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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Jul 23, 1904

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 t",».... ', r-...
Fly Pads,
Insect Powder.
[Everything to Kill Flies!
[The M. A. W. Co.,;
Jurritt Block, Mount Pleasant.
A Big Bottle of Lime Jnioe for 25o.
Mt Pleasant Advocate lE^^Si
$1 per year, Six Months 50c, Three Months 25c, Single Copy 5c.
Devoted to the interests of   Mt. Pleasant, Central Park, South Vancouver.
Baked Apples—Jike home—witb Pure Cream.
Genuine Boston  Baked  Bums
■Open from ?:-"0 a. m., to 13 p. m.
Sunday from 9 a. m.  to 12 p. m.
Established April 8, 1890?   Whole Number 275-
riOUNT   PLEASANT,   VANCOUVER,   B.  C,   SATURDAY July a.td. 1904.
Sixth Year, Vol.0, Ni-. I3-
 ~ SubBcrihers    are - requested   to
eport any carelessness in tho delivery
of "The Advooate,"
m Changes for ndvertisemeuts should be
JJn before Thursday noon to insure their
■ publication.
Local Items.!
The McCuaig Auction and Commis
Ision Oo., Ltd., nexttoCurneige Library,
(Hastings streot, buy Furniture for OhsIi,
ICouduot Auotion Sales aud handle
Bankrupt Stocks of every description
|Satisfaction;guarai_teed.    Phone 1070.
Mr. Geo. Wood went up to Harrison
I Hot Springs ou Tuesday for  a week's
The local Epworth League has
[adjourned its weekly meetings till
I Soptembor
Miss Edua McLeod, daughter of Rev.
[A. W. McLeod, is visiting friends iu
I Kamloops, B C.
Mr. aud Mrs. Otto Marstraud nud
iMiss Ella Marstrand will leave on Sun-
fda'y  81 Bt,   for  Denmark   for    several
I mouths stay,
______: 0;	
Miss' Villa Ball, organist of Mt.
fPleasaut Methodist Church, Irs resign-
jed aud u uew organist will be appoint-
led withiu a few days.
Miss Ida Irvitte, bookkeeper nt E. G.
j Prior's, will sail ou Princess My. Friday
I next, for Dawson to spend her holidays,
1 n gnest of her unele, Onpt.'W. A.
_- :o;	
The Mt. Pleasiuit School is beiug
|_:ivenits annual "cleanup," aud Mr.
>W. Davis and men are  busy painting,
varnishing, etc., so whuu school opens.
tlie interior of tho building will present
a uew appearance
The Dr. A. Reed Cushion S*'!c Shoes.
JKasiest shoe ever produced    Tho best
shoo ever 1u1.de for hot, cold, dump or
1 aching  feet.   A  great   help  to one's
i .nerves.   Cull and inspe.t them
R. MILL'S; 18 Cordova street nud
610 Granville street.
•The West Eud team defeated the
Maple Leafs of Mt. Pleasant at laerosso
on Thursday at Cambie Street Grounds
by a score of 2to0.   It   was   11   grand
vgnine and hardly fought on both sides.
' The Maple Leafs nre taking their defeat
like men; certainly they made it uo
easy win for their opponents.
 1—a>: .—
Rev. A..E. Hetheriugton, B.A., B.D.,
pastor of Mt. Pleasant Methodist
Church, returned S.itnr.tny last from a
vacsrtliou trip of three weeks spent iu
Manitoba. Ou Sunday ho preached to
large congregations. Mr. Hetheriugton
iB a Ilueut ond logical speaker and
attracts large congregations.
Mrs. Merkeley, Burritt Block, hns
jnst- received a beautiful nssdrtinont of
Ladies' and Children's . DRESS
dozen sample Bearskin Coats for
Children which are selling at cost—see
Rev. A. W. McLeod will preach nt
both services in the Mt. Pleasnnt Bnptist
Church on Suuday. In the moruiug
■"The Marvelous Unity of the Bible"
will be considered, and in tho evening
the topio will be, "Has Infidelity a Leg
to Stand On.'' Good musi. will bo
provided for both services.
"The Advocate" acknowledges invita
tion from the Premier and Executive
Council to the opening of the Eraser
River Bridge, at New Westminster,
to-day at 1:80 p.m. Lient-Goveruor
Joly Will be present aud a most elaborate
program will be carried out, dnriug tho
afternoon and evening at the Royul
TO LET; rooniB furnished or unfurnished, WITH OB WITHOUT BOA_tI>
Apply to 485 Eleventh aveuue, Mt
Thos. A. Duff, Grand Organizer of
the Orange Association, left Tuesday
on his way back to Toronto, stopping
at Vernon and other places cu route.
. On Monday afternoon Organizer Duff
was taken for a drive aronnd the Park
aud to Euglish Bay and Greer's Beach
by Mayor McGuigan. In his farewell
address at' L. 0. L., M.15, the Grand
Organizer's remarks were very eulogistic
of the Mayor's entertainment of him
and    of    the     Mayor     personally.
We have shown that it is possible to do the very best Dental Work at moderate prices. We are not only willing to havo our work compared with any
other but we invito thoso that nro extremely particular to como and consult
us ou our painless methods which we will gladly domoustrate to their entire
satisfaction. Samples of our work nre nlwnys ou exhibition iu our parlors.
Since we have been in business we have never had a single dissatisfied patient.
We do PAINLESS DENTISTRY and use only the most MODERN
METHODS. We take Justifiable PitiDE iu the Beauty of the work doue
by onr Specialists, who are Guaduatkb and Past Graduates- of the
Philadelphia Dental Colleue.and Moitit Colleok of Poucelain and
Continuous Gum Work.
We CROWN, FILL and EXTRACT TEETH without tho least patticlo
of pain Tho large increase noticed daily in onr practice is due to the most
artistic and high-class work done by our Specialists and without pain. Our
ten-year guarantco means that all our work must be doue perfectly. If you
have uny work to he done givo us a call and you will flud that we will do
exactly as we advertize.
Gold  Crowns,  $7,00 Gold Filling, $2.00 aud up
Porcelain Crowns, $5.00 Bridge Work, $7.00 and up
Cement Fillings, $) .00;    Silver Fillings, $1.00;    Platinum Fillings. $1.50.
Painless Extraction, 50e Porcelain Fills, $2.00 and up
Upper or Lower   Set of Teeth, $12.00
147 Hastings St., E/TcT'
Opposite the Caruegie Library;_,        . Telophone 15611.
Office Hours: 8 a. m., to", p. m.;  Sundays 9 a. in., to 2 p. ni.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. HHtehiugs are
visiting tho Sonud Cities—Seattle,
Toooma aud Victoria. .
Mr. A. E. Lees, the Hastiugs Street
Clothier, aud family who hnve been
spending n mouth nt Lund, returned ou
Mr. McNeil, Manager of the Maiu-
laud Transfer Co., was the lucky holder
of tho coupon which drew tho prize
buggy at Storey & Campbell's.
Any 0110 having friends or knowing
of straugers visiting ou Mt. Pleasant
will confer a great favor by informing
"The Advocate."   Telephone B1405.
Miss Miguon Duke, daughter of
School Trustee Thos. Duke, is now
studying Opera aud will train for
Soprano instead of Contralto. Miss
Duke's career will be watched witb
interest by Vauconverites who autici-
pntc a great future for-this gifted young
Vancouver girl.        .
Mrs. Devine, Sr , has been quito ill
lately with a severe cold.
Mrs G. Clayton Leonard and daughters are visiting in Seattle.
Mrs. (Dr.) Burritt wss  confined to
her bed with grip a few days thia week.
FOR RENT.—Seven roomed house,
42 Thirteenth avenue, beautifully situated, nil modern improvemeuts; apply
62 Thirteenth nvoune.
Mr. N. Hoffar and sous, Henry and
James, are nway on a fishing trip np
the Squnmish.
-Mr. F. W. Welsh returned ou Suuday
•from nu extended trip through the
Southern States.
Miss Sim of Columbia street, has
returned from a mouth's sojourn iu
Portland, Ore.
per box.
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt. Pleasant. Tel. 1360
Cor. Ninth Ave
.Central fleat flarket
& Westminster Rd.   Telephone 954.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers iu all kinds of Fhesh nud Salt Meats.    Fresh Vegetables always
on huud.   Orders solicited from all ports of Mount Pleasant nnd Fnirviow.
Prompt Delivery.
Woodrow & Williams. ^SSSSg^
We, the undersigned have opened a
Real Estate Office at 2460 Westmiuster
avenne, nnd will be pleased to have all
those wishing to dispose of their properties to call at the office aud list snme
with us. We already have a list of
some flue HonsoB aud Lots, and Business
property, also Farms, Hdusen and Lots
outside tho city. These properties are to
be had at reasonable prices aud on easy
terms of payment. Wo have bo'.ihi Snaps
fof dash. Money to loan ut reasonable
interest. We also represent reliable
Insurance Ootupanies.
The following boys and girls of Mt.
Pleasnnt School passed tho cutrauco
exams for High School: Vera Doming
8T8; Minnie Perry, 665; Lillie. Shergold,
089; Joseph McGecr, 680; Louise
Biinhiini, 0110; Million McAlister, 626;
Grace Cloabou, 595; .lohn Montgomery,
C80.   Tried, 10; passed 8.
The rural schools iu this vicinity
show the following results;
Eburue.—Number of candidates, 4;
passed 1.   Minnie McDonald, 600.
East Vaucouver —Number of caudi
dates 2; passed 1.   Philip Smith, 006.
North Arm.—Number of ckudidates,
1; passed 0.
South Vancouver.—Number of candidates, 8; passed, 1.   Martha Scott, 550
Nothing hotter tbtin a uent appearing,
Al wcariug quality, baud-sewn, welt
shoe. We hnve a spleudid shoe which
wo can highly recommend, oifher iu
kid or velour, ut the low price of $860.
R. Mltm, 18 Cordova street and 040
Granville streot.
St. Michael's Sunday School enjoyed
a delightful picnic at Bowen Island oh
Wednesday. Such a hnppy, merry
crowd of young people, chaperoned a
happy crowd of old (? ) people declared
the day a success.
Mrs. Wnrbiis and Mrs. Richards of
Edgecomb, Wash., who havo been
duriug the past week with Mr. und
Mrs. D. McMillan, Thirteenth avenuo,
l\'t'.inp >i );ome on Wcdpe^liiy,
There wan an exciting timo anioug
tho spectators at Iho lacrosse match ou
the School Grounds Tuesday evening.
The giiinii was between tho Argonauts
II., .nd tho Juuior Maple Leafs resulting in a victory for the local -pain by a
score of 4 to I). The time-keeper for tho
Argonauts counted a couple of scores
for ids toiiui which were not
visible to the spectators, and
then tho trouble began. It is claimed
by iiiaiiy that tho Argonauts only got
2 goals, aud that 2 goals should have
beeu scored agniust them for beiug
thirty minutes into. The fooling of
disapproval expressed by the grown
peoplo was takou up by tbo boys in the
crowd nnd they acted uncivilly.
The "News-Advertiser" contnined
Wednesday moruiug, tho following;
"After tho gaino the visiting team wub
gallantly escorted awny from the
grounds by a gang of hoodlums to the
nceompnninicut of nnsavory epithets,
and showers of stones." This is
much overdrawu by tho."N-A.," reporter, but it must bo , admitted the
small hoys showed themselves off to
disadvantage The best team won for
tho game wns a fast oue, and the local
team kept tho ball around the Argonauts not most of the timo. As all tho
Junior Maple Leaf players played it is
hard to single out many who played
better than ihc rest, though the playing
of Hugh Roc, Ernest Murray aud Lcn
Martin hits been praised highly.
Read ttye Now York Dental Parlors
advertisement in this paper, then go to
New York Dcutul Parlors for your work
How About Your
Spring Hardware?
Lawn Mowers, any moke, size or price.      Garden  Tools,      Shovels,
Rubber Hose,       Lawn  Sprinklers   and  Sprays,      Wheelbarrows,
Spades,      Poultry Netting, from 3^'-iu. to 2-iu. meshes, all widths.
gAT" Always a full liue of Paints and Varnishes.
J. A. f LETT,
W.R. OWENS, Manager.
Place your order now    We will have a large shipment of
No. 1 Apricots at a very low price.
Crown Fruit Jars ^ beSt jars made
Swift'S Cooked Ham  always in stock.
H. O. Lee,
2425  Westminster Ave.
'Phone 322
Moving Sale
Come and share some of
the many ".nrgains that
aro being offered.
DRESS GOODS—Black LuBtres, regular 85c for 25c; 60c for 40c; 75c for '
50o; 90c for 76c. BLACK CASHMERE—regnlar 30o for 20c; 05c for 50c;*
85c for 65c; $1.00 for 75c; $1.25 for 90c n yard. BLOUSES—20 ouly, samplo \
Blouses, slightly soiled, made iu different styles" worth up to $8.50, Vour
choice for $1.50 each. Lustre Blouses iu cream, corded and pleated back,
nud front; regular'$2.50, sale price $1.75 PRINTS—in light and dnrk i
colois in Ftripes und floral designs: regular 8"^c and 10c, sale price 6c yd.
UA. ROSS & CO.,   28 Cordova St.
Lonelv Trousers
Lonely Suits
This is Whv
It -would be a loss to us to hold these broken
Hues of "Lonelies.1'
It would mix our stock and keep a lot of
broken liues in our wardrobes that would
be constantly accumulating.
We prefer to get rid of them now. .Hence
the price—#20, #i«, $15—for 010.
There's no sentiment in this other than imperative business necessity.
TH05.     FOSTER.
333 Hastings St.
Vancouver, B  C.
Mail  Orders   promptly   attended   to.    Self-measutement Blanks and
Samples sent on npplientiou.
200 Boxes Just Received
in prime condition only 01.00 per b6x.
BICYCLES   otv GroCerv Co.,
The improved Hygienio Cushion Frame Massey-Harris Bicycle represents
our largest and latest effort to make what is considered a perfect bicycle.
Its parts are manufactured from tested material and handled and finished
by automatic machinery wliich does its work in fnr greater minuteness ,
than would be possible by liuina—-hands. Tho frame designs embraces
the latest feature in modern bicycle IihIIiHhh i lh_>il^niiii ) 1 mil inn
This model is brought out to meet a popular demand for a moderate
priced machine.   It is made throughout of the best materials, thoroughly '
tested; equipped with Duulop tires. It Bells at as low n price as an honest
bicycle can be made for.
W. J. Annand, Agent.
146 Hastings Street, East.       Tel. 1.285.
Bicycles sold on the easy payment plan.
Repairing of every description promptly done.
Tel. SOB.
