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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Aug 19, 1905

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Summer Toilet Dresser
Ail the littlo but useful convenience.) and indispennlbles
for a laflyNt dresser. Complexion Cream.*, Lotions,
Powder Puffs, Fra«rrant Toli.it Waters and Perfumes, Plain
and Fancy Soaps, and a thousand and one other useiul
and ornamental novelties that appeal to a reiii_cd Udy's
heart Umbo vattn days.
n. A, W. Co. Ltd.
Mt Pleasant Postoffice Drug Store,
Free Delivery to auy part of the city.
Devoted to the interests of Mt. Pleasant and South
Single Copy 5c, Three Honths 35c, Six Months 50c,
Always Something
to interest you evory weok in THIS A .'.ViSC Vt$
aiming tho Local Items, Miscellaneous Items,
Woman's Realm, or the Ooatinued Story. Th*
Advertisements will keep yon posted on where
to go for bargains iu all lines.
The subscription prico is within the reach et all
Delivered anywhere iu the City, the Dominion-
the United States or Groat Britian for |1 a ]
Established April 8th, 1899.   Whole No. 881.
Mt. Pleasant,  Vancouver,   B.   0.,   Saturday,   Aug  19,   1905.
(Seventh Year.)   Vol. 7, No. SO.
Local Items.
The MoOuaig Auction nnd Commission-Co., Ltd., next to Cai'neige Library,
Hastings street, bny Furniture for Cash,
Oondnot Auotion Sales and handle
Bankrupt Stocks of every description.
i Satisfaction guaranteed.   Plume 1070.
It is gratifying to see that work has
1 commenced     on     tbo      laying   of
cement sidewalks on westside of Westminster avenue. .
Mr. A. F.   McKinnon who recently
i tonight Rev.-.'A. E. Green's property ou
Ninth avenofe, will have the dwelling
moved back and a store put up on tho
front of the Jot.
Mr. J. Campbell of New Westminster,
end Mies Nellie Hoffar wUl be married
Thursday Aug. 25th, at tho home of Mr.
and Mrs. N. S Hoffar, ooruorof Twelfth
, and Westmiuster avenues.
Mr. D. M. Stitt has opened a Real
Estate Office at 2450 Westmiustor avenue, opposite Lee's Grooery. Mr. Stitt
is an experienced man iu the business
jhose desiring to buy or sell real estate
Bhould consult him.
FOR SAIE.—Quarter Oak Diniug
Table and 6 Dining Chairs. Apply at
454 Seventh avenue, east.
Jifr. aud Mm. H. Green of Seventh
nveuue, received the end news on Toes-
day of tho critical illness of thoir daughter, Mrs. Purvis, who lives near
Edmonton. Mrs. Green lofc for that
'plaoe Tuesday eveuing.
Mrs. W. W. Merkley will move her
Dry Go ids . Storo aboi t tho 10th of
JS-.p-i'm e' to tho store 100111
in the nev Royal Bauk ot' Canada
Building, coruer of Seveuth and Westminster avenues.
Mr. Rowland Sr , of Morth Arm rond,
was seriously hurt ou Friday morning,
Ho was driving iuto towu wheu his
horse look fright and rau-away; Mr.
Rowlings wns thrown out of the rig, at
tho corner of Thirteenth avenue and
WeBtminHter road. Dv- Brydone-Jaok
WSB snmmoned and had tho iujmed
mien taken to Iho City Hospital.
"Marstrand's Villa"814Fifth
iaveuue, oust; one block from Westiniu-
.ster nvonue, FOR SALE or FOR
RENT from September 1st. Call at
tho Brewery.
Mrs. H; O. Loo held her post-nuptial
reception Thursday afternoon and eveniug at her homo 1118 Thurlow street.
Mrs. Leo woro her bridal gowu nud wns
assisted iu receiving by her mother,
Mrs. Pnrker, Miss Parker nud Miss Lee.
Mrs. (Dr.) Duff aud Mrs. Frank Bui'de
presided at the tea table. Tho decorations iu the diniug room wero piuk
sweetpons, and the drawing room piuk
,onruatious. Little Miss Vera Loo
opened the door.
the Summer and Fall styles for Mou,
Women, Missca und Children, wc havo
opened up. Remember tbe "Watchword" of this storo—satisfaction or
your money refunded. R, MILLS,
the Shoo-mau, 119 Hastiugs stroet, west
On Tuesday eveniug Capt. Thos.
Saeret aud Mrs. Secret tendered the
Maple Leaf Lacrosse team au Oyster
Supper at their homo on St. Guorgu
stroet. The members present wore:
President, Rod Homewood; Vice-
President, H. W. Howes; Secretory,
Jack Martin ; Oaptian, Nicky Morrison;
Whitley Murray, Gerald McGeer,
Walter Murray, Stauloy Morrison,
Bob Crawford, R. Ravoy, Frank South,
E. Ravoy, Stanley Keefer, Herbert
Sacrot, Mr. Luno, and Ralph S.
Cummlngs Aftor the sumptuous
repast was partakon of Nicky Morrison
toasted tho host aud hostess iu a fow
well chosen words of appreciation, to
whioh Capt. Saoret repliod expressing
pleasure in having tho Lacrosse Boys
present and congratulated them ou their
reoont victory. Tho Captain also re
marked that Mrs. Sacrot was a most
euthusiastio supporter of tho team and
her delight over the recent victory was
responsible for the Oyster Supper,
Immediately the boys began singing
"For Sho is a Jolly Good Fellow." Mrs
Saoret in a few words convoyed the
pleasure she felt at the thoir victory
over t_D West End team, and»euid she
felt confident the boys could win the
rest of tho games iu the series. Mr
Howes responded to tho toast "The
Maple Leaf Lacrosse Club." Garnld
McGeer responded \o "The Ladies.'
Herbert Saoret aud Nicky Morrison sang
several songs and tho wholo company
joiud in a fow rousing ohoruBCH. The cvu-
niug was brought to a closo by Biuging
"Auld Lang Syno" with olnspod hands,
followed by threo cheers aud 11 tiger for
Capt. aud Mrs. Saoret. Mtb. Saeret was
assisted iu serving by Mrs. Luno, Misses
L. Allen and K. Grimmerson.
Read the New York Dental Parlors
advertisement in this paper, theu go to
New York Dental Parlors for your work
I   NEW  YORK   |
Our Gold Crown and
Bridge work |$eTedbe
We have n Specialist iu thiB branch of
the dental profession who has a world
wide reputation for his high-class work,
This Class of Work is Guaranteed
for a Life-time.
BEEN THE SAME for High-class
Teeth extracted and filled absolutely painless, and all other dental
work done by Specialists who nre all Graduate Dentists, holding
Specialists' Diplomas, aud licensed by the Board of Dental Examiners
for British Columbia.
Give os a cull and let us show you samples of our work,
for yourself.
Then judgo
147 Hastings st. Toiophone mn.
Branch Offices coruer Abbott and Hastings streets. Toi. 202!
Office Hours: 8 a. m., to !) p. m.;   Sundays 9 a. m., to 2 p. m.
■1  11 i il, 111
I. O. F.
The forthcoming meeting of the High
Court of British Columbia was the
chief topic, of interest nt the regular
meeting of Court Vancouver ou Monday
evening. There were speeches by
Brothers M. J. Crehan, W. R Owens,
W. G. Taylor, J. 0. Rolston and A.
Pengelly each dwelling ou matters
which they deemed should be dealt with
by the High Court, and uu the Order in
general, showing eaoh had studied the
principles and needs of tho Order.
Brother W. R. Owoiis was elected as
Delegate to the High Court which will
meet iu Armstrong, B.C., iu September,
We havo the very bream of tha best
Canadian aud American designs and
lrn'.kes iu the Summer nnd EMI styles
of shoes for Men, Women, l_liiM.ee end
Children R. MILLS, 11 9 Hastings
slreet, west.
Today the Fairview Couueil of the
Canadian Order of Ohosen Frieuds
will hold a picnic at Eburue.
Two specinl ears have beeu chartered,
and the cars will leave Granville Slrt et
Bridge Depot nt 9 a in., and will go
through to Stoveston where a stop ovor
of one hour will be mndo to allow all to
visit tho canneries, after whioh the cars
will run bock to Eburue, where the
picnic will be held on tho grounds of
Mr. Smith's residence. Frieuds will
take their own refreshments; Ion will
bo provided by the C. O 0. F. Onrs
will return to Vancouver nt 0:80 p. iu.
The round trip tickets are only Sue.
WANTED on Mt. Plear-ant in private
family, board aud room for lmly nud
two children Address D "Ailv.c.ito"
Many of the friends and acquaintances
on Mt. Pleasant of Mr. Vernon Shilvock
will be somewhat surprised to hoar of
his marriage. Ou Wednesday moruiug
at Rossland, B. 0., Mr. Shilvock and
Miss Efflo Agucw were wore united iu
tho holy bonds of matrimony. Mr. and
Mrs. Shilvock arrived in the city on
Friday, and are Stopping ot Mrs. Berry'B,
corner Seymour and Georgia, streets.
"The Advocate" wishes auy careless!
hess in delivery reported to tho Office;
telephone D1105.
Messrs. Al. McKinnon and Frank
Gow will open n first-class grocery
atore on September 1st, whore McKinnon's Candy Storo ia located, Ninth
avenue opposite Fire Hall.
Mrs. Oscar McCutchoon and children
hnvo returned homo from camping at
Greer's Beach
The pastor, Rev. A. E. Hetheriugton,
will conduct both services. Morning
subject: "The Fatherhood of God";
eveniug subjeot: "What is Your Lifo? "
Miss Taylor of Viotoria, will sing in
tho service, and a ten minutes
Soug Service will proceed the regular
Mr. and Miss MacKeuzie of Kirkfield,
aud Mrs. C. R. Stovel of Winuipef, who
have boon visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. A.
Wood, 2(118 Howard street, left on Wed-
for their respeotive homes.
Mr. and Mis. Lapp who have been
visiti ng Mrs Russ of Soveuth avenuo,
east, for the past few weeks, left for
thoir home iu Coburg, Out., on Friday.
For Rent.—N e w Beven-roomed
house. Lndy will keep two rooms upstair if agreeable. Rent low. Noar car
line, 215 Sixtoenth avenue, Mt. Pleasaut
Mr, Jos. Dodson is having a haudsome
aud commodious residence bnilt at
the junction of Thirteenth avenue and
Westminster road, which will soon be
A butcher shop has been opened by
Frank Brothers on Westminster avenue,
near coruer of Sixteenth, and will be
called the South Vancouver Market.
Mrs. Spillitt, Miss Alice SpilUtt and
two small children, havo boon visiting
for the past two weeks Mrs. Priestland
of Priestland Crook, Welcome Pass.
At J. Horner's Argyle House new
Fnll Goods aro lxjing opened. Watch
uext week's advertisement for uoliec of
uow styles and values.
MoKinnnn's Ioe Cream Parlor hns
opened for tho season. Bost cream
al wns on hand. Opposite No. 3 Firo
Hall, Ninth avenue.
Mrs. Colin Spaulding aud little bou,
of Niuth avenue, left on Thnrday for
Manitoba, to spend somo time with her
brother Mr. Basil Stswart.
Messrs. T Lobb, J. Muir nnd R
Muir have roturued from tho anuual
camp-meeting of tho Advontist deuomi-
nutiou at Nooksaok, Wash.
Mr. nud Mis. Duucau Muir havo
moved from Eighth avauue, to 2607
Sophia street.
Rov. G. H, Wilson's uow homo on
Prince Edwaift street is- nearing completion.
Mrs. J McWhinuio aud Miss Mo-
Whinnie are visiting relatives in Nova
Changes for advertisements sbonld bo
in before Thursday noon to insure their
Mt. Pleasant Branch
Capital $3,000,000.   Reserves J3.302.748.
A General Banking Business
Savings Bonk Department.
7 to 8 o'clock.
W. A. WARD, Manager.
Iu last wook's issue a typographical
error occurred in tho advertisement of
S. T. Wallace; "Faucy Butter, 2-lb for
25c," should hnvo read "for 45c."
Bofore starting on a shopping tour,
look over tho advertisements in the
Mtb. J. Chase of Sixth avenue, who
was taken very ill ou Saturday last, has
improved this woek very much.
Miss OatHiS Barnes returned on Saturday from a pleasant visit with frieuds
in Grand Forks and Nelson.
Mr. W. DavieB has sold his home on
Eighth avenue and has bought on
Second avenue, Fairviow.
Mr. Dan AndorBon of Westminster
rond, left Saturday lust for Glenwood,
where ho bus been appointed toachor.
Mr. Geo. Trimble has  boon  visitiug
his pareuts tho past two weeks.
a^z^w^m^wJAufsm^mfas^t*mt'^AmjAt^9 m^a^.a^t0ltm^AS*A ^aa*pas^tiis^Bsi^B ^i^l
ttpAINTS, Oils, Varnishes %
"**(•■***• ls*iSf_*jvl^6S^Ct^SSr-I! SrjtSl^cK^SSs^S&spSa^siSs^SI^S&^V^at^S ^t^SS^St^St^t
tat W-A 1^3 trja CyS
A few of the lines wo carry:  Genuine Elephant Lead, Pure
Bayden Boiled Linseed Oil, Puke Bavden Raw Linseed Oil.
