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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Oct 1, 1904

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 •'''   ">'""'
WlMfc- li-k -i',„***r-a
r-3    OCT 2   1904
If You Want  Up-to-d»te
OVt right prices, call
CPIeasant Drugstore
h *     M. A. W. Co.
jfttt Block, Mount Pleasant.
jregT A Snap in Toilet Soap.
*§2£!^*fc> TO LEONARD'!
~*~~~—*~   O     . H___________________K    _        .      __,__-.   -a
Mt. Pleasant Advocate
$i per year, Six Months 50c, Three Honths 35c, Single Copy 5c.
Devoted to the interests of   Mt. Pleasant, Central park, South Vancouver.
The Arcade or Ci'_-__v.iN_ Street
For Light Lunch
Baked Apples—liko home—with Pare Cream.-
Genuine Bo.tou Baked Beans
Open froth 7:30 a. m.
Sunday from 9a.m.
to 12 p.
to nip.
Established April 8,1899;   Whole Number 225-
HOUNT   PLEASANT,   VANCOUVER,   B.  C,    SATURDAY   Oct.,  I, 1904.
Sixth Year, Vol. 6, No. 25-
Subscribers are requested to
; auy carelessness in the delivery
ae Advocate."
ns for advertisements should be
) Thursday noon to insure their
,ocal Items.
) McCuaig Anction and Conimis-
Jo., Ltd., next to Carueigo Library,
Jugs street, bny Furniture for Cash,
■act Auction Sales and handle
I rapt Stocks of -ivory description.
|diOtion guaranteed.   Phone 1070.
Imlnlou Election, November 3rd.
I  *'	
|s* Maud Wood  is  expected  home
. a six weeks visit with her brother'
f'iu Francisco today.
if anted! A girl for general house-
|. in a small family.   Apply to Mrs.
. Hatchings, 884 Eighth ave., east.
ijeunie  Irvine  has' accepted  a
...on as stenographer in  the  Cana-
General  Electrio  Oo., Granville
|W W. D. Muir's
, paper.
advertisement in
"Vrr Flowers, thousands of  Asters,
rp_, Stock*, uud Verbenas, 15c per
Chas. Keeler, Dahlia Specialist.
you want a good aud a reasonable
led  Umbrella go  to   J.    Horner's
ylo House, Westmiuster avenue aud
;s street.
ine Junior Maple Loaf Licrusso team
Iplrvtlie   New Westmiuster   Inter-
Jdiures ou Thursday afternoon uext at
r Westminster.
the City Grocery   delivers groceries
' day'on Mt. Pleasant;   'phouo 286
f3rcat interest   is being displayed in
s coming lacrosse match to be phiycd
ct. 6th A 8th, by the Shamrocks of
llunipeg aud  Vancouver  Seniors at
cktou Point.
JiMt. Pleasant Ladies, "Meet Me in the
I .d Room" at Stark's today.
IMr. Barnes, Organizer for the Cau-
iuu Order of Chosen Friends, will be
^the city early 111 October, aud will be
esent at the next regular meeting *
anconvor Conncil No. 211a.
H* Drr.ii.
We have shown that it is possible to do the very best Dental Work
at moderate prioes. We are not only willing to have our work compared with any other, but we invite those that are extremely particular to come aud oonsult us on our painless methods which we will
gladly demonstrate to their entire
satisfaction. Samples of our work
are always on exhibition in our
Since we have been in business we
have never had a single dissatisfied
 _nnd  use  only  the   most  Modern
Methods. We tnke JUSTIFIABLE
PRIDE in the BEAUTY of the work done by OUR SPECIALISTS,
who are GRADUATES AND PAST GRADUATES of the Philadelphia Dental College and Molllt College of Porcelain and Continuous
Gnm Work.
We CROWN, FILL and EXTRACT TEETH withont the least particle of pain. The largo increase noticed daily in our practice is due to
the most artistic aud high-class work doue by our Specialists and without pain, Our ten-year guarantee means that all our work must be
done perfectly. If you have any work to be done give us a call and
you will find that we do exactly as we advertize.
Gold Crowns |7.00 Porcelain Crowus 15.00
Gold Filling.. .*.. .$2.00 aud up Bridge Work 17.00 and up
Platinum Crowns $1.50 Silver Fillings... .$1.00
Cement Filling.. .$1.00 Porcelain Fills... .$2.00 and up
Painless Extracting 50c. Upper or Lower Set of Teeth $12
147 Hastings St., E'TS"'
Opposite the Carnegie Library.
Office Hours: 8 a. in., to 9 p. m.
Sundays 9 a. in.
Telephone 1566.
to 2 p. m.
Mr. O. W. Murray of Eighth avenne,
Secretary of the School Board, returned
Wednesday from au extended visit to
his old home in New Brunswick
Dr.Chaiubers from Turkey, will preach
in Mt. Pleasaut Presbytoriau Church ou
Sunday both morning and ev3uiug, aud
on Weduesday Oth, will lecture iu the
same church at 8 p. m.
Robson.—Born to Mr. and Mrs. Robt.
M. Robson, River road, South Vaucouver, September 21th, a daughter.
Davis—Boru to Mr. and Mrs. W.
Davis, Ninth aveuue, west, Soptomber
29th, a son.
Bund.—Born to Mr. aud Mrs R. W.
Blind, Eleveuth aveuue, Septombor
30th, a daughter.
Rev. A. W. McLeod will preach iu the
Mt. Pleasaut Baptist Chnrch on Sunday
morning, subject: "Achau and 1am-
ily." Iu the evening Rev. W. S.
Stuckhouse, Superindent of Baptist
Missionary in Manitoba aud the Northwest, will givo au address on "The Marvelous Developments in the Oanad.au
R. H. Kueeshaw, well and favorably
known as a Magnetic Healer nnd
Massonist, can be consulted at 2821
Westminster avenue. Office honrs: 1 to
5 p.m. Nervous and functional derangements a speciality. No mediciue. No
.'he season has arrived when yon will I
asking yourself:_" Where shall I go to
The season has arrived when yon will te
Ami the BEST Heaters for the least
ABk your friends and they
will tell you FLETT, Mt.
Pleasant, has the best
yon will find in the
are always
STORE. Tel. 447
W. R. OWENS, Manager.
Quarts 90c per Dozen.
Westminster Ave.
'Phone 322
%--W%-V%% 1r%««V*t' -V%^%"%%%' "
AI Tr_       _.? HP-TV/'**' iy C   Blouses, Furs and
tlljK      _!_!> I UL/K.     OT   Dress Goods is now
V,V-'*V ^ » V,VI1' v'* complete for Fall, 1904.
Blouses of nearly every style aud color, consisting of flanelette, flannels,
canvas cloths, cashmeres, Bedford cords, sateeus and silks, nt prices to suit
any purse. Dress Goods.—Our Dre__ Goods Department extends to you
a special invitation to come and see the values and styles we are showing
iu flake suittings, ladies' cloth, Venetians, satin cloths, broadcloths, Berges,
homespuns, worsteds, canvas cloths, aniazon cloths and many others
Funs Just Arrived.—We huve put in a very handsome lot of Furs, consisting of beaver, sable, marteu, tibbet, opposuni, cooua, fox, minx and
electric seal, at prices that will bo a saving to yon if you buy here.
A. ROSS & CO.,30-33£tii™rst-     I
Mr. Broderick sold his property
corner Prince Edward street and
Fourteenth avenue, to Mr. Gibson who
will begin the erection of a residence
at once.
(The grocery of Mr. Norton  on WeBt-
'luster road,  (near S. Garvin's place),
'■ meeting tho needs of thnt locality iu a
I lost satisfactory muuner.   See adver
ouicut in this paper.
I The Handball Tournament for 1904,
[ moug the  City  Firemen,   closed  ou
fnnday, and  No. 8 Fire Hall   team—
. Duncan and R. Ravoy—are Champ-
| ons aud winners of the Trorey Onp.
Amalgamation Sale.—All genuine
I 'oods; new and stylish. We have simply
off about one-third of the prices,
lies' $8 to $5 Shoes, now only $2 60;
I LadieB' $2.50 to $8.60 Shoos, uow only
1)1.50; Misses' Shoes only 06c; Boys'
I .School Shoes $1.90.
R. MILLS, 18 Cordova streot and
540 Granville street
A most delightful dance was given on
(Thursday evening in Mason's Hall by
Junior Maple Leaf Lacrosse Olnb. The
hall was most artistically decorated by
, committee in charge of the dance,
Messrs. Wm. Main, Matt Green, Joe
Christie nnd Albert Alexander; they
. did will, and many clever
designs were worked ont with Maple
leaves, hie rosso sticks, flags and bunting.
Green's Orchestra furnished good
music, the floor was in fine condition
end dancing was enjoyed till A late
hour; refreshments were served about
ta: —
Amalgamation Sale—We have cut
off inie-third of the price on all footwear.
Youths' Hand-made Shoe $1.45; Youths'
Shoes (broken sizes) $1.00; Men's Shoes,
r 1 regular $6, now only $8.50; Men's, regular $fl to $4 Shoe, now ouly $2 50.
RJMills, 18 Oordova street and 640
Granville street.
A whole lot can be said on paper.
But last year we sold a lot of
J\.     1 _l L*     Cm)    *mD
This year we will sell a great many more,   for we  are now
buying BY THE ORCHID and selling
BY THE BOX     The
advantage is to the
Order at  once.    Good keepers, good eating, good cooking.
In any quantities.
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt. Pleasant. Tel. 1360
Mrs. (Dr.) Robert Lawrence is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Russell of Victoria.
>■ '    ■ :e:
FOR RENT.—Seven-roomed honse,
42 Thirteenth aveuue, beautifully situated, all modern improvemouts; apply
W. H. Wood, Sr., 62 Thirteenth aveuue.
The Electors of South Vancouver
should bear in mind that port of the
Municipality is in Vancouver District;
they have as much voice in primaries,
conventions, inoctingR.clc, iu Vancouver
as the oity people. As far as can be
learned the portion linked with the city
politically extends along the Cemetery
or North Arm road to the river. Along
Granville (or Centre) street sonth to
Eburno or near its vioinity. It is a little
puzzling to understand exactly bow the
boundary lines run,but each Elector will
not be slow to find out. All South Vancouver Conservatives within the vicinity of Mt. Pleasant are requested to
attend the Ward V. Primary iu Mason's
Hall, oornor of Ninth avenue and Que
bee street, Tucsdny eveniug next; at
8 p. in.
Advertize in the "Advocate.1
Mr. W. W. Brehant of the firm of
Fraser & Brehaut, aud Miss Florence
Morrison, daughter of Mr. and Mrs
T. Morrisou, Twelfth ave. and Ontario
street, were married on Weduesday
morning September 28th, by Rev. A. E.
Hetheriugton, pastor of Mt. Pleasant
Methodist Ohuroh. The brid- wore n
very becoming travelling suit of bine
hrcidoloth, and chenille hat with
ich plumes. Mr. and Mrs. Brehaut
lo.t for Southern California where they
will remain several mouths Tho
groom's present to the bride was a
handsome brooch ml, with diamonds
and rubies. Mauy costly presents were
received by the newly wedded couple.
Mrs. Brehaut has boeu u toucher iu Mt.
Ploasaut Sohool for years aud is a very
popular Mt Pleasaut girl.
Auy one having friends or knowing
of strangers visiting ou Mt. Pleasant
will confer a great favor by informing
"The Advocate."   Telephone B1405.
FOR SALE: 1 oak dresBer, 1 oak
bedstead,, 1 mattress (wool top), 1 set of
springs, 4 chairs, 2 rockers, 1 stand, 1
kitchen table, 8 lengths stove-pipe and
elbow, 1 small oil-stove. Cheap for
cash.   Call at 325 Niuth avenue, east.
mount  Central fleat flarket
PLEASANT      - . t__.h-.-ii_ f-__-_
Cor. Ninth Ave., & Westminster Rd.   Telephone 954.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in all kinds of Fresh aud Salt Meats. . Fresh Vegetables always
on hand Orders solicited from all parts of Mount Pleasant and Fmrview.
° Prompt Delivery.
Woodrow & Williams. r"SSX^'
Can We Make
You Think the
Same as We Do?
Rather a pertinent question, is it not ? It's a hard
matter to get people to think the same—but when it
comes to a question of Clothes, and just where, to get
the best for your money, then we ask you to Think
as We Do, because Fit-Reform Garments are neck
shoulders above all others.
We not only insure perfection of fit, fcttt we guarantee
very latest and most exclusive style at a third less
than your tailor charges. Your money tfltek at all
times if you are the least bit dissatisfied.
333 Hastings St.
Vancouver, B
Mail   Orders
Samples sent
promptly   attended   to.    Self-uieasureniont Blanks and
on application.
We Are Right in
the Swim
Read the New York Dental Parlors
advertisemcut in this paper, then go to
New York Dental Parlors for your work
»32i   Westminster
Mt. Pleasant.
E. H. Peace,  Proprietor.
. oo oo oo
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer in Meats of
AU Kinds. Tel. A1206
Vegetables and Poultry
in season.
Prompt Delivery.        .
Dancing Classes for Adults and Children in Mason's Hall; Adnlt OlnBS every
Tuesday evening, 8 to 10; Children's
Cluss every Friday evening, 7:30 to 0:80.,
For.tornis apply to Mrs. K. Plewes, 818
I Eighth avenue, east. Music supplied
for dunces.
We are in dead earnest wheu
we tell you of onr loadership in
It is one of the most important
branches of our business.
Not only does our stock comprise a large number of the latest
patterns, bnt a large stock of
eaoh pattern as well.
Wo can furnish hotels, boarding houses and restaurants with
all the cutlery they require at a
moments notice.
Our little prices will be a surprise to you, too.
Corner Hastings aud Granville Sts.
Official Watch Iuspector C. P. R.
Toi. 280.
housewife knows thera nro spices and
spices. Somo are good—some good for
nothing. OUR SPICKS are the good
kind. They are absolutely pure and of
full strength. You cau always count on
the required flavor if the regular quantity
is used. You dou't have to guess or keep
adding a little more. Aud they are
cheaper than n great many poor spices
that we kuow of
Westminster Avo. A Princess Street.
3 w t ii? iff iff iffiff iff iff -iff iff iff fff wm it ic
Brewed right here in Vaucouver by men
of years and years and years experience,
and a brewer}- whose plant is the most
perfect known to the Art of Brewing. Is
it any wonder that it has taken a place
in the hearts of the people which no other beer
can supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2.  Doz., pints "Jl.
Vancouver Breweries, Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.      Tel. 429
For Sale at all first-class Saloons, Liquor Stores and Hotels
or delivered to ynur house.
Ti Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi j Hi K
Dahlia Flowers, choice mixed, lceach.
Oan  out  over   8,000  pr  day.   Read
Keeler's. udvnrtisoinent in this paper.
There was a quiet weddiug ou Tuesday morning nt the homo of the bride's
mother 890 Tenth avenue, Rev. Mr.
Pescott performing the ceremony which
united in marriage Mr. William Rnf us
Lloyd and Miss Agnes Black.
A Carnival of
POR SATURDSY.-It's a good thing to Bave mouoy, but there are
times wheu it is bettor to speud it. Judging from the many Special
Sales for Saturday, it will be a very good time indeed for shred buying.
E_.KOTItO-.YS-8 Paulor of Hairdress
ing, Manicuring, Pacini Massage aud
Scalp Treatment for Lndies nnd Gentle
men. Superfluous hair, warts aud
moles removed by Electrolysis.
Valuable information given to every
lady patron on "How to take euro of
Skiu Food for building up tlio wasting
tissne. Orango Flowor Cream to prevent aud hoal sunburn.