Westminster \ve. & PrlmtoomsStrmrnU
as nr w nr nf nr n? nr w nr nr" nr nr w !tr w iff k
fc With
^ Out
£ a
fc Peer,
Brewed right here in Vancouver by  men
of years and years  and years   experience, _J*
and  a brewery whose plant  is tbe most _•
perfect known  to the Art of Brewing.    Is
it any wonder that  it  has  taken a. place _3j
in  the hearts of  the people which   no other beer
£ cau supplant ?    Dose., quarts $2.  Doz., pints $|.      3
I Vancouver Breweries, Ltd. -^
~ Vancouver, B. C.       Tel. 429 *m
For Sale at all lirst-elass Saloons, Liquor Stores and Hotels   ^
or delivered to vunr house. ^m
sumo, www ww w w w www wms
Mr. J. L. Powell loft on Saturday last
for his old home in Wales; Mr. Powell
received tho snd tidings of the dangerous illness of bis iiged mother.
Ring up 1726 for nil kinds of Mill
Woon, [14 inches loui.], tho Urquhnrt
Lumber Co.'s Wood Yard, Cambie
Street Bridge   Gray & Higgiuson.
Mr. William Saul, one of the pioueor
Sen Captains of B. C, who has boon
visiting Vancouver, has returned to his
home iu Kamloops.
Mount Plonsaut Lodge No IP,
I. O. O. F., has elected tbo following
officers tor tilt, ensuing term: Noble
Grand, 0. O, Kinney; Vico Grand,
J. Walker; Recording Secretary, T. H.
McKay; Financial Secretary, R. H.
Pool; Treasurer, G, H. Middlomiss;
Wurdeu, Bro. Jensen; Conductor, Bro.
Hudson; Outer Guard, J. B. Aberucthy;
Inuor Guard, Bro. Hudson ; R. S. N. G.,
Bro. Hart; L. S. N. G., Bro. Moore;
R. S. V. G., Bro. Morrison; L. S. V. G.,
Bro. McKee; R. S. S., Bro. Hoar;
L. 8- S., Bro. Rnsemnn.
Electrolysis Paklor of Hairdressiug, Maiiicnring, Facial Massage and
Scalp Treatment for Ladies nud Gentle'
meu. Superfluous hair, warts and
moles removed by Electrolysis.
Valuable information given to oven-
lady patron on "How to take euro of
Skin Food for building up the wasting
tiBsno. Orange Flower Crciim to pro-
vent und lu nl sunburn,
Mad ami. Hi'Mi'intKYS, 680 ('l'liuvjlle
Ogilfle'. Hungarian Flour 11.4. pr sack
B. 0. Gran. Sugar '-J0- |l, sack (11.00
Fnuoy Creamery Butter, Ida pw pound
Hams, lirst-ohiHS      .,        IHc   "       "
Picnic Hams  13c   "      "
R. H. WALLACE, "Phono 11.8.
Mt. Pleasant. Fn t delivery
McTaggart & lioscrop
Dkaleks in
344 Carrall St.,     Vancouver. B.C.
Templctou Block.
Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
Return 12 Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
and we will send freo your choice of 110
pictnroB. Or for Uf) wrappers choice of
150 books. Books and picture lists ou
The Royal Soap
Cov Limited,
Full Line of Fancy and Staple
Prices to compare witb any.
Cor.  Westminster nve., A Dufferin si
Lawn Grass Seeds
Clover nnd Timothy  Seeds,
Pratt's Poultry and Aulnial Foods,
Pratt's Lice Killer,
Holly Chick Final,  Hoefscnips, Etc.
SI/piTH Corn-r   NINTH .v.sue   A
.   IVCI I II   H'l '.[.MINSII K ROAD.
Tc]^ phono l a a 7.
iTtStr" Subscribers who fail to
get "The Advucatc" on Saturday morning please notify
this office,    Telephone Hi405
The Great
Sale at
Como to this sale—it is genuine.
Everything has to be cleared out
.Tust a few words about
Wo havo Ihe finest stock of
Kinases ia tho city, a»id they
are beiug sold nt cost nnd under
Won Skirts.—No us" to tell
yon much more thnu the fact lhat
we aro telling Crash and Pique
Skirts at $1.00
SILKS.-Some fStaitling
000 yoids Line Stripe Silks in
blue stripe, green stripe ami pink
stripe; they were fiOc, sale price ibr.
Block Tnffcln Pure Silk, wns
7of, for 45c
27-inch India Silks, wi-n
for 880
Blnck Pcan de Soie, heavy, w
$1.25, for 75c
303 Hastings street.
Jewelry Factory
Our factory iB a part of this
business that the general public
never comes In personal contact
with, yet it is n big pnrt_ It is
■ 'anted on tho Hum- above tho
store proper. Ten mcu are work-
ing nway there every day making
up gold ami silver and all sorts of
precious .tones iuto various styles
uf jew dry.
Modern mie'liiuery is here te
lend ils help. Takey altogether
we huve Ihe largest miiuiifnotur.i_g
jewelry plant west of Toronto.
We can mnke anything in tho
jewelry line.
Corner Hustings und Orauvi.Ie St*
oiHcinl Watch Inspector C. P. R.
Now is the time to
chyoi!r ROSES
while  iu   bloom—for
Fall planting.
Chas. Keeler
Notk— Street Cars jwhs my jilnee.
1784 Wind minster Ave.     Mt. McushhI
If ynu mils Tltr. Anvor-ATK yon _nihi-
the J'iraJ news,
1321   Westminster   Ave.
Mt. Pleasant.
K. H. Peace,  Proprietor.
00 00 00
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer in Meats of
All  Kinds.  Tel. A1206
Give us trial.
Prompt Delivery. J
• ♦♦♦-
• ♦♦*
• »**♦
• ♦*♦
• ♦»»*
• ♦*■*♦
►*+*•£■** ._m^***'*'*---j"*****'M>+"8
Ctyrlgtit. IMD, kr Ihe BOWEN-MEMtlLL  COMrAKT
i.«tm.t«m.»ii'"i«'' '
sne again resumetl her pose, the
•lgbt foot advanced, the left arm well
jack.; her lissome, finely developed
jody leaning slightly forward.
Rene's hands were up before his face
n a defensive position, palms outward.
Just then a chorus of men's voices
jounded   In   the  distance.    The  river
Tlie rapier wns making a crhscruss pattern, af flashing lines.
house was beginning Its carousal with
a song. Alice let fall her sword's point
and listened.   "
lte^e looked about for his cap.
"I must be going." he said.
Anbthcr and louder swish of the
rapier made him pirouette and dodge
again with great energy.
"p|n't." he cried, "thut's dangerous.
you'll-[Hit out my eyes. I never saw
■ucb a girl!"
She laughed nt him and kept on whipping tho air dangerously near his eyes
until she bad driven hlin backward
as far ns he could squeeze himself into
a corner of the room.
Mine, lvoussilloii iiime to the door
from the kitchen unil stood looking in
and .kiiighing.  with  her hands on her
bins %!*•"•: "•'' '■••■•  " '"•• iv.is niok-
Ing tr**" crisscross pattern of flashing
lines close to the young man's head
While Alice, li: the enjoyment of ber
exercise, seemed to coneentrate all tbe
glowing rays of her beauty in her face,
her eyes dancing merrily
"Quit now,  Alice"  tie -begged,   half ^1,;"^;;,,^^ you* have' 7 don't'think
In fun and half in abject feur.   " Please
quit—1 surrender!"
She thrust to the wall on cither side
of him, then springing lightly bock-
ward'a pace, stood afguard. Her thick
yello$r hair had fallen over her neck
and shoulders In a loose wavy mass,
out pt which her face beamed with n
bewitching effect upon her captive.
Kene, glad enough to have n cessation ot bis peril, stootl laughing dryly.
but 'the singing down at the river
house was swelling louder and he
mnde another movement tu go.
"Tour surrendered, you remember."
crle_l,AlIce. renewing the sivord play.
"Sit down on the chair there tint! uiitke
yourself comfortable, You ope not going down yonder tonight; yoirare going
to stay here.uud talk with me und
Mottler Kousslilon. We ure lonesome
aud you are good company."
A shot rang out keen ami clear, there
wus a sudden tumult that broke up the
singing, and presently more firing at'
varying Intervals cut the night air from
the direction of the river.
Jean, the hunchback, came In to sny
that there was n row of some sort. lie
had seen men running across the common-aB if in pursuit of it fugitive, but
jioonllght was bo dim that be could
• sure what It nil meant,
picked   up his cup and bolted
' the house.
that Long Hair afterward became an
important character lu the stirring
historical drama which had old Viu-
comics for ils center of energy.
Keho de llonville probably felt himself In hud luck when he arrived nt the
river house just too late to share In
(he liquor or to Join In chasing the
bold thief. He listened with Interest,
however, lo the story of Long Hair's
capture of the couimaiidunt's demijohn
and could not refrain from saying that
If he hnd been present there would
have been n quite different result.
"1 would have shot blm before he
g.it lo that door." be said, drawing bis
heavy lllntlock pistol and going
through the motions of one alining
quickly und tiring. Indeed, so vigorously In earliest was he with the pantomime Hint he actually did lire, unintentionally of course, the ball burying
Itself lu the doorjaiub.
Ho was laughed at b.v those present
for being more excited than they who
witnessed the whole thing. One of
them, a leathery faced and grizzled old
sinner, leered nt him contemptuously
and said In queer French, with a
curious accent caught from long use
of backwoods English:
"Listen how the boy brags! Ye
might think to hear Rene talk tbat
he actually amounted to a big pile."
This personage was known to every
soul In Vlncennes ns Onclc Jazon. and
when Otiele .Itizon spoke tbe whole
town felt bound to listen.
"An1 how well he shoots, too." he
ndded, with nn Intolerable wink.
"Aimed nt tbe door and hit the post.
Certainly Long. Hair would hnve been
in great danger! Oh, yes, he'd 'ave
killed Long Hair at the first shot,
wouldn't he though!"
"All right. Onclc Jazon." said Rene,
laughing and blowing the smoke out
of Ills pistol. " 'Twns you. all the snme,
who let Long Hair trot off with the
governor's brandy: not I. If you cotild
have hit even a doorpost lt might have
been better."
Onclc Jazon took off his cap nnd
looked down Into it In a way he had
when about-to say something llmtl.
"Vontrobleii! I did not shoot nt Long
Hair at all," he snld, speaking slowly,
"because the scoundrel  was uiiiirmed.
empty, turned Into (he path lending to
the Roussillon place, which was at III.
heuil of a narrow street laid out In n
direction at right angles lo the river's
course. Ho passed two or three diminutive cabins, all as much alike as beehives.
As Rene passed along he spoke with
a gay French freedom to the dames
and hisses who chanced to be visible.
His air would be regarded as violently
brigandish in our dny. , We might
even go so far ns to think his whole
appearance comical, His jnunty cap,
with a tail thut wnggeil US be walked;
his short trousers anil lege.ings of buck
skin und his loose shirtlike tuuie, drawn
In at the waist with a broad belt, gave
his strong figure just the dash of wild,
ness' suited to the armament with
which it wns weighted. A henvy gun
lay Ih the hollow of his shoulder, under which hung an otter skin bullet
pouch with its cigar powder horn and
white bone charger. In his belt wen-
two huge flintlock pistols nnd a long
case knife.
"Ron jour. Mile. Adrlenne." he cheerily
culled." waving ills free hand in gro t-
lug to n small, dark lass standing on
the step of a veranda nnd Indolently
swinging a broom. "Comment all;'/.-
vous nu Joui'tl'bul?"
"J'm'porte Ires blen, morel," M'sieu'
Rene," wus the quick response. "El
"Oh, I'm as lively ns« cricket."
"Going n-hnntlng?"
"N*. just up here a little wny—jnst
on business—up to M'sieu; Itoussillon's
for a moment
"Yes." tlie girl responded In a tone
Indicative of something very like
spleen. "Yes. undoubtedly, M'sieu' tie
Ronvlllp. Your business there seems
quite pressing of late. I hnve noticed
your industrious application to thnt
"Tn-tn, little one," he wheedled, lowering his voice. "You mustn't go to
making bugbears out of nothing."
"Rugbenrs!" she retorted. "You go
on about your business, anil I'll attend
to mine." and she flirted Into the house.
Rene laughed under his breath, standing a moment as If expecting her tn
come out again, but she did not, aud
he resumed his walk singing softly:
"Elle a ies Joues vormpllles, verniellles,
Ma belle, ma belle petite."
Bnt ten to one he wns not thinking of
Mile. Adrieune Koureier.. Ills mind,
however, must huve been absorbingly
occupied, for in the straight, open way
he met Father Beret und did not see
him until he came near bumping against
the old man, who stepped aside with
astonishing agility nml snld:
"DIett vous benlsse, inon Ills, but
wbnt Is your grent hurry. Where can
you lie going In such happy hnste?''
Rene did not slop to parley with the
priest. He hud in his minil what he
wns going to any when Alice and he
should be alone together. It was a
pretty   speech,   he   thought—Indeed   a
He didn't have nn even a knife, nud be   very thrilling little speech by the wny
was hniin' enough to do rldrtgin' fie
bullets that the rest of 'em W'l'e
pliiiupln' at 'im without nny coiepli-
moms from me to bother Mm more "
"Well." Itenc replied, turning away
with a laugh, "If I'd been sculped by
IHE row down al the river house
wns more noise thnn tight, so
far as results seemed to Indicate. It was all about a Small
dnm« Jennne of line brandy which nil
Indian of the name ol' Long Hair hnd
seized and run off with at the height of
the carousal. He must have been so-
bercfc' than his pursuers or nn til rally
fleeter, for not one of them could calch
111 in ttr even keep long iu si^-lit of him.
Some pistols were emptied while the
rncejwns ou, and Iwo or three of tho
men swore roundly to billing s"en Long
Halr.'jiimp slilewlse anil stagger, as lf
one ef the shots bud taken effect. Hut.
although the moon was shining, he
some wny disappeared, they could not
understand,Just how, fur down beside
the river l*1ow the fort nnd the church'.
It was not un uncommon thing lor an
Indian to steal what he wauled, nml in
most cases light punishment followed
conviction, but.it wits felt to be a capital offense for mi Indian or anybody
else to rape a demijohn of line brandy,
especially oue sent as a present b.v a
friend In New Orleans to Lieutenant
Governor Abbott, who hnd unlil recently been the eomniaiiilnnt of tlio
post. Every man at the river house
recognized and resented the enormity
of Long Hair's crime, and each wus fur
the moment ready to he his Judge nnd
Ills executioner. He hnd broken itt
once every rule or frontier etiquette nnd
every bond of sympathy. Nor wns
l.oiu£ Hair Ignorant of Ihe danger Involved In his daring enterprise. He
had tieforchnml carefully und stolidly
weighed the conditions, and true to his
Indian nature bail concluded thut a Utile wicker covered bottle of lininily
wns well worth tlie risk of his life. So
lie hnd put himself iu condition for a
great race b.v slipping out ami getting
rid of his weapons and .all surplus
weight of clothes.
