble Reason Why Bare Shoulders Has.
So Long Been the Bale.
Tbo "decolletoo"' stylo of dress which has so
long prevailed at tho English court probably
originated from the fact that the court of
George IV was destitute of a queen, and that
his maje3ty was foo rr-ich occupied by tho
mlnutia-of hisov.n wardrobe to pay attention to tho toilets of tho ladles who rendered
their obeisance to him on drawing room days.
Tbe reign of William IV avas too brief to allow Queen Adelaide to do much toward the
modlllcation of court dress; avhile when our
present   gracious   sovereign
Hastings Street, East  of Carroll,
Ihis extensive establishment baa . , : ., ,uca.     A largs aad well selected stock of
Carriages,    Uuggies.    l^uekboucls,
HnP^r *3r*.nPIKP Having  ".ecu-red  tht   best  iboei  on tlie Coast, litis de-jartnient will be made a
flUnuL'UnUUlilUi        specialty.    We  uuarantee to  prevent horses  from  interfering or over-reaching
tuetAJtaJka     II (l-I'M IS ■bod ai.C ttCatCQ on the latest approved principles.
pppATlTVip Repairing (nail ils branches, as well as sfAlVlaSii, XM J1UIIJ. V, tU'., done with
tlLriHllilUi        neatness anu at inouerate prices.     Light and Heavy i ■-• t*t. ■ .m«** of every des-.iipiio L
atltuiueu lu.     sfisLKVeryj -Jcpariuictil  will receive the personal m per vision of our Mr. McNiiUB, aii old e a-
USCended    the    perienced workman, well an-' favorably known in many parts ot the Uominion.
Next  Hubert's  Furniture
To the Travelling Pnblic
— —-TO   ALL   POINTS   ON   TKt	
And ill connections mny be lau.l   In n
flssT*Repairing «i all "tinds promptly I
A-^wS *° A  SHAW, Agent,   -   -   Nanaimo
throne sho was too young and too inexperi- I
enced to formulate a new code of ceremonial i
costume. She did not devise a court dress,
but she found one. It was essentially of the
bare shouldered sort, but the "nudite des
gorges" which prevailed in 181.8, and for several years afterward, had a perfectly Innocent motive. Few iadies who "follow the
fashions," or who consult the hundred and
one fashion periodicals pnured out from the
press every month and every week, have any
Idea of tho extreme simplicity of the patterns
of female attire which were in vogue fifty
and oven forty years u(;o. It is sufficient to
say that the bodice and tho skirt of a dross
were generally in one piece; that tho gown
fastened by hooks and eyes behind; that the
skirts wero never "draped," and tbat their
sole ornamentation was flounces. The only
practical way in which a lady could show
that she was In full dress waa to wear a low
necked dress and to bare her arms. Moreover, bodices were, wben made low, universally cut horizontally Instead of on a bias,
and the female novelists of the last generation found unfailing material of fun iu depicting the torments undergone by growing
girls at evening parties in their endeavors to
prevent their low necked frocks from slipping
off their shoulders.
When a lady went to court she glorified
herself with a train, a tall "panache" of
plumes, and as many diamonds as fortune
had favored her with; otherwise tbe cut of
her gown did uot materially differ from that
of the school girl's low necked muslin frock.
Nowadays everything In this direction is altered. The bodice of a fashionable ball or
dinner dress has as many angles and curves
as the diagram of an advanced problem in
Euclid; while the skirt, with or without a
•rain, is an elaborate and delightful puzzle of
puffs, panels, folds and furbelows. The charm
of modern female dress lies chiefly in the fact
that, if a lady so chooses, sho con go as bare
necked as Neil Gwynne at Hampton court, or
as discreetly veiled up to tho throat as Mary
Tudor, and be still in evening dress; that she
can exhibit her shoulder hlades to the utmost
by wearing a bodice cut behind In a V shape,
and that, In front, she may open or close her
corsago, depress it, or make it ascend, just as
she likes. At court, hitherto, no such lati
tilde has been allowed. Low necked dresses
bave been adhered to year after year, to the
generation of innumerable colds and coughs
among the ladies who bave had to sit shivering tn their carriages in tbo Mall, and In tho
bleakest early spring weather, before they
could reach Buckingham palace on drawing
room days. To these sufferers from tho grim
exigencies of etiquette tbe new "high court
dress" rescript will come as a most gracious
and graceful boon. Health, common sense
and good taste will alike benefit by this timely
concession, which is modified only by the
harmless requirement that tho "fichu" of the
bodice shall pass "under u stomacher such as
was worn in the Eighteenth century." The
"Eighteenth century" is an elastic term, antl
tho court dressmakers may be depended upon
to make It suit their own notions of a tasteful
■•high court dress."—London Standard.
Advising Gen. Grunt.
Private soldiers have theu- own privato
opinions, even about tho behavior of their
commanding officers, and now and tben they
cannot help expressing them. The historian
of the Ninety-sixth Ohio regiment cites an
instance, at tho siegt* of Vicksburg. At 9
o'clock overy morning, fn full view of tho
three forts, and always over tho same course,
Gen, A J. Smith could bo seen riding the
same black pacer at lightning speed.
At that hour, therefore, the Confederate
artillerists stood to their pieces, knowing
they should have a chance to shoot at tho
"old white hat" which tho general always
woro. As a consequence tho boys came to
expect a daily battlo shower at precisely 9
Gen. Grant, too, made his daily investigations, at first riding about with his staff, apparently paying no attention to consequences, individual or collective. At last he
seemed to discover that his appearing with so
many attendants caused an unnecessary exposure of his men, and next day he came
alono. This did not lessen tbe enemy's attentions, and on tho following morning he appeared without insignia of rank and mounted
on a mule.
He halted in the rear of the Ninety-sixth
Ohio, surveyed tho position In open view of
the enemy, and, Intent on knowledge, coolly
drew his field glass, took a steady survey,
apparently not being aware of the well aimed
shot and shell that whizzed past or exploded
above and around bim.
This play of fireworks over to the soldiers In
the trenches was a Uttle trying to their
nerves, and one of the men became thoroughly indignant.
"See here, you old fool," he shouted to the
distinguished observer, who was only a few
rods distant, "if you don't get off that mule,
you'll get shot I"
Some one informed the man who it was to
whom he was administering such peremptory
"Well, I don't care]" he retorted. "What's
ho foolin' round here for, any wayi We're
shot at enough, without takin' any chances
with him."—Youth's Companion.