Madame Humi'Iihi.t.s, 58!) Grauvillo
If you miss Tue Advocate yon miss
he loon) news,
Pure Lineu Hnek Towels, regular
08c for Saturday 25c each
Liuen  Towels,    18x80,   fringed,
Special Saturday 2 for 25c
58-iu. Irish and Scotch Tweeds, in
very handsome patterns; Special
for Saturday $1.00 a yard
Ladies' Embroiderotl Turnover
Sets of Silk and Lineu, also Brussels Net Stocks; regular 76c, Saturday 35c
75c Colored Bed Spreads, rod and
white, aud blue and white; Saturday 500
Cottou Bull Fringe, all colors;
regular Oc yd., Snturdny 2 for 5c
10c, 15c A 20c Satin and Silk Ribbons, Saturday 5c yard
Ladies' Umbrellas of heavy twilled gloria, steel rod and frame,
very handsome handles; regular
$2.25 & $2.60, Snturdny $1.GO
20c Wropperettcs in pretty light
shades nnd floral pat terns, Saturday IBe
Children's Corset-waists, sizes 18
to 22; Saturday /5c
Heavy Ribbed Cashmere Hose,
rcgulur value 85c, Snturdny 2Bo
Bin Sale of Ribhonh.—Wide Silk
and Sntiu Ribbons iu all the new
shades; regular 25c _. 85c, Saturday 12%o
Stark's Glasgow
HOUSe ^Cordoya^St.
Corner of Comblc Street
From what the lad
evident we have without a doubt
the finest showing of Millinery
in British Columbia both ln
Trimmed Millinery nud Ready-
to-wear Headgear.
Wo havo opened nnother lot of
nice Tweeds in soperate dress
lengths, just one pattern of a
color aud kind. Theso new drosses are onrs exclusively, nu one
else can givo you j.ist as uico or
just tho sumo.
Black Dress Goods is one spociul
this week. If yon need a Black
Cloth Dress wo have what will
suit you.
Colored aud Mixed Tweeds
from 60c to $3 a yard, values
never before shown iu Vaucouvor
McTaggort & Moscrop
D.-.Ai.i.ns in
3« Carrall St.,     Vancouver, D.C.
Templuton Block.
Lawn Grass Seeds
Clover and Timothy Seeds,
Prutt's Poultry and Animiil Foods,
Pratt's Lice Killer,
Holly Chick Food,  Beofscrnps, Etc.
SI/piTH Corner   NINTH avenue   *
TcWphnnu   Hi 3 7.
Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
Return 12 Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
and we will send free your choice of 80
pictures. Or for 25 wrappers choice of
150 books. Books and picture lists an
The Royal Soap
Co., Limited,
Norton's  Grocery
Pricks Auk Rioht. COME nnd
inspect our Stock of FRUIT,
Weitroln-.-r ltd., and Walur Bt. (Ml).
303 Hastings street
Full Line of Fancy and Staple
Prices to compare with auy.
Cor. Westminster ave., A Dufferin st
Cambie Street Grounds
Auspices of Vancouver Trades aud Labor Council.
One Solid Week
Monday Sept. 26 to Oct. I st.
Grand  Industrial  Esplanade,   Mercantile  Exhibit!,     Demonstrating
Booths, Skill Trade Contest. Amusement Attraction! Furnished by
the Kiimons Nat Kkiss Southi-un C_.hn.vai. OpMPAJfT The Greatest
Event everhold in British Columbia.
FIVE BIG FREE ACTS ench afternoon nnd evening. 21 New and
Novel Tent Exhibitions,    Moral, Ainusiug nud Instructive.
Geo. Bartley, Director-General.
G. N. Lee, Secretary.
F. Whiteside, Treasurer.
Headquarters: Rooms 2 ft 5, 421 Hastings street, west.
'Phone leao.
• •♦♦♦
j *♦*>#•"
• l-« *»»#**»<##♦**«»
fOflUTlt, DM, kr «>• BOWKR-MERRILL   £OHf AWT
' "Et mol aussl," he murmured, llko
tho vast murmur of the sen, "I wnnt
to be ln that dance! Pardonncz messieurs. Mol, Jo vein danser, s'll vous
And when he had filled himself he
plunged out and rushed awny, wrought
up to the extreme fighting pitch of
temper. Dlable! If ho could but como
across that Lieutenant Bnrlow, how he
would smush him und mangle blm'l In
magnifying bis prowess with llie hns
of Imagination he swelled and pulled
us he lumbered along.
Tho firing Bounded ns If lt were between the fort and the river, but presently when one of Hamilton's cannon
spoke M. Housslllon snw (be yollow
rplko of flume from Its muzzle leap
directly toward the church, nnd he
thought-It best to inuUo n wide detour
to nvold going between the firing Unci.
Onco or twlco ho heard llie .vliino of
n stray bullet high overhead. Beforo
ho hnd gone very far he met a mun
hurrying toward the fort. It was
Cnptnln Francis Mnlsonvllle. one of
Hamilton'!, chief scouts, who hnd been
out on a reeonnoissanco and. cut off
from bis party by some of Clark's
forces, was trying to make his way to
the main gate of the Btocknde.
M. Roussillon knew Malsonvlllo nn ■
somewhat desperate character, n lender of Indian forays and h trader In
human sculps. Surely the fellow was
legitimate prey.
"Zlffl Diablc de gredln!" he snarled,
nnd leaping upon him choked liim to
tbo ground. "Jo vais vous scalper lin-
Clark's   plan   of   approach   showed
masterly strategy.   Lieutenant Bailey,
with fourteen regulars, made n show
of  attack  on   the  east,   while   Mn.lor
Bowman led a company through the
town, on a lino near where Main street
ln Vlncennes ls now located, to a point
north of the stockade.   Chnrlevllle, a
brave Creole, who wa3 at the head of
somo  daring  fellows,   by  a   brilliant
dash got position under cover of n natural terrace at tho edge of the prairie
opposite the fort's southwestern angle.
Lieutenant Beverley, In whom the commander placed highest -Confidence, wan
sent to look for a supply of ammunition and to gather up nil the Frenchmen lu the town who wished to join In
the attack.  Onclc Jnzon and ten other
available men went with him.
They all made n great noise when
they felt that tha place was completely
Invested. Nor can we deny, much as
we would like to, tho Btrong desire for
vengeance which raised those shouting
voices and nerved those steady hearts
to do or die ln an undertaking which
certainly had a desperate look. Tho
thought was tremendously stimulating.
Beverley, with tho nld of Oncle Jnzon, was able to lead his little company
ns far as the church before the enemy
saw him. Hero a volley from the nearest angle of the stockade had to be answered, and pretty soon n cannon begnn to play upon the position.
"Wo klh do better some'rs else," wns
Oncle Jnzon's laconic remark, flung
back over his shoulder us he moved
briskly nway from the spot just swept
by a 0 pounder. Como Ibis yer wuy,
lieutennnt. I hyer some o' Ihe fellers
n-tnlkln' loud jes' beyant Legrnee'!
place. They ain't no sortV sense u-try-
ln' to hit anything n-shooliu' 111 the
dark nohow."
When thoy reached the thick of the
town there wns a strange stir In the
dusky Btreets. Men were slipping from
housu to house, arming themselves nnd
Joining their neighbors. Chirk hnd
lent nn order enrller In the evening
forbidding any street demonstration by
the inhabitants, but he might as well
have ordered the wind not to blow or
the river to stand still. Oncle Jazon
knew every man whose outlines ho
could seo or whose voice he heard. He
railed each one by name: _^
"_Iere, Roger, fall In! Come, LouE,
A'phonse, Victor, Octavo— venez let
here's the American army, come wllb
me!" His rapid French phrases leaped
forth as lf shot from n pistol,- and his
shrill voice, familiar to every ear In
Vlncennes, drew the Creole militiamen
to hiin, nnd soon .level-ley's company
had doubled Its numbers, while ut the
same time Its enthusiasm' uud nblllly
to mako n noise had Increased ln a fur
greater proportion. In accordance with
an order from Clark they now look po
sltion near Ihe northeast corner of the
stockade nnd began firing, although
lu the darkness thero was but 1 ittin opportunity for marksmanship.
Oncle .lazuli had found Citizen! Lo
grace and Rosseron, and throiiR'n them
Clurk's men were supplied wilh ammunition, of which they stood greatly
ln need, their powder having sot wet
during, tbelr long watery march. Hy
9 o'cldck the fort was completely
surrounded, and from overy direction
the riflemen and musketeers were
pouring In volley after volley. Bev-
erley with his men took the cover ef n
fence nnd some houses sixty yards
from the stockado. Hero to their surprise they found themselves below the ]
lino of Hamilton's cannon, which, bo- j
Ing plunted on the Becond floor of the :
fort, could not bo sumclently depressed j
to bear upon them. A woll directed j
musket fire, however, fell from the
loopholes of tho blockhouses, the bullets rattling merrily against the cover
behind which the attacking forces lay.
Clark, lu passing hurriedly from company to company around the line,
stopped for u little whilo when he
fouud Beverley.
"Have you plenty of ammunition."
was his flrst Inquiry.
"A B-igbly sieht more 'n we kin see
tb shoot with," spoke up Oncle Jazon.
"|t'ti a right smart o' dad burn foolishness to be wastlti' lt on nothln'; seems
like to me 'at we'd better set the daB.ed
fort nllrc an' smoke the skunks out!"
"Speak when yon are spoken to, my
iBiin." said tbe colonel u trlflo hotly,
and trying by a sharp scrutiny to make
I tli n out ln the gloom where he
"Vcatreblflu!    I'm  not  askln'   you,
Leaping upon htm, he choked Mm to
the around.
Color."! Clark, n_r no other mnn. when
I shlll speak.    I talks whenever I gits
ready, nu' I shoots Jes' the same way.
.So yo'd better go on 'bout yer business
like n white mnn! Close up yer own
whopper Jawed mouth ef yo want anything shet up!"
"Oho, Is that you, Jazon? You're so
little I didn't know you! Certainly,
talk yonr whole under Jaw oh" for r
I cure," Clark replied, assuming n Jocose tone. Then, turning again to Beverley:   "Keep   up   the   firing  and   the
noise. The fort will be ours ln the
"What's the use of waiting till morning?" Beverley demanded with impudence. "Wo can tear that stockade to
pieces with our hands In hnlf nn hour."
"I don't think so, lieutenant It ls
better to piny for the sure thing. Keep
up the racket, and be ready for 'em 11
they rush out. We must not full to
capture the hnlr buyer general."
, Beverley submitted to Clark's plan
with what patience he could, nnd nil
night long flred shot for shot with the
best riflemen lu bis squad. ' It was n
fatiguing performance, with nppnrent-
ly littlo result beyond forcing the gaii*
son now and again to close the embrasures, thus periodically silencing
the million. Toward the close of tho
night n relaxation showed Itself In the
shouting nnd filing nil round the line.
Beverley's men, especially the Creoles,
held out bravely ln the mntter of noise,
but oven they Hugged nt length, their
volatility simmering down to desultory
bubbling and half sleepy chattering
and chaffing.
Beverley leaned upon a rude fence
und for a time neglected to reload Ids
hot rille. Of course he wns thinking of
Alice—he really could not think In any
other direction; but it gave him a shock
and n Btnrt when ho presently heard
her mime mentioned hy a Utile Frenchman near him on the left.
"Thero 'II never be another such a
girl In Post Vlncennes its Alloc Roussil-
lon," t.io fellow said In the soft Creole
patois. "And to think of ber being shot
like a dog!"
"And by n man who calls himself a
governor, too," said- another. "Ah, as
for myself, I'm In favor of burning him
alive when we capture him. That's
"Et mol nussl," chimed In n third
voice. "That poor girl must be avenged. Tbe mnn who shot her must die.
Holy Virgin, but lf Gnspard Housslllon
were only hero!"
"But he ls here. I saw him just after
dark. He was In great fighting temper,
that terrible man. Ouf, but I should
not like to be Colonel Hamilton and
fall In the way of that Gaspurd Uoua*
"Mot'bleii! I should say not. You
tatty leave me out of u chance like Ihut.
I shouldn't mind seeing (.uspurd bundle
tho governor though. Ah, thut would
bo too good I He'd pay him up for
shooting Mile. Alice."
Beverley could scarcely hold himself
erect by the fence. The smoky, foggy
landscape swam round hlin heavy and
strange. Ho uttered a groan, which
brought Oucle Jnzon to his side lu n
"Qu' nvcz-vous? What's the matter?"
the old man demanded with quick sympathy. "Uev they hit ye? Lieutenant,
nlr ye hurt much?"
Beverley did not henr the old man's
words, did not feel his kindly touch.
"Alice, Alice!" he murmured. "Dead,
"Yu-as," drawled Onele Jazon. "I
licani about lt soon ns I got inter town.
It's n sorry thing, n mighty sorry thing.
But niehby I won't do a little soniepln'
Io that"—
Beverley straightened himself and
lifted his gun, forgetting that ho had
not reloaded It slnco firing last. He
leveled it nt the fort and touched the
I rigger. Simultaneously with his
movement an embrasure opened nnd a
cannon flashed, ils ronr flanked on either side by a crackling of British muskets. Some bullet! struck tho fence
and flung splinters Into Onclc Jnzon's
face. A cannon ball knocked n ridgepole from' the roof of a house hni'd by
nnd sent it whirling through the air.
"Ventrebleu—ct nprcs? What next?
Better knock a feller's eyes out!" the
old man cried. "I ain't a-dolu' nothln'
to ye!"
He capered around rubbing his
leathery face after the manner of a
scalded monkey. Beverley was struck
ln the breast b.v n flattened and spent
bull that glanced from a fence picket.
The shock caused him to stagger und
drop his gun, hut ho quickly picked it
up and turned to his couipthilon.
"Are you hurt, Oncle Jazon?" ho Inquired.    "Aro you hurt?"
"Not a bit; Jes' skcert nios.' Into a
duck fit. Thought a cannon ball had
knocked my whole dang fnce down
my thronl! Nothln' but a handful o'
splinters  In  my  poo'ty   count'nanco,
makln' ray head feel like a porc'pino.
But I sort o' thought I heard somepin'
give you a dlff."
"Something did hit me." said Beverley, laying a blind on bis breast, "hut
I don't think It was a bullet. They
seem to bn getting our rango nt last.
Tell the men to keep well under cover.
They must not expose themselves mill]
wo nre ready to charge."
The shock hud brought him back to
bis duty ns n leader of his little coin-
paiiy, nnd with the funeral bell of nil
bis life's happiness tolling ln his agonized heart he turned afresh to directing tho lire upon the blockhouse.
About this time a runner cine from
Clark witb an order to cease thin:; and
let a returning pnrty of British ncouts
under Captain Lamothe re-enter the
fort unharmed; A strange order it
seemed to both officers nnd men, but
it was Implicitly obeyed. Clark's genius
hero made another line strategic (lush.
lie knew thut unless he let the scouts
go back Into the stockado they would
escape by running nwuy, nnd might
possibly organize an nrmy of Indians
wilh which to succor Ilumllton. But
if they were permitted to go Inside
they could bo captured wilh the rest
of the garrison.   Henco his order.
A few minutes passed In dead silence. Then Captain Luinotho und his
parly marched closo by where Beverley's squad was lying concealed. It
was a difficult laak to restrain the Creoles, for some of them hated Lamothe.
uncle Jazon squirmed liko a snake
while tliey Hied pant all unaware ihut
an enemy lurked so near. When they
reached the fort, ladders were put
down for them nnd they began to
clamber over the wall, crowding nnd
pushing ono nnother in wild hnste.
Onele Jnzon could hold In no longer.
"Yu! Yh! Yn!" he yelled. "Look
out!   The ladder Is'a-fullln' wi' ye!"
Then all the lurking crowd shouted
ns one man, nnd. suro enough, down
came n ladder—men und all ln a crashing heap.