This Incident brought the drinking
bout at the river bouse to n sudden
Aid, but nothing further came of it
tliat,nlglit ami no record of It would be
found lu these pages but for the fact
there would be any particular reason
why 1 Bhould wait for an Indian thief
to go and arm himself before I uc-
cepk-d bim ns a target."
Onule Juzon lifted n band Involuntarily and rubbed his scalpless crown;
then 4ie chuckled with a grotesque
grimace ns if the rccollectiou of having his bend skinned were the funniest
thing imaginable.
"When you've killed as muny of 'cm
as Oucle Jazon has," remarked a bystander to Rene, "you'll uot be so
hungry for blood, maybe."
"-.specially after ye've took fifty-nine
scalps to puy for yer one." added Oucle
Jazon, replacing his cap over the hairless area of his crown.
The men who had been chasing Long
Hair presently came straggling back
with their stories—ench hud a distinct
one—of how the fugitive escaped. They
were wild looking fellows, most of
then, somewhat Intoxicated, all profusely liberal with their stock of picturesque profanity. They represented
the- roughest element of the well nigh
lawless post.
"I'm positive that he's wounded,"
sn ill one. "Jacques nnd 1 shot at him
together, so that our pistols sounded
Just us lf only one hnd been IIred-
bung! Hint wny—and be leaiK'd sideways for till the world like a bird
with n broken leg. I thought he'd fall;
but ve! he run faster'.! ever, nnd all at
once be wus gone—Just disappeared."
"Well, tomorrow we'll get hlin," snld
another. "Yon und I and Jacques,
we'll take up his trull, the thief, apt!
follow him till we find him. He can't
get off so ensy."
"1 don't know so well nbout that."
said another. "It's Long Hair, you must
rpiiieuilier, and Long Hair is uo common buck Unit just uny body can find
asleep. You know what Long.IIalr Is.
Nobody's ever got even with 'lm yet.
Thnt's so, ain't It? Just ask Undo
Jazon. If you don't believe it!"
The next morning Long Hnlr was
trucked lo the river's edge. He bud
liecn wounded, but whether seriously
or not could only bo conjeel tired. A
sprinkle of blood, here and there quite
a dash of It, reddened the grass and
clumps of weeds ho hnd run through,
nml elided close to Ibe water, Into
which II looked us if he hnd plunged
wilh a view to bulMlng pursuit. Indeed pursuit wns baffled. No further
trace could be found b.v which lo follow the cunning fugitive. Rome of Ihc
men eynsolcd themselves by Baying,
wilhoiit believing, thut Long Hair
wns probably lying drowned at the bottom of tlie river.
'Tas du tout," observed Oncle Jnznn,
lis short pipe askew far over In the
corner of his mouth; "not a bit of It la
Hint Indian drowned. He's jes' as
live ns a fnt cat this minute, nnd ns
drunk ns tile devil. He'll get some o'
yer sculps yet after he's guzzled all
thnt brandy nnd slcp' a week."
It finnlly transpired that Oncle Jazon
wns partly right and partly wrong.
Long Ilnir was alive, even ns a fat
cut perhaps, hut not drunk, for iu trying lo swim with the rotund little
dump Jeanne under bis arm he lost
hold of it and It went to the bottom
of the Wabash, where It muy be lying
nt this moineiit patiently waiting for
some one to Ilsh It out of Its bed deep
in the sand and mud and break the
ancient wax from Its neck!
Ileiip de Renville, nfter the chase of
Long Hnlr had been given ovpr, went
to  toll   Father  Beret   whnt   had  hup-
It stiried bis own nerve .enters us he
conned It over.
Mine. Roussillon met him at the door
lu uot a »,-r.v gooo humor.
"Is.Mile. Alice here?" be ventured to
demupil. ,
"Alice? No. she's not here; she'i
never here just when I wnnt her mos.
Via le [Heboid et la grive (see the
woodpecker and the robin) eating the
tie lifted his head and glared.
cherries, eating every one of them, ami
that glrlrmmitig off somewhere Instead
of staying here and picking them," she
railed In answer to the young man's
polite inquiry. "1 .haven't seen her
these four hours, neither her nor that
rascally hunchback, .lean. They're up
to some mischief. I'll be bound!"
Mine. Roussillon puffed uiidlbly between phrases, but Bhe suddenly became very mild when relieved of her
"Mills cntrez," she added In a pleasant tone, "come In and tell mo the
Rene's disappointment rushed Into
his face, but he managed to laugh It
"Father Beret hns Just been telling
me," snid Mine. Roussillon. "that onr
friend Long Hnir mado some trouble
lust nlgbt.    How ubout II?"
Rone told her whnt he knew and
added that Long Hair would probably
never he seen again.
"Ho wus shot, np doubt of II," he
went oh. "and Is now being nibbled by
fish and turtles. We tracked hhu by
his blood to where he jumped Inlo the
Wabash.   He never came out."
Strangely  enough, It  happened that
at the very time of this chat between I
Mme. Roussillon nud Rene, Alice wns j
bandaging  Long   Hair's   wounded   log
with strips of her apron.   11 was under
some willows which overhung the bank
of  a  narrow  aud  shallow   lagoon  or j
slough, which In those dnys extended
u  mile or two buck into the country
or the further side of the liver.   Alice i
und Jenn went over In u pirogue lo see
If  the  wnter   lilies,   haunting u  poud
there,   were  yet   beginning  to  bloom. |
They landed ut a convenient spot some
distance up the little lagoon, made the
boat fast b.v dragging Ils prow high
ashore, and were on (he point of setting
out across a neck of wet, grassy hind
to Ihe pond, when a  deep grunt, not
unlike that of a self satisfied pig, attracted  them   to  the  willows,   where
they   discovered    Long   Ilnir,   badly
Wounded, weltering la some blnck mud.
His biding place was cunningly
chosen,   s:ive   tlntt   the  mire  troubled
blm, letting him down by slow degrees,
pencil,   aud,  Hading  the  priest's  hut ' und threatening to engulf him bodily;
nnd he was now ton weak to extricate
himself, lie lifted bis head und "glared.
llis lace wns grimy, his hnlr matted
with mud. Alice, although brave
enough and quite uccustomed to startling experiences, uttered a cry when
she saw those snaJcy eyes glistening so
snvagely nmid the'shadows. But Jean
wns quick to recognize Long Hnlr. He
liuil often seen blm about towu, a figure
uot to be forgotten.
"They've been hunting him everywhere," he snld In a hnlf whisper to
Alice, clutching the skirt of her dress.
"It's Long Hair, the Indiau wbo stole
the brandy, I know him."
Alice recoiled a pace or two. '
"Let's go back nnd tell 'em," Jean
added, still whispering. "They want to
kill him; Oucle JaZon said so. Come
He gave her dress a jerk, but she
did not move any further back. She
wns looking at the blood oozing from a
wound in the Indian's leg.
"He Is shot; he ls hurt, Jean; we
must help blm," she presently Bald, recovering ber self control, yet still pale.
"We must get blm out of that had
Jean caught Alice's merciful spirit
with sympathetic readiness and
showed Immediate willingness to aid
It wns a difficult thing to do, but
there was a Will and of course a way.
They had knives with which they cut
willows to mnke n standing place ou
the mud. While tliey were doing this
they spoke friendly words to Long
Ilnir, who understood French a little,
and nt lust they got hold of his arms,
tugged, rested, tugged again and finally
managed lo help Tilin fo a dry place,
31111 under the willows, where he could
lie more at ease, .lean carried water
In his cap with .which they washed the
wound and the stolid savage face.
Then Ailec tore up her cotton apron, In
whleh she had hoped to bear home a
load of lilies, and with the strips bound
the"wound very neatly. It took a long
time, during which the Indian remained
silent arid npparently quite Indifferent
Long Hair was a man of superior
physique, tall, straight, with tbe muscles of a Vulcan, and -while he lay
stretched on the ground, hnlf clud and
motionless, be would hnve been a
grand model for a heroic figure In
bronze. Yet from every lineament
thero enme a strange repelling Influence, like thut from n snake. Alice felt
almost unbearable disgust while doing
her merciful task, but she bravely persevered until It was finished.
It wns now lute in the afternoon and
the sun would be setting before they
conld reach home.
"We must hurry back, Jean," Alice
said, turning lo depart "It will be
all we enn do to reach the other side
In daylight. I'm thinking that they'll
be out hunting for us, too, if we don't
move right lively.    Come."
She guve the Indian nnother glance
when she hnd taken but a step. He
grunted nnd held up something in his
hand—something that shone with a
dull yellow light. It was r small,
oval, gold locket which she had always worn in her bosom. She sprang
and snatched it from his palm.
"Thank you," she exclaimed, smiling
gratefully. "I nm so glad you found
The chain by whleh the locket had
hung was broken, doubtless by some
movement while drugging Long Hair
out of the mud, und the Ud had
sprung open, exposing a miniature portrait of Alice painted when she was a
little child, probably not two years old.
It wus a sweet baby face, archly
bright almOst surrounded with a fluff
of golden hair. The neck and upper
line of the plump shoulders, with ■
(race of richly delicate lace and a
string of pearls, gave somehow a suggestion of patrician daintiness.
Long Hnir looked keenly Into Alice's
eyes   when   she   stooped   to   take  the
loekdt from his hand, hut Bald nothing.
She and Jean now hurried away, and,
so   vigorously   did   they  paddle   their
pirogue, that the sky was yet red In
the west when they reached home and
duly received their expected scolding
from Mme. Roussillon.
Alice sealed Jean's lips as to their
dventure, for she hnd made up her
ulnd to Bave Long Hair if possible,
nnd she felt sure thnt the only way to
do It would be to trust no one but
Father Reret
It turned out thnt Long Hair's wound
was neither a broken bone nor a cut
artery; The flesh of his leg, midway
between the hip and the knee, was
pierced. The bullet bad bored a neat
hole elenn through. Fnther Beret took
(he ense in baud and with no little
surgical skill proceeded to set the big
Indian upon his feet again. The affair
had to be cleverly managed. Food,
medicines nnd clothing were surreptl- I
tlously borne across the river, a bed of
grass was kept fresh under Long Hair's
back, his wound was regularly dressed
nnd finnlly his weapons—a tomahawk,
n knife, a strong bow nnd a quiver of
arrows—which ho hnd bidden on the
night of his bold theft, were brought to
blm. i
"Now go and sin no more," said good
Father Beret, but bo well knew thnt hit
words were mere puffs of articulate
wind In the ear of the grim and silent
savage, who limped nway with an air
of stntely dignity Into tho wilderness,    i
A loud fell from Alice's mind when
Fnther Beret Informed her of Long
Ilnlr's recovery mid departure. Day
nnd night the dread lest some of the
men should find out his hiding place
mid kill hlin had depressed and worried
her. Long Hair's Imperturbable calm- ,
ness. his stolid, Immobile countenance,
the mysterious reptlllnn gleam of hia
shifty black eyes and the soulless expression nlways lurking In them kept ,
a fnsclnntlng hold on the girl's memory.
They blended curiously with the Impressions left by the romances she had
read In M. Rousslllon's mildewed books.
Long Hair was not a young man, but
lt would have been impossible to guess
near his age. His form and face slm- i
ply showed long experience and lm- I
mensurable vigor. Alice remembered
with a shuddering sensation the look
he gave her when she took the locket
from his band. It wns of'but a second's duration, yet It seemed to search
overy nook of her being with Its subtle
The first Dominion of Cannda Exhibition ,to be held in western Canada will lake place in Winnipeg, the
IttupJtal city of the Prairie Province
of Manitoba, during the present sum-
! tner, and since llie beginning of tbe
year lurge and extensive preparations
I have been made for the celebrating in
|u fitting manner of un event of so
hr.uii'h importance to the West.
| As the Uanad.an West grows, so
| titiiut Winnipeg advance and prosper,
und it is a sign of the importance
which is generally attached to tho
Canadian West that Manitoba's
'growing capital should have been
| chosen us the sent of the Dominion
[Exhibition, It, wus felt to be extremely gratifying hy the members of
jibe Board of the Winnipeg'Industrial
j K\liiliii ion Association und the citi-
■ zens of ihe Western Province gener-
jiilly Unit ihey were able to announce
that Hie Dominion Government hud
'made u grant of 850,000 for the
holding of the .exhibition in Winnt-
ipcg during Ihc present summer, nnd
I Ural ihe City Council of Winnipeg
[hnd, with t'otiiini'iidiilile promptitude,
j decided lo support, this important
project hy assuming the responsibility of supplying the requisite iceoni-
modution in Ihe wny ol* buildings and
re-nrrungoiuent of the grounds,
lluring tho present summer Winnipeg will Certainly be the centre to
; which tilt eyes will lie lurried from nil
.parts of (he civilized world. Alreuuy
! immigrants are Hocking hy thousands
into the country lo settle upon llm
• rich wheat fields for which Onua.la
|hns become famous. As a distrilm!.-
ing point for these Immigrants Winnipeg Is. iinrivullcd, arid ench successive train loud of seniors, whether
from across the occun or from
amongst the. citizens of the United
Siiiles,   menus  considerable ntldit.itm-
Fr.nch Fair. Proceeding onwnrns
ncross a large unit spacious lawn Iho
visitor finds on either side of him
evidences of tho manufacturing aud
industrial prosperity of the Canadian
West. In many tents are seen representatives of   the   various influential
Inewspapers of the Dominion,  of   the
Ivarious friendly societies, of large
Canadian manufacturers, and all ibe
many denlers in agricultural implements, threshing outfits and traction
engines, who lind tho West such a
profitable market for their goods.
Facing the lawn is seen a handsome
oinaiiieiiiiil    facade   of   stucco   woili,
,behind which are arranged parallel
and close together the. various Exhibition buildings, the railway track
being conveniently situated in -lie
immediate rear of the buildings.
| The various manufacturing and industrial exhibits ure grouped together in eight different buildings,
these being placed to the left of the
main driveway. On the right aro
situated sixteen stutiloB for .no jc-
coinmudutioii of horses, cattle, sheep,
swine and other live stock exhibits;
at the rear of which there is also
conveniently situated an unloading
platform from the spur track of the
Canadian Pacific Railway. Uy this
iimuigi'incut, as will ut once be son,
it is possible to move from oue i x-
bibit to another without any unnecessary lubor or wastu of timo. Th_
udvuntage of such uu arrangement Is,
of course, manifest; und iu order to
iniiku such a thing possible the Exhibition authorities have gone to vory
considerable trouble and expense lo
huve the buildings which were already
plucud on tho grounds moved a considerable distance.