A.  T.   McNABB   &   Co.
Ink stains are removed by the Immediate application of dry salt before the
ink has dried. Wlien the salt becomes
discolored by absorbing the ink, brush it
off and apply more; wet slightly. Continue this till the ink is all removed.
Min.np Engineer, United States and
Provincial Surveyor and Assayer. Vancouver, B. C.
Reliable reports, underground surveys and t»aps
of mines executed at low rates. Assays made un all
kinds of Minerals, Golu und Silver bars. Thirty
years experience in mining in Asia. Europe and
United States of America. Speaks ten languages.
Assays from a distance promptlv attended to.
Address, Vancouver, B. C.
All quartz for assaying left with W. 0
Hallack, Nanaimo, will be promptly forwarded to Dr. Bredemev*!*.
Government Street - - Victoria, B. C.
i leposita lieeeiveai in Gold, Silver Bad 0. S. Currency,    lnti'inst paid on the Bame
on time deposits.
Gold Dust aud U. £". Currency pure-based at biizhest market rates.
"■j-"" Sight Drafts aud Telegraphic Transfers or P*u   Francisco, New Vork and
Kxobange ou Londou available in all parts of Europe, England,  Ireland and
Letters of Credit issued oo the principal Citi-s of tlie Qui ted Blab**, Cauadu aud
HT Agents for Wells, Fargo & Co. Ail
At CO.. Proprietors.
Assorted Jumbles,
Assorted Tlngers,
Coffee Cake,
Cheese Biscuits,
Currant Tops.
Ginger Snaps,
Graham Wafers.
Olnger Cake,
Family Pilot.
Fancy Mixed.
Fruit Blear,
Iced Ginger Bread.
Iced Sultana.
Lemon Snaps..
Lemon Biscuit.
Nftw York bnaus.
Oat Meal,
Rich Mixed,
Soda Crack*..
Ssed Biscuit,
Sugar Crackers.
Spice Ja.mb.es.
SuLfai Cookies.
SulT..iaa  Biscuit,
Vanilla Cream.
lite., Etc.
Price List Furnished. Orders M. ornptlv attended to.   Ask youi C. ■ cei
if NESBITT. DICKSON at. CO.'S Biscuits.
III.*.K1 S. m A *•.►•«,
4 I Vl.I'lt A. HOLLAND.
56 New
Broad St.
*hr business of ALLSOP  <*! MASON has been merged in   the
.- Company antl will be carried on  by tye Company from   this
daUtas a General Land Investment and Insurance Agency.
MflallTV Tfl I RAM ON n°KTO*<*e at low hates.
Ifl UN t T    I U   LUAIt Town Lou a ml Farming Lands fat
sale on easy terms.
TIME   TABLE   No.   io.
VICTORIA TO Vancoaivtr anj Moodyvtlle daily
except Monday, at 4 o'clock.
VANCOUVER TU Victoria, daily, except Monday,
at 13:13 o'clock or on the amva! of the C. e■
Railaaay Train.
S.S. PREMIER will leave as follows:—Vancouvel
2 p. in., Mondays and Thursdays, returning
leaves Seattle Wednesdays and S'atBrJays at 6
a.ui., arriving in Vancouver about 6 p.m., this tu
take effect Thursday, February 9th.
Leaves VICTORIA for New Westminster, I.adner's
Lauding aud Lulu Island, Sunday, and Thursdays at 7 .'clock, Tuesdays at S o'clock.
Leave NEW WESTMINSTER for Victoria and
way ports on Monday at 2 p.m., Wednesday and
Friday at 7 a.m.
PLUMPER PASS, Sunday at 7 o'clock.
Steamers for Hope and way pons leave New Westminster every Thursday: For Chiliiwlaack and
way landings every Tuesday and Saturday at
7 a.m.
-'.earner MALDE leaves Victoria for Alberni and
Sound ports once a month.
Steamship Sardonyx will leave for Fort Simpson  aud
intermediate ports on the First  and  Fifteenth of
each  month.    Whenever   sufficient    inducement
offers will call at points on the  West Coast and
a^ueen Charlotte Islands.
I'he company reserves thc right of changing this
["lm. table at any time without notihcatlun.
Oen. Agent. Manager.
Nanaimo Land Office.
Hfc,\YCA>TLE DISTRICT—Seven acres,
mure or less, very good Una, MilUtreaui
running through, dose to <"om-<x Roods
A desirable homestead, minerals included—
Newcastle Townsite—Lot oS, liiuck 3
$225 Terms,
Lot 43, block io, $500 cash.
Lot 8, block 13, $1800 terms. Splendid
business site.
Lots 11 and 12, block 6—$1000.
Locations for residences and business sites
throughout the city.
Nine blocks in the Syndicate Addition to
l'ort Angeles. Jb'.irn-i, in all parts of he
Province. d
ing from business he begs to notify
all persons! indebted to him to settle
their accounts on or before thc 30ah June
proximo. Accounts remaining unpaid
nfter that date will be placed in the
hands of an attorney for collection. All
persons to whom the undersigned is indebted are requested to hand in their
claims for payment, on or before the
above mentioned dates.
Nanaimo, 19th April,  '89.
Dr. J.   Collis   Browne'-*
Uow to Make Frtendn with a Dog.
A goal many peoplo aro bitten by dogs,
when very few need bo. In tbo first place
people should not meddle with dogs wbo do
dot know them. Every uow and theu some
body startles a dog by laying a strange Laud
upon him, pokes him with a stick or pushes
him with the foot and "is bitten by a vi-.-i-.ui*
dog."   Why not let tbe dog alono!
There are people with the bad habit of
meddling with what does not concern them,
and there are children wbo have beeu taught
no better than to touch, if they can, whatever takes their fancy. These are the people
bitten by dogs. Not once in ten thousand
times does a dog molest a person who minds
bis own business, no matter how crabbed the
dog may bo.
If, however, you are bound to approach
and touch a dog, do It properly. There is
only one way. It Is this: Put out your hand
easily and confidently to the dog, so that he
may smell it. Put it to hts noso. If he sniffs
at U and wags bis tail or otherwise shows
friendliness then you may speak to him and
pat him on tho head if you like, and perhaps
use other familiarities; but if, when you
offer your band, the dog remains sullen and
passive, the sooner you take away your hand
tbe better. Never approach a strange dog
witb either timidity or menace; but, as we
have said, the best way is to let all strange
dogs alone, and get auy desired information
about tbem from those who havo the honor
of their personal friendship.—Our Dumb
Antpials. _^	
Albion Iron Works.
engineers,  iron   founders   and
hoiler makers,
Manufacturer*, of Marine bq0- I,ami E nee*.
