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Nanaimo Courier Jul 31, 1889

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 Occidental Hotel.
The Bar Is -ujitilieat aaiili only the lrf-,1   Wiri...
I iquors a,.,l Cixat,    «ieUnd't  CelebrnMd   Mii".-
Jelplib l.ager lid on Draught.
Vol. 1.
Occidental .Hotel.
First-t lis*—I.tirtjf I'lit'iti*.
Nicely Furnisti/o
Suet'ial   ut trillion   airen   to  the
fyhiing Department.    Chargss moderate
J. DECK.EB & CO., Prow.
No. 112
Sale About to Close Shortly
Get Your Goods at Cost Price!
Dry Goods, Millinery and Men's Furnishing Goods at
Suns hades
Have Beceived Ex "Mennook" and "Stowe" Full Supplies
of Liquors and Provisions and Offer the Same
for Sale at Market Prices.
AP na
Haslem Ss Lees,
Rough and Dressed Lumber, Shingles, Laths and Pickets,
Doors, "Windows and Blinds,
Moulding, Turning, Scroll Sawing, anal all kinds oi Wood Finishing.
gl0.\ll orders sent to Iheir address at Nanaimo, II.C, will have the most
prompt  attention. Ap 23 HASLEM & LEES.
COUGHLAN <5t MASON   Prop retors, Victoria, B. C.
P, O.   Box, no.
A   KHI J-   LINE   OF
Finest   Groceries   and   Fresh   Provisions
K. E P T    IN    S T 0 C K .
Ships    Disbursed    and    Supplies    Furnished
Felix Adler Point, to tUo Meaiis or Dl-
vei'tlue It from Evil l*urpose«.
Every nook and corner of Cbickering
hall was occupied wben Felix Adler rose
to deliver his leeturo nn "Tho Struggle
Against Temptation." The audienco
listened to Mr. Adler with rapt attention
and at tho conclusion of tho address applauded loudly.
After tho usual singing by tho choir
Mr. Adler said that human desiro was at
tlio bottom of nearly all tbo good and
ovil in the world; tho desiro for knowledge fostered the pursuit of science, tlio
desire for tho beautiful bad created tho
arts, and virtue would bo unknown if
thero was not within man 11 groping for
moral harmony.
"Thero aro also within us," he con-
tlnucal, "certain gross appetites and
cravings, and when these occupy tho
Hold of tho mind thoy crowd out tlie better thoughts and drown tho soft, sweet
voice of virtue. The voico of duty has
been called still nnd small, and to hear it
wo must havo tho faculty of stilling our
"Certain natural desires are beBt dealt
with by satisfying them, particularly in
children, whoso appetites are only sharpened for pleasure when it is denied them.
Many children, denied what is perfectly
legitimate in youth, particularly tlie
sous of clergymen, go to excesses the
moment they gain their liberty.
"It iatho normal rulo to weaken desires by satisfying them, but thero nre
, certain desires which wo cannot and
others which wo must not gratify. No
desiro is justified because it is natural, if
it interferes with higher considerations;
and all desire must be suppressed when
it does interfere with these considerations. The object of desire lias power
over ua in proportion as its mental image
is sharply defined. Consequently, when
such desires do impress themselves upon
our mind, we must at once turn our
thoughts in another direction.
"Human will is freo, let doubters Bay
thocontrary.notwithstanding.   Thlstho-
i ory to tho contrary is tha outcome of ob-
j scuro metaphysics.    Wo must, neverthe-
, less, understand tho limits in which we
I aro free.    Let no man believe that ho
' can harbor ovil thoughts without being
j tho worse for it.    Wo are, however, free
j to throw off these thoughts when they
1 enter, and iu making this effort lies our
redemption.   This throwing oft must be
complete and Immediate, else  it only
lead3 to renewed moral degradation. We
must force our  thoughts Into a new
channel when evil ones assail us, but by
forbidding them  wo ouly moke tlio de-
siro more intense.   Jesus illustrates this
when   ho says 'Get  thee  behind   me,
"By some it is ni'guual that this system
< is cowardly and that avo should boldly
faco ovil.   It is true that we ought to bo
ablo lo face it; but it is also true that
wo  aro   unablo to do bo successfully.
You hear of  tho great Bocial sin, thc
moral   filth of   which   is  spread   over
our  city.    How   can   men  who  have
mothers and sisters forget tho sanctity of
women and profit by this sin?   It is desiro that curses them and makes their
i vision narrow, nnd  they apologize for
i themselves by saying that tlie desiro is
natural.   Weaklings all, over ready to
appeal to nature.    Let each man havo a
task for himself   throughout life, and
liko Ulysses ho will Bail past tlio sirens
toward tho shining goal.
"Tho two great helps toward this end
aro tho society of good and truo men,
and particularly that of cultivated and
refined women, and tlieideal companionship of thoso loved <vies who havo passed
"In tho first wo find those things which
wo have been striving for taken for
granted, and in tho second wo can do
nothing wrong hi tho radiant beauty of
thoso sweet faces which have gono to the
life of infinite peace." — New York
Time Is IHoney.
Time well employed produces money
or on equivalent gain of some kind. Time
idled away or wasted away upon Borne
unnecessary or useless labors not only
yields no return, but represents a loss of
opportunity that cannot be replaced. One
may regain any other thing that is squandered save timo. Onco gone, it is gone
for ail eternity. No moro important lesson can be given to tbe young than that
on the value of time. It may be passed
by unheeded, for on this subject more
than any other men seem determined to
learn by experience; but warnings Bhould
nevertheless bo given, that there may be
as early un awakening as may bo to the
irreparable loss of wasted time.
Even the best of men arrived at uiul-
dlo ago are suro to have regrets for lost
opportunities, for wasted time. Looking
back with tlio knowledge gained by experience, tbey can seo how mucli better
they might have ordered their lives il
they had made the best possible use of
their timo. Such knowledge cannot be
expected in younger men. The time will
come when thoy, too, will look back witli
regret; but they should be given early
warning from tha experience of others,
and be taught as well as may be that
time is money, not in tho vulgar sense,
but in that higher one which represents
money as merely n symbol of things that
ore good to have.—Baltimore Sun.
A l'oitnl Card Well Filled.
When some antiquarian of the future
reports that a citizen of Belfast wrote
on a postal card the whole of one of the
annual messages of President Cleveland
the Inference will be that President
Cleveland was a man of few words, but
the inference will he wrong. Tho message contained 1S,000 words, yet Mr.
Rila Klttredge got it all on the card with
a steel pen and ink, each letter, as seen
through n microscope, being beautifully
formed, Moreover, a border three-
eighths of an inch wide is placed around
tho card, representing a string of beads,
fifty-two in number, each three-sixteenths of on inch in diameter, and most
of them containing tho Lord's prayer;
4,000 words are put into this border.
Mr. Klttredge is 77 years old, and says
he could get 18,000 words on a postal
card. It took him forty-fivo days to
write this one.—Lowistou (Me.) Journal.
The World in General.
sou, the colored Australian pugilist, gave
aii exhibition here last night. This
afternoon in the corridor of the Tift
House, Tom Leese, a member ol Jackson's Company, asked the latter for the
salary due bim, Baying lie was going to
leave the combination, Jackson saiil he
baal uo money, ttUal alter a dispute tlie
two engaged in n slugging match in which
Jackson was downed by his opponent.
Leese was afterwards ejected from the
■ SUMS  liEPKKli.vrioSS.
Washington, Julv 80.—General Bclio-
A. Ghastly Indian Murder Perpetrated held has directed the conmandlng gen-
' _. ' ern! of the division m the Facile t„ take
such action as may be necessary alter an
investigation of the facts contained in the
following telegram received at lhe In-
terior Department:—''Kallspal, Stevens
Co.. Washington Teniloiy, July 27i, 1889.
To Cole, Indian Agent, Fort Spokane,
W.T. Indians have burned eight square
miles ol'bav land ami threaten Ihe lives
of settlers,' Many of the settlers are
guarding their hay stacks ami dwellings;
The settlers have'signed a petition requesting it company of soldiers to he sent
them to protect tlieir property and perhaps Iheir lives.
(Signed) R. A.N. Harvkv.
London, July 80.—AtGoodwood to-day
the race for the Steward's cup, valued at
800 sovereings, was won by Hon Hose,
Aniphioii second, Noble t'hieftian  third.
I.ontlon, July 80.— In the House of
Commons this, ntternoon the Royal
Grants Hill passed its lirst reading without division amid the cheers of its supporters.
Cairo, July .'10.—Information bas been
received from Assouan tliat the Dervishes
arc slowly but steadily advancing. Egyptian patrols engaged in a skirmish with
Dervish outposts yesterday during which
sixty Dervishes ' were killed. General
Grenfell, commanding the Egyptian
forces, is moving southward and has
reached Jobkln,
The   Royal   Grants   Bill   Pus-en  tbe
House of Co-nmo-is Without Division, Amid Applause.
ou Suu River, Montana Territory,
and Just Discovered.
Lord Randolph   Churchill   Astonishes
Both Liberals  and   Conservatives,
in a Speeoh,
A General Row Kicked  Dp Over the
French  Elections-Boulanger Getu
123 Supporters.
stiriu.no ci' tiu: fossils,
London. July ;lll.—Lord Randolph
Churchill made a speech at Walsall last
evening, and to-alny Liberals nnd Conservatives alike helal up their hands In holy
horror at the sentiments expressed. In
the lirst place he advocated a change in
the land laws so that the owner of land
would be deprived of Ibe right to be-
queath it to anyone after his death.
Next he advocated the purchase by municipalities under the rights of eminent
domain of large tracts of land within the
limits of tlieir cities and the erection
thereon of model dwellings for workmen,
these to be rented at such figures as shall
return a fair interest on the cost of erecting tlie houses, but no return whatever
for the cost of the land itself, lie advocated further local option In tlio treatment of the liquor question, so that each
town shall be permitted to decide for
itself whether or not licenses for the sale
of liquor should be granted. Finally he
avowed'.is adhesion to the ultra radical
doctrine ol the reguiuo.'.;. of hours of
labour by the government,, not ulune lor
woman and children, but for adult males
as well.
An earthquake in the Russian Pro*
yinco of Heljekevajsk has destroyed 107
houses nnd entirely wiped out a whole
village. The sufferings of lhe people ure
reported to be very meat and relief committee's are organizing to assist them.
Laconia, N. II., July 80.—John Board-
man, wife and child,' and Mrs. Board-
man's mother, Mrs. Blair amisister,Mrs.
Bushman, were poisoned Friday from
eating vanilla ice cream of their own
manufacture, Physicians had great difficulty in saving their lives.
Denver, Col., July 30.—A smolae-like
atmosphere has hung over lhe city for
two tlaya, making the sun seem like a red
ball of fire. Reports show that the same
condition prevails all over Colorado and
in Wyoming, Northern New Mexico and
Western Kansas and Nebraska. Ab it is
too early for "Indian summer," the supposition is that tbere is great forest fires
in the Rocky Mountains, probably in
Pittsburg, July 110.—A report reached
this city last night that u serious riot had
occurred among a few Italian laborers
engaged in laying a pipe line near Lock
No. 4. on the Monongahela river, about
25 miles south of Pittsburg. The foreman in charge wished to transfer a gang
of fourteen men fiom one part of tlie work
to another. The men refused to go and
a riot ensued. Knives, pistols, picks,
shovels and otlier weapons were freely
used. One Italian was killed, another
was mortally wounded and a number of
others were seriously hurt. A po6so of
police were sent, front Monongahela City
to preserve the peace. All the men engaged in the affray were Italians.
Yokohama, July 80.—A dispatch received from Nagasaki to-day, says that a
dreadful earthquake bas occurred in the
Western part of the Island Of Mansion
and that the town of Kirmamoto was
totally destroyed. A large number of
people bave perished, but no approximation of tlie number can yel be mado. The
amount of propertv destroyed is reported
to be enormous.
Brisbane, Queensland,
WANT   HIM   H.'I'I.Y.
Chicago, July 30.—Supt. of Police Hubbard, accompanied hy Lieut. Robs, left
for Winnipeg last night to superintend
the work of bringing Burke back to the
i'nited States.
Springfield, Mo., July 80.—J. II ■
Faunce nnd his wife were nrre6ted yesterday on a charge of poisoning their two
sons, Luther and William. The hoy
Luther ilied a few weeks ago, but the
other lad recovered. Faunce confessed
having purchased poison, but did so at
the request of his wife, who said she
wanted it to poison the boys because they
*V6T8 tOO much trouble. She administered the poison ir.'heircDfl'ee and Luther
dietl in a few hours.
'friendship I
Chicago, July 80.—The Timet this
morning says it was Jim Maddern, of
Hancock, Mich., that furnished Chief
McRae, oj Winnipeg, with information
upon which ltnrke was arresieal. Maddern, it is said, is a member of the Clan-
iia-llael anal was Burke's trusted friend,
and lor several davs after Burke's flight
from Chicago Maddern accompanied hun,
finally leaving him at Fargo or Duluth.
Maddern was once a police officer in Winnipeg nnd is well acquainted with McRae.
Washington, J uly .10.—SecretafyTracey
has received the following dispatch from
Lieutenant-Commander Stockton of the
Thetis, alateal at St. Michaels. Behring
Sea, on July 8th, and sent from San
Francisco by telegraph:—"Thetis arrived
at St. Michaels, Behring Sea from Arctic
Ocean with portion of survivors of bark
Little Ohio, of New Bedford, wrecked at
Point Hope, Arctic Ocean, October llrd,
188S. Out of thirty-three men oil board
there were but eight survivors. The
whaling bark Ohio, second of New Bedford wrecked on Moniyick lslanal about
June 1, 1880. The vessel is a total loss,
officers and men saved. The Thetis will
sail ill a few days to the Arctic Ocean.
Paris, July 80.—Returns from Sunday's
e'ections lor Councils General have now
been received from 1103 cantons. The
Republicans havo been successful in 704,
Conservatives in 419, anal Boulangists in
12.' There will have to be Seconal ballots in 14(1 cantons.
Ministers are relentlessly pursuing the
men who are believed to hnve stolen the
depositions in the high court of the
Senato which La Concorde published
Friday, Three more arrests were made
The |
it her
July Lid
British bark Mallgate, trout New
N. S. W., for San Francisco, Iihs
wrecked on Mlddleton reef. Pari
crew are missing.
Itol'I.ANUKIl    BI.ECTEn  TWFNI V-TltUl.i:
Paris, July .'10.—Lu Preete, a Boulangist
organ, brings tbe accusation against the
government of having falsified 8,000,000
voting papers at tlie election for the
Councils tienernl laBt Sunday. Corrected
returns show that Boulanger was elected
in twenty-three cantons.
St. Paul, Minn., July 30.—A special
from Helena, Mont., 'says: News has
readied reached here of a ghastly discovery made last week on Sun River. From
particulars at hand it seems tbat a few
months ago a family of Flathead Indians
went into the Sun River country to hunt.
They were seen by one of iheir relatives,
a«half-breed living on Sun River, wlien
they first arrived Inst week. This bnlf-
breeti found one of tlieir ponies in the
possession of a whito man. who claimed
that he hnd purchased the animal at Sun
River. The half-breed was satisfied
something was wrong, uml at once began '
n search for his relatives. After hunting j
two or three tlaya he found their camp,
which hnd been burned, and the charred
remains of his relatives, a family of three
or four. Tliere is no aloubt that they
were robbed and murdered. The authorities have been notified and are looking
for the perpetrators of the deed.