"Silence! Silence!" Beverley commanded, but he could not check the
wild jeering nnd laughing, while the
bruised and frightened scouts hastily
erected their ladder again, fairly tumbling over one another In their haste
to ascend, nnd bo cleared the wall, fulling into the stockade to Join the garrison.
"Ventrebleu!" shrieked Oncle Jazon.
"They've gone to bed, but we'll wake
'em up nt the crack o' day nn' give
'em n brenkfas' o' hot lead!"
•Now the lighting was resumed with
redoubled spirit and noise, uud when
morning enme, affording sufficient light
to bring out the bend sights on th*
Kentucky rifles, the matchless murks-
men In Clark's band forced the British
to closo the embrasures nnd entirely
cense trying to use their cannon, but
llie fight with small nrmn went merrily
on until the middle of the forenoon.
Meantime (.uspurd Roussillon had
lied Francis Muisonvillc's bund3 fast
and hard w<-li the strap of bis bullet
"Now, I'll scalp you," he snid In a
rumbling tone terrible to hear. And
vi lth his words out came his hunting
knife from Us sheath.
"Oh, have mercy, my dear M. Itoussillon!" cried tbe panting captive.
I "Have mercy!"
"Mercy! Y'es, like your colonel's;
that's what you'll get. Y'ou stand by
that forbaii, that scelerat, that bandit,
and help him. Oh, yes, you'll get mercy! Yes, the same mercy that he
showed to ray poor little Alice! Your
scalp, monsieur, lf you please. A small
matter; It won't hurt much!"
"But. for tho sake of old friendship,
Gnspnrd, for the sako"—
"/Iff!    Poor little Alice!"
"But I swear to yon that I"—
"Tout do memo, monsieur, jo vols
Tons sei'ilper nialntenant."
Iu fact, he bad taken off s pnrt of
Malsonvllle's scalp wben n party of
soldiers, among whom wns Mnlsouvllle's brother, u brave fellow und loyal to the American cause, were attracted by his cries und came to hi3
M. Kousslilon struggled savagely, Insisting upon completing liis cruel performance, but be was at last overpowered, partly by brute force and partly
hy the pleading of Maisonville's brother, nnd made to desi.st. The big mnn
wept with rage when he saw the
bleeding prisoner protected. "Eh blent
I'll keep what I've got," he roared,
"nud I'll take the rest of it uext
He shook the tuft of hnir nt Malsou-
ville and glared like a mad bull.
Two or three other members of Lamoille's band were captured about the
same time by some of the French militiamen, and Clark when on his round
cheering nnd directing his forces discovered thnt (hose prisoners were being
used ns shields. Some young Creoles,
gay with drink and (lie stimulating effect of light, hnd bound Hie poor fellows nnd were firing from behind them.
Of course tho commander promptly put
un end to this cruelty, but thoy considered It exquisite fun while It lusted.
It wns In broad daylight, and they
kntw that the English In tho fort
conld see what they were doing.
"It's shameful to treat prisoners ln
this way," said Clark. "I will not permit lt. Shoot the next mail that offers
to do such n thing."
Ono of the creole youths, a handsome, swarthy Admls ln buckskin,
tossed his shapely head with a debonair smile and said;
"To l"» sure, moil i-olonel. But what
have they bail doinir to us? We have
amused them all tv!: ter. It's but fair
that they should give us a littlo fun
Chirk shrugged hls.brond shoulders
and passed on. He understood perfectly what the peoplo of Vlncennes had
suffered under Huml.ton's brutal administration.
At 0 o'clock an order was passed to
cease Ilring, nnd a Hag of truce was
seen going from Clark's headquarter*
to the fort. It was n peremptory demand for unconditional surrender.
Hamilton refused, and fighting was
fiercely resumed from behind rudo
breastworks meantime erected. Every
loophole nnd opening of whntovcr sort
wns the focus Inlo which the unerring
backwoods rifles sent their deadly bullet:.. Men began to full In the fort, and
every moment Hnmllton expected nn
assault ln force on nil sides of the
stockade. This, If successful, would
mean Inevitable niussacre. Clark had
warned him of the terrible consequences of holding out until the worst
should come. "For." said he In his note
to the governor, "If I am obliged lo
storm,  you   may   depend   upon  such
treatment as ls justly du* to a rmr-
Historians have wondered why Hamilton became so excited and acted so
strangely after receiving the note. Th!
phrase "Justly due to a murderer" ls
the key to tho myBtery. When he read
It his heart sank nnd a terrible fear
seized him. "Justly due to a murderer!" Ah, that calm, white, beautiful
girlish face, dead In the moonlight,
with the wlsp of shining hair across
It! Such treatment as ls Justly due
to a murderer!" Cold drops of sweat
broke out on his forehead and a shiver
wcut through his body. __
During tbe truce Clark's weary yet
still enthusiastic besiegers enjoyed a
good breakfast prepared for them by
the loyal dame! of Vlncennce. Little
A<irlenne   Boureler   was   one  of   th!
"What's the matlcrt   Hcv they hit yet"
handmaidens of the occasion. She
brought to Beverley's squad a basket,
nlmost as largo as herself, heaped high
with roasted duck and warm wheaten
bread, whilo nnother glii boro two
huge jugs of coffee, fragrant and
steaming hot. The men cheered them
lustily nnd complimented them without reserve, so that before their service was over their faces were glowing
with delight.
And yet Adrlenne's heart was uneasy
and full of longing to hear something
of Reno de Honville. Surely some one
of her friends must know something
about blm. Ah, thero was Oncle Jazon!
Doubtless ho could tell her all that
she wanted to know. She lingered
after the food was distributed and
shyly Inquired.
"Hain't seed the scamp," said Oncle
Jnzon, only ho used tho patois most
familiar to tho girl's ear. "Killed an'
iicelped long ugo, I reckon."
His mouth wns so full that he spoke
mumblinEly and with utmost difficulty.
Nor did he gluuce at Adrlcnne, whose
face took on as great pallor hs her
brown complexion could show.
Iieverley nte but little of the food.
He sat apart on a piece of timber that
projected from the rough breastwork
and gar* himself ever to inilnita ml*
cry of spirit, which was trebled when
ho took Alice's locket from his bosom
only to discover that the bullet which
struck blm bad almost entirely destroyed tho fuce of tho miniature.
He gripped the dented nnd twisted
case and guzed at lt with the stare of
a blind man. His heart almost ceased
to boat and his breath had the rustling
sound we hear when a strong man dies
of a sudden wound. Somehow the defacement of the portrait was taken by
his soul as the final touch of fate, signifying that Alice was forever and
completely obliterated from bis life.
Ho felt a blur pass over his mind. Ho
tried ln vain to recall the face and
form so dear to him; he tried to
imagine her voice; but the whole universe wns a vast hollow silence. For
a long while he was cold, staring, rigid.
Then the Inevitable collapse came, and
he wept as only a strong man can who
ls hurt to death, yet cannot die
Adrieiine approached him, thinking
to speak to him nbout Rene, but he did
not notice her, and sho went her way,
leaving beside him a liberal supply of
GOVERNOR HAMILTON received tho note sent him by Colonel Clark and replied to lt with
curt dignity, but his heart was
quaking. As a soldier he was true to
tho military tradition, and nothing
could have Induced him to surrender
his command with dishonor.
"Lieutenant Governor Hamilton," ho
wrote to Clark, "begs leave to acquaint
Colonel Clark that he and his garrison
are uot disposed to be awed Into any
action unworthy of British subjects."
"Very brave words," said Helm when
Hamilton read the note to him, "but
you'll sing a milder tune before many
minutes or you and your whole garrison will perish tn a bloody heap.
Listen to thoso wild yells! Clark has
enough men to ont you all up for breakfast. You'd better be reasonable and
prudent. It's not bravery to court mai-
Hnmllton turned nway without a
word and sent the message, but Helm
saw tbat he was excited and could be
still further wrought up.
"You are playing Into the hand! of
your bitterest enemies, the frog eater!," he went on. "These crooles, over
whom you've held a hot poker all winter, are crazy to be turned loose upon
you, and you kuow that they've got
good cause to feel like giving you ths
extreme penalty. They'll give it to
you without a flinch if they get the
chance.   You've dono enough."
Hamilton whirled about and glared
"Helm, what do you mean?" ho demanded ln a voice as hollow as lt wai
full of desperate passion.
The genial captain laughed ai lf b*
had heard a good joke.
"You won't catch any fiih lf yon
swear, and you look blasphemous," he
said with tke lightness of humor characteristic of him nt all times. "You'd
better suy a prayer or two. Just reflect a moment upon the awful sin!
you have committed and"—
A crash of coalescing volley! from
every direction broke off his levity.
Clark was sending his response to
Hamilton'! lofty note. Tbo guns of
freedom rang out a prophecy of triumph, and the hissing bullets clucked
sharply as they entered tho solid logs
of the walls or whisked through an
aperture nnd bowled over a mun. The
British iuuskeeters returned tho firo
as best tbey could, with n courage und
a stubborn coolness which Helm openly admired, although he could not bide
his satisfaction whenever one of them
was disabled.
"Lamothe and his men are refusing
to obey orders," snid Farnswortb a little later, hasUly approaching Hamilton, his face flushed and a gleam of
hot anger ln his eyes. "They're In a
nasty mood. I can do nothing with
them.   They have not flred a shot"
"Mutiny?" Hamilton demanded.
"Not Just that. They say they do
not wish to Are on their kinsmen nnd
friends. They are all French, you
know, and they see their cousins, brothers, uncles and old acquaintances out
there ln Clark's rabble. I can do nothing with them."
"Shoot the scoundrels, then!"
"It will be a toss up which of us
will come out on top lf we try that.
Besides, lf we begin n light Inside, the
Americans will muko short work of
"Well, what nro we to do, then?"
"Oh, fight, that's all." said Farnsworlh apathetically, turning to a smnll
loopholo uud leveling n field glass'
through It. "We might make a rush
from the gates nnd stninpedo them,"
he presently added. Then ho uttered
an exelumutlon of grent surprise.
"Tliere's Lloutenuut Boverley out
there," he exclaimed.
"You'ro mistaken; you're excited,"
Hamilton hnlf sneorlngly remnrketl,
yet not without n shade of iineuslnesi
In his expression.   "Y'ou forget, sir."
"Look for yourself. It's easily settled." And Fnrnsworth proffered the
glass.   "He's there, to n certainty, sir."
"1 saw Beverley an hour ngo," suid
Helm. "I knew ull tho time thut he'd
be on hand."
It was n white He. Captain Helm
was as much surprised as his captors
at what he heard, but he could not resist the temptation to be annoying.
Hamilton looked ns Farnswortb directed, nud, sure enough, there wus
the young Virginian lieutenant standing on a barricade, his but off, cheering his men • with a superb show of
zeal. Not a hair of his head was missing, so far ns the glass could, be relied
upon to show.
Oucle Jazon's quick old eyes saw tho
gleam of the telescope tube ln tho loophole.
"I never could shoot much," he muttered, and then a littlo bullet sped
with absolute accuracy from his dls-
reoutable looking rifia and shattered
the object lens Just as Hamilton movea
to withdraw the glass, uttering aa
ejaculation of intense excitement
"Such devils of inurksmeu!" said he,
and his face was haggard. "That Infernal Indian lied."
"I could huve told you all tho timo
that tho scalp Long Hnlr brought to
you was not Beverley's," snid Helm
indifferently. "I recognized Lieutenant Barlow's hnlr ns soon us I saw lt."
This was another piece of offhand
romance. Helm did not dream that
he was accidentally sketching a horrible truth.
"Barlow's!" exclaimed Farnswortb.
"Yes, Barlow's, no mistake"—
Two more men reeled from a porthole, tho blood spinning fnr out of
their wounds. Indeed, through every
aperture In tho walls the bullets were
now humming like mnd hornets.
"Close thut porthole!" stormed Hamilton. Then turning to Farnsworlh he
added: "We cannot endure this long.
Shut up every place large enough for
a bullet to get through. Go all around,
givo strict orders to nil. See that the
men do not foolishly expose themselves. Those ruffians out there have
located every crack."
His glimpse of Beverley and the
sinister remark of Helm hnd completely unmanned blm before his men
fell. Now it rushed upon him that If
be would escape the wrath of the maddened Creoles nnd the vengeance of
Alice's lover he must quickly throw
himself upon the mercy of Clark. It
was his only hope. He chafed Inwardly, but bore himself with stern
coolness. Ho presently sought Farnswortb, pulled bim nsido nnd suggested
that something must bo done to prevent an assault and a massacre. The
sounds outside seemed to forebode a
gathering for a desperate rush, and la
bis heart he felt ull the terrors of awful anticipation.
"We ure completely nt their mercy;
that ls plain," he snid, shrugging his
shoulders nnd gazing at the wounded
men writhing In their agony. "Whut
do you suggest?"
Cnptnln Fnrnsworth wns a shrewd
officer. He recollected thut Philip Do-
Jeun, justice of Detroit, was on hi!
way down the Wabash from that post
nud probably neur nt hand with u flotilla of men nnd supplies. Why not
ask for a few days of truce? It could
do no harm and If agreed to might bs
their salvation. Hamilton Jumped at
the thought and forthwith drew up a
note which be sent out with a whit!
flag. Never before in all his military
career had ho been so comforted hy a
sudden cessation of lighting. His soul
would grovel in spite of him, Allco'!
fcold fnce now had Beverley's bosldo It
In his Held of Inner vision—a double
ussiiranco of Impending doom, It seemed to llllll,
Thero was short deluy In Ihc arrival
of Colonel Clark's reply, hastily scrawled on a bit of soiled paper. The request
for u truce wns flatly refused, but the
uoto closed thus:
"If Mr. Hamilton Is Desirous of a
Confcrunce with- Col. Clurk, ho will
meet hlin at the Church with Cnpt.n.
The spelling was not very good, and
thero was a redundancy of capital ^letters, yet Hamilton understood lt all,
nnd lt was very difficult for him to
conceal his haste to attend tho proposed conference. But he wns afraid
to go to the church—the thought chined
him. He could not face Father Beret,
who would probably be there. And
what lf there should bo evidences of
the funeral? Wbat If ?— He shuddered
and tried to break away from tho
vision ln his tortured bruin.
He sent a proposition to Clark ta
meet hlin on the esplunndc before tho
main gate of the fort, but Clark declined, Insisting upon the church. And
thither ho at last consented to go. It
wus nn Immense brace to his spirit to
hnve Helm beside hlin during thnt
walk, which, although but eighty yards
ln extent, seemed to blm n mutter of
leagues. Ou the wuy ho had to pass
near tho new position vaken up hy
Beverley and his men. It was n flno
test of nerve  when  the  lieutennnt'!
eyes met those of the governor. Neither man permitted the slightest change
of countenance to betray his feelings.
In fact, Beverley's face was as rigid as
marble; he could not have changed It.
Father Beret was Indeed present at
the church, as Hamilton had dreaded,
and the two duelists gave each other a
rnpler-llke eye thrust. Neither spoke,
however, nud Clark Immediately demanded a settlement of the mntter In
hand. He was brusque and imperious
to a degree, apparently rather anxious
to repel every peaceful advance.
lt was a laconic Interview, crisp as
autumn lee and bitter as gall berries.
Colonel Clark hud no respect whatever
for Hamilton, to whom he had applied
the Imperishable ndjectlve "hnlr buyer
general." On the other hand, Governor Hamilton, wbo felt keenly the disgrace of having to equalize himself officially and discuss terms of surrender
with a rough backwoodsman, could uot
conceal his contempt of Clark.