Boilers, Fish Canning aud Mining Machinery,
Hydraulic liinm and Pipo REPAIRS euciit-eu
with dUpatch.   Works running night and day
Advice to invalids—If you wish to obtain
quiet refreshing sleep, free from headache,
relief from pain and anguish, to calm and
assuage the weary achings of protracted
disease, invigorate the nervous media, and
regulate the circulating systems ofthe body,
you will provide yourself with tnat marvellous remedy discovered by Dr. J. Collis
Browne date Army Medical Staff), to which
he gave the name of CHLORODYNE, and
which is admitted by the profession to be the
most wonderful and valuable remedy ever
CHLORODYNE is the best remedy
known for Coughs, Consumption, Bronchitis,
CHLORODYNE acts like a charm in
Diarrhcea, and is the only specific in Cholera
and Dysentery.
CHLORODYNE effectually cuts short all
attacks of Epilepsy, Hysteria, Palpitation
and Spasms.
CHLORODYNE is the only palliative in
Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Gout, Cancer.
Toothache, Meningitis, &:., &c.
From Symes & Co., Pharmaceutical
Chemists Medical Hall, Simla, January 5th,
1880: To J. T. Davenport, Esq., 33 Greal
Russell Street, Bloomsbury, London, Dear
Sir:—We embrace this opportunity of congratulating you upon the wide-spread reputation this justly esteemed medicine, Dr. J.
Collis Jrowne's Chlorodyne, has earned for
itself, not only in Hindostan, but all over
the East. As a remedy of general utility,
we much question whether a better is imported into the country, and we shall be
glad to hear of its finding a place in every
Anglo-Indian home. The other brands, we
are happy to say, are now relegated to the
native bazaars, and judging from their salel
we fancy their soj'.irn there will be but
evanescent. We could multiply instances
infinitum of the extraordinary efficacy of
Dr, Collis itrowne's Chlorodyne in Diarrhea,
and 2nd Dysentery Spasms, Cramps,
Neuralgia, the Vomiting of Pregnancy, and
a*., general Sedative, that have ot-bURed
uno^t our personal observation during many
years. In Choleraic Diurrhara, and even if
the more terrible forms of Cholera itself, we
have witnessed its controlling power. We
have never used '.ny other iotul of this
medicine than Collis Browne's, from a firm
conviction that it is decidedly ihe best, and
also from a sense ol duty we owe to the pro]
fession .and the public, as we nre ofthe
opinion tnat the substitution of any other
than Collis Browne's, is A DELIBERATE
faithfully yours, Symes & Co., Members of
the Phatm. Society of Great Britain, His
Excellancy the Viceroy's Chemists.
CAUTION.—Vice-Cnancellor Sir VV.
Page Wood stated that Dr. J, Collis Browne
was, undoubtedly, the inventor uf Chlorodyne! that the story of the defendant, Frek
man, was deliberately untrue, which, he
regretted to say, had been sworn to—Se<
•The Times," July 13, 1884.
Sold in bottles at is. ij^d., 2s. od., 4s.
6d., and lis. each. None is genuine without the words '*Dr. J. Collis Browne's
Chlorodyne" on the Government stamp-
Overwhelming medical testimony accompanies each bottle.
Caution—Beware of Piracy and Imitating.
Sole Manufactures—J. T. Davenport, 33
Great Russell Street, Bloomsburv TLondon
[Between  Nanaimo and   Vancouver.]
Stkamer Rainbow.
Arrives    at     Nanaimo     Tuesdays—Leaves
Nanaimo Wednesday morning.
Trains leave Nanaimo for Victoria.   9:04 a.m.
m        <•          .*        »• Wellington      12:29 p.m.
" arrive in    " from Victoria    12:20 p.m.
11      •-    -■     11    m Wellington       8:e5 A. M.
On Saturdays an extra train leaves Nanaimo for Victoria at 1:56 P. M. A train also
leaves Victoria for N-nuaimo, arriving here
at 6:55 P. M.. and le?***** for Wellington at
10:15 P. M. *
Mails close daily for Victoria
and  way  stations  8 a.m.
"    Arrive     12:20 a, m.
"   Close for Wellington...    11:45 a.m.
" For Comox, Alberni and
way stations every Wednesday  7 P. m.
G. H. BLAKEWAY & 00.
The Nanaimo Pharmacy
Physician Prescriptions carefully compounded
Country orders uromDtlv attended 10.
NANAIM I),    Jl. C.
J.   I".   J1"\KI\S,        ■       Proprietor.
T. A Adam nnd  R. Schilling have
opened a
on Commercial Street
opposite the Co-operative Store. They
will keep nothing but the best stock ol
Fruits, Temperana-e Drinks, Ice Cream,
Cigars, Tobacco anal Smokers' requisites,
Give them a trial and be convinced.
Alex.1 Mayer -&io.,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Gbneral.
Orders   promptly   and   carefully delivered*
•shipping supplied and ships dis
Commercial  Street,
Harewood Lake, Mny 27th, 1889.
Strayed on to my premises one iron
grey cow with a young call. The owner
is requested to come and pay charges and
take away the cow.
Wm. Blackmore,
Architect,   Etc.
c. c. Mckenzie,
Land Agent, Conveyancer, Accountant
and Insurance Agent.
■*—C. L. Smith's Building- Button Street,
Town Lot** mid Farms for Sale.    Money to Loin c i
Mortgag1* at low rate**.
Agent for the Glasgow and London Fire Insur
Watchmaker and Jeweler,
Commercial St., Nauaimo, B.C*
Watches and Jewelry bought, sold and
Spectacles and Eye-Glasses
&c, on band.
Corporation of the City of
Nanaimo, B. G.
By-Law to appoint a time and place for
hearing complaints against Real Kstate Assessments. Whereas by a by-law dated the
6th day of May.1889, the 13th day of May was
appointed for lhe return by the Assessor to
the Municipal Council ofthe Real Estate Assessment Roll, for the year 1889.
and, whereas the said roll was returned on
that day, and whereas it is necessary to appoint a time and place for hearing the complaints of such person or persons as may complain of his or their assessments, appearing on
lhe said roll.
Be it therefore enacted by thc Mayor and
Aldermen of the city ol Nanaimo as follows:
1. That all complaints that have been
duly made, or shall be duly made, by any
person or persons of his or their assessments
as thc same may appear on thc said assess
ment roll forthe year 1889. shall be heard at
thc city council chamber, Nanaimo, on Tuesday, thc iSth day ofjune, 1889, at thc hour
of 10 o'clock in thc forenoon and at 2 o'clock
in the afternoon, or as soon thereafter as the
said complaints can be heard.