IR O NIT E Hard Oil Finish, Varnishes, Honse Paint and Floor Paint.
Elephant Golden Oak Stain—a beautiful finish.
Our prices aro always right. ^
STORE. Tel. 447.
W. R. OWENS, Manager.
#*-##***•*■# <_•*****#**•_•* *-_"*y**
Saturday Specials
Watermelons 25c and 30c.
2-ft> Fresh New Biscuits  25c.
Large Pineapples 30c.
Leave your order for Plums. Crown Fruit Jars at cost.
H.O. Lee,
2425  Westminster Ave.
'Phone 322
ffislNT Central fleat flarket
Cor. Ninth Ave., & Westminster Rd.   Telephone 9S-4.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in all kinds of Fresh and Salt Meats.    Fresh Vegetables always
on hand.   Orders solicited from all pnrts of Mount Ploasant and Fairview.
Prompt Delivery.
Woodrow & Williams. ^KK1*
Next Week Specials
PEACHES, also big shipment of PLUMS
direct from growers.
Splendid Cooking Apples
The prices for the lot can not be duplicated
.. in Vancouver.
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.  Mt. Pleasant.
Telephone   1300.
Everything i^i the line of Summer Materials clearing
Regardless of Cost I
LACES.—We have Just plnced ou sale over 7*i pieces of Laces and Insertions iu black, white, cream and ecru; worth up to 40c, clearing for  10c
MUSLINS.—We are clearing onr entire stock of Muslins at less than
Manufacturers prioes: Muslins worth up to OOc clonrlug for 25e a yard;
worth up to 3;ic, clearing for 15c a yard; worth up to 15c clearing for 7%o.
GINGHAMS.—Ginghams in stripes and checks, worth up to 2flc, clearing
for 10c a yard.
SPEOIAL PRICES ou nil lines of Blouses, Costumes, Capos, Coats,
Dress Goods, Whitewear, Vests and Parasols.
LA     DOQQ *  TO     30,3** and 34 Cordova St.
r\*   I\.v-»'k_J»J <k*V VV/s, Telephone 574. •
-t_*_^^_.'<V'**_/*^-*--«tV% '«/%^%^%,-%^%'«-^%.'%.*V%^%^«>V<%^
Lawn Grass Seeds
Clover nud Timothy Seeds,
Pratt's Poultry nud Animal Foods.
Pratt'B Lico Killer,
Holly Chick Food,  Buefscrnps, Eto.
'    FLOUR  and FEED.
5        1/CITH  Corner   NINTH avenue   &
.   _*V_._..1 1 - I   WESTMINSTER ROAD.
Telephone   1(13 7.    ___ _____-_=
Boot and Shoemaklng
and Repairing done at
Peters' Boot & Shoe Store
2451 Westmiuster aveuuo.
Jfl*5§T Subscribers who fail to
get "The Advocate" on Saturday morning please notify
this office.    Telephone B1405
For a Game ot
Pool or Billiards
Drop In at
Mt. Pleasant.
All kinds of Meats
and Vegetables
always on hand.
Your patronage is respectfully solicited.   Prompt delivery.
Fresh Fish Daily.
1(11 Ninth ave,, neur coruor Wostm'r avo.
If yonr eyes tiro quickly when reading, consult Dr. Howell at the Uurraril
Sanitarium. Eyes tested free when
supplying glasses.
§j*T Subserilxire are requested to
report any carelessness in tho delivery
of "The Advocate."
A quiet wedding was solomuised
Tuesday afternoon at the residence of
the bride's pareuts, Mr. and Mrs H
Greeu, corner of Seveuth aveuue nnd
Outario street, wheu Mr. Wm. Chase
and Miss Eva M Green were united in
marriage by Rev. Geo. A. Wilson. Tho
brido was attended b.v Miss Lizze Chnso
whilo Mr. Wm. Dniron supported the
groom. Little Miss Marshall acted as
flower girl. Both aro well-known and
popnlar on Mt. Pleasant. Mr. uud Mrs.
Chase will reside on Ninth aveuuo.
Tho City Grocery   delivers groceries
evory dny ou Mt. Pleasant;   'phono 280
Store and    *
Office Fixtures
A* a specialty
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
(Cabinet Maker.)
SHOP: 43 Eighth Aveuue.
'Phone nl 200.     Mt. PLEASANT.
List Your Property
ruit and
as^m m^A ^*" m^A ms^S ^^S *^^ ^* ^^^ ^^ ^m* ^^ ^T^
Better than you cau havo nny Idea of.   Come and look thenl otef i
Yon'll appreciate the wonderful low prices.
CUCUMBERS—Extra Large—2 dozen for 26o
CORN—Extra Large and Sweet—only IOo per dozen.
The City Grocery Co. Ltd*
Wholesale and Retail Grocers.
IM 286. Westminster Avo. & Princess Streot.
THE BEER Without a Peer.
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men of years
and years and years experience, and a brewery whose
plant is the most perfect known to the Art of
Brewing. Is it any wonder that it has taken a place
in tbe hearts of the people which no other beer can
supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2. Doz., pints $ I.
Vancouver Breweries, Ltd.
djtc      Vancouver, B. C.   if-   Tel. 429      A*
For Sale at all first-class Saloons, Liquor Stores and Hotels or
delivered to your honse.
| King's
3331 Westminster Ave.
Mt. Pleasant.
Tel. A1206.      Prompt Delivery.
E. H. Peace, Proprietor.
f Wholesale and Retail
a Dealer in
J Meats of All Kinds.
2 Vegetables and  Poultry A
f -5b sffa in season. A **•   t
Young Peoples Societies.
Loyal Workers of Christian Endeavor
meet at 15_minu.es to 7, every Sunday
evening iu Advent Christian Church,
corner Ninth ave. and Westminster Rd.
Epworth   League of   Mt.    Ploasant
Methodist Ohnreh minis at 8 p. in.
_. Y. P. U., meets  in   Mt. Pleasant
Baptist Chnrch at 8 p. m.
Tho Y. P. S. C. E., meets at 8 p. m
in Mt.PleaBasaut Presbyterian Church.
Howell Osburue, the two-mouths-old
sou of Mr. ond Mrs. T. E. Moore, diod
on Thursday morning. Mr. Mooro is a
well-known motormau ou the B C.
Electrio Railway and has ft large circle
of friends who deoply sympathize with
him and his wifo iu their bereavement.
The fuueral took placo ou Friday morning from the family residoueo, 1123
Dufferin street, oast, Rov. A. W. McLeod officiating; tho funeral arrauge-
mentB being iu charge of Armstrong &
Edwnrds. The following floral tributes
wero scut by friend;;: '.Vruuths from
Minnie uud Ulara Hoffman, Louise
Barnes, Grace Kent, Gladys McMuhou,
Mrs. Soliwoisuger, B. C. Eleetric Railway Employees Union; Cut-flowers
from Mrs. Falls, Mrs Marshall, Mrs.
Sparling, Mr. and Mrs. Brooks.
Wo have tho biggest display of
Genuine Gorman Steins (purchased right in Germany) over
shown in the West.
Also ln sets, one large one Md
six small ones (10.
Trorey £
Comer Hastings and Granville 8ts.
Official Watoh Iuspeotor O. P. B.
Royal Crown
thk Bust nt thk World. Urpjk
us a post card asking for •
Catalogue of Premiums to be
had free tor Botal Orowh
Soap Wbappxks.
the butcher business. The funeral took
place from the family residence on
Friday afternoon to St. Michael's
Ohnroh and from there to the cemetery,
tho Rev. G. H. Wilson officiating.
2450   Westminster    avenue,
$31^ Watch for his ad  next
If you miss The Advocatk you miss
the local nows.
The death octnrred on Monday morning of Edwin Duncan Boyes, the
U-niouthe-old son of Mr. and Mrs. F.
D. Boyes, 21!) Fifteenth avenue, east.
The fuueral services wero hold Mondny
eveuing, Rev Goo. A. Wilson officiating, the remains emblamcd and
shiped by Armstrong & Edwards on
Tuesday by the V. W. & Y. By., to
Fort Lnngloy, whero interment took
place, tho Kev. Mr. Forbes of Clover-
dale officiating. Thoso contributing
floral offering offerings wero: Wreaths
from tho Management Of tho Woodward
Stores, J. M. Burrows, J. D Caruiug;
Cross from Employees of Woodward
Stores; Floral Sprays from Mrs. Miller,
A. Morrison, Mrs. Mattock, Dot Mills,
Mrs. Elkins, A. Christie, Mrs. G.
Campbell; Boquets from Miss J. Johu-
son, Murrio Campbell, Sidney Johnson,
Miss L. Wright, Miss Forshaw, Mrs.
The death occurred ou Wednesday
evening of Mr. Fred Btopbons at his
homo, IM Teuth avonuo, west. Tho
deceased was 44 yea... of ago»and had
boon ill for a long time. A native of
Staffordshire, England, he came to Vaucouver some years, aud was engaged iu
The funeral of Louis George, infant
son of Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Coulter, MM
Westminster avenue, took plaoe on Fridny afternoon.
On Suuday last Wiliain Roberts
was fouud dead in his room by Us
housekeeper. Deceased was H years of
ago aud leaves ono obtld to mourn his
loss. Deceased resided on Westminster
avenue, South Vancouver and was eui-
dloycil at the O. P. R. Station. The
funeral took placo ou Tuesday from
Armstrong & Edwards' Undertaking
Tbo doath occurred on Tuesday 1
ing of Tcddie, Infant sou of Mr. and
Mrs. Geo. P. Downey, MM Quebec
street The funeral took place on
Wednesday afternoon.
See When Your Lodge Meets
The 2d and 4th Mondays of the month
Court Vanconver, I. O. F., meets at
8 p m.
Mt. Pleasant Lodge No. 1», I.O.O.F.
moots nt 8 p. m.
Vanconver  Council  No. Ills,  Osm.
adlan Order of Ohosen Friends
the 2d aud 4th Thursdays of the 1
Alexandra Hive No. 7, Lndieu of Opt
Maccabees holds its regular — ■"•inM Ws
the 1st, and Ud Fridays of the mmpMpTy ':*'-
Advertise ln "The Advocate."'- WHEN KNIGHTHOOD
Or, The Lore Story of Churlcs Brandon und Mary Tudor, the King's Sister, and
Happening In the Reign of His August Majesty King Henry llie Eighth
Kewr-tlen <*s,d Rendu.. Inlo Modem English From Sir Edwin
C-kikodcn*. Memoir
Copi/rtflM, ISM aad 1901, by the lUmen-Mcrrill Company
'_.>-* >i\
Above all, there was nn alarming
sense of uncertainty ln everything. Sbe
could hnrdly bring herself to believo
that Brandon would really go to New
Spain and that she would actually loso
him, although she did not waut him ns
yet—that ls, as a prospective husband.
Flashes of all sorts of wild schemes
tad begun to shoot through her anger
and grief when she stared ln the face
the prospect of her double separation
from him, her marriage to another aud
tho countless miles of fathomless sea
that would be between them. She could
endure anything better than uncertainty. A menacing future ls the keenest of nil tortures for any of us to hear,
but especially for a girl liko Mary.
Death Itself ls not so terrible ns tho
fear of lt.
Now, nbout this time there lived over
in Billingsgate Ward, tho worst part
of London, a Jewish soothsayer named
Grouche. He was also an astrologer
nnd had of late grown Into great fame
ns prophet of the future—a fortune
Hid fame rested on several remark-
nble nredlctions which had been fulfilled fo the letter, and 1 really think
the man had nome wonderful powers.
They Said ho was half Jew, half gypsy, ond, if there Is alchemy ln the mixing of blood, that combination should
surely produce something peculiar. The
city folk were said to have visited him
ln great numbers, and, notwithstanding the prlesta and bishops all condemned him as nn Imp of Satan nnd a
follower of witchcraft, many fine people, Including some court ladles, continued to go there by stealth In order
to tuke a dangerous, Inquisitive peep
into the future.
Mary hnd long wanted to seo this
Groucbo, at first out of mere curiosity,
but Henry, who was very moral—with
othor -people's consciences—would not
think of permitting lt Two ladles, Lady Chesterfield and Lady Ormoud, both
good and virtuous women, bad been detected ln such a visit and bad been disgraced and expelled from court ln the
most cruel manner by order of tbe
king himself.
Now, added to Mary's old time desire
to seo Grouche, came a longing to know
the outcome of the present momentous
complication of affairs tbat touched
ber so closely.
She could not wait for Time to unfold
himself and drop his budget of events
us be traveled, but she must plunge
ahead of him and know beforehand tbe
stores of tho fates, an Intrusion they
usually  resent    I need  not tell you
that was Mary's only object ln going,
nor that her heart was as pure as a
babe's, quite as chaste and almost as
Innocent    It ls equally true that tbe
large proportion of persons wbo visited
Grouche made his soothsaying an excuse.    The thought of how wretched
life would be with Louis had put Into
Mary's mind the thought of how sweet
It would be with Brandon.   Then came
tho wish  thst Brandon  had been  a
prince or even a great English nobleman, and then leaped up, all rainbow
nued, tne hope that he Uflgbt yet, by
reason of bis own great virtues, rise to
all of these aud sbe become bis wife.
But at the threshold of this fair castle
came knocking tho thought that perhaps he did not care for her ond had
deceived her to gain her favors.   Then
Bhe flushed with anger and swore to
herself she hated him and hoped nover
to see his face again.   And the castle
faded and was wafted away to the
realms of airy nothingness.