Tho fiver men of history, Hamilton,
Helm, Hay, Clark and Bowman, were
not distinguished diplomats. They
went at their work rather after the
hammer nnd tongs fashion. Clark
bluntly demnnded unconditional surrender. Hamilton refused. Thoy argued the matter. Helm put In his our;
trying to soften the Bttuntlon, as was
his custom on all occasions, and received from Clark a stinging reprimand, with tho reminder thnt he wns
nothing but a prisoner on parole and
had no voice at ull lu settling the tonus
of surrender.
"I release him, sir," snld Hn • Illon.
"He ls no longer n prisoner. I nm quite
willing to have Captain Helm Join
freely in our conference."
"And I refuse to permit his acceptance of your favor," responded Clark.
"Captain Helm, you will return wltb
Mr. Hnmllton to the fort nnd remain
his cuptlvo until I free you by for**.
Meantime ligld. your tongue.**
Father Beret, suave looking nnd quiet, occupied himself at the little altar,
apparently altogether Indifferent to
whnt was being said, but be lost not a
word of the talk.
"Qui habet aures audlendl, audlat,"
he inwardly repeated, smiling blandly.
"Gnudete ln Ilia die, ct cxultnte."
Hamilton rose to go; deep Hues.of
worry creased his face. But when the
party had passed outside he suddenly
turned upon Clark nnd snld:
"Why do you demand Impossible
terms of mc?"
"I will tell you, sir," was the stern
answer ln a tone In which there wus
no mercy or compromise. "I would
rather have you refuse. I desire nothing so much as an excuse to wreak full
and bloody vengeance on every man
In that fort who hns engaged in the
business of employing lavage! to scalp
brave, patriotic men and defenseless
women and children. The cries of the
widows and tho fatherless on our frontiers require the blood of the Indian
partisans nt my hands. If you choose
to risk the massacre of your garrison
to save those despicable redhunded
partisans, have your pleasure. What
you bave dono you know better than
1 do. I have a duty to perform. You
may be able to soften Its nature. I may
tnko It Into my head to send for somo
of our bereaved women to witness my
terrible work nnd sec thut It ls well
done If you Insist upon the worst."
Major Hay, who was Hamilton's Indian agent, now, with some difficulty
clearing his throat, spoke up.
"Pray, sir," said he, "who ls lt thnt
you cull Indian partisans?"
"Sir," replied Clark, seeing that his
words had gone solidly home, "I tnke
Major Hay to be one of the principals."
This seemed to strike Hny with
deadly force. Clark's report says that
he was "pule and trembling, scarcely
nble to stiind," nnd thnt "Hamilton
blushed, and, I observed, wns much affected nt his behavior." Doubtless lf
the doughty American commander hud
known more nbout the governor's feelings just then he would hnve added
thut un awful fear, even grentcr thnn
the Indlun agent's, did more than anything else to congest the veins In his
The parties separated without reaching an agreement, but the end had
come. The terror ln Hamilton's soul
was doubled by a wild scene enacted
under the walls of his fort, n scene
which, having no proper plnee In this
story, strong ns Its historical interest
unquestionably ls, must be but outlined. A party of Indians returning
from a scalping expedition in Kentucky and along the Ohio wns raptured on the outskirts of the town by
some of Clnrk's men, wbo proceeded
to kill and scnlp tbem within full view
of tho belengiiered gurlison, after
wliich their mangled bodies were flung
Into the river.
If the British commander needed further wine of dread to fill his cup wllh-
ul It wns furnished hy nn ostcntntlous
marshaling of the American forces for
n general ussniilt. His spirit broke completely, so thnt It looked like n godsend to liim when Chirk finally offered
i terms of honoi'iible surrender, the con-
! summation of which wns to bo postponed until the following morning. Ho
accepted promptly, appending to tho
nrllcles of ciipltulntlon the following
reasons for his action! "The remoteness from succor, tho state nnd quantity of provisions, etc.; unanimity of officers and men In Its expediency, the
honorable terms allowed nnd, lastly,
the confidence In n generous enemy."
Confidence In n generous enemy! Abject four of tho vengeunee just wreaked upon his savage emissaries would
have been the true statement. Beverley rend the paper when Clark sent for
blm. but ho could not Join In the extravagant delight of his fellow officers
nnd their brave men. What did nil
this victory menu to him? Hnmllton to
be treated ns nn honorable prisoner of
wnr, permitted to strut forth from tho
fort with bis sword nt his side, his
hend up—the scalp buyer, the murderer of Alice! Whnt was patriotism to
th! crushed henrt of n lover? Even lf
his vision lind been nble to pierce the
future nnd realize tho splendor of Anglo-Saxon civilization which wns to follow that little triumph at Vlncennes,
whnt pleasure could It hnve afforded
him? Alice, Alice, only Alice; no other
thought had Influence save the recurring surge of desire for vengeance upon
her murderer.
And yet that night Beverley slept
nnd so forgot his despair fur ninny
hours, even dreamed n pleasant dream
of homo, where his childhood was
spent; of the stately old house Oil the
breezy    hilltop   overlooking   a   sunny
plantation, with a liitie river luptlng
"Such devils of -marksmc-t!"
and shimmering through It. His mother's dear arms were around hlin, her
loving breath Btirrcd his hair, and his
stalwart, grav headed father sat on the
veranda comfortably smoking his pipe,
while away In the wide fields the negroes snng at the plow nnd the hoe.
Sweeter and sweeter grew tho Bcene,
Bofter the air, tenderer the blending
sounds of the water murmur, lenf rustle, bird song and slave song until hand
In hand he wandered with Alice In
greening groves where the nlr wus
trembling with the ccstusy of spring.
A young officer awoke blm with an
order from Clark to go on duty at once
with Captains Worlhington nnd Williams, who, under Colonel Clark himself, were to take possession of the fort.
Mechanically he obeyed. The sun wns^
far up, shining between clouds of n _
leaden, watery hue, by the time everything was ready for the Important ceremony Beside the miitn gnte of the
stockade two companies of patriots under Bowman nnd McCurty were drawn
up as guards, while the British garrison filed out and was taken In charge.
This bit of forninllty ended, Governor,
Hamilton, attended by some of his officers, went back Into the fort and the
gate wus closed.
Clark now gave orders that preparations be made for hauling down tho
British flag and hoisting the young
banner of liberty ln its pluco, when everything should he ready for a salute ,
of thirteen guns from tlio captured battery.
Helm's round face was beaming.
Plainly It showed that bis happiness
wns supreme. He dared not sny anything, however, for Clark was now^ll I
sternness nnd forninllty. It woultruo
dnngerous to take any liberties, but ho i
could smile and roil his quid of tobacco
from cheek to cheek.
Hunilltou and Fnrnsworth, the latter
slightly wounded In the left nrm, which '
wns bandaged, stood together some-
whnt npart from their fellow officers
while preliminary steps for celebrating
their defeat and rapture were ln progress. They looked forlorn enough to^
have excited deep sympathy under fairer conditions.
Outside the fort, the Creoles were beginning a noise of jubilation. Tho rumor of what was going to he done had
passed from niouth to mouth until every soul In the town knew nud thrilled
with expectancy. Men, women and
children came swarming to see the
slight and to hear at close range the
crash of the cannon. They Bbouted, In |
a scattering wny at first; then the tumult grew swiftly to a solid rolling
tide thnt seemed beyond all comparison with the population of Vlncennes. '
Ilumllton heard It and trembled Inwardly, afraid lest the mob should '
prove too strong for the guard.
Ono leonine voice roared distinctly,
high above the noise. It was a sound
familiar to all the Creoles, that bellow-
lug shout of Gaspard Knussilion's, lie -^
wns ronmlng around the stockade, buying been turned buck by the gunrd
when he tried to puss through tbe main
"They shut me out!" be bellowed furiously. "I nm Gnspard Roussillon, and
they shut me out, me! Zlff! Me volcl!
Je vnls entrer liniuedlatement, mol!"
Ho nttracted but little attention,
however. The people and the soldiery
were all too excited by the special Interest of the occasion and too busy
with making a racket of thclrown for
nny Individual, even Ihe great Roussillon, to gain their eyes or cars. He In
turn Bcurcely heard tho tumult they
mnde, so self centered were his burning thoughts nnd feelings. A grent occasion lu Vlncennes nnd he, Gnspard
Roussillon, not recognized as ono of
the lnrge factors In lt! Ab, no, never!
And he strode along tho wall of the
stockude, turning the comers and heavily shambling over the Inequalities till
he reached the postern. It wns not fnB-
tened, some one having passed through
Just before him.
"Zlff!" ho ejaculated, stepping Inlo
the area and shaking himself nfter tho
mnnner of n dusty mastiff. "Cost moll
Gnspard Housslllon!" His massive under Jaw was set llko that of a vise, yet
lt quivered with rnge, a rage which
was more fiery condensation of self
approval thnn anger.
(To be continued.)
Its Soothing  Effect vvn« Kum am
Marly aa the Sixth Centni-y.
A few gallons of oil cast upon stormy
seas moderates their violence and prevents tho waves from breaking with
force. That this is the case has long
been known. Tbeophylactcs, the Byzantine historian of tho sixth century,
propounded the question, "Why does
oil mini the sea?" and answered lt to
tho effect that as the wind is a subtle
and delicate thing nnd oil Is adhesive
end unctuous the wind glides over the
surface of the wnler on which oil has
been spread and cannot raise waves.
The wind, In fact, slips over the water
Without being able lu obtain a grip.
In the gulf of Mexico there Is a ro-
mnrknblo stretch of wnler nbout two
miles long by three-quarters of a mile
brond to which the name of "oil spot"
has been given because In the worst of
storms the mariner duds still witter
Its character ns a safe harbor of refuge ls said to bo due to an oily property of th! mud stirred up by the storm.
I jl  Prescription  That  Mar  Save  Yoa
Many a Doctor'a Fee.   .
The true, not the new, should be tho
\f motto  of those  who write or speak
about the apple, the fruit longest in
use hy our branch of the human race
There   are   certain   simple   principles
that must be giveu, line upon line, precept upon precept, to every fresh generation of men or rather should bo given
just about that time that the genera-
, tlon Is beginning to lose its freshness
and to call on the doctor for remedies.
Every well to do man of good digestion
and  appetite tends  to eat too  much
meat every dny after his twenty-fifth
birthday,   and  one  of tho  values  of
fruit, tbe npple nbove others, i. the
caso with which It may bo made an
"aiitlmeat for breakfast" article.   Willi
baked   apples   nnd   cream   nnd   good
I roast potatoes on tho breakfast table
the dish of cold or hot meat becomes
subordinate even If lt is not entirely
abolished.   Men of forty, the nge when
every man not n fool Is supposed to
1 have acquired the right to give medical
ndvlce, nt least to himself, will relate
'their various wonderful discoveries nnd
remarkable self cures just as they hail
. given up all hope, und In general (best
reduce themselves to this: "1 nte less
meat, but I did not know it, and I took
, a great denl more fruit, especially apples."
Baked npples for breakfast tend to
I reduce tho amount of meat eaten lf we
ere Inclined to cat too much nnd to
; supply the system with mineral foodp
and  the  digestive   tract   with   nelds.
, People who cut too much food nre not
fto bn advised to ent baked apples as a
Jmere addition to  the breakfast,  nnd
ikhose -who  need   n  snbstantlnl   meul
[must not let tho baked apple interfere
with the taking of solid food.   As a
[ rule, those who cat three meals per
[diem will wisely have the nicest dish
Lot baked npples obtainable for break-
[fast.   It is a piece of simple wisdom
[''worth pages of ordinary medical Htera-
[ture.   The digestion of milk Is some-
I what delayed by sour fruits, but pure,
frlch cream ls not milk, and taken with
Jo Juicy baked npple whnt dish cnn be
fmore tempting and wholesome?
If you nre twenty-eight or thirty-five,
[Inclined to ring the doctor's bell and
ftalk with your druggist, try this prescription.   You may put sugar on the
I apples, but we shall not sugar coat ths
licu-cly with any mystery or nny claim
|,.o novelty.    Wo merely turn to your
ood wife or your housekeeper nnd ask
["whether she ls careful to give you nice
.■oust apples and cream and to make
the breakfast   meat dishes   as   littlo
I tempting as may  be.
One of the Worst Cases on   Record  Cured
Through the Use of Dr. Williams' l'ink
St Vitus dance is a nervous disease
chiefly alllicting children. There nro
a number of signs by which it mny
bo detected such as a twiching of
the muscles of the face, shaky hands,
or a jerky motion of tho arms, a
trembling or a dragging of the legs,
irritability and restlessness. St.
Vitus dance is caused by disordered
nerves and blood—that is why it is
always cured by Dr. Williams' l'ink
Pills. Tho pills fill the veins with
pure, rich red blood, which in turn
soothes and braces tho nerves, making the sufferer well. Mrs. i_ul.nian,
Poucher's Mills, Out., tells how Br.
Williams' Pink Pills cured her daughter, Louise. "I do not think it possible," snys Mrs Luftnlon, "thnt itny-
ono could be ndllcted with a moro
severe form of St. Vitus dance than
that which attacked my daughter.
Her arms und lugs would twich nnd
jerk, her face wus drawn, and finally
her loft side became numb us 1 hough
paralyzed. Her speech became thick
and indistinct and she could neither
stand still or sit down. Two doctors attended her but gave her no
b*.nofit. Tho last doctor who all ended her told mo sho would never get
better. It was at this discouraging
timo wo decided to givo her Dr. Williams' Pink. Pills. After taking two
boxes wo could soo nn improvement;
she could sleep better nnd the .spasms
were loss severe. From that on she
steadily grew bettpr, and after using
eight or ten boxes she was as strong
and healthy a girl ns you will find
anywhere, and she hns not had the
least symptom ol tho trouble since."
Dr. Williams' l'ink Pills nro tho
surest curo for St Vitus danco, hysteria, neuralgia, nervous exhaustion, paralysis, and nil tho nervous
troublos of men, women and children.
But you must get the genuine with
the full name, "Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills for Pale People," on the wrapper around every box. Sold by nil
medicino dealers or sent post paid ut
60 cents a box or six boxes for ?2..r>0
by writing the Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont.
Dlaraell nnd Gladstone.
A short time beforo his dentil Dls-
Irneli sat for his portrait to Mlllnls. In
[his studio hung n proof engraving of
^Gladstone, with his hands hnnglng
ilown before him lightly clasped and
Ton almost beatific expression on his
[face. Mlllnls observed Hint Disraeli's
Peycs were frequently bent upon the
[portrait At length lie asked him If he
j would accept n copy. "I wns rather
L»hy of offering It to yon," he apologetically added. "I should bo delighted
lto havo It," said Disraeli, with what
nfor llltn .was nn almost eager mnnuer.
■"People think that more or less through
foui' political lives I have disliked Mr
{Gladstone, To tell Use truth, my only
[difficulty In respect (o him has beeu
ftlint study ing liim from day to day nno
[year to year I could never understand
fLlm."     '
The  Hindoo  Idea of Wit.
All English lndy reformer of uncertain age who visited India to deliver a
llecturo told the audience that she
[would be happy lo answer any qui'9-
lU.iii, upon which n fat baboo came to
[the  front with  "How  old nre you?"
"Oh, no," she replied; "I don't mean
[questions of that sort; only ones eon-
[licilcd with the subject of the lecture."
("Are you forty?" continued the buboo,
f nowise abashed. "No, I won't answer
[such a question," wns the reply. "Are
on fifty?" continued her tormentor,
*"Oh, uo; I told you I won't answer
fsmii   questions."     "Are   you   sixty?"
"Oh,  no,  no,  no; I'm  not sixty," tho
[ lndy responded precipitately.
A slilktini mil partridge shooting wns
I seen In fits of laughter, slapping bis
' thighs lu the c.slasy of his glee.    On
Inquiring the cause of bis hilarity, he
j hurriedly said: "Hush, sahib! Thnt
' cooly," Indicating one; of the heaters,
' "has Just been bitten by a green snake,
[but he thinks it hi only n thorn! Don't
[tell him or he'll be frightened and
[stop ben I Ing."-From (Jenernl Gerard's
'Leaves from Ibe Diary of a Soldier
: and (Sportsman."
