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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Dec 17, 1904

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 >.»--^^-r^-'wyffl-^^--'^yfi? ^JI^Sr
.      -'•-■■".—-"''
?(_& 6
I 03^
Cough Drops
fVe supply the medicino for these Cough Drops, J
therefore know they ore all right. TRY THEM. I
They afe only 40c per pouud.
just ip for Christmas at the
n. A. W. Co.'s,
Mount Pleasaut Branch.
V'V"V 8AV#v^
$i per year, Six Months 50c, Three ilonths 25c, Single Copy 5C-
Devoted to ths interests of   Mt. Pleasant, Central Park, South Vancouver.
g The Arcade or Granville Street
I For Light Lunch
Baked Apples—liko home—with Pure Omasa.
Genuine Boston Baked Beans
Open from 7:fl! a. in., -to 13 p. m.
Sunday from It a. m.   to 12 p. ui.
Established April 8, 1899;   Whole Number 237-
Sixth  Year, Vol. 6, No. 37*
tKpT" Subscribers are requested to
report auy carelessness in the delivpry
of "The Advocate."
Changes for advertisements should bo
"jIn before Thursday noon to insure thoir
Local Items.!
fhe McOnaig Auction nnd Commission Co., Ltd.,next.odirueige Library,
Hastings street, buy Fnruituro for Cash,
Conduct Auction Stiles and htiudln
Bankrupt Stocks of overy description.
Satisfaction gnarauteed.   Phono 1070.
r 19:	
On Thursday evening next the annual
Sunday School Xmas Entertainment
will be held iu Mt. Pleasaut Methodist
The Woinau s Auxiliary of Mt. Pleas
ant Presbyterian Churoh will hold their
^regular   meeting   in   the  chprch  ou
f Weduesday afternoon next.
Read Storey &  Campbell's offer for
1 . heHolidays.   Great ont in Valises and
Trunks.     Nothing nicer    for   Xmas
Elder A Steers of tho Adveut Ohrist-
Pinu Ohnroh, and Mrs. Steers nro visiting
iu Sunins.   Mr.   Steers  will exchange
I pulpits with Elder Brampton of Sutnas
tomorrow (Sunday).
JtgS Agues PfcWBon's   frionds gave
I.0F a pleasaut surprise 1111 Tuesday evening at her hiinio Eleveuth  aveuue.   A
delightful i-youing  was   spent,  by ihe
I young peoplo.
Mrs. W. A. Kemp entertained Fair-
(view Hive, L. O. T. M.,   nt   her homo,
Hiuth avenue,   on  Friday   evening of
[last week.    -.eusio, parlor   games,   conversation and dainty refreshments made
fc.he hours pass delightfully.
A surprise party tool, pnse.siou of the
'home of Mr and Mrs, Washburn,
Eleventh nvenue, on Tuesday evening,
nnd passed a pleasaut evening with the
host and hostess who made the
I'snrprifiiTs'1 ineist welcome.
Fairview Hiyc, I_ O. T- M„ will hold
fi Sale of Work on Monday 19th,  begin
piug at 2:30 p. i»i.,   corner   Eighth tive-
"pne and Granville street.   'IVa will be
• perved afternoon and  ovening.   Useful
kand oruauieiital articlos will be on sulo.
Our Meu,s Shoes cau uot bo heat for
►comfort nud for wearing quality. The
[entire stock goiug nt great rcduetiun
(during December. Get a pair now.
; R. Mills, IN  Cordova  Street
Mt. Pleasaut School hold Iho Closing
' Exercises on Friday morning for the
j term ending with the Holidays. Tho
^different touchers were the recipients
of Xnius retiiiiniboranot's from I heir
> pupils, und tho exercises wero bright
! aud interesting.
f Rev. Dr. Robsou will preach nt the
morning servico nu Sunday, iu the
pveuing the pastor, Rev. A. E. Hetheriugton, will preach Inking for Ins
Bubject, "The Power of Christ's Word."
The B. O. Electric Rnilwny Company
has installed a Fog Signal on Westminster avenue, near Ninth, to prevent
, auy ilnuger of collisiou ou tho si iglo
track to Sixteenth avenue, The idea is
the same so successfully operated during
heavy fogs on Westmiuster avenuo
Mt. Pleasaut Loelge 18.12, L. O. L.,
met iu regular session on Wednesday
evening iu tho Oddfellows' Hall. Tho
attendance was large, and to mako tho
meeting more interesting than usual, it
was the annual election of officers. The
officers chosen for the ensuing year ure
as follows: Worshipful Muster, .1. Dart;
Deputy Mn3ter, Geo. Howes; Chaplain,
Rev. A. W. McLeod; Recording Secretary, Douuld McLean; Financial Secretary, W. D. Muir; Treasurer, Goo.
Rowland; Director of Ceremonios, Theis.
Arbucklo; 1st Lecturer, W. J. Shnrpe;
2d Lecturer. J. Martin; Couimittomeii,
G- H- Dni'f-i H. A Birmingham, 1.
Coville, Bert Murray. Thero were
throe initiations nuel soveral applications are in for liext mooting. Whon
l;he now Oeldfollows' Hall is opened it is
(ho intention to change tho meeting
fights (rom Wednesday to Thnrsday.
No. 1842 iB only two months old and
has about -0. members, nnd the outlook
for a big membership is bright.
Because I
Them Extracted
gtijg NEW YORK
Pa.r_.ess Dentists.
Have yonr old teeth oxtractod now
nnd go? your now ones in for Christmas, 110 matter how weak or nervous
yon are; we huve a reputation for successfully handling snoh cases as yours.
Our latest discovery which, when ap-
plicel to the gums, enables us to extract
any nnmber of tooth absolutely painless, is vouched fer by hnudreds and
hundreds of patients who have been
treat eel at our parlors, and who wero
so well pleased with tho results that
they not ouly told t hoir friends but
insisted on personally bringing thom
to our parlors that they may receive
the.same treatment. By a free cxami-
nation wo will toll you exactly what
your work will cost.
147 Hastings St., E.
B. C.
Opposite the Ciirnegie Library. Telephone  16(16.
Office Hours: 8 a. m., to 9 p. m.;  Sundays 9 a. in., to 2 p. in.
Court Vancouver, independent Order
of Foresters met in regular sessiou on
Monday eveuiug in Oddfellows' Hall,
and after the routine lodge work elected
the following officers: Chief Ranger,
J. B. Abornothy; Vice-Chief Ranger,
W. B. Skiuuer; Recording Secretary,
J. Hansen; Financial Secretary, M. J.
Crehau; Treasurer, W. It. Oweus;
Orator, W. H. Taylor; Junior Woodward, R. Grant. There are several
officers to he elcutod at the next mooting, December 20th.
If you know of any local news item of
interest nuoIi as parties, dunces, socials,
arrival and departure of visitors, society
meetings, etc., send it iu to Tiii;
Advocatk or by telephone B140S.
The nnuunl Christmas Concert aud
Xmas Tree of tho North Arm School
District will bo hold in tho school house
on the North Arm road Tucsduy evening uext, Dccoiubor 20th. The program
will consist of dialogues, marches, songs,
recitations, oto.
Mr. and Mrs. W. It. Robh of Comox,
who were the. guests of Mr and Mrs.
T. Edwards of Ninth avi-nuo and Scott
street, the past week, have returned
The now   Oddfellows'   Hall will bo
opened the first week in January.
Mr. John Coville has sold his homo
on Seventh aveuue, west, to Mr. Climk
Of Ninth avenne, and has moved to tho
corner of Tenth avenuo aud Quebec
Groat reduction ou all Meu's Shoos,
Ladios' Shoes, nud nil Children's Shoos
at half price. It. MILLS, 18 Cordova
Tho Mt. Pleasant Miuistrel Troupo
will appear iu the uow Oddfellows'
Hall early In January. Rehearsals nre
held every Monday and Thursday
Charles'Fi-odriek Hector Stcolo, 3531
Quebeo street, sou of Mr. William
Butler Steele of Winnipeg uud Vaucouver, lias successfully passed tho cxiiiani-
tion iu Bookkeeping set by tho University of Cambridge, England. Mr. Steele
has the unique distinction of being tho
lirst boy born in Vnncouvor after tho
fire. He wns trained at tho Pitman
Business College.
For   local  news  subscribe    for  THE
ADVOCATK ouly $1 for 12 months.
Tea and Coffee with Cake and Sandwiches SERVED ALL WEEK
BEFORE XMAS. A vory cordial Invitation is hereby extended to all
to visit Our Storo and seo tbe BIG XMAS DISPLAY.
Leave ynur orders for TURKEYS AND GEESE on yonr visit or send
them to our store.  They will bo promptly and carefully filled.
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt. Pleasant.  Tel. 1360
Ei.F.CTitOLVKis ParT-ok of Hail-dress-
ing, Manicuring, 'Fiicinl Massage and
Scalp Treatment lor Ladies uud Gentlemen. Superfluous hair, warts and
moles removed by Electrolysis.
Valuable information given to evory
^ady patron ou "How to take caro of
Skiu Food for building up the westing
tissue. Orange Flower Cream to pre
vent uud hcnl sunburn.
Mapamh HUMPHREYS, 089 Grnnvilli
Mr.   H.  Round  is  ill at the   City
Mr, und Mrs.   J.   Iloltuni  leave   on
Monday for California.
Children's Shoes going nt  half prico
at our December Shoo Sale.
R. MILLS, 18 Cordova stroot
Miss Brett of Lillonct, will spend tho
holidays with hor   cousin,   Mrs.  W. J.
Taggiirt, Ninth and Westminster uvcb.
Mr. Cloile, Conductor ou the 13 O.
Electric Rnilwny, went over to Victi.riu,
in response to the tidings of his mother's
death which occurred on Frielity of last
Tho Oity Grocery  rto'ivers groceries
overy day ou Mt. Pleasaut;   'plume 28li
Christmas Hardware,
Nothing better for a Christmas Present than one of
our celebrated Souvenir Ranges or a Hot
Blast Coal Heater. Beautiful in design
and the greatest fuel aud labor savers.
TO OUR full line of Joseph Rogers   Carving  Sets  and
Table Ootlery. Special Bakqains in Rousting Pans, Corctil
Cookers, Storey Cuko Pans.
You can savk Monet and Oar-kaui., and 25% on yonr iuvestmeuts
bv goiug to	
STORE. Tel. 447.
W. R. OWENS, Manager.
Leave us your order now and we will select you a
good bird.    Price and quality guaranteed.
Xmas Fruits
WeJiave the best quality of Raisins on  the market.
Currants,   Peels,    Shelled   Waluuts and   Almonds.
Jap Oranges 50c per box.
. O. Lee,
2425  Westminster Ave.
'Phone 322   .
r%AA*vmsv%- -V*%%<%% -%&ms%ymsmy\, -^-ww-V-^^^W-*.*-*
J~tB I ■_"_B _~* T" x\.M TtS? 0    iH almost here, and os usual we have   "r
boou preparing for it. Our showing
of Christmas novelties this season
surpasses anything we havo ever shown. We invito you to como and see
tho many things wo have to show you which would mako very snitnblo
Christmas gifts. Just read over this list, and seo if there is not something
thnt would suit father, mother, sister, brother or friend.
Manicure Sets, Handkerchief Holders, Cuff Holders, Tie Cnses, Collar
Cases, Shaving Sets, Smoking Sets, Photo Holders, Brush and Comb Sots,
Fancy Inkstands, Jewel Cases, Faucy Work Sot6, Pictures, Picture
Frames, Umbrollas,.Faucy Silk Collars, Silk Blonses, Silk Handkerchiefs,
Furs, Kid Gloves, Silk Belts, Chatelaino Purees, etc.
ADACC _C.  rT_     30, 3a and ,.4 Cordova St.
„ •   ■vSy/Ov *»*•*-  V^M Telephone 574. m
m^'*s%rt/m^A*+^*&*%*n+*^-%s%*^+^%,'msmAAV%ym, <%r4
Cor. Ninth Ave
Central Heat flarket
& Westminster Rd.   Telephone 954.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers iu all kinds of Fresh and Salt Meats.    Prosh Vegetables always
ou baud.   Orders solicited from nil parts of Mouut Pleasunt and Fairview.
Prompt Delivery.
Woodrow & Williams. ^aS.1*'
2321 Westminster Ave.
Mt. Pleasant.
Tel A1206      Prompt Delivery.
E. H. Peace, Proprietor.
Wholesale   and Retail
Dealer in Meats of
All Kinds.
Vegetables and Poultry
iu season.
W/% -v-*v-«v**/-v-*. --fc-wv*-*-%■■*--»
Tho death of Ohosterlicld Oluisteitd,
ngeel 25 years aud five mouths, occurred
on Wednesday tho 14th, at his father's
homo Till) Ninth avo. Tho deceased had
lived iu Vaucouver ono year and iu
British Columbia l!i years. He leaves a
widow nml four children, patents, six
brothers and three sisters to mourn his
death. The funeral will take place this
(Saturday) nfternoon nt 2 p. tn,, from
his late residence. Rev. G. H. Wilson,
Rector of St. Michael's will conduct tho
services. Messrs. Armstrong __ Edwards
havo chiirgo ei the funeral arrangements.
Any 0110 having friends or knowing
of strangers visiting on Mt, Pleasant
will confer a great favor by informing
"i'ho Advocate."   Telephone Bl .05.
Physicians Prescriptions is my business, aud
when your Prescription is dispensed at the
Central Drug Hall you may be sure it is right
in ouality and accuracy, as well  as  in  price.
Just iu from the Manufacturers, a complete lino of Stationery ar.
prices lower than the lowest.
24 44   Westminster Ave.
Chas. E. NETHERBY, Prop.
Ol'P. Lke's Groobry.
Telephone  1349.
Full Line of Fancy and Staple
Prices to compare with any.
Cor. Westminster ave., __ DuU'eriu St.
Baptists Buy   the  Old Presbyterian Church.
Tho Mt. Pleasant Baptist Congregation has purchased the old Presbyterian
Chnrch at tho jnuctiou of Westminster
avenue nud Westmiuster road, from
Messrs. Doering & Willinms, tho price
jwid being $2,600.00. The present
Baptist Church property 011 Seventh
uvouuo is l.iken by Messrs Doering &
Williams at $1,000.00 valuation, and the
Congregation given the privilege of paying off the balance nt the rate of iJUOO 00
11 3 ear. That Messrs. Doering 6s
Williams       hnvo       been exceed
ingly geuorenis iu their terms is shown
by the facts. They have proved to be
a help in the, timo of ueeel both to the
Presbyterians and Baptists. Like the
rest of tho Mt. Pleasant churches, the
Baptists aro iu urgeut need of more
Sunday School uecouimodatlon.
Tho lirst services will be held ln tho
new quarters ou Christmas Dny, Suuday
December 25th- The ,\*mas Tree and
Entertainment will bo held on Thursday
December 2llth.
Adventists Purchase Church
Site aud Will Build.
Christmas Diuucr.
On Monday December 20th, Mr. nud
Mrs. Mnohiu will give the thirteenth of
their free Christmas Dinners for the
benefit of those in the city having no
homos of their own. Tho dinner will be
given in the basemen! of tho Carnegie
Library, ami gifts of food whether it be
tiienl, turkeys, geese, plum puddings,
pios. bread, potatoes, ur any other necessary adjunct ton good dinner will be
thankfully received by Mrs. Mnohiu for
this worthy purpose. Also the gifts of
old knives and forks, which nro still
good for 11 fow odit euicasiims will bo
very ocooptahle.
The dinner will bo followed by the
usual freo concert iii the City Hall,
commencing at 8 p. m. Mr. nnd Mrs.
Mnohiu will bo glnd to receive offers of
help in tho program.
Tho Advent Christian Congregation
has purchased tho lots on tho south-
cast corner of Tenth anil Westminster
avenues, uud will soon   build a church.
Teachers'   Institute.
