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Mt. Pleasant Advocate Jan 7, 1905

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fi. A. W. Co.
Mount Pleasant Branch,
Carry a. full stock of everything in
the Drug Line,
Mt. Pleasant Postoffice in connection.
Mt. Pleasant Advoca
$i per y«ar, Six Months 50c, Three rionths 35c, dingle Copy 5c. ' -v
Devoted to the Interests of   Mt, Pleasant, Central Park, South Vancouver.
Established Aprils, i«pp;   Whole Number 240*
 ._ <>• s
The Arcade or Granville Street
For Light Lunch
Baked Apples—like home—witb PnirrfY—
Gennino Boston Baked Beans
Opon from 7:30 a. 111., to 11 p. m.
Sunday from 9 a.m.  to lf p. m.
HOUNT   PLEASANT,   VANCOUVER,   B. C..J  SATURDAY  Jan.,   7. tttJSHi^J^^   .^
Sixth Year, Vol. 6, No. 40.
CW Subscribers are requested to
report any carelessneBS iu the delivery
of "The Advocate:"
Changes for advertisements should be
in before Thursday noon to insure their
Local Items.
The McCuaig Anction and Commis
Blou Co., Ltd., next to Carneigu Library,
Hastings street, bny Furniture for Cash,
Conduct Auotion Sales and handle
Bankrupt Stocks of overy description.
Satisfaction guaranteed.   Phone 1070.
The Grand Opening Ball given by
Lodge No. 19, I. 0.0. I"., in their
handsome new Hall on Westminster
avenue iB in progress as this paper goes
to press. The ball room is most elaborately decorated and also the tables,
which are laden bounteously witb an
excellent and dainty menu. Ths hall iB
well-lighted, the dresses of the ladies
and the splendid dance musio by
Evcnsou's Orchestra make a bright and
cheerful scene. The arrangements for
Ball were in tbe hands of an efficient
Committee, the names of whom follow:
Messrs. G. Miller, T. H. McKay, G. W.
Janiieson, J. Pnxmau, A.Rosa, R. Mills,
H. Walker, O. G. Kenny.
Upon solicitnciou of a large number
of the Electors of Ward V., Alderman
John Morion has consented to stand for
i-e-ele.tlon to the City Council for 1905.
Mr. Morton feels his past two years
service iu the Council should serve to
■ prove that Mt Pleasant'* interests nre
liis, and that be has worked for the
City's good at large, and if rctnrned
again his endeavor will be to lend UiB
efforts for Vrnwouver's beet interests.
Some more of last year's
work—a new High School
costing approximately
froo,ooo.oo. The immediate
construction of the New City
Hospital assured by a Civic
appropriation pf $100,000.00.
Vote for McGuigan, a
good Mayor.
The Zmas Entertainment of St.
Mionael's Sunday School was held on
Wednesday in Mason's Hall. Out of a
passible 416 marks, Miss Edith Middle
miss received 416, Miss Ethel Honiewood
413; both youug ladies received prizes,
the latter has record of huviug missed
pnly one Suuday ut Sunday School in
four years. The club swinging by girls
was very pretty. Rev. G. H. Wilson,
(he popular Hector was Chairman.
i pokes
our Gold Crown
, and Bridge
We have a Specialist in thin-branch of the dental profession who
hns a world-wide reputation for his high-class work. This Class
of Work is Guaranteed fob a Life-time.
High-class Dentistry. WE DO EXACTLY AS WE ADVERTISE.
Teeth extracted and filled absolutely painless, and all otber dental
work doie by Specialists who are all Graduate Dentists, holding
Specialists' Diplomas, and licensed by the Board of Dental
Examiners for British Columbia.
Give us a call and let ns show yon samples of onr work.
_udge_for yourself.
147 Hastings St., E.^T^'
pposite tbe Carnegie Library. Telephone 1666.
Opposite the Carnegie Library.
Office Hours: 6 a. m., to 9 p. m. j
Sundays 9 a. m., to 3 p. m.
0. 0. 0. F.
Last week 18 new members were
initiated into tbe Oanadiau Order of
Chosen Friends. This order has been
Increasing phenomenally during the
past few months. Organizer Barnes
has succeeded in enthusing the members and has been personally active in
securing new members. The two sides
who bave been competing aa to which
wonld bring in the largest nnmber of new
members closed the contest with the
year 1904. Mr. J. I. Smith is the Leader
of the winning side. The defeated side
will furnish a fine dinner to the entire
lodge at au early date. The membership is now 180.
Miss Lydia Copeland left on Friday
for Lnnd, B.C., where she has been
appointed teacher of the school Miss
Copeland is a most popular worker in
tho Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church and
will be greatly missed.
Mr. M. Neilly of Dawson, was the
guest of his sister, Mrs. A, Pengelly,
Eleventh aveuue, on Friday, Hp is ou
bis way home from a trip to thoWprld's
Fair at St. Louis, aud other American
It you know any items of Mt.Pleasant
pews—Social, Personal or any Other
pews items—scud them iu to "Tbe
Advocate," or by telephone—Bl .06.
Vote for John Morton for Alderman
for 1906. He bas served Ward V.,
faithfully in the past.
Mrs. Moore left last week for Ross-
land, aud will probably remain for some
time with friends in that oity.
Mr- Wm. Cameron, son of Mrs.
Trndgeon, litis returned from Winnipeg
after a three years absence.
Mrs. Taylor, Sr., of Eleventh avenue,
is confined to her bed witb severe
WANTED by Friday next a Boy te
work on press every Friday and deliver
papers on Saturday morning; must be
Rev. A. W. McLeod will preach at
both services on Suuday "The Difficulties, Depressions and Delights ot the
Gospel Ministry," and "There's a Wide,
ness in God'fi Mercy like the Wideness
of the Sea," will be the morning and
evening topics.
A portion of last year's
work.—10 miles of streets, 10
miles of sewers, io miles of
water pipes, 7 miles of cement
walks. Vote for lie
Guigan and the general
Miss Gertie Taynton gave an At
Home to her friends on Monday evening
at the residence of her parents, Twelfth
avenue. The evening was pleasantly
spent with musio and danoing. A
unique guessing contest was a pleasing
feature of the evening in which Mr.
Floyd Ford won tho first prize and Mr.
Ed Macauley the consolation. Present:
Miss Olive Armstrong, Miss A. Macau-
ley, Miss, B. Blackburn, Miss H. Watts,
Miss L. Stevens, Miss E Wells, Miss
K. Grimmison, Messrs. S. Crosby, J
Christie, D. Snell, F. Stevens, W.
Mclean, Wesley Main, P. Main, Ed
Macauloy, P. Main, Mat Green, Floyd
The Citizen's Association
have turned-down the Aldermen who worked most stren-
ously for departmental reform.
Vote for McGuigan and
-NOTninCJ Setter in the Stove line
our celebrated Souvenir Ranges or a Hot
Blast Coal Heater. Beautiful in design
and the greatest fuel and labor savers.
TO OUR full line of Joseph Rogers   Oarvlng  Sets   and
Table Cutlery.   Special  Bargains  in   Roasting   Pans,   Cereal
Cookers, Storey Cake Pans.
Yon oak save Money and Cab-fare, and 36% on your investments
by going*
•   /-%-.    I I_l_ I   I, STORE. Tel. 447.
W. R. OWENS, Manager
Good Dairy Butter
in- small tubs.
Pure Ontario Maple Syrup in 1 and 2 quart cans.
Pure Honey in 5-lb cans, 85c.    Good Cooking Apples cheap.
HeO. Lee,
2425 Westminster Ave.
'Phone 322
Give your vote to Dr. W.J.McGuigan
and a good admistrntiou.
Mr. and Mrs.  Thos   Tidy of Ninth
avenue, entertained about twenty-five
friends on New Year's   Eve, a very
merry evening was enjoyed.
Mr. Win. Shilvock, who was operated
on by Dr. Allen a week ago, at the
Oity Hospital, is recovering rapidly.
'    io:     . .
"Tbe Advocate" wishes any carelessness in delivery reported to the Office;
telephone B1406.
.  :o:
We have every variety of Boots and
Slippers at greatly reduced prices. For
comfort, quality and price come to
R, MILLS, tbe Shoe-man, 18 Ooidova
i :e:
The Mt. Plea-aat "Advocate" on sale
at all the Newsdealeis in the oity
TO Our Patrons
We wish
New Year!
J. P. Nightingale & CO.
Westminster & Seventh Aves.   Mt. Pleasant. Tel.
If you know of any local news item of
interest such as parties, dances, socials,
arrival and departure of visitors, society
meetings, eto., send it in to The
Advocate or by telephone B1405.
mpire Flakes
4M4U.MiU4U4MiU  JUJMlttMiiUiMiM
A Food for Brain and Muscle.   Made from the best
white wheat.   Only IOc per package.
The Citv Grocery Co. Ltd-
Wholesale and Retail Grocers.
Tel. 286.
Westminster Ave. A Prlnoess Street.
Brewed right here in Vancouver by _nen
of years and /ears and years experience,
and a brewery whose plant is the most
perfect known to the Art of Brewing. . Is
it any wonder that it has taken a place __§
in the hearts of the people which no other beer
can supplant ?   Doz., quarts $2. Doz., pints $ I.
Vancouver Breweries, Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.       Tel. 4_9
7i m mm m m m m m m m m m„. ju ju ju rc
For Sale at all first-class Saloons, Liqnor Stores and Hotels
or delivered to your house.
Clearing at Cost and Below!
FUBS—out they go, and at prices that ought to speak to every
economical, buyer:
Regular $ 5.00 for.
.| 8.00
Regnlarf 0.60 for. ..♦ 0.00
10 00
A. r6ss & CO.,
30, 3a and 34 Cordova St.
Telephone 574.
Cor. Hi-itl. Avo
Central fleat flarket
a. W«Btmin-iter Rd.   Telephone 054-
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in ail kinds of Fresh and Salt Meats.    Fresh Vegetables always
on hand.   Orders solicited from all parts of Mount Pleasant and Fairview.
Prompt Delivery.
Woodrow & Williams. "BaB*
Mr. E. H. Peace has commenced the
building of his new oottage on Eighth
avenue, between Ontario and Manitoba
One of tbe prettiest calenders received
this year Is tbat of J. P. Nightingale &
Co., representing a pastoral scene.
Mr. John Walters, foreman' in the
bottling department of the Vanconver
Breweries Ltd., suffered severe burns
on his hands and wrists by the explo-
ilon of gasoline on Tuesday while he
was at work. Dr. Lawrence was called
and dressed the burns, whioh though
painful are healing.
Mr. and Mrs. Round, Seattle, former*
ly of Mt. Pleasant, spent tbe holidays
With their daughter Mrs. Prior.
On Monday evening Mr. and Mrs. J.
Martin of Ninth avenue, entertained at
dinner a party ot eighteen. ,(
■ ovt '  ,,i> 1
Mr. and Mrs. Ooachener of Victoria,
were the guests of Dr. and Mrs. Robt.
Lawrence this week.
We have bnilt a reputation in the
Shoo Business for quality, style, price
and comfort in Ladies', Men's Misses'
nnd Boys' footwear. R. MILLS, 18
Cordova streot.
Miss Wood of   Eighth avenne,
recovering from a recent illness.
