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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Oct 22, 1904

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 _; ■
If "You Want   Up-to-date
at right prices,  call
Lt.Pleasant Drugstore!
M. A. W. Co.
Irritt Block, Mount Pleasant, i
[JSP" A Snap in Toilet Soap.
Mt. Pleasant Advocate
OCT 241904     <z«
$i per year, Six Months 50c, Three flonths 25c, Single Copy jc.
Devoted to the interests of    Mt. Pleasant, Central Park, South Vancouver.
The Arcade or (h ar.v..le Street
For Light Lunch
Baked Apples—liko home—with Ems Cream.
Genuine Boston Baked Beans
Open ii.-ui 7:"0 a. m., to 12 p. m,
Suuday bom 9 a. m.   to 13 p. m.
Established April 8, 1899;   Whole Number 225-
Sixth  Year, Vol..6, No. 25-
Subscribers are requosted to
jort any carelessness in tlie. delivery
"The Advocate."
□hanges for advertisements should bo
fore. Thursday noou to insuro their
Local Items.!
Ire McCuaig Auction and Oommis-
1O0., Ltd., next to Cnruoigo Library,
listings street, buy Fnruituro for Cash,
Kndnct Auction Sales and handle
knkruptjStocks of every description
Itisfao-iou guaranteed.   Phono, 1070.
Jfonscrvnttvo    meeting    in   Masou's
[ill, Tuesday eveuiug 20th iust.
Che first services in the now Presby-
Kan Churoh, corner of Quebec street
Kd Ninth avenne,   are  expected to be
Ud on Sunday, November 6th.
s. Geo. W. Hu tellings gavo a tea iu
he interests of the Woman's Auxiliary
St. Michael's Churoh 011 Monday
tternoon at her home on Eighth ave-
|ie, east. The attendance was largo
id the occasio u a sucoess.
BThe Annual Convention of the
fOman's Auxiliary of the Church of
pgland 'will be held on Tuesday
Ixt in Christ Church. The morning
rvice will be held in the chnrch, after-
pon sessiou iu the basement; ove-
Ing services iu the ohuroh, for gentle-
Ian as well asr.ieniliersof the Auxiliary.
■el.gates from all parishes in B C, will
(Aaialgnmnticm Sale.—We havo cut
1 one third of tlie prico on all footwear,
fonths' Hnt1d-111r.de Shoe*JI .6: Youths'
Biocs (broken sizes) $1.00; Men's Shoes,
fgulnrSO, now ouly-$8i60; Mfiu's, regu-
|r 18 to $._ Shoe, now only $2 50.
. Mills, IS Cordova street nnd 5.0
trailville street.
1 Thursday evening of uext week, nt
Iho regular meeting  of  the  Canadian
Jrdor of Chosen Friends twenty-live
fandidates will he initio ted.   All uieui-
ors aro requested to attend ou this
luspicious occasion.
Auy one having friends or kDowi-.ig
fit strangers visiting on Mt. Pleasnnl
vill confer a great fftvor by informing
['The Advocate."   Telephone 111405.
Major F. J. Woodsiilo, ex-Customs
Official nt Dawson, arrived in the city on
?riduy last nnd spent several dnys in
(Vancouver, and was Ihe p.uest of Mr
\nd Mrs. H. J. Foote of Ninth ave,, enst
Mrs. Marion B. Baxter, Deputy
liuprcuie Oopimnuder of the L.O.T.M.,
Peft ou Weduesday morning fur Seattle,
after a business visit to Vaucouvor
. The Advocate is always glnd to receive
litems of social, personal or othor news
■from its readers. Sond news items to
Itho office or by telephone B1405.
Mrs. Abernethy   of  Port Moody has
I been spending tlio week  with her  son
Mr.   J.   B.   Aberuothy,    Westmiuster
1 avenuo.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Drtthie have
moved to the corner of Ontario aud
Eleventh avenue.
Weduesday October 10th, was the
Twelfth anniversary of the marriage of
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Devino aud was the
ocoasion of a most pleasant gathering
of relatives iu the' form of a surprise
party. Tho surprise party comprised
tho following: Dr. H. D. Burritt,
Mr. and Mrs. O. Burritt, Mr. and Mrs.
. J. B Cnsselman, Mr. nnd Mrs. J. P.
Nightingale, Miss Hattie Burritt, Miss
Anna Burritt, Miss Markio Burritt,
Messrs. Ed and Harvey Burritt.
DAILY INCREASE IN OUR PRACTICE. We have gnined a world-
wido reputation with our latest discovery which, when applied to the
gums, teeth can be extracted absolutely painless. Our patients are .so
please"! with the results that, they not only tell thoir friends, but personally bring thoni to onr parlors that they may receivo the Samo treatment. In this way, together with the highost-clnss dentistry doue by
our specialists, our practice has gradually increased until we are again
forced to enlarge our parlors.
By tbe use of onr Double Adhesive Suction Chamber wo are nble to
fit the most difficult casts. Where other Dentists Fail We Meet
With Success. If your teoth drop when you try to eat with them, or
if yon are afraid of them striking the pavement when you sneeze,
there is something wrong; they do uot fit. Our Double Adhesive
Suction Chamber overcome tliis difficulty aud is Oini Own Invention
Gold Crown, Gold Filling, Bridge Work and all other Dental Work
doue, paiuloss, and by specialists nud guaranteed for 10 years.
147 Hastings St., E.VanBcoucv.er
Opposite the Carnegie Library.
Office Hours: 8 a. m., to 9 p. m.
Telephone 1566.
Sundays 9 a. m., to 2 p. m.
Dr. Bingley,(dentist), from Australia,
has rented Mr. Peugelly's new residence
ou Eleventh avenue, east.
Mr. W. B. Skinner of Eleventh avenuo, returned Monday from a ten days
visit at Laugley Prairie
Mrs Chas. Kendall of Euderby, B.C.,
is visiting her parents, Mr. aud Mrs.
N. S. Hoffar corner Westmiuster and
Twelfth avouues.
A social will be given at tlio Mt.
Pleasant ■ Methodist Parsonage, 123
Eleventh avenuo, west, ou Monday evening under tlio auspices of the Epworth
L-hgue. A jolly time is promised all
who attend.
The City Grocery   delivers groceries
ivery day on Mt. Pleasnnt;   'phono 280
Tho Mt. Pleasant "Advocate" on sals
at all the Newsdealers in the city.
Mr. Barnes, Organizer for the Canadian Order of Chosen Friends, is a
guest of Dr. Robt. and Mrs. Lawrence,
Westminster avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. Hoffar have moved from
Eleveuth avenuo to tho new house built
by Mr. Domiuey, corner Westminster
and Twelfth nvenues.
FOR RENT : a six-roomed house, 288
Ninth avenue, between Westmiuster
avo. and Westminster road. Apply to
J. Mason, Real Estato Agent.
There has been a change made in the
arrival and departure of mail from Mt.
Ploasaut Postoffico, and the mail now
arrives at 10:80 a. m , and 8pm.;
departs at 6 a m , 11 a.m., aud 5:80 p.m.
Trade Persuaders
Por This Week
Halibut Prunes
Finnan Haddie bry Salt Cod Sweet Spuds
Smoked Salmon Kippers Crab Apples
Another shipment of first-class Apples
Our prices are always the lowest. Qualities the BEST.
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt. Pleasant.  Tel. 1360
His Worship tho Mayor Dr. W. J.
McGuigan wont over to Victoria oil
Wednesday, accompanied by Dr. Proctor, Kamloops
Read tho New York Doutal Parlors
advertisement iu this paper, then go to
New York Dental Parlors for your work
Mr. J. B. Ronnie and family are
moving today into tho residonco ho
lately bought ou Eleventh avenuo. Mrs.
Watson has rented Mr. Ranuie's cottage
ojjBfJifth avenuo.
By tolling merchants thoy saw their
advertisements in The Advocate our
readers will confer a favor and help tho
paper greatly.
A noted Evangelist has come to Vancouver in the persou of Rov. E. H.
Shanks, who is conducting a serieB of
meetings in the Mt. Pleasant Baptist
Church. He took part in the great
Simnltaueons Mission in Melbourne,
Australia, when over 8000 peoplo wero
converted. In the 40 Missions conducted personally by Mr. Shanks iu Australia over 4000 people wero converted.
His recent tent Mission iu Victoria wns
a great succoss, and one. of tho results
was tho organization of 80 young men
into an evangelistic baud to
hold Bervices all over the city.
Mr. Shanks prefcreuce is for union
meetings. He will continue (ho meetings in tho Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church
for ten days longer. Ou Sunday he will
address the morning and evening
services and a Yonng People's Mooting
at 2:80 p.,ui. Mrs- Shanks will sing at
all tho Bervices.
Road "The Advocate" for local news.
HALF PRICES provail in our two
stores on many Hues, and evou tho newest goods just received aro offered ut
cost, price. Wo must have room in one
store to do our business in future
Early callers have tho pickiugs.
R. MILLS, 18 Cordova street and
540 Granville street
"Only the bums are idle," isthostnto
ment mado by ono tlio Liberal Party
speakers—F. C. Wado, K. C —ut the
Liberal Rally en Thursday evening.
If a mnn has not a steady job he mast
be a "bum" nccordiug to high authorities
iu local Liberal ranlcB.
Ou Sunday nfternoon at 8 o'clock tho
opening service will bo hold iu tho new
Seacome Rond Sunday School Hall,
South Vancouver. Rev. W. E. Pescott
will preach and tlio singing will bo lead
by ruemborsof thoMt. Ploasaut Methodist Church. The Sooaoine road is about
half way between Westmiuster road
and Westmiuster nveuuu. Tlie hall is
not fnr from tlio atreet enr liuo which
runs along the Bodwell. A oordial invi-
tatiou to attend is exteuded to all
TENDERS WANTED for clearing,
grading and fencing West Vaucouver
School Gounds, containing oue acre, of
land. Apply to Secretary, ,T. BRYANT,
corner Westminster aud Nineteenth
Before starting ou a shopping tour,
look over tho advertisements in the
Rev. O. C. Owen occupied tho pulpit
at St; Michael's Church on Suuday
evening last.
Miss Nettie Hoffar, who is teacher at
Squamish, will bo homo today for a
visit to her parents
_ Mrs. Dnlzell of Tenth avenne, and
little daughters, have been sponding
this weok visiting iu Seattle.
Advertise in 'Tlie Advocate.'
Tho season has arrived when you will be
asking yourself: "Where shall I go to
find the best Heaters for tho least
Ask your friends nnd they
will tell you FLETT, Mt.
Pleasaut, has the best
you will find in tho
aro always
STORE. Tel. 447.
W. R. OWENS, M_ui_g_r.
Good Dairy Butter
20c per pound.
Creamery Butter
.   i=lb. prints 25c.
H. O. Lee,
2425   Westminster Ave.
: 'Phone  322
l-l _-w a _ _* __   IC < n _• _-_ - o l-o - «-« /v -7 y
House Furnishings
Now is the time to secure your Fall stock. Buy this week aud save money.
Lace Curtains—White Lace Curtains, 8"^ yds. long, in handsome floral
designs; special this week sJlJSB a pair Laco Curtains, 8*»j yds. long,
woven border; special at $2 a.pair. Fine Net Curtains, 0% yds. long,
wovon border in a handsome scroll designs; regular $8, special $2.50 a pair.
Towels.—Huckaback Towels, size 24x4p, special for 15c each. Turkish
Towels in bleached and unbleached; special at 5c, 10c, 15c, 20c, 25c A 80c.
White Towels 00 by 28; extr i ipecial for 35c each.
Table Linen.—Unbleached Table Linen, special for 25c, 86c, 50e and
60c a yard. Bloaehed Table Linen, spocial 40c, 50c, 05c, 75c, 85c, %l and
$1.25 a yard.
Cor. Ninth Ave
Central fleat flarket
& Westminster Rd.   Telephone 954.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in all kinds of Fresh and Salt. Meats.    Fresh Vegetables always
on hand.   Orders solicited from all parts of Mount Pleasant and Fairview.
Prompt Delivery.
W00dr0W & WiHiamS. Onager.'6'
2321   Westminster   Ave.
Mt. Pleasant.
E. H. Peace,  Proprietor,
00 00 00
Wholesale aud Retail
Dealer in Meats of
All Kinds. Tel. A1206
Vegetables and Poultry
iu season.
Prompt Delivery.
[J5_r Subscribers who fail to
get "The Advocate" on Saturday moruiug please notify
this office.    Telephone B1405
Thero will be a Song Service at the
Mt. Pleasaut Methodist Church on
Sunday evening. The Choir Leader,
Mr. G. P. Hicks, will provide a program of new anthems, solos, and hymns
for the congregation. Miss Brenton
will sing "He Wns Despised and
Rejected," from the Messiah. Mr. R.
G. Hicks will sing, "Fear Ye Not, Oh
Isreal," by Dudley Buck. The Choir
of this church has a reputation of beiug
one of fhe largest and best in towu aud
a-Song Service whenever giveu draws a
largo attendance.
If you kuow any items of Mt.Pleasant
news—Social, Personal or any other
uews items—send them iu to "The
Advocate," or by telephone—B1405.
The Fall
What have you in mind ?
At least one Sack Suit—a Frock Coat or—
Cutawaj—perhaps a Dress Suit or Tuxedo ?
They nre aVrtior-., reaoy'foT yonr choosing. Distinctive . Fit-Reform patterns. Exclusive Fit-
Reform styles. Masterful Fit-Reform tailoring.
And the perfect Fit-Reform fit.
Let us show you the novelties and staples for
this season. The pleasure is ours, whether ycu
buy or uot.
Suits $12 to $30.      Trousers $3.50 to $6.
333 Hastings St.
Vancouver, B   C.
Mail   Orders   promptly   attended   to.    Self-measurement Blanks and
Samples sent on application.
Bought at a Snap. Sold at a Snap.
Regular  40c,  MOW 25c per pound.
The City Grocery Co.
Tel. 280.
Westminster Avo. & Prlncoss Street.
*3 f HT W Iff ff? ff? ff? ff? ff? ff? ff? ff? ff? ff? ff? ff? £
«=     BEER
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men ***•
of years and years and years experience, _Sj
and a brewery whose plant is the most _*
perfect known to the Art of Brewing. Is *""*
it any wonder that it has taken a place _3|
in the hearts of the people wliich no other beer
can supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2.   Doz., pints  $|.      3
Vancouver Breweries, Ltd. 4
Vancouver, B. C.       Tel. 429 ^
Ti HUH Hi HUH HUH Hi iH Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi'Hi fi
For Sale at ull lirst-clnss Saloous, Liquor Stores and Hotels   ^
or delivered to your house. ~"••
A Silk Sale
From tho fact that nearly 2BOO yards of HIGH CLASS SILKS go ou
sale nt ono third to ono-half of regular pricos.
Brand New Silks only opened up a day or two ago, and bought by our Mr.
.Tunics Stark while in tho East at such a remarkable prico concession that
wo are able to offer tho entiro lot TO DAY at these, astounding prices.