The Mainland Teoohers' Institute
will convene in this i-ity on January lid
and -lth. The Vancouver Island teachers
are this yonr holding no convention but
will attend tho Mainland Institute in
this oity, when it is proposed to nmulgn-
uiato tlie two associations nuel form one
Paci_o Coast Tenuhprs! Association.
Tin I'Miii-aiiiinnl Department hns grant-
od permission to the Island touchers as
woll 11s In thus". 011 the Mainland, to
close thoir Bohoul. fur the purpose of
attending the contention,
For Gifts that make choosing easy:
"•Fit-Reform" Business Suits,
"Fit-Reform" Overcoats,
Fit-Reform" Dress Suits,
"Fit-Reform" Fancy Vests,
"Fit-Reform" Trousers.
Made in Fit-Reform way, nothing finer ever
left the tailor's needle. Style creations.every
one. With a wealth cf exclusive patterns
in every line.
Suits and Overcoats, $12.00 to $80.00.
Trousers $3 50 to $0.00. Faucy Vests $3, $4, $5.
333 Hastings St.
Vancouver, B   C.
Mnil   Orders   promptly   ntteuded   to.    Self-measurement Blanks and
Samples sent  ou application.
Good for Saturday Only
Choice Mixed Candies
4 pounds fQr 25C
The Citv Grocery Co.
The Wonderful Cheap Grocers
Tel. 286. Wostmlnsfor Ave. S Princess Street.
23 it? f m m m w m m m m m m m m m m \z
Brewed right here in Vancouver by men
of years aud years and years experience,
and a brewery whose plant is the most
perfect known  to the Art of Brewing.    Is
•_ it any wonder that  it  lias  taken a place
in  the hearts  of   the  people  wliich   no other beer
__-= can supplant ?    Doz., quarts $2.   Doz., pints  $|.
£ Vancouver Breweries, Ltd. *
^ Vancouver, B. C.       Tel. 429 3
*£z For Sale nt all tlrst-class Saloons, Liquor Stores and Hotel*    J|
m*- or delivered.to yonr house. *■**
5i iii iu u in ui in ut j wiiim umuu m ui n
Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
Rutin n 19 HoynI Crown Soap Wrappers
and We will send freo your choice of 80
piilures. Or for 25 wrappers choice of
i..ii hooks. Books nnd picture lists oa
The Royal Soap
Co., Limited,
Wo would   ho   pleased   to   show you
through our large stoch of Trunks und
Valises, nnd  we feel assured that ynu
would liml something thut would meet
your  views  for  a Clui-tuia. Present,
Every Tou-eliilliu- Grip wo sell wo will
have the initials put on in wold free of
charge.     Speoial  discounts ou  n, lag
assortment parobased vory cheap. Come
arouud early for the best choice.
led Hastings street.
Mt. Pleasant Mall, (IWntlice.)
Leaves at <i a.in,, 11 a in.,.. 5'10 p.m
Arrives at 11 n. 111., and _ p. m.
The Miiuicilinl Hull   will be  open  1111
TiH'silny nuel Fridny morningij only till
the out ('.onr work of tho Assessment is
William U. WA1.KKR,  C. M.C
Sonth Vancouver, Oot is, mm.
still runs ou.
Only   TWO   iiinro    weeks    uow
uutil Now Year's—they will bu
red-letter weeks al Koundy's
Old   Stand.    Wo   just
mention   a  few
Linkn aud MuauH Apuons, all
whito.—Linen Aprons for the
kiti'lu'U, worth 0O0, fo 2lic;
Muslin Aprons for drees aprons,
worth BOo for 25c.
Silks—Nice - stripe SilkB for
Waists, In blue, green, white
and yellow;   re>'ulur inie'e  tiie,
sale price 8O0; Fancy weaves in
plain colors, browu, red yellow,
green, plull and whito, regular
prie-e |1.1B, sale prico 75c.
DitKss Goods.—Satin Olotb, ti
tuobel Wide, nll-wool, ml,browu,
navy, myrtle, fuwu uud blaokj
regular Due, sale price 50c.
Bi askicts, whito wool with
border.—Sovoiii.poiinil, worth .0,
sale price $4 25; Six pouud, worth
$4.75, snlo prico $8.00,
Lawn Grass Seeds
Olover and Timothy Seeds,
I'nitt's Poultry nud Animal Fexxls,
Pratt's Lice Killer.
Holly ('hick Food,  Hi-i-fscraps, Etc.
<*•     le'l-'l III Corner   NINTH .v....   t,
Teluphous  li.:i7.
__-__-,.._-.._   ......    ■_ 1
303 Hastings street.
McTaggort & Moscrop
Dkalkks in
5« Carrall St..     Vancouver, II.C.
Templeton Block.
Tim    \m 01 ■ ;;. Is the in st ndvortislUg
mediufn v Hit'- it circulates, Tel. ij)i4|i")
If yon miss THB  ABTOOATB Vqtt mis!
be local news.
ynn can btij nt Trorey's lor 25e,
BOO, 75c, ami (1.00.
2So Articles
Stkiii.ini; Si i.vhk Thimbles, Tooth
„ Nail Brushes, Hat Pins, Stick
Pips, Brooches I Small Cut Glass
Vases, Umbrella < '!a-;ps, etc.
SOo Articles
Stkiimn-ii SiLvi-ti Huttou Hooks,
Coffee  Spoons,    Thimbles,!   Niiil
Clipper*, Silver Pencils, Uuttor
Knives, Caps nnd Saucers, eta
7Bo Article*
Stkri.inu Sii.vku Cuiling Tongs,
Tie>   Clips,  Coffee   Spoons,   Salve
Boxef, Puff Boxes, Brooches, Sols-
s"i--, Cuff Links. Lockets, Bracelets.
$1.00 Articles
Cuff Links, Brooches. Hat Pins,
Bracelets, Lockets, Ebony Brushes,
Watch Hacks, Ash Trays, Tobacco,
.Inrs, Candle Lumps, Salt Cellara,
lioiiliiin Dishes, Pickle Dishes, Baby
Pins, Silver Boquet Holders, etc.
Corner HastiiiKs aud (Jrauvijlo Sts.
ifflolnl Watch Inspector C. P. 8.
AdverlUe tu ihe " Advocate.^''-
..a i>r*u**mmMaieim*»a*»t™Jwtr*i*mxi.r- ■ | iSrmiM".Mm—■- - -.-
m ii *]
Author  of "A Breiken Betrothal," "The Heiress of
Cameron Hall," " Parted at the Altar," Etc.
"Bravo!" exclaimed Fenton. enthusiastically, while tl e old sex-
tor, nml llis good wifo stood liy
IU orcn mouthed amiizemout at the
transformation. "I woulel defy any
one to recognize cither oi vou.
1 believe we are all ready now.
The horso and sleigh n»i'e at t lie
door. You will have to tako yonr
wifo on vour lap, I'ierpont, as the
cutter isn't oxtm commodious."
When tho parting with the An ler-
sons was over, and vows of ulor-
nal secrecy exchanged' the blessings mul "Qod protect und speed
.eon" given, the trio took their
Only Lo Iloy nnel Fenlon t'eu'i.'cd
the' terrible danger of nn encounter thoy ran.
Le Roy was trembling with ox-
e-itenie'iit, nnel Fenton, who was
white to the lips, kept a sharp
But nonnylin. poor un'.'Onscious
soui, so glad to lie with her darling young husband again, and never
realizing her peril, kept up n brisk
conversation, breaking now und theu
into a peal of laughter, whlih Le
Ke>y was always careful to instantly
duck, until, with a pout, she nestled bnck in his strong, protecting
arms, declaring him "qdito Blum,
How con... he' in mercy warn her
of their peril,' end fill her with Wild
Let her enjoy each moment of hnp-
pini'ss she could, for Heaven knows
lie expected each to be her Inst.
But he lina'ly made up his mind
that the man who took her from
him should wnlk over his dead bodv
to do it, nnel take her from arms
that were cold in death, and from
a benrt that had ceased to be'iit Willi
th. throb of life.
The sleigh bells had been removed.
and no sound save the horse's hoots
broke the stillness of the hjght.
Both I.o Hoy nnel Fenton had
pru.yeel for darkness, but no; as
the clouds rolled back, p, new moon
shone forth that dimly lighted
the  earth,   nnd ns  he  saw  it, l.o
Roy's heart sun!e; with a foreboding of Impendlifg evil he could not
shake oil.
Despite the nervous fears onlcrttiin-
c'd b.v Le Roy and his friend, they
succeeded In'reaching their destination in safely.
They fmni the furnished rooms
which had been Oligaged during the
tiny ready  for them.
Fentcn's servant had mne'o
meager apartments eptitc tidy
lire     burned     in
warm    supper
pllk.cd    on the table,
laid       with u snowy
A .cheerful
grate, and    a
ready     to he
which        was     	
"Oh, Lc Roy." cicd Bonnylin,
delightedly, "this won't be half tho
hardship I Imagined, 1 "
lie Interrupted her hastily.
"Remember, my darling, we aro
not to bo Le Hoy and Bonnylin
—husband and wife—to er.c'i other
now; we are to be Ilex and Lir-
lie Belmont—brother and sister —
for the present, you know."
"I shall try not to forget, de-ar,"
said llonnylin, ponltcntly. " Hut
these four little wee rooms, not one
of them scarcely big enough to
turn round in, yet se> cozy, reminded
me much of th. wny poor, pretty
little Dora went to housekeeping
wilh her husband, David Coppcrfielil.
1 'do not more any more ubout
housekeeping    thnn Dora    did;   do
1 dear?"
"No." admitted Lc llo.v. laughing
for the lirst time in long .rooks,
as he looked comically at the littlo
helpless white hands that hnd been
leileli.J in schoolgirl Idleness up to
the day he married her, and hael been
weighed down with jewels ever sine";
"but no eloilbt We Shall got alone,
famously, dear."
They . sat together by the urate
fire un hour or more after Foil-
ton had taken his departure with
tho servant.
"Wc may spend to-morrow in ouch
other's socfoty," suid I.e Hoy at
length; "but after thnt. 1 must
get employment in one of the adjacent woollen mills on general
principles. 1 must have some visible means of support in kcoplni
with our surroundings to ward off
nusplclon, If we wero to live
here without work the neighbors, of
whom there nre hrvlf a dozen families in this lint, would soon suspect
us, nnd it woiil'J lend to our being
watched to sin- whnt did keep us."
"I sec," said Bonnvlln, r.oBtlinff
closer to hint und Winding her arms
around his neck, ns she Ic'.d hor
velvety i-hiH'k against hi:,. "You
are very wise, I.o Hoy, dear. you
know   best."
"C'nTl me Rex," he corrected Renlly. "You must not forget I nm to
be Rex from this time forth."
"Let us call each other by our
own nanies when we are alone, elcnr,"
saiel  Bonnylin,   pitoously,
Le Hoy shook  his lieiiil.
"No, no ; the sooner wc get ar-
ciiHtomctl to our new iinnu-s the belter ; ono slip of the tongue would
ruin us, so please me. dear—rail ine
Rex  from  this   timo  out."
"All right, Ri'.x," she said demurely.    "I'm ngreo-.iblc."
"I never knew the time when you
were not," cried the young husband,
clasping her passionately in his arms
and pissing the rosebud mouth over
uud over ngnin.
The next day passed all too quickly
and on the following morning, ne-
cordlng to tire strict program luld
out, I-o Hoy Pierpont, the handsome
debonair heir to a million, went out,
heavily disguiseel, to search for work,
which he easily procured, es hi
thought ho should, In nn adjacent
woollen mill.
"Have Utile to say to these neighbors," warned I<e Roy as ho kissed
her good-bye. "Rpmohibcr, they arc
of n class that will intrude nt tho
lOnst possible opportunity. Treat
them civilly and pleasantly, but mind
—don't have much to say, dear, You
uro easily le-d out. In conversation;
you know very well, dear, you aro
not very (liploinutlc. There's some
people who know whnt to suy, how
to sny it, nnd when; but Hint's' not
you, my thoughtless Bonny. Guard
your tonguo, dear."
] am not Ir.ilf such a hirum-scar-
um, rattle-brained, thoughtless por-
an us you attempt to make mo
oul," pouted Bonnylin, hi id in_r up
with amusing dignity, "I never knew
you had so many faults l.,id up
against me.  I.e Hoy."
"Your faults—ns you call them —
are charming, my love," ho cried,
eudeuvoi'ln . to draw her into his
arms; "and deafer to me Chun any
one else's virtue's, wc will kiss and
mnko up. darling; remember I ivas
citly attempting to warn you, that's
llis coaxing, winning smile nnd caresses molted h'-r liioiui n'e.ry petul-
nn e liko mist before the sunshine.
"Now mind, elniiin ,'." he i\h sper-
etl ns Hi'v parted, "Keep hwav from
tho windows, and ou n i recount
must you, go down rn h st eel —re-
monil.ei', those are m.v solemn, warn-
ii ; wolf's."
CotluyJ n promised faithfully and
h. took h.s leave. The long hours of
tic forenoon dragged by slowly enough. There were no books to rend,
uo piano, of course, with which to
while nwny the hours, no fancy
work to employ the restless liitlo
white hands, and llonnylin felt desperately lonely.
If it hail not been for the solemn
promise Lc Hoy hnd in .ctcei of her
sho would, most assuredly, hivegono
to tho nearest hows-stah.l for the latest number of some magazine Whilo
she was devoutly with ng somethin't
would happen to break tho loneliness, something did happen.
Sho was startled by a loud rap on
the door.
Jn answer to Bonnylin's "eome in"
flic door opi nod, nntl n tall, fair-
haired, handsome yoin; girl showily
dressed stepped into the room, bearing a large white bowl in her hands.
"Allow tne to Introduce myself,"
she said, thanking Bonnylin for her
proffered seat as she took it. "I am
Kuto Morgan; our folks have the
rooms across the hall. I should liko
to lie neighborly, and have hoped to
mako overtures toward friendship by
bringing you a bowl of nice hot
"I am sure I 'cm very much obligeel
to you," said llonnylin, taking the
bowl from her hands.
"Who was that young gin'.leninn I
met coming out of 1 his room this
morning?" nskod Kate, wl.h ill-bred
Bonnylin started at t'c point-blank
question, but answered directly:
"My brother—Hex.'j
"Your—brother!" cried Kate Morgan, delightedly, with a decided simper and giggle, "1 di".i't know but
what he might be your husband. Do
yeni know, although I ought to lie
afhamed lo own it. I'm awfully glad
to find out he's your brothel', lie's as
har.d-ome as a prince, and just tho
style of a young mun 1 nili-c."
"Yes," snid Bonnylin faintly, lectin', thnt sho was called upon lo Pay
something ami not. knowing exactly
what she ought to say.
"I hear that he bus found employment in the same mill where I work
—the Empire mill." pursued Kate.
llonnylin nodded.
"l!o'll lind a set of jolly girls and
fellows there-, if he's inclined to. be
sociable," Kate went on, with a toss
of her yellow head. "There's dances
every night somewhere nnd wo all
go—nil of us, mill hands; your brother dances don't he?"
"I—I don't quite know," faltered
Bonnylin, flushing painfully.
"I could got you into the way of
having guy times this winter if you
could  bring  it  nround  so  thnt     ho
eoulel    take mc  I could find somo
one to take you along with us," said
Kate,   boldly.
The proposition    Staggered Bonnylin. Oh! how she longed wilh nil her
; henrt to turn  with  haughty dignity
i to this strange girl who wns talking
' to her with such Unwarrantable fnm-
iliarity,     mid    sny:  "The gentleman
, you refer to is my husband, madam,"
I As it was, she answered a little chil-
I lily:  "Hex docs not euro for tho   society of young ladies."
"Fiddlesticks!  That's whnt all the
young fellows think  until  ihey meet
j the    right    one,"   Kate     responded
promptly.  "I must run back to   tho
j mill—the noon hour is almost up. Bo
j sure und speak a good word for mu
to your hundsomo brother.   I'll  run
In to sec you this evening, nnd you
shall  introduce us.    I can spend nil
my evenings with you, if you like, to
keep you from getting lonesome, you
llonnylin looked nt the girl nghnst,
Here was a new trouble in this hnv-
I en of rest she had found thnt     she
never would have dreamed of.