Ah, bow people will sometimes lie to
themselves, and sensible people at that!
So Mary wanted to see Grouche, flrst,
through curiosity, ln Itself a stronger
motive than we give lt credit for; second, to learn lf sho would be able to
dissuade Henry from tbe French marriage and perhaps catch a bint how to
do it, and last, but by no means least
to discover the state of Brandon's
heart toward her.
By this time the last named moUve
was strong onough to draw her any
whither, although she would not acknowledge lt, even to herself, and ln
truth hardly knew It so full are .we of
things we know not of.
So she determined to go to see
Grouche secretly and was confident she
could arrange tbe visit ln such a way
that lt would never be discovered.
One morning I met Jane, who told
me with troubled face tbat she and
Mary were going to London to make
somo purchases, would lodge at Bridewell House and go over to Billingsgate that evening to consult Grouche.
Mary had taken tbe whim Into ber
willful heal and Jane conld uot dissuade her.
The court was all at Oreenwlcb, and
nobody at Bridewell, so Mary thought
they could disguise themselves as
orange girls and easily make tbe trip
without any one being the wiser.
It was then, as now, no safe matter
for even a man to go unattended
through tbe best parts of Loudon after
dark, to say nothing of Billingsgate,
that nest of water rats and cutthroats.
But Mary did not realize the full danger of tbe trip and would, as usual, allow nobody to tell ber.
Sho had threatened Jane with all
sorts of vengeance lf she divulged her
secret, and Jane was miserable enough
between her fears on either bond, for
Mary, though the younger, beld her ln
complete subjection. Despite her fear
of Mary, Jane asked me to go to London and follow them at s distance, unknown to the princess. I was to be on
fluty that nlgbt at a dance given ln
honor of the French envoys who bad
lust arrived, bringing with them com.
mission of special ambassador to De
Longuevlllo to negotiate tbe treaty of
marriage, aud it was impossible for
me to go. Mary was going partly to
Mivold th ls ball, and her willful por-
ilstcncy made Henry very angry. I
•grcttcd that I could uot go, but I
milsed Jans I would send Brandon
my place, and be wonld answer th.
>ss W srotocUoo ter better tb»
T. 1 suggested that Uranaon taKe witn
liim n mau, but .lane, who was In
mortal fear of Mary, would not listen
to it. So It was agreed that Brandon
should meet Jane at a given place and
learn the particulars, and this plan was
carried out.
Brandon went up to London nnd snw
Jane, and before tho nppolnted time
bid himself behind a hedge near the
private gate through which tho girls
Intended to tako their departure from
They would leave about dusk and return, bo Mary said, beforo it grew
The citizens of London at that time
paid very Ultle attention to the law
requiring thorn to hang out their lights,
ind when It was dark lt wns dark.
Scarcely was Itriinilou snfely en-
sconsed behind a clump of arbor vltce
when whom should he seo coming down
the path toward tho gate but his grace,
the Duke of Buckingham. Ho was
met by one of the Bridewell servants
who was ln attendance npon tho prln-
"Yes, your grace, tills is tho gate,"
said the girl. "You can hide yourself
and watch them as they go. They will
pass out on this path. As I said, I do
not know where they nro going. I only
overheard them Bay they would go out
"Yes, your grace, this Is the gate."
at this gato Just before dark.    I am
sure they go on some errand of gallantry,  which your grace  will soon
learn, I make no doubt"
He replied that he would take car.
of that
Brandon did not see whero Buckingham hid himself, but soon the two Innocent adventurers camo down the
path attired lu the short skirts and bonnets of orange girls and let themselves
out nt tho gato. Buckingham followed
them, and Brandon quickly followed
him. The girls passed through a little
postern in the wall opposite Bridewell
Houso and walked rapidly up Fleet
ditch, climbed Ludgate hill, passed
Paul's church, turned toward the river
down Bennett hill, to tho left on
Thames street then on past the bridge,
following lower Thames street to the
neighborhood of Fish street hill, where
they took an alley leading, up toward
East Cheap to Groucho's bouse.
It was a brave thing for tho girl to
do and showed the determined spirit
that dwelt ln her soft white breast
Aside from the real dangers, thero was
euough to deter any woman, I should
Jane wept all the way over, but Mary
never flinched.
Thero wero great mudholcs where
one sank ankle deep, (or no ono paved
the street at that time, strangely
enough, preferring to pay tho sixpence
flno per square yard for leaving lt undone. At one place, Brandon told me,
a load of hay blocked tho streets, compelling them to squeeze betweeu the
houses and the hay. Ho could hardly
believe the girls had passed that way,
as he had not always been able to keep
them In view, hut had sometimes to
follow them by watching Buckingham.
He, however, kept as closo as possible and presently saw them turn down
Groucho's alley and enter his house.
Upon learning where they hnd stopped, Buckingham hurriedly took himself off, and liriuidoii waited for tlie
girls to como out. It seemed a very
long time that they were ln tbo wretched place, and darkness had well descended upon Loudon when tbey
Mary soon noticed that a man was
following them, and as sho did not
know who ha was became greatly
alarmed. The object of her Journey
had been accomplished now, so the
spur of a strong motive to keep ber
courage up wub lacking.
"Jane, some one Is following us," she
"Yes," answered Jane, with an un-
coucern that surprised Mary, for she
knew Jane was a coward from the top
of ber brown head to the tip of her
little pink heels.
"Oh, lf I had only taken your advice, Jane, nnd had never come to
this wretched placel And to tblnk,
too, that I came here only to learn the
Worstl Shall we ever get borne alive,
do you think?"
Thoy hurried on, the mnn behind
them taking less care to romaln unseen
than he did when coming. Mary's
tears grew upon her as Bhe heard bis
step and saw bis form persistently following them, and sho clutched Jane
by the arm.
"It ts all over with us, I know. I
would give everything I have or over
expect to havo ou earth for—for Mas-
tor Brandon ot this moment" She
thought of blm ob the one person best
able to defend her.
This was only too welcome an opportunity, and Jane said: "That ls
Master Brandon following ob. If we
wait a few seconds, be will be here."
And she called to him before Mary
Oould fnUroaM. _.        _.„
Mow uns aiecioBure operated in two
ways. Brandon's presence was, lt ls
true, Just what Mary had so ardently
wished, but the danger and therefore
tbe need was gone when she fouud that
the man who was following them had
no evil intent. Two thoughts quickly
flashed through the girl's mind. She
was angry with Brandon for having
cheated her out of so ninny favors and
for having slighted her love, as she
bad succeeded ln convincing herself
was the case, all, of which Grouche had
confirmed by telling her he was false.
Then she had been discovered ln doing
what she knew she should bave left
undone and what Bhe was anxious to
conceal from every one, and, worst of
all, had been discovered by the very
person from whom sho was moot "■'■*■'
lous to lime it
So she turned upon Jane angrily:
"Jane Bollngbroke, you shall leave me
as soon as we get back to Greenwich
for tills betrayal of my confidence."
Bhe was not afraid now that tho danger wob over, and feared no new danger with Brandon at hand to protect
her, for ln her heart she felt that to
overcome a fow fiery dragons nud n
company or so of giants would bo a
mere pastime to him. Yet see how
she treated him. The girls hod stopped
when Jane called Brandon, and ho was
at once by tbelr side with uncovered
head, hoping for Uud of course expecting a warm welcome. But even Brandon, with his fund of worldly philosophy, had not learned not to put hia
trust ln princesses, and his 'surprise
was benumbing when Mary turned
angrily upon him.
"Master Brandon, your Impudence ln
following us shall cost you dearly. We
do not desire your company, and will
thank you to leave us to our own affairs, as we wish you to attend exclusively to yours."
This from the girl who had given
him so much within less than a week!
Poor Brandon!
Jane, who had called him up and
Wns the cause of his following thom,
began to weep.
"Sir," said sbe, "forgive me, It was
not my fault She had Just sald"-
Slap came Mary's hand on Jane's
mouth, and Jane was marched off,
weeping bitterly.
The girls had started up toward East
Cheap when they left Grouehe'B, Intending to go home by an upper route,
nnd now they walked rapidly ln pint
direction. Brandon continued to follow them, notwithstanding what Mary
had said, and Bbe thanked him and hei
God ever nfter thnt he did.
They hnd been walking not more
than five minutes when, Just as the
girls turned a corner Into a Becluded
little street winding Its way among
the fish warehouses, four horsemen
passed Brandon In evident pursuit oi
them. Brandon hurried forward, but
before he reached the corner heard
screams of fright ond as he turned in-
to the street distinctly saw that two of
the men had dismounted and were try-
lug to overtake the fleeing girls. Frjghl
lent wings to tbelr feet, nnd, their short
skirts affording freedom to their limbs,
they were giving the pursuers a warm
little race, screaming at every step to
tho full limit of tbelr voices. How
they did run and scream! it was but a
moment till Brandon camo up with the
pursuers, who, all unconscious that
they ln turn wero pursued, did not expect an attack from the rear. The
men remaining oil horseback shouted
an alarm to tbelr comrades, but bo Intent were tho latter ln their pursuit
that they did not hear. One of the men
on foot fell dead, pierced through the
back of the neck by Brandon's sword,
before either was aware of his presence. The other turned, but wus a
corpso beforo he could cry out. The
girls had stopped a short distance
ahead, exhausted hy their flight. Mary
bad stumbled and fallen, but bad risen
again, and both were now leaning
against a wall, clinging to each other,
a picture of abject terror. Brandon
ran to the girls, hut hy the time he
reached them the two men on horseback were there also, hacking nway at
him from their saddles. Brandon did
his best to savo himself from being cut
to pieces and the girls from being trampled under foot by the prancing horses.
G  /-wj^*v\ " "
•*__s_5^^T*"**;^-^->   t • —
-            s     •    '
One of tlie men on foot fell dead.
A narrow jutting of the wall, a foot
or two in width, a sort of flying buttress, gave him a little advantage, nud
up Into the slight shelter of tbo corner
thus formed he thrust the girls nnd
wltb his back to them faced blB unequal foe with drawn sword. Fortunately the position allowed only ono
horseman to attack them. Two men on
foot would have beeu less ln each other's way and much more effective. The
men, however, stuck to their horses,
nnd one of tbem pressed the attack,
Btiiklng at Brandon most viciously. It
being dark and the distance deceptive,
the borBemnu's sword nt last struck the
wall, a flash of sparks flying ln Its
trail, and lucky lt was or this story
would havo ended here. Thereupon
Brandon thrust his sword Into tho
horso's throat, causing It to rear backward, plunging nnd lunging into the
street, where It fell, holding Its rider
by the leg against tho cobblestones of
a little gutter.	
"Is the engagement ring Harry gave
Ethel a real diamond?"
"I think so. I was there last evening, and they had no other light"—
Chicago Record-Herald.
i' i'
'TIm laid.
"Watch out," warned the pickpocket
as he palmed tbe gentleman's time.
|HW.-Prl»eah» Tiger,      ,	
Work Already Tone As a Charity By
Dr. Barnardo—C. Klnloch Cooke Believe. He Would Weloome Govern,
ment Enterprise in This Matter-
Question of Training the Children
For ths Lifo Under New Conditions.
In the curretn number of the Empire
Review Mr. C. Klnloch Cooke propounds a BCheme for the emigration
of orphan and abandoned children to
Canada. Mr. Cooke's proposal ls that
the aim of thu Canadian Government
should bo to especially encourage emigration from the British Isles, and give
always a preference to the English-
speaking settler who ls a British subject before he lands In Canada, one
who is, ln fact a ready-made citizen
and assimilated at once into the unlive
population. Were this system of a human preference adopted he says we
should be spared the dangers which attend the Inroad of some of the worst
elements of European city populations.
Dr. Barnardo's Work.
Mr. Cooke's soheme deals only with
one phase of this question. It may
therefor* bs outlined. At the outset
It must not be supposed that the author claims originality for his plans.
All ore aware that Dr. Barnardo has
been carrying out a system of child
emigration for many years. Indeed
yesterday's paper announced that from
the Barnardo homo would come more
children this year than ever before.
But Dr. Barnardo's mission has been
carried on as a charity, not as a Government enterprise. He will be one
ef the first Mr. Cooke thinks, "to welcome a scheme which will relievo him
and all private institutions of tho burden now thrust upon them by the
Orphan  and  Deserted Children.
Tbe scheme concerns Itself solely
With children who for ono reason or
another become a oharge on the State,
but does not Include Inmates of reformatories or penal Institutions. These
Children consist of many thousands
who are committed by magistrates to
Industrial sohools to save them from
Injurious surroundings, and orphans
and ohlldren relieved without their
parents. "I feel sure," says tho writer, "that, properly trained and given
new surroundings, these children, lf
carefully selected, would make useful
oolonlsts. The work, however, would
have to be undertaken by a department of State ln this country, acting
with similar departments In the Colonies, each bearing a share of the cost
ln accordance with a plan drawn up
by an Imperial council specially convened for the purpose, and submitted
to the dlfforent Legislatures for ratification." He believes, however, that
euoh a soheme ls too vast to be gut
under way ln any reasonable time, and
bo desires to have, say, 2,000 children
of "tho orphan and deserted class"
emigrated as an experiment. If this
proved successful, then the major Idea
Of exporting tens of thousands of children a year might be put Into operation.