The  benefit  ot  such concentration
will IM! very great, und the I.ivu Slock
6xhlbitors will undoubtedly find th.il
the success of their section of thu
Exhibition will be greatly enhanced
by these new und systematic 111-
I The amount to be expended in
prizes und attractions will aggregate
the handsome sum of $1 III),(alii, ami
the citizens of the West huve shown
themselves   as   desirous of ellCDUrag-
The Way He Made Ilia Opponent Win
a Ca.e Fnr Him.
Lord Brampton, a famous English
cross examiner, told a story of how he
once won a case on a technical ground
when he had no defense. He forced a
magistrate's clerk to be put into the
witness box by the prosecution to
prove a purely formal matter. Now,
having got him there, he cross exnm-
lned hlin and mnde him practically
admit that he "led his magistrates.by
the nose;" to admit also that they had
refused ball by his advice and that a
Judge nt . chambers ' had afterward
granted lt, although, the witness bad
come up all the wuy from London to
oppose It. Then, nsked the cross ex-
nnilner, "Y'ou were In the room, sir,
and did you not hear the learned judge
say there was not a rag of a caso
against my unhappy client?" The
prosecuting counsel objected, and lt
wns ruled out. But the jurors had
heard It arid hnd henrd the answer
stopped. The dlssntlsl'nctloii thus adduced In their minds mnde them acquit,
the prisoner. Leaving the court that
dny, the prisoner's counsel nsked his
opponent, "Why did you object to thnt
question?" The hitter Indignantly
protested that his adversary when he
nsked It must hnve known that It
could not be put. "Yes, I did," was the
answer; "but I knew you, too, and
felt sure thnt yon would object at tbe
right lime. But you should hnve waited for the answer, as lt would have
been 'No!'"
Tbe Action of I.IkIii and Air I. What
Cmme- tlie I'liantve.
The fastness of color depends on the
Btablllly of the coloring mutter ns well
as on that of the combination between
tbe material and the color. Nearly all
organic colors are bleached by tbe continued action of light and nlr. Light
alone can cause changes nqd favors
tbe  formation of small  quantities  of
How About Your
N.rthw._tc.n Branch, 175 Owen St. Winnipeg.
We can recast them out of the best
Composition made, REMELTO, at
the tallowing price.  jA J* J* j* jt
8 x 12, or No. I Gordon,
75c. each.
10 x 15, or No. 2 Gordon.
$1.00 each.    .
13 x 19, or No. 3 Gordon,
$1.25 each.
Large Rollers, Hand Press or Cylinder, al
45c per lb. in Remelto, or 40c per lb. I.
Pressman Composition. -<    _*    J* _ j*    jt
7roof Tresses.
a most
SIZE-9 _ 30 Inch PRICE-$_5 00.
"     12 i .-   "           " 15 00.
"     Hill   "           " 45 00.
N-.lhw..t.rn Branch
IVnt  Purllrulur,
Pnetor (feeling Sandy's pulse In bed)
-What do you drink? Sandy (with
brightening face.—OK, I'm nae particular, ductorl Anything you've got wilh
ul business for Winnipeg, because a
large proportion of these will cither
become residents of the city or will
take up land, und thus increase till)
business hero,
It is impossible to estimate the im-
portaiil. bearing Ihis Exhibition will
have upon the future development of
the Cuiiadiiiii West, and the whole
country will be benefitted by tn.
manner in whlcn such an event will
display lo the Eastern manufacturer
the wonderful resources of the West,
making him acquainted with thu
goods required for use nnd consump-
liiiti, ami also enabling him to realize tbo wopdrous possibilities of Iho
country which lies botweon him and
the I'uclllc Count. Thus the Dominion ns n whole will lie liennfittud by
the bringing together of the Fust and
West lit this grbat All-Ciinudliin II.-
Some Idea of whnt Is being dono
in preparation for the 1904 Exhibition in Winnipeg may lio gathen.d
wheu it Is stated that the space for
cat tie will be double thut of 1903)
the space for horses double, and tlio
spncu for swine (rouble; that is to
sny, there will be 135,000 square
feet avuliable for live stock.
Three new buildings, ench 400x-;0
feet, nro to be provided In the Miuii-
facturing und Industrial Department,
two ol which will be under the immediate control of the Canadian
Manufacturers! Association of Toronto, and will bo reserved for the exhibition of "goods mnde In Canada.''
These buildings will be ready for oc-
cupution by the end of June, wliich
will bo in good time for the opening
of the Exhibition, which occurs nn
(lie 2iith of .Inly, und the Fulr will
continue .for two weeks, closing on
the 6th of August, 1904.
The ground* and building this year
hnve boon entirely rearranged lor the
holding ol the Dominion Exhibition.
Entering from the terminus of the
street railwuy, the race track and
grand Bland nre seen on thn right
blind. On the left hand are the
amusement grounds nnd mnln building, which is this year to be used r.s
n hn/iiiir nnd fancy marl, situated,
as il   will   be,   in the centre   of   tho
ing the Exhibition by nvery ...tins
in  their power.
The urea of the grounds on wbicli
the llominioti of Canada Exhibition
is to be held comprises nearly lull
ucres, und already there has been
spent in Improvements or annual
grants received from the Provincial
(Jovernment nnd the City of Winn-
peg an amount equal to $250,000, in
addition to which tho City and I'i'ii'
vincc are this year spending $03'.-
000, nnd the Dominion Gopvrmiiciit
has mado a grant of $..0,000.
ltncing nnd speeding events will be
carried on during tho full two wee'es
of the Fulr, nnd will consist of inolO
than fifty events. The Association
has added $21,000 In pluses. Thi)
most attractive from the horsemnn's
standpoint is the fart that no erili'.v
fee will he charged for any event and
freo transportation will be ullowed
on horses In carload lots both ways.
The railway companies are arranging that cheap excursion rales will
bn in force from all purls of Canada, and the management arc now
negotiating with the railways to the
south of the line also that the same
privilege mny be given over other
•hacked the Coart.
A writer In "Law Notes," speaking of
the late John MacMnhon, says: "Muc-
Mabou's style was painfully heavy, his
utterance a little thick, and be was entirely devoid of bumor. His hearing at
times was not of the best, and for tbnt
reason he thought It was the best policy to agree wltb any remark thut might
be made by the judge before whom he
wns appearing, even though he did not
happen to hear what bad been said.
Ou oue occasion be was appearing before a master of the rolls, who thought
that MiicMuhon was arguing ratber
elementary luw for such a court as his.
'You ure speaking as lf I were a mere
tyro hi the law, Mr. MucMahon,' said
the master of tlie rolls testily. 'Quite
so, my lord,' said counsel airily, proceeding wltb his argument, oblivious
to and regardless of what tbe Judge
had said."
ozone and hydrogen peroxide, especial,
ly In the presence of water, wblcb ll
always to be found In all ordinary materials. -
These two substances are powerful
oxidizing agents, readily giving up a
portion of the oxygen contained In
them, and this combines with or oxidizes the coloring matter, forming a
body closely ullled to It, but which'Is
less Intensely colored, and In some
cases, tf tbe action Is carried fur
enough, the color Is entirely destroyed.
The chemical effects of the different
colored rays vary greatly. Red, yellow and green arc practically Inert as
bleaching agents, while blue, violet and
ultra violet rays have a most powerful
chemical action. This fact explains why
materials which are usually worn at
night, and hence are exposed only to gat
or candle light,do not fade rapidly, these
illuuilnnnts uot having a preponderance of the blue and violet rays, while
sunlight, which toutulna a large proportion of these chemically active rays,
quickly affects colored fabrics.
II,nv   II   llnnnelied.
Hawkins—Yon look out of sorts, old
man. What's the trobtilp? Parker—
.TfiBt lost my flow silk umbrella. Hawkins—How did It happen? Parker-
Fellow, that owned It happened to
come in the OBIee nnd recognized it..
Queer  Cn.tnm.   In   China.
A feature In the life of tue Celestial
when at borne, snys the author of "Society In China," Is the number of Itinerant craftsmen who earn their livelihood on the street. Almost nnythlng
from the mending of a broken rice
bowl to the most elaborate cue dressing may be obtained of one or another
of these street travelers. Blacksmiths
earry the implements of their trade
about wltb tbem. the bellows so constructed as to serve also the purpose of
a tool box and a seat when "oil duty."
If a man's Jacket or shoes need repairing he may 'bail a passing tailor or
cobbler and possibly employ the time
while waiting with the services of an
itinerant barber. MOUNT PLEASANT ADVOCATE. "
A Peculiar Method of Ilni'lciilnlnR Foi
th. Preclou. Stone..
The peculiar business methods of orl-
, cntnl merchants are Illustrated by the
manner of buying rubies In Burma. In
the examination of rubles artificial
light ls not used, tbe merchants hold-
lug that full sunlight alone can bring
out the color and brilliancy, of tbe
ueins. Sales must therefore take place
between 9 a. m. and 3 p.. in., and the
, nicy must be clear.
The purchaser, placed I near a w!n-
1 dow, has before blm a large copper
I plate. Tbe sellers come to blm oue by
> one,.and each empties upon this plate
his little bag of rubies. The purchaser
proceeds to arrange them for valuation
lu a number of small heaps. I'he Hist
division iB Into three grades, according to size. Each of these groups Is
ngnln divided Into three plies, according to color, and each of these piles In
turn ls again divided into three groups,
according to sluipe. The bright copper
plate has a curious use. The sunlight
reflected from It through the stones
brings out with true rubies a color effect different from thut with red spl-
ncls nnd tourmalines, which are thus
easily scpnrnted.
'The buyer nnd seller then go through
•{very peculiar method of bargaining
by signs, or, rather, grips, In perfect silence. After agreeing upon the fairness of the classlllcntion they join their
right hands, covered with a hiinilker-
chlef or the flap of a garment, und by
grips and pressures mutually understood among all these dealers they
make, modify and accept pruposnls of
purchase and sale. The hands are then
uncovered and the prices are recorded.
You can hardly find a home
without its Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral. Parents know what
it does for children: breaks
up a cold In a single n.eht,
wardt off bronchitis, prevents
pneumonia. Physicians advise parents to keep it on hand.
" Th. b-it -one- tn.dlclii. money can bar
1« Aye.', Oh.rry l'ector.l. For tli. oouRlj ol
etiil_i.ii -ot-tni:,-....l,1 im-»liil v lie bolter."
JJ.OOB Sui;-l, Saratoga, Ind.
50., CDC, |I .00.
I All
Titer Are More 1'lctnre.qv. In I,nn-
■uaice 'I'liii-i Our..
"Roses hnve thorns" and "Walls have
ears" are as common in the Japanese
speech aa In our own. We say "More
haste, less'speed," but the Japanese
phrase is "If In a hurry go round."
In this country we very often remark
tbat "accidents will happen in the beBt
regulated families." Tbe Japs, on the
other bnnd. with nn eye to the pictur-
esiiue, vitalize It, so to speak, In their
"Even a monkey sometimes fulls from
a tree." One of our useful English
sayings ls "Those who play with edged
tools must expect to cut their lingers."
In expressing a similar thought the
Jap goes us one better so fnr aa plc-
. turesquencs.. Is'concerned. He snys,
"If you keep tigers you nre likely to
hnve trouble." One of our standard
mnxlms ls to the effect thut "oil nnd
wnter won't mix." The Japs have uot
Improved on this. "You can't rivet a
naillh a custard" Is their way of putting It. "Tlie.'lotus springs from the
mud" ls their poetical expression of
the common thought that "out of evil
good may come."
What could be. more suggestive and
at the sainu time so poetic as their
"Scattering a fog with a fan?" When
a Jap undertakes the impossible his
neighbors do not scoff nt blm or mock
him. Tbey simply Eity thnt he la
"building bridges to the clouds" or
that ho Is "dipping up the ocean with
a shell." Failure In such a country
must be as delightful as success in our
more tonterial land. "Thine own heart
makes the world" is worthy of Emerson or Browning.
The Defiant Drummer.
"It wus right funny," said ITnele
Hosen, telling of tlie orchestral concert. "A'snuirt Aleck lookln' feller set
in the middle, an' all ter oucet the little man at the end o' the line hit the
big drum n snssy nip. Well, the smart
Aleck feller shnkes a little stick at the
drummer, an' what does he do but hit
her up ag'In jest ter show he wns as
good ns the next mnn. An', by Jinks,
he didn't tnke no back tnlk—or, rather,
no orders—from the suiurt Aleck mnn,
because be just kept a-wbackln' thut
big drum In spite o' ihe boss' a-shnkln'
that stick, as lf ter sny he'd catch lt lf
he didn't quit. Yes, sir; I gloried in
his spunk, If be wns little. An' nt tbe
end o' the tune he whooped lt up on
that drum harder than ever. A little
man for nerve every time."
IUiclit and I.ell llnniled.
It Is curious to notice Ihc vagaries of
humanity lu cases where no hard and
fast line lips been alreudy drawn. Although most right bunded persuns put
on their conts left arm first, a considerable percentage thrust in tbe right
first. Soldiers fire from the right
shoulder, but sportsmen are found who
prefer the left. In working with a
spade, a proportion of right hunded
men grasp tho spade with the left
bnnd and push with tho left foot and
right hand, though when using an ax
the same individuals would grasp
furthest down with the right.
A Korean Canton-.
In some parts of Korea, and among
some Korean fnuill.lca. It Is the custom
' for bridegrooms to dwell under the
•roofs of their fnthers-In-lnw until the
first son hns been born and attained to
yenrs of manhood. Should any Korean, however, etay in the house of his
bride's people for more than three
days after his wedding, he Is compelled to remain for an entire year.
Toe Violent nn Innovation.
"You told me you had au original
Idea lu your novel."
"I had," was the reply; "but the pub-
": Usher discovered It in the proof sheets
and made me take it out."
Umiala'a Food Caeh.a.
The Russians have taken tbe most
remarkable secret' precautions for the
provisioning of their troops. At Intervals of about a qunrter of a mile
, along tlie greater part of the entire
length of the Siberian railway stores
of concentrated proteld food have been
burled on ench side of the line, ench deposit being enough to maintain a company—said to be 200 men-for a week.
I'he position of these previsions Is not
known to the sergeants or cnptulns,
but only to the eiiinmuinhints, who
have tbe Information in cipher.—Lon-
Ini' Chronicle.
j Throat, Lungs
kyor'3 Pills greatly aid the Cherry
Pectoral In  breaking up a cold.
