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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Jan 28, 1905

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 '»*'■>■ .
McDowell's Syrup oi
White Pine Co.
We guarantee it to give satisfaction.
n. a. w. Co.
Mpunt Pleasant Branch.
Mt. Pleasant Postoffice hi  connectoin.!
Mt- Pleasant Advocate
The Arcade or
$i per year, Six Months soc, Three flontlis 25c, Single Copy 5c.
Devoted to the interests of    Mt. Pleasant, Central Park, South Vancouver.
•JAN 30 im
Established April 8, 1899;   Whole Number 243-
I For Light Lunch
Bitkod Apples—liko home—with Pure
Gouuiue Boston Baked Beans
Open from 7:30 a. ui.,  to 12 p. m.
Snnday from 9 a. ni.   to  l.n m
HOUNT   PLEASANT,   VANCOUVER,    B.C.,'   SATURDAY   Jan.,   28, 1905
Sixth Year, Vol.6, Ni.. _v'j
fAT Snbsoribors nre requested to
report|any carelessness in t)ie delivery
Of "The Advocate."
Changes for advertisements should be
in befOro Thursday noon to insure their
Local Items.;
The McGiin.it Auotion and Commission Co., Ltd., next to Carneigo Library,
Hastings stroet, buy Furniture for Cash,
Conduct Auction Kales and handle
Bankrupt Stocks of ivory description.
Satisfaction guaranteed.   Phono 1070.
The Mt. Pleasant "Advocate" on salt
at all tho Newsdealers iu the city
Mrs. John Williams—wife of Mr. J.
"Williams of the "Vancouver Breweries—
left with her little daughter on Saturday lost for England to be absont
several mouths.
Courts Laciysmith and Pacific,
Ancient Order of Forestors will hole!
their Annual Ball on February 8th,- in
the new Oddfellows' Hall, Mt. Pleasant.
There will be a splendid orchestra, and
an excellent supper Special cars will
be in waiting for tho down-town guests.
vour Gold Crown
and Bridge
On Wednesday afternoon next, Mrs.
8. MoClay, Seventh nveuue nnd Westminster road, will givo a Mission Ton.
Mm McCluy wos the lucky winner of
big Wt!'.'l_!.£ Cake nt the Bazaar giveu
by tlio Woman's Auxiliary of St.
Michael's Church a few weeks ago, aud
on Wednesday uext she will cut tho
Wc havo every variety of Boots and
Slippers at greatly reduced prices. For
pil!ufi.r.. quality nud prico come to
\i. MILLS!, the *8hoe,muu, 1. Coidova
Alexandra Hivo No. 7, L.O. T. M.,
|ieltl their regular meeting on Fridny
l.isf, a InrKP iilti'lidaiicc greeting Mrs
Marion B. Baxter, Deputy Supreme
Commander, who visited (ho lodge
Besides Mrs. Magaret Griffin. Deputy
Provincial Commander, Mrs. Jauetto
JComp, Past Commtinder, wore ou tht
platform wit|. Mrs. Rndloyg, Coin
inauder of Alexandra Hive.
Mr, H. P. DePciicier pf Eighth anil
Westminster avounes, Manager of the
North Pnciflo Lumber Company nt
Burnet, left on Thnrsday for tho East.
Mr. DoPencier will attend the niceting
at Toronto, called by tho Canadian
Manufacturers' Association,on February
Ud, and will theu proceed to Ottawa to
ioip tl)0 delegation of B. C. Lumbermen who will Interview tho Dominion
Government on February 7th. Ho ex-
elects to be away about a mouth.
J&n. 30th, 1905, for Pender
Hall, to henr nud see Beatrice McClure,
in tho "Japnueso Nightiugiilo." Tickets
far sale at the Central Drug Store and
W D. Muir's, on Mt. Pleasant.
Mt. Pleasaut Lodge __. O L., No
184?, met ou Wednesday evening, Past
Worshipful Master, Bro. Birmingham,
presiding. There was a good attendance,
the interest iu the. prococdiugs and the
fraternal spirit of theOrder wap strongly
manifest throughout. Arrangements
for the Concert, Dance nud Supper to
be given on Wedne6tiny eveniug, March
8th, are progressing favorably. Tickets
pan bo securod from local Orangemen;
Concert 25c, Dance and Supper 75c.
Admission to dance will be by invita-
tiou. The entertainment iR for tho beno-
fle of the lodge aud a largo attendance
(kt tho Coucert aud p,anco is anticipated.
 :oi 1	
We have built* a reputation in tho
{3^0,0 Business for quality, style, prico
and comfort in Ladles', Men's Misses'
and Boys' footwear. R MILLS, 18
Cordova street.
There was a large attoiidanco nt tho
ItWide World Social" given by tho
Epworth League on Monday evening iu
Mason's Hall Villages, cities, provinces,
nations, continents anil islautls were
represented. Pencils und papers were
distributed nnd the young peoplo proceeded to guess what ps^rt of the cosmos
each reprosontod; Messrs. D. Anderson
aud H. Sim gave the most corroct
lists. An nnusnally entertaining pros
gram wfts given, the recitation by Mr.
Mathers being loudly encored, tho duot
by Messrs. Geo. aud Fred Crocker, and
character sketch by three old maids,
vjefO heartily applauded. Miss Gertrude
Copland gave an exhibition of club
swinging with lighted olnbs, which was
very pretty ancl artistically dono.
The following WBB tno Program;
Instrnmeutal duet, Messrs. Crocker-;
Char icter Sketch by Misses M. Verge,
G Harford and M. Burritt; Violin solo,
Mr. Brt.y ;J_Uwliug, Mr. H, H. Stevens;
Solo, MisB Harford; Reading, Mr. J.
Harford; Solo, Mr. Biitton; Instrumental duct. Messrs. Crocker; Becitar
tioti, Mr, Joe Ma I her..; Clnb swinging,
Miss Qertrude Gopelaud.
Wo have a Specialist in this branch of tjip dental profession who
has a world-wide reputation for his high-class work. Tm,s Class
of Work is Guakantked fok a Like-time.
Hioh-olass Dentistry.
Teeth extracted and flllod absolutely painless, and all othor dental
work done by Specialists who uro all Graduate Dentists, holding
Specialists' Diplomns, and licensed by tho Bonrd of Dental
Examiners for British Columbia.
Givo us a call and let us show you samples of our work. Then
judge for yourself.
J INOThIRQ   Better in the Stove line
onr celebrated Souvenir Ranges or a Hot
Blast Coal Heater.    Beautiful
and the greatest fuel and labor savers.
TO OUR full liuo of Joseph Rogers  Carving  Sets  and
Table Cutlery.   Special  Baiiq.
Cookers, Storey Guko Puns.
You can save Money and Cab-fare
by going to	
Bargains  in  Rousting   Pans,  Cereal
and 25% ou your investments
147 Hastings St., E.VanBC0Ucver
Opposite the Cnrnegio Library.
Office Hours: 8 a. m., to 9 p. m.
Sundays 9 a. in.
to 2 p. ui.
Mr. W. Davis has lot the contract for
a uew home for himself and family, to
be built on Eighth avenue near Bridge
Mr. Martin of Twelfth avenue, is
have a lnrge modern dwelling built ou
Westminster avenue, between Eleventh
and Twelfth.
Two weeks Sale.~All  Winter Goods
at Cost.   W. W. MERKLEY.
Mr. J Coville of Tenth aud Quebec,
is building himself a new home on
Bridge struct, between Seventh and
Eightli avenues.
Mr. Herbert Harford hap purohased a
lot on tho sonthenst corner of Thirteenth
avenue and Ontario street, and let the
contract for a, dwelling.
Don't forget tho Mt. Pleasant Book
Exchange, lti-l Ninth avenuo, east.
First book 10c, to exchange 5c.
Dr. Wm.   Moody  of  the New York
Dentists, and brido, returned ou  Mou
day from (heir honeymoon trip and will
reside on Georgia street.
Auy one having friends or knowing
of strangers visiting on Mt. Pleasant
^•ill confer a great favor by informing
'Tho Advocate."   Telephone Bl .05.
'i   . »l   1   ■ -:-3_bhi
A gyuiuasium aud reading room has
been provided for tho yonug men of tlio
Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church, aud
it kept open every   ovening  for   them
Reserve Jan. 80th, 19U5, for Pender
Hall, to hear and see Beatrico McClure,
iu tbe "Japanese Nightingale." Tickets
for sale at "Jack's Shnviug Parlors,"
H. 6. Lee's and   M. A. W. Drug Store.
Mf. pleasant Baud of Hope now
numbers 188 and is steadily growing in
membership. Meetings are held every
Weduesday after school. The manage:
ment of tho Baud is in charge of Miss
Tyler aud Miss Sim.
Ou Fridny evening of Inst week, the
six ushers of Mt. Pleasaut Presbyterian
Church entertained the members of the
Ohoir. There were about fifty-six present ut the gathering, and the ovcuiug
passed most pleasantly,
Read the New York Dental Parlors
advertisement iu this paper, then go to
Now York Dental Parlors for your work
There will bp 11 W. C. T. U., mooting
ou Friduy afternoon next, commencing
nt 8 o'olook, iu tlie Christian Adveut
Hall, corner of Niuth avenue uud Westmiuster rond. All Mt. Pleasaut ladies
aro earnestly requested to attend.
If yon kuow any items of Mt.Pleasant
uews—Social,   Personal or any   other
new§ iteniB—send  them   iu  to   "The
Advocate," or by telephone—B1405,
-_ -;o:	
On Thnrsday eveuiug next, February
2d, a Scotch Concert will be given in
the Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church.
The entire program will consist
of Scottish pieces. Miss Jean McDougall
will sing several selections. Admission
Vancouver Council No. 211a, Canadian Order of Clipsen FriendB, will
hold at "Home" on Thu-sday evening,
February 2d, in the Otldf.Hows' Hall.
Members ami those holttiug invitations
will ba tho ouly oues admitted. A
variety of pleasant amusements anil a
fine supper will be provided.
Advertize m the "Advocate."
AU Winter  Goods  at' cost for One
Week moro at Merkley's.
The subject for tho Epworth League
on Monday evening will be: "League
Work iu Honolulu,"  by L. McTaggart.
Miss MeEuuory of Orilla, Ontario,
who is spending tho wintor with her
brothers iu Seattle, has been the guest
of Mrs. Geo. Miller, Nintli avenuo, tho
past week.
Rey. Byron H. West will preach ou
Sunday morning at 11 p'alock. Rov.
A. W. McLeod will preach in tho evening on "Mirthful Service." A special
program of music will include selections
by the Mile Quartette.
W, R. OWENS, Manager.
STORE.  Tel. 447.
II   !■■        ■■■■jl    !'
We have just received a large assortment of
Huntley & Palmers'^
and will carry a complete stock in future.
We are selling No. 1 Apples at $1,00 per  box.    Cooking
Apples at 85c.
H. O. Lee,
2425  Westminster Ave.
'Phone 322
At the morning servioo ou Snudr.y
morning the pastor will speak to the
parents and children. Subject: "How
Best Can *v\*,o Fit Our, Children for
Life." Eveniug text will bo: "Tell Hie
Disciples and Peter." A service of
Fellowship and Song will bo held after
tho evening servico.
—1 :o:	
Mr. J. L. Powell tliis week received
the sad tidings of the death of his aged
mothor. Mr. Powell recently returned
from visiting his mother whom he had
not seen for more than twenty years.
If yon'know of any local uews item of
interest such as parties, dances, socials,
arrival and departure of visitors, society
meetings, etc., seud it iu to The
Advocate or by telephone 111405.
ft SNAP!
For Saturday, liondaV and Tuesday
Prior to Stock-taking.
|/r §-~ .-_____ 1, _■ that Famous Indian
imQSil1   ,at 25c ^
The Gtv Grocery Go. Ltd«
Wholesale and Retail Grocers.
Toi. 280. Westminster Avo. A Princess Street.
S3 Iff Iff fff fff fff fff fff fff fff fff fff fff fff fff fff fff 14
The Great Northern Railway will
inaugmte its new train service between
Vaucouver aud Seattle on Suuday,
February 5th, ou and after which dato
there will bo two trains daily each way.
