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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Nov 12, 1904

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..<: V-egislat/Ve /)s.\\' ,
~   Ui    NOVUI904      J!
NOV 141904
you can get the best of everything necessary at the
n. a. w. Co..
Mount Pleasant Store.
Ve have anything you need in RUBBER  GOODS
[it popular price.
■Ire Oor Windows.
Mt. Pleasant Advocate
$■ per year, Six Months soc, Three months 25c, Single Copy 5c.
Devoted to ths interests of   Mt. Pleasant, Central Park, South Vancouver.
The Arcade or Granville Strcci.
For Light Lunch
Baked Apples—like home—with Pure Cream.
Genuine Boston Baked Beans
Open from 7:!i0 a. m., to IS p. m.
Sunday from It a. m.   to 12 p. m.
established Aprils, 1899;   Whole Number 231-
flOUNT   PLEASANT,   VANCOUVER,   B.  C|  SATURDAY   Nov., ia. 1904
Sixth  Year, Vol.6, No.  31-
PSmV Snbscribers are requested to
Vepnrt any carelessness in the delivery
f.f "The Advocate."
Changes for advertisements should be
,11 before Thursday noon to insure their
Local Items.
The MoOuaig Auotiou and Commis-
L.ou Co., Ltd., next toOarneigo Library,
"Hastings street, buy Furniture for Cash,
Conduct Auction -Sales and handle
1 ankrupt Stocks of ivory description
1 atisfaction guaranteed.   Phone 1070.
On Thursday evening, at the regular
leeting  of  the  Canadian   Order    or
-hoseu Friends in Oddfellows' Hall, a
(large    number    were    initiated   and
|._ieeches    on    the    Order    made  by
Drganlzer Barnes, Messrs. Thos. Duke,
■ Gay and  Mr   W. P.  Flewelling.
fhe hall  was  crowded  to  the  doors.
kiss Zillah Haw favored the audience
yith  several reoitations, Mrs. Martin
tendered a solo; and the ladies served
I'jfrcshments.      Vancouver      Council
Ho 211a  now has a membership of
liver ItiO.
The Woman's Auxiliary of St.
( ';.'bad's Church will hold a Baxaar in
"iir City Hall on Thursday December
juli. A feature of the Baxaar wtil be
file representation of tbe ''Seven Ages of
Vouum."   A promenade Concert will
1 held iu the evening: There will be
I'jutnerous booths where fancy aud
[lsual articles can be bought at reason-
.tie prices.
1       :«:■'
.Ureal Sacrifice Sale  of  Silk Blouses
• A. Ross A Co.
His Worship Mayor W. J. McGuigan,
D ,who is on the Examining Board of
V.ie Medical Association returned Mou-
7 ay. from  Victoria.   His Worship has
■•'nived photographs  of   their   Excel-
icies Lord and Lady   Miuto  as   souvenirs of their visit to Vancouver,and of
.ourtesies extended them  by   Vancouver's Chief Executive.
Read the   Vancouver  Auction   Mart
emeut hi this issue.   List yotrr
Ircal estate with them.
Kev. A. W. McLeod  will  preach In
Jhe  Mt. Pleasant  Baptist  Church on
■Sunday moaning  on  "The  Victorious
(,ife."   At the eveniug service a num-
er of condidates for  baptism will  be
nnersed on profession  of faith, and
The pastor Will   prea.li  on   "The First
'aty of a Soldier."
The City Grocery  delivers groceries
'.very day on Mt. Pleasant;   'phone 280
Mrs. W. W. Brehaut, nee Miss F
on, 1060 Nlfola street, held ber
f oost-uuptial reception on Thursday
|| afternoon and evening. Mrs. Brehant
L'iooked very charming in a handsome
f voile gown, and was assisted in receiv-
hug by Mrs. Kerfoot; little Miss
[ Wiuuio Doi»erty attended the
lour. Miss M. Doherty and Miss
Huttie Burritt of Mt.Pleasant served
I refreshments.
By tdling merchants they saw their
[ advertisements in The Advocate our
1 readers will «s_fer a favor and help the
I paper greatly.
Mr. Buntsea, Geu'l. Manager of the
B. 0. Electric Railway Company, has
r decided to build a large addition to the
['Hastings street Offices.   The need for
j more room is  imperative,   the   present
building  will  be   remodelled, and  a
demonstrating room for gas lighting
und fuel appratus provided.
II you know any items of Mt.Pleasant
I news—Social,   Personal or any   other
news items—send  them   in to   "The
J Advocate," or by telephone— Bl40_.
~ -jo:	
Mr. and Mrs, A. McKinnon of Ninth
j avenuo. gave a very pleasant whist party
on Tuesday evening, aboot forty guests
enjoying their hospitality. Miss Nettie
Hoffar and Mr. F, Badelet were awarded first prizes, and Mrs. Chas. Green
and Mr. Allan Hoffar received the consolation souvenirs. After refreshments,
.lancing was indulged in.
At the morning service In the Mt.
Pleasant Methodist Ohnreh on Sunday
the pastor, Bev. A. E. Hetherington,
will deliver a speoial sermon to children
aud parents. All are cordially invited.
Tbe^e will be no evening service so as
to allow tho congregation to join with
the Presbyterians in their opening
services iu the new chnroh.
With every purchase at Horner's
Argyle House ten per cent coupons are
given, for silverware prises.
Alexandra Hive No. 7, Ladies' of the
Macoabees will hold a Fruit Social in
Oddfellows' Hall on Friday evening
next, Nov. 18th. All members of tbe
Order are invited to attend and bring
their friends. There will be a drawing
foa a beautiful French Doll.
Head Keeler's advertisement,
NEW *«•
DALLY INCREASE IN OUR PRACTICE. We have gained a worldwide reputation with our latest discovery whioh, when applied to the
gums, teeth oan be extracted absolutely painless. Onr patients are so
pleased with the results that they not only tell their friends, but personally bring them to our parlors that they may receive the same treatment. In this way, together with the highest-class dentistry done by
bur specialists, our practice has gradually increased until we are again
forced to enlarge our parlors.
By the use of our Double Adhesivb Suction Chamber wo are able to
fit the most difficult casts. Where other Dentists Fail We Meet
, With Success. If your teeth drop when you try to eat with them, or
if you are afraid of them striking the pavement when you sneeze,
there is something wrong; they do not fit. Our Double Adhesive
Suction Chamber overcome this difficulty and is Ouh Own Invention
Gold Crown, Gold Filling, Bridge Work and all other Dental Work
done, painless, and by specialists and guaranteed for 10 years.
147 Hastings St., E.VanBcoucver
Opposite the Carnegie Library.
te the Carnegie Library. Telephone 1566.
Office Honrs: 8 a. m., to i) p. m.;   Sundays 8 a.m., to 2 p. m.
Mr. P. G. Drost of Columbia street,
returned last week from an extended
trip to Manitoba and the World's Fair.
Mr. and Mrs. Graham of Seventh
avenue, east, have returned from a few
months absence in their old borne in
Mr. Geo. W. Hutchings, the West-
-uinstei avenue, Furniture Dealer, went
up the Coast on a shooting trip for a
few days this week.
HALF PRICES prevail in our two
stores on many lines, and even tbe newest goods just received are offered at
cost price. We must have room in one
store to do our business in future.
Early callers have the pickings.
R. MILLS, 18 Cordova street
Miss Hattie Burritt of Twelfth ave
nue, will leave on Tuesday next for
Revclstoke, where she has accepted a
position in the O. P. R. Offices as
Miss M. Doherty entertained her
Sunday School Class of boys on Tuesday evening at the home of her parents
on Quebec street. The evoning was
most delightfully spent with numerous
lively games.
Mrs. McRae of Eleventh avenue, is
recovering from nn ^attack of typhoid
Mrs. Wm. P. Flewelling is building
a new front addition to his homo on
Sixth avenne.
Mrs. J. G. Keefer of Lausdowne avenue, ls slightly improved in health her
many friends will be pleased to hear.
FOUND: % Church of England hymn
and prayer book, in case; owner cau
have same by paying for this advertisement.
■       —:o:
Mr Cyril Brydone-Jack of the Royal
Bank  at  Grand  Forks,    visised   his
parents  Alderman   Dr.  Brydone-Jack
and Mrs. IJrydouo-Jack this week.
 IOI   1
Mrs. Clode of Sixth avenue, was
taken suddenly ill on Sunday and was
taken to the Hospital where she underwent an operation for appendicitis ou
The Advocate is alwnys glad to receive
items of social, personal or other news
from its readers. Send news items to
the office or by telephone, B1405.
The season has arrived when you will be
asking yourself: "Where shall I go to
find the best Heaters for the least
Ask yonr friends and they
Will tell you FLETT, Mt.
Pleasant, has the best
you will find in the
ore always
STORE. Tel. 447.
W. R. OWENS, Manager.
Good Eating and Cooking
7So to $1.25 a box.
H. O. Lee,
2425 Westminster Ave.
'Phone 322
Sacrifice Sale of
- Have you been to see the values we are offering in silk blouses?
If not you are making a great mistake. Jnst think of the values
yon nro being offered. Blouses of all the latest styles and colors,
worth up to 18.50.   Sacrifice price $3 eaoh
A. ROSS & CO., ^^sastSST1 st-
Sant Central Heat flarket
Cor. Ninth Ave., & Westminster Rd.   Telephone 954.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers ln all kinds of 1'ki.kii and Salt Meats.    Fresh Vegetables always
on hand.   Orders solicited from all ports of Mount Pleasant and Fairview.
Prompt Delivery.
Woodrow & Williams. "SMSS*
Opening ^PNew   Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church.
Imported Direct
Evaporated Peaches, Prunes, Pears, Apricots,
London Layer Raisins, Muscatels Raisins,
Seeded  Raisins, Cleaned Currants.
All New Fruits.
The characteristic of most people is, they want the best for
the lowest price.
That Is the Motto of this store—
The Best for the Lowest Price.
J. P. Nightingale & CO,
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt. Pleasant. Tel. 1360
Mr. Reed of Ninth avenue, is building
a new residence on  the lot adjoining
his home.
Mrs. Hazelton and ton Earl, of Blaine,
Wash.,   are visiting Mr. and Mrs. S.
Garvin, Westminster road.
_. :o:	
Mrs. W. W. Merkley has received
new shapes in all the latest styles in
Hats, Tonnes, Trioorn, Directoire and
Picture Hats, just opened yesterday.
Call and select oue before they are picked over.
Souvenir given to every customer on
opening day at the Central Drug Hall,
34.1 Westminster avenne, Mt. Pleasant.
Don't forget the date, Nov. 16th.
Miss Haut of Detroit, Mich., has
recently come to Mt. Pleasant to livo,
and will make her home with her sister
Mrs. R. Copeland of Twelfth avenne.
. Mrs. Geo. A. Wilson of Eighth avenue, after a severo illness of nine weeks
was able to drive out this week.
For   local  news  subscribe    for  THE
ADVOCATE only $1 for 12 months.
Mr. Kendall, late of Gosforth, England, has been appointed Ohoir Leader
of Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Ohnreh,
Rev. G. H. Wilson, Rector of St.
Michael's, will preach a series of
sermons tbe next few Sundays, on the
Life of Joseph.
Amalgamation Sale.—We have cut
off one-third of the price on all footwear.
Youths' Handmade Shoe (1.45; Youths'
Shoes (broken sizes) $1.00; Men's Shoes,
regnlar$5, now only $8.50; Meu's, regular $8 to ti Shoe, now only $2 50.
R. Mills, 18 > Oordova  streot
The Central Drug Hail
2444   Westminster Ave. Ofp. Lee's Groceky.
Will open   Wednesday morning,
MOV.  16th, with a first-class stock   of
Physicians' Prescriptions   carefully compounded—DAT or
night by a Graduate Chemist.
A Souvenir given to overy Customer i
Opening Day.
Patronize  the little Antl Octopus Drug Store  and save
Chas. E, Netherby, Prop.
Telephone  IS49.
The opening of tho now Mt. Pleasant
Presbyterian Church ou Ninth avenue,
corner of Quebec streot, will take place
ou Sunday. The building is intended
for Sunday School rooms eventually,
but until the chnrch buildiug proper is
built, will bo used for worship. The
auditorium is finished in fir, in the
natural wood, and it will seat 600
people. Thero are eleven class rooms
downstairs and the same in the
balcony which are divided by doors,
which can be folded back throwing the
whole iuto oue room duriug tho Bervice
hours. Tho balcony railing is of cast
iron, the samo pattern ns iu tho Vancouver Opera Houso; many Gothic windows
with leaded glass, furnish plenty of
light. The Ohoir will bo seated in front
of the pnlpit. Down-stairs is the kitchen, lavatory and library, and a hall tho
length of the bnildiug. The primary
class and Y. P. S. C. E., rooms ore
located in tho second story, at either
end of tho building. Tho building is
well heated and lighted. Messrs.
Twambley & McLean, the Contractors,
havo given the Presbyterians a good
uud comfortable buildiug, well finished
and well constructed.
J321   Westminster  Ave
Mt. Pleasant.
E. H. Peace,  Proprietor.
ogjLP 00
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer in| Meats of
All Kinds.JTel. A1206
Vegetables and^Poultry
in season.
Prompt Delivery.
Rev. Dr. Fraser of the First ProBby-
terian Church, will deliver a lecture iu
the new church ou Monday night.
The Ladies of tbe Presbyterian
Church will hold uu "At Home" in the
churoh on Tuesday eveniug.
The Concert in which Miss Olga Mc-
Alpine wns to have appeared has been
postponed until Nov. 24th.
Wilson —Born nt St. Luke's Home
to Rev. G. H. Wilson, Rector of St.
Michael's Chnrch, nud Mrs. Wilson,
Nov. 7th, a son.
Sabs.—Born to Mr. and Mrs. Sass of
Twelfth avenue, Oct. 81st, a son.
Elkctrolykis Parlor of Hairdress-
iug, Manicuring, Fneial Massage and
Scalp Treatment for Ladies ond Gentle-
men. Superfluous hnir, worts and
moles removed by Electrolysis.
Valuable information given to overy
lady patron on "How to take care of
Skiu Food for bnildiug up tlie wasting
tissue Oraugo Flower Cream to prevent aud heal snuliurii.
Madamis Hu_i'iiiii;vs, 5811 Granville
Ml. Pleasant Mail, (Postofflce.).
Loaves nt II a.m., 11 a ui., A 5:30 p.m
Arrives at 1) o. 111., and :i p, nr.
Pish Market
2311 Westminster ave. cor. Seventh ave.
All kinds op Fresh, Smoked, Salt aud
Canned Fish for sale. Poultry and
Eggs bought and sold. Game in season.
Orders lef t at the shop Promptly attended to.     DA8T & LAWRENCE, Props.
Full Line of Fancy and Staple
Pricos to compare with auy.
Cor. Westminster ave., * Dufferin St
New Drug Store.
Mr. Charles Netherby, well-known on
Mt. Pleasant as a capable and courteous
bnsiuoss man, will open a Drug Store at
2444 Westminster avenue on Wodues
duy morning, Nov. 16th. Mr. Netherby is a Graduate Chemist of Toronto
College nf Pharmacy, and will give
prompt and careful attention to all
physicians' prescriptions, and will carry
everything a first-class drug store
should have. Every purchaser on the
opening day and evening will receive a
Souvenir Gift.