TESTIMONIAL f7oTrTth«~Lute Silt SAMUEL BAKER, tht famous Nile Explorar!
"Nowlon Abbot, Devon. U»ar Sirs—I
have delayed my thanks as I wished t«
te.it the effect of Blair's Pills by a sufficient  Interval of time.
"For ten yours I had >\iffer*d acutely
from Clout and life hud lost lu attraction owing to the uncertainty of health
anil tlie sudden visitations of the enemy
which prostrated me for months, or weeks,
according to the virulence of the attacks.
"Ultilr'a Pills have t-endsred me immense
service, as 1 no longer fear an attack ol
"For the last twenty months I have
been comparatively free, as one or two
nt trttiipteil visitation!) have iwen Immediately stamped out by the assistance ol
Blair's Pills.
"Truly yours (Signed) Sam\. W. Baker.*'
Lvinnti Sons &. Oo., Montreal and Toronto; The Bole Drue; Co.. Winnipeg; Tbe
Martin, Bole A Wynne Co., Winnipeg.
I'loughing in unbroken furrows b'x
miles long can be seen in California.
The teams start in the morning,
make one trip across tlie immense
field nnd back before dinner, nnd the
same in thu afternoon—twenty-four
miles a day.
If you want to keep'"your little
ones rosy, hearty and full of life give
them Bnby's Own Tablets th« moment thi'j-'i-how signs of being out. of
order in any way. This medicine
cures al! forms of stomach and bowel
troubles, breaks up colds, prevents
croup, destroys worms, ultnys teething irritation, and gives the little
ones sound, natural sleep. No Child
objects to taking thO tablet^, and
the mother has a guarantee that they
contain no opiate or harmful drug.
No other niedicino for little ones
gives tli is guarantee. Mrs. Geo.
Campbell, Killnrney, Man., who ha*,
had much experience, says:—"I tied
Hahy's Own Toblefs a tine medicine
for children. They are. prompt in relieving little ills nnd gentle in their
action." All medicine deulers sell
these Tablets, or you can get them
by mail at 25 cents a box by writing The Ur. Williams Medicine Co.,
Ib'ockville, Ont,
The mother of a Sultan of Turkey
is the only Mohammedan woman who
may appear in public unveiled and
receive as many visits as she likes.
$100 Reward $100.
Tot r.ail.n of till" pnper will bo dImum- ti
learn tliul there In at lpost one dieailiMl cHaf-an-.
that -eh'ni'e- liftfl l"--eii alile to cine In nil II.'
_l_R!-B. aw! thai Is Cutar.li. linn's Ctttnr.li
Cure l» the only positive our. m.w ki.i.wn In tl..
m-dli-iil Iral-rolly. Catarrh lulus « "ouslllu
lliinnl dlscuso. r.qlllr.s 1 --n-llllilliuial treat
ment Hall's Catarrh Cure Is 1-U-n Internally
Euitlint directly up»n Hie hlo.»l un.l miu-oii. «ur
lui-cs of the svsK'iu, thereby destroying th,
foundation or liie disease, und all-in* the p.
Item -trennlh hy building up the constitution
and a-Blslln. nature In doing Ils mirk. The
proprietors hnve -O mueh faith In- Its -urntlr.
power., thnt they offer One llund.-.-d l.'.llar.
for any ens- that It fall, to cure. Send fur I..I
of testimonials.    Address ■
P. J.  CIIICNHY* CO.. Tcl.ua. O
Sold hv all rtiiiHKlsIs, ?riC.
Hall's Family Pill" are ibe hMI.
Whut sivfi't is It ynu cannot eat.'.'—
A suite nf furniture.
The Henri  of  Itnlicrt  Bran,
When Hubert Ilruce, king of Scotland, Iny upon his deathbed In the
year 13211 he remembered that lie had
registered a vow to help wrest the
Holy Land from the heathen Turks.
It was clear thut the time for fulfllllng
this vow had passed, but a new thought
presented,. Why not have his heart removed and sent to Jerusalem for
burial? To lbalie the story short, this
was decided upon, and Sir James Douglas was commissioned to curry It In a
silver urn "to a place as near ns possible to where the Saviour wns cruel-
lied" and there bury It. Arriving in
Spain, Sir .Innies, with the precious
relic strung to Ills nock by a chnln,
Wus killed In a buttle with the Moors.
Sir Simeon tdeiird returned with the
heart to Scotland and deposited It under the altar of Melrose abbey, where
It now Is.
Our Deht  to A.la.
It Is noteworthy thnt out of Asia
enme our alphabet und our Arabic numerals, The compass wo owe to the
Chinese, who knew the magnetic needle ns early as the second century A.
D. Gunpowder originally enme ont of
Asia, and so did the urt of printing and
tlie nianii.iictu.e pfi pnper. The Chinese Invented mumble types ill tne middle of the eleventh century, 8.10 years
before Gutenberg. They also made
Bilks long before I-iirope and porcelain
that hits never been equaled by Europe. Truly, Asia Is the cradle of the
nice. On tlie ork'.lnal lilens of the Persians, Arabians, lite Hindoos anil tho
Chinese our modern society bag been
Lumbago    Was  Cured
Dodd's Kidney Pills.
thief   il
billiard   uluyer   like a
rowdV—Because   he   aims
fnr the pockets.
Jiiaril's Liniment Lumberman's Friend.
In (li'i'iniiiiy   one   man in 2111 go
(o ii university; in Scotland, ono
620;   In  the   United Slates,   one   ii
2,0110; und in Englund, ono in 5,000
TII1NU, sulci Mrs. Surface to Mrs.
Know-well, when they met, in the Btreot,
"Wliv, irthero have you been for a week
bnck?" "Uh, Just down to the store for
_ hottle of Dr. Thomas' Mectrlc Oil,"
snii!  Mrs.  fsurfiu'e,  who llalen pun-, wulk-
1 on. Hut she reiiieinhereil. uiul when
she rontrm-leil a u-ouk back there was
uuofher customer  for  Kclectrlu  Oil.
The census returns show Hint the
population of Belgium now stands at
0,628,816, having doubl.d during the
Inst. (Ill yenrs. Ilulgluin Is now the
must densely populated country in
Itching,   Burning   Skin   Die
eases ruliowl In mo dny, Hi--"—a, Salt
niumm, Tlafber-' Itch, anil all eruption,
of Mm -kin quickly relieved and »l>°«uy.
cured liy Dr.  Agnew's Ointment.   It "111
Sive Instant  comfort In cases ol Itching,
lenlliiK nr blind Pllns, unil will cure in
from three to six night-.   815 cents.    119
A growing pastor oil plant will
drive nuisipiiriH-s, flies and ot'.nir
pests friiiu llie room in which it is
Alf>od-,A. Taylor, of Mnrgnive,
snys: "One. bottle of MlNAIUl'S
I..NIMI.NT cured a swelling of t'l"
Humble joint, -.nnd HHveil u horse
worth Jl .0.00."
. Thus. W, Payne, of Buthurst,
snvetl tin- life uf u valuable tior<tu
I but the Ve*.. Ifud given up, wit'i
u lew bull I, 'M of MINAIID'I! I.INl-
Chemists suy that It fnl.es more
lliiui twice us niucli sugar to sweeten
preserves, sauce, etc., if put in when
Ihey begin to cook ns it does to
sweeten after the fruit is cooked.
Who   It   Wus.
A well known New York clergyman
wus telling bis Hible cluss the story
of tbe prodl...al sun at a recent ses
slon. and. wishing lo emphasize tbe disagreeable attitude of the elder brother
on that occasion, he laid especial stress
in this phase of the parable. After
describing tbe rejoicing of the household over the return of the wayward
son, he spoke of one who, In tbe midst
of the festivities, failed to share In the
Jubilant spirit of the oecaslou.
"Cnn anybody in tbe cluss," he ask-
edN"tell nte.who this was'."
A smnll hoy, who bad been listening
sympathetically to the story, put up
Ills hand.
"I know," he snld Immlngly; "It was
le fatted culf."
For Farm?, Vegetable Garden,
and Flower Garden,
jend tn KEllil *V CO., 470 Mtiin St.,  Wln-
iil[M']_-,.    CrttHloyUU nu uppllni-i ion.
A Russian is not considered of ugc
Until lie is twenty-six.
There are many pemuius ol healthy up-
petite ami poor Uig-istiuu who, -alter a
hearty uieal, are subject to much sulTer-
Ing. The l'ood of which they have partaken lieu like lead in their stomachs.
lleaiJache, depression, a smothering feeling' follow. Uue so afllicted is unlit for
business or work of uny kind. In this
condition Parmelee s Vegetable Tills will
bring relief. Thoy will assist the assimilation of the ailment, and used according to direction will restore healthy digestion'.
So keen is un elephant's sense of
smell that he eun scent a human be-
ng at a distance oi' a thousand
There never was aud never will he 6
universal panacea, in one remedy, for aJh
ills to which flesh is heir— the very na
ture of many curatives beam such that
were the germs of other and diderenth
seated disease rooted in .he system 01
the patient—what would relieve one 11
in turn would aggravate the other. Wt
have, however, in qui nine Wine, whei
..btaiimble in sound, unadulterated stale
tt remedy for many aud grievous ii ih . H>
ts uradual uiui judicious use the frailest
.ystems are led into convalescence am
.irength by the influence which Qulnim
ixerts on nature's own restoratives. li
elieves the drooping spirits of thosi
■villi whom a chronic state ol morbi*
ii-Kiu.ii-l.'iHy ami Inrk of interest in llf-
n a disease, ami bv inijnjulllftthg th-
■erven, disposes to sound und refresh ini
■l«ep-imparls Vigor to the action «f th'
blood, rt'Mch, bring stimulated, courst
hrough tlie veins, strengthening tin
tealtliy unhmil I'ti net ions ol the system
hereby making activity a necessary re
lUlb, sti-mgi bfiilnu the frame and civinj.
lie to the digestive organs, which nnt.ui
■■ally demand incresed substance—result
improved __*»pet.lo. Northrop & Lynian
if Toronto. hnve given to the Imhlh
.heir .Superior Quinine Wine at the usun
I'ute. ami, gauged by the opinions oi
.dentists, the wine approaches nearest
;i.-rfectloii of any in the market. Al
Irugttists Bell  It.
Thi' United  Kingdom  now  uses 'A,
0(10,001) gallons of scent yearly.
of the 86_ different kinds of British
birds, only 140 remain in ltrituin all
tho year round. ^
Keep Miiiard's Liniment in the House.
Berlin police have issued an order
'arblddliu. public-houses to soil "cold
drinks" below a certain temperature,
for the reason that such drinks ure
bad for the digestion. ____^
IT IS A I.lVI.!. l'lLI,— Many ol the
iiilinenlH thut man hns to contend with
hnve their orlfrin In u disordered liver,
which Im o. dellcute or^Mi, peculiarly ~un-
t'eptible tn Mm disturbance- thut come
from irri'iiiiliir habits or lack nf care In
I'lithtfr or ■liiiil.ini- This accounts fur
the tiri'tit many liver regulator- now
prcim-il oil tlio ,.11,-1,1 l.ni of surtererH. Ol
thane there are none Niiperlor to I'nniie-
li'e'd Veirelithle l'llld. Their operation,
IIioiikIi ffi'litle, Is eui'cllve, uud Iho most
ih'lii-ule cun iinu them.
Ohambors    of     Commerce. — Places
where bazaars nre held.
Tlie Dnmon  of all Dlseaso.-
mrtnov rllscRiios »r« rlithtly ■o-.-.llcd--
Uiey'ra .n-xnlalnnliU. unaccountable ana
Insidious, it l» thi Iu:.ill.'i ol the kidneys to Tllter out all lnipurlt(g». lf ihey
Ire clowreil South AwriwImJCMriey cur.
will put tliem to rl«h« Md •Sft'the ra»-
I«2« ol so crlm a Tfttatfojia diah.tej
or other kidney iniUMHHM « *Jr
Um> In '»_. Iiouim. "■
A Lazy Vocalist.—"Isn't that your
iiuiid T hear   singing  at   her work?"
quired a caller. "Yes," replied the
housekeeper, "nud I'll bet that's all
he is doing at itl"
The satisfaction of having tho
washing done early In Iho day,
and well don*, belongs to every
user of Sunlight Soap. na
Suffered     for    Twenty   Year.   Bafora   Ho
-     Pound   Kelief   Lb  tba  lireat   Canadian
Kidney Kmiictly.
ltosedene, Ont.—Jtfay 16 (special.)
Hubert C. Lamp-nan, the well known
Uainsboro farmer and stock grower,
is completely cured of a long standing case of Lumbago, and he has
made a statement for tho benefit of
the public, in which he gives tba ea-
tire credit for tho cure to Dodd's
Kidney Pills. In his statement Mr.
I-uiupmnii says.
"For twenty years I suffered from
Lumbago with all its worst symptoms, I had the most distressing
pains it seemed possible to bear,
coupled with an irritation of tbe
"At times I was ontirely prostrated und was for weeks unable to do
anything whatever, and required the
services of my family to assist me In
dressing and in moving from a chair
to tho sofa.
"I tried doctors and medicine, but
got no benefit till, on the advice of
a neighbor 1 commenced to use
1-odd's Kidney Pills. After the flrst
box I noticed an Improvement, and
whun I had taken six boxes every
symptom of my trouble had vanished.
Like Rheumatism, Lumbago ls
caused by Uric Acid In the blood.
Sound Kidneys take all the Uric Acid
out of the blood. Dodd's Kidney
l'ills make sound Kidneys.
Flour will extinguish burning oil.
This is a useful item of knowledge
where lamp., are much used.
Tbe liprlffbt Judge.
i. New York magistrate and lit-,
friend were returning from a banquet
arm In arm aud were giving wuy to
mirth and song when they found
themselves confronted by the police.
The magistrate made bin escape, but
on tbe following day as he snt on tbe
bench, "grave, dignified and alert, us
usual," he saw bis denr'and valued
friend charged with beiug drunk and
disorderly. Ue listened to tbe charge
unmoved beyond a pained expression
on his face and, after calling upon the
prisoner to explain his .conduct, addressed him In his most severely judi
clal manner and in scathing tones.
Never bad he heard a more disgraceful
case, and it wns so much the more disgraceful from the fact that the prisoner evidently was respectably connected and moved in wbat wns called
(here be became very sarcastic) good
society. He felt it was a mntter where
leniency would be surely out of place,
and the fine must be the maximum
which tbe law allowed.
O.-lerlliiK  Guilt  In   Liberia.