What Canada Should Do.
Under this arrangement each Colonial Government would provide ono or
mors agricultural homea or farms
where the children would be educated,
brought up and trained under direct
Government supervision for work ln
tho Colony. It would also undertake
to place the children ln suitable situations. An adequate system of Inspection of the children until each reached
ths age of eighteen Is another charge
tho Colonial Government would bo expected to assume. Each local Board
of Guardians desiring to establish a
child ln a Colonial home would be
obliged to hand over the ohlld at the
ago of ten, lf possible, and also to allow each Colonial Government to select the children and to pay for their
maintenance as follows:—A sum of
money annually or otherwise equal to
tho sum paid for bringing up tho children ln England, the amount not to exceed ln any caso tho expenditure for
four years; also an agreed sum to cover tho cost of Inspecting the child until It reached the ago of'eighteen.
"Ono of the chief drawbacks to the
present system of emigrating Poor
Law children to Canada," says Mr.
Cooko, "ls that tlfey got no special
training for tho work they will bo
called on to do almost on their arrival
ln tho Colony. So far child emigration has only been carried on with
Canada, and all that tho Dominion
Government Insists upon ls that prior
to emigration to Canada the Poor
Law child shall havo received Instruction for at least six months under the
Board of Guardians, or ln a Public
elementary school; and all that Dr.
Barnardo Insists upon Is that Poor
Law children passing through his
agency shall reside for a period varying from throe to six months ln ono of
his English home prior to emigration. Ho gives three reason for this
dotention—for which, of course, he receives the usual payment from the
guardians—but no one of them has any
reference to tho question of training.
Again, as nearly all the orphan and
deserted ohlldren aro boarded out by
tho Government, lt ls clear that no
attempt on their part ls mado to specially tram the children for Ufa ln
A  Subject  For ths Government.
It Is not necessary to prove that a
child trained to live under conditions
which exist In Canada will have a far
better chance of success ln life and be
of much moro value to ..this country
than ths child who has boen untrained. Mr. Cooke notes this, and also
seems to guarantee success for his
scheme by stating that from Canada
last year there were no fewer than
16,673 applications for children of this
sort. Moreover, Sir Wilfrid Laurier
has said that the Dominion Government would not object to the establishment of training farms in Canada,
and this has encouraged Mr. Cooke.
He has also Interviewed soveral representative guardians, and has not met
with any serious discouragements, although, at the outset, somo guardians
protested against their best boys being
drafted out of the country. It might
be well for some niember of Parliament to draw the attention of the Government to Mr. Cooke's scheme, and
have It discussed ln the House,
His Policy Has Already Wrought Extraordinary Changes In the Vatican's Foreign Relations.
Plus X. has brought about such extraordinary and radical changes ln the
domestic and foreign policy of the
Vatican since his accession to the papal throne that thero Ib plenty of good
ground for attaching Importance to
tho report now current, both at Rome
and at Vienna, to the effect that the
Pontiff has Intimated to Emperor
Francis Joseph and to other Catholic
sovereigns that they may come to
Rome and visit th. oulrlual   without
any onngor oi nnoing tno gates oi th*
Vatican closed ln their faces, writes
Marquise de Fontenoy. Plus IX., after
the loss of his temporal power, and
Leo XIII. throughout his entire reign
declared that while they.were quite
ready to receive the visits of any non-
Catholic sovereigns or royal personages they would, not countenance any
Catholic monarchs or princes or princesses of the blood holding communication with the royal family of Italy
at Rome, that these illustrious personages must choose between the head of
the church and the King of Italy, and
that lf they crossed the threshold of
the qulrinal during-their stay in the
Eternal city not only would the doors
of the Vatican be closed ln their faces
but papal nuncios would be withdrawn
from their courts.
It Is for this reason that Emperor
Francis Joseph has until now been
prevented from returning at Rome to
the King and Queen of Italy the visit
paid to tho court of Vienna in 1873 by
tho iato Victor Emmanuel I., and nlno
years later by King Humbert and
Queen Marghcrita, a delay which has
frofoundly affronted the Italian people
and the Italian Govornmcnt. It was for
this reason, too, that the King of Portugal, devoted as he was to his uncle,
King Humbert, was debarred from attending either his silver woddlng or
his funeral, and why tho Italian court,
In one word, Has boon boycotted by
all foreign reigning houses profeBBlng
the Catholic faith.
Plus X. has boon sagacious enough
to realize that this policy was not only
useless but also that lt served to lrrl-
tato foreign courts and the Italian
peoplo against tho church, and thero
ls no doubt that the papacy will derive
Increased prestige, Influence, and
popularity by throwing open tho doors
of the Vatican to foreign Catholic,
rulers, and by encouraging them to
visit Rome Irrespective of thoir relations with tho qulrinal.
Only a few years beforo the death
of Loo XIII. the papacy demanded of
Austria tho recall of Its ambassador to
the Vatican for no other offense than
that he had Invited to either a dinner
or to a reception at his palace a numbor of the diplomats accredited to the
qulrinal, and a noble guard who had
been Indiscreet enough to allow some
of his relatives belonging to the court
of tho<»fulrinal to call upon him at the
Vatican and subjected to all sorts of
disciplinary measures.
Now, however, the most friendly relations aro tolerated between the members of the two courts, and at a charitable amateur entertainment the other
day at the Argentina theatre, at which
Queen Helena waB present, tho adjoining boxes being occupied by great
dignitaries of the Vatican, one of the
chamberlains of the King came before
the footlights, with ono of tho noble
guards of tho Popo, to sing a duo,
which was one of tho features of the
evening. There aro few of the gentlemen and ladies in'waiting of the King
and of tho two Queens who have not
been within the last few months to the
Vatican to pay their reBpects to the
Popo and to receive his blessing, and
tho utmost cordiality prevails between
the dignitaries of the two courtB, the
Government and Its officials lavishing
demonstrations of respect and regard
upon the princes of the church.
Moreover, Pius X. ls acquiring a
popularity among tho people at Rome
which Leo XIII. certainly never enjoyed. The Iato Pope touched no responsive chord of sympathy ln the heart of
the Roman and Italian masses. Most
of them lived and diod without setting
oyos upon him, while all that others
ever saw of him was when he was
borne past them, shoulder high, on
tho portable throne through avenues
of guards in St. Peter's. Pius X., however, preaches to thousands of them
in the open air lu one of the huge
courtyards of the Vatican every Sunday. He receives not only tho great
but also tho humble people. HIb doors
may bo said to bo open to every one.
Sometlmos hugo cohorts of people are
permitted to wander through the gardens, where tho Pope will happen
among them, talking to them kindly,
and he has managed to get into such
close touch with tho masses that wero
ho to make his appearance ln tho
streets of Rome ho would be balled
ny tho puulie with tho most enthusiastic tokens of affection and devotion,
whereas there was always an apprehension during tho reign of Leo XIII.
that lf he had ventured forth out of
the Vatican ho might have been subjected to tho outrageous indignities
that were offered by the populace to
the remains of good old Pius IX. when
borno to his last resting placo. Indeed,
they narrowly escaped being hurled
Into the Tiber.
Deceased Wife's Sister Muddles.
Our refusal to recognize marriage
with a deceased wife's sister—which
ls legal In the Australian commonwealth—has led to many complications in tho Inheritance of property,
and very embarrassing social Incidents have happened. One of the most
unpleasant occurred during tho reign
of the late Queen. Arrangements had
been made by the Colonial Office for
the presentation of an Australian cabinet minister and his wife at court, but
when It was found that the lady was
a deceased wife's sister the proposed
presentation waa promptly overruled.
Such an eplsodo is not likely to be repeated, for King Edward when Prince
of Walos voted In tho House of LordB
for tho legalization of marriage with
a deceased wife's Bister.—London
Mlstah Johnslng—Can't yo' gib me
no -hope, Liza? Miss Jackson—Onco
an' fo' all, Mlstah Johnslng, I tells yo'
I wop't bo ho man's cullud supplement.
Thero ia no disputing the fact that
Dr. Chase's Ointment Is the only actual and positive cure for piles that
has ever been offered for public sales.'
Day after day there appear statements In the newspapers from persons who have been cured. Ask your
neighbors about this great ointment.
Mr. Joo Benson, Deerwood, Mian.,
writes: 1 may say that for three
years I suffered almost all the time
with blind Itching piles.* Sometlmos
thet wer© so bad that I could not
work nor even sit down on a chair. I
tried several remedies hut got no relief. A friend of mine told mo that he
had been cured by Dr. Chase's Ointment, so I got a box for 60 cents, but
lt was well worth ten dollars for lt
completely cured me. I 'cannot say
anything too good about this preparation."
"It gives me very great pleasure to
rooommend Dr. Chase's Ointment. I
was troubled with. Itching pileB for
twenty years, and tried very many
medicines, all to no avail, until I used
Dr. Chase's Ointment After tho
fourth application the Itching and
lumps disappeared as lf by magic,
and I can say to anyone similarly afflicted that if thoy will try Dr. Chaso's
Ointment-they will be cured. Thoro
Is no more certain cure and nono so
easily applied."—Mr. F. B. Langan,
Oliver, Colchester Co., N. S.
| Dr. Chase's Ointment, 60 cents a
box, at all dealers, or Edmanson,
Bates $ Company, Toronto. To protect you against lmmltatlons, the portrait and signature of Dr. W. A. Chase,
the famous receipt book author, are
|on every box.
Little Paragraphs,   Written   In    Spicy
Style,   That   Supplement   the
News of the Day.
Tho Old Testament says all lt has
to say with 5,G'12 different words.
In Russia people must marry bofore
eighty or not at all, and may marry
only flvo tlmeB.
Visitors to Switzerland spend annually £2,400,000 In hotels and £720,-
000 ln moving from place to place.
Bricks made of coal dust are used
for paving ln Russia. The coal dust
is combined with molasses and resin.
Fifty pounds of honey are annually
produced by a hive of 5,000 bees. In
five years the boes will have Increased to 50,000.
A walking match at Heywood for
£20 between a one-leggod man with
a crutch and another with a cork log
was won easily by the latter.
One tost for distinguishing diamonds from glass and paste ls to
touch them with the tonguo. The
diamond feels much the colder.
The Pope ls greatly Interested ln a
project for establishing a museum ln
St. Peter'B, containing art objects and
documents relating to that church's
Dr. Wm. Henry, an English physician, states as a result of experiments
that ln all forms of animal life. Insects included, exists tho taste for
When the Queen was lately at Olb-
ralter sho planted a dragon tree at
the Government House, choosing lt
out of three trees aubmltted to her,
and remarking, "This one will live
the longest."
At the most sanguinary battle in
the South African war tho total casualties on both sides did not reach
3,000. There have boen at leaBt ton
engagements ln Manchuria In which
the casualties far exceeded that number.
Perhaps the finest mausoleum In
existence Is that In Agra, India, which
was built by the Emperor Shah Jehan
for himself. It was 22 years in courso
of erection, and on It 20,000 men wero
constantly employed during that
period. The cost was  £800,000.
Spain has more hunchbacks than
any country. In one small village at
the foot of the Sierra Morena thoro
Is ono in every thirteen Inhabitants.
Franco, in tlio neighborhood of tho
Loire, has a great many people suffering from deformed shoulders. It hns
boen reckoned that there are a million hunchbacks In the world at present.
minutes, one or iwo nuurs in tne oox
will prepare thom thoroughly for tho
"Cauliflower and othor soft vegetables should merely be brought to a
boll and then placed for an hour or
two ln the box. By tho old method of
cooking lt ls necessary to boll dried
beans two and one-half to throe hours.
When the 'hny box' Is used, boiling
for five minutos will be found sufficient. This will give a clear idea of
the amount of fuel saved."
The "hay box" la a great boon to
working men and women who cannot
Bparo much time at their homes to
prepare their meals. They can set
their food to cooking in tho flreless
Btoves, go about their avocations and
return whenever they please to find an
appetizing meal awaiting them.
A Prehistoric Cave Dwelling.
A prehistoric cava dwelling has recently been discovered near Wlnznau,
en Lake Lucerne, ln Switzerland.
The entrance to this cavern has been
blocked for ages by tho accumulation
of falling rocks and earth. Its existence being known, a party of antiquarians had the entrance passage Into the cavern cleared of obstructions,
and a grotto or scries of caves, dating
to the Stone period, was laid bare. A
fine collection of stone implements, Including knives, axe-heads and spears,
gigantic shells rudely ornamented,
evidently drinking vessels, and dishes wbb discovered. In one chamber
of the cavern the explorers found tho
remains of tho bones of many extinct
animals; while ono section of tho
cave, which ls believed to hnvo been
the dwelling of an Important family
ln the Stone age, had evidently served
as a workshop for the stonecutters,
for here were found many stones ln
the process of being shaped into implements. I
KSiacu (inured.
"Mamma," remarked Dottle, "lf I get
married when I grow up will I have a
husband like pupa?"
"I suppose so, dear," said mamma.
"An' If I don't get mnrrlcd I'll bo a
old maid, like Cousin Charlotte, wou't
"I guess you will, pet' Why?"
"Oh, nothln'—ouly I wish I was a
Willing bands will not remain long
Idle If wedded to thoughtful hearts and
nlisnryQpt, e_.es.—U. W. Little.
Flreless   Stoves the   Latest   Wrinkle
In    German    Households   At    No
Great Expense or Labor.