2. This by-law may be cited for all purposes as the appeal by-law,  18S9.
Passed by the Municipal Council this 3rd
day ofjune, 1889, affirmed by the Municipal
Council this 10th day of Tune, 1889.
C. M. C. Mayor.
The Mutual Life Insurance
Tho ..argon. < oinpan r 1st the World.
Assets, $126,000,000.
Beoeipts for Year 1888 ,$26,000,000
Paid Policy Holders, 1888, $14,000,000.
General Solicitor. Joseph Reii>.
Head  Office  for   British   Columbia
Heihtkrman at Cai., *>o. 8, Hastion Street
Victoria, B.O. TEE  NANAIMO COURIER, TUESDAY    JULY  23,   1889
TTJE8DAV,    .ITI.V   :3,   1889.
Wc arc surry to announce
theriahas again attacked a
Mr. Gordon's family.
that .li-.h-
member oi
: Praparllls   French   Crimlnnl.  fur  the Fall
Wink   if   progressing rapidly on thej «>r iho Ouiiiotine'. KnUe.
lien* Opera houso. Toward 4 or 5 o'clock, when everything is
Brewers tav thi-   ie  excellent •vi;itlhcr.rea<1you!side, tho warden ofthe prison, ac-
for their business oompanled by several officials, goes to the
Boating parties  arc  numerous these j K3SS?1 man* ce"' atlf -^akins hia, by
Dlea-nirf ivpnlnM *h" sl,ouldei", announces that his alemand for
,'1     ..."**; ,        .       ,       ,  : a pardon has been rejected, says a Paris let-
The singing in the Presbyterian church , ter.   As soon as the prisoner has dressed him-
i self Iio '
Mires Doivn.
Owing to an accident lo the wires
about 11 o'clock last night, we are unable
to furnish as much telegraphic news as
4'uocl Morii'iitr,
.lust received (at the'"Box";
large anal well selected stock of
an.l men's tweed suits
at T. I., lirowne A Co.
TOlll    "a'.flli lo   '"""I
A liood Km. ui Fish.
A good run of lish is reported from the
Eraser river on Sunday night, as many as
1*>0 being taken by one boat. The run i.s
supposed to have started in real earnest,
ami everybody around the canneries is
exciteal and busy.
All Op.-ii Tup.
The attention of the Water Commit-
lioiier is called to an open water tap near
ihe t'oiRiKH office whicli cannot very
readily  be closed.    I! is  running night I the sights ol the
anal day, anal
ions mud puddl
creating quite
Sunday evening was excellent.
Senator McDonald and his daughter, o
Toronto, are staying in Victoria.
The horse in Saturday's accident prove;
not to have been seriously injured.
For the finest and newest perfumes jji
io Blakeway at Co., Druggists. jyL'l-lm
The shore on  the east  side   of
Green" was crowded with bathers Sunday
At low tide the stench arising trom the
mudfint oppositi' Thc Crescent is something awful.
Members of the Chicago < lorricdy Company say thev enjoyed themselves hugely while in Nauaimo.
Blakeway a": Co, have the most complete stock of toilet requisites on tbe
Island. jy21-lm
The Junior Brass Band, in their new
uniforms, assisted very materially to enliven the cricket field.
The Nebraska Press Association visited
Victoria on Saturday and alter viewing
citv left yesterday for
In    the    baseball    match,    Stars    v
"•• Thistles, played at Victoria on Saturday
keal'r Arrives. , the Stars won easilv.   Score—Stars,   '
The sealing schooner Aurora arrived at Thistles, 10.
The Vancouver Lacrosse Club ia train
Victoria from the north ou Saturday with
nearly 500 skins. The vessel did not go
into Behring Sea and dial nol speak any
vessels of late. The weather on the I rip
was verv boisterous.
if ho so desires, left alono with the
chaplain for a few moments; afterward he is
led to the toilet room, First, his shirt collar
is cut away sulliciently to allow the guillotine
knife to fall upon his baro neck; then he is
fastened with a cor.-l starting from the shoulders and connecting with another coral that
lunals tho two wrists; a third cord goes from
"Thr the wrist to iho knees, where it ts Joined to
another cord already passed around tho legs.
Thus strapped the culprit is obliged to
march as straight as an I, with bis head
throavn hack. When tbo preparations are
ended tho procession starts for the guillotine, tho prisoner being supported by two of
tho beadsman's aids ami accompanied by the
executioner, tho clinplaui and tho other officials. Tho huge prison doors aro tin-own
open and the first object tho condemned man
sees Ls tho black trapeziform Icnifo, which,
contrary to tho general impression, is not
concealed from his gaze. The distauco from
tho doortothe guillot ino is scarcely twenty
steps, and ns soon as the criminal reaches tho
swinging board the chaplain quits him, the
executioner sei7.es him and pushes him on to
tho bascule. Pant Paula click anil a thud;
the fall of the knife, tho heavy sound of
tho body falling into the brand box. The
movements aro almost simultaneous. The
knife falls.   Tho criminal disappears.
As soon as tho ceremony is over tho body Is
placed iu a wagon anal conveyed to Ivoy
cemetery, whero it is buried in tho turnip
field.   When the parents reclaim the boaly
ing   haril  and  will,  in   all  probability.
make a good showing against the Victoria ; and it ta interred In another part of the oeme-
team next Saturday 'T no namo is over put upon tha headstone,
Brush  fires am tlie west side of  town ' inorder not to excite publiocuriosity. _When
iio*.-*  Practice
At tlieir practice. lasl evening on
made the atmosphere exceedingly smoky ; %£%££ thTSy 7*£S
Com- yesterday and Sunday,  hesides causing  [^ it   su.lctIvBneakmgl ti, cor,)30 „
the thermometer to rise several ilegrees
the body is not reclaimed   tho prefect of
'-ino to
king, the corpso ought
ercial Street, lhc local hose team did tl,e tnermometer to riae several degrees. not to bod-Uvered> the faculty until after
some good running, especially in the; The members of the Drum ami Kite ; twenty-four hours, this delay being accorded
contest without the cart. Victoria may Band practiced lasl night. They are to the"family to make its demand; but tho
vet have to look to its laurels when it i progressing famously. Nannimo is rich custom is to givo up tho body immediately
comes In contact with the Nanaimn team,   in hands, as we have   four, not  tn  men-' after a simulated burial when the authorities
tioH the n*. A. . are certain that it will not be reclaimod.
Liquor and Wire.