Buffalo, N. Y., July  80.—Peter Jack-
Tlit. Income of Actors.
flie uiluor members of a dromatio company are paid ubout os well as tbo member.,
of tho staff of a successful metropolitan newspaper—perhaps more. The stars fore better
than the editors-in-chief. But so many of
tho stars are spendthrifts—notoriously
"Adonis" Dlxoy and Stuart Robsou. It is
impossible to give the average incomes ol
Mrs. Langtry, Mrs. Potter, Booth and Barrett, because, ivhilo they draw crowded
houses iu one place, they play to empty soats
in another ICyrle Bellew receives $350 n
aveek for forty weeks; Charles Coghlan the
tho same, Mary Anderson's profits this season will ho unusually largo, about *4,800 n
week for forty weeks, or $103,000; Francis
Wilson is paid $tXK) a week; Do Wolf Hop
per and Digby Bell each about $250; Fred
Lesho receives $500 a week from the Gaiety
company, and was offered $800 a week by
Rudolph Aronson; Ellen Terry is paid $000
and George Alexander $200 a week.—Philadelphia Press.
lliilautu'e Domestic SlRlltll Sci'vlco,
"Mttinma,'" saitl u little Dakota boy, as ho
cume into the parlor, "where is papal"'
"He is crawling up the chimney, dear, to
see what kind of a day it is."—The Epoch.
No Kontn for Trnnips.
Though the Boiiifna'a' avoulal liko to boom
His business when ha gets ti clinneo,
Yet he'll never glvo liis choicest room
To the man with whiskers on his pan!,.
        -Hotel Mall.
Couldn't Afloial Ilntli.
"John,"' askeal his wife, "can I get a seal-
akin sacquei'"
"Well, I should say not,'' replied John, "I
had to buy it ton of coal toalay."'—New York
sui'a' nnal Bourn!.
H. 11. H. (fllsl—Bavo you seen anything of
tny night key, mot her;
II. R. H. (mere)--Yes; I have it iu my
pocket—Tid Bits.
The ICQ aviw over taao inches ala'ep;
Tlie iiiaialen was fair to see.
There was n slip nual ai tittle shriek.
Anil the maiden- oh: wliei* was she)
—New York Ka entng ymi.
A IVouiiin's Wltoli,   Life Was   Changed by
as lied Bat with a Dull  It--,? Plume.
Thero was once a lady, sober in mind
and sedate in manner, whoso plain dress
exactly represented her desire to be inconspicuous, to do good, to improve
every day of her life hi actions that
should benefit ber kind. Rhe was a serious person, inclined to improving conversation, to tho rending of hound books
that cost at least a dollar and n i ml f (fifteen
cents of which she gladly contributed to
the author), and sha' had a distaste for
the gay society which was mainly a (hitter of ribbons nnd talk and pretty faces;
und when sho meditated, as she did in
her spare moments, her heart was sore
over the frivolity ot life and tbo emptiness of fashion she longed to make the
world belter, and without any priggisb-
ness she set it an example of simplicity
and sobriety, of oheorfulacquiescence in
plainness and InconspicuousnesB.
One day, it avas in the autumn, this
lualy had occasion to buy a new bat.
From u great number offered to ber she
selected a red one with a dull red plume.
It did not agree with tho rest of her apparel; it did not fit her apparent charac-
, ter. What impulse led to this selection
i sho could uot explain. She was not
tired of being good, but something in the
jauntiness of tho hat and the color
pleased her. If it wero a temptation Bhe
did not intend to yield to it, but sbe
thought sbe would take tbo bat home
and try it. Perhaps her nature felt the
j need of a littlo warmth Tho hat pleased
j her still moro when bIio j^ot it home and
I put it on and surveyed herself iu the
| mirror. Indeed, there was a now expression in her face licit corresponded to
the bat. She put it oil and looked at it.
There was something almost humanly
winning and temptations in it. In short,
sho kept it, nnd when sho woro it abroad
sho was not conscious of its Incongruity
to herself or to her dress, but of tho incongruity of tho rest of her apparel to
tho hat, which seeined to have a sort of
intelligence of its own, nt least a power
of changing ani conforming tilings to
itself. By degrees ouo article after
another in tho lady's wardrobe was laid
aside and another substituted for it answered to tho demanding spirit of the
In a little whilo this plain lady was not
plain any more, but most gorgeously
dressed and possessed with tlie desire to
bo in the height of the fashion. It came
to this that sho had a tea gown madoout
of a window curtain with a flamboyant
pr, I tern. Solomon in ull his glory would
havo been ashamed of himself in her
But tins ,**tsnot all. Her disposition,
her ideas, her who!:1 Ufe wero changed.
Sho did not any more (Slink of going
about lining enoil, hot. of .'uul'sing herself. She read nothing but stifles in
paper covers. In place of being sedat"
and Bober minded sho wus frivolous to
excess; she spent most of her timo witli
avomen who liked to "frivol." Sho kept
Lent ill tho most expensive way, so as to
make tho impression upon everybody
that she was better than tho extremest
kind of Leut. From liking tho sedatest
company she passed to liking the gayest
nticiety and tho most fashionable method
of getting rid of her timo. Nothing
whatever had happened to her, and she
is now an ornament to society.—Charles
Dudley "Warner in Harper's.
Llvlne; iu   Tar Is.
Of living in Paris outside of a hotel 1
know but little, except that a gentleman
who has spent a great deal of time here
and seen a good deal of society said to
mo that in no city can one live so absolutely as ho pleases as in Paris and still
bo respectable and fashionable, It was
somo time before New Yorkers took
kindly to modern flats, with their possible improvement and convenience.
High lifo of that kind was uot to their
taste. But here you find tho best people
living upon some narrow street, and you
.limb up flight and flight of winding
stairs until the fourth and fifth and
sometimes the sixth stago is reached,
where you 6top to breatho aud wonder
how any American could havo pitched
his tent so high.
But once inside tho tent your wonder
ceases, or rather takes another channel,
:is you find yourself in tho large, airy
and handsomely furnished rooms where
sa> many of our peoplo live quito as coni-
fortablo and with far less caro than they
.•an at home. "I would not go back to
America again, with all the worries of
housekeeping, for tlio world," I heard a
laalysay.whilohei'coinpanion, fresh from
l ho worries of American housekeeping,
avas ready to take them again, nnd woulal
not stay hero for nil the world. Antl so
opinions differ. But of the two 1 think
iho Parisian housekeeper has the best of
it, with better servants, smaller wages
and so many troublesome things done
outside—no washing or ironing, for this
is dono by thalancllisseuso, and no bread-
making, for tho bakers furnish all that,
and of nn excellent kind, too.—Cor.
Springfield Republican.
An Hour's Snooze.
During cold weather somo of tho
paupers resort to somo very odd tricks to
get into somo houso whero thoy can
warm their chilled bodies by the generous bent from a Uro or steam register.
Tlio other Sunday, when it was quito
cold, n middle aged man of scraggy
beard, unkempt hair, wearing worn out
boots e.nd seedy coat and ragged pantaloons, and presenting a most repulsive
and dirty appearance, entered tho door
of St. John's Methodist church quietly,
and took a seat near tlio rear part of the
room. When tbo congregation struck
up a hymn the miserable tramp joined
in the singing with apparently as good
time as auy of the choristers. It was at
first supposed that ho had drifted in to
hear tho Gospel expounded—nnd may bo
(to did—but after reclining his head on
tho seat during prayer, ho fell asleep and
slept soundly during the entire sermon.
He didn't hear any Gospel expounded,
it least, and somo peoplo were cynical
enough to say that ho had entered the
.-hurcli for no other reason than to get
i snug, warm corner, where bo could
sleep for an hour.—St. Louis C.lobe-
llutd for Being l.at<- — Nut Stand All
Day—Half un Hour foi Luucli— Whom
the Girls Marry—Why the Sent** Werr
"Well, we havo to be here at 8 o'clock
every morning, whether we live ou tbe east
side, tbe west side, iu Brooklyn or Harlem
and 8 o'clock isn't an unreasonable hour at
all, nor do we ever complain, hut if we art-
ten minutes late, no matter wby, we arr
(Hied. Of course, to the casta girls tbls flue
means going without the cup of hot coffee or
the little bit of fruit she would bave boughi
to piece out ber little lunch, but, so far as I
am concerned, . dou't care anything about
the fine; it is tbe restriction that 1 object to
and tbe being reprimanded. 1 don't intend
to be hut.;. 1 am just oi much interested in
being here In time and selling a lot of good*
us tbe proprietor li btmselC 1 like my busi
uess, und am proud of my sales and anxious
to begin my work Tor the day, and the idea
tliat because 1 happen to miss a car, or have
oueof the thousand little delnying accidents
that every ivoiuuti and man, too, for thut
matter is liable to, tbat some man wbo
knows nothing about me basa right to repri
maud uk uud fine me just makes me cross
and hurts my pride.
"Tben the hardest thing of all a shopgirl
has to endure is the constant standing from
S in the morning until 0 at night, with only
one half hour rest at noon A few years ago
some one stirred up this subject and seats
were placed behind the counter, but they
Inve lieen all Uken away The salesladies
in suit departments can sit dowu, but not
in the room where the customers are. Of
course, if they go away in the little side
room to rest they miss their customers, and
the consequence is that they stand all day
outside We do uot mind it on busy days,
tlie excitement keeps us up, but on dull days
we abnost faint away sometimes standing
still witb nothing to make us forget bow
tired we are.
"We bave half an hour for lunch, which is
time enough for a person to eat a cold lunch,
but when a girl stands from 8 o'clock until 2,
after u 7 o'clock breakfast, she wants some
thing besides n sandwich and a cup of tea foi
ber lunch. 1 used to go out and buy my
lunch and bave a regular hot dinner, as 1
would at home. 1 needed it, and worked all
the better for it, but of course I couldn't get
it iu half an hour. I was usually gone fort)
minutes. After ti while 1 was denied tbat.
privilege, and 1 bave to eat my lunch in the
much room. 1 dou't like a cold lunch, ami
somehow the thought of the being compelled
to do anything like tbat fills my heart with a
load of bitterness that takes away all my ap
(•ctite. It isn't the cold lunch or the hot
inch room where they make coffee In one
ud and eat in the other, though; that isn't
■ lacLly what I am used to at home, but It is
lie restraint that 1 rebel against
At 0 o'clock sharp we are all excused In a
i&toh, and away we pour out of the door like
« mob of factory hands, and the people all
- 'See the shop girls.' Now, If some could
■vhen tbey had uo customers, go at fifteen
. .laa!.-'.-. io oor tea minutes to o, aou't yuu
tea we wouldn't all flock out together and at
' aot attention, for part of us would go at
■ue tiiu^ snd part at another, but now it It
push aud crow.'' and Jam to get out, so that
if you would go dqoaPtly nud in a ladylike
«*ay you have to wait uul!) *11 the crowd ia
'There ore a great many things J might dn
veulngsto enjoy myself, but 1 am toC fitTO-l
and feel so kind of bitter and sorry and rv -
fulfill in my heart that 1 don't want to go
i nywhere, 1 like my work, am interested in
a, and do not want to give ft up any more
Hum a man wants to give up his bu--.ii ■-.-----
M y employer is very kind, my salary is verj
-cuerous, and all that; it is only a few littl*-
ihiiigs about tbe system of managing tbe
-j-irls that makes us unhappy We are indi-
"cndent business women, earning as much.
md in many cases moro than men In the
-nme places, and we do not like to be gov
ined like the inmates of an orphan home ui
house of correction.
'And what bind of men do we marry»
Well, they have to be pretty nice, or we dou't
bother with them. The better class of sales
ladies rarely ranrry employes in the store
Don't you see we are independent, and unless
•. e are going to better ourselves very much.
it unless wo get hopelessly in love, wo do no*.
•are to marry at all I know many girls wtu-
uive married very well, and have loveh
nomes. Do we ever marry the customer-*
whom we meet fn tbe store! Well," with a
toss of the blonde bead and a pretty flush iti
the timid face, "1 know some wbo might
have married some of tbeir customers, but
'As far as promotion is concerned, thai
testa entirely witb ourselves, is based on out
ability, and I think is very fair and just
Some girls never get promoted because the.
luck ability and push, and others get to tin
top fn a short time. The promotions are from
■ash to parcel olerk-jfrotn that to stock clerk
one who assists in keeping the goods in ordu.
t hen to bill clerk, saleslady, cash lei's and flo-n
--.Hikers, and wages increase from twodoll-t;
op to thirty or more.''
'ilow much pay do f getV said a little
or faced maiden behind the counter. "Five
'.'iliirsu week, unless lometbiug happens '
And what does happen to prevent it!''
'Well, If I'm late u lew minutes 1 am
-'iied, ff I am halt um hour late I lose one
ii.irter of a day's wages if 1 make the least
iitle mistake in my bills thut is taken out til
nv pay, and if I break anything that has i>>
ne psid for. tf I am sick half a day i lus*
tbat, and so you -jet.' 1 ! mtalways get the t}S>
i iif floor watkei doesn't always look when
tba bears a crash, because If sbe doesn't know
what breaks or who breaks it, wby tben she
can't report it But she always docs look if
the superintendent Is anywhere on tbe floor
Sometimes one dish costs a whole week •
"No, our sujieriutendent isn't a woman.
und I'm glad of It A woman does nothing
but scold and stew and fuss all the time over
little things. Yes, it's pretty bard to keep
up all the lines, but I suppose it makes us
more careful, so that we really do not have
so very many to pay No, we have no seats
now, they have all heen taken away Boms-
limes two or three of us crowd ou tbe edge of
a drawer that pulls out near the floor, but we
fly up lively if we see the floor walker com-
:ng this way.''
"Thegiiisabused the privilege,nezplaiued
the floor walker, a delicate looking girl.
'Tbey wero not quick to rise up when customers cane in, and grew neglectful and
indo'.ent Of course, it is tiresome to stand
so long, and girls need to be strong to endure
it, but tbey like the work aside from tliat,
and in time they seem to grow accustomed
to it, so tbat tbey do not mind it as they do
at first.
'Tho hardest things wo have to get along
with are the cranks that come fn here to be
waited on. Of course, it is our busi
uess to -how the goods, but just as much
tbeir business to be ladylike, i tell you some
of the girls behind the counter are mon
ladylike than the rich people they wait on.'
-Now York Sun. THE :-: NANAIMO :-:  COURIER
J, J. Shinabare;er, Editor and Proprietor,
WEDNESDAY,   Jl'I.Y   :;i,  1889,
Mr. Jamen O'Xoil is authorised on behalf ofthe Nanaimo Coubieb io canvass
for subscription", advertising, rei-eive
payments ami -jive receipt*** for tbe same
in the citv of Victoria.
Mr. .lobn Currie la authorized on behalf of the Nanaimo CotmiBK to canvass
for subscriptions, receive payments and
give I'l'cciiits for the same in Wellington.
the prospects. Dry weather has been the
trouble in Manitoba, but the sane injury,
aiul iu many cases lo ;t more marked dtv
gree, has reiultetl in Northern Minne-
lota. ami particularly so iii North Dakota.