I860 yards of   Black and   Colored   French Taffeta Silks,  <_j gr
blnck, old rose, cerise, corninnl.pink, heliotrope, aud scarlet, etc , Jjj^
711 inches wido; Regular values 7fic, 85c, $1 at	
B80 yards Black Tnffeta Pcan de Soie and Moire Velour Silks, g»|*V _,
also Whiio Moire Volour; Regular values 85c and $1,  at   \3\/V>
Women's and Misses Jackets
$8.oo to $17.56 Values for $3.50.—Sounds redioulou. to oftcr such reductions, but there aro 11 few left overs from last season and must bo burrercd
ont. This price will do H~-89 ouly in Ihc lot. Thoy embrace many styles
nnd materials, boiug throe-quarter und short lengths, in beaver, frieze nud
rough serges.  It will pay yon to be on hand early.
Silk ana Wool Waistings Aboot Halt-price.
Beautiful Cream Silk aud Wool Materials Bedford Cords.
85c Value 50c   75c Valuo 50c   75o Value 40c   65c. Value 86c
Stark's Glasgow
HOUSe iTO Cordova St.
\ Corner of Oimliii- Street
Officer W. R. Wilsher of tho City
Police Force, and Miss M. Baxter of Mt.
Pleasant, late of Leonard's Coffoe
Palace on Granville street, wero married
at Christ Church at 10 a nl., Tuesday
by Rov. O. O. Owen. Miss Alice Cas-
calleu was bridesmaid and tho groom
was supported by officer McDade. After
the ccroinouy, tho happy couple left for
a short honeymoon trip to Victoria, aud
on their return will tuke up their residence in the. city.
Ei.f.cthoi.vsis Par Lou of Hnirdross-
ing, Manicuring, Facial Massage and
SoSip Treatment for Ladies and i-eiitle-
men. Supurllnous hnir, warts aud
moles removed by Electrolysis.
Valuable Information given to every
lady patron ou "How to take caro of
Skin Food for building up tho wasting
tissuo. Orange Flower Cream to pro-
vent nud heal sunburn.
Madamb HuifPHBETS, 589 Granville
nsh Market
8811 Westminster avo. cor. Seventh ave.
All kinds ok Fresh, Smoked, Salt nud
Oauned Fish for sale. Poultry nnd
Eggs bought nnd sold. Gamoiii season.
Okdi.uk left nt tho shop Promptly attended to.     DAST & LAWRENCE, Props.
Full Line of Fancy and Staple
Prices to compare with any.
Cor. Westminster avo., ii**Duffcriu St.
Lawn Grass Seeds
Clover and Timothy Seeds,
Pratt's Poultry and Animal Foods,
Pratt's Lico Killer,
Holly Chick Food,  Beofscraps, Eto.
SI/CITH  Corner    NINTH avenue   &
TckpliniHi   10 3 7.
If you miss Tub Advocatk you miss
ho local news.
The Dress
House of
We hiivo Iho largest utock of
Cloth and Tweed Dress Goods in
Vancouver. ' In Medium Price
Dress Goods we have a very lnrgo
stock and extra well assorted in- in
patterns, makes and colors Ladies'
if ynu want the makings of 11 rep.
ernte or extra skirt at a low price
we have whnt you want, or 11 heavy
school dress for your gills at a
moderate price.
Tweed, -.ibolitio effects, good
Weight 1 regular fine,  this week 40c
Zibellno, heavy, -In-in. wide:
regular 75c, this week BOO,
Tweeds, 45-in. wide, very pretty
patterns; regular tl, this week 75c
Mixed Tweeds, flO-in. wide, five
different colorings; regular $1 50,
this week fl.
303 Hastings street.
McTaggart & Moscrop
Dealers in
Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
Return 1Z Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
and we will scud freo your choice of 80
pictures. Or for 25 wrappers choice of
150 books. Book* nnd picture lists on
The Royal Soap
Co., Limited,
Norton's   Grocery
Pricks Ait.: R_QHT,   COME ami
inspect our Block of   FRUIT,
W.iittillil ter IM., unil » ..II.'i St. (901)
3<4 Carrall St.,
Tompletou block.
Vancouver, B.C.
Advortizo in tho "Advocate."
Our slock of Wedding Presents i,. the most comprehensive in the history of our
A new shipment of Cut
(lliiss, buds additional value
to our stock of worthy-gift
-goods, suitable for prospeo-
tivo brides,
Corner Hastings and Granville 8te.
Otllcinl Watch Inspector C. P. R.
For Local News  Rend THE ADVOC-_T%
___!________». mount Pleasant advocate.
if I
i a
l_j The Crime of tlallew-E'en:
B .«. a
Author of "A Brok.n Betrothal," "The Heiress of
Cameron Hall," "Parted-at the Altar," Etc.
the love of Heaven    let mo
"For ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Tlio stern, obsequious servant hkII"-
ering in tho merry guests thut were
gathering nt Cray-stone Hull to participate in Bonnylin Dare's Hallowe'en party, had suddenly encountered
an uninvited guest—un illy clud
stranger attempting to smuggle
herself in with the throng.
"Who are you, nnd what nre you
doing lure'.'" he demanded, hnisiiuc-
ly, confronting her.
'For the Iovo Ol Heaven let mo
pass," murmured tho young girl
pitcously. "1 must see Aliss Bonnylin Dure."
"Must," repeated the mun, contemptuously,' "ilnii'ii pii'ily good;
but let mo tell you—you won't sen
her to-night. Como, move on; don't
stund hero making a scene nnd
blocking up the entrance. Tilovc on,
I say."
"I must seo her!" retorted tho
girl, breathlessly; "if you refuse mo,
you will regret it to your dying
"Neither threats nor persuasions
will prevail," declared the man angrily; "whatever yonr business is, it
must keep until to-morrow. Vou
cannot see her to-night, that's certain."
With n ery of frenzy sho attempted
' to dnsh past hiin; but the inun
caught her slender arm in a grasp
of steel.
"I believe you "tire an escaped lunatic," ho declared angrily. "I hnvo
tho greatest mind In the world to
hand you over to the authorities."
Tho beautiful girl grew deathly
pale, nnd she recoiled with a low,
startled cry, her while hands clutching nervously nt her henrt.
-,t "I hnvo done no hnrm," she panted, struggling to free herself from
his grasp, "if you won't let mc see
her, release mo and I will go nwny."
"I shall see that you do not hnve
tho thnnco to do any harm," lie answered, forcing her down the serpentine path, and through the gnte of
a side entrance thut opened out into
a lane.
"Now, go," he said, releasing his ,
hold of her arm. %
Once freed from his grasp, she
turned upon hiin with the fury of a
young, panther, crying out hoarsely:
"Tha timo will come when you will
look bnck to this night and this
hour, with a curse on your lips. You
will remember—ny, and bitterly, too
—how a desperate stranger pleaded
with you to speak with Donnylin
Daro for one minute—only one little
minute—this Ilnllow-o'en night. It
was not much out of a lifetime, nnd,
you refused. Oh, you will rmncmlioi'
it to the last day of your life."
Rcforc  tlie  astonished  mnn    could
open his lips, she had wheeled about,
f t.nd in nn instant was lost, to sight
amidst    the   'dense    shadow'1 of the
beech trees,
"Pshaw!" ho muttered, hurrying
swiftly up the path to the house
again. "I shall puy no attention to
such nonsense."
As ho reached the corridor, glancing up, he saw a slender, girlish figure enveloped in sky-blue tulle, nnd
a lovely, dimpled face framed in
floating golden hnir, leaning over tho
halustrodo of the floor nhove, looking down upon him curiously.
"Who wus that poor creature,
John, and what did she wnnt?" sho
nsked, coming down the stairway
two steps nt a time.
"Oh, it was only a 'crank' who
Wanted to get into tho house, Miss
.sonny. I sent lier about her business," replied John, reddening uncomfortably beneath tlie scrutiny of
tha girl's .keen, spurkling blue eyes.
"You should hnve sent no one fron;
tho door on Hallow-eve," she declared imperiously, "its unlucky. No
doubt tho poor thing was hungry —
you should have sent ber to the servants' hall."
"I'm sorry," begnn John, npolo-
geti-nlly; hut the little beauty cut
I.im drift with a wave of n mite ol
a while hand.
"Consult 1110 in future," she snid;
"it's a sliunie to have dancing nnd
feasting going on. nnd a poor creature like thut. looking on—perhaps
hungry—out side of the gatos."
At lhat instant the iiiimo Le Roy
Plcrpont was announced; nnd before
Bonnylin Ham could mnko her cscapo
from tlio corridor, a tall handsome
yonng fellow had come quickly up
to her, a pair of strong while hands
were clasping her own, a pair of
laughing, splendid dark eyes wero
looking down into hers, while a
thrilling voice murmuri'd musically:
•liuii,,y, my Ititlo dnrllngt"
"How you frightened me. Lo Hoy,"
sho said, drawing her hands nwny
Irom hiin, and lookii  ; up Into     his
handsome face uiih a stnllo hnlf
sniicy, hnlf roguish—wholly irresist-
lliln. "Why. 011a would think WO had
been parted a yeer lustcnu of a
"You    havo    not missed me then,
Bonnylin?"  ho answered,   in  evident
pique;   "to  1110  the  lust  week       has
seemed like seven years. We arc nov-
j'cr to  part again,  Ilonny,"    ho went
.on eagerly,  "for By this time     next
•week you will  he iny bride. Yet,
"somehow, I shnll never feel quite
sure of you until wo stand at tho altar together. I have an intangible,
iindciiunlilo fear that I may lose you
even then. You must never prove
false to rao, Donnylin," he cried, "for
If you should 1 should he templed to
kill you—then kill myself."
"Oh, forgive nie, my darling," ho
pleaded, us she drew back from him
wilh a startled cry. "For a moment
tho Idea overpowered me, and 1
was mad enough to utter the wild
thought that rose up in m.v heart.
'You will never give me cause for
jealousy,  will  you,  my darling?"  ho
vent on, in his deep, winning tone.
"ft would serve you right if I
-llo'tild," declared llonnyllii, cresting
•hir lovely golden head, ami giving
hint a scornful look out. of n pair of
ihc prettiest blue-bull eyes in tho
whnla witlo world—nntl curling her
rosebud mouth into a pout thnt was
over so sweet.
"It would kill mc if you did,"    he
,_responded hotly.   "Ynu  kuow my besotting  sin—.iculnuiy-  I'.oiinyliu.       It
runs In the fumliy lilood; why, when
1 met Soverno on the porch outside,
1 fell, like thrashing him. 'What is
that fellow doing here?' I snid to
myself; 'surely Bonnylin could not
have invited  him  here  to-night.' "
"And why not?" del-fended Donny,
briskly. "He Wns poor pupa's best
friend. Of course I sent him nn invitation, but, really. I am a littlo
suipriscd thnt he came to-night; lie
is so much of a recluse, you know."
"Ho is a hermit and a miser," responded Lo llo.v Plcrpont, impatiently, "und ns for being a friend of your
father's—I do nol credit th.it. Soverno could lie no mail's friend. Ho
is a modern Blue-heard us well, if
the story is true that he wedded four
lovely young brides, within us muny
years. Bach Wus fated to meet a
tragic death ere the honeymoon wus
ivi-ll over. 1 lnwo m.v doubts wlu-.hel'
one renlly lost her life iu the railway
accident he lolls about, and that another Was thrown from her horso;
tho next fell dead in her pew at
church, and tho last nnd most beauteous of them all tlied abroad. This
man, who proves so dangerously fascinating, ought never to have entered these doors—no good can come
of it, Donnylin, my heart tells mo
"Wo must not believe that absurd
rumor about tho d I (for ont brides. I
am sure it is all a base fabrication.
Ah! here ho comes now. I must bo
civil to him, Le Hoy; remember he is,
my guest."
Handsome Le Hoy Plcrpont turned
on his heel with something very like
nn imprecation on his lips, nnd
strode away, leafing Bonnylin standing alone under a blossoming nlo'e-
trco awaiting the approach of the obnoxious guest.
There was not a prettier girl in all
Virginia than Donnylin Dare as sho
slood there amid the blossoms, tho
light from the clinndelier falling upon her slender figure robed
in floating       sky-blue tulle,
nnd        her        pin't        and whito
dimpled, saucy, rosebud face framed
in a halo of golden, curling hair.
Donnylin had n strange history for
a girl of seventeen, nnd a most ro-
I mantle one. She hud been left au
' oiphnn in infancy—or so the noto
stated wliich had been found pinned
to her person—for she had been a
stray waif, found on the doorstep of
the village seminary one summer
A sum of money was found among
her effects, wliich, the note stated,
wns for the purpose of educating
her; and whnt was stranger still, a
deed was found, conveying to tho
child n stone house nnd a tract of
land in the western part of Virginia.
"Many years ago, this place was
(he home of one of tlio Dares," the
note load, "und no doubt it will
oue day become the refuge of this
little one, who bears the name Don-
nvlin Dare."
The trustees of the school kept the
child, and for her benefit made every
effort, to let the house during tbo
years that followed, but to no
No family could be found who
would remain in the gray house tho
fust month out; each and every tenant left hurriedly and in grent confusion, nnrl no persuasion could induce them to divulge the reason
At Inst the attempt to let it Wns
abandoned altogether, and it was
given up to decay. dust, nnd tho
mold  of accumulating years.
Thus iho matter stood when Donnylin searched her sixteenth birthday.
She had grown up inlo the merriest little madcap Imaginuble — a
mixture of good ami bad, Willi a
nature ns variable as April storm
and sunshine.
A willful, cnprlcious daring, quick
to Iovo nnd ns quick to hate; quick
in resenting evil, and always in .a
startling and novel wny, yet always
deeply repentant for causing pain
the instant nfler, and begging in
tears lo lie forgiven.
Full of faults, yet so winning nnd
gny, no one could love her the less
for tliem.
Always rushing headlong inlo mischief; her latest escapade had been
running awuy from school, turning
up one tine morning ct the home of
a friend snme fifly miles distant.
For this last unpardonable offence Donnylin hnd been .summarily
discharged from Ihe seminary and
forbidden  to return.
1 he money which was left to her
account was sent her, together with
tho deed of Ihc old grny-slone house.
No more school, no more lessons,
no more study nn long summer days.
Donnylin was jiihilcnt over the
"Madame Thome, the cross old
tiling. thinks this will bring ine
hack post-haste, mid tbnt 1 will
lie begging on m.v knees to be taken
back, and that 1 will have had
such a scare over Ibis dismissal I
will be good aud docile over after;
but she don't know me," ilonny declared. "Why, 1 feel just like a
bird who has flown out of lis cngo
when the door was left njat, and
funis himself suddenly out in Hid
great, beautiful, wide world, where
he belongs."
Dohliylln counted over the roll of
bank-notes inclosed.
"Twelve hundred dollars I" she
cried out in dismay. Why, it's a
fortune—und docs all this really belong to 111c?"
".So it seems," answered her school
friend, Theodora Trento.
"Do you know what I am going
to invest lt In?" snld llonnylin,
with flushed .hooks und shining eyes.
"It will give 1110 tho one great longing wish of my life—It will tako 1110
to Europe* nntl back."
"What—alone?" cried Theodora,
" Why, no, of course not, you
gnose, "laughed Donnylin, merrily.
"I sliull induce thnt poor assistant
teacher who lost her place in the
village Bchool yesterday to no with
mo as companion, friend, chaperon
—anything you like. We Can go
over In one stenmer ami come hack
in "the next. Then I'm going to
Oraystono Hull to live ever nfter."