Flreless cookstoves are the Intest
wrinkles ln German households. Thoy
save worry, work and fuel, and will
never scorch the food. They nevor
blacken tho pots, do away with all objectionable odors, are the Ideal adjuncts to tha picnic or excursion cul-
slno and for the nursory are declared
by exports to be Indispensable. Thoso
aro only a few of tho advantages
claimed for the flreless stoves, or "hay
boxos," as they are called ln Germany.
Thoro ls no great expense or labor
Involved ln malting the "hay boxes,"
for they aro morely air tight chests
llnod with felt or paper and packed
with hay or straw. Tho close fitting
Ud ls covered with a pillow or cushion
of somo Bort, to exclude the air. An
old trunk, or even a largo valise, may
be pressed Into sorvlce for a "hay
box." The procesB of using is even
Blmpler than that of construction.
Start your vegetables or meats to
cooking ln the ordinary way over a
firo and then transfer the pot containing tho food to the box, being careful
that the lid of the cooking utensil Is
not romoved while the change ls being
"In general," says Mr. Murphy, "lt
will be found that two or three minutes of actual boiling on the fire ls
amply sufficient for vegetables, whilo
roasted meats require twenty to thirty
minutes. Most articles should remain
tightly closed ln the box for two or
threo hours, though they can bo left
thero to keep hot for ten or twelve
hours lf necessary. Rice, dried beans,
lentils, dried fruit, etc., should flrst be
well soaked ln cold water. After being
allowed to boll for from two to five
Bald Heads Escape.
There nre advantages accruing even
from bald heads. It Is pointed out hy
a writer In a medical journal tlmt bald
headed men nevor suffer from consumption, and that a tendency to baldness Is an assurance that the drcadod
scourgo will pass over him whoso
thatch grows thin.
At flrst glance lt would soom absurd
to argue that a man's hair ls Indicative
of his Immunity from disoaso, but tho
writer who advances this novel theory
declares that In tlio five years during
which ho seriously added a record of
hia patients' hair or lack of It his caso
cards have failed to show a single In-
stanco of "bald" being entered upon
tho card of a consumptive.
He had undor treatment moro than
seven hundred cases, and ho makes
tho further statement that In a census
of more than flvo thousand tuberculosis cases lie fallod to discover a single
sufferer who was bald.
Ho makes no effort to explain his
theory upon medical grounds, but
Blmply offers the results of his observation for tho bcnollt of the profession, and has Invited his brother
physicians to wrilo him of any case
of bald headed consumptive coming
under thoir observation.
What Crowns Are Worth.
The lightest of European crowns Is
the state crown of Great Britain,
which vfas made for Queen Victoria
sixty-six years ago. Although it weighs
only two pounds and seven ounces,
Its value ls $1,500,000. Ono enormous
sapphire camo from tho signet of Edward the Confessor. Ono of tho rubles
has a sadly tragic history. It wns at
one time ln the possession of one of
the great Kings of Granada, whop}
Pedro tho Cruel Invited to his palace
and basely murdered through grped
for this gom. In (ho Pope's treasure
hqtise are two crowns which are valued at $2,500,000. Ono of them was the
gift of Napoleon to Plus VII. and contains tho largest emerald ln the worlrj.
The other, the gift of Queen Isabella
pf Spain to Pius ix., weighs   thro*
rounds and is worth $1,000,000.
Free Gifts of Toilet Soaps
The Coupons are the game as cash because they can be exchanged for Toilet
Soaps for which you have to pay out mopey every week.
Users of SUNLIGHT and CHEERFUL SOAPS can get- their TOILET
SOAPS for nothing.
Ask your grocer for paitlculars or write us for Premium List
A gift is of little value If it consists of something you have no use for.
In exchange for Sunlight Soap Coupons you can get something you need and
use every day.
""———^— BO0
2 as
■--••■■ -"t-w ii imm^mkmmimmmr*' Mt. Pleasant Advocate
Vanceuver, B.C.
A series of articles des.riliiiig
their lives, their aims and
their Influence.
The Most for Your Money and the
Best for Your Health.
Sold only In lead packets, 40c,   SOc,   60c.      By   all    Grocers.
Highest Award   St.. Louie,   1904.
Editor and Manager of the Albertan,
The i newspaper man working
on a daily la at all times
up against the time limit. His
are dally anxious hours, and a steady
strenuosity. In a weekly ofiice, there
is hustle on press day, but In a dally
the motto Is "hustle" every minute of
every day. The leisurely progress towards the weekly climax is iu striking contrast with the orderly confusion at all times reigning ln a daily office, and men who are getting out
fifty-two isBiiea a year, and doing their
woyk well, would be utterly lost if
they had put out three hundred. The
latter demands a thorough knowledge
tf all departments of a newspaper production, talents of quick organization,
and a wide knowledge of men and
things, as well as a mechanical equipment much superior. Many a man
who has made a successful editor of
a country weekly has failed lamentably when the conditions of growth
warranted tho change to a dally.
Speaking in tho large, the editors
of dally papers ln Western Canada
have peculiar qualifications for their
work. The high telegraph tolls and
the sparse population combine to make
news expensive and the circulations
small, but, when these conditions are
considered, and the consequent small
revenue at the disposal of the newspapers taken Into account, the quality of the Western Canadian daily
press la a never ceaBlng marvel to
those who know lt. . In the ranks of
the men producing It afe Included
some of the brightest journalists in
the Dominion, men qualified by training and ability to hold any position
on  any  metropolitan  paper.
Among this clasB Mr. William McCartney Davidson, the editor and
manager of tho Calgary Albortan, undoubtedly finds a place. He is a trained newspaper man in every sense of
tho word. There is no department
of journalism through which he has
not graduated, and "made good." He
has been police court reporter, street
reporter, interviewer, sporting editor,
dramatic and art critic, commercial
editor, political correspondent, editorial writer and editor-in-chief, and has
even gone to the limit of short story
wrtter and poet.
Mr. Davidson's professional equipment was built upon tho solid foundation of a good university training. He
graduated from Toronto University
In 1893 after a vory commendable
course, taking high honors ln political
science and history, the two subjects
having most Intimate connection with
his chosen career.
The oditor of the Albertan la an Ontario boy, having been born In Prince
Edward County ln 1872. Ho ls of tlie
U. E. Loyalist descent, his four grandparents all having been born In Canada. He was' educated In tho public
schools at Prince Edward County, at
Plcton High School and St. Catherines
Collegiate Institute beforo going to
After graduating, Mr. Davidson at
once got Into newspaper work. He
began his journalistic career on the
Toronto World—September, 1893. In
tho following year he Joined tho Star
staff, and for some years he waa leading political reporter on that paper,
being later mado assistant city editor. In 1900 he left tho Star, going to
the Toronto News, ln which ho was
for a few months city editor. In 1901
he left the News, to becomo editor
of tho London News. In the following
year ho bought the Albertan and
came  west.
At that time the Albertan was a
semi-weekly publication, with a "patent inside." Today It Is a morning
dally of eight pages, with a dally
growing circulation,   lt has a battery
S hocks ^Shirts
- TheBestThat,sMape -
An Instance of the application ot a
precocious knowledge of the law by a
child occurred in a Parisian school.
In France education ls obligatory, but
the law cannot compel children to remain at school after the age of thirteen. This law, needless to remark,
Is usually a dead letter, but on the occasion ln question a pupil suddenly
got up In the middle of a lesson, gathered up his books, placed them neatly
In his desk, took up his hat and moved
toward the door. "Where are you going?" asked the teacher with a certain amount of acerbity. "Sir," replied the boy, with Irritating nonchalance. "I was thirteen years of age
four, minutes ago, and you have no
longe* any right to keep me at school."
A Sound Stomach Means a Clear
Head.—The high pressure of a nervous life which business mon 81 the
present day are constrained to live
make draughts upon their vitality
highly detrimental to their health. It
Is only by the most careful treatment
that they are able to keep themselves
alert and active ln their various callings, many of them know the value
of Parmelee's Vegetable Pills ln regulating the stomach and consequently
keeping the head clear.
of three machines to set Its news
matter, and Its mechanical equipment
has periodically to bo enlarged to
cope with Its increasng popularity.
Mr. Davidson was married in 1899
to a daughter of the lat© Rov. Dr.
Robertson, superintendent of missions
in tho Presbyterian church. Mrs. Davidson waa a writer of rare ability, and
would have made a mark in Canadian
literature but. for her untimely death
in 1904. Sho left on record some very
clever short atories and charming
In addition to hia onerous editorial
work, Mr. Davidson has many othor
activitlea. He is a member of the
board of management of Western Canada Collego, secretary of the board
of managers of Knox Presbyterian
church, director of tho Inter-Western
Exhibition Company, member of the
council of the Calgary board of trade,
member of tho executive committee of
the Calgary Liberal Association, and
vice-president of the Calgary base-
hall league.
ln His newspaper work, Mr. Davidson's personal inclination is toward
the editorial end. In thiB department
he is at his best, excelling ln tbe semi-
humorous, sarcaatlc or Ironical. In descriptive and lmpresslonlat writing he
la porhapa without a rival in the West,
and hia half column sketching characterizations of men and things are
read and looked for by other newspapermen whenever thoy—as they too
seldom do—appear. In politics, as
may be judged from the editoriala of
the Albertan, he is a Liberal of the
more advanced kind, belonging to
what is becoming known as tbe Canadian radical school.
1,1,'Mi. s Fit curs for Epilepsy ui
1  '--JuITh..Ions tsll,,, only BgucesslUl
. _ irops
Slid   Aninrluit.    It   1-   <'',nll-e!it!»ll.
I'ln- ily. and Is now mittl bj llis	
pln-Bklnni snd liiispltuls In   Huron,
rj       ■    B    mmmr   amj   Aninrit**.     It   Ii   i.-inllileiitt
■**- r.iriiimii.'iidi.tl to tlio ___tlii.tc.__   It jqq
sulfur frura
Epilepsy, Fits, St. Vitus' Dance,
_. put-pay, ruts, gd vuuo   uuncc,
or hnvo i-lilliir.'iuirri'lfttlvi.a that do so, or know a IMmiiI Urn.
U miiii-ii'ii, thkh hkmi for a Phkk Trial Bottlr wid trj
It.  It will boiient by mall   ^m—.  ■> n amuM k.
prop-iid. It li.!* cured
Whore ovrrythliii: o!._u luia
Whiin writing montlon
this |'.i].t!r, am) min full
address.   For Siile- by all drurflfts.
TheLlebigCo.. 179Kiog5t. W.,Toronto.
More children die during the hot
weather monthB than at any other
seaaon of the year. Their vitality ls
then at its lowest ebb, and an attack
of diarrhoea, cholera infantum or
stomach trouble may provo fatal ln a
few hours. For tills reason no home
In which there aro young children
should be without a box of Baby's
Own TabletB, which promptly cure all
stomach and bowol troubles. If the
Tablets are given to a well child
they will prevent theBe ailments and
keep the littlo one well and Btrong.
Mrs. Josoph T. Pigeon, Bryson, Que.,
says: "My little one was attacked
with colic and diarrhoea, and I found
Baby's Own Tablets bo saUsfaotony
that I would not now be without them
In the houso." These Tablets not only
cure summer troubles, but) all the
minor nllmonta that affllot Infants and
young cblldron. They contain no opl-
ato or harmful drug, and may be
given with equal safety to the new
born baby or woll growrf child. There
are lmltatlona of this medicine and
mothers should see that the words
"Baby'8 Own Tablots" and the four-
leaf clover with chlld'a head on each
leaf Ib found on the wrapper around
each box. As you value your child's
life do not be persuaded to take a
Bubatltute for Baby's Own Tablets—
the one medicine that makes children
well and keeps them well. Sold by all
druggists, or you can got them by
mail at 25 cents a box by writing the
DS. William's Medicine Co., Brockvllle. Ont. ._ _,
Kathlene—It'a littlo ye iovo me. or
yo 'ud nlver stay away from me as yo
did laat ovening, jiat because av a weo
bit o' rain. Dudce MIko—Sure, it wor
a pourin' down flood8, mavournoen,
but it wor not th' rain that kep' mo
away from th' loight av y'r hlvonly
eyeB. Kathlene—An' wot wor It?
Dudoo Mike—It wor th' lack av an um-
Made by Cures Like That of Simon V.
Landry—He Tells About It Himself.
River Bourgois, Richmond Co,, C. B.
—July' 10.—(Special).—Among the
many men In this part of Canada
whom Dodd's Kidney Pills have relieved of aches and pains and weakness and made strong and able to do
a good day's work la Mr. Simon V.
Landry. Mr. Landry haB numerous
friends hero who can vouch for the
story he tells of Mb oure.
"I was bothered for over a year,"
he says, "with lame back, weak legs,
palpitation of tho heart, general weak-
neas and shortness of breath; ln fact
I could not work and was a total
"I could not get anything to help
mo till I tried Dodd's Kidney Pills.
But they did me good and no mistake.
I UBOd three boxes and I'm back at
work again."
It Is tho cures they make that make
Dodd's Kidney Pllla so popular. Their
popularity haa grown steadily for
thirteen years. It must be well founded. ......
Jack—What do you think of a man
after forty. Jill—I'd rather have him
after ono, and that mysolf."