The B. O. Electric Railway Company
nre prepared to furnish electric light to
South Vancouver. See advertisement
in this paper. If promisee are within
10(1 feet of Compauy's primary wires
tlie regular charge of $8.00 will bo made
for installation of meter and lumps.
Beyond that distance line construction
will bu oharged for at the rato of $10.00
per 100 feet; if several houses are olose
together tho cost may be divided among
the householders installing the electric
Correct Attir
For Men.
Almost every man has read the "fairy tales" of the
clothiers, in the newspapers. Almost every man
has been disappointed and disgusted on looking at
the clothes they pretended to describe.
We invite these men to call at Fit-Reform to be
most agreeably surprised.
It's easy to draw a picture of Men's Clothes as they
should be, but it's not so easy to make the clothes
look like the picture.
We publish no misleading illustrations, but we do
know how to provide our patrons with the right
kind of clothes.
If you have had clothes troubles, Sir, we  invite you
to come to this store for relief.
We'll surprise you with the excellence of our garments, and please you with our reasonable  prices.
333 Hastings St.
Vancouver, B   C.
Mail   Orders   promptly   attended   to.
Samples sent on application.
Self-measurement Blanks and
Swift's Hams 0niv
15c per pound
One Week OnlV at
The Citv Grocery Co.
Leading Sr-ocere an-J fVov.sSii*i' M*.rch«mt. „
Tel. 286,
Westminster Avo. A Prtnomss Street.
sm\ww wwwwwi{i Www iff m m w ...
K'.      "
1 I
Brewed right here in Vancouver Dy i.i
of years and years and years expert
and a brewery whose plant is tht
perfect known to the Art of Brew i:
it any wonder that  it  has  takei. '-.';
hearts  of   the  people  which   uo oth
£ can supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2.  Doz., pir.
J| Vancouver Breweries, Lu
^ Vancouver, B. C.       Tel. 4a9
: For Sale at all first-class Saloons, Liquor Store.-: in
or delivered to your house.
7, Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi mm m Hi Hi Hi iUii. ... ..
The Big
Mortgage Sale
of Dry Goods
is On. Il is on in earnest. Such a
sale Vancouver hns never known.
Ou .Saturday last, the opening dny,
wo were compelled to lock the
door lo koop the crowd out at least
a retire of times to give the stun*
room to wnit on the crowd already
We are In good shape lo handle
the crowd this week; uud a crowd
we should have, for the BARGAINS an) just as plentiful us
they were lost week.
Everything Must Bo Sold in
Sixty Days—Nothing Kept  Back.
Dress Goods.—Regular 110c for
10c ; 50c for -5c ; 65c for 30c ; 75c.
for 40c; $1.00 for 60c.
Dress Lenotbh.—Regular *:i
for $6; $12 for $8; $15 for $10;
$.5 l'or$|.'..
Walkivo Skirts, well finished,
from $2 up.
Consul's.—Tlio profit Is all yours
antl more   too   un   a  great  many
303 Hastings street.
Royal Crown Soap Wrappe. _,
Return 13 Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
and we will send free your choice of IM.
j pictures. Or for 25 wrappers choice of
150 books. Books and picture Usts on
The Royal Soej;
Co., Limited,
Lawn Grass Seeds
Clover and Timothy Seeds,
Pratt's Poultry and Animal Funds,
Pratt's Hoe Killer,
Holly rliii I: Pood,   Hi efscraps, Kto.
S.   Klil I fi   WKSTMINST
Telephone   IB
NTH svmm
McTogflort & Moscrop
Dl'.Al.l.ns IN
344 Carrall St.,     Vancouver, B.C.
Tomplctou Blook.
Adytrtise in the "Advocate."
I'lmny   retm-mber—D 0
They come from Pans
im iln 11011.
to us.
I.atlli's' Ebony Goods.
Hnir Brushes Cloth Brushes I
Cnrling Tongs Touth l*.i 1-I1 .
Complexion Brushes
Nail Bra. lies Hand Minors
Vaseline Pots        ("love Stretchers |
King Stands Riug Trays |
Toothpowder Boies, Ktr,
Gentlemen's Ebony Goods.
Military Brushes in ease
Mirrors shaving lit ml    j
NaU Brushes Tooth Bru.hei
Corner Hustings nnd t'runvi.le Sts.
oniiiui Waicii Inspector C. P. R.
The Crime of Hallow-E'en:
Author of "A Broken Betrothal," "Ths Heiress of
Cameron Hall," " Parted at the Altar," Etc.
1.11.0 a Hash Bonnylin hart wheeled
around, nrnl lied precipitately from
the room.
Lc Hoy Pierpont looked after her in
puzzled wonder.
"What a beautiful, willful li11Io
fury my Bonnylin is developing
Into," ho told himself, with a sinil'.
"If she has really set her heart
upon going away, of course no it is.
I shall not be able to arrange my
business into shape" much before the
2lst, the day after to-morrow. Lot
mc see. That will Ix. the day following Mrs. Lincoln S brill. 1 am sure
llonnylin would not wish to miss
"I wonder what hns conn' over
Bonnylin of late?" ho mused. "I am
bogtnnlng to believe the old adiga,
'That a man can never understand a
woman.' Sho ought to ho So happy
here. Mother is so fond of her, nnd
India is liko a sister to her. Now,
why in Heaven's name should she
tako it into her capricious little head
to go away?"
At lirst. llonnylin had made up her
mlid to d clino Ibe invitnt on to tKo
■'gieai. forthcoming ball: but on second thought she <i elded she would
go, because India Margrave would
be there.
At length the night of tho fatal
ball  rolled  around.
It was an uwkward sight to seo
the two rivals gazo nt each other
when Ihey met in the drawing-room,
wniting for tho coach, nml for I—
Hoy rierpont who was to o..cort
India Margrave saw a slender figure rolled in billowy white satin and
filmy lace; a lovely flowerllko face,
flushed wilh excitement, framed in a
sheen of golden hair, and eyes brighter than stars, with something hardly natural in their brilliant glow.
India swept into tho room with a
smile of triumph on her fatally bewitching faro—a defiant, insolent
smile thnt said plainer thm words:
"Vou see I havo outshone you as
usual. Seo tho admiration in Le
Hoy's eyes."
India, too, was dressed in pearl-
white satin, draped with silver gauze,
with a dash of crimson rose: In the
bodice nt her dress, and n bio: d-rod
ruby star gleaming in tho midnight
darkness of her raven hair.
Tho dark, brilliant face, with its
crimson ll(is and won,Irons I,lack
eyes, was indeed gloriously dazzling,
On this latal night tire lovely Sou-
thorn girl was at the height of hor
niURiiilicent boauly.
Bonnylin saw the gaze of mingled
wonder and ivdmiriition with which
Le Hoy regarded her as India swept
Into the room, nnd her heart .sunk
within ber.
To add to hor liiUqtf'^ss, Lo Rov
-rout. ,u-.-ty_..t. liestuo*Tr'-Oia wnrfi tnoy
entered tho couch.
India was never gayer, Bi nnylin
never mpi'O silent.
A tall, dark form advancing up
the avenue was just, in lime to seo
tho couch roll rapidly awuy from tho
rierpont mansion ere be could roach
speaking distance to hail it.
Calling a cab, he sprung hastily
into it.
"f)o you see thnt coach ahead, just
turning tho corner yonder?" he cried
excitedly, as ho pressed a hill into
tho driver's hand. "Overtake it and
I will double your foe; lively, n.w,
my man!'.'
The driver touched his tap lo his
liberal customer, sptun. to Iho box.
nnd with the speed of iho wind, was
bearing tlown upon the coach in advance of it; but to Basil _cvrrno's
excilcd fancy It .oemed almost to
creep along.
Suddenly it came to a uulck halt.
"There is the couch, sir." whisper-
oil tho driver. "We aro not in lime
lo see who alighted from it., I hero
was suili a crush of com lies aho.id.
The occupants must have por.0 in
wilh the throng going up ihe marlilo
steps. There seems to he a hall, sir,
or something of lhat Kind goin . en,"
While ho was stionkin . Basil Severne grimly ull hied.
Mrs. Lincoln's hall had long boon
looked forward to us tbe gala event
of the season.
The magnificent parlor, the spacious, glii teeing ball-room, nnd tha
rosc-emboweri tl reception-i'ooins wore
thronged wilh tho elite of the cily.
It was a I rillianl. gathering of gorgeous costumes antl lovely fact!; but
amidst that vast 1b:'oug there was a
murmur of deep ittlmlrntlon ns Lo
Hoy i'ierpont entered Ihc hall-room
Willi tlio two leiuliei.—one like a
Whito flower, tho other lil-o a glowing passion ruse.
"I th til be Ihe invy of every gentlemen here to-night, as Iho escort ol
two tan h (.'harming creatures," murmured Lc Hoy, i.:i ho found them
seats   together,   bowling     low   Ijoforo
"Ah, thero is Frank Kent'n, nn
old college chum ol mine, coming
this wuy. You know hiin, India. Allow me Io present you to him, Bonnylin: ho is a charming fellow, a hitler I'oe lo his enemies, and a chiiin-
pion truer than steel to his friends."
The next luoinenl, a tail, d.irk-
oyo.'l, pleasant facoel young man was
Standing before Ihc Ifio, acknowledging the Introduction lo his friend's
young brltto.
"A beautiful, innocent lillle cron-
1ure," was Mr. IVnlon's mental comment; "hut she does not look quite
The bnnd at that moment struck
up n waltz.
"May 1 claim the wall'/. if you
have no prior engagement," Bald
Pfailk Font oil, bowing over Iho gold-
i n bead,
Bonnylin ncqulOscod nl. onco, foe I.o
Hoy had already offered his arm to
India, and was leading lire out on
the   lloor.
Itoiinvliri floated through the mazes
ol the graceful waltz, like a veritable
fairy, llnl she did not. take hor eyes
from her husband nnd her beautiful
rival, no matter In  whal   part  of the
ballroom thoy happened to he.
She kiiw l.o Hoy hold close to his
heart Ihe lovely, while, rounded arm
of his fair partner, and il Boomed to
,'., nnylln's distorted imagination
lhat ho heltl In r more closely, hy far.
Haiti i l.o occasion demanded.
At last—i.n, aeiiveraneo irom torture!—Ihe music ceased, the .wait-
was over.
To  Bonnylin's  dismay,   India     and
her hiislitind did not cross the    ballroom to take seals by  her side;   but
[sealed themselves quite at the     further end of the room.
Quadrilles, lanceis nnd waltzes followed each other, and e.ih timo Lc
Hoy Pierpont led fair India out upon the flour.
All in vain Fr.-n': Fentrn roii|ht
tho iicgleited li tie bride, ami in
shoer pity bogged her to acci pt him
us hor partner,
"Thank you, 1 shall n< t dance
again this evening," she said, lifting
those blue eyes, heavy wilh unshed
tears, to his Icco, "1 shouW like tu
go out on that hi'V,pny ami ust—nil
alone. Will you kliwilty i s. oil me us
far ns the floor." she :' ■ ■'.. 1 usury.
Trunk ronton urn i d h r h s arm
nt onco, and led her i:i sib n c to the
balcony, lCnvinp her vih a low bow.
as sho had desired, alone; and a'ns.
this event proved poor Bonny.1 ns
"Why, I'ierpont is behaving tile a
madman to-night," thought h s
friend, angrily, ns ho made his way
toward Le Hoy; "that black-eyed •woman ho is with seems to have fairly
bewitched him. H_ is a fool to nc-.
gleet that lovely little goli!on-h lired"
CrcntUrC for a vain coquette liko
India Margrave."
Calling Lo ItSy aside, he ventured
to expostulate wilh his frior.il; but
Le Hoy turned haughtily on his heel.
"As ling as my wife does not object to iny dancing with Miss Margrave, 1 am quite at loss to understand why you should take il upon
yourself to interfere," lie said t ut-
tingly. "1 haven't the least doubt
hut what you arc only loo anxious
to dunce wilh Miss Margrave yourself."
Meanwhile Bcnnylin had sunk hue';
among the flowering shrubs, while
and agitated, glad lo bo alone where
no human being could seo what sho
was suffering.
But she was not destined to enjoy
tho keen blessing of 'privacy long:
fur, a moment later, two young nnd
beautiful women swept aside tho
crimson velvet portieres, nnd stepped
out upon the balcony together.
Neither of them saw tho motionless
flgurp, quite hidden from view by tho
thick, flowering foliage and tho
darkness, or tho words they uttered
would never had boon spoken.
.Such a marriage!" exclaimed one;
"a pretty littlo creature, but so un-
suitcii to handsome Le Hoy rierpont." -
At tho mention of her husband's
name Bonnylin loaned forward, kt oping hersell well out of sight, and listening intently.. .
"I,o Hoy Tool's anything but con-
It nteil," cpntlnued the lady: "and
moro than on) person here to-night
believes lhat ho has already repenl.'d
his rash act, and regrets that hs did
not wed his old love, beautiful India
Margrave. Eycrybcdy bniws how
fond they were of each ollur."
"lie seems fond of India still," rc-
spi n 'od her compnnlrn; 'he Ins
danced each set with her, and has
mnnopollzod her society the wholo
evening; indeed, it is tho comment of
tho ballroom. The glamor of the old
love seems to hive fallen about him
completely. Ho hovers around h r
like a veritable shadow. Why, 1 I,ft
Ih'in billing and cooing like two
turtle dovos in tho conservatory a
fow moments since. I am surprised
lh.it his young biido docs not inter-
fuv. No husband whi loves h's yifo
would subject hot' to !he~insult of
witnessing his blind infatuation for
sn  th r.
"If you could have soon them
stalledn_j in iho conservatory together Just now," continued the speaker
—"it was pirl'octly scandalous. He
was clasping the little white hand
that lay on tho fountain's brim,
bei.din'; his dark, handsome head so
near hei- face that his moustache fair-
i.v brushed her cheek. I should say
his young britlo must have a heart
uf marble tp witness a scene liko lhat
and endure it. Ah! tiitl you see how
sho watched them lo-night?"
"i heaid of just such a caso before," commented hor companion,
and it elided iu an olopemint. No
one was surprised; every one expected it. Of course 1 do not liko to
predict anything; all 1 can say Is, I
feel sorry for tho pretty, neglected
bride. Kvery one prulicts there will
be a florco quarrel between the brldo
and Miss Margrave when they reach
Like ono petrified, llonnylin had
looked and llstontd, and a moment
later, when the two laelios had ic-
enlerid the ball-room, she fell back
anient; the flowering shrubs with tho
wil-.lesl. irien thai ever fell from human lips.
11 wits well thai the dance music
drowned tholll, anil that no one ventured neai' Ihe balcony; end whilo
she was crouching bohlnd the pitying ruses iu iho conservatory her
husband was talking to India Margrave.
Wero Ihey talking of love and tho
Lairior lhat was between them? she
'ihe thought maddened her and
turned the blond to ice in her veins.
How dared this brilliant, beautiful
womun lure her handsome He Hoy
from her? How dared she rob her of
his love?
('h! he was her love, her young
husband', her world I
No one but herself hail tho right
to his caresses, his ami lis, hia words
of love.
This beautiful Southern girl know
lhat ho was iiiariied. Why, then.
Could sho nut lei him uliir.-? Why
miiBl she sock to Ian the oltl love
into  flume again?
Hut suddenly oul ol this deep, awful grief blazed up a tierces and (lory
i.n .or.