"What a stiff,   prudish  little thing
that is!" thought Knto Morgan,    as
Bhe    htlrricd     back to the mill.        I
sliu'n't  like her—ln fact. I lutto her!
I She tries to be so stuck up, but     I
suppose 1 .hall huve to endure   her
on   account of bev handsome brother,
' whom 1 fell In love with on sight.
If t should marry him—and 1 never
failed yet iu getting that on     Which
I I set, my henrt—I'd  turn that sister
! of his out ' of ihose rooms quickor
than a flush of chain lightning! No
doubt she'd like him to marry some
lino ludy Instead of a working girl,
the  Impudent  thing!   I'll  show      her
' what's what!
| "I'll hear whnt she has to loll
about mo whin he' gets home tonight. She'll never dream of mo listening at the keyhole!" " chuckled
Kate, again tossing hor yellow
The winter dny drew to a closo
early, and shortly after the factory
whistle had blown sharply, nnnoi nc-
ing the hour of si::. 1 e Hoy runic
hurrying up Ihe slops of Hit: tenement, smiling to himself ns it occurred to him Ihut this day's bread
was the lirst ho had over ''earned by
tho sweat of bis brow." He never
knew beforo how to sympathize with
tho bread winners of th1 land. Now
he realized thut they were the bono
nnd sluew — the lever thut sit
tho whole country in healthy motion.
On the upper landing a tall, flashily dressed girl run directly into his
nrms, then drew quickly back, stammering an awkward apology. lie Instantly recognized her as ono of tho
young Kills ho had seen in the mill
thatw.*. He lifted his hut with a
gravo,   courteous  bow,  and    passed
, on to his reieiiiu.
The door of his nf)arimoht had
scarcely closed after him, ore. With a
sudelen movement, Knlo Morgan ex*-
tinguished the gaslight in the hall,
crept io the door through which Lo
Hoy had so lately passed, and—
gliev.. to admit it, but the truth
must, be told—she npplicd her car to
the keyhole and listened intently and
——* . _■
With breathless Interest, and quivering wilh repressed excitement, ths
eavesdropper who crumbed at Bonnylin's door in the darkened hall lls-
She heard the words, "My darling," nnd lookinj through the keyhole she saw tlio handsome young
fellow clasp the slender littlo figure
tenderly in his arms and rain pns-
sie:n-ito kisses down upon her up-
turnoel face until the cried out for
Then, us is proverbially the case,
the listener henrd lillle good ot herself. I
She heard the "sisicr" tell him of
the lold forward girl ncross the l-all
who had designs upi n him, and with
whom she could foresee th'y wi're
to have no ond of trouble, for sho
hull ilecbireel lur intention ot p'ussiug
her eveiiin.'.s witli  them.
"On sue-ii iKca-;ioi.s I will be sure
to retire to m.v room wiih littlo
coroiiiony," laughed Le Hoy, tro.it-
ing the matter lightly and gi o I n.i-
ttiredly. "I th.'n!:, ihoicili, my duii-
in.r, that you rather overdraw this
young woman's apparent infatuation," ho added, gravely.-
Bonnylin shook her curly head.
"I havo not, dear," she declared;
"nnd I repeat, this troublesome
neighbor will prove a formidable nuisance." I
The eavesdropper waited to hoar
nn moro.
Smarting with rage nnd burning
with mortification nt thu "setting
out" tho "sister" had given her, sho
glided awny, muttering bitterly to
"You havo mado an enemy for
yourself to-nfght, Lorlie Belmont
and 1 shall be even with you if it
takes a lifetime."
An hour later she presented herself, with her face wreathed in smiles,
at Bonnylin's door.
Of course there was nothing to do
but to invito her in, and this Bonnylin did with the grace natural to
Kate realized tho desire of her
heart in receiving an introduction to
the handsome young fellow who had
so Completely captivated her fancy;
but her anger knew no bounds when
he excused himself a few moments
Intel' and did not reappear during
tho rest of the evening.
' Kate hael always ruled right royally among the employes of- the mill.
Thero was not oue young mnn among
thom who was not the pretty flirt's
most abject slave.
, lt piqued her wonderfully to see
this handsome stranger, whom sho
had vowed to herself she had fallen
in love with at first sight, so coolly
Indifferent to her charms.
Tho coquettish looks she gave him
from beneath her yellow lashes    did
not seem to iiffect him in the least;
yet      she       knew      ho      was      by
no       means       cold       and       hardhearted', judging from       tho
tenderness ho had displayed ln greeting "his sister." Yet why wns     his
heart, so cold to her, she wondered?
I     Miss Morgnn found no other   sub-
ject agreeable save the discussion of
I ..orlio's     handsome brother;      what
! young  girls ho hud  met,  if ho liked
nny of them, or kept company   with
any of them.
All this, naturally enough, worked
' Bonnylin up to quite a pitch of nervousness, although she could not
really blame this glii, for was she
not. of tho impression that ho was
Unmarried nnd free to woo and win
any girl if ho should tako a fancy to
, her?
I Ia: Roy, hearing all this from tho
next room, pitied poor Bonnylin's
embarrassment more thnn tonguo
could tell, and vowed grimly to himself that he would soon change all
that by hinting to Miss Morgan that
he was already engaged. I
Ho managed to bo present the next
' evening when Knto called, casually
remarking during the conversation
that bo respected all ladies highly
for the sake of ono who, several
months before, had told . him sho
would be his bride, and whom he
loved with nil his heart.
| "I do not believe it," remarked
j Knto to her mother, when sho re-
I turned to her own apartments, and
related all that hud passed. "I do
not believe he has a sweetheart," sho
declared. "If ho had, sho would be
sure to write to him, if sho is not in
t'to lily. Tho postman brings him
i.o letters—the carrier told mo so
himself—nnd ho never goes out of an
evening to visit any girl. I tell you
the sweetheart is a myth—he simply
said Hint, to draw me on.
Much to Le Roy's amazement, oven
after this conversation, Miss Kate
still continued to bring the wholo
artillery of her eh inns to bear on
Coming to nnd going from tho mill,
she was always on hand to bear him
company. Ho could not step Into
the stroet without seeing her. and to
mnko   affairs still moro maddening,
every  evi ning found Miss  Kate      In
Bonnylin's   apartments.
"Wus over n mnn so tormented before?" ho would nsk himself often.
"I cnn scarcely find time for a quiet
talk with my wife nny more," and
something like an imprecation was
ground through his white to.th.
Neither coldness, stillness nor
frowns were of uny avail in changing
Kale's fixed determination of marrying him, even though he hnlad her.
In her blind, adoring love for him,;
she would hnvo pursued him through -
the gates of death if that could havo
won him. I
With such a fierce, desperate, bold
love there was little ehunce of escape for its object. All this was harassing in the extreme to sensitive
little Bonnylin. Tho girl's open admiration for "Ilex" filled her 'withi
disgust nnd disomy nnd heart pungs
-•Thero Js but ono_wny_out of   It,"
'Fenlon to-night, rind ho will try tind { "Why do you ask Hint?" hs said,
arrange It for us. This place hns more to gain time to do a little
boon a safe refuge for us, and I rapid thinking in this desperate
dread to leave lt, to fnce dangers, strait than caring how sho would
perhaps, thnt I know not of.   Still, ' answer him.
uneler the circumstances,  we must."  I     "If she is not your sister,"     cried
Le Roy was colder, sterner,      und   Koto Morgan, with rising wrath, "1
more haughty than ovor to Miss
Morgan that day. Still, it seemed'
utterly Impossible to evade her; she
overtook him on his way home from
insist,  out of respect to  the    ladles
beneath this roof, that she be turned out into the street at once."
"You shall have your way,      Miss
the mill;  and although ho  answered   Morgan," ho said, wilh' forced cnlm-
her questions curtly, and almost in
monosyllables, she persisted in following him into his apartments, under the pretense of seeing his sister.
Ix! Roy left them together,     whilo
ness,  "I will tako her eeweey     from
hero within the hour."
This turn of tilTairs by no means
pleased Kate. Sbe could conceive no
horn       greater    than losing       this
ho went out to seek Fenton.   It was   handsome idol whom she worshipped
a hazardous undertaking to VOntun
into the aristocratic portion of tho
city where he was so well known,
but it could not be helped. He dare
not trust all ho would suy to writing.
"I shall not be gone very long,"
said Lc Roy, pausing on the threshold, nnd giving Bonnylin a meaning look. "Good-bye."
"Good-bye," she repeated, looking
at him with a smi!_.
Then he passed out of her sight.
Half nn hour or more Kate    Morgnn sat by the glowing grate tnl lag
to Bonnylin    of Indifferent subject..,
when suddenly she nsked.:
"Kayo you one ei the 1001-111111 p.i-
rersv i'u iii.c eo lu'uk over it a moment."
"iVe ta'.c no par.Crs," said To ny-
lin, helming her face lower o.er the
fancy work she hiiel In h.r baud.
"Gracious _go. d -si. ih, u ,.0. o..n't
know anything Hint is going 01
the worm. 1 djn't suppose you havo
hoard, Hi n, the story of the bi'aiiti-
ful g.'rl that Wa: nmxlei'i'd at a ball
b.v  a jealous bride'."
Bonnylin dropped hrr work with a
startled cry, i ni her fnce turned
ghastly white underneath its dark
"Oh, it's^a wonderful story," continued Kate; "why, the pnpers havo
been full of it those two months past.
As I wus saying, after killing the
beautifin girl nt the ball, the young
bride nnd her husband fleel. She was
afterward seen by the police in a
sleigh accompanied by a man mufll-
cd to the chin; the polire gave chase,
but they elid not succeed in taking
her. They have been hunting her
down liko ferrets ever fclnce."
"Do they think thi.—the briele committed that murder?" gas pod Bonnylin,  in unspeakable horror.
"Why, of course, everything goes
to show that sho was the guilty
one," returned Kate Morgan, complacently; "why, the dying girl's
lust words conelemnt'd her. She licensed her of it before all the people
at the grand bull. It Will go hard
with her if she's caught, 1 cnn tell
you. All the aristocrat's money
can't save her. Nobody suspect 1 el lur
of being wicked enough, this dainty
bride to commit such a crime. Tho
papers say she was as beautiful us n
dream, with a fnce like a (lower ami
hair like spun gold, wliilo her eyes
were like blue-bells steeped in dew."
Bonnylin hail arisen to her feet
and stooel before her.
"What would Ihey do with the
poor bride if thoy found her, do you
suppose?" she asked, in a voice liko
nothing human, it was so wildly unnatural, like a voice from the tomb.
"Suppose," repeated Kato. "I
don't havo to suppose. 1 know what
they would do with her. Ask every
child you mee.'t em the street, and
they will tell you whnt the newspapers and the people havo declared all
along, sho woultl hang 0:1 the gallows for murder, Just as sure as
"Oh, no, no!" cried Bonnylin, with
a wild, shrill, piercing cry.
The fancy work fell from hor nerveless littlo bunds to the lloor, the
room seemed to roack nround her,
end the lire in the grate to hiss nud
liluzo; then sudelenly to die out, leaving her in the durkost gloom. She
tried to speak', but her tongue cloeo
to the roftf of her mouth.
A sudden roaring filled her cars
like that of far-off waters, nnd
through it, nil she heard those terrible words ringing, like a doathr
luioll, in her curs: If they caught her
(hey would hang her on the gallows
lor murder.
With a gasping, shuddering cry,
sho fell on her face to the lloor In a
deadly swoon.
I/C Hoy snld nt the end of tho first
furtii i_.ht, "nnl Hint Is, to move
from these rooms to sonic other locality, it would noVCr ilo to make
un tnutty of Hint girl—she would
hound 11 man down to his doom."
"1 nm so tired of Ihis masquerading," sighed Bonnylin, piteous.}',
-"Oh, my darling, I am sure I cannot waif patiently until tlie real
murderer of poor India is foirtul, to
take my rightful place in the world
"You must Wait, eleur," he answered huskily. "All this is far more
painful to 1110 Ihnn to "OU, but wo'
must benr it bravely, thanking Ood
we are together.   I am going to see
Kate Morgan sprung to her feet In
the greatest .dismay.
"What in the world is the matter
with the girl?" she cried,     stooping |
over  the prostrate  forth,   "I   wonder j
why   tho  story   of   thut  young   bildu
affected her so?"
Quickly raising the slight form ln
her urms, sho bore her to a lounge
und laid her upon it.
A buttle of ammonia stood on the
shelf. Hastily" dropping a few drops
of It into a basin of water, she seized a towel and commenced laving tho
face of the unconscious girl.
Tho fuel, hands und hnlr were
bathed briskly to start the circulation of blood, when, lo! a strange
thing happened under Iho net ion of
the strong ammonia: Hie el.irk stnin
commenced to quickly disappear
from both laco nnd hnir.
The inlenso astonishment of Kate
Morgan knew no  bounds,
"Grout Heaven!" she cried nghnst,
"she is not dark; her face is 11s fair
as a lily ami her hnir is beautiful
and golden. The girl is in disguise!
What dark mystery Is this? I will
find It out If II costs nn m.v life!"
A sudden suspicion crossed her
mind that the girl was not what
Bhe represented herself to bu.
At this critical moment I.e Roy
Plcrpont entered the room; 0110
glance, and the chill of ifciith swept
over his heart,
He stood motionless, elumb — liko
ono turned to marble in n single Instant of horror.
And in that moment Kate Morgan
recovered herself.
"Who Is. this girl?" she cried, advancing (jownrd him with a steely
.glitter iii' her pule blue oyrs; "can
you explain the meaning of this masquerading in an honest, respectable
lie tiled to speak, but no sound
issued from his lips — the horror of
the situation appalled him so cruelly that he wns dazed.
"I du not lielieve this girl is your
sister, as you hnvo represented lur
to be," Kate Went on, with fl.athln;
Wl-aih, horn of intense Jealousy. "I
shall find out beforo I rest to-nl(_llt,
who nnd what that girl is."
1.0 Hoy stepped up to the girl nnd
laid his hand on her arm.
"Hush! lor the Iovo of Heaven,
don't speak so loud," ho Implored,
"you will arouse tho whole house."
"That Is what I intend to do," sho
cried, "and we -till soon unearth this
mystery, I ask you a fulr question;
is this girl In truth your sister, or
l_ si.e not?"
so madly, in this fashion. Sho would
rather have seen him lyiiu d.ad at
hor feet, than ses him el part with
the girl whom she now believed to
bo her rival.
"Send her off by horsolf!" she retorted bitterly, "attempt to u hold
nm! shield her and I will publi. 11 t lis
scandalous proceeding to U10 v.otld."
At tl.is moment Bonny I ns 1 luo
eyes opened slowly, and she u'ung o it
her arms, crying wildly and pitoously:
' (Hi, Le Roy, I_c Hoy!"
Again Knte Morgan tin nod dead
while. In a moment of bewililorniO.it
Bonnylin had forgotten to en I him
"More mystery!" muttered Kate,
as he 1 ow to her side.
lie wus wondering in dgonV t*io
grent for words what liud 111 sod bur
to faint. I'U readily rii.inert tho horrible t.iisii'i'f that had followed II ,d
been caused by apply In;' wnter to
lu,'i- face in briii'.'.ii.g hir to.
i     As  Kate Hung o, en the d lor       to
■ stalk indignantly out of tiie   room,
, she found  quite a crowd  pf    curious
eavesdroppers gathered about the
door attracted by tho sound of her
high-pitched, angry voico. Among
the number, much to her delight,
stood a blue-coaud denizen of     t.ic
I peace.
I To them Kate repented the whole
story in every detail, even to       the
j cause of the girl's  deadly faint—th"
■ story she was repeating of the trag-
| ctly   in  high  life   ih.et   had   bappen'el
at  the ball.