.    m    tei
Read the New York Dental Parlors
advertisement in this paper, then go to
•New York Dental Parlors for your work
Thb Advocate Ib the beat advertising
medium where it circulates.  Tel. B1.05
Alderman Morton has been credited
with having secured a good share of
the appropriations for his Ward, and
has plans mapped out for the future if
be is again to represent the Ward.
Torn Over a New Leaf I—Start in 1906
by treating the faithful "Feet" that are
to carry you for the new year, to a
handsome pair of comfortable Boots or
Slippers. We have tbem in every
variety, at'greatly reduced prices.
R. MILLS, 18 Cordova stroet
Mr. Geo. Bovyer returned to Haywood, V. I., Wednesday after a week's
visit with his uncle, Mr. Mason of
Eighth avenue.
Alderman Morton's experience and
study of tne routine of civic business
makes him the most capable candidate
ln the field.
The Citizen's Association
have turned-down the Aldermen who saved $1,500.00 on
the Portland cement deal.
The Electoral Union candidates
addressed a. meeting in Mason's Hall on
Thursday evening, other candidates
were permitted ta speak; the attendance
was very small. Alderman Morton
made a telling speech in which he Bet
forth the work accomplished during
the past year, aud gave nn outline of
his policy for the coming year, which
iuclndes better water supply for Mt.
Pleasant and extended street improvements. Asked why certain street improvements had not been made, Alderman Morton replied it is legally
necessary to adveirdizo in two newspapers for thot kind'of work [grading
and paving], and'.bat'the daily newspapers had combined to "liold np" the
City asking the exhorbltant prico of 16c
per line—13c line more than they over
charged previously. He continued, the
Council with tho assistance of the
"Mt. Pleasant Advocate" had been ablo
to resist one of the greatest "hold ups'
attempted ic the Dominion "The
News-Advertiser" consented to a more
reasonable rate too late I- the yeai I*
any practical work.
^-t****^'%%-%%'%'%-% %-f
3321 Westminster Ave.
Mt. Pleasant.
Tel. A1306      Prompt Delivery.
E. H. Peace, Proprietor.
Wholesale   and Retail
Dealer in Meats of
All Kinds.
Vegetables and Poultry
ism,'*wmsm/%- ***v*'V%-%'%-V-4'$
Vote for McGuigan nnd a Second term
Tiie engagement la announced of Miss
Cha-lotte Mary Towler, second daughter _f Hir. Wm. Towlef, Mt. Pleasant,
t( Mr. Feuwick Fatkiu, eldest son of
tir. William Fntkiu, Northumberland,
".ngliind, nnd maungar of Mr. W H.
Walker's Nursery.
LOST on Saturday 81st, a black purse
on Tenth avenne,between Columbia aud
Westminster avenue, containing soma
small chango; finder please return to
"The Advocute" Office.
McGuigan Meeting!
In New Oddfellows' Hall
Westminster avenue, between Sixth and Seventh avenues.
Monday at 8 p. iff-.
AH supporters and voters in Ward V., are requested to
attend, HIS Worship Mavor McGUIGAN will address
the meeting, The Aldermanic Candidates will also deliver
Or "Fruit Liver Tablets"
The Most Effective and Most Natural Remofiy ever discovered for all
The laxative or liver principle extraotc<- from fresh, ripe fruit by a
new and soieutiiio process, and this material is then condensed into
tablets witb the addition to each tablet1 of a small quantity of ono of
the best Peruvianjbarks—which is a spltudid tonic and disinfectant for
the Btoiuarch and bowels—and a small portion of extract of nnx
vomica, the latter increasing the stomach and liver action of tbe fruit
material " FRUITATIVES " haye therefore all the onrativo, laxa.
tive and liver effect of the best ripe fruit and they constitute the
greatest stomooh and liver medicine known to science, and they are
likewise tbe best tonic and disi'-focttint for tlie .toinnch and bowels
evor disoowrfid.   Price 60o per box at—
The Central Drug Hall
2444  Westminster Avo. Ovt. Lee's Gbocery.
Chos. E. NETM-ftBV, Prop. Telephone  1349.
Mayor W. J. McGuigau will address
the Electors of WardV., on Moudny
ovening, January Otb, in the new
Oat-fellows' Hall. It will be tbe flrst
public meeting to be hold in tha new
hull.      -
Mr. Bert Mairion, sou of Health
Inspector Marrion, aud ___-. Fred Mid-
diemiss, bave passed the Civil -Service
qualifying exams, and Mr. Roland
Burnett tbe proliinauary exams.
Vote for McGuigan and Experience.
Saturday night last the Central
Meat Market was entered by burglars,
and the safe blown open. Fortunately
Mr. Frank Trimble had taken tbe money
homo with him so the thieves secured
no reward for their labors. A large
pane of glass was ent out of the frout
window which gave them entrance to
the shop. The safe is ruined past repair;
a package of bills was destroyed and
the books slightly scorched. The
V. Y. & W. By., depot at the foot of
tbe Hill, was entered tho same night
aud robbed of about $100.00 and tome
Laiiney.—Bom to Mr. and Mtb
Laruey, Eighth avonue and Laurel
street, December 31st, a son,
Peacy.—Boru to Mr. aud Mrs. Peacy,
South .Vaucouver, January 3d, a
:oi    .
Mt. Pleasant needs bettd»**j>ol—«
protection and at once. Tbr^econt
robberies in the most central and business part of Mt. Ploasaut will probably
be followed by others, as the Hill is not
half guarded.    The ouo polio-_u_,u  who
is detailed to watch Mt. Pleasant has
too mnoh area to cover and burglars cau
easily watch and timo the officer wbo
patrols the whole of Mt. Pleasant and
looks after the street lamps. There is
work for and ueed of two police offloers
on Mt. Pleasaut at night, and we hope
the Council will at once recognise tbe
claim of our citizens, who contribute a
very large share of the revouue of the
We start in the New Year with
a very strong determination to
beat old 1904 all to pieces from a
business standpoint.
We are ln good shape to do lt.
Onr stock is exceedingly well as*
sorted—onr factory is in thorough
running shape, and altogether wis
are better equipped than evca
before in onr history.
We would particularly draw
your attention to onr Jewelry
Tliis IB the j>!n<x> WW««d —_ n n
matte up any kind of jewelry you
may require.
Corner Hastings and Granville Sts.
Official Watch Inspector C. P. B.
McTaggart & Moscrop
Dialers in
344 Carrall SI.,     Vancouver, B.C.
Templetou Block.
Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
Return 12 Royal Crown Soap Wrapper,
and we will send free your choice of 80
pictures. Or for 26 wrappers ohoice cf
160 books. Books and picture lists on
The Royal Soap
Co., Limited,
Lawn Grass Seeds
Clover and Timothy Seeds,
Pratt's Poultry and Animal Foods,
Pratt's Lice Killer,
Holly Chick Food, Beefsoraps, Etc.
SkfFITH Corner   NINTH mrama.  *
Telephone   1887.
The Woman'B Auxiliury of Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church will meet in
the church on the third Wednesday iu
January 1906 for election of officers for
Tho Oity Grocery  d»: ivory groceries
every day ou Mt. Pleasaut;   'phone 280
It you miss The Advocate you miss
the local uows.
Electrolysis Parlor of Halrdress-
tuff, Manicuriug, Facial Massage and
Scalp Treatuitta* ror Ladies and Ocutl-J-
men. Superfluous hair, warts and
moles removed by Electrolysis.
Valuable information given to every
lady patron on "How to take care of
Skin Food for building up the wasting
tlsano. Orange Flower Croam to prevent and heal sunburn.
Madaue Humphreys, 689 Granville
Any ouo huviug friends or knowinp
ot strangers visiting on Mt. Pleasant
will confer a great favor by informing
'The Advocate."   Telephono B1406.
Full Line of  Fancy and Staple
Prices to compare with any,
Cor. Westminster ave., A Dufferin Ht.
See When Your Lodge Meets
The sid and 4th Mondays of tbe month
Court Vaucouver, I. O. V., meets at
8 pm.
Mt. Pleasant Lodge No. 10, I.O.O.F.
meets at 8 p.m.
Vanconver Connoil No. SI la,  Canadian Order of Chosen Friends meet,
tho ad and 4th Thursdays of the mouth.
Alexandra Hiv  No 7, Ladles of tha
Maccabees holds its regnlar meetings a*.
tbe 1st, and 8d Fridays ot the modi.    - The Crime of Hallow-E'en:
9    H'S
Author oi 'A Brrfcen Betrothal," *Ths Heiress of
Cameron Hal'" "Patted at the Altar," Etc
I.e Roy I1
imo   ln
ko Bon-
i  ted Vil-
iu thi     rang     il  genoral
auxin; :      tt    tho
I     • uo  over
"th ■ ' norvous
\v.itei-. ';"    but
pre mt  toi-
•  .   i .■
before ha
with i
ound his
cr knees
k in the
ver seen
' ired him
i nn hour
.id, and
uner    to
' I .■ ■ agi ust.
.   i   w  happy
hould bo
it tempting    to
re to begin life
knoi       "We will
purchase 8 inie beautiful,
Up - ■    only   for
VI "" c   itentment
hold for    s ?"
' lf you  lo.     i   ■  ' i      mi   away at
Bobbed bitterly,
LOad ie her trem-
"Ii this is'   a      ct nin'. there wns
liko it, Bonnylin.' ffi avel       "Surely your
th.   darling, it
01  ii. to «en tin here."
tortun   Bi8, Le   toy 1" she
answered,     "Wo   musl     '>avo hero I
Evei;   ho r Wi    ol i  In hero is killing
mn !      I  shall     never  rest   until   wo
ur. safe on the  tn again I"
a striuiga -usplcion fill 'd through
]       lio.  .    ml id,   fright ning   Mm
"Was his beautiful little btlde's
reason bocomitig dethroned." he
hski-rt hlniSali In dismay.
so   much
it would bo li. ti" '.-. ondi i       *
■ Promise mu wo shall go bock at
once, deur/' sh»j urged', "Listen to
my prayer, or tho hour will como in
"which you will bo Borry that you
did not heed. Von will remember
tli.it I knelt at your f'tit and Implored you, 11 you loved me, to take
me back !"
By thl tin the had reached their
destinal   in    ■ retired inn   on
the mountain side  In  tl
isolated  i i;
With feai    '  '
cu   u .-..'.
.< ■  n.'
from thi
to  .'>'■'■  Q   tl fol
ward   rom     not
Inn i   (rom Lo
iu are
Hi,     ai
hen    i." i  'V." siu sai
thu.  entered    he
Information ii
none cotnfortod hei
torture of tho week they passed
there nearly drovo her mad. At the
sound ol every footstep, every loud,
harsh voice, the bitter cry would rise
to  llonnylin'-  whito lips :
"My doom has fallen upon mo I It
Is Basil .Severno I"
Only those who have known the
weight ol some    pitiful secret—who
have lived with a sword suspended
•ver their head—can (eel for hor, and
realize what poor, helpless, beautiful
Bonnylin suffered.
How long could sho live dreading
exposure with tho light ol every
day, wondering how near sho wus to
her doom, as the sunbeams marked
the flight of each passing hour 7
How long could she keep her terrililo
Secret away from Lo Uoy ? How
many days, hours, and weeks was
Heaven to lot her live in tho sunshine of the love Bho wiib periling her
soul so pitoously to cling to 7 When
Wei ♦'•** volenuf) to burnt beneath
■   ■     •>'
I • Uow  long
pvnse witl
Id's.     1
heart of an
,'lln regard-
round the
suu xLL'ppeo
ito expuctod
<l<iickly for-
Spatch her
n, and cry
y wife!  You
come with
ny strangers
I  faintly,   as
ting room.