She stui tod up from her recumbent
position and began to walk wildly
up and down the balciiny, boating
hot- hands together and exclaiming
dish-ai ti illy;
"llnl why should 1 tile in my
youth iu make room for her, tho
triutrcrs? Why should I moldcr in
my gravn whilo she walks ihc smiling i in Hi? Oh, nu, no! I should
come back from my grave to tear
them asundcrl"
Mad wilh frenzy, nn insane idea
took pcs.-O—)lon of h.r.
She would go boldly pi t among
the assembled guests ou-ii ic.iifiotit
tliem; sh.' Would tear I.e Koy 1 i_r-
pout frum this Bli'ttl'a tide.
Sho was tu wild with grief to
count the con.-.oqui nco of such a rash
£'.ha for'f.ot tho throng assembled,
forgot, everything; . ..vc 111. thought
of separating bee husband cud beautiful India Margrave,
As sho glided out into tho ballroom again, l.o Roy antl Indin were
just emerging from the consorvu'.ory
aii-il as Hey passed out of the vinc-
wri'iilhed ontranio a dark', bc.lld—|
man, who had heavily bribed the
servants to let him remain in I hi
conservatory an hour lhat he might
see the grand ball, in 1 tlaiminj to
be a poor artist, entered it by an-
o'her door, just in lime tu catch a
1'iM't i: ,'v y)cw of tho bucks of Le liny
I'it rpo.nt and India, his cumi anion,
who wore a gauze goIei"n veil Iwin.'t-
rtiiind h.r head.
"Hal Lo Hoy Pi.rprht end lbs
brldo," he muttered hoarsely, with a
low, suppressed, blond- cut tiling
"I will wait hero and confront her
when she returns alone litis wuy lor
her wraps."
'Iho man was Basil Severne — ho
had mistaken India lor lUiunylin, nasi, a passed out of the ei in--rent• ry
leaning on Lc Hoy  I'h I'pnnl 's  e.itn.
Ah, there wub a striking, fatal resemblance in the i'lguie ai.el gait of
the two, especially wilh that, veil
wrappo-l gracefully iu gold, n folds
over her head and half shading her
lovely faco.
"Aren't yoll afraid Bomiylin will
be jealous if wc waltz again together?" India iiwiuirod, with an arch
sinilo up   into  Lo  Hoy's   face. *'I
snotild enjoy it so much, yit "
India never finished the sentence, a
palo, teai'-slained, angry face, and
two bine, gloaming eyes, full ef
passion, suddenly flashed before her.
It was Bonnylin—with a faco so
Whito thai I.o Hoy Plcrpont stared
at. her aghast.
Over the crash of the bewildering
danco music her sweel young voice
rose shrilly ; n.l clearly — pltOOUsly
freighted with tears.
It was to Iii'dia sho tinned.
"Why do you try to lure my bus-
band from me, with your fair, false
faco?" sho cried wildly; "he is
mine—no one must come between
"Hush, Bonnylin!" cried I— Roy
Pierpont, sternly; "stop those wi.d
words for Heaven's sake!—you are
drawing attention to ns. Stop, I
command you!" he thundered, pale
as death, his loul.ures working ot 11-
vulsivoly; "are you mad, Bonnylin?"
"Mo, not yot," she crietl. out bitterly, "but thai fair, false woman
clinging to your arm will drive ine
j mad. Sho is trying to win you from
i mo, but I will kill her flrst!'' she
i cried, giving way to Ihe wildest and
I bitterest, of sohs.
All in that room heard the ttrrible
threat that had boon uttered so recklessly by the beautiful, jealous, girl-
In aa instant Le Hoy had grasped
Bonnylin's cold, white hand firmly.
"Oo back inlo Iho conservatory,
Miss Margrave," he said, turning lo
India. "My wife shall join you thoro
in a moment or so, and ask your
pardon tot- the insult you have suffered at hot- Hands.*'
"Never!" sobbed Bonnylin, raising
hor groat lovely eyes to his faco. "I
would die first, Le Hoy. Vou have
both provoked lno to it, and 1 say
again that she is trying hard to win
you from mo."
And here tho beautiful, rash, imprudent child broke down completely •
"You shall apologize, Bonnylin,"
ho repeated sternly, "or you shall
never moro be wife of mine, I will
never look upon your face—my hpn-
or demands it; go to the conservatory, where you will liud India Margrave, and when she pardons your
rash, inexcusable net of folly, you
will re-enter the ball-room together—
that the guests may be cheated Into
the belief that this terrible expose
was only a Jest."
"Le Hoy," cried tho miserable
young bride, flinging herself on her
knees beforo hor exasperated husband, stung to the quick by tho
gleam of insolent triumph and malignant hatred she had seen in her
rival's black cyos as fhe had turned
away, "pity, Le Hoy," sho murmured. "I cannot humble myself so—oh,
no, no, no!"
"Vou know the consequences then,"
ho whispered sternly; "place me
right before * these people—or wo
part   forever."
Flinging tho clasp of those death-
cold hands from him, Le Hoy Pierpont tinned on liis heel and strode
He had never once considered the
gootl cause poor little llonnylin had
for hoc bitter jealousy — the one
thought that occurred lo him was,
that she hud disgraced  him.
As I/O Hoy turned awuy white as
death, the music struck up again
gayer than ever.
The guests were too well bred to
Comment or OVOil retoi' to Ul! unpleasant occurrence, and Ihe dancing
went on
But they noticed that Bonnylin,
tho hapless young britlo, rose slow
ly and walked gropingly—liko one
stricken blind'— lo the dim conservatory.
Ono moment of time after she had
passed through the ivy-covered arch
out of their sight—ono moment, and
thou iv horrible cry rang shrilly out
from the conservatory.
Thou followed a moment of tho
wildest confusion. Le Hoy I'ierpont
was tho lirst to reach the spot, and
the hoiirl-rending sight that, mot his
gaze he never forgot whilo his lifo
Ias led.
In the dim, wavering light, cmuch-
ing back among the palms, her luce
blanched, hoc groat blue eyes opened
wielo with terror, trembling like a
leaf in a storm, und clutching a
dripping dagger in her lillle hand,
was llonnylin—his young wife; autl
at, hor feel, writhing iu death, lay
India' Margrave, the hot blond spurting Irom a wound in Iter brtast, the
life-blood crimsoning the pulo loses
aini ng which she lay.
"Good heavens! who has done this
awful deed?'' rang from lip to lip ol
the horrified, paralyzed throng—"this
horrible,  fiendish  deed?'''
India Mnrgi'ave raised her great
dark eyes, fast glazing in death;
she opened the bloodless lips, over
which the death dew was Stealing,
anil she gaspid forth the words,
clutching at Le Hoy's hands:
"Sho—your wife—has dono it!"
Then, raising, horsed I with a last
dying effort, she crietl aloud;
"Hour  all!   llonnylin   I'ierpont has
murdered me!"
And with    this awful  charge noon
her nps sh, foil back—dead.
For i>n Instant thoso gathered
around wore too hon-iiiod fnr speech
o;- action: they vie panic-stricken,
and in that .supreme moment, with a
low cry ol horror, Lo Hoy Pierpont
sprung to his young wife's side.
"Bonnylinl" he cried hoarsely,
"why have you tlcno this hoiilb'l'o
deed! Oh, my Codl" ho groaned, "I
am a licll man, bat all my gold cannot save you! oh, why havo you
dono this horrible thing?" he cilcd
In frenzy, g..;-.in; down inlo tho
girl's white, lovely up-tuin.'d face
with an agony weak words arc powerless tu tiescribe.
' I havo den. no wrong!" crlod
Brnr.ylin. aloud. "You have all heard
tho terrible words she uttered, but
tho poor girl was mistaken. I will
not eleny that sho was my bitterest
foe; and driven to desperation, I
have said wild, horrible things of
her within the hour, but 1 could
never have raised my hand to strike
her a cowardly  blow."
"Just explain, then, if you cm,"
cried some voico in tho crowd, "how
tint dagger, dripping wilh tho victim's life-blood, came into your
hands, and why she should have
charged you with having murdorod
"I have little to tell, ar.d It is
simply this," replied Bmnylii firmly. "I conic to the conservatory to
find that, poor creature, antl ask her
lo pardon me for what I had said
to lier te-nlght. 1 found hor lying
hen . whore she is now; nnd the instant I knelt beside her, be,loving
sh) had fainted. 1 saw this daggir
plunged to the hill iu hor white
breast. 1 drew it out. Instantly tho
blood from the wound spurted over
me. m, I at lhat Instant her eyes flow
wide i peii. and si.e saw nte bending
out her, holding tho dripping dagger 1 had drawn from her
breast. Her shriek brought
you all hero. 'ibis Is llie
truth und the solemn truth, so help
mu I.envin! You hoMeve mo, Lo
Iloy, do you not, my 'darling?" sho
cried, raising her solemn blue eyes
to his.
He heard tho murmur that ran
through tho crowd, ami he know
thoy had sent for the officers of tho
law. A moment more, und thoy
would be upon tho scene.
Like a wounded bird tracked down
to hoi' doom, Bonnylin crept closer
l.o her young husband, laying her
soil white arms around his neck,
anil hor cold, pale check against his
will a bitter sob.
"Save mo, Le Hoy, Iovo," she
|. waked, piloously.
.11 was his young wife trembling
and quivering in his strong clasp,
who wns pleading with him to save
her—the young, sweet, dimpled-facid
girl he had wooed nnel won so short
a timo before—tho tender bride they
would tear Irom his arms, and cast
into u prison cell, and whose soft,
white brow they would brand so
lio forgot the hcnuliful girl who
had caused it. all—forgot all save the
awful, deadly peril of his young
"Bonnylin!" ho cried, straining her
madly to his heart. "I will save you,
or wo will die together, my darling.
Groat Ood! there nre tho officers coming, but thoy shall never take you
from ine until they walk over my
dead body!"
"IPerhaPs tho murder was dnno
with a view to robbery," suggested
a voice in Iho crowd, but that theory fell quickly to pieces; the sparkling gems still glistened in iho
dead girl's eel's, and the necklace of
pearls which encircled hor whito
throat remained untouched!
Nothing was missing.
Bobbery was evidently not the object. On tho oilier hand, every cir-
cumstanco seemed to conspire to fasten tho deed on Bonnylin.
Lo Hoy Pierpont felt a faintness
like death creeping over him.
Was this a nighlmiiro?
He felt that hir, brain was turning
with the frenzy of madness.
He struggled desperately for self-
command as ho gazed tlown Into
Bonnylin's whito, lovely, childish
She was clinging to hiin in fright,
while hor beautiful eyes full of tho
deepest regret, wore fixed on tho
face of the dead.
She was so inexperienced in tho
Ways ol iho world, so ignorant of
the forms of the law I
Oh, did she know—did sho even
dream of tho awful position in which
sho Stood? No. sho was as unconscious of hor peril as a littlo child,
she evidently believed that tho explanation she gave tho assembled throng
would convince thorn.
At the startled murmur, "tho officers are coming," Lo Hoy's chaotic
thoughts seemed to gather shape.
But it wns not the minions of the
law, it was the host and hostess hurrying to tho scene, 'l.iere wns a
brief respite of a fow moments, und
that woultl give him timo to think
out a way of escape.
Suddenly he became aware that
somo ono was calling his name softly from behind a clump of flowering
shrubs closo by.
"Le Hoy," whispered Iho voico,
swiftly antl cautiously, "for Heaven's sake listen, it is 1, your friend
Frnton. Don't you see the awful
peril of your young wife? sho don't
realize il."
"Yes," whispered I.e Iloy, hoarsely,
"I see, I'Ynlon, antl I havo been calculating tho chance of instant flight;
every avenue of escape seems shut
against us," ho groaned, "1 am so
bewildered 1 cannot think—I cannot
act, my senses seem benumbed."
"I have thought—I have acted for
you, I'ierpont," whispered his friend
cautiously. "Listen closely. At tho
very outset of this horrible affair I
snw what thu result would be, and
quick as thought I framed a plan
for your young wife's instant flight,
for I lielieve before Heaven -ho is
innocent of this atrocious affair,
dark as things now look against hor.
"Now. attend me well, Pierpont.
I hurried out of the house to tho
stables, and saddled Iho fleetest
horse. Ho stands beneath this open
window back of. me. It is scarcely
ton feet to the ground, take your
wife in your arms end with one daring leap clear the window nnd vault
into Iho sutldlc. I will meet yoll at
tho cross roads antl conduct you to a
temporary hiding place.
"Ood bless you, Fenloii," whispered I.o Hoy lMerpnnt, hoarsely.
"Words   fall to express I.Ih)  gratitude
lu my henrt, my friend,  In the hour
af my direst need."
"Vou will act as I have dire el cd,
Lc Hoy?"
"Oh, yes, yes," whispered Le Hey.
Bonnylin     had    listened    lo   this
whispered colloquy in Intense      ills-
may.      Now     her  eyes   darken   into
tho must  wondering amazement.
(To ha Conl lulled.)
Hi! ICn-rg-tt- Protest ts Bim.In With _._-
farencri to tli- Si-l/nre ot KrltlHli Merchantmen by Vcs«el_ at th- C-tir'M Vff-
lunL-er Fleet Gotwcrted Whut. V .ht
l-nre -.-on a Serlonti MlHunn>rntn>ii(lln-
Into A CommonplA-e Kplmiile.
The Marquis of Lansdowne, England's Secretary f State for Foreign
Aflairs, is rej-, I just now as the
"man of the in-.ui ent" by bis co_,n
trynion because of his prompt action
with rcleronco to the seizure ol Bn
tisli morchnutn. i. by -vessels ol tbe
Hussian volunteer fleet in Iho Hod
Sea. His energetic pr-otej.it lonvcitod
what might huvo been a serious misunderstanding    between  tbo two  nu
»♦♦♦**♦. ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*>♦
,   A series of articles describing   o
their lives, their aims and      £
their influence. <j>
No. *.
I J. J. YOUNG, M. L.A. t
• ♦
tions into a commonplace episode.
The treaty of arbitration with
Franco, which ho was recently ..successful In negotiating, has beyond
doubt had a material effect in forcing tho Hussian Government to
abandon her policy of diplomatic
"hltift" and adopt a more reasonable
attitude towards others, of which
tho early acknowledgment of llie
impropriety of the course of hor naval olllcers is one of tho first fruits.
Lord Lansdowne wafi Governor-General of Canada 18RM-tW, Governor-General of India 188tt-'Jil, Secretary of
War 1896-1900, and Foreign Secretary since the retirement of Lord
Salisbury in 1900.
JOHN   J.   YOUNG,   M.   L. 'A..
I-ililor and Proprietor of the Calgary
Their Value Frovod by the Dei—rtment ot
The United States Department of
Agriculture reports most interesting
experiments made by Professor I'ofta
of the University of California upon
men engaged in hard manual labor
most of tho time and students working to support themselves while pursuing thoir studios. Tlio professor
says, "Nuts are the cheapest source
of energy, peanuts ranging far
ohond." Tho prico, II.0 cents pes
thousand calories -of energy, in at
less cost than any animal food or
potatoes at 00 cents n bushel.
Peanuts deserve specinl mention he-
causo the cheapest domestic nut containing tho highest percentage of
protoln, with maximum fuel valtio
and minimum refuse. Ten cents, for
instance, will pure-huso more protein
and energy when spent for flour or
meal, but those nre raw materials,
requiring considerable preparation
before they are oaten. This is not
necessary with fruits nnd nuts. Ten
cents' worth of peanuts will contain
nbout four ounces of protein and 2,
707 calorics of energy.