The brown skins of the natives In
Liberia nre often daubed with red nud
white clay, the e"iect of the latter being rather starting. This is culled
dressing. Sometimes a vertical blue
mark is seen across the forehead. This
is a sign of freedom. The Kroomen
have It more tbnn others. They are
largely employed as extra bunds on
the steamers. When a man ls suspected of murder, theft, etc., he Is
made to drink sasce wood. This being
deadly poison, bis Innocence Is declared by the draft not pro.ing fatal.
It is said, however, tbat this is only a
form. When the fatal moment arrives
some expedient |s generally adopted,
or else it is considered that only an
innocent man would be willing to approach the deadly draft.
Kxtraordlaarr Leffal Document.
One of the most remarkable legal pa
pefs on tile in tbe archives of the world
is one now iu the National museum of
Paris, labeled "Sentence on a hog, executed by Justice In the copyhold of
Clarmont-Avln and strangled upon a
gibbet at tbat place." It ls sealed witli
red wax, kept under a glass, bears
date of June 14, 1494, and reads as fol
lows: "We, the Jury, in detestation and
horror ot this crime and In order to
make an example and to satisfy Jus
tlee, have declared, Judged, sentenced,
pronounced and appointed that tbe
said hog, now detained In the abbey
as a prisoner, shall by the executionei
be bung and strangled on a gibbet near
the gallows which now stands within
the Jurisdiction of the monk, being
near the copyhold of Avln. In witness
of which we bave sealed this present
with onr seals." Following the above
are tbe signatures of the Jurors and
the prefect of tbe department de hi
WrililliiK'i In Korea.
At a Korean marriage every one rides
on horseback and In single file. First
comes a manservant, who carries In
both hands an Imitation life sized wild
goose, covered by a red scarf. Then
come the bridegroom, bis friends and
all the servuiits he possesses or Is able
to borrow. At the bride's house the
servant first deposits the goose on a
bowl of rice; then all dismount, and,
leaving outside their outer robes, tbelr
lints und their boots, tbey enter the
house and make as much noise as thoy
possibly can. The pandemonium does
not cense till the guests are paid to go
nway. A feast follows and then the
bridegroom Is taken to his bride, whom
be sees for the flrst time.
The biggest maieor.to aver seeu j InqV.isi.iva people are but tho fun-
has been louud in Brazil It is an im-ihfils of conversation; they do not
menso mass ot rock eighty-five In-t. take in anything for their own usi.
and fifty-five (oet thick. jinit merely to pass on to nnother.
In London the daily average number of telegrams sent und pscelvod is
175.null; in'New York it Is 2/tltOOQi
in  Paris, 120,000.
The tiger's strength exceeds that of
the lion. Five men cnn easily hold
down a lion, but nine arc required to
hold a.tiger.
The Stomach,   Liver   and   Kidney   Disorders
Usually be Cured by       '-*
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Fills.
ItUMlmi Win:,,.
Wages in Itusslun    factories are   2
cents mi hour nnd upwurdH. There
nre tluiiisniids who work for a cent
tin hour nnd tens of thousands who
lo nut recejve BO cents a day for ten
eh-'.vu und  more hours' work.
Most of the ills ot every day life
eome from the derangement of the
digestive system.
Eating too much, irregular meals
hours, improperly prepared food, the
excessive uso of stimulants, aro
among the coumuui causes ol this
Tho livor btcomtss clogged and torpid, the kidneys luuctive, and the
bowels constipated. The poisonous
waste matter is thrown back Into
the blood stream and the result is
some deadly form ot disease,
It ls not necessary to bo continually dosing if you use Dr. (.husc'-
Kidney-Iiiver  l'ills.
This treatment acts directly and
promptly on tho liver, kidneys und
bowels, and ensures their proper
Indigestion, dyspepsia, kidney disease, backache, liver complaint, biliousness and constipation are the ail-
metits for which Dr. Chase's Kidney-
Liver l'ills are most frequently used.
The story of their success la der.
ing such ailments is told by, thous-
umis of groatful cured ones,
Policemun Peter 0/ Morrlf, 10
Wascaaa Avenuo, Toronto, •tatei;r-
" For years I wus troubled with
habitual constipation, which I boliuve
is the most common ailment o( all
policemen, I had spent considerablo
money in trying all sorts ot so-called
remedies for constipation, and was al-
■-.'.. disappointed as the rslial was
1.1. ..  temporary, »       ,
; m.w gladly stats that'J hav*
be. i> completely cured by using Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Llvor Pills, and Shall
be pleased to personally recomcaeud
them to any person who wishes to
interview mc. I have always advised my friends to use: them,"
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Llvcr riUa.ouo
pill a dose, 25c. a box, at all dealers
or 1 .diuunsou, Bates & Co., Toronto,
To protect you against imitations,
the portrait and signature of Dr. A,
W. Chase, tho famous .receipt booH
author, are on every Uox,
Old Italian In Cor.lea,
The Italian who travels In Corsica
ls delighted to hear almost everywhere
around him the obsolete expressions
nnd terminations of Dante, whjle even
the Englishman uflncqunlnted with
the "Comedy" Is surprised at the
sound of Latin words which he thought
-ind fallen entirely lute oblivion, such
as "Nlmo" for "Nessuno" and "Oreve"
for "Pesante," or with Latinized forms
of current words, such as "Piuvn" for
'Ploggla," "Istn" for "Questa" and
"KJo" for "Io."
The Corslcan, howaver, Is an older
Italian than that even of the medl
neval poet It ls less specialized on
the whole than bis, having points ol
contact with the other dialects, par
lictilnrly those of Calabria and Sicily.
und with tbe literary languages of
Spain and Portugal.-'Studles Iu Gor
The Funny Bone.
A most unpleiisunt scnsutlon ls caused
by tbe violent excitation of the ulnar
serve due to a blow on tbe elbow. This
nerve passes down on the Inner side of
tlie arm and then ratber Inconsiderately bends round and enters tbe forearm
ut the buck of the elbow Joint. Any
one who has felt bis neighbor's elbow
slicking Into bis ribs knows that the
elbow Is remarkably deficient In flesh.
Tho nerve Is therefore nt this point
very near the surface and has little to
shield lt from a blow. If we are so
unfortunate as to give our elbow a
smart tap we obtain s practical confirmation of the feet that the uluar
nerve ts the principal sensory nerva ol
the forearm and hand.
1Vi.ll. unil t.r„v.-«.
It is against Italian law to sink a
well within 1100 feet ol a cemetery.
In Austria and I'tanct- a well iu not
permitted within liOO feet ol a
nr i-'.iiniiniiiioii.
One day us Pat halted at tbe top of
the river bunk a man, famous for bis
Inquisitive mind, stopped,nud asked:'
"How long huve you hnulcd water
for the village, my good mau?"
"Tin years, sor."
"Ah! How many loads do you take
In a dayV"
"From tin to fifteen, sor."
"Ah, yes! Now I have a problem for
you. How much wnter at this rute
have you hnulcd In all. Sir?"
The driver of the watering cart Jerk
ed his thumb backward toward the river and replied, "All the wather yes
don't see there now, sor."—Christian
11ml New Health In the Use or Or.
Williams' Pink Pills.
A few years ago Mrs. James li.
Stuart, of Thorold, Out., who is well
known to most of the residents oi
that town, found tier health severely
shattered as the result o." an attack
of anaemia. As told practically in
her own words, Mrs. Stuart says;
"My blood was turned almost to
water; 1 sullcred from nerve racking
headaches, and the least exertion
would cause my heart to palpitate so
violently as to render me. almost
breathless. I wasted away in flesh
and often was so weak that I could
not walk about. I was under the
care of a good doctor hut as 1 was
not getting ^ *7r?A grew melancholy nnri < ' ^UYutent, and felt I was
becc.iug a hopeless invalid. At this
stage I was advised to uso Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and I began taking
them, thinking it would bo a miracle
if they ever helped mo. To my gre.it
gratification when 1 had been using
the pills less thuu a month 1 towel
my health improving. I used about a
dozen boxes in nil, and found myself
enjoying onco more the blessing ot
good health. I had been reduced to
nlmost, a skeleton in appearance, and
while taking the pills gained ova-
twenty pounds in weight. I gratefully recommend the pills to other
ailing women."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are the
greatest blood purifier and nerve
tonic known to medical science.
Through their use pale cheeks ure
made rosy, dull eyes made bright,
and thin wasted figures made plump.
Every dose makes new, rich red
blood that drives out disease and
strengthens every organ in tlie body.
You can get these pills from any
denier iu medicine, or by mail, postpaid, at HO cents a box of six boxes
for J2...0, by writing The llr. Wit
ligms'   Medicino   Co., lirockville, Out.
A little husk on a wheat .talk pre-;
ljtnten  to my tale ol woe.
I'he "Health-Food" man mud. lt In a stew
Listen to niy tule ol woa.
How the customer'has to chew and chaw,..
And chow airni chew until tils (ace 1. blua?
listen to my tale of woe.
—Barr, "NortliwssUrn Miller."
: «**?1
The choicest of wheat grew on the stalk too,
Wsten to no tale of woe.
The "Health-Food" man's dead aud his fads are dead too,
Listen to no tale of woe. ,
More than ever the Miller's resorted to,     /
And the customer gets something fit to chew, V*
Listen to no tale of woe.     ■     '
Good old-time Home-Made Bread, "like mother used
to make," it good enough for any man to chM.
The following sign is displayed in
the window of a small shop in n
Pennsylvania villugi,—"For sale—a-io.
uud hand furniture, teeth, and ice."
Got a conttAnt headache? Ten dinners
to ont the fee ret of your Buffering Is
that **xvhlt» man'a burden," catarrh.
H*rV* a sentence from one nan's evi-
dence for Dr. Agnew'a Catarrhal Powder; "One application gave me Instant,
relief, cleared the naaal parages and
stopped the pain In my head." Jt'e a
quick, safe and our* treatment, and lt
never fails to cure. For sale by all
druggists. 8d
Dr. Af new.i Heart Cure Is tor heart,
atenach aad serves.
A1 torrid to rust nml action ore On*
needs of tho mind, uh of tin* body,
und hu \vlu» can dincovcr tho Iruo
proportlprts of ouch und proscrvo
Uvotn in standfast oporaMon hnn ut
onco learned one of the moat valuable
secrets of his own nature*
Stomach " Scowls."- Krer noUee
the aeami and furrows that steal into
the lace of the euft.-ror from Iniltucstinn,
dyspepsia and chronic stomach alhm-uiH'r*
tValch the sunnhlne break In ami tho
lines vanish when Dr. Von Stan's rina-
•tpple Tablets are given a chance to show
their power, Ons lady, In wrltlnu of
their efllcacy In her cane, calls ihom
"A Wiea-bora healer."   85 cents.    1UO.
ought to enable you to make as good a ba|ch of
bread as your Mother ever made." •'
Aro   Vou   Elullcflne 1*      If^o,   u*«.
"THo   Devs-fc   BuildinK  fjbpor Made.
It Is very much stroni-er nml thli-ker-J/mn any other (tarred or build-
in-?) paper, lt in Impervious to ^ .u,).....Jft-|ii out cold, keei>e fji heat, carries no smell or odor, absorbs no liuUffitre. lmpurts no tents or tiuvor to
anything with which it comes In mv,ssr. t It is inn-fly used not only for
sheetlnfc houses, but for lininft col<l|' Htoraue buildings, refrigerators, dairies, sreameries, and ah place.1* whet* the object is to keep en svsa and
uniform temperature,  and  nt. the strum time a.oidinK dampness.
Write our Agents, TEES* PERSSE. Winnipeg, lor samplse.
The E. B, H?DDY CO., Limited, HULL.
ToOKUc-roading is tho ffthst fnd in
Varis. It, is usscrt.rd Ahftt u bitf
tongue Indicator)-, frankness; a shot*]
Lonmio, dis si inula I ion; a long a ud
lirnad Lpnj^uu, garrulity and j/enei'-
osit.y; n narrow iimil-iic concentration und tab-ill: a short . hro.id
tonguo, garrulity ami untruth.
l»r. J. D. IfpUogg'S Dysentery Cordial
is n Hpewly cure for dysentery, diwrr-
Itoca, cholera, summer Complaint, »<?a
sickness and complaints Incidental to
children teething, lt jiives immediate
relief to 1 hose Suffering from tlie clTii i:
of indiscretion in eating unripe fruit, cu-
ctrmbers, etc. It, octs wltli wonderful rapidity and never falla to conquer the
disease. No one need fear chblnr* If they
havo il hott.lu nf thin medicino convenient.
A Difference.—-"Put imt your trust
in riches," said tho pious looking
man in the runty coat. "1 ilun'i."
ropliml the prosperous looking ono;
"1 pui. my riches in trusts."
I.cvit'h Y-/. (WIho Ilcud) IHilnfMt-.nl
Sunn Powder in beitur tluin oilifr powders, as lt In both Hoaji nml dlBln-pct-
ant. Ill
AnyiM' is tin? most impotent passion
that iiifliienros this iiiiiul of iniui; ii
I'ffoct.H noihiiiK it undertakes anil
hurts tho man possessed of it more
than the object ognitist which it is
Nothing is politically ri_fht thai  is
morally wrong.
Minard's Liniment is used by I'hysicians.
What    is   the   enslet   thing in   Ui"
world lor a negro to do'.'—Uii-p dark.
Brush & Co„|
Wo nr<- liorn, S: i itl .lohn l-orKi-. With
farnIt|ob und powers capablu almost
of anything, but ii- is only the exm-
(*i:;i! of thoSQ pdworfl whirl) giVOt) UH j
nliility and skill in nintliis^ and i
leads ns toward perfection^
Thn opposite to rorit is not   work-
It is rc.sl.Icssni-'ss.
Tf yon  mnke a lmd use   of   a   good
thing, yon make ii. good for nothing.
The Morning After
a heavy and rich meal will
be unattended by discomfort
or sickness if, before going
to bed, you will take
Tin is n wise man who wastes no
energy on pursuits for which he is
not fitted. I
Worry wont euro a cougli. When
you find a cough holding on—
when everything else has Jailed—
Cure 3n*cLuns
I  It Is guaranteed  to cure.   If It
doesn't, we'll refund your money.
I'-lcea: 6. C. W«_x» ft Co. 301
-ii. 50.. |1.   _->Rar,N.V.,Toraalo.Cu.
A   Feminine   Wish. — T.lttlo   Susie.!
rinsing hor eyes devoutly:  "Kov whul
I'm going to receive tlio   Lord nml.-'
] mc truly graceful."      	
! Ask fnr Miiiard's and take no other.
Suggestive.—"Many   happy   roturnfl
of    thu   day,   grandpa !    And  umlhiri
says if yon give us each Bixpuftcg wn j
mustn't Ipso it!"