*-^     laaft At the iGxcelsior Bakery, Commercial -Irca-t, '
or  Mansaiu's -tiiro,  Halilitinon street, aaill receive
The Ittlcsi uewa from Kebring Sea is
to the effort that United states revenue
colters are in hot pursuit of what tbey
ure pleased to term poachers upon the
preserves uf the Alaska Commercial Company. Tbo gHnbual llichanl Rush had
already eapturet] the Rritish sealer Black
Diamond and confiscated the vessel and
ber I'argo of skins Hon many inure
have been seized ainee, iberc :ue no
means at present available nf knowing;
but iIn- Inference in that, unless ihe
United States authorities meet with it
vigorous and pointed protest from Admiral Hknkaor, of the British North I'a-
cifie squadron, now in those waters, this
character of authorized pirac* will be
continued until our sealers are either all
confiscated or driven from Behring Sen.
By all tenets ,,i international maritime
law, three marine miles from land toward
the open sen constitutes the boundary of
the jtiristlii'tion of any nation. Outside
ol litis limit tbe sea is open to the free
and undisputed use of all nations. Hence
we contend that the seizure of these vessels sixty or .evenly miles Irom land,
upon tlie open sea, is its illi-j^nl as the
same act \r,mill be if perpetrated in lhe
middle of the I'aeilie ocean. The silly
contention put forth by the United Slates
that because ihey purchased Alaska they
obtained the exclusive ownership andl
control of Behring Sen, will not bold i*oi„l
in any international conference composed
of oven third-rate statesmen ol ibe present day. As well may England shv lhal
because she owns Gibraltar sbe has the;
ri;:ht to close the Mediterranean Sea lo i
ihe legitimate commerce of a friendly !
nation and seize and confiscate its vessels j
and iheir cargoes
If I'.iitisb Columbia did nol occupy
such tut isolated position—so far removed
from the sent of British authority—we
have no doubt this whole question would
have been settled long ago; in fact tit*,
i'nited sttttes government would never
hnve dared to set itself up na the autocrat
ofthe sens ami turn its "navy" into al
police squadron to forage upon ibe llgltl-
mate industries of other nations.
Then, again, the contention is raised
that British sealers had  no business In
Behring Sea this season,  because tbey
had been warned by proclamation duly '
issued by the Presidenl oi the   United
Mates   nol   Hj    ''trespass"   upon   thofletif
waters fur lite  purpose of  killing Seals.
The question naturally arJsQ** what authority has the  f'Kileil Slnles lo forbid j
persons or vessels from trespassing upon I
priitipi'iy whieh il does nol  own or over j
^whicli it   has  legally   no  jurisdiction?
The   position   of  our   cicit   republican |
neighbor in this respect is untenable,
and wr hope and trits.l the rights of our
sealers to the use of the open waters of
Behring Sea will be speedily enforced by
tbe British and Canadian governments.
Auoxa the new England complaints
against the policy of Interfering witli the
Canadian railways in the United States
Was one fraini Portland. The chief cily
of Maine would be seriously injured by
the trade of the Canadiau railways going
to Canadian seaports. Tbe commercial
independenae of Canada is very well exhibited by the alarm fell by tbe American
pttple themselves over the dei'lared inlen-
tion of their politicians to crush Canadian
railways. As lhe Halifax Herald puts it:
"Canada baa undoubtedly gained in self-
respect by declining to yield to the I'nited Slates wbru the puerile threal of retaliation was made. The evidence given
before the Senate's committee   indicates
that our neighbors now realize that the ; reasonable rales.     Spe
retaliation proposed would have Injured to tenderfooteal, ovPr-n
them far more than il Id have injured      Ji'if.J}?^^', ■■
 rt.        .        ,  ,     slli il.INt ,—t .ive  in
us, ami thai the Inevitable effeel oi such   vim.(, y0llrseives.     \p
a polia'.v would have been to increase Ibe ! to give satisfaction.
direct   Import trade nf Canada and to      '    I'l'i.UTn
build up the Canadian   itlontic porta of
Montreal. Quebec, Halifax and Si. John."
rate rates.
Albert, Sir...
Kanaimo, I
New Dairy & Creamery    , nanaimo telephone company. 'TJl TT "DnTjWTj'T T
Real Estate Broker,
John : Pulwitt
Successor to Emfl Derdingttr.
Practical   Horseshoer
Peck's Blacksmith  simp.
lu small lubs, suitable for Familial
and Hotels.
I tun prepared to do nil kinds of Gen-
ral Blacksmlthlng al  Bliort notice and
al attention paid
rhing and inter
ior sale le
I—J H Pleace. Hardware Store.
2—E Quennell, Butcher.
3—E  Pimbury,   it:  Co., Druggisl
4—Old Flag Inn, J E Jenkins.
5—Nanaimo Hospital.
ti—Provincial Government Office.
7—Johnston A Co's Wharf.
8—Shamrock Livery Stables.
0—Railroad or Telegraph Olliee.
lu—Bank of British Columbia.
11—New Vancouver Coal Co.
12—Dr, E A Praeger's Office.
13—J tis Harvey's Store.
14—Commercial Hotel, Sabiston ,".  Wii
16—Hirst Brothers' Slore.
Ki—Johnston & Co's Store.
17—Free Press Printing Office.
18—1. X. L. Livery Slables.
de by
AD     T it tl AT C" •!■ fi IVT I i»-i inslem & Loos' Saw Mill.
.a. J UiiJN ib 1UJM £fflffi»iE«rWo""8
And General Agent, Conveyancer,
Notary Public, Etc.
City Propertv,  Suburban Property and
Farm Lands for sale on best terms.
Correspondence Solicited.
Real Estate anil Insurance Agent
Published every morning except
,22—Hty Clerks Office.
i 28—J II Hilbert, Cigar Store.
j 24—Mrs. Gauthier,
awuir tk Son's Office, Departure
Victoria,   13.
i i.ill ;in<l eon-
n-k goftranteptl'
At Cheyeaiiff.
Younf* Lochiiiviu- came lu from the wait
With friugeon Kiw trouiwra and fur on hala ve-ft;
The width of )i.h hat brim could nowhere be
Hla number ten 1*i-okii im were -.-hook full of feet;
His glrdlo wus hom-iit witli pistols and thing*,
Anil ho nourished a Imiitifiil or ncca on kings.
Thu fair Alariana sat wutcliluj** a mtn;
When who -should turn up hut the young Lochln
Her pulchritude yjxsv hlui a pectoral glow.
And  he  reined   up   hit-*  hnrno   with   stoptortan
Then turned ou tho maiden a rapturoits *-rln.
And modestly asked if he mightn't step ul
Willi presence of mind thut wae uiai-velouH quite.
The fair Mariana replied that he mi-^lit;
S*> in through tlie portal strode voung Loobtn
Pre-empted the claim snd ck-iiiied out the bur;
Though the -Justice allowed he wmTn't wholly to
He taxed him ten dollar*, and eoutN JuKt the same.
-Chicago News.
1 mo
A thoroughbred Irish Terrier bitch
aged !>' months. Trice %%%, Apply
Coukibk oflice. jy 25-if.
tT-t%na.o«B Uarvoy
Fashionable : Tailors
Con.mercial Street   -        Nanaimo,  li. C.
Cosmopolitan  Market,
comieicliil street, Nanaim, B.0,
I *E.     C?T^*E-Kr*l>ir*EIXsXs.
.1 Hi-skin's Store. A house in tlie middle  wind  with livt'
2X— |ir. Walkem'a Residence, Kust Wcl-1 rooms., in -moil locality. Address "M. M."
lington. | OoiiKiKit Office.
"2il— lOttfit Wellington  I'onl   Co's Office,
Ettst Wellington.
i 8o—Jolm Hilb.it, Furnll'tire Dealer.
81—Ct,i!itiKR Office.
■ 82—Walter Wilson's store.
188—A Mayer A Co.
"4—M ManBon's Residence.
il-i—N E 1' Society's Store.
!Hi— Dr. 1,. T. Davis' Resident*.
117—.1 Decker, Occidental Hotel.
118—Oraii-'s lllackBiiiith Shop.
Ill)—It McMillan's Residence.
4(1—East Wellington Wharf.
41—li Heyland's Residence.
42—E Quennell's Farm.
I 43—The Delmonico Hotel.
144—T Wall. Wellington Hold.
CommbiicIai    iiitKK'i', Nanaim,,.    II. C
■ iy THK Kt.\l>!
, Delivptirv to All P.u'ts of tin, Cits
Wit.teil I'l.llti.noM.
I'olitu Mun (ou suburban train, rising and
calling out ufter two young women who
aro goiug ilnavn tbo aisle)—Hero is a Beat, la-
(Touug women wullt am anil i>tav uo botxl to
the invitution.)
Polito Man (louder)—Ladles, you will Hud
a seat back here.
.Young ladies still li>unr(ng tbo protTored
Polito Man tgrowing real)—Of course, ladies, you can stand up if you prefer, but (at
tho top of his voice) you can get a seat If you
come back.
(Polite man sees young wouion accept u
seat at farther eud of cur, and proceed to
converse with oach othor in deaf and dumb
alphabet, whereupon he goes iuto forward
ear to cool off.)—Chicago Tribune.
H/""** KI  8 /^\ Photographs! Photographs!!
Foresters Picnic Ground i Globe : Hotel.
Tlm undersigned is prepared lo lake
ss Cidtint'l  PhotoB  lor "t."!."
Views of residences and ul
ing at reduced prices.     .1
keep money from going to other cities
46—Central Hotel.
40—.1 Mnhrer's Brewery.
17—.1 Mnhrer's new Rcsidem-a
48— P Stibiaton's Residence.
New and Second-Hand
i first-class Cabinet Photos for $8.00 per
t dozen. Views of residences and nil kinds
of viewing at reduced prices.     And  to
I will take payment   in   trade  from  any
. , liusiness man in lhc citv.
1 .IdllS' SAMPSON,
Photo Artist
Arc lulled fo; Kei'rcshnii'iil Booths
an follows :
Good Mi't'omtnodntions. Fine view of
the Hoy. Only lirst-clnss brands of
Wines. Llmiors nnd Cigars supplied.
jv4-tf      NICHOLSON & SCOTT, Pr
All Kinds of Goods Bought,
Sold  and Exchanged.
Opposite Provincial Motel.
This paper is a live exponent of the
interest of
Nanaimo and Vicinity
And is thoroughly
It contains all tbe Latest
Telegraphic Di^ti
Contractor and Builder.
i i
Nanaim.i, IJ, (.'., P. I). Box, ISO.
Mav IB—I inn
Dished up in readable style, and n
distributed early each morniug
so that everyone oan have
it at the breakfast
Tin. Fiiruii.i', tlie '■...nni, aud  lhe Dog.     '■ FIRST—The Hill ;
Tramp (to Jarmor, diggitig in the gardsui : .,,,,,,..,,,    .,    .        ,,
-HajH-d, can't you! giv.firfe a little some-  SECOND-Meali and Icecream.
lUigtoeat! THIRD—Frult'a'nd Candy.
Parmer—:.,t«.   imn'igoi uuLhiu-rt.. j..
there ain't a thing in the ham.*! fnr ye.
Tramp—All right, to let lt bo. That's a tine I    Kadi tender must I"   accompanied by
<i„g you got there. a cheque for the full amount of the ten-
The funnel', all'Op[iiiij;' Ins hliuael nnd ro tiling    del'.     Tenders Jllllst 111' 8,'HI    in oil 01'1)6-
over by the fence, saidt "Krienil. are ye n I fore lhc Hist of,Tilly to
judge o' line dogs!" ;    jyLM-ld R, ,1, WENBORN.
Tramp—What I don't know about dogs j
wouldn't make a bark.   Thnt dog, sir, never !       _.       ,_T       ,_,„„-,     „„
cost less than a hundred. F.      W.     COOK,   C.E.,
Farmer (shouting to wife)—Jane, git up-
suthin' nice to oat an' bring; it out hero!—The
thu undersigned are requested to be
paid, otherwise they will he handed
I lo tt solicitor for collection.
.1. 11. PLEACE.
tor in:* <»■<■;   mil,■>-*<-..  cau.  OX
Architect and Mechanical Engineer.
VIOTfllUA, II. ti,
md oilin clnltiis,
Mist 'ElLA.V/'.'OT:S NOTES.
Thr Chicago Tribune, in reference lo
Mr. Bechard's threat of Quebec annexing itself to the I'nited States, says thai
if so his province could not expect lo
carry with it the Bpecial privileges it now
enjoys in the Dominion.
Sairvtyi  tiniU
Thk Earl of Caithness, who died suddenly at Edinburgh recently, i» the last
nt'his line.   Neither brother nor <i«tsr
survives hint.   The claimant to the title:
and estates—a descendant of (leorge, 4th I
Marl—is an employe in ll bank  :at   Aberdeen, and he will bring his claim liefore
the House of Lords.   Failing him, thsj
next heir is Sir .Inha   Sin,-lair.   I'.tirt.  nf
Pkebiiiknt Harrison is snid tube itl-
ready thinking of hi. message to Congress. When lie dues send it to the
national legislators they will listen to it
imi ilienlly, antl proceed to neglect every
recommendation it make, by doing the'
opposite.     That is one of the beauties of
our neighbors' system. When the newspapers combine to * 'sit upon" the message, as Ihey do the Congressional debates, they will kill nil'a useless institution.
Mb. Marshai.i, Wh.ukii— we don'l
know who Mr. Marshall Wilder is. bill
he has written a hook and is therefore
eminent—declares Hud Mrs. Bonanza
Mackay is a charming woman, unostentatious in her hospitality and truly charitable; also that her affection (or her
native country is stronger and purer today than ever it was. Asked when she
intended to return, her reply was: "I
want to go home its soon as my sons complete their education." Whal a pity
there are nocnlleges anal uiiiveiBerties in
the United States, that this devotedly
patriotic daughter of the stars and stripes
might come home with her boys.
00M0X, B. C,
Alar -,,.-lf
Will sail Iron, Portland
Saturday, August 2nd.
For Nanaimo Direct,     For   freight   or
Passage A.pply i<i
jy L'li-lil Agentfl.
Thk Winnipeg Snn denies that the
unreliable reports rrgnrHinu the crops
are sent from Manitoba. The denial is
drawn forth by statement.-! in various nil-
reliable papers that there is A conspiracy
to keep hack the farts in connection with
the crops. Tlie 'official crop bulletin
issued in June was from information received up to June 1, This report, says
the i nu, admitted that rain was needed,
hut the principal injury to tlie crops has
heen inflicted since then. It is impossible as yet to nay exactly how much damage has heen done, and certainly il would
be senseless to send out dubious reports
when later tint weather   would improve
A Nj-mpli,
She stain lis a thing of beauty, passing fft.ii*:
Around ber head tho struggling sunlight Hkims,
Awl, oh, tho beauty of her wet, browo hair.
The lissome languor of ber perfect llmbi*:
I would I could describe her, btandiug tbere
Above the dimpled pool's white marble rim.
Pausing with pretty, hesitating air
Ere plunging in the pool (o dfvo and swim.
Urcathlt-eu she riseu, rot-iv us tbe dawn.
The water from her hair she Ugbtly flings.