Byronlta—You are right. If tho editor objects to your poem becauae It
was tied with blue ribbon, try pink
next timo. Many men nre very sensitive to color, and It might havo reminded him of some his wife gave
him to match that morning.
If attacked with cholera or summer
complaint of any kind send at onco
for a bottlo of Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial and uso It according to
directions. It acta with wonderful rapidity ln subduing that dreadful disease that weakens tho strongest man
and destroys the young Pnd delicate.
Thoso who have used thia cholera
medicino Bay it acts promptly, and
nover falls to effect a thorough cure.
You can depend on Ayer's
Hair Vigor to restore color to
your (fray fcalr, every time.
Follow directions and it never
falls to do this work. It stops
Hair Vigor
falllngof the hair, also. There's
great satisfaction ln knowing
you are not going to be disappointed.  Isn't that so?
***S!-* J"
r visor to
i fori
Fading Hair
Tlicro is mnn. Ciitnrrh In this Motion of tho country (Iini, iill other •Hsi'iisis. pot losethnr, and iinlll
tlio lu-l few ii'nrs wuh sii(i|sisi„I In lm Ini-tiriilile. Fnr
ii nre nt ninny y eiifs ilnelnix prniinniU'i"! it n loesl olo
iiiisi' nnd pl-Wr.l ("1 Inru! ifinndlt'., Km! l,y rnn-tnllti.v
filling lo core with I's'iil iri'iiimi'iii, pronoanoed It
In.nriilili.. SolonrO bu imiinn iiinrrli In lie u mil
stitiitinnnl illsensn nnd tllcrofnro requires i.mslltn
timiiil trout-Hint Hull's Oiiini.li Oore, nuranfaotitr
i„ll,v_' .1 Olii'in" __Co.TolodftOlllo,Uth00nl| cons
tiitlmin'l ..'uf mi Hi" liiiirl.it, II is lull'"lit.'iui.ll!
in doses frem lll.ln'I- 1" n Iwwponllfjll. Il nets llll'
,,,'llv nn   the mood  nml  milnoqs " iirfiire, nl 111" sjs
!,„„.  5*0. ..nur ono non-rod ilollnr. for nnir fOM n
fulls In i'uf.   Bona lor ''inulniM und tostlmonlolr.
Address:   V. .1, (.'1IKNKV ,1 (10.. Toledo. Ohio.
Bold   l,y  multilists,  l'»'.
Toko Hull's Knml'y  Pills fnr omwtlpfltlon.
Ono of Ambas8ador Choato's legal
stories told at a gathering of lawyers
on hia Inst visit to this "country related to a Texas Judgo before whom a
prisoner was brought charged with
liorso-atoallng. The judge promptly
sentenced tho prisoner to be hanged,
but hia lawyer Interrupted. "You
can't hang this prlaoner according to
law, your Honor," ho said. "Guess
you're right," said tho Judge. "Well,
I'll discharge him, and I guess Its up
to tho boys to hang him according to
tho regular custom."
Tommy—Say, ma, what's a "counter
Irritant?" Ma (just returned from
ehopplng)—Most any saleswoman nowadays ls a counter Irritant.
"I'm in a great hurry to get to New
York," said the man with the va.lse.
"How soon can you land me there?"
"A train will start in a few minutes,"
said tho agent, "that will get you
there in twenty hours. Tomorrow evening, though, we shall put on a
train that that will make the distance
in sixteen hours." "All right," rejoined he man. "I'll wait OU tomorrow
evening." "
Gents,—I cured a valuable hunting
dog of mango with MINARD'S LINIMENT after several veterlnarles had
treated him without doing him any
permanent good.
Yours &C,
Prop, of Grand Central Hotel.
Drummondvllle, Aug. 3, '04.
Howell—That's one of those thought
transfer fellows. Powell—Is that so?
Howell—Yea; he ls a letter-carrier.
First Village Dame—Did I bring vou
back that basket you lent me last
week? Second Dame (emphatlcally-
—No, indeed; you did not. First
Dame—That's a pity, for I just came
round to borrow it again.
Congressman Livingstone of Georgia
tells this story of his boy, George:
One day I said to him, "Mamma says
you've been very naughty today, sir;
what's the matter?" "Pop," he replied, seriously, "I think ma's prejudiced againat me. Yesterday she
told Aunt Sarah I was just the Image
of yqu?"
Known to Thousands.—Parmelee's
Vegetable Pllla regulate the action of
the secretions, purify tho blood and
keep the stomach and bowels free
from deleterlc .is matter. Taken according to direction they will overcome dyspepsia, eradicate biliousness,
and leave the digestive organs healthy
and strong to perform their functions.
Their mcrlta are well known to thousands who know by experience how
beneficial thoy are In giving tone to
the aystem.
She—They say there Is only one
person In fifteen who has perfect
eyea. He (with uncommon fervor)—
In fifteen? There's only ono ln a million! She—Thero you go again, Mr.
Spoonamore! Always flattering somebody!
"That's an auction piano your
daughter's got, lan't It?" asked the
sarcastic woman next door. "No, Indeed!" replied the proud mother indignantly. "What made you think
that?" "O, probably because it's going, going, going' all the time."
Minard's   Liniment Cures   Distemper.
Miss Backwoods—Did you tlo that
necktlo yourself? City Visitor—Yes;
why? Miss Backwoods—OrJicloim,
your town ls slow. If you lived up
hero you could buy thom already tied.
Every man thinks his own ls tho
really hardest Job. Tho really hardest Job, however, ls that of a hero in
a modern novel. Theao aro tho performances of ono horo in a chapter of
a recent novel: HIb countenance fell.
His voice broke. HIb heart sank.
His hair roao. Hia eyeB blazed. His
words burned. His blood froze. Now
how would you liko to bo that hero?
In Fields Far Off.—Dr. Thomas'
Eclectrlc Oil is known ln Australia,
South and Central America as well as
ln Canada and tho United States, and
Its consumption Increases each year.
It has mado Its own way, and all that
needs to bo dono Is to keep Its namo
beforo tho public. Everyone knows
that it ls to ho had at any storo for
all merchants keep it.
Lylo—Did you ever come across a
moro conceited fellow than Bulger?
Thoy say ho la an atholat, and I bo-
llevo ho Is. Bonter—I wouldn't llko
to go so far as that, but I know he
doesn't recognize the existence of a
superior being.     _     .    _,.__. _,
He—You say women ought to havo
tho suffrage; but I doubt If you would
know how to vote If you had tho
chance. Sho—I would, too. I'd know
which man to vote for by tho looks of
him. He—But you probably wouldn't
seo any of tho candidates. She—Men
who are ashamed to ahow themselves
are not worth voting for, bo I shouldn't
vote for anybody. He—That's what I
thought likely. However, I don't
know, after nil, that that wouldn't bo
tho wisest course.
"Thero's alwaya someboddy bobbing
up with a scheme to extract gold
from sea water." "Their real scheme
Is not to extract from sea water."
"What, then?" "To extract gold from
|-~ DODD'S '
m. D N EY
"Yes, I called on the daughter of
the great collar manufacturer last evening. The old gentleman must have
been thinking about his business, for
he gavo me a turndown." "You are
lucky. When I called he took mo to
the front door and gave me a turnover."
Royal Household Flour
Yields Most Nutriment
fm.    Only when flour is absolutely pure do you get highest
nutriment and leaA w&Ae.
Purity in floor is secured only by the higheil development of die science of milling, and the makers of Royal
Household Flour have developed milling to the ___gbe_. point
of perfection in this country.
The Royal Household Eledtrical Purifying and Sterilizing
Process is the moft thorough iu the world—it is controlled
exclusively in Canada by the Royal Household Mills—and
that is why Royal Household quality cannot be duplicated
in f*«»»«<i"
That's why Royal Household Flour is die richeft in
mdrimeut, greatest in purity—That's why it is the flour every
family should use—die kind that gives the sweeteft, befi
flavored bread and most toothsome pastry.
If you want that kind of flour see that i you get Royal
Household, then send for Use recipes so that you may
use it in the Royal Household way.
Ogilvie'a "Royal Household" Flour;
Have you over seen a cat get mixed up with a sheet of stloky fly paper? If not you have missed one ot
the real sights of this life. The terrified, Jumping, spitting, mewing creature presents a most ludicrous spectacle to all onlookors and oauSOB an
Immense amount of laughter and tun,
but when the frantic and maddened
pet becomes almost smothered by the
atlcky stuff and the damage to carpets, curtains, etc., etc. begins to be
realized, the heuBewlfo falls to appreciate the funny elde of tho episode, and then and thero decides that
In future she will use only Wilson's
Fly Pads, which are three hundred
times more effectual and cannot damage carpets or furniture. All druggists and storekeepers sell Wilson's
Fly Pads. Avoid worthless lmmita-
"We tried a new experiment In our
town," Bald tho man with tho sllvcr-
rknmed spectacles. "We thought that
the tendency to vanity was bo great
that thero ought to bo somo reward
for people who were capable of standing aside and rejoicing in tho success
of others. So wo organized a society
and arranged for the presentation of
modesty medals." "How did It work?"
"Badly. As soon as a man won ono
of tho medals ho would swell up and
got so proud that we'd havo to tnke
it away from him."
Bela—Prof. Muggins tolls mo that [thoughts?" "O, fudge," retorted   tho
tho first principle of socialism Is to I modern  damsel.    "My beau Isn't   a
divldo wilh your fellow-man. Tom—
Not as I understand It. On tho contrary, tho first prlnclplo of socialism
Is induce your fellow-man to divide
with you.
Minard's  Liniment Cures  Diphtheria.
mind reader."
Use Lever's Dry Soap (a pjwder. to
wash woolens and flannels,—you'll like
it J3
"Why do you waste bo many hours
on beautifying devices?" Inquired tho
old-fashioned woman.    "Why not dc- j right!
vote that timo to thinking beautiful Italn?
He (aftor tho ceremony)—Do you
really think  I  shall  malm    a    good
mate,  darling?    She—Oh,  you're all
How do you llko your   cap-
All Teas look nearly, alike. But when they
are Drawn there Is a Vast Difference. That
Is where GOLD STANDARD sutpasses all
other teas by un Worm.; fragrance & strengtn.
CODVILLE & CO., Winnipeg, Man.
A Trouble That Afflicts Thousands of
Young Glrle—Cured by Dr. WH-
llam'e Pink Pills.
Dr. William's Pink PUls do only
one thing, but they do lt well. They
911 tho veins with new, rloh blood,
which drives away all traces ot anaemia, headache, backache, palpitation,
nervousness, dizziness and despondency. The new blood they make brightens dull, luBtreless eyes, and brings
the rosy glow of health to pale cheeks.
In ourlng Anaemia Dr. Williams Pink
Pills oure tbe foundation of consumption aa woll. The new blood they
actually make gives new strength and
vigor to every organ of tho body, snd
enables It to fight whatever disease
attacks lt. That la why they are the
best medicine ln the world for girls
In their terns—or women ln middle
life—and to all those whosa blood Is
weak, watery or Impure.
Miss Mary EL Pratt, Blyth, Ont-,
gives strong testimony to Uie value of
theso pills. 8he says: "I was a sufferer for ovor a year with anaemia.
I was completely run down, had frequent headaches, spells of dizziness
and palpitation of the heart. I doctored all summer and was no better
than when I began. I had practically
given up all hopo of finding a cure
whon my brother advised mo to try
Dr. William's Pink Pills. I got four
boxes and when I had taken them I
felt so much better that when I hsd
taken them I got six boxoa more, and
| boforo I had taken nil these I wns
completely cured. I am more thankful than what I con say for what the
pills havo done for me, as but for
tbem I would not bo enjoying good
iWnlUi today. I strongly urge all
weak girls to givo Dr. Williams' Pink
PIUb a fair trial.**
Miss Pratt'B exporlenco proves the
valuo of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills to
overy weak and ailing person. These
pills can bo had from any medicine
dealer or by moll from tho Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockvllle, Ont,
at EOc. a bos or six boxes tor IMS.
Minard's   Liniment  Cures  Garget  In
Nell—I don't seo why she should go
and marry that old man for his money. Belle—Why how elso could she
get it?
There are a number of varieties of
corns. Holloway'8 Corn Curo will re-
movo any of them. Call on your druggist and got a bottlo at onco.
A vegetarian had an amusing experience tho other morning whilo at
breakfast. His family was out of
town, and ho went to a restaurant and
took a seat noxt to a strangor. Tho
vegetarian took occasion to advortlso
his creed by telling tho stranger that
all meat was Injurious, and that tho
human diet should bo strictly vogotar-
lanlan. "But," replied the strangor,
"I seldom eat meat." "You Just ordered eggs", said the vegetarian. "An
egg ls practically meat, becauso lt
eventually becomes a bird." "Tho
kind of eggs that I oat never become
birds," answered tho stranger, quietly. "Good heavens!" cried tho vegetarian, "what kind of egga do you
eat?" "Principally boiled eggs," said
tho stranger.
Icth, Mange, Prairie scratches, Cuban Itch on human or animals, eured
In 30 mlnutee by Wolford'e 8anltary
Lotion.. It never falls. At all druggists.