In the interior of the room all wns
dire confusion; Ie Hoy was hastily
pacKing a few U-Cossnry articits together, urging upon poeir stricken
Donnylin     the    necessity of Instant
"All will yet be well, my diilin;,"
he whispered, trying to infu.'o her
with courage to nuet the ten-ill.
emergency wiih which they Wire
brought face to face.
"Sho has discovered mc—she has re-
COgnirod me," Bonnylin cried out
gn:. ■ gly, clinging to him In the
wildest) terror.
"It is not so bad as that, d nr,"
ho repllctl, "but to pie.e'.t anything serious from oct-nri-it \ n iw
thnt she suspects you uro not my
sister, wc must Ily from here. Every
moment  is precious,"
There was no time to prepnre a
disguise; ho threw hrr long dark
cloak ubout her just us sho wus, null,
gathering up the few articles he lind
collected, drew her out of an i pp. s-
ite tloeir, closing uud lo.'kin ',' it nl'ter
hiin, and down the back stairs to
the street.
Hailing a coupe just pnaslng, he
thrust Bonnylin into it, and sjrint
quickly to the sent be.'iile her.
"IKive as quickly us possible       to
the corner of A ■ Avenue and B	
Street," he snld hurriedly. "Turn
the lirst  corner to the light."
Tho driver crocked his whip nnd
Ihe vehicle str.rlcd; and at that moment Lu Hoy's ear detected h n so,
suppressed cries, and he kr.CW but.
too well their ubseni'e had I eon discovered. He was buoyed up ly the
mad hope that those whom he had
left behind him never die.lined of
Bonnylin's real identity.
No sooner luiil Kuto Morgan fln-
ishi'd her strange, graphic description of how the elbcovi-ry c line
nbout, and what they wore speaking
01' at the timo, than, like a keen Intuition, the.thought flatbed across
th,' officer's I rain that this disguised
young girl Might prove to be .veiling
Pierpont's  biide.
The next instant he wns lnockin.
sharply on Ihe door. No sound is-
Blieel from within: Hie stillne. s of
ilea Ih   reigned  I lure.
"Open the door!" l.o exclaimed,
sharply, "1 demand it in the namo
of the law!"
There wns no response, and nol ting
his broad sltmilrtrr ngninst  the    (bin
, panels,   wilh   one   herci:! nn       ClTort,
j aided by the man he hnd called     to
I his assistance,   it   was  burst      open,
mid he sprang ii t > te room,      followed,    of    11,111 se, b.v tl.c     curious
One rapid gn.n.e about the dcsoi't-
od room, st'en-o abo"t by different
articles In due confusion, ind ho
saw that tbi   1 ci'itpnnts had led.
He was pun. 1)1 11 ci n :n-rd now
thnt he I, d in'.'ul ii-'-'ol i!'»'n the
fair fugitive pi i" 1 rly ion lit for,
end whi"-c nr •' would icr-
tnln fume (■ r 1. in.
A series ol articles describing T
their lives, their aims and 0
their influence. X
Springing to the door that led
down tllO I nek stairway, he found
Hint this, ton, was secure y fastened
upon the outer side to Impede liis
This wns served in the same fashion as the other door, and ho rushed
down the Stairway to the pavement,
tlll'ee ste.is at a lime, reaching tho
Curbstone Just in time to ueo the two
dark figures enter a waiting coupe,
nnd drive rapidly away.
Shortly afterward u general nlarm
was sent out nil ovor the city. Finch
officer on every bent was keeping a
Sharp lookout for the coupe drawn
by tlio sorrel horse.
Within the Ill-fated eollpo Lc Roy
was doing his best in attempting to
snotho poor little Donnylin, assuring
her all would yet be well, she bad
no cause for such fright.
"I did not realize the real peril
which confronted me," she sold od,
raising hor eyes pitoously to his face,
"until sho unconsciously explained it.
Oh, Lo Roy, Lc Roy, the horror of
it nearly killed mo! It wns then that
I fainted. Whero nre wc going now,
Lo Roy?" she added wistfully.
[TO BI C0RTINU1.D.J Jj   j
PnrKlvr H,
Little flve-ycar-old Edith wns taken
to a dentist, who removed nn aching
tooth. That evening nt prayers her
mother was surprised to hear her sny,
"Forgive lis our debts as we forgive
our dentists."
ur. Ucrlllon of Paris gives the nnme
of "pen stammering" to a difficulty In
writing thnt is antilogous to hesitancy
tn speech. Tho pen stammerer ls 1111-
ablo to write even n single letter of a
word If nny one ls looking nt him. Distant kinsmen possibly of tho persons
thus troubled mny bo thoso who cannot form letters without extending the
♦   Dr. Adam McMillan.  |
»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦ - -■<.»-,**♦*•*-,♦♦♦
——■ £• -—,-—-. —
i' ■       ■'-'■'    W
1   n,
p ■    /
*_£-*-/         ■«
W "■■''            ''f
du. adam McMillan,
!ditor nnel Propriotor of the  Virelcn
Mr. Adam McMillan, tho proprietor
and editor eif tho Vlrdon Advance, is
in some respects one of the most Interesting figures in Western Canadian
life. I'ew, even among the many-'
phased men of the West, e-nti bo'com-
parod with him In point of the variety and the success of his activities. ll»e bus been a blacksmith a
surgeon, n soldier and an editor,
and in intervening intervals ninny
other things besides. In most eif
these ho bus been conspicuously successful, nnel even in those in wbicli
good fortune was not so pronounced
no absolute! fnlltiro can bo recorded
ngninst him. Adventurous, but leyol-
heudyd, progressively conservntivo by
temperament, experimental by disposition, tnking liitlo or nothing on
faith, whei her in the re'ul-ni of mind
or mailer, his habit of mind is ns
I'ssentinlly open nnd unprejudiced us
his courage is unquestioned, Mr. McMillan is n picturesipie figure, from
whatever aspect of his personaltly
he is regarded, It is undoubtedly ns
n soldier Hint he hns hitherto bulked
largest in the popular estimation,
i'he family of which Mr. McMillan
is 11 member is, in some respects, 11
reinnrkiible one'. His falher is known
throughout Canada under his pen
name of "Hayseed." No more devoted, enthusiastic und loyal Scot
enn be found in nil Canada thun he.
lie is. porhaps, the typical Conaitfan-
Scoteit peie't of tho West, representing Ihe sturdy Doric virtues of 1111
independent peasantry given freer
scope in tho broader arena nf the
Dominion. Tho migration of the race
hns enlarged both their views nnd
their sympathies, without iu ono
whit impairing the strength of the
loyalty to tho hind of their nativity.
Hence, in ull rcferene-es to the "hind
of brown booth nnd shngey wood,"
tho larger opportunity, the broader
hope, the.loftier destiny, of the Land
of the Maple is acknowledged and
Among thu knights of the besom
an' stiinc llnyse'ed's curling rhymes
are perhaps the most popular on the
continent, and at curling * smokeis"
nnd oilier high festivals of tiie fraternity they nre recited nnd sung
with enthusiasm. Nor are the ceini-
inents on current events by the cun-
ny Scotch I'u inner unel his sonsy,
Kirsly, to be' forgotten. Mnny u
bit of pungent criticism and wis:'
counsel ure embalmed in those dialogues, wliich ure worthy of more
periniini'i.t preservation thnn the fugitive issues of n  daily newspuper.
of such parentage, il is- no wonder 1I10I " Iluyseed's " children
should betray inclinations to newspuper work. As tl mutter of fnct it
is doubtful if in Canada thero is
uny other pnront who cnn boast of
having us ninny sons who are celi-
tors. A1I11111, iho subject of the- present sketch, is editor of the Vlrdon
Advance, one' of ihe most influential
of Manitoba papers; i'.riiest, another
son. in proprietor und editor of the
i'lehi'i-ne Tiioes, nnd nnother son is
publishing- a pnper in the States,
Mr. McMillan wus born in Glasgow,
Scollntnl, iK'fnre his parents enme to
Canada, He wns yol nn Infant iu
arms when brought to the Dominion,
llis early childhood was spent, iu
the vicinity of Markhuin. Onto where
hi' received u public school oducntlon.
When nlmost. fourteen yours of ago
he cume wilh his family to the West,
und learned Hie lilacksmlthlng trado
under his fullier. lie n.-pireil. however, to sonu'thing bettor, nnd decided to tnke Iho regular course in
the Toronto Veterinary College, lie
graduated in 1800, and roturned In
Manitoba to practise his profession,
locating nt various times in Oar-
berry, Vlrdon, (Ink Lake anil Brandon.
lie wns in the Wheitt City nt the
time of Hie outbreak of the South
African war. Another brother hold
the rank of sorgiennl-mujor in the
first, contingent, und this fuel, oeiiu-
bined with his naturally adventurous
position nntl his patriotism, drew
him toward enlistment. He received
the non-commissioned office of farrier-sergeant with Striilhi-onii's
Horse. Within 11 few weeks nfter his
arrival in South Africa lie wns promoted to a lieutenant's commission,
through the illness of his superior officer. After Seeing months of service
with the now historic Strnthconn
Horse. Mr. McMillan wns transferred
to the conimniider-in-iiiief's body
guard, with the rnnk of veterinary
captain, After nine months' service
wilh thnt. corps—during which ils
gnlhint conduct won merited praise
from Lord Kitchener—Captain McMillan returned home to Cnnndn by
wny of England, After spending the
winter in Manitoba he ngnin volunteered for service in the reorganization of tlio *>lh regiment of Canadian
Mounted Hides under command of
Ll.-Col. MdDonnld, 1"». 3. (;. He
wus given entire charge of the veterinary department, with tho snma
rank ns Ihut on which ho retired,
But, the war was concluded by the
time this contingent arrived In South
Afrlon,    and     tho    troops    l-turned
home by way of England, In which
country dipt. McMMan stayed s nn.
months before leaving for Canada.
It will thus bo seen that the edilor
of fhe Advance has n distinguished
wnr record, tn thnt. war, which
wns one of tho most just nnd Immune ever waged, and which mndo -
the dream of Colonial Federation a
reality, he bore no unimportant. 1
part. He, and those from the other!
colonial nations who served with
him on tho veldt, perceived with a
keenness of instinct not surpassed by
the' most patriotic of Englishmen
tile magnitude of tho issues nt stake
in Hint happily ended wnr. They de-
iiiiinstruted, not nlone to Britnin
nnd her colonies, but. lo the world
at largo, thut the British I'mpire is
not, ns are other European Govern-
inents, u machine operated under nn
ambitious sovereign or ambitious.)
statesman, but un Association, in
which, with mutual support and
confidene'e, the world-wide subjects of
one Crown ceiuld come together for
all purpose's, fiscnl nnd Imperial,' in
which all were Interested.
On returning home. Capt. McMil-
Inu took 11 prnclice in Virelcn. In a
lew months be bought the Advance.
Under' Captain McMilhln-'S control
the Ailvnntv became much moro inde-
ji ndenl, bul lost none of its Influence.
i'he instinct lo write inherited from
his father,'nnd hitherto dominant because without opportunity for expression, asserted thomsdlvcfl as soon
ns Mr. McMillan look bold of Iho
practical management of (he Ad-
viiniv, He liecniiti'do. ply itiii-ri-slt-i! in
the paper's success, und soon placed
it ou such u substantial looting
Hint he wiih recently offered a l.-.rg,1
figure for it, und, nfler due .consideration Jie accepted the offer, ln 11
week or so he will forsake the editorial Chair he litis filled with such,
promise, and devote himself entirely
io his practice. There are ninny,
however, who predict that, ere long-
Mr. McMillan will leavo the curing
of the ills of agricultural'stock, in
order to ugiiin prescribe for those of
the body politic, nnel that hereditary instincts nnd family affiliations
will ere long triumph ovor Hie nrtsJ
of healing. Should Ihis be, the"
ranks of western editors will bo J
swelled by an able recruit, nnel news-
pupoiYloiii in Manitoba and the Territories be Hint much the gainer.
Wus in a Bad  Way Till He'
Used Dodd's Kidney Hills.
They lletnnveil the Had I'fleds nnd nnv
William KI1111-am is ns well as
I'v-or Again.
Murray Harbor, South P. E. I,,
Oct. 10th, 1004.
(Specinl).—Hurt through straining
his back while lilting Mr. William
Sharuni, general storokoepor here, got
so weak thut he could scarcely hold
up. To-duy ho Is enjoying the best
of health onco more, and when asked
how ho got his health back ho unhesitatingly answers, "Doild's Kidney
"Hnving sprained my back with
heavy lifting,:' Mr. Shornm says In
telling his stiiiy, "lt brought on Urinary and Kidney Troublo. I got so
weuk thut I almost fainted and could
scarcely holel up. I was terribly
troubled with having to get out of
bed so frequently to urinate. ,
"After using many medicines with
lie, goeid results, I tried Doild's Kidney Pills. I have used ten boxes In
ali and now 1 cnn sleep without being disturbed and my old trouble has
Dodd's Kidney Pills cure the Kidneys. Cuind Kidneys curo numerous
discuses,       Including     Rheumatism j
Dropsy, and Bright's Diseaso.
Cnterplilatrs and (trulis.
It Is altogether surprising what caterpillars and grubs c.111 mmivo and appeal' to like II. Some mites live ou
Btrycl'.nlne, eating it with avidity.
P'refp-SOl' Atlliold tried the same faro
ou cl.ecio mites, and up to oil per cent
of stryclmtiip thoy lived nnd thrived 11s
perhaps only miles cnn be expected to
do. Over iii) per pent of poison they,
found to be 1111 error of diet and
promptly died. Thoro is n sort of cs#jr-
plllar which lives on magnesia; one
wonders vaguely whether 11 perpetual
course of magnesia is not found somewhat enervating; But, then, the caterpillar ls a being wholly depraved,
which nothing can kill. The grub of
the fur moth particularly is an Indiscriminate feeder, liking wool ns readily
ns fur and.a horse's bide as well ns
either, nnd will dine heartily on such
poetic fare ns butterflies' wings. Aud
it la destruction porsonlllcd, taking a
Wanton pleasure In cutting off a multitude of hairs moro than it can po.-isibly
require, and nothing seemingly cun kill
It. Turpentine, r.e'a salt, tobacco nn.l
sulphur fumes—these "remedies" only
drive It nway, (hut Is iill, as the passengers lit Huns Andersen's coach used
11 sprig of liiyrtlo to drive awuy the ,
lllos.—London Globe.
The natives of Alaska have outing
mulches, nt whleh groat numbers of
the villagers compete. The inn 11 who
eala the most is considered the linest
Live Pearl*.
It Is snld that the live lustrous pearl
never dies.
Bnby's Own Tablets have a remarkable record. All over the land
you will find mothers who will tell
you this medicino hns saved the
lives of thoir littlo 0110s. When you
give Bnby's Qwij Tablets to your
children you have a gitaruhtoo that
vou uro not stupefying them with
prisonous soothing stuffs, No other
medicino for children gives this gunr-
ante'e, nnel no other medicine safely
cures all such ills ns colic, indigestion, constipation, diarrhoea and
toothing troubles. Tho Tablets not
only cure these troubles, but mi occasional doso given to a well child
prevents them. Mrs. G. A. Sawyer,
Clarenceville, Quo., says: "I hnvo
uscel Baby's Own Tablets for my
littlo girl nnd find thnt they nro tho
very best medicino I cnn give her."
Try t-IB Tablets for your chilelren—
they will not disappoint you. .Sold
by medicine dealers or sent by mail
at 25 cents a box by writing the Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
X \fm ■:ifc'l,-.:-^i-_-J
The territorial crop bulletin estimates tho wheat of Iho Territories nt
20,840,IKK) bushels,
Chicngo wheat o|irralors now desire ceinl imieuis uuotei! iems of Winnipeg opl ions.
Mitard's UiiimCiit Lira L'urr.s, Etc
Tho Athabasca Fish e-oinpuny hns
ibocn organized to operate on Lesser
.Slave Lake.
rrnut, Bass and Flakerel In Lakes and
Ai tj-utmt Waters—Moose, Bear, Cariboo
and Red Deer Plentiful ln the Iroyest.