I   there   were
itly; yet the
nylln In a suite ol nervous excitement, and ho blamed himself for
leaving her by herself oven for ono
short hour, though she had begged
him to go.
I low fair Bhe looked as she advanced hurriedly to meet him. He
carried that picturo of his young
wifo with him for many a long day
as ho saw her then, standing on tho
stone porch, the dark crimson roses
that' cl imbed ovor tho arched door
forming a glowing background for
the little figure in the whito mull
dress, with the palo whito blossoms
on hor breast, and the slanting rays
of tho red gold sunlight falling on
her curling hair und upturned face.
When they wero by themselves,
Bonnylin brought a hassock, and
knelt down at his feet, telling him
that she could be happy hero no
longer—he must take her away at
, For a moment he caressed tho
golden head thoughtfully.
1 "It is quite impossible), darling,"
llie declared, "wc must wait until wo
get a remittance from home to settle our bills here and take us on ; it
will be along in the course o[ a
\vVek or so, I dare say."
•How was he to know that down
deep in hor heart she was moaning
out 4a agony :
"A week or so. Heaven help mo,
my lifo might be blasted by that
time, laid in ruiiiB, and tho bitterness of death surrounding me."
No wonder she pleaded with him ln
Words eloquent and tearful, pleaded
with all the agony a prisoner feels as
ho raises his eyes to the face o! his
judgo to stay a death sentence. Yes,
it was lifo or death with Bonnylin.
Her heart, [ier very soul lay in his
For tho first time In his lifo Bhe
could not chango bis resolution.
She roso from her knees and looked at him with a white, awful face.
"Be reasonable, my darling," ho
said, holding out his arms to hor.
"I would do anything In tho world
to please you or win from you one
smile; but this is impossible. You
know nothing of business affairs,
Bonnylin, nnd I wouldn't havo your
pretty head muddled with it for
worlds, for if there is anything I abhor it Is a hard,'crusty, cynical
business womun. Of course you did
not know, dear, thut affairs of this
kind need a few days, and now that
I huvo explained it to you, suy to
yourself: "Le Hoy knows best, n
week will not, matter, then lio will
take me wherever I choose."
For answer llonnylin drew a deep
breath, then fell dowu at his feet In
a deep swoon. It was dusk i when
she regained consciousness. Lo Uoy
was     silting    thoughtfully by      her
rc.lirh       Klin   lif',™,.,!   Him   *-   In-nvo   her
alone: a brief hour, sho told him; aivn
to humor ne,-, nu ier. ne. ny nerseii,
and went down Into the olllce.
Creeping stealthily to a Wardrobe,
she rjuickly donned her bat and sack,
and glided noiselessly from tho
room, taking care to lock the door
and slip tho key in lier pocket.
A strange, desperate resolve hud
come to her, nnd she trusted to fate
to help her curry it out.    ■
"A woman has been known to do
Stranger things than this for love's
sweet sake," she muttered pantingly,
ns she hurried on her fatal errand.
Only Heaven could have foretold
tho bitter end so near.
'En *.?;xir.
Tt wan a dai
in* venture, but Bon-
flirt resolved
to risk it;  her    lilo;
her love and all her hopes of happi
ness lay in the Issue.
Pausing before the ofllco of tho In-'
ternational Cabla Company, Bonnylin glanced hastily around. No ono
was in sight, and sho hurriedly entered.
Ono of the young operators sat at
his desk, deeply absorbed in tho
evening copy of one ol the London
A faint odor of roses floated
through the olllce, and raising his
head, ho saw standing at tho window bi.frvm     Mm  the most,  bountiful
i   I
I   ■■
!"     wai
lion ii'
I   i,
"Vsn.i-i noma St (itiMi      _W* rail
"Dated DoBton, Macs,, tt. B, A,
(Signed) "Prank Fenton."
"I am sorry 1 cannot sCnd it foi1
Vou—it is impossible," ho said, smiling.
A sudden dimness seemed to creep
over Bonnylin's senses, and her blue
eyes filled with the bitterest tears,
which touched his heart   deeply.
"Oh, sir!" she asked pitoously,
"hnven't you some friend over there
—in Boston, I mean— whom you
could get to send it back here?"
The young operator drew back in
dismay. The very suggestion staggered him.
"You surefy cannot be aware of
whut you are asking me to do," he
suid, not unkindly: and readily Boeing sho did not comprehend tho
matter as a deception, "will you
tell me the object of this?"
"Yes," said Bonnylin, smiling
through hor tears. "Tho gentleman
addressed Is my husband. AVo camo
hero from Boston lately. I have
been pleading with him to return
homo; but he iB deaf to my prayers.
I thought this would be suro to ln-
lluence him," sho faltered.
Ho was relieved and glad to know
thu object of such a proposition was
innocent, only a young girl's scheme
to havo her own way und outwit
her husband. Ho could not understand how a husband could possibly
refuse this golden-haired littlo creature anything. And a thrill of disappointment shot through his heart
at the thought that she wns married.
"Then you absolutely refuso mo?"
said Bonnylin,  pitoously.
"I must," he replied. "Tf I sent
It, do you know what the result
would be lo me?"
"No,", faltorcd Bonnylin, trombling
"As soon as the deception was discovered, which would be bound to lie
the caso ultimately, 1 should not
only loso my place here, but 1 would
bo thrown Into prison. The company
is quite as careful about tho messages that pass in. and out of our
hands, as the Inspectors of tho
malls' are in regard to what passes
through tho mails. Think of tho dls-
graco that would follow me, for it
never would bo forgotten whilo I
lived, if I wero accused of lending
myself to such a schema," ho said
"I think I comprehend what you
moan," answered Bonnylin, faintly.
"I did not know it would be looked
at in that way. Pleaso forget such
a request was mado."
Beforo ho could reply, the littlo figure in tho long, durk cloak, and tho
Bweet faco framed in a sheen of
golden hair, had vanished.
Hurrying homeward, Bonnylin
scarcely paused for breath until she
found herself once moro In her own
upartments. She had hardly thrown
off her cloak and hat ere thero was
a knock at the door, and sho heard
Le Hoy's voico calling:
"Bonnylin, I say, Bonnylin, why in
Heaven's namo don't you answer
mo ?   open the door, dear."
Mechanically sho crossed the room,
slid back tho bolt and flung open the
With' a quick step Le Hoy entered
the boudoir.
"I havo been here twice within tho
lust hour, knocking for admission.
Why did you refuse to open the door,
darling?" he asked reproachfully.
"Did .you take il so vory much to
bear, uecauso i wouia not take vou
away  from hero V"
Bonnylin burst Into passionate
tears, nodding her head dumbly,
'Well, then, dry those tears, love;
it pains mo to the heart to seo those
precious blue eyes suffused by them.
You shall havo your own way. We
will go wherever you like."
He never forgot how she flung her
white arms around hiin and thanked
him, smiling up at him through her
tears. He knew it was madness to
humor this whim; but ho could sooner have died than refused her. Ho
was amazed at the Immediate chango
ln Bonnylin. She was so gay and
happy. No "Wilder, poor littlo soul;
Lo Hoy had promised to tako her
away. She would not be here when
tho American party arrived at the
villa, If Basil Severne was among
them, sho would escape him,
Tho evening that followed seemed
llko a dream to Le Hoy. It wus bo
much like tho old, happy days In
which he and Bonnylin wero lovers
—those days in which ho could never
quito make up his mind whether willful, coquettish little Bonnylin really
loved bim or not.
Bonnylin was moro thun happy at
tho prospect' ot Hying tho whole
length of the world out of the i-eaeh
of her mortal foe, and still hiding in
lier breast her pitilul secret from Lf?
Tvrr,  'rl-vcj  Inler Bho  Wn«   ppntnrl    in
5.,.,x.'.i.i-*,„.:.l,.;l,:.!!,."'l"— m»nrrsssi
iv-id to leavfl off th_ eighth, nnd en
the eighth the steamd- on which Lo
Hoy had taken passa-rc'-wini to .all,
Why need sh* tremble? By iho time
her mortal foe reached the villa she
would be on the broad, blue ocean.
He would be sure to seurch for her
for lonj years through every part of
Europe, never dreaming she had returned to Boston under tho existing
Thus she fed her poor, fluttering
heart on false funcies, and her doom
came upon her quite unawares. Slowly the days glided by, and tho fateful morning of the seventh dawned
bright and clear.
The eventful morning brought with
It no cloud to warn Bonnylin of impending danger.
Bonnylin was an early riser, and,
tying on her sun hat, ond leaving
l.o Hoy to dream tho* golden hours
away, sho strolled out into tho garden, down tho highway, and on toward tho margin ot the stream that
skirted tho village.
Suddenly tho sound of swiftly approaching footsteps fell upon her
ear, nnd through tho interlacing
blanches of the trees sho saw a man
approaching; but instead of raising
her bluo eyes as she walked along,
sho kept them flxul dreamily upon
the pretty wild flowers at her feet.
Tho man did not pass ber; instead,
he stood still in tlie path beforo her,
and the harshest, bitterest- sneering
laugh that ever was heard foil upon
the sunlit air.
With a swift intuition of dread,
Bonnylin raised her blue, terrified
eyes nnd saw standing before her
Ba3il Severno. Sho tried to Ily past
him, but ho put out his hand and
caught her white arm.
"So," ho cried liorcoly, "wo meet
nguin, Did I not tell you that you
should never escape me? I knew you
had been saved. I saw him hand you
Into Uie boat; thon I lost sight of
you. I havo been zealously searching
for you ovor since; 1 waul you to
answer mo ono question; have you
dared to como here with Lo Hoy
Pierpont, after what happened that
night on tho deck of tho ill-fated
steamer, knowing that you belonged
to mc---not to him?"
"Spare mo," murmured Bonnylin,
pitoously; "in mercy spare me," sho
cried, kneeling down in tho long,
daisy-studded grass at his feet and
raising hor beautiful, terrillod face,
pallid with despair, to his "I am at
your mercy; oh, be pitiful."
Ho frowned darkly upon hor, a
smilo of demoniac triumph curving
his g.im lips.
"Listen to whnt I have to Bay,
Bonnylin—fair bride — who dared
stand at tho altar with another
scarcely a week after my supposed
death— listen to me, I will be more
merciful to you than you desorvo. I
will be what you asked mo to     be,
pitiful. I Summon you by tho right
of a husband to my sido. I claim
you. You are mine by tho law of
Heaven and man. If 1 did what
strict Justice enjoins I should cxposo
you to iho world. Thoso who accuso
you of ono crimo, would show you
littlo mercy for tho second and almost as great a one." .;
He saw 'ho lovely faco framed In
its sheen of golden half grow as palo
as tho white petals of.the daisies,
and tho thought enme to him that
i.« ■_,„_._ ..),,,,,_. i,t„ -worlds carefully
or sho would dio then and there at
his feot.