Uncle Tom (seventy 1—You're getting too old to play with tho boys so
much now, Josse. Jessie—I know, undo; but tho oldor 1 got tho hotter I
llko lt.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
Singleton—Sny, old man. I want
you to do "mo a favor. Wedderly—j
What Is it? Singleton—You aro mar-1
rlcd. Wedderly—Sure. Singleton—
Boon married throo times, I undor-'
stand. Wodderly—That's the way It
shows up on tho records. Singleton—
Well, I'm thinking serlousl> of Inking
unto mysolf n wifo and I wnnt you to
dlssuado me from my purposo.
yf     A    W      mm ££% VEGETABLE SICILIAN
n AL# i_f& Hair Renewer
Perhaps you llkeyour eray hair; then keep It.   Perhapsnot.
then remember—Hall's
gray hair.   Stops falling hair, also
.Renewer always restores color to
If it is a Question of Warmth use
It Retains Heat and Keeps Out Cold.
Write for Samples and Prices
TEES   &   PERSSH,    Limited,   Agents,   Winnipeg.
Canadian at Soo Celebration.
Ono of tbo fcaturM Of tho aeinl-con-
tennlal celebration In July of tba Am-
orloau Soo lock* win be th* presendc
of Charles Thompson Harvoy, C. IC,
now a reHldont nf Toronto, tlie onsri-
noer who constructed th*** original locks
iu 1853, who has boon Mked to deliver
in addfess, Mr. Harvey built two
locks, each sr.o foot long, 7W foot wide
and 1* f--"-t doop, with 9 foot lift, at
ihat tlni» tho largevt locks In the
World Ilo formally broko ground nn
June 4, ]•■'.:. and opt nod tho elulco.
gates "f tho ooffor dam to th« w-vort.
of Lnko BupoHor on April 1», 1166 whon
iho work was prnotlotilly oompletotfi
ih ■«' looks were removed In lusa, but
tho achievement Htandu n« tho world'HJ
record for water-way oonatruotlon, i
both n« to timo and economy, the time.
bolng 1ohh than twenty-two nnd one'
half months and thu cu.it falling below
a million dollars.
U No mast
Briof at Twopenco ■ Pound.
K ruth'r novel bOyoOtt has been
started almost within ntchi of William'
O'Diien'i oottsffe al Wnetport. Ireland,
An American meal company has begun
operations In the west. In I_ongford
It «iii'H Into conflict with tlm butchers,
mid a War of Drloss (indued, tha horn*
produoet and Uie Mr. f^-u, r olfemtg in i (
at twope u pound,   Lately tha oom-
pony Invaded Weatport, nnd the other
duy. when the small farmers lirousiit
llielr plies and other utoek tn the fair fnr
Kid'. Uny fiSOOVered that they could
nnt sell, Hllli'ii a linyeiill hull been nlnrt-
ed owing to th* pnnr people having
given their in i,,iu to the cheap butchers. Ths movement liaa Inflicted con-
Hlilerubln  hard-hip upon  iho  inn-ant-.
»li  en.linn li in sell their stock and
purehane supplies, Including food and
uei'd, with Iho money.
The  llUhi.,,'. CstHer-M.
An amusing story Is told of Or. Oore.
Ho wne onco walking In the street
when two little Iioj'b wero attracted by
Ills blnck episcopal (-niters, "Wot's 'e?"
nsked one In surprise. "Oh, 'c—'e's a
Rcotchmnn In mourning," was the reply.— I/ondun M. A. 1'.
Another About tho Mass*.
On going out one evening for a wnlk
wilh   her   mother   Minion,   aged   Ave,
wns shown tbo new quarter moon.
"Oh, Marlon, look at tbo now moonl"
"No, mamma; that is not new,   1
have seen that before." *m**m*Jl#p*+&*e> ■ 'Atot*t '■
Will Tickle Your Palate
and your Economical Bump at the same time—WITH OUR GOODS AND
PRICES. By closely watching the Markets and discriminating iu our purchases—
our stock is made up of just such goods as please the most particular.
HERE are a few things which stand out as Bargains today, yes, nud every day:
Quaker   Tomatoes,   2   cans   for  25c Fine Up-country Potatoes   90c
4-lb  Bar Laundry Soap,  20c 10- lb  Pino Oooking Apples 25o
Faucy Butter, 2-Ib for 45c Canned Beef,  1-lfa  tin, for 16o
BARGAINS IN S tins of Potted Meats for 25c
FURNITURE. "The Store of Quality."
5T   W/allnr-A Westminster avenue &
•   I.   ry allelic  Harris street. Telophouo 1266
(Established April ti, 181)11.)
OnrioE: 8625 Westminster avenne.
Has. R  Whitney, Publisher.
_-*KK.-8-I Offick—30 Fleet street,
London, E 0., England Where a
iftle of "The Advocate" is kept for
Subscription $1 a year   payable   in
Scents a Oopy.
Local Advertising IOo a line each issne,
Display Advertising $1.26 por inch
per month.
.Notices for Church and Society Entertainments, Lectures, etc.,   where
will he charged for.
All   Advertisements are   run regularly
and charged for until ordered »hey
be discontinued.
must   pay   in
Notices of Births, Marriages, and Deaths
published free of charge.
Tel. B1405.
Vancouver, B. C, Ano. 19, 1905.
11   a.
t 2:30 p.m.
Junction ol Westminster road and Wcstmin-
arter   avenuo.      SERVICES   1
win! 7:nop. in.; Sunday School
'Cornet uf Nlnl and WokUhIii .no arenues.
9.ERVICKS at 11a.m., and 7j>. m.; Sunday
School nnd Bible Class 2:30 p.m. Kev. A- E
iJ_thi_.lr.gton, 11. A., II. D., Pastor.
Parsonage 128 Eleventh nvonue, west. Tele
Shone B1M9.
'Corner Ninth avenue and Quebec   street
tSERVICEH at 11a. ra., and 7:30 p.m.; Suuday
(Si'-joel iu__:iu i>. in.    Rev. 3eo. A. Wilson, B.A
■Pastor. Manse oorner ol Eighth avenue and
'Ontario Btreet.  Tel. 1066.
Sr  Michael s, (Anglrcan).
'Conrer Ninth avenue and Prince Edward
Street.  SKItYli'ES at 11 a. in., and7:30 1
head-dress which was almost as popular,
if uot so becoming; and now the swan
head-dress bids fair to reign supreme.
The swauscomo in all colors and can be
bought with long nocks which ar©
fastened iuto the hair, with the head in
Any oue having friends or knowing f front
of strangers  visiting on Mt. Pleaso_t
will coufer a great favor by informing
j'The Advocate."   Telephone B1405.
—' :o:	
When the South Vancouver piggery
oases came up before Magistrate H. O.
Alexander in the District Court ou Wednesday morning, Lee Fook vowed that
ho was not the owner of the place,
which, ho said, belonged to Wuh Ju.
The case was adjourned till Monday for
further evidence.
A crazy man hns worried and frightened good housekeepers of South. Vancouver this week, and ou Thursday
appeared in Fairview. He says his wifo
is sick and he wants a chicken, and
when it is provided he insists on having
the chioken killed to his taste, taking delight in seeing it die, and refuses
to take the chioken or pay for it aftor it
is killed.
Hints on Advertising.
Real Estate Mau /'Vancouver is growing; big stores ou this street. That's
Brockinan & Kerr's They are advertising for a name for a new breakfast
food. You ought to try for it Mrs. —.
Lady: "I'm afraid I'm not original
enough for that."
Lady's Husband; "It's wonderful how
much depends on a name. Those Shredded Wheats have toooutinue advertising
or the new named foods would put them
ont of business."
Real Estate Man; "Just the same
with everything, it must be advertised
all the time. Now, Pear's Soap, if the
advertisiug was stopped ouo year it
wonld be forgotten "
Holy Communion 1st and 3d Sundays in each  'uf*'  Manicuring, Facial
.month alter morning prayer, 2d and 4th Sun
ysirs st .Sn. in.   Suuday  School at 2:30 p.m.
jt.iyv.'.G._H. Wilson, Hector.
'ik-Mory ..2 Tliirteor.tii avenue, east.   Tele-
-phone __17!»9.
Advent Christian Church (not7thd»yAd
.en.lsta)-neotslri Odd Fellows' Hall, Westmin
iS'.cr n.i'iiii,-. Services 11 a. in., and 7:30 p. 111.
Suuday Bciiool at 10 a. ra. Young peoples'
8n,iei y ol I.oy.al Workers ol Christian Kndea-
•vor meets every Sunday eveuing atO: 460'cleclE.
iPrajrer-meeliug Wednesday nights at 8 o'clock.
Electrolysis Parlor of
.Subscribe to
:'f 1.00 a year, (less than 2c a copy).
BOo for 6 months.
:,2t>o for i) mouths.   Single copy 5c.
'BO IT  N O W1—Patronize the
Looal Paper.
For Sale A Rent.
Lint your property for Rent' or Sale
\witli The Advocate Real Estate Co.
vFivorooined house, electric light, hot
i«t_d cold water; 83-ft. lot, corner, on
lEigllth wvenue, east; price 11,800.00.
Honso aud lot, Barnard streot, wired
t suitable for trnm man's residence; terms
,j_f*W ' hijuse, Ninth avonue, modern
(Convenient—e. t2,200.00; terms.
$Jint_i Avenue—
Full si/.ed lot, Drooniod cottage; cash
:$ff75, ou time I860.
Fjill sized lot, 8-roomed house, hot
.and.isVld water, electrio wired; cash
'411t,0, ou time 11.850.
Fnll sized lot, 7-roomed house; cash
,*1 275, tin time $1,375.
Two lots, two blocks from Westmin-
,_.tur nviiniio; cash $725, on time f850.
Two-storey building (rented) in bnsi-
;nos< part of Mt. Pleasant, on full sized
Ijioc: price $2,675.
1-lot-aud-hnlf Eighth nveuue, corner,
,olo:irqd; prioe $800.
Mnesiigo and
Scalp Treatment for Ladies and Goutle
meu. Superfluous hair, warts nud
moles removed by Electrolysis.
Valuable information given to every
lndy patron on "How to take care, of
Skin Food for building np tho wasting
tissue Orange Flower Cream to prevent and heal Kim bum.
Madame Humphreys, 589 Granville
P. rsonal notices , of visitors on
fnt. Pleasant, or of Mt. Pleasant
.people who visit other cities, also all
.loci! social affairs are gladly received
fiy '.'The Advocate."
1 il.phone numbers of Local Mini.
B!7M-Rev. G. H. WJl_on,<Ang!lca«).
jluW-Rev. O. A. Wilson, (Presbyterian).
,8121.—Bov.A.JE. Hetheriugton, (Methodisl)
Advertising Ib the education of the
purchaser of the merits of different
.the. whleh adds to hjs comfort end am-
jPOi.Humer. It Informs the prospective
^ooiIh and brings him Into touch with
pll'les his happiness.
I  SS  —MSI—
"Women need to taken comprehensive
view of the possibilities in their positions. I do uot mean that they should
lose sight of tho present iu dreaming
about tho future—far from that. Rather,
oultivato a pleasnro in doing tho work
of the day thoroughly to your .atisfuc-
tiou in the light of that day's bearing
on future work. Cultivate the "divine
unrest" that forces one couutuntly to
better oneself, not necessarily by
changes external hut surely by changes
"Business may serve not only to bring
one the money with which to cultivate
the esthetic things of lifo, but because
undertaken with brood outlook and do-
sire for improvement, it may introduce
the element of ideality iuto dnily lifo.
There is all the diffownco in the world
between the"feminiue" attitude toward
work—that foolishly sensitive, porsounl
attitude so much to bo deplored—aud
the inspiring belief iu oneself, aud iu
one's work, a bolief thnt, fires ambition
and makes mind and heart both keen
for advancement."
Some of these swims ore very
b~.i-_tifnlly''nii.de. Oue of light, pink
was particularly becoming. The neek
was long and narrow and was brought
around the sido of the Pompadour with
the head nestling direotly iu frout
Here nre some charming little ideas
gathered from a peep into the dainty
guest-room of a elpvor g—l'o now Hume,
An effective decoration over the top of
the bureau of white maplewood wns a
band of pale yellow ribbon, on whioh
was embroidered with black silk iu Old
English text tho graceful inspection
"The ornament of a house is the friend
who visits it."
A gilt-edged card tied with a ribbon
hung over the little writing-desk. On
it were marked the household hours for
breakfast, lunch, diunor and supper,
and the hours for outgoing and iucom-
iug mails. This little convenience had
dainty hand-painted watches adorning
it, the hands pointing to the different
The little guest-book was made from
ordinary white unlined note paper, by
We have  a  full  line of the
BOILED HAM, sliced.
— at —
Successor to W. D. Mnir.
Junction of Westminster Road and Ave.
'Phono 2068.
cutting each sheet in two crosswise
thon coveriug the whole with water-
color paper. Tbe book was tied together
with dainty ribbons. A pretty design
iu forget-me-nots was painted ou the
cover, in the coutor of which was a
picture of the house, neatly mounted.