It's Just Like This:
We want Your Trade, and we are willing to make it worth
your while to trade with us.
Call en us or if you desire we will call on you and explain.
The quicker this is done the sooner you will save money,
Look I    Mext Week—A tins Prime Salmon 25c
Many other lines equally as cheap awaiting your orders.
J. P. Nightingale & CO,
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt. Pleasant.  Tel. 1360
Tho death occurred ou Saturday last
of Mrs. W. E. Roberts at her home on
Westminster road, South Vancouver.
Deceased was 81 years of age, a native
of Euglaud, and had resided in British
Columbia during tlio past seven years.
A husband and ouo child are left to
mourn her loss. Tho fuueral took place
ou Tuesday, Rev. G. H. Wilsou officiating, nud the funeral arraugemeuts
being looked after by Armstrong &
"The Advocate" wishes any carelessness in delivery reported to tlio Oilice |
telephone 111-11)5.
Ou Monday Jan. 2!td, at St. Michael's
Church tho Rector, Rev. G. H. Wilson,
united In marriage John Gerald Bro_sey,
eldest son of J. T. lircsscy of Wiustead,
I*ssex:, England, and Miss Lucy Mablo
Hntilt, eldest daughter of Mr. Waller
Boult, Sr , of Twelfth avenuo.
All Huts must go before February 1st,
below cost, W. W. Merkley.
The ADVOCATE is always glad to receive
items of social, personal or othor news
from its readers, Send news items to
tho office or by telephone, B1405.
Dr. aud Mi's. Wm. Stephen, late of
New Zealand, received on Thursday
afternoon and evening at thoir handsomo home, 1020 Georgia stroet. Mrs.
Stephen was assisted in receiving by
Mesdames Whitehead, Cameron and
Osborne. MrB. Phelan poured ooffoo
uud Mrs. McGaechy tea, and were
assisted     by      Misses McLennan
McGaechy, Cameron and Phelan.
Littlo Miss Geraltlino Armstrong waited
nt the door. The table decorations wero
effective, pink and green being the color
scheme; carnations anel rones witli
palms nud ferns were the floral
For Local News Read Tin: Advocatk
——— :o:	
The City Grocery   tie.'ivers groceries
every day on Mt. Plonsaut;   'phone 28(1
Madison Wright of Church of Christ,
Christians, disciples, lias arrived fn un
Outario and is gathering together ull nf
that faith. Ho has secured the old
Mt Pleasant Baptist Church autl
holds services every evening ut 7:30.
Ou Sundays services are held ot 11 a.m.,
!! nud 7:H(i p. 111. Tho members of this
denomination are sometimes called
"Oaiuplii'llites," and np to the present
have not had a church iu Ii. <.',
Or "Fruit Liver Tablets"
The Most Effective nnd Most Natural Remedy over discovered for all
-The laxative or liver principle extracted from fresh, ripe fruit by n
new and scientific process, and this material is then condensed into
tablets with tho addition to each tablet of 11 small quantity of one of
the best PoruvianJInirks—which, is 11 splendid tonic, and elisinfectaut for
the stomnrch und bowels—and n small portion of extract of mix
vomica, tlie latter increasing tho stomach and Uver notion of tho fruit
material " I'RUlTATiVES " have therefore all tlio curative, laxative! and liver effect of tho bost ripe fruit antl tiny constitute tho
greatest stomach and livor medicine Known tosoienco, aud tbey are
likewise the best -"llie i:nd iVisiiifurtn.it for thu stomach and IkiwcIs
ever discovered.   l.'i.if 1: 5.0p por box at—
The Central Drug Hall
2444  Westminster Ave.
Chas. E. NETHERBV, Prop.
...     6 j. ■> 1 ' ■ ■■   —
Telephone  15'. 9.
*-**> %*/%%<%/% -v%>*w%%. -wtfc-*-%-w -»_^%*%%^*v^%^-,»/-v
Dress Goods and Silks
Dress Materials, in plain aud fancy flake effects; regular $1.85, $1.50
and 11.75, Sal.: piiice 75c. a yd... Fancy Tweeds, regular 50c,  Sale
trick 25c a yd Frieze Cloth, 54-in., iu brown, dark groy, uavy uud
black; regnlar $1,00, Sale price 50c a yd.
Tamoliue Silk, Sntins and Taffeta Silks in largo variety of shades.
Regular 05c, 85c and $1, Sale price 50o a yard.
ADOCQ £•  Cd      3o, 3*» and 34 Cordova St.
•   IX.V^*--'**-' *-V VV.| Telephone 574-
L%-'%-VVV%'V%/V%'V*%' '%^^%^%.'%^%^4V%-'V>VV%^>V%''%><i
Brewed right here in Vaucouver by men
of years and years and years experience,
and a brewery whose plant is the most
perfect known to the Art of Brewing. Is
it auy wonder that it has taken a place
in the hearts of the people which no other beer
can supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2.  Doz., pints $ |.
£ Vancouver Breweries, Ltd.
s^ Vancouver, B. C.       Tel. 429
_____ For Sale at all first-class Saloons, Liquor Stores and Hotels
"*— or delivered to your house.
7i iii iii iii ...... j j «U ... 144 iii Hi Hi Hi iH Hi fj
1   1 1 nn iihii ■——
SInt Central Heat flarket
Cor. Ninth Ave., & Westminster Rd.   Telephone 95*4.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in all kinds of Fueuii and Salt Meats.    Fresh Vegetables always
ou hand.   Orders solicited from all purls of Mount Pleasaut aud Fairview.
Prompt Delivery.
Frank Trimble,
Woodrow & Williams.
3321 Westminster Ave.
Mt, Pleasant.
Tel A1200      Prompt Delivery.
E. H. Peace, Proprietor.
Wholesale   aud Retail
Dealer in Meats of
All Kinds.
Vegetables and Poultry
in season.
I, Q. F.
Court Vancouver, Independent Order
of Foresters, met iu regular session on
Monday evening in the now Oddfellows'
Hall, Ohlof Ranger, W. (i. Taylor,
prodding, The atteudanoo was unusually large nud a spirit of enthnstaam
pervaded the numerous speechis during the evening which portends great
inlvniii-i'iiienl     fnr    Court    Vuliootiver
daring 1008, The offloers for ths Joining year wore installed mid aro as
Past tJliief Ranger—W- <i. Taylor.
Chief Ranger--.I. 13. Aberucthy.
Vice-Chief Ranger—W  Ii. Skinner,
Rocordiiig Secretary—J. Iliu.-cti.
Finanoial Secretary—M J. Orohan,
Treasurer—A. I'eugelly.
Orntor-j-W. H. Taylor,
Senior Woodward—H. S. CnmmiugH.
Junior Woodward—B Oraut.
Senior Beiville--N. ("ruse.
The new Chief Ranger, ,1. H. Aberucthy, is nntl of tlie most popular members uf the lodge nntl is also a Charter
Member of Court Vancouver. He has
been a member for thirteen years during
which he hus filled the olllce of Recording Secretary two years and that of
l"inaiicitil Secretary nine years.
ilE-lT Subscribers whn fail to
get "The Advocate" yn Saturday morning please notify
this office.    Telephone 8140J
A Rare Treat.
Tho appearnnco of Mrs. Beatrice McClure ou Monday evening the .10th, is
an event of more tliitii ordinary iuturest
as Mrs. McUlure is nn artist, aud is a
graduate of the best American schools.
Her manner is naturalness itself The
"Juponcse Nightingale," a monologue
iu four parts, which Mrs. McClure will
givo on Monday next, is the story of a
lienutiful half caste Japanese girl who
makes great Micriliecs for love's sake
and is rewarded. Between nets MisR
Ella Walker will sing.
Beatrice McClure rend Owen
Meredith's "Aux Ituliens,'' which witb
the piano accompaniment mndo «
thoroughly enjoyable number. The
running airs of "11 Trovotore" harmonized with tlie sweetness of her voice.
Accustomed as mio is to stage effects,
her entire naturalness proved to lm lur
greatest eliurni.—l'ortlaiid"Oregtiiiiaii."
The evening's program was opened by j
a reading by Kentrice McClure of Chicago. Tht audience win. delighted With
her recital and nothing would do lint
that slie must respond to two enoiu-es.—
Ashland   Tidings."
Pender Hull, Vanconver. Jan. Ittith.
Our Cut Glass Section is
practically   complete
It contains articles from
75c  up and   any   one
worthy a  plaoe in any
Corner Hastings aud Grflnvl.l' Sts.
Ollieiii) Watch Inspector C P K
McTaggart & Moscrop
Dealers is
344 Carrall SI,,      Vantou\- e, B.C.
Templetou Block.
But iittu.vsii, I'.vi.i.em of Unit-dressing, Manicuring, racial Homage and
Scalp Treatment for l.'ulii s anil (ieutl
men. Superfluous hnir. wans
mules removed by Electrolysis,
Valuable Information given to overy
lady pat rail uu "How to take cure of
Skin t''noii for bnildingnp tlio wasting
tissue. t'rnii|:C Flower Crcuni In prevent mul lieal innburn.
Mm"" Hi Mi'iiuEvs, Mil! Granville
Koyal Crown . ipers
Return IS Royal Glow
nnd WO will .-"lid free vu..i
pictures.    Or ta ih wrappers oho
180 books,    Hooks mid picture lists oj^
The Royal Soap
Co., Limited,
Youug Peoples Societies.
Loyal Workers of Christian Endeavor
meet at 15 minutes to 7,  every  Sunday
evening in  Advent Christian  Church,
corner Ninth ave. iiiiil Westminster ltd.
Bpworth   League Ot   Mt.    Pleasant
Methodist Church meets at B p. m.
B. Y. P. IT., meets  in   Ml.  Pleasant
Baptist Church al 8 p. iu.
The Y. P, S. O  B., meets at   S p. 111
in Mt.Plcnaosanl Presbyterian Church.
Before sinning on a shopping tour,
look over th adv- rtlseiueni.-i in the
Lawn Grass Seeds
Clover and Timothy Seeds,
Pratt'S Poultry und Animal Food".
Pratt's I.ice Killer,
Hollv Chick I'u'iil,   Benfsoraps, Etc.
SI. l-k'i'H Corner   NINTH mu  *
■I'.-li-plu,!!.   K.:i7.
Hull Line of Fancy and Stnple
Prices to ciuiipare with any.
Cor. Westminster ave., A Dufferin St,
See When Your Lodge Meets
The 2d and lth Mondays of the month
Court Vancouver,  I. O. ¥., meets at
h p m.
Mt Pleasant Lodge No. 19, I.Q.O.F,
meets at S p, in.
Vancouver  Couueil   No, til*.   OeOi
iiiiiiin Order of Chosen Priecfi meets
Ihc _d nud lth Thursdays uf tho mouth
Alexandra Hive No 7, Indies of tfe»
Maccnbooi holds its regular meetings <m
th" Kt, end :id l-'ridays of the mo_tl\
t I The Filigree Ball
I _». .     v ^**f
I i
p-i y, I
For a detective whoso talents had
not been recognized at headquarters,
I possessed an ambition which, fortunately for my standing with the
lieutenant of tho precinct, bad not
yet been expressed in words, Though
1 had jsinstil reason for expecting
great things ot myself, 1 had always
cherished the hope that i( u big case
caine my wuy 1 Should lie ienind nble
to do something- with il—something
moro, that is, thnn i hud seen accomplished bV the police of tho
District of Oolumbia since i
had the honor ol being onu
of their number. TboroforO, when
I found myself plunged, almost
without my own volition, into tho
Jcflrcy-Moore ufTdir, I believed thut
the opportunity had come whereby I
might distinguish myself.
It had complications, this JolTrey-
Mooro alTuir; greater ones than the
public ever knew, keen as the interest in it ran both in and out ut
This is why I propose to toll the
story of this great tragedy from my
own standpoint, oven if in so doing
I risk the charge of attempting to
exploit my own connection with this
celebrated case. In its course I encountered as many disappointments
as triumphs, nnd brought Out of the
affair a heart as soro us it was
satisfied; for I am a lover of women
But I am keeping you from tho
story itsolf.