—A Peeallarltj, no-rover, Is a Notable
Absence of Se»n_; Birds—Guides and
"Temngami,"    writes    a    traveler
Irom tho north,  "is a land  of lakes
nnd rivers,  lying nearly  entlroly    in
k.hc    Government    forest  rcsorvatiott,
raid covering   un    areei of    50  mile's
Ifrom  north  to     south  and  40  miles
Ifrom   cast  to   went.     It   is  a   'beau
pdestl' spot for sportsman and angler,
hnd is incomparable in natural beauty
land scenery.
"Fish  are     plentiful   in   the  rivers
land lakes, tho most abundant vm-icl-
|lcs   being   small-mouth    black luss,
Vnll-cyi'd pike, which are tailed piC-,-
Icrel In lhat district, pike and spuck-
Jlcd  trout.     ihe fish   an- very    llriii
land of exceptionally line f'.neor,  due,
|doul)tlcss, to thi   low    temperature
and excellent quality of Mater.
"In I-<iko Toinagnml proper, we did
plot  meet  with  much nucciss in  f'uh-
llng compared to the watets of   (ho
adjacent     lakes    and   rivers.       Lndy
Evelyn Lake oilers niagniCueiit sport,
l.ass,    running from   two    to     threo
bounds,  of   the gamiest species   and
Jn abundance,  there being no dillicul-
fty in getting __ siring eif eight or ten
lin 110 minutes.   Pickerel are plentiful
ta all the lnkes mill run  up lo  four
lnnd   five  pounds,    while  pike  can  be
caught in   largo   numbers,   tho   latter
[reaching  eight  to   ten   pounds.   Sal-
Von trout  are   abundant    in    Lake
Temagami    nnd during   the summor
Jseitson ere found  in  the' deep  water,
{necessitating   two   or    three  hundred
cot of lino and deep trolling.   Many
theso lish weigh 15 to 20 pounds,
Jut I understand thero is not much
■port In landing tlioiu.   Brook trout,
or speckled trout ns they  are  culled
Rn   this regiem,   ure     fouud   in    large
[numbers in tho streams emptying in-
Mi Lndy Evelyn, and nre gainer than
Ithe smile species found in othor t'niia-
Jtlinn witters.   The average weight is
Ifrom one nnel a half to three pounds,
Jiho angler is assured of all tho sport
Jhe wants in that, particular locality.
'We wero tolel by Indians that just
liefore the formation   of ice on   tho
flakes  and  rivers,   white fish  can    lie
Vnuglit in enormous quantities! of 0X-
I.client quality,  comparing favorably
lin sizo to   the Goorglan Bay   whito
Kish.   Though   the  fishing  wus  found
to be unexcelled In tho larger hollies
Lof water,  wo    found  that  in smeller
flakcs, which wc traversed on our ro-
11urn, they were equally as well Stock-
fed—if not in greater iiuniliers.   Many
lot  these  small   lakes  were   not  more
[than a mile long by a couple of htin-
Idred yurds wide, nnd the v.-nter clean
land    colli    nnel      deep,    wilh    rocky
'Our experience with bnit was var-
iioel,   and    wc    trie'd    several,   among
] vi'htch wore tho  'expert wooden  mink-tow, i' the 'phantom minnow,' steel
tminnow and    No.  4   Skinner spoon.
.Trolling was     resorted   to  entirely.
JTho   Vxport   wooden    minnow'  wns
flutist effective with the wall-eyed pliko
fnnel pike, but we did not land a bass
Iwith  this  bait.     i'he  phantom  min-
[now nnd steel minnow we're of littlo
fuse.   Tho most alluring bait for buss
Wan No. -1 .Skinner    spoon,' with tho
[feathers removed and an angle worm
for piece of fish attached to the hook.
"The   forests abound  in  large  und
[Isinnll    game   of    many   kinds,    chief
[ amongst  these being moose, bear,   red
(deer nnd caribou,   The moose is the
'principal attraction for the hunter in
' this region, as ho is found in   grent
.numbers.   Although wo only saw one
[on our trip, ninny signs un I  tracks
.wero notice'd,    nnd   the    fire  rangers
.and gumc wardens tolel us that   they
wero very plentiful,  and that parties
>can be assured of BOCurlng the legal
.number if they socitrc the proper In-
, dinn    guides.     ihe  open  season    tor
moose In  the    Temngaini  region   Is
earlier    than  south    of tho  L'.P.R.
nuiin line,, und    is from    Oct.  10 to
Nov.  15,  both   dnys  inclusive.      The
best    districts   for    moose    nro the
north ond of Lady Evelyn Lnke, the
cast branch  of    the Montreal  River
ami the upper Waters of the Sturgeon
River, which seem to be tho favored
haunts.   As many ns eight individual
moose havo boon sighted in ono day
at    separate places.      Heer   ale very
i scarce in  Ihis locality,  especially   In
the northern  part.       The  caribou Is
nlso    an  inhabitant of   the country,
but is si'on only occasionally.
"Menliun may nlso lie made as lo
feathered game, the main representatives heing partridge nud duck. Pnrt-
riilgo are found almost anywhere in
tho forests nnd nre abiin'ant. Pucks
of various kinds nro found mostly
in the northern pnrt of the region,
and ombfneo tho following species:
Mallard, wood duck, merganser, blue
bill, shell-drake nml widgeon, one
peculiarity of tho district wns the
noticeable nbsenco of song birds.
"Firearms nre only", allowed in tho
territory during the open season,
with exception of those with barrel
not more than four inches in length,
Tho Indians nro considered tho best
guides, both for hunting nnd fishing
trip, and ar'e familiar with the entire region, Only the best should be
secured, their charges being $2.50
per day and board, Guides act ns
cooks and do all heavy work. Charges for canoes nro reasonable; birih
barks 25 cents to 50 cents por ilay,
according to size; Pctorborpfl 5()
cents to 75 cents per day. The latter aro most satisfactory, as they
are faster and safer and can carry
' outfit in hotter shape,"
Mr. Jones Hits II.
Bobby—I say, Mr. .Lines, whnt do
you think Clara said nbout you just
beforo you camo in? Mr. .limes—1
haven't the lenst idea. Bobby (nmn/.-
cd)—Well, you've guessed it straight
off! Thnt's just what she eliel f.ny.—
Sydney Town and Country  Journal.
Ill- Occn-.l-.nnl Wis!,.
"Why don't you ever want to go to
a wedding?" snapped Mrs. Enpeelc.
"I don't bellevo you've been to n wedding since you nttended your own."
"No," mildly responded Mr. Enpock,
"I haven't. And," ho added softly to
himself, "I sometimes wish I hadn't
(tteuded thnt ore."
I A. 11. Aylesworth, K, ('., has Iwpii
appointed to the Federal Cabinet as
a minister without portfolio,
PAINS IH.'-'.AI'I'KAIt IlK.'tllll. IT.—
No imp need stiller iiiiin when thev havo
avnllnule! llr.'T'loitliut' Kiln-trie Oil. If
i.ni i,i tho liaase' when requtroel it cnn bo
nrortired at tho nearest -tun-, as ull
iih'ii-Ii.nits keen if for salo. Uhpimiati-m
unil nil Imilily nieins ellsnntie-nr when it in
applied,   nml   should   t lil'y   ul nnv   liliii'i'e-
l'.'i-ii,  experience!  tenches tlie  user  of  tin.
'.ill how in d-dl with tliem.
The Russians nre rafhlccd to donkey
I meal nl   Port  Arthur.
I   Two moils will  be sonl   lo  I'he   fnr
| north during the whiter.
Twitching Blusclos antiSI top-
■ .C.c.li'.S'o     The hopcl-SH Henri iilcktie*"
! thill   settles  on  ii   mull  ut'  eviiiiuni   wltosii
in'iei's  lire sliutloi-i'd   |>y  n!"t_l8Q  run   hi'sl.
1 li"   piiiiui'il    in   emit rust   evltli   ie   pulli'iil
\vl:n   litis   bi-i'ii   In   Uie'   "ili'iillis"   mul   litis
l»o,*ii     ilrii£ac_l    fmni ' tlie'in    hy     Houtli
; ,* iiii'iliiiii   Nervine,    (loorge  Webster,    ul
! I',Host.   (int.   snys:   "1   o>vo  m.v   life to ll.
j I-'.voiytlilng else lulled to cure."—44
|   A now   .'min   pxehnngu   has   been
formed  in  Winnipeg-.
Minard's Liiiiment Relieves Neuralgia.
A project is on fool (o subdivide.
the -Umllkainoon district of 25,tiiiii
acres Iuto toll-acre fruit I'nrms.
The Russians are reduced to donkey
ment nl. Port Arthur.
Pleasant ns syrup; nothing equals it ns
ii worm medicine; the namo is Mother
llrnvi's' Win-in Kxti'i-iiiitinliir. The great-
eat  worm -loHiroyor of Hie ngo;
The new ici'-lironking steamer
Montcalm, which is being built for
Un' Canadian Gbvernmoh. by 1'ieiu-
ing it Ferguson, of I'nisley, Scot-
lam!, hns bein completed, nnd is
ready for delivery one inoilt.il abend
of tile contract time. Throughout the
winter she will be employed 1.6 lnain-
1 siiii commun-icnl ion between lllvioro
Ovelle and Murrnv Bay.
Clnili'i-n nimbus, i-rnui|iH nml kindred
riiinl'iiiinis annually mako their npiioiir-
iinte tit lllo siime lltne ns Hie lull ui'n-
ther, green fruit, curtutil.i'i-s. melons, etc..
Mat many parsons nre lielmrretl frum Oat-
inir those I ntlng fruits, hut  they need
mil iilisiniii it they hnvo Hi-. .1. 0. Kel-
lngg'fl llysenlcry Cemlitel. ton] lielee n feee-
iIi'iioh in water, li cures Un- craning aiid
cholera in n ii'nini loilili' monitor, nnd is
mire io check- every disturbance nl' the
Frederick    AuflUSln. Biirlholdi,    lin
Sculptor,   and  designer of the  Statue
of l.iberlv in New York harbor, died
on Oct. 4, in Paris.
Minard's Liniment for sale erer-fwhere.
Canon tjitellel le. superior of llie
seminary of SI. I l.vacinlhe. (bl.'.. died
suddenly nt nn early hour mi Tues-
dny morning. He was in his VI st
i:\ij LisTrsl-AmTiN im bnt
Romovo* nil hard, soft or calloused
luniiis nnd blemishes from horses, blood
spavin, curbs, splints, rlnghona, Sweeney,
stifles, sprains; cures sure nml swollen
throat, coughs, elc. Save $.",11 by the
use of one hiitilo. Warrantee! the must
wonderful  IJlemu.li Dure ever known.
Tho I. o. o. I'. grand lodge succeeded in uniicably adjusting the difficult ies within Ihe order.
A. F..  Mullory, who hns been registrar of  Kant    Northuuilieiiiiiid   since
1880, died Tuesday morning al   Col-
I borne,  Ont,
manly Strength and Womanly
Beauty- depend on purity of tlio blood,
nml niiii-h uf tlmt purity ileporiils on per.
feet Milliey lllle'i-ing. If Uie'Kc organs are
ilisen.scil unil will mil perform their functions, lunn will Heck in vain for strength
nud woman fur boauty, South American
Kidney Cure drives out nil impurities
through the body's "Ulterers"—repairs
weuk   spots.—40
i'he  Inrge  burn    belonging    In     Ihe
provincial  asylum   nl   West   Selkirk,
Man., caught   lire Tuesday flfterndon,
nnd wns ih si riiyeil. The loss will be
ii limit ...0.nun. All ihe animals were
W. Sharp, manager of Qlllin's quarry ni Stony Mountain, was Instantly
killed by fulling nlone on Oct. i.
1111.11 IN' TIfl-ltl ACTION.—I'nrmo-
l.'i'-ie Vogetobio l'ills are very mild in
llielr nctloti,   'I'iicy iln'iml  cuiibp irriolni'
ill    III.'   sti.iniicll     nr     I'llllS'     ilislll.'l'illici-i:
llioro ns  so  ninny   pills ilu.     Therefore,
tllO linisl ili-liit.Ii< cnn Inlc Hem Willi-
mil fenr ot muili'iisttllt rcsillls. Thev Can.
lno. be ndiiitnisli'ii'il In children wilhnill
llnllOHlllR   Ihc   I llllll'.H   11 li I, It   tollow     Utl-
.cc uf i.ills nol  so I'urefuliy prepared.
Fire di'seroy ed the American hotel
nl fort Erie n few nights nirn; ulsn
Hie dwellings of William Meysnor nnd
William Coles. Loss uhoiii thirteen
thoiisnnil dollars.
Minard's Liniment Cares Dandroff.
Tl is stilted llinl (he i'ilii'liin officials hnd no authority In sign the
treaty with England.
1 TER.
iii-' village of (lloiisk. in Southern
Hussiit, bus been wiped oul by lire
Flvo liiiiulr.'il families nro wilhout
been mndo lo SI. Petersburg for
shcllcr or food, nml nn appeal has
bein mndo lo St, Petersburg lor
Do you catch cold easily ?
Does tho cold hang on ?   Try
The Lung
It cures the most stubborn kind
of   coughs   and   colds.     If   it
doesn't cure you, your money
will bo refunded.
Prices: S. C. Wei.i.0 _. Co.  3M
25c. 50.. tl   LeKoy, N.Y., Toronto,Can.
So Quick, So Easy
CEYLON TEA is used, because the quality is
there.   Sealed lead packets only.    Beware of
Substitutes,   By all Grocers.   Black, Mixed or
BISHOPS      HISSED     HV..    ANTl-  passed  into   the   cathedral unmoved
RITUALISTS. bv Din Uproar.   A slrong fore-col pn-
—*-'—•*-——'lieu waft   shetioiu'tl   aboul   the build-
lOxlinordiiinry sennes   were wi I ness-   in),      _,„,    „,ithnril ies     fearing   more
ed al.  Liverpool on  the 4-1 h   in   ™n- sn-ioiis trouble.
net Hon   with   th-    minimi   Church    of | 	
l-'ngiiiiid   emigres*.     'I'he   lord   mayor |
hnd  11   nevplion    „|     tbe  town   hull. I NEWS  OF THE   HAY.
'ihe Govi rnmi.'iil   hns  piircha.-oil   Hn
which  was attended  by nil   H'.e lending I'shops mid-clergy of the  [tilltoil   Canada  Fiisicrn
Kingdom,   Then Hie procession form-
-I no mid niiir hid  to Hie cal ii-'dral.      T-  "-   ""Vis nnd   .1.   II.   Hoss   have
I.111-1- n.jyy'lh gnih-red hi llie slreels,   been nppnlntod senators.
I'i'iil  lending Low  Church-
The niiiiioriul statue of Queen  Vie-
ii.i-ii.   IncludiiiB  followers  nl  (he  bite to),|n   ,v..s  11,_v_.i|l.j   .,,   u'imiipi',..   on
■lohn  Is. nil's son    uud  tbo Wye! Ins (,(.|    (
pi'enchnri,    on    i>n;tini/al ion   founded
bv lb.- bu,- Mr. I.ensil, had previous- *• oty rnonni.tf.im..     reports   ure   re-
v  ilivliil.iiln!  itntl-rltiinllsticpaiiipll- colvwl '-.mi Western  hurvesl   (lolds.
lots.    As   lb.'   pioivsiion.   headod    by colliery  are esl iiimtid  e.t  (!4,tl00,000
Hie civil-  c i-.-ilia    and     llie   corpora- Ions.
fiilloweii    by   llie  bishops   und
ill's wi;l shortly  be    called   fi
cl.-r/-,.'.' iu  Hnir robes on  loot,  nunrod   the erection 11' a now poSlolV.ua build-
Hie .-nllii-th-.il  Hi-' den.on.:1 r.il.ii-M coin-   |n'K; ft'|   \ii,mip.eg.
mi'iicctl   to  shout   "Down   wiiii   l'op-I   __ ,
cry,"   "(Hi.     bn'    nnolh r    I.iilhec."! 	