Tbey Arc  Pimsiii-.   Rich on  a Thon-
aaml i.oii.i■-■--. a Year,
"A French lady, widow of an officer,
once said to mc," says tbe writer, "tha!
she ulwnys traveled first class because
she wus rich, afterward explaining
Unit her Income wns exactly £'.-00 a
year. But she was rich because most
likely she never spent more than £170,
and the explanation; 1 dare say, applies to the medical men in the coun
try. They nre rich, in nil probability,
on three or four hundred- n year—rich
just because tbey make much more
than thoy spend. In order to coinprc
hend French life nud character wi
must hear one fact in mind. Appear-
nnce ls not n fetich iu France as ii.
England; outside show is not sacritlcei.
lo; Mrs. Grundy is no twentieth cen
lury Baal. On the other hand, good re
pule ls sedulously nursed; personal dls
ulty und family honor are bedgCi
round with respect.
"We must not take the so called re:-!
Istic novelist's standard to he the trui
one. Frenchmen, I should say, as :
rule, spend a third lessjipon dress thill
Englishmen. It does not follow th..
the individual is hold in slight esteem
personality discounted. These previa
clri'l and country doctors do not on:
wardly resemble their spick and spa;:
English colleagues, nor do they alTec;
what is called style in their equipage-
In most cases the conveyance Is a blcy-
cle-und manner of living. How can
they upon nn Income derived from oi;<
nnd eight penny fees? But ninny nn
doubtless licli In the logical noeoptu
lion of the Wui'd that is. they live con
siderably below their income and saw
money."—Chambers' Journal.
Showing the Good Work Dodd's
Kidney Pills are Doing.
Ilia Worlc Ia Bone  Slowly and WItk
Extraordinary Care.
"I thought I knew my business unUI
I took a job holding copy in a mapmak-
Ing establishment," said a veteran
proofreader. "Tlie change from tho
rush of a morning newspaper to the
leisurely work of an encyclopedia was Mr, TllomB, ^ami0, one of tho many
queer enough. It wns three weeks be- _,.,„ tonua Health in the gie.t Cana-
fore I began to feel that I was earning        uian Kidney Remeily.
my salary.   It takes about two weeks -».-.,.      , ,     ,
. , ., „   „ , „,,,,    jt ,,      Silver   Water,    Maiiitoulin    Is nnd,
to read the proof of n good map.   If It (sjecfcl. .-Every  part  of
is a business atlas, particularly com- Canada socms to |j0 testifying to th0
prehensive as to small towns, we linger | good ,.,ork T)ouii'3 Kidney Pills nro
over a proof and Its successive revises doing and thero ls no reason why
for a month or six weeks beforo the JManitoulin Island should.not do her
final electrotype ls made. In mnpmak-! part. Many a man uud woman hero
ing it is not only essential that every | blesses tbem for nches relieved and
town should be in the map, but that it  health   restored.    Take  for   instance
tho   case   of   Mrs,   Thomas   Humley.
Sho says:—
"I doctorod for yenrs and did not
seem to got any better. It seemed lo
bo my kidneys that was the trouble
so I thought that I would try Dodd's
Kidney Pills nud thoy helped mo very
"I cannot say how muny I havo
taken as my houso is never without
them and whenever I don't feel right
I take a few. My hush/und also takes
thorn onco in a while. I find them a
splendid medicine to have handy."
Dodd's Kidney Pills nre tho greatest family medicino of the ago. Thoy
can bo taken by young or old wilh
perfect safoty. They cure all kidney
ailments and nine-tenths of the sickness of tho present day springs from
bad kidneys.
should he In precisely the right place.
The mnn who is buying n map or an
atlas has.no uso for it unless it gives
accurate information nbout the city or
town where he was born, where his
wife wos born and where lie was married. The flrst thing n prospective purchaser does when shown n new ntlas by
a canvasser is to look up one or ull of
theso points. If his native town or city
Is not there he won't bother to tnke
another glance nt the book. If lt is
there, but not in Its precise locution on
some liver or bny, bo does not hesitate
to sny he has no high opinion of the
atlas. The motto of our business seeini
to bo 'Get it nil In nnd get It In right'"
Why Twelve Is Called a Dozen and
Twenty a Score.
"Dozen" is from the French doU'
zalnc, n collection of articles generally
niunbei'od together, lt is used Ir the
Herefordshire r-.ooms, ]_»)0, ami suows
French for tho first time encroaching
upon English numerals, This enshrines
a great historical fact, for from 1-.-I0 to
1280 it was tho custom to look tj
France as leader of nil Europe In art,
chivalry, fashion, war and learning.
"Score" for twenty came Into the language nearly at the same time, but
wns not exclusively French. It comes
from the Anglo-Saxon scor, tho root of
shear, shire, Bear, and means to cut
Our ancestors, to uvoid the dilliculty
of large numbers, used to keep accounts by cutting notches in n stick,
called a tally, and after twenty such
notches they cut off tlie tally, which
thus became a "score." These were
used in England for keeping the exchequer accounts, even to the beginning of the nineteenth century. A
cricket score was once spokvii of as so
many notches, nnd the rind of pork Is
scored. The word is first used iu a
poem called "The Bestiary" and In
"Cursor Mundi."—London Answers.
The Jnde .lolinl Loved.
Of one phase of liis life .tokul, the
j Hungarian novellBf, wrote In disgust:
"Well, confess It I must. 1 hnvo a
sweellieart, for whose sake I hnve been
faithless not only to my wife, but to
luy muse also n sweelbeai't who hns
appropriated m.v best Ideas and whoso
slave I was and slill am. Often havo
I wasted half my fortune upon her
nnd rushed blindly into mlsfortilno to
please her. For her sake I have patiently endured insult, ridicule and reprobation; for her sake I have staked
life ind liberty. NoWi If she hnd been
a pretty young damsel there might
have been some excuse for me, but she
was n nasty, old, painted figurehead
of n heldnmo, a Blrtlng, faithless, fickle, foul mouthed, scandalinongering
old liar, whom tlie whole world courts,
who makes fools of all her wooers nnd
change! her lovers ns often ns sho
changes liii' dress. Her name is Politics, and may the plague tuke her!"
The  Butler's  I'niltry.
The modern term "butter's pantry"
marks the coalescence of two ollices
formerly distinct, when ibe butler, or
"bolelor." presided over the buttery,
or "bolelerie," nnd the "punter," or
"pnntlcr," over the pantry or bread
closet. The duties of carver, sewer
and cupbearer were hold to be very
honorable ones and could bo discharged by men of high rank, and In
great estaliiislnni'iils llie butler, tht
pnlitter, the porter and the Ofllcers of
ull the several household dopaiinioiil-
httll each Ills own contingent of groom*
and yeomen.
Men Who Barn Jlleney.
"There are uot many i_en who
smoke cigars at $2 each," said the cigar man in a downtown restaurant
much patronized by customers who do
not hnvo to worry ubout the cost of
their luncheon, "but wo have to keep
them In stock. When they nre called
for, It Is usually by a couple of old
chums who are lunching together nfter
a long parting who aro feeling good
nud who want a heavy smoko after >
liberal meal. As a matter of fact
most men think they nro burning money when they pay $1 for a cigar. Sixty
cents for one cigar and from that
down to three for 50 cents is considered nbout the right thing. We sell a
good many cigars at 35 cents ench or
threo for $1. In fact, they aro the
standard thing in high priced cigars.
Occasionally a customer will b-iy a
box of two dollar cigars or even moro
expensive thnn that for a birthday
present or to send to some friend going
to Europe. These cigars are made
only by skilled workmen and represent tlie highest perfection ln cigar
A talon mny be cured by tying the
nfi'ecti'd linger in a poultice of pulverized rock, snlt nud turpentine, renewing ns the poultice becomes dry. Usually livenly-fuur hours' application of
the above will cueo the fn Ion.
Mioard's Liniment Cores Garget ii Cows.
To gain flosh cot plenty of starchy
food aiui use olive oil on nil foods
that is fouii'd agreeable Lo taste. A
lensjii.oid'ul to a tablespoonful mny
bo taken every morning before breakfast with good results*
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
bf local application! ai they cannot reach tht
dlseaned portion of the ear. Thero In only ont
way to cure deafness, and that Is by constitutional remedies. Deafmaa is caused by an la-
darned condition of the mucous lining uf u_*
Eustachian Tuba. Wben this tube Is in .lamed
you have a rumbling sound or Imperfect hearing, and when it la entirely closed, Deafness It
the result, and unless the lnlla->nniatlon can be
taken out and this tube restored to its normal
condition, hearing wlil be destroyed forever;
nine coses out of ten are caused by Catarrh,
which is nothing but an Inflamed condition of
the mucous surfcries.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for any
case of Deafness (caused by catarrh) that cannot ti.- cured by Hall's Cutarrh Curt. Send for
circulars, free.
F. J.  CHENEY & CO., Toledo, a
Sold by all druggists, ..>o,
Hull's Family PJUs are the best.
Tho King's Own Scottish Borderers
who left Belfast for Colchcsh-r, is Uie
first, Scotch regiment ever stationed
in the hitter  (own.
Summer Croup
A croup.- cough Is n dangerous thing
fur tho littlo folks lnnliiiiniutliiii'. lint
.over thnt accompanies it In Hume lo
cause sorioua illnu_a.   Uive thorn
The Lun£
It, Ih p'_a*Sn_ tn tako, will euro lljem
quick.y autl lias no unpleasaub after
A-. »ll -nin-t.U, Mo, ton anil ILOO a bottle.
For Weak Sickly Children During the
Hot Wc-ithoi-Montha.
Thousands of lnfnnts nnd children
dio through tho hot wcnUior months,
because summer complaint and stomnch troublos como .suddenly, und
mothers do not havo tho monti3 nt
bund to promptly chock and cure
Ihom. In hiJTues where Dairy's Own
Ta biota nre used thoso littlo lives
can bo saved, nnd no homo in tho
land whero there are children should
bo without tho Tablets, Thoy
promptly euro nil slomilch and bowel
troubles nnd givo relief to tho teething children, and tho mother has n
guarantee thnt thoy contain no opiate or harmful drug. Vou can crush
tho Tablets to powder nud givo them
with perfect safety to a now born
babe. Mrs S. II. Black, St. Peters,
N.S., says: "I havo used Baby's Own
Tablets for most of the troubles
from which littlo ones sudor, und 1
find them tho best medicino I have
ever tried." AU medicino deulcrs sell
theso Tablets or you can got them by
mall at 25 cents a box by writing
Tho Dr. Williams' medicine Co.,
Drockvlllo, Ont.
/  ■
ITicks—Havo seen yon ul, Tolniiin's
several times 6( Into, dotting Inter*
I'sli-d ill one of his daughters, oh? Is
ii Hnllio? Thoy sny alio is Ihe (lower
nf llie family. Wicks-.Speaking of
llniii-. 1 suppose you think I'm but
I'm- the dough.
A remarkable duck story comes
from Nantes, [franco, Sunn.' fishermen
worn put at sen during n lerriljlc
thunderstorm, when suddenly n number uf roasted ducks foil Into their
boot,    'llie   lightning bud struck   q
rink and clinked the birds  In 11  I""'-
A   Fdll   Me'nie.erio   of  Ifamea.
A story Is told of n Chprokee woman
who married six times nnd never sot
out ot the animal line. When she was
a girl she wns known as Miss Mollle
Panther. Sho married nn Indian named Coon, and when that gentleman
was transferred to tho hnppy hunting
ground she Boon became Mrs. Fox.
Tho Fox did not last nlwnys, and when
he entered the last chase the widow
married tt mild, placid man named
Mule, wbo never had nny kick coming
till he harnessed up to draw his Iond
across the great divide. After a period!
of mourning tho widow ngaln entered
tho realms of matrimonial bliss and
became Mrs. Wolf, nnd when his scnlp
went to tho Great Father, along with
his corporeal rotnnins, sho became the
wife of n man named Tiger, anil when
Mr. Tiger changed his stripes for a
pretty white robe ln the great beyond
she selected another husband of tho
name of Rabbit.
Houfo flics carry contagious di_oa.es.
Wilson's Fly Pads kill tho flics and the
contagion too.
To whiten u brown or. tanned neck
thin slices of cucumber natty be hound
n nver night; wash with warm soap
uds   in   the   mowing   end apply n
•em*  Cbnrncterlatlca of One of tH.
Moat Intcrcatlnir of Men.
l.usl.in'3 kindness hod Its roots In
the essential sweetness of his nature.
Kverythlng In life had conspired to
spoil hlin. He wus often willful nnd
wayward nnd extravagant, but the better elements of his being prevailed over
thoso which, to his harm, were to gain
power wben he wns released from the
controlling influence ot his father's
good sense nnd bla mother's authority.
The extraordinary keenness of his perceptions of external things, the vivacity of his Intelligence, the ardor of bla
temperament, tho Immense variety of
his Interests and occupations and th*
restless energy and Industry with
which he pursued them, mnde htm one
of (he most Interesting of men. And
combined ns they were with deep poetic nnd deeper moral sentiment ns
well ns with a born desire to give
pleasure, (hey gave to Intercourse with
hlin a charm which Increased ns ae-
ipiniiilanee grew Into affectlonats
friendship. Ills mind wns indeed at
this time In a state of ferment Hs
was still mainly busy with thoso topics
of art and nature to which his writings
had hitherto been devoted. Hut his
work In the Held had led him Into other Holds of inquiry, which stretched
wide nnd dark before him, through
which no clenr pnths were visible nnd
Into which he wns entering not without hope of opening a way. Henceforth his chief mission wus thnt, not
of the guide In matters of art, but of
the social reformer.—Charles Eliot Norton In Atlantic.
Licorice will sweeten the breath;
also rinse the mouth with a little
tincture of myrrh in a goblet 'of
To remove a soft corn cover it at
night with prepared chalk, bandaging snugly to keep tho chalk in ita
For excessive prcspiratloa, 'after
thoroughly bathing in soap and
water bathe the affected parU wit*
White spots or scars on-tho finger
nuils coino from bruises and nothing
can be done for them but to wait until the nail grows out.
Kuril Liniment Cnres Colils, Uie
A carbolic olntaftenl for eba'pped
hands and lips and fever sores
around the mouth is mndo by dropping fifteen drops of carbolic m id In
two ounces of glycerine.
ono wishes to l.e successful in any untler-
taking in ivl'i'li lie may .ngiigu. n Is,
tlu'i-i'i'iii-e. extremely gratifylDp t» Uie
proprietors of I'anifOlee'H Vegetable l'ills
in know that their efforts lo coinimiiiiu
a medicine uiiiiii would prove n blo-isiug
Ui mankind have been BUCcesBlttl boyona
their expectations.. The endorsatlnn oi
Uir;.,- l'ills hy the public is ii gunrnnteo
Hint a pill has lieoii produced which will
fuKil  everythlnfl* claimed fur il.
Imaccl Tlmt Stan.) For the IluUitblat
Idea or II.'.carnation.
Francis II. Nichols in his journey
through the Chinese province of Shen-
sl saw n temple where stone animals
wero worshiped. Ho says: "In rows
of heavily barred brick cages nre stone
Images of iiulmals. They nre all Ufa
size and are remarkably well executed.
Among them nre elephauts, tigers nnd
monkeys, whose sculptors must huvo
seemed their models a long distance
from Shensl, where the originals nr*
not found. Tbo stone nniuials stand
fur tbo Dud-ii.i.i iticu. of reincarnation.