I was at the station-house the
night Uncle David cume in. lie was
always culled Undo David, even by
the urchins who follo'.ved him in the
streot; so I am showing him no disrespect, gentleman though be is, by
giving him a title which as completely characterized him in those days,
as did his moody ways, his quaint
attire and the persistence with which
he kept ut his side his great mastiff, Itudge.
1 had long since heard of the old
gentleman as one of the uiost intcr-
' testing residents of the precinct. I
hud even seen him more than once
on the avenue, but I hud never before been brought face to face with
him, and consequently had much too
superficial a knowledge of bis countenance to determine offhund whether
the uneasy light in his small gray
eyes was naturul to them, or simply
tbe result of present excitement. But
when he began to talk 1 detected an
unmistakable tremor in his tones,
and decided thut he was in a state
of suppressed agitation: though he
appeared to have nothing more
alarming to impart than the fact
that he had seen a light burning in
some houso presumably empty-
It was all so trivial thut I gave
hiin but scant attention till he lot
a name fall which caused me to
prick up my cars and even to put in
a word. "The Moore bouse," he hud
"Tho Moore house?" I repeated in
amazement. "Are you speaking of the
Mooro bouse?"
A thousand recollections cuine with
tho name.
"Whut other?" ho grumbled, directing towhrd me a look as keen us
it was impatient. "Do you think Unit
I would bother myself long about u
bouse I hud no interest in, or drug
Itudge from his warm rug tti rOA'o
some ungrateful neighbor frum a
possible burglary? No, it is my
bouse which somo rogue hns chosen
to enter. That is," he suavely corrected, as he saw surprise in every
eye, "tho house which the law will
give nie, if anything evef |_|p;iotis to
that chit of a girl uli--nVto} brother
loft behind him."
Growling some words it"} 'In- dog.
who showed a decided Inclination to
lio down where he was. the old man
made for the door and in another
moment would have been in tho
street, if I bad not,stepped ul'ler him.
"You ure u Moore tint livo iu or
noar that old house?" I asked.
The surprise wiLh which he met
this question daunted me a little.
"How long have you been in
Washington. 1 should like lu ask?"
was his acrid retort.
"Oh, some live months."
His good nature, or what passed
for such in this Irascible old man.
returned in nn Instant; and he curt.
ly but not unkindly remarked:
"You haven't learned much in lhat
time." Then, with u nod more ceremonious than muny another man's
bow. he added, with sudden dignity:
"I am of the elder brunch nntl llie
in the cottage fronting thut old
place. I nm the only resident on the
block. When you have lived here
lunger you will knmv why that cs-
peciul neighborhood is nol a favurite
one with those who can nnt boaal
of the Miiure blood, I'm the pro-
sent, let us attribute the hod   namo
that It holds to—malaria." And
with a significant hitch of his lean
Khoiildci-H which set iii undulating
motion every lold ol tin) old-fashioned cloak ho wore, he started again
for tho door.
But my curiosity was by this time
roused to fever heat. I knew moro
ubout this house than ho guve md
credit for. N,o one who had read the
papers of late, much less a man connected with the police, could help being well informed in all the details
of its remarkable history. What I
had fuiled to know was his close relationship to tbo family whoso name
for tho lost two weeks had been In
every mouth.
"Walt!" I called out. "You say
that you live opposite tho Moore
house.    You cnn then tell mc "
But ho had no mind lo stop for
any gossip.
"It wns all in the papers," he
called back. "Kcud them. Hut lirst
bo suro to Hnd out who has struck
a light in the houso that wo all
know has not even a caretaker in
It was good advice. My duty and
my curiosity both led mo to follow
I'erhaps you have henrd of tho
distinguishing feature of this house;
If ho, you do not need my cxplan-
tlons. But if, for nny reason, you
aro ignorant ol tho facts which within a very short timo have set a final
seal of horror upon this old, historic
dwelling, then you will ho glnd to
rend whut has made antl will con-
i in ue  to mako the Moore house    in
ivasnington one io 'no pointca at in
daylight and shunned after dark, not
only by superstitious colored folk,
but by all who are susceptible to
the most ordinary emotions of fear
antl dread.
It was standing when Waahinton
was a village. It antedates the Capitol anil tho White House. Built by
a man of wealth, it bears to this
day tho impress of the large Ideas
anil quiet elegance of colonial times;
but the shallow which speedily tell
across it mado it a marked place
oven iu those early days. Whilo it
has nlways escaped the hackneyed
epithet of "haunted," families that i
have moved in have us quickly mov-
od out, giving as their oxcttso that I
no happiness was to bo found thoro
and that sleep was Impossible under
ils roof.   That there was    some rea-
I son for this luck of rest within walls
which were not without their tragic
reminiscences, all must acknowledge.
Death had often occurred there, and
while  this  fact can  bn stated in re-
I gnrtl to most oltl houses, it is not
often that, one can say, as in this
caSc, that it was invariably sudden
antl invariably of one character. A
lifeless man, lying outstretched on a
certain hearthstone, might be found
onco in a house and awaken no special comment; but when this samo
discovery has been made twice, if
not thrice, during the history of a
single dwelling, one might surely bo
pardoned a distrust of its seemingly
home-like appointments, and discern
in its slowly darkening walls the
presence of an evil which if loft to
itself might perish in tho naturul
decay of the placo, but wliich, if
mot and challenged, might strike
aguin und make another blot on its
thrice-crimsoneil  hearthstone.
But these are ull old fables which
I should hardly presume to mention,
had lt not been for the recent occurrence which has recalled them to all
men's minds and given to tliis long
empty and slowly crumbling building an importance which has spread
its fame from one end of the country to the other. I refer to the
tragedy intending the wedding lately
celebrated there.
Veronica Moore, rich, pretty and
wilful, hud long cherished a strange
liking for this frowning old home of
her ancestors, and. at the most critical lime of her life, conceived tho
idea of proving to lierself and to
society at largo that no real ban lay
upon it save in the imagination of
the superstitious. Sn, being about
to marry the choice of her young
heart, she caused this houso to be
opened for the wodding ceremony;
with what result you know. Though
the occasion was a joyous one and
accompanied by all that could givo
cheer to such a function, it had not
escaped the old-time sluulow. One ol
the guests straying into tho room of
undent und unhallowed memory, tho
one room which had not been
thrown open to the crowd, hud been
found within live minutes of tlio
ceremony lying on its dolorous
hearthstone, dead"! and though tbo
britlo was spared a knowletlgo of tho
dreadful fact till die holy words wero
suid, u panic had seizerl the guests
and emptied the house ns suddenly
and complelely as tbough the plague
hatl been discovered there.
This is why I hastened to follow
Undo David when ho told me that
all was not right iu this house of
tragic memories.
Though past seventy, Uncle Dnvld
wns a brisk walker, and on this
night in particular ho sped nlong so
fast that he was luilf-wuy down II
Street by the time 1 hud tinned the
coiner at New  Hampshire Avenue.
His gaunt but not ungraceful figure, merged In that of the dogtrot-
ting closely at liis heels, was the only moling object in the dreary visto
of this the most desolatetl block in
Washington. As I noarod tho building, I was so Impressed by tho surrounding stillness thnt I wus ready
to vow that Ihe shadows were denser hero than olsowhoro and that the
lew gas lamps, which llicke-red at in-
lorvuls down the street, shone with
a more feeble ray than in uny othor
equal length oi street in Washing-
Meanwhile the shndow of Undo
David had vanished from the pavo-
llltnt. lie had paused besldO n fenco
which, bung with vines, surrounded
and nearly hid from sight the littlo
Cottage he hud mentioned us tho
ouly house on the block with the except ion of the groat Moore place; In
other  words,  his oWn  home.
As I camo abreast of him I hoard
him muttering, not to bis dog as
jviih his custom, but to himself. In
(mt, Hie dog was nut lo be seen,
nail Ihis ib section on the pnrt of his
constant   companion soamed to  add
to llis disturbance antl affect blm
beyond all reason. I could distinguish these words amongst tho many
ho directed toward the unseen animal:
"You're n knowing one, too knowing! You so that loosened shuttor
over the way us plainly as I do; but
you're a coward to slink away from
It. 1 don'l. 1 fain tho thing, and
what's more, I'll show you yet whnt
1   think of a    dbg that can't stand
his ground und help his old master
out with soma show of courage.
Creaks, dots il? Well, let it creak!
I don't mind Ils creaking, glnd as 1
should be to know whose hand-Halloo! You've come, have you?" This
to mc. 1 had just stepped up to
"Yes, I've come. Now what is tho
matter With  the  Mooro  house?"
Ho must have expected tho question, yet his answer was a long
time coming. His voice, too, sounded strained, and was pitched quito
too high to lie natural. But he evidently did not expect mo lo show
surprise at his manner.
"Look at thnt window ovor
there!" ho cried nt last. "That ono
with the slightly open shutter I
Watch and you will soo that shutter
move. Thoro! lt creaked; didn't you
hear It?"
A growl—it was moro like a moan
—came from the porch behind US, Instantly the old gentleman turned and
with n gesture us ticrco as lt was in- ,
Stlnatlva    .Witud out..'
"Bo still there! If you haven't the
courage to face a blowing shutter,
keep your jaws shut and don't let every fellow who happens along know
what a fool you are. I declare," he
maundered on, half to himself and
half to me, "that dog is getting old.
Ho can't be trusted any more. He
forsakes his master just when—" Tho
rest was lost in liis throat which rattled with something more than impatient anger.
Meanwhile I had been attentively
scrutinizing the house thus pointedly
brought to my notice. 1 had scon
it many times before, but, as it happened, had never stopped to look at
it when the huge trees surrounding
it woro shrouded in darkness. Tho
black hollow of ils disused portal
looked out from shudows which acquired some of their Bomberness from
the tragi'c memories connected witb
ils empty void.
its aspect was scarcely reassuring.
Not that superstition lent its terrors
to the lonely scene, but that through
Ihe blank panes of the window, alternately appearing and disappearing from view as the shutter pointed
out by Uncle David blew to und I'ro
in the wind, I saw, or was persuaded that I saw, a beam of light which
argued an unknown presence within
walls which hud so lately been declared unlit for any mail's habitation.
"You arc right," 1 now remarked
to the uneasy figure at my side.
"Somo one is prowling through the
the house yonder. Cun it possibly bo
Mrs. Jeffrey or her husband?"
"At night aud with no gas in ths
house?    Hardly."
The words were naturul, but the
voico was not. Neither was his manner quite suited to the occasion. Giving him nnother sly glance', and
marking how uneasily he edged away
from ine in the darkness, I cried out
more cheerily than he possibly ex-
"I will summon nnother officer und
we three will just slip across and investigate."
"Not 1!" was his violent rejoinder,
as he swung open a gate concealed in
the vine's behind him. "The Jeffreys
would resent m.v intrusion if they
ever happened to hear of it."
''Indeed!*' I laughed, sounding iny
whistle; then, soberly enough, for i
was more than a little struck by tho
oddity of bis behavior und thought
liim as well worth investigation us
the house in Which he showed such
an interest: "You shouldn't let
that count. Come and see what's
up in the house you are so ready to
call yours."
But he only drew farther into the
"I have no business over there,"
he objected. "Veronica and 1 have
never been on good tonus. 1 was
not even invited to her wedding
though I live within a stone's throw
of tho door. Ko; I have done m.v
duty in calling attention to lhat
light, and whether it's the bull's-eye
of a burglar—perhaps you don't
know that there are rare treasures
on the book shelves uf the great library—or whether it is ihe fantastic
ill iinination which frightens fool-
folks nnd some fool-dogs, I'm done
with it and done with you, too, for
As he snld this, he mounted to his
door nnd disappeared under the
vines, hanging like a shroud over
the front of the house. In another
moment tho rich peal of an organ
founded from within, followed by
the prolonged bowling of Rudge,
who, cither from a too keen appreciation of his muster's music or in
niter disapproval of it,—no oae, I
believe, hus ever been able to make
out which,—was accustomed to add
this undesirable accompaniment to every strain from tho old man's hand.
The playing tlid not cease because of
those outrageous discords. On the
contrary, it increased in force and
volume, causing Kudge's expression
of pain or pleasure to increase also.