It was the maddest scheme that
was over carried out, but it Was
carried    out,    although    Dounylln's
alarmed friends felt a tin1- DCtter
satisfied knowing the young madcap
had not gone alone.
Holon Rochester bad gen. with
her. ,
It was on the return trip that
Donnylin mot her fate.
The steamer had scarcely steamed
out, of port ere Bonnylin became
aware of tho presence of a very
handsome young man leaning carelessly against the rails of the dock,
standing scarcely ten feet from her,
gazing at hor in intense admiration.
For one fleeting instant the 1 hie
eyes und black oiv.'s met in a swift
glance; then Bonnylin turned nway
was a confused blush.
The gentleman smiled.
In vain he sought to ingratiate
himself In the good graces of the
elderly lady who had 1 barge of the
Utile beauty booked us Donnylin
But Miss Rochester coldly repelled
tho handsome young gentleman's
overtures toward acquaintance, and
Le Hoy Pierpont, the Boston mil-
lioliatro's son, who had never known
wish ungratifiod in his life, was
consequently  in  despair. I
Many 011 shipboard would have
found un excuse lo have spoken to
their inamorata, but young Mr.
Pierpont was a gentlemen, preferring
the only correct formula—an introduction.
Ho appealed to the captain, but
win n Aliss Rochester was broached
on the subject, a decided objection
was the result.
She declined on the ground lhat
her charge was by far too young for
gentlemen's society.
Of course llonnylin knew nothing
of all this, and spent her time between anger and pique, watching bi>-
hinil her long golden lushes tho handsome, winning stranger, who was always gazing at lier with eager admiration, but who held aloof so
lt was certainly a case of reciprocal, nrdent love between these two
at first sight, for ninny a night
Ilonny's lovely blue eyes were wet
with tenrs as she tossed restlessly
on her pillow, listening to the wash
of tho waves outside; and a longing
wish came to her lhat the steamer
might sail on forever, for when it
came into port nnd Iho handsome
stranger disappeared nnd sho should
soo him no more, a cold, chilly
blight would fall over hor life, for
sho  had learned to love him.
It is quite true that love laughs
nt. locksmiths, for true and loving
hearts will find their mates in spite
of every obstacle.
Matters might have gone on forever in this very unsatisfactory way
if Fate had not trjl.cn tho affair in
hor own hands and smoothed out
the rough path leading theso two
together, yet it happened in a tragic
I way.
Ono night,  in the very face of the
terrible storm that. Wns raging, Ron-
I ny   had   stolen   from   the  cabin,   and
made her   wny  out  on  deck.
.She had scarcely advanced a rod,
clinging stop by step to the rai', ere
a quick tread sounded behind hor,
and a husky voice cried out sharply:
"I beg your pardon, Miss Dare,
but let 111c beg of you to return to
tho cablo, the dock is no place for
you in BUch a storm; allow me to
escort you bnck."
Donny turned with a start, and
saw, by the swinging light of the
lanterns on the masts, the pale faco
of the hero of her day dreams —
handsome Air. Pierpont.
"T thank you very much for your
solicitude, sir," said Donnylin, demurely; "but all tlie same lam not
going bnck to tho cabin; I came out
bore to soo the ocean in a Storm nnd
I intend to remain. It is grand."
"Would you mind if I stayed hero
too, then, to protect you?" he inquired anxiously; "there is positive
danger here; sec how the vessel
sways from side to rile, lf one of
those mountain waves should dash
over the deck your frail hold would
lie as nothing—you would be swept
Into  the  sea without warning."
"You may stay if you like," returned Donnylin, with a. smile so
coquettish that it fairly bewildered
the floor fellow; "llie deck is just as
free lo 0110 passenger as it is to
another.   I   suppose,
Ho smiled down into her lovely,
sparkling, girlish face; hut beforo he
cotlld reply, quick as a Hash, lhat
which he had feared occurred; tbeio
was a wild, piercing, ngoiii-ing cYy,
a terrific wave had rolled over tho
deck and In an Instant of time lie
wns standing alone.
-And  down—far  down  In  Ih. seething  vortex  below  him,  ho could seo
thu mnd  waves closing over Bonnylin Dare's lovely white face end
deo head. ^^^^^^^^
lu less time thnn it, taken to tell
it, heroic l.e Hoy Plcrpont had torn
oil coat and hat, und find sprung
headlong into the sea lo her its-
It was a miracle that ho succeeded
in catching hold of her, nnd dinging to lier wilh the grip of death until liis shouts, heard al mo the
storm, brought belli, and thoy were
bulb rescued by menns of tho lifer
rope Hung  nut  to  them.
From that day noble Lo Roy Plcrpont wus regarded iu the light ol
u great hero among tbo pnsstn_.CTH
ol ihc QulvoBta.
It ended in the ono way wherovcr
a handsome Wan and an impressionable young girl are concerned—a.d-
uiit Iovo on bolh sides—and a I 0-
trothal ere Ihc steamer rent bed poi t.
Tho lovers had been botrolhud four
long months, which Bccmcd nn   age
to tho i111pulit.it wnuhl-be bridegroom. It was settled that the
ceremony should tako place on Iho
week following tho Hallow-e'en festivities.
To Afiss Rochester's consternation,
Donnylin declared that she would
bo married nt Oraystono Hall nnd
nowhere else, nnd that a week preceding this event, 011 Hallow-eve, a
grand party should bo given her
friends und neighbors us a sort of
Preparations nnd renovation began on a grand scale at once, and
tho littlo village, far off in wcstivn
Virginin, wns thrown into a state
of great excitement.
Oraystono Hall was to be inhabited at last, and Invitations had been
sent out for a grand party, to bo
held there on llullow-e'en.
A duy or so later, the lovely,
girlish mistress arrived at the village with a retinue of servants—Miss
Rochester at the head.
Basil Sovcrne, a tall, Hark man,
hoard the startling news from his
servant without comment,
When ho found himself nlone, ho
gave vent to a harsh, discordant
"I shall he Ihe nearest neighbor of
tho lovely young mistress df Oraystono Hall," ho suid,  leaning    back
ln nis cnair. ,;•_ have on Idea that
she will remain longer in that old
pile of stono and mortar than. her
predecessors have done."
With a .sudden Impulse ho arose,
crossed the room, and took from an
old cabinet a king, thin, steel key
heavily crusted with rust.
"Pshaw!" ho muttered, thrusting
it back in its receptacle again, "why
should I look back Into "the dark,
horrible depths of the past—my revenge is complete! She arrives by
tho 810 train to-night. I may as
well see what this voung mistress
tif Oraystono Hall is liko; fair of
face and false df heart like all tho
rest of her sex, 1 presume," ho
ruminated grimly. "A beautiful
butterfly whoso life ought lo be just
as  short."
When Donnylin sprung from the
train that evening—the prettiest little figure Imaginable In her silver-
gray traveling-dress, with its bright
ruby bows, and jaunty hat with ils
drooping plumes—a tall, dark figuro
stood motionless in the dense shadow watching her.
Ono glance at her lovely face; then
turning, he Walked swiftly away.
"Far more beautiful than——"
He  stopped  short,  frowning  darkly,   a new  thought   having evidently
taken possession uf him.
"If I so will it, that beautiful lit-
tho creature would be mine," he
muttered, twisting the ends of his
heavy, black moustache witb a white
band, on which a diamond, set in a
blood-rod stone, glowed luridly.
"There need lie no wedding feast,
if I so will it, at Oraystono
Hall; or, better still, 1 might be the
bridegroom. Eight-und-thirty. I
feel old at that age; but pshaw I
there is a reason why sho daro not
refuse mc though I were twice that
ago. Ono of her race broke my
heart, ruined my life, made mc curse
tho beauty of fair women, changed
mo from a brilliant man into the demon they call mc. I could pay it
all back with a vengeance, if this
girl were my bride. She is a Dare,
but, I could crush her daring spirit
—crush her haughty will. I know
how! Why ponder over the matter
lunger?     Vcs, she shall be mine!"
Basil Soverno smiled grimly when
he found the invitation for tho Hallow-e'en party on his table the next
"Of course I shall go," ho said.
And this brings us back to tho
scene beneath the blossoming nloe-
tree when Donnylin Daro stood beneath the light of tbo amber-tinted
clinndelier, wilh hand outstretched in
welcome lo hor bitter foo.
There was the usual formula of
greeting exchanged, then Donnylin
was claimed by other guests.
it Wis a gala night and a gala
scone. Tho old rooms, gorgeous
with, banks of roses, and waving
banners, and roso-hucd lights, re-
snunded with girlish laughter and
fresh young voices; and the strains
of soul-inspiring dance music set
nimble feet to whirling in the giddy
mazes of tho alluring waltz.
Bonnylin was the gayest of tho
gny; she meant that her new' friends
should remember this Hallow-e'en
C.nn.es were indulged in, and forfeits paid under the swinging horse-
shoo; every one voted it a sad pity
the jolly party should break up even
when the village doc's tolled tho
hour of one.
Tho young gentlemen declared Ihey
would terminate the affair by a
rousing cheer for the lovely young
mistress of Oraystono Hall, and nnother cheer for the happy event
which was to take place on tho following week.
In the midst of iho revelry Donnylin slipped up to her room a moment.
There was a smile that meant
mischief on her roguish rod lips,and
a dancing light in thoso blue-bell
"Twenty minutes of twelve," sho
murmured with a start. "I really
wonder now if the story is really
true that the old servants tell? if
a young girl goes to the Dlnck Tool
alone at 'midnight, on ITallow-eve,
and looks into the dark waters just
as the clock strikes twelve, if she
really wili see the faco of her future
husband mirrored thoro?
' There could I.e. no harm in the
experiment; why of com so not, for
they say lhat our grand mot hois used
to try all kinds of tricks en llallnw-
e'en, at midnight, that witlh ng
hour when ghosts und goblins are
supposed lo walk abroad. I guess
we're no better than our grandmothers wore.
"Well, here gees, right or wring!
it will be stub find Of courso my
fato is settled, but wouldn't I slum
In the most pmlocrul awe if the
dimpling waters took the shape of
-.e Roy's handsome face; but of
course they must lf the test is true.
"My guests won't mist. 1110, I t).m
Taking a long, dark cloak from thu
wardrobe, and throwing a thiol, veil
over her golden curls, Donnylin slo'o
carefully out of the house b.v way
of the back stairway.
Over the orchard and through tho
moUm-patch, over the dancing crock
anil'through the narrow belt of forest, Donnylin flew with winged feet.
Tho Black Tool was the name given to a smnll pond lying nt tlie edge
of the forest.
It was not tho ploosantcst spot
in tho world, oven wilh the sunlight shining on its slill, inky waters; but ut night, Willi the shadows
of the gigantic willows lying ncross
it, and the ravens circling and whirling above it, it was a locality rather to bo dreaded.
But nur duuntless, fun-loving heroine wus a stranger to tbo word
She would havo gone to Black
J'liol nfler she had onco started out,
oven though nn army wilh drawn
swords  stood  in  the   way.
There was a lighted clock in tho
c)iurcb-slccpio down in the valley,
und Donnylin could see, as sho stopped, panting and breathless op tho
vory edge of tho pool, that it wanted but two minutes now to tho midnight hour.
"I  had  little timo to spare,"  she 1
told herself, with a sollicking laugh,
as sho throw off tho dork cloak and
"Now here's nil ready for tho experiment!" she cried, bending her
dimpled, roguish face over tho motionless pool. Ah, how plainly tho
dark water reflected every dainty
feature as Bonnylin bent over it.
"Lot mc see, the words that call up
the vision aro something llko
these,'' she murmured wilh a littlo
saucy laugh. "Of course It's all
nonsense; but I'll say thein anyhow:
" 'I'll cross my hands in tbo   shapo
of a T,
In hopes my true-love I shall see;
Not in his riches, nor in his array;
But in  the clothes he wears     every
day.' "
5 fKftl
Vmmm***************   photographer, If necessary,   so   that _Cavcs littlo to bo desired, and, Just«|
ti good   likeness   can   bo   published. _v,  on0 0f ihe best printed shoots lal
Wo would bear in mind Burns' wish, tV.'t! province.    It is   a   standing   ro-T
and let its readers seo tho editors a. commendation to tho typo faces and
tllilir lives, their alms aiid
thoir Influence.
No. I.
of the Carberry Express.
There aro many stondnrds—moral,
material and intollectunl—by which
the progress of the Canadian West
may, be measured, and to all of them
the vast prairio-plain and mountain-
sea lying between the Grent Lakes
and tho Pacific gives a triumphant
response. Though tho present sum of
Its achievement is but the more promise and prophecy of Its potential
greatness, it can bo safely asserted
that nowhcuo on earth has similarly
rapid and permanent development
been made, over ao tremendous an
area, in thc-sninc spnee of time. It
ls but three) decades since Western
Canada was, the Groat Lone Land.
To-day it is,fast becoming the granary of the [Empire. Thriving towns
and hai.dsnlmio cities rise on every
hand, and [everywhere nro the evidences of ^enterprise, content and
others seo the-iu, and that cannot be
done if unt.qiio relics aro sent to the
engravers instead of good photographs. We want our "Mirror" to
bo natural.    Vcrbum  snp.   'Null sod!
Mental  and physical  alertness   ars
tho most obvious  characteristic), of
_    . Air.   D.   A.   Huckoll,   editor    of    tho
Among the" Contributing factors to   Carberry Express.   Keen of thought,
this   wondrohs   transformation   may   ron(|y ,;f SpC(,ch|  B-vitt  of nc_jon,  i10
bo recorded, the Influence of the West-   improsso_| ono )>v ti10 i,rondth of his
IV""--      T~ "    """-*
general equipment carried by the Te
ronlu Typo Foundry Co., Ltd.    Tl_|
Express    worthily    reflects    tho
portanco nf the  town and district il
which it is published, and is a gooj
type of that important class of locij
newspapers   ot    Canada,   which
not merely to give the news,   but tj
direct tho thought of thoir rcaderj
Public   honors   unusual   to such™
young  man   hnvo    been    offered    Ml
Huckoll, but   he has hitherto doclinif
them, devilling   all   his   energies   tl
tli" Upbuilding of his paper.   He con]
tinues to  take,  as  is natural, a leer
interest in educational matters;    AI
forms of athletics   and sport appofj
to him, and, despite tho demands
bis growing business,  ho   still    finfl
timo to  follow   most nnd  indulge
somo.    In   the   days   when the Cal
I'ei'i'v   football    team was liivincihlf
Mr.  Iluckell was famous as its gonj
keeper,     playing    n-a    entiro    sensoj
without losing a single goal.
ern Canadian ]Vress. In this vast
country tho printer camo hand in
hand with '.the pioneer. Tlio debt
of _rratitudc< tho West, owes to
its press had never been sufficiently acknowledged or appreciated. With
tireless vigillnnco and unfaltering
loyalty the men who controlled tbo
organs of publicity hnvo toiled, always with zeal',- and nearly always
with discretion, ... for the welfare of
their district land their country.
Though men of strong convictions,
both political anVl personal, it was
seldom that tho (advocacy of thoir
views overstepped1 tho bounds of do-
bate, and hence the tone of public
discussion In tho Western press has
always been marketf by fairness and
Few of the pioneer publishers of tho
80's   survive.     Many   of   them rest
sympathy and the bright sincerity of
his goodfellowship.