Sbe is a princess to tho manner born;
I.lko cerements tier linen tunic clings.
Lightly sho walks into Lhe sun kissed nust.
And, bending o'er another nymph as fair,
Sbe gently -strokes her shoulder, arm and wrist,
And twines her ftng*4rs In her soft, damp hair
Who con sbe lm*   Au<i what may be her uuuiu-
Who Is this nymph who so much beauty hath?
Veausr   Or Helen of immortal fame?
No; an attendant in a Russian bath.
Traveling Ontflu.
Trunk Denier—I sec. Want something for
a six mouths1 tour abroad. Well, madam, in
the adjoining building I have a trunk which
I'm sure you will like. Can't get it in the
store room; double door is too narrow, 1
thought of remodeling it and using it for a
sea short* cottage, but tf it will suit you I will
let you have it cheap.
1 )n nny- I' in not t he one who is going abroad.
it's my husband.
"Oh! George, show the lady one of those
vest pocket hand sactaeli.1-—Now York
Hr Found Out.
Amateur Singer (who has envolved a
scheme for getting his wife's unbiased opinion
of his own voice)—Emily, what do you think
of young Kiljordan's singing!
Wifo—It's perfectly wretched. It sets my I
teeth on edge to hear him.
Amateur Singer (some wesjea later)—Emily, j
youug KilJordan wants me to take his place
in that duet  at   the Grindstone reception
next week.    Do you think I could sing It as
well as he could!
Wife (hesitatingly)— Y-yes, Cyrus, I don't
know but you coul i—Chicago Tribune.
The reader who's in search of fame
May think tho way Is dark;
Yet tbe man who cannot sign his name
Is the one who makes his mark.
—Harper's Basar
A Great Scheme.
Citizen (to Uncle RostusJ-WeU, Uncle Rae* I    The train willleave Wellington at
tus.how aro you getting oninthe grocery   "-m., and Nanaimo at 8:0*..
business? Return tickets (good till Monday, *2.60
Uncle Rastus—Why, I guess, de boss am I eacbjchildren half price.
very much pleased with me.   De fust time I!    f*sT"A special train will leave Victoria
came into de sto11 tuk down de sign "No   Saturday night for Nanaimo ami Welling-
trouble to show goods," and institooted in its   ton.
place "No trouble to receipt bills," and 1 	
score's Yonng Dresatu.
Little Girl (at school) — What did ths
teacher send you here fort
Little Boy—She said I was bsd and must
come over and sit with the girls.
"I like you.   Can you stay longl"
"Guess not.   I wasn't very bad."
"Well, you be bsdder next time."—Now
York Weekly.
Boneless liver.
"Wife, did you order that boneless liver as
I asked you to do this morning*"
"Yes, I did."
"What did the butcher aay 1"
"You're a mean, good for nothing old fool
Don't you speak to me again for a month.' —
Chicago Herald.
Saturday, August 3d, 1889,
Under the am-pict-sof Coin-l Nnnaimo
Foresters Home No.5886
On and after July 16th, tlie BteHmer i»*-
lii'l will Bftil ns follows, calling »l
way ports:—
Leave Victoria for Nanaimo,
Tuesday at 7 a in
Leave Nanainio for Comox,
Wednesday nt (*, a m
Leave Comox fm Nanaimo,
Thursday at 7 a in
Leave Nanaimo for ('nmox,
Friday at 8 a tn
LeavoComox for Nanaimo,
Saturday at 7 a iu
Leave Nanainio for Victoria,
Sunday at 7 a m
Kor Frelslit nn.l  Pawns, apply on board.
Mar    i-ll
Chop and Oyster House,
Lung Hiial|iL', Nanaimn,  1!. C.
Raw, Fry, Fancy Roast,
Plain Roast, Oyster Loaf,
New Vorl; Stew, Box Stew,   Tan Roast.
UyOpen May ami night. Meals 25 cents
anil upwards. Hoanl ami Lodging liy tkc
ilay, week or month.
apl3^lf _
Naas River Oolachan
1. E 1. A N I)    H O U S E ,
PROUT     &    INSLEY,    Proprietors.:
Strictly First-Class.    Accommodation fur 195 I'.-ievts. j
Convenltnl to Railway Station anil Steam*
sliip  Dock.
Palace Hotel.
Sample  Boom  for use of (loin-:
streets. Vancouver, b. c.       I meroial lravellers-
...    _ D. MORALLO, Prop.
EXELSI01   MARKET JGaresche Green & Co.
Opposite Italian Hotel, Ilaliliurton Btreet
R H.ROWE,Prop.
Constantly on hand a full assortment of
Choice Meat & Vevetables
Meat  delivered to all parts of tlie I'ily
free of charge. tf
—WIU. c.ive—
"j Sffl   nan.
rayon,Indian Inkor WaterColors
The BUST WORK on the Pacific
Coast al
NKW    -:       YORK     -i-     PRICES.
Great   Transcontinental   Route
50 lbs. Kegs
Delivered to all parts of the City irom
Bullock's Brick Block, Victoria Orescent.
May 14—lmo
Will accompany the excnrslonlsti.
A Good Time is Anticipated.
steial Exiifa 188!
September 9th To 21 inst.
Northern Pacific Rail'y
Via the  Cascade  Division  noasr completed,
making it thc Shortest, lies!
and   Quickest.
The Dining Car Line. The Direct Route.
No Delays, Fastest Trains, Lowest Rates
to Chicago and all Points East. Tickets
sold to all Prominent paints throughout the
East and South-East.
TllROUOH Pullman   Drawinh-Koom
Sleknnc Cars.
Reservations can lie secured in Advance.
To East-B
The time  is drawing closs al hand for
■ Intending exhibitors to prepare whatever
, thev mav have for exhibition: they are
j therefore requested to forward the same
A famished   room   by   a  respectable I without delay, addressed " B C. Exhibit,
gentleman in a quiet neighborhood, not city Hall, Vancouver."
too far from the Coum*** offlce. Address, n. OPPENHEIMER. Mayor
stating terms with and without  board,   \vm. SBITZ, Secretary,       President,
(two meals and luncheon) to* J. J. 8.,      Provincial Eihibitinn   Atiosiataisu  sf
I'oUHics  oflice.     Citv  refarenoes   fnr-        B.C.
nished. ! P. O. Box BOO.
Be careful  and do not make a mistake, hut
tie sure to take the
Northern Pacific  Railway.
And sec tjiat your ticket reads via THIS
LINE, St. Paul or Minneapolis, to avoid
changes and serious atelays occasioned by
other routes.
Through    Emigrant    Sleeping     Cars
Run on regular express trains lull length of
the line. Berths free. Lowest Rates.
Quickest Time.
Freight and Passenger Agent.
Nanaimo, B. C,
Asst. Gen. Pass. Agt.
121 First   St., cor. Washington,
Portland,  Or.
Next   door   to   Hirst's   Hros.,
Commercial  Street-
W. D. DEEBLE, Prop
Constantly on hand a full assortment of
Choice Meats and Vegetables.
•"B.   <D.
A genera)'Banking business transacted-!
Telegraphic Tram-fern anil Drafts on tbe
Eastern Provinces, Great Britain and the
United States. Collections promptly
attended to. Agents for Wells. Fargo at
In every part of the
And nil the latest events of pnblil
interest are promptly transmuted. |
Every question of public
importance discussed
Lansdowne   Brewery
has engaged a man roni San Francisco
and is now with hi* new outfit ready to
to nerve the public with the very best
Beer Ale and Porter.
I    I
<<>:*--irii< IA1
Tht Largest snd Beat Eotol iu tli   Oitv.
Just Arrived!
300 Kits, Kegs
and Half-Barrels
San Juan ami Saanich Lime, Portland
cement, lrister of Paris and Brick. For
sale by
Mav 15—1 mo
Shipping supplied  at short notice.
Peck's Hotel,
T.   E.   PICK,    Proprietor.
P.  Jamieson, Prop.
Oysters,   Cakes, Jellies,  lec  Cream,   Ulanc
Mange, &c,    The orly White Labor
Restaurant in Town.    Meals
from  2? aents up.
I Association—lleailquarteis, 465 Main
U Btreet, Winnipeg, Man. For codec
tion of old and worthless accounts nn y
where in thc worid, and no charge if not
collected. O. E. Collins, Manager and
Treasurer. S. Pbbbt Mills, Solicitor,
Victoria, B.C.
AU my debtors are herewith warned
that unless they pay what amount of
nionev they owe me within the time
specified in vesterday's paper, they will
h* sued at tht nuxi County Court.
Its advantage as an
Per Year.   -    -   -
Per Month,   -   -   -
Per Week, -   -   -
as •
Printing & Publishing
THEIR    WKIll'l
Holloway's Pills & Ointment
■*- lias securcal for itself an iinpciislil
fame throughout the world for thc alleviai
and cure of most iliscases to which huniaf
is heir.
Purify,   regulate  ancl improve   lhe qu&lttl
the blood.    They assist the digestive org«2
cleanse   the   STOMACH   &   BOWELS-J
crease the secretory power of the Liver,brace j
thc nervous   system, and throw into the cirj
culation the pure elements for sustaining aif
repairing the frame. , -J
Thousands  of  persons  have testified thJ
by   their  use alone   they have been restoreS
to   health   and   strength  after   every   othi
means have proved unsuccessful
Will be found invaluable in every Househl
in the cure of open Sores, Hard Tnmff
Colds, Sore Throats, Bronchitis, and all I
ordeis of the Throat and Chest, as also Gil
Rheumatism- Scrofula, and every kindT
Scin Diseases.
Manufactured ouly at Professor Hollowl
Establishment, 78 New Oxford St. (late J
Oxford   St.), London, nnd sold at is. 1)
2s. od.. 4s. 6d. Us., 22., and  33s. each i
and Pot.
TERFEITS.    Purchasers should look to f
Label on the Pot and Boxes.    If the adr* ]
is not 5«3 Oxford  Street, London, the/
spurious. / 'HE VALUE OF PURE AIR
I iipliiasniit Sensations tht, llesult uf u Lack
uf Voutllatlon—'lhc Destroying Element,
Impure Air, Continually Sapping Our
urn niooil.
The atmosphere we breatho lias in its
natural stato a nearly uniform composition of oxygen, nitrogen, carbonic acid
and watery vapor. It is conceded that
in eacli inspiration four cubic inches is
taken into tbe lungs, one-half of which
disappears in tbo act of inspiration. This
consumption of oxygen Is greater when
the temperature is low than when It is
high, and during digestion it is greater
than when tho stomach is empty.
Hiding in tliosteam and horso cars, wo
nro compelled to breatho not only the air
from people's lungs, but tho exhalations
from tbeir skins and clothing. Fancy
riding in tho 6team cars for a long distance in winter timo, with two largo
stoves heated almost rod hot with anthracite coal, in a cpaco say of 15 feet
wido and 10 feet high. This space will
contain about eighty people, and is
closely shut up. Every ono knows tho
stovo uses up oxygen with great rapidity,
and what is left is breathed over and
over again by tho people, who aro giving
out from their lungs constantly a gas utterly unfit to bo breathed.
Is it any wonder headache and nausea
steal over tbem? They must either sit iu
a draught or enduro tbo poison, as tho
ventUators nro not enough to carry off
tho foul air.
Visit somo school bouses after a walk
in tbo fresh air and tbo odor is something
disgusting. Theso unpleasant sensations
como from want of greater ventilation.
Hero again the air is vitiated by the
breaths, clothing; many of tho pupils
scarcely know tbo luxury of a good bath
and plenty of clean underclothing. Now,
can tho air bo anything but bail under
such circumstances? If tlio windows aro
opened long tho teacher and children
tako cold, and some are afraid anal think
they cannot stanal the smallest breath of
fresh air.
A Bchoolroom 80 feet square and 8 feet
high contains 7,200 feet of cubic air.
This room will seat sixty pupils. Allowing ten cubic feet of air to each pupil
per minute, all tho air in tbo room will
be vitiated in twelve minutes. Now,
granting that every means is used regarding ventilation, and a goodly supply
of soap and water to scrub the floors instead of sweeping. A recess of fivo minutes ought to bo given overy hour, so
that tbo children could move about, havo
the windows anil aloors wido open, and
lot them breathe in freely tbo pure air of
lature, to repair their mental and phy-
lical condition.
Effects are proportioned lo causes, anal
if an atmosphere filled with 5 per cent,
of carbonic acial will produce death in a
fow minutes, what must bo the effect of
breathing for ten, twenty or forty years
tlio much smaller proportion which must
bo present in every Inhabited room where
there is not a constant incoming and out-
Sling of air? It must and does lower the
standard of health and shorten our lives.
Let a person who is in good health, witb
a sound nasal organ, tako a brisk walk
In tho open air, tben como at ouco into
the inhabited room, aud if there is any
unpleasant odor tho air of that room is
How many dwellings, sittiug rooms or
bedrooms would pass such on ordeal in
tbo early morning after being occupied
all night?
Bad air being heavy always sinks to
the floor, and to bo got rid of must bo
drawn from tbo floor, cither by open fireplaces or some means of ventilation. A
room 10 by 13 by 12 contains 1,440 cubio
feet of air, tho available oxygen of which
is used up hy ono person in half an hour.
What to breatho then becomes the great
question, especially for persons unacquainted witb tho only way of producing good health and long life. Breath is
our lifo—moro to us than food. Breatho
puro fresh air day and niglit. You cannot get too much of it. Fresh air is tho
ono mighty disinfectant. It certainly is
its own purifier; nothing can tako tlio
placo of puro ventilation.
Wo suffer most in winter for want of
ventilation; tho outsido cold makes us
closo all tbo apertures in tbo rooms,
whilo in summer tlio beat makes us open
all tho doors and windows. I tbink it
preferablo from my standpoint to bavo
less heat in tbo rooms, to air them every
'■vo hours, to get rid of tho furnaco
*ases, ant' in tbo evenings to get away
with tho deadly carbon from our gas
jets. Let cleanliness bo tho watchword
in every home, from attio to cellar.
Keep plenty of disinfectants around tho
washbowls and water closets. Iu damp
cellars keep charcoal ahv.ays. It is simple and cheap. Lot iu tbo blessed sunlight every whero you can. Nover mind
the fading of furnituro or carpets; better than tbat our lives and thoso of our
children bo tbo forfoit.
Sunshino not only gladdens our hearts,
but it steals iuto tho corners and makes
the surroundings pure. Whero sunshino
enters, every room will bo healthy. Get
the musty odor out of your offices,
stores, overy placo of business. Bettor
stand cold air than breatho slow death.
Livo in open air all you can, Take a
brisk walk eountrywards every day.
Qo to the hill tops, but remember "tiod
breathed into your nostrils tho breath of
life." So learn to keep your mouths
closed. 'Tis a good thing to practice.
Breatho through your nose at all times,
as mouth breathing is only an acquired
habit and brings thousands of ovils.—Boston Globe.	