Tho result can be imagined, As I
listened to the intolerable howls of
tho dog cutting clean thrungh the
exquisite liarmonies of his master, I
wondered if the shadows cast by tho
frowning structure of the great
Mooro house were atone to blame for
Uncle David's lack of neighbors.
Meantime, Uibbarti, who was tbe
fust to hear my signal, camo running tlown the block. As ho joined
me, the light, or what we chose In
call a light, appeared again in the
window toward which my attention
had been directed.
"Somo one's iu tho Moore house!'*
1 declared, in as mattei'-of-fact tones
as I could command,
.milliard is a big fellow, the M/-
gest fellow on the force, antl so far
as m.v own experience with him had
guile, as stolid and Imperturbable as
thi! best of us. But alter a quick
glunco at the towering walls uf tho
lonely building, he showed decided
embarrassment and seemed in no
haste to cross the street.
With difficulty I concealed my disgust.
"Como," 1 cried, stepping down
from the curb, "let's go over nntl In*
VOSllgata. 'llie property is valuable,
the Itirui-hingH handsome, and there
is no end of costly books ou the
library shelves. You have matches
uud a luioher?"
II" nodilitl, quietly showing ine Hist
the one, then the other; then witb u
shiopi.-h uii- which he endeavored to
curried off witli a lnugh, he cried:
'-'Huve you use for 'em? If so, I'm
quite willing lo part with 'em fur a
I was moro than nmuzotl at this
ovidonca of weakness in ono 1 had
always considered us tnugh and Impenetrable as flint rock. Thrusting
bod;   the  hand    Willi  which  he    had
half drawn into view the weapon I
hail mentioned, 1 put on my sternest
air nnd led tho wuy ncross the
stroet. As 1 ditl so, I tossed back
the words:
"We may come upon a gang. You
do not wish me to face some hnlf-
ilozi-n men alone?"
"Ynu won't (ind any half-dozen
men thoro," wns his muttered reply.
NovortholOSS he followed me, though
with less spirit than I liked, considering thut my own manner was in a
measure assumed and that I was not
Without sympathy—well, let me suy,
for u dog who preferred howling a
dismal accompaniment to his master's music, to keeping open watch
over a neighborhood dominated by
the unhallowed structure ] now pro-
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Ah a result of a dreum Thursday
night, Mrs. Lizzie _"ouct, of Chicago
41 years of nge, hist her life, and her
husband nntl infant child were fatal
ly burned In a tiro which partly destroyed their homo. The womun
dreiiinetl that her savings had been
stolen from a hilling placo in tho
bottom of u sngur jur in tho pantry.
Startled by the reality of the dream,
she took a lamp in ono hand and her
baby under her other arm, antl
went to Investigate. The lamp fell
from the woman's hand and exploded. Her hut-bund, aroused from sleep
in un adjoining room, mado n. brave
al tempi lo put the flames out, and
finally succeeded wilh the aid of a
innttress,   but   only nfler  lie,  us  well
its  Ihe  wife   and     child,     had     I i
frightfully burnod,    Mrs. Oouel died
while being token  to the hospital.
The flrst announcement bus boon
made of a formal movement to hold
in the city of Clintlianoogn, Tenn., a
world's fair in 1918, to lie known as
the    Semi-Centeniiiul    Poaco    Jubilee
Exposition   commemorating  the end
of Ihe wur between the stales. It is
learned that assurances of aid from
the government und various organizations have boon secured. The following iiildress explaining the nature
of the exposition has iiee'n issued:
"Prom 1HI11 tn 180,-) there wns in
thi'iie United States the greatest civil
war the world has ever seen. Pence
between the states was established
on April 9, 180... The yenr 1915
will be the seiiii-centenninl anniversary of the event."
[TO BE CONTINUED.!      ;Jfep1
A  I loiiiceil  Tll.Orj.
So convinced were llie authorities nt
one time that Europeans could not live
ln India without alcoholic stimulants
that they actually prohibited the formation of temperance societies among
tbe soldiers. The theory ls now ulto-
sclber ehaiiL-i'd.
There has been no rainfall of any
consequence in Kentucky for two
months, and the entire state is suffering. Wheat sowed weeks ago is lying in (lie. dust un^erininuted nnd fall
pastures long ago shriveled into
crisp wastes. Springs and small
streams dried up weeks ago antl farmers living away from rivers have
been put tu sore straits to secure
water for their slock. Louisville physicians s-ny a new form of throat
trouble, which they havo named tho
dust cough, hns developed into almost an epidemic ns a result of the
almost intolerable conditions of the
What He Called It: "Isn't that
Henry practicing on his comet?" Mr.
Hobbs: "Partly on his cornet, but
principally upon my nerve centres,'"
Keen frost and heavy snow squalls
are reported from all parts of the
United Kingdom, A galo raged all
Monday night long over the coasts,
driving vessels to shelter nnd seriously dislocating tho telegraph wires,
especially in the north of England
nnd in Scotland. Blinding snowstorms aro causing deep drifts and
rendering truffle difficult in the country districts and necessitating a cessation of outdoor work in many of
the provincial towns. In London little snow has fallen, but n sharp fall
in temperature is accentuating tho
distre'ss among the poor, which is already prevalent. The snow is so deep
at Chatsworth that tho King of Portugal and others of the house pnrty
there hove been preventec. from
shooting. Some smnll craft have
been wrecked. Up to tho present,-
November had been unusually mild,
and the sudden chango is causing n
lot uf misery. Wintry weather seems
general in Europe, frost being reported so far south us Naples. In
Westmoreluvel the unusual sight was
soon of trains stuck in snow drifts
nnd blocking communication on tho
North Eastern railroad, Tho race
meeting ut Warwick bad to be postponed as the track was deeply covered with snow. The land lines in
Ireland are af-.cted, causing delay in
communication with America.
Deputy U. S. Marshal Stout arrived in this city from Pmtul, bavin charge .1. W. Williams, who is
chargdd with smuggling whiskey
across the Canadian line, says a despatch from Minot, N. D. Thu accused was arraigned before U. 8.
Commissioner Blalsdoll, of Minot,
and by stipulation his hearing was
continued, Williams is specifically
charged with smuggling live gallons
of good, old Canadian booze across
the line from north to south Portal.
He has boon suspected of the offence
for somo time by the collector of
customs, and it is said that recently
he was caught with the liipior in his
possession. Williams states that be
was sent after five gttllons of whiskey
by a young mun employed in a hot .1
near the boundary line nnd that he
did not know thut he had passed
oyer the lino into tho United States.
When taken into custody by the officers, Williams, who is a big. strong
fellow, cried like a child, and said
thut if his wife learned of his trou. (o
it would kill her. The maximum penalty in case of conviction Is one year
in the penitentiary and a line of $.*>,-
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Strong Statement by Mrs. Jas. Hughes
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Morley, Ont., Nov. 28.—(Special).
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For this reuson a statement made by,
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Robert, lloss was in court at C-dilir
burgh on a process procured by his
wife charging him with desertion.
The wife testified that they were married seven years ago, ond the fact
was kep: from her mother. Ross prevailed upon her to Continue with her
it.other, as thnt would save him expense. When asked if Ross had ever
made her any presents, sbe said lhat
he hatl once given her a purse, but it
did not contain tiny money. He had
also given her a scent bottle, but it
contained no scent-—In presenting the
latter, the wifo testified that H'.'ss
said hoT mother would bo willing to
purchase tho scent.
Suffering from tho hallticinnlion
(hat he was being chasevl by a life-
threatening mob. Rev. T. E. Thurre-
son, pastor of Asbury M. E. Church,
lies Moines, la., rushed madly from
his home, Saturday, and locked hhr> ,
self within a closet. Tho preacher
had just returned from St. Louis,
where he had lxv.1 attending tho fair.
While thero it is believed ho was poisoned in somo manner, Ho was confined to his hote,l two days aud returned home sick. His luidy was covered with blotches and his wife feared smallpox. Sho forbade lier children going to school. Then tho affliction assumed the peculiar nuilady
which iili'ii'ied the man's brain and
lie suw a bloodthirsty meb ut his
heels. Tiiri-j physicians wero called. I
lu twelve'hours lm regained con-,
Sciousnoss, but wns greatly weakened. The physicians claim they can
discover symptoms of nothing more
thnn grip.
As Manitoba and the Northwest
Territories are settled to a great extent by a class of people who aro so
busy during the summer months that
a holiday during lhat season of the
year is out of the question, tncre-
fore, tho annual holiday excursions
to Eastern Canada inaugurated a
few years ago arc becoming more and
more popular every year, and one of
the first questions asked is what ls
the best and most enjoyable wuy of
milking the trip. As a continuous
railway journey through a sparsely
settled country becomes tedious, the
route through St. Paul and Chicago
is becoming moro popular overy year,
as tho excursionist can, if desired,
brook the journey by remaining over
at tho Twin Cities or Chicago. Ono
of the most popular railway lines
between St. Paul and Chicago is tho
Burlington Route, usually termed
the "Scenic Route," as that road
follows the banks of tbe famioUB Mississippi River for a distance of three
hundred miles, making a trip long to
be remcmlicred, as it affords a continuous panorama of beautiful scenery for tho entire dny. On arriving
nt Chicago tho varied points of interest aro so numerous thut a visitor may thoroughly enjoy every hour
of the timo spent there. Tho limit
of ten days on tho going trip nnd fifteen days on tho return trip allows
amplo time to visit any cities en
route as liberal stop overs ore pro-
vldod for. Mr. A. L. Eidemiller,
Travelling Pussengiir Agent of tho
Burlington llotito, will make tho
Clarendon Hotel, Winnipeg, his hend-
quurtei-H during December, nnd will
bo pleased to give any information
necessary to ai*- ono who is considering a trip east, if thev will write
Favorable Comparison With Those of
I). S. Heads by nn American
Agricultural Paper.
llie following article is reproduced
from Farm; Stock & Home, one of
the ablest unci most careful of the
agricultural papers of tho United
States,   published at Minneapolis:—
"A few of us farmers aro thinking
of going to the C-anadiiin Northwest
lo settle, but we are lold that, if we
get very far from water transportation that rail rates will eat up the
profits on wheat and other grains,
since the rates are so much higher
there than on our' roads in tho
Slates. They say tho Canadian Pacific having no competition can do as
if pleases in charging, and it pleases
to gvtt very high rales, as compared
with ours, and they are high enough,
the Lord koows."—Somo North Dakota  Farmers.
Answer-f»Tho Canadian Pacific is no
more monopolistic than our roads.
Half a dozen roads may constitute u-
monopoly as well as one, and a monopoly is what the various lines
penetrating our Northwest have over
maintained, especially us to local
rates. But a few figure, will answer
your question,
Tho grain rate, per 100 pounds,
from Port Arthur, the nearest lake
port, including steerage charges and
insurance, lo Winnipeg, 481 miles, is
10 c.hts. A rato sheet .f tho Oreat
Northern road lying before us shows**
that it charges that much for around
a 140-mile haul. From Port Arthur
to Brandon, 564 miles, the rate is
13 cents. The Oreat Northern
charges the samo from Barnosvillo to
Minneapolis. 218 miles; und for a
523-milo haul il charges 18 cents,
from Minot, your state, to Minneapolis. The Canadian Pacific from
Moose Jaw, 821 miles. Is 18 cents,
while the Oreat Northern charge is
25 cents from Will'ston, G44 mile?.
Tho Canadian Pacific rate from Ed-
mouton, the centre of tho great
wheat-growing district, is 28 cents,
and the distance is 1,468 milos.
Many more comparisons conld bo
given but these are typical of all.
and tbey apply to ull oul northwestern roads ns well ns lo Iho Oroat
It requires no argument to com
vince one thnt our roads can afford
to transport grain cheaper thon tho
Canadian Pacific Railway can, because (hey run through more thickly
settled regions, creating immcnsely
more traffic teach way.
It is not pleasant to give information of this  kind,    because it   makes
on;, feel it is encouraging tho migra-
j Hon of our people to alien lands, (Thl
"the Lord knows" that this Journal Is
not rosponslfbJo for the situation, and
I may be it will be well   in the long run
for the people to see whin nre or what.