The work of loaaliug liquor trom tlie consignment of drugs
Titania is still going on and the amount
of cases and casks on the wharf must be
seen to fully understand the enormous
quantity. Next week there will be unloaded ,r)(l0 cases of malt liquors.
The ship hns discharged six miles of,..,    .   ,
Imperial patent crucible steel wire rope i j,0"0"'0"
of %-inch thickness, whicli is for the use '   '""
of the Vancouver Coal Co., DTanalmn.—
\ ~few Diamond I'riii.
G. II. Blakeway a": Co. received a large      During the wholo of this lugubrious cere-
liemicals and per-   monythechief exocutioner never touches tho
fumes vesterday, jviM-liu.     ( victim.   The toilet anal   all the operations
,     ..        .,..*- j thatrequlrocontact with bis person are per-
A man and wife arrived in Vancouver \ tin.mGlX'hy the alds,_Pttrla rjter.
a few days ago and stated that they had	
walked   all   the   wav    from   Winnipeg. «i„„„. «•... i,-.,„t, -ar»...i
,„, ...,.; ,,a       a • •. stone, for l.iia'la Month.
The man started first  and then his wife      ]f ^^
Wi,    W   to 'v     nive? '^.j   ginning of tho year, in January, then you
"■iiinipa   I"    Vancouver,   lOl   ■> I should wear a garaot, because that will make
; "i™'111- I your husband true to vou and will make vou
Since the bones of fifty defunct China- agoodmothcr.
men were sent to the flowery Kingdom! Ifyou selected February tomake your bow,
lately, the officials at the City Hall, Vic- , then you must have an amethyst, for that
Steamer San Mateo called at Departure toria, report business in this line dull, i makes you truthful, it will protect youfrom
Hay on Sunday, on her way to Comox. | The latest application was for a solitary j slander, ond will mako .vou reverent andgoal-
having on board a very  iine diamond ! remains a few days ago. | serving.
drill ot the latest design  consigned to j     In    view    of   the delicate   state    of I    K tho winds of March wafted you thither,
Dunsmuir A Sons.   The drill with all its ' Queen   Victoria's health, arrangements j take a sapphire; then vou will bo preserved
apparatus weighs  nearly  11  tons.   The j are being made whereby  the  Prince of Ifrom quarrels and will bo faithful,
machine will probably be used boring for I Wales will  relieve her of much of thei    For April, changing every hour, put on
■onl   on   the   property   owned   by   the
I'nion Mine Colliery Company.
fin- in Vancouver.
A serious lire occurred on Sunday
night at Vancouver, hy whicli the residence of Capt. Bridgeman. of the steamer Mermaid, was totally destroyed. Capt.
Bridgeman took his wife with him on his
last trip north, and it is supposed that
some enemy nf his seize.! the opportu- proved
nitv to set lire tn the house. The house j however
is the property of th.' Hastings Sawmill
Co.. and is situated near the mill.
State documentary  work.     The Prince I *"our "ngera diamond and you will bo kept
desires, in case he accepts,  the use 0f! free from evU nnd puro your life long.
Windsor Castle aud Buckingham Palace. !    **** May you take an emerald for good health
The Queen will return to Balmoral. ,' and long lifo.
, ,-i i u     i        !    An agate for June will protect from spooks
A good s -ed crowd waa  on  hand on   „nd ^        . uusbaud f(|<thM.
lieacon  Hill   a        O'clock on  Saturday      July, Urm and sunshiny, causes a ruby to
evening to witness the 800-yard loot race ,   ]onJtm. T0U nnd fll]a )bo ^   o{        i
for MO a Side between   Watson,  of Vic-   VOu love with passion and adoration,
toria,  and  Irving ol   \ ancouyer.    Both   *
men were in good training, and the race
keen one. The Victoria hoy,
proved himself thp fast-Err man
For August choose the sardonyx and you
will be a happy mother, but you will havo to
look out for your husband.
September endows yon with a moonstouo—
• * At "It 1 •     . 11 t MVUlljlillA;!     I
winning tlie race "vitl, verv little tn spare \ you ,v.m be Iuoky in games of chance and
111 llo'l. seconds. ! hava marry lo
The Beacon Hill Park is rapidly berom-
. iug a popular afternoon resort, ("ileal im-
1 provementB being made among which are
j may be mentioned a lake to be dotted
"-'.errsiprh* Fete.
Tha"*""ffticieUt Order of Foresters, of Victoria, will give a grand fete at the Caledonian grounds in that city, on Saturday, ! with flowers covered Islands and stocked
the 3rd prox. The members of tho Order with swsms and gaudily plumaged wild
throughout the Province will participate, I fowl.Several new animals have been lately
and as special excursion rates will be giv-; added to the menagerie which is, one of
en Io those in Nanainio who wish to attend, we have no doubt the Black Diamond City will send n goodly contingent.
All kinds of amusements will be furnished, from quoits to a public marriage
nn tbe grounds.
the mnst attractive and instructive places
fnr children in the Capital
All!   Tliere, What   la   I lull""
One of the Vancouver photograph'.'
company has broken away from his religious training.     Photographs at *3 per
The ship A. MeCalluin is
for San Francisco.
have many loves.
October makes a good housewife, for tho
carbuncle promotes lovo of home.
November gives a turquoise and many
friends; their faithfulness is shown by tho
stone retaining its color.
In December to you aud to all tho world of
tiig and little people I wish tbo turquoise, becauso iu thatmonth thero caraoto usa friend,
a littlo child. "For unto us this day is born
a king."—Philadelphia Times.
A r.iaiiiRi'Itiibl.' Ruck.
Professor Henry Boals, a fellow  of  the
Royal Society of London, has beon making a
special search  for   "rocking stones."    His
loaillnz ,., m | j journcyings have been vory successful.   His
* search for "rocking stonos" has been mado in
,„, , ....      i conjunction with geologists on tho Continent,
li >,ous tr'unin.r      riinto-rmhs i" i" ner "teamcr Santa,Cnu; completed her , whoar8 seeking to establish beyond contro-
lo e   it M>   *i,,un o°Sf    Wei    we    I! ™T$ T ,'•8< l"«h-* "'"' ™ t,n""''°   versy tho theory that these great rocks and
seT Verydieap TS? but I cnl V\ \f"" "' ™ *'' n"™**8' \ ^1™?<*?J.**+.*»* fcHTlt
you  no photographer can  live  at that | wbujkqton.
price, however I will follow suit. I will Thc steamer Wilmington arrived
have my share or burst in the attempt, i terday to load coal tor San Francisco
If you want good work call at mv gallery
and see, for I am the onl; :-■' "'•
tographer in this city,
opposite Windsor Hotel
I stances are as largo as a small house, wero
carrieal on floating icebergs during tho mysterious era known as the glacial porlod. Of
tbe rocking stones he has discovered but one
all at my Ptaueiy -phe ship Kennebec sailed yesterday n6W example iu addition to that already
■ft* P r l 1 -01' Sn" l7ri'nois00 with ■ carg" oi «*'• known. This is at Noank, on the farm of
Nanaim*i      '     I    Tlle shiP Oommodora  is loading coal (Caleb Haley, a New York fish dealer.
for San Francisco.