"But," ho resumed, "I will be
moro pitiful than that. I will show
you moro consideration. I will not
exposo you. I will not forco you to
come with mo and faco Lo Roy Pierpont, tolling him all. I swear to
you I shall (.cop tho knowledge of
your presence hero a secret from
thoso who are hunting you down —
on ono condition, and ono condition
only, and that Is: if you will go
away with mo quietly, and at onco.
If you will not comply with that,"
ho said slowly, his passionate eyes
devouring her fair loveliness as ho
spoke, "I placo the alternative beforo you. If you refuso to come with
mo I will tear you from Pierpont's
arms by proclaiming who you are,
where and for what you are wanted.
If you would exchange my Iovo and
protection for a prison cell, BO bs
Bonnylin fell upon lier face amid
tho long grasses with a cry so bitter
that it startled oven the singing
birds in the trees above hor.
"You would not bo so cruel!" she
cried, "you could not; I would not
live a single hour if you toot mo
from Le Hoy," she moaned. "It
would bo a thousand times moro
merciful to kill mo. i—I was so
,voin_t, and you remember you persuaded    mo—forced mo* nguinst     my
:            B  CI
'   u
I not                          -      ■
I  ■
him moro
..  da
pi il Uiiy il
■,   lie v    ai.     A uerl     I _
si re,"
qulio  make    -'>t
tinned    tha    lad;
Mi    Borne
BO it V)
-, lin's   fi i   od
, >o roses ami       '
lie   hi I
. oml'ng I i
■ . i   -
though  >'
bi     find bef here.
•>..-■ n
turned lion* a drive, ho '••     I
flea Hi, 1 Blm il claim the prfvil.j.*
tlmt I never claimed .von when I
stond at tho altar with you,"
And before she could divine his In*
tentlons he had seized her ln bis
strong arms, and his desperate, passionate kisses fell upon her cheek,
brow, and her disheveled golden
But help was near; there were
sounds of quick, hurried footsteps in
tho underbrush. A young man who
had been sauntering out for a morning walk, and thoughtfully smoking
his cigar, heard those piercing
shrieks, each one of which went
through his heart like a dagger's
thrust—for lt was Lo Hoy—and ho
rorognlzed Bon.nylin's voice.
How ho reached tho scone ho could
never after fully remember, and tho
sig'ht that met his gazo froze the
blood in his veins
With Hying lea?-, ho gninod tho
spot, ond in the very nick ol timo,
for at that instant tho would-bo murderer had clasped his half-fainting
victim in his arms to tako tho fatal
With strength born of tho madness
of desperation, Lo Hoy hurled thom
back from tho brink of tho river and
tore Bonnylin from tho arms that encircled her, nnd sho fell back fainting in tho long grass.
"You," cried Basil Sovorne. "It Is
you again who has dared to como
between us?" ho cried, with a fierce,
horrible imprecation. "You shall
havo tho fato that waa to bo meted
out to her, nnd then sho shnll be
mine. Do you hear?—sho shall bo
Le Hoy rierpont knew tho value
of wasting no strength or breath in
useless words.
Then followed the most dosporate
struggle for life or death that tho
golden sunshine ever foil upon. Both
had had the advantage of scientific
training in the art of self-defence,
and now ench made tho most of his
knowledge. The blows on each side
fell like hail. It could not last much
longer, this, horrible struggla for life
or death.
In the midst of it Bonnylin's senses
returned. As her eyes opened, they
fell with n horrible terror words can
nover describe, upon tho awful
sccno,        %
With a cry that must have plcrccS
the groat white throne In Its pitiful,
eoncuntratod agony, sho shrieked out!
"Oh, God in Heaven, Bparo Ls
Perhaps God heard her, or porhnps
her voico nerved Lo Roy's arm,
With ono straight, unexpected blow,
hit square from the shoulder, Basil
Beverne was laid full length unconscious at his feet.
Even ln that moment Le Hoy
would not turn from his fallen foe
until ho ascertained whether or no
ho was seriously injured. Finding he
was not, he loft him lying In tho
grass to recover as best ho could,
nnd turned his attontion to Bonnylin.
With gentle, tender hands ho lifted
her to her feet, attempting to sootho
bor with loving words, but Bonnylin clung to him with frantie terror.
"Let us fly beforo he recovers!"
jihe cried, wildly, "or I am lost! Oh,
Lo Roy, quick, quick, for tlio love of
Heaven let us fly: we havo not a
moment to lose; seo, ho is recovering
' .,-_-.'.
Lo Roy Pierpont drew Bonnylin's
hand hurriedly within his, aud half
forced, half carried her into an adjacent by-path that led toward tho
But she drew back in sudden fright.
"Not there, Lo Roy," alio whispered in terror: "don't you know thoy
arc expecting a pnrty of Americana
at the villa? Ho is probably among
them; we must not go back thero."
Of course Basil Severne had recognized Bonnylin before she had Been
him, or this encounter would not
have huppenod.
Le Roy refrained from questioning
her minutely ns to how it camo
about, seeing how terribly agitated
sho was.
Onco Bonnylin had opened hor
whito lips to glvs somo plausible explanation, but ho had checked her.
"We will not talk about it ' now,
darling," ho said. "You shall tell
mo all about it somo other time."
How near discovery hor horrible so-
crot had been for the second timo;
nnd for tho second timo "Heaven had
spared her," she told herself thankfully.
Lo Roy could soo thnt Bonnylin
was quito right; it would to madness to return to the villa, for no
doubt Basil Severne made that his
stopping place—indeed, tho vlllago
boasted of no other hostelry.
MuesaUf't Mind.
Lofd Macaulay on one occasion repeated to himself the whole of "Paradise Lost" While crossing the irish
At another time, while waiting iu tt
Cambridge coffee house for .a post-
chaise, he picked up a country newspaper containing two poetical pieces-
one "The Reflections of au Exile" and
the other "A Parody on a Welsh Ballad"—looked them once through, never
gave them a further thought for forty yearn and then repented them without the change of a single word.
Macaulay's mind, some one has said
was like a dredging net, which took
up all that it encountered, both good
tnd bad, nor ever seemed to fec-1 tho
burden. Very much unlike a dredging
net and more like a strainer nre tho
minds of somo other persons, who carefully select what they will retain o:
have a natural facility for remember
Ing special clauses of facts—George
Bidder for figures. Sir Walter Scott fo:
rerset and Mezzofuuti for languages.
Invention of the I-lano.
It Is not known who Invented the
piano, the credit being variously giveu
lo Christopher Gottlieb Schroder of
Saxony, Marlus of France nud Bar-
tolouico Chrtstofnll of Italy. Tho latter hud completed four Instruments In
1700, nnd two dated 1720 and 1720 still
How Dodd's Kidney Pills Banish Pain in tho Back.
Cured Mrs. Jas. Murphy nnd Everyone
Klsc Bhe Recommended Them To.
Hivov Garnon, Que., Oct. 81,—
(Special).—No Complaint la so common among women "aa Pain In-the-
Back. It Is a safe. oatlmaU thut fully
half ths womon ln Canada aro af-
flloted with lt. For that reason every evidence that thoro is a sura and
complete euro ia oxlstonco is thankfully received. And thoro is abundant evidence that Dodd's liidnoy
Kldnoy Pills is just such a curu. This
district could furulsh a dozen euros,
but ono is onough for an example.
Tho ono ls that of Mrs. Jns. Murphy.
She says:
"I Buffered for thlrty-olght months
with a pain In my back, I took Just
one box ot Kidney Pills and I have
never been troubled with the pain
since. I also recommended Dodd's
Kldnoy Pills to othor pooplo, who
complained as I did, and in every
caB« ths Pills did thoir duty and
brought relief."
Tho triennial general convention of
tho Episcopal Church, wnich started
in session at Boston on Oct..5, adjourned on tho _!5th, with n public
servico in Trinity church. Bishop
Henry C. Potter of New York read a
pastoral letter uddressod to the
church at large on problems now before the country. Regarding divorce
the pastoral said that the facility
with which tho marriage relation
may be taken on and put olT is one
of tho menaces of American citizenship, tu tho poswihlo purlin of which
Christian people are as yet imperfectly aroused. Tlio letter made a
plea for the permanence and security
of tho family, resolution permitting
foreign congregntions now ln communion with the Church to use forms
of service In their own tonguo wus
adopted. The chief feature of the
threo weeks' convention, aside from
tho visit of the Archbishop of Canterbury, was the long discussion on
amendments to tho ' ennons bearing
on marriage and divorce, and a compromise was finally adopted whereby
the innocent person in a divorce for
infidelity is permitted to remarry
ono year after llie decree is Issued.
To bring about the negotiation of
a pcrmnnont Anglo-American treaty
to provide for tho settlement of all
differences between tho United States
nnd Great Britain has been the object of an Important meeting of the
International Arbitration Society of
Chicago. Dr. Edmund J. .1 ami's,
president of tho University of Illinois, presided. Judge Jacob M. Dickinson, counsel for tho United States
in tho Alaskan boundary case, proposed the adoption of a platform in-
^i-.tl-.-.   .U..   .,---!....    ..1.1....,    ...-   ,1.	
Are the Cry of the Nerves for
Better Blood.
Enrich The Blood, and Neuralgia will
Disappear—It is Only Those Whoso
lilood is Poor and Watery That
No part of the human system ls
more sensitive thnn the nerves. Many
of tho most excruciating pains that
afflict mankind come from weak,
shaky, shattered nerves, and among
the nerve pains thero is perhaps nono
causes moro intonso suffering than
neuralgia, which generally attacks
tho nerves of tho face and head,
sometimes causing swift, darting,
agon'.zing pains—at othor times a
dull, heavy aching fueling which
makes lifo miserable Thero is only
ono way to got rid of nouralgia and
other nervous trct-blos, and that Is
through tbo blood. Poor, watery
blood makes tho nerves shaky and
Invites diseaso. Rich, red blood mokes
tho nerves strong and banishes all
nervo troubles. No medicino in tho
world can equal Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills as a blood bulldor and norvo
tonic; every doso helps to mako rich,
rod blood, and overy drop of this
now blood feeds and strengthens tho
nerves and banishes nil nervo aches
and pains. Among thoso who otter
strong proof of this is Mr. John Mc-
Dermott, Bond Head, Ont., who says:
"A fow years ago, whilo working as
a carpentor In Buffalo, I got wot. I
neglected to chnngo my clothes, and
next morning I nwoko with cramps
and pains throughout my entire
body. I was unable to go to work,
so called in a doctor. I followed his
treatment, but it, did not help me.
As I was unable to work I rcturnod
to my homo at Bond Head. Hero I
consulted a doctor, who said I was
suffering from neuralgia, but though
ho treated mo for some timo ho also
tailed to help mo. I had often read
of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, so decided to try them. I had not used moro
than throe boxos beforo I felt they
wore holping mo. From that on I
gained day by day, and after I had
used somo ten boxes I had fully recovered my old-time strongth, and
havo since boon ablo to work at my
trade without any troublo..Tho pains
and aches no longer torturo-me and
I havo gained in weight. I think-Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills' nn invaluable
medicino and Bhall' always hp.vo a
good word to say for them."
Neuralgia, sciatica, rheumatism,
St. Vil_.;) dance, nnd the many other
blood aid nervo troubles all vanish
when Dr. Williams' Pink Pills aro
used—but you must get the genuine^
bearing tho full namo, "Dr. Wif*-
liams' Pink Pllla for Palo Popple,"1
on the wrapper around every box.