Although peanuts supply protein
and energy for a smaller sum thnn
broad, they are outranked by dried
benns, which nt fi cents a pound will
supply for 10 contB over 200 grams
of protein and 8,040 calories of energy. If more peanuts and dried
beans wore used by tho fruitarians
tho diet would lie enriched and tho
cost decreased. Fifteen cents a day
wos the average cost with fruit,
nuts, bonus nnd a limited quantity
of cottage cheese nnd ergs.
The Poising •»! llll IVn,
"The typewriter has destroyed the
golden   future ""that    we foresaw fur
our business," said a manufacturer of
pons. "If the typewriter's field of uso-
fulncs keeps ou enlarging there will
scarcely be nny need for peas fifty
years hence."
'fhe man sighed.
'.'When I entered the pen trade ln
my boyhood it seemed," he said,
"that this, above nil trades, was the
one destined to .spread, la my dreams
J. saw tho wholo world, educated at
lest, writing with pens of my make.
Then the typewriter camo. I sneered
at it in the beginning, I called it a
toy. But to-day it will do everything n pen will do. It will make out
bills and chi'epies. address envelopes
of every shape, make entries in all
sorts of books. We per.makers are beginning to suffer from the typewriter's advent. Our business, Instead ot
enlarging healthily, is shrinking a
littlo like a man whom consumption
has attacked. We nro shutting down,
Wo are laying ofl bands. It is easy to
sen that the day will come when pons
will only bo used for polito coitb-
spondenco antl for the signature"
A New Looul Anueatlietle,
A now local anaesthetic ol tho ere
caino order hns boon discovered. It
ls called "cucuine," and the advantage of the drug will enable thu
carrying out of thoso operations otherwise impossible with chloroform,
owing to heart weakness of tho patient. It will also enable the surgeon to tnko moro timo over his
work. Although scarcely adaptable
for amputations, it will bo useful for
troatmont of the thyroid glands. Tho
oucuinc is injected by means of a
hypodermic needlo under tho skin nt
the placo whero the incision Is to bo
made. After a few moments tho skin
may bo cut without the patient feeling anything. As different and independent parts are exposed, tho drug
is dropped at intcrvalu of a few in|p.
utes. A highly successful operation
was recently cnrrled out In a London hospital, tho operation lasting
one and ono-half hours.
She has twelvo trunks, two carryalls,
Of bandboxes a score,
Valises each of tllf-orent size,
3Iaiiili,i';-,:i fifteen or more;
And know wc by theso baRgaffo mo.tnda
This nuild ls on her way
lip to the breezy mountain tops
To spend each summer day.
Another mold she boanln tho trnln,
Without a single care.
She ban nu hns-angc to bo chocked;
SIio'b lively, plump and fair.
She's going to tho brisk senshnre—-
Tbo 111 tie ling so culo
That dnnr.les at her side contains   •
A gaudy bathing milt.
—Now Vork TVes*.
Whilo il is line that some men arc
lesl.ineil from their cradles lor cer-
inin lines of work, and make such
success in them as they could by no
possibility nchieve ia any others,
there is nevertheless much ground for
belief that men uf the right stamp
will succeed in any occupation—not
requiring special physical adaptation—vid thnt the surest, evidence of
a man's fitness to rule in ono field
is his success in another. The fact
is nlso sonwitimes lost, sight of, in
this age of specialization and concentration, that versatility is, nfler all, the greatest ti>st of ability.
tn new countries, whero conditions
are changing rapidly and institutions
are growing quickly, the man of
greatest adaptability nnd energy is
invariably the man who rises most
A striking illustration ot this can
he found in the person of John J.
Young, propriotor and editor of the
Calgary Herald. In many Important
respects Mr. Young is' one of tho
most reprosenlntive men, not merely
in western Canadian luwspnpor work,
but in the whole Canadian West. Ho
possesses qualities that have made
hiin successful, not nlone in the. profession to wliich his major energies
havo boon devoted, but in many
othor departments nf activity, in
which tuironiitliug and lifelong appli-
cntion is usually the price paitl for
Mr. Young's characteristics tiro
I hose most readily acknowledged
and appreciated by Westerners. Ho
is lovel-lroadod, ready-witted and
broad-minded. His personality is
both interesting and nttrncllve. Of
average height, slender build and
quiet, alert courtesy of manner, ho
impresses ono at first sight as ho-
ing both a mnn of wide outlook and
sympathy, of culture antl refinement, nnd of a shrewd practical
knowledge of aflairs. Nor would the
impression created he far wide ot tho
mark, for few In the West have a
more balanced mental development
than the Calgary Herald's editor.
The mere recital of a few of his nc-
tivltics shows how many phased ho
is. He is an editor, a musician, a
minor, a dealer in real estnto, a
politician, a rancher, president of
several companies, and a foremost
•ltizc.1 of his town. I'll the iiesl.hetic,
iho Intellectual and ih" practical
sidi>s of human nnt uro it will thoro.
foro be admitted lhat ho lias, unusual
Mr.   Yuan"  is   n    fine   example   of
what cnn   be  made  in  Canada   of an
Isni'lishnian who is caught, young. Ho
is a   Midlnnder hy birth, having boon
born in Nottinghamshire in 1808. Ip
lSlM. n  lipv "' I'V lie "Spn-zi to Western  Cannila. nnd "roughed  it" for a
couple  of  years.    Hii quickly  nssimi-
latiii   Canadian   ways,   and  adopted
Ihe    Canadian    viewpoint.     and    almost   nnlnrullv   gravitated   to   newspaper  work.    While  in   ftoglme ho had
been   noticed' by   Klrholns  Flood  Bavin,   whoso  inleresl   In delect ability
was   uhorrlnn-    nnd   orcaslonnlly   Mr.
Young   contributed   Items  and    brief
irticles   lo    the    lloglnn    Loader,    of
which    Ihe    brilliant   Irishman"   was
founder.    When,  in  1887,  Bavin   was
. looted   to    the    Puminion  Commons,
ho   cast  nbout    for   a   man  to tako
charge  of  the   Leader during his  absence nt Ottawa.    IBs choico fell on
Mr.    Young,    then   it   youth   of 17.
And.   though  the editor whom) locum
tennms      he      was     was     admitted
throughout   the   length  nnd  bioadth
if  tho    Dominion   to   ho one of tho
uost. forceful, vigorous nnd versatile
men of Canada, and ns a writer pcr-
naps without a superior,  it is iiove-r-
Iheless     true     that    the    boy-editor
who occupied his sent, in the leader
illice    in    Hi'gina   proved   himself   a
lihenumoiuill.v     capable     understudy.
Was ever tho leading paper of u capl-
nl   r.ilv   in   Canada  edited  before by
a boy of Seventeen?   Cerlninly, if so,
no such paper was bolter ediie.l. 'fhe
local matter was brh'ht nnd the editorial matter was weighty,   fhrough-
out  tho  Wont—aiid,  Indeed,   the  Eahl
—tho Leader   was   accepted us voicing  tho   thought  and  fooling    ef    an
iniporta.nl.  nnd   Influential   section   of
Weslern  opinion.    Mr.   Young's  na.n-
ngomont  of    the   Leader   cannot   be
praised in.higher I onus than  by spying  that,, tho  long and  frequent   .absences  of  its gifted  owner  made    nu
appreciable .dilloreuco    l.o   either    itt
appearance   or   its   ronutnllon.      Mr
Young stayed  with   iho  Load.!'  ei.lil
1892,   when,   with chai.iot.erisl ic. soil'-
Chancoi   he  wont,  tb  IflOo'ti-'iiln,    und
organized a company  te  buy out the
Courier  and   the  .Journal,    the    two
pupors   thorn  existing  at   that   i.n.e.
Having    bought   them   ho  .•hol'Mitd
thorn,  establishing In  their Men il the
Speclalor,   which,  from  tho  dilu    ol
ils first appearance tmi'l the present
lime,    has    been   ono   of    tho    nicst
thoughtful,   observant anl  Mine    papers  in   tho    Weal.     Llko    all   i lings
else   of    which    Mr,   Young  lad  lno
nianagn.riioiil., it wns a prosperous un-
dortnking  from  the   .itii't'  'Ice i et is
later   Mr.   Young,   having    managed
successful   newspaper   enterprises    in
two ■ Territorial   towns,   looked   for
larger   worlds    to   conquer,  and,
partnership   with   C.   A.   Magralh
l.cthiiridge, 'bought   tho  Herald pla
at  l.o.g_ry.    Mr.  Young's urgani/.ii
ability, soon got busy ngain,   nnd*
lew  iiinrrtt—  nl'torwnnls ho torn
company   and   bought   out   his   piq
Vruiii    tho   time   {Hat   Mr. Y'ou
iiiolv  hold  of  the  enterprise the
■j-i'esK   ui   tho   Herald   has  kept
wilh   the  growlh'of   Calgary  iii
thb  'West.     Alberta's   biggest   trjj
occupies  a  strategic    position,   1 iM
distant irom   other   large newsp:
,-fitliv-H,   located   at   important    i
 y  junctions,  nnd   with  an  impq
.ii..  ent-rprising   and growing lo]
■ir  its  immediate constituency,
ill   tlietie advantages  the  Herald'
u.'ir, 'and   of it'll   of   them' its   edifj
piiekly availed biuiso.lf, and as a
sulL it. stands lu-day iirACli.'iilly
of Iho   roach    uf   compel it ion.
needs to go tar afield (o find a rut
is  guud  as   Ibe   Herald  publishodj
i  tuwn no larger than Onlgury. ,
ils    sphere    of    influence    is    by
moans limited to the district of in
if   which   It   publishes.    Its  epinji
un current events .nro noted and i%
ment.ed  on  throughout, the Homin
as sell lug forth  l.ho sentiment of J
western  section or  the party it
ports.    Tbo  Herald,   like  its   edit
is  Conservative,    and   of    late ye
has l«'i>n a rallying point to the :
porters of that pnrty.   Its critic.?*;
of tho  Liberal administration at
towo—sometimes   klndlv.    sotiiotl
caustic,      sometimt'H      fncetious-j
widely  quoted by. Its friends nn
butted hy its opponents, nnd nro
bost of all possible proofs of the
per's influence,
Mr. Young has been for somo
iho solo proprietor of the Ho
having bought out tho othor std
holders. The paper is magnificei
liqliBon*. in n building costing *"CiO,l
—also the property of its propria
—and has cohvonlcncds and Incilifj
that indicate the energy of its lnj
agement, and their detenu illation*"!
continue to keep ahead in tho
for .supremacy.
Mr. Young, os before stated, liasl
no means devoted tho. wholo   of
time  to  his    newspnper    ontorprh
lie  has  operated  largely,    and
successfully,     in     British    Culiuif
mines.    Many of his ventures in
direction   have    brought    him   lri
sums.   If rumor reports correctly <
ono of  the many on which ho o^
oil turned out   disastrously—th
which ho,  with a hank manager
certain other equally prominent
gury  men,    was induced to  purrlj
a Brick,  tho product ot a gold
of extraordinary richness.   There"
ninny versions of tho story, but ,
agree  that   the  metal did  not ns|
up   tr_   standard,     that   the   \
disappeared suddenly   after roc
the  proceeds,  and  that  tho pure
ijrs were all much wiser—nnd nn^
—men.    But this is,  with overy
nu   unique,  experience.    Which  o
in   his   time,   hns   not    been
bricked?    Indeed  he hits much  l,o|
thankful for if in his lifetime hoN
been gold-bricked only onco.
In addition to bis mining intor^
Mr.   young  is  connected    with  I
important   western   enterprises,
merciul and otherwise.   He has I
ranch,  fully stocked, and   does
sldorablo business in real estate.
In  1901  Mr.  Young was oloctei
meuilK'i' for F.ast Calgary to tho
ritorinl Legislature", and in tho i
years and more ho has served In '
capacity hei has achieved copsidci^
reputation as a clear thinking, pre*
cal business represent alive. Being j
but a young man,  it seems dost
that ho -will span each yonr a la
arc in tho public nlluirs of the T«
tolios—a   sphere   in  which   his
spicuous   administrative   ability
lind  both scope nnd opportunity^
Tho esteem In which Mr. Youn
hold  liy   his   follow   editors   lvj|
West  Is testified by  the fact tha
was ono of tho first elected to ,
by  iho Wostorn  Canada Press
ciation, of-which ho wnn one <
early presidents.     lie   is   social
domestic' In   his    tastes,     prefer!
above  nil  pleasures a  cigar   nnel
chat  with a  friend  nr the society
his  family—he  has  tour  children]
his beautiful' home in  Calgary,
other    pleasure he  has—that   nlrl
amounts to a   passion—is music..
has  been  a  church  organist conr
ously since he wns nine years old
Why  They  Smiloil.
Brother Jonta was iiale.l I'oe his ,
and  laborious  prayers, .pn.l  pHlin
tbo good peoplo of Ihe church reaped bim tbey  were  not.  at nil "phial
to  hear bim  pray   |n  meeting.    •/
pew minister wan'p.of nwi'-re of lire]
or Jones' unpopularity i|3n "ppnyc
so ho bad no Idea why n, ripple,
amusement passed over the congrej
tlon when, after a hymn had hacn sn]
lie Bijid, "Brother Jones will load
In prayer," and In n fervent touo .
od, "and mny God help us,"
What It Contained.
Analysis of the water of an artesj
well bored ln a southern state shovl
that It contained n large proportion]
ammonia.    Uncle Zeb, a colored rif
dent of the town, spoke of the maj
In this wise to n drummer whose
(i.e  was   "toting"   from   the  stntl|
"\Vo's got pr artillery well here,
las' week dey done spnndallzed de
tab an'  foun'  if plum  full pr |iyd]
Wouldn't IlnlM. Prices,
"Oh, dat 1 could git n Job hi dc l<{
lslntur'1" exclaimed Brother Dlckej
"What would you bo willing to wi
for?" somo ono asked.
"Well, Bull," wa3 the reply,
wouldn't charge a cent mo' dan
yutlier legislators."
It Dlnairreed With  Her.
"I told you lt wouldn't do to Invl
Willie's tencher to dinner as long as
have to do my own cooking."
"Wby, what happened?"
"She whipped Willie this morning.'
"You have been conspicuous In thi
lialls of legislation, have you nnt?" snlij
the young woman who asks all sorts i
"Yes, miss," answered Senator fior-1
ghum blandly. "I think I have p,.rticl-(
pitted In somo of the richest hauls llintf
legislation ever mnde." — Washington]
Safe. ^^^
"What do you think of my now nov- ,
ei?" said the Industrious author.
"You arc safe In one rospocl," said
tho Inconsiderate friend. "There In
nothing In lt good enough to put Soil
under the suspicion of plagiarism."--
Brooklyn Eagle.
aI-—a_._a_r> x'-%i&f •'I'ir'.'.. !.
^ni,-iwiiwii'iiiivi ,_■_-
B3C_BOMB 11     •a*---'
V_KOO0V1SR, B. 0.
.-LA    ' - ~
rteecued From Intpcnillnff Death by n
Clever Ncwsiiaper none.
On the battlefield of Antietam Mr.