Alureover, Air. Iluckell is a typo of
that success that always await energy and ability In tho Canadian
West. Ho is still a young man-
thirty years of ngo tliis summer—
ami his career is ns remarkable for
ils [inst accomplishments as for Its
future promise.
Prior to entering newspaper work
Mr. Huckoll hod doije distinctly
good, if not distinguished, work in
tho realm of education. The teaching profession in the West is the vestibule to the law, tho ministry,
surgery nnd the editor's'desk, and it
was by that route that Mr. Iluckell
entered tho nrenn of journalism. Ho
had como to Afnnitoba in 1883, a
hoy of nine years of ngo, with his
parents,   from   Ottawa.      Ho   camo
from their   abors, though their good, honostly by his liking for newspap.
works   testify   to   them.     To   then,   „,„.,._  fol. „„ fnU        ^ g'
came   little   reward other  .than   the  oll( wns a voto,.nn ,vho fl
knowledge, that   the,v   were   helping Ottawa Citizen   In   tho earlier days.
lay broad and  deep the foundations | Th__ family ,vcnt t(J napjd ^   ^
to Car-
of national greatness.'"Few lett much j .,.„_,_ t__enc0 movcdj _„ la8(!
moro than the old Washington press   bo_,_-(   „.„..._   .....   g.
that each   week   printed   tho   local   ■ •    ■ -   - '
news and tho editor's "views,   a   fow
fonts of typo,   and   a   largo unfyiid
subscription list.
The ranks of tho Western Canadian
press now include a number of now
and younger men of character and
ability. Thoso, each in his own constituency, exert much influence, but
are in many cases unknown outside,
except through thoir opinions on
current events, published daily or
weekly. Yet there is a natural curiosity among newspaper readers to
know somohwat of tho personality
of him to whom thoy daily or weekly
look for news. For this reason tho
series of articles begun in Ibis issue
will be a feature to attract general interest. Not only will the public get
more knowledge ns to tho appearance and personality of the editors
whose papers they read, but it is
also hoped that the series will bring
the editors thomselvos in closer
touch with each othor, softening
whatever asperities may
opposing views on public matters,
and promoting friendlier relations
through tho kinship .of common aims.
The Toronto Type Foundry Co.,
Ltd., proposes to continue the series
until it includes every western editor.-
Proprietor and. Editor Carberry Express.
When completed, tho series will
form a Oallory of Fame-possibly
tho unrcgenerato may say a Rogues'
Gallery—which will contain a portrait and estimate of tho moil who
control and direct tho press of Western Canada.
And, speaking of portraits, the
editors aro requested to mnko a 1 nt
been   factors   of   importance  in   Its
municipal and political activities.
Young Huckoll attended tho public
school nt Carberry, leaving it to
attend the Ottawa Model School,
whore, in 1889, ho wns silver medallist. Returning to tho West, he nt-
tonded St, John's College, Winnipeg,
from 1890 to 189!), nnd took tho
teachers' courso at tho Winnipeg Collegiate. After obtaining his professional cortificnto, he taught at Ren-
burn for three years. It was while
(hero ho met, nnd married, Miss J.
K, Graham, of Lokefield, in 1894.
It was perhaps circumstances, more
than   inclination,    that   forced    Air.
I Iluckell iato journalism.    Tho   local
Conservatives desired a party organ. ,        .
I Carborry already  had a locnl paper, I
I Tlio   News,   professedly   independent
I nnd confessedly
j venture, tho os
petitor was   admitted   to bo inj
J dieious and unwise,  but political ro-
I quironienls overrode commercial con-
result from   sidcrations,   and   in   1892   tho Carberry   Express   mode   its   first   appearance.
For several years it struggled
along. Tho local news field was very
imperfectly covered, and its fashion
of arranging nnd displaying the news
would have moved a llvo editor to
wrath or profanity, according to his
disposition. But, if it fell far below
tho standard as a local newspaper,
within the limits of Its space It fulfilled every requirement as a pnrty
organ. Its editorials advocated Cnnr right
servativo principles nnd defended
Conservative policy with skill, weight
and vigor, and wero frequently relieved by a brightness nnd a vim
that made them ns attractive ns
thoy wore formidable. But, despite
this partial success, tlio Express was
run nt a financial loss. Several trlod
thoir hand at Its management, and
all fnlled to mnko It earn a revenue.
/Ct Inst. Thomas Iluckell, fathor of
tho present editor, bought It, rather
thnn see It discontinue publication,
A few months nfter bo transferred It
to bis eldest son. tho Iato. Fred
Huckoll, nnd under tho management
of tho two tho Express turned tho
corner, nnd begun to build up into a
valuable newspaper property. Each
year it grow i" strength and importance), till Air. Fred Iluckell. who hnd
never been very strong, died In tho
fall of 1899. When Iho matter of tho
disposition of the eptnte was considered, Mr. D. A. ITiickSll doeidod tp
forsnko tho portafroiuo's desk, buy
the Expresfl, end  beromo nn editor.
Under his management tho Express
hns continued tn develop, until It is
now regarded 01 o«i nf tho foremost
local papers of Manitoba. Though
still giving consistent support, to tho
Conservative party, tho Express is
no  longer nn  organ,   but  a. newspa-
Tlie. I.inv -.vrluiles Thorn iih WilneJ
cm Aitalnsl Their __iu]>lpyors.
The Russian si i'vitui i-i hived for oil
yeur and is lold exactly what his pul
lieuhir duly is to be. lie llien sticlj
to that one duly. .As li.n;; ns oiictl
nut faithfully performs llie spei
dt'.lie.i of his position all Is we!
tho neglectful butler or cook or cuiu-l
mini is sent by the employe); with
written nolo to ll.d***tK>IlfC judge, wll
iil'lcr eirei'tilly InvesUgiillug the coil
pluinls hns a right to order bodily piu
Ishuienl. or In write a bad marl: iu to
book kept for this purpose.
In  great   Uiissiaii   households  oflol
from twenty 10 llfty soi'vanls are lu.ij
anl  even   the  middle  class   fiiuiilli
have Iwo to  foul',    The pay of the;
servants varies nccordins lo tlie llr]
of  work.     While  the  "ehiel's"  in   tli
kitchens of wealthy fnniilies oflen r%
colvo i*.Ji*0 a yoni. a cook in an ordinal)
oiti.-.i'ii's employ gels uo inure thnn lit
11 year, uud n maid of all work nevJ
gels more thnu io ti year.   At Kusll
every servant gels a present, gotierulj
n suit or dress.
Every other Sunday the servants
a Russian household nro entirely fre
Their work slops Snturday night aftj
supper,  when  tho servants  leave til
house not to return until tho next Moi
dny   morning.     The  employer:',  n-.'vf
nsk  where  or  how  tbo  free  time
siient. WBa
Russlfin servants will pilfer.   Sino]
Russian Indies leave everything to tl|
care of the servants Ihe hitler 0^ 1
they plense.
The manservants smoke cigars bil
longing to llielr masters and pay frj
queut visits to tho wine cellars of tin
house, but a gentlouian woultl eoiisidoj
It "doiueiiiiing" himself to prosecute
servant for this.
The Russian servants will talk nboS
follow servants, but never nbout Ihel
employers.    Even when Ihey quit nn|
place   und    take   service    in    nnnlbe
family Ihey would never mention 11115
thing   nbout   tl.oir   former   muster.
: This discretion gees so fur that eviij
Ihe law considers It.   In Russia the hnl
[ excludes servants as witnesses tigainJ"
former  .or   presold   1    ploycij
so long, nt least, as these servants ui'l
ly nble.   As   a  business    not Suspected uf having taken part Ifj
'stnblishmcnt of a com-    Iho crime-London Mall. ■„ J
admitted   to bo injudi- |  ]
A terrible lot of love Is wnsled of
cats, dogs and unmarried meu.
So many people waste time! Do ypt
do it? Do you talk, and talk (iboiH
How wo nil  dislike the child  lhaj
j bus Ils own way and is impudent!   m
ot us need a groat deal 01' training
A  good   many   people  nre  like  pit)
plant—tbelr   good   qualities   ni'p
known because no one handles therj
When a wn;:::;
preacher sho is
than ever thai
vantages she d
If a woman Ir
when she |s :!■■;
sny, "Well. I
I do not thin
If you hav:
probably lie.'
few  hnve il
all, udveii.i.y
-Atchison ai-be
1';. daughter marries j
morp liriuiy convince:
l.fr children [uiyp
1   mil  enjoy.
,;.,- loves her husband;
!.ed  hnw-  ho Is she lylil
ii it's no! .'ompliiilii lull]
lie Is  Very  well."
li Me I.aid seas,' l|
l.i'.uiii   iuio you;  veryj
.ili'iiiiy;    i-'.i llinl, iii'i
111] t-r.lirl.in ure iisi-iiilJ
Tile   Cc:
Telling iii his booh
experiences ut.'.r llie
lulu Svei'ili'iip wrote
seals were llill'popllctl
tho large .nrellc bare
have contracted Ihc
;;e hinting
ll-.lll  p:.le. Clip-I
"IVillmuP-  audi
in,l shot and ul.:ol
which seeais I of
peculiar linbll ofl
frequently running long dbtuiices 0111
its hind legs.   Hunting was not always!
easy, the atmosphere playing slrung
pricks wilh the eyoslgh., as witness iho,
following nppoutit ul' the stalking of al
hear: 'Willi  the utmost cuutlim,  with]
his gun ready nnd bis pyp fixed |nex>
Ol'ilbly on Ihe bear, .-'ehlei ndviuioptl lnj|
Iho spoil   Meanwhile Iho boar sat wn.'i
ging Ils head, but keeping 11 |-a.i,l |uol.-
por,  Its editorial utterances being In out, l( uppciv.-.i. fur when Rplile] had,
general  temperate nnd  free from ob- coma B011I0 lv,e:ilv s'elis iiciiiiy ij im,
truclvo prejudice.   Its local news sei'- ami flow nw.iiy.    II Hew lis well as any
vice ls nbly organize*!,  tho field bo*, hlrd, which, al'ler all. was nol ronnirkj.
rertlslng   contract   with    tho    local    Ing  well  covered.  Typographically It   ^i^ f01. |[ Wils n j-|:H„.))(l., g,|||'.
Pretty Cu-toms off Japan.
Japanese Indies are like tho French
In their love of social Intercourse and
conversation. They pay fewer visits,
but stay Infinitely longer, nlwnys two
or three hours and sometimes a whole
dny. They arc received by the maid,
who place? n large silk cushion for
them to rest ppon, and much time ls
spent in dctalhid Inquiries coijcerning
each other's family. Thprp (9 np special calling day in .Inpnii. They visit
when their fancy takes t|iefn, and they
never gp empty handed to 0 friend's
house. The gifts arc usually fruit or
flowers or perhaps a fresh Ash, ami
whatever Ihey take Is always daintily wrapped In n little box of paper or
(To be Continued.)
Nc«Ieeto-l  Her For Papa.
Beautiful Ernestine wns sobbing db
though her heart would break.
"What ls it, dear?" asked her girl
"IV-wby," she sobbed, "I t-told Jaek,
after he had proposed, to go up and
see papa."
"What of that?"
"Why, they started playing cards,
and now he goes up to see papa every
I I.i,k!I*1i   riit'.rn.cleriKllrH.
:    The Englishman is less serial than
moil of any other national!!;,'; 1 mean
ho Is less conscious of tho lies which
j bind humanity together, his moral for-
I illation owes little to his relations wllb
j other nieii, ho scarcely troubles hini-
I self about what tbey think, nnd it' ho
ever  considers—the   mutter ut all   It
makes no dlucrouco in his sentiments
and actions.   In short, the Englishman
Is to a eei'taln extent a recluse; ho Is
moro n|oof fron) tho world In which ho
lives and Hip neighbors whom ho elbows   than   the   men   of   any .other
nationality, — Boiitiny's  "file  IIi.yli_.l_
Tlie  l.'neei-liilii   -tVorlil.
"This is the most uncertain worl'
that ever I wus. |n!" said the dencoqr
"Vou think so?"
"I know It. Only |hc plhor dny the
parson sighted a hurrlenuo fur off nn'
run tor n storm pit nn' pulled the lid
on an'—whal do you rpc-kon happened V"
"The Lord knows."
"Hni'i'lciiiie chnnged |(s mind-turned Inlo 11 nlliliqiuiko an' como mighty
nigh swnllered  blm  whole!"
Freal-M of [OObertfs.
The fishermen of Newfoundland possess llie curious faculty of being able,
as they say, to smell Icebergs* nnd
thereby escape many encounters wllb
Ihem. Really, howover, Iho fact Is
that the approach of a berg is heralded by a sudden and decided cooling
of the atmosphere, which these experienced inai'liicrs soon perceive nnd
nro warned by. But oftentimes a vessel will run Into 11 nest of bergs and
nnty hnvo to lie lowed lo safety by hor
bonis. A frequent cause of disaster
Is that, iho submerged section of n
berg being caught in Hie grip of a
current, the mass piovps steadily
nj.uln.sf wind and spa und. crashes liyip
the craft before slip can escape. 'The
same circumstances c-nuae the remark-
able sight somi'tlfiies witnessed of flues
driven one way by tlie wind, whilo
bergs cut 11 wide swath through them
In another direction, impelled by tlie
currents, Tho lee of a berg is often
a fnvoi'llp shelter from slorm, and
arptlc steamers, northern whalers nntl
Noui'iiiinilhind scalers frequently adopt
the novel expedient of anchoring til
bergs which experience shows tlipm to
be surely balanced.
Hand Labor iir.il Slow IWoHioiIh Wli.n
tin- linl_t*j.t'y  WAS  New.
Tho lirst really efllclcnt luclfer match
must, bo put to the credit of Mr. .lohn
Walker of Stockton-on-Tees, who in
tho year 1827 plnced then) on the market under the name of ','Cougrevos," In
compliment to Sir William Congrpve,
tlie Inventor of the war rocket. These
matches were sold for a shilling a box,
which contillned, besides a few dozen
of the mutches, a little piece of folded
sandpaper, through which each splint
of wood had to bo drawn before It
could be made to Inflame. An original
tin box, stamped with the royal arms
and bearing the word "Congrove," is
preserved ns a curiosity hi one of the
Loudon museums.
As In the caso nf all othor industries,
this ono was Initiated by hand labor
alone. The splints of wood were no
doubt originally dipped lu the Igniting
composition one by one, but subsequently they wore tied up in bundles
and dipped en bloc, the workman giving each bundle n twist with Ids hands
«> that llie end of each splint would
he free to move to a certain extent
and absorb a lillle. more of tlio compound Hull) It Would II kept quite still.
The next advance was to Iks the splints
in a frame so that ouch was sepuiuted
from lis neighbor ami Ibis (runic, containing about l.ntlfi mutches, would be
brought down on a marble slab upon
whleh the composition was spread.