Sold by druggists or direct by mail
at 50 cents a box, or six boxes for.
$2.50, by writing Tho Dr. Williams'
llediciiw Co., Brockvillo, Ont.
mU. Point of the Cape ol Good Hope.
Capo   point,  which "terminates  tho
mighty  headland  known  as the Cape
of Good Hope, consists of n toiverlng
promontory of sandstone, whleh rises
from the sea to nu altitude of 810 feet.
At tlie base of this stands a big solitary column which Is known as Vusco
da   Gnma's   pillar,      Tho   lighthouse
which   here  Illuminates   the  meetiug
place of the Atlantic and Indian oceans
is one of tho moat Important and most
useful of Its kind.   It is visible from a<
distance of thirty-six miles.   Tho cliff \
Bccnery ls wild and sublime, the rocks
are magnificent, and the far reaching
sea, with the fierce surf beating on the '
iron bound const, is Impressive.  In the
water directly beneath tho cliff sharks i
are abundant.    A traveler describing
the scene says that on the occasion of
his visit so numerous were the evil-
looking monsters that tho sight ns hoi
descended tho cliff was most unpleas-j
nnt.   A slip and a fall into the sea ntJ
this point would mean that the unfor-]
tiumto would bo torn instantly limb J
from limb by tho ravening brutes.
CIicm mid a Battleship.
Admiral Charles E. Clark, who took I
the battleship Oregon around Cape}
Horn nnd into actiou at Santiago,
owed his appointment as commander j
of that boat to his skill ns n chess)
player. . Cnptnln Clark was at SanJ
Francisco In commnnd of the gunboat]
Bennington. When nshoro ho spentj
much time in the chess room of thul
Meehaules' library, where he met some]
of the best players in the city. When]
the time came to appoint a man toi
-••'■   the   -*■ n,   n   friend   ofl
I   i
,:.    ii--;
rk's   lu   <
partment  ntl
ue forward.4
play chess,'
icrlbe his in-
I think ha
"ound safely^
lioura Inter!
ssume com-.
take her
•ii"-  -
It ls a luosl
-   :-
'    ■ ,
do                          iihv
. ■
■ I
■- . 1
1 I
•  . ■
■I    I
• b
'   -
dish       ■ ,     ■
help I
:■       ■ .
II    U!
1     •'
y thing thnlJ
'ul novelists!
puper piirn-1
. In mostT
or ether oul
oin a news-f
raits under]
ses out uf u|
akes up the]
The truth!
> training in I
' a man toi
ess be has!
had all thel
remorseless I
lo not linvel
nd chopped!
itloner, and I
Ipplngs are!
Ing ls not-J
'a, J
ind 1840 In-'
tde for the!
the Unltedl
» great sue-
Ito In Penu-J
uutloss oth-
orkhud 1371
|>1 length of]
required toi
500,000. Anj
ben of rail-1
period, but
illroad meu I
melng their]
ered insane J
* -mountains
g _Bgsqg
A Town In Northern Holland Which
For Over Two Hundred Year* Hni
Had Ihc "llluht- to Welsh" livery
Cheese Made In the Realm.
Though Eldam, on the Zuyder Zee,
gives Its name to those rose red spheres
we know as "Dutch cheeses," which
are Instinctively associated with ln-
l. ' digestion, yet lt is Alkmaar, ln north
ern Holland, that conduces to the weekly Importance of this edible of commerce, as any one who has ever stood
In the quaint old market place upou a
Friday, and about the hour of noon,
Will have speedily come to understand.
For the Dutch cheese producer, indeed, "all roads" may be said to lead
to Alkmaar, likewise all waterways,
nnd there aro many of them. Thither
come tbe cheeses by rail, by cart and
by boat; you stumble over them inside
the station as you alight from the
train; they dispute tbe right of way between the rows of narrow, many colored and curiously gabled houses; they
stand ln solid stacks upon the landing
stages—heaped up like cannon balls in
readiness for an Immediate bombardment and, lf 'twere not libelous to
breathe aught savoring of disrespect to
a friendly country's national comestible, as deadly, possibly, also to an unaccustomed stomach as their leaden
But. be that as it may, the cheese
market ls s rare good sight ln quaint
Alkmaar when the peasant proprietor
and his vrouw come ln to drive their
bargain at the weigh boouse with the
wholesale agents from far and near,
and every hostelry does Its own brisk
trade with both parties. Across those
rounded bridges peculiar to Holland
come shoals of peasant folk ln picturesque attire. Who does not know
by now the dress with its glorious cap
nnd golden "corkscrew" ornaments, the
pride of many a generation, making
pretty faces doubly bewitching and
lending some Bubtlo nttrnctlon to even
the hardest featured dame well up in
years? On they come—clatter, clatter,
clatter, voluble with their guttural fluency we somehow feel we ought to understand because of Its confusingly
familiar sound, but its very kinship to
German *.ji.ds us astray, aud we listen
and listen till the jargon about the
weigh boons* becomes a more hopeless Jumble of sounds than ever to our
ears, and we content ourselves with
turning our attention to tbe building
Itself. It stands where Its richly painted facade cnn be Been clearly reflected
In tho cool, Bmooth waters of the neighboring canal, a dignified old pile, built
in 1651, with an especial eye fo tho
growing importance of Dutch cheeses,
Alkmaar having ln thnt yeur received
Its "right to weigh" from William of
Orange, and thus every cheeso changing hands from that date onward having passed from the producer to tho
dealer across the Alkmaar scales. The
preseut ones, by tho way, which havo
hung lu their placo since 1092, were
made ln Amsterdam at a cost of 858
' guilders and, having conscientiously
performed tbelr duties without a hitch
ever since, certainly speak volumes for
the workman, hip of 200 _ind odd years
Though the littlo town Is thronged
from earliest morn with orderly
crowds of heavy Hollanders, It ls uot
until the musical chimes within the
all Important weigh hoouso turret hnve
signified the hour of noon by breaking
forth ln melody, generally from somo
wall known comic opera, that the actual business of the day begins, although, "uneffleially," both parties to
the coming transactions have probably
already taken time by the forelock
over a glass of holtands ln some Inn
on the maarkt. Now, however, the
cumbersome ware ls carried within
doors, the time honored ceremony is
gone through and the ticket stating
the correct weight of each given, after
which act the money changes hands.
It ls a study lu temperament, this
weigh hoouBe scene ln tho littlo Dutch
town. No "hurry skurry" mars the
calm of tho place or disturbs the phlegmatic, pipe Bucking Individuals primarily Interested in the transactions
here going forward. The cheese nlone
seems riotous and Inclined to wholesale
insubordination, with a mind to roll
hither and thither, possibly resulting
from some "subconscious" memory of
cows, green meadows nnd buttercups
■nd a disinclination to coming bondage
upon the prosaic shelves of Borne provision dealer.
If so, we honor the "last kicks," futile though they be, for accustomed
hands soon pounce upon nnd gather
up the stcck, of which each single
cheese, wel.hs from two to six kilos,
and thoy ire swiftly carried out to
mnke way for tho next lot. And so on,
all through the day, docs tho trade proceed until the last "Eldamcr" has been
disposed «f, but the extent of tbo business don. In so qulot and orderly a
fashion on "cheeso mnrket days" may
to some extent bo gauged from tbe
fact tbnt'no less than 5,000,000 pounds
weight of Eldam cheeses are computed
to pass through the Alkmaar weigh
hoouse snnually before proceeding to
Amsterdam nnd Rotterdam, where
eneh Is duly Invested with lt familiar
red coat, prior to more extended travels, by land and by sea, often Into the
heart of tho unknown, travels, however, which almost Invariably end
within the Interior of man.
Hln Request.
i   "Papa," Bald little Arthur after his
mother hud punished blm, "will you do
something for me?"
.   "What Is lt you want?"
!   ".Marry f    *'-"t._f else, nnd I wish
you'd pick out grandma, becau-fi-8.16'"
nlwnva kind to me!"—Exchange.
Base Return..
Harold-Did your charity ball realize
anything for charity? Dolly-Well,
rather. Old Jabcz Gotrox sat In a
draft, got pneumonia, died next day
nnd left $10,000 to un orphan asylum -
Ever curse yoursolf for being a fool!
If you never did, you do not know
CEYLON TEA. Its leadership is recognized, Black,
Mixed or Natural Green. Sold only in sealed
packets.   By all Grocers.   '
Couldn't Look tlio Part.—"He did
start in to study medicine; but ho
gave it up." "Didn't liko it, ch?"
"Oh, yes, ho liked it, but ho was
afraid he'd never succeed. Vou soo,
he couldn't raise a Vandyke heard."
Mioard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
What is better than presence of
mind ill a railway accident?—Absence
of body.
I was very sick with Quin'/.y and
thought, I would strangle. I used
MINARD'H LINIMENT and it cured
mo at onco. I am never without it
Yours gratefully,
Niiuwigewauk, Oct.  21st.
Tom—My grandfather must have
been a very thin man. Dick—What
makes you think so? Tom—Because
he's always referred to as the skeleton in the closet.
When the littlo folks take colds
and coughs, don't neglect them
and let them strain the trader
membranes of their lungs,   .
Give them
OU2**»6   Ihe.Uung
It will cure thom quickly and
strengthen their lungs.
It is pleasant to take,
Prices,  25c, 50c, and $1.00.   304
Whon   is   the   best time to get an
egg at sou?-~\Vhen the ship lays to.
What is the keynote of good   manners?—It natural.
to  t
cl   1
P It
i in
ISKASIO IN THE mill.—It is
to eradicate a disease after it
une seated, therefore it is wisn
any ailment in its initial stages
such remedies as are sufticiont,
its course. Cold is the common-
plaint nf man. and when neglect*
■ads to serious results. Dr. Thomas'
fftrlo Oil will ruro tho severest cold
lOHt, violent  rough.
What  gamo do the waves' piny nt?
-Pitch and toss.
There nre 80,000 dry  goods stores
in the United States.
Whnt. are the most difficult ships to
Removes all hard, soft or calloused
lumps and blemishes from horses, blood
spavin, curbs, splints, ringbone, sweeney,
stifles, sprains; cures sore and swollen
throat, coughs, etc. Save $50 by the
use of one bottle. Warranted the most
wonderful  Blemish Cure ever known.
What kind of servants ure best for
hotels?—'I'he inn-experienced.
Why  are    clouds    liko  coachmen?—
Because they hold the rains.
Llko Tearing   the Heart
Strings.— "It is not within tho conception of man to measure my great sufferings from heart disease. Kor years I
endured almost constant cutting and
tearing pains about my heart, and many
a timo would have welcomed death. Dr.
Agnew's Cure for the Heart has worked
a veritable miracle."—Thos. Hicks, Perth,
Colonel John S, Mosby's hat, taken
from him when he wus seriously
wounded In Virginia, December,
1864, wliich ever since has been in
possession of a lady at Orange, N.
J., has just been sent back to its famous owner,
SUFFER no MDHE.—There nro thousands who livo miserable lives because
dyspepsia dulls the faculties and shadows existenc.> with the cloud of depression. One way to dispel the vapors that
beset the victims of this disorder is to
order them a course of Pormolao'B Vegetable Tills, which are among tho best
vegetable pills known, beiug easy to tnke
ami are most efficacious In their action.
A trial of them  will  prove this.
Japanese postnge stamps aro rated
as tho most artistic in the world.