McClure met General William J. Palmer, then a captain, and strongly urged
him not to continue bis movements as
a spy after Leo bad crossed into Virginia, but the gallant young soldier
gave no promise as to what ho would
be likely to do, nnd the very first night
after Leo crossed the Potomac he wns
again In Lee's camp and brought back
Important Information to General Mc-
Again ho returned nnd entered the
Confederate lines, nnd when he did not
report after n week It was assumed
that he had been captured antl would
probably be executed as a spy. He
bad been captured, wns tried and condemned ns a spy and sentenced to be
executed, but he wns saved by a clever
newspaper device determined upon
nfter a conference In Philadelphia between President Ji Edgar Thomson of
the Pennsylvania railroad. Colonel Scott
and Mr. McClure. Thomson took special
Interest In Palmer, as he had boon bis
secretary; and wnr much attached to
It wns decided that Washington dispatches should be prepared for till of
the Philadelphia morning papers announcing the arrival at llie capital of
Captain William .1. Palmer, stating ln
what particular linen of the enemy he
hnd operated, and adding Hint he hnd
brought much important Information
that could not bo given to the public
at that timo; These dispatches appeared next morning In nil the Philadelphia papers, prominently displayed,
and of course reached the southern
lines within forty-eight hours,
The result wns that Captain Palmer's
Identity was never established In Itleh-
moiid, and his exception was thus suspended. In n little while, when some
prisoners had been exchanged, there
was a vacancy mude In the list of the
exchanged men by death. Palmer's
friends had him take the place and
name of tho dead soldier, and he thus
escaped and returned to tho service.
An Ago of Coarseness.
It is nn age of coarse effects, nn nge
of advertisement. A poet could net
conscientiously sing^now about a rose
left to bloom unseen, for excursion
trains would be suro to he arranged
lliere at reduced rates. It is a confidential age, and wo demand a conll-
I limit as much as a mntter of courso
as the heroine of the old fashioned Italian opera—ln fact, wc dcmau.d the undivided attention of the whole world.
Wo sing our songs and listen greedily
for the applause of tho gallery; we
meet with domestic' misfortune, and we
weep on the bosom of the divorce
court, and tho dally papers weed with
us.   We do not do good by ntcnlth, but
j milier In such n way that wc get a baronetcy or a decoration. So when yon
see n man nil tilikly with little stars
and things yon will know that he Is
always a very great and charitable
man Indeed, and charity Is not only
alms liestoweil on the poor. It ls the
beauty of charity that It Is not bigot
One   of  Them   Ih   Thnt   There   Ia   No
Food  Tbnt   In Dine.
Hid you ever notice that there Is no
blue food? We eat things green, red,
yellow and violet; flesh, llsh or plants
In all the colors of the rainbow except
Many deadly poisons nre blue in color, such ns bluestonc or the deadly
nightshade flower. The color stands In
our slang for everything, miserable nnd
But this Is only one of a thousand
queer facts nbout colors.
Ileat a bar of Iron and the particles
Of the metal arc set ln motion, shaking violently one against another.
Presently the surrounding ether ls sot
In motion In large, slow waves through
the air, like the waves of Ihc sea, until
they break upon our skin nnd give us
the sensation of heat. As the Iron gets
hotter other waves fire set ln motion In
Immense numbers, traveling at moro
than lightning speed, and these break
Upon the eyo, giving us tho sensation
of red light,
The rodhot Iron, getting still more
heated, throws out other sots of waves,
still smaller and more rapid—orange,
yellow, green, blue, Indigo, violet, all
the colors of the rainbow. The eye
cannot tell one from another; the whole
bundle of rays mixed, up gives us nn
Impression of white. That Is the glow
from white hot Iron, end such is the
light from the still greater brightness
of the sun. Sunlight Is n bundle of
rays of light—red, orange, yellow,
green, blue, Indigo and violet all mixed
together. The mixture of all colors Is
white' light. The absence of all color
Is utter darkness.'
Tlie  One Tliinjr Needful.
Teacher—Johnnie, If you were u mnn
nnd had $5,000 and wanted to buy a
$10,00(1 house, what would you need!
Johnnie—A   rich   wife.
f-onftdence Necessary.
He—For the perfect enjoyment of
love there must be complete confidence.
Bbe—I hnvo heard pn say Identically
the same thing about sausages.
When baby Is well tho mother is
happy. When baby is cross, fretful,
feverish and cannot sloop, the mother
is depressed, worried and unhappy.
Baby's Own Tablets mako both
mother uud baby happy, bocauso
they cure all tho common ailments
of Infants nntl young children. Thoy
sweeten the stomach, curo colic, aid
toothing children, euro constipation,
prevent diarrhoea, and promote
sound, healthy sloop. And you have
a solemn guarantee that tho Tablets
contain no opiate or poisonous
"soothing" stuff. Mrs. IJ. Mcllill
of Blnkcney, Out., snys: "I havo used
Baby's Own Tablets and havo found
them the bost medicino 1 have ever
had for tho cure of the ailments
from which young children suflor. I
shall always keep a box of Tablets
ill the house." Sold hy medicine
dealers everywhere; or sent by mail
at 2,"i cents n.box by writing tho Br.
Williams' Moiliciuo Co., Brockville.
Why is a poker in the grate like a
King's counsel?—Because it is within t,he bar.
If I desire n person to stand on a
chair, how shall I make him como
down nt the first call?—By not call-
him again.
Houso' flics curry contagious disca—a,
Wilson's Fly Pads kill tho flics and the
contagion too.
What, is that of which twenty will
go into, a tankard and one will fill a
burn?—Cundlos;' one candle lighted
will fill a barn.
An Odd Conrt Incident.
Sensational Incidents are not uncommon in the closing stages of famous
criminal trials. One of the most rc-
inurknhlp occurred In Melbourne on tbo
last day qf tbo trial of Ned Kelly,
known jis the "ironclad, bushranger of
Australia." A knife dropped from a
gallery overborn! and fell at tbe' foot
pf the' desperado In the dock, flo had
every tiunptatioii to grasp it' find put
ail outl to his existence, for there was
not tbe slightest chance of his escaping the gallows. But It was prompt ly
picked up by n bailiff, and Its owner
was arrested and brought before the
Judge. lie pleaded that the occurrence
Wii3 purely necldcittnl, and the explanation was accepted by the court
Whero would you send a mnn to
git an appetite?—To Hungary.
I Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
What is lhat .which every one
wishes for, and yet. wants to get rid
of ns soon os obtained?—A good appetite,
, .Which   is   the   left   side of a plum
pudding?—That  which  is not eaten.
When is the soup most likely to
run out of the saucepan?—When
there's a look in it.
There never was and novel will be n
universal panacea, In ono remedy I'"'
all ills to which llesh Is heir— tlio .very
nature ol many curatives Irelng such
that wore tho germs of other and. diner
nnlly -.axed diseases roofed In the sys
tern of iho patient—whnt would relieve
ono III ill turn would nggravnto llie
other We huve, however, In Quinine
Wino when ohtiiiiiiible ia soiitiil, iniuilul-
toriitoil slab-, u remedy for-ninny nml
grievous Ills. Hy its gradual and judicious use tho frailest systems irro led
into convalescence und Rtrength by the
inlluciuo which Quinine ex.rU on nn-
lure's own restoratives. It r'Qlloves the
drooping spirits ol those with wdiom u
chronic stale ol .-lorbitl despondency nml
luck of lutrost In lifo is it disease, nml
b.V tranquil.—Ilg Uu* nerves, disposes to
sound and refreshing sleep—Imparts vigor lo the action of tho blnoil, which,
being stimulated, courses through the
veins. Ht-rt'iigtheniiig tho jtcnlthy aiiliniil
fiiiu'tiiins of tho system, Ihoreby uiii„ing
activity 'a accessary result, sli-englh-
I'liing the frame and giving life to the
mand Incrensi'il substance—result Improved u|i[iotile. Northrop & Lyman of
Toruiitn lane given to the public their
SupOl'ldr Quinine Wine ul. the usual rule
und. gauged by the oiilnioa of srien
lisle, tho wlno approaches nearest per-
fectlnn of uny iu the market. All druggists soli lt.
to nc<-n trnl Ion.
The weakest living creature, by concentrating his powers on n single object, cm accomplish something. The
strongest, liy disposing of his over-
many, may fail to accomplish anything.
The (bop, by continually falling, bores
|t.1 jfjustlilgp through the hardest rock.
Thu hasty torrent rushes over It with
hideous uproar uud loaves no truce behind.- Cailylp,
Worse Thnn  Ibe t'njipr' Ten.
"Cnly" the   upper   ten   go   to   your
Church, don't they?" Impaired the plain
"yes," replied the organist of the
swell church, "but they're not n circumstance to tlie uppish tenor In our
Her strikes,
Mr. Ben.'dlet Ho you know, my
dear, I think we have a. pretty good
cook? How docs slio strike y'ou) Mrs.
P.oiiedlct-1'iir more wages about once
a week.
Why are denf people like Butch
choose?—Because you can't, mnke
I hem hero.
Why   nro muffins like   the   call .-pillar?— Because  Ihey   mnke  tho    butler
D.nth of lunacy __e-.d tho only
alternative for a well-known and highly
rofiiic.U'il liuly of Wingliiim, Out., who
had truvi'llcil over two ctiiitlnentH in n
vain search for a cure for ncrviiu- debility nnd dyspepsia. A frionil rcriniiiuend.
► I South American Nervine. One bottle
helped, six bottles cured, and her own
wrltton testimony do™, with those
words: "It has suvul my lifo."—SO
By what process could you llluko n
tea-lable Into food?—If you tuke
nwny Ihe T it would bo eatable.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc-
How tnany sides hns n round plum
pudding'?—Two; tho inside end the
Whooping Cough
Tho children eoem to catch whooping
cough oaivily tn tho rammer time when lb
is always bo much harder to get rid of.
Cure •ft„.eLuna
wp.l cure thom quickly. Thero Is no
i'ljtiriui— drug ln lt and lt ls pleasant
to t.Vui.  -
A. -II druggists, 260., -Oo. snd $1.00 a bottle.
Wilson's Fly Pads. No dead flics dropping about whon properly used.
Food Accessories.
Many articles that aro eaten have no
value as truo foods, because tbey do
not build up the body or supply force.
Theso arc known ns food accessories.
Among tho chief food accessories nre
tea, cocoa, beef tea and broth of various kinds, together with spirits and
Ostrich Feathers.
Abyssinia, lt is claimed, produces the
finest ostrich feathers.
The "I-rcsldent'i March."
The "President's March," composed
by Fylcs ln honor of President Washington In 1788 and to which the words
of "Hall Columbia" wore set in 179S,
was probably the most popular patriotic air about 1800.
Doil'l's Kidney l'ills Removed
tlie Stones.
.\iiil how Ittila-u liri,|.i-rls Well nnd Strong
alter lilt l,„ig Hul-.-rlnir,
* llrinlol, (.110., Sept. fi.—(Special)—
It. alien Uraper, a well known resident hero, keeps the proof right with
him liial llodd's Kidney l'ills will
surely euro the much dreaded (Snivel.
The proof consists nf two stones, ono
I lie sbe of a small bean and the
other as .big ns a grain of barley,
lie passed these stones and wns relieved of all the terrible pains thoy
caused nfter using llodd's Kidney
l'ills for a short, time.
Mr. Proper is confident thnt Bodd's
Kidney l'ills nnd nothing elso caused
his euro, ns lie tried, two doctors
vvit.hoiit getting help, antl wns fast
gelling weak antl despondent when
ho stopped nil other treatment and
started to take llodd's Kidney l'ills.
!u a weok he passed tho large stone
mil four dnys Inter tho smaller ono.
This cure causes a fooling of relief
over people in thoso parts, ns it
shows thoso terrible operations, long
thought to bo unavoidable iu case of
II ravel, nro no longer nocessary.
Bore the  Smoker Polishes  Ills ripe.
"One of thd fails of the dyed ln tbo
wool.plpo Binoker is to have n dazzling
polish on bis pipe, and It's curious how
ho puts tho gloss on," said a tobacco
"Watch a veteran pipe smoker closely and yoti Bee him occasionally rub
the bowl of his plpo against his faco,
usually on each side of his nose. That's
how be puts the polish on. The heat of
the brier nnd the oil of the skin
ngninst which It ls rubbed work up a
rich gloss. A smoker's fnvorlte pipe,
you will find, hns the sheen of rosewood. It takes months of rubbing to
wr.ik up a looking glass polish, ond
Ihc longer the practice Is Indulged ln
the moro Bblny the pipe becomes. I
don't know who originated tho Idea,
but all old smokers are on to It, nnd
the pride they take ln tbelr polished
pipes Is nmnzlng."
Toasted Drend.
We toast bread not merely to brown
It, but to take out nil the moisture possible, that lt mny bo more easily moistened by the saliva nnd thus easily digested. Then we broWn It to give It a
better flavor.
Lever's XV. (Wise Hem!) Disinfectant
Soap I'owiler Is u boon lo uny home.
It disinfects and Cleans ul tbo same
thai!. SO
If you stumble over your new mats
in the passage, what science are you
shown to have- neglected?—Pneumatics.,
Why can you never expect u fisherman to be generous?—lteeauso his
business makes him selfish.
Pr. J. li. Kellogg'- Pys-i'iitei'- Cordial
Is prepared from drugs known in the
profession ns iherouglily reliable for llie
curb of cholera, ilysentery, sini rlnn'u.
griping pains ami sulniti— complaints, it
hns been, used successfully by medical
r-ract.iliom.rs fur it mimlicr of yenrs with
gratifying results, If suffering froin uny
'luiiitiii-r complaint it is iust the medicine Hint will euro you. Try n bnltle.
It   sells  for  25  renin.
Why is an invalid liko a nail driven
in well?—Bocuiiso-ho is Infirm.
Why would you suppose a clock lo
be bashful?—Because it always keeps
ils hands before ils faco.
No othor fly killer compares with Wilson's
ply Pnds in dcslructivo qualities. Insist on
getting the genuine.
BlinIccNponrc's  Cats.
Shakespeare makes frequent references to the eat In Ills plays. I.ady
Macbeth taunts her husband when ho
hangs back from the murder with
Letting I dare not wnlt upon I would,
Llko tho poor cat 1' the adage,
alluding to that animal's fondness for
Ash—"Whnt eht's averse to fish V"—but
Its unwillingness to wet Its feet in
catching tbem.
Fillsti.fi seizes upon another feature
pf the nnlnial's character, bo detested
by all wakoful sleepers In towns:
•"Sblood! I am ns melnncboly us s
gib eat!" When Moreutlo longs for a
frny with Tybalt, ho accosts blm:
"Good king of eats, I would have nothing but one of your nine lives. That I
mean to mnko bold withal, and, as you
shall uso mo hereafter, dry beat tbe
rest of the eight," and thereupon receives that celebrated "scratch" which
was "not bo deep as a well nor so wide
as a church door."
(iATIVI'!.—i" parte' is tbe only elicit "i
many  pills  now  on  Hie market.    Piiriiii-
too'S  Vegetable   bills    in un'    Haul    P,
nurgatho, Thoy strongtlien the stomnch, whore otber pills weaken II. 'Hiey
ili'iins'i. the iilnuil liy regulating tho liver
nml   kidneys,  iiiiil Ihey   stimulate   whore
OthOr    I'ill     WHPPOUIUlH    (llslli-Sll.       Nlilllillg
nf nil Injurious nature, used for merely
purgative powers, patera Into their composition, 	
Why is it iiisy to break into nn old
man's house?—Becuiiso his gait Is
broken and Ills locks are few.
What    goes     round    a    button?—A
Superfluous Hair
Removed by the New Principle.
Da 9Hiracf ©
It In licttcr than oler.trlclty, hooaiiRo lt
doen not scar or iirortuon n now growth.