Is responsible for at     least   one   inducement lo ninny  of  them  to  leuvo
tt country Hint they are supposed to
'rule,  ant!  become the citizens   ol    a
A despatch from Watikegati. 111.,
snys that it has just becamie known
Unit Mrs. Dowic, wife of "Doctor"
John Alexander Dowie, is recovering
from an illness which for several
days threatened to prove fatal. The
only thing that was done for Mrs.
Dowie was lo hnve every resident of
7.ion offer prayer at a meeting in the
Emma Tot hurst, li) yenrs of nge,
who resided with her mother and
| hrother at 8 Colo avenue, Montreal,
commit toil suicide nt her home Monday night by drinking carbolic acid.
jHor brother said that tho girl had
.boon suffering for several years from
poor eye-Bight, and had given up all
hope of getting better. Hu thought
thut it was this trouble that Induced her to end her lifo.
hbisiuip Healey,   of Tuam,  iro-
was recoivod in private audi-
by the Pope at Rome an Sutur-
anil guve to his holiness 18,000
''a ponce. The Pope spoke iu tbo
test fooling of (he fldelily of the
in Ireland and abroad lo the
preached b.v St. Patrick. He
spoke- . in high terms of their
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above a Hundred Rivals.
A series of articles describing   *
their lives, their alms and      ♦
their Influence. X
«     mr. rranK lush.     ♦
Mr. Frank Lush.
Wu                  mW^^^^^^Wa
WjoSB^B ■■'^m**
H_H_9_____[    ■»
BsSi"   A8%i
HP?- ¥,•  ifj''-'1'''-
c_8______B__t -   MSs?"
Editor and Proprietor of tho Delor-
aine Advertiser.
CEYLON TEA in Sealed Lead Packets Only.  Black,
Mixed or NATURAL GREEN.   By all Grocers.   Beware of Substitutes.'
snid. But it is certain that Mr. | Do you know the man who always
Lush, who had packed up and finds un excuse to tell you about tho
brought West his printing plant from , timo he missed the train and hud to
Poterboro, Out., to Napinka, was walk twenty miles?
not    favorably    impressed   with   tho
outlook. To one accustomed to tho
larger centres at which papers are
The store detective has captured a
woman   in   the act of stealing   some
miniatures.     She   has
published in    the    East the   idea   of  hand-paintod
starting n paper at so small a plnco jboon taken before tho justico for trial,
seemed doubtless preposterous. Nev- "What is your business, madam?" in-
erthcloss, Mr! Lush guve the proposl- quires the justice. "I am a photogra-
tion a fair trial. The Napinka (la- phor," sho replies. "If you can satis-
zet.te made   its   appearance   in   due Jy '"« tlmt l'ou follow such a profes-
course, and for eleven months
struggled ngninst adverse fortune,
wns an eight-pnge paper, four of
which were printed nt home. But,
after some months of experiment, Mr.
Lush found that tho proposition
would not go, nnd ho was forced to
seek fresh Holds and pastures now.
Encouraging offers hatl been made by
some prominent citizens of Deloraine,
and thither Mr. Lush moved his plant
and,    with     new    hopes,    issued     in
The thousands of people who
write to me, saying that
To thoso unfumiliar with the circumstances which condition newspaper work in tho Canadian West, few
things aro more remarkable than the
way that two, or even three, successful newspaper ventures are carried
on in towns so small that in the
East there would not have been one
local paper—and successful papers,
too, are issued from places' that have
populations of less than two hundred people, and dozens of places
could bo cited as having populations
of less than a thousand from which
two good papers are issued each
weok. In part, this is duo to tho
larger territory these papers serve,
in comparison with similar papers
published in the East. The more congested population in that part of
Canada, and tho greater nearness of
tho towns to each other, and, principally, tho rapidity with which thu
train services allow the big dailies
of Toronto and other cities to come
to almost every one of the villages
und small towns. But iu the West
the circimiBtances nre different. Tliis
is a country of magnificent distances.
News takes long in travelling, whon
the means of communication is a bi
—or tri-daily mniil service, and the
impatient go-a-hcod-itiveness of tho
avorago Westerner Will not tolerate
any such dolay. But there is another
important factor that has a bearing
on tho western newspaper business.
Tho citizens of aUnost every village
regard thoir chosen location ns destined to becomo ono of the important centres of tho West. They survey it, not in the light of actual accomplishment, but by the eye ol
faith. In their minds' eye the primitive shack and the temporary store
are replaced by the hnndsoiiie brick
or stone block and tho commodious
office suite. With true progressive-
ness thoy recognize that if their
dream of civic and commercial
growth is to como true, the Widest
possible publicity must be given to
tho advantages offered by their town.
And, sinco they know that there arc
dozens of other towns competing
against their own for pre-eminence,
they seek to have established at as
early a da to as possible in their
town's history a town newspaper. If
tho publisher arises to the level of
his opportunity—if his paper worthily reflects, not alone tho news,    but   	
the hopos and ambitions of the place   Harper   &
from whenco it is issued, ho.will hnve lKuged for
no   reason   to   complain   of any lack '
of support.   Tho western paper  that
is loyal to its home town will in every caso find  the town  a loyal  supporter,   and the intensity of  its support is in ninny cases in inverse ratio to tho town's size.
Tho Deloraine Advertiser ls nn illustration of the truth of the foregoing romarks. Deloraino is not e I
big town. If it wero in Ontario instead of Manitoba it would not be
remarkable if it had no local paper
at all. But, being in Manitoba,
where a local paper Is considered almost as much a matter of course as
a postofllce, it has two. Furthor-
moro, both aro successful. The appo-
,tlto for reading of all kinds grows
Iby whnt it foods on, nnd a commtini-
ity thnt has one good paper will very
iprobably support another, provided
ithe second is conducted with etptti!
.or greater ability. The Instinct of
ifair play, inherent In Canadians, Will
•hiako lim-iy wnmt to umliirstniid 'both
isrdos of nn argument, nnd hence subscribe to papers presenting opposite
political views. Perhaps this fact
lhad somewhat to do with tho success
.of the Deloraine Advortlsor. Its com-
.petltor, the Deloraine Times, wns un
'old established and reliable supporter of the Liberal policy. It presented
lits case, genorally with moderation,
*nd often with skill. But it was
published ln a district tho political
-complexion of which was preponder-
-etingly Conservative, and hence,
when Mr. Frank Lush, decided that
be would locate in Deloraine, and
publish a local paper of Conservative tendencies, he found a clientele
to which he could cater, and encouraging prospects for success. This
was more than Ave years ago, aad
events havo abundantly Justified his
4 dgmunt.
Mr."Lush had come west in May,
i898, and up to the timo of his locating In Deloraine ho had had an
uphill fight against fortune. He had
come out from Ontario at tho Invitation of somo citizens of Napinka,
■ who wan tod that place to havo its
own local paper. Whether or not
_hey miBrcprcsentodJ-o Mr. Lush the
size of their town, and overstated
tho measure of support they were
prepared to accord tho venture, or
whether, with characteristic western
optimism, they depicted the business
prospects of a local newspaper ln the
light of their own roseato visions of
the    town's  future,    cannot now   •'•■
The Lung
cured them of chronic coughs,
cannot all bo mistaken. T'nere
must be some truth in it.
Try a bottle for that cough ol yours.
Prices: S. C. Wells __ Co. .10
2__. 50c. tl.   LoRoy, N.Y., Toronto, Can.
sion I shall be inclined to deal leniently with you." "Ask that dotoc-
tlvo if I wasn't taking pictures the
first time he saw mo."
The Canadian Pacific Railway have
announced their 18th Annual Excursions to the East, and tickets will hVi
on sale from November 28th to December 31st, good to return within
three months from dute of sale. The
0. P. R. in addition to their daily
service of first-class coaches and palace sleeping cars, will also run tourist sleeping cars daily, which will allow passertgers an excellent opportunity of making tho trip to tho East in
grant comfort. A pamphlet describing the tourist sleeping cars has been
issued, a copy of which may bo had
on application to any agent of the
company. The company will also run
tourist .sleeping cars from the East
to Winnipeg, daily during March,
thus ensuring passengers tho samo
comfort on the return as on the going journey.
March, 1899, the first number of tho
Deloraine Advertiser.
Against tne keen competition of tho
long established Times, tho Advertiser jvon its way slowly. But with
each succeeding season its success
was more pronounced, and to-day it
is acknowledged as one of tho best
representatives of the local press of
the province. Typographically it is
ono of the best looking sheets of the
West, for Mr. I,ash's long service in
tho mechanical branch of "the art
preservative" has made him critical
and exacting on thut score. Its local
news is covered adequately, the mat-
tor being written With brightness
and vim. As before staled, the Advertiser gives aa independent support
to Ihi- Conservative party, and its
editorial utterances have hud their
share in moulding publio opinion in
tho section through which it circulates. In point of advertising' patronage, the Advertiser is now almost,
if not quito, on n pur with its much
older competitor. Altogether, the
Advortlsor is a tribute to the energy
and the pluck of its fbti'nder, us much
as to his ability as a printer und
editor. In addition, it is a tribute
to the enterprise of the Deloraine
people, who have given it such hearty
and consistent support.
Mn. Lush is an Englishman by
birth, but knows nothing of the bind
of his nativity, for he wus brought
out to Canada at the age of three.
The family home was at Khnfts'l/tiry—
the scat of the late earl of that
name—in Dorsetshire', and from tliis
borne two of his uncles had previously emigrated to Canada. They
had located ut l'eterboro, (Int., and
tlllthor (ho l.ush family moved on
coming to tho Dominion. At this
town young l.ush received his e-ducu-
tion, and after a course nt the business college, at the nge of eighteen,
entered tho job department of the
l'eterboro Examiner, of which the
Hon. J. 11. St ration Is proprietor.
After spending five years in this office, ho went into business fur himself, buying out the print shop, of
Co. He hud been so on-
x yeur wnen the before
mentioned offer of Napinka citizens
determined him to come west.
Mr. Lush is yet a young man, being less thnn thirty yenrs old. He
seems destined to succeed in other
enterprises In addition to his chosen
business of nowspuper work, for he
has recently gone into other lines of
activity, and with excellent prospects. Among his townsmen he Is
respected and desrvedly popular, and
his career, alike as n Journalist, a
business man and a representative
citizen, seems lull of promise.
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surprise. And then, of course, the
senior gossip lold.
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Once in n while you meet a man
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Hurt's Liniment Cnres Burns, Etc.
Sometimes wo get so interested In
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protest of nature uguinst neglect ol the
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Prominent cattlemen of Montana
and North Dakota rounded up in
Fargo Tuesday to discuss the proposed adoption of uniform regulations regarding tho treatment of cattle for infectious diseases. The meeting was called by Dr. Ramsay, official inspector for the Dakotas and
Montana, and it is planned to draft
a bill for introduction In the Montana and Dukota Legislatures ut
their coming sessions.
Holds on to It.—"Thero goes old
Stickiest. I tell you he has the faculty of making money cling to his
fingers," observed the native. "What
lino is he in?" asked theAyisilor.
"He owns thnt big glue factory west
of town."
Lord Struthcona oresided at the
annual meeting In I ' ' of the Colonial Institute. Mr. »_...rk rand a
paper on the wealth of Canada as an
agricultural country, and said ho
was convinced that when Canadians
got rid of the Fercheron blood nnd
pay less attention to trotting horses
Canada will become one of the foro-
{most horse-breeding countries In the
j world. He expressed surprise tlmt
jthe British Government hud no remount depot in Canada Lord
Struthcona said that the War Office
no doubt would consider this matter.
When you sec four young men at a
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should bo at work you may bet what
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Caesar's nergbibors should be above
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tatae hair-bra.-, mirror and
five ot_ir nacet-ary pieces,
mounted with iterlinf silver
shields, $1 j.oo.
Our catalogue will
prove of value when
next you are thinking
about gift-making.
Send for it to-day.
■BRAND' . :
Made big enough for a big
man to work in with comfort
Has more material in it than
any other brand of "thirt in
Canada. Made on the
H.B.K. scale it requires 39^
to 43 yards per dozen, whereas
common shirts have only 32
to 33 yards.