There is n grent demand for them In
London at present. The first stamps
were issued in 1871. Thoro nre few
raro ones, the highest price ever
known to havo been paid for one being 100.
What are your friends saying
about you? That your gray
hair makes you look old?
And yet, you are not forty I
Postpone this looking  old.
Hair Vigor
Use Ayer's Hair Vigor and
restore & your gray hair all
tjje deep, dark, rich color of
*:«rly life,  then be satisfied.
*H H-Ir V*_.r rwtortd th. n.tor.1
etttt to }■;_, Sn »_••!•!». for U."
InS* j.va**""% "•Mlu*lc"ul*' "•*
). o. -.Tin oo.
frt»-  -   __-'-l K"—
,i.w > betttt.
All dr..
Dark Hair
/ When is a schoolmaster like a man
with one eye?—When he has a vacancy for a pupil.
(II E.N.^-Machinery fit), properly supervised and left to run Itself, very soon
shows fault in its working;, It is the
same with the digestive organs. Unregulated from time to time thoy are likely
to become torpid and throw Iho whole
system out of gear. Parmoleo's Vcueta-
l'ills wore mado to meet such ruses.
They restore to the full such llaggi'iig
families, and bring Into imkr all parts
of the mechanism.
Why is a ship nevor ulono?—Bocauso
there is always o companion.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
II nil the seas were dried up what
would everybody say?—We haven't a
Bed-ridden 15 years.-"ii anybody .wants a written guarantee from m.
personally as to niy wonderful cure from
rheumatism by South American llll-U-
inutlc Cure 1 will be tho gladdost, waumC
in the world to $'v. 11." says Mrs.
John Beaumont, of Elora. "I had despaired of recovery up to the time of
taking this wonderful remedy. It Cured
Waste leather is no longer thrown
away. Manufacturers uso it, in a
compressed form, instead ot Iron, to
make cog-wheels.
Minard's Liniment Cores Dandroff.
When may .ti man bo said to breakfast before ho gets up?—When* he
fast before be gets up?—When he takes
a roll in bed.
Why need a traveller need starve in
the desert?—Because of the sand
which (sandwiches) is there.
We Guarantee
Every garment, bearing the
Stnn6el J label — no matter
whit its price—is absolutely
unshrinkable. Wc guarantee
It, and back up that guarantee with "money back if it
fib like .i new skin—fits
every pait of the body—is
warm,  snu__  and comfort-
(able.   Made of the famous I
Nova Scotia wool—iu  all I
.  weights to suit all tempera- j
tures   trom   Halifax   to ,
the Kloudyke.
Insist that your dealer
gives you Stanfield's—
the Underwear that
will   not
I   Ants are the   most   brainy   of   nil
I creatures,   In proportion to lis size,
an tint's brain is larger than thul oi
nny other living creature.
I    When    is   a   ship' like a painter*.—
When she shows her colors.
When  is  a ship
she's boarded.
liko a floor?—Whcnf
Ono  Short  Puff Clears  the
Head, —Does your head ache? Have you
pains over tho eyes? Is tho breath oiini-
sf'vo? These uro certain symptoms of\
Catarrh. Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder
will curo most stubborn cases in a marvellously short time, lf you've bad Catarrh a week it's a euro cure, lf It's
of fifty years' standing It's just as effective.   50 cont_.—57
llhy is a schoolmistress like the letter C?—Because she forms lasses into
A Great  Coil or nope.
The largest coll of ropo ever scon on
the Paclfle const wns n lowlluo for a
big rtift of piling towed recently from
Portland to Sun Francisco. Tho huge
coll contained lliO fathoms of cable
.% Inches In dlamotor, weighed a littlo
over three tons und cost ln tlio neighborhood of $1,000. It needed to be
stout nnd strong und perfect ln every
fiber, ns the rnft towed coiitnlned CM,-
000 llneiil feet of piling, etpinl to 0,500,-
000 feet, lumber uicnsuro.
w, allli of llrl.lnh Premiers.
llr. Balfour is much wenllhier than
wus liis uncle, the late Lord Salisbury, the British Promier's income,
It is said, being about J-.70.000 a
yeer. 'The money cuino from his
grandfather, who earned a vnst tor*
luno in India ut the beginning of
last century by contracting for tho
navy, making as much ns £800,000
in four yenrs. When tho incomo tax
stootl so lii.,;b dining tho Boer War,
It was stilled that Hir. Balfour banded over to the Inland Revenue nn
amount equal to bis salary us I'time
Minister. Lord Rosobbry ls nnother
CNceodingly wealthy mnn, who ha!
been ITcmier of (ii'out Britain. Mr.
aia'lBtona, on tho other hand, "was a
comparatively poor mnn, although
so skilled at finance. He wns (airly
Wealthy at ono time, but unfortunate invi'sl m-ills in mines roducud bis
capital very much, Lord Heiicons-
fleld never bad much money of his
own, although bis novels, it is well
known, brought bim in big sums. Ho
bad expensive habits, und tlm fortune
Whero Doctors do agree., pin-
jlcians no longor consider It catering Co
'quackery" in recommeudlng In practice
so meritorious a remedy for Indigestion,
Dyspepsia and Nervousness as South
American Nervine. They realize that It
is a step in advance In medical science
and a sure and permanent cure for dis-
•asos of the stomach.   It will cure you.—60
Moro than two thousand skilled
workmen have left the French silk
faciei ies of Iloubnix and Turc.ing,
witlni. a yeur, for tho United States.
Lifebuoy Soap—disinfectant—Is strongly
recommended by the medical profession as
*. safeguard against infectious diseases.     .,
Tho Ambidexterous Society, of
London, bus been formed with the'
object of encouraging people to use
bolh hands ■wilh equal facility.
TESTIMONIAL from the lata SIR SAMUEL MAKER,  tho famous Nilo Explorer.
"Now ton Abbot, Devon. Deer Sirs—I
havo dolnyo.1 my thanks as I wished to
'.->st tho effect of Hlnir's Pills by a aufli-
clent Interval of time.
"For ton yours I had suffered ar'-tely
from (lout, and life had lost, its attraction owhiff to tho uncertainty of health
and sudden visitations of Uie enemy
which prostrated me for months, or weeks
according to  tho virulence of the attacks
"Blair's P11I8 have rendered me immense
service, as I no longer fear an attack
of (.out.
"For the last twenty months I have
been comparatively freo, as one or two
attempted visitations have been immediately stamped out by the assistance ol
Blair's Pills.
"Truly yours (Signed) Saml. W. Baker.
Lyman Sons & Co., Montreal and Toronto; The Bole Drug Co., Winnipeg; and
Martin, Bole & Wynne Co., Winnipeg,
■ v.-,-
How much the enjoyment of an evening's
entertainment depends on
the quality of your Opera
A pair that cannot fail *•
givo tatiataction it our
special pearl mounted, No,
90104 at $-.50.
Our itore*i reputation of
fifty years assures satisfaction
in purchasing. Send for complete catalogue.
Superfluous Hair
.-•moved by the New Principle
Electrolysis, X-ray or depilatories are
offered you an th* bar* word of th*
operators and manufacturers. D E
MIRACLE is not. It is the only method
which is indorsed by physicians, surgeons, dermatologists, taedioal journals
and prominent magazines. Booklet will
will be leak Ire*, in plain, staled
Your money back without question if
it fails to do all that is claimed for it.
DE MIRACLE mailed, sealed lu
plain wrapper, on receipt of $1. Write
for it to day to DE MIRACLE CHEMICAL CO., 2S"Od__di Stem. Wist,
Toronto, or
Sto, ont.
"What," nsked- ihe grocer of the
hoy who hud applied for a 'oh, "is
the .lirst principle of the grocery
business?" "To mnko a little go a
great weigh," promptly replied the
youngster, The hoy got tho job. He
hud ***.een rending . the comic papers
und knew his answer.
Some of the lending French stntes-
111011, including Rouviir, Combes and
Ti'o'.iillot. huvo given their sanction
to the socialistic scheme of granting every person aged over GO a pension of $72 a yeur. This scheme, if
carried out, would cost the country
$00,000,-00 a yeur.
What is that which goes when a
wngoh goes, stops when the wagon
slops, is of no use to the wagon, und
yet thnt which tho wagon cannot go
Dr. J. J). Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial
Is a speedy ruro for dysentery, diarrhoea, cholera, .uinnt-i' complaint, sea
sickness and complaint*, incidental to
children teething. It gives imiuciliato relic! to those sulTerlng from the elTccts of
indiscretion in eutinc unripe fruit, cucumbers, etc. It uctH with wonderful rapidity and never falls to compier the disease. No one need feur cholera If they
have a bottle ol thiH medicine convenient.
Wbnt is the most awkward lime lor
a train to sturt?—12.no, as it's ten
lo one if you catch it.
Mioard's Liniment for sale ererjwhere.
Name (he most, unsociable thing in
tho world.—Milestones; for you never
seo two of them together.
Made big enough for a big
man to work in with* comfort
Has more material in it than
any other brand of shirt in
Canada. Made on the
H.B.K. scale it requires SQ'/i
to 42 yards per dozen, whereas
common shirts have only 32
to 33 yards.
That's the reason why the
H.B.K. "Big" Shirt never
chafes the armpits, is never
tight at the neck or wristbands, is always loose,  full
and   comfortable  and   wears
. *   -        _■_
Each shirt bears a tiny book
that tells the whole history
of the "Big" Shirt," and
also contains a notarial
declaration thai the H.B.K.
"Big" Shirt contains 3954
to 42 yards of material per
Sold at all dealers but only
with this brand:—
."•B.RAND       --
Montreal       Winnipeg       Dawson
How -deep   is   the   eca?—A   etonc's
tho   basis
with  I-./.ra
oral LovJti
custom    of
liking a text nn
of a sermon originated
who, accompanied i»y bov-
is in a public pongrtigatlon
of men nnd women, ascdn'dod a pulpit, opened the book of the law, nnd,
ufter a prayer, '.'road *»■ 'he book in
the law of Clod distinctly and gave
tho sense and caused thom to understand the reading."
I Until forty years ugo an Kngiish
book was practically unknown in .Japan, the only foreign literature
Studied was Iho Chinese, and the first
language to bo taught in the schools
jwas the Dutch. Now, while English
j is the most coining., among the people, and is studied by all high-school
pupils, Germanrftnd French are favored generally ly scholars and physicians.
Soaps Containing  Injurious   Chemicals
Eat Dirt but they also Destroy Clothes
You've probably used soap that clomed your clothes quickly but
have found out afterwards that it bad tl atroyed them.
Sunlig'hi Soap
Is guaranteed to bo absolutely pure, Containing no ingredient that will
injure the daintiest fabric. , ...
It washes equally well in hard jr soft water without boiling or
hard rubbing. Follow tbe direction 3 on the package and j',u will have
a more successful wash with less labor.
Your dealer is authorized tb refund tho purchase money to
anyone finding cause for complaiilit.
wbicli   bis    wifi..    brought
moro than welcome.
him    wub '
Th. Sunlight M.ldi admlr. Ih. roiult. »f.«r wrihlng lh» Sunlight way
What is the difference between the
earth and the son?—One is dirty, the
other tidy.
Mrs. Wedderly—Thig paper gay» the
original calendar was arranged in
Ihe far east. Wedderly—Yes, I suppose some enterprising fruit grower
in thnt section wanted to create a
demand for his dates.