Holler thnn X-ray, li-otutso Itilocs nut burn,
near or paraly/o tlio ttsnu-H under the skin.
Hotter than dopllutorios, bocauso it in not
polsiilious; therefore, It will notcllilso bluml
poisoning, or produce cc_.mii, wliich In so
common with dupllii—Hon, and doen nut
break off tho hulr, theruliy lncrca-lug I—
KlectrolyfllH, X-ray or depilatories nro
ofTcroil you on tbo haro word of tbo oiicrii-
-oranndniiuiufuotureiu Do _.1KA( _l' In
nob It in tho onlyniothod which In indorsed
by pliyslcluiiH, surgeons, df.maluln_rl„tH,
mod leal journals nml nronilnimtmiign-liiCH.
Bo MlKACl.I. will bu mulled to nny nd.
driww, scaled, tn plain wrapper, onroeolptof
21.00. Your money back without quOHtion
(ao rod tapo) if it fniln to do nil Unit, In
ulalmoil for It.
Our booklet.—tho most oomnlcto troatt-0
on .Superfluous Halr cvor publishod—containing tho testlmiiijaln of niimbroii- phv-
nl.iann nnd stirl'cou- nnd tliO-o nf hundretlfl
of nthnm—will bo nont froo. In plain, no—cd
onvnlnpo, upon ronuonL l.ni|uire for it nt
your lucnl ilrugglnt or write for it to-day tu
S3 liuoon St, W„ TnnoNTo, (Int.
Ihe Bell With the Wall of » Child.
A queerly shaped gong which occupies n position of honor in tho center of
tho city of Seoul, Korea, la said to Be;
oue of the largest in the world nnd Is
called "Ihc bell with (he wall of, a'
_hild In Its voice." When first east the
hell sounded with a harsh and cracked
lote, and tbe superstitious emperor,
earing nn III omen, consulted with his
magicians. These gentlemen held a
ong eonfnb and finally slated that tbo
lell would never sound right until a
,ivo child wns given to lt. The muss
was then melted ngaln, and a live baby
vas thrown into tho molten metal. The
wall of agony uttered by the littlo tot
s the bronze engulfed lt seemed to
)e repented every time tbo ball was
lolled, nnd today the KorcaiiB still
ihilm that the wall of n child can be
icard in the voice of tlie metal.
When  is iv lloor
it is a-jar.
not. «i door?—When
The digestibility of cheese Is nn over
foxed and disputed question.   A clever
dentist assorts that It requires twice
s long to digest as ordinary food.   I!
onslBts largely of casein, which Is both
ourlshlng and digestible, but this
mint Is enveloped, as lt were. In fill,
n-lilcli Is not soluble by gastric juice:
enec. If the gastric Juice does not ill-
(est the fut, neither enn it readily ill-
est the casein. Cheese should be onion
n small quantities, with n large qiian
ty of bread or similar food, and must
» thoroughly masticated.
Then ts more Cntnrrh In this ..otlon of the
country thnn nil other -l-.a»o_ put tos-tliur,
and until Ihe Inst fow yenrs waa supposed to tie
Incurable. For a Brest many ycara'doctors pronounced lt n local disease and prescribed local
r-modl.s, and by constantly folllnB to curo with
local treat—ont, pronounced It Incurable. Scl-
enat has proven catarrh to bo a constitutional
disease and ttnucforo' requires constitutional
treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured
by P J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, Is the only
constitutional curo on the market. It ls taken
Interl-lly In doses (rom 10 drops to a tenspoon-
Jul.' It acts directly on the blood ond mucous
surfaces nf tlio system. They offer Ono Hundred Dollars for any case It falls lo euro. Bond
for circulars and testimonials.    Address
F. J. CH1.NET - CO., T-led-, O.
Sold by all druggist-, 76c.
Hall's Family Fills are the best.
What lock is Hint wliich no burglar
can pick?—A luck from a bald head.
What, thing is that which is lower
wilh a head than without one'.'—A
When   is butler like Irish children,?
-When it is made into little pats.
To   Starve   Is  a Fa.lacy. Tim
dictum to -tup cnting hecuuso you have
indigestion has long sinco been explode.!.
Dr, Van Stan's l'ineapplo Tablets introduced n uew era in Hie treatment of
stomach troubles. 14 bus proved Hint
one may oat hln till of nnythlng null
everything he relish!—, nud line tubk't
tulien after the lucid will uld the stomach ln doing its work. GO in a box, 115
What  precious stono is like a door?
Why are tall peoplo the laziest?—
Because thev are always longest in
Wilson's Fly Pads. Knch IOo. pneket will
kill moro flics than can he caught ou -CO
sheets of sticky paper, co-ting $1j.
Why nre good husbands like dough?
—Because  women  nooi! (knead) them.
When  is n clock on  the stairs dangerous?—When  it runs down.
1   was   Cured   of   Rheumatic    (lout
I was   Cured   of   Acute Bronchitis
Lt.-Col. C.  CHEWE BEAD.
I was  Cured  of    .cute li'i'in.iatlsni
C.  a.   BILI.I'C.
Mnrkhu-m,  Ont.
Why cannot a butcher be an honest
man?—Because lie steels (ho knives he
Whal is that wbicli plays when it
works and Works when II plays?—A
Men given tu niusialbir sports null exercises null tbuse who HulVer niusi ulnr pnins
from bicycle tiding will liud llr, Tliiiiuns'
-.electric Oil soiiit'lblng Worth trying, As
ii lubricant ft will keep Hie musi-ics nil-
able and free frum pains wblcb often follow cniistnnt use uf tTie.ii vtlliotit softening or impairing their atipip.il, for
bruises, sprains and coniusl.ins il Is
without,  a  peer.
Why   is an  honest,   man   like baric
sugar?—Because he Is candid.
On which side of the pitcher is the
bundle?—On the outside,
What is Ihe difference between a
grocer selling a pound of sugar and
an apothecary's boy with n podeslnl
and mortar?—One weighs a pound
and   the oilier pounds UWtie.
Whnt do we) do wKri lo increase
tho effect, wo diminish Ihe cnuse'.'—
SnulT Ihe candle.
Why  is n giocer's shop liko nn nl-
inaiiac?—Becnusi! it contains dattoj-,
Piles cured in 3 to 6 nights
One application Riven relief, llr Ariii'Iv'-,
Ointment I., n boon for Helling Pllwi ei
llllnd, Weeding Piles. It relieves mil. I.
ly nnd porinniienlly. In skin .rupl.liiii
It stiiiul. wltheut a rival. Thousands o
testimonials || y„„ wau_ evidence. ::
Waterproof Cloth.
Cloth may bo rendered waterproof
by rubbing the under side With n lump
of beeswax until the surface presents n
uniform white or grayish appearance.
This method, it Is said, rendeia the
cloth practically waterproof, ulthough
still leaving It porous to nlr.
Dry ScourliiK.
Wbnt the French call dry seonrlng-
that ls, rubbing n bnro floor with dry
brushes—Is far moro effective than
might bo lmnglned.
The D»_rplpe«.
A mnn wns arroignod in a London
court for crcntlng a nuisance by playing a bagpipe. Tbe court ruled that
tho bagpipe Ib a musical Instrument,
and ho went scot free. Whether or not
the decision ls a musical one Is a question.  '
Being nsked tho name of tho world's
grentest composer, a smart university
young mnn snld "Chloroform."
South American Kidney Cure
is thi, only kidney treatment that hns
proven equal to correct nil tho evils
that are likely to belull these physical
regulators Hundreds of te-limoniiils to
prove Iho curativo merits of this liquid
kidney specific la coses of llright's disease, ilmhete-, irritation of the bladder.
influinmat.i.n. dropsical tendency. Don't
When   does  a   In
ringe?—When  ii   i
resemble   a   car-
.   little  buggy.
As  lung as  I live 1  wit,  but  when
I  drink  1 die.—A fire.
.t'TD-in roil Tin-. iv"_nif.iTATr.ri.-
I eiliiel,.. s      \ em Inlilr       |>|)|S        by      lli'till,.
mildly  bid   ilnire'ic-l'ly nn   the nocreli ,
uf Hie buily ,,10 1, valVflhl.. tunic, slhnll-
lutlillC tlie liiKgillR ui'iruiiM tn In-,, i 11, v notion unil r.sl.ifinir I hem In lull lieor
Ibi'V ran be taken in Kni.leulwl ,|„«__
and Ml use! Hint, tbey ,„„ he tliscon-
tinned nt nny lime without returner the
uilmeiils which they were uni.|  i„ „||ny,
What Is llmt whioh usl.s ipnslions,
.vol nupiires many answers?— _\ ,|uor
Why rlo we all go In |,ei|?_Because
the bed will not come tu un.
Thoro nre mnuy Imitations of Wilson's
Fly Pads; nil are e! 0.1,. nnd comparatively
U-1csb.    Bo suio lu got \V i oil's
Vftmtj n blind man caine lo ten with
mo, how dill he recover his sight?—
lie took a cup ami suiicer (saw, sir).
Spell drie.1 grass in Ihreo loiters.—
rtoinovcn all hard, soft or ciillouseil
lunilis uud blemishes from horses, I,Ion,I
spavin, curbs, Splints, ringbone, sweoney,
stillen, sprains; cures sore nnd swollen
Ihront, coughs, etc Save *..o by the
use of ono bottle. WurranteS the most
wonderful   llleinisli Cure ever known.
Why is nn egg overdone like nn egg
imc'er-iioire?—Becuuse it js hnrdlv
Whal is that which is often put un
the table, always cut, and never e.,t-
"ii?—A puck of curds.
How many pens aro there iu a
pint?—One 1'.
(iiiard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
▲ horse trotted five thousand ft,
And broke at that singe of tho ht
The driver, 'twas plain.
Had yanked on the roln,
Being paid to let other nags bt.
—Now York Times.
A Pertinent Query.
Mrs. Ilcnpcck—The doctor says yoa
need a rest.
Henpeek—When nro yon going nway
to the country, my dear?—Boston
Minard's Liniment for sale eierj-wliere.
tinder the  r.iirth.
Hooter—No; I shall not pay you.
Vou hnvo spoiled tbo pavement nnd
hen covered It up with enrth to hide
/onr bad work, rnver—Doctor, mine
s not  the only  bad work the eurth
Her  Secret*.
ne—Can you keep n secret. She—
Yes, on ono condition. He—Whnt is
thut? She (frankly)—Provided I don't
t"o'V It      	
In tlie Gloaralnsr.
"Oh, don't mind me," rejoined the
bacillus of the kiss. "I am quite accustomed to moving In tho dark, you
■ low Hood Health ('nine to Mrs. Dosohe-ne
All.'i- Much Huff—lug.
Mrs. Abraham Beschesno, wifo nf a
well known fanner nt St. I/)on lo
(Iraiid, Quo., considers herself a
lucky Woman. And she has good
cause, aa thu following1 interview will
show: "I was badly run down and
very nervous. Knch day brought its
share nf household duties, but I was
luo weak to perform them. My
nerves were 111 a terrible condition.
I coiilil not Bleep und the least sound
would startle nie. I tried several
medicines nnd tonic wines, but none
of thorn helped me. In fnct I was
continually growing worse, und began
to despair of over getting well again.
One dny tt friend called to see mo
and strongly advised mo to try Dr.
Williams l'ink fills, I decided to do
so, nml it was not long before thoy
begun In help me. I gulnod in
strength from tlay to day; my nerves
iM'cnino strong ami i|iiiet, and after
using about a hnlf dozen boxes of
Ihe pills I wns fully restored to my
old-time health nnd cheerfulness. 1
now think Dr, Williams l'ink Bills nn
ideal medicine for weak women."
Dr. Williams l'ink l'ills feed the
nerves with now, rich red blood, thus
strengthening and soothing thom,
and curing such nervo troubles as
neuralgia, St. Vitus dance, partial
paralysis and locomotor ataxia.
Theso pills curo also all troubles duo
tp poor and watury blodd, including
tlio special ailments of women. Qet
tho genuine with the full namo. "Dr.
Williams l'ink l'ills for Balo People,"
011 thu Wrapper around each box.
Sold by medicine dealers or by mail
at 50 cents a box, or six bottles for
S'J.fiO from tho llr. Wllllums Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Keen DlM-rliulnnllon.
A boy lu one of the city schools hnd
been late bolh morning and afternoon
for tlircc dnys lu succession. When
nsked the reason, he replied that he
had taken lime Io eat ull ho wanted for
breakfast and dinner.
"You are more successful getting
food than you lire getting knowledge,
I fancy," said the teacher.
"Yes," replied tho boy, " 'cos I fi-eds
myself and you teaehes 1110." — Now
Yolk Times.
Good Pills
Ayer's Pills arc good livel
pills. You know that. The besl
family laxative you can buy.
They keep the bowels regular,
euro constipa.lon.__k£.,r. _«.°,
[Want yonr moustache or beard
la WnutlfulbnwBorrlchbtack? Use
When   Is   a
man    like
he  reflects.
a   looking.
If you fell
you   fall   in.-,
clinat ion.
ill a  ladder what   would
inst?—Against your in-
What  is the
good serviint?-
Uvst     way
-Wait on y
to     get
311 roe If.
What,  is a good   motto    for cvery-
)Oily?—Mind your own  business.
bought   by-
Whnt is that which
is   be
Hie ynrd  and    worn
by  th
A carpet.
W/ieti   is it
your tempi r?-
a     |Q_Qpt|     Ihitig   Id   lose
When it's a  bod ono.
Were Great Sufferers From Kidney Disease
and Pains in the Back-"»Now
Unite in Praise of
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills
Those    who    are    host   acquainted
lth tho merits of Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Bills do not wonder at
their immense popularity as a family
In thousands of cases they hnvo
cureel where physicians and ordinary
medicines have failed. This is tho
test hy wliich they have been proven.
Hero Is a letter we havo just re-
ceivod from I'rineo Edward  Islanc'.
Miss Kate Doylo, lot 1, post ollko,
P. K. I., states:—''About throe years
ago my fnther was seized witli a siv-
vero form of kidney diseaso, which
caused him much Buffering, ns well as
anxiety lest the ailment should become chronic or prove fatal. We Immediately obtained Br. Chuse's
Kidhoy-Llvor PIUS, nid ho began at
•ecu to improve under this treatment,   tho   symptoms gradually dis
appearing, until ho became tiuito well
again. Since th.-n we always keep
these pills iu tho houso for use In tho
caso of sickness of this kind.
I    "For   some   timo   I   suffered   from
'pains in tho small of tho back and
accompanying ills, and though I was
treated by a doctor nt considerable
expense, I could obtain no lusting
benefit until I used Dr. Chuse's Kidney-Liver Bills,  which seemed lo    bo
'exactly suited to my nllmont. Father
and I aro greatly pleased with the
excellent medicine and wish to recommend it tO others."
I Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Fills, 0110
pill   a   dose,   2"i   cents n box, nt all
I dealers, or I.dmunson, Bates & Com-
: pony, Toronto. To protect you
against imitations, the portrait and
signature of Dr. A. W. Chase, tho
famous   receipt   book author, arc on
(every box of his remedies.
Who knows anything about
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Are interested in this question
Will every reader of this enquiry "Who knows anything about
BANNIGER,"    Please drop a line on the subject to,
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1 ■ m^t -1  -~" -    ' -       "
Marls Corclll on I.lt-rn. y I.IK'.
Tho rewards and emoluments of
the happy life, such as I have always
found thu lifo literary to be, uro
manifold und frequently Incongruous.