Probably the oldest and most famous
woman's club in America is tho Sorosis
of New York, founded moro than twenty
years ago by Jennie June, Alice Cory
and Kate Field. The club holds its social
meeting on tho lirst Monday of each
month in tho banqueting hall of Del-
Albion Iron Works.
enoinhbr8, iron   founders   and
hoiler makers,
Munufnc-urer-i of Mannt an -'- Lar.d E ngct
Boilers, i<*js|i Canning aad Mining Machinery,
Hydraulic Giants and Pipe REPAIRS tMCUtW
with dispatch.    Worki running night and day
I ■"•weet boma or my  youili. near tlio murmuring
; That are nurced In tho laps of tne Nortb Scottish
! Kre tho gray streaks ot moralng the songster
1 r rum hla leaf curtained cot to uls matinal vows,
l My thoughts 'ling to thee, and loriogly press,
! Sweet home of my youth, on (lie banks of th-
j When the gay King of light doffs his gladdening
: And mantles the land with liis evening frown;
When night's somber cov'ring thu earth's o»er
. And nature 13 mourning the day that Is dead,
i riicn loved thought* of thee do I fondly caress,
: Sweet borne of my  youth, on tho batilis of the
I rhnugh i-jiy little (lower garden twice ten times
has lost
IU bright tiummer garb since thy threshold I'-'o
Though   Atlantic's  wido  waters   our   **ortr.:.en
Still no time nor ppaco from my memory cau hide
Or dampen tbe love 1 am proud to confess
For tho homo of my youth, on tho banks of tho
News. -John Patterson.
A   Figure* Th.it Pulll Out    IU   Watch aud
Tel!* One the Timo.
Professor Charles ltk-tn-1. tbo inventor of
iho (Jying machine  which created so much
interest a few yenrs ago, is just completing a
i mechanical wonder wbich is an astonishing
piece of meohaa ism.    It promises to create a
great furor throughout tlio country.    He ban
been ovor a year experimenting with it, and
has at last achieved results which at the out*
start seemed Impossible.   He was given carte
blanche from a watch manufacturing concern
to get up tho novelty, time and expense being a secondary  consideration.     Professor
j Michel has kept tho matter secret, and has
j permitted no one to enter his study except-
j Ing one or two intimate friends.    A reporter
j was given a private view last evening.
I     Tho entrance to the studio is by way of a
j dark staircase on John street.    Double doors,
I a screen and a heavy curtain shut out the
j daylight.    Electrio lights aro used to work
j by.   Thero are all sorts of grotesque heads,
j arms and bits of plaster anatomy banging
urouud tbo room, aud upon the work bench
are brass molds and a variety of fine tools
for tho purposo of working in steel and brass
!     Tho new wonder is a lifo sized youth of per
I Imps sixteen years of age.    Ho is a fine loot:
I ing lad, in perfect imitation of tho average
! boy of tho present ilay.    Tho   figure  stands
I upon the floor, und is uttired in ICuickerbock
'  ts and laced shoes, vest, coat, etc.—toallap
, |iearances a living boy.    Professor RIcheldid
: uot approach tho figure, but spoke to it, eay
j ing, " Good evening,  Bobby;   what thno is
j iff"   The figure turned its head and bowed
I *.li;;litly. and with Its left hand pulled back
! ho coat.    The right bund, which had been
liangtng at tho side, was lifted up to tho vest
pocket and drew out a watch. The watch was
then carried up to tho ear, at the same timo
tho bead turned so us to bring the ear down
iu a listening attitude, while tho eyes closed
Whon the silent youth was assured that the
watch was ticking tho band dropped slightly
lorwurd; the head turned so as to bring the
Inco to look full at tho watch, the eyes opened
and a pleased smile spread over the features.
I'ho head was then tin-own back, tho hand
which held  tho watch   between the thumb
nud index finger returnod the watch to tho
vest pocket and was then gracefully strung
tack  into its resting position   hy tho Bide.
I ho  mouth  opened,   and   with a pleasant
laugh tho figure said:   "It's just half pasta,
So naturally wns all this performed that
ior an instant it seemed as if tho figure wus
ni actual living being. Thero was no jerky
movement, nor tho slightest jar or noiso. Tho
■yes opened and closed nud the head moved
ibouttoall appearances like a living one.
Professor Rlchol laughed and said, "Whatdo
you think of it?" and then proceeded to ex
plain how it was operated Inside tho figure
is an electrio motor. This had been sot in op
'ration by touching a coucealod button in the
iloor several feet away whero the professor
had been standing. Afterwards he opened
iho chest of the figure and exposed where
■ ho cams, springs, weight balances, spirals
and levers which had caused tho arms and
nead to move. The cleverest parts are thoso
whloh cause the wrist, thumb and fingers to
uove. The articulatory mechanism Is very
-miliar to that employed in a phonograph.—
New Vork World.
Tlie riont and His Guests.
Social intercourse or tho exchange of civili
let should be solely for tho betterment and
linemcnt of mankind, und if tbe status of
iiic-li is not based upon a high sense of deli
•:\cy and cultivation tho results  must   be
A knowledge of human naturo Is also im
».rluntil, the grouping of people. A wise
mtortainer knows tho ability of his friends
imi acquaintances, and would not invite
Oa-ssius-lifco friends, with aversion to music
m their souls, to a musicalo, even though n
Itubcnstcln was to play and a Patti to Bing
Neither would ho invite tho bigot in religion
to meet a rival ono of another school, nor an
■ postle of Voltaire expecting pleasure from
tho discussion suro to arise. Nor would he
tiid political antipodes to attend a "con
versation" on government affairs, with
out expecting warm words and un
pleasant clashing of opinions. Neither
would such invito the brightest lights of the
dramatic world to meet those whose religious
■HTuples prompt them to look upon tho drama
as a satanio invention for tlio destruction of
human souls. Nor would it do to invite the
merry, light hearted, youthful Terpsichorean
to meet the sages of tho court an'd tho senate,
knowing Intuitively that thort could be nothing congenial between tho dignity and
t hough tfubiess of the one and the frivolity
and merriment of tho other. A correct regard for tho tuste and weaknesses of one's
guests must bo considered, to bring only congenial people together as far a.* it is possible
to do so.
In official entertaining, hosts havo no discretion, and are in no wise responsible forthe
juxtaposition of discordant elements, Tho
rules of official etiquette lix the position of
rank and privilege tn tho social world, and
consequently tho unavoidable and incongru
ous grouping, aud unpleasant incidents that
sometimes occur.—Mrs. John A. Logan in
Chicago J ounia 1.
Emperor William-h Swords.
The late Emperor William only used two
swords and ono saber throughout his long
fighting career. Tho flrstsword was his boyish
weapon, carried from 1810 to 1834, the sec
ond was a present from the Czar Nicholas,
which served him from 1834 to the time of
the war with Austria In 1800. On the mem
orable day of Sadown the emperor adopted
an infantry saber, which ho wore to the lost,
find on which ho had engraved the names of
all his victories in the Austrian and Franco
Prussian campaign* These historical weapons aro to bo stored tu tlio Berlin museum,
together with tho saber belonging to the
emperor's father, Frederick William III,
which always stood by tho sido of his writing
' table in his study. —Boston Transcript.
Ihey Were Not Itum-in*., but Wero MeMl-f
Rebelling Against Shams and Con veil*
tioimli*.m— Thoy Reveled In freedom nnd
Were  I.Ike   I in■-■- Inilii---.  School   Itoj'a.
When tho men of MD came to California
they ware suddenly out off from many of the
habits, usages and customs of tho older com-
munltiaa in which they had been born and
bred. They found themselves umong a new
*ot of neighbors from many countries who
bad in similar manner i»eeu *-o cutoff. All
bad been turned out of ruts of thought which
' had existed for generation*, and  itit-> which
aid communities always settle.
Tho literary men of old coimtwes can write
: dullness and a rehash of other men's thoughts
for generations beforo (hey aro found out.
Children aro taught directly or indirectly to
regard with reverence the emanations of
lODie sL'iit-fossilizod brain, although in such
emanations they are neither interested nor
amused. But they must know certain things,
(>r protend to know tbem or admire them, anil
why! Because they would bo call Ignorant
If they did not.
Now, when men ure turned loose in such a
great pasture ns was California thirty-nine
yenrs ago and find themselves even for u
' short timo beyond tho dictation of college*
und universities and B A.'u and LL.D.'s,
there come3 a tendency on their part to kick
up their heels and run rampant for a time tu
tho intellectual sense.
They seem infected with the wild, unsubdued nature around them, and hi their first
sense of freedom they tlo many wild, grotesque and even Improper things. That ia
why your ancestors, the argonauts, gavesu'h
dreadful names to these towns—such au
; "Hang town," "Murderers' Bar," "Shirtail
Canyon," and the like, it was a reaction
trotn-fi.e pretentious stylo so long practiced iu
tho eastern states aud older countries. Thf
! tendency to call somo ono horse town—Rome,
I 01* Athens, or Ithaca—names generally suggested by some village literary pomposity,
too, shows bis classical education. Reveling
in iheir freedom tho argonauts iu the eurlier
days invented within a couple of years a now
sot of terms, almost a now language, bred out
.if the country itself und the now conditions
and modes of lifo above them—such as
"Panned out," "Givo up the flume," "Broke,"
".Strapped," "Busted" and "Petered out."
Men liked to talk improperly and iu au oui>
landish fashion, becauso In the older states
the schoolmaster's rod first and too rod of
; popular opinion afterward had been so long
! hold over them to inako them talk properly.
They havo beeu mado so to do in so far as
thoy did not out of love, but fear, nud anything learned out of fear will ho rejected af-
: terward for a time, oven though it bo a good
thing.   It is a luxury for a boy to wade
through a mud puddlo and soil his    i thes
when at homo he has been from first to last
I licked into clean garments, und the first aui
last thought associated  with a pair of cleou
< pantaloons is his mother's threat tliat if he soils
them he will bo punished.   California gave her
first settlers liberty to dress, talk and act in
many things about as thoy pleased.  Of courso
j when mon first havo liberty in anything they
1 are apt to abuse it, or rather make a bad Uao
; of it.    But liberty they've got f i have somo
■ Lime or other beforo they can learn to make a
: proper uso of it. You can't mako an expert
' horseman unless you givo  him  full liberty
with tho horse. That Is a verv shaky kind of
goodness or virtue which always does the
L'omnieudublo thing 1 ecu use some one else
jays it is the thing to du. That kind of goodness is very often deep down In the depths
wanting to do the forbidden thing, but not
| daring to do it for luck of opportunity.
Many of your solid cltteens of today, nil-
; lavs of church, state and society,  during
, their earlier years in California weut for
things forbidden In the older states "flat
footed."   They went Tor tho fandango, for
, faro, for monte, for tho bar—for anything
■ and everything which tho Now England Sun*
i day school said was wrong. They went and
j saw, and tried and tasted, and drank to the
dregs, and found tho cup bitter, and ths-ac-
) count, when footed up lu the ledger of
1 health, to bo a losing ono, and being men of
I judgment, balance and common sense, they
I put away tho evil thing onco and for-
' sver, having satisfied thomsolvej out of their
-jwn experience that tho evil thing did not
i pay, and they really wanted no more of lt.
Thoy could then .ass tbo gilded portals of
■ danger without caring to go In, and that Is
j probably moro than over they could have
i done had they remained In the older states
[and trod nearly the same path their fathers
; trod.
X believe thoroughly that it Is far better
for ono to sin mid tin in good earnest softs to
know tho evil that comes of it than not to sin
and yet hnvo always a covert desire to do so.
Bomo of our very good girls and boys, both
of smaller and larger growths, covet a great
deal. Thoy would dare tell no one, hardly
themselves. The result Is, I Imagine, that
they may keep on coveting and live coveting
aud dio coveting and go to glory coveting,
and if it bo truo that there no thing can be
hid, and "oven to tho tooth and forehead of
our faults we must give in evidence against
ourselves" wo may havo some difficulty in
getting within the golden gates and getting
imr checks cashed at the bank of eternal
But this is a danger that the old seasoned
argonaut who has seen for himself aud tried
for himself need not fear.
In other words tho 'forty-niners had a
better chance to bo natural than in'tho older
communities. It may lu some cases havo
been a disorderly kind of naturalness, but
was it not better than no naturalness at all?
Brown, of Tuolumne, used to say at times,
"I do wish I could lie consistently and per-
iistently. Alas I I cannot. The truth will
fall out of my mouth at times In spite of all
my efforts to provont it, and at the very time
It most hurts my business."
Thoro was a noble honesty in this. You
dread a man far less when ho says to you, "I
am a thief. I will steal at times. I can't
help it.   You must bo on guard against me."
Such a man hangs out his sign and gives
you a chanco to guard yourself against him.
isn't ho preferablo to tho cautious sneak
trickster—tho mau who fortifies himself in '
|co and possibly behind an iron grating,
y the aid of laws perverted to wrong I
uses robs with scarcely any riskf—Prentice
i Mulford in San Francisco Chronicle.
FIRST BANK   Columbia - Carriage - Works
Hastings Street, East  of Carroll,
-Ei.^lll.lSllEI)    IN —
CjltV   O     NanaimO ri"*«M*«B-*-"««^l****i--m'"i«js«o-"en«d.   AlatieaadweUsdeeuditsckar
Lajj-e!-*.    Buggies,    .Ruck bo ads,
Having wcuntd tlie Ij-*;[ -.hoer o-s ihe Coast, thii department
■.-•ecialiy.   Wc Kuamiuei. tu prevent i*or*.e*. ftom interfering or ovcr-r
I   ". >-* t      I.OiiMS shod ami Uc:ilcii on llie UUcM u-jpruved principles.
Hi-pairing in -ill in. brancbtw, us well u f*AlVii.\<;, 'I lei tim \<., i.u:, done
neatness .md u moderate prices,    l.i-fla and Heavy t'OK<;fl.\(-is of every
K*u. Kvcry| depsUttneui  "■.ill rccci*,*- ilit* [jer-.gjial -,u(i-:r vision uf unr Mr. Mi NA1W:
workman, ivell oil*' 'avoraMy 1 nown in ninny jtarts of the Dominion.
ill be made a
■v-.-*-*-*-.!- Iiing
ijiiiu n
A.   T.   McNABB   &  Co.
H.'.kTKJ-, |30".
Lonuu'i-   O h< B—aB
al San rVancliCOi 1
Coruhilb ondoii-    Bmui
Ttl'tiid. i.'i,, Victoria, N..-..
Vancouver. Nauatmo and
AU-PIIlM   H llil    t ur r«**< poinl rill's :
In CANADA—The bank of Montreal and tirancllM
Umitsp Sta-iks—Agents Hank ul" Montreal) 5y ^'**
Street' New Vork; — Hank of Montreal, Chicago.
Umtki. Kihodqm—Bank of British Culurabla,   ■
Cornhill, Loudon; National Provincial Bank ol
Knglaridf Noni. and South Walei Bank:
British   l.lnen   Company's    ..-ink.'
Hank of Ireland.
ndia.Chii.A.Japan-Australia, New Zealand Hon
Kong   and    Shanghai    I tank    (!ur-ji*ratioti—
Chartered   Bank of India, Australia and
'    iii..i, Bi glllll, Scotti-di and Australia..   (-. .rtered   Bank,   Hank of
Pstistralasla    Commercial
Hank Co.. of Sydney.
Msxrcn ,-   u South Art mica—London   Bank  t
Mexico and South America.
.O -A. JV 3ESL ISs JFL t&,
iovernment Street - - Victoria, B. C.