When Hie veiieriilile Ariiiblsnini of u Hi - ".-ay. .'.on ttuss d t!v ■■<
York nppenred. Ills Silver cress of of- l:,;' ";.''-hl »" l",,l •' ('"" ■" '"
lice held up before him. the crowd h"im"-' IJ/irry—';\v_i.is anybodj bn-:
booed iimishrieki'il "Truiloi's." "H's l"*' l""'1'-' W,llic-ivol-iid,v bill so
ropery in  Ibe streets,"  "Send  them ,u''' " l*ciu.   I'u fired him.
to  Home."    Aiiildsl   o   sloriii  of hiss-   j  __   ._   ,
ing   nnd    shinning     iho    archbishop
Dear Sirs.—This is lo certify Hull
I hnve been troubled Willi a liline
buck for fifteen years.
I havo used three bullies of your
MINARD'S LINIMENT nnd am roin-
plelely cured.
It gives 1110 greul pleasure In recommend il nnd you nre nt liberty
to us" Ihis in uny wny to further
the use of your vuluiiblo medicino.
Two Hivorti. UO-VERT HOSS.
i'he new ice-breaking steamer
Montcalm, which is being built, for
the Canadian Government by Fleming & Ferguson, of I'alsley, Scol-
lund. liaS been etnnplelt'd, mil. is
reudy for delivery one' month ahead
of the contract lime*. Throughout the
winter she will bo employed to maintain communication between Hiviere
Ovelle nnd Murray liny.
To Eat and Sleep
you must get your liver,
Stomach and bowels right.
Beecham's Pills act like a
charm in setting you right.
The appetite of youth comes
with all its old relish after
using Beecham's Pills. Natural sleep is the result of a
short course of this famous
use Beecham's Pills. You
■will find a vigor and life
which adds zest to both
work and play after using
Beecham's Pills. You will
feel like a new person with a
clear eye, sweet breath and a
keenbrain. Toenjoylifetake
Pro-pared only by Thomas Bcechaui, 6ft.
Helen*, Hngland.
I       Sold cverywhero In Canada and U. 3*
V America,   la boxca, 29 ceiitf.
by Mail |
Customeu all over Canada tell us that our Mail
Order Department has
meant to them added convenience and lessened cost
The fifty-year reputation ol
our itore asiuree aatlifac-
lion to mall order purchaser!
of Jewelry., watchee, sil-cr-
ware, stationery, etc.
Our complete catalog-- will
gladly be ecnt on request,
A new gruin exchange has be.'.i
forinod in Winnipeg,
tOeshav, iict. -I.
Cli'iiphns lleilllRolell, poslni.isler of
Montreal, passed awuy al his suin-
iller home nl SI. (Inbriel tie' lli'iindon
early Tuesday morning, Oct. .. nfler
a long Illness. For muny years he
wns proinim nl iu jouruali.-ni. nml
wus railed lo lb" bin- iu ISrlfl, lie
wus for many years' prominent in ibe
oily council, nml wus elected lo re-
prescnl llerthler in Iho l-'t-.l. r.il 1'ur-
mi'id in IMS',', which, he i-e|iresi'nli'il
mil II his nppo.nlntt'iil six yours ngo
as posl uinsler of Moul renl.
ISuperfiuous Hair
Removed by the New principlfl
It is hotter limn electricity, because j
it dues not scur or _,roduco a new growth.
I'cttet- than X-rny, bc.niiso it dues not
limn, scar or paralyze tho tbsucs under
tlio skin, bettor thnn depilatories, because it Is not poisonous; therefore,
it will nut cause blood poisoning, or
proeletco ec/ciua, which is set common
with depilatories, nnd doe_ not break
oil the hair, thereby increasing its
Electrolysis, X ray or depilatories are
offered you on tho bare word of the
operatom and manufacturers. DE
M I KAIM.I' is nob. lt is tlio only method
which is indorsed by physicians, surgeons, dermatologists, meelical journals
and prominunb maga-incs.
OH MIRACLE will bo mailed to any
address, sealeel in plain wrapper ior SI.
Your money b.ick without question if it
fails to do all that is claimed for it.
Our booklet — tho most complete
tror.tPso on Superfluous Hair ever pub-
lisliod ■ctiiitiuning "tlio testimonials of
numerous physicioai and surgeons and
these of hundreds of others—will be
sent free, in plain, soaled envelopo,
upon request. Write for ib today to
Qar.su SrnMT West, Toronto, or
sisspsom sp_r
A despatch from St. dohn's, Nfld.,
Ce). 4, snys: The French fishing
Bchoober Alliance bus been totally
u rocked.      Her    crew    of  fifteen men
left   tho vessel  five minutes |
hail  only
whin  sin
sunk.     The French   fishing
"      • Further information   regarding   the
Robert Trcnto Paine of Host on. ' mires I in the iiorthwesle.-n part of
Mass., bus been elected president of Shan Timg Province is of a rcossur-
tbei    International    IVnce   Congress. !ing nature,  toys a  Fekin cnblegram
The  llritlsli    legation  Is of Iho opinion  that   there   is  no  cause  for    nny
which  recently    held  a  session  ther
I ten jn in in   F.   Trueblood    of   Boston
schooner Oeorftes Paul is ashore nt
Port nu Basque, and will be n totnl
wreck. Her crew were thirty-six
hours in the boats before they could
reach a place of safely. It is feared
llmt other wrecks will be reported
when news of the work of the galo
Is Received from more remote sec-
A despatch from W-ichitn, Kan.,
snys: Airs. Carrie Nation unel tht-.M1
other Women broke two lurgo plate
glass windows In a wholesale supply
•oiiipnn.v's wnrehouse a few dnys ngo.
Phey nre In jail.
wns chosen secretary.
Pale, Weak and
Languid Girls
It is to Your Best Interest to Know about the
traordinary Restorative Powers of
Dr.   Chase's    Nerve   Food.
A      SOUNIl     STO-tACII     MRANS
CLi'.'.lt   I1KA1I.—The  high   prc-ttire   id  a
nervous   lite   which   huslnei-s   men   ut  the j
pii'schi    dny   uro    constrained    to    llvo
makes ib-iu.phls upon  thip- vitality highly   dilrlliR-iiliil   In   their   health:       It    is
only   hy  tin-  n:os-|   careful   ti-itilitu-nl   Hint
they   are  nliln   in  lec,>p  tlieinselvea   alert
lllld    ili-livc    in     li.cir     eio-ious  ci'illings. I
iiinni- nf ihciii knou   the vahio of Purine- ■
Ice's   N'cgil tilili'    I'.lis     in   n-iilnt inL.    the
i.ioinui-h   mul   c.jii.sci|.m-i.i !y    leee'plnf.    Hit-
lio.vd climr.
Mrs, Penman    Thompson,    wii'e    of
Ihe  nctor,  died  nl    h-r    bom.-,    Wesl
Swniizt-y.  N.   II., Oct. 2.
Lever's Y-Z (WlRo Ileml.l Dlalnfor.tani
Soiin I'liv.iu'r is lu-iicr thnn other i"i\i
dors, ns it is both simp antl elisiiiti-.-i-
I. :>A
n,„ i.,,.t. ... ;„,;s of the first four
Iny o: {j,, ni iih blew down nbout
hnlf Hi.' v ii.t i ,:.i,i. i-,i|, in the Nia-
'aro di.-.l t-n-i i.i-i>.i-.- ibe fruit was ina-
I Ill-eel.   I bus    lt-.li,It I nn;     il     unlit      for
Used in H.B.K. Mitts, Gloves
and Moccasins—tough as whalebone, flexible, soft, pliable, scorch-
proof, wind-proof, boil-proof,
crack-proof, tear-proof, rip-proof,
cold-proof, almost wear-proof—
certainly the greatest leather
ever used in mitts and gloves.
Like buckskin it is tanned
without oil, unlike buckskin it is
not porous, it is wind-proof—will
outwear three buckskins.
■Tinto" Mitts and Gloves
never crack or harden, never get
sodden, are always warm, pliable,
soft and comfortable.
Sold at all dealers but never without this brand:—
Montreal   Winnipeg    Dawson i
Doctors first prescribed
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral over
60 years ago. They use it
today more than ever.   They
rely upon it for colds, coughs,
bronchitis, consumption.
They will tell you bow It
heats inflamed lungs.
* I ii_<1 a T«r- bad 'cough for three roars.
Th-n I trl.il Aj.r's ohorrjr rMterml. Uj sor.
1 uu,;. wore soon healod and my cough dropped
Mac. Fhaxx. Hvop, Guthrie Centre, la.
12)e., no., sine. j. o. atmoo.
I All _rt'KKt»t». t*-, ____
/iwoll,   M-JS.
Old Coughs
One XyorTi Pill at bedtime Intures
a  natural action. next __ mernlng.
-,.' - . a:- .-..V
Thore li nothing like Bunllaht Gonp for Household Utentlle.     ^
When you liave to use hard water it is not en easy matter to wash
household utensils. To do good washing you should have pood soap
and soft water (rain water). If you use hard water you must have
good soap, and the best soap you can get is Sunlight Soap because it
softens the hard water and makes a copious creamy lather. Use Sunlight Soap for all household purposes and the results will surprise you.
Sunlight Sonf< wad-fs the clotlics white without injuring thi hands.
Pr. Ohnse's Kcrvo I'ood forms
now, rich blood, creates new nerve
force nntl actually adds new. flesh
and veolRht. When you hnve read
the letter e|Uotcel below we believe
that you will bo satisfied thut this
Is the very treatment you need.
Miss I.e'iui lltebert, Lowe l'nrm,
Mnn., writes.:—"] hnd suffered for
two yours wilh dizzy spells, puins in
the buck, eld hands nnd feot, nor-
voiisni': ft, jerking of the limbs, sore
toni.uo, soreness of anus nnd iihoulil-
crs, nml |ioueru| exhaustion. About
seven mouths uiro 1 became so nervous Hi.it 1 could nnt rest or sle-ep.
nnd could not do the least bit of work
withoit suffering drondfully from
pains in the buck. I could hardly
walk, could ent very littlo, and felt
that people were always watching ny
body twitch.
"1 tried several medicines with little effect, and was a mere skeleton o.
skin und bone about to give up in dis-
palr when I heard ot Dr. Chase's
Nerve Fowl, and begnn using it. I
have used ln ull fourteen boxes of
this preparation, and it hns built me
up until   I am now strong   und well
j again. Dr. Chase's Nerve Food has
done me a world of good, and I feel
thnt 1 cannot recommend it to highly to persons who suffer as I have."
I    Mrs.   Wclcher,    wife    of    Conductor
| Welcher,    of the   0. T. U,   147 Con-
( gri'gntion Street,    Montrcnl, Quebec,
■ stntes:—"My daughter wus not at o:i
I well.   She hud no appetite, wus pule
I and  wenk, her nerves were unstrung
I and   nt    times she   suffered   a great
deal from headaches.   I got h(*r a box
of Dr.  Chase's Nervo Fooel and since
tho   use of this    t re^utme'nt for solno
timo sho has been thoroughly roslor-
etl   to   henlth.   This preparation has
given her a good appetite; she bus a
much   better    color,   nnel   is  stronger
and   healthier   In  every    way.     Pr.
"-hose's Nerve Feiod    certainly is tho
best tonic which wo hnve ever had In
tho house."
Dr. Chaso's Nerve Fooel, 50 cents a
box, at all dealers, or Edmanson,
ltntes & Company, Toronto. To protect you ngninst imitations the portrait and signature of llr. A. IV.
Chnso, tho billions receipt book uii-
thor, are on every box.
thomas law.       ship Your Grain to        wiluamlaw.
LA¥\/    BROS.
Wo handle grain strictly  on commission.    Highest   l'rices  obtainable.
Liberal advances.   Trades carried on margins  in  Winnipeg's futures.
Correspondence solicited.
IT IS AN EASY MATTER  to  sell  a  largo   lot  of  wheat  at  a
bettor prico thnn a single car will
bring. If you will ship your wheat to us wo will sell it with ninny
other cars cither locally or in the East, and you will get from J-cent to
1 cent per bushel more for it than if you sold it on track ut your station.
We havo had 17 years' practical  experience    In    the    grain   business.
This,  also,   is  worth  something  to you.
IVIcl.AUOHL.IIM   -&   E
Grain Exchange, Winnipeg.   References: Any Bank or Commercial
Orata In ear lots bought on track or sold on commission. Reasonable
advances made. Prompt returns. Correspondence solicited. Reference:
Any Bank In Winnipeg.
l get pn
.:si:;i!.isi:.'_ (iraiii u iiiiiii.'.si.n |
Merchant ia Winnipeg. -v^_
Consign yonr grain to mc and get prompt sorvlre, careful iillcnlion,
•nd highest market prices. Q     Q r% | R| fir      DRAWER j
Reference - UNION BANK ol CANADA.    V ■    SD I     8 S^S k\ •,        1300.
ThrouRh n  Strictly
Commission    Pirro.
We handle strictly on commission therefore can give every attention
to enr shipments, unel will obtain tho best prices for saute. Wo will be
pleased to answer enquiries reprices, shipping, elc. If YOU hnvo grnin
to ship or sell do not fail to write for our "Way of Doing Business," as
it will pny you well.
THOMPSON, SONS & CO., The Commission Merchants, Wintfocg
FARMERS will find lt to their advantage to consign their GRAIN to
ROBERT MUIR & CO., Winnipeg
WHO pay highest prices and make prompt retnrns. Advances made on
consignments. Correspondence solicited. Established 1886. Reference—
Union Bank of Canada.
Wo solicit your business. Will make earnest efforts to get good
results for you. Liberal nelvnnces on hills of biding, nnel balance promptly
paid  when grain  is unloiided.  Iiot us   hear from you;
IH-l-RENCr-—Bunk ol Humi ton, Eiclmngo ilrnneh.
.16 Grain I-xchange,
'Ohio Gasoline Engines'
and   STATIONARY   for   CHOPPING nnd
WOOD SAWINU in  Kt-ick  ftt all Umqs,   IVo
cm ship nt n day's notice.
Writfl tu fur Prices nnd (jitnloguo.
BurridgC'Cooper Co., LidM Winnipeg, Man.
Henry Avenue. East,
A dnily mnil between Winnipeg and
Wnrroad is in operation,
S ifloohless and Paralyzed.-
"I hud vitlvulur dlteaao of the heart,"
ivlitefl Mm. .J.M Qoodo, of Truro, N S.
"I HunVn*(l terribly ami WfW often flpHCh-
loRf. nml piirtiiilly imriilyzcd. (tin1 (lom> of
Pi    A|_;im'\v'h   Cure   for   tin1 '(*.i  1   pftVB   in»*
relief, and before I finished one bottle I
i.tin uhle to «i> about. To-duy I am a
Vtroll   woni_iii."--4.'i
Cnnnda captured  Hie lentllnK i>i-C--i-
culturnl prizes nt. the World's Pnlr.
Few Flies last year
No Flies this year
If you uso
Al.l.lANl'i: M \N' AI'l'l-'.AI,.
A ii.".|.;ii('h I'roin Toronto says that
great dissatisfaction is felt among
members i f the Lord's May Alliance
.it the decision in ihe Kingston streot
railway ense, b.v which ibe company
is compelled i.. run ears ou Sunday.
An nltomjil may be mndo lo rovcrss
this fiiiilliuj b> an nppiiol In a higher
itchtng, Burning, Skin Dls-
oases, ..urotl foi- Thirty-five
C^nts - in-. Agnew's iiintinrnt rcllvvH
in nnc day, mul cures Tetter, Suit
Ithi-itiii. H.-nltl Head. 1'r.riini, llierlii'r'H
Itch, t'lce'i-s, lllulclu'- nml nil eruplliin*
nl tin- skin, li in -OOthlna unit quI.tiiiR
iiiiiI lectH like niaglc In tin, curo of all
bnby liuinum.   8flo.—47
Posl n.iiHti'r-tb'tioral'
Mla.e.  Oct.  -I.
r.   s
died 'I'm
Titer ••■    it    i.iiiiibir    ot     viirlrlios   of
corns. Hull"-.- "i '■' i'- '-. I'"'''' "HI "-
iiinve i-ie i.l 11" in I'nll on .vour ibin;-
_...t  oi.i gel .. i.ni11.- .ii once
six r.NToMm'ii.