The lipped matches, aiill In llielr
frame, would then lie dried in nlr for
a few hour.'! and afterward placed in
a boated chamber lo complete their
desiccation. Manual labor Is now til-
most wholly dispensed with In the
miinnfacttire of matches. The employment of yellow phosphorus for the
charging of mutches mndo the Industry it vory unhealthy one, nnd the
workpeople, If not In Iho best of
health; ran the risk of contracting a
terrible disease known as necrosis of
tho jawbone, the vulgar name for
which was "pliossy jaw." With Improvements in manufacture this evil
lias now been eliiiiimite.l.—Chambers'.
They Were Common In Porn In the
Diijh «,r th,' Incus.
Suspension bridges, some of them of
^considerable length; wero common In
Peru in the days of the Incus. They
were formed of cables of twisted osiers
passed over wooden supports and
Stretched from bank to bank, then
hound together with smaller ropes and
covered with bamboos. The road from
f'uzco to Quito is still* noted for frail
bridges of this sort, wliich are In con-
slant use nnd spun deep chasms.
Tho Chinese also, according to
ICIrchcr, have for centuries been familiar with the "suspension" theory
and hnve constructed chain bridges in
which tho weight of Ihe roadway ls
supported by tho tension of tho chalqs,
The first Iron suspension bridge ln
Europe was built over tho Tecs, near
Middlctnu, in 1741, for the use of minors. Two chains were stretched In a
straight line, steadied by ties from
the bunks below, nnd the roadway for
foot passengers was supported by tho
'i'he modern suspension system practically dales from 1810, when bridges,
both over IOO feet In length, wore successfully completed at Galashiels and
Pe'pbles.—London Standard.
Tbey Wero VouiinT Kn*_tr-s WIio Aclcil
f\H   I'ajfp-i   t:,   the   Klllf.,
Rkoat derive.i (he word Il0110linin.il
from hen..',sliiia:i (Am.In Saxoul, hnrso-
pinti, groqm. II is probable Hint bench-
men were in Ihc llrst instance young
nobles who at stale ci'i'umnulps ultond-
(«! on Ihe king as ii.gtlii'.cd pages.
History speaks of theso henchmen |i.
t|l|s piipncity, fur we read that Henry
\'|. had three and Edward IV- six pf
I lieu,. Wn lind. too. that tlu'.v were
mentioned in the royal ceremonies ns
belonging "Id the riding lipuseliold"
nn.l leui. part In tournaments.
The last lline "henchman" Ir. mentioned In ciiiiii.'clhii) with the cThll't Is
in till' reign ul' Henry VIII., and gradually II enme I a mean an ordinary
page, 'Ihe word is used by Hen .Ion
sun iiiiil Shake::; care In tills sense,
Iii un Kngiish journal of April (i.
lse.l. a Mr. \y. Henchman claims lhat
Ids family look llielr name f'.'phi words
spokt'ii b.v Henry VII. In an fllieestni'
In llie I,Hilling field, who had ridden
as his ,pnge throughout au arduous
day. "(Tir.'.shorm.gh," cried the king.
"Hum ml a veritable hi'iicliuiniil"
Ilnr.ionpnlhy is a theory of medicino
promulgated by Dp, Samuel Halino-
llianu (17.1*1 ISI.'b of l.eipsic |u 1810.
I| aaserls lhat any disease should be
trpiitpil by nictllcincs in pilnnlp doses
t|:::t wn;:l I produce 111 a heallhy pa
llpiil s,,Tii|itoii;s nfitillttr to thoso niuiil-
fei'-ril ly llie disease requiring treat-
Uirnl. This la the principle, off "like
1*'-, ai-' lie i'i:n"l h,v like ii'iiiedles"
(Lnltii, stmlllii sluilllhus ciiruiiluri and
Is biiswi mi llie theory that two similarly disoaso;! inn..'!!:..as eu'iiuot sill,
si.-l  In  li.e  same  organ  nt  the Biinic
i. .-<"if.ni.!...
FlrsfTo-iti'iU'to'i'-I-iow did you fellows liiipphi In get ii job of repairing
Ihe pipes ii Piling street? They wort.
Ian! only a few years ilgo, and thoi'O
was nothing the niilter wilh them.
Seopnd fitjutriictur- 1 know It, but Iho
Blglit nf li.id elegant new pavement ou
that street was altogether, (oo (ompt-
A Summer Co-ufjli
In the hard-Hi kind InKctrlil of and the
in.);,. dnug.iuus kind to no.:l._U
CS^^tCa   Tho Lung
•-«-*_ v    Tonic
i will euro yon quickly nnd .rarely—fltop
i favor, Bfcrohgthon the lumen and
):o >uu well uyuin.
..!! .Ir.ii.ifii.s, 26c, f.Oc ud 11 .00 m V-otlle.
Tho first thing the doctor does
alien he is culled to see a fretting,
worrying bnby is to frivo it a niedi-
cino to move 1 hn bowels nnd sweeten
the stomnch. The doctor knows thnt
ninc-leiiths of the troubles defecting
jKibii-s und young children nre due to
irritation of the stomach or bowels,
and that when the cause is removed
the child is well and happy. Bnby's
Own Tablets nre nn nlwnys-nt-hnnd
doctor, and promptly cure nil tho
minor ills of little ones. Thoy contain no poisonous "soothing" stuff,
nud mny be given with .sufety to tho
tendbrest infant, or the well grown
cli ilil. Mrs. J. Overnnd, Hop worth
Slut ion, Ont,, snys: "My littlo one
was much troubled with indigestion,
nnd Baby's Own Tablets gnvo imme-
dfate relief. I have found the Tablets
the most, satisfnetory medicino I
hnve ever used for children." Sold
liy all medicine dealers or sent by
mail nt 25 cents a box, by writing
Tho Ih-. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Urockyillo. Ont.
A pntionj nt lire Selkirk nsylum
wns seen exercising wilh a wheelbarrow on Un- lawu Ihe other day.
''Why do you run your wheelbmrow
turned upside down?" ashed a bystander. "Heeause I nn: era/y," iv-
pliwl Ihe pal ieut. "Il' I turned it up
the other wny tbey might (ill it wilh
There ]» moro Catnrrh In this (.fiction of the
country than nit other dlsrasRs -put together,
nntl until tlm Inst few years was suppose.! to he
incuinhlo. For a sn-at many years (lot-tors pronounced it a local disease and prescribed local
rcniidli'S, anil hy constantly fnllln*-; to cure with
lot-ill treatment, pronounced it lneurnhlo. Science has proven catarrh to ho a constitutional
disease nnd therefore requires constitutional
treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured
by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, Is the only
constitutional euro on the market. It ls taken
Internally in doses from 10 drops to a teaspoonful. U acts directly on tho hlood and mucous
surfaces of the system. They offer One Hundred dollars for any case It fails to cure. Send
for circulars and testimonials.    AddresB
F*. J. Ctil'JNEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold hy all drupels ts, 76c.
Hall's Family rills arc the best.
The Mew Vork Herald tells of n pa-
lient confined in ihe Rollovub pavilion for the insane who thinks \\a is
i hotter composer thnn Verdi. There
ire moro of that kind, but. they ure
roaming free.
Paruidleo's V(footutile pills aro compounded from roots, herbs nud solid
ox t rae I h uf I. now n virtue in i he I rout-
nrm of liver uud kidney complalhls ami
n giving tone to the sy.-tem whether
enfeebled by overwork cr deranged
through excesses in living, They re-
ire no testimonial, 'I heir excellent
tllties are well known to nil those who
hnvo used them, nnd thoy commend
IheniEclvcH ti> dyspeptics und those subject lo hiliousiu'.ss who are in quest of u
beneficial  niedicino.
"lucre's    one    thing I  must  spenk
to you about,'' snid ..Ihe new maid.
'Vour husband addressed me ns 'my
loar' Inst  night." '/Oh, don'l  mind u
littlo   thing  lil.e   thai ,"   replied    Mrs.
Gay boy,  "Why, he even addresses me
t hn1   way soniel inios."
Faulty KEdncyS.-Hnvo you back
ncho? t'o you feel drowsy? Do your
I im lis feel heavy? Huve you frequent
headaches? Have vou failing vision?
Have yen dizzy feelinji? Are you depressed? Is you skin dry? Have you a
tired feeling? Any of these slpns prove
kidney disease. Experience lias proved
that South American Kidney Cure never
'How much older is your elder
sisl.'i' than you are. .I-iliumy j" asked
the inrjuisitivo young man. "J don't
know," replied the young hopeful.
She only has a birthday every
ther year, no 1 guess we will be
I wins pret Ly soon."
Minard's Liniment Cnres Colds, Etc.
In   Franco  I hey nre   cutting   down
trees bv electricity,
'I'he sense of smell is keener in fresh
ail' I ban in stale or p.dinted air.
Hiianl's Liniment Cm Garget ln Cows.
*i  woninn flutters with lu-r eyes;   0
(linn  wilh his tongue.
WllBh rTOiny dishes, polii or puns Willi
Lover's Illy ISiiiiii (ii powder), II will
remove   Un'   i'itihi'   wilh   tin'   greatest
Rhfiep nro now Hlii'iiri'd by electricity.
(looil  annp  Is ituuli' I'roin thi' soup
li'i'i' of l''loriiln.
generally comes because of
troubles peculiar to women ;
these troubles come from a
cause simple in itself, but which
Beecham's Pills will quickly remove. There are many ways
in which women suffer and
A Woman's Backache
is another most serious ancl
painful experience of many
women. Thousands of women
»ro taking Beecham's Pills
periodically and find them
wonderful in relieving the suf-
ering. Every woman should
acquaint herself with the good
theso Pills cau do, as
A Woman's Suffering
can bo avoided by using
See special instructions to
women with each box.
Prepared only by Thornae Beecfaun, St.
Helrnn, l'.n_la-il. ..,'_,'
Sold everywhere In Canada and U. S.
Ann.. Ira.   In box.-, 28 cenU.
fmiRlit the  lili'n.
BlllStor—Po Jon moan to any tlmt I
nm n linr.   Blister—I hope flint I coulil
nnt do so nngeiitlemnnly a. tiling.   Cut
| Bi'P you cnlch niy lden.
Thoro would not be so ninny opon
noulha If tliore wci'fi not dp mauy
spot) cars.-Hull,
The l:.,'in>llnn,
"1 nm setlliig up ii fliihsorlptlon list
for tlio relief of the poor. Can't yoll
pul your fnmlly down, sir?"
"Mntlnm, since you nsk a personal
ipiestlon, 1 din't mind lolling you that
I run put 'em all down, except my
will's mother,"
fmmcn.'ic Fortunes Were Hfot t'llPO'n-
iiu.ii   En   the Old   I)U7-a.
When I.. Calpumlus l'iso wni appointed governor of Macei'.onia fo. one
year, he drew for his outfit froifc the
public treasury 18,000,0U(. sesteree\ or
lir.D.OOO. He did not want the ruotiey
for that purpose. Everything required
by ajiroeonsul was supplied to him hy
the province. Piso simply took the
money for himself nnd lent it out
In Home nt high Interest O. Vcrres
wns charged by Cicero wltb having
robbed Sicily of £350,000 in three years,
besides many valuable works of art.
lie practically admitted his guilt by
retiring from Rome without attempting
nny defense. Cicero when governor of
the poor province of Clllcla found hlm-
soir tho richer in one year by £2»,000,
nnd he was perhaps the only nroconsul
who ever handed over his surplus to
the state.
There cnn he no doubt that Cicero
and the younger 1-liny received large
sums from llielr .clients while those
clients were still living. Ualbus is
not likely to have secured the argument "Pro Bnlbo" for n mere trifle,
And the gratitude of Sicily for the
prosecution of Verres undoubtedly took
a very substantial form. Apart from
all such honoraria, It Is recorded that
Cicero nnd the younger Pliny received
legacies from clients to the amount of
£1711,000. Gibbon tells us, on' the nu-
lliorily of Olyiuplodorus, that several
of the richest senators had an bieomo
of i'lfiO.OOO a year without computing
tlio staled provision of corn and wine,
—Rondon Globe.
Tells of Diabetes Cured by
Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Thla   FnnmiiN   1-iiKlii.h   Knee   Conrno
Whn  Qacon  Aiuie'H.  lden.
Ascot well deserves Its proud prefix
"royal," for it may claim to be the
child of n queen, and pcrtainly lt bas
been n prime favorite with nearly all
ber successors on the throne.
It was Queen Anne who, when she
wns riding one day over Ascot common, saw what a splendid she It would
make for a race course, and sho forthwith determined that a course there
should be nnd that she herself would
offer a plate to be raced for. Thus lt
came about that the London Gazette
of July 32, 1711, contained this announcement: "Her majesty's plate of
100 guineas will be run for round the
new heat on Ascot common, near Windsor, on Tuesday, Aug. 7 next, by nny
horso or uiliro, hoing.no more than six
years old ihe grass before, carrying
twehx' stone, three heats, to be entered
tho last day of .Inly nt Mr. Hancock's
at Fern Hill, near the starting post."
Threo times that year Queen Anne
traveled In .state to see the racing on
Ascot common, and on ono occasion,
we are told, she was accompanied hy
Miss Forester, a maid of honor, wbo
was "dressed like u mau, with n long
white riding coat, a full flapped waistcoat and n small cocked hat. three cornered, bound wilh broad gold lace, the
point placed full In frunt over a wbita
powdered,    long    (lowing    periwig."
The Wny Joknl Worked.
Ouo who know Jokai. the Hungarian
wrllor, says that the novelist never
troubled to work out his plot In detail
beforehand. "Ho trusted to his imagination for guidance ns to what his
characters were to do at a given moment, and often when he bad completed a chapter of feuilleton wbjeli half
Hungary was waiting to read lie would
remark to Ills friends ns tlie printer's
devil rushed away with the copy, 'I
should like to know whnt those people
wili (ind to do and say tomorrow.' Jokai started his characters on their careers, enlogiy.iug them If he liked them
or caricaturing tliem If be meant them
to excite amusement or derision, and
(lien lot them work out their own destinies across the pages of his manuscript,"
!'!ih! of the Clnme,
It was liis move.
He made lt, captured n pawn nnd announced:
"I see," she pouted. "But you had
the advantage of a bishop."
"Some dny, Bella," he whispered,
pursuing the advantage, "may I niato
you wilh the assistance of just a common preacher?"
After which there was no more chess
W. G. Ilarll.'iiiiiu conld get no Itellef till
He Tried tlie (treat Ciiniiiliuii Kidney
Wapella, Assn., N.W.T., Aug. 15.—
(Special;.—This thriving town furnishes one of the most remarkable
cures of Kidney Disease that has ever
been reported on the prairies. Mr.
Win. (1. Bartleman, a well-known farmer, is the man cured, and ho makes
the following sfiileiiient:—
"I had Kidney Trouble and it developed into Diabetes. I went to the
doctor, but his treatment was of no
use whatever to mo. I began to take
llodd's Kidney l'ills in December,
1002. I took them all winter and
summer while I was unable to work
my farm. I took twelve boxes in all
and in August I was able to work.
"Now I nm quite si rung. I worked
nil winter without pains in my back
or nny part of my body. Dodd's
Kidney  l'ills cured  mo." H
If Iho Kidney Disease is of long
standing it may take lime to cure it.
But Dodd's Kidney l'ills will do it,
'I'he now Moderator of the Presbyterian Assembly in Australia, I lie
Rev! W. F. Holland, of Molbourno, in
a native of Edinburgh. He oinlftr^t-
ed lo Now Zealand with his parents
iu 1850.	