They ure worshiped ns saciea «„,i „r.
supposed, I" a vague ivny, to be endowed with lifo. It is to prevent thein
from csenping nnd running nwny from
their worshipers that tho cages hav*
wooden bars lu front of them. Between (he two temples waa a pond,
where Ush were fonged or set at liberty, lu Its workings the system of
fonging animals hns very much the effect of n humane society on the western sido of the world. On tbe theory
that nny of the brute ercntlon may be
the dwelling place of tho soul of a former human being, lumo and sick nul-
nials become the care of tlio priests.
In some of the larger temples special
provision is made for caring for Bick
cats nnd dogs. To fong an animal ot
any kind Is considered an act of supreme vlrlue. To obtain good luck a
pious Chinaman will sometimes purchase n llvo tlsh nnd hnve a priest fong
lt. This ls done by placing lt ln the
pond reserved for the purpose near the
A Tt-lltiiK Stroke.
The hare easily caught up with the
tortoise. "Well, old man, you're not
much of a runner," ho sneered.
"No," admitted the tortoise, "I'm not
I think I'll try for the crew. You see,
Tm quite nt homo in the shell."
Could Not Eat op Work-Powders and Quick Cures
of no Avail-Lasting Cure Obtained From
This case of Mr. Barber well illustrates the way in which Dr. Chaae'e
Nervo Food curea headaches.
Ho tried the so-called "quick curea"
first, but without obtaining benefit.
It la a well known fact that such
remedies when they do bring temporary relief do so with a tremendous
waste of norvo force and consequent
injury to tho system.
Dr. Chase's Nervo Food cures by
enriching tho blood, vitalizing tho
nerves and building up the system.
Headaches, as well as all other symptoms of an exhausted system, disappear beforo its influence. Its cures
lasting because it removes the causo
of tho trouble.
Mr. 0. Barber, Simeon, Ont., writes:
"Dr. Chaso's Nervo Food is a splendid medicine. I was troubled lor a
long tlm* with headaches, wliich
would como on about once a week
with such violence that I could not
oat or do my work. I tried headache powders and quick curea, which
did no good.
"About eight months ngo I took
six boxes of Dr. Chase's Nerve Food,
and I have not boon troubled with
headache since. It made a thorough
and lasting cure."
Mra. James Clancy, 714 Water
street, Pcterboro', Out., states:—"I
hnvo used four boxes of Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food, and found them an excellent medicine. I was troubled
moro or less for nintecn years with
scvoro headaches, which made me
useless as far aa accomplishing my
work was concerned.
"The Nerve Food scorned to build
ma up generally, and so made a
thorough cure ol my old troublo. I
would not think of being without Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food in the house,
and would strongly recommend anyone suffering as I did to give it a
trial. It succeeded in my cose after
a great  many remedies had failed."
Dr. Chases Nervo Food 50 cents a
box, six boxes for $2.50, at all
dealers, or Edmanson, Bates & Co.,
Toronto. To protect you against
imitations, tho portrait and signature of Dr. A. W. Chasa tho famous
receipt book author, are on every
ja\rm   Vou    Bulldlnn; T       tf' mo,   **-•«•
Th©  Bos-t   Building  f=*ap*»r IS/1 st do.
It li T«ry much1 ntmn-ir nnd tjifckor than any othar (tarred or b«tld-
Inf) paper. Il la impervionH lo wind, tra-tpa out cold, ktepa in heat, carries no smell or odor, ahaorl.a no moisture, Imparts tio taste or flavor ta
anything with which It comes In contact. It in largely used not only fer
sheeting hminea, but /or lining cold storage buildings, refrigerators, dairies, erea-mer.es, and all placet! where tiie object Is to keep an even an4
uniform  temperature,  and  at the earns time avoiding dampness.
Writ* our M|*,*, T«m* «. di:rc$e, Winnipeg, fer samples.
Tho E. B. EDDY CO., Llmlt«oP -«iCLb
When tincturd of benzoin is addod
to nny lot inn or cream It should I»*■
dropped In slowly, constantly siir-
rlng or boating to provont curdling.
Minarfl's Liniment Cnres Diphtheria.
When brushing the
honld   be   lung and
ven .si I'nkes hnve a t
and snarl ihc hnir,
tli- strokes
: sbnii iin-
icy to brook
Wilson's By Pads. Each 10c. rmckot will
kill more flics than cnn bo caught on :KX)
sheets of slicky pnpor, coaling $15.
tVhr It Should  He SHiiliiil by Tboa*
Coutemplutiiiflt  Miltr-Ii-loiir.
The fact that the offspring mny be
the heir to the morbid tendencies of
the parents makes It Imperative that
tlie greatest cure should be exercised
In the selection of a spouse, but one
should not grow too wary and hyper-
critical; No generation ever existed
which did not possess some abnormality, und a rational mode of life will
lend to nmellornte certain untoward
affections.   Tlie rule of the life Insur-
Young Qlrl about 15 years of age to
assist wilh light housekeeping and
rare of children, in Winnipeg family.
Ciood home for suitable pnrty ; J10
i' month. None but faithful and
conscientious girl need apply. H. J.
II., P.O. Do.x -IOO, Winnipeg, Man.
Till. tillKAT l-NliLlsUI KBMBDY.
unco   coliiirinles   to    iimulre   into   tho I TESTIMONIAL from th. late SIB 8AJ-1-
'"        """l'"""1   ' '""'■   ""      "° I UEI- BAKEH, the famous NU« Explorer
The street-cleaning of the business
section 61 Knliinur/iiii. Mich., bus I n
turned over to the women for t lire.;
month.*. They in'" mil tlieuisolvos actually   engaged    in   tho civil  Iioubo-
olcaiilng,  inn   havo th un»B
of iill the sweepew,
Tho too froquont use of cold . renin
ivlil in some cuses pmiuolo the
growth of a slight down.
Hl.lorr or  i mm  siaverr.
It wns not until 1819 that factory
work for children under nluo wns pro-
hlblled or that children between nine
nnd sixteen wero not allowed to work
more thnn twelve hours a dny, nnd lt
wns not until 1SU2 thnt the law required nn apprentice to bo provided with
two suits of clothing, one of which wns
to bo new ench year. Notwithstanding
this partial protection, when Mrs. Trol-
lope wrote the "Fnctory Hoy" In 1840
lt wns Illustrated hy pictures of ragged nnd emaciated children which
would now ho regarded only as gross
exaggerations of tlio truth, but which
then produced no adverse comment
and wero perhaps ns Influential in reforming tho abuses they displayed as
wns "Uncle Tom's Cabin" ln calling
attention to tba evils of -day-ur-
.Mrn.eKy of the Cuckoo.
The Indinti fruit cuckoo, which, like
nil members of the ouckoo family, lays
Its eggs in the nests of oilier birds nnd
Huts avoids the trouble of hatching
them, Is snld to exhibit most Interesting strategy In dealing with crows,
which nre its enemies, Whorcna tho
hen, nn Inconspicuous speckled grny
bird, conceals herself In tlie foliage,
tlio cock, remarkable for hlB brilliant
black plumage nnd crimson eyes, places
himself on a perch neur a crows' nest
[Hid makes a great noise. The ei'i.ws
Immediately rush out to ntbtck him,
nnd he takes tp flight wilh them In pursuit. The hen meanwhile slips Into the
nest, nnd deposits an egg. Sometimes
tho crows get buck before (he egg Is
laid, nnd (lien the Intruding hen cuckoo
gels a trouncing.—Youth's Companion.
not  true of all        I I"'  «''";
f   g,    I'li'nr uf ..V.    sl'rt   unil
»ilh    heilllll.   III.'   not    liliHU'illllo
uliiiti'v.r  may  bo thoir mi-IuI condition.
•I'o be well  Is in  I"' happy .nil  «•'   '«"
nil   lie  well   liv    gi'lllllK   nnd    l-"'l '■   ""'
hiiili,.^  in  n   lii'iilllifiil  .'.lull'     llr.   illilllillll.
Kclci trie Oil will help nil in il" litis.
To brenk children ol Iho habit ol
biting the nails dip the ends ol the
lingers  ill  nines.
Clinli'iii  I  iill  si
'in  quick   In   H '  i
liniiil ut death is <i|
Hit'v nro iiwni'' 'In
fittackod    Un
pr ■    ili.ii
Kollogg's H.vsi
inner I'liiiipliiilitH uie
11.in*   Unit   llie  odd
in tin* victim, i-i'tiiii'
danger Is near.   II
ilelay   In  gi'tiluK   Hi"'
Try n iluse of I'r. .1     I'
ry tfordlal, nml you   will
II nrlH   with   wiillil
lul   rapidity and  never fiiils  lo offoct n
Hi-end ci'iisls should bl
oven und put away In pi
til wunieii for we*..
dried  in the
per hags un-
Tliis wns In n New York niiiil I'!'-
finv Ihe iiulgisl.i'iile a few days ngo'
"Your Honor," suid tho woman with
the   grii'vniice,   "I   don'l   mind her
lucking ine mil of Hie riiiiln, hut 1
ilu iilijiil in her banging my switch
ill tho window where my friends in
tho neighborhood can see it."
The satisfaction of having tho
washing dono early In tho day,
aita well done, belongs to every
user of Sunlight Soap. (w
Tbe Silence or nutlcrnlei.
After nil, tbe ch',cf charm of this race
of winged flowers docs not lie in their
varied and brilliant beauty, nor yet ln
tbelr wonderful series of transformations, ln their long nnd sordid caterpillar life, their long slumber in the
chrysalis or the very brief period which
comprises their benuty, their lovemak-
Ing, their parentage nud their death.
Nor does lt lio in tho fact lhat we do
not yet certainly know whether they
have ln the caterpillar shape the faculty of sight or not, nnd do not even
know the precise use of their most conspicuous organ fn maturity, the antennae. Nor does it consist iu this—that
tbey of all created things hnve furnished mnn with the symbol of bis own
Immortality. It rather lies ln the fact
that, with all their varied life nnd
activity, Ihey represent an absolutely
Bllent world. • • * All tho vast nrrny
of modern knowledge bus found no
butterfly which murmurs wilh un audible voice nnd only n very few species
which cnn oven audibly click or rustle
with their wings.-T. W. Hlgglnson In
Knlerinl Uai.il In SfaklnB Note Paper.
It Is not a pleasant thought thnt the
brilliant white note paper which your
hand rests upon may have In lt the
libers from the filthy garment ot some
Egyptian fellnh after It has pnssed
through ell tho singes of decay until It
Is snved by a ragpicker from tbo gutter of an Egyptian town, nnd yet It ls
h fact Hint hundreds of Ions of Egyptian rags nro exported every year into
America to supply our paper mills. At
Mannheim, on the Ithlne, tho Amerlenn
Importers havo their ragplckiiig houses
whero nigs are collected from all over
Europe, tho disease Infected Levant not
excepted, and where women and children, too poor to cam n bettor living,
work dny after day, with wet sponges
tied over their mouths, sorting these
illthy scraps for shipment to New York.
Our best papers are mado of theso rags
and our common ones of wood pulp,
which ls obtained by grinding and
macerating huge blocks from somo of
our soft wooded forest trees.—National
Geographic Magnzlue.
The Rinse Mirror.
Whenever u looking glass appears I*
a scene ln a play nbove a fireplace, la
a Sideboard or n cabinet one Is nlmost
sure to hear somebody ask his or her
neighbor why tbe glass Iiiih been smeared with WhltlDg or soup or something
Hint dulls Its surface completely. All
sorts of reasons nre linziirdeil or suggested. Sometimes It Is stnted that It
Is done for luck, at others that tbey
did not Intend (o leave It dirty. The
real explanation Is, however, u simple
one. The gbiHS Is dirtied to prevent
the illusion of the (Cane being destroyed, as It certainly would be If the
audience saw In it the reflection of
Ibeinselves or, worse Still, Ihe reflection of the people In Ihe wlngB carrying on the business of the stage.
family history of the applicant would
be a prudent course for those Intending marriage to adopt. Even If the aspirant to marriage evinces no unhealthy symptoms, n minute study ol
llie physical condition of his Immediate
relatives might disclose the niovbid
tendency to which he or she Is heir.
Whenever anomalies nnd signs of degeneration repeatedly present themselves In preceding and present generations, thus proving the ascendency of
such morbid nlTi't'tlons, we mny ns
sume Hint subsequent generations will
not be spnred, and marital union with
n member of such n family should be
emphatically Interdicted. Among the
lower clusses and for that matter also
among those of higher staudlug the
fact that "there ls tuberculosis (or Insanity) In the family" Is perhaps the
only deterrent to contemplated conjugal union, nud here It Is the graphic
nnd obvious manifestation of the diseases which Inspire the dread. Of the
nature of the numerous other grave
nnd disastrous nffecllons the public lu
general Is woefully Ignorant. Unless
the dangers Hint await them nre Imparted to thein In an Intelligible manner there can be little hope for the
amellorntiou  of  present  conditions.
1.  UA_.->H,   Mr.  n_.m.u»  _iu.   ai—_-
Newton Abhot, Devon. Dear Slra~I
have delayed ray thanks as I wished to
test tho effect of Blair's Pllla by a auBi-
clent Interval of time.
"For ten yearo I had suffered acutely
from Oout and life lir.il lost Its attraction owing to the uncertainty ol health
and sudden visitations of tho enemy
which prostrated me lor months, or weeks
according to tho virulence of the attacks.
"Dlnlr's Tills huve rendered mo immense
service, as X no longer fear an attack
of llout.
"For tho last twenty months 1 havo
been comparatively free, as ono or two
attempted visitations have been Immediately slumped out hy tho assistance of
lllalr's l'ills.
"Truly youro (Signed) Snml. W. Dakar.
Lyman Sons A Co., Montreal and Toronto; The Hole Drug Co., Winnipeg; and
Martin, Hole & Wynne Co., Winnipeg.
Every time the fnce is wn.shed and
especially before retiring the muscles
should be gone over with cold cream.
Relaxed muscles, if this suggestion
is followed, will soon be strengthened and firm.
A 1 ni'Ii'iM Verdict.
"Yes," said the old traveler, "I was
on a jury In California once. It wns a
murder trial, I didn't want the fellow
hanged and so stuck out agnlnst the
oilier eleven for nine days, locked up ln
Ihe Jury room, when they gave In, and
we brought In a verdict of 'Not guilty,'
n ml then I was ready to stab myself
with spite."
"What about?"
" 'Cause the limb had hanged tbe prisoner on Hie very first day we were
locked nn."
There arc muny i
Ply I'nds; nil urn eli
useless.   Bo furo (o get W.l-nn's
'ul inns of  Wilson's
|i   nd t'omparutlvely
An Ingrowing toenail should be
trimmed nt II Igos mid the middle of llie unil  light ly siTupcd.
Uvtr's Y-Z iWIhii
Siiiiii I'muiIi'i |o ii Inn
disinfects mul cleans
II   tu   II
I    the
ny homo.   Il
Milne  I line.
Diluted witch hazel will relic
flamed nnd reddened oyolids,
too oily hnir ndii a leuspiuiu-
I'ul el' sails nf Tartar Iii tbu wash
and rinse Water,	
No oilier fly killer oomparas wltll Wilson's
Ply Pads In destructive qualltlis. Insist on
getting the genuine.
Mr. T. W. II. Cinsluiiil, whnse ini-
speiiknbie wink mi   tho Scots  people
is so well known! bus I n airing bis
views nn llrilish humor, lie thinks
tbe besl thing Hint COllId happen I"
il. would he "a close season of five
years' duration."
A cmtl. POll COSTIVENESS-Costlvt
ne«i   I'liiiicK   from ii"' refusal "I In"
,-ieini-v   nririiiis tn perforin their   i
regularly  from  contributing
nllv    disordered     digestion.