■e|iuaita ReoeiyeJ in (Jolil, Hilver im.1 U. S. Oorraaoy.    Id tor est paid nu ibe Maine
un t iim? deposits',
S. Currenoy imreliiiHeU ut tiii/licKt miuk.'t rates.
New Vnrk nnal
CanafliBii Pacific Natl
TIME   TABLE   No.   10.
VICTORIA  TO Vancouver :,:,.   Moody,!**,  dsil,
VANCOUVER IU Viaoria, daily, mp, Moajay,
At ■ill! O Clock or on 11,a .nival of tl.c <_". H
Hallway irain.
' S..S. PKKMIKR „i|| .„« A, f„||„„,:_Vai,aou,u
j> I'-iai.. Mondliyt anal Thursday., r.iu.ni,,-
laavt, -"caul. Wednesdays and t'.l.rlays al i
a.in., ir vingan Vancouver aU,u!»,.in., ihi. r„
laleeffeil I hnr.day, February ,lh.
I.eave» VICTOKIA for New Wesluiinsier, Lodne,-.
-..uialini and Lulu l.laad. Sunday, and Thi
■*"''"•" 7."..,'l.°c.1".. T«-.-alay., a, I o'clock.
ictoria   and
Wedliesday and
Gold Dust and
BT Sight Dm*** ami
niuliic Trnnsfere
''scliauf-e mi Loiidnu available In nil parte of K
.utters of Credit issued on tbe principal Citi"K ol II
W Agents  for   Wells,   i**argr   *   Co. jft
S>u   l-'raiici.-ani.
iip.'. liuglond, Ireland and
United stiiti-ra, (.'ainnlM and
i Telegiaohi-j 'IVai
•ra and Remittance* to
he made through llil* Ba
curren)  rati-..
and fr-
lk at
Canadian pacific
Transcontinental Route
Aaaorted Jumbles,
Assorted Tinners,
Coffee Cake,
Gheaae Biscuits,
Currant Tops
Olnger Snaps,
Qraham Wafers.
Olnger Cake,
Family Pilot.
Fanoy Mixed.
Fruit Blear,
Iced Olnger Bread.
Iced Sultana.
ON Al CO. P.
Lemon Snnpe,
l-mnoii BibCi.IL.
"a'ftw  Yall k   :.,.,,,ub.
Oui Meal,
Hioh Mixed,
Soil.-. Crack.
Seed Biscuit,
"^aiwar Crackers,
Suice Jumbles,
-Mll/ai   Lamldes.
Sultnna Biscuit,
Vnriill.-i Cream.
Etc., Ktc.
I a-'S "' I f'a.',*",. .J««"l»y-  «' » O'clock.
Leave  NEW  WESTMINSTER lor   Vi.
way porta on Monday at
Friday at 7 a.m.
PLUMPER PASS, Sunday at 7.'clock.
Steamer,  for Hone and  way ports leave N.w We.l-
iiin.-ter every Thursday:    For Chilliwhack .aid
".'in "'"''      ""d'y  »'"1   -Saturday al
Meainer   MAUDE  leaves   Victoria for Aluerni  and
Sound pons once a month.
3le.in.lilp Sardonyx will leave for Fair! 'iin,r..n   aud
nili'iuiediali-porl-ou the Fir.t  and   Filteei.tn  ol
'•ach   nioiill,     Whenever   sufficient    iuduceioeut
oiler, aa ill call al points on  lhe   Wesl  Coast   and
l.lueru l.harloltc island..
1 he company reserves the  right .1  changing  Ihis
I line  1 u-ilc at ana' time without notification.
Cen. Agont, Manager.
Nanaimo Land Office.
lIK'nV'a'KN   THB
d ; the : Atlantic
Prloe List Furnished. Orders „,uinptly attended to
or NESBITT, DICKSON & CO.'S Biscuits.
Ask yon. C.  • oer
Its passenger capiijitnent is the fmcsl in the
world, consisting of LUXURIOUS Si.kepi Ni;
Caks having Drawing, Smoking anal Hath
Roo ns; Comfortahle anat Clean Colonist
Cars, with I'rcc Sleeping Berth, for holders
ul second-class tickets; anal most modern
style of day coaches.
provide the best quality of fooal in unlimited
quantity at reasonable rates.
thk variety and grandeur ok
along  ils  line  is  unequalled, and in the details of track, train  service,   etc., nothing is
omitteu that can aald to the Safely and Comfort   of its patrons.     All in all, it gives thc
j best   and   most serviceable  line of travel,
I whether for business  or   pleasure,   between
I Portland, Tacoma, Seattle,  Victoria, anal all
I Pacific Coast Points, and Winnipeg, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Chicago, St. Louis, Ottawa,
Toronto,  Montreal,  Boston, New Vork and
1 all Eastern Cities.
are   issued  to  all   principal   points  in   tlie
United States,  Canada  aiul  Europe,   at the
Lowest Rates.
ROHT.  IRVING,   Freight  ami   Passenger
Agent, Govt, St., Victoria.
A. E. PLANTA, Ticket Agent, Nanainio.
I). K. BROWN, D. P. and Passenger Agent.
Esouimalt  & Nanaimn
TIME    CARD    No     10.
TO TAKE EFFhaJ l AT e:.o A. M.j.ON SATURDAY, MARCH  joth. i88g, TRAINS
56 New
Broad St.
more or less, very good land, Millstream
running through, close to Comox Road.
A desirable homestead, minerals included—
Newcastle Townsite— Lot 68, Block *
$225 Terms.
Lot 43, bluck 10, $500 cash.
Lot 8, block  13, $1800  leims.    Splendid
business site.
. Lots n and 12, block 6—$1000.
Locations for residences and business sites
throughout the cily.
Nine blocks in the Syndicate Addition to
Port Angeles. Farms in all parts of he
Province. j
ing from business he begB to notify
ull persons indebted to him to settle
their accounts on or before the 30.h June
proximo. Accounts remaining- unpaid
after that date will be placed iu the
htmdfl of 1111 attorney for collection. All
persons to whom the undersigned is indebted are requested to hand in their
claims for payment, on or before the
above mentioned dates.
.,       . JAS. HARVEY.
Nanuiino, l'Jtb April,  '89,
ihe business of ALLSOP   di MASON has been meraed in
about Company and will be carried on by tye CoZpany"fronl
*'<   a
v              ....
M u * j    ;    ;    •
fits   » ift-ern
A      *
*%•   :   :
•   '•   -fi
• • • H
.""Si 5
Doionn -
In-   -   -
•*■    _
'-   aj   c   a-
o (5.2 £
•JV2      ■ g
. 1-oi.S1
3 5 s'9(fS
2jij; c gcocs •
" iz,uU.G ■>.?,*,*.>
"-JJoa : ;  :**'. : :**.
aS. !'
datttat ajeneral Land Inieslwent and fnsWancTTgen'Jy.
Tawu Lou anal Forming Land* tat
Mil KIEV   Tfl   I DAM ON  '"•KTOA-BE  AT *LOw" RATES.    A" V    ' -VhK         MARCUS  WOLKE.
rlUlML I    I II  LUAIt Town Lot. and Forming Land* fat ! 	
I Alex. Mayer & Co.,
sale en easy terms.
J.   Collis   Browne*.
Advice to invalids—If you wish to otuaui
quiet refreshing sleep, free from headache,
relief from pain and anguish, to calm and
assuage the weary achings of protracted
disease, invigorate the nervous media, and
regulate the circulating systems ofthe body,
you will provide yourself with tnat marvellous remedy discovered by Dr. J. ColliB
Browne (late Army Medical Staff), to which
he gave the name of CHLORODVNE, and
which is admitteal by the profession to be the
most wonderful ana! valuable remedy ever
CHLORODYNE is the best remedy
known for Coughs, Consumption, Bronchitis,
CHLORODYNE acts like a charm in
Diarrhcea, and is the only specific in Cholera
and Dysentery.
CHLORODYNE effectually cuts short all
attacks of Epilepsy, Hysteria, Palpitation
and Spasms.
CHLORODYNE is the only palliative in
Neuralgia, Rheumatism, (lout, Cancer.
Toothache, Meningitis, &:., Ac.
[Between  Nanainio and   Vancouver.]
Sti'Amkk Rainbow.
Arriavs    at    Nanaimo     Tuesdays—Leave
Nanaimo Wednesday morninc..
' arrive in
Nannimo for Vicioria.
" Welling-
9:04 A.M.
12:29 P. M.
12:20 p. M.
from Victoria
'■'"•••■•      8:e5 a.m.
Un Saturdays an extra train leaves Nanaimo for Victoria al i :56 T. m. A train also
leaves Victoria for Niuaimo, arriving here
at6:55 p.m., and les-.es for Wellington m
10:15 P. M.
close daily for Victoria
and  wny  stations	
Close for Wellington. ..
EorComo.v, Alberni'and
way slations every   Wednesday 	
8 A. M.
12:20 A. M,
11:45  *• M.
7   P. M.
i, St
* £
A Stupid Ulscnsslou.
One of the most stupid discussions imagln-
abjo is thai of the question: "Is luarriago •
>UurG?'' It would be just as profitable aad
ust as sensible to gravely debate the ques-
lon: "Is birth a|failuro!" or this: "Is law*
failure.*" or this: "Is society a failaret"
A good many people aro unhappy in tne
marriage relation. Truo. What does that
prove t Why, simply that a good many
peoplo havo made a bad choice of a matrimonial partner. When men and women
tnarry under the impulse of fancy or from
tlio whim of passion, what could bo ^.xpcctedl
-fit. fjouis Republic.
To the Travelling PubliciJA^ 1"^^'
——Tu   ALL   POINTS   »N   THI ■   ■■
Naxt  Hilbert's  Furuitura
An* ii......Ml... tttj »* ■*»«* fr«*» -**-r*R*'**aii"isg «i nil lintls promptly
11-11*1 »n>o i"-
a :
:s. :
: d, *
O  *****fOvCOO .ni-,r-i inoo o <?*■*
tN   (N   ****** >-■  w*i O   PI   tn tf tr.im  (H   N   it
M oo oo a- oi Q d odd - n n -*!
; i _ r :   >- f t.
Return tickots will be issue*.! lietween al puints
for a single fare good for return Monday.
Return tickets for one aud a halt ordinary fare may
lie purchased dailv to all points, good for ttirce days
including the dav of issue.
No return tickets issued fur a single fare when
Itich fare is 35 cents.
Through rates belwet-ii Victoria and Co mux,
R. DUNSMUIR, President:
8JOS. HUN LlUt, General Superintendent
Prom Symes & Co., Pharmaceutical
Chemists Medical Hall, Simla, January 5th,
1880: To J. T. Davenport, Esq.. 33 Great
Russell Street, Bloomsbury, London, Dear
Sir:—We embrace this opportunity of congratulating you upon the wide-spread reputation this justly esteemed medicine, Dr. J.
Collis Jrowne's Chlorodyne, 1ms earned fur
j itself, not only in Hindostan, but all over
•LiheKast. As a remedy of general utility,
wc ii...**'h question whether a better is imported into^sjhe country, and we shall be
glad to hear ut its finding a place in every
Anglo-Indian home. 'I'he other brands, we
are happy to say, are now relegated to tlie
native bazaars, and judging from their salet
we fancy their sojurn there will be but
evanescent. We could multiply instances,
infinitum of the extraordinary efficacy of "-1*
Dr. Collis Browne's Chlorodyne in Diarrhu*,
and 2nd Dysentery Spasms, Cramps,
Neuralgia, the Vomiting of Pregnancy, and
as, general Sedative, that have otc-irred
und-' our personal observation during many
years. In Cholt.aic Diarrhoea, and even if
thc*more terrible forms of Cholera itself, wc
have witnessed its controlling power. We
have never used -.ny other foim of this
medicine than Collis Browne's, from a firm
conviction that it is decidedly the best, and
also from a sense of duty we owe to the proj]
fession and the public, as we -"fe ofthe
opinion tnat the substitution of any other
than Collis Browne's, is A DELIBERATE
faithfully yours, Symes & Co., Members uf
thc Pharm. Society of Great Britain, His
Excellancy the Viceroy's Chemists.
The Nanaimo Pharmacy
Physician Prescriptions carefully compounded
Country orders promptlv intended lo.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Gknkral.
Orders   promptly   and   carefully delivered-
Commercial  Street,
Nanaimo, B.C.
Harewood Luke, May 27Ui, IS8».
Strayed on to my premises one iron
j-rey cow with a young calf. The owner
is requested to come and pay charges and
takeaway the cow.
Wm. Blackmore,
Architect,   Etc.
c. c. Mckenzie,
Land Agent, Conveyancer, Accountant
and Insurance Agent.
OrMcm-c. L. Smilh',
ft, K
PRIOR, Gen«i
I Kreislit ami I'a-.'
Referring to my former notice with re-
H.ad to payment of accounts due to ine, I
have to state to iny clients that they
must pay up within six days from date,
or elBe they will beaued for their debts
in tho County Court of August.
Nnnaiuio, July 10th, 1889.
Town Lets tnd Farms f«r Salt*.
Mortgag*- a| low ratce.
Agent   for thc   City  of   London   Fin
Building, Bastion Street,
Money to Loinri
X A N* A I M i
J i: Mi. ins.
Prop] li'Iiir.
T. A
Wlnni and  R, Schilling have
opened a
CAUTION.—Vice-Cnnncellor Sir VV,
I'age Wood stated lhat Dr. J, Collis Browne
was, undoubtedly, the inventor ot Chlorodyne; that the story of the defendant, Frca,
man, was deliberately untrue, which, he
regretted to say, had been sworn to —Set
"The Times," July 13, 1S84.
Sold in bottles at is. tjjjd., 2s. 9d., 4s.
6d., and lis. each. None is genuine without the words "Dr. I, Collis 6rowr.ai'<
Chlorodyne" on the (..overnnient stamp,
Overwhelming medical testimony accom.
panies each bottle.
Caution—Beware of Piracy and Iiiiitn-
Sole Manufactures'-1. T, Daycuport, -3
alreat  Rusirll  Street,  Blonmshurv   London
on Commercial Street
opposite the Co-operative Store.   They
PRESCRIBE  wi" *-eel) nothing but thc best stock of
Fruits, Temperance Drinks,  Ico Cream,
Cigars, Tobacco and Smokers' requisites,
(live them a trial and be convinced.
To Painters ancl Kalsominers
The Municipal Council invites tenders
ii]) to Monday evening, 20th inst... for
painting and kalsomining the Citv Hall.
Specifications can be seen at the Citv
Clerk's olliee.
Tbe lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
s. Goueft,
Citv Clerk.
Nanuiino. IHib July, ISS'.l.
Corporation of the City of
Nanaimo, B. 0.
liy-l.aw to appoint a tine and place fsi
hearing complaints against Real Estate Assessments. Wherens by a by-law dsted the
6ih day of May, 1889, the 13th day of May wai
appointed for ihe return by the Assessor ts
lhe Municipal Council of the Real Estate Assessment Roll, for the year 1889,
and, whereas lhe said roll was retursed •■
that day, and whereas it ls necessary ts appoint u time anal place for hearing the complaints of such person or persons as may complain of his or their assessments, appearing es
the said roll,
lie it therefore enacted by tke Mayor and
Aldermen of the cily ol Nanainio as  follows:
1. That all complaints that have been
duly made, or shall be duly made, by any
pe.-son or persons of his or tlieir assessments
as the ssrae may appear on the said assess
ment roll for the year 1889. shall be heard at
the city council chamber, Nanaimo, on Tuesday, lhe 18th day ofjune, 1889, at the hour
of io o'clock in lhe forenoon and at 2 o'clock
in the afternoon, or as soon thereafter as the
said complaints can be heard.