Itching,   Burning,   Creeping,
Crawling Skin Diseases relieved in u fo«
minute- bv Agnew's Ointment. Dr. Ag-
new's Ointment relieves Instantly, and
rili-eu Tel tor. Suit Itneum, Scalil Head,
l'kz.ini). tllcors, blotches, and all Eruptions of the Skin. lt Is soothing and
quieting ninl nils like magic in all Maliy
Humors, Irritation of the Scalp oi
Hushes during teething timo. 30 cents n
Amoiif. the latest fads of the summer girls nre sunburned initials on
their arms. Short sleeves, initials
cut from black court, plaster, and affixed tb the arm, and the. suu will do
Ibe rest; leaving the letters in pink
and while on  the sunburned skin.
some pills which have no olhcr purpose
evidently than lo beget painful Internal
disturbances in the patient, adding id
his troubles and perplexities rulhcr than
diminishing them. One might us well
swallow  some corrosive  material,     l'ar-
iclee's Vct'table l'ills have not tliis
ilisugreeulile nnd injurious property".
They are easv lo lake ure not unpleasant to the luste, anil their action is
milil anil'sool hill" A trial of them Will
lirove this, Tliev offer • cure tu the dyspeptic.
"Toll nie what you eat ami I'll loll
you what, you are," said Ihe seer.
Tho man told him what lie ale.
"You're a blanked foul!" said the
seer, "Wonderful! Wonderful! ox-
claimed tho man.
Eat   what   you   like-civ,,   (i,e
digestive organs some work to do Thee.
functions need exorcise as much as anv
part o( the human nnatomv. but it
they re dohcute. give then, the aid tlmt
Dr. Von Sum's I'ineannlo Tablets allot d and vou can eat anything that'i
wholesome nml pulatable-OO in   a   box.
(IO   CUIIlfcl,'**{j
"Tf my little In-other ever gets lost
we cnn pasily find him," Raid small
Ncllii*. "How pruy?" queried the
visitor. "He's gpl ri strawberry
trade-mark on his arm," explained
IiONtllQW."—Sq wrote HltukeHpoare hourly three hundred yeui'H uro, It i» so toddy. Medicine will nralcm* life, hm he
mm- of Un- qualities- of ihc medicine.
Life is prolonged hv keeping the hody
free from til Hen ho, Dr Thomas' Kehvlrir
(Ml   used   in) iTtinlly   will  curu  couj-hs    unil
colds, eradicate itsilunu. overcome croup
und Rive BtVeiiffth to iho respiratory or-
.fans.   (Jive it u trial.
Some men are too lazy lo enjoy ;i
vncai ion.
Triplets nre  Ulreo   things    in    lilY
'for which no mnn is prepared.
Mlnei.'. Liniment Cnres Distemper,
A  stylish  woman often  has u  husband who is the latest thing out.
Gossip has about as much use for
truth as a blind man has for spectacles.
Why go limping nml whining nl.onl
your coins, when a 25-(cnt bottle r,(
llollouay's Corn Cur., will remove theipl
Civ*, it ii trial, ami you will not regret
Inherited,  na   It   Wor-fi,
Professor— Yes, sir, your (.{milliter Ifi
prptty well grounded in. French, but
j, will, of course, tako some time and
trouble for |ier to acquire lluency. Ptt»
ijipr— \Vpll, yoi| know, that's rather
slraiiHU to mc, 1 had fin idea that the
fluency would have come sort of natural to her.
A woman thinks sh" is ihariliilile
when sh" lets her husband have his
own way,
Some men never niake any nii::-
I takes liermisn they never attempt to
do anything;
I There's a policeman in- Chicngo
who was actually born wilhln the
clly limits.
How   tlie   ..iiKnurenicn.   Wns   Brnl.en.
"I can't make you out at all," he
Bald angrily. "You're so fickle nud
Changeable. You're just a riddle to
"Yes?" replied his fiancee. "Since
you're so stupid perhaps you'd better
give mu up."
Physician (at hospital)—How did
you happen to fall from Ihe top of
the hiililor? Patient—A pretty woninn wns passing, and while trying
lo gel a look nl her I slipped._ nud
fell. Physician—Mil Th'' same old
story, u womun at the bottom of.il..
Wlinl   Did   .Site   Meant
"If you fool chilly," said he ns they
-trolled, "remember 1 have your shawl
here on my nrm." ,
"Y'ou might put lt nround me," she
snld demurely.
Rennon of Ilia Alnerlty.
""flow on earth did you ever get %
messenger boy to deliver your rjolc-inil
bring hack the answer so <|iilck ."
"I took his novel away from him nnd
held It as security."— Hxchniigo.
$5,000 Reward r^&lS
Limited, Toronto, to any person who
can prove that this soap contain*
any form of adulteration whatsoever,
or contains any injurious chemicals.
Aih far Ihe Octagon Bar.
That Ih AVI'iit  Society Needs, According  lo  O  Society   Woninn.
"Whnt we nee.l Is society men," de-
clared a weary matron. "Op'r men are
so fagged by their attention to business that they are next to worthless.
They regard the average social function as an awful bore and leave everything pertaining lo entertaining and to
going about to their wives. In case the
poor wife succumbs to tlie strain they
hunt around for n spinster or widowed
sister or sister-in-law or other relative
who will consent to take upon her
shoulders this social side of the matter.
"As for looking nfter n daughter,
llielr duty Is done when they've given
carte blanche wilh n check book. An
Kngiish man of high title often chaperons bis motherless (laughter during an
entire season and from his knowledge
of Ineligible*! is able to keep her well
informed. I low about the American
papa. Ills only animiinili.in consists
in nn occasional rabid, blustery remark
about the nincompoop fortune hunters who hover about (he (laughter of
llie house. As for sane, thoughtful
counsel, he gives not n bit of It. Society is n game he got into without intention or effort, ami he utterly refuses lo
take any trouble about his fellow players. I'.ven Ids own daughters have to
go II blind. As 1 said hrf.ro, what society needs la society men."
The r.liuKry'x Simple Joy_.
"Gracious! H's an awful miiddj
walk this evening. Isn't it?" said Mr.
I'.aekiot- on the way home from the
l.ouesoniehurst station.   '
"Yes." replied Gubbubs, "but I rather
like it. We bought a new. door mat the
other day, au.l I wanted to seo how it
11  Fell.
"What's that racket down there?"
Shouted (he old geiilleinan from the
head of (he stairs.
"I think," promptly replied Ids up to
date daughter, "that It was Bob drip
ping his voice when he proposed lo
Younger Sisler (peeping through keyhole)—Mr. Spoonninore Is going to propose to I-ortha tnnie'uL Johnny-How
do you know? Younger Slsljr—i can
toll by the determined look on Derlh .'_
Iti'innves all hard, soft or rnllousc-il
luinos ami blemishes from horses, blood
spavin, curbs, splints. ringhOne, Sweeney,
stillt'n, sprui'is; cures sine mul swollen
throat, coughu, etc. .Sine $30 I-• the
use of one bottle. Warranted Hie inbsl
wonderful   Blemish ('ure ever Known.
Tt was proposed some little time
ago to amalgamate nil Ihe colliery
Industries of Ureal Britain under one
management ol' a trust. The sum ro-
piireil lo represent the whole capitalized interest was soinel hing like
_l 1(1,(111(1,(11111,
Very many persons Uie minimlly from
cholera und kindred -uhriucr complaints,
who might have been save.l if proper
remedim hud been used. If i,Un,-led do
not del:.- in retting n bo'll, 1.1 Ur .1
II. Kellojtg'H i,,..,.,..,-, , .>,,, ,;„i. ttm.ni-ll
'ine Unit never lulls lo ellet't n rure
'those who hnve used il suy il net.
priiinpilv. i.ml thoroughly subdues Hi-
puis und dlsensc. ,
The oldest love letter in the world
is in the British Museum. II is n
proposal of marring" for Ihe hand of
an Egyptian Princess, nml il wns
made .'l.fiOO years ago. 11 is in Hi"
form of an inscribed brick.
C. ('.  HK'IIAIUiS & CO.
Hear Sirs.--I have greal faith in
MINAHB'S UNIMKNT, ns last year
I cured a horse of Uillg-bonn, Willi
live bullies.
II. blistered Hie horse, bill in a
month there wns no ring-bone nnd
no lauieness.
Pour Falls, N.  B.
"Well. 1 made Ihe sale nil right,"
said the new salesnniii. "llnl you
lied lo her." protested the proprietor, "You lold lu-r Ihey Were
genuine old Irish lares." ' Nu. I
didn't, She simply said sin' ili.l.i'i
waul  nny 'bogus imitations.'   nnd   I
assured   her   olll's   were   nelllllll"."
1 like the laughter that opens the
lips mid the heart—that shows nt tho
same lime pearls nnd the soul.—Victor
Uii(;o. ... .   .	
The Itnston  Mulcl and the  Aiilimv.
finriilsli— 1 seo you lliivo iny novel,
I'll be.t you had lo look at tho hist
page to sea how It came out. Miss
Ouies-or— Ko, 1 looked at the name of
Hip publishers on I lie title page to seo
how It came out. and even now 1 can't
undcrstiii'.il how It was.
Few Flies last year
No Flies this year
if you use
P.illeneo—Peggy used to sing nil over
Ibe house before she married that man.
I'air loo-So she did, dear, _ but you
know he married ber to reform lier.—
YollUers Statesman.
Thero cun be u diner-flics of onlnl in
nisi     suhierls.     lull     (hue     is    only   01IC
pinion us  lo    tlm  r.llulnllty  ol  Mother
Iravcs'  Worm  Rirtiiriiilnntor     H   Is wfe,
lire   Illlll   '■"." I "I' I
Birmingham has a mint, whli h, in
addition to turning oul million', ot
British coins, does more in tin- wny
of supplying foreign governnioiils
wilh coin I linn any olher iiniliey-
nintin..  establishment   in   the  world.
Minarfs Liniment Cnres Dinlitlerla.
ChOlly—Clini'tlllng widow, Isn't she?
They say she Is In marry again. Aby
-I wouldn't want lo be a widow's second bur-band. Clmlly Well. I'd rather
he a widow's second husband than her
first, (lonelier know.
"They say lier wedding beggared de-
"Oh. more Ihaii lhat!"
"Yes. It beggared ber father."
To  He  Ironed.
Mr. Trimmer Where on enrlh is my
new sill; lint? I've looked everywhere
for II.    Ills Bride (sweetly) -You snld
yoll wanted It li d, dear, so 1 IglVO
tent II lo the laundry.
The   British     War     (lllice     is   dis-j    Over .800 umbrellas were found in d
mantling   Ihe   fortifications   on   the   room of a St..  Louis crook.'   lie be-
Steep    Kbit    Holms    In    llie    Bristol    Moved in laying up somethifig   for   a
Channel, and  the  buildings anil  land   rainy duy.
are being Offered on leuse.
I    If the sweet  girl   graduate   knows
how lo half-sole the dome of Jier fu
ll's easy for nn editor to drop in-           .,    ,,,,.  ,,;,.     ,,,   ,„.,   ,„
In poetry; all  be has lo do is lo sil    lure    husband's    trousers she  hasn't
down iu his waslo busfci'l.
graduated in vain.
Was a Great Sufferer  and   almost  in
Despair—New  Hope and  Strength
Came wit _  the  Use of v
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
This great food run' is doing wonders for weak, worn-out and discouraged women.
Many medicines which are proscribed in such enses are merely
stimulants wliich give temporary relief and arouse false hopo.
Because llr. Chaso's Nerve Food
actually forms now, rich blood nnd
increases the vitality of the body. Its
benefits nre thorough and lusling nnd
its cures permanent.
Mrs. M. A. Clock, Meaford. Ont.,
writes: "Three years ngo I became
very much run down in health and
Buffered from weak, tired feelings,
Indigestion and rheumatism. At
times 1 wns so badly used up that
I required help to move in bed.
Whilo   sick   nnd   downhearted   I   re
ceived Dr. Chaso's Almanac, and sent
for somo of Dr. Chase's Nerve I'o.mI.
"Under this treatment I soon began to iinprovo, and by the time I
had used eleven boxes of Ur. Chase's
Nerve Food I wus happy to find niy-
sqlf strong and well again. I often
think of wbat a lot of money I spent
for medicines which did mo no
good, and I believe I owe my life to
Br. Chase's Nerve Food. I hope women who sillier us 1 did will benefit %
by my experience and use Dr. ('huso's
Nerve Food."
Dr. Chase's Nervo Food, 50 cents .
a box, nt all deulers, or Edmanson,
Bates & Company, Toronto. To
protect you against Imitations, tho
portrait and signature of Dr. A. W.
Chase, the famous receipt book author, nro on every box.
FAItMICUS  will  find it to their advantage to consign their CHAIN  to
ROBERT MUIR & CO., Winnipeg
WHO  pny  highest  prices  nnd   make  prompt retnrns.   Advances made on
consignments.    Correspondence  solicited.    Established  1888.    Hefereiice—
Union Bank of Canada.     	
Do You Want
II so, the undersigned wants your hunincss and will endeavor lo give s« isfscllon.
Cash ndvuucod on Consignments. ltcforoiieo: Union limit- of Ciiniidu.
THE  OI.lli:'!.    1ST .lll.tSlli;i.   oil UN  . ..MM!   SKIN      JWW^ d__P    -P***"-- H   I.    M   U    -j"**'
MKIICIIANT  IN  WI.NMl'EO. 2Sft _    S***% fr-_# S  ff*^  l"^.
Grain Exohange, Wlnnlpog. mmw" ^mm *        ■■**■■'■**
Q|_Jj[^||\J As the western representative of .Ins. Richardson
•——•——— &. Sons, Kingston und Toronto, nnd Cnn. Lin. Oil
Mills, Limited, Montreal, P. Q., I'nm always in tlie market for car lots
of grain of every variety, wheat, oats, barley and flax. I will bo pleased
to write or wire you quotations nt any time on whatever you havo to
offer. Correspondence solicited in either Kngiish or .lorinun. Bequests
for Information re shipping, etc., given Immediate attention. Iteferenco:
Merchants Bank of Canada. I'llWAltl) O'HKILLY,  WINNIPEG.
Grnin In car lots bought on track or sold on commission. Ilensonnblo
advances made. Prompt returns. Corrcspondenco solicited, Iteferenco:
Anv Bank in Winnipeg.
ROOM  114,   CHAIN   EX.   I-LIif... WINNIPI-d.
Not a penny down, simply drop me
a postal witli your name and 1  will
forward "you   one  of   my  latest    Improved   High    Grade   Electric   Belts
I'leo.    Y'ou can  use  it three months,
Ihen  puy ine if cured,  nnd the price
'***S__sL// will   bo   only   half   whnt others nsk.
-^ lt not, cured, you return the Belt to
mo   at   my expense   and Vour Word
Will Decide.     I   am   willing to trust
, you entirely, knowing that 1 have the
-   iiest und most perfect Belt over   iu-
ten always pay when cured.
The foundation stone ol' Liverpool
Cathedral', laid by ihe King, weighs
,",_ tons, mul measures V feel I"
inches in length, 4 feet 0 Inches in
width, mul 2 feel tl inches in height.