Sold Kvorywhero.     In boxes S0
Thero Is probably truth, snys a cor-
respondo'nt, in tho statement that tho
large sea-boots worn hy bOatmetl
have n tendency to produce rheuma-
tfsm, as tht\v certainly do look ra*
ilar rheumyl
Stain?' of Mood may be n-inovd Ir.
Hal.nrat.int-: the spots "With knro eiho,
thou wash out with plightly warm
water• ltfp<*ut this if not. culiti'Iy iv-
"Only once have I spoken croHsly
to my wife," suid a mun to an Intimate friend. " Indeed!" replied the
latter, in some surprise, "Yoh," sgid
the first, speaker, rather ambiguously, "onco was quite enough for mel" I
_jpff inr.iiiTi-iT.
lit.  Pleasant   Advocate.
(Smablished April 8,1899.)
Hfcs. R. Whitney, Publisher
^ttSTiCE: 2 6H3 Westuiinster avenue.
I-Jiclish   Office—30 Fleet street,
J-oudou, E. C,  England  Where a
file of "The Advocate" is kept for
South Vancouver.
Tel. B1405.
Subscription $f a year   payable   in
Soentsa Oopy.
Botiees of Births, Marriages, and Deaths
published free of charge.
Vancouver, B.C., July 23d, 1904.
Mt. pleasant churches.
-I.ventli avenne, between We.t_-ln.ter ave
«u_ and Quebec street. StK Vie'-., al 11 a. in.,
And 7:-Op. m.: Suinlay School m 2:81) p. in.
fcuv. A. W. McUoil, Pastor, Wesl'denee 4S9
iixth avenue, ea.t.
CornemJ Nlnt and \Vo_tu.ln.lor .Venues,
«KRVU:kh at 11 11. in., and 7p, in.: Sandny
•s.-liii'd and Ulbiu (.'lass *:M p.m. Rev. A. a.
ilclherlngton, It. A., II. I).. Pastor.
J'.rsonaiX' Till klluventli avenue, west.
^inictiuii ol Westuiinster avenne and Went-
wlustor  road.    SERVICES  at 11 a. in., and
7::lu p. in.; Suiidny School ai2:-u p. in.   It
tfuo. A. IV'JJ.on. 11. A., 1'usloi.   Manse corner of
tag lull n.eoueand Ontario street.   Tel. mil..
St Michael s, (Anglican).
Goruur We.tiiilu.icr road and Prince Edward
.lii'i.-i. SERVICES at 11 a. in., and 7:81) p.m.,
Itoly Communion 1st anil .til Sundays In each
-tninili after morning prayer, 2d and 4th Bun-
Aaysat-a.m. Sunday School at _:80 p.m.
Rev. G. II. Wilson, Rector.
-t*cto.y_r7- TJiIrtaenth aveuue, cast.
'Advent Christian   Church   (nol7tli day Ad-
" .elitists) corner Ninth avenue and  Westuiln
star road.   Services 11 a.m., und 7*80 p.m.,
Suuday  School at  Ida. in.     Young  peoples'
Society of Loyal Workers of Curisliun Endca-
■ .nr meets every Sunday evening at 0:4_ o'clock.
. Prayer-meeting Wednesday nightsat .o'clock:.
'Young Peoples Societies.
SUNDAY.      ' •
Loyal Workers of Christian Endeavor
; meet at lS^uiiuutes to 7, every Sunday
i evening iu Adveut Christian Church,
t corner Ninth ave. aud Westminster Rd.
-Bpworth - League of   Mt.    Pleasant
; Methodist Church ine-ts nt 8 p. in.
B. Y. P. U., meets  iu   Mt. Pleasaut
• Baptist Chnrch at 8 p. in.
■ The Y. P. B. 0. Ev, meets at 8 p. m
j iu Mt.Pleasasant Presbyterian Church.
t\ *■ 	
. "What is -war? " was asked'
.."War," snid the ruler, "in a condition
I forced upon ns by the enemy."
Said the minister: "It is the net of au
. all wise Providence. '
Said tha citizen;  "It is a means em
. j>-oyed to increase my taxes."
Tho   philosopher:   "It   is  readjust
, ment."
.Tlie scientist; "War is a method by
. wtdch we gage ihe impenetrability of
, armor and the force of explosive."
. TJje politician:' 'War is an expedient.''
• The oppressed: "War is oppression."
nJ^he opressor; "War is destiny "
t /Hie skeptic: "It is only God's way of
f Rowing His love."
i The psychologist: "War is au affec
ttiou. ot the ganglia."
The poet; "An inspiration."
• , The soldier .-"Hell here. Glory there."
Tlie regular meeting of tlie Council
was held on Saturday July 16th, ihe
whole Couneil present
J. N. Muir asked for a loan of fl.QOO,
offering fhe NE quarter of 332, contain-
iug 40 acres and lot 729 coutaiuiug 20
acres, as security for a term of five
years at 5% per numiui.    Granted.
1". Hartley asked that the Boundary
road be repaired iu two places.
Taylor, Bradburu & Iunes wrote
claiming that Mr. Franklin Smith's
properly was damaged to the extent of
$250.CO last winter by flooding oT water
onto his place;. also clniuiing $100 for
Mrs. Matilda Wallace for usiug part of
her ditch.
Mr. W. Major asked the Couneil to
take tome rock, for the hauling, off his
place.  Referred to Board of Works.
Mr*. Dfthu, Mr. T. M. Hoskins, Mr.
Perry and Mr. Thorseu gave notice that
thoir frontages were cleared.
Dr Wilsou inked that tlio water be
taken down its natural course ou the
Towusend road.    To be attended to.
Moved by Councillor ISullsou, seconded liy Councillor Taylor, that, tho Clorli
notify Mr. ITraukUu Smith and Mrs.
Mii-tida Wallace thai Ihe Municipality
has Fence Viewers and any person who
think they huve a grievance, either as
regards water or fences, can cull ou thu
Felice Viewers and havo (hem judge
the caso according to the Act.    Carried.
The Clerk was authorized to pay the
Waterons Engine Co , the balance due
ou the Engine aud Crusher, less ^1 CO
for repairs.
Mr. Gibson was given an advance of
$20 00on his Joyeo road contract; J.
Phillips *176 00 ou the Westminster
aveuue coutract, and the time of linish-
iug extended lo August 15th. Joyce &
Harvey to hi) paid for Westminster
rond wheu completed uud accepted by
the Board of Works.
CohtrnctR were let for hauliug rock ou
the Westminster road, between 301 and
the Gladstone Hill, to E. Warner for
$1.15 per yard; to W. E. Gibson for digging a ditch _.nd gravelling a portion
of Wellington .-.venue for $65.00; aud to
Johu Parsons for supplying and hauliug
100 yards more or less of reck nu to
Victoria road at 80c per yard.
The report of tho Board of Works,
agreeing to repair the Boundary rond,
south of llie Westuiinster road, in conjunction with Burnaby, was adopted,
and on motion of Councillor Ballson
and Wilson $30.00 was allowed for the
south side.
The Clerk was instructed to ask the
City Conncil to open np Sixteenth aveuue, betweon Ontario and Westminster
avenue, and to call for teuders if they
arc williug to pay their half.
The Lnlu lslaud Railway crossings
were also ordered to be graded nnd
opened up, according to the Act. The
Clerk to write the Company to that
Teuders to be eaPed for cuttiug brush
ou both sides of tho River road, east
betweeu stakes numbered 1, 2, 8, 4
brush to be cut closo to ground and 12
feet back., Tenders to bo ju August
20th, at 2 o'clook.
We havo just received a large consignment of Bnby Buggies, Stanley Carts,
aud Carriers, nud we are selling them
off at a little above cost.
Baby Buggies, worth $17.50,
for $ii.oo
Carriers, worth $2.50 for $1.95
Bedroom Suites,    Couches,    Extension
Tables,   Liuolenms,   Carpets, etc,   at
very low prices.
—Grocery  Department—
Creamery Butter, best, 2-lb, 45c
Fruit Jars, pints, per dozen 75c
Fruit Jars, quarts, per doz. 95c
Fruit Sars, % gal., per doz *1 20
S.T. Wallace
Westminster avenue & Harris street.
Telephone 1206
Mailorders Promptly Filled.
. Consumption is cured only by remov-
ilftg the cause. The cause is mal
| nutrition; lack of air and sunshine and
(&erciee. Bad chewing, had air, close
.swoins, are some of the predisposing
t cadses of consumption. Germs are a
p4",i» I"6-   The niore air wo have the
.morelife.   How much is a life worth?
.Open the  door.-, and  windows; build
houses   with    more    windows;    bed
^Chaittbers should be so constituted that
.thejt are practically outdoors, as far ns
Ib-f air question is concerned.
Cnstom demands dosed windows and
^fcrigbt carpets; custom kills mora than
war or pestilence.   Every consumptive
<hat dies is killed by o custom.
^Everybody imegiues that he breathes
pure air; bnt  «s a fact   tho  home, or
*fore, or office, or church, or hall that
Is supplied with   pure   air   ie   amrilv.
Oo down   the   street,  note how  mnny
, troea windows you me.  Not one in fifty
Is open.   The women are afraid of the
Curtains, or the furniture, or the earpet;
they nre afraid one or  two flies might
/pine  In.   They  arc  afraid   a   breeze
. plight blow in   and   muss   up   things
fin onr houses arc death traps,  and  nur
, children hnve  thin chests, weak lungs,
Afet when they grow   np  they help to
Swell the statistics on consumption nnd
Uo to McKinnon's, Burritt Block, f- r
• Ice Cream and pnre home-made Cnrdy.
.TheOity Grocery   do.ivers groceries
(»r»ry day on 'iff, Pleasnnt;   'phone 28(1
• It yon know any (funisof Mt.Pleasant
,jieiiK— SfMii.il.   Personal or any   othir
t*im» items-send   tbem   in   Ut   "The
Advocji/e," or by telephone— 3I40&.
See When Your Lodge Meets
Tbo 2d aud 4th Mondays of the mouth
Court Vancouver,  I. O.  F.,  meets at
8 p m.
Mt. Pleasant Lodge No. 19, I.O.O.F.
meets nt 8 p. m.
Vnnconver  Conncil  No.  211a,   Canadian Order of Chosen Friends meets
the 2d and 4th Thursdays of the mouth
Alexandra Hive No 7, Ladies of Ibe
Maccabees holds its regular meetings on
the 1st, and 3d Fridays of the month
The term "shirtwaist" uo longer
means the severely simple and often
unlovely garment which women have
clung to for so long uud which is distinctly an American creation. Foreigners who copy shirtwaists seldom secure
a real shirtwaist that is at once a aeoar-
ate waist and smart iu its style. The
French, in deed, manage to mnke of it
more of a dress waist than anything
The shirtwaist of this season is built
along more rigid lines than for mauy
years past A waist of auy color may
uot be worn with a black or white skirt,
as iu limes past, nor may colors be
mixed generally iu the way of wuy of
waist and skirt The greatest latitude
allowed a shirtwaist is permission to
match iu color the h.t Worn with it.
For Ihe rest tlie shirtwaist is nearly
always white or it matches iu color the
the dress with wliich it is worn or tho
trimming aecompaniuieuts of that dress.
Wheu these rules are complied with
the separate wij^become _s suinrt an
article of ctrWlflM^-Mjgefu] oue.
This cliu.ale nlmost deT-ffilBi^shirt-
waist, particularly nt this season of the
year, wheu the mornings aud evenings
ore often very cool and the middle of
edged with lace. The front and back
of the blouse are covered with spiawly
patterns of tbe outliue embroidery,
wbi.h is mnde in three lines around
the wiist with irregular figures straggling np and down from eaoh line.
Simple as this waist is it is vory smart
and serviceable with mauy sorts of
There is a certaiu style of skirt trimming that stauds for exclusive smartness, though there are other models
that mauy prefer aud do not hesitate to
declare far prettier. Tho style alluded
to gives tho effect of hum facings, as
they are added around the bottom and in
two or three rows spaced off above
They are also used upon the bottom in
a single row, where the lower part of
the skirt happens to be a sepnrate
flounce. Upon this flounce cord or flat
gaugiugs are often run and again upon
the top or head of the flounce. Very
much the same effect is gained by the
ruuuiug of tucks thut are wide aud well
Very pretty pink, pule greeu, bluo aud
buff batiste, have skirts laid iu these
three, wide, five to sevcu-iueh tucks, iu
throe rows. Some of the white batiste
skirts, so made, have inset bauds of
fine sheer, embroidery oi; luce, set in
above ench tnck. Tho round,' full waists
have their lace and batiste formed iuto
au Eton, by plaits; or the full drapery
of the waist, often uf alter luting lace
aud batiste, gauged at the bottom, but
kecpiug its Eton lines aud showing a
silk oi ribbon girdle below. Everything
of this style iu bodices hold high favor
in sheer or opaque fabrics. Many of the
summer silks if fashioned iu this way
are as churunug. The sleeves form
immense puffs at the top aud lessen
somewhat at the elbow, while the laco
nnd lawn flounces finish them off some
inches below, where'1 the long glove
meets, for street wear.' As the wide
sleeves are fast semiring favor the
harmony between them nud full skirts
becomes more evident.
Ctty of Vancouver.
TENDERS will be received by the
undfcrsigned np to Monday, AuguBt 1st,
1904, at 4 p. m., for the construction of
a Fire Hull ill the East End.
Specifications may be seen, at the
office of the City Engineer.
Each tender must be accompanied
with a marked cheque or cash deposit
equal to o% of the amount of the tender.
The lowest or auy teuder not necessarily accepjed.
Vancouver, July 20th, 1904
Rice Meringue.—Make a rice custard
by boiling the rice iu milk uutil soft,
then adding sugar to sweeten nud two
or mole eggs. Flavor, aud heap in a
pretty dish. 'Dot with any clear jelly,
aud then cover , with a meringue of
beaten egg wqites, aud place small cube
of jelly here and there on the top. An
entire layer of the jelly is often used
beneath the egg w,bip, instead of being
put ou iu dabs.
Uncommon    Rice   Pudding.—Wash
half n cup of rice, drain, salt, aud turn
Argyle House
Big Cost Price Clearance
Sale of Summer Dry Goods.
Manufacturer's Samples of Ladies' White Lawn Aprons and Lace Collars, b<
at a big discount.    The very latest up lo date slylei..
Ladies'  White Lawn  Aprons,
If you want to know what is
happening on Ml. Pleasant
read The Advocate—$i a
year, 50c for six months.
By. Mliufc merchant's tlioy saw thoir
| advertisements, iu The Advocate onr
.read* « will c nfer :\ favor nnd help tl.o
(■#•■«* jjriM-ly.