Vegetable    Pills   prepare!
priii'lt'les, nre i.u eiiiupi
Ingredients    in    th
Htonineli  mid  net   "i
tu romovo their torpor nml arouse
In   luiiner  action.      Mirny     Ihiiusitnil
llll 101
UUttCS     UHII-
i    scientific
in,iied Hun certain
puss   through    thill   the  linwi'ls   so   Afl
I Arouse ih
prepared in hen
in IIiIh rasped
testimony io then- powe
1 wns surprised ni   the admirable
•lelf-piissessinli     nf    till!   bride.      Why.
yes; considering that this is only her
fie't iniirringi! sho certainly acquitted
hersolf wiib credit,
I   wob  cured  of  a   severe  cold   by
Oxford, N. S. U. 1'. HEWSON.
1 wus Cured of a terrible sprain by
Yarmouth, N. ... Y.A.A.O.
I was Cured ol Black Erysipelas by
Inglesvillc.        .1.   W.   ltUGC.I_E3.
Wrinkles may be removed by massaging wilh ii iTciuii mn.'le by melting one ounca of white wax. ono and
a hall ounce strained honey and
two ounces of juice of lily bulbs,
lien I. constantly as il cools.
There  n
nni' "i'ii I
all   ills   li
nature    "
i imi   wero
■nily  m-
tem  <•(
ver was and nevor will be a
panacea, lu one remedy tor
in which flesh is lii'ir—the ver»
nl many curatfvoe bring such
e Hie germs nf other ami dllTer-
.iteil diseases runted In the eye-
11,,- patient—whut would relievo
l in turn wimlil nggrnvate tho
,in,i Wo have, however, In yululno
Mine   when   obtainable   III   i 11111111.   unndul-
inrnieil siuie. u ii'iuiily lur many and
ni-i.-v.ius ills llv Its gradual und Judicious use Uie frnlli'st system" are lod
lulu convalescence mul strength by the
influence whleh Quinine exerts on nature's own restoratives, lt relieves the
drooplnu spirits ol thosa with whom u
chronic Btate nf inurhiii despondency und
link nf inl rest tn life Is u disease, and
by IriiiiuuiM/llig the nerves, disposes lu
iiiiiiuI  nml   refreshing sleep—Imparts vig-
iM-    tn     the    uil inn   uf   the   lilood.     which,
m-iiK. stimulated, courses through the
veins. RtrongthonlDg tlm lieoliliy snlms)
functions uf the system, ihoruhy making
n limy ii necessary resolt, strength*
ninu' the flume ami giving life to the
ijhjeatlvo organs which naturally de-
inuiiil Increased substance—result lm-
i>i-iim''I uciM'tlte. Nort! .-up & I.yinan of
Toronto huve glveh to the public    their
Sillieiiiir QlleiTllie UllH' ut I ho usuul rule
und, guaged hy the opinion "f scientists, the wine u|i|irniii-hes nearest per*
feel inn nf nny III the market. All druggists sell  it.
St, Peter's In Home oocuplod 2 1-2
centuries in construction, nnd during
ibe lime -l.'i Popes reigned.
Honri's Liniment Cm Distemper,
Tho 2fi.fliif) Japanese slain before
Port Arthur bus dwindled to 3000,
SI,. Petersburg iinoa a magnifying
Wilson's Ply Pads. No dead flies dropping about when properly used.
In Abyssinia it, is the lnw tbat a
murderer bo turned over to the rolu-
tlvos of tho dead person, nnd tlioy, if
Ihey plense. iniiy put him to death in
the Rutin, manner In which tho mui-
detd person was killed.
W    N    U »>
 Ti "■■■•-   --1-
■ ■
(tt. Pleasant  Advocate.
(Bastablished April 8,1898.)
IMrs- R. Whitney, Publisher
'(MflCMi 2S25 Westminster avenne.
English Omcut—80 Fleet street,
-tendon, S. 0., England Where a
-Me ot "The Advocate" is kept for
Vial tors.
Tel. B1405.
• Subecriptiou $1 m year   payable   in
B cents a Oopy.
"Notices ot Births, Marriages, nnd Deaths
published free of charge.
For all City Advertizing, also South Vancouver Municipal advertizing
consult   The   Advocate.
Vancouver, B. C, Oct.,
"Seventh avenuo, between Westminster ave
oue and Quebec street. 8EBVICES at 11 a.m.,
and 7:30p.m.; Sunday School at 3:80 p.m.
. Ber. A. W. McLeod, Pastor.   Residence  .89
SBlt-th avenue,east.
.Comoro! Nint    and Westmiuster avenues.
-H8RVIOES at 11a.m., and 7 p. 111.; Sunday
Bchool and Bible Class -::lu p.m.   Rev. A. K.
Hethorington, B. A., B. IX, Pastor.
panouafe 123 Eleventh avenue, west, Tele-
(.houe BU49.
Junction ol Westminster avenue und West-
■Uuiler road. SERVICES at 11 a. 111., and
7:30 p.m.; Sunday School al2-.Sb p.m. Kev
Goo. A. Wilson. B. A.. Pastor. Manse corner of
, Eighth avenue and Ontario street.   Tel. 1006.
! 8t Michael s, (Anglican),
pCorner Westminster road aud Prince Edward
street. SERVICES at lln.in., and 7:30 p.
Holy Communion 1st and 3d Sundays In each
mouth after morning prayer, 2d and lth Sundays at 8o. m. Sunday School «i °""J (*■m-
kav. li. H. Wll.— »-.oi.
. uectury 872 Thirteenth avenue, east. Tele-
I phone 1.1789.
Adveut Christian Church (not 7th day Ad-
- ventfats) corner Ninth avenue and Westmin
, iter road. Services 11 a.m., and 7:30 p.m.,
.Sunday School at 10a.m. Young peoples'
: Society of Loyal Workers of christian Endea-
, vor meets every Sunday evening at 6:40 o'clock.
1 Prayer-meeting Wednesday nlgnisat li o'clock.
-.Telephone Numbers of Local Mini-
. stcrs and Doctors.
- Bint-Rev. G. H. Wilson, (Anglican).
, (W1S—Bar. G. A. Wilson, (Presbyterian).
" BUM—Rev.A.E. Hetherlngton, (Metnodisi)
j B1405— "The Advocate."       790— Ml. Pleasant
Drug Store.
Malls leave Mt. Pleasant Postoffice at 11a.m.,
1 sad 8 p. m.
•\Young Peoples Societies.
■ Loyal Workers of Christian Endeavor
, meet at lSJminutes to 7, every Sunday
.evening in Advent Christian Church,
' , corner Ninth ave. and Westminster Ed.
Epworth   League of   Mt.    Pleasant
jMethodist Church meets at 8 p. m.
B. Y. P. U., meets in  Mt. Pleasant
jBaptiBt Ohnroh at 8 p. m.
■ The Y. P. S. 0. E., meets at 8 p. in
jin Mt.Pleasasant Presbyterian Church.
Mt. Pleasant L. O. L.   1842.
On Wednesday evening the 28th, Mt.
Pleasant Lodgu L. O. L„ No. 1842, wos
organized with twenty members, and a
unmber of applicants tn be initiated at
the next meeting. Capt. McSpaddeu,
County Master, presided and conducted
the ceremony of organization nud
initiatio I, being assisted by Provincial
Grand Muster, Thos. Duke, and Provincial Organizer, Robt. Brechin. The
Oddfellows' Hall was filled to its full
capacity with Orangemen, the ordinary
members, Worshipful and Deputy
Masters of the various city lodges,
Couuty Officers aud Provincial Officers,
lt, was an auspicious occasion and will
be remembered by all the Orangemen
present and the members of the new-
lodge tn particular. There were nuin
erous speeches by the members aud
Officers, all wished the uow lodge success. The following were elected
to the principal offices of tho uew lodge:
Worshipful Master, H. Birmingham;
Deputy Master, D. Darts; Ohapliu, Rov.
A. W. MoLeod; Recording Secretary,
J. Birmingham; Financial Secretary,
W. D. Muir; Treasurer, H. W. Howes.
The regular meetings will be held ou
the 1st Weduesday and !ld Thursday of
the mouth until the uuw Oddfellows'
Hull is finished wheu the meetings will
Le held ou the 1st nnd 8d Thnrsday of
the mouth. No. 1842 will meet ou
Wednesday eveuiug next, Oct. &Jli.
The Advocate is always glad to receive
items of social, personal or other news
from its readers. Send news items to
the office or by telephone, B1405.
Central Park Exhibition.
Cheapest Hoose In the Oity.
Bedroom Snitos,  il pieces 120.60
Carpet Squares,  8x8 |8 85
Carpet SqnareB, 4x3 $11.90
Bed Lounges from $12.60
All kinds of Furniture kept in stock.
Easy-time Payments arranged.
W. J. WATERS, Manager.
Grocery Dept.
GROCERY BILL 10%? ii so, let us
have your trade. OUR STOCK is
always fresh and wo sell at the
Mail Orders promptly filled.
$t.OO per crate.
S.T. Wallace
Westminster avenue & Harris street.
Telephone 1260
Mail Orders Promptly Filled.
By Vexntus.
The Central Park Exhibition opened
on Monday night aud continued to
Wednesday ; it was a pronounced success. The exhibits excelled any yet displayed at the aDuual fairs of this enterprising Settlement The improvements
in the Hall, the grounds, etc., were
noticeable. The Office's r.f tho D~"uuy
ana South Vaucouver Agricultural
Association as well ns Settlers nro to bo
congratulated ou the success of their
efforts which were creditable to all
interested, in making this third Exhibition under the auspicies of the Society a
good one.
;See When Your Lodge Meets
The 8d and 4th Mondays of tlie mouth
-Court Vancouver, I. O. F., meets at
„«P «•
Mt. Pleasant Lodge No. 19,  I.O.O.F.
.meets at 8 p. m.
Vancouver  Council  No.  211a,   Can
.adinn Order of Chosen Friends meets
,the 2d and 4th Thursdays of the month
Ateaandni Hive No 7, Ladios of the
;Maccabees holds its rogulnr meetings ou
,t*ae 1st, and 3d Fridays of the month
Go to McKinnon's, Burritt Block, for
jlne Cream aud pure home' made Candy
Subscribers who fail to
,get"The Advocate'.' on Saturday   morning   please   notify
this office.
Telephone B1405
—♦   .   ....
fjf yoriknow any HoinB of Mt.Pleasant
•j^ews—Social, Personal or any othor
.news items—seud them ju to . "The
^dvooato," or by telophono—B1405.
•The Carnival.
• The Industrial Exhibition ivnd Carni
_val has been attracting crowds of people
.all during this weok, and every ouo
-these crowds came away pleased nnd
Reeling the better for a bright, clean,
amusing and iustructivo entertainment,
.file .exhibition of Capt. Louis Soreho in
..living aad submarine telophouo experi
.isiente aro wonderful. Mr. Nnt Reins in
(Offeripg Viuiconverites a novel nnd ex-
tpellent.show. Go, tak. yonr wife nnd
children or take yonr sweetheart. Only
^pne inure ttftcruonu und ovenin;: to enjoy the Great Exhibition aud   Carnival
Conservatives will be held in the O'Brien
Hall on Monday evening the 3rd in.t.,
at .8 p. m., for the purpose of receiving
the report of the Executive Committee
iu reference to rules and regulations for
the government aud conduct of all
Primary Meetings, Conveutions, etc., iu
the Vaucouver Electoral District, aud
to revise, negative or adopt tho same, as
the meeting considers best.
Tho Primaries for the election of
Delegates to the Convention will be
held ou Tuesday evening, the 4th iust.,
at 8 p. m , ns follows:
Ward I.—Iu the Old School House,
Burrard street.
Ward II.—Iu the Conservative Club
Rooms, Flack Block.
Ward HI.—Comer of Cordova street
and Westminster nveuue.
Ward IV.—Store No. 525 Westminster
WARD V.—Mason's Hall, Ninth aveuue aud Quebec street. South Vancouver Conservatives within the Vancouver District are requested to attend.
Ward VI.—Comer of Seventh avenue
and Granville street.
Ou Wednesday evening, the 5th iust.,
a Convention will be held at Conservative Rooms, at 8 p. m.
The rules nud regulations us ndopted
at tho Mass Meetiug ou Mouday eveuiug
will prevail at both Primaries and
Sooth Vanooover is entitled to
three delegates uud two alternates to
re pi event it in tho meetings. For
rules     uud    regulations     governing
Primaries  see   '-News-Advertiser"   of
Tuesday Octubir 4th.
President Conservative Club
If love makes daughters nudutiful
sometimes the Grand Passion has au ennobling and elevating effect. Mr. Henry
C. Me-uke of Carsouville, Ohio, was in
every respect au estimable person. The
fairies at his birth had giveu him all
gifts but one. He had health,wealth aud
beauty, aud ouly lacked sanity. Whilst
iu this hopeless condition he met a
beautiful maideu. Instantly a great
burst of passion welled up in his heart,
aud strangely enough this highly praiseworthy emotion cleaved his intellect.
From that moment Henry C. Menke
wns sane. Love which drives so many
people mad had in this case proved a
homeopathic cure for insanity. Unfortunately the unhappy man is going
to marry the girl M«"'«»s° Is a great
Uiaiiiusioner, and wheu he comes home
and finds Mrs. Menke with her hair in
curling pins, nud that there is only cold
mutton for dinner, the chauces are that
this great passion will die down, and he
will lapse hack into insanity.
Or thero is the chance that he will de
cliue to see auy fault iu his wife, nnd
here ia another domestic danger. For a
lady hns just secured a divorce because
her husband wns too affectionate. She
pleaded that every request she made to
him was at once granted without any
at preseut one rather inclines to the coat
wearing heresy, and if chilly weather
prevails we shall really have to become
arch-heretics and wear overcoats. The
only fault that a friendly critic can find
with the delightful Lebanonites sect is
that there nre doubts as to whether the
movement will stop with the removal of
coats. One or two early Quakers made
personal protests agaiust the.blasphem
mous practice of wearing pants, and
oue is almost dubious as to how far
ecstatic enthusiasm may carry men.
City of Vancouver.
SEALED TENDERS will be received
by the undersigned np to 4 p. m., ou
Thursday, October Gth, 1904, for tho
construction of n Settling Tank at the
north end of Burrard street.
Plans and specifications cau be seen
iu the office of the City Engineer.
The lowest or auy teuder not necessarily accepted.
Vancouver, Sept. 26th, 1901
City of   Vancouver.
Extract from Provincial and
Oily Health By-laws.
"When any householder knows that
any person within his family or household has Small-pox, Diptheria, Scarlet
Fever, Cholera, Typhoid, Whoopiug
Cough, Measles, Mumps, Glanders or
any other contagious or iufectious
diseases, ho shall, (subject, in case of
refusal or neglect, to the penalties provided), within eighteen hours give
notice in writing to the Medical Health
Officer, and no member of such household shall attend school uutil a certificate has been obtained from the Medical
Health Officer that no infection any
louder exists in the house, and that tlie
sick person, house, clothing aud other
effects have beeu disinfected to his satisfaction aud until each certificate shall
jiave been obtained it shall be the duty
of every member of the household, nud
of the Teacher, to use all reasonable
efforts to prevent the association of
members of tbe said household with
other children.
2. The Matron of a pnblic or private
Hospital, the keeper of every Boarding
or Lodging House, every Iuu Keeper, or
Hotel Keeper shall within six hours
report in writing to the Medical Health
Officer of auy porsou beiug at one of the
aforesaid houses or hotels and attacked
with or suspected of having any contagious or iufectious diseases mentioned
in the By-laws,"
Vancouver, B. C, Sept. 27th, 1904.
For  local  uews  subscribe    for  THE
ADVOCATE, only $1 for 12 months.