'7T"Z' The ship  Richard 111. and bark (.'. 0.
Kiel, quart-s. ; .Vnitmore al.c wniting to load  coal  for
Mr.   Carmichael,   who   arrived   Irom : a-an Francisco.
Texada Island last  night, brought down !    .P,     , J iv-u-    .       ■    i „.    i
some of the righest semens of quartz ;,  fhe1Btea?1r?rr £$Hfe2 lldue to"iuy'
that it has ever been our good fortune to 'to Ioftd mal for San F^nc$8CO.
ai.ee.   One piece from  the ,'Nutcracker" ! BA8T witUKGTOK,
Mine,  weighing    about   sixty   pounds, .    The bark Bundftleer in loading eoal for
showed free gold all through it. but the j San FranciHCO.
finest piece of all was a -small specimen,
of nearly pure gold, weighing about half
This stono is estimated to weigh tweuty-llve
tons. It litis a rocking scope of six inches
and can be readily moved by the hand. Only
one other stone is known of In New England—
that Lanesborough, Mass. A photograph has
been taken of Mohegan Rock, also known as
Shehagan, in the town of Montville. This
rock was used as a fortress nnd watch tower
by the Mohegan Indians. It is now known
to be the largest specimen of erratic bowlder
iu this country thus far discovered. It is
forty-five foet high and seventy feet long,
'HI   Usl-lUt. -
When questioned as to where the latter ™" V01'"* »na «xaaa isianas wim tnt
came from, Mr. Carmichael was verv re-: °"°'»ne F'^T-.V i T™*?*'^
ticent, aad said « the news got wind the : Carmichael. W. Smith and A. T. Sher-
mine would need too much watching.      : woou.
The shaft of the "Nutcracker" Mine is ' ""*0»* VASOO*JN*-».
already down about eight feet, and it is '■ The steamer Rainbow arrived yester-
at that depth that the spei-imens spoken | dap from Vancouver, with the following
of were found. i passengers: Morgan, Trippe,  Crickwnv.
This shows that all the gold ou Texada I Miller, Lynn, C. E. Johnston, H. J.
cannot be found on the surface. ; Campbell," McFarlane,  Newington,  W.
 •••  F,. Green, S. P. Jones and Coleman.
Brush  lii-rs.  ^.^	
Brush tires are causing alarm all around shiriiis title.
the eity, and one on Newcastle Townsite ; i,tu.ntiuu is ,.„iM ,0 tb,, :„|ve,tiKs.
was especially daiigernus, as on Sunday nM.„t 0|- sl,prjfr Drake wnich (ippcars |„
night;tliehigh wind caused it to travel[motim column, setting forth that he
rapidly and burn fiercely to the great wi„ M (he 8took in ,r.l(I( horBa ,)U v
alarm oi the residents of that plaa'e. At harness, etc. nf Mr. Thomas Hell, on
.mc tunc the house ot Mr. Parish was in ; Thl,rB(lllv. tho 26th inst.. at the store
great danger and it was only by the ut- late|v occupied bv Mr. Hei
most exertionB that the residence was j ,.ja| ",,„,,,(
saved. At one time it was feared that the ' ——•• —
The steamer Rustler arrived yesterday  and « caloulateil by scientists to weigh 10,000
om Cortes* and Texada Islands with the  tons, an enormous load for a floe of ice to
carry. It is evidenced by the largo flakes of
the stone which the insinuating frost and
storms of centuries have chipped from it.
One of theso fragments Is sixty feet long and
twelve feet thick, and its estimated weight is
1,1*00 tons.—New London Telegraph.
fin Coiuiner-
(ire would travel   over to   the Nanaimo
Sawmill, and preparations were made to
a-ombat it, but the danger was averted by
the wind shifting.
The sawmill at  East  Wellington  was
That much dreaded weed, the thistle,
ie making great headway in parts of Nanaimo.   There is one specimen ef luxu-
,     ,.      ,       , ,       ,.       ,   , .riant growth on the water Iront, near
also threatened by a fire that was raging j ,Iirst,s wharf which   u a],owe(, ,", seed
in its vicinity, but after a great many out will probably ensure a crop of this-
persons had turned out to assist to save | tlcs ,or n*,xt VMr that wi„ necesBitat? a
the mill from destruction the wind shifted and averted a catastrophe. Brush
fires are causing much anxiety all over
the district.
by-law to get rid of them.
A Btitch in time, etc.
Changes Hand*.
The Wellington Hotel changes hands
to-day. Mr. T. Wall retires and Mr. G.
Kennedy steps in. Mr. Wall has beam
for a long time a popular host in Wellington and his loss will he felt keenly
by some of his friends, but we will say
the Mr. Kennedy, who will in future run
thc Wellington Hotel, was, while at the
Central Hotel, Nanaimo, one of the most
genial dispensers of fluids in the town,
soon   get   to know
Boating Aecladt.
Imvs young men hired a boat on Sunday to go for a sail, and the wind being
only moderate it was thought that there
was no danger; hut the youths, when
outside Protection Inland, thought it
would be good fun to have a race with a
partv in a boat called the Pearl, which
was travelling in an opposite direction,
so put about and in doing so "jibed" the j and Wellington wi
sail, whicli caused the boat tn capsize, as ' anal like him well.
all of them were sitting on the windward ;  m.   —
side before the craft was steered around. iirlngiiit Thinsts to a Close.