That's the reason why the
H.B.K. "Big" Shirt never
chafes the armpits, is never
tight at the neck or wristbands, is always loose, full
and comfortable and wears
Each shirt bears a tiny book
that tells the whole history
of the "Big" Shirt, and
also contains a notarial
declaration thai the H.B.K.
"Big" Shirt contains 39%
to 42 yards of material per
Sold at all dealers but only
with this brand:—
Montreal      Wlnnlpef      Dawson
of Dr. Chase's Nervo Food my health
was in a tesribly bad condition. My
doctor told 1110 that I v/as going into consumption, and for nearly threo
years my bowels wero so looso and
watery that 1 was continually kept
weak and run down. In spite ot tho
many remedies used 1 gradually grew
worse und worse. I could scarcely
get about the house and suffered a
great deal from backache, stomach
and  kidney  troubles.
"Dr. Chase's Nervo Food proved to
lip exactly what I needed and by keeping up this treatment for a time I
gilt so strong and well that I dldftny
own housework. and somotimes
worked in tho Holds without feeling
ony tho worso for it. It is a pleasure as well as a duty for 1110 to recommend Dr.  (.'huso's Nervo Food.
If you would Ire well and live in
tho full enjoyment of health, restore
your vitality by tho uso of Dr.
Chase's Nervo Food, ..0 cents a box,
at all dealers, or Edmonson, Uutes
& Co., Toronto. The portrait and
signature of Dr. A. W. Chase, the fa-
'mous receipt book author, are on
'every box.
Don't Take Less.   Get the Highest prices for your
wheat.   Ship to
IVIcl_.AI_JGHI_.IN   &
Chamber   of   Commerce,   Minneapolis.
We make a   specialty   of low grade wheat.   Write us before shipping.    We
will show how we can serve you.
References:—Any Bonk or Commercial Agency.
Grain I Jas. Richardson S Sons I Grain
(Until   recently   represented by the late  E.  O'Reilly, Esej.)
til kinds of grain purchased In Car Loud   Lots,   Write us for top prices
tud   shipping   instructions. Any   grade of wheat, outs, hurley or flax.
P.  U.  Ilox G_!9,    Winnipeg,    Mnn.
Ship Your Grain to
Ws handle grain strictly on commission.    Highest  Prices  obtainable.
Liberal advances.    Trades carried on margins  ln   Winnipeg's futures.
Correspondence solicited.
(.rain In cur lots bought on track or sold on commission. Reasonable
advance mado. Prompt Returns, Correspondence solicited. RofbrcncoJ
Any  Hank in  Winnipeg.
Establish! Grain Commissi*
Merchant ii fiuipef. <^__
Consign your pain to me and get prompt service, careful attention)
snd highest market prices. Q      Q D1 Fil IT      DRAWEI*
Relerenc- UNION BANK ol CANADA.    9.    Ul     ll-fV, 1300.
SM,,='        ___ __> __ I M     ThrouBh    m    -__-_.-l_*-ly    Oorr.-
VOUR     ymir*.*^* ■*•-■     ml.slon    Flrrv..       Wrlto    To-
<_-__*   -for-    F"_..ll    Partloul.ra.
Thompson, Sons & Oo.
you   (rain to us to be sold on arrival or afterwards, as you may wish.   Wo do a strictly commission   business.    In    which    wo have had 30
years' experioncj.   Trompt end reliable work guaranteed.
Llbsral advances.     Correspondence solicited.      Licensed and  Bonded.
Reference,    Hank   of  Hamilton.      Excha'nge Branch.
DONALD MORRISON & CO., 2.'_._....ioa.   4l6 0nia ^SEEa, man.
Hair Renewed
^Perhaps you like your pray hair; ihcq keep It.   Perhaps oof I
then remember—Hall's Hair Renewer always restores color to I
gray hair.   Stops falling hair, also. B~a'*7ttsriffiZaftl*-**''l
If it is a Question of Warmth use
It Retains Heat and Keeps out Cold.
Write  for   Sample*   and Prices.
TEES & PERSSE,  Limited., Agents, Winnipeg.
Some people only  hold a  job    lour,
•nuii^h to (jet references.
.11 Booms to us iimt in u popular
novel the blgfcor the fool the hero iH
the bigger success the book mnkes.
11 ic 11111_at I'.M.i.isii ur.Mi'.a v.
rBSTIUONIAL  from  tlie  IM-  Sill SAM-
ltl'*I* IIAKI'll,  the laiiiiiu* I'll.   EXTlor»r.
"Newton Abbot, Devon. I'.ier fc-tra—f
have delayed mv thanki a* I wt*h»*l ta
ti'.it U10 rlTe'rt ol lllniri l'lllii by • latH-
dent Inttirvii!  of  time'.
"For ten yearn I hn.il ■-fler-d ai.utely
Irom t'.out and lire hail lost Ita attrae-
tlon online to the unrflitainty ot htaltl
and auililen visitation- <i< Uia <namj
which proalratcd me Un month*., or weaka
according to the*  vliulanes of .he atlacka
"Dlieir'i Pitta hava rtniil-inl ma liiitnania
■ervlce. aa I no longer tear au attaok
of ('.out. .  .
"For    the    last   twenty    month-  I  hava I
been   conil'-rntively   tree,   an   one   or  two
attempted   visltatlona   hava   he-en   liiimad-
lately  .tnmpeil  out by  tha a**iitanca   of
Illali-'- I'lll". 1
"Truly youra  (Signed) Saml.  W. Bakar. |
Lyman Sijna A Co., Montreal and Toronto; The Hide I>iiij< Co., Winnipeg; aa«l 1
Uartlo, llnle A Wynue Co.,  Wumleeg.
__     —*>       ._*•     —
Peoplo don'l notice you much if
you are good; und the trouble Is
they notice yoii loo much if you are
It seems in us that the mosqultoS
of summer nre not half as aggravating as the unexpected slick spot on
the sidewalk iii winter.
Soma folks ure in favor of short
court ships, others demiind Ioni«cowrl-
shlps, while still others say nothing
ns In choico, but are satisfied with
any kind ol a courtship.
W    IX    «J ?*'v*m
'   (JSstablishrifl' April 8,1q_£.;
^FFtpE: S_Jf6 Westminster avenue
Jtfjttfj. R  Whitney, Publisher.
English Office—30 Float street,
London, ET C, England Where a
file of "Thij Advocate" is kept for
Kotioesof Births, Marriages, nud L^nths
pubjisheil free of charge.
"Notices for Church nnd Society Etitor-
fninments, Lectures,  etc.,    WTIERK
will be charged fir.
Rates   fpr  Display ' Advertising   made
known on application.
■.11   Advertisement, nre  run regularly
aud charged for uutil ordered they '
be discontinued,
'rausient   Advertisers   must   pay   in
Subscription $/ a year   payabje  in
A cents a Copy.
Tel. B1405.
"Vancouver, U. O., Jan. 2Sth, 1905.
The residents of Mt. Pleasant were
doubtless surprised on reading tlie proceedings of the first meeting of the
Jekilice Committee, to note thero was
pothing suid or dono in regard to bet-
ffiring the present, police service in this
part of the city. Previous to election,
promises wero profuse and plenty, aud
the prompt action of the Water-works
Cpmn_it.oe on .Wednesday was in most
favpiablp contrast to that o_ the Police
.Coniniittee. It was decided at the
Light nud Water Committee to have
Col. Tracey, Cffy Enginec^ report ou
the Mt. Pleasant and Fairview water
service and submit nn estimate of the
cp.t qf a high leyel system.
SiTi'it'  Vaiii:ouver;
'i'h.i Municipal Cemueil will meet this
Snttjl'dnj :t..e..Tjonii t;t A o'clock.
'1 im uulp for the Concert in the North
Arm (.ebon) jlou§o is Eebrnnry 17th,
and uot Fell, iii ns etatef) last week.
A splendid progrom ly being arriingpd,
ami its the .Qiilei-lnintnent is in aid of
the school funds a large attendance is
Owing to 11 mistake iu delivery, the
proceedings of the lirst Guuucil meeting
for 11105 were received too late for lust
weed's "Advocate." The following are
the chief items e;l'interest: The BoaijI
of Works is to be llie jvhpfe cpiiiicil,
('ntiiieillor Taylor, plinirnmu. Tiie
Finance Committee is Couneillors Hall
sun, Mqlp aud Miihllcr, with iho first
named us llie chairman. Councillor
Mule is chairuu.11 of the Health Com-
mittoe. The License Hoard is T. Mt'-
Oleery, E*sq , J P., _".*jV, Hartley, Esq.,
J, P.. uml Couueillors IJiillsou nnd
Middle!', The Court of Itevisiou of iho
Assessment Roll was fixed for Monday
I'Vl.-uery amh nt 10 o'clock, 1111 which
dny tb" n.'xt rpgiilni' meetiug will bu
held insiei.d of the Saturday previous.
Applii'iiliuiiK ure lo be n.-ked for for
Rond Forouiai) a; a monthly salary, tor
Iho iilliiv of Assessor, Head Tux Oollec-
tm-ami Police Oflicer combined at n
yearly salary antl for the three separate:
ly; Assessor ip lump stun per annum
Houd Tux at a pureeutage on amount
calleclt.il, nml retaining fee for Police
Office}', the sum ttj bo paid whilst on
duty to bo tiM per day. All npplica
tious to lie in b.v January 8t.t.l. A
temporary Loan By-law to enable the
Corporutiou to borrow up to ifS.OQO.CO,
was on h avo brought in ami road three
times, A further expenditure of $60 00
in conjunction with Burnaby Council
to complete work begun on the Boundary runtl was agreed to. Councillor
Wilson gnve uoticp of an Indemnity
.Many reasons are being advanced
why the Conservatives made a sweeping
Victory—22 majority—iu tho Outnrio
ejections. The fear of corporations and
trusts securing too great power in. the
province, the shameful acts of the Boss
flovernment a_.d thp fact tliop any
party too long in power becomes a
pienace to the people's interest wore
probably the combined reasons Unit
forced the electors to a realization that
a change had to be made.
,|l Thb president et a Boston co-educa-
j'jonal institution is a good deal worried
over the fact that co-education dls-
pouragfss romance. It is a question, of
course, whether it is better for young
women to live in a fool's paradise for a
few weeks or months, nnd theu undergo
the post-nviptiul fac.i.g of the fact thnt
her adored is a man and not a demigod,
pr whether in the school nnd college as
in the family she shall acquire, the
knowledge of men and affairs which
dispel illusions regarding tlie masculine
sex. Sentimental attachments iu youth
and in mature years as well, are founded mainly ou idealization of character
and this, of course, ft", mingling of the
Sexes in the non-couventioual atmosphere of school and college destroys iu
great measure. The question resolves
jtpclf into shall girls and buys, youths
and maidens, realize lifo naturally as
fhey grow up, or shall they be hedged
about by illusion alio be left
fp, {heir individual discovery of (he
truth? The natural sequel of thu latter
Tjmin^g is the divorce oonrt."
Qt'iii. Ihe nicest of the recent fads is
oue of the new watches, thiu ns a silver
dollar and ever so milch smaller, and
worn on a wide black silk ribbon that is
throwu loosely about tho shoulders.
The bow of the ribbon is placed neur
tho watch nntl n little gold safety pin
fastens watch and bow to tlie .fit Side
of tlie corsage. With evening dress,
when tho watch ease is covered with
jewels in 11 monogram or other design,
the knot uf Muck is most piquant
amidst the. laces of the bodice, ami llie
loose black ribbon low nbout the clccol-
letegc in 11 careless liue.
With ceremonious high necked gowns
the pearl necklace is nu invariable accompaniment, and it is tl|P fashion,
whether the string be a short one or a
long rope lo have llie pearls appear from
the top cd>the .honker at each side nnd
uot tn entirely surround the elioikei
This fad was stinted when Ihe .'-hurt
string of p.nrls flrst began to be so
much woru nnd when it wns pulled
outside the bodice only iu front.' The
long rope, are now strung in such a
way that all the strands come from n
single strand that tucks iusitle the
ohoaker at the back. For whnt the fad
is worth let it lip chronicled I
Carnation Tea   is incre-as-
iiig in popularity  every day
because consumers appreciate
its merits
Are You Swimming
With the Tide ?