A  despatch  from  nurlorsvlllc, Oa.',
sillies llinl   -i\ men liuve bi-'ii buried
in a mine near thnl  plncn. The dead
ore  It.   I'.    Moi'irnn.    owner    of    Ihy.
mini',  nml flvo of bis employee.,
*__/   iSl   u   No   soa
L sss
'-^■_^-!_?x'-..''.yr,1: .--.'—
•- _r"""_«;:;'-s-*!'~:v \:i v. -. Sjffi^WiSf.
B     j
(Established April 8,181)0.)
Orj-ice: 2525 "Westminster avenue.
JVfijs. g,  Whitney, Publisher.
English Ofkice—30 Fleet street,
London, E 0., England Where »
die of "The Advocate" is kopt tor
,   lUH'ouve.-.
in ;■ i
arrived from
g :i iieev home ou
'uiii Vancouver.
':.,..,   gnudersou    of    Central
peutiijig u f'y.' mouths with
Mr.   ; ii,...l'ji;c
Miriitj;]   . .- •   ;'--
\Vefitniii ,.'i' rood
t'k, is
j.nie :iis, ">ir. and Mrs. 8. Garvin of
nth "Vancouver, while, their uow
riclvncc in ' Viijial I'lirk i.i beiug built,
^•ibsc.riplipn $t a year
payable   i»
5 cents a Copy.
Notioesof Births, Marriages, nnd Deaths
"pnbji$j-_ free of charge.
Kotjcfis for Church and  Society Euter-
-vtajnmentii, Lectures, etc.,   where
' will bo chnrged for.
Raffs  for Display   Advertising   made
known on application!
Jl   Advertisements are   run regularly
uud charged for until ordered they
be discontinued.
Transient   Advertizers   must   pny   in
,T' '"''    - advance.
Tel. B1405.
: IST For all City Adver-
■ tizing, also South' Vaucou-
" «cr Municipal advertizing
j /.onsult    The   Advocate.
Vancouver, B. C, Dec.,  17,   1904.
" Asoiijiug tho appenraiice of evil has
very high authority to back it as a desirable rule of life, but, as usually interpreted, if is mainly a prudentialjirocend-1 is qui Hi tonable \, bother uny thing short
oskins who has been
ijjital since Oct. 5th,
Master Albert 1
confined In tjl'e ]'-'.
is recovering.
'I'he Municipal Council of South Vitn-
convor wjl) meet this Saturday after-
iio'in at ;J o'clock.
Tlie'Xmas True uud Entertainment
of the West Vaneimver Sunday School
Wil-'be hold 011 Tliursdiiy tbo 211th, in
the Sosieoino Road Sunday .School Hall.
A splendid program Is being arranged ;
a number from thu city nro taking part.
The sale, of land by ,,. S. Unnkiu, iu
Subdivision 081, 0552 cud S91, took placo
Wednesday aflowioou at Mr. Rankin's
Office, 628 iWtiugs Direct. Notwith-
standing the hnd weather thero was a
fair ell! ndauee. The land wns sold iu
half acre and one acre lots, und from
|240 to |-60 per lot wns realized ou
Westminster uvcniiQ, whilo those 1111
the Hpnio road brought from $1 CO lo
|280, ami the lots mi < lutario street sold
for $200 each. I'he snlo will bo resumed
this Saturday al 2:S(] p. ni.
A rccoutl mooting wan held in the
North Arm School House on Wedins-
day eveniug, to initio filial arrangements for the t!h-.s.tiiit!.sTree Entertainment to be held on Tuesday December
20th. The Collectors sooured $61 .0 since
the flirt meetiug This sum will be
spent for presents wii]j which fo doolt
the tree, or rather break it down, for it
ing—11 BOCt of saving of appearances for
the individual. The command hns a
deeper significance than a more reputation pi-esoryatlve; the keeping of il
helps to conserve the moral well-being
of the community. The effect upon
adults as well as ypntlis of apparent
"breaches of 'the commandments, even
when the nctors in the affair aro innocent, is harmful, as is the effect ef
wrongdoing, always. Even the humblest person who commits a sin, or
places himself iu au equivocal position,
influences for evil some oue else. Until
one observes the matter cnrefully, it
is not renlized how sheep-like any com-
inuujty is in the matter of morals.
Minister aud priest mny expound,
exhort and command, but their teachings are largely nullified if evou a small
group of decent individuals brenk or
appear tei break tjiq moral law. "
""-Which Meet on nt. Pleasant
i. o. oTf.
Mt. Pleasaut Lodge No, 10 meets every
Tuesday at 8 p. m , iu Oddfellows Hall
'-Archer Block, Mt. Pleasant.
'- _A)Otiri{ih_f brdthrj-u cordjally Invited
to attend. "'
1   Noble Grand—O. G. Kenny.
Recording    Sboretaky—T h 0
Mackay, Heather nnd Eighth avenne.
I. O. I*.
Court Vanco-.-.i --.:• I3_)8, Independent
Oi-deV of Pores!-',. ., i.ets 2d irqd '4th
Mondays of each 1 V'lil li ut 8 p. in.
Visiting bi-otbri'ii always welcomes
pam Ranger— VV. G. Taylqr,
227 Keefer street, Cl'v.
RECORDING Secretary—vv>. H. DeBou,
j".. 07- Tenth avenue, eaat,
Financial Secrktakv—M. J. Crohau.
I'-' 814 P-lnce-Sstreet, City.   Telephone
Alexandra Hivo No. 7, holds regular
Review  1st  nnd lid Fridays of   each
mouth in I. O. 0(. P., Hall corner Wcst-
lnliiswlirid Seventh avenues.
Visiting Ladies always welcome.
Lady Commander—Mrs. Pitch.
Lady Record Kec]ier—Mrs.   Mary   A.
Foote, 889 Niuth avenue, east.
"Vancouver Council, No. 211m, meets
avCry • 2d aud 4th Thursdays 'of each
'nonth, in \. O O. P., Hull, corner
Saven^ ailtj \V.st..i,'n.. _i uvfitue't.
: adjourning Friends nlwnys weloome.
W. P. Plowelliug, OhlefUouncllloi,
"i     Miss A. Cliaiiieit.'rs,   l.e-coider.
-      'If-iJ Wc_tiuinstei!ivcniie.  Tel. 7110.
Young Peoples Societies,
Loyal Workers of christian ?*■   ' nr".
meet at 15 minute's to 7,  every  Suuday
ovening in, Adveut Christian  Churoh,
feowTar.Ninth ftVel and Westminster Rd.
Epworth Lcagiio of T*!t Pleasant
Methodijtj Cb/nreh meets at 8 p. __.,
B. Y.P. U., moots in Mt. rVn-_.nl
Baptist Church at 8 p, m.
The Y. P. S. C. E., meets at 8 n. m
Mt.Pleasnaaiit Presbyterian Chui'eh
of a gootl sized Douglas I ir will be
large enough and Strong enough.
Presents wjll u]so bo received from
others wishing to placo them thero for
Wo hnvo jnst. receivcel a consignment
of Ladies' and Gout's Reed Rockers,
nlso Children's Rockers, Kindergarten
Sets, Sideboards, Burctus, etc. We
hnvo a special lino of Luce Curtains, $%
yards leing, 52 inches wide at 11.56 aud
$1.06; also Chepille and Tapestry Curtain from $4..5 per pair. '
Furniture Department.
Everything to mako your Christmas
Puddings, at prices   unheard of before.
Raisins, now funny, 4 packages 25c
Candied Pool,  2-11. 25c
Send in your orders for Christmas
GEESE and TURKEYS uow and avoid
the rush
5. T. Wallace
Westminster avenue & Harris street.
Telephone 12C0
Mail Orders Promptly Fillet}.
Tclephone Numbers of  Local Mini,
B.700—Rev.G. II. iV.Hroii,'.An.lle-p).
1000— llov. 11. A. \\ ilso.i, (l'resbyt-'fin),
mam--Kev. A. Ii. llotliprlngtiiii, (ilot'nodlHt),
City of  Wancm/ver.
TENDERS will bo received by the
Undersigned np to Wednesday, December 21st, ut i p. in.
1. For the saworipg of hnnse. Nos.
1808, 1872, 1870, 1882 uud 1*888 Beacn
avenne; aud also, tho Orescent aud
2. For-fhe purchase of certain shucks
ou Boach aveiint-, p.irtiei.lai-s of which
may bo obtained from tho License'
Inspector, who hns the matter In baud.
Specifieatiiiiis in coiuigctinn wjlh the
plumbing iii'ay 10 seeu at Iffe Oibco of
the Health Inspector on Powell street.
No tender necessarily accepted.
Vancouver, B. O.,  Dec, 16th, 11104.
The Fire-arms By law is now in force,
which DUBOIS Hint.
"Nq person under the age of 18 ye'ius
shnll lire off any guu, fowling piace,
rifle!, pistol or fire-arm within tho limits
of tlio District of South Vniu-utiver."
The penalty for infraction of above is
a flue not oxcoiling fifty dollars or one-
month imprisonment.
William 0. Walker, C. M. C.
South Vancouver, Oot. 18, 1!.'0_.
Trade iv,-i>ks
■•».'■ Copvr.i.*.,    . &.c.
Anyone nand.-iir n nkptrli nnrl d.»*" ;■:■■'. n mn
julrkiv nuceriniti cmr ot-tiitnn froe hi -m er ni
mvttUOn in pruhnMy pntentablp "
{lonBHtrldU/tifinilriiMi'l.-il. Hitudbn!
itiii'iit'i!. (Mili-Hi .ii/oncy for Mfjcu.i
*'p»t'!iita token tltniunh Munn .•
Iv/MglnoHre, witlirnt, ofiiiri/o. In tt
1 Mi OUt*
■ .i.'i.
l'—.    VI II IM    I.l,   Iill 111 U.J,   HI   II'.!
MM ,Hitt:rl;m
unlv" (i^ifffrot.'i wt*. Mr.    ; ■■ -..?t, -i-,
««in ..f'ttrfy Ki-i-rfliMUn J .iiriiil      '. '..:'a
At', (ourmuii.i.    il. Bt-lUbyuU ■ •■ v..-i- nWf,
WmUi ■^""•m-^>oiii
Brtumll ilfflei.. n'S V St.. Wniih'
Bgip Si^sc.ribjers   who fail to
rt'e Ady'jjf'ate" on S:;tur-
}i rtify
$80 Reward.
Tho Council of South Vancouver
heri'liy offer n Rewnrd of Ten Dollars,
to bo paid niioti the convict inn of any
person or persons who being under
.Ightoon year:) of age-, discharges any
firo nrms within tho limits of the
P- nrd- :•.    .
W. O. WALKER, O. M. 0
iv. ii;, 1091. .
The Americnn Fanner the Rest in the World.
The American tanner is Utc Krentt*^t nmn
in Ibe world to-day becaune \itr is master .^
the Roll—he is win (no in Intelligence Quite
a.i rapldl v im [ill productB art- tucreablng in
magnftnd^. '*>ur recent codiblncn of capital
in Xmited StatCH measured in money are
enorraous, yet auch figures sink Into insignificance when compared to the money,
brain and brawn iavesti-d itt agvivaUu-ll
ioduhlries, Poi Instance, tlie fanners of
Miii:H-s«il_ and'Dakota have received $.300,-
■>)rt(obo for their products in a single year.
Tli ■ fancier knows what Nature will biing
forth for him from his experience in the
past lie knows if certain seeds are
planted nnd properly cargd for that Nature
Will take care u.f |l._ rest. In the same
wayj'OK ui': master of your own destiny.
I'rovidinK your blood is in «ood ordei, it
only ;ieeds a little effort on your o\yn part
tu keep healthy and strung—rid you.rbody
of the poisons that art apt \q accumulate
and yonr system is ready tft ward off the
attack of the ['eiu^of ^incuse. Vr. Tierce's
Golden Medical DKeovery maaes rich red
blood—by increasing the number of [ed
blood corpuscles. There is no alcohol in
this grent Ionic to shrivel up the red blood
corpuscles. A? an alterative extract, mjuie
only of herbs and routs it goes abotu its
•£'ork in nnturc's' way. It stimulate., the
yver into proper action, nnd feeds the
worn-out nerves, stomach and I;i*art on
pure blood. Vsed for over a third of a
century it has Bold more largely khan any
other blood medicine in the United States.
More bottlM of Dr. Pierce's tloUk-n Medical
Discovery are nold lo-d.'.y'thau ever beforc--
tliai Is aline tc-i of its iiicdicinal value after
thirty-eight 5'9tt?'Oi deserved popnl,;, ily.
Dr.   1'ietce's '"M- d'cal  Advivi''     .;.t 1 .\
■ ■ 1 - :. R  ■ ipfl to icay for n.aih'.;' ■',: y.
Send .-jt one ccm Pi-ftntpji for b ■■!   n aa*"Vr
:0Vi : :   ., , si ia:..s   for   elotii-h, ,.nul  -ol*
'.'■"■   ' iid • ■ . Pr. u.v piti.-i  !'.•■. ;-.,.; \.
SPSty of Wmstcouvera
A  By-law to raise by way of Deben
'' tures the auni ot $1110,000.00 for -he extension' and Improvement of the water-works sysferh of the City qf'yan-
WHEREAS it is deerne_el experlent to
raljio by way of debenture- SlOO.OlMI.OO
for the extension and improvement of
the Water Works system of the Cliy
of Vancouver;
AND WHEREAS lt Is necessary for
the purposes aforesaid that the City
should raise by way of debentures a
loan o£ $100,000.00, repayable on the 1st
day of February, A. D., 19.6, with interest In the meantime payable half-
yearly at the rqte of 4 per cent, per annum, sueh loan when raised to be applied fur the purposes aforesaid;
AND WHISREAS for the payment qf
tho said debentures when due, and for
the Interest thereon during the currency of the said debentures, it will be
necessary to raise and levy each year
the sum of $5,270.00.
AND WHEREAS for the payment of
the debt when duo lt will be necessary
to raise and levy ln each year the sum
of $1,_70.00. by special rate aufflclent
therefore in each year on all the rateable property of thet City of Vancouver;
AND WHEREAS the amount pf the
whole rateable property of the City of
Vancouver, according to the last revised Assessment Roll, ls $24,138,225.00.
AND WHEREAS the total amount
of the existing debenture debt of thu
city is $3,050,951.20, Irrespective ot debts
incurred for local Improvements, of
which none of the principal or Interest
is in arrears;
AND COUNCIL of the City of Vancou.
ver, in open meeting assembled, enact
as follows;
1. For the purposes aforesaid lt shall
be lawful for the Mayor of the City of
Vancouver to raise, and he Is hereby
authorised to raise, by way of loan
from any person, persons, or corporation who may be willing to advance the
same on the credit of the debentures
hereinbefore mentioned, a sum not exceeding In the whole the sum of $100,-
000.00, and e»use the same to be paid
into the hands of the Treasurer of the
said City for the purposes aforesaid,
and with the objects hereinbefore recited;
2. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
to cau3e any number of debentures to
be made out, each for such sum of
money not less than one hundred '*'"-
lars ($100.) or an equivalent expressed
In pounds sterling of the United lCingr
dom of Great Britain and Ireland at
the value of $4.8G to the pound sterling,
as "may be ree_uired, and all debentures
shall be sealed with the seal of the City
of Vancouver and signed by the Major
and countersigned by the Treasurer of
the'said City.
3. The said debentures shall be madc
payable within forty years' from the
date hereinafter mentioned for this By
law. tp take effect, at such Bank in the
City of Vancouver, or at such Bank in
the City of London, England, us the
Council may by resolution' direct.