Run Down and
Out of Sorts
Suffered from Pains and Aches and was
Discoursed and Despondent — Made
Strong and Well by
When tho nervous system becomes
exhausted there is suffering of both
mind and body.
Even tho pains nnd aches are not
so hard to endure as tho spells of
blues und the gloomy forebodings.
New ho*pe and confidence come with
tho use of Dr. Chaso's Nerve Food.
Ily supplying an abundanco of rich,
red blood lt creates now nervo forca
and instils new vigor into body and
mind, permanently overcoming Weakness and diseaso.
Miss Minnie J. Sweet, Collingwood Corner, Cumberland County,
N. 3., writes: "I used five boxes of
Dr. ChnsoiS Nerve Food last winter,
and it did mo more good than any
medicino 1 ever took. It is difficult
to describe my caso, but I felt all
run down and out of sorts.     I   had
hcadache-andf*(ackacho and (lull pains
through the lungs. I v. .s so discouraged tfiut 1 didn't see .a to care
what became of mo.
"I hadn't finished tht first box ol
Dr. Chaso's Nerve Food tiofora I felt
a lot hotter, and lt continued to
build mo up until I bgt-me qtrong
and well, and was rostqrixl to good
health and spirits. As I was once
cured of a savers tut ol Kidney
disoaso hy Dr. Chase's -Cldney-laver
Pills I can strongly rscommlend these
two great preparations."
Dr. Chase's Sine Food, 60 cents
a box, six boxes tor v-if, at all
dealers, or Kdmanson, Bates it Co.,
Toronto. To protect you against
imitation!), the portr ... and sig-u_-
ture of Dr. A. W. Chase, the famous
receipt book author, are on every
AGENTS. WANTED to ..ii improved kkttm
and STI'. ABi.it (Combined). X-ery family needs ft. "Ox
£.ctflestjt_!B_t useful, handy and safest cooker, tslies.
oils sua Bicums is separate compartments. Illustrated
circular. Free sample. Freight paid oa orders to thi>
district, from first agents. Write qulok. Other Saleable
We moke a   specialty   of low grade wheat.   Write us before shipping.     W«
will show how we can serve you.
References:—Any Bank or Commercial Agency. '
Grain | Jas. Richardson & Sons [•Grain
(Until   recently   represented by the Into  E.   O'Reilly, Esq.)
All kinds   of grain   hnndled in Car Load   Lots.   Write us for top prices
and   shipping   instructions. Any grade of wheat, oats, barley or flax.
._.:.!   P. O. Box 629,   Winnipeg,   Man.
THOMAS uir,       ship Your Grain to       wiluam law.
We handle grain strictly on commission.   Highest Prices obtainable.
Liberal advancos.   Trades carried on margins ln Winnipeg's futures.
Correspondence solicited.
IT IS AN EASY MATTER t° "» a larg*.   lot of wheat at a
> hotter  price  than  a  single  car  will
bring. If you will ship your wheat to us we will sell it with many
other cars either locally or in tho East, and you will get from .-cent to
1 cent por bushel moro for it than if you sold lt on track at your station. >
We have had 17 years' practical experience ln ths grain business.
This,  also,   is  worth something  to you.
IVIo___.AUOIHI_.IIM   &   EII_.L_.I3
Grain Exchange, Winnipeg.   Rbperencb*: Any Bank or Commerc-il
Orala |_pW lots bought on tr_.ck or sold oa commission, Rsaionabl*
advances mads, Prompt returns. Correspondence nftloltsd, RefsaMaeej
Any -tank In Winnipeg.
I   A M  THI.   AI I_ECT  Establishad drain CommisslM
AM   lilE  UUJCM   Merchant ia Wiuipcf. «__
Consign yonr grain to me and get prompt .' irrice, careful attention*
•nd highest market prices. A     Q Ol RJ If     DRAWER
Reference- UNION BANK ol CANADA.   O.   VT   .IlK,        1300.
YOUR   WHEAT, OATS AND   FLAX  Comi*..   Firm.
Wo handle strictly on commission therefore can give e-ery attention
to car shipments, nnd will obtain tho best prices for same. We will bo
plensed to answer enquiries re prices, shipping, etc. If Yflll havo grain
to ship or sell do not fail lo write for our "Way of Poiug Business," ns
it will pny you well.
THOMPSON, SONS & CO., Tic Zinuuissioa Merchants, Winnipeg
you grain to us to be sold on atrtval or afterwords, as you may wish. Wo do a strictly commission   business,    in   which    we have had 30
rs' cxporienco.   Prompt nnd rollablo work guaranteed.
Liberal advances.     Correspinndonco solicited.      Licensed and Bonded.
Iteferenco,    Dank  of Hnmllton.     Exchnngo Branch,
1MJNALU nuKRisort a eo., 8o"_i-ii-iio_.   ***" arnU> ^llWffbu,,.....,.
A high-class preparation tar the haJr.   Keeps the hair loft Md
-.lossy ind prevents splitting at to6 ends. Cures dtadruff aad
always restores color to >«•■ hair. "rttTTSfiOrr*'
If it is a Qtiestion of Warmth u$e
It Retains Heat and Keeps out Cold.
Write for   Samples  and Prices.
TEES & PERSSE, Limited., Agents, Winnipeg.
When  is a  .ship
she's OS torn.
not a ship'?—When
'llie population of tho world is estimated nl  1.Mill.300.000.
Which Is the largost room   in   tho
world?—The  room  lor improvement.
Why nre cowardly soldiers like (allow candles'.'—Because when exposed
to the fire they run.
Why Is a schoolmaster like a shoeblack?—Bccnuso ho polishes tho un-
\A/   IM    «_J   No   SOS
/ w*K
*%:■«:. -y^''
;{.  -jiy-.j.'   <j_£*-*
:•-■'*•■. ■ --I.'.-
(Established April 8,188*>.)
Omen; . fi£_ Westminster avenne.
.-IJJ.L       .   .'I.
Um, H  WarrsHT, Publisher,
Enolish OmcE—30 Fleet Btreet,
London, K. 0., England Whero a
Hie of '"fhe Advocate" is kept tot
Ifotioeso. Births, Marriages, and Death*
published free of charge.
"Notices for Chnrch and Society Entertainments, Lectures, etc.,   whkke
will be charged fnr.
Kates  far Display   Advertising  made
known on application.
.AU  Advertisement* are  run regularly
DDd charged for until ordered tbey
be discontinued.
• Tfapsjent   Advertizers   must  pay   in
. ajlvan^e.
■flBbscription $1 a year  payable   ip
tomntma Oopy,
Tel» B1405.
For all City Advertizing, also South Vancouver Muaicipal advertizing
consult   The   Advocate.
'Vancouver, B. C, Jan.   7th, 1905.
.Bbe another issne of "The Advocate"
appears, the Oity elections will be over.
-''The Advocate" believes that Dr. W. J.
McGuigan should and will be returned,
though Mr. Bnsoombe may poll a strong
-f»te, However, the Citizens of Vancon
yer recognize-bat Pr. McGuigan has
given them a yea; of satisfactory civic
administration. Dr. McGuigan has
(■erred aa Alderman four years, on the
.School Board seven years and the past
__feflr as MJ-yn**. Jfi", Pwcpjnhe if credit'
M with having declined to accept nomination far Alderman, as not having time
•to devote to the office; certainly it re'
quires more time to fill the Chief Magistrate's office.
Does the fact that a man is a success'
..__} crppjeery merchant justify the claims
,of Mr. Buscombo's supporters that he is
pre-eminently qualified to engineer big
.financial schemes and management of
,pivic affairs? We believe if woald be to
bis advantage to have served even one
^erm as Alderman before aspiring to the
.Mayor's Chair.
Dr. McGuigan favors all improvo-
4n.en.ts for yajiCQpyop that will not entail
•too great a debt on the property-holders
frho will be obliged to bear the increas
.9d taxation.
Mn. Thos. Duke, independent candl
.date for School Trustee, is too well-
known and popularly known to need
any recommendation to Vancouver
people. Mr. Duke has served on the
•school ppaj-d for the past four years,
and during the year 0/ 1904 opted as
jphairman of the Board. We feel there
ia no doubt of Mr. Du lie's re-election.
It is so easy for a cg.ndidnto for
Muyorality to say "I will do this" or
"I favor that," but no Mayor has the
power of the Czar, and no Mayor had
best tfj to act tbe Czar for the Board of
Aldermen are men who alfjo have brains
and wills of their own, and are put in
the Council by oilmen, whom they endeavor to serve conscientiously.
CflPftdifttt   Forestry   Association,    *
The fifth Annual Report of the
Canadian Forestry Association contains
thpfollowing important papers: "Onr
Native Forest Tree* and their Use in
Ornamental Planting," by Mr. F- G.
Todd, landscape architect, Montreal;
"Forest Reproduction iu Germany," hy
Dj. A Harold Unwin, of the Imperial
Forest Service; »Fore*t Management in
Ontario," by Mr. John Bertram;
"Education in Forestry,'' Principal Jos.
Loudon, University of Toronto;
"Systems of Administration of Timber
Lands iu Osuado," by Aubrey White,
Asst. Commissioner of Crown Lands,
Toronto; "Forestry jn Relation to
Irrigation," J. S. Dennis, Irragn.iou
Commissioner for the Canadian Pacific
Railway A report on "Forest Fires
for 1908''gives a resume of the losses
from forest (ires for eaoh province from
official 11111. other sources.
Editor of "The Advocate":
Will you please permit mp to draw
the atteution of tho Ratepayers to
tbe action of the Reeve aud Council of
South Vancouver in refusing to grant
the petition of those Ratepayers iu the
southwest portion of tbe Municipality,
for a polling station ut Eburue, lit the
forthcoming Municipal elections, not'
withstanding that the expense of said
polling station was guaranteed on behalf
of said Ratepayers. Many electors will
thus have to travel on the return trip
from six to twelve miles over rough
roads to recoil their voto or otherwise
let tho election go by default, as has
been dono jn the past, much to the
detriment of the Municipality as a
I submit there should be at least three
polling stations, one at or near Cedar
Cottage, oue at the Municipal Hall and
one at Eburue.
A threat has beeu mode that if the
progressive party attempts to have a
change in the Municipal Council, .here
will be enough yotes fetched (rom the
Oity to defeat their efforts.
Now,I submit it is time those Electors
who live in the Oity—in jnsl.ee to them
selves as well as us—should either take
an intelligent and aggressive interest in
the conduct of Municipal affairs or
retrain from Voting altogether.
Eburne, B. O, 3d January 1905.
To the Electors of
Vancouver. ,
In response to urgent requests that I
become a candidate for School Trustee,
I am pleased to announce myself a can
didate for 1905.
I appreciate the importance of publio
education aud tho wisdom and foresight
required in its administration.
My experience as Teacher, Deputy
Minister of Education in Manitoba,
and as School Trustee in Winnipeg npd
Victoria, will I feel assist me in discharging so important interests as those
of our Public Schools.
I believe in education and that its
chief factor is the child.
If elected I shall endeavor first and
last to give my best thought and energy
to our schools.
Thanking ypu in anticipation.
J. B, Ferguson.
Before starting on a shopping tour,
look over the advertisements tn the
To All
Patrons and Friends we wish
New Year!
for their genepnw
patronage' 4nring the 'past jm,, we
solicit a continuance of their patronage
during 1906.