2. This by-law may be cited for all purposes as the appeal by-law, 1889.
I'assed by the Municipal Council this 3rd
day ofjune, 1889, affirmed by the Municipal
Council this loth dav of lune, 1889.
S. GOUGH,       "      *     M.   BATE,
<-*JL^*'-£' Mayor.
The Mutual Life Insurance
The 111 rBr«l < <,lll|>ftli y ||, (he W sarlS.
Assets, $126,000,000.
Heoeipts for Year 1888 J26,000,000
Paid Policy Holders,  1888, $14,000,000.
General Solicitor.  Josiirn Reib.
Head Office for British Columbia
IIkirtkhmanACo., Vo. 8, Bastion Slreet
Viotoria, B.C. G-«**>     to     Hlltoert,     tho     3F,*u.i*-*a.it*u.i*e     TtXetxi,     ±"o x*
e © ca.
•** -*-■'-c3*     ^ «** 11 *•*, ri     Ola, airs     of    ""El *vr © i* -jr     Description
(-apt* in.ii I-. j.ihi-im,--. sin.
WEDNESDAY   JULY   81,   lAS-l.
Ill   lilt     S|  HM KIHMfS.
Tui: Ooi'bikb subscription list within
the cily limits bu lieen taken charge of
by Mr. A. E. 1'i.iNn. who will hereaftei
aee thai eaeh and every subscriber gets
bis paper, and gels ii regularly. We
specially request thai all complaints of
subscribers be al unce sent in to the business olliee, anal tbey will be rectified.
There may possibly be some mistakes
occur during 11.** next few days, owing
io new carriers lieing employed.
'I'he  I :. i.silo at u.-  Hri'tvers.
.1.    I..   Cuwthorne ol  the  l.ans.lnisiie
lire-very will soon 1 onnocted witb this
city by telephone.
I  llrr.l <>i Cattle.
IS, Quennell. ol the Cosmopolitan Meal
Market, yesterday drove a herd ol vary
line cattle oul to bis ranche in Cedar
>siiiiiimo iiuii.iiiii: Nociet].
As will In- seen l.y the advertisement
in tiu-  CoUBlKB,  tbe  Nanainio   Building
Society will  meet at  tlii'  Kin-  Hall  on
Monday evening next for tin- purpose of I
electing a Treasurer and Auditor.
An Imssroveiuout .... lhe i:*.i nimt.it
Tba* capacity of tbe dry dock at ICsqui-
inall is lo be lengthened by an addition
of forty-five feot.   Tbls extra space will!
be obtained by placing Ibe caisson witb-
out the outer invert of the dock basin and I
will be a very great convenience.
Till" * irlorlu lli.t .-,.
Koyal, tbe liorse tbat won  tin-  ball-1
mile repeal race at tbe  Kast  Wellington
sports, will be taken to   Victoria  to-day j
by bis owner, A, Oassell, to compete fori
tlie $900 prize lo be run for in thai   city
ou August loth.   William f,e l.ievre will
accompany thc horse ami  rido-hlm on
the eventful day.
 ••«- —
lor lhe I iiion nUllCS.
Tbe steamer Isabel takes up in the
Union mines lo-day 260 plates nf sheet
iron to be used in the construction of flat
cars. The total weight of this mass of
iron ia about "i tons. The cars at present in use at tbe mini's are not sheathed
with iron, und the present consignment
will be used for this purpose us well as
for the const ruction of new ones.
Call and enjoy a cool drink of Lager at
lhe Central Hotel, *
Three of » Kind.
The Salvation Army paraded mi Commercial street last night just three strong
—the captain and two lieutenants. Tbey
were armed with the big drum, the little
drum and a tambourine, and succeeded
in making just about as much noise as
usual. It would be advisable for them to
k>tp off the street during the half hour ol
practice of the hose team, or else some
accident mav occur.
TIIK MAIL OK Till: M'AXnlXtl a'n|,l.4K.
Alas ior humidify,
Lack of rigidity
Under the sun;
ub, il wai pitiful,
Near a whole cityful.
Nni a starched ono!
The great Mile of dry gooals al cos
price still continues at Bullock's.
I J. Decker, of the Occidental hotel, has
announced hi. intention of returning to
shoot the mate nf lhe hear he killa-d a
short time ago.
.lolin Weiland's Extra Pale Lager Beer on
draught and Ice-cold at the Central lintel.
Ex-Senator Richard Creighton, who
was convicted of jury bribing in San
Francisco two years ago, has been sentenced to five years in tba- penitentiary.
He Uveal in Vicioria in tbe interim.
A man named Appleyard, living ai
Vancouver, was bitten hy a spider ubout
a wei'la ago. I'.l.iod poisoning set in and
he ilied.
New flannel boating ami cricket shirts
and coats jusl received at the I'.ox store.
Victoria Crescent.
The Chinese quarter in Victoria had a
narrow escape. A tire Started there on
Monday, bul a few buckets nf water put
it nut.
The 8. A, last night was represented
bv twn lassies and one big ilium. This
is'a new dodge to light the devil.
Buffalo are yet to be found in the lied
Desert, Wyoming Territory. Six of tbem
were lassoed a short time back. There
are said to be vet between fortv and fifty
Vancouver has a "General Snperiuten-
dent" of the pound. Dogs and cattle ale
honored in that city.
The Bteamer Sardonyx is inking nn 400
tons of Welsh eoal as fuel for Her Majesty's fleet.
A correspondent of the Examiner was
drowned lately in Alaskan water. He
**as preparing an account nf the sealing
D. Morello, of the Unlace hotel, while
being a very good eeslaueateui-, has uls.i
a reputation as a manager of wild animals, lie. having noticed an item in
tbe Coi'KiEK aboul the Victoria bear, says
be will take the contract to change bis
collar.    He owned a bear once.
["".lore .1. I'. Planta
Queen v. I'. I.. Bangs and <
charged with carrying intoxicants on the
Gulf of Georgia for thi' purpose of supplying it to Indians. Constable Stewart deposed that be bad no hesitation in saying
that the statements made by ihe defendants, to the effect that they were going
prospecting, was false, as ihen. was no
room in the boat for provisions or. mining
tools. The statement also made to Mr.
Loraas, Indian Agent, about the lose of
the sloop did not contain anv mention nf
tbe cargo of whiskey
Mr. Lomas,   Indian   Agent,   deposed:
1    was on   Ktipar   Island   on   Tuesday.
', 1   saw   Mr.   Hangs and   Mr.    Hobinson,
who said   their  sloop  bad  capsized  out
| iu  tbe Gulf.     Mr.   Hangs  said  be wus
.steering   in   a   very    strong   north-easi
' wind, the mainsail was reefed but not the
jib.    A squall caught them and upset tha'
sloaip.   They said  they  bad  come from
Seattle, and were going north prospecting,     lie  said the sloop was named I lull i'i H. the initials of the   two owners.
Tbev said  they   bad  been   treated  in  a
, mosl hospitable manner by lhe Kev. Mr.
Roberts, missionary on that Island. They
bad been wrecked about   :! o'clock iu the
morning and the sloop bad drifted down
the Gulf,    [tlo not know  nl any  recent
case of selling whiskey in Indian- nn the
Island by vessels.
Franks, a Siwash. said: 1 and Billy
Ganieset ami our wives went in a
canoe on Sunday night intending to go
to  New  Westminster,  bill  on  Monday
'I'll.    KeSiUtts;   Sellocillcr   lilai-k     i.ns -
mollis   SeW.rtl   I,a    tha-   R'p.'ONllr
*.<-liooner  Hush.
For Solo  <01i©a--p.
i I loin  Tucalay -. ColoSl.t.l
Sunday evening considerable excitement was caused in the city, more espec- ]
iully in commercial circles, when it became known  that the sealing schooner!
One yoke  oxen,   «ix   year*   old, well
hrnkr anal gentle,
['nr further particulars apply to
tf Cedar District.
The Ti-iiimi.il and lhe \i hole.
Two sealers belonging in the sealing
schooner Triumph bad a tussle with a
whale iu Ihe northern seas a few weeks
ago. The whale was blowing near their
lioat and disappeared from Bight. In a
few minutes the monster ol* Ihe deep reappeared again beneath the boat occupied
by the sealers, tossing the whole outlit
into the air. The craft turned clean over
anal the men took a seat on tin- keel until
tbey were rescued by another boat from
the Schooner.— Times.
G. II. Blakeway & Co. received a large
consignment of drugs, chemicals ami perfumes yesterday. jyJl-lm.
Services i*o*ii>oih-«i.
Having to a temporary indisposition
the Bishop of Columbia has been obliged
lo defer his visit to Nanainio for another
week. Ilis lordship, with Archdeacon
Scriven, will, according to the new arrangement, reach here on Saturday, the
Kith, and on tbe afternoon the Bishop
will hold his visitation of the church. The
next day, Sunday the Iltb, the Bishop
will preach in the morning and the Archdeacon in the evening, when also the
ancient rite of confirmation will be nd-
minstered by the Bishop.
The ship Ericsson is discharging ballast
preparatory to loading coal for San Francisco.
The ship ,1. D. Peters sailed Ihis morning with 1,1)00 tons of coal for various
northern poinls.
Tlie ship Commodore sailed yesterday
•with a cargo ol coal for San Francisco.
The ship Richard III is loading coal for
San Francisco.
The ship .1. C, Hotter is discharging
ballast preparatory lo loading coal for
San Francisco.
The steamer Empire is loading coal for!
San Francisco.
FROM VU'i'imU.
The steamer Isabelle arrived last night
from Victoria with freight and the follow-
ing passenger:—Mrs. I.. Q. Hill, Mrs.'
l'ottinger, Mrs. Sheppard, J. Sheppard, I
W. Clarke, C- Sheppard,   Consignees ;—
A. 1(. Johnson aS  Co.,   Vancouver Coal
Company, Miss Jennie Wilson, K. Nightingale, Deeble, Killputrick, B. ti, Smith.
E.  Quennell, S. llrightinan, Cavalskey,
Abrams, Bevilockway. N. E. 1*. Society. |
.1. B. Mercer..I. Wilson, L. Manson.
morning the wind was blowing ton strong
from tlie north for us to proceed. About
a mile from shore Billy said, 'what's
that there?" pointing to an object in the
water. II turned oul to he a boat. I saw
u barrel floating In the water whicli I
tried to lift into the canoe. We towed
the sloop ashore and bailed her out. Hilly thought the barrels contained salt
salmon from Fraser river. We arrived
in Nanaimo on Tuesday night wilh Ihe
Constable Stewart, sworn, testified as
follows: Un discharging the cargo of the
sloop, whieh was brought to Campbell &
Foreman's wharf, 1 found 18 kegs. 1
examined three of tbem and found tbem
to contain whiskey.
Mr. Stewart here asked for a remand
until next Friday to obtain further evidence.
Mr.  Yarwood  stated  that  his clients
were here without money and  wished to
obtain their sloop and get to their desti- |
nation. , .  |
The case was Ihen adjourned until Friday al 2 p. m.
in mii ol Mr. John Parker.
Mr, John Parker, one of Victoria's car-;
liest pioneers, and who is well known
both on the Island and the mainland,
died at tbe residence of his daughter,
Mrs. Jas. Ure, Monday morning. Deceased had just passed his 86th birthday,
having been born in Farniiighain. Kent,
in the vear 1804, and left Knglaml for
British Columbia ill 180".', airiving here
at the close of that  year.     For the last
live years Mr. Parker has been an invalid j , betore h, an(1 ,,,<, vlBlion .,roteHt
prostrated by the weakness ol old age,01 j p(1 lng) the menace to the sealing In-
which he died. He leaves two sons-Mr. dustrv by the acts of the i'nited states
John Parker, whose butcher shop on lor ■ reyemw •.„,„,,., u. WM represented that
Btreet, Victoria, is so well known and\oatoi Q{ty-flvc sealing schooners that
Mr.T.Parker,of Metchosin. Hisdaugh- h entered Behring Sea this season
ters nre Mrs. Met urdy, oi Porl rown-
send; Mrs. Richardson, of the Douglas
House; Mrs. II. Mansell and  Mrs.   Ore.
Triumph   hail   arrived   in   thi
bringing with ber the news of the capture of the schooner Black Diamond and
her own narrow   escape from  the  same
fate.   The particulars of the case are as
fnl lows:—
At aboul six o'clock on the evening of
I the 1 Ith of July a steamer  was  sighted
from the deck of the Triumph and Capt.
McLean at once concluded that the  ves-i
sel was a United Slates cutter, either the
Hear or tbe Hush.    The exact locality of i
his schooner at the time, Capl.   McLean;
did not know, but. as nearly as he could
judge he was a 106 miles to the westward
of St. George's Islands in  Behring Sea. I
The steamer followed iu his wake for two
hours and at dusk came alongside and i
ordered him to heave to.    He  ai once
obeyed tbe order and a boats crew with
the chief officer of ths Rush a Mr. Tut'lc;
boarded her.   The captain stooal at the
gangway and asked the officer bis reasons '
lor boarding the schooner,   The answer I
uas the production of written orders
authorizing "thecapture of any  vessels;
illegally   sealing  ill Behring  Sea."    lie i
then asked lo be allowed  tn  search   the.-,
ship and ami nn permission being accord* t
I'd him be spent over half an   hour  with1
his men in overhauling the  vessel.    No
Find rewarded his search, however, the
whole of the skins  aboard  having  been
dexterously hidden in time to avoid detection.    When thc search was concluded
tlie officer turned to Cant. McLean, anil
after expressing bis pleasure at not being
under necessity to seize  bis  vessel    in-
formed him that a few hours before the.
Hush bad como up wilh and boarded the
schooner Black Diamond.    He hail found I
aboard her MM seal skins, and on discovering these bad put the Seconal oflia'cr in
charge and dispatched the captured sealer
to Sitka,    lie also stated that it was the I
intention of his commander to capture
every vessel illegally sealing iu Behring'sj
Sea and semi them to American ports in i
charge, of American officers.
He then ordered bis crow to return to
lhe Rush, and as soon as they were!
aboard the steamer bended full speed!
away to the west.
Ai the time ol hoarding the Triumph
bail aboard her about three hundred
The Black Diamond is owned liy j
Messrs. Giittimm A Frank, of this city.
[Yesterday morning when ihe facts of j
the case became generally known, Captain Cox, Mr. 11. Saunders and  Mr.   YV.
Munsie formed themselves into a deputation  and  decided to leave for Esquimalt   immediately,   and   interview   the
captain of the Champion on the subject.:
Commander Sinclair received the deputa-
tion very courteously, and on  learning!
tbe object of their visit  ordered  his secretary lo take down all  the statements
made.   The facts of the a'asc  were  then'
A 1.1. persons are warned that Samuel
-"- Greer has no right or title tn anv
portion of
LOT 7,'ti, 1.IIOI I- I,
New Westminster District, and any sales
purporting to be made by  him of any
if the saial bit. will be void.