The men fell into the water and began ;    Thc bf,Kinning of the end.   The public
shouting lustily to the crew ol the Pear , wiI| tear"jn mind tnat ii thcv want to
to assist them.    The Pearl was headed  n)ake their purchaaes of dry g00ds atcost
lor the scene of the accident immediately ! *   ■• • ■
and the men
have proven s w
cuers, Messrs. Rudd, Wyldeand Matbew-
son, did all in their power to make the
"rescued"  comfortable,  even   allowing db. a. r. west, dektist. I ins for allowing the Cnmmitti>p the use
them to row the boat home to keep the •    Of Victoria, will be in Nanaimo on the '*}8th°>r.i„l?!'n1,? the u"nmm*<* me
airculation up.   The caoeized craft was 110th of each month  and  remain three!"'' ** 'T'•*■"■• 	
towed home later in the d*rv. tern, the'days.     Oflitw  Priva"*  Parlor,   Central *"* * .._...,,    «
worse for Hke aecid-sst. fKlstB. jVltM***    |    leatMiaWkOattMattTimamay'a. *
\ ,l       " i    . ■        ;.,,    mane tlieir purcnases oi nry gooas ai.cosi
ii the accident immediately     =     th     *m haw to be qui(.k| agMr.
rescued  from what might  j-.ulIock is negotiating for the sale of his
H^-JSH* a Sl£t' «*1<--W" business. jyl.S-tf
A Gooil  Club.
The Working Girls' club, of 401 Shawmut
avenue, three years ago numbered eighteen
girls and now there are 140 connected witb
it. There is no fund, no annual subscribers
uor honorary members. Ths girls pay $1 a
yoar anal this entitles them to all the class
work. Tbere has just been openeil n. school
to teach girls to read. In this work the girls
of tho club help and a largo number of girls
aud women, principally of thoservantolasses,
gladly avail themselves of the opportunity.
The club girls can oil read. They join the
cooking, dressmaking, millinery or singing
classes, aud help in all the charity work j for
although most of the club girls aro in tho factories and are poorly paid, they realize thero
is work to be done for the poor children.
Once la two weeks twenty of the very poor
children como to the club rooms for candy
pulls, popcorn parties and games, tho club
girls entertaining them.—Woman's Journal,
Sotaiethlnrr May Give Way.
A Pittsburg natural gas expert has made
tba calculation that each day (100,000,000
cubic feet of natural gas are drawn from the
earth for use iu that city. This amount
weighs over 12,000,000 pounds, of which 6,-
000,000 pounds are carbon. Ho Is of tho
opinion that, with tbo withdrawal of so much
material, something will give way. Already
since the development of natural gas In
wertera Pennsylvania there bave been several
<'oo« Heaulta-
A meeting of the Directors of the St. I
Paul's  Summer  Fete was held yeBter- I
day,  and it  was  discovered that   the I
nett    profits     of     the     fete     were
1104.80.      It   was   decided   to  devote!
$66 of the fund towards paying off the j
debt on the organ, and $27 for insurance,
and the balance will be devoted tn staining the floor of the church.
A vote of thanks was tendered to the
Diamond City Orchestra to their gratuitous services and also to Mr. S. M. Rob-
W. il. J.iudlcy, of the Victoria
ilar', was in town on Sunday.
I. Jones and D. Ogilvie returned to
Victoria yesterday.
The arrivals at the Windsor House are:
W. H. Redmond, Victoria, and James
Kyle, Montreal.
bovai. nor*.'..
W. C. Mclntyre, Spokane Falls;  J. 0.
, Crane. Vancouver, and N.  Cole,   Winni-
| peg-   _|	
Crickel ..latch win. Vancouver.
Owing to a slight misunderstanding ou
■ the   part  of the   Vancouver team,  the
, Rainbow, which was to have left the C.
P, R. terminus early yesterday morning
in order that the "eleven" might be able
■ to commence their mutch with Nanaimo
! at eleven a. ni., did not start until her
1 usual time, reaching Nanaimo about 5:30
j p. m. Unfortunately Mr. Hawthornthwaite was summoned unexpectedly to
: Victoria, and so was obliged to depute the
j captaincy to Dr. Praeger, who rather than
I not play at all, had the visitors at once
| conveyed to the cricket ground where thc
"Nanaimo Junior Uand" enlivened matter* considerably by tlieir spirited play-
1 iug. A large number of ladies, liesides
j many trousered spectators, witnessed thc
I game. When the wickets were pitched
i and the necessary preliminaries finally
arranged, the light was too had to allow
of anything approaching good wicket to
be played, so the pro tern. Nanaimo Captain decided merely to have a little
friendly practice for an hour or two—the
real match to take place to-day—wickets to be pitched at 11 ' o'clock
a. ni. in order to give the visitors
an opportunity of getting away by the
Rustler in the evening which, by the
way. was specially chartered to tako
them back to Vancouver by the Nanaimo
Club, as the Rainbow was unable to delay her return trip. Tbo home team
went to the wickets first, and some half
dozen -*ere speedily out; after which the
visitors were sent in to give an exhibition of what was to be expected to'day.
The Kev. Mr. Clinton played a splendid
game as well he may, when we remember that he is allowed to be "one of the
hest bats in Canada," besides having
been captain of his college eleven at Oxford. It was a rare treat to old cricketers
to see his easy, graceful style. After
scoring some thirty runs he was bowled
by Stokes with as line a bull as we could
wish to see. Two or three other Vancouver men's wicket were obtained before
tlie|stiimps were drawn for the night. It iB
only just to call attention to a fine catch
made by Miller who held a ball driven
hard by Dr. Lowson. Stokes' bowling
was all that could be wished. On a really
good ground it would be very deadly, ana
he is indeed one of the Nanaimo teams'
strong men, aB his batting is also far
above the average, On the conclusion
of thc game the visitors were conveyed
to the Windsor House where dinner was
served to the players composing the two
elevens, besides other members of the
club. Dr. Praeger fCaptain) took
the chair. The dinner which reflected
the highest, credit upon Mr. Dempsey,
especially as it was got ready at so short
a notice, being finished, the following
toasts were proposed by the chairman
and his vice, all of which were enthusiastically responded to: "The Queen and
Royal family," "Cricket, our National
(iame—long may it flourish," "The Rev.
Clinton, the best bat in Canada," "The
Church"; Mr. S. M. Robins,Superintend-
ent of the V. C. O, to whose generosity
the chairman bore witness in glowing
terms, stating that the very existence of
the ti. 0, C. was entirely owing to his
liberal aud kindly aid. Next came
"Prosperity to the coal mines of Nanaimo
and to the miners," "The Press," "The
Ladies," "The Host and Hostess" (Mr.
Dempsey and Mrs. Perche). The chairman was twice toasted in terms which to
him must have indeed been gratifying.
Songs wes-e also sung by MesBrs. Crick-
way (C. E.), Johnston, Chas. Johnston,
Fripp, McFarlane, Morgan, Dr. Lawson,
Millar, Campbell and Green, The members of the Nanaimo club who sang or
recited wero, Messrs. Armfelt (who accompanied himself on the banjo), E.