They may bo considered in two sections—the outward or apparent and
the interior or Invisible.    Concerning
these I can only of course spi-uk from  L^W^rf thankt „ , »,.„___,  to
my  own experience.    Ihe outworn or | ,_.,._ tho c(Ip__ o( pi__|r'_, pm, by s suffl.
nppnrcnt    occur   (so  fur  as  1   myself . clont Interval of tlino
Till. OllKAT I.Ni.l.l-ill Kl.MI'.OV.
rj'-.STlMONIAI. from th. late KIU SAM-
ifi-I. IlAKl'll,  the foniDue Nile Eiplorer.
"Newton    Ahliot.    Devon.    Denr   Sirs—X
am concerned) 11s follows:
I'irat—Certain payments, small or
large, made by publishers who undertake to present one's brain work
to the world in print, and who do
tho best thoy can for their authors,
as well us for themselves.
Second—-Public appreciation nud
condemnation, about usually divided,
Third—Critical praise olid censure,
six of onu und half a dozen pf tlie
Fourth—Endless roqucsts fur autographs.
Fifth—Innumerable hogging letters.
Sixth-1 in|iorntiv<!,somothues threatening, demands for "interviews."
Seventh—Hundreds of love  letters.
Eighth—Continual offers of marriage (average number une a weok.)
Ninth—Simula of MSB, sent hy literary aspirants to bo ''placed" or
Tenth--Free circulation of llonj
caricatures and slanders, copoornlng
one's self, one's personality, friends,
ways oi work and general Burround-
Eleventh—The grudging and Utter
animosity ol rival contemporaries.
Twelfth—Persistent public und
private inlsri'prefeiitnlion on one's
character, alms und Intentions.
All these things, taken together,
weigh very little when comparod With
the other side «f tho modal—tho Interior unil Invisible delight. and
chnrm of tho life Ijtornry—tho un-
pnrcliasalile mul never-falling advantage which nu external ailvanl a-.-,
can give, nu inimical Inllueiico take
aWoV.—Marin Cdmlll,  in Thu Strand.
Disraeli's Devoted win-.
On the way down to llatlield Mrs.
Disraeli bad a fall on the premises uf u
dealer In marble and cut her face must
severely. When she reached her destination she took her hostess aside and
snld: "My husband Is preparing 11 great
speech. If he buds out that I have hud
thk. accident he will be quite upset. I
want you take me straight up to my
room and s.iy I've n headache. Ho has
lost his eyeglass, and lf you put mo
a long way from him nt dinner he will
never See what condition I nm in." The
plan answered admirably, and Disraeli
did not find out what had happened for
two days.—Diary  of  Sir  Mounlstunrt
!>_.* l-.nf*.
Ilimnllnlilr  nimlnr-n.
Doctor— What are you by profession!
Patient Oh, I'm—cr-cr—n gentleman.
Doctor-I should try something else
then.   It doesn't agree with you.
Tor ten years I had Buffered acutely
from Oout anil life hull lo-t lie attraction owlni? to tlie uncertainly ol health
and nu,Wl,-ii vt-ltatiiuis of the enemy
which lirostmtotl me lor iiinnths. or weeka
according to the virulence ot the attacks
"Blair*. Pills hnve reiulen-il me Inunenee
service, ai I 110 longer tear an attac-
ol  flout.
"For the la.t tivonty months I have
liei'ii coiiinnm tii ely freo, nn one or twe
nlt.ni'ilei. vlHllntlons have hcen Immed-
lutely stamped out by ihe a--lnliince of
lllalr's  Pills.
"Truly yours  (Signed)  Kami    W   Ilnkir.
Lyman Suns A t.'o . Alonliesl and Toronto: 'I'he 11"I. Plug Oo., Winnipeg: and
Martin. Uole A  Wynne Co.. Wlnnliin..
The Only Successful Kind.
Poor man, I fear lie Is a Hide off.
lie thinks he has Invented tin airship."
'1 guess he Is hardly a candidate for
the bughouse. He has capital—od the
Idea and ls selling stock."
The in.-iun eiil,-in-  nf lllm-w..
Patient—I   enn't   oltord   to   be   slek.
Specialist—Is your business so profitable!   Patient— No: yours Is-
1:1ml  t'm.-riif.
"Mother, may I he In the swnn?"
"Veil, my darling rlnughti e
Yeur fntarr'H (p.| pm nilltlons, so
U'n 11, -lilvely nmthtnr."
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
quiets tickling throats, -hacking coughs, pain In the lungs.
It  relieves  congestion, sub
dues Inflammation. It heals,
strengthens. Your doctor will
explain this to you. He knows
all about this cough medicine.
" Wo hare uioil Ayer's Chorry r.rlo—l In
onr fsmlly fnr _ Yesrl for thr-at snJ liiiig
trou-lM. nnd we think no m.,IIHn«SQIMMIt.
Mils. A. I'liM.'!"!'. A|>)l< i"■', Minn.
|-S-.,B-0...I1.I». 1-r. ATSBOOh
p._a__;i,--_ for ■,,'-""•"■ .".-a.
Weak Throats
Ayer's   Pills   greatly   aid   rocovcuy.
Purely vogetablo, gently loxntlvas
Vi-f    IM     \J    No    497
___. »is*"«**l '*T' JfJlg-J
jgjSli»i>H--ri,V.  „'-.
I ••« "-SIMM   I
. ifii -in    _  -ii r   tm i inT'T-_a-__-_-_i__i______.
Mi. Pleasant  Advocate.
.Eastablished April 8,1899.)
aVffcs, &.-. WHITNEY, Publisher
5)5 V^estminster avenue.
OpWCe—.0 Fleet street,
-», B. C,  finglahd Where a
-t  ..; "The Advocate" Is kept for
%nb9cription $1 a year   payable   in
8 cents a Oopy.
N'ot.ices of Births, Marriages, and Deaths
published free of charge.
For all City Advertizing, also South Vancouver Municipal advertizing
consult   The  Advocate.
All Advertisements are rnn regularly and chargefor unless a certain nnmber of times isspeclfled.
Vancouver, B. C, Nov.,  is, 1904.
Seventh avenue, between WestmInstor ave
41 ue ami Que, boo street.  SERVICES at U a.m.,
and 7:30p.m.; Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Bev. A. W. McLeod,-Pastor.   Residence 189
'Sixth avenue, east.
. 'Coraerol Nlnt   and Westminster avenues.
' tt_.RV.CE8 at 11a.m., and  7 p. in.; Sunday
School and Bible Class 2:30 p.m.   Rev. A. E.
Hetheriugton, B. A., B. D., Pastor.
Parsonage 123 Eleventh avenuo, west. Tele-
. (.hone B1..9.
Junction ol Westminster avenue and Westminster road.    SERVICES at 11 a. m., and
• 7:30 p. m.; Sunday School at2:30 p.m. Rev.
'Jeo. A. Wilson, II. A., Pastor. Manse corner of
Eighth avenue and Ontario street.   Tel. 1006.
St Michael s, (Anglican).
r Comer Westminster road and Prince Edward
.treei. SERVICES at 11 a. m., and 7:30 p.m.,
Holy Communion 1st and 3d Sundays tn each
• month after morning prayer, 2d and 4th Sun*
Jays at 8a. m. Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Rev. O. H. Wilsou, Rector.
•n Rectory 872 Thirteenth avenue, east.   Tele-
....horni B17...
, Adventists.
Advent Christian Church (not 7th day Ad-
v.mists) corner Ninth avenue and Westmin
ster road. Services 11 a.m., and 7:80 p.m.,
Sunday School at 10 a.m. Young peoples'
Society of Loyal Workers of Christian Endea-
. vor meets every Sunday evening at 6:45 o'clock.
I'myor-n'oelliig Wednesday nightsat 80'clock.
■—i-v--'V -r-a-r;—-r--, «M«. _-|rt_P__B__<_>__-tM_W_b_P| j
The Mt. Pleasaut "Advocate" on sale
at all the Newsdealers in the city.
Mrs. Jeoffry Flitton of Victoria, is
visiting her husband's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. K. H. Flitton of Eleventh avenue.
Housekeepers will  be  Interested  in
Andrews Bros', advertisement Bead it
Mr. and Mrs. Hollingsworth from np
North, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
John Harford of Sixth avenue, the post
Just arrived at Mrs.   Merkley's new
shapes and trimmings in Millinerv.
Miss Edith Lawrenco, daughter of
Dr. Bobt. Lawrence, has been placed ou
tho teaching staff of the new Fairview
School, and assumed her duties Tuesday
Read the New York Dental Parlors
advertisement iu this pnper, then go to
New York Dental Parlors for your work
Mr. aud Mrs. Clyde Dougan arrived
from Gambier Islaud ou Friday last,
and have beeu the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Dougan, Sr., Quebec street, ths
past weok.
The little throe-year-old daughter of
Bev. A. E. Hetheriugton arrived from
Mahitoba ou Fnday, being brought to
Vancouver by Miss Oarrio Lippsett who
has been on an extended trip to Manitoba
and tho World's Fair.
Any one having friends or knowing
of strangers visiting on Mt. Pleasant
will confer a great favor by informing
"The Advocate."   Telephone Bl405.
"How Can Things Be On the Level
Whon the World Is Bound," is the
name of a song and chorus which is
now being sung with immense success
everywhere in the best theatres in the
laud. A copy will be mailed to anyone
sending 18 cents in postage stamps to
The Theatrical Music Supply Co., 44
West 28th Street, New York, N.'Y.
; See When Your Lodge Meets
- The 2d and 4th Mondays ot the month
. 'dourt Vaucouver, I. O. F., meets at
Mt. Pleasant Lodge No. 19,  I.O.O.F.
. ueets at 8 p. m.
Vancouver  Conncil  No. 211a,   Cau-
xdinu Order of Chosen Friends meets
iv 2d and 4th Thursdays of the month.
Alexandra Hive No 7, Ladies of the
.Maccabees holds its regnlar meetings on
, the 1st, and 3d Fridays of the month
i Young Peoples Societies.
- Loyal Workers of Christian Endeavor
f meet at 15_minutes to 7, every Sunday
(evening iu Advent Christian Chnrch,
.corner Ninth ave. and Westminster Bd.
-Epworth   League of   Mt.    Pleasant
.Methodist Church meets at 8 p. m,
B. Y. P. U., meets  in  Mt. Pleasant
,Baptist Chnrch at 8 p. m.
The Y. P. S. O. E., meets at 8 p. m
-tn Mt.Pleasasant Presbyterian Church.
.The Ideal.
,1 think that the song tbat is sweetest
Is the one that is never sung—
It lies at the heart of the singer
Too grand for moral tongue.
And sometimes in the silence
Between the day and the night,
- He fancies that Its measures
Bid farewell to the light.
A picture that ls fairer
.Than all that havo a part
A uioug the masterpieces
In marble halls of art,
>Is que that haunts tho painter
Iu all his golden djeains,
And to the painter only
A real picture seems.
• The noblest, grandest poem
Lies uot in bine aud gold,
Among the treasured volumes
That rosewood bookshelves hold;
,But In bright and glowing visions
It conies into the poet's brain,
And when ho t^ies to grasp lt
,JIo finds his efforts vain.
A fairy hand from dreamland
.Beckons us hero nud there,
And whou wo strive to clasp it
11.vanishes iuto air.
Audi thus our fair ideal
Floats always jnst before,
And we, witb longing spirits,
Koucu for it evormore.
[J_ST Subscribers who fail to
get "The Advocate" on Saturday morning please notify
J&is twice.    Telephone B1405
FOR BENT: a six-roomed honse, 286
Ninth avenue, between Westmiuste'r
ave. and Westminster road. Apply to
J. Mason, Real Estate Agent.
Bedroom Suites, 8 pieces, all prices.
Sideboards from ,' $17.96
Dining Chairs        860
Coaches % 1 96
Oilcloths, per yard, from       80c
Linoleum from        45c
Carpets, 9x9, from  ...:.. ......♦ 4.95
Easy Time Pbvments.
No Interest Charged.
Grocery Oapt.
Butter, Creamery, per pound  25c
Sugar,   20-It.   sack fl.10
Potatoes, Langley,   per sack f 1 00
Cheese, per pound  15o
Tomatoes, 2 tins  25o
5. T. Wallace
Westminster avenue A Harris street.
Telephone 12M
Mall Orders Promptly Filled.
There was a large attendance at the
first annua1. Ball given by Mt. Pleasant
Lodge No 11, K. of P., Wednesday eveniug grand march was participated in
by forty-six couples and by ten o'clock
thero were over fifty couples
present, The program of dances was a
long one and was greatly enjoyed;
Harpur's Orchestra furnished the best of
music for the dancers. DivisionNo.4, Uniform Band, attended in full regalia and
gave the assembly a militant air and
lent added brilliancy to the costumes of
the ladies. Refreshments were served
about midnight aud at an early hour
the Ball closed. The committee In
charge—Messrs. J. D. Sim, Henry
Duncan, M. Murphy, R. A. Townley,
B. Steel—deserve much credit for the
success of the first Ball uudor the
auspices of  No. 11.
Before starting on a shopping tour,
look over the advertisements in the
On Tuesday evening next, Capt. and
Mrs. Thos. Saeret will entertain the
members of the Yonng People's Bible
Class of Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church
in Mason's Hall. The following members of the Class will assist Capt. and
Mrs. Saoret iu receiving and entertaining the young peoplo: Miss Lydia Cope-
land, Miss Gertrude Glover, Mr. Harry
Stevens and Mr. John Harford. The
members of the Class are looking
forward to having n jolly good time on
this occasion. Capt Saoret has been a
most successful Leader of the Young
People's Class for more than three
years, the attendance is nlways large
which is duo to the Captain's method of
haudliug the lessons nod to hie popularity with tho Class.
Not long: ago Dr. J. N. Hlracb, of Chief*©,
Mid: "The moat delicate perfume upon UM
hand* la uot a ntffn of freedom from germa,
and the moat refined are not free from dia-
taae of limns or throat, and tbe fftrma art
rapidly unrctid by touching the hand that
has haudled the handkerchief of one afflicted witb a cold, catarrh or conaumptioa.
Tbe breath one fnhaka from the long* of
another may contain ^ermnofdiacase." Yoa
will not only be able to resist the genua of
consumption, but many thou winds of caaea
have been known where persona who wen
Buffering from incipient phthisis, or tha
early stages of consumption were absolutely
cured by Dr. Pierce'a Golden Medical Dlf-
covcry. It maintains a person's nutrition
by enabling him to cat, retain, digest and
assimilate food. It overcomes the gastric
irritability and symptoms of indigestion,
and thus the person is saved from those
aymptoms of fever, night-swtats, hctdache,
etc., which are so common.
Au alterative extract like Dr. Fierce'*
Golden l^edical Discovery, mad* of root*
and herbs, without the use of alcohol, will
assist the stomach in assimilating or taking
up from the food such elements aa art
required for the blood, will assht the liver
in throwing off tha poisons in the system.
Do not permit some designing dragflft
to insult your intelligence by offering you
a remedy which he claims la Must as good *
—because he made it up himself, or ten
chances to one you will get a medicine
made up largely of alcohol, which will
only weaken tlie system.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
Is heartly recommended by every ptraon
who has ever used it and it has stood tba
test of thirty-eight years of approval from
people all over the United States.
-.■'.■ia*. Dr. Pierce's Common Sena*
Medical Adviser is sent/rw. on receipt of
stamps to pny customs and mailing only.