DiiNAi.n a. Smith.
"VITlxero    To    Gro
For Shirts,
Scarfs, Ties, Collars, Etc,
T.   L.   BROWNE   &   00.,
R.  B. Anu is.
mver, July ij, 1880.    jy l!0 lm
A  I.Hrne  sulci lion  or   UeiltS* an.l   Hoys'   I uriilshliius.      **«*  Kiosk.
"Good Value nt Lowest Cash Prices.
Nanaimo Building Society,
A   general   meeting of members ol lhe
above   society  will  he  held  iu  the
xrxxixc xxa.xl.Xa
Monday Neil, the
At S p. in., fan the  purpose
isiirer nml Auditor.
Hv Order.
5th August,
electing a
jy 80 iw
THK .late of re-opening the Public
Schools next term has been changed
from August 6th, 1889, to August 12th,
Superintendent of EkUicatiou.
Kducation  Office.
July 17th, 188H. 2w
Tlxe  Steamer
Paper Hanging, Kalsomining, Interior Decorations, Etc., Done
Reasonable Rates.     Post Office Box 176.
' Leaves Vancouver for Nanainio on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays at 2:15
p.m., on the arrival of the Eastern
Leaves  New  Westminster  for Nanaimo
Mondays anil Wednesdays at 7 a.m.
: Leaves  Nanaimo lor   Vancouver  Tues-
alays, Thursdays and Fridays at 7 a.m.
Leaves Nanaimo for New  Westminster
Tuesdays ami Sa tun lavs nt 7 a. m.
Windsor  House!
OHuroh Street, l^a-ticti-coi-o, *B. O.
H.    DEMPSEY,     Proprietor.
Call and enjoy a
al the Central Hotel
cool drink of Lager
The Son ther 11 ItnllnMi.
The Now Westminster Guardian says
that so fnr as can he ascertainrd with certainty, no arrangement has been arrived
at between the city council and Mr. Nelson Bennett, respecting the Southern
Railway; many meetings have taken
place and much unprofitable discussion
lias been fruitlessly engaged ir.. We are
informed that Mr. Bennett 1 ill be ap-
proaahed on a new basis. Work on lhe
railway will most likely be pushed forward by the increase of workmen on
Monday next.
 •••  •
Fur the finest and newest perfumes go
10 Blakeway ifeOo., Druggists. jviil-lin
lee Cold Milk Shake at Pimbury's. >:
ittOOtlll** Tl. roll a I. h u'.it.loss.
On the night 1,f Monday. July 15, 11 ball
fired from a rifle passed through Ihe window of Major J. fi. Norris' hoiiBeal Kootenay, piercing the petition bis bed was
placed by and iu which he was sleeping
at the time. The hall must have passed,
judging from the marks, within four
inches of where his rested iigainsl the pil
low. Few will believe that the shot was
tired with tbe purpose of taking Major
Norris' life, for he is a favorite with all
iu Kootenay. hut the marks of the
ball leave no doubt thai be who
pulled the trigger intended taking life.
- _ *#.~.—
We have tn thank Messrs. Raper,
Raper ai Cn. lor their kind present of a
complete Chinook dictionary which will
enable us in future to keep up with the
Indian news ol the district. We have
been informed by the "Old Man of the
Mountains," who doubtless speaks from
experienee born of long association, that
it, is impossible for 11 tenderfoot to move
iu the society of the Hyas Tyees of the
northern part of the Island and vicinity
without a thorough knowlege of Chinook,
hence wc would recommend strangers to
go straightway to Kaper, Raper A Co.,
and purchase this open sesame to the
Chinook dialect.
Dr. Praeger received this morning a
challenge from Major Peters, commanding "C" Battery, for a friendly game of
cricket lietween the officers and men of
tbe battery and the Nanainio Cricket
GJnb. The game, it is expected, will be
played on Saturday next, commencing at
2 p in. sharp. The following are the
players chosen by the committee of selectors to represent Nanaimo: Hodgson,
Stokes, Dixon, Armfelt. S. Thompson,
Cooper, E. Potts, Cruickshank, J. Calverly, Sowden, E. A. Praeger (captain).
Substitutes, in the onler in which they
ure named: Creighton, Rudd. A. Potts,
J. Harvey, jun.
Mr. .lames Dunsmuir, President of the
Union Colliery Co., returned tn Victoria
Mr. R. Duusalale arrived by the lioon
train yesterday.
Pilot Morrison arrived yesterday and
will proceed to Comox to-day tn pilot
down the steamer San Mateo.
Mr. Johnson, of M. W. Wait! A Co.,
wholesale and retail stationers, Victoria,
arrived in Nanaimo yesterday on business connected with his firm.
ROY A I,   MO'l'Kl..
Edward Dower, Victoria; Olney Paul
and wife, Miss Annie Paul, Seattle; Ed.
Wilkin.. John White, DO Gorman, Vancouver.
J l'ieicev, Victoria: Mr Gen Munroe,
S. p., Cnl.'
i'.-i.ac'i- nulla.
A H Lowell, W McClure, A H Graham, \
L Ragazzoni, Victoria.
Mlil'lrir  I.I  Vancouver.
On Saturday morning about ."> o'clock
the boat-builders on the water front near
the foot of Gamble street heard the report
of a pistol, but dial not pay much attention tn it. Some little tune after a man
named McDonald, working oil the
Moodyville Company's wharf, at the foot
of Gamble street) found a straw hat with
blood stains upon it and .1 revolver lying
near the edge of the wharf. On loosing
into the water he saw Ihe body oi a man
floating on lhe surface. He immediately
telephoned for Ihe police.
The body wus brought lo shore and
was discovered to be all that remained
nf a man named John Robertson. In
his pockets were $12 in cash and a
couple of bank books showing *!K>0 to
bis credit nnd also 11 recei pi for land In
At the inquest a verdict of suicide
while temporary insane was rendered.
 •«.    —
'I'he -.iilinoii   rack.
The Columbian of Saturday says:—
The salmon catch lasl nighl was by long
odds the largest sines the run commenced.
Soins of the boats fishing opposite the
city netted nearly 300 tisb between live
o'clock last night and five o'clock this
morning, but many boats near theniouth
of the river heat these figures with ease.
At noon to-duy the nets were hauled out,
and will remain till Monday morning at
six o'clock, which will give the fish every
opportunity to find their way inland,
Millions of fish will pass up the river
during the two days, and it seems, from
a shortsighted standpoint, at least.nl-
niost a pity that they should pass un-
eaught. The salmon pack for the past
week is estimated by competent judges
to be fully 80,000 cases, snd the total
pack so fa"r for the season fully 100,000
cases. The canneries are as busy as tbey
can possibly b«, and there are 110 complaints now of a lack of material to
work on.
m   * • •
Will < lu. 111;.   lli.nils.
The Palace hotel, it is rumored, may
change hands within the next few days.
The future proprietor will probably be R.
HindeiTiarsh, one of our most popular
citizens. If lhe gentleman ill question
assumes control of this well-known hotel
we are sure that he will be well supported
by his numerous friends in Nanaimn nnd
the travellidg public.
l-ood *~l4.n.ltiK.
Just received (at the "Box") anothir
large and well selected stock of youth's
and men's tweed suits from ifO.OO to $25
at T. L. Browne & Co. •
The   Vancouver   »'.in.u.ir»
li» 11 MO.
John Hilbert, proprietor of the Van-1
couver Furniture Warehouse, indi'pen-
dent of having one of the largest and :
most varied assortments of furniture and
general house fittings in the Province, Is
known as one nf Naiiaiino's smartest
business men and as having assisted
materially to push Nanainio ahead to the]
present position sbe holds. Very few
enterprises have been started in this citv
without having the name of John Hilbert associated with them, and such
course will, we hope be adopted by moHt
of our citizens who hnve the welfare of
the Diamond City at heart. Anyone desiring to furnish a house, or any portion
of one, can be sure of finding a large
assortment of furniture of the newest and
latest patterns ut the Vancouver Furniture Warehouse.
The Mayor, with bis wife, family and
a few friends went for a picnic to Newcastle Islaiul yesterday and spent a very
enjoyable time. The Mayor officiated
with" his usual urbanity on several cases
in Court during the afternoon ami then
"threw dull care to the dogs" for a few
tire  on  the  Ml ill in. I.
The bush fires that have been so prevalent in the vicinity of Nanainio have at
last spread us far us the hoary peak of
Mount Benson. Several persons \ver2
attracted last night by the flickering
glare at the summit nf Nannimo's guardian angel.
Go to tbe "Box" for cheap suits.
Brluylug Tilings 1.. a Close.
The beginning nf the end.    The public
will bear in mind lhat if they want in
make their purchases of dry goods at cost
price, they will havi' to be quick, asMr.
Bullock is negotiating for the sale otitis
valuable business. jyI:t-11*
■>li. A. '!. Willi. DENTIST,
Of Victoria,  will be in Nanai in the
10th of .i-ach month and remain three
days.     Office   Private   Parlor.   Central
Hotel. iy!l.-lni
.s      U Alt.NIM..
Thc model "I death's approach arc various, and statistic* slum conclusively that
more persons die from diseases nf thc Throat
ami Lungs than any other. It is probable
that everyone, without exception receives
vast numbers of Tubercle Germs Into the
system and where these germ* fall upon suitable soil they start into li/c and develop, at
first slowly and is shown by a slight tickling
sensation in thc throat anal if allowed tai continue their ravages they extend to the lungs
producing Consumption anal to the head,
causing Catarrh. Now all is dangerous, and
if alloweal to procceil will in time cause
•leath. Al Ihe onset you musl act with
prainiptncss; allowing a colal to go without
"mention is dangerous and may Ins-
life. As soon as you feci that soni . -.:.
wrong with your Throat, Lungs 01 Na.s.ds
obtain a bottle of boschee's German Syrup
It will give you immediate relief;
twenty-four belong to Victoria, anal that
11 the acts of the American Government
were not speedily put a stop to, the seal-
industry of Vicioria would be ruined.
All the members of the deputation signed
the statement, and Commander Sinclair
told them that although he a'ould do
nothing himself be would lay everything
before the Admiral as soon as he joined
the fleet, lie further udviseal them to
collect all other available information on
the subject and despatch it to Admiral
llcneage by the ss. Sardonyx, which
sails 011 Thursday next (or Port Simpson,
un arrival in the city the deputation
was joined by Mr. Richard Hall and
Captain Grant. Senator McDonald, of
Toronto was then  Interviewed at the
Driard and at once threw himself into
the subject, going with the deputation
to Mr, K. Crow Baker, M. P., and the
Hon. Mr, Robson, Provincial Secretary.
A telegram containing the whole of the
facts was despatched to the Hon. tho
Minister of Marine and Fisheries, at
Ottawa, by Senator Macdonuld, and it is
expected that an answer will be received
in time for it to be despatched to the Admiral by the Sardonyx,
lion.' Mr. Robson also despatched a
separate telegram to the Minister of
Marine on the same subject.
Mining Engincor, United States and
Provincial Surveyor and Assayer, Vancouver, B. C.
Reliable report., aiiiilergranini! saitveys anal mails
ul ininei eseculed al tow rates. Assays inaale un all
kinds of Minerals, I'.oKi and silver bars. 'I llirty
years experienes in Kiining in Asia, Kairiili. anal
United States nf America. Sneaks ten languages.
Assays   II,mi    a  distance    proinutla-    nltended    lo.
Address, Vancouver. H. C.
All quartz for assaying left with W. 0
Hallack, Nanaimn. will be promptly forwarded to Dr. Bredemeyer.
txxxo Tsrxwsr
Vancouver Coal Mining
Cigar:-: Manufacturer,
Bastion St,
Nanaimo, b. c.
Encourage Home Industry!
Smoke the celebrated "Nanaimo Enterprise" cigar.
Best in the Market.
j'-'i/niiruire Imiiie industry.
Watchmaker and  Jeweler,
< <>iliin«r< In I Kt., "I nn Hi mo. B.< '-
Watches and .lewelry bought, sold aual
Spectacles and Eye-Glasses
Ac. on hand.
Tenders will be received until Monday
""')th inst., for the erection of a foui story
frame building. Plans and spec'leations
can be seen at the office of
Secretary B. 0. Tanning Co.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
To School Teachers.
recieved up to
the position of
Nnnaimo Itovs'
Applications will be
August 2nd next, for
I'irsl-Assistunt in tbe
Mv Order.
July Lllrd. 1889. jy 24-tf
Teacher Wanted,
This is Hilbert's "ad" and Don't
You Forget It.    .      !
ilooals sohl on (he Installment plan.   Wo carry a full Hue of House I'tirnishiue
Hoods, Linoleums, Carpets und rurlor Bedroom Suits, made to order in
style, color or pattern.    We keep the largest stock of Wall Paper
uf any House iii tile a-ily.   All our Upholstering done on
ibe premises.   Childrens' Carriages, Crockery,
Glassware, china Eleatro-plnted ware
Table Cutlery,
- Whols'inls   ami   Rutail - &   teacher .is   wanted   for the Nortli
(labriola School—female preferred.    Sal-
WINE AND TEA MERCHANT, aw. *■*.(> per month.   Apply to James
McLay, Secretary of the Board of Trns-
Yates    Street    Victoria     *ft.    C. lees. I'. O. address. Nanaimu. II. C.
Blakewav A Co. have the most complete stock of toilet requisites on the
Island. jy21-l tn
John Weiland's Extra l-nleLu-ter I leer on
draught and ice-cold at the Central Hotel.
We hereby give notice that at tho next
sitting of the License Commissioners of
the City of Nanaimo we will apply for a
license'to sell wines, spirits and other
fermented liquors by retail, at the premises situated on'lot IB, block 10, Haliburton street, in thc City of Nanaimo,
and to be known as the Balmoral Hotel.
■■"        °*s»*r*w
**\M es     JEdsL-s.      ■— ■  - *■"■ *■"* *--*-■-"t
Short Bridge, Victoria Orescent, Nanaimo, B.O.
Importer anal Dealer in all Kinds of
Builders'  Hardware   and   Carpenters'  Tools.
Tuble and Pocket Cutlery, Stoves,
Lunges  and  Parlor  Grates,
Coal Oil, Table Lamps
and Fittings.
Wkitt Lead, Shot Guns,
Rifles and Cartridges,
Hope,  Etc., Etc.
House Furnishing (Ioods of all Kinds
Tens Gotta Chimney Flues.
M*L     A full assortment  os  band  at   the
low'sl inark.t rat...
Parties wishing u general outlit of Furniture will do well by examining my stock
hot-ire buying elsewhere. Also the best equipped undertaking establishment
this side of San Francisco, and the only einbalmer in the city. Note the
address and ilon't you forget it.
Bastion, Front and Wharf Streets, Nanaimo.
J. Hilbert, -   -     -     Proprietor.
Stoves, Gntes, Ranges, Pumps, Lead Pipes, Zinc, andl1)
General Hardware.
Manufacturer of Tin, Copper, Zinc and Sheet-iron Ware.   J[)«»v-"Metal Rootinu fl
and Repairing.     A full line ol Hardware of all description constantly ,1
in stock at botloui prices.    A cull solicited. -i|
Walter "Wilson, - Commercial St'
Ap 28 . -


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