5. T. Wallace
Westminster avenue & Karris street.
Telephone laofl . i.
Mail Orders Promptly-Filled. •,•__
City of Vancouverj,
ceived by i)he undersigned up to'Frid
January 27th, 1905, at 4 p. m. ( for I
following] ■„-«
PRINTINO, ApVERTiBmO, BOOKBINDING,    (lie   supplying of   GENER-J-
Gi.ocjk.ii.es and . Green Groceri.^'/
Meat, Coax., Anthracite Ooai., Wood,
Feed, Bread, TntVQH »l»d On tunc am,
Hardware, Clothing fob Prisoners,
Fish, St at wis buy, and the Burial dr
the pAtrpBB Dead of the Oijy.
The Council reserves the right- to
demand that the Union Label be "used
or that Union wages shall be paid.
The successful Tenderers will be n,
quired tq give Bonds for the due per-
formanee of their Contracts.
Specifications may be obtained in the
Oity Clerk's Office.
Vancouver, B. 0., Jan., 1st, 1905. j_
City of Vancouver,
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby: given
that tho Assessment Roll of the Oity of
Vancouver has been returned to. me and
uow remains iu my office, where the
same may be inspected hy an/ person
or persons interested therein.   *  !
If any person or persons complain - of
his or their assessment or non-assessment
or of tho assessment or 14au-tt8r.e_sn.ent
of any person or persons, he or they
shall at least ten days previous to the:
first meeting of the Oonrt of Revision,
to be held on Wednesday, the 16th day
of February, 11 a. in., in the Oity Hall,
notify mo of his or their ground of complaint, and the Council shall af the .im*
and placo above referred to font' themselves iuto a Court pf Revision for
hearing such complaint.
Vancouver, B. 0., January let, 1906.
nu ol
you g>.
jM... J. B
fcchool Tr.i
Aha... W
■      •■    |
Public Notice.
GIVEN to the Electors of the Municipal.
ity of South Vanpopvpr that I require
the presence of the said Electors, at the
Municipal Hail, Sotfh Arm Jt*4 op
Monday, January 9th, 1905, ut 12o'plo_|f
noqp, for the pujppje of e}s_)tiftjf pers^M
to represent them in the Municipal
Council as Reeve aud Councillors.
The mode of nomination of g»Rdji. t*s
shall be as follows: The 0M\flifat&
shalj be nominated iff writing, the
writing shall be subscribed fo by two
voters of the Municipality as Proposer
and Seconder, oiu. pbaj] bP delivered to
thp Returning Officer at spy time
between tho the date of the nofjpB and
3 oVJock p. m., on the day ot the nomi.
nation. And iu the event of n poll being
necessary,    whether    for    Itm-vp   or
■i .V-fi--n_---T-¥.--firyif-0(*i
. -TPt^sn>"r--™-*l--J-w-**-'-—*w
'* w.
^m* -%^,?*mL, .Inflow*
r* »
- -1
raw   ^ w.-^jwnfr .
soHsittd for Doctor
■-••■  # ■
W. J. McGuigan.
To tb« Electoris of
Word V.,
In response to the request of kt large
npmber of the Electors of Ward V.,
I have consented to be a candidate for
election to the Oity Council for 1905.
If elected to represent you for 1905, I
■hall to the utmost of my ability look
After the best interests of the Ulty and
Of Ward V., in particular,
Your vote and inflpencfi are respectful
ly solicited.
W. Davis,
Mt. Pleasant, December 81st, 1904.
* JU   I" V.   *»'
Electors of Vancouvre
Ofle of your three
votes Respectfully
Requested for tbe
Re-election of
Thos. DUKE
School Trustee.
PRINCIPLES :—-"To elect good MOTTOt "Standing by these prin
nt._l c_r,.hl. •_■___■ t_> r>:-.J„ „«*.-*;«_-,   aixAts secures best Civic results."
ana capawe men to Civic positions. FoUowing is their 1905 Ticket:
... ,. ';:': !     MAYoa---Frederick Buscombe.
I., ex-Alderman A. Bethune and G. H. Hnlso; Ward II.,
A|ferm»_i D. NF. Stewart and ; Ward IH., T. Kirk and % H. Heups;
Wwr'd.liV., Aide-man A. McDonald and John Kemp; WardV., Aldernmn John
MWStOBrai^d A. G- Perry; Wt*d VI, S. F. Maoey and L. D. Taylor,
'Ommpal Tmpmtomm—V. W. Odlnm, J. L. Powell, R. P. MoLennan.
Iinil— Otsmmmtimsleumi i-Wm. Hunt, Colin V. Jackson.
City cf Vaucouver.
TENDERS will be received "by the
undersigned np to- Monday, January
3Wri905,*t 11 o'clock .noou, for Oast
IrojrWater Pipe.      .,    .
Sneeijlcatlons may be seen at the
om&A-ot Ih* Oity Bnfi»eer-
Tbe lewest or any Mpder not neoes-
«»fUy aco^^ted.   . .
■rq-e 5. -IHoa F.i McGUIGAN,
ii,'? -r OITY OLERK.
VaneoBTsr, p. 0., Dee. I7lh, ilKH
pf Vancouver.
TAKE NOTIO  that  a  By-law ia
J«_w4e4  l« be passsed by tbe Oity
Council for levying a frontage rfitP to
_j*y for a basement drain to be constructed in the lane east of Westminster
kV_-ou» from- Hastings street north to
Powell utreet and from Hastings street
south to mnoess street Hd that a state*
ment showing the land liable to pay the
eaid jafp and the names of tbe owners
thereof, aa far as tb-ff can bo nsoertain-
■_d from fbeiast revised assessment roll,
is now AM id tfe* nfllPP of the Oity
Clerk, and is open for iosnpption daring
office honrs. The estinjafed cost of the
york is «S.6_tt.S7, of wb«oh 9876.3$ in to
pa provided out of t{jo general funds of
Hall at 9 p m., fort
ing  compiainU 1
. BPW'
nrm meed
Telephone Numbers 9' Local Mini,
B179.-Rev. O. H. Wilson, (Anglican).
106S-Rev. O. A. Wilsou, (Prfshyterian).
Bl_4.-I.ev. A. *., {Jothorington, (Methodist)
You Can
buy your Bread at the same
old price at W. D. Muir's,
Mt. Pleasant BakEFy, for
cash in advance pr on
Flour has a advanced $1.00
per barrel. We have $8,000
of^ flour and can feed Vancouver fop a while longer.
W.D. Muir
Ring up 'phonk 443. Mt. Pleasant
1 r—11
New Meat flarket
SemhAnnual SaSe.
^'S-de began on Tuesday and
will continue throughout
January—If .jthe goods last that
Here are fine up-to-date Suits
that were splendid value at $15.00
going for $10 00. and Suits that
were $10.00 and *>i2.00 for $7.50.
Overcoats in all the late styles
including half belt Ooats $10.00
and $18.00 coats for $7.50, and our
$14.00, $16.00 and $16.00 Ooats
for $10.00.
We don't want to carry these
goods over. Experience has
taught ns that Suits and Overcoats carried over soon get to bo
. baok numbers, and hurt our business. We'd rather you take them
at a fraction of their worth.
If you can't come tonight. Como
as soon as you cau.
A. E. LEES & CO.,
At Bottom Notch for Prices and Top Notch for Quality,
Andrews Bros.,
2315 Westminster Ave. ' Phone 035.
**^Whlch Meet on fit. Pleasant
1. O. O. F.
Mt. Pleasant Lodge No. 19meots every
Tuesday at 8 p. m , in Oddfellows Hall
Archer Block, Mt. Pleasant.
Sojourning brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Noble Gran_>t-0. G. Kenny.
Recording Sbcrktart—T h o s.
Muckay, Heather and Eighth avenue.
I. O. V.
Court Vancouver 1828, Independent
Order of Foresters meets 2d and 4gi
Mondays of each month at 8 p. in.
Visiting brethren always welcome.
Chief Ranger—W. G. Taylor,
227 Keefor street, City.
Recording {.jdcretary—W. H. DeBou,
678 Tenth avenue, east.
Financial Secretary—M. J. Crehan,
St. Princess street, city.  Telephone
Alexandra Hive No. _7, holds regular
Review 1st and 8d Fridays of each
month in I, O. O. F., Hall corper Westminster and Seventh avenues.
Visiting Ladios always welcome.
Lady Oommauder—Mrs. F. L. Bndlong,
186 Eleventh avenue, west.
Lady Record Keeper—Mrs.   Mary   A.
Foote, 839 Ninth avenue, east.
in Trimmed and
. Also Children's Headweo? in
endless varieties.
Blouses,   Wrappers,   Dress   Skirts,
Underskirts.   Full line af Ladies'
aud Children's Hosiery.   Children's   Bearskin  Coats,    very
reasonable.   We have everything kept   in a first class
Pry Goods  Store.
W. W. Merklev
Westminster Avenue,  Mt. Pleasant.
3000 varieties.   Over 15,000]
good strong BuHfsr.,
j K.ich Man's P.
yet They Oppose thi
Pf, "WcOuitriui it on   ol thou popi
(genwhomi likes and exery-|
body    must peot.  ■•'Thi
Wsm," *"
We./,'     . '"   ■
_.< liogenerruis of Mayor
fir oi lnipu-iu.- to Blm dipv d
dj. (i's .'i.ntv.    Dr. Gu of  th.
/SDfiff, fuflto-:-'' ■'■' '•"''     '"       ftiuii
ifonerouf;, p
j»rhirh     win     nf"  -tion
!/TJ)» fajly P.".'-"
-    ing PeopU-s S
poy   w. ■
.meet at ijj nnnu.
'jsvonlutf in   Ml ' ' ''
'nOItl'.l   ''■
•JJethndiw Chumi ■• v •■>
_ B' V*. h. '"   -VIr    '''
;■»■**. — * 'V.
S. 0. M   1
Ii" jrou rem.ml
n"'v' ■
.yauu?) : Iowa i«
ill*. Uhl.- ',■,..,
mush ind mill,     ii it before
taeteH goo.1 to ua
jpipafteil.   The btsl ..'h'it'. \> * can (,'ive 10
. I-
■ery    It
rnncentmi         ■  .
■ ,
01   bang a
iimtion ■ :.
tired do]. 1
meet th-di I e held
1 uui nl  ;.|
"k>r, lesKOu 'r**m 'b*
(',   wn, 0
*.LKBR, l«
Lines of
TUisI Musi Go,
wm '■■ -   ■"■
f-jt'a Bair*?^.
.....    I.l    ■!       -itS.
mhaios i.Tivt-nuti* Rainooat;
1.  *|.J,W1  "
'  J).    ,11 'tV,'|T M    A. A. 'Ay A\.   tf
n factor AVO* Op] gieUbrari
\t>        A
1 hunAmOrnt
■ ■   ;. 1
I    V.--T Tf-tTT -
m % •tj.-fr-wwv*'-* w*^t*-»- ♦**rt*%%*i**i*****i'
I   Electric Light in
-   South Vancouver.
. 1
thin li • "■••■1  \\ (res the
■ ■    ■ 1
I   ' ■■'■■     ■ 1.    ..
.    11
■'  1
LBrltl rnttla Eletriru Uailwiiy t.omponv. ttd.
1     'l


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