My Dear Aunt Kale:
1 must tell yoa the.Rood news. Right
after receiving your tetter, the day before
New Year's I started in with new resolu.
tions on the first of the year. I wrote to
Dr. R. V. Pierce, at IUiflhlo, N. V , as you
requested nie to do. I rave him all my
symptoms, whleh were that I was tired—
so tired—nil tbe time nnd did not care to
go anywhere, depressed and sad, nnd nil
ambition gone, backache and a drogded-out
feeling, could not sleep, limbs feeling sore
and acliing. 1 followed the doctor's advice,
which he went to considerable pains to
uinke plain to mc—to rest < very day—a nap
after lunch—complete relaxation—cultivate
repose of mind, try not to worrv, get a9
much outdoor air a. possible, and practice lon^, deep breathing, expanding the
lungs, 'then for a uterine tonic, nr. Pierce'.
Favorite Prescription, coupled with a wash
lie told nit of. I must say that after follow,
ing his advice for four months I feel perfectly cared and like a new woman.
Yours nffectionally, Jewel.
Letters like the above are not unusual.
Mr.. Kooman, of 8_a Grant Ave.. Schenectady,
N'X'i.'.av?: "' continued with Ihc luidlciti.
until I had loken five bottles, also two vials of
the 'P1e«-nnt Pellets,' and I was cured. I .1.
ways lecoiuuiend Dr. Pierce', medicines to ray
friends when they are not well."
« My daughter is in quite good health. Hunks
to Dr. Pierces medicine.. My wishes are that
all who are .aided will try them and -ee what
food can  he done for th* «lck," writes Mrs.
ili/ain-tli Mn.in,il. of Rochester, Ind.
Send jo one-cent stamps to Dt   R. V.
Pierce,  Buffalo, N. Y.,  for hit Common
6*:i«e Medical Adviser, 1008 pages.
worth 50c,
" 40c,
" 00c,
" 90e,
" *1.00,
" $1.25,
Ladies' Lac.e Collin's.   I wonld like to describe these for yon, bnt I can't, as it
would take a whole page to  do so,
and kiuds:
Ladies' X-nce Collars,
there  aro so ninny different styles, patterns
worth 45c.
" 65c,
" 75c,
" si.oo,
" *1.25,
" *1.5(),
" $2 00,
" $2.25,
... liOc each
40c "
45c "
(15c "
75c "
SI.00 "
$1.25 »
$1.50 "
Jm HORNER. 400 Westminster Ave
**9m   nvnni&ni  Oonosite Cn«.eo-1P T.,W.,
Opposite Carnegie Library.
the day qnito hot. Oue dons a uiee
w:ilkiug costume iq the moruuig and
very glad to tike off the Jiltle jacket
after an hour or so and wear ouly tbe
neat shirtwaitt thnt is part of the
White is always fresh and cool looking and goes well wilh any color of
dress, so Unit it is naturally 11 favorite
material for shirtwaists, but white, embroidered in colors, is also worn, nud
with golf skirts severely plain bu.t
brightly tinted waistsare often used.
While for outdoor spurts shirtwaists
are very plain, quite tho contrary is
Ibe jule tor general waists. These nro
built In (Dot) a maimer that they ate
equally suitable for wear with n very
elaborate or comparatively simple costume. There is something soft and
feniinino about the dnipty frills and
tine Inserted bands of laco that rleoo
rate the modish shirtwaist. That loueb
of mnsenliiiity wliich was onee a party
of thoso garments is entirely wanting,
nud as a cousiquetiee (licy nro uot only
moro buriuonio'.is with women's dress,
but mnch more becoming to the. wearers.
Tbe smartest of the. shirtwaists of this
season are butto:ied in the bnck,
although not conspiculosly so. For the
most part tho fastenings are so arranged
that one is .opposed to marvel how n
womau ever got into tho waist at all.
A waist fastened iu the back, built of
the most peculiar nuitcrinl imaginiablo,
looks a bit like cliocs-cloth, but is finer
aud more regular iu mesh, and, us may
be imagined, it is very cool. The neckband is of a baud of the material framed
in very open li.ee frames the yoke and
shoulder seam. 'J'ho yoke is of embroidery in outline pattern, tbo outline
being of embroidery stitoh instead of
what is known ns outline stitch. The
full sleeve is gathered to the shaped tab
of the yoke that crosses the sleove, and
its lower portion is gathered to a deep
cuff of embroidery bnttoned with little
loops along the outside aud headed nnd
into 0 pudding dish ; pour over it a piut
of milk, and let it stand over night, and
if the rice lias absorbed all tlie milk by
morning, add a little more. Add' also a
cup of raisins thnt have been seeded,
aud allowed to soak for several hours lu
brandy or whiskey. Stir into the rice,
pom- over all half a teacup of melted
buttea, nnd boko tho pudding for an
hour. Serve with whipped crentn,
or a brandy snnee. The sauce should
bo very sweel, us no sugar is used in
the pudding.
Local  Items.
Mrs W. W. Merkley is oouvulcsciug
from her recent illness.
 -:o: —.—
Mrs. Rusk, Mrs. Chas. Keeler, Mrs.
Edmison, Mrs. N. Dickey, Mist Ella
Sparling, Miss Alberta Dickey, Miss
Gertie Henley ure cnmpiug at Howe
"The Advocate" is pleased to acknowledge, through the courtesy of Manager
F. W. Henlmch, Pi'ess'&ass to Domiu-
iou of Canada _xhibion to be held nt
Winnipeg, froni July 25th to Aug. 6th.
 :o:—■ -
Before starting ou a shopping tour,
look over tho advertisements in the
Voters'  List.
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given
thnt the Voters' List for the City of
Vancouver for A. D. 1904 has been
completed, aud shall remain iu toy
office until the 1st of September, 1904,
for examination by all concerned
Any person who shall claim to be
added to suid Voters'.. List, or any
Elector who shall desire to have any
name erased therefrom shnll prefer bis
or her request iu writing, signed with
his or her name, stating the Ward to
which he or she belongs, aud shall deliver or cause the same to bo delivered
to me within the time hcroiubefore
Vuucouver, B. O., April 12th, 1904.
£r Cut Prices
TENDERS will be received until
2 o'clock on Saturday, August 20th, for
Cutting the Brush on the River road,
east of Mr Rowling's, betweeu stakeB
numbered 1, 2, 8, 4 Brash to be cut
close to ground and 12 feet back from
road.    Price to bo lump sum. .
The lowest or any tender uot necessarily accepted.
William (j. WALKER, C. M. C.
South Vancouver, July 20, 1904.
The full Rebate will be allowed on
all Taxes paid before Jnly ilOth,.
By order of the Council.
William (i. Walker, C. M. C.
Let ns fill your Lunch Baskets with
good thiugs—fmomti Oakes and
Pies, Fruit and Canned
A fresh stock of
of all.kinds, aDd prices right
We deliver goods nil over
Wm Dm Muir
Ring up 'phone 443.
Mt. Pleasaut.
rsfl rresh Hfl|f
Vegetable or Flower—all  the
same. p^HT Sweet Peas 30c lb.
It will pay you to bny now
for next Spring.
Nelson's Drug &
Seed Stores
Corner Robsou nnd Granville Streets,
nnd 6!i5 Hastings Street,
"The Student," published iu Tokyo,
Japan, printed in English nnd Japanese
is the latest publication to be received
as an "exchange" by The Advocate.
The articles in English are interesting,
denliDg with the war and Anglo-Saxon
relations of Japan. Tbe articles in
Japanese aro probably tbo same as in
the English, consequently as entertaining. The number received is called
"The Commodoro Porry Nninber" nnd
deals with tho historical visit pf
Commodore Perty to Japan.
|ar|_'c Shaving
sJd-LR a Parlor.
Westminster Aye., next Glasgow Houbb
John Gillninn, Proprietor.
Three Ciiaihs, nud a iirst-clnss Bath
Room is run in connection with   the
Barber Shop—givo this place a trinl.
WE have now reached the season of the
year when we always cut the prices of
our Spring and Summer Clothing. We
have no excuse to offer—we simply want to convert
this season's stock into cash arid to get ready for Fall
and Winter Goods, and our cut prices will certainly
do it.
to tbe minute for style, fit aud finish.   Regular $<5.00 for $10.00
FLANNEL SUITS, regnlar $11.00 for $7.50.
STRAW HATS, regnlar price $1.00 aud $1.50 for 50c aud 75c.
prico tl .25, $1.50 aud $1.75 for $1.00.
Better come now if you  want  to save some money.
A. E. LEES & CO.,
Local Items.
Mr. Hicks, Sr., was   taken   suddenly
ill on Thursday,
Mr. Krnnk Garnet of Nauaimo, visited
Mr. R. S. Cuuimings this weok.
Miss Li-lid Griffiths   of  Victoria, is
visiting Miss L. Dal/.ell, Tenth avenue.
The Mt. Pleasant "Advocate" on sale
at nil the Newsdealers iu the city.
The Misses  Foote  returned  from a
visit to Van Auda this week.
colds nre   raging ou   Mt.
The Aevooatb is always glud to rooeive
items of social, personal or other news
from its readers. Send news itoms to
the office or by telephone, B1405.
Misses Mabel and Ethel Pengelly and
Mrs. Mills, Messrs. C. Dougnn aud
P Fraser returned Sunday last from n
woek's camping trip nt ludiun River.
Double-tracking of the Westmiuster
Avenue Bridge was discussed Thursday
afternoon between Mr. Wyuu Meredith.
Consulting Engineer of the B. ,C. Eleo-
trio Railway Company, and the mem
bers of the Board of Works, but deflnile
notion was not taken. The matter so
far progressed, though, thnt a pbin will
be drawn np, and if it is not decided
upon at the meeting of tho Council on
Monday evening, a definite reciiunnou-
datiou will be made at the Committee
meeting uoxt Thursday.
It is very probable that wheu the early whiten- fogs descend upon Vancouver,
a thoroughly proper structure will extend over False Creek ou the avenue,
and all danger of collisions, such as the
oue which occurred Inst Fall, will be
obviated. The plan most iu favor with
both tbe Stroet Railway Company and
the City is to have the double track
dowu the middle of the bridge, with a
roadway and sidewalk on the eastern
side, and another roadway on the
western side, over the present routo of
the railway. A sidewalk on tho woatoru
side will bo added later. This will make
a bridge worthy of tho uatno, nnd when
it is raised six feet, it will afford on-
Irauco iu the navigable part of the
stream to scows to the upper part of
False Crook.
For  local newn subscribe    for THE
ADVOCATE only $1 for 12 months.
If you want a
Ring  up
Telephone  987
or  call  around  at   the  Smu
Works,   S14    Homer   street.
Iu any case your wants will receive the
most courteous  nud   enreful attention.
I   T     i'       «; 'm rt
e. & J. HARDV 2. CO.
Company,   Financial,   Piu-ss nnd
Advebtiseiis' Auents.
80 Fleet St., London, E. C,  Cngbind.
Colonial Bnsinoss n Specirlty,
TriADE Mark*.
'   Designs
- Copyrights Ac.
Anyone lientllng tt nketrh .nd dniKirliitlnn ln.y
quickly n-ciirtnlti onr opinion freo nli; ilnir «u
Invention I-probnbly pateiituhlQ. I'mmniinlci.
tloll.utrtCllr <Mi!lilnnrl,il. IImill-n-l! on ."liti-llt.
■onl free, eflil'ist imoiu-y for -ocnrliijr |>ttti>!it_,
I'lilout. taken liiroucli Munn .1- Co. r.-*Iv.
.nrc-i!notice, wltncuc tliii.,., In tlio '
Scientific Jlmerlcatu
A hr\ndsnn.(j|f IHiiBtmfnfl w.>»My.
oiilntlon of nny ■cii.ii.ii.e Jrnini.il. .   .
-----1 rniirmontbt.il. EoUlbyall nt>n-.,.f.ilern.
yeur; fntl
I.TL-Mt dr.
'J'-rn.-i, $3 *
£Co.86,Bro*"8>'New Tort
Branch Office, tsa F fH.. Wiuliiot't'in. 1). O
Which Meet on Pit. I>le..sant
t. O. O. F.
Mt. Pleasaut Lodge Bo, 10 inee<s every
Tuesday at 8 p. m , in Oddfellows Hall
Archer Block, Mt. Pleasant.
Sojourning brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Nohw: GitANn—W. R. Owens,
273t IViiKtm iuM.r rond
RncoRWNO Secm-taut--J. Paxman,
lift Cuffcrlli rtreol, wet.
I. O. F.
Court Vauooiiv.r 1838, Independent
Order of Forester* m«s!!s 2d and 4th
Mondays of each tfrohth at 8 p. in.
Visiting brcthrr* always welcome.
Chief Rangkh—W. G. Taylor,
-_7 Keeler street. City.
Rrcokd-SO SecbbTaky—W. H. DeBou,
■lis Tun 111 ii wime, .Ml,
Financial Secretary—M. J. Crehan,
;u I Prince™ street, city. Telephone
Alexandra Hive No. 7, holds regular
Review 1st and !!d Fridays of eaoh
mouth in I. O. a F., Hall corner Westmiuster and Seventh avenues.
Visiting Ladies always welcome.
Lady Commander—Mrs. Fitch.
Lady Record Keeper—Mrs.   Mnry   A,
Foote, Ull!) Ninth avenue, east.
Vaucouver Council, No. ill la, meets
every 2d nud 4th Thursdays of each
month, in I O. O. F-, Hall, corner
Seventh and Westminster avenues.
Sojourning  Friends alwnys welcome.
P. Flewelling, Chief Councillor.
Miss A. Chambers, Recorder,
.2-8 Wemmlmtorsvoiiuo.  Tel. 700.
Jas. Carnahan.
Order., promptly intended   to,   night   or
■ Iny.   Clinrge. ntod.rjite.
Office: 37 Hastings street, west,
Telephone Number 479.
Advertising; Is the education of the
purchaser of the merits of different
that which adds to his comfort and am-
consumer. It Informs the prospective
Roods and brings him Into touch with
pllfles his happiness.
The Advocate is the best advertising
medium where it circulates.  Tel. B1405
For Local News Road The Advocate
Read W. J. Aunand's advertisement
iu this paper; ho has the very wheel
you need at his East End Cyolery, 148
Hastings street, east.
^%^%**^%%*V%^%%%% '**_^%^%^^-%^^^^%%-V%^%^% 1
Cheap, Efficient, Convenient,
is the Electric Light
Am vv ayS  tf Cattym oCrOo<x><iJoooooocx.ix>o
Ho Odor, No Flame.
Now is the cheapest time to have wiring done and
fittings put in, before the busy season  arrives.
British Columbia Electric Railway Company, Ltd.


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