The professor who announced that"lov«
»nd romance die oul With the sound of the
WL-ddiriK-bclls," was the first to start the
ball rolling. Jt would seem a brave woman
who marries with tliis echo in her earn, yet
we have not heard that there were fewer
marriages during the year. There are un*
happy married lives, but a large preccntage
of these unhappy homes are due to the illness of the wife, mother or daughter.
During a long period-of practice, Doctor
Pierce found that a prescription made up
j entirely of roots and herbs, without the use
VJof alcohol, cured ninety-eight per cent, of
sucli cases. After using this remedy for
many years in hit. private practice he put
it up iu a form that can be had at any store
where medicines are handled.
Backed up by over a thiid of a century of
remarkable and uniform cures, a record
such as no other remedy for the diseases
ond weaknesses * ecnliar to women ever
attained, the proprietors and makers Of Dr.
Pierce's P'avorite Prescriptioti now feel
fully warranted iu offering to pay $500 ia
legal money of the United States, for any
case of Leucorrhea, Pemale Weakness, Prolapsus, or Falling of Womb which they cannot cure. All they ask is a fair aud reasonable trial of their means of cure.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription cures
headache, backache, nervousness, sleeplessness and other consequences of womanly disease. "Favorite Prescription'1
makes weak women strong and sick women well. Accept no substitute for the
medicine which woiks wonders for weak
women.      , , *
A rgyle House
Just tc hand 2 cases of Ladies' aud Gent's
and some very special values.
Ladies' Umbrellas, faBt color, worth $1.25 for fl.00 each
" "       ' '      *1.60 for $1.25   '
We also hive better qualities at $1.75, $2.C0, $2.50, $8.00, $4.60 and $5 00 each.
Ladies' Raincoats
$1.50, $2.60, $5.50, $6.00, $7.50, $9.00 and $12.50 each.
a big assortment of patterns and colors nt
10c, 12%c, 15c, 17>>£c nud 20c a ynrd.
Grey Flannels at Kc>20c'25c'80c aml B0° a yftrd'
A   ###)#?Jlf_frf?   4°° Westminster Ave.
V«  IUVflllK-ny  Opposite Carnegie Library.
question, aud thnt there was no satisfaction iu such a humdrum existence.
There is something iu the lady's com-
plaiut Next to the people who always
disagree with you the most objectionable people are those who always agree
with yon. An occasional difference
gives the necessary salt to existence. If
this lady's husband hnd only read the
Silly Season Correnapoud.uce on
•'Should Wives Bo Flogged," in an
Euglish daily, he might huve kept his
happy home together.
Pel haps the suggestion that wives
i. In ni Id be flogged is uu extreme one,
bnt it shows u reaction against the
tendency to make loo much of women.
Tlie Kov. Job Urquhnrt complains bitterly that thero are churches where n
congi egntiou can not be obtained uub'ss
the niiuster kis.es all the yonng ladies.
Well, why shouldn't he if the youug
ladies liko it. Perhaps, however, Mr.
Urpiihui't is married. That, of course,
makes a great difference. SUU, if the
clergy wish to fill their cliurenes, and
shirk the uecosBory embracing, ull they
havo to do is to delegate thut branch of
the work to young and active lay depu-
"tics. They will soou gather round them
an euergetio body of workers, and it
would not need much persuusiou to
induce the ladies to take thoir pastoral
kisses at second baud
The fnneral of Mrs. Muir, wife of Mr.
J. 8. Muir, occurred ou Tuesday afternoon from the family residence on
Tenth aveuue. Mrs. Muir had been iu
poor health for a longtime. The fuueral
services were conducted by Elder A.
Steers of the Advent Christian Church
of Mt. Pleasant. A husband and three
children are left to mourn her loss.
Happily the Cranks of the States furnish us with some needed light relief.
A uew sect which bas begun at Lebanon, near Chicago, has a beautiful simple
creed. They believe in the great truth
of Shirt Sleeves. The shirt sleeved
minister in the pulpit tells an audience
which has dispensed with coats, that
warm as coat wearers may be in this
world, they will be still warmer in the
next. A month since this creed would
have fouud numerous proselytes here;
MillicelltMaraget Huntley, aged one
year six months uud seven days, died
July lllth of tuberculous meningitis at
the home of Mr. and Mrs W. T. Ward,
4(18 Sixth aveuue, Mt. Pleasant. The
littlo oue whs the daughter of the popular Lonilnu Comedian nt the ftriuco of
Wales Theatre, Mr. G. P. Huntley and
his wife formerly Miss Eva Kelly a
well-known actress of Now York aud
London. In August 190!) Mr. and MrB.
Huntley with their little duughtir nud
Nurse White, stiu-tod for a tour of the
United States nud Australia. Iu New
York, acting upon medical counsel, Mr.
and Mrs Huntley left their babies iu
charge of Nurse White—a professional
nurse—to bring them to Vancouver,
where with Mrs. Ward of Mt. Pleasant,
a sister of Nurse White, they remained foui mouths wheu the littlo girl so
beautiful and attractive was taken ill,
and uotwitbslnnding every care and
effort to save her passed awny July 16th.
Nurse White was almost prostrated with
grief and much sympathy was felt for
her in the great responsibility she was
forced to benr. A memorial service was
held by Rev. G. H. Wilson, Rector of
St Michael's Church at the home of Mr.
and Mrs Ward, and a profusion of
floral tributes were sent by friends who
sorrowed for the parents so far awny,
nud the faithful nurse left
to brenk the sad tidings to the
parents. The remains in remaikablo
state of preservation lie at Armstrong &
Edwnrdes' Undertaking Parlors, awaiting orders for shipment to Englaud for
which country Mr. and Mrs. Hrfiitley
are now eu route from Australia,
City of Vancouver.
TENDERS will be received by the
undersigued up to Monday, October 3rd,
1904, at 4 p. m., for the supplying of
Overcoats aud Raincoats to the Police
For particulars apply to the Chief
of Police.
The lowest or any tender not ueces
sarily accepted.
Vancouver, K"6., September28th, 1904
City  of  Vancouver.
local Improvement By-Law,
TAKE NOTICE that a By-law is
iutended to bo passed by tho City
Council for levying a froutage rate to
pay for cement walks to bo constructed
ou the following streets:
Albcrni stroet, sonthside, Thurlow to
Burrard streets
Bute street, eaBttude, Davie to Comox
Bute street, westside, Burnaby to
Harwood streets.
Bute street, westside, Robson to lane.
Bute Btreet, westside, Comox North
to lane.
Bronghtou stroet, westside, Haro t
Barclay stroets.
Broughton street, castsido, Barclay to
Comox streets.
Barclay streot, southside, Bute to
Tharlow streets.
Beach avenue, uorthside, Bute to
Bidwell streets.
Barclay Btreet, uorthside, Chilco to
Park road.
Barclay Btreet, uorthside, Burrard to
Thurlow streots.
Cordova street, soutuBide, Abbott to
Cambie streots.
Oambie street, eastside, Cordova to
Cordova street, southside, Duulcvy
avenue to Jackson avenuo
Carl aveuue, eastside, Prior to Grove
Dunsmuir street, northside, Horuby
to RichiLids strecSs.
Harris stroet, northside, Dunlevy to
Jackson avenues
Heather street, eastside, Seventh to
Eighth avenues
Heatley aveuue, eastside, Priucess to
Keefer streets,
Jervis street, westside, Robsou to Haro
Nelsou street, uorthside, Denmnu to
Gilford streets
westside,   Pendrill to
eastsido,   Eighth to
Nicola street,
Nelson streets.
Ontario street-
Ninth avenues.
Princess street, southside, Heatley to
Hawks avenues.
Pendrill street, uorthside, Bute to
Nicola streets.
Pendrill street, northside, Thurlow to
Burrard streets.
Robsou street, uorthside, Chilco to
Gilford streets.
Southwest Corner of Seymour aud
DuuBUinir streets.
Thurlow street, westside, Pendrill to
Comox streets
Thurlow street, westside, Harwood to
Pacific streets.
Thurlow streets, westside, Georgia
to Robsou streets.
Thurlow stroet, eastside, Barclay to
Nelsou streets.
Eightli avenue, southside, Prince
Edward to Scotia streets.
Eleveuth avenue, uorthside, Ontario
to Manitoba streets.
Eleveuth aveuue, southside, Ontario
to Brewery Creek
. Homer street, wostside, Georgia to
Nelson streets.
Eighth aveuue, uorthside, Granville
to Birch street.
Haro street, uorthside, Gilford to
Chilco streets.
Seveuth avenue, southside, Carolina
to Scott streets.
Aud that a statemeut shewiug the
lauds liable to pty the said rate and the
names of tlie owners thereof, so far as
they can be ascertained from the last
revised assessment roll, is uow filed in
the offico of tho City Clerk, uud is open
for inspection during office hours.    The
estiu.nt cd cost of the work is $	
of which $ is to bo provided
out of the geueral funds of the City.
A Court of Revision will be held ou
the I7th day of October, 1904, nt 9 p. m.,
at the City Hall, for the purpose of
hearing cmplaints against the proposed assessment or accuracy of the
froutngo lucasurement or any other
complnint which persons interested mny
desire to make, and which is by law
cognizable by the Court.
Vancouver, B. C, Sept., 14th, 1904.
For Your
when you cau do as  well  at
home ?** We have—
Coffee at 40c and Tea at 85o that are
worth 50c.
Fine Sardines at 15c a tin.
Also very good Eggs at 80c a doz
Give Ub a Call.
W. D. Muir
New Rain Coats.
A MAN MAY worry along
^^ without a Rain Coat, but it
is an up-hill job.
It is so much more comfortable,
and satisfactory to have oue—to
hava a Coat that will fit well aud
look and feel good.
Our New Rain Ooats are full of
beauty and style and cumfort, as
well as durability. Made from
cloth selocted by us, and shaped
and tailored by tailors who take
pride in doing thiugs well.
Here are tho^- fashionable dark
inixturOB that shed water like n
duck: $10.00, $12, $14 00, $15.00,
$16.00, $18.00, $20.00, $25.00.
We invito you to come and look.
-Ol- yi^tGHT
A. E. LEES & CO.,
30000O00O00O0OOOOO00000O00OOO0 ooooooooooooooooocooo
WANTFD FRESH EGGS for which        §
'" ***-* * mJHJ we win pay the highest prices.   £
A good assortment of Staple  and  Francy   Groceries,   8
Fruits and Provisions at lOWOSt Cash Prices.   §
A trial order solicited. g
Andrews Bros.,        |
2315 Westminster Ave. 'Phone 935.   X
Ja-LK » Parlor.
Westminster Ave., next Glasgow House
John Gilluinn, Proprietor.
Three Chairs, and a first-class Buth
Room is run in connection with   the
Barber Shop—give this place a trial.
Jas. Carnahan.
Orders promptly tutcndutl to,  nlghl   or
day.  Charge, moderate.
Office: 37 Hastings street, west,
Telephone Number 479.
E. & J. HARDY & CO.
Company,  Financial,   Press aud
Advertisers' Agents.
30 Fleet St., London, B.C., England
Colonial Business a Specialty.
Which Meet on fit. Pleasant
If you want a
Ring  np
Telephone   987-
or  call arouud  at  the  Sihn
Works,   814   Homer   street.
In any ense your wants will receive the
most courteous  aud  careful attoutiou.
Risn ui> 'phonr 44'!.
Mt. Pleasant.
In Trimmed and
' Readv-to-wear.
Also Children's Hoadwear in
endless varieties.
Blouses,   Wrappers,   Dress   Skirts,
Underskirts.   Full line of Ladies'
and Children's Hosiery.   Children's    Bearskin  Ooats,    very
reasonable.   We havo everything kept  in a flrstclass
Dry  Goods  Store.
W. W. Merklev
Westminster Avenue,  Mt. Pleasant.
1000 Plauts nnd 300 Varieties to select
from.   The largest collection in the
province.   Now is the timo to choose
your colors while iu bloom, for spring
Also n choice lot of CUT FLOWERS
for solo at Wholesale Prices.
Chas. Keeler
Note—Street Cars pass my plnee.
2784 Westminster Ave.   Mt. Pleasant.
If you want to kuow what is
happening on Mt. Pleasant
read The Advocate—$i a
year, 50c for six months.
1. o. O. F.
Mt. Pleasaut Lodge No. 19 meets every
Tuesday at 8 p. ui , in Oddfellows Hall
Archer Block, Mt. Vlccsiint.
Sojourning brethren cordially iuvited
to attend.
Noule Grand—O. G. Kenny.
Recording Secretary—T h 0 b.
Mackny, Heather nud Eighth avenue,    j
LO. F.
Court Vaucouver  1828, Iudepeudent
Order of Foresters meets 2d and  4th '
Mondays of ench nuiiitl: .'it 8 p. in.
Visiting brethren always welcome.
Chief Ranger—W. G. Taylor,
-■27 Kiwlur ►treot, City.
Recording Secretary—W. H. DeBou,
-78 Tenth iivenue, ea.t.
Financial Secret auy—M. .1. Crehnn,
S14 Prlucosi street, City.  Telephone
Alexandra Hive No. 7,  holds regular '
Review   1st  nud 8d Fridays of   eaoh ,
mouth iu 1. O. O. F., Hall corner Westminster and Seventh avenues,
Visiting Lndies always welcome.
Lady Commander—Mrs. Fitch.
Lady Record Keeper—Mrs.   Mary   A.
Foote, 889 Niuth aveuue, east.
Vancouver Council,  No.  211a, meets'
every 2rt aud  4th  Thursdays of each.
mouth,  in   I. O. O. F.,   Hall, corner]
Soventh and Westminster avenues.
Sojourning  Friends always welcome.
W. P. Flewelling, Chief Councillor.
Miss A. Chambers, Recorder,
■»28 We. tinliister avenue.  Tel. 760.
60  YEARS'
Trade Marks
Copyrights &c
Anyone lending a nkctch una description mny
qulnklr usoartnin our opinion free wbctlier Ul
Invention I. probably pntentiible.   Ctitninunl--.
itoti-iitrlotlyootillileiittiil. lliuiiltiookon p.tcuti,
soul free. Oldest iiiiouit fur se'iurlim patonti.
Patents taken tlinnicli Munn & Co. receive
i|irrl'ilti(if,ffr. without churso, 111 tbo
Scientific American.
A tmndanmclr ...n.-irnt--.. wnoklr* J<ir«Oflt dr-
ni.nl Inn ut nny .u-u-nt ill.- Jinn-nit). Tortna, 13 a
yi ■nr: inur iimntliii, fl.  Sold by All MWMMlm.
MUNN & Co.30""—' New York
Branch t Ml. o. (36 V BU Wa-ihlnmoii, I), c.
Opening °tfhe Cemetery
Commencing Friday, 10th September, cars will be run from Sixteenth
avenuo to to the Cemetery. These cars will counect with overy alternate main line ROBSON STREET CAR. Robson Street CarB will
take the Hastings Btreet route. Davio Street Cars will rnn as heretofore from Niuth avenuo via Powell, Cordova, HastiugB, eto.
No Transfers will be giveu to the Cemetery cxteueion ours. An extra
faro will be charged
Powell-Pender Service
Oommeneiug on the 16th Soptombor, the Powell-Pcndor Cars will run
via Cordova street. Cars will leave the Pender street terminus nt
5, 16, 20, 85, 45 and 55 minutes, after each hour. First car 0:45 a. m.
Last car 10:55 p. m. Cars will leave Cedar Cove termiuus at 00, 10, 20,
80, 40 aud 50 minutes after each hour. First car leaves 6:80 a. m.
Last car 10:80 p m.
British Columbia Electric Railway Company, Ltd.
k*V%^^-V%^'%-V%^*%%-»-%*V,*V%' -W%*W%'%%-V%%%'1
*MJJEJ|'..U.V !.„


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