The little verse for the first leaf was:
Welcome to this   guest-chamber,   dear
friend, who'er thon art,
And may uo mournful dream cause thee
Sleep well, aud wheu the morrow comes,
forget not here to write
Thy name, the day and date, ere thou
According to Senator McGregor,
Enrl Grey is 11 frequent visitor at tho
Nation'a Parliament. The Governor-
General being anxious to familiarize
himself with the doiugs of every part of
the Dominion he frequently interviews
the members uf both houses for the purpose of clicking iuformation concerning
their particular localities. After thiB,
no ouo need wonder at the alarming
ignorance nf Englishmen on matters
Cauad.au—"Times," New Glasgow,
N. S.
There is little doubt thst we are becoming more foreign in our customs
evory year Our climate hus changed
so much in the last three years tlmt we
have been obliged to more or less chunge
our si vie of dress also. One custom
Which has conic ta us direct from England, is tho wearing of fur in the
-milliner In London during the Bor.sou,
which lasts until August, many fashionable women are seou driving or at
the theatre or opera wearing fur-
trimmed wraps. Iu this country nearly
all the fashionable dressmakers aro uow
mnking the summer wraps trimmed
with fur of light quality—chinchilla,
moufflon, squirrel, eto. Tho boas which
mod to bo iiii.de of lace or chlffou are
uow made of silk with a fnr edge and
even some of the summer hats havo fur
on them. This is a fad which promises
moro popularity eaoh year. If you own
any light fnrs, keep them for summer
wear, as they will be very fashionable.
Lobs than a year ago the parrot headdress was very fashlouablo, and overy
size and description was being worn in
tho hnir.    This was followed by tho owl
Furniture and
Onr big sale of Furniture and Carpets hns been a wonderful success.
Tho whole stock in the Big Tent is enjoying a Big Bcom. No wonder,
.as everything is being sold at cost
$1.25 Inlaid Linoleum for $1.00. $1.00 Inlaid Llnolonms for 80c.
16-4, 76o Nairn's E Quality for 60c.   8-4, OOo Nairn's X Quality for 60.
16 4, 65c Nnirn'B X Quality for 6O0.   Feather Pjllows 660,75c, $1 to $3.
Dressers snd stands $12.76, $15 tip to $60.    Iron Bods $4, $6, $6 to $80.
J. S. McLeod, McBeth & Co.,
123  Hastings St., Cast.
Ophics by Ali Baba.
Most marriages aro based on a mutual
The man who does not swear a little
has a very limited vocabulary.
People with tautrum proclivities have
babies who have tantrums.
Wheu we aro linppy we are always
good, but when we try to be good we
are usually miserable.
There's many a wifo sits In the growing
shadows of an evening, knowing what
It Is to feel tired out; as If there was
not another ounce of effort left ln her.
But If healthy she knows how sound
ber slumber will
Do snd how refreshed tho
morning will
find hor. But
H's another
thing for the
sick woman to
feel tired out.
Rest only seems
to Increase hor
suffering.      Sbe
feels aentoly
the aching back
and throbbing
Sick women,
hundreds of
thousands of
thorn, have been
made woll by
the use of Dr.
Iterco's Favorite Prescription.
It establishes
regularity, dries
weakening drains, heals inflammation
and ulceration and cures female weakness.
" I am nlMsed eo Inform you of the benefit
I receiver! troro using Dr. Plorce'i Favorite
Proscription and 'Golden Medical Discovery.' " writes Mr> Elisabeth A. Unroll), of ii
Brant Street, Windsor. Emu Oa, Ont-rlq,
Canada, "wss oulto dlscoursrod whon I
wrote suiting /our ndvlce, u Uie physicians
■ __. here told n. 01 eould ret no relief except by
fan operation. Suffered for tour years from
Irregular and profuse menstruation, bad sick
*nil norvoua noadachoa most of Uie timo.
and tt times could hardly walk across Ibe
floor from weakness. I thank Ood there Is
auch a romedy as Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pr»-
acrlpUon for aulforlng women. Before I had
taken the first bottlo the headaches had left
me and it was not long beforo regularity wm
established and still continues ao. Have lust
finished house-cleaning which t never expected te lie able to do again, and can truly
•ay I never felt better than at present. I
gladly recommend ' Favorite Pieeorlption-
To all who suitor from female wealmtea. It
has cured me and made me stronger in overy
way. NctMier my husband nor myaelt ctbn
say enough in Ita praise."
The Killlsh seller who urges some substitute Is thinking of the larger profit
he'll mako and not of your best good.
Automobiles &
Exclusive Agents for the OLOSMOBILE.
Massey-HiirriR, and Brantford Bicycles.   Expert Repair  Department.
Automobiles, Bicycles and Supplies.
W. J. ANNAND, Manager. Tel. 1235
105 Hastings Street, East.
IS NOW ON. We have a choice lino of FRESH FRUITS iucludiug
Peaches, Plants, Pears, Berries, Melons and Apples-
Let us quote you prices ou all Fruits.
gST Don't forgot to ask for Ballots for the Piauo Contest.   Evory 25c
cosh purchase entitles you to vote.
Andrews Bros.,
2315 Westminster Ave.        ' Phone 93S.
We  are    making a
Large Variety of
Cakes & Pies
these days, and many
dainty things for
Lunches and Teas
—so that the ladies
will not require to
bake and work and
worry about provisions. Let us do that
for you. Prices the
lowest possible to
maintain quality.
Muir's Bakery.
Rino UP 'PHONE 44!).
Mt. Pleasant
Big Slaughter
at Reduced
Prices.   Also all
Summer Goods.
W. W. Merkley
Westminster Avenue,   Mt. Ploasant.
The Life of Love and Service is the
symmetrical life. And the Life nf Love
is the life which in expression and
nction, gives wise[y. It is not wise for
oue to givo tbat which he requires more
than the recipient. It is uot beautiful
to offer to another what the latter does
not wish or may not recoivo. It is
neither wise uor beautiful to regard oue
Soul as superior to another, even if that
otlier is yourself.—Maeterlinck.
Wo feel ourselves born without choico
of our own into a universe which we do
not understand, aud which corresponds,
as it seems, only in the most imperfeot
and fragmentary way with thoso of our
desirps and aspirations which wo
inoreasingly boliuvo to be legitimate and
good. From this universe we ure re
moved, as we euter*'it, without notice
or warning, and without any willing,
ness or nnwilliugncsH to depart. Before
deporting, we have commonly and
without much reflection, produced
others to undorgo in their turu the sumo
enigmatic destiny. And so from generation to generation tlie race is continued,
achieving much, yet accomplishing
nothing; lenruiug much, yet remaining
ignorant of everything; . acting, thiuk
ing, feeling, yet haunted by tho doubt
whether it is not all a dream; pursuing
Good and contending with Evil iu a
scheme of things which never appears
itself to tako sides; developing the means
to happiness,yet uever becoming happier;
pressing evor onward to goals thut are
uever reached; and retiring, section
after section, baffled but never ackuow
lodging defeat, to mako room for new
combatants iu the contest that is
always old.—Dickinson.
Shall I tell yon the secret of the true
scholar? It it is this: Evory mau I
meet is my master iu some point and in
that I loarn of him.—Emerson.
For   local  news  subscribe    for  THE
ADVOCATE, only 81 for 12 months.
Westmiustor Ave., next Glasgow Houso
Frank Underwood, Proprietor.
Successor to John Oilman
Give this Snop A trial—tlirco chairs
The Advocate ih tho best advertising
modinm where it circulates.  Tel. B1405
FLO WERSi Wholesale nud
Sweet Peas, Hie aud 25c per 100.
Dahlias 2 doz. for 25c.
Cau out Thousands of Varieties of other
sorts.   "Cheaper than tho Cheaper."
Chas. Keeler
Note—Street Cars pass my place.
Nursery: Cor. Westminster _. 16th aves.
E. & J. HARDV & CO.
Company,  Financial,   Press and
Advertisers' Agents.
60 Fleet St., London,  E.G., England
Colonial Business a Specialty.
Argyle House
Tho Big Bargain Dry Goods Store of B. O.
Big Clearance
Sale of
Summer Goods
Ladies'  Shirtwaist Suits at cost price.
Ladies' Blouses at cost price.
Childreu's White Muslin  Bonnets at cost and less.
Children's White Duck Tams at cost.
Children's White Embroideried Tams at half price.
—Many Other Bargains.—
J, Horner,
4O0 Westminster Ave. Opp. Carnegie Library.
SOME people thought we'd
close the. "Lonely" Sale
Saturday 12th.
We couldn't. Business was being
done and we're always opan for business. This week's sale will be better
than ever. We picked out over 100
suits Monday and put on Lonely
Table. Not oue suit in the bunch less .
than #18 to $25. Take your pick
for $12. "Lonely" Sale will close
Saturday 19th.
Thomas   FOSTER.
553 Hastings Street. VRNCOUVCR, B. C.
11ml   ORDERS   promptly   attended   to.—Self-measurement
blanks and samples soot ou application.
© ##***##* <&-*"&»„» **W*5W55TO
is first to draw attention and to leave a favorable
and as far as possible a lasting impression.
The first aud principnl object of a very great deal of advertising
is not directly that of soiling goods, but of establishing a worthy
fame—0 recognized reputation—to make the goods and the honse
known. Customers must come with some idea of the goods thoy
seek, the more knowledge tho better. With confidence inspired
by effective advertising, it is then np to the salesmou to do tbe
rest—to uuike good by courtesy mid u skillful presentation of the
wares which should io up to all that bus beeu advertised.
THE ADVOCATE is the best advertising
medium for reaching Mt. Pleasant People—to
gain their favorable attention to your goods and
store. Advertising rates reasonable—not in the
Publishers' Association high rate combine.
^GtamtS ^mav *mmm^  >   aW
in the interest
of Mt. Pleasant
& South Vancouver.
"The Advocate" (lives nil Ibe Local News of Mi,. Pleasant from
week to week for ?1 00 per year; six mouths 50c. An interesting
Seiiiil Siory is Hwtiys kept running; the selections iu Woman's
Realm will nlwnys be found lull interest to up-to-date women; the
miscellaneous ltnmB are always bright, entertaining and inspiring.
New arrivals on ft1!. Plonsnut will become rawlily informed of the
community rind more qnloltly interested in lecitl hnppeniugs if
thev subscribe to "The Advocate,"
% €1 %
Situate   iu    the    Now    Westminster
Mining Division of New  Westminster District.     Where located—
Howe Sound.
TAKE NOTICE that I,  W. E.   Burns,
Secretary of the Goldsmith Copper Company Limited, Flack Block, Vancouver,
B. O.,   Free   Minor's Certificates    No.
B90B48, iuleud sixty days from the date
hereof to apply to the Mining Recorder
for Certificates of Improvements for the
purpose of obtaining Crown Grants to
the abovo Claims:
that action  under Section  HI must bo
commenced before tho issnauco of such
Certificates of Improvements,
Dated this 16th day of Juno, 1905.
60   YEARS-
Trade Marks
Copyrights t-.c.
Anyotlf! spnrlliiit n slttilrli nntl dcnciintlon inny
quickly I. ',,-n iiin our opinion froo wliotlior iui
scut frpo. tihliot iihi'iii'v lor sfcininjt n&lcnt..
Pitt, nu, tukon l-iroui/li . hum _. Co. .--(live
.pfitird notice, wltltout clmrgo, In the
Scientific tfmeiican,
Ahnndnnmcly illUMtrnfed woikljr. T nrpoat elf-
mint Ion ut any (.clout.tin Jnuriml. Torino, $3 a
your: four muni-ha, fl.  Bold by all newBilealsrs.
MUKN & Co.3eiBroadwa>'- New York
Branch OfflQQ. t_5 V fct„ WnMhington, I). C
Which Meet on nt. Pleasant
I. O. F.
Court Vancouver 1828, Iudependent
Order of Foresters meots 2d and   4th
Moadavs of each mouth at 8 p. va., in
Oddfellows' Hull.
Visiting brethren always weloome.
Chiei' Ranokii—,T. B. Abernethy.
Recouoinc SrxnETAKY—J. Hansen,
19 Seventh Kvenua, we-t.
Financial Secretaby—M. J. Crehan,
314 Prlnusss street, City. Telephone
I. O. O. F.
Mt. Pleasant Lodge No. IDmeets every
Tuesday at 8 p. ni , inOddfollows Hall
Westminster avenue,   Mt. Pleasant.
Sojourning brethron cordially invited
to attend.
Noble Gband—G. W. Jauiieson.
Recording Secrbtary—Frank
Trimble.cor. Ninth ave. A Westmin'r rd.
Alexandra Hive No. 7, holds regnlar
Review 1st uud iid Mondays of eaoh
mouth iu Mason's Hall, corner Ninth
nvonue aud Quebec street.
Visiting Ladies always welcome.
Lady Commander—Mrs. F. L. Endlong,
18(1 Eleventh avenue, west.
Lady Record Keeper—Mas. J. Martin,
Ninth aveuno.
Vancouver Oonnoil, No. 211a, meots
ovorv 2d and 4th Thursdays of each
month, in I. O. O. F., Hall, Westminster avenuo.
Sojourning  Frionds always weloome.
W. P. Flewelling, Chief Councillor.
Miss A. Chambers, Reoordcr,
2.28 Westmlnsteruvenue.  Tel. 700.
Cool Kitchens
This warm Summer Weather is very trying to Housekeepers. The
hoat of the coal and wood stovo is simply unbearable.
Kitchen drudgery is rodncd >o a minimum by the use of the GAS
STOVE and GAS HOT PLATES. Meals oan be prepared quickly
and well without heating the wholo house.
Housekeyicrs with a GAS STOVE have much more time for recreation thnn those who use the coal and wood stoves.
In onr Demonstrating and Show Room we have many styles and
makes sot up for examination and trial.   Call and see them.
Vancouver Gas Company Ltd.
Up-stairs B. C. Electric Ry. Building.


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