Potts, H. Johnston, Taggart, Honeyman,
Harvey, Miller, Dixon and Creighton.
The names of the visitors composing
the eleven ure as follows: Messrs. Green
(Capt.j, Fripp, Campbell, Newington,
Charles Johnson, Morgan, MacFarlane,
Miller, Coleman, Rev. Clinton and Dr,
Lawson. TheBe gentlemen were accompanied by Messrs. Fred. Johnson Crick-
way (C. E.), Johnston, Bewicke.
The Nanaimo eleven to play to-day is
as under: Dr. Praeger (Captain), Messrs.
Hodgson, Stokes, Dixon, Miller, Sykes,
Thompson, II, Cooper, Armfelt, E. Potts,
A. Potts. Creighton.
 »••— ■ ■
Tcxaila Iron IfllneH.
A survey has been made from the Texada Iron Mines to a point 4 miles distant
that will be more convenient for the shipment of ore than the place at present in
uec. A wharf will be built at the termination of the railroad, which will add
greatly to the value of the property of the
Iron Mining Company.
Several English capitalists have been
looking over the property of the Texada
Iron Mining Company, with a view to
purchasing it and running the works in
company with another claim on the
Island which contains large deposits of
iron are.
The capitalists express themselves as
well satisfied that the quality of Texada
iron nre is very fine.
John : Pulwitt
Successor to Emil Derdingor.
Practical   Horseshoer
Peek's Blacksmith Shop,
1 am prepared to do all kinds of General Blacksmithing at short notice and
reasonable rates. Special attention paid
to tenderfooted, over-reaching and inter-
fearing horses.
SHOEING—Give me a call and convince yourselves. All work guaranteed
to give satisfaction.
J.   PULWITT,  -   •    -    Proprietor.
1 mo
;For Shirts,
Scarfs, Ties, Collars, Etc.,
T.   L.   BROWNE   Ss   CO.,
A l.arg-i' Selection of Ucuts'
and Boys' Furul*hlugs.
Gooal Value at Lowest Cash Prices.
V.w Mock.
' :x!a-n*'oii of Time.
The limit for receiving tenders for tho
erection of a four-story frame building for
the 11. C. Tanning Co., has been extended from Monday, July 22nd, to Monday,
July 29th. t'laiis suid specifications can
lie obtained on application to Mr. A.
Haslem, the secretary of the company.
Tenders will be received until Monday I
2l)th inst., for the erection of a four story
frame building.   Plans and specifications
can be seen at the office of
Secretary B. C. Tanning Co.
The lowest or any tender not necessari
ly accepted.
In the small debts ceurl,  Nanaimo.
Sheriff or High Bailiff Sale.
By virtue of warrants of execution
issued out of the above named court, and
dated the 20th June and 18th and 20th
July respectively. Caton, Johnston, Wilson, Haslem A Lees, Mahrer and others
tu. T. Bell.
I will sell by public auction on Thursday 25th of July, at T. Bell's store, Nanaimo, at 8 p. m., the stock of the above
named defendant T. Bell.
Tobacco,   Cigars,   Candies,
Horse, Buggy, Harness, &c.
Paper Hanging, Kalsomining, Interior Decorations, Etc., Done
Reasonable Rates.    Post Office Box 176.
Windsor  House!
Oliuroli Street,  *KTanaimo,  3B. O.
To Painters and Kalsominers
The Municipal Council inviteB tenders
up to Monday evening, 29th inst., for
painting and kalsomining the City Hall.
Specifications can be seen nt the City
Clerk's office.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily* accepted.
City Clerk.
Nanaimo, 19th July, 1889.
THE date of re-opening the Public
Schools next term has been changed
from August Bth, 1889, to August 12th,
Superintendent of Education.
Education Office.
July 17th, 1889. 2w
— Wholesale  and   Retail —
Yates   Street   Victoria    B.   C.
H.    DEMPSEY,    Proprietor.
An   experienced girl for housework.'
Apply at the Presbyterian Manse.
A furnished room by a respectable
gentleman in a quiet neighborhood, not
too far from the Coubieb office. Address,
stating terms with and without board,
(two meals and luncheon) to J. J. 8.,
Courier office. Oity references furnished.
Referring to my former notice witb re-
g.ad to payment of accounts due to me, I
havo to stato to my clients that they
must pay up within six days from date,
or else they will be sued for their debts
in the County Court of August.
Nanaimo, July 10th, 1889.
Teacher Wanted,
V 3Et *EJ  3W-EJ-W
Vancouver Coal Mining
AND   LAND    CO.    (I.Iill J TED.)
GAS,    AND    HOUSE   COALS   ARE   MINED   ONLY    BY        -
This is Hilbert's "ad" and Don't!
You Forget It.
Goods sold on the installment plan.   Wc carry a full line of House Furnishing^
Goods, Linoleums, Carpets and Parlor Bedroom Suite, made to order in
style, color or pattern.   We keep the largest stock of Wall Paper
of any House in the city.   All our Upholstering done on
the premises.   Childrens' Carriages, Crockery,
Glassware. China Electro-plated ware
Table Cutlery.
A teacher is wanted for thc North
Gabriola 8chool—female preferred. Salary, $50 per month. Apply to James
McLay, Secretary of the Board of Trustees, P. (). address. Nanaimo, 11. ('.
mWm   JEX*
Short Bridge, Victoria Orescent, Nanaimo, B.C.
Importer and Dealer in all Kinds of
Builders'  Hardware   and   Carpenters'  Tools,
Table and Pocket Cutlery, Stovos,
Ranges  and  Parlor  Grates,
Coal Oil, Table Lamps
and Fittings.
White Lead, Shot Guns,
Rifles and Cartridges,
Rope, Etc., Etc.
House Furnishing Goods of all Kinds
Terra Ootta Chimney Flues.
(|%,     A full assortment   on  hand  at   the
lowest market rates,
Partiea wishing a general outfit of Furniture will do well by examining my stockj
befcrc buying elsewhere. Also the best equipped undertaking establishment 1
this sido of San Francisco, and the only embalmer in the city. Note thei
address and don't you forget it.
Bastion, Front and Wharf Streets, Nanaimo.
J. Hilbert,  -    -    Proprietor.
Stoves, Orates, Ranges, fumps, Lead Pipes, Zinc, and.
General Hardware.
Manufacturer of Tin, Copper, Zinc and Sheet-iron Ware.   gsjJ^Metal Roofing j
and Repairing.    A full line of Hardware of all description constantly
in stock at bottom prices.    A call solicited.
Walter Wilson, - Commercial St


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