4. The said debentures shall have
coupons attached for the payment of
the interest at 4 per cent, per annum
on the amount of the debentures, and
shall be payable half-yearly' 'on the
tlrffl duy of August and the first day
of February ln each and every year;
5. A special rate on tho dollar shall
be raised nnd levied annually In each
year In addition to all other rates on
.ill the ratable property of the City,
sufficient to pay Interest on the debt
hereby created during the currency pf
the Bald debentures, and to pro/vide for
the payment of the said debt when
6. The sum of $1,000.00 shall be raised
and levied each year by spjeclal rate
on all the ratable property eif the (Jlty
of Vancouver for the payment of the
Intcrcst'on the amount of the said debt
hereby created during the currency of
Iho said debt.
7. The sum of $1,270.00 shall be raised
and levle'el unnually ln each and every
year by Hueelal rate on all the ratable,
property of the City of Vancouver .entile payment of the elebt hereby created  when due.
8. lt shall be lawful for the Corporation, from time to time, to ro-pure'hase
any of the said debenture.* at ou^h,
price or prices as may be. mutually
agreed upon, and all debentures mo repurchased shall forthwith be cancelled
antl no re-Issue of uny debenture pr
debenture- shall be made in conse-
quence of such re-purchase.
9. This By-law shall, before the
final passing thereof, receive the as-
H-ent of tho electors entitled to vote on
Money By-laws In manner prescribed
by the Vancouver Incorporation Act,
1900, and Amending Acts.
10. This Hy-law, If passed, shall com.
Into force nnd take effect on the 1st
day of February, A. D., 1906.
Retelvcd the assent of the electors
this day of
Done and passed In open Council this
day of
Council In _l_e event pf the assent pf
the electors" being: obtained' {hereto,
after one month from .%''first publica:
tlon In the .JJount fieasant Advocate," th.i» date of which flrfjt publication was the 26th day pf November,
'a. Il 1904, and that tlie votes of the
electors of the said fjorporaftpn will be
taken thereon nn the 12th day of January, 1905, b'etween the hours ef 9 o'clock
in the morning and 7 o'clock ln the
ejyening, at the following polling places:
Ward 1—_\,t the Old Schoel Housf pn
Burrard Street
Ward J.—A.   the   Opera   Hpuse,   pn
Granville Street.
JVard 3—At   the   old   City   Hall,   on
Powell Street.
Ward 4—At the new City   Hall    pn
Westminster _y.venue.
Ward 6—At the Fire Hfi|), Ninth Avenue,  Mount Pleasant.
Ward 6—At the Fire Hall, en Gran-
yllle Street, Fairview.
City Clerk.
Vancouver, 8. Q„ Npv. 26th, 1904.
City Clerlv
Take notl.'j thnt the nbove la a true
copy of a proposed  By-law which hns
been   tako.!   Into   consecration,   tuxd
wh' h "in b. finally passm   by   the
City  of  Vancouver.
A By-law tn raise by way of debentures the sum of $76,000.00 fur General
School Purppsos:
WHEREAiS it is deerned expedlenf to
raise the sum flf Jf6.6iJ0.00" by'Vay of
debentures for general nclioeil luirposes;
AND WHEREAS It Is njffcet-ary tor
the purppses afprisald that tjt'e City
should raise by way of debentures a
loan of $75,000, repayable on the flrst
day ot February, .8.5, Wilth Interest in
the meantime payable half-yearly at
the rate ef 4 per cent, per annum, such
leian when raised to be applied fejr the
purposes aforesaid:
AND-WHERHA-i tor the payment of
the said debentures when due and for
tiie interest thereon during the currency of the said debentures lt wljl hjs
necessary to raise and levy eaeti year
the sum of $3,9_2.6fy '"
AND WHEREAS for the payment of
the debt whep due lt will be necessary
to raise and levy ln each year the' siinj
of $952.50 by special rate sufficient
therefor In etlch year on alt the ratable
property of the City of Vancouver;
AND WHEREAS the amount of the
whole ratable property of the fjity of
Vancouver, according to the last re-
vls^d Assessment Roll, ls $24,138,22..
AND WHEREAS the total ampunt
pf the existing depeptprp debt of the
City ls $3,060,957.20, Irrespective ef debts
incurred for local Improvements, of
which nnne of,the principal and Interest is In arrears;
AND pOUNCIL ef the'Ol'ty. pf Vancouver, in open meeting assembled, enact
as fellpws;
1. Fpr general school purposes lt
shall be lawful fpr the' Mayor of the
City of Vancouver to raise, and he Is
hereby authorised to raise, by way of
loan from any person, persons or eor-
pnratlqn who, max be -willing to advance thq same on the credit of the
debentures hereinbefore mentioned, i
sum net exceeding in the whele $75,
000.00, and cause the same to be paid
Intn the hand*, nf the Treasurer pf the
said City for the purposes aforesaid and
with the nbjects herelnbefpre recited;
2. .It shall be lawful for the Mayor
to cause any number of debentures to
be made put, each for such sum pf
meney not less than qne hundred del
lars ($100) or.an equivalent expressed
In peunds ste'rUng of the United King-
dnm pf Great Britain and Ireland at the
value of $4.86 to the pnund sterling, as
may be required, and all debentures
shall De sealed with the seal of the City
of Vanceuver and signed by the Mayer
and cpunterslgned by the Treasurer pf
the said City,
3. The salfl debentures shall be made
payable within forty years from the
date hereinafter mentiened fnr this Bylaw to take effect, at such Bank in the
City nf Vancouver, or at such Bank ln
the City cf London, England, as the
Council may by resolution direct.
4. The said, debentures shall have
coupons attached for the payment of-
the Interest at 4 per cent, per annum
nn the amount of the debentures, and
shall be payable half-yearly nn the
first day of August and the first day
of February tn each and every year;
5. A special rate on the dollar shall
be raised and levied annually In each
year ln addition tn all other rates pn
all the ratable property of the City,
sufficient tn pay interest en the ilebt
hereby crested during the currency pf
the said debentures, and to provide fpr
the payment of the said debt when
6. The sum nf $3,000.00 shall be raised
and levied each year by upeclal rate
en all the ratable property af the City
pf Vancnuver for the payment of the
Interest en the amount nf the said debt
hereby created during the currency of
the said debt'.
7. The sum of $9..;'.i.O shall be raised
and levied annually in each and every
year' by special rate on' all the 'ratable
property pf the City pf Vancnuver fnr
the payment pf the flebf hereby created whan due. I
8.   It shall bg lay/fuj fer the Corppr
ation, from time to time, to re-purchase
any of  the said debentures   at   soch
price cr prices as may    be   mutually
agreed upon, and all debentures so repurchased shall fprthwlth be cancelled
and  no  rc-lssuc   nf any  debenture  p
debentures  shall    be    made  In conpe
qu-'p'ee"of such re-purchase.
* 9.   This   By-law   shall,    before   the
final  passing  thereof,   receive' the  assent of the electors entitled to vote on
Money By-laws  In  manner prescribed
by  the  Vancouver  Incorporation  Act!
1900, and Anjendlng Acts.
10. This By-law, lf passed, shall come
lntn force and take effect nn the 1st
day pf February, A. D., 1905,
Received!- tho 'assent qf the electers
this day pf
Dqnp. and passed In pnen Ppunpll this
toy pf
City Clerk.
Take notice tha(. the above Is a true
copy cf a proppsed By-law which has
been taken Into consideration, and
whlcl) will be finally passed by the
Council In the event pf the assent pf
the electers being pbtnlned thereto,
after pne month from the first publication In the "Mount Pleasant Advo-
vat$,:' the date nf which flrst pub-
lleatlpn was the 26th day of November,
A. D. 1904, and that the vntes of tha
electors pf the said Cprporatlon will be
taken thereon pn the 12th day of Jnnu
ary, 19_6, between the hours nf 9 o'clpck
In the morning and 7 o'clock in the
evening, at the following polling places:
Ward 1—At the Old School House pn
Burrard Street.
Ward 2—At    the   Opera   House,   on
Granville street.
Ward 3—At   the   old   City   Hall,   on
Powell Street.
Ward 4—At the new City   Hall
Westminster Avenue.
Ward 6—At the Fire Hall, Ninth Avenue, Mpunt Pleasant.
Ward «—At the Fire Hall, pn Gran
vllle Street, Fairview.
City Clerk.
Vanceuver, B. C, Nov, 26th, 1904.
We have pur New Fruit iu.
Now is the time to make your
Pudding aud Cake.
8 pjegs.  Raisins 25c
Pool, per pouud  ig0
8- th Currants  2_c
Pure Spices always ou hand.
No compi .tiiifjg.
Try pur Tea _>t 40c a pouud,
also Coffee at 40c—no better
Cream, 4 fpr 2Se
Gilt Jpldge Creamery Butter,  3- lb   55c
WpDp Muir
Ring up 'phone 443. Mt. Pleasant
New Meat flarket
2442   Westmiuster avenue.
OPEN SATURDAY.   Good Meats at
Right Prices.
M. G. OLIVER, Proprietor.
Situate in the New Westminster
Miuiupr Divisiou of District of New
Wostiuinster. Where located.—Britannia Mountain, Howe Sound.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Aunie Austin,
Free Miner's Certificate, No. B78370,
inteud, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to.the Miuing Recorder for
a Certificate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Cro,\Y_l (ajrant of
tlio abovo cja^ifl
Aud further take notice that notion,
uuder Section 87, must be commenced
before the issuauco of such Certificate of
Dated this 30th day of October 1A04.
The Advocate is always glad to receive
Hems of sopinl, personal or other news
from its readers. Send news items to
the office or by telephone, B1405.
Christmas Cravat:
£"*RAVATS make very accept*
^**^n"_>le presents for meu. Thero
is no fear but what they will be
A map may have too meny hats
or too uinuy boots, but who ever
hoard of a mau who hud too
many Cravats? His bureau
drawors may bo full of Ties, but
if he sees a new one that ho likes
he buys it.
Our t'HBiSTMAS Cravats are
.teady and they are really beautiful—"Choicest fabrics looms
have giveu, Finest Silks that
skill could Bpiu."
Here are imperials, Puffs, Four-
in-hand, Ascots, Bows, Club
House, Strings nud nil of them:
25c, 35c, 50c, 65c, Tlio, f 1.00,11.60,
We invito you to pome mid loots.
Wo want your trade, aud you'll
find iib the :most obliging people
you ever mot—if you do not ask
for credit.
**jSS*>*-Sfl|   1 ft
St-r-fei1.- '\J$j8m
■A>K-«¥'t'";\h i^?:.___j-*-v
A. E. LEES & CO.,
f PricesThqtwmBnferest You!
Everything else at correspondingly low figures for cash{
Mixed Peel 2-tt.  for 25c
Mixed Nuts per pound 150
Wotboy's Mince Meat, per pound 10c
Good Apples 65c, 75c, 8lic & $1.00 per box.
A-l  Batter, per pound 25o
2315 Westminster Ave, ' Phone 935.
Rules to be Observed uy aix Vessels
requirinu   the   openino of thi!
Swing Span in passdiq thk Bridge
across   tiie   Fraser   River   at
New Westminster, B. C
ALWAYS PASS  through starboard
openiug leaving swing span on port side
Do not puss through bridge uutil span
is directly ovor draw protection,
Tho following lights will mark the-
swing spau nud opening :—
A rod light at each end of the swine
protection and a reel light at each end
of Bwiug span, the inttor not appearing
wheu bridge is closed.
A greeu light, on pier at south cud ol
span, showing down stream only.
A greon light, on pier at north end oi
span, showing np stream only
Bridge is not open ready for vessels to
pass nutil the red lights on span tire
directly over red lights on swing protection.
Public Works EJelgineer.
Works Department, Victojni, B. C,
15th November, 19.4.
A rgyle House
The J_i($ BfUfgCto Dry Goods Storo of B. O.
Boy?' Lined Kid Glpves, worth f 1,0ft for 50o a pair.
LadieB' Cravenette Raincoat* at Half-price
Lndies' Craveuette Raincoats worth $ 6.00 for $8.00 each.
ii       ■--        ;   !     '  "             ".        &.0O »'     4.00 "
.,                   ■'•   '          "             "         9.60, v     4.75 "
■I                    .!            _ '•             "       12.00 "     0 00 "
._$.iWi]_W'» ?lct**,ro HandkpijchijefB, 2 for 5a
r*. a t _■**_ -***■ 1 Seal Oaperine, long, pplorino front, trimmed and
HI      IC ^S finished with tails, woyljh J20.00 for $10.00.
*    \i £V>-    i Sonl Oaperine, trimmed with grey Angora, worth
$10.00 for 96 00
1 Black Persian Lamb papcrine, trimmed with 4 tailfl and finished with
4 tails, worth $80.00, foi;. _}l*i.00.
All other Caperines nl; Hnlf-prico.
1 S;iblo Marmot, long polwiuei ty««-J sljole effect, worth $30.00 for $20.00.
Children's White Bearskin Bj-pe. 40c,each; MuffB 60o eaoh.
J. Horner,
4f*Q Westminster Ave. Opp, Carnegie Library.
t^w-^v'   nr~f
In Trimmed end
Also Childreu's Headwoar iu
endless varieties.
Blouses,    Wrappers,   Dress   Skirts,
Underskirts.   Full liuo of Ladios'
nud Childreu's Hosiery.   Cnild-
renHi    Bonrskin   Coats,    vory
reasonable.   We havo everything kopt   in a firstclnss
Dry  Goods  Store.
W. W, M.erklev
Wcstuiiuster Avenue,  Mt. Pleasant.
The Mt. Pleasant "Advocate" on salv
I at nil tho Nowsele.ilers iu tho city.
Jack's Sh"vi"9Parlor.
Westminster Ave., next Glasgow Hon]
John ('illttiitu,  Proprietor.
Three Chairs, uud a .irat-clnss Brvi
Room is run in conception with  tl
Barber Shop—give this phte'e it trial.
Jas. Carnahan.
Order,  promptly  titliaulen   to,   night <
tlay.  Olmrgti. mae.era.ft.
Ollico: 37 Hustings street, west,
Telephone Nnmber 41_j
E. 5, J. HARDV *5, CO.
Company,   Financial,   Press uud
Advertisers' Agents.
BO Fleet St., Loneloiij E. O.,  EnglanJ
Colonial Business it Speoialty.
If you want si
Ring   up
Telephone  987
or  cull   around   at   the   Sig
Works, 408 Cordova St., wea
In any case yonr wants will receive tf!
most courteous  and  careful itttoutioj
3000 ROSES
Oue, Two and Three Years Old.
Also a nnmber of Ornamental Treeij
Flowering Shrubs and Climbing VineJ
Perennial Plants, Bulbs and Roots, .
Chas. Keeler
Note—Street Curs puss my plnee.
27:14 Westminster Ave.   Mt. Pleasani]
If you know any items of Mt.Pleawul
news—Social, Personal or any oth-l
news itoms—send thom in to "Th|
Advocate," or by lolophoue—B1406.
Electric Light in
South Vancouver.
If premises aro within 100 foot of Company's primary wires the
regular charge of $3.00 will be mado for installation of meter and
lamps. Beyoud thnt distnuce lino construction will be charged
for.at iterate p$.".!Q.00 per 100 feet; if several honsos aro close
together tho oost msy bo divided among the householders iustall-
iug the Eleotric Light.
The following rates will bo charged to consumers:
Meter Rates Based on Monthly Consumption :
On tho first 40 K. W. honrs 17c per Kilowatt hours
"   '," next 60 K. W.   "      12c
On cpusVmptiou over 100 K.W. hours. .10o per Kilowatt hour.
Subject tn n casli discount of 5% if bill paid ou or before 10th day
after date thereof.
These nro tjho rates in force in Vancouver until July 1,  1904.
British Columbia Electric Railway Company, Ltd.
' 4-^'%^'%/%^%/%-v'*'**''*^-''*'-*'-*"*'**'**^-'*^^
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