If not,    Now    is    the   Time
to chaiige.
Oak Lake JHour,   per  sack $1.05
B. &_*.',' Bulled Oafs, 7-lb sack, Sue
White Star Baking Powder, 3 cans, 2fio
Creamery Butter, 2-11. ...'. .... fine
Cernpi. uud Boast Beef, 2 cans for   25c
Furniture Department.
Wo Have  Saved  You  Mouey Let Us
Give   Yon   More.
Bed Room Suites,.'! pieces *SI!) 00
Writing Desks,   3 drawers.....  .10.00
Call and Inspect the Stock.
5.T. Wallace
West minster avenue & Harris street.
Telephone 1.00
Mail Orders Promptly Billed,
or cherries, and the dinner service is
chosen with a decoration to match. A
small irei; is placed ut ench corner of
the table nntl a larger one in tlio poiltre,
while a garland of tiny glass flowere
counting iniiiiite electric lights passes
from tree to troo. .".''"'her festive table
is to bo lightod with small Venetian
lamps one at each corner of the table,
each with threo fapei'jp burning in oil,
t'.ie lights and the polished brass stand
reflected itt the small out glass pli'.cque
upon which it stands. Iu the centre
of the table there is 11 large oval glass
plftcquo upon whifli is, phiped a polished
brass bow) heaped with frnits, oranges,
pomegranates, figs, grapes, green
almonds antl huge bunches of dried
AMETHYST and a dark red tbat is
slightly embrowned are favorite colors
for shoes to wear with afternoon gowns
of the snuie color, and a beautiful orange
kid make's 11 most adorable bedroom
tank'. It is trimmed with white seal
and lined with quilled white satin
There is a tendency that hns been
hinted at. nud which promises to be tbe
fashion iu a few mor ths, This is the
reappearance of tiny H 's and toques,
This is not to announce the disappear-
mice of the huge affairs we are favoring
this winter, but Ihe addition of a genre
thai has long been ignored nud thai
may well be included in a period wheu
so uttiuy styles of dress nro mingled.
The beguins for eveuiug, a tiny child's
bonnet of gold brocade or gold pusce-
moutejie, is wholly a headdress. It is
uot of this genre that is spokeu of, but
the tiny little caps and hats and toques,
that set liko a coronet B-fiiflst waving
hair'nud that do not-jnt out, or Fhoot
upward, or droop limping, and conceal
the real contour of small round bends.
lri-is,'.-nl.-e.r-^-?r--:;-^.-:'.__-.".'jerA'.':'li..  . a-
City pf Vancouver.
TENDERS.,will be received b.v the
undersigned up to Wednesday,February
Hlh, 1005, at - o'clock in the afteruoou,
for Oust Iron Water Pipe.
Spociticnlitins may be seeu at the
office of the City Engineer.
The lowest or any tender not nqees-
sarily accepted!
Vaucouver, B. C.; January 3*f.li, 1905.
Ciiy of Vancouver.
TENDERS will be received by thp
undersigned up to Wednesday, Feb. 1st,
at 'I p. m., for the purchase of liiu
Cottages Nos, 1870 nud 1883 at Euglish
Bay. For particulars, apply to'the
License Inspector.
'I'he highest or any tender not necessarily accepted,
Vancouver, B. O, Jan. 25th, 1005
City of Vancouver.
TENDERS will be received by the
uudoi'Biguetiup"to Saturday, April 1st,
at-4 p. hi., for the purphuso of debentures of tho City of Vnncouver fo the
amount of _il76.000.00. Thesedebouturos
bear interest ut the rate of four (4%)
per ccut. per anuqiu, payable half-
yearly aud eiieiicliiig over a period of
forty years. The City reserves the right
to reject nny or all tenders.
For further particulars apply to the
Vancouver, B. C, Jan. 2-Mli, 11105.
i&veuth avenue, botweun v    tmliisler avo
.)ueand(.u.._r siiui't, SERVICE-at 11 n in..
iinil 7:H0p. ill.; Sun.iny .Kt tieml at 'J:ao p.m,
Rey. A. W. Mi-U-o-l. I'.Min KohI'Ioiiii' IKII
*\i\\\ ayyliue.oast. "
(J^f(.or ci( Mint unit Wo-tuilnjter avenue*
UEHVlilKH at 11 a.m., and 7 p. m.; s.in-l i\
y'liii'iiiiiiii Hlin. Class -_:;t'i p.m.   Ituv. A. I-.
taste'0?,'B A-B-D" •'"""r-
I Pier_oliiiiie 138 Eli'/.nih avinue, west. Tola-
Uione ni'240.
ftiincr Ninth avenue snd QlleliO!- ,'re-
I^UKVICES at 11 a.m.,ami /:.»> p. in.; Hllmlii)
ficheiol 'SOl^la; i^. liov.'loo.A.WIIson. !'..\..
Pastor. Miin.e corner ol Eighth avenue nml
Ontario street.   To), lootl.
gT Michael s, (Anglicn 11).
riorner rVestDitnflter road »nn Prlnco Edivnrd
.ilroot. 1-KRV'tCEK at II a. ui., auil7:H(l )":.•.,
Holy Coiiiuiiiniiiii 1st and :i<l Bundays In oaoli
moDth after iitorniiiK prtiyor, 2il nud lth sua
^aysaiSii. ni. 'InVd'aaV Hi-imol nt _;:ki p.m;
Eov. G. II. Wilson, Hector,
rjv-ctorr .7. Tlilrte.nth avenue, salt. Telo-
phone Ill7!"i.
Attvsnt Christian Church (not7tH iIhv Ad-
-oatlsts) corner Ninth avon'Oe aiid  Wi-.-unin
tor road. Soi-vh-ti' 11 h. nt., and 7::to p.m.,
Sunday, school at lOtt.rn, %'0111 ik pei.pics'
Boclotyol CoyslWiirkersol Christian 1--1.. 1,-..-
vor moots evory Sunday even ins' ill Ol-Wn'olutik.
|.rai»r-,raci:tlnB rV_Un_idi.y hlghtsa"-8 6'i-lock
J?_ir '\opaI  Ujhws  .^nlihy-rilie    for  THK
l\1Vl_''A')'l?; iiiih' *_t frrj J2 months
Tiny, tiny are the handkerchiefs that
are made of lnee and lingerie over
quilted sntiu, These handkerchiefs are
hardly b'gger than the pnlm of the
hand, and they uro exquisitely hemmed
with monogram. Thoy nre worn inside
the glove or in the tiny pocket of the
waistcoat, wliich, broended, broidcre.l
and gold, laoed, is lo day a highly important pun of tho fashionable colling
I lu  decoration    thero   is    n
■ f   little   pinna   pots holding
e fruit trees, laden with oranges
In a rcftewt Intenlew with Mrs. I,Uy
langtry, ihe very wl'pj ly m'u\:
"Tlu- fact thut I believe Iti tin- Huperloi
force (jt mind over matter does not blind
nie to Uu- Jiulh that the fotmdntlon of evci^
•ucee»*flll lif.' is pood health; that the key.
•tone to physical beaut v ir*. perfect physical
"A sick woninn cannot be a beautiful
woman, nor can rthc be anything but what
we Bn-jjHah call n poor-iipintecl woman.
"To a great extent a woman's beauty is
measured by her vitality—by her health.
"Work, Sunshine, Kxerci«e, Water aud
Koap. Plain, Nour!»hing Food, i.ots of
FreMi Air. and a Happy, Contented Spirit
—there, rh you say, 'lioucst and true,' is
my working rule for youth, youthful spirits
and youthful looks,"
' One great secret of youth and beauty for,
Ihe young woman or the mother is the
proper understanding of lu-i'wo.u.mly sys*
tetn and well-being, .-.very woman, young
or old, should know /irrsr//a\u\ her physical make-up. A Rood way to arrive al this
knowledge is to get n good doctor book,
■juch fnr instance ns "The People's Common
Sense Medical Adviser." by K. V. Pierce,
M. D., which can readily he procured by
pending thirty-one cents iu one -ccuf
|tampfl   for  paper-bound  volume,   or  fifty
Jien^s for cloth-bound copy, and address.
r\g Dr. K. V. Tierce, Buffalo, If. Y.
"Dr. Pierce's Pavorlte Prescription cnn nlwayj
b<- relied upon lo cure when everything elsl
frils," writes Mrs. nr. NicliiMi, of ijoa Limj-tt-y
Avenue. ClllCflgO, Ills. "It is u certain cure for
femnle tnailiki, dis.'.iv, in their wtjrst fonns.
1 suffered for veins with ulceration, Intense
pains and a dreadful Itncknehe. which unfitted
uie for my wink.    Pillfllly I grew fo ill lind to
keep to my bed. in this extremity I used ' i'a-
voriti- Prescription' for three months and then
I wrs well, Otilv those who have passed
throuph such n itegeof slekness as I have will
undersUiud how much I value Dr. Pierce'.. Favorite Prescription."
Dr. Pierce offers %$oa reward for any case
of Leucorrhea, Female Weakness, Proiap.
<ni8, or Palling of Wotnb which he cannot
cure. All he ft«ks la a fair aiid reasonable
trial of his minus of tute. No substitute
Hy "FavorltK P|*eicripilon " otfci- so much.
Citv of Vancouver-
TAKE NOTICE lhat a by-law is intended to be passed by llie City Council
for levying u frontage rale tn pay for
stone liloclc paving to bo constructed in
the bines in the following blocks, viz:
Blocks .'!, 4, ii uud -JR Subdivision Ml
nnd that n statement showing the lauds
liable to pay the said rate and tlie names
of the owners thereof so far as they can
be USOprtfiined from the Inst revised
usscssiiieiii-i-oll. is qiiw filed in the olllce
of the City Clerk, nnd is open foi' inspection during office honrs The estimated
cost of the workljj$(.,798.07, of which
$54!). BO isto .ie provided out of the
general fund of tlie City. .. Court of
Kavision will be held" on Feb. 27tli,
llmt), tit th^City ynll at 1 p, in., for tbe
pui'l-Hisy of hearing cfiiliplaints against
the proposed itsscssiiient nr accuracy of
the frontage ineasilfemenl orai.y other
compluiiit which perstiu. iuleivsied'iuny
desiioto make nnd which is by law
cognizable by the Court.
City  of   Vancouver.
PUBLIC NOTICE is   hereby   given
Hint the Asscssniei'l Hull of Iho City of
Vancouver bus beeu returuod to me and
now ivii-.nius in niy office, whero the
stile.' may be inspected by any person
or pir.-i'iis Interested therein
II 'any jie.niu ur persnns complain  of
liis or llielr iiAsosBtueul ornou-oBResBDioui
or of the iis-esstneiit or nou-nssosanitmi
of 1 ny r-erson or persons, ho or* they
shnll 111 l(.|_ftl Uu days prOvinus lo the
lirsi-niei'tii'.; of the Court nf Revision,
to be held on Wedupadny, the Kith day
nl I'-'lii'tinry, 11 11, 111., 'iu the City Hall,
notify mu of liis nr their nround of complaint, nntl the Couneil Mia), at tbe time
and iilnre above referred toiorui thein-
selve-,1 iiitn a Court of Revision for
bearing such complaint.
THOS   V   -..(.UUKIAK,
Vancouver, B, C, January 1st, 1005,
City  of  Vancouver.
TAKE NOTICE that n By-law is
intended to be passsed bj- fhe City
Council for levying a frontage rate to
pay for a basement drain lo be constructed in the lane enst of Westminster
avenue from Hastings street uortli to
Ponell street and from Hnstiugs street
south to Princess slreet und that a state-
mcnl showing the land liable to pay the
suid ante and llie names .of the owutrs
tlieroof, as far iih they can bo ascertained from the liist revised assessment roll,
is now filed iu \\\e nj'tice of the City
Clerk, itiitl is tipe.n for inspection during
offico hours, The estimated co3t of the
work is .fJ.tiJS.ll", of which $876 85 is to
be provided out of the general funds of
the City. A Court of Revision will beheld on January 80th, 1005, at the City
Hall at i) p in., for the purpose of hem-
ing complaints against ihu proposed
assessment or accuracy of the froutuge
measurement or tiny other complaint
which perrons interested may desire to
make, and which is by law cognizable
by the Court.