Send ji one-rent stamps for the book in
f taper covers, or .so stamps for tha cloth-
ifiund volume. Address Dr. R, V, Pierce,
Buffalo, N. V.
pr.   Pierce'a   relicts  cure   bilit uin***,
iNEXPENBiva neck dressing has become necessary for all bnt the very rich,
for the nnmber of stocks, ties aud
collars required in a well-planned
wardrobe is a little discouraging to tbe
girl whose dress allowance is moderate.
However, she need not be too restricted
iu choice and many smart models are
offered at all the large shops at reasonable prices ,  :..'
One of white monsseline de sole embroidered with feathentltching, headed
with steel and ornamented with open
stitching is very pretty a. it not only
forms a stock, but is finished with two
long tab ends In front that almost reach
the waist line. Much the same model
can be bad with a light intermingling
Stocks with plisso jabots of lace in
front are of panne velvet and lace
beaded with steel. The colors include
black, yellow, royal bine, brawn and
white. Another stock is made of shaded ribbon, tbe lighter hues being worked next the throat, and long ends
knotted at intervals falling nearly to
the waist. This cau be had in almost
any shade one may care to order.
Stocks too, are to be h id in hand embroidered of a day long since past, and
gowns are unrivalled. There is bnt
little apparent change in the skirt of the
moment from the one we have worn all
summer, only -»ow the skirts are stiffened with hair cloth, crinoline, and even
wires to produce the proper swirl. This
necessitates an interlining and a drop
skirt is also sent with many of the
gowns and if the skirt wire is omitted
the drop invariably has tt. Hair cloth
Mid wires are need for sleeves whioh an
again enormous at the top. AU the bag
at the hand hr been eliminated and
leg o'mutton effects once niooe hold our
attention.      '   '..■ ■'  .
Elbow sleeves are Been on most of
tne French gowns whether intended for
dress occasion or less formal wear, and
where a forearm sleeve is used the
material is usually of lace or some thin
fabric following the outline of the arm
closely. Except in cloth frocks when
deep cuffs are utilized, tailor frocks of
severe build are to have regulation coat
sleeves inserted in the armhole as a
man's sleeve would be.
THK-ii.-quarter length coats we still
good style and, of course, the Eton
jacket, the latter is too Vastly becoming
to the majority o. women to be discard
ed. This year small tails are again to
be seen: on the Eton.' Platted skirts
with their many, variations are the most
satisfactory walking skirts and are very
becoming ss they fit snugly about the
hips aud havo pleiity of flare at the
bottom, r.
Black taffeta costumes have come to
be an attractive feature of street dress,
the bodices trimmed with gold buttons,
embroideries of black, of white and
golden threads "The'skirts are very
full and shirred inlo flounciugs on the
lower part, but satpellmes. glittering a
bit also, or el_b showing mi application
designs of velvet' or of silk',' brightened
by gay silk stitcheries and small silk or
velvet buttons. Both bodice (whether
Eton or basque) aud sleeves repeat the
same applications in ways not yet
hackneyed, and fer that reason charmingly attractive. Plainer trimmings
involve that most popular silk Hercules
braid with whioh this season's designers
are doing such wonders by the dexterity
of gathered wheel or hoir-wheel effects,
and creatiuS by these drawn threads
other novel figures wliich work to the
best effect upon the wholo design. These
braids, in their different widths, are
combined with line effects of color let
in, or the opuniugs of the gathered
swirls, made whon turning these braids
iuto a design, ore then filled in by an
introduction of underlying color in
cloth, velvet, brocade, flowered silks, as
well as oriental embroidery, gold or
silver oloths or gilt braids.
Argyle House
A Genuine Snap
French Wool Flannel in cardinal, navy, pink, cream
and sky blue, for Ladies' Blouses and Infant's Wear, worth
40c for 25c a yard.
Goods Going at Bargain Prices
Ladles' Cravenette Bain Coats worth   ft.60 for $4.50 ench
■ '        ■ »..  .   17.25 *    |6._0    '
.'...,__.,' -'  .     MOO '    .16.25.    «    ,.}..'
•• "          •        .      ' '     ' . '         »9.50 .' . #7.60     <
•              ♦     '*    '"•»*      '•"' '      •10.00 '    fe.OO     '
Wm*g    ^mm\    ^^B^B |12.60 '     19.50
Women's Rubber Rain Coats worth (6.50 for |1.50 eaoh.
Women's Plain Grey Vcnetion Blouses, worth |2.26 for 70c eaoh.
Speoial Values ia Umbrellas at 60c, 76o, $1.00, (1.25, $1.50, $1.76, $2.00 and $2.25.
4 cards of Safety Hns for 5c.
ml   HORNER   4O0 Westminster Ave*
***  mp*AWPm\a\lmmapm*i Oooosite Carne-rie Librarv.
Opposite Carnegie Library.
were never more appropriately worn
than now when the heavier _natw.»ls
of winter are made up into blouses.
The girl who likes something unique
should try one of the new Oriental silks
for a blouse and purchase at least one of
these lovely stocks to wear with it.
Tailol-madk Hats are a specialty,
trim effects, and small Shapes nearly
always on the order of a draped toque.
It is to the color combination they owe
much of their originality; some of these
lovely old tones in the embroideries,
mellowed by time and accentuated by
ao occasional glimpse of tarnished gold,
are delights to tha eye from au artistic
poluj of view. Of oourse, very little of
this embroidery ia used for any model,
just a touch at tba right plaoe to give
Pann-i and chiffon velvet are also
muoh in evidence  and for handsome 1
Situate in the New Westminster
Mining Division of District of New
Westminster. Where located.—Britannia Mountain, Howe Sound.
TAKE NOTIOE that I, Annie Austin,
Free Miner's Certificate, No. 1178370,
intend, sixty days' from the date hore-
of, to apply to the Mining Recorder for
a Certificate of Improvements, for tbe
purpose,eif obtaining, a Crown Grant of
tbo above claim..-;  ,    ...
And further take notice that action,
under Section 87, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate of
Improvements, sr       r
Dafted this 20th dny of October 1804.
Tekphorte Numbers of Local Mini-
D17M-RRV. G. II. Wilson, (Ali.llcsn).
lOdO-K-v. (I. A. Wilson, (Prosbyr-rlsn).
in.ui- -'lev. A. E. Betherlnfton, (Metnodlst)
Read "The Advocate" for local news.
City af Vancouver.
TAKE NOTIOE that a by-law Is
Intended to be passed by the City Council for levying a frontage rate to pay
for the grading, concreting and blocs
paving, eto., to be made on Pender
street, (1st) betweeu Burrard and
Richards streets and (2nd) between
Richards and Abbott streets, and that
a statement showing the lands liable to
pay the said rate and the names of the
owners thereof, so far as they can be
ascertained from the last revised
assessment roll, is now filed in the
office of the City Clerk, aud is open
for inspection during office hours
The estimated cost of the work ls, (1st)
$27,144.00,(2nd)$20,287 92, of wbich(lst)
$9,771.84,(2nd)$8,702.64istobe provided
out of the general funds of tho City. A
Court of Revision will be held on Dec.,
5th, 1904, at 9 p. in., for the purpose of
hearing complaints against the proposed
assessment or accuracy of the frontage
measurement or any other complaint
whioh persons interested may desire to
make, and which is by-law cognisable
by the Court.
Vancouver, B. O, Nov., 1st, 1904.-
Munjcipolitv  of South
a List of.Qualified Voters hits been prepared aud can be seen st the 'Municipal
All persons claiming a vote as House
holders must make before the 1st day of
December a Statutory declaration before
a Supreme or County Court Judge,
Stipendary or Police Magistrate, Justice
of the Peace, or Notary Public, or Clerk
of the Municipality on the form laid
down in the Municipal Election Act
1897 and amendments thereto.
The qualification for a Householder is
as follows:
" That I am a British Subject.
" That I have been a Householder for
12 months In the Municipality.
" That I have paid all rates and taxes.
" That the rental or rent valne is not
less than Sixty Dollars per annum.
Municipal Hall, Nov. 7th, 1904.
The Fire-arms By-law is uow in force,
which enacts that
" No person under the age of 18 years
shall fire off any gun, fowling piece,
rifle, pistol or fire-arm within the limits
of the District of South Vancouver."
The penalty for infraction of above is
a fine not exceeding fifty dollars or one
month imprisonment.
By order.
William a. Walker, C. M. C.
South Vancouver, Oct. 18,1904.
The Mnnicipal Hall will be open on
Tuesday and Friday mornings only till
the out door work of the Assessment is
William O. WALKER, C. M. C.
South Vancouver, Oct 18, 1904.
1 n  >i 1      1
1 carry tho Finest Ckeamery Butter
at _?5c a pound. In quantities for less
A large stock of APPLES on hand from
75o b box, and up.
3- tl,  Evaporated Peaches 25o
Royal   Crown  Soap, 6 bars 25c
Extra Fine Eggs, per dos 8O0
Sardines,  per  tin IOo
2 large tins Pork-and-Beans 85c
Osllon Jar of  Chow Chow 90o
Extra Fine Ham and Bacon, also
Cooked Ham for lunches.
W.D. Muir
RiNO UP 'phonb 448. Mt. Pleasant
3000 ROSES
One, Two and Three Years Old.
Also a number of Ornamental Trees,
Flowering Shrubs and Climbing Vines,
Perennial Plants, Bulbs and Roots,
Chas. Keeler
Note—Street Oars pass my placo.
2784 Westminster Ave.   Mt. Pleasant
In Trimmed and
Also Children's Headwear in
«ndlesa varieties.
Blonses,   Wrappers,   Dress   Skirts,
Underskirts.   Fall line of Ladies'
and Children's Hosiery.   Children's   Bearskin  Coats,   very
' reasonable.   We hate everything kopt   ln a flfstolass
Dry  Goods  Store.
W. VP. Merklev
Burritt block
Westminster Avenne, Mt. Pleasant.
^New Shirts.
T"_nS IS a great Shirt Store-
always sells good Shirts bnt
we never had such a big stock
and wide variety of styles as we
now have. No matter whether
you require a Fnll Dress Shirt for
social events, or Dress Shirt for
Sunday, a Negligee or Regatta
Shirt for business, a Soft Silk
(mixed collar attached) Shirt for
outing or travelling, or a Black
Sateen, C.ylon Flannel or all
wool Flannel Shirt to work In.
This is a good place get it—a
plaoe to get a good Shirt without
having to pay a high price for
We are just as careful in buying
"Loe's Guaranteed Clothing,"
aud we pay cash down for our
Shirts, whioh explains the reason
Why our prices aro so reasonable.
Some Shirts for $1.00 aud less,
nnd others for $1.25 nnd more.
A. E. LEES & CO.,
for the next week in—3  Cl*OWIl  MllSCOtelS,
Seeded   Raisins,   Cleaned    Currants,
Orange,   Lemon and Citron  Peels,   Nuts and
Andrews Bros.,
2315 Westminster Ave.        ' Phone 93S.
Westminster Ave., next Glasgow House
John Gillman, Proprietor.
Three Ciiaikh,  and a first-class Bath
Room is run in connection with  the
Barber Shop—give this place a trial.
Jas. Carnahan.
Orders promptly utteudetl to,  night   or
tiny.  Charge.moderate,
Office: 37 Hastings street, west,
Telephone Number 479.
E. & J. HARDV & CO.
Company,  Financial,   Pkess and
Advertisers' Agents.
80 Fleet St., London, E. O,  England.
Colonial Bnsinoss a Specialty.
If you want a
Riug  up
fw"     _'
Telephone  987
or call around at the Sign-
Works,   314   Homer   street.
In auy case your wants will receive the
most courteous  and  careful attention.
Too  Wise.
For those who hold a righteous rage,
And blame the sinner sore;
It does not do to grow too wise,
And see what went beforo—
One can not comfortably hate
The sinner any more.
For those who love to teach the world,
Aud show mankind the way,
Who learn to preach acceptably,
And find their preachments pay:
It does not do to grow too wise—
There's so muoh less to say I
—Charlotte Perkins Oilman.
If you miss The Advocate you miss
he local news.
Which Meet on I'll. Pleasant
I. O. O. F.
Mt. Plcasnul Lodge No. IBmeetseverb
Tuesday at 8 p. m , in Oddfellows Hall
Archer Block, Mt. Pleasant.
.Sojourning brethren cordially invited]
to attend.
Noble Grand—O. G. Kenny.
Recording    SECRETARY—ThosJ
Mackay, Heathor and Eighth avenue.
I. O. V,
Court Vaucouver  1828, Independent
Order of Foresters meets 2d and   4ti
Mondays of each month nt 8 p. in.
Visiting brethren nlwnys welcome.
Chief Ranger—W. G. Taylor,
2-7 Keefer street, Cliyl
Recording Secretary—W. H. DeBou,*!
578 Tenth avenue, esstJ
Financial Secretary—M. J. Crehan,]
SH Princess street, City. Telephone
Alexandra Hive No. 7, holds reguh
Review 1st nnd 8d Fridays of oachl
month in I. O. O. F., Hall corner West-*
minster and Seventh avenues,
Visitiug Ladies always wclcomo.
Lady Commander—Mrs. Fitch.
Lady Record Keeper—Mrs.   Mary   A.\
Foote, 880 Niuth aveune, east. „
Vancouver Council, No. 211a, meets j
every 2d aud 4th Thursdays of eaoh j
month, in I. O. O. F., Hall, corner]
Seventh and Westminster avenues.
Sojourning Frionds always welcome. J
W. P. Flewelling, Chief Councillor.
Miss A. Chambers, Recorder,
22.8 Wi'Htniliiiit-riiveiiiio.   Tel. 760.
60  YEARS'
Tram Maim*
________________________ CosvmaHTa Ac
a „rone sending a sketch and description mar
___, .__■ .— w_a»r ^
quickly ascertain onr opinion freo
Invention Is -—™—^^^^—^~
tlons strictly .
sent freo. Oldest nseiu-y for n.ciirluu
.. ion la pr-tin'til- ii'ion—tile.   Communlca*
tlons strictly con__ontfnl.,Hi—dbflp_on Pat ~'~
ml, fri'ii. oldest spenoy for H.oiirliiiMuiteiitB.
I'atiints takon tlirouKli Munn A Co. iweelvs
,-dof notice, without cliarwa, In tha
Scientific American,
A hjMd-omeir llltutrftted weakly.   I.nr-nwt eW.
dilution of any nrriuniinn Journal.   Terms, || *
■four: four ninnilu, #!. Sol J by all n-ff-'t-Mlnra.
o as i Bro.d«w: |few York
i. l_ K BL. Washligl." D. C.
Electric Light in
South Vancouver.
If premises aro within 100 feet of Company's primary wires the
regular charge of $3.00 will be made for installation of meter and
lamps. Beyond that distance line construction will be charged
for at the rate of f 10.00 per 100 feet; if several houses are close
together the cost may be divided among the householders installing the Electric Light.
The following rates will be charged to consumers:
Meter Rates Based on Monthly Consumption :
On the flrst 40 K. W. hours 17c per Kilowatt hours
"    " next 60 K. W.   "      12>s'o " "
On consumption ovor 100 K.W. honrs. .10c per Kilowatt hour.
Subject to a cash discount of 5% it bill paid on or before 10th day
after date thereof.
These are the rates in forco in Vancouver until July 1,  1004.
British Columbia Electric Railway Company, Ltd.
y 'vi'**/fc+*-


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