The nieinliers of the mothers' meeting in tlie diocese hnve paid (or It.
The cathedra] fund now amounts to
A Pieas-int Only. •• u'hon I know
anything  worthy   of   recommondatlon,  I
con-lilur It inv duty lo tell il." snys
Uev. J anion Munlork. ol Hamburg, I'n.
"Ur. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder ban
cured nie of ('uturrh of five .years slund-
Ing. H is certainly magical in its effect. The lirst application benefited mo
In live minutes."   .Ml els.—u
vented,  und  nine nici
This modern Belt is the only one thut generates a powerful
therapeutic current of electricity without soaking the buttery
fn vinegar as other belts do, and it is guaranteed never to
burn It is a certain and positive euro in all cases ot llheu-
inutisui. Varicocele, Dyspepsia, Losses, Weak Buck, Nervousness, Kidney. Liver and Stomach Troubles and weukness
brought   on   by  abuse  and excess.
to ench person writing me one copy of niy beautiful illustrated
Medical Book, which should bo rend by all men nnd women.
Drop nie n postal and I will send it to you FHEE in sealed
wrapper. If you ore weak in any way, delay no longer, but
write to-day for my splendid I k und Belt free. Write to-duy.
lie I'oc'n stm-y About I.nfflniia.
lie 1'oe. the nti_ll0l' of "Ilobllisou ('ru-
800,"  traveled through  the great eastern mursl.es of  l.ngkind  111 17'J'J.    Ho
records tl al iu thai "dump pnrt of the
world" II miis on lo meet wllb n
man who hud had from live lo fifteen,
v.ivos. Indeed ho says that some had
more, Do D'oe nilds thnt a merry fellow,
v. ho had lltlllN ii bnd about a scire of
wives, lold him thnt the men of Hie
marshes, being seasoned to tho damp
oliiii.it... lonlt little lmrin Irom II. but
ituil Ihey went inlo llie "hilly country"
for I heir wives. "When they look the
young la lse.l out of llie wholesome
and fresh nil'. Ihey were heallhy, fresh
anil clear a nil well. But when Ihey
came out nf their native air Inlo the
marshes among the fogs and dump,
iheie Ihey presently cuniigod their
o iinplo.l.iiis. got an ague or Iwo and
nvtilulii leiil II above half a year or a
join' nl the most." "ne wife was sac
riliccil. anollier was procured, and so
Ih.' process went on.   lie foe Is eai'i'lnl
lo stale ih:.I hi 'it.   lii.ori_.er "lib
bed a lillle.' al least cniu'cniliig Ills
own wives, but lie declares that llie
general slnieinesl  Is perfectly true.
A   rlsii   Willi   1,noils.
".OOloglstfl have long regarded the
Ush wliii li re lu i for days out of wnler   I  climbs  trees  as one  of  the
strangest dcpurlurcs froth Datura, but
ihc must wonderful of these is the perl-
imhthnlinns of li.e west African coast.
It not only Is nl much al home on hind
,1:1 lu wnler. bill climbs the mangrove
roots anil lakes long Journeys about
Iho BWailips on thorn nud builds 11 sell
IllUil houses raised above Ihe surface,
vvllli an opening al the top, from which
lis bulging eyes slare out at overy
alarm, Por this life the fish Is fitted
wllb long arms, witb elbow nud wrist,
while  Ibe  fingers  are  separated   und
prehensile, Instead of being Hut and
Unlike. These hands In tha Afrleuu
species hold the mangrove roots lu
climbing; and are Hie menns of propulsion through the mud. The round eyes
project iroiii the skull and call be turned III every direction; lience thu Qr_H-k
naiue, which may be freely translated
"rolling eyes."
Wclllnufon a* u Seoul.
The Duke of Wellington, according
to G. It. Qlel-fB I'oinlnlseciioes, was
Ignorant of most things and seemed Incapable or learning. Once, for Itrslnnce,
he asked Arbiithnot how turnips propagated, whether by seed or by cuttings
like potatoes. But he was a Seoul!
(luce upon a (lino he and Crokor beguiled a drive by guessing the nature
of the country beyond (he hills which
they mounted, The duke's guesses wero
always correct, and Crokor at lust asked the reason. "The reasonV" replied
Ihe duke. "Why, what have I been
doing Ibe greater part of Uiy life except that which we arc doing now- •-
trying to make out from what 1 saw
the shape of the country which 1 could
not see?" .
J_atlr>-lnic llie Lecture.
A lecturer who hsd u very line lecture on "Tlie Decadence of Pure English''' gave his address before n woman's club. At the close of tbe talk it
very much overdressed •woman of the
"fuss and feathers" type came up to
hlin and sald:#-l did enjoy your talk
ever and ever so much, and I ngree
wilh you tbat the I'ngllsh language is
decoding awfully. Hardly no oue talks
proper nowadays, and the land only
knows what the next generation will
tnlk like If nothing ain't done about It."
\Af    INI    U>
matmda. I
,i\\. Pleasant  Advocate.
(Eaatablished April 8, 1699.)
Mks. R- Whitney, Publisher
'Ofifioi-: 26^6 Westminster avenue.
E.ra_.e__. Office—30 Fleet street,
London, E. 0.,  England Where a
file of "The Advocate" is kept for
Tel. B1405.
Subscription $ I a year   payable   in
S cents a Copy.
Notices ot Births, Marriages, and Deaths
published free of charge.
For all City Adver-
ti-.i__g, also South Vancouver Municipal advertizing
consult    The   Advocate.
"Vancouver, B. C, Oct.,  aa, 1904.
A vote for Ellis is a vote for Progress
1 knd Protection.
The Conservative Party stands  for
Adequate protection.
The coming  Member for  Vaucouver
District, B B. Ellis, Robt.Cassidy.K.O.,
A. H. B. Macgowani M. P. P., and Mr,
'.Walter Taylor will address tho Electors
• of "Wuftf V., Tuesday  evening  uext iu
Mason's Hall, Mt. Pleasant.
Thi     latest      estimate     on      tho
prospective cost of the   Grand  Truuk
Pacific is $170,000,000.00; this gives the
.unit as $31.60 for each man, woman nnd
t child.   Tho cost to Vaucouver City as
, estimated will be $913,082.  The Liberal
■ propose handing this over to a private
. corporation.     The Conservatives hold
the Government of Canada should own
_ the road.
r Seventh avenue, between Westminster ave
bue and Quebec struct. SERVICES at 11 a.m.
end 7:30p.m.; Sunday School at 8:80 p.m
Rev. A. W. McLeod, Pa-tor. lioskleii. e 4HU
.Sixth avenue,ea-t.
. Corn.rof Nint   and Wentmlnster avenues.
.SERVICES at 11a.m., and  7 p. m.; Sunday
'School and Bible Class 2:30 p.m.   Kev. A. E.
Hetheriugton, B. A., B. I)., Pastor.
Parsonage 123 Eleventh avenue, west.  Tele
phone 11121'..
function of Westminster avenue and We.il
minster  roau.    a_.Kvu._-_  «, 11 a. iu., hi.u
.7:80 p.m.; Sunday School at2:30 p.m.   Rev
'. 3eo. A. Wilson, 11. A., Pastor.  Manse corner of
Eighth avenuo and Ontario street.   Tel. 1066.
.St Michael s, (Anglican).
..Corner Westminster road and i'rlncc Edward
■Ireei. BERVICES at 11a.m., and7:30 p.m
Holy Communion 1st and 3d SuudnyB In each
month after morning prayer, 2d and 4th Sun
lay. &t 8 a. ra. Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
. Rev. G. H. Wilson, Rector.
. lUptory 372 Thirteenth avenue, east.    Tele
phone B1799.
.Advent  Christian   Church   (not 711, dny A.I
v.ntlsts) corner Ninth avenue and  Westmin
ster road.  Services 11 a.m., and 7:30 p.m.,
.Sunday School at  10a.m.    Young peoples'
.Socletyol Loyal Workers uf Christian Enden-
Tor meets every Sunday evening at 6:45 o'clock.
.Prayer-meeting Wednesday nightsat 80'clock.
.When the gold and red of the setting
(.rows pale and fades at the close of
When   the flooding  splendor  Is over
and done,
And  night draws on  and  covers  its
.We do not hope its  return   In  vain.
,'fOr we know the morrow  will come
" again.
.This la good-night.
-When we part with a clasping hand
at night,
From the friend we love, we feel rc-
And    the bright  warm    heart  takes
'   with It the light,
And Joy   of our own    hearth stone;
and yet,
.This regret    Is not a hopeless    pnln
For wc know the friend will come
.Tills la good-night.
When  we leave  the shore    that has
known our birth,
.Whan   we   turn   our   longing     e-.i.i
to fill,
,Our hearts with  momorlea of sorrow
and mirth,
.The  throbs  of expectation    are  still
and night draws on while we strain
our eyes
,'For   a   long   lag! look In our paradise,
.This Is good-bye.
.When a soul le called from Ihe busy
,To   trend   tho   p.ilhs    of an untlred
,In  garments  of  light,   Instead  of    a
And we look our last at the form of
,We   know   we   have   snld   our last
,And   the    broken    vows    we  cannot
.This Is good-bye,
.When wc stand    at the gale at eve
with him,
sWh»    has    filled   our  life    with  Joy
.or pnln,
•.When   we   watch    Ihe    waning light
grow dim
-And know  we shall  never watch    It
W»   say    the   words   and    hear the
J**"or we know the farewell  la   spoken
for aye,
ycb'./i I., good-nlghl and good-hyc.
Mason's Hall
Mt. Pleasant
Evening Oct.   25 th.
When   the  following  gentlemen  will speak
Robt. Cassidv, K. C,
A. H.B. NacgowanJN p p
Walter Tavlor
and the Candidate
R.B. Ellis
All are invited to attend.
South Vancouver.
Tho Council met on Saturday October
15th, 1904. Mr. 1*\ R, Stewart remind,
ed the Council, of the state of No. 2
road. Mr. Joseph Ottou and three
others nsked that tho brush be cut ou
the Victoria road. Mrs. McDermott
said she was about to build ou the
Bodwell rond and asked tbat the
dangerous trees be cut—filed. Mr. J
Newbiggiug asked that Twontieth avenue be opened—laid over. A petition
for signatures sent b.v tlio City Couueil
respecting (he sale of Government lands
to speculators was al>o read. The Clerk
■was instructed to acknowledge same
and say that the Couueil intend to have
a special meetiug to consider the best
means of dealing with the matter.
Councillors Mole and Wilson moved,
That the City of Vancouver be requested
to remove tho steam pnmp and water
tank off tbe Bodwell road witliiu teu
dnys of receipt of notice or the Council
of South Vancouver will take means to
remove it, aud the Oity will bo charged
with all expenses incurred for same.
The City is to be asked to repair Granville street, botweeu Niuth avenue nud
City limits
The work ou the Boundary road, hnlf
of wliich is to be paid by Burnaby
Council, is to.be doue by day work, as
well as some repairs on the No. 2 road
near the Boundary road.
Ten dollars to be spent in cnttiug
brush ou thb V letoria rohd
Messrs. Harris & Bull to take the
necessary steps to get proper crossing!
over the railway on tho Old River road,
Towcnsend road and Magee road.
Tho Fire-arms By-law was recon
sidered, sealed and ordered to bo published in the "Advocate,"
The Municipal Office will only be
opeu ou Tuesday aud Friday (in tho
niomiiiL'i till the Assessment is dono.
Young Peoples Societies.
Loyal Workers of Christian Endeavor
meet at lSjminutcs to 7,  every Suuday
evening in  Adveut Christian  Church,
corner Niuth ave. and Westminster Rd.
Epwortli   League of   Mt.    Pleasant
Methodist Church meets at 6 p. tn.
B. Y. P. U., meets in  Mt. Pleasant
Baptist Ohnroh at 8 p. m.
Tho Y. P. S. O. E., meets at 8 p. m
iu. M .Pleasa.aut Presbyterian Church.
For   local   news   BUbscril.e    for   THE
AIJVOCATE only $1 for 12 months
The best disinfectant of nil irt sunlight
It destroy! l>y ita very brightness all sorts
cf r.i ins -iiirl nt tht fame titnc helps the
growth of plants nnd animal life. Doubt.
IftH all have noticed thnt mould grows
daring the night and in dark, damp cellars.
Bright sunlight quickly destroys germs,
mould or other organisms. That is why it
is best to let the sunlight into your houses
for its purifying influence.   "
At the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute, Hu.ThIo, n. V., r>r. Pierce, chief cou-
suiting surgeon, started experiments, soma
three yfrars ngo, with the Ftasen light in
conjunction with the X-ray in the treatment of dfo ases. Ht got excellent re -nits
then from, and was among the first to adapt
this remarkable cure to many case** which
it was form, rly somosed niut-t of nicessity
be treated by the knife.
Not only ib Dr, R. V. Pierce notable for
his surgical achievements at bin hospital in
nufialo, hut nearly a third of a. century ago
b" discovered certain roots and herbs
wliich were uatute's "remedies, and succeeded lu putting them Up in a form that
would be easily procured and ready to use.
This lie called Dr. Tierce's Golden Medical
Discovery, It maintains the patient's nutrition by enabling hltntotat, retain, digest
and assimilate nutritious food, It over*
comes gastric iniubil.ty and symptoms of
Indigestion, and in this way fever, night-
sweats, headaches, etc.. air done nway with.
It fortifies  the body agsltilt  the germs of
consumption, grip and malaria- It builds
up the tissues Hnd puts on heallhy flesh.
Thor.* deslriiig to know something nbout
the body in health and disease, also medicine nnd nm.-ry, without technicalities.
should rend the "Common Sense Medical
Adviser." Which Can be had for ,so cents ia
or- cent stamps for the cloth-bound book.
A .Idle: •. Oi. R. V. Three, J.uffulo, N. Y.
Cheapest Hoose In the City.
Bedroom Suits, Bed Lounges,
Couches, Linoleums, Carpets,
Extension Tables, etc., etc.
Easy Time Payments Arranged.
W. J. WATERS, Manager.
Grocery Dept.
We carry a lirst-class liue of Groceries
sud Fresh Fruit,   and we sell at
price for CAsn.    A trial
will convince you what
WE    SAY   IS   TRUE.
S.T. Wallace
Westminster avenue & Harris street,
Telepliouo 12(16
Mall Orders Promptly Filled.
nt the bottom.   This  is  doue  ou the
smartost of skirts.
In tailor-made bats the smartest ure
of felt, fuzzy beavers, cloth, shirred
taffeta, and small toques and turbans.
The latter are built of velvet or loulsiuo
ribbons Most of the ribbons are used
in two shades, sometimes throe. Chenille is also made the foundation.
Greens, blues, tomato reds, oraugo and
mahogany ribbon velvets are chosen.
One set of plaitiugs is mado.to slaut ud-
wards, the other set dowi <«-ard, and
often over the middle lino there is a
narrow band of mink. Tbe back is
trimmed with wide loops of vcivet, having a touch of mink introduced. This
model is very pretty wheu the brim
trimming is iu single colors and tbo felt
crown white. Both breasts and wings
form tbe ba.k trimming, in white or
grey and white. Charming, too, aro
moderate-sized hats iu three shades of
capuoiuo reds. Glossy silk ribbous arc
choseu, crushed into confusion. Velvet
nasturtiums, with leaves of shaded
green and faded tones, show ou the left
side close to tho hair aud low down in
the back.