Telephone Numbers of  Local Ministers.
B17..-Kev-.U. H. Wilson, (An.llciin).
lose—Rct. is. a. W'llHon, [Pre.byter'an).
Iii-i.-l._v. A. E. Hatha.ington, (Metoodist).
5-lb Pails of L,ard 45c
3 Cans  of Corn..... 25c
3 Cans of Peas 25c
McLareii'sBakingPpwc.er, 20c
Blue Ribbon Bak. Powder, 20c
Extra Cbn.it*c Tea 300 a pound.
RlStt UT! 'PHONK 4.H.
Mt. Pleasant
Ne\y Meat flarKet
2442   Westminster avenue.
OPEN  SATURDAY.    Good Meats at
Right Prices,
M. G. OLIVER, Propriotor.
if yon miss Tin; Auvooavb you miss
the local new..
_-___att»_BM---W-_-M__WMW   i   ■     ■-■*":..■" .
Some time ngo there was a polfiMe
automobile procession In Ibe cily of'puf-
fnlo, N. Y. It was nqtablp for its size, and
also for the fact that it was entirely composed of automobile wagons (like that
Hi the cut above), built to distribute
the advertising literature of the World's
Dispensary Medical Association, pfpprlr
etors nml manufacturers of Dr, Pierce'a
nicelicitics. In nwny a town and village
Dr. Pierce's automobile has been tne
pioneer horseless vehicle. These wagons,
sent to every important section of the
country, are doing more thai) pierely
advertise Dr. Pierce's Remedies—they
are pioneers of progress, heralds of the
putomnhilc age.
And this is in keeping with the record
made by Dr. Pierce ana his famous pre.
para-ions, wliich have always kept In
the front on their merits. Dr. Pierce'a
Golden Medical Discovery is still the
leading medicine for disorders and diseases of the stomach nud digestive and
nutritive systems, for th,e purifying Of
the blood and healing of weak lungs.
Women place Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription in the front of all put-up
medicines specially designed for women1.
use. The wide benefits this medicine
has brought to women have been well
summed up in the words "_*_ makes weak
women strong and sick women well."
The reputation of Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets as a safo and effective laxative for family use is international.
Jt may be asserted without fear of contradiction that no other firm or company
engaged in the vending of put-up medicines can rank with the World's Dispensary Medical Association, either in the
opinion of the medical profession or of
the intelligent public. The Invalids!
Hotel nud Surgical Institute, which is
connected with the "World's Dispensary," is alone sufficient to prove this
supremacy. Here is a great modern
hospital, always filled with patients,
where every day successful operations
are performed on men anil women whosQ
diseases demand the aid of surgery. No
hospital in Buffalo IB better equipped,
with respect to its modern appliances, or
tbe surgical ability of its staff. Dr. R. V.
Pierce, the chief consulting physiciaii of
this great institution, has associated with
himself nearly a score of physicians,
each man being a picked man, chosen
for his ability in the treatment and cure
pf some special form of disease.
The "offer that Dr. Piercu makes to
men and women suffering with chronic
diseases of a free consultation by letter,
is really without a parallel. It places
without cost or charge the entire resources of a great medical institute at
the service of the sick. Such an offer is
not for one moment to be confounded
with those offers of " free medical advice"
which are made by people who are not
physicians, cannot and do not practice
medicine, and are only saved from prosecution by artfully wording their advertisements so that thoy give the impression that they are physicians without
making the claim to be licensed.
Those who write to Dr. Pierce, chief
consulting physician to the Invalids'
Hotel and Surgical Institute, Buffalo,
N. Y., may do so with the assurance that
they will receive not only the advice of
n competent physician, but the advice
uf a physiciaii whose wide experience
in the treatment aud cure of disease, and
whose sympathy with human suffering
leads him to take a deep, personal interest in all those who seek his help and
that of his associate staff of specialists.
Dr. Pierce's Medical Adviser (in paper
covors., 100S pages, ia sent free on receipt of 31 one-cent stamps, or _d stamps
for tlie cloth-bound volume, to pay expense of customs and mailing only. Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
E. & J. HARDY & CO.
Company,  Financial,  Pkkss aud
30 Fleet St., London,  E. C,  England.
Colonial Business u Specialty.
I. you want a
Ring   up
Telephone   987
or  call   nround  at   the   Shin
WOIIXB, 408Ot rdiivii St., west.
ln any case your wants will receive the
iu,1.1! eiiiii'i.oiis   mul   careful iittoutiout
" Correct CngSish,
to Use It."
A [Monthly  Magazine  Devoted  10  the
Use of English.
Interesting. Instructive,
Partial Pphtmts for. iihk Month:.
Course in English for tho Beginner,
Course in  English for the  Advance
How to increase One's Vocabulary.
The Art of Conversation.
Should nud Would: How toUseTbeui.
Correct English in the Homo.
Correct English in the School.
What to Sny anil \\ hat Nut so Sny.
Bti.-i.'.cs Euglish for the Business Man
Compound WordsiHow toWrite Them
Studies in English Literature.
i'-i on a year. Bend IOo for Sample Copy.
Conn hut Enhlikh, Evnustnu.lll .U.S.A.
Tin: AnvofAir is the best advertising
medium where it circulates, Tel, Bin R
The. Big Biirgtiin Dry Goods Store of J... <J.
Big Clearing
5 ALE!
GIRLS.' Flaneletto CHEMISES, worth 85c, 40o, 45c and, 50c,  al}
reduced to 2fio each.
While Bearskin, worth 19.60 for *i.U0 a yard.
"     *3.00   " (18.95   ' ' '   '
White Apron Lawn, fancy border, worth 15u fe-ir 10c n, yard.
Ladies1 Grey Onsbmet-e Gloves, stud fasteners, worth 85c for 30c a pair.
Colored Taffeta Silks in rose and  salmon  piuk,  pink,  oronni,  cardinal,
brown, roscdii, worth $1.50 for 7iic a yard.
Plain Colored French Flannels, worth 40o for -oca ynrd. Striped French
Flannel, worth 50c for Sn: a yard.
Tnpe, 1 doz. pieces for 5c.     Needles lo it package.
A big lot of REMNANTS in Dress Goods,  Wrnppcretlos, Prints,
Elaunelette, Luces, Embroideries, eto.
J. Horner,
4G0 Westminster Ave. Opp. Carnegie Library.
Two More Days,
/^NIjY two days left for our
^••^ grcftt Sejni-Annual Sale. Ou
Tuesday uig|)t, January SlBt,
down conies fhe curtain, nud it-
will bo everlastingly too late to
buy our kind of $J5.00 Suits and
Overcoats for $10.Q0, or our $10.00
and $12.00 Suits and Conts for
$7.50, or $1.50;Shirts fop $1.00, or
$8.50 and $4.00 Trousers for $8.50,
or $4 25 and $4.50 Trousers for
$8.00, or Boys' $2.25 Reefers for
$1.00 or Boys Three-pioce Suits-
tlmt were $4 50 to $5.75 for $8.50
or a number of other things tbnt
men aud boys need every day,
uud on wliich opr priccp are reduced during this grent Sale.
Thin Sale is a Corker I It is a
money saver, and surely you'll,
not let it slip by you.
A. E. LEES & CO.,
At Bottom Notch for Prices aud  Top Notch for Quality.
Andrews Bros.,
8   2315 Westminster Ave. 'Phone 933.
Millinery ; Triinpied and
Ready-to-wear—must- QOI
All   Winter   Goods     at
slaughter prices.
Wouderf ul Reductions in all lines.
W. W, Merklev
Westminster Avenue,  Mt. Pleasant.
Which Meet on fit, Pleusr.n
I. O. O. F.
Mt. Pleasnnt Lodge No. 19 meets ever
Tuesday at 8 p. m., in Odf.{cllows Hal.
Archer Block, Mt. Pleasnnt.
Sojourning brethren cordially invitd
to attend.
Nom.K Grand—O. G. Kenuy.
Rkoordino Skcri.tarv— Tho.
Mnekay, Heather and Eighth avenge.
One Tliousund White and Yellow
Ramblers, two-year-old, nil fli-st-
cluss bushes, for I5e and 20c onch.
Chas. Keeler
Note—Street Cars pnss my place.
2784  Westminster Avo.   Mt. Pleasant.
Westminster Ave., next Glasgow' House
John  Gillmuu,  Proprietor.
THREE Chairs, nnd n flrstclnss Bath
Room is run in eounectiou with  tbo
Barber Shop—give this place a trial.
Jas. Carnahan.
(irili'i-b prtnnptly itl._nd.ii  lo,   night   or
day,  Olinrgei inniliirnlo.
Olllcu: 37 Hastings streot, west,
Telephone Nnmber 470.
Mt. Pleasant Mall, (Pps.pfl\ce.)
Loaves at (1 a.m., 11 a ui., &-6:80 p.m
Arrives at 11 a. m., nnd 8 p. m.
I. O. F.
Court Vancouver 1888, Iudependei
Order of Foresters meets 2d n|.(l -ly
Mondays of each month at 8 p. in.
Visiting brethren always welcome.
Chief Ranger—W. G. Taylor,
_-7 Ki-e-le'l ^rect, Ct
Recording Secret auy—W, H. peBpi
fi"8 Tuiitlt uviinup, uh.i
Financial Secretary—M. J. Crehi.
814 I'rliu'e'.sstreet, City. Telephone]
Alexandra Hive No. 7, holds regulsj
Review 1st and 8d Fridays of enj
month iu I, O. O. F., Half corner WesJ
minster and Seventh avenues
Visiting Ladies always wolcornf).
Lady Commander—Mrs. V. L. BudlonJ
136 Eleventh aveuue, weiil
Lady Record Keeper—Bits. J. Marti/
Ninth avenuo.
Vancouver Council, No. 211a, luec'l
every 2d and   4th   Thursdays  of eml
month,   iu  I. O. 0. F.,   Hall, conn!
Seventh and Westminster uveuueB.     I
Sojfiuruing  Friends always welcomj
W. P. Flewelling, Chief Councillor.
Miss A. Chambers, Recorder,
___s Westminster avenue. Tel. 7.0'
Trade Marks .
Designs      '
copvrights __c.'l
Anyono "tinilliiif n. pltctrh ancl -cacrlptlnp, mo '■
quickly fl-icortnln nur opinion fro. wlicllior u T
Invention la probably patentable. Comraunlw I
tlona Htrictly continent utl, Itiinillioolion I'ntentiJ
aont froo. oiileat njtenoy for ieeurlna patent*. T
l'iilciita tiek.ii tlironith  Miimi ,v Co. rce-ul- ,
fpucliil notice, wtt hout chnrao, In llie \.
Scientific ftmeric-m
A hiMiilflomely .II.in.Tm.ecl wopiilf,   l.nrtfOHt elrra
mini ion ut nny t-fii'iit llli' Journal.    'IVnii.-, $3 ' ]
oori Imir months, ft Sold byoll nowmloitiorn I
 " & Co.361*3™"**—*- New YorH
OIBco, 0-5 E St., Wa-blnston. D. C. _ 1
Electric Lignr in
South Vancouver.
If promises aro within 100 feet of Company's primary wires the
regnlar charge of "KJ.00 will be made for installation of meter and
Uvmps. Beyond that distance lino construction will bo charged
for at tho rate of $10.00 per 100 feot: if sevoral houses nro close
together the cost may bo divided among the householders installing tho Elcotric Light.
The following rates will be charged to consumers:
Meter Rates Based on Monthly Consumption:
On the flrst 40 K. W. hours 17o per Kilowatt hours
"    "  next 60  K. W.    "      12c " "
On consumption over 100 K.W. hours. ,10o pei' Kilowatt hour.
Subject to a cash discount of 5% if bill pnitl on or beforo 10th day
after date thereof,
Theso iu'0 tho rates in force in Vancouver until July 1,  1004.
British Columbia Electric Railway Company. Ltd.
1U-»--%^"*--%-».%%.■%.-»-•%*.-*.•».'».•*. %«V»/%-%-%.%'%,•••'%/•_/%-


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