The severity of a black taffeta shirred
hat is softened by a largo coquo- feather
panache on tho  lnility order,  the fine
Central  Park.
The political meeting held here on
Weduesday evening was a lively one,
and there is no s"haj_ow of a doubt Mr.
Ellis won his hearers at once. "The
Conservatives," said Mr. Ellis, "have
always fulfilled their promises; the
Liberal Party have a record established
for breaking pledges." The people here
aro anxious for better terms for B.C.,
aud believe by voting for Mr. K. B. Ellis
thoy will be helping to secure thorn.
Tho Ladies' Aid of the Methodist
Church will hold a Basket Social on
Tuesday evening in the Agricultural
Hall. Preparations for a very pleasaut
occasion are boing made, and it is hoped
a goodly number will turn out.
It was understood that Mr. Ralph, a
fully qualified mau was appointed
Manager of tho Dominion Poultry
Station to be established bore, but,
straiigely, there is a hitch in tho pro.
coediugs now until after election.
What's tho reason? Any one is
privileged to guess; the fact remuins
Mr. W. A. Ralph has beeu deposed,
City of Vancouver.
TENDERS will be received by the
undersigned up to 4 p. m., ou Thursday
October 27th, 1904, for the paving of
certain lanes in the City of Vancouver
with stoue blocks.
Plans and specificationh can be seen
in the office of the City Engineer.
Each tender to be accompanied by a
marked cheque or cash deposit equal to
5% of tho amouut of tho contract or it
will uot be accepted.
Tho lowest or any tender not necessarily nccopted.
Vancouver, Sept. 17th, 1904
I. O. F.
Court Vancouver will meet in semimonthly session ou Mcuday evening in
Oddfellows' Hall. After tho necessary
routine there will be a short program;
a song by Bro. .1. B. Abernothy; au
address on Fraternal Insurance by High
Organizer, Jas. Irvine; au oration by
the High Secretary, M. J. Crehan after
which Bro. W. R. Owens will act as
critic on the program, especially the
Ou Thursday 20tk, at Court Brockton
there will be a debate between Courts
Burrard end Vancouver on the subject;
"Am I My Brother's Keeper." Court
Vancouver affirmative, Court Burrard
negative Bros. Graut, TiniuiB mid
McRao will represent Court Burrnrd
and Bros. A. J. Knpolle, J. C. Rollstou,
and J. Men/Acs will be Court Vancouver's team. All Foresters are invited. Court Brockton meets iu Hogg's
Hull, corner Westminster aveuue aud
Keefor street.
Argyle House
Fresh Bargains
21 dozen Women's Uudervests worth 40c for 25c each
Women's TJndervests and Drawers worth 75c for C0c each
Women's Sample Combination Underwear at Wholesale prices
Bleached Sheeting, 2 yards wide, worth' SOc for 25c
White Qnilts with $1.35 for 90c each
Ladies' Sample Ready-to-wear Skirts at Wholesale prices
Children's School Umbrellas, steel rod, worth  75c for 50c each
Ladies' Umbrellas worth $1.25 $1.00 ench; worth $1.50 for $1.25 each
Ladies' Rain Coats, rubber, worth $(>50 for $1.50 each
"   Cravenette Raiu Coats   "    f 0 50 "    .4 50   "
" "   . '!       "        "    $7.60 "   $5.50   "
4-00 Westminster Ave,
9  Opposite Carnegie Library.
feathers inenpper reds Tho shirring of
this bat form a design, so that tlie
workmanship is displayed to full advantage, and the feather ornament on the
left side suffices ns trimming. It is tho
lines of this hat, with its rounded half-
high crown, which aro so admirably fit
for wear with a correspondingly smart
skirt and coat suit.
Two-y_ar-old babies nro to take their
lirst promenade in it new style of capoto
of white corded silk, closely iittiug the
head, with a large round stiff crown at
tho back. Soft pretty ruchings and
ribbon quillings round baby's fae" and
soit white ribbon firings. A siugle
whito ostrich tip, tall and slender, witb
a cnrled-ovcr bond, stands up on the
left. side. The coat matches tho lint,
with an crmiue collar; cape, a very
short, one, and muff matching. Seated
in hor carriage, her white silk lap robe
bas a baud of ermine folded over at the
The new black patent leather hat
turns up Very high in the brim at the
back, and tnkos the old front liue.
Chubby, dimpled, kill-skirted boys look
Uu ir best in this headgear, which is
always smart looking aud at the same
timo serviceable.
Tni-RE is much sighing and moaning
over the very full skirts in fashion,
although every provision is made lo
eliminate top fullness by close -hirrings,
plaits stitched down, qunntilies of material out out and replaced by plain Hat
tabs, besides the lead weights to hold
Ihe fnlluess from billowing out. That
tho expansion of the bottom fullness is
short nnd thick-set hns to bo admitted,
but. a clover goivuinnkor will show her
discretion by judiciously lessening what
ihe thinks proper lu the width of the
sk'lrt nnd substituting a shaped  flounce
Mrs. Mary J. Rowe, widow of the
late W. J. Rowe of Santa Monica, Cal.,
passed away on Sunday ovening Oct.,
16th, at tho residenco of Mr. and Mrs.
E. D. Harris, Eighth avenue, cast, after
a long illness. Mrs. Rowe accompanied
by her mother Mrs. McFootors camo to
Vancouver four mouths ago for the
benefit of hor health. A soi and daughter, aged respectively I) and 11 years,
lier motberMrs McFoefor, her sisterMrs.
E. D. Harris, and brother Mr. John
MeFeetor of Necpowa, survive tho
deceased lady. Rev, A. E. Hetheriug
ion conducted iho funeral services at
the home of M r. Harris. The romuius
wero removed to the Undertaking Parlors of Armstrong & Edwards to be
embalmed, and will be shipped to Santa
Monica for interment, whero her husband and oue child are hurried.
Oh, how do you think the Babies go
To the porls'of Sleepytime Land?
Oh, it's not by rail—
They must lightly sail
To that most delightful strand!
Their little boat Is a poppy-flower,
They glide on the oceans of musk
(The bree„e's perfume);
And they  brea3t Ihe gloom
At exactly quarter-past du.sk.
They use for a sail a gossamer,
Their onrs are Just stamens of gold,
And they dip their spars
In ripples of starts—
A l.ad of dreams ln the hold.
A cargo, too, of some poppy-wine;
For ballast, the Sandman's sand—
With a winking eye
And n murmured "Bye"
They start for their Sleepytime Land.
By Eugenia O. Emerson.
City  of  Vancouver,
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given
thnt a Court of Rovisiou for tho final
revision of the Voters' List will bo held
in tho Oilv Hull ou Tuesday, October
25th, 1904, nt 10.a. in.
All parties who havo made application to havo their names placed ou said
list aro requested to bo present.
city; clerk.
Vancouver, B. O, Sept., 14th, 11)04.
The Fire-arms By-law is now iu force,
which enacts that
" No pcrsou under tho ago of 18 years
shall lire off auy gun, fowling piece,
riflo, pistol or fire-arm within the limits
of the District of South Vancouver."
The penalty for iufraction of above is
a flue not exceediug fifty dollars or one
month imprisonment.
By order.
William Q. Walker, C. M. C.
South Vaucouver, Oct. 18, 1904.
Tho Municipal Hall will bo opeu on
Tnesdny aud Friday mornings only till
the out door work of the Assessment is
William O. WALKER,  C. M. C.
South Vaucouver, Oct' 18, 1904.'
mS&: Hi
HIS HONOUR the Lieutenant-
Governor iu Council has beeu pleased to
direct the publication of tho undermentioned tariff of tolls to bo paid by all
persons using the Fruser River Bridge
nt New Westminster,
Adults, each way $.05
(Or eight tickets for 25c.)
Children over 5 A under 12, each way 02
Single rig or waggon, loaded or unloaded, iucludiug driver, eaoh way.. 15
(Or 8 tickets for $1.)
Double rig or waggon, empty, including driver, each way  15
(Or 8 tickets for $1.)
Double rig or waggon, loaded, including driver,  each way 20
(Or 0 tickets for $1.)
Cordwood and shiuglo bolt waggon,
iucludiug driver, round trip 25
Milk vans,  round    trips  10
(Or 12 round trip tickets for $1.)
Saddle, horse and rider, each way.... 10
(Or 12 tickets for$l.)
Cattle, horses, pigs, sheep and calves,
per head,  each wuy  05
By Command.
Provincial Secretary,
Provincial Secretary's Office,
20th September, 1904.
1 carry tho Finest Oki.a_ii.hy Butter
at _>5e a pouud. Iu quantities for less
A large stock of APPLES on baud from
75c n box, aud up.
8- Hi   Evaporated  Peaches 25c
Royal   Crown   Soap,  tl bars 25c
Extra Fiue Eggs,  por doz 80o
Sardines,  per  tin  10c
2 largo tins  Pork and-Benus 25c
Gallon Jar of   Chow Chow 90c
Extra Fine Ham and Bacon, also
Coolccd Ham for lunches.
WpDp Muir
Rino up 'phone 448. Mt. Pleasant
In Trimmed and
Also Children's Hondwenr in
endless varieties.
Blonses,    Wrappers,   Dress   Skirts,
Underskirts.   Full lino of Ladies'
and Children's Hosiery.   Children's    Bearskin   Coats,    very
reasonable.   Wo hnvo everything kopt   in a firstcliiss
Dry  Goods  Store.
W. W. Merklev
Westminster Avenue,   Mt. Ploasaut.
$15.00 Suits.
Advertise in "Tho Advocate.'
' I *HE difference between economy and extravaganco is not
a'wa.ys measured by the number
of dollars yon pay for an orticlo.
What you get for what you pay
is tho thing that counts. It pays
far hotter to buy a GOOD SUIT
at $15.00 than it does to buy a
poor Suit at $10.00. Even although
the low-priced Suit may wear
fairly well.. A man's appearanco
counts for something, and a Suit
that goes out of shape makes a
mau look cheap.
It takes skilled haudwork to put
tho neat fit and staying qualities
iuto a Suit. It took years for us
to find out which tailors do the
best work—tho most cousoiontious
work. We had to find it ont by
expeaieucc, for outside
appearances, are not
to bo trustod. The pleased
customer is the real test. When
they como back year in and year
out as our customers do, then wo
know that our Suits aro right.
A. E. LEES & CO.,
WANTFD FRE.SH EQGS f«w which        I
' ▼ ^*-A ^1 * *-***-* we will pay the highest prices.    J>
A good assortment of Staple  ancl  Francy   Groceries,
Fruits and Provisions at lowest Cfas'h Prices.
A trial order solicited. 5
Andrews Bros.,
2315 Westminster Ave. ' Phone 935.
I arl/V Shaving
JcIlK ^ Parlor.
Westminster Ave., next Glasgow House
John Gilluiau,  Proprietor.
THREE Ciiairs, nnd a first-class Bath
Room is run in connection with  the
Barber Shop—give Ibis place a trial
Jas. Carnahan.
Orders promptly attend--  to,   night   or
ilay.   C-h.kos moderate.
Office: 37 HastingB street, west,
Telephouo Number 479.
E. & J. HARDV & CO.
Company,   Financial,   Press and
Advertisers' Agents.
80 Fleet St., Loudou,  E.G.,  England.
Colouial Busiuess a Specialty.
If you want a
Ring  up
Telephone   987
or  call  arouud   at   tho   Sign
Works,    814    Homer   street.
Iu auy ease yonr wants will receive the
most courteous  und  careful nttcution.
1000 Plants nnd 300 Varieties to soloct
from. The largest collection in the
province. Now is the time to choose
your colors whilo in bloom,  for spring
Also a choico lot of CUT FLOWERS
for salo at Wholesale Prices.
Chas. Keeler
Note—Street Onrs pass my place.
27114  Westminster Ave.    Mt. Pleasant.
If you want to kuow what is
happening on Mt. Pleasant
read The Advocate—$i a
year, 50c for six months.
*~^WhicIi Meet on HI. Pleasant
I. O. O. 1".
Mt. Pleasant Lodge Mo. Ill meets overy
Tuesday at 8 p. in , ir. Oddfellows Hall
Archer Block, Mr. Pleasant.
Sojourning brethren cordially  invited i
to attend.
Noble Grand—-O. G. Kenny.
R E C O II1) I N (J      SIXKETA It V— T h O F.
Mackay, Heather nn.l Eighth avenne.
i. O. F.
Court Vancouver 1.888, Independent
Order of Foresters meets 2d and 4th
Mondays of each month at 8 p. in.
Visiting brethren always welcome.
Oiiiei Ranoer- W, U-. Taylor,      ^^^
__7 Ki.'i'.i-r Hlio-t, City,
RECOitmsorSF.CKETAitv—W. H. DoBouf,
57H Tenth iivenue, east.4
Financial Secretary—M. J. Crehan,
;UI PrlucessStreet, City.  Telephone
Alexandra Hive _*o. 7, holds regular
Review 1st. and lid Fridays of each
month in I. O. O. P., Hall corner Westminster nnd Seventh avenues.
Visiting Ladies nlways welcome'.
Lady Commander—Mrs. Fitch.
Lndy Record  Kieper—Mrs.   Mary   A.
Foote, 88!) Ninth avenue, east.
Vancouver Council, No. 211a, meets
every 2d and 4th Thursdays of each
month, in I. O. O. F., Hall, corner
Seventh and Westminster avenues.
Sojourning   Friends always welcome.
W. P. Flewelling, Chief Councillor.
Miss A. Chambers, Recorder,
___8 w.st__lnst_riiv.mic.   Tel. 760.
50   YEARS-
Trade Marks
^^^^^^^^^^ Copyrights ic.
Anyone spading n sliolrh nnd donor!litlnn mar
Unln-ljr os-ortiiln nur opinion freo whether ao
Invention Is prnlinl.lr luilelitnlilo. Cniiininlcn.
tlons strictly roiill.li'tiUiil. lluti.lhoohon Patents
si'iit fr.'.!. uldOSt -iit'liry for aeriirlngr patents.
I',it,mii . taken 11 i. ;i Miinii __ Co. recelT.
ip. ic i. ■!.. -, without clinree, In thu
Scientific American.
A ]u.n.I .i.ii:"lv nil.' Ir.'if cil v.\'.'klv. T .irui-f-l. clr-
CnltiMnti ot mtv F.-'l.-iitlrli. ]"iirntit. Tonne*. |3 •_.
; four mi.H' h.-., U.  Sold !•>• till pcwndcnlem.
NN&Cq.36,b"°»"«'Hew York
ranch Offlce, ■'■'•'> V KL, Waahlngion, D. C.
*w*-w%. -w%-v^v%.%^%*v-v%--wv%^^.'
Now is the time
Wire Your House
for Electric Light.
Of course all new houses are wired, uud havo tho Electric Light, but
thoro aro some old ones left without it.
INSTALL IT NOW and save your eyesight and. your mo»oy. »
Mo Lamps to clean.
Mo smell of coal oil.
Yonr children can't npsot it, aud it will not explodo.
British Columbia Electric Railway Company, Ltd.


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